Kami bergabung menubuh Pakatan Harapan.

Bukan untuk kami, bukan untuk jawatan

Kami bergabung untuk bangsa dan negara

Hanyalah ini yang mempunyai makna

Di Negara kami demokrasi tidak lagi bernyawa

Segala asasnya sudah dimusnah sehingga kekerangka

Perlembagaan, Undang-undang tidak lagi melindung sesiapa

Sebaliknya semua ini menekan rakyat jelata

Rakyat mengeluh kerana hidup merana

Parti-parti bersendirian tidak dapat buat apa-apa

Tetapi gabungan mereka lain cerita

Yang lemah tiba-tiba menjadi juara

Harapan rakyat sekarang sudah muncul

Sokongan rakyat menjamin kejayaan

Ketengahkan semangat hapuskan yang bacul

Yakinlah gabungan yang disokong tetap berkesan

Oleh itu tolonglah kami untuk menolong kamu

Kerana akhirnya nikmat usaha ini adalah untuk semua

Kamu untuk kami, kami untuk kamu

Untuk bangsa, agama dan negara.

73 thoughts on “PAKATAN HARAPAN

  1. superSepantun Jul 23,2018 8:34 PM

    Harapan agar DBKL mempertimbangkan utk menukar hak penganjuran bazar uptown danau kota sekarang ditukar & diberikan kpd persatuan peniaga peniaga uptown danau kota..
    Dengar cerita penganjur sekarang iaitu Ahmad Selamat, macai umno ni problem.. antaranya berikan resit perkhidmatan selenggara yg tiada bernombor siri, membenarkan & mengutip duit dari penjaja tidak berlesen,
    Kroni anak beranak, saudara mara kutip duit parking haram @ samseng…dan mcm mcm lg..
    HARAPAN agar dipertimbangkan..

  2. superSepantun Jul 9,2018 2:30 PM

    Selamat Sejahtera, Selamat petang..
    Apa cerita..? Apa nak sembang..?

    Ada yg kata nak disuruh pulang..!
    Yg buruk sangka, nak hantar orang..!

    Ini berita dari tahun lepas..!
    Rajin Rajin membaca..!
    siapalah yg malas..??


    Ehh…. awal bulan depan ada PRK la..
    Selamat berkempen
    Siapa nak undi..?

  3. Ram Jul 9,2018 11:57 AM

    Section 6 Extradition Act 1992:

    “(1) A fugitive criminal shall only be returned for an extradition offence. (2) For the purposes of this Act, an extradition offence is an offence…which is punishable, under the laws of a country…with imprisonment for not less than one year or with death…An offence shall also be an extradition offence if it consists of an attempt or a conspiracy to commit, or an abetment of the commission of, any offence described in subsection (2).”

  4. Ram Jul 9,2018 11:55 AM

    With due respect…please deport Zakir Naik since he is wanted for trial in India..furthermore…Malaysia has an extradiation treaty with India.
    Any violation means detrimental for our country.
    Please ref:

    If you commit a crime overseas and came back to Malaysia, how can you be punished?
    11 months ago Denise C.

    Have you ever been tempted to do something you know is wrong while in a different country? Maybe you tell yourself that it is okay to steal the hotel towels or defecate in the shower after fighting with the caretaker because by the time they discover the loss and/or make a police report, you would already be on your way back home and that there is nothing that the hotel owners can do!

    Or maybe you think that it is okay to do something you have a feeling is wrong because you can argue that you have no idea what you did was illegal. However, you might want to read this article to change your mind because you can still be caught and punished for breaking the law in foreign countries.

    This article will look at three scenarios you might face.

    You are caught before you even leave the country

    Image credit from The Star

    If you broke the law in a foreign country, you would not be able to argue that you didn’t know about the law as the Latin phrase, “Ignorantia juris non excusat” (which means ignorance of the law excuses not) which is practiced in every jurisdiction, does not accept ignorance as a reason for committing crimes.

    So if you were caught in the act and reported then chances are, you would be brought in for an investigation and charged if there is sufficient evidence. Such as the case of Malaysian Tey Tsun Hsang (pictured above) who was arrested in Singapore for a sex for grades scandal in NUS.

    An example of this is the case of the Malaysian parents who were convicted for corporal punishment – or what most Malaysians would know as, “kena rotan” in Sweden. The parents had been accused of beating their children using a “rotan”. While many Malaysians would have gone through similar experiences (and some may even consider it a fitting punishment for children) this case illustrates how it doesn’t matter what is accepted in Malaysia, if your actions violate the law of a country then you can be punished.

    Wait. Can the embassy help me?

    Image from

    Malaysians are always taught to seek the consulate or embassy if they ever land in hot soup overseas. However, there are set rules on what the Malaysian embassy can do to help you.

    If you are ever detained overseas, the government of the country that you are in has to inform the embassy that you have been arrested. The Malaysian embassy can then contact you and inform your family members. They can also provide you with a list of local lawyers and doctors and advice you on how you can help yourself.

    However, they cannot help you get out of prison or pay your fines for you. The Malaysian embassy cannot provide you with legal advice as well or intervene in court proceedings for your benefit.

    This means that while the embassy can and will help you in getting basic information, they cannot be your superhero in situations like these.

    What if you have already made it back to Malaysia? You might think that you are free because you have already reached home. Sorry to burst your bubble but you can still be punished in one of two ways…

    Malaysia can punish you…in Malaysia

    Image from

    This sounds pretty insane because television shows always teach us that the moment the bad guy gets across the border, he is safe. However, television shows are just television shows after all. Section 127A of the Criminal Procedure Code actually allows Malaysian courts to punish you for committing certain crimes for example, committing terrorist acts (Section 130C Penal Code).

    So, what does section 127A tell us exactly?

    It tells us that among several scenarios, the crime you commit overseas is as good as committing it on Malaysian soil. This is so even if you have committed the crime on a ship in high seas or if you committed it as a permanent resident in another country.

    Section 127A (in part)

    “(1) Any offence under Chapters VI, VIa and VIb of the Penal Code, any offence under any of the written laws specified in the Schedule to the Extra-territorial Offences Act 1976 [Act 163], or any offence under any other written law the commission of which is certified by the Attorney General to affect the security of Malaysia committed, as the case may be— (a) on the high seas on board any ship or on any aircraft registered in Malaysia…(c) by any citizen or any permanent resident in any place without and beyond the limits of Malaysia…may be dealt with as if it had been committed at any place within Malaysia…”

    Malaysia can ship you back to be punished

    Some of you might be familiar with the word, “extradition”. Extradition means the process of deporting someone that has been accused or convicted of a crime. You might remember the case of Mohammad Rizalman Ismail who was a Malaysian envoy to New Zealand. He was charged with indecent assault and flew home to Malaysia. This cause public outrage in New Zealand and Muhammad Rizalman was then extradited back to New Zealand.

    Extraditions can only happen when two requirements are fulfilled: (i) there must be a treaty between Malaysia and the country who wishes to extradite you and (ii) it must comply with the Extradition Act 1992. A quick Google search revealed that Malaysia has extradition treaties with Thailand, Australia and South Korea, India and a few other countries.

    Assuming that the country you have committed a crime in has an extradition treaty with Malaysia, then the Extradition Act needs to be looked at. Section 6 tells us that you can only be extradited for an “extradition offence.

    Section 6 Extradition Act 1992:

    “(1) A fugitive criminal shall only be returned for an extradition offence. (2) For the purposes of this Act, an extradition offence is an offence…which is punishable, under the laws of a country…with imprisonment for not less than one year or with death…An offence shall also be an extradition offence if it consists of an attempt or a conspiracy to commit, or an abetment of the commission of, any offence described in subsection (2).”

  5. Ram Jul 8,2018 4:12 PM

    A reminder to your kindself….while you are in China…please request the Chinese army to stop opressing and harrasing the poor Tibetians.!!
    If you have the guts…just tell them to ‘FREE TIBET’!!!!!

  6. Ram Jul 8,2018 8:12 AM

    With all due respect, I reckon it would wise if you sack the PPBM strategist Rais Hussin with immediate effect as he has brought with him the mindset of the previous Racist govt..UMNO!!!
    PKR is more superior than PPBM in terms of membership…so please check your decisions with utmost care as it will be detrimental to PPBM’s existance in the long run.
    Please be reminded that you can’t imbibe UMNO’s way into PPBM… doing so it will self-destruct within no time!

  7. Ram Jul 6,2018 5:36 PM

    With all due respect sir…DEPORT ZAKIR NAIK immediately!!!!..cos we don’t need a trouble maker here in our country!!
    Please avoide practising DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!
    REMEMBER…It was because of the PH supporters that made you the PM….and not some stupid idiot like Zakir Naik who thinks that all Hindus are muslims enemies!!!

  8. Ram Jul 6,2018 2:01 PM

    I reckon, it would be better if you sack the govt officers of the previous Racist govt. Avoid accepting former UMNO and BN members into the newly formed govt and into each affiliated political party in line with PH.
    The PDRM should be controlled by PH supporters and not by the previous Racist political party.
    Religious leaders should be in line with PH and NOT with the previous RACIST govt.
    TV channels should be in line with PH..especially during news coverage of previous racist political party members…if they will not toe PH’s agenda…just sack them and replace them with PH supporters.
    If you neglect these ideas…PH may find it difficult to govern the country with UMNO an BN sympathysers around….Hope you listen to my advice.

  9. superSepantun Jun 23,2018 4:15 AM

    Asalamualaikum, slmat pagi..!
    Apa nk maklum? Dpt publisiti.?

    Sedap makan resipi & rasa.!
    Kenyang rasa bukannya sendawa.!
    Sumua restoran d dlm negara.??
    Ini apa punya sandiwara..?

    Makan dihotel siapa yg masak..?
    Makan di gerai siapa yg hendak.?

    Sy selalu makan kt rumah je..
    org rumah masak..Alhamdulillah..
    Tp kenkadang ada jugak makan kt luar..
    asal tokey kedai org msia.. ok dah..

  10. tamchi Jun 10,2018 7:24 PM

    Entah nak raya, duit kt mana.?
    Entah nak kerja, peluang tak ada.!

    Ada la pula terdengar cerita…
    Rintihan penjaja di kaki lima..

    “Aku niaga penat sparuh mampos..
    Senang-Senang penganjur buat duit”

    Asalamualaikum Tun, selamat berbuka..

    Sy berbuka di kaki lima aje..

  11. superSepantun Jun 10,2018 10:03 AM

    Jumaat depan, insyaAllah hari raya..
    Siapa brkawan, siapa yg menjaja..!

    Salam sejahtra, apaKhabar tun.?
    Ada nk crita, bukan nk pantun.!

    Kisah ni terjadi dh hampir nak raya..,
    (Ahad, Isnin, Selasa, Rabu, Khamis)

    Di kawasan bazar, jln masjid india..
    Entah dari mana penganjur?
    Di peruntukan sejumlah tapak menjaja,.!
    Aduhhai, tapak dijual nk dibuat niaga..
    Katanya tpak 5hari niaga dijual sampai RM3000..& ke atas….
    Katanya penganjur dpt sokongan dari…ehhm..
    YB Fong Kui Lun..

    Ada pulak yg dpt angpau.??
    Siapa pulak yg cari duit raya..?

    Yg kena pecet?
    Siapa lg kalu bukan penjaja..!

  12. Helmi Kadir May 31,2018 12:54 AM


    Tiba2 hujan turun sangat lebat.. luar biasa
    Bagaikan empangan dilangit pecah mencurah
    Ketika solat jemaah Isyak di surau
    Guruh berdentum gegar gempita
    Bagai halilintar membelah bumi
    Kilat sabung meyabung
    Menelan bekalan letrik..

    Rupa2nya Tsunami rakyat melanda..
    Tidak diduga..
    Kembalinya seorang Patriot
    Mendahului hulubalang2
    Berjuta rakyat berkeyakinan

    Setelah 15 tahun bertapa dan bersedia
    Meneraju perubahan..membaiki kesilapan

    Tahniah buat Tun Mahathir !!
    Kembali meneruskan

    “Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai”

  13. Sri Sense May 27,2018 11:27 AM


    I think if any of the new cabinet minister buat PC, I nak pergi tengok, so that I get a better picture what went wrong, why it went wrong 🙂

    Bila sebut media massa dari dulu TV3 jenis copy paste, some here pula panggil TV3 suku. I think better tukar orang atas, may I suggest kadir jasin, so tv3 jadi lebih professional dibawah beliau. Other post to consider Bernama. Ini my friend punya suggestion, dia kata, “Bernama tak professional, asyik siar berita UMNO, mana boleh official news patut dari Bernama, sape nak ambil berita kena dari Bernama, PH dah naik buang all diatas, termasuk kawan you Azman Ujang”.

    Hah??? I lama tak jumpa Azman Ujang, I tak tau apa dia buat disana though namanya masih tertera kat wall Bernama, kelakar pulak hahaha

  14. Sri Sense May 27,2018 8:22 AM

    Good morning Tun Mahathir and all!

    Listing of Petronas among options to increase revenue

    THE government’s liabilities are out in the open. Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng revealed details to substantiate his point of national liabilities and debt have breached not only the RM1 trillion-mark but also reached 80.3% of gross domestic product.

    The numbers are disputed by the former Finance Minister and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    Apart from a higher national debt, the new government faces a loss of revenue from the abolition of the goods and services tax (GST). The GST is to be zerorised from June 1 and will see a shortfall in revenue that will be only plugged once the sales and services tax (SST) is introduced later this year.

    But investment circles feel that the government does have many options, some bold and creative, for it to raise finances to cover not only the revenue gap but also reduce government debt.


    Saudi Arabia during the depths of the oil crisis recently proposed to float the country’s jewel – Saudi Aramco. The listing of 5% of the world’s most secretive and largest oil company could raise US$2 trillion for the kingdom.

    A listing of Petronas, which made a profit of RM45.5bil last year when oil prices were much lower than now, can raise between RM600bil and RM800bil, depending on the valuation the company seeks from investors in an initial public offering (IPO).

    “A disposal of a 25% stake in Petronas during a listing exercise will easily raise between RM150bil to RM200bil for the government,” says an investment banker.

    A listing of Petronas, apart from generating cash to repay the country’s debt, will also address the oil royalty issue that is a quagmire between the government and the states where oil is produced.

    “The states can have a share in Petronas and then can receive the dividends that Petronas declares. This will also solve the problem of Sarawak wanting to set up its own version of Petronas,” he says.

    Another idea floated is establishing a national land company, much along the likes of Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority. Federal-owned land can be put into a trust or into a company that can be listed. Money from an IPO would raise cash for the government or a private trust can sell the land to developers to raise a steady stream of cash.

    “That way, we can have regulated development and land that can be put up for sale through open tender,” he says.

    The banker says that there would not be abuses of land sales such which is quite prevalent now.

    “We won’t have cases of politicians disposing of land or buying it for their personal gains,” he said.

    The national land company would be easily worth billions, depending on the properties that are put into the company.

    Another avenue is the establishment of a government real estate investment trust (REIT). The investor says that buildings in Putrajaya can be put into a gigantic REIT that can then be floated to raise cash for the government.

    He estimates that the proposals, if executed, can raise between RM1.5 trillion and RM2 trillion, which can effectively pay off the government debt.

    There is rising anxiety that rating agencies and international investors are getting cold feet over the size of government liabilities. The government has said that it would honour its debt obligations and stressed that the economy is in good health regardless of the federal debt.

    Malayan Banking Bhd group chief economist Suhaimi Ilias says there are mitigations to revenue loss from the GST zero-rating such as upsides to oil-related income, given global crude oil prices that are now higher at an average of almost US$70 per barrel year-to-date compared with the Budget 2018 forecast of US$52 a barrel.

    The SST re-introduction, depending on whether this would be the same as previously in terms of SST rates and base, will be another source of income generation.

    “These also can – and need – to be complemented by the spending side of the budget equation as well, given that there are also costs from populist Pakatan Harapan election promises like bringing back fuel price stabilisation/subsidies; the deferment in the National Higher Education Fund Corp (PTPTN) loan repayment which affects the financing of the PTPTN for future batches of students; and the abolition of highway tolls.

    Suhaimi says adjustments in spending from a smaller Cabinet, ministerial salary cuts, the termination of political appointees, the abolition of agencies like the Land Public Transport Commission and the National Professors Council, reviewing or putting an end to direct negotiation contracts and going for open tender would be essential. “So, it will be a combination of GST revenue offsetting measures and spending rationalisation.”

    Socio-Economic Research Centre executive director Lee Heng Guie says that when it comes to revenue reforms, the design of the tax policy should be fair and equitable in order to be sustainable.

    “The push for wide and investment-friendly reform to boost potential growth should be expedited, as strong investment and economic growth has a huge effect on enhancing revenue growth and reducing public debt,” he says.

    On budget planning and development, he says an oversight body needs to be set up to ensure better fiscal rules, budgetary processes and closer fiscal monitoring to ensure fiscal discipline.


    – I do manage my household budget using a pen & paper. It really helped me get a handle on where my money was going–how much I was really spending on various things. On the above subject, I like the idea of a National Land Company & REIT 😀

  15. Sri Sense May 26,2018 11:05 PM

    Good evening!

    Transform talk into action, no posturing needed, Kadir Jasin tells Pakatan

    PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Harapan should focus on the reformation it has promised by getting to work immediately instead of posturing about it, says veteran journalist Datuk A. Kadir Jasin.

    In a blog post titled “More Work, Less Talk”, Kadir said there was no need for Pakatan to sensationalise matters or scream at the top of its lungs anymore since it is now the Government.

    He reminded ministers and their officers – especially newly-minted Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng – to be careful when making statements.

    “Lim’s mistake was when he obtained facts that proved Pakatan’s claims were right, he did not thoroughly evaluate the implications of revealing them,” he said.

    Lim had said that the country’s debt was at a whopping RM1 trillion, higher than the figure announced by the Barisan Nasional government.

    Describing Pakatan’s current responsibility as a “baptism of fire”, Kadir said Lim had “played up” the national debt issue.

    He said even if the new Government had made big discoveries that could prove that the previous administration lied or covered up the truth, new ministers have to exercise caution when speaking out.

    “Political mileage is not the same as economic mileage. What is good for politics might not be good for the economy or the financial markets.

    “For Lim especially – someone I have known for a long time and who has always been civil to me despite our differences in political ideology – be careful when making statements and announcements,” he said.

    Kadir noted that it is more important for Pakatan to learn from its own mistakes and that of the past administration.

    He added that it while it is necessary to bring culprits of any alleged kleptocracy to justice, it has to be done according to the rule of law, as promised.

    “Work more for the rakyat, instead of talking and making headlines,” he said.

    “The rakyat have given Pakatan a mandate to do the best.

    “Pakatan should mind the pitfalls that had trapped Umno and Barisan, such as the culture of praising, ingratiating and self-praising,” he said.

    – TheStar via MSN

    *Yup, true true.

  16. HBT456 May 23,2018 8:17 PM

    The buck is in the desk of lim guan eng’s with his mentor lim kit siang said he is not interested with the minister post, meaning he does not mind being the shados of someone?

    When racism can make you rich what should you do?

    With this kind of maverick politics, what do you expect the country to be?

    If not happy, bye bye?

    But if sri sense thinks its righteous and freedom to express, then by all means support who you prefer in every 5 years.

    This time ph.

    Next time bn.

    Next next time, ph?

  17. HBT456 May 23,2018 7:48 PM

    Sri sense, you mean the mp down south who approved caesar as scissor salad to serve the guests of parliament?

    Dulu, dsai was dragged with sodomy case, and mattress was used as the hard evidence to determine the male sperm using dna.

    Pak lah stepped down, and nothing happened to him.

    Sekarang, dsn was dragged down via delineation, and hard evidencr of cash pulak is used as hard evidence to determine his corruption.

    Frankly speaking, some mps would stayed permanently as long as they could win out.

    Look at penang, the cm of the northern tiny winnie island named penang said he will stay not more than 2 terms to keep dap promise.

    The founding father of red tiny red dot down south said boat rocking is bad for singapore.

    You see the difference between pap and dap?

  18. Alisonlim96 May 23,2018 9:53 AM

    Akhirnya, Pakatan Harapan sudah pun menang.. Harap2 saya bolehlah dapat IC biru… Kenapalah gomen tak bagi saya ic biru terus… Dah umur 22 tahun sudah…

  19. Sri Sense May 23,2018 5:48 AM

    Actually HBT, if duduk terlalu lama in one position people also don’t like, for example Dato’ Seri Azalina, mula2 many likers, more than one term people start talking and judging, this and that, with talipon pintar, internet, more easier to spread hatred.

    I’m not saying internet bad, some of the news also not always fake news. We as a rakyat have to judge la mana yang betul mana yang tidak. But I’m glad to see new faces in the cabinet line-up. Now the rakyat can judge them too. If can do work selamat next term. If can’t bye bye.

    My opinions here hanya as a normal voter. I don’t have anything to do with any of them, samada personal or business. 😀

  20. Sri Sense May 22,2018 10:53 PM


    I can see patterns in events, and behaviours 😀

  21. HBT456 May 22,2018 8:41 PM

    Protectionism is akin to quence own thirst with poison.

    Look at the style of the leaders of the world now, we will know they are more open to world to liberalize trades.

    Is it the right time to push for new economic policy to be inclusive of all races?

  22. HBT456 May 22,2018 7:28 PM

    Everybody is looking for something.

    Some of them wants to use you.

    Some of them want to get used by you.

    Some of them want to abuse you.

    Some of them want to be abused.

    There is no free lunch.

    Therefore, whoever become the next perdana menteri, life will go on as usual for the voters out there.

    As for the future general elections to come, its either you are with pakatan harapan or barisan nasional.

    Henceforth, whoever wins the majority, they will name the perdana menteri and form the cabinet.

  23. HBT456 May 22,2018 7:06 PM

    Sri sense, you mean some of them suddenly become rich?

    Are you referring to hot and speculated money?

    Hot and speculated money means easy come, easy go.

    Wealth does not pass through 3 generations is very common.

    What happened to the 6th perdana menteri could happened to the 7th perdana menteri too due greed and fear factors.

    Since the dust has settled, lets enjoy the show bah.

  24. Sri Sense May 22,2018 5:50 AM


    I not really kisah anak Tun M millionaire, because Tun M lama jadi PM, but I very risau when anak Pak Lah tiba2 millionaire and anak Najib tiba2 millionaire.

    I also very risau Azmin dapat 2 position, one state, one federal. The water problem belum selesai. We have Puncak Niaga suing Selangor state government, kita ada SPLASH deal still pending. Before election kita ada problem 5 hari no water. You know, I sampai cakap dengan my husband I tak nak vote PH, but Tun M factor I akur. I also wander when Selangor cun cun under PKR, is it Azmin or is it Khalid. Maybe after Khalid kena tendang by PKR, Azmin just ikut apa Khalid dah buat.

    I remember when Khalid naik, Sultan Selangor suruh solve the water problem, up to now still hanging. I just don’t understand why cepat2 nak rebut jawatan Federal when you ada banyak benda tak selesai in Selangor. I also don’t understand why Wan Azizah dapat 2 portfolio but the PM cannot ada more than one portfolio. I also don’t understand why LGE diterima jadi Menteri Kewangan sedangkan his court case belum clear.

    From the above facts, you jangan terkejut if any of them suddenly jadi so kaya, we yang hope for a better Malaysia, still remain the same.

    Barisan cabinet baru I nak tengok Dr Mazlee and Dr Zulkifly performance, I hope they can do well in the portfolio given to them. Muhyiddin I no worry, this guy dari dulu pun, apa saja portfolio Tun, Pak Lah or Najib kasi, all also he can handle very well.

    I hope all of them jangan jadi sombong, bongkak, tamak till we fedup we cepat2 nak tukar kerajaan. 😀

  25. HBT456 May 21,2018 9:35 PM

    I am not sure what are the reaction of neigbouring countries when they read news like this.

    As commoners, when you read and saw these pictures of how the authorithy are doing their jobs, first thing that stroke in their mind is when a prime minister looses a general election he is being shamed publicly without trial, not like what south koreans did to their ex president, ms park.

    Hmm, if this perdana menteri of malaysia has so much hidden wealth, then, automaticallty, the political party members that he lead must have hidden wealth too like him but not investigated?

    Dictorship in making whereby the authority can just walk into your house and search without trial, again?

    After 911, the americans through the voting process decided to give bush another term to solve the aftermath issues, but he loose out, and president obama became the 44th president of usa.

    Why president bush looses?

    Instead of solving issues pertaining to aftermath of 911, his team influenced him to silent critics.

    Some mistakes made could be forgiven.

    But some mistakes could never be forgotten.

    Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be, the truth is not ours to see, que sera, sera.

    To err is human.

    To forgive is divine.

    Will the new sworn cabinet forgets the voters who voted then up there once they taste the power of authority?

    Will they be grateful to the voters who voted them in the next 5 years?

    Will they think the voters should be grateful for them to lead in the next 5 years?

  26. HBT456 May 20,2018 1:59 PM

    Sri sense, nailed the coffin means the final nail in the coffin describes an event that causes the failure of something that had already started to fail.

    Pendek kata, menegakkan benang yang basah masih diteruskan, atau tidak, i leave it for the upper hands to decide which way to go.

    Betul tetap betul.

    Salah tetap salah.

  27. Sri Sense May 20,2018 11:52 AM

    Sharing things I read on line 😀

    DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang took to Twitter to admit his ignorance about the violation of PH’s manifesto pledge.

    “Confess I am stumped myself. Apart from prime minister cannot be Finance Minister, (I am) not aware that Pakatan manifesto proposed Prime Minister cannot hold another portfolio.” – source Malay Mail


  28. HBT456 May 20,2018 9:42 AM

    Sri sense, its a natural process that dsn would be ended up as the 6th perdana menteri of malaysia.

    Thats not the end of the world when parliamentary democrocracy began its new chapters of maturing when both of the divides have the numbers.

    The only risks these politicians of the divides need to calculate is the risks of losing power before next general election is called.

    But one thing is for sure, voters would vote the coalition that screw them less.

    Weak leaders cannot take critisim and are very insecure and self centered since they just do things for their own survival, ideology.

    Strong leaders ignore critisim and are very firm and focus with their clear objectives in their policies with fact and data for the next level to be at par with the international standard.

    Absolute power corrupts.

    No one can change the world.

    Some issues just need time.

    For those members who want to be rich and successful, dont join government body, go set up your own business.

  29. Sri Sense May 19,2018 8:43 PM


    Rakyat mature but politician immature.

    They said 1MDB bad bad must tangkap Najib, JLow, then they scolded the police kacau rumah Najib cari evidence. They campaign against nepotism, cronyism, next you tengok they are the one practising that. Then they came out with a campaign Selamatkan Malaysia, out of sudden not Malaysia they cepat2 selamat but… Aiya I also pening ada official and unofficial Taliban amongst us.

    It is time for the politicians to cast aside their outrageously childish behaviour and in the national interest demonstrate true political maturity 😀

    HBT, Tun Mahatir taught us the voters berani memilih, this time mungkin tersalah pilih, next 5 years we pilih lain. 😀

  30. HBT456 May 19,2018 5:15 PM

    It is not only deep, but also very deeply politically linked and motivated.

    After this huge sweeping and cleaning in the public, suddenly, some wannabes will stand up and do damage control as if they are the savior of the day.

    The question in their mind is kenapa mereka boleh, kenapa kami tak boleh walaupun kami ini melayu?

    This is not the first time, sri sense.

    Sweet dreams are made of these, who am i to disagree?

    Its either you join them, or you leave, itu saja.

  31. Sri Sense May 19,2018 2:47 PM


    anak muda julung berkeris pokok pisang ditikamnya – that’s bahasa sastera – the meaning very very deep wor! not sekadar tanam pokok pisang 😀

  32. HBT456 May 19,2018 12:36 PM

    British airways always have an option to maintain their national airline via commonwealth treaty to grow their public fund under british pound, the fiat money whereby money makes money, not money made out of thin air of sekejap perjuangan ketuanan melayu, sekejap ketuanan muslim, sekejab perjuangan untuk palestinian, sekejap middle east, sekejap arabic, sekejap kezaliman zionists, aku pun pening.

    Beside air space, the united kingdom government and buckingham palace always have the option to grow their sovereign wealth via land and sea transportation too to maintain the good name of the british royal, their allies, their commonwealth goal and their people.

    Europe is a coalition of many independent countries formed under the treaty of european union to form a huge union to create jobs for the common european.

    These countries are independent to maintain their own currencies and national interests and flags.

    Beside air space, they too have fully developed and integrated land transport connecting each countries.

    In terms of population, there are much higher than malaysia, north borneo and sarawak.

    Over here, its all about winning votes so that they can be elevated to the federal seats only.

    As the saying goes, the intelligent once have too much doubts, the stupid ones have too much confident.

    With this kind of political interests, obviously, the voters would vote the one that screw them less.

    All vvips positions are already taken up by the malay and muslim, masih tak cukup?

    What about those voters who are not born malay and muslim of your race that made malaysia as it is, sri sense?

    Create may 13 to frighten them in 21st century?

    Create coup to topple the legally elected government in 21st century?

    Create reformasi to show they are the better choice?

    Diam2 ubi tak semesti berisi.

    Dont forget, united states of america is the land of immigrants.

    Jika betul2 ambil proven data and facts of the latest archeologist, the first human migration starts from africa.

    Meaning kita semua ini ada dna africa.

    I dont expect at this age of ours to change, but at least take a step to open up our eyes and liberalize our thoughts so that we are part of this transformation path to make this country safe and better place to live, is thats to hard to do?

    Everyday hearing locals complained and say bad things about the country and the ruling government in front of foreigners, you dont feel malu ge mer?

    Jika perjuangan ini masih diteruskan, then, there is no point of talking about fairness, equality, justice so and so on.

    Street fighters, or gentleman, you decide.

  33. Sri Sense May 19,2018 11:16 AM


    The idea of a “national” airline is slowly disappearing. British Airways was once owned by the UK government but it’s a publicly traded company these days. The USA has never had a national airline in the sense of one owned by the government.

    It’s also about international treaties. For example, in the case of Europe, many carriers can fly throughout the EEC and closely related countries because that’s what is allowed. Rule of law 😛

  34. HBT456 May 19,2018 8:06 AM

    Sri sense, rome was not built in one day means important tasks or issues take time to tackle and grow.

    When there are risks, there would be opportunities out there.

    When there are opportunies, there would be challenges out there.

    They think rome can ruin when roman empire falls in 21st century, atau di zaman terang, whereby information could be shared around the world?

    Jika niat mereka adalah murni, mereka pasti akan nampak cahaya di hujung sana.

    It is an open secret that multi-racial politicians in this country could rigged along side race and religion issues for their political interest survival.

    Air asia with the slogan of everyone can fly would be gradually and slowly too took over by the rightful owner,the Malaysian Airline System, so that our air space is more open to foreign airlines to bring their tourists into our country to grow the revenue of this country, dont you think it is more cost effective in growing the aviation industry?

    The men said, jika ingin minum susu, tak semestinya mereka kena bela lembu betina.

    Jika ingin makan pisang, tak semestinya mereka kena pokokkan pokok pisang.

    Bak kata, winner takes all, similarly, looser takes all.

  35. Sri Sense May 18,2018 10:18 PM



  36. HBT456 May 18,2018 7:41 PM

    Sri sense, rafizi is a young malay ciku.

    Politics is only a game of numbers.

    Even muslim of indonesia prefer to see themselves as malay.

    When 5 letter words _ _ _ _ _ joined and formed a race, which race has the more numbers?

  37. Sri Sense May 17,2018 5:57 AM


    I think everywhere tak kira mana country as long we as rakyat boleh cari makan good oredi ma. But I also beh tahan, see story about a politician such as Rafizi collecting millions from KYY and friends.

    I know uncle koon from investment forums, I do not know him personally, as far as I remember, this uncle kalau cakap buy this counter buy that counter, sure he got buy one! No tipu2 ma.

    He’s not sort of person that simply simply talk talk only, though many also like to quarrel with him cause he got money ma, we don’t have. We also know he is a strong DAP supporter and like to invest in China companies. And he also no fan of Tun M. However, I do know he sees the potential of the partnership will benefit Perak at best. 😀

    What Uncle Koon said about Rafizi I felt malu also la, because all the while Rafizi kutuk Najib and suddenly Rafizi also same. Aiya

  38. HBT456 May 16,2018 11:27 PM

    You poke fun on them, sri sense?

    Bn won 79 seats.

    Pkr won 113 seats.

    Pas won 18 seats.

    Others won 12 seats.

    The result of the general election points no where but very much about the person doing the prediction, sri sense.

    Absolute power corrupts.

    When pas and other join pkr and formed pakatan harapan now, will pakatan harapan wins 2/3 majority when next general election is called?

    Emperor’s new cloth in making?

    Malaysians in general do not ask question in the public, perhaps we are groomed to be grateful for the divine, atau bersyukur dengan ilahi.

    But, because of the vision of wawasan 2020, perhaps the political parties are groomed with bersyukur dengan nikmat allah, or be grateful for god’s favor.

    Politics too was never meant to make you rich overnight.

    Will they learn from history, sri sense?

  39. tamchi May 15,2018 8:45 PM

    Selamat Malam, salam Sejahtra,
    Diucap salam, pd para pendeta..

    Selamat Hari Guru
    Selamat memacu..

    TerimaKasih cikgu..


  40. Sri Sense May 15,2018 11:38 AM

    Salam Tun

    I nak share sikit sini, semasa PKR tak datang meeting, ada messages I terima kata walau mereka rasa Wan Azizah bagus sebagai isteri tubuh party and so on tapi mereka mulai meragui tanggung jawab, Wan Azizah seperti tak nak job Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Patut marah budak2 dia.

    Antara lain message itu juga kata mereka bangga Tun umur dah 90han, tapi masih kuat berjuang, kerana itu mereka pun jadi berani nak buang parti yang mereka tak suka dimasa akan datang.

    Saya baca tapi tak komen apa2 pun.

    Bila saya terbaca yang PKR submitted 10 nama dan Mat Sabu hanya 3 seperti diminta oleh Tun, buat saya tertanya2 tamak atau Wan Azizah tak nak buat kerja. hmmm….

  41. Sri Sense May 15,2018 10:38 AM


    Tun M memang a nice old man, of course la buat kerja kena firm. Kalau tak firm kena buli. Not that easy jadi PM, tengok Najib sudah cukup la, tengok Pak Lah sudah cukup la.

    My hubby for example personally dia soft and gentle but time kerja dia very firm and tampak bossy.

    In bursa Malaysia ramai retail investors termasuk me, we support companies Malaysia, so tak kira la itu company boss china ka, melayu ka, india ka. You dari Malaysia kita kasi you lebih vote.

    Ada a small percentage suka support company dari China, tak payah sebut nama hahaha

  42. Sri Sense May 15,2018 10:18 AM

    Good morning!

    For your info kalau real takut spams guna app truecaller, ah long talipon also you know 😀

    From my personal experience, truecaller will inform you accordingly from where and who is the person on the other line. You nak angkat or don’t want, up to you lorr.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with calling yourself Malaysian Chinese. I have many Malaysian Chinese friends and mak my nenek also Chinese.

    Kalau ada American Chinese kenapa tidak ada Malaysian Chinese. Kalau rakyat Malaysia memang wajar you guna the word Malaysian dihadapan.

    As for Guan Eng its also ok dia kata dia Malaysian, because dia memang Malaysian, no need to be so picky la, if dia tak sebut Chinese after Malaysian after all we Malaysian and the local press also know he is a Chinese.

  43. HBT456 May 15,2018 5:51 AM

    Mr lim guan eng bids farewell to penang and marched into putrajaya by making his stand that he will never forget penang.

    In chinese news, it was reported his stand as penang always in his heart.

    When i saw the banner of madam maria abdullah chin wearing tudung to stand as mp contestant for petaling jaya, it just gave me the fake feeling, and i just dont feel good, thats all.

    What to do, thats the choice she made as independent constestant and she made it.

    Thank you, and congratulations to all of you who have made it through in representing the federal and state constituencies.

    But for those constentants who didnt make it, always remember you are part of us who have made what malaysia is, and thank you.

    The dust has settled for the next 5 years.

    Let the show begin without delay.

  44. HBT456 May 14,2018 7:35 PM

    Tdm said he is a very nice man in the media.

    Today, he is re-elected as the 7th prime minister of malaysia with the coalition of opposition parties due to redelienation by ec.

    Since mr lim guan eng is the minister of finance, perhaps mr toh can lobby to see him, kaki lang, hokkien and hokkien, easy to talk one.

    Moreover, mr lim already said he is a malaysian, not chinese in the media.

    But, to the local foreigners if they are not sure, they will still ask me, you cina ar?

    I am not sure will tdm by pass the relevant ministries which overlook such portfolio or not, since he is very nice man.

    I am not sure will some one here call the given contact number in internet as it could be a scam as local bankers strongly alert us just ignore the numbers for security purpose.

    Since, mr andrew toh sees yourself as malaysian, you have no right to ban chinese like me who prefer to identify myself as malaysian chinese especially when when i am in oversea so that they will know the country that i come from.

    If i dont mention malaysian chinese, the foreigners out they might think i am from china.

    Boleh means boleh.

    Tak boleh means tak boleh.

    What if the referee suddenly cut the rope, obviously the contestants of both sides will fall.

    How would the world judge the refree?

    Maverick, cakap tak serupa bikin?

    Is the glass of water half empty?

    Is the glass of water half full?

    Its up to you to decide.

  45. andrewtoh May 14,2018 8:45 AM

    Dear Tun Mahathir Mohamad ,

    Good evening and I really respect you for your victory in becoming the prime minister once again ,

    I believe you would like to make it short ,

    In my opinion , I really respect you as a genius for standing on your own ground and making Malaysia stand on its own legs ,

    I’m a Malaysian Chinese for your kind information and I am Malaysian , I believe your studies on the Dinar currency is very interesting and I fully support it. You are the only leader among the Islamic leaders that is willing to voice out , Gold and oil is all our commodities , It is all without regards of racial issues.

    This will make you a legend sir ,

    You can call me anytime sir without any fee or services

    Thank you very much once again Tun ,
    With my best regards,
    Health is wealth sir ,

    Andrew Toh

  46. HBT456 May 13,2018 10:59 PM

    Walaupun rafizi is the vp of pkr, he is no difference from his counter part of umno and pas, that is to show his ketuanan kehebatan melayu jugak.

    Melayu mudah lupa?

  47. HBT456 May 13,2018 9:58 PM

    I just do not wish to see another political cycle of hatred, vengence, anger and injustice done just to fit this category of tribalism, atau berpuak2 untuk menjatuhkan seseorang yang tak aware mereka telah membuat kesalahan.

    What happened in the past, we cannot change.

    But, what happen in the future, i will leave it for them to decide.

    Good, bad or ugly, i leave it for the wannabe to decide.

    When you can take it, you go a head.

    But, when you cannot take it, the best way is to leave.

    One thing is for sure, as the population becomes more and more educated and exposed to the world events, the voters would be more and mature in deciding the direction of the country.

    To be or not to be, thats not the question.

    How far kita semua can go, we will see as we move on.

    Whoever wins out and become the next perdana menteri, i wish them all the best.

  48. HBT456 May 13,2018 9:40 PM

    System error message can do anything that he likes as long as he knowx what the blog owner wants,

    Its a free country.

    Power abuse is nothing new in this country.

    Even when they are not proven guilty, they will be charged.

    If pakatan harapan can fit into this category, i wish them all the best.

  49. System Error Message May 13,2018 5:11 PM

    Congrats on your victory, i voted for you. I could use some help in regards to local companies that mistreat local employees, i myself have been a victim and they are going ahead with some good tech products but they almost cost me the life of a family member. They also stole some of my computer hardware. The problem is that these people have people high up who arent in any political party. I will suggest better, if you help me get rid of these scandalous local companies that mistreataed me so badly, i will come out with a much better product that they were supposed to introduce to help the local economy and actually do things right. The mistreatment was so bad to both locals and foreigners. They hired foreigners, fired them after their visas expired. They refused to hire locals except the bad ones for management positions and in the worker position treated them and paid them badly.

  50. HBT456 May 13,2018 7:31 AM

    The north koreans are groomed to be highly disipline, focus, details, isolated, suspicious, protective and defensive in the name of its national security and ruling president.

    Just watch their marching skill, you will know they are still the best and top in the world.

    When i saw junior kim in wearing mao zedong outfit with his lovely wife in introducing her to xi jinpeng, i knew the one who really influenced him to denuclearize korean is his wife.

    From junior kim’s outfit, i already knew he is surrounded by his top and elder aides who are still stuck in the era of 70s, the mao zedong’s era.

    What to do, being asians must respect the elderly what.

    The political fact is the north koreans and people’s republic of china are sharing the same political ideology, tradition, culture and history, obviously, north korean leaders trust and feel more secure in dealing with the now sworn in permanent president of people’s republic of china more than south korean leaders.

    As i said, some issues just need time.

    In boleh land, its still not about nation building and unity.


    When you see mps in jumping in and out, you will know they could be lobbied with snap of fingers.

    Is this rule of law base on race and religion?

    Is this rule of man base on his race and religion?

    As long as the tide is not off, no one knows who is swimming naked in there.

    But one thing is for sure, its a blessing to see both xi and abe still working hard to heal the wound of ww2 brought down by their ancestors.

  51. HBT456 May 12,2018 8:37 AM

    The quality and standard of being a doctor must be at par with the common standard being in practice since merdeka until today.

    The health ministry under federal government, just like the neigbouing countries, would consider their home groom graduate first which is at par with world health organization.

    Is it because you graduate from indonesia, moh must take you in?

    Moh just like kdn, whether they will take you in very much depend on the voting pattern.

    Mediocrity is no difference from quantitative easing, that is to add up numbers just to win votes, obviously, the standard of moh would drop.

    But, if pakatan harapan does not want to disappoint these students, like what hajar said, bersimpati, just appoint any pakatan leaders who fit this simpati requirement, pakatan harapn perdana menteri can do that with snap of fingers.

    With this kind of simpati, then, we can imagine what this country would in 10 to 20 years from now.

  52. Gokullshautri May 10,2018 11:51 PM

    Im currently studying medicine in medan, Indonesia (faculty of sumatera utara university)..

    I would like to have some opinion regarding the exit exam or they called as UJIAN KOMPETENSI PENDIDIKAN PROFESI DOKTER (UKMPPD). This exam is the finalised exam after you finish medical school in Indonesia. The ukmppd examination and the cert its just use for the medical students to state that they’re are become a eligible doctors and can proceed to work as doctor practitioner in overall Indonesia country.

    My question is why we as Malaysian students we need to take this examination for graduate from indonesian university.

    .you can only get your medical school cert abd graduations after pass this exam but overall in all medical school once you done final year examinations they can grad from uni.. but here so different and they bring this new rules especially for malaysia from 2013 onwards must seat for this ukmppd examination.

    We are going back to malaysia and start do our housemenship there but this indonesian university make rules on malaysia student to take this exit exam but you cant practice in indonesia youmust go back malaysia

    Then why we need the exit exam for?.


    Thank youuu

  53. Gokullshautri May 10,2018 11:48 PM

    I wanted our new government to look on the durations waiting for housemenship in malaysia.. there’s overseas and local graduated medical students are coming back for malaysia and working.. so please do some considerations on our waiting periods, working time (long oncall period in hospital, less sleeping, so stress on work but less of housemen intake for certain hospital, workload on one ho doctor is very higher)

    Please do consideration on our oncalls, timetable, please do make us into contract based housemenship. Please accept as malaysian fixed employee, we are not foreigner workers for seeks for work in malaysia but we are saving Malaysia why we should be in contract based..

    Please do consideration on our amount of salary.

    Please do consideration for more specialisation program for younger doctor and give some sponsor or scholarships from government for further study in specialisation.

    Do this consideration by look the comparison between doctors working in overseas and the one working malaysia, and why most malaysian doctors once they done housemenship or even now during Najib time most of them never wait for housemanship but they ran away to overseas and start theyre job over there and settle down in overseas..

    Thank you so much please do so changes for us and for our upcoming generation who will born as malaysian and die as malaysian

  54. Baba May 10,2018 4:22 AM

    Tamatnya riwayat krjn kleptokrat dan bermulanya sebuah krjn demokrat. Akhirnya kebenaran berjaya mengatasi kemungkaran. Tahniah kpd tun dan semua yg berusaha bersungguh-sungguh utk menjadikannya realiti. Syabas!

  55. HBT456 May 8,2018 8:31 PM

    Sslee, until today, honestly speaking, i really do not understand what kind of justice and fairness are you trying to sell?

    After witnessing so many politically motivated street protests, you believe the voters in general really want change?

    From msleong’s suggestion in changing ic back to the previous ones, then, you will know the quality of women representative that we have, that is another flip then flop, another wastage of public fund.

    The reality is malays in general especially the young ones do not vote.

    The older ones, just like other races, their hearts are hardened and would prefer to vote either umno or pas in kawasan perkampungan.

    Thats why umno needs sabahan voters to stay relevant, remember satu undi rm200 whereby bn won the highest in 1999?

    I already said, jika betul2 ingin ambil kira, we have go back to the past whereby quantitative easing method was used to win votes, that is by gabungkan the malay and muslim from all the states and parked them under bumiputra just to add up the numbers.

    Kletocracy already started since 1998.

    Today, malaysia being defined as kletocracy, you feel surprise because all information could be shared today via social media?

    Tun daim is right, those umno members who throw their supports to dsn are not genuine since he has gone through this path.

    Pendek kata, they are more afraid of losing their position and kuasa, itulah sebabnya mereka kena tunjuk ketuanan kehebatan mereka.

    Yes, everyone will feel the pinch and pain in short term.

    But in the mid and long term, say 10 to 20 years from now, we will see the differences.

    Winning or loosing is not important.

    What is important is the journey or path that we have gone through.

    When you know, you have tried your best, and still loose.

    Why not take it as a blessing?

    When bad things happened, for eg, loosing, there must be a good reason.

    Find out the cause, and learned from there.

    After this general election, in 5 years time, the next general election would be called, so on and so on.

    Dont waste time to make police reports on the fake news, let it be.

    Dont waste time in explaining to the public.

    Even when obama falls, he falls in style.

    Even when trump rises, he rises in style.

    It is definitely better off to have benefit of doubts so that voters are not being pushed in jumping into the wrong conclusion.

    No worries, no matter how bad is the storm, the rain will stop.

  56. msleong May 8,2018 2:38 PM

    Dear Tun M,
    If you become PM again, would you help to change our Malaysian IC (MyCard) number to not disclose our birth year? Prefer previous IC number like “Axxxxxxx”. I’m represented all Malaysian women to raise up this little concern. Wish you all the best to become our next PM soon. Cheers & Thank you.

  57. LoveTunM May 4,2018 10:16 AM


    Dear Tun Which I highly respected and honored, here I will not comment on anything and everyone knows Tun is fight for the rights to correct the state administration and restore the people’s rights. I just want to convey my wishes since Tun become the fourth prime minister until now and Inn Shaa Allah will be the next prime minister. This desire has long been buried deep in my heart even it has become one of my dreams. I really want to meet my idol face to face, hug and shake hands with Tun. Hopefully I will be given the opportunity for my dream to be fulfilled.



  58. Chu mat May 2,2018 1:10 PM


    1. Sekarang sentimen umno kalah..melayu tertindas tak boleh pakai.

    2. Sebab pemimpin melayu nombor satu pencuri.Pemimpin melayu yang lain tolong kipas ini pencuri dan penyangak.

    3. Kita mesti tangkap itu pencuri.

    4. Tun Mahathir kena menang Langkawi.Sebab lepas ni Langkawi kena jual dengan Republik China

    5. Akan wujud segitiga strategik Kuantan sebelah timur..Johor selatan..dan Langkawi utara~timur

  59. reakhan Apr 29,2018 10:51 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Thinking of the psychology of certain Malaysians and how to pull the vote especially those who over 2 generations have been corrupt and now have no way out. They will have no choice but support Them. Deep down they know to their God it is the right thing but they had been corrupt too many times and now they are feeling guilty. Yet, if they dont support Them, they will go to jail.

    Will you not announce clemency for those who had taken bribery for less than RM xxx?

  60. anaki Apr 12,2018 1:17 PM


  61. SSLEE Apr 11,2018 8:51 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Thanks for the most inspiring quote, “KAMU UNTUK KAMI, KAMI UNTUK KAMU” –You are for us, we are for you- May I add, always and forever…
    It inspired me to response to uipnky comment titled “Cronyism, Corruption, Favoritism and Autocratic Governance”. Uipnky implied that all the above happened during Tun’s premiership and thus whatever happened now including the 1MDB scandal, GST, Felda and Government Agencies Mismanagement, Cronyism, Corruption, Favoritism, Autocratic Governance, Kleptocracy, Blatant Disregard for Rule of Law, Gerrymandering, Money politics, Abuse of Power, Injustice, Human Right Violation, Run away National Debt, Failing International Reputation, Failing Malaysia Currency, High Cost of Living, Low Salary, Suffering of Malaysians and all the wrongs done by the current government are excusable and acceptable. And if you want to blame someone then blame it on Tun for our current predicament. Many even suggest that what is happening now in Malaysia is the result of Tun’s bad Karma.

    I Googled Internet for the meaning of Karma:
    Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause), influence the future of that individual (effect).Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future sufferings

    Now as a man is like this or like that,
    according as he acts and according as he behaves, so will he be;
    a man of good acts will become good, a man of bad acts, bad;
    he becomes pure by pure deeds, bad by bad deeds;

    And here they say that a person consists of desires,
    and as is his desire, so is his will;
    and as is his will, so is his deed;
    and whatever deed he does, that he will reap.
    — Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 7th Century BCE

    I am aghast and saddened by those using karma, divine providence or fate to explain what is happening to OTHERS, THEMSELVES, WE, US, MALAYSIANS and MALAYSIA. Many of Tun’s detractors, BN politicians, bloggers and cyber-troopers argued that Tun Dr. Mahathir is suffering now because of his own Karma and Tun deservedly reaped what he has sown. My heart bleeds for, Tun whom at the ripe age of 92, can easily chose to relax, tour the world and live an easy retirement life, just like Pak Lah (Who seem to be indifferent to what is happening in Malaysia, unconcerned with 1MDB scandal and Malaysia failing reputation in the eye of whole world when he is our Ex-PM and once a Foreign Ministry par excellence). Instead Tun took up this gigantic fight believing his action is needed to bring a better tomorrow for our beloved Malaysia for which he was PM for 22 years. So, please respect Tun’s choice. Tun must have a very strong reason, conviction and insight that if he does noting; our beloved Malaysia will be ruined.

    I believe we are collectively living in the consequence of our past action, inaction or omission. And whatever action, inaction or omission we take today will have a consequence in the future. We cannot change history but together we can help to shape the future that our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will live in. So what kind of future you want to leave behind for them will depend on what action you do NOW! Please do not let a 92 years old Tun fight this GE14 alone. For the sake of our offspring’s and Malaysia future, please stand up, join hand and take up our responsibility for our beloved Malaysia. Please join me in offering a silent prayer to Tun, “Dear Tun, please take care of your health in this final lap of your gallant ‘WAR’ against corrupted BN. We promise you that on the Election Day 9-5-2018 (Spelled Doomsday for BN-end), come rain or shine, far or near, flood or drought, mountain or river we will surely overcome whatever obstacle and carry out our responsibility to vote for PH and kick out the corrupted MO1 and his decadent, kleptocratic Government”
    Karma symbols such as endless knot (above) are common cultural motifs in Asia. Endless knots symbolize interlinking of cause and effect, a Karmic cycle that continues eternally.

    We can end this endless knot in GE14 and create a new Karmic cycle where quality leaders with true patriotism, ethical, selfless devotion to duty, complete willingness to dedicate his/her lives to the causes of nation-building and raising the peoples’ standard of living shall raise up to replace the corrupt, arrogant, thuggish, selfish, self-enriching, liar, immoral and unprincipled BN politicians and save our beloved Malaysia from being ruined. The choice is in your hand, vote wisely at GE14 and put this in your mind …. “It is either now or never.”

    Tun, I have come up with this tagline and short message in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese for all Tun’s & PH’s supporters and fence sitters to ponder on before casting their votes. For those readers who feel it will help our cause in the pending GE14, please feel free to use it and circulate among all your Whatsapp’s groups.

    It’s Now or Never.

    Kita Berdosa.
    Bukan kerana kita membuat perkara dosa sendiri.
    Tapi kerana mendiamkan diri semasa Kleptokrasi, Rasuah, Sandiwara, Penyalahgunaan Kuasa, Ketidakadilan dan Pencabulan Hak Asasi Manusia bermaharajalela.
    KatakanTidak kepada Kleptokrasi.
    Katakan Tidak kepada Rasuah.
    Katakan Tidak kepada Sandiwara.
    Katakan Tidak kepada Penyalahgunaan Kuasa.
    Katakan Tidak kepada Ketidakadilan.
    Katakan Tidak kepada Pencabulan Hak Asasi Manusia.
    Katakan TIDAK kepada MO1 dan BN.
    Undilah mengikuti kata hati anda yang murni.
    Undilah PAKATAN HARAPAN dan,
    Berikanlah kepada kami sebuah kerajaan yang Bersih, Jujur, Bertanggungjawab, Berkemampuan, Adil dan Menghormati Hak Asasi Manusia.”

    We are Sinner.
    Not because we commit any sin ourselves.
    But by being a bystander and not knowing what to do.
    When Kleptocracy, Corruption, Fraudulence, Abuse of Power, Injustice and Human Rights Violation are happening all around us.
    Say NO to Kleptocracy.
    Say NO to Corruption.
    Say NO to Fraudulence.
    Say NO to Abuse Of Power.
    Say NO to Injustice.
    Say NO to Human Right Violation.
    Say NO to MO1 and BN.
    Follow your heart and vote with your conscience.
    And give us a government that is Clean, Honest, Responsible, Competent, Just and above all Respecting Human Rights.

    而是当贪污, 腐败, 滥权, 执政不公, 人权侵犯, 盗贼统治在横行霸道时, 我们却袖手旁观, 视而不见, 听而不闻。
    请以真诚的心, 投下你手中神圣的一票.
    还我一个清廉, 诚恳, 尽责, 公正, 有高效率及尊重人权的政府.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

    PS – I am only trilingual – sorry to all my Indian friends perhaps someone can translate the short message into Tamil language.

  62. superSepantun Apr 11,2018 9:28 AM

    بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

    Asalamualaikum SalamSejahtra,
    Selawat & Salam ke atas Baginda..

    Ahad, Isnin, Selasa, Rabu…
    Dapat pimpin, sapa tentu?

    بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

    الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ

    الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

    مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ

    إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وَإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ

    اهْدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ المُسْتَقِيمَ

    صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيْهِمْ غَيْرِ المَغْضُوبِ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّالِّينَ


    ان شاء الله

  63. Noor Faiza Apr 11,2018 1:57 AM

    Hari Rabu kita pangkah mata terbeliak ye Tun. Tun For PM. Say No To GST

  64. Cedric Evan Apr 11,2018 1:40 AM


    dalam pertubuhan Pakatan Harapan ini….belia2 d dalam Gen X harus bersuara juga kerana saya adalah DAPSY dripada Sabah tetapi berbangsa Kadazan….saya tidak sanggup lagi melihat harta Malaysia dan rakyat di sini disisikan….kerana Tun adalah calon akan bertanding untk wawasan negara….saya tidak takut lagi untuk berdepan dengan kerajaan kerana sama-sama kita perjuangkan demi tanah air Malaysia….belia-belia dan yang berumur itu harus berpatriotik kepada negara kita….lagipun Tun…rakyat kita sekarang suda bingung kerana 1MDB dan masalah korupsi yang paling gempak skali sehingga menyebabkan nama negara kita jatuh….sehingga menyebabkan rakyat-rakyat kita membuat satu perspektif iaitu jika politik mereka selalu menggunakan satu penipuan….itulah menyebabkan rakyat kita sekarang kurang untuk keluar mengundi Tun….

    Saya sebagai belia dan patriotik kepada Malaysia…..kita semua harus keluar mengundi walaupun saya hanya 20 Tahun tetapi saya berhak untuk bercakap demi keamanan dan nama Malaysia kita

    namun bagaimana Tun….boleh Tun jawab pertanyaan saya….dalam mengikuti politik ini perlukah saya ambi diploma dalam undang-undang untuk mendapatkan hak kami sebagai rakyat untuk membela Tanah air kita?

  65. rimba.emas Apr 10,2018 11:48 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. ” Tolonglah kami untuk menolong kamu”. Salah satu permintaan pihak Pakatan Harapan.

    2. Minta bantuan dari rakyat untuk undi pihak Pakatan Harapan menjadi pemerintah dengan menewaskan BN.

    3. Bila jadi pemerintah barulah dapat membetulkan perkara-perkara yang membebankan rakyat atau lebih tepat lagi tidak mengambil harta negara untuk kepentingan diri serta merampas hak rakyat.

    4. Kenyataan ini menjelaskan bahawa ada pihak kepimpinan yang cuba memulihkan negara Malaysia telah di halang oleh pihak pemerintah.

    5. Berbagai pendekatan telah di gunakan tetapi semuanya gagal. Hanya tinggal satu sahaja suara rakyat iaitu melalui peti undi.

    6. Rupanya rakyat bawahan dengan mengundi dapat melantik seseorang itu menjadi pemimpin. Pemimpin yang rakyat pilih ini rupanya akan menolong rakyat kembali dengan agihan hasil negara.

    7. Sekarang rakyat dan pemimpin terpaksa bekerjasama untuk menolak seorang pemimpin yang telah merosakkan sebahagian rakyat dan negara.

    8. Tolong menolong ini terpaksa ditambah dengan satu pengorbanan untuk mengatasi halangan yang di adakan pihak pemerintah.

    9. Rakyat sendiri boleh kenal dengan tingkah laku seorang talibarut kepada kerajaan. Bila tindakan di ambilnya amat berlawanan dengan rakyat ramai.

    10. Salah satu contoh ialah seperti pemilihan tarikh mengundi Pru 14 kali ini. Walau pun terdahulu ada yang di buat pada hari bukan cuti umum.

    11. Kehidupan rakyat yang bersatu padu dapat di lihat dengan tindakan mengadakan majlis kenduri pada cuti umum agar ramai pihak datang untuk memeriahkan majlis.

    12. Tindakan SPR dengan tarikh yang menyusahkan rakyat untuk keluar mengundi mengundang seribu pertanyaan. Nampak macam satu percubaan untuk mengurangkan kedatangan pengundi.

    13. Pakatan Harapan dan rakyat perlu pengorbanan untuk menzahirkan kejayaan.


  66. mohdharris Apr 10,2018 11:03 PM

    Salam Tun,

    God wills, Pakatan Harapan will be in power soon after the G14. I wish to highlight a very important issue in this post. Please drop the nation’s vision to become the World Halal Hub in the coming year 2020. Please study this the contents of this link for the benefit of all Malaysians….


  67. mattahir Apr 10,2018 11:01 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Erratum in the previous msg, year 2017 should have been 2018.
    Anyway, Why is it so difficult for EC to register people? If election is May 09th, why not put a dateline of e.g. 30 days. That is still quite a time frame, considering we are now in digital era.

  68. mattahir Apr 10,2018 8:48 PM

    Persempadanan semula disondol dengan tergesa-gesa di Parlimen pada saat amat dekat dengan pilihanraya. Ini kerana BN tidak mahu berdepan apa-apa kes mahkamah dalam melanggar perlembagaan tentang peraturan 1 rakyat 1 undi.
    Penipuan pilihanraya sudah berlaku apabila pengundi bandar saiznya berkali ganda dari pengundi luar bandar. Sesiapa yang percaya akan perelmbagaan tidak akan menerima sahaja penipuan jelas ini

    Tarikh PRU14 pula diberitahu dibuat di waktu hari bekerja di pertengahan minggu.

    Pengundi yang berdaftar 2017 pula tidak dibenar mengundi.

    Hari ini “semakan daftar pengundi” online tidak berfungsi. Tidak mustahil nama pengundi banyak sudah dialihkan dan semakan disekat.

    Semua ini dibuat oleh BN untuk menggagalkan hak rakyat Malaysia, sebab mereka tahu mereka ini adalah gerombolan penjenayah yang melindungi MO1.

    Mereka tahu akan kesalahan mereka dan tiada sebab untuk mematuhi perlembagaan yang merupakan undang-undang tertinggi sesebuah negara

    Bukti-bukti di atas menunjukkan BN-lah perikatan yang kini sebenarnya merupakan ancaman terhadap demokrasi berpalimen yang merupakan hak rakyat

  69. amd trmz Apr 10,2018 6:59 PM


    Untuk mengelakkan 85 peratus keluar mengundi, mengundi hari kerja.. WTF!!

    Seperti kata tun kita perlukan 85 peratus keluar mengundi untuk menang.

    Kotor sungguh taktik ni

  70. adelheid Apr 10,2018 6:06 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Kami satu keluarga besar beserta rakan-rakan semua sudah bersedia untuk keluar mengundi PAKATAN HARAPAN tidak kira logo tidak kira hari, tidak kira mengundi dekat mahupun jauh. Kami sudah bertekad. Kami sudah penat dengan pemerintah UMNO-BN yang begitu membuli dan mempermain rakyat, memperguna rakyat demi kelangsungan hidup mewah segelintir pemimpin yang rakus dan penipu.

    Kami berdoa semoga Tuhan memberkati perjuangan rakyat yang mahukan kedamaian kehidupan normal sebuah negara demokratik, bukan negara yang rakyat takut kepada pemimpin sehingga takut bersuara takut bergerak ke mana pun.

    Tun Mahathir jaga diri sebaik mungkin jaga keselamatan di dalam keadaan yang menghampiri pilihanraya ini kita tak tahu apa pun boleh berlaku dalam situasi negara kita yang sudah tidak mengenal undang-undang.

    Dear all PAKATAN HARAPAN leaders,

    please make sure your safety as well. Remember that desperados will do anything to sustain their existence! Even if they must kill!

    Take very good care of yourself your safety Tun Dr. Mahathir, and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah too.

  71. RD. Apr 10,2018 10:10 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Saya tidak berParty. Dulu sokong UMNO. (Sebelum scandal Jho Low-1MDB meletop dan bakar jambatan setelah TS Muhyiddin, DS Shafie Afdal & D Mukhriz dipecat/tersingkir).

    Oleh yang demikian, saya akan pastikan keluarga saya (4 undi) akan mengundi PAKATAN HARAPAN. Saya juga akan cuba mendekati anak-anak muda, terutamanya yang melepak di restoran mamak dan bersembang dengan mereka mengenai beban-hutang 1MDB-Jho Low yang akan di tanggung anak-cucu kita. Saya akan meceritakan kepada anak-anak muda, jiran-jiran & sanak-saudara saya, musibat yang akan menimpa Bangsa, Agama & Negara jika Kleptocracy terus menjadi Kerajaan.

    Saya juga akan menceritakan bagaimana tanah-pusaka Rakyat yang paling bernilai, termasuk tanah-milik Tentera, telah tergadai kepada pihak-asing hanya kerana mahu bayar hutang, termasuk bunga-hutang/denda lewat bayar.
    Bahawa Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) terpaksa membeli 22.58 hektar tanah daripada kerajaan, pada harga RM2 bilion untuk digunakan sebagai penempatan semula Universiti Kewangan Islam Global dan Akademi Penyelidikan Syariah Antarabangsa dalam Kewangan Islam.

    #Hidup UMNO-Najib, Hidup Jho Low.
    #Yang sedap Jho Low. Paris Hilton pun, dia boleh kongkek.
    #Ingat UMNO-Najib, ingat Razak Baginda (Altantuya), Deepak Carpet & Jho Low.

    Hidup Tun Dr.M, Hidup Pakatan Harapan.

  72. abbasziae Apr 10,2018 9:58 AM

    KAMU UNTUK KAMI , KAMI UNTUK KAMU …always and forever….

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