1. I did a u-turn long before my agreement to support Anwar’s royal pardon and candidature as PM. I did it when Najib did a U-turn with UMNO.

2. The UMNO which was set up in 1946 was dedicated to independence under a Parliamentary Democracy and a constitutional Monarchy.

3. When Najib abused the powers of the Prime Minister and based his regime on Cash is King, and the Constitution can go to hell; when Najib lost huge amounts of money and RM2.6 billion of it appeared in his private account; when the rule of law is abused and replaced with open corruption of the nation; when all these happened and more, I lost my belief in Najib’s UMNO and I turned away from it, and I set myself on a course to destroy this leader who works against the Malays, against Islam, against Malaysia – the fundamentals of UMNO’s struggle.

4. In the effort to destroy the demon, I found common ground with the parties opposed to UMNO and BN. I found common ground with Anwar Ibrahim. I found that Anwar and me can work together after I had made my U-turn.

5. We, together with many others will spare no effort to overthrow Najib and his decadent, corrupt kleptocratic Government.

6. Thieves should not rule this great nation. Thieves who are condemned by the whole world and are laughed by all and sundry should not be allowed to go on running any country.

7. That is the objective of my collaborating with Anwar. No further u-turn is needed. It had already been made.

8. I do not fear Anwar with regard to the RCI. But I do believe that the whole exercise to investigate the currency trading by Bank Negara is in order to implicate me.

9. On the other hand no RCI is being set up to investigate the proven losses of tons of money by 1MDB and Najib despite the enormous evidence of wrongdoings which are available to the world and the Malaysian public.

10. The RCI on currency trading by Bank Negara more than thirty years ago is not about seeking justice but is clearly a desperate effort by Najib to silence his detractors. It will not work.


1. Saya dah buat U-turn (pusingan U) Iama sebelum perjanjian menyokong pengampunan di-raja untuk Anwar dan pencalonannya sebagai Perdana Menteri. Saya U-turn apabila Najib sendiri U-turn terhadap UMNO.

2. UMNO yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 1946 menumpu kepada kemerdekaan negara di bawah sistem Demokrasi berparlimen dan Raja berperlembagaan.

3. Apabila Najib menyalah guna kuasa Pedana Menteri dan melandaskan rejimnya kepada Cash is King atau Wang sebagai Raja, maka terkuburlah perlembagaan; apabila Najib melesapkan sebegitu banyak wang dan RM2.6billion masuk ke dalam akaun peribadinya; apabila peraturan undang-undang disalah guna dan digantikan dengan rasuah secara terbuka dalam negara; apabila kesemua ini terjadi dan lebih lagi, saya hilang kepercayaan dan berpaling daripada UMNO pimpinan Najib dan saya tumpukan usaha untuk menurunkan pemimpin ini yang jelas bekerja bertentangan dengan kepentingan Melayu, Islam dan Malaysia – asas kepada perjuangan UMNO.

4. Di dalam usaha untuk menghancurkan jembalang ini, saya dapati ada persamaan dengan parti-parti pembangkang yang menentang UMNO dan BN. Terdapat juga persamaan dengan Anwar Ibrahim. Saya dan Anwar boleh bekerjasama setelah saya U-turn.

5. Kami, bersama dengan yang lain-lain akan berusaha keras menjatuhkan Najib dan kerajaannya yang mundur, korup dan kleptokratik.

6. Perompak tidak boleh pimpin negara yang hebat ini. Pencuri yang dicaci dunia dan ditertawakan semua tidak boleh dibenarkan berterusan memerintah mana-mana negara.

7. Itu objektif saya berkerjasama dengan Anwar. Tidak perlu U-turn lagi. Ianya telah pun berlaku.

8. Saya tidak takut pada Anwar berhubung dengan RCI (Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja). Tetapi saya percaya usaha menyiasat urusniaga matawang asing oleh Bank Negara ialah untuk mencari kesalahan saya.

9. Sebaliknya tiada RCI ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat kehilangan bertan duit yang telah pun terbukti oleh 1MDB dan Najib walaupun terdapat banyak bukti salahlaku yang jelas dan boleh didapati oleh sesiapa sahaja di dunia dan rakyat Malaysia.

10. RCI ke atas urusniaga matawang Bank Negara lebih 30 tahun dahulu bukan untuk mencari keadilan tetapi jelas satu usaha terdesak Najib untuk menutup mulut pengkritiknya. Ia tidak akan berjaya.

38 thoughts on “U-TURNS

  1. El Jefe Sep 9,2017 12:10 PM


  2. El Jefe Sep 9,2017 11:57 AM

    With all the ‘Finger Pointing… Bad Mouthing… Rootless Accusations & Etc, can anyone please pull my finger, or slap me silly, and tell me how much progress have we made in having Malaysia moving towards a better nation, better state, better living standards, improved and acceptable lifestyle and mentality compared to maybe a year ago or maybe since last election or even the election before that. I wonder whether all of us here next time when we happen to go to airport to pick a family member would actually stop your vehicle at the Zebra crossing to allow pedestrians Cross the road or even at the BAT Ex-Rothmans Roundabout in PJ or even at the Old Jaya Supermarket in PJ where all I see is Chaos, No Respect, Lost, No Guideline and ZERO PRINCIPAL with NO HONOR mentality. We are super critical in criticizing that we forget that the true responsible, nation building type of critics are the ones made constructively, gentlemanly, responsibly and most importantly respectfully. Do not criticize if you do not know any other better outcome or methods or if you don’t feel like sharing your ideas, than Its best you start practicing to be a developed person in case when 2020 comes we suddenly realized that these politically driven nation was denied its developed status due to its citizens lack of maturity, positivity, methods and solution base, Caveman level of mentality, Kampung way of thinking and mainly due to the absence of a civic living ideology with no principal and solid infras where its government uses and does everything right for the wrong reasons, and everything wrong for the right reasons… Malaysians…. WAKE UP from Your DREAM please. NAJIB ke TUN ke ANWAR ke SAYA ke YOU ke… semuanya sama. Make a difference, Start today, Start with yourself and focus on how you would like the nation to be. Stop blaming others, blame yourself is best, work towards an improved mentalself.

  3. NizomBux Jul 28,2017 1:02 PM

    Salam Tun
    Saya ada satu pandangan berkaitan

    Harap dpt pencerahan


  4. The Hidden Secret Jul 19,2017 5:53 PM


    Najib memang pencuri. Banyak pihak secara terbukak melabel Najib seorang pencuri, penyamun, perompak tapi Najib tak berani nak saman. Najib penyamun tarbus yang dilindungi oleh Ketua Polis Negara dan Peguam Negara. Raja-Raja Melayu pula tak ambil sebarang tindakan atau usaha untuk memperbetulkan keadaan. Ini bukan lagi isu politik. Ini isu jenayah terbuka di siang hari.

  5. milshah Jul 19,2017 11:34 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Agreed with your strategy by naming yourself as the top leader as Harapan. I hope other leaders in Harapan can understand the reasoning for this. Already BN is attacking by saying there is 3 captains leading 1 ship and thus Harapan is unstable.

    However, some members from “Otai Reformasi” just can’t accept you as the leader for Harapan. It is sad, that even though Anwar and his family is willing to accept Tun and move on, they still can’t.

    For everyone in Harapan, not just “Otai Reformasi”, that have doubts in Tun, there is only two options.

    The moment you go against Harapan or it’s leadership, then you are with “Team Najib”. Like it or not, we have to stay united. No more fighting among ourselves. Or Najib will win.

    Onwards Harapan to Putrajaya!

  6. uipnky Jul 19,2017 1:54 AM

    I think Tun authored the book “The Malay Dilemma” 40 years too early.
    Now is the right time to write the book given the current situation faced by the Malays.

    The Malay voters are now faced with two extreme choices :
    (1) Najib and Umno
    (2) Tun and Bersatu / Pakatan Harapan

    It is a tough choice to make for the Malays. I think it is only fair to say both choices have their pros and cons. Tun and the “supporters” have been making a good case for themselves in this blog.

    It is shocking (seriously shocking) that people already accused Najib of corruption from 1MDB despite no court of laws in any country in the world ever prosecute him, let alone find him guilty. Not in Hong Kong or Singapore or Switzerland or US or Malaysia or British Virgin Islands. No one is guilty unless it is proven otherwise by the court of laws.

    Despite all the condemning, it is fair to state that Najib has his achievements as well such as GST, transport infrastructure, MACC Anti corruptions, 1Malaysia policies (Urban affordable housing, 1Malaysia Clinics), and etc. GST is a bold initiative which put in place a spending tax system which protect government from collapse during major downturns. GST system is based on spending which means the rich people are contributing proportionately more than the poor who are helped through br1m and other means. There is no perfect tax system but GST is a system that ensure relatively stable revenue for government in long run. It is a good bitter medicine for goodness of the country.

  7. zulu Jul 18,2017 10:32 AM

    Tun M, your comments are perfect except #6…

    “6. Thieves should not rule this great nation.”

    These thieves already made this nation laughable and no more great, I suppose.

    Najis is a cancerous cyst to this nation, this nation need radiotherapy to survive from this cancer and and it’s origin.

  8. sibotak Jul 18,2017 2:55 AM

    Di mana pendirian kamu ?
    Siapa Undi kamu ?

    Wahai kaum yg dinamakan Melayu

    BERSATU yg bersekutu dengan DAP untuk jatuhkan Najib Bukan UMNO , sekali lagi hujah saya , bukan UMNO ?
    UMNO yg tunduk pada terlapak kaki PAP ?

    Kedua duanya menonjolkan Melayu masih belum Merdeka
    Melayu masih ber Tuan
    Melayu masih Mundur
    Melayu masih di berlenggu dengan Keresahan
    Inilah Melayu dulu dan kini

    Sekarang Melayu lawan Melayu
    Cina , Lim Kit Siang tersenyum Lebar
    Serupa juga Arab lawan Arab
    Arab membunuh Arab
    Memalukan & menjijik Ummah ,menghina Islam
    Yahudi bertepuk riang sambil tersenyum manis

    Pendirian saya
    Tun Mahathir masih Pahlawan Melayu campur 5 sudu camca Mamak
    Pahlawan yg Sejati
    Bertulang Besi , Urat Dawai
    Banyak makan MinyakTamin

    Kerana Tun ,Saya pilih BERSATU
    Kerana Najib, saya juga kuburkan UMNO walau Sebak , Rabak , Sedih di Dada

    Seeprti Tun juga
    Bukan UMNO yg ingin di injaukan
    Najib punca segala acara , segala pertaka

    Apa jasa beliau yg kita lihat ? APA ?
    Apa beban yg beliau lakukan yg kita pikul ?
    Inilah sebab nya

    Kolih kolih di olak olak
    Eh Najib ! Lu dah tak bolih , jangan NAK BERANGGAN pulak

  9. Mat.Tandang Jul 18,2017 12:54 AM

    Terbaik Tun,
    Lambang sudah diputuskan,
    1.Kepada rakyat Malaysia hafal ini, HARAPAN, pangkah lambang ini ketika mengundi.
    2.Setuju semua blogers. Full stop.

  10. Dave Copper Jul 17,2017 12:07 PM

    Dear Tun,

    In politics, there are no eternal friends or eternal enemies, only eternal interests.

    History shows that no enemy remains hostile forever, nor do friends remain friendly forever. For that reason, it is wise to have friendly relations with all.

    For politician, it is not wise for them to play the racial game, and it is not wise for them to play the religion game as well. The harder you played those games, the deeper the impression people have upon you. And if you made a U-turn, for whatever reasons, you will give people a flip flopping, wishy-washy impression.

    If a politician’s heart is not big enough to include all races in this multi-racial Malaysia. The minorities will vote against you, and forever vote against the party you represented.

    Anwar was a racist, what he has done in the 1980 still haunted the older generation, he still doesn’t have the full trust of the minorities, but between the two evils, the minorities will still vote for him.

    No because he is a friend or enemy, but for eternal interests sake.

  11. sibotak Jul 17,2017 8:46 AM

    UMNO hanya bolih di selamtkan jika Najib mundur
    TAPI kasihan Najib Berdegil hinggakan
    Najib sendiri yg bakal kuburkan UMNO
    UMNO yg Bapa beliau tubuhkan
    Yg seharusnya Najib Banggakan

    Bapa Tubuh UMNO
    Anak kubur UMNO

    Anggota UMNO sekarang juga Bertanggung Jawab & Bersubahat
    Mengkuburkan UMNO
    Kerana mereka angkur akan kebenaran
    Mereka membuat rakyat seolah rakyat buta
    Seolah rakyat bodoh , seolah rakyat tidak ada suara
    UMNO sekarang lupa ini Demokrasi zaman 21 century
    Kanak sekolah pun tidak bolih di sentuh Guru

    Mereka mengiakan benda yg tidak , tidak memandang benda yg salah

    Nasi sudah jadi Bubur
    Tun sudah pun tubuhkan BERSATU demi tujuan yg Harus
    Namun sekarang BERSATU tidak bolih mundur ,walau sekarang Najib baru nak Undur
    Sebab Kebenaran akan di selewengkan lagi olih Najib & penganut UMNO yg buta lagi Pekak kebenaran

    Jadi Malaysia Tidak bolih salahkan Tun Mahathir
    Pada masa yg sama Tun , BERSATU tidak bolih menyandar pada DAP
    Sebab DAP akan jadi punca kekalahan BERSATU
    Sebab orang Melayu jelatanya tidak percayakan DAP
    DAP ,PAP sama saja,Mereka faham kan kelemahan Melayu
    DAP ketika PRU akan pandia cakap Melayu

    Lebih Pandai mereka cakap melayu
    Lebih banyak lagi mereka akan tipu melayu

    Sekarang yelah
    Lu olang jangan takut
    Wa kasi adil punya , semua sama
    Rambut tak sama Hitam ,Tapi DAP hati banyak sama merah
    Tiba masa mereka berkuasa , lihat sajalah
    Tidakkah kita lihat ini di seberang ?

  12. asahamat Jul 17,2017 8:28 AM

    Maaf Tun, terlupa sikit. Nak cadang @ tegur sikit.

    (2) Nabi kita, Muhammad SAW pernah Allah teqoq sebab pd suatu ketika dia berjanji, tetapi terlalu yakin sehingga dia tak sebut “In Shaa Allah”. Kalau tak silap, dgn sebab itu, sebulan Allah tak dak berdatang kpd SAW.

    (3) Saya ikuti ucapan Tun di Kota Tinggi dan lain2, saya dapati dlm janji2 besar Tun, perkataan “In Shaa Allah” jarang sekali Tun sebutkan. Maka demi keberkatan dari Allah dan sebagai tanda ikhlas di atas apa janji Tun, wajar ungkapan “In Shaa Allah” Tun amalkan.

    Maaf menegur Tun.

    Tun Boleh! Rakyat Boleh! Msia Boleh! Najib MO1 boleh pi dah!

  13. asahamat Jul 17,2017 8:17 AM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Tahniah sebab sudah berjaya tubuh PH dan pakat bergerak sebagai PH. Setidak2, sistem dua Parti sedang muncul di Msia.

    (2) Najib MO1 sedang hancurkan Negara. PH mesti berikan HARAPAN utk kita kembali elok.

    (3) Tak perlu dah hirau pasal PAS. PH amalkan saja sikap kepimpinan BERAMANAH dan BERWIBAWA. Biar dulu Warisan. Sama juga BN Sarawak. Sabah dan Sarawak isu mudah, kita cuma nak hambat Malaya dari segi kesejahteraan hidup. Itu nanti PH boleh atoq bila BN-UMNO sudah tumbang. Jgn buang masa hal Sarawak. BN Sarawak tidak akan tumbang kerana belum ada apa yg Abang Johari buat tidak betul. Bantu saja Warisan utk menang besar.

    (4) Tun, peneroka Felda tak faham bab saham. Jatuh tak jatuh saham FGV, depa tak peduli. Sama juga tinggi mana hutang depa dgn Felda, depa tidak peduli. Yg depa peduli, depa dapat tak duit bila dekat raya @ hujung tahun anak nak masuk sekolah. Depa juga tidak peduli brp duit depa dapat dari Felda. Ada kira sudah syukur. Maka saya rasa kita kena cari hujah lain selain dari apa yg Tun cakap kat Kota Tinggi baru2 ini utk serang dan tukar angin peneroka Felda. Samalah bagi orang2 Kampong toktok UMNO.

    (5) Kena ingat, sejak dari mula sehingga kini, Melayu telah disemai dgn semangat, selagi Kjaan ada ie UMNO, apapun masalah rakyat, Kjaan @ UMNO akan selesaikan. FGV ka, 1MDB ka, penjajahan China ka, kemiskinan ka, segalanya, bukan masalah selagi Kjaan ada n UMNO terajui Kjaan. Inilah stigma yg saya kira kita kena pecahkan. Stigma bersyukur dgn apa yg ada sudah sebati dlm darah daging Melayu. Kita kena cari jln utk pecahkan stigma ini.

    (6) Mudah2an Taufiq dan Hidayah Allah terus melimpah kpd Tun dan semua yg jujur dlm membela Rakyat, Islam dan Msia.

    Tun Boleh! Rakyat Boleh! Msia Boleh! Najib MO1 boleh belahlah!

  14. anti rasuah Jul 17,2017 7:33 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya ingin komen tentang satu perkara yang diutarakan oleh saudara Paan tentang link berikut:

    Pendapat saya, responden yang menyokong BN pemikirannya umpama katak bawah tempurung. Pemikiran mereka agak cetek dan tidak berkembang. Ini kerana jika bukan BN yang memerintah Malaysia, mustahil kerajaan baru akan meminggirkan rakyat. Sudah tentu idea lebih bagus akan dicurahkan untuk kebaikan dan kesejahteraan rakyat.

    Perkara ini berbeza dengan rakyat yang duduk nun jauh di pedalaman seperti Sarawak yang kini tinggal di Bandar-Bandar besar seperti KL, Lembah Klang dan lainnya di mana pemikiran mereka jauh lebih matang menilai yang mana KACA dan yang mana INTAN.

    Itu sebab kebanyakan mereka yang tinggal di Selangor, KL, JB , Penang dan bandar besar lainnya melihat pentadbiran kerajaan dari sudut yang lebih jelas dan lebih bijak berbanding mereka yang tinggal di kampong-kampong yang mana kebanyakannya sentiasa mengharapkan bantuan kerajaan walaupun mereka sebenarnya agak bodoh memahami maksud kerajaan dalam kontek yang lebih luas.

    Jika pembangkang mampu menjelaskan perancangan jangka pendek dan jangka panjang kepada rakyat yang di luar Bandar jika pembangkang menerajui kerajaan kelak saya yakin minda mereka akan terbuka luas.

    Apa yang kerajaan baru boleh membantu rakyat untuk masa depan, inilah yang kebanyakan rakyat luar Bandar ingin tahu.

    Mereka yang di luar Bandar takut jika kerajaan yang ada sekarang kalah, seolah-olah mereka hilang tempat bergantung.

    Fikir-fikirkan lah Tun.


  15. paan Jul 17,2017 2:09 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Maaf sbb lari tajuk skit..saje nk kongsi 1 bahan bacaan sumber dr blog yg dipercayai n suka dilayari oleh golongan muda belia..

    Satu kupasan yg menarik..mngkin ada pihak kata berat sebelah tp sbnarnya mmg bgini la alasan yg slalu diberikan oleh sstengah pngundi (selalunya di kwasan membangun n luar bandar) knapa mereka masih brsama UMNO-BN..

    *mngkin utk mmenangi hati pngundi luar bndar isu lain yg lbih relevan bg mereka harus digunakan..1MDB, GST, n bbrapa isu lain mngkin xmmberi mereka hal sbb mereka fikir isu tu xbrkaitan lngsung dgn mereka..

  16. HBT456 Jul 16,2017 9:04 PM

    58. Jika anda mahu tahu, anda boleh search in the internet for general and basic info on lgbt.

    59. Selepas you baca, then, only you decide yourself adakah itu obsession atau love.

    60. Suka atau tidak, pru wajib akan dipanggil.

    61. Apabila pru dipanggil, apakah promises yang akan ditaburkan kepada para pengundi, itu terpulang kepada kempen parti2 politik tempatan.

    62. Good, bad or ugly, its up to the political parties to decide.

    63. Good, bad or ugly, its up to the voters to decide.

  17. musato Jul 16,2017 2:50 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    HBT, terima kasih atas maklum balas.

    Sudah tentu HBT sokong LGBT. Tapi saya masih tidak dapat jawapan jelas kenapa HBT sokong LGBT.

    Adakah kerana NAFSU? Mestilah lelaki sama lelaki dan perempuan sama perempuan tak akan dapat anak. Maka jalannya adalah ambil anak angkat.

    Adakah kerana KASIH SAYANG? Lelaki sama lelaki perempuan sama perempuan saling dapat memahami lebih mendalam antara satu sama lain?

    HBT, yang mana satu? Kerana nafsu atau kerana KASIh SAYANG HBT menyokong LGBT?

    Saya tidak dapat melihat lebih jauh dari itu.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  18. HBT456 Jul 15,2017 11:26 PM

    48. You can go try out yourself and if you wanna share here with the public in this blog, takda masalah, the choice is in you.

    49. Perhaps, in your kampung, lgbt is haram, stau perkara yang amat memalukan maruah parti atau keluargamu but in my kampung, lgbt ini adalah orang biasa aja.

    50. Some people reject lgbt because they think lgbt cannot produce children.

    51. I read an article on why people support lgbt, and there is one word that caught my attention is lgbt cannot produce children but they can adopt children.

    52. The world was never perfect, henceforth, to make ourshelves feel better is stop judging others and ourselves.

    53. I am not a member of any political parties, and i have been in this blog for years.

    54. From day one i already made my stand clear.

    55. I am here to find out what triggered the depeg of us dollar and the implementation of the capital control policies.

    56. I already found the answer, therefore, whoever become pm, i still need to work, live and enjoy life.

    57. My country may not be the best, but i am definitely proud to be a malaysian.

  19. musato Jul 15,2017 8:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sebenarnya saya dah lama nak tanya HBT satu soalan walaupun HBT adalah penyokong tegar DAP.

    Dah kebetulan HBT ada di sini lepas lama jugak tak bagi komen, maka bolehlah saya tanyakan soalan tersebut.

    Setahu saya HBT sokong LGBT. Saya juga tahu HBT turut tak menghalang anak lelaki HBT dari terjerumus dalam LGBT jika itu kemahuan anak HBT.

    Setahu saya juga, HBT tidak menganuti mana mana agama. Dan saya tidak bercadang bercakap mengenai agama berkenaan LGBT dengan HBT.

    Cuma saya ingin tanyakan satu soalan pada HBT,

    Adakah HBT mengamalkan anal sex dalam kehidupan HBT?

    Setahu saya anal sex juga sedikit sebanyak berkaitan dengan LGBT.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  20. Ronin500 Jul 15,2017 3:33 PM

    Dear Tun,

    The fact is crystal clear that as primary suspect in fraud it didn’t bother to take initiative to cooperate in this world wide investigation, not even announcing distance between itself from Jho Low or its stepson, and continued on preaching the public it is fine to lose that amount of money over investment, this is an outright insult to the public’s intelligence to know the intensity of this trade is absurd as fraudulence happened not only on one level of transaction and we know this cannot be coincidence.

  21. SSLEE Jul 15,2017 1:22 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    I am deeply saddened and heart-broken to read the un-ending war of words between Pak Hajar and Pakpandir08. Till today there is still so much racial distrust, racial profiling, racial intolerance and even racial hatred among Tun’s supporters and opposition supporters. So what had gone wrong? We as Malaysian cannot forever blame the British colonial migrant policy, economic policy or administration policy of divide and rule. So who are we supposed to blame now?
    Tun, Please allow me to repost: Mohamad Muzamil Abdul Hayi Face book link below dated 22 December 2016.
    Ex Terengganu MB Ahmad Said exclaimed … UMNO having ruled Malaysia for 57 years but still crying of safeguarding Malay special rights … Malays under threat … Malays living under poverty etc. For 57 years, UMNO ruled the country and Islam is our national religion. So! what had UMNO been doing if Malaysia and Islam is still under threat?
    He said the facts are:
    1) Malaysia has 9 Sultans and a king and they are Malays.
    2) PM & DPM, holding Malaysia’s top most powerful posts are Malays.
    3) Since 1974, Minister of Finance is always a Malay.
    4) Other than Penang, all CMs & MBs are Malays.
    5) Majority of Federal Ministers are Malays, and influential and crucial Ministries are headed by Malays.
    6) Out of 222 MPs, more than 50% are Malays.
    7) More than 93% of Gov’t Depts, from lowest to highest posts, are Malays.
    8) NEP was designed and implemented for Malays.
    9) 80% of University quota are reserved for Malays.
    10) Special discount for house and stocks purchase are for Malays.
    11) Top posts in all sectors and branches of the Armed Forces and Police are held by Malays.
    12) GLCs are controlled and run by Malays.
    He asks just how could the Malays (who are already in absolute control of all the crucial institutions and pillars of political, economic, and societal life) be threatened, and are facing the danger of being harmed and ousted by the minority races? It is actually UMNO leaders & their cronies who; with their never-ending greed continue to bully & lie to Malays by blaming the Chinese and Indians, and making them as scapegoats. Ahmad Said urges Malays to wake up and see the evil intentions of UMNO Warlords.

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    We are currently collectively living in the consequence of our past action, inaction or omission. We are to be held accountable and responsible for our current situation. We as individual or as a whole must re-examine what had we done wrong in the past and make a big U turn on many of our past doings.
    Tun had been a very protective father to the extent that in sparing the rod, Tun had spoiled the child. Many of Tun’s initiatives and policies are for the good of the country but unfortunately the devil is in the detailed implementation where Untrustworthiness, Incompetence, UMNO Warlords, Opportunists, Little Napoleons and etc had hijacked Tun’s well mean initiatives and policies and turned it into self-enriching, self-serving for those well connected few and a convenient mean of divide and rule.
    I used to blame many of Tun’s past policies. In my previous comment I have quote from my memoir dated 26-12-2010; “I felt sorry for Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who had stereotyped the Chinese based on his bad experience with rich Chinese in Singapore during his university days and the humiliating defeat he suffered in defending his Alor Setar parliamentary seat which he must have solely blamed on the Chinese. He would have later, when he is in power painted all his view and policy in race colour. I would only want to say to him I do not hate him, but wanted him to know that for better or worse, his policy had very much pre-determined the fate of my brothers and sister.”…… “I am not trying to glorify the non-bumiputera contribution but please do note that I am also an equal partner to this beloved country and not a second class citizen. Can anybody understand how we feel? I think the person that comes closest to understanding our feeling is ironically none other than the controversial Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The just concluded UNMO convention implied that Turkey, Thai, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Eurasian or unknown mixed bloodline are all Malay. But remember during the heated 1987 UMNO power struggle between Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who was called the “M” word for not being pure Malay, versus Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah a pure blood Malay prince. If Dr. Mahathir Mohamad would to lose that fight, I would presume that he would be outcaste from UMNO and his contributions would be just a footnote on the history page. Then he would have understood how we feel now.”
    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    We need to own up to our past and find forgiveness in our heart. Forgive all who had wronged us and especially forgive our own sins, mistakes and regrets because by forgiving, we can free ourselves of past baggage and start to do the RIGHT THING NOW. We cannot change history but together we can help to shape the future of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. So what kind of future we want to leave behind for them will depend on what action we do NOW? Time is not on our side. We need to forgive now and put aside all our differences and build mutual trust of each other and unite as one. We need to build true brotherhood of all for one and one for all in order to overthrow MO1 and his decadent, corrupt Kleptocratic Government comes GE14.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE
    PS: I have a dream. I dream of the day I will call myself as Malaysian and if you insist that I put more word in front of Malaysian, I will say I am a Proud Kedahan Malaysian. Tun! Please make my dream comes true in the foreseeable future.

  22. Mat.Tandang Jul 15,2017 12:05 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Blogers semua,
    1.Terutama blogers yg masih jadi macai umnobnpas, tengok matlamat Tun yg utama dulu, kita kena bersatu, jangan undi umnobnpas dan bebas, yang lain boleh.

  23. HBT456 Jul 15,2017 11:04 AM

    25. Terima gay atau tidak, itu terpulang kepada perjuangan di negerimu.

    26. Saya tak dapat terima public canning on muslim, therefore, i wont stop pas to do it, that is the pas struggle but they cannot force the non muslim voters to accept such canning, bukan?

    27. After 60 years of merdeka, we still hear the word struggle in the muslim and malay political statements, meaning after all these years of nep, umno pas leaders failed in their cause, or its just a political gimmicks to show they are the tuan and only they can decide their struggle?

    28. The more racist and bias they are only show one thing, they dont respect themselves as state malay and malaysia.

    29. With this kind of sikap, you think they can set good law to manage their states, and malaysia?

    30. In politics, there is no secret therefore, when contestants win out, they will sworn as the pm and cabinet.

    31. No worries, after this pru, there will be another one coming out in the next pru.

    32. Rasuah atau lobi, itu terpulang kepada taksiran anda.

    33. Suka atau tidak, pru tetap di panggil.

    34. Suka atau tidak, kita wajib mengundi dalam pilihan raya umum.

    35. Once bitten twice shy.

    36. They too when bitten many times, they will be more careful in making their choice.

    37. No one knows who is swimming naked in there.

    38. Therefore, as long as the pru result is not know, remain silent is the better choice.

    39. After this pru, there will be many more.

    40. Absolute power corrupts and would lead to power abuse without knowing.

    41. When you no longer feel comfortable and safe, then, the best way out is to leave.

    42. No one knows what happen next, but if you never try, you will never know the result.

    43. Henceforth, go contest and see the result yourself.

    44. To the ordinary folks, life will go on as usual.

    45. If they are happy, they will vote you.

    46. If they are not happy, they will not vote you.

    47. Good luck to all the wanabe.

  24. milshah Jul 15,2017 9:30 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Tahniah atas stuktur kepimpinan Pakatan Harapan secara rasminya. Terima kasih kepada PKR kerana memberi ruang kepada Tun menerajui Pakatan sebagai pengerusi bersama Anwar dan Kak Wan. Terima kasih kepada DAP kerana memberi ruang untuk jawatan tertinggi diberi kepada parti lain. Semuanya perlukan pengorbanan dan bertolak ansur. Janganlah ada yang rasa terpinggir, kerana berbeza dengan BN, Harapan bergerak secara konsesus.

    Apapun, barisan kepimpinan Harapan adalah mantap. Nampak BN sedang gelabah kerana tidak sangka parti pembangkang dapat bersatu. Lihatlah kenyataan-kenyataan mereka. Bagai cacing kepanasan. MO1 seperti biasa, senyap dan memerhati dari belakang. Kalau dalam permainan catur, bidak kecil dulu akan di arah ke depan.

    Dalam diamnya MO1, pastinya ada strategi dan Harapan harus bersedia menghadapo sebarang kemungkinan.

    Hasil tertubuhnya kepimpinan Harapan ini, maka stategi biasa BN mengatakan DAP menguasai Harapan gagal. Tu yang mereka tengah fikir bagaimana nak counter. Segala tohmahan BN itu harus dilihat mereka sedang gelabah dan sebenarnya satu pujian kepada Harapan. Tahniah!

    Apapun, Barisan kepimpinan Harapan ini saya rasa mampu meyakinkan orang Melayu terutama kampung, Felda, askar-askat, polis, dan penjawat awam untuk beralih sokongan kepada Harapan.

    Teruskan Harapan mara ke hadapan!

  25. musato Jul 15,2017 7:15 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya tak berapa suka guna perkataan U turn. Sebab kita bukan suka suka membuat keputusan. Cuma ada masa keputusan itu tak berapa tepat dan kita perbetulkan kembali.

    Pada pandangan peribadi saya, saya tidak bersetuju untuk seseorang yang mempunyai rekod kesalahan moral (berkaitan homoseksual) untuk menjadi pemimpin kita.

    Ada kesilapan berkaitan nafsu yang boleh kita terima kesalahan itu seperti contohnya berkhalwat, kerana itu adalah keadaan ‘normal’ nafsu manusia. Tetapi untuk gay, lesbian, itu adalah bala bencana bagi manusia.

    Namun manusia tetap terbuka untuk menerima taubat dari Allah swt.

    Samada ia adalah konspirasi politik seperti kata kata orang atau itulah kebenarannya, ia juga adalah satu dosa untuk membicara hal maruah orang dikhalayak ramai. Namun kerana ia adalah kerjaya politik, maka sudah tentu umum turut mengetahuinya.

    Saya tidak berasakan Anwar Ibrahim akan berjaya diampunkan dan seterusnya bergiat dalam politik.

    Terima kasih Perdana Menteri Malaysia – Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad!!

    Tahniah!! untuk keputusan dan kepimpinan serta lambang satu bendera PAKATAN 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Terima kasih Tun.

  26. musato Jul 15,2017 6:55 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Cerita pasal mimpi kali ketiga kita bertemu belum habis lagi Tun.

    Seperti yang saya telah ceritakan saya bertanya Tun datang berapa orang? Tun jawab 8 orang.

    Sebenarnya saya terfikir, kenapa 8 orang? Kenapa tidak cukupkan 9 orang?

    Kemudian Tun bercakap pasal makan ikan bakar…bla..bla..saya tak berapa nak dengar sebab cerita tu bukan berada di peringkat saya. Cerita yang berada di peringkat atas dan disekeliling Tun.

    Tapi saya gembira sebab Tun datang duduk disebelah saya dan menyapa saya. Setelah bercerita pendek pasal makan ikan bakar tadi, Tun pun bangun pergi dengan wajah yang ceria sambil berkata “saya tak boleh lama, ada hal sikit”.

    Mimpi kali ketiga ni memang Tun nampak puashati dan suka sangat.

    Dan semalam hadirnya satu cerita pasal PAKATAN dan logonya serta barisan kepimpinannya.

    Tahniah!! saya ucapkan 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    *mimpi hanya mainan tidur. Jangan percaya sangat.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  27. HBT456 Jul 14,2017 9:13 PM

    12. Br1m is a temporarily relief fund to help the people, and it was never meant as the permanent relief fund to gain votes.

    13. Whoever wants to be pm, they must have the heart to serve the people and the country.

    14. Who is ph’s choice for pm?

    15. Ds yb azmin ali is the best choice, dont you think so?

    16. Politics is about winning votes, winning the heart of the people.

    17. If the political parties are only interested to win the heart of their members so that they can dictate the public fund, you think ordinary folks will vote them?

    18. Without the support of the voters including civil servants who are on payroll, my way or your way will become no way.

    19. To be or not to be, that is not the question.

    20. Bak kata, when old ones dont go, the new ones can never come.

    21. If they never try, the voters can never know whether they can or cannot.

    22. Tim cook, ceo of apple is a gay, therefore, minister participate polo in asean as long as he is qualified, tak salahkan?

    23. Politics too is a life long career to serve your people and your country.

    24. Politics was never meant as a career that can make you a billionaire overnight.

  28. zachry Jul 14,2017 8:35 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I may have written short on my earlier comment, You have built Putrajaya! Did you foresee, How painful it was for most rakyat to go to Putrajaya to do any official business? Was this your half-bake “achievement”..? Now, we see why I stressed on “Public Infrastructure”?

    I rest my case!!

  29. zachry Jul 14,2017 8:25 PM

    Dear Tun,

    With due respect….Please do not miscontrue my intention in writing my 2 cents worth of comment here. I am neither in support of the current government either. However, I would like to say this, Please retire gracefully! Honestly speaking… During your tenure as our PM for 22 years. In actual fact you have made Malaysia backward for 22 years of economic growth. Your were very shortsighted in planning Malaysia’s growth! All your ‘achievement’ were merely made for your own esteem egos! eg. KLCC, Putrajaya.Proton,MAS, Pewaja, How on earth were these project benefit the rakyat?? you were duty bound then, to help Malaysia develop a robust economy for every citizen in Malaysia.

    I would like to put in place a very classic example; A nation with good transport infrastucture brings economic growth to the rakyat, a good transportation infrastructure moves people around(without wasting time and fuel), creating economic progression to areas where subway station are built on, Much much more job will be created!! without further elaborating more, A classic example was: MRT, Taxi,etc..

    Look at Singapore.. They built their MRT back in 1993. Wheres, Here in KL we were still peddling in our ‘in-famous mini bus”… where is your vision Tun? Till today, you are still egoistic on your self pride. Have I said wrongly??,, You have deprived Malaysia’s growth for the last 22 years? You have NOT confess to your shortsighted vision. You owed Malaysia an explanation! If you wish to win in the coming GE14, At best, We would like to hear from “Harapan”. Whats in store, if Harapan wins! Whats is “Harapan’ master blue for Malaysia. And not,,, bickering about removing someone, removing GST( We all know, GST is not a bad thing, we just need a better compliance) etc.. these are all ‘dingky toy’ manifest!! Please be more innovative, The Malaysian are NOT the Malaysian during your time.

    if the bickering continues. The rakyat will look at ” Two of a lesser evil “.

  30. Mat.Tandang Jul 14,2017 6:30 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Salam blogers,
    1.Tumpang kata kimithecat, Tun jangan risau, urusan undi kami ckp terus terang utk Pakatan, umnobnpas menunggu masa utk hancur.
    2.Kawan kawan berbangsa India di Kg Medan Kg Dato Harun Kg Tungku Petaling Jaya semua nya 100% penyokong tegar Pakatan.
    Dari security guard pemandu lori rakyat biasa di sini tetap penyokong Pakatan.
    3.Masing masing dah tak sabar tunggu hari mengundi ni.
    4.Setiap perbualan sy dgn mereka akan berakhir dgn mahu hancur kan umnobnpas.
    5.Tapi ada seorang kawan dari syarikat Felda fgv ni liat sungguh dengan umno. Yang ini susah sikit, cabaran utk saya.

  31. Fariq Islam Jul 14,2017 4:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    “U Turn” in politics is acceptable provided that the move carries a good motive of placing the nation’s and people’s interests as priority.

    The founder of UMNO, Tun Jaafar Oon, made an U turn, by setting up a multi-racial party in anticipation for a ruling party that can strengthen inter-racial unity.

    So was our beloved Tunku, who made an U turn, by supporting Parti Semangat 46, in anticipation for a better Malaysia.

    Now, it’s Tun’s U turn, to save the country!

  32. anti rasuah Jul 14,2017 4:01 PM



    Dalam hal Pusingan U atau U-turns ini hanya berasakan dua perkara iaitu:

    1. U-turns yang bijak “dibenarkan”;
    2. U-turns bodoh “tidak dibenarkan”.

    Yang pasti bukan sahaja pemimpin sahaja yang buat u-turns tetapi lebih ramai rakyat akan membuat u-turns pada PRU14.

    Sudah tentu semakin hamper PRU14 semakin banyak “kawasan” yang dipantau agar u-turns tidak dibenarkan dibuat sesuka hati rakyat.

    Tunggu dan lihat.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  33. MEGATI DEWANI Jul 14,2017 12:32 PM

    Salam Tun dan semua yang sependapat…

    Hanya yang bangang sahaja yang tak mahu membuat “U Turn” dan mereka mereka itu tidak ada harga diri langsung serta tidak tahu malu. Terlampau takut kena pecat dan terlampau takut menghadapi kesusahan.

    Semoga Allah memberikan hidayah untuk mereka dapat berfikir dengan waras…

  34. KLZhuang Jul 14,2017 11:56 AM

    Salam Tun,

    I have always heard that the Pakartan Leaderships in their speeches that the money lost by the Government of the should be bear by the Rakyat. I think that is not right. It would be more proper, if the Government of the day made loses, they and only they should bear the whole loses and take responsibilities for their actions or inactions, for which Leadership is all about.

    Therefore, I propose that the loses in 1MDB, Fleda, Mara, …. , including the total debt of the nation, be the sole responsibilities of the Barisan National Government. Their membership amounting to more than 6 millions. If the total loses and and debts amounting to 7 hundreds bilions or more, then divide it by their total memberships of BN. After all, it is they who had supported it and reluctant to correct it when it happened, and even worse allowing it to continue.

    So, please take a different stand. Do not put it the way that these loses are the responsibilities of the Rakyat in general. We take no part in governing this country. Why should we, our children and grandchildren, bear such a huge sum of burden? It is It is the ruling party and their members responsibilities! In this way, the members of whatever political party must force a change in their leadership, if things gone wrong. Because they are also responsible.

    If they make good profit and result, reward them accordingly.

    I think this is reasonable proposal.

    Thank you very much.

  35. rimba.emas Jul 13,2017 11:28 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Bukan sahaja Tun buat pusingan U Rimba Emas juga buat pusingan U untuk menyokong Pakatan Harapan untuk memerintah Malaysia pula.

    2. Hanya rakyat yang ambil kesah tentang 1MDB serta jumlah hutang yang perlu di bayar termasuk cukai yang makin bertambah dan pengurangan subsidi akan tergerak buat pusingan U ini.

    3. Rakyat yang tidak mahu ambil tahu atau tidak peduli dan tidak membuat pusingan U adalah penyokong pihak pemerintah sekarang.

    4. Rakyat tidak peduli kerana nilai yang di ambil kecil dari seorang individu. Sedangkan kalau di ambil kira jika di kumpul dari jutaan rakyat akan menghasilkan jutaan ringgit Malaysia.

    5. Apakah nilai kecil ini tidak di ambil kira sebagai kesalahan ?. Dalam agama Islam walau pun sebesar zarah atom tetap di ambil kira samaada ia baik atau buruk.

    6. Satu yang kecil kesalahan telah menyebabkan hasilan jutaan kesalahan.

    7. Sebaliknya hanya satu sokongan tidak cukup mencegah kemungkaran. Jadi ramai yang pusingan U adalah jalan kejayaan.

    9. Tun ibarat pengerak kepada yang mencari jalan kebenaran sebab ada halangan. Pusingan U bukan bermakna tiada pendirian sebaliknya mencari jalan mengatasi halangan dengan rentak baru.


  36. Kimithecat Jul 13,2017 10:51 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun M

    Tanpa segala pusingan u dari sesiapa pun saya penuh yakin yang si jembalang ini harus pergi!

  37. tebing tinggi Jul 13,2017 8:34 PM

    “Thieves should not rule this great nation”

    Salam Tun,

    I agreed to that .

  38. umranrc Jul 13,2017 6:57 PM

    Salam Tun,
    We are on open books now.

    And Yes, we’ll strive thru high or low.


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