1. It is amusing to read about Dato’ Sri Najib urging Malaysians to have high cultural and moral values. Even more amusing is his demand for the world to respect his Malaysia.

2. But then Najib does not believe in leadership by example. He apparently believes in doing what “I tell you to do and not what I do”.

3. But whether he believes in leadership by example or not his followers cannot help but look up to him as their model. Accordingly his UMNO followers have become as corrupt and immoral as him.

4. How on earth does he expect that in 33 years time, through his 2050 Transformation Slogan, Malaysian would posses high moral values and culture?

5. Najib is not an example of a person of high moral values. In the first place he believes that cash is king. This simply means that people can be corrupted to make them do anything; to vote for BN in the next election for example. As a result Malaysia has been classified as one of the then most corrupt countries in the world. Do people respect a highly corrupt country.

6. And the money for corruption will come largely from stolen 1MDB money. Incidentally there seems to have been no audit of 1MDB money over the last two years. Is this something which will make the world respect us.

7. Now we hear reports of senior civil servants having hundreds of millions of Ringgit which had obviously been acquired corruptly. Far from achieving higher moral values, it seems the values have deteriorated under Najib. Morality and culture are going from bad to worse. Merely introducing a new slogan about Transformation in 33 years is not going to spin Malaysians around to possess high cultural and moral values.

8. Actually Najib’s call to Malaysians to achieve high moral values and culture and for the world to respect Malaysia is ludicrous. Currently Malaysia’s name is mud to the world. Malaysians are ashamed to admit they are Malaysians when abroad. Such as the reputation of Malaysia caused by Najib’s 1MDB losing billions of Ringgit, money laundering and the billions found in his banking account.

9. Worse still is the fact that he is still the Prime Minister of Malaysia. In Brazil and South Korea, mere suspicion of corruption has resulted in suspension and arrest. But in Malaysia Najib is safe and is brazenly telling Malaysians to be honest, and demanding the world to respect this corrupt country.

42 thoughts on “HIGH VALUES

  1. adelheid May 5,2017 4:16 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Parti keris does not believe in high values what more high moral values. The core of their belief is power. Hold power you hold money. Money is king. No wonder PAS under bawang Hadi is so proud to be kingmaker. PAS thinks that the key to victory is in its hand. Cocky PAS will soon be shocked.

    For the present PM poor him and his followers are living in denial and alang-alang menyeluk pekasam. PM is nonchalant because he believes that ‘ignorance is bliss’. His keris cousin – just can’t wait hoping he truly inherits fake keris throne.

    Time to live this life as normal as possible without harrassment and persecution from those who claim to be superior to others and think they inherit heaven.

    Take care Tun.

  2. Hajar Apr 23,2017 2:57 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. I am not surprised to see Adam Rosly (PKR Youth Head) being charged “with 6 counts of giving false statements and documents” (money laundering).


    An excerpt:
    “Among others, they concerned his employment as a businessman and income, as well as on his purchase of luxury cars, a bungalow worth RM1.2 million in Kampung Melayu Ampang which he paid in cash, loans of RM200,000 from his mother-in-law and grandmother, and RM500,000 from “Ah Long” (loan shark).”

    2. Last time Adam Rosly (when he was first accused of having ‘extraordinary wealth’) claimed that he is from very rich family and is a successful businessman (“He explained that he made his wealth through various businesses that he inherited from his family.”). Inheritance? Macam pernah dengar saja alasan ini… I wonder why he did not use ‘Derma Pak Arab’ to justify all of his ‘wealth’…May be because he’s not the PM!

    3. Borrowed money? But last time he said that he bought the ‘castle house’ with hard-earned (hahaha…) money. (kaki hutang macam PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor ke?).

    4. Normally, liars tend to forget their lies.

    5. The main question: “How many people of his age (older or younger) have extraordinary/ unusual wealth and are still free to carry out illegal activities/businesses to generate ‘hard-earned!’ money?”

    6. This is the reason why I said both sides (Najib’s regime & Oppositions – minus PPBM, for now) are equally ‘hampeh/haprak’. I believe Adam Rosly is not the only one having ‘kekayaan luarbiasa’ in the other side of the fence…

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  3. You Me Apr 22,2017 10:14 AM

    Cock, oppps Karl, you cannot even answer my simple questions. How you going to qualify yourself to carry on debating here? You are bringing shame to sufism as the subtance of sufism is Truth. Sufism also able to provide you to purify your inner being. Where on earth you can find a person practising sufism and yet he is supporting stealing, cheating, dishonoring of oath etc. You must find a true sufi master rather than an illusion master and end up becoming a parrot of sufism or maybe your master is rich but only pays you peanut. Don’t forget to check your genetic DNA.

  4. Tuah Apr 21,2017 5:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan semua,

    Entah2 Karl tu Najib kot.. dia segan nak letak nama sendiri.


  5. Ariflee Apr 20,2017 10:11 PM

    Buat en karl atau lebih saya kenali sebagai en keldai.tak payah lah merampu kat blog ni.soalan saya yang senang puntak bpleh nak jawap nak bagi kuliah subuh pulak.lebih baik bagi kat najib and the gang

  6. HBT456 Apr 20,2017 6:39 PM

    18. Time is the friend of a company, the enemy of mediocre as per mr warren buffett’s famous quote.

    20. All we need to do is pay the subscription atau data fee so that we can share globally, and not left behind.

    21. You can search in the internet if you want to know more about mr warren buffett, or anyone you like.

    22. Jika mahu marah, you kena marah kenapa wujudnya nep dan wawasan 2020.

    23. But, sadly, our politicians are more interested to defend their constituencies first so that they are re-elected.

  7. HBT456 Apr 20,2017 6:19 PM

    17. Are you saying that you did not lie?


  8. HBT456 Apr 20,2017 6:05 PM

    12. How could it be a private matters when both of you are lawmkers for this country named malaysia?

    13. You cant even control your emotion, you expect ordinary folks to keep paying taxes to you?

    14. Karl can keep stirring the old issues and make them sound like new issues to influence the voters, especially the malay and muslim bumiputra voters, it wont heal myr position.

    15. Cash is king?

    16. But are you prepare for cashless economy as we move on?

  9. sibotak Apr 20,2017 6:00 PM

    Though 1MDB was not even justified in the Court of Law
    As it was being Corrupted by The Prime Minister himself
    Abetted by The Chief AG Apandi

    We managed to Shut both Mouth and they both unable to face reality
    The people as a Respected Man of Honor

    Even Najib as a PM
    The people are reluctant to hear his Speech
    As Najib himself cannot utter a word of to be Honest
    As an advice to the People

    Najib has Buried his name Alive
    He is an example of
    The Living Dead Prime Minister of Today
    No wonder Rosmah was very Timid these days

    Sad to See , Sad to Hear
    But it is their own wrongs doings and incompetency

    So what’s next ?

  10. HBT456 Apr 20,2017 4:28 PM


    11. It will be interesting to see how karl in debating such issue since he thinks dap sure win.


  11. WandyCaswady Apr 20,2017 2:35 PM

    Quote from the Holy Qur’an: Maryam (19:59)

    ۞ فَخَلَفَ مِنْ بَعْدِهِمْ خَلْفٌ أَضَاعُوا الصَّلَاةَ وَاتَّبَعُوا الشَّهَوَاتِ ۖ فَسَوْفَ يَلْقَوْنَ غَيًّا

    Fakhalafa min baAAdihim khalfun adaAAoo alssalata waittabaAAoo alshshahawati fasawfa yalqawna ghayyan

    But there came after them successors who neglected prayer and pursued desires; so they are going to meet evil –

    6. O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.

    7. And know that among you is the Messenger of Allah. If he were to obey you in much of the matter, you would be in difficulty, but Allah has endeared to you the faith and has made it pleasing in your hearts and has made hateful to you disbelief, defiance and disobedience. Those are the [rightly] guided.

    8. [It is] as bounty from Allah and favor. And Allah is Knowing and Wise.

    9. And if two factions among the believers should fight, then make settlement between the two. But if one of them oppresses the other, then fight against the one that oppresses until it returns to the ordinance of Allah. And if it returns, then make settlement between them in justice and act justly. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly.

    10. The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers. And fear Allah that you may receive mercy.

    11. O you who have believed, let not a people ridicule [another] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one’s] faith. And whoever does not repent – then it is those who are the wrongdoers.

    12. O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead? You would detest it. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is Accepting of repentance and Merciful.

    13. O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.

    14. The bedouins say, “We have believed.” Say, “You have not [yet] believed; but say [instead], ‘We have submitted,’ for faith has not yet entered your hearts. And if you obey Allah and His Messenger, He will not deprive you from your deeds of anything. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

    15. The believers are only the ones who have believed in Allah and His Messenger and then doubt not but strive with their properties and their lives in the cause of Allah. It is those who are the truthful.

    16. Say, “Would you acquaint Allah with your religion while Allah knows whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth, and Allah is Knowing of all things?”

    17. They consider it a favor to you that they have accepted Islam. Say, “Do not consider your Islam a favor to me. Rather, Allah has conferred favor upon you that He has guided you to the faith, if you should be truthful.”

    18. Indeed, Allah knows the unseen [aspects] of the heavens and the earth. And Allah is Seeing of what you do.

    Quote from the Holy Qur’an: Al-Hujuraat (49:6-18)

  12. anti rasuah Apr 20,2017 2:25 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.






    Wassalam Tun.

  13. anti rasuah Apr 20,2017 2:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Semuga kesihatan Tun dan kita semua sihat walafiat.

    Apalah kambing hitam seekor ni bernama “Karl” merapu tidak tentu pasal.

    Karl ini adalah seekor kaldai tunggangan Najis Razak.

    Makanannya cuma “dedak” iaitu wang haram kepunyaan rakyat yang disalah guna oleh Najis.

    Sekarang sudah jelas dan nyata pemimpin-pemimpin PAS juga sudah termakan “dedak” ciptaan Najis Razak.

    Sekali termakan maka bodohlah selama-lamanya hinggakan sanggup menggadaikan maruah agama dan bangsa.

    Tetapi Tun, setahu saya orang yang termakan “dedak” berNajis ni, umpama orang yang sedang bercinta, apa pun dikata apa pun kita nasihat, semuanya indah belaka.


  14. RD. Apr 20,2017 11:45 AM

    Kita boleh agak, PRU14 sudah dekat, walaupun mandat masih tinggal satu tahun setengah, apabila:

    1. Pembesar UMNO mula buat sesuatu yang pelik, seperti ikut-naik lori-kutip-sampah, tolong angkat sampah, selepas solat subuh.

    2. Melakonkan adegn menyapu sampah di perkarangan Masjid.

    3. Bila Najib sudah kembali memperjuangkan Agenda Memperkasakan Bumiputera dan disiarkan begitu gah sekali melalui RTM & TV3.
    Pada masa yang sama juga, Ahli PPBM buat pengumuman keluar Party berdekatan PWTC dimana Agenda Bumiputera-Najib sedang berlangsung.

    Hakikatnya… UMNO-Najib sudah mula berkempen PRU14.
    Maka… ‘hidup’ kembalilah Altantuya… bahana orang-tengah kelabu-asap Najib, bernama Razak Baginda.
    Juga scandal pinjaman RM30 Juta tanpa faedah Deepak Carpet dari Bank Rakyat.

    Peranan Jho Low dalam 1MDB… tak payah cerita la… masih panas.

  15. zulu Apr 20,2017 11:42 AM

    It’s surprising to learn that judicial commission members appointed by PM in Malaysia…what the hell is this law???!!

    This definitely will not bring favorable justice to common man but Najis the looter…

    I thought election commission and judicial commissions are completely independent entities like in other countries…

    So eventually the thief appoints the judges…LOL

  16. Karl Iskandar Apr 20,2017 8:45 AM

    A Subuh Conversation

    We have to rescue DrM.

    Rescue him from what? I ask.

    From anger and bitterness. It’s one of the most toxic and destructive of human emotions. Those who are overcome by anger as death approach them, sakaratulmawt, these people have failed and violated their own soul. It’ll be a bad ending for DrM. Su’ul khatimah. If he chooses to stay, to continue with this anger. We have to rescue him.

    But what if he’s not angry. If he feels okay doing all these? I wanted to ask my Sufi master, but on second thought, I refrained, because, that would be a useless question since the signs are all over the place. Wa fi anfusikum afala tubsirun?

  17. WandyCaswady Apr 20,2017 7:52 AM

    Assalamuaalaikum n may be peace upon you…

    Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever has not kindness has not faith.

    The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr.

    None of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.

    Four things support the world: the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the good, and the valor of the brave

    To overcome evil with good is good, to resist evil by evil is evil.

    Four things support the world: the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the good, and the valor of the brave

    To overcome evil with good is good, to resist evil by evil is evil.

    (Muhammad SAW)

    Jazakumullahu khairan kathira…


  18. sibotak Apr 20,2017 7:01 AM

    Apabila soal 1MDB tidak terjawap hingga kini
    Banyak lagi persoalan lagi yg merangkup Najib berkaitan dengan pengurusan beliau seperti
    Penyerahan Tanah KTM Tanjung Pagar di Singapura, Pelabuhan beliau yg tidak di ketahui di Singapura
    Persoalan Air , Persoalan Pembanagunan Johor yg menggunakan Modal ,Kepakaran China hingga
    Johor Dayus tidak mampu membangunkan sendiri walau sudah Merdeka berabad lama dan banyak lagi

    Saya juga hairan mengapa Kerajaan Singapura
    Tidak menangkap Najib sewaktu Najib di Singapura sedangkan mereka sudah menghukum beberapa pegawai yg berkaitan
    Sedangkan AG Amerika juga sudah mengesahkan Najib juga terbabit

    UMNO ,Pembangkang juga anggota Kerajaan perlu memerhatikan Najib
    Sebab PRU akan menjelang tiba , setibanya ketibaan Ramadan
    Najib sudah dan akan lebih Keresahan dengan munculnya Anak Bulan PRU

    Setibanya jika Najib & The First Lady lari
    Kita 1 Malaysia perlu menyusulnya lagi

  19. HouseWife Apr 20,2017 2:04 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Pokok pangkalnya, the main character and the extras in the 1MDB saga and RM2.6 billion drama have not been honest and truthful from the very first chapter. People became angry and clamour for the truth. The sad thing is they hide everything the people deserve to know.

    1MDB is the greatest cunning robber ever existed in Malaysia. No amount of law can stop it from making fun of the people’s money it has robbed – for now. Didn’t someone in MoF said that 1MDB is closing shop and all assets transfer to mof. So where did it get the money from for all its spendings. Isn’t 1MDB still under investigation and being probed by the igp and the international investigators? Can 1MDB still do legitimate businesses? 1MDB is a government entity and all Malaysians are its shareholders, so we are bound by it to pay for the debts and financial blunders created by these 1MDB people.

    People of Malaysia became the victims and have to carry the blame as we the rakyat elected them, so very unfortunate. They’re supposed to head the country with great integrity, to organize its economy efficiently and honestly, to disperse the country’s wealth accordingly and enrich its population equally. But alas, only the few elites, the powerful and the influential, get to fill up their bank accounts without miss. While the rest of the population have to work hard to earn a living and pay gst for every sweat dropped. To enrich the entire people would mean they would lose their power over the population, so they would delay dele on promises made – carried forward to next pru and the next and so on. Well, that’s the ‘beauty’ of politics to them, the small to be run over by the big.

    Now, how did RM2.6 billion found its way into the PM of Malaysia’s private bank account? Was the Rm2.6 billion given to him as the president of umno, or as chairman of 1MDB, or as minister of MoF, or as PM of Malaysia or all of them? After the discovery, they set on offensive mode, denial after denial by his goons. Didn’t one of them say he must be stupid to stash RM2.6 billion is his own account. So he sent his new tpm on a hunting trip to S.Arabia to dig out for some excuses to bring back home to appease the people. The new tpm came back home saying he met the king, the donor and that’s that. Then came along arab foreign minister and said the donors are more than one businessmen – nope a prince businessman and the money is a ‘gift’ to fight Islamic terrorism – nope to use for the umno ge – nope for the country’s ge – nope to use as he pleases. Now, as an arab muslim he cannot and should not lie, right. So many excuses created, which one to believe? The Arabian trails left behind are so full doubts leaving more questions than answers.

    The thing is all the bla bla bla statements of defense did not come out from his own mouth but from his pengipas2. They’re desperate and they would do anything to stay in power. They brought in foreign dignitaries, world leaders, men of power, fame, wealth and influence just to make him look good, fair and lovely. See how they kept harping on the S.Arabia King’s visit, as if it’s their life line. So it means that a quick visit by the king make it legit RM2.6 billion stashed in his private account without anyone knowing about it? This will be their main feel-good weapon to honey-suckle the naive, unaware people of their main intention, to shut down the minds from challenging and questioning and be complacent.

    The people of Malaysia need to elect new good leaders with high values, humble, trustworthy, dynamic with good ideas, respect and value the people’s criticism and differences.
    May Allah bless and protect Tun and family. May Allah grant you success along the way. Please take extra care of your health and thank you Tun.

  20. rimba.emas Apr 20,2017 12:18 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Rimba Emas tahu kelemahan diri ini sebab itu apabila menyuruh sesuatu yang baik kepada orang lain adalah dari rujukan al-quran iaitu kata-kata Allah s.w.t.

    2. Rimba Emas takut untuk memberi nasihat sedangkan diri ini sendiri tidak memgamalkan secara berterusan lebih-lebih lagi bila ada halangan atau gangguan meneruskan pekerjaan itu.

    3. Sebab ada ayat-ayat di dalam al-quran yang Allah s.w.t tidak MEMBENARKAN perbuatan baik seorang penderma harta benda ketika di dunia.

    4. Pada hari pengadilan Allah s.w.t bertanya , ” Apa yang telah dia lakukan atas kurniaan harta benda ketika di dunia “. Jawabnya , ” Aku telah menderma…”. Allah s.w.t telah menjawab kembali , ” Kamu bohong , semua yang kamu lakukan adalah semata-mata untuk pujian “. Lalu di lempar ke dalam neraka.

    5. Malah dalam kutbah seorang khatib mengingatkan dirinya sendiri serta makmum di dalam kutbah Jumaat.

    6. Begitu juga contoh Saidina Abu Bakar as-siddiq bersungguh meminta penduduk-penduduk Mekah yang menerima pimpinannya agar menolaknya jika dia melakukan kesalahan sebelum meneruskan pimpinan.

    7. Kita dapat menilai sendiri akan suruhan PM melakukan benda baik dengan contoh dirinya turut melakukan juga perbuatan buruk.

    8. Patutkah kita menyokong suruhan itu sedangkan tiada bukti dari tuan punya badan yang hanya sama taraf dengan kita sahaja di sisi Allah s.w.t.

    9. Salahkan diri sendiri kerana memilih pemimpin yang mana terang lagi nyata bertentangan dengan kehendak Allah s.w.t.


  21. Hajar Apr 19,2017 11:34 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. It is so amusing to read the ‘cerekarama’ (not unlike ‘Hikayat Derma Pak Arab – RM 2.6 Billion in DSN’s personal account’) about ‘Tun M and Son’ written by a ‘Pemakan Dedak-Najib’.

    2. Obviously he doesn’t seem to know what the truth is – a very confused and delusional person.

    3. But, it’s okay, Tun M allows him (si Pemakan Dedak-Najib) to continue writing here out of SYMPATHY. Kasihan! He is willing to do any ‘low moral values job’ demi sesuap ‘dedak’. We can understand his ‘situation – could not find other decent /‘halal’ job (too du*b?). Definitely, he doesn’t want to be ‘forced out of his own house’ again. We can imagine the pain… (he keeps ‘meracau’ about house…).

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  22. The Hidden Secret Apr 19,2017 11:21 PM


    Memang pelik bila Najib bercakap tentang moral value tapi lebih pelik lagi bila ramai manusia yang khusyuk dan penuh minat mendengar Najib bercakap tentang moral value.

  23. You Me Apr 19,2017 10:25 PM

    Cock, you are really cock. If one day somebody sent you a letter claiming that you are his son would you believe him. For sure you will ask for proof. You will trace his DNA whether match yours. So the DOJ has trace the money trails and provides this as a proof. Najib is to counter this finding and proof he is not a thief. But the tell tale signs are everywhere. Only bloody moron will tell you he is innocent.

    Question to idiots:
    Where are the 1MDB financial yearly reports taking into consideration that the previous reports were invalid?
    I challenge Mr Cock please answer me.

  24. Mkt Apr 19,2017 9:15 PM

    DOJ “thingy”??..

    HELP! I think Karl “Pelampung” needs resuscitation otherwise he’ll drown squirting all over.. just like a loose cannon minus the -c-o-n-d-o-m- .. which CONDONES this “Act”..

    The WHOLE WORLD is watching @ this “agent pelampung” dan/and K——2Nya..


  25. z2z Apr 19,2017 8:49 PM

    Karl Iskandar, no need for you to crack your brain putting up posts after posts diverting the issue. You are wasting your energy in a lost cause. Shifting blame and history lessons does not put food on the table. Even primary school pupils can see through the deception.

    Your paymaster is not very clever in making you spend time here: You are not at all effective in dispelling the rumours. In fact your diversionary tactics , mirroring that of Najib and UMNO only confirm that they are trying very hard to divert attention away from 1MDB. The more shit you write, the more incriminating you make yourself and your paymaster to be.

    My advise to you is – attack the source or the “rumours” head on –
    Start the Wikipedia article on 1MDB here:

    Since Apandi claim to have concluded the investigation and have all the evidences and facts, it would be easy to correct the article. Declassify the PAC report and publish it on national papers (Utusan, The Straits Times). Free up prime slots on TV1, TV2, TV3 for Apandi and Arul to clear the air once and for all. Talk facts and not hot air please.

    Don’t use the Official Secrets Act as an excuse. The mystery surrounding 1MDB has caused the international community and investors to shun Malaysia and done extreme harm to Malaysia. The ringgit is plunging into an abyss. Inflation is at record levels. Malaysians are divided. As witnessed in the recent corruption cases, many civil servants now believe they are merely doing what is expected (following the leader as a role model) when the steal and accept bribes. 1MDB also allowed plenty of ammunition for the opposition to attack Najib and UMNO, potentially causing UMNO to lose the upcoming GE.

    What (who) is the OSA protecting? Wht can justify and outweighs the harm listed above? Why not kill this 1MDB rumour once and for all by declassifying the PAC report and release the audited report?

    Don’t pass up this golden opportunity to redeem yourself!

  26. tebing tinggi Apr 19,2017 8:28 PM

    Malaysia is free of corruption , but only donation .

  27. Ariflee Apr 19,2017 7:42 PM

    Khas untuk saudara kaldai.. Tolong tunjukkan bukti bahawa kes 1MDB,PAC memyatakan najib x bersalah.kenapa laporan PAC diletakan dibawah akta rahsia rasmi dan tolong tunjukkan resit atau bukti bahawa Raja Arab masukkan duit kedalam akaun najib.dan akhir sekali tolong tunjukkan resit yang menyatakan bahawa najib dah pulangkan balik duit tersebut.buat pengetahuan en kaldai,saya tak bersekolah tinggi tapi saya kaji dulu sebelum menyokonng sebarang pendapat.tak en keldai orang terpelajar lebih rendah pemikiran dari saya kot ataupun dah penuh dedak kat mulut

  28. johnsidi Apr 19,2017 7:31 PM

    Salam Tun M dan shbt2 lainnya..

    Entry Tun kali ini mengenai moral dan saya pn membacanya termsuklah komen2 drpd kwn2 pembaca yg lain juga (termsuklah pembela2 DS Najib)

    Utk komen kali ini, saya letakkan diri ini utk menyokong DSNajib…saya cuba bersgguh2 utk mnyusun ayat2 utk pembelaan…akhirnya apa yg saya dpt simpulkan?

    Hanya 2 hal dpt disimpulkan utk membela…
    (a) menegakkan kputusan Peguam Negara – DSNajib didapati tidak melakukan sbrg salah berkenaan 1MDB…Noktah!
    (B) memperlekeh dan meletakkan kesalahan pd org lain – kisah lampau org lain dikorek keluar dan lain2 kisah/ceritera kalau dibaca boleh ketawa…..

    Akhirnya, saya buat keputusan – SAYA SOKONG TUN M…….Noktah!


  29. milshah Apr 19,2017 7:11 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya ingin katakan sesuatu mengenai “High Values” tetapi ia berkaitan sikap beberapa pemimpin PPBM yang keluar parti. Bekas pemimpin PPBM ini berkata mereka hanya mahu memperjuangkan rakyat, tetapi pada masa yang sama berkata kecewa kerana tidak diberi kedudukan yang sepatutnya dalam parti. Saya tidak mahu berpihak pada mana-mana kerana saya tidak tahu cerita sebenarnya, cuma saya rasa kalaulah benar ingin berjuang untuk rakyat, kita tidak perlu kisah sama ada diberi jawatan atau tidak. Kita kena ikhlas berjuang. Kalau diberi pangkat pun takpa, tidak diberikan pun tidak menjadi masalah. Contohnya saya, saya tiada apa-apa kedudukan pun dalam PPBM dan hanya ahli biasa. Bahkan dulu pun saya tidak dapat jadi ahli UMNO, walau berkali-kali cuba. Tetapi itu tidak melemahkan semangat saya. Kekuatan saya adalah dalam memberi pendapat, dan itulah yang saya berikan selama ini. Kalau pendapat itu diterima, alhamdulillah, kalau pendapat itu tidak diterima pun tak apa. Yang penting saya menjalankan tanggungjawab saya untuk agama, bangsa dan negara saya. Moga-moga Allah meredhai perbuatan saya ini. Pasal rezeki, pangkat dan sebagainya, kena ingat Allah yang beri, bukan manusia. Jadi kalau tidak dapat, minta pada Allah, bukan kecewa dengan manusia. Dalam pada itu, PPBM harus belajar dari kesilapan UMNO dahulu, bagaimana sebuah parti yang bermaruah, menjadi korup dan hina sekarang ini setelah berkuasa. Tidak mustahil PPBM juga jadi seperti UMNO apabila berkuasa jika gagal belajar dari kesilapan UMNO.

  30. Karl Iskandar Apr 19,2017 3:17 PM

    We can sense anger and revenge surfaced in DrM as he speaks of high values.

    DrM has his points but the fact that PAC and MACC have cleared Najib of any wrongdoings in 1MDB, is an indication that DrM may have been ill-advised by certain people.

    Also the fact that HRH King Salman himself met Najib to extend and increase economic cooperation between both countries attributes to a high level of trust and confidence they have in Najib’s management of the country. The RM2.6 billion donation was indeed approved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There’s no other way to dispute it. And if there is, DrM should proceed and charge on like a gentleman.

    Don’t be like the DOJ thingy, still loosely hanging like a broken condom after leaking so much hot air…

  31. Fariq Islam Apr 19,2017 1:57 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Rakyat suffer RM value dip. If scandalous news continue to pop up everyday, when can RM value recover/ improve?

    RM value dip has brought about inflation. Government’s subsidy cut further aggravates the inflation, not to mention the GST effects.

    Now, if any of the parties dares to promise abolishing GST system if coming into power, then Rakyat may shift support massively towards it!

  32. Fariq Islam Apr 19,2017 1:40 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    The country can’t afford to wait for MACC to arrest and charge those corrupted civil servants (or more aptly, heads of government agencies). Once the audit report shows sign of misusing/ abusing resources, the government should act fast to remove.

    We can’t change the dirty/ corrupt culture overnight, but the government can take drastic actions to expedite changing to the right track fast!

  33. Fariq Islam Apr 19,2017 1:36 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    The problem with our Malaysian politicians is that very often they talk about loving the country, but never “walk the talk”.

    Concept-wise, 1Malaysia is good for uniting the people of all races. In the midst of promoting it, we can still see the ruling party politicians play race card in garnering support.

    Until when, can we all proudly address ourselves as “Malaysian” in the eyes of the whole world?

  34. PutraKraken Apr 19,2017 12:00 PM

    “Ketam mengajar anak berjalan lurus”

    1. Bapak ketam memang BODOH kerana mengajar anaknya berjalan menyanggah semula jadi ketam.

    2. Anak ketam yang mengikut ajaran bodoh bapaknya lagilah BODOH.

    3. Anak ketam yang tak ikut ajaran bapanya…adakah ia anak derhaka atau anak ketam sejati?

    Kalau UMNO tu ketam….apa kurangnya PAS…
    Ketam Batu Ketam Suri?…

  35. eloheem_42 Apr 19,2017 11:32 AM

    I have started to name Corruption as Donation. M glad that finally all the works of men (small and great) shall be judged by One that can’t be corrupted.

  36. RD. Apr 19,2017 11:29 AM

    Its ‘high cultural and moral values’ for UMNO-Najib to be associated with dubious middlemen such as Razak Baginda, Deepak Carpet and Jho Low in government dealings.

    Its ‘high cultural and moral values’ for the Prime Minister to appoint himself as Finance Minister, too.

    Its ‘high cultural and moral values’ to lie on Bulletin TV3, that homes was sold, Leasehold for 99 years in Forest City.

  37. Dave Copper Apr 19,2017 11:10 AM

    Whenever a Malaysia’s key development goal is envisioned, our government always executes the plan anti-clockwise.

    NEW ECONOMIC POLICY (1971-1990) failed. This policy was supposed to: “Eradicate absolute poverty IRRESPECTIVE OF RACE and eliminating identification of race by economic function”. But its implementation encouraged Cash is King money politics with the increasing number of political parties and politicians getting involved in it. Consequently, the NEP just benefited the Bumi elites with the advantages in acquiring government contracts.

    Under NEP, pendatangs were marginalized; they were deprived of their fair chance in education and economy opportunities. Therefore, the slogan of “IRRESPECTIVE OF RACE” has failed miserably.

    The specter of NEP policies still loom large today; many straight As pendatang students are denied entrance to public universities every year with a quota system, and if a pendatang wants a government contract, they will be whacked in face with “We don’t do business with Pendatang companies.” Is someone waiting for a free 30% share in the pendatang’s company? I don’t know.

    VISION 2020 (1991-2020) aimed to: “To become a developed nation, in our own mould”. Year 2020 is only 3 years from now. We know that a developed nation is a country with a lot of industrial activity and where people generally have high incomes per capita; high gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, and high Human Development Index (HDI).

    According to The Human Development Report published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Malaysia is proudly rank behind Panama, Palau, Bulgaria, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados only, we are making excellent progress here.

    Tun is very brilliant indeed; the VISION 2020’s slogan has a disclaimer built in: “IN OUR OWN MOULD”. Oh yeah, since we can define what is a considered developed nation, VISION 2020 is still within reach…by lowering the bar.

    TRANSFORMASI NASIONAL 2050 (2021-2050) is not a syiok sendiri slogan: “To become a top 20 nation in economic development, social advancement and innovation” is achievable. Malaysia has to beat UK, France, Belgium, and Iceland. If we can beat them in badminton; we can beat them, period.

    By 2050, our prime leader will be 97 years old, may god grant him the longevity to see his vision becomes a reality. On the other hand Tun is 92 now; he can still witness the fruit or the lack of it in 2020.

    How about a fast track? To be in the top 20, just reunite with the tiny city-state in the south that has moved up to take 3rd with per capita income (PPP) of $82,763, which is five times the average per capita income for an ordinary individual in the world according to Worldatlas report.

    So far, many Chinese run countries did well economically, even Jack Ma was appointed as the digital economy adviser of Malaysia. So how about appointing a pendatang to lead the country?

    See you in GE14.

  38. Karl Iskandar Apr 19,2017 11:04 AM

    People don’t always like to hear the truth because truth can be good, bad or both.

    Many commenters here will not spare me their anger when I told the truth that they’re not ready or willing to handle. Not because the truth hurts, but because they would need to rethink, rewire their belief system and to pick up their crushed ego bits. I put it that, you may read, but you may not have the guts to understand what you read.

    Anger is good for a certain kind of politics. Racism and hate politics in particular benefit most from an angry crowd.

    We can understand DrM’s anger when his own son got kicked out from the house, he, DrM personally built in 1988 (UMNO Baru). Unable to save his child in his own living room is a humiliation that no father can suffer in silence.

    On top of that, all the old UMNO assets that DrM brought with him into the new UMNO house, especially the cash, are no longer within his control. Some of his loyalist in the house wants him to come back.

    DrM was forced out of his own house, UMNO Baru, to become a homeless man at age 90. I sympathise and I can imagine the pain, even the anger that is not within his control. Because despite all that he’s gone thru, DrM will always love UMNO…

  39. chedatdotcc Apr 19,2017 10:05 AM

    Sad to say, but all these damage could have been prevented had Tun opened his decades of administrations to all talents regardless of races to guard the country against corruption.

    Tun left the country in a weak institution state and appointed the weakest leader (out of his promise to Najib’s father?! come on!), he cannot identify right talents despite many failed attempts.

    if u want talent, look outside politic circles. Also evidently, Malay is a race that always like to quarrel and super insecure of it’s own ability.

    This country needed the reformation, but Tun was too late to join in.

  40. MissAhLiang Apr 19,2017 8:58 AM

    It is also amusing but sad to see those ministers (and high ranking officials) from BN instead of distancing themselves from this, they continue to support Najib and prevent a thorough and transparent investigation on 1MDB.

  41. Hajar Apr 19,2017 8:57 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    Tun is right. PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor is not an exemplary leader. He is a crook, a liar and a ‘thief’. He should be in the ‘Raja lawak @ Badut’ show.

    He claimed that the money in his personal account was a donation, but the money trails (movements) showed and proved that the RM2.6 Billion came from 1MDB.

    It’s more amusing when he tries to cover up all of his WRONGDOINGS by sending ‘Iman2, Ketua2 Kampong, etc’ (‘potong queue’ orang lain yang lebih layak dan mampu untuk buat Haji; DSN menzalimi mereka ini) to perform the Hajj using borrowed (halalkah?) 1MDB money. Tunjuk baik (high moral values) lah kononnya…Alahai…

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  42. sibotak Apr 19,2017 5:37 AM

    A Clown should be in Circus or in a Show business
    But We see a Clown running a Government in Malaysia
    Best of All , The Head of A Govt
    The Prime Minister of Malaysia
    My Foot

    Najib will intend Hishamuddin o replace him
    As He knows He will Lose this Election
    He will Shit on UMNO
    He will walk away even before the Election fooling all the UMNO members including Hishamuddin to clean his Shits
    It is thus important a pre emptives measure to be made on part of UMNO ,the Govt today to highlight on these matters
    He will elope with his Penguine

    BERSATU, PRIBUMI & the rest must continue and hit on the battle
    Must continue to Battle up even Najib were to elope
    Najib cowardly walk away does not meant Najib gives up
    He will advantage his Successor

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