1. Saya diberitahu bahawa tidak ada siapa yang ingin lihat kereta nasional kedua. Cukuplah dengan Proton yang dikatakan gagal.

2. Kita tidak layak dan tidak mampu mengada industri otomotif. Rakyat Malaysia lebih rela beli kereta import, termasuk dari Negara Cina. Pilihan mereka ialah kereta Jepun, dan yang ada banyak duit kereta Jerman.

3. Saya masih ingat kereta Jepun sejurus selepas perang. Kata pengguna kalau kita toreh dengan kuku, kita akan lihat tin Milo. Tetapi dari kereta tin Milo inilah datang aneka model Toyota, Nissan dan Suzuki yang kita guna sekarang.

4. Demikian juga kereta Pony buatan Hyundai. Masa berlalu dan keluaran kereta Jepun dan Korea semakin baik. Demikian di pasaran hilang kereta Austin, Morris dan lain-lain dari Eropah.

5. Tentulah ini tidak akan berlaku dengan Malaysia. Kereta kita tetap diperbuat dari tin Milo selama-lamanya.

6. Kita tidak cadang membuat kereta nasional kedua oleh Kerajaan. Swasta kita sudah mampu reka bentuk, buat model tanah liat, model ujian dan mengeluar secara besar-besaran kereta bermotor. Tetapi kerana awal-awal lagi kita sudah tolak cadangan kereta nasional kedua, maka kita akan halang segala cadangan untuk mengeluar kereta bermotor oleh swasta. Sudah tentu Kerajaan tidak akan ada industri otomotif milik Kerajaan.

7. Kita akan beli kereta yang diimport. Jika kita pergi ke negara pembuat kereta seperti Jepun, Korea kita tidak akan lihat kereta yang bukan buatan negara mereka. Di Jepun kereta Jepun, di Korea kereta Korea. Kenapa?

8. Kerana mereka tidak benar kereta asing diimport. Hasilnya kualiti kereta mereka meningkat. Dan mereka mengeksport bermillion kereta mereka. Mata wang asing pun mengalir dengan banyaknya ke negara mereka.

9. Pekerja mereka mendapat kerja dan hidup mewah. Ekonomi mereka tumbuh sehingga mereka menjadi negara maju. Industri kejuruteraan mereka maju dan mampu membantu industri kejuruteraan yang lain.

10. Tetapi tidak di Malaysia. Apa juga jenis kereta, dari mana negara, berkualiti baik atau jenis tin Milo boleh masuk Malaysia. Dikeluar oleh syarikat gergasi, mereka membolot pasar kereta Malaysia sehingga tertimbuslah Proton. Akhirnya Proton dijual kepada orang asing. Tidak ada kereta nasional lagi. Tidak ada industri otomotif lagi. Pekerja, engineer, pengurus pun tidak punyai kerja lagi. Segala-galanya merosot.

11. Malaysia menjadi negara pengguna, negara penanam padi, pemancing ikan.

12. Tak mengapalah. Ini yang kita mahu dan ini yang kita dapat.

13. Lupakanlah sahaja Wawasan 2020.

294 thoughts on “KERETA NASIONAL

  1. shin Oct 8,2018 4:45 PM

    As a Malaysian, I’m very eager to see Our country is back to our glorious moment.

    In the 80s, venturing into automotive industry has successfully steered our nation into an industrialized country and its was a huge success where I remember everyone is proud to drive a Proton.

    However, the situation is slightly different now. An engine based vehicle is slowly phasing out, whereby many countries has propose/announced to prohibit engine (fuel) based vehicle to be driven on the road. Sophisticated development of IT infrastructures that systematically blended with logistic automation has further reduce the demand for private vehicle nowadays. Therefore, if we would like to invest in the old engine based car production, it poses a great uncertainties for any investors and comprehensive study is crucial.

    Instead of producing a conventional fuel powered engine car, which is considered as a sunset business, most of the leading automotive industry players had switch their development to the uprising electrical powered vehicle, which is smart, high tech and environmental friendly. Most importantly, its well accepted by the market (proven by Tesla).

    Hence, if automotive industry is a must, please consider a full electric vehicle (EV) instead. Be a pioneer rather than a follower that’s heading downfall.

    Existing EV on the market is mostly powered by Battery at the moment. The model can be further improved with additional solar charging by taking the advantage of our country’s climate. The car battery can be designed with swappable features to enable a continuous long distance drive without waiting for charging. As a result, it could be a highly reliable & cost effective transport evolution.

    Furthermore, existing PETRONAS Station can be upgraded to Battery Station with automated Battery Swapping Facilities. And this move helps our National Oil Company to move another level up, the pioneer in this industry, rather than simply rely on non renewable energy that is going downhill. It also resolves our government’s woes on fuel subsidy too!

    It might sounds crazy but the entire concept is well crafted in my mind. I’m willing to share if needed. We all needs a BOLD dream to moves ahead of others, isn’t it?

  2. mubarakchan Oct 6,2018 8:24 AM


    When the news about the launch of the New National Car in 2020 were leaked out in dribs and drabs over the past few days, I finally realised that Malaysia’s dream of building a car of its own is in fruition. It has been delayed for many years due to the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which walloped so much money by its leaders that they neglected jobs and opportunities for the Rakyat by way of the motor car industry. They prefer to pay and pay for expensive imported foreign products.

    In 3 months, you have the framework and corporate structure ready to go and launch the National Car by 2020. This is the Way to go. Your Way.

    The choice of Khazanah as the lead company is correct. Not forgetting the disgraced Board was packed with corrupted former members of Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission. What do these people know but to count their illegal money.

    An ideal vehicle sooner or later should be Sime Darby which I proposed in my 1972 concept to capture and support light engineering foreign ventures for Malaysia and the Malaysians. But after repatriation, Sime Darby was turned into a fine British type of trading house by the Malaysian management. And after 2 bankruptcies, Sime Darby totally became the flagship of PNB.

    Along came the discredited banking elites of the last Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, who turned Sime Darby in their own interests and with no reason – the biggest plantation company in the World which they later broke up within 3 years in their own interests again. The corporate fees must have been tremendous.

    Sime Darby should be the spearhead, somehow or sometime be invested in the New National Car Project. Sime Darby’s plantation interests and all its British-like trading activities, property developments, Tesco, partnership with Lucy Tan in Perth, and all the little businesses which were set up with something to do with the Melbourne Gold Cup should be sold off and leave the huge Continent.

    Sime Darby’s support of a small New Zealand trading company in motorcars and 9 year Ocean Racing Sponsorship should be closed down. All Southern Antipodes investments liquidated.

    IT IS TIME ALL MALAYSIANS REALISE THAT CHARITY MUST BEGIN AT HOME and not serve others who do not need us.

    Sime Darby is the perfect vehicle to do many things connected with the acquisition of light engineering or motorcar companies which will be again available in Britain. It’s present role like a fine British trading company is sheer waste of time, talent and money.

    Sime Darby has to be restructured accordingly to be effective in M & A ventures and REALISE ITS FULL POTENTIAL AFTER MISSING ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR DECADES by doing nothing and taking no risks. And achieved BANKRUPTCY TWICE BY DOING NOTHING. No one was charred. No one was jailed.

    Malaysia missed the biggest opportunity in the sphere of motorcar manufacturing when Volvo, Jaguar, British Leyland, Mini, Land Rover were all offered for sale during 2004-2018. Where was the Malaysian Leadership ?

    One hard-core PAP cadre was sitting in the Chief Editor’s chair of the UMNO owned NSTP. A nobody walloped 1,000.000 barrels of oil from hard as fisted Saddam Hussein and ended at the top of the UN Sanctions list. Another danced the tango and Malaysia lost the Rocks of Pulau Batu Putih. Not only that someone sold the famous Agusta MV franchise for one ringgit and was later flipped as alleged for US$ 350 Million. Avenues were sold cheaply to those hungry types from Singapore. Where else but Malaysia ? Fun and games all round at the Rakyat expense.

    That was what Malaysia did and missed during the Dark Era 2004 to 2018.

    However, only tremendous success will greet the launch of the NEW NATIONAL CAR PROJECT WITHOUT THE FOLLOWING :-

    1. Closest aides from Proton, past and present if any. These fellows actually knew nothing about manufacturing and connived with the suppliers who supplied them with temptations. Most of the Proton foreign suppliers using proxies should be banned from the New National Car Project EXCEPT FOR LOCAL MANUFACTURERS WHICH REQUIRE THE NEW NATIONAL CAR SUPPORT AND THEY EMPLOY MALAYSIANS.

    Padding of plastic visor, radio, wheel rim contracts etc was where the corrupt money was made.


    For example, each Proton requires 5 wheel rims. 100,000 Protons produced in a year. Pad RM 100 per rim = RM 500 per Proton corrupt money. 100,000 x RM 500 = RM 50 MILLION in just one year ! That’s only RM 100 padding per rim. What about the plastic visors, the radios etc.


    In 1975, I took over the largest bankrupt textile manufacturing company. Before my arrival, bales of cloth were thrown away as waste. I put a stop to all wrong-doings. Still I got RM 20,000 per month from the BN gang. The money I gave to the 1,200 employees at an Annual Pesta plus money from the suppliers in the form of motorcycles, TV sets, air-conditioners, refrigerators, furniture etc.

    All GLCs should now be instructed to given the money from the monthly sale of wastes to the Annual Pesta for the employees.

    The Proton culture was on the wrong track from the first day even though the first promoter delivered BUT HE WAS A TRADER AND NOT A MANUFACTURER. Hence, the trading culture got stuck with Proton until 2018 ! In manufacturing, there is no room for any hanky-panky because the product MUST HAVE INTERNATIONAL QUALITY AND CHEAPNESS which all the World strive for. It is as simple as this if managed PROFESSIONALLY. IT IS THE PURCHASING OF MATERIALS AND THE SELLING THEREOF THAT CORRUPT MONEY IS LEAKED OUT. This is fatal as in the case of Proton which required billions of ringgits of Government aid !



    At the same time, I approached a Proton lady manager in charge that my friend’s request for Proton to buy more LOCALLY MADE PRODUCTS had Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s support. She replied curtly that the Management did not listen to him seriously anymore ! HOPEFULLY THIS LADY DOES NOT MAKE IT TO THE NEW CAR PROJECT FOR PROMOTING FOREIGNERS.

    I am certain the New National Car Project will be a great success at its launch in 2020. To ensure further successes, it is best to have a Private owner and not the Government again. From 1972, Alfa Romeo which produced wonderful cars in the 1950s-1960s, failed under Italian Government ownership nearly to this day !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No more human weaknesses to affect the National Car this time.

  3. Oshin Sep 27,2018 3:37 AM

    Assalamualaikum utk Tun yang dikasihi,

    Selamat petang, semoga Tun dipermudahkan segala urusan di AS.
    Saya menghormati pandangan Tun mengenai kereta nasional. Disamping itu, saya juga berharap agar dengan inisiatif ini, ‘we do it right for all the right reasons’.

    Merujuk kepada rancangan BFM di mana Malaysia Automotif Institute telah mengutarakan beberapa strategi yg boleh diambil untuk kereta Nasional ke tiga ini, saya ingin mengemukakan sedikit cadangan tambahan kepada inisiatif ini.

    Jika kita berhasrat untuk menjadikan ASEAN sebagai pasaran sasaran, ia seharusnya menumpukan kepada penyelesaian masalah di rantau ini. Dengan ini mungkin kita boleh mempertimbangkan perkara berikut.

    Sebagai langkah pertama untuk kereta nasional ke 3, mungkin kita boleh bermula dengan penubuhan ‘design house for mobility solutions’ dan langkah ke dua adalah mengusahakan ‘ASEAN electrical motorbike transporter (eBike or ecoBike).

    1. Penyelesaian kepada masalah ekonomi warga ASEAN.
    Saya pernah ke Indonesia dan filipana dan memerhatikan bahawa mereka banyak menggunakan motorsikal untuk berulang alik. Kenderaan yang digunakan oleh ramai adalah motorsikal kerana ia mampu milik dan mereka tidak terperangkap di dalam kesesakan lalulintas yg kronik. Kesesakan lalulintas di Jakarta pada saya adalah sangat serius sehinggakan untuk perjalanan yang pendek memerlukan mereka bertolak seawal 5 pagi ke tempat kerja. Saya juga menyarankan agar kita juga boleh mereka motorsikal berkuasa elektrik/eco yang selamat digunakan untuk membawa anak anak kecil dengan selamat dan juga membawa barang barang. Motorsikal tidak mempunyai parts yang banyak, terdapat pasaran yang tinggi dan terdapat kurangnya persaingan untuk menghasilkan motorsikal yang mampu milik serta mesra alam.

    2. Penyelesaian kepada masalah alam sekitar warga ASEAN.
    Kecuali Singapura, negara negara ASEAN menghadapai masalah alam sekitar yang serius. Oleh kerana ini jika kita mengutarakan penyelesaian mesra alam dengan EcoBike ini, kita boleh mengurangkan kadar karbon dan bunyi yang bising motorsikal yang membingitkan. Saya memerhatikan ‘emission’ yang dikeluarkan oleh motorsikal adalah kedangkalanya lebih daripada kereta. Kita juga harus mencari penyelesaian kepada masalah ‘disposal of expired toxic batteries’ dengan mencari cara bagaimana untuk memanjangkan hayatnya atau mengitar semula.

    3. Penyelesaian kepada masalah infrastruktur warga ASEAN.
    Jika kita mahu memperkenalkan EBike or EcoBike, seharusnya kita mengkaji mengenai tariff elektrik di negara negara ASEAN. Kita boleh memperkenalkan infrastruktur charging station berkuasakan tenaga solar kerana ASEAN mendapat cahaya matahari yang cukup kerana lokasi kita di khatulistiwa. Ini boleh membuka peluang yang industri lain untuk berkembang seiring dengan teknologi ini.

    Untuk mendapat buy in negara negara ASEAN, mungkin kita boleh merangka sistem supply chain yang baik supaya mereka juga dapat bekerjasama ‘collaboration’ dan dengan ini kita dapat memahami ‘insights’ pasaran penyelesaian masalah lain yang berpontesi diusahakan bersama.

    Indonesia juga saya dapati berminat dengan myVi variant 1.5 yang tidak dipasarkan di sana. Mungkin PERODUA boleh mengusahakannya.

    Sekian, semoga Tun sihat selalu.

  4. mubarakchan Sep 7,2018 11:35 AM


    An interesting headline appeared in the Singapore Business Times today. ‘ RR ex-design chief hired by China limousine maker.’

    This made me reflect on the missed opportunities to acquire Volvo, Jaguar, Land-Rover and Mini during our Dark Era 2004-2018′ when the Corrupt BN Government was only interested in Greed, Weakness of the Flesh and the Soft Under-belly. They even sold the classic Agusta for RM 1 which was flipped for US$ 360 Million later. And they kept on giving away assets like Pulau Batu Puteh, KTM in Singapore, huge pieces of lands, secret international deals which brought them huge amounts of money, huge infra-projects which do not benefit the Rakyat immediately, the communistic GLCs for their play or ATMs. All in all the Corrupt BN Government bombed out whatever wherewithal or goodness you left behind for them in 2003.

    The cost of the Corrupt BN Government Fun & Games is now RM 1 TRILLION in 2018!


    The figures do not tell lies.

    The fact that every Ringgit the Government today spends, at least 80 – 90 sens worth is retained and not like the Corrupt BN Government which could only retain 60 – 70 sens. This NORMAL WAY OF GOVERNANCE goes a long long way in terms of EFFICIENCY AND SAVINGS WHICH IN TURN BACKS UP THE VALUE OF THE RINGGIT. Singapore with draconian measures could only retrieve 93 cts !

    Given the present circumstances and with the knowledge of how to build the motor-car engine, I am confident the National Car will be a Great Success.

    2. Another headline, ‘ Minister urged to reconsider his IIU appointment.’

    I find that the answer to support the YB’s appointment is simply that there is a dire shortage of qualified Malay personnel to fill top jobs these days AFTER 3 GENERATIONS OF ATTRITION OF THE MALAY ELITES by Greed, the Weakness of the Flesh and the Soft Under-belly and Politics which left only one Malay superman aged 80 from the 1st Generation and a Robin aged 40 now in Khazanah from the 4th Generation.

    Tun you would agree with me that doctors always advised their patients that they could smoke, enjoy themselves or whatever but do not abuse the privilege. And yet our qualified compatriots indulged in abuses and excesses far beyond our NORMAL IMAGINATION AND COMPREHENSION ! Like collecting 10,000 Rolex watches or RM 113 Million cash in the house, so to speak !

    In comparison with the Normal and Commonsense Administrations of the Tunku 1957 down to your own successful Administration 1981-2003. it is abundantly clear that the Prime Minister at the apex of the Power Pyramid must set an example in terms of everything or else the whole ADMINSITRATIVE STRUCTURE GOES HAYWIRE BEYOND REDEMPTION. Like even minor security guards could lose control of themselves at the sight of CASH or Malaysia’s very own beautiful spy-mistress 004 Cik Bon the Head of MEOW licenced to soot to kill with her pearl handle golden Walther PPK was alleged to have sticky fingers with her BOSS’s CASH !

    All the digits from top to bottom gone haywire at the sight of MONEY. Strange.

    All the above facts are history. This is where the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great will lead us to the First Tier of a country’s achievement NORMALLY with DISCIPLINE AND COMMONSENSE. We will be there, It’s now or never Tun !

    Malaysia Boleh !

  5. tamchi Aug 30,2018 2:27 PM

    Pelancongan…sumber rezeki…
    Jadi bualan, bagai promosi..
    Dh dtg, nk dtg lagi..?
    Ehh..betul ke ni..?

    Msia, laut & pantai yg luas..
    Island hopping..!
    menarik hati pengunjung..??




  6. mubarakchan Aug 30,2018 9:56 AM


    This early morning was a quiet morning. The chirping and singing birds were not around as I left the house just a wee bit late due to my addiction with World Sports. But with great expectations, I was looking towards what concoctions the Opposition media would bring this morning. And that was plenty in a happy land, a happy place. But the mischief on the Forest is nowhere to be found today !


    2. The Malay Mail,’ Late minister’s mother seeks share of RM2b estate.’

    3. The Star.’ Court allows JJ’s wife children to stake claim.’

    Who says there is no opportunity for making money in our beloved Malaysia ?

    A junior BN Minister can garner assets worth RM 2.82 Billion in a matter of just 10 years in action.

    Logically, the question follows,’ How much can a senior BN Minister make as a comparison ?

    And yet, the acquisition of assets went out of bounds right into the Federal Government’s coffers. From young fat boys who could grab RM 42 Billions under his control to our beloved Malaysia’s very own beautiful master spy 004 Cik Bon, chief of MEOW, licenced to soot to kill with her pearl handle golden Walther PPK who could help herself to just RM 42 Million.

    Have you noticed Tun ? There is so much loose CASH lying around in the BN Kingdom ! Maybe we should be like India and introduce a whole new lot of banknotes in small denominations overnight. Besides, the new coins make me cry with shame as these are replicas of the coinage of poor countries like post-war Italy. We Malaysians do not deserved to be coined as such.

    The above-mentioned facts have become history.

    But since 9 May 2018, what was done surreptitiously by some, has now come out in the open.

    A case in point is The Star which I first noted were in a business relationship with the PAP Government media as long ago as 2006. Then, in the month of August 2018, The Star became the forefront platform for pro-Singapore Malaysians to exhort Malaysia to sign her Death Warrant by her own hand, Lee Kuan Yew’s Creation TPPA/CPTPP thus ;-

    1. The Star. Friday 17 August 2018. Tan Sri Dr Rebecca Fatimah Sta Maria,’ MALAYSIA SHOULD RATIFY THE CPTPP.’ She was the Chief Negotiator on behalf of the BN Government

    2. The Star. Wednesday 29 August 2018. Tan Sri Yong Poh Kong.’ GO AHEAD AND RATIFY THE CPTPP.’ He was a Director, Bank Negara Malaysia.

    Between the intervening years, 2006-2018, there was a daily news supplement on the good news from Singapore together with a Singaporean journalist Seah Chiang Nee’s weekly comments on Singapore. The latter became too independent and was scrubbed to the consternation of Seah.

    From a crypto-pro-Singapore MCA owned paper, The Star is now fully established as an Opposition Pro-Singapore mouthpiece of no consequence. This clearly illustrates the mental dilemma of the split loyalty and personality of some Malaysian Chinese whom to this very day are uncertain WHERE THEIR LOYALTY LIES.

    With this sort of attitude after over 60 years of Merdeka, which also reflects on the majority of the Malaysian Chinese, the Political Will of the Malaysian Chinese can only be weak, very weak which gives rise to muddle-head thinking and produce weak Malaysian Chinese leaders as long as these pro-Singapore Malaysian Chinese think SINGAPORE IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA.

    Fortunately, Man proposes. God disposes. Our beloved Malaysia is now one of the 4 most important small countries of the World. Thanks to the intervention and Second Coming of our good and brilliant Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great as we rapidly trek upwards towards the likes of Vidionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. Forest or no Forest ! Where are you singapore ?

    Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  7. mubarakchan Aug 29,2018 5:28 PM


    There is no better confirmation that the Lee Kuan Yew’s Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP is the ultimate killer for Malaysia when the Singapore Business Times boasted after Malaysia signed the TPPA in 2016 that ‘ SINGAPORE SAVES S$ 1 BILLION OR MORE ANNUALLY.’ or conversely, our beloved Malaysia LOSES RM 3 BILLIONS OR MORE ANNUALLY arising from the flood of tariff free Singaporean goods, labelled or relabelled.

    Let the Singapore supporters dispute this IMMEDIATE EVENT !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  8. mubarakchan Aug 29,2018 11:21 AM


    As I walked out of the front door of my house this early morning, the song birds were chirping and singing in the thick verdant branches of the young banyan tree outside my house. Where else but our beloved Malaysia ?

    Yes Tun, where else but our beloved Malaysia which was once a bland and colourless land now turned into one of the most colourful and interesting countries in the World ?

    First, by the all-out financial rape of our hapless country by those whom we elected and trusted. Second, that a determined and brilliant person could SINGLEHANDEDLY remove an UNCARING AND CORRUPT BN GOVERNMENT incumbent for over 60 years ? By all counts, both events would be recorded in the pantheon of World History as unique and brilliant.

    As I took a deep draught of my cappuccino at this popular French bistro which opens at 7.30 a.m., mischievous headlines of the anti-Government media again hit my eyes, thus :

    1. Today, the Star,’ Property for sale, not PR.’ This is misleading and adds further to the concocted confusion set-up by the anti-Government media.
    Yesterday, the Star,’ Setback for foreign property buyers.’

    Both the headlines showed 2 wrongs do not make a right. Personally, I am of the opinion that it is economic sabotage.

    And again The Malay Mail’s headlines of today and yesterday, thus :-

    2. Today, the headline,’ PMO: Foreigners can buy homes under MM@H.’
    Yesterday, it was, ‘ Foreign Buyers BANNED.’

    What are these two anti-Government newspapers up to ? Even on the second day of this minor fracas created by them, the Editors could not come up with an honest and factual answer for their readers which could be just like this :-


    Further, here are two headlines published in The Star, thus :-

    1. 17 August 2017 Page 6, Tan Sri Dr Rebecca Fatimah Sta Maria –
    ‘ MALAYSIA SHOULD RATIFY THE CPTPP.’ In the article, the ultimate interest of the Rakyat whether the CPTPP/TPPA, the Malaysia Killer will be beneficial to them or not, is not mentioned. THERE WAS NO MENTION OF THE FLOOD OF TARIFF FREE SINGAPOREAN GOODS FLOODING INTO MALAYSIA OVERNIGHT THROWING WORKERS OUT OF JOBS AND BUSINESSES BECOME BANKRUPT. But the whole article was about legalities with incomprehensible jargon on copyrights, medicines etc. Who cares about Korea and Thailand ? Our beloved Malaysia has been financially hollowed out by the uncaring and corrupt BN Government of which SHE was the Chief Negotiator for the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP. It was alleged her spouse, the Chief Journalist of the Singapore Business Times based in Kuala Lumpur to collect vital news and information for the Singapore Government, is her husband. This is not only conflict of interest. It is TREASON !

    Early in the year 2018, she said the same thing in the NSTP headline, ‘ Malaysia must sign the CPTPP/TPPA.’ WHY IS SHE SO VERY KEEN FOR MALAYSIA TO SIGN HER OWN DEATH WARRANT AFTER ALL SHE IS ONLY A MINOR CIVIL SERVANT ? Why ?

    2. 29 August 2018. Tan Sri Yong Poh Kon, ex-Director, Bank Negara Malaysia ‘ GO AHEAD AND RATIFY THE CPTPP (MALAYSIA KILLER).’

    Again, a purported article from a Tan Sri of a similar ilk from the same handler I presume. The article does not mention THE HUGE FLOOD OF TARIFF FREE GOODS WHICH WILL FLOW INTO MALAYSIA OVERNIGHT FROM SINGAPORE. THAT THE RAKYAT WILL BE UNEMPLOYED BY THE MILLIONS AND CHAOS REIGN. It talks about a lot of technical jargon and created a fake competitor Vietnam to stir our jealousy which we have none.




    And every Malaysian Government from then onwards will be A PUPPET GOVERNMENT OF THE SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT.

    The Malays lose ALL which they had for centuries, Freedom, Dignity and Sovereignty. The Chinese and Indians become middle men and economic ants financed by Singapore. The Kadazans, Ibans, etc do not count in Lee Kuan Yew’s thinking.

    These 2 articles verge on being SEDITIOUS because both parties have a deep rooted and vested interests in Singapore which the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP SOLELY BENEFITS.

    The shrillness and the urgency as expounded by the 2 headlines confirm that without the TPPA?CPTPP, Singapore’s future is bleak, very bleak.

    What has Singapore got to do with our beloved Malaysia ?


    In any event, the CPIPP/TPPA is a KILLER OF ALL MALAYSIANS.

    NOT ONLY THAT OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AND HER RAKYAT WERE SCREWED UP FINANCIALLY BY THEFTS OF THE RAKYAT’S MONEY IN TITANIC AMOUNTS BY THE UNCARING AND CORRUPT BN GOVERNMENT. Yet, these 2 Tan Sris representing Singapore’s interests NOW try to force our beloved Malaysia to COMMIT HARA KIRI BY HER OWN HAND/SIGNATURE LEGALLY ? No way dear Tan Sris , Defenders of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Constitution. No way.

    We the Rakyat defend the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Constitution and the Royal Sultans.

    In passing, it is factual to note that The Star is in a business partnership with the Singapore Government controlled media as long ago as 2006. Money is the root of all evils. Or as Lee Kuan Yew said,’ He who pays the Pied Piper plays the tune.’ So how can MCA be an effective Malaysian Chinese Political organisation WITHOUT KNOWING WHICH IS ITS RIGHT OR LEFT HAND ?

    No Malaysia Killer CPTPP/TPPA for our beloved Malaysia Tun ! Malaysia Boleh !

  9. mubarakchan Aug 28,2018 10:45 AM


    A fine and light drizzle early in the morning followed by the sun and blue skies breaking out later – this makes another wonderful day in our beloved Malaysia.
    But mischief still abounds in this happy and wonderful land of ours

    Here are the Opposition media anti-Government spin on a normal and innocuous matter :

    NSTP. ‘Foreigners barred from buying Forest homes, says Dr Mahathir’.
    The Star. ‘Setback for foreign property buyers.’
    The Malay Mail.’ Foreign Buyers BANNED.’

    As a person who is well-versed with property investments around the World, I am certain you said nothing of the kind which was reported in the headlines above. You were famously mis-quoted !

    Without the anti-Government spin, this matter of foreigners buying property in Malaysia is no big deal whether they are Chinese, Japanese, Indians or Europeans. There have always been laws concerning this aspect of investment, loud and clear. And the Policy is not specially directed at any one group of people as the anti-Government media implied. The Government today is not a trouble-maker of any sort.

    The Government has never guaranteed anyone a permanent visa for buying a Malaysian property. It is well-known there are standing rules and regulations concerning the granting of permanent residence to foreigners.

    At the moment, the regulations permit an investment of RM 1.2 Million to apply for a Permanent Residency visa as far as I know.

    Taking cognizance of the fact that Malaysia is now one of 4 most important small countries of the World, THIS FEE SHOULD NOW BE INCREASED TO US$ 1 Million cash of which US$ 500,000 be deposited with the Government at bank rate, US$ 400,000 to purchase a condo and US $ 100,000 to purchase a locally assembled car.

    Singapore demanded S$ 1.3 Million for a permanent residency over 10 years ago. No foreigner is permitted to buy a house without permission.

    Land and properties are the ultimate assets of a country. Each country has its own rules and regulations concerning this politically sensitive issue.

    Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia have stringent requirements for foreign property investors which may be modified from time to time. Some countries dislike absentee landlords.

    In Malaysia, where land is particularly sensitive in politics, there should be no ghettoes of any kind. If the property developers deliberately misled foreign buyers by alluding to the granting of PR for buyer of their properties, it is the onus on them when a problem arises.

    Even in the granting of PR to foreigners by the Government there should be a healthy mix of different nationalities because land in our small country is scarce and an escalation of prices of properties is most undesirable in the form of ghettoes. In North America, the Chinese bunched themselves up in ghettoes.

    The Government must protect the Rakyat from the vagaries of the trends of a market place, a property market so that all Rakyat could have an affordable home. This is the Malaysian Dream – a job, a family, a home, a car and an easy life-style.

    No one should take advantage of the Rakyat’s paramount interest in owning his own affordable home in his own country by being EXCLUSIVE.

    Yes Tun ! The fee for an approved PERMANENT RESIDENT SHOULD NOW BE INCREASED TO US$ 1 Million in Malaysia which is one of the 4 most important countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia, putting a stamp on the fact that Malaysia is now WORLD CLASS with the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great since 9th May 2018.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  10. Malacca Aug 27,2018 8:29 PM

    why only attention on automotive industry or Proton 2.0? If we are going to create, why not these: computer software, IOT, web dev, web security? How about movie, CGI, computer animation? There are so many things to create. I think these might have better market

  11. mubarakchan Aug 27,2018 4:09 PM


    How many of us Malaysians noticed the courage and sensibility of a young lady Bilqis Hijjas who was acquitted for releasing yellow balloons on the heads of those whom she thought was corrupt.
    Kudos to this young lady of the FOURTH GENERATION who is civic-minded and caring as we Malaysians all should be.
    Kudos to her and HER GENERATION which has most to lose if our beloved Malaysia had been enslaved by Lee Kuan Yew’s smart, cunning and cruel TPPA/CPTTP if the Uncaring and Corrupt BN Government had won on 9th May 2018.
    The stench of Corruption in the highest places in the land had even affected the ordinary and caring young people of the FOURTH GENERATION which would have borne the brunt of the hay-wire Corruption and Theft as performed by the BN Government.
    Fortunately, this was not to be. Man proposes. God disposes.

    And this good young lady, Bilqis Hijjas commented after her acquittal,’ I FELT IT WAS SHAMEFUL TO KOW TOW TO SOMEONE WHOM MANY OF US BELIEVED TO BE DEEPLY CORRUPT.’

    There is now plenty of HOPE for all Malaysians, the old and the young, the good and the great, especially the FOURTH GENERATION, yet.
    Especially overnight our beloved Malaysia became one of 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia.
    And under the leadership of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great treks rapidly upwards to the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.
    Many thanks Bilqis Hiijas for your honest expression of the pent-up feelings of your fellow Malaysians during 2004-2018 against NAKED CORRUPTION AND THEFT OF THE RAKYAT’S MONEY IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!
    Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  12. mubarakchan Aug 27,2018 10:08 AM


    Another fine morning as I drove my grand-daughter to a Sekolah Kebangsaan. I told her that when I was a boy, my mother used to tell me that when the sky was a pale orange at dawn in the far horizon, the day would be fine and dry. I really appreciate the fine mornings we are fortunate to have in our beloved Malaysia. What does one want more in Life ?
    A country which was known for years as bland and colourless was engulfed by Greed, Weakness of the Flesh and the Soft Under-belly giving rise to a complete collapse of the spiritualism, morals, ethics, propriety, standards etc of the ruling elite from top to bottom when it was ruled NORMALLY until 2003.
    Who was the Devil who tempted these ennobled adults who not only were trained for the job for decades to rule over the Rakyat but they also swore on the Koran that they uphold and defend the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Constitution and the Country and its Rakyat ?
    Surprisingly, the more educated ennobled chiefs in the top iconic institutions also were involved in the Wanton Large Scale Thefts of the Rakyat’s money through crooked means or by hook or by crook.
    Catch the culprits. Charge them in Court.
    Another headline, another day, and day after day, brazen thefts of the Rakyat’s money are discovered. Thus, another headline :
    The sort of headline which makes one’s skin creep. It’s disgusting to say the least because this meant that this sort of BOND RIGGING CAN ONLY HAPPENED AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF THE GOVERNMENT’S FINANCIAL CIRCLES.
    It is downright cheating, fraud and theft of the Rakyat’s money because an ATM has to be used like EPF, Tabong Haji, Sime Darby etc.

    What Debate ? This Creation of Lee Kuan Yew to subjugate our beloved Malaysia to be a Slave Colony of Singapore, the TPPA/CPTPP overnight and kill off the Malays, turn the Chinese and Indians into middlemen financed by Singapore, is no Debate at all.
    IT IS A NON-STARTER despite earnest support from ennobled Senior Civil Servants who have sold their souls to Lee Kuan Yew. Vide. The Star 17 August 2018. Page 6. ‘Malaysia should ratify the CPTPP.’ A load of rubbish not in favour of our beloved Malaysia in practical political and socio-economic terms. Sounds like something from a handler.
    This is the raw and hard fact on the smart, cunning and cruel motive of Lee Kuan Yew as one of his 4 FAILED initiatives of his legacy to save Singapore being the ill-conceived Temasek, 2 casinos, FTs importation to boost the GDP in place of its tiny population of 900,000 adult Chinese aged 21-50 and the TPPA/CPTPP, the Killer of the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all in a happy and blessed land called Malaysia.
    Despite Singapore’s efforts since 2002, its Revenue keeps dropping and Inflation keeps on rising with more SST to come in 2022. A bleak scene.
    Overnight, the TPPA/CPTPP which is actively and earnestly promoted now by Singapore and treasonous Malaysians, will KILL OFF our beloved Malaysia by the dumping of tariff-free re-labelled or labelled goods from Singapore, THE ONLY BENEFICIARY OF THIS TPPA/CPTPP.
    The factories will close down, the owners bankrupted and the workers thrown out into the streets. The Government of the day will take the blame. Chaos reign. Malaysia brought to her knees. Her GDP smashed down with illiquidity all round.
    The treasonous promoters of the TPPA/CPTPP say Malaysia will benefit from the U.S market in 2030 with the U.S. in the TPPA AND NOW THEY SAY THE SAME WITH CANADA, MEXICO AND PERU but WITHOUT THE U.S. MARKET. Malaysians are not STUPID.
    Malaysia can have unilateral Trade Agreements with Canada, Mexico and Peru. Why bother with the CPTTP and Singapore as her record shows but go with the RECP ?
    Smart, cunning and cruel motive of Lee Kuan Yew catching the friendly and hospitable Malaysians always through the nitty-gritty or the Devil in the details in this 50 Volume TPPA/CPTTP Agreement.
    By the way, Lee Kuan Yew had already set-up an International Trade Tribunal since 2005 in Singapore for the friendly and hospitable Malaysians to complain that they missed out the details like the 1962 Water Agreement.
    Very smart, very cunning and very cruel. Lee Kuan Yew went for the GREED, THE WEAKNESS OF THE FLESH AND THE SOFT UNDER-BELLY OF THE CORRUPT BN GOVERNMENT. The Tribunal is still waiting since 2005 !
    We are happy and friendly Malaysians. No Lee Kuan Yew’s TPPA/CPTTP, the very smart, very cunning and very cruel creation to kill all of us FOR THE SOLE BENEFIT OF SINGAPORE !
    Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  13. mubarakchan Aug 26,2018 4:08 PM


    You have hit the nail on the head as regards the Government’s PRIMARY FOCUS on Tourism and Palm Oil. Here are more facts why you are absolutely correct with an immediate and practical solution to a dire financial and administrative problem created by the Uncaring and Corrupt BN Government which had the same tools to do the job which has now been cast upon you.
    1. Singapore embarked on the Tourism aspect of raising revenues a long time ago in the early 1970s with the establishing of the Jurong Bird Park and the all-embracing Tourist Promotion Board Singapore.
    Lee Kuan Yew made certain that there was no CORRUPTION by appointing his sister-in-law as the Chairman until her retirement many decades later. The nitty-gritty of handling CASH were left to the Agencies dealing with Money. No Singapore Government entity was ever to touch any CASH. A fine example is somewhat like this :-
    2. In 1992, I was flying to Zurich by Air Serendipity. I sat next to the head honcho of Hitler’s Chief Spy Admiral Canaris oil outfit in Egypt. After a fine repast at 30,000 feet I gently asked the German, ‘ Why you didn’t fly by Lufthansa’. His prompt reply was,’ Air Serendipity gives me US$30,000 for every US$100,000 spent by my Company.’ It was no surprise as he confirmed what I already knew as a Director of Sime Darby.
    3. On Sime Darby the perennial ATM for crooks, I noticed the Manageress of its Travel Agency was wearing more and more baubles every time I met her. She was putting all the Sime Darby big-wigs on Air Serendipity First Class and not MAS. She made so much she emigrated to Perth, Australia the home of 19th Hole Golf for some eminent Malaysians, and became Sime Darby’s partner in its China travel business. She made much more, of course !
    That was one Malaysian tourist story.
    4. One fine day in London in the 1980s, a well-known MAS executive squeezed into the tiny lift with me. This was a well-known luxury condo block along Sloane Street behind Harrods. it’s the one with the fountain at the entrance. He avoided my gaze. He confirmed what I already knew that large blocks of MAS seats were allotted to the lucky travel agents in the 1970s-1980s..
    5. I was in the travel business for a short while by accident. I discovered that Tourism is not only a Cash Business and could be absolutely CORRUPT if not controlled like by Lee Kuan Yew.
    6. Then, in the 1990s, I bumped into the fellow who was dismissed for the mid-1980s Malaysian Tourist Board scandal outside the Cold Storage, Orchard Road, Singapore. At a distance, I could see the duo was happy with whatever they have in Singapore.
    7. Such are the financial vagaries of the Tourism business. All participants be forewarned.
    8. TOURISM IS A CASH BUSINESS BASED ON PROFITS, not on Government rules and regulations. It is the same the World over.
    PROFITS FOR THE TRAVEL AGENTS, not the Government, to bring in the multitude of tourists is the KEY to success for the Government. This has always been based on cheapness for the tourists. Hence, the Uncaring and Corrupt BN Government was WRONG to TAX the Tourist business at all etc. hotels, SST, Airport tax etc.
    9. With the right approach with the Travel Agents, our beloved Malaysia will get 50 Million arrivals soon, very soon. Concomitantly, the Ministry becomes a Darling of the New and Incorruptible Government !
    10. The New and Incorruptible Government should not get involved with the CASH BUSINESS OF TOURISM BUT ONLY ASSISTS OR FACILITATES IN ITS PROMOTIONS AND SO ON. No more. No less.
    Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  14. mubarakchan Aug 26,2018 1:13 PM


    There were two significant headlines on your comments as of yesterday.
    ‘When the people are rich, the Government will also be rich.’ This is in direct contrast to the Corrupt and Uncaring Policies of the BN Government which embarked on Mega Projects of no immediate value to the Rakyat in an emerging country where most need a job to eke out a living.
    We all must always endeavour to make ALL RAKYAT RICH. It is no use to be like President Bongo of the Congo who owns all the DIAMONDS and the people die of starvation.
    We saw a similar scenario right here in a house in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur. In the house, RM 113 Million cash, 12,000 pieces of jewellery, over 500 handbags, 400 watches etc.
    AND THE RAKYAT RECEIVE CASH HAND-OUTS FROM THE UNCARING AND CORRUPT BN GOVERNMENT. To this very day, its proponents and so-called experts say this is justified.
    Tun, this is not only a half-past six excuse but an uncaring and thick-skin attitude by those whom we entrusted our lives and limbs with POWER.
    AND WHAT DID THOSE IN POLITICAL POWER DO DURING 2004-2018 ? They robbed the country blind and was on the POINT OF SELLING OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AS A SLAVE COLONY FOREVER TO SINGAPORE BY SIGNING THE TPPA/CPTPP. And Civil Servants became Traitors to come out openly and say IT IS GOOD FOR OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA TO SIGN HER OWN DEATH WARRANT which means the proud Malays die after over a thousand years of FREEDOM and the Chinese and Indians become economic slaves as middle men whilst the others do not even figure in Lee Kuan Yew’s thinking. If the Uncaring and Corrupt BN Government had won on 9th May 2018, it becomes a Puppet Government propped up by Singapore on the one hand and to raise more money, China on the other.
    Unfortunately, our beloved Malaysia has the recorded history as the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHERE A DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT GONE HAY-WIRE !
    Who can deny this ? Facts are facts.
    This little storm in the tea-cup aside. Let us go on to greater and honourable things handled by mature adults with honour and common sense which is your second headline, ‘ Dr M looking to tourism and palm oil to stimulate economy.’ Your are correct. This the Way to go IMMEDIATELY.
    Let us hark back to the GENESIS of TOURISM in World’s history and why you are correct and why our beloved Malaysia must now treat TOURISM SERIOUSLY AND NOT LIKE AN ORPHAN OF THE MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT CABINET !
    In the 19th Century, English tourism developed Switzerland and the French Riviera. By the turn of the 20th Century, the Visionary Swiss developed medical tourism for the incurable TB by espousing their fresh mountain air and sunshine. My brother who had TB died there in 1931 ! When the cure for TB was discovered after World War II, the sanatoriums were empty. The Swiss then converted these to be hotels, the doctors became hotel managers and the nurses became waitresses, so to speak. This Tourism saved Switzerland before and after World War II – Switzerland has no natural resources apart from beautiful mountains, water and green pastures. Fast trek to our beloved Malaysia ever-colourful history.
    Malaysia has always been viewed as a bland and colourless country until CORRUPTION reared its ugly head when Politics met MONEY, MONEY, MONEY head-on as the NEP gained its momentum.
    By the mid-1980s, it was alleged that a person in the Tourism Board was dismissed because of financial malfeasance.
    Not much was ever mentioned or heard about the Ministry of Tourism until the arrival of a Minister who had a penchant for travel to the Southern Antipodes where kangaroos and sheep out-number its inhabitants. This person loved to travel at Government expense instead of getting sponsored by the eternal ATM for crooks, SIME DARBY ! Under this fellow traveller of a Minister, our beloved Malaysia sponsored at great cost an exhibit at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show London which was for the Upper Class English and not for the hoi-polloi. Malaysia was deservedely awarded a Gold Medal by Her Majesty the Queen. The ownership of the Gold Medal should rightfully and legally be the property of the Government of Malaysia and placed in either Bank Negara Malaysia or the brand new Museum amongst its FAKES. During this period, it was alleged there were problems in the Ministry on an advertising matter etc. All were hushed up.
    That was the sad and shameful history of our Ministry of Tourism which to the persons in charge was the perfect Travel Agency for their travels or Ministry for Tourism.
    However, even though our ignorant BN Ministers treated the Ministry of Tourism as their own, it was no laughing matter for countries like Japan, Germany and Italy immediately after World War II. These countries were FLATTENED by the carpet bombing of the Allied air force. The factories, cities and homes were destroyed completely. How to make these countries recover from the wounds of War ? Tourism.
    I recall in the late 1940s, Japan began to receive its first tourists. By the mid-1950s, West Germany and Italy also depended on tourists arrivals to bring in the revenue. So did Britain. In 1956, the Germans were cycling silently to work at 6 a.m in the morning through the bombed out sites still evident.
    With Tourism and Marshall Aid, West Germany, Japan and Italy recovered only by the 1960s ! And Britain too.
    Hence, your significant comment draws the attention to the fact that the Ministry of Tourism IS A SERIOUS PART OF THE GOVERNMENT TO RAISE CLEAN AND GOOD REVENUE.
    I have always considered the Ministry of Tourism is important in status and delivery of goodies only second to the Ministry of Finance.
    IT IS INDEED A POWERFUL MINISTRY IF THE MINISTER KNOWS HOW TO GO ABOUT IT. The answer is not to travel the World like the BN MINISTERS wasting time and money. It is at HOME with the Travel Agents. And the markets are in India, China and the Middle East, NOT IN THE FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES BECAUSE THESE KNOW US WELL.
    The Ministry of Tourism should never get involved at a lower level because TOURISM IS A CASH BUSINESS WHICH GIVES RISE TO CORRUPTION, Leave the handling of MONEY to the travel agents.
    Ministry of Tourism will get its 50 Million tourists per year with the right approach, eschews handling money, and focus on the Middle East, India and East Asia and the MINISTER stays at home making sure all facilities like eateries, hotels etc are clean with good service and cheap. And the TRAVEL AGENTS do their job and rewarded with PROFITS from hard-work. We will be there.
    Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  15. mubarakchan Aug 25,2018 11:53 AM


    I feel happy, very happy every day with the knowledge that our beloved Malaysia is now in good and honest hands. I hope the rest of the Rakyat feel the same too.
    Our beloved Malaysia through something unbelievable, was it Divine intervention coupled with the Will of the Rakyat as led by you and your team through courage and determination defeated the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government hands down ? The bombed-out pundits are still in shock as there has been no noticeable wise-cracks to this very day.
    However, post-100 days, the DISCONNECT between those in Power in the BN and the TRADESMEN of whatever ilk is obvious, very obvious which is the dire shortage of liquidity in the market place.
    The theft of so much money by the billions and billions of ringgits has taken its toll on our Rakyat who had depended on their jobs, bonuses and financing from institutions.
    It was surmised by an international Agency that RM 1 Trillion flowed out between 2003 to 2010 to the depreciation of everything which has a value. This is one irresponsible act of an Uncaring and Corrupt BN Government. Conversely, this black money benefitted the countries in which it is deposited or invested.
    Not only that the Uncaring and Corrupt BN Government promulgated Fake Laws of which one of these was the Bankruptcy Act 1967 which the Minister misled 300,000 young bankrupts by only attaching an amendment to it due to pressure from financial interests which dare not do this in Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia. We cannot get a Fake Government as weak as this.
    Between 2004-2018, our beloved Malaysia was torn asunder by Greed, Weakness of the Flesh and a Soft Under Belly which can only be blamed on the Uncaring and Corrupt BN Government which was more concerned in making more and more Money Money Money from an ever expanding corrupt Government-Traders Nexus to cream off the Money.
    The powerless Rakyat bowed their heads in shame.
    With the knowledge why there is illiquidity in our general economy today and this is only part of the answer, our beloved Malaysia is now facing a VOID arising from the collapse of the corrupt Government-Traders Nexus. This corrupt practice has become so generalised that it must surely affect every sector of our Society from top to bottom.
    In other words, the whole Money, Money, Money dispensing machine or ATM has been TKO by the sudden rise of the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great.
    Yet even when this ATM system was in action before 9th May 2018, it was inefficient as the system was corrupt and did not dispense the goodies at all but into the pockets of those involved and in power, like the the absurd AES Contract or any other Contract connected with the Uncaring and Corrupt BN Government.
    Similarly, I guess that the New Museum must have acquired many millions of ringgits worth of FAKES to establish a Museum of Fakes – the only one in the World. No one has ever built a Museum and then put together object d’art. All collectors, Government or private, collecedt the genuine artefacts first for decades before putting these in a museum.
    In our beloved Malaysia nowadays, we come across FAKES at every turn.
    However our main concern must be on the general liquidity in our economic system. It is only proper to begin a New Era with a clean slate as now pursued by the New and Incorruptible Government.
    Your Ministers have done the right thing by exposing all the financial scandals once and for all.
    All culprits should be caught and charged in Court. Why should they hide the crass and vulgar financial thefts perpetrated on a Nation by those we used to trust once upon a time ?
    Indeed, with the corrupt Government-Traders Nexus now completely smashed and esoteric sentiments have been affected due to the drying up of corrupt sources of Government money, the future reliance of the resumption of liquidity can only begin with the Private Sector at its widest level of activity which is the Consumer eg capital market, housing, goods and service etc And business wise and traditionally, the construction sector.
    The good thing is our beloved Malaysia has been taken out of the Jaws of certain Death by your goodself, Tun and your Team. As I said many times before, if the Uncaring and Corrupt BN Government had won on 9th May 2018, by the 10th, Malaysia would have become a SLAVE COLONY OF SINGAPORE with a puppet government to boot arising from the smart, cunning and cruel ambition of one man, Lee Kuan Yew. Man proposes. God disposes.
    All Lee Kuan Yew’s 4 initiatives to save Singapore being the ill-conceived Temasek, FT importations, 2 casinos and the Malaysia Killer TPPA or CPTPP FAILED despite the all-out efforts of Lee Kuan Yew and his digits or cohorts and our very own TRAITORS.
    And what happened to our beloved Malaysia despite all the LOSS OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST AND PRECIOUS ASSETS for so many years 1962-2018 to Singapore ?
    Our beloved Malaysia overnight became ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia because of the Courage and Vision of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his loyal Team. Man proposes. God disposes.
    Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  16. A. P. R. Aug 24,2018 11:51 AM

    Hopefully we could actually see another National Car rise up

  17. mubarakchan Aug 23,2018 11:15 AM


    There is no doubt your recent trip to China is a great success because you achieved what was on your agenda and more.
    The more countries we are friendly with the better in this competitive World. Our beloved Malaysia can gain much both from investments and the acquisition of the latest technical know-how.
    But your visit to China was not an ordinary affair but entailed the titanic Corruption which had taken place in our homeland, Malaysia. The result of crass and vulgar Greed, weakness of the flesh and soft under belly by a Corrupt Government for 15 years, 2004-2018.
    It is good, very good that we could heal part of this cancer, Corruption ourselves and right all the wrongs in time through the goodness and understanding of all the Rakyat with their New and Incorruptible Government.
    I always tell my wife when South American countries came onto the TV screen. These countries with their human resources and land mass are still in the doldrums as regards their peoples and opportunities for a better living. These countries were decades ahead of us in development and freedom which their peoples never really had. Why ? Because ruling clique after ruling clique colluded and raped their own countries of the wealth and put it in Switzerland. Most of these South American countries are corrupt and the ruling clique feeds on the country and it peoples through the force of arms.
    Fortunately Tun, you realise ALL THE TIME THAT OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA MUST NOT END UP LIKE A SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRY with Fake Democratic Governments but we must be a truly MALAYSIAN STLE DEMOCRACY with a Malay Bias and our loyalty and devotion towards our Constitution, our Yang Di Pertuan Agong, and the Royal Sultans. THIS THE HALLMARK OR BRAND OF A COUNTRY KNOWN AS MALAYSIA – A TRULY DEMOCRATIC EXAMPLE.
    Like this overnight our beloved Malaysia is one of 4 most important countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia as we trek rapidly towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan FREE FROM CORRUPTION AFFECTING OUR BODY POLITIC. ( Some brain-washed readers with a big Inferiority Complex still believe Malaysia is BACKWARD. As you know Tun, our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat were never BACKWARD FROM DAY ONE !)
    Yes Tun ! The cancer CORRUPTION is exactly like the cancer which affects our frail bodies as a good doctor like you understands. This cancer has been with us since MONEY MONEY MONEY became big business in our beloved Malaysia.
    Corruption began in a small way like certain individuals obtaining rights to purchase arms and spare parts on behalf of the Government. This was followed by Corruption in the capital markets which grew in size and intensity as the decades rolled by.
    Sometimes, the perpetrators were caught padding Government tenders. but they were let off lightly as ambassadors to a foreign country.
    Or in the case of a minor politician who was alleged to be able to remit S$ 100 Million to his girl friend’s account in Hong Kong after only 8 years in politics. He got off lightly too.
    And the infamous Omega Securities affair of 1997, with a super light sentence in 2004, the perpetrator, a felon laughed all the way to Vancouver to build the Trump Tower.
    Then, Sime Darby which was acquired for only RM 23 Million through my Concept of 1972 to bring the Malays (with only 2% of the economy) into big corporate business quickly with the support of the great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, was involved in 2 mega bankruptcies of RM 1.2 Billion in 1996 and RM 2.10 Billion in 2010. NO ONE WAS CHARGED. NO ONE WAS JAILED.
    In fact, in the corporate history of Malaysia, no one really went to jail for MEGA FINANCIAL MALFEASANCE.
    Only small fry like the fellow who used to pluck duck feathers for his mother in Melaka and ended up riding a Rolls Royce went in with all the comforts. Rumours had it that he could check in and out of the jail at Kajang ! Smart fellow !
    We read headlines in recent days,’ Missing RM 16 Billion due to Taxpayers’ or ‘AES scrapped’ or ‘RM 19 Billion of GST money gone missing.’ or the infamous ‘1MDB’ etc.
    Did anyone think why it was so stupid for the fat young boy to go through all the trouble to steal the money. It puzzled me as to his stupidity when he could have just taken the cash, just US$ 100 Million would have been plenty. Stupid.
    And with tongue in the cheek, those responsible challenged the New and Incorruptible Government to find the missing money ! This is arrogance with a capital ‘A’.
    It is paramount that the New and Incorruptible Government should catch the culprits and charge them in Court if any Government Ministry or Agency is involved in Corruption of any kind. NOT ONLY THAT, FROM THE EX-MINISTER DOWNWARDS, ALL SHOULD BE PROBED FOR STEALING THE MONEY THROUGH FAKE AND FRAUDULENT CONTRACTS AND THE FOCUSED SHOULD BE ON THEIR OVERSEAS WEALTH – Because safe havens today are no longer secure to crooks due to anti-terrorism laws.
    This is the only WAY to contain CORRUPTION which is difficult to eradicate.
    By the skin of our teeth we escaped the Malaysia Killer TPPA or CPTPP (Lee Kuan Yew’s Creation) when the BN lost on 9th May 2018 or else we not only LOST ALL, MONEY AND EVERYTHING and become SINGAPORE’S VERY OWN SLAVE COLONY WITH A PUPPET GOVERNMENT. Without Malaysia as a SLAVE COLONY, Singapore’s future is BLEAK, VERY BLEAK.
    BUT AGAIN MY ETERNAL THANKS TO YOU TUN, you save ALL THE MALAYSIANS FROM A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH. You gave back our Freedom, Sovereignty and our Self-Respect and Dignity.
    Corruption must be contained at all costs, Tun by sending these brazen and uncaring perpetrators to jail via the Courts.
    Corruption is Cancer. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  18. HBT456 Aug 22,2018 2:48 PM

    772. The world mindset has changed, but the perangai of local politicians remain the same.

    776. All they care is janji menang, itu saja.

    777. Frankly speaking, i am more concern of deeper middle income trap if race and religion issues are being played again and again that could cause increase of social crimes and road accidents.

    778. The lucky ones will get away, and the not so lucky ones will kena when the official religion is being used as the tool to manipulate the sentiments of rural folks.

    779. They cannot even tolerate the existence of other races in the past, you think they can do better by claiming themselves as malaysian first?

    780. Hate speech in the root cause of terrorism, and dont forget we have few million foreign workers doing jobs that local do not want to do.

    781. Mahu dengar atau tidak, itu terpulang kepada mereka memerintah negeri mereka mahupun negara ini.

    782. Yup, it is difficult to be blind in race and religion issues since they are so many political parties and ngo in this country trying to outsmart one another.

    783. Too many chefs spoilt the soup.

    784. What will happen, it will happen.

    785. What will not happen, it will not happen.

    786. Henceforth, general election must be called to get the mandate from the voters.

  19. HBT456 Aug 22,2018 11:59 AM

    769. Instead of tuih, perhaps ciku would baling kasut kat potrait yang dia benci kut.

    770. Bak kata, bagi peha, nak betis pulak kut.

    771. Our past generations and current eneration have enough of ketuanan bangsa dan agama mereka masing- masing that lead to so many white elephant projects that need to be rescued, and bailout via current and future generations, is it fair for current and future generations to pay for project failures that do not commit?

  20. HBT456 Aug 22,2018 10:08 AM

    762. Hey ciku, i am not concern about the malay and bumiputra states’ votes since they have nothing to loose when another financial and confidence crisis landed on the soil of this country via quantitative measure be it in project ic or printing myr when they have choice to trial under common and syariah laws as they please.

    763. Myr1 trillion itu debts, atau untap revenue to state and federal governments that is feasible via roi?

    764. How much do you know about beijing and china, ciku?

    765. Hokkien first, malaysian 2nd?

    766. Pada hal adam yang tak betul, hawa pulak yang kena.

    767. Killing off newspapers owned by political parties since merdeka would send malaysia back to another cycle of klectocracy.

    768. I do not want another era of mahathirism, what about you?

  21. CikuForTun Aug 21,2018 11:20 PM

    HSR will kill Malaysia, BRAIN DRAIN WILL BE COMPLETED AT HSR SPEED. How many Singaporeans with their attitudes towards Malaysia want to come work here? None. How many Malaysians already migrating to Singapore, each day having to deal with the heavy traffic but still going there. If we put the HSR, all clever young Malaysians will be at the mercy at the HIGH SINGAPORE DOLLAR OFFERING 3X MORE JUST IN CURRENCY DIFFERENCE ALONE. Already 60% singapore companies have captured 50% of our good IT personnel. With the HSR, most if not 100% Singapore companies will SUCK all our remaining good IT and other skilled personnel. Why is that person pushing it? Because he has more assets in Singapore, because he is more Singaporean than Malaysian? Or simply he is a traitor. Malaysia’s Wawasan 2020 cannot be replaced by a SingaporeBOSS VISION. Making Malaysia subservient. Not bad enough forced Tun Dr M to China with a begging bowl because of MO1 stupidity. Now we want to repeat this with Tun Dr M in his lifetime see Singapore Lee family laughing at us silly…Whoever does this, he is a traitor n it doesnt matter even if he has paid cybertroopers here or nice assets inSingapore Orchard road with compiments of the poor Malay mothers having to wash more clothes for a living to pay his sweetheart IPP deal? Now you want more poorer Malays to suffer? For sure, we will be p!ssing on this greedy crony grave for all time.

  22. HBT456 Aug 21,2018 1:34 PM


    759. I am not sure why mr loke rejected the huawei smart phones, but one thing is for sure, with so many high rise buildings built in the capital city of the federal terrority, grab is here to reduce polution, traffic jam and parking space, and this is the only option he has since the messy master transportation plan accumulated by the previous government until today, and i am sure he knows why this happened.

    760. Even proton taxi driver also tap this grab services, if not how to compete to stay relevant?

    761. Nasionalism or international standard, its up to pakatan harapan to decide before next general election is called.

  23. mubarakchan Aug 21,2018 12:47 PM


    A most important Headline today,’ Dr M warns on New Colonialism during China visit.’- FT London.
    How many of our fellow Malaysians realise that our beloved Malaysia was betrayed by the Corrupt BN Government when it signed the TPPA and the CPTPP a wicked, cunning and cruel Agreement designed by Lee Kuan Yew as one of his 4 Pillars to save Singapore’s sustainability and survival ? By the way, all 4 of his initiatives e.g. the ill-conceived Temasek, 2 casinos, importation of FTs and the Malaysia Killer TPPA or CPTTP FAILED !
    With its implementation, the TPPA or the revised CPTPP without America would have killed our beloved Malaysia overnight – just like that because of the huge inflow of labelled and re-labelled goods from Singapore which is a geographic part of Malaysia. Goods from the other country signatories will take years to arrive on our shores.
    The effect of this dumping of Tariff Free Singaporean goods will shut down our factories, the owners go bankrupt, the workers sacked and riot in the streets blaming the Government of the day.
    It is alleged the President of the SME strongly supported the TPPA and was ennobled accordingly !
    The Malays dispossessed (killed alive)in their own homeland and the Chinese and Indians become middle-men once again financed by Singapore.
    With a single signature, our beloved Malaysia becomes the SLAVE COLONY OF SINGAPORE FOREVER.
    See how easy it was for Singapore to exploit our propensity for Greed, (10,000 Rolex watches, etc) weakness of the flesh and soft under-belly ?
    Our Body Politic and Civil Service were completely compromised by Singapore 2004-2018. Their conscience is now catching up with them !
    Even the Chief Negotiator for Malaysia is alleged to be the spouse of the Senior Singapore Business Times journalist in Kuala Lumpur, a hard-core PAP cadre no doubt. Journalists around the World specialise in collecting vital and sensitive information for their Governments. In Malaysia we have our dysfunctional and beautiful 004 Cik Bon with the golden Walther PPK.
    Even after Trump tore up the TPPA, Malaysia’s very own Chief Negotiator insisted that MALAYSIA MUST SIGN THE REVISED CPTPPA WITHOUT AMERICA as reported in the NSTP !’ There is an ancient saying, ‘ The maid is bigger than the Lady Boss.’!
    And again in The Star a few days ago, Malaysia’s very own Chief Negotiator insisted,’ Malaysia should ratify the CPTPP.’ How can this lady insists that our beloved Malaysia signs her own Death Warrant ?
    We escaped by the skin of our teeth when the Corrupt BN Government lost on 9th May 2018. Otherwise, our beloved Malaysia and all her Rakyat would have been Slaves of a Slave Colony of Singapore by the morning of 10th May 2018 IF THE CORRUPT BN GOVERNMENT HAD WON ! It’s OK for the BN leaders with their mountains of cash. What about the poor Rakyat which account for 99.99% of the country ?
    In June 2009, Lee Kuan Yew at the age of 85 traipsed into the hot and humid ULUS to make sure his TPPA would be signed by Malaysia. He exhorted his digits, spies, tycoons, MCA chiefs in red Mandarin silks, journalists, holy men, ducks, swallows, fellow travellers etc. He was so cock-sure that he even paid a visit to our Tun.
    How could Lee Kuan Yew LOSE WHEN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA HAD NO PROTECTOR AFTER THE RETIREMENT OF TUN 2003-2018 waiting to be raped ? However Man proposes. God disposes !
    Thereafter, Malaysia entered into 9 ultra secret negotiations until exposure. And continued with another 19 more. How stupid can the Corrupt BN Government be ?
    Out of the whole lot of countries, our beloved Malaysia was and is the target of Lee Kuan Yew Singapore. The other countries are just superfluous to Singapore’s needs or desires.
    How stupid was Malaysia to sacrifice the lives and limbs of all those Rakyat who contributed to its greatness and dignity ! Sovereignty and National Interest were completely forgotten due to Greed, weakness of the flesh and the soft under-belly !
    Only our Prof Jomo was consistent on his view that the TPPA was unacceptable. So did an Indian economic expert from UNCTAD based in New Delhi, India who produced statistics to prove his point. The rest were all yea-sayers of no merit.
    Soon after the TPPA was signed by Malaysia, the Singapore Business Times boasted that Singapore would save S$ 1 Billion or more a year if Singaporean goods enter Malaysia without Tariffs. Conversely, our beloved Malaysia would lose RM 3 Billions or more per year immediately ! But the crooks said that Malaysia would benefit from her manufactures in 20 years time !
    It is to the eternal credit of our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that he took it upon himself to SAVE OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AND HER RAKYAT FROM BEING A SLAVE COLONY OF SINGAPORE, FOREVER ! Beware of Singaporeans bearing gifts !
    Malaysia Boleh, Tun !

  24. HBT456 Aug 21,2018 12:17 PM

    751. Yup mr trump admitted both he and mr xi are good friends, and mr xi is a very powerful man.

    752. Even mark zuckerberg’ first child name was given by mr xi to show his genuiene sincerity and belief in sharing information with your loved ones, atau kinship, across the pacific ocean, after 10 years of hard work in penetrating the chinese market in china, and outside china, and fb is doing well until today.

    753. Synergy effects never get outdated no matter what happens in the future be it in corporate or marriages as long as both partners are very clear in their objective or common goals within expectation of themselves or the public in question.

    754. Force merger akin rescue plan or bailouts by robbing the rich to pay the poor is ugly and messy, and could turned into anarchy, or regression.

    755. What happened in the past, we cannot change.

    756. What happened in the future, we can only improve, but definitely not by gostan here and there just to win votes via buying and selling government assets just to earn commision to get super rich by explointing the sentiments of the poor.

    757. Such commision is haram to me, but what about you?

  25. HBT456 Aug 21,2018 10:38 AM


    744. These so called pendekar liberasi for kaum melayu and islam is a real joke, i guess they must have forgotten iman negara dilempah by foreign moslem few years back.

    745. Even the word i love allah billboards could be commercialized by muslim private education operator, but no action taken instead they protest uec secara besar besaran.

    746. Pakistan still needs china market to export their timber and wood craft and the newly elected prime minister of paskitan knows about this deeply.

    747. It is definitely not up to the miskin buffologist to play with perjury or sumpah latnah to escape lesser punishment since there is no law that said the guarantor would be jailed for failing a business of the day.

    748. But, when debts are not being able to pay back, guarantors or owners would had no choic but declared bankruptcy for not being able to pay debts that would prevent them for travelling overseas, no need to serve jail term one.

    749. But the act of money laundering against terrorism after 911 is still binding, and there is no way they can bribed and hasut the entire political machineries, federal and state governments and the developed countries to run away from these hedeous crimes that could turned the country in anarchy.

    750. Will you do this as leaders of your country?

  26. HBT456 Aug 21,2018 9:02 AM

    743. Kini, i saw alot of cars parking at the road sides and expressways just to escape parking fees of few ringgit just to pick up their family members eventhough free and paid parking spaces are provided by the glc and private sectors which already violated road safety.

    744. I also saw some penjaja just set up at booths at busy roads and expressways to tap motorcyclists and automobile drivers to stop and buy stuffs which is very dangerous to the road users and themselves because accidents happened are correlated to negligent of the road users and authorithy in charge for such systems.

  27. HBT456 Aug 21,2018 8:47 AM

    735. From the star online, it was reported that tun daim had said the next pm is dsai because that was part of the original plan of pkr and dap when they won general election.

    736. Frankly speaking, ds zahid who is the present of umno president should be relieved for loosing votes of the general public in last general election, if not he would be cursed and make his sultan looks bad in the eyes of other states.

    737. The burden of importing muslim refugees at the expenses of malaysian tax payers had now moved into the hand of zakat payers, kan mereka sama2 muslim, betul?


    739. If installation of aes is perceived as profit making, but not as disipline measure in reducing accident rates on highways, then, what will happen next?

    740. Highways already built, tolls already set up, and the only way to cut down operating cost is move away from labor intensive by educating the public in capitalizing the IT gadgets and internet to reduce jam at counters.

    741. Soda taxing is a dangerous move, and no one know what these mediocre, i mean, miskin buffologists will do just to win votes and get super rich by main buntut, i mean, back doors.

    742. Winning or loosing is not important, most importantly, set the direction right for the next 50 years to elevate the status of the country to developed beyond wawasan 2020 – 2070.

  28. HBT456 Aug 21,2018 12:36 AM


    732. Extension of project ic?

    733. The fundamental of nation building between malaysia and singapore is different.

    734. When hukum hudud is implemented in malay muslim majority states, what will happen next?

  29. mubarakchan Aug 20,2018 10:51 PM


    Today is a momentous day for your delegation in the storied capital city of the Peoples’ Republic of China, Beijing. A day which will forever live in the memories of our Nation that underlines the friendship of the peoples of China and the Malay Peninsula for over a thousand years. With the dust now fast settling on the issue of the National Car Project and the New and Incorruptible Government begins to govern on a clean slate, with a strong Political Will and Inclination much unpalatable issues will be overcome. I am certain your Government will stand to the test.
    A Siren Call came from Singapore this morning seeking a ‘deeper relationship.’ These fellows are always seeking something like ‘abang adek’ or ‘5 eyes’ or private retreats or ‘very hot relationships’ etc. At the end of it all, Malaysia signed Agreements which are no Agreements at all.
    Fortunately, despite all that were inveigled by cunning and subtle means to possess what rightly belonged to Malaysia, Singapore as most now know is in deep trouble. Man proposes. God disposes.
    The generosity of the Americans towards Lee Kuan Yew to permit him to do the under-counter trades has become irreplaceable by any shot. This leaves a yawning gap in the GDP of at least 2-3% since 2002.
    And you were right on the Meritocracy issue. No one really practises Meritocracy in this World. It was a Fake Yardstick invented by Lee Kuan Yew based on Ivy League and Oxbridge qualifications. A smart, cunning and cruel way to keep out the 99.99% of the hoi-polloi population from POWER. How many Singaporeans could go to these places ?
    In 2010, a naked Cambridge woman and her naked Caucasian boyfriend ran around Holland Village one Saturday night. Her excuse was that her job was boring.
    In recent times, no less than 10 State Scholars were involved in sexual harassments. The returned State scholars could not mix with the hoi-polloi and became failures in Public Service.
    In 2014, 2 Ministers announced that applicants for jobs and promotions will be considered not only on academic qualifications but also on their other talents as well.
    But our brain-washed Malaysians are not aware of this and are still moaning and groaning about Singapore’s wonderful Meritocracy which does not exist anymore in real life !
    It is not Meritocracy which should rank high in the New and Incorruptible Government but Normal Behaviour, Discipline and Commonsense which should pride of place in a YBs curriculum vitae, aged 21 – 100 !
    Those in positions of Power are exposed to the temptations of Greed, Weakness of the flesh and Soft Under-belly every day.
    A notable example were those close to the ex-PM, refused to sacrifice themselves on his behalf as the BN Government was hollowed out during its last days. They could say,’ Yes Boss. No problem.’ A very dangerous situation which every Ruler will face one day if Normalcy, Discipline and Commonsense do not prevail.
    The strongest weapon the New Government has is its ability to provide Full Employment for the Rakyat as far as possible with less emphasis on the GDP.
    Singapore did the convention approach by importing more and more FTs until these reached 1.2 Million which only boosted the GDP in the FTs home countries. Now, after 16 years, Singapore’s GDP languished below 3% with a looming Trade War in the horizon.
    Singapore without abundant human and natural resources and new ideas is in new territory of the e-biz World unlike those easy Cold War days. It is vital to know the facts concerning a country which moved from the Third to the First World. The jury is still out on Quo Vadis Singapore ?
    Through the genuine efforts of the New Government, it is clear that Malaysia being one of the 4 most important small countries of the World is a fact and not fiction – A country with a stable political system and Government, abundant human and natural resources located in the most strategic geo-political location on the planet for at least the next 100 years !
    Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  30. Sharudin Jamal Aug 19,2018 1:44 PM

    Hi Chedet,

    I am following closely your trip to China.

    One thing with the mainland Chinese, they are eager to do business with anybody interested to do business with them. For a nation with more than 2,000 years of trading experience, China real strength is not [is not] its military but the hordes of entrepreneurs within and outside the physical geographical boundaries.

    That was why John Naisbitt wrote in the book Megatrend 2000, to become successful in Asia the number one criteria is to have a Chinese partner. This is further emphasized by Sterling Seagrave in his book Lords of the Rim when he stated that strength of the Chinese businessmen are the Chinese Overseas Bamboo Network.

    The Chinese are a close network community. They trust their fellow Chinese more than others because the Chinese is one big brotherhood. In other words if you are a Chinese by default you are accepted by the other Chinese. I do hope for your benefit you have a few Chinese street smarts in your envoy.

    This is because the real dealing is not done on the spot. Based on my experience selling MyKad solution internationally on behalf of Malaysia, we normally expect the political envoy to open and close the deals with the countries we visited. This is our BIGGEST mistake. It takes businessmen to close business deals.

    In China there is a practice of guanxi (relationship building). The best way to to this is to have a Malaysian Chinese who already have a business with the Mainland Chinese to represent Malaysia in the intricacy of the followup dealings. This is because guanxi takes between 1 to 2 years to develop and requires a lot of “Yam Seng”! LMAO.

    Do not underestimate the Chinese, if they decide you as the target, they will hunt you to the very end. So this can be good, It you are the fairest of then all, then Chedet, you are the hunted and not the hunter. I believe this will be your case, Therefore you should be able to play the hard to get game. Nevertheless, you[] formation must be intact. Follow the advice of Naisbitt and Seagrave.

    Also take advantage of Jack Ma as your ambassador. Be mindful that you need a friendly businessman to back you up. A Malaysian mirror will be nice.

    Overall, Chinese businessmen’s strength as well as their weakness is their flexibility. Everything is negotiable. You should learn this from your friend Tan Say Jin LOL. Hey he is a good candidate to be the mirror although he might be too flexible, if you know what I mean.

    So Chedet, enough for now. Enjoy you trip Sir…

    Fok, Lok, San, Hei Hei Hei – Prosperity, Harmony, Longevity and Happiness 🙂

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

    Note: Irregulars are external interventions.

  31. HBT456 Aug 19,2018 9:40 AM

    725. To continue dependent on fossil fuel energy?

    728. To move away from fossil fuel energy to clean energy?

    729. There is a huge difference between buffologist and biologist.

    730. By looking at the malay-muslim wannabes with the political support from sabah and sarawak, they have not changed at all, all they want is to win and get super rich, and it is dissapointing, dont you think so?

  32. HBT456 Aug 19,2018 9:33 AM

    726. By looking at the history of the united states of america, they built highways and highrise buildings to generate income for the average americans and at the same time they sent their troops to bomb their enemies until they were under attack on 911 and the issue climate warming cannot be ignored in the last 30 years in the name of white supremacy and christianity, if you are the current usa president, what will you do?

    727. By looking at the history of malaya, borneo and north borneo in the past 30 years in the name of malay supremacy and islam, if you are the current prime minister, what will you do?

  33. HBT456 Aug 19,2018 9:17 AM

    718. Before trade war between usa and china was announced to the media, beijing central government had already instructed all state governments to upgrade their toilets to international standard.

    719. Why?

    720. China is the no. 1 oem manufacturer and exporter of procelain products for toilets.


    722. No matter how ms wong intend to repair damaged roads and add new facilities, it is still tunai itu raja since no contractors will do any jobs that dont get paid, right?

    723. Even if mca becomes independent, it wont solve the problems.

    724. Where is the leakage?

  34. HBT456 Aug 19,2018 2:15 AM

    716. To forbid, or to allow, it is up to the pas kelantan to decide for the next 5 years.

    717. Untung atau rugi, no one knows therefore it would be better off for the pas state government to decide since land issue is under the perrogative of state government.

  35. HBT456 Aug 19,2018 2:00 AM


    711. Yup, it is really embarrasing to see these so- called perjuang bangsa melayu dan agama islam to do such acts of bullying as if they are the full god or semi god kut.

    712. Gentleman?

    713. Samseng?

    714. Kelantan umno boleh bikin stadium, kenapa kelantan pas tak boleh tanam durian?

    715. Pride and prejudice?

  36. HBT456 Aug 18,2018 10:10 PM

    702. Quantitative measure ala printing money?

    703. Quantitative measure ala extension of project ic?

    704. Request for royal inquiry when things turned messy?

    705. Man propose, god dispose?

    706. Maverick, flip then flop, the version of allah kasi setel?

    707. Once bitten twice shy.

    708. It is up to the political divides to do their parts to stay relevant.

    709. For those who think joining politics is to get super rich overnight, i wish them all the best.

  37. HBT456 Aug 18,2018 9:46 PM

    693. You think it is fair for the current and future generations to pay for the war crimes not committed by them?

    694. Beside tunjuk perasaan to get attention and to get lobbied, i dont see any improvements even when pakatan harapan is in power for 100 days.

    695. Will they be charged?

    696. Even if they are not charged, what will happen next?

    697. Winner takes all.

    698. Similarly, looser takes all.

    699. Race base?

    700. Religion base?

    701. Most importantly, the direction set for the next 50 years must be on the right track, not gostan here and there using nasi lemak and ikan bilis as benchmark to grow the economy via freebies, wang politik mahupun rasuah politik.

  38. mubarakchan Aug 18,2018 7:27 PM


    There were 2 interesting headlines in the media to-day on the National Car Projects. These were a proposal from Geely Motors and another from the Envision Group. Both expressed a willingness to invest US$ 10 Billion each.
    Malaysia has finally come of Age in the automotive field through your Vision and Persistence in maintaining a course of action which has now gained the credence and confidence in your Beliefs by reputable international investors.
    The whole supportive automotive industries, the keen workforce and the snow-ball effect will reduce our unemployment by at least 30% which will enhance the mobility of money much more through the motor industry and the general economy.
    It is worthwhile for the New and Incorruptible Government to GIVE REAL SUPPORT IN TERMS OF EVERYTHING LIKE FINANCING AND THE NEW FACTORIES TO BUY ONLY FROM THE AUTOMOTIVE SUPPORTIVE ACCESSORIES INDUSTRY WHICH IS LONG SUFFERING FROM NEGLECT 2004-2018 by a Fake BN Government weakened by Greed, Weakness of the flesh and Soft under-belly. PROFITS FOR THE SUPPORTIVE INDUSTRIES ALSO MEAN GOOD PR AND SUPPORT FOR THE NATIONAL CAR. Such is Life as you know Tun. It takes two to tango.
    This is the time to move, to create and establish what you have always believed in and was sabotaged by those corrupt Management digits form day 1 of the Proton. These corrupt digits believed in more esoteric things like collecting banks, Stradivarius violins, or padding the price of wheel rims etc. And now one of them admitted Proton had to pay tariffs etc. No wonder Proton collapsed under the weight of Management Corruption on top of the tariffs. Failure was 100% assured. And this fellow innocently admitted his own failings !.
    It is brilliant that you persisted with the National Car Project against the ignorant naysayers.
    Now with 2 sound National Car Projects, hopefully one is located In Kulim and the other at Tanjong Malim, the technology to build the engine in hand, a keen workforce with and incorruptible Management, both cars will go flying on day one.
    I am certain your Vision of this National Car Project goes beyond ASEAN, to the best markets of the World. This must be so.
    Your Vision underlines that the National Car Project is a must for our beloved Malaysia to trek fast towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. And firmly underlines that Malaysia is one of 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia.
    Your Vision for Proton and Malaysia has always been correct as the whole scenario on the importance of Malaysia in terms of its political stability, location and the availability of human and natural resources NOW CLEARLY REVEALS. Which country can be better than Malaysia for automotive engineering ? Singapore ?
    Fortune favours the Brave, with sheer common sense Tun as the saying goes. Malaysia Boleh !

  39. Sharudin Jamal Aug 18,2018 4:16 PM

    Hi Chedet,

    All the best while you are in China.

    I sort of had a close discussion in my private blog regarding you. Here is the excerpt:

    Chedet is too cautious if you ask me. But then again that is why in the history of Malaysia, we never engaged in a decisive fight. We are non confrontational.

    Nobody wants to die for the country. Not even the soldiers. They were dead because they were unfortunate. Not because they are “Shinu Kikai O Motomo”, looking for the opportunity to die (reference: the 2013 Lahad Datu Incursion).

    Chedet is still holding on to his legacy. I[t] I had not known better, I think he is hanging on to past glories. He is still mending the fences rather than expanding the territory.

    It is very unlikely for Chedet to play defense, but looks like that’s what he is doing.

    There is no major breakthrough except a better governance. As I said all these are mending the fences. I am still waiting for a bold move like the speedy execution of Najib and Jho Low.

    Najib is liken to a person relieving himself from the window ledge of a house. Before this, he was inside pissing out. Now he is outside pissing in. He had been criticizing the New Government on everything. A person in his position [is] does not have the luxury to criticize, He is the Wicker Man as it stands.

    Pakatan Harapan are a bunch of Good Cops. It is their duties to clean the mess, but Chedet must be the Napoleon or the Caesar to rally the troops. Leadership is the essence of Good Governance. Otherwise Good Governance alone will only produce more Good Cops.

    I like the new paternalistic Chedet. I however longed for the old Chedet who has nothing to fear when comes to upholding his credo.

    I want to see Chedet transformed into a Pre-Tokugawa Shogun when comes to decisiveness of his deed. I reminisce the stubborn old coot who execute without fear or favor. Not the one who pussyfoot on issues pertaining to the local wild life LOL.

    In the end the burden of the leadership is the execution by the followers. As much as a leader is to pull the string, he is also responsible to push down more ropes should the follower[] need help. In that sense I see that Chedet is changing his leadership style. He is a more altruistic leader than his younger days, less hardheaded and more jovial I suppose.

    However, bear in mind, the nation is in crisis and needs a tough cracker jack to lead on. Perhaps the best is to follow Buddha’s advice, “Not too tight and not too lose”.

    Carry on O Captain my Captain…

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

    Note: Misspellings are external interventions.

  40. faridina Aug 18,2018 12:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) adalah jawatan tertinggi dalam sektor perkhidmatan awam di Malaysia dan bidang tugasnya adalah menguruskan pentadbiran negara bukannya mengurus selingkuh agenda peribadi Perdana Menteri samada dengan habuan atau ugutan yang akan kelihatan sentiasa menjadi Yang Menurut Perintah.

    Lantas syabas kepada PM ke 7 yang telah mengambil inisiatif membasmi ayat penutup urusan Seri Paduka Baginda itu dan digantikan dengan Yang Menjalankan Amanah.

    Nah inisiatif sebeginilah yang rakyat mahu dari pentadbir kerajaan yang tidak semborono menurut perintah yang membabi buta tanpa memikirkan amanah rakyat.

    Cuma kami masih terkilan kerajaan PH tidak berani menukarkan pengertian akronim kolonial untuk YB iaitu Yang Berhormat yang diambil bulat-bulat dari penjajah Inggeris iaitu “The Honourable” sedangkan pengertian yang lebih tepat adalah Yang Berkhidmat, wakil rakyat berkhidmat untuk rakyat kerana apa signifikannya wakil rakyat dipilih rakyat untuk disanjungi bukan untuk berkhidmat?

    Jika dilihat perbahasan Parlimen di dewan yang mulia baru-baru ini terdapat ramai YB yang tidak menghormati dewan sedangkan dirinya mahu digelar Yang Berhormat sehingga ada yang sanggup menuturkan perkataan lucah “f@*# you” untuk tontonan jutaan rakyat Malaysia.

    Selebihnya kami merasa malu apabila terdapat ramai Yang Berhormat kononnya tetapi aksi lucu mereka boleh membuat raja lawak Astro rasa tergugat umpamanya trio The Three Stooges dari UMNO (Pasir Salak, Kinabatang, Pontian) dan seorang dari PKR (Kapar), semua kategori lawak bodoh!

    Justeru kita akan kelak dapat menyaksikan Yang Berkhidmat kategori lawak, Yang Berkhidmat kategori setiatolol rejim lama, Yang Berkhidmat kategori kebas duit rakyat dan Yang Berkhidmat kategori ikhlas berkhidmat untuk kepentingan rakyat.


    p/s : Ayahanda Tun ke Indonesia dapat bawa balik kapal Equanimity..
    Mudah-mudahan lawatan ke China dapat bawa balik Tuan kapal Equanimity pula..

  41. HBT456 Aug 18,2018 8:21 AM


    687. Though both are lawyers by profession, the 2 distinguish differences are:-
    A. sivarasa is the lawyer representing pkr, and apanama lawyer abdullah represents umno
    B. Siva is hindu while abdullah is muslim

    688. Pkr lawyer sivarasa asked for 50% discount as the tender price for the tiny titanic ship in the media which is no difference from what the bekas perdana menteri did in paying dividen to felda settler via tunai itu raja in the media, hence making myr so cheap and the pride of malaysians can be gadai via media statement just to satisfy themselves to stay relevant?

    689. Who was the bekas menteri of this portfolio before sivarasa?

    690. Jika mahu buat, it has to do it in proper auction manner contohnya, make invitations to all malaysians who have the eligibility to auction for the highest bid with the present of local media representatives since the current ruling government believes the money involved to buy the ship and the jet bombardine are from 1mdb, dont you think so?

    691. It is definitely not through lawyer office nor tapak ibu pejabat pkr, betul?

    692. If such habit is encourage and continued, meaning those who join politics is to get rich overnight to buy and sell public assets just to earn commission out of current and future taxpayers?

  42. HBT456 Aug 17,2018 3:25 PM

    681. Yup, those who are not voters doing penjaja di tepi jalan tanpa bayar sewa mahu pun cukai tanah dan cukai pintu in the constituencies of concrete jungle can also use the nasi lemak, ikan bilis to benchmark food prices by blaming the chinese on malay land, but bekas menteri perumahan adalah umno bumiputra dari sabah, dan kini, dipegang oleh pkr melayu sini yang bertudung.

    682. Even the malay do not wear topi keledah semasa menunggang motorsikal which is a requirement for pampasan untuk kemalangan in motor insurance policy, and when accident happened, they can mengamuk and said the operator of motor insuran ini busuk hati?

    683. There are many social issues unsolved, and still going up with malay bias policy, so where is the leakage?

    684. Bak kata ts musa hitam, pandai2 lah orang islam.

    685. Jika tarak suka, gua tarak respect you?

    686. Bak kata, apabila yang teratas dah tersenget, pepecahan di bawah pasti akan bermula.

    687. Hakikatnya, gua jemu memandang dsai dan lge, gua boleh pandang kat hisham dan kj.

    688. Continue to feed them with freebies just to stay relevant, or to disipline them, i leave it for the muslim malay and bumiputra political parties to decide.

    689. Yup, they can said they do not know, but do they really know and understand what are they doing?

    690. Pas can always be the tool of umno and pkr to form ruling and shadow government just to stay relevant.

    691. When they are not happy, they will set uo new political parties to go against umno, pas and pkr to split malay votes further to stay relevant?

    692. It is only 100 days pakatan harapan is in power, they will have another 4 years and 7 months to go.

    693. No one knows what will happen in the future, therefore, do your best.

    694. Wang politik atau rasuah politik, it would be better off for umno, pkr and pas to decide.

    695. To them we are just only pendatang, and such fear not easy to eliminate because no one knows what they will do to stay relevant.

  43. Sharudin Jamal Aug 17,2018 1:40 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    Happy 100 Days for Pakatan Harapan. As Martin Luther King Junior said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

    I know you don’t want to be hasty in your actions. After all what you do today will resonate in years to come. So the 100 days manifesto should be the impetus of future directions.

    What is important to me is the RIGHTNESS of your direction. As a little man on the street, the pain is the prices of food. After GST some of the common goods actually INCREASED! Not your fault. There are irresponsible merchants who took advantage of the public optimism.

    Also there are still corrupt contractors who paid out politicians and government officials in the past administration who STILL get contract from the same officials and the payout still happening. I am referring to the MOE solar project in Sarawak.

    So Chedet, leakage is still happening at the grassroots level. In TNB invoice was manipulated by 1000% to pay out the multi-tiers sharks in there. It seems Malaysia is a fertile ground for Multi-Level Marketing within its administration.

    You need a stiffer penalty for the offenders. Sectors like housing, banking, defense and IT to name a few are all based on payouts.

    The Chinese has a saying, “The receiver will never get enough, the giver will get tired.”

    To me that is more important than to press for everything promised being met in 100 days.

    Chedet, Acta Non Verba – Deeds not words.

    Always, having you in mind.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  44. HBT456 Aug 17,2018 12:02 PM

    672. There are many grades of toilet papers, which grade are you looking at now?

    673. Quantitative measure in printing new notes of myr to replace the old notes that would for sure increase bank service charges which would make online banking a must to hedge against future innovation to stay relevant.

    674. Open up more land for property development of high rise building would cause over supply of property that would cause another sup- prime mortgage melt down by depending on the old model of fossil fuel subsidies in building highways, international hub on air, sea and land that would made this country looks unattractive with a population of 30 millions.

    675. The size of peninsula is only 132,159 sq meter, and by driving, it takes less than 6 hours to complete the destiny, do you think we need to have international airports in each state?

    676. By chanting malay-muslim supremacy made the environment even worst and more unattractive, and until today, they still continuing doing so with no shame, repend nor apology.

    677. Since the so- called perjuang malay- muslim cannot tolerate the existence of other races, then, it is up to them to decide what they want to do with their state land with or without ecrl mega project because it would ended up as bubble, and thats for sure.

  45. HBT456 Aug 17,2018 11:17 AM

    668. Perhaps, nambikei can do her wonder, so to speak.

    669. When mat salleh learned and said selamat tinggal, i am not sure whether they know what that means.

    670. Kaum lain already master multi-lingual to hedge against future uncertainty, she still stuck in her bahasa melayu assuming all other races think like her.

    671. By crying abolishing of tolls and directed to dap does not mean as bekas perdana menteri, his wife and children’s lavish spending could be covered, and just run away with the idea of galeri.

    678. Since this is umno internal affairs, it is up to umno supreme council to decide the faith of ex-president of umno, the longest and largest political party that had dictated the country for 61 years since merdeka until today.

    679. Yes, mca had made the wisest choice to contest independently to stick to their core struggle in elevating chinese welfare and education since merdeka.

    680. Not being elected in the ministry is not the end of the world, perhaps this is the blessing to mca to leave the comfort zone of ketuanan melayu mahupun ketuanan islam that would for sure would eliminate the identity, culture and traditions of local chinese that brought down for many generations on the soil of malaya, borneo (sarawak) and north borneo (sabah).

  46. mubarakchan Aug 17,2018 11:03 AM


    Here are 2 conflicting Headlines today ! One in our Sovereignty and National Interest. The other a vicious Killer of our beloved Malaysia by her own hand !

    1. NSTP.’CALL TO WITHDRAW FROM RATIFYING CPTPP’- Serious implications. Nurul Izzah Anwar says CPTPP will not benefit the poor, terminally ill, women and the government. I AM WITH HER ALL THE WAY. For the very first time I note that this good lady has come of POLITICAL AGE and has proper political and socio-economic bearings and understandings which are important in our unique beloved Malaysia. Our SOVEREIGNTY. OUR NATIONAL INTEREST. She is Prime Minister material. No more. No less. Eminent persons like Prof Jomo,or an Indian Consultant with the UNCTAD based in New Delhi and others also objected to this Malaysia Killer, TPPA or CPTPP. It’s a FAKE created by Lee Kuan Yew for the sole survival and viability of Singapore.
    This is the historical background to this cruel and cunning weapon of a Fake Trade Agreement which Malaysia signed to ENSLAVE HERSELF IN ITS ENTIRETY FOREVER, stupid !
    In 1989, when Communism suddenly imploded ,thereafter Uncle Sam came out with his hegemonic spiel which backfired on him later,’ Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’ which were all anathema to Singapore but benefitted the BRICS big time.
    Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle, the REAL MIRACLE were his Cold War 1948-1989 people-killing under-counter trades of hard and soft arms, smuggling, money laundering, sanctions breaking, China, Myanmar, North Korea, Middle East, Africa etc, toadying up to dictators, collecting Vietnam War debris free, R & R, U.S. Aid, U.S. Fleet supply logistics,repairs, maintenance etc. These contributed at least 2-3% of the GDP benefitting a small population of not more than 2 Million under an incorruptible Government 1959-1989.
    That’s how Singapore became rich from these black trades, not from all those glittering buildings and GLCs which are publicly advertised. SEEING IS NOT BELIEVING WITH SINGAPORE ! What I call Lee Kuan Yew’s BLUFFOLOGY which was condoned by Uncle Sam 1948-1989 with 2 eyes closed. Then, after 1989, the BRICS muscled into Lee Kuan Yew’s lush counter-trades turf.
    Overnight, 1990-2000, Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle disappeared leaving a void of 2-3% in her GDP to this day 2018- 16 years!
    By 2002, unemployment and recession set in. The Singaporean elites were in shock and panicked. With haste and text-book thinking, the ill-conceived Temasek was established. More FTs were imported to boost the GDP which was like pushing the economy with a string.
    Thanks to Uncle Sam, the World became an Open Market place with giants like India, Russia, China etc crushing the little ants like Singapore ! 2 casinos were approved.
    And the 4th Pillar of Singapore’s proposed survival and nirvana – the Malaysia Killer -Lee Kuan Yew’s Free Trade Scheme – was up and running with only 4 participants, Brunei, New Zealand, Chile and Singapore by 2006. The United States was not interested in 2006. But after the Crash of October 2008, the Singapore Free Trade Scheme became Obama’s TPPA – the Malaysian Killer or now as concocted by Singapore – CPTTP
    Not only this, our factories, businesses will go close down. The owners go bankrupt. The workers unemployed and riot in the streets BLAMING THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY. The whole of our beloved Malaysia in chaos and disarray and brought down to her knees so weakened.
    The Malays will be dispossessed. The Chinese and Indians become middle-men again financed by Singapore. And the other Malaysians like the Ibans, Kadazans and others do not count in Singapore’s view of things in her own survival interests !
    And the Malaysian pro-TPPA or CPTPP supporters are the Chief Negotiator TPPA/CPTPP for Malaysia, the President of the SME etc. Vide NSTP, The Star.
    The Chief Negotiator on behalf of Malaysia, undertook 9 ultra secret meetings until exposed, it is alleged her spouse is the Chief Journalist of Singapore Business Times, stationed in Kuala Lumpur to collect sensitive Malaysian vital information and a hard-core PAP cadre to boot. Pre-9th May 2018, the couple was pictured in all the social columns in Kuala Lumpur. On the TPPA, her argument was the United States market and in 20 years time, Malaysian products stand to benefit. Our beloved Malaysia would have been dead 20 years and Singapore’s Slave Colony since !
    Who cares for the survival of Singapore ?
    The Chief Negotiator was ennobled not by Singapore but by the FAKE BN Government for her efforts ! TREASON IS A WORD NOT IN THE FAKE BN GOVERNMENT VOCABULARY ! Killing a viable Nation by a single signature !
    And Lee Kuan Yew quipped .’ HE WHO PAYS THE PIED PIPER PLAYS THE TUNE.’ Pour le vouz Francais, Monsieurs & Madames ?
    The chance for Singapore to enslave our beloved Malaysia, 2004-2018 through greed, weakness of the flesh and the soft under-belly etc has gone forever. Man proposes. God disposes.
    Malaysia Boleh Tun ! We are all with you and your Team all the way. It’s now or never !

  47. faridina Aug 17,2018 10:22 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Rasa sungguh bertuah dapat beronline dengan chedet saat ini dan selamat berangkat ke Jepun.

    p/s : ada topik baru nak keluar hari ini?

  48. Sri Sense Aug 17,2018 9:35 AM

    Good morning Tun M,

    100 days of Pakatan — Balancing promises with fiscal discipline
    This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, on August 17, 2018.

    KUALA LUMPUR: With today being its 100th day in power, Pakatan Harapan’s journey thus far can be likened to walking on a tight rope, as the coalition makes the transition from the opposition to the government of the day.

    Pakatan’s “10 Promises in the First 100 Days” manifesto has been subjected to much scrutiny and may been seen as a double-edged sword that reminds the rakyat of promises made good by the government they voted in but at the same time serves as a checklist for critics quick to point out promises not kept. The government has a fine balancing act ahead as it strives to make good on its self-imposed time-bound promises, and at the same time ensure the country does not run into a deficit.

    However, economists said, a gradual implementation of the manifesto promises is key. Affin Hwang Capital chief economist and head of research Alan Tan said this needs to be done to maintain fiscal discipline.

    “While Pakatan’s manifesto is supportive of domestic demand, especially on private consumption, we believe that some of the promises made should only be implemented gradually because from an investor’s point of view it is important for the new government to ensure that it remains committed to fiscal discipline in government finances. It also should be noted that the global economic environment has deteriorated and is not as strong compared with the first half of 2018.

    “If the government were to accelerate on all promises, this will create a situation where the dependency on government revenue may not be enough to cover the operating and development expenditure, leading to a higher fiscal position which would not be too positive on the sovereign rating side,” he told The Edge Financial Daily.

    Socio-Economic Research Centre (SERC) executive director, Lee Heng Guie concurred. “The government has to weigh fiscal and debt sustainability, economic and business implications as well as other non-economic considerations when fulfilling the promises. The implementation of programmes and projects as well as tax measures as outlined in the manifesto will have to take into account the government’s financial position and debt sustainability given the RM1.03 trillion debt or 82% of gross domestic product [as] at end-2017,” he said.

    Lee pointed out that while there have been some accomplishments, there are also disappointments or hurdles and challenges that overshadowed the government’s efforts within the first 100 days.

    “While the electorate [want to make] political parties accountable to their election promises, we need to apply some objectivity and also assess how realistic the promises are in terms of being implemented after an election.”

    Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs chief executive officer Ali Salman said populist moves, such as the abolishment of the goods and services tax (GST), are viewed as bold though they create bigger fiscal challenges.

    “It has helped the public to increase their level of trust in the leadership and this is the political capital that the government needs to use to take some important steps. It’s high time for the government to announce a clear roadmap for inclusive economic growth and restore the sentiment of the private sector by bringing in more certainty in their policy announcements.

    “While corruption needs to be tackled systematically, the ministers should be seen announcing positive, forward-looking steps in their respective portfolios.

    “One positive example is that the housing minister has announced that a new housing policy is to be unveiled next month. Similarly, all ministers should come up with their respective plans while mostly reaffirming the manifesto but at the same time, must do a reality check,” he said.

    Associate professor of political science at John Cabot University Bridget Welsh asserted that there are still economic problems that the Pakatan government would need to fix.

    “Domestic business is lacklustre and many investments have yet to be approved, slowing the economy in a less than favourable global situation. The new government has to lay out a proper economic plan and win the confidence of businesses in its own right,” she said.

    Improving transparency and accountability

    UOB Malaysia senior economist Julia Goh believes that the government’s progress within the first 100 days has been commendable, given the challenges from both the domestic and external fronts.

    “The priority has been set on abolishing the GST, stabilising petrol prices, and investigating 1Malaysia Development Bhd. Those were delivered within the first 30 days.

    “We should also consider the other reforms and work initiated to improve transparency and accountability. These include the formation of the Institutional Reforms Committee, electoral action plan to reform the electoral and parliamentary processes, submission of recommendations to achieve zero-corruption which include reforms in enforcement and government agencies, revamping the structure of judicial appointments, limiting concentration of power and the vetting process for key public appointments.

    “These reforms may not bring immediate economic value but are important to restore confidence in the country’s key institutions and judiciary system, and restoring checks and balances in the system,” she said.

    Syahredzan Johan, a lawyer and political secretary to Iskandar Puteri member of parliament Lim Kit Siang concurred, saying that there has been an improvement in transparency with the new government.

    “For example, the revelations about the financial situation of the country may cause some discomfort to investors, but they are needed to ensure that the public know what exactly is going on. Under the previous regime we were always given a rosy picture, which is comforting to some but does not reflect the reality of the situation.

    “I hope that this more transparent way of governing will be a prevalent feature of this government in the future,” he said.

    There are also calls for a more transparent system in business conduct, via open tenders for contracts, for example.

    “Open tenders should be reintroduced for new power-generation projects but all proposals must be considered in terms of practicality given the Malaysian environment. For example, the solar and wind availabilities in Malaysia are limited and these should be factored in without pandering to buzzwords and unrealistic environmental expectations,” said Etiqa Insurance and Takaful chief strategy officer Chris Eng Poh Yoon.

    “Instead, overall energy efficiency should be promoted to better take care of the environment,” he added.

    On another note, Eng added that the government has made bold moves with regard to the evaluation of some of the major infrastructure contracts. “My hope is that for those major infrastructure projects that have a clear multiplier effect such as the mass rapit transit, these should continue or restart once proper cost evaluation is in place.”

    Quicker resolution of labour issues

    The pace for human resource issues, especially those pertaining to the hiring of foreign workers needs to be sped up, according to Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan.

    “A lot of things need to be done. Many issues are not resolved as far as issues on human resources are concerned. This causes a lot of problems for employers.

    “For example, when the government goes strong against the hiring of illegal foreign workers — that is of course the right thing to do. But on the other hand, legal foreign workers are not available, as currently we are not able to bring in new workers as it still under consideration and policies are still being discussed.

    “In the meantime employers are left in the lurch, and in that way it is going to hit the industries very badly,” he said.

    Shamsuddin added that the government’s move to break the monopoly of the hiring of foreign workers would not help to resolve the workers shortage issue.

    “Opening up the hiring of foreign workers does not translate into cost going down for businesses. What the government needs to do is be proactive in reducing the costs of hiring foreign workers because with the presence of agents, the hiring costs per pax could cost up to RM10,000, but under a government-to-government system the costs are not above RM4,000 per pax,” he said.

    According to MEF, another issue which needs urgent attention is employers’ contribution to the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).

    To put things into perspective, employers have to contribute 1% of their monthly payroll to the HRDF as levy, of which 70% of the total fund is claimable via various training grants and schemes managed by the HRDF, where employers choose the programmes that suit their business needs. The remaining 30% of the levy goes towards the pooled fund to support strategic initiatives to achieve a 35% skilled workforce by 2020.

    The Industrial-Based Certification Programme (Inbase) is one of the strategic initiatives that uses the 30% pooled fund.

    “The Inbase programme is now suspended, but the 30% [contribution to the fund] remains, so employers don’t have the opportunity to use that 30% to train their employees. The 30% that employers contribute should not be hived off because currently there are no training programmes [which the pooled fund supports],” Shamsuddin said.

    Democratic freedom

    Rashaad Ali, a research analyst with the Malaysia Programme at the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, said he hopes the government will repeal undemocratic laws.

    “Hopefully the government can turn their attention to democratic reform by repealing undemocratic laws, including the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, the Sedition Act 1948 and the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971,” he said.

    Moving beyond the 100 days

    Beyond the 100 days, SERC’s Lee said, the journey ahead is more challenging as the government strives to fulfil the manifesto promises.

    “While the new government was elected with a strong mandate, it’s time to make more inroads into economic and institutional accomplishments in the years ahead.

    “Post 100 days, the era of reforming government, public institutions, government-linked companies and government-linked investment companies as well as sweeping economic reforms and overreach programmes would take centre stage,” he said.

    That’s all for now.

  49. mubarakchan Aug 17,2018 9:31 AM


    As you and your delegation head towards the storied capital of the Peoples’ Republic of China Beijing with the whole of our beloved Malaysia now under a New and Incorruptible Government united in Peace, Harmony and Productivity, you certainly have a ‘feel good feeling’ and somewhat satisfied flying towards your important appointment and destination at 30,000 feet ! But as you correctly said that much needs to be done in the years ahead. On this the Rakyat are with you and your PH Government. The PH Government has fulfilled the Spirit of its Manifesto and much of its Substance as well which was getting rid of the corrupt digits in the System. But what was not mentioned in the Manifesto was that with an Incorruptible Government, every Ringgit the Government spent, 90 sens are retrieved NOT 60 sens with the Fake BN Government. This is the NUB of Good and Normal Governance. And the good tiding is that on your 8th visit to China, this will be the most important and successful as will be recorded in the Annals of World History. It is good to be friends with all in this World, big and small. Malaysia Boleh ! Bon Voyage Tun !

  50. HBT456 Aug 17,2018 9:22 AM

    654. I thought he could be jujur and asked, where are you selangor with his slogan of malaysia boleh with malay bias policy.

    656. Yesterday, they were enemies, today they turned friends, tomorrow, when they felt threatened, they would ended up as enemies again.

    657. Thats maverick politics with flip then flop, the so- called man propose, god dispose as rule of man.

    657. I already said, if pkr is not dsai, things would be less complicated.

    658. Bak kata cina, finding fault with the system is akin to finding tulang inside an egg just to make a stand.

    659. Perhaps in umno, the pepatah of duri dalam daging is more approriate, and umno is split into umno vs pkr, and pas split pas vs amanah, and mca split into mca vs gerakkan and mic split into mic vs hindraft and dap too is merged under pkr and formed pakatan harapan with bersatu chairman and decided to collute with political parties in sabah and sarawak.

    660. All failures of system failed are directly correlated with those who are guilty to cheat, steal, bomb and rob just to dictate the portfolii to exploit the voters to get super rich.

    661. In other words, system failures are directly correlated with human race of greed and fear.

    662. Since such human race, or environment factor, is beyond our control, henceforth, hedge fund is born to hedge against future inflation beyond our control.


    664. If go by federal and constitutional law, umno already can be de- registered or banned permanently walaupun mereka buat lapaoran kat polis diraja malaysia pending ag to decide on whether to allow the court to decide the fate of 1mdb, felda global venture with malay bias policy and party machineries of the divides.

    665. No matter how these cases are freezed,, twistered, and spinned, the pattern of rule of man is unchanged, and those who have gone through this path, or journey know very well the consequences of the game of numbers.

    666. Since they chosen not to admit, and confront the trial with integrity, the end result remains as ultra, atau tidak kukuh.

    667. The ball is on the table of tommy thomas.

  51. faridina Aug 17,2018 8:53 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Selesai sudah sesi pertama persidangan Dewan Rakyat ke 14 semalam 16 Ogos 2018 dan kini tumpuan diberikan kepada Dewan Negara untuk membahaskan dan meluluskan Rang Undang-Undang (RUU) yang telah diluluskan dari suara rakyat Malaysia Baru di dewan yang lebih rendah.

    Pesanan kami mudah sahaja kepada senator2 jangan main politik dan dilihat menuruti kehendak parti dan MP2 pembangkang dalam Dewan Rakyat yang telah ditolak rakyat, dalam usaha mensabotaj kehendak serta suara rakyat Malaysia Baru dan melengah-lengahkan beberapa RUU penting seperti RUU SST dan lain2.

    Senat jangan main politik walaupun anda semua adalah lantikkan politik tetapi kami rakyat tidak pernah memilih anda secara langsung.

    Mungkin majoriti rakyat Malaysia tiada perasan bahawa Dewan Senat masih dikuasai oleh tinggalan rejim kerajaan BN dahulu dengan pecahannya seperti berikut;

    YDP Dewan Negara – dari MIC
    Timbalan YDP – dari UMNO
    Komposisi 70 orang senator,
    BN/PAS dll – 43, PH – 9, Bebas – 4
    Kekosongan Senator – 14

    Walaupun untuk RUU berkaitan kewangan seperti SST misalnya walaupun tidak boleh ditolak secara mutlak tetapi masih boleh dilengahkan kurang lebih sebulan sebelum ianya secara automatik lulus dan dipersembahkan kepada DYMM YDPA.

    Senator2 jangan nak tunjuk hero sangat seperti MP2 kartun pembangkang dalam Dewan Rakyat yang telah mengugut MP2 PH dengan kenyataan “tunggu senat, tunggu senat” bagi tujuan menolak RUU tertentu sebab kononnya mereka ada majoriti di situ.

    Para senator pembangkang harus ingat anda bukan pilihan rakyat dan “tunggu 2019, tunggu 2019” ramai dari anda akan gugur sebab dah tamat kontrak maka giliran senator PH menguasai Dewan Negara atau juga dikenali sebagai Dewan Senat.


    p/s : Banyak jawatan kosong sekarang dan 2019 + kerja mudah + gaji lumayan menanti ahli-ahli politik sekalian ya..

  52. mubarakchan Aug 16,2018 9:46 PM


    Congratulations ! In 3 hours time, your PH Government would have completed 100 days of service to our beloved Malaysia with common sense and discipline notwithstanding the little slips of the tongue here and there which I always advised my grand-daughter to think before speaking. When we speak, the words shoot out of our mouths like bullets from an AK47 ! Most recalcitrants claimed they have been mis-quoted by the media. This they believe themselves. However, little things aside. And what do the Rakyat discover at the end of the day from the once mighty BN Government after years of erosion of its POLITICAL WILL, 2004-2018 by the weakness of the flesh and the soft under-belly,- a litany of horrendous malfeasance of young boys running off with RM 42 Billions, our elites spent time specializing in Israeli bras, undies and stockings to make the future comfortable for 500 Million Indian ladies, invest and lose all in UBS just to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs, the protect Malays interest Khazanah could bail out private entities in Turkey and India with a RM 100 Million basic salary Singaporean rocket scientist of untested repute with access to UNLIMITED BILLIONS OF RINGGITS OF THE RAKYATS MONEY, KTM with assets in Tanjong Pagar, 25 miles of steel rails, Woodlands etc ended up as half an office building in Singapore, Agreements on the HSR and the ECRL are no Agreements at all. a nobody could extract 1,000,000 barrels of oil from Saddam Hussein, and the horrendous activities go on and on.
    But in 100 days, your New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great achieved what the Fake BN Government could not do in 15 years, 2004-2018 which is to achieve NORMALITY AND INCORRUPTIBILITY.
    Every Ringgit the Government now spends, it is expected to get back at least 90 sens worth unlike pre-9th May 2018 which only 60 sens could be retrieved. Singapore gets 93 sens with draconian measures. This is the NUB of your PH Government which makes governing easier.
    You are right. To rectify our Government and its System to an even keel will take many more years. However, taking cognizance of the fact that most Malaysians are good and honest, and happy with a honest Government, the recovery gathers pace with its own momentum.
    As a result, the PH Government has an unlimited supply of white rabbits to pull out of its hat UNLIKE SINGAPORE WHICH HAS NONE because all were used up in the 20th Century ! This is like the story of The Beauty and the Beast which I need not elaborate.
    Your pronouncements on the National Car, the reviews of the HSR and the ECRL are harbingers of the Future. The Future which must focus on having FULL EMPLOYMENT for our Rakyat and less on the GDP, and the perennial attempts to push up our LIFE-STYLE towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.
    Your tested leadership will be paramount in the years ahead. As it is said that it does not matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice. No pun intended, Tun !
    Yes ! When the Rakyat was suffering during 2004-2018, we constantly thought of our daily bread, our security, our children’s prospects and ourselves all the time. But with the coming of 9th May 2018, and your Second Coming with your recognition of mistakes past, we have now full confidence of a bright and breezy future to come. And our minds at rest to contribute and produce far better results in keeping with what our beloved Malaysia really means to ourselves and to the World at large. And with this background, you and your delegation tomorrow will break further new ground, NOT ONLY ON RIGGITS AND SENSE BUT TO ESTABLISH OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA’S RIGHFUL PLACE AS ONE OF 4 IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD with the People’s Republic of China and our friends all over the World, big and small.
    Malaysia, a unique country of diverse peoples living in peace, harmony and productivity for centuries. And now ready to serve the World. Where are you, Singapore ? Malaysia Boleh ! Bon Voyage Tun !

  53. adhadi Aug 16,2018 9:16 AM

    TQ tun. Semoga segala project yang dirancang dapat dilaksanakan untuk kesejahteraan rakyat.

    Studio photography

  54. HBT456 Aug 15,2018 11:20 PM

    651. Even the leaders of china with the population of 1.4 billion also understand boat rocking would split the country into pieces.

    652. No matter how bad is the storm, the rain will stop.

    653. It is up to the political parties of the divides to do their parts to stay relevant.

  55. HBT456 Aug 15,2018 11:06 PM

    647. Bak kata, bagi bukit emas pun tarak guna.

    648. Jangan kata ah choo takut, nanti ah kow pun lari.

    649. Absolute power corrupts.

    650. Henceforth general election must be called in every 5 years to get mandate from the voters.

  56. HBT456 Aug 15,2018 10:19 PM

    644. Dengki, hasut, jeles, sabotaj dan macam2 lagi, itu lah sifat keberanian wira umnoputra?

    645. Akhirnya tertumpang umno dan barisan nasional.

    646. Will bersatu dan pakatan harapan ended up like the opposition in future?

  57. HBT456 Aug 15,2018 10:11 PM

    642. Itu lah tahi lembu!

    643. If cannot sell, buat protest besar- besaran in 21st century?

  58. faridina Aug 15,2018 9:40 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    “Kalau ditoreh badan ini, darah yang mengalir keluar ialah darah UMNO” ujar Najib.

    Tetapi ;

    “Kalau ditoreh majoriti badan rakyat Malaysia, nescaya darah yang mengalir keluar ialah darah yang bersih dari UMNO aka 1MDB hihihi” ujar kami.

    Terpanggil dengan kenyataan Si Nazri Aziz yang lama sudah kami nantikan kemunculan semula setelah sekian lama membatu-bisu yang mahu Najib disisirkan dari UMNO kerana bayangan Najib merugikan UMNO katanya.

    Si Nazri ini adalah sifu Najib dalam acara maki memaki hamun terhadap Ayahanda Tun satu ketika tidak berapa dahulu;
    a. Siapa yang sanggup hendak menumbuk Tun dahulu?
    b. Gelar Tun Bapa Segala Rasis?
    c. Gelar Tun orang tua nyanyuk?
    d. Siapa suruh Tun bertaubat dan insaf?
    e. Siapa cakap Tun busuk hati, dengki, cemburu dan iri hati terhadap bosnya?
    f. – z. Banyak lagi, sakit hati rasanya hendak menulis..

    Kebiadapan Si Nazri ini merangsangkan Panglima Bugis untuk membangsatkan kaum Melayu dengan tidak sayang mulut bibir pinknya memaki Ayahanda Tun dengan Kepala Bapak! (Masih ingat masa kecik2 dulu kalau sebut perkataan ini pasti bertumbuk! Lihatlah budak2 pun tahu perkataan ini adalah sangat biadap dan melibatkan maruah bapa sebagai ketua keluarga! Kurang ajar Si Najib dan Si Nazri ni).

    Beberapa bulan yang lalu Nazri dengan lantang menyatakan akan bersara dari politik sekiranya Najib melabuhkan tirai politiknya tetapi hari ini Nazri sudah mula berkokok menolak bos lamanya yang tidak berkuasa lagi dan mula memuji2 PM ke 7 Malaysia hari ini.

    Nah inilah perangai sebenar Nazri yang kami tabik sebab beliau kekal dengan prinsipnya membodek dia.. siapa juga Perdana Menteri yang memerintah itu yang dia sanjung dan anggap segala kebiadapan, keterlanjuran dan keceluparannya masa lalu tidak pernah berlaku. Loya, loya dan meloyakan.

    Najib dan UMNO bercerai tiada malah setakat ini sekalung tahniah buat UMNO kerana menjadikan pasangan Najib & Rosmah selaku mascot dalam PRK Sg. Kandis baru-baru ini.Teruskan usaha yang baik ini dalam dua lagi PRK di negeri Selangor yang bakal menjelang.

    Najib bukan shadow bagi MP UMNO tetapi cahaya dan idola mereka, tak percaya lihat sesi perbahasan Dewan Rakyat bagaimana mereka mempertahankan Najib dalam isu hutang negara 1.1 trillion, isu GST, isu kehilangan 18billion, isu 1MDB sehingga isu Equanimity.

    Lihat bagaimana Zahid kekal setia dengan Najib dalam parlimen sampai sambut harijadi Najib di situ malah Zahid komedi sanggup menuduh Tun dengan perkataan kemunafakan oops kemunafikan.. itulah Allah swt menyukarkan dia menyebutkan perkataan tersebut kerana yang munafik sebenar2nya Najib dan dia Zahid.

    Lihatlah kedudukan Najib dalam dewan yang mulia sebelah Ketua Pembangkang lagi dan walaupun tak punya Nazri yang sekian lama tak ke dewan tetapi punyai tokoh2 berkokok dari UMNO selain Zahid ada Ismail Sabri, KJ, Annuar Musa, Mahadzir Khalid, Hamzah Zainudin, Noh Omar dan the UMNO three stooges Tajuddin Rahman, Bung Mokhtar dan Ahmad Must Learn.

    Dengan adanya Najib yang masih belum didapati bersalah di dewan yang mulia ini maka terserlahlah bakat MP UMNO sebagai pembangkang yang konstruktif supaya jangan dilihat kurangaktif.

    Akhir bicara kalau mereka mahu terus kekal sebagai pembangkang yang kurangaktif di masa hadapan maka wajiblah Najib & Rosmah mereka kekalkan sebagai idola dan ikon UMNO.

    Ingat pesanan kami pertahankan Najib dan jangan sekali-kali menyingkir dia dari UMNO kerana darah yang mengalir dalam badannya darah UMNO kerana dikhuatiri jika dia disingkir kelak badan yang ditoreh akan mengalir keluar darah 1MDB pula.


  59. Sri Sense Aug 15,2018 9:06 PM

    Evening Tun!

    Nak cerita sikit about selling.

    Years ago, I rajin baca buku antaranya tentang selling. Ada satu cerita I nak kongsi sini.

    Ceritanya lebih kurang begini, ada salesman dah berbulan tak bawa sales, so Sales Manager panggil dia dan kasi warning, kalau tiada sales juga dia akan dibuang kerja.

    Tiba2 salesman ini bawa banyak sales salepas warning itu. Sales Manager terkejut, panggil salesman dan tanya macam mana tiba2 dapat sales banyak.

    Salesman cerita gini, bila customers kata main golf dapat ini ini, dia jawab that’s great walaupun dalam hati tau customer temberang. Bila customer kata semalam dinner dengan mayor, dia jawab that’s great, walaupun dia tau customer tipu.

    So Sales Manager tanya balik, before this apa cakap, salesman jawab THATS BULLSHIT!


    Good night!

  60. Sri Sense Aug 15,2018 2:39 PM

    Good evening YAB Tun

    I pening baca komen2 berani sini, antaranya blog owner macam Nabi Muhammad.

    Pengomen ini tau ka orang Islam tak suka, lukis cartoon Nabi Muhammad pun jadi rusuhan. Jangan cakap sebab internet orang tak kenal, kalau nak check boleh tau siapa empunya akaun.

    Kalau kata sidia tu komen macam sembahyang sembah tok pekong, pagi2 latuk latuk, kita faham juga. 🙂

    Orang Islam kalau tak sembahyang, kita kata berdosa dengan Allah. Masjid rumah Allah. Anything we do kerana Allah.

    That’s all for now.

  61. mubarakchan Aug 15,2018 10:13 AM


    This is one of my happiest mornings or moments with the RM 3 nasi lemak in front of me and the many headlines of a New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great pushing and shoving our beloved Malaysia back to a NORMAL stance e.g. 1) ‘End to monopoly on hiring of Bangladeshi workers’ – a cruel policy of the Fake BN Government to exploit not only the poor but fellow religionists as well – a form of slavery via money. 2) Citizenship for senior MyPR holders – another humanitarian and just move by your Government. Many kudos to you, Tun. These 2 simple headlines say a lot about ‘Humanitarianism, justice and fair play’ as now openly practised by your Government as it struggles towards NORMALITY AFTER 16 YEARS OF FAKE BN GOVERNMENTS and its crooked MONEY MAKING POLICIES TO THE DISADVANTAGE OF US THE HAPLESS RAKYAT. We could only watch and suffer in silence.
    Hence, I sought you out in April 2010 after meeting you last in 1984. And the first question you asked me was, ‘ Where do you come from ?’ I could only smile if you remember. I knew you had the answer to your own question !
    9th May 2018 was LIBERATION DAY FOR US ALL. Now a thousand Bunga Raya will bloom. And all of us Rakyat will bloom now given a real chance to contribute and perform as to our NORMAL standards, No more. No less. And arising from all this muck of 2004-2018, our beloved Malaysia overnight under your Premiership of a New and Incorruptible Government becomes ONE OF THE 4 MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA.
    Our Prime Minister and his colleagues CAN NOW LOOK AT THE WHOLE WORLD FAIRLY AND SQUARELY WITHOUT SHIFTY EYES as though wanting to hide something.
    Hence, with these factual remarks, OUR TUN DR MAHAHTIR MOHAMAD’S VISIT TO THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA IS THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT since his momentous visits to our old friends, Japan and Indonesia. Malaysia’s relationship with the People’s Republic of China goes back a long long way spanning centuries even before the time of Marco Polo in the 13th Century. Many Kelantanese today may have Yunnan roots dating from the 9th-10th Century AD as our Professor Tan Sri Dr. K.K. Khoo confirms. Admiral Cheng Ho in the Ming Dynasty was a johnny-come-lately. Across these dusty historical pages we come across famous Arab travellers like Ibnu Battuta and many others like him. The ancient crows came along too. All in all, our beloved Malaysia did not come out of the jungle only after Merdeka 1957. We had civilised riverine settlements since the 9th-10th Century AD. which eventually developed into the famed Kingdoms of Melaka and Patani. With this tremendous background, our beloved and historical Malaysia will be represent by our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his delegation to visit President Xi Jin-ping and his honourable Government as long standing friends with a relationship which spans over a thousand years as recorded in history and again cemented by Tun’s predecessors after Merdeka.
    Our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad can and will look squarely at President Xi in warm friendship and renew bonding of over a thousand years. Unlike a small country which sent a team of Ministers who lined up like school-boys to shake President Xi with outstretched hands after they were caught short in some undiplomatic fracas in a diplomatic event on the South China Sea ! With such a very long history of friendship between the Peoples’ Republic of China and our beloved Malaysia, anything else comparatively would fade inconsequentially. Friendship should not involve money. And if the BN Government had taken this unseemly approach, then it is up to the present New and Incorruptible Government as led by our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his colleagues to explain that it was done WITHOUT THE WILL OF THE RAKYAT IN MIND BUT COLOURED BY PERSONAL COMMERCIAL CONSIDERATIONS. What is little slip here and there between good friends of over a thousand years ?
    Our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his Government leads a HUMBLE, PROUD AND STRONG MALAYSIA UNITED IN HER AIMS TO SERVE THE WORLD TOGETHER WITH THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA – Malaysia one of 4 most important small countries in the World has come of Age and will play her part in her contribution to the World in the ultimate interest of Humankind as she treks upwards towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.
    WHAT MORE CAN WE HUMBLE MALAYSIANS ASK FOR ? Man proposes. God disposes.
    Malaysia Boleh Tun ! Bon Voyage !

  62. HBT456 Aug 15,2018 9:33 AM

    627. When the word rakyat is being used in this blog, it is kind of scary and frightening apabila wang politik mahupun rasuah politik boleh dipermainkan dengan perkataan dikampongkan, didodoikan, dibangsatkan, dan kini digalerikan after spending the biggest budget just to elevate them for so many decades.

    628. Yup, being the perdana menteri for this country is memang susah kerana jiwa dan hati melayu mesti didahulukan, dimanjakan dan dijagakan so that the ruling government can keep their votes.

    629. Jika tidak, mereka akan buat riots besar-besaran again and again to be awarded with the jasa title?

    630. The neigbouring countries are open up for development, and it will increase persaingan which would definitely will effect our nilai matawang mahupun positioning in this region, and the world.

    631. I am sure they are aware of that.

    632. Pendek kata, mereka sama2 do not trust each others, and do not have faith with our judiciary system in this country since the judges could be rigged base on race base.

    633. Pendek kata, need base can be rigged by the dewan speaker of the day.

    634. Will they get away again this time around after being caught by foreign country in post it era?

    635. If they can get away, meaning this country is attracting people who have the same thinking like them to continue to dictate the economy?

    636. Muslim minority in canada has started to rally for lgbt human rights with 3 words in writing, ‘allah is gay’ on the street to show the world what canada stands for.

    637. Trx or klse?

    638. Bangsa negeri masing-masing atau bangsa malaysia?

    639. Everyone is aware that states’ sultan have the absolute power in deciding fatwa of the day.

    640. It is up to states’ royals to decide what their need to do to develop their land further.

    641. Berkongsi, atau tidak, it is up to the state royals to decide since no one can challenge the fatwa atau hak istimewa of them from the past, today, tomorrow and many years to come.

  63. Sri Sense Aug 15,2018 9:19 AM

    Good morning YB Tun

    Pagi tadi hubby cerita tentang whatsapp group, bila kawan nak kutuk current government, dia sound, “gua X respect you, kalau 1 tahun lagi nak election boleh la kutuk pagi petang siang malam”.


    I ada dengar cerita ada certain group dalam UMNO nak suruh Najib keluar dari UMNO. Perlukah ada desakkan? Dia sendiri tak tau ka? Nak selamat parti kena keluar dengan rela hati.

    That’s all for now.

  64. faridina Aug 15,2018 1:31 AM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Mohon mengusulkan kepada YAB Perdana Menteri cadangan penubuhan sebuah galeri 1 Malaysia Dah Buktikan untuk tujuan mempamerkan replika barang2 rampasan dari penyelewangan dana 1MDB untuk tontonan generasi anak cucu kami kelak dan menjadi bukti kleptokrasi kerajaan rejim Najib.

    Tapak cadangan galeri adalah di Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) dan boleh dimulakan dengan replika skala kecil kapal Equanimity dan jet Bombardier Global 5000 serta replika2 yang lain seperti pelbagai beg tangan mewah, jam tangan, pelbagai barangan kemas serta banyak lagi (senarai terlalu panjang) usai kes perbicaraan seseorang.

    Kerajaan harus melakukan kerja2 asas dari sekarang umpamanya merakam segala hiasan dalaman mewah serta kemudahan yang terdapat di dalam dan di luar kapal Equanimity untuk dipertontonkan kepada rakyat yang bakal mengunjungi pawagam Equanimity dalam galeri 1MDB satu hari nanti.

    Ini baru adil kerana semua anak cucu kita kelak akan dapat menyaksikan sendiri keborosan si kleptorat yang menyebabkan mereka mewarisi beban hutang Malaysian Crook ini.

    Begitu juga jet peribadi Bombardier Global 5000 yang bakal dibawa pulang dari Singapura juga boleh dirakam hiasan dalamannya supaya dapat dipertontonkan dalam galeri 1MDB kelak.

    Galeri juga akan mempamerkan gambar2 barangan rampasan pelbagai koleksi yang boleh memenuhkan ruang pameran dan pelbagai cenderahati boleh turut dijual untuk kenang-kenangan manakala tiket masuk boleh dijual dengan harga seminima mungkin namun untuk pelancong asing harga yang lebih tinggi sedikit mungkin.

    Percayalah galeri ini bakal menjadi satu lagi tarikan pelancong luar yang kagum dengan usaha kerajaan PH memerangi kerajaan kleptokrasi sebelum ini dan menyelamat Malaysia yang tercinta dari ambang kebankrapan.

    Sekian dan mohon Ayahanda Tun dipertimbangkan dan dipanjangkan kepada YAB PM.

    p/s : Jangan nafikan hak rakyat untuk sama-sama mengetahui dan melihat apa yang istimewa yang terdapat dalam kapal Equanimity dan Bombardier. Menariknya makna Equanimity itu sendiri “Sentiasa Tenang Dalam Situasi Yang Amat Menyukarkan” memang tuan dia sudah mengagak kesudahannya nampaknya.

  65. mubarakchan Aug 14,2018 2:56 PM


    Many readers here must be wondering why being NORMAL is so important in one’s life and environment. All professionals use NORMAL as the yardstick to measure any untoward or unusual activity like a normal temperature, or a normal format in the presentation of annual accounts etc. And I have also mentioned that it takes a lot of discipline to be NORMAL. To clarify what I meant by being ABNORMAL here is a list of ABNORMAL events which affected our beloved Malaysia’s Sovereignty and National Interest since 1962 :-

    1. The Water Agreement. Who sells 1,000 gallons of water for 3 sens for 50 years ?
    2. Somehow, someone signed a letter which stated there was no interest in Pulau Batu Puteh
    3. The 3 wise men gave all the software of MSA to SIA for free.
    4. The KL-Singapore Stock Exchange was manipulated unofficially from 1972 to 2000 via 12 crashes to extract money out of Malaysia. No crashes since 2000 !
    5. The rush to the International Court of Justice at The Hague with an old professor in tow after 50 years of inaction and lost when our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was around but ignored.
    6. Government owned assets could be privatised with no valuation
    7. A nobody could extract 1,000,000 barrels of oil out of Saddam Hussein and topped the UN Sanctions List.
    8. Boys on the 4th Floor were almighty with their magic wand.
    9. The Minister of Tourism could promote London tourism with an exhibit of Malaysian orchids at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, London which won a Gold Medal from the Queen for doing so.
    10. Sime Darby promoted Ocean Racing In New Zealand for 9 years.
    11. A young boy was entrusted with RM 42 Billion of the Rakyat’s money. What happened later could be expected in the land of the unexpected.
    12. A Crypto move to turn our Malaysian Style Capitalist Democracy with a Malay Bias and our loyalty and devotion towards our Constitution, Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, into a Communist or Authoritarian State via the GLCs with the open declaration that this was done to protect Malay interests and make money for the Rakyat. Those in control anointed themselves from RM 5 Million basic salary to a rocket scientist from Singapore at RM 100 Million basic salary. We all now know where Turkey and India are ! At the end of the day, it was exposed that these specialists only made money for themselves, specializing in Israeli bras, undies, and stockings and how to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs by losing RM 80 Million and RM 2 Billion respectively of the Rakyat’s money. The excuse was that these losses were RECOVERABLE ! Are we Malaysians that STUPID ?
    13. KTM assets at Tanjong Pagar, 25 miles of steel rails and the Woodland ended up as HALF an office building in 1st World Singapore !
    14. Now Singapore claims that the HSR was inspired by Malaysia which means Malaysia builds 99% of the HSR on Malaysian soil and pays 99% of the costs without an escape clause. The costs range from RM50 Billion – RM100 Billon. And if the HSR is cancelled, Malaysia pays HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF RINGGITS as compensation !. For Singapore, heads I win, tails you lose. Further, traditionally more tourists flow from KL to Singapore than vice-versa. And this absurd Agreement was concluded during the hottest relationship between the DUO.
    15. It is reported that for 13% of the work done, 80% of the cost of the ECRL has already been paid outside of Malaysia.
    16. The Malaysia Killer TPPA or CPTTP, a creation of Lee Kuan Yew to subjugate our beloved Malaysia into a SLAVE COLONY OF SINGAPORE was negotiated secretly for 19 sessions before being exposed. It was alleged the Malaysian Chief Negotiator was the spouse of SBT journalist stationed in KL to gather information for Singapore.
    17. The person in charge of the Fake Amendment of the Bankruptcy Act 1967 misled 300,000 young bankrupts by only attaching an amendment to the Act due to pressure from financial interests which dare not do this in Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia. Weak. Very weak.
    And the list goes on and on during 2004-2018. A NORMAL Government would not tolerate such Agreements or activities if not within our Sovereignty and National Interest. In other words, the Agreements and activities as listed were all FAKES which underlined a FAKE BN GOVERNMENT.
    All malfeasance locally and overseas should be probed by the MACC and the culprits charged in Court because ALL WERE DONE SO OPENLY AND BRAZENLY IN SUCH HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY !

  66. HBT456 Aug 14,2018 1:49 PM

    621. Jangan pandang, ada pontianak ke?

    622. Yup, the empire group is facing tremendous pressure from the lembaga hasil dalam negeri dictated by the so-called umnoputra with mata sempit with their super exclusive ego by targeting these developers to pay them first, obviously, they will delay payments to these main contractors and their nominated contractors that could lead to bankruptcy.

    622. Ask yourself, if these contractors akin soldiers are killed off, who will do the projects for you?

    623. Instead of limiting putrajaya to a monument height to keep the buildings there low, but unfortunately, they decided to build more and more high rise buildings in cyberjaya just to increase traffic by force, and i guess this is the political reason why umnoputra developers do not want to recognize uec so that these students would be forced to study in their so called copy-cat european univerity owned by them via force in the name of lgbt, malaysian first, chinese second, again and again.

    624. Even myself as malaysian chinese also feel malu to see all these hardcore supporters of multi races in worshipping the blog owner as if he is the nabi muhammad.

    625. When problems turned messy, all they do is to hop to safe seats and tunggu masa to return when the time is right.

    626. Dont you they are being irrespinsible?

  67. HBT456 Aug 14,2018 11:16 AM

    607. It is up to 9 state sultan of all states in peninsula with monarchy constitution to become the next agong in line to decide what they want with their state menteri besar via the new ruling government.

    608. All system can failed, henceforth, it is up to the political parties of the divides to do what they want to stay relevant in malaya, sabah and sarawak.

  68. HBT456 Aug 14,2018 11:03 AM

    606. Bak kata, jika lembu tak nak minium air, no one can force the lembu to drink.

    609. Kereta nasional 3.0 is just only another general election budget for bersatu and pakatan harapan which is no difference in bloating the economy with mosques, surau, airports, automobile, motorcycles, tunnel and highways eventhough the death toll of road accidents remain one of the highest in the world coupled with 3 biji malaysian commercial flights with hub and nasionalism again.

    610. Gst is a good move, but the umno ex housing minister made it so complicated with the application of returning the gst which would cause increase of document works with manpower with is totally an opposite of save earth campaigns.

    611. Ini lah hakikat mahathir dilenma of mavericak, flip then flop base on race and religion quota to make this country an islamic hub in asean to recreate jobs just for muslim bumiputra contractor to fish votes only.

    612. Even if isa is changed to sosma, it would eventually become the tool of the ruling government to silent those political parties’ members who do not agree with them.

    613. Chin peng eventhough had the birth right to return to his burial site in taiping, but it was rejected by the umno ex-kdn minister.

    614. But, zakir naik is a indian muslim fugitive in india, but he was allowed to have pr in penang island by the then umno ex kdn minster.

    615. When 3 biji malaysian owned commercial flights were down, the umno ex transport minister didnt know what to do, but cruely and sadly the entire team of umnoputra decided to cover up the case by look east policy in making prc nationals indonesians as the bad people in the name of ‘allah’.

    616. Ask yourself, with this kind of one sided, cronism and nepotism politics, it is not surprise many right thinking malaysians decided to leave this country for good.

    617. With this kind of one sided of forever got tomorrow one of tunggu besok, tunggu lusa baru buat mentality politics, the voters obviously would vote the political parties that screw them less, meaning we are heading back to mediocre of moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance of so so with another set of so called malaysians with super ego and ignorant to create troubles in other states.

    618. When things turned messy, embarrassing and laughing stock, the style is always adalah salah kaum lain, khususnya kaum cina.

    619. Chance and opportunity already given by ex-umno ec, but umno bn still loose.

    620. Whoever instructed to use taxpayer monies via court order to pay for pampasan that favor political or crony themselves, they will be ended up as the bekas perdana menteri.

  69. mubarakchan Aug 14,2018 9:50 AM


    How wonderful and fortunate that we in our beloved Malaysia wake-up every morning to a fine and sunny day in peace and harmony ? But these days are different from 2004 onwards to 2018. Our beloved Malaysia which was previously known to foreigners as bland and boring became sexy and exciting over-coloured by MONEY, MONEY, MONEY from 2004 onwards. From 1957 to 2003, our distinguished and respected Prime Ministers conducted themselves NORMALLY which is the most difficult thing to do given all the tremendous powers in hand and the temptations. But thereafter, SEX appeared in heavy doses right at the top of the Power Pyramid with the Rakyat having an insight to the to-ing and fro-ing of the Powerful like rubbing the shoulders of bare-back beautiful ladies by the hands of the good and the great which all ended up in a huge C4 explosion in the middle of the night in KL. From 2004 onwards, the Rakyat’s attention was riveted on SEX, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY at the top issues which gathered in momentum as the years go by and that was 15 years long. But previous to 2004 for centuries, our beloved Malaysia actually had the best of both World’s which was our natural and organically produced in Malaysia better than Viagra and more nutritious, the DURIAN which served all our needs properly and normally. We never made any excuse to shoot off to Perth to play golf with packets of Viagra etc. As all good doctors will tell us that we can do anything as long as we do not abuse ourselves. But some did after 2004 ! And became Khazanah specialists in Israeli bras, undies and stockings. With our World’s Best Durian even the famished Singaporean rushed in to grab given the chance. A wonderful country like Malaysia and her wonderful peoples, WHAT MORE DO WE NEED BUT TO BEHAVE NORMALLY. And lo and behold, MALAYSIA OVERNIGHT WITH A NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT BECAME ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT 4 SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA to the chagrin of maybe only one jealous rival ! Hence, being a NORMAL PRIME MINISTER LIKE YOU TUN, THE TUNKU, TUN ABDUL RAZAK AND TUN HUSSEIN ONN is not as straightforward as it sounds. IT WAS THE DISCIPLINE AND THE CONSTANT THOUGHT OF A PRIME MINISTER’S RESPONSIBLITY AND DUTY TOWARDS ALL THE RAKYAT DEPENDENT ON JUST ONE PERSON ! Anything else meant a WIN OR a BREAK FOR THE BENEFIT OR LOSS FOR THE RAKYAT. And between 2004-2018, the Rakyat lost BIG, VERY BIG ! And I am happy to note the following headlines today which with your Leadership, our Government is slowly reverting back to NORMAL. e.g. ‘ MACC, Audit Dept. to fall under Parliament.’ or ‘NS, BTN SCRAPPED’ – both were Potemkin entities designed to cheat the Government of its money or ‘Winds of change at SC’ where once upon a time a spouse was alleged to be the toll-keeper ! It is not easy to be NORMAL for some, Tun. Malaysia Boleh !

  70. HBT456 Aug 13,2018 11:14 PM

    601. Maverick, flip then flop, noble or not, after going through all these ugly political protests, any right thinking investors also scare.

    602. Private or crony investments, it makes no different.

    603. Nepotism of i help you, you help me, it makes no different.

    604. When the trust is betrayed, it might take few generation to rebuild the trust.

    605. With this kind of yo yo cum racist and extremist politics with ugly name calling it makes no different who become the perdana menteri.

  71. faridina Aug 13,2018 9:33 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Panglima Bugis Puas Tun Tentang,
    Equanimity & Bombardier Bakal DiRatah,
    Pucuk Dicita Ulam Mendatang,
    Ingatkan Nak Protes Skrg Memerintah.

    Terpanggil untuk mengupas segala sindiran sinis Ayahanda Tun dalam topik KERETA NASIONAL dalam terkini.

    [1. Saya diberitahu bahawa tidak ada siapa yang ingin lihat kereta nasional kedua. Cukuplah dengan Proton yang dikatakan gagal.]

    Pertama.. siapa kata rakyat Malaysia tidak mahu lihat projek kereta nasional kedua (PKN2).. itu hanya suara Rafizi suara bersebab suara yang tidak mahu Tun meninggalkan legasi pusingan ke 2 besar kemungkinan hendak tinggalkan sesuatu untuk bos dia agaknya.

    Kedua.. Proton tidak gagal tetapi yang gagal adalah Najib yang gagal melenyapkan legasi Tun walaupun Proton telah berjaya dia jual tetapi bukankah sekarang ‘pucuk dicita ulam mendatang’ maka sila teruskan PKN2 ini.. rakyat marhein seperti kami menyokong dan sentiasa berada di belakang Tun.

    Namun kita akui seperti mana Ayahanda Tun pernah akui baru-baru ini bahawa pemerintahan Tun versi 2.0 ini tidak semudah sewaktu Tun mula memerintah dalam tahun 1981dahulu kerana kali ini Tun kena bawa semua wawasan Tun ke Majlis Presiden PH untuk dipersetujui terlebih dahulu.

    Kalau semudah dahulu mungkin projek ‘Jambatan Bengkok’ pun telah dihidupkan semula tetapi PKN2 ini ada caranya untuk Tun justifikasikan kepentingannya kepada Majlis Presiden berdasarkan perkara-perkara berikut;
    1. Kami mengerti wawasan Tun tubuhkan PKN2 berpaksikan ‘automotif elektrik dan solar’ kerana percayalah dalam 10 tahun yang mendatang’ akan terdapat permintaan yang tinggi untuk kenderaan sedemikian dan kita telah bersiap sedia.
    2. Selain dari bahan api berasaskan petroleum ini akan pupus ditelan zaman maka in sahaja altenatif yang kita ada dengan kuasa elektik yang lebih mesra alam, kelebihan dua dalam satu.
    3. Seperkara lagi jika mereka kata ini projek berskala besar dan kita pun sudah tiada dana memandangkan Najib tinggalkan hutang yang Maha Banyak dan kerajaan PH sedang bergelut mencari dana melangsaikannya ini penyelesaiannya.
    3(a) Mari kita belajar dari Najib yang terang terangan merompak duit GST rakyat peniaga Malaysia sebanyak RM18 billion dari RM19.4 billion yang merupakan input tax yang perlu dikembalikan dalam tempoh 2 minggu.
    3(b) Kalau tiada niat hendak salahguna duit rakyat peniaga Malaysia ini maka sepatutnya wang input GST tersebut patut kekal dalam akaun amanah dan sekiranya tidak dapat dibuktikan peniaga dalam tempoh tertentu barulah dimasukkan ke dalam ‘akaun yang disatukan’.
    3(c) Kenakan semula cukai yang tinggi untuk kereta-kereta import untuk menjaga kepentingan kereta tempatan dan lebihan cukai kereta import tadi dimasukkan ke dalam akaun amanah untuk digunakan untuk membangunkan PKN2.
    3(d) Inilah erti keadilan ekonomi.. si kaya yang mampu apa masalahnya masih boleh memiliki kenderaan mewah.. kita tidak larang kemasukkan kenderaan luar.. janji mereka sanggup membayar pada harga yang tinggi.. yang kurang berkemampuan gunakan kereta nasional yang akan menjadi lebih murah dan mampu beli dengan kualiti yang setanding hari ini.

    Akhir sekali kami percaya Ayahanda Tun boleh mengatasi badai sekecil ini selepas mengharungi ombak taufan selama ini.

    Hidup Ayahanda Tun!

  72. HBT456 Aug 13,2018 9:21 PM

    592. Perhaps pakatan harapan can re-negotiate to increase water tarif in pahang for selangorians since most of water tunnel jobs already done half way during bn era before pkr won the selangor state.

    593. Asking singapore to increase 10 fold in water deal is no difference from building the one sided crooked bridg by force and bullism.

    594. Yup, this would cause bersatu and pakatan harapan in loosing votes when next general election is called.

    595. It wont be a surprise too boris johnson with his conservative party could wins out in next uk general election who starts rallying support for lgbt civil rights and the ban of burqa in uk.

    596. Even trump too cannot ignore steve cook of apple inc.

    597. Jika mahu main politik, kena main dengan cara yang bertimbang rasa.

    598. Jika mahu bikin buisiness, kena buat dengan cara yang betul.

    599. Dont forget, those who are elected is to solve problems, they are not elected to build their political party.

    600. The rest of story, its up to the political parties of the divide to decide.

  73. HBT456 Aug 13,2018 5:41 PM

    584. Hanjin bankruptcy is the tip of the iceberg for flailing shippers. … That became clear with the Aug. 31, 2016, bankruptcy of South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping Co., the world’s seventh-largest shipper, which temporarily marooned $14 billion of goods as ships were denied access to ports from Shanghai to Los Angeles.

    585. This could be the political reason why toys’rus needed to be closed down in usa.

    586. What happened to hanjin is no difference to what happened to lehman brother sub-prime mortgage melt down when the owners decided to file fodpr bankcruptcy in usa.

    587. Yang undi usa president adalah rakyat amerika syarikat, bukan rakyat malaysia yang berbilang kaum.

    588. Whatever programmes and campaigns that bersatu and pakatan harapan wants to do is no difference from what barisan nasional did in the past.

    589. Winning or loosing is not important, but the journey or path that we have gone through is more important.

    590. When bad things happened, there must be a good reasons.

    591. When you have tried your best, and still loose out, take it as the blessing.

  74. HBT456 Aug 13,2018 5:09 PM

    581. It is up to the malay wannabes to decide what they want.

    582. Mereka mahu begabung bahu atau tidak, it is the political risks they need to take.

    583. As voters, our obligation is to vote only.

  75. musato Aug 13,2018 11:43 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Pn Maizatul berhasrat membantu dan menjadi pengikut Tun serta sedia berkorban untuk negara demi Islam.

    Saya tertarik pada kata kata yang terpapar pada gambar wasap beliau.


    “Berbudi merupakan salah satu dari nilai serta keperibadian orang Melayu. Seorang Melayu mestilah tinggi budinya dan Melayu yang sempurna ialah mereka yang budiman atau berbudi mulia.

    Pantun dan peribahasa Melayu penuh dengan rujukan kepada konsep budi. Antara konsep budi :


    * Pertubuhan Kesedaran Melayu dan Islam

    Perkara di atas adalah terjemahan kepada tasawuf yang mudah untuk dihayati oleh rakyat Malaysia terutamanya orang Melayu yang telah terhakis budi bahasanya.

    Pada satu masa telah bergegar alam nusantara dan dunia amnya bilamana Tun Mahathir telah mengungkapkan perkataan LANUN. Najib lanun.

    Ungkapkanlah sekali lagi Tun. Ungkapkanlah dari lidah dan mulut “Hidupkanlah Tasawuf”.

    Semoga para alim ulama dan umat Islam tersedar dari lena ketika sedang mendampingi kerakusan dunia.

    Semoga ia mengubah alam, kerana itulah amalan wali wali Allah yang terpilih. Berbudi bahasa, sopan santun, berani kerana benar.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  76. Sri Sense Aug 13,2018 10:11 AM

    Market merah menyala! 🙁

    Teringat nasi lemak. Masa I sekolah dulu, nasi lemak daun pisang sebungkus harga 2 kupang dikantin sekolah. Tak semua budak sekolah dapat makan, sebab tak semua mereka dapat duit belanja lebih dari 20 sen sehari.

    A few days ago, saya balik Subang Jaya. Singgah satu kedai jual nasi lemak daun pisang, harga RM1 sebungkus. Bila balik saya buka dan makan, ada sambal ikan bilis dan telur, agak kenyang boleh la makan pada yang tak mampu belanja besar.

    Semasa tinggal diSubang Jaya dulu, my house dikelilingi dengan kedai makanan Cina so choice begitu limited untuk makanan Melayu dan halal. Ada tapi kena jalan jauh. Nasib baik kedai minyak Petronas ada jual nasi lemak bungkus, nasi dagang bungkus, nasi ambeng bungkus. Rasa lapar jalan sikit beli makanan. Compared to Shah Alam, Subang Jaya tidak begitu mewah dengan kedai2 makan Melayu dan halal.

    Nowadays kedai2 minyak seperti Petronas, Shell dan lain2 sudah ada fast food restaurant seperti KFC, ANW etc etc next to it.

    That’s all for now. 🙂

  77. HBT456 Aug 13,2018 10:03 AM

    549. Both trump and xi know what is best for their border safety and security, and they know how to play their cards well with mutual respects and acceptance.

    571. Opposition turns ruling will not be able to sustain a full term base on archaic race and religion quota too by crying corruptions by exploiting the votes of the poor again, and again, and thats for sure.

    572. Why?

    573. They too eventually will give up because running for ministrty positions is not running for party positions for celebrity effects in order to polish their own image to bid for the highest positions in federal ministry to dictate the federal budget just to do what they want.

    574. What the canadian prime minister and turkey president are facing now is not something unfamiliar with us.

    575. When ministers have the mediocre mentality by buying and selling the fixed assets in overseas by earning commission like family business, they too would be booted out by their own rivals.

    576. The sparing between J. Low and Najib is more like bee gee’s robbin gibb of ‘i started the joke’.

    577. Voters too will learn as they move along.

    578. Hukum hudud for wahhabism?

    579. Sodomy law against law of nature?

    580. Project ic vs popular votes?

  78. mubarakchan Aug 13,2018 10:03 AM


    This morning I really enjoyed my RM 3 nasi lemak which ‘half past six’ views with disdain. He reminds me of a cat which thinks it’s a dog and when it meows, it thinks it’s barking like a dog. We do meet all kinds of strange people in this wonderful World of ours. Little do these strange people realize that MONEY CANNOT BUY LIFE which you understand entirely. But money can buy 10,000 Rolex watches ! And the headlines this bright and breezy happy morning ? 1) ‘MALAYSIA has to withdraw gracefully from bad deal’ 2)’ CPTPP deal – to ratify or not.’ 3) Spotlight on Bank Negara – Turkish Lira down 62% against US Dollar.’ Singapore Minister : We have much in common with Malaysia.’ We can string them together and the result will be Singapore on top with Malaysia bottom and it’s all about MONEY MONEY MONEY.

    On the CPTPP deal, I have said it so many times and for so many years here and in other places as well that this is the ULTIMATE KILLER of our beloved Malaysia as crafted by Lee Kuan Yew as one of his 4 Pillars for the survival and his legacy for Singapore. The others are 2 casinos, the importation of FTs to boost the GDP and the ill-conceived Temasek which all failed by 2018. Man Proposes. God disposes. He was so keen for Malaysia to sign and was so cocksure Malaysia would sign that he at the age of 85 in June 2009 visited his digits and cohorts in the hot and humid Ulus. He exhorted his spies, our treasonous Civil Servants who were our chief negotiators, swallows, ducks, tycoons, MCA chiefs in red mandarin silks, holy men, etc. After this, Malaysia signed the TPPA blindly which if the revised version without the United States is ratified, will DISPOSESS THE MALAYS, TURN THE CHINESE INTO MIDDLEMEN AGAIN RESULTING MALAYSIA BECOMING A SLAVE COLONY OF SINGAPORE. The beauty of this evil instrument is that our beloved Malaysia commits hara kiri by her own hands LEGALLY. Smart Lee Kuan Yew working on the weakness of the flesh and soft under-belly between 2004-2018. From my point of view the fake BN Government sold the Rakyat down river like the fake Pulau Batu Puteh claim, the fake KTM deal, the fake HSR deal the fake Khazanah GLCs deals,etc. Fortunately, Trump tore up the TPPA or by now even if the BN loses, our beloved Malaysia would have become A SLAVE COLONY OF SINGAPORE BY DEFAULT ! The President of the SME was alleged to have openly supported the TPPA and was ennobled accordingly. My opinion on the TPPA is now MORE FORCEFULLY EXPRESSED BY PROF JOMO IN THE MEDIA – the only prominent and lone voice which brought out the death of our beloved Malaysia in more guarded terms before 9th May 2018. However , Martin Khor has expressed some doubts on the CPTPP whether it benefits Malaysia at all. To day, Martin Khor moved just One Degree North of Alaska ! MY OPINION IS THE CPTPP IS A WICKED LEGAL DEVICE CREATED BY LEE KUAN YEW TO ENSLAVE OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA BY BREAKING DOWN HER TARIFF BARRIERS WHICH IN TURN BANKRUPT OUR FACTORIES AND OWNERS,CAUSING MASS UNEMPOLYMENT. THE RIOTING WORKERS WILL BLAME THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY FOR THEIR PLIGHT. Our beloved Malaysia will be down on her knees due to the disruption of her GDP. This is the TPPA or the CPTPP for you and me Tun. Malaysia Boleh !

  79. Sri Sense Aug 13,2018 9:00 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Hope you are fine today. I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate members of KCD.

    Thank You.

    Have a nice wonderful productive day!

  80. mubarakchan Aug 12,2018 1:30 PM


    Here is a headline on this sunny and breezy morning at its face value. ‘ SINGAPORE MALAYSIA HAVE MORE COMMON INTERESTS THAN DIFFERENCES DESPITE RECENT DISAGREEMENTS’ according to an up and coming Singaporean Minister. Of course we have much in common by taking note that not too longer ago, the two territories were as one for centuries. And most of us went to the same universities together. The present schism is but the creation of one person with a narcissistic and obsession bent which are well-known. Malaysia and Singapore never had more differences than those created by own ex-BN Government between 2004-2018 like running off to the International Court of Justice, The Hague, to fake claim the Pulau Batu Putih with an aged Cambridge don in tow and lost big time. An elitist publication was published to rub more salt into the wound. The KTM valuable assets like the Tanjong Pagar, 25 miles of steel rails and the Woodland Assets ended up as half an office building in haste. OK. We flip this over. What do we find ? A HSR spanning 99% of Malaysian Territory which costs 99% of the RM 50-100 Billion to build to ferry the traditional influx of tourists from KL to Singapore. OK ? Then, we have the Lee Kuan Yew created Free Trade Scheme which became Obama’s TPPA in which MALAYSIA’S TOP NEGOTIATOR IS THE SPOUSE OF SBT TOP JOURNALIST BASED IN KL TO GATHER INFORMATION. 19 ultra-secret meetings were held in exotic places before exposure. OK. Now without the United States, this TPPA is not OK. OK? She still insists in a NSTP headline that our beloved Malaysia still signs HER DEATH WARRANT. This is not OK ? Right, Tun ? We cannot blame Singapore for taking advantage of our VERY POOR TURNOUT IN OUR NEGOTIATIONG TEAMS WHEREBY OUR ANTAGONISTS COULD PLANT ALL SORTS OF CHARACTERS INTO THEM TO NULLIFY OUR SOVEREIGN RIGHT AND NATIONAL INTEREST AS THOUGH THESE NEVER EXISTED but for self-interest. It is unbecoming of those who were entrusted with paramount POWERS to lead our beloved Malaysia to sell not only their grandmothers down river but the whole lot of our beloved Rakyat as well. For what, may I ask ? Therefore, it pays for all to realise how important and valuable our beloved Malaysia is to all not only to its own people but to the World as well, as governed by the New and Incorruptible Government of our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who knows his own mistakes as compared with those in self-denial with the figurative 10,000 Rolex watches at home.

    The New Malaysia with the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great is ready to embark on real projects to benefit ALL. No more fake Governments, fake Companies, Fake Bankruptcy Law, Fake Ministers, Fake Projects, Fake Appeals etc.

    If Singapore means what she says, it is time she benefits her neighbours and herself and not those sweet talking boys and girls from the Wall Street and the City. A substantial investment by Singapore in either the National Car Project or the Kulim International Airport or both, will emphasise the new 21st Century Singapore’s view of things and have truly and sincerely abandon its 20th Century Conventions of Hegemony over others behind.

    As a corollary, through the litany of successful nit-picking by Singapore from 1962-2018, not one iota of this success benefitted the future viability and survival of Singapore. In fact, the sum total is most damaging in terms of goodwill, benefit to Singapore and historical record. Why ? Because the issues so won by Singapore were ABNORMAL. As my parents taught me, never take advantage of others when they are down. Man proposes. God Disposes. Malaysia Boleh Tun ?

  81. HBT456 Aug 12,2018 9:39 AM

    561. Race base, or need base will only split the country into pieces.

    562. The official religion is islam, and everyone is aware of that, so no need to use the official religion as the benchmark to create another cycle of islamphobia just to stay relevant.

    563. Malaysia is a small population country of 30 million only.

    564. When syariah lawmakers outnumbered non-syariah lawmakers, the best way is to leave.

    565. Will btn be abolished in the future?

    566. Even if they dont abolish, this btn would be meaningless as malaysians just no longer buy such archaic ideology of menurut perintah secara buta- buli.

    567. No man is pure able.

    568. No man is an island either.

    567. Winner takes all.

    568. Similarly, looser takes all.

    569. Yup, there is no right, or wrong.

    570. Henceforth, general election must be called to get the mandate from the voters.

  82. HBT456 Aug 12,2018 9:13 AM

    548. When ecrl is not viable, naturally and biologically a world class international airport transportation hub is not possible with a small population of less than 2 million with huge land in kedah, and it would ended up as bubbles in property, infrastructures and labor shortage eventhough it is sensationalized by new straits time.

    550. This would caused the current bersatu menteri besar of kedah to loose votes with umno and pas majority in the future.

    551. So, what is this myr18 billions of gst not return?

    552. Gst tak mahu return just because change of government under bersatu chairman, hutang tak mahu bayar again?

    552. Ptptn loan of payment defaults of students must be paid either by loan installment, or borrowing cash from their parents, thats no other ways.

    553. The boastfull and unrealistic way of claiming biggest halal financial and manufacturing hub in asean or greater kl are no surprise at all, bak kata, gaya mahu best of the best, gaji mahu tinggi, apabila buat kerja tak erti, their pattern is merajuk dengan protests yang tak habis habis lagi.

    554. The malay and bumiputra mps are given the chance and opportunity to lead for the past 2 terms, but they still loose the votes in populated constituencies that include their race base votes.

    556. If the blog commenters still think bumiputra, chinese and indians are marginalized after many pilot projects given to their political parties by then federal government, and still unable to maintain, or failed, it simply means the mindset of the voters have changed, and they no longer want to be dictated by political parties.

    557. Will high speed rail main terminal remains at the land of mod at sg besi airport, wilayah persekutuan kuala lumpur, the original capital city of malaysia?

    558. It is not a surprise for foreigners to think we still live in trees, and such impact, you must refer back to the advertisement and promotion of tourism malaysia board with orang asli.

    559. Game changer is high speed rail, and thats the only way to re-imaging malaysia to the next level.

    560. Politics is a life long career, and was never meant to make anyone of you here become millionaire, or billionaire overnight.

  83. mubarakchan Aug 11,2018 5:36 PM


    The best headline was yesterday in the NST ‘Talks on again for Kulim Airport.’ This is the best Project not only for Kedah but the whole of North Malaysia including Perak. This International Airport with its wide-ranging developments surrounding it will provide much employment and raise the standard of living in its environs. With the forthcoming construction of the Kra Canal, there will be a tremendous impetus to values in the Northern States. We must always remember that before the arrival of the British in 1779, Kedah and Pulau Pinang were one. Therefore it makes political and socio-economic sense to plan development projects together as one, given the recent political circumstances. The aim should be fast delivery of benefits to the Rakyat at the cheapest possible price in the shortest time. As there is no shortage of land in Malaysia and we should not be copy-cats, it pays to avoid expensive and slow-moving reclamation of land from the sea. It pays to arrange the pieces of possible development on the chess board now that these two States are friends. The Kulim International Airport should eventually serve the Northern Region with proper planning for 2 runways. The State has great potential for eco-tourism inclusive of Langkawi. Ferries and light commuter trains should be up-graded and well-connected between Kulim, Sungei Patani and points in Pulau Pinang. The State Government of Pulau Pinang should go for fast and cheap delivery of Projects to improve on the infra-structure, flood mitigation and water supply. Not forgetting, the raw sewage from George Town still flows northwards to Batu Ferringhi. There are many ways to cut the cake for the benefit of the Rakyat. The first good and beneficial move is the Kulim International Airport as proposed by the State. This is far far better investment than the Fake Khazanah to invest RM 80 Million in an Israeli bra, undies and stockings e-biz to ensure the future comfort of 500 Million Indian ladies and lost it all promptly or invest RM 2 Billion in UBS just to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs and lost it promptly too. The Fake Khazanah told all far and wide that it protects the interest of the Malays and made money for the Rakyat. The Chairman, the Board of Directors and the CEO should be probed locally and overseas.

    Why the Kulim International Airport which is going to be a magnificent catalyst for socio-economic development for the Rakyat is the fact that IHH with a RM 100 Million Singaporean salary man in command could ratchet a DEBT of RM 10 Billion which no State in the Federation of Malaysia had ever done so. Ridiculous.

    This huge amount of money was used to invest overseas in Turkey, China, India etc. Headline today. ‘ Turkish lira lowest versus US Dollar.’. It may be assumed that the IHH has lost all its investments in Turkey.

    On the bankrupt Fortis front, The Star reported ‘IHH’s Dr Tan See Leng, a Singaporean, said in July, the Group has to pump in 40 Billion rupees to normalise the company’s operations.’ It was further reported that ‘ON THIS FRONT IHH HAD EARLIER SAID THAT IT WAS CONFIDENT OF TURNING THINGS AROUND AT FORTIS, BANKING ON ITS SUPERIOR CREDIT PROFILE……….etc.’ Here is a report which states clearly that the Singaporean CEO confidently by using the MONEY BELONGING TO THE RAKYAT TO BAIL-OUT AN INDIAN BANKRUPT COMPANY IN DIRE STRAITS WITH NO GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS.’ The COST OF DOING SO WILL BE RUPEES 40 BILLION plus RM 2.4 Billion to achieve 31% ownership to carry the 100% liabilities of Fortis. No mention of the bottom-line in this RIDICULOUS CAPER AND THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS AS TWO MALAYSIAN TYCOONS HAD FOUNDERED IN INDIA. Once again, kudos to Datuk Rossanah Annizah Ahmad Rashid for objecting to this ABSURD FORTIS PROPOSAL WHICH DOES NOT BENEFIT IHH. This RM 100 Milliom salary man should return to Singapore as our beloved Malayais has NO MORE LOW HANGING FRUITS AFTER 9TH MAY 2018 for him to pluck.



  84. musato Aug 11,2018 2:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Hari ini saya pergi ke jamuan kahwin staff bank.

    Dulu saya banker. Kebetulan saya juga hadir ke indoor games ex bank saya.

    Dulu setiap tahun saya akan pusing semenanjung main indoor game. Langkawi, PD Melaka dll

    Setiap kali saya pergi main, saya akan bawa balik piala samada johan atau naib johan. Manakala rombongan senegeri yang lain berpeluang membeli belah bila kalah awal hahaha

    Sekarang rakan rakan saya yang sama sertai bank sudah menjawat jawatan pengurus bank atau tinggi lagi. Tapi saya masih lagi seperti biasa. Bercucuk tanam dan menyiram pokok.

    Saya tidak menyesal sebab itu adalah takdir perjalanan hidup. Saya tak boleh bekerja. Saya perlu belajar dan tambah ilmu di dada. Saya dilatih dan diajar.

    Kini saya berada di sini.

    Hari ini saya bertemu kembali rakan rakan lama indoor game. Ia mengembalikan kenangan.

    Pernah satu ketika seorang wanita yang saya tak tahu selama ini, mendekati saya dan mengucapkan tahniah atas kemenangan saya. Katanya dari Selangor dan selalu ikut lihat saya bermain.

    Saya minta maaf kerana pada masa itu, saya tidak sempat mengenali beliau dengan lebih lanjut.

    InsyaAllah esok saya akan kembali bermain di indoor game bersama rakan rakan bank lain.

    InsyaAllah. Terima kasih pada rakan kerana menjemput saya kembali.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  85. mubarakchan Aug 11,2018 1:58 PM


    This is to the disappointment of ‘half-past-six’ the Fake Chinese. After my Comment this morning, I went to the Shell Kiosk to buy lunch for my ju-ju. As I traversed back to my car hobbling along and I had made sure there was no traffic, at half-way, a fast-back Renault with a V number plate, a black top and orange body missed me by centimeters with the non-Chinese driver blaring his horn at me. I surmised why he did this to a Chinaman whom anyone could see 100 metres away. This obese bald headed non-Chinese must be a BN sub-contractor who lost big in the recent 14th GE and assumed every Chinaman to be DAP. And this brand new Renault (BMWs for contractors) must have been bought before the 14th GE for his new extended family. With his problems, he lost control of his senses and took it upon himself to seek revenge on the innocents who happened to cross his path. By right, this non-Chinese must have seen me miles away because when I took my first few steps, there was no car to be seen. For a lifetime I always paid bills on the ground myself to see how my fellow countrymen react to prevailing circumstances. Insyallah ! I am here to contribute more Comments to the jealousy and chagrin of ‘half-past-six’ the Fake Chinaman. Malaysia Boleh, Tun !

  86. mubarakchan Aug 11,2018 11:24 AM


    Welcome home after your successful working visit to Japan. Being Saturday, no nasi lemak for me but plain rice porridge. I note that only one half-past-six, an aged and failed Cyberjaya employee always made personal remarks of my serious comments. He has what we call ‘Dutch Courage’ hiding behind an absurd pseudonym like a coward. He claims to be a Chinaman. I think he is just a creature because he only THINKS he is a Chinaman. Many in Malaysia nowadays look iike Chinamen or women. Apparently, China found them disconcerting ! The fact is these Chinamen or women are culturally hollow inside and are COMPLETELY DE-TRIBALISED. They are known as Chinamen/women by virtue of their names, looks and no more. As a result, these have become political misfits giving rise to their recognition of a foreigner Lee Kuan Yew as their spiritual leader who brainwashed them through and through or something else. One day a social anthropologist will have to do a study on this strange Chinamen/women in TRANSITION NOT TRANSFORMATION in their adopted or land of their birth which is our beloved Malaysia. A very good example is ‘half-past-six’ who strongly claims to be a Chinese of which he is not because he could not produce ONE IOTA OF PROOF THAT HE IS A CHINAMAN. He only THINKS he is a Chinaman because his official documents say so. But this does not prove he is a Chinaman or a Martian or Moonie. He swears loyalty to a foreigner Lee Kuan Yew or something else and then to nullify this, he claims he is a Chinese and double nullify this, he shoots off many contradictory advice on current Malaysian Affairs which he knows nothing about in broken English or very bad Bahasa. Half-past-six looks like a Chinese, no more, no less. Maybe he is from Tamil Nadu in disguise or from the Woodbridge Hospital Singapore. Who cares ? He is a creature of EXISTENTIALISM, not a Chinaman. In other words, the creature Half-Past-Six is a FAKE which fits into present day Malaysian trends like we have in BN Fake YAB, Fake YBs, Fake Pulau Batu Puteh claim – a sandiwara made for 2, Fake TPPA negotiator, Fake KTM Agreement, Fake 1MDB, Fake Khazanah, Fake Corporate Schemes, Fake Amendment of the Bankruptcy Law 1967, cheating 300,000 young bankrupts, Fake RM 19 Billion SST, Fake BN Ministers, especially when one of them was asked,’ Why MH17 flew over war=torn Ukraine ?’ His glib Ministerial reply was.’ NO ONE ASK US NOT TO FLY THERE !’ For this, over 200 precious lives were lost. I have full confidence in the leadership of your New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great to return our beloved Malaysia to NORMAL again without copying the failed State of Singapore ! Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  87. superSepantun Aug 11,2018 5:45 AM


    Asalamualaikum, selamat pagi..
    Suara halkum, sejabat industri..!

    Jepun & Msia, susun ke mana?

    R&D negara.industri tenaga.!

    kuasa, Teknologi nuklear..
    Kuasa, bateri charger..



    Kalu buat event RC kt Putrajaya
    atau KLCC, best tak..?

  88. HBT456 Aug 10,2018 11:37 AM

    532. When ringgit malaysia was depegged from the trading us dollar and pegged at myr3.80 from rm2.40 on 1 september, 1998, with malay bias policy of bumiputra status, in fiat money, we still have not recovered since then.

    533. mubarakchan is still talking about nasi lemak and ikan bilis issues, he is still stuck in really mediocre era kut assumming everyone thinks like him.

    534. After kajang move, pkr wants to pave way for another malay-muslim in segambut for dsai to be re-elected for perdana menteri.

    535. Yup, bapak jadi perdana menteri, mak jadi mp in pandan indah, anak sulong perempuan remains mp in permatang pauh for senatorship kut, it makes no difference which malay family can jual better.

    536. The mamak joke too was not only targeted to indon, but to the chinese too, mubarakchan.

    537. I dont watch comedy court anymore because their jokes are really bad and ugly tastes, and they can make money out of english speaking community to buy their jokes, and thats alright.

    538. The proposal of billion mega projects of ecrl in connecting n9, terengganu and kelantan is just another general election budget of umnoputra and pas only to increase the value of their land in the name of felda mahupun tanah pusaka melayu.

    539. But, this mega project would ended up as bubble with no surprise at all.

    540. Beijing central government already said they will not go for hard landing, and i believe they are really focus with their open door policy in transparent manner to broadcast their open door policy to develope china further with 9 dash line in south china sea.

    541. Yup, i cannot change the mindest of local politicians, but a vote of mine and many of who think the same way can tell them off not to treat us like as if we are their atm machine and kerbau anymore to get super rich.

    542. I for sure will not attend any tabung pakatan harapan not because i disagree with them.

    543. I for sure do not want another era of lobbies, bribing and image policing to create another buble in property, infra structure project and labour shortage in the future.

    544. Never forget that you are elected to run the country.

    545. You are not elected to run a political campaigns, get elected or promoted in ministry position.

    546. Rule no. 1, never loose your votes.

    547. Rule no. 2, never forget rule no. 1.

  89. mubarakchan Aug 10,2018 11:14 AM


    With the expectation of your return after a successful working trip to Japan and a cloudy morning which turned out to be bright and breezy, I forgot my dietary requirements and bought 2 packets of nasi lemak for RM 6 at my favourite Shell Kiosk. I was not only famished but the daily GIGANTIC SCANDALS OF THE BN GOVENMENT zapped my mental energies which affected my thoughts. Hence, a Double Nasi Lemak should do the trick of making me to think NORMALLY AGAIN. Right ? Wrong Tun ! Another fresh scintillating headlines hit my weary eyes. e.g. i) CORRUPT ELITES. ii) WASHINGTON RIFT DRAWS TURKISH LIRA TO FRESH LOWS iii) IHH FORTIS DEAL HITS ROADBLOCK iv) LAWSUIT THROWS SPANNER IN THE WORKS OF FORTIS STAKE BUY v) IHH-FORTIS DEAL DERAILED ? And all these are reported just as the CEP mandate ends. It seems there is no end to the litany of mega scandals which were buried during the BN Government’s opaque reign. For years, I have been commenting that the FAKE KHAZANAH which was sloganeering that it protects Malay interests and made money for the Rakyat was only making for those in control without owning a single share. For example, how could IHH managed by an ordinary Singaporean could ratchet up a debt of RM 10 Billion or RM 12 Billion if the bankrupt Fortis was taken over. This debt is larger than any debt incurred by any Malaysian State ! Besides, the same owners squeezed over RM 100 Million from Khazanah in an earlier caper down in Singapore. It is alleged the sellers laughed all the way to the bank. And here in this RM 2.4 Billion Fortis caper, we have the same 3 parties at play again, Khazanah, Dr Tan See Leng and the Brothers. The Brothers were alleged to have delivered something amiss to the Japanese buyers. Caveat Emptor. KUDOS TO DATUK ROSSANA ANNIZAH AHMAD RASHID for objecting to such an ABSURD DEAL USING BORROWED MONEY WHICH THE RAKYAT HAVE TO PAY IN TIME. This very same IHH Management with its RM 100 Million Salary Man jumped into Turkey a few years ago when Turkish tycoons and the lira were facing headwinds. Today, the lira hits fresh lows. HOW MUCH IHH LOST IN THIS TURKISH CAPER ? I am of the opinion that if the unbridled investments by IHH is not stopped right now, IHH will be another MEGA SCANDAL IF IT IS NOT ALREADY ONE RIGHT NOW ! As I commented before, wherever financial scandals occur, the Chairman, the Board of Directors and the CEO should be probed not only locally but also their WEALTH WORLD WIDE. These gentlemen were Trustees of sorts in handling the Rakyat’s money. My college mate who manufactures generic drugs in India became the richest Muslim, once told me that HUGE COMMISSIONS COULD BE MADE BY SELLING OR BUYING GENERIC DRUGS ! The wholesale rape of our beloved Malaysia’s financial resources belonging to the Rakyat should be stopped once and for all. Our New and Incorruptible Government as led by our distinguished Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has the opportunity now to make us trek faster to the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan as our beloved Malaysia is already ONE OF THE FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA since the 9th of May 2018 to the chagrin of at least one of her jealous rivals. Malaysia Boleh Tun ! When I walked out of the Shell Kiosk, my newspaper dropped. A young Indian lady quickly picked it up for me. I said, ‘ Thank you very much Miss ‘ This made my day as I reflected that in my lifetime whenever I have a breakdown along the highway, only young Indians and Malays some older stopped to assist me. The Chinese slowed down their cars and smiled at me. This is a fact.

  90. mubarakchan Aug 9,2018 10:07 AM


    This morning when I looked up from my favourite nasi lemak with ikan bilis sambal and half an egg costing RM 3 at the Shell Kiosk, two headlines stared at me in the face :- ‘RM 18 Bil GST missing’. and ‘RM 18b or 93% of GST REFUNDS MISSING.’ I chortled with my mouthful of nasi lemak. What sort of BN Government was this when little fat boys could run away with RM 42 Billions ; RM 80 Millions were invested into an Israeli bra, panties and silk stockings e-biz to make 500,000 Million Indian ladies comfortable in the future which were lost promptly ; to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs another RM 2 Billions were invested into UBS which were lost promptly ; a HSR built entirely on Malaysian soil with 99% Malaysian money for the exclusive purpose of transporting tourists to Singapore. Failing which Malaysia has to compensate by the hundreds of millions of ringgits; the KTM with its Tanjong Pagar, Woodlands and 25 miles of steel rails assets ended up with HALF of an office building ; then there was this SANDIWARA MADE FOR TWO with a Fake overture to the International Court of Justice at The Hague which no BN Government did for 50 years. etc. Every issue or incident incurred BILLIONS OF RINGGITS. The IHH must have lost all its investment in Turkey by now. This little kingdom can borrow up to RM 12 Billion which is more than MOST STATES IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA, managed by a RM 100 Million Singaporean salary man ! AND TODAY THE RAKYAT’S TRUST MONEY OF RM 18 BILLION HELD IN THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE HAS GONE MISSING ! A Ministry of finance which had 1 Minister of Finance, a Second Minister of Finance and two Deputy Ministers of Finance. The whole team should be charged and prosecuted in Court. FROM NOW ONWARDS UNDER THE NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT ALL RESPONSIBLE OFFICERS IN THE GOVERNMENT AND ITS AGENCIES WHERE MONEY WAS LOST THROUGH BAD INVESTMENT LIKE THE FELDA EAGLE, KHAZANAH, OR ANY OTHER, THE CHAIRMAN, THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND THE CEO SHOULD BE CHARGED AND PROSECUTED IN COURT because they were Trustees of the Rakyat’s money. Their WEALTH SHOULD BE PROBED BY THE MACC ALL ROUND THE WORLD. No one should be permitted to hide behind THE BOSS in this WHOLESALE GANG RAPE OF THE FINANCIAL RESOURCES OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA BY THESE FEW. All should be accountable for these shameful acts which tainted the good name of our beloved Malaysia. This epoch will outlive the myth of THE RAPE OF THE SABINE WOMEN IN ANCIENT ROME ! Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  91. Sri Sense Aug 9,2018 8:10 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    A note to FMT readers: The reader’s comments section is closed. You are welcome to give your feedback on Facebook, or write to us by email.

    I think the above action is good. Tempat2 yang terlampau banyak komen bersifat negative, penuh dengan kata2 misleading, maki hamum, dan terlalu emo, ada baiknya buat begitu.

    Semasa Malaysia baru ada internet, my husband terkejut baca komen2 online for example, Yahoo, bila artis ada skandal, banyak komen2 mengeji yang over over, tak boleh diterima akal. Husband kata “Kenal ke orang tu, kalau tak kenal personally jangan komen lebih lebih”.

    That’s all for now.

  92. al edruce Aug 9,2018 12:51 AM

    assalammualaikum. mohon admin erase comment ini selepas membacanya sebab saya tidak mahu email saya diketahui oleh org lain selain admin. sekiranta tun boleh memberi ruang untuk saya kemukakan idea saya sila hubungi saya melaui email saya
    terima kasih atas kerjasama admin…

  93. al edruce Aug 9,2018 12:45 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun. I am only a humble housewife with big dream. My dream is that in my life time i could have a hand in doing something for my only child to talk about to his children long after i am no longer in this world… i would really appriciate if i could deliver to u Tun, an idea that i have that could also create more jobs for our profesionals, semi profesionals and also trained and untrained labours. I have done some research on the matter and i think Malaysia and Malaysian could benefit from it. This idea could help Malaysia to create a heavy industry and be on the map. I my search there are 2 other countries in Asia who are doing it, but they are not doing it profesionally and i dare say not really legal. If I could have a chance to please have just 5 mins of your ear Tun that would be very much appriciated. For me u are a living proff that anything is possibe if u put your mind and heart to it. I hope u could find some time to hear out my idea…

  94. HBT456 Aug 8,2018 7:12 PM


    524. What happened to john hopkin university in bangi run by the marginalized indian?

    525. What happened to penang tunnel, national blueprint and education for marginalized india, sri sense?


    527. You ingat theresa may pergi sana makan angin, main golf?

    527. Why bising on lgbt, even me as outsider pun terdengar kisah benar azalina many years back?

    528. Br1m is off the radar since bn loose the general election, ph now can use the cash save for f1, why bising2?

    529. Why spiked on chinese educated races?

    530. Arent they too part of dna that build this country called malaysia?

  95. HBT456 Aug 8,2018 6:37 PM

    519. It would definitely cheaper to mass produce handpones in south east asia region, but not india to save on ocean freights.

    520. Hong kong also cannot be morroco, you think penang can?

    521. Even mas malay air stewardess serves orang putih with the sweetest smile, but for local, they felt annoyed, perhaps, they dont reaalize who pay them gaji kut.

    522. Tak nak fdi from china is alright, tapi jsngan hina kita yang bertamadun.

  96. Sri Sense Aug 8,2018 2:37 PM

    Good Evening YAB Tun Mahathir

    Tadi I pergi supermarket. Tak kira bangsa suka sangat pakai smartphone. Jalan2 tengok phone, diri2 tengok talipon. Asyik tengok talipon sahaja.

    Ada seorang tu angkat muka tiba2 senyum kat I. Malas nak balas senyuman, entah dia senyum kat I atau baca text tersengih.

    I fikir kenapa Malaysia tak keluarkan National Smartphone? Rakyat Malaysia ini golongan muda asyik tukar phone, tak sempat obsolete pun dah tukar, asal ada stail baru, tukar. Harga 3K no hal.

    Taklah macam I kalau warranty kata satu tahun, I nak 3 tahun hahaha

    Almaklum I bukan bekerja, tiada siapa pun nak tunjuk, tiada siapa nak lawan siapa besar. hahaha

    That’s all for today.

  97. mubarakchan Aug 8,2018 10:01 AM


    This morning is the most surprising of all. A rash of scintillating headlines from all over :-

    1. Taking GLC Directors To Task
    2. Pressure Mounting To Ratify CPTPP
    3. Azmin : I did not meet Singapore Officials
    4. Najib to face fresh charges over money-laundering
    5. New forensic audit on Felda deals ?

    All the headlines concern Money and Government, and Singapore !

    1. ‘Taking GLC Directors to Task’ is unavoidable given the fact that GLC Directors are Trustees of Public Funds and also the Fake Khazanah claimed to protect Malay rights and make money for the Rakyat. Why did the Fake Khazanah invested RM 80 Million into an Israeli bra, undies and silk stocking business to ensure the future comfort of 500 Million Indian ladies when at home we have our disadvantaged young and old to care for ? And lost RM 80 Million promptly. To carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs the Fake Khazanah invested RM 2 Billion into UBS in which Singapore had a substantial interest and lost it promptly !
    2. ‘Pressure mounting to ratify CPTPP’. This is the Malaysia Killer par excellence concocted by Lee Kuan Yew as one of his 4 Pillars of Legacy to save Singapore after her lush under-counter trades of Cold War in arms trading, etc disappeared literally overnight. This CPTPP was originally Lee Kuan Yew’s Free Trade Scheme to breakdown the tariff walls of Malaysia. Singapore’s Nirvana or captive market which Lee Kuan Yew dreamt about all the time. After October 2008, this became Obama’s TPPA. Malaysia’s Chief Negotiator is the Spouse of Singapore’s SBT Chief journalist in Kuala Lumpur who used to give weekly advice to the Malaysian Government in his column on how to manage its economy. This suddenly stopped in January 2013. It is alleged he is a PAP cadre like the other fellow Singaporean who became the Chief Editor of the true blue UMNO owned NSTP ! The TPPA and now the CPTPP only benefits Singapore because she is geographically a part of Malaysia. The moment the CPTPP is ratified. re-labelled Singaporean goods will pour into the Federation killing our factories and businesses which in turn will put unemployed workers into the streets to protest against the Government of the day. The Malays will be dispossessed, the Chinese and Indians become middle-men of Singapore which financed them. Malaysia becomes a Colony of Singapore. This was underlined by the visit of Lee Kuan Yew at the age of 85 in June 2009 to the hot and humid Ulus to exhort his digits, spies, tycoons, MCA leaders in mandarin silks, journalists, holy men, swallows, ducks etc. so keen was he to make the Malaysia Killer TPPA a success. Man proposes. God Disposes. Trump tore up the TPPA on his first day in office. Thereafter, Malaysia’s Chief Negotiator still insisted in a NSTP Headline that Malaysia signs the revised TPPA. To underline all these facts, the SBT crowed after Malaysia signed the TPPA that Singapore will save S$ 1 Billion or Malaysia loses RM 3 Billion in tariffs. Now, Singapore claims to gain 0.3% of her GDP from 2020 to 2035 based on the CPTPP. I reckon it is nearer 1.0 % or more.
    3. ‘Azmin : I did not meet Singaporean Officials’. Why should he ? What is the hurry Singapore ? In this HSR, Malaysia is again involved in a dumbkopf Agreement with Singapore. 99% of the HSR traversed through Malaysian territory. Malaysia pays 99% of the total costs – anything from RM 50 Billion to RM 100 Billion. The tourist traffic is traditionally more passengers to Singapore than vice versa. Singapore gains with Malaysia paying 99% of the costs. Besides there are existing rail and highway traffic which do not incur any cost at all ! What’s the hurry Singapore ? Flurries of comments on the HSR are inspired from Singapore which seems to be in dire straits as regards its economy with threats of compensation etc. The fact is what can 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-50 do for Singapore in today’s World of e-business and innovations in nano-seconds. They just don’t have the CRITICAL MASS even though they take advantage of our beloved Malaysia at every turn. Man proposes. God disposes. With the New and Incorruptible Government Malaysia is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT 4 SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN, MALAYSIA which has everything now.
    4. ‘ Najib to face fresh charges over money laundering’. This is the result of COPYING Singapore’s GLCs to do business by a Government which NO WESTERN DEMOCRACY WILL DO i.e. no Western Democratic Government will ever do business to make money for the people. Only COMMUNIST REGIMES DO SO. See the difference ?
    5.’ New Forensic Audit on FELDA Deals ?’ Catch the culprits. Charge them in Court. No one should be exempted. FELDA IS THE BIGGEST TRUSTEE ENTITY IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. To abuse this Trust, it deserves proper punishment by the Courts.

    Malaysia Boleh, Tun !

  98. HBT456 Aug 8,2018 9:29 AM


    507. Before the so called perjuang agama dan bangsa self syiok in policing the dress code of muslim and non- muslim women, they should ask themselves too beside the gigantic kris demonstrated by pas hadi awang in their syura council, arent they over reacted in granting the kelantanese man of 40 years old in pimping the under age malay girlof 11 years old which is a serious crime of raping girl under age of 13 years under federal law.

    508. Jika mahu debate, it must be in the federal parliament, berani to debate?

    509. Jika tak nak, lebih baik diam aja because when comes to peruntukkan bajet untuk mp dan wakil rakyat, they are drawing malaysia ringgit.

    510. I think the mps of the divide now should start to debate on whether to allow or to ban full veil on local muslim women on the street kerana pakaian mereka ini menjolok mata kaum muslim temptan, bukan muslim dan bumiputra di sabah dan sarawak.

    511. If such debate is not carefully thought, it would be rusuhan antara muslim tempatan dan muslim antarabangsa.

    512. Spiking on entertainment and sport activities and uec exam is akin to bully the chinese who have been in here before they were born, siapakah yang tak betul, siapakah yang tamak, siapakah yang kacang lupa kulit, dan siapakah yang tak ikut federal law?

    513. Therefore, no need to create another rusuhan kaum targeted to chinese just to bail their failed and elephant projects.

    514. Dah dilempang banyak kali, saya rasa the chinese leaders also feel malu in not protecting the welfare and education of their root base just to pave way for malay- muslim.

    515. Man propose, god propose is more like robbing the elites not because they want to help the poor, but because they hate the elites so much that they want to kick them out.

    516. Meritocracy ala malay-muslim first?

    517. Mediocracy ala malay- muslim first?

    518. The choice is in the hands of voters whecb next general election is called.

  99. umpher Aug 8,2018 6:45 AM

    Janganlah bodoh Tun. Jepun dan Korea boleh berjaya kerana mereka rajin belajar, kerajaan bagi edukasi yang baik. Tentulah apa yang di-invest oleh mereka turn out to be a success. Attitude mereka tidak sama. Mereka sangat kompetitif. Buat satu kerugian besar dan kerajaan akan ditukar. Setakat ini, kita tidak nampak apa yang sungguh successful dalam track record kamu lah. Semua separuh punggung. Macam MSC dan lain lain lagi. Cukuplah, dengan your leadership and track record, biarlah kami jadi pemancing ikan blah blah blah. Kalau tukar Tony Pua jadi Perdana Menteri, dengan The Boston Consulting Group experience dia, saya lebih percaya dia akan buat kereta nasional 3 a success. You? Saya tidak percaya. Turunkan kos import kereta Germany. Biar kita pandu BMW dan pancing ikan, hu hu hu. Kalau Singapura buat kereta saya juga lebih percaya. Orang mereka pandai, semua professor dari top 20 unis. Kami punya graduan UM. Low quality lecturers produce low quality graduates. Invest in education, not national cars. Prop up Malaysians capability first.

  100. Fender Aug 7,2018 9:05 PM

    So much has been said about the third national car project. My personal opinion is still the same, we should forget about it and move on. We failed and we will fail again when it is run by the same type of people.

  101. mubarakchan Aug 7,2018 10:09 AM


    It is good you and your team are in Japan to lock horns with the real Japanese people which count. Naysayers which do not count are all up in arms against the coming of the National Car Project. They are naysayers because their brain-power betrayed and let them down. Like the embedded Lee Kuan Yew worshipper half-past six who forever is saying he or she is a Chinese. What is so special being a Chinese ? For all I care this creature could be from Mars or Timbuktu hiding cowardly behind an absurd pseudonym hurling personal insults at innocents with broken English. But the main business of today seems to be the forthcoming announcement of the 2nd Quarterly results of the Fake Khazanah IIH which is ruled by a Singaporean who collects RM 100 Million basic pay a year. A Report in the Star this morning suggests a loss is forthcoming. This remarkable company has alresdy incurred total Debts of RM 10.2 Billion not taking into consideration of the RM 2.4 Billion to acquire the bankrupt Fortis of India and also the contingent liabilities of Fortis debts. WHAT IS IN IT FOR IIH TO TAKE SUCH A PLUNGE IN BOTH TURKEY OF 5 YEARS AGO AND INDIA NOW which is after the backs of 2 Malaysian tycoons ? 5 years ago IIH plunged into Turkey when the tycoons were bailing out with the expected depreciation of the lirs which has since declined more. And Fortis India, IIH Hong Kong, IIH China are all taking losses due to bad business acumen with no ulterior motive I presume. LOOKS LIKE IN 2018 THE IIH CEO WILL MAKE MORE MONEY FROM HIS RM 100 MILLION BASIC SALARY THAN THE IIH GROUP WHICH FORKED OUT RM 12.6 BILLION DEBTS FOR ITS DYSFUNCTIONAL INVESTMENTS OVERSEAS WHICH ARE ACTUALLY BEYOND ITS CONTROL. ! Remember Tun, the FAKE KHAZANAH CLAIMED TO PROTECT THE INTEREST OF THE MALAYS AND MAKE MONEY FOR THE RAKYAT. As I always said that those in control made money for themselves WITHOUT HOLDING A SINGLE SHARE. For example, RM 80 Million to invest in an Israeli bra, undies and lingerie for the future COMFORT of 500 Million Indian ladies ! The money was lost promptly. I bet my ringgit that this was another Singapore show. Another RM 2 Billion was lost in UBS to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs just because Singapore had a substantial investment in UBS. This money was promptly lost. The Fake Khazanah Statement glibly stated without remorse that these lost sums of money are recoverable. What sort of FAKES are these to throw away the precious money of the Rakyat so frivolously and then hopefully recover the money with no remorse when they said they were safeguarding the interests of the Malays and make money for the Rakyat ? Malaysians are no longer STUPID ! Within the last 10 – 15 years, I have come across at least 5 very rich young Malays who lost big time in Singapore either on the Stock Exchange, business or property. Years ago I too lost money. I asked my relative who sold her paper licence to Maybank for RM 1 Billion why Singaporeans always cheated me. She replied nonchalantly that since we Malaysians as perceived by them to be corrupt and easy to make money, this is a good reason why they always cheated us because it is very difficult to make money in Singapore. I was completely dumbfounded. This was in the early 1980s ! Caveat Emptor. From my later researches, I discovered that after 1959, only one Singaporean Family became billionaires from making money in Singapore. Most of them made their billion in the neighbouring countries. See how fortunate we are. But sad to witness the wanton rape of our resources by those who know better in cahoots with foreigners between 2004 – 2018. Worse than the Rape of the Sabine Women in Ancient Rome ! This has to be stopped and the miscreants prosecuted. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  102. HBT456 Aug 6,2018 10:39 PM

    501. No matter what the conclusion is, i am chinese and no one can take away this birth right of mine.

    502. Dulu tak boleh, sekarang pun tak boleh.

    503. Mca, gerakan and dap can argue and debate what they see fit to stay relevant.

    504. Betul tetap betul.

    505. Salah tetap salah.

  103. musato Aug 6,2018 8:11 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya mendapat pertanyaan dan makluman bahawa akan ada pergerakan di Putrajaya selepas musim haji ini.

    Yang dimaksudkan bahawa kumpulan Tun Mahathir inilah yang 313/314? Dan apa peranan/persediaan bagi yang bertanya untuk mengikuti jalan yang benar ini?

    Pada pemahaman saya soalan ini adalah pertanyaan berkenaan Imam Mahadi?

    Jawapan saya adalah :

    1.Imam Mahadi belum wujud lagi Malaysia setakat pengetahuan saya sekarang, walaupun dalam pengetahuan yang ada pada saya selama ini Imam Mahadi itu adalah dari Bangsa Melayu

    2. Imam Mhadi pada pemahaman saya bukan sekadar berkisar mengenai keperluan beragama bahkan mengenai kemahiran pentabdiran juga (saya tak suka menggunakan perkataan politik kerana ia boleh disalahtafsirkan).

    3. Ya. Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad adalah antara salah seorang Wali Allah yang masih hidup. Maka lihatlah dan belajarlah dari apa yang sedang dipertontonkan oleh Allah swt sementara dibenarkan.

    4. Bagaimana saya begitu pasti berkenaan perkara ini? Kerana ini adalah pengalaman dan doa saya sepanjang proses ujian hidup saya yang bertitiskan darah Syeikh Muhammad Al Baghdadi yang dikurniakan ramai keturunannya wali Allah seperti Tok Pauh dan Tok Pulau Manis sendiri.

    5. Adakala kita hanya dikurniakan sedikit sahaja kemahiran dari apa yang ada dari Rasulullah saw sendiri. Baginda seorang pemimpin yang lengkap dan sempurna dari segenap sudut.

    6. Dan apakah ramalan dan nasihat saya pada Tun Mahathir tidak tepat sepanjang saya berada di sini?

    7. Dalam perjalanan kemahiran mentadbir ini, saya hanya melengkapkan kemahiran mentadbir dari sudut kerohanian, manakala Tun Mahathir melengkapi dari sudut fizikal.

    8. Persediaan yang patut dilakukan untuk menuju ke jalan yang benar. Lakukanlah amalan yang wajib dan sunat seperti yang dianjurkan oleh Allah swt kerana apabila Allah swt telah sayang kepada kita, maka janganlah khuatir kerana jalan keluar akan terbuka melalui jalan yang tidak disangka sangka.

    Saya tidak menggunakan perkataan InsyaAllah kerana, ia adalah pasti. Allah Maha Kuasa.

    9. Saya menulis atas kurniaan Allah swt kepada saya sebagai penasihat kepada Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke7 iaitu sekarang.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  104. Rahman JPC Aug 6,2018 2:37 PM


    Mohon ‘off topic’ sedikit.

    Selaku penyokong tegar Tun M, saya tlh banyak memberi pendpt n ulasan mengenai ‘current events’ melalui ‘feriendly’ blogs.

    Atas dorongan rakan2, maka saya tlh mendiri kan blog sendiri.

    D jemput semua agar melayari nya n memberi ulasan serta pendpt atas topik yg saya tulis..

    URL nya adalah :-



  105. HBT456 Aug 6,2018 12:42 PM

    491. But, majority of the indians are supertitiius and still very very poor, therefore, eventhough prime minister modi wants to have bullet train, he cannot ignore india’s largest neighbour, iaitu china.

    492. Japanese voters on the streets are clean, disipline and follow rules of law, therefore, the chances of loosing japanese votes is extremely high, i dont think prime minister abe and ldp will push for bullet train project in india.

    493. Will ecrl be materialized?

    494. I think its difficult to be materialized too when the malay-muslim politicians made so much noises with no ending in anti-chinese education and anti-prc nationals.

    495. They anti-fdi not because they really want to build the country, they anti-fdi so that they can hold the portfolios to dictate the federal budget to get lobbied, bribed and to get super rich.

    496. Yes, it is sad, frightening and scaryto know all these pilitically motivated protests, and its up to the wannabes to decide which way to go to get elected.

    497. Its alright, mubarakchan can continue with its buffology with malay bias policy.

    498. But, when comes to next general election, everyone will know what happened next.

    499. Hukum hudud vs sodomy law?

    500. Highway vs clean energy?

  106. mubarakchan Aug 6,2018 9:14 AM


    Bon Voyage on your forthcoming 4 day working visit to Japan. No secret and unannounced trips to play golf or shopping in the lush cities of the West which was a sheer waste of the Rakyat’s hard-earned money. Your 4 day working visit is what a Leader or a Prime Minister should do always -lead in front and not hide behind someone’s back. The recent shameful revelation of the useless investment of RM 80 Million of our Rakyat’s money into an Israeli bra, undies and lingerie e-biz to make 500 million Indian ladies comfortable in the future reminded me of our late distinguished Tun Ismail Mohd. Ali who had solid gold bars in the vaults of Bank Negara Malaysia during his tenure. Our Ringgit was RM 1.00 to a Singapore Dollar 1.03. It is not surprising that the top echelon of our Society today has sunk so low between 2004-2018 given the fact their brains stopped working but only followed what was deemed to be good in Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore. Privately, between you and me, this sordid sagas all began there. Believe it or not. Yes ! As I said before the difference between Men and Boys is the quality of their toys. You are a natural Leader of Men and Women, an effective Prime Minister of our beloved Malaysia who does things hands on and not leave it anymore to the closest aides, flunkeys or hangers on. This mistake you have recognized. The last BN Government had so many layers of closest aides, flunkeys and hangers-on surrounding the Prime Minister and his subordinates that it was completely ineffective and impervious to information concerning the interests of the Rakyat. With your hands on approach in dealing with our friend Japan, we are assured nothing will be amiss. It is good we do big business with a country known for its Good Governance. Malaysia will get every sen worth of the product or services. I learnt my international trades first dealing with the Japanese over 50 years ago. I know the Japanese well and have never been disappointed. It is also good to have a closer look at their Shinkansen Rail system. It pays to pay top dollar for quality and reliability in utilities. Kiasu Singapore tried to be smart and cut corners on the MRT. Now Singapore pays in spades for their ill-conceived smartness with frequent breakdowns whilst the Hong Kong MRT could achieve 99% efficiency not too long ago. At one stage, Singapore MRT employed a lady who loved Ferraris and developed underground shopping malls instead of focussing on the wear and tear of the System. Now, Singapore deploys military generals to save Singapore’s Waterloo. It cannot not be done as the mistakes were already factored into the System on day one. It’s what is called penny wise, pound foolish by Lee Kuan Yew. THEREFORE IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE, COMMON SENSE, TUN, THAT YOU AND YOUR TEAM IS FOLLOWING UP ON YOUR FRUITFUL IDEAS HANDS ON. This will pay and pay in spades because a utility which is used non-stop 24 hours day and night cannot be taken frivolously like ISRAELI BRAS, UNDIES AND LINGERIE WHICH OUR FAKE KHAZANAH INVESTED RM 80 MILLON AND LOST IT PROMPTLY. Remember this Fake Khazanah claimed to protect Malay interests and make money for the Rakyat ? Not only that, this Fake Khazanah spent RM 3 Billion in invest in UBS in which Singapore had a substantial holding to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs. And the money was lost promptly too. Concurrently, there was no money to make our jets fly and submarines to submerge to protect the Rakyat. This is indeed very shameful if these people have any conscience at all considering their GIGANTIC SALAREIES WHICH THEY APPROVED FOR THEMSELVES. There is something amiss in all these which needs to be investigated because far too much MONEY MONEY MONEY OT THE RAKYAT IS INVOLVED. And if no action is taken, these wanton acts may set a bad precedent for future generations of Rakyat to come. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  107. HBT456 Aug 5,2018 4:19 PM

    482. Obviously, those republicans wannabes will call for double up the tarrif in the name of trade wars against china by smoking the american businessmen and investors to move out of china to usa to create jobs for average ameticans on the streets.

    483. Dont forget, usa president must call for general election in every 4 years to get americans on the street to vote, but in china, the president of china must call for voting within the party members in beijing, the capital of anicient china with the last manchu emperor, in every 5 years, and such critical voting for sure will get 100% turnout from the members.

    484. Junior bush is famous with the tag line of smoke them out in the name of war against terrorism, but in malaysia, president umno is famous with freebies, wang politik and rasuah politik.

    485. Motorsikal india with yo yo effects can sell or not, i am not sure.

    486. But, prime minister modi if he wants to get elected, i think he will go for bullet speed train too.

    487. Bak kata, masuk mulut naga tak berbaloi, masuk mulut keldai, bising pulak.

    488. Black money white wash to white money means allah kasi setel, another bailout in nasional kereta 3.0?

    489. Middle income trap is real, and if the current ruling government is still unable to solve labor shortage and cool down property market, they too would be replaced.

    490. Yup, tipu orang kampung yang miskin senang, dont you think these wannabes are treating the middle income voters macam kerbau?

  108. HBT456 Aug 5,2018 3:41 PM

    481. Even if trump doesnt want to re-elected for 2nd term, but republicans it wont be a surprise the wannabes want to be next perdana menteri.


  109. mubarakchan Aug 5,2018 12:48 PM


    This is another wonderful morning. Wonderful headlines like ‘ Tun M had a thunderous reception at a rally last night in Pulau Pinang.’ or ‘ The Minister for Entrepreneurs announced that the Proton 3.0 will be launched in 2020’. What more good news do I want ? Your popularity marks the Liberation of our beloved Malaysia from oppression and daylight robbery by those who ruled over us 2004-2018. With Freedom, Democracy and a New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great, what better base is needed the Proton 3.0 to be launched successfully as scheduled ? If the First Model is a SUV for the Rakyat, I can surmise it will be a total sell-out with a long waiting list. 4-door saloons have gone out of fashion in the United States. Nissan could not sell their range of saloons. Wow Tun ! The Proton 3.0 with engine making tech-know how for future development and marketing, no more corrupt Closest Aides and managers, a professional team with ZERO BASE TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION, and a ready and willing Malaysian workforce with the support of LOCAL SPARE PARTS SUPPLERS with no more Taiwanese or Korean corruption, the Proton 3.0 can only go up and up. A RAKYAT’S SUV FOR ALL ASEAN !
    However, the NS Programme had always bugged me since its inception after 2004. To me, it is just a contrived and crooked Hoover machine to suck up the Government’s money through an apparent innocent façade. But as alleged from then 2004 – 2018, the costs of camps, catering, transport, uniforms, shoes etc are padded to benefit the franchise holder. It is better to leave the work done by the NS Programme to the Sekolah Kebangsaan without deaths, injuries and abuses. The teachers do a good job daily so much so my children and grandchildren are their successful products. Let us convert all these camps for the rehabilitation of the drug addicts who should not be put into prisons but into a better environment with a different and humane Policy altogether as any doctor will understand.
    Another matter which bugged me from 2004-2018 is the collection of palm oil sludge free of charge by a syndicate. This news has been going the rounds in the plantation industry. Millions of ringgits are lost to these thieves for years. It is not only FREE but TAX FREE. An effort should now be made to stop this theft which is a collusion between the Estate Management and the syndicate. The residual oil palm waste should be divided between the owner or company and the employees. This form of insidious corruption is a bad example for the plantation industry which should be free from corruption of the GLCs. Many millions of ringgits will become white again instead of black.
    Happy days are here again Tun ! Malaysia Boleh !

  110. mubarakchan Aug 4,2018 9:43 AM


    This Saturday morning is another happy morning for me even though there is an overcast sky. The fact is that I am not only happy but exceedingly happy like you full of energy and ideas to do good things as a Leader of our beloved Malaysia again. This reminds me of a 100 year old Hong Kong tycoon when he was asked when was his happiest moment. He replied that was when he got up in the morning and look at his bowl of plain rice porridge. A wise and good man who had experienced Life and what it meant for him. How many of us Malaysians realise and appreciate a good Leader or Prime Minister for our beloved Malaysia ? We have amongst us here some aged Malaysian Chinese for want of a credible and outstanding Malaysian Chinese Leader worship Lee Kuan Yew as a false foreign god. They do not realise they are making fools or mockery of themselves. They are not aware that a person even though he claimed (using the RESOURCES OF A STATE) as this and that, could do harm to others when personal desires like narcissism and obsession to do down Malaysia could back-fire and bring his downfall. Indeed, these were to the detriment not of the Malaysians but his own people, the Singaporeans. Malaysia in recent times through her many leaders amongst the Malays have shown and underlined the saying,’ The Americans easily forget. The British try not to forget. The French never forget. The Chinese never, never, never forget. The Malaysians forgive and forget.’ Or our beloved Malaysia practise a better type of Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias better than Singapore which is now up a pole in its practice of a form of Dictatorship or Authoritarianism as criticised by India’s Nobel Prize winner Professor Amartya Sen and prominent journalist and author TJS George in ‘Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore’ 1972. There are Leaders and leaders as their are men and mice. There are leaders who are actually followers of others blindly. Like those who when they found themselves in a corner, said,
    Singapore did this or that. Or Temasek also invested in it.’ Little did they realise that they are worse than followers but MENTAL CAPTIVES OF SINGAPORE WHICH IS A FAILED STATE. These lazy brain people do not realise that Singapore is now a city of only 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-50 ! Thanks to the 47 Failed Public Policies of Lee Kuan Yew ! Our beloved Malaysia of Malaysians totalling 31 Million strong. Our Nation’s location stretches 1,200 miles from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea. MALAYSIA FOR MANY REASONS ESPECIALLY NOW WITH A NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT IN PLACE has a Big Voice in affairs concerning ASEAN in whatever is good for ASEAN like our National Car. A Project. And this is where your Leadership counts, Tun. When a Prime Minister is a copy-cat. He cannot catch any mice but a follower of others, good or bad. Again, this is illustrated by the comments emanating from an ex-Khazanah official yesterday. He claimed this and that. He claimed to have increased the assets of Khazanah by more than two-fold. In fact he blind-sided the Rakyat BY NOT REVEALING HOW MUCH HE BORROWED TO BOOST THE KHAZANAH’S ASSETS TWO FOLD, THE LIABILITIES, THE LOSSES, LIKE HIS FRIVOLOUST INVESTMENTS IN A JEWISH BRA, UNDIES AND LINGERIE OUTFIT WITH A VIEW TO MAKE SURE THE 500 Million INDIAN LADIES FEEL GOOD SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE. What has Malaysia a Sovereign country in its National Interest got to do with the bras, undies and lingerie of Indian ladies of all peoples ? And the frivolous investment of RM 3 Billion in UBS to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs and lost it all promptly. And WITHOUT REMORSE,IT WAS STATED THAT THESE LOSSES ARE RECOVERABLE. ! Dear Sir, we do not invest to recover LOSSES ALL THE TIME ESPECIALLY THE KHAZANAH CLAIMS TO BE A SOVEREIGN FUND which is now proved to be as FAKE AS A MONA LISA SOLD IN KUALA LUMPUR FOR RM 10 BILLION ! Sorry MAS ex-Chairman ! Tun, these are fine examples of poor leaderships with lazy brains. Yes, Tun ! Good Leaders are born and not made. Washington, Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Truman, Nixon, Gandhi, Deng Xiao Ping, Gorbachov, Soekarno, Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein Onn, Xi Jin-ping etc just a few examples, have shown their leaderships through their actions now recorded in history. Through the absence of a honest Leadership, our beloved Malaysia suffered much during the Dark Era of 2004-2018. One Trillion ringgits were purported to have been siphoned out of the country. Malaysia was lying hapless and defenceless. Even Lee Kuan Yew traipsed in to inspect his and Singapore’s COLONY AT THE AGE OF 85 ! Yet, Man proposes. God disposes. Lee Kuan Yew despite his apparent invincibility and with his Malaysia Killer TPPA, 2 casinos , FT imports to boost GDP and the ill-conceived Temasek COULD NOT TURN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA INTO SINGAPORE’S COLONY ! During this Dark Era, everything was for his taking or RAPING. Hence, Tun, your second coming as our Prime Minister re-established the stamp of a TRUE LEADER AT THE TOP OF THE VIRTUAL POWER PYRAMID at a critical time when LEADERS WERE NOT LEADERS. PRIME MINISTERS WERE NOT PRIME MINISTERS. CATS WERE COPY-CATS. Just yesterday, a friend told me he (non-Chinese) had planned to emigrate. I presented the facts of our beloved Malaysia today that with a New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great, Malaysia is now ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. (I am not boasting, aged Malaysian Chinese of this distinguished Blog). He appreciated this right away with tears swelling in his eyes. TODAY LEADERS ARE LEADERS. PRIME MINISTERS ARE PRIME MINISTERS. CATS ARE CATS, NOT COPY-CATS ! Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  111. Hajar Aug 3,2018 10:50 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izinTun:

    Dr M: I was not a dictator, it was for the common good

    Betullah, Tun bukan diktator, dulu, kini, dan selamanya.

    Lagipun, mana ada diktator di dunia ini yang dilantik oleh rakyat secara demokrasi untuk menjadi pemimpin sesebuah negara buat kali kedua.

    Ini bukti (dilantik jadi PM sekali lagi) terbaik bahawa Tun bukan pemimpin diktator.

    Tuduhan2 merepek yang mengatakan Tun dulu diktator cuma propaganda politik kotor oleh pihak2 tertentu.

    Jadi Tun tidak perlulah layan lagi pihak2 yang masih lagi meracau dan merapu tentang isu ‘diktator’ ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  112. HBT456 Aug 3,2018 7:10 PM

    478. If i am in unit trust industry, i will advice my clients with the right information since this is investors’ hard earned money.

    479. Jika mahu buat bisnes, kena buat dengan cara yang betul.

    480. Jika mahu masuk bidang politik, kena buat dengan cara yang bertimbang rasa.

  113. HBT456 Aug 3,2018 6:57 PM


    475. If kit siang is mao commie, then najib is stalin- marxist?

    476. For banana chinnies, please do your home work and research well before you penned your political article as we know the standard of our kdn public servants hanya paham bahasa melayu dan jawi aja.

    477. With this kind of toxic, roller-coaster and scary politics, dont you think we going back to square one, the gostan style?

  114. HBT456 Aug 3,2018 3:22 PM

    466. Bak kata cina, mereka yang bayar on time walaupun lambat tapi mereka tetap akan bayar, ini adalah peniaga yang bertimbang rasa.

    467. If she claimed hajar and can pay in cash on the dot and thinks she is bijak and comel, she is just a naked princess.

    468. Yup, tipu orang kampung yang miskin memang senang.

    469. Me too tak mahu buat bieness dia just like recently in the japanese restaurant in japan to politely invite 2 prc female tourists to just go, and no need to pay for not respecting the rules and instruction of the japanese owner being shared in wechat.

    470. First cut is usually the deepest, and sorry seems to be the hardest word to say.

    471. Sorry no cure ke atau tidak, who cares since general election would be called in every 5 years?

    472. Eventhough i think this is ugly, but i will not spit on her.

    473. Let it be, let it be, there will be no answer, let it……

  115. HBT456 Aug 3,2018 10:54 AM

    451. I guess when mamak made joke on throwing indon out, but not the snake in the same train during the 80s and 90s, is not a joke after all.

    452. She is cute or bijak with phd, and want to pursue more phd, she will get the fund, after all, its taxpayer monies with malay bias policy.

    453. Even when local lim beh become pak turut to make a living, mereka pun 2 x 5.

    454. Even local hindu sees zakir naik as threat, mereka pun 2 x 5.

    455. Politik oh politik!

    456. Allah kasi setel atau tidak, it wont make any differences.

    457. Even if i think its something not right, the only thing i can do is to cast my vote.

    458. But one thing for sure, i wont influence my children to cast the coalition that i prefer because i know they are mature enough to decide themselves.

    459. The rest of the story, i will leave for pokatan harapan to propose, bn to dispose.

    460. When come judgement day of general election, we will know which coalition gets the majority votes.

    461. Boat rocking is bad and not good for a small population country like malaysia.

    462. But, when race and religion issues can make them rich overnight, thats their taste and choice in making their decision in their political career.

    463. If you think its not fair, you too can join politics to get rich since everyone in their circle of influence is doing the same in this country.

    464. When bad things happened, there must be good reasons.

    465. Good, bad or ugly, its up to both of the divides to mirror the same questiom of are they doing their best, or are they not rich enough.

  116. Sri Sense Aug 3,2018 9:48 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun,

    Pagi yang cerah. Semalam hujan sikit. Musim durian nak berakhir. Tapi durian zaman Tun jadi PM, bukan main murah. Lebih kurang 50% murah dari zaman Najib jadi PM.


    A few months ago, a unit trust company hantar slide on why mereka nak invest di India. I terkejut juga why India. Di kepala I terbayang betapa susahnya rakyat India, yang kaya hanya segelintir, untuk hiburan mereka tonton filem Bollywood. Mengikut rekod unit trust company ini, India by 2020 akan ada ramai middle class – which they translate as buying power/purchasing power.

    With the article I hantar semalam telah terbukti apa yang unit trust company ini cakap betul, motorsikal pun boleh jual ratusan million mengalahkan nama2 terbesar dunia. I also baca online ramai rakyat India cerita pasal stockmarkets, wah memang mereka hebat sekarang.

    I am not a fan of China companies yang stocks mereka listed kat Bursa Malaysia. Cara mereka buat business strange, tak sama seperti orang Malaysia or Singapore buat business. Because of that none of their stocks naik tanpa sokongan nama2 investor gergasi disini. Small investors tak kira bangsa kat sini tak pandang la.

    Berbalik pada India, nama korporat seperti Ananda Krishnan and Tony Fernandez seperti ada masaalah dengan pelaburan mereka diIndia. Not only that companies milik Malaysia yang tersenarai di bursa yang pernah berniaga buat business dengan negara China samada milik orang Melayu atau orang Cina, banyak business mereka juga yang jahanam disana.

    Kalau dalam politik seperti DAP sering suka sebut soal bangsa, dalam business kita sebenarnya tak fikir langsung, yang penting the dollar sign. Nak berniaga dengan sesiapa pun boleh berniaga.

    For example kalau offer Indonesia bagus, why not. Kalau offer India bagus why not. I like to tolak China ketepi. Nombor satu kerana trade wars with US. Yo yo things. Kita tak tahu apa jadi nanti. I don’t think Donald Trump sebagai orang business peduli hal China sangat. Good deals he can get elsewhere. India still a better bet. Indonesia not a bad choice. Not to mention those Europeon countries yang depended on him … just saying.

    Just sharing,

    Trade Wars Aren’t Good, But Markets Can Adjust
    Harley-Davidson’s decision to shift some production to Europe shows the limited costs (so far) of trade restrictions.

    By Tyler Cowen
    June 27, 2018,
    Virtually all economists favor free trade. But we differ as to what the costs of trade restrictions might be. The decision of Harley-Davidson Inc. to shift more production overseas to Europe to avoid the impact of new tariffs presents a good opportunity to assess those costs – and the good news is that, so far, the economic costs of a trade war appear to be limited.

    It is a standard proposition in economics that trade, foreign direct investment and immigration are all potential substitutes for each other. If goods cannot cross borders, perhaps capital or people can. Both are alternative ways of reaping potential gains from trade.

    So when President Ronald Reagan imposed “voluntary” import quotas on Japanese autos in the 1980s, Toyota built more factories in the U.S. The end result was that U.S. consumers still got the cars, and without paying tariffs. You might think America enjoyed additional gains from the new jobs created, but much of that was given back through capital inflows, as a stronger dollar led to weaker exports. It was a form of market adjustment.

    By putting its European production in Europe, Harley is creating a similar tariff-neutralizing effect, reflecting the market’s ability to adjust to an ill-conceived policy. In turn, we can expect that some European producers will place new plants in the U.S. or expand the old ones.

    Note that Harley already had plans to shrink its U.S. production, and it already was expanding into Brazil, Australia and India. So perhaps the result here isn’t so different from what might have happened anyway.

    Of course it isn’t always that simple. Let’s say that tariffs went up significantly between the U.S. and Malaysia. It might not be worth it for Harley or other producers to build new plants in Malaysia, since it is a relatively small market. The good news, if you could call it that, is that the U.S. is starting a trade war with the economically large European Union. That is precisely the place where, because the potential market is so large, companies will make more investment to offset the impact of trade restrictions.

    The movement of people is another partial substitute for standard foreign imports and exports. So if the U.S. further restricts French cheese, or the EU places additional limits on American beef imports, tourists adjust to limit the burden. (I don’t foresee a big increase in cross-Atlantic migration, although theoretically that is another possible response.) Even before Trump, the U.S. did not let in many French non-pasteurized cheeses. So when I go to France, the first thing I do is to buy a lot of those cheeses. Just as, I imagine, many French tourists in Texas sample the barbecue.

    Another striking feature of trade today is that it is increasingly based on cross-national supply chains. U.S. car production is heavily dependent on inputs from Mexico; European factories often buy their inputs from America; iPhone manufacturing in China is based on contributions from many nations, including the U.S., South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. There is a certain fragility to these arrangements, but they also mean the costs of small tariffs are likely to be absorbed by suppliers, rather than shutting down trade.

    That’s because if you’ve spent years painstakingly constructing one of these international supply chains, you’re not going to let a few tariffs on one part of the chain shut you down. Instead, you are likely to just eat the loss and move on, because there is so much total value at stake.

    At the same time, very large tariffs and trade barriers now will have much higher costs, if they are capable of shutting down the entire supply chain and disrupting so many moving parts.

    Thus does a strange dynamic come into play in the global economy: Politicians start to feel they can impose small tariffs without disrupting production very much, or even necessarily inducing higher prices. They’re right – and that is exactly what makes this logic dangerous, because they may be tempted to push further and further on those tariffs, drawing ever close to the danger zone where the tariff really starts to bite.

    The biggest costs of the current trade war talk may come with China, because in that case there is talk of both higher tariffs and tougher restrictions on Chinese investment in the U.S. (and possibly vice versa). The market adjustments to higher tariffs just aren’t as potent in this context, in part because China still is not a proper and open market economy.

    Still, when you read about tariffs and trade wars, do not dismiss the power of institutions to adjust. One of the great virtues of markets is that it is harder to wreck them than you might think. – Bloomberg

    Tyler Cowen is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He is a professor of economics at George Mason University and writes for the blog Marginal Revolution. His books include “The Complacent Class: The Self-Defeating Quest for the American Dream.”

  117. mubarakchan Aug 3,2018 8:39 AM


    Since I am as keen as you are to make the National Car Project a great success, I like to impart some of my observations and experiences as the one and only TRUE INDUSTRIALIST IN MALAYSIA ARISING OUT OF THE BIGGEST CORPORATE SCANDAL IN THE 1970s. The aged Malaysian Chinese who inhabit your distinguished Blog will accuse me of boasting. But how can I be boasting when they have never heard of me from the early 1970s to until now July 2018. The story of my success as an industrialist was suppressed due to jealousy, personal or political. These did not bother me one bit as my life-long agenda is more altruistic than these. In many ways like your good self. I say again that I truly believe that you meant what you said in public that you have made mistakes. It is one’s realization of one’s mistakes that a person can progress in his or her profession in Life. It is also my realization that our beloved Malaysia is now at a critical point in its progress and development towards and upwards to the ultimate tier of achievement. It’s now or never. And with your New and Incorruptible Government what better chance will our beloved Malaysia get than this. It is on this score that I mention the following suggestions from my own experiences as a textile industrialist. The smartest Chinese, the Shanghainese say,’ Those who master the textile business can do any other business.’ In fact, I was set up by certain interested parties to die a certain death in Folex Industries Berhad (now Sri Hartamas Berhad). I was expected to run away after 2 weeks because all the Managing Directors ran away at this time. I stayed for 9 years and made millions of ringgits and paid back the MIDF Consortium of HSBC, MIDF, Standard Chartered, Bangkok Bank and UMBC, and Moscow Narodny IN FULL. The Consortium did not RELEASE A SINGLE SEN TO FOLEX and was on my back every month with one tycoon’s runner running me down every month at the MIDF meetings for 9 years. I just ignored such trivialities and did my job at RM 7,000 per month and an Alfa Romeo. How was it done, you may ask ? First, like your good self Tun, I never thought of making money by devious means. I just performed normally with my common sense. Folex was allotted 10,000,000 lbs of tax free cotton yarn per year. Whatever was unused was returned to the Ministry of Finance. If I did not, I would not be writing this now. Second, I was able to show the factory employees when I stopped unnecessary wastage that I was serious. Like this, the waste produced was still RM 20,000 per month which I sold to the Alliance gang in Taiping. The money was used to buy fridges, TV sets, electronic appliances and all the goodies for the Workers Annual Pesta. I administered 1,200 mainly Malay factory workers on 3 shifts for 9 years without a hitch and in peace and harmony. At the beginning I sacked the 12 Taiwanese and replaced them with just 3 Malaysians including a Malay. My security officer was a former military man. The toilets were dirty and full of graffiti. I cleaned them out and put up a blackboard with colour chalks and duster. There were no more nonsense. I turned up unannounced in the early hours of the morning to see for myself how things were getting on. This uplifted the morale of the employees as someone who cared for their welfare. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION. I sacked the Finance Manager on the spot when I found out he reported to Standard Chartered behind my back. Commissions from suppliers were used for the Workers Annual Pesta day and free overseas travel was given to the Managers. I did not take a single advantage from Folex with a turnover of millions a month. Third, Folex market was the hard as nails traders, the Gujeratis, the Sindhis, the Sikhs and the Tai Po Hakkas. Not one of them reneged on the trades with Folex for 9 years. I was known to them personally. Fourth, I caught the Singapore traders short on the yarn by the millions of ringgits. They suggested that I go out to the sea in a yacht with them in Singapore. Instead, I suggested Folex will take no legal action against them if they paid up. Folex recovered from each and everyone of them given time but some not fully. Fifth, all sorts of temptations like women, money etc were offered. I knew if I showed weakness of the flesh, the whole of Folex would collapse. My own senior managers approach me to do something CORRUPT. I told them not to be silly. The moment CORRUPTION took place, the whole World would know and we would be out in the street in no time at all. GLC Khazanah is a good example. Yes Tun ! The Proton 1.0 was sabotaged by the Closest Aides from the start, the top to the bottom from the very first day. The Corrupt Culture engendered by the Management was passed from generation to generation through the years. It was terrible watching the events from a distance. The waste of Government subsidies etc. A MANUFACTURING FACILITY MUST HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION. Every sen counts. If you remember in 2013 or thereabouts, I sought your assistance to help my friend who was making the best Japanese mini-motor for Proton. He could not expand his sales more than 30% because the Taiwanese and the Koreans through their local agents took the 70%. These were foreign imports. My friend approached the lady Manager in charge of purchases , she told him,’ We do not entertain requests by Tun Dr Mahathir these days.’ I was shocked and let the matter rest till today. Tun, hopefully no former Proton 1.0 employee will be recruited WITHOUT A STRINGENT VETTING because as we now know MAKING FACOTRY PRODUCTS MUST HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION. Hence, I am extremely happy Tun that the National Car Project may come into fruition not for you and me, but for the Rakyat of our beloved Nation. It is better not to launch the National Car Project IF THERE IS NO ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  118. Hajar Aug 2,2018 11:37 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Orang yang memuja wang ringgit akan sentiasa berkira dan berfikir berpaksikan keuntungan wang ringgit semata-mata (‘kiasu-logy’ – mesti sentiasa mahu untung / menang maa…). Jika tidak dapat untung wang, bagi orang sebegini, apa saja ide boleh dibakul-sampahkan dan tidak berguna.

    2. Saya menyokong projek Kereta Nasional ketiga kerana saya yakin ada banyak manfaatnya kepada rakyat dan juga negara dalam jangkamasa panjang.

    3. Bukan keuntungan wang ringgit sahaja yang penting tetapi ada banyak lagi faedah2 sampingan yang saya lihat yang dapat membantu rakyat dan negara secara keseluruhannya.

    4. Tun buat saja apa yang terbaik untuk rakyat dan Malaysia. Usah pedulikan kata2 negatif dari pihak2 tertentu. Dulu pun banyak projek2 Tun yang dikutuk/ditentang habis-habisan, tetapi sekarang mereka yang gah (tanpa segan silu) menggunakan segala hasil projek2 tersebut.

    5. Pada saya, semasa Tun menjadi PM ke-4, Tun tidak melakukan apa2 kesalahan (jika ada pun kesilapan2 yang tidak disengajakan), dan tidak perlulah Tun berasa bersalah dengan tuduhan (kepercayaan) dangkal yang kononnya Tun diberi peluang kedua untuk membetulkan apa yang salah semasa Tun PM ke-4. Ini cuma propaganda puak2 tertentu yang mendakwa kononnya mereka ditindas/dizalimi dan dianak-tirikan. Jangan ada pula yang ingat saya membodek Tun sebab Tun tidak kenal saya. Saya cuma pernah bersalam dengan Tun saja (beberapa kali).

    6. Tun jangan rasa tertekan dan rasa terpaksa untuk menurut segala kemahuan atau desakan puak2 tertentu tersebut. Tun jangan lupa yang PH boleh menang kerana ada rakyat Malaysia yang dahulunya mengundi BN telah mengundi PH pada PRU14. Jika Tun (PH) tidak berhati-hati, rakyat (Tun tahu golongan mana) akan menghukum PH pula pada PRU15.

    P/S: Siapakah lebih bijak? Biasanya orang akan lihat kepada tahap pendidikan seseorang. Harap2 si Polan ada sekurang-kurangnya Ph.D dalam bidang sains/matematik/teknologi/engineering/etc. Saya ingat lagi masa saya belajar disebuah negara asing; ada masa terluang. Jadi saya cari kerja dalam kampus. Pergi temuduga. Ramai juga calon2 (putih, hitam, kuning langsat, coklat, etc.) dari perbagai negara/bangsa, tapi ada satu saja tempat kosong. Terkejut betul bila saya terpilih. Mungkin sebab saya LEBIH BIJAK berbanding calon2 lain.. 🙂 Ataupun mungkin saya paling ‘cute’ antara calon2 yang ditemuduga 🙂 Namun, tidak mungkin pula saya beri sogokan atau guna kabel sebab yang menemuduga saya ialah Mat Salleh (orang putih), bukannya Melayu.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  119. HBT456 Aug 2,2018 10:37 PM

    448. Yup she is right, thats why only mini electric bikes are allowed on the road to minimize deaths on road accidents in china.

    449. I am not sure what kind of indian motorcycles she is referring to, and i dont even care what she proposed now.

    450. What happened to rm250 million of cowgate scandal?

  120. Sri Sense Aug 2,2018 4:57 PM

    Good evening YAB Tun,

    Just sharing,

    India Replaces China as World’s Biggest Motorcycle-Building Nation
    It takes just 11 days to sell as many motorcycles in India as Americans buy in a whole year, according to New Atlas.


    When we think of the largest motorcycle manufacturers, we might think of Harley-Davidson or Honda. But in the global perspective, these two are just a drop in the bucket compared to motorcycle production in other parts of the world. New Atlas reports that the new largest motorcycle-producing country in the world isn’t the U.S., Japan, or even China, but an unexpected source: India. According to New Atlas, around 500,000 motorcycles are sold in America each year…while India sold 17.59 million motorcycles in the 2016-2017 financial year.

    Of course, the Indian motorcycle market is very different than America’s. The vast majority of India’s domestic market motorcycles have tiny engines, less than 125 cubic centimeters in displacement. Of the 10 most popular motorcycles in India, only one has an engine larger than that: the Royal Enfield 350 Classic.

    Though Royal Enfield was originally the name of the rifle that Britain used to keep the peace in their former colony, India has since reclaimed the name as its own, and it has become an enormous manufacturer. In the last 12 months, Royal Enfield has sold 700,000 motorcycles in India alone. That’s the same as the worldwide output of Harley-Davidson, KTM, BMW, Triumph, and Ducati combined.

    Royal Enfield is the largest Indian manufacturer, but certainly not the only one. Companies such as Bajaj, TVS, and Mahindra not only build their own fair share of motorcycles, they are also partnering with European manufacturers to expand markets and production capabilities. KTM’s partnership with Bajaj is what enabled it to surpass BMW to become Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. In a curious twist of fate, Mahindra has purchased the rights and trademarks of the legendary British motorcycle company BSA.

    One major reason for India’s success with motorcycles is residents’ attitude toward them. In America, motorcycles are viewed as little more than toys, not everyday transportation. But in India, it’s just the opposite. A small motorcycle may be the only transportation many people have. This was also the case in China, the previous top motorcycle producer, but the Chinese government has banned motorcycles from some city centers and provided incentives to use electric bicycles instead, causing their domestic motorcycle market to decline.

    That’s all for now! 😀

  121. HBT456 Aug 2,2018 4:44 PM


    444. Its jackpot an illegal gambling?

    445. I have brunei friends turned canadians, and during off days, they play jackport too in legal outlets.

    446. Pendek kata, they cant curb social problems even by declaring malaysia as islamic country.

    447. Was it religion issue, or is it pilih kasih?

  122. HBT456 Aug 2,2018 4:23 PM

    424. What happened to air rayani, mubarakchan?

    441, Jika pakaian air stewardess menjojok mata mps pas, lebih baik mereka pakai coach atau ktm tempatan saja, betul?

    442. Why we need to study geografi di primary and secondary schools beside sejarah?

  123. mubarakchan Aug 2,2018 3:51 PM


    A small typo error in my Comment 22. For no good reason all the GLCs Plantation companies were consolidated………… ‘

  124. mubarakchan Aug 2,2018 2:51 PM


    I have deliberately left the worst of the BN Government’s lackeys excesses to the last being the wanton grab of another hapless citizen’s rights and wealth, and the creation of huge FAKE Schemes with no good commercial reason but to line their own pockets at the Rakyat’s expense.

    20. A Chinese felon caught by the Securities Commission was used by lackeys using the Powers of the State to harass, abuse, threaten and insult a Chinese Tan Sri to rob him of his rightful place in a listed company on the Bursa. The first ever un-Malaysian incident of this kind.
    21. The same Chinese felon was again used to grab a long established Chinese Bank in Penang by the crude and illegal method of harassment, insults, abuses and threats on the Chinese Tan Sri who managed the Bank. The objective was to force him to sell and get a cheap price by the use of the Powers of the State. There were huge profits to be made by those concerned arising from such un-Malaysian like activity using the Powers of the State. Justice and fair-price were conveniently forgotten.
    22. For no good commercial reason all the GLCs were consolidated into the ATM for crooks Sime Darby. Within 3 years, the consolidated group was de-consolidated again for no good commercial reason. THIS IS THE BIGGEST FAKE EXERCISE UNDERTAKEN BY USING GLCs IN BROADLIGHT. It can only be surmised that huge profits were made personally.

    For those who were observant and understood the meaning of all these crooked desires, they will be as happy as I am that our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad returned to be Prime Minister of a New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great. For saying this, the Malaysian Chinese who were sleeping will come out of the woodwork and say I am a hypocrite, carry Tun’s legs, etc. IF I CARRY LEE KUAN YEW’S LEGS WITH HIS 47 FAILED POLICIES, I WILL BE LAUDED BY THESE MALAYSIAN CHINESE BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO MALAYSIAN CHINESE LEADER ! Malaysia Bolleh Tun !

  125. HBT456 Aug 2,2018 2:25 PM

    436. Young voters are impulsive and vulnerable, therefore, by reducing voting age means they could be harmed, or manipulated by bersatu and umno party machineries to get rich.

    437. Therefore, it is definitely better off not to change the age limit of voting age to stay relevant.

    438. Mahu dengar atau tidak, it is up to them to decide.

    439. Wealth does not pass through 3 generations.

    440. Jika niat mereka adalah murni, mereka pasti akan nampak cahaya di hujung sana.

  126. HBT456 Aug 2,2018 1:20 PM

    433. Jika allah kasi setel, then, there is no point of having general election since mps could be rigged behind the voters to dictate the direction of the federal government budget, dont you think so?

  127. HBT456 Aug 2,2018 12:46 PM

    426. Dont forget, general election must be called in every 5 years.

    427. Yes, i agreed it is never easy to train old dogs with new tricks.

    428. Old dogs already done what we need to do, and with kwsp, or kwap, we can now go for retirement to do what we want before we leave the world.

    429. Yup, me too had opt for retirement, and now doing nothing except continue my comments in this blog.

    430. Yup, they can continue to show off their anger toward chinese race too and replace us with indian, local and foreign muslim with malay bias policy.

    431. Since the hardcore supporters of the blog owner also dont care about our feelings, why should we care about their feelings.

    432. Beside gossip, jealous and show off, i dont think they other better things to do.

    434. Eventhough i do not like their way of doing things, but i will never spit on their them to show my anger, frustration or revenge via manipulating the sentiment of rakyat in street protests.

    435. Frankly speaking, i never attend any political driven rallies because i know this is not right way to show your anger since we have general election in every 5 years.

  128. HBT456 Aug 2,2018 12:21 PM

    417. Yes, being perdana meteri is never an easy job, but with the teory of man proposes, god disposes with malay bias policy, lebih baik aku tido aja dan tunggu arahan, mana tau mungkin first lady akan panggil aku satu hari nanti.

    419. The worst parenting style is we compare our children with other parents’ children without asking their permission, or whether they can cope up or not.

    420. There is no 2 ways about it.

    419. It is either you increase federal government budget to grow the economy driven by market force, or you increase federal government budget driven by political parties to dictate the direction of the economy.

    420. All top vvips are hold by malay and muslim, and got pencen after retirement, and yet they want to tunjuk perasaan with malay-muslim bias just to get attention to show their state are better off with other states?

    421. The meaning become very deep is when their interest is politically motivated, or in other words, they still stuck in tribalism era.

    422. There are many grades of toilet papers.

    423. Market driven grades?

    425. Political party driven grades?

  129. balance Aug 2,2018 12:19 PM

    SSLEE Aug 1,2018 9:23 PM

    Wow brilliant observation and article or comment. There is too many “siok sendiri” projects in Malaysian. The word “3rd national car” sound so uninspiring and old. Well there are people who holds personal grunges against a dead person and relates almost everything to the dead man. Yes i totally agree with you to respect a dead man or a man that cannot defend himself or herself. I also cannot understand why certain people like to doing polishing to the extend that it sound so insincere and insane.

  130. HBT456 Aug 2,2018 11:01 AM

    Remarks: machines can never win over men because men are human and have feelings.

  131. HBT456 Aug 2,2018 10:55 AM

    406. If these hardcore supporters of the blog owners continue to treat him as nabi muhammad, he will be history too.

    407. I still remember geography in bahasa malaysia stating clearly pembalakan is one of the kegiatan ekonomi negara, but why it becomes illegal?

    408. Yup, these so-called supportes are in deed no difference from rapists, thieves and robbers using syariah lawmakers to kick-up non-sysriah lawmakers.

    409. Robbing paul to pay petter?

    410. Man proposes, god proposes?

    411. Dulu, IQ.

    412. Kemudian tambah EQ.

    413. Kini, tambah LQ.

    414. Pendek kata, machines can wins over men.

    415. Rule of law?

    416. Rule of man?

  132. Sri Sense Aug 2,2018 10:23 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Arwah tok saya guru agama, namanya ada sheikh kat depan. Student beliau bukan budak2 sekolah tapi orang yang dah besar, pangkat mak ayah. Ramai studentnya. Beliau juga pembersih oragnya.

    I teringat masa I kecil, I nak buang air I masuk bilik air, kain pelikat sembahyang tok tersangkut tinggi. Selepas keluar dari bilik air, tok tanya ada sentuh kain sembahyang, I jawab tidak, ditanya lagi, I jawab tidak, tanya lagi, I jawab tidak. Sememanganya tidak sentuh kain sembahyang beliau. Tak lama lepas tu I nampak tok masuk bilik air terus basuh kain pelikat sembahyang. Nyata beliau tidak percaya walau dikata tidak 😀

    Tok juga sering pakai tali pinggang besar jenis ada kocek letak duit, kain pelikat lusuh, pakai kot lusuh, jangan terperanjat, cakap orang putih slang brits pun tok hebat selain dari bahasa arab. Bila ditanya duit, sepanjang masa tok kata tak ada duit. I pernah tanya tentang ini. Tok kata biar orang kasihan.

    Tok meninggal masa tahun 80han. Tok bukanlah tak ada duit tapi beliau juga tidaklah kaya raya macam millionaire. 🙂

    That’s all for now.

  133. mubarakchan Aug 2,2018 10:16 AM


    For the easy edification of all and to those who think being a Prime Minister of Malaysia is easy like drinking water and your hard earned kudos and brilliance are a matter of course, here is a list of the horrors of lack of standards, propriety, ethics, integrity, morality, etc which erupted during the BN Government 2004-2018.

    1. Malaysia rushed to The Hague to claim the Pulau Batu Puteh after 50 years of inaction with an old Professor of Law in tow. Singapore employed the best lawyer in International Laws. Malaysia lost big time. The Singaporean elite published a book to rub more salt into Malaysia’s wound. Abang adek for you and me Tun !
    2. A convicted felon who was the perpetrator of a RM 1 Billion share rigging scam was fined RM 4 Million and suspended to be a Director for 4 years. He laughed all the way to his RM 1 Billion Tower in Vancouver.
    3. Famished Singaporeans rushed in looking for low hanging fruits in the Khazanah with the 4th Floor Boys waving the magic wand pointing to the Avenue to grab cheap fruits.
    4. A hard-core PAP cadre became the Chief Editor of the UMNO NSTP with a lush Apache contract from Sime Darby on his lap to ease his sufferings in the hot and humid Ulus.
    5. Sime Darby sponsored Ocean Racing in New Zealand for 9 years. Charity does not begin at home.
    6. The Ministry of Tourism sponsored an Orchid Exhibition at the Chelsea Flower Show promoting London tourism. The Queen awarded a Gold Medal to the sponsor which rightfully belonged to Malaysia.
    7. A nobody got 1,000,000 barrels of oil from Saddam Hussein and topped the UN List for Sanctions breaking.
    8 RM 3 Billion was invested in UBS in which Singapore had substantial interest, to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs. The money was promptly lost like drinking water.
    9. A fat boy could be trusted with RM 42 Billion of the Government’s money.
    10. The KTM assets of the Tanjong Pagar Terminus, 25 miles of steel rails and the Woodlands Complex in Singapore ended up as HALF AN OFFICE BUILDING.
    11. The Chief Malaysian negotiator in Malaysia Killer TPPA (a creation of Lee Kuan Yew)is the spouse of the Government owned Singapore Business Times journalist stationed in Kuala Lumpur to gather information. She insisted that Malaysia signs the TPPA in a headline in the NSTP.
    12. The GLCs have RM 10,000 basic per day salary man to RM 100,000 basic per day salary man.
    13. Malaysia has fighter jets which do not fly
    14. Malaysia has submarines which do not submerge.
    15 Malaysia has Air Traffic Controllers who go to sleep after midnight.
    16. The Fake Sovereign Fund Khazanah invested in a Jewish lingerie, bra and panties business with RM 80 Million and promptly lost all like drinking water.
    17. Unsolved murders and kidnappings galore.
    18. The Minister misled 300,000 young bankrupts by not amending the archaic Bankruptcy Law 1967 but only attached an amendment due to pressure from financial interests which dare not do this in Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia. Very weak.
    19. My Arab friend with a legitimate passport was stopped by the police at 2 a.m. He was requested to pay RM 200 for not breaking the Law. He paid RM 50.

    How low can Malaysia go, Tun ? Thanks to your Leadership, our beloved Malaysia overnight is now ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA. Where are you singapore ? Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  134. mubarakchan Aug 2,2018 2:26 AM


    It is good very good that you permit reasonable comments to appear in your distinguished Blog. I notice that our Malaysian Chinese who have no credible and outstanding leaders unlike the Malays look towards a foreign person like Lee Kuan Yew (who conned them thoroughly) and claim him as their own. These Malaysian Chinese do not understand what Sovereignty and National Interest mean. To them there is no black and white. It is sad to note also that Lee Kuan Yew’s brainwashing in his lifetime was effective but waning. If we are not permitted to discuss, write or talk about the fables and foibles of public figures, then we might as well shut down all the History Departments and their Professors in the universities which only talk about dead personalities, to protect Lee Kuan Yew’s dubious reputation. I stand by my factual comments on Lee Kuan Yew as a public figure. I never impinge on his or others personal life which is none of my business. Here is a list of what he did to our beloved Malaysia which did nothing to harm Singapore 1962-2015. No emotions involved for the edification of all readers :-
    1. 1962. The Water Agreement. Which right minded person would agree to accept 3 sen per 1,000 gallons for 50 years ?
    2. 1964 Dewan Rakyat. Lee Kuan Yew sponsored ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’. There was an uproar.
    3. 1966. Lee Kuan Yew sponsored a Political Party after his ignominious defeat by the Tunku at the 1964 GE as he was retreating back to Singapore. There was a tacit agreement not to interfere in each other’s domestic affairs but only Malaysia observed this. Singapore did via the media.
    4. 1969. There were no restriction of the movements at the Causeway
    5. 1971 The 3 wise men who distributed the MSA software gave all to Singapore. The late Tun Dr Ismail nearly sacked them but for the intervention of a mutual friend.
    6. 1972-2000 The Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange was used like a yo-yo by unofficial syndicates in Singapore to extract money out of Malaysia. After the split, there were no more 12 crashes since 2000.
    7. 1985 Singapore used the Pan El collapse to suspend the joint Stock Exchange for 2 days to put a negative light on Malaysia. Before this only the Milan Bourse was suspended in 1909.
    8. 1984 Lee Kuan Yew could register 2,000 gangsters in Singapore by 1972. He commented that Johor Baru had all the robberies and crime which meant the gangsters from Singapore checked into Johor Baru and check out again to sleep in Singapore.
    9. After 2003, the Malaysian Government with an old Professor rushed to establish its claim on Pulau Batu Puteh which no Government did since 1957. Singapore employed the best lawyer. Malaysia lost big time. A book was published by the Singaporean elite to rub salt into Malaysia’s wound. A sandiwara made for two.
    10. After 2003, the famished Singaporeans rushed into Malaysia looking for low hanging fruits in our Khazanah. Of course, they found plenty with the 4th Floor Boys showing the way to the Avenue.
    11. By 2008, RM 3 Billion was invested by someone in UBS which had a heavy Singapore presence to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs. The money was promptly lost like drinking water.
    12. Then, the KTM’s assets like the Tanjong Pagar Terminus, the 25 miles of steel rails and the Woodlands Complex became HALF AN OFFICE BUILDING IN SINGAPORE.
    13. The infamous Malaysia Killer TPPA which was Lee Kuan Yew’s Creation to turn Malaysia into Singapore’s Colony, the Malays dispossessed, the Chinese and other become middle men financed by Singapore. Malaysia’s Chief Negotiator’s husband is the SBT journalist controlled by Singapore. She insisted that Malaysia signs the TPPA in a NST headline.

    Malaysia never took advantage of Singapore in anyway. In fact, Malaysia pays to deliver free water to Singapore because of the Ringgi’ts depreciation. It seems some Malaysian Chinese is not proud of the fact that with the New and Incorruptible Government under your Leadership, Tun, Malaysia has become overnight ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. I do not blame these Malaysian Chinese with their brains thoroughly washed and have blinkers on. It is up to these Malaysian Chinese that the World of Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore is no more WITHOUT THE LEE KUAN YEW MIRACLE OF THE UNDER-COUNTER TRADES which contributed 2-3% to Singapore’s GDP. As I was told,’ Today is today. Yesterday was yesterday.’ Facts are facts. At the end of the day, MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES ‘ Hence, our beloved Malaysia has you as the Prime Minister to lead us again up to the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan. Those who do not agree, may go to Singapore where the future is BLEAK, VERY BLEAk AND COLD. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  135. Sharudin Jamal Aug 2,2018 12:45 AM

    Dear Chedet,

    I am surely amazed by the energy that you exude and the span of topics that you cover. You are surely an extraordinary man to be able to do the extras.

    1/8/18 I pledged to be a full time writer. I write profusely on daily basis at time stretching for 8 – 10 hours. It is an indulgence since I officially retire on the 18/7/18. I finally decided to lay down my swords and become a private citizen.

    Therefore I am writing to you as Citizen Sharudin. No longer I am at war with anybody. No longer too I have to fight the most dreaded illness that plagued me for 20 years .

    As of yesterday my youngest daughter Puteri Sarah got admitted into UITM Sungai Buloh to read medicine.

    So Chedet, you don’t have to publish this posting. Sufficient that you read it for your own perusal.

    I heard you mentioned to the ulamas that they have to teach Islam according to the Quran and the legitimate hadiths. Well Chedet when comes to legitimacy nothing is more legitimate then Bukhari, Muslim and Muwata’.

    Nowadays you can read Quran and hadiths by using key word search. Hear me out Sir, if you study hadiths, you will find some very unfounded things and yes they are legitimate.

    The pivotal question is which of this legitimate but unfounded hadiths do you practice and which you conceal (the practice of takiyyah)? I bet those ulamas also came across these unfounded hadiths but they pick and choose to suit their needs.

    Who to decide which one of those legitimate hadiths are valid and still relevant like this Sahih Bukhari?

    (137) Narrated ‘Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: I have been informed that ‘Aisha remained with the Prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death).” what you know of the Quran (by heart)’ (Book #62, Hadith #65)

    Chedet, perhaps we should consider that as far as best practices is concern we are missing the mark by a mile?

    With best intention always,

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  136. HBT456 Aug 1,2018 10:50 PM

    402. Hong kong is the closest allie of uk to mainland china, ultimately, all usa presidents in the past, and future, will not land their feet in hong kong as respect and acceptance of uk-china relationship of this tiny red dot hong kong special administration region with 700 million population down south of main land china with 1.4 billion population.

    403. I sure hope penangites have good time in flying the jalur gemilang upnorth this coming saturday with the blog owner.

    404. Politics is live long career, and it was never meant to rich themselves in the name of ketuanan melayu mahupun ketuanan islam.

    405. I sure hope pakatan harapan and those who support the cause of meritocracy regardless of race and religion supremacy is a success, but can they?

  137. HBT456 Aug 1,2018 10:26 PM


    392. Even if they keep denying, it is not a secret in the public, especially within their political parties of malay, and muslim.

    393. When denials and damage controls are done too much, they would ultimately become fake as saying goes, action speaks louder than words.

    394. Hollywood celebrities, finally launched the campaign of metoo# last year, and hong kong celebrity, carina lau, already launched such campaign few years back.

    395. Mca ex president admitted, and immediately resigned all positions in government and his party once being caught.

    396. Bak kata cina, jika yang di atas dah bersenget, di bawahnya pasti akan bermula berpecah.

    397. Moral of the leaders are super sensitive to orientals, i am not sure about the malay, indian muslim or hindu including sabah and sarawak, their version of agama teaching.

    398. Therefore, no need to spike on chinese faiths, welfare and education, and as the 2nd majority race, we have already done our part in casting votes simultaneously in the past general elections.

    399. Cina sokong cina, negeri, atau negara, its up to the racists and extremists to decide.

    400. What will happen, it will happen.

    401. What will not happen, it will not happen.

  138. SSLEE Aug 1,2018 9:23 PM

    Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    I am deeply saddened and my heart pain in reading the comments in respected Tun’s blog: “KERETA NASIONAL” a topic very closed to Tun’s heart on national car had turned into an ugly war of words: bluffology, buffettology, bodek-logy, dedak-logy, name calling (kiasu, politikus, communistic, pendatang, racist, pak labu, pak chanran, pak payau, pak tiger, pak arab, si loose, si polan, low class, hipokrit, fakes, fakirs, bodoh piang and etc) The most disgusting is shameless self glorification and bodek-ism(And now our Malaysia under the leadership of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s New and incorruptible Government is ONE Of 4 MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA) and most sickening is disparaging and spiteful wild allegation on a respected late leader of our neighbor country. Can we Malaysians able to use our brain to think and debate on the pros and cons of another national car project objectively without resorting to all those negative insinuation and name calling? Have we lost our mind, our humanity, our humility and our human decency? Please show some respect to a deceased person the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

    I reproduce in full a letter published in Malay Mail
    JULY 31 — Dear Tun, with regard to Malaysia’s place in the automotive manufacturing ecosphere.
    You have wasted little time in getting down to business, and among your visions that you expressly shared with us recently is the Malaysian automotive industry, and how you intend to jump start it.
    Here are my thoughts on the matter.
    1. Making cars for sale at a profit is a business. It is a different matter from the individual’s passion for cars — the beauty of, the speed of, the luxury of, etc. It must be profitable, it should generate investment and jobs and, above all, profit.
    2. The making of cars for sale is a mature industry, it has been around for over a century, and is credited with being a pioneer of mass production. It is a big volume business. The biggest companies (or groups of companies) make and sell about 10 million units a year, and the smaller of the established, healthy brands sell about 1.5 million.
    3. High volume lowers unit cost. A company like Toyota sells 10 million units a year, which means it buys 10 million sets of tyres a year. Which means it has very strong bargaining power with the tyre makers it buys from, compared to a company that buys 1 million sets. That’s simply business. That also applies to the shock absorbers, and wiper motors, and switches, and radiators, etc, that it buys in bulk from its vendors. I hope that explains why Toyota can produce a 1.3-litre, 4-cylinder, 4-door sedan, cheaper than other makers of 1.3-litre, 4-cylinder, 4-door sedans. Because it buys the components at a lower price.
    4. Every billion dollar Toyota invests in research and development each year is divided by the 10 million units it sells each year. That’s 100 dollars per unit for amortisation, the big word experts used. Whereas every billion spent by a company that sells, say 2 million units, will be divided by 2 million, which is 5,000 dollars per unit. So, to match the 100 per unit cost, the smaller player simply must spend much less on R&D, or about 200 million to compete with Toyota’s billion. With me so far?
    5. The big companies sell worldwide. That means about 180 countries. Thousands of cities, with dozens of dealerships in each. And each dealership competes with dozens of rivals representing different brands.
    6. Not all brands are equal. The “premium” brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, command a bigger margin, which means each car sold earns a higher profit, as a percentage of selling price. The lowest margins are at the low end of the market, the affordable, econo-cars. To make money here, since you earn less per car sold, you simply have to sell many more units.
    7. Malaysian brands like Proton and Perodua are in the economy segment. Every car maker in the world offers a cheap-ish 4-door, 4-cylinder compact salon car. It is the most difficult segment to compete in. It is more difficult to engineer a car to be cheap and economical to make, operate and maintain than to make a luxury car. You have to watch the cost of every single component, and you need to hit volume targets, and you have to compete. With a Rolls Royce, you just build the best, total up the cost and add your desired margin on top.
    8. Consumers in other countries do not hate Malaysian cars. We are not big enough to be noticed, much less to be hated. They are just spoilt for choice. (Historically, Protons and Peroduas were the butt of jokes in some foreign markets but so were Hyundais and Skodas, and look where these brands are now. Chinese brands in general are looked down upon too but no one looks down at their sales figures, and how they are buying up big, old brands like Volvo. And Proton too.)
    9. No country actually puts up barriers against Malaysian cars. We are too small for them to bother to do that. They just set the same standards for all cars sold in their markets. It DOES complicate matters that many countries have differing standards. But ALL car makers that sell in a particular market meets the local standards. The reason they can do that is volume. If you sell 100,000 units per year in a single market, it is worthwhile fine-tuning your product to meet local rules. If you sell only 400 economy cars, then maybe not. But if you sell 400 Bugattis, then that is a huge market.
    10. Proton’s past export efforts were dismal failures. It’s not hard to understand why. Send a few hundred cars with great fanfare to Egypt, or Turkey, or Iran, or Germany. And then what? Apart from the happy fellas who got to become expats, did anyone really know what was happening there? How many dealerships did they set up? Who would invest money in a dealership, offering only one or two very ordinary products, when competing dealers next door offered several well known and familiar brands’ full range of products, from tiny to compact to executive to luxury to commercial vehicles? Will future export attempts be more successful? How so? What will change?
    11. Profitable car-making is a matter for companies but we cannot ignore the countries where these companies started up and continue to operate from. They are industrialised countries, they make steel, and they make machine tools, i.e., the tools with which to make other machines. The 30,000 tonne hydraulic presses, the smart robots, etc. Malaysia does not. We still have to import all these essential items.
    12. Our neighbours also did not make these heavy items. All they did was create an environment for such industries to thrive, and at lower costs. Now, these countries have factories that produce all the components to put a car together, and even some of the tools to do that.
    13. It is not only cars that are sold. The shares, and even venerable brands of the car makers are also bought and sold. The list of who owns which company is long, and the cross holdings are more complex than a spider’s web. There really is no such thing as a national car company any more.
    14. In the era of WTO and global trade, any action to restrict others’ trade activities will be met with retaliation. If we put up hurdles to cars from countries that make and sell many cars, they won’t hit us back in our cars, because we export so few anyway. They will hit back in ways that will hurt us, in the very exports that we are competent in. Ask POTUS Donald Trump how his trade war is going. And his is a big country, while ours is quite small.
    15. Through dangerously long long terms of up to 10 years, Malaysians do express their love for cars by buying over 560,000 units a year, placing us 22nd on the list of the world’s biggest car markets. Countries that pioneered the automobile, like the UK (sixth, 2.9 million) and Sweden (28th 430,000) no longer own the brands that made them famous, like Rolls Royce and Jaguar and Volvo, which have been bought and are now owned not by other countries but by other companies.
    16. So, you now talk about further restricting imports instead of boosting exports. You seem to have lost that feeling for Proton because Geely has bought into it, and have nothing to say about Perodua. You want to start a new brand, to be bought only by Malaysians, who will be persuaded by making other cars less affordable? I won’t buy into that.
    17. Note that I have not complained or criticised Proton products thus far, although I am aware many of my fellow countrymen cannot mention the name without foaming at the mouth. No, it is not about whether Proton makes good or bad cars, or whether Malaysians can make good cars. We can. What we cannot do is make it better and cheaper on our own than the next guy, for all the reasons listed above.
    18. And, the times they are a-changing. Some of the top car-making nations in the world — Germany and France, are seriously considering prohibiting internal combustion engined-cars within the next couple of decades.
    19. So, we go electric lah, kan? So, wouldn’t it make sense to push in that direction? We don’t have many natural advantages but, at least, we would also be starting not too far behind the rest.
    20. For some interesting further reading, click here.
    Top 20 motor vehicle producing countries (2017)
    Country Motor vehicle production (units)
    United States
    South Korea
    United Kingdom
    Czech Republic
    * Paul Si is a Malay Mail reader.
    ** This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail.

    I refer to Tun’s quote: “Jangan jadi bangsa yang hanya tahu bercakap, mengkritik dan merungut. Tetapi gagal untuk berfikir, jadi lebih baik untuk Bangsa, Agama dan Tanahair”
    So Malaysians please berfikir dan jadi lebik baik untuk Bangsa, Agama dan Tanahair.
    In my previous blog posted I had written:
    “Our seventh PM possess the full experience of our fourth PM, plus he is now a very much wiser (Know what works and what don’t), witty (able to make us cry or make us laugh simultaneously), repentance and grateful (able to apologize and say thanks) and magnanimous (able to set aside the past, in order to move forward together) slightly older but still full of zest, passion, energy and as hard-working as our fourth PM”

    Tun had been given a second chance to right the past wrongs so please do what is right for Malaysia and Malaysians. This is the only thing I ask from Tun.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  139. HBT456 Aug 1,2018 7:31 PM

    376. With the current sikap of politikus in keep hopping for greener grass, later on, not only proton cannot survive, perodua also cannot survive.

    377. Look at mas, already bailout for decades using taxpayers, and now with the worst disasters of man-made disasters of mh370 and mh17, dont you think this is a very serious offence in the boeing international aviation policy?

    378. With the disaster of air asia in indonesia due to miscalculation of control base and captain, the plane crashed, and still wanting to buy 100 biji airbus?

    379. The thing is, whether you like it or not, any mega infra- structures or projects, we need to consider whether the local talents and human resources are ready to cope up or not.

    380. With this kind of maverick and cakap tak serupa bikin sikap, and cakap besar sikap with the elected malay mps crying cronism, nepotism, dont we think they are still repeating mistakes of the past?

    381. They hopped not because they are jujur, integriti, amanah mahupun taat, they hopped because they can be bribed with wang politik mahupun rasuah politik even before and after 14th ge.

    382. After loosing, now the bekas pm said, why didnt youth umno inform him?

    383. And umno wants to reduce voting age to 16 years old?

    384. Cia letter is a treason?

    385. Jika mod mahu beli atau repair jetfighters, as mod you need to be transparent in mintak wang to buy, no need to sorok sorok or steal like in the past via hasutan ketuanan melayu mahu pun ketuanan islam.

    386. For those mps who think running a public sector is to make profit out of the expenses of taxpayers, they should resign, and join private sector.

    387. Running public sector is running welfare, and welfare is public expenditure.

    388. Welfare was never a tool for the wannabes to utilize the taxpayer money to set up their companies, polish their image to get elected to be super rich, and super famous.

    389. With the on-going case of the bekas perdana menteri, will the wannabes learned from this?

    390. Even if they dont learn from this, i am sure the private sector would think twice before linking themselves with these wannabes.

  140. Sri Sense Aug 1,2018 1:53 PM

    Salam tengahari Tun,

    Info Oct 23, 2013 : Fiat owns: Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Ram and SRT. Ford Motor Company owns: Lincoln and a small stake in Mazda. General Motors owns: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. GM owns a controlling interest in Opel and Vauxhall in Europe and Holden in Australia.

    Just sharing,

    6 Car Companies You Might Not Realize Are 100+ Years Old

    Karl Benz founded the company that would one day be called Mercedes-Benz in 1883, and they sold their first automobile in 1886. Big whoop. Henry Ford made cars ubiquitous not long after founding his factory in 1903. Everybody knows that. That Messers Rolls and Royce first rolled out their long-hooded luxury cars in 1906 is less surprising than the Queen loving corgis.

    Here are six car companies that you might never have guessed are among the oldest auto manufacturers in the world. Each has passed the 100-year mark, making them worthy of a birthday shout-out on the morning news.

    1. Opel : Like many of the oldest car manufacturers, when Opel opened its doors in Germany in 1863, it wasn’t building cars. No one was at that point. Opel made sewing machines, then bicycles, and then, in 1899, started building automobiles. While the family that owned the business learned how to build these infernal contraptions, they partnered with companies like Darracq of France, which built carriages. By 1902, Opel was confident enough to debut its very own automobile at the Hamburg Motor Show, but not so confident that it ditched the sewing machine business. That bold step wouldn’t come until the whole plant burned down; when Opel rebuilt, they decided to only produce cars from then on. By 1913, they were the largest auto manufacturer in Germany, and by 1930, they made more cars than anyone in Europe (with a little help from their new friends at GM).

    2. Fiat : In an industry filled with dreamers, firebrands, and fierce family pride, Fiat is a bit of an exception. It was founded in 1899 not by a man with a vision, not by a lowly Italian engineer with more guts than business smarts who was determined to make it against the odds, but rather by a board of directors wielding the sexy power of a company charter. And sure, in Latin “fiat” means “Let it be done,” which sounds strident, but don’t dye your toga purple for the party yet. The name is an acronym taken from the charter: Società Anonima Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. S.A. FIAT. Now they own Chrysler, so don’t discount the allure of a charter.

    3. Tatra : When most of us think of Tatras—if we think of them at all—we think of them as cars driven by the East German bad guys in spy movies of the ’60s, or as conveyances for Soviet apparatchiks in vintage newsreels. By that time, this company was already over a hundred years old. It was founded in 1850 in the Czech Republic as a carriage builder (under the tongue twister of a name Nesselsdorfer-Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft). Building carriages made the transition to building horseless carriages pretty smooth, and in 1897—only one year after the pioneering Benz car—the Präsident (above) was available to purchase. The company changed its name to Tatra, after the nearby mountains, in 1919, and though it is struggling, Tatra is still making trucks today.

    4. Peugeot : Peugeot goes way, way, way back as a French family business. The automobile company counts its start as 1810, when the grain mill was converted to a steel foundry. But it would take eight decades for technology to catch up and the Peugeots to start building cars. Their first was the type 3 of 1891, which puttered along behind the Paris-Brest-Paris bike race to prove its mettle over 2045 km. This made perfect sense, given that Peugeot made bicycles in the same room where the cars were being built (cars got their own plant in 1897).

    5. Renault : While many of the earliest auto manufacturers were established by nerdy engineers, the Renault brothers of France were a new breed and in it for speed. They fired up their first cars in 1898 and started racing immediately. (The oldest automotive joke, by the way, is that the first-ever car race happened when the second car was built.) The Renaults were young and saw racing as a way to promote their cars, little one-seaters called voiturettes. This race-on-Sunday-sell-on-Monday strategy is still used today, despite the fact that Marcel Renault crashed during a race in 1903 and died as a result.

    6. Aston Martin : A big happy hundredth to Aston Martin, which was founded in 1913 by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin in the UK. Why wasn’t it called Bamford and Martin, you ask? Well, it was, for a year. They changed the name in 1914 after Martin raced the Aston Hill Climb, a peculiar type of race whose point is to make it to the top of a steep hill fastest. Brits apparently love it. Astons kind of flew along under the radar until they hit the pop culture jackpot in 1965. James Bond first drove a DB5 painted Silver Birch and sporting all the deadliest gadgets from Q’s lab in Goldfinger. That car sold for $4.4 million in 2010.

    – Kristen Hall-Geisler

  141. mubarakchan Aug 1,2018 10:40 AM


    What is the second best topic to talk about this morning next to the National Car Project this morning ? Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore of course. Since HockBengTeohhalfpastsix keeps defending his hero Lee Kuan Yew, here are some true facts about the man himself. At the outbreak of World War 2, Lee Kuan Yew and the first generation of Malayan Leaders were at the Raffles College. My elder sister was his contemporary and so was Tun Abdul Razak, Tan Sri Taib Andak, Raja Tan Sri Mohar, Tan Sri Hamdan, Royal Professor Ungku Tan Sri Abdul Aziz and the Fajar crowd of idealistic Leftists. My sister told me Lee Kuan Yew had a huge ego and hated to lose. The Japanese arrived. Lee Kuan Yew worked for the Japanese Broadcasting Service during the day and in the evenings or weekends he would get first class tuition in Law from the unemployed but highly qualified British trained lawyers. Eventually, this private tuition gained him a huge advantage over his fellow war-weary undergraduates at Cambridge. War ended on 15th August 1945. By June 1946, Lee Kuan Yew was on the boat to London. He first entered the London School of Economics but his ego was too big for LSE. He found he could not enter any of the traditional colleges of Cambridge even though there were 30 of them except the non-collegiate Fitzwilliam House which was the loophole for dysfunctional minor Royalties and sons of the pastors of the Church of England. He himself admitted he sweet talked the Senior Tutor for a place even though he had no Latin or Greek, did not take the Open Examination and was over-aged. He cheated ! All the Fitzwilliam House undergraduates have no lodging in situ and only one canteen (no medieval college hall) to cater to them. Lee Kuan Yew’s fellow undergraduates were war-weary soldiers, a handful of them. His finest hour was his Double First in Law which was PURELY ACADEMIC unlike the important London Bar Finals which emphasised on the practical aspects of the Laws. He was placed last. His downward slide in life begins here ! His wife was 3rd in a group of about 300. Later my wife was placed 7th in a group of 700. At this stage, Lee Kuan Yew behaved like any other Straits Chinese of the baba-nonya type of which was what he really was. His Hakka version came much later due to political considerations. Fast trek to 1962. It was the Tunku and the British who put Lee Kuan Yew on the power pedestal until his passing. Vide. The Albatross Files Lee Kuan Yew 1965. In 1962, my cousin Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too, the highest ranking Chinese in the Federal Government and Adviser on Counter-Insurgency was sent by the Tunku to exhort Lee Kuan Yew to do something with Singapore’s security. The 3 of them including Commissioner Bogaars, Special Branch, were in discussion for 2 solid days. By end 1962, Operation Coldstore was implemented. There was a conjecture that since the British would not grant Independence to Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew made the move to join Malaysia first. This was the time of the Cold War 1948-1989. A time of an all out clash between Capitalism and Communism, between the West and the Communist World with no holds barred except it was not a hot war. But in Malaya, it was a hot insurgency War with incidents every day from 1948 until it petered out after Merdeka 1957. With the audacious Separation, Lee Kuan Yew went full steam ahead to turn Singapore into a City State. What the public knew were the glittering concrete structures which all could, see as advised by the UN economics expert Dr Albert Winsemius, Adviser to the Singapore Government 1962-1984. As the Vietnam War 1962-1975 and the Cold War 1948-1989 gathered momentum, Singapore’s under-counter trades of hard and soft arms trading, smuggling, money laundering, collect free Vietnam War debris of planes, tanks etc, toadying up to dictators, sanction breaking, Myanmar and North Korea, R & R, US Aid, bunkering of aircraft carriers and warships etc brought huge profits to the tiny population of 2 Million (1972)of Singapore. With an incorruptible Government every cent was 100% worth. These under-counter trades were known as LEE KUAN YEW’S MIRACLE which was applied to what all could see the concrete buildings etc in Singapore even today. There is a saying,’ Do not believe what meets the eye !’ So, our gullible, naïve and innocent fellow Malaysians like HockBengTeohhalfpastsix went GAGA over LEE KUAN YEW’S BLUFFOLOGY which claimed his BRILLIANCE ARISING FROM HIS DOUBLE FIRST IN LAW AT CAMBRIDGE created this WONDERFUL LEE KUAN YEW MIRACLE which was fully supported by the Chinese media and those tycoons with vested interests. THE HUMAN KILLING BLACK TRADES OF LEE KUAN YEW WAS TOP SECRET AND NEVER MENTIONED. But there is a saying, ‘YOU CAN BLUFF SOME PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME. BUT YOU CANNOT BLUFF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME.’ Why I say this ? What is the proof or evidence ? Remember the Cold War ended abruptly 1948-1989. Remember Uncle Sam when he needed Singapore, he permitted Lee Kuan Yew to do the black under-counter trades. Remember thereafter Uncle Sam came up with his hegemonic spiel which backfired on him today,’Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’. These virtues were anathema to the World of Lee Kuan Yew who was actually in irrational exuberance throughout the 1990s as the Oracle of the East exulting Singapore’s apparent success over our beloved Malaysia. He forgot ‘one swallow does not make an Indian Summer’ or ‘Rome was not built in one day.’ Concomitantly, the BRICS muscled into Singapore’s lush black under-counter trades OFFERING SAFE-HAVENS,AK-47s DIRECT FROM FACTORIES AT DISCOUNT PRICES AND ON CREDIT. Suddenly, the Miracle of Lee Kuan Yew crashed from a fizzy 7% GDP to less than 3% GDP. Unemployment appeared for the first time in 2001. Recession too. WITHOUT THE UNDERCOUNTER TRADES PROVIDING 2-3% TO THE GDP, SINGAPORE WAS STRIPPED NAKED SINCE 2002. She could not breach 3% of the GDP since 2002 – 16 years And with an annual inflation rate of 3%, Singapore had NO GROWTH FOR 16 YEARS. Conversely, Singapore’s growth was retrogressively backwards in a fast changing World of e-business creation and innovation. By now, Singapore could be back in the THIRD WORLD FROM THE FIRST WORLD CREATED BY LEE KUAN YEW’S BLUFFOLOGY. He was the Pied Piper of Hamelin who led his tribe which now has only 900,000 male Singaporean Chinese aged 21-50 to oblivion including HockBengTeohhalfpastsix. And as for his Public Policies as a Life Time Ruler of Singapore, he had 47 Failed Public Policies. The worst was his Creation of his Anti-Cambridge Godless Neo-communist Political and Socio-economic System imposed on the citizens without their knowledge. The second was his Killer of Singaporeans, his 2 Child Family Policy of 1972 which no Ruler in the World including Hitler, ever tried. Finally, Lee Kuan Yew and the elite panicked in 2002 and produced 4 initiatives to increase revenue and save Singapore’s wherewithal and her future. These were the Malaysia Killer TPPA (was Lee Kuan Yew’s Free Trade Scheme before Obama took-over after October 2008), 2 casinos, importation of FTs to boost the GDP and the ill-conceived Temasek Holdings. All failed by 2018 as Singapore could not breach 3% GDP after 16 years of strenuous attempts. And do you know what frustrated them, Tun ? The dysfunctional Singapore leadership spent too much time barking up the wrong tree which was Malaysia which they always thought as EASY MEAT even with very hot relationships ! THE FACT IS THE DYSFUNCTIONAL LEADERSHIP FORGOT THE BEST LEGACY LEE KUAN YEW LEFT SINGAPORE WAS HIS SUPERB CREDITS AND GOODWILL WITH THE MAJOR COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. THIS LEGACY IS NOT UTILISED AND WITH TIME WILL DIMINISH IN VALUE. I am sure you agree with me that Singapore by being obsessed with treating Malaysia as EASY MEAT always has distracted their elite’s thinking, AND MISSED THE WHOLE PLOT TO MAKE SINGAPORE SURVIVE FOR NOW AND THE FUTURE. With the wrong thinking, SINGAPORE’S FUTURE IS BLEAK, VERY BLEAK INDEED. Factually, I have related the Public Story of an EGOISTIC AND POMPOUS PUBLIC FIGURE, LEE KUAN YEW WHO LIVED BY THE USE OF SMOKE AND MAGIC MIRRORS WHICH HAVE SINCE RECEDED. And in your LIFE-LONG CONTRIBUTION TO OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA, TUN IN ONE WORD. Truly,’ BRILLIANT’. IT’S YOUR GREY MATTER TUN. NO BLUFFOLOGY REQUIRED. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  142. Sri Sense Aug 1,2018 9:45 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    I pernah pakai PROTON SAGA, my family 1st car. Masa tu baru kahwin kereta pun kena share. Selepas itu I pindah pada Perodua as my 1st personal car. From my experience pakai kereta tempatan, PROTON over promise, PERODUA that’s what we are – small and reliable.

    I remember dulu masa pakai KELISA, I hantar service kat Glenmarie. Customers di beri duduk kat bilik atas. Cermin kaca menghadap tempat service. Masa tu I nampak begitu tertib anak2 Malaysia buat kerja, mereka keluarkan kain putih, buka dengan tertib dan start but kerja. I fikir, very neat, very impressive. Tak sangka kereta murah pun dapat penghormatan yang tinggi.

    Sekarang rumah kami tak pakai kereta PROTON atau PERODUA lagi, namun bila terlihat KELISA dijalan raya, I teringat betapa besar jasa kereta ini, kesana kemari temani I, jumpa client, shopping, balik kampung rumah emak etc etc

    But as I berniaga selepas itu, I also realize warga business suka tengok apa kereta you bawak. Lebih mahal kereta you bawa jadi petanda berjaya business you ada. At one time, ramai my business friends bawak motor besar. Some tak pakai pun hanya simpan dalam garage. More of status symbol.

    That’s all for now.

  143. HBT456 Aug 1,2018 9:10 AM

    348. Shadow government too is no difference from government linked companies, and thats glc or state control companies ala communistic control companies and thats why hong kong hang seng index fell hurrendously after pm magaret thatcher almost fell from the stair during her signing the agreement of 50 years of autonomy in returning hongkong to her mainland china in 1998.

    349. The pro- activists of hong kong still protest until today to fight for their rights for 1 citizen, 1 vote for parliamentary democracy.

    350. After more than 200 years of independence, only 30% of the americans came out to vote for presidency of the united states of america.

    351. Bak kata, cikgu kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari.

    352. Obviously, the chosen ones would be the one that screw the voters less, atau the ones with selera yang less tamak, haloba, rakus dan boros.

    353. Since the owner of their land also not worried, why should pendatang worried?

    354. Like sri sense said, if tarak suka, kasi gomen tukar pada pilihan raya umum yang akan datang lor.

    355. Siapakah lebih bijak?

    356. Siapakah lebih bodoh?

    357. Even if they keep playing with the word pendatang, it makes no sense at all.

    358. When racism can make you rich, all they need to do is to fuck the ruling government until the federal government of the day.

    359. With the current standard of penang, these so called perjuang pak labu, pak chanran, pak payau and pak tigers are already super satisfied, and dare to create troubles in other states.

    362. Mereka pun tak rasa segan, rakyat malaysia pun rasa jemu.

    363. Pot calling kettle back?

    364. Wolf is coming is the tale concerns a shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking wolves are attacking his flock. When a wolf actually does appear and the boy again calls for help, the villagers believe that it is another false alarm and the sheep are eaten by the wolf.

    365. Yes, politikus can continue to blame on prc as intruders with their ketuanan MALAYsia.

    366. Yang undi mereka bukan kaum cina, india atau bumiputra, yang undi mereka adalah kaum melayu mereka sendiri.

    367. Yes, she can dont give a damn to me since i am not aiming for the position of perdana menteri, or aim to be super rich with bodek skill.

    368. Honesty is the best policy, therefore, never give it to the cheap politicians.

    369. Just because she name herself as sri sense, she is more tamaddun?

    370. Just because she name herself as hajar, she is more bijak?

    371. Yup, both of the political divides really need to mirror themselves and ask the same question, are they doing their best or are they not rich enough?

    372. Therefore, whoever become the next perdana menteri, hakikatnya adalah sama aja.

    373. Debts, or bailout?

    374. Dedak, or kek?

    375. Does it matter, janji negara makmur dan selamat?

  144. mubarakchan Aug 1,2018 1:03 AM


    What is the best topic today ? Of course, the National Car Project which is a continuation of Proton 1.0. I FULLY SUPPORT YOUR NATIONAL CAR PROJECT AS I CONSIDER MYSELF THE ONLY TRUE MALAYSIAN INDUSTRIALIST RIGHT UP TO 2018 ! Here are the reasons why I support. Your Concept of Proton 1.0 was brilliant but was sabotaged by the closest aides and a money-minded Principal. I am certain that you had more vital information on the Proton 1.0 as an ex-Prime Minister rather than the Prime Minister – All those vital information on a manufacturing facility hidden from you which now energises you to make it successful, very successful. By the 2000s, the Koreans and Taiwanese were having a gala time through Malaysian agents squeezing out the TRUE LOCAL SPARE PARTS MANUFACTURERS. I do not know how many local manufacturers survived today given the Dark Era of Malaysia 2003-2018 which ended up with only 4 Sukhoi fighter jets which can take to the sky ! This time round with the CORRUPTION and NEPOTISM OUT OF THE WAY, and with the engine making tech know how and the market which extends right across ASEAN, THE NATIONAL CAR PROJECT CAN NOT FAIL BUT SUCCEED ! Many countries have the vital motorcar industry as the back-bone of their economy. I am with you all the way if you whom I suspect, will take a firm and personal hand in THIS NATIONAL CAR PROJECT and groom a 30 something to be the Chief with corporate and personal discipline for success. America came out with Ford, Chrysler Families,snd others to build the motor-car industry. France had Peugeot, Japan the Toyoda Family, Italy was the Agnelli Family and Fiat. These are Brand names which survived to this day. Alfa Romeo which was State owned suffered for the lack of interest and acumen. It makes sense for an industrial enterprise like the National Car Project eventually be owned and managed by PRIVATE OWNERS AND NOT THE STATE. This important but small arrangement could be established very early on in the National Car Project. Many nay-sayers hark back to Proton 1.0 which was sabotaged by those whom you appointed to make it a success. All of them lined their own pockets without exception, from buying acres in Bukit Tunku, Stradivarius violins, banks, stealing factory wastes or spent time getting rid of me to sell best properties in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur at cheap prices to their friends. Naturally Proton 1.0 failed. But with your Second Coming as the Prime Minister, I bet my last Ringgit that these ex-executives of Proton 1.0 will avoid meeting you ! As long as we are aware what went wrong with Proton 1.0, there is every chance of great success with the National Car which is the best legacy for us all, the Rakyat. Straightaway, Malaysia is slotted into the likes of industrialised India, China, Japan and South Korea on the one hand and with Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan on the other. Our universities up-graded, our graduates employed, the languishing and supporting industries assured of markets and a vital important component is added on to our GDP ! What do the naysayers know about industrialization, the World and our beloved Malaysia with their massed moaning and groaning ? Some even suggested the electric car to be successful without considering the fact that the same needs the engine and if the Management fails again, the National Car will not achieve its objective. All the negative arguments have NO SUBSTANCE. IT IS BETTER TO HAVE ONE WELL MANAGED NATIONAL CAR PROJECT THAN 1,000 CORRUPT GLCs which are anathema to our Malaysian Style Democracy. GLCs ARE COMMUNISTIC. In fact past events concerning the FAKE GLCs have already confirmed. YES Tun ! The National Car Project is the ONLY WAY to go forward for our beloved Malaysia because THERE IS NO OTHER WAY FORWARD ! And with a New and Incorruptible Government, IT IS NOW OR NEVER ! Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  145. HBT456 Aug 1,2018 12:51 AM

    337. After 10 years of promoting hybric cars, we still do not see many hybric cars on the road due to import duty.

    338. Now they said go green, lets bikin electric car for export and local market as if they can go makan angin di merata2 negara to do exibhition paid by taxpayers kut.

    339. Jika mahu makan pisang, tak semestinya kita pokokkan pokok pisang, where got deep the meaning?

    340. Rm2.6 million, atau rm2.6 bilion is still power abuse, corruption akin money laundering, siapakah lebih tamak?

    341. Yup, mubarakchan now can do his buffology of man proposes, god proposes,and even if you keep the old airport of sg besi, it wont affect the local voters.

    342. She doesnt like me is a blessing to me.

    343. Now, she can play with her tapak pak arab ke atau tapak minangkerbau, its up to their tuan tanah.

    344. Tipu orang kampung senang.

    345. Tipu orang bandar susah.

    346. Tipu orang global lagi susah.

    347. Therefore, be grateful with what we have.

  146. Sri Sense Jul 31,2018 11:12 PM

    Good evening YAB Tun

    I ada kawan, dia American lady. Kami sering berbual online. Pernah satu ketika dia nak beli kereta, pilihannya Toyota atau Nissan. Dia kurang percaya kereta keluaran America. Malah laptop pun dia tak nak beli brand America.

    I ada beritahu dia yang I nak test drive kereta Peugeot sebab I tengok kereta itu lawa. Dia nasihatkan I jangan beli. Kereta Perancis memang body cantik tapi banyak glitches. Dia dulu pernah pakai Peugeot warna kuning, memang cantik tapi sering tersadai depan rumah. Kereta yang bermasaalah katanya.

    Yes I did test drive kereta Peugeot but I tak beli 🙂 I juga ada test drive Honda Jazz, pasal anak I yang arrange, tak pasal2 I test drive yang Hybrid. Well rasa sama macam kereta biasa cuma I pening dengan salesman bila cakap banyak pasal battery.

    I think bila nak menjual sesuatu barang kena tau bila nak press red button. Simply hantam also tak jadi hahaha

    That’s all for tonight. Last but not least, Tun jangan ambil hati sangat apa orang nak kata. Kalau Tun rasa boleh, buat sajalah. Tun kan dah lama jadi PM sekarang kali kedua, so no hal lah.

  147. Hajar Jul 31,2018 5:45 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. ‘SAYANGI MALAYSIAKU’ ialah tema Hari Kebangsaan 2018.

    2. Jika sayangkan Malaysia, seorang warganegara sepatutnya turut menyayangi kereta Nasional – ‘Sayangi Kereta Nasional’. Tanyalah diri sendiri apa sumbangan anda terhadap negara.

    3. Jika kita sayangkan sesuatu perkara / benda/ orang, kita akan bersedia untuk bertolak-ansur dari segi wang ringgit dan juga kekurangan yang ada asalkan ada penambahbaikan.

    4. Namun, mentaliti negatif segolongan manusia yang sentiasa berkira (@kiasu) dalam apa juga hal tidak dapat membantu pembangunan dan kemajuan kereta Nasional. Mereka ini lebih sayangkan wang ringgit mereka (selfish). Bayar harga kereta tidak seberapa, tetapi mahukan kereta yang seumpama kereta mewah.

    5. Ini belum lagi yang bermentaliti memandang rendah terhadap kereta Nasional (produk tempatan), walaupun kereta Nasional tersebut sudah dapat meningkatkan kualitinya.

    6. Saya menyokong projek kereta Nasional ketiga. Perodua yang dikatakan kereta Nasional kedua sebenarnya cuma memakai ‘pakaian’ Nasional (luaran), tetapi asasnya ialah kereta asing.

    7. Saya lebih dari mampu untuk beli kereta mewah /import (can pay cash), tetapi saya berpendapat kereta Proton sudah dapat memenuhi tujuan utama saya memiliki kereta (saya juga tidak suka berhutang). Lebih baik saya simpan wang lebihan untuk kegunaan di masa hadapan, dan juga untuk melakukan aktiviti2 berfaedah lain yang saya suka (turut memerlukan wang yang banyak).

    P/S: Si ‘loose’ silap besarlah bila buat kenyataan bodoh seperti berikut: “…sikap hajar ini terlalu tamak, haloba, rakus cum boros kut sampai federal government dikasi tukar pada 9 mei 2018 lor.” Ini pun dari spesis yang bod*h piang. She was describing herself. Alahai…
    Kesian melihat si ‘loose’ yang cuba menjual ide bodoh kepada saya. Masih dengan taktik haprak / sampah @ ‘low class’ untuk menghina dan memaki hamun orang lain. Sakit jiwa kot. Kaki fitnah dia ni…hipokrit pula…Neutral konon..Alahai…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  148. Going Green Jul 31,2018 5:13 PM

    A few readers have mentioned electric vehicles and I totally agree with the idea that is the way forward. We ought to think about investing in green technology and not petrol/diesel cars which will inevitably become the nokia phones of the car industry in the next 20 years. An increasing numbers of developed countries have proposed plans for zero emissions and if Malaysia is to adopt such policies one day, we are back to square one where we will end up buying foreign electric cars. Focus on investing in building electric vehicles or hybrids instead, while we can still be ahead in this region. Done right, the export potential and local demand is far greater than a new national car ( no matter how fuel efficient) that will only add more burden to the industry and environment in the long term.

  149. mubarakchan Jul 31,2018 4:18 PM


    Most of the visitors to this distinguished Blog would have thought that my last Comment on the FAKES AND FAKIRS was concluded. No way, Tun. I kept the best for the last. It is this. THE USE OF THE POWER OF THE STATE WHICH IS THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA TO GRAB THE ASSETS OF OTHER HAPLESS CITIZENS ! This audacious and crooked method not only happened once, but twice. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN THE LEGAL AND ORDERLY ADMINISTRATIONS OF MALAYSIA FROM 1957 TO 2003 ! An FAKE infamous Chinese felon who specialised in illegal serial share-rigging who was caught by the SC and fined RM 1.2 Million, was used to bully and humiliate an upright, hapless and distinguished Chinese Tan Sri into submission in a listed company on the Bursa. With this brazen bullying of a citizen to grab his rights, a SECOND and BIGGER ATTEMPT WAS LAUNCHED BY USING THE SAME INFAMOUS CHINESE FELON TO BULLY, HUMILIATE PUBLICLY AND FORCED A DISTINGUISHED TAN SRI whose family owned the oldest bank Ban Hin Lee in Penang to sell cheap cheap WHEN THE FAMILY WAS NOT WILLING TO SELL EVEN AT A DICTATED PRICE. THIS GRABBING OF ANOTHER CITIZENS WEALTH AND ASSETS HAPPENED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. Of course, tons of money was made by the FAKERS USING THE POWER OF THE STATE, THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA. How many Malaysians noticed ? How many Malaysians thanked God that our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s return to protect ALL CITIZENS FROM BEING ROBBED IN THE DAYLIGHT BY THEIR RULERS AGAIN AND AGAIN ? And yet with so much MONEY MONEY MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS THE FAKERS AGAIN EMBARKED ON A HUGE CONSOLIDATION EXERCISE OF ALL THE GLC PLANTATIONS WITHOUT A GOOD COMMERCIAL REASON. Lots of MONEY MONEY MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS AGAIN. Within 3 years, the whole LOT OF CONSOLIDATED PLANTATION COMPANIES WERE DE-CONSOLIDATED. Lots of MONEY MONEY MONEY AGAIN. What is all these NONSENSE EXTRACTING MONEY MONEY MONEY OUT OF THE WEALTH OF THE RAKYAT REGULARLY USING THE ATM FOR CROOKS SIME DARBY ? Are we in Darkest Africa wearing BLACK TIE AND USING CHINESE CROOKS TO DO THE DIRTY JOBS ? If not for 9th May 2018, BIGGER PLANS WERE AFOOT TO GRAB THE BEST OUT OF THE HAPLESS CITIZENS ! Thank you very much from our hearts, Tun, for your Second Coming to save our BELOVED MALAYSIA AND HER RAKYAT AGAINST THOSE WHO USED THE POWER OF THE STATE TO GRAB WEALTH OWNED LEGALLY AND RIGHTULLY BY THE HAPLESS CITIZENS. It was a terrible Dark Era for Malaysia, 2004-2018. And now our Malaysia under the Leadership of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s New and Incorruptible Government is ONE OF 4 MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA. No need to use the Power of State to grab other citizens’ WEALTH. We the Rakyat work for our SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST AND BECOME WEALTHY. Singapore where are you ? Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  150. HBT456 Jul 31,2018 12:48 PM

    325. It has nothing to do with kereta nasional of version 1, 2 and 3.

    326. The final nail in the coffin is an event that causes the failure of something that had already started to fail.

    327. This latest evidence could be the final nail in the coffin for Jackson’s case. (Definition of “the final nail in the coffin” from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

    328. I already said, it depends on what kind of clientele she has as long as she do it within the rule law in this country so that no one will file complaints on her ethnic in running the show as consultant.

    329. I dont mean to be racist, or offending as i am just a voter and an ordinary folk making living on the soil of my motherland, negaraku.

    329. I had an experince in cyberjaya 3 years ago with a young french educationist with young family came all the way from his home country with a pa of local indian muslim ethnic in cyberjaya, and was very annoyed with me as chinese in selling a proposal to him by generalising me and my industry as some dishonest sales representatives with low class mentality and told me to leave immediately, and was rude though, kan tu dugaan hidup.

    320. I left with a smile and thank him for granting the appointment to see me.

    321. But, did his pa ever known that we the sales people too need to spend time to meet them up utilizing company revenue and resources to make a living, so why call us to see her boss?

    322. I was not angry nor frustrated after the appointment because i can see the french man was very upset, and could be in depression, and deep in my heart i knew he and his family will leave this country sooner or later when he finds out this is not what they want.

    323. Yes, as malaysian chinese, i may not be the best, but i for sure can improve as i move on eventhough i am at this age, and when in the sales meeting, i told my sales manager not to waste time on this client because he was kind of in depression, but if she insists to get another sales person to close the deal, by all means go a head since she is the boss of my department, though younger than me.

    324. If you ask me should we build another highrise building with the name wawasan 118, my answer is a TAK NAK,or a BIG NO .

    325. Why?

    326. The pembodek of the blog owner is no different with those politicians that launched wars in middle east with muslim majority countries.

    327. The american politicians and voters indeed are smarter and wiser after going through the attack of 911, and this would be added in the history of americans.

    328. But how wise and smarter are our local politicians and voters?

    329. Yes, the so-called perjuang bangsa dan agama of the blog owner yang amat disayangi dan dikasihi mereka can call me a low class citizen, but how high class are they when the blog owner no longer around?

    330. Frankly speaking, if the malay-muslim mps are so patriotic to their cause, then they should go back to their malay states and go see their states’ sultan or yang dipertua negeri to grant them a menteri besar post to show their patriotism and might in developing their home states, dont you think this is more sivik minded than bising2 di kotaraya, wilayah persekutuan kuala lumpur, malaysia?


    332. If i am their fans, i for sure will buy their concert tickets.

    333. Though they are in old age, they are the original singers that no one can deny.

    334. Thats why we call this as classic, or vintage, lu hiow po?

    335. Eng or bo eng, hua hi jiu ho lor.

    336. Malay dilenma or mahathir dilenma?

    337. The answer already made known on may 9, 2018 for the next 5 years.

  151. mubarakchan Jul 31,2018 11:26 AM


    Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today as one Tan Sri remarked to me many years ago. Like you, I am exceedingly happy every day. I remember my comment yesterday was on Fakes. Today I will furnish more specific details on the FAKES and the FAKIRS. This recent Malaysian phenomenon only appeared after you retired in 2003. The general loss of standards, propriety, ethics, rule of the laws, filial piety, self-respect etc took place swiftly after 2003. As my wife always reminded me that it takes only one day for a person to turn BAD after a life-time of being good. How true ! The FAKERS OR FAKIRS appeared in your absence and apparent complete retirement from public life. First, the FAKE SINGAPOREANS rushed into the wide opened doors of the Khazanah and took the best at the cheapest value. Aptly, the Avenue was so wide, these famished FAKERS could not miss anything. Second, there was an alleged FAKE trial of a RM 1 Billion scam with the perpetrator getting only a RM 4 Million fine and no Chairmanship for 4 years. This felon or FAKER left the Court smiling all the way to Vancouver where a Tower stands. Third, for over 50 years, no Malaysian Government rushed to the International Court of Justice at The Hague. But after Tun retired in 2003, the Government rushed to The Hague with the oldest Professor from Cambridge in tow to make a FAKE claim on PULAU BATU PUTEH. Of course, to make things easy for Malaysia, Singapore employed the World’s Best Lawyer on International Law and sent our beloved Malaysia packing home. Singapore elite crowed and rubbed more salt into their humiliated abang adek by quickly glorifying their ‘sandiwara’ for peanuts by publishing a book. Fourth, a FAKE could extract 1,000,000 barrels of oil out of hard-as-nails Saddam Hussein and topped the UN List of Sanctions Breaking. Fifth, to carry the legs of Lee Kuan Yew, what is RM 3 Billion to invest into UBS in criminal breach of trust, fraud and cheating for abang adek’s sake’s with a FAKE BELIEF. And promptly our beloved Malaysia lost the whole lot of RM 3 Billion like drinking water ! Sixth, the Mother of all GLCs, the FAKE 1MDB could borrow up to RM 42 Billion using an immature young fat boy when a single signature from the PMO would have done the same without CASH. This is the difference between CASH IS KING and the CREATION OF MONEY WITHOUT MONEY WHICH OUR BELOVED TUN PRACTICES WITH IDEAS FROM HIS FERTILE BRAIN !. Seventh, how many Malaysians realise that the BN Government since the 13th GE established many ‘Potemkin ministry like or FAKE agencies’ ? I bumped into one which had a full flight of staff and office space occupying 3 or 4 floors of the MARA Building. I observed this ‘Potemkin’ ministry was brand new with young staff and furniture. There was even one Indian to my surprise ! They all sat at their new desks doing nothing. There were no files, no telephone calls and no PUBLIC MILLING AROUND TO BE SERVED ! Eighth, and then, our beloved Malaysia’s very own 004 Cik Bon Spy Unit which was as FAKE as it could be. The 004 even despatched a FAKE letter to the REAL CIA of all people just to tell these CIA fellows,’ SINGAPORE IS SO SMALL THAT IT DOES NOT COUNT IN THE WORLD !’ As if CIA was born yesterday. The TRUTH is the Americans have been here since 1946. They know Malaysia like the palm of one hand. And the phenomenal list of the FAKES and FAKIRS go on and on. AND ONE FINAL THING WHICH IS NOT A FAKE IS THE NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT’S PROPOSAL TO REVIEW THE CAR INDUSTRY. This is a MUST and is adjunct to the future socio-economic progress of Malaysia and her Rakyat. Malaysia is now ready for the National Car Project as proposed by you. Tun which gives much employment to our young graduates and support our fledging motorcar accessories factories. No more foreign accessories impinging into our National Car, no more Closest Aides, no more padding of prices of wheel rims, radios, wipers, plastic shields etc to buy acres in Bukit Tunku or Stradivarius violins or banks. And no more theft of the factory’s wastes for the recalcitrant pocket ! And to those puzzled by the word ‘Potemkin’ ? ‘Potemkin’ was a 18th Century Russian Prince who created ‘FAKE OR POTEMKIN VILLAGES’ filled with people when his superiors visited his District. A similar ploy was played down in Singapore a few years ago when Prince Charles visited Singapore’s much touted HDB flats. Normally, the open spaces would be devoid of young people. But on the day of His Royal Highness’ visit, the whole precinct was filled with young and happy people to give a good impression. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  152. Sri Sense Jul 31,2018 9:47 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Ever wonder why people choose the type of car, SUV, or minivan that they drive?

    This due to the fact that people buy cars for functional reasons, so they need products that perform. They use the cars to commute to the office, pick up groceries, window shopping, send the kids to school, and tow the family to local holiday spots on weekends etc etc.

    Other reasons, they like having the latest styling, safety features, technology and a car that can last 10 years.

    That’s all for now.

  153. Rcaddict Jul 31,2018 8:38 AM

    Dear Tun, I think it’s best to focus on education,meritocracy and cleaning up the public services/rid off corruptions. Singapore and our other neighbors don’t have national cars. They’re doing fine too.

  154. HBT456 Jul 30,2018 11:39 PM

    318. Why umno muslim indian said sorry no cure for the word pendatang to minister kula walaupun mereka sama2 india?

  155. HBT456 Jul 30,2018 11:26 PM

    319. Umno ingin membuka keahliannya kepada budak atau muslim foreigners, itu adalah isu peribadi parti umno dan komponen parti bn.

    320. I think federal lawmakers have not approve new laws to regulate money politics, donation and declaration of assets yet, since many of the mps do not have faith with ag and not comfortable to declare their personal assets, right?

    321. Mungkin huda boleh pakai cara pakatan harapan dengan bikin tabung menyelamatkan parti umno, kan umno ada 3 juta ahli.

    322. Saya rasa orang awan dan members bukan umno tak akan sudi menderma wang tunai ini selepas membaca berita mengenai bekas perdana menteri, first lady and anak2 mereka.

    323. Wa…bata special edition rm699 and rm669, i guess normal shoppers prefer to buy nike, or addidas lor.

    324. But for ordinary shopper like me, if pricing, design and quality are ok, i will buy bata lor.

  156. huda Jul 30,2018 9:23 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun,

    Terbaca beberapa komen disini membangkitkan isu tentang UMNO menurunkan had umur ahli kepada 16 tahun.

    Untuk makluman, Pakatan Harapan melalui manifesto PRU-14 berjanji mengkaji dan melakukan reformasi beberapa perkara utama dalam sistem pilihan raya, antaranya mengkaji had umur pengundi dari 21 kepada 18tahun. Ini diakui Tun sendiri di media.

    Jadi apa masalahnya jika UMNO buka keahlian kepada budak sekolah. Bukankah hal ini sedikit sebanyak dipengaruhi oleh kerajaan sekarang. Tidak mungkin nak cemerlang SPM umur 17 tahun baru mula belajar.

    Kerajaan yang bijak pandai. 🙂

  157. Sri Sense Jul 30,2018 8:36 PM

    Good evening YAB Tun

    Limited edition BATA shoes limited priced at RM699 and RM669, will be available for purchase at Bata, Suria KLCC from August 1.

    I remember masa sekolah dulu2, I pakai BATA shoes, as I grow older, ada gaji, dah tak pakai BATA shoes, sebab mampu pakai kasut lebih mahal dan lagi selesa. But the limited edition, the price way too high, I tak mampu beli, sorry BATA hahaha

    P.S Hajar, I anggap gini, kita komen disini kita cakap dengan Tun Mahathir. I rasa tak perlulah ada orang lain nak ulas apa kita komen. Because of that I malas nak layan sipolan. Memang selalu I lihat apa kita komen disini bila sipolan buat ulasan jadi lain maksud dan tujuan kita. IDK siapa sipolan. Adakah dia staff Tun M? hish IDK la

  158. Rahman JPC Jul 30,2018 7:34 PM

    tun m just mentioned in parliament today that malaysia may impose more stringet conditions before allowing imported cars into d country.

    i m in total agreement with this ‘new’policy. in fact it should have been done by yesterday.

    however ,as i have said previously in this column, our technical rules must first b updated. i suspect that d ‘construction n use’ by laws r not current which make d ‘JK on type approval’ less effective. this committee shld b moved 2 d MOT n SPAD b given d task 2 update all by laws (i think there abt 10 of them).

    effective enforcement wth stringent requirements wil ensure that our roads r made safer, reduce d incidents of dumping as well as make our 2nd national car more probable.


  159. HBT456 Jul 30,2018 6:38 PM

    318. These foreigners are welcome to do listing in the share market minus bumiputra quota, or in other words, minus protective policy in the name of nasional atau klectocracy.

  160. HBT456 Jul 30,2018 6:30 PM

    To avoid accusation of plagirism and thefts by the original countries….

  161. HBT456 Jul 30,2018 6:28 PM

    That include japanese brands too

  162. HBT456 Jul 30,2018 6:27 PM

    311. I agreed with that on japanese culture needs to be preserved as respect to them, same apply to other foreigners.

    312. The owners of japanese must be japanese if they want to operate japanese food or chain food retail in malaysia, and same applied to other foreigners.

    313. I hope the domestic trade ministry must be very sensitive in this issues in the future to protect the culture of the foreigners to avoid plagirism or thefts by the original countries.

    314. Also, offering special titles to foreigners adalah cara yang tak betul kerana penghargaan tapak macam pilih kasih and pro- foreigner.

    315. What went wrong we cannot changed, but what happen in the future, we must follow international ruling, and i hope the current ministry can improve on this.

    316. Dont forget, they are elected is to run the country.

    317. They are not elected to run their political parties to get elevated in federal and state governments.

  163. lim3 Jul 30,2018 2:45 PM

    Pemegang sijil UEC diterima mengikuti pengajian ijazah pertama di kira-kira 1,000 universiti antarabangsa dan universiti swasta tempatan tanpa perlu mengikuti kelas pra-universiti.

    Mengapa wujunya prejudis dan bantahan terhadap UEC?

    Segolongan masyarakat Malaysia sering mendakwa bahawa UEC mengikuti sukatan pelajaran Taiwan dan China. Sebenarnya UEC adalah peperiksaan seragam untuk pelajar di 60 Sekolah Persendirian Cina sdi seluruh negara, sejak 1975, dengan sukatan pelajarannya dibangunkan oleh Dong Zong,di mana silibusnyadirangka berdasarkan Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Menengah (KBSM) dan Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM). Bagi mata pelajaran Sejarah, ia mengandungi sejarah Malaysia, Asia Tenggara, China dan dunia. Tajuk Zaman Pra sejarah dalam buku teks KBSM Ting.1 turut dipelajari oleh pelajar Ting.1 di Sekolah Persendirian Cina. Sebagai bekas pelajar yang menduduki peperiksaan UEC, kami turut mempelajari Bahasa Melayu sejak tingkatan 1. Kami dinilai melalui ujian lisan, ujian bertulis, penguasaan BM tidak menjadi beban bagi kami. Olehitu, ramai murid dari Sekolah Persendirian Cina juga menduduk peperiksaan SPM di sekolah, ramainya juga terdapat keputusan yang cermalang dalam peperiksaan SPM. Ini terbukti melalui keputusan peperiksaan yang dikeluarkan. Ramai calon UEC yang menduduki peperiksaan SPM telah mencapai keputusan kredit dalam subjek BM. Olehitu, apa salahnya jika kami meminta kerajaan mengiktirafkan UEC? Dalam Sisitem Pendidikan Di Malaysia, Pendidikan Moral yang memperkenalkan agama dan amalan hidup pelbagai kaum. Pendidikan Moral hanya dipelajari oleh ‘non muslim’. Bagi kaum Melayu, adakah mereka belajar atau mengenali agama dan amalan kaum lain?

    Cara terbaik untuk menyatukan rakyat Malaysia adalah melalui penghargaan budaya, agama dan bahasa pelbagai kaum tanpa prasangka dan pengkritikan.

  164. mubarakchan Jul 30,2018 1:01 PM


    I love to get up early in the morning which is the best part of day and take my grand-daughter to her school, a Sekolah Kebangsaan. All my children went to the National Type Schools, no problem. This morning there was a drizzle and I thought how lucky we Malaysians are to live in a country with no shortage of water. Water is essential for Life without which there will be no Life. Then, I reflected on the nights when most of us could hear the night-jar in our gardens. Tick-toking us to our slumber. That was another World which would never return again. However, the most topical subject these days must be THE FAKES. What fakes you may ask ? Our beloved Malaysia has seen YAB fakes, YB fakes, Queen of Malaysia fakes, Sultan of Mindanao fakes Tan Sri fakes, many Datuk fakes, Doctor fakes, Dentist fakes, Professor fakes, PhD fakes, 1MDB fakes etc. Strangely, no Tun fakes have turned up yet. May be there are so few Tuns around unlike the Tan Sris and Datuks who might need a stadium to accommodate them all. The Khazanah which calls itself a Sovereign Fund is the biggest FAKE of all. including Temasek. The only true Sovereign Funds are Canada, Norway and Kuwait. These Funds truly conserve wealth from the extraction of their depleting natural resources. The word ‘Sovereign’ was used deliberately loosely by the Western Media which are all connected to Wall Street and the City. When the New Kid in the block, Temasek, appeared in 2001, the gnomes of Zurich flattered Lee Kuan Yew sky high so much so he forgot that he had already managed the GIC, Singapore’s National Investment quite well up to 2001. It was the disappearance of the 2-3% GDP pertaining to the under-counter trades or Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle which forced Singapore to look for new avenues of revenue. With the bad Temasek Concept, Lee Kuan Yew became just one of the hoi-polloi. As a result, he was caught by the PR of UBS and invested huge sums of money in UBS without considering the FACT that the CEO was of a lesser calibre than him and was a renegade who soon lost his job. Likewise, he invested blindly into Citibank at the material time. In October 2008, Singapore lost US 108 Billions (RM324 Billions) in a single day. IT DOES NOT PAY TO INVEST A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY’S FUNDS INTO ANY PUBLIC LISTED CORPORATION IN THE WORLD because the financial management of a Nation’s wealth is entirely different from that of a PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL. This morning’s NSTP headline, ‘ WHY DID KHAZANAH INVEST IN UBS ?’ The answer is simple. Someone in Malaysia wanted to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs without considering the facts. This was negligence, criminal breach of trust and fraud. No wonder the Singaporeans always laughed at us. But now they cringe when under your Leadership of the New and Incorruptible Government, Malaysia has become one of 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia overnight WITHOUT LIFTING A LITTLE FINGER TO HARM ANYONE !. Before 9th May 2018, our beloved Malaysia was beset with all sorts of mega FAKES whichever could be concocted to make money as CASH IS KING ! There was the huge FAKE CONSOLIDATION OF THE GLC PLANTATION COMPANIES USING THE ATM FOR CROOKS SIME DARBY. Money for jam for some. Then, within 3 years, THE WHOLE CONSOLIDATED GLC PLANTATION GROUP IN SIME DARBY WAS DECONSOLIDATED Again, money for jam for some. Ah Yes ! Before I forget. Then, a huge expenditure of RM 750 Million was proposed to turn more of the Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur into concrete TOGETHER WITH A NEW MUSEUM. NO ONE BUILDS A MUSEUM FIRST AND THEN PURCHASE ANTIQUES ETC FOR A MUSEUM. The whole World’s collectors, Governments or private individuals form their collections first and then build a Museum to house the artefacts. BUT IN MALAYSIA, A NEW MUSEUM IS BUILT WHICH HAS ONLY ONE FUNCTION – to purchase MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF RINGGITS OF FAKE ANTIQUE METAL, WOOD OR STONE ARTEFACTS. How do I know ? In 1970, I used to spend Saturday afternoons in Moongate, Orchard Road, Singapore. There I studied the difference between the real antique porcelain etc from those FAKES freshly made in Indonesia or Thailand. Later in the mid-1970s, an elderly Hokkien gentleman was selling FAKE CHINESE PORCELAIN ANTIQUES FRESHLY MADE IN INDONESIA in his house off Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur to foreign diplomats. He authenticated his FAKE wares with pictures from an authoritative book which was the same book used by the Indonesian factory to COPY. By the same token, my friend who had a gallery in the Mandarin Hotel Singapore made a fortune by selling wooden Buddhas which were made from old and aged Thai telegraph poles to tourists. The Thai factories making FAKES were in operation in the early 1970s as the Indonesian ones. THERE ARE NOW FACTORIES MAKING VERY FINE FAKE ANTIQUES IN CHINA, KOREA, TAIWAN, CAMBODIA, VIETNAM, THAILAND AND INDONESIA. The Japanese are a proud people. They conserve and preserve their own heritage and culture by supporting LIVING MASTERS and would never stoop so low as to make FAKES and sell them to others for money ! CAVEAT EMPTOR. BUT I AM AFRAID THESE WORDS OF CAUTION MIGHT HAVE COME TOO LATE TO PREVENT OUR BELOVED NATION BUYING MILLIONS OF RINGGITS WORTH OF FAKES FOR THE NEW MUSEUM. Maybe we should name the MUSEUM – MUSEUM FOR FAKE ANTIQUES – the First in the World. However, from where the money to buy fake antiques came from ? Secondly, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PURCHASE REAL ANTIQUES OFF THE PEG LIKE BUYING 10,000 ROLEX WATCHES ! It is highly suspicious if the money has already spent to buy FAKE ANTIQUES ! AS WE ALL KNOW FAKE ANTIQUES HAVE ZERO VALUE. Another Scandal in the horizon ! Only Sotheby’s or Christie’s can authenticate the antiques. Malaysia Boleh !

  165. HBT456 Jul 30,2018 12:40 PM

    301. The opening of cds accounts, for chinese race, their children must get permission from their parents because they dont have to steal.

    302. But, if these children berminat in stock and currency trading, they can always download apps to play using their pocket money, no need to steal one.

    303. I am not sure about what clientele you have, but from your comments, i guess your clientale should be related to the majority race party since this party gets most of the party budget first ala wang politik mahupun rasuah politik which is not a secret in this country since tdm era until today.

    304. As what mubarakchan said toys for men and boys are different, i am not sure what that means.

    305. But as parent, i dont like bollywood way of showing their story via dancing, too hot and mengoda, but stange, these dancing themes are not sensored, but words fuck, pigs, dogs are sensored.

    306. The old guard from n9 who was pecat from umno made a demand via malay-muslim cause in kl to follow education stystem of usa and india blah and blah, we will know whats in their mind.

    307. Melayu mudah lupa?

    308. As the saying goes, when liars lied too many times, they tend to forget what they lied.

    309. I guess this is the style of local politics style, and they have not changed at all.

    310. Yup, by the end of the day, pi mai pi mai tang tu, and tutup.

  166. HBT456 Jul 30,2018 11:27 AM

    272. I am not sure singaporean men play golf or not, but i do know the local men play golf in the past.

    273. I am not sure they played with vvips is to lobby, bribe or polish their images.

    274. Even the largest chain store of toy’r’us in usa had no choice but to close down due to shift of consumer mindset which is inevitable to avoid in post it era.

    275. What are in the mind of the sikap hajar and the likes, i am sure tdm knows deep in his heart.

    276. The one who baling the first batu is the most guilty one.

    277. When they were caught, again and again they show their muslim-malay supremacy in public area mahu pun in parliament.

    278. The more the labu tunjuk their perasaan, the more these labu dissappoint their glass root base voters.

    279. Why?

    280. The majority of the younger generation of the malay prefer to work in private sector.

    281. But, inside the parliament, until today, they are not solving the problems, instead they keep passing the balls around to drag and drag the debates.

    282. They will not get yellow or red cards from the referee since mereka sama2 bersikap 2 x 5.

    283. With this kind of immature debate, wasasan 2020 can just dilupakan?

    284. Meludah ke langit?

    285. Since the sikap hajar and the likes dont give a damn to a voter like me, why should i give a damn to her political party since her struggle is only meant for her malay-muslim struggle for her malay- islamic cause?

    286. Why anti- jewish state and palestian cause is brought out to be debate?

    287. Who started such anti-jewish cause that made the chinese, the 2nd largest race feel so insecure?

    288. And now dap wants to be the hero?

    289. Even if umno, pas and pkr pakat to purchase jetfighters ala cia letter, what can you do?

    290. By looking at these labu, they cant even walk and dive properly, and now they want to fly high.

    291. Even if they broke the international rules because of nationalism, klectocracy, cronism or nepotism, what can you do, as voters?

    292. Even beijing central government with 1.4 billion population cannot turn their eyes blind when they received complaints from other countries or their provinces of the prc’s ruthless spending which linked to the most senior party members.

    293. Alahai, the so called hajar still want to squash me out because i am not a kaki bodek of her cause?

    294. Wise people ignore because they have gone through the journey.

    295. Young people follow because they have not gone through the journey.

    296. At this age of mine, i dont have much to complain.

    297. But i know, if sikap hajar and the likes continue with their cause of hanya jaga hati dan jiwa melayu mereka masing-masing, they too would be rejected by their own root base voters one day.

    298. Yup, takanlah kl and selangor hilang di malaysia jugak, betul tak?

    299. I am not muslim, but if you force me to be a muslim, then, the best way out is to leave.

    300. Race and religion issues are super sensitive, therefore, never treat it as ikan bilis issues.

  167. Sri Sense Jul 30,2018 10:37 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    UMNO turunkan usia layak jadi ahli dari 18 ke 16 tahun

    What so strange about the above is UMNO still keeping the old leaders, malah yang bukan leader lagi pun act like dia masih a big shot and now they wanted to recruit super young to join their party. Something not right with this party.

    Sekarang topik 16 tahun jadi hebat, kahwin 16 tahun, masuk party 16 tahun. Dah macam zaman tok moyang I, datang bulan terus kahwin. Tiada tamaddun langsung.

    Lets cakap sikit pasal investment products, nak labur, nak buka CDS account, an individual who has reached the age of eighteen (18) years as of the application date. Mana ada budak 16 tahun layak labur, kalau dia trade stocks pun mungkin pakai or curi account mak atau bapa punya hahaha

    Thats all for now.

  168. Hajar Jul 30,2018 8:49 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Kula Segaran, Nie Ching jangan bercakap tentang sejarah – Pakar

    Betullah. Orang yang jahil tentang sejarah Tanah Melayu dan Gugusan Kepulauan Melayu (Nusantara) wajar diam dan tidak memberi apa2 kenyataan dangkal @ bodoh mengenai sejarah Malaysia.

    Perbezaan di antara BANGSA dan AGAMA pun golongan jahil sejarah ini tidak tahu. Ini yang dikatakan bod*h piang. Maaf cakap Tun. Geleng kepala saya melihat tahap kefahaman (dan kecerdasan akal fikiran) ahli2 Kabinet yang Tun lantik.

    Menteri pun tidak tahu bahawa agama dan bangsa ialah dua perkara berbeza. Cuma, uniknya di Malaysia, orang Melayu rata2 beragama Islam. Agaknya inilah sebab utama YB Kula (such a confused person) tidak tahu yang bangsa/kaum dan agama tidak sama.

    Islam ialah agama terakhir (yang sudah lengkap) yang diturunkan kepada umat manusia. Nabi Muhammad SAW ialah Nabi terakhir.

    Memang logiklah jika sebelum memeluk agama Islam ada di kalangan orang Melayu Nusantara yang beragama Hindu, etc. Pokok pangkalnya mereka masih orang MELAYU! Takkanlah disebabkan terdapat orang Melayu dahulu kala pernah beragama Hindu, tiba-tiba mereka dikatakan orang India, dan oleh itu orang India pula didakwa sudah terlebih awal berada di Tanah Melayu berbanding orang Melayu. Alahai…

    Sekarang ada pula agenda jahat untuk menukar sejarah PENGGANAS Komunis Malaya yang memang diketahui umum telah membunuh banyak manusia yang tidak berdosa termasuk anggota2 keselamatan Malaysia.

    P/S: Betullah ‘Sri Sense’. Kita tidak kenal satu sama lain secara peribadi/dekat. Tetapi ada si polan di sini tuduh saya dengan pelbagai tuduhan2 yang tidak masuk akal seolah-olah dia kenal siapa saya. Dia asyik merapu-meraban saja. Saya pernah minta bukti, tetapi hampeh! Sakit agaknya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  169. musato Jul 30,2018 8:10 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Oh akak Sri Sense dah baik demam.

    Subang Jaya ye. Tapi saya tak berapa gemar sangat nak kongsi tempat tinggal saya di sini. Mungkin saya tak begitu gemar pada keglamouran.

    Kalau saya sendeng sendeng Tun sikit macam Syed Saddiq atau Anwar Ibrahim, mungkin saya pun dah jadi Menteri Bahasa Melayu..hahaha.

    Namun saya fikir saya tak ada perasaan macam tu. Cuma pada pertama kali saya sertai chedet blog adalah kerana kenyataan Tun dahulu bahawa Tun tak mahu jumpa dan minta campur tangan dari YDP Agong semasa itu Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin berkenaan Pak Lah.

    Saya pernah kongsi no hp di sini, tapi tak tahu Sri Sense terpandang atau tidak.

    Saya juga pernah ada satu blog seperti yang saya beritahu dan saya sediakan biodata saya seperti cerita di atas.

    Saya tak begitu aktif tapi terima kasih pada yang sudi singgah.

    InsyaAllah saya juga boleh baca maklumat maklumat pada yang sudi berkongsi.

    Terima kasih ye.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  170. HBT456 Jul 29,2018 10:25 PM

    266. Thats buffettology, not buffology, and you cannot create money out of thin air, sri sense, by asking freebies lor.

    267. Learn from it, sri sense.

    268. There is no free lunch in this world.

    269. I am not in your line, but how you sell, i wish you best of luck eventhough we do not know each other.

    270. No matter what happen, i have full confident that the empire group can breakthrough and grow in the future.

  171. HBT456 Jul 29,2018 9:37 PM


    252. These schools are long existed during bn era.

    253. Inclusive?

    254. Exclusive?

    255. If uec is denied, meaning ph is denying the birth rights of these students too.

    256. I do not expect tdm to change at this age, but i for sure do not want another era of mahthirism with new emperor’s cloth with its pakatan harapan.

    257. Hajar now can do what she wants, and i do not care either, and mubarakchan can continue with its buffology theory with malay bias policy.

    258. By the end of the day, only indian political parties are with pkr to form pakatan harapan.

    259. Perhaps the locals cannot differentiate communism propaganda, but i can recognize.

    260. I am sure the chinese newspapers can recognize.

    261. Beijing central government already instructed their state media to low tone the image of xi jinping to avoid cult personality.

    262. Since the article is published by malaysiankini, therefore, it wont have impact on the chinese community in large.

    263. I am nuetral, and i dont take side.

    264. Its up to the political parties of the divides to do their parts.

    265. Good luck, and all the best to you all.

  172. Sri Sense Jul 29,2018 9:33 PM

    Good evening

    Wow! What is going on here? War of words?

    Ok, saya nak cerita apa saya buat tengahari tadi. Tun, saya balik kampung. Seperti saya sebut dulu, kampung saya Subang Jaya.

    Saya singgah Empire nak makan bubur nasi. Saya terpandang The Loaf yang masih tutup. Tampak kerusi meja ada di dalam, lantas terlintas dihati saya, alangkah baik kalau musato yang handsome jadi baker, dan saya buat marketing hahaha

    Anyway saya tidak kenal teman2 di blog ini, saya maksudkan secara personally like I kenal my neighbour, I tau bagaimana rupa mereka. But that doesn’t matter, after all most people yang contribute online kat mana2 tempat like to remain anonymous.

    Anyway sebagai investors, I don’t think its wise for the board member of Khazanah resigned tiba2. The decision not a wise move.

    Another interesting thing I baca worth to keep in mind; shareholders often sue companies in the United States after unexpected stock price declines, especially if the loss of wealth is large.

    That’s all for tonight!

  173. HBT456 Jul 29,2018 3:34 PM


    232. I think until today, the local journalists still have not learned from the sejarah tempatan mahupun sejarah antara bangsa.

    233. Can someone explain why ww1 was launched?

    234. The only feasible economic reason that made ww1 a reality was due to industrial revolution.

    235. Why ww2 was continued?

    236. Because ww1 had expanded to other continents on the world map to show their military might in showing off their Weapon of mass destruction, a nuclear, radiological, chemical, biological or other weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to a large number of humans or cause great damage to human-made structures, natural structures, or the biosphere.

    237. Why fb shares plunged horribly affer the announcement made by their board recently?

    238. Americans in general do not want to go into military war, currency war or trade war.

    229. Why?

    240. I guess the younger generation of americans learned their history well, thats why majority of the americans do not vote after more 200 years of independent with 300 million population.

    241. Journalists are not historians.

    242. Teks sejarah tempatan is only petikan yang diubahsuai untuk kepentingan politik mereka masing2.

    243. Sadly malay di tempurongkan, didodoikan dan dibangsatkan.

    244. MALAYsia bermaksud MALAYhampa?

    245. Is this what umnoputra really wants?

    246. The seperation activists can show their anger in anyway they like as long as they dont break the law, but, no matter what they do, these activits of hongkong, taiwan and macau cannot deny they are not part of china.

    247. Material things lost can be earned back, but when lives lost, it can never be earned back those lives.

    248. I am not a member of any political parties, but as voter, my obligation is to cast vote to the coalition that derserves my vote, itu saja.

    249. The thing that i learned from this blog is benefits of doubts.

    250. I am grateful, and thank you, malaysia, negaraku.

  174. HBT456 Jul 29,2018 1:46 PM

    226. Jangan lupa, cina pun boleh sokong orang afrika ma.

    227. Even if uec board agreed to umnoputra in making sejarah a must have to continue their malay and islam supremacy on their soil, it wont change the mindset of the chinese in keeping their mother tongue, culture and traditions just the local malay and bumiputra what.

    228. Will uec be politicalized just like surat khabar lama stail, the ball now is on the desk of dap.

    229. To be or not to be, that is not the question.

    230. Able or not, we will see how far kita semua can go.

  175. HBT456 Jul 29,2018 1:02 PM

    216. Dah bagi hint lama, tapi hajar ini masih buat tak erti mungkin sikap hajar ini terlalu tamak, haloba, rakus cum boros kut sampai federal government dikasi tukar pada 9 mei 2018 lor.

    217. Jika sikap hajar bodek sampai menyampah, takpa, pengundi cina boleh sokong bumiputra, india, indonesia, bangladeshi, pakistani, pak arab, nepal, indonesia, orang putih mahupun pkr, umno atau pas, takda masalah.

    219. Melayu sokong umno, pas atau pkr, parti2 ini tetap melayu what.

    220. Parti hajar mahu sokong parti kaum india pun takda masalah.

    221. When the component parties become blind followers, who should worry more?

    222. When racism can make you rich, what can you do in boleh land?

    223. Usah gusah, apabila pilihan raya umun diadakan, para parti2 tempatan akan kempen untuk meraihkan undi2 mereka.

    224. MALAYsia atau MALAYSIA, got difference mer?

    225. Mereka pun tak segan, who are we to tell them off?

  176. mubarakchan Jul 29,2018 10:32 AM


    My apologies on my last Comment. I always love to read my Comments over and over again. In this instance I left out vital words in the Comment, thus,’ THIS IS THE REASON WHY SINGAPORE WHICH SAW OUR WONDERFUL ATTRIBUTE LONG AGO WANTS THE HSR TO RUSH TOURISTS INTO SINGAPORE at Malaysia’s expense, RM 50-100 Billions. And now Singapore pretends they are hurt. With the added Vital words within the context of Sovereignty and National Interest, my Comment is more meaningful in terms of our relationships with foreign countries. For example, during the Dark Era of Malaysia’s weakest leaderships, the Khazanah was thrown open for the Singaporeans to pluck the low hanging fruits, a hard-core PAP cadre was sitting in the chair meant for an UMNO faithful in the NSTP Office, the 4th Floor Boys were waving the magic wand to show the way for these thieves not of Bagdad, but of Putrajaya etc. On the other side of the coin, Lee Kuan Yew saw the realisation of his ultimate and obsessive Dream of conquering our beloved Malaysia through LEGAL MEANS WHICH HE THOUGHT HE WAS BRILLIANT especially in the Devil in the details after all he caught us Malaysians with our pants down over the 1962 Water and the Pedro Branca Agreements. Someone at the top of the Malaysian Power Pyramid Apex rushed in haste to the International Court of Justice at the Hague soon after 2003 to make a FAKE ATTEMPT TO GRAB BACK THE ISLE after nothing was done for over 50 years ! Malaysia engaged a Cambridge Emeritus Professor OF MY VINTAGE OF 60 YEARS AGO ! Singapore engaged the World’s Best lawyer in International Law at the present time. Malaysia lost big time. The arrogant Singaporeans published a book with SNIDE REMARKS and rubbed SALT INTO MALAYSIA’S OPEN WOUND WITHOUT MERCY ! Abang adek, very hot relationships, indeed ! Yet, those responsible for the Sovereignty and National Interest of Malaysia were silent probably playing golf in Singapore. How would any true Malaysian feel about just one of the many HUMILIATIONS OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA WHEN THE BN LEADERSHIP BEHAVED WORSE THAN THE RAPE OF THE SABINE WOMEN IN ANCIENT ROME ? In the meantime and most importantly, Lee Kuan Yew fashioned his Free Trade Scheme of 2006 which became Obama’s TPPA (through his solid US Democrat contacts) to KILL OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA’S WILL TO LIVE AS A NATION AND BECOME SINGAPORE’S SLAVE COLONY – the Malays dispossessed, the Chinese and others become middlemen again financed by Singapore THROUGH A NO-TARIFF OPEN DOOR with cheap goods flooding overnight to kill off our business people and create jobless workers ! Concomitantly, Lee Kuan Yew’s very own cloak and dagger journalist was conveniently stationed in KL with his Malaysian spouse THE CHIEF NEGOTIATOR ON BEHALF OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA THROUGHOUT THESE VITAL NEGOTIATIONS of which IT WAS EXPOSED ONLY AFTER ONE FULL YEAR. She was ennobled of course for her sterling efforts not by Singapore but by Malaysia. With such PAP loyalists in place, how could Lee Kuan Yew lose ? We can either call this horrible period of our beloved Malaysia’s history ‘The Dark Era’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by the YAB ! Lee Kuan Yew thought THAT WITHOUT THE PRESENCE OR POWER OF OUR BELOVED TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD, OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA WAS FOR HIM TO TAKE JUST BY BRIBING HERE AND THERE. ( Remember Lee Kuan Yew though he is purported to be honest was willing to pay TOP PRICES to those who served him well and with a purpose, a bank in Hong Kong, Thaksin purchase, Li Kah Sing purchase etc.). So certain was he in achieving his GOAL OF KILLING OFF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA BY LEGAL MEANS, that he travelled into the hot and humid Ulus at the age of 85 to exhort his troops or digits, the spies, tycoons, journalists, MCA leaders in red Mandarin silks, holy men, swallows, ducks, and even our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad etc. SO COCKSURE WAS LEE KUAN YEW’S OF HIS VICTORY OVER OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AND OUR BELOVED TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD ! Yet, overnight Lee Kuan Yew’s cunning thoughts and policies collapsed – ALL FOUR OF THEM BEING THE MALAYSIA KILLER TPPA, THE 2 CASINOS, THE FT IMPORTATION TO BOOST THE GDP AND TEMASEK HOLDINGS ! If we study each and every one of them, we can discern the lack of solid assumptions but full of speculative desires engendered in them. As a result of taking on an innocent and weak party like our beloved Malaysia with EVIL INTENT, now Singapore’s future is dark and bleak with a dysfunctional leadership which forgot LEE KUAN YEW’S BEST LEGACY FOR SINGAPORE WHICH WAS HIS GOODWILL AND CREDITS WITH ALL THE MAJOR COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD ! This Legacy will diminish with TIME if not utilised. Man Proposes. God Disposes. What is the hurry about the HSR Singapore ? Someone got our beloved Malaysia into big trouble. Malaysia is now in the ICU under the care of our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his New and Incorruptible Government. Recovery takes about 100 days. What’s the hurry Singapore ? Please be accommodative and helpful. IF NOT FOR THE VISION AND BRILLIANCE OF OUR BELOVED TUN MAHATHIR MOHAMAD, OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA WOULD BE SINGAPORE’S SLAVE COLONY BY NOW to fulfil Lee Kuan Yew’s narcissistic and obsessive AMBITION. He hates to lose that was what my elder sister who was with Tun Abdul Razak & Co at Raffles College, told me. Yet, many Malaysians are not aware HOW CLOSE THEY WERE TO BEING THE SLAVES OF SINGAPORE WITH ONLY 900,000 MALE CHINESE AGE 21-50 ! Forget about the glittering buildings advised by Dr Albert Winsemius folks. Look at the real Singaporeans created by Lee Kuan Yew ! As the saying goes,’THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEN AND BOYS IS THE QUALITY OF THEIR TOYS’ This is why our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a REAL LEADER OF MEN AND WOMEN, not boys ! Malaysia Boleh !

  177. Hajar Jul 29,2018 8:56 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Kasihan…masih berotak ‘loose’ lagi.

    Kita bagi ‘hint’ pun masih lagi tidak dapat memahami makna tersirat. Sejak sekian lama berada di Chedet masih lagi lemah dari segi kefahaman.

    Mahu berambus lama dah dari Chedet, tapi masih lagi dok sibuk mengomen di sini.

    No one cares if she wants to leave Chedet / Malaysia.

    Membebel benda yang sama dari dulu lagi.

    Kononnya ‘Malaysian first’…Alahai…memang tahap kefahaman si ‘loose’ni amatlah lemah.

    Apa yang kita ingin sampaikan si ‘loose’ ini bukan faham sangat, tetapi asyik mahu mengomen penulisan orang lain.

    Kah..Kah..Kah…Si ‘loose’ yang kononnya dianak-yatimkan boleh pula bebas mengundi setiap 5 tahun. “Anak2 yatim/tiri” (kononnya) boleh buat sesuka hati jika ingin berdemonstrasi atau berarak (siap kibar bendera DAP lagi). Tetapi jika “anak2 sendiri @ Melayu Islam” berdemo, bising sungguh si ‘loose’ mengutuk orang Melayu.

    Katanya “orang Cina mesti sokong Cina”. Pasti ini bukan sikap seorang rasis (tanggapan si ‘loose’).

    Kalau “orang Melayu sokong Melayu”, ini memang sikap yang rasis (tuduhan) – TAKTIK lapuk untuk menghina orang Melayu supaya tidak menyokong apa saja agenda untuk kaum Melayu Islam.

    Dari dulu lagi geng si ‘loose’ ini guna taktik (strategi) ‘low class – tahap sampah’ menuduh orang yang menyokong parti Melayu/Islam sebagai rasis. Peliknya mereka boleh pula buat benda yang sama dengan lebih meluas. Sila kira berapa banyak persatuan2/organisasi2 Cina di Malaysia.

    Orang Melayu jangan jadi bodoh – abaikan saja tuduhan2 sampah mereka. Golongan kiasu ini tidak akan bertolak-ansur dalam hal2 berkaitan kepentingan mereka. Strategi mereka ialah ‘menyerang’ dan merendah-rendahkan kaum Melayu dengan tuduhan2 dan tohmahan2 yang melemahkan JATI DIRI orang Melayu.

    Namun, bak kata pepatah, “BAGAI MELUDAH KE LANGIT’ lagaknya! Kasihan…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  178. HBT456 Jul 29,2018 1:37 AM


    207. Many nepalists prefer to work in other countries that offer better pricing.

    208. Like hajar said, she can bring in many foreign workers in this country is damn stupid, no brain and bodoh sombong betul.

    209. Later on, bangladeshi workers also demand higher pay, and this is common.

    210. Malaysian first, with chinese ethnics, also wont solve the issue of human resources.

    211. Maki hamun uec also cannot solve the problems of human resources.

    212. If the perjuang malay-muslim are so patriotric to their islamic cause and do not want to let go berbini 4, by marrying 11 years old girl, lowering the age of entry to umno to 16 years old and reducing the voting age to 18 years, why not reduce the working age to 10 years old of the malay- muslim to work for malay- muslim projects as hard labour?

    213. You sebagai ibubapa mereka, will you give a damn to such ruling as malay- muslim with sokongan of kaum india?

    214. Saya tak boleh terima, you boleh ke?

  179. mubarakchan Jul 29,2018 12:33 AM


    What is a good subject to talk about today being Sunday ? Of course, our beloved Malaysia which has become ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUINTRIES OF THE WORLD being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. These four small countries have their clout too. Except for Malaysia which was exploited from 2004 – 2018 because of her weak leadership, the other 3 countries are as strong and hard as nails due to the vicissitudes of their geographical location and climatic conditions. Britain from the Industrial Revolution through Switzerland’s money tourism of the 20th Century to the modernization of Japan from the mid-19th Century during the Meiji Period, these countries had excellent leadership which one can only deduced as for the betterment and survival of their Nation. Malaysia joined these 3 wonderful countries since 9th May 2018 through a democratic general election without strife or violence. Our beloved Malaysia has come of Age in a World full of rivalry and competition. Malaysians for 2 generations thought Singapore with Lee Kuan Yew was the cat’s whiskers for all good things. How Lee Kuan Yew misled ALL including his own captive citizens is slowly breaking out like a rash or chicken pox on Singapore’s body Politik. We Malaysians too thought highly of Lee Kuan Yew. But without the constant dose of Bluffology being pumped into our brains these days, the addiction has worn off and Malaysians are beginning to see clearly what made Lee Kuan Yew ticked. For decades, I too took him for granted and did not think much about the details concerning Lee Kuan Yew’s purported academic prowess. Since 2014 when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad graciously permitted to comment in his distinguished Blog and I did some researches, I found Lee Kuan Yew’s entry into the lowest rung non-college, Fitzwilliam House, Cambridge could be subjected to doubts and enquiries. His finest hour was his Double First in Law in competition with a handful of war weary veterans. After Cambridge, it was one life- long slide for him, from his Third Class in the most important Bar Finals London (His wife was 3rd out of 300 and later my wife was 7th out of 700)down to the present Singaporean Chinese males aged 21-50 at 900,000 according to the Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2011. This is the NUB of Singapore’s wherewithal and existence which govern its FUTURE which is BLEAK. SUDDENLY FROM NOWHERE EVEN WITH THE WHOLE NATION GROANIING AND MOANING ABOUT CORRUPTION IN HIGH PLACES IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA FROM 2004-2018, we were all up and running towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan. It was as simple and straightforward as this – JUST A CHANGE TO A NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT OF THE OLD AND THE YOUNG, THE GOOD AND THE GREAT. And fortunately, this Magnificent Event happened during all our lifetimes. At one time, even when I pushed up the daisies, I thought I would never SEE SUCH A HAPPY EVENT. Of course, unlike HockBengTeohhalfpastsix, this 9th May 2018 Event was Liberation Day for the Rakyat from abuse of Power, Freedom and wanton Corruption from 2004-2018. I thought that all the good deeds done by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the many before him had been thrown overboard forever. Fortunately, Man proposes. God disposes. Who would expect even on 8th May 2018 that such a superb Government of the Old and the Young, the Good and the Great could come into fruition in our beloved Malaysia ? Therefore one can only surmise by the total Will of the Rakyat, we all want a SUPERB AND WONDERFUL COUNTRY WHICH IS OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. An International Survey again put Malaysia 6th after 5 South American countries which have no growth with unstable governments. Without considering the latter, Malaysia is already No 1 under the previous BN Government which did nothing for anyone. However, with the New and Incorruptible Government, Malaysia will firmly establish herself as the World’s No. 1 Destination for the World’s tourists. THIS IS THE REASON WHY SINGAPORE WHICH SAW OUR WONDERFUL ATTRIBUTE LONG AGO WANTS THE HSR TO RUSH TOURISTS INTO SINGAPORE. National Interest is self-interest, we generous, hospitable and friendly Malaysians must LEARN THAT SOVREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE. Hence, all these abang-adek, 4 Eyes, private retreats, very hot relationships etc as dished out by the Singapore media are really for Malaysians wearing pre-puberty short pants and want to please Singaporeans always. Sovereignty and National Interest are and never will be NEGOTIABLE. With KTM, Malaysia ended up with half and office building after owning the Tanjong Pagar Terminus, 25 miles of steel rails and the Woodland’s complex. Hence, IT WAS A GREAT JOY FOR ME THAT OUR NATIONAL WILL PRODUCE CHANGE FOR A NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT AS LED BY OUR TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD. And what is this CHANGE ? A CHANGE FROM ABNORMALITY TO NORMAILITY ! It is no big deal but this is where the font of our beloved Malaysia’s prosperity and progress will come for the benefit of the Rakyat always. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  180. HBT456 Jul 28,2018 6:36 PM

    Wealth does no pass through 3 generations….

  181. HBT456 Jul 28,2018 6:26 PM

    186. The story of mulan can happen in modern world too.

    191. Laughing is still the best medicine.

    192. As the saying goes, wealth does pass through 3 generations.

    193. What comes around will go around when comes to human race for greed and fear.

    194. No matter what they do, it is either they are the fools or the liars.

    195. Racism is tribalism, and this is the universal norm in poor and underveloped countries.

    196. After more than 60 years, all vvips in glcs, federal and state governments are hold by malay and muslim, why they still want to tunjuk perasaan?

    197. Mereka tak rasa jemu, i believe their own races also rasa bodoh kelakar.

    198. Yup, they can continue with their tunjuk perasaan of their greed to fear their race base voters.

    201. Siapakah yang kacang lupa kulit?

    202. No matter how the story is spinned and twisted,general election must be called in the next 5 years.

    203. No one is pure able.

    204. No man is an island either.

    205. Therefore, be grateful to what you have.

  182. HBT456 Jul 28,2018 5:06 PM

    187. With the ongoing of trade war launched by usa president trump, the prc nationals did not show their anger towards usa embassy in china secara besar besaran until today.

    188. Moreover, trump has 2 more years to go to do what he sees fit as 45th president of usa.

    189. Alahai, melayu – muslim bergabug besar besaran di wilayah persekutuan kuala lumpur, siapakah lebih sivik minded?

    189. You give a dam or not, who cares, hajar?

    199. Yup, when rakyat gets jemu, they change the federal government lor.

    200. Bak kata, when bitten many times, voters too will become smarter and wisers.

  183. Abdullah Jul 28,2018 3:27 PM

    Salam Tun yang saya amat kasihi,

    Artikel below amat sedihkan, cara untuk membodohkan generasi muda Malayu/Islam untuk masukkan anak2 sekolah sebelum tamat sekolah….masuk politiks jadi member UMNO. Teramat bodoh….cadangan dari Ketua Zahid Hamidi yang tak bijak langsung.Ini lah cara depa untuk selalu pastikan Malayu/Islam di bawa tempurong.


    Dalam satu keputusan yang membuatkan kita bingung kepala, mesyuarat MT UMNO semalam memutuskan untuk menurunkan had umur menjadi ahli UMNO daripada 18 tahun kepada 16 tahun.

    Bermakna, selepas ini budak-budak sekolah dalam tingkatan 4 sudah pun boleh menjadi ahli UMNO, berperanan sebagai pekerja parti, berkempen ketika pilihanraya, menghadiri atau menjadi perwakilan dalam mesyuarat cawangan serta bahagian, memenuhkan dewan bagi semua program parti serta sebagai alat mudah mencukupkan korum dalam mesyuarat.

    Dalam usia yang sepatutnya mereka belajar dan menimba ilmu, tidak mustahil budak-budak sekolah ini akan diumpan oleh pemimpin dewasa dengan pelbagai janji dan harapan untuk menyertai UMNO bagi menunjukkan parti itu kononnya mendapat sambutan daripada generasi muda. Tetapi, budak-budak sekolah itu sebenarnya hanyalah dijadikan alat oleh pemimpin tertentu di peringkat cawangan dan bahagian untuk kepentingan politik mereka saja.

    Sudah tentu akhirnya ramailah ibu bapa dan guru-guru yang akan pening kepala dibuatnya kerana lebih ramai budak-budak sekolah lebih berminat bercakap tentang politik, menyokong pemimpin tertentu, melobi menjadi perwakilan di peringkat cawangan dan bahagian berbanding mentelaah buku sekolah atau menumpu kepada peperiksaan.

    Presiden UMNO, Zahid Hamidi dilaporkan berkata, keputusan membenarkan mereka yang berusia 16 tahun menjadi ahli UMNO ini diambil sebagai memenuhi hasrat akar umbi serta untuk memastikan perubahan dalam parti itu.

    Entahlah labu…akar umbi mana sebenarnya yang mahu budak-budak sekolah seawal tingkatan 4 ini terlibat dalam politik?

    Apakah Zahid Hamidi dan para pemimpinnya, sejak UMNO tidak lagi berkuasa sekarang ini, sudah hilang pertimbangan dalam membuat keputusan yang betul?

    Apa pun alasannya, keputusan terbaru UMNO ini paling tidak munasabah serta tidak wajar sama sekali.

    Had umur 18 tahun sebelum ini dikira sudah memadai kerana dalam usia itu mereka sudah menamatkan persekolahan di peringkat menengah atau baru habis SPM dan tiada masalah lagi jika terlibat dalam politik.

    Namun, dengan seawal 16 tahun atau dalam tingkatan 4 sudah dibenarkan menjadi ahli UMNO, kesan buruk lebih banyak berbanding baiknya.

    Selain ia akan merosakkan minat budak-budak sekolah terhadap pelajaran jika diumpan oleh pemimpin UMNO yang lebih dewasa untuk menyertai politik, bahkan tidak mustahil, sesuai dengan semakin menurunkan minat orang dewasa dan mereka yang berpelajaran terhadap UMNO, akhirnya nanti hanya budak-budak sekolah saja yang akan memeriahkan politik UMNO. Mesyuarat cawangan atau bahagian, program parti, kempen pilihanraya dan sebagainya – semuanya selepas ini akan penuh dengan budak-budak sekolah belaka.
    Inikah pencapaian terhebat Zahid Hamidi sebagai Presiden UMNO? (ShahbudinHusin 28/07/2018).

  184. HBT456 Jul 28,2018 3:14 PM

    173. Itu adalah satu tanda hormat tertinggi kepada dap, parti politik di malaysia, yang telah meninggal dunia di atas kemalangan di jalan raya.

    174. Yup, cina mesti sokong cina la.

    175. Ya lor apakah perlunya melayu dan muslim begabung di kl protest, dan bukan putrajaya sebagai umat islam?

    176. Jika melayu dan muslim tak suka oku umno sabah, kenapa tak buat protest di negeri mereka?

    176. Gabungkan tdm dengan bata, ayahandamu yang amat dikasihi, is akin to building him as the cult personslity which is a big no in commercial world.

    177. Yup, a business that took you 20 years to build could be ruined in 5 minutes.

    178. Mereka pun tak rasa segan, who are we to tell them off?

    179. Therefore, if you have nothing good to say, stay your head low, and dont be a trouble maker.

    180. Winning or loosing is not important, it is the journey that we go through is more important.

    181. Therefore, even if you loose in the 14th general election, treat it as the blessing because you already did your best for the country.

    182. Do not get angry, or frustrated.

    183. Can do, you do.

    184. Cannot do, you let go.

    185. Each mistake made is the revenue to the country as long as you did it according to the rule of law.

  185. HBT456 Jul 28,2018 1:28 PM

    157. Ok?

    158. Right?

    159. I am proud to be a malaysian chinese but i feel malu for reading commments on the hardcore supporters of the blog owner.

    160. Yes, they can continue with their playing of race and religion supremacy cards to dictate the federal budget to rich themselves, voters in general can continue in playing their voting cards.

    161. Therefore, it makes no sense who can jual better.

    162. When syariah lawmakers outnumbered non-syariah lawmakers, the best way out is to leave.

    163. But kata, bagi bukit emas pun tarak guna.

    164. Jangan kata ah choo takut, ah kow pun lari.

    165. Even when ngo can gather 10,000 muslim to rally, it wont make any differences to the voters in general.

    166. You want to build penang, by all means go a head.

    168. But using the water agreements as the tool to threaten singapore is no difference with those jihad taliban supporters in afghan region in bombing the buddha statue, dont you think so, mubarakchan?

    169. The root cause of terrorism is hate speech.

    170. So, pandai2 lah perjuang bangsa melayu dan agama islam mereka masing2.

    171. If umno and pas want to bergabung and hidupkan hukum hudud ruu355 in their states, what will happen to other modern, civilized muslim states that do not have such ruling.

    172. Dah terang sangat, usah diterangkan lagi.

  186. Hajar Jul 28,2018 9:05 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Saya berada berhampiran Cheras beberapa hari yang lalu, dan tiba2 terlihat sederetan kenderaan (amat panjang) mengibarkan bendera DAP (dalam jumlah yang banyak – hampir setiap kenderaan ada bendera).

    2. Saya ingatkan ada kempen politik untuk PRK, tetapi ternyata saya silap.

    3. Nampaknya KEMATIAN pun mahu dipolitikkan oleh segelintir ahli politik yang kita tahu dari kaum mana. Low class?

    4. Yang peliknya, kaum ini sentiasa mengatakan mereka dianak-tirikan dan dianak-yatimkan oleh Kerajaan Malaysia sejak sekian lama. Alahai…Saya pasti akan ada respon dangkal dari si Polan yang saya rasa berotak ‘loose’ (maaf cakap…),

    5. Apa perlunya bendera DAP dikibarkan dengan banyak dalam hal berkaitan kematian? Mengapa tidak dikibarkan bendera Malaysia?

    6. Mereka bebas melakukan pelbagai perkara tanpa halangan tetapi masih KOMPLEN dan MERUNGUT dan menuduh kaum Melayu Islam dengan pelbagai tohmahan jahat.

    7. Memang dasar manusia tidak tahu bersyukur.

    8. Orang lain pun bekerja dan membayar cukai tetapi tidaklah sentiasa mengungkit!

    9. Mereka boleh buat macam2 untuk kaum sendiri, dan hina kaum Melayu dengan pelbagai hinaan, tetapi masih lagi mereka tuduh orang Melayu tidak tahu bertoleransi.

    10. Memang kelakar. Nasib baiklah orang Melayu ramai yang penyabar.

    11. Jika Kerajaan PH mengiktiraf UEC, saya tidak akan undi PH lagi di masa hadapan. Cukuplah sekali.

    12. Saya tahu yang saya akan dituduh rasis, tetapi hakikatnya kita di MALAYsia, bukannya di China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, etc. Hakikatnya, BM ialah Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia.

    13. Frankly, I don’t give a damn if anyone wants to leave Malaysia. Go ahead!

    14. Satu pergi, ada sepuluh orang yang sedia menanti untuk menjadi warganegara Malaysia.

    15. Saya bangga mengaku sebagai Melayu Islam di bumi Malaysia yang sebelum ini dikenali sebagai Persekutuan TANAH MELAYU.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  187. mubarakchan Jul 27,2018 10:09 PM


    With your permission to HBT456 or HockBengTeohhalfpastsix. You sounded like the Opposition before the 14th GE and your hero was Lee Kuan Yew. OK ? Now you sound like the Opposition post the 14th GE and your hero is Lee Kuan Yew. Right ? Or you were DAP before the 14th GE and now you are BN supporter after the 14th GE. How low can you go, HBT ? Malaysia Boleh HBT456 !

  188. HBT456 Jul 27,2018 8:13 PM

    146. Kerja mana2 pun stres, musato.

    147. Walaupun saya amoi, saya pun tahu ramai kaum melayu kita jadi penagih dadah that really destroying them.

    148. Saya tak pernah pandang rendah kaum melayu atau kaum lain kita because i accept and respect each race and religion in this country because this is our mother roots that formed negaraku.

    149. Saya tak pernah rasa kedekut, calculative atau nak jimat wang in helping them as taxpayers kerana kita sama2 adalah rakyat warganegara ini.

    150. Yang saya tak dapat terima adalah cara parti2 politik tempatan in playing with politik retorik yang amat sempit, langsung tidak bertoleransi dan amat low class just to win the general election.

    151. Kita dah dianakyatimkan berpuluh2 tahun, therefore, it wont make any differences who become the perdana menteri.

    152. Jika sini tak dapat terima saya sebagai tionghua dan bukan muslim, then, the best way out is to leave.

    153. Therefore, there is no point in crying over spilled milk.

    154. Whoever become the pm and form the cabinet, i still need to live, work and enjoy life.

    155. Takan lah malaysia hilang di dunia.

    156. Yup, my country may not be the best, but i am proud to be a malaysian chinese, what about you, musato sebagai orang islam?

  189. mubarakchan Jul 27,2018 7:45 PM


    How many of us realise there are PRIME MINISTERS AND PRIME MINISTERS ?
    And why some of Malaysia’s former Prime Ministers are of the very best calibre available in our beloved Malaysia at the material time ? What was it that made these famous icons of our Malaysian History so different from those who did not succeed on the job. Whatever happened, I now say those who gave way graciously and voluntarily or after an electoral defeat should be lauded as heroes as much as those who won. Humility in Victory. Magnanimity in Defeat. This has been the HALLMARK OF OUR UNIQUE MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH A MALAY BIAS. What better scenario can we have but this ? And what about those Prime Ministers of our beloved Malaysia who did not fail ? I was fortunate to be born in this blessed land which was Malaya. Many a time, I reflected on events which have happened since the early stirrings of a holocaustic War of World War 2, when I was born. And the experiences which I shared with others like our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his love of his passionate profession which was the practice of Medicine. He will certainly not advise anyone who wants to be a Politician to be a Doctor first and a Politician second. But for the enterprising young man or woman to be a Politician at the age of 21 and LEARN THE ART ON THE JOB. It’s the motivation that is important. A good education helps. I was also fortunate to know 4 Prime Ministers and 3 Ministers of Finance well. With the latter I could make an appointment and within days, I could pour out my views of problems at hand. However, when the Prime Minister’s portfolio was merged with the Ministry of Finance, it was impossible to see the Minister of Finance anymore. And what made an effective Malaysian Prime Minister ticked ? Those I knew well and I could observe at close quarters were effective because they could instil an element of FEAR amongst their constituents. The FEAR OF PUNISHMENT IF ANYONE DID WRONG ! Even though our Tunku was a jolly gentleman, he could instil FEAR in the hearts of those below him. And course, our Greatest Statesman Tun Abdul Razak who had a stern but friendly look when he smiled. In fact, he was a friendly and warm person who loved company. When he was the DPM and Chairman of the Olympic Council he managed to open up all the sporting organisations which were mainly COMMUNAL to all the Rakyat. A significant event, he opened up the Lake Club to all Malaysians too. And as for Tun Hussein Onn, a first class gentleman with a military bent whom everyone knew he would never cross the red line in the sand ! All respected him to a T. And as for our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he made 22 years of our beloved Malaysia’s history and more, with flying colours and now will make many more years of Malaysian History too which is the IMPROVED TDM 2.0 Version, the FINEST VERSION OF ALL ! It was a bright and happy morning in 1986 when I sat next to the Minister of Youth and Culture after the iconic draft copy of the Malay Encyclopaedia, the ONLY COPY IN THE WORLD, went up in flames that Sunday night. We chatted for 45 minutes as I knew Dato Seri’s father intimately. What do we observe in our distinguished and successful Prime Ministers of Malaysia ? It is their motivation to serve the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Rakyat and the Nation. Under each of their successful Administration, MONEY WAS NOT THE KING ! But the Rakyat’s welfare and happiness was their King ! Why they thought this way ? This came from the deep recesses of their brains which were mindful of those who did not HAVE THE SAME PRIVILEGES AS THEM WHO BECAME PRIME MINISTERS. This is important. It is the feel of the Rakyat at the very lowest level of Society. It is called the Ground Level. In the 1980s and 1990s, for example, I bumped accidentally into Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah at night around 8.30 pm with just a single bodyguard at the Ampang Park Complex or the Sogo Shopping Centre. And what they were doing there ? To see for themselves how business was and the a general feel of the Rakyat’s environment at the ground level. It was alleged that Lee Kuan Yew would inspect the major roads of Singapore at midnight in his Jaguar to make sure his favourite flowers with the right colours were in the right places ! It is tough to be a Prime Minister. But it could be easy if you know how like our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with his one and only brilliant and fertile mind. Hence, he found himself always on the 88th Floor whilst his naysayers were always in the basement. Man proposes. God disposes. The good and sound qualities of a successful Malaysian Prime Minister as we have seen were based on our Malaysian Life Style of NORMALITY AND A CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS IN THE SOCIETY. Just these simple attributes made ALL OF THEM GREAT. Being Normal is the strongest attribute in a person’s character because SELF-DISCIPLINE IN ALL THE THINGS WE THINK ABOUT AND DO is the ultimate Check and Balance mechanism to guide us to SUCCESS without which we become ABNORMAL like collecting 10,000 Rolex watches. I deeply appreciate what all the Prime Ministers have done which was to provide SECURITY, WELFARE AND CARE FOR THE RAKYAT. In this, the Prime Ministers have not failed the Rakyat. Malaysia is fortunate. THIS IS THE REASON WHY OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA IS NOW ONE OF THE FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA. Singapore where are you ? All of us should keep our flag flying by doing NORMAL things as we trek upwards with the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  190. HBT456 Jul 27,2018 4:06 PM

    126. Who started the stealing first, mubarakchan?

    127. Yup, you can keep crying with your buffology in the name of democratic indian too on the soil of malay land, perhaps arul a/l kanda can share some lights here to explain how he wants to convert 1mdb and felda debts into unit to the public?

    128. The most difficult math in malaysia to adapt is the indian math.

    129. Why?

    130. After reading the comments of mubarakchan here, he doesnt even understand his hindu root, and now he wants to play hero in the malay majority country?

    131. Its alright, singapore now already decided to play with canadian, its up to the democratic indian to play their part in the red dot upnorth.

    132. Yup, takan lah hindu hilang di dunia.

    133. Maverick, flip then flop, is nothing new in here.

    134. To be or not to be that is not the question.

    135. Able or not, we will see how far kita semua can go.

    136. Pride and prejudice?

    137. Victor to re- write history?

    138. History to re-write victor?

    139. Suka atau tidak, general election must be called in every 5 years.

    140. Winner takes all.

    141. Simarly loosers take all.

    142. Betul tetap betul.

    143. Salah tetap salah.

    144. Even if we know the truth, thats nothing we can do as voters.

    145. Therefore, just vote any coalition that deserves your votes better.

  191. musato Jul 27,2018 3:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Bekerja di bidang kulinari/hotel boleh dikatakan stress. Jangka masa kerja adalah panjang dan boleh dikatakan hotel adalah rumah pertama dan rumah kita sendiri adalah rumah kedua.

    Yup, semua kerja adalah stress. Tetapi untuk memasuki bidang kulinari dengan makan gaji, perkara berkenaan kehidupan dan sosial perlu diambil kira.

    Majikan tidak sesekali fikirkan tentang kehidupan pekerja selain dari memastikan hotel beroperasi 24 jam.

    Tapi itulah yang saya lakukan untuk kehidupan sekarang.

    Namun, pengecualian untuk diri saya mungkin kerana saya berani berhenti kerja dan tukar majikan selain dalam masa sebulan ini saya dah boleh tukar dari jadi baker kepada tukang masak ala carte dan main dish.

    Pemilihan kawan kawan yang betul adalah mustahak seperti yang dianjurkan oleh Rasulullah saw.

    Jika kita bersahabat dengan wangi wangian maka kita turut akan wangi.

    Sekiranya mahu wangi wangian, sekadar menulis di sini selalu membaca melunaskan kemahuan diri kepada berfikir berkenaan negara dan masyarakat ia sudah cukup berkesan.

    Kerana menulis dan penulisan itu juga adalah salah satu cara perubatan diri.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  192. musato Jul 27,2018 2:48 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Walaupun amoi boleh baca bahasa Melayu tapi amoi tak dapat tangkap bahasa kiasan dalan penulisan saya. Itu gunanya sastera dalam kebudayaan.

    Saya turut minat bila membaca berkenaan peribahasa cina. Kerana peribahasa biasanya menggunakan logik akal berdasarkan pengetahuan dan pengalaman.

    Jika dilihat peribahasa Melayu, ia biasanya dikaitkan dengan alam semulajadi. Sedangkan itulah antara salah satu cara untuk kita memikirkan tentang kekuasaan Allah swt iaitu melalui penglihatan berkenaan kejadian alam.

    Oh! tentu amoi sudah boleh menangkap apa yang diperbualkan oleh tauke motor dengan saya tempohari, bila amoi bertanyakan kenapa orang Melayu tak boleh bertutur lebih dari satu bahasa.

    Dan kerana itulah saya membicarakan berkenaan tamadun. Tamadun adalah berkenaan pengetahuan. Dan pengetahuan boleh dicapai dalam pelbagai cara. Bukan hanya dengan penguasaan bahasa. Melalui terjemahan buku contohnya.

    Tetapi jika rakyat keseluruhan sesebuah negara itu boleh bertutur lebih dari satu bahasa, ia amat bagus. Tetapi untuk mencapai sedemikian ia memerlukan jangka masa panjang yang mana kita memerlukan jalan pintas tetapi lebih menggemparkan bagi mencapai matlamat negara buat masa sekarang.

    Amoi jangan sensitif sangat bila saya bercerita tentang pengalaman saya bersama rakan rakan cina saya. Saya hidup dan bergaul dengan ramai orang.

    Satu hari ketika mandi di kolam renang, seorang pemuda cina yang kelihatan tidak begitu sihat dari segi ukuran warna kulit sedang berusaha melakukan breatstroke.

    Gerakannya adalah betul, tetapi dia tidak pandai lagi untuk mengambil nafas. Jadi saya tunjukkan pada dia caranya.

    Dengan pantas dia dapat lakukan. Makanya kemudian kami berborak.

    Dia bertanya kenapa kulit orang Melayu nampak sihat? (saya kira dia berfikir tentang kesihatan dirinya).

    Terus terang saya katakan, orang Melayu tak makan babi. Orang Melayu berpuasa walau ada yang tak berpuasa.

    Kawan saya ini tak pulak membantah dan cakap banyak macam amoi. Dia diam je, mungkin sebagai tanda setuju. Mungkin itu makanan harian dia.

    Sekarang pun ramai vegeterian.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  193. mubarakchan Jul 27,2018 1:41 PM


    I cannot help but to patiently convince friends and all and sundry what the GLCs meant for the World because some highly intelligent members of our Society seem to have a longing for GLCs for reasons best known to themselves. GLCs were created by accident in Singapore due to the necessity of having an industrial business component in place in the Singaporean economy in its transformation out of an entrepot economy to PROVIDE JOBS FOR THE CITIZENS. THE UNDER-COUNTER TRADES WITH HUGE VALUES DO NOT PROVIDE JOBS BUT MONEY. Going back to the basics again, after the Separation of 1965, Dr Albert Winsemius, the Dutch UN economics expert and adviser to the Singapore Government 1962-1984 advised the establishment of the Jurong Industrial Park in 1968. By 1970, companies like Starlite Ceramics, Fair Lady Fashion, Regent Hair Wigs, EUPOC, Singapore Textiles, Far East Levingston, etc were in operation. I invested in 2 ventures one of which was a biscuit factory with the latest Swiss machinery. Most of these ventures failed for the simple reason that the Singaporean market was small and addicted to brand names. My biscuits could not sell as it was a new brand name. By the early 1970s, the Singapore Government took a positive move in setting up SIA, NOL, DBS, Asian Dollar, Sembawang Shipyard, Keppel, etc to fill the void so created by the collapse of the factories in Jurong. By the 1980s, the Government owned businesses being mainly monopolistic were profitable. In his exuberance, Lee Kuan Yew coined the name Government Linked Companies, the first in the World. In the late 1980s, Russia and China took notice of the success of the GLCs in Singapore. BUT BOTH OVERLOOKED THE FACT THAT ONLY IN TINY SINGAPORE, UNDER THE STRICT WATCHFUL EYES OF LEE KUAN YEW, COULD THE GLCs BE MONITORED EASILY BECAUSE A WHISPER WILL REVEAL BANK ACCOUNTS AND SEXUAL PECCADILLOES (His specialty). Later, Russia and China found CORRUPTION AND NEPOTISM ERUPTED IN THE GLCs IN THEIR VAST LANDS. Only Singapore, Russia, China and Malaysia have GLCs in the whole World. No democracy will have GLCs to make money for the people. In a Democracy, the Government provides all the infra required by the Private Sector which makes the profit to be taxed by the Government for its revenue. FOR THE MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT TO DO BUSINESS IS COMMUNISTIC AND AUTHORITARIAN which is not our MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY WITH A MALAY BIAS AND OUR LOYALTY AND DEVOTION TOWARDS OUR CONSTITUTION, OUR YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG AND OUR ROYAL SULTANS ! Some academicians do not seem to understand this BASIC FACT concerning the GLCs. After the Crash of 1997, the Government was forced to bail out important Malay owned enterprises which ended up in Danaharta. Unfortunately at this point 2003-2004, our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad retired. With the lush Malay owned businesses in the hands of the new interlopers, ideas soon appeared to hijack the whole lot which actually belonged to the original Malay owners. BECAUSE THE HIJACKERS DO NOT HAVE MONEY, KAHZANAH WAS A CONVENIENT VEHICLE TO GRAB WHAT BELONGED TO MALAY OWNERS AND SPUN AND TWISTED THE RATIONALE FOR GRABBING ASSETS WHICH RIGHTFULLY BELONGED TO OTHERS, THE MALAYS ! And in the end, the ABUSE, RAMPANT GREED AND NEGLECT BROUGHT THE SKY DOWN ONTO THEIR HEADS. They have only themselves to blame for stealing assets which rightfully belonged to the Malay owners and the Rakyat. How can this happen in our Society ? I believe the psychological make-up is greed and immaturity. Malaysia Boleh !

  194. HBT456 Jul 27,2018 1:05 PM


    98. Yup, the mother or national language of hongkong and macau is cantonese, the tradtitional writing of chinese.

    99. Of course, some netizens get mad, why?

    100. In china, cantonese is dialect or bai hua to them, mestilah mereka tulan (in hokkien, its means marah) lor, why?

    101. It is still come back to chicken and eggs issue.

    102. For both hong kong and macau, english is the international langguage that no one can deny, and even some portugese cum macau people, speaks good cantonese and english.

    103. Today, both hongkongers and macau people are adapting to speak putonghua to cater the largest tourist base from mainland china, and this is the political reality in which both hongkongers and macau people are ready to adapt.

    104. In malaysia, as chinese, we speak our mother dialects at home.

    105. Being raise in malaysia, chinese can speak mother dialect, bahasa kebangsaan, bahasa english and bahasa mandarin, what about the malay, indians, sarawakian and sabahan?

    106. The cant even tolerate other races who were here before them, they want to talk about their own versi of malay and religion supremacy?

    107. Kasut sekolah putih atau kasut hitam, the decision is on the desk of minister education.

    108. Winner takes all.

    109. Similarly looser takes all.

    110. The obligation of the voters is to cast vote when general election is called.

    111. Whoever gets the majority votes via political parties, they will name the pm and form the cabinet.

    112. Malay supremacy?

    113. Islam supremacy?

    114. Bumi supremacy?

    115. Klectocracy supremacy?

    116. Equality?

    117. Fairness?

    118. Justice?

    119. Reformasi?

    120. Transformasi?

    121. Yup, the malay mps can keep hopping for greener grass in the statement of this lar, that lar, but by looking at their free style of malaysian democracy with malay bias policy, they have not change much and they could be rigged easily.

    122. Bak kata, cikgu kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari.

    123. Yup, it is up to the new re-elected perdana menteri to decide what he wants to do for the next 5 years.

    124. When general election is called, it is up to the political parties of the divide to campaign their manifesto cum consensus.

    125. When general election is called, it is up to the voters to decide which coalition deserve their votes.

  195. youngmaya Jul 27,2018 12:04 PM

    Selamat Hari Jadi tun…semoga diberkati dan dirahmati…

    Pengenalan meritokrasi berbanding ketuanan elitis secara perlahan2 dilihat antara usaha yang baik dalam meningkatkan upaya bangsa, agama dan negara…

    Pengiktirafan UEC pula menjadi buah mulut banyak pihak kerana ianya dibuat secara adhoc…tiada hasil kajian untuk dibentang pada umum sebelum pelaksanaan nya…juga tiada garis panduan yang jelas seperti yang berlaku dalam kerajaan terdahulu…

    Dari sudut positif pula ianya merupakan satu lembaran baru dalam sistem pendidikan malaysia yang mampu menggalakkan lagi persaingan dalam menghasilkan sistem terbaik untuk negara…

    Seperti yang dibangkitkan GPMS, wajar kerajaan membuka lagi pintu seluas-luas nya dalam mengiktiraf badan2 lain untuk bersaing yang berkemampuan dengan badan penilai yang dilantik kerajaan beserta syarat2 nya dalam menghasilkan sistem contoh pendidikan terbaik di malaysia…

  196. Amier Jul 27,2018 10:06 AM


    Terlebih dahulu saya ingin meminta maaf kerana komen saya ini akan keluar dari tajuknya.Komen saya ini mungkin berunsurkan luahan hati saya.Apa yg saya ingin luahkan ini mungkin tidaklah sebesar masalah rakyat apatahlagi masalah negara.Saya seorang Pelajar Kemahiran saya berumur 19 tahun dan saya mengambil kemahiran kulinary SKM 3.Saya sangat tertarik dan berminat ingin mengetahui sistem ekonomi ,politik ,isu2 semasa di malaysia mahupun antarabangsa

    Semasa saya kecil saya akan duduk di sebelah abang saya ketika mama sedang mengajar abang.Jika abg tidak dpt menjawab soalan yg diberi oleh mama saya lah yang akan menjawabnya .Mama kata saya cepat belajar berbanding adik beradik yang lain.Ia terbukti apabila saya mendapat keputusan yang agak cemerlang dalam upsr iaitu 4A1c.Dengan keputusan itu saya memohon sekolah berasrama penuh dan sekolah sukan tetapi permohonan saya ditolak kerana mempunyai c dalam bahasa inggeris sedangkan mama saya seorang guru bahasa inggeris.Akur dengan sistem pendidikan negara saya akhirnya dimasukkan ke sekolah Menengah kebangsaan yang berhampiran.Semasa saya tingkatan dua saya dipindahkan ke sekolah yang lebih dekat dengan sekolah rendah saya di mna mama saya bekerja sebagai seorang guru bahasa inggeris .hal itu,memudahkan mama mengambil saya pada waktu balik .Makin di buai keseronokan sekolah dan berstatus remaja saya mula terpengaruh dengan rakan sebaya dan mula berjinak dengan penyalahgunaan dadah.sejak itu, prestasi saya sebagai seorang pelajar merosot saya tidak lagi fokus pada pelajaran malah saya tidur semasa guru mengajar dan akibat dari sikap saya yang lalai, keputusan PT3 saya amatlah mengecewakan.
    Disebabkan itu,saya mula fokus pada kemahiran , saya mohon kolej vokasional dan Alhamdulillah saya diterima tapi malangnya saya berenti setengah jalan pengajian saya masih berbaki 2 tahun lagi sebelum tamat kerana saya masih lagi melayan keseronokan dunia ditambah pula dengan bidang yg tidak menarik minat saya.Mama yang ingin kan saya mengikuti bidang itu.Selepas saya berenti,saya masih mencari2 minat saya mula mencuba nasib dalam bidang masakan .Saya mohon giatmara dan permohonan saya diterima saya mengikuti kursus itu selama 6 bulan dengan lancarnya .Saya sengaja memohon giatmara di luar negeri kerana saya berpendapat bahawa faktor saya leka adalah disebabkan kawan2 di kawasan perumahan dan diri saya yg mudah terpengaruh .Alhamdulillah Saya sudah berhasil menamatkan pengajian di giatmara dan peroleh SKM2 dlm bidang kulinari.Keadaan mula berubah apabila saya pulang ke rumah semula saya kembali ke dunia gelap saya penyalahgunaan dadah tetapi tidak lama saya berjaya “melawannya” .Saya berjaya “melawannya” adalah kerana saya berjumpa kawan lama saya dan dia mula memperkenalkan ganja kepada saya.Selepas itu,saya mula mengambil ganja ketika hendak berehat.Mama melihat prestasi saya mula membaik dan saya ingin meneruskan pengajian ke SKM3.Pada awalnya,semua lancar tetapi lama kelamaan apa bilaa saya berseorangan tiada lagi kawan2 seperti dulu kerana sibuk dengan kerja saya mula menghabiskan masa seorang diri menghisap ganja sambil menambah ilmu dengan buku dan tertarik pada politik,sistem ekonomi,sejarah,isu2 semasa,demokrasi,sasterawan sehingga menyebabkan saya tidak lagi fokus pada bidang yg saya ceburi.Saya juga berniat hendak mempelajari nya di Universiti2 kerajaan tapi apakan daya saya tidak mempunyai SPM.Saya mungkin boleh mengambil spm tetapi ianya akan mengambil masa yang lama untuk saya pelajari subjek2 ini.Serta kos yg perlu dibelanjakan adalah mahal.Sistem ini menghalang saya daripada belajar di Universiti.Saya seorang penghisap ganja jadi amatlah penting untuk saya mengetahui apa yg saya sedut.Semua sedia maklum yg ganja ialah tumbuhan Dimanakah tumbuhan tumbuh ?dari tanah. Manusia juga dicipta dari tanah.Siapa yg mencipta Semua ini? Allah yg mencipta langit dan bumi.Kalau bukan untuk kita untuk siapa?Apa yg saya baca ternyata ianya adalah calon sesuai untuk menggantikan penggunaan methadone yg dicipta oleh manusia dari bahan2 kimia.Apa rakyat akan sihat dengan memasukkan kimia kedalam badan mereka ternyata Manusia juga dicipta dari tanah manakala tumbuhan tumbuh di tanah .. apakah ini satu kebetulan??.Saya menulis luahan hati ini adalah kerana saya telah ditahan oleh Polis kerana memiliki ganja tidak lah banyak mna hanya sebesar pemadam saya digari dan di torture di tempat kejadian .Kejadian berlaku sekitar jam 4 pagi sementara menunggu kedatangan mama mereka bercakap mengenai akta yg akan dikenakan pada saya dlm berbentuk ancaman .Setelah mama sampai mereka mula berbincang untuk melepaskan saya dek kerana saya masih muda dengan balasan mama harus bayar (rasuah) pada mereka maka saya akan dibebaskan dari tahanan mereka.Saya tidak bole melihat perkara sebegini Saya tidak tahu di mana saya hendak bersuara .jadi saya mengambil keputusan untuk menyuarakan nya di sini.Saya berfikir jika mengikut logik saya ditahan kerana memiliki tumbuhan yg sebesar pemadam.Ini satu penindasan terhadap saya dan saya yakin sudah ramai yg menjadi mangsa kerakusan Anggota polis yg bertindak sebegini.TOLONG TUN SAYA HARAP TUN BACA
    PENULISAN dari seorang pelajar kemahiran
    Tapi bapa saya seorang cikgu BM .

  197. musato Jul 27,2018 10:01 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Secara perbandingannya umur Tun 93 tahun dan saya 42 tahun. Jadinya beza 51 tahun.

    Pendekatan Tun untuk menjayakan sesuatu rancangan adalah mencari orang yang mempunyai tujuan dan perasaan yang sama dengan diri Tun.

    Secara umumnya persamaan yang saya fikir Tun dan saya sama adalah tentang memahami erti KEMERDEKAAN.

    Tun pernah melihat penjajahan secara fizikal di depan mata dan melalui zaman yang tunduk kepada bangsa asing. Tidak ramai yang masih ada pada umur Tun sekarang dan yang terlibat secara langsung dalam bidang politik pentadbiran negara.

    Manakala saya pula mengenal erti kemerdekaan tatkala pernah merasa dijajah secara spiritual ketika berlaku gangguan jin semasa belajar. Ia terasa amat tidak berdaya dan tidak sepatutnya berlaku bilamana ketika dalam mimpi, 3,4 ekor jin telah mencabar saya untuk menghabiskan bacaan Ayatul Kursi sebanyak 3 kali bacaan.

    Kakitangan dirantai dan didudukkan di atas kerusi dan bilik bergema dengan gelakkan apabila bacaan tidak berjaya dihabiskan.

    Dan benarlah kata ustaz. Ayat terakhir itulah sebenarnya yang sukar untuk dibaca.

    Untuk menjadi yang terbaik, telah menjadi kelaziman mana mana negara dan bangsa sekalipun bahawa disiplin perlu diterapkan dengan tegas sejak kecil. Samada anda pemain bolasepak atau ahli gimnastik.

    Malah saya terdengar bahawa umur Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh ketika menawan Konstantinopel adalah 21 tahun. Sila betulkan jika saya silap.

    Kita tidak memberi terlalu mudah. Tiada alasan untuk terlalu mudah ketika kecil.

    Dari kecil akan membentuk belia masa hadapan.

    Kasut kotor tidak mengapa kerana itu tandanya budak budak bermain. Budak budak cergas dan sihat.

    Kerana yang belajar tinggi sampai ke OXFORD atau HARVARD itu belum tentu berani menyelamatkan negara ketika kebakaran walaupun kelihatan maskulin.

    Jadi saya pilih kasut PUTIH.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  198. mubarakchan Jul 27,2018 9:29 AM


    A sad headline this morning in the Malay Mail,’ FUND NOT FOR BUMI EQUITY.’ But the Khazanah owns and controls all the former Bumi owned companies which were bailed out under the Government’s care ! Then the following comment in the report. ‘Just like Temasak, Kazanah was designed to create talent’. I am afraid this fellow does not know the meaning of Singapore and Temasek. Temasek and Khazanah ARE FAKE SOVEREIGN FUNDS. Temasek derives its money from the CPF. Its a bad concept which does not make money because the market has trends. Making money by funds are by those who manage them. ONLY CANADA, KUWAIT AND NORWAY HAVE THE REAL SOVEREIGN FUNDS. The term “Sovereign Fund” was specially created to flatter Lee Kuan Yew by the Western financial media during the hey-day when Temasek was formed as ONE OF 4 ENTITIES TO SAVE SINGAPORE by Lee Kuan Yew after the under-counter trades which provided 2-3% of the 7% GDP vanished in the 1990s eg. THE MALAYSIA KILLER TPPA, 2 CASINOS, IMPORTATION OF FTS, TEMASEK HOLDINGS. All failed by 2018 to provide the much needed boost to Singapore’s economy ! There was heavy flattery on Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore and Temasek as the Sovereign Fund by the Western media linked to Wall Street and the City, from its inception to October 2008 when there was a mighty crash AND SINGAPORE LOST US$ 108 Billions (RM 324 Billions) in a single day ! Thereafter, Lee Kuan Yew in early November 2008 said in the Channelnewsasia that Singapore was locked in for 30 years and the Western media disappeared forever. Lee Kuan Yew was completely flattered to be appointed to the Advisory Boards of Citibank and UBS at the material time which banks Temasek invested heavily and lost very heavily to this day. Malaysia’s Khazanah is not a Sovereign Fund. IT IS JUST AN ORDINARY COMMERCIAL ENTITY TO MAKE MONEY FOR THOSE IN CONTROL OF IT WITHOUT ANY OWNERSHIP OR SHARES. IT IS CHEATING, FRAUD AND THEFT OF THE RAKYATS’ WEALTH. It’s a terrible notion that such an entity involving billions of ringgits belonging to the Rakyat, HAS NO FIRM CONTROL OR SCRUTINY AND NON-CIVIL SERVANTS INCLUDING SINGAPOREANS AND FAT IMMATURE BOYS ARE PERMITTED TO SPEND BILLIONS OF RINGGITS OUTSIDE THE GOVERNMENT’S BUDGET. What sort of Government is this ? TO COPY SINGAPORE IS TO COPY FAILURE CREATED BY A NACISSISTIC AND OBSESSIVE PERSON WHO HAS LONG SINCE GONE AND LEFT BEHIND 47 FABLES AND FOIBLES OF PUBLIC POLICIES and 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-51 ! Malaysia has weak and poor enforcement of the Law. Singapore is an authoritarian Government. After Lee Kuan Yew’s departure, Keppel was embroiled in a huge corruption in Brazil. In 1991, as I was flying 30,000 feet high and after a fine repast, I asked the German gentleman next to me,’ Why are you flying Serendipity Air and not Lufthansa ?’ He blandly told me that for every US$ 100,000 his company spent with Serendipity Air, he got a kick-back of US$ 30,000. How much did the employees of Serendipity Air put into their pockets ? Then, I understood why Sime Darby’s own travel agent who has since emigrated with her husband to Perth Australia to become Sime Darby’s partner in the travel business, was NOT ONLY BOOKING AT SERENDIPITY AIR FOR ALL IN SIME DARBY BUT SHE WAS SEEN TO WEAR MORE AND MORE BAUBLES EVERY TIME I MET HER ! In other words, she pocketed US$ 30,000 or more for every US$ 100,000 Sime Darby spent ! And Sime Darby spent plenty on travel. It’s a small World. It is surprising that our previous BN Government did not care about billions of ringgits outside of its control which nearly kill our beloved Malaysia with all the Rakyat in it ! As a result, a Singaporean can earn RM 100 Million per year basic down to another at RM 10 Million per year basic. How much did their Bosses earn ? I am confident our New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great will clean up the Augean Stables (nice word for droppings at the highest level of Society) and revert back to NORMALITY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We are judged by the World on our NORMALITY NOT ABNORMALITY like collecting 12,000 pieces of jewellery etc ! Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  199. HBT456 Jul 26,2018 6:11 PM


    82. Even when the kelantan state government does not reject uec to be accepted by civil government organization, i dont think these students will apply jobs in the government service sector.

    83. Why?

    84. If they really want to work in the government service sector, they would apply university yang bertaraf kebangsaan, henceforth, usah mempermainkan isu pelajaran cina yang berunsur rasis ini.

    85. Even ivanka trump had no choice but to shut her fashion business in china, alahai, still want to gabung bata to the perdana menteri mer, tak takut difitnah pilih kasih ke?

    86. Even if umno wants to set up a shadow government, it wont make any differences, surat cia tetap berunsur surat layang, dont you think so?

    87. When mr lim ge said only the most powerful man, tdm, can answer the status of ts vincent tan’s betting license status, dont you think he is building up the cult personality of tdm, dsai and himself which is no difference from what umno did to dsn, his cousin and buddy, mubarakchan?

    88. Pendek kata, both of the coalitions will continue to debate for the sake of debate to stay relevant.

    89. Therefore, the coalition that screw them less would be the chosen ones.

    90. Whoever gets the majority, they will name the pm and form the cabinet.

    91. Political parties to dictate the direction of the economy?

    92. Voters to decide the direction of the economy?

    93. Once bitten twice shy, when bitten too many times, voters to would be smarter and wisers too.

    94. Whoever become the next perdana menteri, hakikatnya adalah sama aja.

    95. Mereka akan tetap mencari alasan to continue with their race and religion base politics ala rasuah politics mahupun wang politik to stay relevant.

    96. It would be up to the political parties to do their parts to get votes from their constituencies.

  200. Hajar Jul 26,2018 5:10 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Kasut sekolah jenama BATA memang amat popular di kalangan ibu-bapa di Malaysia, dan juga di serata dunia kerana harga yang amat berpatutan. Begitu juga dengan kasut2 BATA yang lain yang secara purata berharga agak murah (tetapi tahan lasak) berbanding jenama2 lain.

    Mungkin ada yang ingat BATA ialah jenama tempatan. Memanglah kilang2 BATA ada di serata dunia…Ataupun orang ini tidak faham makna ‘buatan tempatan’.

    Pekerja2 di ladang2 getah /sawit / kilang2/ etc. turut memakai kasut jenama BATA. Kelas gitu!

    Saya buat sedikit carian tentang syarikat BATA. Ia ditubuhkan di Czech Republic pada 24 August 1894. Sejarah jatuh bangun BATA wajar dijadikan rujukan.

    2. Hebatnya anggota2 Kabinet Tun yang kebanyakannya sibuk memanjang pada hari2 persidangan Dewan Rakyat (tidak hadir). Kosong saja nampaknya ruangan di belakang dan sebelah Tun. Bukankah mereka semuanya orang baik2? Takkanlah kaki ponteng pula…

    Dewan Rakyat: Tun M tak puas hati kehadiran menteri, timbalan

    Pasti mereka tidak sesibuk murid2 sekolah yang terpaksa mencuci kasut sekolah (putih) sehingga kekurangan masa untuk membaca buku atau belajar. Agaknya sebab itulah ramai yang tidak cemerlang dalam pelajaran. Terpaksalah Dr. Maszlee campur tangan untuk menolong mengurangkan beban kerja murid2 sekolah dengan menukar warna kasut sekolah dari putih kepada hitam. Kalau ikut logik akal Dr. Maszlee, murid2 sekolah kita boleh berubah menjadi pelajar yang lebih cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang dengan cuma mengubah warna kasut sekolah kepada warna hitam. Alahai…


    Baguslah! Boleh beri peluang kepada ahli2 korporat lain yang berpotensi serta bersih, cekap dan amanah untuk menggalas tugas2 penting di Khazanah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  201. mubarakchan Jul 26,2018 11:37 AM


    This morning the sun was shining. The sky was blue with some cumulus clouds floating about here and there. But what good news is better than this ? The headline, ‘Khazanah Directors offer to resign.’ A similar scenario arose in the 2010 2nd Bankruptcy of Sime Darby which Board was packed with ennobled Tan Sris and one lady Federal Dato. With their noble thoughts and devotion, the whole conglomerate collapsed underneath their feet. Like wise Khazanah today with IHH jumping into a bankrupt Fortis in India when at home right in KL we sorely need the RM 2.4 Billion to bail ourselves out ! The IHI CEO is a Singaporean. At the mention of a Singaporean, I cannot help but think of them rushing in to grab the low hanging fruits and install a hard-core PAP cadre to command the age-old UMNO NSTP in the chair with a lush Sime Darby contract to boot after your retirement in October 2003 ! Yet, there was not a tiny squeak of protest. This was worse than the RAPE OF THE SABINE WOMEN in ancient Rome. And now on to the nitty-gritty of complaints about the above the board actions of the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great. First, the moaning and groaning about the Proton of 30 years ago. The present Proposal is about the same car but with an entirely different approach and will cost much less. Second, your logical comment on Malaysia Inc is 100% feasible because we have the corrupt and wayward GLC orphans waiting for ownership and a home. And with the new investors there will be FDIs. Third, in recent days, emanating out of Singapore of all places, criticism of the CEP by so-called analysts was bold and clear. Fourth, an Opposition criticism and possible Singapore involvement on the visit to China by Tun Daim. Who is better than Tun Daim 80 years old ? The next suitable candidate is aged 40 ! In between, these ‘never had it so good fellows’ committed hara kiri by using MAS to buy Modern Impressionists or by taking over a company, they took over the Lady Director too. And these Tales of the Vienna Woods go on and on. As a result, ONLY TUN DAIM ZAINUDDIN AND ONE 40 YEAR OLD MALAY LEFT WHO CAN WITHSTAND SCRUTINY AND KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PRIVATE AND THE PUBLIC SECTORS ! As for the expected attacks on the performance of the New and Incorruptible Government, there is not a chink in its armour because its intention is not to steal money via devious means from the Rakyat but to clean up the financial mess left behind by the BN Government. Thereafter, it is the focus of the Government to serve the Rakyat and create Policies for the progressive development of all in our trek upwards to the Top Tier of a Developed Nation. Malaysia Boleh Tun!

  202. Hajar Jul 26,2018 8:45 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Entahlah…hujah dangkal yang mengatakan bahawa pelajar2 akan ada lebih banyak masa untuk membaca buku jika pakai kasut hitam ke sekolah amat melucukan.

    Takkanlah golongan yang memberi hujah ini tidak tahu yang para pelajar Universiti di Malaysia boleh pakai pelbagai jenis kasut dengan pelbagai warna yang tidak perlu dibasuh langsung (tidak perlu pakai kasut putih…jika ini membebankan).

    Ada yang pakai sandal, dan ada yang pakai kasut kulit. Yang pakai selipar pun ada. Tetapi masih teramat MALAS untuk membaca buku! Jadi apakah solusinya?

    Suruh/Paksa mereka pakai kasut HITAM? Ha..ha..ha.. Apa pendapat Menteri Pendidikan?

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  203. HBT456 Jul 25,2018 11:51 PM

    78. They know the problems, but they rather keep quiet.

    79. Instead, they blame other races for their failures in curbing social problems.

    80. Pendek kata, to them, yang betul adalah kaum mereka, yang salah adalah kaum bukan mereka.

  204. HBT456 Jul 25,2018 11:42 PM

    73. Bak kata, payau lawan sama payau, harimau tersenyum?

    74. Deep in their hearts they know the problems but dare not say out because takut hilang air muka.

    75. But when things turned messy, semua adalah salah kaum cina tempatan.

    76. With this kind of sikap musato, i am sure the japs, koreans and foreigners prefer to take bangladeshi, why?

    77. Less thefts.


  205. musato Jul 25,2018 10:51 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Cuma nak menulis satu kisah di alam nyata.

    Cerita ini berlaku sebelum isu 1MDB dihebohkan oleh Tun M.

    Pada satu hari sedang saya berada di sebuah kedai motosikal di kampung saya untuk menukar tayar, saya telah ditegur oleh tauke kedai tersebut.

    Katanya “apa yang u buat kat sini? (di Malaysia). Tengok orang Bangla pun belajar. Rajin. Sanggup datang dari jauh.” – padahal Bangla tu baru balik kerja dari hotel.

    Saya jawab “diaorang kerja bukan belajar”. Tapi tauke tu berkeras kata Bangla tu datang belajar.

    Itu sebelum Tun M buat hal kecoh pasal 1MDB.

    Lepas BERSATU ditubuhkan, lepas sekian lama tak pergi servis motor kat kedai tauke tadi, saya tanyakan satu soalan “macam mana dengan orang cina? Sokong siapa?”

    Tauke tadi jawab “cina mesti sokong cina la. Melayu sokong Najib”.

    Saya jawab sambil fikir “Ya ke?”

    Apa yang nak saya ceritakan di sini adalah, jika nampak saya di luar di alam nyata dan nampak saya tak buat apa apa, saya nak mintak tolong satu je…

    Jangan anggap saya tidak berbuat apa apa walaupun saya memang tengah tak buat apa apa pun, sedangkan ketika itu saya sememangnya sedang memerintah negara!

    Mintak tolong ye…

    Terima kasih Tun.

  206. HBT456 Jul 25,2018 6:37 PM

    68. By inviting the struggles of palestinines, rohinyga bangladeshi, pakistani cum syrians into the country would only increase the frustration of the local muslim and hindu, if pakatan harapan can solve this issue with tabung harapan, then, i wish them all the best.

    69. Whether they can tolerate or not, both coalitions of the divde needs to call general election in every 5 years.

    70. By lowering the voting age from 21 years old to 18 years old, though can win out, but it wont change the political fact that as non muslim in this country, we are only second class citizens.

    71. Cikgu kencing berdiri, murid pasti akan kencing berlari.

    72. Jika niat mereka adalah murni, mereka pasti akan nampak cahaya di hujung sana.

  207. HBT456 Jul 25,2018 6:21 PM

    52. Yup, pas can always be the religion tool of the umno and pkr to scare off the non muslim.

    62. Jika muslim ditangkap curi, i guess many of the malays of these states will hilang tangan when hukum hudud dilaksanakan.

    63. Jika muslim ditangkap berkhalwat, i guess many young and beautiful malays will be stoned to death when hukum hudud dilaksanakan.

    64. Since zakir naik, indian islamic scholar cum trouble maker of other faiths in his country and the world, it is up to mic, dap and hindraft to decide whether they can tolerate zakir naik in penang or not.

    65. In terms of numbers, we already loose out.

    66. Therefore, dont waste your time in hoping that you will change the mindset of these muslim scholars.

    67. When syariah lawmakers outnumbered non syariah lawmakers, the best way out is to leave.

  208. mubarakchan Jul 25,2018 2:31 PM


    It is good, very good that HBT 456 brought up all sorts of issues which plague some Malaysians today. How many of these Malaysians know that you and me are COLOUR BLIND WITHOUT WHICH WE CANNOT FUNCTION EFFECTIVELY IN OUR PROFESSION ? Hence, when naysayers accused you Tun of this and that they clearly missed the mark. Commentators like HBT456 are used to having their own way and attempted to force others to agree with them. I am not in a position to judge their psychological make-up. As for myself, I am extremely happy Tun with all that had transpired in recent months. We Malaysians could not hope for anything better than the superb Government which you have fashioned and put together for a common Cause to benefit ALL MALAYSIANS. Lo and behold, overnight, our beloved Malaysia became ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN, MALAYSIA. For this I have been accused by HBT456 as being boastful ! When our beloved Malaysia was perceived to be weak and opened to exploitation from 2004-2018 in your absence and exclusion, there was not a squeak from the naysayers who were apparently ignorant or also took part in the fine repast at the expense of the Rakyat. However, that was the past. It has become history. In reality, our beloved Malaysia through your brilliant and courageous moves took the 9th May 2018 in both hands when we were faced with certain deaths of a thousand virtual cuts. Believe it or not. But HBT456 and others of his ilk now behave as though nothing has happened and that your surgical decisions and cuts which were derived from a life-long career of PUBLIC SERVICE IN THE FRONT LINE was a matter of course. We find such types of Humankind everywhere in this wonderful World of ours. This is the burden all sensible Leaders have to bear. No more. No less. It is difficult for some to recognise the Brilliant and Fantastic achievement which you have achieved for the Rakyat these few months, Tun. Others also had the same wherewithal before this cataclysmic event. It is a Miracle. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Miracle for the innocent and the hapless Rakyat. and the World ! Hence it is always worthwhile for me to urge all including HBT456 to put ourselves to the wheel of socio-economic success for all Rakyat in support of your Leadership because ‘ONE SWALLOW DOES NOT MAKE AN INDIAN SUMMER.’ Fortunately, the most difficult part which was to exact CHANGE was carried out by you. And with your stupendous effort and brilliant logic not only our beloved Malaysia overnight became ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FOUR SMALL COUNTRIES IN THE GLOBE but also up and running to the FINAL TIER OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA’S DEVELOPMENT TOGETHER WITH THE LIKES OF VISIONARY SWITZERLAND, DEMOCRATIC INDIA AND GOOD GOVERNANCE JAPAN. This is a golden chance for the Rakyat not to miss ! Hence, the FORCE OF YOUR ACHIEVEMENT FIRED UP ALL RAKYAT WHO UNDERSTAND WHAT OUR NEW BELOVED MALAYSIA MEANS WITH YOUR NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT of the old and the young, the good and the great in one HOLY ALLIANCE OF PURPOSE – to bring success in whatever Malaysia will do in future for the benefit of the Rakyat. Suddenly, with your Brilliant Vision, Malaysia is no longer in the cul-de-sac but free with our Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias to do all the good things in favour of ourselves and OUR NEIGHBORS. What is better than this Tun ? Malaysia Boleh !

  209. HBT456 Jul 25,2018 9:21 AM

    51. Tiap-tiap kali pun macam ini, mereka pun tak rasa segan, who are we to tell them off as malaysian first or chinese second, mubarakchan?

    53. After more than 60 years of merdeka untuk memperjuangankan bangsa dan agama mereka masing-masing with all top malay vvips of malay in glc, federal and state governments, what do you expect the outcome to be?

    54. Agree to disagree, maverick, cakap tak serupa bikin, flip then flop?

    55. I am not worry at all because i know whoever become the perdana menteri, they sill need the people to do work for them.

    56. It is up to the political of the divides to do their parts.

    57. It is up to the voters to decide who they vote when general election is called.

    58. Winner takes all.

    59. Similarly, looser takes all.

    60. Dedak atau kek, its up to the mps and wakil rakyat to decide.

    61. My obligation is to vote only, itu saja.

  210. HBT456 Jul 25,2018 8:59 AM

    46. You proud to be malaysian first, chinese second, it wont make any differences, mubarakchan.

    47. Race and religion issues are super sensitive.

    48. Mps and wakil rakyar too, when comes to their state rights, both political divides can be extremely racist and religious, though.

    49. Therefore, whoever become perdana menteri, we still need to work, live and enjoy life what.

    50. Hati dan jiwa melayu kena dijaga, if not the malay mps will merajuk?


  211. mubarakchan Jul 25,2018 1:58 AM


    For HBT 456, you do not have facts to present your case in favour of your hero Lee Kuan Yew. In fact, you mischievously took my WORDS OUT OF CONTEXT TO GAIN A POINT. Sounds half past six to me. I have the facts which are published all over the media. You refused to recognise that Lee Kuan Yew’s children’s spat is the result of his Creation of his Anti-Cambridge Godless Neo-communist Political and Socio-economic System. Two prominent Indians, Professor Amartya Sen, the Nobel Prize winner in a Bangkok Forum 1994 and prominent journalist TJS George in ‘Lee Kuan Yew’s’ Singapore 1972, criticised him. Please do not be personal. FACTS SHOW THAT SINGAPORE IS FACING HARD TIMES AND TREADING ON AIR. No matter how hard you try to be abusive and personal to me, you cannot change one iota of what is happening in the LAND OF YOUR DREAMS SINGAPORE.. What is so special being a Chinese ? Pray tell me. You do not seem to be proud to be a Chinese born in Malaysia. Your phraseology underlines the fact that you have split loyalties and personalies despite the fact that our New and Incorruptible Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in place has turned Malaysia into one of the MOST IMPORTANT 4 SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA, OVERNIGHT ! Whilst you claimed to be a Chinese born in Malaysia with a China bias, I am proud to be a Malaysian first, Chinese second. Malaysia Boleh !

  212. HBT456 Jul 24,2018 11:05 PM

    36. You okay with the late lee kuan yew or not, thats your personal feel about him, mubarakchan.

    37. After watching some of lee kuan yew’s speeches, i already knew the direction he set for singapore is different from the direction you set for malaysia boleh.

    38. After seeing all those ugly politically motivated events again and again, you think singaporeans and malaysians in public have faith with your version of malay biased politics?

    39. Perhaps you never feel malu because you think its righteous, but i feel malu in reading your boastful yet unrealistic version of malay bias politics.

    40. You can continue with your buffology of man proposes, god disposes.

    41. It wont matter since local politicians could be rigged, hopped behind the voters all the time.

    42. Yup, in every 5 years, whether we like it or not, general election would be called.

    43. Politics is only a game of numbers therefore, do not be too serious with local politics.

    44. Can do, you do.

    45. Cannot do, you let go.

  213. mubarakchan Jul 24,2018 10:54 PM


    When someone questions my credibility and my facts, I am forced to rebut. And those who taint me with Lee Kuan Yew’s natural resource ‘BLUFFOLOGY’ will face me who will now present his narcissistic and obsessive character head-on. Facts are facts. First, the Lee Kuan Yew Miracle has to be exposed as the under-counter or black grades which Singapore was permitted by Uncle Sam to do during the Cold War 1948-1989. The under-counter trades were hard and soft arms trading, smuggling, money laundering, sanctions breaking, collect free Vietnam War debris, toadying up to dictators. R&R. U.S. Aid through aircraft carrier visits and bunkering etc. All these activities HARM THE INNOCENTS. The reason why Singapore wants the US Military to be on her soil is because she does not want America to forget about her. America is the only country which props up Singapore today. This is Singapore’s dilemma which prevents her from moving closer to China to fish for the big bucks. And with the US Democrats whom Lee Kuan Yew buttered up now out of POWER, SINGAPORE HAS A DOUBLE DILEMMA as she watches our beloved Malaysia races away to the far horizon as ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD being Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia. Singapore’s elites are certainly jealous because they do not believe in Tun’s dictum which is ‘The Creation of Money Without Money’ but in “Cash is King”. With a dysfunctional leadership which did not back the right Malaysian stallion, Singapore is now riding a donkey made in Singapore. Do not blame others for your own failings, Singapore. You had a good run right up to 31 December 1999 during a time Lee Kuan Yew boasted ‘Singapore was hitting above its weight !’ Right HBT 456? Your postal address should be Woodbridge Singapore ! Without the UNDER-COUNTER OR BLACK TRADES SINGAPORE FOUND IT DIFFICULT TO FILL THIS OMINOUS GAP OF 2-3% of her GDP from 2002 to 2018. Hence, Singapore found it was difficult to breach the 3% GDP for 18 years. In fact, other commentators at another Blog agreed with me THAT SINGAPORE HAD NO GROWTH FROM 2002-2018 ! 16 long years in a country which enjoyed a fizzy 7% GDP throughout the 1980s-1990s ! During this period Lee Kuan Yew was riding high. Unfortunately, he forgot the well-worn cliché ‘Rome was not built in a day’! Today, as Singapore’s limited resources to increase revenue begins to diminish, we find all sorts of unwarranted attacks on our well-known personalities and institutions. But our revered Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is wise and knows exactly what is happening from Singapore and around him. How ? First as an accomplished doctor his mind is sound. His memory and logic is good. The information he gathered gives him the vision and of events previously. I do not think even Lee Kuan Yew at his prime can match him. Hence, our beloved Malaysia is still in one piece after the raids by the low-hanging fruit scavengers from Singapore at a time when ALL WAS AVAILABLE FOR THEIR PICKING FROM THE UMNO NEW STRAITS TIMES TO THE NATION’S KAHZANAH ! Yet, Singapore failed first with the MALAYSIA KILLER TPPA and then, she found she put ALL THE MONEY ON A DONKEY MADE IN SINGAPORE. Second, from 2004-2018, all the efforts by Singapore (from the ABSENCE AND EXCLUSION OF THE WISDOM AND WILL OF TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD) IN HER TRADITIONAL OBSSESIVE DESIRE TO CONTROL OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA FROM WITHIN FAILED. Singapore planned moves like THE MALAYSIA KILLER TPPA in her favour at our beloved Malaysia’s detriment just failed and failed. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  214. mubarakchan Jul 24,2018 8:11 PM


    First I like to comment on comments on my comments. Why are some Malaysians so sensitive when I presented facts on the fallibility of Lee Kuan Yew ? He did nothing which could be compared with your brilliant and noble audacious moves which not only changed our age old BN Politics but the World. Some countries like Iraq tried to emulate your success but could not. From 1965 with the Separation of Singapore to 2018 as far as I can discern Malaysia never lifted a finger to belittle Singapore. SINGAPORE’S SUFFERINGS TODAY ARE OF HER OWN MAKING DATING BACK FROM THE 47 FAILED POLICIES OF LEE KUAN YEW. From his creation of the Anti-Cambridge Godless Neo-communist Political and Socio-economic System imposed on the citizens without their knowledge through the self-killing 2 Child Family Policy right down to the importation of pigs by siblings etc. TO the supporters of Lee Kuan Yew, do not blame others when Singapore is now facing a very bleak future of diminishing revenues arising from events around the World. WHAT CAN 900,000 CHINESE MALES AGED 21-50 DO FOR SINGAPORE ? And these Malaysian supporters should not be jealous when with the New and Incorruptible Government helmed by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia is now ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWIZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA. Even Malaysia’s very own 004 confirmed by telling CIA that Singapore is so tiny, it does not count. I did not say it, she did, 004 ! And THERE IS A RISIING TIDE OF INTERFERENCE IN THE DOMESTIC POLITICS OF MALAYSIA BY PURPORTED ANALYSTS IN SINGAPORE. Why the urgency with the HSR ? Why revert to the old narcissistic and obsessive way of Lee Kuan Yew which have proven to be a failure like his 47 other Policies. I have promoted that Singapore should now work closely together with Malaysia for mutual benefits. I have never been anti-Singapore and anti-Singaporean. It is too late for Singapore to interfere in the domestic politics of Malaysia. She moved from abang-adek, four eyes, very private retreats to hot relationships and yet, she failed at the very last moment. EVEN THE MALAYSIA KILLER TPPA. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES. MALAYSIA BOLEH TUN !

  215. musato Jul 24,2018 8:08 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kasihan kakak Sri Sense masih demam dan selsema.

    Saya pun kalau ada demam dan selsema memang ambil masa seminggu dua sebelum betul betul sembuh.

    Semasa menulis ini saya gembira bila dengar berita bahawa taska akan diwujudkan di setiap jabatan terutama yang bershift.

    Ia adalah langkah yang baik seperti mana utc pernah diwujudkan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  216. Adam Rasheed Jul 24,2018 9:55 AM

    I am one who supports a new national car program base on Possibility Driven strategies.

    Strategies for a new national car program


    Plans to work on a new national car revealed at the 24th Nikkei Conference on the Future of Asia in June 2018 makes it imperative that technicians and workers together with engineers and the management team must excel the local automotive industry in Malaysia. How can the private sector with some government patronage thrive in designing and mass producing automobiles?

    Relative to overall strategy avoid frontal strategies against market leaders’ grip on conventional distribution channels and appeal to the mass market due to branding. Instead adopt flanking strategies to leverage on the vast network of secondhand car dealers and provide profit-making opportunities for any small business entrepreneur throughout the nation.

    Even the best of plans can only be fruitful if there is a transformation from resource driven to possibility-driven. Illustrated in the accompanying Transformation Challenge and Value Chain Analysis diagrams we outline the first cut strategies for a new national car program which will need to be evaluated and fine-tuned in some business framework implementation action steps.

    Visualize for a moment, for instance a “Proton City” in Kedah – perhaps in the outskirt of Kulim industrial districts. In partnership with an established brand car manufacturer, we produce smaller cc model cars based on proven selling record (we save on designing and prototype expenditures); procure substantial engine parts from nearby Thailand and basic fabrication parts from Kulim based vendors.

    The list price of any car model will be based on “ex-Kulim Proton City facility price” without transportation costs, non-Kulim sales channel and logistics costs plus additional retailing mark-up. The ex-Kulim price includes our retail show-room and warehouse costs.

    Any small business entrepreneur can take stock at that price at our location, minimize transportation cost and sell to his customers profitably. Bigger used car dealers could source and gain more from economies of scale such as trailer transportation for a dozen cars. They are at liberty to set the car prices which they sell.

    The Action Needed Program will map out the terms of reference and hands-on follow though based on agreed priorities. The implementation approach will be crystallized in a three stage development assessment and way forward activities – aimed at a first cut ROI on capital outlays, planned location viability and broad evaluation of way forward themes.

    Leverage on broad government initiatives and to spearhead a think-tank within MARA / FELDA / police and armed forces cooperatives (prospective distribution channels); establish long term partnership with some participating government entities, GLCs and MARA entrepreneur development related taxi operators and SMEs involved in fabrication works.

    Initiate with related ministries to spearhead Asean car measures, FELDA etc for commercial exploitation of logistics for key sales and regional areas because of their existing operations synergy (eg. Admin staff, warehouse space). Develop the business model for pilot SMEs and participating cooperatives with MARA and/or other task force.

    Value proposition to domestic and commercial consumers (i.e. laissez-faire workings of market price mechanism, own optimum system for lower transportation and display or showroom costs), no bulk purchase discounts but assured shorter queueing for car stocks, that is enhancing added value to support large distribution channels, especially regional based.

    Will be more than honored to share a 10 slide presentation with an assigned focal person in the PM office.

  217. HBT456 Jul 24,2018 9:33 AM

    14. Urdu is hindustani language, and i dont speak urdu since it is not my mother dialect.

    15. Classical cantonese is traditional chinese and it is the official language of hong kong.

    16. In china, simplied chinese is the official language of china.

    17. When mubarakchan said he can speak classical cantonese, i am not sure what kind of classical cantonese he refers to but i do know a vip indian when he is mad, he spoke fluent local vulgar cantonese which is different from the hongkies, and chinnies.

    18. Yup, denials are not something new in this country, therefore, whatever are being denied out there, just take them as denials, itu saja.

    19. Kasut sekolah putih atau hitam, mereka tetap kasut sekolah buatan tempatan.

    20. Yup, they can pakat and gabung to go against uec and chinese vernacular schools but not agama and tamil schools, and deep in their hearts, they should know how tamadun is their versi of malay and islam lor whereby their mara is only meant for malay and muslim only.

    21. Kereta nasional simply means lowest price that we can get in the local markets due to import duty.

    22. We are living in the glass world whereby all information could be shared within seconds.

    23. I am a chinese, malaysian born chinese, and its natural for me to side prc because kita tetap chinese no matter where we are.

    24. MY money is MY money, but when the money involve prc, its still the chinese public money what.

    25. I am chinese, and naturally i do not want the hard earned money of the current and future generations of prc to be wasted on projects that do not benefit them.

    26. Trade wars are easy to win, and china has nothing to loose out in this trade war launched by president trump as their currency is not pegged to us dollar what.

    27. Dont forget, singapore is a country itself with her own prime minister, not like penang, melaka, sabah or sarawak with chief ministers only in malaysia, henceforth, they would always play by the rule of law.

    28. Yup, mubarakchan can continue with its buffology, bak kata, mind our own business and dont be trouble makers.

    29. No worries, both singapore high speed and ercl will consolidate and merge one day to bring down the operating cost.

    30. Sales service tax (sst) of 10% can be applied to these 2 mega projects, and government sales tax can be abolished permanently if you like.

    31. How civilized is the tamadum islam kita di malaysia, they know the answer deep in their hearts.

    32. Therefore, do not get angry or frustrated.

    33. Can do, you do.

    34. Cannot do, you let go.

    35. Yup, takkan lah cina hilang di dunia.

  218. Sri Sense Jul 24,2018 9:23 AM

    Good morning

    Banyak yang ketinggalan sejak sakit selsema, batuk2 ini. Antara news yang I baca pagi ini adalah at the company’s AGM days ago, Shahril, who earns nearly RM200,000 a day, managed to stave off the move by the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to remove him as Sapura Energy’s CEO.

    From my experience with AGM, EGM as a minority shareholder, you can vote against but they (the board) already letak their kaki inside, so if kita against, mereka akan menang juga. What more with 100 shares also can cast vote.

    I remember a Chinese lady I met at a AGM few years ago. She beli hanya 100 shares dia pi AGM voted in favour and dapat makan lunch best best company bagi after meeting over. If newspapers keluar news all good, saham naik, dia jual buat sedikit profit.

    By the way bravo EPF, berani kerana benar.

  219. musato Jul 23,2018 10:16 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Pada satu satu masa saya terfikir untuk hidupkan satu platform untuk bacaan pembaca saya. Tapi ia tidak dapat dilakukan buat masa sekarang. Lagipun saya tak mengkaji sangat pasal IT ni.

    Saya punyai satu yang lama. Iaitu diwujudkan selepas rasa bosan bilamana Pak Lah telah letak jawatan lama dulu. Cybertroopers UMNO juga termasuk dalam list yang dapat saya baca.

    Tapi biarkanlah perkara itu.

    Harliza ada minta saya bagi ulasan di sini dalam keadaan Tun yang dikelilingi dengan isu isu semasa.

    Saya fikir pandangan saya telah pun diterima dalam hal yang lebih besar iaitu TAMADUN.

    Yelah, kenapa kita perlu ikut silibus banduan, kan.

    Kita adalah Malaysian. Dan saya adalah orang Islam.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  220. mubarakchan Jul 23,2018 9:50 PM


    We have been talking about the pros and cons of the National Car Project without extrapolating it against the general economy and how it impacts the man and woman in the street. We Malaysians are passionate about the motorcar without any doubt. However, when we get behind the wheel, some of us become Draculas and assumed another personality. Our major holidays sometimes have horrendous motorcar accident casualties which might put a minor skirmish in a war to shame. Should we blame the Minister of Transport of previous Governments? Of course, we should. If the cap fits, where it ! But how many of us are aware that a BMW cost only RM 17,000 in the late 1960s when the first Series 7 came into the market and defeated Mercedes Benz hands down for over 30 years ! By the early 1980s, a Series 7 BMW cost RM 110,000. Now, a Series 7 cost RM 600,000, a small fortune to most. This is one of the products we buy from the West and other high value added items. And what does Malaysia produce to pay for these foreign imports ? Malaysia could only pay from the extraction of her depleting natural resources and light industrial products like rubber gloves, etc. Now we have no home-made motorcar to export. And the prices ? Petroleum today fetches US 70 per barrel – it’s a depleting natural resource like timber. Palm oil is US 2,000 per ton. Therefore for every BMW Series 7 at a price of RM 600,000 today, Malaysia has to produce 21.5 barrels of oil which is a depleting resource or 75 tons of palm oil to pay for it. A similar rough rule of the thumb applies to all foreign manufactures across the board. Hence, Germany and Japan being the most efficient of all developed countries are the richest of all in terms of their GDP. Hence from the deep recesses of Tun’s brilliant and fertile mind, he had already worked out that for our beloved Malaysia to be safely on the WAY to the ultimate tier of development, the successful manufacture of the National Car Project is a MUST. And he is not joking ! Like all doctors, he does not shoot off without sound reasons. He has no verbal diarrhoea ! Hopefully, in the light of a practical example of the Series 7 BMW that it is crystal clear to all, Tun’s brilliant National Car Proposal is the only WAY to permit us and ASEAN to break free from our chains of economic bondage by trading with others at a disadvantage being soft commodities against hard manufactures. This will lead us to mutual benefits for the Rakyat in terms of a better life from a higher standard level of living with lesser working hours and more leisure time. A successful Motor Car industry spawns and also supports many ancillary industries which adds to more employment, as Tun well knows. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  221. musato Jul 23,2018 9:31 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Dr Mazlee kata tanpa seni tamadun tidak akan bererti. Manusia akan kaku tanpa seni.

    Alangkah satu kerugian besar pada manusia yang tiada berseni dan berlagu. Maka subjek muzik dan pendidikan seni akan dipertingkatan. Malah sastera akan kembali ke sekolah. Sastera adalah tanda ketamadunan.

    Terdapat pelbagai cara untuk sampai kepada Allah. Salah satunya adalah bidang seni.

    Berdendang/mendengar lagu boleh menyampaikan hati kita kepada Allah swt.

    Begitu juga tarian. Asalkan mengikut panduan dan pekerti yang sewajarmya mengikut Al Quran dan Sunnah.

    Sehari dua ini saya baru mengenali dan mendengar Deen As Salam – Islam agama pendamaian. Lagu yang boleh buat ulek tidur.

    Begitu juga lagu Ketika Cinta Bertasbih. Karangan orang agama yang dilagukan oleh Melly Goeslow.

    Garis tangan yang menerbitkan tasbih cinta hingga di ubun ubun. Hidup dan matiku kerana Allah swt.

    Lagu yang didendangkan menerbitkan rasa halus dan lembut serta lebih memudahkan bagi mengenali Allah swt.

    Itulah tujuan kenapa Dendang Anak dilagukan seperti yang diberitahu oleh bekas penagih yang cuba berubah menjadi manusia yang soleh.

    Disertakan dengan lukisan dan sentuhan lembut warna cat air, tona pensil, tampal tampalan serta warna minyak dll.

    Jiwa yang lembut dan sentuhan halus melahirkan manusia yang berseni dan tidak kaku.

    Menitiskan air mata kerana Allah swt. Alangkah bertuah!!!

    Izinkan ku menangis keranaMu Ya Allah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  222. mubarakchan Jul 23,2018 1:53 PM


    Strange to say, Singapore should be a major investor in Malaysia’s National Car Project. Why ? Big headlines all over the Blogs today. ‘Malaysia can save Singapore from itself.’ The words ‘..from itself.’ in themselves are most revealing of the archaic and limited thinking of its self-promoted elite through decades of Lee Kuan Yew’s narcissism and obsession with doing down our beloved Malaysia. That was a one man show which failed in the face of Political and Strategic Geo-political realities. How ? Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle of 2-3% of the GDP was based on the under-counter or dark trades which ONLY Singapore could do during the Cold War 1948-1989 with Uncle Sam’s permission. When the BRICS muscled onto her lush under-counter trades, this 2-3% of the GDP was LOST forever. From 2002 to 2018, Singapore’s fizzy GDP of 7% in the 1980s never recovered. Now Singapore is weakened NOT by its Political Will but by the CHANGED EVENTS IN THE WORLD WHICH NOW SUIT OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA PERFECTLY BUT DETRIMENT TO THE WHEREWITHAL OF SINGAPORE. It’s something which is beyond Singapore to achieve which is to increase REVENUES. To put it bluntly, without Lee Kuan Yew and his natural resource, BLUFFOLOGY, the rest of the World seemed to have forgotten about Singapore. Recently, many Americans asked ‘Where is Singapore ?’ The elite also forgot about Lee Kuan Yew’s great store of credits and goodwill with the major countries of the World. In this, if not utilised will diminish in value with time and be forgotten altogether. With this background, the future is bleak for Singapore as the importation of FT is limited by socio-economic factors and has not worked. It was like pushing the economy with a string ! The Singapore elite needs to revise their inherited narcissism and obsession to take advantage of our beloved Malaysia at every turn. It is time for them to DENAZIFY themselves and join the NEW WORLD AS SHAPED BY YOU, TUN, FOR US IN MALAYSIA, ASEAN AND THE WORLD. There is no more room for ‘dog in the manger’ attitudes when progress in ASEAN could be held up by just one man for over 30 years. It is up to the Singaporean elite to break out of their chrysalis and create hope for themselves with both hands by making the first audacious move in making a substantial investment in the National Car Project with Malaysia, Indonesia and eventually like the Airbus, the rest of ASEAN. IN EACH COUNTRY IT’S A NATIONAL CAR PROJECT ! Your brilliant and fertile mind benefits Humankind, Tun ! Not just your fellow Rakyat ! It is NOW OR NEVER FOR SINGAPORE TO SHOW ITS REAL WORTH and not catch good friends with DEVIL IN THE DETAILS. This at the end of the day will end up with NO RESULTS as proven today. Hence, thanks to your brilliant audacious moves which can only be interpreted as sincere and passionate for our beloved Malaysia and her people, other great friends like Indonesia may be even Singapore will see the light of the Vision of Tun Dr Mahathir’s Legacy to benefit all of Humankind. The National Car Project is not only for Malaysia as a UNFIYING FACTOR but SIMILARLY IN ALL THE OTHER ASEAN COUNTRIES CONCERNED. I dare say this Pr9ject is the PANACEA for ASEAN to work together and progress together for the ASEAN peoples. Willy-nilly Malaysia without lifting a little finger turn out to be the leader of ASEAN by default and the WILL OF HER PEOPLE. Man proposes. God disposes ! It pays for the Singaporean elite to be courageous and noble to make a radical move in their Policies towards their neighbours in a peaceful and harmonious neighbourhood of friends and no enemies. With a united ASEAN based on the success of Tun’s brilliant National Car Proposal, who does not want to invest in ASEAN and Malaysia the home of the Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias and our loyalty and devotion towards the Constitution, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans ? With your brilliance, Tun, you have shown us the WAY ! Malaysia Boleh !

  223. Hajar Jul 22,2018 11:26 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk ulas isu semasa:

    1. Isu menukar warna kasut sekolah dari putih kepada hitam:

    MEMBAZIR saja. Jika kekotoran yang dirisaukan (kasut putih), tukar jugalah warna baju sekolah dari putih kepada hitam. Kain pun tukar kepada hitam. Stokin pun hitam juga. Eloklah semuanya serba hitam seperti orang berkabung! Sebenarnya, warna putih lambang kebersihan (kesucian), dan pelajar boleh dilatih untuk menjaga kebersihan (berdisiplin). Benda remeh sebegini yang diutamakan. Maaflah, Menteri Pendidikan kita kena belajar mengenal pasti apa yang lebih penting untuk diubah.

    2. Isu UEC:

    Ini lagi satu perkara yang amat mengarut. Terlalu banyak rakyat Malaysia (terutama bukan Melayu) yang GAGAL bertutur dalam BM dengan betul. Sudahlah sebutan pelat dan banyak salah (tungang terbalik), nahu dan tatabahasa pula memang boleh dilongkangkan (maaf cakaplah…). Mengapa masalah yang amat kronik ini tidak cuba diatasi dengan sedaya upaya oleh Kementerian Pendidikan? Malunya sebab kita sudah merdeka lebih 60 tahun! Dan dengan tidak semena-mena UEC pula bakal diiktiraf (ini janji PH). Bolehkah ini menyelesaikan masalah utama iaitu banyak rakyat Malaysia yang masih tidak boleh bertutur BM dengan betul? Jangan nanti ia menambah masalah sedia ada.

    3. KWSP untuk suri rumah (untuk isteri pertama katanya):

    Inipun satu cadangan dangkal (tiada kajian langsung) yang dijanjikan semata-mata untuk meraih undi dari para suri rumah. Khabarnya, ada sedikit wang (RM50) diberi oleh Kerajaan dan ada potongan gaji suami sebanyak 2% saja. Alahai…Awat ciput sangat? Sepatutnya peratusan sama dengan peratusan potongan KWSP gaji suami (pekerja + majikan). Barulah adil dan saksama.

    Lagi satu apakah definisi (tafsiran) suri rumah? Lucunya, siapa yang layak pun TPM masih tidak ada ide. Jika isteri pertama bekerja dan lebih berjaya dari suami, mungkin tidak layak. Namun, jika si suami ada isteri kedua/ke-3/ke-4 yang cuma suri rumah, macamana? Bagaimana dengan isteri orang kaya yang tidak bekerja? Apa hal dengan lelaki yang tidak bekerja (menganggur) dan mengharap isteri yang menanggung mereka sekeluarga?

    4. Berbalik kepada isu kereta nasional dan kereta import yang mewah, mungkin golongan yang berkereta mewah tidak layak untuk mendapat apa saja bantuan dari Kerajaan kerana mereka sudah dikira ‘mewah’ kerana mampu berkereta mewah. Ini termasuklah bantuan RM50 ringgit untuk suri rumah (jika si isteri tidak bekerja).

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  224. homer Jul 22,2018 5:27 PM

    The apt words for the 2nd National car should be .. ZERO EMISSION CAR .. it should avoid all internal industrial contentions over whether battery EVs are better, or H2FC EVs are better or any other approach (including Internal Combustion Engines) ate better in delivering a ZERO EMISSION CAR.

    It is after all, PRIVATE FUNDING initiative(s) competing in open market space.

  225. mubarakchan Jul 22,2018 3:11 PM


    What more can I say on your brilliant Proposals of Malaysia Inc. 2.0 and Proton 2.0 and finest success of all time the 14th GE ? The naysayers argue on the basis of the Proton 1.0 which happened generation (30 years) ago based on distant memories and emotions. As one local tycoon told me once,’ Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today.’ If there was wholehearted support for Proton 1.0 which I could discern from the comments here, all the more reason to support the Proton 2.0 if we realise the mistakes made in the production of Proton 1.0. Until I brought up the malfeasance of the Closest Aides, there was never any comment on this because all were ignorant on how a business or industrial enterprise worked. Why the Closest Aides ? Tun was the Prime Minister of a sizeable country who thought out and checked out ALL his Policies before implementation. He had to rely on the Closest Aides to deliver. He could not be the implementer of ALL things. Except for the only one incident which I nearly became a Closest Aide too, all the Closest Aide except for ONE ended in CONTROVERSY AND SCANDAL. These went past the RED LINE OF NO RETURN ! For example, what went wrong with the BN Government ? It was the digits or people who manned the Political System which was in place since 1957 ! So what went wrong with the Proton 1.0 ? It was the digits who manned the Proton System. What digits ? First, the Principal who did not furnish the technology to build the motor engine which governs future development and marketing. Second, the CEO who had the sole responsibility of making the perfect car and report to Tun the pitfalls in making Proton 1.0 a success. Both factors failed the Tun as the CEO were either incompetent or self-seeking like collecting Stradivarius violins at US 4 Million a piece or banks whilst on the job. As I said before there is no room for inefficiency or error in manufacturing. Every sen counts. Then, some Malaysians are taken up with the electric car. This is just a marketing ploy which is fed to the ignorant masses to please domestic consumers on contributions to a Greener World. For Malaysia, we have to start from the basics and avoid past mistakes. AND WE WILL BE THERE. As I can discern Tun’s Second National Car Proposal gave the Rakyat the wrong impression that Malaysia is starting another Car Project on a greenfield basis. The Second National Car Project is nothing of the kind. It is the Finale of the Proton 1.0 Project which is as yet unfinished after spending so many Billions of ringgits to gain the technical know-how and other vital information to build the successful car, today. Tun does not like to see wasteful use of money. So do the Rakyat. Hence, the Proposal of a Second National Car is really the NATIONAL CAR ONE AND ONLY ! With the vital information in hand, the cost of the NATIONAL CAR PROJECT WILL BE DEFINITELY FAR CHEAPER – no nepotism and corruption involved because we have a New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great. The following favourable factors for the National Car Project now appear :-
    1. A worthy Principal who furnishes the technical know-how to build the motor car engine. This is important for future development and marketing. It’s the Car itself !
    2. No more Closest Aides but with probably a young Malaysian understudy in place for a short period under a CEO.
    3. The Political Will is there. The Market of 400 Million is there. Why should ASEAN pay over the top for hardware and sell software at low prices to EU for example ? Do any of us Rakyat want to be in economic BONDAGE FOR LIFE WHEN WE CAN BREAK THIS CHAIN FREE NOW UNDER TUN’S PROPOSAL AND GUIDANCE ARISING FROM HIS VALUABLE EXPERIENCES AND FERTILE BRAIN ? Do not forget not too long ago, he bravely and courageously had to bear the tons of abuse and insults thrown at him from 2003-2018. And yet, his Genius and Fertile Brain produced the 9 May 2018 GE, the Malaysia Inc. 2.0 concomitant with Proton 2.0 or the National Car Project. I have my fullest confidence in Tun’s Proposals based on his impeccable life-time record of service to the Rakyat and his admission of mistakes. This is important. And this is no laughing matter because the National Car Project will show us the WAY upwards to the FINAL TIER of DEVELOPMENT for Malaysia. There is no other WAY. Finally, as for the electric motorcar. It’s no electric motorcar if no technical know-how to build the motorcar engine. It’s COMMONSENSE. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  226. balance Jul 22,2018 11:22 AM


    I supported you on many things and many of your ideas like MSC, IPC and etc.. There are so many things Malaysia can do or produce but please dont let the people down again with your 2nd car and supremacy idea. The word “2nd national car” is not an inspiration but more like old dying idea or trying to redo or correct a big mistake. Maybe 1st electric vehicle (EV) or a sustainable energy/electricity producing device can be a better idea for moral, national pride and ego boosting purposes. The world is try to reduce or remove combustion engine and here we are still talking about it as if it is some new thing.
    For New Malaysian getting all the govt. employees to understand that they are actually service providing personnel to the public and not “TUAN” would be better idea for Malaysia.

  227. M.Firdaus Jul 22,2018 5:29 AM

    Assalamualaikum WBK.
    Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melimpahkan rahmatNya.

    Kepada Tun Mahathir yang dihormati, berkenaan idea kereta nasional kedua, sebagai rakyat Malaysia, saya mencadangkan agar negara kita supaya dapat mengeluarkan kereta yang berbeza daripada kereta-kereta yang berada dalam pasaran pada masa kini.

    Disini saya ingin mencadangkan beberapa perkara.

    Jika dilihat daripada beberapa sudut, rakyat cenderung untuk memiliki kereta yang mampu memberi penjimatan kepada faktor bahan api (kuasa), disamping rekabentuk menarik dan pada harga mampu milik.

    Jika industri pembuatan kereta nasional dapat menggabungkan teknologi hybrid (bahan api petrol & elektrik), tenaga solar, teknologi dynamo (yang disesuaikan untuk kegunaan kereta melalui RnD), rekabentuk dinamik ilham anak tempatan, kawalan kualiti optimum dan beberapa faktor dari segi pembuatan, pemasaran dan sokongan kerajaan pada hari ini, idea berkenaan kereta nasional kedua tidak mustahil dapat direalisasikan.

    Melalui RnD, mungkin industri kita boleh mencari jalan supaya badan kereta daripada fiber digantikan dengan panel solar secara keseluruhan (untuk memaksimumkan penyerapan tenaga solar), dilapisi akrilik lutsinar untuk perlindungan tahan lasak, modofikasi sistem penyimpanan tenaga bagi memaksimumkan penyimpanan tenaga solar untuk kegunaan kereta, dibantu dengan sistem dynamo yang dimodifikasi untuk menyimpan cas semasa tayar bergerak dan lain-lain.

    Mungkin pada masa hadapan enjin yang menggunakan elektrik dapat dihasilkan dan dipatern oleh anak-anak tempatan.

    Mungkin juga melalui perusahaan kereta nasional kedua ini, negara kita dapat menghasilkan juga sistem solar untuk dibuat pemasangan sistem tersebut kepada kenderaan-kenderaan sedia ada.

    Tidak mustahil dengan kajian-kajian dalam penghasilan kereta untuk industri kereta nasional kedua ini, rakyat kita juga dapat menghasilkan dan memaksimumkan sistem solar dan sistem dynamo (kincir angin – di negeri-negeri yang mempunyai tiupan angin kencang seperti Terengganu) dapat diadaptasi menjadi sumber tenaga elektrik alternatif menggantikan sistem hidroelektrik, untuk kegunaan rakyat Malaysia sehari-hari.

    Mungkin percambahan idea boleh datang daripada sudut yang kebanyakan daripada kita terlepas pandang (pandangan pelajar sekolah, penuntut di IPT, pengguna-pengguna kereta melalui pengalaman-pengalaman mereka). Mungkin ada idea-idea ini yang boleh dimajukan menjadikan kereta keluaran negara mempunyai perbezaan daripada kereta sedia ada, membawa perubahan, menjadi imej baru industri otomotif keluaran negara.

    Ini hanyalah lontaran idea yang terbit daripada perbualan saya dengan rakan.. mungkin boleh dijadikan kajian yang membawa kepada banyak manfaat pada masa akan datang.

    Mungkin dengan RnD, selain kereta, negara kita juga boleh menghasilkan keretapi elektrik sendiri, memajukan industri perkapalan dan industri-industri lain.

    Seperti kata-kata Tun, Malaysia seharusnya menjadi negara pengeluar untuk terus maju. Idea-idea baru perlu ada.

    Terima kasih.

  228. mubarakchan Jul 21,2018 10:23 PM


    These are interesting times indeed with the brilliance and success of kicking out a corrupt Government and installing a New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great under your Premiership. How fortunate we Malaysians are to be released of the intense suffocation of watching the goodies defying gravity by flowing up the slippery slopes to the YAB at the top of the proverbial Power Pyramid daily from 2004-2018. Now a thousand Bunga Raya will bloom. The Rakyat willingly put themselves to the wheel of productive and better living for themselves and their families. There is HOPE for all Rakyat. I got excited again by an Editorial in the Star Biz today which supports your New Malaysia Inc. 2.0 This should be the centrepiece of socio-economic endeavour of your Government in line with the toned down gigantic pay-outs for the ECRL and the HSR etc. Your timing on the Malaysia Inc. 2.0 is another brilliant piece of timing and thinking. But before we go overboard on Malaysia Inc. 2.0 let us re-examine the past as always. The phrase Singapore Inc. was concocted by Lee Kuan Yew in the late 1980s from the success of his Government linked companies which were monopolistic in the 1980s. From the 1970s, he had this GIC with himself in charge of their secretive investments which money came from his Lee Kuan Yew Miracle of under counter trades in hard and soft arms trading, smuggling, money laundering, collect Vietnam War debris free, sanctions braking, toadying up to dictators, R & R, US Aid, etc. When the Cold War ended , Uncle Sam came out with his hegemonic spiel which backfired on him today, ‘ Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’ all anathema to Singapore’s lush black trades. Thereafter, the BRICs muscled in on Singapore’s lucrative turf. Overnight, Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew Miracle disappeared and by 2002, she could not breach 3% GDP anymore. The success of Singapore Inc. ended. But Lee Kuan Yew quickly replaced it with the Malaysia Killer TPPA, 2 casinos, FTs to boost the GDP, and the FAKE Sovereign Fund with money from the CPF. By 2006, all were launched and by 2018, all failed. Even SIA was pushed off its pedestal last year by Qatar Air. Hence the BLUFFOGY of Singapore Inc. success ended at the turn of the 21st Century. There was no squeak about Singapore Inc. since as it was replaced by the 4 failed ventures to save Singapore as Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy. That was Singapore Inc. AND WHAT ABOUT MALAYSIA INC 2.0 as supported by The Star Biz. editorial? Another brilliant idea from your fertile mind which fits into the political and socio-economic circumstances of the present time, Tun. There is no better comparison than the brilliance of combining Proton 2.0 and Malaysia Inc. 2.0 right now. The time is NOW. Let us revisit Malaysia own experience on Malaysians involved in business since 1981 ! I dare say that attrition of young and capable professional Malays is without exception. In fact, I am saddened by this attrition which affected 3 generations of capable young professional Malays for no better reason than their involvement in politically owned businesses. First, my generation, the BMF Generation. Overnight, the young and capable professional Malays lost their jobs due to their own insouciance and a Chinaman George Tan of Carrian Ltd Hong Kong fame which brought Bank Bumiputra to its knees. Other Chinamen were involved in the side-lines. The very first time State funds were put at risk and lost. A few of the participants were honest but some took money. It was the discipline in controlling oneself in the face of POWER and MONEY. Second, the Second Generation of young capable and professional Malays were wiped out by the 1997 Crash. This generation was well-known for high living and sexual peccadilloes. It’s DISCIPLINE AGAIN which was found wanting. Here is a true example. One night my friend in Geneva rang me up at 2 am and reported that he was having dinner with a famous Malaysian tycoon and his Eurasian girl friend who owned an Art Gallery in Singapore financed by the tycoon. This tycoon is now believed to be in Dubai after absconding from his shipyards. I do not understand why time and time again when people entrusted with public funds as directors of listed companies go crazy with SEX which weakened them from proper thinking and duties to their shareholders. I have faced with such situations in my 9 years at Folex and elsewhere. I just ignored the offers because I knew once I succumb to the weakness of the flesh, the whole Folex corporate structure would crumble and collapse. This SEX enjoyment at public expense must not be repeated in Malaysia Inc 2.0 or failure will come again. The Third Generation of young capable and professional Malays again got hit by their involvement in money and politics by doling themselves with huge dollops of salaries and play golf to boot. Now I can only think of one 40 year old young and capable professional Malay left ! These facts relate to us Tun, that our beloved Malaysia is sorely in need of human resources like young and capable professional Malays by the scores to man the business entities to come. Given the present political climate, it is good if the non-Malays are enlisted to assist in the National Interest as well. Again, I say your proposal of a Malaysia Inc. 2.0 is absolutely brilliant because the Khazanah’s GLCs became ORPHANS OVERNIGHT after 9 May 2018. GLCs as we all now know do not fit into a Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias with our devotion and loyalty towards our Constitution, our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. Unfortunately Malaysia got involved because of greed and bad governance without understanding that even for the 3 authoritarian States Singapore, Russia and China which have them, GLCs gave rise to huge corruption and nepotism. And GLCs are definitely VERBOTEN in our unique and small Society of tolerance, harmony and peace. The recent revelations of RM 200,000, RM 100,000 and RM 30,000 per day salarymen are truly disturbing and fractious to the hard-working men and women of our wonderful and unique Society. However your Malaysia Inc. 2.0 Proposal is extremely worthwhile in the National Interest by disposing the NON-ESSENTIAL GLCs thus and reduce the DEBT by RM 500 Billion as the liabilities go with the flow :-
    1. Offer the GLC by open tender to the incumbent management and their partners. (no more single ownership)
    2. Offer the GLC similarly to the ex-owners if they have not broken the laws and their partners (no more single ownership)
    3. Offer to new owners similarly (no more single ownership)
    4. The Ministry of Economy sets up a special monitoring unit like Bank Negara Malaysia.s roaming bank inspection teams to keep track and due diligence checks on these ex-GLC.
    5. No Government involvement in the ex-GLCs. Not even one share. If these ex-GLCs eventually go bankrupt again, it should be their business, not the Government’s.
    6. Your Proposal of Malaysia Inc 2.0 is a perfect fit for these GLC orphans with all its brilliance of creating AN INSTANT MALAYSIA INC. 2.0 ! No more. No less.
    7. KLCI will touch 2000+ by 2019
    8. FDIs already in place in the ex-GLCs !
    9. The general economy robust again in late 2018 onwards due to sentiment with your brilliant pro-business slants.
    10. Your 3 Significant and Brilliant Moves, the 14th GE, the Proton 2.0 and the Malaysia Inc. 2.0 are the 3 rockets which will propel our beloved Malaysia up to the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan in keeping with our REAL STATUS AS ONE OF ONLY 4 SMALL IMPORTANT COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA !
    11. Singapore where are you ? According to our very own 004 lady spy, Singapore is too small to count in the World. What say you 007 ?

    It is NOW OR NEVER TUN ! Malaysia Boleh !

  229. musato Jul 21,2018 7:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Saya tak nampak logiknya mengapa perlu dipotong kwsp 2% untuk isteri.

    Saya tak bagi kwsp 2% tapi bagi je terus kad atm sekeping untuk isteri.

    Saya fikir Anwar tak bekerja kot.

    Duit isteri duit isterilah. Duit laki pun duit isterilah.


    Bila mr hanipa jatuh terbaring, dengan DPM sekali tinggalkan PM keseorangan di atas pentas ucapan.

    Bodyguard PM lambat naik ke pentas bersama PM.

    Saya rasa kalau ada masalah besar, dengan DPM sekali lari tinggalkan PM keseorangan.

    Tentulah hiba sekali.

    Oh negaraku.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  230. mubarakchan Jul 21,2018 10:23 AM


    News items in recent days confirmed the realities of the day eg The Royal Sultan of Perak was purported to have said, ‘ Change or go extinct.’ and in the infamous letter to CIA written by Malaysia’s very own 004 outfit, the lady spy with the golden Walther PPK, stated that because Singapore is so tiny, she does not count in global terms. These are the realities of LIFE which lead us to your wonderful Proton 2.0 once again. From Life’s experience, I have always said that we cannot progress without recognising our mistakes which we make all the time as fallible Humankind. Thus your recognition of past mistakes was courageous and noble. I have met people who refused to admit to have made any mistake. There was one who even said ‘I have never made any mistake in my life’. This person did not appreciate fine cuisine, beautiful music, good books, the Arts, stupendous scenery in other countries or hobbies of any kind. Amazing ! Why mistakes are important to guide us all in planning our future. Mistakes give us the confidence to avoid future pitfalls. In the case of Proton 2.0, IF WE DO NOT CARRY ON WITH THE UNFINISHED TASK OF THE NATIONAL CAR PROJECT, IT IS LIKE THROWING BILLIONS OF RINGGITS WHICH SUPPORTED PROTON 1.0,- LIKE GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD. PROTON 2.0 will be the beneficiary of the billions of ringgit so utilised for Proton 1.0. IT IS THE UNFINISHED SYMPHONY WHICH MUST BE FINISHED ! Tun, as you are now aware that problems with Proton 1.0 WERE NOT DUE TO YOUR BRILLIANT CONCEPT BUT DUE TO THE SHENANIGANS OF THE CLOSEST AIDES WHO INCULCATED THE CORRUPT CULTURE IN THE PRODUCTION OF PROTON 1.0 AT THE VERY BEGINNING AND THEREAFTER. These mistakes will be completely averted by treating the Proton 2. as a pure manufacturing job in the Private Sector to make profits without the CLOSEST AIDES’ SHENANIGANS OF CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM AND COLLECTION OF STRADIVARIUS VIOLINS AND BANKS WHILST ON THE JOB ! A manufacturing entity cannot be managed by a trader or a wandering foreigner who kept on boasting behind everyone’s back in Singapore ! A Malaysian around 40 with an open mind but used to handling money will be ideal to understudy this exciting and wonderful job on the assumption that Malaysia has the technical know-how to build the engine which governs future developments and marketing. In fact, the lucky Malaysian should be given the chance to be the owner if his record permits and become a tycoon on his merits. With Indonesia our great friend and partner, and later with all of ASEAN a market of 400 Million hard working peoples with money, THE TIME IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT TO LAUNCH YOUR BRILLIANT NATIONAL CAR PROJECT which is the panacea for the political and social-economics of our beloved Malaysia but also for all of ASEAN including Singapore. To the naysayers, the billions of ringgits spent on Proton 1.0 turned out to be extremely worthwhile. For the simple reason, Malaysia launched it as a greenfield project which gave her hard lessons on the fables and foibles of Humankind in the management of a manufacturing entity which does not permit corruption, nepotism or inefficiency whatever. Malaysia now has the valuable know-how in hand but without the technology to build the engine. I believe this may not an impossible factor with the Proton 2.0. Otherwise, the billions of ringgits so spent on Proton 1.0 will be wasted and lost forever. Tun, as a doctor you hate to see waste and in this particular case of Proton 1.0, I see Proton 2.0 as a picture or symphony which needs your final touch to blossom into a WAY FORWARD FOR ALL OF US, MALAYSIA AND ASEAN. Your New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great will also see that the Government and the Nation BADLY NEEDS A UNIFYING FACTOR FOR NOW AND THE FUTURE WHICH THE NATION CAN DO FOR ITSELF and not rely on hand-outs of excellent Mercedes, Toyota, Jaguars etc to us the people of Malaysia. WE SHOULD MAKE THE CAR OURSELVES WITH OTHERS IN KEEPING WITH WORLD TRENDS like the Airbus We must break free from the ghettoes of our minds and be courageous heroes and heroines like you Tun. Instead of sitting on our backsides, twiddling our thumbs and blame and quarrel with each other in the World’s No 1 Holiday Resort serving tourists !. With the New and Incorruptible Government this is the WAY, OUR ONLY WAY because Malaysia had done the Proton 1.0 before which would have been a resounding success if not for the SHENANIGANS OF THE CLOSEST AIDES ! It is brilliant and logical for you, Tun, and us in support for the Second National Car WITHOUT THE NEGATIVE FACTORS ! Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  231. Idea Jul 20,2018 10:54 PM

    Yang Amat Berhormat Tun,

    Semoga sentiasa berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera.

    1. Pengalaman pahit sebagai pengguna sewaktu Proton mendominasi pasaran telah mempengaruhi pandangan serta pendirian Generasi X dan Generasi Y.

    2. Sewaktu itu, Proton tidak peka kepada kepentingan kualiti perkhidmatan dan layanan selepas jualan. Akibat perkhidmatan dan layanan yang tidak memuaskan, perasaan benci terpahat di setiap hati pengguna. Apabila pasaran dibuka dan kuasa pengguna akhirnya berada di tangan, ramai yang tidak kembali kepada Proton sebagai pelanggan. Begitu juga perasaan tidak ingin melihat Proton kali kedua.

    3. Generasi Milenial berkemungkinan mempunyai pendirian yang berbeza. Mereka tidak dibelenggu zaman silam Proton.

    4. Di kalangan Generasi Milenial, ramai yang mempunyai kebolehan tetapi tidak berpeluang untuk membuktikan apa yang mereka boleh lakukan. Lihatlah betapa ramainya graduan menganggur. Kebanyakan mereka hanya mampu bekerja sebagai kerani pejabat untuk menyara hidup. Sekiranya diberi peluang, mereka mungkin boleh menghasilkan produk dan perkhidmatan yang lebih baik daripada apa yang diberikan oleh Proton.

    5. Kita perlu beri peluang kepada Generasi ini untuk mengorak langkah baru dalam arena automotif negara.

  232. mubarakchan Jul 20,2018 10:40 AM


    Your brilliant Proposal for a Second National Car Project should not be swept aside like Corruption in high places. If not for those Closest Aides who began carrying their bosses briefcases and ended up carrying their collections of Stradivarius violins at US$ 4 Million a piece and a Bank to book, Proton 1.0 would have been a resounding success. But with a beautiful hindsight on the nocturnal activities of the Closest Aides and the extirpation of this Tribe of crooks, and a New and Incorruptible Government, our beloved Malaysia sorely needs the Proton 2.0. The naysayers, with all due respect are not aware of the foresight and brilliance of your Mind on what the Proton 2.0 will bring – a bonanza of goodies from the employment of thousands of graduates to being the nub or backbone of Malaysia’s socio-economic well-being. They never will. Otherwise, today we Malaysians are still one happy family. The New Malaysia with a New and Incorruptible Government needs the Proton 2. NOT AS A SHOWPIECE but the MAGIC WAND THAT WILL UPLIFT ALL OF US RAKYAT TO THE NEXT AND FINAL TIER OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. With this success, Tun, the enduring LEGACY YOU LEAVE US THE RAKYAT IS COMPLETE notwithstanding the iconic buildings, etc which were in place previously. Of course, NOTHING CAN BEAT YOUR CREATION OF 10 MILLION MALAY MIDDLE INCOME FAMILIES, a World Record in historical terms from a 2% base ownership of the economy, on 13 May 1969. On this we must not forget the template of NEP as laid down by Malaysia’s greatest Statesman Tun Abdul Razak. Problems of the 1MDB are being resolved daily. Thereafter, the Proton 2.0 is not the first or last frontier for us Malaysians but the socio-economic ballast to stabilize our wherewithal for now and the future. Your genius against the pastoral thinking of the naysayers who are in the basement and you on the 88 storey has proven them WRONG like 9 May 2018. Why ? Because you were also a brilliant doctor. The Proton 2.0 is a must for our beloved Malaysia, a country which has highly educated and intelligent people who are accommodative to REAL LEADERSHIP, stable governments which our Malaysian style Democracy can change if naughty, and abundance of natural resources which are as yet untapped. Look at barren Japan and Korea or even Switzerland, how very successful they now are on the performance of their LIGHT INDUSTRIES. It is now not the time to collect SWISS WATCHES BY THE THOUSANDS AND SUPPORT THE SWISS OR CASH DEPOSITS IN THEIR BANKS BUT TO CARE FOR OURSELVES. The best investment for all is the Proton 2.0. No doubt about it. The Political Will is there. No more Stradivarius collecting Closest Aides. No more corruption in high places. And a New and Incorruptible Government under your Premiership. IT IS NOW OR NEVER TUN. This will be one of YOUR FINEST LEGACIES for the Rakyat of Malaysia. Together, it is your life-long truly sincere contribution and dedication to the success of Malaysia BEING ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT 4 SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD, BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN, MALAYSIA despite our self-inflicted greedy money scandals without thought ! Shame to those who worship ‘CASH IS KING’ which encourages ALL TO BE THIEVES AND NOT LIKE YOUR EVERGREEN’ THE CREATION OF MONEY WITHOUT MONEY’ belief- a success at every turn. It’s the Brain. It’s the Mind. It’s the Common sense, Tun. Unfortunately the success of Proton 2.0 hinges largely on your willingness to care for Proton 2.0 always because most capable Malaysians of a common ilk HAVE FALLEN IN THE BATTLE OF LIFE FROM GREED AND WEAKNESS OF THE FLESH ! Sadly, I could think of only ONE of a similar ilk as me to handle this Proton 2.0. Unfortunately or fortunately, because of his performance, he is wanted everywhere where MONEY MATTERS ! The Proton 2.0 is a must for ALL MALAYSIANS, Tun. If we miss it this time, Malaysia will be forever a WORLD NO 1 HOLIDAY RESORT DESTINATION FOR THE WORLD with the Malaysians caring for the tourists. But with both in hand, Tun, one day we may have to keep the whole World from gate-crashing in to live in Malaysia. I am certain you see the same too, Tun. Malaysia Boleh !

  233. SSLEE Jul 20,2018 1:18 AM

    Dear PM Tun Dr Mahathir,
    I am surprised that Tun is still able to find the time to write in Tun’s blog ( voicing out Tun’s personal feeling on the subject closed to Tun’s heart …. “National Car”
    I quote the last 3 paragraphs below:
    “Malaysia menjadi Negara pengguna, Negara penanam padi, pemancing ikan. Tak mengapalah. Ini yang kita mahu dan ini yang kita dapat. Lupakanlah sahaja Wawasan 2020.”
    Looking back at:, where Tun had outlined the nine strategic challenges that Malaysia must overcome to achieve Vision 2020 as follows:
    Challenge 1: Establishing a united Malaysian nation made up of one Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian Race).
    Challenge 2: Creating a psychologically liberated, secure and developed Malaysian society.
    Challenge 3: Fostering and developing a mature democratic society.
    Challenge 4: Establishing a fully moral and ethical society.
    Challenge 5: Establishing a matured liberal and tolerant society.
    Challenge 6: Establishing a scientific and progressive society.
    Challenge 7: Establishing a fully caring society.
    Challenge 8: Ensuring an economically just society, in which there is a fair and equitable distribution of the wealth of the nation.
    Challenge 9: Establishing a prosperous society with an economy that is fully competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient.
    Is Tun giving up on these challenges or Tun feel disappointed with Malaysians mostly negative response towards Tun’s initiative?

    But knowing Tun from below extract:
    But for the man who actually changed time, nothing is impossible for the Dr M, and Malaysians owe him a great deal for putting our tiny dot of a nation on the world map. It was his persistence that helped propel the country to become among the fastest developing nations. He earned the nickname Bapa Wawasan (Father of Vision), an allusion to his vision of making Malaysia a developed nation by the year 2020. “Dr M demanded a lot from others but much more of himself. Failure was not an option,” says a former aide. His dressing down of the Malays for being dependent on “crutches” and not being competitive enough in an era of globalisation was an annual tirade at Umno general assemblies.
    I re-quote Tun’s blog post “PROTON” dated 25 May 2017:
    “They say Proton is my brainchild. Now the child of my brain has been sold. I am a sissy. I cry even if Malaysians are dry-eyed. My child is lost. And soon my country. Please excuse me.”

    Dearest Tun, I understand that Tun loves this country dearly and Tun has a very personal deep feeling and passion for national car and truly believe that it can be successfully done this time around with second national car. I err on the side of caution and would like to humbly offer my opinion;
    Proton is not lost, our country is not lost, and in fact we Malaysians collectively saved our beloved Malaysia from definite ruin in the nick of time (GE14). Our Beloved Malaysia was wounded, dented and injured. It is now up to us to pick up the pieces and to reform and rebuild our country towards unity, justice, liberty and prosperity.
    The essence of Wawasan 2020 is not solely on physical development or per capita income nor whether Malaysia should have a second national car per se but all about how to overcome collectively the nine challenges Tun spelt out on vision 2020.

    Tun had been given the second chance to re-launch Wawasan 2020. It is entirely up to Tun to choose whether to learn from past mistakes, learn to cut pride, control self egos and ultimately learn to put interest of the nation above all and do what is more imperative to achieve the essence of Wawasan 2020; or to remain steadfast that the only measure of Vision 2020 is on achieving developed country status in term of per capita income and must have a national car.

    As of Proton our former national car, I have to admit that my first family car is a Proton Wira which is what I can afford at that time. My second car is a Perodua Myvi and soon after that I had to sell off my Proton Wira (due to frequent maintenance/breakdown) and bought a Toyota Altis. Last month, I pampered myself with a booking of a white BMW X1 but unfortunately was informed this month that all white BMW X1 are sold out till Sept (Zero GST periods). I rebook a BMW530e and hope to collect the car before the 10% SST comes into effect on 1st Sept 2018.

    It is my wish that Proton will be given a second chance to make good of its full potential with its new partner (49.9%) Geely Auto (a respectable China brand). We can cry over a spilled milk or work harder to make sure Tanjung Malim (Proton city) shall become ASEAN auto industries and supportive hub where auto manufacturers, auto assemblers, auto parts manufacturers, auto R&D, auto innovation, auto financing, auto logistic, robotic, IT and etc will be located thus provide lots of business opportunity for our entrepreneurs and high paying jobs for our scientists, researchers, engineers, ICT experts, technicians and workers.
    I truly believe Proton will always remain a Malaysia brand and will be forever recognized as Tun’s brainchild. It is my hope that in the near future Proton car will again be the car of choice and heart’s desire of all Malaysians.

    In my previous blog posted I had written:
    “Our seventh PM possess the full experience of our fourth PM, plus he is now a very much wiser man (Know what works and what don’t), witty (able to make us cry or make us laugh simultaneously), repentance and grateful (able to apologize and say thanks) and magnanimous (able to set aside the past, in order to move forward together), slightly older but still full of zest, passion, energy and as hard-working as our fourth PM”

    I wish Tun and Tun’s cabinet ministers good health, happiness, success always and have strong political will and determination to see to it that Vision 2020 nine challenges are successfully re-booted in this NEW MALAYSIA.
    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

  234. MyMalaysia Jul 19,2018 11:30 AM

    Saya cadangkan supaya Tun bangunkan kereta nasional kedua. Tp Tun, kereta nasional kedua hanya kereta mewah yg fokus utk pasaran luar. Sebab mengapa saya katakan kereta mewah kerana biasanya kereta mewah kita tumpukan kawalan kualiti dan jenama. Apabila jenama itu telah kukuh barulah kita keluarkan model yang mampu milik oleh golongan biasa. Masalah utama proton adalah keyakinan pada jenama tersebut walaupun kualiti sudah meningkat tapi rakyat masih tidak yakin. Saya sokong Tun bangunkan kereta nasional kedua tapi yang pertama kita kukuhkan jenama dan membentuk keyakinan atau persepsi pengguna diperingkat global dulu. Biarlah kereta pertama dikeluarkan sebuah kereta yang mampu memberikan persepsi yang sangat baik.

  235. Abdullah Jul 19,2018 10:40 AM

    Salam Tun yang saya amat hormati.
    Please allow me to deviate topic sikit.

    Re: Minister Waytha Moorthy.
    Serious issue….regarding bringing a friend into the parliament…..this type of action must be STOP immediately. How could a Malaysian minister bring in a Singaporean man calling him as his friend….long braided hair and thick beard into our Malaysian Parliament House? Why was this allowed? Who approved this? Tun yang di hormati….did Tun know about this? Is he a bomoh for Waytha….this is what we call in Malay….Bomoh Singapore masuk Parliament Malaysia.
    Waytha….supposed to be Minister of Unity…..but he is openly declaring that he is Minister of Hinduism/Hindraf. Do we need a Minister for Hinduism/Hindraf in our country? If he understands Malaysia and his role….he should have brought all the religious and racial groups into the Parliament….and converted the honorable Parliament into Merdeka Square.
    Waytha must be given a warning or even suspended for a period to go learn his role as a Minister of Unity and not Minister of Hindraf.
    His horrible behavior and action have created a big issue in the social media. How can he become Minister of Unity…..pada hal on the day one he already create dis-unity.

    Thank you Tun.

  236. mubarakchan Jul 19,2018 10:34 AM


    When I mentioned about the RM 100,000 salary per day Man recently, I thought that was the end of the matter. This morning the RM 200,000 per day Man stared at me in the face as I was digging into my RM 1 nasi lemak. On second thought, I leave this RM 200,000 per day salary Man alone. It is a Private Sector matter. However on Private Sector and GLCs matters, some of the readers might have noticed I mentioned a couple of times about millions of ringgits that could be recovered from palm oil sludge and factory wastes. A few years ago, the richest China woman in China was a waste collector. What about the GLCs palm oil wastes ? It is alleged that palm oil sludge are collected daily free by a syndicate which answered to a single person since the 1990s. First from the FEDLA mills and now also the consolidated and thereafter de-consolidated mills of Sime Darby. If the mill manager is co-operative with the syndicate, a higher percentage of crude palm oil is permitted to flow into the sludge. No one will know. No one cares. But millions of ringgits of the palm oil sludge go into the culprits pockets in a year. And factory wastes ? I know this subject as well. The first day I took over the factory management of the biggest corporate bankruptcy in the 1970s,Folex, I was told bales of cloth were treated as waste and went out daily. I put a stop to this. Lo and behold ! I recovered RM 20,000 monthly despite my strict enforcement on the disposal of waste. So profitable was this waste there were two gangs fighting over it in Taiping. I gave it to the Alliance gang. The money went back to the shareholders. Commissions from the purchases were returned to the workers in the form of big TV sets, motorcycles, fridges etc on each Workers’ Day. The 1,200 Malay workers were satisfied with the caring Management. Before my time, there were 12 Taiwanese supervisors whom I sacked and sent back to Taiwan. They were replaced by just 3 Malaysians, one of whom was a Malay. From my experiences, I found that a person can manage any business if he or she knows where the cheating or inefficiency takes place. Yes ! Cheating is a common phenomenon in Malaysian business from the beginning of time. In the rubber and tin boom years of the 1950s and 1960s, we could always see the Mercedes 190 in the small towns of the Peninsular. A friend of mine told be that his father a kepala working for a British plantation in Nilai, Selangor stole enough rubber scrap to send him to University in Western Australia. Then, there was this Ipoh person who became a tycoon by circulating the raw palm oil which is orange in colour through a mass of tubes which he claimed to produce the first treatment of the palm oil which also is orange in colour but incurred no export tax. He made millions of ringgits and became a tycoon. An earlier loophole was in the stripping of logs in which there was no export duty after the logs were stripped of the bark. The Government soon closed this loophole. The list of cheating in the plantations and the factories and previously the tin mines go on and on. I brought up these few examples to illustrate that if the head is corrupt, the owner’s money will seeped away quietly all the time. This is happening in Malaysia today. These examples also illustrate the difference between Tun’s 22 year successful Administration with the 14 years of turmoil thereafter. Tun could deliver the goodies down the slippery slope of the Power Pyramid whilst his successors forgot to do their duty. This clearly illustrates that Tun could manage Malaysia peacefully and successfully by knowing the ropes of how to do it in a complex country. His successors being not aware of how to rule turn the whole country into an unholy mess which would have caused the death of a beautiful and unique country, Malaysia and her Rakyat. It’s common sense again, Tun ! Malaysia Boleh !

  237. tamchi Jul 19,2018 8:12 AM
    Join dengan indonesia..
    buat enjin..
    Kerjasama bidang aeronautik..
    teroka hingga ke level aerospace…


    salam Tun,

  238. Aisyah Jul 18,2018 8:30 PM

    Sometimes I wish I had 1 billion dollar so could I could give 900 million for your national car project and keep the rest for myself and families hehe. But alas God knows best. I might not had the strength to protect myself from the temptation of having too much money or that I could keep my word after getting it.

  239. leong2018 Jul 18,2018 7:30 PM

    Imagine, when one obtained higher qualification such as bachelor degree or master degree or even PHD degree in Engineering or Medicine from Oxford university or Cambridge University etc, when one would like to contribute to our country, one is prevented by the policies which mentioned UEC is not equivalent to A-level or STPM, so does it make sense? This is the real problem of Malaysia not achieving Wawasan 2020, the previous government did not create friendly environment for professionals to contribute to our country, if people obtained higher qualification then A-level or STPM, why the government still make fuss on this?

  240. leong2018 Jul 18,2018 7:29 PM

    In fact, to achieve Wawasan 2020 or 2030, policies with prejudice should be changed or abolished, here is one of the good examples of typical policies with prejudice that prevent our country to achieve Wawasan 2020.

  241. Hajar Jul 18,2018 7:20 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Saya faham perasaan Tun yang kecewa dengan sikap dan mentaliti negatif segolongan rakyat Malaysia.

    2. Apapun, saya tetap menyokong hasrat Tun jika Tun mahu membangunkan kereta Nasional kedua.

    3. Tun melihat dari sudut jangka panjang (‘long term’) dan kemahiran2, teknologi2 serta kepakaran2 berguna yang dapat diterap, diasah, dan dipelajari oleh rakyat Malaysia. Tun ada visi dan memandang jauh ke hadapan.

    4. Malangnya, VISI Tun tidak dapat dilihat dan dihadam oleh kebanyakan orang Malaysia yang berfikiran singkat, dan sentiasa memandang dari sudut harga dan kualiti kereta sahaja (‘tangible’). Mereka buta mata dan hati untuk nampak perkara2 lain yang lebih berguna kepada rakyat dan negara yang terhasil (dapat dijana – ‘results’; mungkin tidak dapat diukur secara langsung – ‘intangible ’) dengan adanya kereta Nasional.

    5. Satu lagi perkara yang amat malang ialah kebanyakan (majoriti) rakyat Malaysia ada perasaan rendah diri (‘inferiority complex’) dan tidak yakin dengan buatan (kebolehan) sendiri dan buatan tempatan.

    6. Kerana ada perasaan rendah diri (berasa yang diri tidak sebagus rakyat asing di negara maju) majoriti rakyat Malaysia menyanjung tinggi produk luar negara, dan apa saja yang datang dari luar negara mereka akan puja tinggi melangit, walaupun berkualiti rendah.

    7. Contohnya, ada yang sanggup berhutang dengan jumlah yang banyak (sehingga tercungap untuk melunaskan bayaran setiap bulan) untuk membeli barangan ‘import’ yang lebih mahal walaupun kemampuan mereka tidak seberapa.

    8. Yang muflis kerana hutang kereta memang ramai. Bila sudah muflis mulalah menyalahkan pihak lain, kononnya menzalimi mereka. Sebenarnya, mereka yang menzalimi diri sendiri.

    9. Pemuja barangan ‘import’ ini juga tidak pandang kereta buatan tempatan seperti PROTON walaupun dengan sebelah mata (kecualilah mereka benar2 SENGKEK untuk beli kereta asing). Mereka telah tetapkan di dalam hati bahawa apa saja produk buatan tempatan tidak berkualiti. Kesilapan yang kecil mereka akan perbesarkan. Tetapi kalau kereta asing, kesilapan besar yang sehingga menyebabkan kematian pun mereka masih lagi boleh bertolak-ansur dan masih terus memuja kereta2 asing tersebut.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  242. mubarakchan Jul 18,2018 5:14 PM


    I got very excited that you proposed the coming of the Second National Car which completely fits the bill for our beloved Malaysia as now governed by the New and Incorruptible Government under your Premiership. I sat around from the inception of the Proton (after I successfully saved Malaysia’s biggest corporate bankruptcy without a single sen in the 1970s) until now July 2018 observing the events in an important National project. I note that all the complaints of the Proton 1.0, the moaning and the groaning, are now foisted onto the Proton 2.0. These are unreasonable arguments because the political and socio-economic environment has completely changed – with those in Power TO RULE OVER US, swore dedication and incorruptibility ! This is fertile ground for any socio-economic venture to succeed. We must examine the causes of FAILURE OF PROTON 1.0 without which Malaysia is forever in the blame game which obstructs and prevents us from going forward in our quest to move away from the thinking of our pastoral minds. We must revisit the historical basics concerning the fables and the foibles. We must face the TRUTH. Then, we advance many steps forward. First, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Concept was Brilliant and in the National Interest. Second, it was the implementors who failed not only the Tun but the whole Proton Project as well FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF PROTON’S INCEPTION. Third. the Principal from overseas was too money minded and thought he could gain much by blind-siding the Malaysians. There was no Technology to build the Engine from them. Fourth, the most important of all was the Closest Aides who danced around the Proton but were oblivious that there is no room for error in manufacturing of any product and that Leadership in a holistic manner is a must as a Role Model to the thousands of workers below him. Fifth, what I mentioned if not followed can only produce a HALF-SIX PROTON TO THE DISSATIFACTION OF ALL RAKYAT. This is what happened to-day. It’s not the worker, it’s the factory Leadership ! Now let us examine the record of my good friend Tan Sri Eric Chia whom most underlings feared and wondered why he was friendly to me and gave me lunch at his favourite Equatorial Hotel every time. To the public, he was known to cycle all the way from Singapore to KL with only S$1 dollar and a screw driver in his pocket. In fact, his mother lived in Seremban, Malaysia. In 1948, I visited his father’s house and his Singaporean brothers and sisters at Cairnhill Singapore. His father prospered by sanction breaking, selling Chevrolet trucks by the hundreds to China via Bangkok. From this the Americans did not forget and gave problems to Tan Sri years later. Fast trek to KL. The early 1970s were a time when the first low hanging fruits hunters of Singapore arrived in KL. Eric Chia established his UMW family business of Komatsu and Toyota then. By the early 1980s, he hurt himself by challenging Caterpillar owned by Sime Darby. It was during this difficult time that Eric was involved with the Proton. But he was a TRADER NOT AN INDUSRIALIST and had no tertiary education. His character was Gung-ho anything can do. The Proton took-off. but THE CULTURE IMPARTED BY TAN SRI ERIC CHIA PERSISTED TO THIS VERY DAY which grew without hindrance by successive Managements like selling the factory’s waste is a prerogative of the Factory Manager. Tun knew nothing about this which is there is no room for error in a manufacturing facility of whatever kind. I do not blame Tan Sri Eric Chia for the shortcomings in the Proton or anyone else. The CIRCUMSTANCES WERE SUCH THAT SUCH THINGS DID HAPPEN ! It is the price to pay for the SUCCESS OF THE SECOND NATIONAL CAR. Sixth, another person a foreigner later followed Eric Chia who was actually quite honest and hardworking. This foreigner used to carry the great Tan Sri Basir Ismail’s briefcase in JB and ended up carrying his own collection of Stradivarius violins at US$4 Million a piece, one house in Subang Jaya and another in Singapore, and a Bank to boot. In the mid-1980s, this foreigner boasted to the DPM of Singapore and the PAP elites after a round of golf at the Singapore Island Golf Club in front of my cousin, thus, ‘ I have the ear of the Good and the Great of KL !’. He later exercised this POWER to kick me out of both Cycle & Carriage Lid Singapore and C & C Bintang Berhad using the name of the good and the great after the Minister of Finance retired in 1992. On behalf of EPF,I was in the C & C Group to restructure it from 1984 -1992 which was successful. After taking my place, this foreigner sold the Best properties to his HK and KL friends at CHEAP CHEAP PRICES and retired !. These acts are recorded in the Annual Reports of 1993 and 1994 ! Here is a SOLID EXAMPLE OF WHAT THE CLOSEST AIDES DID BEHIND TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD’S BACK WHO TRUSTED THEM WHOLEHEARTEDLY. As I always maintained that ALL THE MEGA SCANDALS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD BUT BY THESE CUNNING CLOSEST AIDES WHO LINED THEIR OWN POCKETS ! What could be a better example than one Closest Aide who used to carry the great Tan Sri Basir Ismail’s briefcase and at the end he could carry a whole collection of Stradivarius violins and a Bank ? These are the Real Facts which no one can deny about wandering foreigners ! They were not interested in making Proton 1.0 a perfect product IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST FOR THE RAKYAT. Tun, the more I think about the brilliance of your Second National Car Proposal, the more I believe that this time round it is going to be a resounding success with TECHNOLOGY FOR THE ENGINE BUILDING FROM JAPAN, MAYBE A TEMPORARY CEO, THE VAST ASEAN MARKET AND STRUCTURE THE SPRAWLING MANUFACTURING FACILITIES LIKE AIRBUS IN ASEAN. Who can say your Brilliant Proposal cannot succeed ? IN FACT THE PROTON 1.0 SHOULD HAVE SUCCEEDED IF NOT FOR THE CLOSEST AIDES who did their own thing behind your back ! Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  243. Sri Sense Jul 18,2018 4:33 PM


    Harap Tun sihat. Maaf saya selsema, tak berapa sihat, kalau Tun masih doktor, saya pergi klinik Tun minta ubat hahaha

    Merujuk pada funding untuk projek kereta ke2, kalau tiada government funding boleh minta public funding. No hal.

    Cuma kalau public funding samada melalui bursa atau crowd funding online (US), investors nak something in return. Buruk2 pun mereka kasi duit kalau dijanjikan ada bayar interest or dividends balik.

    If I’m not mistaken bursa Malaysia juga ada scheme crowd funding, I am not sure how it works but something like kalau ada idea, ada company boleh masuk sini tanpa perlu listed kat papan Bursa.

    Anak Tun pun personality yang di sanjung dikalangan investors Bursa Malaysia. Cuba Tun tengok berapa harga SAPNRG sekarang setelah tiada anak Tun. Dulu masa SAPKEN berapa harga saham.

    And another thing kalau nak company listed kat stock exchange tidak semestinya di Bursa Malaysia, boleh di buat dimana2 stock exchange London, Australia etc etc

    Take Care Tun.

  244. Rahman JPC Jul 18,2018 12:48 PM

    asalam yab tun.

    syukur alhamdulillah. Stlh mengikuti blog tun sejak ia nya d mulakan, saya tlh dpt d ajar cara utk bersama sama memberi ulasan/pendpt.

    banyak pendekatan yg bolih dgunakan utk menjadi ‘catalyst’ kpd pembangunan teknologi negara.

    pres habibie (indonesia ) memilih pendekatan ‘top down’ dgn mengpelopori isdustri penerbangan (aviation).

    saya percaya tun tlh memilih pendekatan ‘bottoms up’ dgn menggunakan isdustri otomobil selaku pemankin.

    kedua dua nya mempunyai ‘pros n cons’. tapi apa yg penting ia nya wajib d ‘follow thru’.

    saya dgn rasa senang hati bersetuju dgn strategi tun.

    saya bolih rasakan juga yg pres jokowi lebih cenderong utk mencontohi tun (eg kereta ESMKA nya). beliau tlh menyatakan kesediaan utk meneruskan kerja sama dgn malaysia dlm mengusahakan industri mobil kedua dua nagara.

    bayangkan jika kedua dua pemimin ‘transmational’ ini berganding bahu:-

    “the sky is d limit n d developing world will hv a dependable ‘guru’ -Insya’allah”.

    jika pasaran menjadi isu, dgn negara indonesia n asean, ia nya suadah bolih d atasi. negara2 d africa mampu juga menjadi pasaran yg besar jika kita gunakan pendekatan ‘prosper thy neighbour’.

    utk makluman tun ,stlh memyumbang wang, masa n tenaga utk sama2 menumbangkan pasangan klepet (Pekan), saya sdg mengambil initiative utk memberi tumpuan keatas sebuah negara islam d afrika utara yg amat kaya dgn hasil bumi, agar usaha sama yg terjalin akan mendtgkan hasil (revenue) berjumlah trillionan US dollar kpd negara.

    mereka amat dahagakan pembangunan. di sini lah konsep ‘counter trade’ (berbagai versi) bolih kita gunakan. dgn menggunakan hasil bumi kita bolih membantu membangunkan negara mereka secara ikhlas n saksama (tidak saperti negara Tiongkok ).

    insya’allah apabila semua sudah bersedia, kami/saya akan bentangkan kpd tun utk makluman serta utk mendpt ehsan.

    saya juga bersetuju industri otomobil negara masih perlu d lindungi n pasaran kita tidak menjadi tempat lambakan kereta 2 import.

    jika saya masih ingat (semasa berkhidmat d MOT), setiap kereta import wajib mendpt kelulusan JK ‘Type Approval’ yg d letak d bawah MITI.

    saya juga kurang pasti sama ada JK ini tlh melaksanakan tugas n t/jwb nya dgn berkesan olih kerana dokumen tachnical yg menjadi rujukan utama ia lah undang2 kecil ‘construction n use’ yg saya percaya sudah usang (archaic) – not regularly updated.

    olih kerana SPAD tlh d letak d bawah kelolaan MOT. maka amat bersesuain sekali utk JK ‘type approval’ ini d kendalikan olih nya.
    Dlm pd itu SPAD d beri tugas utk membantu menyemak n mengemaskini AKTA PENGANGKUTA JLN (RTA) n lebih kurang 10 undang2 kecil (by law) yg ada d bawah nya.

    secara rengkas nya :-

    1) saya menyokong penuh hajat tun utk kita terus membangun isdustri otomobil negara (jika perlu dgn usaha sama dgn indonesia).

    2)SPAD memimpin JK ‘type approval’ serta d beri tugas utk mengemaskini RTA n undang2 kecil n,

    3)kumpulan n individu mula berinitiative utk mencari pasaran dgn menggunakan kaedah ‘counter trade’ (ie kita mengusahakan projek negara2 membangun dgn menggunakan dana yg d perolihi drpd hasil bumi mereka).

    4) d africa jaringan jln raya yg akan d bina akan dgn secara tidak langsung membuka pasaran baru bagi kereta buatan kita.

    5)kita (R & D) perlu mulakan dr sekarang utk mencipta kereta (dual purpose – carraige of goods n passengers), 4 wheel drive yg mampu milik n sesuai utk d gunakan d negara2 membangun ini.

    saya senentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan Tun.

    ‘selamat maju jaya’ .


  245. leong2018 Jul 18,2018 11:39 AM

    Dear Prime Minister,

    Firstly, I was proud to say that I was a good supporter of Proton, but now I am not. Why? My father’s first national car was Proton Iswara, he bought it in 1994, the car did not give him much problem except the bonnet got rusty blister after driving for five years. My first car was Proton Iswara too, I bought it in 2001, and this car also did not give me much problem until I sold it. Due to the two good experience, after comparing Perodua with Proton, I again bought my second national car, Proton Iswara in 2007. This time, I got numerous nightmares.

    When I drove my second Proton Iswara on the second day, my car’s temperature went high, and I saw smoke coming out from my bonnet. Luckily, I only drove to a restaurant that less than 10km distance from my house, and I managed to reach the restaurant without safety problem. I immediately sent my car for warranty claims and made serious complain to Proton for new car replacement. Eventually, they only gave me Free Repair Service for first 10,000km mileage and 10% discount on repair service after 10,000km mileage but they refused to replace me with a new car. The story did not end here. One month later, my car’s air conditioner did not work, I had to sent my car for repair again. A few months later, my car’s temperature went high again, the radiator again gave me serious problem, Proton had to repair the radiator for me the second time. Now, you think that is the end of story for my car? The answer is “No”. My car’s security lock got problem within a year, the lock at passenger seat did not work properly, while I locked the doors with centre locking, the door at passenger seat could not be locked, though it worked fine after repairing, the problem came back again after one year. I could not remember how many times I repaired for this centre locking, until I felt frustrated and removed this centre locking eventually.

    People always said that Proton had produced good cars such as Proton Saga before 2000, my friends used to drive Proton cars without much problem, so did my father and I. But its quality deteriorated over the years, and now Perodua overtook Proton. The best national car seller, Perodua has better quality cars produced than Proton. When we consider buying national car, Perodua is always the first choice for Malaysians. This also proved that Malaysians are still supporting National Car, people are still supporting National Car if its quality is good. If Malaysians do not support national car, the second national car, Perodua will not have existed.

    Then why 49% share of Proton was bought over by Geely? Why Proton was in financial problem? When I was in UK for two years, I only saw one Proton car, Proton Saga on the road. Why it was not sold popularly in overseas market? If its quality is good, it should have its market share in overseas market as well. The answer is obvious, Proton did not improve its quality over the years, the market share in Malaysia keeps dropping and its market share in overseas market could not be increase. So, eventually, it has financial problem due to decrease of sale.

    Lastly, I strongly agree with your Look East Policy, but please do include Korea and China in your Look East Policy. We should learn from their attitude and spirit which make them success. I would like to suggest you, my dearest prime minister to pay Geely a visit when you visit China next month. Perhaps, you will be impressed by how they work. I don’t think you should feel sad when Proton merged with Geely, if merger can help Proton to improve its quality, we, Malaysians will be benefited in long run. Furthermore, Proton can also make use of Geely’s platform in China to promote Proton cars in China in the near future.

  246. ramzan Jul 18,2018 8:34 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun,

    There are still many other technological fields which can be invested. Probably you can refer to link below. I don’t think we should be too dependent on only one part of technology and ignore the rest of the technology.

  247. musato Jul 18,2018 6:45 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya setuju projek kali kedua kereta nasional diadakan.

    Tamadun Malaysia perlu disuntik dengan sains dan teknologi.

    Buat masa sekarang, saya sedang menambah ilmu masakan panas. Saya gemar akan perkara ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  248. lboonwan Jul 18,2018 12:45 AM

    Having a national car is certainly an innovative idea when Vision 2020 is launched. Proton is used to be very successful. However, Proton does not listen to the customer voice. Quality issue is not fix. An attempt to export out is not really successful either. If the idea is not successful in the past, I don’t think it will be successful now. Malaysia is a small country. Developing a car is getting more expensive. Even a successful car manufacturer like Mazda need Toyota help to develop future car technology. Even we built another national car, I don’t really know whether Malaysian will buy car from the new national car.

    A great idea in the past does not mean it will be a great idea now. I do not think car technology is a niche technology that we should invest for the future neither. Once driverless car is successfully developed, nobody will need to buy a car. All driverless car from different car manufacturer will be the same. We just sit at the back. There is no need to drive the car. I believe future driverless car will be owned by private company (like teksi now). We will need to summon a car through an apps (like Grab). The car will come and pick us to go to other destination.
    To become technological advance country, Malaysia should invest in the future technologies like green technology, 5G, automation, blockchain… If you want to help those car component developer that has been abandoned by Proton, then I think the best idea will be transforming them to build public transport like electric bus together with Indonesia. There is no need to worry about public acceptance. It is economy viable. Both country need a lot of bus. Net expenses in creating and built our own bus should be cheaper than buying a new one from foreign country.

  249. tamchi Jul 18,2018 12:29 AM
    Asalamualaikum, salam sejahtra…
    perdamai islam, serata dunia..
    tertarik dengan cadangan usahasama kejuruteraan pembuatan kereta dengan indonesia..
    rasanya KIA dulu mula dengan buat basikal je…
    boleh utk kegunaan komersial & awam, boleh juga kegunaan ATM & TNI..

    & harap dpt perluaskanlah lagi hingga ke bidang aeronautik..
    rasanya indonesia PT Dirgantara telah bangunkan industri aeronautik mereka..& kita pula dengan Airod (baikpulih)..
    -jimat landasan
    -tarikan pelancongan
    Malaysia/Indonesia – perairan negara luas..
    Boleh juga bangunkan Dron/UAV..

  250. mubarakchan Jul 17,2018 9:39 PM


    I observe in your whole career especially your Prime Ministerships, YOU HAVE ONLY ONE HONEST AND TRUSTED CLOSEST AIDE. The rest of the Closest Aides were after the Rakyat’s money and knew next to NOTHING. They crossed the Red Line of no return knowing full well the consequences of their actions – the mega scandals. How ? Your temperament of kind heartedness and strong belief that these untrustworthy recalcitrant will do their tasks competently were taken advantage of by their fear or cunning in their desire to make money at the Rakyat’s expense. None of them have the National Interest for the Rakyat at heart unlike you and your one and only Closest Aide. These Closest Aides were FAKES. I knew the whole lot during the material time. In 1975, I met this chubby cheek youngster from Singapore working for the 1st Merchant Bank. I told him how the founder of Malaysia’s Biggest Corporate Bankruptcy did it. His reply was,’BRILLIANT’. Not long thereafter he was the owner of a Bank and boasted he only lunched with the Prime Minister every Friday. His greed made him to collude with a Chinese of similar ilk. Both of them were caught in the Crash of 1997. The latter was lightly convicted after a theft of RM 1 Billion from the Public. The former has since disappeared from the Public eye with his stolen Millions of ringgits. This is just what a closest aide could do. A foreign closest aide as soon as the Finance Minister retired in 1992 told me to resign using your name so that he could be a Director of Cycle & Carriage Lid Singapore in my place. I represented EPF. Not only that, I already knew he wanted to sell the best property ARDMORE PARK cheap cheap to his Hong Kong friend who was also my friend and the C & C Bintang HQ and workshops the best in PJ to another friend of mine cheap cheap. I quickly resigned so that HIS CROOKED ACTS WERE RECORDED IN THE ANNUAL REPORTS OF BOTH COMPANIES FOR 1993 AND 1994. This foreigner who now carries Stradivarius violins used to carry the great Tan Sri Basir Ismail’s brief case in JB ! Eventually he also sold his Bank cheap cheap to my friend. And he was sued by another friend for not seeking a higher price ! Beware of these cunning Closest Aides except ONE, Tun. Why can I say all these ? The fact is I nearly became a First Closest Aide when I was given the task to support the Singapore-KLSE Stock Exchange in 1984. I found it could not be done because the Singaporeans were dumping shares in the market. I reported that support of the Stock Market could not be done. And that was the end of the matter. NO SCANDAL. The only one. I did not cross the Red Line of no return by being crooked and greedy. In 1996, a well-known nobody claimed he could support the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Stock Market. He brought the Sime Bank to bankruptcy which also became Sime Darby’s First Bankruptcy. WITHOUT THE CROOKED CLOSEST AIDES, I AM CONFIDENT THE SECOND NATIONAL CAR PROJECT WILL BE SUCCESSFUL, VERY SUCCESSFUL with the New and Incorruptible Government. It’s not the System or your Concept. It was the crooked Closest Aides who brought the scandals in every mega-project which have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU ! Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  251. Ramu Kumar Jul 17,2018 9:38 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Please do not be disheartened with public response. I feel most Malaysians are thinking about just another car instead of the benefits that the will follow from engineering skills, support services and marketing. Currently, we are not at par with Japan and Germany in automotive engineering but that does not mean we cannot in a few years.l live in Scotland and Korean cars are very popular now – they have caught up Japan and Germany in just a few years.

    We can jump start by making our second national car hybrid or electric or hydrogen powered or all three. In the West, most countries have decided to abandon diesel and internal combustion engines by 2030 and some as early as 2025. I am certain many established car manufacturers will consider Malaysia as a good manufacturing base for electric vehicles.

    Also, Dyson is established in our country and I heard they are looking into this area – could be mutually beneficial.

    Malaysians are well educated and skilled and we need a second national car for many good reasons – please do not give up.

  252. wanrifqy Jul 17,2018 8:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum WBT & Selamat Ulang Tahun kepada YAB Tun Dr. M

    Pada hari Isnin, 20 Julai 1981,
    sy telah lahir Ketika Tun menjawat Perdana Menteri Kali Pertama.

    Semasa sekolah saya amat mengagungkan wawasan 2020 dan tiada pemimpin negara lain di negara ini bagi saya dapat menggantikan kepimpinan Tun.

    20 Julai ini, genaplah saya 37 tahun, dalam keadaan Tun sekali lagi menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

    Izinkan saya sebagai rakyat marhaen memberikan pandangan.

    1) Saya faham Wawasan 2020 adalah satu wadah menjadikan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara berstatus Maju dan bagi memberikan maruah kepada Bangsa Malaysia.
    2) Mungkin tafsiran awal Negara Maju pada fikiran Tun adalah sebuah Negara yang mempunyai Industri Berat sendiri.
    3) Oleh yang demikian, pelbagai inisiatif telah dilakukan untuk mewujudkan dan menumbuhkan industri Berat di Malaysia.
    4) Maka banyak juga industri berasaskan pembuatan teknologi tinggi dan berat serta berasaskan semikonduktor telah diwujudkan.
    5) Sebenarnya peranan Tun bukan hanya terhenti kepada pembuatan Kereta Nasional iaitu kewujudan Proton semata-mata.
    6) Sebenarnya juga pengangkutan awam moden berasaskan sistem transit aliran ringan (LRT) telah pun dimulakan.
    7) Saya sendiri sebagai graduan bidang kejuruteraan dari universiti tempatan (yang juga telah diterajui oleh kepimpinan Tun) telah bekerja di bidang Semikonduktor
    8) Pernah juga saya bekerja di Sistem Pengangkutan Awam LRT (Sistem Putra LRT yang saya banggakan dulu)
    9) Saya juga ada berkawan dengan kakitangan pekerja Proton
    10) Ya, industri berat telah banyak… namun persoalannya, sejauh mana “STATUS KEMAJUAN” yang dikejar itu ianya benar-benar memberikan impak manfaat kepada KEBANYAKAN MAJORITI RAKYAT MALAYSIA?
    11) Mohon Maaf Tun, jawapan saya berdasarkan pengalaman jatuh bangun sendiri, berdasarkan pemerhatian, Rancangan Tun perlu satu Inovasi.
    12) Ya, menambah kenderaan di atas jalan raya, memang memberikan keuntungan kepada sebilangan PEMILIK-PEMILIK industri-industri berat yang memerlukan Economic Scale.
    13) Pada pandangan saya, dengan hanya menumpukan kepada pertumbuhan HANYA SESETENGAH rantaian industri sahaja (yang mempunyai risiko model perniagaan tersendiri) adalah tidak adil dan telahpun mewujudkan ketidakseimbangan ekonomi dalam bentuk yang lain pula, serta memberikan kesan persekitran yang lain juga.
    14) Lebih-lebih lagi jika perancangan yang KURANG ATAU TIDAK HOLISTIK (MENYELURUH) adalah ibarat meletakkan semua telur dalam satu bekas yang diletak diatas tanduk.
    15) Cukuplah dengan Pelancaran Proton sebagai percubaan pertama rancangan perniagaan berisiko tinggi yang mungkin falsafah atau makrifat penubuhannya tidak atau KURANG didukung atau difahami oleh sebilangan besar pengurusan eksekutif yang mungkin belum mencapai tahap kematangan pengurusan yang dijangkakan.
    16) Sudah tiba masanya, untuk melakukan Cara lain untuk melakukan sesuatu perkara YANG HEBAT.
    17) Terutamanya dalam keadaan kita perlu “Boot Strapping” tolonglah beringat dan perlu mendapatkan pandangan daripada golongan rakyat (idea perlu PRAKTIKAL DAN RELIABLE), terutamanya pada zaman K-ekonomi ini, banyak juga pakar yang boleh memberikan input membina kepada cadangan Tun itu.
    18) Pada tahun 1998, saya menjangkakan pada tahun 2020, MALAYSIA akan ada KERETA TERBANG. Berangan…..
    19) Namun begitu, pada tahun 2018, sedihnya yang teramat sangat, benda ringan seperti integrasi sistem Komuter dan RAPIDKL pun masih GAGAL nak nak laksanakan.
    20) Yang terkini MRT, Bagi saya sesuatu yang “SOMETHING WRONG”, TAK TAU APA YG HURU HARA SANGAT, tak tau apa yang tak kena dengan sistem MRT dari segi Sistem Tiket, sistem aduan Kaunter, KHidmat Pelanggan dan sebagainya. Bunyi pelaburan macam bilion-bilion jugak kan?
    22) Setahu saya dari tahun 2002 telah ada usaha untuk INTERGRASI SISTEM PENGANGKUTAN AWAM DI MALAYSIA.
    23) Malangnya, pada waktu ini, jika “kita”, yang bukan Ahli Yang Berhormat atau orang kaya atau bukan orang yang mendapat khidmat escort polis, jika nak menggunakan pengangkutan awam bandar, perlu menjadi NINJA, Buka Google Map, Buka MOOVIT, BUka Macam2 Applikasi, untuk mengatur perjalanan harian di bandar.
    24) Applikasi Journey Planner yang dibangunkan oleh Prasarana adalah amatlah TIDAK BERGUNA SANGAT.
    25) Akhirnya ramai juga yang mungkin MENYAMPAH nak guna rangkaian sistem pengangkutan awam bandar dan terpaksa mengharungi JEM SETIAP hari tidak kisahlah samada mereka nak memandu kereta TIN MILO ke atau kereta buatan plastik ke ataupun kereta batu permata.
    26) Dan membayar Tol, hari-hari…
    27) Tidak perlu belajar MBA di Oxford untuk rakyat biasa memahami teori perniagaan asas, iaitu Mewujudkan sebuah lagi industri pembuatan kereta memerlukan sejumlah modal yang besar dan meghadapi risiko perniagaan yang besar juga.
    28) Menyelaraskan, mengintegrasikan, mengharmonikan rangkaian sistem pengangkutan awam bandar moden juga menggunakan modal yang besar juga.
    29) Keuntungan hasil daripada kejayaan perusahaan kereta nasional, mungkin (past tense, telah) menguntungkan sesetengah pihak berkepentingan sahaja (ITU RAHSIA UMUM)
    30) Kejayaan peningkatan dan kelancaran mobiliti rentas bandar hasil daripada sistem rangkaian pengankutan awam bandar moden yang cekap, jimat masa, murah, mudah dan holistik pula membantu
    – MAJORITI rakyat penduduk bandar mengurangkan KOS SARA HIDUP dari segi KOS PERJALANAN BANDAR HARIAN
    – MAJORITI usahawan mikro, kecil sederhana yang penting usahawan TEMPATAN, tidak kira Melayu, Cina India dan Lain-lain Bangsa Malaysia, mendapat peningkatan limpahan tetap aliran penduduk ke kawasan perniagaan-perniagaan mereka yang mungkin sebelum ini nyawa-nyawa ikan akibat krisis ekonomi dan kebongokkan perancangan bandar oleh para PBT sedia ada.
    – Akan mewujudkan pelbagai jenis spektrum industri hiliran yang terjamin masa depannya kerana wujudnya pembangunan dan penyenggaraan sistem pengangkutan awam moden yang canggih dan memang memenuhi keperluan penduduk.
    31) Banyak Ulasan Kepustakaan (Literature review) yang mendapati penerapan sistem pengangkutan awam moden yang efektif boleh membantu mobiliti bandar yang lancar dan seterusnya memacu ekonomi setempat.
    32) Jika saya sebagai Perdana Menteri, saya akan arahkan semua menteri kabinet, untuk tinggalkan kereta di rumah dan menggunakan sistem pengangkutan awam untuk ke dewan Parlimen, kalau tak mampu 30 hari berturut-turut, cuba la gunakan sistem pengangkutan awam selama tiga hari berturut-turut.
    33) Tapi jangan pula satu gerabak penuh reporter, satu gerabak penuh bodyguard.
    34) Asas ketamadunan ialah sejauh mana sesuatu tamadun itu memberikan manfaat kepada Rakyatnya sendiri (bukan kepada pemilik-pemilik company gergasi), Seperti Tamadun indus terkenal dengan keperincian sistem jaringan jalan rayanya.
    35) Penduduk Malaysia pada waktu ini masih lagi pada sekitar kurang 32 juta orang, tak cukup prospek beli kete sendiri, seperti yang pernah ditulis oleh Tun dahulu, Malaysia perlu populasi 70 juta untuk economic selfsustained.
    36) Tun mungkin ada masa paling lama 2-3 tahun, pada generasi kami-kami dan yang seterusnya, mungkin sesetengah kami berpendapat, antara melabur duit yang banyak pada industri kereta yang kita tahu sangat kompetitif dan risiko tinggi, lebih baik kita labur duit untuk memberikan kemudahan dan menCANGGIH MANGGIH KAN SISTEM pengangkutan awam bandar moden dan re-jump start ekonomi setempat melalui kelancaran mobiliti bandar yang sangat membantu MAJORITI peniaga kecil dan setempat, di samping (mungkin kita boleh export kepakaran pembuatan tren ke luar negara)
    37) Melainkan jika kereta yang ingin dibuat tu ialah “Driverless”, menggunakan sistem LIDAR dan GIS, kecerdikan buatan dan penerapan teknologi 4G, mungkin lebih baik KERAJAAN MALAYSIA BAHARU MENGGUNAKAN DANA YANG ADA MENAMBAH BAIK dan REVOLUSI sistem pengangkutan awam sedia ada yang akan lebih dihargai dan disyukuri oleh MAJORITI RAKYAT MALAYSIA.

    Sebagai penutup, Kepada YAB Tun yang dikasihi,
    Dahulu saya pernah ingat, Tun pernah berkata, dengan kuasa yang Tun dapat sebagai perdana Menteri,
    maka akan dapat melakukan apa yang betul dan apa yang telah dirancangkan.

    Oleh yang demikian, setelah diberi peluang menjadi Perdana Menteri kali Kedua, Tolonglah terus bersemangat seperti mana yang “kami” pernah ingat dahulu,
    mohon janganlah merajuk, kami rakyat yang serba tidak berkemampuan ni tak reti nak memujuk.


    Ikhlas dari rakyat marhaen dan aktivis Public Transport.

    p/s: Mohon semak Pejabat Jabatan Perdana Menteri, saya telah kirimkan melalui email, kertas cadangan yang mungkin jika tidak banyak sedikit boleh membantu pentadbiran Tun.


  253. balance Jul 17,2018 8:31 PM


    If you are so gungho about national car, please use your own money or your children money or other investors money. The public cannot afford your games and hobby. How and why manufacturing a car be a national pride?

  254. faizikhwantop Jul 17,2018 7:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum and good afternoon Tun. My name is Faiz, computer science student from UiTM. I have some opinion for the second national car. I think we should do autonomous vehicle not a normal car. As we know, UiTM already has launched their own autonomous car. So we could focused on autonomous vehicles compared to normal car.

    Since it is industry 4.0 era, we also need to focus more on industrial technology.

  255. zahar Jul 17,2018 5:05 PM

    Assalammualaikum wbt,

    Tun, saya menyokong penuh cadangan kereta nasional dan amat berharap pemilihan mereka untuk mengepalai projek ini dibuat dengan teliti dan bukan dari kalangan orang yang tamak, otak sempit, bodoh sombong, nak kaya sendiri dan menolak kepentingan negara.

    Mana mana negara, bila mana ada projek baru, ada saja yang hendak dibangkang….

    Kalau nak ikut kata mereka yang syok membangkang, mungkin Taj Mahal tak wujud hari ini..

    Fikir fikir lah masa hadapan….

  256. mubarakchan Jul 17,2018 4:31 PM


    Of course as a Democracy, all citizens are permitted to have their say with the facts and even emotions or hearsay from fake news. With a New and Incorruptible Government to launch the Second National Car Project is the most ideal thing to do as propounded by a genius with a fertile mind. Why/

    1. The thousands of the unemployed young Rakyat will be employed all round sooner rather than later.
    2. The supportive industries on the Second National Car Project will in themselves become stronger and enhanced through mutual support.
    3. The fall out effect on the Second Hand car industries is unfathomable. Again providing more employment.
    4. The market is out there with rising living standards in ASEAN and Asia. As it is, Malaysia only sells unmanufactured products and others. No high value cars are included. In terms of productivity, these exports are much less than a motorcar with a much higher value.
    5. In fact your brilliant idea of the Proton gave rise partially to the 10 Million Middle Income Malays 1981-2003 from zero base in 1981. These Malays in turn supported the Chinese and Indians through their purchases of the latters’ goods and services. Hence we have 9 May 2028 today.
    6. History will show that it was the CLOSEST AIDES WHO LET YOU DOWN BY CROSSING THE RED LINE except for ONE ! The Tribe should be extinct this time round, Tun !
    7. There is NO PLACE FOR A CORRUPT CULTURE IN A MANUFACTURING FACILITY because the whole World are super-competitive for quality and prices. NO MORE CLOSEST AIDES TO MESS THINGS UP BIG TIME, Tun !
    8. Once the Second National Car Project is up and running, it is easy to manage to make it profitable. This is the reason why every country embarks on manufacturing. In Malaysia’s case, it was the CLOSEST AIDES WHO KNEW NUTS, not you Tun. It was the huge waste of Rakyat’s money.
    9. With the technology to make the engine, Malaysia has the freedom without any more hindrance in industrialization. Many other industries will prosper, banks, trading services, light engineering, etc.
    10. Perwaja may be revived to supply steel for cars, and ships for the Region. Or Bakun to supply power to Indonesia as well. Your ideas were and are brilliant and not out-dated or half-past six like the naysayers.
    11. IF EU DOES NOT WANT US TO CUT DOWN THE TREES THEN HELP US TO BUILD FACTORIES TO SELL TO EU WITH THE MARKETS. Sounds good Tun. Instead of decades of begging for them to open their doors to our palm oil etc.
    12. FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME TUN, YOUR NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT OF THE OLD AND THE YOUNG, THE GOOD AND THE GREAT IS PERFECTLY IDEAL TO LAUNCH THE SECOND NATIONAL CAR PROJECT which will be your FINEST HOUR AGAIN. Really, no naysayers understand how your brilliant mind works Tun as they are all in the basement and you on the 88 Floor ! I forgot all about the Second Coming of the Proton until you went to Japan and Indonesia. Do not give up on the Proposal for our beloved Malaysia, Tun. IT IS VERY GOOD FOR THE RAKYAT NOT ONLY OF INDONESIA AND MALAYSIA BUT THE REGION AS WELL. In time it should be organised like the Airbus with every ASEAN country having a bite at Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Cake for the Rakyat. The Project is feasible and vialbe Tun even in our friend’s SINGAPORE ! For the Rakyat’s Interest, why not Tun ? Malaysia Boleh !

  257. Fariq Islam Jul 17,2018 4:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Janganlah berputus asa kerana tiadanya kereta nasional yang boleh dibangga-banggakan dalam pada usaha mengecapi Negara kaya, selaras dengan Wawasan 2020.

    Rakyat tetap bersama Tun. Rakyat menaruh-yakin pada Tun, membawa Malaysia ke tahap pencapaian yang lebih tinggi.

    Alangkah baiknya kalau Tun tidak bersara pada 16 tahun yang lalu! Malaysia kini tak usah menanggung hutang berat, Rakyat tak perlu risau dengan kos hidup tinggi dan Rakyat berbilang kaum hidup bagaikan abang adik di atas bumi bertuah ini!

  258. Jinger Satuh Jul 17,2018 4:13 PM

    Salah satu masalah utama diMalaysia sekarang ialah etika kerja yang teruk. Semuanya nak kerja ofis 9-5, 5 hari seminggu & gaji tinggi. Mana nak cari hard worker seperti Tun M sekarang.
    Rasanya tak perlulah kita berfikir macam mana nak buat kerreta sendiri…yang penting kita perlu ubah etika kerja rakyat Malaysia secara keseluruhannya.
    Kalau Tun M boleh berbuat sesuatu dan menyelesaikan masalah etika kerja rakyat Malaysia, potensi industri kereta & perniagaan lain untuk muncul, berkembabg & berjaya dimata dunia boleh menjadi kenyataan.

  259. Fariq Islam Jul 17,2018 4:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Bukan Rakyat tak nak kereta nasional, tapi Rakyat takut dengan apa yang akan berlaku dengan projek kereta nasional, iaitu
    1 Cukai tinggi dikenakan ke atas kereta diimport;
    2 Rakyat tak lagi mampu beli kereta yang kualiti lebih terjamin;
    3 Rakyat terpaksa beli kereta nasional di mana kos penyelenggaraan jauh lebih tinggi;
    4 Pasaran Malaysia tidak memadai untuk menguntungkan bisnes kereta nasional. Kerajaan terpaksa menanggung rugi berbilion-bilion.

    Namun, Proton tetap kereta nasional kita, di mana kita masih memegang saham melebihi 50%. Kenalah kita mengembalikan zaman kegemilangan Proton!

    Pada peringkat permulaan Proton diperkenalkan, kita berjaya mendapat pasaran bagus. Kenapa? Kita memakai injin Mitsubishi yang lebih baik dari segi kualiti dan kelasakan. Strategi itu penting bagi menjamin kejayaan.

  260. homer Jul 17,2018 3:23 PM

    Salam sejahtera Tun. I am here reading your penned thoughts fir the first time. It is good to see you back in office.

    Firstly, a policy paper on The Hydrogen Economy was written by 3 professors for the Govt sometime back. I met one of the originating writers some 10years ago.

    Secondly, a new national car, to me, has to have a strategy and execution that envelopes current global automotive currents, through to long term objectives, INTEGRATED with a new national ENERGY policy and impetus.

    I for one am under no illussions that a change of Govt means that the system has changed. Old processes and SOP of embracing change leave much to be desired when the old/existing systems are entrenched to protect the incumbent order.

    If a new national car means we are going to establish another Proton with our well known culture, then I would agree with the bulk of public sentiment that we dont bother. Why ? Its simplistic. Other makers can make existing cars cheaper, whatever the games played with quality.

    If, however, a new national (or ASEAN car) means the emergence of EV (Electric Vehicle) and i do not limit it to cars only, then, i for one, will gladly come out of semi retirement, to help whatever is needed towards fulfillment of delivery.

    With EVs, the associated industries of Renewable Energy, Hydrogen (Carrier) Energy, Carbon Emissions reduction, Power Generation to name a handful will go hand-in-hand. In fact, Energy Production should precede EV advents.

    I am perhaps misinformed, that the Govt concerns are whether Private Funding would be interested. I would convey that it is a matter of least concern from commercial consideration perspective.

    I would also convey that a new national car should look at EV, EV + H2FC, H2FC and H2ICE.

    H2FC, Hydrogen Fuel Cell
    H2ICE Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine

    I would suggest that such considerations be looked at WITHIN the larger ambit of ENERGY evolution.

    How things are delivered are always bound by economic considerations. Some things miraculously, do come with very high economic impact, if not for the defensive behaviours of incumbent economic order.

    Matters are not as gloomy as you may have been misled to believe. Its simply a matter of how the Govt can accomodate a Private Sector’s loss of faith.

    I am not referring to incumbent Private Sector elements.

    I hope matters will improve, for the nation’s sake.

  261. mubarakchan Jul 17,2018 3:19 PM


    Until today I did not realise there were so many emotional comments on the Second National Car Project which I fully and strongly support in the National Interest and in our arduous journey towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan, if we HAVE the technology to build the engine which governs further development and marketing. To source this deficiency, the Second National Car Project may employ Advisers from Japan, Germany, France or Britain who are experts in motorcar engine building. Marketing is another serious field in motorcar manufacturing. I AM CERTAIN OF THE SUCCESS OF THE SECOND CAR PROJECT because I spent 9 years of my life turning round the BIGGEST CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY IN THE 1970s, Folex Industries Berhad which was FINANCED BY MIDF, HSBC, STANDARD CHARTERED, UMBC, BANGKOK BANK AND MOSCOW NARODNY. A textile factory made bankrupt by its founder, the Crocodile Shirt owner. You may remember too that in 1984, Tan Sri Syed Kechik with Tan Sri Chong Kok Lim and Dato Wong Kee Tat were the new investors who changed the name to Sri Hartamas. I could make Millions of ringgits from 1975-1984 without a single sen from the MIDF Consortium. My salary was RM 7,000 per month, not RM 30,000 or RM 100,000 a day which the crooks pay themselves these days. For the Second National Car to be successful, none of the following nonsense should be permitted by those in command eg. the wanton purchase of motorcar accessories like wheel rims, radios, and many others and the sale of the factory waste which turned factory hands into multi-millionaires owning acres in Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur ! This is a fact. And sadly, in 1992, the Principal in an unguarded moment after a fine repast in Singapore let slipped and told me that their technology on the making of the motorcar engine will never be revealed to Malaysia. In fact his comment was more personal. But this time round, IF THE TECHNOLOGY OF MAKING THE ENGINE EITHER FROM JAPAN OR ELSEWHERE IS IN HAND, I STRONGLY AND FULLY SUPPORT THE SECOND NATIONAL CAR PROJECT because YOU WERE RIGHT IN THE FIRST NATIONAL CAR PROJECT FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS :-
    1. It is easy to make a motorcar which requires all manner of supportive industries. Both provide employment to the Rakyat in mass terms.
    2. Manufacturing of motorcars is a must for a Nation’s upwards trajectory to industrialization, not FTZs etc.
    3. The Second National Car Project is very good for the Malays, Chinese, Indians and others which actually was shown but SCREWED UP BIG TIME BY YOUR CLOSEST AIDES WHO COLLECTED STRADIVARIUS VIOLINS AND BANKS DOWN TO THOSE IN CHARGE OF BUYING WHEEL RIMS, RADIOS, PLASTIC SHIELDS, AND SELLING WASTES. Please do not permit them to return again, Tun.
    4. YOUR FIRST NATIONAL CAR PROJECT PROTON WAS AND IS THE FINEST IDEA IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST – more so than all the other Projects which you have engendered. Why ? Because if properly managed by the closest aides and giving you the REAL INFORMATION, the Proton with the ability to make its own engine, would have been your finest achievement. As it is. hundreds of thousands of Malaysians benefitted.
    5. What do the present naysayers know ? THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE MEANING OF YOUR BRILLIANT CONCEPT, FIRST THE PROTON AND NOW THE SECOND NATIONAL CAR PROJECT WHICH WILL BOOST OUR JOURNEY TO THE MOON AND THE STARS. Why can I say this ? To this very day, I consider myself with my successful record with Folex Industries Berhand 1975-1984, the only TRUE INDUSTRIALIST in Malaysia. Strangely, this information was suppressed maybe through jealous or self-interest. The smartest Chinamen, the Shanghainese say that those who master the manufacturing of textiles can do any other business. When I was requested to take on the Folex Bankruptcy job which was touted as a SURE DIE JOB, it was expected that I would run away like the other Managing Directors after 2 weeks but I stayed on for 9 years being paid RM 7,000 per month and made MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF RINGGITS for the MIDF Consortium. At the end, the MIDF Consortium just took back their money and left as though nothing had happened. There was no reward of any kind. The reason given by MIDF, was that I was a RICH MAN’S SON AND A DOCTOR AS WELL !
    6. When you admitted you made some mistakes, I believe you because in 2011, I found out that you were not interested in Politics anymore and also Tun Siti Hasmah would not permit. I was very disturbed and upset at what information came to me then. AND YOU BRILLIANTLY AND COURAGEIOUSLY AGAINST ALL ODDS CAME OUT TO SAVE ALL OUR LIVES IN BELOVED MALAYSIA. Without you, it was a sure die situation for ALL OF US AND OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. You can only be really telling the Truth truly and sincerely.

    Yes Tun ! I am with you 100% if there is know-how to build the engine which governs future development and marketing. IT IS IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST AND WILL UPLIFT THE LIVELIHOOD OF THE RAKYAT ALL ROUND. IT IS YOUR BEST AND BRILLIANT IDEA. AND THE LIGHTNING DOES NOT STRIKE TWICE BUT ONLY FOR YOU TUN. AND I AM CERTAIN JAPAN WILL HELP US TRULY AND SINCERELY THROUGH YOUR AUDACITY TO DO THINGS IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST AS PRODUCED FROM YOUR BRILLIANT AND FERTILE MIND. And our partner Indonesia is another great friend and partner. WE SHOULD GET STARTED IF WE HAVE THE TECH-KNOW HOW. The Market is out there, only the means to know how to make the motor engine, Our Rakyat is waiting for their due desserts to be served !I AM CERTAIN JAPAN WILL DO THE NEEDFUL THIS TIME. It’s going to be a great success Tun. NO MORE CLOSEST AIDES TO MAKE THEMSELVES MIGHTY RICH THIS TIME ROUND TUN ! To quote Franklin D Roosevelt. ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’. Remember those lonely nights when you were a houseman, Tun ! Malaysia Boleh !

  262. tokai Jul 17,2018 2:37 PM

    Lebih baik beli JENAMA kereta drp EROPAH yg telah BANGKRAP, lebih mudah utk diMAJUkan,berbanding buat JENAMA kereta yg BARU, lebih SUKAR utk DIJUAL.

  263. Fender Jul 17,2018 12:46 PM

    We should forget about the national car project. After the PROTON saga, as consumer I find myself being short changed with car of lousy quality and Proton cars are no good value with lower specs and poor quality.
    We are punished for buying cars of other brands by paying more. And these brands have to lower their specs by using poorer quality local parts and keeping prices acceptable to local market.
    There is no point having a national car by protectionism which in turn discourages or slows down innovation and competitiveness.
    Malaysia can be a developed country by venturing into high tech, other innovative industries. We need more knowledge workers and our education system is not producing enough or even the right kind. We fail till now because we don’t value talents and import good foreign designers to kick start our car industry. No point in having so many cut and paste engineers.
    So we should go back to the drawing board to ask ourselves why we fail despite spending billions in sending so many to higher institutions of learning overseas and local for so many decadesm Otherwise, we fail again without meritocracy. If we don’t change our mind set starting from Tun, we fail again. And this is an accurate prediction. The key is in the people of the right kind.

  264. Diss-illusions Jul 17,2018 11:40 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Happy 93rd Birthday..

    I don’t think you should be sad about this development. We have seen how Proton evolved and how fast the global automotive companies have evolved too. The success of the Korean automakers have been its willingness to open up to foreign talents but this is only to expedite the development of the company.

    Still, despite the success of the Koreans, we don’t hear much of the vendors that support the growth. I believe here in lies the downfall of Proton. Its need to support the vendor system which, for the most part, have not been met with an entirely committed vendors that are willing to weather through the struggles of Proton. Inadvertently, it have left your national car dreams in tatters.

    Don’t blame the consumers or the people for being negative as many have been left with the short end of the stick via their ownership experience of owning a Proton. I’m sure the past management too have been frustrated given their tireless efforts to turn things around.

    I believe many still root for you to lead the country but they’ve also become more discerning thanks to the past govt’s growth policies. Along with that development, their expectations have increased too which is why you get to be PM the 2nd time.

    Would we be farmers or fishermen without a national car? I believe the economy of the future needs to be knowledge-based and requires innovation in order for income to grow. I also believe the Malaysia Boleh spirit that you imbue in us would continue to see Malaysians achieving many successes that we aspire.

    Aren’t there any other high tech manufacturing?

    Yes.. We have quite a presence in Aerospace Engineering and I believe this should be pursued so as to tap the growth in travels as archipelagos like Indonesia or the Philippines or even the ASEAN region itself would grow and see demand for air travel increase over time.

  265. Malaysia_Gurdian Jul 17,2018 11:31 AM

    Selamat Pagi Tun M,

    Pandangan saya seperti berikut:-

    Bukan Kita rakyat Malaysia tak nak beli atau pun tak sokong Kerata National (Proton).

    Sebab-sebabnya, harga export proton mudah dengan High Spec tetapi proton local yang kita beli Low Spec, Kenapa? Kenapa proton local ada banyak sangat Spec? 1-2 spec dah cukuplah.

    Kenapa lepas beli Proton Local masih kena balik ke Proton Authorised Dealer untuk baiki atau pun tukar benda-benda spare-parts? National Car bagi saya, ia sepatutunya mana-mana pun kedai baiki kereta dapat peruntukan spare-part. Harga spare-parts pun sangat mahal.

    Bila order Proton Car baru, kenapa kena tunggu sebanyak 6-12 bulan? Penjual kereta (Proton Dealar) masih tidur ke? tak tahu sama ada cukup tak cukup bagi Rakyat Malaysia semasa buat order? Sebagai Proton Salesman yang sah, mestilah buat pengesahan dengan HQ Stock availability sebelum ambil order…

    Kenapa tak boleh pakai Bank lain semasa ambil Loan yang dapat bagi Loan Interest yang rendah?

    Kenapa Proton tak keluarkan Kereta Electrik?

    Kenapa Kerajaan Malaysia tak bagi sokongan penuh kepada Pihak Investor untuk invest Kereta eletrick plant kat Malaysia?

    Kalau adanya National Proton Kereta electrick, rakyat Malaysia tidak akan bising tentang Harga Petrol, harga sayur dan facility hari-harian akan semakin rendah. Lagi satu, Harga eletrik(Tenaga National) mesti dikawal degan undang-undang.

    Dengan ini, Rakyat Malaysia akan jimat banyak wang saku bagi anak-anak mereka.

    Dalam Era 2018 baru ini, saya ada imipian Malaysia boleh bagi buntuan untuk Green environment project (Solar-eletrcik untuk Townhouses, Apartment Root Top macam Singapore HDB , project pertuntukan solar-eletrick bagi Kebun Owner

    Malaysia bukan tak ada harapan untuk jadi Negara Yang Maju. Dulu Malaysian banyak buta-hurut dan kecil hati, sekarang sebanyak 65% orang Malaysia sekurang-kurangnya belajar sampai SPM dan sudah ada hati Democratics.

    Cadangan saya, tubuhkan Kelab Kongsi-idea (Talent Acquisition Hub) bagi mencari mana-man orang Malaysia yang pandai dalam Investment, Creativity dan sebagainya. Bagi mereka chance atau platform untuk tunjukan ability mereka.

    Semoga Tun M Semangat Selalu Dan Sihat.

  266. mohdzuki Jul 17,2018 11:27 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Probably, venturing into “Rail Technology” can be another alternative. A lot of engineers from many engineering disciplines and graduates from arts (design) also can get involved in the project. Graduates from arts and mechanical engineers can design and develop the train components (coaches – external and interior, locomotives, tracks, etc). Electrical engineers can contribute towards electrical motor design and development. Electronic, instrumentation and communications engineers and (computer scientists) can develop control (for stability) and signalling systems and (databases) using computers (microprocessors and micro-controllers). Civil engineers can be engaged to design, construct and maintain the railway track suitable for high speed. Even chemical engineers can be hired for coming up with rustproofing and paint technology, etc. The list is not exhaustive. The whole Malaysia would then become networked by this efficient transport system.

  267. Mr H Jul 17,2018 11:23 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun

    This is the first time I write in your blog and I am writing this to give my thoughts before you make the decision to embark on your vision of 2nd National Car. I’ve been in the auto industry initially as an auto analyst and eventually became a practitioner with my last position as a leader in running a few auto franchises in Malaysia. So I think I am in a position to advise and my only hope is that you are prepared of the challenge you are about to take on which is going to need a substantial amount of money (in the face of Malaysia’s depleting budget); and it will not guarantee you success.

    I will be as concise as possible as I can write a full report on this idea, so I hope that if you are interested to spare a few minutes reading, please seek the experts in the industry to know more about the challenges.

    1) If we want to make this National Car a success, the car MUST have the quality equivalent to compete with our competitors within the same segment. This is a prerequisite of sustaining the business. Quality is a formula that you can build on to promote and strengthen your brand. Quality enables you to retain your customers. Quality ensures that your customers become your brand ambassadors. These are the reasons why Proton fails and a venture with a Chinese auto company is not going to succeed. In my view, it is only a way to have a hope for success. Chinese company will take perhaps more than 10 years to succeed in markets outside of their hometown – because of QUALITY and the stigma that it embeds on your brand. To remove this will take a long time and money.

    2) To have quality, you need to invest in R&D on the model which primarily will be the vehicle chassis and its power-train. There is no short-cut to this, you either invest on your own or choose a partner to develop this. This will run into billions. In order to profit from this, it will boil down to the amount of unit sales you can generate and it has to be nothing less than a million unit, which means share in foreign markets. All this will cost billions in R&D, marketing and acquisitions costs.

    3) Please have the right people to take you on this journey because if you want to succeed, there is no short cut and you have to go all they way ie. prepared to spend billions to market the billions you spend on R&D. Hyundai and Kia sold about 7.3m units last year. Since they started about the same time as Proton, please ask them how much they have spent, the losses they had to absorb and the challenges that they went through to reach current level. Proton fails because I don’t think they ever had the vision to be at the level of that of the Koreans. They failed because they are not prepared to spend to produce quality vehicles that can compete, hence they know that they will not succeed in the export market.

    Before you embark on this Project, please have a strong team to provide you with a detailed report and a budget so that you and your cabinet knows what we are are getting ourselves into. This Project can only be a government initiative. No private company has the capacity to do this given the required funding and its also not bankable.

    If your vision is to spur Malaysians to have more engineering companies, there are many viable ways to do this and there are already good local companies around. There are also govt. agencies and universities which are in dire need of assistance for research funding and guidance to help them commercialise their products. Thank you for allowing us to be frank so that we can give a constructive feedback for the benefit of the country. I think this is what the country needs now more than ever to move on to becoming a great country blessed with numerous natural resources. Salam

  268. ramlan6260 Jul 17,2018 11:03 AM

    To begin an automotive industry from scratch is possible but the first consideration is its viability based the economies of scale. YAB has addressed this by mooting the idea with HE the President of the Indonesian Republic as Indonesia has a 200+ million potential client base versus a 30+ million base in Malaysia. The next step is to identify and assemble a professional team who can come up with a viable business plan based on the 6Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, and Processes & Systems). This means if the government wants to proceed to do the automotive industry again it needs to done professionally learning from the mistakes of the past with PROTON. PROTON’s achilles heel was it could just produce cars but not cars of high and export quality. Contrast to South Korea that makes cars initially for local market but today is able to sell them globally..

  269. Melvin Jul 17,2018 10:36 AM

    Tun, your vision is true and can be done.

  270. huda Jul 17,2018 10:27 AM

    Assalammualaikum Tun

    Saya sokong jika ada usaha untuk mewujudkan kembali kereta nasional. Jika boleh kembalikan Proton kepada Malaysia :).

    Tetapi rakyat Malaysia tidak seperti di Korea dan Jepun yang begitu menyanjungi barang keluaran negara mereka.

    Di Malaysia memiliki produk luar merupakan satu kebanggaan. Biarpun hutang keliling pingang.

    Lebih memburukkan keadaan corak politik di Malaysia. Jika kerajaan mengeluarkan sesuatu produk atau perkhidmatan, pihak pembangkang memainkan peranan dengan mempelekehkannya.

    Proton merupakan modal politik pembangkang dahulu. Hal ini berlaku semasa Tun menjadi Perdana Menteri ke4 lagi.

    Proton sudah lama mengatasi masalah power window nya.Terapi hal ini masih disebut-sebut.

    Mungkin perlu wujudkan kembali kempen mencintai barangan Malaysia.

  271. jamespisgah Jul 17,2018 9:53 AM

    Dear Tun.,

    Looks like you are clearly frustrated about the National car which was clearly a mistake on your part when you do not use the best of brain power and manpower irregardless of race and religion in your previous attempt at the National car. Your competitor is the World class and not just in Malaysia.

    It is my guess that your first decision have squandered public funds probably as much as the 1MDB has done to the public. So please do understand our frustration here too.

    Why not ask the private sector to venture into something like this that the country as a whole can support through its laws and regulation? Or even better if your own conviction is so strong ask your own kids to go out on their own into such a private venture but do not use the public funds?

    I thought you are matured enough as to not use derogatory childish remarks like “..menjadi negara pengguna, negara penanam padi, pemancing ikan” on your fellow Malaysians.

  272. liabakar Jul 17,2018 9:44 AM

    Assalamualaikum Daddy,

    You are that visionaire that many have to keep up with. We love your ideas, but we are so afraid that once you are no longer in power, things will be sold again, without remorse, and without check and balance. Siapa tak mahu jadi negara maju? Kami mahu.
    I worked with Japanese company before, I know how they work. I know their Ethics, thus they are so advanced even in ethics and morale, not even eurpoeans can challenge the japanese when it comes to honour and their inner spirits to be the best.

    Tapi Daddy, please dont give up. Alot of us, Malaysians need some education. Its not the ABC education this time, its the MENTALITY education.
    Yang tak de duit beli kereta jepun, yang ada duit beli kereta Jerman. And fyi, me being a middle class malay myself, I dont drive neither Japanese nor Jerman, I drive a Perdana, made in malaysia, and I am happy though some made fun of me, saying I should own a Mercedes by now, kenapa tak mau beli?

    We, The rakyat needs a little push, and above all : MOTIVATION. What Najib had done, simply have deteriorated Malaysian government’s image and we lost faith, literally ZERO faith. Its been years… and the phobia is still there, mind you.
    I was hired in Pengerang Johor, under Toyo Engineering (a giant Japanese construction company), and Petronas portion in Pengerang have been sold half to Pak Arab. We, as malaysians, feel so dissappointed. Apa yg tak dijual? Maruah kami pun habis akan dijual jika dia tak kalah dalam PRU hari tu. This is phobia we had.Bila kerajaan buat sesuka hati, we are clueless.

    Sabar Daddy…I can hear your sadness in your writing…. We can educate the Rakyat again… we need time. Its like all of us have been through war, and everyone is all battered and bruised, penat lelah belum hilang lagi.

    You can try this idea once again in a different note, and with more motivations (ramai rakyat nak tahu: Kenapa Tun nak buat kereta Nasional baru? Most of them dont see your vision, so you need to tell them what is in your mind… mcm cakap dengan orang kampung pasal 1MDB hari tu kan…. This time cakap pasal Proton 2.0 in a layman’s term, so orang kampung paham…Tin Milo pun Tin Milo la…yang penting rakyat paham your vision).

    You can do it Dad… proud to have you in our Country!

  273. milshah Jul 17,2018 9:36 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Tulisan Tun ada sedikit rasa kecewa dengan segelintir rakyat Malaysia. Saya harap Tun tidaklah ambil hati dengan mereka. Mereka berkata demikian menurut persepsi dan akal fikiran mereka yang mungkin tidak sampai ke tahap pemikiran Tun.

    Sebagai ketua kerajaan, Tun perlu memberi kepimpinan untuk membuat sesuatu yang baik untuk negara, bukannya ikut sahaja kata-kata setengah rakyat. Sebab itulah Tun menjadi Perdana Menteri, untuk memimpin rakyat ke arah Malaysia yang gemilang dan terbilang.

    Lagipun Tun telah pun berkata kereta nasional ke-2 ini adalah guna duit swasta, bukannya duit kerajaan. Jadi apa masalahnya?

    Saya harap Tun teruskan projek kereta nasional ke-2 ini. Kalau boleh, saya sukakan kereta-kereta berengin turbo, sebab saya suka perfomance car.

    Saya memiliki kereta Honda Accord, dan saya difahamkan rekabentuk kereta ini meniru kereta BMW, tetapi pada harga jauh lebih murah. Jadi mungkin ‘business model’ kereta nasional ke-2 ini, memiliki ciri-ciri kereta BMW dan Mercedez tetapi pada harga yang jauh lebih murah. Konsepnya sama macam Airasia, dimana taglinenya “Now everyone can fly” tetapi sekarang kita buat “Now everyone can drive”.

    Kepada yang tidak setuju, berilah hujah-hujah kamu, dan tidak mengatakan tidak suka semata-mata. Kerajaan akan menilai hujah-hujah ini, dan lihat kebaikan dan keburukan mengadakan kereta nasional ke-2, sebelum membuat keputusan muktamad, pilihan manakah yang terbaik untuk negara.

  274. kongjai Jul 17,2018 9:26 AM

    Salam Tun M,

    Kereta nasional pertama pada tahun 1985 sampai sekarang dah capai hampir 33 tahun lebih, kalau nak maju dah lama sudah kita berjaya. Mungkin Tun M boleh komen sikit berapa lama kita nak tunggu lagi? Sekian Terima Kasih.

  275. Aktivis Islam Jul 17,2018 9:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya ada sikit pesanan buat Tun selaku pm. kami AMANAH tun utk mentadbir negara, matlamat kena ikut kemahuan dan wawasan rakyat majoriti bkn seorg individu bergelar pm. Relevan atau tak wawasan 2020 skrg ni tak penting bg kami, tp lebih pada milestone Tun.. harap Tun peka tggjwbdan amanah ni… tiada saya dalam negara, hanya ada rakyat.
    Jazakumullahu khair

  276. Afeeq.Fadh Jul 17,2018 9:08 AM

    Dear Tun,

    I am entirely NOT against your idea of setting up another national car company. In fact, I myself am trying to set up a car brand of my own using my ideas and principles in life.

    HOWEVER, I think it would be best to recover the current situation first before we even start talking about such things. I mean currently, foreign investors have little confidence towards the new government’s policies so shouldn’t you be thinking about attracting investors first? Yes, we can argue both ways and it’s very much a “chicken and egg” or “dogs and tails” thing, but having a strong foundation first would be best. Wouldn’t it?

    Of course, who am I to talk deeply about the economy when you yourself have been deeply involved since before I was born. I am glad though to be able to voice my opinion and I do hope that you’d listen to some of my rationales.


  277. mubarakchan Jul 17,2018 8:43 AM


    I am for the National Car Project with Indonesia if we have the technology of making the motorcar engine like mixing the right alloys etc. Industrialization of Taiwan and South Korea were achieved first by tourism, light manufacturing like textiles, small arms and motorcar. These countries are glittering examples of how to achieve industrial status through the classical way. In 1972. a retired British Leyland engineer was despatched to South Korea to teach the Koreans how to build a motorcar engine in appreciation of the country’s efforts in the Korean War 1952-1954. I am certain this time round the technology to build the engine which governs future development and marketing is in hand, the National Car will be a resounding success. This time it is good to have a Principal who will make the National Car a great success. In manufacturing, there are no margins for error or inefficiency and no room for ambitious people who want to own banks and collect Stradivarius violins at US$ 4 Million a piece. Malaysia Boleh Tun !

  278. jaingsoo Jul 17,2018 8:38 AM

    Salam Tun.

    On the contrary, i totally agree to our very own national car. At that time, Proton should have or would have gone to a higher level with proper management.

    Having our own automotive industry would help our national economy, our future generations to come.

    Hope this dream will come true!

  279. saniz Jul 17,2018 8:11 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Semoga Tun diberikan rahmat dan kesejahteraan setiap masa. Saya melalui zaman kejuruteraan dasar pandang ke timur cuma tidak berpeluang belajar di jepun ataupun Korea. Saya sangat setuju bila Tun cadang untuk wujud NEW NATIONAL CAR. Ramai tidak tahu kesan wujud sesuatu industri kecuali orang yang belajar bidang tersebut. Tidak boleh menyalahkan mereka. Di manakah anak bangsa malaysia jika ramai yang belajar kejuruteraan tidak dapat kerja dalam bidang tersebut? Tun, jangan biar anak bangsa malaysia melalui seperti kerajaan sebelum ini yg terpaksa tunduk kepada CHINA sehinggakan semua tenaga kerja dibawa masuk untuk melaksana projek kereta api moden di malaysia. Negara rugi kerana lulusan kejuruteraan tidak dapat peluang tersebut. Saya lulusan kejuruteraan, saya tahu bagaimana perit jika tiada peluang sehingga kita terpaksa kerja lain dari bidang yg kita minat. Tun, ada ketika pandangan rakyat perlu, ada ketika pandangan Tun dan barisan kepimpinan yang ada mengatasi pandangan rakyat kerana akses kepada maklumat tidak sama. Sebagai contoh pembuat aircond proton jenama PATCO, sekarang dah lenyap, sedangkan majoriti pekerja adalah lulusan uitm. Dimana staff mereka ketika ini? Sangat sedih. Tun, saya tetap menyokong idea yg Tun cadang, teruskan!

  280. Sri Sense Jul 17,2018 7:58 AM

    Salam Tun

    The problem with product PROTON is image problem, poor quality parts such as the infamous power-window winder woes etc etc For example, Honda or Toyota product recalls people viewed that as a safety measure or an expensive affair the company willing to sacrifice for customers, but PROTON product recalls people viewed that as a product of no quality, bikin susah customers.

    If you can correct the mistakes, your new car idea, is not an issue.

    Every business or product needs promotion for reaching out to the target audience. Since advertising doesn’t always work, the first challenge is to maximize the chances of getting productive campaigns.

  281. joedpa82 Jul 17,2018 7:30 AM

    Salam sejahtera.

    Rakyat Malaysia bukan tak nak kereta nasional kedua tetapi rakyat tak nak projek tu gunakan duit kerajaan.

    Kalau swasta 100% tak ada masalah.

    Tetapi dengan undang-undang Draconian termasuk dengan cukai import kenderaan malaun ini pasti akan melumpuhkan aspirasi.

    Relax the laws regarding custom cars and I’m sure we can have micro automotive industries which can propel Malaysian made cars.

    Do you know the hurdle a person has to go through if he wants to create a car company with no angel investors?

    I had a few ideas that I had to canned just because it is much easier not to do it rather than doing it?

    So before you say Malaysian do not want a second national car, how about you create a poll. We’re in the digital age. Use it.

    Be concise and precise. You’ll be surprised by what Malaysians really think.

  282. RameshGanapathy Jul 17,2018 6:31 AM

    Dear Dr M,
    I believe we can be a great technical country and producing a national cat that challenges the current behemoths of the industry is not impossible.

    We need to grow such technologies organically, have a national automotive and technical dna.

    Are the best technical minds being collected to get this done or quill it be business people with bottom lines driving this?

    I would personally love to start a small automotive corporation in Malaysia that starts with building elect ic vehicle motors and batteries before taking on building better electric cars but would i have roadblocks thrown my way for being the wrong ethnic background.

    I’ve trained engineers from every race and made great engineers out of fresh local talent. My only challenges along the way have been racism and corruption.

    It doesn’t have to be me anyway but the problem with entepreneurial engineering mediocrity in Malaysia is that the best minds are stifled and the best intentions crushed.

    You’ve brought a possibility of hope but the social order is not completely ready to keep pace with your vision. I pray you succeed

  283. ngjkro Jul 17,2018 6:13 AM

    Morning Tun, first of all very much thank you for leading PH to materialise the 1st time changing of rulling party in our country, without you it might take another 10 to 20 yr. I strongly agree that a national car project bring alot of benefit to Nation. However, does not mean that having our own national car is the only way to achieve the target of becomimg developed country. Whether is government or private sector setup a national car project eventually is still come back to business. A company under the government tax protection without fair competition will never grow, proton is the best example. Not that we not supporting our national product, why we rather pay more to get other than proton? Maybe in Tun point of view, car is a way to help Malaysia become developed country, but for most of us, a car mean a vehicle, a loan that we need to bare monthly, an investment that take at least 3 to 9 yr to pay, that why we rather pay more to get better quality and long lasting car. I believe that if proton quality is equally good compare with other, most of us will choose it. There is always a reason behind why proton did not sell event with so many years of government protection.

  284. alexongsw Jul 17,2018 5:32 AM

    having a car manufacturer is a great idea Tun…. those that do not support the idea do not see the long term potential….
    I totally support the car ideas… we should manufactured a higher end quality car…

  285. Anak.muda Jul 17,2018 4:43 AM

    assalamualaikum tun.selamat hari lahir yang ke 93.semoga tun dikurniakan kesihatan dan kebahagiaan selalu.

    1.saya mencadangkan kalau tun ingin membuat kereta nasional baru apa kata kalau kita fokuskan kepada kereta elektrik?tumpukan r&d pada pembuatan kereta elektrik dan bukannya kereta yang menggunakan minyak petrol lagi.

    2.sudah tentu kalau kita ingin melakukan projek kereta baru, target kita adalah untuk menjadi yang terhebat dan dapat bersaing dengan pengeluar kereta yang besar dari jepun dan jerman.tapi saya rasa kita sudah agak tertinggal agak jauh kebelakang untuk mengejar teknologi mereka.jadi kita perlu cuba bersaing dipasaran baru iaitu kereta elektrik.

    3.negara besar seperti france dan britain sudah mengatakan yang 2040 kereta petrol dan diesel diharamkan untuk dijual dinegara mereka.2050 mereka menjangkakan tiada lagi kereta petrol diatas jalan mereka.begitu juga dengan negara lain,mereka semua mempunyai visi tentang kereta elektrik dan pengharaman kereta petrol diatas jalan negara mereka.

    4.kalau kita ingat kembali kereta proton pertama iaitu proton saga dilancar pada 1985.dah 33 tahun dah..sekejap je sebenarnya 30 tahun ni.jadi takkanlah kita nak fokus pada kereta petrol,baru dapat momentum sikit dah takde market sbb negara2 luar dah xnk jual kereta petrol dah.

    5.apa yang saya tahu mengenai tun selama ini adalah tun ni seorang yang berpandangan jauh. orang lain baru selangkah, tun dah 10 langkah kedepan.jadi kalau tun masih fikirkan untuk membuat kereta petrol,ianya agak tak kenalah dengan pemikiran dr mahathir selama ini yang berfikir jauh kedepan ni 🙂

    6.ini apa yang saya rasa sajalah tun.proton ni dikatakan gagal kerana brand itu sendiri sudah tak berapa ekslusif lagi.cuba tun tanya pada orang ramai,kau pakai kereta apa?pengguna proton akan kata proton JE..tapi kalau pakai honda,terus orang yang bertanya akan kata fuyoo die pakai honda laa..xkirelah kalau pakai honda city tahun 2008 tetap nama gah.

    7.mungkin ini berlaku kerana kekurangan kualiti kereta proton dulu.mungkin untuk berjaya dalam industri ni kita perlu ubah budaya masyarakat kita dulu lebih2 lagi orang melayu.tamak, tak sabar nak untung, bersyukur dengan apa yang ada, itu semua sifat yang perlu diubah untuk berjaya dalam perniagaan.

    tun tengok sajalah ni.dah berpuluh tahun nak upgrade pusat servis dari 1s ke 3s pun tak mampu.macam mana nak mampu kalau ada duit lebih sikit tak sabar nak beli rumah besar, kereta besar, tak sabar nak cukupkan 4 orang bini.peruntukan untuk business?xperlu kerana bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada.bile kene tekan dengan orang cina geely baru nak melalak2.

    9.ade seorang ibu yang menjaga 3 orang anak iaitu anak cina,anak india dan anak melayu.cukup masa si ibu menyuruh anak cina dan india mencari makan sendiri.tapi anak melayu masih merengek2 mintak disuap.tidak berani langsung untuk berdikari.memandangkan anak melayu yang tidak berguna ini masih tidak mampu cari makanan sendiri,si ibu menyuruh anak cina dan india menunggu sehingga anak melayu ini pandai untuk makan sendiri barulah mereka dibenarkan keluar rumah mencari duit untuk diberikan kepada si ibu.perumpamaan yang saya ceritakan ini, si ibu itu adalah negara malaysia.untuk menunggu melayu tak berguna ini maju kedepan, ini sebenarnya telah membantutkan pertumbuhan ekonomi negara malaysia.

    10.sudah sampai masanya untuk tun mengajar orang melayu ini supaya berpijak dikaki sendiri.

    saya doakan agar tun sihat sejahtera dan dipermudahkan jalan oleh Allah untuk mentadbir negara ini.

  286. Deen Salih Jul 17,2018 2:55 AM

    Salam Tun yang dikasihi dan dihormati.

    Ini adalah kali pertama saya menulis di ruangan blog Chedet walaupun sudah lama menjadi peminat Tun, dan inilah juga kali pertama saya dalam hidup saya selama hampir 50 tahun menulis kepada seorang ahli politik dan pemimpin negara semata-mata kerana keikhlasan rasa sayang, penghargaan dan hormat.

    Saya telah lama membaca karya ‘A Doctor in the House’, menyelami pemikiran Tun, dan secara sedar atau tidak ia sedikit sebanyak telah mempengaruhi hidup saya sekeluarga secara positif.

    Izinkan saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih di atas pengorbanan Tun dalam mengembalikan maruah negara dan harapan rakyat seperti saya yang hampir putus asa dan pudar.

    Saya dapat merasakan kekecewaan yang tinggi dari nukilan Tun kali ini berkenaan kereta nasional ke-2. Saya di antara ramai rakyat yang memiliki kereta Proton sebagai kereta pertama dalam hidup saya ketika muda, malah nombor plat keretanya juga masih segar dalam ingatan saya sehingga ke hari ini.

    Ketika Tun mengutarakan idea kereta nasional ke-2 baru-baru ini, sememangnya ramai yang dengan pantas telah menyuarakan bantahan dan penolakan kepada cadangan ini tanpa memberi ruang atau peluang untuk idea ini bernafas dalam suasana produktif dan terbuka.

    Saya yakin dan percaya cadangan idea kereta nasional ke-2 ini terilham dari pemikiran strategik dan mendalam serta pandangan jauh Tun setelah mengambil kira semua aspek situasi negara khususnya kemampuan ekonomi semasa. Namun sayangnya mungkin tidak ramai yang menyedari hakikat ini.

    Walau apa pun kemungkinannya, saya sekeluarga akan terus menyokong perjuangan Tun kerana kami percaya apa jua perancangan Tun di saat ini adalah semata-mata untuk kebaikan rakyat dan negara tercinta.

    Saya harap Tun akan sentiasa tabah mengatasi kekewaan ini dan terus memimpin kami ke arah kecemerlangan Malaysia.

    Salam hormat dan kasih dari saya sekeluarga. Salute Tun!

  287. malaysianmalaysia Jul 17,2018 1:27 AM

    Tun Mahathir,

    Sekarang ini era Malaysia Baru tetapi nampaknya Tun masih lagi berfikiran Malaysia Lama. Idealogi Tun mengenai bangsa, agama, rakyat dan negara ami rasa seperti Malaysia Lama belaka. Sekarang mengenai ekonomi pun sama saja. Kami khuatir akan ada BN2.0, Proton2.0 dll.2.0…

    Kami harap Tun akan menepati semua janji-janji di dalam manifesto PH dahulu. Kemudian bukalah parti Tun kepada semua rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum. Jika tidak, mana boleh Tun menyatu-padukan semua rakyat Malaysia supaya tidak lagi dipecah-belahkan mengikut kaum? Hanya selepas rakyat disepadukan, barulah Malaysia akan maju. Barulah Malaysia boleh bangkit, bukan saja membina kereta, malah bina roket pun boleh.

    Ya, bukan saja Jepun dan Korea amat maju, malah China pun sedemikian. Tapi bukan kerana mereka menyekat import. Mereka maju kerana rakyat mereka bersatu-padu dan tidak di pecah-belahkan oleh kerajaan. Semua rakyat mereka dianggap setaraf antara satu sama lain jadi mereka semua berjuanglah bertungkus-lumus untuk negara.

    Terima kasih Tun, kami menaruh harapan kepada Tun.

  288. red_one Jul 17,2018 1:02 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun. Mungkin terlambat, tapi saya di sini ingin menyatakan sokongan saya terhadap cadangan Tun untuk kereta nasional ke dua. Saya seorang pekerja syarikat swasta di Perai yang ditubuhkan untuk membekal komponen ke Proton. Sekarang kilang ini semakin berkembang pesat dan pelanggan bukan sahaja Proton, malah hasil kilang dihantar ke seluruh dunia untuk pelanggan automotif lain termasuk Toyota. Penubuhan Proton untuk memacu industri automotif negara ada jayanya Tun.

    But hindsight is 20/20. Proton ada cacat celanya yang telah menyebabkannya gagal di mata Rakyat. Sistem cukai eksais yang terlalu tinggi menyebabkan rakat berfikir Proton hanya mampu apabila diberi perlindungan melampau. Ditambah pula visi syarikat yang kurang inisiatif, bayangkan Iswara saya buatan 2003 menggunakan chassis dan engine hampir serupa dengan Saga yang dilancarkan pada 1985. Kualiti yang kurang memuaskan telah menyebabkan ramai tidak percaya dengan Proton dan berang dengan usaha melindunginya dari kereta import. Market volume Malaysia yang kecil juga menyebabkan efficiencies of scale tidak dapat sama dengan syarikat di pasaran yang lebih besar. Malangnya Proton memilih untuk membina kilang kedua yang akhirnya tidak menggunakan kapasiti sepenuhnya.

    Bagi saya sebelum memulakan projek kereta nasional kedua, sektor automotif perlu dibaik pulih. Cukai eksais dikurangkan dan cukai2 lain yang dikenakan dijelaskan kepada rakyat. Dengan ini bank juga patut menghadkan tempoh pinjaman ke lima tahun atau kurang. Tidak masuk akal perlukan hutang tujuh tahun untuk beli kereta, tapi harga kereta di Malaysia memaksa kita sebegitu. Apabila ini dilaksanakan, projek kereta nasional kedua boleh dijalankan dengan mengecualikan cukai dan bantuan geran. Melindunginya melalui menghalang import hanya akan membawa kemarahan rakyat.

    Saya masih menunggu apabila mampu miliki kereta 100% rekaan dan buatan Malaysia. Saya tahu Perodua jauh lagi dari segi bab rekaan dan masih dibawah telunjuk Daihatsu. Proton sudah hampir dengan chassis, engine serta pelbagai component yang dihasilkan vendor tempatan. Malangnya selepas pembelian Geely, impian saya semakin jauh nampaknya.

  289. NikMohdFitri Jul 17,2018 1:02 AM

    Kadang2 Tun kena buat keputusan Tun sendiri. Dahulu ramai yang tidak suka dengan apa yang Tun lakukan sekarang kita boleh lihat KLCC,Putrajaya,S.I.C dll. Sesetengah Rakyat MALAYSIA bangga dengan buatan luar daripada Jenama Malaysia. Ramai juga yang takut perkara yang sama akan berlaku seperti Proton. Dalam masa yang Tun ada saya berharap Tun lakukan apa yang terbaik buat Malaysia.
    Terima Kasih Tun yang tak terhingga kerana sudi buat kaki Ke-2.

  290. randomGuy Jul 17,2018 12:46 AM

    I can feel how passionate Tun is and I also feel a bit sad. However I do think that the approach is not good enough although the vision is great. Here’s my two-cents. Education is the key. The education I mean is not about knowledge-based education but mentality-based education. The key ingredient is a pool of inventors, these are the ones our country lack of. They might not score well in their exams, but the passion they have drive them to innovate and think outside the box. They treat their works as pieces of arts, cherish them, refining them, regardless of how many marks people gave them and continue to work their masterpiece even after graduating from school. Unfortunately, we tend to focus on our exams and our marks and grades, learning from the books instead of exploring and implementing by ourselves. We need to get our hands dirty to see the beauty of science and engineering.
    You might want to take a look at a Youtuber, colinfurze. To me, he’s an inventor, although a lot of his stuffs are not practical, but his spirit of “inventorship” is what we Malaysians lack of, for me, a crucial ingredient for a nation to be technologically advanced. Educate the rakyat so that they can feel the fun of science and engineering, Bottom-Up revolution is always better and longer-lasting than Top-Down one.
    Fablab is a good idea which I think should be encouraged to implement in Malaysia nationwide to nurture such “inventorship”.
    I wish the new government can be fairer to all races this time, rejecting cronyism so that our talents, regardless of races can feel a sense of attachment to this country and contribute to it, instead of working overseas due to disappointment.
    No more “dun like the government? migrate to other nation lah” this time, such words are heart-breaking for a Malaysian chinese like me.
    Hope Tun can see my two-cents message and good luck for your administration, and of course, be healthy, long live.
    Malaysia Boleh!

  291. wanothman Jul 17,2018 12:15 AM

    السلام عليكم
    Yang saya kasihi Tun, saya sedang membangunkan kereta elektrik bersama rakan kongsi saya dari Korea. Prototaip kereta tersebut telah siap dipasang dan dipanduji. Teknologi tersebut akan menjadi milik tempatan dan pemasangan 100% akan dilakukan di Malaysia. Insyalah saya berhajat untuk memanjangkan perkara ke pihak Tun dan menjadikan kereta elektrik ini sebagai produk malaysia. Insyalah. Di doakan YAB Tun dan isteri senantiasa beroleh didalam kesihatan dan dilindungi Allah swt.
    Yang benar,

  292. rafee23 Jul 17,2018 12:09 AM

    Dear haters,

    Tun M is upgrading Proton to Aerospace Industry and that will be flying cars, aeroplanes, rockets and spacecrafts in the future…

    Thats why he wants to make a new national car to replace proton…

    any objections?

    Keep moving foward Tun and we will always support you from behind..

  293. Nasir Bakar Jul 16,2018 11:43 PM

    Tun … I really agree if Malaysia intends to manufacture the 2nd national car but no regular cars to compete with other car manufacturers in price or quality. I recommend that we have to think of a special car like TESLA or work with TESLA in manufacturing electric cars in Asia without competition

  294. Kuhan Jayamony Jul 16,2018 7:25 PM

    Tun, a very good evening to you sir (selamat sejahtera as well). I’m in this page for the very first time and here are some words of courage and power by a kid who looks up to you since day one just like how I look up to the sky everytime I feel the god’s presence. I bought a biography book about you the other day and learned many precious attitudes that I could implement as a person in life. If someone’s character is interesting, you could go on and on reading the pages without checking on the time (my mom acknowledged that by making me milk during my overnight readings). Looking at where you are now makes me want to just hug you and say thank you so much for helping Malaysia. On another note, you remind me so much of my father and the sacrifices he faced raising us up but now he’s no more with us but that’s how life goes on. After reading today’s article, I am going under the greatest fear about something which I should not share here but rather keep it to myself for now and self-evaluate myself to choose the right direction moving forward. You brought all of us to the light again this year and how long will this light stay for us we won’t know. You have so much to carry on your shoulder now and I could feel the heavy burden on that super energetic body. Your idea about having our own national car is definitely making a lot more sense now to me. Economically it benefits Malaysia and the reasonings are clearly indicating why you’re the greatest leader of all time. I’m just happy I could connect to 90% of the things you say here and everywhere else. For someone who means so much to us as a family, I wish to say I’m here for you morally all the time praying for your well being and provide continuous support as a true Malaysian. We need to start hitting three mangoes with one stone and stop doing basic things to ensure a great future for Malaysia. Thanks for the enlightenment sir and I wish you more health benefits from the almighty. Happy Birthday to you from us. Love Tun.

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