162 thoughts on “SELAMAT MENYAMBUT MAAL HIJRAH 1440/2018

  1. mubarakchan Oct 2,2018 9:35 AM


    A thought provoking comment by you is that you enlightened those who are not conversant with your style of governance by saying, ‘ I still follow ‘My Way’.

    It has been many years since you retired from the Premiership. About 15 years to the day in October 2003. And the whole Government structure broke down as soon as you retired.

    This had definitely to do with the biological background of those who followed you and could not keep up the high standards of propriety, standards, ethics, rule of law as were in your 22 year Administration.

    Throughout life, I have observed that it is impossible to turn bad persons good. They might pretend to be good for awhile. but sooner or later, their true character breaks out in full bloom exhibiting all the bad characteristics which they were born with. Conversely, it is impossible to turn a good fellow bad. A person who is good, is always good without much prompting.

    Your credo, ‘ MY WAY ‘ speaks simply and compellingly for those who understand its true meaning.

    It is not about to-day or yesterday but reached retrospectively to your days of yearning of Nationalism giving rise to the birth of chedet. Eon years ago so to speak which stood the test of time. The fires of Nationalism linger on, still flickering in your heart for nearly a century of a Lifetime.

    ‘ MY WAY ‘ proved that you are not a copy-cat like so many in our beloved Malaysia. So many who looked up to rich men as their role models and got misled by an ineffective ‘ CASH IS KING ‘- Misleading because those who preached this, have already got the cash to those who have not. However, we are not deceivers but wish all to be rich or very rich.

    ‘ My WAY ‘ is strong and dynamic which overwhelms a weak statement like ‘ Cash is King.’ It defines that each and everyone of us are different from one another through our own hard-work and achievements. We march to the sound of our own drums.

    Hence, the courage and the brilliance of your Second Coming by making the right decision at the right time won against all odds. Now, this significant event is recognised internationally.

    ‘ MY WAY ‘ does not permit you to look up to anyone because you are the LEADER OF A COUNTRY and cannot sink down to the level of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or sell us the Rakyat down river with the Lee Kuan Yew created Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTTP. But the weak BN leaderships have conjured and connived to deliver us the Rakyat and our beloved Malaysia after the GE of 9 May 2018 ! Man proposes. God disposes !

    ‘ MY WAY ‘ sounds confident, convincing and strong for you as our Prime Minister to lead the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great and the Rakyat to greater heights of endeavour and achievements like the successful launch of the National Car Project which is a must if our beloved Malaysia is to go anywhere.

    And ‘ MY WAY ‘ is the only way as your guiding light for all of us the Rakyat. And we have already taken the first step of a journey of 1,000 lei by becoming overnight after 9 May 2018, ONE OF THE FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN, MALAYSIA. And enhanced by your propitious Policy of not embarking on any military pact and be friends with all in the World.

    As one of your Ministers said,’ The only WAY for Malaysia to go from now, is up 1′

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Bon Voyage and Welcome Home.

  2. HBT456 Oct 1,2018 6:09 PM

    Perhaps the new mof, mr lim guan eng, is willing to share with us why carrefour exited malaysian market, and replaced by other company using what money since he never agree with what bn, especially, mca did in the past?

    The business model of ikea is no different from mc donald, why mc donald kena di prejudicekan, but not european brands?

    When mr tony fernandez announced air asia will expand by buying seratus biji air bus with 30 million population, dont you think thats bullshit?

    Tdm said we must live within our means.

    If you worth only myy1 but you go and tell people you are worth myr16,000, dont you think they are over estimated their self worth?

    Jika bodek secara menyampah dan secara buta tuli pun boleh kaya raya then lebih baik no need to work hard, betul tak?

    Singapore hawker association joined unesco to preserve the root and culture of street food, adakah itu pencurian?

    Sini pun joined what, entahlah kenapa tak join, itu kena tanya selera negeri mereka masing2.

    Therefore, whoever become perdana menteri, it makes no sense who can jual better.

  3. mubarakchan Oct 1,2018 12:43 PM


    Good morning to you ! As I queued in my car to drop off my grand-daughter at the Sekolah Kebangsaan and watched the young students trooping off dutifully towards the school, I could not help but to recall the many days and nights which all of us brought up our families without any qualms.

    Most of us did this without any deep feeling and I was one of them until now when a person has time to think and reflect on the mass of Humanity milling around. Then, I wondered if the responsible leadership for our well-being and security lapsed in its responsibility and duty to care for the Rakyat. The more I think about this and the thin Blue Line which is the PDRM, the more I am thankful always to that courageous and brilliant moment which you decided to take up the Premiership of our beloved Malaysia a second time.

    And for a change I went to Rajoo’s Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya to have my roti canai and the tarik for only RM 3.50 sens without SST !. Where else but Malaysia ?

    This was one Monday which our fellow drivers did not drive like Michael Schumacher !

    And the morning headlines have lost their attraction with concomitant lack of lustre. Only those pertaining to you Tun carry some interest, thus :-


    In some countries, your pertinent statement would have raised a riot by mentioning not 95 but 65.

    Naturally, my mind wandered to those Malaysian elites with hundreds of millions or billions in their overseas bank accounts and are now unemployed at the age of 40 !

    Your guesstimate as well as mine shows that on the average these elites should live up to 90 – 100 years old ! What are these rich elites going to do from 40 to 90 years being unemployed for 50 years ?

    I am aware that those persons who are active in their later years like my sisters and brother could live up to 100 ! My 97 year old brother who lives in Singapore, not Lee Kuan Yew’s brother-in-law, has gone through 5 Singaporean companions since his wife departed when he was 70 ! My sister who died at 100, was driving a car up to 93 years old. All endorse your advice of a good life – be frugal, eat frugally and sleep well. And no hanky-panky !

    A study should be conducted on the lives of these 40 year old elites who have hundreds of millions or billions of rinngits stashed overseas on their life span. This study should qualify as a Ph.D degree and help our MU jump a few places upwards. How interesting Tun ? Don’t you think so ?

    Fellows loaded with money at 40 years with nothing to do. There is another aspect which I observed amongst my friends who emigrated. They look aged and had white hair at 40! These are the people who worked hard and did not have so much money in their pockets. What a contrast in have MONEY OR NO MONEY which seemed to affect the biological functions of a human being. Interesting !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun at 101 or more !

  4. Sri Sense Sep 30,2018 10:01 AM


    Merujuk pada berita Bernama tentang apa Hj Hadi kata about sekolah tahfiz.

    In my humble opinion, sekolah begini selalu berfungsi kat shophouses dan tempat ynag sukar nak lari jika berlaku kebakaran. Dari segi keselamatan memang lacking. Pintu dan tingkap asrama students juga ada grill pasang. I tau ini sebab pernah melihat di kawasan shophouses, Klang. Dalam kawasan tersebut juga ada small church. But they do not pasal grill.

    Kalau nak dapat sijil Halal, ada banyak criteria harus ada dan cukup baru dapat, kenapa tidak pada sekolah agama?

    Bila bercakap soal agama, I rasa bukan sahaja agama Islam saja harus disentuh. Ada lagi persoalan lain juga, seperti kenapa terlalu banyak church kecil, kenapa mesti kuil India ada 2 3 dalam satu tempat.

  5. Sri Sense Sep 30,2018 9:38 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Antara interesting news baca online

    China has a large ageing population—by 2050 there could as many as 487m people over 60. Many are going back to school – The Economist, Asia

    34-year-old student, mum of three crowned Mrs Malaysia World 2018 – Star

    Here comes the circus – Star

    Dalam 7 candidates yang bertanding, I like this guy – Stevie Chan Keng Leong was the first to announce his candidacy against Anwar. Chan said he was contesting because the forced by-election to allow Anwar to make a comeback in Parliament was against the spirit of the nation’s democratic process.

    Let Mahathir be PM till term ends, urges Hadi – Bernama

    I kongsi sini,

    KUALA NERANG: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be given the opportunity to continue to administer the country until the end of his five-year term, said PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

    He said efforts by some quarters, including PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim, to take over the premiership, was an act not in accordance with political morals.

    “We do not want a person with lust to rule for fear that when he/she becomes a leader, the person does not shoulder the responsibility entrusted upon him/her.

    “So, let the present prime minister administer the country for as long as he can perform the task.

    “Even though there is a difference in opinion, Tun Dr Mahathir should be given enough time because he has vast experience and is capable of discharging his duties,” he told reporters after delivering a keynote address at the convocation ceremony of Kolej Islam Darul Ulum (Kidu) here today.

    Asked whether PAS would cooperate with Umno in the Port Dickson by-election, Hadi said the cooperation would be similar to that during the Balakong and Seri Setia by-elections.

    “When Umno does not place its candidate, PAS will … that is cooperation.

    “In terms of strategy, we don’t know yet, but if Umno wants to help, we will gladly accept, even if it wants to give donations,” he added.

    The Port Dickson by-election will witness a seven-cornered fight, with Anwar leading the cast as the Pakatan Harapan candidate.

    Former Negeri Sembilan menteri besar Mohd Isa Abd Samad and Anwar’s former aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, are also vying for the parliamentary seat.

    The others are PAS candidate Lt Col (Rtd) Mohd Nazari Mokhtar and three other independent candidates — Lau Seck Yan, social media personality Stevie Chan Kee Leong and Kan Chee Yen.

    The Port Dickson by-election was called after its incumbent, Danyal Balagopal Abdullah, 68, from PKR, vacated the seat on Sept 12 to give way to Anwar who wants to make a comeback to the Dewan Rakyat.

    In the 14th general election on May 9, Danyal won the seat with a comfortable majority of 17,710 votes, defeating Barisan Nasional’s VS Mogan and Mahfuz Roslan of PAS.

    The Election Commission has set Oct 13 as polling day for the Port Dickson by-election and Oct 9 for early voting.

    In another development, Hadi said he was against the government’s decision to close unregistered tahfiz schools operating illegally in the country.

    He said the government should provide the necessary assistance for the schools to continue to operate.

    “The government wants to close the schools because they are illegal… why are they illegal? If they are illegal because they have no licence, it is wrong to close them because they were set up with good intentions.”

  6. HBT456 Sep 29,2018 1:35 PM

    I already said, pak china in beijing will always welcome any challenges and opportunities out there in south china sea.

    Cakap besar, siapa pun erti.

    Apabila betul2 lawan, apakah akan berlaku, it is up to the wannabes to jual their manifesto to fish for votes.

    It is either kita learned atau tidak, itu tepulang kepada citarasa negeri masing-masing.

    Pru tetap akan wajib dipanggil.

    Unite there will malaysia with borneo and north borneo.

    Disunite, there will be malaya, borneo and north borneo.

    It is up to the wannabes to call the shots.



    The wanabes decide, and voters of all states including orang melayu, orang cina, orang india orang sabah dan orang sarawak to decide.

    Able or not, we will see how far kita semua can go.



    Tidak apa?

    Pengundi to decide when next ballot boxes are opened for voting process to elect the new cabinet and prime minister.

  7. HBT456 Sep 29,2018 1:05 PM

    Race and religion issues are super sensitive.

    World best, biggest, or too big to fail are meaningless if they are still stuck in dulu punya mindset.

    To umno, it is always about wang politik.

    To pas, it is always about rasuah politik.

    All systems can fail and be replaced though, tak kisah itu adalah business models mahupun economic models due to competition.

    Is it because they are poor, they can cheat?

    Is it because they are poor, they can conquer?

    Is it because they are poor, they can steal?

    Is it because they are poor, they can rape?

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Will dap be the next target punching bag of umno youth?

    Garang tak semestinya betul.

    Lembik tak semestinya lemah.



  8. HBT456 Sep 27,2018 12:22 AM

    Yup, ngo can create a lot of noises out there, but that wont solve the root problems.

    Hakikatnya adalah ultra, dan tidak kukuh.

    Takpa lah, itu adalah manifesto of pakatan harapan.

    Either you take it, or leave it.

    As we have many general election a head.

  9. HBT456 Sep 27,2018 12:09 AM

    Penag population is 1.76 million.

    Even umno members are more than that figure.

    Good luck, and all the best to the mubarakchans and the democratic action party.

  10. mubarakchan Sep 26,2018 6:51 PM


    It is good to see you, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah and the rest of the delegation flourishing well in the fine Autumn weather of the Western Hemisphere. Back home, there have been some sporadic showers and lightning in our land of peace and harmony. But the mornings are just as fine and superb as always.

    This is the feel good feeling for you Tun when you meet the Great Leaders of the World as one.

    Then you stand before the whole lot of them, 180 of them and tell the whole World about our beloved Malaysia which has just gone through her trials and tribulations arising from our own traitors who abetted with outsiders to the detriment of our Sovereignty and National Interest.

    It is high time that our compatriots always remember the Community of Nations is just like a disparate family of the good and the bad. The latter forever trying to play tricks on others for no better reason than to do down others who are innocent.

    It is noteworthy to observe the headline today thus


    This is not surprising in view of the fact that no one in Malaysia understands the meaning of ‘Follow up’ and its importance which has been inculcated into the practice of doctors for generations.

    I found generations of lawyers, accountants engineers etc were not conversant with the practice of ‘following up’ on the tasks which they have given to their subordinate staff who had a natural tendency to let matters take a natural course. This sort of behaviour is disastrous in the medical profession which you have successfully incorporated into the proper governance in Ministerial practice at the highest level.

    This is in direct contrast to the careless and wanton governance by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which in later years forced the medical practitioners to give up their traditional rights to dispense medicines to pharmacist of all people.

    And in 2018 the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government forced the medical practitioners who have practised for a life-time to sit for tests to gain their annual practising certificates ! Where else but Malaysia under the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government ?

    Only the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government can have this oversight.

    Not only that, our essential and important Laws the Trustees Act 1949, the Companies Act 1965 were never revised, The Minister in charge of the revision of the Bankruptcy Act 1967 misled 300,000 young bankrupts by stating there was a revision. The fact was that an amendment was just attached to the old due as alleged, from pressure by financial interests which dare not do this in Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia. Their Laws are revised up to date. Weak, Very weak and lazy Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government.

    And on the other side of the coin. all and sundry know that billions and billions of ringgits were garnered by the BN Leadership with one minor official having RM 2.08 Billion in less than 10 years of service and others collected 10,000 Rolex so to speak !

    The Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government did not serve or safeguarded the interests of the Rakyat but only for their own pockets. This is now as clear as daylight.

    Catch the crook. Charge them in Courts.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as Always !

  11. HBT456 Sep 26,2018 10:58 AM

    Being a malaysian chinese, i could understand why beijing is standing very firm and combative ready in dealing with roc taiwan due to the eruption of civil war between people’s liberation army and koumintang army right after japanese surrendered.

    Being a malaysian chinese, i could understand why the summit of pyongyang and seoul are required to end the civil wars of korean peninsular officially.

    After 911 attacks, leaders of the world see things differently.

    It is either we adapt, or we will be left behind.

  12. HBT456 Sep 26,2018 10:37 AM

    Yup, though malay political power is weakened and berpecah into few malay lead political parties, but this country name is still MALAYsia.

    Big can never fail?

    Too big to fail?

    Human behaviour is predictable.

    Human habits are hard to change.

    Thats why some issues need time.

    It is up to the political of the divides to do their parts.

    It is up to the voters to cast votes when election is called.

    God bless, and good luck.

  13. HBT456 Sep 26,2018 10:22 AM

    But, the organizer must have forgotten mo1 is the bekas perdana menteri malaysia, not celebrities of hollywood.

    By allowing foreigners to redicule them in front of this multi-racial melting pot community, what are the reactions of voters and foreigners?

    If he is guilty, then those political parties and voters who voted him in power are guilty too, tak gitu?

    The worst thing is pkr mp opted resignation and let anwar to contest in negeri sembilan, dont you think the pkr is repeating what umno baru did in the past though they called themselves multi-racial parti keadilan rakyat?

    Yup, winner takes all.

    Similarly, looser takes all.

    After reading the thoughts of mubarachan, dont you think he wants to eat the chocolates all by himself too according to his man proposes, god disposes belief?

    I really had nothing much to say, and complain since i am only a voter.

    But i think, as mps, their main responsibility is to protect the country people from being attacked by foreign agents, but sadly, they allowed them to continue to do so without shame, or repent.

  14. HBT456 Sep 25,2018 3:22 PM

    Mubarakchan can do and said what he wants, but when comes to ge, it would be ended up as political parties of the divide to do their parts, and when ge is called, voters will vote accordingly.

    It is still come back to chicken and eggs issues.

    Boleh means boleh.

    Tak boleh means tak boleh.

  15. HBT456 Sep 25,2018 3:12 PM

    Why national party of hong kong run by activists is banned in hong kong based on national security?

    Do you read chinese?

    If you do, what are the characters are being used for this national party?

    After reading those characters, what is that meant to you?

  16. HBT456 Sep 25,2018 3:01 PM

    When the referee played dirty and axed the rope in the middle, in post it era, how would the leaders of the local political parties and market react?

    Mr trump said he received a 2nd long and love letter from junior kim, which location would be the prefered place for the next summit in east asia across the pacific ocean?

    How the world leaders and markets across the world react?

    Pakatan harapan has 4 years to go.

    Suka atau tidak, pru tetap akan dipanggil.

    Lawan tetap lawan.

    Apabila betul2 lawan, what happened next?

    As voters, our obligation is to vote only.

    To share, or to anti-share?

    To tolerate, or not to tolerate?

    When next pru is called, ge result would be made known officially, everyone will know who is in, who is out, and what will happen for the next 5 years.

  17. mubarakchan Sep 25,2018 11:04 AM


    I am happy that you and your delegation are enjoying the best of Autumn weather in the United Kingdom. Like all the Rakyat at home who pray for the success of your trip to the UN and the EU which will bring our beloved Malaysia big bonuses in terms of investments unlike the 2 Chinese fakes SSLEE and HBT456 who only love their Purveyor of Death Lee Kuan Yew whom I presented well-publicised facts to prove it is true.

    These ex-clerks or Chinese cowardly fakes hiding behind fakes names SSLee and HBT456 dare not reveal their REAL NAMES because of their sordid past as lowly clerks and only SINGLE OUT A CHINESE LIKE MYSELF TO BULLY AND VICTIMISE.

    Sorry to say they picked the wrong Chinaman that’s mubarakchan. Try better next time cowardly fakes SSLee and HBT456 – ex-clerks.

    Notwithstanding the 2 cowardly fakes SSLee and HBT456, I am exceedingly happy as always in my beloved Malaysia with the full knowledge that most of my compatriots now go about their work with hope and no trepidation ! Being ruled by a New and Incorruptible Government . And here are what excited me with exuberance this morning, thus :-

    1. Dr M says,’ Shooting corrupt people won’t solve the problems.’ One can only expect a wise comment from a qualified doctor and Prime Minister who knows the score.

    And the score is that if the Head is Corrupt, the Corruption is Absolute. In your 22 year Administration, Tun, you adroitly separated the Government Public affairs sharply from Private Sector Financial Affairs until after 2004.

    From here the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government fudged the line between Public and Private and walloped our money big time with as reported over One Trillion Ringgit flowed out between 2003 to 2010.

    And a minor official could also wallop RM 2.08 Billion in 10 years.

    An ordinary person like me who had my fortune stolen by my eldest brother and had to start from ZERO base, took 10 years to make ONE MILLION RINGGITS in the slow moving 1960s !


    2. FT, ‘ OIL CLIMBS TO 4 YEAR HIGH ABOVE $ 81 a barrel.’

    My comment Tun, ‘ Man proposes. God disposes.’ US$ 90 or more is a real possibility. Then Tun you may ask nonchalantly, ‘What Budget deficit ?’

    We the Rakyat with your guidance as the Prime Minister of the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great as one of the 4 most important small countries in the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia will be up there, rubbing shoulders with Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.

    We will be there even with our National Car Project, a must not only in terms of profitability but in terms of everything which embodies the meaning of BUSINESS IN AN INDEPENDENT ECONOMY.

    NO Lee Kuan Yew created Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP for us, unique and hard-working Malaysians in our pursuit of EXCELLENCE (quote Tun M).

    We will be there, Tun ! No problem. Two small Chinese fakes cowardly hiding behind fake names SSLee and HBT456 who cannot obstruct the Will of the Rakyat will be washed away like rubbish to the Straits of Melaka via Sungai Klang.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  18. mubarakchan Sep 24,2018 5:54 PM


    It is a delight to see you making the rounds in London before travelling to the important UN Forum on Friday 28 September 2018. A significant event in the city of skyscrapers, New York. It is good, very good that our beloved Malaysia is projected as an important country by you and will do great things for Humankind in the future. Where else but Malaysia ?

    In the meantime, at home, the Chinese self-confessed fakes with fake names SSLEE and HBT456 are fighting a rear battle to justify their fake existence in this distinguished Blog. They dare not reveal their REAL NAMES for fear their lowly clerical status is unmasked as NOBODIES who failed in LIFE.

    Please note that these ex-clerks specialise in producing POISON LETTERS which they replicate here by attacking me below the belt personally. When they were clerks, they must have stabbed their colleagues big time,


    When I successfully re-structure Folex Industries Berhad, I had a drawer full of poison letters which I never open so that my judgement is not coloured.

    Unlike the cowardly Chinese fakes SSLEE and HBT456 here who singled me a Chinese out for their COWARDLY AND PERSONAL ATTACKS ON ME WHEN I PRESENTED FACTS OPENLY ON THEIR FALSE GOD, THE PURVEYOR OF DEATH LEE KUAN YEW.


    The TRUTH is you and me always wished Singapore and the Singaporeans GOODWILL and never harm them in any way. Man proposes. God disposes.

    Now I challenge Chinese Fakes SSLee and HBT456 to show us JUST ONE DEED WHICH THEY CONTRIBUTED TO THE NATIONAL INTEREST OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. For their cowardly stance, I relate just one of mine first :-

    In 1965, Tun Abdul Razak Chairman of the Olympic Council requested me to put up an International Shooting Range on a piece of derelict mining land at Subang, Selangor in just 2 weeks. This I delivered successfully after working from 6 am to 6 pm every day. The reason was the Selangor Shooting Association was controlled by 33 Hakkas who disappeared when the 1965 SEAP Games was announced. This upset the Tun who wanted me to open the Selangor Shooting Association to ALL who wanted to join and enjoy the sport of shooting. I kicked out the Hakkas and revised the Constitution. When I left, the Association had hundreds of members from all communities and at least RM 1 Million in its kitty. And won a Gold Medal at the Asian Games Teheran in 1972. And today’s headline in the Star Front Page and Page 4 :-

    1. NO GUNS. NO BULLETS. NO GLORY. Front page The Star

    2. CHANCE FOR GLORY OUT OF RANGE. The Star. Page 4.

    The news report states the Selangor Shooting Association has 6,000 members (1965 – 33 Hakkas), 450 guns and 100,000 rounds of ammunition. And RM 3 Million cash. This is the position of the Selangor Shooting Association today.

    WHAT HAVE YOU FAKES OF CHINAMEN SSLEE and HBT456 WHO ABUSE, INSULT AND VULGARISE INNOCENTS BY HIDING COWARDLY BEHIND FAKE NAMES LIKE SSLEE AND HBT456 DONE FOR OUR NATION AND IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST ? I am certain most of the worthy Bloggers here being ex-Civil servants, teachers etc have contributed to our beloved Malaysia. Syabas to them !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! A very warm welcome by the UN for Tun !

  19. HBT456 Sep 24,2018 12:11 PM

    Truth is always bitter and hard to swallow but it would be safer and better off to face the truth now than to pass down to your next generation.

    Bak kata, apabila yang teratasnya dah tersenget, maka pemecahan di bawah akan bermula.

    But, will a lie hurts forever?

    Thats depends on those who lied for whatever reasons.

    White lies is a harmless or trivial lie, especially one told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

    Gray lies may vary in the shade of gray, depending on the balance of help and harm. Gray lies are, almost by definition, hard to clarify. For example you can lie to help a friend out of trouble but then gain the reciprocal benefit of them lying for you while those they have harmed in some way lose out.

    When next general election is called, we will know the result of who is in, and who is out.

    Sayangi negeri, atau sayangi negara, itu adah tanggungjawab pengundi negeri dan negara.

  20. HBT456 Sep 24,2018 11:49 AM

    I am not angry nor frustrated kerana i memang tak erti atau tak paham perangai parti2 politik tempatan.

    After going through all these bad and ugly motivated political protects, if i still follow their rentak and angin, me too a failed citizen cum voter of my country named malaysia.

    We are living in imperfect world dari dulu hingga sekarang.

    Yup, i can be as mad and emotional like them, but i chosen not to be like them, and reserve my benefit of doubts.


    Because we have general election in every 5 years.

    Voters are not beggers nor slaves, please get this political fact correct.

    Thats no point crying over spill milk.

    Nail the coffin now, and move on to the next stage.

  21. HBT456 Sep 24,2018 11:21 AM

    Singapore does not welcome unregulated, ill gotten wealth or speculated fund based on hot news dari dulu hingga sekarang.

    Do you know what did the ancestors of Franklin Delano Roosevelt with initial FDR did for living before he contested for usa presidency and became 32nd usa president for the united states of united states of america in the 30s?

    Refer roosevelt, gold mine and opium war.

    Alchohol free, drug tolerant, mubarakchan decides.

    For those penunggang motorsikal di luar sana walaupun malang tak berbau, sila berhati2 di atas jalan kerana kini musim hujan.

    Musim hujan menggalakkan lubang atau loopholes on jalan, jadi berhati2 semasa berada di jalan, bak kata lambat takpa, janji selamat.

    We may not be the best, and we may not be the worst, therefore, therefore be grateful with what we have.

    Yuo, we cannot change the past, but we definitely can improve as we move on.

    Kisah serigala atau red riding hood, does it really matter, sslee?

    There is no secret in politics too.

    You can be proud as kedahan malaysia, you cannot stop other states to be proud of their states too, right?

    Yup mubarakchan can label me as fake chinese, pendatang haram atau pembawa sin secara buta tuli, that is his choice of words since i dont aim to be the prime minister or chief minister or member of his coalition.

    Perhaps mubarakchan lupa subjet geografi jugak adalah compulsory di sekolah jenis kebangsaan dan bukan kebangsaan.

    Race and religion supremacy too akan ditelan zaman jugak, are you ready?

  22. Sri Sense Sep 24,2018 9:43 AM

    Good morning!

    Harap Tun sihat. Jangan lupa makan ubat and big hugs to Tun Siti.


    Semalam I baca berita ini online

    The MH370 captain, the twin sister models and some VERY creepy messages: How 53-year-old married pilot of doomed Malaysia Airlines flight bombarded young Instagram stars with Facebook posts

    – I teringat kawan seorang pilot, dia pernah kata, the problem bawa kapal terbang kecik or besar, tak boleh main park mana2, bukan macam bawa kereta. So if pilot fikiran tak sihat, serabut dengan segala benda, jadi susah juga.

  23. mubarakchan Sep 23,2018 10:27 PM


    What is SS Lee and HBT456 trying to prove for the Purveyor of Death Lee Kuan Yew ?

    They should be thoroughly ignored by All as Fakes with Fake Names of no consequence. They are just NOBODIES which no one cares or heard about because they refuse to reveal their REAL NAMES LINKED TO THEIR SORDID PAST.

    They are like the Singaporeans pretending they did our beloved Malaysia no wrong but put the blame on our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a person not well-disposed towards tiny Singapore. My selected list of Singapore’s wrong doing prove otherwise.

    Why the Singaporeans say this is because ATTACK IS THE BEST FORM OF DEFENCE ?

    And also the Singaporeans are so brain-washed by Lee Kuan Yew that they think they are the only people in the World who are the World’s Best. Now I suggest something which the smart Singaporeans have never thought of before and also it is a good chance for them to stop taking advantage of our beloved Malaysia’s friendliness, hospitality and goodwill to all.

    I propose that Singapore confederates with Scotland with the permission of England, This will be the World’s First Tele-Parliament. A Jewish President from either country could be the President. The Confederation is not only forward looking and strong with all the right peoples and natural resources of oil, hi-tech, military, textile and food production and no problems with FTs and demographics. Like this Singapore can send the FTs home and focus on looking after its own people and wherewithal AND MOST IMPORTANTLY STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA FOR SMALL GAINS – a dangerous distraction with no meaningful gains as proven on 9 May 2018.

    Think, Singapore Elites do not be shy about Confederating with Scotland which union will be one of the strongest in the World even though in such a radical political form. It’s expediency. And out manoeuvre your Mr Thum antics in one fell swoop.


    And as for the Chinese Fakes SS Lee and HBT456, they are nobodies with no locus standi which shamefully support the Purveyor of Death Lee Kuan Yew even though he took advantage of our beloved Malaysia at every turn AND FAILED. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  24. SSLEE Sep 23,2018 8:30 PM

    Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allow me to tell a children bedtime story from my childhood:
    Kisah Serigala.
    Dahulu kala, ada seorang anak muda yang baik hati sedang berjalan di tepi hutan. Tiba tiba dia mendengar seakan teriakan meminta tolong dari dalam hutan. Maka dia pun masuk ke dalam hutan dan memeriksa. Dia melihat seekor serigala terperangkap dalam kandang perangkap. Sewaktu serigala melihat anak muda itu, dia pun membujuknya, “Anak muda yang baik hati, tolong lepaskan saya. Saya masih mempunyai dua orangtua, isteri dan enam anak yang sedang menunggu saya di rumah. Mereka akan sangat sedih jika saya tidak pulang hari ini. Tolonglah lepaskan saya. Budi baikmu akan selalu saya ingat dan balas dengan baik.” Anak muda yang baik hati itu merasa sangat kasihan kepada serigala. Dia pun melepaskan serigala dari kandang perangkap. Begitu terlepas dari kandang perangkap, raut muka serigala pun berubah dan berkata, “Hai anak muda, sudah satu hari saya belum makan. Biarkan saya memakanmu.” Mendengar ucapan serigala, anak muda pun terkejut. “Saya baru melepaskanmu dan baru saja kamu bilang budi baik saya akan dibalas baik. Mana boleh kamu memakan saya?” Serigala berkata, “Baiklah, kita panggil orang untuk mengadili apakah saya pantas memakanmu.”

    Pada waktu itu ada seorang dewasa melewati jalan depan. Maka anak muda pun memanggil orang dewasa itu dan menceritakan apa yang terjadi. Sesudah saja cerita, serigala pun melompat keluar menunjukkan cakar dan gigi yang tajam. Serigala bertanya, “Orang dewasa, pantaskah saya memakan anak muda ini?” Orang dewasa yang ketakutan langsung menjawab, “Ya, pantas,” dan langsung melarikan diri.

    Anak muda sangat sedih dan bertanya kepada dirinya sendiri, “Masih adakah kebenaran di dunia ini? Apakah hari ini saya akan menjadi santapan serigala? Saya tidak rela.” Anak muda pun berkata pada serigala, “Kita tanyakan lagi kepada orang yang lebih tua. Kalau dia juga bilang begitu, kau boleh memakan saya dan saya tidak akan bertanya-tanya lagi.”

    Kebetulan ada seorang tua melewati jalan depan. Anak muda pun memanggilnya dan menceritakan apa yang terjadi. Setelah itu, serigala pun melompat keluar dengan cakar dan gigi yang tajam bertanya, “Orang tua, pantaskah saya memakan anak muda ini?” Orang tua dengan tenang menjawab, “Ada yang kurang saya pahami dari cerita tadi. Bolehkah kalian melakonkannya lagi supaya saya dapat mengkaji dengan lebih teliti.” Serigala tertawa terbahak-bahak dan tak sabar dia berkata. “Tak masalah. Ayo anak muda, kita lakonkan dari awal.”

    Maka mereka pun melakonkan kembali adegan tadi. Ketika memasuki babak anak muda hendak menbuka kandang perangkap, orang tua pun menghentikan niat anak muda dan berkata, “Anak muda, kamu sudah tahu kalau kamu lepaskan dia, dia akan memakanmu. Hentikan saja sampai di sini.” Anak muda baru menyadari bahwa orang tua telah menangkap kembali serigala yang berhati jahat dan dia telah terselamatkan dari santapan Serigala.

    Anak muda pun mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih pada orang tua dan sebelum pergi dari tempat ini, orang tua meninggalkan notis pesan, “Serigala ini tidak baik hati, budi baik akan dibalas kejahatan. Jangan tertipu dengan muslihatnya dan melepaskannya dari kandang.”

    Keesokan hari, pemburu pun datang dan senang mengetahui mereka telah berhasil memasang perangkap. Mereka mengikat serigala dengan tali dan membawanya ke kampung mereka. Malam itu juga serigala disembelih. Dagingnya dimasak dan dimakan semua penduduk kampung. Kulitnya dijadikan selimut dan tulangnya diberikan untuk anjing makan.

    Inilah akibat orang yang membalas budi baik orang dengan kejahatan. Oleh sebab itu saudara-saudari jangan sekalipun kita membalas budi baik orang dengan kejahatan. Jangan kita mengigit tangan yang memberi kita makan.

    Apakah ertinya kebenaran?
    Kebenaran adalah:
    Saat terjadi kegelapan biarlah kebenaran pembawa terang
    Saat terjadi kezaliman biarlah kebenaran pembawa harapan
    Saat terjadi penfitnahan biarlah kebenaran pembawa keadilan
    Saat terjadi kesesatan biarlah kebenaran pembawa panduan

    Kita janganlah menjadi orang dewasa di cerita Serigala yang demi keselamatan diri, rela menutup mata hatinya dan tidak sanggup menpertahankan kebenaran. Kita harus meneladani orang tua dalam cerita itu yang dengan tenang menghadapi ancaman bahaya dan dengan cerdik menjebak serigala dan justru menegakkan kebenaran.

    The truth may hurt suddenly but a lie hurts forever.
    Will someone in this distinguish blog stand up and defend the truth and tell off this “Most honorable, most intelligent, most highly awarded UK graduate and the one and only one the most successful bankrupt mubarakchan” that I, Lee Soon Sheng (SS LEE) did not in any time worship the late LKY or anti-this and that. However my culture had taught me to respect elder and show reverence to deceased person. After all he had been called to face his creator and will be judged by his creator on his earthly conducts.

    I am a sober-minded and my culture cultivated in me a curiosity minds and require me to find and defend the truth and nothing but the truth. When I saw so many commentators in this blog was hoodwinked by tall tales from mubarakchan, I can’t help myself but to question if the tall tales is so good to be true then most likely it was a fake tall tales or the truth is stranger than fiction hence I did GOOGLED to find out more about mubarakchan. The rest is history. I did not personally know mubarakchan nor would I care to find out more about him anymore. What he had done or do not do is none of my business. I wish him good health, continues with his creative minds to write more tall tales and live happily.

    My culture and believe told me to avoid paying your debts when you are capable to do so, is a sin and a shameful act. As for me I am an ordinary Kedahan Malaysian and grateful to my parents, teachers and government for given me an education and I had nothing great to speak of except
    I quote; “My SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) in Alor Setar had taught me to be humble, empathy, courtesy and polite. Now I am a filial piety son, a caring parent, a considerate superior and of mannerism of a gentlemen.”
    I derived no pleasure and in fact felt very bad to be mean and cruel to an elder but as I said before sometime you need to be cruel in order to be kind. I offer my unreservedly thousand apologies if I had hurt you and mistaken your good intention as you are indeed a good GIANT MALAYSIAN.

    To who interest in:
    Will the original TPP or current CPTPP/TPP-11 kill our Malaysia manufacturers as cheap Singapore goods floods the Malaysia Shore?
    Maybe some true since Johor needs to purchase cheap treated water from Singapore as we Malaysia do not know how to make cheap treated water. Or maybe someone is afraid that his ill gotten wealth can no more be hidden in safe heaven Singapore?
    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS Lee

  25. mubarakchan Sep 23,2018 7:40 PM


    Except for two Chinese fakes with fake names, one fake claims he is a fake citizen and a fake registered BN voter no doubt. Here is a significant list of how Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore took advantage of our beloved Malaysia through Greed, Weakness of the Flesh and Soft Under-belly. It is specially prepared for the Chinese Fakes SS Lee and HBT456 who will NEVER reveal their real names for fear of their sordid past.

    1. The 1962 Water Agreement. Even the Man from Mars would be upset with Malaysia selling 1,000 gallons of water for 3 sens for 50 years before depreciation !

    2. In 1966, a Malaysian political party was established by Lee Kuan Yew with the motto ‘Malaysia for Malaysians.’ This Party has a colourful and chequered history right up to 2018. History is the Finest Arbiter of the Truth. He successfully split the minority Malaysian Chinese not into two but into fractions for two purposes. i) To weaken the body politic of Malaysia vis-à-vis Singapore with a weak leadership of the Malaysian Chinese ii) To garner the Chinese demographics as his own for presentation to Washington DC.

    3. In 1971, the whole lot of MSA software was given to Singapore free of charge. The 3 wise men were nearly sacked by Tun Dr Ismail if not for the intervention of a mutual friend.

    4. From 1972-2000, the Stock Exchange of Singapore and Malaysia were operated like a yo-yo by an unofficial syndicate operating in unison with others in Singapore. There were at least 10 crashes during this period to extract money out of the System. Since the end of the linkage in 2000 to 2018, there has not been a single crash apart from 2008 which was of external influence.

    5. In 1985, taking advantage of the minor Pan El Affair, Lee Kuan Yew deliberately suspended the Stock Exchange of Singapore and Malaysia to his political and monetary advantage. No Stock Exchange was ever suspended since that of the Milan Borse in 1909 !

    9. In 1997, Singapore was unwilling to assist Malaysia with soft loans for a short period.

    10. In 2004, the Pulau Batu Puteh sandiwara for two to tango was launched in haste which ended up with our beloved Malaysia losing the rocks in haste. Plus the Singaporean elites published a book to tell the World that Malaysians were stupid.

    11. From 2004-2018, our beloved Malaysia was wide opened for Singapore to pick at any low hanging fruits to their hungry desires, From a hard-core PAP cadre with a lush Sime Darby Apache contract to ease his suffering in the hot and humid Ulus sitting in the chair of UMNO owned NSTP to 4th Floor Boys who showed the way via the cheap Avenue to the opened doors of the Khazanah to special residences around Putrajaya and those hot relationships. The classic was the HSR in which Malaysia pays 99% if the cost on a rail which runs 99% in Malaysia and ferry 100% to Singapore !

    OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA WAS NOT AN OFFICIAL COLONY OF SINGAPORE UNTIL FORMAL RETIFICATION OF THE TPPA/CPTPP AFTER 9 May 2018. Man proposes. God disposes. The whole Singaporean edifice collapsed with a change of Government

    12. Singapore’s refusal to co-operate on the old Causeway caused Malaysia to lose a lot of money.

    13. The KTM with its assets at Tanjong Pagar, Woodlands and 25 miles of steel rails ended up as half an office building in Singapore.

    14. The Final Legal Agreement for our beloved Malaysia to kill herself by her own hand is the TPPA/CPTPP which was specially crafted by Lee Kuan Yew as his LEGACY for Singapore’s sustainability to his inheritors.



    Fake Chinese SS Lee and HBT456, if you do not feel ashamed of yourselves worshipping the PURVEYOR OF DEATH LEE KUAN YEW, you are really FAKES OF NO LOCUS STANDI and to be ignored by ALL.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  26. Sri Sense Sep 23,2018 2:22 PM

    Good evening!

    Acara hujung minggu memang banyak makan 🙂

    Semalam I pergi satu kedai makan milik Melayu Kedah. I biasa dengan area ini, cuma tak begitu kenal kedai ini. Tau pun sebab I panggil Mr X, sebab saja tak nak bagi tau nama empunya diri hahaha.

    Mr X pernah letak kat FB masa beliau makan kat kedai ini. Bila I kasi tau hubby about this kedai, hubby pun terpinga-pinga.

    Kami pun carila. So bila I duduk dengan hubby dalam kedai ini, I dengar tauke cakap slang Kedah, so I kata padanya, orang Tun. Tauke senyum dan jawab, dah lama niaga kat sini, 10 tahun.

    I terus beritahu tauke, I nampak orang Tun letak makanan kedai ini kat FB. Tauke senyum, jalan. Lat tak berapa lama tauke datang balik ke meja, terus kata, baru lagi orang kanan Tun datang.

    Kedai ini yes rasa kari kedah. Boleh tahan sedap. Harga also ok, sederhana. Bila rasa kari ini, I teringat satu kedai makan milik orang kedah dekat my opis dulu, kari rasa lebih kurang sama.


  27. HBT456 Sep 23,2018 1:22 PM

    Nationality is not marriages whereby when married couples cannot tolerate each others by simply saying cerai, cerai, cerai, and these couples are divorced and get re- married again, dont you think so?

    Look at our 7th prime minister, he is at age 93 years old and still remained married with tun dr siti hasmah.

    There are high % marriages that last forever silently out there.

    Pendek kata, you want your marriages to last forever, then, both sides must make the efforts to earn it, and these apply to gay and lesbian marriages too.

    Similarly you want your nationality to last forever, then, mps of both political divides must make efforts to earn it regardless with states you come from.

    Federal constitution is foundation that bind malaya, borneo and north borneo, and it cannot be challenged.

    Those who challenged the federal constitution by deleting the most important word, federal, hakikatnya, umno hilang undi melayu dan bukan melayu kepada pkr, tak gitu?

    Yup, mubarakchan can label me as fake chinese, but i am the citizen and resgistered voter.

    Sri sense said makan ikan telapia sakit tubuh, but this local farmed talapia atau african breed fish adalah kegemaran saya.


    It is cheaper, and when talapia are fresh, steam it using halia atau thai sauce, it tastes great.

    But, when talapia is not so fresh or is being frozen, deep fried and eat with sauce kicap bawang, asam sauce or sambal belacan, it tastes great too.

    I believe the quality of north korean beef is as tender as kobe beef, and it wont be a surprise one day, the north korean beef too can be on the menu of syabu or steamboat lovers.

  28. HBT456 Sep 23,2018 10:56 AM

    I am least worried about pak china.


    They too would learned when prc nationals start enjoying the freedom to choose their lifestyle when their economy has moved out from poverty to midle class income, and now in the stage of preparing for the next level.

    Yup, prc nationals are labelled as copycats.

    But, those who labelled prc national as copycats are copycats themselves too, dont you think so?

    Bak kata, jika mahu copy, you cannot just copypaste 100% without understanding the content, and claim the writing is yours, dont you agree?

    No one knows what will happen next, but the path and journey that each of us going through is the same.

    Henceforth, when general election is called, everyone will know who is in, and who is out.

    No man is an island.

    No man is pure able.

    Able or not, we will see how far kita can go.

  29. HBT456 Sep 23,2018 10:38 AM

    Perhaps faridina forgot, bahasa kebangsaan, atau bahasa melayu, only meant for locals since bm is wajib for all schools in malaysia.

    Even malay of other states also cannot understand kelantanese mother dialect, you think other races can speak?

    Yup, trade war is easy to win for matured democracy, but military war is easy to win too for poor emerging economy.

    Tit for tat.

    Yup, you cannot have both via agree to disagree, all the time.

    General election must be called in every 5 years.

    To matured democracy of eu, theresa may can cut the cake, but no cherry picking.

    Tepuk dada, tanya selera?

    Only malay can tepuk dada, tanya selera?

    When barisan nasional’s component parties become blind followers and let umno malay did the cake cutting and cherry picking with keris, akhirnya, umno tertumpang.

    When pakatan harapan’s component parties become blind followers and let pkr malay did the cake cutting and cherry picking with anti-sodomy law, will pkr tertumpang?

    We will see as we move along.

    Suka atau tidak, pru wajib diadakan.

    Uniform or dress code, you pilih.

  30. mubarakchan Sep 23,2018 9:10 AM


    A fine morning back home in Kuala Lumpur this Sunday. A fine day in London too according to the BBC News. Both places are in peace and harmony. I did not have the privilege of listening to the early bulbul singing and chirping in the banyan tree as I do not leave the house till late on Sundays. We Malaysians are fortunate to go about on any day in a civilised sort of way.

    But this morning, I will dissect the so-called Chinese fakes SS Lee and HBT456 hiding behind fake names. By this act, they think they have the freedom and protection to insult, abuse and vulgarise anyone on this distinguished Blog. I am going to teach these hollow specimens a lesson in civilised language. I can do so without resorting to their secret lives.

    1. These two specimens whether they are Eskimos, Bengalis or Chinese, SS Lee and HBT456 had already decided to adopt fake names to hide their identity. The identify of a nobody. Their intentions were to project themselves as BIG FELLOWS BY THE ACT OF INSULTING, ABUSING AND VULGARISING OTHERS ON THIS BLOG. To draw attention to themselves WHO ARE NOBODIES IN REAL LIFE BUT FAILURES. They are psychopaths using a Blog to display their life-long hatred of others probably their bosses or their wives or siblings. They roam this Blog to attack to get attention. OTHER BLOGS WOULD HAVE KICKED OUT THESE FAKES LONG AGO.

    2. It was fortunate SS Lee to list out his poor academic performance of a life-time. It showed his mental process stopped after his poor university grades OTHERWISE HE WOULD BOASTED LIKE THE PURVEYOR OF DEATH HIS HERO LEE KUAN YEW. We might assume that HBT456 had worse academic qualifications than his fellow fake SS Lee as he was kicked out of Cyberjaya which he admitted and did not boast like SS Lee who did with his poor academic results. Both are failures DUE TO THEIR SELF ADMISSIONS. or these NOBODIES WOULD HAVE BOASTED LIKE THEIR PURVEYOR OF DEATH HERO LEE KUAN YEW. SS Lee and HBT456 are academic and employment rejects as they themselves admitted.

    3. The fake duo of two fake Chinamen would fawn to our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Yet, in their comments they could not contain their anti-BN, anti-Malay and anti-Islamic slants. Yet, THEY ONLY LOOK CHINESE AS THEY CLAIMED. HBT456 even INSULTED BOTH THE ENGLISH AND THE MALAY LANGUAGES IN HIS COMMENTS BY DELIBERATELY MIXING THEM UP TO DOWN-GRADE THE BEAUTY OF THESE TWO WONDERFUL LANGUAGES. He could only be described as the scum of the Earth like fake SS Lee who tried to do the same with the Chinese characters which he stupidly call Mandarin.

    4. See how mentally disturbed these fake SS Lee and HBT456 are. SS Lee could not forget Super Singapore Lee and HBT456 could not forget TEOH BENG HOCK EITHER. If these fake duo are not MENTALLY CRAZY, I do not know what is. AND THESE TWO NOBODIES BECAUSE OF THEIR INFERIORITY COMPLEX HIDE BEHIND CATCHY NAMES. Real psychos this fake duo.



    7. AND DO NOT FORGET YOU FAKES SS LEE AND HBT456. YOUR COMMENTS DO NOT COUNT AND DO NOT EXIST BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO LOCUS STANDI OR LEGAL STATUS AS A REAL PERSON. No fakes can be a real person. So do not think you are smart by being a fake with a fake name. Your comments are only fit for the rubbish bin. Remember this.


    9. SS Lee and HBT456 you cannot deny that you are not COWARDS BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID TO REVEAL YOUR REAL NAMES. Without revealing your REAL NAMES both of you are not Chinese but rubbish with no Locus Standi.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No abuse, insult or vulgarity for us Malaysians,

  31. faridina Sep 22,2018 10:20 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Tengahari tadi pergi kerja kahwin di Jalan Petri, Muor dan jalan balik di bandar menghala ke jambatan ternampak kedai buku “PH book store” hihihi..

    Cantik dan berseri-seri Bandar Maharani sekarang ini di bawah kerajaan PH.

    Sesudah selesai jamu kambing beriyani dengan tulang sum-sum terpaksa cancel makan mee bandung muor hihihi..


    p/s : Buat Cikgu Bedah harap bersabar untuk sambungan episod seterusnya kerana kami mengerti cikgu minat sangat sinetron Indonesia yang tiada kesudahannya.. (harap ini tidak dianggap fitnah juga hihihi..)

  32. Hajar Sep 22,2018 10:10 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Anwar: I share Dr M’s stand against LGBT culture, but colonial sodomy laws still need review

    Belum jadi PM sudah macam2 rancangan bakal PM ke-8 ni…Alahai…

    Mohon Allah SWT gagalkan rancangan Anwar Ibrahim untuk menjadi PM Malaysia. Aamiin…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  33. tamchi Sep 22,2018 7:11 PM

    Slm sejhtra, slmt petang..
    Ada cerita.! Apa nk sembang.?
    Eehh…kelmarin kecoh pulok straw penyedut minuman plastik nk diharamkan penggunaannya..

    Baru ni,

    Dihangatkan lagi pasal penggunaan beg plastik biodegradasi..
    (Datuk Adnan Md Ikshan)
    – masa lama utk mengurai sampah plastik yg dibuang..

    Isu ni dipanaskan semula setelah tahun #2017

    Bagus tu..! Cintai alam sekitar..
    Kalu peniaga besar boleh la adapt..
    Tp kalu peniaga kecil.. mcm mana..?
    Peningkatan kos..??
    Meningkatkan harga..???

    Cadang saya, kenapa tak dibuat insinerator..? Sistem pembakar sampah tanpa asap.. malah hasil pembakaran boleh dijadikan sumber tenaga..

    R&D, R&D..??
    Kejuruteraan..! Teknologi..!

    Eermm..botolBotol air minuman takmau pakai yg biodegradasi ka Latok..??

    Botol air mineral, Botol air soda..
    & botolBotol plastik yg lain..,
    botolBotol lah, datok adnan..!


    p/s : difahamkan negara kecik seberang tambak pun dh ada kt Tuas

  34. mubarakchan Sep 22,2018 5:21 PM


    It is time we consider the meaning of the presence of the fakes with fake names SS LEE and HBT456.




    4. HOW CAN SS LEE AND HBT456 CLAIM NOT TO BE FAKES WHEN THEY HIDE THEMSELVES BEHIND FAKE NAMES. Even 100 pages of explanation by these stupid Chinamen will not clean the dirt.


    i) Lee Kuan Yew created the Anti-Cambridge Godless Neo-communist Political and Socio-economic System imposed on the citizens without their knowledge. The System is bolstered by Apparatchiks (Meritocrats) and the West. The only AUTHORITARIAN SYSTEM STILL LEFT IN THE WORLD. One political prisoner was known to be jailed for life.

    ii) The 2 Child Family Policy of 1972 was enforced by income tax and other measures. Abortions, emotional upsets, divorces, emigrations, religious upheavals, suicides, living together with no marriage, frauds etc took place. By 1984, this was abolished. No one in the World even Hitler attempted this cruel Policy against the natural procreation instinct of Humankind. To-day, Singapore’s Chinese male population age 21-50 totalled 900,000 in a population of 3.2 Million locals, 1.2 Million FTs and 800,000 PRs. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2011. Lee Kuan Yew had blood on his hands.

    iii) Lee Kuan Yew paid Thaksin’s business at an over the top price. This split Free Thailand into two causing deaths and injuries to innocent Thai men, women and children with 2 concomitant coup d’états.
    Lee Kuan Yew had blood on his hands.

    iv) From 1959-1990, Lee Kuan Yew was doing the under-counter trades of ARMS RUNNING, SMUGGLING, SANCTIONS BREAKING, CHINA, NORTH KOREA, MYANMAR ETC.MONEY LAUDERING, TOADYING TO DICTATORS, COLLECTING FREE VIETNAM WAR DEBRIS, R & R, US AID, MILITARY BUNKERING AND LOGISTICS ETC -This was the REAL LEE KUAN YEW MIRACLE. With a population of 2 Million and an honest Government, Singapore from 3rd World rose to the 1st World. Lee Kuan Yew had blood on his hands as the PURVEYOUR OF DEATH !


    And do not attack me personally which will get you no where. Your real names will give you legal status or locus standi. Otherwise, your comments are only fit for your rubbish bins, stupid.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  35. mubarakchan Sep 22,2018 4:33 PM


    An interesting topic this Saturday morning for all. The Brexit now being negotiated by Britain to leave EU. Thus

    ‘ DEFIANT MAY THROWS DOWN GAUNTLET TO EU OVER BREXIT’. A sorry statement over a sorry state of affairs arising from a sorry lack of perception and consideration when Britain joined EU in 1972.

    In 1972, the only strident voice in the British political wilderness was that of Enoch Powell who warned about the dangers of such a union for Britain. No one listened to him.

    I was aghast that Britain with her historical baggage of fighting many bloody battles on the Continent from the days of William the Conqueror down to World War 2 and her influence around the World, could take such a quantum leap not only into the arms of the EU but also into the unknown.

    A tribe of people best known for their astuteness in war and commerce around the World. But there we were watching the happening of the evitable by those who did not consider the inevitable.

    More serious countries like Norway and Switzerland did not join the EU and yet they are doing well under the circumstance.

    The inevitability of the Laws of the EU governing the body and soul of ancient Britain which would become more and more embracing as time went by.

    I consider this adoption of the Laws of the EU most unacceptable. It was like achieving a coup d’état by insidious means without a fight. Or to conquer Britain what European countries failed to do for centuries from the beginning of time. Other negative aspects of the union with EU pales in comparison to the Rule by the Laws from Brussels.

    It took 46 years thereafter for the Britons to discover that they have been dealt a dummy. Was it 42 years too late ? From all accounts, the EU is giving Britain a hard time in her quest for a fair and just divorce.

    And as of today, Theresa May announced an impasse on all fronts concerning Britain’s desire to exit.

    In 1982, a History Professor of Jesus College, Cambridge told me that the fall of Rome was not due to the barbarians at the gate but the huge number of foreigners within it. This was his answer after I asked him why there were so many foreigners in Britain then.


    The TPPA/CPTPP is reputed to have 50 volumes of Agreement which was specially designed by Lee Kuan Yew to catch the Malaysians with their pants down as usual.

    His specialty was in the Devil in the detail or the nitty-gritty which was specially crafted to Singapore’s advantage.

    In his confidence of pulling off this deal during the most corrupt and uncaring period of the BN history 2004-2018, he established the International Arbitration Tribunal in Singapore since 2005.

    In June 2009, he was so cock-sure of success to turn our beloved Malaysia with his evil and Malaysia Killer TPPA into a Slave Colony of Singapore that he turned up in the hot Ulus at the age of 85 under the pretext of saying bye-bye to old friends.

    With his tongue in his cheek and with Obama’s approval in his pocket, he visited our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.


    So meticulous was Lee Kuan Yew in fixing things up his way that he spared no stone un-turn to exhort his digits, cohorts, spies, swallows, ducks, treasonous Civil Servants and tycoons, journalists, academics, MCA leaders in red mandarin silks, fellow travellers, gentlemen in white caps, etc to his CAUSE WHICH WAS THE TPPA/CPTPP AS HIS LEGACY TO SAVE TINY SINGAPORE BY CAPTURING OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AS A SLAVE COLONY-

    the Malays would be dispossessed the Chines and Indians become middle-men financed by Singapore. The others do not count.


    When the Minister was a young UMNO aspirant, Lee Kuan Yew invited him to speak at the INSEAS which no Malaysian Chinese was ever invited. On the following day, the Straits Times gave a glowing report about our brilliant UMNO aspirant with no holds barred. Vide. Straits Times Library, Singapore.

    And the Chief Negotiator’s spouse was purported to be Singapore’s Business Times Chief Journalist stationed in Kuala Lumpur. In other countries journalists are often arrested for information gathering. Vide. Egypt, Russia, China, North Korea.

    In January 2017, President Trump tore the TPPA on his first day in office. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES.

    Yet Singapore worked overtime to salvage the TPPA as the CPTPP for her future SALVATION by bringing in Japan as the leader.


    There was no mention of the deluge of Singaporean goods overnight after the RATIFICAITON OF THE TPPA/CPTTP which will kill off all the SMEs !




    Our beloved Malaysia WILL BE THE SLAVE COLONY OF TINY SINGAPORE FOREVER IF THE CPTPP IS RATIFIED. No traitors for us Malaysians !


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  36. Sri Sense Sep 22,2018 3:51 PM

    Good evening!


    I nak share sikit cerita ini, a few years ago, I buka satu blog, I pun ajak sorang kawan jadi participant, kawan ini tanya I balik, sape admin?

    I jawab, Me. Why you tanya?

    Mengikut cerita kawan ini dia pernah participate dalam satu blog anti Hishamuddin, she side Hishamuddin, so like 10 of them bantai dia giler2, night and day, day and night, sampai dia serik nak join mana2 forum. Dia kata lagi kalau kenal admin senang kira.

    This blog I also tak kenal admin. For example SSLee boleh paste link but it is still up to the admin to release it.

    On the bright side, if Mubarak Chan tak tau jadi tau about those links, so the next step cari the person yang wrote nasty things about him – Mubarak Chan online. If I jadi Mubarak Chan I buat. Dalam dunia serba modern ini macam2 you can cari online.

    Another thing if you like to write, you can follow cara Tun buka satu blog.

    You can click my name and it goes to my wordpress page, on that page you click wordpress, at times there’s ad offering free space to blog over at wordpress, just click on it and get free or paid account.

    If you don’t know how to do it, you can always pergi cybercafe and minta staff sana ajar. I know this because one of my friend pernah belajar kat cybercafe bayar a few ringgit. Dia buat ini sebab anak dia macam gangster ajar. 🙂

    OKay SSLee, I faham about your kampong cerita. Back in the old days, masa I kecil, I makan makanan India very often. Because orang bawahan my dad ramai India. I also pandai cakap India. Up to now you cakap tosai idali I still makan but my son belanja la.

    Chinese food, my mom ada darah cina on her mom’s side. Chinese food masa CNY my fav adalah kuih bakul, kacang, and limau. So happy kalau dapat kuih bakul yang ada kulit daun pisang. Nowadays dekat supermarket not only keras but also comes with plastic. Taste also tak sedap I rather makan dodol lama.

    Since my hubby family dari Kelantan, I also makan tomyam, nasi dagang, nasi kerabu. The only thing I tak boleh makan ikan talapia. My body all bengkak. Doktor kata sebab ikan belaan tak tau apa kasi makan. 🙂

    All sort of things. Isn’t it nice to be a Malaysian?!?

  37. HBT456 Sep 22,2018 3:45 PM

    Perhaps in the mind of mubarakchan, he still stuck in id, atau ic coding kut.

    Mana tahu, mungkin mubarakchan ingat AI tu AL.

    I am not against what he wants to do since i am only a voter.

    Therefore, whoever becomes the next prime minister and form the new cabinet, i still need to work, live and enjoy life like all of you here.

    Walaupun malang tak berbau, therefore, bersyukur with what we have.

    Perhaps to him, they are the best of the best, and only they can dictate who gets what, and who dont gets what seoalah2 semua kita pun tahu jawapan sebelum masuk exam hall.

    Denials are not something new.

    Perhaps shaming others is enjoyment to them, kan tu siapakah makan cili pedas, mereka lah yang rasa pedas, betul tak?

    But, i reserve this stand as benefits of doubts.


    You can never get 9 women pregnant to make a baby in one month with buffology of man propose, god dispose seolah2 isu- isu ekonomi dan kedaulatan undang-undang bagai hangat hangat tahi ayam.

    It is ruthless, heartless and barbaric to spread salt via torturing on wounded and captured soldiers just to show their anger sesuka hati, dont you think so?

    Some issues just need time.

    It is so obvious that outsiders can see, but the insiders still insist they have done no wrong.

    Yup, it is sad, and regretable to see them moving into this direction of dictatorship via increasing party members just to stay relevant in which all civil government servants of the day must vote the winner, or the current ruling political coalition party of those states under bn and ph.

    As voter, i cannot and wont stop them since i dont aim to be member of any political parties.

    All i can do it, i wish them all the best, and may their dream, prayer and wishes come true.

  38. HBT456 Sep 22,2018 2:12 PM

    Bak kata, we are what we eat.

    Jadi, masuk kandang lembu mengauk, masuk kandang kambing mengembek.

    To share, or to anti- share, itu terpulang kepada citarasa perjuang dan pendekar bangsa dan agama mereka masing-masing untuk merebut2 jawatan tertinggi di daerah, negeri mahupun wilayah.

    It is up to them to decide, and voters of semua negeri to decide when polling dates are called in every 5 years.

    As saying goes, when money can solve those problems, then,those problems are not problems.

    Then, there shouldnt be conflicts of power abuse that lead to civil wars, mass protests, violence, terrorism, bencana alam yang tak disangka-sangkakan, currency wars, trade wars, sub-mortgage melt-down, black day of stock market, many many more, dont you think so?

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Such absolute powers could made the world the land that breed mutated, heartless and ruthless zombies too, dont you think so?

    Perhaps they forgot, if there is no country then there will be no home too.

    I am not muslim, but if you force me to be muslim, then, divorce or leaving are the best options.

    As mps, will you agree or disagree such ruling kerana takut hilang undi?

    Hate speech is the root cause of terrorism.

    Tepuk dada, tanya selera.

  39. SSLEE Sep 22,2018 10:39 AM

    Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Allow me to congratulate lawyer Mr. Azhar Harun appointment as the new Election Commission (EC) chairman. Mr. Art Harun is my Malaysian hero and has my utmost respect and admiration, I wish him well and perhaps someday he will be my Prime Minister.

    As for the question from HBT, “Me too a Chinese Malaysians, why we see things differently though you are from Kedah, and I am from KL today, sslee?”
    You can have a glimpse for an answer from above link on my childhood memory growing up in the then laid back Alor Setar, Kedah where we live in a close knit kampong community and everyone know his neighbor and our neighbors are multi races and religions. My grandparent and parent speak the Kedahan Malay dialect. I attended the SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) Alor Setar for my primary study where the four pillars of my ancestor culture/values 礼,义, 廉, 恥. displayed prominently.

    Below is what I told my Indonesian staffs on these four values:
    Nilai murni Pertama:
    礼 (Bersopan),礼者,感恩之心,谦卑之为。
    Sejak kecil, kita telah diajarkan untuk bersikap sopan terhadap orang lain. Bersikap sopan itu bukan dari luar saja. Bersikap sopan itu harus dari dalam hati kita yang mengenali budi dan berterima kasih terhadap jasa baik orang lain.
    Kita menyayangi orangtua kita karena kita berhutang budi kepada mereka. Merekalah yang membesarkan kita sampai bisa mandiri.
    Kita menghormati guru-guru kita karena merekalah yang mengajar dan memberikan ilmu kepada kita supaya kita dapat berpikir dan menggunakan ilmu untuk memajukan diri sendiri.
    Kita bersikap sopan dengan orang yang lebih tua dari kita karena berkat tangan mereka, didirikan banyak kemudahan seperti rumah, jalan, jembatan dan lain-lain sehingga generasi mendatang dapat menikmati kemudahan dan kesenangan hidup.
    Apabila kita sudah berhasil, jangan seperti kacang lupa akan kulitnya dan berkepala besar. Kita harus selalu rendah hati dan menyadari bahwa keberhasilan kita adalah berkat sumbangsih dari semua orang sekeliling kita.

    Nilai murni kedua:
    义 (kebenaran), 义者,万古留芳,不义者,遗臭万年
    Mereka yang benar akan dipuji, dihormati dan disukai hingga ribuan tahun mendatang.
    Mereka yang sebaliknya akan dikutuk, dihina dan dibenci hingga ribuan tahun mendatang.

    Nilai murni ketiga:
    廉 (Bersih/Tidak korupsi), 廉者,一分耕耘,一分收获。
    Kita semua mengetahui bahwa tidak korupsi berarti tidak menerima penyogokan / penyuapan. Tetapi makna tidak korupsi itu lebih dalam lagi. Kita harus menyadari bahwa tiada kesuksesan tanpa usaha. Tidak ada hasil pertanian apabila kita tidak bercocok tanam. Di dunia ini tidak ada yang gratis. Apabila kita ingin berhasil, kita harus berusaha dengan sungguh-sungguh, tidak mengenal lelah capak, tidak mengenal susah payah, tidak mengenal siang malam, tidak mengenal putus asa, terus menerus berjuang sampai setahap demi setahap menuju apa yang kita inginkan.
    Tiada gunanya menunggu durian runtuh, sebab hasil yang dimiliki tanpa usaha tiada artinya.
    Terutama hasil haram dimana anda harus selalu berhati-hati supaya tidak diusut dan ditangkap polisi.

    Nilai murni keempat:
    恥 (Tahu malu/Tahu salah), 恥者,知错能改。
    Manusia berbeda dengan hewan sebab manusia mempunyai rasa malu, tahu malu dan tahu salah. Maka sebelum adanya hukum-hukum, perbuatan manusia dikawal oleh rasa malu. Yang malu tidak dilakukan, yang dilakukan adalah perbuatan yang membanggakan.
    Tetapi pada dunia yang semakin materialistis, konsep malu telah berubah. Ada anak muda sukses yang merasa malu terlihat bersama orang tuanya sebab orang tuanya tidak terpelajar dan miskin. Ada anak yang merasa malu sebab anak-anak lain mempunyai i-phone atau i-pad terbaru, sedangkan dia tidak. Ada anak yang merasa malu sebab rupa dia kurang menarik dan sebagainya.
    Kita perlu memperbaiki konsep tahu malu.
    Kita tidak perlu merasa malu karena tidak kaya, tidak lulusan tinggi, tidak cantik dan sebagainya sebab Tuhan menciptakan kita dengan sama. Kita dianugerahkan satu otak untuk berpikir, maka pikirkanlah apa yang semestinya membuat kita merasa malu.
    Perbuatan dan sikap buruk yang semestinya membuat kita merasa malu. Perbuatan buruk seperti berbohong, menipu, menggertak, mencuri, merampas, membunuh, korupsi dan sebagainya Sikap buruk seperti malas, tidak bertanggung jawab, tidak menepati janji, menyalahkan semua orang kecuali diri sendiri, apati, biadab dan sebagainya. Kita seharusnya merasa malu dengan perbuatan dan sikap buruk yang disebutkan tadi.

    Yang berarti manusia tidak terlepas dari membuat kesilapan / kesalahan. Yang penting bila diberitahu kesalahan kita, kita harus faham salah kita, mengakui kesalahan, belajar dari kesalahan, berubah dan tidak mengulangi kesalahan yang sama.

    Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Mr. Art Harun, “Once we were beautiful” say it all what are the ills plaguing our current society.

    Tun holds some responsibility for our current ills. Tun had spared the rod and spoil the child it is time now for Tun to be mean and cruel in order to be kind.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS Lee

  40. Hajar Sep 22,2018 8:17 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun: (kepada pengunjung lain, harap maaf)

    1. Merujuk kepada kenyataan Tun (kes LGE) yang diberi oleh si Polan yang teramat BIJAK (Sep 19,2018 7:39 AM):-

    “Ada ramai orang buat seperti apa yang dilakukan Guan Eng tapi mereka tidak dipilih.”

    Komen saya: Tun tidak kata pun yang LGE tidak korup dan tidak menyalahguna kuasa. Ini amat menakutkan kerana nampaknya memang benarlah ramai yang terlibat merasuah pihak berkuasa (penjawat awam yang menyalahguna kuasa) dengan cara yang sama tetapi tidak didakwa.

    Tetapi kes ini melibatkan seorang Ketua Menteri. Memang patut beliau dipilih (sebagai pengajaran). Sama dengan kes Khir Toyo. Beliau DIPILIH kerana beliau bekas MB. Siapakah yang sibuk membongkar kes beliau dahulu? Mesti ramai lagi yang melakukan perkara sama (rasuah / salah guna kuasa) tetapi terlepas.Tak gitu? Maknanya, PH sama saja dengan BN kerana masih lagi berkompromi dengan rasuah secara pintu belakang (tertutup) ini.

    Saya fikir Kerajaan PH akan cuba membanteras rasuah dengan tegas, tetapi hampeh. Saya kesal dan berasa amat kecewa kerana Tun tidak dapat berbuat apa2 dalam hal ini (mungkin ada sebab lain).

    2. Saya jumpa link di bawah:

    Tetapi Tun tetap lantik LGE sebagai Menteri Kewangan (walaupun ada kes pada masa itu). Saya pernah menyatakan yang saya tidak setuju Tun melantik LGE sebagai Menteri Kewangan kerana dia masih ada kes mahkamah, tetapi Tun tetap melantik LGE. Jadi saya memang tidak terkejut langsung jika Tun mempertahankan pengguguran 2 kes rasuah dan salah guna kuasa LGE.

    3. Si Polan yang teramat bijak tulis: (mesti ditujukan kepada saya kan…)
    /// Buat yang terpelajar berkenaan ambillah sedikit pengajaran bahawa pendapat anda bukannya semua betul dan jangan pula twist cerita untuk menegakkannya.
    Belajarlah dari kesilapan kita dan muhasabahlah diri.
    Buangkanlah sifat ego yang keterlaluan dan jadilah seperti resmi padi semakin berisi semakin tunduk.///

    Komen saya: Nasihat yang bagus, tetapi diri sendiri bagaimana?. Orang ini tidak tahu membezakan antara PENDAPAT (opinion) dan FAKTA (fact; kebenaran). Pendapat saya kekal yang LGE dan Phang terlibat dengan rasuah dan salah guna kuasa. Lagipun kes LGE digugurkan oleh pihak yang jelas menyebelahi beliau (it’s their OPINION); ada terlalu banyak kebetulan dalam kes ini. FAKTA (dokumen2 jual beli,etc.) tidak memihak kepada LGE kerana tidak ada sebab munasabah untuk Phang menjual banglo dengan harga yang jauh lebih murah dari harga pasaran. Lainlah kalau mereka adik-beradik, anak-beranak, suami-isteri, etc. Bagi percuma pun tiada siapa kisah.

    4. DSAI pun telah diampunkan (katanya semua kes2 terdahulu dikira lupus; terhapus?…). Salahkah jika saya masih BERPENDAPAT bahawa DSAI memang bersalah melakukan jenayah seksual luar tabii (kerana memang banyak bukti2 telah dibongkar dan didedahkan – 2 kali kes sama…)? Fakta2 sahih memang membuktikan beliau bersalah. Harap si Polan yang teramat bijak belajar (lifelong learning) untuk membezakan antara PENDAPAT dan FAKTA sahih.

    5. Saya CABAR si Polan yang teramat bijak (sebab tidak pernah mengaku kesalahan/kesilapan) untuk buktikan bahawa segala tuduhan (pendapat) berunsur FITNAH dia terhadap saya semuanya benar. Baru kita tahu siapa yang patut bermuhasabah diri dan belajar dari kesilapan (ikut nasihat di Polan sendiri). Saya senaraikan beberapa contoh tuduhan2 liar tersebut (PENDAPAT2 si Polan yang saya tidak setuju):

    Saya petik sebahagian kecil komen2 yang memfitnah saya:
    “Kesimpulannya si polan membenci LGE yang tidak mencuri duit rakyat sepuluh kali lebih daripada Ah Jib Gor yang terang-terangan mencuri duit rakyat.”

    “Satu lagi LGE itu Cina dan Ah Jib Gor itu Melayu apa-apa bangsa datang dahulu tak gitu si polan entahlah.”

    “Makcik ini jugalah yang dahulunya tidak membenarkan ayahanda Tun turun menyertai Bersih yang kotor katanya tetapi hari ini marah apabila pengganti Jamal tongkol iaitu Lokman beruang hendak berarak ala2 Bersih.”

    “Makcik dari dahulupun cukup rasis terhadap bangsa Cina sampai ke hari ini tidak tahu kenapa mungkin masa belajar dahulu dia tidak dapat markah setinggi mereka dan dapat markah cukup2 makan gitu serta tidak sepandai mereka.”

    “Makcik ini juga yang dahulunya sering menentang PAS serta hukum hudud mula kelihatan Islamik bilamana memberi lampu hijau perlaksaan hukuman sebat di atas sebab si derhaka dan pakcik Khalid telah bersuara.”

    “Geli hati bila ada yang menyindir kesucian kerajaan PH bila mana dah terbiasa dengan kekotoran hakiki dari atas ke bawah kerajaan BN.”

    “Tak perlu rasis jika bangsa sendiri pun merompak terang-terangan di siang hari bila diberi amanah dari anak bangsa.”

    6. Mohon si Polan yang teramat bijak (si Ketua keluarga) memberi hujah2 bernas bersama FAKTA2 sahih untuk menyokong dakwaan2/ pendapat2 (FITNAH) beliau seperti di atas. Menurut si Polan saya menolak pendapat kesemua orang.

    7. Si Polan tulis (nak ingatkan si Polan yang pelupa yang meroyan mahu belajar dari saya):
    “p/s : Suka baca tulisan Surirumah yang penuh berhemah dan menampakkan kematangan serta pandangan jauh dan sungguh merendah diri walaupun diri beliau seorang bergelar Dr tidak seperti makcik sipolan tu yang sah-sah makcik kaki gaduh, jenis susah hendak dapat kawan dan kami pun tak hingin hendak berkawan sama makcik kepoh sepertinya..hihihi”

    Jawapan saya: Pinggan tak retak nasi tak dingin, Hang tak nak, aku pun seribu kali tak ingin (berkawan) !

    8. Buat apa berkawan dengan orang yang suka MEMFITNAH (dosa besar) dan tidak tahu meminta maaf serta tidak mengakui kesalahan2 yang telah dilakukan.

    – Saya ingin lihat samada ada lagi hujah ‘bijak’ yang akan diberikan oleh si Polan untuk menegakkan benang basah beliau. Sudahlah enggan mengaku segala kesalahan (tuduhan2) beliau terhadap saya dan enggan meminta maaf, tetapi masih lagi dengan muka tebal menuduh saya tidak mahu menerima pendapat2 beliau yang salah.
    – Yang lagi pelik, pendapat (opinion) saya yang tidak sama dengn pendapat Tun M pula yang sibuk diungkit. Alahai…kononnya meraikan perbezaan pendapat…agree to disagree.
    – Eloklah si Polan (dan famili; satu keluarga boleh bahagikan kerja…) buat dulu ‘homework’ sebelum ‘buka mulut @ menulis’ untuk menyanggah pendapat saya supaya nampak lebih cerdik.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  41. mubarakchan Sep 22,2018 12:50 AM


    I am so very happy that two cowardly Chinese hiding behind fake names took it upon themselves to do me down by all means in favour of their god, THE PURVEYOR OF DEATH LEE KUAN YEW.

    As a doctor you understand the effects of brain-washing on these naïve and simple minds for decades by Lee Kuan Yew using the resources of the State of Singapore,

    I am also very happy that I could present the facts about Lee Kuan Yew factually and without rancour.

    In front of all behind the apparent safety of fake names, they SS Lee and HBT456 ONLY DARE TO ATTACK MY PERSONAL DETAILS WHICH THEY THINK ARE MY WEAKEST POINT. OK. Good. I am sorry to tell them they are out of date.

    Why don’t both of them reveal to ALL HERE THEIR REAL NAMES instead of ID numbers which could belong to anyone ? Why not be a brave Chinaman for once ? And really show the World that you put yourself on the line fighting for the reputation of your Purveyor of Death hero, Lee Kuan Yew ? Instead of behaving like Pavlov’s dogs which bark and bite for no reason but only the mention of Lee Kuan Yew.

    I am now certain that both these cowards attended the Vernacular Schools. By not releasing their TRUE NAMES, BOTH COULD BE INSURGENTS FROM THE THAI JUNGLE. What both are fervently trying to impress holds no water !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Cowards behind fake names, no problem !

  42. mubarakchan Sep 21,2018 11:30 PM


    It is amazing to read about the pathetic replies from the fake and failed in Life SS Lee and HBT456 in defence of their vicious and personal attacks on me when throughout this distinguished Blog
    I SCRUPULOUSLY kept to only the facts regarding the Public Policies on THE PURVEYOR OF DEATH LEE KUAN YEW AND NEVER HIS PERSONAL LIFE !

    Whether I am a bankrupt or not is immaterial to the important facts revealed by me IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST which NONE OF THEM DENY.

    To use dirty under hand tactics to win a point is the hall-mark of LOW CLASS GANGSTERS WHICH THESE TWO TREASONOUS CHINESE ARE. Shame on them.

    Look at the way they wrote with pro-Lee Kuan Yew, anti-Islam and anti-Malay slants of their own volition right here in this distinguished Blog of our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad whom they fawned in everyone’s presence. Shameless creatures.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Maybe only this generation of Chinese worship the PURVEYOR OF DEATH LEE KUAN YEW and hopefully, no more because the sound of music has ended long ago.

  43. HBT456 Sep 21,2018 10:21 PM

    Even this mubarakchan goes to singapore and do all the axing and laundry, it wont be that easy as he thought.


    Singaporeans too, like americans, are not easily fooled.

    Me too a chinese malaysians, why we see things differently though you are from kedah, and i am from kl today, sslee?

    Malaysians in general are too complacent and not grateful because we are pampered so that the comfort zone of orang atas would not be jeopardized.

    Therefore sikit2 rakyat merajuk, and want to change the government, mestilah the ruling government scare lar takut dikorbankan, betul?

    Winning, or loosing is not important.

    Debts, or unearned future revenue, the ruling and opposition political parties decide.

    Are you what you eat?

    We will see as we move along.

  44. SSLEE Sep 21,2018 8:03 PM

    Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    With a heavy heart I would like to ask Tun’s permission again to allow me to respond to @mubarakchan malicious unfounded slander on me.
    I refer in particular to the fakes SS Lee who abuse their privilege in this distinguished Blog by insulting the honest and factual opinions of others taking advantage of our beloved Tun’s tolerance and understanding of Humankind.
    These fake specimens are a shame to the worldly wise Malaysians by worshipping a foreign god, Lee Kuan Yew who was A PURVEYOR OF DEATH BY ARMS RUNNING. Their breath stinks so badly even Sensodyne will not save them.

    Dear Dr. Mubarak Chan,
    I was born in Alor Setar, Kedah in 1961. Attended my primary school in SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) Alor Setar.
    Further my secondary school in Sekolah Menegah St. Michael Alor Setar, follow by upper secondary school in Sekolah Menegah Dato’ Syed Omar Aloe setar. Did my HSC in Sekolah Menegah Keat Hwa, Alor Setar and finally graduated from University Malaya in 1986 with Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering. I had written very clearly with my plain Malaysia English in my previous comment:
    So please Dr. Mubarak Chan a graduated doctor from UK prestige university do you understand plain Malaysia English below?

    The late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is ex- PM of Singapore and as leader of Singapore the late LKY had his every right to fight for what he believe to be the best interest of Singapore. He had no qualms in shutting down the Chinese school and Nanyang University or putting his comrades and political opponents in jail under ISA in the name of quashing communist insurgency. He had no hesitation in welcoming the dirty money from the SEA Super Rich so that Singapore benefited from it and become the Financial Central of SEA. He then had the audacity to tell China Communist party boss Mr. Deng as what to do and even advise USA as how to deal with Mainland China and Taiwan. But one thing he did not do was making his brother-in-law mubarakchan a super rich Singaporean. If he had done so, I think Dr. Chan today will praise him like god.

    The late LKY was never my PM and what the late LKY had or had not done or his many policies were a failure or resounding success is none of my business. I am Chinese Malaysian by birth and will be forever a Malaysian in heart, in soul and in mind. And I had written bellow blog I have a dream: A MALAYSIAN DREAM for GE 14.

    Dr. Mubarak Chan, if you have a personal axe to grind with your brother-in-law the late LKY please go somewhere else to air your dirty laundry and do not contaminated this respected blog with your hatred, delusions of grandeur and taken us as a fool or insult our intelligent as your falsehoods/false flattery can fool someone some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    I quote your comment:
    With your permission, I invite Sri Sense and ALL other bloggers who want to know more about me and my personal life to contact me via the Facebook. Rest assured I will furnish ALL with my detailed Curriculum Vitae, legal documents, books etc to prove that at any material time my wife is worth RM 25 Million and my late son-in-law RM 50 Million.
    The reason why they are worth so much each is because the money once upon a time belonged to me when they were both penniless ! How come ?
    Your guess is as good as mine ! My strategy against all conspirators has always been the use of attrition through TIME. Two of the conspirators who stole my MONET died young, my late son-in-law aged 39 and my younger brother, Trustee of my father’s Estate, 74 years.
    The pursuit by me to retrieve ALL my money is on-going be legal means.
    I have a list of 65 persons who harmed me in any way. They either died, or their wives died or their children died. I did not realise this until through the years I began to recollect these events. Man proposes. God disposes !. Hence I kept a very low and humble profile.
    I do not evade income tax, have overseas bank accounts or havens, harm or injure others in anyway. My whole life I always helped people.
    My LIFE is an OPEN BOOK. No need to sneak around to the Net. Just contact me via the Facebook and I will let you have all the info about myself very happily including my birth certificate which states I was born in Taylor Road, Kuala Lumpur.
    I am exceedingly happy. No problem.
    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Quote Franklin D. Roosevelt. ‘ The only thing we have to FEAR Is FEAR itself’.

    I refer again:
    Dr. Mubarak Chan, please answer these questions honestly:
    1. Are you made a Bankrupt since 11 Feb 2011?
    2. Did you transferred all your money/assets oversea or to your wife and son-in-law to avoid paying your creditors?

    You are so inhuman and cold hearted that you feel vindicated that your son-in-law died at young age 39 because after helping you hide your money, you accused him of stealing your money and deserved to die young?

    You disgrace your father name and after losing your lawsuits with trustee of Estate of Chan Wing for your greedy unfair share of heritage you curse, swear and show contempt to your siblings and feel vindicated that your younger brother, Trustee of Chan Wing Estate died age 74 year.

    You are the most despicable, cruel and inhuman human being I come across and you still have the nerve to wear you fake high moral hat and give your comment on:
    The Bankruptcy Act 1967?

    My final advice to you Dr. Mubarak Chan, please paid your debt to your creditors. Repent and seek forgiveness. Be a man like the ex-MCA president Tan Koon Swan repented and settled his debt with all his creditors.

    By the way PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is a GIANT bully, habitual liar, immoral, paranoia, untrustworthiness, sexist and divisive. He is not even fit to be hired as our PM Tun Dr. Mahathir’s driver. Anyhow Donald Trump is none of my business and I can only hope that the Americans have what it takes like Malaysians to unite and impeach him before he can do more harm to America society and unleash havoc to the world.
    I had said what I needed to say about you and I will not waste my time anymore to response to a “lunatic”, “paranoia” , “schizophrenia” and heartless person.

    Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    I totally agreed with Tun, “What shame? These days they go to jail smiling” and “Loan defaulter not ashamed”
    May I ask, those used the loophole in bankruptcy Act to avoid paying their debt by transferred their assets to close relative were laughing all the way to the banks and un-ashamed to live a luxury life. Is justice served?

    A sudden sadness engulfed me. I was taught to be kind to everyone especially respect the elder. But at time I need to pour out what I felt in my heart and be mean and cruel in order to be kind. I seek Tun’s forgiveness for my cruelness.

    Thank you.
    Yours Truly,
    SS Lee

  45. mubarakchan Sep 21,2018 6:43 PM


    In a few days time, it is expected you will stand before the whole world of 180 Nations, proud, confident and WITHOUT BLOOD IN YOUR HANDS unlike the Purveyor of Death Lee Kuan Yew with his arms trade activities.

    Your presence in the United Nations rostrum is the fulfilment of a young and struggling Nation which is our beloved Malaysia with its full complement of a Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias, our Constitution, our Yang Di Pertuan Agong, our Royal Sultans and the Rakyat. Where else but Malaysia ?

    The home of our courageous and brilliant Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who saved our precious Malaysia with his Second Coming, not only against all odds but against the already rigged scenarios stacked up against him and our beloved Malaysia like the pre-arranged Lee Kuan Yew’s creation the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP. Who else but the Purveyor of Death and not a Cambridge Scholar Lee Kuan Yew ?

    It is indeed frightening to re-visit Lee Kuan Yew’s Failed Public Policies of 47 fables and foibles. For those who are new to this site, just a selection :-

    1..Lee Kuan Yew created Singapore’s Political System which is Anti-Cambridge, Godless, Neo-communistic and imposed on the citizens without their knowledge supported by apparatchiks (meritocrats) and the West.

    2. His 1972 2 Child Family Policy was the first in the World which coerced the natural instincts of Humankind not to procreate which even Hitler did not do. As a result, in Singapore today there are 3.2 Million indigenous Singaporeans of which only 900,000 are male Chinese aged 21-50, 1.2 Million FTS and 800,000 PRs. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2011.

    3. He paid over the hill for Thaksin’s business and split Free Thailand into two which caused the deaths and injuries to innocent Thai men, women and children concomitant with 2 coup-de-tat. He had blood on his hands.

    3. From 1959-2015, Lee Kuan Yew was a Purveyor of Death with his under-counter trades in hard and soft arms trade, money laundering, smuggling, toadying to dictators, sanctions breaking, Myanmar, North Korea, China etc, retrieving free Vietnam war debris, R & R, US military bunkering and logistics, US Aid etc. These made up the LEE KUAN YEW MIRACLE which pushed Singapore from the 3rd World to the 1st, not the glittering buildings or normal commerce of Singapore. He had blood on his hands.

    4. He established a political party in Malaysia in 1966 as he retreated from the Peninsula after his ignominious defeat by the Tunku at the 1964 GE. This move split the Malaysian Chinese not into halves but fractions, leaving them to this day with not MALAYSIAN CHINESE LEADER OF NOTE. However, there is an irony to this tale. Man proposes. God disposes.

    And the list of his Failed Public Policies of Fables and Foibles runs up to 47. He had never admitted to any mistake but conjectured that one day, Ph.D researchers will be able to find faults with his activities.

    As for our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a brilliant qualified doctor and now a brilliant and courageous Prime Minister only thought of his constituents, the Rakyat’s welfare and social well-being, first in his 22 year Administration and now second, a revised version without his mistakes – A GIANT IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE – A Malay.


    And in a few days time, Malaysia will have one her most famous sons standing before the World of 180 Nations who will all stand up to applause our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as a Towering Role Model for Peace and Harmony amongst Humankind to the World – THE ONE AND ONLY TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD – A MALAY

    Shame on you fakes SS Lee and HBT456 who behave here in this distinguished Blog like with NO FATHER OR MOTHER and worship the Purveyor of Death, Lee Kuan Yew and only single out mubarakchan for victimization in a cowardly manner.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! ‘STRIVE TO ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE’

  46. HBT456 Sep 21,2018 3:28 PM

    From straits times, it is a good sign be it politically, economically and socially, and it was reported that the public opinion in legalizing lgbt marriage as basic human rights is 55: 45, atau 55% disagree and 45% agree.

    Though in the opinion of chief catholic church of singapore the catholics are not ready to accept such ruling yet.

    I guess, the issue of legalizing lgbt marriages need to be debated in details by ruling and opposition parties in their parliament, a melting pot of multi-culturism of this tiny red dot down south but that does not mean mps of both divides would reject such ruling in the future, thats for sure.

    Though the public opinion splits with 55:45, but it is a good sign in showing singaporeans too are more open minded today and ready to adapt such basic right as human rights base on love, atau sayang in the future.


    Yup, human keeps chanting they are kind and have lots of love even when seeing animals, insects and reptiles being dera, murdered or eaten as barbaric activities and get mad and angry.

    Dont you think when human say tak nak, atau tutup gate to lgbt walaupun mereka sama2 human but have so much love to lives that are not even human, dont you think they are contradicting themselves?

    Bak kata, minda yang tak nak to lgbt would be ditelankan zaman pada masa yang akan datang, it is only a matter of time only.

    Are you ready to accept such ruling in future?

  47. HBT456 Sep 21,2018 1:19 PM

    If she compares with chalk and cheese then mubarakchan is comparing satay and kebab, boleh kan?

    Both rubber and palm oil are commodities, and the dna of the owners are papa mama to smi, iaitu tulang belakang visi wawasan 2020 by massive clearing off land for economic model of industrialization anc property in the 90s.

    By killing off these papa mama by claiming these commodities are mine via nep of malay bias, arab donation, imports of muslim refugee, the extension of project ic, declaring war against sulu militant in sabah and now canning of lgbt and allowing under age girl to marry, dont you think these muslim had already violated the rule of law first under federal constitution that bind malaya, borneo and north borneo?

    With so many protests and unfortunate bad and tragic news, masih tak cukup terang ke?

    I guess mubarakchan still stuck in dulu punya mindest assuming by baling batu api, nasi lemak and roti canai can do wonder kut kerana bapak ku pun ada 3 juta ahli parti by changing hands at the top level via quantitative easing measures(qe) in gerrymandering, mengubahsuai angka usia mahupun bahasa kerana takut hilang undi umno melayu dan pas muslim by repeating the same bullshit and bear hug consultantcy kut.

    When boarding time is called, mereka masih dilie dallie, mesti lah mereka akan di tinggalkan, bak kata, masa itu emas jugak, tak gitu?

    Outsiders nampak, but the insiders keep quiet and continue with their dreams of who wants to be billionaire, mesti lah mereka akan buta hati dan mata when their greed of being rich overnight is more than the fear of being poor themselves, bukan?

    Jika agong dan sultan negeri2 pun tak gusar, then who are we the pendatang to worry on whether the direction of the country is going right or wrong as voters?

    Jadi tahi atau dedak, kan maksudnya adalah sama in english, that is shit, dont you think so?

    Voters dont care whether you are liberals, democrat, republican, marxist, communist or gandhi hard supporters, when they feel the leaders are not there to serve them or solve problems eventhough they paid taxes, mesti lah mereka angry lor, dan akhirnya, bn tertumpang keranamu umno tamak dan tak grateful, and ,masih mahu ambil pas sebagai bini muda, mesti lah bini lama jeles lor, tak gitu?

    Jadi, siapkah yang tak betul?

    Kita kini berada di zaman terang, iaitu post internert era?

    Zaman berbini ramai pun boleh ditelan zaman, tak gitu?

    The slogan for women is always dia atau aku when they are educated and financially independent, abang pilih, tak gitu?

    Lelaki kini pun tahu jika berbini ramai, mereka pasti tak akan lega hati kerana takut bini buat hal yang tak sangka2, contohnya viralkan untuk jatuh maruah suami sebagai tanda dendam, an eye for an eye, tak gitu?

    The opposite of love is hate.

    Madu, atau racun, you pilih.

    Mimpi idaman, atau mimpi ngeri, viewers pilih.

    As voters, our obligation is to vote for the coalition that we are comfortable with, itu saja.

  48. mubarakchan Sep 21,2018 6:35 AM


    Good morning ! A very good morning to you ! This morning is unlike any other. The friendly singing bulbul is still asleep in the nest in the young banyan tree by the road. The best time of the day in our beloved Malaysia before the crack of dawn by which time all planters anywhere in Malaysia would have been up and working. Yes ! There was a headline yesterday which drew my attention thus :-


    My eyes nearly dropped out when it struck me. This sounded like as though the production of Natural Rubber is still King in Malaysia. We all know this is not so.

    The statement went on that Rubber Exports and earnings contributed RM 32 Billion from Natural Rubber exports ! Nothing was mentioned about the oil palm/s contribution which was RM 53 Billion in 2014 and employed 600,000 persons. Vide, The Oil Palm. 1 January 2014 as compared with 400,000 person employed in the rubber goods factories. Small holders were mentioned as a matter of course, to bolster the argument for this misleading Ministerial statement. Who was behind this ? Some recalcitrant BN clerk ?

    this was surprising to all who are aware about palm oil and natural rubber.

    The Minister was NOT COMPARING LIKE WITH LIKE, SHE WAS COMPARING CHALK WITH CHEESE – palm oil with condoms and rubber gloves. What a slip up if I may say so by her supportive staff which must be left-overs from the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government.

    In the hey day of Lee Kuan Yew’s Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP, the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government used the export figures of condoms and gloves as the prime example of why Malaysia should join the TPPA.

    The reason given was that Malaysia would sell more condoms and gloves to the United States concomitantly with improvements in our commercial standards and export more hi-tech goods in 20 YEARS TIME.


    It was penny wise pound foolish to promote a tiny segment of our manufactured goods which is the condoms and gloves and SACRIFICE FOR LEE KUAN YEW OVER 90% OF OUR ESTABLISHED SMEs. If this is not treason, I do not know what to call this treasonous arguments.

    Talking about treason, we have brainwashed specimen on this distinguished Blog, at least two Malaysian Chinese who brazenly only love a foreigner of well-known repute Lee Kuan Yew. I am sure they sing the Negara Ku as well.


    I refer in particular to the fakes SS Lee and HBT456 who abuse their privilege in this distinguished Blog by insulting the honest and factual opinions of others taking advantage of our beloved Tun’s tolerance and understanding of Humankind.

    These fake specimens are a shame to the worldly wise Malaysians by worshipping a foreign god, Lee Kuan Yew who was A PURVEYOR OF DEATH BY ARMS RUNNING. Their breath stinks so badly even Sensodyne will not save them.

    And our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a BRILLIANT GIANT WHO SAVED A NATION and will meet another GIANT SOON, PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. An event which all of us Malaysians will feel PROUD, STRONG AND UNITED. No traitors for us Malaysians.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  49. HBT456 Sep 20,2018 8:43 PM

    Look at fast food chain outlets, there are consumers in clearing off their tables after eating though it is very tiny % since this is the business model of fast food of diy concept, though there is no policy that stated that consumers must clear their table after eating.

    For business community, it is always about business models for business sustainability.

    For leaders of the country, it is always about economic models for future sustanibility.

    Here, i am not sure what is in their mind when they talk about number 9, and 7:7.

    But i guess, these numbers are more a political numbers of who gets what and who dont gets what kut.

    Thats life in malaysia.

    Either we take it, or we leave.

    Therefore, no need to get curse, sabotage, boycott, angry, frustrated or revengeful.

    When comes next ge, just vote the coalition that we prefer, itu saja.

  50. HBT456 Sep 20,2018 8:20 PM

    As voter, my obligation is to vote.

    Jika aku tak mampu bayar balik, aku tidak akan ambil loan mahupun credit card, itu saja.

    Bnm is doing well in implementing coding of mampu bayar balik on this, but they too will face difficulty when bankers and private sector follows but glc and political party owned kooperasi tak follow, betul tak?

    Yup, it is messy and complicated, and could be viral out of control that would threatened nasional security.

    Thats why, cooling period is a neccesity so that all of us dont jump into the wrong conclusion that would cause loss of votes.

  51. HBT456 Sep 20,2018 8:04 PM

    Perhaps mubarakchan still think by yelling incoruptable government, students will pay back default loans, very much depend on the target that they aimed.

    To them, maybe loan default is equivalent to saman trafik kut.

    Adakah students memang tak mampu bayar balik, atau adakah mereka tak tahu bila kena bayar balik atau macam mana mahu bayar balik, entah lah, kan kita semua pun tahu the efficiency of jabatan kerajaan memang lembap dan slow gila.

    Mungkin kepala jabatan2 ini diperintahkan untuk tulis alasan kenapa students tak boleh bayar balik, siapa tahu mungkin mereka mereka cerita dengan alasan yang menyedapkan hati boss mereka iaitu majikan rasis, jahat , busuk blah and blah by sitting inside office kut.

    Even our 7th prime minister said, those who are charged for money laudering are smiling when going into jail.

    With this kind of forever got tomorrow one, obviously their epectatation of efficiency in performance is much much lower than those in the private sector.

    Bak kata cina, jika government pakai communism system, it means buat kerja, dan tak buat kerja, gaji sama aja.

    Jika buat kerja boleh menyebabkan kemarahan boss, then lebih baik diam2 aja kerana takut boycot atau pecat.

    Jika mereka yang bijak dan kuat bodek boss, mereka pasti akan naik pangkat dan gaji.

    Frankly speaking, no matter how hard we work, we are pendatang to them dari dulu hingga kini with man propose, god dispose kind of slogan and programmes launched by the ruling government.

    Malaysia boleh.

    Gemilang, cemerlang dan terbilang.

    1 malaysia.

    Sayangi malaysia.

    After this, not sure what slogan and programmes would be made by the next government.

    Where is the leakage?

    Re-built political party?

    Focus on state economy?

    Itu terpulang kepada citarasa parti2 politik tempatan.

    Progress, atau regress, political parties decide.

  52. mubarakchan Sep 20,2018 4:51 PM


    The only headline of note this late afternoon


    This headline clearly illustrates the weak Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which treated precious hard-earned money of the Rakyat like water.

    It is beyond any one’s imagination that these PTPTN loans were not collected by the BN Government. It is still not late to collect from the recalcitrants who took advantage of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government with its inefficiency.

    It is no laughing matter concerning these PTPTN loans which were swept under the carpet for so long to the disadvantage of the Rakyat because IF ALL PAID UP MORE LOANS COULD BE GIVEN TO MORE SCHOLARS WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS. As it is, this is a case of dwindling returns as time goes by.

    Hence, the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great MUST NOW TAKE LEGAL ACTION TO RETRIEVE WHAT IS DUE TO THE GOVERNMENT WITH NO QUARTERS SPARED. Let’s do the basics of collection. Anything else may be up for due consideration later

    Or else, the PTPTN recalcitrant will treat the New and Incorruptible Government LIKE A TOOTHLESS TIGER WITHOUT FEAR. There is no politics involved in this little game by the RECALCITRANT DEBTORS.


    Who are these Debtors for the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government to fear ? Why fear Debtors and not the Creditors ? I have never seen lop-sided logic as stupid as these. And a Government as weak as the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government !

    It is now or never with these recalcitrant PTPTN debtors.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  53. HBT456 Sep 20,2018 12:10 PM

    Perhaps in the mind of mubarakchan, malaysia is not good enough for him.

    Bak kata, cakap besar siapa tak erti?

    Gaya mahu best of the best, gaji mahu tinggi?

    Apabila kerja tak erti, we will see their pattern of man propose, god dispose.

    It is still come back to the basic question of chicken and egg issues.

    Siapa kah boss?

  54. HBT456 Sep 20,2018 12:03 PM

    Er here got no snow wor, heavy rains that caused banjir, ada lah.

    Eventhough mubarachan envy the Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan, also no point.

    Is it because abang in this political party, and adik in opposition party can make wonders?

    Suka atau tidak, pru tetap akan dipanggil.

    Jadi, man propose, god propose, it makes no sense at all.

  55. mubarakchan Sep 20,2018 10:22 AM


    Every morning is a wonderful morning in our beloved Malaysia with peace and harmony. As I walked to my car to ferry my grand-daughter to her Sekolah Kebangsaan, the bird which I heard singing sweetly previously was perched contentedly on the laundry rack by the banyan tree. This bird a brown bulbul or nightingale in Arabic terms decided to have a rest this morning as it contemplated what to do next. No songs for me this morning. It is only natural for all to have a rest even birds.

    And the headlines this morning, Tun Only the Star was available.


    Yesterday were :-



    1 & 2. It is good the AG has got down to the brass tacks to push for the reforms of laws and practices which have been neglected for decades by the Corrupt and the Uncaring BN Government in keeping with our New Era and our fast trek journey towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.

    Without our Nation’s Laws revised up-to-date, our beloved Malaysia is like cycling along the highway when other countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Britain cruised by in their motorcars.

    For example, the laws concerning marijuana/cannabis in some countries of the West have been revised and up-dated in more ways than one. In Malaysia, it is alleged one blanket judgement covers all connected with this drug. But in practice, there are many participants along the chain on its use from the financier, the promoter, the wholesaler, the distributor, the sale agents, the pushers and right at the bottom of the chain is the consumer. It seems to me the case in question concerns the unfortunate consumer who faces the DEATH PENALTY.

    It is timely Tun that you raised the question of review of this case because the consumer is not at fault but only possession of the drug which incurred the death penalty for him – if he was really a consumer. Your suggestion is Humanitarian, Justice and Fair Play.

    Most other countries now recognise the fact that the whole chain cannot be treated as an amorphous mass to be meted with the same punishment. Malaysia seems to be lacking in our treatment of the thousands of young people caught in this drug web who were always thrown into prisons. It is appropriate and timely that the New and Incorruptible Government look into the treatment of the convicted young and put them in special confinement areas like the discarded NS camp for rehabilitation but not in PRISONS. This is a COST worthwhile some consideration in human terms.

    The Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 did not bother to look into humanitarian sufferings or to revise our Laws which were never revised for decades. These are the Trustees Act 1949, the Companies Act 1965 and the Bankruptcy Act 1967.

    i) The Trustees Act 1949 has not been revised since 1949 – 69 years. In Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia, this Trustees Act is an important Act because it is part of the laws governing the practice of the legal profession, banking, commerce, individuals and the middle-income class. This Trustees Act is a living entity like all Laws. It is not only used by dying people as some think. IN FACT IT IS A VERY MUCH ALIVE LEGAL INSTRUMENT OF GREAT IMPORTANCE IN EVERY MAJOR FINANCIAL CENTRE OF THE WORLD. And yet, the Trustees Act 1949 of Malaysia has not been revised for 69 years !

    ii) The Companies Act 1965. This all embracing Act for commerce has been neglected too.

    iii) The Bankruptcy Act 1967. The Minister in charge of Law misled the 300,000 young bankrupts the majority of which are Malays that the purported recent amendment to the Bankruptcy Act 1967 would be all-embracing . IN FACT NOTHING OF THE KIND HAPPENED. THE MINISTER JUST ATTACHED A NEW AMENDMENT TO THE OLD OF 1967. It was alleged this was done because of pressure from financial interests WHICH DARE NOT DO THIS IN SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, BRITAIN AND AUSTRALIA.- weak, very weak Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government. There were 2 other Law Ministers before this. They did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.



    3. ‘ NO NUCLEAR PLANTS ‘ – Tun you are absolutely correct by saying ‘No nuclear plants.’ All doctors agree with you on this. It is the layman especially those who suggested this for our beloved Malaysia that have NO CARE OR COMPASSION FOR HUMANKIND.

    It is absurd for the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government to suggest these nuclear plants which could be the KILLER OF THE WHOLE OF MALAYSIA BUT ALSO SINGAPORE, THAILAND, CAMBODIA, VIETNAM AND INDONESIA IF THERE IS A BREAKDOWN OF THE PLANT WHICH RELEASED RADIO-ACTIVE ELEMENTS INTO THE ATMOSPHERE AND WATER. That’s the end of the Malaysians for 5,000 years – the Life-span of this radioactivity. As you rightly pointed out, the disposal of radio-active waste is difficult and expensive.

    For example, the disaster at Chernobyl in Russia in the mid 1980s is still on-going. My elder brother who I believed flew at 30,000 ft. over this part of Russia in 1988, later died of leukemia in 1992 !

    Some Western Powers advised their nationals to avoid Tokyo soon after the Fukushima disaster.

    Yet the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government would have gone ahead with their proposed nuclear plants JUST FOR CORRUPTION’S SAKE and would not care for the future of our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat. Man proposes. God disposes.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  56. mubarakchan Sep 19,2018 9:51 PM



    1. From 1959-1989, Singapore was the perfect logistics and market centre for arms running the MOST PROFITABLE AND MONOPOLISTIC TRADE IN THE WORLD ALWAYS. Finance, storage, transport and secrecy were all geared perfectly for arms running in a strategic location in such activities SERVING SOUTH EAST ASIA, ASIA, THE MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA. These huge areas were his monopolistic domain with Uncle Sam’s approval.

    2. The Arms Trade conducted out of Singapore 1959-1989 was huge. This also underlined the huge number of innocent men, women and children killed or maimed by Lee Kuan Yew’s SECRET TRADE.

    3. Ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah,’ Look at WONDERFUL SINGAPORE WITH ALL ITS WONDERFUL BUILDINGS, STRONG SINGAPORE DOLLARE AND SO ON BY OUR NAIVE MALAYSIAN VESTRAL VIRGINS’. It does not make sense for a population of 2 Million doing normal business to accumulate such WEALTH and become a 1st World country and had a GDP of 7% once without SOMETHING SPECIAL.

    4. Uncle Sam’s disregard for Singapore’s SECRET ARMS TRADE with his hegemonic spiel, ‘ Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’ which knocked the stuffing out of LEE KUAN YEW’S MIRACLE THE SECRET ARMS TRADE BY THE BRICS FROM 1990 SHOWS. From 2002-2018, Singapore’s GDP of 3% never recovered after losing 2-3% of its SECRET ARMS TRADE. Hence, the desperate attempts by Lee Kuan Yew to fill in this damaging loss by the ill-conceived Temasek Holdings, 2 casinos, importation of FTs to boost the GDP and the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP ! All these FAILED to regain the LUSH PROFITS OF THE CRUEL ARMS TRADE. Ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah !

    5. Ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah, these naïve Malaysian Vestral Virgins have the greatest admiration for this ARMS RUNNING LEE KUAN YEW FOR HIS WONDERFUL SINGAPORE WHO WAS A PURVEYOR OF DEATH TO INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN TOO ! Ee-ah, ee-ah, ee-ah ! So swooned these naïve Malaysian Vestral Virgins whenever Lee Kuan Yew’s name was mentioned.



    And our beloved Malaysia earned an honest and harmless living by the hard work of our Rakyat and from our natural resources and manufactured goods. WE DO NOT DO ARMS RUNNING TO KILL INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN. OUR RELIGIONS FORBID.

    Since these brain-washed specimens singled a nobody like me for special treatment and victimization, I also take the opportunity to REVEAL ONCE AND FOR ALL THE BRILLIANCE OF LEE KUAN YEW IN ARMS RUNNING WHICH WAS HIS MONOPOLY FROM UNCLE SAM DURING THE COLD WAR 1948-1989. In 1962, he even concocted a sandiwara for two with CIA that CIA attempted to bribe him. And all his acting from here onwards for decades was a COVER-UP OF THE MOST CRUEL AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS ON EARTH- ARMS RUNNING ! That’s Lee Kuan Yew for you and me Tun.

    It was NOT LEE KUAN YEW’S BRILLIANCE BUT THE CRUEL ARMS RUNNING WHICH MADE SINGAPORE SO RICH UP TO 1989. By now this WEALTH if not topped up, would be in jeopardy ! Hence, their desperation to get our Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government to sign the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP AT ALL COSTS OR ANY COST ! Stupid BN Leadership !


    You asked for it folks. You got it. Lee Kuan Yew was a cruel arms trader not a brilliant Cambridge scholar.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No arms running for us, Malaysians.

  57. faridina Sep 19,2018 8:22 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Najib mungkin sudah tumbang tetapi delusinya semakin hari semakin berkembang.

    Beliau hari ini mengaku telah menyebut depan ayahanda Tun kata2 keramatnya “Cash is King” tetapi hari ini juga dibelakang Tun beliau menyatakan bahawa pengertian istilah “Cash is King” nya berbeda dengan apa yang ayahanda Tun sampaikan kepada rakyat.

    Najib mula bimbang dengan persepsi rakyat terhadapnya dan mula bersembang rambang lambang semangat juang seorang panglima berlangkah sumbang mungkin kerana terlalu banyak makan sumbangan DiRaja Amdibi.

    Percayalah Najib orang Malaysia kedua selepas Jho Low yang telah membaca buku BDW itu sebelum ia masuk ke pasaran Malaysia lagi sabit tulah beliau sibuk keluarkan surat2 Tok Arab yang betul mungkin satu dua tetapi habis semua yang masuk dalam akaun peribadinya adalah dari derma Tok Arab.


    p/s : Tak kecik hati ke Tok Arab bila awak pulang balik derma ikhlas yang telah diberikan? Kami tak puas hati kenapa Najib pulang balik duit derma tu? Kenapa dan Mengapa?

    p/s : Bosan dengar delusi Najib hari2 sampai paper pun cover biar dengar pendedahan LGE hari2 pun tak mengapa..

  58. mubarakchan Sep 19,2018 4:49 PM


    With your permission I now draw out the details why you are far better a person in courage and brilliance than the narcissistic and self-centred Lee Kuan Yew.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad came from a conservative Muslim family who observed all the conventions befitting the family at the time. Tun somehow, sometime was fired up to be a doctor to save lives which all doctors were inspired to do so. His trek to the famous King Edward VII Medical College was not without difficulties. The War years had affected all on the Peninsula. It was to his fortitude and determination that he made the grade into the Medical School. From thereon, it was the unknown wide wide World for him. But from his own personal experiences and observations, his long passion which is NATIONALISM grew like a tiny seedling in his heart and mind. Well before he reached adult age. Opportunities arose in the heartlands of MALAY NATIONALISM like Kedah. He took up what he believed was right with both hands. But, IT MUST BE REMEMBERED FOR A MALAY RIGHT UP TO 1981, MONETARY REWARDS WERE NOT ONLY FAR AND FEW BETWEEN, IT WAS NOT THERE. Against this difficult background in a Colonial environment first and a quasi- Colonial environment after Merdeka, it was all an uphill struggle in LIFE for Tun and his young family. And there was no inkling or certainty where all these political activities were going to lead to. But without fail, it was Tun’s brain and physical attributes which worked overtime always WITHOUT CHEATING OR SPOKE WITH A SILVER TONGUE TO GAIN AN ADVANTAGE IN LIFE. No doctor will ever do this. The rest is HISTORY as we know it.


    And now Lee Kuan Yew, the facts.

    Lee Kuan Yew’s commanding presence was noticed when he was at Raffles College as a brash person who never like to lose. War came. He worked for the Japanese Singapore Broadcasting Service in comfort and without hardship. Throughout the Japanese Occupation he had the benefit of private law tuition by the unemployed British trained lawyers available. He jumped onto the first available ship to London and joined the LSE which he found too small for his ego. But he found the entrance requirements to enter Cambridge University stacked against him. With his silver tongue, he inveigled a place in the bottom-most Fitzwilliam House without LATIN OR GREEK, OPEN EXAMINATION AND WAS OVER-AGED. Lee Kuan Yew cheated to gain what he wanted. He attained a Double First in Law competing against a handful of war-weary soldiers after he was impeccably prepared in Japanese Occupied Singapore. He had the Cambridge examinations in his pocket. But the London Bar Finals were a different kettle of fish. He was placed last. His wife was placed 3rd out of 300. Later my wife was place 7th our of 700. Whilst in London, his ego encouraged him to mix with the British good and the great in Socialist politics. By a couple of fortunate turns of political events, he became the Prime Minister of Singapore in 1959. It was alleged that he never really wanted Singapore to be a part of Malaysia but to use the opportunity to be independent in time. This was proved to be so by 1965. Vide. The Albatross Files. 1964. Lee Kuan Yew. With Separation, the first act Lee Kuan Yew did was to set-up a political party opposed to the Establishment. The rest of his Malaysia weighted Public Policies to the advantage of Singapore and the disadvantaged of Malaysia followed right up to his latest creation the TPPA/CPTPP – Malaysia’s Killer. How can a person be GREAT WHEN HE HAd ONLY ONE OBSESSION IN LIFE WHICH WAS TO OVERCOME HIS NEMESIS MALAYSIA ? At the end of the day which is now, we can see the failed machinations of this person – a self-proclaimed genius. Some say he is great because the Singapore Dollar is S$ 1.00 to Malaysian Ringgit RM 3.15. But do these smart alecs realise that from 1972-1981, the Singapore Dollar was S$1.03 to RM1.00 with GOLD in the vaults of Bank Negara Malaysia ? Were these people born yet ? And the Government changed this Policy so that with a cheaper Ringgit, Malaysia could export more FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL INCLUDING THE LEE KUAN YEW’S BLIND DEAF AND DUMB LEG CARRIERS ?

    Now it is crystal clear that on the one hand, our courageous and brilliant Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad achieved WORLD RENOWN by being his NORMAL SELF ALWAYS and progressed from the recognition of his mistakes which made him a better person. On the other hand, Lee Kuan Yew OVER-REACHED TO ACHIEVE GLORY AND GREATNESS AND FAILED MISERABLY WITH HIS 47 FAILED PUBLIC POLICES OF FABLES AND FOIBLES and he cheated in more ways than one as well. These are all recorded in HISTORY THE FINEST ARBITER OF THE TRUTH – A Chinese.

    The above-mentioned comparative facts about our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Lee Kuan Yew clearly compose a picture of comparing chalk and cheese.

    It is absurd to say I love you Tun and I also love you Lee Kuan Yew. We can only love one but not the other. Fence sitters are of no use to any Society. Any Nation will call for all to stand behind its LEADERSHIP. Traitors are the bane of the Earth.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  59. HBT456 Sep 19,2018 4:34 PM

    When time is no longer a luxury, leader too could lead to make hasty, shobby and expensive decision that is bad for themselves and the country in question just win votes.

    Lowering the age of voting is a bad choice, and must be debated and passed by members of parliament of all constituencies including sabah and sarawak.

    Eventhough i am not a lawyer, i do know how how laws could be manipulated to favor those who are super, horribly and horrendously rich.

    Average life span of malaysia is stood at 75 years old, and official marriage age of muslim in syariah court of selangor is increased to 18 years old, and the higest decision maker of fatwa lies on the hand of my sultan selangor in which sultan of other states cannot challenged or disagree.

    Bak kata masuk kandang lembu mengauk, masuk kandang kambing mengembek.

    To err is human.

    To forgive is divine.

    To let go is to give yourself a new life.

    Benefit of doubts is alawys in the hearts of the people since humans can never be perfect as we are living in imperfect world dari dulu hingga sekarang, dan dari sekarang hingga 50 tahun yang akan datang.

    Eventhough at the age of 93 years old, tun dr mahathir mohamad is re-elected as prime minister of malaysia for 2nd time in which no leaders in the world can do that, and his record would be recorded in the world history that no one can denied.

    There must be some great and good things that he had done that made him be re-elected as the prime minister for the 2nd time.

    Bak kata kita, lambat takpa, janji selamat.

    Lowering voting age is a big no to me as parent because teenagers are impulsive and vulnerable and they could be mislead by leaders at the grass roots to do something that could expose them to danger consciously atau subconciously.

  60. HBT456 Sep 19,2018 3:46 PM

    Who made the dream of najib a billioanire a reality of who wants to be the millionaire for those members who are loyal to umnoputra and islam, sibotak?

    Yup, sibotak can dream to have young ciku mr syed saddiq of ppbm to contest for future prime minister since he is tall and handsome.

    But si botak cannot stop me walaupun aku in orang lama to have dream of young ciku mr ong kian ming of dap to contest for prime minister of malaysia eventhough he is botak and not handsome what.

    Also, we cannot stop young ciku mr rafizi of pkr bagi pihak orang estet india dan kaum bumiputra yang lain2 di sabah and sarawak to have dream of their races to contest for prime minister of malaysia too.

    In fact, under the ruling of federal constitution that formed malaya and malaysia after merdeka never mention only malay and muslim can become the prime minister of malaysia what.

    Agong eventhough is a muslim, seri baginda yang dipertuan agong malaysia must be seen to be fair and equal to all races that formed malaysia right after malaysia day was officially declared a public holiday shared by all on sept 16 since 2010 to mark the forming of malaysia federation of malaya, borneo, north borneo and singapore.

    Isu mustahak macam ini mana boleh gostan here, gostan there kerana takut hilang undi umno, undi pas, undi pkr saja, betul tak sibotak?

    But, whether the menteri besar negeri a muslim, or non muslim itu terpulang kepada citarasa sultan negeri masing2.

    To be or not to be, that is not the question.

    Able or not, we will see how far kita can go.

    It is either we learned or we dont.

    Numbers dont cheat, but leaders cheat or lie to favor some issues closest to their hearts.

    As voters, our obligation is to vote only, itu saja.

    Kongsi atau tidak, itu terpulang kepada their party struggles masing-masing.

    To them, they see their political parties’ interest as struggles, but as voter i see the struggles as challenges in life.

    Bak kata, hate speech is the root cause of penganasan.

    Mahu dengar atau tidak itu terpulang kepada presiden parti2 politik tempatan.

  61. mubarakchan Sep 19,2018 3:14 PM


    Every day and every morning is a great day for me as I am exceedingly happy that the machinations of Lee Kuan Yew have been defeated by the rise of our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the new, the good and the great.

    Indeed, it is ironical and brilliant of you Tun to be able to MARSHALL mercurial political leaders together as a whole to make the SUM GREATER THAN THE WHOLE IN TERMS OF EFFECTIVENESS AND POWER.

    Yet, some denizens of this distinguished Blog cannot see the light and keep on harping of their great respect and admiration for a narcissistic and self-centred ordinary person who failed despite of his earnest efforts to succeed USING THE RESOURCES OF THE STATE OF SINGAPORE WHICH DID NOT BELONG TO HIM.

    This is not only a travesty of justice concerning its citizens, ii is CORRUPTIOH AND BREACH OF TRUST to do so.

    On the worshippers of Lee Kuan Yew in this very distinguished Blog it is beneath my dignity to comment because IT IS NOW PROVEN WITHOUT ANY DOUBT WHO CAN BEAT OUR BELOVED TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD IN TERMS OF COURAGE AND BRILLIANCE IN MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE ?

    Lee Kuan Yew has been proven not only to have feet of clay but his BRAINS too with his 47 FAILED PUBLIC POLICIES OF FOIBLES AND FABLES. Vide. http://www.chedet, Archives, Malaysia according to Kuan Yew, Sept 2010. Mubarakchan comments.

    Here in this very distinguished Blog, we have denizens who keeps on kow-towing to Lee Kuan Yew. Anyone who said something factual, they raised their ire and attacked blindly and enraged like PAVLOV’S DOGS due to the constant brain-washing by Lee Kuan Yew for decades that he was THE BEST FOR THEM IN THE WORLD.




    And their lazy brains, being robotic in Lee Kuan Yew, a FAILURE’S CAUSE, could only rebut my arguments NOT ONLY SUPERFICIALLY AND EMOTIONALLY but WITH INSULTS, ABUSES AND VULGARITIES. Stupid. This our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad understands very much what he had to endure by the tonnes FROM THE VERY SAME PEOPLE WHO WORSHIP LEE KUAN YEW NOW – 2003-2018 .

    In the interest of Sovereignty and National Interest, our Constitution and the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, no one should be afraid to STAND UP AND DEFEND WHAT IS RIGHT WITH DIGNITY unlike the CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT who betrayed their TRUST BY THE RAKYAT WITHOUT DUE CARE AND CONSIDERATION which nearly KILL OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA JUST BY THE TPPA/CPTPP ALONE, not counting the hundreds of other CORROPT deeds now revealed.

    And yet these brain-washed specimens carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs ad infinitum ! Stupid. The very person who wanted to kill us all.

    How can anyone with a right frame of mind carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs when this fellow wanted to kill our beloved Malaysia by turning it into a Slave Colony of tiny Singapore after millions and millions of Malaysians put in their blood, tears and sweat to make our beloved Malaysia a SUCCESS LIKE NOW ? For this, there is only ONE WORD FOR THEM, TRAITORS.! Malaysians beware of TRAITORS BRAINWASHED BY LEE KUAN YEW.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  62. HBT456 Sep 19,2018 1:42 PM

    No matter how the story is spinned and twisted in the next 5 to 10 years involving or not the great great grand uncle lky, the airing of dirty laundry of ppbm, umno, pas, pan and pkr is going to be very messy and full of serangan kejutan from other political parties, are you ready?

    Sandiwara yang full of vibrations and dynamics pasti akan menjolokkan mata dan menyinggungkan perasaa sesetengah lapisan masyarakat, jadi pandai2 lah pejuang tuah dan pendekar jebat bangsa dan agama negeri masing2 via mulut atau pena.

    Jadi, pandai2 lah orang lama dan orang baru in apple positioning atau apple polishing their public relation via annual forecast budget.

    Adakah langkah mereka ini berbaloi atau membazir?

    Kakitangan kerajaan di negeri dan wilayah, ahli2 parti politik dan pengundi di semua negeri dan daerah akan memberitahu jawapan mereka di peti undi pada pru yang akan datang, jadi jangan gusar.

    Tahi lembu vs perlukan beruang, itu terpulang kepada citarasa pihak yang berkuasa.

    No man is an island.

    No man is pure able.

    The worst parenting style is when parents compare their children with the children of their relatives, friends or neigbours, thats bad, and ugly.

    Law passed by parliament must be implemented.

    Government of the day cannot review any laws passed by the parliament in cabinet meeting, period.

    For any reviews of law, it must be debated, and passed by members of parliament.

    Is the speaker of dewan parliament ini pilih kasih, kaki bodek atau erti kerja, itu terpulang kepada pendirian citarasa beliau.

    May the dream of pakatan harapan comes true under the leadership of tun dr mahathir mohamad.

    Good luck, and all the best.

  63. Sri Sense Sep 19,2018 10:26 AM

    Yes SSLee, I do know you are not from Singapore. There a few in i3 from Singapore. You are not one of them.

    For Singapore LKY was a good leader. We can see now that tiny country better off than Malaysia. Tengok currency rate of exchange to USD cukup.

    Malaysia under Tun dulu pun hebat, sebab Tun focus. Macam LKY focus. Apa orang cakap tak penting sebab goal nak majukan negara, buatlah apa yang patut just to get there. However, selepas Tun berhenti jadi PM, kuasa serah pada 2 pengganti yang tak focus pada negara. Pak Lah lebih focus pada family, Najib lebih focus pada pocket sendiri.

    Kita tau anak Tun pun kaya during that long duration Tun jadi PM, tapi taklah sekaya anak Pak Lah dalam short duration Pak Lah jadi PM. Juga isteri Tun taklah glamour macam isteri Najib, yang suka shopping, shopping and shopping.

    I lebih suka samakan Tun macam LKY dari leaders negara Asean yang lain. Tun dengan mendiang sangat focus nak naikkan negara kepada satu taraf yang terbaik.

    Najib tak focus so he painted good picture about the country. You can say a good salesman. Jual jual orang beli. In the long run, the result no good, orang lari tak nak beli lagi. For someone like Tun, perlu juga ada a good salesman macam Najib jadi deputy, bukannya kaki lanyak atau nak langgar Tun bila dapat peluang. Wan Azizah can’t do the job, so is Anwar.

    And yes LGE not as good as those from MCA yang pernah menjawat jawatan Menteri Kewangan. Bising tak bertempat, cerewet tak bertempat, hah macam HBT. Tak pasal2 I pulak towards anti cina, kerana karenah mereka berdua yang non-stop nak kenakan orang Melayu.

    That’s all for now.

  64. sibotak Sep 19,2018 9:54 AM

    I am touch by Syed Saddiq Debate yesterday on Tv
    The Best part is He mention
    He did not wish to be Pemimipin seperti Najib
    “Aduzubillah HimainZallik ” Wow !
    To me that was an expression
    Thanks to Allah The Almighty
    Najib is Gone . We Malaysians should Sujud Shukur

    Najib is Never a Billionaire
    Bill Gate is One
    The difference Najib spends more than a Billionaire , which Bill Gates would think a thousand time to spend like Najib
    Need No Ruling in Court
    Najib and Family Splendid Spending says it all
    They are Thieves , They are Monsters ,They are a Waste to Malaysia

    I am Looking Forward
    Youth like Syed Saddiq to be Our Youngest Prime Minister to come
    May Allah Guides and Protect Him

  65. Sri Sense Sep 19,2018 9:11 AM

    #Anwar cakap tak nak jadi PM dulu, bila menang lain cerita pula, isteri berhenti jadi DPM, dia terus naik jadi DPM. In terms of gaji, 3 beranak tetap dapat gaji.

    tertinggal “D”

  66. Sri Sense Sep 19,2018 9:08 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Bila ingat semula apa yang pernah keluar dalam media portal, how anwar talks about najib, najib called me, Najib this and me that, and now Nazri sokong Anwar, Lokman pun nak join, I mula fikir Anwar dah buat deal, maybe a lighter sentence for Najib. I doubt anything got to do with UMNO collaboration dengan PAS. Anwar cakap tak nak jadi PM dulu, bila menang lain cerita pula, isteri berhenti jadi PM, dia terus jadi DPM. In terms of gaji, 3 beranak tetap dapat gaji.

    For a better picture on salary, please read here

    SS Lee

    I am an old member of i3. I am member with several investment forums too. But my ID not same as here. In all investment forums, I have only one ID.

    That’s all for now.

  67. faridina Sep 19,2018 7:39 AM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, meskipun terdapat kritikan berhubung keputusan mahkamah membebaskan Menteri Kewangan Lim Guan Eng daripada tuduhan rasuah, beliau tetap mempertahankan Guan Eng.

    Katanya, ada sebab mengapa beliau mempertahankan bekas ketua menteri Pulau Pinang itu.

    “Ada kritikan tetapi seperti yang anda ketahui kerajaan sebelum ini telah memangsakan semua pembangkang (pada masa itu).

    “Ada ramai orang buat seperti apa yang dilakukan Guan Eng tapi mereka tidak dipilih.

    Mengulas lanjut, tentang kritikan ramai pihak yang menyamakan kes Guan Eng dengan kes melibatkan bekas Menteri Besar Selangor Khir Toyo pada 2015 Dr Mahathir berkata mereka berdua tidak sama.


    Nah bukankah kami sudah bilang Ayahanda Tun saja buat2 terkejut ketika mula berita LGE dilepaskan.

    Buat yang terpelajar berkenaan ambillah sedikit pengajaran bahawa pendapat anda bukannya semua betul dan jangan pula twist cerita untuk menegakkannya.

    Belajarlah dari kesilapan kita dan muhasabahlah diri.

    Buangkanlah sifat ego yang keterlaluan dan jadilah seperti resmi padi semakin berisi semakin tunduk.


    p/s : Anak Muda 🙂 🙂 🙂

  68. HBT456 Sep 19,2018 12:56 AM

    I am not sure what kind of alcohol that caused to the deaths of these consumers.

    Are the deaths associted with mix drinks of alcohol of the regulated and the not regulated types, or both since some mixed alcohol drinks could be fatal to the consumer, sometimes if they are aware.

    Dulu, oleh kerana satu kes kemalangan mercun di satu negeri, semua negeri lain diarahkan tak boleh jual mercun, adakah ini pimpinan keislaman yang progres atau pimpinan keislamanan yang regress, itu terpulang kepada perjuang dan pendekar negeri2 mereka masing lor.

  69. HouseWife Sep 19,2018 12:50 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Umno ibarat kilang melahirkan ramai bijak pandai pemuda pemudi yang boleh berikan idea2 baru bagaimana hendak rejuvenate dan revamp umno yang dah lumpuh. Dimanakah mereka? Kenapa umno cepat lari kepada Pas…bekerjasama dengan Pas? Ini saja idea yang paling bernas mereka boleh fikirkan…paling terbaik untuk kesejahteraan warga umno?

    Sepatutnya umno pulihkan dirinya dahulu, tingkatkan kepercayaan ahli2 dan naikkan semangat mereka. Apabila dah kuat penuh semangat barulah tak segan bersua muka dengan sesiapa pun. Kalau masih lemah sudah pasti umno akan kena buli…mungkin dibuli oleh Pas. Pas sekarang dabik dada dia kuat dan berjaya buat umno merangkak kepada dia. Malu sungguh malu.

    If Kj was the president maybe he would have taken a different approach…more constructive, vibrant, magnetic, energetic that will give enough stimulus to grow and gain back its dignity. I don’t see where or which direction it is heading. It seems to be heading everywhere and nowhere. Umno has begun to grapple with the pressure to project confidence.

    Pity, umno should have chosen a more dynamic, wiser and farsighted leader to guide the party and who is also charismatic and likable by everyone. Well, there will never be another like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in umno. Because they’ve lost power they couldn’t adapt being the opposition they started leaving. Then what’s the kris for? It is their fault that the umnoMalays couldn’t rise up. Why?…because they’re still in denial, they haven’t admitted their mistakes in not taking action against their klepto masters and let corruption loose like hell. If umno is still as arrogant as before then they will become forever losers.

    Semoga Allah sentiasa lindungi Tun dan berkati segala usaha Tun. Semoga Allah berikan Tun kesihatan yang baik agar Tun boleh memimpin negara ini lebih lama. Jaga diri Tun baik2 ya. Terima kasih Tun.

    Dengan izin Tun. Why did he send that link? It’s not a nice one to read. I rather buy a book and read his biography. The person who wrote it is so full of outrage vengeance and hatred. Mr Mubarakchan has told us quite a number of events that has happened which then became the history of his life. Reading them we could figure out how life has been for him. The draw of his childhood and adulthood experience shaped himself and make what he will of his life. We read them but we are not to judge them. Who are we to do so. Everyone has their own history and unique in their own way. The history of our life is what makes us today. I’m glad Mr Mubarakchan is exceedingly happy now. May Allah bless him.

  70. HBT456 Sep 19,2018 12:41 AM

    It depends how you look at the story of billion dollar whale.

    Some said ok.

    Some said not ok.

    Some said never mind, atau short form, nvm.

    Eventhough usa army invaded afghanistan and iraq that lead to 911, but us dollar is still the preferred trading dollar in south east asia which cannot be changed seolah2 macam tukar baju, tukar bahasa dan tukar tulisan punya.

    Moreover, in less than 2 years, presidential election would be called, tak da orang akan tahu siapakah bakal jadi usa president.

    There are many grades of toilet paper out there, which grade are you looking at?

    Once the trust is betrayed beyond repair, it would be better off to change to the new vessel.

    But is the new vessel that they jumped in is better off than the old vessel?

    Dah terang sangat, usah diterangkan lagi.

    Jadi, pandai2 mereka ini yang bergelar pendekar atau perjuang bangsa melayu dan agama mereka masing2.

  71. HBT456 Sep 19,2018 12:21 AM

    Because you are penniless, you want commit sin again, mubarakchan?

    By committing sin is progress to you as muslim?

    But what did the non muslim done that required to be punished for sin not done by them, but muslim themselves due to negligence?

    By changing shirt from biru ke kuning, and now to merah is called progress?

    Lawan tetap lawan, bukan?

    Apabila lawan, what happened?

    Entahlah what these jebats and buffologists would do to lead.

    Adakah mereka ini akan menurut perintah secara buta tuli takut kena pecat, atau
    adakah mereka akan turut berkhidmat untuk negara tidak kira siapakah perdana menteri?

    Therefore, it is still to early to tell lor.

    Can do, you do.

    Cannot do, you move out.

    Good luck dap.

  72. faridina Sep 19,2018 12:09 AM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Mustapha Mohammed
    Keluar UMNO kerana PAS
    Atau Billion Dollar Whale?

    Teringat tatkala isu derma RM2.6 billion dan skandal 1MDB mula hangat diperkatakan di kalangan jemaah menteri selain TSMY dan DSSA yang terang-terangan meragui semua ini, kami menjangkakan Tok Pa yang jujur amanah orangnya akan turut serta tetapi telahan kami meleset ketika itu.

    Nah apakah benar telahan KJ bahawa Tok Pa keluar UMNO kerana tidak bersetuju dengan tindakan Zahid Ponorogo bekerjasama erat dengan PAS?

    Bukankah kerjasama dengan PAS akan lebih menguntungkan UMNO Kelantan khususnya di bandingkan negeri2 lain yang komposisi pengundi Melayu agak seimbang dibandingkan pengundi bukan Melayu kecuali Terengganu dan Kedah?

    Pada hemah kami Tok Pa graduan ekonomi kelas pertama merangkap anak didik Tun Daim ini telah bermuhasabah diri dan jauh disudut hatinya dia menyedari kebenaran yang lantang disuarakan big boss lamanya Tun M terhadap Najib yang ada membela ikan paus sebagai mamalia peliharaan yang tidak pernah dilakukan orang sebelum ini.

    Mungkin Tok Pa sudah selesai baca buku “Billion Dollar Whale”?


    p/s : Kami syorkan anda sekalian baca buku BDW ini kecuali Hajar tak payahlah sebab beliau Cikgu serba tahu.. hihihi..

  73. mubarakchan Sep 18,2018 11:06 PM


    Since we are on the interesting subject of Lee Kuan Yew and his digit SS Lee, I like to ponder on his two awful mistakes as regards his Policies towards Malaysia on the one hand and the rest of the World on the other.

    1. Lee Kuan Yew’s Policy towards Malaysia.

    He did not understand the Malays. His view of the Malaysian Chinese is that of a corrupted bunch of ordinary fellows. Through the Singaporean media he concocted ‘abang adek’ or ‘5 eyes’ or ‘private retreats’ or ‘very hot relationships’ Policies which at first glance one did not realise that in these scenarios put Singapore as the BOSS ! This comeuppance was the cause of his poor relationship with Malaysia from 1965-2003. Through this Policy, he garnered a 1962 Water Agreement which is quite useless now given the state of Singapore’s economy, a few billions of ringgits from manipulation of the joint Stock Exchange 1972-2000, the rocks of Pulau Batu Puteh, etc. Little things. But Lee Kuan Yew could have got much more from Malaysia if he had been sincere and a true friend of Malaysia. Unfortunately, what he adopted was the WRONG POLICY to make Malaysia kow-tow to him.

    From 1959-1989, Singapore became very rich because of the secret under-counter trades in arms, etc which I mentioned previously for a very small population governed by an honest Government – the Lee Kuan Yew Miracle. The rest of Singapore does not make so much MONEY. This wealth was the OPIUM which made Lee Kuan Yew forgot the UPS and the DOWNS of the market place because of his obsessive focus on Malaysia. As a result, from 2002 to 2018, its GDP did not breach 3% without the LUSH UNDER COUNTER TRADES ! – 16 long years or the huge Wealth from the Cold War is now in jeopardy !

    2. Lee Kuan Yew’s Policy towards the rest of the World.

    Here he adopted a pigeon’s eyes Policy of looking up to the Superpower of the United States etc when he should have tried to gain a status to rub shoulders with them. Singapore LOST the best opportunity of garnering 4,000 tons of gold at US$300 per oz from 2000 to rub shoulders with the US, Germany, Italy, France, Russia and China after the Crash of 2008. He could not think out the options like a trained doctor as you Tun but he was mentally governed by FEAR of losing. Hence in owning a natural resource like Gold to justify everything which meant something to Singapore’s mighty military, he turned himself into an ordinary investor through GIC and Temasek by investing up to US$500 Billions in Wall Street and the City with the attendant flatteries by the gnomes of Zurich ! Instead of being the Big Boss owning 4,000 tons of Gold, he became a FOLLOWER at the behest of people LESSER than him. What a terrible mistake for Lee Kuan Yew to make from the human weakness of flattery and also the lack of consideration like a trained doctor of ALL AVAILABLE OPTIONS AS YOU TUN ! By owning 4,000 tons of Gold at US$300 per oz. our beloved Malaysia would have been in his pocket. How ? Singapore could lend GOLD at current prices and rates or from the opening up of a huge new industry of refining, banking, logistic, jewellery, storage, etc. Also, no one would really know whether Singapore held the physical Gold or not. And the US and EU would be his best friends and defend Singapore to the last ounce of Gold. Fortunately, Lee Kuan Yew was too distracted by the gnomes of Zurich WHO WANTED TO MAKE COMMISSIONS OUT OF SINGAPORE’S US$500 Billions which lost US$108 Billions by October 2008 ! For the gnomes, this ordinary investor moves by Singapore actually paid commissions on nearly US$ One Trillion from buying and selling ! Singapore has now lost this Golden Opportunity forever ! A terrible mistake in Foreign Policy missed by Lee Kuan Yew who thought up the difficult to achieve TPPA/CPTPP.. As a result, in 2016, Singapore made a wrong move vis-a-vis China. By July 2017, a team of Cabinet Ministers lined up in Beijing to shake President Xi Jin-ping’ outstretched hands like schoolboys.

    TWO WRONG LEE KUAN YEW’S POLICIES, ONE TOWARDS MALAYSIA AND ANOTHER TOWARDS THE WORLD DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT FOR SINGAPORE ! I slowly realised his mistakes by studying his Failed Public Policies since 2015. Putting it simply, Lee Kuan Yew wanted to boss over Malaysia and kow-tow to the World. He should have been a true friend of Malaysia and a BOSS of the World. With his wrong thinking on a vital political move, his inheritors are having sleepless night trying to find the solution to Singapore’s future sustainability and viability. Hence, Malaysia is a dangerous distraction for Singapore.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  74. Sri Sense Sep 18,2018 10:54 PM

    Good evening YAB Tun

    Baca news online, terasa perasaan ini, PKR guna Tun, nak naikkan Anwar jadi PM. Alot of wayang kulit going around. Phew!

    That’s all for now.

  75. SSLEE Sep 18,2018 9:33 PM

    Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allow me to response to @mubarakchan for mistaken me as Singaporean like, or the fake Malaysian “S.S. Lee”.

    Dear Dr. Mubarak Chan,
    I always say, “All our elder deserve our respect as we do not know what they have gone through so that we can have a better life.” Thus curiously I Google mubarak chan trying to know you better and to my horror below article got my attention.
    Thus I can’t help my-self but posted my previous comment for all the readers to judge for themselves who is Mubarak Chan?

    Since you implied that I am a fake Malaysian or Singaporean and worshipped the late Lee Kuan Yew hence I need to make it crystal clear to you.
    The late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is ex- PM of Singapore and as leader of Singapore the late LKY had his every right to fight for what he believe to be the best interest of Singapore. He had no qualms in shutting down the Chinese school and Nanyang University or putting his comrades and political opponents in jail under ISA in the name of quashing communist insurgency. He had no hesitation in welcoming the dirty money from the SEA Super Rich so that Singapore benefited from it and become the Financial Central of SEA. He then had the audacity to tell China Communist party boss Mr. Deng as what to do and even advise USA as how to deal with Mainland China and Taiwan. But one thing he did not do was making his brother-in-law mubarakchan a super rich Singaporean. If he had done so, I think Dr. Chan today will praise him like god.

    The late LKY was never my PM and what the late LKY had or had not done or his many policies were a failure or resounding success is none of my business. I am Chinese Malaysian by birth and will be forever a Malaysian in heart, in soul and in mind. And I had written bellow blog I have a dream: A MALAYSIAN DREAM for GE 14.

    I quote mubarakchan comment for GE13 in Tun’s Blog:
    Dato Seri Najib fits perfectly into the 3 Golden Attributes to be a Prime Minister. 1) Commonsense. 2) Ability to Think out of the Box. 3) Compassion. His fine stature and bearing befits a person who has to lead the multitudes who rely on him and him alone for sustenance and succour in times of crisis and peace in the Malaysian tradition. As my favourite United States President Harry S Truman said famously,’ The buck stops at my desk !’ He is my favourite not because he dropped those atomic bombs on the Japanese but he was a homey sort of person like millions of the Americans.
    Dato Seri Najib has been at the helm and leadership of politics as far as we can remember that the many levers of the Administration of a Government are known to him without beinig taught how and where to start. For example, the DAP and the PKR leadership in both Pulau Pinang and Selangor can only at best provide a normal Administration which is not earth shattering. And this has been the case.
    A vote for the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties is a vote for Dato Seri Najib, his team and Bangsa Malaysia. A vote for the PR is a CHAUVINISTIC VOTE without know how a vote will end up – for DAP the chauvinistic party which tries to give the impression of Lee Kuan Yew’s failed policies, PKR the party with the one-man mouth-piece or a very distinguished religious group of scholars and their disciples.
    Dato Seri Najib has proven by his strategy that eventully more and more Malaysians will understand how weak the Opposition really is without the mirage of Lee Kuan Yew in support. Only 6 distinguished gentlemen of which 5 is above the age of 64 and only one below. Do I remember the riff-raff of the Opposition telling all old people to die as if they will not ? Why ? Because these riff-raff were born out of a rock with no father or mother !
    Dato Seri Najib has commanded the respect of all Malaysian except those who want his job. I believe only 2 Malaysian Chinese salivate for this !
    Dato Seri Najib is prepared to do the ground work for his Policies and walk the talk. This he has done. And all of us know him as well as we know ourselves.
    It is difficult to fulfil the 3 Golden Attributes to be a Prime Minister. He did and so he fits to be a Prime Minister.
    And looking beyond the next General Elections, Dato Seri Najib is the person who can improve on the existing set-up of the political organs. And be ready for the 14th General Elections which will be the 1st day immediately after the results of the 13th.

    Dear Dr. Mubarak Chan,
    If what is written on Review of Articles on Mubarak Chan Chin Cheung “MCCC” (Revised) is truth then its implied
    You are the Chinese Malaysian elites, born with silver spoon in your mouth, attended the best University and had done nothing meaningful in your life in contributing to the betterment of society and nation building.
    My Chinese Malaysian heroes are: Industry captain: Mr. Robert Kuok and Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Teh Hong Piow.
    Politicians: The late Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu, the late Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik, the late Tun Dato’ Tan Cheng Lock and the late Tun Tan Siew Sin.
    You are the Baba face in an Ali business. You abuse your position; smear the people you hate to promote yourself, flattering certain people to gain favor and connection with the sole purpose of enriching yourself. Once your way is not granted you unleashed your venom unfounded allegation and even taking the trustee of the Estate of Chan Wing to court. You are just one single very cunning and dishonest chameleon and un-discharge bankrupt. You are a spoiled rich man child and have disgrace your family name.
    You are “paranoia” and “schizophrenia” mental derangement with delusions of grandeur, disconnection between intellect, emotions, action and etc as what our MO1 is suffered now still maintain he is innocent, his conscience is clean and the billion is from donation Arab tales.
    To err is human to forgive divine. You have many persons to seek forgiveness from. It is best to start from the trustee of the Estate of Chan Wing, your siblings, your relatives, your victims and creditors.
    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS Lee

    PS: Dear Sri Sense,
    Thank you for remember me from i3 investment forum. I am sober-minded and may be too idealistic and believing basically humans are kind hearted
    There are too many wolves in a sheep’s clothing so beware of those fake people that praise you all the time and tell you how great you are, sit back and listen they say the same shit to everyone else too when they need them and abandoned them to the wolves when they had finish using them.
    I would rather be saved by criticism on my short-coming rather be ruined by fake praise.

  76. mubarakchan Sep 18,2018 8:32 PM


    With your permission, I invite Sri Sense and ALL other bloggers who want to know more about me and my personal life to contact me via the Facebook. Rest assured I will furnish ALL with my detailed Curriculum Vitae, legal documents, books etc to prove that at any material time my wife is worth RM 25 Million and my late son-in-law RM 50 Million.

    The reason why they are worth so much each is because the money once upon a time belonged to me when they were both penniless ! How come ?

    Your guess is as good as mine ! My strategy against all conspirators has always been the use of attrition through TIME. Two of the conspirators who stole my MONET died young, my late son-in-law aged 39 and my younger brother, Trustee of my father’s Estate, 74 years.

    The pursuit by me to retrieve ALL my money is on-going be legal means.

    I have a list of 65 persons who harmed me in any way. They either died, or their wives died or their children died. I did not realise this until through the years I began to recollect these events. Man proposes. God disposes !. Hence I kept a very low and humble profile.

    I do not evade income tax, have overseas bank accounts or havens, harm or injure others in anyway. My whole life I always helped people.

    My LIFE is an OPEN BOOK. No need to sneak around to the Net. Just contact me via the Facebook and I will let you have all the info about myself very happily including my birth certificate which states I was born in Taylor Road, Kuala Lumpur.

    I am exceedingly happy. No problem.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Quote Franklin D. Roosevelt. ‘ The only thing we have to FEAR Is FEAR itself’.

  77. faridina Sep 18,2018 8:05 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Tumpang laluan mencelah sebab nama kami disebut2 oleh Cikgu Hajar..

    Apa hinakah menggelar seseorang itu cikgu? Guru senantiasa dalam ingatan kami kerana mereka adalah insan pertama yang mendidik kami secara formal di muka bumi ini.

    Dalam konteks Hajar ini beliau banyak mengajar kita erti kehidupan sebenar seorang insan yang mengaku dirinya terpelajar.

    Lebih tepat beliau sentiasa melabelkan kami kurang cerdik maka kami ingin belajar dari Hajar dan sewajarnya satu penghormatan menggelar beliau cikgu.

    Takkan kami perlu memberi penjelasan panjang lebar dalam hal ini dan sekeliling anda dalam blog ini adalah kami-kami dan bukanpun orang di sekeliling anda di luar blog ini maka apa yang hendak dimalukan atau rasa ‘low class’.

    Bukan panggilan yang akan membuat kami kehabisan modal tetapi pengisian syarahan satu hala Cikgu jua yang bakal memberi semangat kami untuk terus memberi input.


    p/s : Cuba Cikgu berterusterang, agak2nyalah orang2 sekeliling Cikgu bolehkah terima perangai Cikgu di luar blog sebenar-benarnya? (Pakcik kat rumah dikecualikan hihihi..)

  78. mubarakchan Sep 18,2018 3:57 PM


    It is good very good that Sri Sense thought he/she made a BIG discovery about me Mubarak Chan via the Net.

    Whatever news available are FAKE and have been there for 10 years or more !

    The Trustees of Chan Wing (Deceased) even put up a more complete or comprehensive expose’ about me (a Beneficiary) with fake information because they lost “money” from my father’s Estate and made sure I would be incarcerated one way or another. One of them is Lee Kuan Yew’s nephew !

    Within this context, I refer to Sri Sense and others who are curious about me on the Net the following which cannot be found there .

    THE EDGE. PAGE 3 MARCH 4, 2002 when a to be convicted felon prevented me from earning my rightful living on the Bursa. And this was not even the tip of the story.

    The fake cyber-Singaporean “SS lee” intervention in the domestic affairs of Malaysia here in this very Blog underlines clearly what I have been saying all these years :–

    THAT TINY SINGAPORE WANTS TO DOMINATE THE MALAYSIANS BY BULLYING OR CUNNING TACTICS. At the end of the day which is now, LEE KUAN YEW FAILED. The elites even discarded their Malaysians friends in October 2016 because they thought they had the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government in their little pocket and certain to capture our beloved Malaysia as a SLAVE COLONY OF TINY SUBGAOIRE via LEE KUAN YEW’S CREATION THE MALAYSIA KILLER THE TPPA/CPTPP ! Man proposes. God disposes.

    The more the Singaporeans pursued the 20th Century conventions of Lee Kuan Yew by buying up our leaderships when these were weak 2004-2018, the more the Singaporeans are going to FAIL. They are already 16 YEARS TOO LATE. The more the Singaporeans THINK THEY SHOULD DOMINATE OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA OR MAKE IT A SLAVE COLONY OF TINY SINGAPORE VIA THE LEE KUAN YEW MALAYSIA KILLER TPPA/CPTPP, THE MORE THEY AND SINGAPORE WILL FAIL. Because the answer to Singapore’s salvation and survival is NOT MALAYSIA BUT IN THE DEEP RECESSES OF THEIR ELITES’ BRAINS.

    Have brains or not, Singaporean elites ? As I have always said that I do not hate Singapore or the Singaporeans or even LEE KUAN YEW. I only wished he was NORMAL like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ! I have many friends from taxi drivers to billionaires. No problem.


    1. To wake up the Malaysians in more ways than one. A sort of DE-NAZIFICATION.

    2. To wake up the Singaporean elites that by following Lee Kuan Yew’s conventions of bullying or do down Malaysia is the WRONG WAY WHICH THE ELITES ARE FOLLOWING LIKE LEMMINGS TO THEIR DEATHS. However, I have always said that there are many better opportunities than taking advantage of Malaysia which is actually a dangerous distraction – wastes time and money. This is proven on 9 May 2018. I also mentioned that the Singaporean elites not only could not get the answers out of the deep recesses of their brains BUT THEY ALSO FORGOT THE WONDERFUL LEGACY WHICH LEE KUAN YEW LEFT THEM – HIS CREDITS AND GOODWILL WITH THE MAJOR POWERS OF THE WORLD WHICH IS AS YET UNUTILISED. With time, this wonderful legacy will diminish in value and forgotten. In other words, if the Singapore Leadership could not find answers to resolve THEIR BLEAK OR VERY BLEAK DILEMMA NOW, DO NOT BULLY MUBARAK CHAN AS THE SCAPEGOAT WHICH ALSO INTERFERES WITH MALAYSIAN DOMESTIC AFFAIRS.

    The problem in Singapore today is no problem at all.. It is only a problem with the Singaporean elites minds and their self-creation, their nemesis Malaysia. It is all a state of mind. No more. No less.

    I say it once again that Malaysia is a dangerous distraction for the Singaporean elites whose time, money and efforts are better spent utilising the wonderful legacy of Lee Kuan Yew with the major Powers of the World. The untapped opportunities are UNLIMITED, Singaporean elites !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  79. HBT456 Sep 18,2018 3:38 PM

    Yup, pak putih can point at the pak cina ini as the culprit, unless those news not under them that covered the lavish spending of him, his wife and children are fake.

    What were being gossip down there seems to be true, but jika mereka not ready to accept and contront the truth, thats nothing we can do except wait it out for them to call the shots.

    Yup, easy money easy come, easy go.

    Bak kata, once bitten twice shy.

    Agree to disagree or whatsoever, pru tetap akan diadakan setiap 5 tahun.

  80. HBT456 Sep 18,2018 3:01 PM

    It is so obvious even voter like me who spent 10 years in this blog also can read their strategies.

    Bak kata, all systems can failed, and the system kongsi formulae of bn failed when umno tertumpang.

    But can bn system be replaced by ph, it is still early to tell since no one knows what these jebats and buffologists would be paid to with malay bias policy.

    The only thing that i didnt expect is being an excellent pembodek to umno presidents in the past and do all those polishing works could be ended up so horribly and horrendously rich overnight.

    Countries that never gone through the turbulence of political uncertainty could lead to civil wars, mass protest, depreciation of currency and sharp drop in share markets.

    We are living in 2018, but they still stuck in dulu punya mindset, what to do.

    Currency wars and trade wars between usa-china is not something new, but one thing for sure is they wont be chaos or mass protest since mr xi is vetoed to be the permanent leaders of china.

    Sini, presidents come and go, but agong negara dan sultan negeri2 tetap kekal.

    Melayu mudah lupa?

  81. musato Sep 18,2018 2:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Soalan : Tun masih kuat dan berfikiran tajam. Tapi penganalisis kata pergerakan Tun jadi terhad kerana karenah sekeliling dan corak semasa yang berbeza.

    Jawapan ; Ya. Seperti Tun kata barisan kabinet dan menteri Tun kurang pengalaman. Dari pembangkang jadi pentadbir.

    Jadi pembangkang mudah berkata kata. Bila jadi pentaddbir, yang berkata kata itu perlu melakukan kerja.

    Saya lihat pergerakan kerajaan terlalu lambat. Kecuali dalam hal hal yang besar, ia sememangnya perlukan masa dan tindakan yang tepat.

    Tapi dalam hal hal berkaitan rakyat, ia masih terlalu lambat. Masih tiada berita yang baik untuk rakyat.

    Perkara terlalu lambat ini pernah terjadi tatkala Tun sedang mempertimbangkan tentang kemungkinan gabungan PAS dalam PH satu ketika dulu.

    Kita perlu selesaikan tentang perkara yang melambatkan itu dan ia telah diselesaikan dengan satu cara lain.

    Sekarang, adalah tugas kabinet rasmi PH untuk selesaikan tentang hal hal yang terlalu lambat ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  82. Hajar Sep 18,2018 2:26 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun untuk berbicara dengan ‘Anak.muda’ :

    Sdr. ‘Anak.muda’ yang saya hormati: (Kepada yang lain, harap maaf; langkau saja komen ini)

    1. Saya merujuk kepada komen pada Sep 17,2018 5:49 PM ( ):-

    /// Sedutan komen anda:

    7. hajar, walaupun awak kononnya sebagai seorang pejuang melayu islam telah memfitnah saya sebagai seorang kacang lupakan kulit dan tidak ikhlas mengharapkan bangsa saya berubah, saya maafkan awak.

    8.kalau awak ingin teruskan dengan falsafah awak dan terapkan pada cucu cicit awak yang melayu perlu dijaga, jangan benarkan bangsa lain naik tocang terpulang pada awak.kekal menjadi bangsa melayu yang tidak berani menerima cabaran selamanya

    2. Saya lihat anda amat marahkan saya dan menuduh saya MEMFITNAH anda. Terima kasih kerana memaafkan saya. Tetapi, bab memfitnah, saya tidak setuju.

    3. Apapun, terlebih dahulu, SYABAS saya ucapkan kerana anda seorang yang berwawasan tinggi.

    4. Komen anda sebelum ini pada Sep 16,2018 6:46 PM juga saya yakin ditujukan khas kepada saya (walaupun anda tidak menulis nama saya). Saya tidak balas komen tersebut secara ‘direct’ kerana saya fikir anda akan tulis lagi satu komen lain untuk menjelaskan mengapa anda menulis komen sedemikian rupa. Dan telahan saya ternyata betul.

    5. Saya akan ulas komen anda yang ditujukan “Kepada orang berpemikiran bodoh dan dangkal disini yang cuma tahu mengampu dan berlagak pandai:”.

    6. Amboi! Anda amat yakin dengan tuduhan anda. Terpulanglah jika anda yakin bahawa saya “berpemikiran bodoh dan dangkal”. Itu persepsi anda. Sekurang-kurangnya saya ada juga sedikit sumbangan di peringkat global (cabaran..). Saya juga amat teliti (cermat/ careful) dalam apa saja yang saya lakukan. Contohnya, dalam kes rasuah LGE, saya buat pengiraan dengan mengambil kira kos keseluruhan untuk pembelian sesebuah rumah (bukannya SAMBIL LEWA dan ambil mudah/enteng seperti anda).

    7. Tuduhan “cuma tahu mengampu dan berlagak pandai” pula amat KETERLALUAN sebab saya (jika orang kenal saya secara peribadi / dekat) bukan jenis yang tahu mengampu (walaupun melibatkan periuk nasi saya). Mungkin anda boleh jelaskan dengan lebih lanjut. Jika saya dikatakan mengampu Tun M (ada yang ‘anugerahkan’ saya dengan gelaran “pembodek kuat/tegar Tun M” – saya rasa anugerah ini wajar ditarik balik dari saya 🙂 ), saya juga tidak setuju kerana Tun M tidak kenal saya, dan saya tidak dapat apa2 pun (imbuhan/ sogokan) dengan mengampu Tun M. Tetapi saya pernah bersalam dengan Tun M semenjak saya sekolah lagi; Tun pernah tandatangan buku yang saya beri kepada beliau dan tulis nama saya dengan betul walaupun saya cuma beritahu beliau nama saya sekali sahaja.

    8. Berbalik kepada isu “bagai kacang lupakan kulit”, saya sebenarnya menjawab secara KIASAN dan SINDIRAN kepada seorang pengkomen yang amat prihatin dengan apa saja yang saya tulis di sini. Mungkin dia ‘peminat’ saya. Berikut komen beliau:

    But hajar bagai kacang lupa kulit dan amat biadap. (HBT456 Sep 14,2018 1:28 PM)

    9. Saya dituduh “bagai kacang lupakan kulit”. Saya cuma mempertahankan diri dengan memberi contoh2 sebagai rujukan, dan pada waktu yang sama CUBA memberitahu (ilmu) kepada si pengkomen bahawa beliau tidak faham apa makna peribahasa “bagai kacang lupakan kulit” (Sep 15,2018 6:18 PM). Orang yang menuduh saya ini memang suka guna peribahasa2 yang dia sendiri TIDAK FAHAM. Jika anda marah, bayangkan bagaimana perasaan saya?

    10. Mungkin sindiran saya amat tajam sehingga anda turut terasa sebab pernah menulis seolah-olah “Melayu berketurunan PENYANGAK” (anda kata seorang ustaz yang kata…bukan alasan untuk anda menulisnya di sini). Saya kurang pasti berapa nilai barang (wang?) di kedai anda yang telah dicuri oleh Melayu2 penyangak tersebut. Jika mereka (kesemua Melayu) mencuri, dakwa saja; jika mereka insaf, beri saja peluang kedua. Jangan sekali-kali hamburkan kemarahan anda kepada kesemua orang Melayu. Anda pun Melayu juga. Saya pun Melayu. Tun M berada dalam kelas beliau yang tersendiri (dari segi memberi teguran). Tun M juga amat berhemah dalam menegur.

    11. Sindiran saya juga mendapat respon dari si Polan yang syok sendiri dan perasan bagus (Sep 16,2018 2:40 AM). Komen bodoh @ dangkal beliau masih lagi berterusan. Yang paling bodoh ialah hakikat bahawa beliau (‘Faridina’) masih lagi merujuk kepada saya sebagai CIKGU walaupun saya sudah kata saya bukan Cikgu. Tiada seorang pun di sekeliling saya yang panggil saya Cikgu. Sebab itulah saya kata si Polan ini bodoh @ dangkal. Degil betul. Mungkin dia fikir jika dia tidak panggil saya Cikgu, dia akan kehabisan modal untuk terus memberi komen2 bodoh di sini.

    Cuba lihat betapa bodohnya komen beliau:
    Bab “kacang lupakan kulit” itu kami akui memang kami makan kacang pasti buang kulitnya tak tahulah Cikgu makan kacang sekali dengan kulit2nya atau jangan marah ya Cikgu.. saja tanya Cikgu ada g*g* lagi ke nak kunyah kacang dengan kulit2nya Kami pun ikhlas menegur macam anak murid menegur Cikgu gitu walaupun kami tidak menegur kerana boleh kena tindakan displin.

    Alahai…lawak bodoh betul…

    12. Apa pun saya minta maaf jika anda masih lagi rasa saya memfitnah anda. Saya akan ulas dengan lebih lanjut tentang tuduhan2 lain anda terhadap saya. (bersambung…)

    P/S: ‘Sri Sense’, tentang ‘google’…saya ada sebab tidak beri nama penuh. Habis semua keluar (entah berapa ‘pages’)…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  83. Sri Sense Sep 18,2018 1:05 PM

    Good afternoon Tun

    Lots of negative air here.

    Nak gelak pun ada.

    It actually simple to check anyone here by using the google search button, so nak search Mubarak Chan easy. Those links yang letak sini about him, I dah baca before this but I just tak nak cakap.

    If dulu google nama I, my company also available online, but dah lama tak buat business, takde lagi.

    However the rest here IDK. This is due to the nicks and unpopular or jarang guna same nicks in other forums. Popular personalites kacang cari.

    Google Tun M berlambak keluar kan. Google Najib berlambak keluar kan. You know what I mean.

    And I do know the 2 personalities mentioned here from an investment forum. Koon Yew Yin and SSLee. I do know KYY proChina. Not only me, many retail investors over at the investment forum pun tau. SSLee I pernah baca some of the things he wrote there. He sounded like a sober retail investor to me.

    Just remember behind every account here, there’s a real person behind it. That person mungkin your friend, your neighbour, your dad, your mom, your boss etc etc Please remember, the guests also baca your comments. They also boleh jadi your boss, your clients etc etc so speak wisely.

    If want to know a little bit more about me, you can always click on my nickname. Comment prohibited on my wordpress page. Malas nak layan, banyak kaki spam.

    That’s all for now.

  84. mubarakchan Sep 18,2018 10:55 AM


    This morning is one of my happiest moments with a fine drizzle and a cool breeze caressing my face as I walked out of the garden. I could hear the birds chirping and singing in the young banyan tree by the road. They are back after a short absence. Good show !

    I am also happy to note that our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah are very happy. Jolly good show !

    So are all his New and Incorruptible Government members of the old and the young, the good and the great who are also very happy. This means to me all are well and under the control by steady and honest hands. No problem.

    We should be back to Normalcy and do great things in a normal way soon to the unhappiness of those domestic or foreign elements who want to do us down and did not succeed. Man proposes. God disposes.

    The best of all is the fact that all our fellow Bloggers here are also happy and contented except for a digit who is not Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Kadazan or Dayak. Acheh !

    This very happy factor is a fact of Life in our beloved Malaysia today so much so that it attracts Singaporeans like “S.S. Lee” trying to create unhappiness or what else amongst us, happy Malaysians.

    If Singaporean “S.S. Lee” is very happy like us very happy Malaysians, why should he bother with dotting the “i” or “crossing the t” on behalf of Lee Kuan Yew who could have looked after himself with his own impeccable record if any ?

    Singaporeans like “S.S. Lee” will never succeed because they always looked down on us the Malaysians. This only underlines their decadence and lack of mental vitality. Brain-dead would be an apt description for them.

    For years, I have always been the lightning rod if not the only Malaysian lightning rod which attracts attacks by pro-LEE KUAN YEW ELEMENTS FOR PRESENTING THE TRUTH – like for example that

    ” Lee Kuan Yew paid an over the top price for Thaksin’s business and in the process he split Free Thailand into two which led to the deaths and injuries to innocent Thai men, women and children. This brought on 2 coup-de-tats. Lee Kuan Yew had blood on his hands ! This is the hard facts as recorded in World history.” These are the sort of TRUE facts which the fake “S.S. Lee” wants to snuff out !

    In our beloved Malaysia, if I do not present the true facts on Lee Kuan Yew, to counter his brain-washing of Malaysians using the resources of the State of Singapore, who will ?

    And he had a big list of 47 Failed Public Policies of fables and foibles 1959-2015.

    As an ordinary person. I do not mind being singled out for special treatment by these elements as I only do it in our Sovereignty and National Interest that Lee Kuan Yew’s strengths and weaknesses should be presented as the truth and nothing but the truth. NO BLUFFOLOGY FOR US MALAYSIANS !

    A tiny snippet of the true Lee Kuan Yew brought on such an uproar by the fake “S.S. Lee”. it is ridiculous to try to prop this Lee Kuan Yew fellow on his own created pantheon. This is man-made or self-made, IT WILL NOT LAST ! Man proposes. God disposes.

    Unlike our Tun’s Second Coming, it is my firm belief that he will brilliantly establish the groundwork for the Golden Era for Malaysia and her Rakyat to come given the fact he knows what he is going to do in all seriousness with just NORMAL DISCIPLINED AND COMMONSENSE GOVERNANCE !

    This is not as simple and straightforward as it sounds after escaping from a living death being a SLAVE COLONY OF TINY SINGAPORE via Lee Kuan Yew’s creation the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP. (Some admonished me for warning how close our beloved Malaysia nearly LOST HER LIFE AND EVERYTHING !) This is another fact which no one can deny except for traitors !

    Unlike the brilliant achievements in recent times by our good and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the wonderful feeling of FREEDOM and HAPPINESS of most Malaysians are exuberant, except for one digit . The Tun’s predecessors the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein Onn could also give us much happiness and confidence in them by pursuing NORMAL, CARING AND HONEST Administrations..

    When an empire or dynasty is collapsing, even a harmless fly would be seen as a potential enemy. Without realizing the root cause of what caused this FEAR IN THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS.

    As Franklin D Roosevelt said,’ The greatest Fear is the Fear of Fear itself. No kudos for the fake “S.S. Lee” who lost in his attempt to swat a fly which was ME !

    How can you, fake “S.S. Lee” kill a person who is not interested in MONEY, TITLES OR FAVOURS but only work for the Sovereignty and National Interest of our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat like our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his Team and all his predecessors like the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein Onn ?

    Why I am also happy this morning is not only because of the knowledge that our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat are in your firm and safe-hands, Tun, but also a sudden phone call from my friend in far away Toronto, Canada !

    He thanked me for helping him with 5 Pounds Sterling on one wintry night in London in 1957. His career as a World’s Top Lab Technologist bloomed from then. However, many friends of mine became multi-millionaires have forgotten that I still exist. To err is human. To forgive is divine, Tun. We are all fallible human beings. My Canadian friend made my day, to-day.

    Finally, a headline which cannot be missed, thus :-

    Minister, ‘ The economy can only go up. ‘. Absolutely true. What more can I say, Tun ? This also made my day !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  85. milshah Sep 18,2018 10:39 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I would like to comment to the article by Koon Yew Yin on the Forest city issue :

    According to him, the forest city should not be turned into a political issue. It should be viewed purely on the economics part.

    First of all, the forest city project is truly be defined as a “mega project”. The project value is at RM100 billion, compared that to Petronas Twin Towers which costs are RM4 billion or the KLIA airport at RM16 billion. Another factor is that it involves around 700,000 foreign nationals, who are the main buyers on this project.

    I’m sure being the write being a long time in the corporate world, when you evaluate a project of this magnitude, economic factors alone is not justified. The project needs to be evaluated from every angle. This includes political, economical, regularities, environment, and social factors. There is also the short term and long term effects to consider.

    The writer continues that the foreign buyers are foreign expatriates or buying for investment purposes. In other words, the foreign buyers have no intention of staying permanently in Malaysia.

    This is in contrast to the interviews on some of the foreign buyers :

    From the remarks, the main idea when they bought Forest city units, was to live here, not for just to buy and not stay here.

    Consider the following quote from one the buyers, Liang Hui, 33, said that relations between China and Malaysia had always been stable, and he did not think it would affect the property too much. He is considering purchasing a unit in Forest City and moving to Malaysia to take advantage of its lower levels of air pollution, and allow his children to study there.

    And there are 700,000 of them or 0.7 million people. Chinese tourist are notorious for their bad behavior. Tourists here are people who come for 3-5 days visit. They already have a bad reputation as tourists. They are super rich, and they espouse to communism. What about if 700,000 foreigners decided to stay here? Won’t this have some social impact to the population of Malaysia?

    If these 700,000 people would one day go on strike or rebelled for citizenship, won’t this have some impact to the political stability of Malaysia? When we talked about 700,000 people, these are only the buyers, what about their children and family? The actual number of foreigners staying could even reach 2.1 million people, assuming each buyers have a family of 3. It could be more.

    This is not about being xenophobic, this is about common sense. People don’t buy properties with no intention to stay. If they are not Malaysian citizens, then they must be foreign citizens. If they defied local laws, will the countries of that citizen not interfere?

    Consider the recent incident, where a Chinese family had to be carried out of the hotel, because they came in earlier than the booking date.

    This is only a tourist incident, can there not be bound to be incidents if 700,000 foreigners would be staying (not visiting) Malaysia? Would the risk of causing a diplomatic crisis be higher? Would this not affect the sovereign of Malaysia should another country tell us what to do?

    Tun have already talked about the local businesses that they will take over, so I won’t comment further.

    As Tun have pointed out, yes we can be rich from the taxes and profits from these foreigners but at what price? There is no such thing a free lunch. It is the Malaysians and their next generations pay the price. All factors need to be looked at, not just about making money.

  86. alfa.eden.ns Sep 18,2018 3:32 AM

    Salam Tun Mahathir,

    Semoga Tun diberikan kesihatan dan sentiasa dalam lindungannya. Harap Tun baca, kalau Tun tak keberatan mohon Tun luangkan sedikit masa melawat laman web ni..
    Masa dah sampai,

  87. HBT456 Sep 18,2018 1:06 AM

    Frankly speaking, i could be as racist as them too janji menang if i am a member of political party, but i am not.

    But after going through all these politically driven protests, voters too definetly would be more resillient in exercising their votes.

    Whether the political parties like it or not, each country would go through the path of maturing democracy whereby politicians must be responsible for what they did.

    They can no longer fool, lie or cheat voters like in the past.


    Majority of our population is educated, bukan buta huruf atau katak di bawah tempurung like their parents, or grandparents.

    Bak kata, siapakah makan cili, siapalah rasa pedas.

  88. HBT456 Sep 18,2018 12:38 AM

    Sslee, they are paid to run down past leaders and foreign countries, and they also also forced fdi to leave this country.

    Why did they do that?

    Unless your commonsense has dropped to this standard too.

  89. faridina Sep 17,2018 11:35 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Semangat Melayu Generasi Y

    Bangga dengan usaha anak muda yang gigih bersaing dalam usia muda.

    Minda anak muda telah dapat menerima pandangan jauh ayahanda Tun kerana zaman anda adalah zaman dunia tanpa sempadan maknanya anda bukan sahaja perlu bersaing dengan bangsa tertentu sahaja dalam negara tetapi juga dengan pelbagai bangsa seluruh dunia.

    Kagum dengan anak muda yang berani menghadapi cabaran dunia perniagaan yang bukan dikhaskan untuk satu bangsa sahaja.

    Dunia perniagaan tidak mengenal bangsa maka teruskan perjuangan anda.

    Semoga anda terus berjaya hendaknya.

    Amin Ya Rabb.

  90. SSLEE Sep 17,2018 11:16 PM

    Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    It has been some time since I last comment in Tun’s blog as I do not wish to litter Tun’s blog with comments that of no help in building the new Malaysia. I can only wish all the respectful veteran/new commentators in this blog too will cease their hostile comments attacking each other personality, racial profiling nor running down any foreign country leaders (ex or present) that only brought harm to our unity and damage Malaysia image in the eyes of the world. If you wish to comments then please give your constructive criticism on the current Policy and your sincere idea how the policy can be further improved to benefit our nation-building and raise the Malaysians’ standard of living irrespective of race and religion.

    To who interest to know who is Dr Mubarak Chan Chin Cheung?
    Monica Lee Kim Mon, who married a Chan, is the sister of Lee Kuan Yew. Her spouse was George Chan Chor Cheung, son of Chan Wing from Kuala Lumpur.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS Lee

  91. Anak.muda Sep 17,2018 5:49 PM

    1.Memang saya berharap taraf kita semua adalah sama sebagai warganegara malaysia.melayu cina india semuanya sama tapi bukanlah kerana saya ingin menindas orang melayu tetapi bagi saya persaingan yang sihat akan menguntungkan negara ini pada akhirnya. bukanlah saya ingin menyokong bangsa cina ambil alih negara ini tapi apabila persaingan lebih terbuka, orang melayu patut lebih bekerja keras apabila banyak persaingan dan ini akhirnya akan menguntungkan negara.

    2.tapi perlu kita akui majoriti orang melayu tidak pemikiran sebegitu.contohnya dalam perniagaan,apabila ada orang melayu ni bukak kedai makan, orang baru disebelah bukak kedai makan juga, tapi dalam otak orang melayu ni, majoriti mereka tidak fikirkan untuk menaik taraf perniagaan mereka dan meningkatkan kualiti perniagaan, sebaliknya mereka fikir bagaimana untuk menjahamkan perniagaan pesaing mereka ini, yang biasa kita nampak berakhir dengan penggunaan sihir.bila pesaingnya sudah lingkup, kembalilah orang melayu ini berniaga ala kadar, bermimpi di siang hari,syukur dengan apa yang ada, perniagaan tidak perlu ditingkatkan yang akan merugikan pelanggan pada akhirnya.bila mereka ada pesaing baru, siap sedialah untuk dilingkupkan perniagaan orang baru tersebut.

    3.saya pun bukanlah kacang lupakan kulit yang sudah berjaya dalam hidup.kehidupan saya baru saja bermula.saya bergraduasi pada 2015.mula membuka kedai pada 2016.juga keputusan yang ditentang oleh ahli keluarga.mereka berkata saya patut bekerja dibidang profesional sebagai jurutera daripada berniaga. ingin terima atau tidak, ini memang pemikiran orang melayu juga yang diakui oleh tun mahathir.

    4.semenjak dibuka dari 2016, tidak pernah satu hari pun perniagaan saya ditutup.tiap2 hari dibuka selama 17 jam.kalau pekerja saya ingin bercuti tiada masalah, saya sendiri yang akan menjaga kedai.bila ada beberapa pelanggan dan rakan mengetahui(semuanya melayu) yang kedai tak pernah tutup terus mereka berkata pada saya. “amboi berniaga macam orang cina”.bila pelanggan yang berkata saya hanya senyum tanda menghormati mereka tapi bila rakan yang berkata terus saya tanya pada dia balik “habis tu kalau melayu berniaga macam mana??”

    5.kita semua perlu akui tun mahathir sudah berada di penghujung usia.suka ataupun tidak tak lama lagi tun mahathir akan meninggalkan kita semua.

    6.adakah kita semua ingin melihat tun mahathir masih memikirkan bangsanya di hari terakhirnya? masih lagi memikirkan adakah bangsanya akan merempat dibumi sendiri bila dia sudah tiada lagi? adakah bangsanya akan mati dibumi bertuah ini jikalau diambil tongkatnya?adakah bangsanya tidak akan mampu untuk bersaing dengan bangsa yang lain?

    7. hajar, walaupun awak kononnya sebagai seorang pejuang melayu islam telah memfitnah saya sebagai seorang kacang lupakan kulit dan tidak ikhlas mengharapkan bangsa saya berubah, saya maafkan awak.

    8.kalau awak ingin teruskan dengan falsafah awak dan terapkan pada cucu cicit awak yang melayu perlu dijaga, jangan benarkan bangsa lain naik tocang terpulang pada awak.kekal menjadi bangsa melayu yang tidak berani menerima cabaran selamanya.

    9.kalau ditakdirkan saya panjang usia,dengan bangga saya ingin berkata pada cucu cicit saya yang orang melayu tidak memerlukan tongkat untuk berjaya. kita merdeka sudah lebih 60 tahun, kita bukan bangsa picisan yang disebut oleh tun mahathir dulu dizaman penjajah, orang putih memandang hina bangsa melayu dan berkata bangsa melayu tidak boleh diharap dan tidak boleh dipercayai.kita sudah berubah.kita bangsa yang mampu berpijak dikaki sendiri dan tidak takut menerima cabaran dari bangsa lain kerana kita boleh dan tidak lemah.

  92. HBT456 Sep 17,2018 4:34 PM

    Is he innocent because he did things differently?

    Are those mps with special status who supported him do not know the rule of law in the country?

    Barisan natsional’s ocean blue programme, adakah programme ini halal, atau haram di sisi undang2 malaysia?

    Tepuk dada, tanya selera.

    I already cast my votes on last ge 14th, and the result is made known officially to all of us in this country, neigbouring countries and the world.

    Betul tetap betul.

    Salah tetap salah.

    Jika mereka ini tak nak mengaku, then, mr jho low has the option to cast doubts on Ag putrajaya mahupun hakim negara, tak gitu?

    Jika shirul ada option to serve jail in australia, kenapa jho low cannot have the option not to be trialed in this country?

    It has nothing to with racism mahupun faiths of the accuses.

    Pilih kasih is not something new in this country.

  93. HBT456 Sep 17,2018 10:29 AM

    I guess they forgot hate crimes due to hate speech of politicians of a country could influenced the behavior of government organ too beside those in the private sector.

    I guess they didnt expect hate crimes due to hate speech of politicians of a country could influenced the policy makers to make or repeal the akta kerana takut hilang nasi periuk kut.

    But they luda, malaysians in general, just like the americans have gone through all these ugly events.

    Even though i do not like that cup of tea, i wont spit into that cup of tea, boycott or sabotage to show my anger, hatred or frustration since we have general election in every 5 years.

    I dont do such ugly behaviour because of my education, experience, skill and professionallism.

    Yup, i am what i eat, therefore, i dont do things that would cause my employer and clients to loose money and reputation, or things that would cause my employer, and my country in shame.

    When clients talked bullshit that my employer cannot do, then, just bid farewell to these clients in goodwill with a smile, tak payah sindir2 punya.

    When my employer talked bear hug that i cannot tahan, then, i just tender my resignation according to company act, and get a new job itu saja, tak payah bad mouth atau curse my ex employer punya, kan tu dugaan hidup, betul tak.

    After going through all these serangan kejutan in the past 10 years, will political parties of the divide lebih matang, lebih progress atau lebih regress, itu terpulang kepada citarasa negeri mereka mahu negara ini.

  94. HBT456 Sep 17,2018 9:57 AM

    Numbers dont cheat, but politicians cheat.

    Perhaps faridina too thinks with add math and math biasa, angka boleh diubah suai kut.

    To her and her likes, mungkin mereka tak pernah dengar, atau tak pernah pakai calculus to solve calculation that add math dan mathh tak boleh solve kut.

  95. Hajar Sep 17,2018 8:27 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun:

    1. Maaf cakap, memang mulut longkang betul si Polan (dan famili). Sifat suka mengadu domba (batu api) memang cara dia. Kononnya lah, (quoted) “kami tidak ambil pusing kerana tidak gemar berpuak2 makanya kami ‘lone ranger’”. Hipokrit si Polan ini; tidak ubah seperti pujaan hati dia (dahulu) si Anina Langkawi. Tambahan pula, modal dia ialah serangan bersifat peribadi (personal attack) yang merapu meraban dan merepek – hujah bodoh @ dangkal.

    2. Masa dia bersikap biadab terhadap Dr. Mubarakchan dahulu, saya ingat mahu bahasakan dia, tetapi saya tidak mahu masuk campur urusan mereka (bersama 6 orang lagi dalam geng dia; mereka mengutuk Dr. Mubarakchan). Memang kurang ajar betul si Polan terhadap Dr. Mubarakchan yang kita sedia maklum amat berpengalaman luas dan jauh lebih bijak dari si Polan. Ibarat langit dengan bumi! Selepas itu Dr. Mubarakchan berhenti memberi komen di sini (mungkin sebab berasa amat terguris hati dengan perlakuan biadab si Polan & geng). Syukurlah, Dr. Mubarakchan akhirnya kembali menulis di Chedet. Saya suka… saya suka 🙂 🙂 🙂

    – Biasalah, orang yang ada PHD (Perasaan Hasad Dengki ‘pengalaman hidup’) akan memandang rendah akan kelulusan orang lain. Kesian…Pendapat dangkal @ bodoh mereka saja yang betul. Tapi fakta, ilek…

    – Saya pun suka baca tulisan ‘Surirumah @ Dr. HouseWife’. Saya amat setuju dengan pendapat beliau tentang Dr. Mubarakchan. Dr. HouseWife mesti kenal dengan Dr. Umran sebab Dr. Umran pun amat suka membaca tulisan Dr. HouseWife. Mungkin Dr. HouseWife kenal dengan jiran Faridina (PHD), iaitu Dr. Prof Ulung yang menurut Faridina (PHD) kalau dibandingkan dengan saya , saya ini AMAT BODOH. Alahai…

    – Pembaca2 di Blog Dr. Mahathir ini sudah pasti pening lalat sebab terlampau banyak yang bergelar ‘Dr.’ dalam blog ini 🙂 🙂 🙂 Tetapi kenalah cari sendiri siapa yang benar2 ada gelaran ‘Dr.’.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  96. HBT456 Sep 17,2018 1:29 AM

    Ada atau tak da sijil sama aja.

    Apabila ditegur, ada sijil pun tak berani nak tegur.

    Apabila mereka berani tegur, apakah nasib terjadi kepada mereka?

    Tiap2 kali pun macam ini, mereka ini tak rasa jemu, rakyat pun rasa muak dan marah.

    Bak kata cina, once bitten by a snake, 10 years in fear of well rope.

  97. faridina Sep 16,2018 9:50 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Angka 7 begitu sinonim dengan Malaysia baharu sejak kerajaan PH mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan tahun ini.

    Tarikh yang dipendekkan 16/09/18..
    Bila dikecilkan menjadi;
    1+6+0+9+1+8 = 25 = 2+5 = 7.

    Dulu kita merdeka dari British 31/12/1957,
    semua sudah maklum dikecilkan 7.

    Mungkin nak kenakan dengan James Bond mereka 007 dan agensi perisikan mereka iaitu M16 dikecilkan juga 7.

    Selamat Hari Malaysia semua.

    p/s : Al Fatihah buat Allahyarham Tun Sanusi Junid pemegang 007 UMNO baharu dan PPBM mungkin?

  98. Anak.muda Sep 16,2018 6:46 PM

    Kepada orang berpemikiran bodoh dan dangkal disini yang cuma tahu mengampu dan berlagak pandai:

    1.kalau nak dikatakan yang kita hanya layak untuk mengeji perbuatan salah bangsa sendiri dan menegur bangsa sendiri apabila kita sudah menjadi negarawan terulung terlebih dahulu itu memang pemikiran yang sangat dangkal, cetek dalam berfikir.pernah baca buku dr mahathir malay dilemma?

    2.siapa dr mahathir semasa buku itu ditulis?seorang yang tewas dalam pilihanraya dan tiada parti politik kerana dibuang oleh umno.

    3.kalau dr mahathir ketika itu asyik berfikir yang dia tidak boleh terbitkan buku berkenaan dengan orang melayu dan mengutuk orang melayu kerana tidak sampai ke status negarawan terulung lagi memang takkan adelah buku itu.

    4.buku itu membawa kesan yang positif kepada bangsa melayu itu sendiri.tapi buku itu tidak akan ada kalau dr mahathir berpemikiran dangkal seperti ada orang disini yang berkata cuma negarawan terulung yang layak bercakap mengenai bangsa melayu

    5.berpelajaran tinggi tak bermaksud kita pandai dalam berfikir.kepandaian sepatutnya dinilai dari perbuatan dan percakapan kita bukan dari berapa banyak sijil yang kita ada.

  99. adelheid Sep 16,2018 5:52 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Selamat Hari Malaysia Tun. Sayangi Malaysia, kita punya.

    Rakyat Sabah excited to see you and other Pakatan Harapan new cabinet ministers. Hope our Malaysia Baru soar high once again under your premiership and new government.

    Take good care Tun. You are so near to our hearts here and forever.

  100. sibotak Sep 16,2018 11:15 AM

    Semoga Hari Kedepan lebih Mulia, Lebih Indah dari hari sebelumnya untuk
    Malaysia juga untuk Ummah Islam yg amat begitu Lemah kini

    Dunia Islam perlukan Pemimpi yg Luar Biasa
    Begitu Juga Malaysia
    Hingga kini Tun Mahathir adalah Wira Perdana Menteri sebenar Malaysia
    Alhamdullilah walau Najib belum atau tidak dihadap ke muka Keadilan
    Yang penting dan amat mustahak Najib bukan lagi PM Malaysia
    Najib sama sekali tidak layak jadi Pemimpin

    Pemimpin bukan saja perlu Bijak , Cermat , Amanah
    Malah Niat sebenar beliau ingin jadi PM itu apa Tujuan sebenar
    Begitu juga Anwar jika ada Niat Tujuan yg tidak Ikhlas
    Maka sebaiknya Gugurkan Niat tersebut

    Dunia Islam perlu Pemimpin yg Luar Biasa
    Perlu Mampu Menyatupadukan Ummah
    Mampu membina Senjata dan Pertahanan sendiri yg Luar Biasa
    Bukan saja saja nak Berlagak macam Najib

  101. faridina Sep 16,2018 2:40 AM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Izinkan anakanda menggunakan ruangan ini untuk mengiyakan komen Cikgu sepatah dua kata..

    1. Benar tu Cikgu.. bukti kedangkalan LGE yang berjaya Cikgu bongkarkan itu amat membahayakan ekonomi kami rakyat Malaysia, lebih mengerikan LGE menipu, ini menambahkan parah kepada luka yang sedia ada.

    Hahaha ambik ko LGE.. tahniah Cikgu kerana menyelamatkan kami dari kebodohan ini memandangkan akauntan bertauliah memang tidak sesuai untuk jawatan Menteri Kewangan ni dan macam Cikgu cakap kalau Cikgu jadi ayahanda Tun dah lama Cikgu pecat LGE dan gantikan dengan ahli akademk mungkin.

    2. Oh yang ini Cikgu tujukan pada kami yang tahu adab (beradab / tidak biadab) yang tidak putus2 berterima kasih dan sangat2 menjunjung kasih kepada ayahanda Tun kerana ayahanda Tun tidak banyak soal dan sudi menyiarkan komen2 yang dihantar (ada yang dah macam ‘spam’ pula hihihi nasib baik Cikgu tidak jadi admin kalau tak kami pun terima nasib macam LGE kena pecat juga hihihi..).

    3. Kami pun tumpang bangga Cikgu hargai asal usul Cikgu dan kecekapan Cikgu menembak selalunya tepat macam orang putih cakap “Mata Kerbau” “Mata Lembu” atau “Mata Keldai” tidak macam kami yang sering menghina dan memperlekehkan kaum sendiri apatah lagi muka kami tidaklah macam Melayu sangat tetapi tidak segan mengaku Melayu yang tidak takut bersaing dengan bangsa lain. Bab “kacang lupakan kulit” itu kami akui memang kami makan kacang pasti buang kulitnya tak tahulah Cikgu makan kacang sekali dengan kulit2nya atau jangan marah ya Cikgu.. saja tanya Cikgu ada g*g* lagi ke nak kunyah kacang dengan kulit2nya 🙂 🙂 🙂 Kami pun ikhlas menegur macam anak murid menegur Cikgu gitu walaupun kami tidak menegur kerana boleh kena tindakan displin. Ampun jua kami mohon terhadap ayahanda Tun kerana kekhilafan kami.

    Sekian. Terima kasih.

    p/s : Anak Muda 🙂 🙂 🙂

  102. HBT456 Sep 16,2018 12:20 AM

    I believe pakatan harapan will do better than bn.


    There is no way for political parties to use race and religion supremacy to dictate the the direction of the economy to favor their race, and political parties.

    Bak kata, once bitten twice shy.

    When bitten many times, voters too are more resilient in exercising their votes.

    Winning, all loosing is not important.

    But most importantly, set the economy on the right direction.

  103. HBT456 Sep 16,2018 12:10 AM

    Billion dollar whale used the cash is king to do public relation in polishing the image of mr najib tun razak and hi wife, the first lady, in new york, and 1 Malaysia Development Bhd was a public listed company under mof, and was approved by bnm and sc.

    The chairman cum pm declared dividen to felda settlers in the begining and haj pilgrim to muslim using the cash too.

    After that, entahlah how come they came out with the unit issue, itu kena tanya the ex-ceo of 1mdb.

    Baru2 ini, ada lagi satu kejutan di buat oleh ibu kepada the late umno mp j.j jika tak salah, iaitu nilai hartanah tanah dipegang anaknya adalah myr2.1 billion.

    Yup, the americans learned their lesson hard by invading afghanistan and iraq in the name of oil and gas that lead to 911 attacks.

    Malaysians too learned their lesson hard on the supremacy islam and malay.

    Yup, it is sad, and regretful to have politicians in blinding their eyes and hearts to get super rich overnight.

    To them, this investment is halal kerana mereka melayu dan muslim.

    But, to the public in general regardless of races and faiths, perbuatan ini adalah haram.

    And, the result general election is shown on 509 pada tahun 2018.

    Akhirnya, umno tertumpang as per rahman’s curse.

    Percaya atau tidak, itu terpulang kepadamu.

    As the saying goes, what will happn, it will happen.

    What will not happen, it will not hapen.

    Thats no point crying over spill milk.

  104. faridina Sep 15,2018 11:01 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Anakanda mohon perkenan nyanyi lagu Bangau oh Bangau rangkap terakhir versi reformbasi.

    Anwar oh Anwar kenapa kau nak tanding..
    Macamana aku tak tanding..
    Memang makanan aku..
    Memang makanan aku.

    Inilah makanan paling lazat yang dinanti2kannya selama lebih 20 tahun dan inilah juga kes tidak mahu kempunan nampak gayanya.

    Ini ada satu ramalan (nasib baik tidak ramai yang suka membaca tulisan kami maka ramai yang tidak akan tahu hihihi) bahawasanya si polan ini setelah berjaya menjadi MP akan mengarahkan isterinya meletakkan jawatan sebagai TPM dalam beberapa purnama lagi supaya dirinya dilantik sebagai TPM kerana dalam bacaan si polan ayahanda Tun tidak akan dapat bertahan sehingga 2 tahun dan si polan telah bersiap sedia mengambil alih kununnya.

    Tapi soalnya adakah si polan tidak takut pada badi TPMnya? Mohon dipertimbangkan dan jangan dengar sangat cakap Rafizi dan Dollah Kapar tu nescaya saudara tidak akan terkapar-kapar di lautan reformbasi.


    p/s : Jadi penulis upahan ni kerjanya memang menyeronokkan walaupun bayarannya seciput cukup2 untuk beli pensil 2B hihihi tetapi pengasah tidak dibekalkan itu yang ada si polan tu mendakwa tidak setajam pensil dia huhuhu.. sehingga ada juaknya sampai tak sanggup membaca.. huhuhu sekali lagi.

  105. HBT456 Sep 15,2018 10:02 PM

    We are living in 2018, but they still stuck in dulu punya mindset, how to compete with them?

    Jika macam ini, lebih baik tak bertanding, betul tak?

    Ini tak boleh buat, itu tak boleh buat, then, lebih jangan tanding, betul tak?

  106. HBT456 Sep 15,2018 9:56 PM

    LGE tak tipu kerana beliau erti apakah itu ratio and period based on actual fluctuation of myr to us dollar.

    Yang kuat bodek, dan mungkin makan haram punya mana erti apakah financial ratio in accounting mahupun in auditing?

    Jika the new government masih membela pembodek kuat sampai menyampah dan secara buta tuli, no worries, apabila pengundi negeri tarak happy dan jemu, siapa tahu mungkin mereka akan undi pembangkang di negeri2 mereka, betul tak?

  107. HBT456 Sep 15,2018 6:19 PM

    Er faridina, lau pan pun pengundi ler.

    Mereka tak makan commission berdasarkan who you know, and their jobscope is stressful and hard works, not like government jobs, can tunggu one.

    When the new ruling government set reduced minimum gaji unto swasta,it means the minister with such portfolio is out of touch with the market rate of local and imported work force, very mediocre ler.

    I think even family members also do not want to take the job lor.

    She very busy or not, i am not sure.

    But, does she worth that much, it depends who she targets lor.

    I ini orang lama, kini enjoying my status of warga emas.

    You too, faridina, would be like me when you are at my age.

    Bak kata, lambat tak pa, janji selamat.

    Take care and enjoy ourselves bah, faridina and to sri sense too.

  108. Hajar Sep 15,2018 6:18 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun:

    1. Ini lagi satu bukti kedangkalan YB LGE:

    Ringgit among world’s best performers after regime change, Guan Eng tells Najib

    /// “Since the end of 2017, the value of the ringgit compared to the US dollar only fell 2.2 per cent as at September 11, 2018,” Lim said in a statement.///

    PH jadi Kerajaan sejak “end of 2017” kah? Mengapa perlu menipu?

    YB LGE fikir semua orang boleh diperbodohkan. Alahai akauntan bertauliah…baik tutup mulut @ diam saja daripada bercakap bohong!

    2. Bercakap tentang adab, orang yang tahu adab (beradab / tidak biadab) sepatutnya tahu berterima kasih kepada YAB Tun kerana Tun menyiarkan komen2 yang dihantar (ada yang dah macam ‘spam’ pula…).

    3. Saya hargai asal-usul saya, dan bangga menjadi Melayu Islam. Orang yang MALU mengaku Melayu (lupa diri /lupa asal usul), dan tidak segan silu (walaupun asyik tersalah tembak @ BLUNDERS) menghina serta memperlekeh kaum sendiri (Melayu) barulah wajar digelar “bagai kacang lupakan kulit”. Golongan “kacang lupakan kulit” ini biasanya memandang rendah terhadap bangsa atau kaum sendiri. Mereka bukannya menegur dengan ikhlas seperti yang saya nampak Tun M selalu lakukan; Tun ikhlas menegur dengan niat baik (seperti teguran seorang bapa terhadap anaknya. Terima kasih Tun). Tun berhak menegur kerana Tun seorang Negarawan yang disanjung tinggi oleh majoriti rakyat. Saya sayangkan Tun dan Tun sentiasa dalam doa saya.

    P/S: ‘Sri Sense’, 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  109. faridina Sep 15,2018 5:07 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Suka baca tulisan Anak Muda.

    Kami dapat terima mesej yang hendak disampaikan dengan jelas.

    Forum ini bukan kelas matematik pun tetapi biasalah kalau ada Cikgu Bedah di sini yang akan ambil kira sebab tidak boleh terima hakikat hujahnya boleh dipatahkan.

    Buat Anak Muda teruskan usaha murni anda dan jangan pedulikan sangat rasukan makcik suka cari pasal ni.

    Beliau ini tidak akan terima pendapat orang lain dan pantang kalau ada yang membantah, tak percaya tanya pakcik yang menghabiskan usia tua bersama makcik ni, seksa dibuatnya.

    Buat pakcik banyak2lah bersabar dan simpati jua boleh kami hulurkan.


    p/s 1 : Syukur.. ayahanda Tun dikurniakan isteri macam bonda Siti kan.. 🙂

    p/s 2 : Yalah couldn’t agree more with Lau Pan HBT 4444 just like the global races in the world we are all very much attracted to such criminal act conciously or subconsciously that’s why we are looking forward to read the book. Care to join us Lau Pan?

  110. Sri Sense Sep 15,2018 4:23 PM

    Salam Tun, salam kawan2

    I cuma nak share ini, everytime masuk blog ini, I tengok frontpage dan tajuk blog. Kalau nak jawab I klik tajuk tersebut dn terus post.

    Cara satu lagi, bila sampai aje blog ini, bertujuan nak baca komen, I lihat on the right hand side. Disitu tertera siapa yang tulis komen. I klik kat nama berkenaan.

    I tidak baca semua komen. Hanya yang berkenaan for example if I ada sebut nama Musato, Hajar, Housewife, umanrc, dll, dalam my komen, I akan klik nama mereka bila komen mereka keluar nanti on the right hand side.

    I sebut ini kerana satu nama itu boleh kata nama dia sahaja yang keluar penuh jawab komen. To her my advise GET A LIFE. Unless dia dibayar untuk potpet potpet disini then ok la. Time is money, she’s getting paid to pesongkan many here. Dia kutuk atau puji I, I pun tak tau hahaha

    Kalau disuruh I baca komen darinya tak payah la, I ada banyak kerja lain nak buat, unless ada orang bayar I, that too the fee must be high, takat belanja kopi O tak payah la hahaha

  111. HBT456 Sep 15,2018 4:19 PM

    Itu adat budaya seseorang, jika tak suka, jangan pandang, jangan buat dan jangan sindir, doesnt she knows good manner starts from home?

    Orang akhbar macam sdr mubarak chan anti singapore atau tidak, its no longer relevant, bak kata mindset ini dah hilang ditelan zaman.

    The new ruling government has more than 4 years to go, therefore, do your best.

  112. HBT456 Sep 15,2018 12:50 PM

    Easy money means easy come easy go.

    I already expected this would happened due to greed and fear theory.

    Absoulute power corrupts.

    Even though there are many hang jebat in waiting, they too need to face the judgement of other political parties and voters in the constitutuencies under their watch.



    The new ministry in ruling decide.

    Bak kata, siapakah mereka yang makan cili, mereka lah yang rasa pedas.

  113. HBT456 Sep 15,2018 12:38 PM

    It is not about ru355, it is about oil royalty.

    Mereka ingat hanya kelantan dan terengganu ada oil ke?

    Mereka ingat negeri bukan kelantan dan terengganu takda tanah untuk pembangunan?

    The fate of ruu355 is on the desks of pas shurah council.

    If they challenge federal constitution, they have already violated malaya federal constitution too.

    To take action against pas, itu terpulang kepada malay and muslim umno, pas atau pkr since they hold majority of wakil rakyat dan mp in these states.

  114. HBT456 Sep 15,2018 11:44 AM

    Lalat: 3 umno vvips are using smart phones in the picture

  115. HBT456 Sep 15,2018 11:40 AM

    From the picture, 4 out of 6 vvips of umno pakai fon pintar, atau smart phone, kan tu technology yahudi?

    I guess the new agriculture minister must have lupa, or deleted the file of sending umno members cum kakitangan kerajaan wilayah to learn pig farming in germany.

    I guess the new agriculture minister tak akan sentuh skandal gate lembu kerana mereka ini adalah orang melayu dan muslim.

    I guess those muslim and malay vvips in corridor of power who support marrying 11 years old girl is righteous sebagai orang islam dan orang muslim kerana mereka tak sangka child marriage is a horrendous and illegal act as child trafficking, child pornagraphy, child jihadist, atau child suicide bombingin the eyes humanity and countries with voting process

    Yup, they keeps saying mereka tuanpunya rumah, wakil rakyat, protector and mps in the name of ketuanan melayu dan islam, but when comes to such sensivity, mereka akan buta hati dan mata kerana mereka hanya mahu kuasa dan kekayaan, itu saja.

    Dah terangkan sangat, usah diterangkan dengan rasis, sindir atau apa2 alasan untuk melepaskan geram mu.

    Will the new government continue to feed us with fish with rule of law?

    Will the new government continue to teach us how to fish with rule of law?

  116. Sri Sense Sep 15,2018 9:49 AM

    Antara news online

    Minister questions price tag, 2-year delay in revamp of govt job portal

    I’m not aware of this govt portal but I do know JobStreet. This is due to the fact JobStreet was a listed company, but the owner dah jual long time ago, can’t remember to who, if I’m not mistaken to the Australian company. Yes memang famous jobstreet, Malaysian job seekers nak cari kerja senang.


    “I don’t need to kiss people’s hands and thump my chest to show that I am loyal to Anwar.

    “Those who do are without any willpower and are merely following others for the sake of power,” Azmin said.

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Azmin. But budaya hand kisser ini Anwar – kiss Sultan’s hands. I don’t know la if Anwar copy Rafizi ka. I think that budaya over over. You can salam tundukkan kepala tanda hormat. Dan cakap penuh hormat dan tertib bila berdepan dengan orang yang higher position than you. Kalau orang asyik cium tangan I, I pun pelik juga, apahal dia ini hahaha

    Cium tangan ini patut dikhaskan untuk parents. I jumpa Tun also I salam tundukkan kepala tanda hormat. I don’t think Tun suka orang cium tangan beliau.

    I also don’t fancy budaya peluk, walau the person yang dipeluk itu pangkat bapa atau datuk kita, tapi bukan, however peluk perempuan antara perempuan boleh terima, you know the peluk kiss kiss kiss type, amongst old friends yang lama tak jumpa.

  117. Sri Sense Sep 15,2018 9:09 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Pagi yang cerah. Harap Tun sihat dan dah sarapan pagi bersama keluarga. I baru fikir nak sarapan mana.


    I pelik kenapa soalan betul ke Anwar ganti Tun jadi PM sering ditanya orang akhbar pada Tun. Mereka kecewa Tun jadi PM atau orang PKR planted the question. Takan la orang akhbar macam sdr mubarak chan anti singapore.


    I tau singgang. Hubby suka singgang juga. Musato asal usul kelantan?

    Kami di Perak ada masakan yang sama, kami panggil pindang.

    Masakan yang mudah, hanya perlu cili, bawang, serai, halia, asam keping dan sedikit serbuk kunyit. The challenge masakan mudah begini adalah nak balance rasa, masam, pedas, asam, garam. Kalau I masak pindang, I suka guna ikan temenung, orang sini panggil ikan kembong hahaha

    That’s all for now.

  118. HBT456 Sep 15,2018 3:12 AM

    Both hajar and sri sense looked down on my race for not speaking proper malay, but my race can still speak malay and english eventhough mereka tak fasih.

    Mereka lupa bahawa bahasa kebangsaan and english adalah wajib di semua sekolah jenis kebangsaan, jenis swasta mahupun antarabangsa.

    But, they cant even speak or understand mandarin, putonghua or bai hua except some local rojak words shared by all of us in this country, and still tak segan2 sindir
    my race for not speaking proper malay.

    Faridina is looking forawrd to read billion dollar whale of wright and hope simply means she too could be attracted to such criminal act conciously, atau subconciously.

    Therefore, pandai2 lah mereka ini yang berminda liberal mahupun konspirasi in the name of ketuanan melayu mahupun ketuanan islam.

    Even though they are from the same root, but the way they politik amat tak sihat untuk diri mereka mahu pun famili mereka.

    We are minority to them, therefore, we just shut up and let them said what they want.

  119. faridina Sep 14,2018 9:33 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Billion Dollar Whale

    Tidak sabar rasanya menunggu buku hasil tulisan dua pemenang anugerah wartawan dari Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) Tom Wright dan Bradley Hope yang mendedahkan secara terperinci skandal 1MDB, yang akan berada dalam pasaran tidak lama lagi.

    Soalnya agak-agak ayahanda Tun lah Najib akan beli dan baca buku yang meriwayatkan dirinya sebagai antara watak-watak utama atau tidak?


    p/s : Suka baca tulisan Surirumah yang penuh berhemah dan menampakkan kematangan serta pandangan jauh dan sungguh merendah diri walaupun diri beliau seorang bergelar Dr tidak seperti makcik sipolan tu yang sah-sah makcik kaki gaduh, jenis susah hendak dapat kawan dan kami pun tak hingin hendak berkawan sama makcik kepoh sepertinya..hihihi

  120. Kimithecat Sep 14,2018 5:11 PM

    Tun M,DSAI tidak boleh menjadi perdana menteri.Perilakunya amat jijik!Dia mesti disanggah dari menjadi perdana menteri.

  121. HBT456 Sep 14,2018 1:28 PM

    But hajar bagai kacang lupa kulit dan amat biadap.

    Walaupun aku ini bukan melayu dan bukan muslim mahu orang asli dan lain2, tapi aku ada birth right to vote for ph atau bn asalkan mereka tidak menjolok mata ku mahupun selera ku, tak gitu?

    I am least concern of her dung brain since out there got so many of her peers fighting and competing to win the heart of their bapak, bukan voters in general.

    When things turned messy and spinned, i mean viral, out of control, who should worry more?

  122. musato Sep 14,2018 12:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bercerita pasal makanan Sri Sense, saya gemar singgang ikan tongkol atau kita panggil ikan aye.

    Makan pulak dengan sambal cili pedas. Memang best.

    Yup betul. Kita ini biasa biasa sahaja. Bukan politikus. Buatlah program pro Tun ke atau pro siapa siapa pun, kita tak berapa nak suka sertai.

    Sebenarnya saya ada dapat sedikit rendang dendeng dari kawan saya di sini. Terima kasih banyak banyak ye sebab bagi percuma untuk kali pertama. Yum yum.

    Tun kata hadiah makan bukan rasuah okey.

    Memang benar dah lama saya tak ke kuala lumpur pergi jalan jalan. Rasanya dah hampir setahun kot.

    Tahun lepas paling jauh ke Pantai Barat pun hanya ke Muar untuk menyambut ulang tahun pertama Bersatu.

    Ulang tahun kedua di stadium malawati shah alam, saya tak pergi. Saya kerja.

    InsyaAllah bila ada kelapangan saya akan cari masa untuk bersua muka dengan kawan kawan saya di sini. Termasuk ahli Bersatu kita, Harliza.

    Saya kira saya tak terlalu mengada ngada menulis perkara sebegini memandangkan Tun sendiri mengajar saya terbuka kepada umum.

    Lagipun, pada masa yang sama saya turut bercerita kepada Tun. 😊

    Terima kasih Tun.

  123. HBT456 Sep 14,2018 12:58 PM

    Mungkin pak amerika syarikat terkini telah pun lupa bahawa mereka telah buat serangan tentera ke atas vietnam and made so many of the vietnamese had no choice but abandon the country.

    Refer nixon, vietnam war and water gate scandal history during 70s.

    Mr nixon as president lied, obviously mr trump pun can lied berdasarkan patriot act of the america syarikat, tak gitu?

    Is the late senator john mccain a war hero or a war victim of usa patriot act?

    Those politicians who bombed are as guilty as those politicians who allowed them to bomb.

    Those politicians who stole are as guilty as those politicians who allowed them to steal.

    Those politicians who robbed are as guilty as those politicians who allowed them to rob.

    Those politicians who raped are as guilty as those politicians who allowed them to rape.

    It is either they learned, or dont itu saja.

  124. Sri Sense Sep 14,2018 12:45 PM

    Good afternoon YAB Tun

    Tadi I makan kat kedai jual masakan Kelantan. Dari I tinggal Subang Jaya lagi, I dah kenal kedai ini. My son sekolah lagi masa tu, I rajin beli juadah buka puasa disini. Puasa tak puasa, dari zaman itu hingga la ke zaman ini, I memang regular customer, so I tahu perubahan harga.

    Berbalik pada makan tadi, my hubby merajuk, sebab nasi, ayam percik, kerabu jantung pisang dan kopi O ais, harga 20 ringgit. Sebelum dia tunjuk bil dia suruh I teka berapa harga sepinggan, I tengok jawab dalam 10-12 ringgit. Ternyata jauh beza harga dari pemandangan.

    Zaman GST harga ikan mahal. Kalau makan ayam murah sikit. Sebab Malaysia pembekal ayam pada negara2 jiran, so kita sini boleh la makan ayam murah dari makan ikan. But now amat mendukacitakan. I tak tau la macam mana team Tun nak popular, makan pun kami jadi sakit nak bayar.

    Moreover zaman Najib barang2 dalam subsidy basket dah ada dikeluarkan. Reason for this nak naikkan gaji rakyat sama standard dengan negara Asian yang maju.

    Yes gaji gomen naik but swasta nothing much. Big swasta maybe, small swasta, I don’t think so. Tambahan pula pekerja banyak import. Sampai ada antara pekerja ini begitu fasih berbahasa Melayu, sedangkan rakyat sendiri nak cakap Melayu pun tak fasih.

    That’s all for now.

  125. Hajar Sep 14,2018 11:43 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun:

    1. Dari dulu lagi saya sudah berdoa supaya Anwar Ibrahim tidak jadi PM Malaysia. Semoga Allah SWT makbulkan doa saya. Inilah manusia yang memulakan budaya samseng demonstrasi jalanan di Malaysia (dan pelbagai budaya buruk).

    2. Geli geleman saya melihat DSAI menari sakan ala MGR. Macam pelik saja. Rupa-rupanya dia sedang cuba memikat hati pengundi2 India di PD. PH MEMBAZIR wang rakyat dengan PRK PD. Kononnya dulu berdegar-degar mengutuk rejim Najib membazir. Mengapa tidak tunggu Tun turun dulu dan ambil alih Parlimen Langkawi (kalau menanglah…)?

    3. Lagi satu, mengapa bukan anak atau isteri dia yang berkorban? Jangan nanti kita ada suami-isteri jadi PM dan TPM serentak!

    4. Entah bilalah agaknya DSAI terbuka hati untuk BERHIJRAH dari keadaan sekarang. Orang ini sepatutnya tidak lagi aktif dalam politik. Ini jenis muka tidak tahu malu. Eh…dah macam sama saja (tidak tahu malu) dengan orang yang mengaku ‘mata pena’ dia tajam…Alahai…hari tu dah nekad nak tinggalkan BERSATU kerana terpesona dengan si Anina Langkawi…Bertapa sekejap (sebab itu dia ‘blur’ dan tidak tahu apa berlaku dalam blog Chedet semasa dia bertapa)… Alih2 muncul balik dan meroyan sakan marahkan orang lain yang tidak bersetuju dengan dia…Alahai..Kelakar betul 🙂

    5. Maaflah Tun, saya tidak bersetuju dengan cara Shafee (Peguam DSN) didakwa. Nampak tergesa-gesa dan amat terdesak. Siasatan 1MDB pun khabarnya belum lagi selesai sepenuhnya. Dakwa dulu DSN (dan konco2 beliau dalam 1MDB) di atas segala salah laku dalam 1MDB. Jangan nanti semuanya terlepas. Ini pendapat saya sebagai rakyat biasa.

    P/S: Kah..Kah..Kah.. Seronok melihat si Polan meroyan sakan dengan mata pena yang tumpul. Hiburan percuma…Saya menolak demonstrasi jalanan “dulu, kini, dan selamanya”. Saya sokong bila perarakan haram (si ‘Bear’?) dihalang. Tetapi saya sindir PH jadi perintis budaya demonstrasi jalanan. Inilah masalahnya jika si Polan yang berfikiran dangkal dan rendah tahap kefahaman mahu memberi komen terhadap komen orang lain yang dia sendiri tidak berapa faham. Kesian…Lagi satu dia yang timbulkan isu si Wajaperak (konon kasihankan saya pada masa tu), dia pula perasan saya tujukan TKO kepada dia…Alahai…Simpatilah kepada si Wajaperak yang sudah TKO (itu maksud saya). Bagi si Polan, orang Melayu tidak boleh menegur/ mengkritik LGE! Rasis katanya! Pemimpin2 Melayu pun saya selalu tegur. Alahai…Kalau orang Cina menghina Melayu / Islam si Polan tidak bising pula…Buta kot! Ini yang dikatakan dung* tahap gaban.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  126. HBT456 Sep 14,2018 11:19 AM

    Aku pun tak percaya walaupun aku bukan naga ori.

    Yup, as the 7th prime minister of malaysia he has made the right decision in telling the truth of the financial situation and political structure in this country to pak china di beijing.

    Is dsai impatient to be the prime minister, or such deal of tdm to become the prime minister never cross their mind since tdm said they did not expect to win the majority votes on that day.

    The dust has settled for the next 5 years.

    The ball passing has already begun, are you ready?

  127. Abbas Sep 14,2018 11:10 AM

    iye iye pergi beratur panas-panas, berkobar- kobar pergi mengundi hari tu..laa ni, bila dah beri peluang memerentah masih cam pembangkang lagi rupanye..beberapa hari lepas menang, di tambah bermacam-macam hal, hati dah mula terdetik. Tapi kata hati tak ada apalah mungkin just stay neutral…. But now rasa nye dah confirm, hmmmm, “inikalijelahkut”

  128. HBT456 Sep 14,2018 11:00 AM

    Apabila mereka rasa orang utara kena sokong orang utara, obviously orang selatan, barat, pantai timur laut mahupun orang sabah dan orang sarawak pun berebut2 kena sokong negeri2 mereka ma, tak gitu?

    To be the perdana menteri of malaysia, all he/she needs to do is to be jack of all trades with master of none kerana jiwa dan hati orang melayu kena dijaga, kan melayu tu islam, bukan?

    Wa…gaji suami yang dituliskan di sini sudah naik gila, iaitu, 16,000 kali ganda dari myr1 sebagai pakar ekonomi kerana mereka ini orang melayu first?

    Forest city can accomodate 700,000 foreigners, you percaya ke walaupun aku bukan naga ori?

  129. HBT456 Sep 14,2018 10:36 AM

    It is so obvious even yang bukan naga ori pun nampak.

    Beruang makan ikan tongkol ke atau kerbau makan ikan tenggiri, itu terpulang kepada citarasa masakan orang melayu mahupun orang islam.

    I am least worry about pak china since what they are going through is not something unfamiliar with us.

    As the saying goes, long road test the strenght’s of a horse, so time will reveal a person’s heart.

    Tak nak takpa, tapi jangan hina kita.

  130. Sri Sense Sep 14,2018 8:43 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Most of us here, just ordinary voters, kira normal, normal sangat, bukan politician. Kalau ada certain campaign untuk sekutu Tun, atau pun bukan sekutu Tun, kami tak minat.

    Kami pilih PH hanya kerana Tun Mahathir, dan kami inginkan perubahan. Malang sekali apa yang kami nampak lately hanya perubahan dalam certain pocket politician.

    Ok, this is another story.


    Semalam I sempat tonton video KCD. Video siswasah dengan Mazlee. I setuju dengan KCD. Apa yang jelas nampak situ, siswasah sudah diberi peluang jumpa Menteri face-to-face, masih tak faham itu peluang keemasan, mereka terus nyanyi lagu tema group mereka.

    Buat I terfikir, macam gang planted by certain party.


    Semalam I buat calculation. Kalau anak dapat gaji 16K sebulan, katalah emak pun dapat gaji buruk2 pun 16K sebulan dan bapa pula bakal dapat gaji another 16K sebulan. Dah berapa tu. Not to mention the power comes with it.

    The reason why I sebut 16K, sebab ada terbaca seorang MP donate 16K pada tabung harapan, MP ini ada sebut itu adalah sebulan gajinya.

    That’s all for now. Have a nice productive day!

  131. HouseWife Sep 14,2018 3:19 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Hijrah 1440/2018. Semoga tahun ini membawa penuh keberkatan untuk kita semua.

    Tun, everyone knows this and you know yourself too well that you are gutsy, determined and brave. You faced China and straight to the point with no nonsense but with careful diplomacy. This is the prime minister Malaysia truly needs.

    Tun, you have used the word stupid a number of times and you do not hesitate to use this word in a permitted situation, but you used it in a rather careful and thoughtful manner, observing carefully before acting thus avoiding dangers, failures and wasted energy. You are a deep thinker. You make noises but not without information and solution to tackle them. All we need to do is just pay attention to the work you tend to, be patient for solutions, some come lately.

    Prime minister-in-waiting..?..who confer him so, pkr?…I didn’t and don’t feel excited at all. When I pangkah PH you Tun were in my mind, not DSAI or anyone else. I just want the kleptokrasi and corrupted out. To climb up a ladder you have to snatch someone else’s career? Tun, do you think this is nice. Some will say, so what who cares about being nice in politics. But to me it means everything. It maybe right according to the law but it is just not nice. You just simply don’t do this kind of thing to someone who has sacrifices time and energy and has worked so hard to earn a little more respect and honour as a father, husband and representative. You can sacrifice to God and country but not to an individual who acts like dewa. I don’t remember you asking anyone to relinquish his post for you, have you Tun?

    Mdm TPM has defended her husband so earnestly, devotionally and so emotionally. It is nice of her as a wife but this is politics and she must think and act as a representative of and for the rakyat of Malaysia, so couldn’t she have been neutral and be cool.

    Since this is their hobby to create the serial “The Move” simply to cater to their wishes and dream to move to the very top, if they fail don’t they dare blame Tun or the voters. They started it then they clean up the mess. Anyway, good luck to DSAI and gang, hope they have Plan B ready.

    Dengan izin Tun. I really like reading Mubarakchan’s comments and writings eventhough they’re so lengthy but actually very fascinating, intriguing and deeply insightful. Mr Mubarakchan is like a huge living library with vast knowledge, experiences and memories stored for ages ready to share with us all here. Thank you so much Mr mubarakchan. May you be exceedingly happy.

    Semoga diberkati segala usaha Tun untuk majukan Malaysia dan memimpin Malaysia lebih lama, InsyaAllah. Jaga kesihatan Tun baik2. Terima kasih Tun.

  132. faridina Sep 14,2018 2:02 AM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Kalau Ah Jib Gor terbacalah mohon beliau kirakan USD971juta + USD80juta berapa ekk?

    Nota kaki : Yang sikit sekali tu USD80 memang sah2 derma!

  133. faridina Sep 14,2018 1:23 AM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Semuanya bermula dari Langkah Kajang apabila hajat keluarga Anwar tidak kesampaian dan Azmin pula yang dinobatkan MB Selangor.

    Apabila Azmin berjaya memacu Selangor dan instrumental dalam menggalakkan ayahanda Tun menyertai pakatan pembangkang tanpa restu keluarga dan juak Anwar pada mulanya keadaan mulai tegang.

    Hakikatnya Azmin, DAP dan PAN menyedari faktor penyertaan ayahanda Tun mengepalai pakatan pembangkang adalah lebih menjaminkan kemenangan jika dibandingkan Anwar yang pernah gagal membawa mereka ke Putrajaya pada PRU13.

    Pemilihan ayahanda Tun sebagai calon PM PH mulanya tidak dipersetujui keluarga dan juak Anwar namun pasukan Azmin serta DAP dan PAN bertindak mengenepikan kerenah keluarga dan juak Anwar kerana keyakinan yang tinggi terhadap aura luarbiasa ayahanda Tun di mata rakyat Malaysia.

    Sebagai langkah kompromi dalam manifesto adalah dicadangkan bahawa ayahanda Tun hanya menjadi PM sementara selama 2 tahun sebelum digantikan Anwar. (Tetapi manifesto bukan kitab ya..)

    Keluarga dan juak Anwar mula menggelabah apabila kemenangan PH menguatkan lagi pasukan Azmin dan lebih mengerikan calon pilihan keluarga dan juak Anwar menggantikan Azmin sebagai MB tidak terpilih sebaliknya calon pilihan Azmin pula diperkenankan baginda Sultan Selangor.

    Dipendekkan cerita keluarga dan juak Anwar sebenarnya mulai gerun dengan kekuatan dan dominasi puak Azmin lebih dari kebimbangan samada ayahanda Tun akan menyerahkan tampuk pemerintahan kepada Anwar atau tidak.

    Untuk mengalihkan perhatian sebenar hasrat mereka.. mereka telah spin cerita melalui Dollah Kapar kununnya Tun Daim tidak mahu Anwar naik menggantikan Tun M.

    Hakikatnya panglima merangkap arkitek dan pakar strategi PKR iaitu Rafizi merasakan pengaruh Azmin harus dibendung dan disekat sekarang kerana jika ditunggu 2 tahun lagi nescaya jawatan PM tetap milik PKR seperti dijanjikan tetapi bukan berbinkan Ibrahim lagi.

    Soalan : Pergolakkan dan perebutan kuasa sesama mereka tetapi kenapa libatkan rakyat?

    Jawapan : Sebab keluarga dan juak Anwar ini tidak reti malu, tidak reti bahasa apabila mengganggap Malaysia ini keluarga dia sahaja yang punya!


    p/s : Kalau takut pada bayang-bayang jangan pergi mana2 duduk diam2 dalam gelap2 sdr ABI ya.

  134. Sharudin Jamal Sep 13,2018 6:53 PM


    Doesn’t mean we don’t want Najib as the PM means we want Anwar as the alternative. Let him wait for the next General Election. What’s the hurry?

    People had elected their representatives. Why do they have to reelect again just to give this guy the opportunity to pursuit his personal interest?

    Is he going to be a better leader than those who are already holding position in the government?

    I don’t know Chedet, but if I look at the situation at hand, I think we are making a fool of ourselves because we allow a fool to take us for a joyride.

    We got the first point right; no Najib. We need to also establish the second pillar; no Anwar!

    Chedet, if your health permits, carry on until the end of the term. For goodness sake, we have better candidates come GE15. Just don’t play this ridiculous game of deception and call it democracy.



  135. HBT456 Sep 13,2018 3:51 PM

    When the mirror is cracked, the only option that owner of mirror have is to replace with a new mirror.

    On may 9, 2018, voters already changed the cracked mirror with a new mirror.

    Will the new mirror be cracked due to infightings of bapak ku, bapak mu in next 5 years?

    The ball is on the tables of local political parties of the divide.

    Adakah cara itu conquer, rampas, jilat, jinak, dodoi, bangsat, curi, tipu atau rogol, voters will decide when next general election is called, tak kisah you ini orang melayu, orang islam, orang asli, atau malaysian to vote for the next prime minister of malaysia.

  136. HBT456 Sep 13,2018 3:18 PM

    Power abuse tetap power abuse.

    Yup, they can hire the best of the best lawyers to defend them.

    The final nail ìs on the table of hakim negara at putrajaya, adakah itu ikan tongkol atau tenggiri mahupun pak mubarak atu pak labu, the result would be made known very much depends on who is calling the shots.

    Even when they can get away with malay bias policy, hakikatnya adalah sama saja.

    On one hand, the ruling party set minimum salary unto private sector, but on the other hand, kakitangan though with low gaji, they have many benefits that private sector does not enjoy.

    Dont forget, voters are from private sector, not from political party members mahupun kakitangan kerajaan wilayah atau negeri.

  137. Sharudin Jamal Sep 13,2018 1:58 PM

    Assalam Chedet,

    I never seen someone who is so desperate to become a Prime Minister as Anwar. Are you sure that is Malaysians’ aspiration for he to become one? Perhaps it’s a case of Pygmalion Effect.

    If you ask me I don’t *[] Anwar as a man of substance.

    *External intervention.

    Why do we want to deal with a 70 years old without substance? I just wonder what is the rational. Is it because he had been jailed thus he deserve the position?


  138. Sri Sense Sep 13,2018 12:19 PM


    I still don’t understand kenapa ada nama seperti beruang, ikan tongkol dibelakang hahaha

    Kalau in PR bear hug tu protective hug sehingga syarikat yang dipeluk sebegini oleh internal staff boleh mati lemas – kira macam peluk ular sawa.

    As for tongkol, state yang sanjung ikan tonggol hanya Terengganu dan Kelantan. Cuba lihat masakan mereka, nasi dagang ikan tongkol, ikan yang tawar, keras, penuh dengan darah ini, pun sedap jadinya masak gulai. However di negeri2 lain ikan tongkol tak glamour, kita anggap ikan murah, ikan tenggiri lagi first class. I asal Perak orang Utara, kalau ikan bawal hitam masak kari my favourite. Bawal putih tak minat. Ikan tenggiri masak kari jatuh nombor 2. hahaha

    Anyway balik pada isu beruang vs tongkol. I melihat dari sini (pandangan rakyat biasa) nothing much, satu sokong Najib bila Najib dah tumbang, satu songkong Najib masa diatas. Dua2 pun penyokong tapi dalam masa berbeza, kalau ada masaalah pun hanya dengan the government.

    Riuh ini kenapa? Dia kacau LGE ke? Sorry la, kita tak dapat bantu, pandai2 la sendiri.

    Sekian terima kasih.

  139. huda Sep 13,2018 10:40 AM

    Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah Tun

    Tahun hijrah pertama untuk kerajaan Pakatan Harapan. Lebih menarik pengumuman DS Anwar mahu berhijrah jadi ahli parlimen.

    Orang yang selalu menyebut nyebut tentang duit rakyat yang dibazirkan kerajaan terdahulu kini mahu bertanding di parlimen Port Dickson.

    Pendapat saya, inilah hadiah terbaik kerajaan PH untuk rakyat setakat ini.

  140. faridina Sep 13,2018 12:38 AM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Lokman Vs Jamal
    Beruang Makan Ikan Tongkol

    Kenapa si polan begitu naif mahu memuji tindakan yang dikatakan baik pihak BN/UMNO yang tidak menimbulkan huru-hara selepas kalah PRU 14?

    Sudah kalah lagi mahu menimbulkan huru-hara? Sebenarnya mereka sudah bersiap sedia untuk kalah apabila sanggup menanggung biawak hidup berupa seorang tokoh kleptorat bernaji$.

    Apa yang hendak dihuru-harakan apabila SPR yang bekerjasama erat pun tidak terlarat hendak mengubah sama banyak sangat tempat hendak di’adjust’kan.

    Sebaliknya kami memuji tindakan pihak penyokong pakatan harapan yang sudah lama mengetahui mereka telah menang tetapi tetap bersabar menunggu pengumuman SPR dan tidak masuk perangkap Ah Jib Gor untuk membuat huru-hara agar mudah diisytihar darurat dan membolehkan Ah Jib Gor terus memerintah.

    Nama sahaja ada PhD perkara semudah inipun sukar di’tesis’kan si polan tu hihihi..

    Bab usaha Lokman beruang menyambung legasi Jamal tongkol terhalang pun jadi sindiran si polan.

    Amboi dahulu Bersih yang aman damai membantah Ah Jib Gor bernaji$ tidak mendapat restu si polan sekarang mempersoalkan kenapa Lokman beruang harus dihalang sebab yang hendak diarakkan bertujuan membantah keputusan menggugurkan caj terhadap LGE iaitu musuh ketat si polan.

    Kesimpulannya si polan membenci LGE yang tidak mencuri duit rakyat sepuluh kali lebih daripada Ah Jib Gor yang terang-terangan mencuri duit rakyat.

    Satu lagi LGE itu Cina dan Ah Jib Gor itu Melayu apa-apa bangsa datang dahulu tak gitu si polan entahlah.

    Yang halang Lokman beruang itu PDRM bukan kerajaan PH mungkin dia tidak dapat permit polis maka lain kali ikut cara Bersih mohon permit awal2 dan bawalah ratusan ribu penyokong yang sanggup keluar duit sendiri pergilah berarak kami pun gerenti tidak kacau macam Jamal tongkol.

    Sekurang2nya mereka boleh rasa apa yang kami rasa dahulu minus gangguan si tongkol.

    Akhirnya walaupun kami tidak sepandai si polan tetapi kami pun tidak sebodoh mana apabila percaya kepada ayahanda Tun serta menyahut seruan menyertai Bersatu dan hari ini PH berjaya memerintah.


    p/s : Masuk Bersatu bukan untuk kejar jawatan lagipun si polan yang bukan ahli pun tidak iktiraf kebolehan kami huhuhu.. bab KCD ke? KB2 ke? kami tidak ambil pusing kerana tidak gemar berpuak2 makanya kami ‘lone ranger’ janji kami tidak dipersalahkan anak cucu di belakang hari jikalau tidak bersama ayahanda Tun hari ini.

    p/s : Kepada yang berkenaan yang menyatakan kami mengganggu pembaca lain senang sahaja tidak suka jangan baca just skip our comment selagi admin tidak blok.

    p/s : Ada yang lucu bila saya bilang si polan hendak conquer semua dia tidak faham sila baca semula.. slip of the eye no problem.. nice try.

  141. HBT456 Sep 12,2018 8:15 PM

    Macc too could be the tool of politicians behind the back of the voters especially in developing and poor countries.

    A business that took you 20 years to build could be destroyed within 5 minutes since mps could be rigged to favor someone.

    Kini, bumiputra, atau orang asli itu minority atau majority?

    Back stabbing and mouthing is nothing new here.

    When they cant even control their emotion and anger di padang bola sepak and violated the rules of world soccer requirement. you think they can be hailed as the best team representing their states mahupun negara?

    Maybe they think american football is bola sepak kut.

    Maybe they think basket ball is net ball kut.

    Kafir is very subjective to her and her likes.

    Therefore, it is up to her and her likes to decide.

  142. Hajar Sep 12,2018 5:30 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Tahun Hijrah baharu, azam mestilah baru.

    2. Berhijrahlah ke jalan @ tempat yang lebih baik dan diberkati Allah SWT.

    3. Saya doakan golongan yang suka memfitnah orang lain akan segera bertaubat kerana dosa menfitnah lebih besar dari dosa membunuh. Begitu juga dengan golongan yang selalu menghasut umat Islam lain supaya melanggar hukum hakam Islam dan meninggalkan ajaran Islam yang sebenar. Bertaubatlah sebelum terlambat.

    Terjemahan Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 217:

    Mereka bertanya kepadamu tentang berperang pada bulan Haram. Katakanlah: “Berperang dalam bulan itu adalah dosa besar; tetapi menghalangi (manusia) dari jalan Allah, kafir kepada Allah, (menghalangi masuk) Masjidilharam dan mengusir penduduknya dari sekitarnya, lebih besar (dosanya) di sisi Allah. Dan berbuat fitnah lebih besar (dosanya) daripada membunuh. Mereka tidak henti-hentinya memerangi kamu sampai mereka (dapat) mengembalikan kamu dari agamamu (kepada kekafiran), seandainya mereka sanggup. Barangsiapa yang murtad di antara kamu dari agamanya, lalu dia mati dalam kekafiran, maka mereka itulah yang sia-sia amalannya di dunia dan di akhirat, dan mereka itulah penghuni neraka, mereka kekal di dalamnya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  143. HBT456 Sep 12,2018 4:59 PM

    Bak kata, when 1st step was a mistake, then, the following steps would be enedd up as mistakes.

    Hakikatnya, adalah sama aja iaitu ultra atau tidak kukuh as mps could rigged base on race, not base on economic scarcity mahupun environment challeges.

    Race base politics is no longer relevant since there are so many better indexes of choices could be usrd to measure wealth distribution gap.

    Bak kata, siapa makan cili, mereka lah yang rasa pedas.

  144. HBT456 Sep 12,2018 4:23 PM

    When the love between husband and wife could be digalerikan sampai ke tahap joli duit husband atau wife, what would happened to such modern famili and their future generations?

    Perhaps mereka sudah baca the hottest news tu, sound like them, but its not them, what can the voters and political parties do when mereka tarak happy?

    Beside stadium, mosques and surau, there are so many parks in local neigbourhood mahupun negeri2 lain that was gazetted and built by the then bn, and to change such policy, suka atau tidak, kena ada 2/3 majority mp votes in federal parliament, tak gitu?

    Jika nak buat park dan muzim untuk bag ds rosmah, then, lebih baik, leave the sg besi airport of mod as it is to jimat taxpayer monies mahupun infighings of itu bapak ku punya, bukan bapak mu mentality kerana aku orang melayu, aku orang islam as if this country is lawless dan tidak berdaulat mahupun berpelembagaan, dont you think so?

    Opposition turned ruling parties can hailed fdi is haram in the name of nasionalism, and the official religion is islam, dont forget that.

    If they can hailed such issues, then, the overseas projects approved by bn government could face the same fate too when their opposition turned ruling government are doing the same, and obviously, these overseas investment could be forced to cancel too.

    Yup, apabila untung, itu kami punya.

    Apabila rugi, kita mesti tanggung.

    Frankly speaking, dsai can be named as the prime minister of malaysia to replace tdm since they are the winner of current ruling term, no need to call for seat vacant mahupun by election, dont you think such action is simple and direct and jimat duit kerajaan wilayah?

    As the saying goes, intelligent people worry too much, the stupid ones have too much confidence.

    What if you jump, but i dont jump?

    Look before you leap because human weakness is humans take things for granted.

    Therefore, never count chicken before eggs hatched due to uncertainty.

  145. faridina Sep 12,2018 2:25 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Ini bukan salah LGE sebagai Menteri Kewangan waimanya jika ayahanda Tun menjadi Menteri Kewangan sekalipun SST tetap akan dilaksanakan menggantikan GST yang lebih menekan segenap lapisan masyarakat tidak kira umur dan Pau Tg Malim tetap kena SST jika pendapatan tahunannya mencecah RM1 juta dan ke atas (berdasarkan had ambang SST sebelum ini).

    Zaman rejim Najib lebih dahsyat apabila GST dicukai kepada restoran yang berpendapatan RM500,000 setahun.

    Ini menunjukkan semakin kurang restoran yang akan dikenakan cukai menerusi SST berbanding GST.

    Apa yang geli hati bila Najib cakap Restoran Yik Mun ini bersaiz sederhana dan tidak patut kena cukai hahaha.. Yik Mun melaksanakan tanggungjawab cukainya dengan baik bila had ambang pendapatannya telah tercapai dan berdasarkan resit yang ditunjukkan jelas alamat kedai tiga pintunya yang menunjukkan bisnes lebih dari sederhana.

    Walau kedai yang bersaiz sederhana pun boleh mencapai ambang bercukai apatah lagi seperti Yik Mun.

    Kita boleh bernostalgia namun Yik Mun lebih mengalu-alukan kedatangan kita untuk menikmati pau tradisinya dengan Yik Mun dan pelanggan setianya sama-sama menyumbang kepada pembangunan negara melalui SST sementara ada restoran yang tidak mencapai ambang tidak layak mengenakan SST.

    Isunya bukan LGE tetapi isunya ialah ada menteri yang sengaja buat2 lemah dari segi idea dan pelaksanaan untuk mensabotaj PM ke 7 supaya rakyat bising dan minta PM ke 8 naik cepat menggantikan PM ke 7.

    Entahlah siapa menteri KPDNKK? Entahlah kalau beliau orang kuat DSAI?


    p/s : Penulis juga kongsi peguam dengan ayahanda Tun dan tidak minat dengan KCD. Dalam blog ini tiada pantang larang dan yang senior janganlah corky sangat.. zaman sudah berubah “without fear or favour” amalan kami.

  146. Sri Sense Sep 12,2018 12:23 PM

    Good afternoon

    Market merah menyala. Tengok pun sakit mata.

    Well, sebelum undang2 dipinda boleh la bercakap. Bila pinda mungkin ramai tak boleh cakap including the press. I tengok press, tumpuan mereka dah macam sembang kedai kopi, dari the real news.

    In I baca online

    Daim : “If I can, I would like to suggest that the airport (old Sungai Besi air force base) be turned into a park, so those in KL can use it to have picnics and other recreational purposes.

    “After that, we can build a museum to place all the handbags belonging to Rosmah, for the whole world to see”.

    Masa I buat business, paling mahal my handbag 1K lebih. I tidak tahu apa istimewa Birkin, Hemes. Sentuh pun tak pernah. But I can say this, many women suka joli duit husband. Kalau husband ada duit, dia joli. Moreover kalau tak joli duit husband, husband spend tempat lain pula hahaha

    Oh yes I know this old airport, dulu selalu lalu tempat ini bila pergi KL. Macam icon Sg Besi. Historical site. Famous place. Bukankah tempat ini selalu penuh sesak dengan kereta? I remember menyampah lalu sini sebab kesesakkan lalu lintas.

    Bila sebut old airport, if I’m not mistaken, ada satu public listed company dapat yang di Penang. Same thing like the one in Sg Besi. Can’t remember the exact time and date, but masa ada sosek sosek sianu dapat projek Sg Besi so the other group masuk Penang pula.

    That’s all for now!

  147. RD. Sep 12,2018 12:03 PM


    Sepatutnya ayat berikut berbunyi begini….

    “Hakikatnya, PAS adalah Kepala-Bapak perpecahan Melayu-Islam di Malaysia.

    Seperti Tun Dr.M pernah ucapkan, sejarah tertubuhnya PAS pada 1955 adalah akibat dari perpecahan Melayu dalam UMNO.”

    Sekian. Harap Maaf.

  148. RD. Sep 12,2018 11:47 AM

    Sempena Menyambut Maal Hijrah ini, demi Kesatuan Malaysia, terutamanya Bangsa Melayu dan Agama Islam, saya amat berharap Kerajaan Baru PH dapat memisahkan Agama dari Politik.

    Ketika Zahid Hamidi menjadi TPM & Menteri KDN dan melarang Mat Sabu, menggunakan Islam sebagai nama Party politik barunya… sambil berkata; “Agama Islam milik semua, bukan hanya hak exclusive sebuah Party Politik’…saya amat gembira.
    Saya sangkakan, Zahid Hamidi akan turut mengharamkan PAS menggunakan Agama sebagai modal meraih undi.

    Hakikatnya, PAS adalah Kepala-Bapak perpecahan Melayu-Islam, seperti Tun Dr.M pernah ucapkan.
    Sejarah tertubuhnya PAS pada 1955 adalah akibat dari perpecahan Melayu dalam UMNO. Puncanya, setelah dipersetujui Penjajah British untuk diberi Kemerdekaan, Tunku Abdul Rahman tidak melantik golongan ‘Agamawan’ dalam UMNO, sebagai Menteri Kabinet. Kerana tidak puas hati… mereka keluar UMNO dan tubuh ‘Party Agama’ yang kemudiannya dikenali sebagai PAS.

    Ketika itu British masih berkuasa di Malaya. Yang peliknya, di Negara mereka sendiri, England sejak 1650an lagi, Oliver Cromwell telah haramkan Agama Kristian dipolitikkan. Namum di Tanah jajahan Malaya… sama seperti di Palestine dan lain jajahan di Timur-Tengah… mereka benarkan pula Agama digunakan sebagai wadah untuk meraih undi Politik.

    Sebabnya… sangat jelas & mudah difahami… ‘Agama’ jika dipolitikkan akan menyebabkan perpecahan. Kepada Penjajah, lebih mudah untuk mencatur atau manipulasi colony yang Rakyatnya tidak bersatu.

    Sejak Zaman Dark Ages lagi, British dan masyarakat Eropah telah menyedari hakikat bahawa pengaruh Paderi/Gereja atau Agamawan Kristian didalam Istana telah banyak menyebabkan peperangan, tumpah-darah, kacau-bilau dan kebuluran. Sebab itu Oliver Cromwell ‘banish’ atau memaksa semua Agamawan mereka dihimpunkan di Vatican, Rome. Hasilnya, Eropah bertambah aman, makmur & sejahtera, walaupun masih ada sedikit perbalahan Catholic & Protestant di Utara Ireland.

    Sebaliknya… amat malang bagi Umat Islam di Timur-Tengah, 200~300 tahun selepas Wafatnya Rasullulah… Pemerintah Islam Pak-Pak Arab telah mengambil pendekatan sebaliknya. Apa yang keluar dari mulut Agamawan atau ‘waris-Rasul’, dianggap sebagai ‘wahyu’. Manakala, ilmu perubatan, sains & mathematic, astronomi oleh Cendikiawan Islam difitnah sebagai bida’ah dan buku-buku mereka dibakar. Akibatnya, cerdik-pandai Islam lari ke Negara Kapir melalui semenanjung Iberia ke Andalusia.
    Sejak itu, Yahudi & Kristian bertambah moden & maju, manakala Islam mula mundur kebelakang, berpecah kepada berbagai Puak & Kabilah dan mereka asyik berperang dan berbunuhan sesama-sendiri. Akhirnya KeAgungan dan Kegemilangan Islam mulai pudar dan runtuh… sehinggalah hari ini.
    Mungkin disebabkan masyarakat Pak-Pak Arab sudah sekian lama hidup dalam kacau-bilau dan persengketaan dan terlalu mendambakan Keamanan atau Peace, apabila bertegur-sapa, mereka ucapkan… Assalamualaikum atau ‘Maybe Peace be Upon You’.

    Maka munasabahlah… jika diperkatakan… ‘Roh’ Islam yang dibawa oleh Saudagar-Saudagar Kaya Arab ke Nusantara, lebih kurang 400 tahun dahulu, adalah ‘Roh’ yang sudah mulai ‘malap’. Kegilapannya hanya kembali ‘terang’ setelah di’pelok’ oleh pihak-Istana Hindu, kerana terpengaruh dengan kekayaan dan kemewahan yang dipamerkan Saudagar-Saudagar Arab ketika itu.

    Oleh yang demikian, marilah kita pisahkan Agama Islam dari Politik Tanahair dengan mengumpulkan semua Institusi Agama dibawah Institusi Istana yang sepatutnya apolitical. Dengan itu, berbaloilah WANG Rakyat yang diperuntukkan untuk Institusi ini.

    Di masa yang sama, waris kepada Tahta Kesultanan setiap Negeri harus ditentukan semasa Baginda masih kecil supaya boleh dijuruskan bidang pembelajaran mereka kepada Agama. Apabila menjadi Raja nanti, Baginda akan dikelilingi/nasihati oleh Para Mufti dan Cerdik Pandai Agama supaya boleh menasihati pula Pemerintah, jika ada sesuatu policy Kerajaan yang mendatangkan kesan tidak baik kepada Bangsa & Agama.

    Dengan itu Institusi Raja & Agama akan lebih dihormati dan kekal lama. Semoga Melayu Bersatu dan Islam menjadi contoh pentadbiran yang bersih & beramanah.
    Jangan diikut perangai Pak Arab yang asyik berkelahi sesama sendiri.

  149. RD. Sep 12,2018 10:57 AM

    Terlebih dahulu… Maafkan saya.

    Nampakgayanya… ruang komen CheDet ni… sudah dipenuhi oleh komen-komen yang menjurus kepada permusuhan dan perkelahian yang langsung tiada kena mengena dengan tajuk dan juga tidak membina minda para pelawat blog.

    Sudah-sudah la. Tak perlulah dibawa kutuk-mengutuk dan gelar-mengelar, berlarutan dari satu posting hingga ke posting Tun yang lain. Sepatutnya, sesuatu percanggahan pendapat atau pertengkaran, hanya tertumpu pada satu posting saja. Bila Tun tukar tajuk, pertengkaran itu, harus berhenti disitu.

    Jika sedemikianlah adanya, perkelahian antara individu tidak akan ‘menganggu’ pengunjung lain, kecuali Tuan-punya Blog atau pengendalinya saja.

    Harap yang berkenaan maklum.

  150. Sri Sense Sep 12,2018 9:49 AM


    I nak tambah sikit. Komen2 yang dihantar sebenarnya depend on budi bicara moderator atau admin tempat tersebut. Jangan tanya I siapa admin sini. I don’t have the slightest idea siapa gerangan orangnya.

    Sebenarnya public forum ini biasa mana2, for example I pernah jadi ahli dalam 2 investment blogs. Satu tu based on contributions, berapa banyak you contributed you naik rank. The problem this type of system, you kena baik dengan the seniors dulu, kalau ada senior anti you, you hilang membership. The other forum lagi crazy, bila message ada 2 orang kasi flag. Message itu deleted. Nak kata ada unsur buruk dalam message itu, tak juga. 🙂

    So hard to say samada orang atau robot. Kalau things dah set all pun boleh auto.

    That’s all for now.

    P.S Market hijau sikit but my stocks tak naik.

  151. Sri Sense Sep 12,2018 8:56 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Harap pagi ini Tun sihat dan teruskan usaha murni. Pada team Ministers diatas, I tak nak ucap apa2, all I can say, mereka selalu buat I pening. Dah tu mereka kata Tun dah tua, tak sabar2 nak takeover.


    Cantik buns yum yum 🙂

    I jarang pergi tempat musato tinggal. 2 tahun sudah ada pergi ikut hubby. Hubby semi-retired, so bila ada kerja nak pantau projek atau meeting dengan pihak berkenaan baru hubby pergi. I tak selalu ikut. Agak boring tinggal dihotel walau pemandangan cantik.

    FB pula I jarang2 update status, sudah lama I duduk kat FB, since mula2 FB diMalaysia, masa tu FB belum listed kat bursa America.

    Kawan2 FB, my family, friends from the government dan swasta, lawyers termasuk lawyer Tun, orang kanan KCD etc.

    That’s all for now.

  152. faridina Sep 11,2018 10:58 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Tumpang laluan menyambung bual bicara dengan Cikgu Hajar.. round ke 4

    Ala Hajar.. majoriti PhD holder di Malaysia ini adalah pensyarah maka kami andaikan kamu sepertinya dan pensyarah atau cikgu sama sahaja kerjanya iaitu sebagai seorang pendidik.

    Jadi kami letak kamu lebih tinggi sedikit dari pemegang PhD dari kalangan kakitangan kerajaan seperti Dr Ali Kluang dan pemegang PhD dari kalangan ahli politik seperti Wak Zahid Ponorogo.

    Cikgu juga mungkin sudah pencen sebab duduk blog keramat ini pun sudah hampir sepuluh tahun maka kami faham kecerdasan otak Cikgu yang dahulunya berfungsi kini sudah ‘malfunction’ dan sudah mula meracau sehingga apabila hilang modal terpaksa ikut jejak langkah kawan baik Cikgu iaitu si PakPandir08 yang sering melabelkan orang lain bodoh (yelah Cikgu dan PakPandir08 dua orang sahaja yang pandai).

    Pemegang PhD seperti Cikgu tidak seharusnya meletakkan diri Cikgu lebih pandai dari orang lain dalam blog ini, tidak juga kepada Wajaperak yang suka menyindir kerana kepandaian itu subjektif dan bukan kita sendiri yang menilai.

    Kalau kami hendak ikut cara atau piawaian Cikgu maka kami juga boleh melabelkan Cikgu sebagai AMAT BODOH jika dibandingkan dengan jiran betul2 sebelah rumah kami yang juga seorang pemegang PhD bergelar Dato’ dan antara beberapa orang sahaja dalam Malaysia ini yang dinobatkan sebagai Professor Ulung yang telah menerbitkan lebih 800 artikel atau jurnal yang dimasukkan di dalam Pengindeksan Pengetahuan Antarabangsa (ISI) serta memegang 10 paten produk inovasi yang diiktirafkan seluruh dunia.

    Namun jiran kami ini cukup merendah diri orangnya dan tidak memandai dalam hal2 diluar bidang kepakarannya.

    Entahlah apa bidang kepakaran cikgu tetapi yang pasti dan kita segani Cikgu ada double PhD, satu unknown dan satu lagi telah dikenalpasti Penyakit hasad Dengki hihihi.. tidak boleh orang lain lebih pandai dari dia.

    Cikgu ini juga sering memberi ramalan yang salah apabila tidak merestui strategi ayahanda Tun turun ke padang menyertai kami sewaktu Bersih 5.0 yang membuahkan hasil dalam mendapatkan sokongan menjatuhkan Ah Jib Gor.

    Begitu juga kemarahan membuak Cikgu apabila ayahanda Tun bekerjasama dengan DAP dan memperlekehkan kewajaran tindakan ayahanda Tun.

    Kini kami mengerti apa yang Wajaperak pernah lalui sebelum kami menyertai blog keramat ini sehingga Wajaperak terpaksa menghamburkan apa yang tidak sepatutnya kerana spesis seperti Cikgu ini memang ‘rare’ dan hampir pupus.

    Tidak salah berselisih pendapat tetapi belajarlah memproses pendapat dan pendirian ayahanda Tun kerana tidak terlalu lambat untuk anda belajar walaupun anda agak tua dan sedikit lembab penerimaannya.
    (Malam ini gerenti Cikgu tidak tidur untuk membalas segala dakwaan fitnah kami ini hihihi..silakan)

    Maafkan kami sekiranya mata pena ini terlalu tajam untuk Cikgu terima tusukannya sebab topik Lokman beruang masih belum bermula.

    Tunggu round ke 5 untuk sambungan..

  153. musato Sep 11,2018 9:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah 1440/2018.

    Yup Sri Sense. Kita tak tahu kemana kita akan pergi.

    Tapi saya tak kisah sangat bila Tun masuk kerja jadi Perdana Menteri sekali lagi.

    Sejarah Terengganu mencatatkan bahawa Tokku Paloh pun mencapai usia 100 tahun (1818-1918). Beliau diiktiraf di antara 7 wali tanah Melayu.

    Jadi secara logiknya mana mungkin kekasih Allah itu berhenti bekerja melainkan dipanggil mengadap Illahi.

    Sesudah mengadap Illahi sekalipun, kekasih Allah itu tetap ‘hidup’.

    Blog ini adalah blog politik. Saya pun bukan seorang yang minat pada politik, lebih lebih lagi menonjolkan diri pada umum.

    Ramai yang tidak meninggalkan komen di sini, tetapi sentiasa suka membaca pendapat pendapat di sini.

    Maklumbalas yang saya dapat seperti dari Pn Maizatul – yang amat mengagumi Tun Mahathir tapi dalam masa yang sama suka saya menegur Tun Mahathir.

    Harliza pula sentiasa online dan suka saya membantu Tun Mahathir hingga ke akhir hayat.

    Dan saya pasti mereka ini bukanlah ahli BERSATU.

    Yup, rasanya tiada gunanya untuk berkata “saya rapat dengan Tun Mahathir”. Bukan dapat apa apa pun.

    Bacalah pengakuan Tun Daim. Tun Daim tidak dibayar satu sen pun.

    Peguam Shafee Abdullah pun kata tak dibayar langsung untuk guaman UMNO semasa Tun Mahathir jadi Perdana Menteri.

    Yup, kita tak tahu ke mana kita akan pergi.

    Kerana tidak tahu ke mana kita akan pergilah, maka saya telah menziarahi makam Syeikh Abdul Malek (Tok Pulau Manis) sebelum saya mengisi borang BERSATU. Saya akan memasuki bidang pentadbiran negara satu hari nanti. Mungkin. Mungkin. InsyaAllah.

    Ziarah saya sama seperti mana saya ziarah kawasan makam Sharif Muhammad Al Baghdadi (Tok Ayah) sebelum PRU 14 tempohari.

    Mereka ini adalah titisan darah yang sememangnya yang memerintah negara.

    Yup, tidak dapat apa apa untuk berkata “saya ini rapat dengan Tun Mahathir”.

    Tetapi saya boleh tulis bahawa saya, Musthasor Bin Mukhtar adalah penasihat Tun Mahathir, bekas PM ke 4 yang mana sekarang adalah PM ke 7 Malaysia.

    Saya adalah ahli BERSATU yang rasmi dengan jawatan semasa ini adalah ketua penerangan bahagian ; sekiranya kita tidak tahu ke mana kita akan pergi.

    Facebook : Musthasor Bin Mukhtar

    Salam Maal Hijrah ke 1440/2018

    Terima kasih Tun.

  154. adelheid Sep 11,2018 8:29 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Selamat menyambut Tahun Baharu Hijrah 1440. Semoga tahun baharu ini membuka jalan yang luas terbentang untuk semua orang Islam berubah ke arah yang lebih baik dan cemerlang. Semoga dipermudahkan bagi Tun untuk meneraju Malaysia ke arah pemulihan dan kejayaan.

    Semoga Tun dikurniakan kesihatan dan usia yang lanjut bersua lagi dengan tahun-tahun hijrah yang akan mendatang.

    Take good care dear Tun Dr. Mahathir. My prayers with you and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah always.

  155. Breedlove Sep 11,2018 6:08 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    SELAMAT MENYAMBUT MAAL HIJRAH 1440/2018 kepada Tun dan seluruh umat Islam.

    Kebelakangan ini saya membaca kenyataan Tun tentang pencapaian Melayu yang kurang memberangsangkan.

    Saya ada terbaca sebuah artikel tentang Bangsa Melayu yang saya dapati menarik dan agak berani dan saya ingin kongsi disini.

    Apa ada pada nama?

    Penting sekali sesuatu nama. Sesuatu nama itu penting diketahui maksudnya dan pastikan hanya maksud dan makna yang baik sahaja ada pada nama.

    Kerana bila selalu disebut sesuatu nama, itu merupakan doa dan yang punya nama didoakan sebagaimana maksud namanya.

    Islam memberatkan kita menamakan memanggil anak anak kita dengan yang bermaksud baik baik.

    Jika seseorang sudah diternamakan yang mempunyai maksud atau makna yang kurang baik, harus digantikan panggilannya dengan nama yang lebih baik.

    Kerana seseorang, bila selalu dipanggil dengan nama yang kurang elok, panggilan yang merupakan doa, ianya akan membentuk sifat atau peribadi mengikut nama yang selalu.

    Bukan sahaja orang, sesuatu bangsa pun kalau selalu dipanggil dengan nama yang kurang baik, demikianlah terbentuknya peribadi dan sifat sesuatu bangsa tu.

    Dari itu, mulai sekarang, kita jangan terima nama bangsa kita sebagai MELAYU.

    Kerana layu maknanya..
    – la·yu… tidak segar lagi
    – me·la·yu…. menjadi layu;
    – la·yu-la·yu·an n 1 segala sesuatu yang telah layu

    Maka itu kita pun harus menolak dipanggil orang Melayu.

    Biarlah dipanggil Orang Malaysia ke..bangsa Malaya ke..Jawa ke, Bugis ke, orang Nogri ke…mamak ke…apa pun takpe..asal jangan Melayu.

    Sebuah pandangan dhaif nukilan AJS.

    Bagaimana penerimaan anda?

  156. Hajar Sep 11,2018 5:40 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    SELAMAT MENYAMBUT MAAL HIJRAH 1440/2018 kepada Tun dan seluruh umat Islam.

    Saya doakan semua umat Islam di Malaysia dan di seluruh dunia agar diberi taufik dan hidayah agar kembali kepada asas-asas ajaran Islam yang sebenar, dan istiqamah serta diberi kekuatan dalam menegakkan kebenaran.

    Biasalah, akan ada puak-puak Islam Liberal (amat menyedihkan…) yang cuba memesongkan aqidah umat Islam supaya melanggar perintah Allah SWT atas nama kebebasan dan hak asasi manusia.

    Semoga Allah SWT merahmati kita semua.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  157. Aisyah Sep 11,2018 4:38 PM

    Salam Maal Hijrah juga buat Tun.

  158. faridina Sep 11,2018 1:10 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Salam Maal Hijrah..
    Islam itu Kesederhanaan..

    Amin Ya Rabb

  159. Sri Sense Sep 11,2018 10:24 AM

    Salam YAB Tun

    Pagi ini saya sempat baca tajuk ini Muhyiddin: Umno is finished and its time Malays realised this

    To me ini, antara PPBM dan UMNO sama pengasas. UMNO lama dah lama diharamkan. Selepas diharamkan Tun Mahathir lah orang ynag berusaha tubuh UMNO Baru. Beza antara dua parti ini PPBM, UMNO Baru pernah derhaka pada Tun Mahathir.

    UMNO yang pernah Tun Mahathir tubuhkan semula telah diguna pakai sewenang wenangnya oleh certain leader. It makes me sad just to think of it.

    Anyway, in my humble opinion, boleh bubarkan UMNO but PPBM kena takeover. And Tun boleh train anak Tun jadi pengganti. Tun sudah selalu percaya pada anak orang lain, ada baiknya kali ini Tun concentrate pada anak Tun sendiri.

    To Tan Sri Muhyiddin, you know I sayang both of you, Tun M dan Tan Sri M, but the current coalition buat I sedih, more sedih bila I turut sama sokong Tun masuk balik dalam politik. I just don’t know where is this going. Satu kata ini, satu kata lain, nothing solves. Lots of potpet potpet.

    That’s all for now.

  160. Sri Sense Sep 11,2018 8:41 AM

    Maal Hijrah Greetings to all Muslims. May Allah forgive all our past wrongdoings and accept our repentance. May the year ahead be showered with Blessings, Peace and Wisdom. Amin.

  161. superSepantun Sep 11,2018 5:38 AM

    Salam 1440h

    Selamat Tahun Baru, ucapkan sejahtera..
    hajat bertemu, entahkan bila..

    Kpd saudariSaudara..& bonda.,
    IbuPertiwi, tanahair tercinta..



    “ALLAH selamatkan kamu, ALLAH selamatkan kamu, ALLAH selamatkan Bonda Tercinta, ALLAH selamatkan kami…”

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

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