1. Saya tidak pernah kata orang Bugis semuanya lanun. Yang saya kata ialah Najib mungkin berasal dari lanun Bugis.

2. Sedutan dari ucapan itu berbunyi, “Ya lah, mungkin kerana dia yang berasal dari lanun Bugis.” (lihat di sini)

3. Ucapan saya dituju kepada Najib yang sering mendakwa ia adalah pahlawan Bugis. Pahlawan Bugis tidak mencuri. Najib pencuri besar dan dikenali sebagai penyamun oleh seluruh dunia.

4. Apakah orang Bugis dapat menyambut baik bahawa penyamun ini seorang pahlawan berketurunan Bugis.

5. Di Malaysia ada raja yang berketurunan Bugis. Ada Melayu yang berketurunan lanun. Tetapi tidak ada Melayu yang merompak duit berbillion yang dakwa mereka adalah pahlawan Melayu.

6. Yang kita lihat sekarang ialah seorang perompak Melayu yang mendakwa dirinya pahlawan Bugis.

7. Saya tidak fikir orang Bugis boleh berbangga dengan seorang penyangak mendakwa ia adalah pahlawan Bugis.

36 thoughts on “PAHLAWAN BUGIS

  1. superSepantun Dec 6,2017 7:22 AM

    Bismillah (dengan nama ALLAH)
    DemiMasa, manusia Rugi…

    Salam Sejahtera, Selamat Pagi,
    siapa sangka? siapa penchuri?

    cepat lah sunggoh masa berlalu..!
    disiasat, ditanggoh, pmbeli waktu?
    dapat bertempoh? siapa yg tahu?
    syarat selingkoh.! ada penentu.!

    Siapa kawan? Siapa lanun?
    Siapa pahlawan? Siapa penyamun?

    Tong drum buat gendang!
    Yang haram, buat senang!


  2. HBT456 Dec 5,2017 8:00 AM

    29. There are 3 differents believers of islam.

    30. Umno’s struggle is united malay organization, meaning malay rulers and rights are their core struggle.


  3. HBT456 Nov 5,2017 10:20 AM

    8. Thats why the malay opted to keep bahasa melayu, their mother tongue, and in english, its called malay language, to save guard the malay archipelago ancestry land and wealth.

    9. Bahasa kebangsaan changed to bahasa malaysia but due to protest atau to expand malay rural folk votes, moe decided to revert bahasa malaysia back to bahasa melayu to keep their malay grassroot votes until today, why?

    10. What are the countries that form the malay archipelago?

    11. Whether dave copper is lazy or smart, with a touch on the screen, everyone can get the answer straight away, and no one can cheat on facts.

    12. Peninsula malaysia is one of the countries that formed indo-china, now its called indochina, atau, asean, and with a touch on the screen, we will get answer straight the way also.

    13. What is in the mind of mr trump is not hard to guest because being the usa president, he needs to find a platform to stimulate her economy of united states of america with the population of 300 millions.

    14. Everyone knows majority of americans are tired with warfares that are bad choice for the americans and their allies, and majority of the american voters in fact have gave up voting rights to protest warfares.

    15. Dont forget, usa president needs to go through general election process similar to those of their allies, to get the mandate from their voters, and whoever wins out, they will become the leader, atau, president, for the usa, for the next 4 years.

    16. What will happen next, we can only predict and speculate, and we can never manipulate the sentiments of the voters.

    17. Politicians could be rigged for a purpose or means.

    18. To be or not to be, that is not the question.

    19. Can or not, the multi-billion myr deals become the next game changer to transform the economy to the next level so that malaysians of all walks of life can enjoy in general for the next 50 years?

    20. Warren’s rule of thumb is simplified into 2 rules so that all of us can share globally.

    21. Rule no. 1 is never loose money.

    22. Rule no. 2 is never forget rule no.1.

    23. When applies this rule of thumb into politics?

    24. Everyone knows the bad news is 1mdb losses huge some of money due to nep.

    25. The good news is everyone is aware of this bad news.

    26. Therefore, its up to the political parties of the divides to make their stand clear first before turun padang for vote campaigns.

    27. Whichever coalition gets the majority votes, they will name the pm and form the cabinet at the ministry level.

    28. Good luck to all the wannabes of the divides, and thank you, especially to dsn, for making this country great again.

  4. SAB Nov 3,2017 9:41 PM

    Layari kisah Semerluki dalam sejarah melayu dan nilai sendiri sama ada dia lanun atau pahlawan, agaknya najib bersalah sila dari keturunannya

  5. Dave Copper Nov 1,2017 11:03 PM


    Bahasa Melayu doesn’t have its own writing system.

    The current writing system is using foreign alphabets, or should I say: “abjad asing”?

    Prior to the 26 roman alphabets “tulisan rumi” that is being used as our current writing system, people in the Malay Archipelago used Tulisan Jawi, and even earlier: Tulisan Pallava which is originated from Sankrit when Malays are Buddhists and Hindus.

    Also, Bahasa Melayu’s vocabularies are heavily influenced by “bahasa asing”, many words are borrowed from Chinese, English, Indian, Portuguese, Latin, Dutch, Greek, Arabic, and etc. So, Malay language is not pure, it is a mixture of bahasa asing.

    Malay language and is not confined to Malay Archipelago as well; many vocabularies currently used in Kampong Cham Province of Cambodia have close resemblance to Bahasa Melayu. The same goes to Philippines, and even Japan as well!

    Grammatically, Malay sentences end a question with “kah”?
    Grammatically, Japanese sentences also end a question with “ka”

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    Just to side tracked a bit, there is no pure Malay to speaks of. Malay’s DNA can be traced from places like Yunna, China, Taiwan and India.

    Are Malays coming from China; a negara asing? I can’t say, but Malay’s DNA certainly has Yunnan Chinese DNA, or DNA asing.

    Like it or not.

  6. Hajar Nov 1,2017 9:10 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiSanjungi Tun,

    Seseorang wajar digelar ‘Pahlawan’ jika beliau seorang yang sangat gagah (tidak semestinya bertubuh sasa) dan berani dalam perjuangan untuk menegakkan kebenaran walaupun berhadapan dengan pelbagai rintangan serta onak dan duri. Pada saya, Tun Mahathir ialah seorang ‘Pahlawan’.

    Mohon izin Tun (melencong dari tajuk):

    1. Bahasa Melayu (BM) is our National (Official) Language.

    2. Malaysia is part of the MALAY Archipelago (, ) – can refer to the given references.

    3. Borneo and Indonesia are part of the Malay Archipelago.

    4. The languages used in Brunei (within Borneo), Indonesia and Malaysia are basically the same – very similar.

    5. Chinese language (with so many varieties of languages and dialects) is a foreign language or ‘Bahasa Asing’ (in Malaysia). Only a pathetic blithering idiot would believe otherwise.

    6. English is still a foreign language even though most people (majority) in Malaysia can speak (understand) English since it is taught at our ‘Sekolah Kebangsaan’.

    7. It is acceptable if a Malaysian is not fluent in English, but it is not acceptable for Malaysians who were born and raised in Malaysia to still have difficulties (still struggling) speaking and writing in BM. (Sebutan pun lintang pukang!)

    8. Golongan yang tidak menghormati, menghina dan mempersenda Bahasa Melayu wajar didakwa di bawah Akta Hasutan. Mereka menghina Perlembagaan Malaysia.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  7. Dave Copper Nov 1,2017 11:58 AM


    I copied and pasted your comments to laugh at the pathetic you.


  8. RD. Nov 1,2017 11:07 AM

    I would like to add/correct a few words to the last 4 paragraph. Thank You.

    “… but I remember, the radio playing patriotic songs, just like the aftermath of May 13, 1969, when preparing to go to work, the morning after.”

    It should’ve better written as follows:-

    … but I remember, the radio playing continuous patriotic songs, interrupted intermittently with ‘Jangan dengar khabar-khabar angin’ or ‘Don’t listen to rumours’ messsages, just like the aftermath of May 13, 1969, when preparing to go to work, the morning after.

  9. RD. Nov 1,2017 5:35 AM

    Dear SSLEE.

    I’ve read through all links that you’ve provided and I’m amazed that all of them never mention anything about racial antagonism or their participation in racially bias rallies they attended, prior to their ISA detention.

    I wonder too, as to why the Star chose to interview only Non-Malays ex-ISA detainees. It would have been more apt if The Star had interviewed a few Malays, especially from UMNO and PAS, who was also detained under ISA during Ops Lalang.

    However, when everybody else seems to forget the racial tension, Wikipedia acknowledge it, but chose to be skeptical at the very beginning of its page.
    Here’s what they wrote:-

    “Operation Lalang (Malay: Operasi Lalang, also referred to as Ops Lalang and taken to mean “Weeding Operation”) is a major crackdown carried out beginning 27 October 1987 by the Malaysian police, ostensibly to prevent the occurrence of racial riots in Malaysia.”

    Ostensibly = as appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so; apparently.

    Wiki also acknowledged that there were mass rallies, organized by both the Chinese & Malays, denouncing each other, prior to Private Adam’s Amok and Ops Lalang, 2 week later.

    There’re 106 individuals altogether being held in Ops Lalang. Among them… to name a few:-
    -Lim Kit Siang (DAP)
    -Chandra Muzaffar (Aliran Persident, then.)
    -Karpal Singh (DAP)
    -Chan Kit Chee (MCA Vice President, then.)
    -Kua Kia Soong (Civil Right Publicity Chief)
    -Lim Fong Seng (Dong Jiao Zhong Chairman, then.)
    -Halim Arshat (PAS Youth Chief, then)
    -Mohamed Sabu (PAS)
    -Ibrahim Ali (UMNO’s Pasir Mas MP, then.)
    -Mohamed Fahmi Ibrahim (UMNO’s Youth Education Exco, then.)
    -Sim Mow Yu – (Chinese Education Expert, then)
    … including current Deputy Minister of Agriculture – YB. Dato’ Sri Haji Tajuddin Bin Abdul Rahman who is now, MP of Pasir Salak. Of-course, he was a small fry, back then.

    When Malaysian talked about ‘racial agitation’, May 13, 1969 comes into mind because lots of people died, but nobody seems to remember other ‘agitation’… or may I say… communal antagonism… i.e. prior to Memali incident (Nov 1985) and Private Adam’s Amok (Oct. 1987).
    The most amazing thing was; both ‘racial tension’ abruptly ceased and all newspapers, Radio & TV in all languages (no cellphone, then) immediate switch over reporting to Memali & Prebet Adam. The whole country went abuzz about how many died in Memali and Pivate Adam’s Amok, oblivious to the fact that there was racial tension, a few days earlier.

    It’s the same with all those who told The star about their ordeal under ISA detention, 35 years ago. Obviously, they forgot to tell the actual reason why they were ISAed, then. Nor did they mentioned that there were acute hostility over Anwar Ibrahim’s suggestion as Education Minister then, to post Malay teachers in SRJK(C). That the Chinese felt, the Government might have the intention of nationalizing Vernacular schools.

    When reporting about those ISAed during Ops Lalang, The Star also seems to be portraying them as ‘victims’. Even Wikipedia seems to forget almost everything else, except on Dr.M and his UMNO’s infighting, political vendetta and power grabbing. Everybody seems to neglect the communal atmosphere that existed at that time and the imminent racial riots, as if on queue to demonize Dr.M after failing to crucify him on the Forex’s RCI.

    Nonetheless, those ex-ISA detainees should remember that prior to their detention, Lee Kim Sai, MCA’s Vice President then, had his Datoship stripped by Selangor Sultan. The publication permit for The Star, Sin Chew Jit Poh and Watan (now defunct) was temporary suspended.

    And….the one thing all those 106 detainees have in-common then, was… they have big filthy mouth. They spewed and incited hatred among the Malays & Chinese, creating tense communal agitation, akin to that atmosphere, prior to May 13, 1969. Situation was so tense that KL was almost deserted and all factories in Sg. Way FTZ, ceased production. People living, especially around KL, were already afraid to go to work. Many female operators working in SG.Way FTZ were afraid to come to work or their parents forbade them to ride mini-buses across KL and Sg.Way, to the FTZ.
    Therefore, Dr.M’s discretion or indiscretion, as PM and Home Minister then, would have been justified, even if he had ordered those 106, lined-up before the firing squad.

    The communal atmosphere during both occasion was the same. I knew because I’d just worked for 2 months in Sg.Way FTZ Petaling Jaya when Memali incident occurred. I forgot what caused the racial tension during Memali, but I remember, the radio playing patriotic songs, just like the aftermath of May 13, 1969, when preparing to go to work, the morning after. I was renting a room with my brother in Tmn. Tenaga Cheras then, with a Chinese family, themselves renting a shop-lot house.
    And when Private Adam ran amok, I was renting a room in the shop-lot Jln. Lumut, off Jln. Pahang, near KL General Hospital, which is a walking to Chowkit.

    Hence there is no doubt to me, it was Private Adam and the ‘Memali’ that diffused both communal tension. Maybe, the lesson of May 13, 1969 had made the Government realized that anymore racial tension after that, between the Malays & Chinese, must be diffused immediately, by hook or by crook.

    It is also very important to enlighten readers that Ops Lalang was carried-out about a weeks after Private Adam ran amok in Chow Kit, Jln. Tunku Abdul Rahman, KL. What made Private Adam lost his mind then, is still a mystery today or rather…the authorities acted mum, not wanting to lie to the Rakyat and at the same time, inflict disgraced to some institution, if the truth was told.

    However, recently there was news that Private Adam was already a free man after being condemned to death by hanging, 3 decades ago. There was a book, said to be written after interviewing him. Its was said that, as a rookie, he was force to blowjob his senior, who was an Indian guy. That was supposed to have made him lost his mind.
    To me… its hogwash.

  10. zulu Oct 31,2017 10:19 AM

    Now a days if anyone see Najib’s pic, the immediate thought comes in to mind is “billions of looted money in his personal bank a/c”.

    People outside the country just exchange words like…he had billions of dollars in his personal bank a/c and got exposed in black & white.

    Now he is talking about cronyism during Tun M era…how about his appointment of former IGP (who not even speak good english) as head of a govt. aided institution!!!

  11. Mat.Tandang Oct 31,2017 8:07 AM

    Dave cooper,
    1.why you copy paste my comment are pathetic
    3.used your own words make people laugh at you

  12. SSLEE Oct 30,2017 10:44 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    I am compelled to write to Tun and express my feeling after reading through the detainee’s story on “Operation Lalang” and since I do not have Tun’s personal e-mail address, posting to this blog is my best alternative.
    First of all, allow me to quote part of Tun’s own writing on PROTON:
    I am a sissy. I cry even if Malaysians are dry-eyed. My child (Brainchild-Proton) is lost. And soon my country.
    I have to admit that I am a sissy too, I cry reading the story of those detained under ISA during Tun’s infamous “Ops Lalang” dated 27 Oct 1987 as perused from all these posts;
    The Human Rights Commission had even shown evidence that the ISA detainees went through cruel and degrading treatment.
    And I recall from my memoir:
    Year 1986 is the most terrible year to graduate as we have this young Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad trying to carry out his Malay agenda. The see-saw battle between KFC Franchise boss Mr. Loo Cheng Ghee and Socoil in Palm oil future contracts causing default of KLCE palm oil future contract which resulted in Mickey Mouse protest at KLCE (1984). This was followed by the Pan Electric scandal by the then MCA president Mr. Tan Koon Swan causing the KLSE and SES to collapse (1985). By 1986 World economy is in full recession where almost all commodities price nose-dived to its record low. The foreign and internal investments were shrinking rapidly due to the 30% bumiputra equity requirement causing lay-off and unemployment as the order of the day.
    In year 1987 (UMNO crisis*, the Black Monday Oct 19 1987 world stock market crashed) Malaysia’s economy had turned from bad to worse and to divert people attention, the policy maker purposely provoked the politicians from both sides of the fence, social activists and NGOs by fanning the race issues and allowed racial tension to escalate. On Oct 27 1987 the big swoop “Operation Lalang” took place where about 100-over people comprising politicians from both Opposition and BN, academics, NGO leaders, intellectuals, students, artists, scientists and many other professions were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA). The publication license for three national dailies namely The Star, Sin Chew and the now defunct Watan were rescinded.
    The UMNO crisis*: In the heated 1987 UMNO party election, all the top post was hotly contested between two groups; namely Team A led by PM Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Ghafar Baba and Team B led by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Musa Hitam (Former DPM). Dr. Mahathir beat Tengku Razaleigh for the president post with 761 votes against 718. Ghafar beat Musa Hitam for deputy president post with 739 votes against 699 votes.
    Team B disputed the result because of the presence of illegal branches involved in the voting and brought the case to the high court with the hope that the court will nullified the result and team B will have their day again in a re-election. On 4 Feb 1988, the presiding judge, Dato Harun Hashim under pressure citing Article 41 of the Societies Act 1966, which stated any society would automatically become “unlawful” if any of its branches were not registered with the Registrar of Societies. As a result, Harun declared he had no choice but to declare UMNO “an unlawful society.” The judgement fell nicely onto Dr. Mahathir plot and he instantly registered a new party with the name “UMNO BARU” as the legitimate successor to UMNO, inheriting all the former party legitimate positions, its assets but restricted only members loyal to him back into this new party. With one stroke of genius Dr. Mahathir had once again out-manoeuvred his opponents. The party less dissidents were totally left out from this new Dr. Mahathir party and had no legitimate claim to this new party or chance to fight another day with Dr. Mahathir. (“The 1988 Malaysian constitutional crisis.” Lord President of the Supreme Court Tun Salleh Abas was suspended on the 26th May 1988 and eventually sacked together with two other Supreme Court judges.)
    Tengku Razaleigh and his fellow UMNO dissidents then founded a new party “Semagat 46” claiming the old UMNO’s 1946 Malayan Union legacy to fight Dr. Mahathir in the people’s court, the general election. Unfortunately Semangat 46 suffered heavy losses in the general election due to an ignorant goodwill gesture of placing a kadazandusun (Christian majority Sabahan bumiputra) headgear (Bearing a Cross) on Semagat 46 leader Tengku Razaleigh by the then PBS leader, was played out in mass media as symbols of Tengku Razaligh having insulted Islam. This had resulted in Semagat 46 losing the Malay votes in Peninsular Malaysia and it never recovered from the calculated under-the-belt blow by UMNO BARU and died a natural death with its members returned to UMNO BARU.
    Ironically when Dr. Mahathir decided to retire in 2003, he hand-picked Abdullah Badawi to succeed him (one of the leader from the dissident team B) rather than his loyalist Najib Razak. And by that time one of his prodigy, Anwar Ibrahim had been sacked from the DPM post in the high of Asia financial crisis in 1998 citing improper behaviour.
    To all those innocent victims (caught in the cross-fire of the UMNO in-fighting) detained under “Operation Lalang” I offer my deepest sympathy and my heartfelt empathy. No one except your own self can understand the pain and agony of being detained without trial (ISA) and the emotional torture you and your family have endured.
    It had been 30 years since then and it has been said, “Time heals all wounds, but the scars remain.” You have every right to feel angry, unforgiving or even hatred toward Tun Dr. Mahathir for the detention and subsequent mental and emotional torture inflicted by the interrogators. I pray that someday and somehow you will find forgiveness in your heart.
    So to all Malaysians, I do not forget the past. I remember it vividly but I had learned to forgive all those who had wronged me and especially I had forgiven my own sins, mistakes and regrets because by doing so, I can free myself of my past baggage and start to do the RIGHT THING NOW. I believe whatever action and inaction we do today will have a consequence in the future. We cannot change history but together we can help to shape the future that our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will inherit. So what kind of future you want to leave behind for your descendants depends on what action you take NOW? Please do not let a 92-years old Tun Dr. Mahathir fighting the War alone for the good of our future. Please stand up, join hand with him and take up your responsibilities.

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Looking back as the events unfolded in the month of Oct 1987 where Tun’s legitimacy as UMNO President was threatened. The UMNO YOUTH went over-board on 17 Oct with a mass rally of 10,000 at the TPCA Stadium on Jalan Raja Muda in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur with battle cries of anti Chinese and bloodsheds. A plan mammoth rally in Kuala Lumpur on November 1, 1987 for UMNO’s 41st Anniversary, with widespread rumour that Team B might try to wrest control from Tun hence Tun’s hands were indeed tied and Tun had to go along with the police decision.
    30 years had passed and the wounds might have healed but the scars remain. As the Prime Minister of that traumatic time, it is for Tun to say gallantly the buck stops here and offered an overdue apology without reservation. Admit that no men or women shall ever go through what these “Operation Lalang” detainees had gone through and let us start afresh fighting this Mother-of-all war. . . GE-14.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE
    PS: An apology may be a sign of weakness, but it takes a great deal of character and strength to apologize out of one’s heart. It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an even a stronger person to forgive.

  13. Dave Copper Oct 30,2017 9:33 AM

    1.Mat.Tandang you are the spin bustard, paham tak apa yg Tun terangkan, you ada brain damage Yg menyebabkan tak boleh faham. ingat kaum cina Malaysia suka sangat ke org dari negara China buat projek tampa ambik bekalan dari org cina Malaysia.
    4.kalau bahan mentah pun bawak daripada negara China mana job nak masuk.
    5.Mat.Tandang, you manusia yg sangat bahaya, bukan manusia sorry, you jenis orang yg mampu buat sesuatu yg hina untuk melindungi najib yg menjahanamkan rakyat.
    6.amat malang family you ada bapa macam ni, saya agak you makan dedak dari najib dan menyara hidup family you dari dedak najib.

  14. asahamat Oct 29,2017 11:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    SAW kira gelaran yg sangat terhormat. Tak ada manusia lain yg boleh @ ada gelaran itu. Itu hanya gelaran bagi Muhammad SAW.

    (2) Bila SAW bagi khutbah ka, atau pidato sebelum perang, ada tak dia dok mendabik dada kata dia SAW? Yg dok sebut @ gelar dia SAW adakah dirinya @ siapa? Saya tidak yakin dia akan perkenalkan dirinya sebagai SAW. Jika itu sebegitu, tentu Raja Byzanthium tidak minta suratnya berpunya mohor SAW!

    (3) Dlm sejarah Melayu, tidak pernah Tuah atau siapapun yg setaranya akan memperkenalkan dirinya sebagai Panglima. Yg selalu dok perkenal pangkat dirinya hanyalah yg berwatak lanun, penyamun atau penderhaka.

    (4) Sebegitulah sifat Najib MO1 sebagai manusia “Melayu” yg tidak kenal
    budayanya. Juga Muslim yg tidak kenal jati diri zuhud seorang Muslim.

    (5) Di kalangan sdra dan jiran2 Bugis saya di Kampung saya di Sarawak, bagi mereka Najib MO1 cukup
    memalukan Bugis yg lebih memilih membanting tulang empat kerat jika mahu senang hidup. Menipu, berbohong, mencuri, menyamun apa lagi gedebe penyangak – bukan budaya mereka.

  15. RD. Oct 29,2017 10:49 AM

    Sehari sebelumn Pembentangan Budget, melalui TV3, Menteri Pendidikan dengan kehadiran President MCA & Gerakan, bangga mengistiharkan yang kerajaan akan membina 10 SRJKC baru, termasuk dikawasan Majority Melayu di Puncak Alam.
    Yang peliknya… tak dengar pula Najib peruntukkan budget untuk bina 10 SRJKC baru ini. Hanya dengar ‘hadiah’ RM50 Juta untuk masyarakat Cina dan masyarakat India juga akan dapat RM50 Juta.

    Walaubagaimana pun, saya rasa bagus juga dibina lebih banyak SRJKC sebagai persiapan atau persediaan, demi masa depan anak-cucu kita. Makanya, mulai sekarang, eloklah kita hantar anak-anak bersekolah di SRJKC saja, supaya mereka mahir berbahasa Mandarin, Inggeris, Science dan Mathematic menjelang TN50 dan tercapainya Wawasan OBOR Negara Tanah Besar China nanti. Ketika itu, ECRL sudah pun siap dan HSR mungkin sudah bersambung ke Kunming, China.

    Tanpa kemahiran bahasa Mandarin, Inggeris, Science, Mathematic dan ilmu teknikal, mustahil Syarikat Gergasi China akan mengambil anak-anak Melayu berkerja sebagai Supervisor atau Middle Management Staff. Kalau setakat nak ambil sebagai kuli-batak, lebih baik mereka ambil bekerja, warga-asing. lain pun orang Indonesia, Myanmar atau Bangladesh, jauh lebih rajin dan tak perlu ‘curi-masa’ untuk bersolat atau kerap ponteng-kerja.

    Oleh yang demikian, orang Melayu mesti berhenti hantar anak-anak ke Sek. Agama, mahupun Sek. Kebangsaan… dari sekarang. Semoga, lama-kelamaan SRJKC menjadi Sekolah Aliran Perdana, tanpa pengaruh keAgamaan yang mendidik dengan amalan penebus dosa, kepercayaan kepada iblis/hantu/syaitan dan lain-lain benda mengarut yang menyebabkan pemikiran anak-anak Melayu menjadi terkatup, jumud dan mudah atau cepat berserah kepada takdir, tanpa berusaha gigih dan bekerja keras.

    Bukanlah tujuan saya mengalakkan bela/pelok anjing atau babi, tetapi anak-anak Melayu MESTI di didik dari kecil supaya tidak lagi merasa jijik pada babi atau anjing. Tidak lagi rasa nak termuntah apabila disebut babi ketika sedang makan. Mungkin, sebab itu perkataan babi bertukar menjadi khinzir.

    Peredaran bahasa Melayu, seperti juga bahasa-bahasa lain, berevolusi mengikut demography, integrasi antara suku-suku kaum setempat dan bahasa-bahasa yang diguna sesama mereka. Jika kita mahu mempertahankan Bahasa Melayu, ia sepatutnya kekal seperti yang ada pada zaman Hikayat Hang Tuah.
    Sebagai Ketua-Agama, selagi Institusi Raja-Raja Melayu terpelihara, Agama Islam juga akan turut terpelihara. Institusi Raja pula, tidak bolih campur-tangan dalam politik. Oleh yang demikian, cara untuk memajukan dan mengembalikan maruah Melayu/Islam adalah dengan memisahkan Agama dari Politik. Dengan itu, ahli-ahli politik tidak lagi dikekang golongan Agamawan kerana semua institusi keAgamaan sudah ditempatkan dalam kawasan Istana.
    Maka tiada lagi keperluan Jakim mohon mengadap Kebawah Duli Tuanku, seperti yang berlaku dalam isu dobi.
    Tiada lagi ahli-politik berceramah dalam Rumah Ibadat.

    Bebalik ke isu bahasa…

    Seperti yang Tun Dr.M pernah katakan… sesuatu bahasa itu akan berkembang dan popular, jika bangsa itu sendiri maju, berjaya, berintegrity dan bermaruah.

    Hakikatnya… Rakyat, terutamanya dari kaum minority, tanpa mengira Bangsa & Agama, akan lebih merasa dekat dan berbangga menggunakannya Bahasa Melayu, jika terdapat tatakata dari bahasa kaum mereka, diguna-pakai dalam bahasa Kebangsaan.
    ‘Kowtim’ misalnya, amat sesuai digunakan, jika tiada perkataan lain dalam bahasa Iban, Dayak atau orang-asal lain yang sesuai.

    Oleh yang demikian, untuk menobatkan Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan yang dibanggakan oleh segenap lapisan Rakyat, kita mesti hentikan penggunaan Bahasa Arab yang terlalu asing pada bukan-Melayu, terutamanya orang-asal di Semenanjong, Sabah & Sarawak.

    #Hidup UMNO-Najib, Hidup Jho Low.

  16. sibotak Oct 29,2017 2:20 AM

    Jho Low yg menghancurkan career Najib
    Najib sekerluarga mendengar nasihat & rangkaian Jho Low
    Anak Rosmah si Riza , memang Selenga
    Anak Kampung dapat Bapa Tiri, PM pula
    Si Bapa Tiri PM Malaysia pun satu Bahlul
    Mendengar dan di perbodohkan Jho Low

    Jho Low sudah menipu PM kita
    PM kita Yang Tidak di Kasihi si Najib 3 Abdul
    Maka kami rakyat , kerajaan Malaysia juga rasa di Tipu
    Tak payahlah Najib atau Zahid nak selindungi Jho Low

    Duit masuk kat account Najib dengan alasan apa pun
    Tidak masuk akal dan tidak ada alasan yg bernas
    Yang dikatakan Najib tidak bersalah
    Apa kerajaan tidak ada account sendiri ke ?
    Hai takkan sampai begitu sibuk sekali sampai kena masuk account peribadi Najib
    Kalau ia pun
    Nak Tipu Janganlah menipu si Penipu

    Sekali lagi
    Najib yg mengugat UMNO , Malaysia , Anak Bumi
    Dek Kebodohan , Keborosan , sifat tidak amanah beliau sekerluarga
    Bukan Tun Mahthir
    Tun Mahathir hanya melakukan apa yg beliau harus lakukan
    Walau ia Bersekutu dengan Yahudi sekali pun
    Demi menyelamtkan Malaysia dari Kecundang di Tangan Anak Malaysia sendiri si Najib Anak Razak

    Najib perlu di Hisab

    Mana Jho Loh
    Jho Low harus di Tangkap
    Gagal Kerajaan Najib menangkap Jho Low
    Membuktikan lagi , Najib bersandiwara ini semua

  17. Anak.muda Oct 28,2017 2:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum tun.

    1.saya adalah keturunan bugis juga dari nenek belah mak saya.

    2.nenek sy boleh kata berdarah panas,pantang ada orang cari pasal dengan dia diwaktu muda dulu memang dia cepat naik angin.

    3.pertama kali saya dengar najib memyebut dia adalah pahlawan bugis adalah semasa ucapannya di sarawak x silap saya.kebetulannya keesokan hari adalah forum nothing to hide x silap saya.

    4.fikir saya pada waktu itu habislah tun kalau najib bdarah bugis pasti dia akan membelasah tun cukup2 di forum itu sebagaimana beraninya nenek saya.tapi..

    4. Well, the rest is history 😉

    Tun xnk buat topik berkaitan bajet 2018 kah?take care tun

  18. Sri Sense Oct 28,2017 11:47 AM

    Salam Tun

    Oh yes budget 200 rgt malaysia untuk anak baru lahir, meningatkan I pada unclaimed money yang sehingga kini ramai berpusu pusu pergi check.

    Pada yang tak tau, kalau duit you like 100 ringgit Malaysia kebawah tersimpan disini you dinasihatkan jangan keluar.

    Antara kerja you kena buat sendiri adalah kena pergi balik bank atau tempat yang menghantar duit tersebut dan minta pengesahan secara bertulis dari mereka, yang kedua kena pula minta pengesahan dari bank tempat dimana akaun bank you berada secara bertulis bahawasanya akaun you disitu aktif. Bila ini semua dah selesai you submit kena ingat ada stamp duty akan dicharge nanti.

    Kalau takat duit bawah 100 ringgit Malaysia lupakan sahaja.

    So now I wonder apa jadi dengan duit2 itu semua.

  19. Hajar Oct 28,2017 9:58 AM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiSanjungi Tun,

    1. Nampaknya PM Lanun Bugis dalam Bajet 2018 bercadang untuk merompak wang pelaburan PNB yang merupakan wang rakyat (para pelabur) bagi tujuan menggula-gulakan rakyat.

    2. PNB dikatakan akan menyumbang RM200 unit saham PNB sebagai pelaburan permulaan kepada bayi (melalui akaun) yang lahir dari 1/1/2018 sehingga 31/12/2022. (Quoted: “Now, all Malaysian babies born in 2018-2022 will have an account with the government, with PNB providing the initial incentive units,” he said.)

    3. Siapa yang beri kebenaran kepada PM Lanun Bugis untuk mengambil wang pelaburan rakyat dalam PNB?

    4. Ini satu perbuatan (‘rompakan’) yang ‘kelihatan halal’, tetapi jika ada pelabur yang tidak reda, ia menjadi haram. Setahu saya, saya tidak pernah ditanya atau diminta persetujuan untuk perkara ini (banyak wang saya dalam PNB).

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  20. sibotak Oct 28,2017 8:06 AM

    Mambang Tanah sama Penyamun bunyi & maknanya sama tak Tun ?

    Najib memang Penyamun
    Kena pula si isteri si Penyagak
    Dah…..dah kena dah si Penyamun jumpa si Penyagak
    Macam Pinang di Belah Dua
    Dapat Anak si Pengemis , si Bahalul Jho Low

    Najib mengugat UMNO
    Najib mengugat Melayu
    Najib mengugat Anak Bumi
    Najib mengugat Malaysia

    Najib is good for nothing
    Kesemua yg beliau lakukan semuanya Gagal
    Semuanya merugikan Malaysia
    1MDB bukan saja Kerugian Besar
    1MDB adalah satu Scam yg berniat
    Di jolok olih Jho Low
    Di perbodoh Riza & Najib sekerluarga
    Budak mata sepit bolih memperbodohkan PM Najib
    Kenapa ? Dah memang Najib sekerluarga memang Bodoh

    Sekarang yg jadi sasaran adalah Najib sendiri dan Malaysia keseluruhannya
    Dan sengketa di antara kita sama kita kerana budak mata sepit ini
    Budak ini perlu di heret
    Budak ini dalam jagaan Najib juga
    Najib sekerluarga tahu di mana beliau
    Cuma sandiwara Najib & Zahid kononnya mencari Jho Low

    Tun terpaksa bertindak hingga perlu menubuhkan BERSATU
    Hanya untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia yg di pimpin
    Di salah nahkodakan olih Pemimpin yg Bodoh ,lagi Sombomg dan Berlagak

    Najib mengugat Kedudukan Melayu
    Tun Mahathir hanya terpaksa hingga Tun Terpaksa bersekutu dengan DAP

    Najib seharusnya Turun
    Bagi menyelamatkan UMNO menyelamatkan Anak Bumi
    Bersekutunya BERSATU dengan DAP akan mengugat undi untuk BERSATU

    Undi akan jadi keliru di antara

    1. UMNO demi kepentingan Anak Bumi
    Tapi di Najis olih Najib sendiri


    2. BERSATU yg berdamping dengan DAP
    Yang bukan keinginan Anak Bumi
    Ini Tun Mahathir perlu cari jalan keluar

    Maka Najib perlu Berambus
    Tun Mahathir berserta Veteran UMNO yg tinggalkan UMNO kerana Najib
    Harus bubarkan BERSATU & pulang ke UMNO
    Dan UMNO perlu di mandi hadas besar semula
    Zahid jangan nak berangan nak jadi PM
    UMNO perlu lantik semula President dan PM untuk Malaysia

    DAP ada Agenda tersendiri
    DAP ada kuasa luar yg menghasut , membantu demi kepentingan & agenda mereka
    Kita tidak akan memberi ruang untuk hasutan luar mencabul dan mengambil kesempatan atas diri kita

  21. Sri Sense Oct 28,2017 12:16 AM

    Salam Tun

    Nak komen sikit pasal budget.

    I think its unprofessional for a PM bercakap tentang Tun, Azmin, DAP semasa membentang budget negara.

    I sempat baca few comments online ada kata bizarre budget, mirip dasar Selangor, nothing special. Well I have to agree with those statements, the budget I rasa lebih mirip budget sebuah rumah bukan budget sebuah negara. The only thing I like is part tol.

    My friend find the budget for health irritating. I have too agree with that sebab kami biasa pergi klinik kerajaan, sebelum budget pun ubat sentiasa tidak cukup. Budget dulu janji manis, budget sekarang for sure another janji manis juga.

  22. Krisemas Oct 27,2017 7:33 PM

    Ha ha Najib cash is king. He gives you RM200 even before you are born he he..

  23. Mat.Tandang Oct 27,2017 4:51 PM

    1.dave Cooper you are the spin bustard, paham tak apa yg Tun terangkan, you ada brain damage Yg menyebabkan tak boleh faham. ingat kaum cina Malaysia suka sangat ke org dari negara China buat projek tampa ambik bekalan dari org cina Malaysia.
    4.kalau bahan mentah pun bawak daripada negara China mana job nak masuk.
    5.dave Cooper, you manusia yg sangat bahaya, bukan manusia sorry, you jenis orang yg mampu buat sesuatu yg hina untuk melindungi najib yg menjahanamkan rakyat.
    6.amat malang family you ada bapa macam ni, saya agak you makan dedak dari najib dan menyara hidup family you dari dedak najib.

  24. PutraKraken Oct 27,2017 2:26 PM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun

    Why should we care about our “bangsa and suku kaum”. We are all human being descendant of Adam and Eve….except for believer of Darwin Theory whose line of ancestry are still around.

    As long as we are human being…our bloods are transfusionable from one another so long as it is of the same type…regardless who we are…black, brown, white, yellow or red.

    So Malaysians…apa yang sebok sangat tentang susur galur keturunan ni?
    What is more important?…keturunan atau kepimpinan yang amanah?
    Apakah lebih penting pemimpin kita dari keturunan Pahlawan…tapi terbukti perompak dan penyamun atau simamat yang kita ketahui dengan sifat amanahnya?

    Kalau kita bodoh…jangan tunjuk bodoh…tapi awas!…jangan pulak mengaku pandai.

    Pilihan ditangan kita sendiri!

  25. Kimithecat Oct 27,2017 12:38 PM

    Tun M,

    Bertabahlah Tun M,ignore these copper guy.Like this so called pahlawan bugis they both are moron…a complete moron!

  26. ismadi Oct 27,2017 12:18 PM

    Salam Tun M.

    Teruskan perjuangan dan jangan diendahkan dengan segelintir Bugis yang tidak reti menghormati dan menghayati teguran dan seorang mantan PM berpengalaman selama 22 tahun.

    Mereka ini sebenarnya perlu menegur si Pencuri Wang untuk berhenti dari mengaku keturunan Bugis kerana perbuatannya mencemar keturunan suku kaum tersebut.

    Teruskan perjuangan Tun dan saya dan keturunan saya serta kawan kawan saya yang seangkatan akan mengundi Pakatan Harapan nanti.

    Well done Tun Mahathir!!!

    Di doakan panjang umur, sihat dan sentiasa di Rahmati Allah swt.

    Wassalam wbt.

  27. anti rasuah Oct 27,2017 11:06 AM

    Asssalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya rasa saya dari keturunan bugis Tun.

    Bugisnya saya tidak pernah mengambil hak orang atau bini orang tetapi si bugis NAJIS tu umpama ikan belukang yang suka makin tahi, semua dibahamnya Tun.

    Ha ha ha. Ingat la Rosmah tu kan “hak orang lain” yang dirampas oleh Najis Bugis.


  28. musato Oct 27,2017 10:39 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.



    Ya betul kata HBT sultan kita tetap berdaulat. Sekarang matahari terbit dari timur ke barat. Tapi satu masa nanti, matahari akan terbit dari barat ke timur.


    Terima kasih beliajb kerana perbetulkan saya. Dalam fikiran saya, memang saya mahu Tun jawab sendiri. Kebetulannya dalam isu lanun bugis ni Tun quote lebih kurang sama dengan kenyataan ayat saya. Mungkin.


    Saya memandang berat tentang mengukuhkan keimanan melalui dakwah. Jaga kebersihan, jaga makan minum.


    Dikatakan kenapa perlu ikut sunnah. Sunnah pada saya adalah ikut perbuatan Rasulullah saw samada cara tidur, cara makan, cara minum, cara hidup.

    Tun sendiri walau dikatakan tidak ikut sunnah, tapi Tun dengar nasihat ibu Tun. Berhenti makan masa tengah sedap. Sama maksud seperti cara makan Rasulullah saw, berhenti makan sebelum kenyang.

    Tun istiqamah dalam hal ini. Apa hasilnya? Penyakit semua datang dari perut. Tun masih sihat. Tun ingat rakyat. Najib? Najib ni entah pandai berpuasa ataupun tidak hah?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  29. zz Oct 27,2017 7:50 AM

    Saya org melayu, saya org Malaysia.
    Saya sendiri malu dgn fi’il org melayu. Saya lihat sikap, pemikiran & tindakan ahli2 korporat, usahawan melayu – rata2 ramai yg menjengkelkan.
    Kini tiada apa yg mahu dibanggakan pada org melayu.

    Kalau akhir2 ini, kumpulan bugis menunjuk bantahan dsbnya, hahaha pd fikiran saya tidak lebih tajaan kpd monyet2 yg bergayut & melompat-lompat memakan makanan dlm tong sampah, yg disediakan oleh pahlawan bugis & pasanganya org asal jelebu yg lupa daratan!

  30. A. P. R. Oct 27,2017 12:56 AM

    Hi Tun Mahathir,

    hopefully you’re always in good health.

    Take care over there. Do stop by at my blog page too 🙂

  31. rimba.emas Oct 26,2017 10:17 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Inilah yang kita tidak mahu terlalu membanggakan atau mengagungkan keturunan serta adat.

    2. Di contohkan pada zaman Rasullullah s.a.w sendiri berlaku. Sebelum Rasullullah s.a.w di angkat menjadi rasul perhubungannya dengan Abu Lahab iaitu Pakciknya sangat baik.

    3. Bila Rasullullah s.a.w di perintah mengembangkan agama Islam ketika itu perhubungan sedara terputus di sebabkan terlalu memegang fahaman nenek moyang yang jahiliah.

    4. Lagi satu bila merasa diri ini berkemampuan dan berpengaruh serta takut di buang kaum seketurunan maka sanggup menolak kebenaran dalam beragama.

    5. Satu perbuatan yang salah bila kita membela seseorang yang sama keturunan sedangkan beliau telah melakukan perbuatan yang di celakakan tuhan.

    6. Kesalahan sesuatu bangsa itu atas perbuatan akhlaknya.

    7. Tuhan suruh kita menghormati bangsa tidak seagama yang melakukan perbuatan baik.

    8. Tuhan mencelakakan seseorang pencurang termasuklah yang mengaku dirinya seorang Islam.

    9. Wajiblah kita menolak seorang yang tidak berakhlak walau pun dirinya seagama atau seketurunan.

    10. Amalan kita di nilai berdasarkan dosa dan pahala bukan kerana keturunan atau bangsa mau pun agama.

    11. Bagaimana pun umat manusia yang beragama Islam calon-calon yang berkelebihan akhirnya ke syurga . Hanya Allah s.w.t yang menentukannya.


  32. Ingat Akhirat Oct 26,2017 9:54 PM

    Salamalikom Tun,
    Lanun ni juga di kelilingi oleh penyanggak2 yang mahu hidup senang didunia, tanpa memikirkan tentang hari akhirat, hari pertimbangan amalan2 dan hari pembalasan….
    Lanun ni juga akan membentangkan budget 2018…. Kita semua tahu lanun ni dah terlalu terdesak, akan memberi ganjaran2 untuk mendapat undi…
    Taubat lah lanun bugis dan penyanggak2 sebelum ajal datang….
    Ingat Akhirat

  33. Hajar Oct 26,2017 8:45 PM

    Salam YAB dan Yang DiSanjungi Tun,

    Well said Tun! Tepat sekali.

    Orang Melayu Islam sepatutnya berasa teramat malu kalau digelar penipu, pencuri, perompak dan penyangak. Tetapi, ada pemimpin yang boleh buat muka selamba saja; boleh lagi tersengih-sengih bila berhadapan dengan rakyat.

    Raja manalah agaknya yang berketurunan Bugis…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  34. Sri Sense Oct 26,2017 8:37 PM

    Salam Tun

    Saya sendiri tidak faham mengapa MO1 war war kan keturunan beliau.

    Memanglah ramai Melayu sini asal usual dari Indonesia. Keluarga ayah saya pun dari Sumatera tapi saya tidak heboh2 sebab ayah saya pun lahir sini, biar la asal usul tinggal begitu.

    Saya juga tidak begitu faham kenapa mereka heboh2kan Tun keturunan India, kalau dah dalam kad pengenalan Melayu, Melayu lah. Kalau mamak, Melayu dah tak suka, nak Bumiputera pulak.

    Kenapa keturunan ini penting sangat?

    Kenapa Najib beria-ia nak kata dia orang Bugis, nak vote Bugis kah? Ramaikah orang Bugis nak vote dalam pilihanraya nanti? I mean Melayu sini asal usul dari Sumatera ramai, tak mestinya orang Bugis sahaja yang ada sini. Orang Jawa pun ramai.

    Tak tau la siapa yang prepare strategy MO1, to me, strategy gila, strategy yang mengundang banyak tohmahan.

  35. hal Oct 26,2017 8:06 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun

    Moga allah kurniakan kesihatan dan keafiatan keatas Tun sekeluarga.

    Tuduhan Tun terhadap YAB Perdana Menteri Malaysia seakan selari dengan tuduhan yang terdapat pada lapuran NEIL KEENAN yang boleh digoogle tajuk dengan nama

    Di bawah dilampirkan keratan daripad lapuran tersebut:
    Extract from “NEIL KEENAN UPDATE|WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN-Neil Keenan-Group K, Ltd

    … Another case of more, blatant corruption involves the “dynamic duo” of criminal behavior, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Rasak, who is also the Minister of Finance, and his Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also the Minister of Home Affairs.

    Partners in Crime: Ahmad Zahid-Hamidi and Najib Razak

    Recently, Razak took the “liberty” of emptying the bank accounts of a very wealthy Malaysian.
    Najib erroneously believed himself to be extremely clever by transferring this man’s Collateral Security Instruments being held in the Malaysian Central Bank to a local commercial bank account in the Prime Minister’s wife’s name, Rosmah Mansor.
    Razak then had the sneaky audacity to contact the UBS in Switzerland and to advise the bank that the Malaysian billionaire was “DEAD” and that he (Razak), as Minister of Finance, was the Executor of the man’s estate, thus claiming the entire funds of this individual, including his Trust Accounts.
    Meanwhile, UBS asked Razak to produce this man’s Official Death Certificate which the DPM could only provide with official notices in writing of the so-called
    Executor’s authority that only the PM could provide. These official documents were then sent to UBS who, fortunately, were in direct contact with the very much alive “Dead Man” throughout this ongoing scenario.
    Consequently, UBS knew that needless to say, dimwit Najib’s attempts were illegal and fraudulent as in Grand Theft on an international level.
    With transcripts and recordings of phone conversations in hand as well as the official documentation that was sent, UBS had more than enough to nail Najib to the wall! They then filed a major legal case with the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

    Ironically, in his increasing desperation Najib tried preventing the “Dead Man” from leaving Malaysia.
    To his immediate dismay, he was stopped abruptly by way of the timely intervention of the UN, IMF, the FED, and the Swiss government. The “Dead Man” is now living in Europe and will gladly testify before the ICJ in this matter.
    In the end Najib and Zahid are now the real “Dead Men Walking” with no place to run and no place to hide.
    Perhaps they best stand down, especially after the other previously noted past attempts failed to destroy the Malaysian economy.
    Karma has its rightful place in these matters of greed and corruption
    Saya berdoa kepada Allah supaya melindungi negara Melayu / Malaysia dari segala malapetaka akibat perbuatan musuh-musuh Melayu / Malaysia.


  36. Dave Copper Oct 26,2017 6:01 PM

    You are in trouble Tun.

    You insulted the Chinese Malaysian earlier: in your previous post you stated that wording on Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP) is English and bahasa asing. In fact, it is English and Chinse languages that was on the signboard. Therefore, you saying Chinese language is bahasa asing, and implying that Malaysian Chinese are orang asing; echoing Perkasa’s Hassan Basri statement that Chinese and Indian are pendatang.

    This alone, Chinese and Indian should not vote for PH. Because racial tension has no place in the multi-cultural Malaysia, and you Tun, as the Chairman of PH, fostering Perkasa’s extremism and chauvinism.


    7.3 millions Chinese votes are considered gone.
    2.2 millions Indian votes are considered gone.


    500,000 Bugis votes are also considered gone.

    There is no pure Malay to speak off, even your goodself, technically, is an Indian.

    Who else would you like to attack next? Zahid is an Indon?

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