1. 1MDB is about money. It was set up as “Sovereign Wealth Fund”. But it is not. It is not because the 42 billion Ringgit was borrowed. And borrowed money cannot be regarded as wealth.

2. Money today takes many form. Originally it came as coins made of precious metal. It later is represented as currency notes, then as cheques, credit cards, debit cards and now as pin numbers.

3. Whatever form that money takes, it cannot be moved without some written records. These records may be as receipts for payment, bills, cheques and cheque stubs, entries in account books of traders and banks, records of electronic transfers etc.

4. The names of the owners or recipient must be in these records, especially when large transactions are involved.

5. If it is claimed that some generous Arab had given the USD 681 million, there must be plenty of records. The donor must have records of the money deposited in his bank, from which he must have given the money. He cannot have that amount of money as cash in his house. His donation must have been recorded in the bank or banks.

6. The bank will have the name of the owner, when he received the money, from whom, to whom, in current account, or fix-deposit, in one lump sum or in drip and drab, currencies used, deposited as cash or cheques or electronic transfer etc.

7. And when the money is donated to the lucky recipient, what form did it take; as cash or cheques or electronic transfer, from whom to whom, account number, entries in books, the bank where the money is held, the cheques or cash drawn and transferred, the electronic transfer, the recipient banks, the records in the recipient banks’ books, the cheques drawn on the bank, payment made, to whom, statement in bank account etc etc.

8. Clearly money, especially large sums of money cannot be moved within a country or across borders without a whole series of reports or notes being made in banks and cheques and the account books as to who paid the recipient for goods or services etc etc.

9. Merely declaring that the money is a donation for whatever purpose or a letter from the alleged donor is not enough. A declaration by the A.G. that there was nothing wrong with the transaction is also not enough.

10. Let us see all the records and the documents including the business of the ultra rich donor who had donated easily the biggest sum of money in the history of human charity. Let us see the cheques drawn or the money in the Arab Malaysian Bank.

11. Let an independent body have sight of all the documents and swear as to the truth of their findings.

12. Until then we can only accept the report of the Department of Justice of America as God given truth, that 1MDB money has been stolen by the people responsible for its management, i.e. by the Chairman of the Advisory Board of 1MDB, that Jho Low still has most of the billions and that the money can be used to bribe, particularly in the PRU 14.

13. I wonder who advised the all-powerful Attorney General not to talk to the press, not to explain “No Further Action (NFA)” does not mean no further action but means further action can be taken. Is his “consent to Bank Negara” to issue a letter of administrative compound to 1MDB not a consent but is a denial of agreement to what Bank Negara was legally required to do.

14. Or is “no wrongdoing” an admission that there was wrongdoing by Najib.

40 thoughts on “1MDB MONEY

  1. Sharudin Jamal Apr 17,2017 7:44 AM

    Hi Chedet,

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    But after all been said and done,
    In the twilight of my youth do I understand;
    Providence comes to those who choose;
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  2. JPB Apr 17,2017 12:21 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Dear Karl Iskandar,

    I have been observing your crude statements. It’s very disturbing and I
    wanted to debate with you on the economic direction of our country.

    However, after seeing your comment about 1MDB, I realize nobody will be able to win you in anyway cause you are so full of shit and shit is unbeatable.

    This is my last response to you. I honestly have better things to do than waste my time commenting on the shit that flows out of your mouth or in this case…The shit that gets typed into this blog.

  3. Sharudin Jamal Apr 16,2017 6:45 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    It may seems that my posting to you are off the wall at times. Then I figured, those who matter (that’s you) don’t mind and those who mind (your blog readers) don’t matter. I am more interested in getting the top of the mind share and I think I’m successful at that. As for your fans, the impact on my postings is insignificant. Even the most controversial posting gets 72 hits. Hardly creating a ripple in my opinion. Hence I am free to share with you my piece of mind without worrying about backlashes.

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    Below are my eight precepts. I hope you find it useful as well:

    2/3/17 Day 47 – Autonomous Governance and the Zen of Personal Bliss

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    Jalan ke arah Kebenaran itu banyak;
    Yang mencari Kebenaran pun ramai;
    Tapi Kebenaran hanyalah Satu;
    Yang menjumpainya, satu per satu.

  4. Hajar Apr 16,2017 3:39 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Pemakan Dedak-Najib Mudah Lupa

    Sebelum dapat ‘Dedak-Najib’ si Pemakan Dedak tulis:

    “3. if Tun could outclass Prof Paul Krugman, the Nobel prize winner, with the infamous capital control that saved the Malaysian economy against the IMF’s will, I have confidence with Tun again behind the wheels, steering our economy into the right direction.

    But still, not unlike Dr Evil in the scene where he reminded Number Two, “you have to update me ..” I have to add here, and sadly to update many of us, that Tun is not the PM anymore

    4. I hope Najib reads Tun’s blog, so that he is aware of what his advisers@con-sultans are ‘updating’ him with lately … ”…

    — satu lagi contoh penulisan sebelum dapat ‘dedak haram’

    “saya petik kata-kata Tun, “Inilah politik semasa. Duit lebih banyak tetapi pengaruh masih belum cukup.”

    Kalau boleh saya ‘reframe’ kata-kata Tun yang tersebut – duit dan pengaruh adalah sama tumbas untuk naik dalam hiraki politik. Apabila duit sudah melimpah ruah (dalam UMNO) tapi masih juga tak dapat mempengaruhi atau memujuk pengundi Sg Limau untuk undi calon UMNO, maka pastinya ada sesuatu yang sangat tak kena dengan politik UMNO. Nampak macam pistol saja besar, tapi peluru kapor!

    Alahai…Dok meroyan dan merapu-meraban di blog Chedet tentang Tun M, tetapi ‘separa sedar’ bahwa individu yang sedang menguruskan negara (ada kuasa) sebagai PM ialah PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor. Inilah contoh kebodohan melampau yang dipamerkan oleh konco2 rejim Najib.

    Wang dari hasil ‘pengubahan wang haram skandal 1MDB’ telah merobah akal yang waras menjadi sew*l dan dung*. Yang peliknya, PM yang dijilat ialah PM yang sama (tapi telah pecah tembelang menyonglap wang rakyat) yang pernah di dikutuk (penulisan2 lapuk akan diulang tayang…untuk memulihkan ingatan si Pemakan Dedak).

    PISTOL BESAR sudah mula menembak KAKI SENDIRI…nasib baik guna peluru kapur… LOL…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  5. Sharudin Jamal Apr 16,2017 2:06 PM

    Dearest Chedet,

    For the past couple of days I was in the state of turmoil trying my best to be the Devil’s advocate in every aspect of the way to defend you.

    This is the result of the appeal – You are to rule the Underworld while Najib continues to be at the tip of the turbine spiral making it deeper. While it goes deep, it gets wider, this Sparta 4964. Refer to the diagram here:

    Footnote: I am the master magician. I am in charge of my reality. How do I end the story? Will I free Chedet? Yes I will. In part two of the story Chedet is Thor, Lord of the Underworld while Najib is still confined to the solitary confinement with the Stone of Hope/Stone that TASTE fragrant/Stone from Heaven. Eventually 99.99999999% of humans are free from eternal damnation and only one carries the burden of dealing with the antimatter. This is the analogy:

    There you go Chedet, 16/4/17 is your independence day. Is this the absolute truth? Well, it’s up to you. You see my father, you too have begin to be a magician.

    Best wishes,

    SJ ibn Moslem Al Farisi
    Ruler of the 99 Heavens and 1 Hell

  6. musato Apr 16,2017 1:01 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Benar penulisan adalah satu cara pengubatan jiwa. Wahai jiwa yang tenang, kembalilah ke dalam jamaahKu.

    Rakaman tulisan berusia 900 tahun tentang pengetahuan masih tidak berubah. Malah lebih tinggi lagi dari apa yang kita ketahui semasa ini.

    Kita boleh berperang dengan menyuruh orang menulis dan mempertahankan kita. Namun yang salah tetap salah. Yang benar tetap benar.

    Wahai nyawa tulisan. Aku memohon maaf sekiranya ada salah silapku padamu.

    Dengar kata tulisan, sembahyang itu adalah pintu ke alam ghaib.

    Tidak tergambar kata katamu itu wahai nyawa tulisan. Sungguh menarik sekali.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  7. musato Apr 16,2017 12:54 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Mungkin ramai orang mahu menjadi pandai ‘jahat’ agar dapat hidup dan tidak ditindas.

    Kalau hanya jadi baik, pasti mampus dipijak.

    Mungkin salah ajaran ustaz ustaz supaya kita menjadi baik dan berakhlak? Ustaz memang ketinggalan zaman.

    Sudah tentu tidak. Apabila kita menjadi baik, kita juga pasti akan dapat ilmu menjadi tentang kejahatan (cuma kita tidak berbuat jahat).

    Alangkah ruginya hanya belajar tentang kejahatan, kerana pasti orang jahat tidak akan perolehi ilmu tentang kebaikan dan berakhlak kecuali diberikan hidayah oleh Allah swt.

    Usahlah berbangga dengan kelicikan diri sendiri. Maha Suci Allah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  8. You Me Apr 16,2017 12:04 PM

    Cock, do you accept my challenge to report Tun M wrong doing as he is no longer in Power? You are just a stooge as proven by yourself. You are lying and expect reader to agree with you and your master? Genetically stupidity is a term that suit you well. If you know what I mean deh!

  9. Karl Iskandar Apr 16,2017 10:30 AM

    Salam takzim kpd tuan admin, dan dgn izin beliau.

    Lie To Me, DrM

    DrM knows that people love to be lied to. They really do, because that will qualify them as a victim. So then, as victims, they can wake up every morning to demand justice and they can look forward to feeling bad about life all day long. As victims who have been wronged, obviously they are in the Right, right? Such a great life enabler. To be a victim.

    We are all victims of Najib. Remember that. Big Bad Najib. Say that again and louder please, Big Bad Najib. And so we are being told that by DrM ever since Boboi couldn’t make the grade to the UMNO top five back in 2013. And it is the same Big Bad Najib who since then is also responsible for the plunging oil prices, the world economic crisis, the slow internet connection and the global bad weathers too. You please remember that, ok? Camera zoom in and fade out.

    Another old story, new movie. Same older director, DrM. Keluar masuk. Masuk keluar UMNO. Nothing personal, its all about the money and the crony. Center of everything you do, must be his way, like his favorite old croc song My Way… you know the lyrics, yes? And now, the end is near.

    By the same tune, recently DrM’s pal, Zaid, says “money is a great equalizer”. It made the headlines. What a great surprise. Orang liberal mabuk pun tahu, not so hard, you see! He too knows his way round and round and round. But for this chap, the end maybe not so near, but it does justify the means. You can drink to that. This round on me. Lol.

    Anyway, Malays are so forgiving. As they always say, Allah Maha Pengampun. The Malays believe so much, but they think very little about it afterwards.

    DrM is smart and he knows that for a fact. Malays mudah lupa. They love to be lied to. Useful idiots. Now, that reminds me of some of my friends here…


  10. Fariq Islam Apr 16,2017 10:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Wahai 1MDB dibangkitkan bertubi-tubi, kita masih terpaksa tunduk kepada hakikat bahawa-
    a. Undi pejawat awam dialirkan kepada BN;
    b. PAS diperguna untuk memecah-belahkan Pembangkang;
    c. Warga kampung masih menghargai sedekah BR1M, seolah-olah ini bantuan daripada dana Negara;
    d. Pembangkang masih tidak bersatu di Sabah dan Sarawak, di mana parti-parti tempatan akan memakan undi Pembangkang;
    e. Undi pendatang kaum Sulu yang diwarga-negarakan tetap menjadi kubu BN.

    Namun, berterima kasih kepada TPM yang meluahkan kata-kata anti-pendidikan aliran Cina dan Tamil, undi-undi Cina dan India mungkin mengalir balik kepada Pembangkang.

    Kenalah juga Pembangkang memberi perhatian ke atas isu-isu tersebut. Isu 1MDB mungkin menghantui BN, tetapi kesannya mungkin tidak begitu ketara sepertimana yang dianggarkan!

  11. sibotak Apr 16,2017 9:53 AM

    1MDB is an investment intended to be owned by Najib
    Its alike the Capital Land , Tamasek Holdings owned by the Prime
    If it progress Najib will make it his
    But now it failed , He has nothing to do with the Failure
    His overriding of 1MDB financial transactions tells it all

    But 1MDB Failed then it turns to be a Scam
    Fooling us Malaysia and Pawning Malaysia Land
    Najib & Family has taken a Ride on this Failure instead of Mending it to Good

  12. sibotak Apr 16,2017 9:44 AM

    We will keep writing & talking
    We will continue
    Regardless AG Apandi Balls Shrinks as We ignored him
    AG Apandi need not be respect
    Nor respects him as one representing the high post of the Law
    He or Najib should be suing all of us
    But both Balls Shrinks as both did very wrong to Malaysia

    Let us not just hit on Najib
    We must also hit on AG Apandi as He obstruct our Judiciary system
    He is the True Evil in Disguise
    We will fight any injustice though its justice being disguise & represented

    Najib not only Failed many
    Very Incompetence nor Trustworthy
    He is just a Waste backed by Hooligans representing the Law

  13. musato Apr 16,2017 1:41 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Seorang ketua bahagian PPBM sebelum ini pernah sound saya, katanya kalau nak pakai kopiah jangan masuk politik.

    Respon tersebut timbul sebab saya kata saya tak setuju dengan penyertaan Tun dalam Bersih 5.

    Dengar cerita Tan Sri Muhyiddin kalau datang sini, mesti jumpa dan cari dia. Mungkin orang berpengaruh kot kat sini. Atau orang ini punyai agenda tertentu.

    Kalau nak duit kena usaha bang. Nak kaya pun kena usaha. Nak berkawan dengan datuk datuk, kereta kena tunjuk besar besar. Saya takde semua tu. Motor Modenas (Motor Edaran Nasional) dan kereta Proton ada la.

    Dan sememangnya sudah menjadi moto khusus untuk mengatakan politik adalah kotor. Bermakna juga apa sahaja yang Tun buat adalah perkara biasa. Kotor.

    Jadi Najib buat kotor pun jadi perkara biasa. Biasalah. Politik. Politikkan kotor.

    Tetapi melalui pembelajaran saya dengan surah An Nas dan Al Falaq, saya tidak kata politik itu kotor. Manusia dan jin itu yang kotor.

    Politik adalah satu seni mentadbir rakyat dan negara bagi saya.

    Sekali lagi, selamat maju jaya kepada kerajaan Najib.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  14. musato Apr 16,2017 1:20 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Najib boleh manipulasi kakitangan awam, polis dan tentera untuk kekalkan undi.

    Persempadanan semula dilakukan untuk kekalkan undi rakyat biasa.

    Tetapi yang pasti undi kaum cina tidak akan memihak kepada kerajaan
    Najib. Undi kaum Melayu juga belum tentu pergi kepada kerajaan Najib.

    UMNO boleh main tarik tali dengan PAS. Tetapi itu belum tentu memecahkan kaum Melayu.

    Najib mengumpul seluruh tenaga untuk PRU 14.

    Dengar kata ada jugak 1 juta, 2 juta untuk tukar peti undi. Entahlah, Allah Maha Berkuasa dan Maha Mengetahui.

    Tapi sudah pasti Najib tahu siapa lawannya kali ini.

    Selamat Berjaya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  15. zulu Apr 16,2017 12:53 AM

    Najis, the king thievery is now appointed Hisamuddin as his close confident, this show he don’t believe Zahid, even though he is his deputy. Najis wanted to protect him and his thievery family if he happens to resign his post after the next election.

    Also Hisamuddin will not open about his future looting job he might have planned for next election expenses.

  16. balance Apr 15,2017 11:33 AM

    Karl Iskandar Apr 14,2017 11:59 AM

    Karl you should be a smart person but you seems to like talking nonsense. Malaysia, MOF and 1MDB money belongs to the citizens of Malaysia. There should not be any secret as every Malaysians are shareholders and stakeholders in the Govt. of Malaysia. Now those appointed to manage the country and its finance are doing things as if they are the private owners of Malaysia and all the agencies. PIDM even dare to do radio advertisement about PIDM guarantee the deposits in banks. PIDM is Govt and Govt belongs to all citizen of Malaysia. So the advertisement is telling the people of Malaysia that we guarantee our own deposits. They really forget that the Govt do not belongs to them.
    The Govt of the day forget that they ONLY represent the people and DO NOT OWN the country’s assets and liabilities. When every Malaysians (including Dr. M) come to realized that every Malaysians are the SHAREHOLDERS AND STAKEHOLDERS of the country then only the country will prosper and grow. Special rights are nonsensical propaganda that never happen to the common people. Special rights are only for the elite and connected people the rest still live, work, play and suffer as usual. Until then happy arguing and debating.

  17. You Me Apr 14,2017 10:53 PM

    Cock, I agree with you that in business there are things to be kept secret as part of the company strategies. Nevertheless, you must bear in mind there should be no secret on the company financial report and there are laws to comply. Are you fimiliar with these requirement? Where are the financial reports for 1MDB? Are you talking about kacang puteh business run by monkeys or multi billion business which should be managed by professional?

    Another issue which I would like to clarify, Tun M has indicated that he welcome any police report of any wrong doing if he had during his prime time. So please report all the forex, perwaja and MBF where he is now no longer in power. You can consult your uncle barry WAIN as your adviser. I challenge you to make a police report for the sake of the country. If not you can just shut up. Don’t make people think that you are suffering with a genetic DNA disorder where you are excusable to have a principle such as not to care on your integrity. But Cock, I should remind you that this will reflect negatively on your DNA. If you know what I mean bro…

  18. The Hidden Secret Apr 14,2017 6:15 PM

    Mengong punye Najib Dugong…. Syarikat berhad mana boleh secret-secret dia punye akaun?

  19. musato Apr 14,2017 5:47 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Mereka memanggil kuncu kuncu mereka.

    Allah hanya menghantar malaikat zabaniah untuk mencabut nyawa nyawa mereka.

  20. Hajar Apr 14,2017 5:44 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. We must not forget about the RM 42 Million from SRC International (rakyat’s money) that was deposited / transferred into PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor’s private account. I believe SPRM is still working on this case. It was not part of the ‘Hikayat Derma Pak Arab’.

    2. How could the A.G. accept such LAME EXCUSE from MO1? PM Najib claimed he did not know that the money was from SRCI. His account statement has the details of all depositors (for his reference; budak sekolah pun tahu fakta ini). I believe, based on the ‘transactions made’ after the money was received (records on money being transferred into other accounts right after the RM 42 Million was deposited), he knew that SRCI had deposited the money.

    3. DSN was fully aware that he had received millions / billions of ringgit into his accounts. It’s just that he did not expect that his ‘telur tembelang akan pecah’. But the du*b A.G. simply believed DSN’s stupid reason. Alahai…kononnya ‘Yang Arif’, tapi dung* bangat…Alasan bodoh dari PM kleptokrat yang setaraf ‘cakap bohong budak sekolah’ pun boleh diterima.

    4. ‘Hikayat Derma Pak Arab’ story was just something that DSN and gang cooked up after he was caught lying to the public about the RM2.6 Billion that was deposited into his private account. Only his goons and du*b supporters ’ (including those para pemakan dedak who definitely have very thick skin – wang haram boleh buat manusia ‘hilang rasa malu’) would believe such a ‘stupid story’.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  21. anti rasuah Apr 14,2017 3:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Info dari papan-kekunci dirujuk:

    Rafizi: Bekas timbalan presiden PAS Nasharudin terima wang 1MDB

    Pemimpin PKR itu berkata ia berdasarkan apa yang diberitahu kepadanya oleh seorang bekas pegawai ‘paling kanan’ SPRM yang terlibat dalam siasatan 1MDB.

    Kalau SPRM pun takut bertindak terhadap Najis, eloklah negara ini terus dikuasai oleh “dajal” saja Tun.

    Negara kita sebenarnya menuju kehancuran terus dikuasai oleh syaitan yang bertopengkan manusia.

    Orang PAS dan UMNO sama bodoh. Kesimpulannya Melayu juga. Mahukan bangsa dan agama saja.


  22. WandyCaswady Apr 14,2017 3:30 PM

    DALAM sebuah hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh Thabrani daripada Abu Umamah, Allah berfirman kepada malaikat-Nya bermaksud : “Pergilah kepada hambaKu. Lalu timpalah bermacam-macam ujian kepadanya kerana Aku mahu mendengar suaranya.”

    Hadis di atas menjelaskan bahawa Allah SWT memerintahkan malaikatNya yang tidak pernah menderhaka dan tetap melaksanakan apa yang Allah SWT perintahkan kepada mereka untuk melakukan pelbagai ujian dan dugaan terhadap hamba-hambaNya. Dengan dugaan dan ujian ini, diharapkan akan terkeluarlah suara hamba itu. Namun begitu, sekiranya tidak terkeluar suara hamba itu, sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui sesuatu yang tersembunyi dalam hati hambaNya. Sesungguhnya kehidupan ini tidak sunyi daripada kesenangan dan kesusahan, kesukaan dan kedukaan yang silih berganti. Oleh itu, barang sesiapa yang beranggapan kehidupan ini adalah kesenangan, kemewahan semata-mata atau penuh dengan kesukaran dan kesusahan selama-lamanya, itu adalah salah.

  23. Karl Iskandar Apr 14,2017 11:59 AM

    1MDB is about business strategy.
    But, government business according to DrM is all about (his) money and crony. All his mahajutawan @billionaire cronies must have their dirty fingers deep into it, or trouble is what you get, like how PakLah kena terajang. Remember?

    In business and trade, you need to keep a lot of things secret.
    1MDB’s problems started right in the beginning because they were too transparent and exposed to acts of sabotage by their unknown enemies and so-called friends.

    When HRH King Salman recently came to visit Najib, his majesty gave a clear signal to DrM and his minnions that his majesty has no issue with the RM2.6 billion that came from his kingdom’s treasury.

    DrM was very shy (kesipuan) and very quiet like a house mouse, I mean, a doctor in the house, of mouse…


  24. mofaham58 Apr 14,2017 4:59 AM

    Assalamualaikum W.Wb.
    Dear Tun,
    My comment today is not directly on this topic 1MDB Money but is definitely related to it.
    Perhaps we are aware of the latest development that is the appointment of Hishamudin as Minister in the PMO doing special function while at the same time is still as Minister of Defence. What I want to highlight is that to me it is a signal that something is cropping up.
    With the new appointment, couple with the law that has been passed on security matters that drew a lot of criticisms I cannot help my
    self than to think, anticipate and believed that it is a sign of trouble coming up. The trouble coming up may be before or after the PRU14. The Najib’s Regime is gearing up to ensure retaining the government by hook or by crook. The regime will ensure that no party can topple the present government not even in the ballot box that is the Final Showdown.
    Being appointed to the new post and being a Defense Minister indicates that Malaysia is going into Military Rule and Dictatorship.
    This is the only way out for Najib to survive all his wrongdoings and escape from going to prison. So whatever the oppositions are doing may seem futile. In enforcing security law military force will supercedes the police force and that is what it looks like to be.
    Therefore I hope all parties and the public should look into it seriously and stay vigilant.
    For general information what I have written above is only my personal opinion for everyone to ponder. May be right or wrong. Only Allah knows the truth of Najib’s action to do the new appointment.
    May Allah SWT grants to you and your family with great health and strong courage in your endeavor to ensure Malaysia is free from evils of Najib’s wrongdoing.
    Mohd Fauzy A Hamid

  25. Sharudin Jamal Apr 13,2017 8:59 PM


    It’s me again. Checkout Fearless (2006) starring Jet Li. Plenty of lessons on warriorship.

    Now we are even.

    Good luck on you upcoming battle.

    Yours truly,

    SJ ibn Moslem Al Farisi
    Spinmaster and the Eight Swordsmen
    Dancing Wu Li Master
    Wu Xia/Wu Sha

  26. papan_keyboard Apr 13,2017 8:18 PM

    Salam tun,

    Nampaknya kita dah nampak betapa jijiknya penerima/pemakan dedak duit 1mdb (duit rakyat) sehingga sanggup membelakangkan agama,tanah air sendiri semata-mata untuk hidup dalam kemewahan. Akhirnya yg kena tanggung segala hutang kehilangan duit negara adalah rakyat dan pengkhianat,penyamun,tanah air dibiarkan bebas. Segalanya Masuk akal kenapa harga barang naik mendadak selama 8 tahun. Kita rakyat yg kena tanggung segala beban hutang 1mdb kemungkinan macam pembaca/penulis di sini tulis 100 bilion mungkin lebih.

    Sedih tengok ahli2 parti pas ni. Senang diperbodohkan sama macam ahli umno bodoh juga. Ternak la biawak hidup tu tunggu sampai darah kering negara jahaman baru nak sedar. Isk isk 😐😐😐

    Selagi najis berserta menteri2+ag tak diturunkan selagi tu siasatan sebenar keadilan tidak dapat dijalankan.

    P.s karl iskandar noob.

  27. Feezajazz Apr 13,2017 6:38 PM

    Dearest Tun,

    Money can lead to blindness of the truth and eternal happiness. Greed can make us become stingy. Power can make us eat our own flesh. I would like to share with you how a woman sees his partner in this context. Go to to see my painting and read my poem.

    Click ‘like’ at the bottom of this poem if readers can connect to this message. God blesses Malaysia.

  28. WandyCaswady Apr 13,2017 6:10 PM

    “Dan antara manusia ada yang berkata: “Kami beriman kepada Allah.” Tetapi apabila mendapat gangguan dan rintangan dalam melaksanakan perintah Allah, dia menganggap gangguan itu seakan-akan seksaan daripada Allah. Dan jika datang pertolongan daripada Allah, mereka pasti akan berkata: “Sesungguhnya kami berserta dengan kamu (kaum mukmin).” Sesungguhnya bukankah Allah lebih mengetahui apa yang ada dalam dada manusia? Dan sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui orang yang beriman dan benar-benar mengetahui orang yang munafik.” (QS Al-Ankabut:10-11).

  29. Ronin500 Apr 13,2017 5:01 PM


    What do you think banks and auditors are there for?

  30. Dave Copper Apr 13,2017 4:06 PM

    I received an un-certified copy of letter dated 1 Nov 2011 allegedly signed by HRH Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud to His Excellency Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak.


    Apparently, HRH is “impressed with the significant work” that HE has done “to govern Malaysia using Islamic principles” and “reintroducing Islam to the rest of the world in view of the current perception that many people have since 9/11.”

    As such, an ADDITIONAL sum of USD375,000,000 as “Gift” will be remitted from HRH’s personal accounts or through HRH’s company bank accounts (such as Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Limited).

    HE has been given an absolute discretion to determine how the Gift shall be utilized.

    The letter was issued as a gesture of good faith.

    For clarification HRH “do not expect to receive any personal benefit whether directly or indirectly as a result of the Gift.” and “The Gift should not in any event be construed as an act of corruption since this is against the practice of Islam…”

    I am sure there are bank records for the transactions, but there is also this supporting letter disclaiming the giving and receiving of money as corruption.

    Based on this letter, he has safely concluded that there is “no wrong doing” and “No Further Action (NFA)” is required.

    Can we safely conclude that with a supporting letter, giving and receiving of gifts can no longer be treated as corruptions?

  31. Sharudin Jamal Apr 13,2017 2:45 PM

    My dear father, Chedet,

    You don’t know how much I adore you. You are my hero ever since you went to my school, Sekolah Alam Shah when you were the Education Minister.

    I am a Sufi and a Zen Master, Chedet. I don’t have any gripe against anybody including you and Najib. Perhaps your sins can be forgiven. I don’t know. It is not up to me. It is the decision of Al Araf 7:7 and Zero. So here is a story to cheer you up:

    Once there lived a monk. One day the monk went for a walk in the forest. Before he realized, he was chased by a tiger. The monk ran and came to a cliff. With nowhere to run, the monk climbed a vine to scale down. Halfway, he realized there’s another tiger waiting at the bottom. He was stuck in the middle. Unable to move, he beginning to feel the vine slowly breaking. Unwittingly he noticed a ripe strawberry growing within his hand’s reach. Without hesitation he grab the strawberry and tasted the sweetest one ever in his life. He then feel to his death.

    Chedet, my heart is with you. As a fact when I was with MSC Technology Centre (employee number 0072), I sent you two white papers, Smart Card in Transforming Malaysia into Cashless Society and the other one on Information Warfare. I was your Samurai then. But you were an arrogant man during those times. You said on national tv, fighting for freedom is worthless. So I went to your newly constructed house in Cyberjaya and leave a Quran, my business cards and your Death Warrant. I even carved every doors and windows of your house with my signature – ‘I’ and and inverted ‘Z’. Soon after, my left cranium was hacked with a machete, earning me seven stitches.

    So here is your strawberry my dear monk:

    Do also watch Beauty and the Beast. I only know her as Ghost in the Machine. She is one of yours Chedet:

    May we become friends who meet and depart because of Allah – Al Quran.


    SJ ibn Moslem Al Farisi
    Iron Maiden/Iran Maidin

  32. WandyCaswady Apr 13,2017 12:28 PM

    Al Quran bukan utk berdebat.. tp sbg petunjuk dan pembenar kpd kitab yg sebelumnya…

    Umat siapakah lg yg akan membimbing kaum Nabi Musa?

    Umat siapakah lg yg akan memenuhi Solat Subuh di Masjid spt Solat Jumaat?

  33. amd trmz Apr 13,2017 10:08 AM





    KAU LUKIS GAMBAR TUN DR M BAB* !!! (khinzir bahasa lembut sikit). SEKARANG KAU MENJERIT MACAM MONYET!!




  34. Sharudin Jamal Apr 13,2017 10:00 AM

    Hi CHedet,

    This is the final outcome:

    6.40 pm and it was raining. Judgment of Heaven.
    It is confirmed today 12/4/2017. The two prisoners of hell are Satan aka you Chedet and Dajjal aka Najib. There is no mercy in hell from me. Satan will serve hard labor and Dajjal is to stay in the Iron Maiden solitary confinement with the Stone of Hope/Stone that TASTE Fragrant/Stone from Heaven.

    This decision is fully supported by Al Araf 7:7 with water as the final endorser.

    What is done cannot be undone. I however will be there for you while you live. I love you Chedet. YOu are my father, the antimatter and I am the father of all matters. The first two 1s in the Fibonacci Sequence. The beginning of the Troca shell.

    I had prayed for your sins of all time to be forgiven for the past 17 years, but the Great Nothingness, Zero did not accept. Surely the biggest crime was the secret pact you make with DAjjal. Refer to my Bipolar Art Circa 2007

    As for the political scenario in Malaysia, it’s menang jadi abu kalah jadi arang. My family and I are not voting. Ptuih!!! you all are only self-serving. YOur son owns Petron, where does he got the money Chedet?

    Your ass is mine Chedet. For eternity.


    SHarudin ibn Jamal ibn Moslem Al Farisi
    Iran Maidin
    Jazundallah Brave New World Armageddon 7/4/2042
    Cyborg of the Past and the Future
    16hb Rejab 1238

  35. The Hidden Secret Apr 13,2017 12:54 AM


    Kalau ada staff bank yang jadi whistle blower… Dia akan kena dakwa di bawah BAFIA. Undang-undang akan digunakan untuk melindungi penjenyah.

  36. rimba.emas Apr 13,2017 12:41 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Kalau Tun kata kisah 1MDB adalah untuk mendapatkan wang. Rimba Emas pula mulakan kisah awal bagaimana seseorang yang ingin mendapatkan kuasa dalam mendapatkan wang.

    2. PM Malaysia yang pertama hingga ke empat hidup dengan ‘first lady’ yang bukan cita-cita utamanya.

    3. Berlainan dengan PM ke lima kali ini yang cita-cita utama teman hidupnya adalah untuk bergelar ‘first lady’.

    4. Dalam kejarannya untuk menjadi ‘first ladyl jika terhalang sanggup melakukan perbuatan haram demi mencapai cita-citanya itu.

    5. Mencuri contohnya dari golongan biasa mudah menerima padah dari pihak berkuasa seperti SPRM dan Polis.

    6. Sebab itulah jika seorang pencuri bila memiliki KUASA akan mudah MEMBELI manusia lain yang tidak takut melakukan kerja haram.

    7. Dengan di bantu manusia yang menjalankan kerja haram serta dengan KUASA seorang PM maka berlakunya tipu helah yang tidak mengikut peraturan sepatutnya.

    8. Seorang yang awalnya sudah sanggup melakukan secara di luar batasan manusia pasti terbawa- bawa perbuatan itu ketika berjawatan tertinggi di dalam negara .

    9. Seorang yang melakukan perbuatan bersalah tetapi gagal di kesan pihak pemerintah pasti di lindungi (first lady) dan rakan-rakan yang tidak mematuhi undang-undang atau menjalankan kerja haram.

    10. Semua usaha itu adalah semata-mata untuk menunjukkan tiadanya berlaku kesalahan.

    11. Allah s.w.t maha mengetahui.


  37. khai Apr 12,2017 11:27 PM

    Salam tok det dan semua……
    Sy nak tanya…..dah takdak ke versi bahasa malaysia,klau tajuknya dalam english?maaflah saya tak paham sangat english ni..klau boleh buat lah macam 2,3,4,5,6 tahun yang lepas..syok la sy nak baca utk pengetahuan..kalau baca jibi punya facebook,twitter,dan lain2 macam tak best..mcm baca karl iskandar punya buah fikiran je..harap2 tok det atau admin boleh pertimbangkan…tq so much, terima kasih banyak2…

  38. MissAhLiang Apr 12,2017 1:07 PM

    Yes. 1MDB is set up as “Sovereign Wealth Fund”.

    But without proper safeguard, it can and has become “Sovereign Debt Fund”.
    The fund is not supposed to invest too aggressively – which can result in losing all the investment.

    The worst thing about 1MDB is that it is used as a “credit card” – I believe the people was informed that Malaysia was also applying for a “credit card” when 1MDB was set up.

    In other words, 1MDB is also used to bypass annual budget – because we didn’t know what the money went and there is virtually no internal control. The “spending/expenses” are not showed on the budget – we only found out after it was “lost”.

    There is a serious lack of check and balances. We know can’t count on BN to do that. Now, only the voters can.
    Voters need to held BN accountable.

    Again, thank you Tun for let us know what is going on.

  39. scomadi Apr 12,2017 12:04 PM

    1. I have done the investigation to myself, and shockingly I found myself clear off all allegations.

    2. Once I catch myself lying, I never question everything I said.

    3. I know the lies, I see the lies, but I still believe it’s true.

    Well, this is UMNO now. They like to assume that all the people still believe and like them so much. With 10 perdanas 10 bikes for giveaway. My mat salleh boss used to tell me, do not assume, it means that you are making an ass out of you(u) and me.

  40. kern Apr 12,2017 12:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun..

    Betul Tun… Money can be form as cash, pin no, cheque..



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