1. The country is facing a serious crisis. Democracy has been replaced with kleptocracy. Laws intended to protect the people are now used to threaten and oppress people. The GST now burdens the people. And the price of ikan kembung is now RM20 per kilo.

2. Yes the people are suffering. Almost all of them. But there are some who feel nothing. So what is so bad about the RM20 ikan kembung. Its only a few Ringgit more. A few Ringgit is nothing. Just a drop in the ocean. Rising cost is normal. You just have to put up with it.

3. Then there are those who believe they actually benefit from the crisis. The crumbs are still worth scrambling for. If you are not critical it’s okay. You can enjoy the crumbs.

4. What kind of Government we have is irrelevant. All Governments are the same. If they steal some money that is normal. For those who know how, there will be opportunities to grab from the very misrule, even from the stolen money.

5. Let those stupid people stretch their necks out. If they get chopped, that is their problem. If they succeed that too is okay. We know how to benefit from their efforts.

6. It is sad that we should have such people. They don’t care for the sufferings of others. They don’t care for what happens to the country. Democracy or kleptocracy are the same to them. If you behave yourself the absence of the rule of law will not harm you.

7. If indeed they are made to suffer, then just leave the country. Go to Australia or Britain or Canada. Take up foreign citizenship. Visit the country once in a while.

8. These people are among us. There are not many of them. But their attitude may spread within their circle. They may not vote. Some may even spoil their votes. They vote but they don’t vote. And they will tell others not to vote.

9. Their effect on the election may not be great. But Najib is resorting to fraudulent ways. Tampering with voters lists, cheating and changing boundaries of constituencies, corruption of the voters, deregistration of opposition parties and blocking their coalition, changes in the procedures of voting, arresting and detention of opposition leaders and candidates, threats, buying over opposition leaders etc and claiming that Najib will know who votes for whom.

10. These are how Najib cheats so as to win. There are people who say there is nothing Pakatan Harapan (PH) can do. BN will win by hook or by crook.

11. But PH can still win. It can win if there is massive support for the PH by those who care.

12. The voter turnout must be the biggest ever. Nothing less than 85%. This is achievable as shown in the 13th General Election. A Malay tsunami is what is needed. It can happen.

13. Support for PH must be massive. The aim is for the PH to have big majorities when they win.

14. Small majorities will lead to vote stuffing by the BN which has the control over all the Government employees working in the election.

15. There will be recounts and again the Government party can manipulate the counting.

16. Postal votes are especially proven to fraudulent changes.

17. Big majorities for the PH will be less susceptible to manipulation.

18. That is why we regret the attitude of some who do not care. They may not vote or they may spoil the votes.

19. Believe me; those who do this will live to regret the fate of their children and grandchildren. They will bear the brunt of the huge debt payment etc. Massive though the destruction of Malaysia by Najib now, the destruction if Najib is returned will be even worse than presently.

20. The people who will suffer most will be the poor, especially the rural Malays and the races in Sabah and Sarawak. The people and the country will be racked with racial conflicts, the absence of the rule of law and the kleptocracy.

21. Stay in your comfort zone and you will, one way or another, pay a very high price.

52 thoughts on “THE COMFORT OF SOME

  1. Magdalene L. Aug 12,2018 11:18 PM

    Dear Tun Mahathir,

    Enclosed, I would like to share with you a letter that my ill-fated Father; Lim Heng Kiaw which I retype here as I cannot attach the original handwritten note which he wrote in Ulu Choh cells.

    I hope you will be able to go through below letter and help us in any way you could.

    Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

    SOSMA Act is being established to give a leeway to the enforcers to prevent justice prevails. SOSMA is used only to close their case fast and meet their KPIs without considering the torture and suffering the innocent has to endure. This is clearly a persecution, not prosecution.
    And anyone who knows the Malaysia Law and CPC would know, we have sufficient law and acts to detain those real criminals that have committed serious crime.

    Handwritten letter from my father to Malaysia Government


    Dear Prime Minister, Members of Parliament (MPs), Attorney-General (AG) and NGO’s

    Confession of a Sosma detainee- Ulu Choh

    Arrested on the 14th January 2018 at 5.45am at home by Police officer from the D9 (IPK) Johor Bahru-locked up at Skudai Police Station for 28 days and then remanded at Ulu Choh Remand Prison till to-date. Come 14th August 2018 will be my 7 months in remand.

    Charged under the SOSMA Act is the worst thing that can happen to me. Why? Because this Act has the same leverage as the IS terrorist that are being detained and charged. The initial reaction of the public at large condemned due to the publicity created by the press. Little do they know that we are innocent and wrongly detained and charged.

    Law and order must be maintained and under the constitution, we are supposed to be protected. It all started due to a heinous and gruesome murder that took place at a Shell Service Station at Taman Pelangi sometime last year 2017. A guy was brutally run down twice by a white BMW. The incident went viral in the Facebook and in all TV Stations causing the public uproar in which I was shocked to see such an incident. Surprisingly, there was a Police Station some 800 meters from where the crime took place, but the Police arrived some hours later. By then, the murderer(s) escaped and never to be found till to-date. The Police received heavy fire from the public for their inability to respond much earlier.

    The Police were directed to solve this case, and we were made to pay the price which was too heavy and inhumane. Someone else committed a crime and escaped and we were made the scapegoats and thus charged under SOSMA Act 130V(1) which carries a minimum 5 years jail sentence and up to a max. 20 years.

    A total of 39 pax were detained and remanded. Their actions led to the public and the people in the higher ups to feel that the case has been solved, and that the PDRM has done a good job. Our detention has caused so much anxieties and family disruptions and displacements coupled with additional extra expenses when family members come to visit us weekly.

    All I ask is not sympathies but Justice. My right as a human being. Why must justice be denied and abuses of the human right befall on us? Come 14th August 2018, it will be 7 months and the past months we have literally paid for our “crime,” and the time we remanded maybe longer. What has happened has happened, and all I need is in the form of freedom for us by the relevant authorities to pass sentence in the form of a monetary fine, e.g., 2000-5000 and set us free.

    I, too have my worries that will I be denied a passport to travel since I am charged under SOSMA Act? My Saving Account together with my wife have being frozen by AMLA. Our saving totality estimated RM350K were from my younger day and till to-date are meant for my for “golden years” expenditure. As I am already 68 years old, and my wife is 64, we need to spend the remaining time we can have before we expire.

    During the remand for 7 months, I only have my cell-mates to accompany and also my Almighty God to keep me company. I have one thing, and that is HOPE. Hope that the relevant authorities understand us and have faith in us. I hope SOSMA will be abolished as the Act is cruel to us innocent citizens. I hope that justice prevails as in the constitution, the job of the Police is to protect the weak and maintain the law and order. They shouldn’t just arrest the innocent and charge them under SOSMA Act, and then wash their hands and leave the job to the court. This is clear-cut abuse on the part of the Police. Just imagine the guilty escaped and the innocent made to pay.

    What does Rukun Negara define?

    1. Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan
    2. Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara
    3. Keluluran Pelembagaan
    4. Kedaulatan Undang-undang
    5. Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan.

    Malaysians are supposed to adhere to the Rukun Negara, so does the Law enforcement agencies and other agencies.

    We did not uprise or have any intent to attack our country or the King. We did not carry weapon of destruction, neither did we go in groups to rampage, attack, destroy properties or injure or hurt human beings.

    I am very tired and at my age, feel that society has denied me the very basic of Human Right to Life. I pray and hope someone with authority understands our problems and take the necessary steps to help us. No need to further keep us anymore, we have obviously being punished already. Help us to return to society, and start life again positively. Don’t destroy us negatively using the SOSMA Act.

    I have many to say but not to be long-winded, I just wish that this episode of ours ends on a happy note. God bless you all.

    Lim Heng Kiaw
    Ulu Choh


    Note: Original letter is with myself, and I have scanned copy if needed to be submitted.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  2. Magdalene L. Jul 23,2018 10:39 PM

    Dear Tun M.,

    I would like to express my gratitude for your speech yesterday night at the Coalition of Klang Chinese Associations´ (CKCA) Tabung Harapan Fund Raising Dinner. No doubt, I know the speech you gave on the SOSMA to be repealed is not because of my posting here, but your valuable statement means a lot to all the SOSMA detainees families. We understand that PH is working hard on all the chaos left behind by the previous government, and repealing acts are not something straightforward, but being the family members of the SOSMA detainees, each day they remained inside the detention center without knowing their fate is cruel and depressing. I sincerely hope, with your clear statements can give a strong message to government departments that they should not abuse this act anymore, and provide fair trials to all the ill-fated souls waiting inside the cells. Release or bailout, or having substantial evidence to charge are not that difficult to decide after such an extended period.

    Thank you.

    What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystanders.

    May the God shower you and Tun Siti Hasmah with lots of love, Good health and Happiness all the time.

  3. Magdalene L. Jul 22,2018 7:22 PM

    Dear Tun Mahathir,

    It has been more than two months since my last posting to your blog regarding my ill-fated father, who has now spent more than six months in the Ulu Choh cage. Probably my story is not the worst among all the families, but I cannot rest well since the arrest, and the pain is still haunting my family every day. Endless nightmares, and dreams over my father cases and I feel like being consumed by hatred all the time, but I cannot stop myself from swearing and cursing for culprit’s downfall with all my tears and swearings, who had decided to scapegoat my father. This is so bad, and I hated myself for being like that. I cannot understand why I need to keep reminding myself be calm and pray for their wisdom to see the truth because the Police Dept is supposed to protect us, the commoners but now, they had failed us miserably. We have to endure such unfairness and injustice for someone else mistakes and incompetencies. The country has denied the fundamental human rights of a person, the rights of the Malaysian and labeled the innocent as criminal.

    My father is innocent, and there is no substantial evidence of any crimes on him, and yet, he is being framed and being locked away. Those who know him well, he is a helpful, friendly and always ready to help a person. He is in the detention center for coming to seven months already, and yet we do not see anything in progress. Waiting is the only game, and all my family can do is to ensure him we are waiting for him, we pray very hard, we keep on writing for him, and we hope he keeps himself positive and healthy so that when he is released, we can bring him for holidays and good meals. We don’t even dare to cry in front of him as we are worried he may be upset. Keeping him motivated and happy is our only hope to prevent him from mentally depressed.

    I sincerely hope Pakatan Harapan can expedite the repeal of SOSMA act and release him as soon as possible. It is not that we are not willing to wait, but we are sure that there should be a fundamental of the basic rule of law. If the case is unsubstantial, why must the DPP insist on charging him? There is no concrete evidence to charge my father as what crime has he committed? For the innocent, this is too much to accept. Who can bring back the time we lost over the matter? No one. And the prolong of the process is demotivating and cruel. A person is innocent until proven guilty, and not the other way.

    Dear Tun M.,

    With PH as government, we hope the process of releasing the innocent to be expedited. If the Police Dept is incompetent, and the DPP has so much pride to refuse to acknowledge their mistakes, then who else can help the innocents? As the Prime Minister, you have the ultimate authority to decide these people fate.

    Power is no blessing in itself, except when it is used to protect the innocents.

    Sincerely hope you will look into this issue.

    Thank you.

    May God bless you and Tun Siti Hasmah with Health, Wealth and prosperity in your Life.

  4. tamchi Jun 23,2018 2:00 PM

    Apa khabar? Slmt tngahari.!
    “Semua restoran dlm negara ini”
    “Tiada kompromi”
    Ini statement dari menteri..?

    Perspektif secara meluas..
    Chef restoran & hotel mewah
    Food court
    Restoran cina
    Steamboat / dragonboat
    Restoran india
    daun pisang
    Restoran pak arab
    & mcm mcm lagi…

    Ehh..macam ada sangkutPaut dgn industri pelancongan pulak..


  5. HBT456 May 25,2018 9:02 AM

    71. Whether american voters like it or not, asia needs a strong china be it in politics, economic and military to liberalize trades in one china policy for peace and prosperity.

    72. Pendek kata, its up to the locals to decide which power they prefer to enjoy.

    73. One world?

    74. One community?

  6. HBT456 May 25,2018 8:49 AM

    61. Instead of waiting for the ruling and state governments to provide assistance as it might take time since none of them up there want to loose their comfort zone, why not take it as the blessing to open up our eyes and heart to adapt to this maturing parlimentary democracy and at the same time to adapt ourselves to the future innovation and creativity to make our selves do better?

    62. There is always a bright side out there.

    63. For those who do not want to change, they can vote the ruling coalition that fit them.

    64. For those who want change, they can vote the opposition coalition that fit them.

    65. Bak kata, biar negerimu hujan emas, negeriku hujan batu.

    66. The glass of water is always half full.

    67. 1Malaysia card is off the table since pakatan harapan won.

    68. Is the Islamic malaysia the next card to play?

    69. Is Malaysian malaysia the next card to play?

    70. As voters, we have no choice too but to wait it out in these 5 years.

  7. HBT456 May 25,2018 8:20 AM


    49. In the name of brotherhood using umno as the political party to threaten the perlis ruler up north, another proof to show disloyalty of umnoputra to the kerabat of perlis.

    50. This is the 2nd proof for ros to close down umno in semenanjung malaysia.

    51. If these umnoputra thinks its not fair, they have choice to move to sabah and continue with their gerrymandeing in the name of project ic there.

    52. How to detail and bloat the rm1 trillion debts to pay off 1mdb?

    53. Will pakat-an harap-an use the joint-venture economics by appointing the family members to sell the rm trillion bloated debts to public?

    54. The oil subsidy rationalization is good for the future, but because umno’ s greed in making themselve rich, they thought, with dsn as pm of malaysia, the brother can be appointed as bank governor while the cousin brother is put in charge of mod with buddy holding kdn portfolios and this is klectocracy no matter how they deny.

    55. When umno implement government sales tax, they dont even bother to think the conseqeunces, they just copy and paste.

    56. On the other hand, they give br1m.

    57. When both gst and br1m di mansuhkan simultaneously, obviously, the mof could utilize the portfolio in helping the ordinary voters down there to raise their living standard.

    58. Which way are you going?

    59. Mediocrity?

    60. Meritocracy?

  8. HBT456 May 25,2018 12:51 AM


    40. But the grab drivers are ordinary voters who might be doing part time to earn extra money for their household income, gaji tak naik, harga arang semua naik, terpaksa buat part time lar.

    41. Are petekma members are local voters?

    42. The comfort of them would be the discomfort of the local votere.

    42. Votere in general for sure would vote the one who screw them less.

    43. Trump called off the north and south korea summit in singapore, this june 12, is not a surprise at all.

    44. Trump has been in real eastate business all his life, therefore, he forgoes the summit is the comfort of the majority eventhough he is surrounded by the the best american war strategists.

    46. To be or not to be, that is not the question.

    47. Able or not, we will see how far kita semua can go.

  9. HBT456 May 24,2018 9:20 PM


    33. Is makan haram legal in the name of official religion accepted by other races just because they are malay muslim?

    34. Jika ikut undang2, iaitu kedaulatan undang2, registrar of society can de registered them immediately.

    34. Takpa lah, without umno political party, the malay muslim can have other choices contohnya, pkr, pas, dap atau pribumi bersatu to represent them di semenanjung malaysia with 9 sultan taking royal oaths to take turn to be agong in every 5 years.

    35. I guess rahman’s curse turned blessing in the new dawn of tdm’s being re-elected as the 7th pm for umno sabahan.

    36. He asked the umno sabahan to go back to their root to build sabah so that sabah with natural resourses no longer being labelled as the poorest state in malaysia.

    37. As for sarawak, they can maintain their own general election to develop their state too, and sarawak government has the absolute power to decide whether to work with petronas, or other oil companies to develop their state.

  10. Magdalene L. May 11,2018 5:54 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate Tun for successfully bringing unity among the Malaysian by winning the Malaysia GE14. My name is Magdalene Lim, and I have a good sleep after these four months on Thursday (declared holiday) after Pakatan Harapan won the election, and you have finally sworn your oath to be our 7th Prime Minister. I can describe how happy I am when you won the election. I had tried to locate your mailing address or email address as I am hoping to write a letter to you in regards to the injustice that my family is suffering but I cannot locate your email address from any of your books, your Facebook account, and I suppose I can only refer to a message column in your chedet blog. I understand that you will need rest, and probably there are many important priorities that you would need to attend to, typically on saving our beloved country; Malaysia but I have no one to turn to on the case that we are suffering.

    My father, Lim Heng Kiaw, 68 years old, is one of the detainees of SOSMA act, and he was arrested on January 14, 2018, 6.30am at his apartment. My father is a retired 68 years old man, that is still working with the company he used to work since 18 years ago, and currently working under contract. He lost his job after this arrest. He is in the sales field for more than three decades, and have been very popular in Johor Bahru as he is working here all his life, which is the place we grew up with many friends. He is currently in serious Glaucoma condition, as after operations, the eye pressure for both of his eyes did not improve. His recent blood test also reveals his urinary bladder has enlarged, may due to inflammation as he had his prostate cyst removal in 2014, but there was an explosion happened which ended him in the hospital for three months. By then, he has urinary issues, and due to that, he is seeing a doctor on and off to monitor his condition.

    During the arrest, the officer called me to meet up at Balai Polis Pelangi Indah. We were told he was arrested for helping an investigation, and we were not informed about SOSMA or the penal code as the arresting officer mentioned, the investigating officer will be in contact with us. We cannot even be informed about the what crime my father has committed and what case it was. So, waiting for calls became the only focus, and I was so afraid of missing any calls, whereby my handphone is always within my grasps for fearing to miss the call, but somehow, there are no calls from the IO. After 5 days of arrest, my mother received a letter from a policeman from Bukit Aman, claiming both her Maybank account and my Father Maybank account has been frozen for AMLA. We tried to withdraw money from their other bank account, but all their account has been frozen. I tried to call the inspector on the letter, but he just told us, they are investigating. I asked them, investigating what? He cannot tell. It is going to be Chinese New Year, and my parent’s account, including my father EPF money, were frozen. I asked the inspector, how do you expect my family to survive, as we need money to hire lawyer, and we need to spend on our daily expenses and my father medication? But again, I do not receive any answers. During this period, my main focus would be going to the specialist to get doctor letters to ensure my father’s medication is being continued, as I do not know how is his condition inside the detention center.

    While he is supposed to be undergoing eye surgery after Chinese new year, but then now, we have to swallow the pain and injustice and wait patiently. I would say, this became the day where nightmares and extreme fear of staying in this country. Endless of nightmares for fearing if I or any of my other family members will also be arrested any day for something we do not understand. I cannot anyhow understand why my father is being arrested till now. For those who know him, he is an old man, with medical conditions, who are helpful, friendly and kind-hearted. He probably knows a lot of people, or did he joined any associations that broke the law? But why cant we be informed about his crime? We are considered average family because both my brother and myself have a stable job, and my father is a retired employee working decently with a salary under contract. We are not rich, but my family members work extremely hard in our work so that we could be together and to save for the raining days. My father taught me always to be down to earth, and work hard and save for the raining days. After his arrest, I started to understand what SOSMA is all about, and how injustice it can be, but what can I do? What have we done to deserve this kind of act? Deep in my heart, this country is very scary. The country judiciary system is not in order, and commoners like us can be arrested using such an extreme act just to get something out of you and charge you at the court. Besides fearing for my father health issues, I am also fearing what he is facing during the detention days which he is not being represented by legal counsel and being lead to answering a series of questions which he may not understand at all.

    It is only until Day 21, I was informed at 11.45am we can then see my father by 2.00pm ONLY and not later, when I was having a meeting in Singapore, unable to rush back. On the following Sunday, again, we were not allowed to see him at the Johor Bahru court, and while hoping the court will release him, he was then charged. Our appointed lawyer told us, he was charged under 130V. Again, a lot of reporters, and a lot of speculations to sentence him up on the crime that HE has NOT COMMITTED!. I cannot be angry with the social as they have no idea he is being arrested for something he did not commit, and being linked with the crime, he did not perform. From the day of arrest, till now, my family is in excruciating pain, our heart bleeds in tears and in endless of aches on how injustice my father and my family have to swallow and endure, and I can uprightly tell you, he did not do anything wrong, and this insult and the pain is beyond comprehension. When I asked my lawyer, Datin Freeda, why we need to wait? What are the evidence do they have? Even our lawyer cannot give us an answer, as she has no accessibility to the statements or shreds of evidence. All we know, under SOSMA, he cannot be bailed out. He is now still in Ulu Choh detention center, and we got to see him once a week, 45 minutes, where we got to buy for his weekly supply.

    The worst thing in life, is you have no idea what is going to happen next and how long this thing will drag. What is the next course of actions? When? No answer. We cannot be sure to focus on our work, we cannot be sure if we can travel, because every day, we need to standby if there is any news or calls. Whenever the social media posted something about SOSMA, we are eager to update ourselves. The SOSMA act and this ridiculous charges even on AMLA have proven to me, as a simple commoner in this country, whoever that uses this Act, has no idea how inhumane this act is.They did not just arrested my father with SOSMA Act, but they arrested my whole family and lead us into darkness and endless nightmares where we feel so helpless! SOSMA- Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012- an act that is so unfamiliar to my whole family, and how would a 68 years old man with eyes problem and some other medical issues would be having security threats to the country? The police have the carte blanche in this law. I would like to know what is our fundamental right here?
    And the waiting in the detention center is not something a commoner, an old man with the medical condition could withstand. We even came to a point, would admitting to charges would spare him the waiting time? No- how to admit to charges you have not committed? Some people ask us to choose between freedom and reputation as the PDRM will never commit mistakes in their arrest!If we fight at the court, this thing may drag and rearrest may happen until the DPP is happy. With my father age, it would be best to let go of reputation and serve the sentence straight. I cried after hearing this. How to choose? Why should we admit to charges we did not commit? and because he is so old, he needs his freedom, then he has to admit? As a person who knows nothing about Malaysia Law, I found this scenario petrifying.

    You mentioned before in your book on Chapter 42-The Judiciary, justice delayed is justice denied. Our heart aches every time we visited my father in the detention center, with handcuffs on his wrists. Eating the food, we bought for him in the detention center, worrying about his health, worrying if he offended anyone inside, worrying if his joint is okay with sleeping on the icy floor. Every person we brought to visit him, my father reemphasized “I am innocent.” Our heart sank. WE have to hide our pain and tears seeing this and have no ideas how long this has to take so that all these are over. Even if I am sick, also if I am not feeling well, the routine Saturday visit to Ulu Choh became a mandate for my family to ensure my father got to see us, got our support and loves to continue to be patient inside the detention center.

    Dear Tun, please save my father, Lim Heng Kiaw. God will bless you for saving the innocent that is suffering injustice on this inhuman act. I know injustice happens everywhere, and there could be many cases and innocents out there, but I am pleading you on behalf of my father and my family. God will bless you in looking into this matter. I hope my pledges will not land me into any charges as I am just a daughter that is hoping to save my father, my mother husband. My mother, hold my hands and told me, your father used to hold my hands this way while we do our window shoping in Jusco after dinner. My father told my mum, “please wait for me to come out”. Tun, we are normal down to earth family, please help my family and bring back justice. I am not trying or pointing fingers at anyone, but I hope, with Tun declaring to abolish this act, please save the people that have been detained under this act in the detention centers. We are in so much pain, so much fear and so helpless. Please save us.

  11. Khalid Al Walid May 10,2018 9:58 AM



    1. Tun..diharap Tun ambil berat jugak terhadap institusi perbankan negara. Ini kerana baru2 ini sy ditawarkan dengan pinjaman peribadi yg pelik tapi benar..

    Dimana dikawal oleh PIHAK KE-3..Sbg contoh jika seseorang itu layak meminjam sebanyak 20ribu..pihak ke-3 itu mampu membuat sehingga kita mampu meminjam sebanyak 60ribu..

    Bg org yg terdesak, mungkin mereka bedal je..walaupun hakikatnya mereka tidak mampu membayar..

    MUNGKIN terdapat penyelewengan atau salah guna kuasa oleh kakitangan bank yang terlibat..

    Oleh itu, diharap Menteri Kewangan baru akan menambahbaik sistem perbankan negara..

    2. Berkaitan hutang negara pada pandangan saya, biarlah pihak kerajaan TUNJUK MELALUI MEDIA kepada rakyat. Dengan ini, rakyat tahu negara pun berat sebenarnya nk bayar..Oleh itu, rakyat faham bebanan negara dan dalam masa yg sama rakyat tidak meminta yg bukan2..Nak itu..nk ini..mcm budak2..

    Kemudian kerajaan menerangkan serba sedikit secara ringkas dan secara terbuka apa langkah kerajaan nk langsaikan hutang. Ditambah lagi dengan BAJET SEDIA ADA yang perlu dipenuhi..

    Dengan cara ini, rakyat faham kesusahan negara..Nak kate susah tu xde la..Cuma ngam2 jek..

    Yela..modal rm10..jual barang rm3..Untung rm7…Guna balik untung nak buat modal dah tolak balik rm5..Ade untung rm2 nak guna pulak bayar hutang..

    Tun kena bg rakyat Malaysia faham sebab kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia ni BUTA PENGURUSAN KEWANGAN..Jadi Tun kena terangkan secara mudah dan ringkas supaya rakyat faham..

    Tun terangkan butiran:
    i. Tentang berapa lama tempoh hutang Malaysia mampu untuk habis bayar?
    ii. Cara tercepat untuk kurangkan tempoh bayar hutang
    iii. Pelbagai cara atau usaha yanh perlu rakyat buat untuk menjana kewangan negara.

    Tun..kalau nak mati, hutang kena bayar..Kalaulah nama Malaysia ini diandaikan sbg manusia, mati idup balik.pun waris xmampu nak bayar hutang..

    SERIUS ni Tun..Kena bagi rakyat tau..Bagi rakyat faham..MUNGKIN dalam masa yg sama boleh trace balik kewangan negara yg telah salah digunapakai sebelum ni..

    MUNGKIn sepatutnya negara ada 3billion utk bayar hutang..Jap lg 3billion ini digunakan atas tujuan politik, atau persendirian, atau urusan yang hanya mengaburi mata rakyat..

    3.Diharap Tun merenung serba sedikit pandangan saya..sbg rakyat biasa..Ini untuk kebaikan dan kepentingan Pakatan Harapan jugak dalam usaha membuat suatu perubahan. BIAR RAKYAT KENAL SUSAHNYA MALAYSIA…dan makin susah bila ada segelintir yg pk nak.majukan Malaysia dgn buat sistem GST (Ah Long per kapita secara xnampak). Nasib baik die baru je kena turun..hehe..

    4. Skian ini sahaja pndangan & komen sy..Mintak maaf jika ada slh silap..


  12. rodin Apr 16,2018 2:56 PM

    Sebelum najib malaysia adalah negara demokrasi berpelembagaan. Masa najib malaysia adalah negara kleptokrasi berpelembagaan. Tahniah bn.
    Tun gn gusar. Ramai akan undi PH. Pastikan calon yg bersih.

  13. sudin Apr 11,2018 10:49 AM

    Assalam Tun.

    Less then a week ago the business market was greatly surprised when a RM6.5 billion High Speed Railway package was unexpectedly given to a consortium. Soon after, the TMJ made the lenghty statement.

    Another good example of “money talks”?

    Money comes first and foremost, the people can wait!!!

  14. Ace Rockefeller Apr 10,2018 12:44 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    1. Sudah sedia maklum GST mengakibatkan harga barang naik. Ada seorang menteri yg menyebarkan berita GST akan turunkan harga barangan. Sekarang terbukti tidak benar? Adakah DS Najib akan ambil tindakan pada menteri tersebut berdasarkan Akta Anti-Berita Tidak Benar? Tentulah tidak sebab akta ini hanyalah senjata politik Najib terhadap PH.

    2. Tiba-tiba ada seorang Professor “Bayam” dari UUM yang Tun pernah berjumpa tempoh hari mengatakan ““Mana satu yang betul. (Tun) Nak mansuhkan atau nak kekalkan Akta Antiberita Palsu?”. Lihat: . Sudah tentulah penyebar berita palsu akan didakwa, tetapi bukanlah menggunakan akta Antiberita Palsu. Kita ada banyak lagi akta lain yang boleh digunakan untuk menghukum penyebar berita palsu. Lihat:. Sungguh memalukan orang ini yang menjadi “professor bayam pemakan dedak”.

    3. Berkaitan dengan PAS, tentunya orang melayu islam berasa pelik kerana PAS “menyokong” BN dengan membantu memecahkan undi orang2 melayu islam. Banyak alasan2 tidak menyokong PH kerana membenci Tun. Adakah Islam mengajar kita politik kebencian? Sedangkan DS Anwar sendiri memaafkan Tun, LKS sendiri memaafkan Tun, Adakah PAS telah menjadi bongkak sejak “berkawan”dengan DS Najib?

    4. Isunya yang besar adalah: Adakah PAS benar2 parti Islam? Dicanangkan undi PAS masuk syurga?, mati kerana PAS mati syahid?, Menderma untuk PAS masuk syurga?. Adakah ulama-ulama PAS yang tentukan sesiapa yang layak atau tidak layak masuk syurga atau Allah SWT yang tentukan? Ini seolah-olah PAS parti yg maksum, tidak pernah buat salah. Yang disalahkan hanya Tun. Adakah membenci Tun lebih penting dari selamatkan negara?

    5. Mungkinkah setelah mereka berjaya ditipu oleh DS Najib & Co. untuk menerima dedak kononnya utk menentang DAP, atau mungkin untuk membangunkan kawasan masing-masing. Apabila sudah termasuk perangkap DS Najib, lebih parah lagi berjaya dibongkar oleh Sarawak Report, kini mereka menyokong DS Najib untuk selamatkan diri mereka sendiri, jika BN kalah mereka juga mungkin bersama-sama Najib & Co bermalam-malam dipenjara.

    6. Saya amat bersetuju dengan post Tun kali ini, tidak guna menyokong PH tanpa tindakan mengundi di kertas undi. Tak guna mengeluh kos sara hidup tinggi tanpa mengundi di kertas undi. Tak guna menyesal sekiranya DS Najib & Rosmah terus berkuasa untuk memeras rakyat dan anak cucu cicit kita.

    7. Diharapkan semua calon PH yang akan berkempen turut sama mengingatkan semua rakyat yg layak mengundi, supaya pergi mengundi walaupun byk halangan, dan jangan membuat undi rosak spt yg Najib mahu. Setiap undi PH adalah untuk bebaskan Malaysia dari penyangak No 1.

    8. Mudah-mudahan Tun M & semua pemimpin-pemimpin PH, calon-calon PH & penyokong-penyokong PH terus diberikan kesihatan yang baik & berkat untuk menentang kemungkaran DS Najib & Co.

    9. Wallahua’lam & Wassalam.

  15. uipnky Apr 9,2018 11:54 PM

    Cronyism, Corruption, Favoritism and Autocratic Governance

    Let’s not pretend it did not exist before Najib regime !

    We must first acknowledge Tun Mahathir has a significant contribution to the development of Malaysia. Under his leadership Malaysia has made tremendous development as a nation. But it was under Tun’s leadership that Malaysia has lost its race against Singapore. Singapore was already a developed nation in the late 90s while Tun was pitching for his Vision 2020.

    It is important that the people have the right perspectives and balanced views going into the coming GE (PRU14). Let’s do not think live will be a bed of roses if Pakatan Harapan wins in the coming GE. Some opposition critics were say it is basically “an old-wine in a new bottle” because you have Tun Mahathir, Mr Lim Kit Siang, CM Lim Guan Eng, Dato Seri Anwar, Tan Seri Muhyiddin, Dato Seri Mukhriz and so forth. We have seen what they have done in the past decades, and also their right and not-so right behaviours over years. Will they change 360 degree after the GE? Very unlikely.

    Cronyism. People must recall Dato Seri Anwar were the first to call out loud “Cronyism”. Because he saw many billionaires were created were closely linked to the government cabinet or the top men. These billionaires are billionaires today despite their wealth being depleted in recent years without the government projects.

    Corruption. Were there no corruption before Najib regime? You know the answer. There were so many mega projects that were over budget or completely blew the budget before Najib. Not just KLIA and a few other landmark project that were already in the news but the mega ports, bridges, highways and so forth. How could these mega projects consistently overpriced if there were no corruption? Malaysia is a big country with plenty of land. Too bad these land were already gone in the 1980s and 1990s and early 2000 to mainly people and corporations with political connection (how the transactions were done is anyone’s guess). So people who think there is no corruption or very mild corruption is kidding themselves. I am sure if the MACC were as strong as today, many of our land will still belong to the state today. The government then were lax in corruption?

    Favoritism. I am glad Sugar King’s name was mentioned recently. I am sure you know who operates the biggest gambling casino in Malaysia. Who owns gambling businesses like 4D and Toto? Tele communication operators and Private TV channels are owned by which individuals. These are business opportunities not open to all to compete. It is given to corporations who rub shoulders with the people on the very top in the government. We have not even mentioned about the shareholdings of tens of semi government companies like MAS, Proton, Johor Port etc. How these corporations or individuals got all these business opportunities if no favoritism?

    Autocratic Governance. The western countries, especially the US have been labeling Malaysia an autocratic country for decades. Because the power of governance is in the hands of the people on top who enacted laws to continue to hold on to the power. Examples are the ISA laws, the detention of opposition politicians, the courts’ rulings on certain major issues and so forth. This has been happening in the 1990s under Tun’s regime.

    So people who claim 1MDB is the biggest scandal in Malaysia’s history should know that in today’s connected social media world everything is amplified and at the speed of light. I am sure some of the corruptions that happened in the past if it is happening today it will be as large if not bigger magnitude in term of breaking news and coverage! Maybe Anwar would have been a PM during his “cronyism” strike and we are in different path of history today! Then PRU14 is nothing to shout about!

  16. yiemega83 Apr 9,2018 10:17 PM

    Marilah bersama kita bina Malaysia baru, abaikan dedak demi maruah kita demi Negaraku Malaysia

  17. mariaithnin Apr 9,2018 4:51 PM

    Interesting read. I’m a Malay Muslim woman almost 60 years of age, not politically active just living the normal malay housewife part time free lance income earner life.Dont care very much about politicians and their antics. I woke up after Malaysia was made and become suddenly notorious because of 1MDB. I didn’t even know anything about it but decided to find out. An education on how you can launder money. I hope Malaysians can overlook our segregationist lives and unite to say NO to thieves. Stick to good values and correct principles and demand our rights as citizens of the land. Unite after the PRU and heal together and do the best we can for the nation, as 1, go pass the stupidity of divisions and become an all inclusive society. Grow up!

  18. tok jangut Apr 9,2018 2:30 PM


    I wish you and all your associates a very successful GE14. I hope you all achieve the results you hoped for.

  19. musato Apr 9,2018 1:36 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Berada dipengetahuan saya bahawa terdapat di antara kita yang masih belum lupa berkenaan Saudara Anwar bin Ibrahim.

    Selepas dipecat dari jawatan TPM, maka berlakulah laungan reformasi dan parti PKR telah ditubuhkan secara sah. Itu pun semasa Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir jadi PM.

    Isu isu berkenaan salahlaku moral dan liwat timbul. Atau mudah dikatakan nafsu.

    Pernah dikatakan Saudara Anwar Ibrahim sebagai anugerah Tuhan dan disertakan dengan dalil dalil agama kononnya beliau adalah pemimpin yang terpilih dan sedang melalui saat saat sukar.

    Berkenaan perkara ini, setakat pengetahuan saya ada, sememangnya proses mengenali dan mengawal nafsu adalah antara pembelajaran dan ujian yang perlu ditempuhi dalam perjalanan tasawuf.

    Malah ia turut direkodkan dalam cerita cerita Syeikh Abdul Qadir Al Jailani semasa dalam proses perjalanan sufi.

    Seperti beliau mimpi basah selama 40 hari berturut turut dan 40 malam jugalah beliau mandi wajib.

    Malah sewaktu mudanya, syeikh tiada kemahuan mahu berkahwin, namun semasa umur syeikh dalam lingkungan 50-an kalau tak salah saya, Allah swt telah buka dan berikan kelebihan kepada syeikh untuk berkahwin lebih dari satu.

    Pengetahuan bacaan saya mengenai sufi tidaklah meluas melainkan hadirnya buku cerita Syeikh Abdul Qadir, sultanul aulia’ ketika saya mencari apa bentuk ilmu yang sedang saya hadapi ketika itu.

    Pada pendapat saya, bila orang kata liwat itu wujud, saya percaya ia wujud. Saya percaya kerana sedikit sebanyak kita akan ditunjukkan apa yang patut kita tahu sebagai pengetahuan oleh Allah swt.

    Apabila ujian ini dilepasi, maka InsyaAllah bolehlah dikatakan kita
    sudah mengenali nafsu manusia yang dimaksudkan.

    Dari sudut pengetahuan itulah pendapat saya.

    Tetapi untuk menggunakan isu peribadi tersebut sebagai senjata bagi tujuan menjatuhkan kerajaan semasa itu, saya tidak bersetuju.

    Melainkan ada isu besar. Namun ia perlu diterangkan kepada saya untuk mendapatkan sokongan saya, walaupun saya hanya individu tanpa penyokong.

    Seperti isu 1MDB. Tun semacam mahu beritahu sesuatu bahawa ada isu besar yang perlu diperjuangkan – sebelum isu 1MDB ini disebarkan kepada pengetahuan rakyat.

    Sebagai rakyat bawahan, sebenarnya saya tidak tahu menahu langsung berkenaan kleptorasi 1MDB. Kecuali pertama kali saya baca komen dari Puan Hajar di sini. Katanya “bagaimana dengan 1MDB?” – (dimaksudkan untuk Tun tuliskan).

    Dengan tanda tanda dari penulisan Tun semacam mahu beritahu sesuatu, maka saya juga telah minta Tun bagi penerangan kepada saya di sekiranya ia adalah sesuatu yang besar.

    Maksud saya, saya perlu diyakinkan dengan bersungguh sungguh bagi menyokong tindakan Tun Mahathir.

    Ini kerana ia adalah berkenaan menjatuhkan kerajaan sedia ada. Menjaga keamanan negara dan rakyat.

    Alhamdulillah. Kita sekarang sudah sampai di sini setelah rancangan dan tindakan dilakukan.

    PH kini akan masuk pilihanraya dengan hanya menggunakan logo PKR.

    Seperti saya katakan, sejahat jahat manusia adalah sebaik baik jin. Sentiasalah bertawakal kepada Allah swt kerana bantuan hanya akan tiba dengan keimanan dan ketakwaan kits kepadaNya.

    Lakukan seperti yang disuruh dan tinggalkan laranganNya. InsyaAllah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  20. superSepantun Apr 9,2018 7:28 AM

    Asalamualaikum Warahmatullah,
    SalamSenyum, rahmat Allah..

    Esok selasa, semalam minggu..
    Siapa belanja? Apa lagu..?

    CeriaCeria selalu…

  21. OverseaMalaysian Apr 8,2018 8:31 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I was forced to leave Malaysia and have had to go oversea 21 years ago. Even though my SPM result was easily one of the best in the school, thanks to the discriminating policy in Malaysian education towards the non-Bumi, I was not able to further my study in any of the local University. Instead I was offered the chance to further my study by foreign university. For 21 years, I miss my home country very dearly but also constantly remember the reason why I have to leave the country. This was all happened during your supremacy. And understandably, these days, I feel ashamed when I kept being called the citizen of 1MDB and having the richest PM ever in the world.

    And today, I see your effort in trying to save the country. Never once it would cross my mind to even think about taking times off to come back to cast my vote. I still can not forget the reason why I have to leave the country 21 years ago to pursue my study oversea but seeing what you are doing now, I feel the overwhelmed responsibility to have to come back to cast my vote this time.

    Thank you Tun for what you are doing now and I never thought I would ever say thank you to you. It has raised a glimpse hope in myself and reverse my thinking that Malaysia maybe can still be saved and we do need to fight for a greater future together.

    For this very reason, you have my vote Tun and I am with you completely in order to save this country, which I call my home country. I sincerely wish you a world of healthiness so to lead this fight for a better future of Malaysia.

  22. SAB Apr 8,2018 8:00 PM

    TMJ telah memberikan pandangannya tentang suasana politik terkini di tanah air dan memberi respond yang kurang baik tentang peranan Tun dalam usaha memperbetulkan senario negara terkini

    Cuma pandangan TMJ nyata kurang bijak, dengan mengatakan bahawa kononnya Tun utamakan kroni semasa pemerintahannya, sedarkah TMJ bahawa sistem pemerintahan yang paling kroni di dunia ialah sistem beraja,selepas atuk, bapa jadi raja, lepas tu anak jadi raja, seterusnya cucu jadi raja, cici, piut dan begitulah seterusnya, sedangkan Tun tdk pernah membenarkan anak2 terlibat dengan politik semasa menjadi PM, jauh sekali keinginan menjadikan anak beliau menjadi PM

    Kemudian boleh pula TMJ kata tentang nakhoda yang tidak betul (DS Najib)boleh di dibawa berbincang dan diperbetulkan oleh TMJ bersama ayahandanya, soalnya kenapa baru sekarang setelah dekat pilihanraya selepas 3 tahun kes salah laku DSN telah berlaku dan telah ditegur oleh Tun, kenapa TMJ dan ayahanda tidak menegur dan tidak cuba perbetulkan sejak dari awal lagi dan setelah sudah terlalu tenat baru beri pendapat kononnya boleh main peranan, takut projek tidak masuk Johor mungkin
    Berkenaan UMNO, masalahnya bukan nakhoda saja yang tidak betul, anak kapal pun sudah tidak betul dan menjadi yes men atas segala perbuatan nakhoda tidak kisah betul atau salah dan kapal sudah bocor sana sini dan selayaknya di karamkan sahaja,atas sebab inilah Tun, kata mustahil nak kembali pada UMNO kerana kapal yang bernama UMNO sudah uzur dan selayaknya dikaramkan saja dan belj kapal baru.

  23. adelheid Apr 8,2018 6:48 PM

    Dear Tun,

    With the recent development of things I advise Tun to be very careful, don’t take your safety lightly. You must be aware of the people around you, with the election just round the corner, don’t let anyone suddenly ‘sneak’ into your schedule and HARAPAN’s plan to win the election. You have just patched your relationship with Anwar Ibrahim, Dr. Wan Azizah and Azmin, you don’t want anything or anyone to suddenly sabotage what you have rebuilt or worse they are working for the other side’s cause!

    I read this today you and Tun Siti Hasmah with Ummi Hafilda at that majlis kutipan dana for BERSATU.

    Be wary Tun. This is a very crucial time. Be safe always. I hope those close to you are also aware of things.

    Take care Tun Mahathir. Be strong and stay safe.

  24. SSLEE Apr 8,2018 1:28 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allow me to correct my mistake in my previous comment:

    Dear izoklse and all Malaysians,
    As Chinese Malaysian we do not seek to dominate, but seek to understand our Malay brothers and sisters and in return seek their understanding on us. We cannot understand why many of our Malay brothers and sisters nowadays seem to be indifferent to what is happening in Malaysia and allowed such rampant corruption to take root in Malaysia. How can they unconcerned on the impact of 1MDB scandal on Malaysia (Who is going to pay all the debt?) and pledge their blind loyalty to MO1? How can they not feel the pain of their Malay brothers and sisters in rural area who are suffering from poverty and high cost of living brought about by (GST) mismanagement and blatant corruption with impunity?

    Note: My previous choice of word is improper and regrettable. I offer my sincere apology.

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Very fortunately we still have many right minded Malay brothers and sisters (PH Politicians, Retired Army General, Social Activists, Lawyers, Magazine & Online Columnists, Bloggers, Student Activists, NGO, Artists, Cartoonists and etc) They are in the frontline vocally and clearly exposed the many wrongs of this country and in doing so putting themselves in the harm way of been arrested and charged with whatever law the MO1 appointed A-G can find in the book. That included Tun. I take my hat off to all of you and I salute all of you.

    I believe there are still many silent majorities in Civil Servant, Police, Army, GLC, Pakcik dan Makcik in the Kampong/Felda and people from all walks of life remain silent because of constant pressure, propaganda, money politics and fear deployed by BN.
    Tun, you are our only hope to awaken the sleeping Tiger and our burning desire for a better Malaysia.
    Let’s us together create the biggest; “Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dayak, Iban, Bidayuh, Kadazan, Dusun, Bajaus, Orang Asli dan lain-lain” Tsunami and sweep away the corrupted MO1 and his decadent, Kleptocratic Government.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,

  25. musato Apr 8,2018 8:57 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Pilihanraya sudah dekat tapi saya masih belum tunjuk muka dan berkenalan dengan seseorang.

    Setakat masa hari ini, saya belum ada kesempatan lagi untuk sampai ke Kuala Lumpur.

    Yang terakhir sekali saya dan keluarga hanya sampai di pulau perhentian.

    InsyaAllah. Ada masa saya akan sampai di KL. Tapi tak tahu bila.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  26. superSepantun Apr 8,2018 2:38 AM

    Slamat Pagi, saudaraSaudari..
    ini hikayat serupa sensasi..

    《 Tersebutlah al-Kisah… 》
    Cherita dari sa-buah negeri,
    PasirBedegungg nama diberi..!

    Anak raja sesuka sesuki,
    KApala rasa, entahkan reti
    Apa agenda?, ada dihati..!
    KePutarJaya, sembunyiBunyi..🤔

    “Tongku Makkote,
    KBK lah.!”

    KoleksiBanyakKereta lah.!

    :”kepala lori lah.!”

    tamau jadi calon kah.?”


  27. SSLEE Apr 8,2018 12:36 AM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Let’s address the issue of Anti Fake News Law and how to prevent BN cyber troopers/bloggers robbing us of our victory in the coming GE14
    BN-paid cyber troopers or bloggers can only deny facts with more lies or selective quoting a section of the whole report as absolute true. Even their highest paid blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, the king of smear master had to eat his humble pie as he was ordered by his paymaster to withdraw his smear campaign against Robert Kuok. If you intend to be on the safe side of anti fake news law, you can start as such:
    Seeking Confirmation the below link is true or fake news?
    Seeking legal confirmation:
    Should Najib’s sibling, PMO or Najib be charged for maliciously spreading false news?

    Recently I engaged with a BN cyber trooper in a forum.
    And my responses are as follow (with some editing);

    Dear izoklse and all Malaysians,
    As Chinese Malaysian we do not seek to dominate, but seek to understand our Malay brothers and sisters and in return seek their understanding on us. We cannot understand why our Malay brothers and sisters nowadays are so blind to what is happening in Malaysia and allowed such rampant corruption to take root in Malaysia. How can they close their eye on 1MDB scandal and pledge their blind loyalty to MO1? How can they not feel the pain of their Malay brothers and sisters in rural area who are suffering from poverty and high cost of living brought about by (GST) mismanagement and blatant corruption with impunity?
    Thank you.

    Dear GoodCompanies,
    What we want as a leader? Honest, truthful, no personal gain etc. Easy to talk to, relax and calm, doesn’t call people bad words.”
    Are you living in Planet Earth or Planet Mars.? Are we talking of the same MO1 “Honest, truthful, no personal gain etc. Easy to talk to, relax and calm, doesn’t call people bad words.”

    Is this the case of ‘It looks like me, sound like me but not me’ or is it the story of Jekyll and Hyde
    I want as a leader with quality of true patriotism, ethical, selfless devotion to duty, and complete willingness to dedicate his/her lives to the causes of nation-building and raising the peoples’ standard of living. You can find many such leaders in PKR, PPBM, DAP and AMANAH but almost none with UMNO.
    I am really out of my word to describe how a well educated person with maybe an oversea degree when presented with overwhelming evident can still deny the undeniable, defend the un-defensible and accept the unacceptable? Please tell me who is MO1 cited in the DOJ report.

    What had gone wrong with our education system when even an educated person has loss their critical thinking ability and becomes a simpleton who believe “Why don’t you talk about this guy who brought in donation from overseas, and then return it back in whole? Didn’t your very own media reported that and you missed that one? In reality, nothing was taken”
    So please tell me who is this guy? Who gave this astromical donation? Why return it back in whole? And to whom it was returned?
    Thank you.

    Dear all,
    if the truth is what you are after, just Google and find out for yourself all the charge sheet and judgments written by judges on the case involving 1MDB scandal in countries that had taken prosecution/court action.
    I am totally heartbroken and cannot believe myself that the influence of “CASH IS KING” can be so devastating to so many people? They no closed their eye on what is happening but in fact sold their soul and conscious to their devil paymaster and become his zombie cyber troopers.
    “PM is already rich as he is, coming from royal blood.”
    ”In the arbitration, the UAE company admitted and knew that it will lose a case in court, so they settled.”

    You have just witnessed what kind of zombies these people had turn into, without soul and conscience and readily do what their pay master told them. I am wondering from where they learned to twist and turn the facts and telling more lies to cover their lie to suit their argument. When they cannot win their argument, then there are these RED Shirt thugs to intimidate, terrorize and threaten you.
    Now I understand why MO1 need the Anti Fake News law. He must be very disappointed and felt embarrassed by his paid cyber troopers doing such a low class, lousy and disgusting argument. They are actually pouring salt into his injuries as if he had not been discredited enough.
    Since there are so many questions unanswered why not set up RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry) to call up all those involves in 1MDB to testify and redeems the PM’s reputation? “Berani kerana benar takut kerana salah.” For a man who dare not attend nothing to hide forum, does he had the gut to set up RCI to clear his own name???
    “Fight fake news with transparency, not punishment”- C4
    Seeking Confirmation the below link is true or fake news?
    I am not sure whether we are not too late to save Malaysia from these zombies and their evil master? But I can say for sure if we miss this GE14 golden opportunity, our children and grandchildren will have a very grim future. I call upon all right-minded Malaysians, irrespective of Race, Religion, Creed and Gender to unite, hand in hand and to come out in full force to vote for PH and kick out the corrupted MO1 and his decadent, Kleptocratic Government.
    Thank you

    Dear GoodCompanies,
    What the point of reading if you do not have any capacity to understand and see the full picture? I am just a concern Malaysian and a parent. I am not a member of any political party. I welcome any investigation on LGE and let’s examine all the evidence presented in the court and lets justice takes its course.
    Talk is cheap, Can you walk the talk? Why not you ask your so called clean, flawless, the chosen one, the loved and admired by the whole Arab world, the most intelligent and the most compassionate one to hold a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) so that the truth and nothing but the truth on 1MDB and MO1 can be revealed to the whole word. Yes indeed MO1 is the god chosen one with flawless integrity and characters and his wealth is from, as you say from your so called brain;
    “PM is already rich as he is a descendent of a royal family.”
    Please start a movement and do a favor to MO1 by petitioning to His Highness Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V for a RCI on 1MDB. For Malaysian sake, we should once and for all vindicate MO1 and restore the good name of Malaysia in the eyes of the whole world and save us Malaysians from been ridiculed by the whole world.
    I thank you

    Thank you
    Yours truly,

  28. sibotak Apr 7,2018 9:32 PM

    Beza sungguh Barisan BN & PAKATAN
    Najib & Tun Mahathir saja
    Saya berani kerat jari
    Najib di benci bukan saja dari Pembangkang
    Malah dari anggota UMNO sendiri

    Beza Anuar & Zahid
    Anuar Segak , Zahid saya lihat macam Selenga berimpian Tinggi

    Memang jauh beza UMNO sekarang dan Dahulu
    Kuburkan Najib di Kuburan UMNO

  29. milshah Apr 7,2018 12:55 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Tindakan ROS membubarkan sementara PPBM adalah dijangka. Apabila ROS memberi notis 30 hari kepada PPBM untuk memberi dokumen-dokumen, saya telah jangkakan ianya aneh sebab selalunya notis perlu dijawab dalam masa 7 hari dan hulan 30 hari. Tak mungkin ianya sebab belas ihsan ROS kepada PPBM. Saya telah jangka ianya hanya untuk melengahkan masa dan pengumuman pembubaran adalah pada hari PRU 14 diumumkan melalui pembubaran parlimen. Tepat sekali jangkaan saya.

    Walaubagaimanapun, ada pengumuman ROS ini telah mewujudkan ‘backlash’ dari kalangan ahli PPBM dan rakyat. Mereka boleh nampak betapa kotornya permainan politik BN dan zalim.

    PPBM perlu menentang arahan ROS ini melaluibperintah mahkamah kerana jelas ROS tidak menggunakan kuasa mengikut lunas-lunas undang.

    Najib telah umumkan pembubaran parlimen Jumaat semalam. Dari body language Najib, nampak ada sesuatu yang tidak kena bahkan kerisauan yang amat.

    Najib telah ingatkan parti lawan mengenai negara mengamalkan system raja berpelembagaan di mana untuk menubuhkan kerajaan adalah yang memenagi kerusi terbanyak atas ‘pass the post’ dan bukan berdasarkan popular vote.

    Saya rasa kerana persempadanan semula dan gerrymandering yang dilakukan, Najib menjangkakan popular vote BN pada PRU 14 adalah jauh lebih rendah berbanding PRU 13, tetapi pada masa yang sama masih dapat tubuh kerajaan kerana dapat kerusi parlimen terbanyak? Betul tak tekaan saya Najib?

    Apapun PRU 14 sudahpun bermula, saya doakan Pakatan Harapan menang dan selamat berjuang.

    Onwards to Putrajaya!

  30. Hajar Apr 6,2018 3:05 PM

    Salam Yang Amat DiHormati dan DiSanjungi Tun,

    1. Baguslah, RoS akhirnya bubarkan pendaftaran PPBM (walaupun untuk sementara). Ada banyak hikmahnya.

    2. Syabas RoS! Anda semua (staf) memang konco-konco PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor yang cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang!

    3. Mengapa tidak dibubarkan terus? Ini lebih baik kepada PPBM. Senang untuk atur strategi.

    4. Saya cadangkan bekas ahli-ahli PPBM bertanding sebagai calon-calon BEBAS (ini cadangan asal saya sebelum Tun tubuhkan PPBM). Pilih SYMBOL /LOGO YANG SAMA dalam setiap kerusi yang dipertandingkan oleh calon BEBAS yang mewakili PPBM yang telah dibubarkan (jika SPR benarkan).

    5. Tun jangan terkesan dengan langkah bacul pihak rejim Najib. Insya Allah, Tun akan berjaya! Amin…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  31. asahamat Apr 5,2018 10:16 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Takdir Bersatu perlu dibubar. Terbubar lantaran khilaf dalaman juga ROS yg lengah membuat keputusan. Lantaran itu PH juga tidak wujud. Apapun Bersatu tidak perlu ungkitkan perkara ini secara berpanjangan dan menjadi kebudak2an. iMahu tak mahu terima dulu. Tunjukkan kematangan dan daya sabar tinggi Bersatu. Tumpu dulu utk menang PRU. Tetapi In Shaa Allah ada hikmah besar. Saya kira, antaranya:

    (1) Allah telah bukakan pintu hati DAP utk guna lambang selain DAP dlm PRU. Ini pasti akan dibaca sebagai pertunjuk bhw DAP sudah insaf bhw utk berjaya di Negara ini, memperakui dan bersama Melayu adalah penting. DAP akan kelihatan ikhlas dgn Akujanji bersama dlm PH. Kira2 DAP sudah “masuk jawi” kata orang Kelantan. Tidak perlu mana2 pihak cuba menyingkir yg lain.

    (2) Saya kira lambang terbaik yg perlu diguna adalah PKR. Ianya Parti dominen Melayu, Islam tetapi tetap multi-racial. Saya kira PKR lebih universal. Utk ini:

    (i) Amanah tetap kukuh lantaran Parti itu adalah Islami Professional. PKR adalah golongan professional. Penggunaan lambang PKR oleh Amanah menjelaskan lagi imej keprofessionalan Islami mereka.

    (ii) Kudrat dan hikmah Allah saya kira dalam hal ini sangat menjurus kpd Tun dan Anwar. Anwar dulu turun lantaran Tun. Tun juga turun lantaran faktur Anwar. Soal kes jenayah Anwar, itu soal dia dan Allah. Soal duniawi dalam
    kes tersebut saya kira patut keep it to the best professional saja. Namun soal dia dan IMF-USA, itu hanya soal beza pandangan dasar. Cuma yg menjadi “pembakar” dlm krisis Tun-Anwar adalah kerana faktur salah urus kes dan faktur “musuh2 Anwar di dlm UMNO” itu sendiri. Kini saya yakin both Tun n Anwar sudah tahu dan memperakui isu sebenar yg melibatkan masalah Tun dan Anwar dan kedua2 Tun dan Anwar saya yakin telah meletakkan semua itu ke samping. Itulah statemanship kedua2 Tun n Anwar (juga LKS n Mat Sabu) yg semua harus perakui.

    (iii) Kelompok Anwar esp Rafizi contohnya, harus memperakui tanpa Tun, PKR telah terbukti tidak ke mana. Sama juga buat DAP apa lagi Amanah. Dalam masa sama Tun sedar tanpa PKR, Amanah dan DAP, semua itu juga tidak akan ke mana2. Sesungguhnya kebaikan hebat pembubaran Bersatu dan gagal daftar PH adalah agar semua pihak sedar, kebersamaan adalah penting.

    (iv) Now Bersatu, Amanah, PKR n DAP perlu bersatu di bawah lambang PKR. Lantaran itu, saya yakin semua ini akan menjadikan semua pihak utk melupakan “berkerja di bawah Parti masing2 tetapi now to focus to be under the symbol of PKR”. Hal ini In Shaa Allah akan memperkukohkan kerjasama semua pihak tanpa lagi perlu berfikir soal Parti. Semua sekarang sedang menjuruskan politik Negara ini ke arah politik dua parti alternatif yg sihat In Shaa Allah.

    (3) Tun, as I said much earlier to transform Msian political struggle into two clear block of thought ie BN as conservative while PH as democrat-dynamic, In Shaa Allah such will be your true legence ie making Msian politically matured. Daya Bumi, PWTC, KLCC, KLIA, PJ, highways etc are not your true legend but this last but not least is your best shot for the Nation. In Shaa Allah Tun He is guiding us on a true path. In Shaa Allah.

    (4) Congratulation DAP for being truly Malaysia. Let be together for a good of a Nation. Syabas PKR n Amanah. Selamat kita terus berjuang dgn bermaruah.

  32. musato Apr 5,2018 4:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Macam macam cara kerajaan mahu lumpuhkan pembangkang. Cara paling mudah adalah menyalahgunakan kuasa.

    Baguslah ROS dah keluarkan arahan bubar PPBM.

    Politik adalah berkenaan persepsi dan nombor – kata Najib.

    Selamat maju jaya kerajaan menanti.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  33. balance Apr 5,2018 1:13 PM

    Everyone is born to learn and experience life so that their DNA will be good for future generation (survival of the fittest). There is no special god too. Ha ha ha

  34. balance Apr 5,2018 1:10 PM


    Read again i did not mentioned anything about Sabahan being happy or not happy and poor or rich. I only said to spare the rod you spoil the kids and reap what you sow. What actually I am trying to say is to let people learn to survive naturally and dont use unnatural ways to grow or improve things. There is no such thing as special people in a special country. Everyone is born to learn and experience so that their DNA will be food for future generation (survival of the fittest). There is no special god too. Ha ha ha

  35. farock Apr 5,2018 12:39 PM

    Salam semua
    Akta fake news menunjukkan tiada demokrasi di negara ini,Manusia mana yg tiada kesilapan dlm hidup?Satu kesilapan atau cerita benar yg dikatakan bohong itk melindungi pemimpin yg tiada tokoh kepimpinan boleh menyebabkan kita di denda $600,000 dan penjara.
    Kebanyakkan dari kita takkan mampu bayar jumlah itu.Jadi kita akan dipenjarakan.Jika kita tak dapat bayar denda mahkamah sekarang,setiap $10 kita akan dipenjara sehari.Jika tak dat bayar $600,000,kita akan di penjara 164 tahun,,Itu bererti mati dalam penjara beb!!!
    Saya ingin beri cadangan pada Tun..
    Seandainya,..walaupun kemungkinannya kecil,tapi kalaulah Allah bantu Tun utk memerintah lagi sekali,Tun perkenalkan hukum HUDUD.Hukuman inihanya utk hukum mereka2 dr BN.Lepas hukum mereka,Tun boleh abolish atau simpan undang2 hudud itu.
    Kita jadikan org2 BN experimen hudud.Kita potong lidah yg berbohong,potong tangan2 yg mencuri harta rakyat dan negara,kita potong kaki agar mereka tidak boleh lari,kita rejam dgn batu sampai mati mereka2 yg bermaksiat (tambahan dgn bini org)..
    Ini semua hukuman Allah lepas mati kepada mereka yg main2kan hukum Allah di dunia.Jika Tun buat,Tun akan gembirakan hati 27 juta rakyat.Tun akak dapat rahmat Allah sb pertegakkan agama.Yg paling penting,Tun boleh mencegah jenayah2 ini berulang terutama dalam pentadbiran kerajaan!!!
    Kepada mereka2 yg telah buat semua kesalahan,mencuri,merogol,membunuh,dll
    kita mula dgn hukuman paling kecil ke hukuman paling besar.Umur Tun pun dah meningkat,jadi berbanggalah Tun ketika berjumpa Allah sebab Tun dapat binasakan geng2 hantu,syaitan dan iblis!!

  36. HBT456 Apr 4,2018 8:19 PM

    22. How do you know sabahans are not happy because they are poor, balance?

    23. Since 16 september 2010, malaysia day is added in the public holiday calender of federation to mark the public holiday share and celebrate by all to officiate the formation of malaysia with Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak.

    24. After 8 years of enjoying paid public holiday on malaysia day, why sarawak still prefer to conduct general election seperately?

    25. Yes, the wannabes can start maki hamun tdm and his cabinet too if thats their choice.

    26. The comfort of some would be the discomfort of majority.

    27. Bak kata api kecil menjadi kawan apabila besar menjadi lawan bermaksud kejahatan yang sedikit itu hendaklah segera diperbaiki supaya tidak melarat menjadi besar atau kejahatan yang sedikit jangan dibiarkan menjadi besar.

    28. Why bn lost 2/3 majority in 2008?

    29. Majority of the civil servants are of malay and muslim, and everyone is aware of that.

    30. I believe the house and land of the late lee kuan yew would be cleared for property development in the future because he knows wealth does not pass through 3 generations.

    31. Whoever wins the majority votes, and name the perdana menteri and form the cabinet, i wish them all the best.

  37. asahamat Apr 4,2018 11:21 AM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Takdir, kerana Anwar (PKR) Tun perlu undur. DAP & PAS (now Amanah) juga menjadi faktur pengunduran Tun. Dgn pengunduran itu menyaksikan “masa depan Msia” jadi tidak jelas. Takdir, masa, menjadikan semua musuh2 Tun kini, secara sedar atau tidak, mereka telah khilaf dlm memaksa “pengunduran” Tun. Tun telah “memohon maaf atas khilaf salah lepas”. Hampir semua “musuh” Tun juga secara jelas @ tidak juga sudah “memohon maaf”. Rakyat n PH boleh ketepikan “permainan politik kotor silam”.

    (2) Cuma kini, pengunduran Tun dan dgn pengantian tempat Tun dibuat atas “kehendak” Tun, maka kini kita ada masalah lain yg berat dan baru. Secara total, siapapun tidak boleh salahkan Tun kerana itu. Hati manusia siapa tahu. Cuma kini itu semua sebagai iktibar utk kita terus berubah menuju kebaikan. In Shaa Allah.

    (3) Masa sudah tiba utk Tun dicerca dan dihina demi kuasa. Saya cuma berharap, you keep to your stateman dignity. Jgn cepat melatah @ bertindakbalas yg boleh dijadikan peluru utk mereka serang Tun dgn lebih ganas. Tujuan mereka mudah, to kill you, the rest will come easy esp di kalangan Melayu akar umbi.

    (4) Now Bersatu kemungkinan haram @ didiamkan dgn sengaja. PH juga kelihatan jauh panggang dari api utk lulus atas sebab terkait dgn Bersatu. Status Bersatu pd Tun Halal, pd musoh tidak. Mudah2an Tun arif dgn kemungkinan perangkap ini. Bersatu sudah berada dlm keadaan diluah mati emak, ditelan mati bapa. Definitely not easy to deal, but berkorbanlah jika perjuangan adalah tulin ikhlas. Selebihnya serah kpd Allah.

    (5) Anywhere saya dengar2 kini sudah terlalu banyak golongan muda seem to stand on a very indifferent platform. Itulah yg musuh2 PH kehendaki. Mereka sedar, jika golongan muda 100% turun mengundi, depa akan undi “memberontak”. So strategi to potray PH kah @ BN kah yg menang, hasilnya tetap sama sudah spt berjaya musoh PH semaikan. Yg all out mengundi “dijangka golongan tua2”. Tun pasti boleh menduga maksudnya. All sebab you have too many enemies. They are all out on you now. But jika perjuangan Tun suci ikhlas utk Bangsa, Agama n Negara, cekal sabarlah.

    (6) Kempen PH kah @ BN kah yg menang keputusannya tetap sama, saya kira sukar utk PH sanggah. Semua ini adalah perangkap bijak utk “desak PH” utk condong ke satu arah ie samada kelihatan membela Melayu @ memudahcara Cina-India. Ke arah manapun PH condong, pasti itu jadi modal tibaian terbaik buat musuh PH n Tun. But, jln terbaik utk keluar dari kemelut ini adalah kesaksamaan malah keadilan dlm Islam. Jadikan kesaksamaan @ keadilan sebagai wadah perjuangan PH.

    (7) Maka utk saksama @ adil, di situlah “reformasi” @ penstrukturan semula apa yg kita ada yg membawa kebobrokan kini dan masa depan harus kita buat. Itulah pengharapan anak2 muda utk terus bangkit bersama PH. They want to hear n see a clear sound of “future best governance & strategies” that PH will undertake. Maki hamun is no more what necessary. Semua itu sudah cukup. Let the other side maki hamun but not you as the Stateman. Pls Tun pull PH to talk and act firm n clear for the good future. Redakan maki hamun. Talking of the good future is PH best advantage not by maki hamun. By Anwar still tidak boleh aktif, to me is a clear message from Allah that PH best advantage n strategy is to take the Nation into good great future not maki hamun ….Allahualam bisawab.

  38. zulu Apr 4,2018 10:31 AM

    Anti-fake news law introduced in India and it was quashed the next day by indian supreme court. This is called democracy.

    Not like MO1 thief having all power to do anything…

  39. sibotak Apr 4,2018 9:39 AM

    Tun my Opinion
    Stop Talking now , Tun

    You need it more on PRU
    You and yr Team have made a Vast efforts to safe Malaysia
    Whilst Najib and his Team is thingking of giving more promisee , more goodies
    To this PRU making use of the Public People Money
    It is wrong , it is illegal for Najib to misuse 1 Malaysia money for his benefits nor for UMNO
    A Party must be self sufficients or gets doantions BUT Not using Public Funds etc . Public Funds belongs to the Govt . The Govt is Not UMNO never PAS , DAP ,PAKATAN or any . UMNO now is just representing the Govt as it was appointed on the previous PRU

    Tun and yr Team
    Stay Silence , Hold the Line of PAKATAN
    Make a Surprise moves when near the PRU
    Don’t let UMNO study yr movement
    You talk enough
    It’s an All out War sooner
    Prepare yr Batallion
    Let UMNO wondering what happen next
    Make yr Surprise Moves

    You lose …..You never lost
    As you have succeded to open the Eye of every Malaysia even UMNO members
    Of Najib Wrong Doings
    You have Won even before PRU

    If you win , You the PM Malaysia
    I want you bring Stale Justice of Malaysia on the Table
    Do not allow Najib & his Dedak to escape
    They will have the Right to Defend
    He should be Punish as he was given many options many opportunity & chances
    He has to Pay

  40. Kita(1)Melayu Apr 4,2018 9:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang sangat saya hormati.

    Malaysia merupakan negara kedua bagi saya sekeluarga. Sekian lama jugak Malaysia tetap menjadi destinasi utama keluarga untuk bercuti, membelibelah dan sebagainya. Berbanding Singapura dan Indonesia, Malaysia menjadi keutamaan kerana SATU sebab yang tidak mungkin dapat dipertikai oleh mana-mana pihak, KEBUDAYAAN MELAYU & SYIAR ISLAM yang sangat serupa antara BRUNEI & MALAYSIA. Oleh kerana itu, saya sekeluarga berasa amat selesa dan selamat setiap kali berada dimana-mana bumi Malaysia, baik di Semananjung apatah lagi di Sabah & Sarawak. Semoga keselesaan dan keselamatan yang kami nikmati sebelum ini tetap berterusan dan tidak akan terjejas disebabkan pergolakan politik yang sedang berlaku di Malaysia.

    Walaupun saya bukan rakyat Malaysia, sebagai kelompok melayu dan beragama islam saya berasa sangat sedih dan terpanggil untuk sama berdoa dan mengharapkan yang terbaik buat seluroh rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira siapa yang memerintah dan bakal memerintah. Kami turut sama berdoa dan berharap agar perpaduan dan keharmonian Negara Malaysia yang turut kami sayangi ini akan segara kembali pulih seperti sediakala. Walaupun konsep pemerintahan negara kita berbeza, namun saya sangat yakin dan percaya rakyat Malaysia turut sama mengutamakan perpaduan dan keharmonian dalam kehidupan seharian.

    Sebagai Melayu kita perlu bersatu tanpa mengira status kerakyatan dan keberadaan kita, apa yang utama adalah Perpaduan dan Keharmonian hidup bangsa kita sehingga kita menjadi kuat dan perkasa di rantau ini. Sama-samalah kita (seluruh melayu dimana jua kita berada) menadah tangan dan memanjatkan doa kehadrat Ilahi, memohon sebesar kurnia dari Allah SWT agar melindungi dan merahmati kita semua, memberi ketenangan dan kesejahteraan, kesenangan dan kebahagiaan serta kegembiraan dan kasih sayang sehingga kita bertambah lebih baik dan maju serta dijauhkan dari sebarang bentuk perpecahan dan kehancuran yang tidak diingini.

    Amin Ya-Rabb Ya-Allah!

  41. milshah Apr 4,2018 7:52 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Talking about the 85% voters turn out, a quick google check found that there are nearly 5 million new voters in GE 14. That represent 35% of the total voters of 14 million. That is a significant number.

    Refer to

    The goods news is that these are low hangin fruits voters. I would be very suprise if these new voters didn’t vote for Pakatan Harapan.

    The redelinenation was based on GE 13 results. SPR and the governent did not put into factor these new voters of 5 million into account.

    The reason why I term these new voters as hangin fruits is because they are so much in tune with Pakatan Harapan. They get their news from the social media and not from TV3, utusan, nastp or the star. Being idealists, They abhor at the massive scandals and corruption happening in the country and reported around the world. They are more malaysian and less racial, in the sense Malays from the younger generation can accept DAP. They are the feeling the brunt of high cost of living, GST and high property prices. They know are the ones being to work as uber and grab drivers as job opportunities are scarce. They know nothing of ops lalang, detention under ISA, BMF scandal. They are very much concerned about the future of Malaysia and mot thr past.

    I don’t expect Tun to woo them alone to vote for Pakatan Harapan. Tun already have your hands full explainining to the rural malays.

    Maybe this task should be taken by the young leaders of Pakatan Harapan like Rafizi, Nurul Izzah, Azmin Ali, Sayed Saddiq, etc. This is the area they can contribute to bring in the young voters of 5 killion to vote for Pakatan Harapan.

    Onward to Putrajaya!

  42. balance Apr 3,2018 7:09 PM

    You said it all “The people who will suffer most will be the poor, especially the rural Malays and the races in Sabah and Sarawak”. Yes malaysia become malusia Yes Malaysia still a 3rd-world country.
    If the 55% still only want to vote because of race supremacy then what can anyone do.
    If the majority still sleeping, super sensitive and attached to race and religion want can the minority do?
    Now you can see how “spare the rod and spoil the child” & “you reap what you sow”works.
    You too embrace, subscript and fall into the same trap.
    But i know you trying very hard to correct it now.
    Best of luck to you.

  43. superSepantun Apr 3,2018 7:06 PM

    Asalamualaikum, selamat petang..

    Disapa salam, apa nak sembang.??
    Cerita ayam? siapa berkubang.??

    Rendang ayam kulit tak rangup
    Buat santapan waktu kenduri
    Abang didalam jantung berdegup
    Buat taruhan di mesin judi..

    Sambil masak sambil menyanyi..
    Sambal nasi lemak bersama cili..
    Siapa yg bijak? Siapa bestari?
    Dari bandar Tun Razak,
    Ke mana berjoli..??

    Kalau chef, itu tukang masak..!
    Kalau math, itu kira kira..!
    Kalau theft, itu penyangak..!
    Kalau meth, siapa yg kena..??

    Ice batu dibuat ABC..
    Siapa yg tahu?
    Nanti lepas ngundi..

  44. farock Apr 3,2018 6:48 AM

    After MO1 embezzle money
    He start acting funny
    He gained wrong popularity
    Which wakens our curiosity.

    People getting poor
    MO1 keep going on tours
    Its time to close doors
    Stop acting like whores.

    He is a fucker
    Now becomes a jocker
    He has many suckers
    Time will put them in lockers.

    No PM were ever accused
    Steaing money or being abuse
    Hopfully this election BN lose
    We celebrate by drinking juica

  45. farock Apr 3,2018 6:13 AM

    Assalamualaikum wmwh..
    Inside the heart of this country’s population,there is only frustation.Outside the system’s constipation,the situation is such that everywhere there is saturation.
    Public wants to know what is the justification of this intoxication??
    There is right to information but still there is objection.
    Police has its power but it has its own limitation.
    The one with suggestion doesnt have the position.


  46. z2z Apr 3,2018 1:29 AM

    Yes. it’s the last chance to make a difference.

    I am sad to see the country once I see with opportunity and pride turned into what it is today. There are modern skyscrapers, highways universities and the internet but the mentality of many people is still stuck in the feudalistic era… These people has been trained to only see the immediate gain, not use the brain much, cynical and easily satisfied…

    UMNO has been very successful in turning a vast number of people into zombies… If 1MDB/TBH/etc corruption and Alantuya/Najadi/Morias murders could not jolt these people to awaken I am not optimistic of the future of this country.

  47. papan_keyboard Apr 3,2018 1:21 AM

    salam tun,

    Betul cakap tun. Kerajaan sekarang kerajaan Perasuah kleptocracy.
    Memang dah terang2 bersuluh2 sehingga dunia pun tau malaysia ni dibawah kepimpinan Datuk Tak Seri Najis Razak Penyamun malaysia (PM).
    Pru 14 ni marilah kita beramai2 tolak Barisan Najis (BNajis) berserta sekali dengan parti PASta (Parti ajaran sesat).

    Minta maaf kalau terasa terhina dengan nama parti2 di atas ni ni bukan apa…Tapi kamu semua dah lari tujuan asal Jadi memang patut la terima nama macam ni.Kami pun dah naik menyampah kena bodoh bulat2.

    Pru 14 pangkah pakatan / tukar kerajaan dan campak buang semua menteri2 tak berguna tu.Pecat semua perasuah kleptocracy.Tangkap semua tali putar belik including M01.Gubal balik akta berita palsu.Check balik semua pensyarah UUM mesti ada yg sesat pakai kelulusan Palsu.banyak lagi nak tulis tapi tulis sikit2 jadi la.

  48. Hajar Apr 2,2018 7:15 PM

    Salam Yang Amat DiHormati dan DiSanjungi Tun,

    Mari pergi mengundi pada PRU-14…


    Insya Allah, Tun akan berjaya!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  49. mohdharris Apr 2,2018 6:31 PM

    Salam Tun,

    It is time for the people of Malaysia to make changes for the betterment of their future. May we all have the blessings and support from God.

    From the Quran,

    God does not change a blessing He has bestowed upon any people unless they themselves decide to change. God is Hearer, Omniscient. (8:53)


  50. rimba.emas Apr 2,2018 5:10 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia yang di kenakan GST Rimba Emas rasa berhak untuk mengkritik atas kenyataan seorang Menteri yang mengatakan dengan adanya cukai ini harga barang akan turun.

    2. Jelas inilah kenyataan yang boleh di katakan berita palsu kerana tidak seperti yang di ucapkan.

    3. Penyebar berita palsu ini boleh di cap seorang pendusta dan kalau niatnya dengan sengaja boleh jatuh kepada seorang pencurang yang di celakakan Allah s.w.t di dalam al-quran.

    4. Ini bukan kata Rimba Emas tetapi di rujuk kepada beberapa ayat yang di terjemahkan dari dalam al-quran.

    5. Surah ini di wahyukan kepada Rasullullah s.a.w untuk peringatan kepada umat manusia di dunia ini.

    6. Kalau GST ini boleh memudaratkan kepada golongan miskin maka cukai ini boleh jatuh haram. Bila haram boleh membawa kepada perbuatan berdosa.

    7. Kalau di contoh dengan minuman seperti arak yang juga haram kepada yang bersubahat walau tidak minum maka di kuateri menyamai perbuatannya.

    8. Di takuti juga kalau kita tidak mengubah dengan membiar pelaku perbuatan haram ini merosakkan golongan miskin boleh meletakkan kita bersubahat sama.

    9. Kita berurusan dengan seorang yang melakukan perbuatan haram yang pastinya wajib di tolak. Wajib bermaksud berdosa jika menyokong perbuatan itu.

    10. Satu kesalahan juga kita membiar seorang yang berada atau tidak terjejas dengan GST untuk menilai bagi golongan miskin terpaksa menerima GST tampa di beri pilihan.

    11. Walau pun kita terpaksa bergantung atau hidup melalui cukai tetapi janganlah kita hidup dengan memakan cukai yang sudah di jatuh hukum haram.

    12. Kalau kita mempunyai pilihan atau cara untuk tidak memakan cukai yang haram ini buatlah kerana ganjaran berlipat ganda menanti kita menegak kebenaran milik tuhan yang menjadikan kita.

    13. Membantu golongan miskin dengan mengurangkan beban GST mereka umpama bersedekah sepanjang hidup adalah lebih baik dari sedekah sekali sekala bila ada kelebihan.


  51. sc Apr 2,2018 4:33 PM

    Your grand children will live in Great Britain… Its too late. The mainland Chinese own Malay debt…. Your people are ill educated who have absolutely no understanding of debt capital markets and how economies actually work…They don’t even know how many zeros constitute a billion ringgit let alone the meaning of kleptocracy…sigh…

    60 years of independence and the core focus of the majority is a trip to Mecca. Tell me, does Malaysia deserve what it gets or are we to blame for the idiocy of prior Bumiputra administrations and rejection of a reform agenda?

    Tun, You are too late to fix the failed state that we call Malaysia…. As you say there are many who have left due to unfair constitutional preferential treatment, racial discrimination, religious bias , third world education standards, being fed up of police and societal corruption. Your hand picked Najib along with your efforts to incarcerate Anwar are the two greatest mistakes of your legacy.
    Let us not forget the reasons why Malaysia is still classified as third world. It has nothing to do with the skyscrapers being built more to do with ignorant selfish uneducated unsophisticated majority turning a blind eye and even complicit in corrupt acts. It is an absolute disgrace.

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