1. Malaysia today is experiencing the destruction of democracy, the system it chose for the governance of the country at independence.

2. It is now described as a kleptocracy, a country ruled by thieves and robbers. But more than that it is a country where there is no rule of law, where the rulers do anything they please.

3. We had chosen democracy because we believed that the people will rule the country. It would not be direct rule of course. It would be through elected representatives.

4. We believed that if the chosen rulers fail the people, they would be rejected and a new set of rulers elected to take their place.

5. But unfortunately, the system is open to abuse. The process of electing can be manipulated. There are many ways of doing. We are experiencing them today.

6. In the first place, the Election Commission which should be independent, is totally under Government control.

7. It begins with the delineation of the constituencies. The borders can be shifted, polling station changed, and voter names can disappear and reappear somewhere else.

8. Bribery of the voters is open. Reports to the authorities result in no action. Besides money, kitchen appliances and other goodies are openly distributed.

9. The opposition parties are harassed, faults found and registration delayed or denied.

10. All sources of funds for the opposition are blocked, with potential donors being threatened, forced to pay extra taxes and accused of money laundering. Their money in the banks are frozen so that they cannot do business. Certainly not finance the opposition.

11. Government meeting halls are closed to the opposition parties. Hotels may not let their halls be used by the opposition. Local authorities do not permit usage of open spaces for meetings of the opposition. In several cases erection of tents for public gatherings were not allowed.

12. Although the vote is secret. Government spread rumours that it knows who the voters are voting for. There is an implied threat that those voting for the opposition would be punished.

13. Government employees are engaged to man the polling stations and many are instructed to favour Government party candidates in one way or another.

14. Officers in Government agencies and companies are told that they and their staff must ensure everyone supports the Government party. They are threatened with dismissal if they fail to do so.

15. Clearly the election will not be fair. But there are other things that the Government is openly doing to paralyse the opposition. Leaders of the opposition parties are being accused of all kinds of crimes. An incident which happened 30+ years ago is resurrected and a Royal Commission of Inquiry set up which, as expected, finds the opposition leaders had committed breaches and must be investigated by the police.

16. Yet when there is clear evidence that the Prime Minister had misappropriated billions of Ringgit of Government money, the reports on this is placed under the Official Secrets Act and no action taken by the police to investigate.

17. Losing 30 billion Ringgit is serious. But now, NOW, the BNM has reported a loss USD 39.6 billion (Ringgit 162.36 billion at current rate) between 2013-2015. How this huge loss was incurred is not explained. But the fact is that it is an enormous loss. It is four times the loss 30 years ago. Who made this decision which resulted in this huge loss. Who authorised the action which resulted in this loss.

18. Then there is the loss of wealth because of devaluation of the Ringgit. When it was pegged at 3.80 to 1USD, much money was saved. Unwisely it was floated resulting at first in its strengthening to RM3.00 to 1USD.

19. But bad management of the economy and the huge debts taken by the Government caused a loss of confidence in the country. And the Ringgit depreciated to almost RM4.50 to 1USD. Now it has strengthened to 4.1 to 1USD.

20. In the process the people and the nation lost huge sums of money because of the decision to unpeg.

21. But no investigations have been carried out. And no explanation is given to the suffering public. Certainly no Royal Commission of Inquiry has been set up.

22. It would seem that the ruling party in a democracy can abuse and manipulate the powers of the Government as it pleases.

23. Clearly all these can happen in a democracy. In a number of other democratic nations, irresponsible extremists and apparently deranged people can be elected. The result is bad Government and bad governance.

24. Still democracy is the best system of Government ever invented by Man. If democracy does not deliver, it is not because of the concept of Government of the people, by the People and for the People. It is because of the abuses of the system.

25. Democracy is a great system for the governance of a country. It is however not perfect. It is open to abuse. As we can see today democracy can easily be transformed into a kleptocracy, a Government of thieves, by thieves and for thieves.


  1. Raja Chulan Dec 22,2017 12:04 PM

    Dear Dr. M, Go ahead with your noble work.Take down the enemies of democracy and the rakyat one by one. You have much unfinished work before you really retire. We will support you all the way in upholding democracy and the will of the people.

  2. rimba.emas Dec 19,2017 11:33 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. ‘ Demokrasi ‘ adalah satu sistem yang dipilih. Adakah ia satu sistem yang terbaik ?

    2. Sebenarnya apa sistem sekali pun pasti ada keburukannya. Keburukan itu terjadi bila ADA TANGAN-TANGAN YANG MEMBURUKKANNYA.

    3. Dalam ciptaan tuhan terhadap makhluknya kita diberitahu bahawa telah ada sifat KEBURUKAN pada yang bernama MUSUH.

    4. Kita manusia sendiri bagi yang beragama Islam telah di ingatkan oleh tuhan bahawa adanya sifat KEBURUKAN pada makhluk ciptaan tuhan yang menjadi musuhnya iaitu Syaitan laknatullah.

    5. Sifat buruk atau pun perbuatan jahat inilah selalunya akan memburukan sesuatu sistem itu termasuklah dalam sistem ‘ Demokrasi ‘ ini.

    6. Justeru ia ciptaan manusia maka yang memburukkan sistem ‘ Demokrasi ‘ ini ialah manusia sendiri.

    7. Tidak hairanlah dalam sistem pemerintahan negara kita pasti KEBURUKAN kepada negara di bawa oleh rakyatnya sendiri.

    8. Rakyat biasa atau awam akan memilih pemimpin yang mewakilinya.

    9. Dalam agama Islam sendiri tuhannya mengutus Rasul-rasul untuk mengembangkan agama itu.

    10. Di perlihatkan perilaku pemimpin itu untuk di contohi. Pemimpin yang berbagai kaya dan miskin telah di ceritakan. Namun Rasullullah s.a.w yang menolak hidup kemewahan adalah yang terbaik.

    11. Antara pemimpin yang memewahkan dirinya dengan pemimpin yang sanggup menderita demi kesenangan orang lain mana yang lebih baik. ?

    12. Bandinglah cara hidup PM sekarang yang tidak sanggup hidup menderita sebagaimana rakyat yang terbeban cukai seperti GST akan di pilih lagi pada Pru 14 nanti ?.

    13. Walau pun susah mendapat yang berwatak Rasullullah s.a.w sekurang-kurangnya kita rakyat memilih PM yang tidak mempunyai kuasa mengaut kekayaan sesuka hati dengan rakyat menetapkan atau menentukan kekayaan PM.

    14. Rakyat yang menentukan PM yang di pilih bukan memilih PM yang akan menentukan kehidupan kita.

    15. Allah s.w.t. menyamakan kita sesama manusia hanya kita yang hidup membezakan antara satu sama lain kerana darjat , kerana pangkat , kerana harta dan kerana perkauman.


  3. asahamat Dec 19,2017 2:19 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun

    UMNO dah temui senjata paling hebat utk bunuh PH ie dgn lumpuhkan Tun. Senjata mereka adalah “isu Bugis dgn Sultan Selangor”. UMNO tengah api2kan bhw Tun n Zaid adalah penderhaka kpd Payung Melayu. Itu cukup taboo dlm budaya Melayu.

    (2) Depa tried utk api2 orang2 Indonesia esp Yusuf Kala on the same issue, but Alhamdullillah Jokowi don’t buy such a dirty trick. Indonesia especially in the Borneo side, they need good relationship for the better of the two nations.

    (3) I think both of you can either just minta maaf kat Sultan Selangor and alike n kemudian tone down on the issue or choose to berantem terus2an. The later gives PH nothing good. Cara Melayu cukup mudah. Minta maaf dgn ikhlas, habis cerita. Jika UMNO hendak balun Tun n PH kemudiannya, itu lebih mudah diurus juga bersandarkan sifat Melayu.

    (4) At this juncture, great just sometimes to act as underdog to gain an upper hands later.

    (5) Tun pls you should never loose your big heart Statemanship, for such is the prime asset of PH. You r reputation matter to our struggle to take down on Najib MO1 n turnaround Msia to a good better path.

    (6) Secondly, good now to get in touch with those like I posted herewith. I believe these types of speakers will b UMNO n PAS assets for PRU14 campaign. I believe these people now need to swallow their own words but better for PH to take them in so they can now turn their very words to both UMNO n PAS.

    Take care Tun. Keep yourselves n Tun Hasmah not to b personal in every of your public exposure. Najib MO1 men are on full alert to pin you down.

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