1. The rule of law is an integral part of a democracy. In Malaysia today there is obvious disrespect for this principle. We are seeing many instances where the rule of law is ignored.

2. Normally when a report is made about breaches of the law by anyone, the police or the other enforcement bodies would investigate to find out whether indeed the allegation is right or not.

3. But when a report is lodged with the police on the wrong doing of the Prime Minister, the person reporting was investigated, detained, jailed and charged in court as a terrorist.

4. In another case when three major Government institutions made reports on the alleged diversions of money belonging to a Government company, the 1MDB by the PM, all the reports were declared by the A.G. to be without basis of any wrong doing by the PM. The reports were not acted upon or investigated by the police. Instead the reports were declared as Official Secrets and hidden from public scrutiny.

5. Normally the reports, especially the one by the Public Accounts Committee would be open to the public. But by making them official secrets, the purpose of making them a basis for criminal investigations were denied. Again the rule of law is not honoured.

6. In fact hiding evidence of a crime is a crime. Yet the A.G. did just this.

7. Citizens and companies have to pay income and corporate taxes. But the Income Tax Board now demand that additional taxes be paid. There is no basis for this extra taxes. But the tax people would threaten to carry out a raid, to seize account books and records. These raids may involve three busloads of tax personnel and they damage the image of the company.

8. Faced with these threats some businesses would pay the additional tax. But when the additional tax runs into millions, the businesses may challenge the tax department in the courts.This is their right.

9. But the legal process will take much time. In the meantime the tax people would insist on payment. If no payment is made then the office of the company will be ransacked and account books seized. Money in the banks will be frozen, preventing business from being done.

10. All these constitute abuses of the law.

11. There is no law which gives Government the power to close premises from being used by any group of people. Yet the Najib regime not only deny opposition parties the use of public halls but even privately owned halls may not be used by the opposition. Threats are issued to hotels not to rent out their halls to opposition parties.

12. Sometimes even open fields within the jurisdiction of a town council are denied usage by the opposition. Tents and platforms are not allowed to be put up for rallies by the opposition. The rights of citizens are denied. The laws of the country no longer protect citizens.

13. On the other hand when clear evidence show that bribes have been given openly during elections, neither the police, nor the anti- corruption commission have taken any action. Certainly they have not acted against the culprits.This is also not in accordance with the law.

14. The wholeworld knows about the 681 million U.S. dollars in Najib’s private account at Ambank. No PM can have this amount of money. Explanations by Najib are without collaborating documentary evidence. Yet the police and MACC did not carry out investigations. The A.G. simply declared there is no evidence of Najib’s wrongdoing in the reports by Bank Negara, PAC and MACC.And as pointed out above, the A.G. hid the reports by declaring them to be official secrets.

15. Now a yacht was bought by Jho Low allegedly with money stolen from 1MDB. The FBI and Department of Justice openly declared that the purchase was part of the process of laundering the money stolen by Jho Low. The Malaysian Government has remained silent, although Indonesia actually named the Prime Minister of Malaysia as being involved in the criminal acts. The Malaysian Government has not protested against this open defamation of the PM. It can only be because the allegation is true.

16. Again we see the rule of law being ignored several times.The Malaysian Government should actually seize the yacht and arrest Jho Low. Instead the Government seems to be protecting Jho Low. Although Jho Low declared that the yacht is his, a Malaysian Minister denied that it belongs to Jho Low. Another minister even said that the yacht does not belong to Malaysia.

17. Now a Government agency has refused to acknowledge that it received letters from the Pakatan Harapan.

18. Governments are set up in order to serve the country and its citizens. To do this the Government is endowed with the right to approve certain activities of the public. This it does by responding to requests by the public.

19. One of the agencies of Government is the Registrar of Societies. The ROS is empowered to approve or disapprove the setting up of organisations of citizens. It is not set up to ignore the applications by citizens while making it clear that its approval is necessary.

20. But the application of the coalition by the opposition parties has neither been acknowledge nor replied to.

21. The ROS is therefore failing in carrying out its responsibility. Even a court’s order for ROS to reply has been ignored.

22. Clearly ROS is ignoring the rule of law, specific or implied.

23. On the other hand a questionable postponement of a general meeting of a Government party, the UMNO, has been approved with alacrity.

24. A Government agency should be neutral. But ROS is acting with partiality toward a Government party. This it should not be doing. It should treat all its clients equally.

25. When a Government has no respect for the rule of law, it cannot be regarded as a democratic Government. In the case of the Government of Dato’ Sri Najib it is clear it is not democratic. Not being democratic, its conduct of the coming election would confirm its deviation or otherwise.

40 thoughts on “RULE OF LAW 2

  1. musato Mar 18,2018 9:13 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Ada yang bertanya mengenai mimpi ketakutan yang saya tuliskan, iaitu mimpi yang saya sifatkan berkenaan masa depan.

    Untuk penerangan, saya sengaja tuliskan tentang tafsiran mimpi saya itu bagi mengesahkan tentang pandangan saya mengenai perjalanan politik semasa ini kepada Tun.

    Mimpi tersebut berlaku pada november 2016. Semasa Bersatu baru ditubuhkan. Dan saya hanya memandang sekeliling segala proses yang berlaku.

    Dan dapat kita lihat, jabatan jabatan kerajaan secara efektifnya telah dapat menjalankan arahan pihak atasan sepanjang tahun lalu, 2017.

    Kehidupan saya tidaklah dalam ketakutan. Malah rasanya Tun pun tidaklah rasa takut.

    Sekadar untuk bagi penerangan pada yang menyokong dan yang bersetuju tentang kerosakkan yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan Najib sekarang.

    Saya rekodkan tentang mimpi ketakutan ini (2016) kerana ianya terjadi pada malam hari di Malaysia, sementara wife saya baru sahaja menjejaki kakinya di Mekah. Umrah bersama ibunya dan rombongan saudara mara kampung.

    Saya cuma bagi pesanan pada wife saya, “sampaikan salam pada Rasulullah saw bila sampai sana.”

    Alhamdulillah perjalanan mereka saudara mara untuk mengerjakan umrah berjalan dengan lancar dan kebetulannya, mereka turut diiring oleh polis kawalan pergi dan balik kerana terdapat vvip policeman dalam rombongan tersebut.

    Sementara saya di Malaysia menjalankan tugas menjaga anak anak. Makan dan tidur.

    Menceritakan tentang mimpi ketakutan ini, selepas saya bermimpi dengan rasa takut dan diisyaratkan supaya maju terus ke depan itu, terus saya tak tidur di tempat tersebut sepanjang tempoh berkenaan.

    Seperti kata Ustaz Badlishah dan hosnya Nabil Ahmad dalam rancangan tafsir mimpi, mimpi akan terjadi seperti yang ditafsirkan oleh penafsir, jika diri menafsirkan negatif maka negatiflah hasilnya. Jika ditafsirkan positif, maka positiflah hasilnya.

    Samada ujian atau kesenangan, terimalah dengan tafsir yang positif, kerana kesemuanya adalah tujuan untuk mendekatkan diri kita kepada Allah swt.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  2. sibotak Mar 18,2018 8:23 AM

    The difference of intentions
    Between Tun Mahathir and the call we just call Najib

    What is Tun doing at this age ?
    Najib query 92yr old man want to be PM ?
    Well the answer is very clear
    92 yr old is more fit than Najib
    Najib is Fat , Bald , his eye brow so whitish like those Chinese Opera Apek
    Tun , Slim & Fit even if this 2 jogs , I bet 2.6 billion
    Tun Mahathir will lead
    Age is not a matter , its just a figure
    Even if were to choose a 10 yr old boy between Najib as the PM of Malaysia
    I will still choose the 10 yr old boy
    How can I allow a Monster , A Clown , A Mascot of Malaysia to be our PM ?

    Tun is our Hero
    He did it for Malaysia
    No one can argue nor doubt Tun intentions

    Najib he did it for himself
    He is an afraid man today
    He can say a thousand nice words, but his deeds tells he did it for himself
    Not for UMNO not for Malaysia
    He is too much afraid , once his down
    He knows he will be dealt with
    This we see . We are not Blind

    The only strength Najib hsa now is UMNO
    UMNO had its strength
    This strength could be broken to at its weakest link
    Najib is the weakest link holding the strong chain

    Aboves all
    Its about to Kick Najib not UMNO
    But it goes in a bag

    May The Best Man Win
    If Najib win , The struggle to kick him out will continue
    As we Malaysia would prefer to pick a 10 yr boy
    Than A Fat Monstering Clown like Najib

  3. adelheid Mar 18,2018 12:43 AM

    Dear Tun Mahathir,
    Du’a PAS untuk HARAPAN.

    PAS never fails to pray to Allah for others’ destruction. Before they used to pray for the destruction of UMNO. Now it’s the destruction of ‘pakatan jahat’ HARAPAN pula.

    Such negativity shown in their prayer to God. How can they expect the Kafirs to support them if they become the government together with BN or the advisor to BN? Both thinking Muslims and non-Muslims would be afraid of PAS for having such negativity and hateful attitude towards others who do not profess the same belief, religious and political.

    PAS is a selfish group of people who has only HATRED in their agenda. This type of hate group will in no way respect the rule of law nor will it uphold democracy. To this hate group it is always their way or no way.

    I believe God knows better than to be told what to do. God loves all His creation, not just PAS. And God will never condone looting of the people’s money, bribery and corruption, lying and cheating, abuse of power and abuse of the people’s trust, etc. you name them.

    God does not work in the ways that PAS thinks.

    Goodnight Tun. May God bless you and PAKATAN HARAPAN.

  4. adelheid Mar 17,2018 4:15 PM


    Stor Institut Perubatan Forensik Negara HKL terbakar tengahari tadi…

    Tempohari bangunan KWSP terbakar…

    Don’t know what else will terbakar…

    Looks like all fingers are pointing everywhere else except to the real villain.

    Have a restful weekend Tun.

  5. adelheid Mar 17,2018 3:55 PM

    Dear Tun,
    500,000 bekas pelatih PLKN mendaftar sebagai pengundi.

    BN also said they will sapu Pulau Pinang this time around.

    Don’t underestimate what the UMNO-BN are capable of doing. Though the above are just a couple of news which seem small and almost invisible to be noticed, just be wary HARAPAN. They are doing everything under the stars to not lose this PRU14. The wicked will have their way again and again and again even if it means to steal the elections.

    I can’t imagine the rakyat’s disappointment when evil and injustice still win no matter.

    Take good care Tun. Be safe no matter where you are.

  6. HBT456 Mar 16,2018 7:43 PM

    149. At least we know, especially the younger generation knows why it happened.

    150. After this trial, it would definitely, mark a new chapter in malaysian politics.

  7. HBT456 Mar 16,2018 7:08 PM


    146. Will tun ling be charged?

    147. If he is charged, on what ground?

    148. I think the voters, especially, the chinese, would definitely want to know.

  8. asahamat Mar 16,2018 7:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Just wandering & wondering, agak2 kenapa Rafizi jadi terlalu seronok utk reveals segala details maklumat2 yg saya kiralah boleh makes UMNO-BN b alerted sedangkan jika dapatan penyelidikan dia itu betul, demi utk yakinkan pekerja n penyokong PH dia hanya patut umum secara umum sahaja. Pendedahan details survey dia kpd pekerja PH elok dibuat secara tertutup.

    (2) Cara dia buat now, makes UMNO-BN b more aggressive and deparate, which to certain extend akan memaksa PH utk bertindakbalas lebih parah. So wajar, Rafizi @ PH simpan sikit maklumat penting peperangan. Tak payahlah too exited “to win on paper” sebab itu boleh jadi riak & silap2 senjata makan tuan.

    (3) Harap Tun dapat perhatikan psywar yg saya rasalah tak berapa nak “cun” ini. Jgnlah Rafizi terbawa2 dari rasa kecewanya “utk tidak dpt bertanding dlm PRU14 ini” @ kemungkinan utk “display the incoming PH winning adalah bersebab his great work @ course”. Saya tidak menafikan dia telah dan sedang bekerja keras ke arah itu. But great to be humble, cool & strategic.

  9. HBT456 Mar 16,2018 6:29 PM


    142. When supremo leader of dap in saying this, i guess he has forgotten, why the japanese manufacturing pulled out from malaysia after 1998.

    143. Time will review a person’s character.

    144. Coward or lunatic?

  10. HBT456 Mar 16,2018 5:56 PM

    126. Who were the real victims when dsai was charged for sodomy 1?

    135. Who were the real victims when dsai were charged for sodomy 2?

    136. Truth shall and will prevail one day.

    137. It is only a matter of time.

    138. Betul tetap betul.

    139. Salah tetap salah.

    140. Time will reveal a person’s character.

  11. HBT456 Mar 16,2018 12:47 AM

    127. Dont forget, the era of government knows all is already long gone, always top down aja to show their power of authority, nothing more.

    128. Dsn announced rm2000 for pnb malay staffs to enjoy raya means umno needs malay and bumiputra votes to stay relevant, perhaps for 1 penggal pun sudah cukup.

    129. Even if opposition parties form a coalition and wins out, they will face a lot of resistants from umno and bn.

    130. I dont mean to hurt anyone, but the manifesto of pakatan harapan will only increase the budget defecit, and this manifesto for sure will not get sambutan from the investors, especially the private sector.

    131. Bn had implemented the manifesto of pakatan harapan in the past, but failed miserably.

    132. You think such manifesto is relevant?

    133. Winners take all.

    134. Similarly loosers take all.

  12. HBT456 Mar 16,2018 12:21 AM

    121. The thing is malaysia memang tak ada kuasa veto, kemampuan maupun human resources untuk bikin atau ekspot wmd atau mass destruction of weapon, jadi kdn kena import very much depend on voting pattern.

    122. Sekarang tak payah fly to usa to visit empire city, kan kita sudah ada kat lebuh damsnsara puchong.

    123. In the past, i dont see malay doing ice skating, but today, i saw many of them came out to skate.

    124. Tapi, indian masih berkurangan.

    125. The indian community yang tua tua punya can blame dr m for maika holdings, but not mic ex president, samy velu, mereka ingat dr m ini bapa mereka ke?


  13. mattahir Mar 15,2018 11:33 PM

    Today PNB staff got announcement they will get 2K β€œbonus”? What is the souce of such payment.. from PNB or? If it was approved by PNB, was it approved by the board? Why is PM making the announcement as if he is the one owning the PNb money? Another obvious example of abuse of power by M01 .. but Wahid is appointed by him.. so, there goes conflict if interest, glaringly shameless both of them

  14. asahamat Mar 15,2018 10:46 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun

    Sehingga kini, hampir segala2nya telah didedah dan dimuntahkan kpd rakyat tentang kelemahan dan kejahatan Najib MO1. Biar sebilangan besar rakyat telah faham dan menerimanya, namun saya yakin masih ramai mereka di luar bandar malah kalangan generasi lama belum dapat menerima akan kelemahan UMNO (dan PAS) dan Kerajaan kini.

    (2) Pun sebegitu, ramai juga antara mereka masih taksub akan “Islam” PAS. Bukan sebab PAS itu Islam, semua kerana “kecintaan mereka terhadap Melayu dan Islam” yg cukup hebat PAS dan UMNO permainkan. Mereka masih berpegang kpd “kekoloton (assabiyah) tafsiran Melayu dan Islam”. Saya namakan mereka ini sebagai golongan last frontiers. Mereka adalah kubu kemenangan UMNO (dan PAS).

    (3) Kemenangan bergaya PH kini tergantung di tangan golongan last frontiers ini. Jika mereka beralih, In Shaa Allah PH akan menang bergaya.

    (4) Pada pemerhatian saya, apapun isu yg kita bangkitkan selama ini belum dapat mengubah pendirian sebahagian dari mereka. Kecintaan mereka pd Melayu dan Islam cukup kental. Ini bukan salah mereka. Itu sebetulnya kekuatan mereka, cuma PAS dan UMNO telah salahguna ketaatan dan kecintaan mereka.

    (5) Saya kira dlm bbrp minggu ke depan ini, saikologi kecintaan pd Melayu dan Islam golongan last frontiers ini harus PH turn around sehingga menjadi senjata utk mengalahkan UMNO n PAS. How?

    (6) Tun, Mohamad Sabu, Sanusi Junid, dll ada mengutarakan konsep “Tidakkah kita berasa malu?” dgn gelagat buruk Najib MO1 dlm ceramah2 PH. Cuma cara penghujahannya itu belum membangkitkan rasa malu dan marah rakyat terutama di kalangan last frontiers ini. Maka, saya kira konsep ini harus dikembang dan ditekankan bersungguh2. Kita perlu bangkitkan rasa marah rakyat atas sikap pemimpin Melayu yg tidak amanah dan tidak bermaruah. Sikap2 ini menunjukkan kelemahan akidah Islam kita. Ianya boleh merosakkan nilai moral dan martabat Melayu dan Islam. Kita kena bangkitkan rasa malu dan marah rakyat lantaran sikap buruk Najib MO1 maka Melayu dan Islam dihina di dlm dan luar Negara. PH kena gendangkan bersungguh2 bhw PH benar2 hendak membela dan membina kembali martabat Melayu dan Islam agar semua mendapat rahmat di bumi ini.

    (7) PH need to be seen utk membela dan membina martabat Melayu dan Islam utk menarik keluar golongan last froontiers ini dari kepompong lama mereka. Saya yakin PH bombardment on this approach will have great impact on these UMNO ( and PAS) last frontiers. In Shaa Allah.

  15. Anak.muda Mar 15,2018 8:24 PM

    assalamualaikum tun

    1.satu sebab mengapa saya menyanjungi tun adalah kerana tun berpegang pada pendirian yang tun percaya.bagi saya itulah juga penanda samada itu adalah seorang pemimpin yang kuat ataupun tidak.

    2.jadi bila tun berkata tun tidak patut memecat anwar,dan dilaporkan bahawa tun menyalahkan pihak polis.ini membuatkan saya terkejut dan kecewa.

    3.ayah saya adalah seorang bekas anggota polis.saya sedikit terasa apabila tun menyalahkan pihak polis tapi saya tidak mudah percaya jadi saya cuba mencari artikel asal temubual itu.

    4.apa yang saya baca adalah tun berkata yang tun bertindak hasil dari bukti pihak polis dan tun memarahi pihak polis kerana tidak membawa anwar ke mahkamah.dulu tun pernah berkata yang tun ingin mempercepatkan perbicaraan anwar dan pihak polis melengahkannya rupanya adalah kerana mata anwar sudah lebam.polis nak elak dari orang ramai nampak.

    5.lupakah tun yang tun pernah berkata tun tidak boleh mengambil anwar menjadi perdana menteri kerana risau nanti musuh akan mengungut anwar berkanaan perangai songsangnya itu?itu akan sangat membahayakan negara. jadi apa yang tun perlu sesalkan?

    6.manusia sukar untuk berubah.kebiasaannya mereka hanya akan berubah apabila ditimpa musibah.anwar ni lepas dari pemecatan timbalan perdana menteri pada 1998, lebih dari musibah yang telah menimpa beliau.harapnya dia betul2 telah berubah.

    7.kalau tun tidak memecat beliau pada tahun 1998 itu dan tun melantik die menjadi perdana menteri.tun fikirlah sendiri,seorang yang berada di puncak,menjadi orang no 1 dalam negara dan mempunyai kuasa mutlak.orang yang dalam keadaan semacam ini,akan berubah insaf secara tiba2 pada waktu itu?

    8. jadi apa yang tun perlu sesalkan?adakah faktor usia menyebabkan tun yg sebelum ini seorang yang kuat,berpegang teguh pada pendirian telah bertukar menjadi seorang yang lembik?

    9. minta maaf kalau saya terkasar bahasa. saya doakan semoga tun sihat sejahtera.

  16. HBT456 Mar 15,2018 8:22 PM


    117. Able or not, we will see.


    119. Even with the right candidate, i guess majority of the indian community perceive themselves as hindu first.

    120. My country may not be the best, but i am definitely proud to be a malaysian.

  17. HBT456 Mar 15,2018 8:06 PM

    111. Even dap national chairman sent their liang lui down south, why bn chairman cannot decide who to contest where?

    112. The tunjuk perasaan of these mca grassroot signals they do not have loyalty to the mca president, mahupun, president umno dan bn chairman.

    113. It means they serve the interest of their political masters first, not malaccan or malaysians.

    114. Bak kata, bagi bukit emas pun tarak guna.

    115. By the of day, it would end as bubble as expected.

  18. HBT456 Mar 15,2018 7:51 PM

    108. Everyone knows under swiss bank regulation, the beneficiary of the swiss bank account would never be revealed.

    109. Tdm can -turn why rafidah and rais yatim cannot u- turn?



  19. adelheid Mar 15,2018 12:37 PM

    Dear Tun Mahathir,

    Kudos to TS Rais Yatim and TS Rafidah Aziz for their commendable stance on the Jho Low issue! We know now that there are still honourable people in UMNO who are not afraid to voice out the truth! If only the rest in UMNO’s sinking ship would realise this and follow in the two’s footsteps!

    Take care dear Tun.

  20. sibotak Mar 15,2018 10:16 AM

    PRIBUMi, PKR , PAS juga DAP bolih mohon AG Swiss supaya dapat balik duit 1MDB yg Swiss ingin kembalikan . Dengan ini Tamparan bagi Najib juga kesemua rahsia Najib akan terbongkar.Ini Hak dan Kehendak Rakyat jika UMNO , Najib tak mampu minta balik .Pembangkang juga ada hak mewakili Malaysia.
    Ini duit Halal, Duit 1 Malaysia .Tak perlu Takut .Lainlah duit Najib curi.Itu duit Haram
    Yg Haram perlu takut .Inikan lagi duit Halal , duit kita bersama .Apa nak Takut ? Betul tak Pak Uztad ?

  21. HBT456 Mar 14,2018 6:06 PM

    106. Even when we know the truth, there is nothing we can do.

    107. Tak nak takpa, tapi jangan hina kita.

  22. HBT456 Mar 14,2018 5:59 PM

    104. Some mistakes made could be forgiven, but some mistakes made could never be forgiven.

    105. Without the consent of mca, there is no way dap can represent malaysian chinese.

  23. HBT456 Mar 14,2018 5:47 PM

    101. Suddenly lim guan eng talked in fork tongue.

    102. Respect umno?

    103. You go figure out, sibotak.

  24. HBT456 Mar 14,2018 5:40 PM


    100. Now you know chinese gave up, and do not want to make noises?


  25. Simple Mind Mar 14,2018 4:09 PM

    Asshe day doealam’kum Tun,

    Next Question : What will happen if the govt of the day does not follow Or allow the opposition to conduct in the voting process?
    Is there a world body where this can be addressed??

  26. balance Mar 14,2018 1:46 PM


    Rules of Law is very subjective.
    Rule of whose Law?
    My Law, Your Law or His/Her Law
    The person in power will create rules & laws to suit him/her or his/her politics.
    From day 1 Malaysia only have rule of law of the person or people in power.
    Did NEP practice unreasonable rules and law?
    Did you practice your type of laws and rules when you were in power?

    Petrol money gone so all sorts of changes happening. Survival of the fittest and natural selection are happening. However strong and smart one can be, nature is stronger and more powerful than humans politics and emotions. Authority is no more truth but truth is authority now. Change or forced to change is a everyone choice.

    Hope you can get the registration and win the election for the sake of Malaysia. Racism is just an emotion and it is an untruth to humans and humanity.

  27. sibotak Mar 14,2018 9:14 AM

    To UMNO Member concerns
    Those protecting Najib for the wrong reasons
    Does not & will never help to furnish any good image for UMNO
    Indeed their protecting Najib wrong doings will Tarnish UMNO more severe
    It already shown today

    Even in Pribumi
    They cannot salvage the image of any wrong doers
    If Tun Mahathir did wrong
    He has to face his own music
    Shielding his wrong doings will just tarnish & destroy his own Party Pribumi
    Every Man will pay & be punish for his own wrong doings, his own deeds
    No man will be punish for another man sins though they are Twins
    Prophet Isa a.s does not pay for any man sins

  28. HBT456 Mar 14,2018 9:00 AM

    96. Dont forget, law makers need to be tested too.

    97. If the law they made failed, dan tak dapat sambutan, obviously, they will be left behind.

    98. The world was never perfect, therefore, whoever become the perdana menteri and formed the kabinet, i wish them best of luck.

  29. HBT456 Mar 14,2018 8:53 AM

    87. Fake news?

    88. Genuine news?

    89. In economic senses, both news sell.

    90. No matter which news you touch, it is still a micro economic activity.

    91. No matter which news you support, it is still an income earned for the system owners.

    92. Internet too is evolving rapidly.

    93. It will become more and more user friendly, more and more efficient, more and more competitive, more and more cost efficient and more and more safety features
    introduced by the ipo to protect their users.

    94. Therefore, there is no way to stop internet.

    95. It is either we adapt to these changes or we will be left behind.

  30. sibotak Mar 14,2018 8:48 AM

    Rule of Law
    None should be above the Law

    But is seems here in Malaysia
    Najib is above the Law
    A sign of very very not right and Malaysia is in The Danger Zone

    None can be above The Law
    Not Najib not Sultan nor Agong not Imam nor Priests nor Nobody

    Malaysia is in The Danger Zone
    Consenting PM above The Law
    Is consenting Malaysian narrowing to be Barbaric
    It involves all The Police , The AG , The relevant Authority which consented & abetting to Najib Wrong Doings
    These will be dealt with when the New Healthy Govt is Formed
    Every each of them
    I mean how can them representing the Law under Oath
    Did not know what & where to stand regardless of their Superior
    even The PM nor any Agong ?
    This topics should be on The Opposition Forum now & then in the Media
    So as to keep the people update & to send a stern massage Justice is above all

    No wonder Malaysia under Najib
    Was never at Ease nor Peace
    We heard today Malaysia have increase in Crimes , Brutal Crimes Tremendously
    Lots of illegal groups , Illegal Assembly , Illegal Money Laundering is spreading its Wings ,Crimes rates at its purge , murder , gang fight ,robbery snatch , kidnapping , prostitution ,Scams rooted in Malaysia and many many more .The best this illegals can buy over the Police

    Najib Please just read this
    Yr Stupid incapable unprofessional decision to abolish ISA
    You are one Stupid Idiotic Prime Minister of The World
    Your True character has in a way Mould yr Nation today into a disturbing Nation today . Your Act is widely known today . Shame on you

  31. HBT456 Mar 14,2018 8:32 AM

    81. No matter which side the voters vote, the ultimate result is both of the divides will continue to sell their plan to tap the voters to stay relevant.

    82. It is an open secret mps and wakil rakyat could be rigged behind the voters just to win an election.


    84. Which way to go?

    85. When general election result is made known, then, we will know what will happen next.

    86. Cronism, nepotism, corruption, kletrocracy, or lobby, its up to the political parties of the divide to play their parts.

  32. sc Mar 14,2018 7:12 AM

    Rule of Law
    The head of the police has tried to launder money in Australia and has had the funds taken – no contest.

    The AG is corrupt and complicit in corruption.

    Yes Malaysia is a compete third world corrupt joke of a country.

  33. HBT456 Mar 13,2018 9:54 PM


    76. To mahb, it looks like they can never be wrong, and it is all about mega project lobbying to win even it does not make money.

    77. Politics is not dirty but politicians can never learn from history.

    78. They are not interested to build a country, they are more interested to build their vision.

    79. Tak pa lah, siapakah jadi perdana menteri, hakikatnya adalah sama.

    80. Keranamu, mereka tetap akan put their interest above the country and people.

  34. milshah Mar 13,2018 5:51 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Recently Rafizi announced findings by Invoke survey on the expected outcome of GE 14. According to the survey, UMNO is expected to retain only three states namely Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu. As expected, PAS will only collect eggs (zero), this was expected by everyone but PAS leaders. PH will have most seat in the peninsula but ironicly, BN is expected to continue to rule. Upon closer analysis, it was due to parliamentary seats from Sarawak and Sabah.

    As I was pondering what to make of this, BN holding only 3 states but still manage to rule the country, I came to see a movie, the Justice League. In this movie a group of superheroes, although initially not united, banded together to fight a very strong supervillain. Sound familiar? I imagined Superman (PPBM), Wonder Woman (PKR), Aquaman (DAP) and Cyborg (Amanah).

    There was only one supervillain in the movie but he was very powerful and his minions follow and fear him because of this. The ending part is what intrigues me. Having battled the Justice League from all sides, the supervillain strength was reduced considerably (Say now at 30% representing the 3 states). The villain could have won had he fought on, but his minions became to notice he is no longer as strong as before. His minions became to sense fear in him. So the minions rebeled and fought the supervillain. In the end, the supervillain was defeated by his own minions.

    Coming back to UMNO, let say after GE UMNO strength has been reduced to 30%, would MCA, MIC Sarawak parties remain loyal to UMNO now that UMNO is not strong? Remember how UMNO treated them when UMNO was strong? Look what Nazri say MCA. I dont respect MCA because MCA does not represnt the chinese. By thay same rule, should BN parties remain loyal to UMNO now that UMNO does not represent the Malays?

    With 3 states, there will be alot of UMNO people out of work. Within UMNO, will the warlords continue pledge loyal to Najib with less dedak to go around? Remember, cash is king. Now no more cash, remain loyal?

    We have seen to Pak Lah when he lost several states, but now Najib is only able to retain 3 states, would the warlords remain loyal?

    When you were in power, you abuse your partners, when you weak, do you expect them to remain loyal?

    The movie maybe fiction, but it may tell us what happens the leaders who rule by power and not by comadreship.

  35. adelheid Mar 13,2018 3:48 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Corrupt politicians who are also corrupt government officials are in power in our country. The infamous chief thief being at the helm his corrupt regime will by crook protect his office. UMNO being the big bro will steer the wheel to steal even the coming 14th General Election. That’s how a good crook they have become.

    More an authoritarian government than a government governed by law we are definitely moving towards a failed state status. The rule of law is no more respected, in fact it is being ignored to give way to individualistic decisions of the corrupt government officials.

    When there is no more rule of law there is no more democracy. Democracy in Malaysia now is only a facade to deceive the people. The rule of law is just a principle the corrupt now mock and tuck under their asscrack. In reality Malaysia is a nation now controlled by absolute power.

    We the people want a change of government. No more fake politicians who are corrupt and abusive of the power they hold in trust for the people. PAKATAN HARAPAN must make sure the people’s HOPE is not crushed this time. It is this GE14 or it never will.

    Take good care Tun, be safe always okay.

  36. HBT456 Mar 13,2018 3:43 PM

    70. Lalang tetap lalang.

    71. When a principle could be dated, that is not a principle.

    72. Therefore, the price we paid, it is the value that we get.

    73. By the end of the day, it is still up to the political parties to send their contestants of the political divides to represent their states to contest.

    74. Whoever gets the majority, they will name the perdana menteri, and form the cabinet.

    75. To change or not to change the kongsi formulae, the decision is in the hands of umno who is the chairman of barisan nasional.

  37. HBT456 Mar 13,2018 3:23 PM


    48. The set up of bersatu political party would only make umno and bn stonger and stronger, more and more united than before.

    49. Bersatu will only make opposition weaker and weaker.

    50. Pendek kata, bersatu is neither here nor there.

    51. Pkr was set up due to dsai from penang, and he was kicked out, belasah by pdrm prison chief kerana kata kesat beliau, and sent to jail to due lawan mahathir, and pkr was formed and lead by the wife.

    52. Pkr was purely based on keadilan of dsai and family against dictatorship, itu saja.

    53. Amanah was formed due to disagreement with pas, itu saja.

    54. Look at dap, lim guan eng, suddendly he u-turn and said he is not always base in penang.

    55. Meaning, he just leave penang in limbo after all those mess he created?

    56. Bak kata, time will reveal’s the character of a person.

    57. There is no absolute power, and history has shown that.

    58. Now, my mb selangor, the gombak mp, challenges pekan mp, our pahang perdana menteri to solve the flood in pekan first, has my mb forgot kl and selangor flash flood until today also have not solved yet beside water issues.

    59. Selangor is the most developed state, and yet flood and water crisis keeps occuring, why?

    60. It is easy to yes, but how many of them dare to say no?

    60. Even if they said no, will you listen?

    61. Yesterday, bn rewrites history?

    62. Today, history rewrites bn?

    63. Tomorrow, bn rewrites history?

    64. Day after tomorrow, history rewrites bn?

    65. There is no way out.

    66. Opposition must formed a strong alternative coalition if they want to be at par with bn.

    67. If they are unable to do that by keep registrating new political parties, they will become weaker and weaker as there is no law to say malaysians cannot form new political parties at ros.

    68. What will happen next, we will see.

  38. HBT456 Mar 13,2018 10:58 AM

    26. The rule of the law is always there.

    27. It is the wanabes of the political divides who would always outsmart the not so smart politicians via lobby, donations and money politics behind the voters.


    29. Such decision is expected.

    30. You think americans of the political divide not kiasu and tamak?

    31. Have you read any news of usa opposition parties in sending their ruling president to jail for war crimes?

    32. There is always benefit of doubts why it happened so that all of us learn and improve to make the world better and safer to live.

    33. I prefer android phones more than iphones, and both of the systems are originated from usa.

    33. It is expected, as donald trump, has vowed to fullfill his political campaign to keep jobs for the american blue collars to make america great again.

    34. Moreover, malaysian players are still new to them, therefore, it is understandable why they prohibit the takeover of malaysian players.

    35. Dont forget, republic and democrat too have the benefits of doubt whether this merger is good or not for their bilateral trade.

    36. Warren buffett, an american investor, always believe invest in the long run.

    37. Buy a business, dont rent stocks.

    38. Therefore, no one knows who is swimming naked in there as long as the tide is not off.


    40. New kid in town needed to be tested too.

    41. It is either he is with bn, or opposition party.

    42. Voters’ hearts too are hardened as they aged, and there is no way to change them.

    43. Young voters are impulsive, and uncertain, and needed to be tested too in many general elections by either ruling or opposition parties.

    44. There is no free lunch in this world.

  39. superSepantun Mar 13,2018 7:24 AM

    Selamat pagi saudara saudari
    Ini cerita negara sendiri..

    Dugaan, Godaan siapa yg suka.?
    Berkawan, Berlawan, siapa yg sangka.?


    Negara dirogol oleh menteri..
    Sultan & Raja berdiam diri..
    Adalah juga yg join sekaki…
    Mencari nikmat kononnya hakiki..



    Ikan di laut, Asam di darat.!
    Kapal di laut, siapa mendarat.?

    Bertemu di mana..??

  40. sibotak Mar 13,2018 12:46 AM

    PRU is coming
    These Najib cannot hide nor ignore
    We need to tell the World
    PRU of Malaysia is coming and we need UN interference
    Najib sudah jadi Kebencian Rakyat
    Najib dan anggota UMNO sendiri sila buat survey akan kenyataan Najib sudah jadi kebencian Rakyat
    Lihat saja di media kini.Tidak ada komen yg sukan beliau.UMNO pun akan ikut Najib kecundang
    Najib akan hidup dalam dilema ini
    Bapa tubuh UMNO
    Aku Najib Razak Kubur UMNO
    AG , Menteri , anggota UMNO yg bersubahat
    Masa menanti anda
    Anda semua akan di hisap satu per satu


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