1. People and the media never fail to point out that I was a dictator. I presided over an authoritarian Government of Malaysia for 22 years. Any mention of my name must be preceded or followed with the qualification “dictator”.

2. Looking back now, I realise why, as Prime Minister of Malaysia I was described as a dictator. There were many things I did which were typically dictatorial.

3. Actually I showed this tendency very early. Upon being appointed as Minister of Education, the first command I made was for the “Menteri” plate above the number plate of my official car to be ripped off. Maybe I feared assassination. I don’t know. But, unlike other democratic ministers I did not have the “Menteri” plate on my car.

4. I also demanded for a six men police escort. But they told me that a minister gets only one plain-clothed policeman. I warned them to wait until I became Prime Minister.

5. When I became Prime Minister I demanded for UTK (Special Forces) plainclothes escorts as well as ten outriders. They gave me only four. It was really not enough. I felt very unsafe. I had to look right and left and also behind to identify assailants early. Now that I am not the Prime Minister, you will not see my numerous bodyguards. This is because they are invisible.

6. In America I was surrounded by six burly secret service men. If anyone shot at me they would take the bullet. President Kennedy was almost saved by them. President Reagan was more lucky. I wanted the same body-guards at home. But there were no six-footers in Malaysia to absorb the bullets. I have to make-do with smallish Malay policeman.

7. Now I dare not get into a crowd. I don’t shake hands and selfies are not allowed. My invisible bodyguards check all cameras and hand phones of those who get within 10 feet from me.

8. As Education Minister I demanded that schools must not be named after me. All my democratic predecessors had schools named after them. One even had a school named after his wife.

9. I did not want schools to be named after me because dictators normally do not like personality cults. So when I became Prime Minister I did not allow my name to be attached to any building, road or public toilets. Now the Najib Government is doing me a favour. Reference to me in text books have been erased. Thank you Najib for being such a democrat.

10. To continue the narration about my dictatorship, upon being appointed Prime Minister I ordered the release of 21 political detainees, detained under ISA by my predecessors. This release was of course the tradition with dictators. Previous democratic PMs did not release any detainees. They in fact added more because that was the democratic thing to do.

11. But what about Ops Lalang. Well, Tun Hanif is on video to say that it was his decision. He was my security adviser and he said I could not countermand him. He says that as my security adviser, he decides.

12. It is not true of course. I went over his head and ordered as many people as possible to be detained and tortured. If he denies it must be because of bran. Still he does not seem to like bran.

13. Then there is Tan Sri Abu Talib, the AG in my time. He recently declared that I was not responsible for Tun Salleh Abas’ dismissal. This just cannot be true. Everyone saw how I caught hold of Salleh Abas by the scruff of his neck and threw him out of his court. I don’t know why Abu Talib should deny popular belief. Maybe I gave him bran. I don’t remember.

14. As wife of Prime Minister, Hasmah was also known as FLOMH (First Lady of my house). She was fond of pink diamonds and Hermes handbags.

15. She bought many of them in the flea markets in London and Hong Kong. She wore them around her neck, arms and fingers every day. There are lots of pictures of her, loaded with expensive jewels. No one can fail to notice that she was the wife of a dictator. She also has a food taster.

16. My children held high posts in the Government and UMNO. They naturally got Government contracts which they sold at good prices. That is why they are among the super rich. Unknown to anyone, Mukhriz has been appointed PH’s Deputy Prime Minister in waiting.

17. I set up five heavy industries and pocketed a good percentage of the capital. The money is kept in secret accounts in numerous banks. The accounts are so secret that I myself don’t know which bank. Not to worry. The police will find out. Another RCI can be set up.

18. Tun Abdullah and Tun-to-be Najib conducted a search for the money I had stolen. So far they have not been able to trace any. But not to be disappointed, Najib discovered that 30 billion Ringgit was lost by Bank Negara 30 years ago. Since I was the Prime Minister at that time, it must have been me who had stolen the money. So he set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry and sure enough I was found guilty.

19. I inherited from Tun Hussein a Boeing 737 business jet. It was big and expensive. So I decided to sell it and buy a smaller aircraft. I believe the savings went into my secret account. I don’t know where. There should be a police investigation.

20. As a dictator I made sure the Prime Minister’s residence in Putrajaya had a tunnel connecting it to KLIA. If anything happened I could escape through this tunnel to a waiting plane. Until now the tunnel cannot be found.

21. With the money I had stolen, I built two private palaces in Country Heights and the Mines. They are surrounded by high walls and guarded 24 hours a day by security forces. I also have fierce dogs. Anyone visiting me is frisked for weapons.

22. When I was about to retire, some people suggested that they build a memorial library for me. All American Presidents have memorial libraries.

23. I commanded as a true dictator that the memorial be dedicated to previous Prime Ministers also. I instructed that it be called the Perdana Leadership Foundation. The great achievements of all previous Prime Ministers must be kept there. Of course my record as a dictator is preserved for eternity there. All the valuable gifts given to me as PM, including 26 cars, are kept in the Galleria in Langkawi. Unfortunately the Government refuse to return them to me.

24. There are many other authoritarian acts perpetrated by me. But, to cut a long story short, as a true dictator I decided to resign. All dictators do this. Hitler and Mussolini unfortunately died before they could resign. Franco of Spain and Salazar of Portugal were about to resign when they died.

25. But I was lucky. I was able to resign before I die. This confirms that I was a true dictator. I ordered some ministers to rush up to me and cry when I made the announcement.

26. No one should know about all my authoritarian acts. It is sufficient just to state that I was a dictator. If asked why you say I was a dictator, just say everyone said so before. Therefore it must be true.

27. So carry on calling me an authoritarian dictator, a Mahazalim and Mahafiraun, who was undemocratic, and has become super rich through corruption. It is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

23 thoughts on “THE DICTATOR

  1. samoh Feb 18,2018 7:36 AM

    Tun, may I ask, are you still the advisor to Perkasa?
    Now that your party is in PH, do you think Perkasa can help PH to win votes from all Malaysians ?

  2. ikram7794 Feb 13,2018 5:33 PM

    As far as i know Tun had never troubled the people or the rakyat> But this current Pm aka Najib troubles the rakyat as he just implemented the GST as it causes us the rakyat susah. Saya baru 24 tahun, Saya hidup pada zaman najib dan saya berasa sangat susah untuk hidup dengan cukai yang tidak masuk akal yang dikenakan oleh najib kepada rakyat. Saya juga berharap agar Allah merahmati Tun dan isteri selalu dan diberikan peluang untuk membetulkan negara ini kearah sistem yang betul. Banyak kes-kes rasuah yang sepatutnya dibicarakan di mahkamah diselesaikan dengar cara betul tapi dibawah pemerintahan najib ia deselesaikan dengan cara yang tidak masuk dek akal, contohnya kes tanah felda yang cara penyelesaiannya agak tidak masuk akal fikiran bagi manusia seperti saya. Saya mengharapkan agar PH menang untuk menerajui dan mentadbir negara dengan betul. Saya hanyalah orang muda yang ingin melihat Malaysia sentiasa maju ke hadapan dan bukan tercorot seperti yang kita tahu di dada akhbar di luar negara, negara kita iaitu Malaysia sudah tercemar dengan rasuah yang berleluasa. Pada akhir kata saya UMNO adalah parti yang penuh dengan rasuah dari akar sampai ke pohonnya dan wajib dimusnahkan agar masa depan negara tidak musnah dek kerana parti seperti ini.

    Asalamualaikum Tun

  3. rodin Jan 25,2018 4:48 PM

    Mengalir air mata saya membaca tulisan Tun ini. Saya dapat merasai keikhlasan dan semangat Tun membina negara ini. Saya boleh katakan saya mengenali hidup semasa Tun jadi PM. Saya pernah bertugas secara langsung dengan Tun semasa di JPM. Jiwa Tun memang besar. Cara Tun bekerja menjadi panduan kepada saya. Saya memilih persaraan awal kerana meluat dengan Sang Najib. Minggu lepas sanggup meredah malam dari jitra ke pendang menunggang kapcai semata-mata ingin melepas kerinduan menatap wajah Tun. Tenang jiwa menatap wajah Tun berdua. Saya anggap Tun sebagai bapa maya saya kerana jiwa Tun yang besar itu. Arwah ayah saya juga berpesan agar melakukan yang benar walau pun majoriti tidak menyokong. Semoga Allah memberi segala rahmatnya kepada Tun berdua dunia akhirat. Teruskan perjuangan demi negara tercinta sehingga nafas terakhir. Semoga semangat perjuangan Tun ada yang menyambungnya.

  4. mustafa Jan 21,2018 9:26 AM

    Assallammualaikum pada Tun dan Isteri,

    Alhamdullillah pada Allah yang telah memilih Tun sebagai pemimpin kami selama 22 tahun dan kini di panjangkan usia Tun untuk ditugaskan untuk membersihkan Negara kita yang dicintai. Saya percaya dan doakan supaya tugas Tun kali ini akan menetapkan Tun ditempat yang paling istimewa di Syurga. Rupa2nya semasa Tun memerintah tebal betul Barisan Penyagak yang menunggu untuk naik memerintah dan dah jelas pun belang di hidung masing2 sekarang.

  5. Hajar Jan 19,2018 9:39 PM

    Salam Yang Amat DiHormati dan DiSanjungi Tun,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Sdr. MEGATI DEWANI (Jan 18,2018 3:01 PM) ,

    Betul sangat… 🙂 . PM Najib dan konco-konco beliau mana faham apa yang Tun cakap.

    Mereka ini amat lemah dari segi kefahaman. Macamanalah mereka boleh jadi Menteri.

    Yang lagi pelik mereka dulu bekerja di bawah Tun semasa Tun PM. Takkanlah ‘cara’ Tun berfikir pun mereka gagal untuk fahami. Kesian sungguh!

    Cuba lihat link di bawah bagaimana Menteri dari rejim Najib beri komen balas terhadap kenyataan Tun. Nampak sangat mereka ini lembab 🙁 … Atau lurus bendul?

    Dia ingat kenyataan balas dia hebat – lebih baik diam (shut up). Kalau sekadar mahu berniaga nasi lemak, belajar sekolah rendah pun sudah memadai. Orang dulu2 (‘orang lama’), yang ‘tak sekolah’ pun ramai yang berniaga nasi lemak!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  6. ahalimr Jan 18,2018 8:26 PM

    Pemuda Parti Ajaran Sesat (PAS) kata mereka tak pileh dua setan untuk jadi PM. Sebabnya Allah dah tetapkan bapa setan yang megaku ulamak untuk jadi PM. Jadi PM bukan susah sangat. Otak tak payah pakai bolih buat lapik buntot saja sebab Allah yang akan tetapkan semua termasok harga barang. Bapak setan ini memang layak jadi PM sebab dia saja yang kenal setan mana yang lebih islamic hingga bolih dipelok belaga pipi dan makan semeja. Orang lain mana kenal setan yang islamic. Jangan kata lawak pula, kalau bertanding 130 kerusi untuk menang cuma 40 tapi akhirnya 4 kerusi pun tak dapat, namun sebab Allah dah tetapkan maka bapa setan tetap jadi PM. Biar lah si luuncai denagan labu2nya.

  7. drrafick Jan 18,2018 6:24 PM

    Pada satu ketika tahun lepas, saya diberitahu oleh kawan kawan bahawa tujuan sebenar Tun M aktif kembali kearena politik kerana mahukan Mukhriz jad PM. Saya maklumkan bukan lebih senang untuk Mukhriz jadi PM kalau Tun berbaik dengan Najib. Sebab kalau Tun M duduk rapat dengan najib pastinya umno akan menang dan Mukhriz akan terus naik pangkat.

    Tetapi kerana pentingkan negara, Tun M terus mengkritik Najib sampaikan anaknya Mukhriz dipecat oleh Najib dan matshah dinaikkan jadi MB di kedah

    Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, berikanlah rahmat kekuatan akal dan kesihatan kepada Tun M agar beliau boleh kembali dan memperbetulkan kepimpinan negara . Teruskan Tun, kami bersama mu

    Dr Rafick

  8. Chu mat Jan 18,2018 4:44 PM


    1.Saya tunggu tajuk ni.

    2.Walau Tun dictator..tapi masa pemerintahan Tun Mahathir Rm100 boleh beli 70 barang (contoh).

    3.Tapi dlm pemerintahan Datuk Najib Rm 100 nak beli 50 barang pun tak dapat

    4.Malang nasib rakyat Malaysia dapat PM yang tak pandai ekonomi.

    5.Saya simpati dengan PM sekarang.Bukan beliau yang patut disalahkan tapi penasihat beliau yang memperbodohkan.

    6.Aduuuhhh sedihnya.

    5.Ya Allah Kembalikan PM kami ke pangakal jalan..Aamiin


  9. A. Mahmud Jan 18,2018 3:56 PM

    Penulisan yang Tun Mahathir sahaja boleh sampaikan.
    Terima kasih Tun Mahathir atas segala usaha dan pengorbanan.

    Org lemah yang dapat kuasa sementara, mungkin boleh cuba untuk memadam dan menghina. Tetapi itu hanya sementara.

    Kita rakyat Malaysia, yang tua dan yang muda akan selalu ingat dan akan cuba sedaya upaya mengikut langkah dan contoh Tun Mahathir.

    Terima Kasih!

  10. MEGATI DEWANI Jan 18,2018 3:01 PM

    Salam Tun dan Hajar.

    Ha… ha….ha…..saya yakin Najib dan kuncu kuncu tak faham apa yang Tun bagi tau tu..

    selepas keputusan pilihanraya ni barulah nak faham.

  11. Fariq Islam Jan 18,2018 2:15 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    “Dictator” is a just something to retard Tun’s image. It’s a political weapon, just like how some dirty politicians call Lim Kit Siang as anti-Islamist. Young Malays know all there are bullshit.

    From another perspective, who cares whether Tun is a dictator, as Tun has been a nation interests-minded leader who has contributed much to this nation’s well-being and development!

  12. exa Jan 18,2018 12:53 PM

    Let me add…

    A dictator cannot accept donations, where else a truly elected democratic Prime Minister is allowed to accept private donation into his personal bank account

  13. milshah Jan 18,2018 11:32 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    This is sarcasm at its finest, your trademark. Hahaha. I wonder if MO1 can do similar. He can say yes I’m a kleptocrat and pirate. Yes, RM2.6billion went into my personal account. Yes, the stolen money was used to buy US properties, pay gambling debts, buy expensive potrets, and a yacht. Yes, the whole world knows about the stolen money. Yes, Malaysia has become most corrupt country. Somehow, its not funny if MO1 does it.

  14. balance Jan 18,2018 9:10 AM


    This article is so cute yet so sarcastic and true. If they called you dictator then you must be the best dictator in the world. Your dictatorship make Malaysia a better country but your dictatorship did not make many Malaysians to better people instead many become terrible OKU. Whatever and however people call you is not important but deep inside everyone know you are the best PM and you done so much for the country. This time when you come back, hope you can create racial unity, remove religious extremism so that country and the people can shine and grow together again. My wish is to have the people of Malaysia to live happily together and freely without prejudice about religion and race. Wishing you happiness and blissfulness.

  15. ir.miringila Jan 18,2018 8:02 AM

    oh chedet. Now we need to make corrections in the dictionary about the meaning of the dictator. hope the authorities can make corrections.

  16. tamchi Jan 18,2018 7:16 AM

    Salam, pagi Tun..
    Ini yg diktator tu ka, yg doktor tu kah..??



  17. sibotak Jan 18,2018 3:07 AM

    You are cute .You are very cool , Tun
    You are different . And you are the one , The Chosen one
    Mukhliz , I hope you be like yr Dad or a better Mahathir
    You know what yr father went thru
    You know what is his mistake
    You know where it goes wrong

    A Dictator ?
    Only idiot , A loser will say you are a Dictator
    A loser called Najib bin Razak
    Najib is Rubbish unlike Trump
    Trump is intelligent but arrogant . A very confident man
    Trump knows what he wants for his nation
    Najib is a Blind Leader

    Those who blindly abet to Najib is Rubbish
    Those who think lightly ,
    who don’t bother of what is wrong with our govt today is another Rubbish
    Those UMNO member or those who join any political party for the sake of gaining advantage
    just to get the benefits of it is A very True rubbish

    We are responsible for our wrong doings even our unintended wrong decisions

    Tun , you are my Hero
    You are The Savior of Malaysia
    You are Not a Dictator
    You are a Firm Man who take responsibilities

    You will be remember
    Najib may delete yr name in history book
    You already have yr name engrave in every Malaysian heart

  18. yourstruly Jan 18,2018 1:45 AM

    Love you so much Chedet, wholehearted expression from your humble subject..

  19. Dato' Jan 18,2018 12:48 AM

    Petikan daripada Al-Quran, Ar-Ra’d (13:15)

    وَلِلَّهِ يَسْجُدُ مَنْ فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ طَوْعًا وَكَرْهًا وَظِلَالُهُمْ بِالْغُدُوِّ وَالْآصَالِ ۩

    Walillahi yasjudu man fee alssamawati waalardi tawAAan wakarhan wathilaluhum bialghuduwwi waalasali

    Dan kepada Allah jualah sekalian makhluk yang ada di langit dan di bumi tunduk menurut, sama ada dengan sukarela atau dengan terpaksa; dan (demikian juga) bayang-bayang mereka; pada waktu pagi dan petang.

  20. musato Jan 18,2018 12:10 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Terasa kurang sedikit keinginan mahu menaip.

    Tetapi melihatkan artikel terbaru “diktator” rangsangan mahu berbicara kembali menjelma.

    Sampai pada pengetahuan saya, bahawa pembaca Tun di sini berpendapat bahawa Tun sudah lanjut usia, dan mereka mahu melihat siapa selepas Tun.

    Saya telah lama menulis di sini. Mungkin saya turut punyai ramai pembaca setiap komen saya.

    Walaupun saya tidak terlibat secara langsung melalui kehadiran fizikal saya, namun sejak zaman Pak Lah lagi saya fikir anggota keselamatan kita cekap dalam menjalankan tugas mereka.

    Kadangkala kehadiran saya dalam program Tun dapat dihidu secara jelas (atau ia mungkin saya yang syok sendiri sahaja).

    Senang cerita untuk bacaan orang ramai, SB ada ikut saya. Dan saya tiada apa rahsia untuk disorokkan.

    Oleh kerana itu pergerakan saya mungkin akan dijejaki ke mana saya pergi.

    Mungkin satu kebetulan juga apabila secara jelas saya paparkan no akaun bahagian saya di sini, bahagian saya telah disogok. Termasuk KB saya sendiri memberitahu saya secara peribadi siapa yang telah cuba menyogok beliau. Mungkin ia cuma satu kebetulan mungkin.

    Berkemungkinan saya akan bersiar siar di Kuala Lumpur sambil memperkenalkan wajah ‘penasihat Tun Mahathir’ kepada bahagian Bersatu yang berkaitan.

    Assassin? Nak cari 6 orang 6 kaki ambil peluru?

    Saya sempat menziarahi makam Tok Pulau Manis sebelum saya mendaftar masuk PPBM. Tapi saya tak lama di situ, sebab rasa janggal bila tengok orang tengah pegang tasbih sambil berzikir di makam. (bukan kufarat ye, ia berlaku di siang hari dan orang ramai tahu).

    Terima kasih Tun.

  21. rimba.emas Jan 17,2018 11:45 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Bila dalam sesebuah negara selalunya golongan yang terlalu extrem dalam sesuatu pegangan tidak mendapat sebarang menafaat terhadap sesuatu pembangunan pastilah akan mengelar seseorang itu mahafiraun.

    2. Walau pun sebenarnya seseorang itu bukannya Firaun tetapi di gelar kerana menyerupainya.

    3. Firaun sifatnya lebih kejam kerana menganggap dirinya tuhan kepada manusia yang lain.

    4. Setakat mengadakan pembangunan seperti Firaun , kaun Saddum dan kaum yang kuat membina bangunan dari batu-batu gunung untuk kediaman yang mana di musnahkan tuhan akhirnya bukan musababnya.

    5. Kemusnahan berlaku bilamana manusia itu melawan atau memusnahkan utusan atau peringatan daripada tuhan yang menjadikan semua makhluk di bumi ini.

    6. Dalam sejarah agama pemerintah kuku besi ini akhirnya akan di musnahkan juga oleh tuhan melalui utusan mana-mana makhluk ciptaannya.

    7. Kembalilah kita kepada tuhan yang di sembah dan kepadanyalah kita menyerah selepas berusaha mematuhi perintahnya.


  22. Lanun Johor Jan 17,2018 11:28 PM

    MasyaALLAH Tun, semuga ALLAH swt ampunkan kita semua dan mudahkan urusan dunia kita dan murahkah rezeki kita. Semuga Tun dan isteri, dan kita semua diberi kesihatan untuk taat kepada ALLAH swt ikut cara Nabi Muhammad saw. Ameen

  23. Hajar Jan 17,2018 10:03 PM

    Salam Yang Amat DiHormati dan DiSanjungi Tun,

    Pedasnya…!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

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