1. Proton has been sold. It has been sold to foreigners.

2. They say Proton is my brainchild. Now the child of my brain has been sold.

3. Yes. I am sad. I can cry. But the deed is done. Proton can no longer be national. No national car now. We Malaysians are glad to be rid of this pesky car. I am sure Proton will do well. It will be a commercial success. It will be sold all over the world. The Proton name will be everywhere.

4. It will be like Singapore. Malaysians are proud of this great city-state. If it had not been sold it would be, perhaps, as well developed as Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis. Then we cannot be proud of Singapore.

5. Now we can be proud of Proton. With money and superior technology it will compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley.

6. But I cannot be proud of its success. I cannot be proud of the success of something that does not belong to me or my country. Maybe other Malaysians will, but not me. Come to think of it, if our country is sold to others, to the very rich people of other countries, I am sure our country will become well developed too. It can even be a fully developed country – exceeding the expectations of Vision 2020.

7. It will be a great country with super highways, high-speed rail (HSR), gleaming skyscrapers, shining new towns, beautifully landscaped and lighted. But I can’t be proud! Can I be proud to be living on the fringes of this great country so well developed by the buyers.

8. I will die soon. I am already beyond average age. And as I slip into my final years, or month or days, I will watch as our beloved country is sold to foreigners to settle the trillion Ringgits that we owe. We will have to sell more and more of our country.

9. What are our assets? Our land of course!! That was what we did in the past. We sold chunks of our country. We lost the land we sold. That is what we are doing now. And that will be what we will have to do – or forfeit our country; like we forfeit Proton.

10. Proton the child of my brain has been sold. It is probably the beginning of the great sell-out. The process is inexorable. No other way can we earn the billions to pay our debts. The only way is to sell our assets. And eventually we will lose our country, a great country no doubt, but owned by others.

11. I am a sissy. I cry even if Malaysians are dry-eyed. My child is lost. And soon my country.

12. Please excuse me.

87 thoughts on “PROTON

  1. johnmansfield Oct 8,2017 6:28 PM

    Hello Tun,
    Well the deed is done. Proton has a new CEO and the Proton Board has had a reshuffle… I hope that whilst some people have had their pride dented by all this, that long term the prospects for Proton employees and customers will improve.
    Lotus also has a new board, minus one that Etika need to source.
    They can approach me should they wish. I’m not very Corporate, but I clean-up nice, and I’d be different from everyone else on the Board. Not always a bad thing!
    I have a long standing dream which I would like to make happen. Lotus and Proton were always a part of this. It would be nice if I were in a position to be taken seriously. I believe I can make a positive difference given the chance.
    Anyway, you appear to be very busy preparing for an election! I’d better let you get on with it… Good luck.
    John Mansfield

  2. johnmansfield Sep 10,2017 5:51 PM

    Here is a link to a Singapore papers article regarding Proton being the majority shareholder in its alliance with Geely.
    I have no idea who wrote the article, or if it is just speculation… However, when I read your post it sounds like the opposite is true, that is Geely have a controlling interest.
    Anyway, if Geely pull out, Proton will still be 100% DRB Hicom owned, and Lotus possibly 49% owned by a company controlled by DRB Hicom’s owner.
    Having worked briefly in Spain indirectly for SEAT when VW took control, I saw their product offering improve immensely. Having access to a large parts bin is very cost effective.
    I would say in this instance, VW were sold a controlling interest by the Spanish government. So they invested a lot of time and effort making sure that SEAT was and is a success.
    All the best to everyone whose livelihood who is affected by this…
    John Mansfield

  3. johnmansfield Aug 16,2017 4:53 PM

    I hope you are enjoying life, and staying safe…

    The STAR newspaper has reported today that the shareholders are voting on the Geely deal:
    As you know, I have a historic interest in seeing a Motorsport based University. This was initially because I worked in Bukit Jalil for Lotus Engineering. A couple of the lads Tengku Djan and Nanda Kumar (whom I sponsored) were racing mad. Obviously Lotus has a racing heritage as a brand.
    Today, I see that UCFB have essentially used the concept I put forward. So there is a working model out there.
    My idea. Geely and DRB Hicom owned private Universities. Asia is football mad. Both Malaysia/Singapore and China have football teams abroad Valencia, QPR, Cardiff, West Brom, Aston Villa… additionally, Johor FC have an owner that not only owns a football club, but is a joint owner of a racing track with owner of Valencia FC and shareholder in McLaren.
    I see an opportunity to create a successful partnership in a hybrid Sports based learning institute based in niche locations. Combined with online learning I have to feel this could be commercially viable, and a positive for all…
    All the very best,
    John Mansfield

  4. Dave Copper Jul 6,2017 2:14 PM

    Dear Malloucius aka Adumb,
    So Adumb the farter, you are going to have a good time with your mom tonight huh?
    I don’t need your Proton, as I have had 5 units myself, and I am waiting for the brand new Proton Bayu to launch. As for you, you mother farter, please make sure you lock the door yourself and don’t make your mother scream to loud ya. Farter.

  5. malloucius Jul 6,2017 1:00 AM

    Dear Dave Copper,

    Mom is with me tonight, dont forget to lock the door yeah? and one more thing, dont drive my Proton! you will wreck my car you piece of shit!

    Your daddy

  6. Dave Copper Jun 30,2017 9:01 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Look at the bright side.
    Proton the child of your brain has not been sold. He just got married, and he is married to China’s princes Geely.
    Just like Parameswara married to Princes Hang Li Poh. This is the beginning of the great era, billions of debts will be paid. And eventually Proton will be returned to its previous glory.
    Proton will be a Father soon, Proton Bayu will be his first child. Adumb, on the other hand will remain as a Farter.
    Thank you Tun.

  7. malloucius Jun 27,2017 12:56 AM

    Dear my son Dave Copper,

    You think people care who you support? Your support dont matter much, you are just a small FRY.

    Do I looks like I care whether you want to support BN or PH? Hahaha,
    You are dumber than a rock.

    Are you so scared of me that you cant reply anything that can be understood by a human being?

    You looks like you are..

    Your support is just a ‘tiny’ fraction of millions of other people, who you think you really are? Al Gore? Hahaha… what a joke!

    You forgot one thing, I am now your father.. address me properly!

  8. Dave Copper Jun 23,2017 9:50 AM

    Today, 23 June 2017. Najib will be gracing the signing ceremony between DRB-HICOM Berhad and Zhenjiang Geely Holding. I am honored to be one of the invitees to witness the event.

    There is no turning back now.

    I am exciting to see what kind of fresh air Geely is able to bring to Proton. Surely, I am looking forward to higher quality and lower price. I have owned 5 Proton cars of various models so far and all of them suck, but I will still give a chance to Proton under Chinese’s management, as I am anticipating to see how Proton’s next model; Proton Bayu turn out.

    Similarly, I have lost hope for BN, the current government suck, but I’ll still give BN a chance if the next Finance Minister is a Chinese Malaysian.
    Historically proven, Chinese are better in managing money, the world’s top one country with the largest USD reserved is China.

    Previously, when Malaysia’s Minister of Finance was Chinese, Malaysia was financially strong. However, today, Malaysia’s debt has reached all-time high at RM897,049 million; every single Malaysian, including a new born baby have to bear RM28 thousands of debt.

    How much of these were contributed by MOF’s mismanagement of fund, and how much of these are attributed to 1MDB we don’t know until a new government takes over Putrajaya to find out. I am quite sure a mysterious fire will occur and all files pertaining to 1MDB will be destroyed, just like the incident happened in 2008 when BN lost Selangor.

    Proton will survive to see another day, today is the beginning of a new chapter.

    Good for Proton.
    Bad for Adumb.

  9. malloucius Jun 20,2017 8:04 PM

    Dave Copper,

    I know who you are already!! I found your picture!! here is your picture.. I attach them here!!



  10. malloucius Jun 20,2017 8:00 PM

    Dear Dave Cooper aka Pig from Mars also known as Special Olympic Champion,

    Since when did I delete my accounts? hahahahaha, my facebook account as far as I know is still active, so does my twitter account, and instagram account.

    So who is this guy you say is me? Is Adam your dad? lol!

    Is that the best insult that you could give me? By the way your mom’s milk was delicious, I wanna marry you mom so that makes me your dad right?

    So next time address me properly, I hereby, appointed myself as your FATHER. So call me daddy next time.

    Dont forget to suckle mommy’s milk okay? (.)(.)

  11. Dave Copper Jun 20,2017 10:05 AM

    Adumb is a cowardly dog.

    I discovered his identity and he quickly delete his account from the internet.
    However, he left so many foot prints all over the place that I have managed to download an outline picture of him.

    This face definitely looks malicious; I think that’s where he gets his malloucius name. Hahahaha!

    Nevertheless, I have printed a couple of his pictures, one I stick on a dart board, I placed another one on the floor for me to step on.

    What else can I do with his photo, let me think about it. I have the time. But I’m not going to respond to his posting because they are pieces of shit.

    I have more fun playing with his photos, poking his (.)(.) and there is nothing he can do about it.

    I will make fun of him from time to time, only when I am in the mood.

    So Adumb, go home and suckle on that bitch lah, you crying baby.

  12. malloucius Jun 19,2017 8:04 PM

    Dear Dave Copper aka Special Olympic Champion,

    1. UITM and UIA was mentioned as exception, but you dont really know how to read. (rephrase the third time since Dave is special kind of idiot)

    2. My mom’s breast has no milk, your mom breast surely has due to the fact that you are still an infant. So how about let me suckle your mom’s instead. It would be great! (.)(.)

    3. Kindly response to me faster, I dont want to wait 2 days to see your comments over here. You spent too many time crying behind the screen than reading my comments. Please read properly.

    4. I dont have to even try, with you I can just chill and still enjoy screwing you all over. I was upset with my car the other day, so venting my anger on you over here made me feel happier. Thank you mate .. hahahahah

  13. malloucius Jun 19,2017 7:32 PM

    Dear Dave Copper,

    Dude, did you bother to read the full paragraph or you dont know how to read English? in my first writings I have said that UITM and UIA are an exceptions, and then I said it again and explained why it was an exception! you dont bother to read them you thick skull numbfuck!!

    Have you had your mommy’s milk yet this morning? cause I have no idea who is Adam, is Adam your dad? or your late dad? or your step father? if yes then you should properly kiss his ass!

    In case you did not know English or maybe you failed your kindgerten English test let me rephrase that for you. UITM and UIA are special exception and I did say that UITM and MARA are the only things left for the Malay! I doubt you know how to read, or maybe you refuse to read because you cant understand adult language anyway.. since you are just 12 years old minor from local PERMATA kindergarten!

    Last not least, send my regards to your mum! dont forget mommy’s milk!

  14. malloucius Jun 19,2017 7:30 PM

    Dear Dave Cooper,

    Because you dont know how to read, here I quoted back for you what I have said earlier.


    UIA is strictly for religious reasons because you are not muslim, majority of the subjects offered are for muslim, so if you dont mind you little mind gets offended with what they taught you are welcome to apply, they have no restriction for non-muslim at UIA. LOL

    As for UITM, it is strictly for Malays and the ONLY thing that is left for Malay, there are no more special rights for Malay as of 2017. What is left is only discretionary powers by University itself to pick or reject students.

    If 8k Chinese students did not get scholarship, there are more Malay who gets straight As who did not get scholarships, and the only things left for Malay today is just the MARA, UITM, and these are the only ‘special’ rights of the Malay left. There were no more ‘special’ rights as you claim.

    Which part of this contradict itself with one another? I did say that UITM, MARA and UIA are still an exception. But this is the last exception left, which you dont bother to reply, because you dont know how to reply! you are just 12 years old!

  15. malloucius Jun 19,2017 7:26 PM

    Dear Dave Copper,

    Dude, did you bother to read the full paragraph of you dont know how to read English? in my first writings I have said that UITM and UIA are an exceptions, and then I said it again and explained why it was an exception! you dont bother to read them you thick skull numbfuck!!

    Have you had your mommy’s milk yet this morning? cause I have no idea who is Adam, is Adam your dad? or your late dad? or your step father? if yes then you should properly kiss his ass!

    In case you did not know English or maybe you failed your kindgerten English test let me rephrase that for you. UITM and UIA are special exception and I did say that UITM and MARA are the only things left for the Malay! I doubt you know how to read, or maybe you refuse to read because you cant understand adult language anyway.. since you are just 12 years old minor from local PERMATA kindergarten!

    Last not least, send my regarads to your mum, says its from your future daddy! I will your future dad soon! and also your headmaster Rosmah Mansur at PERMATA kindergarten.. hahahaha…

  16. Dave Copper Jun 19,2017 9:46 AM

    Dear YABhg Tun,

    Thank you for allowing me to whack two barking dogs with one baton.
    (Yes, this time they are dogs.)

    Dog No 1: Kurang Hajar.

    I hereby refute all the allegations and suppositions against me made by Kurang Hajar on the 2nd paragraph of her post dated Jun 17,2017 5:46 PM. My position is clearly reiterated on the 7th paragraph of my post dated Jun 15,2017 9:22 AM.

    Kurang Hajar is a munafik. I concluded this based on the close examinations on 2 facts.

    Fact No.1. Kurang Hajar is a member of UMNO, but she betrayed and belittled the President of UMNO. Also, she has taken all changes given, including posting on this respectable blog to humiliate the President of UMNO as well as members of UMNO, and Minister of Malaysia. Kurang Hajar therefore is a traitor.

    Fact No.2. Kurang Hajar has been, mentioned in her comments that she felt sorry for polluting or defacing YABhg Tun’s blog. But she continues to spew much garbage onto this blog.

    Saying one thing and doing another is the characteristic of Kurang Hajar, and this behavior fits the description of a munafik.

    In the time of war, we punish the infidels. But munafik is even more dangerous than the infidels. So in this time of peace, we should punish the munafik.

    What kind of punishment should we impose on Kurang Hajar? May I suggest we raise our middle fingers…and poke Kurang Hajar in her (.)(.)

    Poke…poke…poke. Oh yeah!

    Dog No 1: Adumb.

    Adumb hides behind a fake name of malloucius. But he study law and failed his law subject several times. He enjoys photography and art and writing garbage.

    Adumb whacked his own mouth several times.
    On one hand, he denied that the “special” ones didn’t get “special” treatment.
    But on the other hand, he immediately whacked himself by pointed out that UIA and UiTM are the exceptional case; strictly for the “special” one…bla…bla…bla.

    What Adumb failed to consider is that, these unfair treatments are just the tip of the iceberg; UiTM received one the largest allocation of money from the government; money comes from the tax payers including the suppressed ones.

    There are a lot more example but there is no point in pointing it out to Adumb all of his mistake as entertaining this 1 year old infant who lives on Mars is a complete waste of my time.

    Go suckle up to your mother, you crying baby Adumb.

    Thank you Tun,

  17. Hajar Jun 17,2017 5:46 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    死-Dave Copper Si Teramat Kurang Ajar ini memang ‘SIAL – 死, 死, 死, 死’.

    Pengomen yang menggunakan nama samaran ‘Dave Copper’ telah menulis ayat-ayat berbentuk PENGHINAAN terhadap Bahasa Kebangsaan kita (BM), Bangsa Melayu, Raja-Raja Melayu, Islam (beliau menghina saya sebagai seorang Islam di ayat terakhir), Perlembagaan, Rukun Negara dan Malaysia seperti berikut (Jun 15,2017 9:22 AM):-

    ” She also make a “titik” (.) mistake in her the usage of salutation. So I can conclude that her level of command of our beloved Bahasa Malaysia is wet-market level. Even Ah Soh speaks better Bahasa Malaysia than Kurang-Hajar.

    Let me reiterate for the third time: I respect Tun, I respect Bahasa Malaysia, I respect Malay, I respect Islam, I respect Rukun Negara, I respect Perlambagaan Malaysia.

    But I do not respect Kurang Hajar because she is literally cannot be ajar.
    So Kurang-Hajar, go back to your cage and let people play with your (.)(.)

    Komen saya terhadap individu yang mempunyai nama samaran ‘Dave Copper’:

    1. Anda mempersenda/mengejek penggunaan perkataan ‘TITIK’ dalam BM dan juga menghina saya (wanita ISLAM) dengan ‘kiasan’ anda yang menjijikkan.

    2. Anda seorang yang hipokrit dan berniat jahat. Memang sahih anda seorang yang teramat SIAL dan penuh dengan kesialan (死, 死, 死, 死 untuk anda).

    3. Tahap ‘kesialan’ anda memang tidak dapat digambarkan dengan kata-kata.

    4. Anda manusia yang berkepala khinzir (b*b*). Muka tebal anda ‘yang tidak tahu malu’ amat memualkan. Otak ‘khinzir’ anda amat meloyakan kerana ia setaraf najis khinzir yang termat kotor dan rendah martabatnya (najis berat). Kata-kata jijik dari mulut busuk anda ibarat dengusan yang keluar dari mulut khinzir. Segala-galanya mengenai anda amat berkait-rapat dengan haiwan pujaan anda. Sesungguhnya, anda teramat sial dan membawa sial kepada Malaysia.

    5. Hinaan anda (死-Dave Copper Si Teramat Kurang Ajar) terhadap Bahasa Kebangsaan kita (BM), Bangsa Melayu, Raja-Raja Melayu, Islam, Perlembagaan, Rukun Negara dan Malaysia telah TERAKAM di blog ini seperti di atas (ada banyak contoh lain), dan anda tidak perlu lagi ‘reiterate’ apa pandangan anda terhadap perkara-perkara asas ini (‘caught red-handed’). Anda tidak boleh lagi berdolak-dalik dan menangkis hakikat ini. Saya yakin pembaca-pembaca di blog ini ramai yang terpelajar (lebih terpelajar dari anda yang sial dan tidak sedar diri!).

    6. ‘死-Dave Copper’ ialah contoh warganegara Malaysia yang khianat terhadap Malaysia (sama spesis /‘species’ dengan Najib @ Ah Jib Gor kerana mereka ada banyak persamaan).

    P/S: Siapa mahu percaya kepada orang yang cuma tahu menghina tahap penguasaan BM orang lain, tetapi diri sendiri GAGAL menulis dalam BM. Mungkin orang bodoh (‘dumb’) saja yang percaya kepada orang yang sial ini.

    Terima kasih Tun. (Maaf Tun.)

    * Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi dan merahmati Tun sekeluarga *

  18. malloucius Jun 16,2017 8:39 PM

    Dear Dave Cooper, um, maybe fake name?

    Your mom is calling you home, I have no idea who is Adam, lol… my name is obviously not Adam and I dont plan to reveal my identity either way.

    You are truly pathetic, if you are a Chinese you are truly a racist retard that should go back to China, if you are a Malay you should go back to Indon along with your entire family.

    You probably dont even have a degree lol, you want to comment on the Constitution without qualification? without any knowledge of it?

    You are the embodiment of a dumb guy who wanted attention, do you want attention that badly?

    Dont cry behind the screen, I have plenty more to go, if you refuse to debate on NEM/NEP and the Constitution and resort to personal attack, be warned. I am very good at making people cry on the internet.

    Last but not least, your mom is calling you home kid, learn some manners before you post anything online!

  19. Dave Copper Jun 15,2017 9:22 AM

    Dear YABhg Tun,

    Thank you for allowing me to reply to Kurang-Hajar.

    As we can witness from her post below, Kurang-Hajar is so disrespectful toward Bahasa Malaysia that she polluted our beloved language beyond recognition.

    Kurang-Hajar once again demonstrated her inability to respect Malaysia’s protocol and salutation. Not only she made numerous mistakes in the utilization of Bahasa Malaysia, she kept on inventing new mistakes.

    The use of both terms “hero” and “nemesis” accurately describe Kurang-Hajar’s “love-hate” relationship with her Ah Jib Gor. As a member of UMNO, she is supposed to love her leader unconditionally. However, she is also a traitor of UMNO, she hated Ah Jib Gor so much that she condemned him in almost of her previous posts in this respectable blog. But because Kurang-Hajar and Ah Jib Gor share the same characteristic, their feeling toward each other is complex, or “love-hate”.

    The use of proper salutation is a basic respect toward human being, as basic knowing the basic salutation such as Encik and Puan. If I use Encik Kurang-Hajar, I am sure she will be mad at me. So I must address her as Yang Amat Amat Kurang Hajar.

    She also make a “titik” (.) mistake in her the usage of salutation. So I can conclude that her level of command of our beloved Bahasa Malaysia is wet-market level. Even Ah Soh speaks better Bahasa Malaysia than Kurang-Hajar.

    Let me reiterate for the third time: I respect Tun, I respect Bahasa Malaysia, I respect Malay, I respect Islam, I respect Rukun Negara, I respect Perlambagaan Malaysia.

    But I do not respect Kurang Hajar because she is literally cannot be ajar.
    So Kurang-Hajar, go back to your cage and let people play with your (.)(.)

    Thank you YABhg Tun.

  20. Hajar Jun 14,2017 8:38 PM

    Salam Yang Amat-Amat Berhormat dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun (maaf kepada pengomen2 lain; sila langkau saja komen ini):

    1. Nampaknya Si Badut, ‘YSM Mr. S.I. @ Dave Copper Si kurang ajar’ masih mahu “menegak benang basah’, namun GAGAL menulis dalam BM (a LOSER). Pengecut (a coward) bangat Si Badut ini rupanya. Suka hati sayalah (HAK SAYA) untuk guna apa saja ‘panggilan /rujukan’ sebagai tanda hormat kepada Tun dengan cara saya sebab saya bukan menyusahkan Si Badut pun, dan penulisan saya bukan surat rasmi kepada sesiapa; blog ini juga bukan ‘majlis/acara rasmi’.Tun (pemilik blog) juga tidak letak apa2 syarat untuk merujuk kepada beliau.

    2. Cara YSM (Yang Sakit Mental) Si Badut menangani isu penggunaan ‘YAB’ (oleh saya) terhadap Tun yang beliau bangkitkan menunjukkan betapa tidak stabilnya MENTAL beliau (sakit mental). Dari penulisan beliau yang bercanggah dan nampak KELIRU (‘SO CONFUSED’) seperti di bawah, kita boleh buat penilaian tentang tahap ‘kesihatan mental’ YSM Si Badut.

    YSM Si Badut wrote (in two different comments):

    “However, the Kurang-Hajar who claimed to score A1 in her SPM Bahasa Malaysia use Yang Amat Berhormat or YAB, which is the salutation for her nemesis PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor.

    “I pointed out Kurang-Hajar’s mistake that we must use Yang Amat Berbahagia or short form YABhg for Tun. But the stubborn Kurang-Hajar kept on using YAB, which is the abbreviation for Yang Amat Berhormat, the only salutation for Prime Minister or her hero Ah Jib Gor.

    Sudahlah sakit mental, menipu/memfitnah pula (…her hero Ah Jib Gor’? His hero most probably).

    Agaknya dalam ‘kamus’ YSM Si Badut ‘nemesis’ dan ‘hero’ sama makna. Alahai…a low-level mistake I guess! Or simply stupid!

    Lagi satu, YSM Badut ingat “..Yang Amat Berhormat, the only salutation for Prime Minister”..? KELIRU lagi? Alahai…Ini mesti kes belajar BM tidak tamat…Dung* sungguh.

    3. YSM Si Badut memang sakit mental sebab paksa orang lain untuk ikut cara dia untuk merujuk (tanda hormat) kepada Tun M di BLOG TUN M (bukan blog YSM Si Badut, tapi berlagak samseng macam komunis; muka tidak tahu malu – memang sah sakit mental). YSM Si Badut is a mentally sick person – proven!

    4. FAKTA: YSM Si Badut menghina (insulted) PROTON, Tun Mahathir, Melayu, Islam, Rukun Negara, Perlembagaan, Malaysia (etc.) dalam komen2 beliau. He’s a liar/hypocrite!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    Maaf Tun (kerana mengotorkan blog Tun semata-mata untuk mengAJAR YSM Si Badut yang masih lagi tidak faham bahasa).

    *** Semoga Allah S.W.T. sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga ***

  21. Dave Copper Jun 14,2017 10:56 AM

    Adam, you don’t even know yourself.
    You are so dumb that I shall call you A dumb instead.
    If I were 12 years old, you must be 1 year old. Everything I said about you is only applicable to you.
    What I said about NEP is true and you know nuts about Federal Constitution.
    Go take some photographs A dumb.

  22. malloucius Jun 13,2017 8:01 PM

    Dear YABhg Tun,

    Please allow me to respond to malloucius a.k.a Adam.

    For certain reasons, I don’t have the urge to respond to Adam.

    He seems to have comprehension problem and he doesn’t read people’s posting before responding. Thus, I have concluding that he just wants to post for the sake of posting and he is trying to get some attentions.

    Adam, go take some photographs lah, don’t waste my time unless you have something worth my while.

    Thank you YABhg Tun for allowing me to respond.

    Answer :

    Adam? who is Adam? you think by googling my name you know everything about me? the one who did not bother to read and understand is definitely not me, but you. Do you bother to read my reply to you?

    What does photography has anything to do with NEP? or special rights of the malay? or the Chinese student who has not received her scholarship despite scoring 12A?

    Are you a 12 years old kid or something? You talk gibberish, and everything you have said about me, actually represented you. 1. You wanted attention. 2. You dont read what people post about your topic. 3 and you post for the sake of posting.

    What made me responded to you was because I happen to read your bullshit about NEP, and malay special rights which is not true, and what angers me much more is your accusation that malay gets special treatments when they dont, its very clear on the surface what type of Malaysian you are.

    Acting like you know the Constitution but know nothing about what you yourself have just invoked to defend your arguments.

  23. Dave Copper Jun 13,2017 9:14 AM

    Dear YABhg Tun,

    Please allow me to respond to malloucius a.k.a Adam.

    For certain reasons, I don’t have the urge to respond to Adam.

    He seems to have comprehension problem and he doesn’t read people’s posting before responding. Thus, I have concluding that he just wants to post for the sake of posting and he is trying to get some attentions.

    Adam, go take some photographs lah, don’t waste my time unless you have something worth my while.

    Thank you YABhg Tun for allowing me to respond.

  24. malloucius Jun 9,2017 9:30 PM

    Dear Dave Cooper,

    I respect that you couldn’t bet with me due to religious reason. Otherwise, I’ll bet RM2.6 billion with you that you can’t find the term: “special right” in our Federal Constitution. Don’t believe me? do your homework.

    Answer :

    Special rights? can you point me to that special rights in the constitution? and what does this mean for Malaysia? or what aspect of this special rights that we currently practice?

    Do my homework? I did more than homework that you could ever imagine, I read law and is tutoring on Malaysian and US constitution.

    Never mind that, go ahead and point to me which aspect of the Federal Constitution confers us special rights? and which one of this ‘special rights’ currently applicable in Malaysia?

    UIA is strictly for religious reasons because you are not muslim, majority of the subjects offered are for muslim, so if you dont mind you little mind gets offended with what they taught you are welcome to apply, they have no restriction for non-muslim at UIA. LOL

    As for UITM, it is strictly for Malays and the ONLY thing that is left for Malay, there are no more special rights for Malay as of 2017. What is left is only discretionary powers by University itself to pick or reject students.

    Bet with you for religious reasons? I can bet with you anytime, any day, why do you assume that I am muslim? are you trying to attack me personally? it goes to show your level of maturity, in case you need PERMATA negara you could get admitted into one by asking for it. 🙂

  25. malloucius Jun 9,2017 9:19 PM

    Dear Dave Copper,

    Yes I live on the moon, but I can still answer your questions.

    NEP was implemented in 1971 for a window period of 20 years, allowing the “special” one to catch up. Unfortunately, when it is expired, the ghost of NEP lives on under different names and the practice continues even until today in 2017.

    Chinese students with 12A with perfect extra-curricular marks are still denied of university entries and / or scholarship year after year after year after year after year after year until today. Did you know that?

    I respect that you couldn’t bet with me due to religious reason. Otherwise, I’ll bet RM2.6 billion with you that you can’t find the term: “special right” in our Federal Constitution. Don’t believe me? do your homework.

    You don’t know that there are still thousands of Chinese who live below the poverty line? In Kuala Lumpur alone, alone Jalan Peel, Lorong Jubblie of Jalan Loke Yew, Jalan Sungai Besi next to fire station and many more.

    There are still many poor Chinese staying in slump area in wooden house and rusty roof, some even without electricity and water supply.

    It seems like you live on Mars.

    Answer :

    Poor Chinese in slump area? you want to talk about Malay POVERTY vs Chinese POVERTY? hahahaah! you are seriously living on a different planet. Poor Malay is worse off in Malaysia than any Chinese combined. Even the poorest of the Chinese still afford to get loan for their kids to to University and while poor Malays will never even dream to go to University without PTPTN or MARA.

    Secondly, who told you that smart Chinese not allowed to get scholarships? JPA awarded thousands applicants in years! even MRSM is open to Chinese today! When a Chinese student gets rejected from getting scholarship is not because of his or her race, it is because of merits!

    If 8k Chinese students did not get scholarship, there are more Malay who gets straight As who did not get scholarships, and the only things left for Malay today is just the MARA, UITM, and these are the only ‘special’ rights of the Malay left. There were no more ‘special’ rights as you claim.

    So much for living in the slump, you made me laugh with your ignorance about Malaysia socioeconomic situations. You clearly do not get the clear picture of the situation in the country. For a Chinese ‘difficulty’ or poor Chinese means that they still can afford at least a Bezza, or Myvi.

    Give me proof where this smart Chinese that gets 12A who are still denied entry to University? which University? are you trying to lie? The only entry for Chinese that will be denied if they apply to UITM! and as for scholarship, all race are equal. There were no ‘special’ treatments of the Malay.

    You are not just living in the moon, you just show you shallow your knowledge of the whole thing that is happening in Malaysian politics. How’s life in the moon so far? LOL!

  26. Dave Copper Jun 7,2017 10:00 AM

    Dear YABhg Tun,

    Thank you for allowing me to reply to Ykh (Yang Kurang-Hajar)

    Kurang-Hajar claimed she scored A1 in her SPM Bahasa Malaysia.

    And I admit that my command of Bahasa Malaysia is not as good as A1.

    However, I managed to spot a low-level mistake that she made in Bahasa Malaysia; that she wrongly use the correct salutation for respectable people like yourself Tun.

    I pointed out Kurang-Hajar’s mistake that we must use Yang Amat Berbahagia or short form YABhg for Tun. But the stubborn Kurang-Hajar kept on using YAB, which is the abbreviation for Yang Amat Berhormat, the only salutation for Prime Minister or her hero Ah Jib Gor.

    If she is mentally sound, she should have thank me for correcting her mistake and admit that her command of Bahasa Malaysia is not as good as she bragged. But no, she still kept using YAB.

    Not only she is mentally ill, she is anti-social as well. Her latest post insulted all non-Believers going to hell. That is about 75% of world’s population, now that 3 out of 4 person on the earth are insulted by her.

    Let me reiterate; I love Malaysia, I love Bahasa Malaysia (one of the most beautiful language in the world.) I respect Islam, I respect Rukun Negara. But not the mentally-ill, anti-social, hormone-imbalanced, babbling mouth Kurang-Hajar.

    Thank you YABhg Tun for allowing me to whack Ykh.

  27. Tun Perak Jun 7,2017 10:00 AM

    Bagus German Chancellor (setaraf Perdana Menteri) Angela Merkell ni. Semata-mata untuk membantu industri automotif negara syarikat German 100% ini untuk mengekalkan market share tinggi di negara China, sanggup berjuang dan berkeras dengan Perdana Menteri China.

    Patutlah German boleh menjadi kuasa besar penakluk dunia, dan melayu ni dayus dan lebih suka syarikat negara sendiri tertekan, hinggakan ada pepatah melayu mengatakan “Kera di Hutan di Susukan, Anak di rumah mati kelaparan”.

  28. Dave Copper Jun 7,2017 9:34 AM

    Dear YABhg Tun,

    Thank you for allowing me to reply to malloucius.

    Yes I live on the moon, but I can still answer your questions.

    NEP was implemented in 1971 for a window period of 20 years, allowing the “special” one to catch up. Unfortunately, when it is expired, the ghost of NEP lives on under different names and the practice continues even until today in 2017.

    Chinese students with 12A with perfect extra-curricular marks are still denied of university entries and / or scholarship year after year after year after year after year after year until today. Did you know that?

    I respect that you couldn’t bet with me due to religious reason. Otherwise, I’ll bet RM2.6 billion with you that you can’t find the term: “special right” in our Federal Constitution. Don’t believe me? do your homework.

    You don’t know that there are still thousands of Chinese who live below the poverty line? In Kuala Lumpur alone, alone Jalan Peel, Lorong Jubblie of Jalan Loke Yew, Jalan Sungai Besi next to fire station and many more.

    There are still many poor Chinese staying in slump area in wooden house and rusty roof, some even without electricity and water supply.

    It seems like you live on Mars.

  29. malloucius Jun 6,2017 8:24 PM

    Dear Dave Cooper,

    You said :-
    “So I urge the next Malaysian Government, be it BN or PH, scrap the affirmative action policy and embrace a more open policy to treat all races equally. The Chinese and other minorities have been marginalized by NEP and other toxic policies. Smart students are unable to enter universities due to the stupid quota system. Lower grade “special” students to enter universities at the cost of brainy students, good business concept are not given opportunity to execute in the name of supporting only the “special” race.”

    My answer ;

    Since when we practice NEP? are you a foreigner? or are you living on the surface of the moon? NEP was dead long time ago, and replace by Najib with NEM. All affirmative policies for universities applications are treated equally as of today for all Universities except to UITM and UIA (strictly because of religious reason)

    Why malay has special rights? this special rights comes with a price, the price of freedom and liberty, malay cannot convert to other religion and has to practice Islam and this is written on stone, and protected by the majesty Agong and the Sultans. If you have something to say about this, then say it to the Sultan, they are the one who gave the malay special rights in exchange for losing other things that Chinese/Indian has.

    If other race are marginalized you think the Chinese will be as successful and as rich as they are today? tell me which Chinese is living in abject poverty today as compared to pribumi of sabah/sarawak or malay?

  30. Hajar Jun 6,2017 5:00 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun :

    For Si ‘kurang ajar Mr. S.I. @ Dave Copper keturunan Cina-komunis’,

    1. ‘Keturunan Cina-komunis’ (masih taat dengan China; pro-China komunis) memang sukar untuk menghormati Bahasa Melayu (BM – Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia) kerana dia ingat bahasa Cina bahasa Kebangsaan MALAYsia. A real racist indeed! His statements revealed his true colors. His BM is really bad – he has no confidence writing in BM (or else he does not respect our National Language). Cakap besar ibarat Tin Milo kosong saja. Saya pernah cabar Si ‘kurang ajar’ untuk menulis dalam BM, tapi banyaklah songel / alasan bodoh yang diberi. Bodoh-sombong!

    He believes that a Malaysian (with BM as the National Language) must refer to the Chinese peoples’ books/websites/references in order to learn about Islam or to check the authenticity of a hadith. Non-Chinese (even from Indonesia that has the largest number of Muslims in the world – more than 200 million Muslims in Indonesia) references are considered not valid (as always he believes his race is the chosen one) even though the contents of the links I gave are more RECENT and more convincing (by experts in Islamic relevant matters).

    He wrote(Quoted): /// “It is clear that those who say the China hadith is fake are the non-Chinese, Kurang-Hajar posted a link, but it was written by a non-Chinese”.///

    So (according to the ‘kurang ajar pro-China’, we must only believe in what the Chinese people (whom many ‘consider’ as liars – majority; based on bad experiences) have to say even though China is not the center of Islamic studies-civilization. Alahai…

    Surah Al-Baqarah – The Cow (in the Quran Verses 7 – 12) is suitable for this ‘kurang ajar kafir harbi @ munafiq’. Let’s see if he believes in this ‘Surah Al-Baqarah’ – SAHIH INTERNATIONAL translation (since he was adamant to promote EVEN a ‘fake hadith’ to support his arguments) .

    Al-Baqarah (The cow), Verses [6-12]
    [6] Indeed, those who disbelieve – it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them – they will not believe.
    [7] Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. And for them is a great punishment.
    [8] And of the people are some who say, “We believe in Allah and the Last Day,” but they are not believers.
    [9] They [think to] deceive Allah and those who believe, but they deceive not except themselves and perceive [it] not.
    [10] In their hearts is disease, so Allah has increased their disease; and for them is a painful punishment because they [habitually] used to lie.
    [11] And when it is said to them, “Do not cause corruption on the earth,” they say, “We are but reformers.”
    [12] Unquestionably, it is they who are the corrupters, but they perceive [it] not.

    2. Providing OUTDATED links (one with ‘tulisan Cina’, which is not our National language, but this ‘kurang ajar’ still maintains its ignorance / stupidity) that contain no further references / bibliography proved nothing. Only idiots would believe in someone who never does his homework properly. The links do not contain opinions by experts on ‘hadith’ (only opinions from non-experts; sembang kedai kopi…). At least I gave a link ( with a list of further references (dalil2) to support the main article’s arguments (and with credible writer).

    3. Si ‘kurang ajar pro-China’ wrote (quoted): ///“China may not be the first destination because the first choices are the nearest and most convenience places. But China could be the final and ultimate destination. Just like hell is Kurang-Hajar’s final resting place may not be her first choice, but she is surely going toward that direction.” ///

    – Yeah, final destination or the LAST CHOICE? (this ‘kurang ajar’ is a very confused person!) Actually, there are no other choices for PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor. That’s why he had to choose Communist China to buy PROTON’s stake (I bet he prefers UK, US, etc. but because of his 1MDB scandals, he had to settle for China desperate.)!

    – China = HELL? Now, Si ‘kurang ajar’ talks facts. Or confused again? Anyway, definitely a ‘kafir’ would go straight to HELL (no doubt; Allah’s promise for those ‘kafirun’’ – refer to the verses above). I guess the ‘kurang ajar @ S.I.’ individual was talking about himself – definitely hell is the ONLY (ultimate) destination (no choice) for the non-believers (of Islam/ahli kitab). For Muslims, their final destination is heaven (Si ‘kurang ajar’ shows how ignorant he is – knows very little about Islam).

    3. The ‘kurang ajar keturunan Cina-komunis’ claimed that I insulted Tun and his entire Cina race. Alahai… I now believe that this person has some kind of mental problem/disorder. He certainly proved the following saying about ‘orang Cina’ (ungkapan popular di rantau ini):- “Kalau tak menipu bukan Cina namanya…”. All this while he insulted (still) Tun with all kinds of allegations and throw lies about Tun in Tun’s blog (he insulted PROTON, NEP, our Perlembagaan /Rukun Negara, Malays, Islam, etc), and now he accused me of insulting Tun! Very ‘kurang ajar’ LIAR indeed! Penipu besar!

    P/S: Only an idiot would continue to insult others name like what this ‘kurang ajar keturunan Cina-komunis’ is doing. Macam badut sarkis saja lagaknya. Alahai…berlakon bersopan santun lah pulak badut ni…hipokrit! Tapi sah2 hina nama orang!

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  31. Dave Copper Jun 6,2017 9:42 AM

    Dear YABhg Tun,

    When we greet the respectable one, we must use the correct salutation (panggilan hormat), thus, we must use Yang Amat Berbahagia or short form YABhg for Tun.

    However, the Kurang-Hajar who claimed to score A1 in her SPM Bahasa Malaysia use Yang Amat Berhormat or YAB, which is the salutation for her nemesis PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor.

    This low-level mistake has proven that Kurang Hajar’s SPM result is kopi-O.

    The Anti-China Kurang-Hajar probably didn’t know that:
    1. The Hadith was written / recorded by Belivers, not me.
    2. The Hadith was brought up by YABhg Tun first, who is a Beliver, not me.
    3. The Hadith was defended by China and other Believers first, not me.

    Therefore, all her insults and attacks pertaining to the China Hadith are actually against the Believers. Can you trust someone who attack the Believers?

    Worse than that, Kurang-Hajar insulted YABhg Tun who is the Chairman Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) with 10,000 members.

    Kurang-Hajar also insulted Ministry of Youth and Sports YB Brigadier Jeneral Khairy Jamaluddin Abu who is the President of the youth wing of UMNO which has about 3.5million members.

    In addition, Kurang-Hajar insulted DAP which has about 450,000 members.

    Finally, Kurang-Hajar insulted the Chinese, which has the total world population of 1.4 billion, and that include the Chinese Muslim of 22 million people.

    Therefore, Kurang-Hajar has insulted and being disrespectful toward about 20% of the world’s population. One out of five people in the world was insulted by the memang Kurang-Hajar.

    She thought she is the only one that has traveled to China, Japan, and South Korea. Let me tell her, not only I have businesses in these countries; I work with Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean on a daily basis. All of them are as equally good as Malaysians.

    If Kurang-Hajar hated the Chinese products so much, stop using Chinese products and Chinese’s inventions lah. Chinese invented paper and printing technologies which is essential for the construction of books. So Kurang-Hajar with a kopi-O SPM cert, throw away all your books and papers lah…S.I.

    Thank you Dear YABhg Tun for allowing me to whack Kurang-Hajar.

  32. Hajar Jun 5,2017 3:33 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. – Tun’s answer to the allegation by Si ‘kurang ajar Copper keturunan Cina-komunis’ (similar allegations by KJ -En. Khairy – Kurang *JAR?… 🙁 ; macam sama saja… ) on Geely-Proton deal.

    2. Who should we believe / trust? A ‘kurang ajar’ who happens to be a ‘KAFIR’ that used ‘fake hadith’ (he does not believe in the Quran and Hadith in the first place – tidak beriman dengan Allah SWT; tidak menyembah Allah; tidak percaya dan tidak beriman dengan Al-quran dan hadith2 sahih…) to mislead Malaysians (especially the Muslims), or Tun M?

    This ‘kurang ajar’ can whack (his favourite word by the way) himself again for being an idi*t!

    3. What is so unbelievable (but predictable) is that ‘Si kurang ajar keturunan Cina-komunis’ arguments with regards to PROTON are very similar to those of Najib’s regime (also on the Forest City issue in which he also used the ‘fake hadith’ to tell the world how superior his race is). Typical DAP hardcore supporter. Please be careful Tun (fake friends – ‘talam dua muka’).

    4. And, he also could not differentiate between ‘KERJASAMA’ and ‘JUAL’.Alahai…Fact: Tun did not want to sell Proton to Geely. And, definitely, Tun did not sell Proton to Geely (others did). It’s amazing how low (pathetic) people can go just to justify their actions.

    Yeah! Si ‘kurang ajar ketrunan Cina-komunis ’ really loves facts! Let’s talk about facts.

    5. I have visited China, Japan and South Korea. I prefer Japan and South Korea over China. Both are better than China in many aspects / areas. The Japanese and Koreans are very hardworking, friendly, honest, disciplined and hygienic (compared to the China Chinese –> pengotor bangat, meludah sana sini, dan kuat menipu – liars!…, and produce low quality products too..). These are FACTS…

    – This ‘kurang ajar keturunan Cina-komunis’ does not respect our ‘PERLEMBAGAAN’ and ‘RUKUN NEGARA’. That’s why I said that he is so ‘kurang AJAR’ and ignorant / stup*d. He is still trying to mislead others with his stupid arguments. Alahai…

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  33. Dave Copper Jun 5,2017 8:55 AM

    Proton is a terminally ill cancer patient.

    Geely gave proton a new hope with Geely Boyue, now being named Proton Bayu.

    Whether the model will last for 5 years or whether Geely will help Proton to launch few more models within these five years is not important because all these extension of years are bonus to Proton. Proton is already considered dead, it is on life support now, they need to sell more shares to survive if needed, I am ok with that.

    Geely knows what they are doing.

    On the other hand, Kurang-Hajar is a terminally ill kookaburra.

    My Bahasa Malaysia spell-checker says Kurang-Hajar is correctly spelled, the kookaburra is genuinely Kurang-Hajar because she is a racist who has insulted Tun as well as all Chinese race in all her comments.

    The Prophet (s) said, “Seek knowledge even in China,” it may be considered as weak but the interpretation and classification of this hadith is not conclusive. Because seeking knowledge is one of the duty of the believers, therefore “seek knowledge” itself should be genuine, the only word which the believers has trouble with is the word: “China”. Scholars are puzzled, why China? Why not Malaysia? Therefore, the easiest way is to brush it away as weak. But none of the scholars dare to delete it even after 1400 years, even before the arrival of internet era; scholars are keeping the China hadith intact in case they mis-classified it.

    It is clear that those who say the China hadith is fake are the non-Chinese, Kurang-Hajar posted a link, but it was written by a non-Chinese, also, those who considered the hadith as weak or fake are non-Chinese. So the verdicts are inconclusive.

    On the other hand, the Chinese Muslim thinks otherwise:

    Also, China Sufi thinks the hadith is real too:

    There are more China websites that support the China hadith. The Hadith has been used by officers of Saudi Arabia and Indonesia as the opening speech to foster a closer tie with China. But all these links are in Chinese so the Kurang-Hajar won’t understand, because her name says it all, she is really Kurang-Hajar.

    Why “Seek knowledge even unto China”, one may ask. That is because China has the most developed civilization back then during Prophet’s time. The Silk Road has already been paved and use by merchants and scholars since 7th century.

    Chinese’s invention such as paper, printing technology, compass, gun powder, silk, ceramic, and herbs have been widely traded. Cultural and philosophy exchanges have also taken place during that era. Therefore, it is not surprise to me that the term China was specifically mentioned.

    China may not be the first destination because the first choices are the nearest and most convenience places. But China could be the final and ultimate destination. Just like hell is Kurang-Hajar’s final resting place may not be her first choice, but she is surely going toward that direction.
    History has proven that there is something about China that we could and should learn from. But one must humble and ready to receive the knowledge.

    Proton is ready.

    Kurang-Hajar is not.

  34. Tun Perak Jun 3,2017 4:50 PM

    Hello Dave Cooper

    Right now the new maybe Geely Bayou , but someday not too long from now, you will see it gradually become the old and be cleared away.

    Proton time is limited, so don’t waste it living on Geely Bayou. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

    Trust me – in 5 years , no more Geely Bayou and Proton will have to go through the same cycle of selling its share.

    Bye bye bye. I am leaving on a jetplane.

  35. Hajar Jun 3,2017 3:07 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Tun M is not perfect. Tun also makes mistakes (in the past) like other human beings.

    2. Unfortunately, we have a ‘kurang AJAR keturunan Cina-komunis’ (in this blog) who thinks that he is so intelligent (S.I.), but the truth is that he is just a normal ‘cakap kosong tin milo _+ kurang ajar’ individual who lacks proper knowledge. (Now, he’s using Tun’s past words to support his argument – May 29,2017 11:32 AM). True facts in 2001(or earlier) can become ‘false’ in later years (many examples). We must update our knowledge. Like I said before, this ‘kurang ajar’ individual did not do his homework! He still doesn’t know how to spell ‘ajar’. What an idi*t! Or he simply likes to INSULT others’ name (cara orang bod*h berhujah…kehabisan modal agaknya). Alahai…

    3. “Seek knowledge even in China” (that this ‘kurang ajar pro-China’ likes to ‘quote’ to justify his arguments in promoting ‘Communist China’ – e.g. PROTON-Gelly issue) means “Carilah/ Tuntutlah ilmu WALAUPUN di /ke China’. Obviously, this ‘kurang ajar’ individual did not understand the meaning of the words ‘EVEN in China’. So ignorant? It indicates that China is the most UNLIKELY place for anyone (in Arab countries – in the past) to travel to, to seek knowledge. It’s the LAST CHOICE actually, not the FIRST (main) CHOICE. But this idi*t thought that China was the main choice (to support his stupid / shallow arguments!). He should read the links below (for hadith2 sahih on seeking knowledge).

    4. But we need to know if the ‘hadith is sahih’ in the first place (before we argue about its meaning further). Many Islamic scholars (and many learned Muslims) have agreed that it is not ‘hadith sahih’ (fabricated/fake/ PALSU – can google easily; by the way, no one can DELETE the entire contents of the Internet about the ‘fake hadith’ just to prove that it is fake; but as usual this ‘kurang ajar pro-China’ never fails to give shallow/stupid arguments – laughable & pathetic!). Its authenticity is QUESTIONABLE (no strong arguments to support its authenticity).

    (References: )

    5. ‘Si kurang ajar pro-China’ also failed to understand such a ‘simple ANALOGY’ given by another commentator (about ‘distance’ in the past). So ignorant indeed!

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  36. Dave Copper Jun 3,2017 10:50 AM

    Too bad that Proton only sold 49.9% of its share to Geely. If Proton sold 51% share, not only Geely will release its Volvo inspired Geely Boyue, which is designed by Peter Horbury, who now heads Geely’s design studios, Proton will also be able to re-badge Geely’s GC9 Sedan.

    Nonetheless, Boyue is Geely’s jewel of the crown, and Proton has Geely’s best seller to start with. I bought 2 Proton cars and am pissed with its quality and design. But I may change my perspective.

    I may change my perspective about Proton cars because I am excited to see what Proton can come out with its re-badged Geely Boyue.

    Proton doesn’t have SUV in its category, and Geely Boyue will fill in the void nicely. Furthermore, Geely Boyue is so beautiful from the exterior to inteiror, so powerful (range from 163 to 184 horse power) with so many advance features that most Malaysian has never heard off…including but not limited to car seat speaker. Yes, can you imagine Boyue’s design including a small speaker located on the right side of your car seat literally next to your ear for a clearer music enjoyment or for hand free phone conversation? That’s amazing!

    Geely’s Boyue is priced at RMB100,000 to RMB160,000 which is equivalent to RM63,000 to RM100,000. With this price range, now everybody can drive and SUV. Unless, Proton has decided to base on its old Rakyat-explotation pricing strategy.

    Geely is technologically more advance and with a wide range of category of cars. Proton needs Geely more than Geely needs Proton. Malaysia should be happy that Geely give’s its best model and new category to Proton, on the other hand, what does Proton has to offer to Geely? Geely already has all range that Proton has…except Lotus. But Lotus has some serious bills to be paid, and Proton can’t paid those bills. Thus, Geely saves Proton and Lotus. Just like China saved the Sultanate of Malacca 600 years ago.

    Tun quoted the China Hadith: The Prophet (s) said, “Seek knowledge even in China,”. There must be something truth about this and it seems that The Prophet have foreseen the future more than 1400 years ago.

    So I urge the next Malaysian Government, be it BN or PH, scrap the affirmative action policy and embrace a more open policy to treat all races equally. The Chinese and other minorities have been marginalized by NEP and other toxic policies. Smart students are unable to enter universities due to the stupid quota system. Lower grade “special” students to enter universities at the cost of brainy students, good business concept are not given opportunity to execute in the name of supporting only the “special” race.

    Sadly, this zero-sum game has been played for 60 years. And Malaysian is paying the cost of its consequences.

    Many brilliant Malaysian Chinese left Malaysia prospering and contributing economically in other countries: The inventor of Pen Drive, the director of Hollywood block blaster Fast and Furious 7, the next Noble Price in biology winner are all Malaysian Chinese.

    Sadly, Malaysia’s discriminating policy chased them out of the country. More will leave, because the “special” one branded them as “Pendatangs” even thou they are born in Malaysia.

    The minorities has been suppressed for 60 years, so please don’t blame them for not voting for the ruling government; blame the government for causing the resentment in the first place instead. The so called “Chinese Tsunami” is caused by the Government, the culprit is NEP and all of its subsequent spectre.

    Proton failed because of too many protective policies, too many walking canes given, for too long. The “special” position given to Proton is the culprit for its eventual fall.

    Similarly, the “special” positive given to a certain race will be the culprit for their eventual fall too.

    Mark my words


    Change my perspective.

    We shall see.

  37. Tun Perak Jun 3,2017 6:46 AM

    The success of Proton / Geely partnership depends very much on what is agreed.

    If it is true as transpired in The Star online that the deal involve one SUV license to manufacture at the price of RM 600 million as exchange to 49.9% share in Proton, it might fail. Only one license and not much can be done for this one license. SUV is expensive and it targeted a small market segment that require SUV and afford to buy SUV, so I expect sales would not be that much for this one-off license.

    My opinion, Proton right to manufacture GL license should just be exchanged with GL right to manufacture Proton license in China. So, Proton can penetrate China market as much as GL want to penetrate Malaysia market. Then Proton’s 49.8% shares should be paid by cash – RM 770 miilion.

  38. Dave Copper Jun 1,2017 7:58 PM

    I love facts.

    April 2014, when Tun was the Chairman of Proton, Tun travelled to China together with Syed Mokhtar to meet Chinese carmaker Geely to seek a partnership with Proton.
    Tun wants Proton to be saved by Geely’s deep pocket.

    Tun wants Proton to learn Geely’s highly effective cost management and manufacturing techniques.

    Tun wants Proton to manufacture and rebadge technologically more advance Geely-designed vehicles.

    Tun wants Proton to access to Geely owns Sweden’s Volvo technology know-how to help Proton measures up to global standards.

    Tun wants Proton to use Geely’s Europe and United States distributions network which has revived Volvo’s sales to revive Proton’s sales.

    I talk facts.

    Sharklasers talks ccok.

  39. sharklasers Jun 1,2017 2:58 PM

    Dear pro-China Dave Copper,

    Well, we can continue spoiling the harmony of Tun M personal blog, but I don’t see the point of acting like children. I apologise to Tun M if I’ve made a mess of this comment section (I’ve messed-up a few other blogs as well – for some reason I have strong feelings for Proton, maybe because I own one). I can only hope that I am wrong, and you are right Dave Copper, so that Proton may flourish, though not in the hands of Malaysians but foreigners.

    For the sack of anyone who may still be reading, I’ll just like to add a little clarification to my previous unproductive comment.

    On the moon distance thing, I’m thinking most who read it would realise that’s an analogy, meaning comparison. No? Maybe my English not that good, grammar wrong eh? So here’s another go: today’s people can fly – not literally but by planes (in case someone misinterpret again), or travel by trains, cars, bikes etc from Arab (know fly buy Dubai?) to China in 7 hours flying. During the time of the Prophet, I supposed people traveled in camel caravans? or horses, donkeys? maybe elephants? it’ll probably take a few months to reach China, so to people of that era, traveling to the Far East probably felt like what we’d feel traveling to the moon today – a really looong journey. maybe not such a good analogy, it doesn’t take months to reach the moon, maybe mars. Hope that clears things up.

    Now back to the star of the month, Geely. My bad for writing Geely has ‘no’ international experience – that literally means it has zero exports, which I already previously know is not the case, so it’s my fault for spitting it out without thinking. No doubt, Geely’s 100,000 exports is definitely not a small number compared with Proton’s *present* puny export volume. But comparing it to Proton’s overseas sales at its heyday? Let’s see: 14,000 Proton Saga – only one model – sold in Britain – only one country, in 1992. I think Tun M would remember this. Sure, 1992 is long history but what does Proton’s numbers tell you? Suddenly, the 100k exports by Geely doesn’t look that fantastic. And (lousy) Proton achieved that selling only one model in only one export market, Great Britain – one of the most competitive car market in the world. How about Geely? From Geely’s own PR (you probably got your numbers here): major export markets are Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia – low income countries (except Saudi) to be exact – not the higher profit margin Western markets. Not to belittle Geely’s achievement, but Geely’s resume for export is pretty much the same as Proton’s. What could Geely possibly ‘teach’ Proton that Proton doesn’t already know about selling cars internationally?

    But ultimately, Geely has zero (yes I mean it this time) intention of reviving Proton. To Geely, Proton is a shell where it can crawl in and sell to the local market. But Proton is practically useless to Geely, except the Tj Malim plant, when it comes to selling in the rest of SEA, because Proton has poor to no brand recognition in other SEA countries. Rather than pour hundreds of millions to build Proton’s brand, why not just build Geely’s own brands? Maybe I’m dumb, but I just cannot see how Geely would bother spending money on promoting Proton in international markets, when Geely itself desperately needs to build-up its brand internationally. Somebody quoted the example of Skoda, which is now selling over 1 million vehicles a year after being owned by VW in 2000, but remember, even before VW comes along, Skoda is already selling half a million cars yearly with brand recognition throughout European countries. Or maybe DRB, which still is Proton’s major shareholder, might put its own money in. Possible? Najib already said no more subsidies for Proton, so the government won’t be helping that’s for sure.

    So, in concluding another of my unproductive comments, I sincerely hope that I am wrong so Proton would be riding high in the years to come.

    BTW, I am a Malaysian from Kuching, Sarawak, unless you don’t regard Sarawak as a member of the Federation.

  40. Dave Copper May 29,2017 9:45 PM

    I love numbers.

    Case 1.
    The distance between the Middle East and China is about 5,000km.
    The distance between the moon and the earth is about 384,400km.
    Sharklasers said 1,000 years ago, the distance between Arab and China is the same between the moon and the earth.

    Case 2.
    Proton’s exports are 5,000 units a year.
    Geely’s exports of over 100,000 a year.
    Sharklasers said Geely is not experienced in international market.

    I hope Sharklasers is not a Malaysian.
    He is too smart.

  41. nehru May 29,2017 9:20 PM

    When it comes to proton, Tun’s reaction reminds me of those surgeons i see in tv series, who are so engrossed in saving the patient’s life, that they would still be trying to resuscitate the patient with a defibrillator, even after everyone else in the operation room are resigned to call for the time of death.

    No one finds fault in the good doctor’s efforts. But after the ecg has been flat for a while, and after enough attempt has been made to revive the patient, sometimes what people want is just to move on.

  42. SSLEE May 29,2017 9:01 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allow me to cry along with you for “My child is lost. And soon my country. Please excuse me” I had to admit that I am a sissy too, as I cried witching CNN news on the suffering of war victim in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq and etc. My heart is still crying every time I close my eye and the shocking image of drowned Syrian 3 year old boy washes ashore on Turkey beach and many more pictures of destruction, desperation, suffering, helplessness, emptiness and anguish expression wearing on those war refugees faces come into my mind. How can we human being let this happening? And how we human are capable of inflicting so much pains and miseries to fellow human being? And why ISIS can be so confused, distorted and heartless in carried out this kind of atrocity in their belief of extremist ideology? Are our heart had been harden until we cannot feel any feeling of Kindness and Compassion.

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    As we become older we have to accept the reality that someday our child will growth up and the time will come when they will get married and live their separate life. I re-quote my previous writing, “The IF ONLY belongs to the past and the answer I seek will never exist. My time is NEXT TIME and the next time is now. I will do my level best to help my children to develop their full potential. And in time to come I will tell them it is their life and they are free to decide where they want to serve, to live and to stay in this globalized world. As for me, my place is here, I will be forever a Malaysian and when I had earned enough for my family; I would like to serve Malaysia in whatever way I can and help to bring about social well-being/justices to all Malaysian.”

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    You are like a father to us although as Chinese Malaysian we can only say we are the adopted child to you. As adopted child we understand the unequal treatment you melt out to us. Your hash treatments had toughens up us and made us more independent. We do not keep any grudge against you but in fact we love you all the same.
    A brain child is lost but you still have many Childs (Us Malaysians) that need to be saved. The country need to be saved. I do not want to lose my child to other country. I want them to be able to serve, to live and to stay in Malaysia happily. But I am worrying sick of the future awaiting them as our beloved country is heading spiral down-hill toward a failed state as politicians, his lackeys, attention seekers, opportunists and etc are fanning racial and religion hatred and intolerance with impunity. All these are just to keep MO1 in power and as smoke screen to cover-up MO1 mismanagement, wrong doing and corruption. I am crying for you, my beloved Malaysia. Please excuse me.
    Thank you

    Yours Truly,
    SS LEE

    PS: Wishing all our Muslim brothers and sisters a Blessed and Happy Ramadan. May peace transcend the Earth.

  43. sharklasers May 29,2017 4:34 PM

    Dear pro-China Dave Copper,

    You’re probably the one not doing enough homework.

    You interpreted the ‘seek knowledge even in China’ quote to mean that ‘there are (advanced) knowledge to be found in China’ to support your argument that ‘Chinese knowledge’ from a Chinese Communist Party-linked company is going to save Proton.

    A quick Google search will tell you that the ancient quote really means ‘to seek knowledge anywhere you go even if you are far in China’ – you do know that 1,000 years ago, from Arab to China is far as the moon is from Earth right?

    Read this

    While there is no way I can see the future, I can tell you Geely is not here to save Proton – Geely is merely using Proton as a surrogate to enter the SEA market. If Geely succeeds, and there’s no guarantee since Geely is not experienced in international markets, Proton might survive a few more decades as Geely’s subsidiary, but if Geely failed in the SEA market then Proton is kaput. If you are really for the nation’s interest, you will not be of such high praise for Geely.

  44. Dave Copper May 29,2017 11:32 AM

    Who didn’t do her homework?

    Tun, you have once referred to the China Hadith in one of your speech: “Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century: Role of Muslim Nations.” in The Emirates International Forum in Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai, UAE on 26th April 2001.

    So I was wondering if the reference to the Hadith: “Seek knowledge even in China,”is considered as racist, stupid and written under a coconut shell Tun?
    Tun, the kurang-hajar kookaburra is whacking you for referring to the Hadith she think is fake.

    Who gave the kurang-hajar one the authority to classify that as a fake? Nobody. Some may considered it as weak but the fact remains that no one conclusively dare to delete the Hadith after 1400 years says it all.

    Obviously the kurang-hajar kookaburra didn’t do her homework.

  45. master May 29,2017 5:32 AM

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild
    Give me control of nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.

    John D Rockefeller
    I don’t want a nation of thinkers; I want a nation of workers.

    Nathan Rothschild
    I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which sun never sets.
    The man who controls Britain’s money supply, controls the British Empire,
    and I control the British money supply.

    Henry A. Kissinger
    Who controls the food supply, controls the people;
    who controls the energy, can control whole continents;
    who controls money, can control the world.

    Illegal we do immediately, unconstitutional takes a little longer.

    Soren Kierkegaard
    There are two ways to be fooled.
    One is to believe what isn’t true.
    The other is to refuse to accept what is true.

    George Orwell
    In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.

    Napoleon Bonaparte
    The jews are the master robbers of the modern age.

    Saint Augustine
    In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?

    Calvin Coolidge
    Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.

    Honore de Balzac
    The privilege of feeling at home everywhere belongs only to kings, wolves and robbers.

    Eugene Debs
    The class which has the power to rob upon a large scale has also the power to control the government and legalize their robbery.

    William Shakespeare
    Robbers will take EITHER your wallet or life.
    Women take BOTH.

    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

    Tun Mahathir Mohamad
    We need an opposition to remind us if we are making mistakes. When you are not opposed you think everything you do is right.

    Kepada Ayahanda Tun & Tun Hasmah, KAMI SAYANG KAMU
    Selamat menyambut Ramadhan al Mubarak

  46. sharklasers May 28,2017 9:44 PM

    For those who think a foreign ‘partnership’ or to put it more bluntly – a foreign buyout of Proton would be beneficial to Proton, its employees, its suppliers, its suppliers’ employees, and the country, please think again. And whoever read the article in The Star, as linked in the comment below, it’s plain propaganda by DRB on behalf of the government – especially the part where the article says “Geely is not interested in the Tanjung Malim plant” – how’s Geely to use Malaysia as a launchpad into SEA without a factory?

    There are a few commenters here, including the highly favourable Star article, who are particularly high that a Chinese company with deep political link to Xi jinping had taken over Proton. I wonder why?

    Probably they didn’t see the high debts Geely is in right now after spending close to USD3 billion (acquisition and R&D) on Volvo, and to add to its increasing debt pile – now Proton and Lotus.

    Or maybe they think Geely will turn around Proton like they did (as Geely claimed) turn around Volvo. FYI, Volvo is in No financial troubles when Geely bought them. Volvo is cash-strapped but not losing money because Ford, its previous owner, is not willing to give them the money for developing new models. All Geely did was borrowed tons, literally, from China’s state-owned banks, at the behest of Xi since Geely’s Li shufu is his good friend, and inject those cash into Volvo. The old management of Volvo, which is intact from the era under Ford to Geely, is those really responsible for Volvo’s turnaround.

    You can even argue that it is Volvo that is turning-around Geely. What is that you say? Geely is losing ground for years in China, its own territory, losing ground to both foreign and local players like GWM and SAIC. Its sales only rebounded sharply last year due to the new models developed by Volvo for Geely – like that SUV some are raving about.

    One other question nobody here, or anywhere else seems to ask, including big-name analysts, is: why didn’t Geely enter the Malaysian, or SEA markets sooner, when other Chinese car makers are long here – Chery, GWM and in Thailand SAIC? A valid and vitally important question. Because it tells about Geely’s own financial and technical capabilities. Chery, GWM and SAIC are much larger entities than Geely, and two of them, Chery and GWM, managed to enter foreign markets without significant foreign technical assistance, i.e. buying a foreign car maker (Chery bought Rover, much smaller than Volvo).

    Of course, Geely supporters and some pro-China Malaysians here will point to Volvo being the turning point for Geely. But time and again in the history of one car company buying up another, and even worse in Geely’s case, an inferior company – technically and experience – buying a superior one, Volvo, is pretty much like the case of Proton buying Lotus. These stories never conclude happily. Why? The reason is simple: how could a less experienced company lead its far more experienced counterpart? It’s like an office guy who bought a fishing company telling his new fishermen employees how to fish. Remember Geely is nothing but a manufacturer of home appliances less than four decades earlier. Toyota, which manufactures sewing machine initially, took close to a century – that’s 100 years – to perfect its trade.

    Geely is ‘big name’ – not big brand – in China’s business world today because of its Volvo acquisition. None of the other far bigger Chinese car companies dare (or want) such big acquisition. There’s a proverb: 拔苗助长 meaning trying to grow too fast without following the procedure and that’s exactly what the government is helping Geely to do. And this owes primarily to Geely’s Li’s relationship with Xi. In other words, Geely is no difference than Proton – a company that once shine brightly because of political patronage. So, one politically-charged company wants to ‘save’ another politically-charged company, how would that work out?

    And to those who say that what Geely really wanted is Lotus and not Proton, including our ‘brilliant’ Ong Ka Chuan, they either read too much into the tea leaves or didn’t read it at all. Geely never wanted Lotus, or any other sports car company – reason is simple – it’s too niche. With Geely taking up majority stake in Lotus, any losses from Lotus, (yes I know Lotus is making money now) becomes Geely’s burden and not DRB’s.

    The whole transaction is a fire-sale of Proton and its related assets. DRB can’t financially support Proton anymore – it’s once highly profitable balance sheet is in red ink now because of Proton. And the Najib government, now tangled in its own financial quagmire, desperately wants Proton disposed of. The one and only reason DRB is still holding on to a (slight) majority stake is the government doesn’t want to appear it is selling country assets to China – at least not now before the coming general election. Why 49.9% and not 49%, what’s the 0.9% for? It’s a ‘deposit’ or promise to Geely that the Najib government will give Geely Proton’s controlling stake once it secures power after the next GE.

    So how will Proton perform under Geely? Nobody can predict the future. But if you just look at Geely’s history and recent performance in China, in light of stiff competition in its homeland, you probably shouldn’t put too much hope of Geely turning Proton around. Geely itself could even become a takeover target in coming years. Why? Geely’s too small – in China’s market that sells 25 million vehicles a year, Geely’s sales is not even 1 million – less than 2.5% market share.

    What Geely saw in taking over Proton is the Tanjung Malim factory (as opposed to what the Star article claims) – it really is buying a state-of-the-art facility at basement price. So here’s a chance for Geely to throw 700 million to experiment with the SEA market, why won’t Geely take the chance? After all, to Geely, it’s free cash from the Chinese government. If Geely failed, Uncle Xi will just forget about the loan. But Proton will be in deep crap!

    What will happen is Proton will initially probably be able to boost sales by selling cheap rebadged Geely vehicles. But don’t be surprise Toyota and its local proxy Perodua are already rubbing their hands. Hadn’t you notice the downward shift of the average selling price of Perodua’s cars? Toyota knows the Chinese and Indian cars are coming into this market – and Toyota – Perodua is (it’s the same entity) prepared.

    Selling Proton to a foreign owner is Not the solution. What Proton really need is a professional management team with a vision – a vision to want to make Proton great. The DRB managers failed precisely because they’ve never run a company exposed to stiff private competition. DRB is a GLC with assets injected from the government privatisation efforts and many of those assets are essential monopoly i.e. no competition. If you wanna buy Honda, DRB is the only distributor. DRB’s Pos Malaysia – another monopoly. I don’t want to pretend I know how to run a company because I don’t, but I can guess DRB’s vision for Proton is to simply sell cars globally. Tell me which car company doesn’t want to sell globally? If your corporate vision is that generic, then good luck beating the competition.

    Proton can win without selling itself – yes by being an independent company. But Proton and the government must be willing to completely detach from one another i.e. no interference from the government in Proton’s management and operation. The government must however provide full support in whatever means possible to Proton. Proton must transition to a merit-based system for recruiting literally from the top – including the board of directors – to the janitors. No exception. Whoever is chosen to lead Proton must, like I say before, be a visionary. Proton must be allowed to operate completely independently and not be burdened (by the government) to support local industry, choosing suppliers again based on the merit system – even if it means ditching local unproductive suppliers. Only then will Proton be able to compete efficiently against juggernauts like Toyota / Perodua.

  47. Tun Perak May 28,2017 4:34 AM


    I refer to The Star article linked here.

    An excerpt from that article – ” Geely would pump RM170.3mil and grant the licensing rights for Proton to produce Geely’s Boyue SUV at a minimum cost of RM600mil as the basis for it paying for a 49.9% stake in Proton.”

    Proton exchanged its 49.9% share with a right to manufacture Geely SUV, to be sold in Asean market. In term of cash – Proton gets only RM 170 million. The right is only for one car. What happens to next model, next type of car and so on ?

    I wonder if that is a correct step. If Proton could not sell that SUV in Malaysia and Asean, then it may have to sell the remaining 51% shares.

    What is Geely car’s ranking in term of customer review and sales within Asean country ?

  48. sibotak May 28,2017 4:15 AM

    UMNO Bukan UMNO
    Selagi Najib menjadi President , masih berjawatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia

    Najib pengkhianat Negara , mempergunakan Kuasa yg diberi
    Untuk menyesuaikan kehendak akan kepentingan sendiri
    Tidak untuk UMNO
    Tidak untuk Malaysia

    Lihat saja perhitungan Najib dengan Singapura
    Najib seolah Baruah yg Menunduk

    Begitu juga kita tidak seharus tunduk pada Amerika Syarikat
    Yg mempunyai Agenda , Kepentingan sendiri sampai US sanggup menghacurkan , membunuh demi kepentingan mereka
    Selalu beralasan kononya Human Right ?
    Human Right apa sampai membunuh anak anak yg tidak bersalah dan menuduh pula orang lain akan kezaliman yg US sendiri buat

    Setiap kali US memberi bantuan mereka akan berkata untuk Human Rights
    Dalam anda menerima Human Rights mereka ,
    Anda ditipu sebab mereka juga menyuruh anda menunduk pada kepentingan US
    Sebab Utama President Ducarte dari Phillipine bertukar Qiblat memandang ke arah China , Russia TIDAK pada US lagi

    Ini pemimpin yg Bijak dan Berpendirian Luar Biasa
    Tidak macam si Najib tu seperti Babi kena Tarik Hidung

    Najib lebih mementingkan diri beliau i
    Lihat saja apa jua yg beliau buat
    Tidak ada satu pun yg menguntungkan Malaysia

    Beliau jual Proton bukan kerana Prton tidak bolih di selamatkan
    Tapi lebih pada Politicise beliau terhadab Tun Mahathir

    Apa saja Najib buat semuanya Gagal ?
    1MDB , Urusan dengan Singapura , Pelaburan beliau di luat Negara
    Semuanya tidak menampakan Kebenaran
    Buakan sahaja Kebenaran tidak di lihat
    Malah kita lihat Penyelewengan terang tergangan

  49. sharklasers May 27,2017 10:18 PM

    If you are a Chinese-Malaysian, you are a disgrace to Malaysians and to the Chinese community in Malaysia. It’s precisely because of people like you that Chinese-Malaysians are branded pendatang. You are a person with a Malaysian skin but China heart. Or to say it bluntly you are just a traitor loser. If the buyer of Proton is an Indian or Japanese company, will be so supportive? Of course not, because it’s not Chinese and in your heart being Chinese is all that matter. There’s room for you in Communist China. Go there!

  50. Hajar May 27,2017 9:06 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    Sorry, correction:

    1. “…DISGRACEFUL manner ….” (May 27,2017 3:00 PM)

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  51. adelheid May 27,2017 7:26 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Selamat berpuasa Ramadhan and Selamat berbuka puasa!

    I wish you and Tun Siti Hasmah the best of health. Stay strong as you both are.

    We stand by you.

    Love you dearest Tun Dr. Mahathir.

  52. Hajar May 27,2017 3:00 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor & gang treat a NEGARAWAN who had contributed enormously to the Nation and its people (rakyat) really badly and in such a discracegul manner. They forgot that they had benefitted a lot from Tun M’s premiership.

    2. They are going to suffer tremendously for whatever they have done to our beloved Tun M. Proton had been so successful during Tun’s tenure as PM. It was MISMANAGED during Tun Abdullah’s time (he was sleeping back then, and is still sleeping…) and continued to perform badly during the current kleptocratic PM.

    3. I bought Proton because I knew that the money would help spur our economic growth since the money stayed in this country (small contribution to my country). But those who ‘worship’ imported cars just could not even sacrifice a bit (ultra kiasu…berkira sangat) for the sake of the country. Proton helps so many people with all kinds of job opportunities; not to forget the technology (even though we have Malaysians with the mentality of looking down at local products no matter how good they are; so sad…). Proton cars have improved a lot. The latest models are commendable.

    4. But as always we have a ‘kurang AJAR keturunan Cina-komunis’ (in this blog) who always writes racist comments (thinking that he’s SO INTELLIGENT – S.I.). He doesn’t even know how to spell! (Quoted: “Laughing like a kurang-hajar kookaburra under a coconut shell?”). And, I believe he wrote the following stupid statement from under the coconut shell:- “Even the The Prophet (s) said, “Seek knowledge even in China,…”, even though I already specifically told him that this “hadith – Prophet’s words” is FAKE (palsu). Obviously, he did not do his homework. So shameful indeed! Bod*h tak boleh diajar! He can whack himself again for being an idi*t!

    5. Proton has contributed a lot to the Nation but this particular ‘keturunan Cina-komunis’, who looks down at anything related to Malays (DRB-HICOM), refuses to accept this fact. And, this ‘kurang AJAR’ individual has the guts to label others racists, when indeed he is the real racist!

    6. Tun, please don’t be too broken-hearted because this is what Najib’s regime would like to see. They want you to retreat, but as a great fighter Tun will never retreat. You have shown us how tough and commited you are in whatever you do. Allah SWT will always be with those who do the right thing, and who work hard towards achieving their goals. Tun M boleh!

    7. Good bye Proton! Welcome PLOTON!

    P/S: Selamat Berpuasa kepada seluruh umat Islam.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  53. Kamarulaznan May 27,2017 11:05 AM


    Kalau kita asyik melihat negara-negara maju dan pembuat kereta terkemuka hebat, sudah tentu pada bila-bila masa mereka sentiasa di hadapan kita. Bagaimana boleh kita bandingkan?. Maka adakah bermakna kita tak boleh berdiri di atas kaki sendiri dan buat cara kita sendiri? Sampai bila-bila pun kita tak boleh mula kalau kita anggap mereka hebat. Jikalau negara Cina hebat, biarlah mereka hebat. Kenapa kita begitu bodoh, lemah dan tak percaya kepada diri sendiri akan keupayaan kita dan berterusan mengharapkan orang lain?

    Saya ada satu soalan, kenapa Thailand kenakan 80% import tariff kepada kenderaan yang dibawa masuk ke negara itu? Ini baru satu contoh dan banyak lagi negara yang berbuat demikian. Adakah salah negara kita juga memberi perlindungan kepada industri tempatan kita?

  54. azlin.acu May 27,2017 10:47 AM

    Just read this;

    Tun, let people talk n say things..segala apa wakau besar kuman yg tun dah sumbangkan, kami semia sedar dan btrima kasih..kmudahan yg ada pada hari ini, its from Allah..But u are the medium that invested it all, takkan dilupakan.

    Semoga tun lapang dada dan dberkati Allah dalam apa pun.

    Terima kasih

  55. Bakajenai88 May 27,2017 1:31 AM

    Dear Tun,

    It is saddening yet inevitable.The ones in power believes in concurring new debts to pay their debts and now they are selling national assets that were developed by previous leaders such as you Tun.

    “Proton sells 49.9%, not 50% and above.” Yes the shares are not enough for the foreign party to have full control of the company however if those minute share holders of even just 0.2% agree with whatever the foreign party’s suggestion in the company’s further plans, is there gonna be anyone to stop them? With the Yes-Man altitude that is spreading every sides and where?

    Gone are the days where the national car Proton was considered something to be proud of as it was created, owned and used by Malaysians.

    Stay well Tun…

  56. dzulhijah May 27,2017 1:03 AM

    Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun,
    Saya telah diminta oleh rakan-rakan dalam UMNO supaya menterjemahkan catatan Tun ini kerana mereka kurang peteh bahasa Inggeris. Maka saya terjemahkannya dan kirimkan kepada mereka. Bagaimanapun saya tidak akan menerbitkannya dalam apa-apa media kerana saya tidak memohon izin daripada Tun terlebih dahulu. Inilah teks terjemahan saya:

    ” PROTON

    1. Proton telah dijual. Milik kita ini telah dijual kepada orang asing.
    2. Mereka kata Proton adalah putera gagasan saya. Sekarang putera saya itu telah dijual.
    3. Aduhai. Saya amat sedih. Saya bisa menangis. Namun nasi sudah menjadi bubur. Proton bukan lagi milik Malaysia. Tiada lagi kereta Malaysia. Rakyat Malaysia senang hati kerana dapat menghumban kereta yang mencuakkan ini.
    4. Sebagaimana Singapura. Rakyat Malaysia amat bangga akan negara kota yang maju itu. Andainya pulau itu tidak dijual, mungkin kemajuan Singapura hanya setara dengan Kuala Kedah atau Kuala Perlis. Andainya demikian, maka tiada apa-apa yang hendak kita bangga akan Singapura.
    5. Sekarang Proton bakal menjadi kebanggaan kita. Dengan suntikan wang dan teknologi canggih Proton bakal menyaingi Rolls Royce dan Bentley.
    6. Namun kejayaan itu tidak sedikitpun membanggakan saya. Saya tidak dapat berbangga akan kejayaan sesuatu yang bukan milik saya atau milik negara saya. Mungkin ada rakyat Malaysia yang membanggakannya, tetapi sesekali bukan saya. Bila direnung akan peristiwa ini, seandainya negara kita ini dijual kepada orang lain, orang asing yang kaya raya, saya yakin negara kita ini pun akan melonjak maju juga. Negara ini akan menjadi negara maju sepenuhnya – melangkaui jangkaan Wawasan 2020.
    7. Negara maju sepenuhnya itu bakal menjadi negara terbilang – berselirat dengan lebuh-lebuh raya mega, kereta api berkelajuan tinggi, menara-menara pencakar langit yang bersinar serta bandar-bandar baharu yang mempesona, terhias dengan lanskap yang indah dan sinaran lampu yang bergemerlapan.
    8. Saya akan pergi tidak lama lagi. Usia saya sudah melangkaui jangkahayat yang lazim. Menelusuri tahun-tahun atau bulan-bulan atau hari-hari terakhir saya ini, saya akan menyaksikan negara tercinta ini dijual kepada orang asing bagi melangsaikan hutang-piutang yang berlaksa itu. Saya akan menyaksikan penjualan apa-apa sahaja yang ada dalam negara ini.
    9. Apakah harta kita? Tentunya tanah air kita. Dan harta itulah yang kita jualkan sebelum ini. Kita menjual secebis demi secebis tanah air kita. Tanah air yang terjual itu terlepas daripada genggaman kita. Sekarang kita mengulanginya lagi. Malah kita terpaksa mengulanginya – jika tidak negara kita akan tergadai.
    10. Proton, putera gagasan saya telah dijual. Besar kemungkinannya penjualan Proton ini petanda bermulanya penjualan mega. Penjualan mega ini tidak dapat disekat lagi kerana tiada jalan lain bagi kita untuk mengumpul berbilion Ringgit bagi melunaskan hutang-piutang kita. Jalan yang ada hanyalah dengan menjual harta-benda milik kita. Sehingga akhirnya negara ini bukan lagi milik kita. Negara ini terbilang, sudah barang pasti, namun milik orang lain.
    11. Saya memang pengecut. Saya menangis walaupun rakyat Malaysia tidak. Putera saya telah hilang. Tidak lama lagi negara saya pula.
    12. Mohon maafkan saya.”

    Mohon maaf atas kekurangan.

  57. asahamat May 26,2017 11:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Mai kita pakat gelak sikit. Jgn sedih pasal Proton Najib MO1 jual. In Shaa Allah hak kita, pasti lepas ni ada cara kita ambik balik sama macam dulu2 Sime Darby.

    (2) Pasukan bola, biasa ada Pasukan Simpanan. Bila Main Team dah keletihan, Pasukan Simpanan akan keluar main. Depa ni hebat2 juga. Ada waktu lebih hebat.

    (3) Mat Sabu Tun pernah simpan. Azmin Ali sama. LKS n LGE sama. Nuaq sama. Now UMNO, letih dah. Najib MO1 Ketua Pasukan dah hilang arah. Time for your Pasukan Simpanan main dah. Gasak Tun gasak. Ganyang terus. Sumbat terus. In Shaa Allah boleh menang.

    (4) Tun pasti hebat. Main dgn Pasukan Simpanan.

    Tun Boleh! Malaysia Boleh! Rakyat Boleh! Kita Boleh!

  58. musato May 26,2017 9:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Adakah Tun fikir apabila saya memberi pendapat saya tidak terfikir untuk meninggalkan dunia ini dalam masa terdekat?

    Saya dah memberi tunjuk ajar apa yang patut untuk mereka anak sekolah rendah saya, praktikkan bagi masa depan mereka.

    Berenang (kemahiran seumur hidup) dan untuk kerjaya? Sudah saya mahirkan.

    Kemahiran bersukan untuk meyertai aktiviti berpesatuan? Sudah saya ajarkan.

    Terkini saya ajarkan pula berniaga.

    InsyaAllah saya tidak ralat jika saya meninggal dunia sekarang.


    Saya teringin lagi untuk meningkatkan dan memperbaiki lagi amalan saya serta agar doa saya dimakbulkan Allah swt ;

    Semoga memberi kesenangan/kebaikan kepada saya di dunia dan juga di akhirat.

    Lebih banyak anda tahu, akan lebih mudah anda lepaskan dunia.

    Lebih banyak anda mengenal dunia dan akhirat, akan lebih menangis anda sepanjang hari.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  59. frankieabdullah May 26,2017 9:00 PM

    asalamualaikum tun,
    sy merupakan generasi keluaran kerajaan semasa era Tun memerintah. Proton bkn shj membawa sy mencari rezeki setiap hari malah mengeratkan hubungan kekeluargaan . Proton bkn shj yg dilihat sbg brg fizikal tetapi jg melahirkan ramai insan yg berteknologi dlm industri automobil. tkasih Tun ramai yg dpt cr mkn kerana industri ini. mmg sedih malah mrk yg hanya nmpk pd fizikal shj tdk memperdulikannya….Sabar & tabahlah tun , marilah sama2 kita berdoa. selamat menyambut ramadhan Tun & keluarga.

  60. YouCanDoBetter May 26,2017 5:12 PM

    As I read Tun’s words, I am moved.

    Moved because he is a man who believes in Malaysia. He believes that Malaysians can do like others, can achieve like others and can be like others.

    Sadly, we have failed. We have proven him wrong in our endeavours. We have proven to be weak, to not strive and to give in when the going gets tough.

    It is evident in our conduct. He put the platform in place but we would rather take the easy way.

    Tun,thank you for believing in us. It is that belief that made Malaysia great during your tenure. It is that encouragement, that spurring and that vision that drove us to stand tall among others.

  61. Heybiaq May 26,2017 4:29 PM

    My heart too is filled with sadness!

  62. Dave Copper May 26,2017 3:58 PM

    Proton has been saved. It has been saved by the Pendatang.

    Proton was your brainchild Tun, but the child of your brain has not been sold.
    Don’t be sad, and please don’t cry, Proton has not been a national car for some time already, it has been privatized for years.

    Preferential treatment given to Proton was the culprit for the fall of Proton. Tun you have tried to protect Proton by imposing levies on imported cars, creating artificial competitiveness, sales of Proton cars soared, creating an illusion that Proton is doing well, but in fact it was at the cost of the Rakyat, it makes Malaysian pay high prices for substandard cars. Malaysians are not happy.

    The preferential treatment like NEP given to the special people affects them the same way. The more support and walking canes you give them, the weaker they become. Malaysia will not be developed nation unless the walking canes are removed.

    Tun, your child is not lost, Proton was merely adopted, it is not in the good hand of a parent who has the ability to take care of it, and make it shine.

    Perhaps this is a good thing, let Proton learn from the Chinese. Tun, you have once addressed the UMNO assembly and asked the delegates to “learn from the Chinese.” Your dream has finally come true now; it’s time for Proton to learn from a better parent.

    Even the The Prophet (s) said, “Seek knowledge even in China,” so there must be something special about the Chinese that’s worth learning from.

    China was stronger than the Sultanate of Malacca 600 years ago during Parameswara time, and China is still stronger than Malaysia today under Najib’s stewardship.

    What has the non-Chinese been doing all these years? Laughing like a kurang-hajar kookaburra under a coconut shell?


  63. zulu May 26,2017 12:50 PM

    The Star news:

    Arab-Islamic-US Summit at the King Abdulaziz International Convention Centre, KSA

    Najis –> “Malaysia was also given the front row seats among more than 50 Muslim countries at the meeting, he told Malaysian media at the end of his visit here yesterday.”

    If he provides these kind of silly messages, it’s clear he is under stress and unstable and worried about his future.


  64. Caleb May 26,2017 12:44 PM

    Tun, we are now in 2017 – a 21st century world and embraced globalisation. If we didn’t, we will drift into oblivion. We must think with our heads, no longer think with our hearts. This is to look at hiring capable personnel by merit, not because of race. To play the race card will stunt yr race you are protecting & will not grow. It is like a smothering baby who will never mature & independent.

    With Proton, it is not ranked #1 like Benz, Audi or BMW. Or even 2nd tier like Toyota or Tesla, who just came in and has a comfortable global position. Many car manufacturing plants have closed worldwide and no longer the in-thing and thus Proton will die a slow painful death. We shld be looking at contemporary add-on or invention, example driverless car, cars that can fly, power pack like Tesla or new IT programming software (like Apple or Microsoft) where it will generate lots of interest and lots of brain storming.

    We should never be afraid of moving forward. To succeed, you must not be afraid to fail. I have owned a Proton Wira in 1995 but Proton technology was still behind contemporary Japanese cars. Only good marketing can Proton succeed. Not by ‘forcing’ it to us, the consumers.

  65. zulu May 26,2017 12:31 PM

    Najis’s Hippo want to buy more Hermes bags for hari raya and that’s why proton sold.

    Now malaysians cannot say Proton is Malaysian car. Eventually it will be renamed to Geely, top Malaysian employees will be retrenched and replaced with China people. This will happen in 5-10 yrs.

    Now I don’t know what else Malaysia is famous for?!!! Palm oil? I think other SEA countries also producing now. Petronas? Najis will soon sell it to buy additional Hublot’s for him and his slaves. Whats else?

    I found…drugs?!! 🙂

    Congrats to Malsysians for Vision 2020 with Najis.

  66. amd trmz May 26,2017 9:54 AM





  67. musato May 26,2017 9:25 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Antara usaha dan tawakal pada Allah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  68. HouseWife May 26,2017 3:42 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Tun, you know pretty well that when you embark on this journey it will be the toughest one – to reveal the conspiracies and the hidden truth. The journey of finding lost values and justice. But along the journey, Tun did you ever expect to lose friends and become their No. 1 enemy – your “friends” said it. Tun, you had them as friends but they were not your true real friends – if they were where are they now.

    After nurturing Proton with Tun’s tender loving care to become one of the best among the best of Tun’s brainchild, cruelly and crudely they trampled all over it. Tell me why shouldn’t Tun feel hurt and over sensitive when Tun the Father of Proton was kicked out mercilessly by the “Tanggangs”, stole Tun’s child and then sold the love of his life? And this is how they repay Tun for all his deeds? What Tun experienced happened at the level of feelings, not the level of thought. And Tun is not ashamed to admit his other side, not too ashamed to cry because of a broken heart.

    Proton is not only Tun’s child but also a friend. When a friend is feeling down Tun was there to comfort. Tun did not leave and cried out help from some foreigner to save a friend and child. Tun wanted and sought help from Malaysians. But did Malaysians gave a helping hand? Without a doubt some hidden hurdles were set to trap and embarrass the entire Proton family. And it has happened now in the 21st century, in Tun’s twilight years. They could not wait to be so cruel and heartless!
    Tun, maybe you could take it this way. The hard parts of your past connected to you, regard it as a help to understand other people’s sufferings better. But you do understand or you would not have become the founder of KLCW – Kuala Lumpur Criminalize of Wars.

    Someone wise said, “Thinking is summed up in three words “focus”, “flow” and “faith”. Focus on the moment. Get into the task, into flow. And then you must have faith”.

    You are a proud hardworking man Tun. Don’t let anything pull you down now. Turn to Allah for His help and only His, InsyaAllah He will hear you and not leave you.
    May Allah forever bless you with good health and happy tidings.

    P/S: Selamat menyambut bulan suci Ramadhan kepada Tun sekeluarga dan semua Muslimin dan Muslimat chedet. Selamat Berpuasa.

  69. rimba.emas May 26,2017 12:38 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Rimba Emas memakai kereta Proton BLM ketika ia menjadi milik negara Malaysia. Bermakna Rimba Emas salah seorang yang membantu kereta milik negara ketika di bawah rakyat Malaysia.

    2. Maknanya kita sudah ada sifat membantu Malaysia membangun atau memastikan ia kekal di tangan rakyat Malaysia.

    3. Kini Proton sudah di jual kepada orang asing walau pun di katakan hanya dalam 40% sahaja. Namun ia bukan milikan kita 100% seperti dulu.

    4. Maknanya kita sudah tiada keyakinan terhadap rakyat kita sendiri mengurus niaga perniagaan kita atau adanya pertubuhan yang membolot hasil negara dengan peratusan lebih besar dari agihan yang kecil untuk rakyat ramai.

    5. Ramai rakyat yang menyokong pemerintah sekarang tidak peduli kesedihan Tun kerana kehilangan buatan Malaysia.

    6. Kesedihan ini pasti mengiringgi rakyat jelata bila satu hari kemiskinan Malaysia tidak mampu memberi peluang kehidupan yang selesa pada rakyat.

    7. Pada siapa yang perlu di salahkan jika BENCANA yang melanda kepada kita rakyat Malaysia ini tidak dapat di atasi. Tepok dada tanya hati.

    8. Dalam kesedihan sehingga air mata berdarah sekali pun tidak mungkin kita dapat memutar balik keadaan asal Malaysia yang rakyatnya hidup makmur bersama negara tercinta bernama Malaysia.


  70. Mat.Tandang May 26,2017 12:01 AM

    Apa nak jadi dengan najib ni, dia mencabar kesabaran kami semua, tunggu lah pilihan raya ni, hancur umno bn

  71. Johan Tan May 25,2017 11:25 PM

    Tun, I was born in 1975, and so you were for the longest time the only Prime Minister I knew.

    I felt deeply moved reading this article regarding your feelings about the sale of Proton.

    It is shameful how you have been treated, and it is disgraceful how the people have been betrayed.

    Besides joining Parti Pribumi (I cannot, because I am not bumiputera)or simply waiting to vote Pakatan in the next election, is there any other practical way in which I (or indeed any like-minded Malaysian) can be of help in the here and now?

    Please know that you have my love and gratitude, Tun, also indeed the love and gratitude of a silent majority of Malaysians. The country still needs you, and we appreciate your standing up for us – terima kasih, Bapa Pemodenan.

  72. Buddies_Man May 25,2017 10:44 PM

    Salam Tun,

    We feel you…
    Thank you for great creations.
    We born & drive with it.

    We are now very thankful for being living in your era.

    Knowing you, we understand the word ‘fighter’ is.

    Chilled out Bro. If the comeback it is, then it will be the TUN comeback. Godwilling & it is near… In shaa allah.

    Yes, you are beyond your ordinary age limit, but you ain’t living us yet…not yet…not yet…

    p/s – pkr we know your personal agenda, dsai will be PM if it is his destiny.
    For the time being, let us focus first. Who wins the most, and with collective unanimous decision will be one.

    Rafizi stay cool. If you are thinking Tun have the evil plan to topple your idol, you are wrong. Pkr leaders also, wan azizah, saifudin nasution and dsai himself, stay focus please. This is the only good opportunity you have.


    Tun is leaving. Let him go smiling.

    Long live true leader. Aminnn.

  73. mirulfatih May 25,2017 9:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Banyakkan bersabar Tun.Dengan izin Allah,kita mampu pegang kembali Proton pada masa akan datang.

    Malaysia akan terus maju bukan sahaja dari segi teknologi dan kemajuan dalam perniagaan dan lain-lain ,tetapi juga seimbang dalam hal-hal yang melibatkan akhirat.

  74. Fariq Islam May 25,2017 9:16 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Proton could no longer be the pride of Malaysians since many years ago. Proton has led to Government imposing high taxes on foreign makes, compelling Malaysians to support Proton which did not deliver quality products generally. Malaysians suffered.

    It’s time to recall and rethink-
    Who cultivated the work culture of not being quality-minded?
    Who approved cronies without expertise or quality standards to be Proton vendors?
    Who made the wrong cost calculation, by insisting on Proton producing own engine?
    Who held the key position and allowed the workforce to lax, ignoring consumers’ concern over car defects?
    Who burnt Proton’s money for unjustified business decisions, particularly on massive research and development expenditure?

  75. PutraKraken May 25,2017 9:00 PM

    Salam Yang dikasihi Tun

    As a Malaysian..nowadays what is there to be proud of?…Kleptocracy?
    Abdullah, while sleeping sold off MV Agusta for a pittance…
    Najib…he sold off anything and everything including our pride and dignity.

    My dearest Tun, you have done your part. Those were the days when we stand tall and dignified…because of you Tun. We will always be proud of you.

    Damned Najib!…the day of reckoning will definitely come.

    I am proud of the child of this land named Mahathir Mohamad.
    God bless you…and may He rid us of the Kleptocratic Government.

  76. asahamat May 25,2017 8:28 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    First thing first Tun, you don’t have to cry for loosing Proton. Redha. Pasti ada hikmah.

    (2) Secondly, Tun Razak bina Felda dgn duit hutang dari WB. Felda adalah lambang kejayaan Msia dlm pembasmian kemiskinan dan penyusunan semula masyarakat. Itulah asas DEB Tun Razak. Itupun Najib MO1 jual melalui FGV.

    (3) Tabung Haji Tun Razak buat utk kembangkan tabungan Melayu. Samalah KWSP. Juga LLN yg kini jadi TNB. Semua itupun Najib MO1 jual melalui 1MDB.

    (4) Sg Besi, kira berdarah kita pertahankannya dari British, kemudian Jepun lalu Komunis. Samalah TRX. Seharusnya di situlah rumah utk rakyat yg kita boleh bina. Najib MO1 jual melalui 1MDB. Maka apalah Proton bagi Najib MO1?

    (5) Tun, jgn bersedih. Jgn menangis. Jangan marah. Bersabarlah. Teruskan berfikir dan tekad berjuang utk bersihkan Negara ini dari kerosakan oleh Najib MO1 penjudi nasib Bangsa, Agama dan Negara. Jika niat Tun suci, In Shaa Allah, Dia bersama Tun dan kita semua.

    (6) Saya yakin, Allah perhatikan segala. Dia tidak zalim pd mahluknya yg jujur dan teranyaya. Saya yakin kecundangnya TPPA adalah atas kehendakNya sebagai pertunjuk kpd Najib MO1 dan sekutunya. Namun mereka terus buta, pekak dan bisu. In Shaa Allah Johore Forest City, Bandar 1Malaysia, TRX, malah Malacca Gate Way dsb juga akan gagal jika semua itu menyimpang dari kepentingan mahluk Allah di bumi Malaysia ini.

    (7) Setakat yg saya perhatikan, pertama Melayu jarang menyesal duluan. Namun saat terpukul, Melayu pasti mencari tempat berlindung. Ada kalanya, kita harus biarkan Melayu terpukul, dan kita kekal teguh saja pd perjuangan yg suci, In Shaa Allah, mereka akan berbondong2 datang kepada kita.

    (8) Keduanya, ada waktu kita menjadi saja under dog yg bersih suci. Biarkan kita terpukul. Melayu akan simpati pd kita yg terus terpukul namun kental suci dan rendah diri akhirnya. Kebenaran payah utk ditegakkan! Namun saat berhasil pasti manis dan bersyukurlah kita tanpa dendam.

    Tun, Msia Boleh! Rakyat Boleh! Kita boleh!

  77. arbatravel May 25,2017 7:01 PM

    oh yes, I’m sad.
    but I hope things will getting better after next coming election. aamin insyaALLAH.

  78. Barbara May 25,2017 6:27 PM

    Tun, please don’t be sad about Proton.The business world has changed. Capital and technology move beyond national borders now. In these times, it is not fair on Malaysians to subsidise an incompetent car maker for over 30 years for the sake of national pride.
    Proton bought Lotus cars, an iconic British brand back in the 90s. While it is ok for Proton to buy a foreign car company, it is very sad when a foreign car company buys Proton. Your double standards are too obvious. Malaysians own valuable foreign assets abroad. We are proud of our major land development project in Battersea, London. However, if a foreign company undertakes a major land development project in Malaysia, you are not happy.
    Malaysia has produced several world class business people. However, many of these people are non Bumiputera and they are not given the opportunity to run government linked companies. We would rather allow a foreigner to run Malaysia Airlines but would not allow a Chinese or Indian Malaysian.
    Despite foreign ownership, Proton is likely to continue to build cars in Malaysia. This will be very positive for Malaysians as it will safeguard jobs and provide further investments to upgrade their skills. Rolls Royce and Bentley are both British car makers that are thriving under foreign ownership. Had the British government insist on British ownership of car companies, these companies would have ceased production resulting in job losses. We should look at the Chinese partnership with Proton as an opportunity for all Malaysians.

  79. Fariq Islam May 25,2017 5:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Yes, we’re sad, for a national co being sold to foreigner.

    However, we should thank God for being able to sell a stake to a reputable partner, to safeguard against continual loss-making, retrenchment etc, and to strengthen chance of turnaround.

    Proton sells 49.9%, not 50% and above. Please do not make issue too big.

  80. cj lee May 25,2017 4:53 PM

    The world measures success in it’s own way.

    In the hearts of those who know, Proton succeeded in many ways. Tun should be happy to know it succeeded eventhough the odds were against it. With Geely, it will evolve further.

    No man is an island. Technology does not belong to any race but can originate from a country. Proton is a Malaysian car and it will always be that.

    A country that believed it can (at least some of the people).

    Everyone in the world is proud Proton did what few dared. And no one can take that away.

  81. May 25,2017 4:20 PM

    Assalamualaikum, dear Tun Dr. Mahathir!

    The child of your brain has been sold. But do I not understand correctly, that it has been sold to the extent of 49% only? This would be in line with general practice on such deals in Malaysia to-date and if this was the case Proton would still be 51% Malaysian. And even if the day-to-day management of it were steered by foreigners – so what if they new what they were doing?

    I hear that PROTON is sold to GEELY and I know that GEELY knows waht they are doing. GEELY has also bought VOLVO and Geely now wants to re-activate Tanjung Malim to produce VOLVOS there.

    Of course I do not know to which extent Tanjung Malim and Proton are related in terms of capitalisation but I understand that there is a fundamental link.

    To produce and sell PROTON in connection with VOLVO can’t be bad if only in Malaysia you let your in coming force do what they set out to do and if you don’t fundamentally oppose to what they propose to do which was more often than not unfortunately the case in the past.

    Geely doesn’t only bring capital, they also bring knowledge – mainly the knowledge of how to handle their business which may become a certain burden to the current management and staff at Proton – but only for some time and only for as long as it will take them to learn that learning from others, foreigners or not, is no shame.

    None or us are born with knowledge – we all had to learn first. Some managed sooner some later and even the latter is no shame.

    PROTON and VOLVO cars manufactured and sold in and off Malaysia will indeed make PROTON’s name much more known world wide and this is positive for Malaysia.

    Have you indeed lost the child of your brain or have you not just gained a son or daughter rather than loosing one. I think you are winning, dear Tun, for the child of your brain will survive and prevail for many years to come. That this takes place with the help of foreigners is no shame – the move is a smart one rather.

    So, your child is not lost and your country won’t be lost either for your country men will be smart enough to keep it in good shape as some of the currently disturbing movements will be overcome – no one has very been able to govern against The People anywhere in the world at long last. It’s you, The People, who are in charge of your country and thus in charge of your resources and your industries. Availing one’s self of better knowledge is smart. To admit one needs help is not admitting failure but demonstrating strength and wisdom.

    Salam, dear Tun, and Good Health for the remains of your years to come!

    Alfred Willner

  82. milshah May 25,2017 3:29 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Proton is our national car. For good or for worst, it is our national car. It is sad it is being sold. If Pakatan wins, we should make efforts to buy back Proton. We have good relationship with China, and Proton major market is Malaysia. I’m sure we can persuade them to sell back for the right price.

    Thanks Tun.

  83. lekabu May 25,2017 3:18 PM

    as salam Tun

    Byk sgt malapetaka utk Negara namun apa yg saya tak dpt nak faham dan bingung ialah tertutop nya mulut sang ugama cerdik pandai dan elite melayu kununnya.

  84. Hajar May 25,2017 3:09 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. I feel sad too. I’m with you Tun on this matter. Why can’t Khazanah (the Government) take over the 49.9% stake (Proton) sold to Geely? No money? The Finance Ministry took over 1MDB (that had contributed NOTHING to Malaysia; in fact accumulated more than RM 42 Billion National Debt for us rakyat to pay!).

    2. Proton is no longer our National car.

    3. Obviously some people can feel ‘proud’ of others’ success / achievement. So sad indeed!

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah S.W.T. bless Tun and family ***

  85. MarinaJaal May 25,2017 2:02 PM

    many of us are sad too.:'(

  86. johnmansfield May 25,2017 1:31 PM

    I understand your sadness. I am not Malaysian. However letting go off things you are attached too is never easy.
    On the plus side, I hope your expectations of Proton competing with the Worlds best comes to fruition.
    All the best,
    John Mansfield

  87. umranrc May 25,2017 12:38 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Yes, sad indeed.

    Yes, I haven’t been active writing comments on your blog lately, but on this topic, I just couldn’t be quiet.

    Great many of us Malaysians, will forever be working towards getting it back. Time will tell.

    Terima Kasih Tun.

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