1. Najib is fully aware of the dire consequences to him if he loses. He will therefore leave no stone unturned in his effort to get the votes for the 14th General Election. He knows the possibility of losing even in his constituency of Pekan. In 1999 he won only by 241 votes and that also by hijacking votes of soldiers encamped in other constituencies.

2. For some time now he is striving to starve the opposition of funds.

3. Elections are costly. Posters, flags and buntings need a lot of money. Literally hundreds of thousands of these have to be produced. They will cost millions. The workers must be paid allowances, fed with nasi lemak and bottled drinks. There will be tens of thousands of them. At 2 bottles a day, 30,000 to 40,000 of bottle will be drunk.

4. Then the vehicles have to be rented or borrowed. Fuel would have to be paid for.

5. Rallies and ceramahs cost money. Thousands will attend and some drinking water would be needed. Tents and stages and public address systems will have to be rented.

6. All these need millions. If you do not have millions you cannot influence the people. Najib has billions. He is ensuring the opposition receive no donations.

7. How?

8. By imposing taxes on any money owned by even the relatively rich. And so:

9. Money more than RM 40,000 taken out from the bank will be asked to give details as to how the money is to be spent. Any hint that the money is to be donated to Opposition parties will meet obstacles to withdrawals, and harassments by income tax people.

10. Any borrowing for this purpose will not be approved.

11. The LHDN will demand for payment of back taxes amounting sometimes to hundreds of millions. If disputed the tax payer must pay first or be black listed. He may even be raided, records and passports seized.

12. If the court finds there is no justification, it would take years before the money is returned.

13. And now the AMLA (Anti Money Laundering Act) is used. Never mind if there is no evidence. But if LHDN or some government agencies declare that a person with money in a bank is suspected of money laundering then the money would be frozen. The process of proving there was no money laundering would take years. During that time the money cannot be accessed by the owner. No contribution to the opposition would be possible.

14. Of course money in the account of the Prime Minister and certain Government members would not be frozen in Malaysia. They will not be accused of money laundering. They will be free to give the money to BN parties during election.

15. You can lodge a police report. You risk being questioned and detained. You may be charged with sabotage of the economy, or of being a terrorist.

16. The courts may throw out the case. But that would take years. You will suffer all kinds of harassments, made bankrupt, deprived of your passport etc. During appeals to the Appeal Court and then the Federal Court, the harassment of the victim will go on. This is meant to deter others from attempting to support the opposition.

17. With Pakatan Harapan financially paralysed Najib expects to win based on his enormous financial strength and the willingness of the administrative officers to commit wrongdoings if ordered to.

18. I have been accused of having destroyed democracy during my tenure. Since democracy has been destroyed already, the only thing that is being done by Najib must constitute kleptocracy.

14 thoughts on “HOW NAJIB PLANS TO WIN

  1. RiaRz Jun 18,2017 2:50 PM

    Salam Tun

    Calon PM yang bakal menggantikan Najib mestilah ada ‘telo’ dan ‘telo’ beliau mestilah tidak kecut untuk mengheret ‘Malaysia Most Wanted’ iaitu najib, rosmah, rezha aziz, jho low, ag, igp dan pengkhianat negara yang lain. Itu tugas next PM. Ada bran?

  2. Lanun Johor Jun 14,2017 1:44 AM

    He might have the money. Billions.

    But ALLAH swt maha berkuasa…

    Dengan berkat doa semua rakyat Malaysia..inshaALLAH

    semuga ALLAH swt kembalikan pemerintahan Malaysia ke tangan yang layak, adil & saksama. Ameen, ya Rabbal AlAmin

  3. anti rasuah May 30,2017 7:22 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kalau benarlah tinjauan rambang menunjukkan bahawa rakyat memilih Hadi sebagai PM, manakala Tun adalah ke 2 popular sebagai PM itu benar, saya tidak meragui bahawa rakyat berkehendakkan Tun kembali sebagai PM sekiranya PH menang PRU14 kelak.

    Kalau dua personaliti ini sahaja diundi sebagai pilihan PM oleh rakyat maka saya cukup yakin 99% bahawa Tun akan terpilih sebagai PM Malaysia.

    Kalau begitu, sewajarnya ramuan terbaik untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan Najis Razak bukanlah Anwar Ibrahim, bukanlah Hadi Awang, bukanlah Muhyideen Yasin, jauh sekali bukan Wan Azizah tetapi personalitinya adalah Tun Mahathir.

    Jika PH sebulat suara memilih Tun sebagai bakal PM untuk akan datang, saya berkeyakinan penuh PH semangat rakyat khususnya separuh daripada ahli UMNO akan memberi sokongan penuh kembali kepada Tun.

    Di luar sini pun saya melihat Tun masih ada aura yang tinggi sebagai bekas ketua negara dan bakal kembali ketua negara yang disegani dari dalam mahupun di luar negara. Ini bukan bermaksud Tun tamak kuasa tetapi aura dan personality Tun Mahathir itu sendiri adalah ramuan keunggulan seorang pemimpin yang tiada tolok gantinya.

    Saya berharap ramuan Tun Mahathir sebagai bakal PM Malaysia pengganti Najis Razak adalah pilihan PH menjadi kenyataan.

    Ini adalah ramuan mudah bagi PH mahukan kemenangan pada PRU14.


  4. nehru May 29,2017 9:39 PM

    its is scary to think of how such talks of manipulation and coercion and underhanded tactics is spoken so publicly and unabashedly as if it is a given thing, and how such talks are believed so easily, as if we have always expected that such things will occur.

    It is scary what is accepted as the norm these days. It is scary because it tells us just how far off track we have gone in such little time.

  5. Bakajenai88 May 27,2017 1:45 AM

    Dear Tun,

    It is sad to read about the political landscape these days… the current government may have taken a beating from the tsunami and earthquakes from the opposition. However they are still strong as they still stay unite to one goal despite how unpopular it is…

    And as always as the next GE approaches, the opposition will bicker about their original personal party ideals and separate into different factions… I doubt there is hope for them at all as long as they do not have a single distinct and strong goal to follow… I doubt the current great leader need to feel any threat from them for now…unless someone in his ranks did a huge hick-up that is….

  6. zulu May 26,2017 12:11 PM

    If all the opposition parties including PAS announce that their next PM candidate is Tun M, people will definitely chase out the thief Najis.

    Later Tun M can appoint DPM’s and rule for some time till the country come back steadily and constitution amended and Najis, his family and his slaves probed for their wrong doing and then he can retire.

    It is possible only when PAS leaders think about the country’s future and not the money from Najis.

  7. Johan Tan May 25,2017 11:45 PM

    Tun, you are without doubt the greatest Prime Minister our country has ever known (excepting possibly the late Tunku Abdul Rahman). Certainly you have served Malaysia the longest.

    Even now, when you could easily have turned a blind eye to the misdeeds of the government of the day (as your immediate successor has done), you instead choose to put your comfort and personal well-being on the line by standing up for the people and what is right.

    For that I, and millions of my compatriots, are deeply grateful. We only wish you had planned ahead more carefully for your retirement, i.e. by reducing the powers of incumbency before passing your baton to individuals who have less love for the country.

    In the hands of a benevolent leader like yourself, great power can bring great good to a country. In the hands of a malevolent leader though, that same power can only bring the nation to ruin.

    You knew and trusted yourself for good reason, Tun; sadly your successors were not the people you thought they were. Going forward, Malaysia must trust in institutions and not individuals…

  8. asahamat May 25,2017 11:01 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Kes liwat I DS Anwar saya tidak berminat utk campur tangan. Itu sudah berlalu. Cuma, sebagai manusia Melayu khasnya, kes sebegitu jika menimpa siapapun jika benarpun, pasti melibatkan soal maruah diri n keluarga. To me Anwar berhak membela harga diri n keluarganya.

    (2) Dlm politik Negara ini, Anwar juga telah secara langsung dan tidak langsung ada salah dan khilafnya. Kita telah keterlanjuran. Salah dan khilaf ini telah mebawa Najib MO1 ke kemuncak kerjayanya dan hidupnya (mungkin). Akibatnya, kita berada dlm keadaan spt kita ada kini.

    (3) Sekarang kita dlm perjuangan utk memperbetul keadaan kita. Anwar, mahu tidak mahu, tidak mungkin akan Najib MO1 lepaskan. Jauh
    panggang dari api utk dpt pengampunan.

    (4) Kpd saya, jln terbaik utk Tun n Anwar utk
    menewaskan Najib MO1 secara bermaruah dan dihormati di dlm n luar Negara adalah kedua2 mesti mengakui secara jujur dan terbuka kesilapan dan khilaf masing2 dlm soal politik lepas2. Bermaafan dan bersahabatlah kembali secara terbuka. Both have to have great hearts. Say it, do it n carry on with it. Kemesraan Tun n Anwar (lewat keluarganya) pasti akan merobah hati rakyat secara meluas terhadap PH. Silap2 Najib MO1 boleh menyerah kalah sebelumpun kapalnya patah dayung, patah dan
    pecah layarnya. Ayuh depani Najib MO1 dlm
    PRU secara bersatu kental. Tun Boleh! Anwar Boleh! Wan Azizah Boleh! Nurul Boleh!

    (5) In Shaa Allah Malaysia Boleh! Rakyat Boleh! Kita Boleh! Najib MO1 Boleh Pi!

  9. asahamat May 25,2017 9:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Ramadhan dah mai. Syawalpun dah dekat. Haji tak jauh. Dlm tempoh 4-5 bulan ini, ie tempoh bulan2 suci dan barakah khususnya bagi orang2 Melayu, let me suggest how we could win over the rural Malays dan kelompok lain2nya.

    (2) First thing first, kita kena henti @ kurangkan ceramah2 berbentuk tibai. Sindir dan kias mungkin terbaik. Namun bunga dan penjelasan kpd sindir dan kias itu saya kira will buy into the rural Malays’ hearts jika diasaskan kpd Surah dan Hadis malah cerita2 Islami yg berkaitan. TS Sanusi hebat bab ini.

    (2) Kedua kalangan professional, mereka mahu mendengar dan melihat kesungguhan usaha2 bagi menegakkan sistem urustadbir yg bersih dan amanah. PKR melaungkan Reformasi. Perkataan reformasi ini sama dgn transformasi, sedap didengar tetapi rakyat tak fahampun. Maka wajar Tun mula gerakkan keperluan utk merombak dan memperbetulkan sistem urustadbir Negara kepada sistem yg bersih dan amanah. Istilah merombak dan memperbetulkan rakyat terutama yg duduk di Baling, Tenom, Kapit, Temerloh dan segala setaranya pasti faham dan mengerti. In Shaa Allah golongan muda dan professional akan teruja dgn gerakan ini.

    (3) Ketiga. Kami di Sarawak hanya hendak dengar dan tengok Malaysian Federalism berdiri pd teras Persekutuan yg sebenar. Kembalikan Federalism kita pd takrifan asalnya. Sama bagi Sabah dan Kelantan saya berkira. Tegakkan itu.

    (4) Keempat. Ini mungkin seharusnya the first. Tun kena mengaku segala kesilapan lepas samada sengaja atau tidak sengaja. Terus terang mengaku. Mengaku dan minta maaf secara terbuka. Saya seronok bila dengar Tun “mengaku silap kat Mat Sabu”. Now Mat Sabupun dah boleh berseloroh dgn Tun n itu pasti menjadikan Melayu khasnya seronok. Tun mungkin perlu buat sama pd Azmin, Anwar dan keluarga, LKS dll. Jika depa semua tu n Tun dah boleh sama2 berseloroh, Melayu akan jadi yakin dgn perpaduan dlm PH. Sifat Melayu, depa pemaaf jika kita jujur. Juga mengaku sajalah Tun dah tersilap paksa Pak Lah turun dgn sebab yakin Najib boleh lebih baik. Tun kena mengaku telah silap pilih Najib sebagai PM. Saya yakin In Shaa Allah ini akan menjadi faktur people to feel good with you. Tun Boleh!

    (5) I would appreciate LKS n his DAP fellows to admit their past mistake(s) in their harsh way to push their political ideology. I personally had experienced how harsh were you guys in Sarawak State Election in 2009 (?). No harm to be humble. Great to be gentleman. LKS Boleh!

    Tun, Malaysia Boleh! Rakyat Boleh! Kita Boleh!

  10. musato May 25,2017 8:56 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Terima kasih di atas keprihatinan Tun mendengar suara saya.

    Saya adalah generasi baru yang dilatih menulis sebagai satu sumber perubatan jiwa.

    Setiap 100 tahun akan lahir ‘mujadid’ (pembaharuan).

    Dan jelas bahawa zaman terkini adalah mengenai alam maya/internet.

    Adakah ada yang menguasai alam maya?

    Alam maya tidak perlu berbelanja besar. Boleh dikatakan percuma.

    Saya tidak kata saya adalah mujadid kerana hal itu adalah perkara besar dalam Islam.

    Tapi saya boleh katakan saya ddilatih menullis kerana Allah swt

    Terima kasih Tun.

  11. rimba.emas May 24,2017 11:29 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Apa keburukan kalau menang dengan cara menipu. Dalam undang-undang kita menipu adalah satu kesalahan . Penipu itu akan di hukum jika bersalah.

    2. Jika penipu itu di lepaskan oleh hakim melalui pengadilan yang salah. Itu hanyalah terlepas di dunia sahaja kerana di akhirat penipu itu serta hakim yang salah itu akan menerima azab seksaan api neraka.

    3. Pengundi yang memilih seorang penipu atau pencuri menjadi PM akan turut bersubahat malah menjadi penghalang kepada usaha menghapus cukai yang membebankan rakyat miskin seperti GST.

    4. Bayangkan kita sekarang membayar GST untuk membayar hutang yang terjadi setelah wang itu di curi.

    5. Duit curi itu pula di guna dalam pembiayaan filem lucah, belanja untuk judi, pesta arak , sex bebas, belian secara mewah sepert jet , kapal mewah, lukisan bernilai jutaan, rumah mewah dll yang menjadi wang haram.

    6. Jadi mengundi kepada Parti yang akan menghapuskan GST, mengembalikan subsidi minyak ,
    subsidi barang makanan, menurun cukai yang membebankan rakyat umpama sedekah jariah iaitu sifat yang ada pada Allah s. w. t maha pemurah dan penyayang.

    7. Allah s. w. t memberi rezeki secara percuma tetapi manusia telah mengenakan harga sehingga yang tamak mengenakan cukai yang membebankan rakyat. Justeru menghapus GST sekurangnya mengikut sifat-sifat mulia yang di kehendaki Allah s. w. t.


  12. Fariq Islam May 24,2017 9:48 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Thanks to what Tun set for BN to cling on to power in the long run, BN will stay in power in the coming GE.

    An obvious chess step to BN’s advantage is the existence of PAS as a “destroyer” to 1-to-1 fight, where BN can win easily with merely 40%.

    For HARAPAN to have better results, Tun needs to come out with counter strategies to weaken/ remove what Tun set last time – civil workforce support, army & police support, rural folk support, Borneo residents support, FELDA settlers support etc.

  13. musato May 24,2017 8:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


  14. milshah May 24,2017 7:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    You were right that naming the next PM before PRU 14 would cause a severe split. I really didn’t expect it to be this severe. Someone really wants to become PM!

    Datuk Zaid and Syed Saddiq has called for a survey on who the rakyat wants to be PM, and it should be based on that. Lucky for us, Rafizi has conducted such a survey on this.

    Based on his survey, the Chinese and Indians most likely will vote for Pakatan. So this is a non-issue.

    But since our battle is to win rural voters, we should focus on whom the malays want as PM.

    The breakdown of the survey of whom the Malays want as PM as as follows, Anwar 14%, TMSY 15%, Tun 18%, Hadi 29%, Mukhriz 12%, Rafizi 6%, Azmin Ali 4%, Kak Wan 1% and Nurul Izzah 0%.

    Based on this survey, Hadi is most popular. Probably at the time the survey is taken, he is popular but now maybe not. But he is not from Pakatan, so not him.

    Second place goes to you at 18%. This is the rationale why I and many others wants you to become PM again. But you may not want become PM again and I can understand that. But applying this strategy would have a major impact on the rural malay voters to vote for Pakatan.

    Third place is shared by TMSY at 15% and Anwar at 14%. TMSY is a bit better than Anwar. It may have an impact on rural voters if it is TMSY. We can choose Anwar too, but he is in jail. There is no way for him to be the 7th PM. It would be a lie to the rakyat to say Anwar is the 7th PM. 8th PM maybe, whereby you have an interim PM, but not 7th.

    4th place is Mukhriz at 12%.

    The rest are in the single digit which is Rafizi, Kak Wan, Azmin Ali and Nurul Izzah.

    If Kak Wan is the choice of Pakatan, she has 1% of the malay voters, it may even backfire if she is named as the PM designate. Rafizi and Azmin Ali is more popular at 6% and 4% respectively.

    You were right that the right strategy based on the current situation with Pakatan was to name the PM after the elections. It may not be the ideal strategy, but it is the best Pakatan could offer without causing a split.

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