1. Najib says Pakatan Harapan will be squabbling over who should be the Prime Minister if it wins. He seems to think that the four parties in the coalition cannot work together.

2. If he thinks so, why is he so afraid to register Pakatan Harapan, the coalition of the four opposition parties. Application for registration by PH has not been answered. He knows very well time is of the essence. The coalition has to use the same symbol in the ballot papers. It is important for the symbol to be well-known to the voters. BN’s and PAS symbols are well-known, having been around for more than half a century. Voters would not know the PH symbol unless it is promoted a long time before voting day.

3. On the other hand if the coalition is rejected now the four parties would be able to promote the alternative symbol they would use. Not knowing whether the coalition and it’s symbol would be approved or not puts the four parties in a quandary. They need to produce flags and banners etc, in their own names and symbols. If at the last moment the coalition is approved, much money would have been wasted. More money would have to be spent on producing common flags and buntings with the coalition symbols.

4. Najib knows very well that he has cut off funds for the opposition parties. They cannot waste the little money they have. But Najib has tonnes of money not only to pay for the flags and buntings but for corruption as well.

5. This is what Najib is doing. Every effort is made, legal or illegal, moral or immoral to sabotage the opposition.

6. It is not going to be a bersih election. If Najib wins you will get a thoroughly unprincipled PM, who is prepared to cheat in election and in his management of the country. You have already seen the scandals involving Najib, the huge loses of Government money, the huge debt he has burdened the country with. He has lost money belonging to the EPF, the Pension Fund, Felda money and Tabung Haji money. On the other hand he lives a lavish life-style with pink diamond rings and Hermes bags for his wife.

7. He sells Government land to pay debts. He borrows money to pay interest on his borrowing. It is just changing one lender for another. The huge debts are still there. Total debts now exceed 900 billion Ringgit. He will borrow more. He does not care that the nation will have to pay the debts.

8. If he is reelected he will continue to borrow more. Despite high exports and GDP, he has to squeeze the people for more money. He introduced the GST and other taxes. His tax people are demanding for more tax payments from individuals and companies without any basis. Companies and businesses, big and small are closing down. People have to pay more because of high cost of living. They don’t have money left for shopping or eating out.

9. Things can only get worse as he borrows more money for the East Coast Railway and the High Speed Railway.

10. 1MDB debts of billions are now passed on to the Ministry of Finance. We don’t hear of any profits from the operation of 1MDB, only losses. And we really don’t know where the billions he has borrowed and siphoned from KWSP, KWAP, Felda, Tabung Haji, have gone to. We have not been shown any audit that is credible.

11. Najib has to be stopped. The voters must come out in full force to reject BN and give their support to Pakatan Harapan. Do not vote for PAS either. They are only shunting away anti-BN votes so as to reduce support for PH. Actually PAS is supporting BN and Najib.

12. Voters may be confused by PH having so many symbols because it has not been approved. But you are safe if you don’t vote for the weighing scale and the moon.

33 thoughts on “NAJIB’S FEAR

  1. HBT456 Mar 4,2018 6:12 PM

    68. Mass protests have bring down legally elected leaders of the countries that turned out chaos, instability and messy, contohnya arab spring, and now venezuela.

    69. Moreover, malaysians in general have witnessed so many forms of politically motivated protests, boycott and sabotage that not only caused insecurity, disomfort and anger in the eyes of voters and party members, they also make the authorithy looks weak, meaning they are making themselves look weak and inability to lead government of the day for the past 10 years.

    70. When ds nazri in white baju melayu and black songkok, wearing dark glasses and holding a tongkat in slandering a 94 years robert kuok, native of johor, with pondan and anjing words in this chinese lunar new year, it not only terlampau, he has made his sultan and kerabat perak looks bad in the eyes of other states and foreign ambassadors in federal territory in kuala lumpur in the era of post it whereby infomation, and now with pictures and video clip some more, shared accross the country, region and the world.

    71. Dont forget, the ibu pejabat of umno also located in federal territory just like mca and mic.

    72. When politicians are running out of luxury of time, they bound to make hasty decisions that are not only bad for themselves, they also instilled fear, suspicious and discomfort in the investors and voters in general.

    73. To protect the federal constitution and social contract or not, the decision is in the hands of the politicsl parties.

    74. Bak kata, too many chefs spoil the soup.

    75. Race and religion issues are super sensitive.

    76. Even when these issues are exploited to the maximum and won the general elections, the ultimate result, would be ultra atau tidak kukuh.

    77. When a race is being institutionalized just to make them happy, dont you think its bad?

    78. Even hollywood already took the initiative to breakthrough the tag line of #hollywoodsowhite and made them more diversified in multi-talents that could capture movie goers in developed countries for many generations to come.

    79. What about you?

  2. HBT456 Mar 4,2018 3:36 PM

    61. It wont make any differences, karl.

    62. Because mps could be rigged to favor or against a political or economical issue.

    63. Flip then flop?

    64. Flop then flip?

    65. Progress?

    66. Regress?

    67. Once the general election is result, everyone will know who will be the next perdana menteri.

  3. musato Mar 2,2018 2:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    UMNO kesuntukan masa?

    Mahu dan mesti buat pemilihan atau PRU14?

    UMNO kemungkinan boleh diharamkan?

    OPPSSSS sori….

  4. HBT456 Mar 2,2018 10:36 AM

    56. After being here in this blog for years, and having read some of the most pro mahathir supporters comments, i for sure do not want another era of mahathirism, full of vengence and fear stroking.

    57. They dont care what is happening in the world which would affect the people.

    58. All they care is they want to be the chosen ones to get the absolute power.

    58. Pendek kata, blind followers.

    59. The chinese characters of 贪 and 贫 (greed and poor) carry same character at the bottom 贝 (shell), and the character at the top of greed is 今 (current), and at the top of poor is 分(divide).

    60. As the saying goes, for those who have greedy mindset, they will end up poorly, and this saying applies to all.

    Happy Chap Goh Mei!

  5. Karl Iskandar Mar 2,2018 8:10 AM

    Saya amat setuju dengan pandangan dan gagasan sibotak

    Malaysia tidak mungkin wujud jika orang Melayu tidak bersatu menentang Malayan Union pada tahun 1946.

    Jika orang Melayu dan Raja-Raja Melayu tidak bersatu menentang Malayan Union ketika itu, negara kita sekarang ini mungkin diketuai oleh seorang YDP Gabenor dan bukan DYMM Agong.

  6. sibotak Mar 1,2018 9:19 PM

    Pandangan Ikhlas saya
    Demi Ummah , Demi Bangsa , Demi Malaysia

    Jika Bolih
    Semua kembali ke pangkal UMNO
    PKR dibubarkan , Pribumi di bubarkan
    Semua ahli UMNO termasuk Anwar , Mahathir ,Mukhliz , Rafizi , Muhideen kesemua
    Dari atasan hingga bawahan juga yg bekas alhi UMNO atau bukan bekas pun
    Kembali pada UMNO

    Najib juga Sultan sekali pun yg terlibat mengadaikan Malaysia
    Yang ambil Kesempatan Tanah juga 1 MDB
    Kesemuanya mesti di hadap ke muka Keadilan Negara

    Bermakna ini Tugas Anggota UMNO sekarang yg perlu menyinkir dan membuang benda yg busuk
    UMNO akan Berlafas baru
    Dengan Perlantikan semula President , juga jawatan selanjutnya
    Bermakna Anwar , Mahathir , Muhideen atau siapa pun berhak bertanding

    Sebenarnya masalah Malaysia bukan lah UMNO
    Sebagaimana Tun sendiri telah berucap berkali kali
    Najib must Go .Bukan saja tak amanah malah Najib tidak berkebolihan

    Jangan kerana nyamuk se ekor , kita bakar satu kelambu

    Jika anggota UMNO sekarang gagal memulihkan UMNO dengan menyinkir Najib
    Maka PKR , PRIBUMI terpaksa Bergabung dan Bertanding
    Besok akan Tiba
    Maka perlu kita lebih pada Positive Rational Decision dari lebih pada Emotional Decision

    Kan Bagus kesemuanya kita masukan 1 Bilik
    Kita sesama memperjuangkan nasib kita yg sangat kebelakang
    Demi Ummah , Demi Bangsa , Demi Malaysia

  7. farock Mar 1,2018 7:14 PM

    Salam Tun and everyone.
    Today,kapal si Jho Lo di rampas di Indonesia.Kenapa satu dunia punya undang2 sudah jatuhkan hukuman tapi di negara kita siasatanpun tak habis2?Kalau satu dunia bodoh dan penipu,bila mau saman diaorg bang?
    Saya tak larat nak dengar org2 ni tuduh PM saya mcm tu.I LOVE MY PM…jadi,tolonglah saman dia org Datuk Najib!!
    Selama ni Datuk cakap aje tapi tak bua apapun…0,zero,..Sebab I Love My PM,saya menyokong Datuk Najib menyaman semua pihak terbabit dan hentikan pergolakkan keganasan anti Najib ni..

  8. WandyCaswady Mar 1,2018 6:29 PM

    Assalaammuaalaaikum kepada semuanya…

    Kepada Admin… Maafkanlah saya kerana mencemari laman ini…

    Keadaan pada masa kini… Saya tidaklah tahu sangat.. kerana sudah lama meninggalkan dunia berita… Tetapi apa yang saya tahu… Sistem kerajaan pada masa ini semakin tidak teratur… Dimana ada pekerja kerajaan pada zaman ini kebanyakan hanyalah hamba KPI…

    Jujurlah pada diri… Jujurkah nombor yg tertulis pada kpi itu? Ingatlah sejenak keadaan di tempat pekerjaan kalian…

    Kadar pengangguran yang tinggi… Sasaran KPI semakin meningkat… Penduduk semakin ramai… Kerja semakin meningkat… Doktor pula semakin ramai… Peralatan semakin usang… Dan jawatan kumpulan sokongan tidak di buka…

    Akan tetapi… Komplek semakin bertambah… Perumahan semakin bertambahan walaupun kita tahu harga rumah pada zaman ini tidak munasabah… Tidak dpt dijual.. dibuka kepada China… Mashaallah.. bagaimanakah Mereka ini boleh berbuat sedemikian? Sehingga tanah Tabung Haji menjadi gadaian…

    Saya hanya menyeru… Agar rakyat ini… Umat manusia.. agar sedar diri… Berfikirlah sebelum membuat keputusan… Nilaikanlah moral di sekekiking kalian… Dan tanyalah diri.. apakah sumbangan anda terhadap komuniti.. impak anda terhadap pemikiran di sekeling anda…

    Jazakumullahu khairan kathiraa…

  9. HBT456 Mar 1,2018 2:12 PM

    45. 1 Malaysia Development Bhd via New Economic Policy was cleared off charges in the context of BNM in paying banking penalty.

    46. Under malaysian public listed act via nep, the board of directors appointed by umno supreme council has the absolute power to run this public listed company.

    47. When 1mdb is charged, it means nep failed.

    48. When national car and cow project failed, it means affirmative action failed.

    49. When rm depegged from us dollar, it means bnm has violated international currency policy.

    50. When capital controlled policy was implemented, it means nep is kletrocracy.

    51. Therefore, siapakah mereka yang berebut2 pangkat perdana menteri and form kabinet, got difference meh?

    52. Jika mahu buat comparison, one must compare apple witb apple, orange with orange.

    53. A deer is a deer.

    54. A horse is a horse.

    55. Since no one can decide, then, call for general election bah so that the voters decide who they vote to name the pm and form the kabinet.

  10. akulamd Mar 1,2018 1:55 PM

    Salam Tun.
    menjelang pilihanraya nanti saya cadangkan Tun menulis stu enty berkaitan perancangan tun untuk memulihkan kembali ekonomi negara. saya yakin dengan perancangan yang jelas; ianya mampu menarik minat dan keyakinan pengundi2 nnt.

    sepertimana Tun sedai maklum..ekonomi negara sangat bergantung kepada keyakinan pelabur dan urus takbir negara yang baik… dan ada beberapa perkara penting perlu dijelaskan.

    Antaranya yang sempat saya fikirkan..
    1. pembatalan GST secara tiba2 adalah tidak baik untuk ekonomi negara… mungkin boleh ditambah baik dan bukanya dihapuskan.
    2. Brim.. juga mungkin boleh ditukar kepada system food stemp untuk mengelakakan salah guna oleh penerima bantuan.
    3. perancanagn hi speed train.. pembangunan bandar malaysia..dan beberapa project lain perlu diteruskan dan ditambah baik.
    4. Project pertanian dan food suply seperti NFC perlu ditambah baik utk menjamin food security
    5. Intergiti polis dan penguatkuasa juga perlu dipulihkan.
    6. Berita dan dunia kewartawanan perlu lebih fokus kepada mecari kebenaran dari mengampu penerintah.
    7. Harap Tun juga dapat jelaskan perancangan utk menyusun semula hutang2 negara yang dibuat oleh najib.
    8. Nasihat saya kita perlu perancangan untuk membaiki dan memulihkan negara..dan pada masa yang sama kena beringat.. dengan kepesatan teknologi sekarang.. ada musuh musuh negara yang dengan mudah mengambik kesempatan untuk mensabotaj ekonomi negara.

  11. HBT456 Mar 1,2018 12:49 PM

    39. Chemistry arranged by allah?

    40. Dont forget, the local infra structure cum property developers currently rely on foreign hard labour since local do not want to take up the jobs, to transform the economy to high income nation.

    41. Even china with such huge population already started to use technology of semi and fully automation to transform their nation in high income developed nation.

    42. Due to blind worships of communism, china had gone through great leap forward that caused millions of the people died in hardship due to such ambition.

    43. NEP vs Affirmative action?

    44. Does it make any differences?

  12. Hajar Mar 1,2018 12:38 PM

    Salam Dearest Tun,

    1. I was so HAPPY for the past several days during my visit (vacation) to a Muslim country.

    2. There were two mosques near my hotel. I could hear the AZAN very clearly every time ‘masuk waktu solat’.

    3. I stay in Selangor, and there is a big mosque near my home, but nowadays (for many years now) I could barely hear the azan. 🙁 🙁 🙁 (sayup-sayup or could hear nothing…). For those liberal Muslims, they don’t really care about this issue (in fact some do not care about ‘solat’ itself…)

    4. The main problem is that we have so many liberal Muslims in the Oppositions. And, it’s funny that they believe they are MODERATE Muslims.

    5. Well, Najib’s FEAR is very real. He must be mentally, emotionally, and physically well-prepared if BN loses in the 14th GE.

    Thank you Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  13. Simple Mind Mar 1,2018 11:32 AM

    Assalam’kum Tun,

    I wish you good health in the coming year.

    It is unthinkable that our ministers are so arrogant to berate a senior, let alone a wealthy businessman. It does not matter where his wealth came from, be it in the country or outside.

    This, I hope will not be in our future Public servants.

  14. HBT456 Mar 1,2018 10:26 AM


    32. Mca and gerakan had experienced total loss of chinese votes due to the failure of umno cow gate project in n9 yang telah dibocorkan pkr in 2008.

    33. Therefore, it wont make any differences if they experience another total loss of chinese votes when umno supremacy politics are being played again.

    34. The ball is on umno court.

    35. To be or not to be, that is not the question.

    36. Able or not, the malay and bumiputra voters decide.

    37. Winning or loosing is not important.

    38. Bak kata, when bad things happened, there must be a good reasons.

  15. Mohd Asma Mar 1,2018 10:18 AM

    Of coz najib fear…..already looser..hihihi
    I’m so proud of Tun…..
    thanks for u Tun…….



  16. sibotak Mar 1,2018 9:35 AM

    After PRU
    Our elected leader will be Tun Mahathir
    I hope to have Anwar , then after Mukhliz , then after Rafizi
    As our beloved Prime Minister of Malaysia

    Its a Chemistry guys
    And it is arrange by Allah
    We have Mahathir from Pribumi , then Anwar from PKR ,back to Pribumi , Mukhliz then after Rafizi again from PKR
    IT seems, looks fair and logical
    These are Right candidates

    Perhaps Pribumi & PKR can merge & amalgamated to form a strongest Party
    It sure to shrink the balls of BN for Najib

  17. musato Mar 1,2018 9:12 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Nak kutuk madey, dalam fb dr mahathir bin mohamad lagi best. Boleh kutuk kaw kaw punya.

    Tapi bila kita jawab sikit sikit, terus delete komen. Bukan dalam fb dr mahathir la, tapi dalam kelab chedet.

  18. RD. Mar 1,2018 1:58 AM

    Karl Iskandar… please don’t be ridiculous.

    Its MCA that’s currently having Party-to-Party relation with Communist Party of China (CPC). As a matter of fact, it was Najib himself who appointed Ong Ka Ting, MCA’s ex-President as special envoy to China when we already had one in Beijing.

    ISMA was the first to voice concerns about MCA sending its cadres for ‘training’ with CPC. ISMA also alleged that MCA have been discreetly promoting China’s OBOR (One Belt One Road) aka Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) amongst local Chinese.

    In contrast, the CPC must have treated DAP with scepticism, especially after Superman Hew (before he quits DAP), went to Hong Kong, claimed that he represented Malaysian Chinese in support of pro-democracy protest against China’s rule in what was called Umbrella Revolution or Movement.
    Furthermore, most in DAP are evangelist or born-again Christians, same breeds as those dissidents in Taiwan, Macau and even along the Mainland’s coastal areas.

  19. Anak.muda Mar 1,2018 1:58 AM

    Assalamualaikum tun

    1.pada saya logo pkr paling sesuai kerana
    Logo ppbm:parti melayu.cina india xnk sokong nanti
    Logo dap:parti cina.melayu xnk sokong.
    Logo amanah:ahli pas yg xsuke pas xberani sokong sebab ulamak besar tuan guru haji hadi awang yang dah mengkafirkan amanah.

    2.tapi logo ppbm menarik juga sebenarnya..ada lima kelopak kan.setiap kelopak boleh mewakili setiap parti dan kelopak kelima mewakili bendera malaysia iaitu jalur gemilang.

  20. HBT456 Mar 1,2018 12:47 AM

    25. You happy in selangor, then, stay put there, sri sense.

    26. Politicians too come and go.

    27. Nobody is pure able.

    28. Therefore, when general election result is out, everyone will know what will happen next.

    29. Never count chickens before eggs hatch.

    30. Because no one knows what lies a head.

  21. Sri Sense Feb 28,2018 10:40 PM

    I’m happy in Selangor, if you want to be happy like me, vote PH!

  22. HBT456 Feb 28,2018 9:57 PM

    13. Lawan tetap lawan.

    14. After lawan edi, mai go mamak and have teh tarik sama2 lar.

    15. It is definitely safer and better off for them to voice out.

    16. Politics is not about who gets what, and who dont gets what, sibotak.

    17. Politics is about balance of power to maintain political stability.

    18. No one knows who is swimming naked in there as long as the tide is not off.

    19. When this tide is off, another new one will come in.

    20. Because it is musim raya pilihan umum 2018, let them talk lar.

    21. Bak kata, siapa makan cili, mereka lah yang rasa pedas.

    22. Betul tetap betul.

    23. Salah tetap salah.

    24. It is still up to the voters to decide who they vote.

  23. sudin Feb 28,2018 8:49 PM

    Assalam Tun.

    EQUINIMITY seized by Indonesia in Bali!

    There goes Najib’s last few remaining self-proclaimed friends…

  24. sc Feb 28,2018 8:11 PM

    What the villagers do not realise is that it is their grand children who will inevitably have to pay the debt back some way….some day
    The villagers think just because they have been promised or even given money now, its still ok….

    No. It is not ok. The debt must be repaid by all Citizens, the majority being Malays… What an ugly selfish corrupt country. What happened to goodness in humanity? Is this a typical reflection of muslim society? Beggars for crumbs? Is this corruption typical of south east asia? Yes… It is. These societies share two things in common. The high level of corruption and very low education standards.

    Was this your vision 2020? A breed of human endorsing corruption for payouts under a platic tarp sitting on plastic chairs? This isn’t Copenhagen Tun, it ain’t even Kansas… This is some kampung full of people holding out their hands smiling receiving bribes like they were a gift from god. It is frankly disgraceful and disgusting…. Absolutely lacking morality in understanding right from wrong. This is a shameful Vision of Malaysia.

    If you travel overseas, every way you turn, you will be faced with disgrace being Malaysian. Saying you’re Singaporean is to woo and have pride for one the the greatest econonic success stories in history. It doesnt matter what you think or say. The global record and perception speaks for itself. ….Shining diamonds.

    Having money or not, not even Najib would dare have an interview with 60 Minutes, Time Magazine or the New York Times because he can’t explain the fact that his government has been labelled a Kleptocracy…A Government stealing from the people. Yet the hand outs seem to be ok… a bag of rice is nice. Thank you Government. You do so much for me… Taking my house in exchange for a sandwich. Stealing my soul to protect your backside.

    If Najib wants to be Lord of Villagers and thugs so be it.I would rather associate myself with humans of truth and integrity than surround myself with third world scum… Najib is no Martin Luther King or J F Kennedy. He is more of a Pol Pot burning books, keeping the villagers dumb…. Feeding the pigeons.

  25. superSepantun Feb 28,2018 7:27 PM

    Salam petang, saudara saudari,
    Kalam Sembang, cerita ceriti..

    Hendak ke Bali, hajat honeymoon.,
    Sambil menyorok mmbawa bekal.!
    Apa nak jadi Sahabat penyamun.?
    Kisah si gemok bersama kapal..!

    Kapal terkandas kena terumbu.??
    Apsal terkandas siapa yg tahu??



    Pergi ke tandas, siapa nak kencing.??
    Seraya bertugas, kenapa hancing
    mana yang Pas, mana yg dacing..!!
    Siapa yg unggas? Siapa yg cacing?


    Tengahari panas, Petang redup..
    Cerita panas, Hakikat hidup…


  26. sibotak Feb 28,2018 5:10 PM

    Seharusnya setelah Najib yg kata terima derma 2.6 billion berserta penjualan Tanah KTM ,TUDR dan pelbagai helah Najib seharusnya nampak juga duit Malaysia kat Bank Negara .Ni tidak lagi hutang keliling pinggang .Betul Najib memang Mangkuk

  27. asahamat Feb 28,2018 5:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Dari maklumat Internet yg diterbitkan oleh JPS Pekan, penduduk Pekan ada lebih kurang 24,000 orang (tidak diketahui tahunnya). Katalah 75 peratus adalah orang dewasa yg layak mengundi, maka ada sekitar 18,000 pengundi tempatan.

    (2) Walau bagaimanapun pd PRU13 ie 2013, sekitar 80,000 undian di Pekan, dgn Najib MO1 dapat 50K n lawan dia dapat 15K. Kalau tak silap dlm PRU11, Najib MO1 hanya dapat majoriti kurang lebih (bukan lebih kurang) 241. Seolah2 pd PRU1999, rakyat tempatan sudah memberikan petanda, mereka tak suka Najib MO1. Pd 1999, sejumlah 75% atau 26,747 pengundi telah keluar mengundi. Ini bermaksud pd 1999, hanya terdapat lebih kurang 35,600 pengundi berdaftar di Pekan. Jadi pd PRU13, angka ini naik ke 80,000 menunjukkan ada 50,000 undi pos telah didaftarkan ke Pekan!

    (3) Maka ada kemungkinan pd PRU13, pengundi tempatan yg tidak sokong Najib MO1 telah meningkat dan jika tanpa undi pos, kemungkinan Najib MO1 kalah adalah tinggi.

    (4) Maka, jika PH berpunya cara yg betul dan gigih; dgn pelbagai masalah semasa yg dihadapi golongan berpendapatan rendah dan kakitangan awam, Najib MO1 boleh ditumbangkan di Pekan. Melalui reaching direct to the local n imported voters mungkin PH perlu usahakan gigih bagi mencapai tujuan ini. Door-to-door or even keluarga angkat dgn penduduk setempat n cyber connectivity dgn pengundi import rasa2 boleh digunakan. Rafizi yg “sudah tidak layak bertanding” mungkin terbaik utk pin Najib MO1 down di Pekan semasa kempen nanti.

    (5) Semoga PH terus kuat dan kental berjuang dgn amanah.

  28. Karl Iskandar Feb 28,2018 10:30 AM


    Make no mistake. You’re just the mascot, not the leader of the unregistered PH.

    The real leaders are Anwar and Kit Siang. The first in line a sex convict, the next a racist Chinese communist.

    Najib is right, PH has leadership issues. And the fact that an UMNO reject like you and PPBM could be hosted in a DAP controlled environment speaks volume of the insanity in play.

    So far, your cronies missed out RM30 billion to the BR1M payout, and the main reason why you’re very much against BR1M.

    It is to the ppl and not to your cronies that the BN government is spending money on. Your cronies will be dead after GE14.

    Long live the ppl, UMNO and BN.

  29. musato Feb 28,2018 8:12 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Keputusan mewujudkan perisai/Bersatu adalah strategi untuk sediakan satu bentuk perlindungan pada Tun Mahathir setelah Tun diserang bertubi tubi tanpa ada sebarang kuasa.

    Lagipun Tun lepaskan semua jawatan yang berkaitan kerajaan. Proton, Petronas, Langkawi.

    Saya tak kisah pun kalau Bersatu dibubarkan sebenarnya.

    Tujuan kita adalah mencari majoriti. Majoriti ini sudah dicapai matlamatnya. Kesepakatan dalam PH telah dapat diadakan. Itu yang penting dan utama.

    Samada Bersatu dibubarkan atau tetap wujud pergerakan kita tidak bergantung pada cara permainan Najib. Kita punyai cara penyelesaian mengikut keadaan semasa. Kita tidak terikat dalam memberi idea, kecuali perlu patuh pada Al Quran, hadith dan pandangan ulama’ ulama’ Alhlul Sunnah wal Jamaah yang dipersetujui.

    Tak usahlah bercerita mengenai TN50. Itu cuma pancingan untuk mendapatkan undi orang muda. Dikatakan terdapat 5 juta pengundi pertama kali.

    Umur saya sekarang 41 tahun setelah 10 tahun berada di sini.

    Jika Tun tarik saya masuk politik secara rasmi, mungkin saya tidak menolak.

    Tun dah jadi cikgu bahasa Inggeris. Ini sebab moyang Tun pakar dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan datang ke Tanah Melayu untuk mengajar Bahasa Inggeris pada pihak istana.

    Nenek moyang saya pula datang ke Tanah Melayu ratusan/hampir ribuan tahun dulu mungkin adalah untuk berdakwah melalui tasawuf.

    Kami adalah berdarah keturunan Rasulullah saw/ ahlul bait.

    Tutuplah cerita TN50 tu.

    Nanti sambung lagi ye….InsyaAllah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  30. ismadi Feb 27,2018 11:24 PM

    Salam Tun
    Taktik menggila Najib apabila mengenangkan tarikh luput sebagai PM Malaysia.
    Tentu sahaja tidak boleh tidur malam.
    Melewatkan proses pengesahan Parti Bersatu dan Pakatan Harapan adalah satu taktik memulas tangan.
    Walau demikian.. Rakyat Malaysia akan segera memahami bahawa asalkan Parti yg dipilih bukan BN atau Pas akan memberikan kemenangan besar nanti kepada Tun dan Pakatan Harapan.
    Semoga mendapat kejayaan. Insyaallah.
    Terima kasih Tun.
    Take care.
    Wassalam wbt

  31. rimba.emas Feb 27,2018 11:15 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Rakyat kena pilih seorang PM yang akan hapuskan GST, kembalikan subsidi, kembalikan ke harga asal sekurang-kurangnya harga sebelum adanya GST dan perkara-perkara yang membebankan rakyat di bawah PM Najib.

    2. Pakatan Harapan kena fikir sesuatu yang di luar kotak seperti guna nama Pakatan Harapan pada bendera masing-masing.Sematkan Pakatan Harapan kepada rakyat bandar atau kampong tidak kira tua atau muda.

    3. Contohnya katakan, ” kalau pakcik,makcik,anak muda mahu GST di hapuskan undilah Pakatan Harapan “.

    4. Mungkin kertas undi hanya berpandu logo yang pasti mengelirukan penggundi, maka hebohkan pada rakyat bahawa BN dan Pas bukan dalam Pakatan Harapan.

    5. Bagaimana ? boleh terima pakai dak cadangan ini. Tidak semestinya cara ini sahaja tuan-tuan dan puan-puan yang di rahmati tuhan boleh ikut tambahlah cara lain lagi asalkan ikut KEBENARAN yang di benarkan tuhan.

    6. Ingat walau pun kita tidak dapat habuan wang tetapi kerana menegakkan KEBENARAN janji tuhan ganjaran pahala akan memihak kita pada hari akhirat.

    7. Kalau KEBENARAN sebenar akan tertegak bila tiba hari akhirat , begitulah juga dengan korban kita rakyat walau pun terpaksa menderita kerana di halang pihak berkuasa yang curang kerana semua perjuangan itu di balas pahala yang berlipat ganda.

    8. Perkiraan manusia di dunia tidak sama apa yang ada di atas langit ibarat beribu kali pada kita di dunia hanya sedetik keupayaan makhluk pada alam maya milik tuhan yang maha berkuasa.

    9. Jangan hanya fikirkan harta dunia ketika mengundi di Pru 14 ini , fikirkanlah juga kebahagian yang kekal di akhirat. Kita hanya mampu mengingatkan perintahnya namun rahmatnyalah yang akan menentukan segala-galanya.


  32. sibotak Feb 27,2018 6:28 PM

    Najib cannot use Malaysia money to buy his dedak for his chicken
    Malaysia money is not UMNO money
    Malaysia money is meant for the Country not for any ruling or opposition party

  33. sibotak Feb 27,2018 5:05 PM

    With regards of ROS ignoring the applications of PAKATAN HARAPAN
    Can be seen clearly IT is upon the instructions of
    Najib to complicates matters
    Here PAKATAN HARAPAN have to submit enquries to our
    Prime Minister Najib Razak Office Officialy as to get Najib involve today
    Perhaps C/O to United Nation
    Such Najib later cannot deny that he was not inform & blame ROS
    That make sense as if he has nothing to do with the dissapproval
    Later He cannot Deny

    Najib will pull BN down together with him
    Its the price the BN members have agreed upon when consenting Najib to stand
    BN members today must know that Najib is not able to sustain their position
    Its the Truth , The Honor that will sustains their seats
    Najib Go They also Go
    Najib already lose his face in Public domestically & internationally
    The Ball is On BN members Court

    It is their every duty to put matters right
    Not to play charades no more, nor Hide & Seek
    Today Voters are more Pleasant even in Kampung Rural Areas
    This is not the era of Dang Anom

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