1. The A.G., Tan Sri Apandi Ali is frustrated at not being informed by the US Department of Justice of its latest civil lawsuits against 1MDB that appear to be a “repeat” of last year’s suits.

2. He expresses strong concerns at the insinuations that have been made against the Prime Minister (Dato Seri Najib Razak) of criminal wrongdoings.

3. Why the A.G. thinks he should be informed before the statements are made by the Dept of Justice of America is a mystery. There may be some understanding about cooperation between the two countries when carrying out investigations on international crimes. But the A.G. is not known for cooperating on 1MDB investigations with foreign counterparts. The Swiss Attorney General has said this clearly. He stated “despite repeatedly saying it (the Malaysian A.G’s Dept) will cooperate with any foreign agencies investigating the 1MDB scandal, (it) refused to reply to the Swiss Attorney General’s office request for detailed information on the issue”.

4. There was no agreement about informing the Malaysian A.G. on crimes committed in the U.S. or anywhere. The money laundering was through U.S. banks, the purchases of property with allegedly stolen money were in the U.S. and some twenty other criminal acts were all committed in the U.S. and are U.S. affairs. Whether the criminals are Malaysian or not is irrelevant. Is the Malaysian A.G. expecting to intervene in the release of the 250 page statement. Is he expecting to get the Department of Justice of the U.S. to declare that the statements are official secrets, to be hidden from the public? Does he expect the Dept of Justice to declare that there have been no wrongdoings based on the statements? Does he expect the DoJ to ask “Malaysian Official 1” for confirmation that he was not involved in any wrongdoings. Does he expect the Department of Justice of the U.S. to close the case after the alleged criminal has denied he had committed any wrongdoings?

5. He, Apandi, can do this in Malaysia. He can ignore the laws of Malaysia. He can stop the police from further investigations. He can tell lies about the contents of the report made by Malaysian institutions and agencies. But he cannot expect the United States of America to collaborate in his own wrongdoings, including hiding evidence. Certainly Malaysian jurisdiction does not include the U.S.

6. This latest report, all 250 pages of it, is not a repeat of the first statements. It is perhaps the most comprehensive report resulting from months of thorough investigations by experts. It is devastating in exposing the details, including the conversations between the parties and the banks involved, the account numbers, the actual dates when large sums of money was diverted from the so-called 1MDB joint venture with Petro Saudi to the fraudulent companies, to banks and finally into the account of Malaysian Official 1 in Ambank Malaysia. Reference is also made to the wife of Malaysian Official 1 receiving diamonds and jewellery worth hundreds of million Ringgit. Since Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and BN Stategic Communications Director, Rahman Dahlan has identified Malaysia Official 1 as Najib, denial by the wife is about as good as the denial by Najib.

7. The statement insists and proves that the USD681 million and various other sums which were transferred to the account of Malaysian Official 1 came from 1MDB.

8. The amount of money from 1MDB which was stolen is mind-boggling. Even in USD they run into billions. The purchases include million-dollar properties, a jet plane, a huge luxury yacht, numerous diamonds each worth tens of millions of USD, setting up a film company and the production of films costing hundreds of millions of ringgit.

9. Then there is the life-style of Jho Low and Reza Aziz together with many 1MDB officials. Huge sums were lost in gambling at casinos in Las Vegas, flying all over the world in private jets, bought with stolen money or rented, sailings in luxury yachts etc.

10. These are serious and massive misuse and loss of money borrowed by 1MDB to invest as sovereign wealth.

11. Truly reading the statements by the Department Of Justice is hair-raising. Nothing on this scale had ever happened in Malaysia. Indeed even the officials of the Department of Justice of the United States were flabbergasted at the scale of money laundering, the greed and the robberies which had taken place. They believe this is the biggest case of money laundering that they have ever come across.

12. Yet in Malaysia, the A.G. and the IGP blatantly declare that no wrongdoings have been done to require investigations and criminal charges to be made. While being quick to set up “independent” commissions to investigate alleged crime committed 40 years ago because of a request by a party member, serious allegations by a justice department of the United Stated are simply brushed off. The A.G.’s sense of self importance is laughable.

13. Truly the rule of law no longer operates in Malaysia. Millions of Malaysians may not know or appreciate what has happened. But whether they know or not they will have to pay a very high price in the future as a result of the massive robbery perpetrated by the leaders they trusted to rule this country.

14. What has happened is shameful. Reading the report by the Dept of Justice of the U.S. about the cheating, the blatant disregard for the laws of the country, the collusion by highly placed leaders, the greed make one want to hide in shame at being a Malaysia.


  1. malloucius Jun 26,2017 8:12 PM

    Dear Pakpandir08,

    And so? Yes, I meant it that way, US wanted to interfere. So? kindly tell me what is wrong about it? you agree to US telling us what we should do with our own country? you okay to be US puppet?

    If US can bring Najib down, you think US cannot do the same thing to the next Prime Minister?

    If Malaysian AGC or AG states that a crime has been conducted in Malaysia by an American, lets say, a US politician was corrupt and transferred money to Malaysia so? Do you think US will listen to you and take action against their own guy?

    I dont support anyone, I am neutral. Pakatan was corrupted too, the only difference between Pakatan and BN is that, Pakatan’s corruption was not discovered like what happened with Najib Razak. Teoh Beng Hock death was still a mystery to this day, and it was said to be related to corruption in Selangor under Khalid!

  2. asahamat Jun 21,2017 8:29 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Di Msia, apapun buku yg baik2, tiada siapa berminat menterjemahkan ke dlm BM. Di Indonesia, contohnya seminggu selepas Job Steve (?) meninggal dunia, Gramedia sudah menjual pelbagai buku terjemahan mengenainnya.

    (2) Lapuran JKA @ DOJ US adalah peluru sangat hebat bagi meranapkan Najib MO1. Patut Biro Propaganda Bersatu @ PH sudah bertungkus lumus menterjemahkan ianya ke dlm BM utk rakyat baca dan fahami. Kita selalu lupa utk menjangkau apa yg boleh menguntungkan kita secara pantas …..

    (3) Yg penting, sebarkan maklumat2 ini dan usahakan rakyat boleh percaya terhadap maklumat2 sebagai tiada kaitan dgn tuduhan dakyah @ pengkhianatan asing.

    Tun Boleh. Makaysia Boleh. Rakyat Boleh. Kita Boleh! Najib MO1 boleh pi dah!!!!

  3. Hang Jebat Derhaka Jun 21,2017 2:51 PM


    Penyamun hisap darah dan orang2 bodoh boleh menyebabkan negara jadi punah ranah..nuf said lor

  4. sibotak Jun 21,2017 11:57 AM

    The problem with the Malay Leader like Najib
    He thinks he is the PM , Malaysia Bapak dia punya
    Also his Wife Rosmah thinks Malaysia Laki dia punya
    And Riza Anak tiri Najib thinks Malaysia Bapak Tiri dia punya

    Not forgetting our another Clown AG Apandi
    He thinks The Law is in his hand
    He thinks this is the zaman atap rhumbia School of Laws

    Did I miss anybody ?

  5. pakpandir08 Jun 21,2017 9:24 AM

    To malloucius,

    You don’t directly said who your are supporting, but your intention is to indirectly create a perception that there was interference by US, especially at this time with DOJ …

    people with common sense know what are your motives, you are just trying to relate DOJ with some planned strategies to interfere

    Just look at your sentences, is that not clear to find out?
    (1) Is the intention was really to take action in their own country without ‘any intention’ to influence Malaysian politics? think carefully…

    (2) The US hates our petrol subsidy and has for years ……

    (3) It was obvious that their intention with the revelation was to undermine Najib, and hence undermine Malaysia …

  6. z2z Jun 21,2017 1:36 AM

    Haha, UMNO now tries to discredit USA using the conspiracy theory. Undermine ISLAM they say… Similar strategy has been used effectively against Malaysian minority races to discredit the Bersih movement. I wonder who in their right mind would believe these shit… But then again, people would are being conditioned follow strictly a religious book, not to question, not to think have indeed given up their mind altogether.

    Yes, not all supporters believes these lies… The mercenaries would pretend to be ignorant (for a fee)… Malloucius and balance, monitoring and responding to comments in forum is hard work especially given the abuses people throw at you. Don’t sell your dignity so cheaply, demand your client to triple your fees… Ask to be paid in USD instead of RM, as RM is free falling. Better still ask if you can be paid with Diamonds instead… Ample supply locally. Guaranteed value…

  7. Kamarulaznan Jun 21,2017 12:41 AM

    Honestly, as a Malaysian, I have never felt more shameful (about this 1MDB saga) than perhaps when the Malaysian soccer team lost 10-0 to UAE in the world cup qualifying round 2015. Hahaha….

    Until today, some are still trying hard to distract Malaysians from the main issue. If the US has bad intention towards us, what has that got to do with us to decide (within our power) what is good or bad for us?

  8. balance Jun 20,2017 9:19 PM

    Rodent26B Jun 20,2017 11:46 AM

    I am in the opinion that USA control OPEC and USA brainwashed (maybe blackmail) OPEC until they voluntary and happy to allow USA to control them. Most OPEC countries fear Israel and they need USA military and political support for their survival. Just an opinion

  9. balance Jun 20,2017 9:12 PM

    I can agree with malloucius Jun 19,2017 8:08 PM. USA do not care whoever, USA only care about their survival. They will use whatever and however they see as beneficial to them. Careful BE VERY CAREFUL

  10. You Me Jun 20,2017 9:08 PM

    Mal, before I futher anticipate with your comments could you rebut the argument written by Rodent26B. The contents of his comment is obviously directed to you.

    Could you share your opnion with us here? Should najib step down? Should Pandi step down? If your answer is no please share your strong arguement for us to ponder.

  11. malloucius Jun 20,2017 8:23 PM

    True then, why then US if we assume what you say is true why US made so much noise about our sedition laws? about our LGBT? when we try to enforce our laws on Alvin Tan, for instance, why US make so much noise eh?

    Is that not we, merely imposing laws and enforcing laws of the land in OUR OWN country and has nothing to do with them at all?

    Is the intention was really to take action in their own country without ‘any intention’ to influence Malaysian politics? think carefully…

    Why did they make the announcement? Why they make press conference about it? If you think deeply about it, the intention is to influence our politics..

    They were for years trying to force Najib to do stuff Najib refused to do.. and when Najib refused they blackmail him to do it. I never say I support Najib. But you guys hate Najib to the point of willing to be an American puppet.

    When US and UK wanted more surveillance on social media, and people’s lives they create terror attacks they create this thing they call ISIS, but if you have half the brain you would know who ISIS really is..

    Is a terrorist organization has the brain to actually think to buy orange clothings for prisoners? before these prisoners get executed? What was even more funnier, ISIS has press briefings.. hahahahha.. and they make HD video on youtube.. and even play games on Android/Iphone.. and even Telegram!!!

    Then Theresa May and the dumb David Cameron suddenly made announcement saying.. “we need to monitor android games and Telegram, because ISIS use it..” but behind this .. is actually attempt to regulate games, and listen to secure communications like Telegram that was why they want to regulate it because ISIS is using it!

    If you observe ISIS carefully you might be able to detect something is wrong with them.. I cant remember which video I watched before, but it was somewhere in 2016-2015. If I remember I will attach the link here for your entertainment.

    The point that I am trying to convey is not that to ask you guys to support or back Najib! but not to be playable toys that American can use against our own people!

    However, it seem Najib is fine being US puppet than being Tun Mahathir’s puppet. He rather be an American puppet, than a puppet to Malaysia.

  12. malloucius Jun 20,2017 8:06 PM

    Dear Pakpandir08,

    It seem to me you are the one who is not using your brain and instead is using your ass to think and most likely to type too!

    Did you bother to read my entire sentence? I never said anything about supporting Najib. I said not to be US puppet or used by them. In case you failed your English comprehension test before.


  13. pakpandir08 Jun 20,2017 5:22 PM

    To malloucius,

    Use your brain to think, not your butt …. Interference by USA to current administration?

    It can be considered that our relationship with US are at the best compared to the past histories … have you ever see in the past our leader play golf and selfie selfie with the President of United States?

  14. sibotak Jun 20,2017 4:37 PM

    Another Clown of Malaysia besides The Prime Minister Najib The Clown
    Is also AG Apandi The 2nd Biggest Clown
    I do believe Apandi is just The Melayu Graduate , probably could not even speak good English . Looking at his Face clearly tells
    He is a Corrupted Clown

    Here we are
    Runs by A Prime Minister Clown
    Najib bin Razak
    AG runs by Mr.Clown Apandi

    Welcome to The Clown Nation

  15. Tun Perak Jun 20,2017 12:27 PM


    1. If USA takes civil action or criminal action on crime done in USA, no one can blame USA is interfering in Malaysia affair.

    2. Similarly, USA cant stop capital punishment on American citizen trafficking drug in Malaysia.

    3. America can be accused to interfere in Malaysia if they forced rules or administration on Malaysia soil, such as (i) minimum wage, (2) trade block, (3) sanction on Proton cars ; which clear none are forced on Malaysia.

    4. DOJ confiscated assets bought by Jho Low and Riza because these assets are procured in USA. In fact, Malaysia can not interfere in USA judicial process because , the said crime is judged in America based on American law. So, who is Malaysia to interfere in American legal process ?

    5. Unfortunately for PM, Jho Low is linked to Riza and Riza is linked to Rosmah and Rosmah is linked to Najib. There is a series of links indirectly to Najib, which is undeniable fact. Whether torts are committed by Jho Low or Riza , the links are there and it is an open secret. Nobody can stop the mass from talking.

    6.As a conclusion, it is not about sovereignty but it is about immoral activities in America. American tolerate gambling, porn film and other stuff. Unfortunately, America does not tolerate scandal involving money trail like Nixon Watergate

  16. zulu Jun 20,2017 12:11 PM

    After all these proof came out in black and white and still the Rulers of Malaysia keeping quite and doesn’t voice against the penchuri and his corrupted family, then there is no bright side for Malaysia and Malaysians here after…

    Not even a single leaders of UMNO raise their voice means, they also would be written in history for bringing down the country collaborating with the M01 penchuri.

    Atleast one UMNO leader should adhere to his/her conscience, if they born to one mother…Ask M01 to resign or release the so called official secret.

  17. Rodent26B Jun 20,2017 11:46 AM

    Certainly you need to revisit Economics and International Affairs class. The crude oil price is largely controlled by OPEC, are you saying OPEC is puppets of America and Najib accepting donation from puppets of America? OPEC countries have to maintain their own social welfare and trying to increase the production, when many nations join this strategy the oil price slammed further, it is called the negative feedback loop. Of course the Iran ban lifting and the new technology in U.S. contribute to the low oil price too. It is just supply and demand issue. Everybody is playing a role in influencing petrol price and please don’t simply mark your own theory of religion or political conspiracy. I am not intend to bust your point of view on GST and subsidies further because even Einstein cannot easily persuade a kinder on Theory of Relativity.

    Back to the main topic, you despise the involvement of U.S or the other foreign countries but did not provide constructive opinion to solve this issue internally. Years has passed and our internal law enforcers were still in the tight grip of the prime minister. Do you think the next prime minister will let go this power even thought he is from the opposition? Regardless of race or religion, human nature is human nature. There is more good then bad to check out what evidence that the foreign countries has exposed. A prince’s letter can lie. A politician can lie. The bank statement doesn’t lie.

  18. zulu Jun 20,2017 10:50 AM

    Under PPA1M, Najis going to wipe out the govt. treasury and bribe the civil servants with free houses, hope election commission employees may get preference in these freebies…
    M01 penchuri wanted to retain his post at any cost in the next GE. Only those highly skilled thieves will think like this and he is definitely infused in his blood with that thievery skills.

  19. Krisemas Jun 20,2017 6:48 AM

    We the white collar executives, the engineers, the doctors, the highly foreign & local educated can read and judge clearly and decisively what had transpired with regards to 1mdb money which went missing and those that were involved. Delusional to think otherwise. No sense of shame of those involved and those who are defending them and those who are not taking action to uphold justice.

  20. Fariq Islam Jun 20,2017 4:39 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    It was a childish of AG being frustrated at not being informed. Why should the authority inform?

    It is saddening to see such of news that the guy involved could simply buy diamonds worth RM30 mil, to buy heart of an Aussie model! This culprit should be punished hard. With evidences surfacing, our Malaysian authorities should be there to take actions, freezing bank accounts/ family assets at least.

  21. malloucius Jun 20,2017 1:33 AM

    Dear z2z,

    The real reasons why the government has to impose GST was because of the petrol price falling down. Have you ever ask yourself who made crude oil price (petrol) suddenly goes down? have you even thought why, after years of high petrol price it suddenly goes down? who control the price of oil!!!! its the US!!!!!

    The US hates our petrol subsidy and has for years trying to make us remove it! because they misunderstood that the petrol subsidy was giving us leverage against them that they do not have! but they dont understand that this subsidy was for OUR OWN INTERNAL DOMESTIC market! it has nothing to do with them!

    And If Najib undermine Malaysian laws you want to invite US to fix it for us? have you even forgotten how Malaysia became Malaysia in the first place? I suggest some history readings! The sultan fought with one another, and asked British for help! and see what happened to the country! Today Britain and US has shown deep interest in Malaysia, why? because of her people!

    When US forcefully push our unemployment high or destabilize our market it was not because they care about lot like you! they want their own interest take care of! when our young women dont have jobs, what would they do? Lets say prostitution… then? who are the clients? this is just one of the example.

    Who said that we sold Malaysia to China!? China was just here to help, the same way US was here to INVEST!! US is the one who has created a stir with China in the disputed reef! and small island! and then they came and offer ‘help and aid’ to fight China! dont you get it what they really want!? its our people, our freedom! our country! your kids, mine kids.

    When I said ‘no matter how ugly it gets’ I dont mean Tun M becomes UGLY, I meant to say that the Tun I used to know is someone who would defend Malaysia, stand by it, no matter how painful it gets, no matter how ugly it gets!

    Last but not least, stay away from American. If Pakatan is an ally of US, then bye bye the next election.

  22. malloucius Jun 20,2017 1:22 AM


    You me,

    The actions is in US and with their laws? are you kidding me? Swiss AG and US Ag was asking for Malaysian AG to cooperate with them to prosecute Najib, is that what you call US ‘internal affairs’?

    It was obvious that their intention with the revelation was to undermine Najib, and hence undermine Malaysia. Who are they to tell us what to do with our own policies and politics? did I vote for Donald Duck to be my President? or Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton? or no?

    You are naive and stupid if you think that the US interfere because they ‘care’ about the wellbeings of Malaysian. Tun M knows who American really is, but he seem to be okay with it as long as Najib is gone right?

    US only interfere because they want to blackmail Najib to do their biddings, not because they care about Anwar Ibrahim or Tun Mahathir, or because of Lim Kit Siang. What are their biddings? policies changes! they want us to accept LGBTQ, they want us to abolish death penalty, they want us to abolish malay privileges, they want us to allow muslim to be apostate.

    Dont get me wrong, I never support Najib not one bits! I despise Najib, and I encourage Tun M to work with Anwar and Pakatan harapan, but not BY MAKING YOURSELF American PUPPET!!!!!!!

    Remember who they really are!!

  23. rimba.emas Jun 20,2017 12:17 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Rimba Emas teringat akan kenyataan di kalangan penyokong PM dalam penyiasatan 1MDB dalam negara dulu. Salah satu kenyataannya rakyat asing tidak boleh campur tangan hal dalaman Malaysia.

    2. Kini seperti apa di jelaskan Tun bahawa kebanyakan perkara salah laku di jalankan di luar negara. Bertujuan supaya rakyat Malaysia tidak mengetahuinya.

    3. Jelas masih ramai rakyat Malaysia tidak mengetahui atau memahami secara jelas akan penyelewengan wang haram ini.

    4. Malah yang di takuti sebahagiannya mungkin telah bersama terlibat mendapat wang haram ini dan sudah membelanjakannya.

    5. Kita buat contoh apa sepatutnya kita lakukan kalau kita makan wang haram sebelumnya kita tidak tahu tetapi selepas mendapat tahu wajib bertaubat dan berhenti memakan baki wang yang ada pada kita.

    6. Kita sepatutnya menolak pemberian wang haram ini. Bagi Penguatkuasa pula ingat kerja kita pun menjadi ibadah kalau kerja itu tidak melanggari perintah Allah s. w. t. (umat Islam) atau tuhan (penganut agama lain).

    7. Ingat akan azab pada hari akhirat dan hukuman seperti api neraka. Hukuman sangat mengerikan dan bicaranya adil.

    8. Adilnya di katakan sehingga perkara sekecil-kecilnya sebesar zarah juga akan di ambil kira.

    9. Rimba Emas pasti sistem audit 1MDB hanya membentang jumlah wang keluar masuk antara Syarikat ke Syarikat lain atau pelaburan dalam dan luar negara.

    10. Sebaliknya bukti-bukti yang lebih dekat seperti pembelian berlian atau rantai , aset-aset yang di buat di luar negara ada pada pihak luar negara juga.

    11. Selagi rakyat dan pemimpin-peminpin yang bukan dalam kerajaan atau bukan penyokong BN tidak di pilih mengganti kerajaan yang ada sekarang maka negara Malaysia masih dalam delima.

    12. Kembalilah dalam kebenaran milik Tuhan kita.


  24. z2z Jun 19,2017 10:28 PM

    Let us check who Undermined Malaysian sovereignty… Let’s check the questionnaire below:

    Has UMNO:

    1. Undermined Malaysia’s economy by incurring massive loss through 1MDB, Tabung Haji and other GLCs?

    2. Undermined Malaysia’s rule of law and judicial independence through blatant abuses of power?

    3. Undermined Malaysian citizens financial well-being through GST and skyrocketing cost of living?

    4. Undermined Malaysian citizens emotional well-being through negative and embarrassing news by reputable international media on the excesses of corrupt but powerful individuals?

    5. Undermined Malaysia’s future generation who will be burdened with massive debt?

    6. Undermined Malaysia itself by selling the country out to China?

    Even with this Everest of a mountain of evidence, we see deniers. These self-serving individuals are the ultimate traitors. They reap what they sow and their friends, relatives and children will soon expose them.

  25. You Me Jun 19,2017 9:49 PM

    Yes malloucius you are being made ugly but not by Tun M. Btw the culprits committed the offences in US with detailed proof and the actions were ongoing based on their laws and their jurisdiction so how do you justify that their motive is to undermine M’sia sovereignty?

    We are praying and hope that all the money that has been siphoned by these robbers will be returned to Malaysian people. It is so curious why should some morons hope otherwise?

  26. malloucius Jun 19,2017 8:08 PM

    You are actually cheering the DOJ and American attempt to undermine Malaysia sovereignty?

    That is new to me, you are no longer the Tun I used to know. Someone who would stick with Malaysia no matter how ugly it gets.

    American interference in Malaysian politics is not actually done because they care about 1MDB or Malaysia, they did it because they want to blackmail Najib to do their biddings.

    Once they get what they wanted they would just leave Pakatan Harapan!

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