Saya ucapkan selamat menyambut puasa di bulan Ramadhan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia yang beragama Islam.

Alhamdulillah, sekali lagi kita umat Islam di negara bertuah ini dapat menyambut Ramadhan dalam keadaan aman, tenteram dan berharmoni. Lebih-lebih lagi setelah kita melalui Pilihanraya Umum baru-baru ini yang membawa perubahan kepada politik dan pentadbiran negara.

Kita lihat di sesetengah negara lain, proses pilihanraya, terutamanya apabila melibatkan pertukaran Kerajaan, kerap membawa kepada kekecohan, ketegangan. Lebih teruk lagi, apabila tunjuk perasaan yang melampau berlaku rusuhan serta perang saudara akan menyusul. Kerajaan tidak dapat ditubuh, dan negara terus berada dalam keadaan kucar-kacir.

Tetapi tidak di Malaysia ini. Alhamdulillah. Semua rakyat Malaysia sedar akan tanggungjawab mereka untuk mengekalkan keharmonian serta kestabilan dalam negara.

Polis dan tentera juga memainkan peranan utama di dalam mengekalkan keselamatan dan ketenteraman ini.

Bulan Ramadhan bulan yang mulia bagi umat Islam. Selain menahan diri dari lapar dan dahaga, kita juga perlu tegas mengelak perlakuan perkara-perkara yang dilarang oleh agama Islam. Kita juga digalakkan bersikap sederhana di dalam apa jua tindak-tanduk kita.

Di samping mengerjakan solat tarawih di waktu malam, kita digalakkan membaca dan memahami isi kandungan Al-Quran di dalam usaha ke arah menjadi ummah yang mengamal cara hidup Islam.

Walaupun kita digalakkan melakukan semua ini bagi diri kita untuk selamatkan kita di akhirat, kita juga harus ingat akan tugas dan tanggungjawab kita dalam pembentukan masyarakat Islam yang terbaik didunia.

Al-Quran merupakan panduan yang utama bagi umat Islam. Panduan yang tidak difahami tidak mungkin menjadi kita umat Islam yang berjaya. Sementara kita menghafal, kita juga perlu faham ajaran sebenar agama Islam.

Pilihanraya yang baru lepas ini akan membawa perubahan kepada pentadbiran negara dan pentadbiran agama Islam. Tekanan akan diberi oleh Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan kepada ajaran Islam seperti yang terdapat dalam Al-Quran dan hadith-hadith yang sahih.

Adalah diharapkan rakyat akan memberi sokongan kepada Kerajaan seperti mereka sokong mengubah Kerajaan dalam PRU 14.

Insya’allah dalam bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini, kita akan mendapat taufik dan hidayah dari Allah subhanawata’ala agar segala tindakan kita diberkati

Sekali lagi saya ingin mengucapkan selamat menyambut puasa di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini.

16hb Mei 2018

410 thoughts on “PERUTUSAN RAMADHAN

  1. mubarakchan Jul 17,2018 9:18 AM


    Can all of us imagine that by 2019, our beloved Malaysia maybe the only shining example of Democracy and a well-managed socio-economy in the face of the Trump created storm to come ? In recent days we were hit with figures like 3.1 or 3.2. These are not Bersih 3.1 or Kotoh 3.2 but estimates released by the idyllic tropical isle of Singapore on their estimated inflation rate of 3.1% and a GDP of 3.2% in the month of July 2018. Since 2002, Singapore could not breach 3% GDP despite her Herculean efforts, a period of 16 years. Coupled with a concomitant inflation rate of 3% per annum, Singapore DID NOT GROW AT ALL. The loss of Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle being the under-counter trades was a bitter blow to Singapore arising from the implosion of Communism 1948-1989, Uncle Sam’s hegemonic spiel which backfired on him, ‘Globaiization, Free Trade, Human Rights’ which permitted the BRICS to muscle into Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle which was hard and soft arms trading, smuggling, money laundering, collecting free Vietnam War debris, toadying up to dictators, sanctions breaking (China, Myanmar and North Korea) R & R, US Aid, etc. We can now reckon that this Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle accounted for 2-3% of Singapore’s GDP before the year 2000 ! And with Lee Kuan Yew’s Bluffology, Singapore shot up into the First World on the sufferings of others from his under-counter trades ! She has been in delicto flagrante in economic terms since his Malaysia Killer TPPA, 2 casinos, importation of FTs to boost her GDP and the fake Sovereign Fund foundered. These were designed as Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy to save and sustain Singapore at Malaysia’s expense. Man proposes. God disposes. And yet the machinations of a former rogue BN Government which nearly kill us all, our beloved Malaysia, IS NOW ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT 4 SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA with a truly NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT OF WORLD CLASS STANDING, Malaysia is on her way towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. The sky is the limit for all Malaysians now, Tun with your genius and courageous Leadership WITHOUT HARMING ANYONE IN YOUR LIFETIME ! Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  2. mubarakchan Jul 16,2018 9:27 AM


    This headline stared me in the face this morning from the front page of ‘The Financial Daily’ which is part of The Edge Group,’ IHH Healthcare confident about India.’ Behind the façade of confidence, on Page 3, the reader finds that IHH maybe using RM 2.4 Billion to bail out itself in an earlier ill-conceived investment in India eg.Gleneagles Khubchanani Hospital in Mumbai which was a 50:50 venture between IHH and an Indian partner. This is obviously throwing good RM 2.4 Billion not only to bail out itself but to bail our the WHOLE OF FORTIES AS WELL ! What is in it for IHH to bail out an ailing foreign Indian Private Hospital Group ? WHO BENEFITS ? Malaysia needs hospitals as much as any other country. And yet this particular GLC managed by a doctor from Singapore seemed to make the wrong calls ALL THE TIME BUT NOT SOME OF THE TIME. If I remember correctly, the IHH jumped into Turkey at a time when the Turkish tycoons were bailing out and the lira was due to fall. This the whole World knew including myself. Why should an ordinary Singaporean doctor be in command at a salary of RM 100,000 per day in control of hard-earned Malaysian Rakyat money and jump into mega-ventures always at the WRONG TIME ? In this latest case to bail out Fortis. In the news item on Page 3, the relationship between IHH and Fortis goes back a long way back to Singapore where Fortis was purported to make a profit of S$ 116 Million out of Khazanah. Hey, what is going on Tun with IHH ? Money seemed to gush out in big amounts in the Singapore deal, the Turkish deal and now the Fortis deal ? In its short history, IHH seemed to have sucked out of Khazanah at least RM 5 Billion through the efforts of one Singaporean doctor of ordinary repute whose salary is RM 100,000 per day. What is going on in this big game of generic drugs, Tun ?
    I used to invest in Singapore. I gave up when I found I got cheated all round. I asked my relative the owner of Kim Eng Securites why this was so. She told me blandly that we Malaysians are corrupt. Therefore it is easy to make money in KL. In Singapore it is very difficult to be rich.’ That was her reply who made her riches with others by selling her Kim Eng Securities which she built up from just a paper licence, to our very own Maybank for a huge some of money made in Malaysia. This aroused me to do some research on billionaires in Singapore. I found that the Lee Family is the only indigenous Singaporean family who became billionaires through honesty and hard work through legal means since 1959.. Most of the other billionaires made their billions outside of Singapore through sharp practices or just plain cheating.
    And again another headline in defence of the corrupt GLC Empire which money belongs to the Rakyat via the New and Incorruptible Government. in the Star Biz ‘Senior Manager salaries in GLCs should commensurate with responsibilities’ so said the Filipino Assistant Professor. We are talking cheese and he is talking chalk. IT IS THE PRINCIPLE OF THE GENESIS OF THE LEE KUAN YEW INVENTED GLCs WHICH ARE FOUND ONLY IN 3 AUTHORITARIAN STATES, SINGAPORE, CHINA AND RUSSIA, AND 1 DEMOCRATIC MALAYSIA ‘ which is the controversy. And democratic Malaysia with its WEAK ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAWS UNDER THE BN GOVERNMENT gave the opportunity for the black tie rapists an unfettered gala time with the Rakyat’s assets. The salaries in question is just one fact on the obscenities committed by the rapists. No more. No less. Tun, more of this nonsensical defence of the corrupt GLCs will appear daily in all shapes and forms because they have become parasites and do not know how to let go ! Here is how the activities of GLCs and their YBs affect the underlings. A few years ago, I asked the UMNO division chief of a State why he wanted RM 200,000 from me for arranging a meeting with a Minister. He replied that his superiors were making lots of money. If he did not look after himself, they will forget about him in the future. His thinking turned out to be correct on 9 May 2018. This is only one tiny facet of how the evil corrupt Empire of GLCs slowly kills our BODY POLITIC, Tun as you are aware. All nodes of our Civil System broke down when all demanded money to perform AS WE CAN SEE WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE GLCs AND THE BN GOVERNMENT TODAY ! Hidup the New and Incorruptible Government led by our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Malaysia Boleh, Tun !

  3. mubarakchan Jul 15,2018 4:59 PM


    With the generalities on the corrupt GLCs by way of Policies aside, an Imperial Communistic GLC Empire ruled over by a Princeling apparently overseen by his Lord or Boss, it is only proper that the specifics on what these GLCs really are on paper and between the lines be revealed. Fortunately, this weekend The Edge, a distinguished business journal of note states ‘Will Khazanah’s assets be sold to reduce government debt? The article is written if favour of this evil Communistic Empire called GLCs. The article only presents facts which apparently exhort the layman in support of the rapists who control this Empire which they do not OWN ! We have already dealt with the solid Democratic Principles against these GLCs owned by a democratically elected Government. No Democracy will own State owned business enterprises. The Edge article gave PROFIT FIGURES WHICH ARE NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE THE CONCERN OF A DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT. A Government’s revenue comes from those PROFITS CREATED BY THE CITIZENS WHO ARE GIVEN OPPORTUNITES TO MAKE MONEY BY THEIR GOVERNMENT. In their gratitude for making money the citizens vote for the Government. It is sheer rape if the Government grabs business opportunities for itself from the Private Sector as in this Gang Rape of our beloved Malaysia’s resources. Another horror suggestion in the Article is that EPF be used to buy GLC assets, It says ‘The EPF is probably the ideal GLICS to buy Khazanah’s assets.’ This suggestion is laughable because the EPF is a TRUST. I was a Trustee of the EPF Board of Trustees when it was administered like a Trust. All incomes were checked by an Actuary. All incomes less the cost of EPF management cost, were used to buy Treasury Bills until a Chinese D-G of the Treasury suggested after my time to co-develop with a Chinese property tycoon. It was alleged the project lost money. To permit EPF the Nation’s Trust Fund to take-over the GLCs AND THEIR LIABILITIES IS JUST LIKE ASKING THE EPF TO COMMIT HARA KIRI. The Edge has conveniently forgotten that one GLC 1MDB brought down the BN Government of 60 years standing and nearly kill us all, our beloved Malaysia. THE EDGE ARTICLE TALKS ABOUT THE GLCs WORTH ONLY RM 120 BILLION. BUT IT NEVER MENTIONED THE LIABILITIES, THE LETTERS OF COMFORT OR GUARANTEES WHICH WERE ISSUED BY THE BN GOVERNMENT on behalf of the GLCs. Why this TITANIC DEBT WAS NOT MENTIONED BY THE EDGE A DISTINGUISHED BUSINESS JOURNEL OF NOTE ? Then, purposely to FRIGHTEN THE NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT OF THE OLD AND THE YOUNG, THE GOOD AND THE GREAT, THIS ARTICLE ASKED ‘WHO WILL HAVE THE MEANS TO TAKE-OVER THE KHAZANAH ASSETS’ Why should the Government care if the investor after being vetted, put the money on the table because the Government’s abiding Principle is to have nothing to do with business to make money for the people like A COMMUNIST OR AUTHORITARIAN STATE LIKE SINGAPORE. In fact, this article sounds as though it was manufactured in Singapore as a last attempt to make our beloved Malaysia kill herself by her own SWORD, the evil corrupt GLC EMPIRE which is now eating into our Body Politic every minute like a cancer. And to top off this absurd Article on its support for the evil corrupt GLCs, The Edge has this headline in the following page. ‘A SECRET GOVERNMENT DEBT THAT HAS BALLOONED TO RM 50 BILLION’. I like your Journal Dear Editor. But don’t be overzealous in trying to serve 2 Masters by producing contradictory Articles in one single Journal. As the Oracle of the East Lee Kuan Yew said,’ He who pays the Pied Piper plays the tune.’ As you are aware, Tun, we Malaysians were silent in the past and our beloved Malaysia nearly died because we were polite and courteous. Thanks to your genius, brilliance and COURAGE, you were the ONLY person who could kick out a corrupt to the core Regime raping its own country and supporters. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  4. mubarakchan Jul 15,2018 9:15 AM


    What has your New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the great and the good, achieved within 100 days which is better than the Manifesto ? The following 3 significant developments have and will come into fruition in good time if not already in place :-

    1. The New and Incorruptible Government by being Incorruptible with a Political Will, has removed or reduced the inefficiency and wastage (corruption) of every one Ringgit it spends, from 60%-70% and increased the savings to 80%-90%. Even Singapore with its Draconian measures could not achieve 100% efficiency. Corruption after going rampant in our beloved Malaysia because no one wanted to be a role model of honesty and trustworthiness from 2004-2018 can only be reduced and contained. The fact that there is now a Political Will to stop corruption with ZERO TOLERANCE,this is itself worth billions and billions of ringgits. Ringgits for the care and welfare of the Rakyat. Therefore, we the Rakyat in your New and Incorruptible Government we trust. With the full belief that the Government spends our ringgits wisely and honestly without short changing the Rakyat who were utterly hapless at the sight of these brazen and wanton rapists of our beloved Malaysia between 2004-2018. Let the Rule of the Law prevails once again.
    2. How many Malaysians realise that the corrupt GLCs are actually a COMMUNISTIC EMPIRE RULED BY A PRINCELING- 2004-2018 created by authoritarian means as the history shows ? This corrupt GLC Empire is exclusive and is worse than cronyism and nepotism. This COMMUNISTIC EMPIRE WHICH CLAIMS TO PROTECT MALAY INTEREST AND MAKES MONEY FOR THE RAKYAT SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE WHAT COMMUNIST STATES TELL THEIR PROLETARIAT ! The Malaysian Scenario is that we have a BOSS who became only a mouthpiece without understanding the implications of such a REVOLUTIONARY SET-UP which is the COMMUNISTIC GLC EMPIRE created by HI-JACKING THE GROUP OF PREVIOUSLY AILING PRIVATELY OWNED MALAY COMPANIES. As the hi-jacker or hi-jackers have no money to grab the whole lot of PREVIOUSLY AILING PRIVATELY MALAY OWNED COMPANIES FOR THEMSELVES, THE GOVERNMENT OWNED KHAZANAH WAS USED TO OWN ALL THESE PREVIOUSLY AILING PRIVATELY OWNED MALAY COMPANIES and smoothly transferred themselves from Danaharta to the Government via Khazanah without being Civil Servants to control the MONEY. Smart and cunning. The CORRUPT COMMUNISTIC GLC EMPIRE in turn attracted attention which CREATED ANOTHER EMPIRE, A MINI-EMPIRE which gave rise to 1MDB and a lot of headaches to the relevant authorities and the New and Incorruptible Government. I read 1MDB as A DEVICE TO BY-PASS THE PRINCELING ! The huge cancerous CORRUPT COMMUNISTIC GLC EMPIRE kept on growing by leaps and bounds because those in CONTROL OF THE MONEY KNOW THAT THEIR TENURE IS ONLY TEMPORARILY BECAUSE IN TIME THEIR WHOLE EMPIRE WILL CRASH OR BLOW-UP. Hence the astronomical salaries and perks, the fancy and expensive advertisements like Sime Darby of old days, and its latest venture into the media that it was all nice and dandy. And that these bunch of black-tie rapists are as innocent as chubby cheek pre-pubescent boys wearing short pants. Really there is no better word to describe them other than rapists. The eagerness to jump into Turkey when turmoil began and now the Fortis venture into India only underlines some mysterious intentions. WHY SHOULD THE NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT OF THE OLD AND THE YOUNG, THE GOOD AND THE GREAT HELP OTHER COUNTRIES VIA A CORRUPT COMMUNISTIC GLC EMPIRE ? And right on our own doorstep when we are sorely in need of homes for the young and the aged, crèches, clinics, hospitals, schools etc. WHY? My college friend who became the richest Muslim in India through manufacturing generic drugs once told me that there are huge commissions to collect by buying generic drugs. In the media yesterday, Indian generic drug manufacturers are trying to penetrate into the huge China market ! Maybe the Corrupt GLCs returned to the Private Sector thus through open bidding :-

    I). Offer to the incumbent Management and their partners.
    ii). Offer to the former owners if they have not broken the laws.
    iii). Offer to new investors.

    By getting rid of the Corrupt GLCs, the DEBT could be reduced by 500 Billion ringgits.

    3. This is the 3rd leg of the solid 3 legged stool of finance for the Government – The Amnesty for all to remit their overseas deposits back to our beloved Malaysia without fear of prosecution but every opportunity to enhance their wealth.

    Who can now dispute this 3 legged solid financial stool of the New and Incorruptible Government ? THE NUB OF FUTURE ECONOMIC POLICIES FOR THE RAKYAT WITHOUT WHICH NO MONEY COULD BE ALLOTED FOR ANY ECONOMIC ACTIVITY ?

    As the Nikkei Review rightly said yesterday that Singapore is now outdated by Malaysia or Singapore had become a DINOSAUR after she did everything in her POWER TO BE WORLD CLASS vis-à-vis Malaysia. Yet our beloved Malaysia through the genius and dynamism of one single person, a born Leader could be catapulted into the ranking of ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT 4 SMALL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD, Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia ! And the Rakyat’s wonderful journey of a thousand years to come IS JUST BEGINNING. Our favourite song is now. ” Come back to Malaysia.’ Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  5. mubarakchan Jul 14,2018 1:50 PM


    With so much stolen MONEY which may amount to ONE TRILLION RINGGITS OVERSEAS, what can be done ? I am certain you have the following suggestion in mind, Tun ! Your New and Incorruptible Government declares an AMNESTY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE MONEY DEPOSITED OVERSEAS to return home under the following terms :
    1, Absolute guarantee from prosecution
    2. Absolute confidentiality and secrecy as processed by the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Bank Negara Malaysia only.
    3. A requirement to purchase 10 year Treasury Bills or Bonds with an interest rate of 2% per annum
    4. The Bills or Bonds are fully marketable and transferrable.
    5. Income Tax exemption given.
    6. One year window given to intending returnees. This maybe extended if the demand is good.
    7. Italy and Greece have done this before.
    8. It’s money for jam for the New and Incorruptible Government.
    9. This returned Money maybe remitted overseas again after 10 years !
    10. It is better for the conscience to have superb NASI LEMAK AT HOME FOR RINGGIT 3 THAN FOR POUNDS STERLING 5 OR MORE IN LONDON. Charity begins at home, dear friends.

    I am certain that the 0.001 percent of the population with the overseas deposits are LOYAL, CONSCIENTIOUS AND UPRIGHT ENNOBLED MALAYSIANS WHO ARE ALSO EXCELLENT FAMILY PEOPLE OF NOTE. With the World Class NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT under your Premiership taking the first steps towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan, Malaysia will be safer and more solid than the BANK OF ENGLAND ! Not only that, without lifting your little finger Tun, WE ARE ALREADY ONE OF THE 4 MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD SAFEGUARDED BY THE MAJOR POWERS WITHOUT A FORMAL CONVENTION because our beloved Malaysia has the good and peoples living in peace and harmony for centuries, we could change our stable Governments democratically without bloodshed, we have all the NATURAL RESORCES in an equable climate and most important of all to the SUPER-POWERS, Malaysia is now located in the most important strategic geo-political location in the whole wide World making her the No 1 CHOKE POINT OF THE WORLD ! Wake up dear Malaysians ! Quarrel less. Do more for yourselves. We cannot get a better scenario than this, a New Incorruptible Government overseeing all the magnificent attributes of a single country which even Britain, Switzerland and Japan do not have ! Nikkei says Singapore is now a DINOSAUR. With the Super Power Safeguard Guarantee, Malaysia needs only a fighting fit military force and another for domestic purposes only. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  6. mubarakchan Jul 14,2018 12:39 PM


    With so many financial scandals now being exposed daily concerning the Communistic GLCs, I believe these GLCs are cancers eating into our Body Politic affecting our souls and morals. Whilst on the one hand, these criminals stole the money, others with no access to money do another type of criminal act. Hence, your determination in kicking out the BN Government is not only a Game Changer but to give our beloved Malaysia a whole new lease of LIFE. Your New and Incorruptible Government with the old and the young, the good and the great is VITAL for the whole Nation to move upwards to the next tier of achievement away from the middle income trap (used by sly salesmen to sell more corrupt goods to Malaysia) and beyond, unfettered by this horrendous organised crime of raping a hapless victim which is our beloved Malaysia and the Rakyat. How many of us good Malaysians realise the significance of the New and Incorruptible Government now in place tasked to do in place of the Rape of the hapless Malaysia, BN Government for 18 long years, 2004-2018 ? The Man or Woman in the Street never knew what was going on as the Rape of Malaysia was done without killing people unlike other overseas regimes. For 14 long years, THE RAKYAT SUFFERED IN SILENCE DUTIFULLY BELIEVING THE TRASH WHICH THE BN GOVERNMENT DISHED OUT AS INFOMRATION. Imagine how much stolen money was siphoned out into places like Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Jersey Island, Zurich, Lichtenstein, Geneva etc except Labuan ! A least ONE TRILLION RINGGITS over 14 years which averaged about 70 Billions ringgits per year. And yet in 2018, the BB Government expects Malaysia to achieve a GDP of 4.5% ! Conversely, if this ONE TRILLION RINGGITS OF STOLEN MONEY FROM THE RAKYAT WHICH IT WAS WITHOUT ANY DOUBT was utilised for the benefit of the Rakyat, how many nurseries, schools, universities, homes for the aged, hospitals, highways, affordable housing, better salaries etc would have been offered by the BN Government. But with MONEY MONEY MONEY on the minds of those in control and the utilisation of Money, not a single thought was in the overall interest of the Rakyat but only their pockets. Common sense dictates, Tun, 12,000 pieces of jewellery and more could not have been accumulated in 9 years ? Tne new lease of LIFE engendered by your NEW and INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT puts our beloved Malaysia and the Rakyat on a firm footing on the road of ACHIEVEMENT AND SUCCESS OF A THOUSAND YEARS. Unlike some tiny States who pride themselves in hitting above their tiny weights to frighten off VIRTUAL AGGRESSORS to pacify their suppressed citizens IN A RICH AND PEACEFUL NEIGHBOURHOOD WHICH IS ASEAN ! For their insouciance, these tiny States are now in a terrible DILEMMA. And if not careful, they will end up like Palembang, Sparta, Goa, Pondicherry, Hong Kong, Gibraltar and more. Man proposes. God disposes ! Before the momentous peaceful change of a democratically elected Government, I was happy. But with the New and Incorruptible Government in place and in action, I AM EXCEEDINGLY HAPPY NOW THAT OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA HAS A NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT IN PLACE, THE VERY BEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD unlike some tiny place which has only a huge INCORRUPTIBLE Government BUT WITHOUT PEOPLE, NATURAL RESOURCES INCLUDING WATER AND A HUGE LAND MASS LIKE MALAYSIA TO BACK UP THEIR HOLLOW CLAIMS through their unique natural resource. ‘BLUFFOLOGY’. With some soul-searching on the recent events like the revelation of THE GANG RAPE OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA by the GLCs for 14 years and factual happenings like your NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT, Tun, all the Rakyat have their LIVES AND FUTURES assured for ONE THOUSAND YEARS. They will surely support similar Governments to come. And the Rakyat ? The most wonderful gift from you to our beloved Malaysia. The 10 Million strong Bumiputra MIDDLE INCOME GROUP CREATED BY YOUR DEVOTION AND PASSION DURING YOUR 22 YEARS LEADERSHIP. This was indeed a World Class Achievement which should be recognised and lauded as another idea of consequence from your brilliant and fertile MIND, Tun ! THE CREATION OF MONEY WITHOUT MONEY, Tun ! Unlike some other boastful and narcissistic Regional personality who only achieved ONE AND ONLY ACADEMIC SUCCESS and after leaving the portals of the University COMMITTED NO LESS THAN 47 FABLES AND FOIBLES OF PUBLIC POLICIES IN HIS LIFETIME, putting his tiny State in a grim and bleak future ! Those around you EXCEPT FOR ONE PERSON, were and are in the basement whilst your thoughts are on the 88th storeys. Hopefully, these supportive persons will take the super-fast lift to join you, Tun ! The reason for my comment on the Malay Middle Income Group is that on 13 July 2018, a NSTP letter in defence of the GLCs for Rape claimed that the Malay Middle Income Group was CREATED BY THE GLCS. This is treason, false, a brazen lie at odds with the recorded history of our beloved Malaysia. This is impossible to be done by the corrupt GLCs managed by amateurs whose aims were different but to steal money by raping. THE FACT AND TRUTH IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THAT YOU TUN THROUGH YOUR FERTILE BRAIN, YOU CREATED THE MALAY MIDDLE INCOME GROUP OF 10 MILLION STRONG from a ZERO BASE of Malay ownership of 2% of the Malaysian Economy as at 13 May 1969 with the British owning 70% of the best, the Chinese 25% of the 3rd rate excluding the monopolies ! This is the TRUTH. To say otherwise is not only a BIG LIE BUT TREASON like those traitors who supported the Malaysia Killer TPPA whilst earning a Malaysian Government salary ! It is a common belief that GENIUSES PERFORMED BEST FROM 21 YEARS TO THE LATE TWENTIES ! But in your example, GENIUS CAN LAST FOR 110 YEARS ! Down with the naysayers, Tun ! Malaysia Boleh, Tun !

  7. cahayapalingbaik Jul 14,2018 11:33 AM

    My view on UEC.

    Spoken to some chinese business friend.

    What has happened is difficult to be corrected, esp when the ‘water’ is already flowing in the pipeline.

    We (the previous Leaders of the Govt) allow these to happen = Sekolah ‘Jenis’ Kebangsaan.

    What we can do, esp Mazley the key guy, because UEC seems to have very high standards as compared to our National Schools’ Exam standard – is to uplift the standard, probably importing the elements of UEC and other standards that are seems Superior, into our Education Syllabus and Exam Standards.

    That will make the current government stand to look more professional in handling those issues.

    If they give in, it shows lack of strategy.

    (I will forward my comment here to those who have circles with Dr Mazley).

  8. mubarakchan Jul 13,2018 4:01 PM


    I presented the facts on the Genesis of the GLCs and Malaysia. Now I present the facts on the RAPE OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA BY THE BLACK TIE GENTEMEN USING THE GLCs as the weapon. This is much worse than the Rape of the Sabine women. This is the very first time that a beloved country has been raped without the sword or by an official Dictator. This was outright theft of a country’s wealth belonging to the Rakyat. I am a student of Causeway Politics since 1954, close to the ruling elite and a strong supporter of the Government of the Day because of my devotion and loyalty to our Constitution, our Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. I am an ordinary citizen like you Tun minding my own life and contributing to the Country when the call came. Why I am so disgusted with the rapists is that these are supposed to be the elite with proper backgrounds from the top echelon of society but turned out to be NO BETTER THOSE WHO OPERATE IN BATU LANE, KL ! Remember the real fire, zeal and devotion by those who kept Malaysia as Malaysia in the 1960s including your good self Tun ? ‘Malay Dilemma’ and ‘Revolusi Mental’ etc appeared. Remember on 13 May 1969 when the Malays had only 2% of the general economy, the British 70% of the best and the Chinese 25% of the 3rd rate except for the monopolies ? The general well-being today was established by our Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak and his team which set the order for peace and harmony today. Then, the Alliance nearly lost POWER. But today the BN of 60 years standing lost without a squeak ? Why ? I surmise the fact that ALL connected with the BN were so loaded up with the baubles that their natural will and instinct to defend what is RIGHT OR WRONG did not exist anymore. You were right KLEPTOCRACY ! 2004-2018. The Rakyat did not BELIEVE THAT SUCH AN EVENT CAN HAPPEN BECAUSE FOR CENTURIES THE SULTANS AND SUCCESSIVE BN GOVERNMENTS WERE HONOURABLE AND HONESTLY DEDICATED TO SERVE OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA WITH THEIR LIVES e.g. Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. I WILL NOT PERMIT THE HISTORIANS TO LAUD YOU AS A GENIUS. Our beloved Malaysia should laud you NOW AS A GENIUS WHO SAVED OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA FROM THE BLACK TIE RAPISTS OF OUR COUNTRY’S WEALTH. The fact is that without YOUR INTERVENTION BY COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT TO FIGHT AN IMPOSSIBLE BATTLE AGAINST ALL ODDS, YOU HAVE TURNED 9TH MAY 2018 INTO A POLITICAL MASTERPIECE FOR THE WORLD BY A POLITICAL MASTER WITHOUT POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY but just a simple belief in the rights and wrongs in the behaviour of Humankind. Up to 9th May 2018, NO ONE HAD THE POWER TO DISLODGE THESE BLACK TIE RAPISTS IN COMMAND EXCEPT YOU, TUN, THE ONLY ONE IN THE COUNTRY AND THE WHOLE WORLD. All Rakyat just stood and watch the RAPING GOING ON DAILY with frustration and angst. Traditional conservatives turned radical which was the best any Rakyat could do. 9th Malay 2018 was LIBERATION DAY FOR THOSE WHO WERE AWARE AND WATCHED THE RAPE OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. And why do I call the actions of those behind the GLCs a BIG RAPE ? Here are the facts which were perpetrated by the rapists in OPEN DAYLIGHT AND FULL VIEW OF ALL and to white wash their CRIME they call it ‘PROTECTION OF MALAY INTEREST AND MADE MONEY FOR THE RAKYAT’ without realising this was exactly what THE COMMUNISTS CLAIM TO DO ! e.g. The GLCs did not make money for the Rakyat because this was not the original purpose. The GLCs made money for the Officials (RAPISTS) who own not a single share in the GLCs and are not CIVIL SERVANTS via 1st Class Travel, golf by doing deals and spending a lot of time on golf courses around the World and the infamous 19th Hole, out of this World salaries which are ACTUALLY TAX FREE and bonuses, fancy cars, houses, restaurants, foreign school for the kids, under-counter sale of palm oil sludge from the GLC plantations daily, factory wastes or purchases like from the Proton factory etc. Buying and selling of GLC assets like the purchase of an alleged pondan oil palm plantation which no one wanted for RM 750 Million by Boustead just before 9th May 2018. The purchase of shares in an Indonesian plantation company for an over the hill price WITHOUT CONTROL. The sale of non-profitable overseas plantations to the perennial ATM for crooks SIME DARBY. The use of an infamous convicted felon to force the long-standing owners of Ban Hin Lee to sell at a cheap price. Not once but twice ! Fake consolidation schemes were concocted to amalgamate ALL GLC plantation companies into the perennial ATM for crooks SIME DARBY and again DE-CONSOLIDATE THE WHOLE CONSOLIDATED LOT WITHIN 3 years as easy as drinking water. Lots of money for those involved all round. These are the obvious rapes but how many of these rapes did not catch the eye ? No one can ascertain without a due diligence. Our beloved Malaysia will forever be grateful and appreciate your GENIUS AND COURAGE, Tun for saving us the hapless Rakyat when these RAPISTS WERE ON A RAMPAGE ! Malaysia is the only country in the World in which those who benefitted from her, RAPED HER ! As one cynic who cheated me told me, ‘THIS IS THE UNKINDEST CUT OF ALL.’ This fellow reneged on a deal and put the blame on me. Exactly what these BLACK TIE RAPISTS ARE DOING. Fortunately, through your Genius, Courage and Foresight Tun, your New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great by taking a NORMAL STANCE has already put our beloved Malaysia on the arduous journey towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. Malaysia Boleh, Tun !

  9. mubarakchan Jul 13,2018 10:59 AM


    Yesterday and this morning, digits connected with the corrupt GLCs spoke up in favour of this most corrupt Group in Malaysian Business without presenting the facts as to the genesis of this dysfunctional Group feeding on the precious assets of the Rakyat and the New and Incorruptible Government. Here are the facts on the GLCs. After Separation in 1965, Singapore wanted to establish herself as a self-reliant State. The UN economics expert Dr Albert Winsemius was the Adviser to the Singapore Government since 1962-1984. He advised the establishment of the Jurong Industrial Park in 1968. The Singapore Government cajoled her traders to invest in industrial ventures like Starlite Ceramics, Far East Levingstone, Fair Lady Hair Wigs, Regent Hair Wigs, EUPOC, Singapore Textiles, AB Biscuits etc were established. By the early 1970s, most of these industrial ventures failed due to lack of market access with a brand name or fashion trends changed. The Singapore Government was keen to ensure the Malay population was fully employed in Jurong. Without any other option but to take up the slack which was caused by the failure of the ex-traders turned industrialists, the Singapore Government ventured into SIA, DBS, Asian Dollar, Sembawang Shipyard, Keppel Shipyard, NOL, Chartered Industries, Changi Airport, sea reclamation, UOL, etc. By the early 1980s, these Government owned entities and monopolies became profitable. Lee Kuan Yew named the Government Linked Companies or GLCs. Up to this point, no democratic Government in the World and even up to the present was involved in business to make money for the people. Singapore was the first because of necessity. With the oncoming implosion of Communism during the 1980s, Communist States like Russia and China began to look for solutions to resolve their archaic Communist Theories on the General Economy. Both opted for Lee Kuan Yew’s creation the GLCs. With the thought that GLCs are perfect half-way houses between Capitalism and Communism. Later to their horror, Corruption and Nepotism erupted big time in their vast lands. Over 100 Chinamen ran away with GLC money. Only 40 could be caught and returned to China. Only in tiny Singapore and under the watchful eyes of Lee Kuan Yew could the GLCs be controlled where a whisper will reveal bank accounts and sexual peccadillos. After he departed, Keppel was involved in a huge scandal of over US 150 Million in Brazil. Malaysia became involved after the Crash of 1997 in which Bumiputra owned businesses had to be bailed out by the Government through the Danaharta. Those involved with the Khazanah today originated from the very people who were tasked to revive and restructure the Bumiputra companies in trouble and under the care of Danaharta. Naturally, these parties saw the wealth and opportunities in the ailing Bumiputra Companies under their care during a period when the famished Singaporeans rushed into our beloved Malaysia looking for low hanging fruits not the durian but those golden ones hanging in our beloved Khazanah. With the 4th Floor Boys waving their magic wand to show the way. After all had their fill of cheap Malaysian Golden Fruits found only at the apex of the Power Pyramid of our beloved Malaysia, the remnants of this Rape of the Golden Khazanah became the GLCs of the Khazanah – a COPY-CAT VERSION OF LEE KUAN YEW’S GLCs. As these fellows had no money to own and steer these Bumiputra enterprises, THEY COVENIENTLY USED KHAZANAH AS THE HOLDING COMPANY WITH THE VAB INSTALLED AS THE CHAIRMAN. AND THEY MADE THE YAB THEIR MOUTHPIECE. A smooth coup d’etat by some smooth gents. THE REST IS HISTORY INTO BILLIONS FOR ONE AND ALL AT THE RAKYATS’ EXPENSE BY THESE PARASITES. Back to the basics, only 4 countries in the whole World have GLCs, Singapore the Creator, Russia, China and Malaysia. Only Malaysia is non-authoritarian and has no reason to be involved in the GLCs which involved billions and billions of ringgit belonging to the Government and the Rakyat WITHOUT ANY CONTROL. GLCs ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTROL BY THE GOVERNMENT. IT IS COMMUNISM IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. Khazanah claims to protect Malay interest and make money for the Rakyat. IS’NT THIS FULL FLEDGED COMMUNISM PRACTISED BY THOSE IN CONTROL OF KAZANAH ? Tun was correct that Khazanah lost its original purpose. So, Khazanah latest iteration by way of the statement from Khazanah, a confused editorial in Focus and similarly, a letter in the NSTP to justify its COMMUNISTIC actions is TREASON, FALSE, FRAUD AND MISLEADING, AND THE GLCs DESERVE TO BE RETURNED TO THE PRIVATE SECTOR EXCEPT FOR THE ESSENTIAL ONES and reduce the DEBT by RM 500 Billion ! THANKS TO YOUR FORESIGHT, TUN, YOUR NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT BY REDUCING WASTAGE AND INEFFICIENCY ADDS 20%-30% VALUE BACK TO THE Budget. BY RELEASING (not forcing as the Focus Editorial implies)the GLCs and the parasites back to the Private Sector where they rightfully belong. Maybe even on hire-purchase terms. OVERNIGHT, OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA HAS THE STRONGEST BALANCE SHEET OF ANY GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD INCLUDING THE SWISS. Who doesn’t want to invest in a country Malaysia which was SAVED BY YOUR SIMPLE BUT BRILLIANT ACT OF BEING NORMAL, TUN ? What irks me, Tun, is that even today there are people who think MALAYSIANS ARE STUPID !Of course, we are not but ONLY POLITE AND COURTEOUS. Malaysia Boleh, Tun !

  10. mubarakchan Jul 12,2018 10:55 AM


    Here is a true story in support of Normality in Governance as now practised by the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great. A little more than ten years ago, the brilliant son of my Muslim Indian friend returned home after graduating from a London University College. In his zeal and devotion he joined a Malaysian Government Computer unit. He was put in charge of preparing the Budget for the following year. His final figure for the Budget was only RM 5 Million. His Boss asked him to up it to RM 12 Million. He was very upset and consulted his father who advised him to do as he was told and return to London. Hence Tun your New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great brings me much joy and happiness that we the Rakyat do not deserve to have crooks to rule over us because we all deserve better in everything and in all aspects. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  11. mubarakchan Jul 12,2018 10:39 AM


    A Good Morning to you ! The headline ‘ Singapore’s 2nd Quarter GDP slows’. To most of us, this is meaningless. At first I was puzzled by what GDP or Gross Domestic Product meant. Little by little, it gleaned on me that if I took a common sense approach to my interpretation of this GDP in relation to a particular country, the GDP means a lot. First, in my discovery of this magic 3 alphabets which economists of all colour and shades believe in before but some are showing signs of doubt because huge countries like China finds it cumbersome in relation to the full employment of its citizens. Second, the GDP as applied to tiny States like Singapore appears to be like swapping a fly with a hammer. In Singapore, the GDP is the Gospel of all that she surveys within her tiny size, the size of Lac Leman, Geneva. Singapore’s GDP was bolstered by her under-counter trades during the Cold War 1948-1989. Lee Kuan Yew’s incorruptible Government and a tiny population of only 2 Million and not much more at the end of the Cold War, the under-counter trades or black trades brought Singapore immense riches or otherwise known as the real Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle. The glittering buildings and infra we see today is only a façade which do not bring solid returns. Singapore was riding on a GDP of at least 7% till the end of the 20th Century. With Uncle Sam’s hegemonic spiel,’Gobalization, Free Trade, Human Rights, after the Cold War, the BRICS muscled in on her lush under-counter trades or black trades, Singapore’s GDP dropped below 3% by 2002 till 2018 ! From these 2 figures, 7% and 3%, we can deduce that 2%-3% could be attributed to the under-counter trades which statistics have never been revealed to this very day. Some may ask ‘What are the under-counter trades ?’ These are forbidden trades by Uncle Sam during the Cold War 1948-1989 but Uncle Sam had his eyes closed when this came to Singapore because of the skills of Lee Kuan Yew in his persuasion of his peers when this suited him eg. hard and soft arms trading, smuggling, money laundering, in support of Uncle Sam’s covert operations around the World, toadying up to dictators, collect Vietnam War debris, R & R, US Aid, sanctions breaking etc. Singapore’s GDP is a good example to show that with the importation of 1.2 Million FTs to boost the GDP, the GDP could not breach 3% since it’s collapse in 2002 because of market trends. AND THIS IS A GDP PRODUCED BY AN INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT FROM DAY ONE! Right? Conversely, the BN Government right up to 8th May 2018 claimed Malaysia’s GDP is about 4.5% per annum for many years. The whole World knew that ONE RINGGIT THE BN GOVERNMENT SPENT, THE RETURN TO THE GOVERNMENT IS ONLY 60%-70%. Whilst in Singapore, the return to the Government maybe as high as 93% or higher after many years of Draconian measures. What do these facts reveal to us ? First, without looking at Singapore’s classified trade statistics, we can deem that her under-counter trades amounted to 2-3% of her GDP during the boom years right up to 1989 within the fizzy 7% GDP per annum. Second, SINGAPORE’S CLEAN AND UNADULTERATED GDP FIGURES ACTUALLY REFLECT ON THE POTENTIAL AND THE GOODIES TO COME FOR OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA OF THE NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT UNDER THE PREMIERSHIP OF OUR TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD. How ? Remember, Tun, when Malaysia was under the corrupt BN Government right up to 8th May 2018, the Government gets a return of only 60%-70% for every one ringgit it spent ! Now with your NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT, the Government gets at least 80% -90% money’s worth for every one ringgit spent. The wastage of 20%-30% has been removed just by doing NORMAL GOVERNANCE – no need to soot or shoo anyone. This is your brilliance in support of your announcements concerning how you and your Government manage the economy. It is not only back to BASICS BUT TO NORMALITY.- the Government gets it’s money worth on behalf of the RAKYAT ! And with the automatic increase in the return per every ringgit the Government spends, it could be calculated the surplus in the Budget by the reduction of wastage and inefficiency – two nice words describing CORRUPTION ! This can only add on to the 4.5% GDP per annum (which was probably fudged) And today’s FT Edition proclaims, “Malaysians are bullish..” These facts confirm why I am SUPER-BULLISH WITH OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA UNDER YOUR PREMIERSHIP OF A NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT – we start from a clean slate something which I learnt from the accountants and on the same format as well which is our Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay Bias. Without announcing any Policy as dictated by the foreign cynics, there is already economic progress in being NORMAL ! Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  12. mubarakchan Jul 11,2018 10:26 AM


    And what do I see as I turned over the front page of The Star this morning ? On Page 2 a full colour picture of our ex YAB with a couple of playmates and the Chief of Khazanah who defends Malay interests and makes money for the Rakyat in tow after visiting the Valley of all valleys, Silicon Valley ! This picture was taken in San Francisco the capital of Hedonism in America at a time when the meagre RM 400 was dished out to the poor Rakyat at home, Malaysia. And as my eyes swept towards Page 3, there was a list of jewellery worth many millions of US Dollars as sent on approval by a Middle Eastern jeweller. The strange thing is that no one buys jewellery by post. Also, on this scale of transaction, the owner would have personally come to Malaysia to present his wares. Why despatch such valuable goods by post ? May be it has something to do with the values. The lyrics for the aborted song ‘Don’t Cry for me Malaysia’ aside. A more sinister and perennial comment which could only have be fomented from down South, is the comment that the New Government has not come up with economic policies which will please foreign investors. Let us look at the facts, Tun. From 2004 to 2018, these cynics were silent when our Socio-economic Policies went hay-wire. From 2008 right up to 8 May 2018, funds were being pumped into the Bursa until its collapse the following week on Monday 14th May 2018. What are the foreign funds which move in and out of Malaysia with ease ? Definitely not the non-Singaporean foreign funds which consider Malaysian companies as too small and illiquid for investment. Then the finger can only be pointed at funds which originated from Singapore which culled the funds either domestically or externally. This modus operandi has been in place since the 1960s. It was profitable until 2000 when the separation took place. Is the demands for compensation on the cancellation of the HSR linked with this in and out movement via the Bursa in any way connected ? There seems to be some link because of the intensity and repetitious Singapore’s complaints of loss. We can read the rest between the lines from 2008 to 2018 via the KLCI. To confirm all this, the KL Station Chief of the Singapore Business Times who was alleged to be the spouse of Malaysia’s chief negotiator of the Malaysia Killer TPPA, gave his weekly advice to the Malaysian Government on how to run the Malaysian Economy in the Singapore Business Times until he stopped suddenly in January 2013 after many months of his hectoring. Strange behaviour these Singaporeans and their spouses. Why can’t they mind their own business of resolving Singapore’s dilemma? However, he only adds one more country which are actively gathering information in our ye olde KL. During the Cold War 1948-1989, active espionage centres were Bangkok and Singapore with the head honchos in the latter. From 2004 to 2018, the VABs by admiring, listening and jollying up with foreigners, have now become EX-YABs. IT PAYS FOR THE MEMBERS OF YOUR NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT consisting of the old and the young, the good and the great that IT IS WISE TO KEEP 99.99% of the foreigners at arms length because only less than 99.99% of the them are good because the good ones don’t come to Malaysia. This has been proven time and time again. Another Sinister approach to your New and Incorruptible Government will come in the form of an invitation to speak at the ISEAS Singapore. This outfit was established by Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore in 1972 with the open objective as a research institute for SEA studies. But through the years, he used the ISEAS to butter cup young UMNO aspirants. No BN Chinaman has ever been invited to speak there. After the young UMNO aspirant’s speech, the following morning the Straits Times would publish a special article on him praising his academic achievement, his speech, his future etc in glowing terms. All the young UMNO aspirants who appeared at this ISEAS forum are recorded in the Straits Times Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew’s on how to win friends and influence people courtesy of Dale Carnegie. Back to the cynics, Tun. Now our beloved Malaysia under a New and Incorruptible Government is on par with the countries of good standing around the World. This alone is mighty significant in the Good Governance factor for investors. The cynics seem to imply that a corrupt Government is good for their type of business. I think someone should ask these cynics to go elsewhere because during the Dark Era of Malaysia 2004 to 2018, all Rakyat have experienced what it is like when all were governed without fair play and justice. The Rakyat realise the good and honest intentions of the New Government as they have always been with its predecessors and suffered for it. Even today, business establishments are closing down every day due to the after effects of the Dark Era 2004-2018. Because of the horrendous blood-letting of corrupt money out of the economic system the rectification will take time.It should be understood by the Rakyat that corruption can only be reduced and contained. It is difficult to eradicate. But with a brand New and Incorruptible Government, our beloved Malaysia’s political and socio-economic recovery will be swift and strong. In fact, we have already taken the first step on our trek upwards to the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan under your Premiership Tun ! Malaysia Boleh !

  13. HBT456 Jul 11,2018 9:50 AM

    Hey mubarakchan, i am the follower of elon musk now, africa american, due to his determination in believing electric car would replace battery made of fossil fuel in the future, say 20 years from now.

    Eventhough the little rocket subs hand made by him and his team was delivered to the wild boar rescue team in thailand was not used, he made the promise and delivered them to thailand authority to decide to use or not.

    I would say the following depending where i am from to elon musk and his team:



    Please try your best

    Sila cuba yang terbaik

    Silakan mencoba yang terbaik

    Whether the racist political party accept or not the UEC examination, they cannot force the chinese to abandon their birth rights on the soil of this country to choose the education for their children.

    Dulu, tak boleh.

    Sekarang lagi tak boleh.


    Isa turned sos ma, you will know what was in their mind in the past, today and tomorrow.

    Buffology or not, when the mirror is cracked, no matter how you mend, the crack is always there.

    Therefore, as voters, dont waste time in complaining this and that.

    When general election is called, just vote for the mp and wakil rakyat whom you think they derserve your votes.

  14. HBT456 Jul 10,2018 6:41 PM

    Henceforth, do not get angry or frustrated.

    Eventhough you do not like that cup of tea, one must never curse or spit on that cup of tea to show your anger.


    Because thats ugly.

  15. HBT456 Jul 10,2018 2:03 PM

    Yup, even the largest animal named elephant is believed to be afraid of tikus.

    China can print yuan and pump the cash into the local market.

    At the same time they can outlaw 1 child policy to bear more children to develop their country.

    Yup, mubarakchan too can continue with his bluffology too via gerrymandering with the belief of absolute loyalty and malay bias, its a free country what.

    Pendek kata, when the coalition parties become blind followers, bunkum or half past six atau 2 x 5, got any differences?

    To be or not to be, that is not the question.

    Able or not, we will see how far kita semua can go.

  16. mubarakchan Jul 9,2018 4:09 PM


    Many Malaysians think that Malaysia is inferior to Singapore in many ways. Some even want to compete with her. No need. Malaysia has already won hands down. I dispute this frivolous contention with the following factual reasons :-
    Singapore became independent after 1965 in the middle of the Cold War (1948-1989). As an entrepot, Singapore was already in the midst of smuggling activities in the Region. With a small population of 2 Million in the 1970s and an incorruptible Government, Singapore became rich through her under counter or black trades e.g. hard and soft arms trades, smuggling, cosying up to regional dictators, money laundering, collecting free Vietnam War debris, R & R, U.S. Aid, breaking sanctions etc until Uncle Sam came up with his hegemonic spiel, “Gobalization, Free Trade, Human Rights.” 1n 1990. Lee Kuan Yew’s easy years of easy money vanished overnight. The World is now the oyster for the BRICS. Singapore lost all these and more which have to be replaced by alternatives. By 2004, after the collapse of the Singapore’s economy in 2002, Lee Kuan Yew unveiled the Malaysia Killer TPPA (Obama)or Free Trade Scheme (LKY), more importation of FTs, 2 casinos, a fake Sovereign fund (Canada, Kuwait ,Norway are real Sovereign Funds). The failure can be seen clearly today. Why ? The Malaysia Killer TPPA has the sole purpose of flooding Malaysia with Singaporean tariff-free goods. The Nirvana of Lee Kuan Yew’s life-long obsession to batten down Malaysia. This did not take off as too much of its contents were in Singapore’s favour because of its geographic proximity to Malaysia. America rightly rejected it under Trump. The copy-cat importation of FTs to boost the GDP cannot work because of the small size of Singapore in terms of everything like human resources, markets, space, lack of logistics for back-up. The GDP does not work for tiny countries and huge countries like China. At best, it is only a guide. The key is to provide full employment for the citizens. This FTs is like pushing Singapore’s economy with a string. The casinos are not successful because the Region is full of them. And the Sovereign Fund is a fake created with the citizen’s CPF money. Then, the Fund was managed like any other investor and lost money big time. This list of reasons is a catalogue of Singapore’s failure in the 21st Century’s brave New World where every country competes with her, no more Uncle Sam’s blue eye boy of the Cold War (1948-1989). And the political leadership is at best perfunctory. Unlike Lee Kuan Yew’s days when everything or anything was either World’s best or hit above her weight. This Bluffology is in itself a precious asset. What did Lee Kuan Yew leave Singapore ? The Good Governance Government, Excellent Civil Service, Solid Infra. And most important of all, Lee Kuan Yew’s goodwill and credits with all the Nations of the World. This valuable asset has been forgotten and the lack of will and ideas to utilise it. Soon, this will diminish with time and lost forever. Taking all the facts into consideration, and on the assumption Singapore carries on with its 19th Century thinking and conventions of Lee Kuan Yew, the future looks grim and bleak because the elites have nt mental bullets to shoot at targets for Singapore’s benefit. Now and not even at the end of the day, how can Singapore with NOTHING be superior and better than our beloved Malaysia which has everything and more and with an Incorruptible New Government ? It is odious to compare ourselves with Singapore anymore. Like comparing chalk and cheese !
    Malaysia with the Incorruptible New Government of the old and the young, and the good and the great is now one of the Four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia. Malaysia is the only one with all the bountiful natural resources, peoples who have lived in peace and harmony for centuries, a flourishing Democracy with stable Governments, and located at the nexus of a vital and booming Region, ASEAN which makes Malaysia the most important choke point in the World. Jealous rivals like Singapore and Malaysia’s own political buffoons are one of the stumbling blocks to Malaysia’s unobstructed progress. However with the promise of a World Standard Incorruptible New Government under the leadership of our, one and only Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, there is only one way which is up towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan for Malaysia. And we have already taken the first step on this long and arduous journey. With POLITICAL WILL AND INCORRUPTIBILITY which is now the pride of all Malaysians, Malaysia will end its journey sooner rather than later. Without lifting a little finger, Malaysia need not compare with tiny Singapore anymore because SIZE and HUMAN AND NATURAL RESOURCES STILL COUNT IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Anything else is BUNKUM not even half-past-six ! Malaysia Boleh, Tun !

  17. HBT456 Jul 9,2018 3:39 PM

    Is the economy stupid?

    Man propose, god dispose?

    They thought by creating a perfect storm down south, local investors will move in north, so to speak?

    Life is like a box of chocolate in concrete jungle, whether you like or dont like chocolate.

    Ex-pm said he ate all the chocolate.

    The current minister of finance said he does not like chocolate, but if his children like, he will still eat with them what, just like all the vvip papa of the world.

    Marah-marah pun tarak guna kerana mereka tetap akan mempermainkan isu2 yang sama aja sampai hari ini.

    Jika anda rasa tidak berbaloi dan mahal makan kat kedai mamak restoran, anda boleh beli makanan di tepi jalanraya, kan polisi negara ini adalah malay and islam bias what.

    Shoppers are informed when there will be promotion with discount via counters, website or emails, all we need to do is to register at the counters to get the discount cards or online what to enjoy the discount.

    Maverick, flip then flop politics is not something new.

    I believe if china central government is informed correctly, they will chosen to use their authority of power to stop this project.


    Because this project is not feasible nor viable, and the locals do not have the know how to maintain such expensive projects in the long run.


    Because local politicians could be rigged behind the voters.

    You go and do the math yourself.

    Bak kata, bagi bukit emas pun tarak guna.

    Jangan kata ah choo takut, nanti ah kow pun lari.

  18. Sri Sense Jul 9,2018 11:38 AM

    Salam Senayan semua

    Yup seperti I sebut dulu, memang betul Tun, I dan Hajar tak tipu.

    I don’t think without GST barang makin turun. Selepas PH menang no GST, pekedai lumba2 kata no GST, barang turun harga sedikit, lepas sebulan jadi lain. Pasaraya besar ada product sekarang mahal dari semasa ada GST.

    I ingat lepas je PH menang, I pi Mark & Spencer beli baju memang ketara discount, entah la saya tak pergi M&S lagi selepas tu, so I don’t know naik ke tidak. I beli baju hanya bila perlu sahaja.

    Kalau Jaya Jusco (AEON), Parkson, belum sempat habis bulan syawal, baju Melayu semua dah masuk dalam, tak jual lagi. Tangs I tak pasti, but I think its about the same. My guess nak naik harga for raya Haji. Tesco lama dah tak pergi. But I think Tesco sebelum GST pupus memang ada barang murah dan ada barang mahal, seperti juga Giant, Econsave, NSK, Aeon Big (Carrefour). Semalam I pergi Max Value, a supermarket chain under AEON, nampak barang 50% diskaun dah tiada. Jaya Grocer this supermarket for mid and upper class, banyak imported items, price depends on currency rate of exchange. Ada masa certain product cheaper dari lain2 supermarket yang disebut diatas.

    So research yang Saifuddin buat tak menyeluruh, tak boleh guna pakai, ianya sekadar nak kasi rakyat feel good feeling.


  19. Hajar Jul 8,2018 10:06 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon laluan Tun:

    1. Alahai…Baru saja angkat sumpah jadi Menteri KPDNHEP sudah buat kenyataan yang dangkal tanpa ada kajian menyeluruh dan meluas.

    2. Berapa lama agaknya beliau membuat sendiri tinjauan (bertanya kepada para peniaga) seperti yang didakwa? Buat apa tanya para peniaga; tanyalah para pengguna (customers).

    3. Baru2 ini saya beli popia (popiah). Sebelum GST sifar, harganya 90 sen satu. Sekarang harganya RM 1 (satu Ringgit). 10 sen bukannya banyak, tetapi jika beli 10 sudah RM 1 jumlahnya.

    4. Dari pemerhatian saya di pasar2 Ramadhan (pada Ramadhan Jun 2018), tiada penurunan harga2 (yang naik selepas ada GST) makanan dan kuih-muih serta minuman malahan saiz kuih tetap sama (saiz semakin mengecil berbanding sebelum GST diperkenalkan; selepas GST sifar masih bersaiz kecil dengan harga sama).

    5. Apa yang saya nampak, harga bahan2 mentah ada yang telah turun (di pasaraya2 terutamanya) tetapi harga barang makanan dan minuman (restoren/ gerai2, pasar2 malam, etc) masih lagi sama malahan ada yang semakin mahal.

    6. Bila SST diperkenalkan kembali, bolehkah Kerajaan PH jamin yang harga barang2 tidak naik? Satu kesilapan bilamana Kerajaan tidak sekalikan (buat dua2 sekali harung) pelaksanaan GST sifar dengan pelaksanaan SST.

    7. Masalah besar kita ialah penguatkuasaan agensi yang diamanahkan amat lemah dan para peniaga dengan mudah mengambil kesempatan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  20. mubarakchan Jul 8,2018 6:29 PM


    With the New Government’s Cabinet now in place, it pays for us to ponder what created the One Trillion Ringgit Debt by the previous BN Government and how the New Government may resolve it.. The Debt was the result of wanton expenditure without foresight and control of billions and billions of ringgits spent on mega-infrastructures without taking cognizance of the Government’s revenues and international trading trends which impact on our exports, manufactures, natural resources and the Rakyat. This equation was in balance until after 2003. Thereafter, any mental effort was thrown to the winds. Enjoyment came first with the Rakyat’s interest forgotten for 15 years. This was where a huge inflow of tourists would help to reduce the deficit. But the Ministers of Tourism without proper Leadership, treated their portfolio as an excuse to have a jolly good time travelling around the World at Government’s expense. Most irresponsible and callous instead of spending time in India and China to cull more tourists. So from where the New Government will create Wealth to regain the momentum lost between 2003 to 2018 ? Our Wealth will come from the development of our huge expanse of undeveloped land. If a Malaysian flew above France or England, he or she would discern the ground below is divided up like a quilted blanket. I thought I could see just a blank space below in Canada. But, I saw bigger pieces of land divided. This scenario means to us that these countries are fully-developed and have no room for growth based on the land. Whilst in Malaysia, we can see below us a whole expanse of green with a few scattered patches of denuded land. Malaysia has a huge land bank for development. This is done via the State Excos. How many of us realise that the 13 State Excos do not do much except to convert 20 sens per sq.ft undeveloped land into RM 2 per sq.ft approved land for development. This is the NUB of Malaysia’s Wealth since Merdeka. And this is where the Wealth of Malaysia will be re-created once more after the huge squandering of money on mega-projects which do not distribute the money evenly amongst the Rakyat but the incumbent few. Bubbles in property development are caused by over-approval by the relevant authorities in the States. As a result, the luggage boot of a MB’s car were filled to the brim with cash. In China, this bottleneck is created 1,000 times bigger at the Offices of the City Mayor and the Party Secretary. Where the politics and business meet ! Our beloved Malaysia has still many productive and economically viable Regions to attract the FDI and other investors in the Northern and Central parts of the Peninsula and East Malaysia. But none of the huge projects from 2003 to 2018 were designed to benefit the Rakyat but only the exclusive few. Hence we have the dichotomy between the annual GDP and the real economy as experienced by the Man or Woman in the street from 2004 to 2018.. The essential goodies must flow down the slippery slopes of the iron Pyramid of Power which were seen to dry up between 2004 to 2018 with the goodies seen to defy gravity by following upwards to where the YAB sat. In no time at all, Malaysia was holding the can of Debt amounting to RM One Trillion with nothing to show for it with the corrupt GLCs adding to the Debt and pain. The approach should now be the task of putting the right pegs in the right holes like building infrastructures which serves the Rakyat like airports, townships, commuter rail (no tunnels) and re-location of precious assets to fit the bill. All will be well. There are so many Golden Opportunities for Entrepreneurs because of the incorruptible New Government of the old and the young, and the good and the great that every Ringgit the New Government spends, it should get back over 90 sens worth and not less than 50 sens worth from 2004 to 2018 during which there were leaks all over the shop from 1,000,000 barrels of oil to 12,000 pieces of jewellery and a further 17,000 employees, apart from the real leaks like palm oil sludge and factory wastes from GLC establishments. I asked an UMNO Division Chief why he wanted RM 500,000 from me to make an appointment to meet a Minister with no guarantee of success. His frank reply was that if he did not take care of himself then, his very rich superiors will forget to look after him afterwards. History proved he was correct. As the saying goes. ‘ All begin at the top, Tun !’ With my trust and confidence in the New Government, I am certain our beloved Malaysia’s prosperity for the Rakyat will be re-created sooner rather than later, Tun. Malaysia Boleh.

  21. Sri Sense Jul 8,2018 10:55 AM

    Hi Happy Sunday!

    IHH is one of the best shares my son pegang. My son usually beli masa IPO, and he usually dapat 1 bijik – 1,000 shares. If I’m not mistaken masa IPO the price around 2.80 now around 6.00 rgt.

    When comes to AAX, if I’m not mistaken IPO satu ringgit lebih, now 0.34 sen. Big rugi for those yang still pegang termasuk my son.

    CEO salary if the company can perform its okay high, but if the company cannot perform salary high buat sakit hati shareholders.

  22. mubarakchan Jul 8,2018 7:48 AM


    The word ‘WEALTH’ became a common word in the Malaysian parlance from the your retirement in 2003 to the significant date of 9th May 2018. ‘WEALTH’ governed most of the thoughts and actions of some Malaysians. A most unhealthy development began to reached out to all sections of our Society. With the finale, ‘CASH IS KING’ or steal, cheat or kill to get at the money belonging to others. In recent days, ‘The Star’ and ‘The Edge’ published lists of the annual remuneration of the CEOs of GLCs and privately owned listed companies. One GLC remuneration stands out like a sore thumb even in comparison with the gigantic remunerations of the tribe of GLC CEOs ! The IHH Healthcare Berhad’s CEO Dr Tan See Leng, a Singaporean and doctor of ordinary repute. His salary is stated at RM 33,893 Million per year or RM 90,000 per day. The Prime Minister’s salary is only RM 20,000 per month ! In 1975, Pernas Securities spent only RM 23 Million to control Sime Darby. As you are aware, Tun, hospital management is no different from hotel management. No big deal. There are at least 1,000 qualified Malaysian executives who can fit the bill to manage IHH Healthcare Berhad. Besides, some years ago when Turkey was in turmoil, the Turkish tycoons were bailing out and the Turkish lira was due for a fall, it was alleged the IHH Healthcare Berhad rushed in with a hefty investment. Now, the Turkish lira has depreciated again. There must be a big loss in the books of IHH. Yet, the very same IHH is proposing to acquire Fortis of India when there is a Bloomberg Report which stated that Fortis auditors could not determine whether FRAUD had taken place or not inside Fortis. and THIS DARING ACT IS HAPPENING RIGHT UNDER THE NOSE OF THE NEW GOVERNMENT OF WHICH YOU ARE THE PRIME MINISTER ! These fellows have no fear using the Rakyat’s money. My college friend, the richest Muslim in India who made his fortune from generic drugs told me that there are huge commissions given to purchasers of generic drugs. India is one of the largest producers of generic drugs in the World. My friend supplies to Africa under UN auspices. It was good, very good that you reminded these interlopers who HI-JACKED KHAZANAH and used the Rakyat’s money to enrich themselves that you set-up KHAZANAH with the sole objective of holding IPO shares on behalf of the Bumiputras until they are ready to take them over. THIS IS THE GOVERNMENT POLICY. ANY DEVIATION FROM THIS IS CBT, FRAUD AND THEFT. But your good Policy was fudged by sinister intent using the GLCs to ‘PROTECT MALAY INTERESTS AND MAKE MONEY FOR THE RAKYAT’ whilst behind the façade, these interlopers were lining their own pockets BIG TIME ! A very daring piece of skulduggery if I may say so. And with your expose, this flimsy excuse becomes a BIG LIE ! I fully support KHAZANAH to hold IPO shares on behalf of the Bumiputras which is the right and proper thing to do and not for the NEW GOVERNMENT to indulge in business but only to rule over us. And return all the non-essential GLCs and their parasites to the Private Sector to reduce the DEBT by at least RM 500 Billion. I have absolute trust and confidence in the NEW GOVERNMENT to do the right and proper thing for all the Rakyat, Tun. Malaysia Boleh !

  23. mubarakchan Jul 7,2018 10:25 AM


    What do we have on our plate for breakfast this morning ? Nasi lemak ? No ! But the continuous stream of remarks on the 3 sens per 1,000 gallons of water which we have to pay for it to sell to Singapore due to the depreciation of the ringgit, from Singapore which presented Malaysia as the EXTORTIONER Vide Bilahari Kausikan – Singapore Matters Facebook. I am for the prosperity and well-being of Singaporeans and all the peoples of the World. But I am also a believer in justice and fair-play like your good-self, Tun.. For this reason I have always supported our Governments in power because of my loyalty and devotion to our Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias, to our Constitution, our Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans since 1954. Now, like you our hearts are sincere and passionate towards Humankind. Our minds uncluttered. What we do not understand is why the Singaporean leadership like Lee Kuan Yew before and others who came after him kept on with their obsession with Malaysia and their 19th Century conventions ? This is the 21st Century a century of great advancements by the nanoseconds. The World out there is now just a click instead of a globe. Now I state clearly that I am of the opinion that if Malaysia and Singapore get closer on fair and just terms, we can do many great things. I am sure many Malaysians think the same. But before anything like this can occur, let us go back to the basics which is history to understand the present and the future. The events which have happened and our beloved Malaysia has always been the VICTIM and never the EXTORTIONER OR AGGRESSOR which happened from ‘abang-adek’, ‘four-eyes’, ‘private retreats’ or ‘very warm relationships’. All dished up by the Singaporean media. Our media has never been so imaginative because we are always hospitable, friendly and tolerant. And take our friends at face value. First well-publicised Water Agreement of 1962. Common sense dictates. How could Singapore be permitted to pay for water at 3 sens per 1,000 gallons for 50 years ? To the Man from Mars, this must appear that Double First in Law at Cambridge, Lee Kuan Yew must have signed the Agreement with a donkey ! Fast trek to the break-up of MSA. It was alleged the 3 wise men who were allotted the task of dividing the soft assets of MSA, gave the whole lot to Singapore for free. And the late Tun Dr Ismail hit the roof and nearly sacked the 3 wise men en bloc but for the intervention of a friend to both parties ! The we have the wonderful ATM for Singapore called the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. From the 1970s to 2000, it was used like a yo-yo to extract profits out by the use of an unauthorised syndicate. There were at least 10 crashes during this period. It is alleged that shares were purchased or sold before any official declaration of an increase or decrease of the interest rate. After this act, the Straits Times would alert the man in the street on the its back page with hints on the rise and fall of the interest rate. Only a careful study could confirm this allegation which can only be created in the fertile mind of one Singapore great ! His son paid the price in the mid-1980s ! Man proposes. God disposes. And for further confirmation, after the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur stock Exchange was separated in Malaysia’s interest, the most abusive and insults were thrown at our Prime Minister and published in the Straits Times for 2 weeks ! AND NO MORE CRASHES SINCE 2000 ! This confirmed the use of the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in Singapore’s interest. In 1985, because of the Pan-El Affair, the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange was suspended for 2 days at Singapore’s request which cast a bad light on Malaysia. No Stock Exchange in the World has ever been suspended since the suspension of the Milan Bourse in 1909 ! Further, in the early 1980s, Lee Kuan Yew made some snide remarks about the murders and robberies in Johor Baru. He said it with confidence because Singapore could register her 2,000 gangsters by 1972. From this point, the gangsters could check into Johor Baru and do their thing and check-out again and go home to Singapore to sleep. No gangster problem for Singapore ! Fast trek to the Golden Opportunity for Singapore, the big and the small, looking for low-hanging fruits but not the durian, 2004 to 2018. There are only two known mega-ones. The super-quick resolution of the KTM valuable assets in Singapore which Malaysia ended up with HALF an office building and the fate of the steel rails unknown and the HSR Agreement in which Malaysia has to compensate expensively for its cancellation. We could pin the signing of such Agreements in the old days to Double First in Law at Cambridge Lee Kuan Yew and a Malaysian donkey. But today in the 21st Century, I have no comment. The facts I have mentioned are a simplified version of historical events of a one-side relationship between Malaysia and Singapore. To the layman in the street, it was abang-adek, four eyes meetings, private retreats, very warm relationships which were dished out by the Singapore media for Singapore to extract more than the BEST out of our unwary leaderships. Not only all that, the vital TPPA FOR SINGAPORE is a MALAYSIA KILLER which was created as the Free Trade Scheme in 2003 after the retirement of our Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir to have an easy passage which was the assessment of Lee Kuan Yew. So certain was Lee Kuan Yew about his final legacy to save Singapore. So eager was Lee Kuan Yew’s desire to make the Malaysia Killer TPPA a success, at the age of 85, he made a trip to the hot and humid Ulus including Kelantan to exhort his cohorts, digits, Malaysian Civil Servants for Singapore, spies, swallows, ducks, tycoons, MCA leaders dressed in red Mandarin silks, journalists etc on the pretext of saying a final bye-bye !If this is not a sinister attempt to do down Malaysia, what is ? Singapore is the SOLE beneficiary of the TPPA because Singapore is geographically a part of Malaysia. Overnight all tax-free goods, labelled or re-labelled flood into Malaysia. Our factories close down, workers sacked and owners go bankrupt. The blame is on the Government of the Day. Chaos reign. The Malays are dispossessed once again. The Chinese become middle-men for Singapore again. Our beloved Malaysia becomes a Colony of Singapore. Yet, a Malaysian ex-Civil Servant openly urged in the NSTP that Malaysia MUST sign this Malaysia Killer TPPA. It is alleged her spouse is a PAP cadre journalist stationed in KL to do his allotted task. And finally, the Singapore Straits Times has always openly commented on Malaysian Politics but not the Malaysian Media on Singaporean Politics. It is alleged that the Tunku and Lee Kuan Yew had a tacit understanding or agreement not to interfere in each others political affairs after the Separation of 1965. Hence, the MCA dissolved in Singapore. In conclusion, our beloved Malaysia has not lifted a single finger to take advantage of Singapore as our friendly, hospitable and tolerant Leaders have shown. And our beloved Malaysia suffered for her virtues. Yet our beloved Malaysia with the NEW Government is now flying high and on the right trek towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. And Malaysia is now one of the four most important small countries of the World e.g. Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia. Man proposes. God disposes ! The facts about Singapore have shown it was all one-sided and our beloved Malaysia the VICTIM not the EXTORTIONER, Tun ! Malaysia Boleh !

  24. HBT456 Jul 6,2018 12:58 PM

    With so much different currencies found in one of the homes of ex pm, one may ask is it possible that he would be allowed to bring so much cash from overseas?

    I think it is impossible since the custom of many countries required all of us to declare our cash before going into and going out from the countries.

    The only logic that such foreign currencies ended up there lies with the physical holders of such cash, that is kedai tukar wang since bankers are not allowed to do so.

    Absolute power corrupts, and no matter how the story is twisted and spinned by both of the political divides, the coalition that gets the majority votes would named their perdana menteri and formed the cabinet.

    Eventhough they could run away from criminal charges, but once the public trust is betrayed, it is very difficult to earn back the public trust in this country, neigbouring countries, asean or the world.

    The dust has settled for the next 5 years, and it is the perrogative of the current perdana menteri and the carbinet to do their jobs.

    As voters, our obligation is to vote only.

    As political parties, your obligation is to get votes from the people.

    No one is pure able, and no man is an island.

    Whoever gets the majority votes via parliament democracy, they will name the perdana menteri, and form the cabinet for the next 5 years.

    Therefore, the political parties of the divide will appoint their wakil-wakil rakyat to continue to engage with the voters of their constituencies to serve them in order to maintain their votes for their coalition to win votes when next general election is called.

    No one can change the world.

    Therefore, do you best to make this country a safer and better place to live.

  25. mubarakchan Jul 6,2018 10:31 AM


    Trade War, Persian Gulf, China versus United States for World domination ! These are the headlines daily wherever we come across them in the media. Our beloved Malaysia was on the point of being swallowed by the excesses of the previous Government right up to 9th May 2018 as it was administered lackadaisically for 15 years before this auspicious date. There was a complete absence of remembering our National Interest vis-a-vis personal relationships. It is a lot of bunkum to accede to supercilious suggestions like abang-adek or four-eyes meetings, private retreats, very warm relationships etc. All these cannot and should not happened between sovereign nations. It not normal. These frivolities President Trump ignored to the fullest. In short, for him National Interest is Personal Interest of the Americans. We Malaysians should adopt the same and forget about the interests of others. In Malaysia, much was lost from 2003 to 9th May 2018 arising from those who flattered the right power that was susceptible to such overtures. Fortunately, we have the finest example of Lee Kuan Yew being flattered by the smart folks of Wall Street and the City, and the gnomes of Zurich. He was on the Advisory Panels of Citibank and UBS when Singapore lost US$ 108 Billions in October 2008. Or Malaysian Ringgit equivalent, RM 324 Billions ! It is fortunate for Malaysia to have a ‘no-nonsense Government’ which calls a spade a spade in the forthcoming times of turbulent trade wars with powerful Nations jostling for Space and Power. If Malaysia had continued the HSR and the RCRL, the whole country would be in deep trouble and China and Singapore would be in control As it was with certain Malaysian Leadership, Malaysia always ended up carrying the can. This reminds me about the steel rails owned by KTM in Singapore. What happened to them ? With the cleaning out of the Augean Stables once and for all and in accordance with the ancient saying,’ You must have harmony at home before you can win fighting in the street.’ Malaysia is now fit and ready to face the outside World of Nations. As one of 4 most important countries of the World, Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia is located in the epi-centre of a vital and important Region, the ASEAN – a more cohesive Group than the EU with all the baggage of rules and regulations. Without Lee Kuan Yew, more meaningful things can be done in the general interest and not for personal interest in ASEAN. The Members of ASEAN will in future play an important role in the confrontation in the Persian Gulf and the World to come between the United States, Russia, India and China as ASEAN is a perfect logistic base for the East and the West. Our country must never permit buffoons to rule over us because we do not deserve buffoons to rule over us. The New Government as led by Tun Mahathir and his Cabinet of the old and the young, the good and the great and the incorruptible is ideal to safeguard Malaysia’s interests in the forthcoming turbulent storms to come. How many Malaysians realise the importance of your recent visits to Japan and Indonesia Tun ? We must now be wary of events happening in the outside World which may affect our well-being and livelihood because traditional international norms have been torn asunder by America. These norms were established by America herself as the Leader of the Free World especially after the Cold War 1948-1989 when she came out with her hegemonic spiel, ‘Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights.’ Only the BRICS benefitted. Hence, America abandoned what she preached. With this background in mind, Malaysia has her trust and confidence in the New Government which with Normal Policies, will be able to withstand all trials and crises which will come our way. We are now finally on our Way to glory and greatness under your charge Tun ! With the Normal Rule that Ministers must get clearance for any overseas trips, we Malaysians have recovered our senses with this Normal procedure and not treat their Government like a Club with an ATM for crooks. NORMALITY IS THE KEY, TUN ! Malaysia Boleh !

  26. musato Jul 6,2018 10:00 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya tetap tak boleh terlalu fokus di sini.

    F&B manager, juga kawan saya sambil ambil breakfast dari savindish, kata money pocket dan pau kalau stim baru sedap makan. Ni kalau goreng guest pun ada komplen sebab ada yang hangus la dan colour goreng tak sama.

    Chill bro (pujuk diri sendiri). Small matter je.

    Kalau saya buat perangai macam Tun, mau saya bising satu Malaysia…hahaha

    Buat buat bodoh kang, jadi bodoh betul betul…hahaha

    Salam jumaat dan selamat makan deh.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  27. Sri Sense Jul 5,2018 5:43 PM

    Good evening Tun and all,

    I would like to share one interesting article I read online,

    MSN via NST
    by Salleh Buang

    Hunting fugitives: The long arm of the law

    A NEWS portal last week quoted former Sabah chief minister Tan Sri Musa Aman as saying that he is not a fugitive from justice. He is in London to seek medical treatment and for “personal reasons”. He said that he left Malaysia lawfully on May 16 and had entered England through proper channels.

    He maintains that he was legally appointed chief minister of Sabah after the conclusion of the state election on May 9, 2018 but Sabah Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Juhar Mahiruddin had improperly asked him to resign within 48 hours, and purported to swear in Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal as chief minister while he was still in office.

    As a result he had filed proceedings in the High Court seeking orders against the governor of Sabah and Shafie (the present chief minister) “as a consequence of ultra vires and unconstitutional acts” by the YDPN.

    Sabahans were informed that the police were looking for Musa over a report of alleged criminal intimidation of Juhar. Denying the alleged intimidation, Musa said: “Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe that some of these reports have regrettably been made with the intention of seeking to embarrass or discredit me for political reasons.”

    He added that he had informed Sabah police that he was willing to assist in any inquiry into the criminal intimidation case. He said that he had instructed his lawyers in Malaysia and London to deal with the matter and any questions or requests for further information can be communicated to them.

    According to Wikipedia, the term “fugitive from justice” (commonly called a “wanted person”) refers to a person who is either convicted or accused of a crime and hiding from law enforcement in the state or taking refuge in a different country in order to avoid arrest. To my mind, that definition fits well with not only Aman, but also Jho Low and Jamal Yunos (or “Jamal Tongkol”, the nickname given by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in one of the latter’s statements).

    The international authority empowered to track down transborder fugitives is Interpol. In Europe, the proper authority to track down fugitives who are on the run in the continent is Europol. In the United States, the authority is the US Marshals Service, although the FBI also tracks down fugitives from justice.

    Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun told the media that police had approached Interpol to issue a Red Notice to track down Musa so that he can be brought back to Sabah to face his criminal intimidation charges.

    An Interpol Red Notice is a request to locate and provisionally arrest an individual pending extradition. It is issued by Interpol at the request of a member country or an international tribunal based on a valid national arrest warrant.

    Interpol cannot compel any member country to arrest an individual named in a Red Notice. Each member country decides for itself what legal value to give a Red Notice within its borders. Interpol does not issue arrest warrants.

    Red Notices are issued for individuals to face prosecution or to serve a sentence. If the individual is sought for prosecution, it means that he is suspected of committing a crime but has not yet been prosecuted; he should therefore be regarded as innocent until proven guilty.

    When a Red Notice is issued, the police all around the world are alerted, border officials are on the lookout for the named persons, and countries can request and share information linked to an investigation. A Red Notice thus gives international visibility to an ongoing case.

    Also on the run from authorities in Malaysia is Jho Low who is believed to be living in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China.

    Last month, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) issued an arrest warrant against him and the government had requested Interpol’s help to apprehend him.

    Malaysia does not have an extradition treaty with China, but “backchannel communications” had taken place between Putrajaya and Beijing seeking the fugitive’s return to Malaysia. Early this year, Jho Low told his associates that he “felt safe” because he was protected by the political leadership in Putrajaya. He did not expect that circumstances would change for him after May 9, 2018.

    The Wall Street Journal reported that Jho Low “had reached out” to the authorities in Malaysia looking for a deal in return for immunity from criminal prosecution.

    Unfortunately for him, Dr Mahathir said that it would be difficult to offer him the deal. “I am quite sure the kind of incentive he would readily accept is that he would not be prosecuted. But we can’t do that…” .

    For fugitive Jamal Tongkol (a low-level politician from Selangor who jumped bail), his days on the run have come to an end. Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin told the New Straits Times on July 3 that Indonesian authorities had arrested him after a month-long surveillance.

    It is learnt that Malaysian police are making arrangements to bring him back to face several charges, including skipping bail and leaving the country illegally.

    A Kedah elder reminded me recently that a leader (whether in politics, business or government) should behave like a warrior. Warriors stand up and face the music. They do not run away like fearful little chickens.

    The writer formerly served the Attorney-General’s Chambers before he left for practice, the corporate sector and, then, academia

  28. Hajar Jul 5,2018 5:17 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon laluan Tun:

    1. Baguslah kerana sekarang bekas PM DSN sudah didakwa oleh SPRM di mahkamah. Bolehlah beliau membela diri untuk kes SRC International.

    2. Para penyokong DSN tidak perlulah berkelakuan tidak senonoh di khalayak ramai. Memalukan saja terpekik-terlolong macam orang kurang waras.

    3. Kes YB Lim Guan Eng pula bila mahu disambung perbicaraannya?

    4. Hebat juga Kerajaan PH kerana ada Menteri yang sedang ada kes mahkamah (kes SPRM). Samalah sekarang taraf DSN dengan LGE. Masing2 ada kes SPRM. Kelas gitu…

    5. Layanlah kedua-dua mereka dengan adil dan saksama.

    6. SPRM sepatutnya tidak mengaibkan mana2 individu yang dibawa ke mahkamah untuk permohonan reman. Tidak perlu pakaikan pakaian oren SPRM.

    7. Memandangkan SPRM sekarang ‘nampak’ sudah bebas untuk menyiasat apa saja kes pecah amanah dan salah guna kuasa, eloklah siasat juga kesemua kes pecah amanah (jika ada laporan dibuat) dana syarikat2, yayasan2, NGOs, etc. tanpa memilih bulu (pilih kasih). Janganlah tunjuk sangat keghairahan untuk menyiasat pihak2 tertentu saja. Jelas kelihatan ia bermotifkan politik.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  29. mubarakchan Jul 5,2018 2:03 PM


    “It’s the economy, stupid.” A famous political phrase concocted by James Carville, the political strategist for Bill Clinton in the early 1990s campaign against George W. Bush. Senior. Until after 9th May 2018, we Malaysians could only whisper ” It’s the YAB, stupid.” or else we would be thrown into jail. Why the YAB ? After your retirement in October 2003, there were great expectations of better things to come by all Rakyat who already had good assurances and goodies from 1957 to 2003. With a new person in charge all Rakyat expected the common sense approach by any one with common sense to care for the expectations of all Rakyat of Malaysia who did expect only a little bit of the goodies and not much more. But nothing to fulfil their expectations happened. In passing, I like to tell a true story of how our Malaysians expect from those who rule over them. In 1966, I was involved in the take-over of a listed PLC. In order to control it, I went round the country to collect the requisite votes. To each and every one of the shareholders. I would tell them that the Company’s Directors were having a gala time in the company’s mess along Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur spending the Company’s money without care. To my surprise, the shareholders without exception told me, ‘ We understand our Directors worked very hard. They needed some relaxation. As long as, they give us 1% dividend return a year, we are happy !.’ I was flabbergasted. But they gave me the vote. I did not explain. I did not complain. From then on, my opinion of shareholders of PLCs and likewise, our Rakyat in Public Affairs is that they have been too tolerant to malfeasance in high places right up to 2018 ! Returning to our topic of goodies. Generations of our good Rulers from ancient times to Merdeka, knew how to care for the expectations of the Rakyat – through the the goodies. How is this done ? Sub-consciously or unconsciously, our Rulers right up to October 2003, with a caring attitude have dolled out the goodies down the slippery slopes of the iron pyramid of Power. This virtual Pyramid existed until after October 2003. The Power Pyramid was forgotten and the deserved goodies for the Rakyat which would have flowed down to them, were seen to defy gravity and flowed upwards to the apex of Power where the YAB sat. The cognoscenti of the political scene could not believe their eyes whilst the Rakyat in their respect for YABs tried not to think too much about such magic shows. As time went on, this defiance of gravity was no laughing matter when snippets appear in the media talking about those hungry gents from South of the Border came rushing into this bountiful land with the friendly and hospitable folks looking for low hanging fruits. It was not the durian they were after but those golden fruits in our country’s Khazanah and more. All the best were picked at the cheapest prices but the highest values. And hospitable and friendly UMNO put a hard-core PAP cadre (hand-picked by Lee Kuan Yew, no less) in the Chief Editor’s chair in the NSTP – a true blue UMNO outfit! To ease his sufferings in the hot and humid Ulus, only a lush Apache contract from the perennial ATM for crooks, Sime Darby, satiated him who is now happily looking after his grandchildren in the 1st World. Then we the Rakyat thought we all gave our power or the vote to the YAB to exercise the combined Power. Lo and behold ! We heard that a bunch of boys were waving the magic wand from the 4th Floor of a non-descript building. These antics were brought to a screeching halt by a Divine act – a stone felled on the head of the Mastermind. The lesson was do not harm others. Only do good by those with responsibility and Power. And to top off these boyish antics, Saddam Hussein released 1,000,000 barrels of oil to a nobody on the strength of a letter of comfort signed by the YAB ! This was exposed only by a UN Report ! AS we fast trekked through the later years of the New Century, we the Rakyat were promised all sorts of new fangled goodies which became bigger and bigger until these became mega-goodies. We were promised. We saw. We did not receive right up to 9 May 2018. What the Rakyat saw were mega-goodies falling into the pockets of little fellows. And this is the finale of the absence of GOODIES FOR THE RAKYAT since October 2003. What a mess in our beloved Malaysia full of fauna and flora ! For the good New Government under your Premiership, Tun, we discern that keeping things NORMAL is the difficult task between October 2003 to 9th May 2018. And keeping the books balanced is to be expected of every Government, State or Federal. It is no big deal. And all are not only governed by the Laws or Rules and Regulations but COMMON SENSE. And my final observation, Tun,is that some like you could do so many things successfully in Life and yet there are many others who could not do one task successfully in a LIFETIME. It’s all COMMON SENSE, Tun. This boils down to the fact that there are no books written to enlighten a person how to be a successful Politician as there are no books to do the same for a person to be a successful Entrepreneur. But hundreds of books have been published on Political Philosophy and Business Management (MBA)especially on the latter subject to create a successful industry out of it. It is reported that MBAs are now getting out of fashion but not Politics ! We the Rakyat have no doubt that under your esteemed Leadership and your New Government of the old and the young, the good and the great and the incorruptible, the goodies will soon resume their traditional flow down the slippery slope of Power to us the Proletariat at the bottom with out-stretched hands. Malaysia Boleh, Tun !

  30. adelheid Jul 5,2018 12:52 PM

    Dear Tun,

    How are you Tun? I hope you’re taking care of your health amidst the tightness of your daily schedule.

    Tun, congrats on your list of full cabinet ministers. I just would like to share a few thoughts here though. I couldn’t agree more with one article in Malaysiakini

    While I’m proud that we have such young shining star like YB Syed Saddiq I agree with the writer of the article Hasmi Hashim about YB Nik Nazmi. I have a couple of children who are about Syed Saddiq’s age (they’re a little bit older), one is a physician and another an engineer. Both are practising professionals in their respective fields, and both are just laying low as the common people. Syed Saddiq is one lucky lad to be in the limelight at such young age of 26. His good looks is a bonus for one with good brains. However he must be very careful of what awaits him in his line of duty now as minister. I hope he can endure the ‘trials’ of being in the limelight of fame. He is young and there is so much that he has yet to explore in this life. I hope he will learn how to cope, especially in his relationship with other people, female and male alike. I personally do not agree with the news of him being ‘smothered’ by female artistes from our entertainment world. I personally think that this over friendliness could in a way jeopardise and taint his name if he is not careful. But I can’t blame he is like my kids newly out from his childish coccoon into the real world out there. That is why I agree with Hasmi Hashim that YB Nik Nazmi could have been more deserving of the post of Youth and Sports Minister.

    On the same note Tun, I personally also think that YB Dr. Ong Kian Ming should have been given the number one post as MITI minister instead of the deputy. His education background and past experiences in the economic field make him the more suitable candidate for the post compared to YB Leiking who hails from a legal background.

    Just my thought Tun. Your prerogative to pick whom you feel are suitable for your cabinet. You must have your reasons.

    I love you no matter dear Tun Dr. Mahathir. Please be safe wherever you go whatever you do.

  31. zulu Jul 5,2018 11:12 AM

    What I have read about Najib in newspaper so far.

    I’m not sure a honest man who hold PM post can do these crooked things. Doing the opposite of what people elected and expected to him to do.

    1, Najib and his wife name’s involved in murder cases of Altantuya, DPP, PI Bala, Jamaludin Jargis, AM Bank chief
    2, Controversies in Defence contracts during his term as Defence minister
    4, Extravagant and royal like spending in his daughter’s marriage
    5, His wife seems to have extravagant life style with diamond rings, branded bags, spent RM 1000 per hair style session
    6, His step son financed Hollywood movie
    7, Najib hid from ‘know the truth’ meeting arranged by Dr.Mahathir
    8, Banned Sarawak daily and threatened it’s editor
    9, WSJ released news about RM 2.6 bil in his personal account with proof
    10, Replaced AG Abdul Gani Patail who is about to declare him as criminal, the new dummy AG did a comedy by acquitting him
    11, Police raided MACC office and confiscated documents and computers related to his corruption
    12, Police raided other Govt. institutions that were investigating his corruption and confiscated documents and computers
    13, Replaced deputy PM and other ministers for their vocal opposition to the corruption
    14, Arrested people and their lawyers who filed police report against him under terrorist act
    15, Bought PAC’s UMNO members by giving them minister jobs.
    16, Removed/charged under terrorism act, those who opposed him within the party
    17, Created racial tensions and portrayed his problem as Malay’s right issue on one occasion
    18, One of his slave said “Slap the Chinese” after the yellow shirt rally
    19, Defamation case filed against bloggers who spoke about his scandal
    20, His slaves spoke against Johor royal family who were vocal against his corruption
    21, Malaysian economy slid down, currency value down to almost 25%. Malaysia included in corruption index.
    22, Transferred/replaced MACC officials who is not supportive of him
    23, Malaysian rulers advised the govt. to complete corruption probe as soon as possible
    24, Bought few UMNO division leaders who are against him and prevented any further opposition from within
    25, Prevented sitting UMNO deputy president Muhydeen from speaking in UMNO AGM
    26, Replaced Kedah MB who was against his corruption
    27, Replaced deputy president of UMNO
    28, Frequent and unusual visits to Saudi Arabia by him and his slaves
    29, Banned The Malasian Insider news portal
    30, Removed Dr. Mahathir from Petronas adviser post
    31, Arrested Australian journalists who asked questions about his loot
    32, Report came out with proof on, US $1,30,000 spent in Channel store, Hawaii by his wife
    33, Report came out on Rosmah with proof. Euro 7,00,000 spent to buy a Diamond ring
    34, His son’s name listed in Panama papers which leaked details about people who invested ill-gotten money to evade their country’s tax regulations
    35, WSJ released a report on his brother Nazir who helped Najib to distribute $7 million to various quarters. Until the report came out, Nazir didn’t acknowledge this transactions.
    36, Malaysian AG went and got admitted in hospital to avoid Swiss AG team who visited Malaysia and asked for more information on the 1MDB scandal
    37, Saudi foreign minister just said “aware of the donation and AG’s declaration”, subsequently he and his slaves tried to interpret it as an acceptance of their version on 1MDB scandal money in Najib’s personal bank account.
    38, His brother Nazir went on leave after CIMB shareholders raised concern about his money laundering
    39, Tun Mahathir’s security detail were reduced because Najib’s slave IGP THINKS Tun M participated in illegal rally
    40, Najib’s pet project 1MDB’s board of directors was dissolved after it got defaulted.
    41, Najib’s supreme council slaves dismissed Mukriz, Muhydeen from UMNO and suspended Safie Abdal
    42, Najib’s slaves asking for support to remove Tun M from Petronas and other honorary posts
    43, Najib’s slave IGP sent his personal to inquire Tun M
    44, Najib’s scandal out officially. US’s DOJ filed case against 1MDB looters.
    45, Najib’s slave admitted in BBC interview that Njib is MO1
    46, Thugs of Najib who called themselves Anti-Bersih attacked The Star journalists
    47, Tangkap MO1 rally student leader issued with showcause notice by Najib’s slaves in University Malaya
    48, DOJ confirmed to confiscate another $540~ million of looted money by him
    49, Najib’s binami Jo Low showered Australian prostitute with diamonds and golds using the looted money.
    50, His slaves expressing suspicions about DOJ. This is normal, as thieves usually don’t accept their wrongdoings even if proved in black and white.
    51, Najib’s fall in GE14 and Tun Mahathir as new PM of bMalaysia
    52, Najib and his family homes were raided and billions worth of articles (including 568 branded handbags) & currency were confiscated
    53, Najib and his wife act innocents after charged by MACC
    54, Najib on RM1 million bail
    55, still to come…LOL

  32. Sri Sense Jul 5,2018 9:59 AM

    Selamat Pagi Tun Mahathir yang dikasihi

    Pagi ini saya sedih lagi, baca bayi mati masuk dalam peti sejuk, khabarnya ibu kenali pengasuh melalui FB.

    Saya sedih bila teringat ramai anak2 muda termasuk sedara mara sendiri yang begitu ghairah dengan smartphone. Pergi kedai tunggu order makan sampai, main phone, tengah sedara mara yang lebih tua kumpul bersembang, main phone, duduk dalam kereta sebagai passenger, main phone. Yang lebih menyedihkan budak sekolah pun kaki smartphone bukan setakat yang sudah bekerja, kalau tak chats dengan kawan, guna dengar lagu korea, tonton video korea, sampai nak raya pun nak tiru baju ala artis korea. Teringat satu iklan dalam astro saya pernah nampak, talipon anda pintar tapi pintarkah anda.

    Berbalik pada kes diatas macam mana boleh percaya dan meletakkan penuh kepercayaan dengan orang yang kenal online, sedangkan ada sedara mara sendiri.

    Saya puji Hannah Yeoh. Dia datang temui ibu bapa mangsa. Dalam banyak2 wakil rakyat Hannah Yeoh bagus kerana pandai bawak diri. Beliau bijak sesuaikan diri dalam apa jua keadaan, kalau kena pakai selendang, baju kurung masuk masjid, Hannah akan lakukkan. Sebagai seorang yang pernah tinggal puluhan tahun di Subang Jaya, saya bangga dengan Hannah Yeoh, anak Subang Jaya.

    Tun akan sambut hari jadi tak lama lagi. Tun update la blog ini dengan kisah masa Tun muda di kampung, ini kan personal blog Tun, nak juga tau apa Tun makan masa muda, apa Tun buat masa muda.

    Sekian Terima Kasih Tun.

    P/S KCD, terima kasih dengan link restoran briyani, insyaallah kalau kami dalam kawasan tersebut kami singgah. Kami sekeluarga turut bersedih Pizi tak dapat tanding GE14. Tapi apa kan daya kita hanya sebutir pasir.

  33. HBT456 Jul 4,2018 11:47 PM

    Mubarakchan said “I did nothing of the kind but strongly supported our Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias with my devotion and loyalty towards our Constitution, Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and the Government of the Day since 1954”.

    Everyone is aware all states in peninsula are headed by malay what, still want to hang on into the self claimed of malay bias?

    A couple years back, david teoh, a citizen of malaysia movie producer was slapped by a malay movie maker in front of the ex pm in rtm, but sadly, the malaysian malaysia and 1malaysia supporters did not say a word on this incident too.

    Still want to launch tabung harapan to save the country?

    Hati dan jiwa melayu mesti kena dijaga, jika tidak, mereka akan merajuk?

    Jika niat mereka adalah murni, mereka pasti akan nampak cahaya dihujung sana.

  34. musato Jul 4,2018 10:47 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Tun apa khabar?

    Saya sekarang tengah syok potong sayur dan buat omelet.

    Biasa orang tanya, buat apa tu? Rasanya sekarang saya boleh jawab, “buat bodoh je”.

    Rupa rupanya best jugak buat bodoh ni. Mungkin sebab tu Najib nampak syok semacam je bila buat bodoh gamaknya.

    Pasal bahasa, dari artikel berkenaan PPSMI dulu pun saya punyai pandangan berlainan berkenaan bahasa. Sehinggakan saya perasan saya dikatakan bodoh oleh orang kanan kerana semacam tidak mahu mengerti tujuan Tun tentang bahasa ini.

    Namun permohonan maaf telah diterima. Its okay. Ini cerita lama.

    Masa saya belajar dulu saya pernah baca novel tebal kalau tak silap terjemahan dari vietnam kalau tak silap. Bukan novel cinta. Novel kisah kehidupan.

    Kisahnya saya dah lupa, tapi ia menarik sampaikan saya suka ceritakan semula pada kekawan.

    Tapi bila masa berlalu dan setelah berlaku peristiwa saya tidak dapat menghabiskan bacaan ayat Kursi dalam mimpi walau telah dicabar dan diberi peluang sebanyak 3 kali, fokus minat saya membaca buku dan majalah telah tertinggal bersama masa dan keadaan.

    Pada satu kesempatan lama dulu, saya berkesempatan selidik mengenai Al Arqam.

    Saya terbaca satu pandangan mengenai perbezaan tugas antara utusan Allah yang berpangkat Nabi dan Rasul.

    Maka mempunyai satu idea di sini yang terlintas ;

    Nabi hanya diutuskan untuk diri sendiri. Manakala Rasul diutuskan untuk sampaikan kepada orang lain.

    Maka untuk menyampaikan kepada orang lain ia adalah berdasarkan pada tahap kefahaman yang menerima.

    Tahap ini tidak sama. Tapi tujuan utama adalah kefahaman itu sampai kepada yang menerima.

    Apa yang ingin disampaikan? Jika ilmu yang ingin disampaikan, maka sampaikanlah bagaimana cara sekalipun asalkan ia difahami.

    Jika tamadun yang ingin disampaikan. Maka berilah kefahaman tamadun itu kepada yang ingin disampaikan.

    Ia boleh disampaikan walau dalam apa bentuk sekalipun.

    Kerana merendahkan diri sebagai pemotong sayur itu tidaklah hina sama sekali sekiranya kita sedar bahawa Allah swt itulah yang menggerakkan segala bentuk tingkahlaku kehidupan kita di dunia ini.

    Inilah kerja yang saya idamkan selepas pandai meroti. Iaitu tukang potong sayur.

    Suatu keadaan yang mana saya idamkan dan boleh disampaikan pada orang lain.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  35. HBT456 Jul 4,2018 11:54 AM

    Alahai, still stuck in the era of surat khabar lama, sri sense?

    If you are not sure, balance, you can always go into the counter or website and check it out for yourself.

    If you are unable to check due to language problem, get some one to help you.

    This applied to other races as well in this country.

    Dont be lazy, and never take things for granted by relying only on political party to help you because no matter what happens, their political party interest is their utmost interest in this country for their political survival.

    Yup, later on the statement of hey you singaporeans, the air that you breath in and up belong to malaysia and you must pay for it.

    Dont forget, palm oil can produce cooking oil made from plant base.

    Veganism too is on the rise too especially in the devoped and matured countries.

    In this world, cooking oil is a nessesity that can never be replaced.

    Even poor and emerging huge population countries in this world also need cooking oil what, why must it be europe, japan or taiwan?

    The rule of law must be race base?

    The rule of law must be fatwa base?

    The rule of law must be political party base?

    Bak kata, the winner takes all.

    Similarly, the looser takes all.

    Dont forget, we are living in post it era whereby information could be shared within seconds.

    The mentality of who you know, but not what you know is phasing out too.

    It is either we change, or we will be changed.

    To be or not to be that is not the question.

    Able or not, as we move on, we will know how far kita semua could go.

  36. huda Jul 4,2018 11:11 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun

    Tahniah kepada kerajaan Pakatan Harapan akhirnya berjaya melunaskan 1 daripada 10 janji 100 hari dengan membawa DS Najib kemuka pengadilan.

    Jelas kita lihat dimedia sosial rakyat pelbagai kaum begitu gembira dengan perkhabaran ini. Berita ini menjadi bahan lucuan bagi mereka.

    1 janji yang tiada apa-apa kebaikan untuk rakyat, tetapi dapat memuaskan kemarahan, dendam, kebencian yang sudah lama tersimpan kepada kerajaan terdahulu. Ini lah pencapaian pertama PH yang begitu murni.

    Melihat peristiwa ini mengingatkan saya pada kematian Muammar Gaddafi. Khabar kematian beliau disorak gembira. Malah mayatnya dipamerkan dipasaraya. Rakyat libya puas…negara mereka terus membangun?

    Semua orang membuat kesalahan, kita nampak baik bukan sebab kita baik, tapi sebab Allah sorak aib kita.

    Saya berharap DS Najib dilayan selayaknya sebagai bekas Perdana Menteri. Jika patut beliau dihukum, hukumlah tetapi janganlah beliau dimalukan.

  37. mubarakchan Jul 4,2018 9:09 AM


    Schadenfreude ? This foreign word describes the common feelings of some of our Malaysians today. My view is that such emotions should never appear in our Society or Family of Malaysians in which we are either related or good friends. We cannot run away too far from each other. From young we are taught to abide by the rules and other virtues like filial piety, honesty, loyalty, and all the other virtues common to Humankind. It is with sadness that one important member of our Family of Malaysians is charged with doing the wrong things. Justice must prevail. But there are some who view this affair on humanitarian grounds. My view is that all wrong doers must be dealt with according to the Law. And on this particular date, 4th July, is one of the most important dates concerning the birth of a Nation which grew and thrived on Wars, the United States. Strangely, certain significant events have come to a zenith on this day. Another significant event is the finding of the 12 Thai boys lost in a cave. America always reminded me of my years in India when New Delhi had more GIs than Indians. Later, I saw women in cages along a street in Bombay/Mumbai for the first time in my life. Now in my old age, I see children in cages in the United States. The GIs do not give me a thrill anymore. Yes Tun ! Dates are important. The most significant for our beloved Malaysia was 9th May 2018. This desire for an incorruptible New Government has concertinaed the gestation period whereby Malaysia can now fast trek to the stars under your Premiership, to the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. A little boy in another Blog today asked me why I supported UMNO in the past. I told him that he was wrong and put words in my mouth. I did nothing of the kind but strongly supported our Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias with my devotion and loyalty towards our Constitution, Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and the Government of the Day since 1954. I do believe in our Malaysian Style Political System which is opposed to the Lee Kuan Yew created Anti Cambridge Godless Neo-communist Political and Socio-economic System imposed on the citizens without their knowledge which is bolstered by Apparatchiks (meritocrats) and supported by the West. Look at the problems of Singapore today. As a matter of fact, I am exceedingly happy like you Tun, having completed successfully my allotted tasks in life. Like all others, during the first three months of the Anatomy course, I slowly discovered probably you too, Tun, that there is much more in Life than money. No medical practitioner can practise successfully with the word “MONEY” imprinted in his mind. So, when you said you made some mistakes, I took it at full value without question. We all make mistakes all the time, and not some of the time. With an overview, I look upon recent events as very favourable for our beloved Malaysia and the Rakyat. Our Political System of Malaysian Style Democracy has not only been retained in peace and harmony but enhanced and fortified by your incorruptible New Government’s Policies in the months to come. We have left the basement full of filth and now on the way up to the 88 storeys with the 3 countries which I respect and admire, Switzerland, India and Japan with standards which we Malaysians should emulate. Not one of them put MONEY as their No. 1 priority in their good governance. Yet, money is there a-plenty in their well-being. Finally, our beloved Malaysia is on the right trek led by an incorruptible New Government under your Premiership, Tun. Malaysia Boleh !

  38. mubarakchan Jul 3,2018 12:36 PM


    Congratulations on the New and Incorruptible Cabinet of our beloved Malaysia! As the ancients say ‘ Something Old, Something New.’ or in modern parlance ‘a good mix’. No new hot topic today apart from the stale news about MP Lee of Singapore who claims the 3 sen per 1,000 gallons of water which Malaysia sells to Singapore is obtained free from Malaysian skies. I believe his postal address is Woodbridge Singapore. Back to our important and talented Cabinet of the young and the old. The quickest learning curve for those who spent years telling others how to govern, is to learn from the experience of their peers like your good-self, Tun. Many cynics thought your hallmark of Pilot pen and little pad as something out of the ordinary. To me, it is an important hallmark of a physician who always ‘follow up’ to ensure the swift recovery of those under his or her care. When I began to earn an income over 50 years ago, I found in Malaysia, no one in any profession cared or knew the importance of ‘following up.’ which is just as important as attending to a case. Those who listened expressed their appreciation. This also applies to the Honourable Ministers as well. On the manner of speech, there are some who hardly spoke and those who rattled out words like verbal diarrhoea. When I was young, I made some faux pas and found that careless speech is like shooting bullets out of a gun and these cannot be retrieved again. I learnt not to speak at all if necessary. Here is a recent example from the mouth of an Honourable Minister. A few years ago, an MAS plane was shot down over the Ukraine. He stated, ‘ No one told us not to go there.’ Read the words carefully and analyse their meaning. The War in Ukraine was raging for many months before this. And missiles were zapping through the skies. A responsible Minister would have instructed MAS to avoid Ukraine. Common sense. How best can the new and young Honourable Ministers do what is required of them ? History. I was taught to go back to the basics when dealing with any problem. The root cause of the problem will ease the difficulty of solving a problem. On another score, there was this Honourable Minister’s intent on robbing the doctors of their traditional rights to prescribe medicines by putting the pharmacists ahead of the doctors in the importance of diagnosing and prescribing proper drugs for the patients. The doctors were up in arms at this outrage when the whole World knew that some tycoons had set-up chains of pharmaceutical shops in anticipation of the Minister’s support for this unjust act. This shows the insouciance of those who have the power and responsibility to be fair and just. Of course, in a democracy, this Honourable Minister soon lost his job. Not many of us are aware that the Ministry of Tourism is one of the most important in the Government because with hardly any money or effort at all, it could be one of the biggest money spinner for the Government. Besides, the Ministry can train hospitality staff quickly to uplift their income and provide jobs, many jobs for the Rakyat. Training of staff for Tourism is of short duration and usually done on the job. The New Government should put great store on the Ministry of Tourism to do what serves the country and the Rakyat best as Malaysia is actually the No.1 Resort and Holiday Country in the World. A country which has everything, friendly and hospitable people, equable climate, low cost of living, fairly developed, fine cuisine etc. Yet, the Ministry of Tourism was dysfunctional through successive Honourable Ministers because the Honourable Ministers treated it as the Ministry for Tourism, a personal Travel Agency for themselves. We find Malaysia’s Travel Offices all over the World serving these Honourable Ministers. These should all be closed down and the money channelled to train the Rakyat to serve in the Hospitality service industry to better themselves. One Minister of the Ministry of Tourism travelled to the Southern Antipodes with her family in tow. She was alleged to be close to that place. In her zeal she promoted London in the Royal Chelsea Flower Show with Malaysian orchids and was awarded a Gold Medal by the Queen of England. Common sense. Charity begins at home. There was no sign of her job being onerous except for some alleged accusations of over-spending during her tenure. It must be crystal clear to all that the Ministry of Tourism is to bring in thousands of tourists into the country and not for self-enjoyment in the job. Now there is another type of Honourable Minister. This one wanted to spend 350 Million pounds once to turn a Malaysian Government complex outside of London into a sports complex for Malaysian athletes who had to travel 7,000 miles to train. Nothing happened fortunately. No scandal. However, in later years she claimed kudos in amending old laws into new. She did not do it. The Law she proposed amendment misled the Rakyat who soon found out that the old Law was not revised but a new attachment was added on. She conned the Rakyat on a Law which is revised up to date as important by Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia. Likewise, she soon lost her job.This Law has not been revised since 1967. A letter appeared in the Press recently condemning her for her untrustworthiness by misleading over 300,000 young Rakyat about the lie that she amended the Law when in fact no such thing happened. These are all factual examples of dishonourable ex-Honourable Ministers who either had no common sense or self-serving. With these bad examples in mind, Tun, I have great faith and trust in your selection of the Honourable members of your Cabinet, the young and the old and the incorruptible – As Malaysia under your Leadership treks upwards towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan. No problem,Tun. Malaysia Boleh !

  39. Sri Sense Jul 3,2018 8:42 AM


    Selamat Pagi.

    Saya bagi suggestion untuk akhbar Utusan sebab akhbar ini akhbar Melayu target market adalah Malay audience dan sesiapa saja yang boleh berbahasa kebangsaan ini. Very popular dengan rakyat luar bandar.

    Orang Melayu moden mungkin tak begitu minat dengan akhbar ini. Walau Utusan ada komen about politik tapi saya anggap tidak keterlaluan, akhbar bahasa lain pun ada komen, so its up to the editor nak melebih atau tidak.

    Orang Melayu dah ramai masuk bursa saham. Sememangnya mereka boleh berbahasa Inggeris, samada mereka remisier, dealers, analyst, traders, long or short term investors, tapi mereka tetap orang Melayu yang boleh berbahasa Melayu.

    Akhbar berbahasa Cina oops Mandarin macam balance kata, actually balance I’m very familiar with Chinese loorr hahaha

    Berbalik pada akhbar berbahasa Cina mereka juga cukup dengan cerita politik, berita semasa dan pelaburan. Utusan tampak ada keluar berita tentang business tapi hanya business kecil kecilan. More of government projek kindda thing. Kalau nak masyarakat Melayu maju harus ikut peredaran masa selain stick kepada tradisi seperti agama, bahasa Melayu rumi dan jawi.

    Dari segi berita business memang nampak betul lacking. Part gossip artis sentiasa top up to date hahaha Tak balance Utusan ini.


    Setuju juga dengan pendapat saudara. Kita kena anggap baik, tapi agak sukar anggap baik jika apa yang kita lihat tidak ke arah itu. Zahid I tidak kenal walau pun I anak Perak. Puluhan tahun yang lalu ada kawan journalist tiba2 talipon ajak I balik Teluk Anson, kata orang kampung I. Kebetulan rumah arwah ayah I di bandar Teluk Anson, tapi yang diajak di Bagan Datuh, walau tempat ini tak jauh dari bandar Teluk Anson aka Teluk Intan, tapi bukan kampong I hahaha Anyway dah arwah journalist tersebut.

    Yup bagus juga pandangan TUNKU PROF DATUK DR SOFIAH JEWA (saya harap saya tidak salah sebut nama), buat saya berfikir tentang kes pembunuhan ini.

    Sekian Terima Kasih Tun, jangan lupa makan ubat, jangan terlalu banyak memandu, rehat2 sikit.

  40. YNWA Jul 3,2018 12:04 AM

    Assalam Tun Mahathir;

    Orang Melake kate “Bizi nau” ….too busy it seems until we miss Tun’s latest post….

    Let’s propose for Tun M to write something on his coming birthday on July, 10….just write anything Tun..perhaps your current feelings and challenges u are facing now as PM7 (the 7th PM) of Malaysia…your second time….Alhamdulillah

    Didoakan Tun Mahathir dan Tun Siti Hasmah sihat dan dibawah lindungan Allah swt.

  41. Hajar Jul 2,2018 7:38 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon laluan Tun:

    ‘Sri Sense’ (Jul 1,2018 9:06 PM),

    1. Pada penilaian saya, KJ lebih teruk dari DS Zahid Hamidi (DSZH). KJ dengan DSAI sama spesis – pelakon handalan (hipokrit). Saya bercakap sebagai orang dari luar parti.

    2. Ku Li (dan KJ) nampaknya tidak dapat menerima kekalahan dengan hati terbuka. Bila kalah, macam2 tuduhan dilemparkan. Satu lagi Ku Li asyik menyalahkan Tun M. Mungkin Ku Li bukan yang terbaik untuk jadi Presiden UMNO.

    3. KJ pernah kata (sebelum dia kalah), kalau dia keluar UMNO, Pak Lah akan ‘slap’ dia. Ini sebelum dia kalah. Kita lihat saja.

    4. Tentang YAYASAN yang dimiliki oleh keluarga DS Zahid, kita lihat dulu apa isunya; memang ada baca tentang ini. Saya tidak mahu menuduh/percaya tanpa bukti kukuh.

    5. Tentang kes Timbalan Presiden UMNO menang tanpa bertanding masa PRU14, saya berpendapat wakil PH patut lebih prihatin dan bertanggungjawab. Mengapa tidak ambil pas masuk lebih awal? Kes ini nampak agak bodoh sebenarnya. Bertanding untuk berkhidmat kepada rakyat, tetapi diri sendiri pun nampak tidak ambil berat tentang hal seperti ini.

    6. Kadang2 kita kena lihat secara adil (objektif) tentang reaksi para penyokong parti terhadap apa saja isu. DSAI sudah didapati bersalah (2 kali), tetapi para penyokong taksub beliau masih lagi tegar menyokong beliau. Tun M pun dah setuju dia jadi PM ke-8. Apakah Tun pun sama macam penyokong taksub DSAI dan penyokong2 DSN / DSZH? Tentang pengampunan DSAI dari Agong, saya sebenarnya pelik sebab cara pengampuanan pun nampak pelik. Allah SWT saja yang boleh memberi pengampunan penuh. Mangsa2 DSAI pula bagaimana? Dosa antara manusia, hanya orang tersebut saja boleh ampunkan.

    7. Paling kesian ialah orang yang tidak sedar bahawa perangai dia pun sama dengan perangai orang yang dia tuduh sebagai taksub dan tidak boleh berfikir secara rasional / waras. Jika pemimpin yang dipuja-puja buat salah, masih lagi disokong. Tetapi kalau pemimpin parti yang dimusuhi buat salah, macam nak runtuh langit dia (mereka) mengutuk dan menghina pemimpin tersebut. Alahai…memang kesian betul orang sebegini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  42. balance Jul 2,2018 7:08 PM

    Sri Sense Jun 25,2018 9:52 AM

    Mandarin is not Chinese and Chinese is not Mandarin. Mandarin is only a language that many Chinese like to use and anyone can learn to understand or use it.

    Malaysian is a citizenship or nationality and it got nothing to do with speaking or communicating or translating mandarin. Identification by race is getting to be outdated as globalisation are making people closer together and mixed marriage are common now.
    What and how to definite Chinese, Malay or Indian?
    To say someone is Malaysian Chinese can also mean that person is holding two nationalities or citizenship.

    Chinese suppose to mean people living in China holding China citizenship.
    Indian suppose to mean people living in India holding Indian passport.
    For Malays I dont know so I cannot comment.
    Language, nationationity, colour of skin, facial or physical features are 4 separate different subject.

  43. mubarakchan Jul 2,2018 11:44 AM


    This morning I am inspired by your determination to achieve certain important objectives from the fineness of your mind and will. Unlike those who let their minds decayed and corrupted by matters of the moment. I noticed two significant matters were dealt by you without any qualms. First your trip to Japan and second to Indonesia. Both friends of Malaysia of longstanding. This is important because on the one hand we re-establish rapport with a fully developed Nation who is ever ready to help and another which is actually part of us, Malaysia, historically, and culturally. With the new idiom of your New Government, it is good to re-visit the huge ATM which was the BN Government in which every one had a little finger in the pie. With this morning’s inspiration, I have noticed that one important Ministry of the Government which has been much abused and corrupted by the BN Ministers concerned who treated it as their personal travel agency for themselves and families since the 1980s. This is the Ministry of Tourism. One lady Minister did a tour f the Southern Antipodes with her family in tow at the Ministry’s expense when Sime Darby could have co-promoted the tour from where very few tourists visit us. On the same token, this Minister in her zeal and oversight promoted London as a tourist centre so well via the Chelsea Flower Show, she was awarded a Gold Medal by the Queen for promoting London and not Malaysia. However, this Gold Medal rightfully belongs to the National Museum to draw the foreign tourists. With the BN Government it was very noticeable that the Ministry of Tourism was treated like the Ministry for Tourism by successive Ministers with concomitant stories of unfettered spending. All these corrupt activities are now the past. With this background of a do nothing Ministry of Tourism, I am inspired to suggest that Tourism or Eco-tourism and all what it means is as yet un-organised and un-tapped for the benefit of the Rakyat and their potential in this important but neglected industry. For example. much money is wasted in establishing offices around the World. These should all be closed down. MAS should be the vehicle to promote Malaysia. This is professional and results assured. Because of the non-professional attitude of past Ministers, the Ministry has become a charade and nothing substantive has come out of it for decades. The tourism industry is important in the training of hospitality employees in catering, hotels, handling of foods, management, employment, marketing, media, transportation, etc This industry as described is as yet UNORGANISED and the Public is misled by the MATTA Fair ! The New Government should now review the establishment of a pilot Institute or College for Tourism and Hospitality (which eventually be nation-wide) where all aspects related to the tourism industry are available to train the young and the old for work in the industry. Important subjects would be hygiene, food handling, etc. The tourists will come by the thousands and we need thousands of our fully trained people to handle them professionally. With my own eyes I have seen fruits dropping on to the floor in 5 Star hotels and the staff just picked them up and put back where these came from. On another occasion, in a bistro, I saw a waiter arranging cakes with his bare hands. And in Brickfields, after my banana leaf meal, I saw a waiter wiping the table and used the same cloth to wipe the banana leaves. There is a lot to be said for the New Government to enhance and create our Malaysian Tourist Industry into something meaningful for the Rakyat as regards their potential and earning power through their development which is of short duration, supported by the Government. I remember very well that Japan recovered from the ashes of War in the 1940s through tourism. The same industry was applied by Germany and Italy after World War 2. Also. Taiwan and South Korea lifted themselves up with tourism as the first priority at the beginning. Malaysia is now in the ideal position of developing the manufacturing and hi-tech, financial, natural resources, medical, educational and the tourism industries. It is the latter industry which has not been treated seriously and professionally by those concerned. They used it for their own travel requirements instead. Another example for the Ministry of Tourism and KTM. I observed many abandoned stations along the Main Line. Some of them could be turned into community centres with food and souvenir stalls etc to cater to the wandering tourists if properly promoted. A pilot scheme should lead the way. Our country even today is so rich with fauna and flora. And of course there is the important Pulau Pinang and Kedah Socio-economic Complex which could turn Pulau Pinang into the WORLD’S NO. 1 RESORT without much money or reclamation. And put Kedah in the fore-front of development for the Rakyat. IT IS ALL IN THE MIND, Tun.

  44. Sri Sense Jul 2,2018 10:56 AM


    Saya nak komen sikit berkenaan akhbar Utusan. Dulu saya pernah kata kalau saya beli Utusan hanya hujung minggu, baca gosip artis sebagai weekend penghibur lara.

    Tadi saya lawati laman Utusan. Dulu pernah lawati opis Utusan sebab ada kawan situ, masa tu paper bahasa jawi nak di pupuskan.

    Saya suka baca Star sebab utama kerana paper ini cukup berita, business news banyak, sama juga kenapa saya suka baca TheEdge, penuh dengan business news. Saya amat jarang lawati laman MalaysiaKini sebab sini banyak artikel berunsur politik.

    Here my suggestion untuk Utusan. Utusan kena banyakkan artikel dalam business section seperti Star. Adakan satu ruang untuk bicara saham dalam bursa, stocks recommendation and so on. Ada orang Melayu dalam area ini, so tak susah cari. Utusan juga harus ada link dalam stock broking companies dimana disini ada in house recommendation on stocks buying yang boleh dipaparkan dalam bahasa Melayu. For fun purposes, adakan penulis yang arif dalam bidang ini untuk buat komen saham tertentu dengan stock market. Juga adakan column untuk tax purposes, penerangan secara weekly on hal berkaitan tax semasa. Semua ini boleh dilakukan dalam Bahasa Melayu.

    Selain itu Utusan boleh buat news dalam bahasa jawi, untuk menarik minat pada semua yang tau bahasa jawi atau ingin mempelajari bahasa jawi dengan lebih mendalam.

    Sekian Terima Kasih.

  45. Sri Sense Jul 2,2018 8:45 AM

    Selamat Pagi YAB Tun

    Saya merasa duit parti adalah duit parti. Harta parti adalah harta parti. Mana2 parti politik dinegara ini semua pun ada harta mereka tersendiri samada nampak atau tidak.

    Jika ada penyelewangan, salahguna kuasa oleh Pemimpin masing masing boleh lah hal ini dibawa ketengah.

    Sekian Terima Kasih

  46. Tunku Sofiah Jewa Jul 1,2018 11:05 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    My good friend Prof Salleh Buang sent me a soft copy of his commentary “Reopening Altantuya’s case” (NST 28 June 2018) and, at the end of his piece, posed the following question;“Will investigators be able to find out any credible and admissible evidence after a lapse of 12 years?”

    Salleh Buang may not have intended to do so, but his article has given me an opportunity to share with millions who faithfully and enthusiastically follow the Che Det blog, aspects of law which I would like to share (and welcome their input).

    Constitutional law teachers in various parts of the globe take great pains to instil in the fertile minds of their undergraduate students the basic precept of governance as enunciated by one of the drafters of the US Constitution, John Adams, in 1780 when he said that in order to prevent an abuse of power, a nation’s constitution must be drafted to ensure that the country is a government of laws and not of men.

    Under the previous regime, Najib practised the reverse of John Adams governance precept. It was a government of men that took sway. And like Mother Goose’s Humpty Dumpty, Najib “had a great fall; All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

    In my view, the top management of our national dailies is still BN-controlled and only articles written in consonance with BN agenda are invariably printed.

    As I am not in any way a BN supporter and until the top brass of these national dailies are purged from their lofty positions, I find it more appropriate and convenient to voice my thoughts and views on current affairs through the Che Det blog, whose millions of readership surpass the combined circulation of all newspapers in our country.

    For a better understanding of Salleh Buang’s opinion on the issue at hand, one must appreciate the basic difference in law between a civil wrong and a crime.

    A civil wrong is governed by what in legal phraseology is known as “the limitation period”.

    Briefly, it is the period of time within which a party who has suffered a civil wrong must bring his claim to court. Examples of civil wrong include, for example, a debt, an insurance claim, a claim for damages in libel or slander, a road accident claim, a claim for trespass and the like.

    In the main, actions relating to civil wrongs are personal actions involving human personages or the corporations they are legally related to.

    Parliament, through direct or subsidiary legislations, has provided certain time-frames when court action must be initiated, failing which, the claimant is time-barred and cannot seek redress from our courts.

    Under the Limitation Act 1953, which applies only in West Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak have their own Limitation laws), certain suits such as contract and tort must be initiated within six years. Actions to enforce an award must be initiated within twelve years.

    Criminal Law is a system of laws concerned with punishment of individuals who commit crimes. Thus, the State alone prosecutes the offender.

    Our Penal Code punishes not only the offender but also the person who aids or abets the commission of an offence.

    The person who omits to act (in situations where he could have helped) in preventing the commission of a crime may be found guilty of the crime of omission.

    Punishments vary with the severity of the offence, from a simple fine (eg for traffic violation) to death (for murder or treason).

    There is yet another aspect of law which Salleh Buang’s opinion of the Altantuya’s case brings to light, a legal doctrine known as the rule against double jeopardy. Under this doctrine, a person, once acquitted, cannot be charged again for the same offence.

    Salleh Buang’s questioning of the appropriateness of reopening the murder of the Mongolian model case misses just one of the legal precepts mentioned above.

    There is no period of limitation for a new crime. And that crime against Najib and Rosmah and their cohorts can take any of the forms namely, murder, theft, omission and aiding and abetting.

    Yesterday, UMNO chose Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as its new president.

    For a man under a clout, Zahid’s win in the tripartite presidential contest was undoubtedly a pyrrhic victory and a certain death knell of UMNO.

    In today’s NST, it is reported that the MACC is probing a former senior cabinet minister believed to have abused some RM900,000 of the party’s funds to settle his and his wife’s credit card bills between 2014 and 2015.

    I daresay that the figure is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Evidently there are more than one Najib in UMNO.

    My family and I, and I am certain the millions of your admirers around the world, pray for the continued good health and longevity of both our dearest Tun and Tun Siti.

    Tunku Sofiah Jewa

  47. Sri Sense Jul 1,2018 9:06 PM

    Salam Tun dan semua


    Bab makanan dan pakaian dan mahal balik. Hari tu I pergi pasaraya baju melayu semua dah masuk dalam, belum pun habis raya. Cuma masa lepas PH menang, penjual beri la kesempatan harga tolak GST kepada pembeli.

    Sekarang harga dah sama macam masa ada GST. Kedai makan mamak pun sama. I terasa seperti mahal lagi dari harga masa ada GST. Ini naik itu naik. I nak makan murah lari pi Klang, Shah Alam dah mahal. Pendekata ada GST dan tiada GST sama.


    Zahid dipanggil mengadap MACC. I difahamkan over 2 cases, one pak arab yang kasi donation kat Najib, yang kedua over his family foundation yang khabarnya telah guna RM800K bayar hutang credit card isterinya, something like that laaa

    Kalau tak silap Timbalan Presiden UMNO pun ada kes masa GE14, menang tanpa bertanding satelah calon lawan tak dibenarkan masuk, something like that laaa

    I dapat whatsapps KJ keluar UMNO, I tengok news portal tak ada pula cuma ada berita Zahid offer post Sec Gen kat KJ tapi KJ tak nak.

    Macam2, yang jelas UMNO election macam GE14, lambat keluar result.

    Sekian Terima Kasih Tun.

  48. Hajar Jul 1,2018 5:21 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon laluan Tun:

    1. Alhamdulillah, En. Khairy @ KJ kalah dalam pemilihan jawatan Presiden UMNO. Takkan UMNO mahu berpresidenkan seorang yang pada zaman Pak Lah PM ialah KETUA samseng ‘budak2 tingkat 4’? Menjadi satu kesipuan bilamana KJ bercakap tentang hasrat mahu menghapuskan budaya samseng dalam UMNO jika dilantik sebagai Presiden UMNO. Masa DSN PM, KJ paling kuat membodek, dan gagal sebagai KP UMNO. Hipokrit orang ni…Alahai…

    2. Saya harap Presiden UMNO yang baru insaf, dan menjadi pemimpin yang lebih baik. Saya sekadar mahu bersangka baik kerana jika terpaksa memilih antara KJ dengan DS Zahid, saya pilih DS Zahid. KJ juga seorang yang amat liberal (Islam Liberal), dan ini bukan nilai baik kepada UMNO. Jika terpaksa memilih antara DSAI dan DS Zahid, saya pilih DS Zahid.

    3. Dalam isu sogokan, Tun kata PH tidak mengamalkan budaya menyogok dalam meraih sokongan rakyat. Benarkah? Saya tidak bersetuju langsung (banyak contoh yang boleh mematahkan hujah Tun). Bukankah salah satu janji manifesto PRU14 PH kepada golongan yang berhutang kepada PTPTN (‘defaulters’ – lebih dari 400,000 orang) untuk diberi kelonggaran dan juga tidak disenarai hitam untuk keluar negara merupakan satu SOGOKAN? Kutipan bayaran hutang PTPTN juga turut jatuh kerana yang sedang membayar pun ada yang sudah mula tidak membayar (sebelum PRU14 lagi) kerana disogok dengan janji PH pada PRU14 yang lalu. PH menyemai budaya (negatif) liat membayar hutang di kalangan rakyat, dan ini tidak baik untuk masa depan negara. Bagaimana dengan segala macam ‘sogokan’ bantuan sara hidup (yang muda /sihat/ cukup sifat/etc. pun dapat) dan subsidi air percuma (yang kaya pun dapat) yang diamalkan PH/PR?

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  49. Sri Sense Jul 1,2018 5:01 PM

    Salam Tun dan semua

    Perwakilan diarah, ugut, paksa ikut pilihan ‘warlord’, kata Khairy

    Sebelum statement ini keluar I ada baca someone dok cakap online, perwakilan sombong2 macam tuan2 dan puan2 besar.

    Kalau dulu masa Wanita UMNO I tak pergi PWTC, sekadar bahagian sahaja, so I nampak leaders serious semacam.

    But anyway, satelah baca komen someone itu, I fikir macam meeting The Godfather. Cerita gangster ini filem Hollywood ada selalu tayang hahaha

    Berbalik pada KJ, well its best for you to form a new party, start fresh with new ideas, better still party hanya buka untuk orang Melayu, parti campur2 ini dah banyak dalam market. Don’t worry too much about UMNO, let it go.

    As for Ku Li, alahai buat apa Ku Li kasi tau duit2 dalam UMNO. Kalau Ku Li diam hanya kata boleh selamatkan UMNO, Ku Li ada plan tersedia, sudah tentu Ku Li dapat banyak votes. Bila Ku Li cakap pasal duit, orang UMNO tau mereka ada duit banyak, so apa lagi, rebut2 la nak tumpang semangkuk.

    Jika ada bukti kena ugut kena arah semasa pemilihan, sila anda2 semua buat polis repot. Itu pun jika anda sayang UMNO. Jika tidak, move on, let it be.

    Sekian Terima Kasih TUN MAHATHIR yang dikasihi. KCD tak buat open house ka? Kalau buat pun kena diam2, untuk selected few sahaja, kalau ramai nanti saya pulak kena tolak masuk longkang hahaha

  50. ron Jul 1,2018 4:26 PM

    salam tun..salam aidilfitri buat tun sekeluarga..saya nak megadu tentang harga keperluan seperti barang basah dan barangandapur yg masih mahal..harga di pasar borong kamunting perak memang tak masuk akal..klw ikan tu murah depa bg ikan pecah perut..kucing pun taknak makan.tun tolonglah arahkan pegawai KPDNKK taiping bekerja dgn bertangung jawab..begitu juga peruncit pasarraya di sini.. klw yg murah tu tarikh luput barang dah tak lama..kami peniga gerai makan..dok tengok harga dah 10 tahun asyik dok naik.yg turun hujan ja.klw tnya peniaga depa dok salahkan kerajaan baik yg dulu baik yg la..minyak naiklah..gst lah..bekalan kuranglah..musim tenkujohlah..pengankutan mahallah..contoh harga ikanbilis mata biru biasa sampai rm120kg depa jual..klw nak murah ikanbilis getah skrap..mcam makan getah..kami org kampong bukan tau isu2 nasionalpun..kami serahkan pd mereka yg cerdikpandai..tapi bab makan minum kami memang pandai membedakan hak mana murah hak mana mahai hak mana elok hak mana tak elok..nampaknya hak tak elok maikat kami yg miskin ni hak yg elok depa pi hantak ke luar utk dpt kan keuntungan yg lebih..tun.. rakyat bawahhan menghapakan perubah harga barangan..mintak tun serius bab harga barangan ni .t.kasih tun

  51. Fariq Islam Jul 1,2018 1:51 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Rakyat sesungguhnya tak kesabaran nak tengok Najib didakwa dan dipenjarakan kerana dosanya “mencuri”.

    Wahai… si celaka masih nak buat isu perkauman yang bukan-bukan bahawa Melayu bangsat, untuk memincangkan masyarakat majmuk kita. Baik Tun mempertimbang untuk menahan si celaka di bawah Akta Hasutan atau sebagainya.

  52. HBT456 Jul 1,2018 11:34 AM

    If penang is in guan eng’s heart, he should have rejected the offer of ministry of finance portfolio, and stay put in penang.

    Sri sense can be very racist when comes to state rights so are the political parties of your state.

    Similarly, other voters and political parties also can be very racist too when comes to their state rights.

    Chinese gaduh sesama chinese to prove who is more melayu?

    Indian gaduh sesama india to prove who is more melayu?

    The law is always there.

    Whether the amount is 2.6 million or 2.6 billion, corruption is tetap corruption.

    Whether the amount is 30 billion or 100 billion, power abuse is tetap power abuse.

    Due to benefit of doubts, some mistakes made could be forgiven but not forget.

    But when the mistakes made involved loss of lives, the obligation of the judges and lawyers is to serve the law without fear or favoratism.

    But when the mistakes made involved mismanagement of public funding behind the voters, then, action must be taken against them.

    The obligation of the judiciary is to serve the law so that no one is above the law.

    The obligation of the judiciary is to make sure the law is served without favoritism of race, religion or political parties.

    Dont forget, we are living in post it era whereby all information could be shared within seconds.

  53. mubarakchan Jul 1,2018 11:15 AM


    What is the hot topic these days in current affairs ? The domestic ones have subsided due to the confidence and trust of the Rakyat in the New Government. And what about the others ? Strange to say since the New Government came into being after 9 May 2018, Singapore seems to be disappointed and unhappy with the outcome of the finest democratic election in the World.- the World’s Best and an incorruptible Government. Maybe Singapore dislikes the title ‘World’s Best Democratic 9th General Elections, Malaysia’ taken away from them not by design but by the will of the Rakyat. As we are aware, Singapore claims to have the best Navy, Fire-Brigade ,Education System etc in Asia and the best Mathematics Curriculum in the World. Her Military is only Second best to the great United States. She has a unique Natural Resource too – BLUFFOLOGY. We Malaysians a hospitable, friendly and tolerant people do not dispute these Worldly claims by Singapore because our human resources have been brilliant and outstanding with our people heading many World Class profession all over the World. This is a fact, not fiction. And as the continuous march of statistics shows Singapore is now treading not on water but thin air. The Lee Kuan Yew Miracle which ended with the end of the Cold War 1948-1989,was simply under-counter trades or black trades tolerated by Uncle Sam due to Lee Kuan Yew’s verbal skills applied on successive US Presidents. For those who are not aware what are the under-counter or black trades, these are hard and soft arms trading (which is very profitable as one manufacturer told me that there are wars all over the globe every day) smuggling, money laundering, cosying up to dictators, collect Vietnam War debris free, sanctions breaking.etc.which are very profitable for a small population of 2 Million with an incorruptible Government. All these illegal trades were condoned by Uncle Sam during the Cold War. The Singapore Miracle which we can see, the glittering buildings, infra, Changi Airport, etc were due to the advice of the UN economics expert Dr Albert Winsemius, a Dutchman, Adviser to the Singapore Government 1962-1984. His singular achievement for Singapore was suppressed. Only in 2017, a small lane was named after him. On his retirement in 1984, a piece of parchment, two medals of which one was gold were his reward in the creation of a Nation. The development of Singapore’s human resources were left to Lee Kuan Yew who messed up big time with his own people whom only 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-50 exist. With the end of the Cold War, Uncle Sam came out with his hegemonic spiel( now to his regret ),’Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’. which were all anathema to Singapore. The BRICS moved into Singapore’s Cold War lush under-counter trades throughout the 1990s whilst Lee Kuan Yew was basking in the flattery of the Western media and became the Oracle of the East. Lo and behold ! Singapore’s economy collapsed by 2002. In a panic, Lee Kuan Yew produced 4 Initiatives to save Singapore 1) The Free Trade Scheme or Malaysia’s Killer which became Obama’s TPPA 2) 2 casinos 3) Importation of FTs to boost the GDP 4) the fake Sovereign Fund using CPF. Only Norway, Canada, Kuwait Funds are real Sovereign Funds. Malaysia’s Sovereign Fund is also FAKE – just an excuse to spend the Rakyat’s money wastefully. All 4 Initiatives of Lee Kuan Yew failed up to 2018 from 2006. With this background of a not so brilliant Singapore, we notice daily dollops of needling of our Malaysian leadership conforming to the Lee Kuan Yew Policy of targeting Malaysia whenever she complained about unjust Agreements with that State. If the whole is viewed OBJECTIVELY, the victim which is Malaysia, is being told that she did the right thing. So did Singapore which kept on harping to Malaysia to honour dishonourable Agreements obtained not by duress but by tricks of the trade. It is surprising that Singapore is still adopting the Ulu mentality of 19th Century Lee Kuan Yew to cajole the Ulu folks into submission to whatever. Confirming this, I read with amusement that Singapore this morning is talking about others attacking her. Here is a good question What has Singapore to offer to the invader ? Land, natural resources, tech know how ? The fact is even without lifting a little finger at Singapore, Malaysia is now on her way upwards with the new Government under our Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan. Why should Malaysia bother with Singapore which just fits into Lake Geneva, Switzerland ? Singapore is now considering buying F-35s for protection. Her thinking is FLAWED. Why ? Just two examples out of many. Singapore loat US 108 Billions on Wall Street in October 2008, probably the biggest loss by an investor ever. No squeak from her citizens. And the present elite forgot that Lee Kuan Yew left them the World’s Best Legacy for them which is his huge Credit and Goodwill with all countries of the World. To this day, there is no mention of his wonderful Legacy because of the elite’s obsession with Malaysia. It’s silly to say the least. Singapore has always been a non-starter. But with such introverted thinking now, can only make matters worse for themselves. I reckon Singapore has already LOST 16 years by thinking about Malaysia all the time. See how effective brainwashing backfires back onto the perpetrator. Suddenly, our beloved Malaysia is away trekking upwards leaving Singapore far behind with little bits of rock and water. Singapore now can have as much Malaysia paid for water as she likes. This would not change one figment in her dilemma about what the future holds for her which is the lack of visionary leadership, diminishing revenues and demographics. F-35s even on Lend Lease will not be the panacea but only the ability of the mind which our Malaysia has plenty which is the Creation of Money without Money. Not Cash is King to buy 10,000 Rolex watches at the expense of the Rakyat. If only Singapore had bought GOLD with the billions of US Dollars before October 2008, she would not be a Knight in Shining Armour but King of the Hill, controlling Malaysia, the World with the great United States. The lack of humility caused this slip in Lee Kuan Yew’s mind. Nowadays,Tun, you are a real life example of a person who succeeded against all odds, not with money or weapons, BUT THE FINENESS OF YOUR MIND as compared with self-serving and narcissistic folks who failed miserably. The brain is our true and worthy asset. Hence, we all go to school.

  54. Sri Sense Jul 1,2018 10:04 AM

    Salam Tun yang di kasihi

    Nampaknya UMNO tidak mahu berubah, muka yang menang, tetap sama. Pendekata kalau KJ tanding Ketua Pemuda pun menang semula 🙂

    Walaupun I anak Perak, so far tiada pemimpin Melayu Perak yang begitu bagus, takat ok ok ramai la. Kalau paling best di Perak, well educated Sultan, itu yang dapat dibanggakan sebagai anak Perak.

    Najib kata orang Melayu dibangsatkan under PH. I beg to differ. I tak pernah ambil loan government, anak I juga tidak pernah ambil loan PTPN, suami I juga tidak pernah ambil apa2 loan dari government. Pendekata kami sekeluarga tidak pernah ambil apa2 pun dalam pentadbiran Najib termasuk BR1M. Kami cuma guna facilities klinik kerajaan, itupun mak ai, kedekut bukan main. Under PH pun serupa 🙁

    Sekian, Terima Kasih.

  55. HBT456 Jul 1,2018 8:52 AM

    The result of umno presidency is expected.

    What to do, they still stuck in who they know, not what they know within their circle of influence.

    Yup, the united malay national organization is bodoh, then, the component parties in barisan nasional mesti lagi bodoh.

    Jika umno bodoh, adakah parti keadilan rakyat lebih bijak, then, adakah the component parties of pakatan harapan lebih bijak.

    It is the perogative of umno to live telecast their presidency election via social media maupun rtm since no one will stop them from doing this yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    Azmin atau mukhriz, mereka tetap muslim.

    Lim guan eng is still far behind because he is a chinese, itu saja.

    Yup, i believe mca know their position in this country very well.

    As malaysian chinese association, if can do, you go ahead.

    When cannot do, dont push.

    Yup, takan lah cina hilang di dunia.

  56. Sharudin Jamal Jun 29,2018 5:35 PM

    Selamat Hari Raya Chedet,

    Now I know you don’t publish all my postings; which is good. I am a person with a disability as I mentioned before. However I know you read them.
    Otherwise how can you filter?

    Nevertheless I was a brilliant consultant and still is a prolific researcher. Hence I have certain advantageous in my thinking – I don’t have the herd mindset.

    So here goes…

    I personally don’t think Anwar should be the next premier. The man is not decisive. He will create doubts within the flanks. For example, during the BFM 89.9 fm interview, the interviewer had to ask him 3 times if he is gay. After a long winded taichi, finally he said no. To an acute observer that signified mixed messages. All it takes is for him to say, “No, I am straight”. Why did he go around in circles before coming to the final affirmation?

    If he is gay, say so. If not be adamant about it. Don’t go around creating doubts.

    Recently in the Terus Terang interview, Syed the host asked him about his life in prison. Again he took the long winded road. I have nothing against Anwar but he can’t be the leader we can respect. I rather have a young Turk at the helm than a wussy.

    The most ridiculous decision he ever made was when he was the Education Minister. When everybody all over the world were celebrating the year end Golden Holiday, he initiated the school calendar to be in December! Can we afford such a boo boo at the helm down the road? You think Chedet?

    As much as Najib was gullible, he was a man of substance. He deployed Balance Score Card, Blue Ocean Strategy and for better for worse, Economatrix. We appreciate the process behind the thinking. With Anwar Chedet, he is nothing more than a cheerleader.

    Chedet, let’s be objective. The scoreboard never lies. Based on a detail survey done by a local university, the most popular second liner is Azmin. Second most popular is Mukhriz. Far behind is Guan Eng. These are your star players. Not Anwar. I say this again, the guy is not decisive!

    So there I said my piece. You have one shot at this. Make it a bullseye.


    MSC 0072

  57. Hajar Jun 28,2018 9:10 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon laluan Tun untuk ulas beberapa isu panas:

    1. Pemilihan UMNO: Para perwakilan UMNO jangan jadi bodoh lagi dengan memilih pemimpin korup untuk jadi Presiden UMNO (juga lain2 jawatan tertinggi). Yang telah terbukti korup dan yang kaki bodek patut ditolak. Saya sudah kata, sepakatlah untuk memilih Tengku Razaleigh sebagai Presiden UMNO yang baru. Ku Li pun sudah kata mahu UMNO mohon maaf kepada rakyat di atas kesilapan dan kegagalan UMNO (macam sama saja dengan saranan saya 🙂 … ). Lagi elok jika kesemua pemimpin2 sayap UMNO yang sudah terpilih memulakan langkah ini. Jangan lupa mohon ampun dan maaf kepada Tun Mahathir. Kalau ikutkan saya, Tun M yang paling layak untuk pulihkan UMNO, tetapi sekarang ia agak mustahil untuk jadi kenyataan.

    2. Isu rampasan bernilai RM1.1 Billion: Wah! Beg tangan mewah BIJAN pun ada! Esklusif gitu! Dengar kata beberapa Presiden US pernah jadi pelanggan ‘The House of Bijan’ (terletak di Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive). Saya pernah ronda di Beverly Hills tapi tidak perasan pula The House of Bijan ni. Rumah Michael Jackson nampaklah…

    3. Orang yang suka bermewah-mewah tetapi wang tidak mencukupi biasanya akan terlibat dengan aktiviti2 haram. Terlalu obses dengan barangan mewah merupakan satu penyakit mental.

    4. Lagi satu penyakit ialah penyakit suka/kuat berhutang. Orang yang berhutang tetapi tidak tahu/mahu bayar hutang juga satu masalah besar kepada negara (contoh PTPTN; menyusahkan pelajar2 lain yg mahu meminjam). Sama juga dengan hutang2 lain. Jika gagal untuk membayar hutang dan diambil tindakan (muflis; dihalang keluar negara, etc.), usahlah bising kononnya dianiayai. Yang jadi penjamin pula, patut tahu risikonya.

    5. Lagi satu penyakit ialah penyakit keluar parti dan melompat ke parti lain bila gabungan parti sendiri telah kalah. Antara sebab utama pada pandangan saya ialah hakikat di mana banyak jawatan2 atasan (GLCs, Ahli2 Majlis Perbandaran, etc.) dan jawatan2 bawahan (ketua2 kampong, AJK Komuniti kampong, etc) yang mesti dikosongkan dan diisi dengan para penyokong (ahli-ahli?) parti yang menang. Kesian pula kepada mana-mana individu yang memangkah PH (undi rahsia) tetapi kebetulan pula ahli parti UMNO (atau gabungan); terpaksalah angkat kaki atau dipecat. Sama saja PH dengan BN sebenarnya. Masing2 akan lantik kroni2 mereka bila menjadi Kerajaan. Jadi, tidak hairanlah kalau berduyun-duyun yang mahu masuk PPBM, Amanah, PKR, dan DAP. Bukankah Pengerusi baru PTPTN dari PPBM? Alahai…Saya bukan ahli parti PH, nampaknya kepakaran saya memang tidak lakulah kepada Kerajaan PH! Yang kelaparan amat ramai…Kita lihat sajalah nanti. Kuasa memang korup…Kuasa mutlak lagilah dahsyat…

    6. Baru baca tentang akaun2 UMNO dibekukan. Akaun2 bekas PM dan ahli keluarga beliau sudah dibekukankah (boleh bercuti sakan di Langkawi)? Bukankah wang masuk ke akaun peribadi DSN? Ini yang patut diberi perhatian khusus. Politik tolak ke tepi dahulu. Jangan tamak haloba!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  58. Sri Sense Jun 28,2018 9:30 AM


    Wah semua pun dah lari. Chedet pun tak update new topic, yang ada cuma perutusan ramadan. However, di FB terkini.

    Interesting news I read online

    Mukhriz confident of bigger victory if fresh polls are held

    – Biak pi la si Zahid tu. Kita pilih PH sebab tindak tanduk Najib terhadap Tun M. Orang UMNO kalau nak parti hidup kena pilih Presiden yang tidak related dengan pemerintahan Presiden lama.

    On Bankruptcy Law. Walaupun dah di pinda oleh BN, I difahamkan tak merangkumi sipolan2 sebelum Act ini dikuatkuasa. Tiada keaadilan nampaknya. Lets say a person dibankrap zaman Tun M jadi PM dulu sampai sekarang tak lepas, adilkah itu? Tambahan hutang hanya dibawah 50K. And some of them dah senior citizen. Adilkah jika mereka nak keluar negara kena ada sponsor? Mereka dah tua, nak lari kemana pun. Dalam syarikat pun after several years boleh written off bad debts dan kenapa undang2 Malaysia tidak selari dengan undang2 di negara maju yang lain dimana after a few years yang dah dibankrap tidak bankrap lagi.

    Sekian Terima Kasih.

  59. HBT456 Jun 28,2018 8:45 AM

    Everyone knows rojak mamak is halal.

    May i know, is rojak buah tu halal, sri sense?

    I would say, my money is my money, and your money is not my money.

    But, when the money involves public fund, then, it would be the public money.

    What is the difference between kwsp and kwap?

    Yup, kuah hanya satu mangkuk, tapi ada manyak sudu.

    Lubang dikorek sini sana, tapi hanya satu penutup, therefore, to cover which lubang dulu?

    What is in the mind of the political parties in divide?

    Dulu, malaysia bayi.

    Selepas tu, malaysia become budak.

    After that, she turned into teenager.

    Today, she is in adulthood.

    Lowering the age of voting into 18 years old is a big no to me.

    Making voting age at 18 years old automatically just base on birthdates is another big no.


    We are not slaves yesterday.

    We are not part of the political party machine either.

    The world has IQ.

    Yesterday, they added in EQ.

    Today, LQ is in the making.

    Tomorrow, tak tahu lagi.

    Pendek kata, if you do not have love in what you are doing now, do something else that you love.

    Similarly, if you do not love what you are doing, dont stop others who loves what they are doing.

    There are many general election a head.

    Boleh means boleh.

    Tak boleh means tak boleh.

    The answer would be know when next general election is called.

    Therefore, no ones know who is swimming naked in there as long as the tide is off.

  60. musato Jun 27,2018 10:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya baca mufti mufti ada jumpa dengan Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan.

    Saya harap persidangan orang orang agama ni bukan setakat cerita pasal halal haram je.

    mufti ada tengok video lucah dan gambar lucah tak?

    Saya amat bimbang berkenaan perkara ini di zaman alam maya ini. Semuanya dihujung jari.

    Hari ini saya baru tahu ada apps tik tok malaysia pulak. Sebelum ini ada smule. Mungkin yang lain lain saya pun tak uptodate sebab saya bukan budak muda.

    Malah dalam FB ada video wanita cantik bertudung bercakap lucah sambil tangan bagaikan melancap bantal bagaikan kemaluan lelaki.

    Video sebegini terlalu mudah untuk tontonan golongan budak budak sekolah rendah apatah lagi golongan remaja yang aktif bermedia sosial.

    Maaf ye sebab terpaksa tulis dengan perkataan yang tak bertapis.

    Bukan mudah untuk mengaku macam macam jika tidak mendapat keizinanNya terlebih dahulu.

    Saya tanya,mufti mufti tengok tak video lucah dan gambar lucah bertudung?

    Jika tidak mengapa mufti mufti dan cendiakawan Islam boleh berbicara tentang sesuatu yang bukan hands on tetapi sekadar hanya memetik ayat ayat Al Quran dan Hadith.

    Apakah masa depan belia negara nanti di zaman alam maya ini?

    Komen saya ini adalah berdasarkan kenyataan Tun Mahathir untuk membina negara berlandaskan Islam yang sebenar.

    Isu nafsu adalah isu besar. Lebih lebih lagi nafsu berzina, yang mana boleh direjam sampai mati.

    Kalau setuju kata hudud tidak dapat dijalankan kerana atas alasan tertentu, maka mungkin kerajaan PH dapat jelaskan bagaimana bentuk hukuman untuk menangani isu nafsu berzina/luar tabei/tukar pasangan/hubungan manusia vs haiwan ini dapat dibendung.

    Saya tak mahu tulis terperinci yang mana secara tak langsung akan mempromosi website lucah.

    Namun saya mengaku bahawa saya menyelidik tentang ini.

    Seperti telah saya jelaskan dalam proses menerima ilmu tasawuf, diri kita akan diuji dan dilatih hingga ke tahap maksimum mengikut kemampuan setiap individu yang terlibat. Dengan izin Allah swt.

    Dan hal ini saya fikir ia semakin berkembang dari segi menanam pemikiran seperti haiwan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  61. Sri Sense Jun 27,2018 1:11 PM

    Salam warga chedet

    Nampak chedet online.

    AMANAH lagu mana ini, bila pergi klinik kerajaan, kertas pun tak ada. Hilang kad kuning atau dah penuh kad kuning tak boleh ganti sebab tiada stok kad kuning. Doktor nak rekomen beli ubat tulis belakang nombor giliran. Aiyoyo apa nak jadi!

    Ayoyo PH tak adil dengan warga tua. Tengok tu anak muda tak bayar loan tiada sekatan pergi overseas, kalau nak adil kena juga orang tua yang ada hutang 30K kebawah tiada sekatan juga dengan segera, baru adil dan saksama, kan ada PARTI KEAADILAN DALAM PH.

  62. Sri Sense Jun 27,2018 9:40 AM

    Salam semua

    Pendapat I, leadership. Dalam UMNO for example, satelah Najib lepas jawatan Presiden, kita nampak dengan jelas perubahan, Yes Man, sudah tiada. I perhati dalam Astro Awani cara Pemuda2 bercakap memang cukup berwibawa. I dah fikir sibaju merah ini akan menang, si Wan dari Shah Alam tu memang ada banyak good points, so dia pun ada potential. As you know jawapan sekarang sibaju merah tu menang. I tidak kenal dia tapi I difahamkan dia dari YDM. Mungkin lepas ini UMNO jadi lebih Islam. Mingkin juga lepas ini ada kerjasama between UMNO dan PAS. Tidak bagus buat PH, tapi bagus buat orang Melayu amnya.

    I malas nak cakap tapi I cuma beritahu one of the candidate is actually my jiran. Di kawasan rumah I, ada sokong UMNO, ada sokong PKR, ada sokong PAS, tiada siapa pun gaduh sini, kalau ada neighbourhood function kami datang aje. Kalau isu2 timbul masa meeting hanya guard, parking, pagar, fee, anjing, soal2 merangkumi kawasan rumah kami sahaja.

    As for LGE, I harap beliau cepat sedar, dia seharusnya tau bila membaca ikrar terima perlantikkan dari agung, ada benda yang boleh cakap, ada benda yang tak boleh cakap. Macam pekerja juga, sain je surat terima jawatan, harus patuh pada terma2 dan syarat2 yang tertulis. Jangan la ikut stail kawan2 Cina I, kalau buat kerja mesti riuh supaya nampak buat kerja. Dengan riuhnya LGE seperti melekehkan orang2 Melayu. Jangan ingat opposition aje jerit, I sendiri pun rasa kurang selesa. Maka now my harapan hanya untuk UMNO.

    Walaupun gitu I tidak menyesal side Tun M, sebab paling utama memang salah Najib. Paling salah bila tidak jumpa Tun M mengaku dah buat salah, kalau dia buat itu tak jadi la ini semua. Boleh la Tun panggil Tun Daim, Ku Li, tapi sayangnya Najib lebih rela dengar nasihat orang putih dan kelilingi kaki ampu kaki bodek yang hanya minat dengan wang ringgitnya.

    Sekarang ini saya lihat, LGE asyik korek sana korek sini, macam 1MDB tiada kes against Najib, so kita pun malas la menaruh harapan pada DAP. Korek sana Korek sini bukan buat kerja pun. Pamer sana pamer sini bukan ada solution pun.

    Well itula pendapat I yang tiada bergaji ini. hahaha

  63. Hajar Jun 27,2018 7:38 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    New PTPTN chief Wan Saiful lifts travel ban on 400,000 defaulters

    Yeah right! Let them have nice vacations abroad because they have every right to do so. They are good citizens (of course by default if they support PH). Only UMNO members/supporters are bad people, and cannot be trusted, forever and ever.

    But then, it’s so strange that they are not able to repay their PTPTN loans (as responsible citizens; for Muslims – wajib /compulsory), and yet they can afford to go on vacation overseas.

    Yeah! New Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh! May be PH can just forget about the RM7.9 billion PTPTN loans. Just DONATE them to those poor PTPTN borrowers.

    If the PH Government needs more money, then please just continue asking for the Rakyat to donate to Tabung Harapan Malaysia. Our Finance Minister can always advertise to encourage the Rakyat to donate to THM in Mandarin. And, please also advertise in Tamil, Iban, Khadazan-Dusun, Murut, Melanau, Bajau, Jakun, Siam, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, etc.

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  64. superSepantun Jun 26,2018 6:09 PM

    Slmat petang, salam sejahtra..!
    Apa nk sembang? Apa cerita?

    Bukan menyibuk, tukar melulu.!
    Marahkan nyamuk, dibakar kelambu..??

  65. Sri Sense Jun 26,2018 10:16 AM

    Salam Tun

    Saya nak sentuh sikit soal EPF. Saya terlibat dalam bidang pelaburan since 1997, amatlah familar dengan karenah2 client yang mostly lelaki. Minta Tun sampaikan pada Kak Wan.

    Kak Wan, yang penting dalam EPF ini adalah penama. Usually penama diberi pada spouse. Ada sebab kenapa insuran dan epf bagi pada direct pada penama, ini adalah untuk memudahkan selesai hutang simati jika simati itu masih berhutang dengan mana2 pihak seperti bank etc.

    Kalau ikut cara faraid makan masa, makan tahun, hutang pun tiada dapat settle dengan cepat. Kalau dibuatnya simati itu meninggalkan anak2 kecil dan isteri tidak bekerja, duit ini boleh digunakan untuk sara hidup mereka sementara menunggu pembahagian harta2 lain.

    And yes Kak Wan, sukar nak convince lelaki bagi duit pada isteri, from my experience lelaki takut bagi isteri kaya, nanti isteri kawin lain hahaha I pernah tanya client kenapa penama EPF dia tak kasi pada isteri, itulah dia jawab. Namun selepas dapat penerangan, dia bagi EPF penama pada isteri atas alasan isteri adalah ibu pada anak2nya.

    And yes ada masanya tengah bercinta, si boyfriend bagi penama pada girlfriend, bila dah kawin dengan yang lain lupa tukar penama, ada masanya juga sianak lelaki beri penama pada ibunya, sebab ibunya yang paling berharga, so dah kawin pun tak tukar nama penama.

    Harap diatas ini dapat memberi iktibar pada kak wan. This money issue very sensitive worr I also grumble talk talk here no money hahaha

    Have a nice day!

  66. mubarakchan Jun 26,2018 9:20 AM


    What is the hot topic today in cyberspace ? The Singapore Spin on the 1962 Water Agreement which is boiling over in the tiny tropical isle of the 1st World. A Singaporean Government Blog put out information which it swore would justify Singapore’s rob thy neighbour attitude as regards this most inequitable International Agreement ever. To the Man from Mars, the contents appear to be a piece of parchment signed between the Double Starred First Lee Kuan Yew and a donkey. It’s contents are so absurd that it is beyond logical imagination ! And to rub World’s Best Singaporean Salt into its own wounds, this Blog conveniently left out the total volume of raw water sold to Singapore daily at the 1962 price of 2 sen per 1000 gallons, the volume of treated water sold back to Malaysia daily, the cost of treatment of this raw water by Singapore, and the price of Singapore treated Malaysian water sold in Singapore. In the old days, gaggles of brainwashed Malaysians would have lapped up this Singapore Spin. No longer. The Malaysians are now in another World. The World of being one of the most important 4 small countries of the World e.g. Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. Even one foreign diplomat based in KL does not realise that this is so with the astounding change of Government democratically and peacefully. Throughout her independent existence, Malaysia never took advantage of another country. In the Society of Humanity there are unsaid norms which with honest and sincere intent could be rectified when an unjust event had occurred. But the insistence by Singapore’s lackeys that Malaysia must abide by the 1962 Water Agreement leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. And to add to the absurdity of the one-sided 1962 Water Agreement, it is alleged that Malaysia has to compensate Singapore if the HSR is cancelled. Again, there is no provision for an escape clause in Malaysia’s interest. If a layman like myself commits such blunders, it maybe forgiven. But here we are with the highest authorities in the land not only making serial blunders but apparent forgetfulness with intent. It is good very good, that Malaysia once again can look up proud, tall, strong and united under your Premiership, Tun. Malaysia need not lift up a single finger or express one iota because the future of Singapore through her own zeal, cleverness and ignorance have created a bleak future for herself alone. Just one indicator of Singapore’s Dilemma is her lack of political will and ideas on how to utilise the huge and wonderful legacy of goodwill and credits around the World garnered in Singapore’s interest by Lee Kuan Yew in his lifetime. As time goes on, this legacy will diminish and be lost forever. It is a good feeling of well-being for the Rakyat that the New Government under your esteemed Leadership is on the right trek again upwards towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan, Malaysia. With the knowledge of our own position vis-à-vis Singapore’s, Singapore can have all the free water from Malaysia which is no longer a vital issue for us as Malaysia is now operating on a different plane with the likes of Britain, Switzerland and Japan. Malaysia Boleh !

  67. HBT456 Jun 26,2018 8:52 AM

    Dulu, perjuang bahasa kata mereka mesti memperkasakan bahasa dan bangsa mereka.

    Selepas tu, perjuang agama kata mereka mesti menegakkan islam dan bangsa mereka.

    Sekarang, perjuang bahasa kata kita semua mesti menghebatkan bahasa dan bangsa mereka pulak.

    Besok, perjuang agama kata kita semua mesti menegakkan islam dan bangsa mereka pulak.

    It makes no sense who can jual better.

    Yup, that tiny chinaman down south is damn stupid, and took the multi lingual way out in mapping singapore in the world map.

    Today, japanese football fans have made headline in russia world cup in clearing the rubbish themselves.

    Alahai, here still talk about memperkasakan bahasa dan agama mereka as if everyone must follow?

    Yup, they have choice not to learn people’s languages and religions guaranteed by the federal constitution.

    Similarly, other races also have choice not to learn their languages and religions guaranteed by the federal constitution.

    Pendek kata, whichever coalition gets the majority, they will form the cabinet for the next 5 years.

    Winner takes all.

    Similarly, looser takes all.

    Therefore, do your utmost best during these 5 years.

    When you never try, you will never know able or not.

  68. Sri Sense Jun 26,2018 8:47 AM


    Part Wanita UMNO, saya tidak tau apa keistimewaan Noraini, rasanya tiada apa yang istimewa dilakukan masa zaman Puteri UMNO. Kalau nak diikutkan Azalina lebih aggressive, sayang sekali sipolan ini terlibat dalam pemerintahan Najib.

    By the way, no one can lawan kewibawaan Rafidah sebagai pemimpin Wanita. Rafidah boleh diri on par dengan pemimpin lekaki, pengganti semua lemah, sering berjalan belakang lelaki, diri tak sama tinggi. I wonder kenapa Tun tak ambil Rafidah sebagai advisor dalam committee Tun…hmmm

    Sekian Terima Kasih.

  69. Sri Sense Jun 26,2018 8:16 AM

    Good morning!

    Pagi nan cerah. Tak secara langsung teringat bekas secretary I. Dia budak kelantan, kalau bercakap slang kelantan habis, so bila angkat talipon pun slang kelantan, so I beritau dia, cuba cakap slang sini, takut nanti orang ingat opis I di Kelantan hahaha

    Anyway dia dulu pernah cerita masa kat kelantan, sultan kelantan, bapa pada agung sekarang, main baca speech saja, kalau situ sebut, hari nan cerah, sultan baca, walau hari tak cerah. Katanya Sultan kulit putih sebab tak keluar istana, walaupun gitu dia tetap sayang sultan. Tidak mengejutkan sebab most orang Melayu sayang Sultan negeri mereka masing2.

    Berbalik pada topik Malaysia Baru, kalau nak Malaysia Baru kenalah Tun tutup sekolah jenis kebangsaan cina dan tamil, maintain aje sekolah Melayu Inggeris sebagai bahasa penghantaraan.

    Bukan saya kata Malaysia Baru, tapi LGE sebut, so saya pun bagi suggestion untuk capai matlamat itu hahaha

    Oh ya ada juga sekolah cina taipei yang agak besar di kawasan shah alam ini, siap dengan tulisan cina lagi dipintu gerbang.

  70. Hajar Jun 26,2018 8:03 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Mohon izin Tun untuk ulas kenyataan Tun seperti berikut:
    PETALING JAYA: “Cuma kesilapan kecil saja”, ujar Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengenai isu kenyataan rasmi dalam Bahasa Mandarin yang dikeluarkan menteri kewangan.
    Perdana Menteri memberitahu, beliau tidak mahu menjadikannya perkara itu melibatkan Lim Guan Eng itu sebagai isu besar.
    “Kadang-kala kita buat kesilapan. Dia tersilap bukan sengaja.

    Maaf Tun, jika benar Lim Guan Eng tersilap dan bukan sengaja, beliau telah pun memohon maaf.

    Namun kita tahu yang beliau tidak mahu mengaku kesilapan beliau, malahan dengan angkuh berkata akan terus melakukan perkara sama di masa hadapan. Tidak perlulah Tun menolong beliau untuk MENEGAK BENANG YANG BASAH. Tun mesti bertegas dalam hal ini. Jika tidak, dia (dan yang sewaktu dengannya) akan naik lemak.

    2. Saya rasa terkilan melihat prestasi PH (Tun OK, tetapi yang lain2 amat mengecewakan). Namun saya tidak menyesal menolak rejim Najib. Tetapi, jika UMNO berubah dan insaf (mohon maaf dengan tulus ikhlas) di atas segala kesalahan (mereka bersalah dan bukannya tersilap) serta berusaha untuk kembali memenangi hati rakyat (balik kepada perjuangan asal), saya tidak teragak-agak untuk kembali menyokong UMNO. Lagipun UMNO masih lagi parti terkuat secara individu. Cuma orang tolol saja yang kata UMNO sudah tidak relevan (maaf, kasar sikit bunyinya).

    3. BN sekarang sudah tinggal 3 parti sahaja. Parti2 dan pemimpin2 yang cabut lari kerana BN sudah tumbang terbukti bukan kawan di masa susah; tidak rugi hilang kawan sebegini. Saya simpati terhadap BN (atau lebih tepat lagi UMNO), tetapi inilah lumrah kehidupan. Jadikan ini sebagai satu pengajaran.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  71. HouseWife Jun 25,2018 11:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Kepada Tun & family
    & Warga Chedet,


    Muka baru ka muka lama ka dalam umno apa bezanya? Saya sikit pun tak akan percaya dengan mereka lagi. Sebab apa….sebab mereka sikit pun tak berubah, masih bersikap angkuh dan sombong, bukan senang nak buang sikap ini dalam 100 hari akan mengambil masa bertahun2, mungkin 1000 tahun, sudah melekat dan sebati didalam jiwa umno. Sikit pun tak rasa bersalah kepada rakyat yang mereka telah bohongi dan aniayai. Bukan saja kepada rakyat Malaysia tetapi kepada Tun pun mereka tak hulur kemaafan kerana telah ridicule Tun dengan begitu teruk sekali semata2 tujuan menjatuh maruah Tun. Mereka semua masih buat muka tebal dan otak gelap kononnya tak tahu apa2 yang dilakukan boss mereka, terus menyokong dan melindungi walapun kesalahan didepan mata. Tidakkah suatu masa dahulu Tun menasihati, merayu, merintih dengan penuh keikhlasan dan ada lagi cebisan sayang kepada umno, “Wahai ketua cawangan/bahagian…” Ada siapa yang ambil peduli? Ada siapa yang mendengar? Andaikata mereka peduli…. Andaikata mereka mendengar ….

    Sekarang muka baru ka muka lama ka mereka semua yang sama yang dulu juga, penakut dan tak bertanggungjawap, berdiam diri, menyokong dan bersekongkol dengan segala salahlaku pemimpin2 korup. Semua pecut lari bila Tun datang nak nasihati dan bersikap bengis bila Tun usik dan sentap pemimpin2 korup mereka. Bila dah dijatuhkan oleh rakyat baru nak buka biji mata, baru mulut nak berkata2, baru telinga nak mendengar? Umno jadi pekak, buta dan bisu kerana telah disuap dan takut hilang kedudukan. Nasi telah jadi bubur. Berapa % rakyat masih percaya dengan kamu, wahai umno. Barisan pemimpin masa itu sungguh menyedihkan…sekarang sama saja.

    Saya undi PH kerana Tun dengan tidak terlalu melihat manifesto. Manifesto hanya deklarasi manusia kepada manusia yang boleh berubah mengikut keadaan, I can deal with that. But to let kleptocracy destroy my beloved country for one more day that I cannot let it be maka saya undi PH dan juga sebab dah terlalu muak dengan kerajaan umno/bn yang puja pemimpin korup mereka bagai dewa yang dengan angkuh dan yakin berkata akan jadi pm lebih lama daripada Tun, dan mengherdik Tun dimerata tempat dan pentas dengan melampau.

    In my opinion, LGE is just issuing a translated press release in Mandarin for the consumption of the less speaking Malay or English for them to understand better, statement of finance minister will continue to be published in Bahasa Melayu and English, so that wouldn’t be a problem kan Tun. My son studied Mandarin and now he works for a Malaysian Chinese company so it would be useful for him to brush up his Mandarin. I hope this wouldn’t lead to a racial issue, do not allow the distractors sway our mind from the real issue here ie to bring the thieves to face the iron bars. Umno has never believe or follow their own slogan 1Malaysia…whatever that mean to them. Tun and sahabat2 PH have so much to do and it takes time to clean up the mess left behind by the klepto gomen.

    May Allah bless and protect Tun and family always. May Allah give Tun great wealth in health and knowledge. Remember to rest also and take extra care of your safety. Thank you Tun.

  72. elizanoordin Jun 25,2018 9:19 PM

    Dearest Tun Mahathir,

    I love diversity and would like live in a country where there is respect and love for each other, despite differences: be it race, religion and gender. Language is one of the important element in uniting a nation. Hence the reason why leaders of Malaysia need to communicate with the rakyat in languages that all understand. What Lim Guan Eng did failed me. What failed me more is to hear you say at the press conference that it was just a small mistake. If not rectified, it would be an amplified situation of my experience working at an MNC based in Penang. Even though we were supposed to speak in a common language understood by all, many spoke Mandarin in meetings although they knew the Malays could not understand. My reports to HR went to deaf ears. I do not want the same situation to happen at national level. It is simply not healthy and defeats the whole purpose of a united Malaysia. I hope the New Malaysia is about respecting each other. I hope the leaders know it better. I hope to see corrective measures.

    Thank you for reading my feedback.

  73. mubarakchan Jun 25,2018 7:08 PM


    As we are aware, there are two hot topics floating in the cyberspace today. First, your alleged comment that the 1962 Water Agreement needs to be re-negotiated. One report claimed it’s too expensive. Another report claimed something else. But the fact of the matter as I see it is that it is the most inequitable sovereign Agreement ever signed between two different territories. As you are already aware, there is no provision for market trends, fluctuation of the currencies or an escape clause for either party. It is 100% one-sided. Not only that, the reality now is that Malaysia PAYS to deliver FREE WATER TO SINGAPORE ! And BUYS BACK TREATED WATER ( which I believe is treated in Johor Baru !) from Singapore ! It is impossible to determine how much Singapore makes out of this merry-go-round with FREE AND PAID-FOR MALAYSIAN ASSETS. What I know for sure is that even with this over 1000% subsidy by Malaysia, Singapore is in deep deep trouble as regards her DEMOGRAPHICS AND ECONOMICS. Singapore’s future is BLEAK, VERY BLEAK. It is the loss of Singapore’s exceptional leader, Lee Kuan Yew and his masterful conjuring of Singapore’s only natural resource ‘BLUFFOLOGY’ which hurts today. Since the failure of his 4 Initiatives to save Singapore, being the ‘Malaysia Killer’, Free Trade Scheme which became Obama’s TPPA after October 2008, the 2 casinos, increase importation of FTs to boost the GDP, and the fake Sovereign Fund using the CPF, there has been a ominous SILENCE on NEW INITIATIVES which are non-existent because our beloved Malaysia is no longer the ULU BOY UP-COUNTRY BUT ONE OF 4 MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD SINCE THE NEW GOVERNMENT TOOK OVER under your leadership, Tun ! There will be no longer ‘Quiet Retreats’ where Abang-Adek Prime Ministers were encouraged to spend more and more to Singapore’s advantage and gave away the KYM steel rails free !. And a friendly blind eye was kept blind to huge money laundering activities down South of the Border by little fat boys ! Within this important context, it is good at this juncture to enlighten our fellow citizens that the moment the New Government was established, the values and qualities of Malaysia’s human and land resources went up in value concomitant with whatever good measures to be announced daily eg. clean up the Augean Stables or the GLCs or whatsoever etc. The smart investors would be moving big time into Malaysia right now whilst telling others to keep away. This is the way of the World. This is how the cruel capitalistic World operates. By the time our citizens wake up to a Malaysia up there with Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan because of your Leadership Tun, the smart investors will be taking their profits. Why do I say this, Tun ? It is so very important to alert ALL RAKYAT that the New Government under your Leadership, Tun, has changed completely from what sort of Government we used to know since 2003. In other words, with this ominous change, Malaysia has NOW THE MINDSET TO LEAVE THE MIDDLE INCOME TRAP BEHIND to ascend to the uppermost tier of a country’s endeavour. The 100 Days Policy of the New Government will put us firmly into a New World or Era through your esteemed Leadership, Tun, concomitant with the enhancement of our Malaysia’s human and landed assets worth MANY TIMES MORE THAN THE ONE TRILLION RINGGIT DEBT incurred by the previous BN Government with NOTHING TO SHOW FOR THIS EXORBITANT SPENDING OF THE RAKYAT’S MONEY (which will now have to be paid by the Rakyat, 99.99% of the population with a DEBT OF ONE TRILLION RINGGITS INCURRED BY THE 0.01% of the population.) And what is this NEW GAME CHANGER, Tun ? IT IS NO MORE THAN GOING BACK TO THE BASICS WHERE ALL BEHAVE NORMALLY AND DISCIPLINE THEMSELVES AND NOT GOING GA-GA AT THE RAKYAT’S EXPENSE AND RICHES. Normality and discipline return. Nothing more. Nothing less. As you are aware, no big deal, Tun ! On the Second Hot Topic, Tun, concerning the Mandarin language issue. My personal experience is that I used to speak or study Urdu, Hindi, Anglo Indian English, Malay, Mandarin, English, Classical Cantonese, Latin etc. I am still a CHINAMAN, Tun ! Malaysia Boleh !

  74. Hajar Jun 25,2018 7:05 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Allow me Tun:

    Haiya YB Lim Guan Eng…I thought you were MALAYSIAN FIRST! I thought you considered yourself as a Malaysian, not a Chinese.

    Are you playing ‘wayang opera Cina’? How long have you been a Malaysian? All our life I guess. Don’t you know that our National @ OFFICIAL Language is Bahasa Melayu (BM)?

    You have finally shown your true colors.

    What a bunch of hypocrites! Well, I am just calling a spade a spade!

    The slogan ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ should be scrapped and thrown into the South China Sea.

    I hope Tun would say something about this important issue. It is an INSULT to our Constitution and the Malays (and ‘kaum Peribumi/Bumiputra’).

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  75. Sri Sense Jun 25,2018 11:00 AM


    Yup UMNO perlu banyak perubahan. KU LI dah berumur namun ada kata kalau TUN M boleh kenapa tidak KU LI. Zahid pula walau PR nampak ok tapi dia banyak terlibat dengan pemerintahan Najib. Kalau dipilih takut susah UMNO nak pulih. KJ tampak rajin layan muda mudi, more of urban image, but this guy also gang dengan mat salih yang jadi penasihat Najib. Omar Mustapha Ong merupakan teman Khairy, I ada baca online kata mereka berdua business partner. APCO appointed melalui company milik Omar Mustapha Ong. Baca online dan ada dengar bisik2, tau lama, cuma malas nak cakap sini hahaha

  76. Sri Sense Jun 25,2018 9:52 AM


    It’s the ‘new Malaysia’: Guan Eng defends use of Mandarin in statements

    The finance minister says he will continue issuing ministerial statements in Mandarin after he was accused of undermining Malay as the national language.

    – Masih lagi otak opposition, what happened to his earlier statement masa mula jadi Finance Minister, I am a Malaysian not a Chinese hahaha

    Nice to see perubahan dalam UMNO. I hope this party akan naik semula next election. Remember guys service the rakyat, if you perlu turun ke bendang, by all means do it.

  77. HBT456 Jun 25,2018 8:50 AM

    Yup, melayu takkan hilang di dunia.

    Percaya lah, with this kind of mavericks, then, flip flop, one day, the ruling will become opposition one day again due to greed and fear of loosing their comfort zone.

    Bak kata, cikgu kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari.

    Yesterday they hop, today they hop, tommorrow too they will hop.

    With this kind of race and supremacy politics, the power struggling shall narrow down within muslim worlds only.

    Both political of divides know the game of numbers very well.

    Sini tak dapat terima, tak pa.

    There are many friendly neighbours out there.

  78. Hajar Jun 24,2018 10:41 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon laluan Tun:

    Saya ingin komen tentang Pemilihan UMNO:

    Tahniah kepada Dr. Asyraf Wajdi kerana dilantik sebagai Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia yang baru. Seorang yang terpelajar dan tidak terpalit dengan apa2 skandal negatif. Cara beliau bercakap juga nampak berhemah.

    Terlihat sedikit angin perubahan dalam UMNO. Syabas! Teruskan memilih pemimpin2 yang bersih (tidak korup), dan berjiwa rakyat (tidak sombong). UMNO mesti kembali kepada perjuangan asal iaitu untuk Agama, Bangsa dan Negara jika mahu dapatkan kembali undi dari bekas2 pengundi UMNO pada PRU15 nanti.

    Antara 3 calon Presiden UMNO, saya harap para perwakilan sepakat untuk memilih Tengku Razaleigh (saya bukan penyokong Ku Li; cuma paling kurang mudharatnya…). Sila tolak calon yang dua lagi lebih2 lagi KJ kerana yang ini memang sama spesis dengan DSN (juga sama dengan DSAI).

    P/S: Saya beri nasihat percuma sebab UMNO parti Melayu Islam. Terpulanglah untuk dengar atau tidak. Saya seperti Tun, dah cukup kaya sebab ikut cara berjimat / menabung macam Tun 🙂 🙂 Saya pun ada kasut Bata…tapi mahal sikit dari slipar Bata Tun 🙂

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  79. musato Jun 24,2018 9:55 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yup, tulis di sini tidak boleh apa apa.

    Tapi semasa dalam proses perjalanan telah dibacakan dalam satu buku wasiat Syeikh Abdul Qadir Al Jailani Sultanul Aulia’ bahawa Allah swt akan memberi kamu tempat tinggal dan jiran jiran yang baik.

    Yup, sebenarnya saya baru baru ini telah miliki sebuah lagi rumah semi D, walau bukan banglo dan menjadikan jumlahnya 2. Kedua duanya adalah tempat tinggal yang baik dan alhamdulillah jiran juga baik baik.

    Sudah tentu saya sekejap bekerja sekejap tidak bekerja kerana terlalu terdorong dalam arena politik alam maya sepertimana saya telah dilatih.

    Tentu juga kasih kasih sayang saya tumpah dan menumpang pada isteri yang banyak berjasa.

    Setiap zaman akan berubah. Ini adalah zaman alam maya. Internet. Kerajaan BN berumur 60 tahun juga telah dijatuhkan oleh kekuatan alam maya.

    Percayalah. ‘Melayu tidak akan hilang di dunia’. Setiap yang mati akan digantikan. Patah tumbuh hilang berganti.

    Saya pasti nasihat saya masih didengari oleh Tun Mahathir, PM 7, seperti mana Tun pernah memilih rakan perbualan blog, iaitu saya pada permulaan kewujudan ‘blogging to unblock’ ini pada mei 2008.

    Pada masa itu, saya berumur 32 tahun. Rakan yang mempunyai persamaan dari segi karakter dan pemikiran.

    Sesuatu yang hebat saya rasakan untuk seorang muda berumur sedemikian untuk memberi nasihat dan bercerita pada seorang bekas PM berumur 82 tahun ketika itu, yang disanjung tinggi di seluruh dunia dan kini kembali menjadi PM sekali lagi?

    Kita bukan berceritakan tentang diri kita. Kita berceritakan tentang kekuasaan Allah swt. ‘Kun fayakun’. Allah kata jadi maka jadilah ia seperti mana diperintahkan oleh Allah swt.

    Sampai masa saya perlu lepaskan diri dari ikatan padang yang amat menarik ini. Adalah penting bagi saya menjaga diri sendiri dan keluarga terlebih dahulu.

    Lebih lebih lagi misi saya dah tamat. Lebih dari 2 dekad saya tertanya tanya, sampai bila dan kenapa? Sekarang saya fikir saya telah dapat jawapannya.

    Saya boleh bekerja. Banyak kerja di luar sini. Tapi untuk kekal konsisten berada dalam arus pentadbiran negara, ia adalah penting bagi saya memberitahu bahawa ia memerlukan saya disediakan satu tempat yang bergaji.

    Dan sebenarnya saya telah pun bekerja. 5 minit dari rumah. Dapat belajar satu ilmu yang baru dan yang saya pernah inginkan selama ini.

    Oleh kerana bidang pentadbiran negara ini adalah terdedah kepada penglihatan umum/rakyat, maka semua orang boleh membaca tulisan ini. Jika sebaliknya, rahsia Allah adalah kekal tetap pada diri yang menerima. Allah Maha Suci.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  80. sibotak Jun 24,2018 6:29 PM

    Tak Tahu…..Jeng …jeng ….jeng

    Tak tahu duit masuk kat account Najib sendiri
    Betul punya …… Mustahil Bin Ajaib

    Duit bermillion masuk ke Bank Account Najib , Najib sendiri tak tahu ?

    Lets overturn the Story

    Jika duit Najib kurang bermillion ringgit di bank account beliau
    Adakah Najib akan cakap tak tahu juga ?

    Kenapa bila Najib tahu duit ada masuk kat account beliau
    Najib tidak siasat dari mana duit ini datang ?
    Semestinya Najib akan merasa dia di Fitnah dengan kemasukan Duit yg bergitu banyak. Semestinya Najib sebagai pemilik account akan menyuruh Bank beliau siasat akan ada duit xxxx di account beliau
    Kenapa apabila semua terbongkar baru Najib cakap dia tidak tahu ?
    Tambahan pula Rosmah isteri Najib kan seorang Accountant yg Berbakat
    Yg Cermat dan Cekap

    Saya pun Khairan Rosmah yg di kenali sebagai Accountant yg Gifted
    Seharusnya Pandai Berjimat Cermat Tapi yg Kita lihat sebaliknya

    Kasihan Najib duit masuk kat account dia sendiri tidak tahu dari mana datang nya ? Dah Pikun agaknya . Umur baru 65 belum 92 tahun

  81. Sri Sense Jun 24,2018 3:55 PM

    Salam Tun

    Pekerja dari negara asing selalu buat kerja sloppy. Tak macam dulu2. Sekarang cincai. Seolah olah mereka rasa kita perlu mereka sangat.

    Kalau pasang aircond pun sama, kalau suruh tukar lampu pun sama, tak kira samada mereka orang Bangladesh atau orang Indonesia or etc, kerja yang dibuat selalunya tak complete, nak pergi extra miles jangan harap la.

    Saya lebih suka handyman orang local, kerja yang dilakukan lebih baik, dan lebih tertib.

    Sekian, terima kasih!

  82. mubarakchan Jun 24,2018 12:37 PM


    Your magnanimity in serving our beloved Malaysia and her wonderful people to get rid of the warlords or mafias and save all of us from doom and become a reality TV show every night in other countries, is without peer. You understood the implications and recognised the consequences of the horrible and wanton acts of crooks in white collar operating in a unique country which is our beloved Malaysia. Here is my experience, Personal and Public after you retired in October 2003. Two Prime Ministers followed subsequently, I believe one of whom was once a secretary to the NOC or National Operations Council, 1970 under our famous statesman Tun Abdul Razak and his successor was his eldest son. First, my personal experiences during this Warlord or Mafia Era which the Rakyat saw their deserved goodies defied gravity and flowed upwards to the apex of the Power Pyramid. During your Premiership, 1981-2003, the goodies flowed down to us Rakyat at the base of the Power Pyramid. All were contented and satisfied. Also, carpetbaggers from Singapore rushed in to look for low hanging fruits as soon as you retired. And concomitantly, Lee Kuan Yew cooked up his Malaysia Killer, his Free Trade Scheme which became Obama’s TPPA to subjugate us and turn us into a Singapore Colony. He thought he had his abang adek Prime Ministers in his pocket. Insyallah ! This evil intent turned to nought. From sources, the Rakyat read about the 4th Floor Boys who acted like boys. And to top it off, a hard-core PAP cadre became the Chief of UMNO’s very own New Straits Times. To ease the sufferings of this Rugged Society’s gent in hot and humid ye olde KL, a lush Apache Contract from Sime Darby the perennial ATM for crooks, was placed on his lap ex-gratis. And grateful Saddam Hussein gave the lucky relative of a Prime Minister 1,000.000 barrels of oil access on sight of a letter of comfort signed by the big shot, his relative. And the list goes on and on. Even the solid steel doors of the Khazanah were wide opened for the boys from the South looking for low hanging fruits which lined the Avenue leading to the Alladin’s Cave of treasures belonging to the Rakyat. But this zealousness in grabbing what belonged to the Rakyat was put to a stop when a huge stone felled on the head of the mastermind. Man proposes. God disposes. And personally, here are two instances which happened within the last 5 years and made me thought I was in the darkest Congo, not beautiful and gentle beloved Malaysia. One afternoon, I was queuing up to purchase a ticket for my forthcoming trip to Ipoh. It was a counter for reservations at the KL Sentral. A crew-cut black T-shirted muscular gangster looking type whom I presumed to be a bodyguard for a warlord just muscled in front of me and bought his ticket. And later, as I was cruising pleasantly along the Highway which ran past the Science Museum, suddenly a white Porsche Cayenne with a person in it waved to me to give way as we both reached the incline of the bridge which led to Petaling Jaya. There was a double white line which forbade him to cross into my lane. The doors of our cars touched. We stopped. Nothing happened to my Toyota Rush but the left front door of the Porsche was completely damaged. The bodyguard a hefty muscular fellow dressed in black took my keys and forced me to follow his Boss a MIC Tan Sri Dato Dr contractor warlord to the Porsche workshop and refused to admit his car was in the wrong. With some fast thinking, I worked out that the eventual damage to his pocket would be more than the cost of hassle which I had to bear with at that moment. I acceded to his request. He thought he won by bullying me. A few weeks later, a drunken driver drove into my garden and paid me a few thousand ringgits. And the Porsche owner, a MIC warlord who gave me his visiting card, lost big on 9 May 2018. Man proposes. God disposes. And now my observations of the Public corporate events by the warlords which were never permitted before October 2003. 1MDB is the bomb which went off in the faces of the perpetrators. But before this, there was the forced sale of Ban Hin Lee Bank before 2013 in which a convicted felon with a speculative reputation was used to bash down the legal and rightful owners of this august Bank which was founded by the controlling family for a cheap price. Of course, the perpetrators made lots of money at the hapless owners expense. At around this time the RHB Bank was used as an experiment by the fat boy to make millions of ringgits by moving the assets from one pocket to the next. This apparent success emboldened him to do more with 1MDB. And in recent years, for no good reason, all the GLC plantation companies were consolidated into the perennial ATM for crooks Sime Darby. And within 3 years, the whole expensive exercise was de-consolidated again. Lots of money for the warlords concerned. All done at the shareholders and the Government expense who could only watched in awe and wonderment. Then, there is this Mother of all Corruption and Share-rigging of over RM 1 Billion on the KL Bursa which is as yet to unfold. The Master Plan involved the longest un-convicted and untaxed share-rigger who joined forces with a convicted felon to create a mega e-business complex in partnership with the warlords or mafias. The whole ambitious plan became nought after 9 May 2018 as it was very highly politically connected. These are the few mega-corporate moves by warlords taking advantage of the absence of the rule of the Law or propriety, ethics, standards, morality, etc during this DARKEST PERIOD OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA’s HISTORY when WARLORDS ROAMED THE LAND and the 99.99% of the population were oppressed by the 0.01% But with your peerless leadership, Tun, Malaysia becomes one of the most important 4 small countries of the World eg Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. Because of this, your stamp on the importance of the PRIME MINISTERSHIP OF MALAYSIA is that this post is not only important but only for those who are really qualified in an exemplary manner and should not be culled from some backroom office just to serve. Our beloved Malaysia nearly died when trust was placed in the hands of those with NO PRINCIPLES. Once bitten twice shy, Tun. We are now on the first step of a journey of a thousand lei upwards towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan under your peerless leadership, Tun. Malaysia Boleh !

  83. Hajar Jun 23,2018 6:27 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Allow me Tun:

    Eatery owners shocked over local cooks only policy

    Yeah, I would also like to know what’s wrong with having foreign chefs at our (local) restaurants.

    Are we now treating foreign chefs as second class or third class ‘pendatang asing’? Discrimination?

    How about foreign waiters and cleaners at restaurants? And, how about other foreign workers?

    Alahai YB M. Kulasegaran…

    P/S: Yup ‘Sri Sense’, people are watching PH’s performance. So far, below average…

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family —

  84. mubarakchan Jun 23,2018 2:55 PM

    With the New Government, we Malaysians should take stock on the opportunity of endeavour, enterprise and fast progress which is available to us. For example, Malaysia stood by her Policy of being friends with all and did not try to take advantage or subjugate any other country right up to today. This has stood her in good stead. Malaysia’s Policy has always been sincere, honest and friendly. But our true knowledge about Singapore has always been clouded because of the fear of Lee Kuan Yew’s over-powering presence through his brainwashing methods. And the incessant fake information which spewed forth from his and machines which only felled silent on his departure. I got curious to find out what made Singapore ticked which was represented by Lee Kuan Yew. It’s quite straightforward really. My approach was to ignore his personal idiosyncrasies but to focus on his Public Policies and extrapolate events concerning the World and Singapore. I found he was out of this World most of the time because he was narcissistic and had no checks or balances as time went by. If he had been scientifically trained, Lee Kuan Yew would be a great and revered person. But this is not to be. His appearance in life had so much to do with the eventual course of events and developments which affected not only both Malaysia and Singapore but Thailand and to a lesser extent Indonesia as well. His earlier abang-adek approach to Malaysia, then the 4 eyes and retreat meetings to cull the best out of our leadership showed how well the Singapore leadership misunderstood Malaysia because their thinking had already been badly coloured by the past. With their Malaysia obsession, the Singapore high leadership punched the air and missed the target because they failed to recognise the immense wealth Malaysia has which is its land mass and peoples who are not stupid. All these purposeful acts to gain advantage like the 1962 Water Agreement, Pulau Batu Puteh, KTM Tanjong Pagar steel rails, low hanging fruits, Malaysian Civil servants touting for Singapore on the TPPA the Malaysia Killer, etc have not put Singapore on the pedestal in its self-appointed obsession. In fact, these little things distracted the Singapore elite so much so that they forgot about Lee Kuan Yew’s greatest legacy to Singapore which is the great store of goodwill and credit which he garnered from the World. To this day, this huge legacy is unused and unutilised. And soon with time, his wonderful legacy to Singapore is gone forever. For those who want to know what made Singapore ticked during the Lee Kuan Yew Era. It is straightforward. Actually there were TWO Miracles not one, Lee Kuan Yew Miracle. The one Miracle which is obvious composing the glittering buildings and infra to-day, was created by the UN expert Dr Albert Winsemius Adviser to the Singapore Government 1962-1984.The development of human resources was left to Lee Kuan Yew who screwed down the Singaporean Tribe to just 62% of the population today from 100% in 1959. What can 900,000 male Singaporean Chinese aged 21-50 do in the 21st Century ? Remember Lee Kuan Yew was boasting that Singapore punched above its weight in the 1990s ? The Real Lee Kuan Yew Miracle is to be found in the under-counter or black trade which was condoned by Uncle Sam during the Cold War 1948-1989 eg. hard and soft arms trading, smuggling, money laundering, cozying up to dictators, sanctions breaking, collecting Vietnam War debris, R & R, US Aid ,etc. With an incorruptible Lee Kuan Yew Government, the revenues were huge for a small population of 2 Million. This is where the Wealth of Singapore comes from. But Uncle Sam’s post-Cold War spiel, ‘Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’ was anathema to Singapore’s very existence. Overnight her lush under counter trades vanished because the BRICS muscled into her exclusive turf. Singapore’s economy collapsed by 2002. Lee Kuan Yew and the elites panicked and produced 4 initiatives to save Singapore’s destiny eg. Free Trade Scheme which became Obama’s TPPA, the Malaysia Killer, 2 casinos, imports of FTs to boost the GDP and the fake Sovereign Fund with money from the CPF. Only Canada, Kuwait, and Norway have real sovereign funds. Malaysia’s sovereign fund is fake. All the 4 Lee Kuan Yew initiatives failed beginning 2006 to 2018. Her GDP never breached 3% since 2002 – 16 years. Singapore now is in deep deep trouble in a violent and turbulent World. She has no constant and huge revenues in support. Her dependence on the US and China is a Hobson’s choice. This is the status of Singapore today without the redoubtable Lee Kuan Yew who did his very best for Singapore through his one eyed view of the World. His obsession with Malaysia was his down-fall- an adversary which is many times bigger than him. at the end of the day. Why did I present all these facts ? It is because our beloved Malaysia is now one of 4 most important small countries of the World, Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. All our Rakyat must know where we stand in relation to the World given the fact that we have now a New Government led by Tun Mahathir Mohamad which is earnest and focussed to do the right things for the Rakyat. Hence, the Rakyat must always support this New Government for our country’s sake. Malaysia Boleh !

  85. asahamat Jun 23,2018 3:48 AM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    Pertama2, harap Tun jaga kesihatan. Kedua semoga Tun Hasmah jaga Tun dgn baik demi Rakyat, Islam dan Negara.

    (2) Saya berharap Tun masih boleh menulis dlm Blog Tun serta boleh @ ada sapa2 yg browse thru’ ulasan2 pelawat ke Blog Tun n bagi feedback kat Tun tentang apa2 isu @ pandangan yg kami pelawat tulis. Ini penting sebab Blog Tun adalah wadah penting utk kami boleh sampai kat Tun. Kami tak boleh nak jumpa Tun in person. Kami rasa masa Tun lebih penting utk Rakyat, Islam dan Negara.

    (3) Ketiga. Dalam ada group dok korek kelemahan pentadbiran Najib X-MO1, saya cadangkan perlu ada Grp lain yg secara bersungguh2 dan bijak utk selesaikan masalah rakyat. PH jgn lupa, masalah perumahan, bhn makanan mahal, masalah pekerjaan, dsb yg menjadi keresahan rakyat mesti jelas segera diselesaikan. Menteri2 PH, kena jadi Menteri2 berkerja kuat. Menteri2 kena tunjuk hasil kerja bukan jadi celebrity politik. Menteri2 kena bijak dan cepat cari idea bernas utk bekerja. Jgnlah dok melawak melalak macam kempen PRU 14 lagi. Time to work n less talk. Time to enggage dgn jentera Kjaan n rakyat utk susun bidang dan cara kerja yg baik. Mulalah sifat mendengar, melihat, merasa, berbincang, berfikir dan bekerja dgn baik dlm pasukan.

    (4) Menteri2 PH kena tunjuk ketokohan pemimpin berkerja, bukan pemimpin kempen pembangkang PRU. Dlm 100 hari pertama, wibawa berkerja Menteri2 PH kena jelas dan terserlah. Buanglah wajah dan watak pembangkang pd Menteri2 PH. Jgn Tun mati2 kerja, sedang Menteri2 macam belum dapat ilham utk buat apa yg terbaik dan lebih baik.

    (5) Carilah jalan cepat stabil dan jika boleh turunkan harga barangan pengguna termasuk rumah dan pengangkutan. Usaha stabilkan @ turunkan harga runcit minyak. Stabilkan harga barang2 pengguna. Cepat2 usahakan Pengeluaran Bhn Pengguna tempatan. Cepat2 cipta peluang kerja equitable utk rakyat. Cepat2 usahakan apa juga yg perlu utk stabil dan tingkatkan Nilai Ringgit. Mungkin Jomo K Sundram dan pakar2 ekonomi kita kena cepat2 buat Model Makroekonomi yg mengambil kira semua faktor dan angkubah yg boleh merobah cara kita mengurus ekonomi Negara dan negeri2 supaya tuntutan rakyat tertunai dan Negara bebas economic stress. In Shaa Allah ada jlnnya.

    (6) Tun, sekat habis2an kebocoran dan pembaziran duit awam. Pesta dan majlis perasmian cuba hapus @ kurangkan betul2. Tak perlu rasmi-rasmi ini. SAW buat Masjidpun tak ada rasmi2, so kenapa kita gila rasmi2 dan berbelanja besar2. RTM dah ada utk publisiti program GOM. Carilah dan rombak supaya RTM dapat memainkan peranan menarik dan berkesan sebagai media rasmi GOM yg rakyat minati dan hormati.

    (7) Binalah PH dan Bersatu sebagai Parti Tak Perlu Duit utk wujud, kembang dan dihormati. Buat satu Grp utk tengok benda ini, supaya Orang Parti hidup tapi tidak jadi lintah kpd rakyat n Negara. Hapuskan budaya lintah rakyat dan Negara dlm UMNO terdahulunya dari berulang.

    Tun, ingatlah dan terus ingat bhw keresahan rakyatlah yg telah bagi kuasa kpd PH utk memerentah. Jgn nanti resah rakyat pula yg mengembalikan PH balik jadi Pembangkang .

  86. HBT456 Jun 22,2018 10:29 PM

    As the saying goes wealth does not pass through 3 generations.

    Tun Razak Exchange or TRXC revert back to Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange or KLSE.

    High Speed Rail main terminal would be remained in Sg. Besi, and you can name as Sg. Besi High Speed Rail Main Terminal.

    The rest of the story, up to the tukang tuah to promote….

  87. Hajar Jun 22,2018 9:49 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon laluan Tun:

    Kesian saya lihat bekas PM Najib yang masih lagi tidak boleh menerima hakikat kegagalan 1MDB dan segala bentuk skandal penyelewengan dalam 1MDB yang beliau bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya selaku bekas PM, Menteri Kewangan, dan Pengerusi Lembaga Penasihat 1MDB. Memang teruk bekas PM ini. Beliau juga yang tubuhkan 1MDB.

    Memandangkan projek TRX terpaksa diselamatkan dengan menyuntik RM2.8 BILLION lagi wang rakyat, saya cadangkan nama TRX ditukar kepada ‘MALAYSIA EXCHANGE’ ataupun lebih molek ‘MAHA EXCHANGE’ (sempena nama Tun M).

    Amat malang kerana Tun Razak ada anak seperti bekas PM Najib. Buat malu saja.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  88. mubarakchan Jun 22,2018 8:53 AM


    To me your second coming as the Prime Minister goes to show how much decadence had set in since you retired the first time in October 2003. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth which no one can escape. Before I delved seriously into what made Lee Kuan Yew ticked and why he was garlanded with fables and foibles, I thought historians and their departments were just an ornamental part of a university. But as I went further, my view of historians changed. Now, I can truthfully say that they are the finest arbiter of the Truth or the harbingers of a Nation’s leadership success or failures providing the guiding light to future generations to avoid the pitfalls and stumbles of the past. Hence, for all of us Rakyat to go forward, we must know our past or origins. So far, we Malaysians being hospitable, friendly, forgiving and tolerant have permitted many white collar crooks to escape our attention.Hence, our beloved Malaysia seemed to be mired in gigantic scandals every decade or so. This springs to my mind what the late Tun Tan Siew Sin once told me.’ A person who intends to be a politician, should come from a proper background because in time he will hold important positions.’ Commonly, we think only of the prominent background of a particularly person. But through the years and being wiser with age, Tun Tan’s simple remark actually embraces virtues much more than a proper background, so to speak. Virtues which today boggle our minds as to their absence amongst the highest leadership in the land being propriety, standards, honesty, morality, gratitude, consideration for the feelings of others etc. ‘Cash is king’ is a devilish phrase coined by atheists – a simple excuse to steal money to have more money. A better phrase should be the ‘Creation of Money Without Money ‘which perfectly underlines how you and all of us began as hapless babes and through our own efforts we made it to where we are today – statesmen, billionaires or the man in the street. At first, I thought that those who indulged in these huge financial scandals were stupid. But on second thought, I found that it was myself who was stupid. Hence, we witnessed constant denials of malfeasance every time by the recalcitrant Why did I bring up this sociological subject of human behaviour in Malaysia now ? The reason is unlike tiny Singapore, Malaysia willy-nilly despite its previous image as a bland and boring country with fun-loving Prime Ministers since 2003 has become one of 4 most important small countries of the World. In other words, Malaysia is in the international cockpit of World activities and attention which we cannot now ignore. And who are in the limelight given this new scenario of the new and important status of our beloved Malaysia ? This naturally falls upon the leading lights of our Constitution, the Yang Di Peertuan Agong and the Prime Minister.
    Bearing in mind, the points which I have raised, it is good, very good that you have returned as the Prime Minister not only to clean up the Augean Stables but to put a stamp on the seriousness of the job held by a Prime Minister of Malaysia as Malaysia treks upwards towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan. We have already taken the first step of a thousand lei under your Prime Ministership.

  89. Sri Sense Jun 21,2018 6:28 PM

    Good evening!

    Yup Hajar. It’s funny how quickly things can change and how feelings can go from being so strong to barely anything.

    So many people stretch the truth these days including the press.

    So far PH nothing special to me dari segi performance. Kalau special pun sebab Tun Mahathir ada situ. At times kita nampak BN performance pulak better than PH, so how to like this new team? I dunno la hahaha

  90. Hajar Jun 21,2018 4:51 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk ulas tentang isu ungkit-mengunkit kes-kes lepas:

    1. Nampaknya Kerajaan PH amat fokus dalam hal yang lepas, dan giat mengungkit kes-kes lalu yang sudahpun diputuskan. Apakah ini dapat memperbaiki taraf hidup dan ekonomi rakyat yang dihimpit oleh kos sara hidup yang tinggi? Ini isu UTAMA.

    2. Lupakan saja kes Teoh Beng Hock dan Altantuya. Tidak ada faedahnya kepada majoriti rakyat untuk kes2 ini dihidupkan. Tidak perlu layan kehendak golongan tertentu (bekas Pembangkang). Mentaliti mereka masih di takuk lama – mentaliti Pembangkang (walau dah jadi Kerajaan).

    3. MASA DEPAN lebih penting dari masa lalu (lepas). Jangan buang masa, tenaga dan wang kepada kes2 yang tidak berkaitan dengan majoriti rakyat.

    4. Selesaikan dulu kes 1MDB kerana ini memang melibatkan kepentingan kesemua rakyat.

    5. Lagi satu, DSAI siapa dalam Kerajaan? Menyibuk tak kena tempat. Sebenarnya, situasi di mana isteri beliau ‘cop’ tempat untuk beliau jadi PM amat melucukan dan pelik. Pernahkah perkara ini berlaku di mana2 negara demokrasi?

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  91. Sri Sense Jun 21,2018 9:24 AM

    Dearest Tun

    Listen to Anwar, KJ tells Guan Eng

    “That is within the job scope of a finance minister, other than managing the people’s wealth prudently and transparently.

    “(We need to be sensitive) towards baseless concerns and worries among the international investors. (We need to) explain the position of our economy. (These include) foreign direct investments and the capital market.

    “If there are statements that can elicit unsubstantiated concerns, surely it will (also) affect Malaysians’ confidence (in the economy),” Khairy said when met today at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). – KJ

    *Tun, I think this guy ada ego problem, dah jadi Minister of Finance his ego grow bigger and bigger. I mula menyesal pangkah PH. Pasal mulut dia I rugi banyak duit dalam saham.

    Najib: I did not benefit from 1MDB in any way

    On JhLow

    “But there are certain things which he may or may not have done. But I am right to say that investigations should proceed and if anyone is found to be on the wrong side of the law, let the legal process take its course.

    “No, he was not working on my behalf. All those items he never invoked my name but he did say he was acting for someone else,” Najib said.

    *Tun, betul kah ada kes? Atau hanya cakap2 gang opposition yang sekarang mereka dah jadi gomen. I beginning to percaya ianya hanya sekadar hanya sekadar cakap gang2 terbaru Tun.

    Sekian terima kasih. Hanya pandangan peribadi cakap lebih pun bukan dapat apa hahaha

  92. musato Jun 20,2018 10:06 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bagi saya Anwar bukan siapa pun. Cuma rakyat biasa.

    Yang jadi luarbiasanya, bila Tun Mahathir bagi janji Anwar pengganti selepas Tun.

    Tapi macam TS Zam kata, bukan Dr M yang tentukan. Tapi rakyat.

    Kalau Anwar kalah pilihanraya Parlimen, maka Anwar akan meroyan macam sekarang.

    Tapi bagi rakyat, TS Muhyiddin masih ada sebagai pilihan jika Anwar tiada pun.

    Macam sekarang, Tun yang mentadbir negara. Tun arahkan LGE beritahu keadaan sebenar pada umum.

    Setahu saya itulah cara Tun M selama ini. Bukan sikap Tun mahu sorok sorok macam yang Anwar ajarkan LGE, gunakan proksi untuk sebar benda yang tak elok untuk negara kononnya.

    Beritahulah kebenarannya walaupun pahit.

    Adalah satu tanggungjawab untuk membantu orang lain membuat keputusan berdasarkan kebenaran yang berfakta betul.

    Kenapa perlu kebenaran yang bukan atas dasar keselamatan negara disorokkan dengan alasan menjaga kemakmuran ekonomi negara.

    Banyak lagi faktor yang akan menyumbang kepada peningkatan keyakinan pelaburan pada sedikit masa nanti.

    Seperti kata Tun Daim. Kita bukan kejar figure atau kedudukan rating, tapi yang penting adalah kesejahteraan rakyat Malaysia itu sendiri.

    Meningkatkan keyakinan rakyat pada kerajaan yang mereka pilih.

    Seperti contoh :

    Saya ada terbaca pasal Hishamuddin Rais katanya berjaya menanam sesuatu dalam benak Tun Mahathir masa gerakan politik PRU14 di mana beliau berjaya ‘menghasut’ Tun untuk membenarkan kata kata berlakunya penipuan dalam PRU14 sebagai satu taktik untuk melancarkan gerakan di jalan raya sekiranya PH tidak menang PRU14.

    Tapi di sini di chedet saya tidak memberikan penekanan mengenai penipuan oleh Najib, melainkan sekadar menyarankan kita agar bertawakal sebelumnya dan saya mengatakan ia adalah rahmat Allah swt buat Malaysia selepas kemenangan PH di PRU14.

    Adakah Tun Mahathir bersifat suka menyorok kebenaran sehinggakan orang ramai melabur dalam perkara yang salah di sini?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  93. Hajar Jun 19,2018 9:01 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    It’s Dr M who ordered the exposures, Guan Eng tells Anwar

    Really YB Lim Guan Eng? Is that the truth? Or, are you still thinking like an Opposition?

    But, during press conferences with the PM (after Cabinet meetings) you were busy whispering ‘things’ (messages? / INSTRUCTIONS @ orders?) to Dr. Mahathir @ PM.

    It feels awkward (strange) seeing a cabinet member busy whispering things to the PM (who’s doing the talking) during press conferences. I could not recall seeing something like this (‘aktiviti berbisik-bisik’) happening in the past during any press conferences involving Tun M. It’s bad for the PM’s credibility and reputation.

    So YB Lim Guan Eng, please stop all this nonsense! Just please shut up!

    Today the CI (Bursa Malaysia) was down again by more than 28 points (-28.07).

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family —

  94. Hajar Jun 19,2018 5:58 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Saya ingin ucap SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI kepada Tun sekeluarga. Semoga kita semua mendapat rahmat Allah SWT sepanjang masa dunia akhirat.

    Mohon izin Tun untuk ulas tentang beberapa isu semasa:

    1. Selangor sudah ada MB baru. Harapan saya isu air yang sudah berlarutan selama lebih 10 tahun akan dapat diatasi. Jangan asyik menyalahkan Kerajaan BN (dah lama dah…) sebab sudah lebih 10 tahun dah berganti Kerajaan Negeri. MB pun sudah dua kali berganti.

    2. Tentang PH pula, saya boleh beri masa untuk tunaikan janji (Manifesto PRU14), tetapi janganlah pula sampai makan bertahun pun masih di takuk lama. Saya undi PH untuk Kerajaan Persekutuan sebab mahu jatuhkan rejim Najib, terutamanya bekas PM Najib. Saya tidak berdendam dengan BN/UMNO. Pada pandangan saya BN/UMNO tumbang kerana kebodohan mereka menyokong bekas PM Najib secara membabi buta. Pemimpin yang terbukti korup wajar ditolak. Harap mereka belajar dari kesilapan besar ini.

    3. GST telah dihapuskan (GST 0%) tetapi harga barang2sebenarnya tidak kembali kepada harga sebelum GST dilaksanakan. Ini kerana rata2 harga barang telah naik melebihi 6 peratus (ada yang lebih dari 16% kerana saya lihat harga asas banyak barang dinaikkan dan ditambah dengan 6%; kenaikkan melebihi 6% keseluruhannya).

    4. Kes seperti di Bangsar (restoren) di mana kononnya harga dari fail (database) cawangan lain diguna (being accessed or linked to the new system) tidak boleh diterima, bilamana harga selepas GST jadi 0 peratus (tiada GST) LEBIH TINGGI dari harga semasa GST 6%. Ini kerana di dalam sistem (program) apa yang perlu dibuat ialah cuma ubah arahan (program instruction) untuk tukar GST kepada 0% dan tidak perlu tukar ‘fail’ rujukan untuk harga makanan di dalam menu. Ini satu alasan bodoh (tersalah rujuk fail harga makanan) atau PENIPUAN yang diguna untuk menutup kesalahan premis tersebut. KPDNKK wajar mendenda restoren ini dengan denda maksima untuk menjadi pengajaran kepada peniaga2 lain. Jika Kerajaan PH gagal untuk memantau aktiviti penipuan harga barangan, Kerajaan PH sama saja dengan Kerajaan BN – lemah dalam penguatkuasaan.

    3. Tentang pemilihan UMNO, jika UMNO mahu pulih, tolong buang (jangan dicalonkan untuk apa jua jawatan) kesemua para pemimpin (sedia ada) peringkat tertinggi/Bahagian termasuk Naib2 Presiden, Ketua Pemuda, Ketua Wanita, Ketua Puteri, ahli2 MT UMNO, Bendahari2, dan Ketua2 Bahagian UMNO. Untuk Cawangan pula, mungkin boleh dikekal mana2 Ketua Cawangan yang terlihat amanah dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab. Mereka ini bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya dalam melindungi bekas PM Najib dengan terus mengekalkan beliau walaupun beliau dilanda skandal2 negatif yang amat buruk. UMNO tumbang kerana kebodohan mereka ini yang kuat membodek dan mengampu semata-mata mahu mengekalkan jawatan mereka.

    4. En. Khairy (KJ) dan Ku Li juga sepatutnya tidak merebut jawatan Presiden. Mereka ini sudah terbukti gagal. KJ pula semasa pemilihan KP UMNO pada 2009, telah terbukti terlibat dengan politik wang @ RASUAH (cuma diberi AMARAN sebab KJ menantu bekas PM). Untuk kira undi yang ciput pun ambil masa berjam-jam dan entah berapa kali kira. Saya yakin Tun bercakap secara sinis semasa Tun mengatakan bahawa KJ patut jadi Presiden UMNO. Tun bergurau agaknya…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  95. HBT456 Jun 19,2018 8:14 AM

    I guess when nuclear wars really broke off in east asia, gold price would go up kut.

    When donald trump decided to sign peace treaty with north korean junior kim in deneclearizing korean peninsula to prevent wars in east asia and pacific region, i guess the gold price would be normalized since there wont be wars in this region for many years to come.

    Trump is right when he signed the peace treaty as to save millions of lives since as the president of usa, he has the absolute power to declare wars in any countries that challenge the usa military power as to maintain and retain the us dollar as the fiat money with no gold reserve back up.

    I guess trump doesnt want another war just like those in the muslim majority in the middle east asia in the name of oil.

    I guess trump doesnt want to stay for another term, and he just do what he thinks its right as the 45th president of usa to make america great again.

    When wars broke off in muslim majority middle east, oil price goes up just by exploiting and killing the lives of millions of muslim in the name of oil, are you ok with this?

    When warlord cards are being played, what is that means?

    Malay and islam supremacy on the table, again?

    After 60 years of struggles, you dont feel tired, and still want to pass this struggles to your next generation?

    When wars broke off, there would be only haters and loosers.

    Whether the political parties of the divide favor or dont, the pm must call for next general election to get mandate from the voters as we move on.

    Unite we stand.

    Disunite we fall.

    The old way of doing things no longer sustainable.

    It is either you adapt now, or you would be left behind.

  96. sibotak Jun 19,2018 6:26 AM

    Petikan pembangkang dan peneguh supaya Tun berehat
    Memberi perluang pada yg si muda untuk kerusi Perdana Menteri Malaysia

    Siapa yg Layak untu kerusi Perdana Menteri Malaysia ?
    Bukan Umur yg jadi Ukuran
    Tapi Akhlak , Ilmu , Pengalaman , Berugama , Beradab bukan Pencuri ,Bukan Penyagak , Pemboros ,Penipu Rakyat walau pun beliau dari Keturunan yg kita hormati

    Tun Mahathir Mohamed adalah Orang nya
    Namun masa akan menentukan segalanya
    Kita nerancang , Allah yg menentukan

    Nak pilih si Muda seperti Najib ? Zahid ?
    Dr Wan Azizah atau Suaminya Anuar Ibrahim
    Belum tentu mereka calon yg sesuai
    Namu itulah calonnya yg kita lihat sekarang di antara kedepan
    Mungkin Rafizi , Mukhliz atau Khairy Jamaludin ?

    Seperti juga PRU Amerika
    Yg kemarin antara Clintaon atau Trump
    Sebenarnya keduanya ini bukan calon yg sebenar atau calon yg dikehendaki Rakyat Amerika . Tapi itulah pilihan mereka untuk memilih
    Mungkin yg dikehendali mereka adalah Obama
    Obama memang Layak, BerAKhlak , Berbudi Bahasa , Sopan , Bijak
    Tidak seperti Trump yg Sombong , Bongkak , Kurang Ajar , Biadab
    Sesuai dengan pandangan Tun serupa Najib
    Cuma Trump Bijak ,Cerdik , tidak Pemboros membabi buta , Berilmu , BerIntellect dan Tajam penglihatan
    Macamana Najib jadi PM Malaysia saya pun Khairan
    Ialah inilah akibatnya bila kita petik buah kerana Pohonya bukan kerana buahnya . Seperti setandan Pisang,,,,,Tidak semuanya baik , pasti ada cela busuknya diantara walau dari pohon yg subur

    Saya berpandangan Anuar Ibrahim lebih bagus
    Sekarang beliau merantau Dunia
    Menyatu Padukan Pemimpin Islam sedunia
    Dengan tidak memegang apa jawatan tapi dalam naungan Kerajaan Malaysia
    Sementara Tun menyediakan Kerusi untuk Penggantinya
    Ini amat perlu dengan niat yg Ikhlas kerana Ummah
    Dunia Islam perlukan Pemimpin
    Dunia Islam perlu Ketenteraan sendiri
    Tidak menyandar dan di perbodohkan Dunia Barat
    Siapa Kepala dan Pemimpin Dunia Islam ?
    Belum di Ketahui

    Yang perlu sekarang adalah Orang atau Badan Ketiga
    Yang bolih dan Mampu Menyatu Padukan Ummah
    Anuar bolih melakukannya atau memulakannya
    Ini atas niat beliau sebagai seorang Islam

    Ini yg di perlukan UMMAH Sekarang
    Bukan senjata tapi Orang atau Badan Ketiga yg bolih menyatu padukan Ummah
    Pergolakan , Hura hara , Kemusnahan di Timur Tengah bukanlah disebakan senjata
    Bukan di sebabkan Amerka & Israel namun itulah sebab musebabnya
    Tapi lebih pada Perpecahan Ummah
    Perbelahan antara saudara seIslam yg di gombar gambirkan olih musuh Islam sebanar si Yahudi yg didukung Amerika
    Bukan persoalan Sunni atau Shiah
    Bukan kerana Mazhab atau sebagainya
    Tapi kerana
    Ummah Gagal Memegang Teguh Tali Allah dan Berbelah antara Ummah
    Maka saya syorkan Satu Badan , atau Negara atau Perseorangan
    Berjihad Menyatu Padukan Ummah
    Berjihad mengamankan Saudara kita sesama yg sekarang membunuh sesama sendiri dek di fitnah olih pihak musuh sebenar
    Saya bukanlah orangnya , Saya tidak berkelayakan walau ini niat saya
    Namun saya bersedia memikul Bendera Menyatu Padukan Ummah. Insya Allah…Ameen

  97. adelheid Jun 18,2018 3:30 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Wishing you and Tun Siti Hasmah Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1439H 2018, semoga dipanjangkan usia Tun berdua bertemu Ramadhan tahun hadapan dan Syawal sekali lagi.

    Sesibuk mana pun Tun jangan lupa jaga kesihatan. We still need you to take care of the country. May God bless you with wellness and many more years ahead. I love you dear Tun Mahathir. My prayers always for you and Tun Siti Hasmah. Take good care of yourselves okay.

  98. mubarakchan Jun 18,2018 2:26 PM


    Your Vision to revive the Look East Policy is the way to go. I fully support you on this the nub of Malaysia’s Foreign Policy to be friends with all countries of the World. Not many of us are aware that Malaysia is one of only 4 important small countries of the World – Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. Malaysia is the only country having all the vital attributes. 1) She stands astride the most important choke point in the World which stretches for 1,200 miles from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea 2) A stable democratically elected Government. 3) Peoples from ancient civilizations living in peace and harmony 4) Bountiful natural resources. All in all, Malaysia is strategically and geo-politically important. We Malaysians must realise that we should emulate Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan as we trek upwards under your Prime Minister’s leader ship. Unlike our neighbour South of the Border, which only has an introverted view of itself, Malaysia beginning with Japan should reach out to those countries whom we know best. Money should not be the only criterion for friendship but also the hidden agenda as well. Yes! It is good to Look East again in these uncertain times. And your early trip to Japan augurs well for Malaysia’s future notwithstanding the turbulent times to come. Malaysia has grown in stature and importance in the eyes of the World with every piece of ocean being contested by different nations. Therefore,under your leadership as soon as the alien GLCs are returned to the Private Sector, the faster Malaysia will trek upwards towards the likes of Switzerland, India and Japan It’s already carved in stone.

  99. mubarakchan Jun 16,2018 12:00 PM


    I refer to the negative comments on our Nation’s debt as created by the BN Government. I am of the firm opinion that the main culprit is the GLCs. GLCs have no place in Malaysia. Only 4 countries in the World have GLCs, Singapore the inventor by accident, Russia, China and Malaysia. Russia and China thought GLCs perfect between Capitalism and Communism. Later, corruption and nepotism erupted in the GLCs in their vast lands. Only in tiny Singapore could the GLCs be controlled under the watchful eyes of Lee Kuan Yew where a whisper could reveal bank accounts and sexual peccadilloes. Malaysia got involved in the GLCs when the Government had to bail out some corporations in trouble after 1997. From here BN officials cooked up the excuse that GLCs protect Malays interests and made money for the Rakyat. The truth is GLCs made money for these BN Officials who are not Civil Servants and do not own a single share in these GLCs via golf, 1st Class travel, Board Meetings in London hotels costing 600 pounds per person per night without food, fancy salaries, bonuses, cars, house, restaurants, foreign schools for the kids, palm oil sludge and factory wastes by the millions of ringgits, commissions from buying and selling at inflated prices, fake re-structuring schemes using plantation companies and Sime Darby the perennial ATM to consolidate and de-consolidate within 3 years with lots of cash for all concerned etc. 1MDB is a GLC which has gone awry and completely corrupted. Sime Darbv was the first being bankrupted by RM 1.2 Billion in 1996 and RM 2.1 Billion in 2010. No one was charged. No one was jailed. The Directors and Management carried on regardless as though nothing happened. No Western Democracy does business to make money for the people. To say otherwise, is a BIG LIE. The sooner the Government returns these GLCs and their parasites to the Private Sector the faster the DEBT be reduced by RM 500 Billion and our beloved Malaysia recovers her mojo. I propose the GLCs except for the most essential ones, be returned to the Private Sector after open bidding 1) Offer to the incumbent Management and their new partners local/foreign. 2) Offer to the former owners who did not break the law and their new partners local/foreign. 3) Offer to new local owners and their partners local/foreign. Then the Ministry of Economy has a special roaming audit Unit to inspect these ex-GLCs regularly like Bank Negara Malaysia and the banks.
    In passing, there is a corrupt archaic monopolistic Discount House System which is just a useless Toll master between Bank Negara Malaysia and the commercial banks adding to the cost of banking to the Rakyat. No country uses it for over 50 years. It is alleged that Officials of Bank Negara Malaysia in charge of the increase and reduction of interest were bought up by a major Discount House since the 1970s. This is the longest Corruption in Malaysia ever if not the World. The sooner this Discount House System is abolished, the better will be the prestige and image of Bank Negara Malaysia and costs of banking reduced for the Rakyat. Malaysia does not require the archaic Discount House System.

  100. musato Jun 16,2018 7:31 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Selamat Hari Raya ke dua pada Tun & Tun Siti serta pada pembaca chedet semua.

    Saya beraya di Terengganu. Dengar kata ada rumah terbuka di Putrajaya. Nampak begitu ramai yang hadir.

    Tun begitu sibuk. Banyak kerja perlu diselesaikan. Biasanya yang nampak dimata hanya sedikit jika dibandingkan dengan apa yang tak nampak.

    Berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul.

    Begitu juga kerosakan yang berlaku pada negara dikatakan lebih teruk dari yang disangkakan.

    Pada permulaan ketika menulis di sini saya mempunyai beberapa orang ahli agama bagi rujukan bacaan sebagai penyuluh jalan ; ini bagi memudahkan Tun untuk mendapat pandangan pakar yang saya merasakan adalah bersesuaian.

    Syeikh Yayasan Sofa iaitu Syeikh Muhd Fuad Kamaluddin.

    Syeikh menulis berkenaan tawassul dan tasawuf di ruang akhbar Utusan kalau tak silap tahun itu.

    Mufti WP, SS Zulkifli Mohamad Al Bakri.

    Umur SS adalah 49 tahun. Saya tahu Mufti WP orang Terengganu. Tapi saya terkejut bila baca bahawa SS lahir di kampung yang sama saya menetap ketika itu. Saya tak pernah dengar ada orang pandai agama masa saya sementara di kampung.

    Lagipun kampung tu kecil saja. Dengar kata moyang saya buka.

    Tapi bukan sebab tu saya suka tengok SS. Tapi sebab cara pandangan SS mengenai tasawuf.

    Kemungkinan besar SS juga adalah dari susun galur Syeikh Abdul Malek sebab SS ada menterjemahkan Kitab Hikam dan buku tersebut banyak dijual di pasaran.

    Saya tahu Tun ada juga terjumpa dengan Mufti Perlis Dr MAZA. Namun saya lihat MAZA tidak berapa masuk dengan tasawuf melalui pengamatan saya.

    Saya juga berasakan kitab yang bersesuaian semasa saya lalui perjalanan ini adalah Kitab Hikam oleh Ibnu Atthailah As Sakandari. Generasi ketiga selepas kewafatan Rasulullah saw.

    Ia adalah cacatan mengenai ilmu laduni. Ilmu yang diturunkan terus ke dada oleh Allah swt.

    Ini adalah untuk tujuan rujukan Tun.

    Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  101. Sri Sense Jun 15,2018 11:18 PM

    Good evening!

    Wow Tun! 80,000 datang, dapat salam 50,000! Baca berita online.

    Pagi I ingat nak hadir tapi berita keluar ramai yang hadir, siap dengan gambar penuh sesak lagi. Waduh! Waduh! ini macam ka? So ingat lepas sembahyang Jumaat jumpa Tun, anak buah pula datang ziarah, so tak pergi.

    I’m not in the 80,000. I’m not in the 50,000 too.

  102. sibotak Jun 15,2018 6:13 AM

    Salam Lebaran Salam Idil Fitri
    Maaf Zahir Batin
    Sempena menyambut Hari Raya
    Mari kita merenung juga mencari jalan dan usaha bersama
    Nasib saudara kita yg di zalimi ,Hidup dalam segala ketakutan , kebuluran & kesengsaraan sedangkan kita masih menghirup kesenangan
    Pada anak anak Timur Tengah di Libya , Iraq , Syria dan di merata Bumi Islam
    Di Malawi , Phillipine ,Rakhine di Myanmar dan kebanyakan tempat
    Yang di reka , di Zalimi olih Israel dengan pertolongan Amerika
    Memfitnah Dunia Islam dan membatu apikan sengketa Islam sesama Islam
    Muslimin sesama Muslimim lantas di beritakan dengan berita Fitnah menimbul sengketa kita sesama kita
    Menonjolkan seolah mereka Orang Baik
    Memfitnah Pemimpin Islam ,Perjuang Islam yg Tulin

    Sekali lagi kami mengucapkan Trillionan Terima Kasih
    Pada Tun terutama berserta Super Hero Kita
    Yang telah menyelamatkan Malaysia dari di gadai olih si Puaka
    Kami masih dan menagih Keadilan untuk Malaysia

    Tidak perlu ke Mahkamah
    Seorang Bodoh pun bolih mengatakan Pengurusan Najib banyak penyelewengan
    Keinkaran Najib juga sifat masih sombong Najib akan kecundangkan beliau sekeluarga . UMNO sudah Roboh dek kerana perbuatan Najib sendiri

    Tun dan Superhero did the right thing
    They have put matters at the right place
    Semoga dengan kehadiran Bulan Mulia Shawal
    Mari kita bersama membina Malaysia
    Dengan Rahmah dan Kejujuran
    Lets Look East
    Is the right decision
    I am impress and stunned by this old man decision
    Never came across my mind of this Tun Right decision
    That’s what A True Leader for

    West banyak Kezaliman , banyak Kekotoran , banyak wabak penyakit , banyak Penipuan , Kehancuran walau Kelihatan Maju
    Indah Khabar dari Rupa
    Tapi sebenarnya menuju Kemusnahnan

  103. Jinger Satuh Jun 14,2018 11:07 PM

    Selamat Hari Raya Tun & keluarga.
    Dokan Tun & keluarga sihat walafiat & panjang umur & gembira selalu.

  104. milshah Jun 14,2018 11:56 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Malaysians were shocked the country’s debt is at 1.067 trillion. Of this amount RM687 billion are direct debt and RM380 billion are indirect debt in the form of government guarantees. Being an accountant, I agree with saudara LGE in stating that the government potential exposure is at 1.067 trillion. This provide a full assessment of the country’s financial risks. However, the treatment to remedy for direct debts and indirect debts are different.

    For the direct debts of RM687b, are actually loan taken by the government to fund its various requirements. It involved actual money transferred directly to the country’s funds and thus the country need to repay them. Obviously, one of the major loans are the loans taken from China. These loans are highly expensive at 7% and includes commission fees. Tun correct switched the chinese loans to japanese loans which interest at 0.7%. If I were the government I would maximise the Japanese loans as much as possible as there is no where in these world we can get such cheap loan. We may seem to be beholden to the Japanese, but I don’t see them trying to force their will onto us. It is common sense business transaction.

    Further, since we should have RM687b funds. I also remember Petronas given out dividends of RM40b each year. Where has these funds gone to? Are the money well spent? Did the goverment get returns from the money spent? Or are corruption involved?

    For the indirect debts of RM380 billion are government guarantees. The good news is gurantees does no mean the goverment have to pay RM380 billion. The guarantees are given for projects or loans from goverment owned entities that in the event of non-performance of the project or default of loan, then the government needs to pay. Of the RM380b, obviously some are coming from the 1MDB bonds loans. 1MDB cannot make payment and there it is a debt for the goverment. But I doubt the whole RM380b is coming from 1MDB loan. I believe the remaining are currently from goverment projects. The projects guaranteed by the government need to be reviewed.

    In my company we do have bank gurantees of RM4million for a contract of RM80million. But it does not mean the company has to pay 4 million. In fact, the company did pay any of the gurantees for the past 20 years of existence, since the company always performed as per contract.

    Back on the government gurantees, are the projects viable? Before actual award of contract, a feesability study wouldnhave been carried out, and assuming proper tendering was done, the company would have been the best in terms of financial standing and ability to carry out the work. Therefore, the projects that the goverment guarantee needs to be reviewed on the viability to ensure the goverment need no pay for the guarantees.

    Another way would be to issue a blanket directive the government that the goverment will no longer guarantee for these projects. That would automatically take out RM380 billion out of the debt. However, this could lead the on going projects to stop work, projects that would have benefited the rakyat. Therefore, it is better to review these guarantees on a project by project basis.

    I hope I have solved the country’s debt problem with the limited information obtained from the news. Just my opinion, as always take it with pinch of salt.

    Thank you Tun and Selamat Hari Raya.

  105. Rush Jun 14,2018 11:05 AM

    Untuk Tun Mahatir dan Sekeluarga 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    H – 1

    . 人
    . (_)
    . ┃口┃
    . ┃口┃
    . ┃口┃
    . ┃口┃. 人.
    . ┃口┃. .-:”'”””;-. 人
    . ┃口┃(((|)*))(__)
    ┃ – ┃║∩∩∩║. |口||┃
    . ┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃. |三||┃
    . ┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃. |三||┃

    تَقَبَّلَ اللّهُ مِنَّا وَمنٌِكُمٌ صِيَامَنَا وَصِيَامَكُمٌ اَللّهُمَّ اجٌعَلٌنَا مِنَ الٌعَاءِدِيٌنَ وَالٌفَاءِزِيٌنَ˚•

    Air tak selalu jernih💦
    begitu juga ucapan.
    Kapas tak selalu putih💭
    begitu juga hati dan rasa.
    Langit tak selalu biru🌈
    begitu juga hidup.
    Jalan tak selalu lurus🚶
    begitu juga langkah.

    Jika Kata Maaf🙏 boleh diungkap hari ini☀ di H – 1
    Untuk Apa menunggu hari raya🎉 tiba?😇

    Sedangkan hembusan Nafas⏳ pun
    Kita tak pernah tahu kapan akan Berhenti ⏰😢

    maka dari itu saya dan keluarga ingin
    Memohon Maaf🙏 atas salah khilaf😒
    Baik itu Perbuatan yg di sengaja maupun yg tidak di sengaja😎
    yg membuat sakit hati💔 untuk Tun dan sekelauarga.

    🔷 Sebelum ramadhan pergi👋
    🔶 Sebelum idul fitri datang🎆
    ➿ Sebelum operator sibuk📲
    ⛔ Sebelum WA nge -hank 😀

    Selamat menikmati🌄 hari-hari terakhir Ramadhan..

    Minal Aidin wal Faidzin
    Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin

    Selamat Idul Fitri 1439 H👏🙏😊

    Dari Kami :
    Rush&Rika Ganesan Singh and Families
    🕌 🕌 🕌 🕌 🕌

  106. Sri Sense Jun 14,2018 10:16 AM

    Salam Tun

    Raya tahun ini tak banyak beza dari tahun zaman Najib. Since I tak bekerja, no income, tak ada pencen, life pretty much the same.

    Kalau nak beli baju tunggu sale, time tak sale, pergi try try dulu, rasa ok, tunggu sale baru beli. Buat apa nak beli baju new in, latest line, nak tunjuk kat siapa, nak tayang kat siapa, takan nak bergadai bergolok macam pepatah biar pape asal bergaye. Nak beli ikan barang dapur pun sama, no diskaun no buy.

    Boleh kata everything tak beli jika tiada good discount. I pernah nampak orang beli durian, pekedai hentam harga tinggi dia pun bayar, dengan I sorry la, kalau tiada tawar menawar, harga tak berpatutan, I tak beli. Boleh la eksyen musang king D24 dan entah apa nama lagi, mahal no buy. 😀

    Semalam I beli butang baju Melayu harga RM4.90, pasal no GST jadi RM4.60. Adalah 3 kupang buat simpan dalam tabung, kut tahun depan boleh beli baju baru hahaha

    Nak beli kereta baru, dah tengok IriZ aritu, tapi mampu ke bayar bulan2, I tak kerja ini, huh huh terus tak jadi beli, pakai la kereta lama yang dah habis bayar 🙁

    My husband and my son pun tak beli baju Melayu baru, baju lama masih ok, sebab jarang2 pakai, recycle aje la 🙂

    Selamat Hari Raya semua!

  107. radzuan Jun 14,2018 6:32 AM

    Assalam Tun Mahathir,

    Barkenaan kenyataan Tun ingin membangunkan kembali kereta nasional untuk membangunkan bidang kejuruteraan di Malaysia. Pada pandangan saya memang benar jika kita membangunkan kereta nasional membantu meningkatkan tahap kejuruteraan di negara kita, tetapi jika kita melihat secara mendalam, pada masa ini terdapat ramai jurutera di Malaysia mampu membangunkan kereta nasional tanpa memerlukan bantuan negara luar. Kami jurutera muda berasa kecewa jika Tun masih mengatakan kita masih belum mampu membangunkan kereta nasional sendiri pada masa ini. Masalah kereta nasional dahulu bukan berkaitan keupayaan kejuruteraan, tetapi masalah berkaitan perniagaan dan pengkomersialan. Jika Tun masih mahu membangunkan lagi, saya cadangkan agar cukai terhadap kereta nasional dihapus. Jika ini dibuat, rakyat Malaysia mampu membeli kereta dan menukar kereta baru dan jualan kereta nasional akan melonjak. Apabila dapat untung tinggi, syarikat secara berterusan dapat membangunkan model baru dalam masa singkat dan lebih advance. Kerajaan masih dapat memungut cukai korporat dari keuntungan syarikat. Harga kereta di Jepun adalah rendah, dan setiap 5 tahun mereka perlu tukar kereta baharu, ini secara tidak langsung membantu syarikat kereta jepun membangunkan model2 baru yang lebih advance dalam masa singkat.

    Selain itu, jika Tun ingin memajukan industri kejuruteraan Malaysia, saya cadangkan agar Tun membangunkan syarikat kapal terbang negara atau bekerjasama dengan Indonesia. Bekas Presiden Indonesia BJ Habibie adalah Professional Engineer yang hasil kajiannya diiktiraf dunia telah membangunkan kapal terbang pertama Indonesia N250 pada tahun 1995 tetapi syarikat itu terpaksa ditutup akibat menuruti IMF. Pada tahun 2017 mereka telah melancarkan kempen crowdfunding untuk membangunkan kembali kapal terbang nasional mereka. Mungkin Tun boleh fikirkan jika Malaysia bergabung bersama Indonesia merealisasikan pembangunan kapalterbang nasional bersama Indonesia. Amat rugi jika mensia-siakan kemahiran kejuruteraan BJ Habibie. Saya ada terbaca, Malaysia perlu menggantikan pesawat pengangkutan TUDM. Jika cita2 ini tercapai, Malaysia tidak perlu lagi membeli pesawat pengangkutan TUDM dari luar dan menjimatkan wang negara. Mungkin pada masa akan datang boleh menghasilkan pesawat tempur sendiri pula.

    Harapan saya Tun sudi mendengar pandangan saya ini.

    Terima kasih.

  108. superSepantun Jun 13,2018 5:21 PM

    Malam ni LAST terawih
    Pagi nanti LAST sahur
    Esok pulak LAST puasa dan
    Maghrib esok LAST berbuka
    Harap Ramadhan Tahun Nie
    Bukan LAST Untuk Kita Semua
    Dalam GURAU ada terkata,
    Dalam BICARA terkasar bahasa,
    Dalam TINDAKAN terguris rasa,
    Dalam HIDUP ✗ada yg ✗buat dosa..
    Satu Syawal menjelang tiba,
    Takbir bergema mengegarkan jiwa,
    Sekiranya ada salah dan dosa,
    Ampun dipinta dihari mulia.

    * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
    • ˚Selamat★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
    •。★Hari Raya!★ 。* • ˚。
    ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
    ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
    ˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚

  109. musato Jun 13,2018 1:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Berkenaan BRIM.

    Dulu masa PRK apa entah, saya dah lupa…Tun suruh rakyat jangan undi BN sebab pemberian BN tu adalah rasuah.

    Saya bangkang. Saya kata sebab apa suruh rakyat jangan ambil? walaupun itu ditakrifkan sebagai rasuah? namun saya pun setuju ia adalah sogokkan.

    Tapi itu barang keperluan rakyat.

    Adalah harapan rakyat supaya kerajaan menjaga mereka. Yang salahnya bukan rakyat, tapi yang memimpin.

    Dan untuk menang kempen kenapa Tun perlu menidakkan keperluan rakyat? kenapa mahu marah kepada rakyat yang memang memerlukan bantuan jika kerajaan bagi, walaupun semua orang tahu ia adalah sogokkan.

    Sedangkan siapa Tun Mahathir ketika itu?

    Seorang bekas PM yang tidak ada kuasa apa apa untuk mentadbir. Kenapa perlu ikut kata orang kaya? walaupun dianya baik dan ada jasa.

    Dan Tun digelar mr u turn selepas itu bila bersetuju BRIM diteruskan masa perhimpunan Bersatu di stadium 1 tahun lepas.

    Tapi lihatlah sekarang. Najib sogok banyak mana pun, Tun M tetap jadi PM.

    Rakyat perlukan keprihatinan kerajaan.

    Saya pun harap kaedah bantuan seperti BRIM itu akan diubah/dihapuskan seperti mana Tun M beritahu sebelum ini.

    Ia adalah kaedah memahami masalah kehidupan rakyat seharian.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  110. Sri Sense Jun 13,2018 9:11 AM

    Good morning

    Jom baca news online

    This is Dr Mahathir’s full cabinet

    – ramainya belum masuk Sarawak

    MCA leaving BN an option, says ex-veep

    – I like MCA more under Tun Mahathir

    Bekas menteri penasihat Najib dapat gaji RM200,000 sebulan

    – wow, 2 bulan gaji dah boleh beli kereta merah

    Ada anyone here baca, cyber troopers gaji 10s, 100s thousand and 3M?

  111. Sri Sense Jun 12,2018 11:24 PM

    Good evening all!

    Khabarnya agong tak buat open house tahun ini. Wonder Tun Mahathir selaku PM buat open house tak?

    I sebenarnya tak pernah pergi open house kat rumah PM. The only politician I pergi dulu dulu hanya Datuk Dr Zainal dah arwah sekarang. His house packed with people. Dia akan diri sambut tetamu dari pagi sampai petang. Dia juga rajin talipon tanya how’s your son? At that time my son kerja SYABAS. So selalu tanya what’s going on in SYABAS hahaha I mean there’s a lot of politic inside there but we’re all friends.

    Anyway after post Timbalan MB Selangor tamat, arwah masuk PKR dan menang tanding seat under PKR. I pernah talipon tanya apa khabar, arwah kata “come over, PKR dan UMNO lain cara”. I tidak sempat jumpa tak lama lepas itu he passed away. 🙁 Sad, he was always nice to me.

    As for Tun Mahathir, I pernah pergi function KCD, tak tahu la tahun ini KCD buat ke tak, lagipun Tun Mahathir dah PM, dulu tidak. I cakap kat hubby simpan gambar I dengan Tun, I don’t think I see him again, Tun dah PM sekarang 🙂

    Before KCD I pernah jumpa Tun M kat function Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia. Tun M dan Tun Hasmah tak berapa sihat, tak sempat pun bersalam.

    Pendekata I jumpa Tun M zaman Tun pencen sekarang Tun dah bekerja semula.


  112. HBT456 Jun 12,2018 8:13 PM

    Fake news itu apa?

    Kenapa ada so much fake news in this country?

    Who pay them?

    I guess the doubts of the sri sense on fake news could be answered by the new infomation minister, mr gorbind singh, the dap mp of puchong.

    No matter how the story is twisted and spinned, the ultimate result is not kukuh, atau certain.


    In parliamentary democracy, winners take all, similarly, loosers take all.

    I wont and i cannot stop anyone of you here to be less racist since thats the choice you make any political parties.

    Its alright, sini tak dapat terima, dah expected.

    There are many opportunities out there.

    I wish all you here all the best.

  113. Fariq Islam Jun 12,2018 2:46 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Rakyat Malaysia sungguh bertuah mendapat kerajaan baru yang mampu memperbetul keadaan ekonomi yang membimbangkan.

    Alhamdulillah, Rakyat pelbagai kaum kini begitu tenang, ramah dan bersatupadu.

    Semoga segala-gala yang diberkati akan dikekalkan.

  114. musato Jun 12,2018 11:22 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Hah?! Golongan darwish yang tidak kerja buat? dan ditanggung oleh kerajaan Islam? Apa yang dimengarutkan ni?

    Yap, seperti Tun selalu sebut, peralihan kerajaan kita berlaku dengan aman sekali tidak seperti negara lain.

    Artikel ini pun berkata perkara yang sama.

    Itulah rahmat Allah swt kepada Malaysia.

    Rahmat turun bila ia dikerjakan oleh orang selayaknya.

    Tun berusaha dan berjaya. Alhamdulillah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  115. Sri Sense Jun 12,2018 10:53 AM

    Good morning all!

    YAB Tun

    Dr M: Only spoonfuls of Indian blood in me, I am otherwise Malay

    “My father is not Indian. Originally, my great, great grandfather is Indian. There are few spoonfuls of blood left in my body, but otherwise, I am a Malay,” he said in an interview broadcast live from Tokyo, Japan where he is attending the 24th Nikkei Conference.

    Tertanya-tanya tentang DSAI pula, pernah dulu ada bisik mengatakan sedara mara DSAI cakap Tamil. Kalau kat Penang ini biasala, nampak muka Melayu tapi cakap Tamil, rupanya keturunan mamak Penang. Abang ipar I mamak juga.

    Apa itu fake news?

    -Completely false information, photos or videos purposefully created and spread to confuse or misinform
    -Information, photos or videos manipulated to deceive – or old photographs shared as new
    -Satire or parody which means no harm but can fool people

    Nak cerita my pengalaman with regard to the above

    Kempen boikot MacDonald, hari2 dapat, sokong israel la, this la that la, hey hey rupanya Saudi Group nak beli Malaysia and Singapore franchise license.

    Cable car terbakar kat Genting, siap hantar gambar ngeri lagi, hey I kat Genting mana ada cable car terbakar

    Kempen boikot kilang beehoon, kononnya tak ada kilang buat belakang rumah, hey ini public listed company la

    Ada juga masanya produk2 yang JAKIM kata halal, ada dalam product list halal, tapi going around saying non halal

    Ada juga masa konon sipolan dah meninggal, rupanya hidup lagi

    Ada masa juga dapat message dan nombor talipon konon sipolan perlukan darah, tapi old news

    Ada masa kempen ala tabung harapan sebelum adanya tabung harapan, sipolan perlukan duit, nak buat sekolah agama perlukan duit, nak buat madrasah perlukan duit

    Dengan internet ini macam2 boleh dilakukan. Belum sempat disangkal berita, dah travel entah kemana pelusuk dunia.

    The Fake News Act cuma ada segelintir saja negara dalam dunia guna pakai. And the Act almost the same everywhere, hefty fines. It also the same everywhere dapat tentangan hebat dari certain groups.

    That’s it!

  116. musato Jun 12,2018 10:41 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yap, saya tahu JAKIM, IKIM tak akan dimansuhkan, cuma diperkemaskan.

    Oleh kerana Tun M tidak mahir dalam kaedah Islam, jadi ia akan dibincangkan bersama para alim ulama yang ada.

    Kita ada mufti mufti dan orang orang yang berkelayakan untuk itu – pada pandangan Tun.

    Tapi pada pengetahuan yang ada pada saya, saya sangsi sebenarnya.

    Benar ulama fasih dalam Islam termasuk teori politik Islam, tapi saya tidak yakin mereka fasih dalam praktikal politik Islam.

    Saya rasa itu yang menyebabkan saya masih terus menulis. Sayang rasanya kalau peluang yang satu dalam berbillion ini dilepaskan.

    Saya cuma berusaha memulis secara santai je la sekarang. Tak boleh serius sangat.

    Tubuh badan mungkin sihat, tapi beban itu ada dan terasa. Seperti hadith Rasulullah saw mengenai orang yang menawarkan diri jadi pemimpin.

    Ada yang layak dan ada yang tak layak walaupun sihat walafiat. Tengok Tun M cukuplah sebagai contoh.

    Walau bagaimanapun, ini adalah pandangan saya sebagai saya yang selalu mengaku saya adalah penasihat kepada Tun Mahathir.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  117. musato Jun 12,2018 10:04 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya tengok dah lama jugak saudari Hajar perjuangkan supaya hapuskan BRIM.

    Kalau boleh saya tak nak ulas yang berat berat dah. Lagi satu tak nak sediakan tempat untuk DSAI sepertimana saya menyakini Tun Mahathir. Cuma berkawan kawan. Lagipun saya tak berpelajaran tinggi.

    Pada pendapat saya, saya tak boleh kata ya atau tidak dalam hal BRIM.

    Saya hidup dikalangan rakyat bawahan. Kalau saya tak sesuai pun, saya cuba sesuaikan diri. I have to.

    Saya terbaca bahawa dalam dinasti Islam terdapat golongan Darwish (kerjanya beramal dan berzikir sahaja – untuk menurunkan rahmat Allah swt) yang dijaga kebajikan oleh kerajaan.

    Bagi pihak kerajaan Islam ia adalah satu tanggungjawab.

    Tapi macam kata HBT saya masih tak pasti mahu pilih yang kafir atau liberal…saya lihat Najib menyogok dengan BRIM dan yang kafir berbuat baik tanpa tahu kenapa BRIM.

    Cuma tolong orang susah.

    Inilah yang macam saya mahu lihat dalam pentadbiran kedua Tun. Bertepatan pula dengan tajuk artikel Perutusan Ramadhan.

    Pada pandangan Tun, BRIM Najib adalah rasuah sebelum ini.

    Tapi saya tak pasti Tun ke arah ‘macam tu’ atau tidak. Saya masih tak nampak.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  118. Tunku Sofiah Jewa Jun 12,2018 9:20 AM

    Dearest Tun,

    Of late, the Government is concerned about getting two persons into Malaysia, one a fugitive, and the other, an aggrieved father.

    Both want to lodge a police report about abuse of power by the Najib regime.

    The fugitive is Sirul, who is in custody in Australia. He claims that he had committed murder in Malaysia on the instructions of Malaysian authorities.

    The other is the father of Altantuya, the Mongolian model, who says that his beloved daughter was lured into the country – by-passing immigration and was subsequently killed and her body brought to a secluded place and bombed to smithereens.

    In law, the above matter falls within the legal parlance known as extradition.

    There is no multilateral treaty on extradition and so when the need arises, bilateral agreement is entered into between the two countries wherein one State (the requesting State) requests the surrender of an alleged offender from the country where he resides to face trial in the requesting State.

    The alleged offender will of course resist such request and will make representations in the local court and only if he fails to do so, will he be brought over to the requesting State to face trial.

    Many European and South American countries attach considerable importance to the issue whether it is right to extradite their own nationals on the ground that their nationals have a moral claim to be tried by their own countrymen.

    But in Malaysia, in the case of Chua Han Mow v. Superintendent of Pudu Prison (1979) 2 MLJ 70 & (1980) MLJ 319, Malaysian authorities surrendered our own citizen to the US where the offender faced trial and was subsequently found guilty and is still languishing in a US prison today.

    Germany has no death penalty and protested to the trial in the US of two German national fugitive brothers who were caught in the US.

    The matter even went before the ICJ for an Opinion but whilst the ICJ was deliberating the case, the US prison authorities stole a march and executed the two brothers.

    The US was severely condemned by the ICJ and various human rights groups including Amnesty International.

    At the end of the day, Germany demanded an apology from the US which the latter complied – see LaGrand Case (Germany v. United States) ICJ 27 March 2007.

    Australia has abolished the death penalty and will allow extradition only if the requesting State (Malaysia) agrees that the fugitive sought will not face death upon conviction in Malaysia.

    But Mongolia still executes convicts for murder.

    All we can do now is to wait for the outcome of justice sought by both Sirul and Altantuya’s father.


    Wishing our beloved Tun and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah and your entire wonderful family a very happy Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri – Ma’af Zahir & Batin.

    With fondest love and much affection from Yaacob, Shahar, Eliza, Suffian, Fateh, Arina, Anisa, Aydin, Menie and me.

    Tunku Sofiah.

  119. HBT456 Jun 12,2018 7:55 AM

    The meaning of jahat is evil, same as english, chinese or other languages.

    Why words of jahat and perempuan are being used by musato in this blog as teka teki?

    In politics, economics or science, it is always about scarcity and feasibility.

    In humanity race, its alaways about greed and fear.

    To umno, its always about wang politik, and everyone is aware and yet support.

    The old way of doing thing is always about janji menang, then only bikin.

    Christians dine with spoon, fork and knives.

    Buddhist dine with chopsticks and spoon.

    Muslim dine with fingers.

    Hindu dine with fingers.

    Which way to go?

    When syariah lawmakers out-numbered non syariah lawmakers, the best way is to leave.

    What is the mind of tdm, i guess everyone is aware in this blog.

    My way or your way shall become no way when both of the political parties continue to rock their boats with rhetoric politics just to stay relevant via blame games.

    Yes, move in certainty, and nail the coffin.

    If you ask me as voter should there be a 3rd national car?



    We do not have the market size, talents, resources or know how to manufacture a national car in which we can claim is ours in the past, current and the future.

    The summit denuclearization of korean peninsular between trump and kim is purely the first step in peace treaty in east asia, the pacific region and the world.

    Yes, i believe the koreans too want a certain peace treaty to end their civil war witnessed by the world.

    Yes, i believe the people in asean too want a certain peace treaty to end their civil wars witnessed by the world.

    How would the story twist and turn to win votes of the majority in this country?

    To continue with blame game via race and religion issues?

    To continue with lobby game via race and religion issues?

    To continue with donation game via race and religion issues?

  120. Sharudin Jamal Jun 12,2018 2:32 AM

    Dear Chedet,

    I wrote a short note with regards to your recent visit to Nekkei Japan. Just sharing my views:

    I listened to 3 speeches Mahathir made during his recent visit to Japan. He surely nailed it selling Malaysia to the world. Most importantly he had successfully sold himself as the Sovereign Guarantor of FDI in Malaysia. Well not exactly, but Mahathir Mohamad is a bankable name if foreign countries want to do business in Malaysia.

    More than anything else he was selling the idea of another national car. Kinda outdated idea. However I understand why he is still harping on that. Automobile is the mother of industries. Only thing is, don’t sell to the countries with car manufacturers. Definitely there will be protectionism. Sell to countries with no national car!

    If you ask me, Malaysia don’t need another national car. Because of the protectionism imposed by the government on imports, car prices in Malaysia soared while we were selling Proton below cost to penetrate the UK market way back then.

    Najib got it right when he went towards public transports. The only gripe I have about Najib is he is greedy, lining his wallet. Other than that, Najib’s initiatives are pretty relevant to the masses.

    Let’s not punish the people because of the corrupt top echelon.

    Since Mahathir is considering Malaysia as a trading nation, then the emphasis is towards becoming the hub for e-commerce. The initial steps with Multimedia Super Corridor was the right move. The only things is now to turn the whole country into a digital superhighway by increasing width and speed. Also, help the traders cross the technology chasm. Ie: creating the websites, the backend payment system and the tying with the delivery logistics.

    I don’t have the right statistic, but if I am not mistaken according to AEON, their sales dropped by 60% throughout the years due to online purchase. Certainly people like Lelong and Lazada had created this effect.

    The coming of super hubs like and retailers like Guardian certainly make a difference. Their prices at times 30% cheaper than buying retail. In the case of Guardian, things you buy online is not even available at the store.

    Mahathir is ahead of his time with MSC. Now is the blooming phase of the idea into reality.

    Move with certainty Chedet.

  121. musato Jun 12,2018 12:36 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bila baca saudari Hajar, saya teringat satu cerita ;

    Saya naik bas dalam rombongan niaga ke kilang majerin di Johor. Penumpangnya cuma saya 2 orang Melayu iaitu rakan saya. Yang selebihnya adalah chinese.

    Dalam tahun tu cara gelak saya adalah cara gelak macam orang jahat?! Berdekah dekah. Saya fikir saya terikut cara bos chinese saya gelak kot.

    Tetiba. Tetiba datang sorang chinese pompuan dari depan ke tempat saya duduk di belakang. Katanya “Melayu jahat!!!”

    Saya terpinga pinga. Tapi saya tak marah.

    Setelah sekian lama dalam bas, kami pun sampai ke tempat yang dituju dan seterusnya ambil dinner di meja bulat 10 orang.

    Sekali lagi chinese ni kata “Melayu jahat!!!” terus ke muka saya di depan ramai orang chinese yang lain.

    Saya cuma diam dan habiskan makanan.

    Tetiba. Tetiba tanpa disangka sangka datang 2 orang amoi, anak dara la ajak saya dan rakan saya tu temankan diaorang keluar jalan jalan bandar pada malam yang gelap tu.

    Kata amoi, diaorang takut nak keluar malam malam tempat tak biasa.

    Ok. Dah habis cerita.

    Teka tekinya pada adik Sri Sense hahah. Sila jawab teka teki saya.

    Saya nak cerita apa sebenarnya ni? Ni cerita betul ni bukan reka rekaan ni.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  122. Hajar Jun 11,2018 9:08 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Nampak Tun di TV sedang ditemuramah di Jepun. Tun nampak bersemangat (tambahan dalam bulan Ramadhan Kareem ini), dan saya bangga melihat Tun yang nampaknya amat disenangi oleh rakyat Jepun. Terlihat ketokohan Tun.

    2. Saya setuju dengan cadangan untuk ditubuhkan (projek) kereta Nasional baharu. Saya ingin lihat penerimaan pasukan baru Tun dalam PH, sebab dahulu rata2 mereka ini menentang penubuhan Proton.

    3. Banyak sungguh ahli ‘bijak pandai’ (sudah pasti semuanya ada ‘Doctorate’ – Ph.D) di dalam blog Chedet ini. Hebat sungguh blog Tun ini. Jika kesemuanya bijak pandai, sepatutnya kita tiada masalah kesempitan hidup, kekurangan wang ringgit, ketiadaan pekerjaan (boleh bekerja sendiri jadi bos jika tidak dapat kerja makan gaji), tiada masalah hutang/ tidak bayar hutang, etc. Lagi satu, IMAN tidak boleh diwarisi.

    4. Sepatutnya, Kerajaan PH hapuskan apa saja pemberian wang bantuan (wang tunai) kepada mana2 golongan yang sebenarnya ada keupayaan untuk bekerja dan sihat tubuh badan. Saya dah selalu kata bekas PM Najib tiru @ ciplak ide bekas Pembangkang (yg dah jadi Kerajaan) dalam hal pemberian wang tunai (‘Cash is King’) kepada rakyat jelata untuk meraih sokongan. Tetapi, nampaknya BR1M pun masih dikekalkan, tetapi ditukar namanya. Jaguh menyogok rakyat ialah Kerajaan PH.

    5. Di Penang pun pemandu2 teksi (saya lihat sihat tubuh badan- cukup sifat) dapat habuan tunai (saya lihat di TV). Bekas PM Najib pun tiru juga ide ini dari bekas Pembangkang. Alahai…

    6. Dulu yang sibuk berdemo untuk paksa bekas Kerajaan (BN) untuk hapuskan PPSMI ialah bekas Pembangkang. Sekarang dok sibuk pula mahu martabatkan BI. Bahasa Melayu (BM) jadi perhiasan sajalah. Ketuanan Melayu lah kononnya yang siPolan (yang nak ‘sign out/off permanently’ dari Chedet banyak kali dah) dok asyik kompang di blog ini…Kesian sungguh melihat orang Melayu yang sebenarnya banyak ditindas tetapi tidak sedar. Mana tidakknya, ada orang Melayu yang malu mengaku Melayu sebab takut digelar rasis. Ini lagi kesian.

    7. Kelakarnya, cukup sekadar mengaku “I’m Malaysian (not Chinese)”, dan ada yang sampai menitis air mata (terharu) mendengar pengakuan tersebut. Tetapi Si ‘Malaysian’ ini diapit oleh dua ‘Malaysians’ (Pegawai Khas tanpa gaji) dari jenis yang sama dalam Kementerian Kewangan . Dan, apa jadi pun SRJK (Cina) mesti dipertahankan. Ya, kononnya, ‘Malaysian Malaysia’.

    8. Kalau DSAI jadi PM (calon) pada masa PRU-15, saya tidak akan undi PH. Meluat saya melihat gelagat beliau yang “lebih sudu dari kuah”. Ternampak seperti orang yang sangat gelojoh, dan tidak boleh dipercayai. Saya harap Tun kekal PM untuk penggal ini (5 tahun).

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  123. HBT456 Jun 11,2018 8:20 PM

    If you are not happy and get very angry, you can vote opposition parties, sri sense.

    So many locals and foreigners in town now asking for donation for kebajikan, and some of the local got permit to beg for donation, and thats bad and regressive.

    There are many ways to love your country, but donation and lobbies are my least favored ways.

    Selamat hari raya aidifitri, and happy long weekends holiday..

  124. musato Jun 11,2018 8:19 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Memang kita terlalu bergantung pada Tun Mahathir.

    Setiap perkara yang diberitahu Tun ada asasnya.

    Dari sejak mei 2008 blog ini diwujudkan sebagai ‘blogging to unblock’ sampailah kepada kerajaan kleptorasi 2018.

    Sebenarnya, saya boleh katakan bahawa saya berpuashati dengan keadaan politik pada masa akan datang. InsyaAllah.

    Tapi biasalah dengan masalah masalah yang akan hadir.

    Sekarang telah terdapat 2 kerajaan yang kuat untuk dijadikan pilihan rakyat dalam sistem demokrasi.

    PH vs BN + PAS

    Di mana telah terbukti Raja Raja tidak berperanan dalam menjaga negara dalam kes kleptorasi.

    Keduanya, rakyat telah belajar, kuasa di tangan rakyat. Tak perlu takut untuk berubah dengan momokkan selama 60 tahun BN memerintah termasuk pada zaman Tun dalam UMNO.

    Yang selebihnya hanyalah sebagai perbincangan ilmiah jika Tun mahu lebih sempurna.

    Memang saya berasa nasihat saya selalu diikuti oleh Tun Mahathir sejak 2008 sampai PRU14.

    Kalau tak takkanlah saya ada di sini sebegitu lama.

    Dulu pada 2010/11 saya menangis sebab tak dapat nak tinggalkan blog chedet walaupun dah berusaha dan bergaji cuma rm13 sehari.

    Tetapi alhamdulillah tubuh badan dan fikiran saya ditenangkan dan diberikan keyakinan bahawa ini adalah perkara yang betul dan perlu diteruskan walau apa pun rintangan terjadi.

    Sekarang kepala saya sudah lapang. Saya nampak rakyat tak perlu bergantung lagi pada negarawan kita untuk menempuhi ranjau demokrasi negara.

    Walaupun selepas ni DSAI jadi PM kita.

    Pandai pandailah rakyat tentukan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  125. musato Jun 11,2018 7:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yap. Saya setuju dengan milshah.

    Tun Mahathir adalah negarawan ulung.

    Tapi kalau saya setuju 100% dengan saudara nanti takde apa saya nak tulis pulak kan… hahah

    Ok kita sambung cerita.

    Tentunya kita tidak persoalkan pasal Tun Mahathir mentadbir negara selama ini. Selama 22 tahun ok. Sebulan sekarang pun okey.

    Atas sebab tu maka saya telah cuba tentukan Tun jadi PM ke 7 kita. Kenapa perlu bagi pada orang lain yang belum tentu komitmennya?

    Masa tu Tun kesana kemari buat kerja atas idea Ku Li contohnya, tapi untuk siapa jadi PM? Tiada. TS Muhyiddin dah kena buang masa tu.

    Saya tumpang gembira bila Tun berjaya seperti yang dirancangkan. Kepala saya pun tenang. Saka saya pun saya kira dah bertenang jugak.


    Antara pengalaman sepanjang perjalanan saya di sini, Tun akan selesaikan satu satu masalah dalam 3 hari paling lama.

    Jadi dalam sebulan kalau kira kasar mahu 10 masalah boleh selesai. Ditambah lagi dengan jentera kerajaan yang ada, InsyaAllah mungkin lebih lagi dari 10 kot. Macam dengar kata dalam radio tadi, kerajaan nak bangunkan kereta nasional baru gantikan Proton.

    Perkembangan sekarang adalah okey.

    Cuma saya cuba berdiskusi mengenai selepas Tun tidak berkuasa seperti sebelum ini.

    Adakah selama 22 tahun dan sebulan sekarang adalah benar benar betul dan grandmaster?

    Saya tak nampak. Saya kata tak nampak sebab seperti yang berlaku sekaranglah. Sebulan dah nampak hebat.

    Tapi saya tak nampak apa yang saya mahu nampak.

    Tun buat ke tak ni?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  126. Sri Sense Jun 11,2018 2:31 PM

    Selamat tengahari!

    I baru balik dari kompleks PKNS, pagi dah pergi, pun sesak jalan, tak pernah2 Shah Alam lagu ini, bila nak musim raya, memang semput kita dibuatnya.

    Nak sentuh sikit tentang komen housewife berkenaan ubat, ini sebenarnya memang isu berat, walau orang macam HBT anggap ini remeh temeh. At one time, my hubby pernah cerita, ada pesara kerajaan nak ambil ubat, tapi ubat tak ada, so doktor suruh beli, it seems like mereka boleh claim balik dari government, but claim pun bukan boleh dapat cepat.

    I personally rasa kerajaan tiada fikir aging population, kerajaan lebih minat nak bagi kemudahaan internet untuk anak2 muda. Sorry ya Tun. Kalau dapat 10 orang macam HBT sini memang lingkup la warga tua dan bakal warga tua. Jangan pula Tun ingat aging population saya mengata Tun, tidak sekali-kali, saya bersuara sebagai rakyat Malaysia dan khas buat rakyat Malaysia yang telah dan akan melangkah ke usia ini. Bagaimanakah nasib kami nanti.

    Tun diJepun saya harap Tun tinjau pendapat orang Jepun tentang aging population disana. Setau saya mereka ada scheme savings khusus buat golongan ini tapi itu pun tak begitu berjaya mereka lakukan, so ramai orang tua2 sana terpaksa bekerja.

    Sekian terima kasih Tun dan semua.

  127. Tunku Sofiah Jewa Jun 11,2018 12:19 PM

    Who is this Anwar Ibrahim? He says that he has received lecture and fellowship invitations from ivy league universities and top-ranking institutions of higher learning around the globe. Public speaking is his forte. No one can deny that. Going around the various State Palaces and rubbing shoulders with the Malay Rulers may put him in bad light as the opposition may accuse him of getting the Rulers involved in partisan politics. He is not in the government and should let our duly elected leaders of integrity under our PM’s guidance carry on with the governance of our beloved nation.
    With fondest love to Tun and Tun Siti and a Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to both our beloved Tuns and family – Ma’af, Zahir dan Batin from Yaacob, my entire family and me.
    Tunku Sofiah

  128. milshah Jun 11,2018 10:50 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Terima kasih musato kerana bersetuju dengan pendapat saya. Sebenarnya Arwah Tok saya pernah berkata Tun ni insan yang istimewa. Lain dari yang yang lain. Arwah Tok tidak banyak berkata-kata. Beliau lebih suka memerhati dan menilai. Seperti Tun, pernah hidup di zaman penjajahan British, Jepun dan melalui peristiwa hitam 13 May. Tetapi sekali beliau berkata, pasti ada maksud mendalam di dalam kata-katanya.

    Sebenarnya kita di blog ini hanyalah sebagai penasihat. Terpulang kepada Tun sama ada hendak ikut atau pun tidak. Kalau nak “mengajar” Tun jauh sekali. Siapalah kita nak “mengajar” beliau.

    Siapa sebenarnya Tun? Hebatkah dia?

    Beliaulah yang melakukan “Dawn Raid” mengambil alih syarikat Guthrie dari British. Beliau lah yang pemimpin Palastin Arafat panggil dikala dikepung oleh Zionist. Beliau lah yang mengarahkan senjata dihantar ke pejuang Islam Sarejevo di kala penduduk Islam dibunuh beramai-ramai oleh tentera. Di zaman pemerintahan beliaulah sistem kewangan Islam mekar tumbuh di Malaysia. Beliaulah yang dihadapan negara-negara Islam di OIC dengan berani lantang berkata “Dunia dikuasai orang yahudi walaupun bilangan mereka kecil”. Beliaulah yang berani mengkritik kuasa besar Amerika Syarikat. Beliaulah yang membela negara-negara miskin di dunia. Dunia ikitiraf beliau sebagai pemimpin Dunia. Beliau lah yang menukarkan Malaysia dari negara pertanian kepada negara perindustrian. Setiap rakyat Malaysia yang pergi ke luar negeri, orang luar akan akan berkata,” You are from Malaysia?, your Mahathir very good”. Di setiap PRU, beliau pasti menang dengan 2/3 majoriti. Bahkan di PRU 14, dengan segala macam penipuan, halangan, pembatalan, fitnah, dilontar ke pada beliau, masih mampu memenangi PRU pada usia 92 tahun.

    Di kala kita masih berkata-kata sahaja di blog Tun, Tun telah pun menjadi Perdana Menteri buat kali ke-2, membongkar skandal 1MDB, membatalkan GST dan selesaikan rasuah kerjaaan. Tu baru sebulan memerintah.

    Orang berkata saya penyokong kuat Tun, tetapi mereka tidak faham kenapa saya kagumi beliau. Tun memang seorang genius dan grandmaster dalam strategi. Jadi apabila ada yang kritik Tun, saya hanya tersenyum.

  129. Sri Sense Jun 11,2018 9:44 AM


    Kenapa kadir resigned? Agree housewife, tulisan kadir membuka minda, pasal buka minda tu kut.

    I kadang2 jawab juga komen kat blog kadir jasin, tapi macam biasa I setuju atau tak, tidak over2. I lebih disini. Hubby suka kadir jasin, katanya pernah tertembung kat bukit bintang, senyum saja dengan orang yang tak dikenali, tidak sombong.

    Soal perbelanjaan besar tu lebih pada isu belakang tabir. Ada baiknya dibawa kehadapan Malay Rulers, kalau dah tiada budi bicara, Rulers pun ada mahkamah
    sendiri. Part bersuara, well freedom of speech kan, so susah juga nak tahan kadir dari bersuara, pretty sure details yang kadir dapat bukan fake news.

    Bisik2 ini I lama dah dengar, bende yang tak dalam internet pun I ada dengar. Cuma beza sini, Tun Mahathir, ibunya keturunan kerabat Kedah, mungkin sebab ini Tun rasa perlu bersuara bila nampak ada sedikit kepincangan. Just my thinking!

  130. sibotak Jun 11,2018 9:33 AM

    Najib kalah lebih dari UMNO kalah
    Di sebabkan Najib sendiri juga kerana anggota UMNO juga membiarkan Najib
    Beluarsa sedangkan mereka sendiri tahu bahwa Najib tidak layak dan banyak merosakan image UMNO
    Najib memandikan Penggundi dengan Cash is King
    Najib tetap Tewas
    Bayangkan jika Najib tak gunakan Cash is Raja ?

    Wang yg di sita di rumah Najib yg di katakan untuk PRU
    Ternyata lagi satu pembohongan dari Najib
    Takkan ia wang negara asing yg bermiliion juga untuk PRU
    Ini membuktikan kukuh bahwa kenyataan DOJ Amerika benar berlaka
    Sesuai dengan kenyataan DOJ scandal 1MDB adalah Money Laundering
    Namun bagaimana Najib telah menimbuskan segala bukti tidak bererti
    Najib tidak bersalah
    Saya lihat kenyataan , alasan Najib & isteri Rosmah
    dari awal hingga sekarang lebih pada Kebudak budakan
    No wonder apa yg beliau buat semuanya Gagal

    Rosmah di nyatakan seorang Accountant yg cermat dan cekap
    Tersenyum saya seperti di dalam cerita P.Ramlee
    Yang si Gagah bolih makan Nasi 1 hari sampai 5 pinggan
    Ini bukan Gagah tapi Gelojoh
    Seharusnya seorang yg cermat tidak akan Boros membelanja seperti apa yg Rosmah belanja .Ini bukan seorang yg Kemas & Cermat

    Saya berharap Mad Sabu Menteri Pertahanan akan meningkatkan lagi Pertahanan Malaysia . Kita semua tidak mahu Perperangan . Siapa mahu ?
    Tapi dugaan & ugutan akan berlaku
    Seperti kenyataan Anak mediang Arwah Gadaffi (Libya ) yg menyatakan
    Kesilapan Arwah Bapanya adalah tidak meningkatkan Ketenteraan
    Maka apabila kita lemah pihak musuh malah kawan sendiri akan mengambil kesempatan atas diri kita . Ini kenyataan yg tidak dapat kita nafikan
    Begitu juga apa yg berlaku di Syria ,Iraq dan banyak lagi negara yg lemah
    Seperti di Iraq kerana Amerika tahu Iraq tidak punya senjata Permusnah , maka itulah sebab Iraq di serang .Terkini Amerika tahu North Korea berupaya dan mempunyai Inter Continental Missiles yang bolih sampai ke Bumi Amerika
    Trump sekarang ingin berbaik dengan North Korea
    Adalah satu perkara Bodoh jika Kim mendengar dan menunduk pemintaan Amerika supaya North Korea melucut senjata Nuclear mereka walau dengan bantuan Ekonomy
    Sejurus Kim letak senjata Trump akan mengacukan pistol di kepala Kim
    Ini sudah terjadi, terbukti dan adalah satu dari tipu helah Amerika

    Saya yakin mereka akan mengugat juga akan berperang dengan Iran
    Sudah kelihatan Saudi Arabia sudah menjadi Anjing Bogok Amerika
    Mereka akan memperlagakan kedua Saudara Islam ini dan akan mengambil kesempatan apabila semuanya musnah . Maka Perlu bagi Dunia Islam mempunyai Kepala mempunyai Imam bagi menyatu padukan Dunia Islam supaya tidak di perbodohkan Amerika untuk Israel

    Saya khairan mengapa kita benarkan kehadiran Tentera Laut Amerika
    Di dalam Perairan Asia kita kononnya beralasan untuk membantu membenteras Lanun. Lanun apa ?
    Apakah tidak mampu Kerjaan Asean sendiri berkerjasama menjaga perairan kita hanya beralasankan Lanun . Nak jumpa Matahir ke Mata Air ?

    Janganlah kita di perbodohkan untuk kepentingan mereka
    Maka ini saya menyeru Menteri Pertahanan kita
    Berbaik dulu , mempereratkan siratul rahim kita sesama jiran terutama Indonesia. Mempertingkatkan lagi Ketenteraan dengan membeli teknologi dari Russia , China juga dari Amerika walau dari Yahudi sekali pun. Yg lebih baik jika kita bolih bangunkan teknolgi kita sendiri. Dan harus bermula awal .
    Biar Lambat Asal Selamat

  131. Sri Sense Jun 11,2018 9:22 AM

    Salam YAB Tun

    Setuju dengan pak cik musato hahaha ok ok pasal hensem abang musato hahaha

    Memang HBT itu banyak sangat soalan berlegar, satu line, satu line, penat kita nak fikir, kita dah la banyak nak fikir hahaha

    Saya setuju dengan pendapat kawan2 sini.

    Dulu saya sering fikir apa pasal PAS ini, nak pakat2 dengan parti lain bila tanding, kan ke pas parti lama. Hah tengok tu bila tanding sendirian, boleh pulak rebut kerusi semula. In general orang Melayu selalu fikir bangsa agama or agama bangsa. PAS menang sebab agama bangsa, UMNO menang sebab bangsa agama.

    Adakah pendapat atau pegangan majoriti orang Melayu akan berubah, soon, like today?

    I think this time ada tsunami sebab rata2 pengundi biasa kata sebab kita dah jemu, kita lakukan untuk anak cucu, tambahan pula leading the pack PM lama, apa nak ditakutkan, so why not. Sementara young voters balik sebab they want changes. Hardcore supporters itu biasala akan sokong parti masing2.

  132. HBT456 Jun 11,2018 8:02 AM

    To solve the issue of sri sense by not burdening the current and future taxpayers via ruling and state governments, she can pick up a medical insurance plan, pay monthly premium of say, myr100+ to get covered so that the private hospitals of her choice can serve her.

    If she is not happy with that hospital, she can tukar to another hospital under the medical plan that she bought as and when she likes, just like her voting pattern.

    Yang betul2 kalahkan umno bn bukan tun dr mahathir.

    All systems in the world can fail when the owners made the wrong decision, and this apply to bn and ph too.

    The king maker is not pas, malay, chinese, indian mahupun bumiputra.

    The king maker for the last 14th general election was the maturity of the political parties as they too evolved and began to question themselves.

  133. Krisemas Jun 11,2018 12:58 AM


  134. musato Jun 10,2018 8:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Pandangan saya bagi pihak rakyat sekiranya tak suka DSAI jadi PM.

    Antara idea mengapa kita berusaha menjatuhkan kerajaan Najib adalah bagi mengimbangkan pilihan dalam memilih kerajaan selain dari sebab kleptorasi.

    Tun dah tunjuk ajar PH bagaimana mahu membentuk kerajaan. BN dah biasa jadi kerajaan. PAS akan jadi king maker seperti yg Hj Hadi nak, tapi tak terjadi dalam PRU14.

    Saya fikir ia bagus untuk rakyat.

    PH vs BN + PAS king maker.

    Itu adalah antara idea dalam fikiran saya semasa saya bersetuju jatuhkan kerajaan Najib.

    Itu adalah jawapan bagi yang gusar mengenai DSAI.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  135. musato Jun 10,2018 6:17 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sebenarnya saya tidak begitu selesa membentangkan isu seperti yang saya sebut sebutkan.

    Kerana saya turut berada di blog ini dan ia seperti saya meminta minta sesuatu dari Tun. Lagi tak dapat lagi tulah berbunyi.

    Tapi jika mahu dikaitkan ia boleh ditulis beserta dengan sebuah hadith sahih.

    Saya setuju dengan milshah.

    Beliau kata inilah satu satunya peluang dalam berbillion untuk Tun betulkan dan mengurangkan kos terjadinya kes kleptorasi dan salahguna kerajaan Najib tanpa batasan dan jika terjadi sekali lagi siapakah akan berjuang lagi seperti Tun?

    Namun saya tidak dapat lihat Tun dapat lakukannya melainkan cuma seperti Tun PM ke 4 sahaja. Asian Tiger je dengarnya.

    Tidak seperti dugaan saya. Hadkan 2 penggal PM juga belum tentu berkesan bagi politik Malaysia.

    Sebab tu saya kata kali ni Tun naik bukan Tun Razak yang naikkan. Bukan sistem kerajaan semasa yang naikkan Tun jadi PM.

    Sudah tentu Tun akan kata , Tun naik adalah kerana sistem undi demokrasi.

    Dan di situlah gunanya ilmu tasawuf yang menyakini bahawa ia adalah berkat doa dan kaedah perjuangan memgikut panduan Al Quran dan Hadith (di mana inilah yang menjadi perbezaan siapakah yang memiliki ilmu politik/tadbir selain mahir dalam ilmu agama).

    KECUALI Tun tidak iktiraf pengetahuan tasawuf seperti yang saya sebut sebutkan selalu itu.

    Tun naik dengan doa hanya segelintir rakyat yang berjuang bersama sama Tun. Di antara dalam ramai ramai rakyat yang Tun hidangkan masalah negara melalui penulisan blog ini, insyaAllah akan/telah diperkenankan oleh Allah swt.

    Itulah kebiasaan yang diperingatkan oleh para syeikh sebelum berdoa dalam mana mana majlis sekalipun hatta majlis zikir Rasullulah saw yang dihadiri berpuluh ribu rakyat, kerana ada di antara ramai ramai itu diperkenan doanya oleh Allah swt.

    Begitulah yang disebutkan oleh ustaz Don berkenaan adanya hadith berkenaan perkara tersebut.

    Tun tidak masukkan pejuang pejuang tulen ketika Tun susah ke dalam sistem kerajaan. Malah Tun pinggirkan.

    Buktinya saya. Saya masih di sini. DAKJ pun lebih selesa jadi blogger dari memperjuangkan tempat untuk DSAI.

    Sudah tentu saya pun tak fikir untuk memperjuangkan tempat bagi DSAI.

    Saya pun tak perlu jadi menteri, ahli parlimen atau vip. Sekadar sekarang pun dah okey.

    Cuma saya perlukan dana dengan satu pekerjaan yang bersesuaian bagi meneruskan penulisan saya jika penulisan ini Tun anggap sebagai HIDUP dalam politik Malaysia dan bukan setakat seperti baca buku.

    Kita ini manusia yang hidup. Zaman berubah. Nasib masing masing tidak sama.

    Saya terpaksa tulis terus terang kerana ia adalah tidak betul untuk mengatakan “saya terlalu sibuk sampaikan nak tulis buku dan blog pun tak sempat”.

    Alasan tersebut adalah menghina.

    Tun tidak memberi penghargaan yang sewajarnya pada kami yang memberi pandangan dalam blog peribadi Tun ini. Saya tak fikir ini blog kerajaan, kan?

    Blog ini bukan baru pun. Dah 10 tahun.

    Membaca buku dan tulis blog tidak sama rohnya.

    Terdapat permintaan dari pembaca saya di sini yang memberitahu ‘mereka’ membaca dan mempunyai pendapat sendiri dan menyeru saya teruskan menulis.

    Tapi kita perlu faham, blog adalah padang untuk berinteraksi dengan rakyat bawahan. Bukan berinteraksi dengan kekawan politik seperti Mat Sabu, LGE, Wan Azizah, DSAI dll.

    Pada saya sudah tidak penting Tun beraksi baik sebagai PM atau tidak, kerana sekarang rakyat yang menyokong Tun sebenarnya lebih terarah melihat DSAI.

    Keupayaan saya hanyalah sebagai rakyat biasa yang datang entah dari mana mana. Tidak semestinya saya ini orang yang terpelajar.

    Saya rasa tidak selesa untuk membentangkan perkara sebegini. Kerana ia seperti minta meminta.

    Saya cuma boleh membalas “terima kasih” jika orang wasap saya. Saya fikir itu pun dah cukup menggembirakan hati orang yang memberi kata kata positif kepada saya, seperti mana ia menggembirakan saya☺️

    Saya harap penulisan ini sampai maksudnya kepada yang membaca.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  136. HBT456 Jun 10,2018 1:29 PM

    Absoulute power corrupts,

    My question now is will ph agree to disagree hukum hudud just to stay relevant, takut hilang undi melayu muslim?

    My question now is will bar council moves into putrajaya with tommy thomas as attorney general?

    My question now is when foreign embassies do not want to move into putrajaya, will they be shamed via protests?

    You think everyone worship exclusive and high lifestyle like yours, sri sense?

    When comes to think of all these ugly politically events, it broke my heart and asked, how could you politicians out there could be so selfish, hypicrite and dishonest that created so many broken families?

    Yes, i forgive such horrendous acts because we were not aware.

    Yes, i cannot forget because such horrendous acts must no be repeated again.

    Whoever become the perdana menteri and forn the kabinet, i wish them all the best.

    Sini tak nak, takpa.

    Tapi, sebagai tuan rumah, jangan membiarkan mereka menghina kita yang berbudi bahasa dan bersopsn santun untuk meraihkan undi2 masing2.

    Terima kasih.

  137. musato Jun 10,2018 1:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Walaupun amanat Hj Hadi yang lama itu telah difatwakan salah dahulu kala, tapi berkemungkinan besar rakyat Melayu dan Islam akan jeling lebih sikit lagi pada PAS.

    Terima kasih.

  138. musato Jun 10,2018 1:02 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yang dimaksudkan dengan ‘rakyat keseluruhan’ adalah chinese sudah tentu sokong PKR dan DAP. Bersatu hanya menumpang.

    Tetapi dikatakan sokongan dari penduduk luar bandar dan bumiputera banyak beralih dan ini menyebabkan PH menang mudah.

    Namun seperti kata Tun, undi Melayu berpecah 4.

    Tujuan yang beralih kerana percaya Najib mencuri dan disokong oleh mereka yang haprak, maka mereka fikir negara perlu dibersihkan.

    Mereka yang ikhlas ini berperatusan hanya segelintir dari rakyat keseluruhan.

    Saya mempunyai beberapa idea sebenarnya untuk memperkuatkan lagi kerajaan PH apa yang saya fikir telah membantu Tun untuk mendapatkan sokongan dari rakyat Melayu dan Islam ketika mana kawan kawan politik Tun menjauhkan diri.

    Tapi bila difikirkan balik, Tun anggap tulis blog sama dengan tulis buku, jadi saya kira pandangan saya dengan Tun semakin berbeza bilamana Tun naik jadi PM ke7 ni.

    Mungkin lebih baik saya simpan saja idea saya. Tun masih punyai jentera jentera kerajaan yang diisi oleh mereka yang amat berkaliber, kan?

    Yang tak perlu dihairankan adalah kenapa pembangkang bersetuju bersama Tun untuk menumbangkan BN.

    Namun saya fikir Tun masih tidak berubah mengenai pandangan terhadap kefahaman Islam.

    Ya. saya juga fikir Kadir Jasin melakukan tindakan yang betul apabila meletak jawatan sebagai Ketua Media Penasihat.

    Seperti yang saya mengaku, yang saya adalah pencetus idea taktikal Tun masa Tun memerlukan sokongan rakyat, maka saya juga memperkenalkan latar belakang saya dan susungalur saya seperti mana cakap cakap orang tua di kampung, tanpa kedudukan, pangkat dan harta yang ada seperti mana hebatnya tulisan ini ditulis.

    Maka saya kini mengaku bahawa saya dan Tun selepas jadi PM ke 7, pandangan kami adalah berbeza. Dan perbezaan ini tidak dapat diterima oleh saya untuk saya teruskan.

    Saya tidak mahu bertanggungjawab ke atas apa yang bakal berlaku, seperti mana ketika saya tinggalkan blog Najib dulu.

    Terima kasih.

  139. HouseWife Jun 10,2018 12:30 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Sapa dia ni pensyarah UM…amboi mengata Tun bukan PM yang unik tetapi hanya ahli parlimen biasa2 je. Awat dia ni baru hidup ka. Anak2 muda dan budak2 sekolah pun tahu Tun spesial, berkarisma, berwawasan jauh dan mempunyai aura yang sungguh menakjubkan. Tun bukan calang2 orang kalau tak macam mana orang tua ni dah 93 tahun boleh jadi PM Malaysia 2 kali dan berjaya kumpul musuh2 ketat berjuang bersama dan berjaya tarik rakyat bungkus umnoBn. Negara ini akan lebih dalam bahaya jika dibawah umno korupt dan bn yang dah mati pucuk. Kalau nak buat forum pun bagilah kritikan yang matang, membina dan bernas bukan jadi batu api.

    Kalau slogan raja2 “to serve the people” then please walk the talk, serve your people. Saya lihat punyalah ramai lagi rakyat jelata yang nak beli ubat takde duit, dapur nak berasap takde duit, nak duduk berbumbung atap rumbia zinc takde duit jadi beratap langit je. Saya heran kenapa masih ada rakyat jelata hidup miskin papa kedana di negeri beraja. Rakyat jelata berkhidmat utuk raja atau raja berkhidmat untuk rakyat jelata? Selalunya yang tak berduit berkhidmat untuk yang berduit untuk mendapat sedikit duit. Perkara ini bermain2 di kepala dari zaman sekolah lagi bukan sebab artikal AK Jasin yang terbaru akan tetapi artikal AK Jasin membuka kembali minda dan memikir dan menyoal kembali. Salah ka?

    Kini MO1@DSN cakap dengan limited allocation dia akan berkhidmat untuk hardcore poor di kawasan dia Pekan. Kenapa ada lagi hardcore poor di Pekan? MO1@DSN peroleh duit bermillion malah berbillion daripada pak arab (kata dia la), boleh beli barang2 mewah untuk isteri dan anak2. Dia pegang Pekan bertahun2 sepatutnya semua orang Pekan dah kaya hidup senang takde hardcore poor lagi.

    Yang duduk di mahligai2 dikelilingi hulubalang2 dan dayang2, yang duit tersembunyi entah dimana hidup tak akan susah, itu pun kalau rakyat tak marah…tapi rakyat dah sedar dan penat ditindas, hasil bumi patut dikongsi tapi tidak telus maka kerana amarah rakyat jatuhlah sang rimau jadi anak kucing.

    Umno jadi multi-ethnic?…jangan harap, kalau cakap2 umno masih ada tone rasis. Umno tak akan berubah sampai ke mati, tengok je yang hendak bertanding, muka2 dah seasoned semua, ada yang korupt, ada yang cakap bohong, ada yang fugitive, ada yang kaki pukul, hanya yang wanita je nampak molek. Semua mereka ini ada persamaan iaitu mereka spokesmen MO1@DSN jadi kaki maki hamun Tun. Sorang pun tak berkenan rasa geli geliman adala.

    Slogan reformasi masih relevant lagi ka? Apa reformasinya, dah diampun oleh Agong, akan jadi next PM pulak tu dan sekarang bertuah jadi pengapit TPM. Siapa belanja pengapit ni? Be accountable and show all expenses incurred by him and his entourage. Kalau using taxpayers’ money show and produce data of expenditure. We the rakyat has the obligation to know where our hard-earned money gone to. Setakat yang saya tahu DSAI belum ada apa2 jawatan yang sah dalam kerajaan. Petanyaan, DSAI nanti nak bertanding dikerusi isteri atau anak ka? Tak nak cuba bertanding dikawasan lebih non-bumi ka? Saya yakin kalau Tun bertanding dikawasan 70% non-bumi Tun pasti menang with flying colours! (Hello pensyarah UM, ni bukan mendewakan Tun ya but it’s a fact yang saya amat yakin).

    Of course TPM senada dengan DSAI because he’s her husband. Mereka mesti ingat Malaysia sekarang beralih ke Malaysia baru yang lebih disenangi rakyat bukan lagi Malaysia yang cengkam rakyat dalam ketakutan. Malaysia perlu penulis2 yang tidak ikut telunjuk, tidak takut dalam menyampai informasi dan mengkritik secara membina. But alas they have killed the messenger. Ah…tak seronok la macam ni. I hope and wish Tun will be PM full term.

    Semoga Allah selalu melindungi Tun dan keluarga. Jaga kesihatan dan keselamatan Tun ya. Terima kasih Tun.

  140. musato Jun 10,2018 11:59 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Lanjutan dari komen saya terdahulu.

    Kita (pembaca telah/cuma berjaya menaikkan Tun Mahathir sebagai PM ke 7 Malaysia.

    InsyaAllah Tun akan berjaya membersihkan negara dari kerosakan kerajaan Najib sebelum ini.

    Tapi saya tak yakin Tun boleh memastikan cara kleptorasi/salahguna kuasa Najib tidak akan berlaku lagi bersama dengan tentangan hebat.

    Seperti Tun kata, tak sempat nak tulis buku dan blog.

    Sebenarnya Tun naik jadi PM ke 7 sekarang tak sama dengan cara Tun naik jadi PM ke 4 dulu.

    Bukan Tun Razak naikkan Tun kali ni.

    Juga bukan ‘rakyat keseluruhan’ yang naikkan Tun kali ini.

    Berlaku kesilapan di situ cara Tun menanganinya.

    Apa apa pun nak buat macam mana lagi.

    Terima kasih semua.

  141. HBT456 Jun 10,2018 10:02 AM

    There are many funny and interesting stuffs being shared in this multi-ethnic races, sri sense.

    Laughing is still the best medicine.

    After more than 60 years of merdeka, still unable to unite, and still got rift, krisemas?

    When our neighbouring countries with huge emerging population like thailand and indonesia have succeeded in implementing high speed train to create jobs for their people to be less dependent on fossil fuels, what would your reason for not living up to this standard, krisemas?

    When a law is being used without transparency to protect ownself, what would be the consequences?

    The end must justify the mean, and voters of all states except sarawak have made their stand in 5/9/18.

    To change or to be changed?

  142. Sri Sense Jun 10,2018 9:58 AM

    Good morning and Happy Sunday!

    HBT, dengar tu apa Krisemas kata. 🙂

    YAB Tun,

    I ada baca penjelasan dari Menteri Kesihatan tentang staff and also procurement.

    Tun, I also think hospital dan klinik kerajaan kurang equipment. Pernah satu ketika I pergi satu package untuk wanita, if I’m not mistaken charge 25 ringgit, but Mammograms, kena pergi hospital swasta yang makan masa 10 minutes bekereta dan parking pun teramat la susah. Program Perancang keluarga if I’m not mistaken, a few years back.

    I think government should ada packages kesihatan macam swasta provided cukup equipments, bukanlah macam twinning programs, sini sikit, sana sikit, pesakit pun pening. Kalau dah cukup equipments nak charge a small fraction of the kos swasta, bagus!

  143. musato Jun 10,2018 8:57 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sri sense suka orang hensem ker?

    Saya pun hensem maa…hahah

    1.0 Saya pernah ada secret admirer yang mana saya tak pernah kenal muka dia masa saya tinggal di satu negeri tu.

    Kemudian selepas saya blah dari situ, wow! ada suara merdu call saya.

    Selepas beberapa ketika saya kira tak berapa baik untuk abaikan hati seorang perempuan hahah…

    Saya kembali ke tempat itu untuk bertemu mata dengan dia.

    Dia tidak cantik. Tidak seksi. Tidak tergambar dalam fikiran saya.

    Tapi saya cuba penuhkan permintaan dia. Berborak. Tengok wayang.

    Kerana manusia itu punya hati dan perasaan.

    Lebih lebih lagi di zaman alam maya ini, kita kena ingat itu. Tun juga kena ingat.


    2.0 Hari ini baru saya tahu siapa blog ini dihati Tun.

    Tun terlalu sibuk sampaikan tak sempat tulis buku dan blog. Maksud Tun yang saya faham, Tun tulis blog seperti Tun baca buku.

    Yeah, orang kata Tun hebat.

    Hajat rakyat untuk lihat orang mencuri dan pecah amanah dalam menjaga negara dihukum, InsyaAllah akan tertunai dengan Tun jadi PM.

    Yang lain no komen.

    Yang pasti best jugak layan makcik sri sense. Tapi malas la nak jawab HBT. Kena fikir banyak. Serabut otak la HBT.

  144. Krisemas Jun 10,2018 5:07 AM


  145. Sri Sense Jun 9,2018 11:29 PM

    Good evening!

    HBT, Hishamuddin is about my age, told you earlier my age lebih kurang anak Tun Mahathir.

    But I must say Hishamuddin is a very good looking man for that age. Tall, fair skin, straight hair, hey wait a minute that sounds like my husband but my husband not as young as Hishamuddin hahaha

    You so funny la HBT!

    Goodnight all.

  146. HBT456 Jun 9,2018 6:28 PM

    Yup, because voters got jemu, they changed the federal government lor via 509.

    Muslims and hindu still protest until today but other religions did not protest, why?

    Rule of law?

    Rule of man?

  147. HBT456 Jun 9,2018 6:19 PM

    Wa…at this age, you so naughty and cheeky, treating the umno wanabes like toy boy ar, sri sense.

    Hmm, thats explained why the rape cases in india until today still have not drop.

    It seems to me in order to be the fake, i mean, alternative hero to bollywood hero, all they need to do is to initiate mass protests against rapists out there to get likes in the social media.

    What to do, thats bollywood style.

    But, if the wanita and puteri members in umno prefer to have sexy, masculine and handsome president, thats their perrogative.

    But, can other president political parties accept or not since its umno punya brotherhood and family issues, i am not sure.

  148. Sri Sense Jun 9,2018 8:35 AM

    Good morning!


    Masa Tun lambat diangkat jadi PM, ada bisik mengatakan punca lambat bukan campurtangan dari BN dan Najib.

    Hishamuddin tak nak tanding? Why, why?

    Tanding la, kalau naik Presiden, Timbalan pula Khairy, bila I jemu tengok LGE, DSAI, boleh juga I jeling kat UMNO, handsome President dan Timbalan President 🙂

  149. Sri Sense Jun 8,2018 11:32 PM

    Good evening YAB

    Dr Idris calon MB Selangor?

    Portal berita The Malaysian Insight, dalam laporannya hari ini, menyebut Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Ijok itu dinamakan dalam surat cadangan oleh Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail kepada Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, Isnin lalu.

    Dengan memetik sumber dalam kepemimpinan Pakatan Harapan (PH), laporan The Malaysian Insider itu menyebut surat cadangan itu turut mendapat sokongan daripada semua pemimpin PH negeri iaitu Pengerusi Parti Amanah Negara (AMANAH) Selangor, Izham Hashim; Pengerusi Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) Selangor Datuk Abdul Rashid Asari dan Pengerusi DAP Selangor, Tony Pua (DAP).

    – Hmmm rasanya Azmin dah hantar 3 nama sebelum ini.

    Night all!

  150. milshah Jun 8,2018 4:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Hari ini Tun telah mempengerusikan Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Khas Kabinet Mengenai Anti Rasuah (JKKMAR). Saya boleh nampak kerajaan ini amat serius membanteras gejala rasuah. Saya juga sempat membaca membaca lampiran 1 dalam FB Tun yang antara lain menyebut perkhidmatan Perdana Menteri dihadkan dan memisahkan antara Pejabat Pendakwa Raya dipisahkan dari Pejabat Peguam Negara. Dengan langkah ini, insyaAllah, kerisauan saya berkenaan penyalahgunaan kuasa oleh Perdana Menteri pada masa hadapan akan dapat diatasi. Bukan setakat peringkat Perdana Menteri sahaja, saya dapat lihat langkah-langkah menyeluruh diambil untuk banteras rasuah dari peringkat atasan sehinggalah bawahan kerajaan. Kalau saya jadi Perdana Menteri, 6 bulan pun belum tentu nak selesai masalah rasuah dalam kerajaan. Sedangkan Tun, semuanya diambil kurang dari sebulan PH ambil alih kuasa. Saya akan cuba ikuti langkah Tun dalam kerjaya saya juga. Kalau Tun boleh selesaikan masalah rasuah kerajaan dalam tempoh kurang sebulan, takkanlah saya tidak boleh selesaikan tugasan saya dalam bekerja dalam masa yang pantas. Tahniah Tun. You are my role model.

  151. Sri Sense Jun 8,2018 11:25 AM


    Baru teringat, ada baca news zahid jumpa Tun. I rasa itu langkah yang baik pemimpin2 UMNO jumpa Tun sempena bulan ramadan dan syawal akan menjelang tak lama lagi 😀

  152. Tunku Sofiah Jewa Jun 8,2018 10:46 AM

    Dearest Tun,
    The police have officially announced that they are going to question Tan Sri Kadir Jasin over his article in his blog criticizing the King over his excessive expenditure since taking office including his receipt of one hundred million ringgit from Najib to take a holiday during polling day. Our populace are undoubtedly concerned over this curtailment of freedom of speech by a much respected journalist over facts not even denied by Istana Negara.
    With much affection to Tun and Tun Siti.
    Tunku Sofiah

  153. HBT456 Jun 8,2018 9:03 AM

    Just because they are slow, they needs to be pampered with special positions?

    Bak kata, mereka ini bagai kera dapat cincin.

    One thing is for sure, there wont be brexit even when dsai wins out a by election via fast lane, and become mp so that he can replace tdm before ph’s mandate ends.

    The rest of the story, it is up to the wannabes to decide which way to go.

  154. hz Jun 8,2018 8:24 AM

    Salam Tun sekeluarga, IMHO the salary scale shd be looked at. Gaji tinggi no problem tapi kalau nak sampai rm200K seBULAN & bonus lebih rm1juta tu agak MELAMPAU kaaannnnn. belum termasuk komisyen, perks yg lain lain.

    2/3 rakyat tak sampai tahap minima epf pun masa nak retire….. itu baru rm220K .
    its an extremely vicious cycle that shd be broken. Zaman melampau among this elitist group ni must end.

    Zakat ade bayar tak? tabung harapan msia ade derma ke? LHDN ade buat audit tak? Kawan n famili yg bergaji tak melampau langsung pun kena audit utk tahun tahun dulu.

    Cuba audit yg elitist ni. Takkanlah dgn kerajaan baru LHDN masih takut nak audit deorang lagi?

    terima kasih Tun. Selamat berpuasa kepada TDM & TunSitiHasmah.

  155. Sri Sense Jun 8,2018 8:20 AM

    Salam Tun

    Saya nak share my experience on klinik kesihatan.

    Arwah ayah saya bekas pegawai kerajaan. Masa kecik2 dah biasa dengan klinik kerajaan. However bila besar saya kerja swasta. Bila pencen tiada duit pencen seperti pegawai2 kerajaan. Kalau sakit saya pergi hospital dan klinik swasta, kalau pening, demam sikit2, beli ubat kat pharmacy, dapat cut cost. For me masuk hospital swasta okay sebab I ada insurance, walaupun bukan 100% free under insurance scheme, bayar less for the surgery and ubat cost etc.

    My friends and my sister juga bekas pekerja swasta, suruh I pergi klinik kerajaan, mereka kata dari buang duit kat klinik swasta yang charge mahal. Tapi I malas nak tunggu lama, kawan bagi solution “bawak handphone”. hahaha

    I perhati out-patient kat hospital dan klinik swasta pun tunggu lama, sama panjang macam klinik kerajaan, so why not.

    From my experience with klinik kerajaan, the main problem kurang supply ubat. Ubat yang doktor kata 3 bulan, pharmacy kasi sebulan, kena datang lagi bulan depan ambil ubat, and ubat the brand sering tukar, it can be very confusing. Yang keduanya doktor sering tukar, so sebagai pesakit kita perlu ingat apa yang terjadi pada last visit, kalau lupa satu hal pula bila ditanya doktor. What more ada masa dapat doktor bagus ada masa dapat doktor tak bagus.

    Pernah satu masa hubby asyik sneezing non-stop, dah banyak klinik swasta dia pergi, semua kata allergy bagi ubat tak sembuh-sembuh. Banyak duit kami habis begitu sahaja.

    Bila hubby pergi klinik kerajaan doktor kata “Pakcik ini resdung, kami tak ada ubat sini”. Doktor tulis nama ubat suruh beli. Hubby akur beli, guna ubat terus baik. Hah, tak payah bayar banyak duit pun boleh sembuh cepat.

    Terima kasih Tun dan semua.

  156. Hajar Jun 8,2018 6:04 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Allow me Tun:

    ‘Sri Sense’… 🙂 , Yeah sure…a Malay cannot even mention the words ‘Malay’ and ‘Bahasa Melayu’(BM) without being accused of being racist.

    Of course I’m a Malay first. I can change my citizenship but I can never change the fact that I’m a Malay…till the end of the world…

    Some people are just so slow… 🙁 I sympathize with this type of people…

    P/S: I just cannot imagine having DSAI as our PM. He has not changed a bit.

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family —

  157. HBT456 Jun 7,2018 11:36 PM

    Sri sense, have you watch the movie devil wears prada?

    If you did, dont you think the ending part is the best whereby the ladies choose what they desire and enjoy in doing what they feel good skillfully and professionally?

    Serious, fake or junk news, as long as it gets paid and votes, does it really matter to them?

    Greed or fear tactics as long as your clients buy, you earned the fee, right?

    It is just a matter of principal and determination on how we position ourselves as long as we do things within the law, right?

    Hajar insists she is racist, but she still have doubts on why 7th perdana menteri only submitted one name for ag, thomas, who cannot speak bm to be stationed in putrajaya to get consent from agong?

    Eventhough i think this is a bad move but there are people out there sees it as good move.

    Therefore whoever becomes the perdana menteri, i still need to work, live and enjoy life as usual.

    I wish you success in everthing you aimed or wished, sri sense.

  158. Sri Sense Jun 7,2018 10:43 AM


    Yup cerita hindustan ini bagus tonton bila boring. Very bright and colourful. Fikiran kusut jadi lega. I pernah buat so I tau the feeling.

    TV I suka tonton 911, Magnum PI, Law and Order, dulu Ally McBeal. Hollywood movies ada juga tonton mostly thriller. Another channel I suka AFC – Asian Food Channel sebab I suka masak and cari new masak ideas.

    Oops so musato bukan kawan FB I, then must be mega dewani kut. Almaklum la online ID bukan sama dengan nama the person over at FB. FB name pula bukan sama nama on IC.

    Yup, good luck bro, I too find happiness doing things on my own, like now I buat research on fake news campaign on why it doesn’t work, mungkin saya buat proposal bagi Tun M, mungkin juga tidak. Ada kawan dalam kem Najib dulu pun tak lepas masuk. 😀

  159. Sri Sense Jun 7,2018 10:18 AM

    Hi all

    HBT wah you so semangat now hahaha

    I ada dua profession, PR consultant and financial planner. On PR I can detect swings in public opinions, on finance since I ada knowledge I kena jaga my own duit la. Aiyo not only me la, everyone I know also go to government hospital for free ubat and free medical checkup, including my Chinese friends, if we can cut cost we do it. Well, its up to individual want to use the entitlement or not. Some might think they are rich so need to use la, I don’t think I’m rich, so I use la.

    Do you know as perempuan you hidup lama dari lelaki? So how to support yourself nanti when your husband sudah tak ada lagi, so kena pandai2 la. So anything yang tak bawak income better don’t spend too much time on it. I belajar from the guys 😀

    Hajar, I feel you! hahaha Musato, mana la HBT dapat idea tu hahaha


    Wow kecoh alkisah tulisan Kadir Jasin. I rasa tinggi sangat cost itu. I yang rakyat biasa guna perkhidmatan kesihatan kerajaan yang seringgit pun HBT dah mengata bagai nak rak hahaha

    I also tak faham kenapa DSAI perlu masuk istana keluar istana, cium tangan ini cium tangan itu, kan baik dalam bulan ramadan yang mulia ini DSAI masuk masjid keluar masjid lagi berbaloi. Then again some people in Tun’s team suka sangat glamour. So jangan terkejut, you attract haters not only likers hahaha


  160. musato Jun 7,2018 9:49 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kehadapan HBT dan Sri Sense.

    Semalam saya tengok cerita chori chori chupke chupke (curi curi, diam diam).

    Cerita hindustan yang boleh melegakan. Lama tak layan hindustan.

    Baju raya, sampin pun dah siap disediakan. Selamat Hari Raya!!!

    Terus terang saya cakap bila saya dapat hindari, fikiran saya berasa lapang sekali.

    Saya ini orang biasa biasa je.

    Bidang mentadbir negara berada di peringkat tinggi yang lain. Jauh beza jika dibandingkan dengan kerja biasa seharian.

    Siang uli roti cari rezeki. Malam fikir pasal negara. Hendak bagi nasihat pun kena juga membaca dan jaga hati masa memberi nasihat. Kebahagiaan rumahtangga kena jaga juga.

    Dua pekerjaan yang bertentangan dan memerlukan banyak tenaga fizikal dan dalaman. Seperti saya kata, ia telah mengambil masa 20 tahun dari hidup saya.

    Kalau nak kira terperinci lagi, dari umur 10 tahun lagi saya dah gendong beg sekolah yang berat dan jalan kaki 10km setiap maghrib, di kiri hutan dan di kanan pun hutan. Boleh dikira jumlah kereta yang lalu.

    Mak saya pesan, kalau orang ajak tumpang jangan tumpang. Jadi saya kira sampai sekarang saya tak berapa gemar minta tolong dan tumpang orang.

    Dalam masa sekarang saya harap saya dapat cari satu kerja tetap dan lupakan tentang

    Ia okey bagi saya. Tiada masalah. Ia cuma perkara yang sama dari dulu lagi.

    Saidina Hussein dibunuh. Saidina Hassan menyerahkan kepimpinannya.

    Maka bertebaranlah kaum kerabat berdakwah dan meninggalkan kepimpinan.

    Mungkin ini bukan masanya lagi. InsyaAllah satu masa nanti.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  161. HBT456 Jun 7,2018 7:23 AM

    Wa…on retirement still can spent in mark & spencer to beli imported baju and biskuit, and yet sri sense complained the service in government hospital by paying rm1 for general service for myr1, and myr5 for specialist service as slow ler, aiya so kiamsiap and calculative ar.

    Why kj should join pribumi bersatu, the reason best known to him, sri sense tak dengar ke mereka kata kj rasuah?

    As for musato, he is still unsure which way to go, kafir atau liberal?

    Since pas has the choice to join either umno or pkr, kan mereka ini sama2 malay and muslim, why mca cannot have the option to stay independent ar?

    As long as the wannabes have the mentality of offering goodies or free stuff to fish votes, they will continue to sayang their own vote base by pampering them.

    Therefore, it makes no sense who can jual better since both side also using the same political campaign strategy to offer free handout.

    Pendek kata, malas ministers will attract malas voters.

    Hard working ministers will attract hard working voters.

    Racist ministers will attract racist voters.

    Rule of law ministers will attract rule of law voters.

    Rule of man ministers will attract rule of man voters.

    Head you take?

    Tail i take?

    Then the middle part, who want to take?

    There is no secret in politics.

    Therefore, no one knows who is swimming naked in there as long as the tide is not off.

  162. Hajar Jun 7,2018 6:19 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    PM: English competency tests for top civil servants

    How about BM competency tests for top civil servants?

    I heard (read in the news) our new AG is not fluent in BM. Is he not a top civil servant?

    Oops! Sorry for being a racist! Ketuanan Melayu! Yeah, in MALAYsia, a person who admits (says) that he/she is Malay is definitely a racist.

    Malaysia boleh!

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family —

  163. Sri Sense Jun 7,2018 12:49 AM

    Hi all

    Slightly free to answer HBT question. Sembang kedai kopi. Alamak cannot say that too, because that sembang also kena keluar duit beli kopi hahaha


    I think this way, if KJ masuk Bersatu as a new member, susah naik, if he stays in UMNO he might as well tanding higher position. He already 42 years old, bukan muda lagi. If kalah he can buka new party. UMNO nasib also dunno yet, maybe in satu tahun kena haram, who knows!.

    Musato, brader are you …? Saja tanya kut you one of my FB friend.

    Last weekend I pergi shopping kat Mark & Spenser. Ada sale, I kira dalam otak 2 blouse harga lebih kurang dalam 230 ringgit, hubby pula beli 4 biscuits, sekali dapat bil 230 ringgit, I pelik. Balik rumah tengok bil rupanya baju yang sale dan biscuits bila kat cashier deduct lagi 6%, patutlah jadi murah.

    I jarang masak, tadi pergi Pizza Hut, nak beli personal Pizza yang harga 5 ringgit, tanya waiter ada lagi ka personal pizza ini, dia jawab ada. Bila kat cashier pizza ini dah 4.70!

    I biasa beli barang kat supermarket, ada supermarket yang letak signboard beritau mereka dalam process letak harga baru, namun bila bayar kat cashier memang dapat diskaun.

    I selalu simpan receipt belian for 3 days, depending on the supermarket policy, mudah nak pulang balik barang yang rosak. Dan bila barang I beli mahal dari harga tertera dalam supermarket, I akan pulang balik kat customer service, minta duit balik.

    Orang muda mungkin tak buat ini, for me yang dah tak ada monthy income, I try my very best to monitor my spending!


    Kenapa ya sejak akhir2 ini I fikir gini;

    BR1M buat orang muda malas
    Tabung Harapan buat minister malas


  164. HBT456 Jun 6,2018 8:45 PM

    Yup, sri sense, its a goodbye.

    Its a sayonara too, musato.

    Why make it so hard for ambitious kj to decide, sri sense?

    He can resign from umno and join pribumi bersatu, kan tu lebih transparent, amanah, bersih, jujur, simple and straight forward?

    For those who wants to be politically linked, rich and powerful, just convert into islam to enjoy hak istemewa ketuanan melayu in the name of official religion.

    After going through all these ugly political linked events, whoever become the pm got no difference.

    Therefore, do not be too serious in politics.

    After 5 years, there will be another general election called.

    All the best, and wish you all here a selamat raya aidilfitri.

  165. milshah Jun 5,2018 11:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Alhamdulillah kemelut perlantikan AG baru telah selesai. Akhirnya AG pilihan Perdana Menteri dapat dilantik. Agung nampak begitu prihatin dengan perlantikan AG, sehingga hampir-hampir membuat Majlis Raja-raja semata-mata untuk membincangkan isu perlantikan AG.

    Alangkah baiknya jika Agung ataupun Majlis Raja-raja membuat begini semasa perlantikan Apandi menjadi AG. Dalam isu perlantikan Tommy Thomas sebagai AG, isunya hanyalah kerana mahukan Melayu dan beragama Islam. Tetapi dalam isu perlantikan Apandi pula, AG sebelum Apandi, Ghani Patail yang sedang menyiasat skandal terbesar 1MDB, tiba-tiba diberhentikan, begitu mudah digantikan. Kalaupun Agung yang berlainan ketika itu, tetapi Majlis Raja-raja boleh bermesyuarat dan menasihati Agung seperti sekarang ini. Sekadar pemerhatian patik yang bodoh ini, tetapi patik percaya rakyat lain juga dapat membuat perbandingan ini.

    Alhamdulillah perlembagaan telah memberi kuasa kepada Tun selaku Perdana Menteri untuk melantik seorang peguam yang terbaik sebagai AG. Dalam masa yang sama, saya dapat lihat kuasa Perdana Menteri begitu hebat sekali. Jika kuasa Perdana Menteri ini digunakan untuk kebaikan, alhamdulilah. Tetapi bagaimana pula jika pada masa hadapan wujud lagi seorang Perdana Menteri seperti Najib? Dan seperti Najib, Perdana Menteri ini memecat AG sedia ada, dan melantik AG yang ikut arahannya. Dengan AG yang mengikut arahannya, tiada siapa boleh dakwa Perdana Menteri ini sebab kuasa mendakwa terletak pada AG.

    Hari ini rakyat bertuah kerana ada pejuang seperti Tun, yang berjaya memenangi PRU dan mengalahkan Perdana Menteri seperti Najib. Tetapi di masa hadapan jika wujudnya Perdana Menteri seperti Najib lagi sekali bagaimana pula? Saya rasa kalau ada Perdana Menteri seperti Najib di masa hadapan, kita tidak dapat kalahkan dia seperti mana kita kalahkan Najib sekarang ini. Ini kerana peluang nak dapatkan seorang pejuang seperti Tun di masa hadapan, adalah 1 dalam 1 billion. Amat tipis.

    Sekarang Tun adalah Perdana Menteri, kita ada satu peluang ini sahaja untuk pastikan tidak akan wujud lagi Perdana Menteri seperti Najib di masa hadapan. Usaha-usaha perlu dilakukan supaya kuasa Perdana Menteri dihadkan.

    The power of the Prime Minister is just too powerful. In the right hands, the country will prosper, but in the wrong hands, it could destroy the country. We were lucky this time to defeat Najib because we had Tun on our side.

    Antara yang pernah kita bincangkan, seseorang hanya boleh jadi Perdana Menteri untuk 2 penggal, Perdana Menteri tidak boleh memegang jawatan Menteri Kewangan dan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Ketua agensi penyiasatan seperti AG, IGP, Ketua Hakim, MACC adalah di bawah Parlimen. Hanya Parlimen yang boleh lantik dan pecat ketua agensi penyiasatan.

    Di bawah Pakatan Harapan, mungkin kita boleh laksanakan beberapa langkah di atas seperi Perdana Menteri untuk 2 penggal sahaja, tetapi bagaimana jika suatu masa nanti, Barisan pula yang memengani PRU. Adakah Barisan akan tertakluk kepada semua ini?

    Untuk memastikan sama ada Perdana Menteri PH atau BN akan datang tertakluk kepada penghadan kuasa yang sama, undang-undang perlu digubal bahkan perlu melibatkan ubah kepada perlembagaan juga. Untuk ubah perlembagaan, kita perlukan undi 2/3 wakil parlimen. Mungkin PAS dan BN Sarawak boleh membantu.

    Saya percaya Tun telah wujudkan jawatankuasa untuk pastikan kuasa Perdana Menteri dihadkan dan kes Perdana Menteri seperi Najib menyalahgunakan kuasa tidak berulang lagi.

    Semoga Allah berikan kita kekuatan dan petunjuk untuk laksanakan semua ini.

  166. cahayapalingbaik Jun 5,2018 10:40 PM

    Salamun ‘Alaikum

    (1) Mengapa SALAH jika dikatakan jangan ikut AKAL semata-mata dalam MENAFSIR AL-QURAN ?

    (Statement yang selalu di katakan oleh para Ustaz).

    Jawapan :

    (2) Benarkah ULAMAK bukan setakat yang kita rujukkan kepada orang Alim dalam Agama ?

    Jawapan :

    (3) Bolehkah di negara yang mengamalkan Sistem Demokrasi, kita yang Muslim Mukmin, demi mewujudkan Kerajaan Islam, menubuhkan sebuah Parti yang bertujuan memenangi Pilihanraya ? Dan dengan itu dapat menegakkan Daulah Islamiyah ?

    Jawapan :

    Salam kepada yang membaca.

  167. hz Jun 5,2018 6:12 PM

    Salam Tun. I know this is not the right platform but I am very very disturbed about this matter. There is a video out there on 2 Malay teenagers caught berkhalwat in a hotel in Kelantan and forced by religious dept team to take video and photos of them naked ad viral online. ya allah ya tuhanku. macamni kite buat anak anak kite. memang terlanjur dan salah perbuatan but this is sooo kurang ajar dan kejam teramat sangat. Here are human beings but these so called officers are treating them like sampah. kalau mereka bunuh diri?? so called religious adults berkelakuan macam orang giler dan tak ade otak. tolong Tun. pls do something about these crazy fanatics.

  168. blackmaria Jun 5,2018 3:46 PM

    Salam Sejahtera Tun ,

    Selamat Berpuasa & May God always bless you with super good health !

    New transformation and New Hope for Malaysia


  169. huda Jun 5,2018 7:59 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun

    Pakatan Harapan jadikan hutang negara alasan tidak dapat tunaikan beberapa manifesto 100 hari.

    Padahal sebelom menang lagi dah tahu negara banyak hutang. Buktinya dalam ceramah-ceramah PH selalu sebut.

    Tun tidak dapat tunai manifesto tidak mengapa. Jika rakyat sudah sayang, bukan jadi masalah. Lihat Anwar, masuk keluar penjara pon satu padang penuh.

    Jika dulu Tun tidak setuju dengan BR1M bila ditukar nama Tun berubah fikiran. Mungkin dalam kamus PH BR1M = dedak.
    Bantuan sara hidup barulah dinamakan bantuan. Sepatutnya DS Najib tukar nama dari awal.

    Hari ini, hari yang ke 5 gst dimansuhkan. Bila beli barang boleh dikatakan sama sahaja harganya. Tidak dapat rasakan penurunan. Kita lihat lagi 3 bulan.

  170. superSepantun Jun 5,2018 6:58 AM

    Slmt sejhtra, Salam pd tun,
    menulis saja, bukan nk brpantun…

    Ni sy trnampak la pulak skarang, semacam ada gerakan memburuk kepimpinan kerajaan sedia ada kt dlm bbrapa group wasap pibg / kumpulan sokongan ibubapa (ksib)…

    Al-Maklumlah kan, kebanyakan jwatan & ajk dh sekian lama dipegang diorang..

  171. Sri Sense Jun 5,2018 6:39 AM

    Good morning,

    Ada kah Tun baca blog ini lagi?

    Well, harap dengan choices yang Tun buat, tidak tergadai hak orang Melayu dan Institusi Raja2 Melayu.

    Bila part Ambiga, I personally kurang minat, dia terlalu sibuk constitution, sikit sikit constitution, seolah olah dia nak menghapuskan hak orang Melayu. Mungkin dia popular dikalangan mid and upper class Malay, or mungkin dia kawan baik anak Tun, or mungkin dia member ketat DSAI, or mungkin dia tubuh BERSIH untuk DSAI, it doesn’t matter, I don’t like her.

    Tommy Thomas mungkin dia lakukan semua kerana dia lawyer, money is everything to lawyers but their moral is at question here.

    Lets hope macam mana terjadi di Perak dulu tak terjadi di Malaysia/kerajaan pusat. Tak nak tengok another puppet like former MB Nizar again. 🙁

    Antara news yang menarik I baca, Tun endorse KJ jadi president UMNO. As I mentioned earlier KJ ini memang ada potential. If UMNO diharamkan, 100% sure dia akan tubuh parti baru, very ambitious guy. All the best KJ! 🙂

    Nampaknya ramai dah lari dari blog ini. I pun perlu angkat kaki juga. Before I go, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! 🙂

  172. YNWA Jun 5,2018 12:03 AM

    everyday ade jer AI buat statement itu ini…..boring plak dan rasa meluat….seriously..maaf AI…please stop over acting…please….

    Just cant accept if really the baton have to be passed to AI….

    #everyday observing AI statements;….lost my respect on Rafizi tho…wish to see Azmin performs as Menteri Ekonomi…he should be best to fit as next PM….my 2 cents

  173. Idea Jun 5,2018 12:01 AM

    Dear Tun,

    May you always be in good health.

    1. The cabinet will be discussing the proposed fixed-rate monthly transportation pass. This will involve LRT and MRT services.

    2. The operators of these urban rail services may come and ask for compensation in lieu of potential revenue loss for each monthly pass issued.

    3. This kind of claim is incorrect.

    4. Transport services are schedule-driven and non-storable. When it is time, a train must depart regardless how many passengers it has on board. Some seats are going to be occupied and some are not.

    5. During peak hours, the trains are packed. Passengers are crammed together – leaving many others on the platform.

    6. These passengers are the working class. They travel regularly on weekdays, in the morning and in the afternoon. They must be the biggest contributor to the revenue. Operating during peak hours must be profitable, if not on a break-even.

    7. During non-peak hours, the trains are normally half-empty. Yet, the cost of running them will literally be the same. Operating during non-peak hours may not be profitable, yet obligatory.

    8. Currently, it seems that the earlier mentioned passengers (the typical working class) have been subsidizing the non-peak hour trips.

    9. One way to address compensation issue is to see how much more money needed to run the non-peak hour trips – after being subsidized by the working class who will be paying fixed monthly fees.

    10. Additionally, the train operators have to do their best in preventing the abuse of monthly pass (i.e. sharing of monthly pass between passengers) as this will constitute unnecessary revenue loss. They may propose the use of microchip embedded in our national identification card. The use of this microchip will also give our citizens exclusivity to the fixed-rate monthly pass.

  174. hz Jun 4,2018 10:11 PM

    Salam Ramadhan Tun sekeluarga.
    AG candidate should be based on merit not skin color. The one currrently on leave is a Malay and obviously tak menjadi pun. Harap berjaya candidate Tun.
    Bravo Tun for the sarcastic comment for KJ as new UMNO president, lalang betul. Bila dah kalah, baru nak mengaku BN ade problem. Podah. Kalau parti tu menang ade dia nak cakap macamtu? Mintak nak tengok draf (winning) speech tu bole? Dah kantoi dah la.
    Selamat berRamadhan. Tolong rehat byk byk Tun. Mintak maaf but we need you to keep berjuang.
    ps. Kawan kat singapore pun teringin to do a ‘Malaysia uprising’ but the fact of the matter is tak ade pejuang macam Tun di seberang.
    M= Malaysia = (Tun) Mahathir

  175. Hajar Jun 4,2018 7:13 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. I feel so sad if Tun (PH) decides to stick to the decision of appointing Tommy Thomas as our new A.G.

    2. I totally disagree with Tun’s (PH) choice. This is a big mistake. Bad decision.

    3. Well, if suddenly YB Lim Guan Eng’s two corruption and power abuse (court) charges are dropped, then I guess I can safely conclude that PH is as hopeless as BN (in the past) in combating corruption and power abuse. 2 x 5 – 5 x 2…

    4. During the next GE, I will consider voting the Oppositions (BN / PAS) so that we can see another round of cleansing (if BN/PAS wins).

    5. I’ve got nothing to lose. I’m proud to say that I’m a Malay Muslim.

    Selamat berbuka puasa buat Tun sekeluarga.

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family —

  176. farz Jun 4,2018 1:00 PM


    Assalamualaikum. Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia beragama Islam yang menentang sebarang usaha untuk mengangkat LGBT dan menganggap Sisters In Islam banyak tersasar dari ajaran Islam. Saya juga amat meminati dan menyokong Radio IKIM dan menjadikan siaran radio ini pilihan saya. Saya juga menyokong sepenuhnya supaya Bahasa Melayu diperkasakan disamping menggalakkan rakyat Malaysia menguasai bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa Arab. Saya menyokong sepenuhnya pemilihan Tommy Thomas sebagai peguam Negara. Mungkin sudah sampai masanya rakyat Malaysia memahami dan menghayati bahawa negara ini mempunyai berbilang bangsa dan agama serta Agama Islam adalah agama Persekutuan. Mungkin juga dengan pemilihan ini dan perlantikan Tommy Thomas dapat memberi kefahaman kepada beliau dalam memahami budaya dan sensitiviti orang Melayu dan orang Melayu secara amnya juga akan mempelajari sesuatu darinya. Allah SWT menjadikan kita berlainan warna kulit dan bahasa supaya kita mempelajari sesama kita. Rasullullah s.a.w sendiri menjadi contoh kepada kita orang Islam ketika peristiwa hijrah Baginda ke Madinah apabila memilih Abdullah Bin Urayqit al-Laythi , penunjuk jalan yang mahir dan bukan beragama Islam ketika itu untuk ke Madinah. Negara kita kini sedang kritikal, terlalu banyak banyak kes rasuah dan penyelewangan kuasa yang ditinggalkan oleh kerajaan terdahulu. Mungkin jika oarang Melayu yang dilantik menjadi peguam Negara, beliau akan berada dalam situasi dimana ditelan pahit, dibuang sayang. Dalam masa yang sama, saya tertanya-tanya juga, adakah Raja-Raja Melayu kita selama ini sentiasa mempertahankan rakyat dan agama Islam atau rakyat yang sentiasa mempertahankan institusi di Raja di negara ini? Sehingga kini saya masih belum mendapat jawapannya.

  177. AhmdAzlan Jun 4,2018 10:12 AM

    Assalamualaikum and Good Morning Tun,

    Why can’t you propose a Malay Muslim as AG? Don’t we have a qualified Malay Muslim to be AG? I don’t believe that to be so.

    Just because we are in the midst of this so called New Malaysia, doesn’t mean we have to let someone else lead this country.

    Why do we need others to define this New Malaysia? Yes race will always be an issue.

    If it is not issue, why do we still have Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan?

    They can always migrate to some other country or go back to their “motherland”.

    This is our Motherland.

  178. balance Jun 4,2018 7:29 AM


    The rakyat voted for you and PH. The rakyat never vote for king or sultan. You represent the rakyat. Dont give-in to anyone and dont take a step back too.

  179. Hajar Jun 4,2018 12:05 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Kata Tun:

    “Pilihanraya yang baru lepas ini akan membawa perubahan kepada pentadbiran negara dan pentadbiran agama Islam. Tekanan akan diberi oleh Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan kepada ajaran Islam seperti yang terdapat dalam Al-Quran dan hadith-hadith yang sahih.”

    1. Al-Quran diturunkan pada bulan Ramadhan untuk menjadi panduan kepada seluruh umat Islam.

    2. Hadith2 sahih (Sunnah Nabi SAW) pelengkap Al-Quran kerana Nabi SAW menjadi Utusan (memberi tunjuk ajar) Allah SWT untuk umat manusia benar2 memahami Al-Quran.

    3. Saya harap Tun tidak akan melakukan kesilapan dalam MENTAFSIR isi kandungan Al-Quran kerana akibatnya amat buruk kepada Negara jika kesilapan tersebut digunakan untuk melakukan PERUBAHAN kepada pentadbiran negara dan PENTADBIRAN AGAMA ISLAM.

    4. Krisis perlantikan A.G. (Peguam Negara) baru berlaku kerana individu yang dicadangkan (PH) terlibat dengan pelbagai kontroversi di masa lalu. Saya bimbang pegangan dan prinsip beliau mengenai status Negara Islam Malaysia akan mempengaruhi keputusan2 dan tindak-tanduk beliau di masa hadapan. Lagi satu, saya bimbang nanti bekas Ketua Komunis Malaya diangkat pula menjadi ‘hero’ dalam memerdekakan Malaysia (dari ‘pengganas’ jadi ‘hero’ pula). Kita tidak mahu individu yang terlihat prejudis terhadap agama Islam memegang jawatan yang amat penting kerana Malaysia sebuah Negara Islam yang diiktiraf dunia luar.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  180. sibotak Jun 3,2018 10:07 PM

    You did not just win the election with flying colors
    You indeed have saves Malaysia as what you intended from a
    Monstrous Thick Skin Najib Govt
    Despite Najib throwing the Govt money to buy his Votes
    He still Failed Badly
    I wonder what more could happen if
    Najib did not use money on the recent elections
    UMNO will definitely goes down the Drain because of Najib
    Why UMNO failed ?
    Because UMNO members failed to acknowledge what went wrong
    They failed to dismiss Najib , continue & pretending nothing went wrong
    Indeed everyone in UMNO knows what went wrong

    Its like today the Muslims World knows what happen in Iraq , Syria , Rakhine Myanmar , Malawi Philippine and many parts of the Muslim World
    We know what went behind ISIS are designated by Israel supported by US with lies to destroy and to Defame others. To excuse their reasons and portrayed Bad images towards Islam
    Yet The Muslim World stays motionless , speechless as
    1. The Muslim World are Not United
    2. None of The Muslim World has the Military Capabilities
    Its like the UMNO members today whom talk aloud but did nothing to mend what went wrong

    I hope this is a Wake up call for my Incredible Hulk , Mad Sabu
    Minister of Defense to know what to built , mend & unite our Muslim Neighbors as 1 Ummah and through the International level
    I dearly hope Mad Sabu visits Indonesia , Brunei
    Working out with Turkey to get the Muslim Nation United not as in OIC but as One Ummah with Strength to defend Islam and our Muslims brothers & sister
    No one can stop us to be United as One Ummah
    Today , Israel & US are behaving like a Beast
    They are Arrogant full of Lies
    Today , when one mention about them. We recall their character as Liars .
    Liars lies after another lie

    Congrats Tun
    Shah Ruk Khan and his Director has a Big Heart to make you a Movie
    You are a Star today
    Which maybe our locals producer cannot produce
    It reveals today
    How honors are respected more than
    Cash is King
    Its a Slap to Najib & Zahid for not being recognize by None
    This is revealed
    Respect are to be Earned
    No value of Money can buy Respect but one can take the cash money . Its ok

    So Tun
    See you in Bollywood and waiting for yr appearance in
    The United Nation Assembly
    We know you will do us Proud

  181. Sri Sense Jun 3,2018 9:02 PM

    Good evening!


    Hubby kata Tun nak appoint AG bukan Melayu. Hubby kata ok asal pandai buat kerja. Itu 2 hari sudah, sekarang hubby kata bad strategy pula.

    I did some digging. Wow tommy thomas ini famous macam brand thomas hifiger. Macam2 pun ada cerita. Itu, ini, Phew!

    Antara skandal yang tak sedap I baca online, dia ini terlibat dalam KAJANG MOVE bersama kawan baiknya Amiga. Khabarnya mereka berdua ini berpakat dengan Rafizi untuk jatuhkan Khalid.

    Tapi kenapa ya, PKR bising tak gemar dengan pilihan AG ini, adakah mereka betul2 bising atau buat2 bising… hmmmm


  182. musato Jun 3,2018 8:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Dah banyak banyak kritik Tun, sekali sekala kena puji la pulak.

    Cantik baju Tun pakai. Ada gambar bunga raya la

  183. SSLEE Jun 3,2018 8:32 PM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    I refer to the below news:

    On whether Putrajaya will propose a new candidate if the King rejects Thomas’ candidacy, Dr Mahathir said they will follow the law.
    “We do matters according to the laws and the Federal Constitution, but the King is acting on advice of the government,” he said.
    “We are holding on to our principles,” he added.

    I thought I have done with my: Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir letter on Tun’s Blog since PH already won the GE14 and formed the government. I should stop the letter as I do not wish to be seen as asking for any favor on my wish list or competent enough to offer any advice on what the new PH’s government should do or who is more qualified to be appointed into the cabinet.

    I can’t help myself reading the above news on the impasse on the appointment of AG and felt very nervous, anxious and stressed that Tun have gifted the UMNO, PAS, Opposition and etc the opportunity to fire at PH using religion and race to tear apart the fragile PH coalition. It is my hope that Tun will find an amicable solution with the Malay Rulers on the impasse as I do not wish to see our hard fought victory in GE14 gone to waste.

    A Chinese saying; ‘Sometime we need to take a step backward in order to see the many possibilities/opportunities in achieving our goal’. Tun please focuses your sight on the goal and do not win the battle but lose the war.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  184. Kraftangan Malaysia Jun 3,2018 12:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera Yang Amat Berhormat Tun,

    Dimaklumkan, Kraftangan Malaysia sedang menganjurkan promosi Warna-warni Aidilfitri 2018 bermula dari 1 hingga 10 Jun 2018 jam 9.00 pagi hingga 6.00 petang pada Isnin hingga Khamis, manakala Jumaat hingga Ahad bermula jam 9.00 pagi hingga 9.00 malam bertempat di Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Conlay.

    Promosi Warna-warni Aidilfitri 2018 ini merupakan kali ke-14 dilaksanakan sejak tahun 2003 yang bertujuan menggalakkan usahawan kraf dan usahawan perkhidmatan aidilfitri untuk memasarkan produk kraf tempatan terus kepada pengguna serta pengunjung. Ianya juga bertujuan untuk membangun dan menjana sumber pendapatan usahawan kraf dan secara tidak langsung turut menyumbang kepada ekonomi negara.

    Warna-Warni Aidilfitri 2018 berkonsepkan ‘Pasar Nat’ yang menggambarkan kemeriahan suasana pasar yang dekat di hati pengunjung. Kepelbagaian produk-produk kraf tempatan diketengahkan dengan bertemakan ‘Gaya Kraf Aidilfitri’ di mana ia melihatkan penggunaan produk kraf tempatan dalam persiapan menyambut Aidilfitri, seperti hiasan dalam rumah, pakaian raya, perhiasan dan aksesori, peralatan dan kelengkapan juadah raya, kuih-muih hinggalah kepada hiasan laman dan taman. Selian itu, aktiviti Jualan Kraf, Pameran Produk Baru Aidilfitri, Demonstrasi Produk Kraf / Interaktif kraf, Demonstrasi Masakan dan Kuih Tradisional dan lain-lain aktiviti yang menarik turut diadakan bagi menarik pengunjung dalam dan luar negara.

    Di kesempatan ini, saya mewakili seluruh warga kerja Kraftangan Malaysia dan usahawan kraf berbesar hati menjemput Yang Amat Berhormat Tun serta isteri untuk datang berkunjung ke Warna-warni Aidilfitri 2018.Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, pihak Yang Amat Berhormat Tun boleh menghubungi kami di talian 03-2162 7459.

    Sekian, terima kasih

    Ibrahim bin Ismail
    Ketua Pengarah

    Portal : FB / IG : Kraftangan Malaysia / KrafRepublic

  185. musato Jun 3,2018 11:16 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Dalam Islam pelbagai disiplin ilmu ada.

    Kekadang terdapat perbahasan perkara yang tidak terfikir oleh kita yang bukan dalam bidangnya.

    Persoalannya cuma mereka yang berada dalam bidang agama ini perolehi atau tidak berkenaan apa ilmu yang dipelajari oleh mereka.

    Contohnya mereka mengetahui tentang ilmu laduni. Tetapi adakah mereka memperolehinya?

    Saya fikir tak payahlah kita nak mengajar tentang Islam pada mereka yang sudah mengaji agama.

    Kita ini yang tidak faham bagaimana Islam itu berfungsi sebenarnya.

    Kita boleh kata kita hebat, tapi akhirnya yang memberi nasihat politik pada yang terhebat pun adalah dari waris ulama/wali Allah.

    Kerana kemahiran berpolitik itu tidak ada pada semua orang melainkan diperturunkan kepada ras ras yang mulia.

    InsyaAllah selamatlah para umara’ yang mendampingi para ulama’ dalam hal pentadbirannya.

    Sepertimana saya mengaku saya adalah waris Sharif Muhammad Al Baghdadi yang telah diuji keputusannya dalam hal hal politik dan disaksikan oleh Tun Mahathir sendiri.

    Bagaimana lagi saya mahu buktikan?

  186. Sri Sense Jun 3,2018 9:44 AM

    Salam Pagi Ahad!

    Tak lama lagi nak raya, sudahkah anda buat persiapan?

    Earlier I ada sebut Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam, kami sini panggil PKNS jarang sebut Kompleks. Tempat ini memang popular dari zaman UMNO lagi. Very old building, downstairs bazaar like, upstairs offices. Kalau you biasa pergi Masjid India, PKNS adalah versi Selangor. Anehnya kompleks ini lebih popular dari SACC mall yang baru.

    Shah Alam Serambi Mekah. Zaman Mat Taib UMNO ada sebut ini, tak tahu samada Sultan nak begitu atau sebagainya, tapi yang jelas because of that tiada kedai nombor ekor disini, tiada panggung wayang disini, jika nak juga kenalah anda pergi ke kawasan berdekatan dengan bandaraya ini seperti Bukit Kemuning, Bukit Jelutong, Subang Jaya etc In other words Shah Alam Serambi Mekah bukan Selangor Serambi Mekah.

    Under PKR new thing in Shah Alam yang ada, AEON Mall, Vista Alam, International School etc kalau nak pergi Bazar Ramadan di Stadium Shah Alam yang terbesar, ini pun dari zaman UMNO.

    Tahun ini I tidak pergi mana2 Bazar Ramadan, beli dari kedai atau masak. No income kenalah cost cutting measures! (*sigh*)

  187. superSepantun Jun 3,2018 9:33 AM
    Bulan Ramadhan, bulan yg berkat..
    turun al-Quran, pembawa rahmat.


    salam takziah buat sultan Johor sekeluarga & rakyatnya..

  188. Sri Sense Jun 2,2018 8:22 PM

    Salam Tun

    Surat Al-Baqarah Ayat 256. Ayat ini turun mengenai seorang Ansar yang mempunyai anak-anak yang hendak dipaksakan masuk Islam.

    Entahlah Tun, bila bercinta nak kahwin sanggup tukar agama, bila bercerai berai balik pada agama asal, kalau ada anak, agama siapa anak2 ini nak ikut.

    Bapa akan kata ikut agama beliau, ibu pula akan kata ikut agama beliau, so siapa sebenarnya layak decide agama anak2 ini. Kalau anak2 dah besar boleh ditanya apa pilihannya, jika masih kecil susahlah nak tanya.

    Mungkin ada baiknya pesan pada yang begitu ghairah nak tukar agama kerana cinta, buat poster besar2, kasi warning terang2, jika bercerai kami rampas anak2 you, so please don’t cerai, or please don’t get married to a Muslim just because you love him or her.

  189. musato Jun 2,2018 2:11 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sebelum Tun hanyut jauh, biarlah saya beritahu bahawa tak payahlah nak kata PKR bekerjasama dalam PH sebab sayangkan negara.

    Dalam ceramah pun asyik nak bawa pesanan dari penjara.

    Lepas tu nak pengampunan dari Agong.

    Bila nak bertanding pilih kawasan boleh menang atas alasan sebab guna lambang PKR.

    Kuncu kuncu PKR pun asyik sebut reformasi dan tak mengaku faktor Tun adalah penentu kemenangan PH.

    Walau DAP boleh dikatakan membantu Tun kerana sayangkan negara dan diselar kafir harbi oleh agamawan seperti yang berada dalam fikiran Tun, tapi jelas orang Islam tidak memerangi mereka yang patuh pada perjanjian pentadbiran Islam.

    Namun seperti saya katakan beza antara manusia adalah iman dan takwa. Waalupun seburuk buruk pemimpin biarlah bertakwa dan ada iman.

    Jika Malaysia ini bukan negara demokrasi dan tiada pilihanraya, mungkin saya tidak akan bersetuju sama sekali untuk menyokong Tun melawwn kerajaan kleptorasi Najib.

    Biarlah UMNO Najib berkerajaankan Malaysia.

    Adalah sia sia mengatakan saya bukan diktator, saya ada kawan kawan untuk diutamakan. Kerana dikelilingi oleh pejuang pejuang negara?!

    Hipokrasi besar menggunakan atas nama rakyat Malaysia yang tertindas.

    Bila ditubuhkan Tabung Harapan Malaysia, “tengok rakyat Malaysia amat patriotik dan sayangkan negara”….hahahaha…

    Seperti kata Syed Saddiq “jangan percayakan politikus”.

    Ia berkenaan memiliki kuasa, dan terlihat bagaimana seorang tua berumur 92 tahun dikelilingi oleh mereka yang tahu bagaimana mahu menggunakan kuasa.

    Kuasa magik sehinggakan rakyat Malaysia bersetuju menderma duit mereka demi negara.

  190. musato Jun 2,2018 9:42 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sudah tentu saya berceritakan mengenai kenyataan Tun berkenaan JAKIM.

    Dua hari lepas saya tertengok satu video perdebatan antara zamihan dengan Dr Maslee, bakal menteri pendidikan Tun.

    Pasti zamihan dengan karakternya yang cepat panas. Saya juga tahu dia pernah mengutuk Tun dan memberi pendapat pendapat yang kedengaran keras.

    Tapi saya fikir menteri pendidikan Tun tidak setanding pengetahuan yang ada pada zamihan.

    Maka saya tidak dapat melihat Tun akan melakukan perubahan pada agama Islam yang mengikut Al Quran dan Hadith sahih seperti yang Tun idamkan.

    Apa yang Tun idamkan, saya tidak tahu bagaimana bentuk acuannya.

    Sekiranya idaman Islam itu adalah berdasarkan kenyataan Tun berkenaan JAKIM, maka saya kecewa, walaupun selepas ini JAKIM tetap ada.

    Saya tidak akan berada selamamya di sini untuk mengkaji dan mengkritik serta mencari kelemahan pentadbiran Tun untuk diperbetulkan.

    Saya tidak berada dalam keadaan yang sepatutnya.

    Kita berjuang dari tiada kuasa kepada mendapatkan kuasa dengan menjatuhkan kerajaan yang berkuasa penuh hanya dengan menggunakan pengaruh pada nama Tun Mahathir. Tidak lebih dari itu.

    Pada saya itulah bukti politik Islam sebenar walaupun ianya bukan datang dari usaha diri saya melainkan dari usaha Tun bertungkus lumus setiap hari.

    Ia adalah pelik, apabila diri sendiri bersifat tegas dan mahukan pada pengembangan kebaikan tetapi apabila tiba pada bahagian agama, TIADA SESIAPA PATUT JADI SEPERTI SAYA.

  191. Sri Sense Jun 2,2018 12:11 AM



    Pernah satu masa my hubby tanya I “You ada kawan qualified translator?” I jawab ada. Sebab I dulu memang biasa guna their services, translation dari English to Malay, satu buku tebal dan juga speeches.

    I nasihatkan hubby untuk guna google atau bing translation sebab hanya beberapa helai saja yang perlu diterjemah. What more, dia tau the product so well and business dia bukan lah besar, boleh cut cost.

    Usually translator akan buat direct translation, so kenalah kita sendiri atur semula ayat2 tersebut. Sebenarnya tidak banyak beza translator orang atau computer. Yang penting kena tau your product well baru boleh jalan.

    Bab agama, terjemahan boleh didapati dikedai2 buku agama, kalau diShah Alam, PKNS ada kedai buku yang khusus jual buku2 ini. Kalau orang biasa dengan PKNS, bab2 agama ini senang cari disini. Kalau musim raya jangan cakaplah sentiasa penuh dengan barang2 persiapan hari raya. Nak apa, semua ada. Nak cari baju sekolah agama pun ada. PKNS memang terkenal sebagai the Malay Bazar, so tourist selalu tak minat tempat gini unless you tourist Islam.

    Online pun boleh, boleh buat comparison terjemahan yang diberi antara satu site dengan site yang lain.

    Just my common sense.


  192. jihad Jun 1,2018 11:52 PM

    suatu ketika dulu, ada satu ‘pihak’ (saya tidak akan menyebut ‘bangsa’ sebab saya tidak selesa untuk menyebutkan demikian) yang dominan menguasai ekonomi dan ada satu pihak lagi yang menguasai politik. Pihak yang menguasai ekonomi itu telah mencuba banyak kali untuk memenangi PRU dengan kekuatan ekonomi mereka tetapi tidak berjaya. Akhirnya mereka menganalisis dan dapati bahawa mereka tidak boleh membeli jiwa Melayu yang tulen itu dengan kekuatan wang ringgit atau kekuasaan ekonomi. Kalau berjaya pun dengan nisbah yang kecil sahaja.

    Mereka akhirnya menyedari perlu memecahkan pihak yang menguasai politik itu kepada beberapa kelompok. Semakin banyak kelompok yang dipecahkan maka semakin kecil kekuatan politik pihak itu. jadi kita lihat hari ini, umno yang dulunya menunjangi perjuangan orang Melayu secara tulen akhirnya dipecahkan kepada beberapa kelompok kecil. Sebelumnya ia berpecah dua lantaran atas nama perjuangan Bangsa dan perjuangan Agama. Kini ia berpecah atas idealogi politik yang berbeza.

    Saya bukanlah seorang bijak politik tapi tetap mengesan berlaku perpecahan keahlian orang Melayu dari sudut kepartian dengan jumlah majoriti suatu masa dulu kepada minoriti. Kita ada Umno yg signifikan milik Melayu kemudian Pas yg sinonim Islam. Kemudian pihak ini berpecah lagi menjadi PKR, Amanah dan Peribumi malah ada segelintir di dalam DAP. Apakah kita fikir Tun M tidak terfikirkan tentang ini dan tidak mempunyai sebarang perancangan? Dan adakah pimpinan Umno juga tidak terfikirkan tentang ini? ketahuilah saya yakin mereka tidak terlepas pandang. Cuma saya tidak tahu apakah bentuk tindakan mereka?

    Bercakap sebagai seorang Melayu, saya kira kita tidak boleh bergantung hanya kepada kedaulatan prerogatif yang mempertahankan Perlembagaan Persekutuan (Perkara 151, 153 dan 181). Berapa banyak pun pecahan demi pecahan yang mungkin bakal terjadi hasil mainan pihak yg menguasai ekonomi tersebut, harus kita sedari…Melayu dan Islam itu tidak sepatutnya dipecahkan atas nama parti. Saya cukup terkesan, andainya mereka yakin dengan kekuatan mereka nanti..jika mereka bergabung atas nama bangsa…mungkin mereka akan menguasai kedua-dua antara ekonomi dan politik. Di mana kita atau tepatnya anak2 kita ketika itu? Tanpa sebarang keistimewaan, kita umpama menumpang di bumi sendiri. Jangan sampai Palestein wujud di bumi Malaysia pula. Mungkin telah tiba masanya Umno perlu berdikari pada PRU akan datang. Saya rasa ini lebih tulen dari sebelumnya

  193. Hajar Jun 1,2018 8:32 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk ulas isu mengenai Ayat 256 (sebahagian), Surah Al-Baqarah yang Tun ada guna semasa menjawab soalan berkenaan JAKIM baru-baru ini:

    1. Saya berikan terjemahan Firman Allah SWT untuk Al-Baqarah, Ayat 256:-

    Sahih International (2:256)

    There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.”

    Terjemahan dalam BM: “Tidak ada paksaan dalam (untuk memasuki) agama (Islam); sesungguhnya telah jelas jalan yang benar daripada jalan yang sesat. Kerana itu barangsiapa yang ingkar kepada Thaghut dan beriman kepada Allah, maka sesungguhnya ia telah berpegang kepada buhul tali yang amat kuat yang tidak akan putus. Dan Allah Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui.”

    2. Saya lihat Tun buat kenyataan yang amat mengelirukan. Memang “tiada paksaan untuk orang kafir untuk masuk (memeluk agama Islam) Islam”, tetapi bagi seseorang yang beragama Islam, dia mesti mematuhi segala ajaran Islam dan tidak ingkar atau melawan jika dikenakan tindakan. Lagi satu, keseluruhan ayat 256 mesti dibaca kerana berkaitan.

    3. Orang kafir juga tidak boleh dipaksa untuk lakukan apa yang wajib ke atas umat Islam seperti bersolat, berpuasa, berzakat, etc. (tiada paksaan).

    4. Contohnya, orang kafir (bukan Islam) TIDAK DIPAKSA untuk berpuasa, tetapi seorang Islam mesti atau wajib berpuasa. Jika ingkar, dan makan pula di khalayak ramai, sudah tentu pihak berkuasa boleh mengambil tindakan. Takkanlah ini ditafsir sebagai kejam. Ketegasan tidak sama dengan kekejaman.

    5. Tetapi, orang kafir bebas untuk makan di khalayak ramai di bulan Ramadhan. Ini yang dimaksudkan dengan ayat “tiada paksaan dalam agama”. Ayat ini ditujukan kepada orang kafir, dan tidak boleh diambil sebagai rujukan untuk tidak mengambil tindakan terhadap orang Islam yang ingkar dengan ajaran Islam. Mungkin cara bertindak perlu lebih berhemah. Tetapi kalau sudah dimaki hamun, mungkin pegawai penguatkuasa pun boleh hilang sabar.

    6. Saya harap Tun (PH) tidak akan bubarkan JAKIM, dan tidak menukar apa-apa objektif asal penubuhannya yang semestinya mahu yang terbaik dalam memartabatkan Islam di Malaysia. Jika Tun sentuh JAKIM, Tun (PH) akan menerima kesannya pada PRU15. Saya nampak JAKIM sekadar melaksanakan apa yang baik untuk Islam. Jika adapun kesilapan yang dilakukan, mungkin lebih kepada pendekatan (cara) sesetengah pegawai dalam menjalankan tugas masing-masing.

    7. Tun janganlah terpengaruh dengan golongan ISLAM LIBERAL yang turut memperjuangkan fahaman PLURALISME (agama) di mana mereka menyamakan semua agama (mendakwa bahawa semua agama sama). Fahaman (pluralisme agama) ini memang amat sesat lagi menyesatkan. Mana mungkin Islam sama dengan agama-agama lain. Umat Islam mengucap dua kalimah Syahadah, bersolat 5 waktu setiap hari, berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan, berzakat, dan mengerjakan ibadah Haji (kepada yang mampu). Jika sama, apa kata penganut2 agama lain turut sama amalkan apa yang umat Islam amalkan? Bolehkah? Umat Islam juga percaya kepada RUKUN IMAN. Adakah penganut2 agama lain turut berpegang kepada rukun iman umat Islam?

    8. Apa pun saya harap Tun fikirkanlah, dan kaji makna sebenar ayat 2:256 (Al-Baqarah) dengan lebih mendalam. Mohon Tun dapatkan pandangan para ulama/ahli tafsir yang muktabar. Apa pun tanggapan sesetengah orang terhadap alim ulama, ramai antara mereka ikhlas untuk menyampaikan yang benar. Saya minta maaf jika teguran dan pendapat saya menyinggung perasaan Tun.

    Selamat menyambut Nuzul Al-Quran kepada semua umat Islam.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  194. milshah Jun 1,2018 11:45 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa dan selamat pagi Jumaat. Selalunya setiap kali bulan Ramadhan saya akan kurangkan aktiviti menulis di blog Tun, tetapi kali ini saya buat pengecualian.

    Sekarang Tun telah menjadi Perdana Menteri kami semula. Alhamdulillah. Kalau dahulu saya rasakan Malaysia menuju ke arah negara gagal, sekarang nampak Malaysia sedang mengembalikan kegemilangan dahulu, malah lebih hebat lagi.

    Saya percaya di bawah pimpinan Tun, Malaysia akan berjaya, menjadi gemilang dan terbilang. Saya tidak banyak komen mengenai tindakan-tindakan kerajaan Tun, sebab saya mahu beri ruang kepada Tun dan barisan menteri-menteri untuk melaksakan tugas maha berat ini, memimpin negara dan rakyat dari kerosakan yang dilakukan Najib sebelum ini.

    Cuma saya harap Tun akan ingat perjalanan Tun dalam menjadi Perdana Menteri buat kali ke-2. Sesungguhnya iainya pengalaman yang amat berharga. Ketika rakyat menderita dan negara dilanda bala kleptokrasi, tiada seorang pun pemimpin yang datang membela rakyat. Adala Tan Sri Muhyiddin dan Dato’ Seri Syafie, itupun dipecat. Di mana MACC? Di Mana AG? Di mana Bank Negara? Di mana media-media massa? Di mana Majlis Raja-Raja? Majlis Raja-raja berkata mereka ada cakap berkenaan 1MDB pada tahun 2015. Sekarang dah 2018, bagaimana pula 2016 dan 2017? Di mana MT UMNO? Di mana Parlimen? Walaupun Najib sangat berkuasa sebagai Perdana Menteri ketika itu, bukankah institusi-institusi inilah yang WAJIB membela rakyat walau berkuasa mana pun Najib? Kalau tidak membantu pun satu hal, tetapi membantu Najib, lagilah rakyat kecewa.

    Dalam rakyat mencari-cari arah kepada siapakah mereka boleh adu dan membela nasib mereka, datanglah seorang tua berusia 93 tahun datang membantu. (Sebak saya ketika menulis ini). Orang tua 93 tahun inilah yang dicaci sebagai tua nyanyuk, pengkhianat bangsa, baling gelas kaca tak pecah yang datang membantu rakyat. Terima kasih Tun. Allah jualah yang dapat membalas jasa Tun.

    Di samping Tun, tidak lupa juga jasa Dato’ Seri Anwar dan Kak Wan (PKR), Lim Kit Siang dan Lim Guan Eng (DAP), Mat Sabu (Amanah)dan Tan Sri Muhyiddin (PPBM) dan Dato Seri Syafie (Warisan). Kebanyakan mereka ini pernah menjadi musuh politik Tun selama beberapa dekad. Tetapi atas semangat selamatkan Malaysia, mereka lupakan sengketa lama dan bersatu dengan Tun menentang rejim Najib. Bukanlah perkara mudah untuk mereka lupakan sengketa lama, tetapi mereka ketepikan semua itu, bahkan naikkan Tun menjadi calon Perdana Menteri mereka.

    Walaupun mereka dicucuk oleh penyokong-penyokong mereka untuk tidak sokong Tun, contohnya penyokong PKR, DAP, Amanah bahkan dari PPBM juga. Penyokong PPBM kata jangan bersahabat dengan PKR dan DAP. Begitu juga penyokong PKR dan DAP berkata jangan bersahabat dengan PPBM. There are so many reasons for this Pakatan Harapan to disintergrate.

    Tetapi alhamdulillah Dato Seri Anwar, Kak Wan, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng dan Mat Sabu masih tegas dan buat keputusan untuk bergabung dengan Tun, malah angkat Tun sebagai Perdana Menteri. Inilah jasa besar mereka kepada negara.

    Kalau boleh berilah mereka-mereka ini gelaran “Tun”, sebab mereka selayaknya dapat. Di kala insititusi-instusi lain yang wajib bela rakyat gagal, merekalah yang datang membantu walaupun mereka boleh sangat untuk tidak membantu.

    Sekarang apabila Pakatan Harapan memerintah, masih ada cakap-cakap dari penyokong-penyokong yang boleh memecahkan Pakatan Harapan. Saya harap kepimpinan Pakatan Harapan jangan dengar cakap penyokong-penyokong ini. Mereka tidak bersalah. Mereka hanya melihat dari sudut kaca mata mereka sahaja dan bukan “the big picture.

    Stay the course. Bersatu. Pulihkan negara kita.

    PS : Kalau boleh Tun buatlah memoir buku “Doctor in the House” v2.0. Tentulah menarik untuk dibaca dan dipelajari oleh rakyat Malaysia dan generasi-generasi akan datang.

  195. Sri Sense Jun 1,2018 6:51 AM

    Good Morning all!


    Tahun ini nampaknya ada mood nak raya. Pasaraya besar dipenuhi dengan pengunjung Melayu, dan tidak ketinggalan kaum Cina juga turut shopping nak raya sama. Celebration mood tu jelas kelihatan. I balik kampong terasa mood raya. Kampong I Subang Jaya bukan jauh sangat. Tinggal sini puluhan tahun yang lampau so dah pindah ini kampong I la.

    I jalan2 Shah Alam, capital of Selangor, ramai juga orang nak beraya. I bet lagi seminggu nak raya lagi ramai. Tak berani la nak pergi kawasan SACC Mall, PKNS 🙂

    Bila cerita balik kampong, nak sembang pasal mengundi. Me and hubby dah tukar alamat kat pejabat pendaftaran, setahun lebih yang lalu, so IC memang alamat baru tapi last election kami masih mengundi di kampong. Nasib kami check online sebelum pergi. Yang menjadi pelik tu kenapa kat IC dah alamat lain, tapi part mengundi kena tempat lama.

    Yes true true IMDB not that important. Tun dah ada team yang berwibawa seperti kawan lama Tun Daim, bekas Governor Bank Negara Zeti dalamnya. From my experience countries yang amalkan anti money laudering act, bila mana ada politician atau countries yang high risk etc letak duit ditempat mereka, mereka akan raise a red flag, dalam diam diam.

    With Zeti there, I’m pretty sure mudah diurus dengan National banks negara2 tersebut untuk membawa duit pulang dengan smooth and easy.

    Just common sense!

  196. kasturi tuah May 31,2018 11:55 PM














  197. musato May 31,2018 11:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yup kak sri sense. Goodbye HBT456.

    Tapi esok HBT mesti tulis lagi, sebab rindu kat kitaorang😊

    Selepas pilihanraya ni, tak banyak sangat saya nak tulis. Kecuali cuba jawab soalan keraguan pada yang sudi baca tulisan saya ni.

    Kaum wanita amat aktif dalam perbincangan mengenai keadaan politik negara.

    Terutamanya mengenai keraguan pada Anwar Ibrahim.

    Sebenarnya saya tidak terkejut tentang kemenangan PH dalam PRU14. Cuma saya tergamam sebab saya pernah kata pasukan saya tidak pernah kalah. Apa yang sebenar benarnya bila ia ternyata satu kenyataan?

    Begitu juga bila biras saya tanyakan boleh ker PH menang? Saya jawab kalau saya masuk campur biasanya menang. Saya juga cuba menentukan siapa PM ke 7 Malaysia ketika itu. InsyaAllah. Kemudian Alhamdulillah.

    Penentuan siapa PM ke 7 perlu dilakukan bagi mengekalkan rentak kebangkitan serta survival bangsa Melayu dan Malaysia.

    Seperti saya tulis sebelum ni bagi yang mengikuti. Saya terlibat secara langsung dalam menentukan gerakan taktikal Tun M bagi menjatuhkan Najib Razak serta kerajaan BN apabila kelihatan terlalu ramai penyokong kepada kerajaan kleptorasi itu.

    Antaranya melibatkan persahabatan kembali antara Tun M dan Anwar. Seperti Tun M kata, Bersatu tidak boleh berseorangan untuk menjayakan kemenangan menjatuhkan kerajaan Najib.

    Walaubagaimanapun, perjanjian dalaman yang berlaku tidaklah saya ketahui. Namun perjanjian ini diberitahu kepada umum.

    Iaitu Tun M dicalonkan jadi PM. Wan Azizah jadi TPM dan Anwar Ibrahim jadi PM selepas Tun M.

    Dan lambang PKR terpaksa digunakan apabila logo PH tidak diluluskan.

    Isu lambang ini saya sudah duga akan mengakibatkan kekalahan di Terengganu dan Kelantan. Orang di sana akan menolak Anwar Ibrahim.

    Mungkin atas banyak faktor faktor lain yang saya tak tahu dalam perbincangan, saya kira okeylah guna lambang PKR.

    Lagipun, Bersatu walau telah dicuba untuk dibubarkan, ia cuma adalah perisai untuk Tun M semasa gerakan tersebut. Dan sekarang Bersatu telah pun disahkan penubuhannya secara rasmi.

    Namun jelas bahawa pemilihan kawasan bertanding bagi calon Bersatu adalah sengit jika dibandingkan dengan calon bertanding PKR.

    Walaubagaimanapub, itulah tolak ansur dan perjanjian yang telah dibuat untuk membentuk kerjasama dalam pakatan.

    Kerajaan kleptorasi Najib telah berjaya ditumbangkan dan Tun M telah menjadi PM ke 7.

    Maka janji janji tersebut perlu ditunaikan. InsyaAllah survival Melayu juga akan terjaga.

    Sekarang adalah masa untuk Tun M membersihkan masalah kerajaan kleptorasi yang Najib telah lakukan.

    Tun M telah lalui sesuatu keadaan yang tidak pernah Tun rasai selama 22 tahun mentadbir yang lalu.

    Saya harap semoga Tun M dapat melakukan perubahan yang sepatutnya berlaku berdasarkan pengalaman tersebut.

    Sudah tentu seorang PM tidak dapat lagi menulis apa masalah yang berlaku di sini.

    Begitu juga rakyat jelata.

    Jika diizinkan Allah swt. Anwar Ibrahim akan menggantikan Tun M selepas 2,3 tahun nanti. Satu janji yang telah dimeterai bagi menjatuhkan kerajaan kleptorasi Najib.

    Ia telah berjaya dilakukan dan janji akan ditunaikan.

    Mungkin ia kelihatan menangguk di air keroh seperti kebanyakkan orang fikir. Namun itulah janji Tun.

    TAPI jangan lupa itu bukan janji saya. Saya tidak masuk campur dalam menentukan PM ke 8 Malaysia.

    Saya cuma masuk campur dalam menentukan siapa PM ke 7 Malaysia sahaja. PM ke 6 pun saya tak cuba tentukan siapa setelah usaha supaya PM ke 5 letak jawatan.

    Walau bagaimanapun, berlapang dadalah. Terimalah seadanya.

    Saya mengaku ia telah dirancang dan diusahakan supaya Malaysia selamat dari kerajaan kleptorasi Najib yang terbesar dan paling bersejarah dalam dunia.

    Demi negara yang tercinta. Semoga Allah swt terus memelihara Malaysia.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  198. Haji Abd Shukor May 31,2018 10:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir. Semoga sihat sejahtera sentiasa. Saya Hj Abd Shukor bin Sulaiman daripada simpang renggam. Tujuan tol untuk menyenangkan dan memudahkan rakyat.janganlah hapuskan tol utara selatan. Ini kerana apabila dihapuskan tol utara selatan contohnya di tol kulai senai, jalan ditebuk sana sini dan banyak lampu isyarat yang hanya untuk pembangunan.selain itu sekiranya tol dihapuskan, kita akan lambat sampai ke destinasi. Cuma saya minta agar kerajaan menurunkan kadar tol dan lorong ditambah daripada Melaka ke johor bahru.Hiduplah Harapan Baharu.Berjayalah untuk negara. Sekian terima kasih.

  199. RKP41 May 31,2018 9:54 PM

    Congratulations to all of us, the simple ordinary citizens (some of whom like me were senior citizens), who braved the hot weather and long queues to cast our precious votes on 9 May 2018. We have finally done it! We removed a government which was causing us so many problems, by voting for a change. Even better, we did it without any violence or bloodshed, for which we should all be proud. We, the people, have spoken, and now we can proudly say that Malaysia is a truly democratic country, like the UK, India and Canada. We have certainly climbed the ladder of respectability and our rakyat behaved in a very civilized way compared to those of certain other nations. We all deserve a good pat on the back!

    That being over, a new dawn begins….

    The long-awaited GE-14 has come and gone more than two weeks have flown past, and we still have not seen the formation of a full cabinet, while Parliament is yet to be convened, nor has a speaker been identified. Senate issues are also far from resolved, as ours is a Parliamentary democracy and not a Presidential system. We want to see elected representatives, who hold our mandate, playing an important role in shaping the future of our country.

    Instead, we see various committees formed, some of whose members are so-called patriots who did nothing when they were in a position to rectify or condemn earlier misdoings. Sadly, the deafening silence over the years has eroded the conscience and moral values of our country.
    We are all aware of the 1MDB scandal. People who were obviously involved with 1MDB have been identified and grounded, bank accounts frozen, etc. Further investigation into this matter should be left to the appropriate authorities; there is no need to have committees looking into this. Of course, examples must be set, and the miscreants brought to justice. People who have a thorough understanding of the issues involved, e.g. Tony Pua, Rafizi, Tian Chua, Maria Chin should be asked by the authorities to assist in the investigation. These people were the backbone of the struggle for change took to the streets protesting and they sacrificed a lot by speaking out against the previous administration. Thus, these are the people who would be most qualified in making things right.

    However, there is no need to waste too much time on this as there are more pertinent issues at hand, such as getting on with governance. Basically, it all comes down to two issues. One: check and bring to justice the people who have committed wrongs in the previous government. Two: get going with the business of good governance. At present we seem to be concentrating on the first, and not making much progress on the second. So many statements have been made which appear to show that nothing is right in this country. This has affected the stock market and brought alarming reactions from foreign countries/markets. Let the investigations go on and bring to book the offenders. It is easy to blame everything on the past. Surely there must be a decent and discreet way to get things put in order without too much fanfare. One should also bear in mind that many of the people who were involved in wrong doing are still in power now.

    So, my dear Tun, 1MDB is not the most urgent thing on your agenda. The people are waiting. We may have great hopes, but we certainly do not expect a miracle from you within 100 days. We can wait a little longer, as long as we are on a path to glory! You have sacrificed a great deal to come out of retirement to set things in order but do remember as you yourself has said “ Malaysians forget very fast”. Hopefully you you are not made the scapegoat if things do not go well as there are many, many hidden forces you have to deal with. I have the greatest respect for you and hope your legacy will remain untarnished in the annals of Malaysian History as A MAN WHO CAME BACK TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM DOOM.

    Thank you, Yang Berhormat Tun.

    God Bless Malaysia!

  200. musato May 31,2018 2:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya harap Tun tidak membuat kesilapan dalam memahami Islam.

    Ulama ulama juga manusia biasa. Masing masing punyai karakter dan tinglah laku seperti ahli politik yang lain.

    Manusia hanya dibezakan oleh iman dan takwa.

    Yang menjadi permasalahan utama di Malaysia adalah politik agama.

    Bila sebut Islam orang ingat Islam itu PAS. Itulah masalah utama.

    Apabila sesuatu perkara besar berlaku di Malaysia, ulama tulen yang berilmu dilarang memberi komen. Malah jika diberikan komen dengan menggunakan ilmu pengetahuan yang tulen sekalipun, ia akan disalahertikan sebagai politik agama.

    Cubalah Tun fahami isi kandungan yang cuba disampaikan oleh ulama yg bukan PAS seperti mana Tun mahu PAS dengar pendapat Tun.

    Harap bukan sebab Tum jadi PM, ulama yang bersidang diam membatu bersetuju tanpa bantahan kerana amalkan Al Quran yang melarang bertegang urat walaupun dalam perkara benar.

    Terima kasih Tub.

  201. akulamd May 31,2018 12:52 PM

    Salam Tun dan selamat berpuasa.

    pada dasarnya saya bersetuju dengan pembatalan HSR.. dari segi kos dan pengunaannya nnt tidak justify utk diteruskan.

    Pada pandangan saya.. jumlah penduduk singapore bukan ramai mana pun utk guna HSR tu nanti…byk alternatif pengangkutan lain yg lebih bernilai..sudahnya nnt mungkin akan jadi project gajah putih.. klu najib kata kegiatan ekonomi nak diransang..byk cara lain lg.. sistem pengangkutan yang laju hanya bahagian yg kecil.. kita kena ingat teknologi komunikasi telah jauh berkembang maju.. sidang video dan big data computing telah banyak memudahkan urusan.. tak perlu lagi utk seseorang bergerak kesesuatu tempat utk menyelesaikan urusannya.

    Apa yang kita perlu adalah sistem yang boleh mengerakkan barang secara pukal dlm masa yang singkat.. HSR bukannya dicipta utk mengerakkan sesuatu secara pukal atau bersekala besar… adalah lebih baik perbelanjaan itu digunakan utk mempertingkatkan system rel dan keretapi agar dapat digunakan untuk mengerakkan barang2 dlm sekala yang besar.Highway kita dah semakin sesak..lori2 yang bergerak perlahan adalah punca highway tak mencapai pengunaan maksima. kerajaan kena buat dasar agar barang2 diangkut mengunakan keretapi.. kurangkan lori2 di atas lebuhraya.. jalan raya akan lebih selamat.. alam sekitar juga terjaga dari pencemaran asap lori diesel

    Singapore telah membina sistem pelabuhan yang bersaiz mega.. mungkin kita boleh berbincang secara baik utk saling melengkapi..sistem pengangkutan keretapi lebih cekap penggunaan tenaga berbanding lori kerana keretapi kurang daya geseran pada rodanya..itu juga fakta yang kena fikir secara bijaksana.

    lagi satu perkara yang kita kena pertimbangkan,,jarak keseluruh sistem HSR yang dicadangkan cuma 300km++…dengan kelajuan maksima HSR seperti di negara japan iaitu sekitar 300-400km per hr.. belum capai kelajuan maksima dah nak berhenti di setiap stesen.. so membazir tenaga kenetik yg dijana.. jika rancangan laluan terus sampai ke negara China 3000-5000km.. baru justify utk kelajuan 300-400 km per jam.

    bagi saya utk jarak stesen seperti yang dicadangkan kelajuan keretapi letrik i.e 100-150km/per hrs dah memadai. so baik tingkatkan kekerapan dan panjangkan laluan ETS yg dah ada sekarang

    sekian pendapat saya.. semoga mendapat perhatian kerajaan

  202. musato May 31,2018 11:48 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Berkenaan hal ehwal Islam.

    Tun selalu sebut usahalah yang mengubah sesuatu kaum dan dalam Islam tidak ada paksaan.

    Ini semua Tun dapat dari Al Quran.

    Semalam dalam tv Tun kata Islam tidak bersifat keras dan zalim. Itu saya setuju.

    NAMUN saya ingin membawa Tun kepada satu metafora lebih lebih lagi dengar kata Tun ini boleh baling satu batu untuk 2 burung.

    Bagaiman jika saya katakan bahawa Allah itu ‘zalim dan bersifat keras’ pada Tun.

    Adakah Tun masih akan mengatakan bahawa Islam itu ‘tidak keras dan zalim’?

    Semoga Tun dapat berfikir sejenak.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  203. Sri Sense May 31,2018 11:24 AM

    Good morning!

    Wow HBT saying goodbye to chedet, after all these years?!!?

    I also don’t have much time, as I said earlier sini cuma sembang percuma, I am not planning any campaign, proposal or whatsoever for anyone, just my personal views as rakyat and the things I’m familiar with.

    Yup dulu Tun M ex-PM, sekarang Tun M dah PM, hmmm…nak mintak duit raya dengan Tun la! 🙂

  204. tamchi May 31,2018 9:30 AM

    Tabung HarapanMalaysia

    SerbaSedikit sumbangan, Alhamdulillah,
    EsokEsok ada rezeki lagi, insyaAllah,

    Keranamu Malaysia

  205. Sri Sense May 31,2018 6:43 AM

    Salam pagi Tun M & semua,

    Baru lepas solat subuh, nak share sikit my thoughts on media.

    BERNAMA seingat I dulu memang terkenal sebagai official Malaysian news, berita dari mereka more to facts bukan di warna warni dengan berbagai warna, for that REUTERS dan several others sering ambil berita dari Bernama. However the old regime juga telah mengambil kesempatan gunakan BERNAMA sebagai tempat menyebarkan propaganda. Sebab itu ramai dah tak percaya Bernama seperti mereka tak percaya TV3.

    Bernama News Channel, if I’m not mistaken hanya ada dalam package cable TV – given free, tidak seperti RTM1 & RTM2 & TV3, dimana kita pasang aje TV arial dah dapat free channels ini tanpa perlu melanggan Astro. Seperti sediakala RTM2 lebih pada Chinese and Indian community, news sememangnya ada dalam bahasa ini.

    Namun gitu RTM1 & RTM2 & TV3 seperti juga Bernama News termasuk dalam package Astro. Selain dari BNC, Astro Awani, ada satu lagi channel news dan documentary berasal dari Negara China CGTN. CGTN – China Global Television Network group, caters for English speaking Chinese all over the world.

    For your info, I tidak melanggang news package tapi yang diatas ini sememangnya included in.

    Kerana tidak melanggan news package I juga tidak dapat tonton Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Bloomberg di Astro! 🙂

  206. tamchi May 30,2018 11:55 PM

    Apa khabar.? Salam sejahtra.!
    Kisah disebar, jom menderma.!

    insyaAllah dari saya..
    ikhlas kehendak,
    Tanah Air ku..MALAYSIA..💜

  207. Sri Sense May 30,2018 10:38 PM

    Good evening!

    We’ve won the general election. Now what’s in store?.

    Broad selloff on Bursa as KLCI sinks over 3%

    KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia suffered a broad sell-off on Wednesday as foreign funds continued to stay cautious over the new government’s reforms while the political turmoil from Italy added more pressure.

    At 5pm, the FBM KLCI was down 56.56 points or 3.18% to 1,719.28 with Maybank, Public Bank, Tenaga and Petronas Chemical being sold off. Turnover on Bursa rose to 3.60 billion shares valued at RM4.45bil. Decliners beat advancers 995 to 148 and 293 counters unchanged.

    The KLCI was at the lowest since Dec 11 last year. This was the worst performance for the KLCI since the Pakatan Harapan coalition scored a victory in the 14th General Election on May 9.


    Stock market data showed foreign funds were net sellers at RM609.2mil but local institutions were net buyers at RM364.1mil and retail investors at RM245.1mil.

    All key Asian markets were in the red with China’s Shanghai Composite Index down 2.53%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index lost 1.4% and the CSU 300 2.12% lower. Singapore’s STI lost 2.12%.

    Reuters reported a modest recovery in Italian stocks failed to lift European equities more broadly on Wednesday as investors mulled the possibility of a new Italian election as early as July.

    The pan-European STOXX 600 index was down 0.2% by 0842 GMT, while Germany’s DAX rose 0.1%.

    Major Italian parties called for a new election in July as last-minute efforts to form a government showed little sign of succeeding on Wednesday.

    At Bursa, Gamuda hit limit-down earlier after the scrapping of a mega infrastructure project. It was down 95 sen to RM3.18 with 32.82 million shares done.

    Maybank fell 43 sen to RM9.57 and wiped out 8.45 poiunts from the KLCI. Public Bank fell 92 sen to RM23.98 and erased 6.41 points while CIMB lost 16 sen to RM5.90.

    Despite the stronger results, Hong Leong Bank fell 34 sen to RM18.60 and wiped out 1.32 points. HLFG lost 32 sen to RM18.50, AmBank 13 sen to RM3.52 amd RHB Bank nine sen to RM5.29.

    Tenaga lost 64 sen to RM14.14 and erased 6.52 points, MISC lost 44 sen to RM5.35 while Genting was down 28 sen to RM8.60 and Genting Malaysia 22 sen to RM4.95.

    US light crude oil rose 11 cents to US$66.84 and Brent added three cents to US$75.42.

    Petronas Chemical lost 32 sen to RM7.99, Petronas Has lost 68 sen to RM17.12 but Petronas Dagangan gained eight sen to RM24.90 – the only stock that was in the positive zone out of the 30-stock KLCI.

    As for telcos, Digi lost 19 sen to RM4.25, Axiata 11 sen to RM4.25, Telekom 23 sen to RM3.63 and Maxis shed one sen to RM5.77.

    Crude palm oil for third month delivery rose RM16 to RM2.434 per tonne. IOI Corp shed one sen to RM4.70, PPB Group 10 sen lower at RM19.90 and KL Kepong 14 sen to RM24.92.

    Sime Plantations lost eight sen to RM5.41 and Sime Darby 13 sen lower at RM2.42 while Sime Property lost 21 sen to RM1.15.

    The ringgit fell against several key currencies, down 0.17% to the US dollar at 3.9893 andlost 0.49% to the pound sterling at 5.2959 and slumped 0.75% to the euro at 4.6318. It was 0.51% weaker against the Singapore dollar at 2.9717.

    – StarBiz

  208. HBT456 May 30,2018 9:02 PM

    Later on, mother dialects would be the play cards for the extremists who would take this opportunity to rape, i mean reap, the local chinese population into pieces.

    Ayoyo, mother dialects are phasing out, and the official language for chinese is either mandarin or putonghua for the young generation, and majority of them cannot speak their own dialects.

    Today we have pin yin of chinese characters, google translate and pre-recorded voices of official languages of countries of the world for tourists in the internet, therefore, it is impossible for mother tongue extremists to create impact on this small population chinese.

    Which way to go?

    I have enough say, therefore, it is time to move on.

    Congratulation for being re-elected as the 7th perdana menteri of malaysia.

    I will not contribute my comments anymore as per my promise since as the citizen of this country, i wajib to obey the rule of protocol, that is to respect and accept my perdana menteri as warganegara malaysia.

    I wish you all the best, and may your wishes come true, tun dr mahathir mohammad.

    Once again, thank you so much for allowing me to contribute my thoughts for the past 10 years.

    Eventhough i am not a member of any political parties, but as the warganegara ini, i still can contribute in a very tinnie winnie way, that is ond vote when general election is called.

    Thank you.

  209. HBT456 May 30,2018 8:11 PM

    Only god knows or not, its up to the political parties of the divide to decide.

    When rm was depeg from us dollar and coupled with capital control, we can only par ourshelves with poor and developing countries.

    There is no point crying over spilled milk.

    When you have tried your best, and still cannot do, then, you will know being politicians in this country is very very tough.

    Therefore, do not get angry or frustrated.

    Each mistake made is still the revenue to the country.

    Numbers dont cheat, but politicians cheat, and could be lobbied or pakat behind their leaders and voters to achieve their common goal, that is janji menang.

    Racism, cronism, nepotism and kloctocracy are very much alive in this country, therefore, even if you know the truth, there is nothing you can do.

    I guess they will never feel ashamed because everyone in their circle of influence doing the same thing in this country, therefore, it becomes a norm of acceptance at least to them.

    Do not be too serious in politics.

  210. HBT456 May 30,2018 7:49 PM

    I already said, tdm is a very nice man.

    Those who knows him, knows his style.

    Jika beliau mahu bikin hindi movie, mereka boleh kata kenapa tak boleh?

    I still remember the hollywood movie makers produced air force one with harrison ford as president marshall, but due to alot of critism from the public, i guess no producers are not willing to take such risk again, takut rugi, kena maki and marah.

    Takpalah, in this country, the winner of general election will decide what he wants.

    When syariah lawmakers outnumbered non syariah lawmakers, the best way out is to leave.

    For those who agree to disagree such consensus, they should think hard is this what you want to do do your own race?

    I have nothing to say, therefore, whoever become pm, it wont make any differences.

  211. sibotak May 30,2018 7:31 PM

    Saya berpendapat Jho Low harus di heret pulang bagi memudahkan segala siasatan
    Sebab Jho Low yg memberi nasihat pada Scam 1MDB

    Jika Jho Low benar tidak bersalah
    Beliau pasti masih ada di Malaysia
    Dan tak mungkin Najib tidak tahu dimana beliau

  212. Hajar May 30,2018 5:59 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,


    Trust fund set up for Malaysians to contribute to settle nation’s debt

    “Only donations in ringgit will be accepted.

    THM contributions can be deposited into Maybank account number 566010626452.

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family —

  213. Hajar May 30,2018 5:36 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Thanks Tun M (and other Cabinet members) for setting up TABUNG HARAPAN MALAYSIA for the Rakyat to contribute some money in reducing our gigantic National debts.

    2. The relevant BANK ACCOUNT numbers for depositing the donation should be displayed in this blog.

    3. Hopefully during this Ramadhan Kareem, all of the ‘non-kiasu and non-boastful lot’ would DONATE LOTS of money (including giving back their ‘Bantuan Sara Hidup’) to our country through Tabung Harapan Malaysia (THM).

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family —

  214. danialilias May 30,2018 2:14 PM

    Assalam Tun Mahathir,

    Alhamdulillah syukur kepada Allah kerana masih lagi diberi nikmat kesihatan yang baik dan masih lagi dapat berjuang demi agama,bangsa dan negara tercinta.

    Harapan saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia kepada TUN MAHATHIR dan barisan kepimpinan yang lain ialah sama-sama kita memulihkan negara kita yang tercinta dan berusaha ke arah kebaikan agar kita dapat menikmati nikmat yang bermanfaat dan berjaya di dunia dan akhirat.
    Teruskan perjuangan TUN DR.MAHATHIR.


  215. musato May 30,2018 12:24 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bersesuaian dengan tajuk Perutusan Ramadhan.

    Menjawab pada pertanyaan di mana tempatnya untuk belajar tarekat yang boleh diyakini dan dipercayai?

    Sejujurnya saya kurang atau boleh dikatakan tidak membaca buku berkenaan tarekat atau perbahasan mengenai tasawuf kecuali seperti yang ditulis oleh ustaz ustaz dalam suratkhabar media utama serta buku buku karangan oleh guru yang kita telah kenal namanya seperti SS Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan, sekadar untuk mendapatkan jalan.

    Saya juga tiada kumpulan tarekat.

    Pembacaan terus dari akhbar media utama lebih mudah difahami tanpa ditokoktambah dengan agenda untuk menjawab kritikan dari mereka yang tidak bersetuju dengan tasawuf atau tarekat.

    Oleh itu penerangan yang dinyatakan adalah benar benar ilmu yang tulen yang bukan berdasarkan andaian mahupun reaksi emosi.

    Ia sememangnya mengelirukan jika kita suka membaca berkenaan ilmu tasawuf seperti yang dihebahkan melalui fb ataupun melalui bahasa yang terlalu berbunga bunga dalam buku sehingga tidak difahami maksudnya.

    Maka hasilnya, hanya memeningkan kepala kita dengan perkara yang bukan bukan. Malah mungkin pula kita mengata orang ini orang itu, yang bukan makin membersihkan hati kita tetapi makin merosakkan.

    Satu contoh yang saya baru baru ini baru terfikir ; adalah contohnya Engku Nyak Engku Putih atau nama terkenalnya P.Ramlee

    Jika diselidik pangkat Engku yang asli, itu adalah pangkat kepada keluarga yang dihormati keilmuannya dalam keagamaan.

    Kita bukan bercerita berkenaan pangkat atau keturunan, tetapi lihatlah hidup P.Ramlee.

    Melakonkan filem, sinema? kerjaya yang dipandang hina suatu ketika dulu.

    Tetapi sekarang boleh dikatakan semua filemnya menjadi lagenda tontonan berulangkali tanpa jemu oleh kita bergenerasi.

    Namun dimanakah hasil wang dari titik peluh P.Ramlee?

    Adakah P.Ramlee tidak bersekolah tinggi maka tidak tahu untuk menjaga harta wang ringgitnya atau P.Ramlee memang berniat bersedekah untuk anak cucunya?

    Diceritakan oleh isteri P.Ramlee, apabila ada orang meminta wang darinya, P.Ramlee akan bagi semua apa yang ada dalam poket seluarnya.

    Tidak perlulah kita mengejar apa dilihat hebat pada pandangan kita sedangkan ia milik orang lain sedangkan diri kita sendiri berupaya bersedekah seperti P.Ramlee (lupakan mengenai hal diri kamu sendiri demi untuk hal orang lain).

    Kita suka membaca kisah misteri dan keramah keramah.

    Namun seperti kata P.Ramlee. Orang akan melihat filem filemnya selama 1000 tahun. Bukankah ia juga satu keajaiban dalam bidang sinema? yang tidak memakai jubah dan serban?

    Inti patinya lupakan mengenai kepentingan diri sendiri dalam membantu orang yang memerlukan. Dalam kes P.Ramlee adalah hiburan. Manusia memerlukan hiburan.

    Jangan terlalu taksub pada keagamaan semata mata kerana jalan untuk menuju kepada Allah swt adalah pelbagai mengikut kesukaan dan kesesuaian diri kita.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    Terima kasih.

  216. sibotak May 30,2018 8:36 AM

    Subhanallah , Alhamdullilah
    Tun dan The Hero sudah menyelamatkan Malaysia dari tangan si Puaka
    Pakatan Harapan sudah Menang

    Namun Tun masih bergiat sungguh menyelamatkan Malaysia dari Terhumban di lobang hutang puitang yg di lakukan olih Najib yg tidak bertanggung jawab

    Najib Bukan Pemimpin malah bukan ahli ekonomist
    Najib Pencuri , pencuri Besar Pak , Penyamun , Penyagak, Lebih Lagak drai Buat alah Tin Kosong dan Penipu Besar
    Najib Lied . One Lie after another Lie
    Once a Liar always a Liar
    He and his wife are Gold Digger
    I disrespect both

    Walau saya Racists , Saya tetap akan memilih si Kafir Lim Guan Eng jadi
    PM Malaysia dari Penyagak seperti Najib walau Najib seorang Islam dan Melayu
    Semoga Allah membuka hati Lim untuk menerima Islam

    Walau Tun sudah menang, Tun masih berkerja keras untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia
    Yg sedang dan masih di belengu Hutang yg di Berakkan olih Najib
    Tambahan pembatalan Train yg di janjikan olih Najib dengan Singapura
    Kita dijanjikan untuk membayar 500 million pada Singapura jika di batal
    Mungkin Tun bolih minta penimbangan pada Singapura tidak membayar wang tersebut , lagi Malaysia sudah banyak mengalah , memberi muka pada Singapura dibawah Kebodohan Najib
    Begitu amat mudah Najib memberi wang pada Negara asing sedangkan kita memerlukanya
    Najib , Zahid dan para Dedak beliau masih Angkuh
    Masih tidak mengaku dimana kesalahan mereka
    Masih nak menyalahkan orang lain kononya mereka di Fitnah
    PRU 14 sudah membuktikan segalanya
    Setiap Rakyat sudah Bersuara
    Sultan sudah mengistiharkan nya
    Namun golongan Bongkak ini masih Sombong
    Tun , Saya berharap Tun bagi Kerajaan Malaysia
    Wajib mengambil Tindakan Tegas pada mereka yg Terbabit
    Sita segala Harta mereka di dalam juga di luar Negara

    Saya mengucapkan ribuan Terima Kasih pada Tun
    Walau sudah dinasihatkan Tun supaya Berehat
    Tun masih bersungguh menyelamatkan dan menyelesaikan masalah Malaysia
    Yang dibuat olih Najib yg Tidak Bertanggung Jawab
    Terima Kasih Tun

    We Luv Our PM today
    Tun tak payah nak Print ” We Luv our PM ” macam Najib buat
    Membazirkan duit Rakyat . Seharusnya duit printing yg di buat Najib
    Kita selamatkan Anjing Anjing , Kucing dan binatang lain yg mengharapkan Ikhsan Manusia
    We Luv you Tun Mahathir
    Is printed in Most of Malaysian Heart

    Najib can see
    The Social Media Response Tells it all
    Its only We need to Tell him in his Face
    Maybe , Perhaps He realizes where he stands

  217. HBT456 May 30,2018 8:12 AM

    To the political divides, their short term ultimate objective is to win first, then only do.

    Even when pakatan harapan has won, they too would face the dilenma of what the barisan national had face before, that is to maintain and expand votes to push forward their people’s manifesto, say for another 2 terms.

    Dont forget, mps of the divide could be rigged behind the voters and party leaders.

    Ask yourself, siapakah mereka ini yang tak suka kaya, tak suka senang?

    They said in politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies.

    But, racism is tribalism, and tribalism is racism, and this is universal norm that no one can deny too especially in countries that are still in developing stage.

    Therefore, the possibility of another round of gerrymandering would be pushed through just to stay relevant.

    Even when dsai is chosen by ph to replace tdm in the coming 2 years, ph too will face the same dilenma of what bn faced before.

    Loosing and winning is common, therefore, dont push yourself too hard.

    Of course, the current and appointed winners will do all the talking, and thats how parliamentary democracy works in reality.

    One thing is for sure, when the buck is passed on their table, they would need to react and make statements.

    Politics is only a game of numbers, in this country.

    Can do, you go ahead.

    Cannot do, dont waste time.

    Sweet dreams too would be ended up as nightmare when leaders took the wrong steps.

    Therefore, instead of telling what the winners should do, why not tell yourself what you should do to make this country a better and safer place to live, work and enjoy life?

    Since the dust has settled for the next 5 years, let the winners do what they see fit.

    Silent elegance is still the most commonly accepted and respected universal norm no matter where you are.

  218. HBT456 May 29,2018 11:52 PM

    Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching.

    Which way to go?

    The question may be very tricky.

    When race and religions play cards are on the table, what would be the outcome?

    Kafir vs Liberal?

    It is still come back to chicken and eggs issue.

    Boleh means boleh.

    Tak boleh means tak boleh.

  219. musato May 29,2018 10:16 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Tun dah keluarkan kenyataan pada Anwar (kuncu kuncu Anwar juga patut faham), “beliau perlu bersabar”.

    Jangan ganggu PM nak buat kerja.

    Tak hebat mana pun pesanan dari penjara yang Nurul Izzah duk jaja dalam setiap ceramah politiknya.

    Walaupun sibuk ceramah politik, tapi cakap tu biar berlapik bila masuk kampung orang. Jangan main hentam keromo seolah olah Anwar itu maha hebat.

    Orang undi PH sebab Tun Mahathir. Bukan sebab pesanan dari penjara pun.

    Sabar. Tak lari gunung dikejar jika itu rezekinya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  220. HBT456 May 29,2018 8:19 PM

    Of course hsr is not viable for the kiasu and boastful lot.

    Later on, ecrl also not viable for the kiasu and boastful lot.

    For those who think the people should be grateful for them to lead, they will be history gradually and slowly.

    PH has 5 years to go, and what are the political, economical and social impact could they bring?

    What comes around goes around as karma speaks itself?

    New dawn with 2 political coalition competing to retain and expanding votes in parliamentary democracy a better choice for a small population country with huge land reserves like malaysia and make her the better place to live, work and enjoy?

    Truth shall and will prevail, it is just only a matter of time.

    When absolute power starts to corrupt, rule of law is better off or rule of man is better off?

    No one knows as long as the tide is not off.

    Good luck, and thank you to both of the coalition in making this country a better and safer place to live.

  221. Hajar May 29,2018 5:39 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Bravo Tun for scrapping the HSR project! It’s NOT VIABLE.

    Furthermore, the project would only benefit Singaporeans (Singapore) a lot while Malaysians only ‘gigit jari’. Too expensive!

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family —

  222. Idea May 29,2018 4:24 PM

    Yang Amat Berhormat Tun,

    Semoga sentiasa berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera. Selamat berpuasa.

    1. Terima kasih kerana telah mengambil langkah untuk memperbetulkan keadaan negara. Sememangnya ia adalah langkah yang penuh cabaran, bermula daripada penarikan diri daripada keahlian parti terdahulu sehinggalah memperoleh kemenangan dalam PRU14.

    2. Negara ini telah mencapai kematangan berdemokrasi. Semua pihak telah bertindak dengan rasional dalam pilihan raya baru-baru ini, termasuklah mereka yang tewas. Salah satu ciri yang digambarkan dalam Wawasan 2020 telah berjaya dicapai. Kita kini berada dalam acuan Malaysia baharu.


    3. Dalam menangani ketirisan projek-projek pembangunan seperti 1MDB dan ECRL, perbelanjaan kerajaan yang lain seperti pembangunan sumber manusia tidak sepatutnya dijejaskan. Ini kerana negara kita pada masa ini bukanlah berada dalam kegawatan ekonomi yang memberi impak negatif terhadap setiap aspek. Petunjuk-petunjuk ekonomi yang ada, walaupun telah sedikit sebanyak dimanupulasi, tidak menggambarkan keadaan kegawatan ekonomi.

  223. musato May 29,2018 1:01 PM

    Assalamulaikum Tun.

    Yup Sri Sense.

    BN pun boleh tumbang dalam tempoh masa 1 tahun 7 bulan.

    Pak Lah letak jawatan dalam tempoh hampir 1 tahun.

    Dan bagaimana Anwar Ibrahim berani mengatakan bahawa dirinya yang tiada kuasa apa apa pun pasti akan jadi PM ganti Tun Mahathir dengan jarak masa 2 tahun yang ada ini sedangkan Najib yang berkuasa penuh pun boleh tumbang?

    Maaf. Anwar tidak mengatakannya. Tapi melalui political mileage beliau berusaha ke arah itu, walau dakwat hitam di jari masih belum hilang.

    Lebih lebih lagi menggunakan nama Tun sambil pukul dari belakang seperti dulu dulu? Adakah beliau fikir advisor Tun tidak suci dalam debu seperti nyanyian Salem Iklim?

    Saya ambil maklum degan kenyataan Tun Daim.

    Begitu juga kenyataan kenyataan Rafizi, MP Indera Mahkota, Nurul Izzah.

    Dalam dialog 501, jelas MP Indera Mahkota sengih sinis apabila menjawab Tun nak ambil tahu semua desakan MP dan (rakyat biasa)? dan lepaskan cadangan untuk ambil portfolio Menteri Pendidikan.

    Nampak lagaknya, itu bukan satu bentuk pengorbanan dari diri Tun pada gesture MP Indera Mahkota.

    Yup Sri Sense.

    PKR dikatakan parti anak beranak.

    Tapi saya mahu beritahu Tun. PKR adalah satu kultus. Kultus yang taksub pada ketuanya. Lebih lebih lagi PKR dikatakan menang banyak kerusi pada PRU14.

    Take care.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  224. musato May 29,2018 12:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya sukacita dengan pencegahan yang dilakukan.

  225. Sri Sense May 29,2018 11:34 AM

    Salam Tun

    Ada kawan minta sampaikan, Rafizi kata bukan faktor Tun M tapi GST, kos of food membuat PH menang election. So member ini kata tak ada la faktor DSAI juga. Seriously, I wish this Rafizi just shutup, dulu I admire dia now dah meluat. It started dengan dia kecuh Tun M appointed cabinet members then KYY heboh pasal dia ambik duit bermillion2 dari KYY dan kawan2. I terus hilang respect for this guy. Bukan apa Tun, I bukan tak biasa dengan orang politik, I tau pasal duit ini, tapi cara Rafizi sejak akhir2 ini memang mengecewakan dan memalukan.

    Lagi satu my advise untuk politician, jangan terlalu dikeliling dengan kaki bodek. Kaki bodek selalu tak reti buat kerja. I dapat tau advisor2 BN dan mula masuk kem kem PH. Think carefully guys, BN pun boleh jatuh, jangan ingat ada mereka disisi you all, you akan sejahtera.

    Musato, yup sebenarnya ramai orang Melayu masih was was walau dah ada pengampunan dari Agong. Walau Anwar claimed dia dah suci bersih namun kami masih was was. Arwah mak saya kata kalau dah was was hukumnya haram, sorry DSAI!

  226. musato May 29,2018 11:02 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Terdapat kegusaran berkenaan Anwar Ibrahim kerana dalam benak kita terpahat berkenaan salahlaku moral dan seterusnya membawa kepada perkembangan LGBT.

    Dengan situasi semasa kita rasa terimbas kembali kepada ‘golden years’ Anwar Ibrahim.

    Inilah yang merisaukan orang yang mengundi PH.

    Anwar kelihatan berani menggunakan perbatuan politik dari mana sekalipun asalkan memihak serta menyokong beliau.

    Sepertimana orang orang yang tidak begitu fasih berkenaan sesuatu perkara terperangkap dalam pandangan yang diberikan oleh ahli politik sepertimana ahli PAS yang menyokong pandangan Hj Hadi tanpa memahami apa yang diperkatakan oleh Tun M.

    Teringat saya di mana pertanyaan saya dalam hal yang berkaitan kepada HBT di sini. HBT kata yang boleh dimaksudkan ; “sini ramai orang, mana boleh cerita macam tu”.

    Sudah tentu tiada orang waras akan berkata kata secara terbuka mengenai seksual melainkan hanya golongan LGBT yang menyokong tindakan yang dikatakan dilakukan oleh Anwar Ibrahim sampai ke jalan raya.

    Sebenarnya disekolah sekolah kami orang Islam diajarkan tentang bersuci dan menjaga alat sulit serta melaksanakan ajaran Islam, iaitu berkhatan /berkhitan.

    Terdapat juga ayat Al Quran yang membenarkan hubungan intim dilakukan dengan tertib beradab tanpa membataskan bagaimana anda mahu lakukan KECUALI melalui DUBUR.

    Dan seperti yang difahami dari perkataan liwat, iaitu memasukkan melalui DUBUR, ia adalah tegahan dan dijatuhkan hukum HARAM dalam Islam. Ini dinyatakan dengan jelas dalam Al Quran.

    Inilah yang ditentang oleh orang Melayu berkenaan apa yang disokong oleh golongan yang menyokong kononnya kebebasan pada yang dikatakan salahlaku Anwar Ibrahim.

    Dengan bersuci dan menyucikan alat sulit dengan berkhatan serta mengemaskan bulu ari ari, hubungan intim sepatutnya mengeratkan lagi hubungan antara suami isteri melalui hubungan yang menyeronokkan lagi dibenarkan.

    Saya tidak mengatakan anda perlu mengucap 2 kalimah syahadah dan anda perlu jadi Melayu untuk melakukan semua ini.

    Anda perlu lakukan demi untuk kebersihan dan keseronokan anda sendiri dan anda akan tahu kenapa orang Melayu menentang LGBT.

    Semoga anda tahu yang mana benar dan yang mana salah dan tidak mengikut perbatuan politik yang digunakan oleh ahli politik bagi meraih sokongan tanpa tahu apa yang diperjuangkan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  227. HBT456 May 29,2018 10:14 AM

    Even when a prince fell in love at first sight to marry nurul, lets us bless this new couple.

    The only thing that nurul needs to do is to resign and relinquish all her responsibilities as assigned by her political party.

    Being the wife of the sultan kelantan,all she needs to do is to get consent from kerabat family and the bonda to sultan kelantan.

    She and her parents too must abide to the offical protocol in preserving the adat restu of kerabat kelantan so that they can be passed down to the next generation.

    The decision is in the hearts of both the couple, able or not to be husband and wife?

    If its true, i wish them forever be in love and make a great family with adorable children to be groomed for the throne of future agong.

    Jika tak boleh, jangan paksa because when some issues are being forced due to circumstances, then, this couple would not be happy and harmony, meaning sweet dream could be ended up as nightmare.

  228. Sri Sense May 29,2018 9:47 AM

    Salam Tun dan warga chedet,

    Hari ini hari wesak, tiada stock market. Malaysia ini terlalu banyak cuti, cuti yang sedia ada pun dah jadi bertambah2 🙂

    Umanrc, congrats anak you dah bekerja. My son dah lama kerja. My daughter satu ikut suami tinggal Jepun. The other daughter surimah dan kerja sambilan online. I agree kos sara hidup sekarang memang amat tinggi. Duit 100 ringgit like noting, sekejab aje langsai.

    I berpendapat golongan senior citizen above 55 seharusnya diberi bantuan. Di Selangor for example golongan ini kalau makan buffet di hotel dapat special discount. Walaupun mereka pernah bekerja and most of them now dah pencen, so income very limited and at times jadi bebanan pada anak2 yang telah sedia dibeban dengan kos sara hidup. Itu sebab negara maju banyak beri perhatian lebih pada the aging population yang semakin meningkat dinegara mereka.

    Memberi duit BR1M pada yang muda yang mampu bekerja tiada gunanya. Bila rasa terlalu senang, kerja pun pergi pada Bangla, Indon, Nepal etc.

    Everyone starts somewhere. I dulu pun mula kerja gaji 600 ringgit sebagai PA in an international insurance company whereby bosses are Brits and Malaysian. Kalau company local gaji lagi murah. Of course la beli barang masa tu kena tengok kemampuan. Dulu dapat gaji I pergi shopping Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, beli baju kat Globe. Tak mampu la kalau Ampang Park. Bila menyewa bilik kongsi dengan seorang lagi. Lepas itu I tinggal dengan sister and aunty, boleh la lagak sini, rumah mereka kat kawasan elite, tapi kena juga sekali sekala beli barang dapur. Ini cerita puluhan tahun yang lampau.

    In 1999 I masuk UMNO with the intention nak tolong Tun because my dad peminat Tun. Bila my dad passed away, I teringat betapa dia bangga dengan Mahathir, so I masuk UMNO, I tidak pernah masuk sebarang parti politik sebelum ini. Ada anggap I ini Gerakan or PKR sebab I tidak langsung rupa typical Wanita UMNO. Selepas itu ditubuh Puteri UMNO, ada suggest I masuk Puteri UMNO, I kata pada mereka umur I lebih tua dari umur yang layak, so mereka suggest jadi advisor, I tak nak la, habis election I jadi ahli biasa.

    DSAI, well I don’t know him and not a fan. I cuma kenal dia sebagai seorang pemimpin yang suka sangat berbahasa baku ala seorang Professor bila bicara. I ngaku rasa sedih dengan Wan Azizah sebab suaminya selalu keluar masuk penjara. Dia dan anak2 la kehulu kehilir dengan partinya. For that reason I anggap parti ini hanya untuk Anwar. Boring for someone like me.

    I comment sini hanya sebagai rakyat biasa. I do not have any personal or business commitment with any of them, my interest hanya untuk diri I sendiri sebagai normal voter. As a normal voter I think Tun’s team ini over exposed. I don’t mind Tun keluar selalu dalam TV, well he is the PM. And I also don’t mind LGE dapat jawatan MoF, cuma boring dia asyik bercakap tapi kurang kerja.

    Orang kalau tak biasa dengan stock market tidak tau yang dalam stock market emotions run high. Bila market start jatuh bukan saja blue chips kena but also mid and low liners. Bila dah jatuh banyak sukar nak naik semula. Net worth participants pun easily jadi half. Foreign investors, foreign funds, banyak tempat mereka boleh labur, so if not good enough why should they put their money here.

    While Tony Pua in good sebab dapat free services, kan lebih baik dapat pakar dalam field ini to advise MoF, walaupun kena bayar duit. And also bila Tony Pua and the other guy in, bukan kah hari tu Tun kata, kalau atas DAP bawah dari parti lain..hmmmm

  229. umranrc May 29,2018 3:21 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Inai kat jari ni tak lekang lagi (dakwat pilihan raya), tetapi terlalu banyak lah pula pukulan gendang yang pelbagai bunyi.

    Sri Sense dengan pasaran sahamnya yang tak berapa cerah selepas pembukaan bukti-bukti kecurangan, Musato tak habis-habis lagi dengan Dato’ Sri Anwar nya, HBT dengan pelbagai cerita seolah-olah nuetral everywhere dan pelbagai lagi.

    Kawan-kawan sekelian,
    Berilah peluang kepada Tun dan rakan-rakan didalam Pakatan Harapan untuk melakukan ‘reset’ Negara kita ini. Bukankah itu yang kita semua dambakan? insya Allah, selepas pembersihan, air yang bertakung itu akan kembali jernih dan kita semua bisa menangguknya dengan hati yang lebih tenteram.

    Mengenai pelabur-pelabur yang meninggalkan pasaran saham, insya Allah keyakinan mereka akan pulih setelah pembersihan berlaku dan jumlah pelaburan akan berlipat kali ganda selepas ini dan secara tidak langsung ekonomi kita akan pulih dengan segera.

    Berfikiran waras serta berpandangan positif kawan-kawan. Tinggalkan pegangan kolot UMNO yang berfikiran sempit tentang bangsa dan sebagainya. Perasaan dengki dan khianat yang selalunya dikaitkan dengan Masyarakat Melayu harus ditukar kepada perasaan ingin bersaing secara sihat untuk memperbaiki diri dan masyarakat. Saya adalah hasil pusat pengajian luar dan dalam Negara, pada saya, kita boleh bergerak dengan maju dan berjaya jika adanya persaingan yang sihat. Sifat-sifat malas dan sentiasa mengharapkan bantuan perlu dibuang. Ini tidak bermakna kita gugurkan segala bentuk bantuan, tetapi biarlah bantuan yang dihulurkan kena pada golongan sasar.

    Ingin saya nyatakan sedikit mengenai Dato’ Sri Anwar. Ya Musato, anda baru berumur 21 tahun semasa Dato’ Sri dipecat dan perlakukan pelbagai. Namun saya sudah punyai anak 3 ketika itu. Saya bukan diantara 4 saksi lelaki yang diwajibkan dalam Islam untuk memberi keterangan akan segala kejadian yang telah berlaku. Mereka ini perlu melihat dengan jelas perkara yang berlaku dan ingin saya bertanya, adakah saudara Musato melihatnya? Jika tidak, Rasul kita sendiri pun tidak mahu memanjangkan perkara-perkara seperti ini. Biar Allah sahaja yang menentukannya.

    Yang pasti, sekarang ini, marilah kita menjadi manusia, yakni kita berpegang kepada janji selagi janji-janji kita tidak membawa kepada kemungkaran yang nyata. Dan ingin juga saya nyatakan kepada yang masih muda, semasa gandingan Tun dan Dato’ Sri dalam tahun 90an, Malaysia mengalami zaman emas dimana ekonomi kita kukuh, hutang luar yang cukup sedikit serta kuasa membeli Rakyat berada pada tahap yang cukup baik. Ini saya boleh sahkan, sebagai jurutera muda diawal tahun 90an, dengan pendapatan yang tidak sampai RM 2000, saya boleh membina keluarga dengan baik sekali. Keadaan amat berbeza sekarang ini, anak sulong saya yang bekerja sebagai Doktor Veterinar bermula tahun lalu dibayar dengan gaji rm 3000, akan tetapi masih tidak boleh lagi berdikari kerana kekangan kos sara hidup. Bayangkanlah ahli-ahli masyarakat kebiasaan, betapa sukarnya mereka untuk meneruskan kehidupan hari ini. Ya, mungkin mereka tidak akan mati kebuluran (Ya Allah, mohon dijauhkan), tetapi taraf hidup yang sukar akan lebih menekan dan membawa kepada keruntuhan moral dan secara tidak langsung, jenayah akan lebih mudah berlaku.

    Disinilah, harapan yang menggunung kita lampirkan kepada Tun dan Rakan-Rakan dalam Pakatan Harapan untuk perubahan yang nyata. Sambil itu, haruslah kita fahami bahawa bukan sekelip mata sesuatu itu boleh dilaksanakan, sebagai contoh, GST belum boleh dipadamkan secara keseluruhan. Buat masa terdekat ialah menjadikannya 0%, ini adalah kerana sistem kewangan Negara berkait dengan sistem GST ini. Sebuah sistem lain perlu dijana untuk menampal kekosongan sistem apabila sistem GST ini dilupuskan.

    Untuk mengharungi bebanan hutang, seperti cadangan saya tempoh hari, perlu kepada penguatkuasaan cukai yang lebih jitu dilakukan. Ya, tidak salah untuk mengutip derma dari individu, tetapi sistem percukaian koporat dan individu kita kini sudah cukup canggih untuk perolehan yang baik sekiranya boleh dikuatkuasakan dengan sempurna. Keadilan dapat ditegakkan disini, yakni, golongan atau entiti yang benar-benar melepasi tahap kemiskinan boleh disasarkan sebagai penyumbang kepada kemajuan Negara.

    Terima Kasih Tun dan Kawan-kawan sekelian.

  230. HBT456 May 29,2018 1:54 AM

    No more joint venture of universities with foreign countries just to make a race happy.

    What went wrong in the past we cannot change.

    Therefore, do not repeat the same mistake again.

    We have more than enough universities and high rise building.

    The old ways of doing things no longer sustainable.

    Believe in malaysians, and we too will be more ressilient and developed as we move on.

  231. HBT456 May 29,2018 1:14 AM

    In next 20 years, when the country’s nasional reserve for oil dries up, this country too would be the importer of oil just like those oil importing countries.

    Preserving the current oil field and searching for new oil field absorbed needs to use us dollar.

    By that time, can petronas sustain?

    By that time, petronas too would be colonized by exporting country gradually.

    If such simple macro-economics of scarcity pun tak faham, even if they continue with their absolute power of perjuangan agama dan bangsa, mereka pun kena bergantung kepada pengesksport negara lain jugak.

    Pilihan yang paling wajar is to build a speed train as safety net for the future wannabes and the people.

    I am sure beijing central government would welcome such reccommendation of multi-lateral trades too.

  232. HBT456 May 28,2018 11:19 PM

    There is nothing wrong with the system, and the note of ringgit malaysia.

    Even in a small country like malaysia, both locals and foreigners are informed about this international rule of law that all must abide to the declaration.

    When they are being challenged, you will see their pattern.

    Its all about the greed for absolute power, nothing more.

  233. Keris Derhaka May 28,2018 8:35 PM

    Assalam Ayahanda Tun yg dikasihi,
    Semoga sentiasa dibawah lindungan Allah S.W.T.

    Saya ingin mencadang satu perkara lagi. Ini berkaitan wang-wang tunai yang bernilai ratusan juta yang disembunyikan hasil dari aktiviti rasuah mahupun kleptokrat.
    Bolehkah kita hapuskan penggunaan wang kertas RM100 dan setiap pertukaran melebihi satu juta ringgit di Bank Negara harus diisytiharkan dari mana sumber kewangan tersebut.

    Ini secara tidak langsung akan membuatkan mereka yang menyimpan tunai ratusan juta pasti terpaksa membuat pengisytiharan tunai tersebut, sekiranya tidak setiap wang nota RM100 dalam simpanan mereka tidak akan laku lagi dan tidak dapat ditukar ke wang nota bernilai RM50 atau lebih kecil lagi.

    Semoga kebijaksaan Tun M dapat membantu menyelamatkan Malaysia.

    Sekian Wasalam.

  234. HBT456 May 28,2018 7:20 PM

    Perlis is included too in this high speed train project for the tracks.

    Yang tua ones will leave us one day, how would they want to be remembered?

    I always believe the good ones will be blessed, the bad ones will be left out.

    Life is like a box of chocolates.

    What will happen, it will happen.

    What will not happen, it will not happen.

  235. HBT456 May 28,2018 7:03 PM

    Jika umur mereka pun belum habis pelajaran tertinggi dah digelarkan sebagai yang berhormat, jika malaysian malaysia mr lim kit siang and dapnya are okay with the arrangement, by all means they can go a head.

    Yang dah matang dengan pelajaran tertinggi dengan borosnya kata, saya berduit banyak, jadi saya bersimpati kepada kita.

    Jika mereka ini bertimbang rasa and really sayangkan negara ini, they wont say such things.

    Melayu mudah lupa, tamak atau tidak beryakin diri, itu terpulang kepada perjuangan mereka.

    Like tdm said, its a short distance from johor to kedah, why umno proposed so many stations in the first place?

    To be the perdana menteri of malaysia, he has to be jack of all trades, master of none.

    Dedak pun jadi lah janji menang, kan tu duit kita semua?

    For those who plant the seeds, they will not be the one who will enjoy the fruits.

    Therefore, do not be too serious with politics.

  236. musato May 28,2018 12:00 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Pn Harliza mahu saya bercerita berkenaan Anwar Ibrahim.

    Sori sebab kena mention nama. Nanti Tun baca komen saya, Tun keliru apahal pulak saya merapu macam macam kat sini.

    Kekadang komen saya, entah Tun baca atau ke tidak sebelum approved. Sudah taip kemudian submit dan terus sign out, tengok tengok komen dah approved.

    Orang lain saya tak tahu la…

    Seperti kita sedia maklum, kita ini hanya manusia biasa dan tidak lepas dari dosa serta kita juga tidak berhak menjatuhkan hukum/persepsi atau lebih berat lagi ‘fitnah’ kepada individu lain.

    Melainkan kita ‘ditunjukkan’ oleh Allah swt bahawa si polan dan si polan itu adalah pilihanNya.

    Demikian juga saya. Saya turut dikritik oleh wife saya. Katanya, tulis Islamik tak kalah orang lain. Tapi sembahyang bang entah ke mana. Kalau diaorang tahu abang macam mana, tak tahulah.

    Walaubagaimanapun, perolehan ilmu itu diperolehi melalui 2 cara. Iaitu samada melalui amalan ataupun dianugerahkan.

    Isu Anwar Ibrahim sinonim dengan cerita salahlaku moral. Terutamanya liwat dan cara Anwar hadapinya dan disertakan dengan sikap yang begitu menonjolkan diri sebagai pemimpin.

    Pada tahun 1997, umur saya 21 tahun. Dan gambaran itulah yang terpahat kukuh sampai sekarang berkenaan Anwar Ibrahim.

    Maka ia secara tidak langsung adalah berkenaan nafsu seksual (rasanya perlu ditulis jelas) dan juga berkenaan kejar jawatan.

    Sejak PH memegang tampuk kuasa, terdapat juga isu isu seperti MP jadi seperti selebriti ie Syed Saddiq yang dikatakan banyak bergambar dengan wanita wanita – saya tak follow instagram YB, cuma baca komen komen dari nitizen.

    Perkara seperti itu bagi saya adalah lumrah alam. Pengalaman hidup akan datang bersama sama peningkatan usia.

    Saya sendiri pagi tadi selepas hantar wife saya dengan motor, tetiba terkejut di tahan oleh perempuan seluar pendek (rupanya warga indonesia) yang memegang helmet sambil meminta tolong hantarkan dia ke bandar.

    Entah ceritanya betul ke tidak. Tapi yang pasti boncengannya melekat.

    Oleh kerana ini cerita berkenaan nafsu, jadi sori ye termasuk cerita 18sx.

    Cuma setahu saya, wartawan tidak begitu bersungguh bertanyakan soalan ini kepada Tun Mahathir. Soalan yang boleh dikatakan taboo kepada masyarakat Asia namun ia wajar diketahui oleh bakal bakal pemimpin mungkin.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  237. Sri Sense May 28,2018 9:40 AM

    Salam Tun & good morning to all,

    Dear politicians, I’ve noticed is that people who have to tell you how great they are – usually don’t really believe it on the inside. The ones who genuinely believe in themselves have no need to express such things. They are the ones who are busy getting on with what they want to achieve in life – instead of trying to gain approval from others. Don’t get me wrong, there does come a time though where we need to just quit talking and take some action. 🙂


    Professor Gustav Cassel, of Sweden, states that the Stock Exchange has often been represented as an astonishingly sensitive barometer, which indicates beforehand what is going to happen in economic life.

    Recent experience, however, forced the conclusion that the economic recession in 1937 was in a marked degree, the effect of the distrust shown by the Stock Exchange, and thus might have been avoided if the Stock Exchange had not been exposed to the serious disturbance of confidence which a vacillating monetary policy is always bound to entail.

    The ability of the stock exchange to fulfil its functions and to make a firm resistance to a panicky pessimism was greatly impaired by a number of restrictive measures, which, even if they had a grain of justification; unfortunately were framed under the influence of dilettante ideas about the stock exchange as the root of all evil. – source Market Monetarist.

    LGE please talk less. And do more. Thank you.

    Have a nice day!

  238. HBT456 May 28,2018 8:06 AM

    Hi khalid,

    Racism is tribalism, and for those who deny this fact, they would end up living inside the coconut shell forever, atau katak di bawah tempurung forever.

    Myself being raised up in the era with no social media or internet, obviously, i cannot differentiate what should be the progressive way, or regressive way, and thats normal during my era.

    When i do comparison, i only compare why others can do better, and why i cannot do better.

    The result of this comparison made me think hard, and priotise my objectives, the realitics objectives that i could achieved comfortably as commoner.

    Whenever the majority out there said its like that one, dont waste time to change, just blindly follow lar even when i dont feel right.

    Instead of wasting time to argue, i just leave.

    I chosen to leave because argument is stressful with negative feelings, and thats bad.

    This stressful feeling would influence my loved ones if i cannot manage.

    Some people just like to argue, and some people just dont like to argue.

    I would say, whether our children would end up arguiung very much depends on the role we prefer to take as parents.

    Frankly speaking, if the current ruling party with the slogan of pakatan harapan still use the national propaganda to save malaysia, they too would be ended up as barisan nasional.

    Even when i dont like that cup of tea, i would not meludah at the tea to express my dislike.

    We are living in the post information technology whereby everything could be shared by anyone in the social media to gets recognition, or likes to build up the traffic via artifitial intelligence to improve and be more and more efficient in the long run, therefore, it is impossible to reverse such phonomena in the future.

    Instead of menurut peritah secara buta tuli, why not ask yourself can you do better for the name of this country named malaysia?

    Some issues just need time.

    Material things loose can be earned back.

    When a life is lost, it can never earn back that life.

    When a country in war, or anarchy due to rusuhan antara kaum, or terrorism of payau lawan payau, you think the harimau can tersenyum?

    To be or not to be, it is very much depend on the maturity of the political parties.

    Hate speech is the root cause of terrorism.

    Therefore be mindful of what you said.

    Selamat Berpuasa and wish you a pleasant and smooth day.

  239. Hajar May 28,2018 7:50 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk ulas isu perlantikan MB Perlis:

    1. Dari pemerhatian saya, DS Dr. Shahidan ada kekuatan tersendiri yang tiada pada kebanyakan pemimpin2 UMNO (Melayu Islam) lain. Beliau nampak ‘ori’ (tulin dan tidak berpura-pura; bercakap secara berterus-terang).

    2. Sebab itu Perlis masih lagi di tangan UMNO/BN sedangkan negeri2 lain (kecuali Pahang) sudah tumbang. Sebagai Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan UMNO Perlis, beliau dianggap berjaya kerana dapat mengekang kemaraan PH di Perlis. Untuk itu saya beri tabik hormat kepada beliau. Jadi, pemimpin2 UMNO dari negeri2 yang sudah tumbang eloklah DIAM… Kaji dan pelajari apa kelemahan anda semua. Berhentilah taat membuta tuli, dan buang sikap membodek / mengampu ketua yang sudah ternyata korup. Jangan bersikap hipokrit. Beranilah untuk menegakkan kebenaran.

    3. DS Shahidan juga memiliki jati diri Melayu Islam yang kuat. Saya pernah terbaca komitmen beliau terhadap amalan bersedekah (beliau sedekah gaji beliau kepada pondok pengajian; jika saya silap sila betulkan). Beliau tidak kedekut untuk bersedekah ke jalan yang baik. Saya percaya sebab itu beliau dapat menewaskan Dato’ Dr. Haron Din pada PRU13 untuk Parlimen Arau. Ini cuma pendapat saya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  240. Khalid Al Walid May 28,2018 4:44 AM

    Dear HBT 456…

    By critic others, it’s doesnt make any change. Same goes to us..Sometime we do, people reject..and some time other people do, we reject..Right?

    U are a person that have fast reflex and fast leaner..and the big thing that have deep in your heart is…

    ” Do the right things…and leave the bad things” That what i see within u in this all conversation.. friend..C’mon la..Love or hate, our wife is still the same with their attitude..We cannot change them to say yes in all instruction giving by us..

    There’s something will go along with our journey..We can’t change the world..but maybe our generation can..

    Maybe your son..or maybe my son..OR
    Maybe both..

    If your son keep argue with my son also..let us teach our son to achive one goal..

    ” Do the right things…and leave the bad things”

    If u agree with me..Yes..with my open hand i give u my legendary sword..U can have it..I’ll be your backup as long as u do the right thing..

    If u still want to critic or argue with me..ermm..its ok..I accept it..Keep rejecting me to make myself a better person..

    See..u later..Regards…

  241. Khalid Al Walid May 28,2018 4:17 AM



    Aku dah bagi cadangan dekat Menteri kewangan..Butiran adalah seperti berikut:


    Disini saya mencadangkan kepada kerajaan dalam mewujudkan satu usaha iaitu menggalakkan semua rakyat membantu membayar hutang kerajaan.

    Hujahnya adalah kerana:

    1. Bajet sedia ada perlu digunakan untuk bajet yg telah diperuntukkan. Maka tiada lebihan bajet untuk membayar hutang. Jika ada sekalipun nisbah peratusannnya adalah kecil.

    2. Pulangan keuntungan dari industri lain seperti minyak, pertanian dan lain-lain juga hanya memberi impak yang kecil.

    Maka dgn itu, saya mencadangkan supaya mewujudkan satu pelan MEMBANTU NEGARA..Dimana setiap rakyat dialu-alukan membantu.

    Strateginya adalah melalui sumbangan mengikut nisbah perkadaran gaji.

    Garis panduan peratusan sumbangan juga perlu dibuat supaya ianya tidak pula menjadi bebanan kepada individu terbabit.

    Contoh had limit adalah 2% daripada pendapatan:

    1. 2% daripada RM5000 adalah sebanyak RM100

    2. 2% daripada RM2000 adalah sebanyak RM40.

    Mungkin juga akan ada kelonggaran bagi sesiapa yang ingin menyumbang lebih daripada maximum garis panduan..

    Badan-badan syarikat yang ingin membantu juga digalakkan.

    Sebagai putar ganti pulangan kepada individu yang terlibat, mungkin kerajaan boleh menawarkan pingat kebesaran sebagai jasa bakti kepada negara..atau apa-apa keistimewaan lain yang bekadar langsung dengan nilai sumbangan.

    Bagi badan-badan syarikat pula, mungkin kerajaan boleh menawarkan pengurangan cukai yang dikenakan kepada syarikat tersebut yang juga berkadar langsung dengan nilai sumbangan.

    Selain itu juga, kerajaan perlu memperbanyakkan usaha menarik kemasukan duit dari negara luar. Tidak kira apa asalkan membawa keuntungan dan boleh juga memberikan sedikit daripada keuntungan untuk membantu bayar hutang negara.

    Bagi saya kerajaan tidak perlu malu untuk memberitahu rakyat tentang kesulitan masalah kewangan negara.

    Jika langkah usaha ini diterima semua rakyat, kerajaan perlu membentuk satu badan khas untuk mengendali wang sumbangan ini. Dengan itu, saya mencadangkan kerajaan mewujudkan Badan PENGENDALI HUTANG NEGARA..

    Malaysia akan dikenali lagi dimata dunia apabila fenomena baru ini tercetus dimana semua rakyat membantu membayar hutang negara. Tidak pernah berlaku lagi dimana-mana negara sebelum ini.

    Walau bagaimanapun, mestilah terdapat timbangtara terhadap individu yang memberi sumbangan jika mereka meninggal dunia pertengahan jalan. Mungkin nilai sumbangan tersebut disalurkan semula kepada ahli waris mereka beserta pingat kebesaran jasa negara.

    Disini saya ingin memberitahu bahawa ianya adalah cadangan diri saya sendiri dimana mungkin ada kekurangan data yang tidak saya ketahui berdasarkan kemampuan pengetahuan saya. Selebihnya bergantung pada pihak kerajaan mengenai:

    1. Berapa nilai target sumbangan setiap bulan yang kerajaan perlukan yang juga memberi impak kepada tempoh langsai hutang.
    2. Berapa orang yang sudi membantu memberi sumbangan.
    3. Langkah-langkah lain menggandakan wang sumbangan tersebut. Hal ini memerlukan seorang yang pakar dalam pelaburan. Jika ianya terlalu berisiko maka tidak perlu dilaburkan.

    Untuk memberi impak positif kepada rakyat, saya mencadangkan lagi sebagai satu bentuk cabaran kepada kerajaan dan sesiapa yang terlibat yakni hutang perlu diselesaikan dalam tempoh 4-5tahun atau dengan kata nama lainnya iaitu:

    Lebih kurang 6ratus billion perlu diselaikan dalam tempoh 48 – 60 bulan.

    Saya rasa..jika hati rakyat terbuka..ianya tidak mustahil. Mungkin ramai individu seperti saya yang mahu namanya terpahat dalam senarai pingat khas berjasa kepada negara.

    Pingat tiada membawa apa-apa makna jika dilihat sebagai suatu benda.


    ” Atok..kenapa pingat atok ni tertulis sebagai pingat khas yang hanya keluar sekali sahaja tok?”

    ” Sekarang negara kita dah tiada hutang lagi..sebab tu la keluar sekali je..”

    ” Beruntunglah cucu-cucu atok sekarang selesa merasa macam-macam hasil daripada keuntungan negara..Atok harap dan doa-doa agar tiada lagi individu yang menyalahguna kuasa menyeleweng keuntungan negara..”

    “Ade ke tok perdana menteri yang salah guna kuasa?” balas cucunya merancakkan suasana.

    ” Eh..haa..tula..Tak baca buku la tu..Kan ada tertulis dalam sejarah..Pegi bukak buku sejarah..pastu baca..” balasnya ringkas.

    ” Haaa..cucu-cucu atok kena rajin baca buku. Guna ilmu dengan sebaiknya..Tak kisah kalau kurang pandai..asalkan jadi orang yang berguna”, sambungnya lagi.

    ” Baik atok!!..Selamat Hari Raya..Ampunkan salah silap kami ya tok..”


    Sekian sahaja cadangan saya. Diharap cadangan saya ini boleh dipertimbangkan..


  242. sibotak May 28,2018 3:33 AM

    PRU 14 ini membuka mata ,membuka minda
    Is a wake up call for
    The Malayu yg selalu Tidur , yg selalu Tidak apa
    Yg selalu asal bolih , yg too confident of themselves
    Lihat saja Pentakbiran BN dalam naungan Najib yg asal bolih
    Yg Bongkak , Lebih Lagak dari Buat , Pemboros membabi Buta
    Tidak Berilmu , Banyak Pembohongan dan
    Cash is Never a King

    Tun Slash it with Dignity & Pride
    Till today I was fascinated by Tun achievement & victory
    A humble Victory yet a Glorious one
    Still low profile above Datin Siti Hasmah never name herself as First Lady of Malaysia unlike the Proud & hypocrites Rosmah Mansor
    Plse the wife of our Prime Minister is not the wife of a President
    that Rosmah need to name herself as First Lady .( First Lady Kebabai )

    Dr. Siti Hasmah should be proud and stand next to our PM Mahathir
    Just as Tun Mahathir Wife

    These should be The call for The Malay
    You are divided by Cash is King
    You are Blinded by Banyak Berangan dari melihat Kenyataan
    Dan paling Mustahak dan Ikhtibar yg perlu di ambil
    Jangan nak Senang tanpa Usaha
    Nak senang tanpa Usaha tidak akan kekal kesenangannya
    Lihat contoh Najib dan Sultan berkenaan
    Nak bangunkan Negara dengan membuka jalan membabi buta memberi laluan pada perlabur asing , seumpama mengundang Penjajahan

    Pelabur Asing punya kekuatan Cash , Kekuatan Teknologi
    Tapi tidak wajar kita ambil ringkas
    Kita perlu dan mampu bangunkan negara kita dengan titik peluh sendiri
    Cuma kita perlu ambil masa sebab kita selalu belum Bersedia

    Tahniah pada Menteri Pertahanan kami Mad Sabu
    One of our Super Hero ‘ The Incredible Hulk ‘
    Memang Tapat Mad Sabu layak dan segak jadi Menteri Pertahanan kita
    Saya berharap Mad Sabu Ooops sori
    Menteri Pertahanan kita dapat membina Pertahan yg Kukuh
    Bukan sekadar Pertahanan saja
    Kita perlu berbaik dengan semua pihak
    Perlu beli senjata dari Amerika ,Russia ,China , walaupun dari Israel pun
    atau dimana senjat terkini berada

    Yang amat penting menubuhkan Industri Pembinaan Senjata kita sendiri
    Cara dan Budaya kita sendiri
    Kalau Kebatainan bernas & nyata kita adakan Peruntukan Research & Development of Ilmu Kebatinan secara Professional
    Jika benar Ilmu Telur itu wujud dan Berkesan
    Kita Kumpulkan segala Telur Bomoh seluruh Malaysia
    Kita satukan dan hantar ke pihak musuh Telur yg Besar berisi Jarum Peniti
    Biat pihak mush kita Terperanjat melihat senjata kita
    Kita perlu bina Ketenteraan kita
    Tanpa menyandar atau mengemis dari Kerajaan Luar
    Ini should be one of Tun list of things to do

    Perlu adakan Khidmat Negara yg memastikan kesemua anak muda pergi latihan Perhidmatan Negara seperti Singapura
    Setiap anak muda berusia 18 keatas di wajibkan berhidmat dalam Angkata Polis Tentera Darat , Udara , Laut , Civil Defense atau sebagainya yg diperlukan kerajaan Malaysia . Berhidmat selama 2 tahu penuh , selepas itu 1 tahun sekali Reservist sampailah tiba umur senja

    Ini perlu untuk mendisplinkan anak muda kita dari berkeliaran menjadi Mad Rempit , Mad Lepak , Mad Gian , Mad tepi jalan tersadai membuang masa
    Mad Sabu ? Mad Sabu Ok ….no problem
    Mad Sabu is Good

    Sekurangnya mereka di kumpul justeru di displinkan
    Cara mereka bertutur , berinteraksi juga berfikir akan berubah lagi matang dan segak

    Ini perlu Kewangan yg Mantap dari Kerajaan
    Kerajaan akan mampu membiayi semua kos ini jika Kerajaan punya Pasukan
    yg Mantap . Perhidamatan Negara ini dari belia muda ini akan memantapkan lagi Kerajaan .Dengan system yg Tegas lagi professional Kerajaan perlu mengambil cukai dari ekonomi kita yg mantap

    Kerajaan Mantap Negara Mantap
    Kerajaan Biul Negara Terlingkup

  243. superSepantun May 28,2018 3:28 AM

    Siapa yg tahu? Siapa yg sangka?
    Hendak ditanya, entah ke mana?
    Duit berbilion pergi ke siapa?
    Entah tersimpan dlm rice cooker?


    Asalamualaikum saudara saudari.

  244. HBT456 May 27,2018 11:03 PM

    I trillion debts is the pakatan harapan’s new promise of manifesto.

    How should this promise of manifesto be filled up by pakatan harapan in next 5 years?

    What would be the economic impact be, say 20 years from now?

    Can pakatan harapan’s manifesto sustain?

    When they are being challenged, what would they do to stay relevant?

    Absolute power corrupts.

    Protectionalism is akin to drink poison to quence ow’s thirst.

    Therefore, dont be too serious in this game of numbers.

    Salah tetap salah.

    Betul tetap betul.

  245. ilioni May 27,2018 9:11 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Was a bit disappointed when Tun have to let go taking helm of the education ministry. But, that’s alright. Tun can still be the adviser to Dr. Maszlee. We can all poll in ideas to give the best possible ideas and directions. I’d like to contribute a few ideas and comments towards our nation building,

    1. Education: There needs to a balance between having homework and not having homework. There has been a comparison on how little homework that education in Finland compared to United States. I don’t believe that one can succeed without working hard for it. This not something that we want to install in our next generation. But, we need to strike a balance. Focus on the important skill that they will need in future.

    2. Education: Personal character development is just as important. As a country continues the course to become a developed country. We should not lose our identity of being caring, respecting elders, etc. In most developed or developing countries, divorce rate is getting higher and why is that so? Why is that so? How can we prevent it by instilling the importance of building a strong family bond. When the bond is strong, it is less likely to let go of that. The stronger the family is the strong the country is.

    3. Economy/Finance: I am no person with strong finance but allow me to suggest that we could try to open a crowd source funding that allow every Malaysian citizen to contribute to the fund willingly to help and contribute towards the reduction of our country’s debt. The contribution amount could be used to reduce the tax that one has to make directly from their employee (compiled into their yearly tax return later). For big businesses, they could match the employee contribution that would be considered as tax deductible items as well. For medium size businesses, similar options should be made available for them to allow them to contribute and be used as tax deductible.

    4. Family: To encourage people to take care of their parents. Similar arrangement could be made in their paycheck directly into their parents bank account as a monthly support and be made a tax deductible to encourage a culture of taking care of their parents (although some might already be doing that) but making policies to encourage and promote them is what the government should do.

    Last but not least, do take care of your health!

  246. HBT456 May 27,2018 8:42 PM

    There is no secret in politics too.

    Truth shall prevail one day, it is just only a matter of time.

    Therefore, be grateful, have lots of love, stop complaining, stop cursing, be appreciative of what you have, and most importantly, do not make comparison.

    When you tried and still loose, take it as a blessing.

  247. musato May 27,2018 6:47 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yup sri sense😊

    Sini cuma sembang percuma.

    Kali pertama saya pergi berjumpa Tun, adalah di rumah terbuka Tun 2010 dengan beratur panjang. Sebabnya nama saya telah dilepaskan dari di block oleh blog Najib setelah menulis komen yang tak sepatutnya bagi pendapat admin Najib kot.

    Kunjungan saya adalah sebagai tanda terima kasih. Saya cuma rakyat biasa. Saya tak reti nak bersembang dengan VIP.

    Dalam paper, isu ini telah diambil maklum oleh TS Rais Yatim dan saya masih ingat tajuknya TS Rais Yatim thumbs up Dr M.

    Namun jika kita sedikit prihatin pada cerita cerita mengenai kelakuan ulama silam, kita akan dapati bahawa tiada ulama akan pergi berjumpa pada pemerintah melainkan pemerintah itu sendiri datang bertanyakan nasihat mengenai kepimpinannya.

    Mungkin saya ini makhluk yang sudah pupus, seperti naga Merlin….hahaha

    Walaubagaimana pun, sistem pendidikan Islam sedikit berbeza dari sistem pendidikan kita yang biasa ini.

    Ironinya, seperti yang tercatat dalam sejarah, Syeikh Ibrahim (yang kini makamnya di Pulau Besar, Melaka dan digembar gemburkan bahawa banyak perkara khurafat dilakukan di sana oleh pengunjung) dikatakan pernah bertemu dengan seorang khalifah yang diyakini adalah Sharif Muhammad Al Bahgdadi.

    Walaupun kita sembang percuma, saya telah diberitahu lebih awal pada tahun 1999 oleh seorang brader semasa bermusafir di Melaka berkenaan susungalur saya yang pada ketika saya tidak tahu dan ambil tahu langsung berkenaan perkara ini.

    Hanya melalui tilikan tapak tangan. Satu lagi ilmu yang ada pada tubuh badan kita.

    Tetapi adalah dinasihati bahawa jangan terjerumus dengan perkara khurafat dan syirik melalui tilikan. Ini adalah untuk pengetahuan umum sahaja.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  248. Abdullah May 27,2018 5:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun yang teramat di sayangi.

    Sekarang sudah masuk minggu ke-3 di bawa kepimpinan Tun.

    Ada group2 yang suggest and juga takut….
    The police investigation must move a lot faster. The dirtiest UMNO cronies and BN crooks are doing all kinds of most stupidest things to REVENGE in the hiding!!! They are badly damaged and many will be charged in court and jailed. These rats must be planning all kinds of dirty trips and stupid actions using millions and millions of dollars they still have, still hiding and still not found by police, plus a lot more also hiding in outside Malaysia….example JLoh with millions and billions hidden outside Malaysia. They will surely regroup and are planning something very dirty. Only Allah maha tahu.
    Look at Utusan newspaper….creating confusion and hatred in Malaysia, read today’s news in Utusan…..claiming that PH government rating already dropped…..what a stupid fake news. Is anyone questioning this kinds of fake news? Utusan must be fired for spreading fake news…..they must be taken to the court for mis-leading the Rakyat for the last 10 years. Fitnah and bohong is in their DNA. There are also some claiming DAP members starting to makan dedak and talking rubbish in social medias to stir up confusion and hatred. PH have many serious financial issues to handle but these crazy idiots are destroyers of peace and order.

    The police intelligence must closely watch all these activities and take fast actions on all the UMNO and BN cronies….including newspapers like UTUSAN and individuals spreading confusion with fake news. Freedom of speech is NOT for spreading fake news and hatred. Example what happen to Nurul during TV interview….is that called Freedom of Speech? Those are stupid humiliation of humankind that cannot be tolerated….do PH tolerate this? All these guys are the enemies of Rakyat….thieves and liars.

    Police force….please monitor very closely, ensure Jamal Jamban case do not repeat again ever (this is shocking), speed up all criminal and police actions before those RATS attack and disturb our beloved country’s harmony and future.

    All the PH leaders must work harder to help Tun. If TUN is working 15 hours a day….they should work longer hours than Tun. Police and SPRM should be working 24/7.

    Sama2 kita bergabung tenaga dengan Tun dan PH demi masa depan cemerlang Negara tercinta Malaysia di bawa pemimpinan Tun. Kita juga minta Tun cari masa untuk rehat dan juga tido sufficient hours. In Shaa Allah.

    Terima Kasih.

    Jazakallahu Khair

  249. Muhammed Khidir bin Alewi May 27,2018 4:25 PM

    Hi. Salam Tun. yg Ke 7.

    Saya ade dengar tun nak mintak indexing al Quran. Saya x boleh nak berkerja sama atas faktor tertentu. Tapi awak kan raja jadi rakyat jelata ni minta peluang untuk pekerjaan Dunia Akhirat ngan tun untuk beri peluang pada Al-Quran yg Juzz 12 surah 12 dan 51. tapi tu bukan hak saya pon tun. Saya cume orang yang berserah diri.

  250. HBT456 May 27,2018 3:40 PM

    I heard a local young malay got so furiated with those who thought they are modern, and liberal and made some funny jokes, and told him to leave immediately.

    Sopan dan santun is our culture, therefore, dont abuse such culture and made the people angry and start generalizing the whole carton of apples as bad ones just because of few bad apples.

    Bak kata, siapa makan cili, mereka lah yang rasa pedas.

    I sure hope there wont be fall offs again due to power struggling of the top echelons that cause another cycle of hatred, anger and frustration.

    Race and religion issues are super sensitve, dont play play.

  251. HBT456 May 27,2018 3:27 PM

    To me, popiah vietnamese is still the best.

    Nasi goreng, i still prefer kampung stail.

    I sure hope such rhetoric wont be continued.

    If boasting is the culture, by all means go a head.

    Whoever wins out, we still need to work, live and enjoy life.

    Good day, selamat berpuasa.

  252. Tok Sungai May 27,2018 3:15 PM

    Tun M.
    Dont worry too much, we are one big family that can endure the country mess that been inherited from najib and his corrupt gang.
    Now we have a good team .we can progress day by day and year by year. .you have us all the virtue people to help you.
    And i like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy ramadan fasting n a happy raya celebration to you , your wife and you childrens.take care 007.cheers

  253. Sri Sense May 27,2018 1:55 PM

    Salam Tun

    Tun ada pergi bazar ramadan? Teringat tahun2 yang lepas ada berita Tun rajin pergi bazar ramadan cari popiah. Maka I pun buat suggestion dimana popiah sedap seperti di Section 14 PJ. To me popiah sedap adalah popiah stail mamak, dimana sayur atau inti dimasak sampai lembik, serve with right amount of udang, sos 😀


    Yup. Setuju dengan komen brader ini! I pernah tanya seorang pengundi di negeri Pantai Timur. Dia kata seteruk teruk PAS mereka akan pilih PAS juga. PKR terlalu liberal not for them. Tak mau, tak mau. Gitula ayat diakhiri.

    Ok I pun nak beransur pergi bazar ramadan, sini cuma sembang percuma, ada baiknya I pi prepare for hari raya yang semakin hampir.

  254. Platform Amal May 27,2018 12:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Kalau tidak keterlaluan, saya ingin mendapatkan email Tun untuk tujuan akademik. Mohon Tun drop me an email at

    Terima kasih Tun, moga sentiasa diberi kesihatan yan berpanjangan dan keberkatan hidup di dunia dan akhirat buat Tun sekeluarga. Amin.

  255. musato May 27,2018 11:57 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Walaupun masih awal namun BERSATU perlu menunjukkan bahawa ia boleh menggantikan UMNO yang sudah berulat, sepertimana 100 hari Malaysia Baru ditunaikan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  256. huda May 27,2018 11:41 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun

    Hampir 3 minggu kemenangan Harapan. Tempoh masa terlalu singkat kalau nak komen.

    Apa yang saya lihat, sesetengah wakil rakyat pakatan harapan tidak tumpah seperti artis. Cerita gaya tudung, cerita balik kampung, cerita tentang digilai gadis-gadis. Nampak sungguh ciri-ciri nak ‘selamatkan Malaysia’ itu.

  257. musato May 27,2018 10:41 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Dikatakan Islam itu berpecah kerana politik agama.

    Jika orang mahukan serban kenapa tidak kita berikan serban?

    Pakaian tidak ekslusif pada satu satu kelompok sahaja.

    Apakah kerana British mahu mengasingkan antara agama dan politik? Tetapi ianya tidak terjadi di Malaysia kerana Melayu itu Islam.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  258. HBT456 May 27,2018 10:25 AM

    When such rhetoric politics are being continued, dedak atau kek, got difference mer?

    When a race via klectocracy is being institionnalized just to make them happy, dont you think thats bad?

    We cannot change the past, but we definitely can improve as we move on.

    Pride and prejudice, only you have, other races dont have.

    Like sri sense said, when you think you are so big, its not her problem.

    Meaning she enjoys such rhetoric politics?

    All system in this world can fail though, therefore, pandai pandai you all how to play with this delicate and fragile issues.

    As voters, our obligation is to vote the coalition that deserves our votes.

    Whichever coalition gets the mandate, they will have 5 years to lead.

    Able or not, we will see how far kita semua can go.

  259. HBT456 May 27,2018 10:04 AM

    Eventhough as united malay national organisation and the title of datuk, the hak istimewa being offered by umno themselves, and as a native mp of selangor, he doesnt understand the protocol of keistanaan negari beliau maupun negara ini.

    In ancient history, when the emporer consent you the position, you take.

    But when the emperor dont consent you the position, you cannot rob, atau steal.

    Simple common sense macam ini pun tak erti, how to lead?

    The non malay and non muslim races di negara ini dah dianak-yatimkan since merdeka via shadow government consensus pun tak cukup lagi, apa lagi datuk jamal yunos mahu?

    Dah terang sangat, tapi tak berani nak mengaku, what to do?

    Even if we think its not right, what to do?

    Keeps pampering them until they become weaker and weaker?

    When on loosing end, just buat kacau to show his weakness?

    Respect is to be earned.

    When you cannot accept such rhetoric politics, the best way is to leave the classroom.

  260. musato May 27,2018 9:19 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kita lihat Tun berjuang berseorangan dengan kudrat orang tua😆

    Sebelum PH menang lagi, rakyat mahu melihat siapa selepas Tun? Tun dah tua. Siapa orang muda selepas Tun?

    Mungkin kerana Tun dah berpangkat Tun maka gelombang perjuangan semasa usaha singkirkan Najib jadi aura yang kuat. Namun di mana orang muda?

    Keyakinan dan usaha kuat bagi menentang perkara mungkar bukanlah boleh dibuat buat. Ia adalah adrenalin semulajadi yang datang berombak.

    Ia memerlukan latihan dan usaha.

    Di mana juga orang agama?

    Tiada juga orang agama yang terang terang menentang walaupun dengan kata kata sekalipun. Atau cuma dengan hati?

    Orang agama ini tiada adrenalin anti kemungkaran kerosakan pada negara.

    Hidupnya terlampau selesa. Aku berpuasa. Tapi aku terpaksa duduk dalam aircond dan di atas kerusi yang empuk kerana aku ini terpaksa menjaga imej dengan jawatan yang aku ada?!

    Islam itu daif? Adakah kebenaran pada kenyataan itu. Bukankah itu seperti yang disuruh oleh guru agama?

    Benar dan tidak salah semasa dalam proses pembelajaran. Ia semesti menjadi wajib pula.

    Namun ;

    Anak anak tahfiz dan aliran pondok agama persendirian perlu diwajibkan kepada silibus kemahiran hidup i.e bertani (sudah biasa), uli roti atau service motosikal dan kereta. Itulah gunanya MARA, IKBN,ILP dan sebagainya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  261. Sri Sense May 27,2018 8:50 AM


    The issue on using the private jet real big online. Almost everybody I kenal in real life talking about it, ada kawan cakap, “DSAI pergi jumpa Sultan Johor, cium tangan, semua orang tau Sultan Johor tak suka Mahathir, ini makna DSAI ini jahat”

    Tun, I personally think PKR ini sejak DSAI keluar bertambah tambah tak logik. I pun pening kepala. Kalau kita ingat balik their earlier kempen2 against government, seperti nepotism, cronyism, salah guna kuasa etc apa yang mereka buat sekarang OMGosh!, suddenly UMNO jadi angel or we can say PKR as evil as UMNO, your choice! LOL

  262. Khalid Al Walid May 27,2018 8:50 AM



    Aku ucapkan selamat berpuasa juga kpd Tun sekeluarga..Semoga kita semua menyambut Ramadhan kali ini dgn penuh barakah..


    Aku sedikit terkilan kalau tiba-tiba ko akan letak jawatan lagi..Sebelum ni aku cukup phm tentang strategi Pakatan Harapan yang bertujuan nak buat Najib turun..

    Skrg plak masyarakat dilupakan sekejap dgn isu Najib bertalu2..Tu xpe la..Lantak Najib la..

    Cuma masalahnya..Aku nak ko renung bila rakyat pandang isu ni…Ko rase apa rakyat akan buat??

    “Isteri wajib taat suami..EXCEPT bila waktu kerja..”

    Ko renungkan..


    Aku suka la bila Pakatan Harapan nak kenalkan KWSP utk surirumah..TAPI hati aku hancur berkecai bila semua benda tu baru nak fikir..


    Aku pk kerajaan akan buat Bajet Baru ATAU share keuntungan pelaburan KWSP dgn bg contribution dkt surirumah yg xbekerja dgn kadar sama rata kpd semua surirumah yg xbekerja..

    TAPI..ek eleh..ntah pape..Mcm proposal budak skolah rendah plak bila aku dgr kat TV..Siap ckp nak kaji lg..Kaji ape cik kak oiiii..Ape yg difikir sblm buat manifesto dlu??

    Skrg ko fikir faktor lain plak kalau korang mungkin terlupa nk pk..Pk nk menang pilihanraya smpi xde masa nk study detail…


    1. JIKA ia dibuat atas persetujuan pasangan, apa ko rase akan jd pd seorang isteri dan efek kpd rumahtanga itu bila suami dia xizinkan dia mohon buat akaun KWSP surirumah ni?? Hahahahahaha…=D

    2. Adakah itu sbg bentuk sumbangan atau pemberian nafkah? Kalau tanya golongan Hawa, mesti mereka akan mengatakan..”Ehhh..nafkah lain..Yg ni kira lain..” hikhikhik..

    Tapi bagi aku..kalau 2% drpd gaji suami..Yg ni kira dipanggil “LONG TERM SAVING atau RETIREMENT PLAN untuk GOLONGAN KAYA MAKIN KAYA…”

    3. Jika berlaku perceraian adakah kwsp surirumah tu boleh dituntut semula bg pihak lelaki jika ianya bukan dikira sbg sumbangan atau nafkah..Bahkan ia dibuat semata-mata di atas sebab sistem baru@saranan kerajaan..

    Apa pula jika suami meninggal dunia…Ia dikira sbg Hak Sepencarian ATAU dikira sbg hibah??

    Camni taw..isteri nk g mohon..Laki pulak yg byk keje:

    – kena lafaz akad /sign agreement kata setuju bg sikit kat isteri..
    – lafaz akad / sign aggreement yg semua pemberian tu tidak dikira sbg nafkah
    – lafaz / sign kalau mati kira sbg hibah..yakni lafaz niat hibah utk memudahkan proses pembahagian harta hak sepencarian..Kalau masuk bab faraid lg payah..Haaa..makin byk la waris slh mkn hak..

    Haish..dah la..Aku ni yg sakit otak sbb pk banyak kebarangkalian atau korang sakit otak sbb xnak pk langsung??

    Aku start kecewa dah melihat Malaysia…


  263. musato May 27,2018 8:46 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Pada pendapat saya, ramai orang Melayu masih tidak dapat menerima berkenaan Anwar bakal PM selepas Tun M.

    Kes moral dulu serta cara penyelesaian kepada isu tersebut masih segar diingatan ramai.

    Sekarang mereka cuma boleh berharap Anwar tidak berjaya jadi PM.

    Jadi salah satu caranya adalah jangan vote Anwar untuk jadi ahli Parlimen nanti.

    PH masih ada TS Muhyiddin Yassin kan.

    Di Pantai Timur kita boleh tengok penolakan terus kepada Anwar Ibrahim walaupun seteruk mana BN, undi tetap pergi kepada PAS.

    Ini kerana Terengganu dan Kelantan amat yakin dengan kepimpinan ulama’ walaupun ulama’ yang ada didepan mata betul atau tidak.

    Sebenarnya kita semua ini rindu pada kepimpinan Islam.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  264. HBT456 May 27,2018 7:06 AM

    Who you vote wont affect me, sri sense.

    Overzealous, favoritism, kletocracy, lobby, corruption, does it make any differences just to be elevated at the nex level?

    Like you said, if you dont like me, next time you dont vote me la.

    Similarly, when i dont like you, next time i dont vote you la.

    Therefore, it makes no sense to argue who can jual better.

    Whether you like it or not, you still need people to work for your mega, atau pet projects.

    What kind of toilet paper are you looking at?

    The dust has settled down for the next 5 years, as the winner of the day, it is up to ph to decide what they want to do with the federal budget in the next 5 years.

    It is up to the loosing bn to decide what they want to do so that they can win out in next ge.

    My way or your way, you still need to get mandate from the voters.

    If you think my way is good, then, stay.

    If you think my way is no good, go join your opponent.

    If you think both also no good, go retire.

    But, if you still think there is no hope, then, migrate to any states or countries that suits you.

  265. Hajar May 27,2018 6:19 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Bercakap tentang hutang negara yang tinggi, saya setuju jika Kerajaan menubuhkan satu tabung rasmi (‘Tabung Selamatkan Malaysia’) untuk memberi peluang kepada Rakyat jelata yang ingin membantu meringankan beban Kerajaan untuk tolong membayar hutang bertimbun yang ditinggalkan oleh rejim Najib. Banyak pahalanya bersedekah di bulan Ramadan ini. Boleh pamirkan nombor2 akaun bank berkenaan di blog Chedet.

    2. Ini kisah pemimpin2 Kerajaan PH – bukan mengata, tetapi menegur. Baru saja membentuk Kerajaan kita sudah boleh lihat perangai sebenar sesetengah pemimpin yang kononnya amanah dan tidak akan menyalahguna kemudahan yang diperuntukkan kepada pemimpin-pemimpin tertentu sahaja di dalam Kerajaan. Kononnya, tugas rasmi:-

    Nurul Izzah rebuts criticism of family’s use of private jet

    3. Mulalah berlakon untuk memperdaya rakyat. Yang peliknya masih ada lagi yang boleh tertipu dengan gelagat pelakon handalan ini:-

    Anwar: Only commercial flights for personal matters

    Meluat saya melihat pemimpin sebegini. Hipokrit tahap gaban. Inikah dia bakal PM ke-8? Mohon dijauhi…

    4. Yang lagi pelik, boleh pula pergi mengadap Sultan di selatan (dijemput dengan jet peribadi lagi) yang sah2 mahu (melalui kenyataan2 terbuka) rejim Najib menang pada PRU14 yang lalu. Apalah agaknya yang dibincangkan…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  266. Sri Sense May 27,2018 6:06 AM

    Good morning!

    After my sahur. Baca news online.

    Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming donated RM16,000 to the federal government to help pay off the national debt. Kepayang assemblyman Ko Chung Sen donated RM10,000 while Ipoh Timur MP Wong Kah Woh and Batu Gajah MP V. Sivakumar contributed RM8,000 each.

    – Someone said that Nga Kor Ming huge fan of Tun M. Don’t know betul ke tak. I also don’t know who is this fella. Alamak MP Teluk Intan. 🙂

    Sabah Barisan Nasional chairman Musa Aman has pledged full cooperation with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission which reportedly intends to search his house.

    – Hmmm..

    Menteri Pertahanan Mohamad Sabu teruja apabila menaiki pesawat pengangkut tentera A400M ke negeri kampung halamannya, Pulau Pinang.

    – Last Friday, ada panggilan dari KL. The nos tak kenal. I tak angkat but later saw truecaller apps bagi the id Mindef Operator. Takan Mat Sabu talipon I. Nay, must be those tersilap dial nos.

  267. Sri Sense May 27,2018 12:51 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Harap Tun sihat, dan tercapai niat suci Tun dan Wawasan 2020. Jangan terlalu banyak kerja Tun, luangkan masa bersama keluarga.


    In my opinion, the sultan layak pilih, kalau tak boleh get along with his advisor, macam mana negeri Perlis nak maju. What more now federal under PH bukan BN lagi. Don’t understand why the UMNO over there so Gung-Ho – overzealous. This case reminds me of Selangor. Selangor always ada controversy, during UMNO time too. After Mat Taib out, abu hassan also cannot tahan lama, taruh khir toyo also banyak hal. Masuk Khalid ada PKR problem. Masuk Azmin ada PH problem.

    We voters tak kisah la, we don’t like you we don’t vote you la next time, if you think you so big, that’s your problem not ours, right!

  268. HBT456 May 26,2018 8:37 PM

    It would be best for outsiders eg. political party law makers, activists and ngo not to interfere the decision making of the kerabat up north, down south or east coast to score the brownie’s points.

    Your opponent is the voters of your constituency.

    Political interference is a bad idea, just like vaccines on voters just to stimulate fiscal policy.

    The financial crisis in the 90s already created so many broken families due to power struggling of the upper hands.

    Absolute power corrupts.

    Truth would be prevailed one day.

    Since malaysians of all races in semenanjung have voted the change of ruling government, dont you think this is the best time to re-open the case of nail the case french submarine, altantuya to find out the real motive why this happened?

    Delaying in nailing the case of this horrendous act is akin to delaying justice to the victims and the people.

    Are you really ready for the new dawn for a better, transparent and open malaysia?

    Or you prefer to use race and religion supremacy to justify your means?

    Money cannot buy power forever.

    Similarly, justice is to serve, and was never meant as a tool to get rich overnight.

    Salah tetap salah.

    Betul tetap betul.

  269. musato May 26,2018 6:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Terima kasih bebanyak pada yang sudi memberi kata kata dorongan kepada saya agar terus menulis sentiasa di sini.

    Puan Harliza suruh saya tulis sampai ke akhir hayat Tun M😊

    Puan Mai yang saya kira masih berkhidmat sebagai pengawai kerajaan juga begitu😃

    Bukanlah tujuan saya menulis dan memberi pendapat pada Tun M kerana wang atau ada tujuan lain.

    Cuma kebetulan ketika Tun M memerlukan perhatian pada tahun 2008, di mana YDP Agong ketika itu adalah Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, Sultan Terengganu.

    Sultan Mizan adalah juga dari susun galur Syeikh Abdul Malek dan tentulah bertanggungjawab menjaga negara ketika itu. Ia boleh dikatakan DAULAT.

    Saya menulis sedikit sebanyak mengenai perjalanan politik negara iaitu semasa Tun M tiada kuasa dengan harapan semoga kita semua tahu bahawa Tun M tidaklah dipergunakan oleh sesiapa pun.

    Semua yang berlaku adalah atas kesanggupan Tun M dan penat jerih beliau sendiri kerana sayangkan pada agama, bangsa dan negara.

    Saya gembira di sini kerana setiap pandangan saya akan diterima. Dirasakan tidak pernah ditolak walaupun satu.

    Satu kelebihan untuk saya mengenali sifat sifat terpuji yang perlu ada pada setiap pemimpin yang diberkati olehNya dan berjaya di dunia.

    Bercakap benar dan jujur.

    Namun kini Tun M sudah kembali menjadi PM. Tun M terikat dengan perlembagaan dan undang undang.

    Sebelum ini saya boleh menentukan dasar pada perjuangan ‘negara’ secara berseorangan. Tetapi oleh kerana kita perlu berpijak pada alam nyata dan kita sudah membentuk kerajaan sendiri, maka kerajaan itulah yang akan bersidang bagi menjalankan urusan negara.

    Namun saya mengaku bahawa sebelumnya sayalah yang membuka cadangan agar Tun M menyediakan sesuatu untuk menyambut kejatuhan UMNO, iaitu melalui penubuhan BERSATU dan menyarankan agar Tun M menawarkan diri bagi jawatan PM setelah kelihatan PAS tidak mahu bekerjasama dengan PH.

    Kebetulannya ketika itu Zahid Ibrahim sedang menyebut nyebut nama Tun M sebagai calon PM semasa PH masih diperingkat permulaan kerjasama.

    Usahlah kita risau. InsyaAllah kepimpinan sekarang berada dalam tangan yang baik.

    Semoga hajat untuk merangka pentadbiran Islam yang lebih baik mengikut Al Quran dan Hadith berjaya dilaksanakan. InsyaAllah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  270. HBT456 May 26,2018 4:35 PM

    Sri sense, to be honest, i didnt watch that movie because the story board is considered outdated to me eventhough leornado decaprio is the main actor.

    As a movie goer, as long as i think the movie is worth watching, i will go watch.

    I for sure will not go find out who are those people who made these movies successful then only decide to watch or not.

    I for sure will not go maki hamun and cursed these people who made these movies a box office.

    Sri sense, i have a feeling the low profile president kim junior and his regime may be the main sponsor for one of the iron man movies, you believe me?

    After being in this blog since it was started, i learned to see things from benefit of doubts, thanks to social media.

    Dont forget, human civilization broke through ice age, if not you and i wont be i here blogging to unblog, you agree, sri sense?

    I still think the nyonya kebaya is the best malay costume to represent malaysian women of all races.

    Nyonya kebaya, just like cheungsam, is the most challenging fashion of all age because only limited women could wear such outfit, do you agree?

    Look at our MAS wau and air stewardess uniform, dont you feel proud to see the wau and our costume and traditional nyonya kebaya being able to shared around the world?

    I guess both of the political divides would continue to argue to maintain their votes.

    Whoever wins out, they will be the captain of the ship.

    When voters like them, they will continue to support them.

    Race and religion conflicts definitely would be phase out gradually as our population is more educated, therefore, voters today are more demanding.

    I am neutral, and i dont take side.

    Whoever wins out and form the cabinet, i wish them all the best.

  271. Dazira May 26,2018 1:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum and good afternoon Tun M @Chedet and all,

    Selamat berpuasa semua and hope everyone is well with your loved ones. My apology Tun, I wanted to tweet you but there is a limitation of characters we can put in the Twitter. Hence why I am here now…

    Tun, thank you for trying so hard to save our country especially right now we are in the biggest mess of all. And thank you too for trying to keep PH promises to realise the manifesto so as to demonstrate that PH delivers their promises to the Rakyat once elected. But when I saw NST online this morning on the option to list out PETRONAS in order to raise enough money to pay out all the debts incurred by 1MDB, I totally disagree with this decision; let PETRONAS be owned only to Malaysians and not the outsiders. People out there are waiting to see the downfall of Malaysia since way back when you were PM back then. Once PETRONAS is owned by other than Malaysians, then there goes our freedom.

    I am begging you Tun not to list out PETRONAS; give them chance to play out there and win so that PET could generate and bring back revenues to help to rebuild the Nation. I am sure Tan Sri Hassan Marican and the current leaders of PET could win their play; let PET team and TS Hassan assemble and find ways to help to save the Nation. I know the Government now is stuck of all means to find the solutions how to get us out from this mess. For that, let us too help you Tun, I am willing to continue paying GST and not receiving any provisions that the Government has outlined to provide for the Rakyat just yet until all critical debts are settled. Just make sure that whoever put us into this mess pay for it; really really pay for this.

    To my fellow Malaysians, let’s not be selfish and unite to help the new Government whom we just elected to bring sunshine in our lives; together we should help the Government save our beloved country Malaysia. Our Government needs our help and support to rebuild our Nation back. Let’s hold first our demands for PH to deliver their manifesto, instead be a responsible citizen of Malaysia play our role in building back our Nation. This is Our Nation. We have the power to select who to lead our country; so we also have the power to fight against whoever wants to see us fall. This is indeed our fight and not just the Government alone, I am not willing to give out our freedom that our previous leaders had fought for us to stand still on our own. Think about the future, think about what we can do to ensure that the wellbeing of our future generations is taken care of. I know we can win this fight if everybody collectively come together and unites. Let’s continue paying GST and help our Government raise enough money to bring us out from the mess caused by some irresponsible individuals; and also say NO to Corruptions. Once Malaysia is in a better shape financially and economically, then only we bring back the demand on the table for PH manifesto to be delivered as promised. “Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh”….

  272. HBT456 May 26,2018 8:38 AM

    When the trust is betrayed, it might take few generations to rebuild the trust.

    Sometimes, when a trust is betrayed, it might never be rebuilt.

    Are you saying isa needs to be used again to silent your critics, sibotak?

    Malay screw malay?

    Malaysian screw malaysian?

    Bak kata, payau lawan sama payau, harimau tersenyum, or when the deers fight each other the tiger will be happy?

    Robbing paul to pay peter atau robbing peter to pay paul wont make any differences.


    In parliamentary democracy, winner takes all.

    Similarly, looser takes all.

    It depends on the matuarity of the political divides on which way they are heading.

    As members of political party, there are 4 choices:-

    A. Stick with the party that feed you
    B. Join your opponent party that offer you better prospect
    C. Set up a new party
    D. Retire from politics

    Politic is just only a game of numbers.

    Dont forget, politicians too need to face stiff competition or peer pressure just like all of us.

    Some made it, some didnt make it.

    Winning or loosing is common.

    When bad things happened, they must be a good reason.

    Hate speech is the root cause of terrorism.t

    To be or not to be?

  273. Sri Sense May 26,2018 5:39 AM

    Good morning!


    Odd gown for Ms Malaysia. Nasi lemak is a Malay dish.

    If you biasa tonton rancangan masakan AFC Astro, Australian and British also know this dish. Satay also they are familiar with. Even American chefs also kenal rendang. Australian Masterchef past winners, there are 2, one from Singapore and one from Malaysia. Both are Chinese. They both pandai masak Malay dish. The Australian judges love it. The British also loves curry. Hey after all we formerly British Empire. Nothing strange if we know each other food or culture so well. Zaman dulu Tun ada the look east policy, we jadi so familiar with Japanese food, still popular now, you can buy sushi in big supermarkets such as Jaya Grocer, Aeon etc If you biasa tonton hollywood movies ada several sebut Kuala Lumpur, not Najib’s son movie la 🙂

  274. sibotak May 26,2018 2:32 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun

    Saya rasa ISA perlu di kembalikan semula demi menjaga Kestabilan Politik dan Keharmonian Kaum.
    Pemimpin Bodoh macam Najib yg saja yg membubarkan ISA

  275. HBT456 May 25,2018 9:23 PM

    Instead of wasting time to complain, suspicious, and maki hamun, when general election is called, just vote for the coalition which you think they deserve to be your mp.

    After 5 years, another general election would be called.

    As voters, then you decide which coalition deserves your vote.

    As voters, our obligation is to vote only in every 5 years.

  276. HBT456 May 25,2018 9:06 PM

    Even though i think its fake, bias, lack of originality to promote the multi-ethnic culture of this country with different states , but what to do, the winner of the general election would decide how the public fund is being utilized.

    But if sri sense think is good idea to promote the food of the locals as fashion, by all means go a head.

    But, are the public fund being spent wisely to promote the country?

    Tepuk dada, tanya selera?

  277. HBT456 May 25,2018 8:53 PM

    Why so pening with ayoyo, sri sense?

    Jimat cermat is how we are groomed under mahathir’s era, bukan?

    Eventhough harga lauk pauk naik harga, harga roti canai and nasi lemak biasa masih kekal lagi ma.

    In boleh land, nothing is impossible.

    Even the idea of nasi lemak could be style as fashion.

    Who knows maybe roti canai would be used to style ms malaysia.

    But, the original name of roti canai is prata, not prada ar.

    Can sell or not, its up to sri sense to promote internationally.

  278. KhairulMK May 25,2018 1:21 PM

    Salam Ramadhan Tun…Kami semua mendoakan Tun sentiasa sihat, ceria & bahagia selalu ^_^ ^_^

  279. MEGATI DEWANI May 25,2018 10:44 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, semoga dikurniakn kesehatan yang berkekalan kepada Tun.

    Bila saya terbaca cadangan “Orang Johor” mengenai sayur yang fresh dinikmati oleh orang Singapore dan kita dapat sayur layu dari Indonesia…..saya pula berpendapat perkara kecil ini pun sebenarnya mempunyai impak yang besar kepada ekonomi kita.

    Bila “Orang Johor” bercerita pasal sayur saya pula teringat berita berita radio karat masa dulu iaitu Tuan Syed Mokhtar ada bercadang hendak membina highway dari Pelabohan Tanjung Pelepas(PTP) terus ke Pelabohan Pasir Gudang…… mungkin pakar ekonomi boleh membuat kajian.

    Masih ada lagi hajat untuk kita bekerjasama dengan Thailand untuk membina Terusan Segenting Kera?

    Saja nak mengubah selera dari berita yang menyakitkan hati mengenai Pahlawan Bugis tu……

  280. Sri Sense May 24,2018 8:02 PM

    Salam Tun

    I setuju dengan Hajar.

    Market real bad worldwide, make matters worse our new MoF, first he said Malaysia’s debt almost 1 trillion, he then proceeded to tell us how the old regime painted lies. OMG this guy so so Trump! Bukak aje mulut semua jadi lintang pukang. Just kasi la solution, what you going to do about it, how are you going to cover the debts, the interest, memadai kah dengan deduct 10% salary? How about no more GST, bukan kah itu juga akan kurangkan pendapatan negara. Ayoyo real pening, cannot sell la all my counters grrrrr

  281. superSepantun May 24,2018 7:18 PM

    Hendak menyanyi, apa di lagu?
    Hendak mencari, mana di tuju?

    Duit tu setan..!
    Duit Najib ada brapa tan..?

    *selamat berbuka semua..!
    Yg mana buka puasa..
    Yg mana buka minda..

    Asalamualaikum saudari saudara.

  282. Krisemas May 24,2018 6:04 PM

    Dear Tun,



  283. sibotak May 24,2018 5:53 PM

    Rintihan Tun semasa dan bagaimana Tun di Larang masuk ke Putra Jaya
    Semasa Pak Lah ambil alih juga semasa Najib
    Sedangkan Najib mempelawa , membayar penasihat British di Putra Jaya
    Sedangkan nasihat dari Tun hanya percuma
    Sudahkah kita Halau ini penasihat British Keluar dari Putra Jaya ?

    Kemarin Najib mengatakan Duit derma dari Arab Dugul sudah di kembalikan ?
    Yang berkodi kodi , ber kotak kotak duit yg di rampas di rumah Najib ini duit apa pula ?

    Inilah manusia yg tidak kenag jasa . Yang Buta Penglihatan
    Yang Lupa Daratan dek kerana Cash is King
    Cash tu sebenarnya Setan
    Kan ia di cipta dan di reka Yahudi

    Harap Pemimpin dan Rakyat serta Sultan
    Menjadikan episode Najib & Rosmah sebagai satu Pelajaran
    Semoga Allah membuka pintu hati , pintu Otak kita semua

  284. Hajar May 24,2018 5:32 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Allow me Tun to comment on our stock market (Bursa Malaysia):

    Yesterday, Bursa Malaysia closed in the red; -40.78 points (CI). Very bad performance.

    Last week I made some money (profit) because the price of one of the stocks that I was holding suddenly went up quite a lot (right after GE14). Yesterday, I lost some money, but overall I still gained 🙂 . I trade online (on my own) because it’s cheaper (fees), and I can trade from anywhere. Furthermore, I know what I’m doing, and I’m not greedy like some people.

    Today, the CI lost almost 29 points (-28.59). It looks like some investors are panicking.

    I would like to give a simple advice to our new Finance Minister, YB Lim Guan Eng.

    Most Malaysians are aware about what actually happened in 1MDB. There’s no need to tell the whole world (everything) about your ‘new findings’ on 1MDB. It’s not good (not wise) to openly reveal ALL of the BAD NEWS now (just take actions against the culprits). People and many foreign investors are watching, and quite a number of them take actions based on what you say as Finance Minister. You are no longer an opposition. Please change your style…

    P/S: Obviously, DSN is still in denial. Deny…deny…deny… Same strategy as DSAI. In a way they are alike…They never admit their mistakes & wrongdoings. Yeah, slander..all the way…

    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family —

  285. Sri Sense May 24,2018 9:20 AM

    Good morning!

    I read the article, and found it to be interesting or valuable (i.e., share-worthy)

    Kadir Jasin hits out at ‘hypocrites’ who come crawling back to Dr M

    PETALING JAYA, May 23 — Veteran journalist Datuk A. Kadir Jasin has slammed “hypocrites and backstabbers” who were now making a comeback after previously shunning Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad during Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration.

    In a highly critical posting on his personal blog, the former New Straits Times group chief editor warned that there was a price to pay for their dalliance and their multi-billion-ringgit projects, contracts and concessions.

    Kadir pointed out while the government may need to continue working with these people, it must also be fair to the many struggling businessmen and women who fearlessly supported the Pakatan Harapan (PH) cause.

    “They should never be sidelined in favour of the fat cats and top dogs of the central business district,” he said.

    Kadir, who was appointed official spokesman for the Council of Eminent Persons, also reminded his readers that the sacrifices and bravery of these people must not be forgotten and the new federal government must endeavour to help genuine businessmen flourish.

    Kadir’s comments came as an observation and personal opinion piece about certain people who attended a breaking of fast reception last night at the Perdana Leadership Foundation, where Dr Mahathir is the honorary president.

    He said that among those who attended were people who owed their success to Dr Mahathir, but had shunned him after he retired from the government.

    “When Dr Mahathir was in power, they celebrated him as if he was a ‘Tua Pek Kong’ and man of miracles,” he said, referring to one of the Chinese Gods of Wealth.

    “He was lavishly praised and even more lavishly feasted. But when he left office, many of these people abandoned him,” wrote Kadir, adding that the situation became worse when Dr Mahathir joined and led the Opposition coalition to oust Najib.

    “The mere mention of Dr Mahathir caused them to cringe. Their fear of the government was childlike,” said Kadir, maintaining that his post was not related to whatever position he held.

    He also touched on the alleged use of spiritual forces by those who were in power to instil fear in their followers.

    “It appears as if the puja of the ‘pawang buaya’ and the priest from Sri Lanka had been put on them,” he wrote in reference to spiritual worship and rituals.

    – MMO via MSN

  286. sibotak May 24,2018 8:31 AM

    Saya berpendapat Najib memang seorang yg Biadab dan Kurang Ajar
    Macamana beliau jadi Pemimpin juga PM Malaysia

    Semasa PRU Beliau mengugat kononya jika kita tidak teruskan project mega
    dengan China , mereka akan lari dan Malaysia akan kehilangan Pelancung China
    Beliau juga ada mengatakan hutang Malaysia amat berat jadi siapa yg ambil alih akan hadap segala hutang puitang Negara yg beliau sendiri yg bertanggung jawab
    Jawapan serupa ini yg datang dari Pemimpin Tertinggi UMNO juga Perdana Menteri amat mencerminkan Njib bukan Pemimpin , malah Najib adalah Penyagak ,Perompak dan Penipu .
    Saya yakin beliau tidak ada jawapannya bagaimana nak tebus segala hutang puitang yg beliau lakukan . Mungkin ambil ringkas yg di ketahui sifat Najib adalah mengadai Tanah Malaysia

    Shukur Super Hero kita berjaya menewaskan mereka dan menyelamatkan Malaysia
    Jika Najib masih berkuasa Malaysia akan terjunam papa kedana
    Macamanalah anggota lain tidak ikut
    Bapa Borek Anak Rintek
    Itu sebab semasa Najib mentakbir Negara
    Banyak perkara yg tak betul dan tidak jelas

    Saya berharap segala Harta , Wang yg dalam Negeri juga diluar Negeri Najib sekerluarga , juga sahabat beliau Jho low, Anak Tiri , Rosmah dan kesemua mereka yg terlibat menghancurkan Malaysia . Harta , wang mereka di Sita hingga Licin
    Jadikan mereka Papa Kedana dan Lingkupkan mereka ke Neraka
    Ini semsetinya satau Deterrent Charges supaya sejarah di diulang semula

    Saya berasa amat malu semasa PRU UMNO Najib masih tebal muka lagi nak menyogok penggundi mengunakan wang Haram untuk Kepentingan peribadi beliau bukan untuk UMNO atau Negara . Dan Dunia melihatnya

    Dan hingga kini Najib masih Angkuh . Masih tidak mahu mengaku dimana Kesilapan beliau . Dimana Kesilapan UMNO dalam Kepimpinan beliau
    Najib masih Sombong dan Bongkak
    Maka itu sebab beliau di singkir

    Harap kejadian di Malaysia yg Bersejarah ini menjadi Tauladan bagi kita semua

  287. Orang Johor May 24,2018 8:29 AM

    Dear Tun, Malaysia should also ban the export of fresh produce like vegetable and seafood to Singapore to lower the prices of these goods for Malaysians. Freshly caught fish must be landed in Malaysia for Malaysian consumption because fishermen receive subsidies from the government. It is rumored that some fishermen sell their catch to Singapore boats right at sea. These are traitors and should be banned from fishing. Something must be wrong when all the fish at Singapore markets are so fresh but in Malaysia, we are eating Indonesian-caught fish treated with preservatives.

  288. Orang Johor May 24,2018 8:18 AM

    I hope Tun will cancel the Malaysia-Singapore high-speed raillink. This project is only going to benefit Singapore. To continue developing, Singapore needs foreign workers but to house these workers will require space and resources. With the high-speed railway, Malaysia will be the one housing these people. They eat, defecate and use Malaysian resources but contribute their energy to develop Singapore. The cunning Singapore contractors could even house all their Bangladeshi and Myanmar workers in Makaysia with a high-speed raillink.

  289. Hajar May 24,2018 6:01 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    I feel so lucky and blessed being a Malaysian. Just look at how Muslims (minority) in Myanmar are being treated by their Government.

    They cannot even perform ‘Tarawih’ during Ramadhan peacefully. Such a sad sad situation.

    Hopefully Tun (new Government) can do something about this issue. The freedom to practice one’s religion is merely a basic human right.


    Lara hati Muslim Myanmar: Madrasah ditutup, penganjur tarawih dipenjara

    YANGON: Ketika Cho Nwe Soe pergi ke mahkamah Yangon bulan lalu dengan suaminya, dia menjangkakan bahawa suaminya, Aung San Lin hanya akan didenda kerana menganjurkan solat berjemaah di jalanan tanpa permit pada tahun lalu.

    Dia membayangkan mereka akan dapat pulang kemudiannya untuk bersiap-siap menyambut Ramadan.

    Namun bukan itu yang terjadi. Sebaliknya, suaminya yang berusia 41 tahun dan enam lagi Muslim Myanmar lain, dihukum penjara selama tiga bulan.

    Semuanya gara-gara menganjurkan solat tarawih di ruang jalanan terbuka, berikutan madrasah mereka diarahkan tutup oleh golongan nasionalis Buddha.



    Thank you Tun.

    — May Allah SWT bless Tun and family —

  290. Bungalalang May 24,2018 3:50 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Regarding issue of dissolvement MPN..

    I fully support that MPN to be dissolved.. why?

    Actually MPN does not play any rules to rakyat and government. We did not realised any benefit from them…?? Unless as a place to mengampu existing government ruling party..

    I disgust with them all when they invited to discuss on tv.. why?? ..all these prof are actually to promote themselve to the eye of goverment.. then speak like rakyat malaysia is stupid!!!

    Kamarulzaman yusof from uum for example.. apa dia ingat rakyat ni lembu !!!!.. dia bukan ahli politik.. dlm rakyat susah dan mengharapkan sangat kpd sesuatu perubahan yg positif dok sebok kata Tun tua lah.. apa lah… so what!!!.. adakah kalau Tun tua ..Tun kena pergi tarik pukat..atau menoreh getah..atau membanting padi!!!!… bengong punya budak..umur baru 40++ sudah merasakan diri hebat!!.. Tun sbg lambang dan hanya satu-satunya orang yg boleh menidakkan UMNO.. tanpa Tun .. saya tak nampak rakyat boleh merasa percaya pkr, dap, PAN boleh menarik kepercayaan rakyat utk memimpin negara ini..

    Kemenangan PH pd saya adalah kerana rakyat yakin kpd kepimpinan Tun..

    Semoga Tun jgn di ragukan oleh sesiapa pun jua.. kerana rakyat sentiasa di belakang Tun..kerana kami percaya Tun ikhlas utk menyelamatkan rakyat negara ini dari BN yg rakus..


  291. Keris Derhaka May 23,2018 9:39 PM

    Assalam Ayahanda Tun yang dikasihi,

    Saya ingin mencadangkan agar GST Sifar% hanya dikenakan ke atas setiap pembelian yang mengemukakan pengenalan diri MyKad bagi dewasa dan Mykid bagi kanak-kanak.

    Mana-mana pembelian tanpa dikemukakan MyKad boleh dikenakan GST6%. Melalui kaedah ini Negara dapat mengenakan cukai bersasar terhadap warga asing. Ini secara tidak langsung akan tetap menyumbang pendapatan kepada negara.

    Harap dapat dikaji.

    Sekian Terima Kasih.

  292. vishnu banu May 23,2018 4:01 PM

    Selamat petang kepada TUN M yang disayangi,

    Saya ingin memaklumkan semasa serbuan SPRM di rumah najib
    ,semua kakitangan dan penghuni tidak tenteram hanya kucing parsi kepunyaan najib saja kelihatan tenang dan steady,dari sini kita boleh tahu orang yang buat salah tidak akan tenang dan tenteram .

    Cuma untuk berjenaka dan berfikir.

    Tun M HIDUP

  293. hz May 23,2018 1:28 PM

    Salam Tun sekeluarga.
    To make up for some of the reduced income from Zero GST, please ensure ALL individuals & organizations involved in 1MDB trillion saga to be fully pursued & audited by LHDN.
    Selamat berpuasa Tun. Take care please.

  294. MEGATI DEWANI May 23,2018 12:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan semua.

    Saya bersetuju dengan pandangan Sri Sense.

  295. elizanoordin May 23,2018 11:38 AM

    Assalamualaikum to my beloved Tun Mahathir and Tun Siti,
    Congratulation and thank you for winning recent election and for leading the country back again. I have one request. Please do not be too kind to Malaysians. You always take care of us like your own children. I hope you can be harder to us. Make us work harder, acquire capabilities and knowledge, not to be complacent and be progressive. Reward and punish if required.

    You have set remarkable example to us and I thank you for that. But how many resonate your hard work and grit?
    Selamat Berpuasa & take care!

  296. Sri Sense May 23,2018 9:31 AM

    Salam Tun

    Below keratan dari news portal the Star dated 7 Mar 2018 :

    In 2017, Malaysia saw a drop of 7.4% in approved investments on lower inflow into the services sector.

    Data from Mida showed approved investments in the manufacturing, services and primary sectors totalled RM197.1bil in 2017, compared with RM212.9bil in 2016.

    Last year, the value of FDI approved stood at RM54.7bil, down 7.5% from RM59.1bil in 2016, while approved DDI fell 7.4% to RM142.4bil in 2017 from RM153.8bil previously.

    – We need news on economy, business, rata2 news baru yang tersiar adalah untuk rakyat in general, seperti gaji 4K below tak payah bayar loan or mahsuh GST or skandal 1MDB.

  297. Sri Sense May 23,2018 5:32 AM

    Salam Tun yang disayangi

    Advertisement placed by the old regime patut diberhentikan. If I’m not mistaken masih ada kat Astro satelah beberapa hari BN tumbang.

    Bukan apa nanti good feelings rakyat regarding the old regime masih ada.

    PS Long time no see, Mr MubarakChan. Good to see you!

  298. Lanun Johor May 23,2018 1:33 AM

    Benar Tun, semuga ALLAH swt memberi kita taufik & hidayahNya.

    Tahniah kepada Tun Mahathir & Pakatan Harapan !

    Semuga ALLAH swt terus-terusan mudahkan urusan dunia kita, murahkan rezeki kita semua dan selamatkan kita semua di akhirat nanti.

    Ameen Ya Rabbal Al-Ameen

  299. mubarakchan May 23,2018 1:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun

    First and foremost, my heartiest congratulations to you for forming the Cabinet of the new Government arising out of the stupendous success of the PH at the 14th GE. It is good, very good that you have taken the first step of our long journey of 1,000 lei under your proven leadership. Our beloved Malaysia is on the cusp of glory, greatness and prosperity despite of the greed and abuse by the previous BN Administration. Now, we the Rakyat look forward to your steady and wise leadership to trek us up to the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. With you as our leader, I am confident we will rub shoulders with these greats. Switzerland took 800 years of Confederation to be where they are today. India was 5,000 years and Japan 3,000 years. Comparatively, Malaysia since Merdeka in 1957, has done well. How many of us are aware that Malaysia is one of only 4 important small countries of the World e.g. Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. Hence the political leadership is viewed seriously and importantly by the World. The Premiership of our country should be led by eminent persons with impeccable integrity and honourable character. As Tun Tan Siew Sin once told me that a politician must have a proper background. Now I know what he meant. Malaysia is the only country with the bountiful natural resources, good peoples from ancient civilizations, stable democracy and stands astride the most important choke point in the World for 1,200 miles from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea. This location is strategically important in geo-political terms. With the stupendous success by PH in the 14th GE as crafted by you, we the Rakyat now stand proud, tall, strong and united to tackle any task ahead. In you we trust, Tun to go places with us and our country Malaysia, one of only 4 most important small countries of the World.

  300. YNWA May 23,2018 12:35 AM

    Assalam and good day Chedet and it’s followers

    Hari ini dalam sejarah, 22 Mei 2018:

    Wan Azizah lapor diri di JPM.
    Muhyiddin lapor diri di KDN.
    Mohamad Sabu lapor diri di KEMENTAH.
    Lim Guan Eng lapor diri di MOF.
    Zuraida Kamaruddin lapor diri di KPKT.
    Maszlee Malik lapor diri di MOE.
    Salehuddin Ayub lapor diri di MOA.
    Rina Harun lapor diri di KPLB.
    Gobind Singh lapor diri di KKMM.
    Dr. Dzulkefly lapor diri di KKM.
    Azmin Ali lapor diri di KHEE.
    *Najib Razak lapor diri di SPRM.*

    The best PC of the day is “Mad Sabu style”…huhuhu

  301. Chee May 23,2018 12:19 AM

    Dear Tun,
    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your recent election win and your new appointment as the PM of Malaysia.

    No doubt this result was hard fought and all Malaysians should be proud of this unprecedented achievement. While Malaysia has had a peaceful election and a smooth handover, I would like to bring to your attention that the Venezuelans too just had theirs but their result is the complete opposite of ours. That despotic and incompetent incumbent Maduro has been “reelected” to office. It shudders me to think that Malaysia almost went down the same path.

    If it had not been for the complacency of Barisan Nasional and UMNO, who were so delusional to think they could win without breaking a sweat, I would dare to say that the same exact measures as in Venezuela would have been taken in GE14 to keep BN and Najib in power while denying victory to the righful parties and therefore depriving the democratic right of the rakyat. The rakyat would have lost its last line of defence against corrupted, despotic, kleptocratic or just plain incompetent leaders who refuse to leave and want to remain in power for their own personal agendas or continue plundering state coffers.

    Tun, I beg you to look into this matter seriously and take measures to ensure this will never happen to Malaysia. The next time a leader like Najib or Maduro appearing on Malaysia politics will probably be smarter, having learnt the lesson of GE14 and will therefore be much harder to remove. The independence of the EC is ever more crucial. Political gimmicks to undermine opposition parties, gerrymeandering or similar tactics to prevent the opposition from winning or contesting must be stopped at all costs. Perhaps enshrining some kind of election rules into our Perlembagaan to ensure no foul play may be proper. The Perlembagaan must similarly be upheld by an independent judiciary who will enforce the law without fear and prejudice.

    As Malaysians celebrate and rejoice over GE14, it pains me to think about our less fortunate friends on the other part of the world who had had their democratic systems completely destroyed. Under Chavez and then Maduro, Venezuelans endured extreme poverty and sufferings of unspeakable magnitudes. People had to queue for hours just to get toilet paper, basic medicine is non-existent, the local currency plunged unimaginably and hyperinflation is rampant. Social order has broken down completely with widespread crime and people are leaving in droves.

    Tun, you are famous for your sajaks about your “bangsaku”. If these of kinds of things happen to your “bangsaku”, I am sure it will be many times worse than your worst nightmares. There wouldn’t be a “bangsaku” anymore and Malaysia would cease to function as a state or nation. Will there then be another Tun M to save us? Or perhaps will another Tun M be enough to save us?

    Thank you Tun. I wish you and your new Cabinet much success in shaping a new and better Malaysia for all Malaysians.

  302. adelheid May 22,2018 10:38 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Watching Bicara Khas RTM1 Bersama YB Menteri KKMM Gobind Singh Deo. Speechless, YB Gobind Singh has excellent command of Bahasa Melayu. He’s an intellectual, lawyer, debator, he’s the perfect choice for the post. You’ve made the right choices for your team of ministers Tun. Tahniah.

    Looking forward to a better Malaysia, Malaysia Baru, for everyone.

    Goodnight dear Tun Mahathir. Rest well.

  303. Sri Sense May 22,2018 6:23 AM

    Good morning!

    Bila berita BN tumbang, I cakap kat hubby “Tak dapat la Najib, Tun”!

    No Tun Najib, no Tun Rosmah.

    MEGATI DEWANI, pada pendapat I boleh keluar tapi tak boleh banyak. Dia bukan PM lagi. Ya setuju kalau dah terlalu banyak nanti seperti meraih simpati dari public sedangkan Najib ada pending case.

    Another thing, slot/air time yang keluar itu free atau berbayar?

  304. anak Melaka May 22,2018 5:40 AM

    Dan wanita tidak ketinggalan , hamba mintalah DPM Wan Azizah bersama PM Mahathir dan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim baca Muqa’taat semua sekaligus.

    Jadi wanita tidak ketinggalan , DPM Wan Azizahlah yang akan baca Muq’taat .

    Harap terlaksana permintaan hamba , anak Melaka.

    Tay BT
    22-5-2018 5:40am

  305. anak Melaka May 22,2018 4:31 AM

    Hamba anak Melaka nak buat permintaan :

    Boleh tak PM Mahathir dan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim SAMA-SAMA baca semua Muqa’taat sekaligus ? Bukan hanya satu kali , biarlah berbanyak lagi , yang ideal ialah sepanjang bulan Ramadan !

    Dalam sejarah Malaysia dan mungkin Islam tak pernah macam ini , PM Mahatahir dan DS Anwar Ibrahim sama-sama baca semua Muqa’taat sekaligus ;
    GELOMBANG DAN OMBAK REFORMASI PAKATAN HARAPAN utk negara tak kira bangsa atau agama .Lebih -lebih lagi di bulan Ramadan!

    Alif Lām Mīm , Alif Lām Mīm Ṣād , Alif Lām Rā , Alif Lām Mīm Rā , Kāf Hā Yā ‘Ain Ṣād , Ṭā Hā , Ṭā Sīn Mīm , Ṭā’ Sīn , Yā Sīn , Ṣād , Ḥā Mīm , Ḥā Mīm; ‘Ain Sīn Qāf , Qāf , Nūn

    Sila pastikan bahawa cara menyebut/menyuarakan dan bunyi Muqa’taat itu setepat-tepatnya yang mungkin.(source of articulation , aspiration , pronunciation is as accurate as possible).Kerana Muqa’taat itu ayat paling istimewa , yang tiada tolok bandingannya.

    Tay BT
    22-5-2018 4:31am

  306. tamchi May 22,2018 2:35 AM

    Salam juga buat tuan umranrc & rakan taulan..

  307. tamchi May 22,2018 1:55 AM

    Asalamualaikum Tun,
    Saja nk cerita, bukan nak pantun..

    Nampak hensem segak bergaya pulak Tun pagi smlm bg ucapan…
    dengan baju kot nya, tanpa di kancing butang..
    Siap dgn bertali leher.. warna purple pulak tu..

    Bonda Tun Siti pun apa kurangnya,
    dgn berbaju kaler..
    Siap bunga bunga biru/purple lg..,
    Handbag & kalung mutiara putihnya..

    Caya lah…


  308. vishnu banu May 21,2018 6:41 PM

    Saya vishnu ingin mengucapkan selamat berbuka puasa kepada tun M ,walaupun saya beragama lain saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada tun kerana menyelamatkan negara dari seorang penyangak.


  309. YNWA May 21,2018 2:29 PM

    Assalam Tun Mahathir Mohamad;
    Malaysia’s current (7th) Prime Minister

    Thanks Allah..Thanks Malaysian…new era Malaysia


    Everyone here and in fact those out there who cares; we observes and we care…

    The fall of UMNO and BN was expected; however it can never happened with Allah wills…with Allah wills it’s is motivated by Tun Mahathir as the persona….aura Tun M actually;

    However; under the spirit of PH and now PH had been registered eventually…

    Now; Just hope DSAI not too excited; reserve your statement and reserve your energy just yet ..the govt now is Pakatan Harapan not PKR alone…the reform process is underway and ongoing…it is respected that DSAI is PKR de-facto leader; we can respect the collective future decision of PH to make DSAI as PM in waiting…relax and chill DSAI….your time may come; InshaAllah…respect Mr LKS (uncle LKS)…cool, relax and smart..

    We are in the spirit of New Era of Malaysia under Tun Mahathir and his team in the government….we support;
    #100 hari Malaysia Baharu
    #Bina Semula Negara

    May Allah bless us all…You are nothing without Allah (YNWA)

  310. anak Melaka May 21,2018 12:28 PM

    Dan hamba anak Melaka berharap Muqa’taat di bulan Ramadan lebih mujarab
    lagi utk PM Mahathir.

    Tay BT
    21-5-2018 12:28pm

  311. MEGATI DEWANI May 21,2018 9:43 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun M the 007,

    Saya rasa terkilan juga melihatkan TV kita masih memberikan ruang dengan berita Najib……

    Berita berita yang fokus untuk mendapat simpati..

    Saya rasa TV kita dulu tidak pernah dan jarang untuk memberikan fokus untuk Tun M kecuali fokus untuk perkara yang tak baik….

    Harap harap Menteri Penerangan memahami niat niat TV ini.

    ……Sakit hati kepada Najib belum hilang lagi……

  312. anak Melaka May 21,2018 9:21 AM

    Salam hormat PM Mahathir .
    Hamba bukan orang Islam tetapi tak salah kirimkan Muqa’taat kepada
    PM Mahathir , saya berdoa PM Mahathir akan dapat segala kekuatan yang perlu untuk menegakkan keadilan , selamatkan Malaysia .

    Alif Lām Mīm , Alif Lām Mīm Ṣād , Alif Lām Rā , Alif Lām Mīm Rā , Kāf Hā Yā ‘Ain Ṣād , Ṭā Hā , Ṭā Sīn Mīm , Ṭā’ Sīn , Yā Sīn , Ṣād , Ḥā Mīm , Ḥā Mīm; ‘Ain Sīn Qāf , Qāf , Nūn

    Hamba berdoa dengan Muqa’taat , PM Mahathir dapat laksanakan segala apa demi Malaysia , biarlah sihat-shat kuat-kuat belaka!
    Jikalau letih , hamba cadangkan cuba makan ubiquinol(FULLY REDUCED Ubiquinone). There is also the transmucosal sublingual route of absorption .

    Kata di kota
    Bermain kata tiada gunanya
    Jujur berkhidmat setiap masa.

    Hamba,anak Melaka.

    Tay BT
    21-5-2018 9:20am

  313. HBT456 May 21,2018 8:23 AM

    It is a natural process that each one of us will go through.

    When liberation army of prc showcase bomb drilling in front of roc taiwan today, what is that means?

    It is just a simple test to see the reaction of the taiwan wannabes.

    From there, the taiwanese local voters could judge for themselves who they prefer their president to be in the ballot boxes nanti.

    If they are not happy, they can vote either ruling or opposition parties saja.

  314. HBT456 May 21,2018 8:12 AM

    Mca is biased but no big deal?

    Yeah, when mca cannot produce result, the easy way out is to cast them out.

    Now, the dream of dap comes true with lim guan eng and anthony loke got elected by holding finance and transportation portfolios.

    Itu lah sebabnya, perananan mca must stick to their core struggles of chinese welfare and educations.

    With dap holding ministry finance and transportation portfolios, both mca and gerakkan might as well stick to their way of no cure, no fee, so that the hardworking mentality of chinese remain unchanged.

    Loosing is no big deal too.

    But, is winning a big deal, when next general election is called, everyone will know.

  315. huda May 21,2018 7:30 AM


    Salam Ramadhan semua. Alhamdulillah peralihan kuasa dinegara kita berlangsung aman, semoga keharmonian ini sentiasa berterusan.

    Tun, saya menyambut baik kenyataan Tun pentadbiran negara kali ini berdasarkan AlQuran dan Hadis sahih. Semoga Allah bagi kemudahan diatas usaha ini dan memberi jalan selulusnya mengikut syariat Islam.

    Tun, ramai menantikan pengumuman kabinet penuh. Apa yang saya harapkan Tun tidak merosakkan Syed Saddiq dengan memberi sebarang jawatan didalam kabinet.

    Mengambil contoh Ds Najib, karier politik beliau begitu lancar, diusia begitu muda dia memegang jawatan timbalan menteri. Akhirnya?

    Pandangan saya, pemimpin muda perlu penuhi ilmu didada. Dia perlu rasa sepak terajang dunia pekerjaan untuk memantapkan jati diri.

    Negara kita memerlukan pemimpin yang sejati. Berapa ramai ahli politik kita cuma gah dipentas. Negara memerlukan pemimpin berakal mantap. Bukan pemidato hebat.

    Kita tidak perlukan Anwar 2.0. Terlalu banyak lebihan pemidato.

  316. musato May 21,2018 6:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sri Sense seru nama umranrc dan beliau dah muncul.

    Sri Sense senyum ada makna tu…

    Pn Mai bertanyakan apa relevannya Anwar Ibrahim dilepaskan awal walaupun tarikh akhirnya adalah Jun ini.

    Lagipun dalam artikel ini Tun berhajat untuk memperkasakan pengetahuan Islam yang lebih benar. Adakah Anwar sudah boleh dipercayai tentang perkara yang lampau?

    Malah telah menjadi satu kepercayaan bahawa Tun Mahathir adalah orangnya yang akan membina tapak untuk satu zaman Islam yang maju dan adil pada masa hadapan.

    Pada pendapat saya, Malaysia ini amat unik dalam pentadbirannya serta strutur masyarakatnya.

    Pada pendapat saya juga Islam yang mekar adalah Islam yang akan sentiasa disegarkan setiap 100 tahun.

    Kita sememangnya sedang berada di awal permulaan 100 tahun yang baru itu, seperti yang diterangkan oleh Mufti MAZA.

    Namun bagi kenbanyakkan orang Mufti MAZA ini amat cergas dan berani dalam memberi pandangan tidak seperti Mufti Mufti Negeri lain.

    Namun sepanjang ingatan saya, Mufti MAZA tidak begitu memperakui tentang ilmu tasawuf.

    Selain dari itu, saya kagum dengan keyakinan Mufti MAZA apabila berbicara tentang politik. Tidak seperti Mufti Mufti lain yang ditegah oleh Sultan Sultan mereka supaya tidak masuk campur.

    Dalam menyegarkan Islam, terdapat satu ilmu langsung yang sentiasa ada dan akan diperturunkan seperti sejarahnya Nabi Muhammad yang ‘ummi’.

    Itulah ilmu laduni. Tasawuf.

    Semuanya dari Allah swt.

    Sepertimana jika dibaca pendapat dari Mufti MAZA sendiri bahawa rakyat Malaysia amat matang dan telah membuktikan pandangan pandangan saujana Islam dahulu adalah silap apabila memperhitungkan pertukaran kerajaan akan membawa kepada kekecohan dan huru hara dalam negara.

    Mumgkin kerana memegang pandangan saujana saujana lama, maka mufti mufti kita termasuk Hj Hadi menolak perjuangan Tun Mahathir sebelum PRU14.

    Tetapi PRU14, membuktikan sebaliknya.

    Mata negara Islam luar tertumpu kepada Malaysia sekarang sepertimana Israel membeliakkan mata melihat Malaysia membawa balik kotak hitam dan mayat penumpang MH17 bersendirian.

    Itulah kesegaran Islam yang akan kita hadapi dan sempat dirasai oleh Tun Mahathir sendiri.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  317. umranrc May 21,2018 12:15 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Alhamdulillah, ternyata majoriti rakyat Malaysia telah bangun dan menyatakan bantahan secara terbuka terhadap penyelewengan yang berlaku dimana akhirnya kesemua kita terbeban dengan kos sara hidup yang tinggi. Kesedaran ini tidak mungkin dicapai hanya dengan usaha segelintir sahaja daripada kita. Terima Kasih tidak terhingga saya ucapkan kepada semua, yang secara bertungkus-lumus memberikan penerangan jelas kepada keseluruhan Rakyat diserata pelusok Negara untuk menjayakan kemenangan ini. Ini bukan kemenangan ‘parti politik’ tetapi ini adalah kemenangan Rakyat yang mengharapkan perubahan.

    Tahniah Tun! Tahniah kerana menyahut seruan ramai untuk memperbetulkan Negara kita yang telah jauh menyimpang. Tahniah juga kerana menerima pendapat sebahagian besar penulis-penulis disini untuk Tun menubuhkan sebuah parti politik demi menentang kecurangan Basiran Nasional. Ya, saya tidak bersetuju untuk PPBM menghadkan ahli yang boleh mengundi kedudukkan pemimpinnya hanya terdiri dari kaum Bumiputra sahaja, tetapi dengan terjalinnya pakatan bersama PKR, DAP dan AMANAH telah menandakan kebolehan kita untuk bekerja sama dengan kesemua kaum dan ugama.

    Dengan terdaftarnya Pakatan Harapan secara rasmi, diharap dapatlah kita serapkan beberapa lagi parti-parti politik terutamanya dari Sabah dan Sarawak, insya Allah.

    Diantara fakta yang membezakan diantara manusia dan haiwan adalah pegangan diri terhadap janji yang telah kita meterai bersama. Seperti mana yang tercatit didalam risalah manifesto PH, kita teruskan agenda agenda yang telah dirancang. Ini bukan sahaja menguatkan Pakatan yang telah terbina tetapi lebih pada itu ianya membawa kepada ketelusan pemerintahan. Dan sebenarnya inilah yang diinginkan oleh setiap Rakyat berbilang kaum dan ugama di Malaysia ini.

    Walaupun saya sebutkan ‘setiap Rakyat’ pada perenggan diatas, akan tetapi, ada juga yang tidak bersetuju terutamanya mereka-mereka yang agak rapuh dari sudut kebolehan diri tetapi ingin mencapai sesuatu kedudukkan melalui jalan mudah. Saya rasa cukup-cukuplah tradisi seperti ini diakhiri dengan Barisan Nasional sahaja. Yang ingin dilihat adalah mereka-mereka yang benar-benar berwibawa menerajui Negara kita kepada Wawasan Baru yang menjanjikan kesejahteraan untuk semua tanpa memilih warna kulit mahupun pegangan Ugama.

    Sepertimana Tun sebutkan tempoh hari dan diulangi semula oleh Dato’ Sri Anwar, biar dari pihak mana sekalipun berlakunya penyelewengan, tindakkan yang sama rata akan dijalankan. Ini memberikan nafas baru kepada Malaysia dari kacamata Dunia. Insya Allah, kita akan jadi lebih makmur, saksama dan maju bukan sahaja daripada pandangan fizikalnya tetapi juga pandangan kerohanian setiap Rakyat.

    Kepada Kawan-kawan disini,
    Rimba.Emas, Adelheid, Milshah, Cruize, Faradina, Datin Sri Sense, Dr. Housewife, Dr. Hajar, Musato, Asahamat, Megati Dewani, SiBotak, HBT456 (MCA biased but no big deal), Tamchi, WandyCaswady, Balance, WajaPerak, SSLee dan ramai lagi yang tidak sempat saya catatkan disini, sedikit sebanyak penulisan Tuan-tuan serta Puan-puan sekelian telah membantu kita semua memerdekakan Negara kita semula daripada kemungkaran yang nyata.

    Kepada Kawan-kawan yang menjadi pembangkang diforum ini juga saya raikan kerana sedikit sebanyak kawan-kawan ini membantu kami semua memahami dengan lebih lanjut fahaman anda sekelian dan membolehkan kami semua berusaha dengan lebih baik dimasa hadapan. Rakan-rakan seperti Karl, Tajuddin, Huda dan ramai lagi, benar-benar membantu Tun dan rakan-rakan sekelian menyelami pandangan-pandangan anda dan membolehkan manifesto yang lebih jitu dirangka untuk perlaksanaan.

    Kerterbukaan Tun melalui forum ini sebenarnya membuka tirai kepada lebih ramai pemikir-pemikir hebat yang boleh memberikan pendapat-pendapat yang baik untuk diketengahkan. Ia juga membawa kepada perubahan minda oleh penggiat-penggiat media massa untuk membuat laporan yang tidak condong kepada satu-satu fahaman, Alhamdulillah.

    Terima Kasih Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

  318. sibotak May 20,2018 9:39 PM

    I hereby Line up and Forward to you guys
    The Super Hero of Malaysia 2018

    I present to you…….
    Mad Sabu as The Incredible Hulk
    Lim Guan Eng as Spider Man
    Rafizi as The Wolverine
    Anwar Ibrahim as The Iron Man
    Dr Wan Azizah as Wonder Women
    Nurul Izzah as The Super Girl
    follow by others of their own character
    Last but not least Not forgetting
    The Honorable Tun Mahathir as Thor

    It clicks me we should cartoon this figures
    They have save Malaysia , so are we

    But very much embarrass UMNO under Najib
    Campaigned by giving away much goodies and money
    Still did not Win. It proves
    Cash is never a King
    The World are watching how Stupid UMNO Govt under Najib are
    That much reflects on Najib himself
    And very Sad
    Najib is still very arrogant and proud
    Never admit his wrong doings

    I just can’t imagine an arrogant person like Najib
    To be in Parliament being an Opposition
    What a Clown he would be opposing senseless proposals
    He being a Pick PM does not even knows what is his direction

    I see a couple of Clown in Najib Ruling
    1 Mlae 1 Female
    He and his wife Rosmah made a clown of themselves
    Arrogant, Spendthrift , Clumsy very disgusting
    Thank God , Malaysia had overcome its Nightmare
    Thanks to our Super Hero , again

    I salute & respect Tun Mahathir & Rafizi
    Their Tremendous efforts of saving Malaysia
    I see a very much potential future PM in Rafizi so as Mukhliz Mahathir
    Both has The Quality , The Coolness & Smartness of being our Prime Minister
    Simply I cant imagine Zahid to be our PM . Thank Allah

    I hope Malaysia will turn to a New Era
    The Super Era of Malaysia
    With Military Might of our own Kind

  319. adelheid May 20,2018 9:15 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Uncle Lim Kit Siang is a man with a big big heart. Even so I still feel this man should not be excluded totally in this newly elected PH government. I think more than anything Tun he deserves to be in the Council of Elders/Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan. He is not asking but we as a people think he deserves at least the honour to contribute to the country. I hope you will consider this Tun. Not his want but our request as a people who feel his contribution to the country is still much sought after.

    On another note re DS Azmin Ali, I hope he will be sworn in tomorrow as one of your federal cabinet ministers. We support DS Azmin. He stands out from the rest. He’ll be able to help you bring the country to greater heights again.

    Tun tomorrow you’ll have your start up of ministers sworn in. At least nobody can say this and that about you being the sole administrator/decision maker. Now you have a team to support you. We support you too.

    We love you dear Tun Dr. Mahathir. Take a bit time to rest whenever you can.

  320. Hajar May 20,2018 8:39 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Pada bulan Ramadhan, kita (umat Islam) digalak untuk memperbanyakkan membaca Al-Quran dan juga bersedekah (dan lain2 ibadah). Dapat pahala berganda berbanding hari2 biasa.

    2. Jika ada orang (peminta sedekah?) meminta wang dari saya pada bulan yang mulia ini, saya biasanya akan bersangka baik terhadap orang tersebut (tidak kira dari kaum mana) dan menghulur sedikit wang dengan harapan dapat membantu orang tersebut. Hanya Allah SWT yang maha mengetahui samada orang tersebut memang benar2 kesempitan wang atau memang ‘malas’ dan mengambil kesempatan ke atas kemurahan hati rakyat Malaysia di bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak ini.

    3. Saya berasa simpati terhadap rejim Najib yang telah tumbang, terutamanya sekarang kita sedang berpuasa, dan tidak lama lagi akan menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Namun, mereka mesti salahkan diri sendiri kerana terlalu SYOK SENDIRI DAN PERASAN yang mereka hebat sangat. Macam2 mereka kutuk Tun M, dan asyik ‘masuk bakul angkat sendiri’ dan bersikap riak serta sombong. Saya sendiri telah banyak kali ingatkan mereka (sebelum Tun mula mengkritik DSN & geng), tetapi mereka memang sudah terlalu mabuk kuasa dan tidak berpijak di bumi nyata.

    4. Sekarang rasakanlah kekalahan yang mereka sendiri agaknya masih tidak percaya. DSN meletak jawatan dalam UMNO/BN (setelah DIPECAT oleh rakyat), tetapi sudah terlewat. Seperti kata pepatah, “Nasi sudah menjadi bubur”. “Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada berguna.”

    5. Sebentar tadi saya nampak di TV DSN kata dia dan keluarga tidak mendapat layanan baik. Hai..takkanlah bekas PM yang banyak terpalit dengan skandal negatif (menyonglap wang rakyat) dan salah laku serta penyalahgunaan kuasa mesti dilayan seperti raja. Alahai…layanan kepada rakyat biasa lain jauh lebih teruk. Tak tahu bersyukur betul bekas PM ni.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  321. alshahbandar May 20,2018 3:44 PM

    Assalam Tun
    Salam Ramadan. Allow me to express my gratitude and some notes on the event.

    BN’s loss is not only due to Najib’s 1MDB, his kleptocratic government, economic devastation, amassment of luxury personal goods, arrogance and his fondness to belittle people. UMNO itself is truly diseased. It became a club of the arrogants. UMNO had rejected good and highly educated people in favour of stupid nitwits who won’t shake up their positions. And so the qualified and highly educated good people joined PAS and Pakatan parties. UMNO is left with nitwits with mat rempit mentality and self-centred leaders. And they behave as if they are invincible lords. There are too many self-inflicted diseases within UMNO, to the point we the rakyat can’t be bothered if they die off and disappear from the surface of the earth. Even their flag became a liability during elections. They did total injustice to their own founders.

    For too long we were fooled and made to feel stupid by the BN government. For too long were told to toe the line or else. For too long we watched the mighty and those in power abuse their power while we the normal people remained below poverty line. We have never been so humiliated before. We suffered in silence.

    Lesson to learn is that invincibility can’t fight people’s power. The same had happened to Marcos, Suharto, Mugabe. Even kings and emperors had been brought down. By God’s will we have entered another phase in political maturity, which BN could not bother to see. With good leadership we can overthrow the gigantic BN and so called invincible UMNO. The victory won was like getting back freedom lost. We feel we can walk free again, fully dignified. And we get the respect of the world again. We have shown to the world we have removed the corrupted and kleptocrat government not by force, not by arms, not by guns, but by hands at the ballot boxes, by democratic means. Which means it is the will of the people. Not a single gunshot was fired.

    And many of us can enjoy these beautiful moments because we are with the Malaysian majority who brought in Tun Dr. Mahathir to save this beloved nation. To our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir, thank you a million times from the people of Malaysia. Wajib removed your name from the history book, but now rest assured it will be there forever.

  322. HouseWife May 20,2018 1:23 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Kesal, penghinaan, tekanan, kekecuhan media cetus kemarahan orang awam (RM marah viral gambar2 beg dia), siasatan mesti patuh undang2, proses undang2 mesti sama rata dan persoal kes rasuah (ni pasal kuda2 Tun lah & kes LGE), patut umnoKj bersuara lebih awal kerana dia amal sikap terbuka dan umno bebas bersuara (yang dia buang orang2 bersuara tu kenapa), kecewa dan marah dengan polis (pasal makan cokolat dia & selongkar habis food dalam fridge), takut ugutan dan ancaman = luahan perasaan pelakon nombor satu negara yang ditamat jawatan pm oleh rakyat Malaysia.

    Baru sekarang dia nak rasa apa itu kekesalan, kekecewaan, kemarahan, ketakutan, tekanan dan penghinaan. It’s a little too late. Nasi dah jadi bubur. Malaysia dah rasa semua bawah pemerintahan dia. Sekarang masa untuk Malaysia maju kedepan dan jangan ulangi kesilapan2 yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan dahulu. Sekarang masa untuk buang yang busuk dan bersihkan rumah. Takde masa dah nak layan orang komplen2. Dulu bukan main lagi puji polis sampai kelangit, sekarang nak jatuh air muka polis pulak. Saya percaya pihak polis patuhi SOP dengan profesional. It would be stupid for the police not to as the whole world is watching.

    Tun, saya nak tanya. DSAI dah bebas dan telah pun cakap akan jadi orang awam biasa, tiada apa2 jawatan dalam kerajaan sekarang ini kan, hanya sebagai ketua umum PKR. Jadi siri jelajah yang dia ingin buat ke seluruh negara, perbelanjaan ditanggung oleh siapa. Pasti DSAI perlu polis escorts, bodyguards, penginapan dll, lagi pun DSAI kan suami kepada TPM Malaysia, tentu keselamatan dan keselesaan suami TPM harus dijaga. Ke guna duit donation PH? Bolehkah atau duit tu kena audit dulu baru boleh guna dengan persetujuan majlis PH. Saya lihat DSAI ni macam nak lawan tauke je, act pun macam tauke selalu cakap, “I told him (Tun la) this, I told him that…” Bila ada orang2 kenamaan dari negara luar datang kujungi Tun, DSAI yang hanya rakyat biasa pun mesti dapat penghargaan yang sama ka, tak perlu ikut protokal ka atau persetujuan JPM, sebab ini kan melibat keselamatan kedua2 pihak. Mungkin antara Tun sebagai PM, TPM dan DSAI ada buat perancangan atau persetujuan saya tak tahu lah. Saya hanya bertanya Tun.

    Tun sebagai PM Malaysia dipandang amat tinggi oleh rakyat Malaysia, bersikap tegas tapi sekarang Tun macam dah berlembut sikit, mungkin pengalaman yang mengajar Tun dan mungkin juga faktor usia. Sikap ketegasan Tun mesti sentiasa ada supaya pisang tidak berbuah dua kali. Saya percaya Malaysia selamat dibawah Tun. Tun with his limited times as PM is trying to put the house in order. Harap Tun jadi PM Malaysia lebih 2 tahun, InsyaAllah.

    Tun, tumpang sat ya.
    Salam Sri Sense, nice to hear from you. Saya harap Sri Sense, hubby dan keluarga dalam keadaan sihat wal’afiat dan bahagia hendaknya selalu. Hargailah masa2 yang ada bersama hubby tersayang dan keluarga. Bila kita dah berusia hati kita akan jadi lembut seperti Tun, tapi dalam kelembutan mesti ada ketegasan seperti Tun juga. Terima kasih Sri Sense.

    Semoga Allah lindungi Tun dan keluarga selalu. Jaga kesihatan Tun. Jangan tidor lambat sangat ya, Tun dah ada team delegate kerja just pantau je. We rakyat will keep watch on them too. Terima kasih Tun.

  323. Sri Sense May 20,2018 12:32 PM

    Salam Ahad!

    Musato 😀


    “If the decission has been made for me to help in the Federal Government, I will relinquish the Mentri Besar’s position,” said Azmin, who added that as of now, he was still the Mentri Besar.


    – I teringat Khalid Ibrahim, dulu pernah Sultan Selangor berkata Khalid pandai kerja tapi tak pandai politik, Azmin pandai both.

    Dulu masa Khalid mula2 naik I pernah pergi meeting, dimana Khalid datang untuk bertemu warga business Selangor. I was so impressed with Khalid, because dia boleh mengira guna otak tanpa calculator, kertas dan pen pun dia tak perlu 😛

    Anyway the rest is history. Ada orang kata Khalid pandai cari duit tapi tak pandai belanja. Masa that time PKR baru naik di Selangor, kerajaan masa tu terlalu simple tak sama macam zaman UMNO. Ikut Khalid masa tu 2 orang, I don’t think mereka berdua ini EXCO, macam staff Khalid saja. 😀

    Mungkin kalau Tun perlu dia, Tun boleh hubungi dia, hopefully dia masih boleh buat kerja. Lagi pun kan ke dia antara tokoh corporate Melayu yang famous sebelum masuk PKR.

    Ini link Wikipedia

  324. balance May 20,2018 11:09 AM


    Understanding is better than tolerance. Tolerance have limitations at the end of tolerance is rebellion or fight back. There is no end to understanding, once understanding arrive, mindfulness follows and wisdom is the ultimate. Look for the similarities not the differences.

    Selamat Berpuasa and Happy Ramadan

  325. musato May 20,2018 10:08 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Maafkan saya kerana perlu memberi komen yang saya fikir agak keras. Saya perlu nyatakan bahawa kita ini berada diperhubungan antara rakyat dan pemimpin.

    Jika kita berada diperhubungan antara rakan dan sahabat, Tun mungkin akan lebih bersedia nyatakan siapa rakan dan sahabat Tun.

    Dan nampaknya Tun telah nyatakan sahabat Tun adalah Anwar Ibrahim. Ia menimbulkan kegelisahan di antara mereka.

    Bacalah tulisan pn hajar, sri sense.

    Komen lain pun saya ada terbaca sepintas lalu. Mereka mahu Malaysia aman sentosa, hidup sebagai Malaysian dan pelbagai harapan lagi (hahahaha) impian yang dirosakkan oleh sistem.

    Tun perlu lebih berani nyatakan siapa sahabat Tun.

    Tun tak perlu asyik update komen di ini jika Tun fikir kami di sini bukan rakan dan sahabat Tun.

    Harap Tun tidak mengelirukan diri Tun sendiri.

    Maaf jika tulisan saya terlampau keras. Kerana kelihatan Tun lupa apa tujuan dipilih rakyat kembali.

    Adakah cuma untuk mengeledah rumah Najib dan 1MDB, ECRL sahaja?

    Tun kena mengaku bahawa Tun dimiliki oleh sekadar banyak rakyat sahaja dan bukan oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

    Jika begitu, Tun hanyalah sama dengan PM ke 4 kita yang memimpin kita selama 22 tahun dan dikenali sebagai Aisan Tiger. Tidak lebih dari itu.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  326. musato May 20,2018 9:44 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kita tahu sekarang adalah zaman alam maya. Alam maya memainkan peranan yang penting dalam mendekatkan hubungan antara pemimpin dan rakyat.

    Cara yang pantas ini dapat menghubung terus tanpa halangan. Malah Tun sendiri mewujudkan bagi mengatasi halangan yang berlaku pada diri Tun dan mungkin negara kita Malaysia.

    Mungkin idea tidak perlu dibayar. Tetapi walaupun interaksi dilakukan di alam maya, namun ia seperti Tun meinta nasihat dan berjumpa dengan rakyat bagi menyatakan masalah Tun.

    Rakyat memberi sokongan. Rakyat memberi pendapat.

    Pada satu masa Tun meminta sokongan dan rakyat memberi sokongan. Rakyat memilih tanpa melihat logo parti.

    Tapi nampaknya pada Tun ia hanyalah biasa sahaja tanpa apa apa. Ia adalah cara mencari sokongan politik.

    Mungkin ia berkenaan dengan undang undang atau protokol protokol (entah saya tak tahu sebab saya tahu bakar roti sahaja), tapi saya fikir ia adalah satu kesilapan Tun.

    Berapa ramai tetamu rakyat yang Tun minta pandangan di sini mahu adakan perjumpaan bagi sejak ia ditubuhkan sejak 2008. Tidak pernah diadakan walau satu pun perjumpaan untuk nyatakan terima kasih Tun.

    Tun adalah pemimpin, kami adalah rakyat. Pemimpin bertanggungjawab ke atas rakyat.

    Jangan dilupakan rakyat. Rakyat tak mahu pun harta atau kemewahan Tun.

    Mungkin ada sifat sifat Najib yang perlu Tun contohi.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  327. HBT456 May 20,2018 9:13 AM

    Even some nenek cina begged, and got angry and scolded me not to donate her out of kasihan.

    We must be firm in dealing with beggar mindset.

    Cannot means cannot, and stop begging.

  328. Sri Sense May 20,2018 7:29 AM

    Salam Tun dan good morning semua rakan2


    Kalau Tun nak buat Majlis berbuka puasa dengan pelarian politik pun bagus. I don’t know much about them tapi pernah tonton TV. Ada NGO jaga mereka. Mereka tak boleh bekerja full time, bekerja part time boleh. Rule of law 😀

    Some of them buat kerja sikit2 seperti buat rantai beads, bakery bila ada yang nak order. Though mereka tak sekaya seperti dinegara asal, disini mereka ok juga dapat duduk flat.

    Anak Tun boleh organise for Tun berdua dan boleh juga sedekah telekong sejadah for mereka. Pretty sure mereka happy, mereka bukanlah kaya, hidup ala kadar.

    Ok, ini adalah antara keratan news yang I baca

    Khairy was reported to have told Channel NewsAsia on May 15: “Nobody wanted to acknowledge we have a problem. What happened was we became delusional; we got drunk on our own Kool-Aid and we got carried away”, leading to the Barisan Nasional being ousted from power in the general election.

    However, Najib said in the Malay Mail interview today that Khairy was free to come and see him and say: ‘Look sir. I think you are not on the right track, or there is some problem, you know, which was not resolved in a proper way.’

    Najib added: “Then I could then decide, whether to accept or not to accept. He didn’t do that. I mean, he admitted that he didn’t do that.”

    – hmmm, the last time Muhyiddin cakap kat Najib, Muhyiddin kena buang

    Malaysia’s ousted former premier Najib Razak was “totally shattered” the night he lost the general election and called his jailed rival Anwar Ibrahim twice for advice on what he should do, Anwar said on Thursday.

    – hubby kata “mana dia dapat talipon?”

    A consultant who was in Najib’s office as the reality of the defeat sank in said the prime minister was stunned. “When he knew that the numbers were not on his side, Najib broke down,” he said.

    Explaining Najib’s shock on election night, one political strategist with ties to the now-defeated government said it was not unusual for him to be out of the loop when there were unwelcome developments.

    “Najib lives in a bubble,” he said. His advisers “don’t accept others’ views,” he added. “They don’t listen to bad news.”

    – No joke, very degil, rasa pandai sangat, big ego. My son also kenal someone in the PR department headed by the TV3 guy, because of this friend confident sangat2 like nothing can harm them, my son pun jadi confident BN akan menang. I said to my son, “I don’t think so, I think Tun Mahathir menang”. Terus my son terdiam. Bila Tun menang, my son terlompat gembira, mungkin dalam hati fikir “Mak betul”. Believe me, I tried to help you guys, I dah nampak the signs, and my fee not high, but well enjoy your retirement!

  329. jihad May 20,2018 6:30 AM

    Salam ramadhan ayahanda Tun,

    Penolakan orang Melayu terhadap Umno khususnya dan BN amnya pada PRU14 ada sebabnya. Yg utama ialah mereka mahukan perubahan. Bukannya Umno tidak bagus tetapi mereka mahu Umno berubah seluruhnya atau jika tidak mahu berubah, umno kembali kepada dasar perjuangannya yang lama. Umno bagus kerana selama 61 tahun ia berjaya memperjuangkan agenda Melayu. Ini bukti yg tidak siapapun dapat sangkal. Bagaimana ia mengekalkan penguasaan sama ada secara jujur atau menipu dlm pilihanraya….saya tidak sentuh tentang ini. Ia bukan asas yang kuat. PH juga kuat sebab dalam masa tidak sampai 1 tahun, ia mampu menumpangkan gergasi politik yang dominan sekian lama. Sekarang kekuatan Umno atau BN tinggal menjadi sejarah. PH menang dalam kiraan matematik. 113 – 79. Sebab dalam perkiraan matematik, yang menang tetap menang biarpun lebih 1 undi. Sejarah 61 tahun tidak terpakai. Dalam polimik politik, pertembungan matematik dan sejarah akan lebih memihak kepada matematik.

    Dasar umno yg lama ialah menyantuni orang Melayu dengan tidak membenci kaum lain. Itu sebabnya wujud Barisan yang di dalamnya ada parti-parti yang mewakili kaum seperti China dan India. Beerti kepimpinan lama mahu berkawan dengan semua bangsa dengan tidak meminggirkan bangsa sendiri dan tetap mempertahankan ketuanan Melayu serta kedaulatan RajaRaja. kelihatan racist tapi dalam makna yang diterima oleh semua bangsa sebab masing2 mendapat faedah dari dasar tersebut.

    Realiti geologi politik di Malaysia ini ada bangsa yang menguasai ekonomi, ada bangsa yang menguasai politik dan ada marhaen yang perlukan perhatian sama ada dari sudut ekonomi atau politik. Bangsa yang tidak menguasai ekonomi tetapi menguasai politik boleh membantu golongan marhaen ini dengan menggunakan dasar-dasar dalam kepimpinan kerajaan. Saya katakan demikian sebab bangsa yang menguasai politik inilah yang lazimnya menguasai kerajaan. Justeru dasar-dasar merekalah yang boleh membantu rakyat seluruhnya.

    Apakah kemenangan PH menunjukan ia sebuah pakatan yang lebih baik dari BN? Lebih baik itu bukanlah jawapan yang tepat sebab bagi saya jawapan yang tepat ialah Perubahan itu sendiri. Sejauh mana perubahan yang akan dilakukan oleh PH, sejauh itulah ia akan mengekalkan momentum pentadbiran mereka. Jika ia sekadar sama seperti BN, kemungkinan ia bertahan cuma 5 tahun sahaja.

    Apa yg logik ialah PH akan membuat yang lebih baik dari BN agar mereka boleh kekal bertahan untuk episod PRU akan datang. Malah BN juga akan berusaha untuk membuat mereka lebih baik lagi dari PH untuk kembali menguasai PRU akan datang. Kesimpulannnya…rakyat yang akan untung. InsyaAllah. Kita sama-sama tunggu dan lihat… bersambung….sahur dulu. Sealamat menyambut ramadhan.

  330. ivy May 20,2018 5:13 AM

    Wise man’s said, just to share for all wisdom, “The sea can hold the water from thousands of rivers, it’s big because of its capacity. A person is great when he can be tolerant and forgiving to many other people.”

    If we want Malaysia to be on the same par with the advanced countries, we must first possess their vision and mind, and then find a model that works for our region due to our multi-racial and multicultural social context. As the world is moving towards globalization, we must first embrace this reality with open mind and heart, and then adjust the bearing of our current political structure, market mechanism, education system and so forth to align with it and to bring us to new heights.

    What we want to see is Malaysia becoming a strong and developed region, so we have to move as one- as ‘Malaysian’. Else it hinders us and prolongs the process for Malaysia to become an advanced region. We have to respect each other’s difference in terms of race, religion and language, and we move forward together as ‘Malaysian’. We have to put down our pride and ego, unite and humbly work towards our bigger goal. And we just have to give and take in order to achieve our same goal – to be a better Malaysia with brighter tomorrow for our future generation.

    Tolerance is a virtue, be tolerant to diversity! Wish the best for Malaysia!!!

  331. Hajar May 20,2018 12:26 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Siang tadi saya ke pasar Ramadhan untuk kali pertama pada tahun ini . Saya cuma beli 2 jenis kuih dan nasi beriani gam. Berbelanja ala kadar kerana tidak elok membazir.

    Saya ke ATM sebelum itu untuk keluarkan wang dan bayar bil kad kredit. Seorang wanita Cina minta lima ringgit dari saya. Dia buat muka kesian. Saya lihat dia sihat wal’afiat dan cukup sifat dan tidak tua (mungkin dalam 30an), dan boleh bekerja. Saya kata nanti saya bagi selepas habis urusan di ATM.

    Saya nampak dia minta juga dari orang lain, dan saya dengar orang tu kata tak ada duit kecil.

    Kemudian saya beri dia lima ringgit sambil kata usahalah cari kerja.

    Bila saya keluar dari tempat itu, dia masih lagi di situ, agaknya minta lima ringgit kepada setiap orang yang masuk ke situ.

    Saya bercerita sebab senario ini selalu berlaku. Bagaimana orang yang sihat tubuh badan dan ada tenaga boleh dengan selamba minta wang dari orang yang tidak dikenali? Pernah seorang lelaki India minta wang dari saya untuk tambang bas untuk balik ke rumah dia. Saya beri beberapa ringgit sebab kesian; takut pun ada. Ada lagi beberapa insiden lain (dalam dan luar negara) orang minta wang dari saya 🙁 … Dia orang ingat saya cop duit kot.

    – Saya setuju dengan ‘HouseWife’ and ‘Sri Sense’. Saya undi PH kerana Tun calon PM. Saya tidak tengok pun nama calon (DAP), dan terus pangkah sebelah logo PKR.

    – Saya meluat melihat gelagat sesetengah pemimpin2 PH yang memang tidak sedar diri terutama dari PKR. Saya juga meluat melihat gelagat Anwar yang seolah-olah ingat orang seperti saya (ramai yang saya kenal) pangkah PKR kerana menyokong beliau. Belum jadi PM sudah berlagak seperti dia pula PM (saya lihat di TV tadi). Selagi belum angkat sumpah jadi PM, selagi itulah jangan berangan…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  332. HBT456 May 20,2018 12:08 AM

    Quoting Mr. Lim Guan Eng who said “I don’t consider myself a Chinese, I am a Malaysian”, let’s build a nation who proudly says “I AM A MALAYSIAN”..and let’s drop the ranting on ethnicity.

    We have kebangsaan schools, we have international schools, we have vernacular schools, we have private schools, we have kebangsaan university, we have government linked university, we have political parties sponsored university, we have jv of foreign university and local university, we have twinning program, we have uec, we have metrikulasi program, we have form 6, we have pre-u program, still not malaysian enough, mr lim guan eng?

    Even a fashion company could be appointed to be the master developer of penang tunnel just to prove your slogan of malaysian malaysia, dont you think you have over estimated your race and dap, mr lim?

    Being a born chinese, i still heard them saying ya, everyone is aware of corruptions, but as long as the corruption is not so much, 10 to 20% still consider lar.

    This only thing i can say is, do you encourage such corruption in 21st century?

    Usa the 45th president has officially recognized juruselam as capital of israel after 70 years.

    Now pakatan harapan has won, and marched into putrajaya, why dont pakatan harapan just copy usa and declare putrajaya as capital of malaysia after more than 60 years of merdeka to enjoy hak istimewa ketuanan melayu and islam?

    If those who wants to get rich, famous and have power, then, might as well just be an islam convert.

    Dont you think such action is fake, not genuine, ultra and tidak kukuh?

  333. Sri Sense May 19,2018 11:05 PM

    Salam Tun

    May I suggest Tun lawat Sabah Sarawak. Tun dah jadi PM, tentu mereka gembira Tun lawat mereka dan lihat keadaan mereka disana.

  334. musato May 19,2018 9:56 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Dalam dinasti zaman keagungan Islam terdapat kumpulan ‘Darwis’ atau dikenali ‘Fakir’

    Tugas mereka adalah sentiasa beribadat dan berzikir tanpa menghiraukan tentang pencarian rezeki dengan bekerja.

    Ia adalah tentang menarik rahmat dari Allah swt.

    Ia adalah di bawah tanggungan pemerintah.

    Adakah Tun berani jalankan ini sambil menyumpah nyumpah berkata mereka ini MALAS?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  335. musato May 19,2018 9:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya setuju dengan pendapat saudara sibotak.

    Tun kena ingat apa yang diaorang buat masa Tun takde kuasa. Diaoranglah yang sentiasa hentam Tun. Bersusah payah rakyat duk bantu perjuangan Tun. Manakala yang ambil hasilnya adalah orang politik.

    Saya campurtangan dalam menamakan PM ke7 Malaysia kerana saya mahu sistem pentadbiran sedia ada diubahsuai sedikit dan diselenggara pada mana yang patut.

    Saya tak mahu tengok cara Tun mentadbir dengan suci mahupun kotor mana pun. Saya mahu Tun ada kuasa untuk mengubah. Bukan asyik duk bising sana sini tak puashati kerana manusia sentiasa bernafsu dan punyai hati yang berbolak balik.

    Lepas Tun lepas jawatan pada Anwar jika diizinkan Allah swt nanti pun, beliau akan ada kuasa seluas Najib untuk ubah apa yang Tun lakukan dengan suci sekarang kononnya.

    Saya fikir ia adalah satu tindakan yang bodoh untuk membuktikan Tun mentadbir dengan telus dan tidak berdendam. Maksud saya bukan untuk hasut Tun berdendam atau menipu, tapi tak payah tunjuk suci sangat.

    Lepas ni Anwar Ibrahim boleh tukar sekelip mata apa yang Tun duk pening pening kelapa lakukan sekarang.

    PERUTUSAN RAMADHAN adalah terbaik. Tapi sekiranya Tun asyik fikir kuasa bukan untuk disalahgunakan; dengan memasukkan orang orang yang membantu Tun ketika Tun berjuang keseorang bersama sama rakyat, saya fikir ia adalah satu tindakan yang bodoh.

    Ia bermakna Tun adalah pentingkan diri sendiri. Tiada gunanya kuasa jadi PM jika untuk kemakmuran negara sekalipun, PM masih berkata “saya tidak mahu guna kuasa”.

    Saya (Tun) hanya perlu masukkan Syed Saddiq, pemuda pelapis bangsa, dan InsyaAllah Malaysia ada pelapis yang meyakinkan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  336. malaysia baru May 19,2018 3:11 PM

    agree, Nik Omar should be given a voice in the cabinet/ government as well

  337. ahmadtahir May 19,2018 3:04 PM

    Should give one post in the cabinet or in the Government to Nik Omar TGNA. He was one of the factors that diverted PAS supporters and the Muslims towards PH. It is unfair if the PH are trying to ignore Nik Omar as we could see him at almost PH ceramahs.

    If we will be going back to PAS if the PH was trying to ignore him,…..

  338. youngmaya May 19,2018 2:47 PM


    tahniah tun pada islah (pembaikan) yang cuba dan sedang dilakukan oleh jentera kerajaan sekarang untuk mengurangkan kuasa perdana menteri dan meletaknya pada suara syuro lantikan mereka yang ahli dalam bidangnya untuk pelaksanaan…

    bak kata tun…absolute power corrupts absolutely…

    juga tahniah di atas cara yang cuba dilaksanakan dengan menghilangkan ketakutan untuk bersuara dan cuba mendengar suara2 dari bawah…

    air dari perut bumi itu mengandungi banyak mineral dan galian yang mana dengan tapisan yang betul ianya boleh diminum mentah berbanding air dari langit yang banyak asid namun keduanya saling bergantungan…

    demi menyelamatkan negara untuk generasi seterusnya daripada memasuki fasa jahannam, banyak pihak dilihat bangkit membantu kerajaan membina foundation asas yang baru…

    juga tahniah di atas tindakan segera untuk membersihkan nama malaysia yang mana masaalah utama kletokrasi adalah kerana ianya melibatkan jentera kerajaan dan banyak pihak…pastinya bukan perkara mudah dalam pelaksanaannya…

    juga dilihat usaha terbaik dalam usaha kerajaan memaparkan ‘forensic audit’ secara online kerana ianya mampu mengurangkan masaalah buruk sangka dan fitnah dalam masyarakat tentang masaalah sebenar yang melanda negara..diharap banyak lagi forensic audit yang kita boleh tengok…

    dilihat juga selain dari tindakan pemecatan, pihak kerajaan juga boleh mempertimbangkan hukuman untuk ‘potong kuasa’ (turun pangkat) pada pegawai2 bawahan yang terlibat di dalam era kerajaan yang mencuri (kleptokrasi)…

    panjang sikit kali ni…:)

    alhamdulillah…(segala puji-pujian dikembalikan pada allah rabb pengatur sekalian alam)…


  339. balance May 19,2018 9:13 AM


    You already done the greatest job and thanking you will not be enough. Many are expecting miracle, magic from you and telling you their dreams. I would like to tell you my dream too. My dream is to see all Malaysians grow and live as Malaysians in Malaysian culture without talking about race, religion and aping the arabs or some other culture.

  340. Sri Sense May 19,2018 6:44 AM

    Good morning!

    Ramai sini setuju Tun jadi Education Minister, so tiada halangan untuk Tun ambil jawatan ini semula!

    SSLee from i3, right? Nice to see you 😀

  341. ABE121 May 19,2018 4:29 AM

    As Salam wbt Tun, Ramadhan Kareem, Maaf Zahir Batin,

    Tahniah Tun atas Kemenangan & again as PM of Malaysia, Tres Bien!

    Just some quick key points to critically suggest..SEGERA! ON EDUCATION SYSTEM.

    I’d say its Timely to review or revamp our education system…Its been a while. Looking at things for the last many years, for the sake of especially those who are still struggle in these episodes…i.e bumi kids etc..

    Suggests to introduce to Primary schools (yess start early, why not?) the following subjects (make it a compulsory):-

    1) Re-emphasise English as core for long term success and Globalisation..lets be really sincere here, how far could bm prepare you compare to english to the real world out there?

    2) Reintroduce Tatarakyat or Ethics so that young ones would have the habit of Respect to others..etc

    Why? Respect is lacking now! I remember once upon a time before we use to have this and at least we know the basic of do’s & donts and respect the elders etc, in a way am certain it would help in building great character..gig forward. ALso can add in bahaya rasuah drugs etc etc herein too to nation building.

    3) Introduce the Basic of Personal Finance – Make it Interesting so that kids starts learning the basics and know how to manage this well growing up..especially for malays. To Introduce and inculcate savings and smart/ finance savy generation.

    Why? Because many dont know how to manage Personal Finance till its too late, its evidence from many bankruptcy cases etc at your ages. some even happen to our dear selves so to speak.

    4) Introduce the basic of Ethics on the Road, Undang Undang Jalan raya etc..
    Why? Look at the death statistics and many are still like cowboys out there and no respects for others etc, all selfish..this would help to instill kids to be aware and learn from early years. (eg pakai Tali Pinggang Keledar only bila nampak Polis…where else this should be a habit! For the sake of one Safety).

    p/s other related matters :-

    1) I have been observing there has been so much disparity between government tadika and private ones etc, example..when these chidren come into say standard 1 at public schools we can see some can read well some dont even knw anything at this point id supposed they should be a comprehensive review on existing tadika or pre schools programs etc. so all could be on the same level.

    2) Kemaskan semua Guru’s Skills, especially inorder to undertake all the above objectives

    3) Why is it that whenever say we wanted to send our child to public schools, the Biggest Question amongst parents would be, Eh Which school is good yea? right all schools should be as Great and Lovely isnt it, hence am sure they must be a way. or to close the gap asap.

    4) They has been lots of interest from muslim parents in big cities to send their kids to a comprehensive types of schools which has theacademic and also religious teaching as a one stop school or so call sekolah why ot have more of theses schools, make it into an english medium why not?, some public schools and agama school are even siting side by side but each is govern separately and with different management and systems, and kids and parents have to go through the trouble of transit, transport etc etc hence never productive. so why not banyakkan sekolah Integrasi, English Medium, why not,Better!

    5) Lastly my opin its always sad to see whenevr ther are a change of Education Minister, Taaadhaaaa, again we or our education system will be reviewd and change and reformated again and again, especially as we have seen with SRP, UPSR etc etc. so it is hope if we could relly look into this Tun. I mean many politicians use for their politicalMile only sadly and our kids and generatn are at stake Tun. So suggest we have a solid 1 system that could bring is to Greater Heights.

    Above are some of the KEY critical and serious thought Tun, Ikhlas.

    Ive got some other great ideas and perhaps a team and would love to share and present to the government on some of the above topics (especially on the Personal Finance) or work with anyone who’s keen. can reply me or pm / email me direct. cheers.

    Wasallam wbt, Maaf Zahir Batin andai ada silap dan salah yang diperkatakan..all this true facts and some own experience and observations..

    Perjuangan kita semua pastinya Beluum Selesai untuk anak bangsa… Moga dipermudahkan oleh Allah SWT.. Ameen jzkkathiraa.

  342. SSLEE May 19,2018 12:14 AM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Selamat menyambut Ramadhan dan salam sejahtera. Semoga Tun dan isteri sekeluarga sihat sejahtera selalu.

    Tun please allow me to repost blog post I posted at i3 investor.
    Title: Post GE14: Creative Writing: Vernacular schools
    Dear all,
    I would like to share the below articles I received from my WhatsApps’ group with i3 community.

    I’m very impressed by the writer of the article below: He or She possesses a great deal of critical thinking, imagination, creativity, humor, political satire, a good command of English, writing flair and thought provoking. It is a refreshing read from the mainstream political articles as many writers were trying their best recording historical narrative as events unfolded on GE14.

    Dr M’s unnaturally long life was the result of a curse placed by the Spirit of the Moon, Nik Aziz, that he may walk the earth forever till he sees the Monster of BN fall. In his later years the doctor would grow weary of life, yet life would not leave him. His heart had stopped beating on multiple occassions, and yet by the power of the IJN, it continued.

    When the Rainbow Avatar, Anwar Ibrahim, found his powers outmatched by BN in the satay fields of Kajang, Dr M realized that salvation will never come from the hands of Heroes, no matter how Bersih they are. For no hero can oppose the might of the C4 Detonation Lady Rosmah, or the armies of the Federal Reserve Unit.

    I built this monster, Dr M realized. Through it I ruled the Multiracial Land by Divide and Conquer. I have moved on, but the monster continues. Only in me is there power to unmake it.

    Visiting the citadel of the Lims, Dr M apologized for all the blood he has spilled. And for putting both of them in jail previously. “If I save the country from the God of Negativity, Najib, will I finally rest in peace?”

    The Lims answered.
    “For half a century we have fought the likes of You. We’ve always lost. Yet now is no time to revisit past quarrels. You are the only one of us who cannot be killed or imprisoned. For you are 92 years old. The protective magic of Public Opinion will not allow BN to harm you.”

    And so Dr M received the Flaming Sword of 1MDB to fight the darkness.

    “You cannot win,” the prophets at Merdeka Centre said. “The monster has grown too strong even for the likes of you. And there is a Spoiler, the Taliban fanatics, who will complicate things for you.”

    “If I lose, I die. Which is good. I have been trying to rest for some time. But the spirits of those I murdered won’t let me join them. I am cursed. A terrible curse.”

    Dr M drew his sword and struck the gates of Johor. The birthplace of BN has never been breached, and yet it could not hold back the doctor’s tsunami. The water overflowed into the Nine Pocket Realms, and they too were overcome despite not being the target. Najib could only look on in shock.

    BN’s own BR1M counterattacks in Selangor and Penang were easily stopped. The Lims could not be bribed. And Azmin Ali could, but the price was not high enough.

    The God of Negativity, Najib, called out to Dr M. “You cannot win. For I have gerrymandered the crap out of Sabah and Sarawak. They will keep my power alive.”

    Dr M answered.
    “Oh my sweet summer child, my former apprentice, I taught you everything you know about gerrymandering. You will need more skills than that to deal with the likes of Me.”

    Najib looked at Sabah again, and was surprised to see an unknown army of Warisan natives suddenly materialize out of the forest to wreak havoc. Where did these monkeys come from, Najib wondered. Now I cannot retreat there.

    “Take me north”, Dr M commanded his UberGrabCar driver. “Take me to Langkawi.”

    As he travelled along the North-South Highway Dr M saw a commotion. He asked his taxi driver what is going on.

    “The people have rebelled against BN rule, doctor. They heard about what you did in Johor and overthrew their masters here.”

    “And where exactly is here?”

    “Malacca.” At this Dr M’s aged lips curled into a smile. The oldest state in the Multiracial Lands. Fitting tribute to an old man like him.

    “Reports are Perak is in rebellion too, doctor.” Dr M scoffed. “Perak is always in rebellion. But did they win?”

    “No doctor. They destroyed BN there but were unable to take over. So it’s lawless now.”

    “That works. Anarchists remaining in anarchy. Many frogs there. You can never stop a frog from jumping.”

    Dr M arrived in Langkawi, Kedah to be welcomed by a massive crowd of Hopeful Warriors. “Citizens, I was born in this state. Hence here is where the final battle will take place.”

    BN’s forces soon arrived. A huge army of water cannons, riot gear, and corrupt lawyers. Even the third force, the Taliban, appeared. Everyone is here, Dr M realized. He looked into the shadows and realized even the dead are here. He could almost see the face of the late Nik Aziz.

    Dr M raised the sword of 1MDB against the darkness, sighed, and then casually dropped it. For righteousness, hope, love, none of these have power here. This is my birthplace. The Rice Shadow Lands. I cannot fight using 1MDB.

    “How will you defeat two armies without a weapon, Dr M?” Najib sneered.

    “You think Death is your ally, Najib. And yet Death runs from me. I cannot be killed. I’ve tried, and yet it eludes me.”

    Dr M then took on the combined armies of BN and the Taliban by himself. As the minions soon discovered, they could not do anything to him. Their ranks slowly dwindled. The fight went on all night. BN still had power in the morning but they realized it would be an endless war against the doctor.

    “Its time to surrender. You know how this ends. Drag it out if you want, but you’ve already lost everywhere except in two states. Perlis, the tiny kingdom. Pahang, the national park. It is almost cute.”

    Dr M even allowed himself the privilege of laughing like a super villain for a bit. Hey, I am not a hero. Saving the Multiracial Lands is just an ironic twist of fate.

    Najib trembled in fear as he knew what had to be done. The doctor was far too powerful for him and there was no weapon evil enough to unseat him. The master of evil, now the master of good also. The only man fit to rule the Multiracial Lands.

    “I surrender. Now do I go to jail?”

    “No. At least, not yet. I am finally free of my curse. I declare a day of Rest.”

    As the two Lim knights appeared in the horizon, coming to escort the victorious Dr M to the capital, the doctor had one last thought.

    “Actually make that…two days of rest.”
    -Writer remains anonymous-

    Please also read the Beautiful Essay from the Malaysian Girl that Got Accepted into All 8 Ivy League Universities.

    I refer:
    Facebook user Ariv Chelvam said that the level of English must be improved drastically in all public schools. “The Form 5 English text book is hilarious!” Ariv also proposed to have music lessons in public schools, saying that “music really helps with students’ minds”. He added that vernacular schools should be abolished, saying that this will ensure that racism is curbed at a young age.
    My respond to people like Ariv Chelvam; please read what were written by Mr. Wan Saiful,
    “Note that their desire for unity has nothing to do with education. Their focus is on schooling. And this is where the hypocrisy creeps in. Many of the people who want to promote their mould of unity have never attended any of our government schools. They don’t even send their own kids to our schools.
    They step into our schools perhaps for a few hours a year for hyped-up visits, yet they speak as if they really know. More amazingly, they speak as if they actually have faith in our school system when their actions show otherwise.
    In reality, these elites campaign for something that will never affect them. When it comes to their own families, they send their children for a “better” education elsewhere.
    They want to limit our choices on schools because they know that they can always pay their way out and send their own children to a school of their choice.
    This is the tragedy of some of the privileged. Instead of looking for ways to make sure everyone can afford school choices like them, they want to kill choice for everyone who cannot afford to pay.
    Let me pose a rhetorical question.
    If unity can only be achieved by making students from different backgrounds come together in one school, then why do they just want to close vernacular schools?
    To be specific, data shows that Chinese schools have higher ethnic diversity than other schools. I can think of many non-Chinese schools that are completely mono-ethnic. If we are objective, it is not the Chinese schools that need to be closed down”

    I am wondering why thestar mainstream newspaper still carried article singled out Vernacular schools as racism by quoting Face-book user Ariv, “Vernacular schools should be abolished, this will ensure that racism is curbed at a young age.” Haven’t they learned anything why Malaysian rejected the BN racism government?

    I refer the freemalaysiatoday article on the same subject:
    Please read the above link to have a better understanding on the problems besieging our schools and why Tun Dr Mahathir wants to come back as Education Minister to address the issue. GE15 will be a battle on education that opens the mind against religious dogma/extremist.

    I refer my previous blog:
    For a country to be successful, the country must have an enlightened group of leaders with high moral value, true patriotism, selfless devotion to duty, and complete willingness to dedicate their lives to the causes of nation-building and raising the peoples’ standard of living. We can only produce an enlightened group of leaders with high moral value from the quality of our education and what is imparted into our children in our schools. Does anyone have any idea what had been taught in our school, our university and BTN nowadays?

    I wish all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters a Happy and Blessed Ramadan. May peace transcend the Earth.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  343. rimba.emas May 18,2018 11:39 PM

    Salam Tun

    1. Betul Tun membaca Al-Quran di bulan Ramadhan banyak ganjarannya.Malah Al-Quran di turunkan pada bulan ini.

    2. Bukan itu sahaja dalam bulan Ramadhan itulah satu-satunya ada sembahyang terawih. Bulan ini juga pernah di barokahkan dengan turunnya roh-roh dan Malaikat membawa satu perintah atau perkara-perkara kepada Rasullullah s.a.w untuk disampaikan kepada umat manusia.

    3. Maksudnya bulan ini ganjarannya berganda sehingga seperti mana di surah al-Qurd iaitu adanya satu malam kemulian yang di gambarkan ganjaran yang ada padanya sama 1000 bulan.

    4. Hidup di dunia bergantung kepada amalan yang di buat untuk di bawa bersama kita pada hari akhirat nanti.

    5. Justeru amalan pada bulan Ramadhan di janjikan berganda pada bentuk pahalanya.

    6. Alhamdulillah Tun kembali untuk mengubah atau memulihkan negara kita cintai Malaysia dalam bulan yang mulia ini.

    7. Maknanya segala yang di pulihkan kerana menegak KEBENARAN pasti besar ganjarannya seperti mana di sebut dalam al-quran akan KEMULIAN yang ada di bulan Ramadhan ini.


  344. Sri Sense May 18,2018 10:13 PM

    Salam Housewife

    Lama tak nampak. Ada masa I sini, you tak ada. Ada masa you ada sini, I tak ada. 😀

    Yes indeed, kami pangkah logo PKR sebab Tun Mahathir. Walau kata pangkah PH, mana ada logo PH kat kertas undi. SPR longgok semua as Parti Keadilan sebab logo diguna adalah logo PKR. Kalau Tun guna logo kunci, I terus pangkah logo kunci 😀

    Housewife, tempat I undi hari itu adalah kawasan DAP. Pun tiada logo roket disitu, ada logo BN, PKR dan logo calun parti bebas. Candidates semua keturunan Cina. Parlimen pulak Wong Chen. Damn that day I voted for you. If not because of Mahathir, I also tak mau you.

    Masa di tempat undi sempat bual dengan a few there, ada keturunan Cina situ kata mereka pilih lain sebab dah 60 tahun makan sayur serupa, nak tukar lain.

    Mungkin lepas ini Tun boleh panggil I buat post-mortem GE14. 😀

    Oh ya mana pergi umanrc? Hajar I ada nampak. 😀

  345. HouseWife May 18,2018 8:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Syukur Alhamdulillah, Allah makbulkan hasrat dan impian Tun untuk mengembalikan kedudukan dan maruah Malaysia ke aras yang sepatutnya atau lebih tinggi dan mencerahkan kembali wajah2 anak2 muda dan rakyat Malaysia keseluruhannya.

    Namun walaupun Tun telah berjaya membawa rakan2 yang dahulunya musuh2 Tun ke Putrajaya masih ada yang menyimpan dendam, bersikap berlagak pandai dan kurang hormati Tun. Ingat Tun ni jadi Perdana Menteri semata2 untuk kuasa ka, dah bersama2 Tun ke hulu ke hilir, ceramah sana ceramah sini, berjaya buka jalan oleh Tun untuk masuk ke kampong2 yang tak mungkin pihak pembangkang dahulu dapat jejak kaki, masih curiga dengan keikhlasan Tun ka…untuk apa Tun buat semua ini, untuk nak tolong pecah tembok benteng Putrajaya yang kuat dan kukuh yang dibina umnoBn yang tak mampu dibuat selama ini oleh parti2 yang dahulu pembangkang. Mereka mesti ingat Tun dah tua tapi masih sanggup habiskan sisa2 hidup yang terakhir ini untuk membantu mereka menyelamatkan Malaysia dari terus tenggelam dalam korupsi, penipuan dan rompakan tabung dan harta negara. Tun ditohmah, diherdik, dicaci, diperendahkan keturunan, disembur pelbagai gelaran…penat lelah dan airmata Tun tidakkah mereka mengenang itu semua.

    Tun bijak mengatasi dan menyatupadu semua parti2 dengan didukung oleh satu simbol iaitu PKR. Semasa saya hendak memangkah kertas undi saya lihat pada simbol PKR dan hanya bayangkan wajah Tun, jadi saya pangkah dan mengundi Tun. Andaikata jika semua parti mengguna simbol masing2 pastinya saya berat hati hendak memangkah roket, kawasan saya kubu kuat roket.

    Saya harap PH dan Bersatu akan datang tidak arrogant, berlagak pandai, bersikap biadap dengan Tun, merendah2kan kebijaksanaan dan kewibawaan Tun. Belajarlah daripada Tun, jangan persia2kan hari2 yang terakhir bersama Tun. Ingatlah warga PH jika satu hari nanti Tun dipanggil Illahi adakah PH sekarang akan pegang kuasa Putrajaya dan mendapat mandat lagi daripada rakyat atau sokongan akan pudar. Saya ulangi saya menyokong PH hanya kerana Tun.

    Without Tun will you be here now enjoying your freedom. So I hope there’s no more smart guys and gals trying to act and be smarter than Tun. Tun is an inspirational and a visionary man. Just let Tun do his work without duress. The whole world now look upon Malaysia with utmost respect…why, because of Tun that’s why, they see Tun, they don’t care who or what PH is. So please give Tun his due respect.

    May Allah bless Tun always. May Allah give you great wealth in health and knowledge. Please follow doctor’s order ya Tun. Thank you Tun

    Selamat datang Wahai Ramadhan, bulan ibadah, bulan kebahagiaan. Bersyukur kepada Allah kerana dipertemukan dengan bulan penuh rahmat, berkat dan keampunan.
    Kepada Tun dan keluarga dan warga chedet Selamat Berpuasa.

  346. Sri Sense May 18,2018 7:36 PM

    Salam Tun

    Agak kecewa dengan decision Tun untuk tidak ambil jawatan Education Minister sebab di kritik, saya ada baca online tampak mereka2 ini orang2 PKR.

    Saya happy for Azmin sebab saya Azmin berwibawa teraju kerajaan selangor tapi kenapa pula dapat lagi satu post di Pusat.

    Aneh bila Tun tak boleh dapat 2 post tapi kerabat DSAI boleh dapat banyak jawatan, kalau nak letak sekeluarga satu tempat pun boleh.

    By the way dimana Tony Puah? Sebelum umum jawatan Menteri saya pernah dapat list dalam whatsapps yang mengata Tony Pua calon Jawatan Menteri Kewangan, dan Guan Eng Transport Minister.

    Just take care Tun.

  347. Fairuz May 18,2018 7:01 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Nampak macam bukan penulisan Tun yang biasa. Tapi takpela.

    Selamat berpuasa Tun.
    Semoga kekal sihat selalu

  348. riduan May 18,2018 6:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, semoga sihat hendaknya dan di berikan kesihatan yang baik.. saya mohamed riduan bin abdul rashid no phone 0176412423 berhasrat untuk berjumpa dengan Tun..sudilah kiranya Tun izinkan saya berjumpa dengan Tun.

  349. riduan May 18,2018 6:34 PM

    Asaalamualaikum Tun, saya mohamed riduan bin abdul rashid no phone 0176412423 berhasrat untuk berjumpa dengan Tun..Bagaimana cara untuk saya berjumpa dengan Tun??

  350. Hang Jebat Derhaka May 18,2018 4:19 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya bersyukur atas kemenangan PH dalam pilihanraya lalu. Saya merasa seolah2 muda semula dan amat terharu kerana mengetahui negara saya akan seperti semula sepertimana zaman2 bahagia dahulu.

    Tapi Tun, ada juga rungutan. Saya faham yang 17 ribu ditamatkan perkhidmatan adalah lantikan politik tetapi sektor Tol bukanlah lantikan politik Tun. Jikalau tol dihapuskan ramailah dikalangan mereka akan menganggur. Mereka hanya lah orang biasa Tun, tidak terlibat dalam mana2 agenda parti. Sebahgiannya menyokong BN dan sebahgian besar yang lain penyokong tegar Tun dan PH dalam pilihanraya lalu.

    Sekarang kami disektor Tol telah dipadan muka kan kerana menyokong PH. Kami dimomokkan bahawa penguasaan PH kali ini menjadi medan pembuangan pekerja secara beramai-ramai. Padahal kami mengundi kerana inginkan yang lebih baik dari PH Tun. Saya yakin Tun akan ambil kira masalah pekerja kerana Tun sudah mempunyai rekod yang baik dalam memahami rakyat. Wallahuallam.

    Semoga Allah berkahkan umur dan rezeki keatas Tun dan keluarga. Malaysia maju jaya dan Selamat Berpuasa

  351. jasonlooks May 18,2018 3:09 PM

    Salam sejahtera and Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak kepada Yang Amat Berhormat Perdana Menteri Tun Dr. Mahathir serta ahli-ahli keluarga anda.

    Saya dari iProtutor memahami Perdana Menteri merisau tentang kemajuan pendidikan rakyat-rakyat malaysia, sebab tahap pendidikan rakyat-rakyat akan mengaruhi kemajuan negara.

    Sebagai rakyat malaysia, saya ingin memberi sumbangan dan bantuan untuk pendidikan malaysia dengan menubuhkan iProtutor.

    Matlamat dan Objectif iProtutor:-

    – Menyenangkan proses pengajaran dan pelajaran dengan internet.

    – Mengurangkan kos pendidikan dengan pergunaan buku-buku dalam salinan lembut.

    Kami percaya negara kita akan jadi maju dan amat dengan sumbang anda dengan gabungan rakyat-rakyat.

    Malaysia Boleh! bersedia khidmat untuk Negara.

  352. Aisyah May 18,2018 2:59 PM

    Selamat berpuasa Tun! Seomoga Allah limpahkan kebaikan buat Tun dan negara kita Malaysia di bulan yang mulia ini. Amin.

  353. zakariazan May 18,2018 2:50 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,sebagai ketua negara ini,saya berharap Tun dapat mengekang unsur-unsur ekstrimis yg menjadi budaya setengah-setengah pihak di negara ini.

    Seperti Tun maklum di Indonesia sekarang terjadi kejadian bom yg menakutkan rakyat disana.

    Dan saya rasa Tun maklum akan hal ini kerana dia bukan datang secara tiba-tiba.Dia datang apabila Pemerintah Indonesia memberi ruang yang bebas kepada golongan yang mudah memprovoke umat Islam yang lain seperti membidaahkan amalan orang lain,mensyrikkan amalan orang lain,menolak ijtihad dan hal furu’ sesama muslim…sehinggalah mengkafirkan dan menghalal darahkan sesama muslim…

    Sebab itu Tun mereka sanggup bom polis Indonesia yg beragama Islam dan orang bukan Islam di sana atas dasar Jihad.

    Golongan ini mengatakan merekalah yg paling betul.

    Di Malaysia fahaman ini telah meresap hinggakan menyambut Kelahiran Rasulullah pun pertikaikan.

    Harap Tun dapat mengekang fahaman ini kerana jika dibiarkan akan menjadikan mereka kuat dan menyusahkan rakyat Malaysia di negara ini.

    Agar anutan Islam Negara Malaysia dari Raja dan Kerajaannya yg berfahaman Asyariah/Syafeiah yg bersifat sederhana dapat dikekalkan dan terbukti dari zaman Sultan- sultan Melayu hingga kini selamat umat di bawah naungannya tanpa perpecahan ,perselihan apatah lagi pergaduhan dan pembunuhan.

    Harap Tun dapat menjaganya sebagai ketua negara.


  354. Malaysianoo7 May 18,2018 2:45 PM

    Happy ramadan to Tun, family and the cabinet members that are all fasting. I have really happy with the chances of Malaysia under capable leadership.

    Dear Tun; I love to read and listen to news that comes out from press, but I believe it is time for Malaysia to emulate US approach on how press is dealt with – a press secretary that provides daily meeting with the press group would help questions to be directed better and also reduce the incidents of fake news.

    Constant communication flowing out from the matters will help people keep abreast on how things are moving on and allow clarity of actions being taken; reducing suspicion and improve overall openness of the government.

    A daily briefing would help your views to be communicated clearly in a formal channel; the use of internet is fast but is always subject to risk

    Having a capable PR person at the press meeting to manage the flow of information and provide explanation is vital to avoid the regular need for a leader to meet the press and explain your views.

    Dear Tun, you have the energy but this should not be wasted on issues that can be delegated and managed; conserve your energy and focus; since I am sincerely worried that overworking will be your bane.

    Education is vital and as an educationalist I believe that your vision can be implemented by someone from your cabinet who is focused and passionate with the issue; someone who shares your views and ideas.

    The CEO must have faith in his team to deliver and not get involved in the departments that functions below the oversight of the CEO, the PH manifesto is clear in their language – holding 2 post a bane in corporate world since it reduces economies of scope.

    As CEO of Malaysia Inc, you should focus on steering the country and not be bogged into debates that will start when education reform is started – this will be a challenge since there are so many vested interest.

    The ideas proposed by PH manifesto is clear as result of deliberate review and focus on best practice; just as the UK Cadbury report in corporate governance was a result of studying the bad practices of corporations that failed.

    Your explanation that it will be held temporary but your explanation “that our way of teaching is outdated is not a strong explanation” – we all know this and the fact is that being outdated is not the issue in teaching but what is being taught.

    Our curiculam has been the same since 1960’s; the same subjects just being updated a bit – but the world has changed and the subjects are still the same.

    Being in education for the last 20 years; one thing is clear – our subjects need to be given a complete overhaul, and this need someone to focus.

    Tun will be busy keeping all 4 party stakeholders happy; this will already be a long process + the need to bring the economy in order + keeping China at arm’s length + dismantling crony capitalism that led to current corruption being systemic.

  355. aslin aris May 18,2018 12:50 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, Semoga sihat menjalani ibadah puasa. Terima kasih Tun atas segala usaha yang Tun lakukan untuk menjernihkan keadaan politik dan ekonomi di Malaysia. Izinkan saya berkongsi pandangan tentang situasi pendidikan di Malaysia yang saban hari dilihat agak membebankan terutamanya kepada golongan pelajar, ibu bapa dan juga pendidik.

    Saya sebagai pendidik amat berharap agar pelajar tidak dibebani dengan terlalu banyak perkara yang membebankan sehingga meragut minat mereka untuk belajar.

    Keseimbangan adalah sangat penting bagi melahirkan golongan cerdik pandai yang berilmu pengetahuan serta mempunyai jati diri serta akhlak yang mulia.

    Saya amat berharap agar Tun dapat menghalusi saranan saudara Hasrizal yang merupakan seorang anak Malaysia yang prihatin dengan pendidikan generasi baru di Malaysia.

  356. cherylroad May 18,2018 12:41 PM

    Congratulations Tun on becoming our Prime Minister, yet again. It’s a new dawn for Malaysia. I grew up during your premiership and recall a life with regularities. Then the unfortunate happened.

    Enough said, I would like to draw your attention to your new role as the Education Minister. I tend to agree to SYRST on all the 4 items mentioned in his or her post. I would just like to add:
    1. Maintain Bahasa Malaysia & English as compulsory subjects.

    2. Slowly move away from national exams. Develop an education system that grows the minds of students intellectually.

    3. If national exams are a keep then please introduce Geography (instead of Sejarah) to be made compulsory for credits in PT3 & SPM. The world is getting flat and there are more Geographical changes be it climate or natural disasters happening now. Students need to know how these will be affecting Malaysia and the world as whole.

    4. When Chinese and Indian schools are combined into Sekolah Kebangsaan then introduce a third or fourth language subjects as elective (Mandrin, Tamil, Arabic, and another language) for students to maintain their mother-tongue or just for students to have an advantage of comprehending another language. Make it compulsory-elective.

    5. Reduce the emphasis on being exam-oriented. Rather introduce curricula to be more exploratory in nature; be it in history, environment, culture, economics, astronomy etc. Build the future generations to be more research oriented rather than achieving a CGPA of 4.0 but fares poorly in general knowledge. Open the minds of the young starting from the primary schools.

    Quoting Mr. Lim Guan Eng who said “I don’t consider myself a Chinese, I am a Malaysian”, let’s build a nation who proudly says “I AM A MALAYSIAN”..and let’s drop the ranting on ethnicity.

    Ramadhan Mubarak to you and your family Tun! May Allah Bless Malaysia.

  357. INTER-X May 18,2018 11:19 AM

    Di masa depan dengan sistem pendidikan yang dirombak akan melahirkan setiap daripada kita adalah Tun.M. Jadi usahlah risau akan siapa nanti yang layak untuk menggantikan Tun.M kerana ianya ada pada setiap diri kita yang berpendidikkan dan membawa al-haq.

  358. dad123my May 18,2018 11:19 AM

    Salam Tun.
    May we find you in good health.
    It is my utmost appreciation that you have chosen the Education Ministry as your portfolio. I have witnessed our education system slowly deteriorating and losing its direction. Teachers are often out of classes to obtain briefings and training on fickle syllabus that keeps changing, demoralizing them as well as the school children. Teachers seemed confused and unmotivated. Children are getting bolder against teachers as parents keep treating their children like angels.
    But the one thing the education system has glaringly neglected are social skills necessary to create a caring society. How often have we complained about school thuggery that manifests itself in the later years in the form of road rage, mat rempit, umnoism, and countless antisocial behaviors.
    I remembered the days when you started the Look East policy. Mindful of their culture and almost impeccable manners, in particular Japan as an example. I am sure you have envisaged that one day Malaysians can emulate them all within the Vision 2020.
    Sadly though, this country couldn’t grasp or take advantage of the wisdom in you for you are too far ahead of them.
    Anyone who has been to Japan can testify that the Japanese are genuinely polite, honest and disciplined . How wonderful it is if we can forgetfully leave our phones or valuables and not worry about losing them to some opportunist. How wonderful it is if we can walk the streets at any time of day or night and not notice any litter and free of worry from being mugged. And so many other examples that only we can wish it’s Malaysia.
    So much is said about how the Japanese has shown more Islamic attributes than the Muslims in so called Islamic countries. They have ingrained at a very young age the basic moral training which they continue to adopt throughout their later years. The first 2 or 3 years of compulsory school is to teach them the values of civic mindedness, honesty, respect for others, the elderlies, discipline and honour but little of academic. They were taught to clean the classrooms and toilets and the dishes after their meals amongst others. Characters that made what they are today.
    Tun, if we had seen how successful the Japanese had trained their young and adopted them on ours when you promoted the Look East policy, those same children would be 43 years of age today and together with their children would form more than 50% of our current population.
    Someone said once that it’s better to let the bad habits of old die with them for it will require too much to change. The only way is to start young.
    Allah Knows Best

  359. arokiaraj May 18,2018 10:43 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Let me first extend my well wishes to you and the Pakatan Harapan team for being the change that we want to see in Malaysia.
    Personally, as an Educationist, I hope to share my views on what the future of education could be for Malaysia. Contrary to what many think, technology is not a solution. Having the latest in terms of educational technology tools and gadgets will not only hinder the full potential of a student but kill a person’s personality.
    As an education technologist myself, I have seen this happening many times. I was fortunate to be part of skills development for some time and now in the academic arena. As such, having knowledge of both environments has in fact given me an overall understanding of how education should or could be.
    The areas of focus in skills development are knowledge, skill and most importantly attitude. Having the right attitude is something lacking in the current generation of students especially in their tertiary level. I believe we could also see this in the recent cases of bullying and so on. It will not be an easy task. We could try to do it in school but we can’t control what happens in their homes.
    The use of technology however needs to be dealt with prudently. Teachers cannot assume the roles they once had. They need to change their mindset from being a provider of education to a facilitator, a guide, an inspiration, a motivator and a resource person to correct and advise students on the authencity and validity of information they would find on the internet.
    Tests and exams should be abolished. They do not measure a students ability but their mental capacity. The environment in schools should be changed from still being in an era of industrial revolution to more liberal and understanding of the needs and aspirations of our students.
    There is a lot in my mind that may seem radical but some of what I mentioned have actually been practiced in some countries. Finland, the world’s best in terms of education do not have exams till the time they finish their schooling years and they are the best in the world ! I believe we can emulate that. We were leaders in terms of education in the Asean region once but now even Vietnam is better than us.
    Hope to see a change and hope that we could see a different generation of Malaysians.
    Thank you Tun. Selamat berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya.

  360. musato May 18,2018 9:55 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Walaupun saya banyak menulis berkenaan agama dan kerohanian tasawuf, tapi saya boleh la jugak main biasa biasa banyak sukan seperti bolasepak, takraw, volleyball dan indoor games. Setakat freekick macam David Beckkam, insyaAllah boleh lagi.

    Sekarang saya benar benar berharap saya akan resign 100% dari menulis di sini lagi. Saya sedang cuba ke arah itu.

    Badan saya benar benar letih. Saya berasa amat tidak berdaya kerana terlampau bergantung pada wife saya kerana saya tidak mempunyai ruang masa untuk membina kerjaya saya pada umur 20-an, selain dari ditunjukkan jalan pembelajaran tidak rasmi ke arah kerohanian, yang mana kita gunakan selama 10 tahun kebelakangan ini.

    Berceritakan mengenai bagaimana saya ‘diajarkan’/’proses mengenali’ dalam setiap apa yang saya tulis di sini, saya bermula mengenali ‘kulit’ ilmunya pada umur 19 tahun semasa di UiTM sehinggalah saya terjerumus dalam pada 2008, pada usia 31 tahun.

    Sejak itu sudah 2 penggal pentadbiran negara bertukar PM. Ia bermakna saya ditunjukkan jalan ‘kulit’ selama 10 tahun dan jalan ‘isi’ selama 10 tahun. Bermakna 20 tahun saya telah menghabiskan masa untuk saya mengetahui siapa itu Tokku Paloh, Syeikh Abdul Malek serta Sharif Muhammad Al Baghdadi.

    Salasilah saya sendiri. Kaum kerabat yang mentadbir. Sementelah Tun Mahathir sendiri ditindas dan dipijak pijak pada 2008 dan kemudiannya pada 2 tahun yang lepas.

    Sekarang Tun berada di atas dan berupaya untuk membetulkan kesilapan yang berlaku pada Malaysia. InsyaAllah.

    Saya hanya menyampaikan apa yang saya tahu dan rasakan.

    Kita bermula sejak 700 tahun lepas dan apabila rakan kita dihina dan dicemuh kerana jujurnya memerintah Malaysia, InsyaAllah kita akan bantu dan telah jayanya. Alhamdulillah.

    Sebagai Perdana Menteri, Tun mempunyai sumber yang kaya serta kuasa setanding Najib Tun Razak lakukan dulu.

    Saya tidak perlu memberi terlalu banyak pendapat lagi. Saya juga tidak perlu risaukan yang banyak.

    Perjalanan pentadbiran negara akan tetap terus berlangsung walaupun selepas itu Anwar Ibrahim mengambil alih jika diizinkan oleh Allah swt.

    Semoga pembaca beroleh keyakinan bahawa Islam itu sentiasa hidup. Yang hak sentiasa akan mengatasi yang bathil.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  361. SYRST May 18,2018 9:10 AM

    Salam Tun.

    I am glad that you become Malaysia Education Minister, congratulation to you and all Malaysians.

    I would like to give my opinions about our national education:
    1) Some reforms may not be very far-reaching but reviving the standard of English should be a top priority especially in Science and Maths subjects.
    We cannot sacrifice children learning opportunity and future prospects of the country. Exercise one common language ie English in all primary and secondary government schools. Hence pupils have the same chance to learn the same ie Bahasa Malaysia is compulsory subject, Chinese could be an optional subject.
    2) Combine Kebangsaan and Chinese schools, no split of Indian, Chinese or Malay schools. Every race can enroll to any schools (Combine effort with point 1).
    3) Remove quota in all schools up to Local University level. All students have equal opportunity in all education fields.
    4) Limit International schools enter to Malaysia. We have enough of them in major towns.

    Bring all rakyat all backgrounds together. Thank you.

    Have a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.

  362. Kekuda pelanduk May 18,2018 9:10 AM


    Sila ambil perhatikan wahai rakan2 Veteran ATM dan sahabat Pesara awam ku sekalian.

    Tolong baca dan majukan kepada rakan2 kita yang lain secepat mungkin….

    Rayuan kepada PM Malaysia dari Veteran2 ATM Dan Pesara2 awam.

    Semua rakyat Malaysia akan pasti menyokong Rayuan ini.

    Salam TUN,

    Lakukan perubahan ini dan saya Pasti negara akan ikhtiraf kepimpinan TUN.

    Pencen seumur hidup yang di berikan kepada ahli politik yang hanya menjalankan tugas sepenggal di Parliament atau DUN adalah satu ketidakadilan yang amat ketara jika di bandingkan dengan Anggota Tentera dan kakitangan awam kerajaan yang telah berkhidmat tidak kurang dari 20 tahun perkhidmatan. Ini adalah satu perbendaharaan yang amat hina kepada kakitangan kerajaan.

    Tidak ada seorang pun yang boleh beri penerangan atau menyangkal kenapa anak2 muda mudi yang telah berkhidmat di dalam Tentera Dan Polis selama 20 tahun atau lebih, risikokan diri mereka semata2 untuk memberi kebebasan dan kemerdekaan kepada rakyat tetapi hanya mendapat 50% gaji pokok terakhir mereka apabila bersara dan pegawai tentera tauliah jangka pendek dan anggota Lain lain pangkat ATM yang berkhidmat antara 10 ke 20 tahun TIDAK DAPAT PENCEN Langsong. Mereka juga telah merisikokan nyawa mereka. Mereka di ibaratkan sebagai hampas oleh kerajaan.

    TETAPI MP dan ADUN yang hanya berkerja di tempat yang selesa dan selamat dan yang dikawal oleh anggota Tentera dan Polis yang sama dapat pencen penuh selepas berkhidmat 5 tahun sahaja. ADAKAH INI MASUK AKAL???


    Hapuskan pencen seumur hidup ahli2 politik Yang jadi MP Dan ADUN.

    Samalah seperti TUN memotivasikan rakyat biasa untuk melepaskan subsidi kerajaan, motivasikanlah MP dan ADUN untuk melepaskan imbuhan2 dan subsidi2 yang keterlaluan yang tak sepatutnya diberi pada mereka termasuk pencen.

    Kami harap ianya bermula dari TUN sendiri… TUN adalah seorang pakar motivasi yang hebat…

    Terima kasih saya ucapkan jika TUN setuju dengan Pendapat saya ini.

    ~ Yang Ikhlas~

    Mej Hj Mior Rosli TUDM (Bersara)

  363. Hajar May 18,2018 7:23 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk ulas beberapa perkara mengenai isu semasa:

    1. Saya setuju YAB Tun jadi Menteri Pendidikan/Pelajaran. Tun paling layak. Saya sokong supaya Matematik dan Sains di ajar dalam BI (English). Subjek-subjek lain pula dalam BM.

    2. Tun pernah berpesan yang setiap pemimpin mesti BERSIH dan kelihatan bersih, dan tidak terpalit dengan skandal atau isu negatif.

    3. Jadi saya tidak setuju bila Tun mengumumkan yang YB Lim Guan Eng dilantik sebagai Menteri Kewangan. Adakah beliau bersih dan nampak bersih? Bukankah beliau ada kes mahkamah? Jika keputusan ini muktamad, saya yakin Tun telah melakukan satu kesilapan besar sepertimana Tun pernah tersilap menilai DSAI (berimej warak) dan DSN. Saya tidak berkenan dengan kedua-dua individu yang Tun pernah sokong satu ketika dahulu, dan ternyata penilaian saya betul.

    4. Mengenai BR1M, semalam saya lihat di TV Tun mengumumkan yang ianya akan dikekalkan. Namun penilaian untuk kelayakan para penerima BR1M akan dikaji semula.

    5. Kita ada Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. Untuk yang Islam, ada pula bantuan zakat (untuk pelajaran pun ada bantuan zakat). Apa perlunya BR1M? BR1M menggalakkan budaya ‘menadah tangan’ dan mendapat wang tanpa berusaha terutamanya kepada golongan yang sihat walafiat, muda, dan cukup sifat (bukan orang OKU). Kepada pesara (dan warga emas) pula, takkanlah tiada perancangan untuk hari tua (semua orang akan tua, dan bila sudah tua segala macam penyakit akan menjelma)?

    6. Saya sudah banyak kali kata yang bekas PM Najib @ Ah Jib Gor sebenarnya MENCIPLAK ide (idea) Pembangkang (yang sekarang sudah jadi Kerajaan) dalam hal pemberian wang tunai untuk meraih sokongan. Namun biasalah, ada sesetengah manusia mengamalkan ‘double standard’ (hipokrit). Dia buat ‘OK’, tapi kalau orang lain buat ‘tidak OK’ (benda yang sama).

    7. Saya memang tidak akan sokong apa saja usul atau ide yang menyemai budaya MALAS untuk berusaha.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  364. Sri Sense May 18,2018 6:16 AM

    Salam Tun

    Tun masih boleh berpuasa lagi ka? Saya yang pangkat anak last year tak boleh puasa. Saya amat sedih. Tahun ini saya start puasa balik dengan check blood sugar 3 kali semalam, tak boleh terlalu low or terlalu tinggi. Kawan saya diabetes pun lakukan ini setiap tahun, pesan doktor.

    Walau apa pun bagi golongan yang makan ubat, jika tak puasa masih boleh lakukan sembahyang terawih and other things dalam bulan yang mulia.

    Tun tahniah kerana Bersatu dan PH dapat register.

    Seperti saya kata selalu disini saya anggap Tun seorang negarawan, Tun nak balik politik dengan niat yang murni amatlah saya alu alukan. Cuma kadang2 saya marah bila lihat ada golongan yang seperti nak buli Tun, bersikap kurang ajar dengan Tun.

    Sempena itu saya bagi setiap parti dalam PH 10 points each. Buat masa ini kedudukkan points. PKR -3, DAP -1, AMANAH -1.

    Percayalah ini bukan saya seorang yang fikir gitu tapi juga ramai netizen yang turut fikir yang mereka2 ini sudah jadi the government tapi lagak masih macam the oppositions.

    Oh saya juga turut bagi UMNO 10 points. So far saya rasa tidak perlu deduct points Bersatu dan UMNO. These two parties, they are more sober, though Bersatu ada sikit kecuhan dengan MB Johor, but acceptable.

    Part Kementerian Kewangan saya neutral. Samada Tun nak bagi Menteri pada Cina, India atau Melayu, saya tak kisah, cuma yang penting mereka ini betul2 layak dan betul2 buat kerja. Dari permerhatian saya buat masa ini none of the Ketua Besar parti gabungan ini yang betul2 layak memangku apa jawatan pun dalam kabinet. Pada zaman dulu2 memang jawatan Kementerian Kewangan milik MCA sebelum Tun Hussein Onn take over dan seterusnya berada dalam tangan UMNO.

    Saya bukan orang politk kalau ahli hanya sekadar ahli parti politik. Seperti earlir saya pernah sebut BN akan kalah, kalau menang hanya dengan cara menipu, terbukti saya betul.

    GE14 BN sebenarnya tidak kalau begitu teruk, lets says 79 seats, sebab menipu kita kasi la 60 seats. 60 seats still besar. Therefore saya fikir kalau mereka lebih jujur, lebih rajin service kawasan, lebih rajin fights for voters dalam Parlimen dan ADUN, mereka kan menang semula next GE.

    Kalau PH nak betul2 berjaya, jangan la terlalu berpesta, naik pentas turun pentas macam pembangkang, komen2 dari media janganlah macam pembangkang nak lawan PM.

    UMNO pula yang tau hormati PM yang bukan dari parti mereka lagi.

  365. WandyCaswady May 18,2018 2:32 AM


    Tahniah diucapkan kepada saudara yg dihormati Tun Mahathir… Dan selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan…

    Terima kasih diatas penulisan Tun ttg kepentingan Al-Quran… Ribuan terima kasih yg tidak terhingga kepada Tun… Moga Allah memberkati apa yg Tun lakukan dan perjuangan Tun… Amiin

    Selain itu juga… Tahniah diatas pemilihan sebagai Menteri Pelajaran… Bahasa… Menyatukan bangsa… Falsafah mematangkan rakyat…

    Jazakallahu khairan kathiraa

  366. Anak.muda May 17,2018 11:23 PM

    assalamualaikum tun,

    1.selamat berpuasa lain yang 9 series mcm tun ni ramai dh xpuasa sebab uzur tp tun ni special edition sikit 🙂

    2.cabaran pertama wawasan 2020, menyatupadukan kita semua sebagai satu bangsa iaitu bangsa malaysia tidak mungkin dicapai jika melihatkan pada keadaan semasa.

    3.memandangkan tun juga adalah bakal menteri pelajaran, saya berharap tun akan memansuhkan sekolah jenis kebangsaan cina dan india dan menjadikan kita mempunyai satu jenis sekolah kebangsaan sahaja.kalau daripada kecik kita sudah pisahkan mereka, takkan bila dah besar baru terhegeh2 minta mereka semua bersatu?

    4.Dari darjah 1-6, saya berharap pendidikan moral sangat ditekankan pada anak2 ini.subjek moral perlu diberi penekanan.

    5.apa yang dikejar bukanlah bangsa yang mempunyai banyak ilmu pengetahuan sahaja,tapi mempunyai nilai integriti yang tinggi, itu yang kita perlukan.

    6.ambil contoh kj, die nampak sebagai pemimpin muda yang berwibawa,otak bergeliga tp penyangak.orang mcm ni jauh lagi bahaya dari penyangak bodoh macam najib.

    7.subjek perpaduan pun sangat perlu diberi penekanan.tidak dinafikan menghilangkan perkauman ni mengambil generasi.generasi2 seperti orang dari PERKASA yang buat sidang media menghalang guan eng jadi menteri kewangan dan mendesak mengambil orang melayu tu,pemikiran generasi orang macam tu sudah tak dapat diselamatkan.

    8.najib jadi menteri kewangan selama ini dan curi duit mereka tak complain.sebab apa? Pemikiran kolot dan kuno seperti “biarlah najib nak curi duit pun, asalkan perdana menteri orang melayu” mestilah dihapuskan.andaikan kalau calon perdana menteri ada dua sahaja, guan eng dan najib.saya percaya 90% melayu masih lagi sanggup memilih najib razak.curi duit, gadai aset negara pada cina komunis tanah besar pun xpelah,janji perdana menteri orang melayu islam kita.

    9.saya tengok sekarang polis sibuk geledah rumah najib. Yang kelakarnya gamba najib tidur disofa, gambar najib tengok bilik digeledah,gambar najib duduk disebelah ibu pakai telekung sembahyang, pun sama tersebar sekali.

    10.orang yang ada otak sikit dah boleh paham tujuan gambar tu hanya untuk menagih simpati tp bila nurul izzah menghentam pihak polis dikatakan kejam,maka tercapailah niat si penyebar gambar tersebut untuk meraih simpati.

    11.saya cadangkan najib suruh si ibu duduk atas sejadah baca alquran disebelah polis yang tengah geledah rumahnya.gambar mcm tu baru “epic”

    tolong jaga kesihatan tun

  367. amalaysian May 17,2018 10:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum w.b.t. Tun,

    Welcome back Sir. Dr. in the house once again.
    But do take care of your health too Sir.

    I do think it is also important to empower younger generation.
    Looking forward with the Malaysia Baharu!

    Ramadhan Mubarak!


  368. INTER-X May 17,2018 9:14 PM

    Selamat berpuasa (berkata-kata terus dengan Allah) Tun, sebagaimana musa berkata-kata terus dengan Allah tetapi sayang, musa tak nampak Allah sehingga pengsan(mati sifat).

  369. Hajar May 17,2018 8:37 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    ‘Ramadan’s hottest accessories’: Dr M’s RM12 Bata sandals

    Terima kasih Tun. Tun sumber inspirasi saya dalam berbelanja secara berhemah.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  370. Fadzly May 17,2018 7:12 PM

    اَلسَّلامُ عَلَيْكُمْ

    Tun, mohon bantuan Tun untuk pindahkan anak dan isteri saya dari SMKA Kuala Selangor sebab kami berjauhan sudah hampir 5tahun sejak isteri saya mengajar di Keningau, Sabah.

    Banyak permohonan serta rayuan telah dihantar dan pelbagai cara saya usahakan supaya kami dapat duduk sebumbung namun gagal.

    Untuk pengetahuan Tun, kami terasal dari Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. Dan kami tidak pernah duduk bersama kecuali musim cuti sekolah.

    Memandangkan Tun menjadi Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia yang baru, saya berharap Tun dapat membantu kami kerana menteri terdahulu tidak melayan permohonan dan rayuan kami.

    Sekian Terima Kasih dan Selamat Berpuasa Tun sekeluarga.

  371. sibotak May 17,2018 5:41 PM

    Tak perlulah Tun layan wartawan sangat
    Hanya yg di perlukan sahaja

    Wartawan perlu bagi memberitakan berita terkini
    Tetapi wartawan kadang kala menyoal perkara perkara yg pelik pelik
    Ada bertujuan mencari kesalahan dan ada agenda mereka tersendiri

    Lihat Media Barat sudah
    Bagaimana ia menipu Dunia , memfitnah Dunia Islam
    Itu pun ada Dunia Islam ada yg tak sadar diri

    Tun dah Berumur
    Banyak benda yg Tun kena hadapi sebagai PM
    Serahkan pada mereka tapi Tun mesti masih Berkuasa
    You are The Boss , Tun

    Just relax , tengok tengok , pandang pandang , dengar dengar
    Apa yg tak kena Tun sesah je lah
    Itu sebab pentingnya Tun mesti masih Berkuasa atas Perdana Menteri
    seperti post baru Menteri Penasihat

    Janganlah Tun nak step macam dulu lagi
    Tun kasi speech sekarang , kadang kadang lupa dialog
    Jadi Tun perlu Rehat dalam masa yg sama Tun mesti masih Berkuasa
    Malaysia masih mampu membayar segala kos Tun

    Harap Tun berlajar akan Peristewa Tun yg sudah
    Bagaimana Tun di hina , di kata olih orang pilihan Tun sendiri

    Kawan kawan ….Nampak Rosmah tak ?
    Senyap je

  372. hz May 17,2018 5:23 PM

    Salam Tun, Tun taking over Pendidikan portfolio? Alhamdulillah.
    I kesian my children in Sek Keb. for the last few years: its been a flipflop affair. I believe it should be about quality NOT quantity (of textbooks & subjects). Kadang kadang terasa macam MoE is in the business of printing/ publishing school books instead of the whole education process.
    When Maths & Sci were to be taught in English it was a true blessing. BM itu memang penting dan boleh dikuasai dalam banyak lagi subjek di sekolah.
    We need to have a practical & effective system.
    My mother was a lecturer in Geography kat UM before retiring and says the syllabus is perhaps not so suitable for sec level.
    I remember my school days with fondness, never had a day of tuition in my life but now Standard 1 pun dah ade tuition. tak masuk akal.
    Our children and their children have a right to a good solid enjoyable education (yang masuk akal).
    Students should be proud to be in Sekolah Kebangsaan and equal to their counterparts in Int/ Priv schools.
    Terima kasih banyak banyak Tun for your attention to this very serious matter.

  373. tamchi May 17,2018 4:26 PM

    بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم
    Dalam mengeja, pemghujungnya huruf mim

    Malam jumaat malam yg berkat,
    Diangkat sumpah sedia berkhidmat.

    1Ramadhan buat pengumuman,
    Tahniah Menteri pendidikan.

    Tahniah Menteri wanita & kebajikan.

    Ada wanita disebalik kejayaan/kejatuhan

    Salam Asar

  374. Sri Sense May 17,2018 3:21 PM

    Salam Tun yang di kasihi

    Yay Tun ambil portfolio Kementerian Pendidikan!

    Jab, saya salah pandang ke? Betul ke ini? Macam ya.

    Sering juga saya dok mengadu pasal sedara mara yang ada masaalah dengan sekolah menengah dan asrama MRSM, alahai MRSM ini under MARA pulak.

    Sejak akhir2 ini memang keliru, a field day for the press

  375. kaeytan May 17,2018 2:38 PM

    Dear Tun, you have set the highest standard in leadership and determination that no other Malaysians could emulate. We understand that problems come in stacks and there is no turning back now.

    We expect change is not easy and change takes time and we could only salute you on the stride that you have made in just less than 2 weeks.

    We know u r worried about a new team taking over huge gov machinery & facing insurmountable challenges & that we could not afford any missteps, but to err & to grow is only human & we need to give all a chance to fight & grow along side with u.

    U may find it easier to tackle it urself for now & we respect that but do take care.

    A civil servant

  376. akulamd May 17,2018 2:24 PM


    maaf tun.. saya pernah mencadangkan agar kepimpinan pakatan harapan diteraju oleh org muda. dan hari ini setelah seminggu Tun memimpin saya akui tersilap menilai keupayaan dan kudrat Tun sebelum ini. Semoga Tun dikurniakan kesihatan dan ilham agar dapat buat yang terbaik buat negara.

    Harapan saya agar Tun dapat mencari barisan pemimpin yang bersih..cekap dan amanah seperti mana yg pernah Tun slogankan pada kepimpinan Tun yang lalu.

    Episod pemecatan Sdr Anwar.. tuduhan zina dan liwat..pembunuhan Altantuya dengan diletupkan C4, pembaziran hutang 1MDB amat memeningkan rakyat. amat menakutkan apabila semua rencana kejahatan itu melibatkan tulang belakang pentadbiran negara..dari pegawai penyiasat polis ke ketua hakim negara..ketua- ketua agensi kerajaan juga sama2 melaksanakan arahan government of the day.. apakah telah hilang kewarasan..akal dan budi dalam menilai apa yang betul dan apa yang salah???

    Semoga dengan kebangkitan rakyat yang telah memilih..kita semua diberi peringatan untuk kembali menjunjung apa yang diperintahkan oleh Allah

  377. Raisuke May 17,2018 1:40 PM

    Aduan terhadap pihak CIDB cawangan Negeri Selangor.

    Assalamualaikum w.b.t dan selamat sejahtera,
    pertama sekali saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada TUN DR.MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMAD dipilih sekali lagi menjadi Perdana Menteri malaysia kami yang ke-7 yang kami sayangi dan sanjungi serta tidak lupa pengorbanan jasa TUN kepada negara yang tercinta.kami tidak berputus-putus menyokong TUN dari dahulu sehingga kini.

    Tujuan aduan ini ditulis adalah untuk menyatakan bahawa saya telah dianiaya oleh sikap yang tidak bertanggungjawab oleh pihak CIDB.Saya ingin menyatakan hasrat ketidakpuasan dan ketidaktelusan terhadap Pihak Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB).Sebelum ini,CIDB adalah satu lembaga pembangunan yang amat prihatin kepada pihak kontraktor bumiputera kerana melahirkan status kontraktor bumiputera yang mampu berdaya saing dan maju.Akan tetapi di akhir-akhir ini ketidaktelusan dalam pentadbiran CIDB yang memaksa saya membuat aduan ini.Saya adalah kontraktor bumiputera kelas G2 di daerah selangor dan dengan ini ingin membuat aduan seperti berikut:-

    1.Mengenai Permohonan Perakuan Pendaftaraan Kontraktor (PPK).
    -Kelemahan Sistem yang di perkenalkan oleh CIDB iaitu Sistem CIMS memakan masa yang agak begitu lama sekitar 2 hingga 3 Minggu untuk mengetahui status keputusan permohonan.Sekiranya berlaku kegagalan atau kekurangan maklumat,pemohon perlu membuat semula bayaran pendaftaran yang dikenakan oleh CIDB dan bayaran kali pertama tidak di ambil kira.Bayaran kali pertama akan di kebas atau ditelan dan pemohon perlu membuat sekali lagi bayaran yang ke 2 atau 3 kali mengikut kepuasan pihak CIDB.Sedangkan pegawai-pegawai CIDB sebelum menerima dokumen atau maklumat dari pemohon,pihak CIDB perlu atau telah menyemak dahulu maklumat dokumen tersebut.Jika tidak lengkap atau kekurangan maklumat pihak CIDB boleh terus memberitahu kepada pemohon dan proses tidak akan dapat dilakukan sekiranya dokumen atau maklumat tidak lengkap.Akan tetapi jika pemohon ingin mengetahui punca kegagalan,pegawai CIDB tidak akan memberitahu sebab atau tunjuk sebab dan ini adalah tidak munasabah sekali.Adakah ini salah satu taktik CIDB untuk cuba mengaut keuntungan secara mudah dari pemohon dan pemohon terpaksa membayar duit proses permohonan sehingga 2 atau 3 kali dan selepas itu barulah mendapat kelulusan Sijil PPK/CIDB(berdasarkan pengalaman pemohonan saya dan rakan-rakan pemohon yang lain).

    2.Mengenai Proses Pendaftaran Sijil Perolehan Kerja Kerajaan (SPKK).
    -Bagi kontraktor bumiputera G2,perlu membuat permohonan SCORE untuk melayakkan mendapat Sijil Perolehan Kerja Kerajaan (SPKK).Akan tetapi saya amat berasa kecewa kerana ia sama berlaku seperti kes permohonan (PPK) di atas yang melibatkan sehingga 4 kali bayaran yang perlu saya buat dan perlu menanggung semula kos bayaran ulangan SCORE.Jika diminta penjelasan dari pegawai CIDB atas sebab apa berlaku kegagalan,pegawai CIDB tidak akan memberitahu sebabnya dan bagi pemohon ia dikira alasan yang tidak munasabah oleh pihak CIDB.Bagaimana saya selaku pemohon ingin mengetahui kesilapan dan memperbaiki kesilapan yang akan datang.Jawapan dari pegawai CIDB hanya meminta untuk membuat bayaran permohanan semula SCORE.Di manakah visi dan misi CIDB untuk menjadikan kontraktor bumiputera yang mampu berdaya saing dan maju,sedangkan saya kontraktor baru hanya melihat pihak CIDB hanya ingin mengaut keuntungan dengan mudah dari pihak pemohon yang lemah dan di tindas.

    3.Mengenai Sijil Taraf Bumiputera (STB).
    -Untuk mencukupkan kelayakkan saya untuk menjadi kontraktor status bumiputera.Saya perlu membuat permohonan Sijil Taraf Bumiputera yang di keluarkan oleh Bahagian Pembangunan Kontraktor dan Usahawan (BPKU) dahulu di kenali sebagai Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor (PKK).Syabas saya ucapkan,saya amat memuji serta berterima kasih terhadap ketelusan serta sikap ramah yang di tunjukkan oleh pegawai-pegawai BPKU yang menyemak dengan teliti dokumen permohonan jika ada kesilapan dan kekurangan dokumen permohonan saya,dapatlah saya memperbaiki sebelum dalam tempoh proses BPKU dijalankan.Juga masa yang singkat dan cepat untuk mengetahui status permohonan.Jika dilihat,ia bertentangan sama sekali pihak CIDB dan pegawainya yang tidak berlaku sopan,mesra serta berbudi pekerti dan CIDB hanyalah mementingkan cara untuk mengaut keuntungan dengan cepat dan mudah.Mungkin kerana CIDB adalah kuasa yang besar pihak kontraktor bumiputera terpaksa patuh dan akur tunduk walaupun benar dan BPKU/PKK tidak lagi berkuasa untuk membela nasib kontraktor bumiputera.

    4.Kelemahan Pensijilan CIDB/tidak sah laku untuk menambah Sub kepala/kod bidang/tajuk (PPK).
    -PPK bidang permohonan permulaan saya yang berkod bidang/tajuk/sub kepala B04 dan CE21 yang di anugerahkah CIDB mengikut pensijilan diploma pelajaran saya.Akan tetapi saya berhasrat ingin menambah pengalaman lagi ke beberapa kod bidang/tajuk/sub kepala yang lain.Jadi saya bertanyakan lebih lanjut kepada pegawai CIDB cara untuk memohon,ia menyuruh saya mengikuti kursus asas Sijil Kecekapan Pengurusan (SKP) yang mesti di anjurkan oleh pihak CIDB.Setelah mengikuti arahan serta mengambil kira pandangan dan pendapat dari pegawai CIDB,saya bersetuju mengikuti pelbagai bidang kursus SKP yang ditawarkan oleh CIDB dan memilih kursus SKP yang saya minati bagi menambah kod bidang/tajuk/sub kepala dalam sijil PPK supaya dapat diberi peluang menyertai tender-tender di luar bidang pengkhususan B04 dan CE21.Malangnya sekali bagi saya,setelah membelanjakan banyak wang untuk menghadiri pelbagai-bagai kursus SKP yang di keluarkan oleh CIDB,akhirnya Sijil SKP menjadi tidak berharga kerana tidak dapat membantu saya untuk menambah kod bidang/tajuk/sub kepala untuk menyertai tender diluar bidang pengkhususan saya B04 dan CE21.Ini adalah disebabkan oleh kelemahan pihak CIDB yang tidak mengiktiraf sijil kursus SKP anjurannya sendiri.Ia menjadi sukar bagi saya kerana terhad dan terbatas hanya mempunyai kod bidang/tajuk/sub kepala B04 dan CE21 untuk memasuki tender yang lain untuk menimba dan mencari pengalaman.Sedangkan saya telah merujuk terlebih dahulu pandangan dan pendapat pegawai-pegawai CIDB.Saya tidak berputus asa dan bertanyakan semula kepada pegawai tertinggi CIDB Cawangan Negeri selangor dan ia mengatakan lagi melalui kaedah 2 yang lain pula untuk menambah kod bidang/Tajuk.

    i)Memohon Memasuki Kebenaraan Khas melalui sistem CIDB/CIMS tambah kod bidang/tajuk bagi setiap 1 dikenakan bayaran rm30.Tidak termasuk bayaran kemaskini/cetak Sijil PPK rm100.
    ii)Perlu mendapatkan Surat Tawaran,Surat Setuju Terima dan Surat Siap Kerja dan bayaran bagi setiap 1 tambahan rm30 tertakluk surat sokongan dan dokumen permohon yang lengkap.Tidak termasuk bayaran kemaskini/cetak Sijil PPK rm100.

    Jika di lihat kaedah 2 ini yang diperkenalkan CIDB ini,sangat-sangat tidak boleh di terima akal kerana seakan setiap sudut akta CIDB ingin mencari sumber kewangan dengan mudah.Jika saya atau anak muda yang tiada pengalaman sepatutnya pihak CIDB perlu memberi peluang,jika tidak diberikan peluang bagaimana saya ingin membuktikan kebolehan dan menimba pengalaman baru dalam bidang lain.Jika saya sebagai kontraktor baru tidak di berikan peluang bagaimana generasi kontraktor bumiputera akan datang.Bagaimana saya ingin membantu dan ingin menyumbang memberikan peluang pekerjaan kepada anak muda yang kurang pekerjaan.Saya di sekat oleh pihak CIDB di manakah visi dan misi nya.Saya amatlah berduka cita dan berasa sungguh kecewa kerana saya tidak diberikan peluang oleh pihak CIDB. Sedangkan saya telah mematuhi serta mengikuti setiap prosedur kursus-kursus SKP tambahan.Saya telah banyak membelanjakan wang dan ia tidak membuahkan hasil.Saya bukan seorang yang berharta,saya bekerja keras siang malam dan menyimpan duit setiap bulan setelah cukup saya berniat untuk memulakan perniagaan sendiri.Saya hanya ingin mencari sesuap nasi dalam negara sendiri yang saya cintai,akan tetapi seperti berada dalam negara asing. CIDB terus menerus menggunakan taktik mengaut keuntungan.Sehinggalah saya sudah tidak boleh bersabar saya berjumpa pegawai besar CIDB cawangan negeri selangor dengan rasa hemat,rendah diri dan budi bicara untuk menegakkan kebenaraan akhirnya Lesen CIDB kontraktor bumiputera G2 PPK,SPKK saya di senarai hitamkan pada tahun 2017.Saya di maki,dicaci dan di marahi oleh pegawai-pegawai CIDB.Saya telah banyak menghabiskan masa turun naik Pejabat CIDB Cawangan Selangor membuat rayuan tetapi di tolak tanpa sebab munasabah.Sedangkan sebelum ini semua prosedur,undang-undang dan pematuhan CIDB telah saya ikuti dan tidak melanggar sebarang peraturan pihak CIDB.Saya juga telah membuat aduan sebelum ini menggunakan saluran yang sepatutnya,tidak ada yang mempedulikan aduan dan keluhan hati kecil saya.Sekarang saya hanya bekerja sebagai Operator kilang hanya kerana ingin mencari sesuap nasi dan perlu menyara anak bini dengan rezeki yang halal.Saya sudah tidak mampu lagi menanggung kos-kos yang membebankan dari pihak CIDB dan telah banyak kehabisan duit simpanan kerana tidak mampu membiayai Lesen kontraktor bumiputera G2 CIDB lagi dan juga telah disenarai hitamkan tanpa sebab yang munasabah pada tahun 2017.

    Saya memohon dan merayu Kepada Perdana Menteri Malaysia TUN DR.MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMAD supaya mengkaji semula kuasa dan mengambil tindakkan sewajarnya terhadap pihak CIDB.Berdasarkan pengalaman dari kontraktor bumiputera yang terdahulu semasa dibawah kuasa BPKU/PKK permohonan berjalan lancar dan telus bagi permohonanan lesen kontraktor kelas E bumiputera.Sudah sampai masanya memberikan semula kuasa dan laluan kepada BPKU/PKK kerana pihaknya adalah lebih telus,adil dan cekap.Supaya ramai anak muda dapat diberikan peluang menceburi bidang Kontraktor Bumiputera dan Usahawan dalam perniagaan sendiri.CIDB cuma memegang akta 520 berkenaan keselamatan dan kesihatan pekerja dan kesalahan-kesalahan kecil dan besar dalam industri pembinaan di malaysia.Bukan mencari sumber kewangan dan mengekang pihak kontraktor bumiputera.Selayaknya BPKU/PKK di beri kuasa menjaga kontraktor bumiputera bukan CIDB.

    Akhir kata dari saya maafkan,jika ada terkasar bahasa kepada PERDANA MENTERI TUN DR.MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMMAD yang amatlah saya segani,kagumi dan sanjungi,serta saya doakan agar TUN diberikan kesihatan dan umur yang panjang dalam mentadbir Kerajaan dengan lebih maju,sejahtera dan aman sentosa.Maaf sekali lagi juga kerana TUN terpaksa mendengar rintihan,keluhan,rasa kecewa dan kisah yang panjang lebar saya menjadi kontraktor bumiputera.Tujuan Aduan ini hanyalah untuk menegakkan keadilan kontraktor bumiputera dan juga untuk membuka peluang untuk generasi akan datang dalam menceburi bidang ini itulah niat saya.Inilah kisah dan pengalaman pahit yang saya terpaksa lalui dari pihak CIDB dan pegawai-pegawai yang memaki,mencaci dan memarahi saya dan sikap yang tidak berhati perut serta telah banyak kehabisan duit menyebabkan saya penat dan sudah hilang minat untuk menceburi bidang Kontraktor bumiputera lagi.

    Semoga Allah S.W.T sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa kebaikan TUN yang membantu dan menolong generasi kontraktor bumiputera akan datang.


    Terima Kasih.

    Hamba Allah.

  378. hz May 17,2018 1:20 PM

    Salam Tun sekeluarga, selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini.
    Thank you for dedication and undying love for our beloved country. Syukur alhamdulillah to be able to feel dignified and proud again to be labeled a Malaysian instead of feeling embarrassed/ humiliated.
    Moving forward it is critical for absolute political will as opposed to the political ill that have engulfed the nation for so long.
    Hidup Tun.

  379. nissa razak May 17,2018 1:15 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun..

    Saya sangat mendoakan agar Allah swt memanjangkan usia Tun serta dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik.. terima kasih Tun atas segalanya…
    Selamat Berpuasa diucapkan buat Tun serta keluarga..

    We love u Tun M!

  380. xyber76 May 17,2018 12:55 PM

    Salam Tun

    Sekembalinya Tun, saya bersyukur dapat melihat negarawan sebenar pernah dilahirkan di Malaysia..

    Amat teruja pd pesan Tun agar kita kembali pada AlQuran dan sunnah dengan memahaminya dan mempraktikkannya..

    Pada saya, Tun telah tunjukkan teladannya dengan mempraktikkan sendiri kedua perkara tersebut seperti contoh melawan rasuah salahgunakuasa, memutuskan secara syura, berkata2 dgn lemah lembut, berlaku adil kepada semua kaum dll..

    Apabila Tun berpesan kpd orng Umno untuk kembali kpd akar.. teringat saya surah 14 ayat 24 hingga 26.. Mmg benar pohon tanpa akarnya akan tumbang ke bumi..

    Semoga Tun terus membimbing Malaysia ke arah satu negara yg sejahtera untuk semua kaum..

  381. musato May 17,2018 12:29 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sejarah Melayu.

    Seperti yang tercatat pada batu kenyataan penerangan pelancongan berkenaan Sharif Muhammad Al Baghdadi berhampiran makam Sharif, dicatatkan bahawa Sharif Muhammad Al Baghdadi terlibat secara langsung dalam mengislamkan Merah Silu yang kemudiannya dikenali sebagai Sultan Malikus Salleh.

    Tujuan kedatangan pendakwah Islam Nakhoda Ismail ke nusantara dan bertemu dengan Sharif untuk mengislamkan Merah Silu adalah bertepatan dengan sebuah hadis iaitu arahan Rasulullah saw sebelum baginda wafat, iaitu datang dan Islamkan isi Samudera kerana dalam negeri itu ramainya wali wali Allah akan jadi.

    Ia adalah seperti yang tecatat pada batu kenyataan pelancongan negeri/sejarah Melayu.

    Pada pendapat saya kejadian ini adalah lebih kurang sama dengan apa yang dilakukan oleh Sultan Muhammad al Fateh, iaitu menakluki Konstantinopel.

    Seperti yang diterangkan sebelum ini, Sharif adalah moyang kepada Syeikh Abdul Malek.

    Atau boleh kita katakan ia adalah sebagai pengenalan kepada hala tuju Islam perutusan Ramadhan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  382. musato May 17,2018 12:10 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kesinambungan dari kisah perjalanan dan kenyataan bahawa pemikiran kita telah sekian lama ditakik dalam minda bahwa sistem pendidikan Islam ‘tidak rasmi’ adalah mundur dan sempit, kebetulannya saya dapat kaitkan kenyataan itu pada mukasurat 274, buku Ahlul Bait (keluarga) Rasulullah saw & Kesultanan Melayu. Karangan (Tun) Suzana dan Hj Muzaffar.

    IV. ‘Worldview’ orang orang Melayu berdasarkan sifat kesufian.

    Pada mukasurat tersebut, dijelaskan bahawa nilai sistem pendidikan Islam adalah dinilai mengikut Nilaian, Ukuran dan Tafsiran Barat semata mata.

    Maka Melayu Islam sering dituduh sebagai pemalas, tidak berdaya saing serta tidak bercita cita tinggi, dsb.

    Kenyataan saya ini tidak boleh dibaca asing dari komen saya pada artikel sebelum perutusan Ramadhan ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  383. musato May 17,2018 11:56 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya kira perutusan Ramadhan adalah berita gembira dari PM ke-7. Berita gembira yang akan disertai dengan tanggungjawab.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  384. sibotak May 17,2018 10:34 AM

    Salam Tun
    Selamat Berpuasa
    Tun ni tak tidur eh ?
    Dah jadi PM masih Ber Chedet …naughty boy

    Pandangan saya isu Palestine , isu Timur Tengah ,isu Ummah
    Umat Islam mesti Bersatu
    Ini perkataan yg sering kita dengar
    Tapi usaha usaha menyatu padukan Ummah
    Tidak Pernah saya Dengar

    Saya mengambil kesempatan menyeru Tun juga pada saudara Islam
    Mencari usaha menyatu padukan Ummah , Umat Nabi Muhammad S.A.W

    Mungkin sempena Ramadahan ini kita menjemput Pemimpin Islam seluruh Dunia
    Menjamu mereka Berbuka Puasa sesama di Bumi Malaysia
    Kita hidangkan Mee Rebus , Mee Soto , Nasi Padang , Teh Tarek secara sederhana
    Kita menjemput mereka walau mereka ada sengketa diantara mereka sesama
    Yg nak datang , kami Hormati . Yang tak nak datang …..Oh its Ok

    Buka Puasa selama 2 atau 3 hari Official , lepas tu BerJamaah Tarawikh
    Ini semua pembelanjaan will be on Malaysia
    Kalau Najib habiskan berbillion pada Maksiat
    Ini hanya belanja makan yg tidak seberapa

    Mungkin dan Insyallah dengan pertemuan ini
    Akan membuka pintu mata , pintu terlingga , pintu hidung
    pintu hati , pintu segala pintu untuk Ummah kita Bersatu

  385. Sri Sense May 17,2018 10:20 AM

    Salam Tun

    Saya baca news ini Umno’s Kemabong assemblyman Jamawi Jaafar says he is not joining PH or its components, only supporting Warisan in Sabah.

    Saya ada baca sebelum ini yang acting president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says any negotiations with other political parties will be done on an en bloc basis.

    Saya ada dengar bisikkan orang UMNO yang menang kerusi dah sain surat untuk Zahid go ahead and nego. Nego ini bukan dengan Bersatu, tapi dengan PKR sebab Zahid baik dengan Anwar.

    Saya sebenarnya tak kisah sangat kes lompat parti, janji si lompat buat kerja, jaga kawasan jangan pula asyik nak projek pasir ka, entah apa ka, kita dengar pun boring, kita dah pilih dia, dia pulak banyak pintak. Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

    Rasa strange pula bila dengar nego dengan PKR tapi bukan Bersatu.. adakah PH akan ada lagi hingga next GE? apakah komponen ini akan terus bersama?..saya fikir tidak, kalau lihat perentapan kuasa yang sedang berlaku didepan dan dibelakang tabir.

    Wallahu A’lam (Hanya ALLAH yang Maha Mengetahui)

  386. MEGATI DEWANI May 17,2018 9:12 AM

    assalamualaikum Tun dan semua yang melayari blob ini,

    saya memohon kerja sama semua pihak untuk TIDAK memberikan tekanan emosi kepada Tun. Tuan Tuan semua kena faham dan sedar bahawa Tun pada hari ini bukan Tun yang sama sebelum 9 Mei lepas. Maksud saya tumpuan Tun bukan sekadar nak melayani blog ini dengan pendapat, komplen, cadangan dari Tuan Tuan semua. Hari ini dan seterusnya tumpuan Tun adalah untuk Malaysia keseluruhan.

    Olih itu tidak perlulah hendak sampaikan maklumat maklumat salah laku pihak lain didalam blog ini. Jika ada bolehlah membuat aduan kepada Polis atau Pencegah Rasuah.

    kasihani kepada Tun dan berilah beliau sedikit ketenangan dan ringankan fikirannya.

    Harap maaf jika pendapat saya ini tidak betul. Selamat Berpuasa.

  387. zzz4 May 17,2018 8:41 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Selamat Ramadan dan selamat berpuasa, Tun cuba risik-risik Pembinaan BLT Sdn. Bhd.
    Salah etika tuntutan oleh BOD,
    Tender terhad arahan daripada KDN,
    HOD HR yang tiada kelayakan,
    dan lain-lain.

  388. Hajar May 17,2018 7:14 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. “SELAMAT MENYAMBUT RAMADHAN AL-MUBARAK” kepada YAB Tun dan Tun Hasmah serta keluarga.

    2. Tahniah sekali lagi Tun! Saya berasa amat kagum dengan pencapaian Tun yang tegar memperjuangkan kebenaran. Sesungguhnya Allah SWT sentiasa bersama dengan orang-orang yang benar.

    3. Saya baru balik dari sebuah negara di mana umat Islam ialah rakyat minoriti. Semasa makan di restoren halal saya bersembang dengan beberapa orang Muslim dan bersimpati dengan keadaan mereka yang pada pandangan saya didiskriminasi serta dilayan dengan prejudis (berdasarkan cerita mereka). Pengalaman saya sebagai seorang Islam (pelancong asing) yang dipandang serong semasa saya melalui kawasan kedutaan Amerika di sana juga membuktikan bagaimana mereka sentiasa bersangka buruk terhadap umat Islam (berdasarkan satu insiden).

    4. Kita amat bertuah kerana berada di bumi Malaysia kerana majoriti warganegara Malaysia boleh dikatakan amat bertoleransi di antara satu sama lain, dan kita bertukar Kerajaan dalam keadaan aman damai dan harmoni. Saya ingin mengucapkan syabas kepada pihak BN/UMNO yang boleh menerima kekalahan tanpa mencetuskan keadaan huru-hara. Alhamdulillah…

    5. Prinsip saya mudah. Saya akan beri pujian kepada yang berhak untuk menerima pujian dan semestinya saya akan kritik/tegur pihak yang saya yakin patut dikritik. Kadang kala saya hairan melihat sesetengah pihak yang merasakan bahawa kesemua (termasuk para penyokong) yang berada di bawah PH seolah-olah amatlah baik (sempurna macam ‘malaikat’) dan tidak pernah berbuat apa-apa kesalahan atau kekecohan. Eloklah berpijak di bumi nyata, dan bukalah mata (dan mata hati) seluas-luasnya. Bersikap adillah dalam mengkritik.

    6. Eloklah Anwar Ibrahim dibebaskan, dan semoga beliau bertaubat nasuha. Namun saya berdoa beliau tidak akan menjadi PM Malaysia.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  389. Sri Sense May 17,2018 4:57 AM

    Salam semua

    Bangun sahur baca sini, baca whatsapps.

    Well ramai risau Tun terlebih kerja. Saya dan keluarga juga. Memang saya nampak Tun aje yang bekerja, yang lain masih berpesta dan berkempen kemenangan.

    Jika Tun Mahathir bukan PM lagi, saya tidak akan sokong PH tapi hanya sokong Bersatu dan Warisan. Sebab paling utama mereka2 ini macam tak minat kerja, mereka lebih gemar berpesta dari buat plan seterusnya bila jawatan diberi sudah real.

    Saya pun dah pening tengok Berita Astro Awani, ulang2. 2 hari sudah punya berita masih ulang siar. Topik masih sama Malaysia Memilih 2018. Come on la, kita dah pilih sekarang bagi la yang kita pilih buat kerja.

    Yes I agree, PC tak semesti dibuat tiap2 hari, kalau perkara routine tak perlu unless crisis or emergency.

    Tun, ambil la sedikit masa untuk makan2 dan minum2 bersama keluarga dibulan yang mulia ini. Tun, jangan terlalu menyalahkan diri, you are completely capable of fixing whatever you think is broken. There isn’t any problem so daunting that you aren’t able to turn things around. Cheers!

    Saya juga terkenang apa yang Khairy dan Salleh Keruak kata kat media massa tentang betapa kesal mereka. Baru sekarang mereka nampak, dulu mereka kata Tun jahat, hingga Mukhriz kena buang, Muhyiddin kena tendang, Safie Afdal pun kena sama, dan saya pula mereka tuduh red bean army.

    Never mind la UMNO, you just do your job, service voters, be nice not bossy, next time I place my trust on you!

    Take Care Tun!!!

  390. Azlif212@ May 17,2018 4:27 AM

    Assalamulaikum Tun Mahathir,

    Selamat menyambut Ramadhan kepada seluruh Malaysia. Tun Mahathir adalah sumber inspirasi saya yang mana Almahrum Ayah saya selalu bercerita mengenai dengan perjuangan Tun kepada Malaysia.

    Mudahan Tun dan keluarga selalu dirahmati Allah dan mudahan Tun selalu sehat mentadbir negara dan didoakan panjang umur. We all still need you.

    Thanks for all the sacrifices made. May Allah membalas jasa baik Tun selama ini. Amin

  391. mohdharris May 17,2018 4:13 AM

    Selamat berpuasa buat Tun sekeluarga.


  392. kasturi tuah May 17,2018 3:35 AM







  393. milshah May 17,2018 2:34 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan yang penuh berkah ini.

    Tahniah di atas kejayaan Tun dan Pakatan Harapan dalam memenangi PRU 14. The lagend is back. Selamat kembali Tun sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke-7.

    Sesungguhnya kejayaan ini juga adalah kejayaan rakyat. Sesungguhnya kejayaan Pakatan Harapan adalah sesuatu yang luar biasa. We have achieved the impossible. Now our nation have a chance to become a great nation again. Now our people have a chance to become proud to be a Malaysian.

    Ramai di antara penganalisis politik yang menjangkakan Barisan akan menang PRU 14. Saya sendiri tidak faham bagaimana mereka boleh sampai kepada analisis begitu sedangkan rakyat sedang menderita. Antara mereka adalah penulis Joceline Tan. Hampir kesemua penulisan beliau mengatakan Barisan akan menang. Jadi apabila Pakatan menang, penulisan beliaulah saya hendak baca dahulu. Rupa-rupanya sesuatu luar jangkaan berlaku iaitu gempa bumi rakyat yang menyebabkan Barisan kalah teruk.

    Sebenarnya kebangkitan rakyat bukanlah suatu luar jangkaan. Pakatan Harapan memengani hampir kesemua negeri semenanjung, termasuk Johor. The signs for Barisan’s defeat was already there for all to see. It’s a matter of wanting to see it or not. Takpelah, semua orang berhak kepada pendapat masing-masing.

    Sebenarnya, saya juga risau Pakatan Harapan kalah. Bukanlah kalah dari segi kehilangan sokongan rakyat tetapi kalah kerana begitu banyak helah dan penipuan teknikal yang digunakan untuk menggagalkan Pakatan Harapan. Bahkan, sehingga Pakatan memenangi lebih dari 112 kerusi pun, saya masih risau. Anything can happen. Berdasarkan pengalaman, Najib ada sahaja cara untuk melepaskan diri. Hanya apabila Tun mengangkat sumpah sebagai Perdana Menteri, baru saya yakin benar-benar Pakatan Harapan menang dan Najib kalah. Checkmate.

    Invoke satu-satunya penganalisis yang mengatakan Pakatan akan menang. Yang lain semua mengatakan Barisan akan menang. Tahniah! Saya harap Invoke dapat meneruskan tugasnya “membaca” nadi rakyat. Dengan ini, kerajaan Harapan sentiasa mendapat maklumat pendapat rakyat terhadap pemerintahan Pakatan Harapan.

    Saya dapat lihat perkembangan positif pemerintahan Pakatan Harapan. Skandal 1MDB disiasat, GST dihapuskan, pelaburan china dikaji semula dan rule of law ditegakkan. Saya harap rakyat dapat diringankan kesusahan mereka di bawah pemerintahan Pakatan Harapan.

    Pemerintahan Pakatan Harapan di bawah Tun sebagai Perdana Menteri adalah yang terbaik. Dahulu, pendapat saya Tun Razak adalah Perdana Menteri terbaik, tetapi sekarang Tun telah menjadi Perdana Menteri kali ke-2 pada usia 93 tahun, pendapat saya Tun adalah Perdana Menteri terbaik Malaysia.

    Walaupun saya percaya Pakatan Harapan akan dapat memerintah dengan baik, saya tidak pasti pemerintahan baik ini akan berkekalan terutaman selepas Tun tidak lagi menjadi Perdana Menteri. Adalah beberapa perkara yang saya tidak berapa suka, contohnya kritikan terhadap Perdana Menteri tentang pemilihan kabinet menteri sedangkan perkara itu boleh dibincangkan secara dalaman tanpa pengetahuan umum. Tetapi itu hanyalah pendapat saya. Apakah ini trend yang akan kita lihat dalam Pakatan Harapan dimana boleh kritik Perdana Menteri dihadapan umum?

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Selama mana Tun adalah Perdana Menteri, saya tetap akan sokong Pakatan Harapan. Cuma selepas Tun tidak lagi menjadi Perdana Menteri, saya akan menilai semula sokongan saya.

    Bukanlah saya katakan Pakatan Harapan itu tidak baik, cuma saya tidak mahu Pakatan Harapan menjadi seperti Barisan. Akibat sentiasa mendapat sokongan rakyat setiap PRU, Barisan menjadi angkuh dan korup sehingga rakyat menderita.

    Disebabkan itu, saya harap Barisan akan menjadi pembangkang yang baik. Menjadi “check and balance” kepada kerajaan Pakatan Harapan. Dengan adanya two party sistem ini, Pakatan Harapan tidak boleh bertindak sesuka hati kerana rakyat boleh kembali kepada Barisan, dan begitulah Barisan tidak boleh bertindak sesuka hati kerana rakyat boleh beralih kepada Pakatan. Dengan ini, Pakatan dan Barisan akan berusaha untuk memberi khidmat terbaik kepada rakyat untuk terus mendapat sokongan rakyat.

    Terlalu banyak kenangan penulisan saya di blog Tun. Disinilah idea parti melayu untuk melawan UMNO dicetuskan, disinilah idea Tun kembali aktif dalam politk dan diangkat semula menjadi Perdana Menteri dicetuskan. Pada masa itu, idea itu agak gila dan tidak masuk akal, tetapi berjaya juga kita ya Tun. Alhamdulillah.

    Saya akan terus menyumbang dan memberi idea disini. InsyaAllah.

    Terima kasih Tun, Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke-7.

  394. s600l May 17,2018 12:40 AM

    Malaysia takkan ada Zaman Tun M kali ketiga! YAB Tun sememangnya terpaksa memikul tanggungjawab yang amat-amat berat untuk membaikpulih keadaan membimbangkan yang kini berlaku di Negara kita yang tercinta! Walaubagaimanapun, kita juga amat-amat membimbangkan kesihatan Tun yang kebelakangan ini langsung tiada masa untuk berehat! Semoga Tuhan memberkati Tun!

  395. blitzking May 17,2018 12:26 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun..
    Salam Ramadhan.. Di kesempatan ini, Saya memohon agar Tun atau siapa jua yg membaca nukilan saya ini agar dapat mengusulkan 1 cadangan agar sidang media tidak perlu dilakukan setiap hari. Memang benar kita cuba bersikap terbuka dan transparency pada rakyat dan media namun boleh lah kiranya sidang media di buat penjadualan contohnya setiap 5 hari sekali atau cukuplah 1 kali seminggu di waktu wal peralihan pentadbiran ini. Tidaklah wajar para media mmembazirkan masa Tun kerana kami rakyat bawahan sedia maklum setiap perubahan perlukan masa. Tun perlukan masa sebaik baiknya utk mengurus negara dan rehat yg cukup. Amat dukacita dengan wartawan dan media saya rasakan kerana mereka sepatutnya tidak mengganggu tugas2 Tun.. Pada pegawai dan penasihat Tun, adalah diharapkan agar membuat penjadualan sidang media, xperlu lh di buat setiap hari..
    Maafkan pendapat dan cadangan saya ini, cuma saya amat risaukan Tun yg telah bekerja tanpa henti selama 5 hari ini…

  396. ashleypang May 16,2018 11:38 PM

    Selamat menyambut Bulan Ramadan Tun!

    Rakyat Malaysia amat bertuah.
    Rakyat Malaysia mengerti kemerdekaan yang sebenar
    Rakyat Malaysia amat berterima kasih
    Rakyat Malaysia kini akan bersatu padu
    demi Negara yang dicintai ini

    Ingat mesti tidur
    Ingat mesti rehat
    ingat mesti makan (masa buka puasa lah)
    ingat jangan buat isteri bimbang

    Selamat Berpuasa

    Ashley dan Keluarga

  397. adelheid May 16,2018 11:14 PM

    Re another heist by staff of a security service company.

    A few years ago an officer of a bank was shot to her death by a pump gun of a security guard on duty. After that there were a number of cases involving rompak by these so called security personnels. Yesterday another personnel of this kind of company, the manager of the branch an ex-army.

    Tun, I hope your new administration especially the one under TS Muhyiddin Yassin, would reconsider these security services companies in the country. They do not serve their purpose anymore. We the public have long lost our trust in them. They have caused more problems than help keep peace within the public. The way they are right now, these companies are just taking away the public funds the public moneys by paying them big time contracts esp thru Kementerian Pendidikan Negeri. The owners of these companies get to fatten up their pockets but their services sulk. They in fact hire mostly foreigners esp in Sabah, paying wage as low as RM400 per month. Services are of such bad quality, so many a time students of schools they purportedly guard have complained of ‘peeping tom security personnels’.

    Tun, please reconsider the role of the security services companies in our country. I believe their role is becoming irrelevant today. Hanya banyak makan duit rakyat sahaja. Their role is close to becoming obsolete. We would very much appreciate having the Polis Bantuan PDRM, like what we have now in strategic places around Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral, etc). Also in UiTM where the Polis Bantuan have been the ever so loyal, disciplined security personnels taking care of security and safety for all. We trust the Police with our life. We do not trust private security guards from security services companies who survive for money.

    Please take note on the matter as the case arises Tun. It may not seem important in view of the other things post May 9th, but believe me, it is important. For TS Muhyiddin KDN’s attention too.

    Take care dear Tun Mahathir, rest well, goodnight, selamat bersahur dan selamat berpuasa esok hari. Drink lots water Tun.

  398. BUDAK KAMPUNG SELATAN May 16,2018 11:01 PM

    As Salam Tun

    Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan AlMubarak.
    Terima kasih Tun kerana menjadi PM kami.

    Semoga Tun akan terus sihat untuk menjadi idola kami selamanya.

    Mohon undur diri. Wasalam

  399. tebing tinggi May 16,2018 10:39 PM

    Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Tun ,semoga Tun sentiasa dirahamati dan diberi kekuatan untuk terus berjuang demi kebenaran.

  400. risha_913 May 16,2018 10:38 PM


    Saya, mewakili kaum keluarga bagi tahanan-tahanan yang tertindas di bawah kezaliman Akta Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 – berterima kasih dan mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi tahniah kepada YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad atas kejayaan beliau mengelapai Kerajaan Persekutuan buat kali ke-2 sebagai Perdana Menteri ke-7 Malaysia.

    Kami mengagungkan kemenangan bersejarah Pakatan Harapan dalam pilihanraya GE14 ini kerana kemenangan ini bukanlah kejayaan satu parti politik semata-mata, akan tetapi kejayaan satu bangsa- Malaysia.

    Kami percaya kewibawaan dan ketelusan pimpinan Tun akan menyelamatkan Negara Malaysia daripada terpesong matlamatnya meneraju Wawasan 2020 dan menuju ke masa depan yang lebih cerah kerana kami percaya tiada yang mustahil di bawah pimpinan Tun.

    Setinggi-tinggi tahniah sekali lagi diucapkan kepada YAB Tun dan kerajaan baharu bawah pimpinannya. Semoga Tun diberikan kesihatan yang baik dan dirahmati Tuhan untuk terus memimpin negara ini.

    We love you Tun..!!

  401. Papahero May 16,2018 9:23 PM

    Ke hadapan ayahanda Tun M dan para admin sekalian…

    Assalamualaikum WBT…

    Saya dgn ini ini ingin mengucap syabas dan tahniah di atas sekembalinya Tun dan rakan2 kembali memegang tampuk pemerintahan negara yg berdaulat ini…

    Dengan penuh rasa rendah diri, sy sekeluarga berhasrat utk bertemu dengan ayahanda dan bonda Tun Siti…Tidak dapat lama, sekejap pun jadilah…

    Selain dari menjadi sumber inspirasi sy semenjak kecil, tujuan saya utk berjumpa dgn ayahanda / bonda adalah utk menandatangani / mendapatkan autograf buku yg telah sy beli sejak sekian lama iaitu DR UMUM – Memoir Tun Mahathir…

    Sy mengikut jejak langkah keberanian dan ideologi Tun di dalam buku tersebut dan ternyata ianya mampu membangkitkan rasa inspirasi di kalangan masyarakat…

    Utk makluman sy adalah antara aktivis haiwan yg giat aktif menyelamatkan / menjaga kucing2 / anjing2 jalanan sejak sekian lama ( rujuk FB Kakimotong Fan Club page )…

    Saya kerap menceritakan kisah2 Tun kepada anak perempuan kembar saya yg berusia 11 tahun dan mereka juga rasa terinspirasi serta teringin utk berjumpa…

    Saya tidak pasti apakah ayahanda Tun / para admin membaca komen sy yg tidak seberapa ini…

    Namun sekiranya terbaca, harap sudilah kiranya hajat sy dan sekeluarga diperkenankan…

    Saya boleh dihubungi di talian 012-2972898 / 012-3291894

    Akhir kata, salam hormat dari saya sekeluarga…

    Selamat menyambut Ramadhan…


  402. adelheid May 16,2018 9:05 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Selamat berpuasa Ramadhan Tun Mahathir serta Tun Siti Hasmah. Juga buat Tun Siti, Selamat Hari Ibu.

    Tun yang saya kasihi, I can see you working very hard, extra hard, to settle the few things that you have promised to Malaysians post the elections. I feel sad in a lot of ways actually Tun. If not because of all this nuisance that the Najib UMNO BN had done to the country, you would not have troubled yourself doing things you have stopped doing since retirement – work – at an age when you should be spending time at home with your family, focus on your health. But you really don’t have much choice because the people need you, as the catalyst for change.

    Yes Tun, you are the catalyst for change. And we have made it. You are one of the reasons why we went all out on Wednesday,May 9th to outcast BN forever. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should know and remember this. Tun M’s factor is still the power factor for PAKATAN HARAPAN ‘s victory on May 9th, 2018. And of course for most of us we have always supported the cause of a Malaysia for all Malaysian regardless of our races, faith, beliefs, religions. These are our rights as citizens of this country, protected by our Constitution. These rights must never become the subject of manipulation by any parties wanting to force their beliefs unto all people.

    Tun, I really hope you will remember to take priority on your health, get enough rest sleep, drink lots of water. Musim cuaca panas Tun, jangan sampai dehydrated. You really cannot do everything in one day. This Ramadhan Tun please take a little bit of time to rest. And please remember your safety too.

    Love you Tun Mahathir, yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever. That’s from the bottom of our hearts, from my family and I.

  403. Jinger Satuh May 16,2018 7:49 PM

    Selamat menyambut puasa Tun.
    Terimakasih kerana menyelamatkan Malaysia.
    Doakan Tun panjang umur & sihat walafiat.

  404. Shukri Samsudin May 16,2018 7:45 PM


    Semoga Allah s.w.t memanjangkan umur Tun dan Isteri serta Keluarga,
    Semoga urusan kita di permudahkan.

  405. asahamat May 16,2018 6:57 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Tun.

    (1) Selamat berpuasa semua. Semoga puasa kita lebih mendekatkan kita kepada Islam.

    (2) Terima kasih n syabas kpd Tun Siti Hasmah kerana sanggup sekali lagi berkorban meminjamkan Tun kpd Negara, Melayu dan Islam. Semoga Tun berdua terus mendapat rahmat terbaik dari Allah.

    (3) Syabas Tun kerana akan berusaha utk mengurus Islam di Negara ini pd Islam yg Islam. Telah terlalu lama kita didakyahi dgn Islam ala UMNO dan Islam ala PAS. JAKIM yg seharus bergerak utk Islam yg Islam telah terpesong utk membina Islam UMNO, ie Islam berperisa kepentingan politk. Akibatnya, rakyat jadi keliru maka akidah Melayu jadi haru biru. Pemimpin kita jadi Syirik Nasional. Mudah2an Tun-Anwar dapat mengembalikan Melayu kepada Islam yg Islam. Wajar Nik Omar Nik Aziz diwasiatkan utk mentadbir “Podok SeMalaysia” dari hanya menjaga “Pondok Nik Aziz” bersama2 JAKIM dll. Saya yakin beliau akan boleh menyekolahkan keIslaman yg Islam utk semua. In Shaa Allah.

    (4) Semoga Ramadhan menjadikan Tun dan seluruh pengurusan Negara sedar bahawa keadilan, amanah dan bersih adalah apa yg meneguhkan Negara ini dalam apapun. In Shaa Allah.

  406. Sri Sense May 16,2018 6:42 PM

    On the month of Ramadan, I am wishing our beloved PM Tun Mahathir and wife Tun Siti Hasmah & family, and not forgetting old friends at Blog Chedet, four weeks of blessings, 30 days of clemency, and 720 hours of enlightenment.

    Happy Ramadan!

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