** In an earlier release, the date on paragraph nine read 28th of May. It should read 28th of April as in this statement. The error is regretted.**

1. The Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) and Vista Jet have refuted my accusations that there was sabotage involved when the plane I was going to fly to Langkawi had problems with its front wheel.

2. But they admit there was some leakage of fluid from the front wheel which means that the front wheel cannot steer the plane.

3. This is a very serious thing, because it may result in the plane going off track when taking off or landing. But fortunately, the pilot discovered the leak before the plane took off, and told me that he cannot fly in that condition.

4. He told me he would try to repair it but after some time, he said that it cannot be repaired.

5. The statement that another plane was offered is sheer nonsense, because after I found the plane could not fly, we tried to borrow from friends with private aircraft.

6. I contacted three friends. Normally they would lend me their aircraft. But this time they refused to lend their aircraft, and one of them indicated that he is under pressure not to lend me his aircraft.

7. I also read that the plane was my private jet. That is also a lie. I do not have RM2.6 billion in my account to spend on a private jet or a yacht.

8. Neither did the CAAM do anything nor did it provide any alternative plane.

9. So combining the two facts – that the plane is damaged and cannot fly and I cannot get my friends to lend me their plane – it is logical to believe that there is a deliberate attempt to stop me from going to Langkawi. If I had wasted more time I might not have been able to be nominated on the 28th of April.

10. Fortunately, a friend had chartered a plane to go to Singapore. I persuaded him to let the plane take me to Langkawi. That’s how I got a plane to Langkawi without any help at all from CAAM.

11. I have flown thousands of times in private jets; there has never been any serious incident that forced the plane to be grounded. This is the first time I have to experience damage to the front wheel of the airplane. At other times engine may not be functioning well, and they could be repaired in time, but this damage to the front wheel of the plane is very serious damage.

12. And it could have stopped me from flying to Langkawi. That this should happen on this occasion is very significant. I’ve been flying in the same leased plane from the same charter company many, many times. I never had any problem.

13. But I am aware that one of the ways for BN to stop Pakatan Harapan to win the election is by stopping people from being named as candidates. There are other attempts of course, where several of the Pakatan Harapan candidates could not be registered or nominated as candidates.

14. For example not having the Election Commission pass, which is not necessary at all. I have never used the pass before and it is enough for you to show a blue Identity Card for you to be nominated and named as a candidate.

15. But obviously, there were deliberate attempts to stop an opposition candidate from being nominated so that the Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar wins uncontested.

16. And there’s the ease of Tian Chua (Pakatan Harapan’s candidate for the Batu parliamentary seat) who has every right to be named as a candidate but again, on a flimsy reason was unable to be nominated.

17. When this happened to me and my plane tampered with, to me it is a very serious matter. The denial by the CAAM is not the result of a proper investigation. It is just a denial to say that what I’ve said is not true. I’m not accusing the CAAM of doing anything wrong. I know the CAAM does not have a very tight security all over the country to ensure that planes are not tampered with.

18. That is a very big job to the CAAM, but we are dealing with a government party which is known to use all kinds of tricks in order to win the election. And one of the tricks, of course, is to stop me from being nominated, and especially me, because I happened to be the leader of the opposition, and if I am not nominated as a candidate, this will have a negative effect on Pakatan Harapan.

19. So I maintain my belief that the plane was deliberately tampered with to stop me from going to Langkawi.

22 thoughts on “STATEMENT ON CAAM

  1. HBT456 Oct 16,2018 10:02 AM

    Can penang be the pearl of oriental in malaysia with abang in this political party, adik in another political party?

    Tak boleh kerana dengan perkataan tamil nambikei, umno dan mic mesti tak akan biar pearl of oriental berlaku, and thats politics.

    Can labuan be the wilayah persekutuan in sabah?

    Tak boleh jugak kerana orang asli dan kaum lain2 adalah beragama bukan muslim, and i think in hindi language, they will say nahin walaupun ada putrajaya dan cyberjaya.

    Unite there will be malaysian federation.

    Disunite there will be malaya, borneo and north borneo sharing myr and bursa share market saja.

    Therefore, it makes no sense how ec manipulate the parliament seats via gerrymandering atau qe.


    Any decisions made by ec would be reflected in forex and sc under the country name malaysia, itu saja.

    P/s: the trend of hiring personal assistants in private sector would be thing of the past, dan pasti akan ditelan zaman pada masa yang akan datang due to mindset shift from vip to diy, thanks to internet and computer software in which we can do it ourselves via online easily and effectively.

  2. HBT456 Oct 16,2018 8:39 AM

    Cash is king, so to speak.

    Itu kena tanya kak ros kita.

    Yup, history would repeat itself if they still stuck inside the coconut shell, atau rely on tongkat ali mahupun kacip fatima, to bully and oppress the voters in the name of malay and islam supremacy via collaboration among themselves within the circle of influence among their political parties on who gets what, and who dont get what through their bullshit yang amat sempit dan tamak.

    Wealth does not pass through 3 generations, and even absolute monarchy with no voting process is being challenged by hard jihardist in military strikes in the name of islam supremacy to conquer the middle east by eating the chocolate all by themselves through war war, atau bombing one another non stop until today.

    Adakah itu salah agama bukan islam?

    Aku bukan muslim, but if you force me to be a muslim, then, the best way out is to leave, habis cerita.

    In the eyes of men, hajar is not only a naked princess, she is a ayam betina giler (din gai) yang amat menyampah dan menjolok mata mereka.

    Yup, truth is always bitter or hard to swallow.

    Therefore, it makes no sense who can jual better when money from right pockets go into left pockets.

    To business community, cash is always king.

    Meaning jika tak nak bayar cash dulu, then, they have choice not to do your business.

  3. HBT456 Oct 15,2018 2:53 PM


    40. Being a politician is very risky especially in countries that cannot tolerate the existing of one another.

    41. But pointing the failures of reporting to straits times is absolutely stupid is akin to pointing at the deer and claimed the deer is the horse, and thats cheating.

    42. When rm was pegged at myr3.80 from rm2.40 coupled with capital control via bumiputra policy, there is no way malaysia can be at par with singapore.

    43. Even when myr is left floating with malay bias policy with islam as official religion now, we still have to trade in myr against any foreign currencies.

    44. Yup, it is definitely safer and better off to side with china than with india, arabs or indonesia.

    45. Why?

    47. Because malaysians in general are multi-lingual, and thats the blessing left by our forefathers of the past.

    48. Bak kata, jangan marah nyamuk, kelambu dibakar.

    49. Is it because umno tukar slogan to melayu maju, pkr felt threatened?

    50. There is no way melayu can maju if they still stuck inside the coconut shell.

    51. Therefore, do not waste time in changing their mindset.

    52. Why?

    53. Because they too will start to question why others can do better, why they cannot do better.

    54. To be or not to be, thats not the question.

    55. Able or not, we will see how far we can go.

    56. Winnning or loosing votes are not important.

    60. Bak kata, masa tu emas.

    61. Henceforth, do the right thing at the right time.

  4. HBT456 Oct 15,2018 2:07 PM



    22. Can pd be dubai?

    23. The answer is a BIG NO politically, economically and socially due to our political structure, georgrahy and history.

    24. Yup, to sweet talk members of malay political party adalah senang, but when these members go back to their kampung to sell, they will for sure would be chased out again, just like 1mdb and felda global because they were formed based on ketuanan islam and melayu, itu saja.

    25. Why?

    26. They are still slow and behind other races eventhough billions ringgit spent on them.

    27. Why?

    28. They cannot differentiate maksiat and entertainment.

    29. The thing is, the decision to melintang atau menegak benang is not mustahak, bak kata, when the principle is dated it means that the price that we would paid on that day.

    30. The question arise here is, the young generations for sure start to question kenapa elite melayu dan parti2 member mereka boleh enjoy dan tak di serang jakim officials, kenapa kita orang biasa termasuk kaum bukan muslm dan melayu diserang?

    31. Adakah melayu itu bodoh atau adakah agama islam itu tidak bertoleransi, menerima mahupun menyayang?

    32. The tricky question is vote counts, and it solely lies on the quality of our mps of the divides.

    33. Yup, winning votes based on mediocrity is very easy since voters in general will vote the ruling party that screw them less.

    34. But loosing investors’ confidence is very high because no investors want to invest in projects that dont make money, or of flip flip government.

    35. Menegak benng dulu, kemudian melintang benang?

    36. Melintang benang dulu, kemudian menegak benang?

    37. When ruling political parties are too obsessive in winning votes, then, naturally and biologically, the opposition will see their weakness as striking points.

    38. Therefore, it makes no sense at all who become the perdana menteri when their party members put their interests and struggles to win votes only just to stay relevant secara buta tuli.

  5. superSepantun May 14,2018 5:36 AM

    Ini cerita pasal haritu…
    lagi seminggu nak PRU..!

    Mau jaga hati rafidah,
    Mau jaga periuk nasi,

    Mau berkorban utk negara…

    Demi negara yg tercinta,
    Kucurahkan bakti penuh setia…
    Demi raja yg disanjung tinggi..
    Kesetiaan tak berbelah bagi…
    Rela berkorban apa saja,
    Amanah bangsa tetap dijaga


    Asalamualaikum Tun,
    Salam subuh kalau dah bangun.

  6. chester May 13,2018 8:43 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I read this horrified beyond words but not really surprised. Those people who have running Malaysia lately do not seem like good people. I hope that now have won the election that you will have this matter thoroughly investigated. Such actions are not compatible with democracy and I am glad that you and everyone who was traveling with you did not come to harm.

    It’s too bad that you plan to be prime minister for only a month or so. Not only is Malaysia is good hands, it is also in witty hands. Where will all the fun go if you retire again?

    مع السلام

  7. tamchi May 12,2018 12:23 AM

    tunggu salah tempat pulak…
    Sangka ku Sepang, rupanya skyPark

  8. tamchi May 12,2018 12:10 AM

    TerimaKasih Tun
    Bagi rakyat cuti sampai hari Ahad..
    (Khamis, Jumaat + SABTU, Ahad)
    Panjang jugaklah bercuti…

    Rasanya sempat tak holiday sampai ke Bali..
    Jom fly ke sana..🛫

    CutiCuti..sampai sana
    Bole naik cruise, kapai
    hhmmm… macam seronok jekk…

  9. musato May 2,2018 1:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sudah takdir agaknya saya bergerak sendirian berhad.

    Harap kita dapat berjumpa malam ini.

    Mungkin saya tulis “saya nak bergambar dengan Tun” dan Tun baca dan terus bergambar dengan saya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  10. dalilah4 May 2,2018 11:43 AM

    May you and your wife granted with good health along this journey. Amin.

  11. Sri Sense May 2,2018 10:45 AM

    Salam Tun dan Penyokong PH

    Heading 3 calon PH gagal bertanding kerana didakwa muflis

    Berikutan itu :

    DUN Penaga bakal menyaksikan perlawanan antara penyandang, Mohd Zain Ahmad dari BN dengan Yusni Mat Piah mewakili PAS.

    DUN Kuala Balah bakal menyaksikan pertandingan 1 lawan 1 antara Datuk Abdul Aziz Derashid (BN) dan Mohd Apandi Mohamad (PAS).

    DUN Bukit Pasir bakal menyaksikan pertandingan 1 lawan 1 antara Noriah Mahat (BN) dan Najib Lep (PAS)

    Nampak tak similarities, BN PAS? Dah macam bendera BN bergantung pokok ke pokok but the pokok itself bendera PAS.

    I juga tertarik baca posting seorang kawan FB, bila dia sebut dia hampir terlanggar pemasang bendera BN dengan kenderaan yang dibawanya, sebab malam gelap dan pekerja budak muda yang pasang bendera tak diberi baju keselamatan oleh BN. Dia juga sebut bukanlah mahal sangat baju itu, boleh dapat dari budget election.

    Pasang bendera dalam gelap? Kenapa pulak mereka2 ini pasang bendera malam buta? Dah macam zaman dulu bila mana pekerja PAS perempuan bertudung labuh bawak gunting, gunting banner2 BN yang tergantung dalam gelap. Bila dapat tangkap mereka kata AKU TAK HALAL ENGKAU DUNIA AKHIRAT.

    Boleh juga diguna pakai ayat ini kau tak bagi aku bertanding, aku tak halal engkau dunia akhirat! 😀

  12. Krisemas May 1,2018 10:41 PM


  13. sc May 1,2018 8:44 PM


    It sounds to me like the hydraulic fluids were leaking from the front tyre and had been manipulated in such an easily accessible area of the aircraft. Anyone could have done it, quickly and easily.

    Was the tubing severed cleanly? The pilot could inspect where the leak were occurring to establish sabotage via inspection of the leakage point. ie: taking a close look to see if the hydraulic hose was severed cleanly, or roughly, Cleanly implying someone had come along and cut it with a metal object.

    My second point:

    There was pressure from your friend not to lend you their plane. How very convenient. BN obviously know what they have done and who to pressure. Don’t you think that the series of events are so carefully planned ?

    Do you have faith in CAAM? Do you have faith in your Police force ‘The Head’ who has been caught money laundering? Do you have faith in your AG, the one that was handpicked by Najib to keep his Corrupt mouth shut?

    Do you have faith in your Government? The CIA and FBI have labelled Malaysia a Kleptocracy. The meaning of Kleptocracy is: When a Government steals from its own people….

    I am surprised Bloomberg did not question this when Najib claimed ‘No Evidence’. There are files sitting in New York, files sitting in Langley Virginia, Files sitting in Switzerland and Singapore. There are plenty of Files… He will soon have plenty of time to read them.

    Good luck Tun. All the best…

  14. Hajar May 1,2018 5:47 PM

    Salam Dearest Tun,

    I agree with Tun on the above issue.

    CAAM chairman Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman responded so fast, and it showed that thorough or proper investigation was not carried out to identify the cause of the leakage.

    Anyone could have tampered with the front wheel, or it can also be done on purpose by an insider (for some ‘dedak @ suapan?).

    Did he interview those who refused (under pressure) to lend their jets to Tun?

    Furthermore, it’s strange because Tun already boarded the plane, and then only the pilot noticed that there was something wrong with the front wheel. Did he notice it on his own or he discovered it after reading the maintenance report?

    DS Azharuddin mentioned about the maintenance report for the plane dated 27 April 2018, which reported the leakage (minor and routine technical fault).

    Did the pilot only receive the report after Tun boarded the plane and ready to fly? Who did the maintenance (on 27 April 2018)?

    I don’t think the explanation given by DS Azharuddin makes sense. It only works for kids and ‘dung*s’.


    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  15. adelheid May 1,2018 3:46 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I remember the Double Six tragedy 6/6/76. I was still a little kiddo. Some of those who perished were close friends of my late dad.

    I pray for you dear Tun Mahathir. Pray that God will be with rakyat Malaysia and PAKATAN HARAPAN. For a new Malaysia, for everybody, regardless of race and religion.

    Take good care Tun.

  16. johnmansfield May 1,2018 3:16 PM

    Happily no one was hurt. I remember a DRB Hicom Executive had a fatal helicopter crash some years ago. I worked with a relative of his, and there were all sorts of rumours about that!
    Obviously, its election season. Hopefully this was just an unfortunate coincidence.
    John Mansfield

  17. Sri Sense May 1,2018 1:28 PM

    Salam Tun

    Nampak jelas jawapan dari pihak berwajib lebih berbaur pada alasan. Kalau you BN ada budi bicara, kalau you PH no budi bicara.

    Pihak2 yang berwajib tampak lebih suka BN menang. Mereka tak mau fikir demokrasi, undang2, asal poket mereka kembung, lantak lah kalian mampus.

    Saya sempat jalan2 tengok heading berita news portal

    Rafidah did good work, but time to move on, says Kuala Kangsar incumbent

    – yes indeed, lets move on to PH 😀

    We’ll remember you, Mukhriz warns senior civil servants who abuse position

    – couldn’t agree more 😀

    Minimum wage to be raised if BN wins, says Najib

    – the richer they are, the poorer we become 🙁

  18. huda May 1,2018 1:07 PM

    Salam Tun

    Kita tak sependapat. Saya tak suka Tun mewujudkan sentimen benci kerajaan yang melampau. Kerana nyamuk seekor kelambu dibakar.

    Walaubagaimanapun saya harap Tun dan isteri sentiasa diberi kesihatan yang baik. Diberi kelapangan hati dan fikiran. Dimudahkan segala urusan. Semoga Allah redha dengan kita semua.

    Seperti Tun… saya juga begitu sayangkan negara saya.

  19. rimba.emas May 1,2018 9:51 AM

    Salam Tun.

    1. Alhamdulillah Allah s.w.t gerakkan Pilot untuk mengesan kejadian itu sebelum berlepas.

    2. Betul Tun kenyataan CAAM macam hendak menegakkan benang yang basah.

    3. Bila Tun kata kejadian ini ada sabotaj mereka nafikan. Mereka kata ada kebocoran di tayar.

    4. Sepatutnya mereka kena siasat kenyataan Tun ini bukan nafikan. Malah jawapan mereka pun kita sangsi sebab minyak bocor sebelum berlepas. Maknanya tiada pemeriksaan sebelum berlepas.

    5. Adalah tidak munasabah tiada pemeriksaan sebelum berlepas yang mana ia sudah lari dari prosedur kebiasaan dalam manual penyelengaraan sebelum berlepas.

    6. Ada yang tidak kena pada pekerja penyelengaraan yang mana boleh membenarkan penerbangan dan telahan Tun pasti betul mungkin ada sabotaj sebab unit keselamatan berlepas cuai sengaja atau tidak sengaja dalam tugas.

    7. Sabotaj boleh berlaku secara individu dari pihak pekerja yang terlepas dari pandangan pihak pengurusan. Ada kes pernah berlaku yang di luar pengetahuan pihak pengurusan seperti kecurian oleh pekerja penyelengaraan barangan dalam kabin kapal terbang yang di sebar orang awam.

    8. Kenapa CAAM tidak mahu mengakui kesalahan dalam isu ini malah menyalahkan pihak Tun malah cuba menutup kesalahan yang mungkin boleh berlaku oleh organisasi sendiri.

    9. Budaya Politik buruk bukan sahaja boleh terbawa dalam kalangan ahli Politik tetapi boleh berlaku pada mana organisasi tidak kira kerajaan atau pun swasta.

    10. Di mana ada kes yang timbul pasti ada persoalan yang perlu di siasat sebelum sesuatu musibah boleh berlaku yang mana boleh mengancam nyawa seseorang termasuk yang tidak berdosa.

    11. Kepada tuhan kita berdoa agar terhindar dari kejadian yang tidak di ingini.


  20. musato May 1,2018 9:05 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Berkenaan ini, saya telah keluarkan kenyataan saya terlebih awal lqgi rasanya.

    Dengar kata PAS sekarang sibuk juga bercerita tentang mimpi. Mimpi Hj Hadi bertemu Rasulullah saw.

    Saya juga pernah dengar Allahyarham Haron Din mimpi jumpa Rasulullah saw.

    Maka bila ramai sangat yang membaca pasal mimpi berjumpa Rasulullah saw ni, jadi akan ada pertanyaan macam mana kita boleh kenal Rasulullah saw sedangkan kita tak pernah jumpa?

    Jawapannya, kita akan kenal Rasulullah saw secara automatik bila kita bermimpikan baginda. Tanda tanda mimpi ini rasanya ada ditulis dan dijual di kedai kedai buku.

    Kita bertuah kerana negara kita adalah Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah. Maka buku buku bacaan yang dikarang oleh ustaz ustaz InsyaAllah benar benar belaka dalam pengetahuanNya.

    Berkenaan kenyataan awal saya juga adalah berkenaan mimpi.

    Mimpi yang saya telah jelaskan adalah berkenaan mimpi masa akan datang iaitu mimpi Nabi Yusuf as. Adakah Pn Mai masih ingat?

    Malaysia adalah negara demokrasi berparlimen. Maka InsyaAllah saya menyokong Tun teruskan perjuangan.

    9 Mei nanti rakyat yang akan tentukan kerajaan. Semoga tipu daya manusia itu tidak berkesan di Tanah Melayu ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  21. superSepantun May 1,2018 4:16 AM

    Dalam meniti, apa menanti..?
    malam & pagi, apakan lagi.?

    7petala langit, 7petala bumi
    Ayuh rakyat bangkit,
    Minggu depan kita mengundi..!!

    SelamatSejahtra, doa di hati,

  22. Unsib Sinjam May 1,2018 1:10 AM

    Alhamdullillah Tun tak naik pesawat tu. To say that there is a possibility of an intended sabotage is not exaggerated as the overall circumstances support Tun’s claim. Its obviously very possible fot it to happen, if its just one case, its an accident, if its two cases, probably its a coincidence, if its three or more, its likely to be a planned intention.
    May Allah swt protect you at all times.

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