1. Kit Siang and I had a most interesting session with about 200 young Malaysians who wanted to hear answers to their questions. We on the other hand, wanted to know what is bugging them.

2. They asked very intelligent questions but were a little disappointing because they were mainly about past alleged misdeeds of the BN Governments. There was hardly any reference to the present and the future. The main focus was on Ops Lalang.

3. On corruption the assumption seems to be that any new Government would do all the things that Najib has done and is doing as long as the systems remain the same. There seems to be a belief that if the system is right then everything will be fine.

4. Merely changing the Government would not result in the Prime Minister lose his great power and his corruption.

5. The implication seems to be that voting in the election would not resolve the problems facing the country. This being so voting would be an exercise in futility.

6. In other words let the present Government continue, let Najib be the Prime Minister. It reflects the aphorism “better the devil you know than the angel you don’t ”.

7. Against this the opposition coalition’s efforts will come to naught especially with many young Malaysians. The coalition is prejudged as guilty before the fact.

8. It may seem strange that young Malaysians see no difference between the past and the present. But then our perception of things is based on what we see around us in our lifetime and not before we are born.

9. The old were born when Malaysia was a European colony or in the early years of independence. The young see Malaysia not only quite long after independence, but after the country has already developed much. The perceptions of the old and young are therefore different.

10. The perception of young Malaysians is that corruption in the Malaysian Independent Governments of the past is no different from the corruption of Najib’s Government of today. Change that brings back the Government of the past therefore represent no change at all.

11. The old on the other hand see the difference between the old and the new. They see that in the past no one categorised Malaysia as among the ten most corrupt countries in the world as it is now. No one called Malaysia a kleptocracy. No one was worried about national debt reaching one trillion Ringgit. No one talked of the abuses of power and the stealing of billions of Ringgit by the Prime Minister of the country. There was no 1MDB scandal and no 2.6 billion Ringgit in the PM’s account.

12. Instead they saw Malaysia was among the tigers of Asia, the best developed of the developing countries emerging after freedom from colonial rule, the model for the developing world and many other accolades.

13. The old see these; see the differences between then and now. The old yearn for what by comparison were the good years of the past.

14. For the young the years of the past were nothing to be proud about. Of course the country must develop. Of course life would be good. These were normal. Every country must be so.

15. But there was corruption. There was the ISA. There were detentions without trial. There were censorship and restrictions on press freedom.

16. All these would remain even if a new Government is in place. Even if promises are made that these will be amended or abolished, what guarantee is there that these will be done. The systems would still be there. And there is no guarantee a new Prime Minister with a new Government will not steal money, corrupt the people and abuse his power.

17. This difference in the perceptions of old and young need to be recognised and appreciated if the aspiring challengers against Najib wish to mobilise youths to help in the attempt to overthrow Najib and his kleptocratic Government.

18. The future belongs to these young Malaysians. Their refusal to help change the Government will be very detrimental to them.

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  1. Cal Dec 4,2017 11:14 PM

    Dear Tun,

    PART 3 – Continuation from PART 2

    Regardless of the topic whether is relevant or irrelevant. Are you reading what I am reading? GE is the main focus

    The RIDDLE on PAS may be decrypted but the solution? Zahid is taunting Hadi only.

    Best Regards

    Cal Lai

    *FYI, my intelligence point to the fact that there exist at least 1 mole in your group and nearly 10% members ready to betray. Hard evidences had been collected.

  2. Fender Dec 4,2017 7:16 PM

    That’s why it is important to give the youth the Impression that the government is clean and transparent. In the past,one cannot say the government had been transparent and clean. One scandal after another. Hence the youth are hard to convince. PKR and Bersatu are formed by mainly ex UMNO members. That perception of corrupt and being greedy is hard to shake off. Can you blame them?

  3. Fariq Islam Nov 27,2017 4:55 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    The session was productive in getting to know what the young and youth aspire for the future and the nation.

    Basically, the young and youth who can think for the future would like to see:
    a. GST system being abolished
    b. Stuff costs being maintained
    c. Properties being affordable
    d. Job opportunities being available for the graduates
    e. Corruption being addressed.

  4. Sri Sense Nov 26,2017 11:56 PM


    Kalau young tanya about the past mungkin sebab the past di war warkan oleh press. Mungkin juga young mewakili group sebelah sana. 😀

    Kalau my son in the group pretty sure dia tak tanya pasal Ops Lalang.

    Goodnight Tun and Ev1!

  5. musato Nov 26,2017 6:30 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    ‘Young’ yang dimaksudkan Tun ni umur berapa ye?

    Sekarang saya baru nak masuk umur 41 tahun ini.

    Pada umur 31 nak masuk 32, saya dah ajar Tun cara nak menurunkan Pak Lah.

    Orang muda harap Tun Mahathir jadi ‘maksum’?!

    Orang muda kata Tun Mahathir dah buat silap 2 kali, bagaimana nak percaya tindakan Tun kali ni adalah tepat?

    Kenapa saya ajar Tun cara nak menurunkan pemimpin?

    Sebab manusia ini tetap perlukan imbangan. Sebab bukan semua kita buat kekadang adalah tepat.

    Sedih baca orang muda lihat masalah tapi tak tahu nak selesaikan macam mana. Tak tahu nak selesaikan sebab Tun dah buat silap 2 kali katanya. Hahahah…

    Cikgu sekolah mana agaknya ye yang cikgunye ajar ikut je orang yang menipu dan melanun supaya senang hidup kamu


    Orang muda dapat lihat masalah lain selain menipu dan melanun. Iaitu masalah sentiasa ada, tak habis habis. Itulah masalahnya kot.

    Tun, you patut pastikan masalah tiada. Jangan bagi ada masalahlah Tun. Zero masalah….hahahahah

    Terima kasih Tun.

  6. nehru Nov 26,2017 12:59 PM

    The young see the problem , and we are interested in the present and the future , Tun, what we are just not confident about your proposals to solve the problem, and whether you can guide you in the present and the future .

    The present government is after all, one that is filled by people who trained under your administration. You had a major role in choosing both Pak Lah and Najib as your successors . Without doubt it takes a great deal of integrity to call out those you yourself trained and chose, but the fact it , that the people who trained under you ended discarding the practises you instilled in them , and the people you chose to succeed you ended up disappointing you , does call to question your own competence , does it not ? How could you have missed it so many times , and if you missed it then , what is to say that you aren’t missing it now ?

    If you could perhaps offer some insight , as to why those who trained under your administration did not about the lessons your administration imparted , or why both your choice of successors went so wrong , perhaps it could raise the confidence of the young in you.

    You can’t blame us tun . Someone said that insanity is doing the same thing again and again while expecting a different result . If we do not at least doubt your ability this time , we would committing the sin of driving ourselves insane.

  7. Hajar Nov 26,2017 8:42 AM

    Salam Dearest Tun,

    1. Young Malaysians nowadays are (in general) not matured enough. Quite a number of them do not even know how to respect older people, and the elderly. In fact some of them do not even respect their own parents.

    2. I hope the 200 young Malaysians are not among those who are willing to accept bribes:

    MACC: Youth’s willingness to accept bribes is worrying

    “The willingness of Malaysian youth – especially students – to accept bribes is worrying, says Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad.

    The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief said a survey conducted on some 1,000 higher learning institute students last year showed 16% of them were willing to accept bribes if they were placed in a position of power in the future.”

    3. It is sad to know how shallow the mentality of our youngsters. I am not sure why the 200 young Malaysians were more interested in an old event that occurred about 30 years ago. Aren’t they aware of what’s happening in Malaysia today? Aren’t they worried about their future? Or was there other reason for their behavior? ‘Cash is King’?

    4. Tun gave those youngsters the opportunity to ask any questions (incuding current issues) directly to Tun, face to face, and I believe without any censorship. But, their main focus was on Ops Lalang. What a waste of time and energy!

    6. By right PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor should be the one asking them (without any censorship) what is bugging them since he is the current PM. But, as we all know, he’s not even brave enough to face Tun M.

    Thanks Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  8. rimba.emas Nov 26,2017 12:01 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Ops Lallang sebenarnya dapat mengajar golongan muda bahawa sikap perkauman dengan cara yang salah tidak boleh di amalkan seseorang bernama manusia.

    2. Hidup manusia perlu berpandukan peraturan atau amalan baik iaitu di kenali juga dengan nama hidup berakhlak mulia.


    4. Kita semua hambanya dan wajib patuh kepada perintahnya.

    5. Kesemua perintahnya bukanlah sesuatu yang sia-sia kerana akhirnya akan di nilai kembali.

    6. Bukan itu sahaja setiap nilaian itu akan di balas kembali sebagai HUKUMAN.

    7. Ya kadang-kadang hukuman di dunia akibat kelemahan atau telah di salah guna akan terjawab kembali bila tiba pada hari di mana manusia sudah terlewat untuk bertaubat.

    8. Salahkan diri kita kembali kerana tuhan telah pun menurunkan pemberi peringatan ( Rasul) untuk menunjukkan jalan yang lurus .

    9. Ops Lalang pada falsafahnya baik untuk menghalang yang bersifat perkauman cara yang salah tetapi kadang-kadang boleh tersilap tangkap oleh kelemahan atau penguatkuasa jahat.

    10. ‘ Town Hall ‘ bukannya bicara akhirat.


  9. musato Nov 25,2017 11:15 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kalau 200 orang macam tu yang Tun Mahathir dan Kit Siang dapat kumpul, mahu menangis tanah kubur.

    Berkumpul pun sebab mahu tanya pasal Ops Lalang.

    Sepatutnya orang muda yang bertanya itu patut faham bahawa merekalah yang akan menerajui negara pada masa akan datang. Tanya apa yang patut mereka buat? bukan tanya kenapa dulu begitu kenapa begini? Seolah olah mahu menyalahkan orang tua.

    Lepas tu, bila mantan Perdana Menteri jawab, tak puas hati pulak. Pastinya mantan Perdana Menteri orang tua Tun Mahathir jawab ikut fakta. Bukan perasaan.

    Kalau polis dah siasat dan bawa pada pengetahuan PM, maka jawapannya adalah PM ikut maklumat apa yang diperolehi dari polislah.

    Samada berlaku perkara lain selain dari mantan PM berkata benar, orang muda juga patut tanyakan diri sendiri, apa patut saya lakukan untuk memastikan tidak berlaku perkara yang tak benar itu.

    Bukan dengan berkata, “tukar pun sama.”

    Tetapi kalau orang muda tak mahu tukar dan lantik saya pun takpelah, sebab kalau IGP datang jumpa saya dan kata Ops Lalang perlu diadakan, berkemungkinan besar saya akan setuju juga.

    Jadi elok fikir masak masak. Mahu tukar atau tidak.

    Itupun kalau boleh berfikir.

    Jumpa Mantan Perdana Menteri dan ketua pembangkang termashyur Lim Kit Siang hanya sekadar boleh tanya pasal Ops Lalang?…Haaisshh…apa la nak jadi dengan masa depan orang muda negara Malaysia ni.

    Lebih baik hantar diaorang 200 tu ke kem Rohingya bantu pelarian dari kononnya hadir ke “Tun Mahathir Lim Kit Siang bersama orang muda.”

    Terima kasih Tun.

  10. PutraKraken Nov 25,2017 11:09 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun.

    I blame it on our education system and the racial polarisation of our political landscape. We never strive to be “ONE” nation. We always harp on the differences instead of the similarities in our multi racial and multi cultural society. The over emphasis on the bumiputra agenda has backfired. Those who were spoon fed have bitten the hands that fed them….why?…greed and power. With greed and power…corruptions is the way to go.

    The older generation went through hardship thus they are more appreciative and value their achievement. The younger generation…the product of our education system which is too much results oriented…only numbers matters. The number of A’s and the highest percentage of passes is the benchmark of success. We churned out graduates with excellent marks…CGPA 3.85 and what not…but they are useless….as you have mentioned Tun…they prefer to harp on past issues which they did not went through and yet they failed to see the current issues which affect their live and the future of the nation.

    Corruption is O’right!…If I got the chance..I will also do it…it is so common ma! what?…you don’t do it, others will do it….why should I miss the boat?…whereas I can jump on the boat and no harm will befell me…Wa pun mau kaya ma!

    Stealing the nation”s coffer is O”right cos is “NOT” their personal money.
    Economy…what economy?…I have money what!..the nation’s debts is “NOT” my debt.

    Religious bigotry is the champion of our belief…demonising others is a way of life…what a hypocrite?

    What a mess Tun…who do we blame?
    It must be the work of the Jews and DAP!

  11. balance Nov 25,2017 9:15 AM


    If Malaysians want Malaysia to grow then everyone must clip-in and do their part by embracing competition and be self competitive. Nature show us how survival of the fittest and natural selection happened and is happening. Your theories about socio-racial equilibrium is a good intention but the fact is nature dont recognised Dr. M theories. When you force and tilt something unnaturally, nature will tilt it back to nature’s way. Your intentions was noble and good but you use the wrong people and methods to push your people forward. You want to fast-track things by using your ego but you forgot not all things can be fast-track. Humans DNA are there for a reason. DNA cannot be change or build in a short period. It takes hundreds of years to changes DNA, attitude and inspirations of humans. I still think you are naturally a good person but your ego spoiled your intentions. Your ego make you think you are bigger than nature and can control nature. I also think there will not be changes to malaysia and malaysians until people wake-up from their expectation of free gift, entitlements, supremacy and the most important of all is people must know and understand using religion and to be religious will not help anyone in running a country. People must not to fall into religious bigots traps and understand religion is man-made and can be re-make to suit someone agenda. Religious politicians kill all you good intention and you allow them to win you by competing with them on their subject and expertise. You should have created another topic and invited them to compete with you on your back-yard and you would have swipe them off

  12. Cal Nov 25,2017 3:16 AM

    Part 2,

    Hint 1 = In art of warfare, the roles are strongly distinguished between a Commander, a General, an advisor, a strategist and the head of strategist. If

    1) there is a violation tosuch order,
    2) or it happens that the Commander
    3) or chief of strategist
    4) failed to select good men according to their merits
    5) and further failed to assess the geopolitical terrain and enemy”s strength

    therefore the condition is equivalent to gambling. A bad gamble might result in total wipeout. BEWARE.

    Hint 2 = As a parting gift. If one can solve the RIDDLE

    “How and What Did Raja Petra Construed The Facts to Hadi Awang?

    Then you are 15% to the GE14, with the right solution is 30%.
    May the divine dictates if Allyana is worth the throne and if I have fate and affinity with you.

    * I was a recipient of kindness from one of your associates.
    ** Dealt indirectly with Najib’s arrogant minions which I do not find them pleasant.

  13. Cal Nov 25,2017 3:15 AM

    Dear TUN,

    I am not writing to highlight your failures, I understand the actions you took

    1) supporting Malay agenda to boost socio-racial equilibrium. However, not many Chinese will empathize this, some are hypocritical to reap the Malaysian Identity benefit without sacrifice in dire times ahead – seeing Malaysia only as a jumping stone. Not many willing to assimilate with Malay and their culture, off course there are exception.

    2) Well at some point despite the “I dont know”, “I have forgotten” and twisting and turn into someone else fault. Whatever remains is the fact that you are the head of MOF at that period.

    a) what can be said is you were misinformed and trusted the wrong person in the execution in turning 30 billion to 60 billion if it were succeeded. All you did was within the interest of the country. Though such statement can also lead to many backlash but will look better than 1MDB act of betrayal. You then can further affirm that a significant review of the policy had been conducted in secrecy. Najib knew about it and he should also be probed as an accomplice.

    b) What you should focus is “questioning Team Najib’s integrity on why this issue was only highlighted after you hand him the throne? “.

    Perhaps some of this were made NEWS before but such points were important during the talk to sway voters.

    3) YOU CANNOT blatantly say that “the current system is OK, what we need to do is to kick out Najib”. MY DEAREST TUN, everybody in the right mind is thinking that you will kick Najib out and replace with someone that you can control and your cronies flourishing again. That defeats the purpose when the Chinese boy keep asking “What happen if the next person is using Cash Is King ideology to manipulate the whole system again? ”

    a) What you can say was at that time an indirect manipulation was done because you suffer a huge backlash from team Tunku Abdul Rahman and his rich associates who disagree with Malays going into business. You fear some of them used their political and financial influences to spread Tunku flawed ideology through Razaleigh and S46 and manipulate the judiciary. You were acting upon the interest of the Malay people.

    b) you further assert that Razak was supportive of this and is very ungentlemanly for Najib to use this issue despite knowing this fact from his father and sharing his father’s ideology.

    c) you further strongly assert that you regretted this route as you never thought Najib will use this to COVET people’s money. Should you know this will happen, you will revert back the status quo.

    4) FINALLY Dearest Tun, they are your potential voters and I understand how much you should lower yourself to please them – I had a PHD but sometimes I had to listen to less intelligent people telling me what to do with a smile on my face for an hour because Cash Is King.

    5) In the event I have offended you – please consider me as a less intelligent person.

    6) Remember TUN when you said “your ambition is only to be a clerk”, at that time your CLERK mentality which is the humbleness that makes you a winner. Your Premiership of 20 years blinds your inner self and inner killer instinct in winning this game against your EX brilliant protege who understands your pattern and mindset fortified by brilliant advisors which I hope you do not underestimate because you don’t like them.

  14. musato Nov 25,2017 1:09 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sambil minum minum, saya pernah beberapa kali menyatakan tentang perbezaan pemahaman serta penglihatan berkenaan perjuangan Tun tentang negara ini.

    Orang muda sekarang yang tak pernah lalu kehidupan muda orang tua sekarang hanya melihat tentang berjaya dalam hidup. Kereta besar, rumah besar dan lain lain besar lagi.

    Orang muda zaman orang tua sekarang pun pastinya fikirkan tentang berjaya.

    Cuma bezanya, orang muda zaman orang tua sekarang hanya berfikir untuk berjaya merdeka!!

    Satu keadaan di mana situasi tidak memihak kepada tuan punya tubuh badan. Malah usaha belum tentu dijamin berhasil.

    Pembinaan modal insan perlu ditekankan berkenaan hal ini. Program jangka panjang i.e kerahan tenaga.

    Untuk masa sekarang, Tun Mahathir adalah pembangkang. Kenapa orang muda bertanyakan soalan kepada “Mantan Perdana Menteri?”

    Apabila “Mantan Perdana Menteri” memberi jawapan, orang muda tak dapat nak terima, kata tv3.

    Orang muda yang keliru. Samada yang di depan itu Pengerusi Pakatan Pembangkang atau pun Mantan Perdana Menteri.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  15. Hajar Nov 24,2017 11:59 PM

    Salam Dearest Tun,

    Tun, just ignore those bigots and racists. They just think about themselves.

    Without any shame they accused Tun of being a racist (in Tun’s blog) when they themselves are the real racists. Oops! Am I being rude here?

    Thanks Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  16. asahamat Nov 24,2017 11:10 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Syukur Alhamdullillah you n LKS had having the discourse with that 200 youth. Indeed, last month, I got a call n was invited to join a discourse with yourgoodself by the so called Biro Pendidikan Bersatu (?) but I turned it down for reason they said to listen to your talk. I said clearly to the guy whom invited me, that I had understood what Tun had n will b saying. It is a waste of both side resources to keep repeating on the same thing that I n those already knew n hate ie the fenomena Malaysiaku dihaprakkan penyamun.

    (2) Many times I had wrote in your blog suggesting, what the youngs and even the general rakyat at large are now eager to hear n see is that what PH is laying and working for their better future. They are no more interested with the current issues. Those had been said for the last two years or more. They r well verse of those esp the young and educated generation. They had enough of those.

    (3) What they really want to know is all about what there better thing(s) for them in the future ie post-Najib expectation. To me, such is basic if we want to get them into our circle. Najib MO1 is now fishing them with TN50. Najib MO1 tengah main hulok “madu di tangan kirinya, n racun di tangan kanannya”. While PH is talking about REFORMASI, I believe in one way or another, you also “subscribe” to such. So what is that REFORMASI that you with PH is going to do? They want the details.

    (4) I may sound harsh. I don’t meant to be rude. I love to see the GOM change for the better. In Shaa Allah personally I know what all those REFORMASI that should be done, but I’m highlighting the issue to have you n PH to really clarify those to the rakyat esp to those young n educated generations. I’m seeking mass clarification; since support of the masses would only take Najib MO1 down.

    (5) Pls Tun, Anwar had shouted that REFORMASI to yourgoodself in the past. It may b sickening then, but if together all of you in PH fine tune such REFORMASI, there is nothing wrong and bad about it. Kadang2 kita kena telan hak pahit untuk jadi ubat.

    (6) The way the youth reacted in the discourse is now a true predicament that I had guess all thesewhile. Syabas for you to dare to face them n now to take on it. Tun yourgoodself n PH now really needing niche strategies for different segment of the audiences. You should never feel down or worst to blame those youth. Dunia sudah lain Tun. Masa Tun muda dgn depa, cukup lain. Tun
    muda zaman Jepun, depa muda zaman Post-Mahathir. Two different worlds indeed. The success of your devt plans had changed things in Malaysia.

    (7) Nonetheless, I can agree with you, what I’m questioning may b will be PH last tablet to our present sickness, but kindly just be prepared. Good to throw some out there for us to chew nicely.

    (8) In Shaa Allah if yourgoodself n PH could restrategise, the positive impact will b there. I pray we b always guided by Allah to be on the truly sincere course.

  17. fazilis Nov 24,2017 9:15 PM

    You’re from Tun’s generation and your father worked in the civil service? It doesn’t add up. Anyway, your father didn’t get the promotion and it’s the PM’s fault. I think you’re one confused guy

  18. niknik Nov 24,2017 1:56 PM

    I am from your generation. And we suffered under your racist and bigoted Malaynising of Malaysia. My father could not advance in his career in government service because preference was given to the Malays and the policies of your UMNO-BN racist based political parties.

    Look we are willing to give you a chance.

    But your total disregard of others perspective of you and arrogance to think you don’t owe Malaysians a proper apology leads us to know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

    The apology won’t change the past. But it will show us that the Mahathir we have now will fight for us.

    From your tone, it does confirm you have your own agenda and getting the rakyat to back you is only the means to your ends.

    Apologise from your heart and Malaysians will embrace you.

    Otherwise, there is no reason to trust you if you can’t own up to the wrongs against Malaysians while you were in absolute power. We watched Malaysia spiral done the chasm of racism during your time. We lived it.

    Now Najib has just taken over from you and just part of the regime you created over your 22 years.

    Change if you truly want change and if you want us to change how we think of you.

  19. ismadi Nov 24,2017 11:12 AM

    Salam Tun Mahathir,

    The youngsters were not up to the expectation.

    Most of them now are been feed up with easy life and their action lead of wanting more.

    But, what did they do to change this? Do they have the experience fight in any war and/or have them win in any battle? They don’t.

    As usual their speak able act nowadays of wanting more WITHOUT showing any hard effort to achieve it.

    The youngster are taking from the oldies and has never return favour. Of course, if we said these to them, they will make noise however don’t be surprised of their immature act.

    Now, what did we expect of them? Answer: Put an icon and let them worship.

    Yes, there will say YES to any of what the icon do and said. That is what Malaysian youngsters were and would be.

    My two cents thought.

    Thank you.

    Take care Tun Mahathir

    Wassalam wbt.

  20. Dave Copper Nov 24,2017 10:50 AM

    Ops Lalang, you can’t help but people will ask questions pertaining to the event when both you Tun, and LKS are sitting on stage.

    Ops Lalang was the racial tensions you created to solidify your status and BN’s status.

    But now that you are no longer in BN, you still try to create it via your proxy: Perkasa.

    Recently the dumb-ass Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali threatened that his organization would “declare a war” if the government were to recognize the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC).

    He said over his dead body would anyone attempt to put other languages on the same level as the status of Bahasa Malaysia.

    Wait a minute! Let’s rewind a bit, who said they want other languages to be on the same level as the status of Bahasa Malaysia? They only wanted UEC to be recognised, that’s all.

    The Dumbass asserted: “We don’t want to see the status of Islam, Malay and bumiputra culture on the same level as that of other religions and cultures,”
    Wait a minute! Let’s rewind again, who said the recognition of UEC is equivalent to putting the status of Islam, Malay and bumiputra culture on the same level as that of other religions and cultures.

    UEC is about education, it has nothing to do with religions, status and culture.

    Also, who the hell is Ibrahim to imply that status of Islam, Malay and bumiputra culture is above other religions and cultures?

    UEC has already been recognized internationally by top-ranking institutions such as the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, University of Toronto, University of Tokyo, National University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong, University of Melbourne, Peking University and Kyoto University.

    All of the above universities ranks higher than all of Malaysia’s universities, UEC is not on the same status as STPM, it is above it.

    So, who the hell is Ibrahim? He is Tun’s protégé, sorry, but my vote is for BN.

    If over his dead body was his wish, I wish him dead.

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