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Thank you very much for this opportunity to speak to the audience here. Malaysia has gone through a very furious transition. I was the leader for 22 years of the government party which ruled Malaysia for 61 years.

Now I am now leading the opposition and the opposition has now become the government. So I am not changing my stand first I say that I still see have the same old ideas about the authoritarian rule which I might been accused of being dictator during my time. But I beg to differ I was not a dictator but that doesn’t make anybody change their minds. Whenever they mention my name they always described me as a dictator and today a dictator is going to talk about democracy. But I don’t know whether I’m qualified or not. But I will try.

In the first place of course democracy is not an Asian invention it came from the west. Again I suppose from Greece but now the whole world has been told that you have to become democratic else has seen rapid changes taking place in many places.

And as a result of trying to be democratic they have met worst fate then when they were under authoritarian rule. So does that mean that authoritarian rule is best. Well of course we deny that because we think that the only system of government that should be practised by all countries must be the democratic system. But democracy is not something easy to handle. The basic rules of course is that the majority of the people have a right to choose a government to govern their country. But even in a democracy there
can be autocrat to rule rather tightly as I have been accused of. But if you want to make government work you have to have certain disciplines.

Asian minds are not accustomed to the idea that country can be ruled by the people. We have always had monarchs with absolute power and we have survived in a way of course. There were a lot of criticism again the monarchies rule they tend to be rather cruel to their own people in order to sustain themselves.

But now Asian are told that they should have democracy. And democracy mean not having any monarch or any dictator. It is people who will choose their leaders would lead the country. The assumption of course is that the majority of the people must know what is good for themselves.

Unfortunately they are distracted by other things like money for example. If they’re given money some of them would vote for whoever gives money whether he is a democrat or he is an authoritarian ruler. So sometimes or rather quite often it happens that democratically elected ruler can behave like a dictator and that’s what happened to Malaysia since 2013 when the Prime Minister who has been ousted took over. He introduced into democracy a new slogan and that slogan is called Cash is King.

In other words he’s saying that it is legitimate and proper to bribe in order to do to get anything done. But prime ministers are not paid very well. I think if you are in the public sector doing business you’re better paid. But for Prime Minister who is running whole country the pay is very very low. So if you want to bribe and you don’t have money he had to think of some ways to get money. And the previous Prime Minister decided that he would steal the money because he hasn’t got enough money to give bribes which will change the minds of people.

That show that even if we elect a ruler doesn’t mean that he will behave himself. There are mechanism for removing ruler who is not fair who is cruel and all that but sometimes the whole system can be can be converted to the dictators ideas and they will carry out his instruction because they know that they will be very well paid for that. So even in a democracy there can be dictators. And we find that when working with the democratic government too many people have got ideas which they think should be carried out out by the government and because they had different ideas from the government we have opposition parties.

Opposition parties normally can only criticise the government but seldom they can overthrow the government or bring government down. Unless of course it is a two party system.But two party is not very democratic. It means some people will have to forget their own ideas their own ideals in order to be a part of the other party the opposition. Only if there is a united opposition can democracy, can there be election to form the government.But it is not easy to have just two parties because many people would believe that they they are the right people to form the government.

And so when you see the regime change taking place in the Arab countries they, every one of those people who campaign, who demonstrated in order to overthrow the authoritarian government every one of them felt that they were the ones who should be running the government. But they are not united they come from various parties and the only reason why they think the government should be brought down is because they think they would be able to rule after the government is overthrown. But there are so many people who wants to be the government and of course immediately after the overthrow of authoritarian ruler there be will quarrel among the people who overthrew him.

Because you belong to different parties with different ideas. The end result may be Civil War at least tension and instability in the country. And they see in some countries they lost the ability to run the country. They become Failed Nations because they kept on quarrelling quarrelling with each other and not getting any benefit at all from democracy.

So we cant claim democracy as if one size shoes which fix all because each country each people have their own cultures and some of their cultures are so strong that it is difficult for them to change from having a dictator of an absolute monarch and replacing him with someone you elect merely by making a tick on the piece of paper. This is not common with them and therefore this idea can not be easily practise in many many countries in Asia and the Middle East. So we need to accept that democracy is not a perfect system it has his flaws but to make it work the mindset and the value system of the people must be capable of accepting rule by a person who is elected every 5 years. Sometimes of course it doesn’t last 5 years or something may go on to rule the country for 5 terms.

But all these are still seen quite democratic but some will fail because of the quarrells that take place all the time with the people snapping at the government and the government spending time and money in order to govern the country. He will not be able to govern in the country because he has to face a lot of disruptions coming from the very people who elected him.

So in Asia today we find not too many democracies. India is supposed to be the biggest democracy and but the others are quite totalitarian such as kingdom and countries of central Asia. In the east of course although leaders may be elected the ability to rule is not so good because of the constant sniping at the ruler whoever he may be. So the future of democracy in in Asia I think well will be something that will will not be achieve overnight as happens with some of the Middle Eastern countries. They change over night and today we see more problems than it was before they had democracy. You see civil war you see a lot of fighting and you’ll see a lot of disruption of the environment and they are unable to rule well or to get others to come and invest in their countries.

So I hope that people will understand that it takes time for people to become democratic. The value system must be suitable for democracy before democracy it self can be used as a method of running a country.

Thank you very much.


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  1. mubarakchan Feb 16,2019 10:07 AM


    Unlike the mornings when I ferried my grand-daughter to her favourite SMK and had the privilege of listening to the chirping and the singing of the pair of resident bulbuls nestled in the young banyan tree, this morning I woke up not without care but a horrifying thought which flashed across my mind.

    It was the performance of the New and Incorruptible Government and its equally incorruptible Ministers which struck a bell in my mind !

    Their pronouncements and their actions happened within less than 9 months.

    Have they over-reached or over-reacted in their eagerness to display their ability to do things or was it just absolute power corrupts absolutely ( Lord Acton – 1850 ) ? Whatever these were, the events certainly triggered off alarm bells in my mind that GREEDINESS IS NOT ONLY CONFINED TO MATERIAL THINGS LIKE MONEY BUT ALSO TO A WEAKNESS TO SHOW-OFF AN APPARENT CLEVERNESS OF ONE-SELF.

    To me, whether the person is a Minister or a YB, it is just a job to be performed in a NORMAL MANNER. There is no necessity to draw attention to one’s cleverness with whistles and bells.

    With the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Leadership and its adherents, their corruption in Power and Materialism have been exposed. Will the New and Incorruptible Government be exposed on their greediness for Power and not Materialism ?


    I offer my constructive observations on events which should not be interpreted as loaded with evil intent. I am a Constitutional Conformist since 1954 with logic based on facts not fiction or emotions. Here are some of my constructive observations :-

    1. The black shoes, swimming pools, Vice-Chancellor, Maybank-Kim Eng Securities appointment. Lee Kuan Yew’s sister-in-law created Kim Eng Securities from a piece of paper which ballooned into billions of ringgits via Maybank, new curriculums, better perks without asking or due consideration etc. If all the bullets have been spent, the gun will be empty in times of need !

    2. SEX concerning a few urban folk is the priority by way of the SEXUAL HARASSMENT BILL. This has been going on even before Samson and Delilah !

    3. The ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY BILL to save the lives of a few murderers whilst there are thousands of the aged, single mothers, neglected and abused children, and young addicts who require better and better assistance so that the World will say that our beloved Malaysia looks after its OWN.


    Not only that our PDRM will not only be stretched but OUT_GUNNED like in Mexico. Armed gangs will roam the land creating another profitable industry like politics, NGOs, tax-free RM 2 incorporated places of worship !


    Vital and Essential Laws to re-vitalise the country’s economy are NEGLECTED like the Companies Act 1965, the Bankruptcy Act 1967 and the Trustees Act 1949.

    Why were the Ministers of Law 2004-2918 so lazy, ignorant and neglected their duties and responsibilities to the Rakyat ?

    4. Many years ago,I was a Trustee of the National Art Gallery in charge of the expenses. 2 artists who are now dead, requested that the Gallery to sponsor them for a visit to a minor art exhibition in Fukuoka, Japan. I refused because the Gallery had no funds and the exhibition was not important. I soon LOST MY JOB.

    The same thing happened to me in Sime Darby. There was no bankruptcy for the 18 years when I was a Director. In 1992, the Sime Darby executives kicked me out who created their jobs, a rash of buying and selling took place. Thereafter. Sime Darby was bankrupted in 1996 at RM 1.2 Billion and 2010 at RM 2.10 Billion. The executives remained in place. No one was charged. No one was jailed.

    5. The sudden closure of 1 KM of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur.

    6. The Malaysian penchant for fake degrees and titles.


    For a politician, it is no excuse in this e-World to claim ignorance because his or her SELF-SERVING ACTIONS AND NON-MATERIALISTIC GREED ARE FOR ALL TO SEE.

    To be honest ( a favourite phrase of English TV commentators ), I SINCERELY HOPE THAT WITH THE NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT AS LED BY OUR TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD WITH DSAI AND THE TEAM BY HIS SIDE WILL SUCCEED. Otherwise, our beloved Malaysia will not get a second chance again. Man proposes. God disposes.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem as long as the POWERFUL BEHAVE NORMALLY.

  2. mubarakchan Feb 15,2019 3:09 PM


    Again as the sun rises, my resident bulbul began to chirp and sing. By and by, I heard not one bird but two in the bush. Both were performing a duet of sorts in the cool of the morning. This morning was special. The distant horizon was splashed with various shades of gold to orange as the Sun assumed its ascendancy for the day. When I was a boy, my mother always told me that an orange sky liked this would foretell a fine day ahead. For a Life-time, I could confirm she was correct. With the peaceful accents of a normal Malaysian morning, one expects to be jolted by some explosive headlines on some dumb issues, thus :-



    I have strong feelings that these two Bills are like putting the cart before the horse in a struggling emerging country like our beloved Malaysia. I am not against these Bills per se when these are presented many decades down the road. These Bills sound nice and correct in some Western salon of rich ladies and gentlemen trying to make amends for their inherited wealth like opposing the production of incomes arising from the sale of palm oil by poor emerging nations like Indonesia and Malaysia.

    Not only that, thanks to the leaders of the Singapore Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government with Peter Pan and Magpie Syndromes, our beloved Malaysia’s progress was put back a generation or 25 years. We are lucky to suffer a reversal of our hard-earned fortunes only because the Lee Kuan Yew contrived TPPA/CPTPP would have enslaved all of us, the Rakyat forever and ever. This is the Life which is not carved out for those with Peter Pan or Magpie Syndromes.

    On the Sexual Harassment Bill, our beloved Malaysia must be the first emerging country to promulgate such an act.

    Has the Minister found out how many cases of sexual harassment Malaysia has per day ? Or how many rapes in India per day ?

    Comparatively, how many aged, single wives and poor and neglected children our beloved Malaysia has and does not care for ? These are the realpolitik of Malaysian Life from its very beginnings.

    First things first. Let us all, the New and Incorruptible Government and all alleviate the sufferings of the real people, the aged, the single mothers, poor and neglected children first. And this alone will take decades of charity even if we start now. Then, the World will say Malaysia looks after its OWN.

    But with the Sexual Harassment Bill, first even if it takes place right in front of the Ministers’ eyes, where is the enforcement ? Does she realises that our beloved Malaysia is a haven for crooks, white and blue collar for decades due to shortage of police staff and poor leadership for the enforcement of the Laws ?

    Sime Darby lost billions and billions of ringgits. Yet its executive officers continued on with their cosy jobs. No one was charged. No one went to jail.

    Honestly, does the Minister really think that a full report will be made of someone pinching someone’s bottom in present day Malaysia ?

    In case she does not know, there have been many such cases in Kuala Lumpur well before she was born, as far back as the 1950s. I cannot believe that a Sexual Harassment Bill will reduce sexy behaviour by both sexes. She even quoted that men are sexually harassed as well. This is no new news to me for thousands of years. Vide, Samson and Delilah. I got an ‘A’ for Scriptures !

    2 Abolish the Death Penalty. This is even a more absurd proposal than the Sexual Harassment Bill.

    Malaysia is a nexus for all sorts of illegal activities. Recently, we have been witness to the smuggling of the huge quantities of drugs. All these activities are partially due to the lack of enforcement and rife corruption in Malaysia.

    Malaysia is not yet a developed country whereby murderers wear suits and ties. Recently a poor little girl of 11 years old was murdered near Pekan. Yet with the death penalty, Malaysia has many murders per year



    How ridiculous if would be after a huge epidemic of murders, these very same lawmakers want to bring back the DEATH PENALTY ?

    By which time, many innocent lives would have been lost.


    Without the Death Penalty, I reckon other cogs in the wheel will collapse as well eg. fear by foreign investors, rise of emergency cases in hospitals, fear amongst the Rakyat, gangs will openly operate throughout the whole country, more juvenile delinquency and addicts, etc.

    Please use your heads and not your hearts or go to the front line of a policeman in the Criminal Division or the Emergency Ward at night in a city hospital and see for yourself the REALITY OF LIFE AFFECTING THE WEAK BULLIED BY THE STRONG. Or visit the morgues too for the results of the ABOLISHMENT OF THE DEATH PENALTY. Seeing is believing.

    The airy-fairy approach by those in support of the Bills on Sexual Harassment and the Abolishment of the Death Penalty are a far cry from the real requirements of a financially battered economy like our present day beloved Malaysia. I have been saying for years that the 3 ESSENTIAL LAWS for our beloved Malaysia’s essential well-being should be revised and up-dated. The up-dating and revision of these antiquated Laws should be the first priority of the EAC !-

    1. THE TRUSTEES ACT 1949. This has never been updated or revised at all since 1949. Malaysian Trusts have been stolen out of jurisdiction without the authorities being aware. Besides, this Trustees Act governs certain service provided by bankers, share-brokers, lawyers, the burgeoning middle class group etc. Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia bring this Trustees Act right up to date – the 21st Century.

    2. The BANKRUPTCY ACT 1967. The Minister of Law of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government misled over 200,000 young Malay bankrupts and another over 200,000 non-Malay bankrupts by attaching an amendment to the old which created 2 Bankruptcy Acts operating parallel or side by side to each other. Where else but Malaysia ?

    Vide. The Star. Letter to the Editor 25 June 2018. which claimed also that financial interests dared not influence such decisions in Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australian unlike weak and corrupt Malaysia.

    Those bankrupts before October 2017 are locked in for life like in Victorian times of the 19th Century even Singapore, Britain, Hong Kong and Australia recognise that it is fair and just to give bankrupts a second chance. The amended Law begins after October 2017 which applies to new bankrupts only. EVEN THE REFORM MARRIAGE LAW OF 1982 RECOGNISED ALL MARRIAGES BEFORE 1982.


    The Essential Laws which I mentioned affect the whole Nation and the livelihoods of millions whereas the Sexual Harassment Bill is more suitable for HOLLYWOOD and the ABOLISH DEATH PENALTY BILL for Bollywood !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem as long as the New and Incorruptible Government gets its priorities right on burnishing the old and essential Laws which affect the livelihoods of millions of Malaysians and put those other GLAMOROUS LAW BILLS IN THE BACK BURNER ! How many precious urban votes will the two glamorous Bills garner ? None is my answer !

  3. mubarakchan Feb 14,2019 5:27 PM


    The best description of the Tale of Two Cities, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore maybe best illustrated by the following headlines thus :

    1. The Star, ‘ OBSTACLE COURSE. ‘

    2. The Financial Daily, ‘ SINGAPORE’S BALLOONING BUDGET ‘

    1. On Kuala Lumpur’s ‘ Obstacle Course ‘, this describes the mess of construction at the Bulatan Dato Onn facing the iconic Bank Negara Malaysia Headquarters. This Bulatan should have been removed decades ago and an under-pass constructed. But due to the ingenuity of the ever corrupt DBKL during the hey-day of the more corrupt Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites, a ‘warrior’s trail’ was used as an excuse to spend and waste millions of ringgits on a useless and unproductive project. Due to the corrupt opacity of this useless Bulatan Warrior’s Trail project, it is doubtful whether it will ever be completed.

    The only warriors I could discern during the reign of Corruption without regard for the sufferings of the Rakyat 2004-2018 were the Malaysian boudoir warriors at home and abroad.

    Not only that, just another 100 metres from the Bulatan Dato Onn, a huge and tall Ministry of Works building was put up soon after 2004. All knew the contract was padded for another useless building to be put up when many office buildings were vacant in Kuala Lumpur since 2004 and all government buildings were directed to go to Putrajaya.

    Then, suddenly the former Prime Minister’s Office Complex was demolish and a range of concrete buildings quietly appeared under the ATM for crooks SIME DARBY !

    A mile north of this corrupt lot of construction works, a person could discern the UGLIEST BUILDING EVER BUILT IN THE FEDERATION right next to the Ministry of Agriculture.

    And another 2 miles as the crow flies, there is a huge clutter of Government building complexes opposite the Securities Commission and next to the Science Museum which to this very day, I am puzzled by its purpose and the huge number of staff employed.

    Finally, I bumped into a Potemkin BN Government Agency occupying many floors in the Menara MARA along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. All the furniture and staff were brand new. The latter just sat at their desks twiddling their thumbs and looked bored. There were no visitors. How many more Potemkin BN Agencies are hidden away in Kuala Lumpur today ?

    To top the abuse and corrupt excesses of precious Rakyat’s money, nothing can beat the RM 750 Million earmarked to be spent and wasted in the Taman Perdana or Lake Gardens. The birds will all fly away !

    Even before this horrific announcement, the Taman was already ruined by the many concrete structures put up through the decades. We should never ape other countries like Singapore which has nothing except for its Bluffology or BS.

    A dense oasis full of flora and fauna in a concrete city would have been the WAY to go for the citizens and tourists. Through the years, many tourist have said that they have BETTER CONCRETE STRUCTURES AT HOME AND DID NOT COME ALL THE WAY TO LOOK AT THE SAME !



    These factories were in operation since the early 1970s which I have visited then. There were so many of these fake antiques that these overflowed into a fake old Chinaman dealer’s home off Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur opposite Jalan Jugra. I visited this fake hoard of antiques too. He was minting money by selling them to foreign diplomats at the time.



    This huge deluge of money from 1948-1989 into a small population of not more than 2 million souls ruled over by an honest and efficient Lee Kuan Yew Government, PUSHED SINGAPORE FROM THE 3RD WORLD TO THE 1ST WITHOUT ANY HUMAN EFFORT !

    Common sense dictates and all pundits should think how a slow moving tropical Colonial port which depended on COOLIES to load and unload all shipments at Keppel Harbour in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s (which I saw with my own eyes) and dilapidated century old buildings, the highest was the 10 storey OCBC Building in Chulia Street, could make so much MONEY. AND NOW WITH MANY MANY SKYSCRAPERS, SINGAPORE’S REVENUE IS MUCH LESS THAN THOSE TUMBLE-DOWN DAYS OF YORE !

    How come ? So many skyscrapers now and yet, Singapore makes no money. But without these skyscrapers, Singapore’s money pushed it from the Third World to the First. Think, Ladies and Gentlemen ! And the GDP was 7.5% as claimed by Lee Kuan Yew/Singapore.

    By accident, I discovered the Secret of Singapore’s or Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle in the mid-1970s when I wanted to invite a Singaporean Soft Arms factory owned by an ex-KMT in Jurong to invest in Malaysia.

    He told me his Libyan agent in 5 years could retire to Monte Carlo. We have Malaysian counterparts too which secrets were exposed in recent legal Suits ! And others as well. At that time, a Malaysian arms agent’s family had so much money that the daughters used expensive branded clothes to wipe the floor. Soon, the family was bankrupt. Man proposes. God disposes.

    The 7.5% GDP achieved by Singapore in the 1980s and the early 1990s do not tell the whole story. But this was enough to put Singapore’s Miracle into the ranks of the 5 Tigers of Asia Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore ! This was what was claimed by Singapore today ! That was yesterday, and today is today as one fallen Tan Sri told me.

    With the effect of Uncle Sam’s spiel which he regrets today via Trump, ‘ Globailization, Free Trade, Human Rights ‘ in 1990, the BRICS moved onto Singapore’s lush profitable Black Under-counter Trades business with credits and discounts for AK47s etc. By 2000, Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter-in-law took command of Temasek after having left the Chartered Industries in Jurong. Singapore’s much vaunted and flaunted GDP collapsed in 2002 heralding its first technical recession. Since 2002, the GDP could not breach 3% in a sustainable manner whilst Malaysia’s GDP was consistently above 4% despite the reported leak of RM 1 Trillion from 2002-2010 as reported by international agencies !

    I remember Lee Kuan Yew’s remarks in the 1960s,’ IN BUSINESS ONE MIGHT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE DEVIL !’

    Or was he typically making a snide remark on his secret formula for SUCCESS which was the Uncle Sam’s blessed SINGAPORE’S BLACK UNDER-COUNTER TRADES IN ARMS ETC OF THE COLD WAR 1948-1989 !

    My friend the Remington franchisee of Beach Road, Singapore could make enough during the Indonesian Colonels’ Revolt in the late 1940s to buy a 12,000 acres estate in Johor by the early 1950s !

    Lee Kuan Yew despite his bumptious remarks in the early 1990s knew the score when the BRICS moved in on his profitable turf. Goh Chok Tong was despatched to India to arrange for the importation of FTs to push Singapore’s economy as per the textbooks which Goh now claims to be his idea.

    To this day, even with 1.2 Million FTs, it was like pushing Singapore’s economy with a string ! Then, he conjured the 2 casinos. the ill-conceived Temasek which exposed the financial reserves to THE GNOMES OF ZURICH AND SINGAPORE LOST HER PANTS BY OCTOBER 2008 !

    And now even deeper than ever before without realising that a NATION’S SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST IS ALWAYS DIFFERENT FROM THAT OF AN INDIVIDUAL- THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE ALWAYS. With his gargantuan mistake, Singapore is now firmly and truly locked in with the ups and downs of the financial fortunes of the West. Singapore has lost its SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENCE.


    On 2 January 2017, Trump tore the TPPA up and the BN Government lost POWER ON 9 MAY 2018.


    Fortunately, Man proposes. God disposes. is our beloved Malaysia’s invincible weapon.

    We might have to pay to deliver free water , or lose a couple of rocks or KTM lands and steel rails etc to Singapore.

    Together with our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, our beloved Malaysia is now one of four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia which is trekking rapidly upwards to the likes of the greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.

    Singapore is in deep trouble now with its First World status and a sub-continent style of living with its LEE KUAN YEW’S MIRACLE OF BLACK UNDER ARMS ETC TRADES HOLLOWED OUT FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS !


    I reckon the huge reserves built up previously are nearly all gone. Thanks to the Gnomes of Zurich ! Hence, the perpetual increases in tax on the citizens. AND SINGAPORE HAS BEEN IN THE GRIP OF THE GNOMES OF ZURICH FOR DECADES due to flatteries on the Leadership ! Smart and cunning.

    Taking all into consideration the future of tiny Singapore in the borderless World of e-business is BLEAK, VERY BLEAK.

    Recently, I suggested Singapore should confederate with the United Kingdom to solve its survival and sustainability. A Singaporean remarked it is a DUMB idea. The World’s First Tele-Parliament to save both States !


  4. mubarakchan Feb 13,2019 7:11 PM


    The other headline today which should not be missed thus :-


    A doctor would run through his clinical mind how to fit in all those fake PMs, PH.Ds and Tan Sris and Datos in our beloved Malaysia. In every profession like in Politics, Dentistry, Medicine, Law, Accountancy, Secret Service Religions, NGOs etc and even Business, Malaysia has it all !

    Every NGO has a toothy spokesman or woman who would say his or her piece with authority. Every time these vocalists appeared I always wondered who backed them and how lucky they were to survive and lived by the gift of the GAB ! And their sorry tale of survival, sacrifice and sufferings before this. One like you Tun cannot help but to think in a compassionate sort of way. This is LIFE. All normal humankind will find the proverbial niche under the Malaysian Sun.

    Nowadays and literally every other day we captives of the multi-media even though I tried my best to keep myself to only a 20 year old handphone cannot escape the clutches of e-biz and its zeal to capture all living things with a human brain !

    And with the huge deluge of the greedy recalcitrants from the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government with its equally corrupt and inclusive elites, the question naturally arises to the scientifically and medically trained mind like yours, IS THIS MATERIALISM REALLY A DISEASE WHICH COULD BE CLINICALLY DIAGNOSED ?

    Out of curiosity I reached for the Wikipedia for its interpretation of 2 Syndromes eg. THE PETER PAN SYNDROME AND THE MAGPIE SYNDROME.

    The Peter Pan Syndrome is a recognised syndrome about children who grew up and yet they seem never to grow up at all. As adults these Peter Panners shirk their allotted duties and responsibilities and could never face the problems they have to deal with ! A person who is of a Peter Pan personality would become disastrous to any country if he or she became its President or Prime Minister. Life studies are interesting Tun ! This Peter Pan Syndrome was alleged to be written about by one Dr Kiley in the 1980s. In the early 2000s our beloved Malaysia may have produced not only one but two Peter Pan Syndrome personalities in public life. This beats tiny Singapore hands down !

    And then, I reached for Wikipedia’s interpretation of the Magpie Syndrome which is a syndrome recognised earlier than the Peter Pan Syndrome. This Syndrome concerns humankind who has a penchant to accumulate all sorts of rubbish especially the glittering or shining varieties like jewellery, watches, flashy handbags etc. by the thousands. 10,000 Rolex watches is no big deal to a human Magpie.

    Two interesting clinical psychological studies for our budding young Malaysians. Strangely, my grand-daughter took me all the way to Kino at KLCC and bought a book recently, ‘PSYCHOLOGY’. Believe it or not. She wants to be a psychologist of any kind to the horror of her mother who wanted her to be a banker ! As you are aware Tun we doctors do not know how to lie on either side at all ! Hence, we always got CONNED by our closest aides ! There is an ancient saying, ‘ There is always another hill higher !” Betul !

    I recommend to budding young Malaysians that the study of Psychology in all its forms and varieties like clinical, industrial, corporate, academic etc. has a great future in our beloved Malaysia as we all go up the gravy train towards the likes of the greats Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. This is the WAY of the World – forever striving for progress, better standards and achievements.

    Our beloved Malaysia has now achieved two Syndromes at one throw or go eg. The Peter Pan Syndrome and the Magpie Syndrome. These two syndromes can only define what happened in our otherwise ordered, religious and civil Society in a logical, scientific and civilised manner. Maybe this is a good DEFENCE. “What can I do, I am born with this Syndrome ” ? is certainly acceptable in certain medical quarters. Or else, what happened was sheer MADNESS like Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll of Oxford or Tanjong Rambutan. In Singapore its Woodbridge ! Entirely out of this wonderful World.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem if we have the normal DNA (Watson & Crick) !

  5. mubarakchan Feb 13,2019 11:31 AM


    My resident bulbul bird in the young banyan tree is better than a Swiss made cuckoo clock. At 7 a.m. sharp every morning he would begin to chirp and sing as the sun peeped over the far horizon. Again, he repeated his repertoire this morning as I sat outside waiting for my grand-daughter to get ready for her favourite SMK with its wonderful teachers and pupils.

    An early Malaysian morning is one morning which should not be missed by anyone. It’s beyond description. However, affairs of the day take precedence with the following headlines thus :-



    3. ” SINGAPORE’S BALLOONING BUDGET ” A cat trying to catch its tail ?

    Of the 3 interesting headlines, I choose ” MALAYSIA AND INDONESIA RUSH TO SLICE UP $3 TRILLION GLOBAL HALAL MARKET.”

    Despite of the rape of its financial resources, FELDA will make a lot of money if from now onwards there are the right leaders who will call the right shots to make money not for themselves but its shareholders and the Rakyat at large. This is how to create a huge industry right in the nexus of this huge S3 Trillion global halal market within strategic Malaysia.

    1. The key countries to supply the foods are Australia and New Zealand. For a fast take-off, FELDA should form co-operatives with the Australian and New Zealand farmers, herdsmen, fishermen and vegetable farmers. Not forgetting that due to vicissitudes of the climate, agricultural activities might be hampered by the climate now and then. This is where FELDA wins its kudos by lending a helping hand and goodwill. And not forgetting that farmers and fishermen are down to the earth people. Nothing airy-fairy for them !

    2. All the produce are shipped to Malaysia for processing. The processing plants or frozen seafood plants employ FELDA people and Malaysians housed in dormitories at convenient seaports.

    3. Victualling of ships at the ports is another business for FELDA.

    4. As the volume of produce from Australia and New Zealand grows, FELDA forms its own shipping line employing FELDA people and Malaysians.

    5. FELDA also supplies Australian and New Zealand produce to Malaysian hotels, malls and wholesale markets.

    6. MIddle East can only grow bigger as the wars will subside one after another. There are huge Muslim populations in India and China. Africa is waiting to be developed for fresh comestible foods.

    7. In fact, Chinese entrepreneurs having been eyeing this halal market 20 years ago !

    8. And do not forget, the wastes from these halal processing plants have a value too. Wastes are money. Once upon a time, the riches woman in China was a waste collector.

    9. Any young entrepreneur who is willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort and put in hard-work to built up relationships in this interesting business will be a tycoon within 10 years ! The volumes are huge if the logistics are perfected to take the load.

    10. This global halal business is the WAY to go for FELDA. Less capital and faster return than oil palm planting which has been RUINED BY IRRESPONSIBLE and UNCARING LEADERSHIP which bought 4th rate properties in 1st rate cities at sky high prices. This did not benefit the shareholders or the Rakyat at large but ended up in some bank accounts which benefited the host countries.

    11. The key to the success of any business is the Leadership and its organisation structure.Tthe top digit. Cheating will only kill any business. Raping the finances turns a business into a non-starter like Sime Darby with all its wonderful assets but never produce any profits out of innovation, vision and creativity.

    12 It is good business to co-operate with Indonesian interests to keep prices low and stable. This is a long term business and a volatile market is verboten.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! FELDA Boleh ! No problem. The Halal business with the proper business model is the WAY ! Your WAY !

  6. mubarakchan Feb 12,2019 11:04 AM


    A typo error which should be 6……..unlike the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites who were inclusive only to their paid flunkeys and cronies……..

  7. mubarakchan Feb 12,2019 10:49 AM


    What an exciting morning we have today. My resident bulbul in the young banyan tree was chirping and singing in his happiness. He brought along the golden oriole with its haunting and plaintive calls. The sky was clear and blue without a cumulus cloud anywhere in sight. I felt exceedingly happy and relaxed so early in the morning which is the best time of the day in our beloved Malaysia. And more happiness as I ferried my grand-daughter to her favourite SMK which have wonderful teachers and pupils. What more does anyone want in our beloved Malaysia ?

    Yet there are the many not a few who would have destroyed this peace harmonious and prosperous landscape for a couple of filthy lucre !

    The decades of hard-work, hardship and sacrifice of those before these recalcitrants since Merdeka 1957. Our honest and distinguished Prime Ministers the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who all had care and visions for the Rakyat.

    But along came the fake Prime Ministers and within 14 years, all the country’s reserves in talents and assets were nearly wiped out through cheap desires being the weakness of the flesh and the soft under belly coupled with encouragement by cunning outsiders in the neighbourhood always attempting to create red-hot relationships with the top. The decades of Goodness were destroyed in just one proverbial day !

    However there is hope for the future thanks to our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad arising from this morning headline thus :-


    I congratulate all the members of this Council and wish them well in their deliberations on how to drive the economy forward. A good mix of its Council members constitutes the Council.

    And I see that the work has already cut out for them.

    As always, the historical aspects of our present self-inflicted damage to our economy are important. This is going back to the basics. Without knowing what happened, we can never fathom the extent of the unholy mess so created in order to clean out the Augean Stables. And without a clean slate, our beloved Malaysia will forever be enmeshed in the negatives and the corrupt nitty-gritty.

    As I see it,

    1. What held back Malaysia was the lack of enforcement of the Laws which created our country to be a haven for crooks of all descriptions.

    2. Our Laws are antiquated like the Trustees Act 1949, the Bankruptcy Act 1967. Companies Act 1965

    In 2002 I reported to the Police that my family Trust worth RM 50 Million was stolen out of jurisdiction. The Chinese woman senior inspector asked me whether I saw the Trustees took the RM 50 Million. I said I did not. She told me that there was no case. In the year 2019, all the RM 50 Million have gone into the Trustees pockets.

    The officialdom always tried to avoid problems. Like one officer told my friend 40 years ago. He would leave the files in the incoming tray for a week or two and then transfer them to the outgoing tray. No problem.

    3. The Administrative System has always been there. It was the digits which abused the System. This example lies with the HEAD of the System. There have always been little Napoleons around.

    For example out of many examples. I went to the Department of Registration, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Kuala Lumpur recently and I asked for a Reconciliation Form. The little Napoleon refused to give me this brown form after 2 visits. She directed me to go to Shah Alam. I went to the HQ Putrajaya instead. The officer asid I could have as many forms as I like. I took two. I went back to the little Napoleon who was still reluctant to entertain my request despite my credentials.

    Many years ago, I went to renew my NRIC at Petaling Jaya. The little Napoleon told me my name in my mother’s citizen certificate was no good even though I asked the Dept heads who all said no problem when I returned home in 1960. She asked me for my mother’s death certificate which was lost after she died many years ago. I went up 6 floors to the Dept of Births and Deaths, The fellow in charge was not to be found. It took me another 2 weeks to see him. And after another 3 weeks, he could not find my mother’s death certificate. I contacted a civil servant whom I was donating RM 10,000 annually for her sporting association. I was told to obtain a brown form from the counter next to the little Napoleon who initiated my 2 months odyssey. Within 2 weeks, I got my new IC which I collected from the desk of the absent Chief of the NRD, Petaling Jaya.

    I love to do these little chores so that I have a feel of conditions at ground level. I am also aware of the injustice meted out to the ignorant Rakyat in more places than one.

    Injustice brings discontent and unhappiness creating anti-social behaviour like evading income tax, vandalism, etc which all add to the cost of maintaining a normal Society.

    4. And the importance of knowing the black-market price of approval for an advertising signboard along the highways and roads. 20 years ago, the black market price for a large advertising sign board was RM 20,000 for approval.

    I reckon the many artificial bumps along the roads of Kuala Lumpur will contribute a corrupt RM 1,000 each bump to the official in charge. By counting the number of bumps in KL, a person could work out that many millions of ringgits went as corrupt money into the officials pockets.

    All forms of corruption can only be contained but difficult to wipe out. Even in squeaky clean Singapore, there is corruption due to the ingenuity of Humankind. This is another story.

    With a campaign against Corruption, the New and Incorruptible Government will save 20 – 30 sens per ringgit spent. With draconian measures, Singapore could only get back 93 cent to a dollar expenditure.

    5. Rice is the key essential to bring down inflation or bring down a Government. Rice storage only encourages corruption because this was done during the BMA (British Military Administration} 1945-1950. One or two Chinese rice dealers became tycoons by corrupting the store-keepers. One told me how it was done !

    6. My hopes and best wishes are with the Council because its work will go on and on. We must not expect this job to be an easy task. As always, there will be more blame than accolades.

    However, this Council is the right move in the right direction by our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad unlike the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites who were exclusive only to their paid flunkeys and cronies. Early on, the money-losing MAS was buying fake art for real prices !

    6. The task of this Council is to steer the Country and its economy back to NORMAL which will bring down the cost of living and increase efficiency and productive. All factors have to work efficiently and in unison to produce any tangible result. One factor can not do so.

    7. As an aside, this Council should focus on inviting Japanese SMEs to set up shop in Malaysia with equal emphasis on Sabah and Sarawak. I find the Japanese are ethical and transparent when compared with other Asian investors. Japan is the answer to fill up gaps in our economy. A super efficient logistics system should be set-up between Japan and Malaysia. Maybe even direct between Sarawak, Sabah and Japan. This is the WAY to go.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem if we all have the CAN DO Will and Spirit in the National Interest. Our beloved Malaysia is already on the Way, your Way trekking upwards to the likes of the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance japan. THIS VISION SHOULD BE WITH THE COUNCIL ALWAYS IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST !

  8. mubarakchan Feb 11,2019 9:02 PM


    There are no headlines of note after the long CNY holidays except for the fact that the owners of fake degrees which they bought at great cost still hang on obstinately to their pieces of parchment paper.

    And the bulbul bird still sings in the young banyan tree outside my house this morning at 7 a.m. sharp. For a moment I thought he had flown away to some distant lands. And there he was chirping and singing from 7 a.m. onwards. I wonder if some of the YBs with fake degrees wish that they could just fly away like the birds. May be the lush tax free goodies are too good to be neglected which are already for the pickings.

    This little revelation about fake degrees affect both sides of the Political Divide.

    One fellow claimed he had a legitimate degree from the University of Nottingham which is famous for agriculture but not politics. Another YB threaten to gun down those who question the fact that he did not pass his L licence in accountancy.

    In medicine, we have those who could not stomach the first term in anatomy, become dentists. But for those who did not pass the L licence in accountancy what do they become ? Politicians ! Or form your very own NGO or establish your very own Tax Free RM 2 incorporated place of worship. These are the best professions to make tax free money in the present slow economy !

    Tun, as you may discern there are still opportunities for the astute and enterprising in Malaysia. Who says there is discrimination ?

    The best 3 profession in Malaysia today are politics – you do not need capital only the gift of the GAB and maybe a fake degree to do some temporary conning of the Rakyat or a NGO – I knew one lawyer out of 18,000 who only had 2 rooms in my friend’s Wisma MPI. She donned a clean yellow T shirt and mumbled a few choice words as she ambled with the throng along the hot and humid streets of KL. Lo and behold ! She was ennobled and a personality of sorts in waning democratic countries !

    And of course, my rich female relatives who also had a share of the pie in the industry called Tax Free RM 2 incorporated places of worship. They too made millions of tax free ringgits. WHO SAYS THERE IS FEMALE DISCRIMINATION IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA ?

    The Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat at the next session should request those with FAKE degrees to stand up and identify themselves.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem for those who use their brains to earn an honest living WITH OR WITHOUT FAKE DEGREES. Only the gift of the GAB is required. An ancient saying,’ If you do not know how to smile, do not open a shop !’

  9. mubarakchan Feb 10,2019 1:46 PM


    Even on this fine and calm Sunday, there is never a shortage of excitement concerning the public affairs of our beloved Malaysia. The spinning mills operate 24 hours non-stop to create their money’s worth or what it seems. May be it is the fertile imagination of nubile minds which could conjecture up all sorts of scenarios or options.

    Of course, I am referring to the latest in information or mis-information. This happens all the time even in the highest political councils of the World. The only way to deal with this matter is to take a sensible and common sense approach to blow away the opaqueness of the subjects and secure the real information on the subjects concerned.

    The first question to ask is why a person charged with responsibility and duties takes such a stupid step to acquire a fake degree ?

    The second question is to study how other countries dealt with such an absurd scenario ?

    Let us take the example of the World’s Best Island State Singapore.

    Singapore prides itself in Meritocracy in more ways than one. This Meritocracy was imposed academically throughout the education system.

    Of course, who can beat Lee Kuan Yew who went up to Cambridge by the backdoor of the lowest rung Fitzwilliam House without an Open Entrance Examination, Latin or Greek and was over-aged at 23 ?

    This Meritocracy spiel was an insidious attempt to keep out the hoi polloi of Change Alley from being the rulers of tiny Singapore. How many of these fellows can go to the Ivy League or Oxbridge ? None is the answer.

    From the beginning, Lee Kuan Yew began to parachute Singapore’s scholars into the best College of the University of Cambridge by financial means which blocked other scholars from Malaysia. He literally claimed this Best College as his own fiefdom to this day through subtle financial means. This Best College of course produced first class products like paper generals for Singapore. BUT THEY LACKED THE IMPORTANT FUNCTION OF THE BRAIN WHICH IS HOW TO THINKG.

    Hence, Singapore has 50 paper generals who are millionaires annually but could not produce INNOVATION, VISION AND CREATIVITY for the tiny isle. How ? With the failure of 2 generations of determination to produce a better LEE KUAN YEW. One thing is obvious, very obvious.

    The Policy to produce geniuses by artificial means is a failure. Geniuses are produced by Natural Selection according to Christ’s College’s Charles Darwin’s ‘ Survival of Species ‘ 1850. Lee Kuan Yew was no scientist and knew nothing about science and his only ability was to be able to lie on either side !

    With a Failed Policy based on Meritocracy for 2 generations in the hands, in 2014, 2 Singapore Ministers announced that in future, applicants for jobs and promotions will not only be based on their academic excellence but also on their OTHER TALENTS.

    After 2 generations Lee Kuan Yew found out that all the Singaporean scholars who went to the Ivy League and Oxbridge returned and could not fit into the rough and tumble of the Singapore World.

    For example, one female Cantabrigian returned to Singapore and with her equally naked Caucasian boy friend ran around the Holland Village one Saturday evening a couple of years ago. The Singapore Government was shocked and no action taken. She claimed she was bored at her job in Singapore !

    In the past 10 years, at least 10 Singapore ex-scholars or scholars were involved in sexual peccadilloes of sorts. In Singapore, they have a penchant for illicit free sex whilst in Malaysia they have the Magpie Syndrome of walloping mega ringgits, handbags, watches, Lindt chocolates etc. Because SEX is so plentiful in our beloved Malaysia. we do not have hang-ups or hang-overs on this NORMAL activity. Only beware of the VD !

    In conclusion, we have on the one hand, the squeaky clean Meritocratic Singapore which after decades of boasting about Meritocracy found that Lee Kuan Yew was not practising Meritocracy at all but something else. Hence the seismic change in their Failed Meritocracy to right a wrong.

    On the other, our beloved Malaysia have recalcitrants who should have the common sense and conscience not to steal beg or borrow a piece of faked academic parchment. To those who can say SORRY, just move on and serve the Rakyat honestly and willingly. No more. No less.

    Tun, here we have two factual examples of a FAKE MERITOCRATIC SINGAPORE WHICH WAS IN OPERATION FOR 2 GENERATIONS AND OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA WHO DISCOVER THIS ABSURD WEAKNESS FOR TITLES EARLY ON IN THE NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT. Just say ‘Sorry ‘. Recognise the mistake and move on. But some find it difficult to say ‘ Sorry.’ This mistake is indefensible !

    As Deng Xiao Peng said, ‘ It does not whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.’ If only Singapore has a Singapore Deng Xiao Peng to-day !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem as long as all of us behave NORMALLY because Man proposes. God disposes.

  10. mubarakchan Feb 8,2019 4:46 PM


    Sorry. A minor typo error to my previous comment on Fakes…… ‘The 1982 Marriage Reform Law was fair and just. It did NOT make a mockery of the BN government because it recognised all marriages before 1982.’ The Minister of Law then in 1982 was NO FAKE……

  11. mubarakchan Feb 8,2019 4:37 PM


    Is our beloved Malaysia going to be the home of FAKES AND PLAGIARISTS ?

    Another shameful addition to our World’s standing and prestige ?

    Forever our beloved Malaysia is inundated with fake doctors, dentists, bomohs, PH.Ds, professors, Tan Sris, Datuks etc that make us wonder why this pandemonium of fake titles play such an important part in our Society which asks no questions or demands answers.

    Convicted felons are similarly ennobled for their damage to our Society. Not only that, we have alleged fake PMs, fake Governments and fake elites who produced fake policies with fake results. Fakery holds no bounds in our beloved Malaysia these days.

    For example the alleged fake Minister of Law for the alleged fake Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, promulgated a fake revised Bankruptcy Act 1967 which was no revision at all.

    But it was a fake revision of this Bankruptcy Act 1967 which was unrevised and in the process, there is now the legal laughing stock of the legal World of a country Malaysia HAVING 2 BANKRUPTCY LAWS RUNNING PARALLEL TO EACH OTHER – ONE OLD OF 1967. ONE NEW OF 2017. Someone achieved the height of silliness in the silly season. IF THIS IS NOT A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE, WHAT IS ? Vide. The Star – Letter to Editor 25 June 2018.

    The Reform Marriage Law of 1982 was fair and just which did make a MOCKERY OF THE BN GOVERNMENT. It recognised all marriages PRE-1982.

    But the Fake revised Bankruptcy Law of 2017 produced by the fake Minister of Law PUT ALL THE BANKRUPTS UNRECOGNISED BEFORE OCTOBER 2017 due to alleged pressure from financial interests which dare not do this in Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Weak. Very weak and corrupt. 19th Century Victorian punishment meted out to innocents at the behest of financial interests.

    By not giving a second chance, this fake Minister of Law misled over 200,000 young Malay bankrupts and over 200,000 other bankrupts which are not fakes. AND THIS IS A LOT OF URBAN VOTES !

    This fake BN Minister of Law’s predecessors were EQUALLY FAKE – One tried to be a beauty of a certain age whilst the other made NO NOISE WHEN HE BECAME A MINISTER OF LAW AND DID NOTHING FOR THE RAKYAT BUT HIMSELF. Fakes galore !

    I thought fakery was only practised by fakirs of Mother India. But here in our beloved Malaysia, we have FAKES around every corner.

    Not too long ago, a Chinaman set himself up as a Tan Sri Chairman of a charity for Parkinson’s Disease. He was collecting millions of ringgits before he was brought down by the real Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

    And the RM 2 tax free incorporated places of worship is a huge tax free industry of fakes.

    My illiterate sister-in-law who was from Bentong and a hair rinser in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur set up her own RM 2 tax free incorporated church from which she collected millions of ringgits from her eager worshippers. This money was invested in the Marble Arch area of London and made millions of sterling pounds more. She died young and left her business to her daughter who is equally busy collecting tax free ringgits.

    Not only that, my cousin rides around in a chauffeured golden Mercedes S being abbess of a huge temple. Fakes operate on the innocent souls and in politics without any doubt.

    The only capital required to be a fake is the gift of the GAB.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem if we always recognise who are the real Fakes and who are not. It’s a Wonderful World for FAKES which is our beloved Malaysia ! And honesty is no criterion to be a minister because all of us are supposed to be HONEST !

  12. mubarakchan Feb 6,2019 3:22 PM


    To make my comment more complete on Lee Kuan Yew, believe it or not, his inheritors in their keen-ness to do down Malaysia like Lee Kuan Yew FORGOT FOR OVER 25 YEARS TO UTILISE LEE KUAN YEW’S GOODWILL AND CREDITS WITH THE SUPER POWERS OF THE WORLD FOR SINGAPORE’S BENEFIT ! Soon this valuable asset will diminish in value due to the erosion of Time. Instead, his inheritors are still obsessed with doing down Malaysia in the 21st Century.

    This is a dangerous distraction and wastes a lot of time and money arising from a Policy which has already failed to achieve anything for Singapore in conjunction with corrupt Malaysians but a couple of rocks, steel rails, and water which Singapore received for many years.

    Man proposes. God disposes.

    Tun at the end of the day, HISTORY IS THE FINEST ARBITER OF THE TRUTH.

  13. mubarakchan Feb 6,2019 3:01 PM


    The worst headline for 2019 appeared in the Nikkei Asia Review this morning, thus :-


    This is a load of unexpurgated rubbish or BS of the first order from the utterances of two so-called “experts” in both the Institute for International Trade and Investment and the Institute of Developing Economies. They have been conned by Lee Kuan Yew ! Both experts conveniently ignored the details of the one-sided Agreements which Malaysia had with Singapore due to corruption by the Malaysians who were responsible.

    And both “experts” were lackadaisical in finding new evidence about the Bluffology or BS created by Lee Kuan Yew about himself using the resources of the State which our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad never did. If at all, his closest aides forgot about the whole thing and never thought that brain washing of others was that important.

    Hence, our beloved Malaysia and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s significant achievements in the National Interest unlike Lee Kuan Yew’s self and narcissistic interest, always come up last in PR frays with Lee Kuan Yew and his cohorts. Much money was spent on the latter.

    Lee Kuan Yew killed the Singapore Middle Class by his 2 Child Family Policy 1972-1984. Our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad created the 6-7 Million Malay Middle Class families from zero base in 1981-2003 which country in the World except for China did so. This Malay Middle Income Group now provides the political and socio-economic ballast together with the non-Malay Middle Class groups for the Nation. What better achievement than this.

    SINGAPORE NOW HAS ONLY 900,000 MALE CHINESE AGED 21-50. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population. 2011.

    Lee Kuan Yew employed swallows. For example there is one in CNBC, Bloomberg and CNN to look after Singapore’s/his interests. Ducks and swallows for the visiting expats, important tycoons and politicians, academicians etc. One Singapore female journalist in Jakarta and another female academician at the University of Chicago were very strident anti-Malaysia and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the height of the 1997 crisis and the imposition of the foreign exchange regulations.

    With the exception of only one academic, most were doing things at the behest of the Singapore Government which furnished them with scholarships. Surprisingly, through the decades most of these scholars achieved nothing much at all because they must have been doing more spying than studying !

    Here are the facts about Lee Kuan Yew.

    Lee Kuan Yew best achievement in his life was his Double First in Law at Cambridge in 1949 competing against a handful of war weary soldiers. He cheated to get into Cambridge by the backdoor of the bottommost College, Fitzwilliam House without an Open Examination, Latin or Greek and was over-aged at 23. At the important Bar Finals London, he was last, his wife was 3rd out of 200. Later in 1959, my wife was 7th out of 700 !

    After Lee Kuan Yew left the portals of Cambridge, it was a long life-long downward slide for him in nearly all his Public Policies which now left his inheritors and citizens in a bind in a place with no natural resources and only 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-50 in a tumultuous World.

    The greatest loss of 2-3% GDP from the loss of Lee Kuan Yew’s Black Under-counter Trades in arms, sanction breaking etc. will be a killer for Singapore which puts her at the mercy of others. This Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle. The huge profits managed by an honest Government ruling over only 2 Million pushed Singapore from the Third World to the First. Singapore is now up a pole of no return without this lush profit of Black Under-counter Arms Trading etc.etc.

    Here is a selected list of the fables and foibles of Lee Kuan Yew who is now proven to be a fake in comparison with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    1. Lee Kuan Yew created the Anti-Cambridge, Godless and Neo-communist political and socio-economic System imposed on the citizens without their knowledge, bolstered by his Apparatchiks ( meritocrats ) and the West. The only authoritarian Asian Government supported by the West today. Slowly, personalities like billionaire Jimmy Rogers, Lee Kuan Yew’s children, activists etc can now see the cruelty and the lack of compassion of Lee Kuan Yew political and socio-economic creation in his own interest.

    2. Lee Kuan Yew imposed the 2 Child Family Policy on the citizens in 1972 without debate and without any scientific basis. This caused immense hardships, mental cruelty, abortions, divorces, suicides, religious fray, emigrations, fall in marriages, punishment by income tax etc until the mid-1980s. The damage was done to Singapore’s demographics forever. LEE KUAN YEW HAD BLOOD ON HIS HANDS.

    3. Lee Kuan Yew actively engaged in the Cold War Black Undercover Trades not only in hard and soft arms but also sanctions breaking, China, North Korea, Myanmar, Middle East, Africa etc. Toadying up to dictators and drug lords, recovering Vietnam War debris free, money laundering, US R & R, bunkering and air base, US Aid, smuggling, etc. At the end of the Cold War 1948-1989, this Black Under-counter Trades amounted to 2-3% of the GDP. After the BRICS moved in, this 2-3% of the GDP was gone forever to this day 2018. The GDP never breach 3% since 2002.

    It was Uncle Sam’s post-Cold War hegemonic spiel in 1990,’Globalization Free Trade, Human Rights.’ which cooked Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle or Golden Goose of Black Undercover Trades in Arms, etc. forever.

    After this the BRICS could offer credits and huge discounts for arms. The Chartered Industries closed down. The daughter-in-law became Temasek’s Chief by 2000. And Indian FTs were imported to push the GDP like with a string. This failed miserably but brought into Singapore the Indian Way of Life.

    In desperation, by 2003, Lee Kuan Yew conjured the Malaysia/Malays Killer TPPA/CPTPP, the FTs imports, 2 casinos, and the ill-conceived Temasek to save Singapore for his inheritors. All 4 initiatives failed. In October 2008, Temasek lost US$ 108 Billion ( RM 324 Billion ) on Wall Street and the City officially.

    4. Lee Kuan Yew applied his life-long formula by over-paying tycoons in Malaysia, Hong Kong etc who served him well. He bought out Thaksin’s business at US$1.3 Billion to stop the construction of the Isthmus of Kra Canal which he thought would kill Singapore’s harbour in time. This Thaksin Purchase split the free Thais into two bitter factions and caused deaths and injuries to innocent Thai men, women and children to this day. LEE KUAN YEW HAD BLOOD ON HIS HANDS.

    5. Lee Kuan Yew’s Policy towards Malaysia is the wrong Policy which distracted him and his inheritors and wasted a lot of their time and money using the resources of the State.

    They are so brain-washed that they could not find the answers which are in the deep recesses of their brains but only reverted to his often contradictory quotations all the time. Like Mao’s Little Red Book, Until Singapore gets a Singapore Deng Xiao Peng, Singapore will be incarcerated MENTALLY WITHIN THE PRISON OF THEIR MINDS !

    Finally, the “experts” claimed Lee Kuan Yew cried at the TV presentation on the 1965 Separation. Vide, The Albatross Files. Secret British Official Files. The Tunku claimed Lee Kuan Yew was quite happy to leave. Lee Kuan Yew was recorded as threatening the journalists present not to show him smiling but crying.

    6 – 47 THERE ARE 42 MORE OF THE FAILED PUBLIC POLICIES OF LEE KUAN YEW. Vide. Archives Sept 2010. Malaysia according to Kuan Yew.

    Lee Kuan Yew’s inheritors boasted about the 1962 Water Agreement, the Pulau Batu Puteh and the KTM tangos with corrupt Malaysians, etc. These in international terms are of no consequence. His sycophants the ex-President, ex-Chief Justice etc published in October 2014 ‘ Big Ideas of Lee Kuan Yew ‘ to thank him, thus, confirming that there is NO SEPARATION OF THE EXECUTIVE AND THE JUDICIARY IN TINY SINGAPORE !


    Malaysia is now trekking rapidly upwards towards the likes of the greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. Where are you little brother ?

    I think my facts are more expertly than the two “experts” who relied on the information doled out to them via the huge Singapore Ministry of Information with many ex-Malaysians from the Straits as employees.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. At the end of the day our beloved Malaysia has already won hands down against no resources Singapore with only 900,000 male Chinese 21-50. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2011.

  14. mubarakchan Feb 5,2019 12:42 PM


    The morning is bright with a typical CNY January blue sky.

    Another important festive holiday for all Malaysians. Which country can be better than our beloved Malaysia with its diverse people living in harmony, peace and prosperity under a New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great ? Malaysia which has its GDP constantly above 4.5% GDP with full of natural resources and a dynamic Rakyat ready to do productive things !

    A headline in recent days which should not be missed, thus,

    ‘ DR M MAKES SURPRISE VISIT TO TBS IN CONJUNCTION WITH CNY ‘. I have known only one Prime Minister who does this surprise visits most of the time and that is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.

    I personally bumped into them twice around corners – once in the 1980s at the Ampang Park Complex at around 8.30 pm. And on another occasion at the Sogo in the 1990s at about the same time. Each time there was only one bodyguard around. I did not introduce myself.

    To me, these visits showed a caring and dynamic Prime Minister who took precious time off to find out for himself the true situation affecting the Rakyat at the ground level. Which better place to do this but the malls in the evenings ?

    Unlike certain fakes who behaved like Little Lord Fauntleroy dressed in silks and leather buckle shoes as though the whole World owed them a living. And thereafter failed miserably. A Prime Minister cannot govern without the full knowledge of how the Rakyat work and play at all times. Their hardships, sufferings, the trials and tribulations affecting common people on the ground.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad showed his proper up-bringing and care for the Rakyat as a Leader of our beloved Malaysia – a great Nation. And thanks to his brilliance and courage, Malaysia became one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia.

    The Tun has given our half-dead and half-past six beloved Malaysia 2004-2018 ready to be enslaved by Singapore for eternity a NEW LEASE OF LIFE AND FREEDOM due to the machinations of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites. JUST LOOK AT BREXIT TODAY ! All of us lock stock and barrel were to be sold as SLAVES VIA THE MALAYSIA/MALAYS KILLER THE TPPA/CPTPP which was a creation by the cunning Lee Kuan Yew to leave the enslaved Malaysia as his final legacy to his inheritors. MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES.

    His cunning scheme collapsed. With the Malays killed off, the non-Malays suffer a fate worst than death because of our CONSITITUTION WHICH LAYS DOWN THE RULES OF GOVERNANCE !

    So did Lee Kuan Yew’s other 3 initiatives to save and sustain Singapore for his inheritors eg the ill-conceived Temasek, the FT imports and the 2 casinos ! MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES.

    As for Lee Kuan Yew, he was not interested in the citizens unlike our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad after dusk !

    He was only interested in the order and cleanliness of things along the streets of Singapore to boost his image. When he was in the mood, he would cruise along the streets with his wife at midnight with a body-guard cum secretary to take down notes. He was particularly interested in the colour of bougainvilleas, Lee Kuan Yew creepers, and rain trees. All of these flora do not have worms. At one stage, there were so many of these flora, the birds flew away to JB. The Singapore Government had to employ a British ornithologist to study why there were no birds in Singapore ! The birds are back after another rush to plant trees which bear berries and worms after years of AWOL by the birds ! This was a sheer waste of money and an absolute farce at the beck and call of a one-man show.

    Likewise, there was a big rush to knock-down all the places of worship and heritage sites in Singapore in the early 1970s at Lee Kuan Yew’s command. Until his buddy suggested that he was over-doing it and destroying Singapore’s precious heritage. Then, he went over-the-hill by building faux-heritage buildings all over. Exactly, like what the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution of 1966 did to China. Today, we can see all the ancient heritage of China have to be replaced by fake plastic creations.

    History is the finest arbiter of the Truth, Tun !

    A Prime Minister or a politician must have a proper background and up-bringing because he holds Power and great duties and responsibilities. This was what Tun Tan Siew Sin told me in the late 1960s !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem with a kind, good and caring Prime Minister of our beloved Malaysia like you, Tun ! No half-past golf and sneaky trips overseas and return with jet lag in full view of the Rakyat in the middle of the Dewan Rakyat !

  15. mubarakchan Feb 4,2019 2:09 PM


    An extremely quiet good morning with my resident bubul still chirping away and sang his song now and then. There are now many birds in the neighbourhood. Thanks to him. He is not concerned with affordable housing which he finds everywhere in tropical Malaysia, the lush flora.


    On this matter, how many Malaysians understand how the property development system works in this country ?

    First, there is the bureaucratic red-tape. Secondly, the construction industry grew by itself in a free market economy due to the fact that Malaysia’s governments were democratic and free-market minded from 1957 until the advent of the very close and very hot relationships with Singapore which turned into a Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 together with its equally corrupt elites.

    To add more corruption, the GLCs were introduced from an authoritarian State. The lame excuse was because Singapore has GLCs, it is also good for our beloved Malaysia. No need to think out all the options for Corruption !

    Hence, 1 Trillion ringgits flowed out of our beloved Malaysia from 2002-2010 according to international surveys. And another RM 470 Billion from 2011 – 2018 according to a New Minister !

    Because of the anti-social character of this Malaysian property development industry, I did a tiny one and gave up and never did it again. No income tax evasion for me or running around with bags of cash from huge deposit boxes or bank accounts overseas. Thank you very much !

    For our beloved Malaysia, affordable housing under the present political and socio-economic structure will be tough to achieve given the fact there is no single Authority under an Authoritarian Government like Singapore or China and we have a free-wheeling capital market. The latter also found this affordable housing desire difficult to achieve.

    Singapore recently admitted that the HDB flats belong to the Government after 99 years ! This was a real wet blanket for all those happy owners who were locked into this delusion.

    How does a normal developer begin his enterprise in a Malaysian State ?

    He has to get the approval from the MB and other authorities of the State. Because of this restriction created by this bottle-neck, all those who obtained approvals thought they were the one and only who had a special approval given to his 1000 condos on his one acre. Little did he know that the same MB would issue another 100 approvals for a similar piece of land. Because of the cost of obtaining such special approvals, there was a rush to build, sell and collect back the expenses and profits as quickly as possible.

    The whole condo production ballooned up to the extent there was no limit to the applicants. Come what may ! The MB had a Mercedes S with a huge boot which may accidentally open and spill out the surplus ! There was a real example of this a few years ago. The same personality went to Queensland with bags which did not carry his clothes !

    In the Malaysian scenario, this is why we see so many young gents in black suits without neckties displaying themselves in lush adverts about their equally lush products – the latest in condos with greenery creeping upwards as high as 88 storeys which even the ants can reach in tropical Malaysia.

    It was Malaysia who pioneered the nexus between political Power and the moneyed Private Developers Sector. This is the bottle-neck. This is the cause of the ultimate ballooning of houses and condos to come. This is where China which has a similar bottle-neck, could balloon up its houses and condos which sometimes created abandoned cities.

    China in this bottleneck scenario is 10,000 times bigger which affected its banks accordingly like in Malaysia. There is no escape for the banks if their risks units were sleeping.

    The China bottle-neck in the ballooning of houses and condos is caused by factors exactly the same as that in Malaysia – the Government bureaucratic set-up of the Mayor and the City or Town Party Secretary. These two work in tandem in the approval of building projects. Hence, the speed in which buildings are constructed in China and the huge amount of money which flowed out to Hong Kong to create inflation.

    This money was coming to Malaysia too at the behest of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 and its equally corrupt elites if not for the sane realization by the New and Incorruptible Government that this all-out investment by foreigners could be a form of FOREIGN COLONIZATION BY STEALTH.

    Now what is the solution to the expensive benchmark so created in Malaysia since the beginning of time in property development ?

    The inherent costs arising from multiple levels of developments.

    For example, a Chinese in the DBKL Planning Unit could retire to a lush huge house in Bukit Tunku Kuala Lumpur. What do we expect of all his seniors in the DBKL ? Hopefully, the present Campaign to eradicate Corruption is effective. My view is that Corruption can only be contained. The next weak Leader that comes along the fires will light up again into another disaster.

    The paper costs which is now inherent in the costs borne by the Private Sector have to be eradicated. How ?

    The financial costs demanded by the banks which are NOT CONTROLLED. These banks for a RM 1,000,000 30 year mortgage loan will charge RM 5,000 interest payment per month and RM 1,500 capital repayment per month for 30 years. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY PROFITEERING BY THE BANKS. UNLESS THERE IS A BETTER FORMULA, THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THE WORKING PEOPLE OF ANY PROFESSION TO BE ABLE TO SUSTAIN SUCH DEMANDS.

    The Banking System of Mortgage for working people needs to be revised and reined in for the NATIONAL INTEREST AND NOT FOR THE BANKS POCKETS.

    The cost of land rises concomitant with red-tape CORRUPTION engendered by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2002-2018 and its equally corrupt elites and the corrupt GLCs which could outbid and outspend everyone !

    I envisage small affordable townships for 10,000 persons extendable to 20,000 wholly built by the State Governments within 30 minutes drive by car or bus with connections to commuter rail or not.

    It is impossible to have affordable housing in cities or towns in Malaysia given the red-tape, the high cost of land, the PROFITEERING BANKS, the mind-sets of property developers which contractors demand at least 30% profits with poor quality works, and over-development to cause ballooning of houses and condos with no restrictions.

    For example, during the last days of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites, all Government lands in Kuala Lumpur were given away and the highest possible buildings were approved. Even a tiny plot of land reserved for a surau next to the Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, along Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 behind the New Istana Negara was given out to be turned into a motorcar show room. This is now abandoned after 9 May 2018. Man proposes. God disposes.

    We can have affordable housing for all if we recognise the pitfalls of the Malaysian construction industry which are MAN-MADE and the fact that new small townships of affordable housing in all States adjacent to established cities and towns are the only solution – WITH ONE SINGLE AUTHORITY CONTROLLING FROM THE ACQUISITION OF CHEAP LANDS RIGHT TO THE COMPLETION OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING WHICH MAY BE UPGRADED IN THE YEARS TO COME.

    This 30 year mortgage loans by banks is a scam and an eyewash which is not sustainable or affordable to the borrowers who are working people. HOW TO PAY FOR ANY SUCH LOAN WHETHER RM 1,000,000 or much less when a monthly instalment pay consists of 90% interest and 10% capital repayment ? This is actually against the NATIONAL INTEREST AND IS PROFITEERING WITH A VERY SECURE SECURITY BORNE BY THE BORROWER !

    In conclusion, the following important points for affordable housing come into play :-

    1. Cut out the red-tape and the private developers by having a single State Affordable Housing Authority – corruption here could be HUGE given the propensity of certain recalcitrant.

    2. Cheap State lands within 30 minutes drive of State towns and cities.

    3. OVERHAUL THE PROFITEERING BY BANKS ON THE MOST SECURED SECURITY OF ALL WHICH IS PROPERTY. For them to charge for a RM 1,000,000, an interest of RM 5,000+ and a capital repayment of RM 1,200+ is absurd and is profiteering. I quoted this example for easy understanding. The loan figure could be much lower like RM 500,000 – RM 100,000 over even RM 50,000. The late Tun Ismail Mohd. Ali would have none of this nonsense. His famous remark, ‘ IT STINKS ‘ applies to the banks profiteering by giving out very safe 30 year mortgage loans at high interest rates.

    4. Small towns of affordable housing of a unique Malaysian modern style and design within 30 minutes of driving to the established towns or cities as the nexus with later add-ons of other housing etc. A PROTOTYPE SHOULD BE CREATED FOR IMPROVEMENTS AND DEBATE !

    5. The buyers of affordable housing should be bolstered also by the EPF, the companies or agencies they work for, etc. The main focus is to provide eligible buyers everything which is possible to sustain their ownership and affordability.

    6. There should be a built-in potential in every affordable house for future upgrading with an enhanced value to prevent neglect, decay and diminishing values affecting the house. The houses must be seen to appreciate in price due to demand because of desirability. All purchasers are listed in the computer to lock out second time buyers.

    7. The whole Scheme should be kept simple and easy to understand. And also for monitoring against CORRUPTION.

    Our beloved Malaysia can create something unique like our famous FELDA as created by the Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak and his loyal and honest aides. This Affordable Housing Scheme runs concomitantly with the New Car Project. We do it within our SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST – OUR WAY, Tun !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem if all is centralised to provide Affordable Housing for all. But without checks and monitoring such a Scheme could be the biggest of all Corruptions !

  16. mubarakchan Feb 2,2019 12:30 PM


    There are so many interesting headlines every day in the media. One which struck my eye thus,

    ‘ DR M DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THE POLLS SURVEY.’ and in the same breath the Survey focussed on not more than 2,800 Malays – too small a figure to be meaningful and professional.

    Here are the pitfalls created by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites.

    1. The disgruntled over 200,000 young and urbanised Malay bankrupts and the rest of over another 200,000 bankrupts were left out by that infamous BN Minister of Law in the fake amendment of the Bankruptcy Law 1967 which was no Amendment at all. But the creation by this fake Minister of a New Bankruptcy Law which now runs parallel to the old. Vide. The Star, ‘BANKRUPTCY LAW OUTDATED ‘ 25 June 2018.


    It was alleged this BN Minister was influenced by financial interests which dare not do this in Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. These countries’ Bankruptcy Laws are up-to-date which give a bankrupt another chance in LIFE unlike the existing Malaysian Bankruptcy Act which PUNISHES A BANKRUPT FOR LIFE IN AN 19TH CENTURY VICTORIAN MANNER.


    The fake BN Minister was also famed for proposing to renovate the RRI Welwyn Garden City England research station for RM 350 Million to train tropicalized Malaysian athletes by flying hundreds of them to and fro 7,000 miles each way. How can a person like this be a Minister of Law with no common sense and compassion ?

    Not only that, the predecessors were either trying to look beautiful or confused and did nothing. None of them took this important job seriously. Let us all hope that the present Minister of Law do some serious work like revising the Bankruptcy Law 1967 up-date like Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia and not subscribe only to say sweet nothings in common with his colleagues..

    2. The other pitfall created by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government is the huge overhang of unemployed graduates who became unemployed for different reasons but the main reason is the slow economy CREATED BY THE BN GOVERNMENT’S NEGLECT OF THE GENERAL ECONOMY BY PURSUING PROJECTS WHICH PROVIDE JOBS FOR GRADUATES 2004-2018 – 14 long years of neglect and corruption.

    We see today there is not one single dram of remorse by those responsible with RM 113 Million cash, 500 handbags, 400 watches, 12,000 pieces of jewellery, Lindt chocolates etc. And maybe 10,000 Rolex watches hidden elsewhere. Concomitant with poverty just 1 Km or 2 Km away. And a minor official could walloped RM 2 Billion within 10 years !

    3. The lackadaisical ways of the Ministry of Tourism after 7 months are causing this Ministry to under-perform to produce scintillating results which can only be achieved by hard work, dynamism and innovations without kow-towing to the Boss. The incoming tourists must at least match the population of the country at 31 million. This is achievable given the prosperity of India, China and the Middle East. This Ministry which is not aware of its own importance to bring in the forex, is PULLING BACK THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE OTHER MINISTRIES WITH THE NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT NOT FIRING ON ALL 12 CYLINDERS, TUN ! Maybe Saddiq is the right person for this important job !

    The strengths of the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great thus,

    1. The magnificent creation of the 6 million urbanised Malay families by you, Tun which are the bulwark of our beloved Malaysia and their non-Malay colleagues which will dictate the future peace, harmony and prosperity trends to come.

    The middle income group have been LOCKED OUT OF THE PROSPERITY WHICH THEY DESERVED BETWEEN 2004 TO 2018 BECAUSE OF THE RAPE OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA BY THESE CORRUPT BN LEADERS. Worst than the Rape of the Sabine women of ancient Rome

    According to an international survey, 1 Trillion ringgits were siphoned out of the system between 2002 and 2010. Another RM 470 Billion from 2011 to 2018. Yet these corrupt BN Leaders behave as though the Rakyat owe them money.

    The middle income group of India is the bulwark of its prosperity, progress and the future. They are all English speaking. Many could be seen holding top jobs in America, Europe and Singapore !

    A middle income group stabilizes politics in a democratic manner and it is a huge benefit to any country of the World.

    IT IS TO THE CREDIT OF TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD THAT THE MALAY MIDDLE INCOME GROUP HOLDS ITS GROUND TOGETHER WITH THE NON-MALAYS. – 6 – 7 million Malay families of outstanding qualify like their non-Malay counterparts. This is where the over 200,000 young Malay bankrupts are found.

    On the other hand, the rural and new village agrarian folk need much subsidies always and will have to be treated differently.

    Both the urban and the agrarian groups are cornerstones of peace, harmony, progress and prosperity to our beloved Malaysia always.

    Tun, your urban support together with the rural even though of a lesser proportion will be profound WHEN OUR ECONOMY TAKES OFF IN THE 2ND HALF OF 2019 coupled with the honesty and efficiency of your New and Incorruptible Government reverting back to NORMALCY from SHEER MADNESS.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  17. mubarakchan Feb 1,2019 2:05 PM



    This is about Singapore’s current dilemma of an absent buoyant economy which is not sustained by natural resources and lost its Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle of Black Under-counter Arms Trading, Sanctions breaking, money laundering etc of the Cold War 1948-1989 which black trades were taken over by the BRICS without even a ‘thank you.’

    If those involved in the manufacturing and the service industries of Singapore, are worried about the near future which they already could perceive from the orders placed with them for the next 6 to 12 months, Singapore can expect two things to happen – a tchnical recession staring at them in the face and an early GE. Hopefully, their infantile attempts to set up our beloved Malaysia up again as a bogeyman would stop promptly.

    Singapore stepped on China’s toes not too long ago on the South China sea in 2015 – 2016. By July 2017, important members of the Singapore Cabinet were lined up like school-boys to shake the out-stretched hand of President Xi after receiving a hefty smack ftom the Chinese.

    In the case of Malaysia, there is no doubt some manufacturing facilities will be affected with the general downturn in the World economy. However, whatever Malaysia produces, her produce and manufactured products could always be sold in the open market notwithstanding the price.

    To this end, the New and Incorruptible Government with its pursuit of NORMAL monetary and fiscal Policies under a FM who is experienced in keeping a NORMAL set of books, is pursuing the right path in the face of a slow-down in the World’s general economy.

    As I have always said that thanks to the brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side, our beloved Malaysia was not only saved from certain ENSLAVEMENT BY SINGAPORE VIA MALAYSIA/MALAYS KILLER THE TPPA/CPTPP AND CERTAIN DEATH but Malaysia is now one of the four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. Man proposes. God disposes.

    The Motivation and the Will of the New and Incorruptible Government will not only see Malaysia sail through difficult times but the efficiency in dispensing money is the key to Malaysia’s future success and prosperity for the Rakyat. There should no doubt about this.

    Mind-sets will change with success and money in the pockets – such is the behaviour of Humankind.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  18. mubarakchan Feb 1,2019 11:50 AM


    There are two aspects of the New and Incorruptible Government which seem to have lost its way in the course of supporting and strengthening its governance as regards the Rakyat in the urban and the rural areas.

    In the media there was mentioned by a political pundit that the fallen ex-Prime Minister seems to be gaining traction. I view this as the lack of dissemination of the true facts concerning his downfall by the Ministry of Information.

    The Ministry of Information should be the outfit which goes all out to present the truth about the huge theft of Government money from 2004 to 2018. No stone should be left unturned to disseminate information on the wrong doings of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites 2004-2018 especially in the rural areas where the rural folk are still unaware of the smooth talking types from the urban areas. This is a huge gap in practical politics which is now left unattended to by the New and Incorruptible Government.

    A neglect which might cause it much damage and regret at the next 15th GE as I see it.

    It is time the New and Incorruptible Government plug this information gap through its Ministry of Information and it should not be misled by demands for more and more sophisticated services for urban folk.

    All Rakyat should be kept well informed of the huge damaged caused by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites 2004-2018 at the expense of the Rakyat, urban and rural.
    If this is not done now. it is impossible to reverse the constant and daily misinformation now aimed against the New and Incorruptible Government.

    Singapore has a huge Ministry of Information for a one street town. Brainwashing is its main function and collecting dirt on personalities, local and foreign. Then, the overkill with their political cadres operating in every niche of the Society. This has been going on since 1962.

    The well-being of the New and Incorruptible Government must get all its 12 cylinders firing in a synchronised manner at once and with intensity.

    Another Ministry which I have noticed being administered in a casual manner is the Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Culture.

    At a time when the coffers of the Government are empty, this Ministry should be the one that goes all out to bring in the tourists from India, China and the Middle East. The pictures of the YB Minister depicted him as very satisfied with his job as a Minister.

    A Minister of Tourism is hard work to bring in the goods. The travel agents need profits and support from the Government. Subsidies of all kinds should be considered. All countries are eyeing the same cake and the competition is stiff and tough because this is the cheapest way to bring in the foreign exchange.

    Since day one, the Ministers of this Ministry have treated it like their own travel agency and ATM.


    It is time for us to wake up that Tourism is a good and clean money earner for all Rakyat and it should be the No. 1 priority of the Government to push the Ministry of Tourism to do its important role accordingly. There is no free lunch in Tourism. IT IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS TO GARNER VALUABLE FOREX EASILY.

    I reckon the Ministry of Tourism is one of the toughest Ministry to handle if the Minister knows how to bring in the tourists.

    Lee Kuan Yew appointed his sister-in-law to chair the Tourism Board until she retired. There should be no hanky-panky or Speedy Gonzales agreements which afflicted the officials of the Ministry of Tourism 1980s-2018.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem as long as all the Ministries are firing all 12 cylinders in a synchronised manner.

  19. mubarakchan Jan 31,2019 2:30 PM


    An amendment to my previous comment.

    ‘…….Malaysia was on her knees and would have been enslaved by for LIFE BY SINGAPORE via the TPPA/CPTPP if not for the timely intervention by our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side………’

  20. mubarakchan Jan 31,2019 2:16 PM


    A headline which brought back pleasant memories of the past and some disturbing events also. ” TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN’S ENDURING LEGACY “.

    Tunku Abdul Rahman was the right man at the right time to take on the mantle of Leadership of a new and independent country which was our beloved Malaysia.

    His strength was his character which saw him going up to Cambridge which must have been a mystical place then in the 1920s ! By the time of Merdeka 1957, he was ready for the top job. But his honesty and sincerity in believing in his friends like the British brought his eventual misstep which was the British Colonial Economy which he inherited. No one advised him on the importance of the socio-economics of a Central Bank in an independent economy. He was happy to leave financial matters alone to the MCA which did not know more than him. The miserly ways of its chief were interpreted as good socio-economics. From 1957 to 1971, the Policy of the British Colonial Currency Board held sway. The country only spent what it earned. The colonial contrived economy was very slow. Newly minted graduates at home and abroad were suffering due to the fact their real worth was not recognised as worthy professionals. There were no housing or car loans, credit cards, ODs etc. It was a cash based economy in which the rich got richer.

    There was an incident in Pulau Pinang in 1967 when the island was brought into line within the Custom duties area of the Federation.

    By 1969, a wealthy country which had an inequitable share of the wealth, was about to erupt due to many factors. At this point, the British had 70% of the best assets, the Chinese 25% with only a handful of tycoons, and the Malays a meagre 2% ! This was 12 years after Merdeka.

    But the Great Tunku managed to hold the Federation together due to his charisma and well-educated character who was loved by the Rakyat, for 12 long years. This was when certain sports bloomed and other sports flourished with the opening of their doors to all communities. No one noticed the very slow economy under a British Colonial type of Currency Board economy until it was disbanded in 1972.

    By 1971, the Great Statesman Tun Abdul Rahman and his Team were able to forge the NEP which was the platform to great wealth to all and sundry. This NEP unleashed the riches of Malaysia through its people’s dynamism, hard-work and natural resources via the BN Government Leaderships of the distinguished Premierships of Tun Abdul Razak. Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who were all honest, very well educated and had impeccable backgrounds to be the Leaders of our beloved Malaysia. They all did not subscribe to ‘KITCHEN POLITICS’ because politics all over the World is mainly a MAN’s job !

    Our beloved Malaysia was fortunate to have well=educated, honest and sincere Leaders of the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to be our Leaders from 1957 to 2003 – 46 years to build up our reserves and talent.

    However, within 14 years 2004 to 2018, nearly all the riches and talents of our beloved Malaysia were squandered and wasted by weak and poor Leaderships. This was our beloved Malaysia’s darkest hour. Malaysia was on her knees and would have been enslaved for LIFE via the Malaysia/Malays Killer the TPPA/CPTPP if not for the timely intervention of our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side.

    Our beloved Malaysia is now one of the four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. Not only that Malaysia is fast tracking upwards and towards the greats of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan day by day !

    Man proposes. God disposes ! A super and World’s Best Weapon which Singapore does not have. They had the man but without God !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Our eternal gratitude to the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad always. Our eternal role models. No crooks for us, we are Malaysians !

  21. mubarakchan Jan 30,2019 10:06 PM


    Another headline of note today. ‘Jomo : NO NEED FOR ECRL. JUST TAKE A FLIGHT.’ Sheer common sense.

    Unlike the Minister when asked why the MH 17 flew over a war zone in Ukraine. He replied, ‘ No one asked us not to.’

    To spend RM 60 Billion and throw our beloved Malaysia into economic bondage for 30 years is sheer madness of the first order by embarking on the ECRL. What sort leadership the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government provided for the Rakyat who elected them into POWER ?

    And yet their are still stubborn proponents for the ECRL !

    As Prof Jomo suggested why spend RM 60 Billion and become an economic slave of others when a short flight to the East Coast will do. Or as another pundit suggested that another highway there would have cost only RM 1 – 2 Billion. And there was mentioned of substantial padding of the contract as alleged.

    Just a few more flights to the East Coast would have provided much profits for the airlines which need more passengers to be profitable.

    Gigantic projects should now be only a distant memory of the most shameful era 2004-2018 in our honourable Malaysia’s history when corrupted money passing through official channels and hands was the order of the day.

    Our Courts are now crowded by the high-living Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Leadership and its elites. All the recalcitrants exhibited no remorse at the huge damage to the country which they wrought. No shame. No remorse. These recalcitrant swore to uphold the Constitution and serve the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, the Royal Sultans and the Rakyat to the best of their abiliites!

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  22. mubarakchan Jan 30,2019 8:34 PM


    An important headline today, ‘ BANKRUPTCY AFFECTS PRODUCTIVITY, REVENUE.’

    This was due to the fake amendment of the Bankruptcy Act 1967 by the equally fake BN Minister of Law who misled over 200,000 young Malays who were QUALIFIED TO TAKE LOANS OR CREDIT CARDS together with their non-Malay bankrupt compatriots.


    The fake Amendment created another set of rules for POST-OCTOBER 2017 AMENDMENT BANKRUPTS WERE DISCRIMINATORY AND IGNORED THE CONSTITUTION RIGHTS OF PRE-OCTOBER 2017 AMENDMENT BANKRUPTS. Hence, the whole so-called Amendment became a FAKE AMENDMENT.

    There is an overhang of INJUSTICE concerning 303,415 cases of BANKRUPTCY which the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government misled to believe that the Bankruptcy Act 1967 was amended which was only an attachment. Nothing of the sort happened with these 303,415 cases locked in for LIFE.

    Over 200,000 cases are young Malays whilst the balance of the young non-Malays are in the other category.

    The Minister of Law of the Singapore Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government was responsible for misleading the Bankrupts by CREATING A LAW WHICH RUNS PARALLEL TO THE UNREVISED BANKRUPTCY ACT OF 1967. NO WHERE IN THE WORLD DOES THIS. This is a shameful act by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites.

    For example, the Marriage Reform Act 1982 was fair and just. When it was promulgated ALL THE MARRIAGES WHICH WERE NON-CIVIL BEFORE 1982 WERE RECOGNISED.

    In the so called Amended Bankruptcy Act 1967, ALL THE BANKRUPTS BEFORE OCTOBER 2017 DO NOT GET THE BENEFIT OF THE REVISED AMENDMENT WHICH ONLY APPLIED AFTER OCTOBER 2017. What sort of lawyer was this BN Minister ? A fake ? Hence, the over 200,000 young Malays bankrupts and the rest are locked in for LIFE.



    The Pre-Amendment Bankrupts are locked in for LIFE in a 19th century manner of punishment. In other countries, Australia bankruptcies end after 3 years. Canada has a repayment formula which ends after 5 years. England bankruptcies do not last more than one year. Singapore discharges its bankrupts in 3 years.

    This BN Law Minister was famous for proposing spending RM 350 Million to renovate the RRI Research Station at Welwyn Garden City to train Malaysian athletes by flying them to and fro for 7,000 miles each way.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem until CORRUPTION APPEARS !

  23. mubarakchan Jan 29,2019 4:30 PM


    Coincidentally, the launching of the Plan to wipe out Corruption was launched on the same day that the IMF and the UN released the Global Financial Integrity statistics which showed that Malaysia was amongst the top 3 countries heading the least for outflows or CORRUPTION being China, Mexico, Malaysia and Russia in 2015.

    These Malaysian outflows are as follows :-

    2015. IMF US$ 33.744 millions or US$ 3.37 billions

    UN US$ 22.889 millions or US$ 2.28 billions

    Whatever outflow had taken place must hurt the socio-economic structure of Malaysia and directly its economy. And these damaging outflows were unchecked by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government from 2004-2018 – 14 years long. The first port of call would have been Singapore.

    A minor official could wallop RM 2 billion within 10 years !

    Any outflow is bad for any country. This reflects on the LACK OF MONITORING AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE RULES AND REGULATIONS AND THE LAWS which encouraged all sorts of smuggling to be carried out in the Peninsula and points beyond. Concomitant crime rates would have risen due to the fact that criminals used Malaysia as a market place for illicit goods like trafficking in banned animals, drugs, money laundering etc. Not only was Malaysia a haven for domestic crooks traditionally but also international crooks of all shades and descriptions.

    The future generations will pay and pay for this oversight by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites due to the dire lack of cheap local capital for development of all infra-structures to benefit the Rakyat generally. The statistics of the Malaysian outflows alone confirm the CORRUPTNESS OF THE SINGAPORE PUPPET CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT AND ITS ELITES. The gigantic salaries paid to nobodies in the GLCs are another. Even before criminal activities have been discovered and prosecuted which were like confetti with an unending flow !

    All Rakyat should be ashamed of such absurd and wanton activities by the elected and once trust Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites who went further by selling our beloved Malaysia to the Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew contrived TPPA/CPTPP the Malaysia/Malays Killer of the First Order. I have always maintained that these treasonous leaders were not stupid. We are stupid !

    The TPPA/CPTPP would have enslaved our beloved Malaysia through the 50 volumes of Agreement which was signed by the fallen BN Leadership and was bolstered by the equally treasonous Civil Servants who were also in conflict.


    And yet the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites believe today that everything that comes out of Singapore is good, very good including the corrupt GLCs which would have KILLED our beloved Malaysia as well !

    The Malaysia/Malays Killer TPPA/CPTPP breaks down the tariff doors of our beloved Malaysia completely and open the floodgates to the massive inflow of cheap goods which will swamp ALL in our beloved Malaysia, a small country trying to emerge into the World. Or our beloved Malaysia would have been ready if not for the 14 years of NEGLECT BY THE SINGAPORE PUPPET CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT.

    In other words, Singapore cannot have it both ways like having the cake and eat it as well. That’s too rich !

    The Singapore Business Times boasted that Singapore will save at least S$ 1 Billion annually with the enslave Malaysia under Singapore TPPA rule which translates into that Malaysia will lose at least S$ 1 Billion annually after the TPPA/CPEPPA was signed by the corrupt BN Leadership !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem with an Honest and Clean Government as led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side !

    No TPPA/CPTPP for us, we are Malaysians !

  24. mubarakchan Jan 28,2019 11:04 PM


    Despite the snide remarks by the Opposition on the New and Incorruptible Government’s performance in the last 6 months, I dare say that the Government’s performance as to keeping a check on inflation and its related costs of essential food such as rice and other key items has been commendable.

    Rice is the staple diet of all Malaysians. Inflation moved up fast and relentlessly between 2004-2018 under the regime of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites. The lower the price of rice the better for the Rakyat and the Government. This is the key to controlling inflation in a Malaysian society which depends on Rice as its staple food.

    Not sugar, not flour but rice is the essential item. Not longer ago, chay kway teow and nasi lemak were at RM 5 and RM 1 respectively. But these prices have moved up to RM 7 and RM 3 respectively during the previous BN Governments 2004-2018 which had no notion to govern in a just and fair manner. Everything was free-wheeling between 2004-2018 with perfunctory announcements of a semblance of governance before festive seasons. With more stolen money siphoned out between 2002-2018.

    With an open Society and open trading economy like our beloved Malaysia, it is the Government which plays the important and ultimate role in the whole show – no one else can take its place in the Sun. Whether it is about racial, religious or other matters. Hence, those who were elected in trust by the Rakyat through democratic means via our unique Malaysian Democracy with a Malay bias have to bear seriously the tasks of responsibilities and duties which were allotted to them.

    But sadly and shamefully the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites failed their trustful constituents at every turn without exception. And on exposure there was no remorse as if malfeasance was their birth right ! What a shame !

    Whatever the incumbent Government, the lower the price of RICE the better. Come what may !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem until the price of RICE rises !

  25. mubarakchan Jan 28,2019 5:01 PM


    Even though our beloved Malaysia has no State of the Federation Address, we can always create one. Here it is, the State of the Federation under the New and incorruptible Government as led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side.

    1. I give full marks to the incumbent Government which has outstanding leaders like the FM, Saddiq, Loke, Mazlee, Saiffudin, Mat Sabu, Azmin and most of the others have done well. For starters, they are all honesty and dynamic. No golf for them at the Rakyat’s expense in time and money.

    2. Their very first task is to clean out the Augean Stables left by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites who lost their heads and their reputation due to their weakness of the flesh and the soft under-belly which were fully exploited by the whole World from Singapore via Indonesia and Thailand via the Virgin Islands and onto Wall Street and the gnomes of Zurich. You name it, these crooks have it. Even staid parents for a Lifetime grabbed a title and fled to purported China !

    3. The cleaning and the monitoring of the dirt will take a political Lifetime of good works such is the profession.

    4. The up-lifting of the post Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites culture of laziness with plenty of bravado coupled with constant attendances at conferences, studies groups, etc during which time no Civil Service higher than the Chief Clerk could be found every morning or every day.

    During 2004-2018, the traffic of Kuala Lumpur was over-crowded by Civil Servants roaming around in their cars ! Appointments to see the nobodies took a few weeks or months. One lackey told me that to see the PM of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government took 4 months with no guarantee of success. In other words, the BN Government was not governing but was doing other business like stealing money at the Rakyat’s expense in time and money.

    5. It is heartening to see the Ministers of the New and the Incorruptible Government inspecting their areas of responsibilities and duties. I wonder how many Potemkin set-ups which they have discovered ?

    6. The deliberate pursuit of NORMALCY to bring back the whole Government back to an even keel is to be lauded.

    7. Efficiency and the cutting of costs will return quickly due to the fact that IF THE HEAD IS NOT ROTTEN BUT FRESH AND HONEST, THE REST WILL BE THE SAME.

    The price of pencils will now drop from RM 10 to 75 sens !
    And most importantly, the infamous and corrupt DBKL will no longer create artificial bumps to augment the potholes all over Kuala Lumpur by collecting corrupt baksheesh from the contractors at RM 1,000 a bump.

    I hope all and sundry are now reminded of the crass DBKL corruption of millions of ringgits of the Rakyat’s money collected through corruption by every bump to their backsides !

    You may even calculate the amount of corruption money taken per kilometre by counting the number of bumps per kilometre.

    IT IS TIME FOR DBKL TO STOP THIS NONSENSE OF CORRUPTION BECAUSE MY VIEW HAS ALWAYS BEEN IF RECKLESS DRIVERS WANT TO KILL THEMSELVES OR OTHERS BY SPEEDING, LET THEM DO SO. There are laws to prevail over reckless drivers whose mothers could not even control them. Do not expect some inconsequential bumps to do so.

    8. Honesty of the New and Incorruptible Government will cost less for each Ringgit it spends – at least 20 – 30 sens less than the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018. This huge padding will be translated in real terms immediately into the Government coffers. This may be confirmed by the theft of RM 1 Trillion which was siphoned out between 2004 – 2010 as reported internationally and the RM 470 Billion thereafter to date ! A minor Government official could wallop RM 2 Billions in less than 10 years !

    9. With transparency and honesty and without travesty of Justice and fair-play, the New and Incorruptible Government’s Policies can only propel our beloved Malaysia upwards. Unlike the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which Minister of Law was famed for proposing to spend RM 350 Million to renovate the RRI Research Facility at Welwyn Garden City to train tropicalized Malaysian athletes by flying to and fro 7,000 miles each way !

    This Law Minister misled the 200,000 young Malay bankrupts who are now incarcerated for Life and another 200,000 other bankrupts by not revising the Bankruptcy Act 1967 but only attached an amendment to it. This cruel neglect will jeopardise the lives of these 200,000 young Malay bankrupts as well as the other 200,000 bankrupts. It was alleged the Minister was under the influence of financial interests which dare not do this in Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Very weak and ineffective. Government which signed the Malaysia/Malays Killer TPPA/CPPTP in haste to please Singapore. Vide. The Star. Letter to Editor, May 2018. In terms of the numbers of Rakyat affected, the other Laws now in the offing to be amended, do have miniscule effect.

    10. Peace, harmony and security have improved with the Rakyat’s trust and confidence that the New and Incorruptible Government will smack down any trouble-maker with the notion that the death penalty should be retained in our beloved Malaysia which have its population in flux created by the lackadaisical Policies of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elite 2004-2018.

    11. With 7 months of good and honest work with integrity by the Government, the platform is established to take advantage of the fact that our beloved Malaysia is now one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being Switzerland, Britain, Japan and Malaysia. And as a solid country with a newly minted Government, our beloved Malaysia is now fast tracking towards and upwards to the greats like Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. Where are you little brother ?

    12. The hard-work begins now as there is no free lunch in this World unlike the thieving Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites. EM 113 Million cash, 500 handbags, 400 watches, 12,000 pieces of jewellery, Lindt chocolates etc. with poverty just 1 km or 2 km down the road. And maybe 10,000 Rolex watches elsewhere !

    13. Finally, to keep its honest, transparent and fair-play with Justice image, the New and Incorruptible Government will have to be on its toes ALL THE TIME TO CATCH THE CROOKS AND CHARGE THEM IN COURT. Hence there is a solid case to employ more staff for the MACC, LHDN, SECURITIES COMMISSION, THE JUDICIARY and the PDRM. And these employees should be well taken care of.

    14. I can only congratulate the New and Incorruptible Government for their success. Just one virtue will suffice – HONESTY

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  26. mubarakchan Jan 27,2019 1:32 PM


    A disgraceful headline this morning, ‘ Owner of Medan Imbi building offers to buy two plots of land.’ This building was the subject of a Financial Daily comment a few days ago on the alleged corruption behind the whole façade.

    It is time the Rakyat wake up that the rule of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites was over since 9 May 2018.

    The Government is now the New and Incorruptible Government of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side.

    This disgraceful fellow and his cohorts the DBKL and the original Federal Government agency should be INVESTIGATED BY THE MACC AND CHARGED ACCORDINGLY.

    He is so stupid and corrupt that he did not realise with a thick face that the whole deal stinks and corrupt with no open tender or transparency. A deal which our distinguished Tun Ismail Mohd. Ali would have said, ‘ IT STINKS ‘.

    Not only that, by offering to buy 2 more plots from the Federal Government is SHEER MOCKERY of the New and Incorruptible Government. Hence, he should not only be investigated by the MACC but the LHDN as well. If the whole conspiracy to cheat and steal is proven by the MACC, this is the ultimate mockery of an incumbent and reputable Government by a small time crook.

    WE MUST NEVER PERMIT CONTRACTORS AND PROPERTY DEVELOPERS TO HOLD SWAY OVER ANY GOVERNMENT OR ITS AGENCIES AGAIN. The root cause of Corruption and Bribery in our beloved Malaysia. The only industry which I know how to do but did not do for a Life-time.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  27. mubarakchan Jan 27,2019 11:36 AM


    With the feel good feeling of living in a wonderful country which is our beloved Malaysia and its wonderful collection of flora and fauna and the diversity of her peoples, I woke up feeling great, exceedingly happy and satisfied.

    Like you when we were young we realised the frailties of Humankind. The fables and foibles to come and to face in our future endeavours. The pitfalls and the successes.

    I was faced with a comatose 12 year old Malay boy from Ksmpong Baru who was a diabetic with collapsed fine veins. What to do ? My teachers never permitted me to handle the subjects of discussion physically or manually especially in an evasive manner because of stringent legal governance. There was I with my first patient seeking my assistance at mid-night. I could feel cold sweat pouring down my face with my boss peering over my shoulders. Collapsed fine veins of a 12 year old boy ? And the only way he could wake up is to introduce a drip as soon as possible. This took one hour with my shaking hands and focussed brain. He woke up. His doting mother smiled. My consultant a Dr Hardy ex British Army smiled. I quickly went home to sleep. A wonderful episode for me in our beloved Malaysia. But we move on to greater things, this morning Tun !

    An excellent headline for the media today would be, ‘ Tun M will publish his 3 Magnus Opus, ‘ MALAY DILEMMA 2 ‘ and ‘ MY WAY ‘ and his collection of ‘ COMMENTARIES OF CHEDET ‘ at the earliest opportunity. These 3 tomes will be the World’s best-sellers translated into Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French and German. Monumental works for all time from a humble doctor with brilliance and courage who saved a dying Nation from crooks which is our beloved Malaysia.

    What a wonderful legacy for the generations of Malaysians to come !

    I remember calling upon you on 10th August, 2010 at the height of the abusive and insulting attacks with the finest quality vitriol by the naysayers, with your first Magnus Opus in my hands, two pristine and unopened copies of ‘ Malay Dilemma ‘ which I bought at Donald Moore’s, Singapore for S$ 7.50, to be autographed by you. You asked me, ‘ Did you read it ?’ My honest reply was, ‘ I did not ‘. I noticed you were taken aback somewhat. I went on to explain that I did not read it because I did not want my mind to be clouded by emotions so that I could make proper judgements and decisions. And then you asked me where I came from. I answered that I came from that big house down the road. Of course, I was aware that you knew everything about me otherwise I would not be sitting across the large desk in front of me.

    Such is Life.

    The power of the brain which generates the dynamism of our Life-long behaviour with constant use in the right manner will secrete the wonderful as yet unknown hormones produced by it. The more we use our brains the more activities we will achieve. And we can only do these if we are born good, not bad.

    I have spent a Life-long attempt at trying to persuade bad fellows to be good. I gave up. As my wife tells me it takes just one minute to be bad after a Life-time of goodness. Hence, the massive ‘ MAGPIE SYNDROME ‘ as diagnosed by the psychiatrists ! Hence, the RM 113 Million cash, 500 handbags, 400 watches, Lindt chocolates etc in a house. Maybe 10,000 Rolex watches elsewhere.

    And all these began in 1986 from a little boutique at Raffles Hotel, Singapore owned by a petite Indonesian lady now wanted by the PDRM. It[s a small World, Tun !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. The more books published by Malaysians the better for the World around us !

  28. mubarakchan Jan 26,2019 5:30 PM


    And to top off this ultimate period of craziness by the topmost rung of Leadership in the kingdom, the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018, we note that the salaries for the incumbents of the GLCs which may be as many as 1,000 ranging from RM 2 Million to RM 100 Million for a fellow with just a Dr in front of his name.

    I know much about the hospital industry as I was invited to be a Founder of both the Pantai Hospital and the Johor Baru Private Hospital in the 1970s and the 1980s.

    It is absolutely crazy to pay so much for ordinary executives who did not bring out a single sen or contribute an idea to seat on top of multi-million ringgits companies the GLCs, not through their own efforts. They should all be sacked and replaced with real professionals instead of fakes.

    I delivered Sime Darby to Malay interesst for only RM 23 Million by 1975 when the Malays did not have much financial firing power. My total fees before tax was RM 500,000 for 18 years. Now the Executives raked in RM 500,000 per month. For 18 years, there were no scandals. The Sime Darby Executive Management whom I created their jobs, sacked me in 1992 so that they could bankrupt the company twice at RM 1.20 Billion in 1996 and RM 2.10 Billion in 2010 by the same Executive Management. No one was charged. No one was jailed even though the same Executives bankrupted Sime Darby twice !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  29. mubarakchan Jan 26,2019 3:25 PM


    Some one, some where would surely write a book on the Corruption in Malaysia.

    There was another corruption within the borders of DBKL. It was purported more than 18 pieces of prime Kuala Lumpur land belonging to the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government were transferred into private ownerships for nominal sums.

    Every piece of Government owned greenery was walloped to build mega high rise buildings. Even the vacant land reserved for a surau next to Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, just 599 metres from the new Istana was walloped to build a motorcar showroom. There was a mid-night rush to complete the job before 9th May 2018. The BN lost. The useless project now lies abandoned. Man proposes. God disposes.

    Every piece of greenery left in Kuala Lumpur were earmarked to have a mega building. The banks are culpable too in collusion with the crooks. The old dental and nursing school also ended up in s private pocket.

    How low can you go Jho Low ?

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. A GDP of 5% is possible in 2019 !

  30. mubarakchan Jan 26,2019 11:30 AM


    My factual comments on the Corrupt Practices by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites 2004-2018 showed that THE RAKYAT BENEFITTED FROM NOTHING BETWEEN 2004-2018 BECAUSE THE CORRUPT BN GOVERNMENT DID NOTHING TO FURTHER THE PROGRESS OF THE RAKYAT. That’s for 14 years long. Far too long.

    Worst of all the countryside with its kampongs and new villages were abandoned and neglected due to the gigantic and corrupt projects in Kuala Lumpur and elsewhere. Our countryside is most important for the political and socio-economic well-being of our beloved Malaysia. No more. No less.

    If all those GDP figures produced by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government were true, then with the New and Incorruptible Government as led by Tun and DSAI and the Team by your side can easily achieve more than 5% from 2019 annually if no recession is in the offing.

    The amount of money RM 1 Trillion which were siphoned out between 2002-2010 as reported internationally and the RM 470 Billion purported to have gone the same route recently show the wealth that have been stolen on the one hand and the financial strength of our beloved Malaysia on the other.

    Our beloved Malaysia has been a haven for crooks of all kinds so far.

    With the return of NORMALCY, our beloved Malaysia will go places in the shortest possible time probably by the second half of 2019 !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  31. mubarakchan Jan 26,2019 10:58 AM


    The classic weather pattern concerning the early part of the year is with us again. The blue sky, the cumulus clouds and the warm breeze which comes with the flow.

    I was happy to note the resident bulbul has taken up permanent residence in the young banyan tree at my doorstep. But I was also glad to hear the beautiful call of the golden oriole so early in the morning. A lovely bird which is urbanised and love to flit from tree to tree in an urban garden. What a wonderful collection of Life in our beloved Malaysia where we can stop and ponder on Life and its meaning.

    But there are those amongst us whom we elected in the past 2004 to 2018 who spurned GLORY and SERVICE and sunk down to the lowest level of human behaviour despite their apparent impeccable background. Why they collectively behaved in such a shameful manner after being given the trust through democratic elections by the Rakyat is like a Chinaman’s mystery as an Englishman would say ?

    However, I have not seen any pundit who made an attempt to list the crazy behaviour of a crazy BN Leadership and its equally crazy Ministers and elites for the years 2004-2018

    1. The first priority of the new BN Government in 2004 was to rush to The Hague to claim Pulau Batu Putih. Of course, we lost since it takes two to tango ! SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST WERE FORGOTTEN. How could it be when it was alleged he was ex-NOC with the Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak in the chair in 1970 ?

    2. A money losing MAS could purchase third rate works of art with the head honcho using its jets as a private jet to and fro-ing to London where money can buy whatever a person desires !

    3. A Government owned company was sold for a song without valuation.

    4. 1,000,000 barrels of oil was pried out of hard as nails Saddam Hussein by a nobody who got the top to sign without knowing what he signed as it was admitted. This appeared as bright as day in the UN Sanctions list and topping it too.

    5. A hard-core PAP cadre with a Sime Darby Apache contract in his pocket was graciously appointed as the Chief Editor of the true blue UMNO owned NSTP. Lee Kuan Yew must have laughed all the way from 38, Oxley Road to the Istana in his white Jaguar.

    6. This was the period when the phrase ‘Singaporeans looking for low hanging fruits’ was coined by themselves.

    7. Pre-puberty boys in short pants were installed on the 4th Floor of the PMO to facilitate the flow of the Rakyat’s goodies into private pockets. Man proposes. God disposes. A rock fell on the head of the think-tank in response to such brazen acts. Even God forbids !

    8. Perth became the HQ for Malaysian affairs and politics after golf.

    9. The equivalent of the stupid Fat BOY was created to up-root the whole of the venerable Penang Turf Club and turn it into a Malaysian Manhattan of New York, US of A !

    10. A mega building was built in the congested Bank Negara Malaysia area together with the most ugly building in the whole of Malaysia next to the Ministry of Agriculture. I thought all shifted to Putrajaya.

    11. The age-old 2/3rd majority was lost without any difficulty.

    12. Even before the appointment was confirmed, hundreds of millions of ringgits which turned into billions of ringgits were flowing into many private pockets by using the powers of the BN Government.

    13. A small-time Government official could amass RM 2 Billion in less than 10 years. The MCA Leader could amass only S$ 100 Million which he remitted to his girl friend’s account in Hong Hong via my friend in the mid-1980s from Singapore !

    14. A twenty something was given the blank cheque to the Government coffers. This crazy fellow would have completely ruined a good country and all its good Rakyat if the bankers did not have cold feet ! Only one greedy gnome took the risk and got hit.

    15. I have always said that a person is born good or born a crook. This stupid Fat Boy and his equally stupid father and mother are now wanted by the PDRM. The father was so stupid that he never thought what is the use of being ennobled when not too long afterwards, he and his Puan Sri wife would be on the run with their stupid son of a fat boy ? The laughable thing is the father was a small-time factory owner for a lifetime eking out a living in a small town along the highway between Taiping and Pulau Pinang. How craxy can one be to be dazzled by the paper money signed by the Gabenor of Bank Negara Malaysia ?

    Tun, these fellows never used their brains like you and born good like you ! To be on the run as ennobled thieves with the Rakyat’s money in this Age of Anti-terrorism in purported China, it is sheer crazy !

    16. Huge mega projects were built as high and as expensive as possible in Kuala Lumpur. A 100 storey building was projected at a time when private commercial buildings were suffering because the Federal Government shifted to Putrajaya. The rural folk were not benefitted like this but their savings held in trust by the Federal Government were stolen from them by the expediency of just a signature on paper !

    17. Carpetbaggers from Indonesia, the Gulf and China walloped the savings of the FELDA small-holders in more ways than one. In one case, it was alright to buy the shares of one carpetbagger at twice the market price USING THE SMALL-HOLDERS FELDA’S MONEY HELD IN TRUST with a buy-back option. How crazy can one get ? No sane Government in the World does business like this !


    i) To grab a distinguished Chines Bank with threats and insults in conjunction with the Chinaman openly.

    ii) To amalgamate all the GLCs plantations within Sime Darby the veritable ATM for crooks. And after a short time, with great costs, these plantations were separated again at great costs. An exercise not only in futility but corrupt practice which the late distinguished Gabenor Tun Ismail Mohd.Ali would have said. ‘IT STINKS !’

    iii) FELDA was well-managed since its inception by Tan Sri Taib Andak and Raja Tan Sri Muhd. Alias until the crooks came along and turn it into a public listed company which in principle should not have taken place because as events showed later that tons of money went to benefit Indonesian carpetbaggers and the corrupt BN Leaders. This FELDA money and assets are the result of the vision of the Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak and his loyal and honest team which never wavered from honesty to crookedness. This FELDA was once the pride of our beloved Malaysia. Due to unmitigated greed, FELDA became a symbol of great shame !

    19. RM 113 Million cash, 500 handbags, 400 watches, 12,000 pieces of jewellery and Lindt chocolates were found in a BN leader’s house sited just a kilometre or two from poverty. Maybe another 10,000 Rolex watches were hidden elsewhere. The psychiatrists call this THE MAGPIE SYNDROME !

    20. A highway would have been a better project than the costly and padded ECRL.

    21. The KTM with hundreds of acres of precious Singaporean land and 25 miles of steel rail ended up as 1/2 an office building in Singapore. That was at the height of a red-hot relationship in private retreats.

    22. The HSR is to be built 99% on Malaysian soil with 99% of its costs paid by Malaysia to service Singapore. Singapore will convert the dirt-cheap Jurong Golf Club into the most modern commercial complex ever for the terminus ! Are we Malaysians eternally stupid ?

    23 The TPPA/CPTPP is a classic case of treason without a notion of Sovereignty and National Interest. Senior Civil Servants in open conflict of interests with Singaporean spouses pushed Singapore’s agenda all over the media. There were 19 ultra secret meetings before exposure. Even the Head of the SMEs was in support who was duly ennobled. The TPPA/CPTPP is a Malaysia/Malays Killer of the First Order created insidiously by Lee Kuan Yew as his ultimate legacy for this inheritors – the Nirvana Tariff Free Malaysia to be enslaved by Singapore through legal means of 50 volumes Agreement to catch the lackadaisical Malaysians. He even set up an International Arbitration Tribunal in 2005 in anticipation of Malaysian business ! The corrupt and uncaring BN Government signed this SELF-KILLING OR HARA-KIRI document in good faith and trust in Singapore which had already taken more than the rocks and was receiving free water paid for by Malaysia due to the ringgit’s depreciation ! How stupid can one gets ?
    The Singapore Business Times boasted after Malaysia signed the Malaysia/Malays Killer TPPA/CPTPP that SINGAPORE WOULD SAVE AT LEAST S$ 1 BILLION ANNUALLY FROM THE TPPA ! Malaysia WHICH LOSES AT LEAST S$ 1 BILLION ANNUALLY. Just look at Brexit today – the difficulty and injustice of getting a fair deal.


    25. Let the New and Incorruptible Government reveal the number of POTEMKIN AGENCIES OR DEPARTMENTS WHICH HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED 2004-2018. There is the super-intelligence outfit headed by our beloved Malaysia’s most beautiful spy 004 specially hand-picked to do the job with her golden pearl handle Walther PPK ! She had sticky fingers which were attracted by US$ 50 Million and loved Gucci spectacles.

    26. Even at the very last moment a rich Chinese was involved in a RM 88 Million Speedy Gonzales corrupt caper. This showed Corruption was all over in the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its equally corrupt elites.

    27. The 200,000 young Malay bankrupts and their 200,000 other bankrupts were misled by a fake attachment to the Bankruptcy Act 1967. It was alleged the Minister was influenced by financial interests WHICH DARE NOT DO THIS IN BRITAIN, SINGAPORE, HONG KONG AND AUSTRALIA. A very weak and corrupt BN Government.

    28. The unemployed 200,000 graduates were forgotten with so many billions and billions of ringgits ringing in the ears of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Leadership.

    29. The Minister of Tourism became the Minister for Tourism and went touring the lovely countries of the Southern Antipodes which have 1,000 kangaroos and sheep to one human being. Not only that, the Minister for Touring sponsored London’s tourism not Malaysia’s with an expensive orchid exhibit at the upper-class Royal Chelsea Flower Show and pocketed the Gold Medal awarded to Malaysia by the Queen !

    30. When the Minister of Transport was asked why the MH17 was over Ukraine at a time of War. He adroitly replied, ‘ NO ONE ASK US NOT TO GO THERE !’ But 200 valuable lives were lost. What say you Tun ? Lack of common sense or what ?

    31. Miscellaneous. This word can best describe the wholesale thievery of the Rakyats money and assets held in trust by those whom they elected in trust. What a shameful episode of our honourable Malaysian History by those who swore to serve the Constitution, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the Royal Sultans and the Rakyat !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  32. mubarakchan Jan 25,2019 9:42 AM


    Daulat Tuanku !

    The finest words as said in the land, our beloved Malaysia. With these magnificent and ringing words we all hail the ascension of our new King, the 16th Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia befitting a unique and sacred traditional of Malaysia from centuries ago.

    Thanks to the Royal Sultans and the Rakyat we have our revered Constitution and its Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias which give us PEACE, HARMONEY AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL. What more do we want ?

    Together we have thrown out the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its corrupt elites lock stock and barrel ! We now have a New and Incorruptible Government as led by our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side.

    Our beloved Malaysia is now one of four most important countries in the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia.

    Malaysia is fast trekking upwards towards the greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. Huge funds will pour into Malaysia in time when our Cabinet gets out of its ” L ” licence to drive or govern. No problem. What more do we want ?

    Where are you little brother ?

    Yesterday’s headline, ‘ Foreign fund moving back to Bursa.’ To me funds like these are Singapore’s the gateway to equity funds for Malaysia. It is the only country in the World which knows Malaysia like the palms of their hands. So this is a good sign for us all. A good sign for the good times.

    And with a FM who is experienced in keeping a good set of books with NORMALCY, WHAT MORE DO WE WANT ?

    We certainly do not want a FM who opened the doors of the Khazanah to very hungry PAP Singaporeans or wallop 1,000,000 barrels of oil from Saddam Hussein or treated the Khazanah as his savings bank for household expenses like Lindt chocolates, 500 handbags, 400 watches, 12,000 pieces of jewellery and RM 113 Million cash in the house or maybe 10,000 Rolex watches elsewhere.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Keep smiling Tun and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, The whole World will smile with you. And out-do the smiling recalcitrant always !

  33. mubarakchan Jan 24,2019 11:07 AM


    It is remarkable that the tiny Republic of Singapore still harks back on their deja vu of the 20th Century – the bygone days of Lee Kuan Yew trying not only to do down our beloved Malaysia with clever words but also if given the opportunity steal from us by bribing our flunkeys of no consequence.

    A recent incident was the Oxford Union plant by Singapore to ask questions of no consequence and then blew it up through the social media.

    These inheritors of Lee Kuan Yew are forever missing the mark by their small-mindedness in relying on the academic zombies from the Ivy League or Oxbridge. One generation of these ivory tower products has already failed in pursuit of their intended purpose which was to provide new innovative ideas concomitant with the leadership status placed on them. This failure ended up with at least 50 paper generals and highly paid Ministers in a tiny tropical isle which lost not only its US Democratic mojo after the US 2016 General Elections but also its life-saving Black Under-counter Trades in arms, sanctions breaking, etc to the BRICS since 1990.

    This loss was huge and amounted to 2-3% of the GDP as it is now could be established. With this loss, the core GDP could not breach the 3% GDP from 2002-2017, a period of 15 years. Not only that, it was never an easy trading World from 2002 to 2019.

    Singapore lost officially US$ 108 Billion on Wall Street in October 2008 coupled with a lukewarm GDP. The purported military, constant inflationary pressures, the lack of trading opportunities due to rivals like Hong Kong, the mediocre leadership and last but not least, the credits and goodwill which Lee Kuan Yew garnered from the super-powers are completely forgotten for over 25 years ! This is a loss of billions of US Dollar opportunities.

    Since the loss of the Black Under counter trades of the Cold War 1948-1989 to the BRICS, Singapore has not produced a single successful white rabbit out of the proverbial hat. This should be worrying to the leadership.

    Hence, the constant attempts to create our beloved Malaysia as the bogeyman to distract the citizens from the looming problems and enhance the mediocre efforts of the leadership.

    THIS FOCUS ON MALAYSIA AS SINGAPORE’S BOGEYMAN IS NOT ONLY A DANGEROUS DISTRACTION BUT A NON-STARTER AGAINST A SUPERIOR FORCE. A lot of Singapore’s money has been LOST because of this faulty Adventurism Policy of Lee Kuan Yew which is now turned alive and kicking by his inheritors – the constant meaningless sniping via the social media.

    This sort of tactics in support of a strategy will only drive Singapore into more and more problems because the immediate problems are not addressed which is the FAILURE OF ALL FOUR OF LEE KUAN YEW’S INITIATIVES TO SAVE SINGAPORE FOR HIS INHERITORS. These failed. What now ?

    The famous four initiatives which failed miserably are 1) The Malaysia/Malays Killer TPPA/CPTPP. ii) FTs imports. iii) 3 casinos iv) the ill-conceived Temasek.

    However, the greatest initiative which could have been the investment in GOLD to control all including Malaysia, was missed by Lee Kuan Yew. Man proposes. God disposes.

    This opportunity is now gone forever and ever. It pays to be humble and consider all options.

    OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA’S GREATEST WEAPON IS’ MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES’. Who can beat this ? Not even Lee Kuan Yew as is now proven !

    The best weapon for us is ‘MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES ! From 1966 to 2019, this weapon to protect ourselves against Singapore is the best of all as history revealed.

    Singapore takes all the little marbles. Our beloved Malaysia takes the big picture like MALAYSIA IS NOW ONE OF FOUR IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, JAPAN, SWITZERLAND AND MALAYSIA. Where are you Singapore ? Boasting about your 1 Km wide choke-point when in fact Malaysia has TWO choke points, each 500 Km away ! Vide. Manubani comment.2017.

    Malaysia Boleh as always Tun ! No problem. Man proposes. God disposes. We are Malaysians.

  34. mubarakchan Jan 23,2019 10:22 PM


    The World today is a World of leisure and life-style for the rising middle-income groups of emerging Nations. Countries like India and China are right in the fore-front for these seekers of pleasure and relaxation which are available to them as their incomes go up the value-chain.

    The Star headline, ‘ FEWER CHINA TOURISTS COMING.’

    Singapore which has nothing in terms of natural resources, developed its tourism industry very early on in the 1970s. The sister-in-law of Lee Kuan Yew was appointed the Chairman of the Tourism Board until she retired. The Board’s efforts were to build up the image of Singapore to areas which were unable to be reached by the travel agents, the infra-structures and the welcoming cultural groups for in coming tourists at the beginning. As its tourism industry matured, the Tourism Board focussed on other greenfield areas. There were no scandals or their Managers got sacked like in Malaysia because the handling of money was not the purview of the Singapore Tourism Board unlike in Malaysia.

    Malaysia should focus on India, China and the Middle East. (And close all the overseas tourist offices in the West). Tourists from these densely populated countries provide a good source of revenue to both the Government and the private sector.

    A few years ago, tourists from the Middle East were commonly seen in Malaysia during the summer months. I have noticed bus-loads of Indian tourist too.

    Many negative factors must have caused the fall in the arrival of the Chinese tourists. In this matter, the highest ranking officials of the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism should keep tabs with their counterparts so that Malaysia can serve all tourists best.

    It was surprising to note the Tourism Board could sign a contract with a Chinese agency to bring-in tourists. This is not the way to go about it. There must be rapport with the top authorities in China to increase the numbers because of the political nature of the place and its vast land. Practically, each Chinese city is a gold-mine of tourists for Malaysia.

    Yet, I have noticed the Minister and the Ministry of Tourism is rather quiet these days. This Ministry is one of the most important in the Government because if it is properly organised and motivated with the right focus, it can bring in huge revenues for the Government.

    Unlike the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites, the Minister of Tourism was the Minister for Tourism who was confirmed by her love of luxury living in clean developed countries like London where she supported the upper-class Royal Chelsea Show with Malaysian Government money and she took her family in tow to the Southern Antipodes where the kangaroos and the sheep out-number the humans 1000 to 1. !

    To have a successful tourism industry, the Government should provide the best infrastructures and give incentives to the travel agents.

    THE TORUSIM INDUSTRY CAN ONLY BE SUCCESSFUL IF THE TOURIST AGENCIES MAKE MONEY. For the Government, the expenditures to bolster the tourism industry should be its only concern. Leave the money-making to the travel agents.

    Malaysia is one of the best holiday resorts in the World. Pulau Pinang should be preserved from an eco-environment stand point and should not be turned into a concrete island like Singapore or Hong Kong. We have plenty of land and there is no necessity to turn Pulau Pinang into a self-sustaining State like Singapore. The more concrete is poured in the island, the greater the environmental disaster.

    It is good for the Minister of Tourism to see how Japan and Switzerland preserve their environment and their farmers who form the nub of their green culture.

    And before we forget, after World War II, both Germany, and Japan were completely flattened by carpet bombing Together with Italy, these countries focused on tourism to make them rise again. There were no other alternatives but tourism. And each tourist then were treated very well as someone special. Hopefully, our beloved Malaysia will treat her tourists well because each ASEAN country is going for the same piece of cake.

    Can anyone imagine that the Germans were sullenly cycling to work at 6 a.m. in the mid-1950s ? And now Germany is one of the topmost industrial countries of the World. Germany, Japan and Italy were re-built through their efforts in promoting tourism in their darkest hour. None of their Ministers of Tourism ever travelled abroad like Malaysia’s Ministers of Tourism. This is the difference between responsibility and gross negligence which was typical of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Non-caring BN Government and its corrupt elites 2004-2018.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  35. mubarakchan Jan 23,2019 6:57 PM


    The North-East Monsoon seemed to have gone until the end of the year. The climate is now hot and breezy typical of what we all know in the early part of every New Year. And we Malaysians all look forward to the Chinese New Year with great expectations and to be followed by Hari Raya in the mid-year. Great festivals of great people. And then the Deepavali to come which is a great festival in India.

    These clouded my thoughts this morning as I heard the resident bulbul was still around. But the World never sleeps and humankind never fail to create the unexpected thus :-

    The Star, ‘ UNNECESSARY DEATHS, ‘ This is a Report on the rise of measles in Malaysia which has brought suffering to the Rakyat not only in the towns but the kampongs and new villages as well. The figures quoted : A. The number of measles cases in 2013 – 195 ; 2018 – 1934
    B. Measles without immunization in 2013 – 125 ; 2018 – 1467

    What do these figures reveal to us ?

    This showed the terrible lack of due care and attention to the lowest rung of our Society by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its corrupt elites who squandered the Rakyat’s money away on wasteful and corrupt projects and practices. Instead, this precious money should have been spent on the health and medi-care of all Rakyat, rich and poor.

    Measles attack the lowest rung of the Society more frequently because of the unhygienic and humid conditions of their dwellings. Ignorance as to the deadly effects of measles also play a part.

    With all the money stolen by the BN Leaders and their corrupt elites, there was no money to provide proper health care services to the poor by way of education and medi-services.

    For example, many years ago I met a lady who was a silver-smith in Melaka. She produced her grand-daughter, a baby of a few months old who was completely blind due to measles affecting the mother in the first few months of her pregnancy. The good lady asked me what to do ? What more can I say under such circumstance ? With the full knowledge that there was a missing link in the pre-natal care of the mother and newly conceived baby.

    The prevention of measles is easily implemented. Yet, the Government failed to provide the basic necessities at the lowest level to all the Rakyat. It was just a simple jab when the students were at school like the prevention of polio similarly.

    Education is the foremost prevention tool for all.

    The neglect of the medical condition of the poor Rakyat and all by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its corrupt elites 2004-2018, is exactly like how the BN Minister of Law misled the over 200,000 young Malay bankrupts and another 200,000 bankrupts who were all treated as stupid. And the massive BN failure to provide jobs for 200,000 graduates during the same period.

    What a degradation of trust in a Government, the BN Government of over 60 years standing.

    It is a shame of the First Order in which MONEY MONEY MONEY filled the BN Leaderships minds and nothing more whilst enjoying and stealing the money belonging to the poor Rakyat who depended on these crooks not only for their living but also their general well-being as Leaders.

    But the poor Rakyat and all were totally let down not only inside our beloved Malaysia but throughout the World in which all were impressed previously by the pristine reputation of our beloved Malaysia which is now tarnished by the unfathomable greed of its corrupt BN Leaders 2004-2018.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  36. mubarakchan Jan 21,2019 9:19 PM


    There was an article in the Financial Review about the construction of a building in Medan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur by a contractor without paying for the Government owned land. There was no approval or objection from the DBKL.

    How could such a gross breach of the Laws and regulations governing Government owned lands occurred right in the Federal Capital ?

    This is worst than darkest Africa because our beloved Malaysia is known to be one of the advance emerging countries of the World. And here we have this monstrosity of a building built by a contractor on Government land which did not belong to him or did he pay for it.

    What was happening with the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government Leadership and its elites. ?

    The Corruption and Abuse of Powers were so great between 2004-2018 that the Rakyat suffered for their trust in the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its corrupted elites.

    All those who connived to cheat the Rakyat openly or furtively should be be caught and charged in Court as soon as possible.

    Malaysian Boleh Tun as always ! No problem

  37. mubarakchan Jan 20,2019 2:30 PM


    What better comment today but your comment succinctly put, ” Singapore over-react.”

    It is strange that a squeaky clean country could find itself incompatible with an equally squeaky clean New and Incorruptible Government of Malaysia, a Government by the old and the young, the good and the great.

    By all accounts, the Government of the Republic of Singapore should applaud with both hands that their geographic Gemini Twin is now somewhat similar to them in biological terms. Howzat for starters ?

    But lo and behold, it seems strange that the Malaysian good guys are not compatible with the Singaporean good guys. Then, what ?

    What the whole World knows pre-9 May 2018 was that Singapore and Malaysia were like abang-adeks, 5-eyes meetings, into very private retreats and red-hot relationships ( all BS from the Singapore media ) going into deals which only benefitted Singapore like (i) the Malaysia/Malays Killer TPPA/CPTPP, (ii) the HSR 99% cost on sacred Malaysian soil and 100% gain for Singapore by converting the Jurong Golf Club into a super World Class shopping complex, (iii) the KTM with hundreds of acres of land and 25 miles of steel rail ended up as HALF an office building belonging to our beloved Malaysia.

    Our Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its corrupted elites were so grateful to give all these away free because these were proposed by Singapore so these must be good for our beloved Malaysia like the super-corrupt GLCs ! The BN Leaders certainly do not require a rocket scientist for Singapore to assist them with their maths ! It was so simple, lah !

    And Singapore in return gave the BN Leadership LOVE AND KISSES IN BIG DOLLOPS !

    Thank you very much Singapore for appreciating the goodies from the poor Rakyat of our beloved Malaysia ! You see all these free goodies do not belong to the BN Leaders personally but the poor Rakyat.

    Tun, that was the corrupt background of a corrupt relationship which led to corrupt gifts to Singapore given by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its corrupt elites. No more. No less.

    If all things considered within the context of Sovereignty and National Interest what the BN Government committed with Singapore, WAS TREASONOUS IN EVERY CASE IN WHICH PERSONAL INTERESTS OVERODE SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST !

    The above mentioned facts should explain why the Singaporean Leadership now put on their helmets and uniforms, all the 50 paper generals and go to WAR-WAR with Malaysia in their WAR_GAMES UNDERGROUND ROOM LIKE WINSTON CHURCHILL !

    The reason is the Malaysian New and Incorruptible Government will be as hard as nails within the context of the Rule of the Laws when dealing with anyone NOT ONLY WITH SINGAPORE with the context of Sovereignty and National Interest. No more funny letters signed by some sleepy flunkey way back in 1962 ! Those easy days for Singapore are gone forever.

    And how strong is Singapore in terms of everything ? Very weak. The tropical isle of a one-street town is just like a Gilbert & Sullivan farce – all front and no substance behind ( backside ).

    Singapore is now so socio-economically weak since she lost her PROFITABLE BLACK UNDER-COUNTER TRADES OF ARMS, SANCTIONS BREAKING ETC OF THE COLD WAR (1948-1989)TO THE BRICS SINCE 1990 THAT SHE CAN ONLY TRY TO FRIGHTEN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA MASQUERADING LIKE A PAPER SINGA LION by picking on non-issues like going to War when our good MB of Johor in holiday mood, cruised in his little wooden boat to ‘makan-angin’ in Johor waters.

    How many Malaysians know that the NS Singaporeans are put on alert daily for decades in anticipation of some sneaky attack by our beloved Malaysia ? And yet the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government Leadership and its elites were on kissing terms with them.


    And under the constant stress of the watchful eyes of BIG BROTHERS like when Singapore appeased the United States on the South China Sea issue in October 2016, China smacked them so hard that by July 2017, the key Singapore Cabinet members eagerly lined up in Beijing with outstretched hands to shake the revered hand of President Xi Jin-ping ! The picture sucks ! Now the very same make WAR noise on a non-issue of little wooden boats wafting in International Waters. And these very same forgot to utilize LEE KUAN YEW’S CREDITS AND GOODWILL WITH THE SUPER-POWERS FOR OVER 25 YEARS TO BENEFIT SINGAPORE ! Believe it or not !

    Dear Sirs, do not blame our beloved Malaysia for Singapore Leadership’s OUTRIGHT INCOMPETENCY IN VISION, INNOVATION AND CREATION.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. With NORMALCY, our beloved Malaysia is now trekking fast upwards as due to us Malaysians.

    AND OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA HAS THE BEST WEAPON IN THE WORLD – Man proposes. God disposes. No problem

  38. mubarakchan Jan 19,2019 7:12 PM


    In recent days the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the new, the good and the great has announced the amendment of 6 Laws thus

    1. Sedition Act 1948
    2. Prevention of Crime Act 1959
    3. Prevention of Terrorism Act 2015
    4. Printing Presses & Publications Act 1984
    5. Security Offences Act 2012
    6. Peaceful Assembly Act 2012

    It maybe pointed out that these Laws pertained to the Security of our beloved Malaysia to maintain peace and harmony. And these are only implemented when the need arises. These Laws are meant to be applied on a small group of troublemakers or individuals who are as yet unidentified.

    However there are Laws of Malaysia which have been unrevised since their inception or amended in a perfunctory fashion like the Bankruptcy Act 1967.

    The careless Minister did not revise the Bankruptcy Act 1967 at all but attached an amendment which only applied to bankrupts beginning or after October 2016.

    The unrevised old Bankrupt Act 1967 covered the 200,000 young Malay bankrupts and another 200,000 Malay and non-Malay bankrupts independently.

    What an Act of sheer INEQUALITY created by an ignorant BN Minister !

    This person was famed for proposing turning the RRI Research Station at Welwyn Garden City, England by spending RM 350 Million into a sports facility for Malaysian athletes. These athletes would have to fly 7,000 miles each way to train in a cold and unfamiliar climate. Not only that, the expense to fly hundreds of athletes was no factored in. So were the logistics like catering etc.

    With the so-called non-amendment of the Bankruptcy Act 1967, this ignorant Minister had created TWO BANKRUPTCY ACTS, ONE OLD, ONE NEW. RUNNING PARALLEL TO EACH OTHER.

    This person also misled the 200,000 young Malay bankrupts together with their non-Malay counterpart before the 14th GE.

    How could such an ineffective BN Minister got away with dire neglect of formal duties in 2016 ?

    The 2016 Amendment should cover ALL BANKRUPTS and not non-existing Bankrupts of the future.

    The Bankrupt Act of Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia is not only revised up-to-date because it is a Law used daily but also fair and just UNLIKE THE TWO SETS OF MALAYSIAN BANKRUPTCY ACTS 1987 AND 2016 WHICH RUN PARALLEL TO EACH OTHER. This is the ultimate disgrace to the regime of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites, 2004-2018.

    The other Act is the Trustees Act 1949 which was never amended by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites 2004-2018.

    The Trustees Act 1949 is a very important Act which is commonly used by the financial World, the middle-income group and other important sectors.

    Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia revised this Trustees Act up to date unlike Malaysia which forgot to revise its ESSENTIAL LAWS for decades. This I do not understand in a country which relies on Laws to keep peace harmony and security.

    Without proper and up-to-date Laws our beloved Malaysia will be forever mired in all sorts of issues which cost TIME AND MONEY. A good set of Laws will attract good investors, not the fly by night foreign types which were many in previous years.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! The problem is the Governments seemed to forget about REVISING THE ESSENTIAL COMMERCIAL LAWS LIKE THE BANKRUPTCY ACT 1967, THE TRUSTEES ACT 1949 AND THE COMPANIES ACT 1965 to bring them up-to-date unlike Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

    As it is commonly said,’ IN MEDICINE, COMMON AILMENTS OCCUR COMMONLY. BUT IN THE PRACTICE OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION, EACH CASE IS NEW AND LIVING.’ In other words, it is difficult to be a doctor. But medicine is easier to practice unlike the legal profession which is easier to be a lawyer but difficult to practice in which every case is different and living.

  39. mubarakchan Jan 19,2019 1:49 PM


    Congratulations on your significant speech at the Oxford Union last night.

    With all due respect, no one in the country thinks out affairs of State like you, Tun !

    All the salient points which you constantly presented through the years were there. It is good there were no variations to the theme of equality in the name of Humanity for all. In time the hypocrisy of the West and its democracy will be shown by historians as being self-serving.

    How could the West justify their brand of Democracy by death and destruction on countries with settled communities for hundreds if not thousands of years. This created the back-lash to their countries known as migration. This in turn started the fires of populism and extremism without fail.

    It is obvious the think-tanks of the West did not consider the migration option when they decided on air-strikes to unseat a dictatorial Regime. Migration from all the nearby countries is the ultimate result. Forcing innocent people who lived in their un-disturbed abodes for centuries. Given the choice who wants to leave an ancestral home ?

    Not only that, the hatred so engendered is now carried right into the heart of the West by the thousands. Ihis is the most intractable problem ever created by absolute power. The whole scenario has yet to pan out not in years but in the centuries to come. The diaspora of the Arab and African peoples by the wanton Polices of the West. Policies which have created problems without an end.

    Hence, our beloved Malaysia should build-up not only her financial resources but also her moral reserves to sustain and maintain our style of Malaysian Democracy because when a crisis comes, no one is going to look after us.

    Our naïve and corrupt Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Leadership without thought, signed the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP without due consideration. Let our future Governments be not like this disgraceful episode in our history.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No Problem.

  40. mubarakchan Jan 16,2019 6:52 PM


    Today it was reported that the DPM of the Republic of Singapore said in Parliament to all its border agencies to exercise restraint when dealing with Malaysian maritime intrusions with little boats.

    On our side of the border, some one complained why the Prime Minister, the DPM, the Foreign Minister and the Defence Minister were silent on this ‘bullying’ of the Johor MB by Singapore.

    The silent attitude of the top Leadership is correct. The whole matter concerning the maritime territorial border is a non-issue and a non-starter from the beginning of time.

    How many Malaysians remember that it was only in 1971 or thereabouts, restricted passports were required for Causeway travel ?

    How many Malaysians know that at festive holidays especially around Christmas the gates of the Malaysian Immigration at the Causeway were wide open for Singaporeans to rush home without checks until the turn of the 21st Century ? One felon got away like this. This was a fact.

    And our pundits today are aware that with a slowing economy in Singapore and no new white rabbits to be produced from the proverbial hat, the Singapore Leadership will resort to its old punching bag our beloved Malaysia to gain kudos with the hoi-polloi of Singapore to obviate an unsatisfactory result at the polls like two GEs ago when only 60 per cent was in favour of the incumbent PAP.

    And now the real fear that like something might happened unexpectedly like what was gained on 9 May 2918 by our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and DSAI and the Team by his side.

    The problem with the Singapore Leadership is the lack of understanding of how our beloved Malaysia works. The Singaporean businessmen fitted in like a glove.

    As I have said before in China, India, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong etc, there is only one door to enter. But in our beloved Malaysia, there were 10 doors. And when a door is opened, there will be a friendly Malaysian behind who will say ‘No problem’. This is where the problem began. The task is to find the right door. With the New and Incorruptible Government, there should now be only one door like the rest.

    A real life-example was how Singapore thought they had the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government Leadership in its pocket. Lee Kuan Yew was so cock-sure with Obama’s TPPA OK in his pocket when he visited our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his office on his way to the airport with tongue in the cheek.

    The Singaporean elites really felt it when the years of strenuous efforts just collapsed on 9 May 2018.

    Not only that the other legs of the 4 legged stool also collapsed concomitantly during the period 2006-2018 being the ill-conceived Temasek, the FTs importation to boost the GDP – this was like pushing the GDP with a string and the 2 casinos. All these were not properly thought out adventures as led by Lee Kuan Yew.

    And he forgot about the traditional POWER of GOLD through the Ages in the 1980s with so much black cash rolling in. This was an unforgivable oversight by an apparent renowned Leader.

    Malaysia nearly got into trouble if he had not succumbed to Western diktats and flatteries by the gnomes of Zurich but to THINK ALL THE TIME LIKE OUR GOOD TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD.

    Unfortunately, Singapore had a person who thought of his 1947 glory at Cambridge ALL THE TIME and missed enslaving our beloved Malaysia by just a stroke of the pen or phone call at a time when Singapore was drowning in riches from the largesse of the Black Under Counter Trades in arms during the Cold War 1948 – 1989.

    As a Singaporean billionaire once told me,’ Opportunity is like a horse with 4 legs. When it comes, jump on it because we have only 2 legs. You can never chase after it. If we miss it, we miss it forever !’ This was one of the best advice given to me by my Singaporean friends when I was young and care-free.

    See how Singapore missed investing in GOLD at not more than US$ 300 per ounce up to 4,000 tons ?

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Malaysia escaped TWICE by the skin of her teeth from the best that LEE KUAN YEW COULD PRODUCE. We are humble Malaysians but we have something even better………….Man proposes. God disposes !

  41. mubarakchan Jan 16,2019 6:23 AM


    As I write this morning, it is still dark outside the house, The bulbuls are still asleep in the comfort of the young banyan by the roadside. It is the classical scenario of peace and harmony in a once very happy land but not so happy now due to the Rape of our beloved Malaysia by the Singapore Puppet and Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites 2004-2018.

    I am up a wee bit early this morning due to the fact that a most significant debate concerning Brexit in the Mother of all Parliaments, the House of Commons, occurred this morning. The British Government led by Prime Minister Theresa May lost by the greatest margin since 1921 by 202 votes.

    This immediately harks back to the signing of the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP Agreement which the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government signed but not ratified. Man proposes. God disposes.

    The political mess which Britain got herself enmeshed today was due to the fact that she joined the EU due to the stupidity of her Labour Government Leadership, the gnomes of Zurich, the US and GREED. It was absolutely wrong for Britain to join the EU without careful thought that eventually ALL her laws would be dictated by the EU Parliament. Importantly, Britain fought so many wars on the Continent that no one on both sides of the Channel could forget this historical baggage.

    It was wrong for Britain to join. It is wrong for her to leave. What a mess. Two wrongs do not make a right.

    Similarly, our beloved Malaysia was betrayed by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government Leadership and its elites, the Senior Civil Servants traitors and GREED.

    If the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP had been ratified, our beloved Malaysia would have been enmeshed in 50 volumes of Agreement designed by Lee Kuan Yew to lock Malaysia as a political and economic SLAVE forever.

    In 2005, he even set up the International Arbitration Tribunal in anticipation of the Malaysians who are careless about the Devil in the details in the 50 volumes Agreement. And with treacherous senior Malaysian Civil Servants, it was a cinch to get ALL what was wanted by Lee Kuan Yew inserted in the 50 volumes in his favour. It was that close.

    In June 2009, Lee Kuan Yew at the age of 85 visited his cohorts and digits in the hot and humid Ulus to exhort support for his Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP. He even had tea with a lady off Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur ! He was that good but not good enough with us humble Malaysians.

    If ratified, Malaysia’s position within the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP would have been much worse than Britain’s position with the Brexit – like the song, ‘ Hotel California ‘.


    Malaysia had our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and DSAI and the Team to save us the Rakyat and ousted the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its corrupt elites.


    When a person does something, there must be a cogent reason for doing so unless that person is mad.

    As I constantly mentioned that Singapore’s obsession with down-sizing our beloved Malaysia was a sheer waste of time and money. And at the end of the day, this is proved to be correct.

    As a result, Singapore spent its entire existence trying to capture the pie in the sky which is Malaysia as its captive slave INSTEAD OF LOOKING OUT INTO THE WORLD BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON.

    And sadly, the Leadership and its elites which now proved to be like lemmings a’la Lee Kuan Yew’ quotations, FORGOT ABOUT LEE KUAN YEW’S CREDITS AND GOODWILL WITH THE WORLD’S SUPER-POWERS FOR 25 YEARS. Soon, this will diminish in value if un-utilised.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. With every smile Tun, you gain. Keep smiling Tun and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. Both of you looked great in the photos. .

  42. mubarakchan Jan 15,2019 7:47 PM


    All seem to be quiet and calm during these early days of the New Year.

    Our country is one of the few in the World festooned with festive holidays of one kind or another. And our dynamic Minister of Education has voiced his concern over the fact that Malaysian teachers might have been overworked by 25% even though I did not notice any complaint on this matter before 9 May 2018.

    Years ago, I worked out that a Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan married female teacher could stretch her pregnancy to 9 full months of leave if she knew how. What about the male teachers ? Would they be home-minders on this score ? However there are more important headlines on my mind then such trivialities, thus :-

    1. ” SINGAPOREANS STOP SHOPPING IN JOHOR.” – I do not recall one instance when the Singaporeans stopped shopping in Johor under the rule of Lee Kuan Yew.

    Some of them came to KL and shopped at Marks & Spencer in Mid-Valley Mall and quipped, ‘ A bar of chocolates in Singapore could buy a shirt at Marks & Spencer in KL.’ They came to KL very easily and comfortably by SIA. And they came for the KL Philharmonic Concerts as well. No one ever thought of the HS train costing RM 60 Billion in those PRE-SINGAPORE PUPPET CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT 2003-2018 DAYS ! Our minds were uncorrupted by money.

    The recent beating of the war-drums by the Leadership of a City State with 50 paper generals and 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-50 must be like a Gilbert & Sullivan show – a lot in front, nothing behind.

    And in exactly the area where the Johor Mentri Besar had a look-see, an important big-wig of the City State declared all intrusions would be strictly dealt with ! And it is not a joke. His Excellency said it with a stern face.

    In November 1945, from the good ship MV Winchester Castle, I could see all manner of tongkangs, sampans, junks and sailing boats spread widely over this very area without any care of a sea boundary – an expression of freedom after over 3 years of forced incareration which is now strictly delineated in Singapore’s interests. As Theresa May the beleaguered British Prime Minister said yesterday,’ It is time to stop the games. ‘ Or the difference between men and boys is the quality of their toys !

    2. ” STREET SWEEPER TOUCHED BY STATE AWARD. ” It was reported in the media that a 60 year old female road sweeper in Kuala Lipis was awarded the PJK by the Yang Di Pertuan Besar Negri Sembilan Tuanku Mukhriz ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir. She worked with the City Centre Road sweeper Unit of the SWM for 15 years. Two other employees of the SEM were similarly awarded. A wonderful gesture and occasion graced by the Ruler of Negri Sembilan. I remember the HRH Sultan Ibrahim of Johor during the pre-war days was similarly loved by his subjects. The Royals do play an important part in our Malaysian Society and were significant in centuries past. This is another facet of UNITY which is as important as any.


    Any blind deaf and dumb economist would have noticed straight away the tremendous savings in terms of the eradication of the Rape of the Government coffers by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites. This savings alone will amount to many billions a year. If 1 Trillion ringgits were transported out between 2002-2010 as was reported, then at least there would have been reduction of this corrupt money by at least not more than RM 125 Billions annually. There should be an immediate cessation of corrupt money flow due to the total disconnect between UMNO and the Private Sector Nexus. Hence, we see many sour-faced individuals riding in posh limousines in town these days with or without the obligatory goons.

    With normal governance and accounting which is the specialty of the FM, and if 2019 turns out to be just like any other normal year for Malaysia, our GDP should be at least 5% if not more because when our beloved Malaysia was being raped lock stock and barrel, the GDP floated above 5%.

    Who says Malaysia is in financial trouble ? This fellow must be from Mars or Rip Van Winkle.

    4. ” FM. I LOVE A BORING DEMOCRACY.” The FM is absolutely right. When our Malaysian Style Democracy was over-ran by strangers of all descriptions who wafted in to have also a bite at the goodies between 2004-2018 offered by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites, no Leader cared for the well-being of the Rakyat especially the 200,000 young Malay bankrupts and the 200,000 unemployed Malay graduates and their non-Malay colleagues.

    All the Leaders were empty of ideas except to copy the failed State of Singapore’s NS. This was only an excuse in the early days to steal money out of the Government coffers via construction of camps, transport, catering, uniforms, miscellaneous contracts etc. Yet billions of ringgits were spent on mere essentials. The mega thefts soon followed thereafter.

    Malaysia has always been known as a boring country unlike exotic Thailand. And our lazy BN Ministers of Tourism became Ministers for Tourism which they thought no one noticed.

    In time without their strenuous efforts, the UNIQUE SCANDALS OF MALAYSIA WERE AS GOOD AS ANY ADVERTISEMENT FROM THE TOURIST BOARD ! It was a sheer waste too to spend RM 90 Million as fast as Speedy Gonzales ! The poor rich Dato Seri was overtaken by speedy events !

    The FM is absolutely right in his comment. NO SCANDALOUS DEMOCRACY FOR US, WE ARE MALAYSIANS !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  43. mubarakchan Jan 14,2019 5:59 PM


    Maybe the pair of bulbuls in the young banyan tree brought more friends to the neighbourhood. Both groups were singing and chirping from about 6.50 a.m. onwards. As soon as the sun peeped over the horizon they were gone. What a carefree life of birds I always thought ? But the grass is always greener on the other side.

    On this score, the tiny Republic of Singapore which covers only 200,000 acres at low tide has just proclaimed the venerable Johor Straits as Singapore Territorial Waters by the stroke of the pen. It was done as easy as this. To conquer something by means of the pen like the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP which the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government Leadership signed for ratification if they had won the 14th GE. Man proposes. God disposes.

    In their utmost frustration or angst at missing their quarry our beloved Malaysia, the Bluffologists now revert to their age-old obsession by creating all sorts of comments or other difficulties with comments like, ‘WE EXPECT OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MALAYSIA ON A DOWNWARD SPIRAL.’

    I have said many times that Singapore’s obsession with Malaysia had cost them dear in time and money. Why ? They forgot to utilize the tremendous credits and goodwill which Lee Kuan Yew had garnered for them with the Super Powers. If un-utilized, this credit and goodwill will soon be forgotten. Imagine. They forgot for 25 years.

    However, today there are better things to comment about than the fictitious Singapore Territorial Waters over Johor Straits.

    Your significant comment, ‘THE MALAYSIANS ARE NOT UNITED.’ This goes a long way in history and is an extremely complex subject which can only be dealt without the luxury of time but history.

    Let us look at the basics. The many countries which have come before our beloved Malaysia or Malaya minted only in 1957 !

    Countries like India has been around for 5,000 years, Japan 3,000 years and Switzerland 800 years. Each of these countries has a modicum of Unity which was galvanized by wars. Malaysia has no such experience. Except for the fact that tiny Singapore with only 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-50 is always producing the spectre of Malay threats across its borders. A city State which has nothing. A part of its Bluffology Policy has just been punctured by the US billionaire Jim Rogers in San Francisco

    To this day, the four tribes of Switzerland the Germans, the French, the Italians and the Romansch still express snide remarks behind each others back. Through the centuries, it was the armed military which kept them unified. At one stage in the early 1980s, a Swiss general spied on 330,000 of his fellow citizens and got into trouble.

    India and Japan exhibit the most united front from their citizens in wars or wartime.

    But in all three of the countries I mentioned, based on the creation of their unity on EDUCATION which is the font of Unity for them.

    Malaysia’s history is far more complicated than the three countries I mentioned.

    The Federation of Malays was haphazardly created from colonialism which suffered much during World War II. Then, Merdeka was rushed due to the Communist Insurgency. With the colonial compartmentalization of the three major communities, there were not many personalities to man the iconic institutions or to provide ideas for the future.

    For example, in 1965, I was directed by Tun Abdul Razak, President of the Olympic Council to open up the Selangor Shooting Association which was controlled by only 33 Hakkas. Today the Association has over 1,000 members of all races with RM 2 million in its coffers.

    Soon after Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur had the Sulaiman Club, the Selangor Chinese Recreation Club and the Tamil Physical and Cultural Association. The Lake Club was only opened to Malaysians at the direction of Tun Abdul Razak in 1972 ! The clubs and sporting associations in the rest of the country were similarly placed.

    Nearly all Life’s essentials were similarly separated from abodes to wet markets.

    Great efforts have been made by the BN Government up to 2004.

    From then on, the Leadership of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government behaved differently by indulging in personal materialism of the luxury kind at the Rakyat’s expense. As a pundit cracks,’ It takes a Lifetime to learn how to be good. But just one day to turn bad.’

    It is the Education System which as it exists, should be addressed eventually. Sometimes, the digits manning the System are of the little napoleon kind embedded in the examinations syndicates.. Even though this might take a long while, the effort to unite all schools cannot be avoided in time. This is the nub of UNITY of understanding each other and to tolerate each other.

    As it is, it is now every community for itself or every little political faction for itself.

    Lee Kuan Yew might have had thought he had succeeded by his insidious attempts at weakening the Leadership of Malaysia. But the fact that our beloved Malaysia still holds together in these trying times belies his belief. On the other side of the coin, he has failed to do Malaysia down miserably via his Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP. At the end of the day, he himself ended with 47 Failed Public Policies – his Fables and Foibles. Hence Singapore is in a desperate dilemma today to raise new revenues to progress.

    With a strong New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the great and the new, this is the FIRST step. Then, proper and Rakyat serving Policies must follow. For UNITY, it pays for the Minister of Education to pay a visit to India -Dehra Doon, Japan and Singapore – to see whether its as bad as Jim Rogers made them out to be !

    I believe there is a Ministry of Unity. The Minister would not be seeing much during his term or even a Life time in this kaleidoscope of creating Unity WHICH IS SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. Especially in a country where there is always peace and harmony and practically with no major disasters.

    The only way for UNITY to exist amongst Malaysians eventually is for the Government to take time to formulate the right policies taking into consideration all vested interests and sensitivities at hand with PATIENCE. And this alone might take a long time. It must be remembered that UNITY cannot come out of a computer with the press of a button. UNITY is the melding of different emotions into one thought which is National Unity. It was not UNITY which ousted the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites.

    IT WAS THE AMALGAM OF EVERYTHING WHICH THE RAKYAT SUFFERED FROM 2004-2018 WHICH BROUGHT ITS DOWNFALL. After 9 May 2018, UNITY disappeared as quickly as it appeared. That UNIITY was not sustainable.

    Tun, you brought up a tough subject which could only be dealt by wise men and women over many years or decades in an equable and peaceful environment for all to rationalize to OVERCOME DISUNITY AND CORRUPTION TO MAKE IT TO THE RANKS OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES BY MALAYSIA as mentioned by you recently.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Our Policy for Unity must be steadfast and constant which mantle would be taken up by the inheritors unlike the Crooked and Corrupt Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites 2004-2018 which succumbed to weakness of the flesh and the soft-under-belly when in POWER.

  44. mubarakchan Jan 13,2019 9:52 AM


    What better day than to-day to comment on a subject which we all hold dear – HAPPINESS ?

    A day when most human activities take a break after 6 days of work as laid down by most statutes in the business World.

    In France, the French proletariat donned yellow jackets to demand less work, more pay and less inflation.

    Our fellow Rakyat only demonstrate as led by the countless NGOs which have become a new profitable industry replacing politics and the born again tax free places of worship. There is never any failing in the creation of activities by our Malaysians to make money.

    The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘HAPPY’ as feeling of contentment or satisfaction.

    Surprisingly, a group of socio-economists have produced an International Survey of Happiness around the World annually. They produced a Happiness Index for each country as well.

    In 2017, Finland tops the list of happiness.

    Singapore ranks just one place above Malaysia at 34. This is rather surprising with the knowledge that Singapore’s GDP could not breach 3% since 2002 ! And Singapore has the authoritarian capitalist or the benevolent authoritarian or rich Cuba political system. It is a tiny place with only 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-50. To put Singapore in the same league as a country State instead of a city State, this mocks the credibility of the Happiness Index.

    In 2017, our beloved Malaysia was mired in her deepest and darkest hour under the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites leadership 2004-2018.

    There was nothing on the table for the Rakyat. The BN Leadership and its elites took all. Lip-service was paid to problems and promises. The unemployed 200,000 graduates were neglected and the 200,000 young Malay bankrupts were misled by a perfunctory amendment of the Bankruptcy Act 1967 which left everything in place without amendment. The Ministers of Law were ineffective. The utter neglect of Public Services knew no bounds. Billions of ringgits were stolen openly and siphoned overseas . The Rakyat were aware of this total Rape of our beloved Malaysia from 2004-2018.

    Yet, our beloved Malaysia’s Happiness Index ranked just below Singapore’s which has a huge Ministry of Information keeping tabs on all the international surveys to make sure Singapore stands out tops by hook or by crook. PR has been the number one priority from the very beginning for Singapore.

    This bluffology or BS caught the billionaire Jim Rogers unawares. When he realised he was conned, he spoke candidly at a San Francisco recently about the sad state of languages in the education system in Singapore. Here is one UNHAPPY person to add to the list of persons conned by Singapore Bluffology or BS.

    With the facts before us, our beloved Malaysia’s Happiness Index for 2018 and forwards should be many rankings above Singapore’s despite of its contrived and insidious attempts to better all. Or as Singapore proudly put it without any justification, ” Hit above its weight “. The World will come to realise that Singapore’s boastful claims are all BS, like the billionaire Jim Rogers.

    Malaysia’s Happiness Index as bolstered by the New and Incorruptible Government will shoot up the rankings sooner rather than later.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Even in the Happiness Index of the World, Singapore tried to BS past Malaysia. Believe it or not ! We know Singapore has nothing since the end of the Cold War 1948-1989 with the loss of the Black Arms Trades to the BRICS !

  45. mubarakchan Jan 12,2019 9:30 AM


    The bulbul which sang in full song in the young banyan tree outside my house surprisingly perched by my sitting room closed window trying to gain access into the house. He did not make it and flew off in frustration. This is one part of Life which interests me apart from observing the ridiculous events concerning Corruption by those in Power who were in control of Money – the fallible Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites. 2004-2018

    Your significant comment.’ MALAYSIA MUST TACKLE CORRUPTION HEAD-ON BEFORE JOINING RAKNS OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES, This makes sense as the New and Incorruptible Government begins to catch the crooks and charge them in Court. In time, this should act as a deterrent to those who have corruption in their minds.

    As the saying goes, ‘ Like a rotting fish, Corruption begins at the head.’

    Corruption was an epidemic from 2004-2018 created by the rotten Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Non-caring BN Government and its elites. The whole Establishment was involved.

    One absurd example was the use of the money-losing MAS to buy 4th rate works of art from a girl friend, I presume.

    This Corruption epidemic did not suddenly appear but had its origins dating back to the Japanese Occupation 1943-1945. The tricks learnt by by the Chinese during those trying times were carried into the British Military Administration (BMA)1945-1950.

    During this time Corruption was apparent in the towns like Kuala Lumpur where Government rice storekeepers and market sanitary inspectors were on the take and in play. Some could afford to send their children to Britain to study ! One Deputy Controller of Estate Duty could accept Straits $ 5,000 wrapped inside the venerable Straits Times so that he would sign the deceased’s Probate. From here, Corruption was fairly well contained. But one astute Chinaman in those early days of the British Legislative Council already had a local Councillor on his payroll. We might say this was the very first instance of MONEY POLITICS in British Malaya !

    From here we fast trek to the Corruption Epidemic by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites, all were infected.

    With the full knowledge that a Corruption Epidemic will kill us all and our beloved Malaysia was saved by a whisker from being enslaved by Singapore via the un-ratified TPPA/CPTPP which was signed by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, we must now understand that every ringgit the New and Incorruptible Government spends will bring a full value of nearly 90 sens.

    In Singapore with its anti-corruption draconian measures, only 93 cents could be recovered.

    Before the New and Incorruptible Government, the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government could only recover 60 sens. This important fact is not only good for the stability of the ringgit in our National Interest but also to foreign investors.

    Because of this fact alone without the support of the good Policies of the incumbent Government to come, there will be a HUGE INFLOW OF FDI WITHING TWO YEARS as soon as the international financial setting stabilizes. Further, our beloved Malaysia is now one of the four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia.

    The above facts are supported by international surveys which reported an outflow of RM 1 Trillion from Malaysia between 2003-2010 ! And another source recently claimed after this another RM 470 Billion had been siphoned overseas.

    These facts confirm the magnitude of the Rape of our beloved Malaysia by those whom the Rakyat elected and placed their trust in them. In the history of Humankind, the Rape of our beloved Malaysia is worst than the Rape of the Sabine Women of Ancient Rome who as reported eventually enjoyed it !

    As a result of the criminal Corrupt activities of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites, we the Rakyat faced with no jobs, no increment in our incomes, no opportunities to make money, no more life-style living for our families, inflation, rising cost of living, a depressed property market and the whole economy is moribund together with 200,000 young Malay bankrupts and another 200,000 unemployed graduates.


    Catch the crooks. Charge them in Court.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR THE GOVERNMNET NOW IS TO TAKE BACK ALL THE STOLEN MONEY DEPOSITED OVERSEAS AND BENEFITTING THE HOST COUNTRIES ONLY. A Clause on this penalty should be incorporated in all the appropriate Laws.

  46. mubarakchan Jan 10,2019 6:23 PM


    This is one of my happiest days. Why ?

    I was having lunch with my friend in a Mall. We called for the bill. A Datin officer of DBKL who was sitting with her assistant at the next table insisted she paid for our lunch bill. She said she was very happy to do so. My friend was exceedingly surprised as this has never happened to him before. But in my case, there were a couple of instances like this.

    It was obvious that this Datin officer of DBKL was in a happy frame of mind concerning her job, her Boss and the New and Incorruptible Government.

    This also showed that the effects of the Policies of the New and Incorruptible Government are reaching down to the lower levels of the Administration. This Policy thrust must be follow-up to its final conclusion when the exclusivity of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites were all pervasive.

    This was not a surprise. But what it should be amongst us the Rakyat who are fortunate to be born, bred and live in this beloved Malaysia of ours. We all have a great future with LESS POLITICS and more HARD WORK.

    I have always said that hard work does not kill anyone but only do good.

    I had 11 brothers who were fortunate not to work since my father died. They all died young at a time when people lived up to 100 years old. They died young without working or lifting a finger to do any work.

    All humankind are born to work and persevere for better things in Life. Anything which does not conform to NORMAL behaviour, will be cut down sooner or later as we could see from recent events in our beloved Malaysia.

    We have seen so many high ranking people with titles wearing the orange lock-up apparel of he MACC these days including the first Chinese Datuk who happened to be my friend, also joined the throng.

    How could it be ? Are we dreaming that even the most powerful and richest in the land had taken to robbing Public Coffers ? What a bad example the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites gave to all and sundry !

    When I was on the Board of Trustees of the EPF and Board of Directors of Bank Negara Malaysia, I never sought any freebies like holiday bungalows, transport etc.

    As a Director of Sime Darby, I never sought any freebies like holiday bungalows, yachts, private plane rides, transport, staff attendance etc at home and abroad.

    Once I turned up at a meeting of Cycle & Carriage Ltd Singapore, in a small taxi and stopped in front of the showroom with screeching brakes. I could hear the muffled laughter of the sales staff as I walked up to the Boardroom. I was there to re-structure the Company which was mired in problems by the top 4 officers of the Management which had at least 8 Mercedes per family to use. eg. one to go to office, another to play golf, one for marketing, a special one to attend official dinners etc. The 4 executive officers were brothers. One of them asked me for permission to buy a second-hand yacht. I told him I was not into yachts. If the other directors gave their consent, I would go along. He never came back.

    Not long afterwards, I was lounging by the Star Ferry quayside Tsimshatsui Hong Kong. A huge yacht moored next to me. Two expatriate families disembarked with butlers and matrons. At the rear of the yacht was emblazoned, SIME DARBY.

    I returned to KL and complained to the Sime Darby Management why the Directors were not informed about the yacht. The reply was the yacht was to make the expatriates happy. I thought what did the Management do to make the SHAREHOLDERS HAPPY !

    Because of the peculiar layers of Power in practice in corporate governance in Malaysia where infringements of ethics, propriety, standards, integrity etc are often ignored and without enforcement of the Laws, the top Management did all in their own personal interest.

    In this instance, it is obvious the Malaysian top Sime Darby Management bought the yacht for their own personal use whilst attending the Hong Kong horse races with the ultimate in luxury as regards all essentials.

    The derring-dos in the Private Sector influenced the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 and its elites to have the same luxuries at the Rakyat’s expense through the corrupt GLCs.

    Hence my friend the Datuk ended up wearing the orange apparel of the MACC !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem

  47. mubarakchan Jan 9,2019 5:10 PM


    This morning was another cool and calm morning. As I walked past the young banyan tree, the resident bulbul was in full song. I was happy he was back after a furlough of a few days. However, it was an unexpected headline which caught my eyes this morning, thus :-



    Quote Jim Rogers. ” Many people speak Mandarin and I moved to Singapore because I can’t speak Mandarin myself…..I did not expect that Singapore sucks at both English and Chinese. The English standard in Singapore is just disappointing.”

    Quote the article. ” The Singapore Government often advertised its education system as ‘ one of the World’s best.’ and many impressionable foreigners from Asia, China and English speaking countries send their children to study in the island. Resident foreigners soon realise that the Singapore education system is especially lacking in languages and not as felicitous as the Government made it out to be. Ruling Party elites and Ministers is a ready example of poor English.”

    Singlish has become a permanent fixture in Singapore, now and forever.

    Jim Rogers is an American billionaire who took up residence in Singapore with a lot of Singapore Government fan-fare. He found his 2 daughters did not learn much from the Singapore education system concerning English and Mandarin.

    It is obvious that the good teachers in languages and other subjects have emigrated to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Hence, Jim Rogers spoke out on the true facts concerning Singapore Government’s much touted education system and its mathematics subjects.

    In mathematics, 1 + 1 = 2.

    How many Malaysians observed that Lee Kuan Yew’s two sons studied mathematics and engineering because these subjects are mathematics based. If they had studied Law at Cambridge in the 1970s, they would have been placed last against 300 smartest British undergraduates.

    Lee Kuan Yew entered Fitzwilliam House, Cambridge by the back-door without the requisite Open Examination and Latin or Greek. He was over-aged at 23. After three and a half years of Law tuition by unemployed British trained lawyers throughout the Japanese Occupation 1942-1945. he could repeat volumes of Law by rote. His fellow undergraduates were war veterans who numbered probably about 30. He was tops. The Double First in Law was his highest achievement which thereafter, he created 47 Failed Public Policies – his Fables and Foibles. A sort of contrived giant with feet of clay based on one singular achievement under wartime circumstances. Even his quotations were often contradictory.

    However, our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was born a brilliant and courageous person who could think out his Policies on a firm basis. But all his closest aides let him down by having secret agendas like collecting Stradivarius violins or banks etc. They crossed the red line of no return and created scandals. I can confirm these facts.

    Hence, Singapore is in a dilemma concerning most things on the one hand and Malaysia is one of four most important small countries on the other.

    The latest comments by Singapore Government officials seemed to blame their problems on the New and Incorruptible Government of Malaysia which I consider as odd. They could not offer steel in a velvet glove solutions like what Lee Kuan Yew could in the 20th Century. They tried but failed.

    How could they when they have Ministers with unkempt hair, sleepy face and without a suit or a tie ? I consider this is a mockery of his own honourable Singapore Government.

    And to underline what I have been saying for years in these columns on brainwashing, the article mentioned ‘…..and many impressionable foreigners from Asia, China and English speaking countries send their children to study in the island…….’ This confirms the mass brainwashing by Lee Kuan Yew using the best methods of the West and East.

    Jim Rogers is one prominent international business person who was conned by the BLUFFOLOGY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE which actually has nothing. These snippets or driblets are coming home to roost like pigeons. In time, the whole artificial façade will be unmasked that the citizens were conned big time. That was what happened to the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. NO BLUFFOLOGY OR BS FOR US. WE ARE MALAYSIANS !

  48. mubarakchan Jan 8,2019 3:50 PM


    Finally, your fears of what would happen to our beloved Malaysia over a decade ago and my fears from gleaning the headlines of the media that Malaysia had lost her Sovereignty and National Interest from 2004-2018 is now confirmed by a headline today, thus :-


    With headlines like these now staring at us before our eyes not only confirm the dire neglect of the duties and responsibilities to be performed by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites but also our beloved Malaysia was being sold out lock stock and barrel.

    First, the BN Government sought sustenance and aid from China through mega projects which do not jive with the immediate needs of the Rakyat.

    Mega projects in towns do not benefit anyone except for the BN Leaders in control of the coffers.

    Why China’s help to improve our horti-cultural industry, fishing and SMEs were not sought by the BN Leadership ?

    Mega projects which only serve 100,000 passengers daily were rushed to completion for the 14th GE.

    There are over 200,000 young Malay bankrupts and possibly another 200,000 unemployed graduates together with their non-Malay colleagues are left alone and neglected.

    To add to the sheer waste and neglect of the Rakyat who deserve the most attention, the BN Leaders approved the spending of RM 750 Million to turn our green Lake Gardens into a concrete jungle which is deserted normally from Mondays to Fridays.

    And more spending to build a new museum to house fake antiques because no one in the World build a museum first to house real antiques afterwards. Real antiques are not available daily like our daily bread. A worthy antiques collection will take a lifetime to acquire if at all available. The museums in the West today were created over 100 years ago either from war loot or life-time collectors.

    The only worthy historical items apart from those in the Islamic Museum are in the Bank Negara Numismatic Museum and the Maybank Numismatic Museum.

    In 1972, I donated the World’s only Finest Collection of 110 gold and silver coins of the Malay Sultanates in the 18th and 19th Century.

    In 1984, I donated the finest collection of coins of the Straits Settlements, Malaya, Sarawak and North Borneo. The Maybank Numismatic Museum exhibits another similar coinage collection from me.

    These numismatic collections took me a life-time to put together. There is no such thing as building a new museum to house a collection of antiques which can only be fakes if acquired in months !.

    A large portion of the Nation’s wealth has been wasted on assets of no value or over-valued.

    Not only China’s alleged bail-out of the BN Government but also the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government signed Lee Kuan Yew’s Malaysia Killer the TPPA/CPTPP which was waiting to be ratified after the 14th GE. Man proposes. God disposes. The Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites fell from Power.

    Singapore was so keen to enslave our beloved Malaysia with the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP that Lee Kuan Yew visited the hot and humid Ulus at the age of 85 to exhort his cohorts, digits, spies, senior Civil Servants, fellow travellers, journalists, ducks, swallows, tycoons etc. To ensure his success, he had tea with a lady in a house off Jalan Duta. And with tongue in his cheek, Lee Kuan Yew visited our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his office !

    Man proposes. God disposes ! President Trump tore up the TPPA on his first day in office. Singapore lost their long-time US Democrat mojo. And by 2018, Singapore lost its Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites as well which were all dancing and enjoyig wonderfully to the corrupt GLCs tune.

    Most Malaysians are not aware how close our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat face total rape and enslavement. Man proposes. God disposes.


    With no Leadership of note 2004-2018, our beloved Malaysia would have been thoroughlyn raped and enslaved – worst than the Rape of the Sabine Women of Ancient/ Rome ! Driblets and snippets of factual information now emerging from/ here and there CONFIRM.

    Does our beloved Malaysia really need a super-fast train between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore ? 99% of the construction and costs will be on Malaysian soil whilst Singapore could up-grade a golf course into a railway station with condos and commercial properties. Singapore gains. Malaysia loses again. Not only that, the over 200,000 young Malays bankrupts and the over 200,000 unemployed Malay graduates and their non-Malay colleagues were forgotten. The fast train delivers tourists fast to Singapore as the volume of passengers is always higher from Kuala Lumpur. Brains do not think !

    It is a mystery to me up to this day what were the mind-sets of those BN Leaders in 2004-2018 if any !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  49. mubarakchan Jan 7,2019 3:03 PM


    It is good to remind all Malaysians that our beloved Malaysia’s own style of Democracy is very much alive and well.

    There have been a huge inundation of unnecessary complaints onto the new Leaders either to embarrass them or to derail them from their allotted tasks.

    But as long as the ship under your stern and wise command navigates a steady course, the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great will prevail. That’s a fine thing for our beloved Malaysia in 2019.

    As a born-optimist, I have always written in these columns with no complaints but always try to impress what a wonderful country we all have. And with the New and Incorruptible Government, perfect.

    But there are wisps of black clouds over the far horizon – the struggle for the hegemony of South East Asia and the South China Sea between China and the United States., thus,


    How ? With problems it is always best to refer to historical precedents which not only save us a lot of time but provide information on how to deal with such problems together with our own enhancements or improvements.

    Switzerland comes right to my mind. A country which lived under the Nazi jackboot during Hitler’s Regime.1933-1945. She did not do anything which was biased against any country or sided one country against another. She made a slip somehow and was accidentally bombed by the American USAF. The border town of Schaffausen took the hit. This accident brought the Swiss to walk the straight and narrow path of neutrality again.

    South East Asia is the most important Region of the World. Amongst the ASEAN countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia are budding important countries of the World with Malaysia right in the nexus of ASEAN.


    It is good our beloved Malaysia formulate a Policy of Neutrality concerning tussles between the United States and China which will also bind the ASEAN countries as well.

    As small Nations, we have always been peaceful and industrious. We do not want to be involved in the Power struggles of Super-Powers which really we do not understand. What we all want is our peaceful livelihood without war and destruction, our rice and our sustainable future for our families. No more. No less.

    Without a Policy, the ASEAN countries will be like a herd of sheep in loose formation without defence.

    But if the Powers that be offer goodies for each Nation, of course, within the context of each Sovereignty and National Interest, there is no harm getting the benefit for the peoples provide there is no overdose of a good thing.

    Like what doctors always say, you can do anything but do not overdo it.
    Common sense. Unlike the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites which were handled by Singapore through an invisible leash.

    In other words, with a battle for hegemony for South East Asia, it is better for Malaysia and ASEAN to line up with countries like India, Japan, South Korea to give us more space for manoeuvrability and every move or action must be a gain to Malaysia and ASEAN within the context of Sovereignty and National Interest eg. the Seletar Airport Air Space.

    As we must always say, ‘ We are peaceful and hardworking. We are Malaysians.’

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. A Neutral Foreign Policy is the Best Policy.

  50. mubarakchan Jan 6,2019 1:35 PM


    The end of every year always brought memories of past events to my mind. I suppose it is only natural that this is so. After all we are human beings of flesh and blood with a brain. But there are some who forget about their past even though illustrious and embark on the Life full of existentialism in pursuit of material desires and wealth. Such people are dangerous in view of the shallowness of their mind-sets.

    How many Malaysians realise the full meaning of our beloved Tun Dr Siti Hasmah playing her violin in honour of a young man ? To me, the complete picture is that our beloved Malaysia is now able to express her emotions at the highest level of attributes. And we do not need a US$ 5 Million Stradivarius to express our feelings.

    You have mentioned about the importance of the mind-set in recent days. Unfortunately, there are not many in this country who understand what is the meaning of a mind-set. This is the problem.

    To me, a mind-set is the frame of thinking by a person who has been properly educated and not uneducated. Hence we have education for all from young. It is no use when a person who is already an adult. It is far too late for such a person to have the right mind-set. Amongst our Society these days, fake PH.D holders are a dime a dozen.

    Tun, you are probably the only person in our beloved Malaysia who uses the brain all the time to think out problems and options.

    Take the case of the self-promoted Lee Kuan Yew who had 47 Failed Public Policies to his name. His fables and foibles. How many Malaysians knew the following :-

    1. In the 1970s, Lee Kuan Yew up-rooted all the trees which attracted worms to the fruits and flowers. As a consequence, all the birds disappeared from Singapore. The Singapore Government had to employ a British ornithologist to find out why all the birds disappeared. He found Lee Kuan Yew insisted on the planting of non-flowering trees and shrubs. This non-utilization of Lee Kuan Yew’s brain and its thinking processes cost Singapore dear and it took at least over a decade to attract the birds return. Today, Singapore proudly proclaims that she protects her fauna and flora with the requisite pictures of imported monkeys as the confirmation of wild life in Singapore’s patches of forests or greenery.

    2. Not only that, in the early 1970s, Lee Kuan Yew demolished all the historical places of worship and heritage sites until his buddy told him he was over-doing it. From then on, he began to build fake historical buildings which featured 19th Century architecture which could be seen all over Singapore today.

    Apart from Lee Kuan Yew’s non-functioning mind-set which produced 47 Failed Public Policies of Fables and Foibles, the untold damage created by such un-thinking Policies only came home to roost in recent times. Hence, this is the burden to bear for his inheritors.

    Strangely, despite all the remonstrations encouraged by his inheritors today to revive his oft-contradictory quotations like Mao’s Little Red Book, Singapore is in a dilemma of deep proportions due to a brand new World of the makings of the Super-Powers in a cyber-environment of the 21st Century.

    This is the real difference between our beloved Malaysia’s brilliant and courageous Prime Minister who thinks all the time and those Prime Ministers who had to refer to their Little Red Books all the time.

    For example, the Sin Chew Jit Poh brought up the subject UEC when its journalists interviewed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    The UEC is a historical subject with a complicated problem. A problem which has a history which dates back to the 19th Century but also right through the political tumultuous 20th Century.

    AN ANSWER COULD NOT BE ANSWERED OFF THE CUFF BY ANY LEADER BECAUSE OF THE COALITION NATURE OF ALL MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENTS 1957-2019. Hence, for any pundit to jump at any equivocal answer provide is off the mark.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad answer on this score was proper and correct which reflected the nature of his natural deep mind-set on such sensitive issues with caution and care. I am confident this UEC issue will be resolved in time.

    It is not a big deal under present circumstances unlike on May 13 1969 when the Malays had only 2% of the general economy, the Chinese 25% of the third rate assets and the British 70% of the best assets.

    We have all come very far and our beloved Malaysia has become overnight one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia.

    No scientist has reproduced the human brain yet !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Given proper thinking and time and patience, all issues will be resolved by all together.

  51. mubarakchan Jan 5,2019 4:42 PM


    Before I could relax and switch off the computer, an important headline caught my eye.


    As I was just saying a few moments ago about the dangers and priorities which the New and Incorruptible Government are facing or will face, here is the incisive comment by a seasoned financier on the forthcoming vicissitudes for Singapore, China and Hong Kong to come. The latter countries are just exposed as anyone else to to-day’s Globaization, Free Trade and Human Rights – the famed words of Uncle Sam just after the end of the Cold War 1948-1989.

    Singapore should now regret deeply by not building a hoard of GOLD 4,000 tons at around US$ 300 per ounce from the 1980s to 2002 ! Arrogance and the lack of understanding of priorities have caused a deep wound in its well-being and sustainability.



    Tun, as I was saying previously, it is so very important to consider all options carefully and prioritise accordingly on all issues.

    The sad case of Singapore missing out the one and only weapon which she could have created from her huge largesse from the Black Under-Counter Trades in Arms, Sanctions breaking etc of the Cold War 1948-1989 by investing in GOLD which she could control, is a sound lesson for all that a Leadership must never be arrogant and consider all options in the National Interest. A Leadership thinking must never be clouded by emotions overlaid by flattery especially by the Gnomes of Zurich !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  52. mubarakchan Jan 5,2019 12:49 PM


    The morning began with the good olde North East Monsoon still lingered with us until the Sun came out and shooed it away with the pale azure blue sky of a January morning in our beloved Malaysia.

    For sometime now, I have observed the helter-skelter policies of the ex-BN politicians to derail the purpose and good works of the New and Incorruptible Government since the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government lost all its marbles on 9 May 2018.

    Never in the political history of our beloved Malaysia has such a Leadership been thrown out of Power lock stock and barrel !

    14 years of decadent living and spending which brought our beloved Malaysia down to her knees and our reputation ended up in the pit of IGNONIMY at the Rakyat’s expense. Not only a few but the whole Establishment and its elites as well.

    Like spending RM 750 Million to touch up the Taman Perdana, Kuala Lumpur when there are over 200,000 young Malay bankrupts ! And a similar number of graduates without jobs.

    Those pre-9 May 2018 times were desperate times. Living in the jaws of Death which had nearly been fully cast.

    As I saw it the New and Incorruptible Opposition drew up the very workable Manifesto to do just one thing – to oust the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government lock stock and barrel. Surprisingly, thanks to your brilliance and courage, the Manifesto worked.

    Any good Leader would treat the issues raised in the Manifesto that are to be allotted according to urgency and priority. All issues according to a logical mind should be prioritised accordingly. Emotions and irrationality should not take first of place.

    A Leader is administrating a Government which rules over a country of millions of souls. He is not looking after a kindergarten. He has due responsibilities and duties which a mistake or a wrong decision will or may cause the lives of innocent men, women and children. Every decision made by a Leader must be carefully thought out over time with care.

    Unlike the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites which to this very day do not show any remorse at the decadent Life and the crass over-spending of the Rakyat’s money from 2004-2018.

    With due respect, all the issues in the Manifesto of the New and Incorruptible Government should now be prioritized according to urgency and importance. It is as simple as this. Surely none of the issues so raised will be ignored for now or the future. As a layman, I see the importance of the following issues as prioritised

    Issues in order of urgency and priority

    1. Unity of the country – the most important in a democratic country

    2. The financial wherewithal – With the Rape of our beloved Malaysia by the BN Leadership from 2004-2018 en masse which was worst than the Rape of the Sabine Women of Ancient Rome, what we now see and have, are empty Government coffers and its GLCs everywhere in the face of a rising International Financial Storm 2019

    3. The Repair of the damaged Governmental Administrative System which is not so much about the System but the CORRUPTED AND DEBASED VALUES OF THE DIGITS OPERATING IN IT. It’s what is known as the MORALE. Because of the strict Laws in Singapore, the equivalent went for serial sex like a Mr Gan. But in Malaysia, the digits went for SEX and MONEY as well.

    4. The Forward Planning for the years to come unlike the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites who spent time not only stealing money but jet-setting throughout the World. So much so, the BN Leaders were seen to be suffering from jet-lag right in the middle of the Dewan Rakyat. One day, a foreign wise-crack will put all these crazy behaviour in print. With such strenuous activities, the BN Leadership did not have time to care for the farmers, the small-holders, fishermen, the worker etc. Hence, today Malaysia’s PMI dropped to 46.8 per cent. Chine’s 49 per cent and Singapore 48 per cent.

    5. The Daily Routine Ministerial chores to bring the Ministries up to the NORMAL ADMINISTRATIVE STANDARDS OF PRE-2004 YEARS.

    6. Miscellaneous issues which were encumbered in the Manifesto of a POLITICAL NATURE. Political issues, philosophies, polemics etc are the least important when our RICE BOWL has been broken by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites.

    THEREFORE THE FASTER PROBLEMS 1 – 5 ARE RESOLVED THE FASTER ISSUES LIKE THE UEC ETC WILL BE RESOVLED. It is improper to deal with issues which are of minor importance in comparison to the urgent resolutions of major issues at hand. The broad strokes have to be applied on a canvas first before a painting can be completed with the minor strokes or touches. Impatience will kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem if all issues are PRIORITIZED ACCORDINGLY.

  53. mubarakchan Jan 4,2019 5:20 PM


    The recent visit by the Foreign Secretary of the British Government to Singapore and his comments were an eye-opener. He lauded the Singaporean Education System which is based on Mathematics. But the Singaporean media twisted his comments as though Britain after Brexit would take Singapore as their Model. A one street town which closed down their arms facility over 20 years ago !

    Despite their best efforts, the Singapore Government could not produce outstanding personalities like those of their First Generation over 50 years ! There must have been a severe attrition of talent or the lack of proper human resources to fill in the void.

    Hence, my call for Singapore to give Mr Goh Chok Tong a chance to be Prime Minister again due to Singapore’s lack of Prime Minister talent.

    In 1992, Deng Xiao Peng commented that ‘That they have good administrators. But we will do better than them.’

    In 2019, Deng would regret those words from the results of China copying Lee Kuan Yew’s GLCs. There are 100 Chinese on the run form money stolen from the Chinese GLCs.

    And the Chinese demographic experts have commented that by 2027, China’s population will begin to shrink by copying Lee Kuan Yew’s ill-conceived 2 Child Family Policy 1972-1984. Three years earlier than anticipated.

    Those who copied Lee Kuan Yew’s ill-conceived Policies like the GLCs will pay for their insouciance like the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites.

    The British Foreign Secretary lauded Singapore’s education system which actually is based on Mathematics. This System did not produce another Lee Kuan Yew but a host of nameless graduates without political charisma. There is a Leadership problem in Singapore today. And the British Education System only lacks money but nothing else.

    And the Singaporean media twisted Jeffrey Hunt’s comments as though Britain will adopt the Singapore Model after Brexit. What rubbish !


    Singapore’s only natural resource, BLUFFOLOGY will not work with the Net. Period.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  54. mubarakchan Jan 3,2019 6:47 PM


    Two headlines caught my eyes this morning thus :-

    1. The StarBiz. ‘ PMI AT LOWEST LEVEL.’


    The headlines reveal the lack of forward planning by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites during 2004-2018.

    Any layman would have highlighted the importance to develop the Tourism Industry, to discard the corrupt and uncontrollable GLCs, to build up the cash reserves for all for the rainy day and to cut costs all round.

    But the BN Leadership to the opposite course and engaged in flagrant and useless spending of the Rakyat’s money without due care and consideration. This has made everyone poorer in Malaysia from tycoons to the small-holder through the lack of jobs, inflation and the depreciation of the Malaysian Ringgit.

    In the management of a country’s finances, it takes many years to build up a credible wherewithal which could not be created at the press of a button.

    Instead of building up the Tourism Industry, the Minister had a gala time visiting the Southern Antipodes with her spouse in tow. There the kangaroos and sheep out-number the humans 1,000 to one. Not only that she promoted London with an orchid exhibit at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show for the upper-class paid for by the Malaysian Government. She was awarded a Gold Medal for promoting London by the Queen. The medal rightly belongs to the National Museum of Malaysia.

    Further, Sime Darby promoted Ocean Racing in New Zealand for 9 years to appease its former Finance Director who retired there.

    Other countries tourism was promoted except our beloved Malaysia’s which Tourism Industry remains a stunted midget.

    I remember the ex-Axis countries of Germany, Italy and Japan promoted the Tourism Industry to the fullest immediately after the World War 2 which completely flattened them. This took at least 25 years of hard work by these countries and their ministers. None of them toured OTHER COUNTRIES !

    If the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Leadership had only build up our beloved Malaysia’s Tourism Industry 2004-2018, they would have been in honest control of one of the four most important small countries of the World and not in the pit of IGNOMINY AS AT 5 MAY 2018.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. How can anyone forget about forward planning like the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites ?

  55. mubarakchan Jan 1,2019 3:27 PM


    A Very Happy New Year to you, Tun Siti Hasmah and Family and all at this distinguished Blog on this auspicious and ominous first day of 2019.

    Instead of following headlines, I will create two of my own today, thus :-

    1. ” Heads of the Government, Corporations and Famillies should not steal money from the coffers. ”

    If the Head of the Government steals money from the Public Coffers, this means that he does not understand the meaning and functions of a Government.

    Or the Head of a Corporation do likewise, he does not understand the business.

    And if the Head of a Family does the same, his Family can only suffer due to his lack of care and consideration for them.

    In the Management of a rubber or oil palm plantation the following guidelines must be strictly adhered to thus, :-

    1. As far as possible, the plantation should not borrow any money for planting or re-planting because the business is one of the slowest in the World and subjected to cyclical up and down turns of long duration.

    2. A cycle can last 7 – 10 years.

    3. A planter must focus on the production at the lowest cost and the highest quality like a factory manager.

    4. All surplus money must form the reserves for the rainy day. Because when it rains for days, there will be no production and income for days.

    5. All trees must be replanted around the age of 20. This is where money in reserve has to be spent.

    6. Because of the peculiar nature of the profession, the employees get up at 5 a.m. and stop at 12 p.m., it is important for the top Management to set a fine example at work.

    7. If the coffers of a plantation are empty, it becomes a complete disaster because it takes years and years of careful administration to build up the cash reserves. To borrow, this becomes a double disaster.

    8. Like in any other business, there is no room for money to be stolen from the system. This not only affects the staff morale but also weakens the whole corporate structure.

    9. Ultimately, thefts from the Government, the Corporations and a Family could only bring down the entity.

    Like our beloved Malaysia was on the brink of collapse on 8 May 2018.

    Thanks to God’s Will. Our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side turned our beloved Malaysia into one of four most important small countries of the World overnight on 9 May 2018 !

    2. ‘ The Malaysians are the worst drivers in the World.’

    I have observed without fail, a driver would overtake me at close quarters and speed on my right to exit on the left, in front of me. A driver would never slow down behind me to exit.

    Or a driver would accelerate from behind when I wanted to change lanes with my indicator out with plenty of time on my side and for the other driver. Or jumping the queue. Or most of the drivers were driving without their brains functioning.

    For example, about 3 years ago at the height of Power of the BN goons, I was driving towards the the toll highway along the Science Museum. As I drew abreast of the thick double white lines just before the highway toll bridge, a white Porsche Cayenne with goons in black T shirts gesticulating for me to give way. They were crossing the thick white double white lines which separated the highway toll bridge from the road to PJ. I did not stop. The crash damaged the whole of the front door of the Porsche. No damage to my car (Toyota Rush) at all. A goon grabbed my keys (kidnapping) and a sub-continent Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr JP contractor from Sungei Siput confronted me and gave me his card. He told me he lived in Damansara Heights and asked mw where I lived. I told him, ‘Bukit Tunku’. I saw his mind rolled a bit. The goons then forced me to drive with them to the Sime Darby Workshop to pay for the damage to his own inflicted damaged car. What did I do ? With a quick assessment whether to oppose 100% against the heyday of the BN goons or let Man proposes. God disposes. I took the latter course.

    I knew the new white door would attain a different shade after sometime. The Workshop Manager told me this Tan Sri had already crashed the car many times. All told when this fellow sells his car, what I pay for the current damage will be much less than the depreciation caused by his own crazy behaviour. With a smile and a handshake, I left.

    A few months later, a drunken Chinaman crashed his car into my garden and paid me nearly what I paid for the self-inflicted Tan Sri car damage repairs. Man proposes. God disposes.

    And in the 2018 GE, the MIC lost big with the Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr JP who lives in Damansara Heights. Man proposes. God disposes.

    With the above-mentioned crazy behaviour when a Malaysian gets into a car, it seems appropriate to highliaht a few points for the benefit of all, thus :-

    1. In my whole Life time, I have not observed that the relevant authorities admonish the drivers of cars and motorcycles that


    2. What we notice all the time was, ‘ Do not drink when you drive.’
    But the drivers were already incompetent to drive without being drunk !

    3. The Art of the Highway Code in its simplest form should begin in the kindergarten curriculum as kid games. And this safety knowledge of an essential function should be taught right up to at least Form 4.

    4. When my children took the driving test over 20 years ago, the Driving Test Manual could only be deciphered by a Ph.D in Bahasa Melayu which engendered negative acts to pass. Life is short. The relevant authorities should now ease the suffering to pass a driving by keeping all to an easy and common level to eliminate corruption.

    Tun as may have observed, common sense plays an important part in our daily lives. A balanced education certainly helps. With a New and Incorruptible Government with our trust, there should be no problem

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. As your FM commented enthusiastically recently which was backed by Normal Administration only. And we must expect big inflows of investment soon into Malaysia, one of the four most important small countries of the World.

  56. mubarakchan Dec 31,2018 8:55 AM


    At the end of 2018, you made a fantastic remark probably arising from your reflections during the ascendancy of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites 2004-2018.

    A period when all the naysayers lined up and poured the finest quality vitriol on you. And with your brilliance and courage which these naysayers did not expect you to have, like the Teflon Man, you conquered all of them who now shall we put in kinder words,’ The Team.’

    Man Proposes. God disposes or 99% hard work and 1% God’s Will.

    Your comment was headlined, thus :-


    Your comment immediately drew my attention to my own experience dealing with Humankind. We must not forget that both of us came from a very esoteric profession which training was not only focussed on our skills but a thorough re-vamp of our mind-sets. Those who could not stand such rigorous training of both body and mind became dentists !

    And on further reflections, Tun you maybe one of the very few highly qualified doctors in the World for over a hundred years who became a politician and the Prime Minister of a sizable country !

    You mentioned you were famous for picking the wrong people.

    I take this as a general statement which applied to the hoi-polloi type of ordinary folk which came your way and you employed them. This you cannot escape because whichever way you tossed the coin, you always get the same selection which actually reflected on how Humankind behave.

    And on this point, you also picked the best. Why ?

    These two gentlemen NEVER CHANGED THEIR CHARACTERS THROUGHOUT THE PERIOD THEY WERE OF SERVICE TO THE COUNTRY. They eschewed GREED AND WANTON MATERIAL DESIRES. AND WITH THE HIGHEST IQ. And always religious. I knew one of them since he was 21 and how he succeeded with his mind without borders and common sense. The other who is no longer with us, also did not change his character when confronted with POWER and MONEY. He was religious as well throughout the period I knew him, He served you well,

    Tun. Sorry to say, out of the many, ONLY TWO OUTSTANDING GENTLEMEN WITH HIGH INTELLIGENCE, COMMON SENSE AND ABSOLUTE LOYALTY WERE ASSOCIATED WITH YOU. The rest thought they were your goodself and assumed the Powers which you had as Prime Minister during the 22 Year Administration. AND MADE TONS OF MONEY BEHIND YOUR BACK which is no secret at all.

    Like you, I found that Humankind are difficult to deal with because their characters and behaviour changed depending on the circumstances. Most of them when they were very poor behave in one way and when they became rich behaved in another way.

    Then your famous closest aide who collects Stradivarius violins at US$ 5 Million a piece and banks – in the mid-1980s, he boasted after a round of golf with Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Goh Keng Swee and his crew at the Singapore Island Golf Club, ‘ I have the ears of the good and the great in KL.’ My cousin was there and reported to me, ‘ Who is this fellow who talks like that ?’

    In 1992, the very same closest aide demanded that I resigned immediately from Cycle & Carriage Ltd Singapore and Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad using your NAME after you through your Office appointed me to restructure the Group in 1984 which I succeeded by 1992. I knew he wanted to be the Director so that he could sell the best properties in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur cheap and without valuation to his buddies, one in Hong Kong and the other in Kuala Lumpur ! I immediately resigned so that I catch this crook in the Annual Reports of both companies for 1993 and 1994 ! His crooked deed is now engraved in stone.

    Tun, you did not pick the wrong people. EXCEPT FOR ONLY TWO, THEY ALL CHANGED WITH POWER FROM YOU AND EASY MONEY AS A RESULT. It is only human from my own personal experience.

    We live and let live, Tun as doctors.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  57. mubarakchan Dec 30,2018 4:06 PM


    What more can I say ? We are all so near to 2019 and yet it seems so far away even though the clock is ticking out the year 2018 as fast as it could do so.

    And again what more can I say which sound extremely cliché loaded with platitudes ?

    Yet, I will say it because it is the Truth and has an important bearing on you Tun as a brilliant and courageous PERSON of sound mind and body.

    The following are what I respect you the most which you held consistently as Principles of Justice your whole Life Long without hesitation or deviation thus :-

    1. Your Principles of Good Governance which bloomed on 9 May 2018 due to your brilliance and courage and belief in Justice and Fair-play

    2. The Water Agreement of 1962.

    3. The National Car Project


    5. The Crooked Bridge

    6. Look East Policy

    7. Sovereignty and National Interest

    8. No problem with your Ministers.

    9. Only Malays can save the Malays.

    I like the comment, ‘ ONLY MALAYS CAN SAVE THE MALAYS ‘ The finest comment which needs a simple explanation on a very complicated human subject. This is how I look at this subject matter since 1954 !

    There is nothing wrong with the Malays. They are the same as any other type of people. Those who know some of these other peoples would know these could be worse if not very bad.

    I will only highlight the good points concerning the Malays at the present time :-

    1. Fortunately, there is a huge Middle Income Group of 6 Million Malay Families created by our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s single efforts 1981-2003. This is the best base to establish a take-off for Unity and Success of the Malays. Most of them use and understand English. But some avoid doing this because of Politics.

    This Malay Bulwark is equivalent to progressive and democratic India’s 350 Million Middle Income Group of English speaking Indians who now leads India’s fast socio-economic progress in the 21st Century.

    Last night I saw a TV film about the Indian Air Force. The recruits were from the Middle Income Group and all spoke English very well. They were a credit to India.

    2. Malaysia is fortunate to be able to help all farmers, fishermen and small holders like Switzerland and Japan. These two respective countries are the countries our beloved Malaysia should emulate. This group of farmers, fishermen and small-holders form the original and national backbone of the political structure of Malaysia which are also the backbone of the Constitution, and support our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans through our democratically elected Federal and State Governments.

    It is from the font of farmers, fishermen and small holders and the kampongs which in time become A MIDDLE INCOME GROUP AND FURTHER ADD TO THE STRENGTH OF THE MALAY BULWARK.

    Like in Switzerland and Japan where you cannot find a POOR farmer, fisherman or small-holder. THIS IS THE RESPONSIBILTY OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Not collecting 12,000 pieces of jewellery, 500 handbags, 400 watches and fridge filled with Lindt in the house. The Will and Work of the Rakyat will drive our beloved Malaysia forward. Without the Malays working as a team. THE NON-MALAYS CANNOT PROGRESS AND MOVE FORWARDS OR UPWARDS. This is a fact. It is in the Constitution.,


    Money we can always earn by hard-work. It was the TIME we lost due to total enjoyment by the BN Leadership and its elites at the Rakyat’s expense 2004-2018 that REALLY HURT !

    3. POLITICS CONCERNING THE MALAYS SHOULD BE STRICTLY SEPARATED FROM NON-POLITICAL ACTIVITIES. In other words, those Malays who want to be Politicians should not be involved in business and vice-versa. UMNO was a bad case of mixed personalities whom at the end, the Rakyat could not differentiate money making Politicians from Business Persons.


    And wasted money by setting up the absurd NS by the Corrupt BN Leadership to make CORRUPT MONEY ! The excuse was Singapore is also doing this. This should be abolished and the MONEY diverted to the Rural students to UPLIFT THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. No need to down the standards of our excellent universities for them !

    5. Franklin D Roosevelt. ‘ THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF. ‘

    This phrase should now be adopted by all Malays because they are Normal and have nothing to fear. And do not believe all those rubbish talk from the South the only source I have noted for a Life-time. This is inhumane and cruel to use such crude tactics to down another Group.

    6. The Malays Mindset. This can be overcome if the right information is available at hand and the benefit of a BALANCED EDUCATION.

    If the sincere efforts of the New and Incorruptible Government begin today, Malaysia with her fine body of Malays, Chinese, Indians and all will be up there with the Greats Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan within 25 years.


    Yes Tun ! You were consistent and correct in you admonitions to the Rakyat. Politics must be separated from the rest if progress and unity are to be achieved. THIS APPLIES TO ALL OTHER COUNTRIES AS WELL.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. The Malays will be united and strong with your Leadership with DSAI and the Team by your side. Together we will all succeed, NORMALLY.

  58. mubarakchan Dec 30,2018 12:03 AM


    I suppose in Politics, a political Leader would often meet up with personalities who could change their loyalties and colour at the drop of a ringgit.

    In my lifetime, I have observed the rise and fall of many tycoons, Tan Sris and Datuks of all shades and colours. This is the kaleidoscope of the Malaysian Society at the upper-level. This is also part of the political and socio-economic make-up after Merdeka.

    In the British Administration days of yore, no one got any medal of importance except the odd JPs given out here and there.

    My father was the first to get a JP after successfully calming down the miners strike during a recession in 1920 after the Great World War 1914-1918.

    It was only after our Merdeka, the awards and favours were given out. Through the years, this practice by the Federal and State Governments increased the largesse.

    It is alleged that all decorations at least at the Federal Government level, the quota was restricted by Gazette. But this limit for Tan Sris was broken at least over 25 years ago as was alleged

    For example, when I was honoured with a medal in the mid-1970s by the Yang-Di-Pertuan Agong, there were only 8 other recipients.

    But today 2018, at least 40 others were so bestowed with the same medal.

    I know of a friend who is a Tan Sri, JMN, KMN, was able to get Datukships even of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class from all the 13 States. I could guess his magic formula. This is like collecting 12,000 pieces of jewellery, 500 hand-bags, 400 watches and RM 113 Million cash and the fridge filled with Lindts in the house.

    But the controversial gentleman in question today has an extremely short history which again, I was a close observer. Here is the TRUTH.

    In 1984, the Mercedes E Class was launched at the Glenmarie Resort. I was the Director of Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad. I walked up to this gentleman with a wig, standing near the car with my outstretched hand. He turned his face and walked away. I took note. Later, a Bumiputra approached me to secure this gentleman’s BBDO Cycle & Carriage Portfolio. I did not co-operate on ethical and propriety grounds.If I had done so, this gentleman would be sucking eggs today. Through the outstanding late Tan Sri Basir Ismail, he was introduced to Tun M who later introduced this gentleman with pigeon eyes to Nelson Mandela. Thai is all there is to the extremely short history of this controversial gentleman with pigeon eyes who revealed his true character in recent years.

    However, this controversial gentleman is not alone with pigeon eyes.

    There was another who joined Gerakan and could not find a place under the Gerakan Sun and hopped over to MCA’s Lee Kim Sai group, In MCA, he could not succeed because he was English educated.

    In 1992, at Sime Darby’s Hari Raya Party and I was a Director of Sime Darby. I was early and walked up to this gentleman who resembled the High Commissioner of Singapore, standing by the poolside at Glenmarie Resort. I walked up to him and asked, ‘ Are you the High Commissioner of Singapore.’ Without a word and without a smile he turned his face and walked away. Later, this fellow by being a bag carrier, latched his wagon to the incumbent Power in the Land as an organiser of sorts who later became a Tan Sri Dato Seri, Dr, JP etc. and hitched his fortunes to the CHINA wagon. After the 9 May 2018 GE, he seemed to have emigrated. Another gentleman with an extremely short history.

    Here are the true very short histories of two ambitious Malaysian Chinese born with pigeon eyes who did it their Way. What to do ? I am not a Tan Sri, Dato Seri or JP ? So I live and let live as I am exceedingly happy and satisfied with my own Life formula !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Live and let live with the Truth Our histories are always longer than our shadows. But for some, their histories are different..

  59. mubarakchan Dec 29,2018 12:53 PM


    As I was waiting for the Grab taxi to arrive, I sat for a short-while near the front entrance of my garden and reflected on the thoughts of yesteryear. A squirrel scampered by, a pair of magpies flew by doing a duet, my neighbour’s cat was padding softly by looking for her prey and the resident bulbul in the young banyan tree gave a chirp and flew away hopefully not forever.

    Naturally at this time of the year, the year’s end, our thoughts turn to reflections of major events which happened. In the case of our beloved Malaysia it was the downfall of the giant whose feet were made of clay and was so corrupt that there was no will to stand and fight. The collapsed giant just gave up without a whimper – the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018.

    This epic collapse could only nudge a person to recall other similar collapses as well.

    Through the thousands of years of the History of Humankind, hundreds of similar collapses have been recorded in the books or engraved in stone. The collapses of glittering empires due to the weakness and follies of the Rulers were legend. The betrayals and the greed were always recorded somewhere, somehow.

    The collapse of the Roman Empire due to internal decay. The collapse of the Ming Dynasty due to betrayal. The collapse of the British Empire with its rise and fall of over-expansion. The collapse of the 1,000 year Third Reich of Hitler’s Germany was due to over-expansion by a mad man. And so such historical tales could go on and on.

    The collapse of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 and its elites was without a peer. The Leader shot himself in the foot by not avoiding the simple pleasures of Life which was taken more than a full flood but many floods.

    The whole Power Pyramid was drowned in Greed and Wanton Desires and collapsed.

    Highly educated personalities were caught as well and paid the price for their insouciance. Even money-losing MAS bought 4th rate works of art.

    How could anyone forget in 2018 such a pathetic scene of a Pyramidal Power Structure manned by corrupted digits could collapse in a jiffy ?

    The only good which came out of all these was the fact that our beloved Malaysia’s iconic and core institutions, the military, PDRM, Bank Negara Malaysia, EPF etc stood this momentous test without wavering.

    As a result, with a peaceful change of Power, our beloved Malaysia can now look forward as one of four of the most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia from 9 May 2018.

    Malaysia with such a strong foundation can now trek rapidly upwards and towards the likes of the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan as led by the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great.

    Malaysia due to her peoples had become unique with her Leader, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad the Man of the Year for Asia if not the World.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. It is time Malaysia’s Leadership keeps on smiling and smiling. The Polls will smile with you !

  60. mubarakchan Dec 28,2018 1:40 PM


    At last this morning has a clear blue sky with not a wisp of cloud to be seen anywhere – typical of a December day without the North-East Monsoon which will not come again for another 12 months. We now look forward towards the New Year of 2019. And pundits are already predicting the events to come, thus :-

    1. Nikkei Review. ‘ Mahathir’s deep dilemma for 2019.’

    The article focussed on the usual political sensitive themes which are normally highlighted by socio-economic events if these are of a negative nature.

    With the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great, there is every opportunity for our beloved Malaysia to avoid the dilemma as mentioned above due to the utter subsidence of crass Corruption. Every sen in the Government coffers has nearly a full value. Unlike under the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 and its elites which walloped every sen that was available without thought or due consideration. This left our Malaysian economy in tatters and dry with so much money siphoned out overseas from the System.

    There is every chance under our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that Malaysia’s dilemma maybe avoided if the general economy picks up even one iota. Man proposes. God disposes.

    2. The Star, ‘ GLC’s debt levels up. ‘

    This is a bottomless pit for the New and Incorruptible Government. No one really knows how much debt has been incurred by the GLCs where there are hundreds of them administered by amateurs. The crows will only come home to roost when trouble comes. Until then…… we crossed our fingers.

    These GLCs are the real danger to the Government’s Budget and coffers. The debts are like the tip of an ice-berg which are hidden by malfeasance and all sorts of illegal practices un-checked by the BN Government 2004-2018. The whole System was rotten from TOP to BOTTOM. This is the real danger with multiple layers of cover up by crooks.

    Until the Corruptions are revealed layer by layer, no one really knows how much DEBT is owed by the New and Incorruptible Government via the GLSC’s.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Together we will overcome all dilemmas.

  61. mubarakchan Dec 27,2018 3:05 PM


    As I was saying the North-East Monsoon seemed to have ebbed away a week ago. But surprisingly, its signs are still with us this morning exhibiting the final gasps of a reluctant phenomenon. Such is the climate these days caused by the wanton destruction of the environment by Humankind around the World.

    But our day strikes us with the reality of the fact that Life goes on and will not wait for us, especially for the rich and indolent, thus :-

    1. ‘ Asia News Network proposed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as Runner-up Man of the Year.’

    I am of the opinion that without journalistic bias, Tun Dr Mahathir should rank First together with the 2 BBC journalists now in jail in Myanmar. It seemed the judges were influenced by emotions and not by facts.

    The history of a person is the finest arbiter of the Truth from which there is no escape. And that’s a record of a life-time of good or bad deeds. Like the other media, there should be no runner-ups. It is either all or nothing. In Asia News Network case, it smells of travesty of justice.


    It is not only timely but also an opportunity for the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great to divest all those non-essential GLCs created by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government by rote.

    An elected Democratic Government has no business to do business to make money for the Rakyat.

    The Rakyat have many entrepreneurs to make money.

    It is never equitable for politicians to wield Power on the one hand and make Money on the other leaving no room for the Private Sector to breathe. This is called Communism or Authoritarian Capitalism. Only 3 countries in the World practise this eg. Singapore, Russia and China.

    GLCs in any Society is a cancer of Corruption which spreads and spreads affecting the whole Body Politik of a Nation as we saw to our cost with the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Non-caring BN Government 2004-2018 and its spawn, the hundreds of GLCs at Federal and State levels involved in raw Corruption..

    I have been saying for many years, the best way to dispose of the GLCs is :-

    1. Offer to the incumbent Management and new shareholders.

    2. Offer to the previous owners if they did no wrong legally.

    3. Offer to new and independent buyers if these have reputable records.

    As it is, the New and Incorruptible Government has enough to govern the Rakyat. The time and risks of making money should be left to the Rakyat. The more Malaysian entrepreneurs around the better. This is what the Malaysian Style Democracy is about.

    Tun and his associates like all to be rich and not exclusive like the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! All Malaysians deserve to be rich and should not have their Wealth stolen from them by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government Leadership and its elites 2004-2018.

  62. mubarakchan Dec 25,2018 2:33 PM


    The latest headline from Singapore does not look good, thus


    Quote,’ Both overall and core inflation came under economists expectations of 0.6 per cent and 1.9 per cent respectively according to consensus forecasts compiled by Bloomberg. The fall is due to a culminating of lower car prices, a fall in Certificate of Entitlement premiums and a smaller rise in petrol prices. The triple whammy of factors led to the steep decline in this category since July 2016 according to the Department of Statistics.’ Unquote.

    Quote, ‘Singapore headline or overall inflation fell to 0.3 per cent in November, a six week low. Core inflation also slowed to 1.7 per cent from 1.9 per cent in October according to MAS and MTI ‘ Unquote.

    With all due respect, we wish Singapore and its economy well. But now facing the realities of the World’s market place in a globalised World’s economy, head winds and cold winds are bound to blow and affect Singapore first and Malaysia later.

    The above mentioned facts show that Singapore’s economy is slowly contracting with a drop in the purchasing power of her citizens. With the loss of that wonderful source of Revenue of the Cold War 1948-1989, the Black Under Counter Trades in arms etc, Singapore had found it difficult if not impossible to fill this void since the 1990s. This erupted in 2002.

    From this date 2002 to 2018, Singapore’s economy could not breach 3 per cent exclusive of inflation. Lee Kuan Yew’s four Initiatives to save Singapore and leave behind a credible legacy for his inheritors failed eg the ill-conceived Temasek, FT importation to boost the GDP, the 2 casinos and the Malaysia/Malays Killer TPPA/CPTPP.

    In other words, Singapore had been living on borrowed time and on the huge reserves from the Cold War 1948-1989 since she lost that Black Under Counter Trades to the BRICS from 1990. In October 2008, Singapore lost officially US$ 108 Billions on Wall Street and the City. How much will Singapore lose during this current down turn is the question ?

    Singapore now with a contracting economy and another possible loss on Wall Steet is faced with a Hobson’s choice of an early GE and new approach to policies after this. Hopefully, Singapore will realise that her decades old obsession with her nemesis Malaysia is a waste of time and money. And a dangerous distraction as is now proven. Singapore got peanuts by dealing with CORRUPT AND WEAK BN LEADERSHIPS 2004-2018 eg. water, rocks, sand, steel rails etc. These stuff is for Mickey Mouse.

    The difference between Men and Boys is the quality of their toys.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  63. mubarakchan Dec 25,2018 10:14 AM


    This day, Christmas, the 25th of December 2018 is the most momentous for the World because on the 24th, Christmas Eve, the NYSE continued its collapse of the Dow Jones Indices for 4 consecutive days.

    American pundits have come out in droves giving the reasons for this spectacular collapse and with it eventually the American economy even though the Treasury officials have said in no certain terms that the Stock Exchange and the Economy are not connected. But whatever the reason, confidence by investors have been lost.

    What happens in America will affect us in Malaysia eventually .

    Our factories hold orders from America at least 12 months in advance. America’s economy is 30% of the whole World. The economies of China, Japan and Germany are way below this.

    And the present Trump Administration has forgotten that after the Crash of the NYSE in October 2008, the Fed had to stimulate the whole of the Western Capitalist World System by 3 Quantitative Easings which were delicately managed until now. And this huge influx of money, US$ 3 Trillion held up the World’s Stock Exchanges and commodities exchanges since 2008 without which all would have collapsed.

    The result of the Dow Jones dropping by 630 points on Christmas Eve is the culmination of the Sino-US Trade War, the increase of 25 basis points by the Fed on Thursday 20 December 2018, the general unhappiness of the flip-flop Policies of Trump. The Dow Jones had already peaked high previously and investors were only waiting for the opportunity to bail out coupled with the unhappiness of investors in major countries like Russia and China.

    The happiness and well-being of a country very much depends on the top leadership, President or Prime Minister.

    Hence, it must now be recognised that the skills and knowledge of one successful Leader are not transferrable to another.

    In the case of our beloved Malaysia, the Leaders of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 lacked the requisites to lead due to the absence of the proper experience and education which not only encompass local issues but most importantly international issues as well. Sadly, there was the PROPENSITY TO BE CORRUPT CONCOMITANTLY !

    The Rakyat lost 14 years of benefits in terms of a better salary and life-style due to this utter neglect !

    The performance of Trump magnifies the poor Political Leadership of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government a thousand times at least. Trump’s history speaks for itself.

    Why are the personal qualities of a Leader so important ?

    Apart from Corruption which all now know its true meaning, all the ingredients of a successful Policy are first gathered in the mind which then propounds the Policy, correct or incorrect. Training in the use of the mind whether by education which is the normal course or by hands on training, is an absolute must do. For a person who actually knows nothing and pushed into Leadership without the proper training can only invite unmitigated disaster ! This happened to our beloved Malaysia 2004-2014. For example the GLCs were adopted by rote !

    How many Malaysians are aware that Malaysia had adopted an Open Policy for investors since 1957 ?

    How many Malaysians are aware that all the goods from countries other than Britain were not available before Merdeka 1957 ? All Malaya’s goods were imported via the Empire Preference System. Only selected items like Coca Cola (1949), Dutch chocolates, etc could be imported due to certain arrangements by the British with the Americans and the Dutch. Today, because of the Open Door Policy, the expensive British goods have been forced out by other cheaper alternatives.

    And with the Open Door Policy in trade, we have the Foreign Direct Investment or FDI which sets up businesses and factories to provide jobs to the Rakyat. This began in the 1960s.

    From the Open Door Policy and the FDI, the Federal Government gets its Revenue partially and the balance from the exports of Malaysian natural resources and goods and services.

    From the total Revenue, the Federal Government spends on building infra-structures like schools, roads, hospitals, etc for the Rakyat. The contractors and sub-contractors are paid and they spend in the open market place which money continue to have a snow-ball effect benefitting all the Rakyat.

    But the Deputy Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr Wan Azizah pointed out the other day that our beloved Malaysia lost RM 47 Billion through CORRUPTION.

    In other words, instead of this money being properly spent and passed into our General Economy via proper spending as mentioned above to benefit the Rakyat, THE RM 47 BILLION WERE STOLEN IN CASH BY VARIOUS MEANS OUT OF THE MALAYSIAN ECONOMY AND DEPOSITED OVERSEAS TO BENEFIT THE HOST COUNTRIES ! Vide. 1MDB.

    An international Survey reported that between 2002-2010, ONE TRILLION RINGGITS WERE SIPHONED OUT OF MALAYSIA !

    The above facts explain why our Malaysian Economy is so sluggish today. And coupled with the looming issues to come in 2019, a New and Incorruptible Government as led by our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and his Team by his side can only save our beloved Malaysia.

    The convicted perpetrators of CORRUPTION must return ALL THE STOLEN MONEY AS STIPULATED IN A LAW TO BE PROMULGATED. This is justice and fair play for the Rakyat.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  64. mubarakchan Dec 24,2018 8:53 PM


    It is with a heavy heart which I comment today on the calamitous tsunami disaster at Banten at the tip of Sumatra, Indonesia.

    My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of the victims. This was a tragedy without a peer. A disaster which occurred at the height of a festive celebration and recorded to happen before our very eyes.

    A few months ago, another tragedy happened in Sulawesi and earlier than this there was the volcano in Bali which fortunately failed to erupt. Indonesia is a huge place sited at the southern region or the Ring of Fire.

    Who can predict when any earthquake or tsunami will happen or strike but only with the latest scientific equipment ?

    Maybe Malaysia proposes through your good Leadership, Tun as an ASEAN and also UN effort to assist our friend and neighbour and other afflicted countries to set up a series of monitoring units at key areas in Indonesia and other countries in the Region via. THE ASEAN EARTHQUAKE MONITOR INSTITUTE. As a matter of our common grieve at the loss of the lives of innocent men, women and children which could have been prevented by modern scientific means.

    This will be ASEAN’s very first co-operation between countries for REAL. Prevention is better than cure, Tun a subject in which you are an expert.

    With the tragedy at the Sunda Strait, I cannot help but to think of the night of 7 February 1942 when as a small boy I could see the lighthouse and its light beams swept eerily the horizon from the tip of Sumatra whilst I was standing on the deck of the Free French MV Felix Roussel. It was completely dark as the ship fled at full speed from the pursuing Japanese Imperial Army. That very morning a flight of 17 Mitsubishi Bettys bombed our convoy consisting of the SS Devonshire and the HMIS Sutlej and an Australian destroyer. Their flak kept the bombers high. and missed. Once the ship sailed through the Sunda Strait, it was the safety of the Indian Ocean for us. There hanged this tale, Tun.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! With your ASEAN Leadership Tun, we can do something to save lives in the future together !

  65. mubarakchan Dec 23,2018 1:41 PM


    It was with great happiness that I saw the headline in the media this morning, thus :-

    ‘ Goh Chok Tong – LEAVE THEM ALONE. ‘

    Here is a Singaporean, a wise Singaporean who uses his common sense, logic and wisdom to say what is proper and appropriate in international diplomacy concerning Sovereignty and National Interest, concerning long time friends.

    Here is a Gentleman, a Singaporean Gentleman whom we Malaysians and the whole World should respect and admire. A gentleman who speaks his own MIND.

    I have been observing Mr Goh’s service to Singapore for many years and found he behave quite normally without pretensions. And he had managed to keep this difficult posture as a normal person after being lavished with all the Powers of the State.


    Singapore with Mr Goh Chok Tong now has hope for sustainability and great success to develop its underlying potential for the future.

    Why not ? The expectations of Life these days are at least 100.

    Mr Goh has at least another 25 years to go twiddling his thumbs doing NOTHING IN THE INTEREST OF SINGAPORE, ASEAN AND THE WORLD. And he is FIT AS A FIDDLE LIKE OUR BELOVED TUN DR MAHATHIR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD AND TUN DAIM ZAINUDDIN ! What more do Singapore’s citizens want ?


    Not only all those platitudes and attributes, MR GOH HAS THE CHARISMA TO BE A PRIME MINISTER. This is the most important asset of a politician. As we have seen in this World, no sports champion can have the face of a fool as no politician should have the face of an idiot !


    Yes Tun ! Mr Goh Chok Tong’s few words, ‘ LEAVE THEM ALONE’ ARE THE MOST FAMOUS WORDS FOR 2018 ! SINGAPORE’S BEST !

    Let us all hope the New Year 2019 will bring forth for Singapore and for the good of MALAYSIA, ASEAN AND THE WORLD, SINGAPORE’S VERY OWN DENG XIAO PENG TO JOIN HANDS AND MOVE NOT ONLY FORWARD BUT UPWARDS WHICH WE ARE ALL CAPABLE with clean hands and minds without those rubbish and filthy toys so fond of the Singaporean Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018. And the narcissistic quotations of Lee Kuan Yew are left behind forever. This is Realpolitik with realism.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  66. mubarakchan Dec 23,2018 8:53 AM


    As the North East Monsoon slowly fades with the receding days of the year, our Malaysian mornings exude a charm all of its own being calm, dull and cool.

    Early mornings are one of the best times in our beloved Malaysia. And in the old days, the few hours before dusk were memorable along the main trunk road as we hurried home from outstation. These days instead of the highways, we have to seek out the nostalgic scenes of dusk of yesterday out in the countryside where the cows, chicken and villagers on bicycles still roam.

    I was dreaming about yesterday when nasi lemak was only 30 sen and a bowl of mee 80 sen.

    Today, a similar equivalent for the former is RM 3 and the latter RM 7 respectively. What happened ?

    The learned economists would point out that this is all due to INFLATION – a bad word in economics. In other words, the value of the ringgit has depreciated from 1960 to 2018. Or the goods and services produced by Malaysia are outpaced by the printing of money by Bank Negara Malaysia.

    Pre-1972, Malaysia followed the Currency Board precepts in which a country spends what it earns. A British Colonial Policy which was not conducive to an independent country which seeks development in the National Interest. Under this Policy, at times like this, there would have been a severe recession.
    This little bit of information on goods and services also reveal that between 1948-1990, Singapore could produce a surplus way above the average statistical economics of a tiny place.

    With brainwashing, most pundits thought all these were derived from Indonesian smuggling. But as it is now discovered, this huge surplus was due to the Black Under Counter Trades of the Cold War 1948-1990 which pushed Singapore from the Third to the First World. It was no Lee Kuan Yew Miracle.

    And the most eye-catching headline, today thus :

    ‘ Tun Daim : Do not be distracted by the debts. Keep an eye on inflation.’

    This cautionary advice is timely and wise.

    How many Malaysians remember about the Japanese Occupation 1942-1945 ?

    How many Malaysians know that Petaling Street in Chinatown in 1946 was full of hawkers selling bundles of Japanese Banana banknotes printed by the Yokohama Specie Bank, British war surplus like K-rations, jungle knives, parachutes etc along a major portion of the street ?

    By the end of the Japanese Occupation on 15 August 1945, the value of Straits Dollar 100 at the beginning on 13 February 1942 had shot up to $ 95,000 in Yokohama Specie Bank Banknotes ! This was due to the non-stop printing of the banknotes by the Japanese to pay for expenses which were not backed by Government revenue and reserves.

    Tun Daim’s timely caution is ‘prevention is better than cure’. It is time for the New and Incorruptible Government to have all the feelers out and monitor the rise and fall of the prices of essential items commonly required by the Rakyat.

    The main item is RICE, not sugar, salt, flour etc. This was one main reason why our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggested to set-up food banks.

    During the British Military Administration or BMA 1945-1950, rice ‘ godowns ‘ were established by the authorities. Some Chinese became tycoons by colluding with the storekeepers who had the essential need of the populace in their hands. Monopolistic situations like this always gave rise to corruption without exception.

    It is not so much as the price of petrol which is the priority, it is the price of RICE.

    At the present time and age, any corruption concerning RICE and other essentials should not be tolerated and carefully monitored.

    A successful campaign to keep the prices of essential goods low will be successful in keeping inflation low. This is the area where the New and Incorruptible Government should succeed well given its motivation and inclination.

    Thanks to Tun Daim for his timely caution because INFLATION AFFECTS ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION and RICE WILL BE THE FIRST TO BE AFFECTED !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  67. HBT456 Dec 22,2018 11:21 PM

    After the riots at seafield, there is no way mr waytha can escape being the political issue for umno, mic, myppp and pas to reject pakatan harapan.

    A vote loss by ph is a vote gained by umno, mic, myppp and pas.

    Perhaps pm can persuade mr waytha to disolve hindraf and merge with dap penang.

    Letting go unity ministerial position and hindraf for sure will make pm looks more mature and wise in leading the country.

    I sure hope in future ministers are chosen because of their experience, talent and capibility in leading the country.

    If they insist to continue with man prospose, god dispose belief, they are not shooting their feet, they are in fact planting a time bomb in their party that could sink them forever.

    Yesterday is history, thats why we called past tense.

    Tomorrow is mystery, thats why we called future tense.

    Today is gift, thats why we called present tense.

    P/s: whatever usa president is doing now, it wont affect their voting pattern as chinese and indian population are very minimal, but in malaysia, without the votes of chinese and india, no political parties can win with comfortable majority.

  68. mubarakchan Dec 22,2018 12:41 PM


    The mornings are becoming dry, bright and breezy again with the subsidence of the North East Monsoon near year’s end.

    Let us hope the New Era for our beloved Malaysia will come with the New Year 2019.

    The odds are that Malaysia can only go up and up after reaching the shameful depth of becoming Singapore’s Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018.

    Not only that the BN Leadership adopted the worst from Singapore – the GLCs, without due thought and consideration and embedded hard core PAP cadres into our Political System. Vide. The PAP cadre in the UMNO NSTP Chief Editor seat. That was our beloved Malaysia’s CRAZIEST MOMENT. Even a hardened political pundit observed that Malaysia is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll.

    And today’s significant headline, thus :-


    Many Malaysians do not know the facts on this most important knowledge of English to have an advantage to earn a living anywhere in the World.

    In 1969, it was alleged that the Minister of Education changed the English Curriculum in the National Type Schools without Cabinet approval just before the NOC was in place at that time. He disappeared into the Sarawak woods and could not be found when the Tunku was looking high and low or him.

    That was how the English language was displaced by a coup d’état by a recalcitrant Minister without the permission of the Cabinet.

    From 1957 to 1970, English was the language of choice in all the National Type schools, University of Malaya and the Technical College.

    The results of the National Education Policy as from 1970, we can all see today.

    There are the minority who were not affected. But the majority could hardly speak or write English at all. This led to the factual inability for the Government Services to function properly even though the employees are hard-working and keen. From my decades of experience, every level of the Government Sector was affected. And the Private Sector’s experience with those with a lack of command of English is self-explanatory.

    A country which was well-versed in English was brought this low by politicians who spoke no English ! As a result, a large majority of Malaysians are now hampered by the lack of the knowledge of English in a World in which English is the First for advancement of all kinds of occupations. And to understand and be aware what is happening in this wonderful World of ours, not only inside Malaysia but outside too.

    One country which stands out in the use of English is India.

    Since India obtained her Independence in 1947, the English language was not only preserved but also enhanced and improved upon.

    This was a very wise Policy because India has more than 300 dialects on the one hand and also enabled her to reach out to the World on the other. The solid results we can see on our TVs, top US Corporations, British politics, Singaporean executives in MAS, DBS, etc.

    The 350 million English speaking Indians form the ballast for India’s progress and advancement in today’s rough and tumble World of the Cyberspace. And India is one of the World’s leading lights.

    India’s Silicon Valley for Education lies in the Dehra Dun Plateau at the foot of the High Himalayas and rising up to the hill-station of Mussoorie with its prestigious English speaking schools and colleges of all kinds etc, local, American, English etc.

    Our Great Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn was educated and trained in a cantonment in Dehra Dun.

    This area is also dotted with important research institutes and other training institutes for the training and grooming of India’s future elites.

    It pays for our Minister of Education to visit this interesting educational location established since the 19th Century ! Seeing is believing.

    As for myself, at 7 years I was studying English and Classical Cantonese. From 1942-1945, I could speak Hindi, Urdu and Anglo Indian English whilst I studied Hindi/Urdu in a school run by the Catholics. From 1946-1951, I was back studying English and Classical Cantonese. In 1950-1951, Latin was added. Finally, 1967-1969, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin ! And in between, bits of German, French and Italian to read the menu and to do other things !

    With all that loaded into me, I am still a Chinaman !

    It is better to learn a language, English or any other language when one is young. There would be less inhibitions or shyness to speak. I reckon a person can learn any language in 3 months if focussed with the right teacher.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Your advice is timely and wise because the Nation has forgotten how it lost its important asset of the Rakyat, the ENGLISH LANGUAGE ! India did not shoot herself in the foot. Malaysia did !

  69. mubarakchan Dec 21,2018 7:58 PM


    It is clear, very clear that Mohd. Effendi Aswadi Abdul Wahab, co-ordinator of Bantah TPPA/CPTPP, article in the media ,-


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  70. mubarakchan Dec 21,2018 4:03 PM


    Many kudos to the excellent article in the media by Mohd. Effendi Aswadi Abdul Wahab, co-ordinator of Bantah TPPA/CPTPP.

    My deepest appreciation for his discourse with facts, logic and good English in his argument against ratification of the Malaysia/Malays Killer TPPA/CPTPP.

    If our beloved Malaysia has no Malays elites, the non-Malay elites cannot progress and move forward. It will be a grid-lock situation in a land of plenty of talent and natural resources. It is as simple as this, Tun !

    Whereas for years since the exposure of the ultra secret 19 negotiations by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 as led by its Singapore compromised senior Malaysian Civil Servants, I have been revealing the motives and consequences of this last and desperate act by Lee Kuan Yew in terms of broad strokes of the political and socio-economic canvas.

    And now here comes Mohd. Effendi Aswadi’s clear and professional discourse on the details of why the TPPA/CPTPP will be disastrous for our beloved Malaysia.



    After years of brainwashing and focussed corruption on Malaysia’s BN Leadership 2004-2018 including the planting of Senior Civil Servants who were obviously in conflict with their hidden loyalties.

    Who can tolerate all these treasonous nonsense ?

    In June 2009, Lee Kuan Yew at the age of 85 showed his anxiety and importance attached to his Malaysia/Malays Killer TPPA by visiting the hot and humid Ulus to bolster his digits and troops and even had tea with a lady at a house off Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur.

    AND WITH CONFIDENCE AND TONGUE IN THE CHEEK HE PAID A VISIT TO OUR GOOD TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD AS WELL after an MCA Leader dressed in his finest red Mandarin silks kow-towed to him ! Man proposes. God sisposes.

    Tun, with all the historical facts before us and the fact that as revealed by Mohd. Effendi Aswadi that Canada, Peru and Chile are the only countries to benefit us and also we have hardly any dealings with them, –

    AND UNSAID BY THIS AUTHOR ONLY SINGAPORE BENEFITS BY FLOODING MALAYSIA WITH TARIFF FREE GOODS OVERNIGHT as boasted by the Singapore Business Times in early 2016 in its headline, ‘ SINGAPORE SAVES S$ 1 BILLION FROM MALAYSIA ANNUALLY.’ In other words, Malaysia would have lost minimally S$ 1 Billion annually.

    What sort of Agreement is this TPPA which is worse than the 1962 Water Agreement ?

    Since 9 May 2018, Malaysia as one of four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia, is in a unique position to build up and follow up on our own initiatives WITHOUT BEING LINKED TO AMORPHOUS GROUPS WHICH CONTROL US AND OUR FREEDOMS.

    With this knowledge, our beloved Malaysia should now gear herself up to have INDEPENDENT POLICIES LIKE VISIONARY SWITZERLAND, DEMOCRATIC INDIA AND GOOD GOVERNANCE JAPAN.

    And we stand Proud, Strong and United on our own two feet ! Go away little friend we should say and our beloved Malaysia will not only live another day but FOREVER AND FOREVER !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! This is the finest chance to build a unique Malaysia which will be emulated by the World in time if not tomorrow !

  71. mubarakchan Dec 21,2018 1:09 PM


    History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth. And what goes round comes around.

    I am talking about the political fortunes of the Republic of Singapore and how closely this State paralleled the fortunes of the People’s Republic of China too.

    China became a Communist Nation in 1049. From then on, Mao became her Leader and the famous Little Red Book was the guide to follow for all. This Regime did not last forever.

    By 1078, Deng Xiao Peng took over and applied PRACTICAL SOCIO-ECONOMICS WITH A CAPITALISTIC SLANT to up-lift the people from POVERTY – 750 millions were raised from poverty by 2018 ! Deng at first thought Lee Kuan Yew’s half-way house with GLCs between Capitalism and Communism would be the answer. In 1992, he remarked,’ We will do better than them.’ which is now the case.

    In 1978, when China searched for a role model which she thought could be the Singapore Model of Anti Cambridge Godless Neo-communism bolstered by the Apparatchiks (meritocrats) and the West, Singapore’s achievements as seen by the World were near their peak in the 1980s.

    At that time, little did we know that the whole satrap of the success of Lee Kuan Yew WAS ENTIRELY DUE TO THE HUGE BLACK UNDER COUNTER TRADES of the Cold War 1948-1989 eg arms trading, smuggling, money laundering, Vietnam logistics, collecting free Vietnam War debris, toadying up to dictators, sanctions breaking China, North Korea, Myanmar, Middle East and Africa. US R & R. US ships bunkering, US Aid, etc.

    And with a tiny population of 2 million and an honest Government, this huge largesse pushed Singapore from the 3rd to the 1st World.

    And no one asked since ‘How come Lee Kuan Yew was not lauded by the UN and awarded the Nobel Prize ?’

    It was because the West knew Lee Kuan Yew had blood on his hands. And it was not the GLCs which made Singapore very rich. It was these unmentionable Black Under Counter Trades.

    Our Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 copied WITHOUT THINKING the corruptible GLCs. The huge damage caused by the Malaysian GLCs is now seen by all AND AFFECTED ALL !

    As in 1978 when China was in a dilemma of how best to push the country forward, NOW SINGAPORE HAS BEEN FACED WITH THE SAME DILEMMA SINCE 2002 OF HOW TO PUT SINGAPORE ON THE ROAD TO SURVIVAL AND SUSTAINABILITY ! In 1978, China had the indomitable Deng Xiao Peng.


    In recent months, the lines which have been emanating from Singapore are similar to the Mao Period of Communist China. Reams of quotations by Modern Singapore’s Founder Lee Kuan Yew were repeatedly reproduced in the media to exhort the citizens. The decades of brainwashing by the Ruler have come home to roost.


    Until a Singaporean Deng Xiao Peng arrives, Malaysia may have to bear the little inconveniences originating from the Republic of Singapore WITH ASEAN’S BEST MILITARY FORCE (the latest spiel from the one-street nation) OK you win folks. We do not quarrel with that !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  72. mubarakchan Dec 20,2018 9:48 PM


    An article from the think tank IDEA was published in the media this morning with the headline, thus

    ‘ CPTPP IS GOOD FOR MALAYSIA SAYS THINK TANK ‘. I wonder how one qualifies to be a think tank.

    It is alleged that the Lee Kuan Yew Creation Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP will be good for Malaysia in terms of corporate governance and will not affect the SMEs because these are protected by tariffs.

    First, our beloved Malaysia does not need Lee Kuan Yew to teach us about good corporate governance. On the contrary, we can teach Singapore a thing o two. Our Public Service System was ruined by the digits, not by the System which cannot ruin itself.

    Second, the SME’s will go bankrupt, and the employees lose jobs when overnight the huge flood of Singaporean tariff free goods flood into Malaysia. By the way, the TPPA/CPTPP strips the SMEs naked of TARIFF PROTECTION. This is the nub of Lee Kuan Yew’s intention with the TPPA/CPIPP !

    This is confirmed by the headline in the Singapore Business Times in early 2016 when Malaysia signed the TPPA.

    ” SINGAPORE SAVES S$ 1 BILLION FROM MALAYSIA “. I reckon the figure is more like S$ 2-3 Billions ! In other words our beloved Malaysia loses at least RM 3 Billions every year. Dear Think Tank IDEA if you ever noticed !

    Prof Jomo and a distinguished economics expert at UNCTAD New Delhi do not think the Lee Kuan Yew Creation the Malaysia/Malay Killer TPPA/CPTPP benefits our beloved Malaysia.

    I sincerely hope our Malaysian Think Tanks not only think but also read the Devil in the details in the 50 volumes of the TPPA/CPTPP Agreement – a specialty to trap unwary Malaysians by Lee Kuan Yew like the Water Agreement of 1962 !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun without the Lee Kuan Yew Malaysia/Malays Killer TPPA/CPTPP ! No problem.

  73. mubarakchan Dec 19,2018 10:27 PM


    Sorry. Two typo errors. The first should read ‘…..BN Government ‘ not BB. Second, ‘…..illustrated in today’s Financial Review Page 2, 19 December 2018 ‘ instead of 19 May 2018. The errors are much regretted.

  74. mubarakchan Dec 19,2018 10:14 PM


    Many Malaysians are not aware of the great danger which our beloved Malaysia faced on 8 May 2018 just before the collapse of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BB Government 2004-2018.

    Right at that point, the Government revenues were in a free fall with the free for all thefts of Government money and the Malaysia/Malay Killer TPPA/CPTPP waiting to be ratified which would have turned our beloved Malaysia from a Puppet into a Slave.

    Hence, we now have Singaporeans beating war drums and chests and tearing out their hair in frustration and blowing BLUFFOLOGY hot air to boot.

    That point on 8 May 2018 was the culmination of years of NEGLECT by the BN Leadership of the Rakyat’s welfare in jobs and a higher standard of living.

    Lip service was paid only from 2004-2018 by the BN Leadership without doing an iota of work whilst they enjoying themselves at home and abroad at Rakyat’s expense.

    From flashy jets, hotels, yachts, women etc of high living down to turning the Istana Perdana into a glitzy night club complete with imported blondes and champagne.

    Self-indulgence and enjoying themselves like taxi-drivers were the rule of the BN Leadership.

    And on the Policy side there was no Policy but just the attempted overtures to solve problems with absolutely no planning or attempts to gain more investors in the face of determined attempts by Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and The Philippines. As a result, the Federal Government Revenues went down steeper than ever during the petroleum price hike period !

    The sins of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government are best illustrated in today’s Financial Review Page 2 19 May 2019.Hwadline. thus :-


    One Graph showed the steady decline of the Federal Government’s Revenue from 2012. This began years earlier as the reserves from our Tun’s 22 year Administration were being eroded away by thefts, corruption, inaction and GLCs corruption as from 2004.

    The second Graph showed the Federal Government Revenues in comparison with Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, The Philippines etc. Only Laos and Indonesia lost. The latter is undergoing transformation.

    This again confirm that the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THE RAKYAT IN TERMS OF EVERYTHING BETWEEN 2004-2018.

    How could they when the whole cabal was out in the fields in self-indulgence and enjoying themselves like taxi-drivers.

    And when any unconventional Policy like that of the GLCs was queried, the standard and absurd reply was SINGAPORE IS DOING IT ! How stupid that our Sovereignty and National Interest were forgotten and abandoned in the interest of self-indulgence like collecting 12,000 pieces of jewellery and enjoying themselves like taxi drivers with poverty just a couple kilometres up or down the road.

    What better illustrations of the crass neglect of Leadership, duties and responsibilities by the BN Leadership which was elected and trust was given to them by the Rakyat.

    In other words, the whole of our beloved Malaysia would have gone kaput if the BN won after 8 May 2018 by a sudden loss of Revenue coupled with the Malaysia/Malay Killer TPPA/CPTPP ratification. If ICERD has been thrown out, the Malaysia/Malay Killer TPPA/CPTPP should go with it. And yet there was no squeak on the latter (which is REAL and the former is only an IDEA) as instigated by the BN even as our beloved Malaysia was at Death’s Door on 8 May 2018.

    THIS CLEARLY CONFIRM THE COLLUSION BETWEEN THE SINGAPORE PUPPET CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT 2004-2018 WITH THE SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT AND THE DEEP INVOLVEMENT OF CERTAIN SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SERVICE. This is as clear as daylight – this treasonous collusion to sell our beloved Malaysia for free by the stroke of a pen signed by the BN Leadership should not be tolerated !

    This article is a good summary of how our beloved Malaysia was RAPED BY THE BN LEADERSHIP AND BY AT LEAST ANOTHER 200 OF ITS FLUNKEYS AT TWO LEVELS, FEDERAL AND STATE ! Worse than the Rape of the Sabine Women of ancient Rome !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem as long as every one behaves and acts NORMALLY,

  75. mubarakchan Dec 19,2018 1:59 PM


    It is good, very good that you brought up the subject of Safe Sex for which you were lauded by the Rakyat. This is a subject which is not only close to our hearts and bodies but lingers in our minds as well. The simple reason basically is that Humankind are no better than animals surviving from the Survival of the Fittest.

    This is also a subject which we knew more than most when we were young students.

    In 1961, I worked as a houseman at the KLGH for RM 401 per month. One of the posts I was assigned to was the Orthopaedic Department. And what did I do apart from mending broken bones ?

    I was the person who rectified the irregular periods of young maidens from all sorts of races from all over the place. If you know what I mean Tun ?

    For the three months duty under no less than under the supervision of the Great Coco Majid, I solemnly and dutifully perform the requisite requirements. I never imagined I would end up as a D & C Specialist at so young an age, Tun ! And you may ask me how many did I do ? Shall I say it or not, Tun ? Not the fingers of my hands, but hundreds in a GH too !

    With such an impact of hundreds of cases which went through my delicate and sensitive hands in 3 months, naturally my thoughts turned to how to prevent more coming to the clinic to have their monthlies rectified and tell the good doctor, ‘ My period didn’t come this month, Doctor.’

    And remember the bizarre incident when a Eurasian gentleman brought his beautiful teenage daughter to the clinic complaining his daughter felled into a drain ? On second thought, he must have thought his daughter was pregnant and was having a miscarriage ! And without much thought, I referred her to the Ops. Afterwards my Boss told me she was with her boyfriend the previous night. My face was as red as a chili !

    In a disparate country like ours, I found there were communal and religious divides overlaid by age-old taboos at the time when I was in action in the 1960s.

    And through the years, I have observed that apart from absent periods of ladies, men, young and old were having NOT SAFE SEX BUT DANGEROURS SEX without any protections. And these supermen boasted about their daring-dos all over the place too.

    Their acts were thoughtless and irresponsible and did not live up to the dictum, ‘ WHATEVER YOU DO OUTSIDE THE HOUSE, DO NOT BRING IT HOME.’ Unintentionally, the spouse causing untold and maybe incurable harm to his/her partner or whoever.

    And can we lay the blame on the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 which Leadership loved self indulgence and enjoyed themselves like taxi-drivers ?

    Of course, if they indulged in these activities all the time, they should have thought about SAFE SEX ALL THE TIME. And yet what did they do ? They did nothing as their wont in enjoying the finest available in Life at the Rakyat’s expense.


    Hence, without the important subject of ‘SAFE SEX BEING TAUGHT AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME IN OUR SCHOOLS, we get these Supermen acquiring all sorts of venereal diseases from all over the GLOBE if not from all over the country. And with the easy procurement of pornographic materials films or otherwise, we certainly could see the explosive sexual results from decades ago. And the damage to our Family-Society System must have been enormous through time.

    At the end of the day, it is the children who suffer due to the lack of care and consideration by the Head of the family ! Most divorces arose from the IGNORANCE ABOUT SAFE SEX !

    And for those cognoscenti of the Karma Sutra or the Pillow Books of China and Japan, do they know the real reason for their publication ?

    I believe the main reason is to keep the spouse at home trying out the 365 possible in the Karmasutra or those in the Pillow Books because in those days there were no cure for venereal disease. The ancients were wise unlike the brash Malaysian moderns. They were wise. Charity begins at Home as they said.

    And how did Singapore is alleged to view this SAFE SEX POLICY which is one of the very few Public Policies which did not fail Lee Kuan Yew.

    When the PAP achieved a firmer hold on Singapore in the late 1960s, the Government took measures to push all the brothels which were found all over and mixed up with the private messes in high-class areas of Singapore, to Geylang. At the same time, a yellow card was introduced in the late 1960s for hygiene and income tax purposes.

    By the early 1980’s, my limousine driver ex Singapore Police could offer me professional services at Geylang by way of a colour brochure with pictures of interesting equipment !

    At the end of the 1960s, one condo building full of brothels was just 100 metres from Lee Kuan Yew’s house in Oxley Road. He got the Civil Servants to buy them out ! Lee Kuan Yew’s Policy towards SAFE SEX was one which he implemented sensibly in view of the fact that Singapore is a sea port in a tropical isle.

    I SUPPORT YOUR CALL TUN FOR SAFE SEX IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. LIKE ANYONE ELSE. SEX IS A NORMAL FUNCTION OF A HUMAN BEING AND SHOULD NOT BE DENIED. But for goodness sake, please play or keep it SAFE. And the best place to learn for all is at the pre-puberty stage in schools beginning with the birds and the bees, and the flying foxes and durian trees, Tun !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  76. mubarakchan Dec 18,2018 9:48 AM


    Even though the morning is bright and calm, my heart is filled with sadness as I write due to the knowledge that the young fireman passed away last night. My deepest condolences to his family and next of kin.

    The principals of this dastardly act must be brought quickly to the book and given the heaviest possible because in our beloved Malaysia all such wanton acts against race and religion must be avoided.

    This matter should have been resolved long ago by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018. But instead the Leadership squandered the Rakyats’ money on women, yachts, jets, Hollywood and New York homes, paintings, diamonds, watches, handbags, cash deposits, etc.

    In our beloved Malaysia today there are still many poor people who find it hard to earn a living because of the flagrant behaviour of the BN Leadership from 2004-2018. How these people achieved such high positions without any care for the Rakyat is no mystery to anyone ? And for the same to self-destruct a whole Establishment inclusive of the elites with the mentality of taxi-drivers ? History now shows that the BN Leadership was no leaders at all but a bunch of ordinary opportunists.

    It is such a situation like this temple incident that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

    And it is tough for any Government to deal with the consequences after the fatalities if any. And we are all aware that there are many of these time-bombs dotted around Malaysia today. The faster the New and Incorruptible Government defuse them and put these aside the better.

    Whilst I am still on the subject of human conflict, internal or external, a thought suddenly dawned on me that the Singapore Dilemma of survival and sustainability is due to the lack of Leadership to change the mind-set of only 900,000 Chinese males aged 21-50 ! Singapore needs a Singaporean Deng Xiao Peng who could change the mind-sets of 1 Biliion Chinese to reach out to the World which brought China into the 21st Century. Man proposes. God disposes.

    In our beloved Malaysia, we have our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who could turn Malaysia overnight into one of the four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. And Malaysia is now trekking upwards towards the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  77. mubarakchan Dec 16,2018 11:09 AM


    Congratulations for the high honour bestowed upon you for your Leadership and Services to Humanity by the distinguished Thai University in Bangkok. Only two other persons were so honoured.

    Keep smiling Tun and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. The whole World will smile with you.

    In recent weeks, comments in the media alleged that Singapore raised the spectre of Malaysia as a bogeyman to unite and prepare her citizens for a GE in 2019.

    If this is so alleged, then, it seems those responsible resorted to dragging out the 20th Century baggage of failed Singapore daring-dos in Malaysia like the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP.

    However, this is the 21st Century in which information flies in nano-seconds in Cyberspace at the touch of a button. Unlike the 20th Century in which Lee Kuan Yew could control the media with just a couple of phone calls.

    All these negatives aside, as a friend of Singapore, maybe it is time for the Leadership to have tea and fine Malaysian cuisine with our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has many ideas for mutual benefit. I reckon he had more selfies taken in the last 100 days than the last 100 months ! I guarantee he would not eat any Singaporean for breakfast despite being portrayed as some sort of Malaysian ogre by some Singaporean quarters.

    In 1974, without telling anyone, I went to see the brilliant Mrs Lee Kuan Yew to seek her support after the Malaysians ran out of money in the pursuit of Sime Darby which was my 1972 Concept to fast trek the Malays into big business and give the Chinese the leeway to do business with the support of the Great Statesman and YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. I stressed both countries would benefit which was indeed the case. The Sime Darby boom despite its Management in Malaysia and Singapore ran its course for 15 years concomitant with our Tun’s Administration which created the all important 6 million families of middle-income Malays ! Such was the brilliance of Tun and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew who had a clarity of mind and quick understanding of the issues.

    That was 45 years ago. And between 2004-2018, the Malaysian Leaders were not only self-indulgent but enjoyed themselves like taxi-drivers.

    With a population of 640 million of hard-working and dynamic peoples, Malaysia and Singapore with its fine Government and Civil Service, Lee Kuan Yew’s credits and goodwill with the World, logistics and good people should be the first natural NEXUS of socio-economic endeavour plus Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines to conquer the 21st Century World in step with the Super Powers. What is better than this ? I see great opportunities are coming ASEAN WAY.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem.

  78. mubarakchan Dec 14,2018 2:11 PM


    Some politicians and journalists seem to behave like as though they live forever and ever to Eternity. These are human beings just like you and me. These are the people with soft minds and body who in their younger age now think they are supermen or Teflon men. You and me we have seen it all. From our First Term facing our subject matter to the present. Those who could not face the subject matter became dentists.

    These politicians and journalists seemed to revel in picking on a subject which they think they cannot lose. I can prove them wrong, Tun.

    I have a List of 65 persons who either died young or their wives and children died after they harmed me who helped them. I have another List in which my friends became mighty rich and powerful.

    I drew up these Lists as I became more senior and reflected on events.

    The Lists revealed conclusions which I never thought about before

    Why some people who thought I die before them, died ? Why my friends become so rich and powerful ? With such knowledge, I became very humble, kept a low profile and kept on with my good works like you Tun, helping people always.

    I had 11 brothers who were all dead before 80. They were fortunate not to raise a finger to do any work. I had a sister who just died at 100. She had a normal and active life and was driving her car up to 92. Other sisters died at 93, 94 and 96.

    I ALWAYS TELL MY FRIENDS THAT WORKING HARD AND SUFFERING FOR IT WILL NOT KILL THEM. BUT IDLENESS WILL SURELY KILL THEM. The killing could be MENTAL in which the brain just deteriorates in its function with no activity which you understand very well Tun.

    Like the other day, there was a ruckus about a young lady who made some comments in the media on a rally. MY FIRST AND ONLY REACTION WAS THAT ‘HERE’S AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG LADY WHO USES HER BRAIN TO THINK.’ What is more beautiful than this, Tun.

    Here are some snippets of my experiences in Life.

    1. In the second week of December 1941, I was in my family estate bungalow in North Johor. Early one morning with sunshine and blue sky. I heard the sound of a plane flying in the direction of the house. There were the banging on a motorcar wheel rim to warn all. My maid servant pulled me out of the house, past the rubber trees to the air-raid shelter amongst them. As the plane roared just above the trees, I saw red roundels on its sides and wings. I heard the sound of fire-crackers and the leaves were whistling. If the plane had dropped a bomb. I would not be here.

    2. We fled to Singapore. A bomb felled on the garden of our house in Ridout Road. I could retrieve the shrapnels out of the tembusu trees and the walls of the house.

    3. On the morning of 7th February 1942, our ship the Free French MV Felix Roussel was in convoy with the SS Devonshire and two destroyers HMIS Sutlej and an Australian destroyer passing the Banka Strait. A flight of 17 Mitsubishi Betty bombers flew overhead to bomb us. They missed because they had to fly high overhead due to the flak from the destroyers.

    4. Fast trek to 1951, a year of great fear in Malaya due to the Communist Insurgency. I was sitting in front of my classmate Yee Mun Too. Suddenly there was a loud bang. A bullet passed through my wooden desk. Yee a Sutton auxiliary policeman was fiddling with his revolver which went off. A couple of inches in the wrong direction, I would not be here.

    5. In the same year 1951, I went for my mandatory $ 1 hair-cut at the Wembley Hair Salon at Medan Pasar. It is still there. I stepped out of the pavement. An old man on a bicycle hit me on my right side. I felled with no injuries.

    6. In 1959, I was cruising with my English friend along the North London Road to the University to sit for my Finals. As I overtook a car, a lorry suddenly swerved onto the middle lane and missed us by a whisker. My friend’s face turned deathly pale and whispered,’ Oh Charley ” I must be his hot topic at hall with his friends that night.

    7. When I was 26, my nephew pulled me out of the sea off Port Dickson. If not for him I would have drowned. After this I learnt how to swim. Big deal !

    8. On 13 May 1969, Tuesday was my appointed day to practise at the shooting range in the afternoon at Subang. And afterwards, I would drive past the TV Complex near Kampong Kerinchi at about 6 pm. I did not go to practice on that particular day because I had an eye injury. Otherwise I would have been caught in the maelstrom right there. My guns would have been useless in such an event. I am happy to be still around.

    9. In 1992, I was in Milan. One morning as I stepped out of the pavement, a young Italian boy on a Vespa hit me on the left side. I felled onto the street. He also felled and was shaking like a leaf. I got up without a scratch and continued my journey. I returned to my hotel room and rang my badminton partner in KL. His secretary told me my friend had the previous night !

    Tun, I hope from now onwards that politicians and journalists take a more serious view of Life and Death !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. When I showed the List to my friend, he said,’ Allah loves you !’

  79. mubarakchan Dec 13,2018 2:54 PM


    The recent turn of events concerning minor issues which were raised by Singapore unexpectedly accompanied by comments bordering on domineering and overlord-ship attitudes, was very surprising.

    Fortunately, for some years now, I presented true facts about the rise and rise of Singapore under the honest Government of Singapore as steered by Lee Kuan Yew.

    I was interested in his fables and foibles. And what made him ticked. He did not tick but clung on to his Double First for Law at Cambridge a whole life long and devoid of common sense, originality or creativity.

    Unlike your good self Tun who could develop your brain and mind to the finest degree possible as you took the successes and hard-knocks of Life. From these, we the Rakyat stand to benefit today. The Vision. The Innovation. The Creativity. The Originality.

    Surprisingly, I discovered in recent days that the Singaporean Leadership still cling on to Lee Kuan Yew’s 20th Century quotations for guidance and succour to bolster their decisions and spine. They seem to be unable to stand on their own two feet and make original decisions.

    For example, the Minister with the unkempt hair and without a suit and a tie said ‘…….Singapore will defend its territorial borders.’ Was he serious speaking thus with a half-past six demeanour to the World.?

    Over the media, there were many flashes of Lee Kuan Yew with his quotations which were seen to be apt for this occasion to bolster their decisions and comments as if they still need full marks from him. They forgot he made many contradictory quotations as well.

    Lest we forget. In July 2016, the senior members of the Singapore Government’s Cabinet all lined up like eager school boys to shake the outstretched hands of President Xi in Beijing after they were knocked hard on their heads by China for siding with the United States on the South China Sea issue in 2015 !

    And today, with fire and fury, thunder and lightning made in Singapore, Singapore deliberately infringes upon the Sovereignty and National Interest of Malaysia and adroitly blame Malaysia as the culprit.

    Malaysia has a population of 31 million and after 9 May 2018 is the fourth most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia.

    Malaysia stands astride 1,200 miles from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea. Singapore has a population of 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-50. Vide Singapore Government White Paper 2011.

    Arising from the official comments recently made by the officials of Singapore, those who take in their adventurous words must be impressed.

    But when the facts are presented that once upon a time, these domineering folks rushed to Beijing to appease China and now, beat the drums against Malaysia’s Sovereignty and National Interest, using their ultimate natural resource, Bluffology, it is truly absurd and ridiculous.

    Maybe they are still in a state of de’ja’ vu when Singapore could control the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and extracted whatever they desired eg from the barren rocks of Pulau Batu Puteh right down to the fellow in IIH and the gigantic expensive purchase of Kim Eng Secutrities Ltd, Singapore to Maybank. No Malaysian money was left unturned .

    All these Malaysian treasures made no difference to Singapore’s struggling economy. The World Bank now estimates Singapore’s 2019 GDP at 3%.


    Is it because Singapore still thinks the New and Incorruptible Government as led by our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side is like the Singapore creation, Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, 2004-2018 ?

    Thanks to our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad if the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP was ratified by the BN Government, our beloved Malaysia would have been turned into a SLAVE FROM A PUPPET BY OUR OWN HANDS AS PLANNED BY LEE KUAN YEW ! Man proposes. God disposes.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! It is time all Malaysians are aware the meaning of Sovereignty and National Interest or we get bullied by little folks. Kudos to YB Loke. No problem.

  80. mubarakchan Dec 12,2018 11:04 PM


    In this recent outburst against Malaysia by the Singapore Government officials I find it amusing that they follow the 20th Century quotations of their Mentor Lee Kuan Yew like what the Chinese Communists do with Mao’s Little Red Book.

    But the reality is that all the warts and flaws which Lee Kuan Yew managed to hide from public view are now exposed in no uncertain terms eg.

    1. Lee Kuan Yew entered Fitzwilliam House, Cambridge by the back door without Latin or Greek, over-aged 23 years, and did not take the requisite Open Entrance against all-comers. He based his whole life on his Double First in Law obtained in 1947. He was last at the important professional Bar Finals London. His wife was placed 3rd out of 300. My wife was 7th out of 700.

    2. In 1962, the Tunku despatched the Federal Government’s top expert on Counter-Insurgency, Adviser Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too to brief Lee Kuan Yew and Special Branch Chief George Bogaars on Singapore’s Communist Insurgency for 2 solid days. Much later, C.C. Too told me Lee Kuan Yew did not have a clue about what to do.

    3. From 1948-1989, Singapore became one of the biggest traders in the Black Under Counter Tradw with the blessing of Uncle Sam eg. arms trading, smuggling, money laundering, toadying to dictators, Vietnam War logistics, collect Vietnam War debris, sanctions breaking China, North Korea, Iran, Myanmar, Middle East and Africa. US R & R, US ships bunkering, US base, US Aid. etc. After the end of the Cold War 1948-1989, the BRICS hi-jacked Singapore’s turf. This 2-3% of her GDP gone forever.


    4. By 2002, the Black Under Counter Trades were completely gone forever. Singapore was left with the usual business of banking and trading.



    Instead through the flatteries of the gnomes of Zurich, Lee Kuan Yew turned himself into an ordinary speculator in shares and lost big by 2008 – US$ 108 Billion. A large portion of the Cold War wealth would have gone to the gnomes of Zurich.

    6. By early 1990s, Lee Kuan Yew realised the loss of the Black Under Counter Trades to the BRICS, with textbook precision he despatched Goh to arrange for the imports FTs from India to boost the GDP. This turned out to be like pushing the economy with a string.

    7. Lee Kuan Yew’s 4 Initiatives to save his Singapore and his legacy for his inheritors failed. eg. the ill-conceived Temasek, FT imports, 2 casinos, the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP. to fill the Black Under Counter Trades void in the early 21st Century and beyond.


    The wealth from the Black Under Counter Trades of the Cold War 1948-1989 must be diminishing day by day. Her GDP could not breach 3% from 2002 to 2017 – 15 years. And inflation at 1% per annum is chronic.


    Hence, I was curious at the beginning what stimulated the Singaporean Officials to beat the war drums on minor Causeway issues.


    Malaysia BOleh Tun as always ! We must always go back to the basics, the logic and the facts on any issue we face. No problem, Then we know our own strength and resilience. Just a headline like MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE TELLS US NOTHING WHICH IS HUGE AND WHICH IS TINY.

  81. mubarakchan Dec 12,2018 4:16 PM


    With Political Reality, we Malaysians must never forget that we are a Nation of 31 Million in a country which is one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia.

    Throughout, our beloved Malaysia and even today, never took advantage of our neighbours. Only now with the New and Incorruptible Government we stand by our Sovereignty and National Interest unlike the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018.

    We must never forget that Singapore has only 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-50.Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2011.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Singapore has 900,000 male Chinese aged 21-50 which we always forget Malaysia is a Nation of 31 Million. Hence, BLUFFOLOGY is their weapon of choice.

  82. mubarakchan Dec 12,2018 1:07 PM


    This morning the media is full of maps concerning the Seletar Airport and its proposed ILS to be installed.

    From all points of view, it is very obvious that the Seletar Airport is outdated as its environs are encroached upon by all sorts of developments whether in Singapore itself or across the Straits in Malaysia.

    In Malaysia, there are important facilities which have been established in the course of the decades.

    There is absolutely no guarantee that an air crash will not occur and cause tremendous damage to human lives and properties. No matter how Singapore presents its case by quoting International Regulations and Rules, or an 1974 Arrangement. Life goes on.

    In this particular case of the Seletar Airport, it is well-neigh impossible for anyone not to foresee the real danger to come.


    YB Loke is superb in taking a solid stand on this. Unlike the other fellow of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government when he was asked why MAS 17 flew over war-torn Ukraine. His reply,’ No one ask us not to fly over it.’ Over 180 lives were lost due to the lack of, vision, common sense and Leadership !

    Well-done YB Loke ! If the cap fits, wear it.

    Singapore should realise its small size in the development of projects.

    To forcibly and obstinately taking an overlordship and domineering attitude which tantamount to bullying our beloved Malaysia is not conducive to good logic from a tiny place which prided itself to be in the First World and able to hit above its weight too. No one asked who Singapore hits at ?

    This might have succeeded during Singapore’s Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government regime 2004-2018.

    This easy method of robbing is no longer relevant in present day Malaysia under the rule of the New and Incorruptible Government.

    Malaysia is now one of the four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia.

    And Malaysia is the most important choke point in the World because of its strategic location with her borders which stretch for 1,200 miles from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea together with a population of 31 Million which practise Democracy with a stable Government in a land full of bountiful natural resources with peaceful and friendly people.

    It is time for Singapore to solve her problems and dilemmas.

    If Singapore is SMALL than behave like a small country – quote Singaporean elite Manubhani.

    Our beloved Malaysia with a population of 31 Million, is not interested in other countries problems and dilemmas. We have got problems and dilemmas of our own.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  83. mubarakchan Dec 11,2018 11:53 PM


    This evening you saw for yourself that football has a large following of the youths.

    It is only proper that football is properly organised throughout Malaysia and illegal activities are banned in football circles to encourage the healthy development of the Sport. No gambling permitted.

    The Sport has been neglected in professional terms for decades during which ambitious politicians of no merit crept in and controlled the Sport.

    It is high-time like everything else the New and Incorruptible Government which happens to have a young and capable Minister to take the helm of both the Olympic Council of Malaysia and the FAM to put the Sport where it should be today.

    The Key to the success of any Organisation is the availability of dedicated Human Resource with professional know-how.

    You may have observed that our athletes were under-nourished or physically incompetent especially when they were at the World Class level competition.

    Stamina is achieved by Sports Medicine and Physical Conditioning through fitness programmes and dietary regimes as you are aware, Tun. But time and time again Malaysian athletes were found to the lack of breath in the final stages of any Sport. What do unprofessional managers know about Sports ?

    It is well-known many were fellow travellers at public expense.

    On stamina, I remember clearly at the London Olympics, our Malaysian stood to win at badminton in the Third Set at 19-17 against Lin Dan in his favour. He lost. Without fitness to supply sufficient oxygen to his brain, he could not react properly. That’s Sports Medicine, Tun. Lin Dan was always full of energy and stamina to the very last point at his peak. And he never lost then.

    Two World Class Malaysian athletes, the cyclist Awang and Squash Queen Dato Nicole David were always fit for the job.

    Tun, our athletes are ready and willing. For the very first time after so many decades, they have a great chance to be properly guided, fed and motivated by a YB Menteri who fits the bill.

    Let all Sports bloom a thousand Bunga Rayas for our beloved Malaysia.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem

  84. mubarakchan Dec 10,2018 11:01 PM


    In support of your comments of the Scourge of Corruption in our beloved Malaysia during 2004 to 2018, I am of the opinion that Corruption knew no bounds during this dark period of our history.

    Who would expect men and women steeped in the religion, well-brought up in education, from esteemed backgrounds and carefully groomed for important roles to administer the Nation, all went for something common garden like weakness of the flesh and the soft under-belly at the flip of the proverbial coin.

    Without exception, men and women holding important top posts in iconic public institutions were literally all on the take of corrupt money.

    These people are the highest ranking Public or Civil Servants in the land specially trained and selected for the jobs. The elitist group which should form the bulwark of any Nation in support of the Political Leadership and the incumbent Government.

    With the daily exposures of wrong doings in the thefts from venerable Trusts like the FELDA and Tabung Haji, 1MDB, by appointed Trustees, one wonders who can be trusted these days by the Rakyat. This is one form of Corruption by those in Power.

    Then we have the common garden type of Corruption when money was given to Civil Servants by individuals for favours.


    An important innovation to stop Corruption is for the Government to CONFISCATE WHATEVER ILL-GOTTEN GAINS IN TERMS OF MONEY, PROPERTIES OR OTHER ASSETS STOLEN BY THESE CROOKS AND HIDDEN OVERSEAS UNDER DIFFERENT NAMES. The money so derived should be for the socio-economic development for the Rakyat.

    If the Government does not do this, a small time crook will wallop a RM Billion or two and willingly go to jail for a few years and be a free man thereafter to enjoy his loot.


    This is much more rewarding than some airy-fairy Private Member’s Bill on TVET and forgot about the 300,000 young Malay bankrupts suffering under the neglect by the Singaporean Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring Government which misled them by not revising the Bankrupt Act 1967 but only attached an Amendment to it. Vide. The Star, Reader’s Letter. May 2018.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  85. mubarakchan Dec 10,2018 3:57 PM


    This morning was calm and peaceful.

    But the media is full of hot air blowing from all directions especially from South of the Border which comments become more and more curious day by day. There is no logic in all the comments as expressed officially and unofficially. I am as perplexed and confused as anyone else who just drop by from Mars or Rip Van Winkle from his sleep.

    Why the sudden outburst against Singapore’s obsession, its nemesis called Malaysia ?

    Fellows who hold high honours from the Ivy League and Oxbridge.

    Fellows who were carefully nurtured by Lee Kuan Yew no less who gained a Double First in Law at Cambridge which he never forgot even though he did not leave it behind.

    Fellows who are supposed to stand on their own two feet and think for themselves the best course of Policies for Singapore and her citizens.

    My view is that their present outburst on Air and Water will not hold any advantage to Singapore in the 21st Century as the record showed.


    This is one side of the Singapore Coin and on the other, DURING THIS HORRIBLE PERIOD MALAYSIA GAINED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It was all one sided 2003-2018.

    And now through the air waves emanating from Singapore, we are told in no uncertain terms by her foremost elite that,


    I have never read such absurdity in my Life. Who cares about Singapore whether she thinks big or not. It is not our problem.

    Singapore’s Political System is Anti-Cambridge Godless Neo-communistic imposed on the citizens without their knowledge and supported by Apparatchiks (elites) and the West. Somewhat like the People’s Republic of China. This System was known to the West from the beginning. It was called.’benign dictatorship’ (which dictatorship is benign ?) or ‘capitalistic authoritarianism.’ or ‘ rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas.) Two prominent Indians, Amartya Sen the Nobel Prize winner and journalist TJS George – Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore. 1972, opposed the System.

    Malaysia’s System which is democratic and successful is Malaysia Style Democracy with a Malay Bias with our loyalty and devotion to the Constitution, the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans.

    The problem with Singapore today is :-


    2. THE HUGE LOSS OF REVENUE FROM THE BLACK TRADES IN ARMS, MONEY LAUNDERING, SANCTIONS BREAKING, SMUGGLING, ETC WHICH ALL AMOUNTED TO 2% – 3% of her GDP from 2002 to 2018. This market was hijacked by the BRICS after the end of the Cold War due to Uncle Sam’s spiel which back-fired on him, ‘Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights ‘.


    4. LEE KUAN YEW’S LIFE-LONG OBSESSION TO BELITTLE HIS NEMESIS MALAYSIA WAS A DANGEROUS DISTRACTION WHICH WASTED TIME AND MONEY. If he had taken a NORMAL approach, he would gain much more and much influence over the Malaysian Leadership for many decades. But the route he had taken NOW SHOWS THE WARTS WITHOUT ANY SOLID ADVANTAGE but little rocks or ringgits here and there WITH SINGAPORE’S GOVERNMENT REVENUE UNADRESSED.


    The fire and the fury only confirm :-

    1. The huge loss suffered by Singapore from the failure of Lee Kuan Yew’s 4 Initiatives,

    2. The loss of the US Democrat Mojo,

    3. The Loss of the Under Counter Trades of the Cold War 1948-1989,

    4. The loss of its Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which permitted her to take whatever Singapore wanted,

    5. The gigantic loss of the huge money reserves from the Under Counter Trades of the Cold War 1948-1989 which would have been much depleted by now,

    6. The loss in the drop of her regular revenue from tourist receipts, intra ASEAN trades etc.,

    7. The loss of Singapore’s ability to think out of the box,

    8. The loss of the general influence as exerted by Lee Kuan Yew in his hey-day,

    9. The loss of profitability of her GLCs like the SIA etc.

    10. The loss of leverage in a World of Big Boys and not Small Boys. And so on.

    Even with the paid for delivery of free Malaysian Water, Singapore could not gain anything. She lost her socio-economic momentum for over 25 years – one generation ! Time is of the essence.

    We Malaysians were/are definitely NOT the aggressors of any country or peoples. IF AT ALL THE RECORDS SHOW THAT SINGAPORE LIVED BY THE SWORD AND MAY DIE BY HER OWN SWORD. This unfortunate event has nothing to do with us peace loving Malaysians. This is confirmed by the fact that the Singaporean Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government neglected to make sure our SUKHOI 29 fighter jets fly.

    So how to face militarised Singapore with 300,000 military, Gurkha regiments, drones, tanks, F-35 jets, submarines, balloons, long range artillery, AWACS, Apaches, spies like swallows in CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, ducks, tycoons, journalists, senior Malaysian Civil Servants, secret caverns, corvettes, Uncle Sam, sir raid siren warnings every day and night, armour plated buildings with air raid shelters etc.

    My sincere suggestion is that it pays for Singapore to confederate with the UK or Scotland or be the 53rd State of the US or a Province of India to ensure her future because it seems to me that the elites of Singapore have run out of white rabbits in the proverbial hat after Lee Kuan Yew. So, they pick on our beloved Malaysia again like in the 20th Century. An ancient saying,’ A GOOD HORSE DOES NOT RETURN TO OLD PASTURES ! ‘

    With the brilliance and courage of our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and DSAI with the Team by his side, our beloved Malaysia only looks forward to co-operate and work with Singapore and ASEAN for the common good for the utmost social and economic benefits for our Rakyat. No more. No less This is our focus – not religion, race, politics or whatever.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Our record even showed Singapore could create the Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 from which she got all that she wanted. What more does Singapore want ?

  86. mubarakchan Dec 9,2018 3:08 PM


    I am curious about a media Report that a Private Member’s Bill concerning Technical Vocational Education and Training or TVET being presented soon in the Dewan Rakyat. Arising from this a Commission would be established to ensure the graduates get a fair wage. This Bill seems to be just ornamental or garnish for some unknown reason. How many such graduates would benefit ? And this Bill will take years and years to implemented if at all.

    Have we forgotten the Minister of Law in the Singaporean Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government’s superfluous amendment which was just attached to the Bankruptcy Act 1967 which she called a REVISED BANKRUPTCY ACT OF 1967 ?

    She misled over 200,000 young bankrupts (Malays) just before the 14th GE. Someone alleged she did it due to pressure from the finance sector.

    And she was not aware that this important Bankruptcy Act 1967 is always revised up to date by Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia.

    It is time that people in power should not bluff the Rakyat and waste the Government’s time and money on claiming to REVISE the Bankruptcy Act 1967 which she did not. The Act still has 19th Century Victorian punishment rules. Vide. The Star. Reader’s Letter May 2018

    And it is alleged also that this same person wanted to spend RM 350 Million to convert the RRIM Research Station at Welwyn Garden City into a sports facility for Malaysian athletes when she was in charge of another Ministry. This would have meant flying hundreds of Malaysian athletes to and fro between Malaysia and Britain many times a year.

    In fact all she needed to do was to clean out the Jurassic Olympic Council of Malaysia to put Squash on the Olympic Programme. With Dato Nicole David’s skills, Malaysia would have won 4-5 Olympic Gold Medals years ago without spending millions of ringgits for NOTHING.

    In both cases, due consideration and common sense over matters of Public Interest should hold sway.

    On the one hand, over 200,000 young bankrupts (Malays) are still locked in bondage due to the neglect by an Uncaring Minister.

    On the other, how many graduates benefit from the TVET Bill which might not see the light of day ? Why not deal with the 200,000 young bankrupts (Malays) first or both together ?

    It is important that public figures are well-informed all the time but not some of the time.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  87. mubarakchan Dec 9,2018 12:45 PM


    Another wonderful morning today as we wake up from our peaceful slumber amidst our peaceful environment of our beloved Malaysia.

    Why are some people so unhappy ? Why ?

    Maybe they have been thoroughly brainwashed to think that everything is better South of the Border only and not North of the Border.

    Brainwashing is unlike brushing one’s teeth which we want to be super clean every morning. It is applied on weak and simple souls with nothing between their eyes so to speak.


    This is the nub of the hot-air or BLUFFOLOGY emanating through our southern border for months now.

    For a cognoscenti of Causeway Politcs like myself since 1954, this absurdity is all very unnecessary ! People would jump on me if I use the word ‘CHILDISH’ especially on those from Ivy League or Oxbridge types who are fond of reading the latest tomes from Kino or Borders.

    My advice to them is ‘Don’t waste money or time.’. Why ? My reply is,’ Just use your common sense based on FACTS. OK !



    BUT BETWEEN 2004-2018, SINGAPORE CREATED THE PUPPET CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT AND TOOK WHATEVER SHE WANTED eg. Pulau Batu Putih (inaction for centuries), unlimited sand, 2 sens (depreciated) per 1000 gallons, airspace, Chief Editor of UMNO owned NSTP, the 25 miles of steel rails with KTM, attempts to gain more from the Bursa or other marts, CPF, the broad and cheap AVENUE, the IIH fellow and other inserts in share-broking and finance houses, etc.

    Our beloved Malaysia welcomes Singaporeans who live, work and play amongst us eg. their investments in Malls, restaurants, businesses and all. I am aware of many and plenty. This is the Private Sector. No problem.

    All Singaporeans and foreign friends are welcome to live, work and play in Malaysia.

    But when our beloved Malaysia’s Sovereignty and National Interest is impinged by encroachment without arrangement, then THIS IS GIVING NO FACE AND ILLEGAL GIVING MALAYSIA THE IMPRESSION OF AN OVERLORDHIP AND OVERBEARING ATTITUDE.

    These are not good vibes between ‘geographical twins’ after some of our folks were brainwashed by the Singapore media as abang-adek, 5 eyes, private and quiet retreats, very hot relationships between Singapore and its puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government.

    Hopefully, Malaysia and Singapore will sit down to talk-talk over Malaysian nasi lemak and teh tarik, and Singapore’s Hainanese chicken rice and chili crabs and Malaysia/Singapore cendol to sort this old twin and young twin matters out once and for all.


    Let us all grow up and join up to take advantage of ALL THAT IS AVAILABLE TO US NOW AND NOT SPLIT HAIRS OVER AIR AND WATER !

    It is time to grasp all opportunities with both our hands and turn them into realities to benefit all our citizens. Time is of the essence.


    However, without bothering with the negatives as expressed above, I am exceedingly happy and relaxed with the full realization that so far so good, our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat have traipsed the narrow line of Democracy through the years as exemplified the anti-ICERD demonstration against an IDEA, the 9 May GE, temple riot (contained by PDRM) etc. Any dissension is limited to hot air and Suits of paper arrows. Hopefully, democratic practices will be practised more by all.

    It is not the concerns or my happiness which I feel like commenting this morning.

    It is how we SMILE that matters.

    Our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is smiling much more these days than during his 22 Year Administration ! This what it should be.

    I suggest his WHOLE GOVERNMENT TAKES TO SMILING when given the OPPORTUNITY. This is the best antidote for winning against the naysayers.

    Not only that, the good hormones will flow, the optics are absolutely clear for all and sundry that to see that all are under control with confidence. And the best of all, without saying much, all can see for themselves with their own eyes to get a ‘FEEL GOOD FEELING’.

    This is a subject known as PSYCHOLOGY which our Tun understands very well. KEEP SMILING FOLKS.

    UNLIKE THAT TOUSLE HAIR FELLOW WITH A HALF-PAST SIX DEMEANOUR WITHOUT A TIE, WHITE SHIRT AND SUIT, OFFICIALLY PROCLAIMING THAT SINGAPORE HARBOUR EXTENDED ITS BORDER RECENTLY AND SINGAPORE WILL DEFEND ITS TERRITORIAL WATERS – To the last drop of blood, I presume. Was he serious ? Were you impressed ? Have you ever heard of 88, Jalan Geylang, Singapore ? Would any Malaysian die for a few metres of murky sea water ?

    Don’t be ridiculous folks ! Come over to JB for our Malaysian nasi lemak, satay and teh tarik, and Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice and Chili Crabs followed by the Malaysia/Singapore cendol and talk things over. WE ARE ALL TOO YOUNG TO DIE OVER A FEW METRES OF MURKY SEA WATER, FOLKS ! And besides since we are geographical twins (courtesy Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad), I die, you die or you die I die. Pour le vouz francais, folks !

    Tun, please smile broadly with DSAI and the Team by your side too. Not only will the whole World smile with you all but a New and Incorruptible World emerges as a consequence.

    With a smile, I recall how Lee Kuan Yew mandated his citizens to be ‘THE RUGGED SOCETY’ OR ‘TO BE CLEAN’ OR ‘TO SMILE’ etc. Believe it or not. Along Oxford Street, London, I asked my Singaporean friend why he threw all sorts of rubbish along the street. He replied ‘At last, I have FREEDOM.’ There hangs the tale Tun !

    Malaysian Boleh Tun as always ! Keep SMILING BROADLY TUN, TUN DR SITI HASMAH, DSAI AND THE TEAM. We all smile with you. No problem

  88. mubarakchan Dec 8,2018 10:34 PM


    For many years I have been commenting in these Columns about the Failed Public Policies of Lee Kuan Yew, an unusual person much concerned with Security coupled with the gathering of information on others which is known as spying.

    It is alleged that a wide area around any event attended by him would be searched thoroughly for bombs like up a lamp-post or up a tree for a radius of at least 100 metres depending on the location. His fear for his safety was real. And some Singaporean rumours alleged that he actually lived in the Istana and not at his humble Colonial style bungalow at Oxley Road.

    Quote Franklin D Roosevelt, ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’

    His penchant for spying on others made the following categories of persons working for him and the Government of Singapore eg. journalists, tycoons, bankers, prominent Malays, Malaysian Civil Servants, swallows, ducks, academicians, etc who were rewarded if they played a significant role in his interest.

    Malaysian and Hong Kong tycoons have been regularly rewarded financially thus with values of the rewards well above the market norm.

    At least two ordinary Malaysian merchant bankers ‘sold’ inside information on the impending bonus issue by Sime Darby in 1979. Both became mighty rich from zero base and became share-brokers. One of them became a convicted felon arising from a huge public cheating scandal in 1999. The other one got away scot-free.

    At the material time, I was offered the same facility to furnish information by a Singaporean lady share-broker who has since sold out to Maybank for a gigantic price I told her bluntly that I was not into this sort of thing by playing out my peers trust behind their backs. That was in 1979. She told me that financing was unlimited and know one would know ! I said ‘No thanks !’

    The use of money by Lee Kuan Yew to further the gains of whatever for Singapore is well-recorded.

    Of course, the most famous was the Thaksin Purchase of 2006 which turned Free Thailand into two halves with deaths and injuries to innocent Thai men, women and children. For the very first time. 2 coups d’états followed.

    For the prescient observer, how many Malaysians noticed that at least 3 Singaporean women journalists were each placed in the Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN respectively. It was the CNN which labelled the cendol as of Singapore origin.

    And during the Currency Crisis of 1997-2000, a Singaporean lady academician at the University of Chicago and a her counterpart, a lady journalist in Jakarta were reporting the most adverse comments on Malaysia’s correct Policy of Foreign Exchange Controls in 2000.

    And as for Malaysia, the authorities always minded our own business but bent over to please when Singapore’s Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government ruled 2004-2018.

    With Lee Kuan Yew’s intense interest in spying on others, especially their sexual peccadilloes, it no small wonder that the age-old Malaysian dessert known as ‘cendol’ also was a Singaporean invention for the want of NOTHING !

    Hence, the re-kindling of ancient 20th Century Strategy and Tactics by the 3G of Singapore only arouse curiosity and wonderment by the cognoscenti of Causeway Politics. Maybe the lack of original Ideas and the absence of white rabbits in the proverbial hat forced the issue.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Whoever in the World wants to claim any Malaysian cuisine, please just ask the PMO and it shall be given because we have so many dishes to give away to the famished ! No need to be sneaky.

  89. mubarakchan Dec 8,2018 3:41 PM


    The two Sovereign countries, Malaysia and Singapore have been ruled by leaders with a similar British Colonial educational background since these became independent.

    However, in the case of Malaya/Malaysia since Merdeka, there have been 3 distinguished predecessors of our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s 22 year Administration eg. the Tunku – the Father of Malaya. The Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein Onn – a who tolerated no wrong doing.

    And Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was able to put in the essential infra-structures and created the stable Malay Middle Income Group together with the Non-Malay Middle Income Group to use the infra-structures meaningfully and to promote the stable ballast for the future. His successors thought otherwise and enjoyed themselves like taxi-drivers !

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad could develop his brain and thoughts as he soldiered on in the National Interest – a whole Life long.

    Comparatively, Lee Kuan Yew after attaining a Double First in Law at Cambridge, left his thinking cap behind when he exited the portals of Cambridge. And his brain did not further develop from that point onwards ! Hence apart from his worst 2 Child Family Policy of 1972-1984 which Hitler did not dare to attempt, Lee Kuan Yew had a further 46 Failed Public Policies on his record.

    In time, historians will arbitrate the pros and cons of Lee Kuan Yew’s performance as a Leader of Singapore. His brilliance or his failures.

    And with the Jury still out, today his inheritors are at their hot-air best war path again picking on their old nemesis Malaysia which Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government was Singapore’s Puppet from 2004-2018 !

    Previously, Singapore’s obsession with Malaysia’s wealth was a dangerous distraction in terms of time and money. And at the material time, Singapore was up to her gills with the huge largesse from the spoils of easy money from the Black Under Counter Trades of the Cold War 1948-1989 and with Uncle Sam’s support and blessings too. The BRICS took over this lush turf from Singapore. 2%-3% of the GDP just disappeared in the 1990s.

    From 2002 -2018, Singapore could not breach 3% of the GDP concomitant with the failures of Lee Kuan Yew’s 4 Initiatives to save Singapore and his inheritors eg. the ill-conceived Temasek, the 2 casinos, the FT imports and the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP.

    In other words, Singapore HAD NO GROWTH FOR 16 YEARS, 2002-2018 INCLUSIVE OF INFLATION’!

    With this factual background, Lee Kuan Yew’s inheritors now take a hard line towards Malaysia’s diplomatic approach on a few metres of murky sea water and what rightfully belongs as regards Sovereignty and National Interest. From 2004-2018 9 May, there was not a squeak of complain from Singapore towards her Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which gifted her with so much . This rapacious gifts made no difference to the wherewithal of Singapore whatsoever. What a waste of time and money by betting on a one-legged horse !

    These sneaky acts only made Singapore that much smaller !

    We Malaysians must know our own strength and resilience.

    And we must also know that the Singapore of the 21st Century may have lost nearly all the BLACK MONEY MADE DURING THE COLD WAR !

    And with a turbulent World which has no mercy on anyone, a tiny place like Singapore WITH NOTHING BUT A FEW INHERITORS OF LEE KUAN YEW, is very much exposed to the big games the big boys of the World play.


    In the case of the US-China Trade War, the weapon of choice is Tariffs coupled with petroleum.

    In the case of Singapore, the inheritors of Lee Kuan Yew chose hot air or BLUFFOLOGY AS THE WEAPON OF CHOICE IN A WORLD IN WHICH ALL KNOW WHERE SINGAPORE STANDS. It was not so in the 20th Century when Lee Kuan Yew over-armed himself with all kinds of weapons.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! The difference between Men and Boys is the quality of their toys !

  90. mubarakchan Dec 8,2018 1:43 AM


    Recent events emanating from Singapore in recent days are of a curious nature and origin.

    Their Ministers came out one after another beating the war-drums on a mobile sea border of their creation in recent times.

    The more I review their comments and the headlines like,’ Policy to de-stabilize Malaysia.’ or the words from a tousled head Minister with a half-past six demeanour ‘ Singapore extends Port limits. Territorial waters will be defended.’ the more I ask,’ What do all these official comments add up to ?’ All the fire and fury

    If these comments are serious, then these add up to something which has seriously affected the body politic of the Republic of Singapore. Here are the following conjectures relating to this :-

    1. THE FEAR OF LOSING POWER LIKE WHAT THEIR PUPPET CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT DID ON 9 MAY 2018. There was mention that the Singaporean citizens be prepared for the long haul. Quote Franklin D Roosevelt.’ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’ This is the most likely reason for this sudden outburst by the elites in unison.

    2. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DESTABILZE OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA THESE DAYS GIVEN THE FACT THAT THANKS TO OUR TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD 22 YEAR ADMINISTRATION 1981-2003, 6 MILLION MIDDLE INCOME MALAY FAMILIES WERE CREATED FROM ZERO BASE. This Group with the NON_MALAY Group of another 6 million families form the stable ballast which stabilises Malaysia. And with the New and Incorruptible Government, Malaysia is now united, proud and solid as steel.

    3. THE FACT THAT THE PUPPET CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT PERMITTED THE SINGAPOREANS TO RAPE MALAYSIA BETWEEN 2004 -2018 FREELY, YET SINGAPORE COULD NOT BREACH THE GDP OF 3% – for 16 years ! This is a serious observation of an ant sucking on an elephant and did not benefit at all – A serious economic structural defect in Singapore’s economy which arose from the tragic loss of the 2%-3% GDP belonging to the Black Under Counter Trades of the Cold War 1948-1989.

    4. The sum of the different negative parts becomes a HUGE DILEMMA !

    We must revert to LOGIC AND FACTS to understand the curious behaviour of the Singapore Government Leadership today ! For them ancient 20th Century precepts, sayings and quotations still hold.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Keep smiling broadly ! We are Malaysians ! No problem.

  91. mubarakchan Dec 8,2018 12:28 AM


    The recent spike in the Official comments from the Republic of Singapore is not surprising given the fact that their mind-set is still mired in the ancient 20th Century thoughts and sayings of their Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

    Their present Dilemma is the result of being straight jacketed mentally for over two generations – 25 years of exuberance due to the huge inflow of Black Cash from the Black Trades during the Cold War 1948-1989 which was followed subsequently by another 25 years of Outflow of the huge cash Reserves emanating from both the Government and the Public Funds after being attacked with flatteries by the gnomes of Zurich.

    The Angst of the Leadership must have a root cause for Ministers to rush into print expressing lightning and thunder at very minor things.

    On the one hand, I am so happy and relaxed every day with the full knowledge that the New and Incorruptible Government as led by you Tun and DSAI and the Team by your side will fulfil the NORMS of Good Governance. On the other hand, a further realization of the fact that overnight since 9 May 2018, our beloved Malaysia is now one of the four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan Switzerland and Malaysia.

    With the additional knowledge that Malaysia is now trekking rapidly upwards to rub shoulders with the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.

    I surmise that Singapore’s ancient Strategy of being Obsessed with Malaysia has something to do with an early GE or an economy in dire straits due to their own mismanagement and the UTTER LACK OF IDEAS.

    Whatever it is, our beloved Malaysia is as innocent as a new-born babe with no intentions to harm anyone ! But only to exert our Sovereignty and National Interest.

    Maybe also Singapore lost control of the Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government together with Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP for his inheritors which now has a back-lash effect on their minds that they put all the money on a one-legged horse !

    As it is obvious to all, the manifold mistakes made by the Singaporean elites in not telling the BOSS the true facts concerning their thinking brought present day Singapore insurmountable problems in a World where every one looks after themselves in their Sovereignty and National Interest.

    For a tiny place, Singapore does not make a mark really even though they tell others they hit above their weight.


    LEE KUAN YEW TRADED IN THE BLACK TRADES OF ARMS, SMUGGLING, MONEY LAUNDERING, VIETNAM WAR LOGISTICS, FREE VIETNAM WAR DEBRIS, TOADYING UP TO DICTATORS, SANCTIONS BREAKING OF CHINA, NORTH KOREA, MYANMARE ETC. US R&R, US SHIPS BUNKERING, US BASE, US AID ETC. With an honest Government, Singapore was pushed by the huge largesse from the 3rd World to the 1st ! It was Uncle Sam’s Miracle. Vide Diaward Industries, Chartered Industries Singapore.

    This huge largess was grabbed by the BRICS after the end of the Cold War 1948-1989, 2%-3% of the GDP. An irreplaceable loss for forever.


    With the latest spikes from Singapore, THIS ABSURD POLICY WILL ONLY MAKE SINGAPORE THAT MUCH SMALLER as already proven.


    This is the World of nanoseconds. Not splitting hairs on cendol or a few metres of murky salt water. Sheer waste of time and money.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Our beloved Malaysia may have to wait until our other twin catches up with us after sorting out their 20th Century thoughts. No problem.

  92. mubarakchan Dec 7,2018 3:19 PM


    A significant headline appeared this morning thus :-

    ‘ Heroes Welcome for Malaysia’s Bowling Champions.’

    All our outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen should be well-rewarded.

    During our Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak’s time, he was President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia and was hands-on in all the sporting events. I was privileged to deliver tasks allotted by him. Most sporting events were at the top then including football. At that time, the organisers were keen, loyal and had nothing on their minds but to further the betterment of sports. No one ever thought about money.

    Our World famous Dato Nicole David would have at least 4-5 Olympic Gold Medals in her collection if the Olympic Council of Malaysia after Tun Abdul Razak’s Administration did not sit on their jobs and look pretty at important Olympic functions. And also they confirmed to be inveterate fellow travellers spending the funds belonging to the Rakyat.

    If the members of the Olympic Council of Malaysia were competent and efficient, squash would have been in the Olympic programme decades ago and not the Moguls ! Malaysia would have got at least 4-5 Golds due to her and Dato Nicole David.

    It is time for the YB in charge of Sports to organise the power structure of the governing bodies of Sports beginning with the OLYMPIC COUNCIL OF MALAYSIA WHICH IS FULL OF DEAD-WOOD FOR DECADES.

    Let have young sport activists full of energy, ideas and the willingness to help under the mid-day Sun. This will in time create more outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen to uphold our good name of Malaysia. As it is now, only individual efforts here and there.
    The YB Minister should be the President of the Olympic Council to ensure
    the whole Sports Program is properly administered. This appointment is unlike that of the IIU which is a much lesser entity.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun ss always ! Soon we are on our Way to more greatness and glory in Sports

  93. mubarakchan Dec 6,2018 8:19 PM


    Ever since I made my very first comments on politics on both sides of the Causeway in ‘Future Fast Forward’ in 2010 or thereabouts, some knowledgeable Singaporeans have told me that my comments have been monitored by the Singapore authorities.

    I comment only on my interpretation of the facts on the Public Policies as implemented by the Singapore Government mainly in relation on what affected Malaysia.

    I do not even know how to spin if required to do so.

    I have always been a friend of Singaporeans from young.

    In 1948, my sister and an aunt took me for a ride in a crowded bus along South Bridge Road. A Chinese schoolboy in a white epaulette uniform stood up and gave his seat to my aunt. This act struck me and I remembered it my whole life-long about Singaporeans. And throughout the 1960s and beyond I had many Singaporean friends, billionaires and taxi-drivers.

    It is the minority which I found insufferable and bombastic like Lee Kuan Yew.

    Hence, I went out of my way to find out what made him ticked. The fact was he did not tick ! He was an ordinary person unlike his wife who was really brilliant with a wonderful mind.

    His use of the institutions of the State as weapons and to gather information were quite unnecessary. I doubt if he used any of this information at all to cajole people.

    But the fear by the citizens at the mention of his name was real. Apparently, Income Tax was one of the weapons used. Fear was enough to quell any dissent in a tiny place which was Singapore.

    The latest Report on Singapore is that it is excellent to do business there but not a pleasant place to live.

    I have always said his biggest mistake was his obsession with Malaysia. His legacy on this leaves a trail even to this very day.

    My sincere advice to the elites is forget about Lee Kuan Yew’s quotes and get on with the chores of daily living and planning on your own. Every dog has his day !

    Malaysia as an obsession again is a dangerous distraction for Singapore in terms of time and money. How much of the Cold War largesse is now left ?

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! If you can do it and win with the trend n brilliance and courage, WHY NOT THE SINGAPOREAN ELITES IF THEY LEAVE THE THOUGHTS AND SAYINGS OF LEE KUAN YEW BEHIND IN THE 20TH CENTURY ?

  94. mubarakchan Dec 6,2018 4:35 PM


    It seems to me that the elites of Singapore are once again embarked on their ancient 20th Century trail of hot air diplomacy like their latest, ‘ Malaysia uses Singapore as Bogeyman.’

    Is this angst the result of their loss of their puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and the signed Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP ? However that’s their business and problem.

    But Singapore’s Dilemma today is of their own making arising from their own self-inflicted mistakes which Malaysia have never been capable of thus :-

    1. If Lee Kuan Yew had not been obsessed to do down Malaysia but had taken a NORMAL approach, Singapore would have gained much more, probably no Senai Airport, Tanjong Pelepas etc but a wide open highway direct to Changi and the Port of Singapore. His obsession was a dangerous distraction in terms of time and money.

    2. Singapore’s elites forgot about Lee Kuan Yew’s valuable goodwill and credits with the World’s super powers for 25 years ! A huge loss of money here !

    3. The ill-conceived Temasek using precious Government savings and Public funds to invest speculatively in badly managed companies on Wall Street, the City etc can only bring huge losses. Flattery by the gnomes of Zurich knew no bounds ! There goes the lush profits from the Cold War !

    4. Singapore missed being a Super Power in GOLD by not investing in GOLD at US$ 300 per ounce up to 4,000 tons. The US has 7,000 tons. Germany 4,000 tons. Italy 3,000 tons. Russia and China 2,000 tons and India 1,000 tons with more unofficially. A huge new GOLD industry would have been created. Malaysia would have been caught between a rock and hard place.

    But Man proposes. God disposes. Malaysia is now one of four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia since 9 May 2018.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Our beloved Malaysia has never harmed anyone but it has always been the other way round.

  95. mubarakchan Dec 5,2018 8:27 PM


    With your permission and your concept that Ideas make Money and not Cash is King which turns even the most powerful to be a thief, I like to express a few comments on the dire lack of ideas from Singapore’s elites these days of the 21st Century.

    It is pathetic to note that even at this day and Age, the independent and sovereign Republic of Singapore still resort to ancient 20th Century methods of cajoling their desires on our beloved Malaysia which has a population of 32 Million and its sovereign territory stretches for 1,200 miles from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea. The most important choke point of the World.

    Singapore’s choke point is only 1 mile 1,000 miles from the sea borders of Malaysia. Fellows get choked by Malaysia 1,000 miles before Singapore first.

    Singapore’s population of 900,000 Chinese males of 21 to 50 will in time dribble down to 90,000 and become a Province of the Republic of India.

    I have a soft spot for India and her inhabitants. I was a boy refugee there and gambolled amongst them who were friendly, hospitable and kind. This I will always be grateful and never forget.

    I always recommended my friends to visit India the most democratic in the World and she has the most advanced elite education system with her educational Silicon Valley sited at the foothills of the high Himalayas with rich flora and fauna, Dehra Dun and Mussoorie. Seeing is believing Tun I spoke Hindi, Urdu and Anglo Indian English as well. No problem

    I am still a Malaysian Chinaman. Hence I do not see why we have a politicised language conundrum in our beloved Malaysia whilst India embraced all the dialects, over 350 of them !

    Malaysia is now the 4th most important country of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia as from 9 May 2018

    That is our beloved Way forward as we rapidly trek upwards as led by you Tun with DSAI and the Team by your side to the likes of the Greats Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.

    Japan is a place that if anyone had done wrong, they honourably commit hara kiri even by apologies these days. What can be more NOBLE than this ? IN MALAYSIA THEY LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO COURT WITHOUT REMORSE !

    As for Singapore, now empty of white rabbits in the proverbial hat, maybe a few good ideas from those folks who live in the hot and humid Ulus could broaden their thinking horizon because the Singaporeans seem to have a mind-set stuck in the ancient 20th Century despite all the beautiful pix churned out by their World class media.

    I have observed that the e-biz World seemed to have passed them in the mad rush to capture market share of huge worthwhile countries of the World the US, China and India where huge population masses reside.

    The Dilemma in Singapore today is the lack of ideas to generate REVENUE for the Singapore Government with the sudden disappearance of her trades in arms trading and many other black trades during the Cold War 1948-1989 with Uncle Sam’s support and closed eyes.

    Thanks to the US needs and Lee Kuan Yew excellent rapport with the US Democrats. He ran an honest Government for a tiny population of less than 2 Million. The huge wealth so accrued from 1948 to 1989 pushed Singapore into the First World – it was Uncle Sam’s Miracle not Lee Kuan Yew’s.

    The Malaysians were misled to the glittering buildings and other exotic impressions that these are Lee Kuan Yew’s Miracle. Such things do not make money for the Government.

    Besides, after the collapse of the Black Trades due to the encroachment by the BRICS after 1989, Lee Kuan Yew created 4 Initiatives to save Singapore and his legacy for his inheritors – the ill-conceived Temasek, the 2 casinos, the FT imports, and the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP – all failed.

    Singapore now has NOTHING TO GIVE A FUTURE AND REVENUE FOR THE GOVERNMENT ! Coupled with the fact that it was alleged Lee Kuan Yew tried to turn Jurong to be like Graubünden, Ang Mo Kio like Bernese Oberland etc. He stopped after he discovered that the whole of Singapore at low tide could be fitted into Lake Geneva, Switzerland ! He had a lot of respect for the Swiss !

    How ?

    I suggest the Seletar Airport matter could be resolved easily by either building it elsewhere like using the gift from Malaysia the KTM lands or fill up the Johor Straits so that it becomes a monsoon drain with just a link chain fence along it. Billions of Singapore Dollars will be so created from this idea without being hampered with the impractical ideas of Cash is King !

    Like this at some future date if Singapore confederates with United Kingdom or Scotland or become the 53rd State of the United States or a Province of the Republic of India, we Malaysians on our side of this fence can hail our British, or American or Indian friends – Selamat Pagi.

    It is just as simple as this, Tun.

    The idea for Singapore to fill in the Johor Straits to create enough room for the planes to take-off from Seletar. I have seen warplanes coming out of a Swiss mountain like in a James Bond film. If Hollywood could do it, why not HIT ABOVE ITS WEIGHT SINGAPORE ?

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ? We Malaysians believe in Tun’s Concept of Ideas create Money not Cash is King ! And Tun with DSAI and the Team by his side will do precisely this for the Rakyat. No problem.

  96. mubarakchan Dec 5,2018 2:06 PM


    Another fine morning with the Sun smiling broadly accompanied by a clear blue sky and cumulus clouds all round. It was good to see you smiling broadly all the time and all over the place. A sight like this brings happiness and relaxation to the Rakyat who were once full of fore-boding before 9 May 2018.

    It was very good to see our fine and distinguished Tun Dr Siti Hasmah given the highest respect by President Putin of Russia and Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, an Oxonian, by holding her hand as a mark of respect. This is what our beloved Malaysia should be. We should be given due respect by the G20 if not for the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government when lesser souls took our rightful place.

    Kudos to our Minister of Transport, YB Loke, a competent and a person of the highest integrity for stating that our beloved Malaysia has Sovereignty and National Interest over our own Air Space above the State of Johor. It is high time that all Malaysians realise our Sovereignty and National Interest unlike the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government between 2004-2018.

    As soon as Tun retired in October 2003, a big convicted felon who robbed the public of over RM 1 Billion was fined only RM 3 Million with no jail sentence. The big criminal laughed all the way to his RM 1 Billion Vancouver Tower after transferring this RM 1 Billion out of the country with the FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES !

    And as though our beloved Malaysia was owned by the Leadership, the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government rushed to The Hague International Court of Justice to ascertain whether Pulau Batu Putih belonged to Singapore after over 100 years of inaction.

    Of course, our beloved Malaysia lost because it was a sandiwara just for two or it takes two to tango. Sovereignty and National Interest were forgotten due to jet lag.

    The arrogant Singaporeans trumpeted their cleverness by publishing a
    book to denigrate the stupidity of the Malaysians.

    Factually, there are many more clever Malaysians than Singaporeans as the record shows.

    Hence, Singapore’s Dilemma of no growth for 16 years with the collapse of Lee Kuan Yew’s 4 Initiatives to save Singapore and leave behind an enduring legacy for his inheritors eg. the ill-conceived Temasek, FT imports, 2 casinos and the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP – all failed.

    Not only that, the famished Singaporeans rushed in to grab the Malaysian low hanging fruits in the wide opened doors of the Khazanah by running along the free Avenue right past the 4th Floor Boys showing
    the way by waving the magic wand,

    The finale was a hard core PAP (Singapore) cadre became the appointed Chief Editor of the UMNO owned NSTP with a lush Sime Darby Apache Contract on his lap to ease his sufferings in the hot and humid Ulus. Lee Kuan Yew had his biggest laugh then. Where was our beloved Sovereignty and National Interest ? But who laughs last laughs the loudest !

    Malaysia is now one of four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia after 9 May 2018 !

    Further, a NOBODY was allotted 1,000,000 barrels of oil by Saddam Hussein according to a UN Report. Where was our beloved Sovereignty and National Interest ?

    Look at the fight over Sovereignty and National Interest in current events eg Brexit, South China Sea, Trump, etc.

    And much more CORRUPTIONS which could form the contents of a thick book !

    How many Malaysians are aware that Singapore used to control the Malaysian Air Space right up to Penang and beyond until 1974 ?

    Some wise guys in the NOC chaired by the Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak brought this matter up in 1970. Hence the 1974 Arrangement mentioned by Singapore recently.

    And the Secretary to the NOC became a big shot in later years. He forgot, ugh ?

    The Air Space above the State of Johor belongs to Malaysia. Sovereignty and National Interest must be legally and rightfully exercised until some proper arrangement is in place.


    Let us follow strictly the International Laws and not the Rule and Regulations of an Agency !

    We do exactly what Singapore did to us in the past and the present – follow the Laws plus the nitty-gritty or Devil in the details which Lee Kuan Yew was so fond of.

    Kudos again to the Minister of Transport YB Loke, competent and walk the talk unlike the other fellow when asked why MH17 flew over war-torn Ukraine.’ He replied, ‘No one asked us not to fly over Ukraine.’. Over 180 lives were lost due to the lack of commonsense and LEADERSHIP.

    Malaysia Boleh as always.

    OUR SOVEREIGNTY AND OUR NATIONAL INTEREST ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE TUN ! Otherwise we are not fit to be called a country known as MALAYSIA being called by nobodies as stupid, bullied, pushed around and raped in broad daylight as permitted by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004- 2018. An incident worst than the Rape of the Sabine Women of ancient Rome !

  97. mubarakchan Dec 3,2018 10:14 AM


    This morning the Nikkei PMI Index for Malaysia indicates a contraction for November which is the lowest for 6 months.

    We are now looking at the neglect by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government of doing nothing but playing about frivolously with the well-being of our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat from 2004 to 2018 – a period which these purported leaders or rulers who had no clue on how to administer and plan for the future of a country.

    There were no initiatives to create productive projects to create meaningful jobs for the Rakyat.

    How could they when these purported leaders or rulers spent time enjoying themselves whilst raping our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat of their wealth ?

    Today, we look at the dire results of those who were responsible for planning for the future wherewithal of Malaysia. They neglected their responsibilities and duties from 2004 to 2018. But only knew how to pay astronomical salaries to sub-standard people. They thought being a Prime Minister or in the Government was a cinch.

    Just let others do the hard work whilst they spent time enjoying themselves here and there or flitting overseas in a jiffy.

    This 0.001 % of the population who controlled the 99.999% of the population did not realise at all the magnanimity of the job which they held.


    If these fellows were incompetent, that was one story. But these fellows were not only incompetent but practised the ways of those who frequent the fringes of Society. This was another story.

    A story which has transpired to be shameful without comparison. We the 99.999% of the population all suffered for this, rich or poor. This now shows in the Nikkei PMI Index for Malaysia. No more. No less.

    Tales of mismanagement and malfeasance by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government emerged very soon after 2003.

    The first was a convicted felon who was the mastermind of a share-broking theft of over RM 1 Billion, was only fined RM 3 Million WITHOUT JAIL ! He laughed all the way to Vancouver to his Tower.

    Then the little stories on the NS Programme about the Corruption in the construction of the camps, the catering, the uniform and the transport.

    Followed by the invasion by the hard-core PAPs (Singapore) running along the Avenue past the 4th Floor Boys who held the magic wand, directly into the wide-open doors of the Khazanah looking for low hanging Malaysian fruits which they found plenty.

    This wanton act was followed by the appointment of a hard-core PAP (Singapore) cadre as the CHIEF EDITOR OF THE UMNO OWNED NEW STRAITS TIMES TO TEACH US MALAYSIANS HOW TO READ AND WRITE IN ENGLISH !

    To keep this fellow happy, a lush Sime Darby Apache Contract kept him happy in the hot and humid Ulus.

    Some of these Singaporeans took up abode in Putrajaya to be nearer to the scene of action in their favour.

    Not only that, stories of how a syndicate blessed by the very top could corner all the palm oil sludge from the GLCs estates for free daily began to emerge from the grape-vine. And more happenings.

    This crazy episode in Malaysian History eased seamlessly to the fat boy’s amateurish move to make big bucks out of our beloved Malaysia’s Government coffers, with us the Rakyat watching and hearing haplessly.

    It’s a small small World, Tun !

    As a person who has been a close observer of the political scene on both sides of the Causeway since 1954, I was very worried. Such things should not happen inside ANY GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD !

    In 2011, I decided to meet our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad face to face a third time since 1972 !

    For the curious, I have been in correspondence with Tun at least once a year on important issues of the day since 1981. He always found time to reply to my letters which I now have as a series. He did not reply only once when I mentioned a sensitive and seditious subject.

    From his attitude to an ordinary person like me, I realise Tun is caring and compassion about the welfare of the Rakyat.

    And to confirm, I personally bumped into Tun and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah twice when he was the Prime Minister, at about 8.30 p.m. on two occasions, Ampang Park Complex and Sogo with only one bodyguard in attendance.

    What were they doing there ? Enjoying themselves by taking in the fresh air (makan angin) ?

    NO ! Tun was there in those places to see for himself on the spot about the welfare of the Rakyat and the activity of the market place. He had no problem with the heat and the humidity ! Unlike those fellows who spent time at the Dorchester Hotel London or the Plaza Hotel New York enjoying themselves and doing nothing for the Rakyat !

    And why did I correspond with him ? The reason was his closest aides who were also my closest friends kept me away from the Tun with one excuse or another so that they keep their precious relationships with the Tun to themselves. That’s OK with me.

    Hence, I met the Tun officially 3 times – Hari Raya 1972 and every year until he became PM in 1981: 1984. I was the first and only to avoid a gigantic scandal. 2011. I met him again face to face to assess his reaction to the Governmental Malfeasance since 2004. At that time, I was already briefed that Tun would NEVER RETURN TO POLITICS BECAUSE TUN DR SITI HASMAH AND THE FAMILY DID NOT WANT HIM TO BE INVOLVED AGAIN !.

    In 2011, the first question Tun asked me as I sat down in front of his huge desk was ‘ Where are you from ?’ Of course, he knew about me otherwise I would not be able to see him. The second question was ‘ Have you been to Alor Star’. I told him I have never been there and someone informed me in the 1960s that it was full of green flies. He gave me a cynical smile which I pretended not to see. He could conceal his feelings about the current events at the material time. I left without any feeling as well. But Tun asked me to write about my view of things. Hence, after careful thought I appeared at his distinguished Blog in 2013.

    For the thinking curious, I sincerely hope you now understand WHY I ALWAYS MENTIONED TUN IS BRILLIANT AND COURAGEOUS arising from my experiences above. When I met Tun in 2011, he appeared to have retired due to the desire of his family.


    Hence, I will always say Tun is BRILLIANT AND COURAGEOUS !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Malaysia will be up and running soon under your Leadership with DSAI and the Team by your side.

  98. mubarakchan Dec 2,2018 11:16 AM


    Congratulations on the successful launch of the PPBM Sarawak branch. It is good to see you smiling all the time. This will bring out all the good hormones from the brain for your good health and well-being.

    The end of each year brings thoughts and memories to the forefront as civilised beings like us still remember those events which marked significant steps in our life-long quest for achievements big or small.

    And the biggest significant event of all is the rapine attitude of the whole Establishment of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government between 2004-2018 which left no stone unturned in Corruption and Nepotism by its elitist leaders en mass. How could a country like our beloved Malaysia produced such irresponsible and uncaring leaders ?

    Not only one, but the whole lot using the apparatus of the State to steal the riches belonging to the Rakyat as represented by the Government of the day ! And the methods to steal were crude like that of a common thief. How could it be that ennobled personalities all with many titles and have sworn before our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans over and over again for decades indulged in such wanton rape of the Rakyat’s wealth held in safe-keeping by the Government on their behalf ?

    And our beloved Malaysia is not a poor country which could not pay for their keep. How could this wanton rape of our beloved Malaysia have taken place in our own country by the whole elitist Establishment from top to bottom ?

    Even Hitler did not rape his Deutschland but only the countries he conquered !

    How could leaders who are born and bred in one’s own country do such a horrible rape of their own homeland en mass and must be recorded as one of the most horrible crimes in Humankind History ?

    The Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and 2 Ministers have been indicted for monetary crimes together with a whole host of ennobled high ranking officials and the promise of more indictments to come !

    And it is purported that big chunks of money in the Treasury just disappeared into thin air without trace and accountability.

    How could this be that a Government which was administered properly and honestly from 1957 to 2003 suddenly collapsed as though a gang of Mafiosi had taken over it ?

    Not only that our beloved Malaysia is now hobbled with mega projects which have no meaning and set up at great expense with no immediate purpose.

    How could a whole elitist Establishment go off at a tangent like this doing thoughtless projects with no purpose ?

    For these rapacious people, I hope they are aware that our money in the economy has run dry.

    How could this be when over 500 handbags, 400 watches, 12,000 pieces of jewellery and RM 113 Million in cash are stored in one single abode of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Leadership ?

    And as anyone could guess, this is only the tiny tip of an iceberg of Corruption affecting the whole ruling elitist Establishment. And when charged, the Defendants denied any wrong doing.

    How could this be in our beloved Malaysia to be financially raped by her own elitist Establishment worst than the Rape of the Sabine Women of ancient Rome ?

    With 3 generations of attrition of the Malay elitists, our beloved Malaysia is now only left with our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, one 80 year old superman and one 40 year old Christ’s ( College ) man ! And all the affected Malay elitist in between are happy to lie low with their tons of money !


    How much can one spend in one’s Lifetime or spend in London or elsewhere ? After 2 weeks overseas, most Malaysians would miss their favourite foods and yearn to return home. Why deposit the billions and billions of US Dollars in Swiss private banks or New York or London ?

    Why should we benefit the economies of foreign countries ? And at the most we have only 100 years to live and there is a high risk of the money being squandered by the children !

    Tun, with all those facts in our minds, I recall the time which was 13 May 1969 when the Malays had only 2% of the general economy, the British 70% of the best of everything, the Chinese 25% of the 3rd rate with only a handful of tycoons.

    Then, after this momentous event, the great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak, YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Tun Ismail Mohd Ali, UMNO Youth and yourself ( except for the MCA whose leadership was in the dog house for its withdrawal in a pique from the Alliance at 2.30 pm 13 May 1969 and re-joined at 10 pm that tragic night ) came together as one and formulated the NEP which supported my 1972 Concept of capturing Sime Darby to put the Malays fast trek into Big Business and relieved the pressure on the existing and future Chinese business based on the NEP basic policy of creating a level playing field for all.

    One MCA leader a johnny-come-lately who got entangled with the authorities on both sides of the Causeway called me a ‘Malay bum-sucker’ for my 1872 Sime Darby Concept. After 7 years in corrupt politics he could remit S$ 100 Million via my friend to his girl friend’s Hong Kong account at HSBC ! If not for the NEP and Sime Darby, how could this MCA fellow made S$ 100 Million out of his politics in 7 years based on the Chinese ?

    The Establishment with the launch of the NEP before and after never thought of raping the country for themselves. There was no money in the Malay or Government coffers anywhere.


    BY NOVEMBER 1975, SIME DARBY WAS CAPTURED as promised to Tun Abdul Razak before his untimely demise.

    We must never forget that the Malays thought about money ONLY FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AND HER RAKYAT THEN.

    To show what a valuable asset Sime Darby was/is, under Malaysian Management and with the same Management which did not leave after the FIRST BANKRUPTCY IN 1996 AT RM 1.2 BILLION, THE SAME MANAGEMENT WAS IN ATTENDANCE AT THE SECOND BANKRUPTCY IN 2010 AT RM 2.1 BILLION ! No one was charged. No one was jailed !

    With the Wealth created by our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his distinguished predecessors from zero base, we who are still around since the time when the Malays had only 2% of the Malaysian economy, just cannot believe that a whole elitist Establishment could collapse due to wine, women and song !

    Where is our Sovereignty and National Interest ? Like rushing off to the International Court at The Hague to give away something which was untouched for centuries ! It takes two to tango or to permit a nobody to take 1,000,000 barrels of oil from Saddam Hussein as reported by the UN.

    When the Leadership and elites think of wine, women and song, and not of our Sovereignty and National Interest like signing the TPPA/CPTPP that will be the end of our beloved Malaysia.



    Money can be found again. But when the elitists fall, it is impossible to pull them like white rabbits out of the proverbial hat. And the non-Malay elitists cannot progress and advance without the Malay elitists in place ! Without elitists, where is a country ?

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem under your brilliant and courageous Leadership with DSAI and the Team by your side !

  99. mubarakchan Dec 1,2018 3:49 PM


    As the momentous year 2018 is fast drawing to a close, it is good, very good that those responsible for the Leadership of the New and Incorruptible Government commented on the State of the well-being of our beloved Malaysia’s general economy in relation to the Rakyat. Headlines like, thus :

    ‘ PM : Economy is doing well because Malaysia is very stable.’

    ‘ PM : Najib and Badawi left us with a bloated Civil Service.’

    ‘ FM : There is an increase of 35% FDI during the 10 months of 2018’

    The above-mentioned headlines are the harbingers of more good tidings to come for the Rakyat under the New and Incorruptible Government.

    1. For 14 years, the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, 2004-2018 did nothing but to satisfy the wanton desires of the Leadership. Otherwise, our beloved Malaysia should be sitting at the G20 Conference now being held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    What we see today on TV is that because of the Corruption and Failure of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government during 2004-2018, our beloved Malaysia has been left out.

    A country with NOTHING sits on the front row next to President Putin who ignored the fellow because President Putin is aware that our beloved Malaysia is the real thing. Not a FAKE.

    And we are now one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. Thanks to the brilliance and courage of our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, before and on 9 May 2018 !

    Malaysia is situated in the most strategic geo-political location in the World which stretches for 1,200 miles from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea with a stable Government and economy which practices Democracy successfully by peoples from 3 ancient civilizations and others and full of bountiful natural resources especially water. Where else but Malaysia ?

    Yet the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government during 2004-2018 brought our beloved Malaysia down to such a lowly stature that the Leadership began to think like Mickey Mouse and behaved like one too.


    Now we the Rakyat, the Malaysians must stand united, proud and strong to tell the World, we are also one of the very best and must not behave like cowards or thieves stealing money belonging to public.

    In fact during this period 2004-2018 whilst the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government was suppressing the Rakyat on the one hand, it was selling out to the foreigners on the other.

    The most notable was the 4th Floor Boys who opened the flood-gates of the Khazanah to the famished Singaporeans who came rushing in to pick at the low hanging fruits. Eventually a hard-core PAP cadre was appointed the Chief Editor of the UMNO owned NSTP with a lush Sime Darby Apache contract to ease his sufferings in the hot and humid Ulus.

    Man proposes. God disposes. A rock fell on the head of the 4th Floor Boys think-tank and killed him on the spot ! But before this, 1,000,000 barrels of oil were extracted out of tight fisted Saddam Hussein by a Malaysian nobody as reported in the UN Report !

    After the collapse of the Badawi Regime, the most amateurish scam was concocted to siphon money out of the Government coffers by borrowing from banks. Believe it or not.

    Bank loans are limited by risks which these amateurs did not know.

    A signature from the PMO would have unleashed trillions for them if they were not amateurs in the theft of money.

    Tun, the ignorance of these last-minute amateurs in the theft of money was incompetent and inefficient which will put the whole lot into jail sooner or later.

    To top the whole rabid corruption, the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government signed the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP fully supported by Singaporean digits embedded as Senior Civil Servants in the Malaysian Civil Service.

    And to make this even MORE LAUGHABLE, A BEAUTIFUL SPY MISTRESS CIK BON 004 WHO LOVES GUCCI SPECS, WAS CREATED to spy on our OWN RAKYAT. She turned out to have sticky fingers with the Boss’s money and was probably hand-picked by the Boss’s spouse ! Where else but Malaysia ?

    And the person hand-picked and employed to brain-wash the Rakyat, has since returned to Israel ! Believe it or not !

    The whole of the Malaysian Government was up-side down during 2004-2018, Tun !

    It was a crazy environment when money was spent to turn the Perdana Residence into a night-club for Hollywood stars, Western hangers-on; to sponsor the Trengganu Regatta for the European upper-class ; and for Sime Darby to sponsor 9 years of New Zealand Ocean Racing to please its former New Zealander Finance Director in the most bigoted country in the World !

    At a time even now, we have to care for our disadvantaged, the old, the orphans, the single mothers etc. There are people who do not see, do not hear and do not think at the very top of the Leadership during 2004-2018 ! Where else but Malaysia ?

    2. Tun you are correct. Our beloved Malaysia has the most bloated Civil Service in the World apart from countries with Socialist/Communist Policies. Here Is a list from the ILO courtesy Wikipedia. The percentage of the Civil Service in relation to the total employment :-

    1. India – 55% (2014) 2, Singapore – 32% (2014).

    3. UK – 21.%% (2014) 4. Malaysia – 19% (2014)

    5. Switzerland 13.8% (2014)

    NB. If Malaysia includes the uniformed Services and the GLCs, the percentage would probably be near to India’s !

    I entered into a Najib Potemkin Office in the Wisma MARA, Kuala Lumpur by accident which was headed by a non-elected UMNO Supreme Council member. The office covers two floors of the large building complete with brand new office furniture and many employees which were doing NOTHING ! A sheer waste of Rakyat’s money.

    The Corrupt and Uncaring BN Leadership lined not only their own pockets but used the Rakyat’s money to employ their own people as well by the thousands. This is a crazy way to bring down a previously well-Administered Government to its knees without any doubt. A figure of RM 1 Billion for recurrent salaries was mentioned recently by the FM !

    A cursory look at the Leaders of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government’s ability and qualification to manage MONEY showed there were NONE !

    Yes Tun ! With proper and normal Administration by the New and Incorruptible Government and DSAI by your side, our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat are recovering rapidly by giving you time to pull more wonderful white rabbits out of the proverbial hat to benefit the Rakyat.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  100. mubarakchan Nov 30,2018 1:20 PM


    It is good to see you smiling all the time and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah as well.. This will bring out all the good hormones from the brain to sustain your health and activity. What medicine is better than this !

    Soon it will be the end of the year 2018.

    It is not only a momentous year but an earth shattering year too with the victory of the good over the bad.

    What more can our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat want better than this ? A solid chance to trek upwards to the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan by Malaysia which is now one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia.

    And your Government’s recent sterling accomplishment of selling off its first GLC, IHH which is irrelevant to the needs of an emerging and developing Nation like Malaysia.

    We have many poor Rakyat, the old, the orphans, the single mothers and the disadvantaged to look after right on our door step.

    Malaysia has no place to be involved in the domestic problems of other nations like IHH BORROWING billions of ringgits to invest in Turkey, India, China, Singapore to bail out PRIVATE TYCOONS or like FELDA bailing out the Eagle Group of Indonesia USING OUR GOVERNMENT’S MONEY. For free ? In Turkey, the tycoons, the Singh Brothers of India twice, in Singapore and India and Peter Sondak of Indonesia. To the Management of IHH, we Malaysians are NOT born yesterday or stupid.

    Yes Tun ! In 2019, a fruitful and successful year for the New and Incorruptible Government will materialise.

    To make this even more successful and fruitful, we the common people or Rakyat should stand together and be PATRIOTIC to push our beloved Malaysia towards the highest height achievable for a Nation.


    With a peaceful and harmonious support by the Rakyat, our brilliant and courageous Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will produce many more wonderful white rabbits out of the hat for the benefit of all Rakyat, the young and the old, the big and the small. the rich and the poor ! No problem.


    Taking into cognizance of the fact that with the loss of the lush Black Under Counter Arms Trades to the BRICS since 1990, Singapore 2-3% GDP from this arms trades alone has disappeared forever.

    And between 2002-2018, Singapore’s GDP could not breach 3% per annum because of this loss, 2-3% of the GDP which used to be the contribution from her black under counter arms trades etc.

    This is Singapore’s Dilemma today after the failure of Lee Kuan Yew’s creations to save the survival of his Singapore and his legacy for his inheritors eg. the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP, 2 casinos, FT imports and the ill-conceived Temasek.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Many more white rabbits for you to pull out of the proverbial hat as we progress along. No problem.

  101. mubarakchan Nov 30,2018 1:30 AM


    What a wonderful coincidence !

    As I was enjoying myself amongst the equable ambience of the Mitsui Outlet Mall, it transpired that Mitsui & Co. Ltd Tokyo has agreed to take-over the Khazanah’s shareholding in IHH, a company which I consider useless and uncontrollable because of its nebulous corporate structure. The sum of RM 8.26 Billion payable is good for the present needs of our Government and our beloved Malaysia.

    It makes a lot of sense that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

    We have many socially disadvantaged old and young, orphans and single mothers to look after.

    For the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government to spend precious BORROWED money overseas on foreign private hospitals when our beloved Malaysia is still an emerging country which has poverty right on our doorstep amongst all communities only underlines its thoughtlessness and uncaring attitude with eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear and brains that do not think at the highest level.

    Not only that, the IHH was involved in at least 2 gigantic bail-outs with borrowed money eg. in Turkey when the Turkish tycoons were bailing out and recently in India with a giant RM 2.4 Billion bail-out, all of which were handled by a foreign individual of no merit. This can only mean the build-up of huge recurrent purchases of generic drugs by IHH which are produced in huge quantities by my friend the richest Muslim in India and others. For this he was recently honoured by India.

    Our beloved Malaysia’s majority of diverse peoples are good people.

    And because our fellow citizens are good people, THOSE WHO HAD THE POWER SHOULD CARE FOR THE 99.99% who are hapless and without any POWER. But this was not to be given by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government.

    For example, on my journey by car back from the Mitsui Outlet Mall, the whole highway was packed with cars all the way back to Kuala Lumpur and beyond.

    A thought struck my mind that the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government did nothing to build more highways to ease this congestion during their disinterested administration 2004-2018.

    What the BN Government did was to build an expensive rail network around KL instead of adding more highways and by-ways stretching outwards from KL in all directions.

    When money is the top consideration for everything, the Rakyat’s interest is all but forgotten ! Railways are good for certain localities and purposes which have limited functions unlike the motorcar.

    There have been so much fake information and statistics produced forcefully in support of mega-railway projects that we get the horrendous traffic jams along all our important highways today at rush hour and everyday. It also crossed my mind how forgiving and tolerant we Malaysians are to be cheated right and left by crooks who claimed and swore before the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans to protect and safeguard all our Rakyat’s interests.

    It is an excellent time to clean out the Augean Stables after our beloved Malaysia has been raped by crooks worse than the Rape of the Sabine Women of Rome.


    It does not make sense to the Rakyat when our Rakyat could not afford affordable homes on the one hand and on the other the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government poured billions of ringgits to build expensive home for those who can afford them.

    Kudos to the New and Incorruptible Government for doing the right thing by selling the useless IHH with its octopus reach in countries which have nothing to do with our beloved Malaysia.

    The less the New and Incorruptible Government is involved in MONEY MONEY MONEY the better. Otherwise, our beloved Malaysia and the Rakyat are held in BONDAGE BY SMOOTH TALKING CROOKS WHO HAVE NO NATIONAL INTEREST AT HEART AND THE WORD SOVEREIGNTY IS NOT IN THEIR VOCABULARY.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Every sen the New and Incorruptible Government retrieves back is as precious as GOLD.

  102. mubarakchan Nov 29,2018 8:32 PM


    What is better than to take a day trip out to the Mitsui Outlet Mall near the KLIA to see for myself how well this Mall is doing.

    My grand-daughter was keen to go as well because of her fondness for Japanese food which I taught her from young.

    Japanese food is healthy and nutritious. Throughout the World, outside of Asia, Japanese food is affordable and has the same standard. And they serve rice which is my staple diet ! Whenever I go to a European or North American city, I always made sure I have easy access to a Japanese restaurant near my lodging place.

    My fondness for Japanese food was cultivated when I did business with the Japanese traders of Kasho of Yokohama and Ishihara Sanyo in which I was a Director. Having a life-long desire for Japanese foods paid dividends in my later Life. That was the best one could do for one’s healthcare !

    But it was not so much about the Sushi King restaurant I was interested in but on the Mitsui Outlaet Mall itself which was established more than 5 years ago.- An American style Mall with lots of parking space. Well-designed to utilise natural lighting as much as possible. All the well-known brands are there. An extremely well-sited location within 3 miles of the KLIA.

    As always a curious bystander, I noted a Middle Eastern couple, many Vietnamese and Indonesians but only one Caucasian couple. No mainland Chinese were evident. Many buses brought these tourists to the Mall. The Malaysians were families with schoolchildren being on their school holidays.

    The Mitsui Outlet Mall is one of the best I have visited in Malaysia.

    The location of the washrooms in any Mall in my assessment on any Mall like in any factory.

    I could distinguish a Malaysian Chinese designed Mall immediately by the lackadaisical way in which the facilities for the aged like toilets and other conveniences are usually non-existent or sited at some difficult to reach nook and corner as an after-thought. It is the mercenary mind at work.

    But with the Mitsui Outlet Mall all things are balanced and I got a comfortable feeling ambling along the vast pedestrian avenues lined by World class brands displayed in well-fitted shops with the whole environment softened by groups of green foliage and trees. I just sat around for many hours- relaxed and happy.

    I could envisage that soon, the Mitsui Outlet Mall should receive its rightful and expected quantum of tourists by an increase of at least 3 fold given the Government’s effort to attract tourists.

    If other countries have been doing this for years, our beloved Malaysia surely could do the same.

    From 2004-2018, funds for the Ministry of Tourism were squandered away by Ministers who spent time in the wrong places and at the wrong time.. But with the New and Incorruptible Government, every sen spent will bring its reward in attracting more tourists by the travel agents who are the key in this cash business, not the Government.

    It would be good that other facilities like a hotel with sporting facilities are placed next to the Mitsui Outlet Mall as an additional hub of activity.

    All in all, our tourism industry is still young as previous Ministers were for Tourism and not of Tourism. I have never known Ministers of Tourism of other countries travelled at all or as much as the Malaysian Ministers did.

    In Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew put his sister-in-law as the Head of the Tourism Board until she retired. He certainly did not tolerate any monkey business by a Minister of Tourism which post does not exist in Singapore.

    A Malaysian Minister of Tourism could promote London tourism using Government funds to present an exhibit of Malaysian orchids which won the Gold Medal for promoting London at the upper class Royal Chelsea Flower Show.

    A high official of the Malaysian Tourist Board was dismissed for sticky fingers.

    Sime Darby could promote Ocean Racing in New Zealand which is one of the most bigoted countries in the World, for 9 years.

    A Minister brought her spouse for a trip to the Antipodes where kangaroos and sheep outnumbered the inhabitants. And this sort of list goes on and on with the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which was exclusive to all but a few.

    Malaysia BOleh Tun as always ! The Japanese are good examples of good governance in all the things they do in commerce and industry. No monkey business.

  103. mubarakchan Nov 28,2018 12:13 PM


    A happy day for all of us to see Prof. Jomo awarded a distinctive academic award.

    From the beginning until today, he was consistent in pointing out the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP could not be accepted by our beloved Malaysia – Unlike those highest ranking Civil Servants who spoke for Singapore openly in the media and was ennobled for doing so.

    He was the only voice with an open and professional mind amongst the Malaysian economists who was professional and took an objective view of the TPPA/CPTPP – a Lee Kuan Yew creation to smash down the tariff barriers of Malaysia by the stroke of the pen of the corrupt.

    Thanks to Prof Jomo who finally found his metier at the right time and the right place after so many years garnering knowledge here and there. It is good that our beloved Malaysia still has many personalities like him in support of your New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great with DSAI by your side.

    Kudos again to Prof Jomo who is one of the active participants like you Tun in assisting the upward trek of our beloved Malaysia towards the Greats being Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan, as ONE OF THE 4 MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. The others are Britain, Switzerland and Japan.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No fake elites with fake Ph.Ds for us. We are Malaysians.

  104. mubarakchan Nov 27,2018 5:13 PM


    This morning and today is typical of our climate under the North East Monsoon. Dull and grey without a whiff of wind or a drop of rain. We all went about doing our business. However when I got up this morning a thought struck my mind. The word was ‘OPPORTUNITY.’

    I reflected on the many opportunities which came your Way Tun and you grasped each and every one of them with both hands, successfully.

    Then I thought about your successors who had an easier time gaining the top post in the land and yet they both fell to the temptations of the weakness of the flesh and the soft under belly.

    It is alleged one of them held a very minor Civil Service post not too long ago and the other was well-ensconced with a noble background. Both lost the golden opportunities which many Malaysians hankered for and never obtained.

    And a good example of lost opportunities maybe illustrated by the proposed demonstrations against the non-issue ICERD and 4 other unknown UN Treaties to come.

    The raving crowd will rally in a place surrounded by Malay owned skyscrapers, munching Malay owned and made KFCs and dressed in Malay owned and made T shirts etc. These are the times, Tun.

    But the BN leaders missed the OPPORTUNITY to demonstrate against the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP which would have dispossessed the Malays and made the Chinese and Indians middlemen controlled and financed by Singapore if the BN had won on 9 May 2018.

    Your brilliance and courage took advantage of the OPPORTUNITY to grasp the nettle and won. This turned our beloved Malaysia overnight on 9 May 2018 into one of four important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. And now with the New Incorruptible Government under your Leadership with DSAI and the Team by your side, Malaysia is trekking fast upwards to be with the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. For you Tun you took all the OPPORTUNITIES in hand and turned them into astounding achievements !

    Then we have Lee Kuan Yew missing GOLD at US$ 300 per ounce. If Singapore had only invested in 4,000 tons of GOLD from the 1990s onwards to 2008, she would be rubbing shoulders with the United States with 7,000 tons, Germany with 4,000 tons, Italy 3,000 tons, France 3,000 tons, Russia 2,000 tons, China 2,000 tons and India 1,000 tons with an unknown amount in private hands.

    But Lee Kuan Yew’s weakness caused him to miss OPPORTUNITIES like by being obsessed to do down Malaysia, narcissism and flattered by the gnomes of Zurich. Instead he came up with 4 Initiatives eg. Temasek, 2 casinos, importation of FTs to boost GDP and the TPPA/CPTPP which all failed. Man proposes. God disposes.

    With a mountain of GOLD, Singapore would have new industries and businesses like refining, banks, bonds, exchanges, warehousing, jewellery production, security, etc. And the huge military really guards the GOLD whether it is in Singapore or not.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Opportuniities have four legs, we have only two. Do not chase after them because we can never catch up with them.

  105. mubarakchan Nov 26,2018 11:11 AM


    My humble apologies for a typo error in my previous comment. It should be………..900,000 Chinese males aged 21-50………..

  106. mubarakchan Nov 26,2018 11:04 AM


    This morning I decided to say something different but aligned with Democracy of Nations in our World.

    This morning also confirms that the North East Monsoon is still with us.

    Minor snippets of news were of a localised nature, here and there. But we are conscious that the naysayers are plotting or waiting for something to happen which will not happen because there are no cogent reasons for anything to happen even with the non-issue ICERD.

    And what is an interesting subject which will catch the eye of the curious ? I am aware all these are carefully monitored by busybodies. Hence I stuck strictly to facts concerning who and who down South. Thus :-

    Our closest and dearest neighbour and geographic twin, the Republic of Singapore appears to have lost its mojo since the end of the Cold War 1948-1989.

    The BRICS literally grabbed her huge under-counter trades (2-3% of her GDP) which were highly profitable and beneficial for a tiny population of less than 2 million governed by a clean and honest Government. This largesse pushed her from the Third to the First World.

    This was the real Singapore/Lee Kuan Yew Miracle not those glittering buildings, gardens, first class education, hospitals, clean streets, Jurong factories, Temasek, GLCs etc. which actually do not make money and require money for upkeep to 1st World standards.

    As a result of Singapore’s inability to breach the 3% GDP for 15 years, 2002-2017, this means there was no growth due to the persistent and lingering inflation rate which is chronic in most economic systems and the loss of the under-counter trades to the BRICS.

    Tourism for Singapore is dependent on China. Exports could not replace those hidden revenues of the go-go years of the Cold War at 7% GDP 1948-1989. Those were halcyon days of easy money for the Government of Singapore.

    And now with super-powers playing the game of chess with Trade as the War Plan and petroleum the ultimate weapon of choice, all Nations big and small have their economy upset by uncertainty whether things are coming or going. How for Singapore with a population of Chinese males aged 21-50 ?

    Tun as we are friends with the good and the great of Singapore, it seems to me that a Concept for Singapore’s future is for the Republic to CONFEDERATE with the United Kingdom.

    The First Confederation of States in the World. The First Tele-parliament too.

    Singapore’s huge military of men and machines could now be reduced to sensible levels with the new joint defence force command and bring more stability to ASEAN.

    With our beloved Malaysia fast becoming the Asian Switzerland in the making, this Concept provides an ideal fit for Singapore’s successful survival and sustainability as an Independent State in Confederation with the United Kingdom. Scotland will not exit from the United Kingdom with this Concept.

    The FTs could be trimmed down. Social benefits for the Singaporeans from cradle to grave. And her honest and capable Government can fine tune its Good Governance to a T for the benefits of its citizens ! Then, where else but Singapore ?

    I strongly believe this Concept of the Confederation of Singapore and the United Kingdom will not only be the Best in the World but also for ASEAN and ASIA which will stand to benefit.

    This is in line with your thoughts on the CREATION OF MONEY WITHOUT MONEY, TUN and not Cash is King which makes a person becomes a THIEF TO GRAB MORE AND MORE.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! A Confederation of Singapore and the United Kingdom is good for all of us ASEAN, ASIA and the World.

  107. mubarakchan Nov 25,2018 7:19 PM


    Malaysian politics as practised under our Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias and our loyalty and devotion towards our beloved Constitution, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans have brought forth all kinds of frivolous comments or proposals on the ICERD by the Opposition with the ardent support of the Opposition Media, thus :-

    1. One Opposition pundit could detect threats to the Malays from 5 more UN Treaties ! This is like my late brother who cautioned that we should not do any business because the as yet unborn generations might sue us for our acts today ! There are brains like this !

    2. In the midst of all the dust churned up, a lady claims to be able to do a double Ph.D. As you are aware, out country is full of Ph.Ds and Ph.Ds and Ph.Ds.

    3. Someone keeps on insisting there could be a connection betwee ICERD and 13 May 1969 ! How could this be when in 1969 there were years of built-up of political and socio-economic tensions from the have-nots and political agitations and instigations which culminated in one final explosion.

    In this faux politicised ICERD, the participants are dressed in clean T-shirts with KFC coupons and other goodies in their pockets SURROUNDED BY SKYSCRAPERS OWNED BY THE MALAYS ! In 1969, there were very few Malays in KL and other towns.


    5. This whole episode is the Opposition’s last stand to create something out of nothing.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Our Constitution as safeguarded by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans supported by the New and Incorruptible Government as led by you and DSAI and the Team by your side, holds sway for all. No more. No less.

  108. mubarakchan Nov 25,2018 11:51 AM


    There is now an attempt to connect the ICERD with the causes of the 13 May 1969 riots by the Opposition media which are irresponsible and non-factual as we know it. I was there right in the middle of the demonstrations, the riots etc. These are the facts. My view of the causes of the 13 May 1969 Riots and the Non-issue ICERD – It’s like chalk and cheese ! :-

    1. From 1957-1972. The Policy of the Government was the Colonial Currency Board Policy. The country spent what it earned based on the exports of rubber and tin only. There were no palm oil which was controlled by 5 Colonial trading houses, Socfin, East Asiatic, H & C, Guthrie and Boustead, or manufactures or FTZs. Our economy was not diversified. As a result, my Malay friends and other non-Malay graduates were poor on their return from overseas. They all began under very humble circumstances as you are aware, Tun. There was no OD. housing loans, credit cards, or financing for SME. The Malays were locked out of their own country since 1n 1957 until the Currency Board of Malaysia, Singapore, Sahah, Sarawak and Brunei was disbanded in 1972. I was there. With the NEP and the BNM taking its full place in the Sun then Malaysia finally blossomed under your 22 year Administration, Tun. I was there.

    2. In 1967 there were the Penang Riots due to the imposition of duties on goods imported into Penang.

    3. From 1964-1965, there were heated exchanges in the Dewan Rakyat between Lee Kuan Yew and the Malaysians in the Government. This was when the refrain concocted by Lee Kuan Yew was raised,’ Malaysia for Malaysians.’ A mischievous phrase with deep emotional meanings. I was there.

    4. An unfortunate incident at Kepong raised the ire of the Opposition. There was a demonstration at Foch Avenue, (now Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock) I was there.

    5. In the 1964 GE, there was a huge rally at Suleiman Court, KL by Lee Kuan Yew who worked up all in attendance. I was there

    6. Lee Kuan Yew formed a Malaysian political party in his own image in 1966 after his ignominious defeat by the Tunku at the 1964 GE.

    7. For the May 1969 GE I was offered the best seat for a Chinese – the Kuala Kubu seat with the State Exco seat by Tun Tan Siew Sin with the blessing of the Tunku and Tun Abdul Razak. My advisers the most senior Chinese adviser on Counter-Insurgency to the Federal Government, Tan Sri Dr C. C. Too and my friends in UMNO Youth advised against my accepting the offer. My friend Datuk Chan Keong Hon won by only 450 votes which had a majority of 5,000 votes previously.

    8. Post-elections celebrations by the Opposition were horrible along Jalan Sultan, Jalan Imbi etc with drums and cymbals making a din. I was there.

    9. On that fateful day 13 May 1969 at 2.30 pm the MCA pulled out of the Alliance in a pique. The Riots began at 5 p.m. for whatever the reason. The MCA returned to the Alliance at 10 PM which was far too late. I was there in my house.

    10. In 1969 and until 1972, there was no restriction to cross the Causeway. There was complete freedom of movement by gangsters and others. Hence, another factor which could have fuelled the incendiary ingredients lit by the catalyst of the GE results of 1969.

    11. AND EVERY ONE WHO WERE ACTIVE IN EVENTS LEADING TO THE 13TH MAY 1969 RIOTS AND ITS PARTICIPATIN HAD A REAL GRUDGE WHICH MADE UP THE EXPLOSIVE MIX OF A TRAGEDY ! The general dissatisfaction of all the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and all whipped up by raw political instigation !

    BUT ON ICERD WHERE IS/ARE THE ISSUE OR ISSUES Taking into cognizance the fact that billions and billions of ringgits were stolen (by you all know who were responsible).

    In 1969, my Malay friends had to stay with their Civil Servant relatives and had no money to buy the things they most desired. I WAS THERE.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Where else but Malaysia ?

  109. mubarakchan Nov 25,2018 10:45 AM


    The north-east monsoon is engulfing us more and more as the dull and grey mornings confirmed these days. For us, this is part of a typical classic Malaysian morning.

    But when I was a boy, my year-end holidays were either in Penang or Singapore which had dull and rainy weather like this. And I got the impression that these places were forever cloaked in such uninspiring weather. That was my past impression as an ignorant boy.

    However, as I grew into an adult, I began to understand more and I am still learning. Like this ICERD, ICERD, ICERD thing which grew out of nowhere which is whipped around by the Opposition as a headless monster worthy of huge political rallies by leaders who are aware the sanctity of our beloved Malaysia’s Constitution as safeguarded by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans since its promulgation after carefully consideration and vetting by the leaders of all parties concerned.

    Not only that, the Consitution had proved that it is a doable one which had enshrined all the possible safeguards for the Majority and the Minority under our Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias.

    Through the years, those who sought the benefits of another Constitution have emigrated. Every person has a choice.

    And it is up to those with the Power, the Will and the Ideas to make our beloved Malaysia a better World always. And this task is forever unending for all in play.

    But the World we live in today is fraught with hidden dangers for our wherewithal since Uncle Sam’s post-Cold War spiel, ‘Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights’.

    After the Cold War 1948-1989, Singapore was not only badly hit but was denuded of at least 2%-3% of her lush Black Under-counter Trades from 1948-1990 after the BRICS moved into her turf. From 2002-2017, 15 years, Singapore’s GDP could not breach 3% while she enjoyed a GDP of 7% during the Cold War, 1948-1990.

    With the sudden change of US Presidency in 2016, Singapore lost not only her Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP which would have ensured her future Survival and Sustainability by turning our beloved Malaysia into a Slave Colony of tiny Singapore but also her mojo the US Democrats !

    Such are the vagaries of Life whether it is about a country or a person. Man proposes. God disposes.

    And overnight, our beloved Malaysia having been financially raped by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government for 14 years, 2004-2018 became one of the 4 most important small countries of the World.

    And under the aegis of the New and Incorruptible Government as led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side, Malaysia will fast trek upwards to the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan WITHOUT THE ICERD but only on the back of our home-crafted Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias Constitution as safeguarded by our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. This has brought us peace and harmony always.

    And when the BN Leadership sought ways to line their own pockets like between 2004-2018, like the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government ?

    The whole Power Pyramidal Structure collapsed into dust when the whole Establishment, Leaders, elites and all were corrupted and forgot their own pledges to serve the Constitution, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and the RAKYAT.

    How could it be explained that a non-descript minor Government Official could amassed RM 2 Billion in a matter of a few years ?

    The confirmation of the rot which has affected the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government by aping authoritarian Singapore with her GLCs is now coming home to roost as published in The Star on Saturday 24 November 2018 on the purported losses by the Government’s holdings in the shares of the GLCs.

    No Western democratic government in the World does business for many reasons eg corruption, abuse of power, direct competition with the private sector etc.

    In the case of Malaysia, such absurd BN attitude towards Good Governance is now coming home to roost as the horror of gigantic corruption and losses in GLCs manned by people who have no business sense or ETHICS, is now more and more confirmed daily. Business has no place for the Government anywhere in the World.

    How could monopolies like MAS, Telekom, or solid Sime Darby, FELDA and many others lose MONEY ? Where else but Malaysia ?

    And here are two factual examples of corruption affecting even the smallest crevice by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which will shock you all Tun :

    1. A half acre of land with beautiful trees reserved for a surau which was undisturbed for 34 years along Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Kuala Lumpur was denuded of all vegetation to build a MOTORCAR SHOWROOM just a few months before 9 May 2018. This horrible piece of handiwork is now lying abandoned with its metal fencing etc providing a spectacle of a bombed out battlefield. There was a last minute rush to complete even working at mid-night. But to no avail. The Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government lost.

    2. My friend who established his restaurant in this Selangor PKNS Damansara property since 1996, 22 years which was developed VERY WELL by Selangor PKNS from the 1960s, told me that the property was sold to PNB and on-sold again to a Tan Sri probably at a sugar-daddy price. He expects to be served a Quit Notice soon. SEE HOW CORRUPT AND UNCARING THE BN GOVERNMENT WAS ! A Selangor PKNS Trust property which was in its possession for at least 40 years was sold to another Trust PNB which was on-sold to a private person probably at an absurdly low price deliberately forgetting its entrusted role for the Malays as their Trustee by making commercial moves in their own personal interest !

    THE EXPLOITATION OF PUBLIC MALAY TRUST ASSETS TO MAKE MONEY EVEN AT THIS MICROSCOPIC LEVEL AS THESE TWO SMALL EXAMPLES SHOWED that no tiny crevice is left untouched or not raped by the officials of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government ! Where else but Malaysia ?

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  110. Sri Sense Nov 24,2018 8:08 PM

    Good evening!

    Sdr Mubarak,

    I think the fear, is a natural fear. Its not about politician pakat pergi demo. Since a month ago I read all postings from friends, really nampak the swing.

    My friends mostly bukan politician or orang kanan politician. Though ada but very small percentage.

    I think PH should be more careful. Even here you tengok HBT postings OMG boleh create hatred and yet lepas also. No tapis2. Its like sini suka forummers gaduh gaduh.

    Goodnight Mubarak!

  111. mubarakchan Nov 24,2018 4:23 PM


    As the successful year 2018, is fast coming to a close and the school holidays have begun in earnest, this week was the week that was.

    ICERD – the non-issue which was picked up by both sides as an ISSUE arising out of a NON-ISSUE ! Petroleum prices dropped like bricks ! The small-holders giant savings bank FELDA cleaned out of cash by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government !

    Soon the hapless FELDA small-holders will require 3 giant bail-outs.

    But these events will not upset the stable equilibrium which had been set in place during your 22 year Administration 1981 – 2003.

    I am referring your important and significant creation of the 6 to 8 Million strong Malay Middle Income Group which was non-existent as late as 1981 !

    History plays an important part of our beloved Malaysia, its soul and body. We should never forget historical events which formed our existence today. If all are conversant with our Constitution safe-guarded by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, they would not bother to run around the hot and humid streets of KL !

    It is the ignorance on both sides of the political divide which caused this so. And the stability today as provided by the 6 – 8 Million Malay Middle Income Group together with 6 – 8 Million of the Non-Malay Middle Income Group is a powerful force to reckon with which provides the peace and harmony through its valuable social ballast today. Somewhat like the 350 Million English speaking Indians of India !

    This is our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s greatest and finest achievement in the face of the non-existence of anything but only his Executive Will and Power as a Prime Minister 1981 – 2003. The Malay Middle Income Group was created out of nowhere so to speak. As at 13 May 1969, the best assets of Malaysia were owned 70% by the British, 25% of the 3rd rate assets the Chinese and only 2% the Malays.

    The first brilliant and courageous act of our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad we must never forget.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  112. mubarakchan Nov 23,2018 10:15 AM


    For Jho Lo. You are actually not the Villain of the piece but a Malaysian Hero in time which will be recorded in history.

    Our beloved Malaysia was to be delivered as a Slave Colony of Singapore by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government via the TPPA/CPTPP after the 14th GE. Because of your mistake which is a small price to pay, our beloved Malaysia can now fast trek upwards to the First Tier of Development as led by the New and Incorruptible Government of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side.

    This is the bright side of the proverbial coin as I see it, Jho Lo !

    Malaysia Boleh Jho Lo ! No problem.

  113. mubarakchan Nov 23,2018 8:16 AM


    Another dull and cool morning today !

    My happiness is to see my grand-daughter collecting something from her favourite SMK being the last day for her in school. Next year for her is another year. It is good to see our grand-children grow up normally in a peaceful and harmonious environment like our beloved Malaysia.

    On this score, I think about Jho Lo who is now a fugitive somewhere in this small World of ours.

    My message to him is, ‘ Jho Lo, your Life expectation is at least another 70 years.

    Countless numbers of Malaysians have contributed to our beloved Malaysia without reward of any kind.

    We all recognise you have made a mistake. I for one make mistakes every day. You did not murder anyone but your mistake only concerned money.

    Is MONET MONEY MONEY all that important as you age along in life hiding from the Interpol ?

    My sincere advice to you is to return home and admit that it was all a mistake as a honourable Chinese and you will find it will not be as bad as what you envisage in your mind now.

    Come home, Jho Lo and save our beloved Malaysia from all the headaches and time tracing you and the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

    You may not have heard of me but I could deliver to the Malaysian interests in 1972-1975 their first BIG BUSINESS CONGLOMERATE FOR ONLY RM 23 MILLION WHICH THE SAME MALAYSIAN MANAGEMENT COULD BANKRUPT IT TWICE AT RM 1.20 BILLION IN 1996 and RM 2.10 BILLION IM 2010 RESPECTIVELY AND WAS NOT CHARGED OR GO TO JAIL.

    My total reward for the delivery of Sime Darby was just RM 500,000 before tax for 18 years as a Director. And I am exceedingly HAPPY ! It was not the MONEY but the ACHIEVEMENT OF DOING SOMETHING FOR OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA LIKE OUR TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD AND HIS COLLEAGUES !

    Nowadays, some fellows will just throw this RM 500,000 or more on one card at a casino as you are aware.

    Our beloved Malaysia is unique in many respects. Come home, Jho Lo ! Be a honourable Malaysian.


    Come home, Jho Lo you have not murdered anyone. After all it’s only MONEY MONEY MONEY. And you are not the one and only. I can give you a whole list of fellows who have done worst things than you, Jho, Lo !

    Malaysia Boleh, Jho Lo, as always ! No problem. Come home and help Tun and us to make Malaysia Great, Jho Lo ! The Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year to you Jho Lo ! No hard feelings, Jho Lo ! We are Malaysians !

  114. mubarakchan Nov 22,2018 9:45 PM


    Suddenly a new issue has cropped up. It’s ICERD, ICERD, ICERD.

    Out of no where or out of the blue, this became an issue of some importance as the matter ICERD, ICERD, ICERD is being whipped up politically with the intensity of marshalling crowds and crowds of people all up in arms to protest at ICERD, a NON_ISSUE. From zero base, this ICERD which has not appeared in any form until now, apparently appeared sponsored by someone somewhere sometime.

    One of your major Parties has denied anything to do with ICERD.

    Since ICERD does not exist legally and as you rightly pointed out only a 2/3rd majority will legalise ICERD, where is the issue on the subject of a non-issue when no single party has a 2/3rd majority ?

    And if the Prime Minister of the New and Incorruptible Government has said it takes a 2/3rd majority to turn ICERD legal to exist in Malaysia, only then this becomes an issue. Where is ICERD an issue which has no locus standi ?

    But there are media reports on forthcoming rallies of thousands against this ICERD which is a non-issue and ICERD floats in the head of maybe of only one proposer. How to protest against a non-issue which exists in the head of a Minority of one or two ?

    In our Malaysian Style Democracy which subscribes to our Constitution, our loyalty and devotion to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, peaceful protests are permitted given certain parameters.

    But in this case of ICERD which exists only in the minds of a Minority of one or two, how to protest ?

    The Constitution already protected the Majority for 61 years since Merdeka. Without the 2/3rd Majority as the Tun said, the ICERD will forever be a non-issue.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  115. mubarakchan Nov 22,2018 11:03 AM


    A dull and calm morning today which is as good as any other. But the headlines are sizzling hot to the cognoscenti of esoteric subjects, thus :-
    1. Singapore’s 3rd Quarter Y/Y 3% disappoints. Estimate 4%.

    2. Singapore’s 2019 Growth weakens from slowing major Export Countries.

    These are ominous headlines for us and foretell what will happen also to our beloved Malaysia’s future Growth and Economy. Forewarned is forearmed, Tun.

    The bright side of the proverbial coin is that our beloved Malaysia is now under your Leadership with the New and Incorruptible Government which lately set out the 4 Thrusts of Policies being Foreign, Economic, Education and Health.

    This is like the old saying, ‘ You must have Peace and Harmony at Home before you can win fighting in the streets.’

    Now we are all set to emerge Strong, United and Proud after the Perfect Storm to come which is the Trade War which you mentioned in Singapore recently, Tun. And Petroleum is used as a Weapon of choice !

    Not only that, with our Foreign Policy shaped as ‘friends of all and enemy to none.’ this is sound and basic.

    A firm determination to do things well by your Team and DSAI by your side, Tun, our beloved Malaysia will navigate all sorts of whirlpools or minefields without mishap.

    Unlike the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government who had our beloved Malaysia (31 Millions) hung and quartered for delivery via TPPA/CPTPP as a slave Colony to tiny Singapore with 900,000 male Chinese, aged 21 to 50 years.

    Not only that, our beloved Malaysia would have been turned into a Dictatorship like a South American country with the Dictator ruling the whole country with all being utterly poor and dressed in rags.

    Man proposes. God disposes.

    Fortunately this did not happen due to the brilliance and courage of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Some of the Rakyat is still not aware of the importance and significance of this, Tun. I do not blame them due to the peaceful and legal Democratic System of our beloved Malaysia.

    Forewarned is forearmed, Tun ! I have every confidence our beloved Malaysia will rise and rise after emerging from the Perfect Storm under your Leadership. No problem.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  116. mubarakchan Nov 21,2018 11:28 AM


    These few mornings will see the school year ending for my grand-daughter who has not missed a single day in the SMK throughout the year. She loves the SMK, the teachers and her fellow students. She has the proper mind set. This is important in later Life. I discouraged her from malingering even though I loved to stay in bed past 5.30 a.m.

    This is the most important hour of the day for planter whether manager or worker. A colonial practice when the day is cool and conducive to open air manual work. By 10 a.m. most of the work is done in a plantation.

    An interesting headline this morning in The Star, thus :-

    1. ‘FELDA CASH POSER’. This article poses more questions than answers on the subject being FELDA. However, certain basic facts about the plantation industry should be known if a person wants to know and understand more about it.

    1. A plantation is managed according to the weather in the mornings. If rain comes, the colonial practice was no-pay for the worker for dong no work.
    2. Not only that, the produce of a plantation is sold subjected to the vagaries of the market price which may go high or down depending on demand. And in the case of the palm oil, the international demand.
    3. The cost of production is kept as low as possible. From the number of bunches a worker harvests to the efficiency of the oil mill which crushes the palm fruits to produce the 1st grade of raw oil which is orange in colour. If the Mill Manager is crooked, he would let more raw oil into the waste of palm oil sludge. At the end, this will add up to the inefficiency of the estate. Hence, a badly managed estate or small holders holdings are less efficient in terms of scale than the large privately owned estates. The production of palm oil per hectare shows.
    4. No proper planter borrows from the bank to plant the estate. The word is never borrow to plant oil palms or rubber trees in view of the high risks of investment in a plantation, the slowest business in the World.
    5. For every Ringgit profit made by the estate from the sale of the palm oil or rubber, a minimum of 30 sens is reserved for replanting. To be on the safe side, the more reserves the better.
    6. The reserves of cash is NEVER invested in fixed assets like hotels, office buildings, shares, illiquid investments etc. Because when the plantation requires cash, none is available to weed, apply fertilizer, replant or care for the workers who may leave the plantation looking for another job.
    7. The owner must be hands on dealing with the management of a plantation because the manager and the employees must be aware that the owner cares for them in a profession which calls for getting up at 4.30 a.m. and stopping work at 12 p.m. every day of the week if there is no rainfall. Otherwise, demoralisation sets in and all sorts of negative acts take place. Managing a plantation even though it is one of the slowest business, is a 24 hour job. In a way, a planter has an unusual job at hand.
    8. There is no place for an air-conditioned executive or planter in his suit or a politician to oversee a plantation business. They would not know how to begin.
    9. Not one sen should be taken out of the Plantation System because in the past there were great crises affecting the rubber price or the palm price which led to bankruptcies of the undertakings.
    10. With expanding acreages of oil palm around the World and competition against at least 7 other edible oils with an overlay of politics, the palm oil has a tough role to play to make profits.

    If we check out the above points Tun against what happened to FELDA since it came out of its socio-economic cocoon in 2012, we will find THAT THE MODEL APPLIED TO FELDA AS A PUBLIC LISTED ENTITY ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, IS COMPLETELY WRONG.

    The listing of whatever should NEVER have taken place because as we can envisage now, the paper money of RM 6 Billion which was created at the beginning, is now all gone. On top of this, another RM 8 Billion debt was created with a back-drop OF FALLING PALM OIL PRICES !


    I foresee the deficit is not RM 8 Billion but much more which the New and Incorruptible Government will have put into FELDA eg. One bail-out for the settlers. Another to up-keep the plantations. A third bail-out for replanting the old palms. These bail-outs will cost more than RM 8 Billion as these are RECURRENT !

    Hence, when huge amounts of money are siphoned off into illiquid investments out of FELDA, there is NO MONEY LEFT FOR THE PLANTATIONS vis-a vis the settlers.

    It is common sense that TWO BUSINESSES CANNOT BE CREATED OUT OF ONE TO MAKE MONEY. Whoever thought of doing this MODEL must be blind, deaf and dumb !

    Tun, the FELDA Scandal to come is 2MDB ! Those responsible should be charged in Court for recommending such an absurd Scheme to those who mis-managed it . Who were the Advisers ?

    Our beloved Malaysia had the BEST SOCIO-ECONOMIC SCHEME FOR THE RAKYAT IN THE WORLD AS ENVISAGED BY THE GREAT STATESMAN TUN ABDUL RAZAK, A TRUE PATRIOT WITHOUT A PEER until this Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government Leaders began to rape every niche in the land eg. from the hard-working doctors, Bangla-deshis to the settlers and small-holders. Their Greed knew no bounds.

    Quoting the famous Tun Ismail Mohd Ali, ‘ The whole FELDA Scheme stinks !’

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! With the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government even the hundreds of thousands of small-holders (who were well-looked after by the Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak, his trusted confidant Tan Sri Taib Andak and the reliable and superb Raja Tan Sri R.M Alias) were not spared !

  117. Sri Sense Nov 20,2018 10:58 PM

    Good evening!

    Singapore lawmaker blasts Facebook over refusal to take down ‘false’ post

    – How about Malaysia invite Facebook to open their office in Malaysia? I think that’s a good idea.

  118. mubarakchan Nov 20,2018 2:24 PM


    The latest issue of the MMA News has three interesting articles of note, thus :-

    1. Founding Member of ICAN Nobel Peace Prize Winner – Datuk Seri Dr Ronald S McCoy – a humble and Great Malaysian.

    2. Leadership – Do you have what it takes ?. Quote Martin Luther King Jr.

    ” The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

    3. An afternoon with Dr Andrew Choo –

    Quote, ” However, he believes that if more principled people (e.g. doctors, professionals) go into politics, there would be less temptation as they do not need to depend on politics for monetary gains. “The results of GE14 should not make us complacent. If not for Tun Dr Mahathir, who was brave enough to stand up and be heard, things would NOT have changed.” he advises.

    Tun, here are 3 notable articles from the Journal of the MMA which encapsulate the importance of the views of a respected profession which was brutalised not too long ago by the Ministers of Health of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which ended this year 2018 by demanding experienced General Practitioners to take exams to qualify for their Annual Practising Licence which had never happened before or in any other country for over 100 years.

    I lost my Licence this year which I cherished since 1962.

    Corruption by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government knew no bounds ! It is alleged the Ministers of Health of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government were in collusion not only with the tycoons with pharmacy chains to give the dispensing rights to medically unqualified pharmacists but also with INSURANCE COMPANIES.

    Money money money free for all under the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government !

    Every little niche where MONEY was to be found the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government raped big time. No niche is spared. As a result, the cost of living rockets sky high under a cloak of lies and greed.

    Tun, this is a good time to cleanse the Augean Stables which are worse than the Rape of the Sabine Women of ancient Rome and put our beloved Malaysia on her rightful and designated path to Greatness and Glory.

    No more little small minded crooks to hold POWER over us the Rakyat.

    We all support you Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the New and Incorruptible Government by your side.

    Together we the Rakyat will go places with the 4 Thrusts Policies, Foreign, Economic, Education and Health.

    There is only ONE WAY, Tun, YOUR WAY AND IT IS UP AND UP.

    No more 12,000 pieces of jewellery under the bed or one bribe of RM 187 Million plus a RM 5 Million baksheesh.

    We are Malaysians, Normal, Civilised , United and Strong. Nothing will deter us from reaching the top-most Tier of Human Endeavour through the National Car Project and all the goodies to come from the New and Incorruptible Government in which we trust.

    Malaysia Bolleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  119. mubarakchan Nov 19,2018 10:47 AM


    Welcome home again.

    And the lovely Malaysian morning smiles with you and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah with the bright sunshine, blue sky and cumulus clouds floating by !

    By chance I wandered into a Japanese bakery in my district staffed by young Japanese and patronised by the old silver haired Japanese. The latter were their frugal-selves as usual

    Reflecting on this peaceful and happy scene, I thought about your pioneering Japanese bakery shop of many years ago which heralded and attracted these young Japanese to come all the way from Japan to set-up shop here. And the silver haired Japanese retirees who have made our beloved Malaysia their Second Home. What better testimonials than these that Malaysia is and has always been to the cognoscenti to be on par with the best for a normal and decent living.

    The Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government between 2004 to 2018 nearly completely raped and slaughtered our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat.

    It is horrifying to note that Leaders with the most power could wallop a single bribe at RM 187 Million plus another RM 5 Million as baksheesh !

    My 1972 Sime Darby Concept could deliver to the Malays with the support of the Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak, YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for only Pernas RM 23 Million cash and by 2 Singaporean banks blessed by their Boss ex gratis !

    It’s crazy, Tun !

    Like the saying,’ When Greed knows no bounds, it’s like a snake swallowing an elephant.’ And I thought that my jocular comments on 10,000 Rolex were the limit. But a few days ago, I was proved wrong. A figure of 12,000 pieces of jewellery were mentioned in Court !

    However what I mentioned are the nitty-gritty of Greed and Power. The important scenario now before us is the fact on the information and observation which you have personally gathered at the 2 important forums in Singapore and Port Moresby in recent weeks.

    As an observer, it was crystal clear to me that thanks to the collapse of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government on 9 May 2018, the cleaning of the Augean Stables ( worst then the Rape of the Sabine Women of Ancient Rome ) by the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great as led by you is a routine matter to bring the whole beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat back to an even keel of Normality BUT THE GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD UP OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AS AN ASIAN SWITZERLAND IN THE MAKING UNDER YOUR LEADERSHIP, TUN. Trekking upwards to the likes of the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan – To become one of the most formidable and strong countries of the World. The Malaysians, the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, the Kadazans, Ibans and all can and will do this under your proven brilliant and courageous Leadership.

    There was a timely and appropriate comment by the FM this morning. He wants us to focus on the 3 thrusts being the economy, education and health. These 3 thrusts fit Malaysia to get up there with the 3 Greats under your Leadership to a T. After everyone is tired of hearing this corrupt BN Leader was probed 28 times and another 130 times. The most probed politicians in the World, Tun !

    Yes Tun ! All the essential ingredients to transform our beloved Malaysia into a GREAT are there.

    The peaceful and democratic GE 14 is the first essential ingredient followed by the expression of policies to win the confidence and support of the Rakyat.

    Now, the 3 THRUSTS POLICY AND NOT THE MULTI-PROBES OF CORRUPT BN POLITICIANS which encompasses the National Car Project, a sensible and proper School Curriculum for average students helmed by our Dynamic Helmsman, the expectations of future Fair, Just and Normal Policies applied on a good citizenry, other Socio-economic goodies to come, and finally, an astute and wise Foreign Policy of great importance, will be the WAY to go, Tun under your Leadership with DSAI and the Team by your side.

    Cheeky opposition naysayers have been trying to split the New and Incorruptible Government as led by you Tun as ONE MAN SHOWS. This does not happen anymore in the New Era Malaysia unlike under the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government when a person can ask for a single bribe of RM 187 Million with another RM 5 Million as baksheesh !

    Hence, sports are great for schools to train young Malaysians to work AS A TEAM TOGETHER instead of firing blanks in all directions when they achieved positions of POWER !

    I must confess I only took up sports after I graduated. Once I nearly drowned off Port Dickson. Different strokes for different folks, Tun !

    WITH A CLEAN SLATE, AND THE REALIZATION THAT OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA SHOULD BE ASIA’S SWITZERLAND IN THE MAKING MADE POSSIBLE BY THE MALAYSIANS, THE MALAYS, THE CHINESE, THE INDIANS, KADAZANS, IBANS AND ALL, and also, as ONE OF THE 4 MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD, TUN, our beloved Malaysia will be recognised more and more as an important VOICE of WISDOM in all future INTERNATIONAL FORUMS unlike under the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government when we were just abang-adeks from the Ulus, North of Singapore !

    Yes Tun !


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  120. mubarakchan Nov 18,2018 12:21 PM


    With the clean slate which is now before us. NO CROOKED CLOSEST AIDES, NO CORRUPTION OR NEPOTISM, NO EXECUTIVED ABUSE OF SIME DARBY FOR OVER TWO GENERATIONS. our minds and hearts are now completely FOCUS on the immediate task at hand which is the successful launch of the National Car Project in fulfilment of all our DREAMS for the success of our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat.

    Only ONE WAY to go, Tun ! Your WAY.

    And after 5 mornings, the sun has finally come out smiling with blue sky and white clouds !

    From what little to know or experienced a Life-time, a suitable choice as a strategic partner for Sime Darby in this automotive venture is a Japanese motor-car company.

    As an independently minded person, I have traded and knew the Japanese when I was young. They did not disappoint me in any way. I like their go-go attitude in business. Their straight-forwardness, honesty, conformity, discipline, courtesy etc which are all geared to make money but without any warts or leave a bad taste in the mouth.

    The Japanese record in business is legend being visionary, innovative and creative. From their little boxes of Datsuns, Hondas and Toyatas with four wheels in the 1950s, these cars in 2018 are now competing with the best of Germany !

    This time round, hopefully, the engine is made in its entirety in Malaysia and avoid any notion of CKD assembly because then the whole plot in building a motorcar is lost.

    Maybe with aggressive rivals this time round, such a normal and fair request is doable to the Japanese because it is to their benefit and mutual benefits that they do not drive us into the arms of their rivals whoever they are.

    This is good business for the Japanese making a National Car in the NEXUS of ASEAN with a population of 630 Million. Times have changed, Tun. Strike while the iron is hot !

    Yes ! Malaysia should choose a partner with an established record so that we can learn from them as well.

    And as we are the Asian Switzerland in the making, it pays we have as many different countries invested in our midst as possible and avoid a LOP-SIDED SITUATION !

    These are wondrous days for all the Rakyat, Tun. The New Era of true Malaysian endeavours trekking upwards to rub shoulders with the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan under your brilliant and courageous Leadership with DSAI and the Team by your side.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  121. mubarakchan Nov 17,2018 7:30 PM


    Not only these are interesting and difficult times.

    But these are times when a person stands up to be counted in a situation of all things being equal. Now that we have a Good Young and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great with DSAI by your side.

    These are times when we Malaysians have finally obtained a change for better values in terms of everything which give us hope to improve ourselves and our beloved Malaysia, and push her towards the highest tier possible for our future generations to come.


    A chance of a Life time and for Sime Darby a chance after TWO GENERATIONS !

    The brake on our Development and Progress caused by the RAPINE YEARS OF THE CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT – 2004 to 2018. With so much money stolen how could our beloved Malaysia progress during 2004 to 2018 ? Could all the statistics be FAKED ?


    It is how to uplift the MALAYS ONTO A PERMANENT HIGHEST PLANE OF ENDEAVOUR because without this element of achievement, the CHINESE, INDIANS, KADAZANS, IBANS AND ALL CANNOT PROGRESS.

    A Nation cannot and should not be lop-sided in any facet or sphere of activity but be evenly and fairly guided by the Leadership.



    The Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans and all will also be retarded.

    Also, the other industries like the hi-tech, bio-tech etc are not conducive and effective like the automotive industry to up-lift NOT ONLY THE MALAYS BUT ALSO THE CHINESE, INDIANS, KADAZANS, IBANS AND ALL.


    TUN, YOU WERE COMPLETELY CORRECT IN YOUR THINKING AND DECISION OVER TWO GENERATIONS AGO. And you are even more correct today, 2018 ! It is the automotive industry which will create the biggest cake for all the Rakyat for now and the future. There are no two ways about this. Only one Way, Tun. YOUR WAY !

    Hence, when the Executives in Sime Darby expressed an interest in the forthcoming Third National Car Project, I was completely bowled over as some people say.


    Sell off all the useless assets of Sime Darby asap like in CHINA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, THE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, LIBERIA AND SOUTH PACIFIC PLANTATIONS AND DEAD ASSETS LIKE TESCO, HOTELS ETC. which were bought for the personal interests of the Sime Darby executives at the expense of the stakeholders. A SHEER WASTE OF THE STAKEHOLDERS MONEY !


    We all will be there with the Greats, Tun ! If a small country like the CZECH REPUBLIC WITH NO RESOURCES CAN BUILD A BEAUTIFUL MOTORCAR so can we Malaysians Tun.

    A MCA leader in the late 1970s called me a ‘MALAY BUM SUCKER’ to cover his corruption which resulted in making S$ 100 Million in 7 years in corrupt politics. He remitted this S$ 100 Million to his girl friend’s account in Hong Kong. My friend did it for him.


    Hence, it is alleged the Chinaman like this MCA ex-leader could grab S$ 100 Million after pretending to be for the Chinese in politics and gave it to his girl friend. And he was further alleged to wallop Sime Darby assets cheaply like Benta and the Nova Scotia estate which became the Bukit Beruntong tropical slum. And this ungrateful fellow called me ‘A MALAY BUM SUCKER’ !

    TUN, WITHOUT SIME DARBY THERE WOULD NOT BE ANY RICH CHINESE TODAY ! This the political and socio-economic reality of our beloved Malaysia.


    Tun you have always been correct on this score, THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY NOT ONLY FOR THE MALAYS BUT THE NON-MALAYS AS WELL. And we all know why the 1st Project failed because of the CROOKED CLOSEST AIDES which stole hundreds of millions of ringgits.

    In manufacturing, not ONE SEN can be taken out of the System. Even the money from selling the wastes must be returned to the System. Conversely, all successful manufacturers are honest and hard-working.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! With your guidance and leadership in the giant AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY TO COME, ALL MALAYSIANS SHOULD THANK YOU JUST FOR THE CONCEPT.

  122. mubarakchan Nov 17,2018 2:55 PM


    These are not halcyon days for our beloved Malaysia and the Rakyat after the rapine years of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government.

    These are years when all the good-hearted and sincere peoples of Malaysia will stand strong, united and determined to face the crises which have been created by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government THROUGH NEGLECT 2004 TO 2018. What am I talking about, Tun ?

    Just one crisis only apart from the huge financial conundrum left by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004 to 2018 which created a ripple of minor crises.

    IT IS THE LOOMING FORTHCOMING OF CRASH OF THE PALM OIL PRICE which industry is caught unfortunately by cross-head winds emanating from the EU, CHINA, US and the rest of the World. The build up of these powerful forces are slowly or rapidly coming to a head. Who knows what the future will bring ?

    By going back to the basics of the plantation industry which incurs extremely hard-work under the tropical sun – an industry created by colonialists – a person will understand that the palm oil is not only subjected to the vicissitudes and vagaries of the climate but also that of the market-place. And POLITICAL FORCES COUPLED WITH OTHER UNKNOWNS.

    The plantation industry is not song and dance as the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government knew it. Huge investments and thousands of livelihoods are involved for long periods of time, in term of years.

    Oil palm investment is one of the SLOWEST IN THE WORLD. Hence, every sen is saved for the rainy day when the price of palm oil collapses below its COST.

    And for every ringgit, a prudent planter would have to save 30 sens at least for replanting because the oil palm has a useful productive life of only 25 years.

    And the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government did not think and committed total neglect by FAILING IN THEIR LEADERSHIP OF THE SMALL-HOLDERS IN OUR NATION. How ?

    When the FELDA entity was listed, there was RM 6 Billion cash. Now it has RM 1.89 Billion cash and RM 6 Billion debt. In other words, RM 12 Billion approximately disappeared into thin air through utter CORRUPTION, BUYING EXPENSIVE AND SELLING LOW WITHOUT AN IOTA OF CARE AND CONSIDERATION FOR THE SMALL-HOLDERS.

    It is a great shame.

    From its inception arising from the ideas of the Great Statesman Tun Abdul Raxak, the FELDA was established by his trusted and capable friend Tan Sri Taib Andak until it was taken over by another reliable and capable Tengku Tan Sri R.M. Alias.

    After your retirement Tun, it was alleged the oil palm sludge was stolen from the GLC oil mills free of charge as organised from the top.

    From 2004 to 2018, it was one great RAPE of the valuable assets as corporatized and owned by the shareholders who were given a few thousand ringgits.


    From the early 1960s to the listing of FELDA in 2014 or thereabouts, over 50 years, under the Management of Tan Sri Taib Andak and Tengku Tan Sri R.M. Alias, THERE WAS NOT IOTA OF MISMANAGEMENT OF THE FELDA ESTATES AS OWNED BY THE SMALL-HOLDERS ! In less than 50 months, ALL FELDA’S MONEY OF BILLIONS OF RINGGITS WERE GONE !

    At this juncture, ALL THE MONEY IS GONE ! BILLIONS OF RINGGITS DISAPPEARED FROM FELDA’S COFFERS ! At a time of a huge looming crisis in the price of palm oil caught in all sorts of negative cross-winds beyond its control due to the wanton neglect of a Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government. These leaders have never heard of ‘PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, TUN ! Fun and games all over the place occupied their mental space. As we Malaysians say. ‘Where got time ?’

    With all due respect, Tun, this is a tough ( a favourite word of an old friend of mine ) job carved out for your New Young and Incorruptible Government. Hopefully this crisis will not happen.

    But FELDA with no MONEY, how ? However, I am confident your brilliance and courage with DSAI and the Team by your side, this looming crisis of the oil palm industry will be averted. The first inkling of this crisis will be the drop in income for the small-holders which will affect their daily livelihood like food and daily expenses – the First Bail- out. Then, the money for the daily expenditures required by the estates.- the Second Bail-out. Finally the Third Bail-out will be the money needed for replanting the old palms.

    Operating a plantation is not like pressing a button but the crafting of a whole host of factors to make an estate work.



    Those public listed companies like SIME DARBY with property developments especially overseas like Singapore will be hit badly because in the management of a plantation every sen counts and cannot be taken OUT OF THE PLANTATION SYSTEM so that there is a cash reserve for the rainy day. Hopefully I am wrong in this from every aspect.

    Man proposes. God disposes !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Fore-warn is fore-arm. The small-holders is a very important group in our Society as we are all aware.

  123. mubarakchan Nov 17,2018 8:57 AM


    After TWO GENERATIONS, finally Sime Darby came up with the right answer which was the intention of my 1972 Concept which could only be delivered with the understanding and support of our Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and others.

    Yesterday was a joyous moment for me and my heart cried with joy at the news that Sime Darby after TWO GENERATIONS OF ABUSE has finally come to its senses and adopt its intended role in all its finality.

    What more can I say that the news made my day and my life-long intent of delivering something good for all the Rakyat of our beloved Malaysia. I say this from my heart. No problem.

    As I will reveal the facts that those who had a bite of the Sime Darby cherry during these TWO GENERATIONS did not know whether they were coming and going but only cared for the temporal material comfort provided by Sime Darby during their temporary tenure.

    The good thing is Sime Darby after being abused by the Executives for TWO GENERATIONS outlasted them all.

    Now with your support and guidance SIME DARBY SHOULD PLAY ITS INTENDED AND IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE SERVICE OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AND HER RAKYAT by doing things which provide jobs, proper investments in areas which are beyond the reach of the normal Malaysian investor like light engineering industry of manufacturing motor-cars and so on through M and A of British or European companies which may be in disarray soon. I will now relate in a chronological order actual events which took place involving Sime Darby during this period.

    Sime Darby was in the control by the Malaysians in November 1975 arising from my 1972 Concept with the help of 2 Singaporean banks and the unofficial blessing of the Boss. The cost to Pernas Securities was Rm 23 Million. A bribe today as mentioned was RM 187 Million.

    The Management was British – Bywater (an ex-lingerie executive of Kayser Bondor) was the Chief Executive who replaced Dennis Pinder when he was arrested by the Singapore Police for CBT involving giving jewellery to his secretary. Dr Bright was his aide who got into trouble later at the London Transport of which he was the Chairman. He bought an Aston Martin for his personal use !

    At the last EGM in November 1975, the ex-Minister of Finance made a scene to the embarrassment of all present by loudly accusing the Malaysians of being ‘ultras’ because he was left out of out the sensitive negotiations concerning the take-over.

    Not only that the Malaysians were generally sore with his performance on 13 May 1969 at 2.30 pm when he pulled MCA out of the Alliance in a pique. The tragic riots followed at 5 p.m. By 10 p.m. the MCA was back in the Alliance. It was far too late. He was the most pro-British Chinese and it would have been imprudent for any information to be leaked out to the British.

    In 1975, the Board of Sime Darby PLC consisted of 2 pro-British Chinese, 2 British expats, Tan Sri Taib Andak and myself appointed on the recommendation of Tun Abdul Razak.

    After the EGM which was aborted, the ex-Minister of Finance met the Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn and was appointed the Chairman of Sime Darby until his demise in 1988 or thereabouts.

    At this juncture, the major assets of Sime Darby as put together by Dennis Pinder were :- 1) Amoy Canning Hong Kong property. 2) Shaw Wallace with its Indian liquor monopoly 3) Orchard Towers, Singapore 4) 200,000 acres of plantation equal to Singapore at low tide.

    Soon after, the expats proposed that the Orchard Towers be sold back to the contractor at S$ 22 Million because of cracks in the walls which might cause the collapse of the Towers. The Towers are still there after 50 years ! Tan Sri Taib and myself did not openly voiced dissent.

    Subsequently, the valuable Amoy Canning property which was earmarked to be the MRT Terminus of Hong Kong was proposed by the expats to be auctioned off. The Directors were invited to Hong Kong. Both Tan Sri Taib and myself did not take up the offer. No private person auctions of his property in Hong Kong. Only the Government do so. The auction failed because there was no bid. It is well-known that a clique of about 9 property developers formed a ring to control the property auctions of Hong Kong. The valuable property was eventually developed in conjunction with Hang Lung Development which was one of the clique.

    By the early 1980s, the valuable Shaw Wallace with its liquor monopoly of India and its lush Assam Frontier Tea Estates was sold for a song at about RM 150 Million to an Indian in the Gulf who became a billionaire from this. His flamboyant son became the owner of the Kingfisher Airline and is embroiled with the Indian Government at present which wants to extradite him from London !

    In 1982, I suggested that Sime Darby grabbed all the palm oil bunkering facilities in China. Nothing happened but Sime Darby established a small one in Port Said, Egypt. 10 years later, all the bunkering facilities were owned by IOI, KLK or the Kuok Group ! In 2010 Sime Darby invested RM 2 Billion in a port facility in Eastern China. Now these facilities are for sale.

    From 1981 to 1992, nothing new by way of business was committed by Sime Darby. I was aware of some non-Malays were nibbling at the Sime Darby cherry. One MCA leader told the World that I helped him to acquire Benta. The fact was the ex-MCA Chairman did it.

    By 1992, I was asked to resign by the Executives who were occupying the cushy jobs created by my 1972 Concept. MY TOTAL EMOLUMENTS FROM 1974 TO 1992, 14 years WERE RM 500,000 BEFORE TAX. Nowadays, junior executives take the same in one year with datuk-ships to boot.

    I was sacked by the Executives because I asked why the valuable Nova Scotia property north of Rawang was sold to this MCA leader for only RM 4 Million which was then housed in a public listed company and shuffled up to RM 88 Million purchased by Chan Ah Chye and Perangsaan Selangor and turned into a tropical slum ?

    The reply from the Executives was that since RM 4 Million was less than 2% of the total assets of Consolidated Plantations, there was no necessity to report to the Board. Like this, the Executives could have sold all the assets without the Board knowledge ! Corruption in Sime Darby by Malaysian Executives first appeared here. I was aware that some non-Malays were nibbling at the Sime Darby palm oil cherry from the 1980s !

    And when I strongly objected to the purchase of a pondan oil palm estate in Sabah at RM 32 Million by Sime Darby which no one wanted for RM 20 Million for 20 years, the Executives were forced to get rid of me because they assumed that the late Tun Tan Siew Sin appointed me as a Director as they pretended not to know our late Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak was responsible. Vide. Far Eastern Economic Review. November 1975.

    After getting rid of me, the Sime Darby Executives went on a buying spree purchasing useless assets like Jiffy condoms, LAC Refrigerators, Sandestin Resort in Florida to train Malaysians in hospitality management ( MARA was doing this since 1966 ) and golf. This was bought at the pre-Crash 1997 price of RM 72 Million and sold after the Crash at RM 72 Million. Wonder of wonders, the Excutives reported that no loss was incurred ! And all these fellows were supposed to be qualified accountants ! This was the time of the FIRST BANKRUPTCY OF SIME DARBY in 1996 and after Tun’s retirement in 1973, IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE SIME DARBY WENT BANKRUPT AGAIN.

    Indeed, this happened in 2010. I knew it was going to happen because just before the event, Sime Darby wanted to buy my friend’s orchid farm near Rawang for RM 10 Million ! How crazy Sime Darby had become ! And after the 2nd Bankruptcy Sime Darby invested RM 2 Billion in China !

    Not many people are aware that Sime Darby has a Foundation which should not be established at all. NO PRIVATE PHILANTHROPIST owns Sime Darby. Therefore, all money belongs to the stakeholders NOT THE EXECUTIVES and should be reserved for investment and the plantations which are the slowest business in the World for re-planting and reduce the borrowings in preparation for the rainy day.

    The Sime Darby Foundation does not serve any useful purpose but just a hang-out for those who served the POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT. The Foundation should be dissolved as soon as possible.



    Tun, Man proposes. God disposes. AFTER TWO GENERATIONS. it is good, very good, you are still around to make Sime Darby the real Flagship of Malaysian Business endeavour in light engineering, motor cars an important component to push us Malaysians to the next tier of development.

    Or else we are forever forced to talk about condoms, palm oil and petroleum which DO NOT PROVIDE THE RIGHT TYPE OF JOBS FOR THE RAKYAT AND DO NOT ASSIST THE RAKYAT TO RAISE THEIR STANDARD OF LIVING AND EARNINGS !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Sime Darby boleh ! Better late than never.

  124. mubarakchan Nov 16,2018 10:02 PM


    An exceptional headline appeared in The Star this morning thus :


    Kudos to the Minister of Education for this important subject which will taught in all our schools under ‘CIVICS’. An important subject which had been forgotten by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and also by the hurly-burly of urban life.

    I have noted that the young Chinese these days are brash and pushy unlike their parents. Maybe these people are from outstation and with their new relationships anything goes. The young Malays and Indians still have a modicum of manners and courtesy which exhibit their existing familial relationships at home.

    The Chinese artisans began to lose their professionalism beginning in the early 1980s which probably reflected the attempts by the MCA and its leadership to politicise the early attempts by the Malays to find a business base. They used Sime Darby as their rallying cry ! This MCA political move was actually a cover-up for its big-wigs to do big businesses, some of which failed, but a very few succeeded.

    But the whole spectrum of honesty and integrity in the work-place was left to the parents to do the needful.

    With the retirement of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad after 2003, whole phalanxes of the BN Government were seen to live in a World of their own by the Rakyat, the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all. The Rakyat was always given the impression there would be a tomorrow.

    When wanton theft and cheating of the Government’s own financial resources were exposed during the last 5 years, the discontent and unhappiness of the Rakyat grew in intensity at the collapse of Leadership and integrity of the Federal Government which translated into nothing for the Rakyat. Un-imaginable amounts of ringgits were flowing the wrong way.

    Events happened in the Government Establishment and affected the Rakyat which became demoralised.

    Presto ! Now the whole Nation looks forward to a New Era of Normality of everything. And to begin with, the Ministry of Education has become the right choice to show our young what is black or white, what is right or wrong, what is loyalty or disloyalty etc. This is where YB comment is so important to those who make Malaysia great in the future.

    In the case of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, one rotten egg spoilt the rest. The whole Government Establishment collapsed into dust on 9 May 2018.

    Let us learn from the mistakes and weaknesses of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government. Of its arrogance, uncaring attitude, materialism counted, lip-service to beliefs and virtues and the list goes on. The natural good instinct of Humankind turned the tide of the bad into the good as it is now proven.

    Our YB being a keen, honest and compassionate person has rebounded adroitly from his recent faux pas which were reported in the media as follows :-

    1. To reduce the entrance standards of universities so that the rural students could enter them. But the British uplifted the standards of the rural students by placing them in hostels in towns where the good schools were. They did not lower the standards of anyone. Besides, if this was done, the academics and the undergraduates would feel violated. The rural students attain an inferiority complex.

    2. The uniforms and shoes conundrum

    3. To appoint oneself to a lesser job is like a King appointing himself to be the court jester.

    4. The appointment of a top money man from the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government must have raised many eyebrows of the cognoscenti who are aware of one of the earliest mega-deals, KIM ENG SECURITIES SINGAPORE-MAYBANK. The former was owned by the second wife of the younger brother of the late Prime Minister of Singapore.

    However, our YB is dynamic, honest, quick at learning and understanding and compassionate. He has or will rectify what is not correct. No problem.

    Finally, it pays for the YB to spend a week in Japan, India (New Delhi & Dehra Dun), Singapore and Switzerland over a year or two to study their educational curriculum and system on the spot and SELECT WHAT IS BEST FOR MALAYSIAN SCHOOLS. This saves a lot of time and headaches.

    AND DO NOT BE MISLED BY SINGAPORE’S SPIEL ON THEIR MATHEMATICS. Too much of it is as actually USELESS FOR US. And besides we are a huge country compared with them. Let those with the talent for mathematics find their own level ! Different strokes for different folks as it is said.

    I have every confidence in the administrative and leadership ability of YB.

    As the saying goes, ” TO ERR IS HUMAN, TO FORGIVE IS DIVINE.”

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Your Government Team gives us HOPE in more ways than one to make our beloved Malaysia GREAT !!

  125. mubarakchan Nov 16,2018 11:01 AM


    Another happy morning for me as I ferried my grand-daughter to her SMK party heralding the end of the school term. She is indeed very satisfied with this school and the students. No problem. No qualms.

    My eyes nearly popped out when I saw the headline from Sime Darby and one or two exceptional ones as well thus :-


    This is the best news of all from the Malaysian Business World.

    Let us not forget it took Sime Darby TWO GENERATIONS to do the right thing after it was turned into a fine British type of trading company with no risk by its Malaysian Managements since 1982 to 2010.

    My Life long wish and concept of 1972 becoming TRUE !

    This Malaysian Management did not want to let go after 2 GIGANTIC BANKRUPTCIES and the loss of billions of ringgits to the crooks who used Sime Darby as an ATM. At the final Bankruptcy of Sime Darby in 2010, the Board was stacked up with 10 Tan Sris. Believe it or not. No doubt the directors fees were gargantuan.


    I told them to grab all the palm oil bunkering ports in China in 1982, those lazy minded fellows invested apparently in a small facility in Port Said, Egypt. They looked West instead of East. 10 Years later KLK, IOI and the Kuok Group grabbed all !

    However, Tun, it is still not too late for Sime Darby to SELL OFF ALL ITS AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND ASSETS.

    Sime Darby sponsored New Zealand’s Ocean Racing for 9 years in a country which is still the most bigoted in the World which judges could not distinguish one Chinaman from another. Sime Darby did all these things either because of the Melbourne Gold Cup, 19th Hole Golf or to keep an ex-finance director in NZ happy. The shareholders have never been happy until TODAY, Tun !

    Yes, Tun ! Sime Darby is the proper investor for the Third National Car Project.

    In fact Sime Darby should have been with the First. But from 1982 to 2018, Sime Darby was turned into a colourless, ineffective and non-contributor to the National Interest benefitting only the lackadaisical Management who were more interested in sporting events than business. THAT’S TWO GENERATIONS OF MISSED OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA, TUN !

    My concept of 1972 which some crooked Chinaman called me a ‘Malay bum sucker’ was to give the Malays who had only 2% of the economy a quantum leap into big business. My concept of 1972 worked thanks to the support of the Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Both understood the implication of controlling and acquiring Sime Darby by Malay interests. Hence, we have so many non-Malays and Malay rich bucks today ! No problem Tun !

    But my 1972 Concept was more esoteric than making rich bucks. It was about creating a new light engineering industry and jobs for our beloved Malaysia in the years to come.

    Yes Tun ! With the right thinking and approach in the National Interest and not in the MANAGEMENT’S INTEREST, it is possible to build Sime Darby to be a Fortune 500, a leading light of ASEAN business and of Malaysia. No problem.

    IT IS NOT TOO LATE BECAUSE IN BUSINESS THERE ARE ALWAYS OPPORTUNITIES ! I hope from now onwards you keep a close eye on Sime Darby’s proceedings, Tun. Even today, it is the BEST we have to lead your WAY !

    Those fellows in Sime Darby who now promote the 3RD CAR PROJECT should be ennobled with a Tan Sri ! Light engineering is the WAY Tun as you envisaged a long long time ago which was sabotaged by the crooked closest aides who are all in hiding now with the ill-gotten billions of ringgits and Stradivarius violins ! Even the waste from the Proton factory they walloped !

    Sime Darby should sell off all the sleeping investments like Tesco, etc which give a good return to PNB and turn all dead assets into cash AND WAIT FOR OPPORTUNITIES WHICH ARE COMING HARD AND FAST AGAIN FROM UK AND EU.
    Who knows maybe our new Sovereign friends’ Temasek can help Sime Darby to gobble up the biggest for our mutual or ASEAN benefit ? Who knows, Tun in business ?

    EXCITING TIMES ARE COMING AROUND AGAIN TUN ! We are not late if we are prepared for the opportunities to come.


    Sime Darby cost the Malaysians only RM 23 Million as the Malays had limited money in those early days of NEP. Today, ONE BRIBE IS RM 187 MILLION ! All of us, Malays, Chinese and Indians etc did not think about money money money for our pockets in those innocent days of yore !

    Our beloved Malaysia, Tun after TWO GENERATIONS has got the right investor in the form of the much abused Sime Darby which can now go places IF CAREFULLY MONITORED.

    As you are aware, the motorcar industry in the West is both hit by the Trade Wars and the Brexit.



    Sime Darby should now sell off all the useless playthings of the previous Management and build up the cash reserve. AS THE SAYING GOES, ‘ THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEN AND BOYS IS THE QUALITY OF THEIR TOYS, Tun !’

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! SIME DARBY BOLEH TUN !

  126. mubarakchan Nov 15,2018 9:41 PM


    We are now witnessing the agonies of Britain making attempts to withdraw easily and gracefully from the EU everyday for the past one and a half years. Let this be a lesson to all in Malaysia.

    Britain was alleged to have joined the EU due to US pressure in 1972 without thinking of the future, the historical aspects and her own cultural legacy and heritage.

    The little I know about them, I was aghast that Britain took such a gigantic step into the unknown in 1972 and abandoned the Commonwealth. Literally, Britain fought many wars on the European Continent right up to the 20th Century. This was her political and historical European baggage she had to bear and be aware ! Obviously greed for more business was one of the factors in favour of the EU.. Now the birds have come h9me to roost.

    And the Brexit pay-back or pay-off is not only expensive but difficult. Then one may ask why it was so easy to get married to the EU and so difficult to divorce ? One must again ask the question why there was no escape clause to ease the difficulties of a divorce which now happens after 46 years of marriage ?

    Let this Brexit and also the 1962 Water Agreement with Singapore be a good lesson to our Governments of the day, Tun ! This should be a subject of study not only in schools but also in our Ministry of Foreign Affairs ! Easy to sign on the dotted line BUT EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO WITHDRAW IN THE FUTURE ! No escape Clause at all !

    Especially, when our Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government was embedded by dubious types who were the lead negotiators daring enough to shout in a NST headline after her retirement, ‘ MALAYSIA MUST SIGN THE TPPA.’ We know why as it is alleged that her nearest and dearest is the Chief Correspondent in Kuala Lumpur of the Singapore Business Times. Journalists are the front-lines of information the World over. Myanmar, Egypt, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Russia do not like them.

    Or is there such a phrase, ‘ A stitch in time saves nine.’

    Malaysia Boleh as always Tun ! Let the 1962 Water Agreement and the agonies of Britain over the Brexit be a good lesson for our beloved Malaysia to learn and to avoid. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, Tun !

  127. mubarakchan Nov 15,2018 8:13 PM


    How many Malaysians know that the Malays are just as capable and good as other peoples ?

    The events leading up to 9 May 2018 and thereafter proved that this is so. They do not have to learn anything from anybody.

    All the ingredients of the make-up of a Normal and Good people, the Malays were/are there, otherwise we and our beloved Malaysia would not have come so far and achieved great things since 1957.

    As you are aware, Tun, we must not have short memories. This is why holistic history of our beloved Malaysia will play an important part in the development and shaping Malaysia to be one of the Greats which I have mentioned before many a-time.

    The ravages of Colonialism, the immaturity of our political development and poor or absent political leadership by UMNO during 2004 to 2018 finally broke the bonds of suppression imposed on the Rakyat by using all sorts of devices to cover-up the Great Rape of our beloved Malaysia. We are now free. Thanks to your brilliance and courage leading up to 9 May 2018 and beyond. This is now INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED !

    How many Malaysians are aware that back to centuries ago if the Sultans were recalcitrant, would there be a Malaysia like this today ?

    We must take our hats off to them for willing to accept the newcomers who could contribute in kind for mutual benefit. That was long long ago. Centuries ago.

    Fast trek to the 20th Century of recent memory. The Malays actually had full POWER in their hands via the Constitution.

    Despite their handicaps, like on 13 May 1869, their share of the Malaysian economy was only 2% after 12 years of Merdeka. Yet, the Great Malay Statesman Tun Abdul Razak and his team could fashion the NEP to create a level playing field for all. The Malays were not found wanting as regards their political capability here.

    With Tun Abdul Razak’s untimely demise, Tun Hussein Onn, a Great Prime Minister who respected the Laws to the fullest, played an important role too by giving time and space for the NEP to take root. And of course, the future ATM for crooks, Sime Darby came into hand to provide the Malays their first big business conglomerate – a major piece of jigsaw puzzle which fitted in at the right moment !

    The go-go years of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad CREATED THE MALAY MIDDLE-INCOME GROUP FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME which now numbers at least 9 million souls who clap hands with the non-Malays, the providers of goods and services. The combined Middle Income Groups of Malays, Chinese, Indians and others maybe as many as 17 millions. This is the natural ballast of Malaysia – the key stabilizing factor of a Nation. And the Malays are right there in majority leading the way.

    But with bad leadership, the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government wiped out its own elites until only one aged 40 from Christ’s ( College ) is left when there should be by right and progress, echelons of Malay elites. All these capable fellows were there all stacked up to a man but due to poor Leadership, the whole edifice crumbled into dust.


    And this has nothing to do with one’s capability or not. It is just common garden GREED AND ABSENT LEADERSHIP which good leadership went out of the window during 2004 to 2018. Imagine, Tun, a Corrupted and Uncaring Government Establishment without LEADERSHIP ! These facts are proven every day by the events in the Courts.

    YES ! I am of the opinion that the Malays do not need to learn from anyone from the proven historical records but just a NORMAL LEADER AND A NORMAL LIFE-STYLE, THE MALAYS WILL GO PLACES. It is the good governance and GOOD EDUCATION which is important in our Malaysian society because without Malay elites, the non-Malays cannot move and progress as embodied in our Constitution. All will suffer like what happened recently, 2004-2018. With no Leadership, the Rakyat’s money flowed the wrong way into the wrong pockets.

    Hence, a good Malay Leader like our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is immediately RECOGNISED BY THE WORLD AT LARGE as a Leader and not someone whom they pay lip-service to and pretend to play golf with or huddle in very private retreats.


    What we all Malaysians need is a constant availability of Malay Leaders and elites who can serve Normally like anyone else and NOT TAKEN OVER BY GREED AND POWER because in our country, the Role Model begins at the top of the Power Pyramid, the apex !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! The Malays are already there. No need to learn from anyone but to learn from the World at large for progress and development like anyone else. We will all be there, Tun.

  128. mubarakchan Nov 15,2018 10:50 AM


    Welcome home to our beautiful and peaceful beloved Malaysia, the one and only in this World of ours which we all only pass through once in a Lifetime !

    You and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah did not come back as conquering heroes of the Republic of Singapore but as one of its Finest. This is the nub and the rub.

    The recognition of the good works of both from a long journey of nearly 100 years. We stand proud, strong and united with you.

    Tun, we Malaysians stand to benefit the most from your true sacrifice and devotion without a peer because of your Second Coming which through your brilliance and courage has put our beloved Malaysia onto the World’s pedestal as one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia.

    This pedestal should launch our beloved Malaysia upwards towards the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, and Good Governance Japan. These are well-established top-class States which were developed by its own citizens over time in the face of all sorts of vicissitudes both natural and unnatural. What better examples for another Nation to emulate than these 3 exemplary Nation ?

    How many of us Malaysians including your good-self Tun realise that with your superb leadership and the Will and Spirit of our beloved Malaysia in your hands has the POWER to put us onto the 2nd step of 1,000 lei journey to SUCCESS ?

    I am not talking about the mundane and normal duties of a Prime Minister who is now burdened with the task of cleaning out the Augean Stables leftover by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which corrupted the whole Government Establishment – worst than the Rape of the Sabine Women of ancient Rome but the POWER to set our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat right, step by step, slowly but surely towards the WAYS and MEANS of the Greats like Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.

    For starters, Switzerland took 800 years from day one of her Confederaton to be where she is today. Democratic India 5,000 years and Japan 3,000 ! So, Tun, with your guidance of our momentous March towards and upwards to be like the Greats, we have plenty of time !

    After grappling with the New Young and Incorruptible Government to establish a NORMAL stance as regards its duties and responsibilities and getting rid of all the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government rubbish, sorry to say, you have the very important and unenviable task to accomplish which is to set our beloved Malaysia on the correct journey to achieve something like these 3 Greats but with our unique Malaysian bent – to be established as UNITED SOCIETIIES within the framework of Sovereignty and National Interest.

    I believe the first step should be a proper curriculum which is not LOP-SIDED in the interest of all concerned. Like how many Malaysians know that as at May 13 1969, the British owned 70% of the best assets of Malaysia, the Chinese 25%, the majority was just earning a living and the Malays 2% ?

    Whatever the action, each move should be slow and steady without upsetting the sensitivities and emotions of other fellow citizens. This must be a precept which should be engraved in stone by you, Tun !

    With a proper normal functioning New Young and Incorruptible Government and our DSAI by your side, the future of our beloved Malaysia which in time, 50 years ? 100 years ? 1000 years or more ? like Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan will hold sway firmly along the narrow line of no return but only forwards to success and happiness. THE CREATION OF ASIA’S VERY OWN EQUIVALENT OF SWITZERLAND WHICH IS OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA through your LEADERSHIP with the Rakyat’s full support !

    This POWER to do everlasting good is now in your hands, Tun – to shape the DESTINY of a Nation to be Great and to do Good Things for the World.


    Away with the decadence and corrupt practices like collecting 10,000 Rolex and hiding them under a bed ! We are good and normal Malaysians, MALAYS, CHINESE, INDIANS, KADAZANS, IBANS AND ALL. We have the People, the Natural Resources and the Space to help ourselves by doing good things which will give us a chance to help others. WHAT IS BETTER THAN THIS TUN ? And History is the Finest Arbiter of the Truth, Tun !

    It was the politicising of everything in our beloved Malaysia in recent years which put a brake on the development of our human and natural resources, 2004 to 2018.

    This was the price to pay, Tun before the Rakyat saw the light of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and coupled with your brilliance and courage, Tun – Presto ! We the Rakyat found ourselves after 9 May 2018 as ONE OF THE 4 MOST IMPORTANT COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia.


    Normal practices in Normal Administration of Normal Government Policies which are Fair and Just to rule over the Rakyat will create an everlasting Nation with an eternal Life. During 2004 to 2018, I thought our beloved Malaysia ‘dieded’ as we Malaysians say ! When we were ruled by fellow who did not know whether they were coming or going !


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! We now have great hopes for the Golden Future of our beloved Malaysia to come ! Man proposes. God disposes.

  129. mubarakchan Nov 14,2018 1:29 PM


    It was good to see you have an excellent relationship with President Putin of Russia. For our beloved Malaysia to have a good relationship with all underlines our Foreign Policy of being friends with all, but enemy to none. Good things will appear in time and in unexpected events to come.

    I like the headline in The Star this morning, thus :-

    ‘ THE LHDN WILL COME AFTER YOU.’ This is good for all the hard-working and honest Rakyat but sends a shiver down the spines of the crooks.
    Here are 2 huge significant cases which the LHDN might have overlooked.

    1. A Chinese promoter organised a syndicate to rig the shares of Chinese owned small listed companies for over 10 years from around 2000. His modus operandi is to collude with the Chinese substantial owners with the spiel that he could get back their returns in months instead of in years or never, if they would collude with his syndicate.

    He specialised in companies with 5 sen par share so that by rigging it up to 15 sen or 20 sen, he could profit by over 100% soon after the listing of the new shares. He succeeded in this share-rigging scam as a professional who profited without TAX SERIALLY from 2000 onwards to 2018. This was his INCOME TAXABLE profession by doing it serially for over 8 times with at least 8 listed companies and their substantial share-owners.

    From 2000 to 2018, he and his colluders accrued in UNTAXED PROFITS from this serial share rigging scam which broke all the Laws, OF MORE THAN RM 1 BILLIONS ! The LHDN is aware of this SERIAL SHARE-RIGGING SCAM SINCE 2016 !

    2. However, the cheating by an organised syndicate to collect PALM OIL SLUDGE FROM FELDA, LTAT, SIME DARBY, GLC PLANTATIONS IS EVEN BIGGER WHICH BEGAN AFTER TUN’S RETIREMENT IN 2003.

    It was organised from the top.

    The palm oil sludge is collected daily from the oil palm mills owned by the aforementioned companies with the public and the Government as the stakeholders. Millions of ringgits of palm oil sludge are collected each day by the collectors from 2004 to 2018. This is alleged in the oil palm industry as common knowledge. The cash is paid by the collectors to an outside source.

    Thus billions of ringgits in cash has not been TAXED because the Syndicate was organised from the top.

    This black cash should be white cash belonging to the ultimate stakeholders, the public and the Government. Yet, this huge CASH HOARD is siphoned off every day since 2004 to 2018.


    For starters, these two CHEATING CASES OF THEFT OF THE RAKYAT’S WEALTH IN BROAD DAYLIGHT SHOULD BE DEALT WITH BY NOT ONLY THE LHDN BUT ALSO BY THE SECURITIES COMMISSION, THE MACC, THE BURSA AND THE PDRM. The Rakyat is fed-up with all these thefts openly conducted in broad daylight without fear by the crooks concerned.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Malaysia must retrieve all the billions of ringgits stolen from the Rakyat by these crooks, OPENLY !

  130. mubarakchan Nov 13,2018 10:22 PM


    It was a good beginning when you urged the young to be creative, innovative and have a vision. And you urged the talented Malaysians who are at present abroad to return to Malaysia as there is a New Era for them. And in the same line of thought, these talented Malaysian have established their roots overseas with families and all.

    Talented Malaysians in the 1960s returned to Malaysian, the whole lot of them. They were in most professions like surgery, paediatrics, at the Institute of Medical Research (IMR) and so on.

    After the May 13 1969 riots, these highly qualified professionals returned to their alma maters.

    The second wave of emigrants came in the early 1980s when it was alleged that Government Policies will not be to their liking. The people in this group were not as qualified as the first.

    I know of one complete family of many related families left for Melbourne, Australia.

    But by the early 1990s, when stories of the many millionaires and their riches reached the shores of distant lands, there were regrets expressed.

    But in the 21st Century, many families were making plans to emigrate whenever possible which gave rise to all sorts of malfeasances to make a pile and abscond. Like our little fat boy ! His intentions are very clear from the beginning. By 2017-18, applicants for overseas became a flood.

    On the other side of the coin, I know of two Malaysian Chinese doctors who spent lifetimes practising in Vancouver and Hong Kong. Both returned. One to Pulau Pinang and the other to TTDI, Kuala Lumpur. The latter was the ex-husband of the founder of Kim Eng Securities Singapore !

    Then finally, we have the story of the brilliant Muslim Indian graduate from the London School of Economics who joined one of the BN Government’s hi-tech units. He worked out the next year’s Budget would be around RM 5 Million but his Boss told him to increase it up to RM 10 Million. He was very upset and consulted his father who advised him to do as he was told. Thereafter, he returned to London.

    And I keep hearing stories of peer pressure on the newly returned professionals who were up to the mark soon after their return. But due to peer pressure they descended down to the same level of workmanship as the peers.

    Your call for our talented Malaysians to return is apt and timely. But will these professionals return ?

    I believe this has to do a lot with politics and Malaysia’s security. And if the years to come if Malaysia is really on the trek up towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan, who will not return from places in the West which are now full of uncertainty and violence ?

    Hence, my constant call to fix our future objectives on those icons previously mentioned.

    The fact is our beloved Malaysia has already have in place good schools, hospitals, colleges, and so on. It is the security, the social amenities and politics which need to be improved to comparable World standards. Security could be difficult because we have in our midst all sorts of people from un-familiar places. But whatever it is, I am confident the New Young and Incorruptible Government will the handle the situation normally in its stride, given time. And time is of the essence !

    Malaysia Boleh as always ! Malaysia Boleh are the Golden words pointing towards our future, Tun ! With the Will, the Hard-work and the Confidence, we will all be there amongst the Greats.

  131. mubarakchan Nov 13,2018 5:25 PM


    My very best congratulations to you and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah for being bestowed the distinguished awards by your finest Alma Mater, Asia’s No 1, the National University of Singapore today.

    A unique honour for a distinguished family couple who achieved much in a journey of nearly 100 years. A Malaysian Malay couple too.

    This occasion must surely be the first in the World. Your well wishers must have been filled with emotions by recalling the momentous events which made up your successful historical past despite in recent times when naysayers thought they had the field to themselves by pouring tons of vitriol on you.

    Your recent brilliant and courageous stance put all these NAYSAYERS TO BE YEASAYERS ! Who can beat this achievement alone, Tun ? Who else but our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ?

    We first met in your house on a hill in Petaling Jaya at a Hari Raya Open House. Both of you came up to me and asked, ‘ Who are you ?’ There was a Chinese Civil Servant by your side. I first met Tun Dr Siti Hasmah in the bedroom of Tun Ismail Mohd. Ali the Sunday morning after he fell ill at a function held by the Administrative Training Centre. I was in attendance. Thereafter, I came every year for the Hari Raya Open House held at your residence on the hill at Kenny Hill or Bukit Tunku until you became the Prime Minister. From then on, the well-wishers came in their thousands.

    And it was not too long ago, when naysayers poured tons of vitriol on you, and lo and behold ! Your brilliance and courage turned these NAY-SAYERS INTO YEA-SAYERS ! I suppose one has to study medicine at Asia’s No 1 the National University of Singapore to achieve this ! Be a brilliant and courageous doctor and successful politician to boot.

    But today, a Minister in the New Young and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great, struck a few notes in the headlines probably he was infected with the new POWER which was temporarily bestowed on him, thus :-

    1. To reduce the entrance standards of the universities so that the rural students may enter them. Apparently, he was not aware that the British set up hostels in towns for the Malay students who lived in the outlying areas to up-grade their skills and knowledge. Most of them became very successful. This Policy was continued by the BN Government in the years to come. By reducing the entrance requirements, the universities’ standards are lowered, the incumbent academics and undergraduates feel violated and the rural students get an inferiority complex ! A political solution is not the answer to an academic problem

    2. The uniforms and shoes conundrum !

    3. The appointment of oneself, the Minister to be the Chancellor of IIU is like the King appointing himself to be the jester !

    4. The Minister probably were not aware that Life has many parts. He appointed a high ranking Minister of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which was turfed out in disgrace, as the Chancellor of another university. HE HAS OBVIOUSLY NOT HEARD OF KIM ENG SECURITIES SINGAPRE AND MAYBANK !

    All these demerits happened within 6 months concerning a good, honest and sincere person who is a Minister of Education on matters which did not concern EDUCATION !

    As I said many times before, BEWARE, Ministers of the seductions, the flatteries and the what-have-you, weakness of the flesh and the soft under belly because you all live in a different World of Power. Seductress and flatterers will come by the thousands. Vide. Solar panels. How to maintain a proper stance ? Think and work normally, serve the people and your family. You will be alright. Don’t abuse Power and ever think of Money, Money, Money. We all will be there with the Greats Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Honest mistakes are revealed OPENLY. Only crooks hide their crooked acts !

  132. mubarakchan Nov 10,2018 11:56 PM


    Congratulations in advance on your forthcoming distinguished honorary Award by the National University of Singapore which Ranks No 1 in Asia on Tuesday 13 November 2018.

    Finally, the Republic of Singapore recognises the only Malaysian who deserves this Award the most.

    For decades, I observed lesser souls from the Malaysian Civil Service were promptly awarded LLDs on their retirement. And yet young souls, the young UMNO aspirants were invited to speak at the ISEAS Forum following which a glowing report on their brilliant achievements would be published on the following morning in the Straits Times. Vide Straits Times Library for the record of who and who. No doubt these were the brain-washed digits embedded in Kuala Lumpur. But Man proposes. God disposes.

    This is an auspicious time in the 21st Century for both countries to leave the baggage of the 20th Century behind. For starters, Malaysia and her Governments did no harm to anyone. If at all, there were many times because of our hospitality, friendliness and courtesy were taken time and time again to the cleaners by those who were cunning but not smart. They got their sums wrong ! We survived. Man proposes. God disposes.

    The problem with Singapore is that after the highest profile was ever created by Man, nothing happened in the 21st Century thereafter. The white rabbits ran out of stock from the proverbial hat !

    However, in this World Community of Humankind, normality will return as the Norm in time and in place. In other words, after a flight of fancy by Singapore, Malaysia and Singapore are on the same plane again and talk normally again without any hint of special relationship but only based on Sovereignty and National Interest. This is what it should be.

    I an extremely hopeful of the forthcoming relationship between Malaysia and Singapore.

    The ingredients for a mutual socio-economic benefit for both are in the cards. And in reality, both countries are geographically part of one another.

    This nexus is the centre of an important and dynamic Region of the World, ASEAN. It is good the cudgels of leadership be taken up immediately without delay because if we look around the World, Malaysia and Singapore fits like a T if Singapore views all with equal Sovereignty and National Interest.

    And a people’s hospitality, friendliness and courtesy should not be taken as stupidity and meekness.

    And because of the brilliance and courage of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia, at the end of the day, is one of four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. Malaysia stands astride 1,200 miles from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea at a strategic geo-political location which is one of the most important in the World.

    Not only that Malaysia is a land of 3 main ancient civilizations and others, a stable democratic Government and bountiful of natural resources.

    AND OUR FOREIGN POLICY IS FRIEND TO ALL, ENEMY TO NONE ! We are the Asian Switzerland in the making. Thanks to the Leadership of our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his New Young and Incorruptible Government of the Old and the Young, the Good and the Great. We all will be there.

    My congratulations to the Republic of Singapore as well in finally recognising the true worth of a person who spent a Life time in serving his country Malaysia and her Rakyat with GREAT SUCCESS according to the highest levels of practice be it medicine or politics !.


    My crystal ball tells be that after so many decades of relative negativity, both countries Malaysia and Singapore will enter a new and dynamic Era of mutual benefit arising from the pooling of all their wherewithal and more for the good of our future generations. And we should behave like Normal Humankind as the important and vital Nexus of ASEAN if not Asia or the World.

    Malaysia Boleh as always ! The journey of a thousand lei begins with the first step, Tun !

  133. mubarakchan Nov 9,2018 4:37 PM


    The mornings these days are dull and wet as the north-east monsoon is upon us. But I am just as happy with the knowledge that once again our beloved Malaysia has reverted back to normal under a New Young and Incorruptible Government which practices Normal Administrative Policies.

    The headlines do not seem to be of note anymore as the topics based on the ex-PM and his spouse were reported to either attend Court or questioned in lengthy sessions by the MACC.

    Taking the cue from you about history and ethics, I think something on ethics, standards, filial piety, probity, propriety, honesty, and other human virtues would be interesting in our Malaysian World which lost these virtues by the whole of the Government Establishment from 2004 to 2018. A period which was infamously dubbed as ‘Cash is King’ ! And the Prime Minister’s residence was turned into a night club with all things good or bad flowing !

    At the end of the day on 9 May 2018, the whole edifice of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government came crashing down.

    When we were young, Tun, the children were herded, marshalled and regimented here and there without much ado. Without much effort, we found ourselves as part of the tertiary education system.

    And in this system, the medics were in a curriculum which made sure they worked from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday. The homework made sure the Sundays were occupied as well. And that was over 5 years of a proper course at the famous King Edward VII Medical College Singapore. I went to one which turned its clinical students into trolley attendants even during exams. We were told that it was good for training in ethics, discipline, punctuality and physical fitness. We had to obtain bottles of blood for the Ops as well. The hospital save a lot by turning medics into porters !

    In no time at all, we were doing our houseman-ship to qualify for the requisite licence which governs ethics, standards, propriety, honesty etc to launch us on our way as professionals earning an honest living.

    My first experiences came as a houseman when I encountered an accusation by a chronic TB patient that I was planning to kill him. This patient was housed in Ward 13 and I was the person in charge of Ward 14. Every day I had to walk past him in Ward 13. I knew he was under anti-TB drugs like isoniazid and PAS which affected his mentality over 1 year treatment. The Superintendent with an English sounding name who should have known better reported me to the Minister of Health Ong Yoke Lin. Of course, I got a clean slate. The Superintendent forgot ethics, propriety etc. in his keenness to save guard his Civil Service. position.

    Not only that, when I requested a testimonial from him, he gave me one with just one sentence. My colleague who never turned up for emergencies got a 2 page testimonial from him. I smiled as I got a satisfying testimonial from the finest physician at the time in England, Dr Douthwaite ! I did not complain. I did not explain !

    One fine day, around lunch time, a burly Eurasian man turned up at the Emergency Clinic with his beautiful daughter. I forgot myself and sent her straight to the Ops without disrobing her to examine her with a nurse by my side being a pukka gentleman. My Registrar and the rest of the team laughed at me thereafter who should have failed in an exam. She did not fall into a drain to cause blood to flow out between her thighs as was reported by her burly father but was with her boyfriend the previous night ! I should have practised ethics, standards, honesty, propriety etc. Tun. I failed because my emotions overcame me !

    On another occasion about lunchtime, (I have never understood why such cases either came in at lunch time or mid night). a Chinese cookie for the Principal of the Pudu English Girls School was trolleyed into Ops because his lower vitals were all cut up by his enraged wife with a rusty knife or scissors. In no time at all with an empty stomach, I dutifully, ethically keeping to the standards attempting to restore his vital manhood. It was a desolate battle scene of gore, blood and smell before lunch, Tun ! I can still recall this today.

    One evening, a huge mountain of a Eurasian man turned up in a coma. I worked on him for as long as I could. He died. His son just as burly came up to me and expressed his gratefulness even though I failed. Tears flowed freely down my face, This made my day and my career.

    Without any explanation, I was soon managing my family estate which spent RM 250,000 annually for replanting. A handsome sum in those days when a Mercedes only cost RM 12,000. I never thought of short-changing my brothers otherwise I would not be around in our beloved Malaysia today but in Australia.

    In 1966, with associates I took control of a listed company in which the Chairman and the Directors had a ‘mess’ along Jalan Bukit Bintang and were having a gala time of wine women and song. I managed to collect 70% shareholders support from around the Peninsula. I told them what the Chairman was doing with their money. To a man, they all told me,’ As long as we get 1% dividend annually we are happy, We understand the Chairman and his associates need to relax because they worked very hard for us.’ From then on, it was clear to me that it was quite easy to cheat Malaysian shareholders. This had happened right up to 2018 !

    Working to salvage the biggest bankruptcy corporation without money fron the MIDF Consortium in the 1970s, Folex Industries Berhad now known as Sri Hartamas, the staff were making all sorts of signals to do negative things especially the unused quota of 10 Million lbs of cotton yarn which I dutifully returned to the Ministry of Finance for 9 years. I could only used about 3-4 Million lbs every year.

    Once I caught the overseas suppliers of yarn short when I could assess a shortage of the cotton yarn was looming. They requested me to go out to the sea in Singapore in a yacht with them amongst other offers. I told them Folex will never sue them to retrieve the millions of ringgits but they should repay whatever they could. Folex received what was owed to it from all but not in full from the losers. I never sue my debtors.

    I heard from my friends that Sime Darby sold a Nova Scotia cheaply to a MCA fellow a year after the event. As a Director of Consolidated Plantations, I was duty bound to ask the Management the reason why this matter was not presented to the Board. I was told since the amount of the sale was only RM 4 Million which was less than 2% of the total assets of Consolidated Plantations, there was no necessity to inform the Board. Like this, they could have sold all the assets without informing the Board !

    However, this valuable property which was by the new North-South Highway Rawang was first shelved in a listed company which was then shuffled up to RM 88 Million bought by Talam and Perangsaan Selangor. This beautiful property was soon turned into a tropical slum known as Bukit Beruntong by a Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr JP who claimed his father was a lorry driver from Gopeng, Perak ! My father was a dish-washer in the kitchen of Towkay Loke Yew’s kongsi !

    I have such a long list of breaches of ethics, etc that this might never end and become boring. However, here is another interesting episode on human greed and weakness in daily life.

    One morning, my phone rang. The CEO of Cycle & Carriage Ltd Singapore was on the line. He requested my permission thus,’ There is an offer of a yacht which is quite cheap. The other trading houses like Boustead has one too which is used to entertain our clients.’ I replied ‘ Tommy, I am not into yachts. But if the other Directors agree, I have no objection.’ Thereafter, I did not hear from Tommy anymore.

    However, soon after this incident, I was lounging by the side of the Star Ferry Tsim-sha-tsui. A huge yacht docked by me. Two young expat families with butlers and matrons dis-embarked with tables, bags and hampers. And at the back of this huge yacht was emblazoned in large lettering, ‘SIME DARBY’. I returned to KL and asked the Management why the Board was not informed about this yacht. The reply was that everyone has a yacht in Hong Kong and the yacht was to keep the expats happy. In my mind, I thought why the Management did not make the Directors of Sime Darby and its shareholders happy too ?

    Tun. as we are all aware in this day and age the rampant greed and weakness of the flesh, 2004 to 2018, in our beloved Malaysia knew no bounds. You were correct that history which recorded not only our mistakes but also our good behaviour as exemplified by the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Huseein Onn and your good-self are super role models for all the Rakyat and aspiring leaders to follow. This we must never forget. And with the right mind-set like now, together we will build a great Nation, Malaysia.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! History is the finest arbiter of Humankind and the Truth.

  134. mubarakchan Nov 8,2018 3:31 PM


    A wet and cool morning which turned out to full of sunshine white clouds and blue sky.

    Another wonderful and classic day for us Malaysians. I ferried my grand-daughter to her now much loved SMK. As expected, not many of her fellow students turned up because the final exams for the year have ended last week which was followed by the joyous Deepavali Festival two days ago. What a wonderful mix of all sorts of cultural activities in our beloved Malaysia !

    Talking about Deepavali, as all our attention is riveted on your audacious and fruitful Look East Policy, we should not forget whichever Policy we uphold is still backed up by our traditional Policy of friends to all, enemy to none.

    It is because of your constant and steadfast refrain on your thinking in the National Interest within the limits of our country’s Sovereignty that the World and Malaysians look upon you as a leading Statesman of the day. With our Foreign Policy which becomes more and more engraved in stone as time goes by, from our view of the World, all countries look great and friendly to us.

    How many of us are aware India has one of the best education system in the World ?

    Not much is known about India which is seldom publicise ?

    The Indian System produced many famous scholars and Nobel Prize Laureates since the 19th Century. Laureates like Satya Sen who is welcomed by the highest academic centres of excellence on both sides of the Pond.

    It pays for our Minister of Education to visit India’s education establishments especially those based in New Delhi up to the Dehra Dun plateau by the foot-hills of the high Himalayas. A Silicon Valley of Education of sorts for India’s future, progress and wealth based on her younger generations.

    But this New Delhi-Dehra Dun-Mussoorie Nexus was developed from what the British established way back in the 19th Century. Mumbai and Calcutta are renowned academic establishment as well.

    Since Independence in 1947, India in her wisdom kept on improving the quality and facilities which were in this Nexus without any political hindrance or disturbance. India built up her elites this way.

    To this very day, quietly and successfully India as the largest democratic country in the World can proudly march upwards with these English speaking elites in step with other great Nations. This is long term planning for you and me, Tun.

    The English language was not only preserved but enhanced for the overall interest of Mother India which has now 350 million English speaking Indians to go places and show paces in North America especially.

    It is good with a proper Foreign Policy, Malaysia and Malaysians can see the World in comparison with their own. As I always believe that visiting other countries with one’s eyes open to see but not to look, is the best education for all. The best time to visit India is in Spring or Autumn. The huge myriad of flora and fauna and the immense diversity of her population mixing, living in peace and harmony will surprise anyone.

    To many Malaysians who were educated in India’s tertiary system, what I mentioned is not new.

    In fact more Malaysians should visit and study in India with a political socio-economic system somewhat like Malaysia’s. We are the two most successful Asian democracies, Tun.

    Lest we forget ! Malaysia’s new found democratic status was saved by your brilliance and courage Tun !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! We will all be there with the New Young Incorruptible Government of the old and the new, the good and the great !

  135. mubarakchan Nov 7,2018 8:46 AM


    When the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government lost its bearings as regards our Foreign Policy, the whole country was in a turmoil. There was no redress or awareness of what really happened which caused its free-fall and down-fall. The lack of understanding of the ways and means of Power in relation to our beloved Malaysia’s wherewithal and strategic geo-political stance only go to show that the Leadership was not qualified and unfit between 2003 and 2018.

    Their ineptness and a weakness not only for fun and games but the penchant to line their pockets at the Rakyat’s expense are the horror stories of everything which is abominable in any civilization.

    Malaysia succeeded on her own right up to October 2003 and then the weakness of the flesh and the soft underbelly took hold of those relevant authorities from top to bottom.

    Our Foreign Policy was quickly exploited by the shrewd and inscrutable. It became lop-sided and not friends to all and sundry of the World.

    From now onwards, stupid policies based on abang-adek, 5 eyes, very private retreats and super hot relationships should be discarded once and for all.

    Let our beloved Malaysia grow up with SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST which befit it standing and not be fudged by shrewd and inscrutable types with a huge knife behind their backs !

    Our beloved Malaysia was nearly delivered lock stock and barrel to be a slave Colony of a one-street town with only 900,000 male Chinese between aged 21 to 50. And those fellows responsible were very fond of the ‘K’ word. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2011

    IMAGINE A COUNTRY OF 31 MILLION STRONG, BOUNTIFUL OF NATURAL RESOURCES, AND STANDS ASTRIDE THE WORLD’S MOST IMPORTANT CHOKE-POINT WHICH STRETCHES 1,200 MILES FROM THE ANDAMAN SEA TO THE SOUTH CHINA SEA, meekly submitted (without a fight) to something which is nothing via the TPPA/CPTPP by the stroke of a pen. What more can anyone say about such stupidity ? By people who were very fond of the ‘K’ word !

    Besides through your brilliance and courage of a LIFETIME, overnight our beloved Malaysia became one of the four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia.


    A kind of Asian Switzerland in the making for us Tun.

    During World War II, Hitler’s Germany did not subdue the Swiss even though they were neighbours. The Swiss being Germans never died for Hitler.

    Therefore it makes sense to invite all to invest in Malaysia like the Shinkansen for Malaysia and Singapore which will be a showcase of our neutral Foreign Policy. YOUR WAY, a wise and sensible WAY, Tun !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! The German Swiss never died for Hitler of Germany in World War II.

  136. mubarakchan Nov 6,2018 10:21 PM


    Your emphasis on the Look East Policy for Malaysia is absolutely correct given Malaysia’s diverse background in terms of everything.

    We cannot and should not be biased by leaning on one single country alone.

    Therefore, your emphasis on your Look East Policy is dot on the spot.

    Since 9 May 2018, our beloved Malaysia became overnight and thanks to your brilliant and courageous efforts, one of the four most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia.

    Not only that Malaysia is the most important of the four countries in strategic geo-political terms as it stands astride an important choke point which stretches from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea, a distance of 1,200 miles.

    Not only that Malaysia has one of the most democratic governments in the World with peoples from 3 ancient civilizations and others, bountiful natural resources and a superb Society which got rid of it previous corrupt BN Government by democratic means. And the peoples speak Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English. It is good to learn Japanese too who are actually more attuned to us in political terms.

    Many Japanese universities should be established in Malaysia given the ample building facilities and infra-structures available.

    Their businesses were strongly represented here from 1960s to 2003.

    As a major World economy Japan should never be left out or reduced in influence in the Malaysian Economy which should embrace all as a friend to all. Neutrality will help us to go places. Not exclusivity will hurt us.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Whether we like it or not, Malaysia is Asia’s very own Switzerland in the making ! The World will want it so !

  137. mubarakchan Nov 6,2018 9:39 PM


    Your Innovative, Creative and Visionary approach to the Japanese investors and other foreign investors to come to Malaysia is timely.

    As you are aware Malaysia is a haven from Trade Wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods etc.

    An environment which is conducive to establish factories and townships in support.

    Malaysia now has a New Young and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great. All very keen to go places and show paces.

    Which country in the World has been rejuvenated like this through proper democratic means ?

    Malaysia must now offer its best foot forward in terms of everything to attract the FDI and Japan which needs a safe-haven for its industrial production chain. Malaysia can provide all essential facilities and guarantee freedom and a safe environment to do business at the lowest cost on par with international standards.

    Not only that, Japanese made goods for Japan could be flown back direct without hindrance. This is the new Way to go Tun. YOUR WAY. Like this mutual benefits are assured. No hang-overs or hang-ups

    There are lots of capacity in our FTZs, parts of the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. Your new approach to the Japanese and their establishment of factories in new townships or FTZs is timely. Where else but Malaysia Tun ?

    Now, Malaysia must push hard on this attractive and beneficial investments to the Japanese at this juncture which will take off rapidly given the circumstances. Time is of the essence before other copycats appear.

    Another First for you, Tun ! We must bring part of the Japanese factory supply chain into Malaysia free from weather disturbance for a generation or more. Your Vision 2020 achieved as planned.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  138. mubarakchan Nov 6,2018 3:24 PM


    There is nothing more significant than the Award of the Grand Cordon of the Golden Pawlonia to you by His Royal Majesty of Japan this morning.

    This unique Award recognises a Life-time of dedication, love and compassion for which it is priceless. Many volumes of script would have to be published to record all that were undertaken by you without qualms or doubts.

    Like an unceasing game of snakes and ladders, you like any other human being were consumed by some treacherous snakes along the way. Fortunately, these snakes were small as they were only closest aides with a secret agenda and could not swallow you whole, Tun. Man proposes. God disposes.

    You manage to climb the long ladders and achieved success, one after another. Some of us, the very few, are built or born this way.

    But the majority always thought they could do better. Just look at the minor official. Before he became the PM, he had already garnered RM 2 Billion without any effort ! Obviously, this minor official did not have the right MIND and APTITUDE to be a PM !

    From now on, I can see your signal contribution to the following building blocks which will form and strengthen our Nation with its Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias, our loyalty and devotion to the Constitution, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and is a friend to all :-

    1. A top-class Federal Government which practises NORMAL FUNCTIONS as per the Statutes. The goodness will flow down from the apex to the base of the Power Pyramid.
    2. Your successor will govern like any other Premier in the World. This is the most difficult part of being NORMAL with all the temptations offered.
    3. The National Car Project will be up and running without the MISCHIEVOUS AND CORRUPT CLOSEST AIDES TO CREATE SCANDALS behind your back.
    4. Malaysia because of your esteemed standing in international affairs will be steeped in all manner of negotiations or discussions on TRADE. No more TPPA/TPCPP for us Tun
    5. The crooked bridge may be up and running as a straight bridge !
    6. Japanese/foreign industrial townships will spring up on the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. There will be undisturbed production for the Japanese at the lowest costs for mutual benefits.
    7. Malaysia and Singapore will be proper Sovereign Nations according to International Laws.
    8. Penang, Kedah and Perlis with bustling economies at minimum costs. Better than the Klang Valley which has gone Jurassic.
    9. Lo and behold ! Malaysia is up there with the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Our thanks to you Tun !

  139. mubarakchan Nov 5,2018 9:27 AM


    This can only be a wonderful Monday morning as all the Sekolah Menengah Sekolah2 are closed. However, I was up and about before the crack of Dawn at 5.30 a.m. And one significant headline this morning thus :-


    Again you have hit the nail right on the head.

    The Japanese investors are one of the best with no ‘frills’ nonsense and completely focussed on doing proper business.

    I learnt from them in the early 1960’s in international commodities trading. I was close to Kasho of Yokohama which Singaporean Japanese employees taught me how to eat sushi at one of the first Japanese restaurant housed inside the Indonesian Embassy, Orchard Road. I was also close to Ishihara Sanyo. I had no problem dealing with the Japanese ever since. I like to buy their goods which are always top quality but not cheap.

    At that time, I remember it was 220 Japanes yen to a US Dollar ! By the 1980s, the value of the Imperial Palace grounds could buy up the whole of downtown Manhattan, New York. New York. But by 1991, the yen crashed and my friend the bullion King of Japan, Okasan, went with it.

    Today in Kuala Lumpur, I observed many young Japanese have started catering businesses. This is a good sign which confirms that to a Japanese, Malaysia has a great future as befits their view that we are cosmopolitan. With the New Young and Incorruptible Government, business will be even better !

    For comparison, there are thousands of Japanese eateries in Hong Kong and hundreds in Singapore. Malaysia is still catching up.

    But through your efforts in attracting new Japanese investments, the growth in a new line of Japanese business in Malaysia will bloom.

    I came upon a Japanese restaurant owner who has since retired back to Hokkaido who showed me a picture of you and him at the opening of his restaurant during your 22 year Administration. And coincidentally, I met the Bosnian fellow who was backed by you to establish a chain of pizza restaurants in KL and made good.

    How many Malaysians know what good you have done to all and sundry ?

    Comparatively, the Hong Kong and Taiwanese investors came here to Malaysia to exploit our textile quotas to the United States or to take advantage of the cheap land and incentives offered by the Government.

    I know of one Johor Baru Hong Kong owned textile factory which brought in their old desks, old boilers and discarded machinery from Hong Kong which were declared as new for banking purposes. The Taiwanese could be considered as the sharpest in this game. They move in fast and run off just as fast as soon as they made the faat buck. Hong Kong and Taiwanese investors in businesses are generally fly0by0nite types. I believe there is a once Taiwanese industrial village in Selangor which is now abandoned very soon after establishment.

    At the moment, there is an over RM 1 Billion share rigging scandal on the Bursa which was reported to the SC in 2016 involving Taiwanese and Chinese small listed companies in collusion with a local syndicate.

    Matters like these which bring a bitter taste in the mouth.

    The Japanese from my experience are always strictly controlled professionally from Japan. No monkey business is permitted. This I can vouch for because I was once an investor in the most modern handkerchief factory set up by the biggest handkerchief corporations of Japan and Germany, Nishio and Winckler. The top bosses (owners) inspected the factory twice a year personally and stayed in Kluang, Johor for at least a week. No fun and games for them. Business is serious.

    Hence, the Japanese are the most desirable investors in Malaysia. I noted that there has been a slow down-trend in Japanese investments over the last 20 years. But a new Japanese push in investments came from the young enterprising Japanese in the catering trade. This augurs well for your forthcoming efforts to attract new Japanese investments, Tun !

    If the young Japanese think like now that Malaysia is good for them, why not the more established Japanese businesses ?

    The key is to group them together in new places where land is cheap and workers plentiful or former FTZs either in the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak with good air services as regards the logistics in relation to the factories to be set-up. AND MALAYSIA IS FRIENDLY WITH NO EARTHQUAKES, FLOODS OR TSUNAMIS.


    YES TUN ! You are absolutely correct to attract the Japanese as a GROUP and establish them as a GROUP for efficient, quick and profitable returns to the Japanese and all. Let this be your new approach to the Japanese. Cheap land, electricity, water and efficient workers plus good transportation and living conditions for their families and children, practically and culturally for our two hands to clap together.


    As I have been saying, your MIND which is free from fun and games unlike the others who came after you, is truly for our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat. Who else but Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has no blood on his hands ?

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Let Malaysia have a deal with the Japanese not one or two small ones, BUT A TOTAL BIG PACKAGE/S WHICH PUTS A STAMP ON PROFITABLITLY FOR ALL SERIOUSLY FOR AT LEAST A GENERATION, Tun ! Yes, everything is possible in the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak with the New Young and Incorruptible Government, Tun ! Malaysia is ready and willing Tun !

  140. mubarakchan Nov 4,2018 5:27 PM


    This Sunday is one of the most relaxed and quiet for the ordinary man or woman in the street.

    Most have either gone back to their kampongs or taking it easy in their shorts or hot pants strolling the air-cooled Malls located at nexus points near to the highways or byways which are easily accessible to all and sundry or those who look forward to the great Hindu Deepavali festival holidays soon.

    This is what a peaceful and harmonious Nation like our beloved Malaysia should be – a perfect place to raise a family for the future. No problem.

    However what more has anyone to say after the great anticipation of a solid and significant 2019 Budget the dynamic platform for the future and its anti-climax ? Nothing much of depth in it but what was not said was ominous to the few who understood.

    The powerless BN types howled ‘copycat’ with the sudden realization of a total disconnect by them between money and politics. They never had it so good for 14 years at the expense of the Rakyat 2004 to 2018.

    One minor official could scoop up RM 2 Billion without much effort and his powerful friend at that time took it as a matter of course. So much for corrupt practices by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004 to 2018. Let us now determine the signal achievements which were attained during the 22 years of your Administration, Tun !

    Throughout the 22 years Administration, all the closest aides let you down because of their secret agenda except one. Those who were supposed to deliver the Proton, the steel mill, the Bakun Dam etc crossed the red-line of no return which incurred losses. But the experience from these negative results has now turned into good use now WITHOUT THESE MISCHIEVOUS CLOSEST AIDES WHICH ONLY CREATED SCANDALS AT YOUR EXPENSE, Tun.

    As it was wise-cracked, they were all YES-MEN, from ex-duck feather plucking ex-tycoons to loud-mouthed Stradivarius violin collectors who sleep in Singapore and Subang !

    But your notable and distinctive achievements 1981 to 2003 were way above those little hiccups created BY UNEDUCATED CLOSEST AIDES ! These were from 1981 to 2003 as follows :-

    1. 1981-2003 – An Era of Peace and Harmony which brought Prosperity and Advancement to All.

    2. The Construction of the North-South Highway and its tributaries which brought huge areas of undeveloped land into arable land for commerce and development at one go along the West Coast.

    3. The development of Pulau Tioman, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Pangkor and Pulau Langkawi and Labuan.

    4. The KLIA was another catalyst to create wealth not only to the big land owners nearby but hundreds of small land owners along the NS/Selangor border or towards the sea. The access roads to the KLIA created more wealth for the stakeholders.

    5. The privatisation of public owned enterprises was the way to go, Tun. But who can put a stop to the exuberant new owners financing art galleries in Singapore curated by their closest and dearest at public expense ? At the end of the day, all turned turtle and kaput ! After they all nodded in UNISON many mornings in Pulau Langkawi that they would perform and deliver. You thought they were all with you on the 88th Storey but their minds were actually in the basement or Singapore !

    6. The iconic PETRONAS Towers attracted billions of ringgits from foreign tourists who came all the way to have a look-see at this Malaysia- made apparition. It was the correct call.

    7. Your request for a fair and equitable revision of the lop-sided 1962 Water Agreement with Singapore was correct. That was yesterday. Today is today, Tun. Singapore is only waiting for a solution to save face. No more. No less.

    8. The improvement to the 1921 Causeway was correct and long overdue.

    9. To treat Malaysia as an export oriented country and not a financial centre was correct with the appropriate market measures pertaining to the ringgit. Between 1972 t0 1981, the Ringgit was RM 1.00 to S$1.03,with gold in the BNM vaults. Yhis was too strong for exports and tourism. But it was appropriate for circumstances of the time after 13 May 1969, NEP and a new FM.

    10. Your emphasis on the FTZs really took the cream of FDI which boosted an agricultural country into a basic industrial environment. A great socio-economic success too. But political and socio-economic considerations did not produce a single true industrialist like South Korea or Taiwan at the material time. This left me to be an industrialist of sorts after the successful restructuring of Folex Industries Berhad, the biggest bankruptcy then 1974-1984 and now. The proposed sogo-shoshas failed because there were no building blocks to put together in a new and undeveloped country with no true entrepreneurs except for that fellow from the Melaka wet market.

    11. You were wise not to disturb important icons like the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Bursa until it was absolutely necessary with the Foreign Exchange Controls of 2000 !

    12. Your Foreign Policy stance was based on facts and facts and not on emotions and emotions. This has stood Malaysia well to this very day. The rest of the World believe and trust you as a person who keeps his words ! Thinking on all this, maybe you write a NUTSHELL for neophytes who aspire to be Prime Ministers !

    13. Inflation was kept under control during the 22 years of your Administration giving the chance to all to save money.

    14. Many private colleges and universities were established giving a choice of education to all. The SMKs were kept at a high standard which was enough to permit all to attend overseas universities without any disadvantage.

    15. Communications and media were up-graded on par with the World.

    16. Healthcare services improved too with no theft of the doctors right to dispense medicines unlike those who came after you, Tun

    17. The whole Malaysian Society was balanced by your efforts despite cynical attempts to imbalance it. The Rule of the Law prevailed.

    18. Even your retirement on October 2003 was correct. But who knows what the future would bring. And you with your tenacity, brilliance and courage took up the challenge again to build for us and the World a top-class Malaysia to rub shoulders with the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.

    19. Business was easy to establish and to do.

    20. Man proposes. God disposes. We will all be with the greats as guided and led by you Tun !

    There are many more of your achievements which I may have left out, Tun ! But comparatively the period between 2004 to 2018 was one dark hellish void of negativity which held Malaysia and her dynamic peoples back in terms of development and better LIFE for the Rakyat. No more. No less.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! There is no way to go but up from now on.

  141. mubarakchan Nov 2,2018 8:13 PM


    My heartiest congratulations to you and the FM for presenting a down to earth 2019 Budget for the Nation. The Budget is comprehensive and covers all the essential areas as befits a national financial situation in dire straits due to the rapacious Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government.

    Many traditional Sectors of the economy were not taxed. No new taxes were introduced. All these are good indicators to show there is no desperation on the part of the New Young and Incorruptible Government to raise revenue because the reduction and the ultimate repayment of the RM 1 Trillion debt is under control.

    I like the Samurai Fund pertaining to RM7.4 Billion for 10 years from Japan with which we have a long relationship. It is good to know this relationship is strong and healthy.

    And the allowance for the Ministry of Education is good, very good.

    This 2019 Budget is the firm indicator of the good things to come under a New Young and Incorruptible Government.

    As I pointed out previously, when the Corrupt and Non-caring BN Government was in power, every Ringgit the Government spent, only 60 sens worth could be retained. With the New Young and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great, 80 – 90 sens value could be recovered in Governmental projects. This saving in itself is a remarkable achievement Honesty is the best Policy for all,

    Tun. After the horrendous 14 years, 2004 to 2018 of stealing money by leaders who were supposed to lead and be role models. It’s a great shame that these leaders were exposed as people with no honesty and merit ! The Rakyat never put them to the test. These leaders did it to themselves by shooting themselves in the foot ! They can only blame themselves for betraying the Rakyat’s trust which was placed on them. Did they think how many could be the Prime Minister of a country ? Did they think whatever a Prime Minister did wrong is treason ?

    Tun, you have got a good and efficient team of leaders together in the New Young and Incorruptible Government which is now poised to clean up the Augean Stables and be ready to push the socio-economic agenda of our beloved Malaysia as one of 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. With a 2019 Budget like this, Malaysia is on trek upwards to the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan. No problem.

    As the ancients said, ‘ You can only win in the streets if you have peace and harmony at home.’ That’s the 2019 Budget, Tun !

    Malaysia Boleh as always Tun ! The 2019 Budget confirmed

  142. mubarakchan Nov 2,2018 11:27 AM


    This morning was slightly wet and dull as I ferried my grand-daughter to the last Test for the year at her Sekolah Kebangsaan. I noted that she was happy and confident and looked forward to my promise of buying her a couple of Japanese fiction in English at the Kino KLCC.

    For some months now our citizens appeared to be happy and satisfied but with empty pockets due to the rapacious Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government. But being resilient and courteous, they will prevail with the New Young and Incorruptible Government.

    Strangely, I had this feeling that your 12 November Meeting in Singapore will be a great success like your successful achievements Pre-22 year Administration, your 22 year Administration achievements and your 9 May 2018 Victory which gives hope for all of us of a mighty and strong Malaysia.

    For the very first time, arising from this Malaysia-Singapore Meeting, our relationships would be placed on a proper footing as between Sovereign Nations. This is a good step forward to all the co-operation which our 2 countries can put together for the common good. Little sticky issues which bugged as in the 20th Century will be things of the past. The great ventures which are looming in the far horizon cannot be ignored like the Belt and Road, the Triumvirate of India, Japan and China getting closer together to keep themselves in a balanced and survival mode. All these, ASEAN with Malaysia and Singapore cannot miss. They are as big as the elephant in the proverbial room.

    Hence, I conjecture with all the cards on the table, both countries can easily pick the right ones to build up a picture of sincere friendship between Malaysia and Singapore. At the end of the day, both Prime Ministers should sign off to complete the picture of true friendship and co-operation. Who can do better than this ?

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Your future achievements will be your greatest on any term !

  143. HBT456 Nov 2,2018 9:31 AM

    Menegakkan benang basah?

    Menegakkan kedaulatan undang2?

    Will usa taxpayers feel their money is well spent by sending military troops to the mexican border rather than banning weapon rights on blanket form or military wars against terrorism since none of the usa presidents had chosen to do that except mr trump, the answer would be know in november’s mid term election soon.

    Fan bing bing with fans of 60 million accross and outside china is humble enough to admit her wrong doing because under the provincial law and central law, she could be jailed when she doesnt admit her wrong doing of not declaring her tax for the last 5 years.

    The top officials in this provincial income tax department are punished too for this tax fraud that accumulated for 5 years.

    Sini, these so called perjuang bangsa dan agama mereka with title defacto decided to rebrand barisan nasional so that they can stay relevant with forever got tommorow one of man proposes, god disposes by changing hands at the top echelon by saying, hey, this is my chickens, with snap of fingers in tunjuk their perasaan whereby igp will let them go off just like that?

    If they want to rot, and left behind, thats the choice they made, and thats nothing we can do about it.

    I dont feel angry nor frustrated anymore because after giving them more than 60 years, they still think they are not rich, it is up to other component parties to decide whether to join, or not to join them.

    Modi had spend billion of us dollar for building his worshipping giant statue in uniting the indian, will his political party still win in coming general election?

    Hollywood vs bollywood?

    I guess tdm already had the answer in his heart.

  144. HBT456 Nov 2,2018 8:56 AM

    Ulat kena, ular tak kena?

    Ikan bilis kena, ikan yu tak kena?

    The ball is on the desk of mr tommy thomas.

    Preaching law to orang kampong is akin to preaching quran to non muslim.

    P/s: jaguh btn atau jaguh international, which cows will you prefer?

  145. mubarakchan Nov 1,2018 10:19 PM


    With your kind permission, may I ask,’ Who is the Chinese looking mangy dog which barks YUP! YUP! YUP! at the mere mention of the facts on Lee Kuan Yew in this distinguished Blog ?

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! We will all succeed in time.

  146. HBT456 Nov 1,2018 3:16 PM

    Even guan eng is the richest man declared, but the mood in the world, putrajaya and those on the ground already changed.

    There is nothing to be proud of having all these richness on paper with titles.

    When the trust is betrayed, it might take years to rebuilt the trust.

    Some trust might never be recovered because it hurts.

    God bless, and wish penangites all the best.

    P/s: no one can make a baby in 1 month by sleeping with 9 women, and some issues just need time.

  147. HBT456 Nov 1,2018 2:53 PM

    I feel sorry for you mubarakchan, and all those efforts you did became meaningless by blaming everyone but not yourself.

    Maverick, flip then flop.

    You trust nobody, and all you care is what you want.

    When time is no longer a luxury, men will make costly mistakes in the past, and in the future too.

    I hope you will get your peace in the end minus anger, hatred, jealousy or revenge by manipulating the sentiment of the people.

    Bak kata, perhaps they are not killed by you, but facts shown they died because of you.

    Yup, they can bring out all the great great grand father or mother stories, but if you put yourself above everything, then, you will be very lonely and isolated.

    Johor will be the 2nd most populated state after selangor, and no one can change this fact.

    Tak nak takpa, jangan hina.

  148. mubarakchan Nov 1,2018 11:54 AM


    Some would have noted that I kept mentioning the wonderful and fine mornings over and over again. My intention is pure and simple.

    If all of us appreciate and take note of the same wonderful mornings together every morning, we have UNITY in thought which hopefully will lead us all to think about what made our beloved Malaysia great or the possible tragedies which might suddenly fall upon us. If all our fellow citizens have UNITY IN THOUGHT IT NATURALLY FOLLOWS UNITY IN ACTION FOLLOWS ! But in our beloved Malaysia, we must always expect the unexpected !

    This morning as I was cruising around looking for a suitable place to satisfy my famished palate, Lo and Behold ! My weary eyes caught sight of a new modern Malay café designed according to a modern theme, open kitchen and an eclectic array of foods, Ikan bakar, Sotong bakar, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Korea (?), Kampung Ayam etc. All advertised loudly in a modern style menu. Malaysian cuisine has now come into its own in keeping with the times. I just had a kopi-O as its full menu only springs into play at mid-day !

    And the headlines this morning only underlined the obvious, with the Opposition media going all out to draw attention.














    These 13 headlines encompass all that will affect us for now and the future – either we Malaysians stand par with the rest of the World or be SUBSUMED INTO A SLAVE COLONY OF SINGAPORE VIA THE TPPA/CPTPP. Vide, the professional comments of Prof. Jomo and the UN Economics expert based at UNCTAD, New Delhi.

    1. The very first wise and practical decision by the YB Minister of Education. The stress on the parents and children should not begin at such a young age. Mental development goes in step with a child’s physical development. The objective in Education is to be all-inclusive and accept slow developers which are treated normally like the fast developers. I have seen as the pressure mounted in the higher grades teacher parents resorted to exchange exam papers with each other to ease their children’s suffering. This cheating crutch did not help the children in Tertiary Education. They all collapsed. Serious education begins in the Secondary Schools. Education must be all-inclusive.

    2. In 1969/1970, I remember the then Minister of Education promulgated his own version of the National Policy for Education and then disappeared into the thick forests of Sarawak. Our drop in the proficiency in English began after this, in a country where the art of speaking English should be no problem. It’s correction time once again. Hopefully, this is the very last time for the sake’s of our country and our children. With the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, there was absolute absenteeism on this important subject called English.

    3. Our Freedom of Thought is interconnected with our Education System and what the Government of the Day thinks about Freedom of Thought. The World had turned many times over since the Cold War 1948 to 1989 ! What was toxic then may be a cure-all today.

    4. What Supremacy ? Suddenly we Malaysians found ourselves carrying an EMBARASSING WORD, ‘KETUANAN’. Fellows who claimed to be ketuanan are no ketuanan at all. As Tun rightly pointed out,AND I ADD, ‘ HOW TO BE KETUANAN WHEN LITTLE BOYS COULD BRING DOWN A GOVERNMENT OF 60 YEARS STANDING ? Not only that the TPPA/CPTPP the Lee Kuan Yew created Malaysia Killer was signed and READY TO BE RATIFIED AND DELIVERED IF NOT FOR THE UNEXPECTED COLLAPSE OF THE CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT ON 9 MAY 2018. Man proposes. God disposes.



    If we ratify the TPPA/CPTPP we become SLAVES of the slave Colony of Singapore.

    i) Overnight tariff free goods of all descriptions will flood in to kill our businesses.

    ii) Only beneficiaries are those small esoteric rubber goods manufacturers which potential benefits to Malaysia ae limited.

    iii) The rest of the Malaysian Industry whatever these are only benefit in 20 years time.

    In the meantime, Singapore THE SOLE BENEFICIARY OF TPPA?CPTPP AS ENVISIONED BY LEE KUAN YEW, benefits IMMEDIATELY. No wonder the Singaporeans treat us as stupid all the time ! No more cheating for us, Tun !


    5) The functions of Bank Negara Malaysia as governed by Statute are :

    I) Banker to the Government.

    ii) Issuer of the currency

    iii) Safeguard the currency.

    The headlines mentioned about commercial dealings of a Central Bank.

    However, there is the Monopolistic Corrupt Archaic and Useless Discount House System which adds on the cost of banking to the Rakyat. No country used the Discount House System for over 50 years. It is alleged that the Managers of Bank Negara Malaysia in charge of increase and reduction of interest were bought up by a major Discount House since the mid-1870s. The longest CORRUPTION IN MALAYSIA IF NOT THE WORLD. Abolish the MONOPOLISTIC CORRUPT ARCHAIC AND USELESS DISCOUNT HOUSE SYSTEM OWNED BY A VERY FEW !

    Malaysia Boleh as always ! No cheating for us, Tun, we are Malaysians !

  149. mubarakchan Oct 31,2018 10:58 PM


    There have been many reports on your forthcoming visit to Singapore on the Water Agreement 1962. It suddenly struck me that there is NO REASON WHY SINGAPORE SHOULD BE INTRANSIGENT ON THIS WATER AGREEMENT BECAUSE THE FOLLOWING TYCOONS WERE PAID TOP DOLLAR FOR THEIR ASSETS ?

    And what services did the tycoons provide to Singapore which treats Malaysia differently on the Water Agreement 1962 ? Why return favours to tycoons and NOT TO MALAYSIA, a Sovereign Nation with National Interests ?

    1. DBS purchased Dao Heng Bank Hong Kong over the usual price.

    2. Li Ka Shing Watson Chain was purchased for a good price.

    3. Thaksin’s business was purchased for a high price which investment returns are said to be nothing exceptional.

    And Singapore did not show any recognition of a one-side Water Agreement 1962 which needs to be re-negotiated.


    If the great United States could do it, why not Malaysia ?

    Malaysia’s request for a re-negotiated Water Agreement 1962 is fair and just WITHOUT GOING TO THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE AT THE HAGUE because President Trump has shown THE WAY !

    Malaysia is losing money every day with the Water Agreement 1962 because of the depreciation of the Malaysian Ringgit and the lop-sided Agreement which did not include Inflation, Monetary Depreciation, 3 sens locked in for 50 years or more WITH NO ESCAPE CLAUSE !


    I feel we should be compensated for any loss in money by supplying water to Singapore since 1962 and forget all the Abang-Adek nonsense. No country in the World SUBSIDIZES ANOTHER COUNTRY BY LOSING MONEY ON ITS OWN NATURAL RESOURCES. One cheeky Singaporean said Malaysia got the water free from Heaven ! OK ! What has this to do with Singapore ?

    No wonder the Singaporeans think we are all stupid.

    If President Trump can seek a fair and just deal for the United States of America by going back to Treaties as far back as the 19th Century, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH MALAYSIA GOING TO THE HAGUE ASKING FOR A FAIR PRICE AND SEEKING A FAIR COMPENSATION GOING BACK TO 1962. No one is above the Rule of Law.

    Only this time, Malaysia should engage an up to the mark lawyer instead of an EMERITUS PROFESSOR past his prime. And no tango for two, Tun !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  150. mubarakchan Oct 31,2018 10:06 PM


    I finally got some time to write a few lines after rushing about doing the odd jobs from 5.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. I suppose this sort of activity keeps me alive and well. But I am fully aware that my present physical attributes are like that of a 100 year old motorcar much worn out and depreciated. And what keep people like me going and going as though we are 21 years old in mind and spirit only with nothing much else to show but just a figment of imagination ?

    Yes ! It’s the mental crutches of the Mind. I still have mine of a different kind which crutches kept me going throughout my Life. And you quite rightly mentioned about ‘crutches’ or ‘politically induced crutches’ for the fortunate few who depend on them all the time.

    There are monetary crutches or mental crutches or free education crutches and many crutches to assist the apparent dis-advantaged along in Life.

    First, we have rich men’s sons who are so well-endowed that the wealth they have become crutches on their outlook in Life. They normally failed and disappeared from view.

    Second, a phenomenon limited to a privileged group which was looked after so well that mental crutches became inherent in their minds. And the utilization of their brains maybe less than 30% unlike Tun’s brain which is 100% at work all the time.

    So when Tun mentioned about having less crutches for those who depended on them, I am certain most of them scratched their heads trying to figure out what the crutches meant. In most case, the mental crutches filled the balance of the 70% of the minds. How to go about turning all these minds with 70% mental crutches into minds like the Tun ?

    It is obvious that this wonderful elixir of Life with the full use of one’s brain cannot be done in a short span of Time.

    An exceptional person like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad spent his boyhood days with his scholarly father who probably was as strict as they come as teachers. Then, his zeal to save Humankind brought him to pore over tomes of thick medical textbooks in small print. His brain synapses were boosted by will and candour set by the medical curriculum which made sure no young medic had any free time throughout the week – for over 5 years. A sort of pressure cooker to inculcate memory in the neophyte. This was the Theory. The Practice of Medicine comes later. All in all, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s brain was fashioned to absorb, analyse, and diagnose a cure or whatever after his brain was so meticulously prepared when he was young and nubile to absorb all sorts of information available at his most physically active age. This is the extreme example of success with the training of the brain which becomes the MIND when it is turn to good use.

    For the ordinary student which progressed through all the normal stages of education to his first job of his Life, there will be the peer pressure and his first taste of political favours which would turn into mental crutches later on as he progressed in the Malaysian Society. Unless the person has the natural curiosity to improve himself or herself by continuing further studies or DIY reading of eclectic subjects, most graduate would have been overwhelmed by their work and family life.

    In order to create a person without relying MENTAL CRUTCHES, it seems the proper way to go about it is to inculcate the values of leisure reading, competitive sports, educational and mind searching board games etc which becomes a habit right throughout one’s adult life.

    In time, those prepared accordingly would break out independently to do their own thing with their careers whether in batik fashion,or fusion Malaysian cuisine, or horticulture fish, orchard, animal farming, or SME’s, or e-business, or gambolling in the capital market, or property developers, etc instead of relying on hand-outs which are related to ‘political crutches.’ and cushy jobs in a country full of opportunities to push further afield overseas.

    Maybe, the school curriculum includes a subject on how to achieve SELF-DEVELOPMENT FROM YOUNG TO ADULTHOOD LIKE THE EXAMPLE OF TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD. Good memory. Positive thinking. Enjoy doing it. Successful achievements give satisfaction, not money per se. Do not be jealous of others. Little drops make a mighty Ocean.

    The New, Young and Incorruptible Government has a full plate in their hands.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  151. mubarakchan Oct 30,2018 3:05 PM


    This morning was as fine as yesterday morning with a cloudless sky and not a drop of air around. As I walked past the young banyan tree by the roadside, the resident bulbul began to chirp sending a warm message to my heart. Off I went with my grand-daughter to her Sekolah Kebangsaan being the second day of her Final Tests for the year. It was good for me to note quietly that she was confident and had whatever problems she might have under her control. It’s all a state of mind, Tun as we know.

    And as for the headlines, there were none of note as the New, Young and Incorruptible Government gets into the stride of governing with Normalcy and Routine. This is what should be as the huge malfeasances of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government are being dealt with in a routine manner. Catch the crooks and charge them in Court would be the Order of the Day Tun.

    With this quiet and peaceful background, the Rakyat have returned to their work places with no hiccups or displacement.

    No more un-towards surprises for anyone at least for the near foreseeable future. I do not expect the Budget to be a shaker and mover of the Earth either.

    With our internal affairs well under control and our former Opposition leaders now overnight became Government Leaders, willy-nilly the YBs must DIY or learn the ropes with each passing day.

    I note mischievous journalists from the Opposition tried to trap certain YBs with loaded and direct questions. This is to be expected as part of the initiation process.


    Fortunately, our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is now the Leader not only of our Malaysian Government but the MOST SENIOR AND CAPABLE LEADER OF ASEAN AND ASIA AS WELL. His consistency shows he is no demagogue !

    The die is now cast for the flurry of Foreign Events concerning Policies to come due to the awakening of the 3 Giants of Asia, India, Japan and China.

    Our Prime Minister would be invited all the time for his input which will be positive and direct as he has NO SELFISH MOTIVES AS ALWAYS AND NEVER SMALL MINDED unlike some self-appointed giants with feet of clay !

    Whether we like it or not, the ‘akan dating’ action will be in the Foreign Arena where the future destinies of all Asian Nations will be cast in stone within the next 2 or 3 years after having been duly shaken by President Trump and his iconoclastic ways.

    Yes Tun ! It’s Malaysia’s Foreign and Trade Policies which will matter because the writing is on the proverbial horizon concerning Nations which have billions of mouths to feed and look after with shortages of all essential necessities for Life.

    And our beloved Malaysia has become the most important Small Country of the World out of 4 important ones being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia, given your esteemed Leadership.

    This eclectic game of thrones has now gone past the National Car Project reaching up to decide on the future fates of Asian Nations and Asia in a peaceful, harmonious and NON-WARLIKE environment.

    There you are Tun ! Man proposes. God disposes.

    Those who came after your 2003 retirement cannot say anything anymore ! They had their opportunities without any effort which you assisted and gave to them Tun !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Without reaching for the Sky, our beloved Malaysia is there ! It’s our rich amalgam of everything which all came together NATURALLY. Man proposes. God disposes.

    Keep smiling broadly Tun and Tun Siti Hasmah, we all smile with you. No more mischievous closest aides to create scandals anymore !

  152. mubarakchan Oct 29,2018 8:54 PM


    After my comments of the importance of your Leadership in the interests of Malaysia and ASEAN in the forthcoming Trade Talks amongst all Asian Nations Big and Small, yesterday afternoon, Lo and Behold when I switched on the TV, there was a broadly smiling Mr Modi and an equally broadly smiling Mr Abe shaking hands with each other. This camaraderie can only meant one thing and one thing only, how to increase Trade with each other, between India and Japan.

    Now we have a triumvirate of major countries, 3 of them from Asia making urgent pow-wows to save their Nations and peoples Salvation, Progress and Jobs. This is the Way. This is Your Way as envisioned.

    Maybe in the future, all Asians will thank President Trump for marching to a set of different drums from the rest of the World !

    However a little sticking point is that Lee Kuan Yew created TPPA/CPTPP which was crafted by him as his enduring Legacy for his Inheritors.

    TPPA enshrined his obsession to enslave our beloved Malaysia via a free market. This will fail if 100% of the Malaysians are not stupid.

    And the last set of BN negotiators were in Lee Kuan Yew’s little pocket. They talked like SINGAPOREANS.

    Remember his ‘farewell’ trip at the age of 85 to the hot and humid Ulus. For him every minute counted.

    However, come what may under your wise guidance and clearly thinking on options which he had none, our beloved Malaysia will get the BEST DEAL OUT OF ANY TRADE DEAL TO COME. (It was alleged there was a bungle with the India Palm Oil deal in the early 1980s)

    And this morning, we see the Prince from Saudi Arabia inviting you Tun on behalf of his father the King of Saudi Arabia to visit him.

    The huge international respect engendered from your brilliant and courageous 9 May 2018 Victory is now spilling over the cup of success. And the World recognition that our beloved Malaysia is now one of 4 important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Malaysia, located at the most important strategic geo-political choke point in the World from the Andaman Sea to the South China Sea.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is going to be very busy. It has now become one of the most important in the Land !

    In the 1950s, the KGB came to town to look for our Foreign Policy high and low. They could not find it. Later, the Russian Ambassador congratulated our Tunku for his great success in hiding it. The Tunku replied that our Malaya had no Foreign Policy ! Believe it or not Tun !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Smile broadly and freely Tun and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. We all smile with you ! Free from closest aides to cause mischief. Those whom you thought were with you on the 88 storeys but actually their minds were in the Basement !

  153. HBT456 Oct 28,2018 5:48 PM

    Whatever choices made here politically, no one can stop you mubarakchan, and i noted with full understanding of the political situation in here,

    What will happen, it will happen.

    What will not happen, it will not happen.

    Therefore, never do it by force to avoid breaks in unity, properity and harmony of
    all races, memang tidak berbaloi.

    P/s: it looks like only marginalized indian political parties are with umno perak, and this is within the expectations of political parties. What to do, thats politics, either you as leader take it, or leave it.

  154. HBT456 Oct 28,2018 3:25 PM

    Pendek kata, when myr 5 million could bought someone over, then they are gone case to enjoy future myr 1 trillion worth of economic activities in process.

    They already made their choice, and if they still feel proud and complacent with what they earned over night in the name of lobbies, then, indeed, they are weak leaders.

    Opposition party in singapore could raised sgd1 million in 1 week, it simply means their members have money, and they know, when they broke the law, they must paid the court charges, habis cerita.

    P/s: even though 3rd national car is private initiative, but, this expensive price would be borne by the future generations, just like military wars, is it fair to our future generations eventhough the private sector can be billionaires today?

  155. mubarakchan Oct 28,2018 10:49 AM


    IS THERE A CHINESE LOOKING MANGY DOG WHICH BARKS YUP! YUP! YUP! at the mere mention of Lee Kuan Yew’s name in this distinguished Blog ? If anyone finds one, lets soot it dead !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Chinese looking mangy dog or no mangy dog.

  156. Sri Sense Oct 28,2018 10:09 AM

    Good morning!

    Hari nan cerah. Selalu hanya pagi. Petang lain cerita. Harap Tun sekeluarga sihat dalam cuaca yang tak menentu.

    Semalam I baca tulisan M Shanmugam dalam The Star online. Isu yang hangat diperkatakan. I share di sini:

    What’s so special about taxi drivers?

    The print version of The Malay Mail, a 121-year-old newspaper, will stop on Dec 1. The paper, which at one time commanded a circulation of more than 60,000 copies, is the latest victim of disruptive technology in the media world.

    In the United Kingdom, department store chain Debenhams will close down 50 stores over the next two years, causing 4,000 people to be unemployed. Online shopping has taken away customers who prefer to purchase most things — from clothes to even milk — via their smartphones or laptops.

    Facebook and Google have taken away a chunk of advertising revenue that would otherwise have gone to media companies. The likes of Lazada, Zalora, Alibaba, Amazon and Mirraw have taken away customers from department stores, causing the closure of large outlets.

    The effect of technology on the real economy has cut across all industries – from retail to media and the transport industry. Thousands have seen their regular income levels dropping, or have lost their jobs.


    So, what is so special about taxi drivers that warranted Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to listen to their grouses to the extent that he even offered to resign should they want it?

    Is it because Dr Mahathir is the MP for Langkawi?

    Or do the taxi drivers in Langkawi, who are generally Malays, represent the epitome of the political pushback as the new government seeks to reform the public institutions that provide support for the lower-income group?

    The latter is likely the answer.

    Under the previous government, the solution would have been a cash handout. Everybody would have benefitted, whether the poor taxi driver or the rich guy who owns a taxi company or a fleet of taxis.

    It is not a permanent solution for taxi drivers as Grab is popular. But that will reduce the noise. This time around, however, the government does not have much money to spare.

    Moreover, the Pakatan Harapan government was voted in to institute changes in government agencies that are to assist groups such as taxi drivers, and at the same time plug the leakage. Handing out cash to appease certain groups is a practice that we don’t want to see being continued.

    Taxi drivers generally fall into the bottom 40% segment of the population, or better known as the B40 category. Their income is low and they are caught in a vicious cycle of living in poverty and ending up with little or no education.

    According to the latest Khazanah Research Institute report, households that earn less than RM2,000 a month only had RM76 left after spending for household expenditure in 2016.

    The B40 category of people are from various industries – from construction to transport and services. This particular group of people generally voted for a change in the government because they wanted more from the growing economic pie.

    If taxi drivers are given privileges, what about other segments of the B40 population who are also feeling the pinch due to the changes brought about by technology?

    There is a “Grab version” for lorry drivers and even hoteliers. So, are the workers affected going to be given handouts as well?

    The reform agenda that should eventually help the B40 will not happen overnight.

    Firstly, there has to be a major clean-up of the existing system and state-owned entities (SOEs) that are entrusted with giving out assistance to the B40 before they can even start helping the genuinely poor.

    Under the previous government, there was abuse. In almost every scheme, the rich and well-connected got richer.

    As rightly pointed out by Parti Bersatu supreme council member, Wan Saiful Wan Jan, at a recent meeting with bumiputra contractors in Kedah, before the government can even start giving jobs, the list of bumiputra contractors who deserve government assistance needs to be cleaned up.

    Otherwise, any restricted tender exercise to award jobs to bumiputra contractors would only result in the same group of wealthy contractors competing among themselves.The new government has said that it will not give blanket subsidy or handouts to all and sundry. The people certainly do not want to see an economic system that thrives on political patronage.

    Political patronage does not inspire confidence in investors.

    Malaysia has lost two big names in the world of technology to Singapore because of the lack of confidence in the system.

    Grab, which was founded in Malaysia by Malaysians and is the most expensive technology company in the region, decided to move its headquarters to Singapore a few years ago. In Singapore, the taxi drivers cannot complain. The fear of the government turning the rules because of political pressure is not there.

    The sense of confidence allowed Grab to raise more money from investors.

    This week, we lost the race to entice UK-based Dyson to hub its electric car project in Malaysia. Dyson has also gone to Singapore.

    Did Dyson choose Singapore over Malaysia because the automobile industry in Malaysia is highly politicised and tends to see government intervention when the going gets tough?

    We really will not know, but we have lost out again, even with Dr Mahathir wanting a third national car project.

    After seeing the Langkawi incident, when even the 93-year-old prime minister offered to resign despite having won the general election by a big margin, the fear is that the Pakatan Harapan government may not carry out the reforms of the government institutions.

    It would be a pity if that fear is allowed to fester. Hopefully, the Langkawi incident is an isolated case.

    The new Malaysia has got investors excited. At the same time, they are also watching to see how the new government will handle the reform of public-sector institutions, especially SOEs and other agencies that have been set up to help with the bumiputra agenda.

    It takes time and it will be painful. Budget 2019 will have measures to help the B40 segment of the population, but it will never be enough.

    The only way to resolve the problem of inequity and leakages is by reforming the agencies in the public sector. Reforms can only be done gradually as it takes time, but time is something that Dr Mahathir does not have in his hands.


    P.S Grab founder/CEO adalah anak lelaki pada tauke besar Tan Chong Motors. Yup orang Malaysia, I read somewhere dia dah jadi citizen Singapore sekarang. Not sure samada satelah the office pindah ke Singapore atau sebelum.

  157. mubarakchan Oct 28,2018 7:15 AM


    I love to get up before the crack of Dawn which is the finest hour in our beloved Malaysia.

    The hour before dusk is second best. Both hours would be the times I set out during those care-free days after Merdeka driving out-station along the A roads with hardly any traffic. Beautiful Malaysia at her best. No budding Michael Schumacher along our roads then because there were hardly any cars.

    Who could imagine the huge strides in development and human movements every day as created by the first 4 most respected and successful Prime Ministers of our beloved Land the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Who could imagine ?

    As who could imagine the downfall and collapse of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government on 9 May 2018 ?

    And who could even hazard a guess that Japan and China would come to kissing terms to save themselves in the interests of their own survival and national interests in this late October ?

    And yet there you were dropping a few snippets on Democracy in Asia this very month of October 2018 Tun !

    How apt that you penned the snippets on Democracy in Asia at the beginning of the month ?

    Who could foretell such earth shattering events are beginning to take place in our homelands, Malaysia and Asia which will finally free all the vestiges of imperial hegemony and WAR in the near future due to Uncle Sam’s reneging on his hegemonic spiel ‘Globalization. Free Trade, Human Rights.’ and other important International Treaties.

    This imperial hegemonic spiel hit the World in all its glory and hit the tiny state of Singapore forcefully right on its head which lost its most profitable Black Trades in arms trading, etc entirely to the BRICS after decades of easy undercover money. This enabled Lee Kuan Yew to claim his Miracle of pushing the tiny isle to the First World without any effort.

    Who could imagine Singapore lost its GDP pants by the turn of the 21st Century ? No one could !

    And today, Tun, you sit in the cockpit of Statesmanship with the GREATS OF INDIA, JAPAN AND CHINA represented by Modi, Abe and Xi, as the GREAT of ASEAN or South East Asia. Man proposes. God disposes. This is no laughing matter which to some it is like the Chinese looking mangy dog which barks YUP! YUP! YUP1 in this distinguished Blog.

    In the interests of Survival and Growth for the peoples of each Nation, these Leaders will get together to carve out a road map to come closer together to Trade for their survival in the form of jobs and all things which make a Nation function normally.

    With the great United States now marching to a set of different drums, it does not take long for the others to know the score which will eventually fall on them.

    To this end, I see these Great Nations get closer and be more accommodative together in their own National Interests. And as you are one of the Greats yourself and in the interests of Malaysia and as a respected Great Leader of South East Asian or ASEAN, you would be invited to join them TO FORMULATE A NEW ORDER CONCERNING THE NON-WARLIKE AND PEACEFUL NATIONS OF ASIA WITH ITS HARD-WORKING AND DYNAMIC PEOPLES.

    This is a significant Watershed in the political and socio-economics for the World in which the EU is languishing due to the loss of the dynamism and ideals of its peoples. Compared with the rest of the World, Asia will pull up her socks and do things in her own interest as we have been doing for thousands of years despite the deliberate divisions created by the Colonialists.

    This unexpected event from the United States will bring the Asians together.

    Japan and China despite certain differences could and would do much concerning external threats to their Survival, Growth and Existence as meaningful entities vis-a-vis their peoples. To this end, we will see fast and furious developments to come in the near future.

    And for the very first time Malaysia will be there with you Tun in the lead and not playing half-past 19th hole golf !

    If those who succeeded you from 2004-2018 had only done their NORMAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES by just checking into office at 8 a.m. and checking out at 5 p.m. to play golf, they would also be famous and enduring historical figures too, Tun, so to speak ! But Man proposes. God disposes. Tun.

    This significant and historical mantle of a Great Statesman has fallen on you who deserves it most and not to those who love fun and games !

    Asia will be an entirely different place very soon due to the fallibility of others who try to outsmart the World. As you and me are aware a Normal and Steady Hand is the sure Way to Success. Not the bluster and hot-air BLUFFOLOGY which would go away in a whiff as it is now shown by facts and recorded history.

    Willy-nilly Tun, without boasting and bragging about your brilliance and courage, you will play an important role not only as the ARCHITECT OF NEW MALAYSIA BUT ALSO TOGETHER WITH MODI, ABE AND XI AS THE ARCHITECTS OF NEW ASIA BEING FROM MALAYSIA WHICH STANDS ASTRIDE IN THE MOST IMPORTANT CHOKE POINT OF ASIA IF NOT THE WORLD.

    And together there is every possibility of the formation for the very first time a GIANT TRADING BLOC OF NON-WARLIKE ASIAN NATIONS. Who could foresee this not too long ago, Tun ?

    There is no other Way but YOUR WAY to group together for SURVIVAL AND GROWTH in peace and harmony for all our peoples which grew out of a little seedling called New Malaysia into a New Asia !

    Things will move fast from now on, Tun ! You are already in the cockpit with the Greats Modi, Abe and Xi from ASEAN with 400 Million to make up a GiANT ASIAN COMMON MARKET OF 3 BILLIONS in time. UK will join too !

    It’s a wonderful World, Tun and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah ! Smile widely and broadly as always !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun ! Man proposes. God disposes.

  158. HBT456 Oct 28,2018 2:49 AM

    Mangy dogs?

    Meaning when i see any contestants bearing the face of mubarakchan, then, i just ignore, and vote the other party, right?

    As saying goes, silent is gold.

    For those who started name calling, they already loose out before next ge is called.

    P/s; once the public trust is betrayed, it might not be able to earn back no matter what they do. Presidents come and go, but party remains.

  159. mubarakchan Oct 27,2018 9:48 AM


    Saturday mornings are slow and lazy ones for me without having to ferry my grand-daughter to her Sekolah Kebangsaan.

    Surprisingly, I turned on the TV for Aljazeera in the expectation of viewing a heralded juicy and spicy interview.

    But what I saw were the Prime Minister of Japan Abe and his Chinese counterpart Li Ke-qiang inspecting the stately lines of elite troops outside the Hall of the Peoples of China. This is significant as it was reported that no Japanese Prime Minister had visited China its immediate neighbour for 7 years and that a huge Japanese delegation accompanied Abe on this momentous journey.

    As you have rightly said that a week is a long time in politics.

    With the present of international trade turmoil, nations big and small cannot wait for events to come to their door-step. As these 2 nations, Japan and China are dynamic and positive in their outlook and actions, I expect events on trade concerning them will move fast and furious with no political holds barred.

    This is an event worth to be closely monitored by Malaysia and her ASEAN counterparts because this rapport or détente may lead to a bigger trade event within 2 years. Maybe it is worthwhile to send our Foreign Minister gallivanting to Tokyo and Beijing to find out what is the latest for Malaysia and ASEAN.

    I see only goodness will come out of all these to-ing and fro-ing between these major players in Asia. At the end of the day ( who knows? )even India might be in a huge ASIAN COMMON MARKET BLOC OF 3 BILLION DYNAMIC AND HARD WORKING PEOPLES WHO PRACTICE ASIAN VALUES AND CUSTOMS !

    As the most important leader in ASEAN, Tun, your role in this game of thrones is significant because our beloved Malaysia is now ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA. THIS IS A HUGE THING. And I am aware that you think deeply and BIG !

    Not only that, this significant and important role of Malaysia as led by her Prime Minister was thrust upon us without our asking after the fall of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which Leadership had ALREADY SIGNED TO DELIVER OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AND HER RAKYAT TO SINGAPORE AS SINGAPORE’S SLAVE COLONY VIA THE LEE KUAN YEW CREATION TPPA/CPTPP.

    Further, according to the Sarawak Report today, the same Leadership had arranged to sell off Malaysia to China through the machinations of the young fat boy of no repute. But Man proposes. God disposes.

    Your brilliance and courage brought back our beloved Malaysia to its scintillating heights arising from her wonderful ancient peoples who lived in peace harmony and unity for centuries, the strategic geo-political location of Malaysia and her bountiful natural resources – right in the middle of South East Asia and its countries known collectively as ASEAN with 400 Million industrious and peaceful peoples.

    Most importantly, Malaysia stands astride 1,200 miles end to end as the most important choke point in the World. A country like Malaysia should be friends with all and sundry equally and fairly. A good example is Switzerland who maintains her neutrality to a T through all Wars !

    Thanks to your brilliance and courage, Tun, all good things seem to gather with each other currently. This is good for our Nation having been battered and robbed, ( Worst than the Rape of the Sabine women of Ancient Rome) by Leaders who were supposed to lead us towards a better Life for all. But they did nothing between 2004 to 2018 but only enriched and enjoyed themselves at the Rakyat’s expense. Let Justice and Fair Play prevail over those who BETRAYED THE RAKYAT’S TRUST now and forever.

    Malaysia through her vicissitudes and by accident have now have the essential ingredients to build a unique Nation in our own style and effort known as Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias. We do it our Way, your Way, Tun, slowly, firmly and consistently taking due care of all the different views and inclinations of the Rakyat amongst us in our slow but steady march towards our National Goals in Unity.

    To this end in building our Nation and without forgetting the basic tenets of our Great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak’s Vision and his NEP.

    Tun, we Malaysians cannot fail and must not be tripped up by small-minded people creating little hiccups. Some like the Chinese looking mangy dog which barks YUP! YUP! YUP! resident in your distinguished Blog.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! A New Malaysia for all the Rakyat.

  160. Sri Sense Oct 26,2018 7:24 PM


    I sempat baca nasib Utusan Malaysia dan Malay Mail. Sad.

    I teringat masa zaman I muda, nak cari kerja beli Malay Mail. Later on ramai nak cari kerja beli The Star. Masa tu paper The Star punyalah tebal. Hingga ada reporter The Star kata, boleh letak semua tempat dalam rumah hahaha

    Yes indeed, sekarang semua pun e-paper. Dulu kalau orang bawak paper NST ke kedai kopi, adalah golongan professional. Those yang beli Utusan, adalah orang UMNO.

    Walau ada internet, I rindu juga printed copy newspaper. I beli seminggu sekali. Papers yang I beli The Edge atau The Star. Because of the business news. Bila lama sikit I boleh guna bungkus barang.

    I’m sad but all the best to orang surat khabar, I hope you can survive in this era of e-thing!

  161. mubarakchan Oct 26,2018 10:50 AM


    The following headlines this morning deserve some attention, thus :-

    1. ‘ More people will be charged.’

    2. ‘ It’s not revenge ‘

    3. ‘ 1.4 Million living in poverty in Singapore.’

    These headlines are the true reflections of the current events of the day.
    Headlines which no one in his or her right senses expect to happen at the beginning of our adult lives, anytime longer than 21 years ago. And now every morning, we are forced to read these unpleasant news from the media as we slurped our teh tarik.

    On the one hand, the political news showed the failure of an Established Government with its Leadership completely corrupted and decadent due to the complete loss of control of our Malaysian/Asian values. The chronology I would attempt to relate as I operated at the ground level most of the time.

    On the other hand, the 1.4 Million living in poverty in Singapore shows the failure of utter dependence on the GDP without regard to the reality of Life on the ground. The whole satrap was governed by statistics recorded on paper and governed by strict conventions.

    1. ‘ More people will be charged in Court ‘ and 2. ‘ It’s not revenge.’

    First I noticed the change amongst the Chinese artisans in the early 1980s as they moved from quality skills to money grabbing. It began as only a tiny stream but by the late 1980s on onwards these became a flood. If their intended actions were extrapolated to the events which happened in MCA from the mid-1970s onwards, one understands why this was so.

    The MCA Leadership was encouraging the Chinese to counter the just acquired Sime Darby by Malay interests. This call to rally was a FAKE CALL WHICH WAS RAISED ONLY TO BENEFIT THE POCKETS OF THE MCA LEADERSHIP.( WITHOUT SIME DARBY THERE WOULD BE NO RICH CHINESE TODAY.) One of whom could remit S$ 100 Million to his girl friend’s account from Singapore to Hong Kong in 1984 after 7 years in politics. My friend remitted the money for him. The top Malaysian Chinese political echelon got away with the cream. The Chinese proletariat was left with the dregs. This cruel deception by the MCA Leadership could only end one way by misleading its constituents and supporters – a complete political defeat on 9 May 2018.

    But those in Power now will soon discover that Malaysia is a small country where things do not appear what are apparent. Everyone says Yes ! and avoid saying No !

    What I have described is only one small part of a big equation which hangs the all important Malay led Government, its Establishment and elites without which NOTHING MOVES IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. And the headlines these days are ALL ABOUT THESE IMPORTANT DIGITS IN MALAYSIA’S EQUATION !

    How many Malaysians noticed there were no protest groups gathered in front of the Courts as the recalcitrants appeared but only their supporters ? I consider this is a strange phenomenon on the part of all those Bersih etc demonstrations which occurred for years and years. Where is the zeal and fervour to do good ? All seemed quiet and satisfied that Justice had been done but it had not been done yet because as all good and sincere politicians will tell us Politics is a Life long sacrifice and struggle.

    If we the Rakyat forget about such titanic and seismic upheavals which happened only recently in our Government and Society, then there is every likelihood what nearly killed us all and turned us into a Slave Colony of Singapore will very likely occur again.

    And this time 9 May 2018, our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat was fortunate due to the brilliance and courage of just one person, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who fought for justice and fairness and turned the tables on the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government which Leadership was so weak that it did not know its generals, colonels and lieutenants were unwilling to sacrifice and fight a battle WITHOUT A CAUSE which was based on Money, Money, Money !

    As a close bystander of events, I call relate that the first cracks in morality and ethics began in Sime Darby which sold its Nova Scotia estate in north Rawang to a MCA leader for only RM 4 Million in 1990 WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE BOARD OF CONSOLIDATED PLANTATIONS.

    I asked why. I was told since the sum of RM 4 Million was less than 2% of its total assets, the sale was not reported to the Board.

    I knew why it was not reported to the Board. The Proposed North-South Highway ran through the property. This ex-Sime property was shuffled to one listed company and then finally ended up at RM 88 Million with Talam and Selangor Perangsang which turned it into a tropical slum.

    I was asked to resign when I objected to the purchase by Sime Darby of the pondan oil palm estate in Sabah (which no one wanted for 20 years) at RM 32 Million from the owner of dubious repute. After my forced resignation in 1992, Sime Darby went on to purchase dubious small businesses like Jiffy condoms, LAC refrigerators, Sandestin Golf Resorts in Florida to train Malaysians to serve in hotels (even though MARA had done this since 1966). All lost money. But the killer was when another dubious character offered to prop up the Singapore-KL Stock Exchange using the Sime Bank. This stupid action bankrupted Sime Darby for the first time in 1996 for RM 1.2 Billion. No one was charged. No one was jailed. The same set of Management now with a Board full of ennobled Directors carried on regardless and bankrupted Sime Darby again in 2010 for RM 2.1 Billion. Again no one was charged. No one went to jail. All at the Rakyat’s expense. These Sime Darby events drew the attention of interested parties who would do more when they came to POWER.


    Hence, as soon as our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad retired, it was full bloom CORRUPTION in the GLCs all round. Then, this led to the ruling P0LITICAL LEADERSHIP WHO SAW WHAT THEY CAN DO ALSO IN MONETARY TERMS which were far bigger than those CORRUPTIONS IN SIME DARBY AND THE GLCs.

    And at the end of the day, we see the headlines today,’ MORE PEOPLE WILL BE CHARGED IN COURT.’

    Sorry to say, all began with Sime Darby in 1990 with the secret sale of its Nova Scotia estate to the ex-MCA leader without the approval of the Board of Consolidated Plantations. And how much did the executives get ? Probably not more than a few hundred thousands of ringgits, stupid.

    This little Sime Darby corruption of 1990 caused the ex-Prime Minister and his closest associates to be charged in Court. Man proposes. God disposes.

    We have the Rule of the Law in this country. There is no reason why there is NECESSITY TO TAKE REVENGE ON ANYONE. And in current events, nearly a whole Establishment of Government and their families and nearly 100% of the elites except for the 40 year old Christ’s (College) man were involved in a GRAND CORRUPTION AND EMBEZZLEMENT together with a fresh faced boy of no repute ! It’s ridiculous to say the least !

    And as for the 1.4 Million living in poverty in Singapore, this adds up Lee Kuan Yew’s Failed Policies of Fables and Foible of 48 in the list !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Life, political or otherwise, is like a game of snakes and ladders, Tun !

  162. mubarakchan Oct 25,2018 2:07 AM


    It is remarkable how many mindless Chinese who used to be the Opposition support their perceived Honourable Ministers as those who can do no wrong so early in the political game. Here are what they support blindly arising from their remarks in the Facebook.

    1. Minister said that in future Malaysia’s rubber exports will boost our exports. My comment was that she was out of date. A chorus of support for the Minister.

    2. The same Minister said that tsunamis sonic buoys would be set-up throughout the country. My comment is that it is a waste of money and time which could be put to good use elsewhere. In my 101 years age, I experienced only one recent tsunami. Tokyo had the Kanto Earthquake in 1921. Look at the historical records for Malaysia. Another chorus of ill-mannered comments on my sincere comments. These Chinese are quite dull if I may say so.

    3. A Minister wanted to reduce the standards of entrance exams into universities for the rural folk. My comment was that instead of being iconoclastic why not up-lift the standards of the rural students by giving them special tuition, time and lodgings in urban areas like what the British and later Malaysians Governments did ? Instead of upsetting the entrance standards to the ire of the academics and undergraduates already in place ? There were some really funny comments.

    4. And a few more Ministerial remarks which were too frivolous to respond.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! I suppose we all learn on the job with DIY !

  163. mubarakchan Oct 22,2018 7:36 PM


    How many Malaysians realize that our beloved Malaysia became one of the four most important small countries of the World without much effort but only through the efforts and thinking power of just one person, a brilliant and courageous Leader, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    And how many Malaysians realize that Lee Kuan Yew with all the bluster and hot air FAILED to bring Singapore to be something unique and special. At the end of his day, Singapore ended up with common garden legacies created by him which FAILED eg. i) FTs. ii) The Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP. iii) The 2 casinos. iv) Temasek.

    These were Lee Kuan Yew’s contrived legacies for his inheritors after the loss of the huge and profitable Dark Under-counter trades which were mentioned by me previously.

    The failures came up for two reasons :- First, the eternal obsession of Lee Kuan Yew to do down or capture Malaysia as a slave colony. This became a dangerous distraction as it is shown to be today. Second. His thirst for Singapore to be academically the First in the World a’la the Ivy League and Oxbridge. This thinking was out-dated in the rough and tumble World of dog eat dog in terms of everything. In other words, Lee Kuan Yew paid in spades at his citizens expense by being a COPY-CAT.

    In stark contrast our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad proved his originality in ideas for the visionary development of Malaysia during his 22 year administration. No one can call Tun a copy-cat because all his projects were carefully thought out and planned accordingly. These stood the test of time as it is well-heralded.

    In other words, Tun with his intellect and common sense which are naturally inherent in his brain through a good dose of good DNA performed and delivered the vital goods as any leading Prime Minister of any other country could do so. He has always been World Class. Each of Tun’s project was original and derived from his intellectually inherent ideas which originated in his brain.

    But with Lee Kuan Yew who took an entirely different stance by worshipping the lofty temples of Western academia like the Ivy League and Oxbridge, put himself into a mental strait-jacket of being a copy-cat of everything which was Western, lock stock and barrel.

    In other words, Lee Kuan Yew’s brains did not learn how to think even though he obtained high marks at Cambridge but entered a down hill slope after leaving the university’s portals. And for him, it was a life-long down hill slope all the way.

    On the other hand, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad learnt how to think thoroughly and consider all options before he decided what to do.

    Hence, some ordinary folk found him firm and decisive in his Policies which they labelled as dictatorial without considering their own lack of intellect in understanding persons with higher intellect than them.

    This trait of labelling others is common amongst Malaysians to hide their inferiority complex. This also show the common use of insults and abuses by Chinese yellow mangy dogs which bark YUP! YUP! YUP!, resident in this Blog !

    But the main thrust of my comment is to show WHAT A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY LEE KUAN YEW MISSED BY NOT INVESTING IN GOLD WHEN THE PRICE WAS US$ 300 per ounce ! At the material time, he invested in FTs, 2 casinos, Temasek and the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPIPP which all FAILED to deliver. And he lost billions of US Dollars unnecessarily.

    The FTs were like pushing the economy with a string which could not breach 3% GDP 2002 to 2017. Temaeek was ill conceived because GIC was superbly managed for 30 years. At a stroke of the pen, billions of Singapore dollars were invested in mismanaged UBS and other common garden entities. The 2 casinos only provided more overcrowding in the Region. The Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP was a dangerous gamble. It only worked if 100% of the Malaysians were stupid.

    The four aforementioned legacies for the inheritors were thought to be safe by Lee Kuan Yew which did not consider that SINGAPORE MUST HAVE SOMETHING VALUABLE AND IMPORTANT TO RUB SHOULDERS WITH THE US AND THE EU !

    He forgot Singapore had nothing, not even water.

    Therefore, IT WAS ONLY NATURAL AND POWERFUL FOR SINGAPORE TO INVEST INTO 5,000 TONS OF GOLD AT US$ 300 per ounce despite the World Bank complaints. If Lee Kuan Yew could persuade Uncle Sam to do the Black Trades, hoarding Gold in Uncle Sam’s interest is no problem !

    Imagine Singapore having 5,000 tons of GOLD next to the United States with 7,000 tons, Germany 4,000 tons, France and Italy 3.000 tons, Russian and China 2,000 tons and India 1,000 tons. A real mover and shaker of the World.

    Furthermore, new industries in gold jewellery, banks, bonds, storage, refineries, exchange, etc would be created. A World Hub in Gold in Singapore which would then be worth guarding with a 300,000 strong military which is now only guarding peanuts.

    With Singapore’s skills in BLUFFOLOGY who knows whether Singapore’s Gold is in Singapore or not. Or whether it had really 5,000 tons more or less.

    All in all, 5,000 tons of GOLD in Singapore hands at US$ 300 per ounce would be worth more than US$ 2,000 per ounce NOW. Our beloved Malaysia would have become Singapore’s breakfast every morning. Instead of doing all the sneaky things to make our beloved Malaysia submit to the tiny red dot’s domination.


    This Golden Opportunity in Gold for Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore to be really on top of Malaysia is NOW GONE FOREVER !

    At the end of the day, it seems our beloved Malaysia being Normal and Humble willy-nilly is now ONE OF FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA. Thanks to the brilliance and courage of one person, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who only used his logic and common sense. IMPORTANTLY TUN KNEW HOW TO THINK.

    The Story of Lee Kuan Yew and his missed Golden Opportunity illustrates that IT IS NOT THE UNIVERSITY THAT MATTERS. IT IS THE ABILITY OF HOW TO THINK AFTER LEAVING THE UNIVESTIY PORTALS THAT MATTERS. Our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the finest example of a person who knows how to THINK ! Hence, his long and successful career in MEDICINE AND POLITICS. Now with current events, there are so many examples of people who do not think !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  164. mubarakchan Oct 21,2018 9:54 AM


    My previous comment on the Crooked Bridge and Lee Kuan Yew succinctly revealed the root cause or motive of his Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP creation to save his LEGACY FOR HIS INHERITORS after leading all up the garden path from his life-long self created OBSESSION to do down Malaysia and other derring-dos like a huge military which perennially puts undue pressure on the social welfare services of a purported Socialist Government or State. The poor suffer through the high cost of everything.

    It is thought absorbing to note that Lee Kuan Yew placed great store and priority on the success of his Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP by his journey of last resort at the age of 85 in 2009 to the hot and humid Ulus under the pretext of saying farewell to old friends including your good self, Tun and had tea with the ex-First Lady of the land but not the Kingdom. As far as I know, his siblings and family members avoided visiting Malaysia since 1965 !

    His desperation arose by the realization of the first recession in Singapore at the turn of the 21st Century which underlined the writing on the proverbial wall for Singapore that Lee Kuan Yew’s real Miracle was over with the loss of the Black Trades to the BRICS through the 1990s. A significant movement was his daughter-in-law became the head of a speculative and ill-conceived outfit known as Temasek after a spell in the Chartered Industries which was in the armaments industry, due to a lack of business.

    It is important for all Malaysians to be aware what affected them in the past, and will do so at present and future. With full information and knowledge, then all Malaysians are as one in Unity, Loyalty and Thought. As it is now due to decades of brainwashing being wafted from the South with the assistance of the resources of the State, some Malaysians THINK THEY ARE SMART SINGAPOREANS. It is my duty to reveal all facts concerning the Sovereignty, National and Public Interest of our beloved Malaysia. No more. No less. Let the yellow mangy dogs bark YUP! YUP! YUP!

    I reckon the Third Generation of Malaysians from 1965 will stand in Unity, Loyalty and Thought being unaffected by brainwashing from the South.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Our beloved Malaysia will rise and rise with each passing day !

  165. mubarakchan Oct 21,2018 9:13 AM


    It irks me to read comments about why the Crooked Bridge should not be built in recent weeks.

    I find these comments are like all of us agreed to take-off in a plane and once in the air, some wanted to turn back and land. The Crooked Bridge was approved and agreed to during your last tenure as Prime Minister. Its construction began accordingly.


    What is the rationale for abandoning it by the BN Government which came into Power after your distinguished service in 2004 ?

    The same BN Government eagerly rushed to the International Court of Justice at the Hague to lose the Rocks of Pulau Batu Puteh to Singapore in a jiffy when there was no action for over 50 years and after which, its elites published a book to humiliate our beloved Malaysia’s loss due to tango for two. What is so clever about this contrived maneuver ?

    Not only that, they opened the doors of the Khazanah to PAP cadres to pick at the low-hanging fruits which rightly belonged to us, Malaysians. Further to their cause with the full support of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, a hard-core PAP cadre of the same ilk was installed as the Chief Editor of the UMNO owned NSTP and to make him comfortable, he was given a lush Apache Sime Darby contract.

    From 2004, the 4th Floor Boys were the de facto Government until a stone felled on their chief think tank. Man proposes. God disposes.

    And much more Singapore connived theft of our Malaysia’s rights and assets were conducted in broad daylight with the best just taken out of the Khazanah without even a thank you very much ! That’s Lee Kuan Yew for you and me Tun !

    Why should Singapore objects to the modernisation of the old Causeway built at the turn of the 20th Century ? Because of Lee Kuan Yew’s objection the present Bridge on the Malaysian side had to be designed as such to modernise it.


    His claim to fame had left him with 48 Failed Public Policies of Fables and Foibles. Yet, smelly yellow mangy dogs in this distinguished Blog still bark YUP! YUP! YUP! in his support of an ordinary fellow who made 48 horrible mistakes of Failed Public Policies at the expense not only of his own citizens but others like the Free Thais and Malaysians as well.

    Here is a selection of Lee Kuan Yew’s horrible mistakes out of 48 as an AUTHORITARIAN LEADER backed by the West during the Cold War 1948 to 1989 :-

    1. Lee Kuan Yew created the Anti-Cambridge Godless Neo-communist Political and Socio-economic System imposed on the citizens without their consent. This was supported by his Apparatchiks and the West. The only AUTHORITARIAN REGIME SUPPORTED BY THE WEST AFTER THE COLD WAR. Long ago, the System was called by the Western media, ‘authoritarian capitalism’ or ‘benevolent authoritarianism’ or ‘rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas.’

    2. Lee Kuan Yew’s epic decision on the 2 Child Family Policy in 1972 was the ONLY ONE ever undertaken by a leader in this World. It was inhuman. Not even Hitler thought about it. Any one with scientific training would have abhorred this cruel Policy which ran counter to the all time classic of scientific thought as propounded by Charles Darwin in his ‘Survival of the Species’ in 1885 ! Lee Kuan Yew intended to create ‘geniuses’ like him and his wife. It is now proven he was no genius but self-narcissism and obsession promoted by the resources of the State of Singapore with his 48 mistakes. For over a decade, the 2 Child Policy brought untold sufferings, suicides, divorces, mental breakdowns, enforced sterilizations, emigrations, abortions etc which were enforced by official statutes like Income Tax to force the compliance of this cruel Policy. This thoughtless 2 Child Family Policy’s result can be seen to-day with 3.2 Million locals, 1.2 Million FTs and 800,000 PRs of which there are only 900,000 Chinese males aged 21 to 50 ! Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population. 2011. In a dynamic, competitive and tumultuous World, what can 900,000 Chinese do for Singapore’s future ?

    3. Lee Kuan Yew’s venture into the lush Black Trades during the Cold War 1948 to 1989 with Uncle Sam’s blessings, actually distracted him from true Nation building based on Democratic Precepts and Ideals. Not only that, his Life long obsession to do down Malaysia in every way or in more ways than one with his legal specialty of the fine print of dotting the ‘i’ and crossing the ‘t’ put paid to this weakness of his character which brooked no COMPASSION, TOLERANCE OR DISSENT which he believed to be weak traits but strangely in the field of human conduct, would have made him strong like our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ! Those around him became YES men without any check of balance especially after the departure of Dr Goh Keng Swee and S. Rajaratnam, the PAP ideologue. His distinguished wife played a role too in this.

    And what were the BLACK TRADES OF SINGAPORE 1948 TO 1989 ? These were as follows :-

    i) Hard and soft arms. ii) Sanctions breaking – China, North Korea, Myanmar, Middle East, Africa etc. iii) Toadying up to Dictators. iv)Smuggling – Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines etc. v) Money laundering. vi) Collecting Vietnam War debris free. vii) US R & R. viii) US Military bunkering. ix) US Aid. x) Income Tax Evasion by overseas Singapore companies.


    For a very small population of only 2 Million 1948 to 1989 and a honest Government, the huge profits were not only meaningful but thrust Singapore into the First World by the 1990s. Now without the black trades profit, Singapore is left dangling in mid-air.

    The flashy Singapore World of glittering buildings and roads, Changi Airport, reclamation, GLCs, Asian Dollar, etc were the result of advice given to Lee Kuan Yew by the Dutch UN economic expert Dr Albert Winsemius, Adviser to the Singapore Government 1962 to 1984. Human development was the preserve of Lee Kuan Yew who adroitly screwed his own citizens down from 100% in 1959 to 62% in 2010. Vide Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2011

    After the end of the Cold War 1948 to 1989, Uncle Sam expounded his hegemonic spiel which eventually re-bounded on him, ‘ Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights.’ in 1990. Thereafter, the BRICS moved onto Singapore’s lush hard and soft arms trades which spelt the end of her fizzy 7% GDP. This dropped to 2% GDP by 2002 from which Singapore NEVER RECOVERED AND HER GDP COULD NOT BREACH 3% for 15 years, 2002 to 2017 ! THIS IS SINGAPORE’S DILEMMA TODAY ! Man proposes. God disposes. Never harm or injure others if a person wants to sleep well at night. LEE KUAN YEW HAD BLOOD ON HIS HANDS WITH THE ARMS TRADE.

    In 1978, I came across Singapore’s arms trade by accident. After turning round the biggest corporate bankruptcy Folex Industries Berhad in 1977, I was looking for an investor in the Company. I was introduced to David Hsu the owner of Diaward Industries Pte Lid which produced soft arms like tents, webbing, helmets etc for the military. He told me that his Libyan agent retired to Monte Carlo after 5 years ! He also mentioned that his business was very profitable because people fight all the time ! With the advent of the BRICS after 1990, he closed shop and produced security gates for shopping malls instead.

    4) Lee Kuan Yew paid over the hill (as was his custom when he wanted to reward tycoons or achieve what he wanted) for Thaksin’s business to prevent Thaksin from building the Isthmus of Kra Canal. This purchase split Free Thailand into two bitter factions for the very first time in Thai history to this day. Innocent Thai men, women and children were either killed or injured. This also brought on 2 military coups d’etat. Lee Kuan Yew again has blood on his hands ! His thinking on the Kra Canal is based on 19th Century thinking on harbours. He believed the Kra Canal could finish off Singapore’s harbour trade. He was wrong. Even if the construction of the Kra Canal is announced to-day, it does not mean that the it would be ready tomorrow. The construction takes at least 10 years if not more during which time Singapore being a perfect logistic centre in everything from finance to supplies to managerial manpower would have gained tremendously. But Lee Kuan Yew killed the goose that laid the golden egg for Singapore with his dog in the manger attitude. THIS SELFISH ATTITUDE CAUSED HIS CITIZENS TO BE UNEMPLOYED WITH NO INCOME FROM 2002 TO 2018 with no foreseeable solution in sight. During the construction, Singapore could have not only re-invented itself but also grasp the opportunity which came to hand in the form of the Canal. But 16 years have gone by without any productive or beneficial result to the Singaporeans. As an example, just look at the way the malls and retail houses in the United States are killed by the e-business of the Net. It’s the AIR not the SEA which will rule the next 100 years.

    With only 4 selected examples of Lee Kuan Yew’s 48 mistakes, the results of these mistakes so engendered are not only horrifying but cruel in all respects in the last hold-out of AUTHORITARIANISM AS SUPPORTED BY THE WEST IN DEMOCRATIC ASIA !

    Conclusively, to his mindless Malaysian supporters, the objection and non-cooperation by Lee Kuan Yew on the New Bridge WAS HIS HORRIBLE MISTAKE, ONE OF 48 MONUMENTAL ONES OF HIS FAILED PUBLIC POLICIES OF FABLES AND FOIBLES. YUP! YUP! YUP! so barked the residential yellow mangy dog of this distinguished Blog.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! As we Malaysians say ‘Where got not to build the Crooked Bridge, stupid ?

  166. mubarakchan Oct 20,2018 6:50 PM


    When the New and Incorruptible Government took over from the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government on 10 May 2018, I thought that Penang would take proper steps in its developments of the island because of its unique position – firstly as a unique tourist spot and secondly as a catalyst for the development for itself and the Northern States as far South as Perak.

    I also thought given the opportunity with a friendly Central Government, Penang should have a review of its previous endeavours which got it no-where because of its tendencies to ape Singapore which one should consider as an entirely different kettle of fish altogether !

    Further, it seemed logical and practical to me that the State of Penang, Kedah and Perlis should get together to develop the Region socio-economically together because before the arrival of the British in 1779, Penang and Kedah were one. It does not make much socio-economic sense for these two States to do things on their own when they are part of each other, demographically and geographically.

    Instead of competing for the same industries etc, it pays for the 2 States to complement each other as regards all activities.

    My view is that Penang should be developed as the No 1 Resort Destination of the World. Instead of the half hearted and lukewarm activities undertaken towards this goal.

    And Kedah be encouraged to be a top industrial and eco-tourism centre of the North Region.

    A sort of Klang Valley of the North was envisaged.

    With this approach there are lots and lots of opportunities for all to fill in between these activities.

    I see with proper dove-tailing, monitoring, funding and planning, Penang and Kedah become powerful and effective as conjoined socio-economic States.

    There is no necessity whatsoever to dig, reclaim or chop and change the present pristine beauty of Penang Island. The emphasis should be on its mainland portion.

    And as for Kedah, this is the most important State with a huge socio-economic potential given the ideas and the inclination. All the ingredients are there for the taking and the making.

    Why even today there seems to be a measure of hesitation as regards Penang and Kedah, this I do not understand ? I have so many ideas for the development of these two valuable real estates without aping Singapore for now and the future rapidly and cheaply. Yet, things seem to be stuck in the mud somewhere and somehow.

    Let’s us hope tomorrow will be a better day for these 2 States. No more agonising haplessly over floods and landslides with unnecessary deaths and injuries to anyone or dream about the wonderful revenues accrued by Singapore which actually were derived from the arms trades of 1948 to 1990 and not from what we see today, its glittering buildings.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Penang, Kedah and Perlis are the States with tremendous potential with minimum cost if the right ideas are retrieved from the deep recesses of the brains.

  167. mubarakchan Oct 20,2018 2:47 PM


    As to be expected, at the very mention of Lee Kuan Yew’s name, the Pavlov – trained mangy yellow dog barks again YUP ! YUP ! YUP !

    Man proposes. God disposes.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun always ! Mangy yellow dog or no mangy yellow dog !

  168. mubarakchan Oct 20,2018 1:24 PM


    Horror of horrors this morning Tun !

    All the newspapers at PETRONAS and Shell were sold out in Malay, English, Chinese and Indian languages. A sign of the times Tun !

    What caused this sell-out of the papers ? Was it the great Penang land-slide or the great menu of CBT, money laundering and bribes as alleged by our ex-DPM.?

    All in all, I could see the look of incredulity in the face of some fellow citizens around me. Whatever was the cause of this silent uproar in the minds of the citizens, one thing which is uppermost in the minds of all must be the question. Who is next ? Man proposes. God disposes.

    There were so many times in my Life that I thought about how many of us could be the PM or the DPM or even a YB ?

    Positions which some hanker for throughout their lives. The privileged person in such an honourable position must surely presents himself in the most acceptable manner as were possible. And not have the mind-set of a jaga kereta who is just as honourable as anyone else, with all due respect !

    But our beloved Malaysia between 2004 to 2018 seemed to engendered a whole generation of elites with the minds of jagas kereta – money for services rendered in all forms and manner.

    How could such a dastardly mind-set happened in a supposedly mature and progressive Society like our beloved Malaysia independent since 1957. Her progress was as smooth as could be from 1957 to 2004 after which ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE AS REGARDS SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST, PUBLIC INTEREST,SPIRITUAL VALUES, ETHICS, PROPRIETY, STANDARDS, INTEGRITY, HONOUR,ETC.

    This spelt the complete collapse of an established Government which was in existence for over 60 years. Fortunately, we have a responsible, courageous and brilliant Leader in the form of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad or else our Malaysian Goose would have been properly cooked by Singapore via the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP and eaten up by China for breakfast.

    What had happened to our beloved Malaysia between 2004 to 2018 was astounding in historical terms !

    Man proposes. God disposes.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  169. HBT456 Oct 20,2018 8:30 AM

    When you put any tom, dick and harry to replace the name that mubarakchan hates so much, then, you will know whats in his mind.

    When journalist from straits time asked the late mr lee on what he wants to see singapore to be in 50 years from now, he answered immediately with ‘ by that time i am death’.

    If he had choice to choose again, i think he will not want to be the prime minister of singapore again because thats hard work, huge responsibility and lots of sacrifices needed to be made.

    The rest is history.

    P/s: the local malay kata kerabat mana ada perlu bayar punya for cash give aways, you go figure out your self.

  170. mubarakchan Oct 19,2018 7:51 PM


    It is interesting to note that as a trained scientist like you, I have noticed that whenever I present the through facts about how LEE KUAN YEW CHEATED TO GET INTO CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY BY THE BACKDOOR WITHOUT THE REQUISITE OPEN ENTRANCE, THE REQUISITE LATIN OR GREEK AND WAS OVER-AGED BY 4 YEARS WHICH WAS FORBIDDEN BY THE RULES OF CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. ( He was also last in the important and professional Bar Finals exams London. His wife was placed 3rd out of 200 and later my wife was placed 7th out of 700 ), there is a Pavlov trained mangy dog, which barks YUP !YUP !YUP ! in this distinguished Blog !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  171. mubarakchan Oct 19,2018 6:38 PM


    This afternoon the screen of my computer exploded with the seismic force of a 9.0 earthquake with the multiple revelations of the malfeasances of the 2nd highest leader in the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government as charged in Court.


    It is only proper in the name of good governance like Japan that the corrupted franchises be re-tendered openly on an even level playing field so that in the name of justice and fair play all entrepreneur are equal in the competitive World of business.

    As we can see now clearly that only those who are prepared to pay the big bucks not only gain access but acquire precious monopolies for prices FAR BELOW THE FAIR MARKET PRICE Because if an open tender had been undertaken by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, A FAR HIGHER PRICE WOULD HAVE BEEN ACCRUED TO THE BN GOVERNMENT. But in this case, an individual was alleged to have pocketed the money in return for the granting of the monopolistic franchise – just for a few miserable bucks which reflect the pastoral minds of some !


    The New and Incorruptible Government should take back all the corrupted franchises once the Court has ruled on the cases and re-tender openly.

    THIS IS A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO CONTAIN CORRUPTION WHICH IS NOT TO BE MISSED TUN. Because in future, the bribers would have to think not only once but twice before BRIBING A MINISTER CHEAPLY FOR A MONOPOLY and lose all at the next GE. It is worth considering, Tun ! Maybe the recalcitrant companies are permitted to re-tender too which means MORE MONEY FOR THE GOVERNMENT OPENLY.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  172. mubarakchan Oct 19,2018 4:20 PM


    The more I think about the Crooked Bridge as labelled by Lee Kuan Yew the more I am convinced that this half built and abandoned New Bridge which was aborted by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government at great expense and at the behest of little Singapore SHOULD BE BUILT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


    A tiny isle telling a Giant to give up the ghost AND BE MADE A LAUGHING STOCK AT OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA’S EXPENSE. Like this we look stupid in the eyes of the World.


    Where else but Malaysia ? And self-admit to the pandering of others that the bridge is wrong when in fact IT IS NOT WRONG BUT CORRECT ? Stupid on all counts.

    Where is the Sovereignty and the National Interest ? In this particular case, the Public Interest in the smooth use of the New Bridge.


    It is disgraceful and thoughtless for any true Malaysian to be against a properly designed New Bridge for Public use and not for the use of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who understood the true meaning of SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST AND PUBLIC INTEREST.

    The crooked design was forced upon Malaysia by Lee Kuan Yew’s intransigence !

    Yes Tun ! No one in the World with any sense and logic can LAUGH AT THE CROOKED BRIDGE LABELLED BY LEE KUAN YEW AS SUCH. Once its up, the Crooked Bridge becomes his 48th Mistake in his Failed Fables and Foibles of Public Policy INSTEAD OF TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD’S ! Who laughs last, laughs best ! No more. No less.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Your Way on the Crooked Bridge as labelled by Lee Kuan Yew is also my Way !

  173. HBT456 Oct 19,2018 11:27 AM

    GDP of indonesia stands at >usd4,000

    GDP of india stands at >usd2,000

    Even china stands at >usd9,000.

    Data macam ini tak boleh tipu punya.

    The only think politicians can do is to pick which gdp they want to show off to sedapkan hati boss mereka masing2 saja.

    Buat jasa kepada negara mesti ada special title?

    Jika macam ini semua pengundi pun layak dapat special title, betul tak?

    Even the richest men and women do not want to be associated to these titles, entah kenapa mereka kena ada special title ini.

    Mereka tak takut orang bawah mereka pakai title ini to cheat ke?

    Dulu dah banyak kes macam ini berlaku, and by looking at the sifat local politicians, all they care is to get titles so easy to get grants minus hard, wise or smart works for self worth development kut.

    Yup, it is disappointing, and sad to realize after more than 60 years of merdeka, they still treat the public money like their family money.

  174. mubarakchan Oct 19,2018 11:13 AM


    These few mornings were dull and desultory with hardly a whiff of wind in the firmament. But as I am always exceedingly happy and contented like you Tun, I had more on my plate which is the forthcoming weekend when I could snooze a few more hours than weekdays. Such is Life for all of us.

    Sometimes, I wonder why some people grabbed so much money which they have no time or attention to spend properly given their superficial intellect which forbids them from appreciating the finer things in Life which is not cheap diamond trinkets, yachts, jet planes, Manhattan condos and the like.

    If I had that sort of money, I would have purchased Harrods, or buy a stable of race horses and compete in all the important Gold Cup events in the World, from Melbourne to Ascot, or a Rembrandt or a famous hotel in Paris, or buy up the Rolex Group too instead of buying 10,000 Rolex watches and find difficulty in housing them or engage a British Royalty to be my PR person or but the most valuable Islamic artefact in the World or if I have a sweet tooth, Lindt would be on the top of my wish list or Burberry’s which makes expensive handbags as well and the list of high class houses of luxury goods is endless.

    But it is a great shame, Tun, that at the end of the day, those Malaysians with mountains of cash turned out to be quite ordinary and culturally illiterate by buying the run of the mill items or common garden stuff which they thought was high class.

    For example, in the early 1970s, I visited a Singaporean billionaire’s office. I found him and his relatives were pouring over packets and packets of yellow diamonds from a Jewish diamond dealer. My friend said, ‘ Buy some these are cheap.’ Yellow diamonds are the cheapest in the field. I smiled and asked him why he was stocking up on packets of cheap yellow diamonds. His nonchalant reply was that the yellow packets of diamonds were for the wives of Australian politicians in a place where he had business interests. It is a small World, Tun ! It is no fairy tale as one fake Chinese looking type with a fake pseudonym once remarked because the specimen was jealous.

    And what headline for you and me Tun ? Nothing much to talk about as the business of Government and governing get into its NORMAL strides.

    As usual when there are fresh faces, there will be fresh remarks of one kind or another. Remarks which are sometimes at cross-purposes with the main stream Leadership.

    This struck me as the neophytes seemed not to realize that they are no longer in the OPPOSITION. This trait can easily be detected in the hasty rush to speak via the media to state their case. And the following day, they retract what they spoke the previous day without blushing or regret.

    These neophytes are very fond of seeing their photos in the press as could be discerned. Maybe they should spend time to study how their Ministries work and how the office boy stick stamps on envelopes and tracing their organizational chart upwards to their lofty Ministerial heights at the beginning of their tenure before they lose control of everything like the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government.

    It was the free flow of comments on the Crooked Bridge and the Third Bridge which caught my eye.

    Sovereignty, National Interest and Public Interest govern the construction of the New Bridge. No more. No less. It was approved long ago.

    The Third Bridge does not merit any attention at all because it crosses shipping lanes which require expensive tunnels or lift bridges which hamper traffic. Besides, the Third Bridge is located in sparsely populated regions in both East Johor Baru and East Singapore. Economically, it is a NON-STARTER FOR THESE IMPORTANT REASONS. It is not even a moot point.

    You are correct Tun, the New Bridge serves a useful purpose for the general Public. And to counter the ghastly black of the Singapore CIQ Complex, the New Bridge should also be painted black to match its opposite counterpart ! It’s not tit-for-tat. It’s aesthetic design for harmonious purposes and reasons.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun ! Sovereignty and National Interest should be engraved in the hearts of all Malaysians especially those who lead us for NOW and the FUTURE.

  175. HBT456 Oct 19,2018 10:27 AM

    If mubarakchan is still not happy with the syllabus of jenis kebangsaan, no worries.

    He can always send his children to study in international schools or overseas what since he thinks sekolah jenis kebangsaan is not up to his standard, atau selera.

    If he and his buffologists still stuck in this pariah, oops, sorry i mean cheap money sense mentality by complaining water, electricity, internet, healthcare and education that parked under welfare are not good enough though it is very affortable, then, he should move and live rural kampong area whereby everything is cheap and, percuma what.

    Whether tdm likes it or not, ktm, monorail and lrt would be merge under mrt to increase efficiency to bring down the operating cost so that the image of public transport is seen as well position and well planned at par with world standard, bukan macam masak sotong rojak mamak.

    Synergy effects always work, but when this effect is being exploited politically base on race and religion issue didendangkan parti2 politik contohnya ikat perut, yup, the complaint of habuk pun tak ada will become a reality.

  176. mubarakchan Oct 18,2018 10:17 PM


    You are absolutely correct when you said that Malaysia does not need Singapore’s consent to build the ‘crooked bridge’.

    It is indeed surprising that some Malaysians are not aware of Sovereignty and National Interest. Maybe they are ignorant on the meaning of these words, Then, it is time to teach the young the true meaning of these words instead of wasting time talking about the colour of uniforms and shoes or bring down the entry standards of our established universities.

    It is so very important that we Malaysians understand these words Sovereignty and National Interest or else we are no country at all. Just a bunch of humanity so to speak. As I mentioned before Nations had fought to the death and refused to surrender when it came to Sovereignty and National Interest for thousands of years.

    Yet amongst us there are some who think our beloved Malaysia is doing something wrong by building a MODERN BRIDGE FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL. It was Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew who always took advantage of our beloved Malaysia to make a mickey out of us and laughed behind our backs.


    How many Malaysians noticed that this Singapore Government structure was deliberately designed and painted black to jar the Malaysian eye when looking at it from the JB side of the Causeway ?

    How many Malaysians know that Lee Kuan Yew was alleged to believe in feng shui to ward off the Devil and was rumoured to have a Buddhist priest in tow for instant consultations until the soothsayer died ?

    These might be little things to some brainwashed Chinese looking specimens with fake names and unspecified and dubious beliefs. But the reality is when the whole panoply of the actions and motives of Lee Kuan Yew are studied as a whole from the beginning to the end, the total added up to more than the sum of the whole.

    And yet, the dull types on this side of the Causeway still lap up the brainwashing propaganda or rubbish which kept on wafting to these shores from that tiny isle.


    From its previous No 1 position, Singapore felled to No 2 behind the great United States, a true leader in World competition. In fact, Singapore should have been ruled out of many surveys because of its tiny size WHICH IS EASY TO DO THINGS. Only 3.2 Million indigenous Singaporeans.

    But the crux of all these shows how adroitly Lee Kuan Yew whilst he was alive use the apparatus of the State to project his apparently superb image into the soft and nubile minds of ignorant Malaysians. He never projected himself as getting into Cambridge University by cheating through the backdoor without taking the Open Examination, did not have the requisite Latin or Greek or was over aged by 4 years which was verboten as an entry requirement.

    OUR BRILLIANT AND COURAGEOUS TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD NEVER PROJECTED HIMSELF AS BRILLIANT AND COURAGEOUS AND PASSED HIS EXAMS AT THE FAMOUS KING EDWARD VII MEDICAL COLLEGE SINGAPORE WITH FLYING COLOURS. All graduates of this medical college were solid examples of what were the best in medical education. Many became famous surgeons and physicians by passing important exams in London. Lee Kuan Yew was last in the Bar Finals in London !

    By labelling the modern bridge which design was created because Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew refused to co-operate and called it SNEAKILY AS THE CROOKED BRIDGE FOR EASY BRAINWASHING PURPOSES, Lee Kuan Yew tried to use the court of Malaysian public opinion against the bridge.



    Therefore logically, Singapore should have co-operated in re-building the Causeway with Malaysia. Lee Kuan Yew again made a mistake.- his 48th !


    For all the reasons in the World, and in the interests of the Rakyat, Sovereignty and National Interest, our beloved Malaysia cannot and will not and should not LEAVE THE CROOKED BRIDGE ABANDONED !


    Malaysia Boleh Tun ! Sovereignty and National Interest should always be our watchwords ! The No.1 lesson in Civics for all school-children since some Malaysians are numb-skulls on this important subject !

  177. mubarakchan Oct 18,2018 9:51 AM


    A dull and desultory morning without a whiff of wind at all. My fellow citizens are on the highways and byways again driving to the allotted places of work all over the capital and Selangor – the hub of a dynamic country, Malaysia. There were no headlines galore but the usual conjectures on which culprits would be charged next in Court for their crimes. The only headline of interest to me, thus :-


    This headline is not at all surprising given the multitude of the expose of horror mega projects which the MOF could reduce one from
    RM 30 Billion to RM 15 Billion. In factor the contractors should be punished for connivance to cheat the Government. However, crooks are seldom punished in this country.

    And in comparison the Crooked Bridge turns out to be cheap for the simple reason that it facilitates the through passage of people through the Immigration Controls which now hamper the flow because of the lack of space and control booths. So much for the technical details. When the Crooked Bridge is built again, the following points should be considered :-

    1. The Crooked Bridge was approved and launched by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Government.

    2. It is a Sovereign Project in the National Interest.

    3. The Crooked Bridge was the name given by Singapore.

    4. The Project was aborted with compensation by the subsequent BN Government after Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s retirement in 2003.

    5. The Project was aborted by the subsequent BN Government which did the following :-

    i) The Crooked Bridge aborted at a great cost in compensation.

    ii) Malaysia rushed to dance the tango after there was no activity on the Pulau Batu Puteh for decades. And the Rocks were lost in a jiffy. A book was published by the Singaporeans to show how clever they were.

    iii) The 4th Floor Boys were the de facto Government.

    iv) A nobody could grab 1,000,000 barrels of oil from tight fisted Saddam Hussein and ended at the top of the UN Sanctions List which was circulated around the World.

    v) The famished Singaporeans rushed into the wide open doors of the Khazanah and rushed out again with the Avenue, etc at Singapore Big Sale prices.

    vi) A hard core PAP was the Boss Editor of the UMNO NSTP with a lush Apache Sime Darby contract on his lap to make him feel comfortable in the hot and humid Ulus.

    vii) European socialites were welcomed at the Yacht Races in Trengganu

    viii) NS camps were established to suck money out of the Treasury to build camps, make uniforms and boots, transport personal, cater food for all etc.

    ix) Big bucks were quietly retrieved from GLC palm sludge and factory wastes.

    x) There were some fancy moves at Danaharta.

    xi) Floundering MAS was not spared.

    xii) More Government skyscrapers were built in Kuala Lumpur central than in Putrajaya !

    xiii) GLCs were created from ex-Malay owned companies in the name of protecting Malay interests and making money for the Rakyat. A Communistic move which was only adopted by 3 authoritarian States, Singapore, Russia and China. Billions of ringgits were made by the few who were in control and with no ownership !

    xiv) Did the Rakyat benefit from all these BN activities ?

    xv) 2004. The beginning of the fun and games at the Rakyat’s expense which ended on 9 May 2018 when the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government was kicked out.

    AND YET THE SINGAPORE LABELLED ‘ CROOKED BRIDGE ‘ TO BE BUILT TO FACILITATE TRAVEL BETWEEN JOHOR BARU AND SINGAPORE WAS ABORTED WITH A HUGE COMPENSATION IN 2004 ! Sovereignty and National Interest thrown out of the window by those who sworn in front of our Yang Di Pertuan Agong to safeguard them, Tun !

    First I agree that the Crooked Bridge should be built given the right timing and priority.

    Second, it was mentioned somewhere here in this distinguished Blog that Malaysia harasses and bully the tiny red dot. Nothing of the sort ever took place since Merdeka. In fact, it was the other way round !


    Malaysia did nothing which harmed Singapore – 1957 to 2018 !

    Man proposes. God disposes. Despite all the assets which Singapore took from Malaysia, SINGAPORE IS NOW IN A DILEMMA CONCERNING HER FUTURE GROWTH ! Singapore’s GDP could not breach 3% 2002 to 2017 ! With inflation included, there was no GROWTH at all !

    Eventually in the name of Sovereignty, National Interest and Public Interest in the Causeway, the Crooked Bridge will have to be built sooner or later ! It’s cheap compared with the RH 50 Billion – RM 100 Billion BN Projects which are now under review !

    Malaysia Boleh ! Sovereignty and National Interest for our beloved Malaysia always, Tun !

  178. mubarakchan Oct 17,2018 9:59 AM


    I love to talk about the subject of Sovereignty and National Interest. Two words which have been formalised in modern terms but actually thousands of wars were based on these two apparently innocuous words since the Jurassic Age.

    Men in skins fought over all sorts of material possessions. And we fast trek down the Ages right to the First World War which was fought by the European Powers over Sovereignty and National Interest. Otherwise, their citizens would not have died for the call to duty by their respective Governments.

    Yet, the First World War did not satisfy the lust for Sovereignty and National Interest through the use of naked and brutal military might. The fires of Nationalism burnt bright in Hitler and those who supported him. In fact the whole German Nation did throughout the Second World War. War films on this episode of German history showed the zeal and fervour the Germans sang their National Anthem even after the disastrous defeat at Stalingrad – the nationalism, the brainwashing by the State !

    After the defeat of Germany, the Allies tried to DE-NAZIFY the Germans. They found it could not be done as every single German was NAZIFIED through NATIONALISM.

    Sometimes I wish our Malaysians have a deeper view of World events past and present in order to understand the importance of Sovereignty and National Interest. Then only we all understand the magnitude of the abuse of Power during 2004 to 2018 by those who do not understand Sovereignty and National Interest. This is called TREASON in all countries of the World.

    Which countries are involved in the battle for Sovereignty and National Interest in the past 100 years ? To name a few and they all die for their countries Sovereignty and National Interest :-

    1. The First World War – 1914-1918
    2. The Spanish Civil War – 1937-1938
    3. The Second World War – 1939-1945
    4. Malaya’s Counter-Insurgency – 1948-1990
    5. India v Pakistan – Kashmir – 1949-2018
    6. Palestine – 1949-2018
    7. Korean War – 1953-1954
    8. Vietnam War – 1962-1975
    9 The Falkland War – 1984
    10. First Iraq War – 1990-1991
    11. Second Iraq War – 2001-2002
    12 Afghanistan War – 2003-2018
    13. Ukraine-Russia Tussle – 2013-2018
    14. South China Sea Conundrum – 2013-2018

    And more military tussles will come in the future in the name of Sovereignty and National Interest.


    And unfortunately, only 4 of Malaysia’s Prime Ministers understood the meaning of a Country, a Nation in relation to Sovereignty and National Interest due to their INTELLECT, FAMILY BACKGROUND, EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, VISION AND COMMONSENSE.

    The first was the Tunku who could do the broad strokes to launch a New Nation. The second was the Great Statesman, Tun Abdul Razak, a brilliant thinker and implementer who could sort out the complexities of a young, immature and diverse Nation in crisis, to place it on a launching platform in the name of an even playing field for all. It worked to this day. The third was the solid and tough on the Rule of the Law, Tun Hussein Onn who prepared the pristine platform for our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to push the Nation forward through his dynamism, vision and common sense.

    At this juncture, I would like to point out the importance of COMMONSENSE WHICH IS LINKED TO A PERSON’S INTELLECT. A person can only be born with it. Common sense cannot be acquired !

    Also, it pays to be reminded that the 4 Great Prime Ministers could govern from the apex of the proverbial and virtual pyramid of Power by ensuring that goodies were always flowing down to us the proletariat at the bottom or base.

    BUT BETWEEN 2004 TO 2018, THE GOODIES WERE SEEN TO DEFY GRAVITY BY FLOWING UP TO THE APEX OF POWER LEAVING NOTHING TO FLOW DOWN THE DRY SLOPES OF THE POWER PYRAMID. All the Rakyat were frustrated and in silent anger, and at one go, voted en masse for CHANGE on 9 May 2018.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Together, our beloved Malaysia will go places under your Leadership of the New and Incorruptible Government. IT IS BETTER LATE THAN NEVER ! As the saying goes,’ Our goose was nearly cooked ‘ by the Corrupt and the Uncaring BN Government which adherents still argue they had done the right thing. It is good we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR ALL OUR CITIZENS, TUN ! No problem !

  179. mubarakchan Oct 17,2018 6:39 AM


    Good Morning to you ! A quiet morning with no drizzle of rain or a whiff of wind in the environment. People as usual are going to work dutifully as always as it has become a habit. Through the years here in this distinguished Blog I noticed there is a lack of awareness of the important presence of the words ‘SOVEREIGNTY’ and ‘ NATIONAL INTEREST.’ No one seems to be aware what these words mean to our DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM AND GOOD GOVERNANCE of our beloved Malaysia.

    The Chinese definitely do not care about SOVEREIGNTY and NATIONAL INTEREST.

    Maybe it is because of the communal stance of their Malaysian Politics which they could not move on to a higher plane of NATIONALIST POLITICS. Hence, the political motives of certain political leaders in the 1960s have made the Chinese pay the price of being manipulated by those who are wily but not smart.

    From 2004 to 2018, our beloved Malaysia really paid the price when the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and the elites fell for the weakness of the flesh and the soft under-belly due to all sorts of temptations coming from many directions.

    Little do they know that a country, like a family and ultimately like a person is always under threat if there is something to be taken advantaged by the outsiders. Hence, I kept on repeating the many instances of our beloved Malaysia taken for a ride by tiny Singapore using the same ancient tactics of old eg. wine, women and song.

    Where else but Malaysia ?

    In my life, I have never heard anything more absurd as recorded of a parasitical in political and money terms, of a tiny country eating off the largesse of another country many times bigger than itself. This is the most unique event in the history of the World !

    Flatteries like abang adek or 5 eyes or private retreats or very hot relationships and Presto ! All the treasures of beloved Malaysia are for the taking by this tiny isle.

    Of course, Tun, we were not born yesterday. But there are many who do not know whether they are coming or going but only focussed on material things. BUT THESE ARE IMPORTANT LEADERS OF THE LAND WITH DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES TO THE RAKYAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO RULE !

    HOW MANY MALAYSIANS ARE AWARE THAT OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA HAS BEEN UNDER THE MICROSCOPE OF MANY COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD ? Our prominent personalities, their fables and foibles etc are recorded and studied and filed away for future use.

    Singapore was the first to record the behaviour, sexual peccadilloes, wealth etc of our present and possible important personalities. The ISEAS was specially established in 1972 where young and ambitious UMNO types were invited to speak at a forum and the following day, a glowing report on their performance would appear in the Straits Times. Vide. Straits Times Library. Some of them were involved in the TPPA/CPTPP and fortunately Man proposes. God disposes. The satrap failed.

    Nomura Institute Tokyo was established before INSEAS 1972. One of its function is to study the Chinese of South East Asia. To discover who are pro-Japaness or anti-Japanese. Before a young Japanese executive travels to these places, he spent time studying the Chinese inhabitants living in the country to which he was posted to. So cautious are the Japanese.

    These two instances of nationalistic approach in the interest of Singapore’s and Japan’s SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTERESTS stretch far beyond the shores of these countries. For a proper and normal Sovereign State, this is the way to go about it.

    Yet on 9 May 2018, our beloved Malaysia and her political leadership in the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government were not aware of Malaysia’s SOVEREIGNTY and NATIONAL INTEREST since 2004. A remarkable state of affairs on any count.


    Therefore, the losses in terms of everything which Malaysia lost during 2004 to 2018 were IMMEASURABLE. A Report stated that One Trillion ringgits flowed out between 2003 to 2010. But it must be much more than this.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  180. mubarakchan Oct 16,2018 7:19 PM


    Again the CROOKED BRIDGE is far more viable, commercially attuned and Rakyat friendly than to spend RM 50 to 100 Billion building the HSR which runs 99% on Malaysian soil and ferries 99% of the high class passengers to Singapore and the Rakyat left out. One cannot be more stupid than this.

    Singapore spends pea-nuts on the HSR which her costs could be recovered via the lease,not sale of land around the HSR station. HSR IS FREE FOR SINGAPORE.

    The Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government undertook to acquire land and build the huge infra-structures in support of the HSR on Malaysian soil for billions of ringgits of BORROWED MONEY. What a stupid act !


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Without our Sovereignty and National Interest we can never become a Nation !

  181. mubarakchan Oct 16,2018 6:46 PM


    If the news that the CROOKED BRIDGE IS AGAIN ON THE TABLE, is not fake, I give this Project my full support in the interest of Sovereignty and National Interest.

    Also, outsiders must be taught a lesson that bribery and corruption applied on the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government must not be permitted to get away in broad daylight whether it is tango for two or the TPPA/CPTPP because these tantamount to TREASON !

    Our beloved Malaysia must have pride and be proud of ourselves and not sell ourselves ALL THE TIME TO OUTSIDERS AS SHOWN BY THE WEAK LEADERS.

    With your New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great, our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat have our dignity, pride and self-respect again.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Let the Crooked Bridge Project begins IMMEDIATELY for the benefit of the Rakyat !

  182. mubarakchan Oct 16,2018 10:50 AM


    Sorry. An addition to my previous Comment as follows :-

    2004 to 2009.

    xii) Even the palm oil sludge and factory wastes amounting to millions of ringgits ended up in someone’s pocket to this day from 2003 to 2018 !

  183. mubarakchan Oct 16,2018 10:41 AM


    For those who think I am long-winded, I beg them not to read my following chronology of horrible events after your retirement in October 2003. But as the brilliant lady lawyer from Singapore once told me that the news today will be forgotten tomorrow. So it pays to be repetitive on important matters which affect all our livelihood, Tun !

    1. 2004 -2009. i) A pukka upper class yachting event in Trengganu
    ii) Sime Darby sponsored 9 years of New Zealand Ocean
    iii) Khazanah was wide-opened for famished Singaporeans
    to feast on low hanging fruits one of which was
    called the Avenue..
    iv) The 4th Floor Boys were the de facto Government of
    the Day. Horror of all horrors.
    v) A nobody could grab 1,000,000 barrels of oil from
    tough Saddam Hussein and ended up at the top of the
    UN Sanctions List published around the World.
    vi) A hard-core PAP cadre became the Boss Editor of the
    UMNO owned NSTP with a lush Apache Sime Darby on
    his lap to ease the rigors of the hot and humid Ulus
    v) The Government RUSHED to dance the tango immediately
    after Tun’s retirement. As a result, our beloved
    Malaysia lost the Rocks of Pulau Batu Puteh. So easy
    vi) Most times the Government was travelling as though
    there would be no tomorrow. Jet lag types were seen
    snoozing in the Dewan Rakyat, not Dewan Rumah.
    vii) Even the floundering MAS was not left in peace.
    viii) What we know we know. What we don’t know we don’t
    ix) NS was cooked up for some to do some home cooking
    via camp catering, uniforms, transport, construction
    contracts etc at the expense of the young children
    even though the school teachers were doing an
    excellent job promoting peace and harmony.
    x) Companies once belonged to Malays were now called
    GLCs. Those between 2004 to 2006 made good, very
    good. The early bird catches the worm !
    xi) My Suit against the Trustees of my Father’s Estate
    taken out in 2002 was dealt as follows :-

    2003. The Judge ruled it was a Singapore Probate
    even though the Probate was emblazoned by
    the Supreme Court of Malaya 1949. He retired.
    2004-6 The next Judge sat on it for 3 years and was
    promoted to the highest Court in the Land.
    2006 The following lady Judge told me to settle
    with the Trustee who refused to show the
    books for over 10 years ! She did nothing
    2007 This lady Judge said the same as the previous
    2008 This lady judge said the Case was too wide
    and asked me to narrow it down within 7 days
    7 days later, she dismissed my case and
    said she was transferred to Shah Alam which
    she must have known 7 days before. Later she
    was promoted to the highest Court in the land
    2009 The Judge told the Defendant, he was ready
    for the Trial if he does not agree to a
    Consent Order. The Defendant admitted defeat
    after 8 years of delaying tactics using
    bribery and corruption via a famous British
    established legal firm which is only in name.
    xii) The Minister of (for) Tourism not only toured
    Southern Antipodes where sheep and kangaroos
    outnumber the inhabitants with her family but
    also using the Rakyat’s money to sponsor at
    great expense a Malaysian Orchid exhibit at
    the upper-class Royal Chelsea Flower Show
    London to promote tourism for London. Her
    Majesty the Queen awarded the exhibit with a
    Gold Medal which rightly belongs to the
    Rakyat, not to the Minister.

    2010-2018 i) 1MDB will not be mentioned because it is so famous.
    ii) This period is the GREATEST CHURNER OF MULTI-BILLION
    iii) My young son’s savings in a bank of RM 78 was
    requisitioned on the pretext of his IC not up-dated
    He had this savings account for 40 years. This shows
    the Government coffers were completely EMPTY.
    iv) Only fiefdoms gave out MONEY to the fiefs in ancient
    v) The lee Kuan Yew creation to save his Legacy,
    TPPA/CPTPP or Malaysia Killer was signed by/with
    those responsible completely in Lee Kuan Yew’s
    pocket. If the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government
    had won on 9 May 2018, Malaysia would have
    seamlessly become a Slave Colony of tiny Singapore
    which would control the BN Leadership through wiles
    and China provides the MONEY from the purchase of
    Malaysia’s land and assets. Malaysia properly caught
    between the Devil and the deep blue Sea or between a
    Rock and a hard place ! No Sovereignty and National
    Interest remembered at all !
    vi) The KTM with huge assets of 25 miles of rail-track
    and steel rails together with acres of land at
    Woodlands and Tanjong Pagar, ENDED AS HALF AN OFFICE
    BUILDING IN SINGAPORE. A sweetheart deal by any type
    of measurement !


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  184. mubarakchan Oct 16,2018 6:36 AM


    Your original and illuminating discourse on ‘FUTURE OF DEMOCRACY IN ASIA’ strikes a chord in those who love and serve their countries without fear or favour.

    A good indication of the state of the Leadership of the Government of a country is to observe how the Prime Minister smiles.

    I am happy to note that these days since 9 May 2018, you and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah are both smiling every day. This is good because purported scientific studies have pin-pointed that a person who is happy will have less ailments with a good prospect of living out a full life with longevity to boot. With this demeanour, our beloved Malaysia is assured of being led by a happy and smiling Prime Minister who has all problems under his control under the rule of Law and will not behave like a weak tyrant taking advantage of the Rakyat’s trust.


    We cannot have Democracy when the Rule of the Law is disregarded and weakness of the flesh holds sway. THIS IS BACK TO THE LAWS OF THE JUNGLE.

    You rightly mentioned that we Asians are used to be ruled under Kings, Sultans and Monarchs. In other words, the political development concerning such rule when extrapolated in Western Democracy terms could be place somewhere in the 19th Century when Western countries were reverting to the practice of political governance via the House of Parliamentary style.

    It was fortunate that Malaysia began at the outset a Democracy with a Constitutional Monarch. And we ambled along NORMALLY under the Rule of Law as followed by you, Tun and your distinguished predecessors, the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein Onn until after you retired in October 2003. The all hell broke lose in Western terms until 9 May 2018.

    With a beautiful hindsight, most commentators here except for those Chinese looking fakes with fake names, can pin-point to MONEY. But it is more to all this mess than MONEY which no single finger can elucidate the root cause of such absurd and gigantic political upheaval of an otherwise NORMAL, PEACEFUL AND HARMONIOUS NATION which was Malaysia. What are the purported factors then, Tun, we may ask ?


    The only answer to the frailty and broken promises of Humankind is that the disgraceful behaviour from 2004 to 2018 was the result of the SUM OF ALL THAT WHICH BECAME BIGGER THAN THE WHOLE.


    Something like the Fall of Rome or the Ching Dynasty.

    Fortunately, the conquerors are not vandals or the fallen Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government got raped as well like the Rape of the Sabine women of ancient Rome. Fortunately, the winners are civilised, do-gooders and with SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST IN THEIR MINDS TO SERVE THE RAKYAT WITHOUT FEAR FAVOUR OR TITLES !

    Finally, our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat and Political Leadership under our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad reached the attainable goal which was once thought to be unattainable – to do the impossible by kicking out the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government with its tyrannical ways.

    With the awareness of our SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST WHICH ARE VERY IMPORTANT AND ESSENTIAL IN A DEMOCRACY, our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat can now go places and upwards to the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan AS ONE OF THE FOUR MOST IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING BRITAIN, SWITZERLAND, JAPAN AND MALAYSIA.

    The only WAY for us is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s WAY WHICH IS UP AND UP TO RUB SHOULDERS WITH THE GREATS. And why did our beloved Malaysia come so far and succeeded IN WESTERN DEMOCRACY TERMS A’LA THE MOTHER OF ALL PARLIAMENTS STYLE ?

    We must NEVER forget the sacrifice, dedication and contribution to the cause of Western Democracy in our beloved Malaysia in the SEPARATION OF THE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTORS IN THE COUNTRY BY THE TUNKU, TUN ABDUL RAZAK, TUN HUSSEING ONN, AND TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD DURING HIS 22 YEARS ADMINISTRATION. Their caring attitude which flowed from their sincere and honest hearts for the Rakyat. Finally, their FIRM RECOGNITION THAT MALAYSIA OBSERVED TO THE FULL OUR SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTERESTS no matter what TEMPTATIONS WERE OFFERED BY THE DEVILS.

    And proudly I observe that only DEMOCRATIC INDIA AND OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA STOOD THE TEST OF TIME AS PRACTISING DEMOCRACIES SINCE OUR INDEPENDENCE OR MERDEKA in Asia. The rest are either to tiny or took the wrong steps at the beginning of their independence to re-establish a fair and just Democracy again without bloodshed.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Keep smiling Tun and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah ! We Malaysians love to see you both smiling which means we are NORMAL IN PEACE AND HARMONY AGAIN !

  185. mubarakchan Oct 15,2018 9:43 AM


    This Monday morning is one of the finest for this year. The Opening of the Parliament with the full complement of political leaders of the whole Malaysian spectrum.

    The day began rather cool but as usual I am exceedingly happy that our beloved Malaysia is fast settling down to a NORMAL and steadfast stance once again under your Leadership. What more does one want in our country but a good normal life, a job, a family, children, a house and a car in peace and harmony. All under a fair and just Government of the old and the young, the good and the great. The horrors of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government are slowly being unfold. This morning only one headline struck my eye, thus


    The Youths are the flower of our Nation. The future Leaders and Makers of the Land without which nothing will grow and progress.

    It is incumbent on all Governments to nurture the Youths as we ourselves have been nurtured by our forebears – a responsibility which is inherent in all of us Humankind. We pass this Torch of responsibility and duty from generation to generation without prompting.

    But the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government had FAILED not only the Youths but all the Rakyat as well by their gross abuse and theft of the wealth of our beloved country.


    For example, essential laws like the Trustees Act 1949, Company’s Act 1965,and the Bankruptcy Act 1967 were never really revised and brought up-to-date. The Minister of Law, 3 of them did nothing to revise and bring these 3 essential Acts up-to-date as befits a progressive and modern Nation like Malaysia.

    It was alleged the last BN Minister was famous for proposing to turn the RRI Station at Welwyn Garden City, UK into a sports complex at a cost of RM 350 Million to train Malaysian athletes to World standards by flying them to and fro 7,000 miles.


    And the Trustees Act 1949 had never been revised since 1949. This is an important and essential Act for commerce, middle class families, bankers, lawyers, share-brokers, entrepreneurs. Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia revised the Trustees Act up to the very minute as it is of such great importance. Malaysia had 3 Ministers of Law in the BN Government. They did nothing 2004-2018 – 14 years,

    With the 300,000 young bankrupts, majority Malays, who were neglected and misled by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and the 550,000 mentally disturbed Youths as mentioned by YB Syed Sadduq, our beloved Malaysia has a duty and responsibility to these Youths that they are protected, safeguarded and given a second chance in Life.

    With the shameful pursuit of money by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, all care and consideration to help and benefit our Youths were forgotten. The figures which I presented are the results of such a callous BN Government. It is not only Money Money Money which counts but also OUR HUMAN EQUATION OF JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS FOR ALL IS MORE IMPORTANT.

    The 300,000 young bankrupts, majority Malays and the 550,000 mentally ill youths should not be down-trodden by the powerful and in good health. But the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government was a non-starter from 2004 to 2018

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  186. mubarakchan Oct 14,2018 4:38 PM


    Another quiet Sunday morning in Kuala Lumpur where some parts had a bit of drizzle of rain in the early morning. After DSAI victory in PD, all is quiet and relaxed again. And as for those noteworthy, trustworthy and newsworthy headlines, I had to look high and low to find a couple, thus :-



    It is indeed astonishing that the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government went to such great lengths to protect those officials in the MOF which Ministry is the most unlikely to be attacked. Not only that the very idea to spend and waste RM 7 Million instead of spending it on social welfare is most uncaring.

    And I do not think the cost is anything like RM 7 Million. If it is the real armour glass, it costs much more than RM 7 Million ! The offered product cost not more than RM 4 Million. A low ranking official must have thought about this and put himself on the line for some baksheesh too.

    As one UMNO Division chief once told me when I tried to make an appointment for my friend to meet a Minister, why he wanted RM 500,000 for the task with no guarantee of success. He blandly replied that he could see the top was making a lot of money and they would not look after him at the end of the day. Therefore, he has to look after himself now as he munched a club sandwich in a 6-Star hotel. His foresight proved to be correct. But he did not get his absurd request.

    Then, there was this brilliant Muslim Indian boy who returned from London and worked in one of the Government’s hi-tech outfits. His Boss requested him to do the Budget which he estimated to be about RM 5 Million. His Boss instructed him to increase it to RM 10 Million. He was very upset and complained to his father who advised him wisely to do as he was told. Thereafter, the brilliant young man returned to London. Corruption was everywhere under the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government. 2004 to 2018..

    And the FM stated that the BN Government used up RM 11.4 Billion January to April 2018.

    If this is the case and after investigation that money has been spent outside of the Budget without authorization, there is a case for prosecution regarding theft and criminal breach of trust. The whole Government was responsible for this blatant act.

    No one should be exempted because this sort of behaviour is utter disregard of the Rule of Law and Proper Governance by those who were elected by the Rakyat AND THEY SWORE BEFORE THE YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG ON THEIR APPOINTMENT. The Rakyat interests must be safe-guarded and protected in a just and fair manner from abuse and malfeasance committed by those in Power.

    If within a few months so much illegal activities were undertaken by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, one cannot imagine how much theft, damage and abuse of the System took place between 2003 to 2018. It was reported that ONE TRILLION RINGGITS FLOWED OUT BETWEEN 2003 TO 2010. Even a minor Government official could amass RM 2 Billion WITHOUT MUCH EFFORT !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  187. HBT456 Oct 14,2018 6:43 AM

    Roti canai ke atau capati, mereka tetap indian food.

    Yup, they thought by creating a perfect storm down south, political parties will move up north kut with snap of finger.

    Yup, we are pendatang to them no matter how hard we work, and we could be targeted as the duri dalam daging with their oops lalang, oops cantas.

    The states’ sultan also not worry, who are we the pendatang to worry?

    Therefore dont waste time and effort in hoping that they will accept and respect us as part of malaysia.

    Jika negara ini jadi republican of bangladesh is ok with sibotak and the likes, by all means go ahead.

    But you cannot stop others from being racist when comes to state rights.

    Jika mahu copy, you cannot just copy paste 100% and claim the content is yours, dont you think so?

  188. mubarakchan Oct 13,2018 10:51 PM


    I have been quiet the past two mornings due to the lack of newsworthy, noteworthy and trustworthy headlines since you departed for Bali.

    The headlines were no headlines at all but conjured up as headlines purported to be uttered by some incorrigible liars in our political spectrum. However, as I skimmed over the papers again to get my money’s worth, the following struck my eye, thus :-





    As a long-time bystander on Malaysian Politics, what the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government did in its last gasps in Power was not only unforgivable but treasonous to say the least from 2004 to 2018.

    The wanton disregard for our Sovereignty and the National Interest both of which seemed not only have been forgotten but also thrown out of the window. Those in Power treated the Power as Absolute in belonging to them.

    The Rakyat’s money held in trust in the coffers were for the taking by them and their cronies, even those from the famished State of Singapore who came rushing to the hot and humid Ulus looking for low hanging fruits which they found plenty. From the open vaults of the Khazanah along the Avenue to the 4th Floor Boys down to that hard-core PAP cadre with a lush Apache Sime Darby contract on his lap as he sat as the Boss Editor of the UMNO owned NSTP and on to the ordinary fellow who could grab 1,000,000,000 barrels of oil from the tough Saddam Hussein with Malaysia ending up in a tango for two which resulted in losing the White Rocks of Pulau Batu Puteh. This is what we know which the Rakyat does not know or will never be known until there are further revelations of malfeasances by the highest circles of the Land during that horrible Dark Era 2004 to 2018.

    If not for the stupid fat boy bungles, all the dirt would never be known because the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government would still be in Power after 9 May 2018 with our beloved Malaysia smoothly enslaved as the SLAVE COLONY OF TINY SINGAPORE VIA THE TPPA/CTPP. Man proposes. God disposes !

    There is an ancient saying,’ IT IS LIKE A SNAKE TRYING TO SWALLOW AN ELEPHANT.’

    Like all Manifestos the PH Manifesto was based on the available facts and information as released the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government whilst they were in Power which was in their hands from 2004 to 2018.

    What is the complaint when the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government could not maintain Power even by throwing billions and billions of ringgits as alleged by the FM ?

    This is a good pointer to investigate all the criminal breaches of trust committed by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and bring all the culprits to be charged in the Court.

    Or else our beloved Malaysia will never be able to expunge this shameful episode from our records. And the crooks get away scot-free as usual ?

    If the FM had stated that our beloved Malaysia had run up a debt of ONE TRILLION RINGGITS by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, where is the money to fund the TOLL FREE TOLLS and the rest of the promises as engendered in the PH Manifesto which promises ARE ENTIRELY BASED ON THE MONEY AVAILABLE AS ASSUMED TO BE LEFT BY THE CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT ON ITS DEPARTURE ?.

    But sadly, NO MONEY WAS LEFT BY THE CORRUPT AND UNCARING BN GOVERNMENT as its secrets were revealed after 9 May 2018.

    For the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government to keep on harping on the non-performance by the PH on its Manifesto is just like putting the cart before the horse. WHERE IS THE MONEY BN GOVERNMENT AS THE FM HAS ALLEGED IT WAS ALL SPENT BEFORE GE 14?

    I for one did not get any money. Nor anyone whom I know got any either. Where has the money gone, BN Government ?



    To those in the know, do not think anyone is safe from prosecution because all are open to prosecution now and any time in the future.



    And in our beloved Malaysia, these high and mighty folks are alleged to steal the Rakyat’s money by the Billions of ringgits for years and years, 2004 to 2018 ! What a shame ! It was reported ONE TRILLION RINGGITS flowed out of the country between 2003 to 2010 before 1MDB !

    When this gigantic sum of money flowed out and our Ringgit depreciated, IT IS TANTAMOUNT TO THESE CROOKS ROBBING THE WHOLE POPULATION TO ENRICH THEMSELVES AT THE RAKYAT’S EXPENSE WHICH HAPPENED DAILY 2004 to 2018 ! – Because the cost of living and daily essentials went up and up 2004 to 2018 ! It is as simple as this. A blatant misuse of Power giving rise to TREASON !

    Hence, it is appropriate that our good and beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad warningly said, ‘WE MUST NOT SCORE OUR OWN GOALS.’

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! We Malaysians should not be so stupid as to score our own goals because to-day’s World is a very small World. Secrets are very difficult to hide as we can see from recent events.

  189. HBT456 Oct 12,2018 4:42 PM

    Even Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Indian activist, who lead indian independence against british rule, and became the president of indian national congress with history of 132 years, and today it has became a very small political party in india.

    His death is said to be assasination on jan 30, 1948 in new delhi, india.

    I guess i can imagine when the movement of indian independence against british rule in its peak, it must have ruined the family wealty of many indian elites connected to british businesses.

    The rest is history.

    To repeat such horrendous movement?

    Yup wealth does not pass through 3 generation, and what comes around will go around.

    God bless!

  190. mubarakchan Oct 11,2018 10:33 AM


    We who live in the centre of Malaysia have a responsibility and duty to the rest of the country.

    For example, here in the capital, we have quiet, equable and fine mornings, most mornings of the year. But sometimes, unfortunate weather hits the peripheral parts of our sprawling country in unexpected ways, like the under-expected storms and flooding in the North and other places. This is where our centre must be strong and steadfast to bear the vicissitudes of our unfortunate fellow citizens with help and succour. This is a duty which all Malaysians are obliged to help and assist.

    Even though, we cruise safely to work or deliver our children to schools in a calm and windless morning, I reflected on the fortunate streams of school-children trooping quietly and orderly towards their class-rooms every morning.

    I also reflected that racism never appeared in the minds of the young until either their parents or peer pressure put this evil thought in them.

    I believe I was saved from this influence due to certain unexpected circumstances which affected my teenage years and escaped from being influenced by my parents or peers on racism. Hence to this day, every person looks the same to me. Besides, my profession forbids such extraneous thoughts or else I become ineffective and cannot deliver.

    Such are the factors which affect any person’s Life with its ups and downs. I always believe in avoiding problems and move on. But there are some who would take up the cudgels and challenge the wind. This is well-illustrated by the ONE AND ONLY HEADLINE WHICH CAUGHT MY EYE THIS MORNING, thus :-

    1. Malay Mail. ‘ STORM OVER MRT2. ‘ I did not see any storm anywhere except in Florida, USA which is now threaten by the Hurricane Michael.

    2. Financial Daily. ‘ IS RM 2B a bridge too far ?’ This does not say anything really.

    For those who are in the know, these headlines refer to the same subject matter being the cancellation of the underground work project which was once signed by the BN Government with the contractors in question. This is the basis of the contractors furore.


    To quote the famous words of our distinguished Bank Negara Malaysia Governor Tun Ismail Mohd. Ali who was famous for his integrity and ethics, ” IT STINKS.”

    For the now disconnected Group making just a big fuss, this not only draw the attention of the World onto their purported plight but also raised MANY QUESTIONS AS TO WHY THEY MADE SUCH A BIG FUSS NOT ABOUT THEIR IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL MATERIAL LOSS BUT THE LOSS ONLY CONCERNING THEIR PURPORTED 20,000 EMPLOYEES.

    These folks even raised certain ominous questions to FRIGHTEN THE NEW AND INCORRUPTIBLE GOVERNMENT AS LED BY TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD AND HIS TEAM by citing possible legal suits all round.

    I like to remind all and sundry that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his Team were not born yesterday. They already know the hidden reasons behind the FAKE STORM IN THE MEDIA RAISED BY THE INEXPERIENCED RECALCITRANTS. I can guess why. Malaysia is a small in the World of Construction and Engineering. OK ?

    As far as we know about engineering and construction, 1 + 1 must be 2 ! The professional answer. No engineer passes his or her exams by giving 1 + 1 = 4. Which is the ‘open book approach’ as proposed. It’s that simple.



    Wow ! The Consultants worked out for this portion of the rail-works,that there is AN OVER-CHARGE OF RM 4.19 BILLIONS. The Contractors are willing to let go of a huge RM 2 BILLIONS ! TO WHERE WILL THE RM 2.19 BILLION GO or gone if there is no hiccups ? Strange to say this is my RM 64,000 question.

    And by how much did the completed portion was over-charged to the BN Government ?

    An ancient saying, ‘ A big tree catches the wind.’

    In my career I have done most legal and big businesses in Malaysia. But I never wanted to do property development and construction because of its anti-social quirks which I rather kept away. No headaches like this.



    As we Malaysians say.’ Where got trade secrets in Engineering ?’


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! The suggested ‘Open Book Approach’ is a TRAP because the independent consultants have already stated that there is a RM 4.19 BILLION extra cost which could be REMOVED ! Even one Ringgit payment is CORRUPTION as the World sees this today !

  191. amalaysian Oct 10,2018 10:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    In the light of the new national car project, I would recommend that it should be an electric or hybrid car.

    1. The purpose of having a car in Malaysia is no more about going from one place to another, nevertheless it is a personalised means of transport.

    2. In the near or not so near future, people will still want their own set of transportation. Thus the demand still there. But somehow the technology need to be updated quickly.

    3. It is also important for us to acknowledge the depleting source of oil and the climate change challenges ahead.

    4. Thus I recommend;
    a. A target for the country to achieve at-least 50% of the cars on road are hybrid or full electric (or sustainable energy) as we are going for the SDG.
    b. 3rd Malaysian/Asian car must be clean and intelligent car.
    c. To spur industry of retrofitting old good car with electric engine. This should reduce the numbers of going to be scrapped cars and itself is a new industry no one endeavour in mass scale before.

    Thanks Tun.

    Best regards,

  192. mubarakchan Oct 10,2018 11:06 AM


    It is a good feeling for me when I am in your distinguished Blog. The feeling of amongst good friends who are not FAKES with bad brains hiding cowardly behind FAKE NAMES like those who only look like Chinese !

    Every morning I am as happy as Punch as the saying goes after successfully ferried my grand-daughter to her Sekolah Kebangsaan. I have always supported and put my children to the Sekolah Kebangsaan unlike some who found that their children could not take the Vernacular Schools and had to transfer them mid-way to the Sekolah Kebangsaan. What happened to those who could not and had to stay behind in the Vernacular Schools. Or just to learn Mandarin or be good at Maths ? I found anyone can speak any language given the time and the inclination. No big deal. And as for Msths., this is no problem either given the same motives. It is all in the genes or a child is a slow developer. At the end of the day, we should by on an even playing field by age 21 !
    After digressing on my happy thoughts, suddenly a gush of headlines poured forth from the venerable Malay Mail. Headlines which are trustworthy, noteworthy and newsworthy to make them interesting, thus :-

    The Malay Mail.

    1. ‘ NEW TAXES TO PAY DEBTS ‘ The Mother of all Headlines this wonderful morning. We pays and pays for the corruption by crooks in HIGH PLACES !

    2. ‘ LIM; GOVT NOT MEANT TO BE IN BUSINESS.’ The very first positive and sound statement. Kudos to Mr Lim.


    In reality, the GLCs were used to make money for those who own no shares or they are not Civil Servants by playing 19 hole golf in Perth, Yunnan, Bangkok etc, casinos, sky-high salaries, expensive cars and restaurants, First Class travel, Board Meetings in London, overseas schools for the kids, palm oil sludge, factory wastes, fake Boteros & Picassos etc.

    This orgy at the Rakyat’s expense WENT ON FOR 14 YEARS 2004 TO 2018 ! It was utterly MAD and CRAZY !

    If not for the stupid fat boy bungle, no one would have realised the HUGE QUIET RAPE OF THE RAKYAT’S MONEY VIA THE GOVERNMENT’S COFFERS – worse than the Rape of the Sabine women of ancient Rome – because we all trusted Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his distinguished predecessors, the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein Onn from 1957 to 2003.

    Little did we realise their successors had NO INTEREST IN THE WELFARE AND CARE OF THE RAKYAT AT HEART ! Fortunately, after the DARK ERA 2004 TO 2018, we have a NEW DAWN NOW AWAKENING !

    A Democratic Government has no business to do business in the Private Sector, none whatsoever. A Democratic Government is to rule and serve the Rakyat by putting up the right infrastructures etc for them to earn a living and make money for the Government to tax which money is used for the Rakyat’s benefits social welfare, infrastructures etc.

    People in high places should not COLLECT 10,000 ROLEX etc or CASH.

    The GLCs were a creation of Lee Kuan Yew by accident and born out of necessity for Singapore’s survival.

    It happened this way. After the 1966 Separation, Dr Albert Winsemius the Dutch UN Economics expert employed by the Singapore Government since 1962, advised the establishment of the Jurong Industrial Park, reclamation etc. At first, the Singapore Government encouraged the traders to become industrialists by founding Starlite Ceramics, Fair Lady Hair Wigs, Eupoc, Far East Levingston, Singapore Textiles (HK), Diaward Industries (HK), Regent Hair Wigs etc. All employed Malay employees. Most failed because of branding problems and Singapore’s tiny market. With a crisis on his hands, Lee Kuan Yew turned to monopolistic government owned activities like SIA, Asian Dollar, DBS, Keppel, Sembawang, NOL, Chartered, UIC, Intraco etc to keep Singapore’s employment rate and revenues afloat.

    He coined GLCs for these profitable Government linked corporations in the 1980s.


    These constitute the LEE KUAN YEW MIRACLE not the often touted glittering buildings and the highway and byways of modern Singapore, the Changi Airport, reclamation, etc which rightly were the IDEAS OF DR WINSEMIUS. To explain by FAKE INFORMATION, lee Kuan Yew deliberately mis-represented what ALL CAN SEE AS HIS MIRACLE AND NOT THAT HUGE UNDER-COUNTER BLACK TRADES AS MENTIONED ABOVE !

    Commonsense tells us why a tiny isle with no human and natural resources resources was not lauded by the Western World for their wonderful achievement ( the smart people are actually in Malaysia ) FOR MAKING SO MUCH MONEY TO JUMP FROM 3RD CLASS TO 1ST CLASS WITH A SIZEABLE MILTIARY TO BOOT ?

    It does not make any sense to me. THIS IS NOW PROVEN TO BE THE CASE WITH THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE BLACK TRADES AFTER THE BRICS MUSCLED IN AFTER THE END OF THE COLD WAR 1990 onwards. This confirmed that Singapore’s GDP never breached 3% 2002 to 2017. This means the deficit of 2-3 % was due ENTIRELY TO THE BLACK TRADES OF LEE KUAN YEW – his Miracle ! No matter how hard Singapore tried with Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP, tourists, casinos, importation of FTs, all manner of hi-tech or bio-tech industries etc, THE REVENUES FOR SINGAPORE CANNOT BE COMPARED WITH THE HUGE PROFITS FROM THE PEOPLE KILLER THE BLACK TRADES OF THE COLD WAR BENEFITTING SINGAPORE 1948-1989 ! This is a fact. It does not make sense for Singapore to make so much money over our beloved Malaysia which has everything including BRAINS. Now it is all very transparent. Man proposes. God disposes. Or according to Balzac,’ Behind every great fortune, a great crime !’

    Soon, Singapore will run out of its fat reserves if the elites still cannot produce the requisite white rabbits out of the proverbial hat FOR SUSATAINABILITY AND SURVIVAL. The writing is on the wall !

    Finally, no Democratic country does business to make money for the people. Singapore could control the GLCs in a tiny place with Lee Kuan Yew’s close monitoring of bank accounts and sexual peccadilloes. Russia and China thought GLCs are a half-way house between Capitalism and Communism. Later RAMPANT CORRUPTION AND NEPOTISM ERUPTED IN THEIR VAST LANDS which lasted to this day.



    Just 2 examples out of hundreds or thousands.

    Khazanah invested RM 80 Million in an Israeli bra, undies and lingerie business to make the future comfortable for 500,000,000 Indian ladies which was lost in a jiffy !

    Khazanah invested RM 2 Billion in UBS just to carry Lee Kuan Yew’s legs because Singapore has a substantial interest. This RM 2 Billion was lost in a jiffy.

    Where is the money for the Rakyat’s welfare today with such corrupt and uncaring BN Leadership ? No wonder the Singaporeans respect them who bought respect with the Rakyat’s money !

    3. ‘ GDP TO REMAIN ON GROWTH PATH INTO 2019.’ Malaysia is fortunate to have the PH Government led by our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in place at the right time. Or else, the Malaysians become the slaves of the Slave Colony of Singapore via the TPPA/CPTTA and end up dressed in rags !

    Yes ! The GDP is out-dated in its measurement of the distribution of wealth amongst the populace. Tiny states like Singapore could not be measured accurately in terms of the bottom-most citizens when its Government looks to the sky always. Huge nations like China could not apply the GDP effectively because it is the Policy of the country to look after the poor and too much employment is difficult due to over-crowding in the urban places. China has to modify the GDP to her own needs.

    Malaysia will do well to focus on reducing on our unemployment especially our graduates. This I believe could be achieved in 3 years time or earlier.

    4. ‘ RENEGOTIATED LAND DEALS RAKE IN RM 149m FOR CITY HALL.’ In one instance, so much money is recovered. But this has been going on since 2004 under the rule of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government. City Hall’s corruption is legend since the 1960s. Some ex-officers could afford houses in Bukit Tunku on retirement !

    5. ‘ 11 COPS LINKED TO PROTECTION RING NABBED.’ If the PDRM personal are well-looked after like free housing, allowances for families etc, why should they be crooks if their LEADERSHIP sets an example of caring for them ?


    It is very bad to take it out on hapless children who depends on the Government for their livelihood and survival. Another instance of the loss of our famous traditional Malaysian caring for others who are disadvantaged. Instead, the collection of 10,000 Rolex watches and cash is more important !

    7. ‘ MALAYSIA TRUMPS S’PORE IN TACKLING INEQUALITY.’ This is self-explanatory.

    Malaysia beats Singapore in everything except for their high-pressure cooker Education System which is UNDESIRABLE FOR MALAYSIA. We want to avoid suicides by young people and mental breakdowns with concomitant inferiority complexes and ivory tower types which are useless in an emerging nation. We must deal with such problems in our unique caring and humane manner. No brutal or rough stuff for us, Malaysians.

    We have more geniuses in Malaysia than Singapore which has NONE.

    Or else, Singapore would not be in such a DILEMMA today. Man proposes. God disposes.

    Just yesterday, it was reported that Starhub will sack 200 workers. My relative an ex-banking executive is still a Grab taxi-driver.

    Yesterday, Singapore’s Foreign Minister exhorted his countrymen to respect our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. First, he is just stating the obvious. Our Tun passed his exams in the King Edward V11 Medical School, Singapore with flying colours. Acheh !. Second, our Tun and Malaysia did nothing wrong with Singapore. BUT FROM 1962 TO 2018, SINGAPORE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF MALAYSIA AT EVERY TURN, FROM WATER TO SHARES TO PAP CADRE AS BOSS OF UMNO NSTP TO ROCKS TO MALAYSIA KILLER LIKE THE TPPA/CPTPP. Who else but SINGAPORE ?

    The list of instances where Singapore screwed Malaysia is endless so to speak – AND BOTH ARE SOVEREIGN COUNTRIES TOO ! Of course, our Tun should be respected not only by all Singaporeans but all the World too. As a qualified Doctor, he does not TALK NONSENSE without facts.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! I reckon we will be a Malaysian Tiger again by 2020. Thanks to you and your Team. We nearly became a kitten or Micky Mouse for Life or a Slave Colony of Singapore !

  193. Sri Sense Oct 9,2018 4:16 PM

    Just read

    PD poll a waste, betrayal? Then use ballot as protest, EC chief tells voters

    – susah2 pilih Isa 🙂

  194. Sri Sense Oct 9,2018 12:56 PM

    Good afternoon!

    Sebenarnya I cuma sembang kedai kopi. Kopi pun kena beli sendiri 🙁

    My comments are based on news I baca. Share serba sedikit my experience. I still very much voter yang biasa biasa sangat. Kalau tanya samada I akan vote gabungan PH lagi. At the moment the answer is still a big No.

    LGBT? Well kita kan orang Asia, mana2 negara Asia pun sama. Islam ke tak. Kat Jepun pun sama. Kat India pun sama. Mana ada war war. This issue more of a closet thing. Takan Malaysia nak jadi hero buat kerja yang tak berfaedah ini.

    That’s all I can say. Bye!!

  195. mubarakchan Oct 9,2018 10:13 AM


    We Malaysians are really spoilt people.

    We wake up early in the morning, prepare ourselves either for work or to ferry our children to the schools. And each morning without fail, we are greeted by a pleasant, cool and bright morning with sunshine. Only sometimes, and I stress, only sometimes are we met with a slight drizzle of fine rain. There has never been a heavy downpour early in the mornings unlike the monsoon season in India where it rains non-stop, literally dogs and cats day and night.

    Yes, Tun ! We Malaysians are spoilt to the core by the warm and equable weather with no major disasters like typhoons, earthquakes or tsunamis. And yet our beloved Malaysia was nearly destroyed by our own hands. – the hands which were elected into the highest office in the land !

    I always think back to the close shave which our beloved Malaysia had up to 9 May 2018. AND THE SACRIFICES OF YOUR ILLUSTRIOUS PREDECESSORS THE TUNKU, TUN ABDUL RAZAK AND TUN HUSSEIN ONN.

    It was all 99% hard work by those who decided to unite and line up behind your brilliant and courageous leadership to bring back not only the notion but in practical terms how our beloved Malaysia should be govern on an even keel, fair and just, and without the outrageous corruption and uncaring attitude as perceived by all and sundry.

    And as a result of the collapse of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, every headline in this morning’s newspapers concerns the mess left by them. This morning, it took me sometime to come across a headline which is meaningful and has wisdom. Only one, thus


    Yes, Tun ! We Malaysians have to be reminded all the time that our very existence in this wonderful land did come at a cost. A cost which has to be borne by all and sundry that without being constantly aware of how Malaysia came into being after so many centuries of living together in peace and harmony, all our wonderful mornings could just go up in thick smoke in a jiffy ! In the 1980s, the brilliant lady lawyer in Singapore told me that in our country, the news today will be forgotten tomorrow !

    Your call for all to unite and not base our actions on our lingering thoughts of the past is indeed logical and binding for all of us the Rakyat to unite behind your lEADERSHIP of the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great – A WAKE UP CALL.

    Without the Unity for progress and with the penchant to dwell on the past, we the Rakyat and our beloved Malaysia cannot progress on any terms, politically or socio-economically.

    The 9 May 2018 GE have been decided by the Rakyat on who should now lead the Nation and clean up the corrupt mess or Augean Stables. And it is the incumbent Government of the day, the PH which all and sundry should unite and support and not dwell on the past, as you succinctly stated, Tun.

    As one Tan Sri once told me, ‘TODAY IS TODAY. YESTERDAY WAS YESTERDAY.’

    With a clean slate, the New and Incorruptible Government can focus on the Policies which are focussed on serving the Rakyat needs for now and the future especially with the new locus standi that Malaysia is now one of 4 most important small countries of the World being Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Malaysia. And under your wise and experienced Leadership Tun, Malaysia and her Rakyat will go places – upwards towards the likes of Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India and Good Governance Japan.

    We just need a successful National Car Project to finish our New Malaysian tapestry with your iconic signature to sign off.

    We will be up there with the Greats. Not forgetting that there are billions and billions of ringgits of ill-gotten gains to be retrieved overseas from the crooks since 2004 which will take some time. Better late than never Tun ! One Trillion ringgits were reported to have flowed overseas between 2003 to 2010 before 1MDB !

    THE PH GOVERNMENT BY TAKING ACTION EVERY DAY TO RETRIEVE THE BILLIONS OF RINGGITS FROM THE CROOKS OVERSEAS, CORRUPTION IS HELD AT BAY OR REDUCED BY REMINDING THE PROSPECTIVE CROOKS AND THE WORLD THAT MALAYSIA HAS ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION. Let the probes and so on be a daily occurrence to stop or reduce this cancer once and for all. A sen spent on this preventive action will save Malaysia and her Rakyat billions of ringgits in future with no headaches !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Retrieve the billions of ringgits home Tun ! Why let this money benefit other countries which do not need it ?

  196. Sri Sense Oct 8,2018 10:43 PM

    Salam Tun

    I baca news online. Banyak juga berita PD;

    Dr M receives loud welcome as he arrives in PD to campaign for Anwar

    Link :

    Don’t go overboard, Anwar tells Bersih, EC after eyebrows raised over concert

    link :

    Armed forces personnel banned from political activities in PD

    link :

    Anwar: The man who would be king

    link :

    My personal favourite not about Anwar though, but integrity

    The day the Bank Negara governor quizzed Siti Hasmah on Dr M’s house

    link :

  197. Sri Sense Oct 8,2018 9:01 PM

    Good evening Tun

    My ex partner dalam unit trust keturunan Cina agama Christian. I sebut ex sini sebab beliau passed away 2 years ago.

    He was a very nice kind man. I tidak ada masaalah denganya. Balik rumah pun dia sering sebut my name, sampai hari ini anak2 dia ingat I.

    I ingat masa mula2 dia recruit ramai agent Melayu, dia rajin juga argue soal agama dengan agent beragama Islam yang lain. Jadi debat besar. Dengan I taklah sebab dia tau I simple, your religion is your religion, my religion is my religion, we are here to do business, so be it.

    Tapi lama lepas itu dia puji pula agent Melayu, dia kata nak kapal terbang pun sempat sembahyang dulu. 5 waktu sehari sembahyang sedangkan orang kristian tidak.

    Jangan salah faham, dia tak pernah tukar agama, dia meninggal dalam agama yang dianuti. Malah semasa hidup dia rajin derma income yang dia dapat pada sebuah church kecil yang diikutinya. Dia pernah bercita cita nak jadi pastor.

    I rasa soal agama, ada baik hanya penganut yang boleh kritik, agama lain baiklah jangan bercakap cakap lebih.

    That’s all for tonight.

  198. Hajar Oct 8,2018 5:05 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Saya ingatkan Dr. Mujahid ada kelulusan dalam bidang Undang-Undang Syariah, tapi sangkaan saya meleset.

    Pendidikan Dr. Mujahid Yusof, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri (Agama):

    1) Doktor Falsafah (PhD) Siyasah Syariah (Sains Politik), UM
    2) Sarjana (MA) Pembangunan Sumber Manusia, UPM
    3) BA Bahasa Arab & Sastera, Al Azhar, Mesir

    Maksudnya dia bukan pakar dalam bidang Undang-undang dan Perundangan Syariah. Ish..Ish..Ish…

    Latar belakang pengajian saya bukan dalam bidang Sastera. Maaf cakap, kalau setakat ketiga-tiga ijazah yang Dr. Mujahid ada, kacang saja untuk lulus… 🙂 🙂 🙂 Cuma hafal dan buat penyelidikan sikit-sikit…Persoalannya, adakah hasil penyelidikan beliau menjadi rujukan para penyelidik di peringkat global? Apa sumbangannya kepada dunia? Atau setakat di Malaysia saja ia dirujuk?

    Lihatlah betapa sombongnya kenyataan Dr. Mujahid
    ( )

    /// “Yang cakap di media sosial saya tak hairan, bukan tahap kita nak bincang dengan mereka tapi ada yang cakap tahap agamawannya yang dihormati masyarakat. Paling tidak ambillah satu sikap, biar minta penjelasan daripada menteri dulu.

    “Kalaulah kita hormat dia… kalau kita tak hormat dia memang dari awal lagi tanya saja belasahlah,” katanya di Persidangan Meja Bulat: Falsafah dan Tatacara Hukuman Jenayah Syariah Dalam Mencapai Matlamat Rahmatan lil Alamin, di sini, hari ini.///

    Ewah…bukan tahap dia untuk berbincang dengan orang di media sosial? Apa dia ingat tahap pengajian dan kedudukan dia hebat sangatkah? Memang angkuh dia ni…Silap2 haribulan tersungkur di PRU akan datang. Dalam negara yang mengamalkan demokrasi, jangan angkuh sangat.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  199. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 2:44 PM

    There is no free lunch in this world.

    The end must justify the mean, with or without man proposes, god disposes.

  200. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 2:41 PM

    Right pocket goes into left pockets, or vice versa, it wont matter at all as majority of the young generations are capable to make judgement themselves.

    No matter how the story is spinned and twisted, kalah tetap kalah, menang tetap menang.

    It is still come back to chicken and egg issues.

    As voters, our obligation is to vote only.

    Therefore, whichever coalition become the cabinet and nàme the pm, life will go as usual for the voters, with bumiputra status, or malay bias policy.

    The issues become difficult is when their personal interests is above the people and the country.

  201. SSLEE Oct 8,2018 2:26 PM

    Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allow me to repost an article I posted in i3investor:
    Reproduce as below with some editing:

    I was advised by my senior that the best way to understand Scriptures is not in the literal interpretation but read it with an open minded and interpret the many mythologies with reference to the history of mankind. Below is his interpretation on: The Story of Adam and Eve(original sin)
    Original Versus Interpretation: Doing what comes naturally
    For almost the whole of human history, from at least 2 million years ago, mankind has lived by doing what comes naturally, a nomadic life of hunter-gatherer where mankind move around from place to place over the seasons and year following the food trail. Men were hunter (Hunting animal and fish) in a small group and women were gatherer and caretaker of child (Gathering edible items of any kind from fruits/nuts/seeds to insects). Life in a nomadic society wasn’t bad as they were in many ways much healthier, stronger and happier as they hunt-gathered just enough of their foods and share all their food together since food cannot be stored. They enjoy hunting, feasting, spending their leisure time with family, caring for each other, tools making, cave paintings etc and live a life of peace, tranquility and social equality as everyone were hunter-gatherer (Equality in work and society).(Garden of Eden)
    Things only come to a change a mere 10,000 year ago where women (Eve) after many years of gathering edible of any kind from fruits/nuts/seeds and insects and for her desire/want to settle down in more stable and secure life (Serpent) experimented and discovered that edible fruits/nuts/seeds can be cultivated and animals can be domesticated (tree of the knowledge of good and evil) persuaded Men (Adam) to become farmer.(The forbidden fruit)
    From land cultivation and livestock faming, food can now be stored and thus allowed accumulation of wealth (original sin) a new sinful/evil and an inequality world was opened up to mankind in growing of wealth and safeguarding of wealth. (Greed/craving, cling/attachment, fear/insecurity, envy/resentment, distrust/anger, hate/prejudice, worship/sacrifice, divine/god, landlord/capitalist, slave/labor, trader/marketer, craftsman/artisan, thief/robber, we/us, they/them, tribes/nations, kingdoms/empires, leaders/tyrants, murderers/conquerors and etc)

    The Garden of Eden (hunter-gatherer) is now gone and lost forever. What we inherited is the current world with many social ills cause by human own doing of wealth creation and accumulation.
    The reality check, if we humankind still continues on the current wrong track of wealth creation and accumulation but lacking in compassion, love, altruism, wealth sharing and place great emphasis on worship instead of sacrifice/good deeds then by 2030 the richest 1% will own two-thirds of global wealth.

    Mahatma Gandhi listed the seven social ills of modern society as:
    1. Politics without principles.
    2. Wealth without work.
    3. Pleasure without conscience.
    4. Knowledge without character.
    5. Commerce without morality.
    6. Science without humanity.
    7. Worship without sacrifice.
    I can only wish if only there is less worship and more sacrifice/good deeds as epitomes’ by Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta devoted/sacrificed her whole life caring for the sick, the homeless and the poorest of the poor in the slum of Calcutta.
    I cited her quote below to reflect her thought of humaneness, love, selflessness, devotion, compassion, empathy, sacrifice, suffering, pain, loss, darkness, hopelessness, despair, dead and question the absent of god’s mercy.
    • I see God in every human being. When I wash the leper’s wounds, I feel I am nursing the Lord himself. Is it not a beautiful experience?
    • Don’t look for big things, just do small things with great love….The smaller the thing, the greater must be our love.
    • If I ever become a Saint — I surely be one of “darkness”. I will continually be absent from Heaven — to light the light of those in darkness on earth.
    • One day I met a lady who was dying of cancer in a most terrible condition. And I told her, I say, “You know, this terrible pain is only the kiss of Jesus — a sign that you have come so close to Jesus on the cross that he can kiss you.” And she joined her hands together and said, “Mother Teresa, please tell Jesus to stop kissing me”
    • They say people in hell suffer eternal pain because of the loss of God – they would go through all that suffering if they had just a little hope of possessing God. In my soul I feel just that terrible pain of loss, of God not wanting me, of God not being God, of God not really existing (Jesus, please forgive my blasphemies, I have been told to write everything). That darkness that surrounds me on all sides. I can’t lift my soul to God – no light or inspiration enters my soul. I speak of love for souls, of tender love for God, words pass through my words [sic, lips], and I long with a deep longing to believe in them! What do I labour for? If there be no God—there can be no soul.—If there is no soul then Jesus—You also are not true… Jesus don’t let my soul be deceived—nor let me deceive anyone. In the call You said that I would have to suffer much.—Ten years—my Jesus, You have done to me according to Your will—and Jesus hear my prayer—if this pleases You—if my pain and suffering—my darkness and separation gives You a drop of consolation—my own Jesus, do with me as You wish—as long as You wish, without a single glance at my feelings and pain… I beg of You only one thing—please do not take the trouble to return soon.—I am ready to wait for You for all eternity.

    Worship/Faith without Sacrifice/Good Deeds is worthless. If everyone practiced their faiths by good deeds (Love God thus Loves everyone and sharing their wealth) and not just words/worships then for sure we can recreate THE NEW GARDEN OF EDEN on planet Earth.

    The world will be a much better place if we build wealth and at the same time give and share wealth. I wish more and more major shareholder of listed company in Bursa will emulate kind hearted Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow, founder of Public Bank in building and readily sharing the wealth of Public Bank with all the employees and shareholders with generous bonus/dividend and good capital gain. He is loved, respected and praise by the entire employees/shareholders. He is the shining example, the epitome of what all for one and one for all really mean.

    May god be merciful to all and bless all.

    Thank you.
    Yours truly,
    SS Lee
    PS: What can we do to practice good deeds as well as good thoughts? What sacrifices are you willing to make to help others? Are we making a true sacrifice by telling others how hard we worked and that they can be what we are if they only try? Should we simply tell others to pull themselves up by their boot straps? Are all people really created equal in the sense that everyone has an equal chance at health, resource, education, work, government and happiness? Can we help make it so by sharing what we have with others?

  202. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 2:14 PM

    But mubarakchan is not japanese or swiss.

    Yup, when people started to cheat and lie, they can never remember what they said.

    Good, bad or ugly, mubarakchans and the gangs to decide.

  203. farz Oct 8,2018 1:39 PM


    Assalamualaikum. This is not related to the topic above. But I ‘m going to put it down here anyway. Tun, I really respect and have full confidence in your administration. I think and many of us too that you are the main reason why PH managed to win the recent election. I think you have chosen your cabinets well and I believe we need to give ample time for the cabinets ministers to learn and adapt and put forward their ideas to make this country as the Tiger of Asia again. I understand that such task is difficult because you have inherited a ‘very sick’ government that was infected by deadly disease from top to bottom. But again I stress that I have full confidence in you and your ministers especially Dr Mujahid and Dr Maslee to take up the challenge. I am comfortable with Datin Seri Azizah and I was pleasantly surprise by her performance as the Deputy Prime Minister. But I never had any confidence in her husband as a leader and I think he is out of touch and no longer relevant to the people. He’s a populist and he has proven that he was not a great leader. I sincerely hope and pray that he will not win the PD election. It is so unfortunate that Rafizi could have come forward with this idea despite being a brainer. Dia dan DS Anwar cuma pengacau sahaja. I don’t even mind that Isa would win so that DS could not be in the government.

    Semoga Allah SWT panjangkan umur Tun berdua dan memberkati usia Tun berdua. Terima kasih yang tak terhingga kepada Tun berdua kerana masih sanggup menanggung beban yang amat berat ini. Hanya Allah SWT sahaja yang dapat membalasnya. Semoga Tun tergolong dalam golongan yang mendapat syafaatNya.

  204. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 10:27 AM

    Bak kata, too many cooks spolied the soup.

    Yup, it is ether they merge and become stronger or adpat to the future to become stronger, it is up to the top decision makers.

    Yup, forced merger can make the economy move backward, and could caused anarchy to the share market and forex.

    We have gone through that for the past few decades, and until bn is out few months back.

    The decision in the hands of the political parties of both divides.

    Boleh means boleh.

    Tak boleh means tak boleh.

    You can never pregnant 9 women to make a baby.

    Some issues just need time.

    Yup, for those who live in glass door should never baling batu.

    Tak nak takpa, tapi jangan hina.

  205. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 10:03 AM

    Hang bermaksud hamsap, i mean lucah punya writing in macam dulu punya jelita ar?

    Aku pun pernah baca apa si perempuan main dengan kuching kesayanganya during the 90s in their column oleh doctor apanama.

    Macam ini, that was during the 90s, and hiv happened when human main dengan binatang jinak, bukan liar.


    Jika binatang liar, mereka pasti akan ditelan binatang ini.

    Dulu, world health organization memang tak tahu kenapa boleh jadi macam ini.

    Rupa2nya, di negara yang amat miskin, mereka memerlukan penternakan untuk bikin daging.

    Imagine, these penternak yang amat miskin dan langsung takda pengetahuan of diseases or jangitan virus, setiap hari bersama binatang ternakan mereka dan apabila takda kerja lain, dan bila nafsu sampai, mereka terus main aja.

    Kini, mereka mana berani nak main kerana ia akan mengundang penyakit muat, betul tak?

    But, porn child memang a crime di negara yang maju, entahlah di negara malaysia ini.

    As for same sex, atau prostitution, mereka sudah mahir in protecting themselves, therefore, it wont create troubles to the health ministry.

    If they still stuck in dulu punya mindset and still want to pass down to their next generation, and masih dillie dellie dan tak mahu eye to eye level talks, yup, voters will abandon them, and thats for sure.

  206. Sri Sense Oct 8,2018 9:50 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Berita sekarang penuh dengan Rafizi menang.

    I nak share my story.

    I sebenarnya buat part time unit trust agent since 1997. I masuk bidang ini sebab nak belajar cara pelaburan yang baik. Since I tak pandai kira2, I jadi recruit pada seorang China accountant.

    Walaupun I ini buat part time tapi merasa jadi runner-up top agency manager peringkat kebangsaan satu masa dulu. Strange kan? Part time tapi boleh dapat anugerah.

    Bagaimana nak build agency? Like insurance agency, sama juga dalam unit trust agency, rely on people, so jawapan sini kena recruit people dan train mereka. Tapi nak jadi agent kena duduk exam, lulus, baru dapat lesen. Tak ada lesen tak boleh jual.

    So ada orang yang baru duduk exam, hari2 tanya bila dapat lesen. Tak tanya lulus ke tak, tapi tanya bila nak dapat lesen. Ada orang tu tak peduli langsung, suruh duduk exam dia buat, lepas tu diam senyap tak tanya apa pun.

    From my experience and my partner experience, orang yang sering tanya bila dapat lesen, bila dapat lesen tak jual. Tapi yang diam tu nanti yang akan buat kerja dan berjaya.

    Moral of the story, yang tak sabar2 nak sesuatu tu selalunya, bila dah dapat, dia relaks je. Dia tak pandang jauh dari dapat lesen atau apa yang dikehendaki.

  207. mubarakchan Oct 8,2018 9:11 AM


    A Monday morning is what I always look forward to every week-end. It is nice to have public holidays for most. But too much of it is not conducive to a person attuned to working to achieve something in Life. However, people must realize that it is better to have a job or work to do rather than being unemployed and sitting at home.

    As I ferried my grand-daughter to her Sekolah Kebangsaan, the traffic flowed at a normal speed which demonstrated that people are relaxed and happy in their minds as they headed towards their places of work. A good omen for all and sundry. Another fine and classic Malaysian good morning for you and me Tun. And what about the headlines ? There is only one of note.


    This important headline jolted my senses and caused me to reflect on the countless of train journeys which I have made in Japan and Switzerland through the beautiful rolling countryside of these wonderful countries. Not only that, as the train rolled out to the countryside, the views of farmlands and the habitat of both the farmers and their keep could be seen in these landscapes of peace and contentment.

    During these trips, I always wondered how advanced industrialised countries like Japan and Switzerland with their highest standards of living in a small land mass could up-keep their farmers and keep them in the countryside.

    Eventually, I realised that the Government had a duty to maintain the farmers due to historical precedents and political reasons being the backbone of the country. And that it is pointless to have all the inhabitants in the towns and the countryside is deserted and devoid of Life, human beings and animals. As a result, I could only conclude that the disadvantaged farmer or fisherman is subsidized by the Government. This is the only way because the stand alone fisherman or farmer will be wiped out in the free market place by just one down turn. And in Malaysia it is desirable to keep the fishermen and farmers out of the clutches of the credits given by the middlemen as far as possible.

    Tun Daim Is c0rrect to emphasise the plight of the fishermen and the farmers.

    A marketing board is no solution. It is better to let free market principles reign in the market place for the fishermen and the farmers, and others.


    The essential needs of a fisherman or farmer are food, education for the children, a roof over their heads, transportation. I feel a marketing board gives rise to red tape and corruption. It is better to subsidize these fishermen and farmers who need cash more than anything else. AND THE SUBSIDIES WILL NOT BE ANYTHING WHICH RUNS INTO BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF RINGGITS LIKE THOSE STOLEN BY THE 1MDB CROOKS AMONGST OTHERS.

    In recent years, I have noticed that Malay itinerant hawkers have discovered the best market places for themselves are in the commercial areas of Bangsar, TTDI and Sri Hartamas. Some of them come from as far away as Pahang.

    Just a few days ago, my wife bought some very good rambutans from a Malay itinerant hawker who came all the way from Pahang. He was selling the rambutans at RM 6 per kilo by weight. Here is an example of an enterprising person who knows how to market given the support which he had in Pahang.

    On the other hand, decades ago, it was alleged that some FELDA settlers were selling the fertilizers given to them to outsiders. Hence, it is better for the Government to subsidize fishermen and farmers with cash instead of equipment which they would sell at a loss eventually or did not maintain. The exception would be a larger piece of equipment like a fishing boat or a harvester under Government supervision through a co-operative.

    All in all, to resolve the low incomes of fishermen as suggested by Tun Daim is a MUST for our beloved Malaysia because all Malaysians should be on the same level playing field under the Sun. Because we care for our fishermen and farmers like Japan and Switzerland, Malaysia stands out as a country which cares for all her citizens and not only those in the towns.

    If Japan and Switzerland have been doing this by assisting the fishermen and farmers, Malaysia can also follow along a similar route or manner.

    I strongly believe that Malaysia has the capability to raise the incomes of fishermen and farmers as pledged by Tun Daim. And the cost to do so is minimal with the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great as led by our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! We care for the fishermen and farmers like anyone else !

  208. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 8:16 AM

    Yup, malaysia is a blessed country with plenty of oil, henceforth, we dont need nuclear power.

    Even when ktm, ercl and hsr merged, we still need petrol to generate transportation needs which is vialable in any countries with roads and highways.

    It depends how you do it so that it is more rewarding and less damaging to the environment.

    But sadly and unfortunately, it is still about my way, your way after more than 6 decades of merdeka.

    To those in power, they are more interested to rich themselve first via qe method just to increase the muslim population through back door.

    They are not only being unfair to their own race, they are being unfair to other races as well.

    This is malaysia, and malaysia is part of south east asia region.

    This is a political fact that no one can deny.

    It is either we adapt, or we will be left behind.

  209. musato Oct 8,2018 8:02 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya banyak kali baca tentang Mujahid kata wartawan silap faham berkenaan kenyataan beliau.

    Berkenaan isu nafsu ini biasanya saya tak bagi terus link kat sini, bukan apa, takut menda yang tak elok tu saya tanggung dosanya sekali kalau tersebar.

    Lagipun kat sini ramai lapisan yang membaca.

    Rasa saya Tun hanya google search yang biasa biasa saje.

    Cuba Tun google search ‘Melayu Tumblr’ dan scroll ke bawah cari video video dan tekan play.

    Kemudian Mujahid boleh kata wartawan silap faham kenyataan beliau.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  210. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 8:00 AM

    Akhirnya umno tertumpang after 6 decades in power.

  211. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 7:41 AM

    Yup, when the law is changed from jaga jiwa dan hati muslim to jaga jiwa dan hati melayu, it will make them more confused, aimless and directionless.

    When the law is changed just to make favor someone, or a political party, then, the non muslim and non malay will have the choice not to merge with them.

    They are already slow and behind in the past.

    With the slogan of keranamu malaysia, they are even slower and more behind because of hak istimewa.

    When the slogan changed to gemilang, cermerlang and terbilang, they became more slower, more biadap and more sombong.

    Then the slogan of 1 malaysia is born, and akhirnya umno.

    Unless, they really think nasi lemak and roti canai can build the tallest building in south east asia region by demoralizing other races.

    Unless, they really believe keris gergasi with kek pulut can build the strongest islamic hub in south east asia region by demoralizing other races.

    It is up to both of the political divides to decide who have the biggest bite of the kek pulut.

    Ps: look at ktm and their service, you will how good efficient they are, tak gitu sibotak?

  212. asahamat Oct 8,2018 3:45 AM

    Assalamualaikum wmwbt Tun.

    Cuma nak tanya, apa masih perlukah sekolah2 asrama penuh seperti SDAR, STAR, MCKK, Tun Fatimah, Kursiah dll wujud sebagai sekolah “jantina tunggal”. Cuba pakat tengok kesan saikologi dan egoisma mereka keluaran sekolah2 “jantina tunggal” ini berbanding yg bersifat “pelbagai jantina”.

    (2) Mungkin para professional ahli saikologi pendidikan dan kemasyarakatan boleh mula berbincang tentang hal ini. Cuma singkirkan soal sentimen dan nostagia. Lihat kpd kepentingan Melayu dan Negara dari sydut Islamnya.

    Jaga diri Tun. Semoga Kerajaan dapat merobah cepat aoa yg BN tidak perbuat dgn baik.

  213. asahamat Oct 8,2018 3:37 AM

    Assalamualaikum wmwbt Tun.

    Nampaknya, banyak perkara yg Menteri2 PH buat atau kata yg ada pihak tengok tak berapa betul dan boleh dijadikan “polimik” tak sihat.

    (2) Saya rasa elok Kjaan sekarang tengok cara @ kaedah PR yg Kjaan gunakan esp RTM. Saya tak nampak RTM telah berubah, dari meneruskan budaya “polimik @ politicking” kpd budaya penyampaian maklumat @ pendidikan berkesan. Mungkin profrssionalisma para pendokong RTM telah jumud @ sedang menghadapi masalah kewangan @ kedua-duanya.

    (3) Contoh dlm isu2 yg boleh mengundang polimik, elok guna RTM utk dijadikan media “academic discourse” dari para Menteri buru2 buat kenyataan. Biar ahli2 yg pakar dalam bidang tsb berbahas dan Menteri taklah perlu ke depan dlm semua hal.

    (4) Saya nampak, kebanyakan masalah polimik di negara ini ialah bila orang politik selalu “gelojoh” hendak ke depan n tidak menggunakan mereka yg professional utk ke depan. Penyakit lama, orang politik serba semua tahu masih terlalu menjalar dalam Governance Kjaan kita. Wajar para ahli politik kini mulai mengamalkan “biar jauhari juga mengenal maniksm”. Menteri biarlah lebih menumpu soal2 dasar dan prinsip. Biarlah soal operasi @ pentadbiran itu menjadi hal jentera kerajaan.

    Jaga diri Tun. Semoga Kjaan focus utk buat kerja dari timbulkan “polimik”.

  214. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 12:03 AM

    To ordinary prc nationals, they dont like usa because they perceived usa wants to force and smoke china to go into war with them.

    If usa president trump really wants to force them into war, they too had no choice, and will go for it.

    Thats politics.

    In diplomacy, to china, when negotiation failed, then, culture or bullet exchange pun takda masalah.

    This is call show hands what.

    Only americans can play, you think prc nationals dont know how to play?

    Jika mahu main politik, kena main dengan cara yang betul.

    Jika tidak, kedua2 negara besar ini pasti akan dijadikan bahan untuk media menulis.

  215. faridina Oct 7,2018 10:50 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Negarawan Paling Senior Di Atas Planet kata orang Amerika Syarikat

    Bercakap Dari Hati Yang Ikhlas Tanpa Rasa Gentar Atau Berat Sebelah

    Sewaktu ayahanda Tun di AS banyak pihak di sana mahu dengar pandangan ayahanda Tun tentang kebangkitan negara China dari sudut ekonomi global sementara AS cuba menyekat China dengan Trump mengisytiharkan perang dagang ke atasnya.

    Tertarik dengan pandangan sinis, bernas dan bersahaja dari ayahanda Tun yang mengatakan negara kita telah lama menjalinkan hubungan dagang dengan negara China sejak beribu tahun lamanya dan tidaklah sampai ia menakluki kita.

    Lain pula ceritanya dengan negara Eropah (Portugis) yang mula menjalinkan hubungan dagang pada tahun 1509 tetapi dua tahun kemudian kita pula dijajah.

    Bukankah kita perlu takut dengan Barat terutamanya AS lebih dari China kerana AS yang risau dengan kekukuhan ekonomi China hari ini dan juga risau apabila China yang miskin beberapa dekad yang lalu.

    AS tahu Najib pula pro AS sehingga skandal 1MDB dibongkarkan DOJ dan Jho Low sengaja mengalihkan kiblat ke China untuk selamatkan dirinya dan Najib.

    Selama ini kita boleh bangunkan negara tanpa pinjaman China dari syarikat China, material dari China dengan pekerja2 dari China dan duit tidak pernah mengalir masuk ke Malaysia tetapi sentiasa mengalir keluar.

    Ayahanda Tun dari dahulu suka guna acuan sendiri untuk pulihkan ekonomi dan tidak pernah berkiblatkan barat atau AS atau IMF dan atas asas ini risau bebenor memikirkan sdr ABI yang pro-Barat dan AS itu 🙁 .


    p/s : Benarlah kata ayahanda Tun baru2 ini bahawasanya orang2 tua ini kadangkala digalakkan bertikam lidah untuk memastikan otak mereka sentiasa cergas dengan membaca dan menulis tetapi kalau boleh jangan terlampau sensitif sehingga semuanya dianggap fitnah 🙂 .

  216. HBT456 Oct 7,2018 6:22 PM

    I dont feel sorry for her race anymore, and whatever they want to do, thats their business.

    When comes to fatwa, it is up to my sultan to decide, and i believe my sultan would make wise decision on this.

  217. Sri Sense Oct 7,2018 6:07 PM

    #Moral of the story

    Banyak kerasan boleh dilakukan untuk mendidik seseorang, berjaya ke tak, different story.

  218. HBT456 Oct 7,2018 6:03 PM

    She really made me laughed as if all her race is so suci, bersih dan berseri macam buat iklan serbuk pencuci baju kut, hahaha….

    Yup, apabila balik kampung, they behave as good good children, but in city, no one cares what they do, and even their parents pun tak tahu.

    Aku orang tua, tapi mata dan hatiku masih muda lagi.

    Better than those who claimed they are young, but think like grannies.

    How to attract guys like that, unless she doesnt to get married and bikin children.

  219. Sri Sense Oct 7,2018 5:05 PM

    Good evening Tun

    I ada baca berita yang Mujahid sebut editor putar belit apa beliau cakap.

    Setau I kes2 begini usually sebab jiran report. Government department tidak akan datang kalau tidak ada report. Mereka takan ketuk pintu rumah orang tanpa report. Kalau nak bersedudukkan ada baiknya jangan duduk area orang Melayu. 🙂

    I tak tau the system now, sebab most kawasan urban dan suburban dah ada guard house. Kalau nak masuk kena tunjuk IC. Kalau kata nak pergi rumah nombor ini, chances are the guard akan contact owner dulu, sebelum yang nak masuk dapat masuk.

    Mungkin mudah di luar bandar but I don’t think that easy if tinggal di bandar besar.

    Back in the late 80s, I pernah tinggal kat Ampang, a double storey terrace house. 3 bilik di atas 3 lelaki tinggal. I ambil bilik bawah sebab I perempuan.

    I have no problem dengan penyewa bilik lain, but the problem datang from a girl yang boyfriend nya tinggal di bilik atas. Dia sering datang tinggal di bilik boyfriend, though the boyfriend macam tak layan dia dengan baik. Dia tetap suka tinggal situ.

    So satu malam pencegah maksiat datang, intai kat tingkap bilik I. Apa mereka nampak? I yang baru nak tukar baju. Ofcourse I jerit. To cut the story short the girl pada malam itu kebetulan tak tidur situ.

    Anyway bila abang ipar girl ini dapat tau, the next time the girl datang situ, dia kena pukul, sampai arial radio I patah. Puncanya the girl lari masuk bilik I. Abang ipar kejar. Bila kena bantai radio I pun kena. Dah Datok dah abang ipar dia sekarang, celebrity, tak payah sebut nama.

    Satelah kena pukul teruk tak serik datang lagi. I pun malas nak layan, I pindah rumah. I heard she and her boyfriend got married, dan cerai lepas tu. Did not know how long the marriage last.

  220. HBT456 Oct 7,2018 3:57 PM

    Aku peduli apa, aku bukan mahu bertanding free style mahupun toast kaya what.

    Aku kini mahu masuk acara butterfly stroke that requires much more higher strenght and skill and focus on dumpling, tak boleh ke?

    P/s: sikap amanah, cekap dan bersih already replaced by computerized system, and there is no way you can lie, cheat or steal, you dont know ar?

  221. Hajar Oct 7,2018 2:09 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Dalam Sistem Demokrasi, para pengundi @ warganegara berhak untuk mengkritik pemimpin2 Kerajaan yang memerintah (asal tidak keterlaluan / memfitnah). Jadi, saya sebagai warganegara Malaysia berhak mengkritik apa saja tindakan2 dan keputusan2 Kerajaan PH yang pada pandangan saya ternampak tidak betul.

    2. Kritikan2 saya memang berkaitan isu2 yang melibatkan rakyat (dan saya), dan bukannya saya mengkritik / mengutuk / mengejek penampilan, fizikal atau usia seseorang seperti yang sesetengah ‘bloggers’ gemar lakukan (kesian betul…dah tak ada modal lain…). Ada warga tua yang menyertai blog Chedet setelah ‘pencen’ membuat andaian ‘bijak’ lah kononnya bahawa orang yang menyertai blog Tun semenjak 2008 ialah orang pencen (dan wajar diperlekeh otak dan dihina fizikalnya…ini satu kebodohan melampau..). Setahu saya pengunjung2 blog Tun ada juga di kalangan pelajar sekolah dan Universiti.

    3. Izinkan saya Tun untuk ulas isu berikut:

    Tiada lagi operasi khalwat waktu malam – Dr Mujahid

    /// KUALA LUMPUR: Tiada lagi ketukan pintu di waktu tengah malam oleh pihak berkuasa agama yang menyiasat laporan khalwat atau salah laku lain.

    Sebaliknya, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa menegaskan bahawa apa yang dilakukan oleh orang Islam di belakang pintu tertutup bukanlah urusan pihak kerajaan.

    “Katakan anda melakukan sesuatu dalam ruang peribadi anda, saya tidak akan campur tangan. ///

    Astaghfirullah…Baru sahaja menjadi Menteri, Dr. Mujahid sudah menunjukkan betapa liberal dan dangkalnya pemikiran beliau yang tidak selari dengan ajaran Islam yang sebenar.

    Dalam erti kata lain, sekarang ini di Malaysia (kalau ikut kenyataan Dr. Mujahid), pasangan yang beragama Islam boleh bebas BERSEKEDUDUKAN (tinggal serumah tanpa ikatan perkahwinan), dan tanpa rasa takut atau bimbang untuk melakukan maksiat asalkan dilakukan di “belakang pintu tertutup”.

    Ish..Ish..Ish…Pasangan Islam yang buat maksiat di “belakang pintu pejabat/ hotel/ pondok/ kenderaan, khemah, etc.” yang tertutup (asal ada pintu) pun bolehlah agaknya. Entahlah.

    Umat Islam memang wajar (wajib) menegur dalam hal kemungkaran. Kadang-kala, bila jiran menegur (kemungkaran), pasangan yang ditegur buat dek saja (tak makan saman). Sebab itu perlakuan2 sumbang akhirnya dilaporkan kepada pihak berwajib (tidak mahu bersubahat). Kita tidak mahu perlakuan sumbang/maksiat khalwat (bersekedudukan) menjadi budaya kita. Kadang-kala, kita terpaksa mendedahkan aib seseorang untuk mencegah perkara2 mungkar dari terus berleluasa.

    Bercakap dan membuat keputusan secara terburu-buru tanpa berfikir panjang sudah jadi ‘trademark’ ahli2 Kabinet PH. Amat menyedihkan.

    Maaf Tun, saya terkilan bila baca kenyataan Tun berkenaan hal yang amat penting dan sensitif ini.


    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  222. musato Oct 7,2018 11:38 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sudah tentu saya tidak terkejut dengan salam Tun kepada Anwar.

    Tapi untuk bagi Anwar jadi PM?, maaf ler…saya tengok Anwar tak sesuai. Lebih lebih lagi Anwar guna jalan belakang.

    Jalan belakang dengan jalan pintas adalah lain.

    Tun nak pergi kempen untuk Anwar pun, Tun pergilah.

    Inilah masa untuk saya tengok, samada Tun Mahathir atau saya yang power.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  223. mubarakchan Oct 7,2018 8:45 AM


    Many people must have asked you about the secret of your wonderful health. A secret which made you outlasted other persons more than half your age. As I commented early on your evergreen physical activity in support of your evergreen political activity, it was ‘ A QUALIFIED DOCTOR’S SECRET !’

    You were quoted in the media with two versions of the same coinage which makes your tongue in the cheek remark all the more amusing to most which are your supporters and un-amusing to the naysayers of the moment. Why at the moment ?

    You have not only seen it all. But also how some have ingratiated themselves with you from nay to yea for their usual benefits. And this is the best joke for you of a Lifetime. How yea-sayers become nay-sayers, or nay-sayers become yea-sayers appearing in stark colours without shame in our Malaysian Political Spectrum. That’s Humankind for you and me, Tun. The word gratefulness is missing in some vocabulary. Your quotes of the day :-

    1. ‘My quarrel with Najib kept my brain active in old age.’

    2. ‘My quarrel with Najib kept my brain sharp.’

    How many of us may have the privilege of quarrelling with the ex-Prime Minister, Tun ? None is the answer.

    So it is good that you kept all of us in the dark as to how to keep ourselves in a tip-top condition right up to 100 and beyond.

    It is good also that your remark gave a jolt to the young generation who are still wet behind the ears that they will NEVER DIE ! I have a list of 65 names which showed they do die young. The youngest was 39 !

    With the realization of a person’s sensitivity, I never ask another person how old they are or what they do for a living. But I have such questions constantly thrust upon me by younger people at the first opportunity. I always smiled and said nothing.

    As a qualified doctor you would agree with me that our brains are not only our most valuable asset to advance or do ourselves in during Life as recent events in our beloved Malaysia have shown us. The functions of the brain to this day have still not fully reveal its secrets governing vital functions in our bodies.

    We know important hormones are secreted to facilitate the functions normally from its cells both in the grey and white matter. The reason for this knowledge barrier is simply that we cannot experiment with a human being’s brains. And as you rightly said the best we can do is to keep the juice (hormone) flowing normally by being active.

    This has proved effective and correct in your case. We see many become aged at 40 and many at 50 onwards. Sometimes, we pin this down to our genes. But nothing more. No one really knows why some age faster than others. So we can only do what is best under our own control which you have stipulated, Tun !

    With a simple understanding of the brain, we can map out the course of our health and longevity accordingly.

    From my own experience and that of others, I found our brains performed best between 18 to 30 years. It is reported that geniuses produced their best works during this age. From 30 to 50, our mental faculties are on a gentle downward slope together with our physical activities. This is the moment when all of us think we are Supermen ! A steeper mental and physical downward gentle spiral occurred from 50 to 72. At this point, the loss of mental abilities and physical attributes take a sharper down turn. There is no escaping this route by anyone.

    But for those like you Tun who knew how to keep the brain healthy and strong, the functions of the brain still could be maintained at a high level comparatively.

    Like you Tun, who can maintain a highly level of discipline,commonsense sobriety, frugality in our every day living and in our diet and think of goodness all the time ?

    No smoking. No gambling, no drinking, No over-eating. No late nights etc In the main, a normal human being would have thought nothing of it. Hence, the doctors knowing the frailty of Humankind always without fail advise their patients that they can do everything but do not abuse the privilege. Practice what they preach as it is said.

    And finally, who would know how to keep oneself fit and healthy from age 21 onwards ? Not many. Only the doctors.

    A good example is the articles produced by you here Tun and those incoherent driblets by HBT456. The difference between a good brain and a bad one is the QUALITY OF ITS LIFE ! No more. No less.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! I will be buying a RED National Car in 2020 ! That’s what my brain told me yesterday, Tun !

  224. sibotak Oct 7,2018 8:23 AM

    Siapa nak jadi PM ?
    Apa tujuan Niat anda sebenar ?
    Ini ukuran nya disamping kebijaksanaan , amanah , berakhlak , berani kerana benar ,berani mengatakan tidak ,berani membuat perubahan dan pelbagai lagi

    Adakah ciri ini kita lihat ada pada Anuar yg kita lihat ada pada Tun Mahathir
    Apakah niat Anuar sebenar ?

    Tun berjanji pada Anuar
    Kami rakyat Malaysia tidak berjanji pada sesiapa

    Jika benar niat Anuar Tulin dan Ikhlas
    Maka Malaysia akan menentukan

  225. faridina Oct 6,2018 11:22 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    ANWAR 789 —-> TPM ke 13..?


    Langkah bijak politik dari ayahanda Tun apabila memilih untuk turun ke padang membantu bekas TPM ke 7 yang menghadapi pertandingan 7 penjuru di PRK PD.

    Walaupun mengikut fakta sewaktu ayahanda Tun menjadi Pengerusi BN beberapa dekad lalu tidak pernah pula turun berkempen untuk mana2 PRK.

    Inilah kes Anwar minta dimanjakan terlebih pulak, sudahlah diampunkan begitu sahaja sekarang mahu didokong pula bekas TPM ke 7 ini ke laluan PM ke 8 di negeri 9..


    p/s :
    Bisa MP tapi PM belum bisa.

    Peringatan : TPM ke 13 sila abaikan.

  226. HBT456 Oct 6,2018 3:13 PM

    Dont feel bad for this mca since you have done your best to bring malaysia to where we are today.

    Yup, we are alawys pendatang to them eventhough we have been in here for few generations.

    Therefore, jangan pandang, jangan marah mahupun hasut.

    In terms of numbers, we have already loose out.

    Therefore, dont waste time in begging here and there to maintain the chinese language.

    Jika mereka mahu bagi, then be grateful.

    Jika mereka tak mahu bagi, we can always learn ourselves.


    Being a chinese who cant write their names in han language, it means a shame as chinese.

  227. Hajar Oct 6,2018 2:57 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Bagi golongan yang betul2 faham erti Demokrasi, mereka bukan jenis yang suka buat kacau/ merusuh, atau sikit2 mahu tunjuk perasaan di khalayak umum jika tidak puas hati dengan apa saja isu.

    2. Rakyat yang matang dan boleh berfikir secara logik sedar dan tahu bahawa Kerajaan (Malaysia) boleh ditukar secara aman damai melalui Pilihanraya Umum (PRU). Undi kita amat berharga.

    3. Pada pendapat saya, Tun berjaya menerapkan banyak nilai2 murni di jiwa rakyat jelata semasa Tun menjadi PM ke-4 selama lebih 22 tahun. Salah satu nilai murni tersebut ialah agar rakyat tidak sesuka hati berdemo secara haram dan menyusahkan orang lain, kerana setiap kali ada demonstrasi jalanan, banyak orang yang tidak berdosa mengalami kerugian (jalan sesak, bisnes terganggu, etc). Kerosakan harta awam turut merugikan Kerajaan. (Tetapi Tun pula telah pernah berdemo 🙁 .. nasib baik didikan baik Tun masih dipegang oleh majoriti rakyat.)

    4. Kerana kejayaan Tun mendidik majoriti rakyat Malaysia untuk menghargai keamanan yang kita ada, peralihan kuasa selepas PRU14 berjalan dengan baik, dan pihak yang kalah tidak melakukan huru-hara. Bodohlah orang yang menafikan hakikat bahawa kesedaran majoriti rakyat (termasuk pihak yang kalah) tentang pentingnya menerima kekalahan dengan hati terbuka banyak menyumbang kepada peralihan kuasa secara aman.

    5. Tentang PRK PD, saya harap Tun fikir kembali (batalkan saja) tentang rancangan Tun untuk turun berkempen di PD bagi menyatakan sokongan kepada Anwar Ibrahim. Tun tidak perlu terlibat dengan PRK PD yang dari segi moral memang tidak patut berlaku.

    6. Lagi satu, antara bekas PM Najib dan Anwar, kita tidak boleh jangka siapa yang lebih teruk (sebagai PM). Pada pemerhatian saya, DSAI akan jadi PM yang lebih teruk (dari DSN). Kita lihat sahaja nanti (jika Allah izinkan DSAI menjadi PM). Mungkin ada hikmahnya jika DSAI menjadi PM supaya apa yang digembar-gemburkan tentang kehebatan beliau boleh beliau buktikan (tong kosong saja dia ni…).

    7. Anwar belum pernah jadi PM. Tun mana boleh jangka apa yang beliau boleh lakukan selepas menjawat jawatan PM. Dulupun Tun menyokong bekas PM Najib, dan kita lihat apa yang berlaku. Tun sendiri pun terkejut dengan kerakusan bekas PM Najib. Saya harap Tun tidak melakukan satu lagi kesilapan yang (lebih) besar di mana Tun tersilap menilai perangai seseorang yang Tun sokong untuk jadi PM. Jika Tun tersilap lagi, habislah kita…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  228. HBT456 Oct 6,2018 2:51 PM

    It is indeed good news to mca, and thank you for kicking out mca from barisan nasional, so that the chinese voters will not be the punching bag again and again for the mubarakchans and the gangs.

    Now the mubarakchans and pakatan harapan can eat the chocolate all by themselves.

    Yup, when leaders felt they no longer have the luxury of time, mereka pasti akan kocoh sini, kocoh sana.

    No worries, in less than 5 years, there will be another general election called.

    Mca too, will not go for hard landing.

    Boleh means boleh.

    Tak boleh means tak boleh.

  229. Sri Sense Oct 6,2018 1:36 PM

    Good evening Tun!

    Wah banyak betul kerja rumah kena buat hari ini. I ada dengar sosek sosek Tun dah ada cybertropper, kalau ada kosong I nak apply, boleh?

    Sempena election PD ini banyak betul cakap2 kat media massa. Kalau Tun tanya I, jika mengundi di PD, nak undi Anwar, tak? Pantas I jawab, Tidak.

    I sebagai yang tak mengundi disana boleh bagi banyak alasan kenapa I tidak akan undi Anwar.

    1. TIADA TANDA SYUKUR : Ketika baru keluar dari penjara, Anwar terus naik pentas, siap cium tangan sendiri (ada keluar dalam news portal) mengajar LGE macam mana jadi Minister of Finance. Anehnya disini kenapa Anwar tidak buat doa selamat, panggil orang masjid, kenduri di rumah. Bukan kah itu sering dibuat orang Melayu beragama Islam, tambahan bila usia dah meningkat senja.

    2. TIADA TANDA BERIBADAT : Kenapa dibulan puasa, isteri beliau pernah sebut nak pergi masjid bersama (ada keluar dalam news portal) tapi yang I nampak Amwar pergi overseas instead. Bukankah baik jika mereka berdua pergi masjid dalam bulan yang mulia, kalau tiada ada masa pun, sekali sekala bersama, especially umur mereka dah meningkat senja.

    3. TIDAK BIJAK JAWAB : Kenapa semasa disoal, samada beliau homo. Tiada jawapan terus dan lurus diberi. Anehkan, bagi seorang yang sering bercakap bagai seorang sastarawan negara ketika dipentas dan khalayak ramai.

    Namun ada juga sebab2 lain I dengar kenapa ramai rasa beliau tidak layak jadi PM, rasanya tak penting I tulis lagi, sebab online dah ada.

    Kawan2 hubby pula kata sebab kocoh. Kocoh nak keluar penjara. Kocoh nak jadi MP. Lepas ini mesti kocoh nak jadi DPM. Lepas itu kocoh nak jadi PM pula. Serba macam kocoh pun akan ada nanti.

    Sebab terlalu kocoh maka ada macam2 kes, termasuk full and free pardon dipertikaikan ramai. I tak blame agong, I bet someone lobbied for the royal pardon; must be LGE or DPM or both.

    Anwar no Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela makan 4 tahun baru tanding.

    That’s all I can say. Tun boleh cuba bantu, pilihan still ditangan rakyat. Biarlah pilihan kali ini bersih, cekap dan amanah.

  230. milshah Oct 6,2018 10:48 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I would like to comment something that has been on my mind ever since Pakatan Harapan won the election. Being a politician you may have noticed this too. When Pakatan Harapan won, it caught everyone by surprise. Najib and his co-conspirators took time to absorb the result, which resulted in the delay of the GE result announcement, but in the end they had to accept the will of the rakyat. However, that didn’t stop them from making certain maneuvers.

    If Pakatan Harapan is to win, they had to accept, but it is one they cannot accept is Tun Mahathir becoming the Prime Minister again. They had caused too wrong to Tun, and Tun knows all their evil deeds. If they had won the GE, our beloved nation would have been destroyed.

    Their thinking was, yes, Pakatan had won the election, but as at least let’s not make Tun Mahathir Prime Minister again.

    And so, the first thing we heard was the phone call by Najib to Anwar on the day the GE result was announced. Najib wanted to make a deal with Anwar, since PKR won the most seats among the Pakatan parties. But Anwar would have none of this, he told Najib to deal with Mahathir.

    And then, there was the pardon. The speed at which Anwar was given a full pardon was amazing. Would Anwar have been given a full pardon, if BN had won the election?

    And then, there were talks that someone wanted Kak Wan to become the Prime Minister, since again on the basis the GE was won on PKR logo and therefore the offer to be PM should be given the President of PKR. Again Kak Wan declined on the basis it was agreed among the coalition for Tun to become Prime Minister.

    And recently the UMNO AGM, there was again talks of a unity government, between UMNO and PKR, which was again dismissed.

    Even the PD election, in which Anwar is contesting, UMNO decided not to contest.

    There is a sense of so much fear from the other camp not from Pakatan Harapan but from Tun Mahathir. And there is a sense Anwar will be their savior from Tun Mahathir.

    As for Anwar, he must realise, the other camp, wanting so much to friend and cosying up to him, I believe, is not out of really want to be nice to him, but more out of fear of Tun. They hope, when Anwar becomes the 8th Prime Minister, Anwar won’t be harsh to them, as Tun might. Anwar must understand, Tun governed as he did, because what if what they did, was a terrible sin, they betrayed the rakyat and the nation.

    My hope is when Anwar becomes the Prime Minister, he would not be influenced by their cosying up. A wrong is still a wrong, and they must be held accountable for what they did to the rakyat and the nation. My hope is even after Tun, Pakatan Harapan would continue to uphold the rule of law and justice.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone not to betray the trust of the rakyat and the nation.

  231. musato Oct 6,2018 9:30 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sistem nilai masyarakat perlu dibetulkan dahulu sebelum kita membetulkan sistem mentadbir.

    Samada diktator, demokrasi atau monarki pemimpin perlu disokong oleh rakyat.

    Penolakan oleh rakyat terhadap pemimpin tertinggi negara secara liar akan mengakibatkan kejadian yang tidak aman serta berlakunya pergolakan dalam negara.

    Malaysia berpegang pada Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah. Kita mengikut Imam As Syafie.

    Kita diterapkan dengan nilai nilai sistem yang bersopan santun dan berbudi bahasa.

    Saya tidak melihat tujuan untuk menukar pemimpin itu sebagai sukaria. Kita perlu menjustifikasikan kenapa kita perlu melakukan pertukaran.

    Ia perlu mengikut Al Quran, Hadith dan Ijtimak Ulama.

    Samada anda diktator, demokrasi atau monarki, Islam melarang keras untuk mengulingkan pemimpin. Ini kerana dibimbangi huru hara akan berlaku.

    Huru hara bukanlah ditakuti oleh kita, akan tetapi huru hara itu adalah kesan dari bunuh membunuh di antara satu sama lain, bagi yang menentang dan ditentang.

    Alhamdulillah kita beruntung kerana pernah ditunjukkan jalan oleh Allah swt dalam perkara ini.

    Kita punyai sedikit kelebihan dalam perkara ini, dan ia telah kita gunakan serta telah terbukti bahawa ia beroleh kejayaan. Iaitu kita melalui jalan piihanraya sistem demokrasi. Kita menang 2/3.

    Adalah tugas Tun sekarang untuk mengukuhkan lagi sistem nilai masyarakat.

    Sistem nilai yang betul akan melahirkan lebih ramai pemimpin yang berkaliber pada masa hadapan, walaupun sekarang kelihatan bakal bakal pemimpin pun tunggang langgang sekali.

    Pegangan Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah telah dibuktikan benar. Ia adalah hanya 1 yang benar dari 72 cabang yang ada.

    Kita perlu mengukuhkan lagi dan terus mempertahankannya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  232. HBT456 Oct 6,2018 6:53 AM

    Yup, no one can buy power with money forever, henceforth, general election must be called.

    Mubarakchan can continue with all the bullshits of this and that.

    The most stupid leaders in this country is the chinese.

    The most pampered leaders in this country is the malay.

    The most clever leaders in this country is the indian.

    Banjir pun tak dapat disetel, even when pas vowed with gergasi keris to potong kek pulut pun tarak guna.

    When racism can make you rich, what shall you do?

    Tepuk dada?

    Tanya selera?

  233. HouseWife Oct 6,2018 2:42 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Democracy or whatever system designed championed by countries all the world over are man-made. Anything man-made are with flaws and defects, can be cracked and breached to insulate or cover-up a damaged situation. This is nothing unusual because it has happened whereby intelligent but corrupted persons linked to the government are hand-picked and engaged to be collaborators. Crooks preferred crooks. But as usual nothing good comes easy. Tun is attacked for speaking out and criticizing on violence, oppression, injustice, abuse of power, sufferings, disrespect perpetrated by countries claimed to be democratic and have huge super powers. So glad Tun has shown this beloved country the bright road to eradicate crook-nose, hook-nose and the corrupt.

    Is there a situation in PD, Tun that you need to go down there? Do you have to response to their SOS? Will the situation be any better if you helped out? Of course it would if you go as the PM of Malaysia it would be a great boost to their side but would it be fair, Tun? DSAI has everything needed, funds, bodyguards, government machinery but he still need Tun to help in the campaign. If he couldn’t handle this situation himself and bring success single-handed without direct support from Tun how were we to hand this country to him? This PD move is their idea so they should work extra pretty hard fair and square to woo bigger votes and win. Don’t drag Tun and then blame Tun if things go the opposite.

    Anyway, Tun this talk about “quarreling” it’s too trivial as an excuse. I mean people do talk, slander and gossip so if politicians who are good inside out this should not damage their reputation too much. As you said thick-skinned politicians can tackle and withstand anything that is obviously a sham. If you have to, Tun just do little little only. Don’t stressed out yourself, Tun. Let the people who created this so brilliant move run the entire show themselves till the very end. Sincerely I wish them luck.

    May Allah bless Tun always and protect Tun wherever you might be. May Allah give you great wealth in health so you can lead us for many many years to come, InsyaAllah. Take extra care of your safety and Thank you Tun.

  234. HBT456 Oct 5,2018 9:02 PM

    As long as race and religion supremacies are being play again and again, there will be no solutions for short and long terms.

    Bak kata bagi bukit emas pun tarak guna.

    Jangan kata ah choo takut, nanti ah kow pun lari.


  235. mubarakchan Oct 5,2018 6:59 PM


    The day began with a fantastic morning. The sky was completely cloudless with a tinge of pale orange in the eastern horizon which according to my beloved mother who told me when I was a boy that the following day will be nice and dry, no rain. So much for the state of our weather in this country which we were born in and grown to love except for some misled souls turned by brainwashing.

    So much for the fine weather and lack of natural disasters in this wonderful land of ours since eon times. However, our newspaper headlines do not match with the wonderful weather we always have. And this morning as I slurped in my wonderful RM 3 nasi lemak and poured over the headlines, this was what struck me hard in my eyeballs, the bad headlines :-





    5. NST.” HEROES “.

    As a group of headlines with a collective meaning, these show the state of affairs concerning NORMAL BEHAVIOUR, COMMONSENSE AND RULES WERE MISSING IN PRACTICE.


    Where else but Malaysia ? Where else the wife of a Prime Minister could have access to so much money as to launder it whilst the husband was in the office of the Prime Minister, mixing up PUBLIC MONEY WITH HER HOUSEKEEPING MONEY ! Where were the rules and regulations governing the behaviour of a Prime Minister who was elected as the paradigm statesman of the country by all concerned. And here, his wife is alleged to be dipping her hand into lots and lots of Public money as charged. The First in the World to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Where else but Malaysia ? She would have well spent her time laundering her family clothes instead of doing big business LAUNDERING MONEY BELONGING TO THE RAKYAT ! Like this, she would be happy today like you and me, Tun ! And on second thought, how could this gentleman be the Prime Minister when a situation like this arose ?


    The Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government walloped the revenues up-front and neglected the payment of recurrent expenditures like salaries, pensions, healthcare, education, social welfare and maintenance of the military as well. The One Trillion ringgits are still sitting in the overseas bank accounts of the crooks and ALL EFFORTS SHOULD BE MADE TO RETRIEVE THEM NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT OR HOW LONG THESE WILL TAKE.


    This statement arose out of the dire neglect of the security maritime deep sea buoys deployed to give warning of tsunamis to come in the adjacent areas near the sea. This statement should not have been made by the Prime Minister who has more important things to consider than maritime buoys.

    This showed the dire neglect by the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government who walloped so much Public Money for themselves that the Public Coffers are empty to service routine Recurrent Expenditures. Not only that, it is legend that the military equipment or other mechanical devices or vehicles which the Federal Government bought through the decades always broke down after a period due to the lack of follow-up and routine maintenance. Warships lie idle in ports. Submarines do not submerge. V-100 or tanks do not move. Jets do not fly.

    The New and Incorruptible Government has plenty to do in their hands.


    Since some folks are so crazy admiring LEE KUAN YEW, I suggest they GO AND ADMIRE HOW LEE KUAN YEW TURNED SINGAPORE INTO A GARDEN CITY WITH THE RIGHT SORT OF PLANTS AT MINIMUM COST ! This is only one area which LEE KUAN YEW TOWERS OVER DBKL IN TERMS OF SAVING MONEY AND NOT WASTING MONEY IN CORRUPTION TERMS. Has the DBKL heard of Lee Kuan Yew creepers and bourgainvillas the perennial flowering plants ?

    4. NST. ” NUCLEAR POWER IS OUR GREEN FUTURE.” Is this a joke ?

    You are correct in completely dismissing the use of NUCLEAR POWER IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA.

    The Author of the article went on and on dreamily in his ivory tower quoting the likes of Bill Gates and Western personalities from another World about the goodness and the sweetness of NUCLEAR POWER.

    Maybe the Author was not born in the 1980s yet when there was a mighty power breakdown in Bangsar. It was alleged a Dutch boy was despatched from ye olde Singapore to turn on or off the right switch as the saying goes.

    Not only that a struggling contractor who inveigled himself via a draughtsman to touch base with the source became handsomely rich from a lush contract to generate power to this day. Who says the Chinese are disadvantaged. Maybe by those who do not use their brains but their mouths.

    And the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster in Russia. My brother flew over it in 1988 and died of leukaemia in 1992. There have been disasters concerning nuclear plants in the US and the UK which have been covered up.

    In the recent Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster about 200 miles from Tokyo, the Western countries advised their citizens to avoid travelling to Tokyo. This was followed by advertisements encouraging tourists to visit Japan put up by the Japanese Government. So far all the NUCLEAR POWER DISASTERS HAVE OCCURRED IN LARGE COUINTRIES WITH LARGE POPULATIONS.





    And the Author without thought that present day Malaysia is contributing to the Green World because of our still standing forests. And also China and America, maybe India still ignore the Green, Green World with their populations of 2.8 Billions compared with Malaysia’s miniscule 31 Millions. Dear Author the World has globalised since 1990 !


    5. NST. ” HEROES “. I offer my heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the bereaved families of the HEROES. An event which should not have happened given the circumstances.

    It is a well-known fact that disused mining ponds in Malaysia are death-traps for all, swimmers or non-swimmers. The ponds are deep with steep sides and cold water. There is no foot-hold if a person jumps into the cold water which freezes up the body. These are all death-traps to the unwary. For 6 firemen to be caught in such a situation, it seems there was a slip somewhere when the first victim had already gone under sometime before this. I suppose other factors would have saved the day. Our main concern now is to prevent further mishaps and LOOK AFTER THEIR FAMILIES WELL.

    The above-mentioned collection of neglect, the lack of maintenance of equipment and corruption due to the neglect of rules and regulations is a collection of bug-bears facing any Government and not least of all the New and Incorruptible Government of the old and the young, the good and the great as led by our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  236. HBT456 Oct 5,2018 5:43 PM

    I would say the function of khazanah is similar to tumasek of singapore.

    The difference is khazanah connects themselves to muslim countries in the middle-east due to o & gas industry to make the biggest halal hubs in financial and manufacturing sectors via 1mdb and felda global in south east asia with a population of 30 million including sabah and sarawak.

    On the hand, tumasek singapore connects themselves to the world’s top cities based on merits and world standards with 6 million plus population.

    The late lky did mention, the local politics have too much arab influences.

    Even the melayu also feel alienated, you think other races do not feel this way?

    If you are not a muslim syariah mps, will you be able serve willingly by forcing you to follow the lifestyle of muslim?

    Itulah sebabnya umno bn tertumpang keranamu malaysia pada 9 mei 2018.

    Yup, this show all systems can fail if the owners made the wrong decision, but the country name is still malaysia.

    We cannot change the past, but we definitely can improve in the future.

    P/s: 6 anggota pdrm mati lemas to save a life, and those senators involved and igp needs to address this problem in the public as pdrm is public civil servants under malaya federation on why this happened, and how to prevent it from happening, not by sekadar baca doa, then, the case is closed.

  237. HBT456 Oct 5,2018 8:58 AM

    This apply to asian mahupun south east asia region.

    For those who cannot accept and respect other races, then, they must stay in kampung and jaga their own kampung.

    So much domestic social crimes, what so you do as the misnitry concern?

    Changing law is very tough and difficult because no one can see the impact in the long run, therefore, law shouldnt be changed just to favor someone, or political party.

    To be or not to be, that is not the question.

    Able or not, we will see how far kita semua can go.

  238. HBT456 Oct 5,2018 8:51 AM

    The definition of tolerate is to accept behaviour and beliefs that are different from your own, although you might not agree with or approve of them.

    The law that is passed and approved by the majority of the mps based on tolerance, then, the ultimate result is tidak kukuh, atau ultra.

    After so many years of doing hardtalk and softtalk, there dont seem to be a political, economic or social solutions, henceforth, programmes are here to bring malaysians of all races to reach a common goal, bukan?

    The key word to move forward is INTEGRATION of all races, bukan force assimilation mahupun soft assimilation of ketuanan melayu mahupun ketuanan islam based on vote counts whereby winner takes all.

    Everyone is aware agong and states’s sultan are malay, and the official religion of malaysia ia islam.

    Therefore, no need to continue playing with these issues again and again, dah merdeka more than 6 decades, cucu cicit pun ada, tak cukup lagi ke?

  239. mubarakchan Oct 4,2018 8:05 PM


    At this time of a person’s Life, shall we say we have seen it all. Really Tun ? With us Humankind nothing is surprising, nothing is beyond expectations. That’s Humankind for you and me. Round and round we go about our lives in Politics, Sports, Science, Wars, Inventing things or whatever through the centuries from the time of long ago when we all were supposed to be disparate tribes wearing loin cloths if not skins.

    Humankind despite their civilizations are no better than the animals in the jungle or the African wild, killing each other for space. The killing has never stopped since the beginning of Humankind. The history of Humankind is a history of wars, conquests and more killings. The creation of kingdoms and empires in different times and places. Through the centuries of wars and strifes, Humankind had only known peace under despots which came one after another in different regions in most parts of the World even the Incas in the Americas have them – the despots.

    Suddenly arising from all the sword and the blood of civilised Humankind, we chanced upon 19th Century Britain which by then had absorbed the Irish, the Welsh and the Scots through conquests by the wily English. With the centuries of strife and bloodshed in their quest for Power and to Rule over others, the British did not create the Mother of all Parliaments but the realisation of debates and majority Rule was the way to go in the pursuit of Success and Wealth in Britain’s 19th Century Industrialization. This boom was great at the expense of the poor masses and the newly conquered colonies of the World. The Wealth so engendered can still be seen in the huge estates with magnificent palaces dotting the countryside of Britain. Sometimes abandoned or still lived in. That was the result of sorting out politics on an even plane to face the World of Britain’s foes or rivals to create an Empire which the World had never seen before and on which the Sun never sets. The Power of Democracy in Britain’s self or National Interest. The other countries of the World later developed the same political forums not for fun but of Survival of the Fittest with a strong underbelly after realising that the Kings or Queens who ruled them were mainly ineffective or devoid of ideas having been corrupted by Power and Wealth. In other words, two heads are better than one.

    Like a tiny seedling in a primeval forest, this Democracy of the Mother of All Parliaments grew in lands far away as the panaceas to rule by despots, kings or dictators. The Rule by the Majority. Some succeeded in Europe but crooks like Hitler could manipulate Democracy for his purpose and others like him as well. Throughout the 20th Century, Democracy struggled to establish itself in many countries. With the collapse of the British Empire, the British left different manner of Democracy in different lands arising from their demographic manipulations like importing East Indians to Guiana, South Africa, Malaya ,and Chinese to South Africa, Australia, Malaya to fill their commercial needs. At Independence or Merdeka of these former colonies, a Constitution created to tailor fit for each ex-Colony. Many failed thereafter due to the usual excess and abuses of Humankind.

    Malaysia I would now say the Lucky Land, escaped the wanton excesses and abuses by her governing Rulers right up to 2003 because the first four Prime Ministers were well prepared and selected for the job to Rule the Rakyat. They were intelligent too. The fifth, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is exceptional in that he had to be brilliant to be able to qualify as a DOCTOR to save lives. How to save lives ? Years of study and practice using one’s brains with discipline and controlled emotions. a DOCTOR CANNOT BE SEEN CRYING IN FRONT OF A DYING PATIENT WHOM HE WAS SUPPOSED TO SAVE ! Right ? With a highly intelligent and trained mind which absorbed all details plus his doctor’s little book, nothing escaped his scrutiny. However, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was a giant in the making. He had weaknesses which the wily CLOSEST AIDES EXPLOITED HIM. His greatest weakness is his COMPASSION AND THE ETERNAL DESIRE TO HELP OTHER ALWAYS. All doctors have these traits which are good for doctors and prime ministers BUT NOT THE ATTRIBUTES FOR MAKING A HUGE FORTUNE which requires different human attributes. So, when Tun admitted he made some mistakes, I truly and sincerely believed him.

    From 1957 to 2003, our beloved Malaysia’s unique Malaysian style Democracy with a Malay bias and our loyalty and devotion to the Constitution, our Yang Di Pertuan Agong abd the Royal Sultans rested with the Head of the Federal Government, the Prime Minister.

    IN THEM, THE PRIME MINISTERS OF MALAYSIA 1957-2003 WE TRUSTED. THEY DELIVERED THEIR HONESTY, CARE AND LEADERSHIP TO US THE RAKYAT. We have always been not stupid or subservient but through our own natural Asian courtesies and respect for the advice of Elders and accommodation between different communities , we Malaysians tend to be more docile in the eyes of the foreigners. Not so. History has shown us to be tolerant and patient with crisis and problems and not to rush to the streets burning, killing and raping.

    9 May 2018 GE WAS A GREAT PROBLEM OR CRISIS SAVER FOR US MALAYSIANS BY WAY OF OUR MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY – our civilised way. IT ONLY HAPPENED BECAUSE WE HAD THE RIGHT LEADER IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME ! Others have failed in their efforts to capture Putrajaya since 1997 ! Let us all remember for our own sake’s in the National Interest. We must never forget significant milestones in our beloved Malaysia’s colourful history.

    AND WHEN THE LEADERSHIP OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DID NOT PRACTISE DEMOCRACY BUT ONLY PAY LIP-SERVICE TO IT FROM 2004 TO 2018, the only device legitimately and in acivilised manner was to kick out the recalcitrant via our Malaysian Style Democracy with a Malay bias – the BUMIPUTRA AFFIRMATIVE POLICIES to uplift all to an even playing field. This bit of Democracy was actually what made our beloved Malaysia ticked all these years amongst others as promised by one Prime Minister after another but lost its meaning between 2004 to 2018 due to greed, weakness of the flesh and the soft underbelly COMPOUNDED BY SHADY FOREIGN TYPES IN SUITS READY TO EXPLOIT ANY WEAKNESS OF THE MALAYSIAN LEADERSHIP WHICH WAS PLENTY BETWEEN 2004-2018.

    Democracy survived in our beloved Malaysia. Cynically, Democracy saved itself with the right Leadership. Thanks to our courageous and brilliant Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Be a doctor to be sure of becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia one distant day.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  240. HBT456 Oct 4,2018 3:24 PM

    Dictator means saddam hussein needed to be mean, heartless and ruthless in killingthose rivals who opposed him during the 70s.

    Meaning people including his relatives were afraid of him, not because they respect and accept him as leader.

    The 1st female prime misnister of pakistan benazir bhutto, a muslim, was assasinated.

    The closet muslim legal aide of myanmmar prime minister ang sang suu kyi was being assasinated few years back in broad day light, if you are in her shoes, how will you feel?

    Even when north and south korea united, 2 political system will still be there for many generations to come, that is north korea remains as 1 party system, and south korea remain is a multi-party systems.

    We have gone through so many ugly politically propagated protests, jika masih tak cukup hodoh lagi, then, they really have to ask themselves again, are they not good enough, or are they not rich enough?

    To open up, or to nail the coffin, it is up to them to decide.

    Even when we know the truth, thats nothing we can do jika mereka tak rasa segan mahupun insaf.

    P/s: kini mana ada orang pakai cd rom punya, mereka tak tahu apakah fungsi pdf ke?

  241. milshah Oct 4,2018 9:55 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Democracy is a means, it is not an end. We don’t apply democracy for the sake of democracy. We can see how democracy have affected many middle east countries. For example Iraq, where the President Saddam, was seen as a dictator. The western powers dispose of him and installed democracy to Iraq. But did the Iraqi people benefited from this democracy? On daily basis, we can read news on Iraq like suicide bombings, secterial attacks between Syiah and Sunni, etc, etc. Has democracy benefited the Iraqis? Clearly it has not. Where are the Americans and British who said they disposed Saddam to make Iraq a better country now that Iraq is in state of chaos? Even though Saddam maybe a dictator, at least he brought progress to the Iraqi, at least there was no fighting between Sunni and Syiah. So I agree with Tun, we don’t practice democracy for the sake of democracy. It does not mean if every country in the world adopt a democractic system, the world will be a better place.

    However, for Malaysia, we were fortunate we had a democractic system. But democractice system alone is not sufficient. The voters must also know how to use the democractic powers given to them. And we needed a coalition of parties led by a strong leader to convince the voters to vote for the right party.

    During Najib as Prime Minister, alot of things was thrown at him but failed. The 4 Tan Sri to investigate the 1MDB scandal was disbanded, the audit report was classified as Official Secrets documents, some newspapers had their licenses revoked or suspended, Bersatu was suspended before the election,Harapan registeration was in limbo, corporate company’s that funded the opposition was investigated for income tax, etc, etc.

    He was able to dodge everything thrown at him. Not only that, those who investigated him was eather replaced or faced criminal charges for “attempting to topple a democratically elected government”.

    When all hope seems but lost, during GE 14, the people rose and used their voting powers to change the government. It was a miracle, nobody, even the oppositions, deep in their hearts thought possible. Only and only then, was Najib defeated.

    So democracy does work, as in the case of Malaysia for the GE 14, but it does also have its shortcomings, and does not necessarily work for all nations of the world.

  242. Sri Sense Oct 3,2018 8:58 PM

    Good evening Tun!

    I baca berita ini 2 hari yang lalu

    Kalau tanya I mana yang salah. Dua2 pun salah.

    Satu nak Malaysia Baru. But the Malaysia Baru masih ada ramai rakyat dalamnya tak reti cakap Bahasa Melayu dengan fasih. Malah ada yang tak nak iktiraf Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Penghantaran. Kalau kita ingat baru2 ini ada berita Sultan Johor menegur tentang kegunaan bahasa.

    Indonesia, Filipina, Vietnam, semua tempat ini ada keturunan China, tapi mereka fasih bahasa negara mereka, tak sama macam di Malaysia.

    The other pihak pula Sarawak for Sarawakians. Ini lagi best dia panggil kita disini Malaya. Dulu I pergi Miri pun mereka panggil I orang Semenanjung sama macam orang Brunei panggil I orang Semenanjung. Memang some masih panggil Malaya. That was like 7 8 years ago.

    Perlu ingat Malaysia dah Merdeka 61 tahun.

  243. Krisemas Oct 3,2018 6:41 PM

    A sad day for Malaysia today. Our beloved icon Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor has been detained and will be charged tomorrow. What have you done.

    She is supposed to be above the law you know. We allowed her to have so much money and to spend. The more she spends the more dignity she brings to us as our icon.

    Dignity of a race has been raped by those who only understand the rules as they are written. It is beyond the written rules and laws. The silent codes that must be respected and never violated that these people can never understand.

  244. faridina Oct 3,2018 12:51 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Well said ayahanda Tun..

    You were the only dictator who cries to resign..

    You were an ex-dictator who cries pledging the rakyat to oust the Cash is King Dictator..

    And now you are the only dictator who is talking about democracy.. 🙂

    We are so amuse so to speak dear Sir!

    p/s : You cries for the coolness of the rakyat’s eyes, ayahanda Tun.

  245. Sri Sense Oct 3,2018 12:44 PM

    Good morning dearest Tun

    One of the foundations of democracy is the assumption that all votes are equal. Well, that’s the theory—but in fact it is rarely so (more on that later).

    In a democracy, tribal mentality is very dangerous, because it will make you vote “for your team” instead of voting according to issues. That means that whoever leads “your team” can rest assured that they have your vote, and instead of focusing on your interests, they can proceed to deal with their own. You can see that a lot in UMNO or even in big offices, bila cakap kat manager, manager tak pass kat management, your agenda tong sampah, his agenda in 🙂

    Well, nothing is perfect in this world. We just try to get along with each other. If we can’t, avoid it la. You can migrate also, nobody tahan you. Unless hutang bertimbun ada court case maybe susah la. At least dalam democracy system ada pertukaran leaders but in communist