1. The first thing I did when I became Prime Minister was to order the release of 21 political prisoners under Internal Security Act.

2. I did that because I did not like detention without trial ever since Aziz Ishak was detained.

3. I had hoped that during my tenure as Prime Minister I would not have to detain anyone.

4. I had asked the police whether we could do without the ISA. They did not agree, not even to reduce detention to one year.

5. I am now told that detainees were tortured. I regret that the detainees in Ops Lalang were tortured. This is against the law.

6. People have been detained under the ISA during the time of all three PMs before me. They had never been released on orders by the PMs.

7. I accept the blame even though the detention was not my decision.

* In February 2011, Tun Hanif Omar, explains Ops Lalang.

* Dr Chandra Muzaffar’s version of Ops Lalang

17 thoughts on “DETAINEES

  1. HBT456 Nov 9,2017 8:36 AM

    21. Politicians are racist in nature, therefore, from their comments, we can differentiate what races they belong to.

    22. The birth place of tamil nanban is penang, and it is controlled by mic.

    23. Even nanban cannot escape the fate of loosing money, just like other major newspapers in the market due to the mindshift of race base readers.

    24. Dp japan was formed in 1998 and dissolved in 2016, and it won its first general election in 2004.

    25. When natural disaster of tsunami hit the coast of fukushima daichi nuclear plant that caused the lives of 573, democratic party could not manage the natural disaster effectively, the president cum pm of dp and his cabinet bowed and apologized to the japanese, and lpd president, abe san won and became the pm until today.

    26. Jika perjuangan di bawah tajuk ini masih diteruskan, jangan kata ah choo voters takut, nanti ah kow voters pun lari.

    27. No pain, no gain?

    28. When the pain in others are fully exploited for self gain, do you still think its righteous?

  2. RD. Nov 7,2017 6:59 AM

    I don’t know which hole you crawled out from Davey, but you’re sure the stupidest scum I’ve every interacted with, anywhere in the comment section.

    First, you made-up a story that Dr.M instructed Anwar Ibrahim to post Malay Teachers in Chinese schools because there was a split in UMNO… Team A, Team B something.
    You presumed that the Education Minister wanted to “kill Chinese School from the inside out.”
    Then you suggested that Chinese’s unity, in defiance to that decision, became a threat to Dr.M… So he ‘used UMNO Youth to hold rally in TPCA Stadium’, to strengthened his position as UMNO President and PM. What a farce.

    During that rally, you said someone allegedly kissed the keris and wanted to soak it with Chinese blood.

    But when I told you, the guy who wanted to soak the keris with Chinese blood was Mohammad Najib Bin Razak, as many believed, you just kept quiet.

    Then you lied by saying, “a Malay soldier stole a M16 rifle and start shooting Chinese in the Chow Kit area Rambo-style.”… when only a Malay died in that incident.

    Now… you’re assuming that “Assigning non-Chinese educated top officers to manage Chinese schools is akin to assigning non-Muslim top officers to manage Islamic schools.”

    How stupid can you get?
    Firstly, its ‘teachers’. Now its ‘top officers’. And you want to make comparison with posting of ‘non-Muslim top officers’ in Islamic schools?

    What has religion got to do with Ops Lalang or that racial tension?
    SRJKC is not a religious school at all.
    Are you instigating Religious tension now. Davey?

    You also asked me why Utusan was let off the hook, while The Star, Sin Chew & Watan was suspended for reporting hatred and animosity?

    How the hell do I know why Utusan… or the guy who kiss the keris, was let off the hook?

    When I asked you to clamor for RCI, also you kept quiet.
    Maybe RCI would implicate and give bad publicity to your paymaster.

    No wonder there’s something strange about you, Davey. You seems to be posting comments, only during office hours.
    I just hope that those who hired you is not as stupid as you.

  3. Dave Copper Nov 6,2017 9:38 AM



    Who incite hatred first!? The Star, Sin Chew & Watan were there to do their job; they were covering stories of who said what, and what was going on.

    Utusan should be suspended too, but why was let off the hook too? Because Utusan is on UMNO’s side. Just like the two fellas!

    Assigning non-Chinese educated top officers to manage Chinese schools is akin to assigning non-Muslim top officers to manage Islamic schools.

    So where did I get the idea? Use your brains, use your brains… Ops! I almost forgot, you have got no brains.

    Anwar was Tun’s man, Tun used him to start the racial tension, escalated it to one notch below the point of no return. Then Tun “stepped” in to stop it, creating an illusion that only Tun can handle the situation, creating a fake impression that only Tun can settle the racial tension and bring harmony to Malaysia. Tun use this to solidify his political position, he made Malaysia needs him.

    This was the untold story.

    But all insiders know it.

    The only person should line up at the fire square is you, RD.

  4. HBT456 Nov 6,2017 8:16 AM

    19. No one knows who is swimming naked in there as long as the tide is not off.

  5. HBT456 Nov 6,2017 8:14 AM

    8. Yb lim guan eng has fans in hong kong too.

    9. He was interviewed by hong kong media when he became the 1st leader of opposition party to win the cm position in the malaysian history in 2008.

    10. I am wondering what is the reaction of his hong kong fans today after reading news of him being absent for the tradegy of landslides that took away 11 lives due to his busy scheule, contohnya, attending kow gung tan (in cantonese), the tokong of nine emperor festive celebration?

    11. He would be maki kow kow by the media and professional bodies of that bidang.

    12. Those hong kongers who crticized or expressed their anger toward their cm in the media will not apologize, and its up to the readers to make the judgement themselves.

    13. Even when mca youth apologizes for the tokong word, it wont make any differences.

    14. Semalam makcik hajar kata islam tidak boleh dicaci.

    15. Kini, dia kata, golongan yang tidak menghormati, menghina dan mempersenda Bahasa Melayu wajar didakwa di bawah Akta Hasutan. Mereka menghina Perlembagaan Malaysia pulak.

    16. Tiba-tiba, dia kata epf tu her money.

    17. And now she claimed amanah also got her money.

    18. Warren believes as investors, you must be able to differentiate the greed and fear factors.

    19. No one knows who is swimming naked in there as long as the tide is not.

    20. When general election is called, we will know who can jual better.

  6. RD. Nov 5,2017 1:21 PM

    You’re the one who’s being dumb here, Davey.

    I said.. “…the one thing all those 106 detainees have in-common then, was… they have big filthy mouth. They spewed and incited hatred among the Malays & Chinese, creating tense communal agitation, akin to that atmosphere, prior to May 13, 1969. Situation was so tense that KL was almost deserted and all factories in Sg. Way FTZ, ceased production.”

    If not because of inciting hatred, why do you think the permits of The Star, Sin Chew & Watan was suspended?
    (My personal opinion… by being an avid reader of Utusan then… by right, it should be suspended too).

    Haven’t you listen to what the ex-IGP said in above video?
    He even said that schools were closed.

    I don’t realized it back then, since I’m still single and all my school-going siblings was not living with me in KL.

    The day before Private Adam ran amok, as I took the minibus no.33 to Sg. Way, I already realized that KL was almost deserted and the bus was not crowded as it should be.
    I was working in Sg.Way FTZ and many of my operators were absent, therefore not able to start assembly-line. All other factories within the FTZ was also having the same problem of absenteeism among its operators.

    You said… “First, the education minister that wanted to kill Chinese schools from the inside out.”

    Where did you get the fucking idea that Anwar Ibrahim as Education Minister then, wanted to ‘kill Chinese schools from the inside out’?

    Do you know Anwar Ibrahim personally?

    If you wanted to know why “a UMNO Youth who kissed the keris and want to soak in Chinese blood with it” or why he was “let off the hook” by the Police… maybe you should clamor for RCI on Ops Lalang and waste more of public funds.

    And since you’re too shy to mention that ‘Umno Youth’ by name, let me tell you who he was. It’s… Mohammad Najib bin Abdul Razak, as many believed.

    However, I’m steadfast in my opinion that… ‘Dr.M’s discretion or indiscretion, as PM and Home Minister then, would have been justified, even if he had ordered those 106, lined-up before the firing squad.’

  7. asahamat Nov 4,2017 2:10 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Op Lalang perlu atas keperluan masa dan keadaan. Tanpa Op Lalang rasanya, KLpun dah jadi bara dan debu.

    (2) Pd hari OP Lalang diistihar oleh KDN, pd masa itu saya berkunjung ke Pejabat Pengerusi LKIM di KL. Pd tengahari itu, sambil makan nasi bungkus, kami sebagai kawan akrab bercerita keadaan di Parlimen dan bahkan di Pantai Timur pd masa itu. Di katakan rakyat dari KB n KT sedang berhimpun utk turun dan bantu Melayu di KL utk “berperang”. Juga kami diberitahu, kawasan2 selekoh strategik sepanjang jln di Pantai Timur telah tersedia tong2 petrol dan minyak pelincir utk tujuan “jahat”.

    (3) Keadaan semangnya tegang. Saya dimasihatkam utk segera keluar dari Hotel dan terus ke Subang utk pulang ke Kuching.

    (4) Tun, cukuplah dgn meminta maaf di atas “kekasaran kpd tangkapan”. Lebih dari itu tidak perlu. Jika sayapun PM pd masa itu, demi keselamatan rakyat dan Negara, saya juga akan tangkap antaranya Ibrahim Ali n LKS.

    Tun, get focus to unseat Najib MO1 n the gang. Get focus to work n elaborate on the REFORMASI yg PH hendak bawa supaya kita by 2020 tidak jauh dari sasaran asal W2020. In Shaa Allah boleh jika kita tekad jujur

  8. Dave Copper Nov 4,2017 11:38 AM


    You said: “And….the one thing all those 106 detainees have in-common then, was… they have big filthy mouth. They spewed and incited hatred among the Malays & Chinese,”

    All of them have big filthy mouths?


    Again, have you check facts before you utter your stupid comments?

    Do you know them all?

    ISA detainees such as Dr Nasir Hashim, Ms Lim Chin Chin, Dr Cecilia Ng, Dr Chee Heng Leng, Ms Irene Xavier, just to name a few. Do you know them? Have you spoken to them? In which way they have big filthy mouth?

    I think the one with big filthy mouth is you, RD!

    Who spewed and incited hatred among the Malays & Chinese?

    First, the education minister that wanted to kill Chinese schools from the inside out.

    Second, a UMNO Youth who kissed the keris and want to soak in Chinese blood with it.

    However, they were let off the hook.


    Because they were Tun’s men.

    Who is ultimately responsible?

    Tun lah!

  9. RD. Nov 3,2017 10:13 PM

    I’m very sorry for providing the wrong link. Here’s the correct one.

  10. RD. Nov 3,2017 10:09 PM

    This brouhaha on Ops Lalang is just another ploy by the kleptocrates, obviously using MCA’s The Star, to get at Dr.M, after their first attempt through Forex’s RCI was done with, but going nowhere, except wasting more of taxpayers funds.

    Hence there’s no necessity whatsoever on the part of Dr.M then, to apologize or compensate those who were ISAed in Ops Lalang, 1987… as I’ve wrote earlier here…


    “And….the one thing all those 106 detainees have in-common then, was… they have big filthy mouth. They spewed and incited hatred among the Malays & Chinese, creating tense communal agitation, akin to that atmosphere, prior to May 13, 1969. Situation was so tense that KL was almost deserted and all factories in Sg. Way FTZ, ceased production.
    People living, especially around KL, were already afraid to go to work. Many female operators working in Sg.Way FTZ were afraid to come to work or their parents forbade them to ride mini-buses across KL and Sg.Way, to the FTZ.
    Therefore, Dr.M’s discretion or indiscretion, as PM and Home Minister then, would have been justified, even if he had ordered those 106, lined-up before the firing squad.”

    Nonetheless, after the failure of Forex’s RCI to achieve its vile objective, and if the Kleptocratic government still wishes to venture into another ‘waste Rakyat’s time & money’ RCI, this time on Dr.M’s usage of ISA during Ops Lalang, then go ahead.

    At least, Rakyat 1Malaysia could know the truth, whether or not, on 17th. October 1987, Najib as UMNO Youth then, led a rally in which he was alleged to have kissed the keris, thrust it in the air and shouted vehemently to soak it with Chinese blood.

  11. Dave Copper Nov 3,2017 10:19 AM


    Accepting the blame is not enough, you should apologise, compensate to those who suffered during the ops Lalang, learn from history and pledge not to repeat the same.

    Because you were the source of the problem.

    During late 1986 and 1987, UMNO were split into two opposing groups. Team A and Team B. You were challenged by Team B’s Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Musa Hitam. Although you won, but your win was marginal, and your position were shaky. Later, UNMO was pronounced as an illegal organisation, Malays were divided, new political party was formed and etc.

    What a big mess!

    Then, out of nowhere, you created racial tension. Yes, you created it!
    You sent Anwar to deploy over 100 non-Chinese educated “spies” to take up senior positions in Chinese-medium primary schools.

    Why send non-Chinese educated government servant to Chinese school when more qualified Chinese educated servant were available and unemployed?

    This mismatch will sure wreak havoc in the day-to-day operation of the school and was seen as UNMO’s plot to eventually annihilate the survival of Chinese and freedom to learn mother tongue.

    Your move worried the Chinese, and naturally, MCA leaders politely requested a discussion with you but were rejected repetitively. Since you slammed the door for an amicable discussion, you left the Chinse with no choice but to a protest against your decision. For the first time, Chinese from all political parties (BN and opposition parties and NGO) were united and proposed to boycott the deployment of non-Chinese educated staff.

    Then, you see the Chinese unity as a threat, and you purposely ignite the fire of racial tension. You used UMNO Youth to hold a rally in TPCA Stadium. Chinese reporters were stoned and covering the event. You purposely create this racial disharmony to divert the attention of people that your win in UMNO were in fact marginal and unstable.

    As a result, someone kissed a keris and alleged to threatened to soak the weapon in Chinese blood, evoking fear of 13 May. Some Malay soldier stole a M16 rifle and start shooting Chinese in the Chow Kit area Rambo-style.

    In the midst of these turmoil, you, Tun, conveniently walked away aboard.

    When you returned, you said that there was no racial tension in Malaysia. However, almost immediately, you start arresting people and shut down major English and Chinese newspapers.

    Thousands of reporters, workers, editors, and staff were jobless overnight, business closed, economy plunged to its lowest point, mistrust between Malay and Chinese were at all-time high, families of the victims were affected, fathers were no longer being able to bring bread to the table for their children and you Tun, you were smiling enjoying your success of diverting people’s attention to solidify your position in UMNO.

    If you want to take the blame, go compensate those who suffered during the Opt Lalang. The loss of income, the loss of family time, the loss of dignity being prisoned and tortured.

    You can apologise, but you cannot bring back or replace the suffering these victims have endured due to your selfish political plots.

    Because of your personal struggle to solidify your position in UMNO, you created racial polarisation between Malay and Chinese.

    People suffered, people died.

    Tun, you are the culprit.

  12. musato Nov 3,2017 8:03 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Mesti ada sebab kenapa orang tanya siapa pengganti selepas seseorang pemimpin itu berhenti.

    Sebab semua orang mahu tahu siapa orangnya dan bagaimana keadaannya.

    Orang akan tengok pada bakal pemimpin itu sendiri.

    Jika bakal pemimpin itu sendiri tidak menghiraukan penyokongnya yang semestinya tidak dibayar dengan wang ringgit, maka akan larilah penyokong penyokongnya.

    Kita berada di sini kerana bersatu memikirkan negara dan masa depan.

    Setiap masalah pasti berlaku secara peribadi. Namun demi negara, parti perlu didahulukan sebelum diri. Buang jauh masalah peribadi. Ia boleh diceritakan, namun untuk kehadapan, ia tidak boleh menjadi batu penghalang untuk kita bergerak. Sepatutnya begitulah.

    Baru sekarang saya tahu kenapa Tun kata parti perlu didahulukan. Situasi keadaan yang memerlukan kenyataan sedemikian.

    Saya minta maaf kerana lambat faham.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  13. Hajar Nov 2,2017 10:38 PM

    Salam Dearest Tun,

    1. There’s no need for Tun to take the blame or apologize for Ops Lalang.

    2. If something really bad had happened (riots – like during May 13 1969) during that time just because PDRM did not take any actions and did not detain those irresponsible people, they (those who think that they are so ‘mulia’ and perfect) would still put the blame on Tun.

    3. Semuanya serba tidak kena. Banyak songel betul!

    Thanks Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  14. ismadi Nov 2,2017 9:30 PM

    Salam Tun Mahathir,

    You did what is best on the day.

    I remember a friend told me of that during your time there was no internet whatsoever and the facts was easily hidden.

    If now with social media, my friend added that you can see how difficult even for Tun Mahathir to administered.

    I told the guy, Tun Mahathir did what is best during his time. And if you give him again during this time, he surely knows what to do to make use of the social media and used all recognised other sources that would benefited the people.

    Dont worry Tun, ISA detainees deserved it. If not of quick response by the Police, Malaysia could be in chaos. You and team has blocked it for the safety of the Nation.

    Those who have been detained, can asked themselves what they did is not freedom of speech but a clear instigation and incitement for the Malays and other race to clash.

    On your ongoing campaign for the GE, please be informed that there was a slightly decreased changed in support from the people.

    The reasons were the BTN people and Special Branch has come over to assist the Ketua2 Cawangan UMNO and Pengerusi JKKK Level at Village level.

    They have proposed a few small gathering in order to restart the low morale of the UMNO engine room.

    For example, some of the tactic they have advised to put up BN flags just to see if there were any respond from the surrounding people. If yes, they knew that there will be a fight down there. More gathering would then be proposed to win support.

    That is all Tun.

    Take care and I pray that Allah swt will always protect you.


  15. Sri Sense Nov 2,2017 5:59 PM

    Salam Tun

    Kenapa perlu Tun meminta maaf? Benda dah lepas. Tun pun dah lama pencen.

    Kenapa sekarang ramai yang over2 sensitive. Sikit sikit salah Tun, sikit sikit Tun mesti minta maaf.

    Seingat I zaman tangkapan tu ramai orang Melayu juga kena tangkap. Bukan ke masa tu big bosses TV3 pun kena tangkap?

  16. Fariq Islam Nov 2,2017 5:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Sorry to ask, if the torturing of ISA detainees was against the law, why didn’t Tun, being the PM, act accordingly?

    Accepting the blame now for past detention seems not justified!

    The act of enforcing unfair regulation will backfire some day in future, when the once-powerful leader loses his position and power.

  17. rimba.emas Nov 1,2017 11:02 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Jenis hukuman yang diamalkan di dunia jauh berbeza dengan hukuman milik tuhan.

    2. Di dunia manusia yang menjadi hakim lemah kerana terpaksa mendapatkan bukti -bukti yang kukuh yang kadang-kadang salah perkiraan.

    3. Mungkin sebab kelemahan Hakim yang juga seorang manusia untuk menjatuhkan hukuman terhadap pesalah yang juga sama sepertinya seorang manusia.

    4. Berlainanlah hukuman tuhan yang maha berkuasa terhadap manusia TEPAT sebagaimana manusia sendiri nyawa dan badan yang diciptanya.

    5. Atas sebab kelemahan pada manusia menghakimi manusia lain maka Tun cuba membebaskan tahanan yang lama iaitu mereka yang telah awal di tahan sebelum dirinya menjadi PM.

    6. Namun dari rakaman lama jelas Tun bukanlah seorang Diktator yang mana kata putus adalah atas nasihat Ketua Jabatan yang di tugaskan mengawal selia kes tersebut.

    7. Jadi rakyat tidak boleh menyalahkan PM yang tidak dapat mencampuri sesuatu urusan membebaskan tahanan.

    8. Justeru rakyat pun boleh tersilap memilih pemimpin sebagaimana kesilapan memilih penganti.

    9. Hanya Allah s.w.t maha berkuasa lagi maha mengetahui.


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