1. This is the third in the series on the above subject. What Najib will do or is likely to do to win the 14th GE would require a whole book. I am listing only a few based on what he had done before and during the 13th GE, what he did during the by-elections and what other things he had done to stifle opposition against him.

2. The nation will remember the 5th Bersih demonstration. He declared that he would not ban it. But we all know the strenuous efforts he made to prevent the demonstration from taking place, or at least to reduce the scale.

3. All sites proposed by Bersih were not approved by the police. Certain streets were also classified as unsuitable. The demonstration must not be violent. It must not result in rubbish being thrown by the demonstrators. Yellow shirts were regarded as criminal wear.

4. Bersih complied with nearly all these restrictions. Unlike street demos in other countries, the demonstrators did not fill the streets but kept mainly to the sidewalks. They obeyed all instructions by the police. They had teams of people to pick the rubbish. The demonstrators avoided littering the roads. There was no violence, not even when the red shirt Government supporters came into contact with the yellow shirts. The world had never seen such an orderly and peaceful demo. No tear gas, no tyres burnt, no cars overturned.

5. Despite, the organisers promising to comply with all the conditions, a few days before the demo, Maria Chin Abdullah, the principal organiser together with nine other leaders were arrested. Maria was thrown into a dark cold room. This is a form of torture. The demo started minus many of their leaders.

6. It was several days after the demo that Maria and the others were released. This too because people held silent protests in Merdeka Square night after night.

7. That is one of Najib’s ways of terrorising the opposition.

8. From this episode we can forecast Najib’s likely act to destroy the opposition and frighten the people when the 14th Election is held.

9. There are already signs of a build-up of the case for arresting and detaining opposition leaders. The arrest of the opposition leaders will leave the parties in disarray. Of course it would anger the people but many may be intimidated and become too frightened to vote for the opposition. They believe Najib would find out and action would be taken against them. Without leaders they would not know what to do.

10. The voting for the opposition would be eroded. And during the leaderless period Najib would be able to bribe the people and the election workers to his heart’s content. They would do all the illegal things that he wants them to do. Money will flow on an unprecedented scale.

11. The election workers and officials may misdirect the voters, and the voting would be manipulated. Many will not be able to vote at all. Postal votes would be hijacked and moved to increase the votes in the constituencies of the important BN candidates.

12. Malaysia is effectively no longer a democracy. We are now classified as a kleptocracy, a country ruled by thieves. The election would be so fraudulent that it would become almost meaningless. It will be a shame.

13. The IGP may not like it but Malaysia has become effectively a police state. There is no longer the rule of law. Whether the instructions are against the laws of the country or not, the police have shown they are prepared to carry them out. They will arrest the leaders of the opposition knowing full well that these people have done no wrong. They will harass people, calling them in for questioning and threatening them. These things have been done and done with the consent of the IGP.

14. All these will happen if elections are held. But Najib can very well not hold the elections. It is within his power to do so. Laws will not bother him. Simply by declaring a security situation or a state of emergency even if there is none he can literally suspend the constitution.

15. In this he will have the full support of UMNO and BN leaders. They all know that their leader is abusing his power. They all know about the investigations and accusations levelled at Najib by investigators in foreign countries. They all know of the criminal reports by the Department of Justice of the US, the arrests and closure of banks in Singapore in the 1MDB scandals. They all know of the massive bribery with stolen money that has been done by Najib almost ever since the took office. He had destroyed UMNO and the country.

16. Said Keruak, Annuar Musa, Zahid Hamidi, Hishamuddin, Mustapa Mohamad, the MCA and MIC leaders and all the cabinet ministers just do not care. They don’t care what happens to the country, to the people and the reputation of good governance that was built by the founding fathers.

17. All they care about is their position, their perks and possibly the bran they get. Let the country go to hell. Let it be called a kleptocracy. Let it be listed among the 10 most corrupt country in the world. They don’t care. Cannot be that they don’t know. But they don’t care.

18. The people can suffer. That is not the problem of the ministers. Being led by a thief is okay.

19. As long as they do well for themselves, nothing else matters.

20. I know the net is closing around the opposition leaders. But I appeal to all good Malaysians; Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Muruts and Bajaus to reject Najib in the 14th GE even if the leaders of the opposition are incarcerated in jail.

21. Malaysians!

22. This is your country. You were born here. You grew up here. You led a good life here, earning legitimate income from the work that you do, the services that you provide.

23. Save this, your country, from being ravaged and pillaged by Najib and his greedy kleptocrats.


1. Ini merupakan penulisan ke-3 berkenaan tajuk di atas. Apa yang akan Najib lakukan atau mungkin lakukan untuk menang Pilihanraya ke-14 boleh memuat senaskhah buku. Saya hanya senaraikan beberapa tindakan yang telah dia lakukan sebelum dan selepas Pilihanraya Umum ke-13 dan apa yang dilakukan semasa pilihanraya kecil dan juga lain-lain yang dilakukan untuk menyekat bangkangan terhadapnya.

2. Negara masih ingat demonstrasi Bersih 5. Dia menyatakan yang dia tidak akan sekat. Tetapi kita semua tahu apa yang dia bermati-mati lakukan untuk menghalang demonstrasi itu daripada diteruskan sama sekali atau untuk mengurangkan skalanya.

3. Kesemua tempat yang dicadangkan oleh Bersih tidak diluluskan pihak polis. Beberapa jalan juga di klasifikasikan sebagai tidak sesuai. Demonstrasi tidak boleh ada apa-apa unsur keganasan. Tidak boleh ada apa-apa sampah dibuang oleh para peserta demonstrasi. Baju kuning menjadi pakaian jenayah.

4. Bersih telah patuhi hampir kesemua sekatan ini. Tidak seperti demonstrasi jalanan di negara-negara lain, pesertanya tidak memenuhi jalan-jalan tetapi hanya di kaki lima. Mereka mematuhi kesemua arahan polis. Malahan ada pasukan untuk mengutip sampah. Peserta juga elak daripada membuang sampah di jalan. Tidak ada keganasan, walaupun apabila bertembung dengan penyokong Kerajaan berbaju merah. Dunia tidak pernah menyaksi demonstrasi yang begitu tertib dan aman. Tidak ada gas pemedih mata, tiada pembakaran tayar, tiada kenderaan yang diterbalikkan.

5. Walaupun penganjur telah memberikan ketetapan untuk patuhi kesemua syarat-syarat, beberapa hari sebelum demonstrasi, Maria Chin Abdullah, pemimpin utama bersama sembilan lagi pemimpin yang lain ditangkap. Maria dihumban ke dalam bilik yang sejuk dan gelap. Ini merupakan satu penyeksaan. Demonstrasi tetap berjalan tanpa ramai daripada pemimpin mereka.

6. Beberapa hari selepas demonstrasi berakhir barulah Maria dan yang lain-lain dibebaskan. Ianya juga kerana ramai yang melakukan protes secara senyap di Dataran Merdeka setiap malam.

7. Inilah salah satu cara Najib untuk menakutkan pembangkang.

8. Dari episod ini kita dapat jangkakan yang Najib akan bertindak untuk menghancurkan pembangkang dan menakutkan rakyat semasa Pilihanraya Umum ke-14.

9. Terdapat beberapa tanda-tanda atau usaha untuk membina kes bagi menangkap dan menahan pemimpin pembangkang. Penahanan pemimpin pembangkang akan mengucar-kacirkan parti. Memang tindakan akan sebabkan rakyat marah tetapi ramai yang akan rasa takut untuk undi pembangkang. Mereka percaya yang Najib akan dapat tahu dan tindakan akan diambil terhadap mereka. Tanpa pemimpin mereka tidak akan tahu apa yang harus dilakukan.

10. Undi untuk pembangkang akan merosot. Dan semasa ketiadaan pemimpin, Najib boleh rasuah rakyat dan pekerja parti sesungguh hatinya. Mereka akan lakukan semua perkara yang melanggar undang-undang menurut kehendaknya. Duit akan mengalir tanpa batas.

11. Pekerja pilihanraya dan juga pegawai mungkin akan menyalah arahkan pengundi, dan undian akan dimanipulasi. Ramai yang tidak akan boleh buang undi sama sekali. Undi pos akan di “hijack” dan dipindahkan bagi menaikkan jumlah undi di kawasan calon-calon penting BN.

12. Secara dasar Malaysia bukan lagi sebuah demokrasi. Kita kini di klasifikasikan sebagai sebuah kleptokrasi, sebuah negara yang dipimpin pencuri. Tahap penipuan dalam Pilihanraya akan menjadikan ianya tidak bererti sama sekali. Ianya memalukan.

13. Ketua Polis Negara mungkin tidak bersetuju tetapi Malaysia telah pun menjadi negara polis atau “Police State”. Tidak ada peraturan undang-undang. Samada arahan itu bertentangan undang-undang negara atau tidak, polis telah menunjukkan yang mereka bersedia menjalankannya. Mereka akan tahan pemimpin pembangkang walaupun sedar yang mereka ini tidak pun melakukan apa-apa kesalahan. Mereka akan menganggu-gugat orang, memanggil untuk disoal-siasat dan diancam. Kesemua ini telah dilakukan dan ianya dilakukan dengan persetujuan KPN.

14. Semua ini akan berlaku lagi semasa pilihanraya diadakan. Tetapi Najib juga boleh untuk tidak adakan pilihanraya. Ianya di bawah bidang kuasa dia untuk berbuat sedemikian. Undang-undang tidak akan menghalangnya. Hanya dengan mengisytiharkan darurat, walaupun hakikatnya tidak pun timbul situasi sebegitu dia boleh gantung perlembagaan.

15. Dan dia akan dapat sokongan tidak belah-bahagi pemimpin UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. Mereka ini semua tahu yang pemimpin mereka ini menyalahguna kuasa. Mereka sedar akan siasatan dan tuduhan terhadap Najib oleh beberapa badan siasatan negara asing. Mereka tahu tentang laporan jenayah oleh Department of Justice Amerika Syarikat, penahanan individu dan penutupan bank-bank di Singapura yang terpalit dengan skandal 1MDB. Mereka tahu tentang kegiatan rasuah berleluasa melibatkan duit curi yang dilakukan Najib bermula sebaik sahaja ianya menjawat jawatan. Dia telah menghancurkan UMNO dan negara.

16. Said Keruak, Annuar Musa, Zahid Hamidi, Hishamuddin, Mustapa Mohamad, pemimpin-pemimpin MCA dan MIC dan kesemua Menteri Kabinet sedikit pun tidak ambil kisah. Mereka tidak kisah apa yang akan jadi kepada negara ini, kepada rakyat dan kepada reputasi Kerajaan yang baik yang telah dibina pemimpin-pemimpin terdahulu.

17. Apa yang mereka kisah hanyalah kedudukan mereka, kemudahan yang mereka dapat serta kemungkinan besar dedak yang diperolehi. Biarlah negara ini hancur. Biarkan ianya dipanggil kleptokrasi. Biarkan ianya tersenarai sebagai diantara 10 negara paling korup di dunia. Mereka tidak kisah. Tidak mungkin mereka tidak tahu. Tetapi mereka tidak kisah.

18. Rakyat boleh menderita. Itu bukan masalah Bapak-bapak Menteri. Dipimpin pencuri tidak mengapa.

19. Asalkan mereka sendiri dapat meraih untung untuk diri mereka sendiri tidak mengapa, apa yang nak dikisahkan tentang perkara lain.

20. Saya sedar yang pemimpin-pemimpin pembangkang sedang dijerut. Tetapi saya merayu kepada semua rakyat Malaysia; Melayu, Cina, India, Iban, Kadazan, Murut Bajau dan lain-lain tolaklah Najib di Pilihanraya Umum ke-14 walaupun pemimpin pembangkang dimasuk di dalam penjara.

21. Rakyat Malaysia!

22. Ini adalah negara negara kita. Kita dilahirkan di sini. Kita dibesarkan di sini. Kita telah merasai kehidupan yang baik di sini, mendapat pendapatan yang halal dari pekerjaan yang dilakukan dan perkhidmatan yang diberikan.

23. Selamatkanlah negara ini daripada dihancurkan dan diranapkan sama sekali oleh Najib dan ketamakan kleptokrat-kelptokratnya.

15 thoughts on “HOW NAJIB HOPES TO WIN

  1. mima2715 Jul 3,2017 12:19 PM

    Nobody will be in power forever, and that will happened to najib too if the people are stronger and united. If not, we have to wait 5 or 10 years more, but probably too late for Malaysia when we gonna slowly become fail state like Philippine, let’s hope that day won’t happened. But people like najib is everywhere, blinded by wealth, been taught corruption as normal, so will we be free from this people if we replaced najib. We should upgrade the system we have, make sure next leader got some limitation, cannot abuse the power like before, and educate the public or new generation with good ethics and live in harmony with each other by introduce one type of school for all races. Political party that only represent one type of race is out of date in this millennium, especially they live in multi racial country like Malaysia. How people wanna accept them when they famously claim to serve only some people, that’s call oppression not democracy.

  2. sibotak Jul 2,2017 7:39 AM

    To Pin Najib down with Embarrassment
    The next PRU lets get Mukhliz Mahathir contest with Najib

  3. musato Jul 2,2017 6:58 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Ya, Najib boleh buat macam macam.

    Tapi kita boleh kata, “kau jangan macam macam Najib”.

    Ada orang selesa dengan UMNO. Ada kerja yang berkuasa, ada harta, boleh mewah mewah…suatu masa Najib akan dihukum juga nanti.

    Apa yang saya belajar dari Tun adalah Tuhan tidak akan mengubah manusia, kecuali manusia itu sendiri berusaha mengubahnya.

    Itu kata kata Tun yang sentiasa Tun katakan.

    Sekarang saya faham apa yang Tun katakan. Cuma saya ingin menambah. Selepas berusaha bersungguh sungguh, kita perlu bertawakal kepada Allah swt.

    Walaubagaimanapun, untuk geng Najib…persilakanlah. Kamu boleh buat lebih baik dari itu – (macam skrip filem).

    Terima kasih Tun.

  4. Hajar Jul 1,2017 5:29 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiKasihi Tun,

    1. Maaf Tun sebab sehingga sekarang saya masih tidak menyokong ‘Bersih’ yang mengadakan demonstrasi jalanan yang lebih banyak membawa keburukan dari kebaikan.

    2. Saya sudah nyatakan dahulu bahawa Tun melakukan kesilapan besar semasa hadir di Bersih 4.0. Saya ingat lagi ramai yang ‘terharu’ dan kagum dengan kehadiran Tun di Bersih 4.0 sehinggakan Pakpandir08 tuduh saya turut berasa ‘terharu’ (a blunder by Pakpandir08 since he could not prove his allegation when asked to do so – satu lagi kes ‘tersilap tembak’). Kasihan Pakpandir08 sebab dia yakin saya sokong Tun secara membuta-tuli.

    3. Saya tidak setuju dengan keseluruhan kenyataan Tun bahawa ‘Bersih’ (yang tidak bersih) tidak melanggar apa-apa peraturan dan undang-undang (Point 4) dan mematuhi kesemua arahan Polis. Adalah tidak benar bahawa para pendemostrasi tidak memenuhi jalanraya-jalanraya dan cuma berada di kaki-kaki lima. Saya nampak ramai (beribu-ribu orang) yang berada di tengah-tengah jalanraya (Bersih 5.0 dll.).

    4. Saya sebenarnya sedih bila melihat Tun turun ke jalanan untuk berdemonstrasi kerana pada pandangan saya tempat Tun bukan di jalanan. Saya amat menyanjungi Tun. Saya anggap Tun tahu apa yang Tun lakukan (sebagai ahli politik). Namun saya berharap Tun tidak lagi turut serta dalam mana-mana demonstrasi jalanan.

    5. Tentang isu penipuan dalam pilihanraya, memang ada berlaku dalam mana-mana pilihanraya. Tetapi banyak juga calon-calon Pakatan Rakyat yang menang dengan majoriti yang amat tinggi. Anwar dan DS Azizah masih menang dengan selesa setiap kali bertanding. Jika betul penipuan berskala besar dilakukan (ada yang tuduh Tun pun sama juga semasa dalam BN), mana mungkin ada banyak calon2 dari Pembangkang yang menang dengan SELESA dan dapat membentuk Kerajaan Negeri. Kita mesti berfikir secara waras dan rasional dalam menilai sesuatu keadaan.

    6. Mengenai isu ‘Police State’, ada tuduhan mengatakan Tun dahulu lagi teruk (Worse? Spesis ini memang penyokong tegar Pembangkang sejak dahulu ). Jika benar Tun bersikap sedemikian (salah guna kuasa?), silalah dakwa Tun di mahkamah (untuk apa saja kes). Jangan setakat berani MENYAMAR jadi orang ‘Islam’ untuk sewenang-wenangnya mengutuk umat Islam dan Melayu dalam blog ini (Tun seorang Melayu Islam dan pernah jadi PM dari UMNO). Orang sebegini memang celak* lagi hina kerana menyamar (seorang pengecut) untuk kepentingan politik kotor parti tertentu.

    7. Kekorupan dan salah guna kuasa PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor dan konco-konco beliau akan lambat laun mendapat pembalasan setimpal. PM Ah Jib Gor bersalah kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia, dan dosa beliau (dan konco2 beliau) terhadap rakyat Malaysia cuma boleh diampunkan oleh rakyat Malaysia.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    ** Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi dan merahmati Tun sekeluarga **

  5. sibotak Jul 1,2017 5:15 PM

    Elections of Political Leader is very Important
    Its not a Game , It should not be Trial & Error
    It is positive as it affects yr Life & my Life
    Which also affects the future of our own generations

    Najib is not the Leader
    Not even fit to post any Ministerial post
    Questions emerge Najib was never fit to be in Defense Minister once
    How can you Tun , elect Najib as The Prime Minister of Malaysia

    Najib Failed many
    His dealings with Singapore , his Govt investment in Singapore
    1MDB and the many aboves his Luxury spending
    That Najib does not Deserves

    Could as well elect The Raja Bomoh Malaysia Ibrahim Mad Zain
    To be The Prime Minster of Malaysia
    At least He is also a Clown like Najib but Less Spendings

  6. Mat.Tandang Jul 1,2017 1:42 AM

    Salam Tun,
    1.Diizinkan Tuhan kemenangan utk team Pakatan Rakyat bernaung di bawah satu lambang Bersatu.
    2.Dari pengamatan kami rakyat Malaysia gambaran kekalahan besar-besaran BN umno sudah nampak jelas.
    3.Serangan sakit jantung dan sawan mulut berbuih bersilih ganti dimalam penggiraan kertas undi.Nak muntah tengok kalangan menteri bila bercakap berbuih tepi mulut, lepas tu lap dengan Ibu jari dan ada yang salam cium tangan. Jadi memang patut mulut berbuih sawan sambil jatuh melurut dari kerusi empuknya.
    4.Ada dikalangan mereka menghantuk-hantukkan kepala di dinding simen, dan ada pula yang paling teruk hilang kewarasan dan Gila.
    5.Ada diantara mereka yang menarik-narik rambut sendiri sampai botak berdarah.
    6.Ini kerana segala usaha menipu, rasuah, upahan menggugut semasa hari undian tidak menjadi sama sekali, Tuhan tidak mengizin cara ini.
    7.Selamat tinggal umno bn, sudah berkubur, rest in peace.

  7. rimba.emas Jun 30,2017 11:19 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Kalaulah semua yang pergi mengundi fikir tentang akhirat atau kerana tuhannya pasti semua penipuan itu tidak akan berkesan.

    2. Lagi pun kalau mengundi rakyat terpaksa berbagi sama banyak dan bilangannya jutaan. Sebaliknya yang untung sudah tentu para pemimpin yang mendapat habuan secara persendirian.

    3. Tiada untung banyak kepada rakyat bila mengundi jadi lebih baik mengundi kepada seorang yang membawa KEBENARAN sekurang-kurangnya dapat ganjaran pahala sebagai bekalan akhirat nanti.

    4. Duniakan hanya sementara akhirat jua yang kita kejar. Adakah rugi kalau kita menolak habuan dunia hanya mengharap untung akhirat ?

    5. Kalau di dunia kita buat betul akan membawa kejayaan di dunia dan akhirat.

    6. Sebaliknya kalau kita pilih pemimpin yang salah maka keuntungan sedikit di dunia tetapi rugi besar di akhirat.

    7. Justeru marilah kita MENGUNDI seorang pemimpin yang dapat membahagiakan kita rakyat di dunia dan akhirat.


  8. milshah Jun 30,2017 4:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Your approach towards Najib is correct. With Najib, all possibilities need to be considered.

    One of MO1’s memoriable strategies, was during the “4 Tan Sri 1MDB investigations. The 4 Tan Sri is referred to the heads of the country”s top investigative agencies comprising the AG, PDRM, Bank Negara and MACC. We felt a bit relieaved now that the agencies were looking into the 1MDB scandal. It was an investigation that was being scrutinized by the public and MO1 would not be able to interfere without the public knowing and recieve a backlash. At that time, we hoped justice would be served for the wrongdoings committed and the rakyat would have closure. When all seems that there was no way MO1 could escape, suddenly MO1 struck with lightning speed.
    The AG was relieved of his duties due to health issues and replaced. The MACC office was raided and MACC officers detained for questioning. Suddenly the mainstream media informed the public on attempts to overthrowing a democratically elected government. What was a simple case of breach of trust and corruption changed into attempt to overthrow the governement. What was a simple corruption of billions of money laundering money into MO1 account changed into donation by the Saud royalty.

    The hunter suddenly become the hunted. The AG, MACC and Bank Negara head has all been changed. The come an end to the 4 Tan Sri saga.

    After that, no really dared touch on the 1MDB scandal except fot international investigative bodies. Even that is being countered as interfering with another country domestic issues.

    MO1 survived all this while up to being the PM for a reason. He would have picked up some skills and strategies to survive. He is a caculative strategist. He prefers to watch his enemies manouvers before making a final strike.

    So, Tun word of caution need to be taken seriously. With MO1, anything can happen.

  9. Karl Iskandar Jun 30,2017 9:57 AM


    Kalah atau menang Najib akan ditentukan oleh penggundi.

    Melontar fitnah dan berharap rakyat termakan hasutan adalah petanda kelemahan sendiri. Ianya satu bentuk korupsi minda yg DrM diamalkan sejak lama dulu.

  10. cjsavvy Jun 30,2017 12:08 AM

    Nothing to worry, Tun. We, the people, are not easily fooled by this corrupt leader. We will vote him out in GE14. The only worry is if he actually creates some ’emergency’ and suspends Parliament.

  11. Caleb Jun 29,2017 9:20 PM

    I hope the next Opposition who wins the election will do right by the people objectively. And I’ll spell OBJECTIVELY! This means enacting law to stop kleptocracy among all, nip corruption (this is a rampant disease in Malaysia), set 3 strong layers of legislative, executive & judicial system separately and so on. Remove the race card. Even allow appointment of Prime Minister from any race, as long as Malaysian. Most importantly, promote Malaysian as one integrated country, not segregated by who’s bigger or stronger. Time to move on instead of snagged on to 1960s.

  12. uipnky Jun 29,2017 5:28 PM

    1) It is true that the alleged rampant corruption within Umno only started after Najib took over the rein or presidency ? No, absolutely not. It has been there during Tun’s time too.
    2) Umno is the heart and soul of the Malays and Bumiputras over many generations since British colony time. Umno equals to Malay/Bumi. Is it wise to abandon a party just because some members do not agree with the leadership and its direction? Does it worth the while to rewrite history of Umno (replacing a historical major party for Malays/Bumis)? I seriously doubt so.
    3) Election in any country is the same. It is never a fair-and-square system. Be it in developed or developing countries. Tun knows that very well. But history has proven again and again, a strong leader, against all odds can always overcome the obstacles and win. These leaders win because of their strong idealogies, out-of-the-box thinking and exceptional personality, not by just condemning their opponents. Do we have such a leader and are we grooming someone to be such a leader? That should be the question we ask ourself.

  13. Fariq Islam Jun 29,2017 2:53 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    PM and BN, being in political battlefield, have their ways of winning.

    Opposition needs to strengthen internally – stay united under PH’s roof (in Borneo), leaders come clean and trustworthy, coalition has agenda and blueprint acceptable to all races etc.

    Nevertheless, Rakyat hope to get a clean, trustable and responsible Government which can reinforce multiracial unity, economic growth, sustainable currency value, manageable living cost, jobbing opportunity.

  14. Fariq Islam Jun 29,2017 2:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    All agree that BERSIH organised peaceful assembly in the past. But, what could it achieve? Dirty politicians used it as a tool to play race card.

    On the issue of Malaysia being made a police state, in fact, it happened in worse manner during Tun’s era, where many educated rights fighters were arrested in Operasi Lalang.

    Kleptocracy does not happen overnight. It is a cultural issue. The so-called kleptocrates make money through unethical means, and get so used to make easy money, and of course, in the end, capitulate to kleptocracy. Sorry to say, it was partly transformed from the AP system Tun implemented to transfer wealth into certain people’s pocket.

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