1. Malaysians have been expecting Parliament to be dissolved so that election can be held. There were rumours about the dissolution of Parliament since 2015. But each time the Government failed to do so. If the Government was confident it would win, early election would give it a longer life. It must be because it was not fully confident that it kept on postponing the election.

2. The Government of Najib believed that cash is king. With cash i.e. with bribery it could win easily. But very quickly it dawned upon the leaders of the BN that money could not buy everything.

3. That was when Najib resorted to other ways to weaken the opposition. It decided to tamper with the electoral role in the 13th Election. It failed. The opposition garnered more popular votes than the Government.

4. Then it decided to change electoral boundaries so that rural constituencies have a lesser number of votes. The Government party needs only a few votes in the rural areas in order to win.

5. This time, it was convinced that the small rural constituencies populated largely by Malays would, as in the 13th Election, give the BN enough seats to form the Government. Such was its confidence that the rural Malays would always support UMNO that it saw no threat in registering Parti Pribumi Bersatu, set-up by ex-UMNO members. Najib did not think the new indigenous party would be big enough to challenge UMNO. Certainly, it would not be able to work together with the other opposition parties. It was unthinkable for the opposition to accept it as a coalition partner.

6. In this Najib was completely wrong. The new party was not only welcome to join a new opposition coalition but the parties actually accepted the PPBM Chairman as Chairman of the coalition and subsequently as its candidate for Prime Ministership.

7. This turn of events sent tremors to the BN and UMNO leaders. They felt a need to deregister PPBM, even to stop it from contesting in the 14th elections.

8. They saw an opportunity to do this when the new coalition applied for registration and the use of a new common symbol or logo.

9. And so, when the application for registration of the coalition was made to the Registrar of Societies, a new approach was adopted by the Registrar.

10. By simply not acknowledging or replying to the applications, the new coalition was left uncertain as to its fate. It could not conclude that it would not be registered but it could also not assume that it would be registered. Preparation for working together during the election could not be made. Registered, it could use a single symbol, a single flag and a single manifesto. If it is not registered, the four parties would have to retain their four flags and make separate preparations for the elections.

11. All enquiries directed at ROS were not acknowledged and no replies received. The coalition members were left in a limbo, uncertain whether eventually the coalition would be registered or not.

12. Attempts to get a reply failed. No acknowledgement or replies were received.

13. Then there came vague suggestion that registration would not be possible because DAP and PPBM had breached certain rules. But no written explanation was given by ROS as to these breaches. DAP which long ago was told that it had failed to carry out proper elections, resolved this problem by holding a new election. ROS then approved it.

14. But PPBM was not officially informed as to the breaches it had made. It could not be corrected to the satisfaction of ROS.

15. Election was approaching and time for preparing for election was getting shorter. Then, one day before the PM announced that parliament was to be dissolved, PPBM received notice that it had been temporarily dissolved for 30 days as from 5th of April the day the letter was sent by ROS.

16. Clearly there is collusion between ROS and Najib. It could not be coincidental. It must have been planned early as the 30 days PPBM is suspended or “bubar” coincides with the period of election.

17. Not only is PPBM not allowed to contest in the elections but during that period the party cannot display its identity through flags, posters or shirts. It cannot even display my pictures as its chairman. Only the pictures of the contestant can be displayed in each constituency.

18. The withdrawal of the registration of PPBM means no registration of Pakatan Harapan. So Pakatan Harapan, the proposed coalition of four opposition parties, would also be illegal.

19. This means that Najib’s Government is depriving the opposition and majority of the citizens of Malaysia from participating in the 14th General Election. BN will win all seats uncontested. This is a gross abuse of the principles of democracy. Any election in which opposition candidates are not allowed to contest cannot be regarded as valid. The winning party cannot be allowed to set up a Government.

20. The result would be a stalemate.

21. The only solution is to hold a new election immediately in which everyone wishing to contest would be allowed to contest.


  1. tamchi Jun 4,2018 5:01 AM

    Selamat pagi, salam sejahtra..
    Saudara Saudari, rakyat jelata..

  2. suren5 May 28,2018 8:04 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Congrats on your victory and recent return has created a positive vibes. Your absence has created a vacuum in the administration of the country. I feel sorry that you should be resting after 22 years of struggle and hard work to bring Malaysia from no where to the eye of the world. However we do need you again and more than before. Thanks for coming back. And our apologies to tun dr Siti hasmah for taking tun from his personal time with his family.

    Dear Tun, I am happy with the manifesto that PH has launch. It’s good that PH is willing to reduce the burden of the citizens of Malaysia. However, I am quite concerned about certain points of the manifesto. I would like to be a part in the betterment of Malaysia. I hope my suggestion doesn’t leave anyone offended as I it is something that I had thought from all the angle.

    Firstly, regarding to the abolishment of all the toll. I do not agree that all the toll should be abolished. The government should carry out some survey on all the toll road. From my point of view not all toll road should abolish the toll. Highway like plus and so on should maintain. The solution on this would be better to reduce the toll rate. It would be a costly burden on the government to maintain this long stretch of road. You may abolish the toll on highway which has high rate on user e.g. kesas. Removing toll on this highways will lessen the burden of the people and at the same time will reduce the traffic congestion on road. Due to expensive toll, road user opt to use the alternative road causing a massive traffic. At the same time, during peak hours, toll plaza do contribute to the congestions.

    Secondly, on the fuel price. We are not asking for a super cheap fuel price. What we are asking for is a reasonable and affordable fuel price. We are a country which has our own resources of fuel. We are selling our good grade of fuel and using a second grade fuel. Therefore our price should be more reasonable. Please look into the price and let the price be beneficial to both citizens and government.

    Lastly for today, it is something out of the manifesto. It is regarding buying new houses. In Malaysia, we a have a long list of delayed housing projects and to make the matter worst there are some projects which are abandon and it takes very long for a another developer to take over. I would like to humbly request Tun to look into this issue. All the abandon project remains abandon but sadly for the buyer, they have to service the bank loan, on top of that, buyer have to rent a house. This would double up the expenses of the buyer. But when you look into the developer, they would go missing. The impact on the buyer. Some kind of system should be implemented to avoid buyers facing this kind of situation. Developer undertaking housing projects should be able to finish the project. No progressive payment system should be allowed. All payments should be made to the developer once the project is completed and the buyer receives their house key. By this method buyer doesn’t have to pay the bank till the buyer has their dream home with them. Please do review this problem. There are a lot of buyer out there facing this problem.i am one of them. Some even stop the payment and been blacklisted from Bank. I hope the next generation would not need to face this problem.

    My suggestion are based on my own view whereby we share the burden of running this country. It is not intended to hurt anyone. I would like to thank for giving me a space to view my opinion.

  3. Khalid Al Walid May 10,2018 3:41 AM



    1. Tun..tahniah sebab menang PRU kalini..Cuma sy nak Tun kaji soal manifesto Pakatan Harapan dalam penghapusan tol.

    Jika tol dihapuskan secara berperingkat, negara lebih memerlukan byk bajet utk penambahbaikan jalan..Ditambah lagi hutang negara masih lg banyak..

    Bg pendapat sy, tol tidak perlu dimansuhkan..CUMA…..BAYARAN TOL DIKURANGKAN…

    Oleh itu, dgn bayaran tol tersebut,ianya boleh menjadi sbg dana yang boleh dijadikan sbg dana khas untuk menambahbaik jalan dan infrastruktur berhampiran..

    2. Buat pertama kali Tun perkenalkan KWSP untuk surirumah, bg sy ini adalah bagus..

    3. Bagi isu sama ratakan gaji, diharap ada Malaysian Standard bagi gaji graduan yang berkelulusan SPM,Sijil,Diploma,Ijazah,Master dan sebagainya..yakni tidak hanya berteraskan pengalaman kerja sbg alasan syarikat swatsa untuk bagi gaji rendah..

    4. Apapun..tahniah sekali lagi atas kemenangan Pakatan Harapan..Diharap pandangan sy diambil kira dalam proses pembentukan Malaysia kini..


  4. Sri Sense May 1,2018 12:11 AM

    Salam Tun dan semua penyokong PH

    Sempat jalan beberapa mall. Lengang dan muram. Kedai pun banyak dah tutup. Bila tanya pekerja kedai, mereka kata memang sekarang dah kurang orang kunjung. Jelas makin ramai yang dah tak mampu berbelanja.

  5. LoveTunM Apr 30,2018 3:52 PM

    we love Tun, wish you luck and pray for Tun & family healthy.


  6. Sri Sense Apr 30,2018 10:17 AM

    Salam Tun

    Wah macam2 jadi, antara news heading 2 hari sudah One down for PPBM as Pizi Jihat disqualified. Tak ada lah orang Kelab Chedet bertanding. PPBM hilang satu seat di Johor. Jelas bagi saya EC suka cari kesalahan PH.

    Lagi satu heading Saya tidak bertanding atas nasihat Sultan Johor – Puad Zarkashi :O

    Bukankah Sultan tak boleh campur hal politik?

  7. tamchi Apr 29,2018 2:33 PM

    ..Suruhanjibby Penipu Rakyat


  8. superSepantun Apr 29,2018 5:20 AM

    Sapa kuli? Mana merintah?
    Sapa pencuri? mana amanah?

    Hari mnganti, masa mengubah..!
    Jom mengundi…apa nk pangkah..?

    Asalamualaikum, salam sejahtra,
    Salam terindah, teristimewa..
    Kpd atuk, saudari, saudara..
    kami terjemah di pilihanraya..


  9. Hajar Apr 28,2018 10:34 AM

    Salam Dearest Tun,


    Bagus, siasat dengan TELUS, dan jangan menipu!. Jangan cuma berdrama (drama politik) kononnya prihatin.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  10. sibotak Apr 27,2018 9:30 PM

    Kenyataan PRU yg akan datang

    Tun Mahathir ada Penyokong
    Lihat saja kemana Tun berada
    Tun di hormati , di Sanjung

    Anwar Ibrahim , Isterinya Wan Azizah
    Juga ada penyokong sendiri yg hebat dari dahulu

    Lim Guan Eng juga ada Penyokong Cina
    Di belakang beliau

    Mad Sabu juga ada Penyokong beliau sendiri

    Najib yg dilantik olih Tun atas belas ikhsan jasa Arwah Tun Razak
    Tidak ada Penyokong sendiri yg sejati
    Yg mendukung beliau adalah anggota UMNO sekarang
    Yang kesemuanya terpaksa mendukung Najib
    Kerana mereka masing masing perlu menjaga Kerusi & Kepentingan masing masing
    Maka mereka perlu bergading bahu bersama
    Bukan sebagai Penyokong yg Setia
    Tetapi kerana Kerusi & Kedudukan masing masing tergugat

    Ini kenyataan yg kata kata tidak bolih menidaknya
    These are Facts of UMNO today

  11. adelheid Apr 27,2018 9:30 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Our prayers with you and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, may God protect you both wherever you may travel, protect you from harm.

    To all the other PAKATAN HARAPAN’s leaders, our prayers are with you too.

    What transpired this afternoon was clearly a cowardice act of some desperate individuals to win without contest, to win via their assholes. Sorry for that kinda vulgar word Tun but these desperados just deserve even the most vulgar labels.

    Take very good care Tun and wife, and all those with you there. Don’t underestimate what desperados could be capable of doing. Jaga diri Tun.

  12. SSLEE Apr 27,2018 8:02 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allow me to repost blog post I posted at i3investor.
    Title: GE14: I HAVE A DREAM; Democracy, Liberty, Justice, Unity and Prosperity.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech; “I have a dream” delivered 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC.

    I do have dreams of my own:
    I have a dream; I dream of a day where I shall call myself Malaysian and if you insist that I put in more detail in front of Malaysian, I will say I am a Proud Kedahan Malaysian.

    I have a dream; I dream of the day where my grandchildren will live in a nation where they will be judged by the content of their character and not by the colour of their skin or religion.

    I have a dream; I dream of a day Malaysians can truly embrace and celebrate our diversity where different ethnicity, religions and cultures live in peace and harmony with mutual understanding, respect and acceptance.

    I have a dream; I dream of a day where G25’s (A Malaysian group made up of prominent Malays) mission will be accomplished.
    Mission: G25 is committed to pursue a just, democratic, peaceful, tolerant, harmonious, moderate and progressive multi-racial, multi cultural, multi religious Malaysia through Islamic principles of Wassatiyah (moderation) and Maqasid Syariah (well-being of the people) that affirm justice, compassion, mercy, equity. Malaysia is to be led by rule of law, good governance, respect for human rights and upholding the institution of the country.

    I have a dream; I dream of a day where we can harvest the best of every race/ethnicity to build a truly progressive and just society where the prosperity of the nation can be enjoyed together in a fair and equitable manner.

    I have a dream; I dream of a day that our children and grandchildren when looking back on 9th May 2018 can say proudly, our parents and grandparents had showed exceptional courage and braveness to turn the tide of oppression and regression to liberty and progression by voting out BN at its critical/pivotal moment when the nation need them the most.

    I have a dream; I dream of a day this nation of ours will rise up and live up the true meaning as proclaim by our Nation Founder Father Tunku Abdul Rahman at Independent day and Malaysia day: “forever a sovereign democratic and independent State founded upon the principles of liberty and justice and ever seeking the welfare and happiness of its people / ever seeking to defend and uphold peace and harmony among its people.”
    Malayan Declaration of Independence was officially proclaimed on 31 August 1957.
    Proclamation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963.

    I have a dream; I dream of a day that my dream is Malaysia’s Dream/Malaysian Dream and Malaysians will and shall reclaim and rebuild our beloved Malaysia to its glorious day.

    This is Malaysian dream, this is Malaysian hope, this is Malaysian faith and with this hope and faith, I call upon every Malaysians irrespective of Race, Religion and Region shall now make real our dream and the promises of democracy, liberty and justice. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of racial divide, oppression and injustice to the sunlit path of racial unity, liberty and justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksand of divide and rule to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time to make democracy, justice and liberty a reality for all of Malaysian’s children. Now is the time to show our exceptional courage and braveness to vote out the corrupted MO1 & BN’s decadent, kleptocratic Government and embrace our new hope and faith in PH. Now is the time we vote for PH in GE14. PH is our best hope to reform and rebuild our country, and set it on a course towards unity, justice and prosperity.
    Pakatan manifesto offers hope for real reform.

    Will I wake up on the early morning of 10th May 2018 with a broken heart that’s barely beating? Or will we wake up with joy, knowing that we have taken the crucial and important step to make Malaysian dream come true?
    The choice is in MALAYSIANS hand. Please make our MALAYSIAN DREAM come true. It’s either now or never. I thank all from the bottom of my heart.
    ABBA: I Have A Dream

    Thank you.

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE
    PS: For those readers who feel it will help our cause in convincing more people to vote for PH in GE14, please feel free to use it and circulate among all your Whatsapp’s groups.

    Compilation of blog posts specially dedicated to GE14.
    GE14: An open letter: Has DAP betrayed Dr. Tan Seng Giaw? Or Dr. Tan Seng Giaw had betrayed DAP, Malaysians and his own Principles?
    GE14: Dear all Malaysians, a letter to Tun Dr. Mahathir KARMA & GE14
    GE14: A letter to Tun Dr. Mahathir and all Malaysians; “Rule of law: Rule of man: Rule by man”
    GE14: HENGYUAN, we make history: GE14 will we make history? A tribute to the late Karpal Singh.
    GE14: A letter to Tun Dr. Mahathir and all Malaysians; “Anti Fake News Law and GE14”

  13. SSLEE Apr 27,2018 7:55 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allow me to repost blog post, I posted at i3investor.

    Let’s listen to a poem by a Tun Dr. Mahathir:
    (Sajak dari Tun Dr. Mahathir)
    • Aku akan pergi tak lama lagi
    • Bangsa yang merdeka
    • Bangsa yang mulia
    • Sekarang sanggup menjual hak yang sedikit
    • Hak memilih, hak mengundi
    • Untuk mendapat kesenangan tanpa usaha, kesenangan yang sedikit
    • Maruah dijual
    • Bangsa dijual
    • Tanahair dijual
    • Segalanya dijual
    • Untuk nikmat yang tidak kekal, nikmat yang sementara yang sedikit sahaja
    • Politik yang menyelamat
    • Menjadi politik yang menghancur
    • Pemimpin semakin tamak
    • Untuk tempat dan kedudukan tinggi
    • Perbuatan yang haram dihalalkan
    • Nama Allah diperalatkan, dijual untuk nikmat yang sementara di dunia
    • Akan kembalikah bangsaku
    • Menjadi bangsa yang dijajah, dihina dan diperhambakan
    • Wahai bangsaku
    • Begitu mudahkah kamu lupa
    • Aku akan pergi tidak lama lagi
    • Dapatkah aku pejam mata dan hembus nafas terakhir
    • Kerana bangsaku
    • Negaraku
    • Masih mulia
    • Masih bermaruah
    • Masih dipandang tinggi
    • Atau mataku terbeliak
    • Nafas ku tersesak, terhenti, kerana segala yang diperjuangkan luput ditelan nafsu
    • Ya Allah lindungilah bangsaku
    • Sedarkanlah mereka
    • Sedarkan mereka bahawa Engkau tidak akan mengubah nasib bangsa
    • Melainkan bangsa itu sendiri cuba mengubahnya
    • Mengubah sendiri, membendung nafsu
    • Kerana Allah
    • Kerana agama
    • Kerana bangsa
    • Kerana negara
    • Biarlah aku pergi
    • Mata terpejam rapat
    • Nafas perlahan berhenti…

    • I will go soon
    • Independent nation
    • The noble nation
    • Now is willing to sell a few rights
    • Right to choose, Right to vote
    • To get pleasure without effort, for little fun
    • Dignity is sold
    • The nation is sold
    • The land is sold
    • Everything is sold
    • For non-permanent enjoyment, a few moments of pleasure and lust
    • Politic that served the people
    • Becomes politic that destroy the people
    • Leaders are increasingly greedy
    • For untold wealth and high position
    • Illegal actions being legalized
    • God’s name is used, sold, for temporary enjoyment in the world
    • Will my people regress
    • Become a nation that is colonized, humiliated and enslaved
    • O my people
    • So easy you forget?
    • I will go soon
    • Can I close my eyes and breathe my last breath?
    • Because my people
    • My country
    • Still glorious
    • Still dignified
    • Still regarded highly
    • O my eyes are staring
    • My breath got stuck, it stopped, because everything that was endured was lost in lust
    • O Allah protect my people
    • Awake them
    • Alert them that You will not change the fate of the nation
    • Unless the people themselves try to change it
    • Change yourself, curb your lust
    • Because of God
    • Because of religion
    • Because of the nation
    • Because of the state
    • Let me go
    • With my eyes closed
    • The breathing slowly stops…

    I can’t hold back myself but cried every time I watched this video. The video had reminded me and everyone that someday we will finally face our own demise from this world.
    Will we be able to close our eyes and let the breathing slowly stop…?
    Will we be full of remorse or regret and keep asking ourselves IF ONLY I had done this or that then we have lived a purposeful life and ready to face our exit with no sadness and regret?
    Are we leaving behind the world a better place than when we first found it?
    Do we provide our children with more opportunity than we had?
    Are we a good man and doing good deeds to our fellow man?
    Do we carry out our earthly responsibility and duty ethically, fairly, justly and with dignity and pride?

    Have we done our utmost best to leave behind a government that is Clean, Honest, Responsible, Competent, Just, Fair and respecting the rule of law and the right of every citizen?
    If your answer to this question is not yet then it is about time now to do so, has the courage and foresight to kick out the corrupted MO1 and his decadent, kleptocratic Government and embrace Pakatan Harapan with its Reform agenda.
    Please do not bury your head in the sand and pretend that everything is all right.

    Dear all,
    What will you do if you know when your earth adventures will end?
    I quote the late Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005: “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important thing I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life, because almost everything–all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”——
    “No one wants to die, even people who want to go to Heaven don’t want to die to get there, and yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It’s life’s change agent; it clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now, the new is you. But someday, not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it’s quite true. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary”.
    STEVE JOBS: Stanford Commencement | SPEECH
    Last Words Spoken by Steve Jobs Before He Died – Inspirational

    Yes, everyone; Follow your passion, follow your heart, follow your dreams, do what you love, believe in yourself and don’t give up. I too shall follow my passion, my heart, and my dreams, do what I love and never give up.
    I have a dream; I dream of a day where I shall call myself Malaysian and if you insist that I put in more detail in front of Malaysian, I will say I am a Proud Kedahan Malaysian. This dream can only come true if we take our first step of voting for PH in GE14.
    My dream seems foolish and impractical but to me it’s a dream worth pursuing wholeheartedly.
    “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”- Steve Jobs Stanford University 2005.

    —-To be continued next posting— “I have a dream.”
    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  14. sibotak Apr 27,2018 7:32 PM

    Najib mempergadaikan UMNO , Malaysia , Melayu untuk Jho Low
    Tak mungkin Najib tidak tahu di mana Jho Low

    Kalau 1MDB bukan Najib yg Bersalah
    Soalannya Siapa yg Salah hingga kini ?

    Duit hilang takkan nak cakap ada Toyul ?
    Dan bagaimana pula siasatan AG luar negara ?

    Sekali lagi
    Najib mempergadaikan UMNO , Malaysia , Melayu untuk Jho Low
    Tak mungkin Najib tidak tahu di mana Jho Low

  15. sibotak Apr 27,2018 7:23 PM

    Najib mengatakan bahwa Tun adalah alat DAP
    DAP mempergunakan Tun memercah belahkan Melayu

    Mari kita renung siapa yg memercah belahkan Melayu
    Atau istilah kata Siapa yg mengugat Melayu ?

    Saya tidak percayakan Lim Kit Siang atau Guan Eng atau DAP
    Sememangnya DAP yg di dukung PAP memang bertujuan untuk Kaum Cina
    Meritocrasi , atau untuk semua Kaum hanylah kulit muka luar DAP saja
    Kandungan Dalaman nya bertujuan untuk Kaum Cina

    Sekarang DAP perlu Bersekutu dengan PAKATAN atas Agenda sendiri sekurangnya
    DAP dapat Bonus point berganding bahu dengan PAKATAN
    Daripada DAP bersendirian . Bukan DAP bertujuan untuk 1 Malaysia
    Sekarang suruh Lim sediakan Tun minuman , Lim akan lakukan

    Isu sekarang
    Siapa dan Perbuatan Siapa yg bakal mengugat kedudukan Orang Melayu
    anak Bumi Putra ?
    Perbuatan Tun ( Pribumi ) yang bersekutu dengan DAP
    Atau Najib ( BN ) yg membawa masuk , memberi haluan , mengizinkan pendatang Cina dari China juga dari Singapura berakar umbi , beranak penak di Bumi Malaysia ?
    Hingga golongan ini di bolihkan memebeli Tanah Malaysia seluasnya secara Freehold dengan juga pentakbiran perniagaan mereka dihalalkan GST sedangkan Anak Bumi sendiri membeli makanan & perubatan perlu bayar Gst ?

    Kedua nya tindakan Tun juga Najib mengugat Anak Bumi Malaysia
    Yg nyata Anak Bumi Malaysia masih tidak mampu bersaing dengan Anak Cina yg dilahirkan di Malaysia . Inikan lagi dengan kemasukan mereka dari China juga dari Singapura . Sekurangya saya menerima DAP sebab mereka lahir dan berkerakyatan Malaysia . Ini Hak mereka yg perlu di hormat

    Hujungnya si Ahmad ini
    Masih merempat di Tanah sendiri
    Masih berTuankan Orang Asing sebagai Majikan mereka

    Bila Ahamad nak beli Tanah sendiri ?
    Selama ini pun si Ahmad kalau ada Tanah pun Tanah Kurnia
    Dan sepanjang jalan dari Johor ke Kelantan di Bandar juga di Kampung
    Banyak Tanah kepunyaan Orang Asing bukan Anak Bumi

    Jadi apa dia yg dinamakan Malaysia , Tanah Melayu ?

    Harap Ahli Politik berfikir Bernas , Berkeputusan Bijak
    Demi Pertiwi

  16. uipnky Apr 27,2018 3:20 PM

    Jom Balik Undi (Let’s Go Home to Vote)

    (English version below)
    Kepada 300,000 ke 400,000 rakyat Malaysia in Singapore yang balik mengundi, mereka mesti sedar bahawa nasib mereka hari ini adalah akibat polisi Tun Mahathir pada tahun lapan puluhan (80s) dan sembilan puluhan (90s).

    1. Setiap hari pekerja Malaysia tersangkut di Tambak Johor (Johor Causeway), sampai 4 jam untuk pergi balik dari Johor Baru ke Singapore. Ini adalah akibat dasar dasar polisi Tun dan perhubungan beliau yang tidak baik dan bertentangan dengan Singapore. Tiada perkembangan baik bagi pengangkutan dari JB ke SIngapore. Tambak Johor masih lagi Tambak Johor yang sama hari ini. Tiada jambatan baru, tiada jalan yang luas untuk perjalanan yang lancar bagi kenderaan dan bas pekerja. Apa lagi hasrat for pengangkutan tren atau mrt yang memberi pengangkutan yang selera untuk pekerja Malaysia.

    2. Tun tidak mengutamakan peluang pekerjaan kepada orang orang Johor. Semasa Singapore membina kawasan industri dan kilang kilang besar, Tun tidak membuat polisi dan mengambil tindakan yang boleh menggalakkan pelabur pelabur asing ke Johor walaupun Johor mempunyai kriteria yang baik seperti tanah yang sesuai untuk perlaburan, pekerja yang sedia ada dan kos barangan di Johor adalah lebih murah daripada Singapore. Dengan kekurangan peluang pekerjaan di Johor Baru maka Rakyat Malaysia terpaksa bersusah payah pergi mencari kehidupan mereka di Singapore.

    3. Rakyat Malaysia yang berpendidikan tinggi dan mempunyai kemahiran juga tidak dihargai oleh Tun, pemimpin semasa itu. Mereka terpaksa mencari kerja dan kehidupan mereka di Singapore kerana Singapore adalah dekat dan negara jiran kita ini menghargai kemahiran rakyat Malaysia. Tun tidak membuat polisi yang menggalakkan rakyat Malaysia yang berkemahiran supaya mereka balik dan memberi sumbangan kepada pembangunan Malaysia. Ini adalah salah satu sebab utama mengapa Malaysia tidak dapat mencapai Wawasan 2020.

    Nasib rakyat Malaysia telah di ubah begitu “selama lamanya” disebabkan oleh polisi salah pemimpin dulu kita.

    Fikirlah kita, betapa susah hidup pekerja Malaysia setiap hari. Ada yang bangun pada pukul 3 pagi kerana mereka takut ada kesesakan di Tambak Johor dan mereka lewat untuk bekerja. Ramai pekerja yang selepas kerja di petang tetapi hanya sampai ke rumah mereka sebelum tengah malam. Ini adalah hidup mereka, hidup yang memderitakan. Tetapi ini bukan salah mereka. Salah polisi pemimpin dulu kita.

    Inilah salah satu contoh rakyat Malaysia yang ayah bekerja di Singapore.

    Syed Saddiq (Calun Parti Pribumi) ceramah di Muar Johor, 7 April (mengikut rakaman)

    “….ayah saya pekerja buloh, … yang berulang alir daripada Johor ke Singapore setiap hari …. (dia) terpaksa bangun 5 pagi…dan akan balik 10 malam …”

    Kalau polisi kita dulu gagal kita sudah hilang peluang keemasan itu. Sebagai contoh pada tahun 80s dan 90s, ada banyak pelabur pelabur asing yang berminat membina kilang dan ibu pejabat di Asia untuk industri elektronik dan teknolgi. Masa itu tiada persaingan dengan negara seperti Vietnam, negara Cina dan negara negara Asian yang lebih murah daripada Malaysia. Tetapi sekarang banyak kilang kilang ini telah berpindah ke negeri Cina dan Vietnam kerana kos yang lebih rendah. Singapore telah mengukuhkan posisi mereka sebagai ibu pejabat untuk pelabur pelabur asing. Sejak tahun 2000, pelabur asing mulah berpindah ke negeri Cina, tidak bolehlah Malaysia memcari peluang peluang perlaburan ini hari ini.

    Hari ini, Malaysia memerlukan dasar dasar baru untuk bersaing dan memberi harapan untuk rakyat dan anak cucu orang Malaysia.

    Kita bersyukur kerana sudah ada perkembangan perkembangan yang sangat menggalakkan di negeri Johor atas initiatif daripada kerajaan negeri Johor, terutama sokongan dan sumbangan besar daripada DYMM Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar dan kerajaan Malaysia.

    Dari segi pengangkutan, sudah ada perancangan dan kerja kerja administrative telah bermula untuk projek MRT yang akan berhubung terus dari Singapore ke JB dan beberapa kawasan di perbandaran Johor. Ini bermaksud tidak lama lagi pekerja pekerja Malaysia boleh mengelakkan kesesakan di Tambak Johor dan mereka boleh jimat masa perjalanan dengan MRT. Projek HSR (keretapi berkelajuan tinggi) dari Singapore ke Johor dan bandar bandar besar di Malaysia, termasuk JB akan membawa peluang baru dari segi perniagaan, pelancungan, pelaburan dan lain lain, benefitsmitu bergantung kepada kepandaian kita menjalankan idea kita.

    Projek Iskandar yang telah menarik ribu-ribu juta perlaburan asing dan mendapat sokongan penuh dari negara jiran adalah satu wawasan yang besar, menguluruh dan gagah. Ianya merangkumi banyak sector dari pendidikan ke logistik, ke petro kimia, ke industri hijau, dan lain lain.

    Satu lagi pembangunan yang membawa aktiviti economi ke negeri Johor adalah projek RAPID di Pengerang Johor. Ini adalah projek oil-and-gas di kawasan seluas 2,000 hectar di selatan Johor yang semasa siap pada tahun 2019 akan menjadikan Johor salah satu pusat petro kimia hab yang terbesar di Asia.

    Ini semua adalah perkembangan yang hanya boleh berlaku kerana pemimpin pemimpin kita berhubungan baik dengan Singapore dan negara negara pelabur asing. Dan juga masterplan dan idea idea pemimpin pemimpin kita dan DYMM Sultan Johor.

    Dengan adanya projek projek dan perancangan yang bermatlamat membawa peluang pekerjaan kepada rakyat Malaysia terutama bangsa Johor, maka rakyat Malaysia tidak perlu dan tidak “dipaksa” berkerja di Singapore. Kehidupan kita akan bertambah baik kerana kalau struktur ekonomi Malaysia kekal dan tetap, maka mata wang kita juga akan meningkat dan barang barang impot akan menjadi murah dan kos hidup kita tidak membebankan.

    Jelaslah, jelaslah idea dan fikiran rakyat Malaysia yang bekerja dan tinggal di Singapore yang akan balik mengundi!

    Kita perlu mengikut logik (logic) dan akar kita, bukan mengikut retorik (“rhetoric”) dan suara bising dan cerita menarik daripada ahli poilitik di ceramah ceramah mereka kerana ratus ribu pekerja Malaysia di Singapore memderita setiap hari.

    ENGLISH Version :

    Let’s keep the English version short and “sweet”.

    For about 300,000 to 400,000 Malaysians working and living in Singapore, their predicaments today were results of Tun Mahathir’s policies long back, in the 80s and 90s :

    1. Tun’s unamicable relations with Singapore – The much needed multi-lanes bridge replacing the Causeway was not built. Also missing is a faster and more efficient train service between the two countries to free up the jams at Causeway. For 30 years Malaysians have been suffering daily with the jams going into Singapore in the early morning and leaving Singapore at night. Many are mentally exhausted not just by the workloads but by the amount of time they spent, as much as 4 hours daily, to and from Singapore.

    2. Johor Baru and most part of Johor has very few industries in the 80s and 90s – During 1980s and 1990s, many Asian countries especially Singapore are building many industrial parks to bring in foreign investments and technologies to the country. Johor with bountiful land and close proximity to Singapore for convenience of export of goods is supposed to have the advantage but was not in the development plan by our leader then to compete with Singapore.

    Johor state has missed out on the opportunities to develop and also from any spin-off from the industrialization.
    Therefore many Malaysians, especially the Johoreans have no choice but to work in Singapore.

    3. Tun’s education policies of making many talented Malaysians, especially non bumi of studying overseas and do not put in place initiatives to welcome them back to develop Malaysia. This has resulted in many Malaysians contributing to the development of Singapore instead of Malaysia.

    The damage is already been done and the golden opportunities have left us behind. Malaysia has missed the chance of the 90s to move up a level to the value-added new economy enjoyed by some countries like Singapore. In years 2000 and beyond, China and Vietnam have taken away most of the manufacturing opportunities from Asia, so very few chances left for Malaysia to grab these industries that could help to boost the economy.

    Malaysia’s high cost of living today is mainly due to many bad policies that started long back that have weakened the Ringgit currency. A weaker currency results in expensive import goods and raw materials. Thus domestically foods and basic materials are increasing. If you study Malaysia’s currency versus US Dollar (from RM2.20 to RM3.80 but today is RM3.92; our main import currency) and versus Singapore dollar (RM1.25 to RM2.20 but today is RM2.96), the weakening was serious during Tun’s reign as compared to in recent years because Tun has chased away many foreign investors especially when Ringgit was made an illegal tender outside Malaysia.

  17. RD. Apr 27,2018 3:14 PM


    “Just for argument sake, let’s forget 1MDB for a while ok?”

    You’re must be either dumb or high on something… Dedak most probably.

    When talking about Dr.M’s sort-of U-Turn on Anwar, how can anybody forget Najib’s:-

    – 1MDB-Jho Low, his stepson and DoJ’s biggest ever Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.
    – tenth of Billions unaccounted for
    – Parts & pieces of the country being sold-off to foreigners to pay-off debts
    – Najib & his wife’s extravagant lifestyles
    – Najib’s excessive and wasteful spending of Rakyat’s monies
    – Damaging the image of Bangsa, Agama & Negara by sponsoring thousands of Pak Imams for the Haj, Ya Na Na Na and Salam Rasul concert.
    – etc & etc.

    After-all, if it was not because of 1MDB, today Dr.M would surely be campaigning for UMNO-Najib, just as he did during GE13.

    Muhyiddin, Shafie Afdal and Mukhriz too would still be in UMNO, if not because of Najib’s 1MDB-Jho Low.

    Surely, Dr.M’s teaming-up with the opposition when all other avenues in getting rid of only-Najib, have been exhausted. Therefore, as a last resort, the rotten and corrupt UMNO-Najib must be… ‘pergi mampus lah UMNO-Najib.

    #Yang Sedap Jho Low. Paris Hilton pun dia dapat kongkek.

    Before saying… ‘1MDB had not lost any money’, please ask Arul Kanda to come-up with 1MDB’s Financial Statement for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

  18. Anak.muda Apr 25,2018 11:10 AM

    1.saya peecaya anwar memang pernah melakukan liwat.

    2.didalam kes saiful,kejadian liwat tu dilakukan dengan kerelaan saiful sendiri untuk perangkap anwar.saya percaya ini rancangan najib.

    3.buktinya?mintak biasiswa pelajaran perlu berjumpa najib(timbalan perdana menteri pada waktu itu?siapa saiful tu sampai perlu najib untuk biasiswa?ada bukti gambar sekali dengan najib dipejabatnya.

    4.sumpah saiful tu memang betul dan sah(di dalam masjid dan didepan kaabah).cuma saiful takkan berani bersumpah kalau didalam sumpahnya itu dia perlu berkata dia diliwat tanpa kerelaannya dan dia telah dipaksa oleh anwar.kerana sememangnya dia rela diliwat oleh anwar untuk perangkap anwar.

    5.sebab tu kita boleh nampak anwar memang bermatian tak berani untuk bersumpah.kerana dia memang melakukan perbuatan liwat itu.

    6.manusia ni memang sangat susah untuk berubah kecuali ditimpa bala dan musibah.anwar telah dipenjarakan bertahun-tahun. semoga itu telah mengubahnya.

    7.saidina umar al khattab diketahui ramai sebagai penentang orang islam zaman dahulu.pernah melakukan banyak dosa besar.tetapi setelah dia bertaubat, dia telah diterima orang islam sehingga diangkat sebagai salah satu khulafa arrasyidin.jadi apa maasalah kalau kami menerima anwar yang sudah bertaubat.

    8.anwar nampak sebagai seorang yang berkarisma.ada otak,gandingan anwar dan dr m pada tahun 90an diketahui ramai sebagai zaman emas malaysia sehingga malaysia digelar sebagai asian tiger.

    9.cara berfikir pada saya tidak boleh diubah.orang yang dapat berfikir jauh, dapat berfikir 2-3 lapis adalah satu kurniaan tuhan.kalau kita siakan orang seperti ini,agak sayang.kalau orang otak benak mcm panglima bugis tu,memang berlambak.mati pun takpe orang macam tu, tiada sape yg peduli pun.

    10.saudara ni saya xpastilah samada pemakan dedak, cybertrooper ataupun apa.tapi berdebat dengan pemakan dedak ini memang sia2 sebab pemakan dedak ni hidup dalam penafian.apapun saya ada sedikit nasihatlah untuk pemakan dedak cybertrooper umno ni yang saya pasti ada beberapa orang dalam blog chedet ni.

    11.duit haram hasil dedak tu, saya fikir janganlah bagi pada anak bini.bukan apa,makan hasil dedak ni,hati jadi gelap,otak jadi benak.bila anak xbersalah tu otak jadi benak sebab makan hasil dedak hari2, anta belajar mana2 pun semua x masuk otak.akhirnya bila anak tu dah besar jadi sampah terpaksalah anak tu meneruskan kerjaya ayahnya sebagai macai umno pemakan dedak sebab nak cari kerja lain semua tak layak.akhirnya terjadilah keturunan pemakan dedak…

  19. Sri Sense Apr 25,2018 10:17 AM

    Salam Tun dan semua penyokong PH!

    Sedih dengar berita The Loaf. I hope satu hari nanti kami dapat makan disitu. Miss Tun’s curry.

    Wah sekarang macam2 election guideline timbul, seperti takut dengan Tun M. Perlukah takut kalau dah gerenti boleh menang 100%?

    I sebenarnya tidak attend mana2 ceramah politik. I dah 100% sure tidak vote BN lagi. Ini kali my vote to PH. Dari pemerhatian komen rambang dalam media sosial tampak ramai seperti saya. Saya anggar, kalau BN menang lagi sah ada penipuan besar berlaku.

    Penyokong BN rata2 yang dapat habuan. Money talks. Pernah seorang tokoh korporat hantar whatsapps to me yang jelas anti-Tun dalam video tu. So I tanya dia balik, nie nak against Tun M ada duit ka? The video actually an old video whereby anwar ibrahim ceramah belasah Tun M.

    Sejak ASN, ASB, EPF war warkan betapa banyak duit mereka buat untuk pemegang tabung, I pun lawati mereka yang berkenaan. Ternyata yang buat duit ASB, well dalam market begini no surprise pemegang ASB lebih untung, ASN hampih! EPF? Well the return not too bad, but I would say mereka2 ini cakap lebih, cakap seolah2 the current government bagus sangat dan hidup kita2 ini semua terjamin hingga ke anak cucu.

    Best of luck PH! Kalau BN menang lagi walau dengan cara menipu, apakah tindakan PH seterusnya?

  20. superSepantun Apr 25,2018 10:03 AM

    jom KitaRakyat pengundi ramai pakai baju gambaq
    -Tun M / DS Anwar-
    di hari kempen & undi..!

    -kami mahu keadilan
    -keAdilan untuk RAKYAT
    -Tun PM7
    -bebas Anwar
    -tangkap Jibon

    jebon brpantun nk tuju kt PakLah..
    …”PakLah tak datang”


  21. Tajuddin Apr 23,2018 10:36 PM

    *An Open Letter to Tun Dr Mahathir (Warning! Mature content. Adult supervision recommended)*

    Dear Tun, hi, I am your Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future. I recently purchased a flying DeLorean after getting rid of my Proton. At 88 miles an hour, I went back to 1998 and saw myself sitting next to Tian Chua in front of a FRU truck. I was also about 20 feet away from some very excited people who overturned a car and shouted “Reformasi”.

    Just for argument sake, let’s forget 1MDB for a while ok? Here’s a list of 20 questions from my time travel experience Tun. Please answer them honestly if you can.

    1. Did Anwar screw backside? A simple Yes or No please. (If Yes, go to Q2. If No, go to Q3).

    2. Was it consensual? (Go to Q4 if Yes and Q5 if No)

    3. So you admit it was ‘Fitnah’ all the while? (Go to Q6)

    4. Then you admit to lying since you said he forcefully liwat-ed his driver 15 times right? (yes, we belum lupa the BH headline “Pemandu Anwar mendakwa diliwat 15 kali oleh Anwar”).

    5. So it means it was rape and battery (or was it Apa Namaaa… ‘Buggery’?) So why do you want to release him from prison if you become PM? You mean Buggery is ok now? (In which case I have the right to call you a ‘Buggero PM’).

    6. Ok fine, so it was fitnah. Are you willing to pick up a mike and say this? Dear Malaysians, I, Mahathir bin Mohamad, say Sorry to Malaysians for telling everyone Anwar screw backside when he didn’t.

    7. If Anwar did Bonde Marr people all the time, why invite him back to government? (Your interview in 1998 to CNN/TV3 said “I do not want a Sodomite in my government.”) (go to Q9)

    8. If you did fitnah, then who’s mattress and who’s sperm was that on the mattress? Refer to your list of Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit DNA (oops, I mean Exhibit D) etc.

    9. So you are no longer a homophobic now? Meaning a lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender person can become PM now?

    10. If Anwar did screw backside and that was the reason you sacked him, is he still screwing backside? (If yes, go to Q11. If no, go to Q12)

    11. Who’s backside is he screwing now? (I know it’s none of my business but I just wanna know.)

    12. So he is ‘cured’ of his desire to screw backside? How did he achieve that?

    13. How is Munawar Ahmad Anees doing now? And the Pakistani speechwriter? And what about the Saiful guy? If that’s Fitnah also, then what is Anwar doing in jail now?

    14. If you accepted that screwing backside is not a criteria for Prime Minister, why punch Anwar in the face? Was it a homophobic thing?

    15. If it was only about screwing backside (and nothing to do with the IMF or banks collapsing due to unserviced NPLs and you ending up like your good friend Mohamad Suharto) then why send FRU to shoot tear gas at us?

    16. What were the Reformasi marches all about? Because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a bunch of us holding up Rainbow flags marching for LGBT rights. And banners with cute hashtags like #LoveWins

    17. Why did you send your goons to snatch Anwar in his own home if his only crime was to screw backside? Do you really need a high-level SWAT team to go all the way just to hand over a condom?

    18. Do you plan to revisit 1998 and explain to Malaysians what the backside thing was all about? (If yes, go to Q19. If No, go to Q20).

    19. Are you willing to be punished for a host of consequences for that Fitnah – ranging from false accusation, abuse of power, perjury etc.?

    20. Do you honestly believe Malaysians will now buy your ladder-climbing sandiwara after making a fool out of everyone since 1998?

    *Thiru Jr Karasu*

  22. farock Apr 23,2018 2:53 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Saya sudah jadi peminat Rosmah.Dia mula bercakap benar.Org BN terutama Najib patut ikut nasihat Rosmah!!!
    Dalam ucapan Rosmah di Pantai Dalam beberapa hari lalu,memanggil Nurul Izzah kurang ajar sebab memanggilnya “Rosmah” dan bukan “Makcik Rosmah”.Rosmah berkata org mcm Nurul tidak layak menjadi pemimpin sebab tidak pandai menghormati orang tua.
    Saya amat bersetuju dgn Rosmah.Org yg tidak tahu menghormati org lain terutama org tua tidak layak jadi pemimpin.
    Memegang pada kata2 Rosmah,pemimpin2 BN semuanya tak layak jadi pemimpin termasuk laki Rosmah iaitu Najib.Semua pemimpin BN walau yg biasa kerja bawah Tun panggil TUN dgn panggilan lagi kurang ajar dari panggilan Nurul pada Rosmah.Mereka panggil Tun “mamak”,”maha firaun” dan mcm2 lagi..!!
    So,tak tahu malu ke Najib dan kaki2 dedak lain?Rosmah kata org tak hormat org tua “kurang ajar”,maka korang BN semua kurang ajar dan tak layak jadi pemimpin sb kurang ajar ngan TUN…Itu ROSMAH yg kata bukan saya..

  23. Bungalalang Apr 22,2018 3:09 PM

    Salam Tun..

    Saya ada melihat manifesto PH.. perkataan yg saya cari-cari yg utama bagi saya adalah..

    ” Manifesto PH untuk mempastikan PEKERJAAN KPD RAKYAT ”

    Malangnya tidak terdapat dan tidak termasuk dalam manifesto PH..

    Kekecewaan saya dgn PH menghasil satu impulse yg berfrekuensi tinggi dlm bentuk analague wave menusuk ke jantung yg membawa kesakitan kpd hati jiwa & raga..

    Saya bukan bercakap utk diri saya tentunya..kerana saya sudah pencen dari arena pekerjaan makan gaji dan arena perniagaan.

    Tetapi mengenangkan nasib anak-anak muda yg bersijil, berdiploma & berijazah.. ttp bekerja sbg cashier dan seumpamanya dgn gaji
    Rm 1200.. bayangkan gaji pembantu rumah indonesia pun hampir menyamai..

    Saya jumpa anak jiran yg seusia anak saya.. menjual laksa di kajang ini.. bila saya tanya sudah habis belajar kebelum.. dia menjawab belum pakcik.. 2 tahun sudah belajar di universiti.. dia kata kena cari duit utk bayar semester fee..jadi tangguh sekejap..lagi pun dia kata.. dapat degree pun tak dak kerja jugak pakcikk!!!

    Saya terkenangkan masa dulu.. jauh benaaar dulu lebih baik.. pelajaran & kesihatan adalah sesuatu yg tiada masalah..taken care by government..

    Kemanaaaalaah.. anak-anak kita nak membawa diri dlm negara malaysia yg penuh rasuah ini.. rasuah yg di buat oleh UMNO..yg dibina dan dibentuk oleh keluarga sepupu sepapat…

    Termasuk jugak lah Tun sendiri….

  24. balance Apr 21,2018 10:15 AM

    I think most people know the purpose and noble intention of NEP. But it been abused or wrongly used by some. Anyway any policy that encourage people to get free things without working for it or dont appreciated or dont deserve or given free but dont know how to use in the proper way is not a good happening. What SSLee & uipnky highlighted are good facts and should not be taken as anti this or that. Even Tun agree that many cannot appreciate the free and special education quota given to them.

  25. Hajar Apr 20,2018 5:43 PM

    Salam Dearest Tun,

    Allow me Tun:

    For “uipnky” and those who do not seem to know or understand why NEP was introduced:

    1. Please read the following information regarding NEP. If you want to blame anyone for NEP, you should blame the person who acted as the main ‘engineer’.

    2. Some commentators are so ignorant. Bumiputras quotas (Quota System) for admission to public universities have been removed (a long time ago). As for overseas universities, it’s not that difficult to get accepted (except for those TOP universities); nothing much to be proud of.


    “The New Economic Policy (NEP) (Malay: Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB)) was a social re-engineering and affirmative action program formulated by the National Operations Council (NOC) in the aftermath of 13 May Incident in Malaysia. This policy was adopted in 1971 for a period of 20 years and it was succeeded by the National Development Policy (NDP) in 1991. “

    “The education policy of the NEP is one of the plan’s more controversial points.
    Bumiputras were accorded quotas for admission to public universities until 2002. These quotas were fixed, however, and in later years meant that the Bumiputra were allotted a significantly lower percentage of places originally intended, as the population figures used to calculate the quotas were based on 1970s numbers. Despite this, the quotas were still considered by many non-Bumiputra as unfairly rewarding the Bumiputra. The government removed these quotas in 2003.


    What is the NEP?
    In a simple definition, the New Economic Policy is Malaysia’s socio-economic affirmative action plan. It was implemented in 1971 in the aftermath of the 1969 racial riots, and the period set for the implementation of NEP was 1971- 1990. The overriding objective of the NEP was stated as national Unity. The goal of the NEP was two pronged – one, eradicate poverty; and two, restructure society to eliminate the identification of race with economic function through rapid expansion of the economy over time.

    3. And don’t forget to read about the New Economic Model (NEM):

    ///;'s_New_Economic_Model_Is_the_Malaysian_government_serious_about_economic_liberalisation ):

    “The New Economic Model (NEM) is an economic plan in Malaysia unveiled on 30 March 2010 by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak which is intended to more than double the per capita income in Malaysia by 2020. In summary, this programme aims to shift affirmative action from being ethnically-based to being need-based hence becoming more competitive, market and investor friendly.”

    Thank you Tun. Saya doakan Tun berjaya menawan Langkawi (Putrajaya), dan dilantik menjadi PM Malaysia yang ke-7. Insya Allah.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  26. sibotak Apr 20,2018 9:24 AM

    Malaysia akan datang perlu Kerajaan yg Berkebolihan
    Perlu Kerajaan yg mementingkan kepentingan Malaysia
    Kepentingan hak Bumi Putra
    Tidak tunduk akan Kemahuan Kerajaan Luar
    Bersiap dengan ketenteraan yg kukuh
    Mempunyai Teknologi tersendiri , walau masih membeli senjata dari merata tempat

    Najib Razak bukan Orang nya
    Najib bukan Pemimpin , Tidak berjiwa Politik. Najib Nol
    Najib yg kita lihat menunduk akan kemahuan Kerajaan Luar
    Menunduk pada Amerka dengan membawa Sumbangan bukan sebagai Ahli Politik
    Yg berdiri sama tinggi
    Beliau bangga beliau punyai hubungan baik dengan Singapura
    Tidak seperti hubungan Tun Mahathir dengan Singapore dahulu
    Sebab Najib di PerBudak Budakan ,di Pebodohkan
    Najib senang kena Jotus dengan Kerajaan Luar
    Maka mereka lebih memerlukan Najib Berkuasa
    Seperti Yahudi memerlukan Trump menjadi Boneka Israel

    Sebagai Kerajaan , sebagai Pemimpin
    Kita mesti diri sama tinggi dengan mereka
    Semiskin mana kita pun

    Begiu juga Umat Islam bila bertempur dengan Musuh mesti berdiri Tegak menghadap musush kita dengan memanadang mata mereka .
    Ini lah kegagalan Pemimpin Islam sekarang
    Menunduk tanpa Persiapan
    Seharusnya di Timur Tengah juga di kebanyakan Bumi Islam
    Di kurniakan Hasil Bumi yg bergitu Kaya
    Tapi sayang Umat Isla Lupa & Lalai
    Ummat Islam hayal & lalai
    Tidak menggunakan kekayaannya sebaik nya seperti membangunkan Ketenteraan yg kukuh .Hanya menadah Tangan bukan ajaran Islam sahaja.
    Usaha juga di perlukan

    Seperti hujah President Israel Benjamin Nethanyahu
    Bagus Israel tak punya Minyak
    Jika Israel punya limpahan minyak macam Timur Tengah
    Otak Israel pun akan berminyak macam otak Arab
    Seharusnya Arab mengambil kesempatan akan hasil minyak nya
    Membangukan Ketenteraan bukan sambil lewa yg Kesudahan akan di tawan
    Inilah nasib Syria ,Iraq ,Libya ,Afgan dan kebanyakan Dunia Islam sekarang

    Ajaran Islam tidak pernah melarang membangunkan ketenteraan
    Hanya orang yg permalas sahaja yg akan beralasan sedemikian

  27. asriamong Apr 19,2018 12:48 AM

    Tun M,secara jujurnya saya meminta jasa baik Tun, mempertimbangkan semula calon adun bagi kawasan N05BKH(KUBANG PASU),yang mewakili pakatan harapan.Calon adun ini tidak layak bertanding diatas tiket pakatan harapan,kami di N05 ibarat “lari dari mulut buaya masuk mulut harimau”.Jika benar diwakili oleh adun yang bernama halimaton saadiah bt saad.Untuk pengetahuan Tun,di sini saya serta sebab-sebab mengapa Tun perlu tukar calon pakatan harapan.
    1.pecah amanah duit TEKUN.
    2.Duit khairat kematian Kg changkat setol Lesap semasa suaminya menjadi Jkkk
    3.kalau ds najib ada rosmah,calon ini ada suami yang mengatur dibelakangnya.
    Ada banyak lagi cukuplah setakat 3 sebab mengapa calon tidak layak sama sekali menjadi wakil rakyat kepada penduduk di N05 Bukit kayu hitam.


  28. SSLEE Apr 18,2018 10:20 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allow me to respond to @uipnky post: What Does the Coming GE 14 (PRU14) Mean for Malaysians?

    • O Malaysians!
    • We were once bombed with tear gas canister,
    • We were once sprayed with pepper spray,
    • We were once cannoned with water jet,
    • We were once beaten by police baton,
    • We were once handcuffed,
    • We were once locked up,
    • We were once betrayed by the law,
    • We were once framed by the power that be,
    • We were once forced to make false confession,
    • We were once jailed for fighting injustice,
    • We were once forced to leave Malaysia for better future.
    • We fell,
    • We beaten,
    • We broken,
    • We cried,
    • We crawled,
    • We ran,
    • We hid,
    • We stayed low,
    • No more, not anymore.
    • We never surrender,
    • And never will.
    • Come GE14, We shall rose up like a phoenix from the ashes and kick out the corrupted MO1 and his decadent, Kleptocratic Government.

    Yes these are what we had done during Dr. Mahathir Era of 1981-2003. We had fought a good fight but could not achieve our mission of toppling BN and cleaned our beloved Malaysia off corruption and abuse of power.

    Yes we gave our overwhelming supports to Pak Lah, believing that he can cleaned UMNO off money politics and carried out his reform agenda to curb institution corruption and abuse of power. What a big let-down and disappointment seeing Pak Lah being held ransom by UMNO warlords, by his own family members and close relatives, little Napoleons in his Administration and heavy criticism from Dr. Mahathir. Pak Lah lacks the political will and courage to fulfill his reform agenda as promised in his early days.
    Highlight: Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Malaysia’s longest-serving parliamentarian, in the forward of Welsh and Chin’s book, may have provided some resolution to this burning question:
    So the best way to conclude Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s stewardship of the country is to say that he has failed to live up to the legitimate expectations of the people. People say that he failed miserably to translate the aspiration of the people in wanting real reforms for the country. Perhaps it could be said, he fell into the same trap as many third world leaders as he too succumbed to corrupting tendencies of power.

    As of Najib I can only quote Tun’s blog:
    Najib malu jika Perdana Menteri (PM) Malaysia terdiri dari orang tua berumur 90 tahun lebih.
    Tetapi Najib tak berasa malu apabila Malaysia mempunyai PM yang dunia kenal sebagai kleptokrat, perasuah dan pencuri.
    Negara malu mempunyai Perdana Menteri yang seluruh dunia percaya telah selewengkan berbillion Ringgit duit Kerajaan. Negara malu Malaysia diklasifikasi sebagai negara rasuah dan kleptokrasi. Demikianlah rakyat berasa malu sehingga tidak mengakui rakyat Malaysia apabila ditanya di luar negara.
    Sesungguhnya amat pelik Perdana Menteri Malaysia ini. Apalah nasib rakyat Malaysia mendapat Perdana Menteri yang dipandang hina oleh dunia dan tak tahu malu.
    Najib tak malu; tak malu apabila berjumpa dengan pemimpin negara lain dengan berlagak sebagai seorang yang boleh nasihat pemimpin negara lain.

    The question: Have we made a big U turn to support Tun to be our next PM if PH manages to win GE14?
    Are we out of our minds?
    Are we supporting the same man we had fought so hard to get rid off?
    My answer to these questions is NO. We fought for principles; reform, against corruption, against abuse of power, against injustice and for a better Malaysia and not solely against the man.
    Is Tun now a changed man? I quote below:
    Highlight: Lawyer and human rights activist Azhar “Art” Harun today refuted criticism that the opposition and civil society have abandoned their principles to back Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister.
    Art argued that it was actually Mahathir who has abandoned his old ways to embrace the opposition and civil society’s vision of a just and fair society.
    “It is not a case of Pakatan Harapan (PH) now choosing to play to Dr M’s tune. It is the other way round,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

    The question: What Does the Coming GE 14 (PRU14) Mean for Malaysians?
    Highlight: Karma symbols of endless knot are common cultural motifs in Asia. Endless knots symbolize interlinking of cause and effect, a Karmic cycle that continues eternally.
    We can end this endless knot in GE14 and create a new Karmic cycle where quality leaders with true patriotism, ethical, selfless devotion to duty, complete willingness to dedicate his/her live to the causes of nation-building and raising the peoples’ standard of living, shall rise to replace the corrupt, arrogant, thuggish, selfish, self-enriching, liar, immoral and unprincipled BN politicians and save our beloved Malaysia from being ruined. The choice is in your hand, vote wisely at GE14 and put this in your mind …. “It is either now or never.”

    The many ills of Malaysia today is due to the breaking down of rule of law, the absence of check and balance, and the concentration of too much power on one man (PM).
    I am sick to my stomach reading BN GE14 manifesto; un-shameful self praise, false claimed of 99.4% fulfilled, more promise of “Cash is King” addition handout, patronism and etc. But I am all for the PH manifesto on REFORM

    Highlight: The BN has proudly proclaimed that it has fulfilled 99.4 per cent of promises made in the 2013 general election (GE13), to be precise. (Should BN be charged under anti fake news bill for maliciously spreading false news or false claimed of an outrageous 99.4 % fulfillment?)
    BN has overcooked its self-appraisal, overestimated the electorate’s fear of losing BN patronage and protection, and overplayed its attempt to pass off minor administrative tweaks as significant reforms and anti-corruption efforts.
    Any party scoring 99.4 per cent should be brimming with confidence, but BN’s efforts to engineer vote banks and disrupt voter turnout tell quite the opposite.
    On housing, its promise back then was to build one million affordable units.
    To date, 240,000 have been completed, 280,000 are being built and 590,000 are planned. To qualify this as a fulfilled promise stretches the imagination.
    Highlight: PH GE14 manifesto contains 60 pledges, broken down into five categories or key focuses:
    – Reducing the cost of living for the people;
    – Reforming administrative and political institutions;
    – Enhancing fair and equitable economic growth;
    – Restoring the status of Sabah and Sarawak, in accordance with the Malaysia Agreement 1963; and,
    – Building a Malaysia that is inclusive, moderate and acclaimed worldwide.
    Out of the 60 pledges made by PH in its manifesto, 19 fall under the second core focus – to reform administrative and political institutions, a recognition that, to save Malaysia, it is not enough to capture Putrajaya, but there must be a change to the system by which the nation is governed.
    From what is pledged in the PH manifesto with regard to institutional reform, I believe that the pact offers hope for real reform, which our country so badly needs. The proposed reforms will restore good governance, provide for the effective separation of powers between the branches of government, and guard our nation’s wealth.
    Out of the 19 reforms, I am going to focus only on six, which are, in my view, fundamental pre-requisite to change the system
    – Limiting the power of the PM
    – Restoring the authority of Parliament
    – Free and fair elections
    – Political financing
    – Judicial and legal reform
    – Refining the role of the A-G

    I am looking forward and understand PH promises of abolish the goods and services tax, cheaper first car, reintroduce targeted fuel subsidies, forgive debts, abolish toll and etc will take time to fulfill as government needs to find new source of revenue to balance the budget. I will take these as part and parcel of the election-winning pledges; they are the “carrots”. We must surely understand that unless PH can clinch Putrajaya, the important promise to reform our institutions would be meaningless.
    Given the choice we have in GE14, to choose between the kleptocratic BN, or PAS with its Islamisation agenda, the choice is clear for me. PH is our best hope to rebuild our country, and set it on a course towards unity, justice and prosperity.

    Leaders come and go; it is the system that will determine what kind of leaders we will get in future. We each get what we deserve and I desire for institutional reform to secure our future. It is either now or never as MO1 is abusing the entire institution to save him. Please think of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren future. Please vote PH. We and our descendants deserve a better Government and a brighter Malaysia.
    Moral: The Malays do NOT need Umno-Baru, because Umno-Baru destroys Malays and Islam.

    To whom going back to their hometown or kampong to vote,
    Please tell your Hometown or Kampong elders (Pakcik dan Makcik), MO1 had abused the entire institute, bribed and blackmailed entire UMNO and BN component parties members to pledge their blind royalty to him. UMNO is irredeemable from inside as there are no more good men in UMNO that are not under MO1’s controlled or evil spell. The only way to break the MO1 spell is for all of us to rise to the occasion and cast our sacred votes to PH and free our beloved Malaysia from the clench of evil and reclaim and rebuild our beloved Malaysia.

    MO1 & BN’s Kleptocratic Government had lost the mandate of haven to govern Malaysia again as had been foretold in R.A.H.M.A.N prophecy. It did not happen in GE13 even though opposition wins the majority votes. It is destining to happen in GE14 because the missing stars in GE13, the Tun Dr. Mahathir factor, PPBM, Amanah replaced PAS, PR became PH (PropHecy ) have arrived to complete the jigsaw. All the stars are now on alignment and it is our destiny to fulfill the prophecy as mandated. I now call upon every Malaysians irrespective of Race, Religion and Region to carry out their sacred duty and responsibility to cast their votes.
    Note: It was the 1MDB money that save MO1 and BN in GE13 and it will be the same 1MDB scandal that cause the downfall of MO1 and BN in GE14.This is Karma at work: Actions of individual (cause), influence the future of that individual (effect)
    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE
    Tugas kita yang luhur dan suci dalam Piliharaya ini adalah untuk menebus maruah dan wajah orang Melayu. Kita mesti menegakkan maruah serta kehormatan bangsa dan agama kita di mata dunia. Penyair dan sasterawan agung kita Usman Awang menulis rangkap-rangkap puisi berikut sebagai peringatan tentang perkara ini:
    Our sacred duty in this coming election is to redeem the face of Malays. We must uphold the dignity and honour of our people and our religion in the eyes of the world. Our greatest poet and writer Usman Awang wrote the following verses to remind us of this:

    Ibuku (1984)
    O ibuku sayang
    Di negerimu kau menumpang.
    Sesekali kudengar kau menyanyi
    Pantun tradisi caranya sendiri:
    Siakap senohong,
    Gelama ikan duri,
    Bercakap bohong,
    Tak Boleh jadi Mentri

    O my beloved mother
    In your land you subsist.
    At times I hear you sing
    The traditional pantun, in your own way:
    The sea-perch, threadfin,
    Croaker, catfish,
    He who lies
    Can’t be a Minister

    Jiwa hamba (1949)
    Kalau hidup ingin merdeka
    takkan tercapai hanya berkata
    ke muka maju sekata, maju kita
    melemparkan jauh jiwa hamba.

    If you wish to live free
    Words alone will not suffice.
    [But] press on, united; we will prosper,
    Casting away the enslaved soul.

    Mereka telah bangkit (1967)
    Mereka telah bersuara
    dari bumi tanah air yang subur
    demi Islam yang mengajar hidup berani
    demi janji yang kini telah dimungkiri.
    Mereka sekarang telah bangkit
    Ditengah-tengah gelombang zaman
    Dari keperibadian yang telah tertindas
    Untuk masa depan warisan keturunan.

    They have spoken
    From the fertile soil of their motherland
    For an Islam that teaches courage
    For promises now broken
    Now they have risen
    Amidst the waves of the age,
    From lives once oppressed,
    For the future of their descendants

    Kita mempunyai misi yang suci, dan saya tahu anda semua akan berusaha keras demi rakyat Malaysia. Marilah kita bersikap berani dan membuang pemikiran hamba. Marilah kita membina semula harga diri dan maruah rakyat dan negara kita. Dengan demikian, barulah dunia melihat kita dengan lebih baik dan menghormati kita.
    We have a sacred mission, and I know you will do your best for the people of Malaysia. Let us be brave and discard the slave mentality. Let us restore the pride and dignity of our people and country. The world will then look more kindly and respectfully upon us.

  29. musato Apr 18,2018 9:06 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Aiyoo…cam mana mahu bersara ni.

    Tun mengaku pasukan Tun tak pernah lalui keadaan macam ni. Pengalaman yang baru.

    Bagus jugak Tun suruh Hj Hadi tu berenti masuk politik. Saya pun suka kalau Hj Hadi pencen, jadi ustaz je la kat kampung atau sekolah sekolah. Tapi ajar yang betullah.

  30. balance Apr 17,2018 8:01 PM

    Yes I totally agree those policies destroy malays and malaysia. I think Tun realised all that you mentioned and he already said education will not be free as many will not appreciate it.

    Everyone can do mistakes and what is important is to realise it and try to correct it. I think Tun is desperate to correct his mistakes before he is incapable to.

    Hope many more will wake up and drop those racial and religious thingy promoted by evil politicians.

  31. adelheid Apr 17,2018 5:03 PM

    Dear Tun,

    The last days of Parliament.. we will make sure ZERO vote for BN. This time we will come out no matter how far we will strike action and give victory to PAKATAN HARAPAN. Pray that God be with us.

    Tun, about The Loaf, my family and I we will miss the cranberry cheese, mushroom danish, tuna danish. Please reopen bakery when things are okay under new government.

    Tun, I can’t help feeling disgusted at SPRM claim that their official has received peluru hidup and ugutan? Why no names? Iye betul ke? Setahu kami Pengerusi BERSIH yang pernah terima semua ni. Pembangkang yang menerima ugutan ini dan bukannya talibarut kleptokrat ini. Maybe they think rakyat are too stupid to think? Well let’s see on 9th May.

    Tun, do take good care of yourself your safety your health. We are all with you and PAKATAN HARAPAN. I pray that God be with us.

  32. zulu Apr 17,2018 10:40 AM

    @uipnky…if you think people will buy your story, then you are called a “filtered fool”…

    Don’t you know Badawi spent govt money to buy luxury yacht for his new wife???!!
    I agree, he is not to the extent of Najis, but he also became corrupted after became PM…

    But Najis is at the top. Sold Malaysia already to China…while China claims right to Islands that belongs to Malaysia.

  33. Hammy Apr 17,2018 6:09 AM

    Good morning Tun,

    I am a first time voter….exactly for those reasons you have listed above. I have always had no issues with the government in the last 60 years, till of late. I can no longer stand aside and watch my country go down with Najib. Gratefulness and thankfulness is all i can say to you for all the effort you are putting in for us. You should be enjoying your retirement years…you dont have to do this but you are…so there should be no question whatsoever, why we, the rakyat should stand aside and not do anything.

    I pray for your good health and well-being, Tun. God bless

  34. musato Apr 16,2018 11:35 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya harap semua orang bergembira dengan bubarnya parlimen bagi membolehkan kita semua mengundi.

    Kini kuasa ditangan rakyat.

    Samada BN menang atau PH menang, saya harap PH menang bagi membolehkan siasatan jenayah pecah amanah ke atas Najib dapat dijalankan.

    Selepas ini saya juga berharap saya dapat berehat dari menulis lagi di sini secara sukarelawan.

    Saya mengaku, saya takut untuk berharap/meminta/berdoa sesuatu kepads Allah swt, kerana saya tidak tahu samda perkara yang saya minta itu baik bagi diri saya atau tidak (setelah lalui pengalaman yang menakjubkan ini).

    Tapi sesungguhnya Allah swt Maha Mengetahui akan isi hati hambaNya. Ia tidak boleh disorok dari Sang Pencipta.

    Saya berharap/meminta/berdoa akan itu. Semoga ia tetap membawa kebaikan bagi diri saya sendiri.

    Malaysia mengamalkan demokrasi berparlimen.

    Najib boleh menipu dalam pilihanraya. Tetapi sebagai pembangkang dan orang yang menurut perintah Allah swt, dengan segala usaha Tun Mahathir dan rakan rakan beliau, yang saya fikir adalah mengikut undang undang sivil dan syarak, semoga usaha kita semua ini akan beroleh keuntungan.


    Tak sabar tunggu 9 Mei 2018.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  35. zulu Apr 16,2018 10:48 AM

    Najis is cancerous to Malaysia. He made every govt. entity a corrupted. Malaysians should choose wisely now.

  36. zulu Apr 16,2018 10:46 AM

    If ROS behaves like this…it’s not right to expect a fair election. Since those in ROS deciding authority drink milk from MO1’s hippopotamus.

    If Malaysians really need their future to be bright, they need to chase this thief first by using this opportunity. Otherwise Malaysia don’t have hope of becoming Asian tiger again and Najis will bankrupt Malaysia before goes to cemetry.

  37. sibotak Apr 16,2018 5:06 AM

    PRU menjelang tiba
    Tiba bukan untuk BerHari Raya
    Tibanya untuk Kepentingan kita bersama
    Untuk kita juga untuk masa depan anak cucu kita

    Ia serupa Anak yg baru lahir
    Putih ,Bersih tidak Berdosa
    Kerajaan yg sempurna yg bakal mencorakkan nya
    Hitam ke Putih ,Jaya atau Terlingkup
    Pisau Mertimun di tangan kita
    Kita di pertanggung jawabkan bersama
    Gelombang & cabaran hidup akan berluasa
    Di sinilah terletak Keimanan , Keteguhan Konsep hidup kita

    Siapa menang bukan ukurannya
    Yg penting kita punya Kerajaan yg Berwibawa
    Kerajaan yg mementingkan Hak kita
    Mementingkan Anak sendiri dari menyusu Anak Kera di Hutan
    Anak Kera di Hutan masih kita berikhsan semampu kita

    PRU ini lebih menimbulkan sengketa antara Najib & Tun Mahathir
    Perantaraan Kaca & Permata

    PRU ini akan mencerminkan
    Kenyataan Cash is King atau
    Keikhlasan Kejujuran adalah Matlamat hidup kita

    PRU ini adalah pilihan yg amat berbeza
    Amat senang dipilih , amat senang jawapannya . It is an easy answer
    Semua sudah ada jawapan masing masing
    Cuma menunggu tiba di Pangkar

    PRU ini membandingkan Siapa PM kita yg kita ingin pilih
    Pasangan yg jauh jurang bezanya
    Perantaraan Langgit & Bumi
    Intan & Kaca
    Perantaraan Tun Mahathir, Siti Hasmah dengan Najib & Rosmah
    Diantara si Tua yg BerIlmu , Berakhlak dengan
    Yang Bukan pun Muda yg tak sedar diri
    Tidak Berilmu , Tidak Berakhlak

    Dia antara si Tua yg menjaga Kesehatan , Fit & Slim
    Dengan si bukan si Muda tak sedar diri , agak Tua jugalah
    Yg Gemuk & Berpenyakit . Nak Bangun dari Kerusi pun Susah

    Di antara Kaca & Permata
    Sudah ketara kelihatan bezanya
    Walau Kaca ini di siram , di bersihkan dengan Cash is King
    Kilauannya sudah Pudar , Gosok macam mana pun tidak bolih kilat
    Berbeza Si Permata yg sudah usang Tua
    Walau agak Pudar Kelihatan , tapi bila di gosok
    Bersinar Kilauannya , menusuk di Kalbu

    PRU in bakal menonjolkan
    Bapa tubuh UMNO
    Anak Kubur UMNO
    Sudah pun menonjolkan
    Bapa beri Beras
    Anak tabur Dedak pada UMNO

    Yg penting PRU ini
    Tidak bolih dibenarkan Penipuan , Perpecahan , Perbelahan di antara kita
    Maka Polis juga mungkin Tentera amat perlukan

    Bertaburan Bendera bukan ukuran Kemenangan
    Yg tidak perlu di pertikaikan seperti yg sudah kelihatan di berita kini
    Berjuta Bendera UMNO atau Bendera Pakatan tidak akan menyentuh hati
    Yang diambil kira adalah Akhlak , Ilmu & Pengalaman
    Siapa yg akan kita pilih
    Satu Bendera yg di tibarkan dengan Bermaruah
    Amat akan lebih kelihatan dan di hormati
    Dari Berjuta Bendera yg di tibarkan begitu saja
    Hujungnya ke tong Sampah jua

  38. uipnky Apr 15,2018 5:15 PM

    What Does the Coming GE (PRU14) Mean for Malaysians ?

    1) To Elect a “Clean” Leader for Malaysia ?

    Undeniably this is what the oppositions and Tun Mahathir are trying to “sell” to the Malaysian voters in this coming GE.

    Maybe people have short memory, Malaysia already have a “Clean” Leader, Tun Abdullah Badawi, nicked “Mr Nice Guy” who were pressured (maybe “forced” is the right word) to resign by Tun Mahathir in 2009. Tun Abdullah Badawi is a well-liked PM among all the races, the Chinese, the Malays, the Indians, and the East Malaysians. He garnered a popular vote of 63.9% and achieved the biggest win for BN since 1978 (before Tun Mahathir’s reign).

    Why Tun Abdullah Badawi, a Clean leader needs to be openly “criticized and bashed” by his major critic(s) and pressured to resign ? Some reports suggested that the main reason was because some influential politician(s) and his/their families/cronies did not get the lucrative government projects.

    The point I am trying to put across here is that “Politic is very dirty. Do not trust what the Politicians Tell You”. Politicians will spread all the propaganda and “tricks” to win you over so that they can be in power and achieve their own political goals and agenda.

    I am using Tun Abdullah Badawi as an example to illustrate my point because everyone knows about his story and it was happening before our very own eyes. The only thing missing was we were too busy with our own living that we do not have the time to think and analyze the episode.

    Politicians and NGOs out there, you always want to promote human rights and democracy, so how do you explain the Tun Abdullah Badawi’s episode? Did you let some senior politician(s)/individuals overwrite democracy and took away the voters’ rights and voters strongly endorsed leader?

    Here you come again, talking about democracy, human rights and clean GE when we threw away what we already have, a clean leader democratically chosen.

    2) To Elect A Leader with Policies That Improve Our Lives and for Better Future

    I will save the detailed policies discussion for my future post. But let’s warm up with some of my observations how past policies have affected the Malaysian lives.

    a) As you are aware over the last 30 years from the 80s, many Malaysians did their studies overseas. The Chinese and Indians especially, have been prevented from going into the local universities by the Quota System imposed by the government education policies. The brighter Malay students are sent overseas under government scholarships because the government wants them to be the leaders in respective fields and government sectors. The local universities accept mainly the remaining not so “bright” Malay students.

    b) As you are aware the government’s Dasar Economy since the 80s have been encouraging the Malays to participate in businesses by giving them the various loans and government grants. The government also set up workshops and institutions to facilitate them acquiring the required skills and expertise in various fields from agriculture to IT to engineering.

    Let’s look at the side effects and undesired results of the above policies :
    1) In the 80s Malaysia was in a critical stage of nation building after many years away from the British influence and parted with Singapore. The economic and education policies of government then resulted in what we are today. The overseas educated Chinese and Indians have been mainly living abroad especially in Singapore and Australia because the government then have left them to fend for themselves and did not have policies or plans to utilize their expertise in the country.

    2) The local university graduates are not competitive, not to the level that the open economy wants because the quota is there to help them to gain entry into the university courses regardless of the grades and many of the students are not passionate about their studies.

    3) The quota system is having serious effects on the economy because the education system is not producing the expertise or technical knowhow the industry required. Imagine a university takes in 100 students for engineering just because the quota allows it. Most of the 100 students are not passionate about engineering. When these students graduate, they either will not do engineering jobs or the employers do not find them the people with the right expertise or passions to take up the jobs. So the tax payers’ money or the government’s education resources are unnecessarily wasted while creating a shortage of required expertise in the industry.

    4) The Dasar Economy Baru policies spearheaded by the government then also failed to produce entrepreneurs and Malay individuals with the technical know-hows. Billions of government funds are wasted on these wrong policies not because the policy ideas were wrong because the government were too focused on racial line. I am sure if the policies were more open or by also allowing the Chinese and Indians to participate and impart their respective knowledge and expertise while encourage some level of competitions, the Dasar Economy for the Malay entrepreneurs will be very successful today. But it is not the case.

    Conclusion :
    Tun’s then government policies have made us who we are today. The Malays have become less competitive today not because of whom they are but because of the disastrous government policies that put them in a non-competitiveness and protected environment for so long. The Chinese and Indians have no choice but to leave Malaysia, to find a living overseas because of the wrong government policies that do not appreciate talents. The East Malaysians were completely marginalized by the government and are totally left out in the development.

    In short, our today’s destiny was already been shaped by Tun Mahathir long ago before we know it.

    The political landscape today is the finished or semi-finished product courtesy of Tun.

    Tun is now offering himself to be the future PM together with people he once condemned and humiliated publicly – the DAP top leaders whom he once put to jail under his draconian laws, and the Dato Seri Anwar whom he condemned as immoral to be leader and jailed for several years.

    Do you think Malaysians should re-live Tun’s regime once more for the coming GE ?

  39. Hajar Apr 15,2018 3:46 PM

    Salam Dearest Tun,

    Tun, DS Mukhriz, TS Muhyiddin, DS Syafie, etc. must contest in both Parliament and DUN Constituencies during the 14th GE.

    I believe Tun will definitely win both seats, Insya Allah. Don’t waste this opportunity.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  40. SSLEE Apr 15,2018 10:44 AM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    MO1 must be so scared, frightened and wet himself now. Tun had pre-warned that by hook and most certainly by crook MO1 must win. Tun don’t give in or feel disheartening otherwise we are handing victory to MO1 in a silver platter. Please go back to the drawing board and come out with alternative plan. We are all with you.
    Tun please allow me to post: An open letter to the incumbent Kepong MP Dr. Tan Seng Giaw and Penang CM Lim Guan Eng (RCI on 1MDB) on the important of holding RCI on 1 MDB

    Dear YB Dr.Tan Seng Giaw,
    Let me refer to The Star report below regarding your feeling about being dropped from defending your Kepong seat.
    As a concerned and grateful Malaysian, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service to your Kepong Constituency and your promise to continue speak up and assist the Kepong folks the best you could despite your exit from politics after serving eight terms as Kepong MP.
    I would also like to thank you for your commendable service given to your DAP party all this while where you always speak your mind and heart. It is understandable your sentimental and passion for the DAP Rocket logo which embodies all the struggle for the past 52 years.

    I am very sorry to hear that your view on 1MDB earned you the brickbats from social media users, with many branding you a “traitor” and a “running dog” and some even went as far to insult your ancestors (I appeal to all please stop such insults). I could empathize with your feeling from my past experience when I was seeking help in i3 investor public forum. I received many comments some are helpful and some are hurtful but I thank them all as that experience has strengthen my resolve and toughen up my determination.

    I am glad to hear that you had move past (Ops Lalang) and did not hold any grudges against Dr Mahathir for detaining you under the now abolished Internal Security Act (ISA) during 1987. I respect your principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty and the need for rule of law.
    Titled: A letter to Tun Dr. Mahathir and all Malaysians; “Rule of law: Rule of man: Rule by man”
    I refer to the above blog on the rule of law. Is BN government affirmed and practicing the rule of law? Or more draconic laws had been enacted by the BN controlled legislators to abuse rule of Law? Is Gerrymandering rule of law?
    I zoom-in to The Star report Highlight as below:
    “If you want to prove the person guilty, find the evidence,” said Dr Tan on Tuesday (April 10).
    He said that when he was the PAC deputy chairman, he had read through the Auditor General’s report many times.
    Dr Tan said during the time when the PAC met, it was difficult to tie Finance Minister and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to the issue.
    “At that time there was no DOJ (US Department of Justice) report yet. It was the Sarawak Report, and that is not evidence. That is just perception reportage,” he said.
    I can imagine how difficult it was with limited information given and many more not given, major players were not called to testify, time limitation and many obstacles you need to overcome to complete the PAC report. I believed that you have done your best to find out the truth and nothing but the truth.
    Highlight: Of the PAC’s recommendations, it is the investigation of 1MDB’s former CEO that carries the most significance. A comprehensive, unbiased investigation may throw some light on issues such as why the 1MDB management acted without approval from the board of directors on several occasions or why it did not adhere to directives from the board. Perhaps a forensic analysis of the decision-making process may reveal aspects of 1MDB governance which hitherto have not surfaced. (Is this recommendation followed up by the Malaysia Authorities?)
    The public would also like to know why a state-owned company chose a business model which relied almost totally upon debts to finance its investments. As a result, 1MDB accumulated massive debts to the tune of 50 billion ringgit as at January 2016. Though assets were marginally higher, it was an unsustainable model in which, as the PAC noted, “The level of debts and interest is too high compared to the cash flow of the company.”
    Highlight: Guess how many countries investigating 1MDB?
    Highlight: If there is any scandal worth a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) now, it must be the 1MDB scandal. The rest of the world is taking action, but Putrajaya appears to fantasize an Arabian nights’ tale that all is well. – July 12, 2017
    Highlight: Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Friday (Mar 23) that the Public Accounts Committee’s (PAC) report on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) had concluded that he did not commit any offence.
    Highlight: Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani was reported to have said that 1MDB would fight the case and would never settle. He further said: “We want to see them in court. Let the arbitrator see our documents.” But that was in 2016. In 2017, the government seemed to make a huge and drastic U-turn. Although it was previously confident of winning the case, 1MDB suddenly agreed to settle the dispute. And, in fact, it paid the first payment in the sum of US$ 602.725 million to IPIC sometime in August this year as part of the terms of settlement.
    Highlight: Last year, Deloitte Malaysia had withdrawn its endorsement for the March 2013 and March 2014 financial statements, which it had prepared.

    Dear YB Dr. Tan Seng Giaw,
    With the hindsight of current evidences produced above, I hope you can now view the PAC report in a different light and be truth to your principle and declare that you withdraw your endorsement for the PAC report and admit that the only way to find out the truth and nothing but the truth is to hold a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on 1MDB. I will be very grateful if you are ready to do so and help to introduce your successor to Kepong folks. I thank you.

    I had to tell you the truth that I am no fan of LGE, LKS and NKM who come across as arrogance fighters, everyday challenging people to a fight as if they have no wrong and their supporters will support them no matter what? This has scared off many Malays and causes DAP to be seen as a Chinese chauvinism party. They lack the soft touch, the human skill, the humility, the empathy that can feel people’s heart and touch people’s soul and readily assist people to solve their problems the best they could.

    Dr. Tan Seng Giaw had reminded me of another former DAP stalwart Lee Lam Thye, both of you are the working ants for DAP where both of you have the soft touch, the human skill, the humility, the empathy that can feel people’s heart and touch people’s soul. Both of you would have been excellent leaders in time of peace. But in time of war, we do need leaders like LGE, LKS and NKM to plan and strategize how to fight and win the war.

    Chairman Mao of China was a fighter, a revolutionist and a military strategist. He was able to defeat and win the war against Chiang Kai Shek of KMT but his reign as the Chairman of the Communist party having absolute power over People’s Republic of China almost starved his own people to death and push back the development of China for many decades.
    Fortunately Deng Xiaoping was able to take over the leadership as President of People’s Republic of China. Deng have the attribute of the soft touch, the human skill, the humility, the empathy that can feel people’s hardship and pain. With Deng’s open policy and wisdom, China had caught up with its lost decades and is on its way to become the new world superpower, a fully developed country and the world biggest economy. My hope is the current President Xi has the wisdoms of Deng in how to deal with his neighbor countries.

    Note: Another DAP leader whom I admire and respected most is the late Karpal Singh who I am sure will be a great leader in time of War or in time of Peace.
    Title: HENGYUAN: We make history: GE14 will we make history? A tribute to the late Karpal Singh.

    My hope if PH mange to win GE14 and to form the federal Government the PH leaders must have the wisdom of choosing leaders with above attribute in the cabinet and not dividing the war bounty among the warlords which will make PH no different from the BN.
    I am hoping that LGE can walk the talk of two term limit for CM and announce it before GE14 that he will not resume the post of Penang CM and will let a local Penangite to take over the CM post if PH manage to form the next State government.

    Dear YB Mr. Lim Guan Eng,
    Please learn humility and be humble and showed some respect to the veteran DAP HEROES and for god sake please stop your supporters or opponents to call you “tokong”. We are all human beings with our share of weakness and could have done something wrong or hurt someone without we even knowing it. Please also walk the talk and tell the Penang people that you are ready now to hand over the CM post to Penangite otherwise BN will attack your credibility and most likely Penangite who long for a local Penangite to lead them might spoil their vote in your state seat to show their displeasure.

    Dear BN Supporters,
    If you chose BN, I respect your choice. But please insist on your BN candidates that if they manage to form the federal Government they must set up RCI on 1 MDB. 1MDB scandal had gone worldwide and as expatriates working oversea, we have had endured enough ridicule from our local or international visitors when the topic of discussions turns into politics and 1 MDB. It is almost like a rope over our neck that we feel like we cannot breathe anymore. Only RCI can tell the truth and nothing but the truth which will even vindicate MO1 if he had done nothing wrong and hopefully that RCI can restore the good name of Malaysia in the eyes of the whole world and save us Malaysians from been ridiculed from every corner. To whom going back to their kampong to vote please explain the 1MDB scandal to your Kampong elders and tell them if they want to vote BN then the BN candidate must make firm promise of RCI on 1MDB otherwise vote PH. I thank you.

    Lastly I include the below blog for your perusal.
    Titled: Dear all Malaysians, a letter to Tun Dr. Mahathir KARMA & GE14

    Thank you
    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  41. musato Apr 14,2018 12:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Untuk pengetahuan bagi yang mengikuti penulisan saya, apabila saya meceritakan berkenaan tasawuf sebenarnya saya lebih terarah kepada sebuah kitab pada fikiran saya, iaitu Kitab Hikam yang ditulis oleh Ibnu Atthaillah As Sakandari.

    Adalah diceritakan bahawa Tok Pulau Manis Terengganu, Syeikh Abdul Malik (1650an) telah menterjemahkan dan membawanya kitab Hikam ini ke alam Melayu setelah didesak oleh sahabat sahabat beliau.

    Kitab Hikab terkenal kerana ia adalah sebuah kitab yang terkandung di dalamnya segala rahsia pengetahuan untuk menuju ke hadrat Illahi.

    Kitab Hikam dikenali sebagai kitab ilmu laduni.

    Ilmu laduni seperti yang dikisahkan dan difahami dalam Al Quran di antara Nabi Musa as dan Nabi Khidir as.

    Pada pengamatan saya, Mufti WP kita iaitu SH Zulkifli Al Bakri adalah orang yang aktif dalam menulis berkenaan tasawuf terjemahan Kitab Hikam dan mempunyai rancangan di televisyen dalam menterjemahkan melalui penerangan kata kata hikmah kitab Hikam ini.

    Malah di dalam akhbar juga terdapat terjemahan dan penerangan kata kata hikmah melalui terjemahan dari kitab tersebut oleh ustaz yang mengelolakannya.

    Pada pendapat saya. Saya yakin Rasullalah saw itu ‘ummi’ – tidak tahu membaca dan buta huruf. Tetapi setelah dibimbing oleh wahyu dan ilmu pengetahuan dari Allah swt, tiada yang setanding dengan kekasih hati kita Muhammad Rasul Allah.

    Begitulah juga dengan ilmu laduni. Tiada yang berhak mengajarnya tanpa kitab melainkan itulah anugerah dari Allah swt.

    Semoga penulisan ini bermanafaat bagi seluruh umat yang dibenarkan.

    Assalamualaikum Ya RasulAllah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  42. HouseWife Apr 14,2018 10:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya rasa sedih dan binggung paling tepat rasa malu melihat Bangsa Melayu masih tidak berubah2, masih tidak dapat memahami apa itu toleransi, persepakatan, persahabatan dalam perjuangan. Mungkin masih tercari2…mencari pengertian apa yang sebenar diperjuangkan? Kenapa? Untuk apa? Untuk siapa?

    Mereka terjun dalam perjuangan Tun tanpa benar2 gengam pengertian intipatinya. Mereka tidak benar2 selami maksud perjuangan Tun dan Bersatu. Apakah yang mereka mengerti dengan Tun sanggup jadi sasaran tohmahan, maki hamun, celaan, hinaan? Tun boleh buat buta, bisu dan pekak apabila maruah negara dicarik2 sedikit demi sedikit oleh jenayah korupsi dan rompakan wang negara sesuka hati dan penipuan berkali2 oleh pemimpin2 yang tidak amanah dan jujur. Namun lihat sekarang…seorang tua berumur 92 tahun lagi berani dan gagah perkasa daripada anak2 muda Bangsa Melayu yang pengecut, penakut berhadapan dengan realiti iaitu takut dan lemah melawan penjenayah2 didepan mata malah memuji memuja dan menyokong mereka yang terang2 telah membohong, menipu dan mencuri.

    Kenapa Bangsa Melayu masih biar diri diperangkap oleh penguasaan tamak haloba, hasad dengki, cemburu, memuja2 kedudukan, pangkat, wang ringgit? Mereka kata mereka tidak puas hati…apa maksud itu? Disebabkan penguasaan tamak, dengki, marah dan cemburu hilang segala pertimbangan. Hilang…luput segala sebab mengapa mereka satu masa bersama Tun dalam Bersatu.

    BERSATU…apa tujuan Bersatu? Apa maksud Bersatu? Apakah mereka mengerti apa yang diperjuangkan oleh Bersatu? Betul2 mengerti? Apa hak mereka merobek pengharapan kami yang diberi kepada Bersatu…kepada Tun yang paling memahami isi hati Bangsa Melayu yang konon tidak berpuas hati ini. Yang hanya Tun pinta mereka bersatu hati berjuang bersama Tun dalam Bersatu. Itu pun jikakalau mereka mengerti apa yang mereka perjuangkan.

    Mentaliti Bangsa Melayu…sudah sampai tahap mana? Masih anggap wang itu kuasa…boleh beli hati manusia, boleh menebus kesesalan? Begitu sekali mentaliti Bangsa Melayu yang beraja wang ringgit, yang berkuasa dengan wang, yang berkedudukan tinggi dan dipandang mulia hanya semata2 kerana wang berlimpah ruah. Dan dengan wang berlumba2 menuntut ketaatan dan kesetiaan malah kecintaan dan pemujaan.

    Tun dan Bersatu telah memulakan langkah pertama, dan seterusnya anak2 dan cucu2 akan meyambong dan menyempurnakan langkah2 Tun untuk mendapat titik noktah dengan kemenangan untuk negara tercinta.

    Semoga Allah lindungi Tun selalu dan jaga kesihatan Tun baik2. Terima kasih Tun.

  43. aby9x Apr 14,2018 1:28 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Peringatan ringkas untuk Tun tentang Anti Fake News yg antara strategi BN untuk digunakan ke atas Tun. Dimana apa-apa tentang 1MDB yg tidak diverified oleh kerajaan najib is fake news.

    Macai2 najib sedang mengumpul org untuk buat report ke atas video yg menyebarkan tentang 1mdb selepas Akta ni berkuatkuasa.

    So please Tun gunakan ayat yg boleh dimanipulate seperti bertanya “?”

    Funsgis akta ni bukan untuk social media sangat tp untuk tangkap calon2 pru PH nanti sbb tu terdesak nak luluskan sebelum parlimen bubar, Tun tolong nasihat semua calon2 PH :’D

    Langkah terdesak oleh Be-end diambang kekalahan.

  44. Hajar Apr 13,2018 9:54 PM

    Salam Dearest Tun,

    Wow! TMJ ‘belanja’ the ‘rakyat’ (worth 1 million Ringgit)!

    I wonder when would PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor ‘belanja’ the ‘rakyat’ with his hard-earned ‘halal’ money… He’s a billionaire…

    Hidup TMJ! Hidup PM Najib! (for now…)

    PM Najib is so afraid to face Tun in a fair election even though everyday he keeps telling the people that Tun is too old to be our PM. He should be ashamed of himself!

    Only a coward (‘bacul’) would use dirty tactics to prevent an ‘old man’ from contesting fairly in the 14th GE.

    Thank you Tun.

    P/S: Kesian tengok (di TV) orang yang berebut-rebut nak dapatkan barangan percuma (sedekah)…

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  45. asahamat Apr 13,2018 12:03 AM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Adalah satu kejutan bagi Bersatu diterima baik oleh PH. Kedua, Tun menjadi kejutan BN bila PH lantik Tun jadi Pengerusi PH. Kemudian kejutan seterusnya adalah Tun In Shaa Allah jadi PM semula pada 10 Mei, 2018.

    (2) Kejutan yg paling tidak siapa duga, adalah bila semua dlm PH sanggup menggunakan lambang PKR utk bertanding.

    (3) Tun, come 28 April, PH harus membuat “a killing shock” utk BN. Make it on the day, not earlier or later. Perkara ini, boleh dilakukan oleh “your oldest political enemy”. Saya rasa, “dia” adalah probably the -ve 5-10% factor for PH winning of the GE14. Mudah2an dia sedar n Tun faham maksud saya dan Tun boleh go-heart-2-heart dgn beliau utk buat kejutan maut itu.

    (4) “Dia” sudah membina musuh dlman bagi dirinya, namun dia juga boleh bertanggungjawab secara hormat. In Shaa Allah Tun, if you can get to my meaning, PH will be in Putera Jaya come 10 May 2018.

    (5) “Dia” harus menjadi panglima yg menang perang tanpa menembak sebutir pelurupun.

  46. rimba.emas Apr 12,2018 10:55 PM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Wahai rakyat Malaysia janganlah kita biarkan diri kita buta hati dalam Politik negara.

    2. Kita tidak mahu ambil bahagian dalam Politik sebab ada rakyat anggap Politik itu kotor.

    3. Seperti mana Tun hadapi sekarang ini penuh tipu daya untuk mencantas Parti lawan yang hendak menang buat pertama kali.

    4. Untuk menyertai Politik tidak lebih kerana inginkan kekuasaan.Justeru janganlah kita biarkan ia di kuasai pihak yang tidak baik boleh membawa bencana pada agama, bangsa dan negara.

    5. Dahulu kita tidak pernah lalui lagi sebab itu kita lebih berjaya dari negara jiran serumpun Melayu. Kini negara jiran lebih berjaya kerana tiadanya lagi pemimpin yang membenarkan ideologi komunis menguasai negara mereka.

    6. Kepada yang sentiasa menjadikan sejarah lama sebagai panduan berwaspada dari berlakunya perkara -perkara buruk dari terjadi lagi.

    7. Sebagai mana peristiwa yang di ceritakan dalam al – quran sebagai tauladan atau panduan kepada manusia untuk di jadikan iktibar.

    8. Sejarah negara Indonesia pernah melahirkan seorang tokoh pemidato terbaik dan di lantik sebagai Presiden. Bila di resapi pengaroh komunis dalam dirinya menyebabkan ramai golongan agamawan yang menentang di penjarakan.

    9. Keadaan negara kita sekarang tidak lebih atau kurang ada persamaan pada masa pemerintahan Presiden Indonesia tersebut. Kepada yang tahu sejarahnya pasti tahu nama pemimpin tetsebut.

    10. Rimba Emas tidak suka menyebut namanya sebab mungkin menguris perasaan pengikut setianya.

    11. Rasullullah s.a.w seorang pembawa kebenaran sendiri pun mempunyai musoh inikan pula seorang jahat tentulah ada penyokongnya.

    12. Presiden ini akhirnya di tolak sehingga kembalinya pemimpin-pemimpin agamawan bebas dari tahanan dan ilmu ketuhanan kembali berkembang yang berteraskan KEBENARAN.

    13. Ubahlah bila kita di beri secebis kuasa memilih wakil rakyat yang tidak membenarkan ideologi komunis kedalam negara kita.

    14. Ingatlah ideologi komunis ini tidak percayakan tuhan yang jauh sekali dengan fahaman kita yang percayakan tuhan. Golongan ideoloji komunis ini sudah tentu tidak takut pada tuhan sehingga boleh buat perkara yang tuhan larang.


  47. amd trmz Apr 12,2018 5:18 PM


    Tun dah tgk ke tun… betapa susahnya rakyat kita sekarang. TMJ belanja tun!.

    Kalau rakyat masih meneruskan KEBODOHAN dgn memilih Nejib lg..
    Tun berehat la tun

  48. Cal Apr 12,2018 4:25 PM


    Manalah Najib will give you a new election?

    Even at your time, no offence, did ISA prisoners like Kit Siang and Mat Sabu given a chance to defend himself?


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