Government and Governance in the Islamic World 197

Full text of PM speech at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies on September 24th, 2018.

Bilsmillahirahmanirahim in the Name Of Allah the Merciful and the Compassionate.

Assalamualaikum and very good afternoon everyone. Mr. Nizam, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen. I feel deeply honoured that I had been asked to speak once again at Oxford University. I have chosen the subject called Government and Governance in the Islamic World. The first thing that you would note about the system of governnce in Islamic World is that it had hardly changed. At the time when the rest of the world were modifying their system of government. The Islamic World remained attached to the system the monarchy system which supports an authoritarian system. Nobody could think of any revision in that system. The ruler is supreme and obedience to him is a must. The ruler has absolute power. And this is accepted by the people in muslim countries that the ruler should have absolute power. Of course as you say absolute power corrupts and corrupts absolutely. Invariably this happens in most of islamic states. It doesn’t mean that they don’t provide good governance all the time. They have been rulers in Islamic state who have done a great deal for their country who have led their country to prominence until at one time of course the muslim appeared to be the most successful people in term of governance of their countries. They were strong they were able to conquer their neighbours. They were able to provide for the development of their countries. In fact they were so impressive they are letting a lot European countries felt they need to copy from the muslim governance system. And so therefore some time around 15th century Europeans began to study Islamic way of governance and development. They even studied arabic in order to gain access to the great libraries in Cordoba in Baghdad because they want to know how was it that the muslim so abled to build the great civilisation. The standard in those days was the muslim standard. Everybody felt that if they copy the muslim system they would progress. Indeeed they did around 15th century they gained access to the libraries of the muslim intellectual and they learned alot from the Muslim.
But unfortunately at about the same time the muslim decided that their system was wrong. They decided they were not Islamic enough. They thought anything that is not about Islam is not desirable. The study of other subjects will not gain merit for the after life. And so they cease to study all those subjects at which they excelled in the past. Of course we know of name like Ibn Sina, Ibnu Rusyd and the others who find many of the knowledge that gave muslim civilization the edge over other civilizations.
However, through out all these the whim and fancies of the ruler prevails. If they have good ruler then they succeed and they become very modern in that sense during their time. But the ruler upon gaining absolute power invariably abuse the power that they have and so we find that some of the intellectuals were the victims of jealousy on the part of the ruler. And of course they did not get the benefit of intellectuals in the governnce of their countries.
These prevail until today and now muslims have to admit that they are not leading the world anymore. They have been left behind and they have been left behind because they have discarded the learning that they find before. This has been taken over by the European and they find that they were left behind they continue to be left left behind. Eventually of course the great Muslim civilisation fragmented and almost all their lands and teritories were conquered by western countries. They no longer have anything to buy and to rule. This does not mean they are incapable they are very capable people but their opportunity to learn anything else other than religion had denied them. As a result they began to regret.
This is one of the things that happen when will give absolute power to anyone at all. They tend to be jealous of others and they tend to downgrade anybody else who may appear to be better than them. Throughout history of the Muslim word we see these things happening eventually they had to come around to prepare to accept the fact that they are no longer the great Islamic Civilisation that they used to be. They see all around them countries which had prospered greatly. These countries prospered because initially these countries learn from the muslim civilisation and they made progress from there on. After the muslim countries were conquered they felt that they were no longer able to compete with the West and they developed inferiority complex and they feel that they could do nothing right. The regression goes on and on until many of them migrated to
to live in other countries and and they find that other countries are doing better then their own countries. They find that giving power to one person is not right . They need to adopt the system that was developed in the West. Eventually of course they felt they too should become democratic.
But democracy is not the easiest way to manage. It is very complex it needs self restrain on the part of many people including of the people who have been given the right to choose their government but this is something that muslim generally does not understand how could the ruler be chosen by the people. The ruler should be because of his right because he comes from certain family even if the ruler is overthrown by some leaders in their community. The new leader inevitably adopt the title of ruler. They all became sultan and they all propagated same sytem of government in which the ruler does everything for the country for the people. Indeed all revenues go to the ruler. It is up to his generousity to distribute wealth to the country in order to grow or to administer the country .That is still stand today. Revenue of country belong to the ruler and it is up to him to be generous to pay for the administration and development of the country. And as I said just now invariably they become corrupt . So the answer to that is to change system of government and they found that system must be the democratic system and they were urge to overthrow their rulers and setup a democratic government.
We know they tried to do this now known as the Arab Spring but as you know democracy in the west did not become the system overnight. It took the West almost 200 years to develop the system of democracy. It required a certain frame of mind to accept having a ruler who is chosen by the people. The progress was slow. Initially only land owners were allowed to participate in voting for the government subsequently other groups were also allowed working people were allowed like to go to other government women took a long time get the right to vote for the government.
So you can see that the democratic system did not come to the West overnight. It took many many years before the frame of mind was such that they accept the result of simple things like a tick on a piece of paper called the vote to determine who will rule the country.

The other thing about the muslim world is that they believe in consensus that any decision must be agreed to by everyone. Until it is agreed to by everyone a decision cannot be made. It is almost impossible to have everyone agreed to anything invariably there will be wdifferences in their views and opinions as in order to achieve consensus they have to water down whatever decision to make until it becomes quite meaningless. So it is very difficult for Muslim countries to change on their own. They may have noticed the dictatorial ways of the absolute rulers but they could not think of changing the system because to do so need to have consensus. It took them a very very long time before some members of their community having been exposed to system of the government in the Western countries. For them to decide they took long time until they were forced by outside power to change. This was the regime change that they have to undertake.
It is now called the Arab Spring. Why it is called the Arab Spring is something that until now I cannot understand but the fact is that the the world caused is changing the system of government in the Muslim countries and this is something that is good . But they forget that it is not just the system that has to be changed it is also the mind set the value system of the people must change which has changed. From having hereditary king to having leader voted by the people is a big change which is not easy to adopt by whole country . So what we see is that they did carryout out revolution of sort to overthrow out the dictatorial leaders for all these they were all united . They thought that if the ruler is disposed then they will become the ruler. Always the thinking is still change a ruler for another ruler. They did not realised that the reason the why ruler was disposed was because there were many factions in their society wanted the leader to be dispose so for that reason they remain united. They have one objective to overthrow the ruler and they felt once the leader is overthrown then they will become democratic. But there are many factions which participated in the overthrow of the rulers and each faction believe with the ruler they will take over his place as soon as the ruler is overthrown they realise that the are many aspirants all wanted to pickup the ruler.
When they conducted election they found that through election one of them not all of them but one of them may achieve the desired number of votes in order to be the government.
But the loser do not want to accept this. They felt that something must be wrong if they themselves did not win. So a new government is formed with probably the people giving majority to one party the other party refuses to accept the result they would struggle to bring that government down In many instances of course they resort to violence and the new government elected by majoriy of people were pulled down and they’re either have to have another election or else somebody might elect to power . if there is a strong military force in society the military will take advantage of situation and form a kind of military government which of course is not democracy. Otherwise they might have an election they may be a new party would win but the new party will be subjected to the same forces which brought down the previous party. So sometimes you see something like musical chair with different parties becoming the government and being change without being able to rule the country.
This is because on the one hand the intellectuals may understand the workings of democracy but the vast majority of people do not understand that in the democracy you have to respect the vote. You have to respect the choice made by the people feel that if they are not being chosen there must be some mistake somewhere. So you find government being changed and change again some time through democratic processes at other time through seizure of power by some strong man or by military. You see this happening in many of the new democracies in the Muslim world.
If they are going to suceed I think it is necessary to give them more time to develop the mind set that understand that you can honour the vote of the people and accept there will be a ruler who is chosen by the people by the simple process of voting.

This is something that is not really understood in the Muslim world which I said just now is much more familiar much more comfortable with hereditary ruler. We find that even though there may be change of government invariably would try to assume the position of a hereditary ruler. They cannot imagine that after they finished their term either somebody else might take over from them. So you find in some dictatorship resulting from the overthrow of monarchy. Also setting a new monarchy with same system of hereditary ruler.
The expectation is that once a person win with his family have right to govern the country through his family forever. So this is the process that can only be avoided over time by learning and understanding the democratic system .
I am saying this about muslim countries. Malaysia is a muslim country not 100% muslim. 40% of our people are non muslim and 60% are muslim . But upon independence we decided that this system we would adopt would be democratic system.
This was not so easy because we have 9 rulers 9 hereditary rulers. Most of the muslim in the country are very loyal to this ruler. How do we deal with them? We thought we should adopt the British system of constitutional monarch. But then there are 9 monarchs so we decided to have a change of the ruler every five years but confined to the hereditary rulers of 9 states. Somehow it has worked because the people in the country seem to find that they still have their rulers but they can still have their democratic system.
It is not been easy there are problems like race differences and religion but Malaysian are probably the most timid people. They don’t like violent they are prepared to endure hardship with that government until it changes by itself. They are not going to make any effort to overthrow the government. No violence no assinnation and the like and so in Malaysia it seems to have work. But Malaysia is not 100% muslim. I do not know whether Malaysia as 100% muslim country would be able to fuction as democracy or not. We need to test that.
Perhaps by depriving the non muslim of the right to vote but of course we are not going to do that. But in other muslim countries we see the transition has brought about changes which are disastrous for those countries I think there is a need of them to spend more time understanding for the people themselves to understand the democratic system if you don’t understand that in a democracy the vote is powerful then of course you cannot have a democratic system. This is the problem faced by many Muslim countries because there is still much more comfortable with monarchy with authoritarian system even if there is seizure of power by a non royal still the new ruler would assume the title of king or sultan whatever and rule the country thru their authoritarian monarchal system so this is a problem that cannot be overcome overnight he’s going take long time unfortunately because they don’t understand the system they are facing terrible disasters today and every time they tried for democratic system they will be fighting among them and the countries can be almost totally destroyed. For me as a Muslim I feel shame that muslim countries are not so well governed to the extent that Muslims run away from Muslim countries to live in non muslim countries. That is what is happening today they find that non Muslim countries provide better protection and security for them but their own muslim countries are unstable one and oppressive. So Muslim need to understand that power given to the ruler is not for him to use for his own self but actually for the country and the people. This is something that many of the absolute rulers do not understand. I say this with repetition because even in my own country we cannot say anything against the ruler and of course you have such powerful rulers as it would be some abuses of power. We have in Malaysia we have to suffer in silence and some how or rather more likely is this a difficult task for us in Malaysia it is even more difficult for the 100% muslim countries because their people do not understand the democratic system. A system in which the people choose their government and support the government in their period of time . They cannot wait until term is over they need to change immediately after an election try to overthrow the winners. They cannot wait until 5 years or 4 years before the next general election is held . This is what we have seen today in many Muslim countries and I think it is going to take time for them to understand
the working of democracy, time for them to learn to respect the vote and set up government which uses power in order for betterment of country and people. I thank you.


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  3. HBT456 Dec 22,2018 10:07 AM

    Me too mute notification from local political parties and online news portal that seems to be in the form of harrassment.

    Bak kata, mereka ini rasa mereka adalah paling bijak, but online users too have right to mute such harrassment, hate speech, terrorism, spam, scam etc….

    Bak kata, pandai2 mereka ini lah yang dikata adalah perjuang bangsa dan agama ekonomi mereka masing-masing,

    Assets too could be liabilities of the nation if they do not understand the rationality of kunci kira-kira, atau balance sheet, are required for audit purpose.

    P/s: we can never change the past, but we can only improve as we move along since no one knows what will happen in the future. bak kata, if they still stuck in dulu punya mindset, they will be left behind in the name of race and religion supremacy since everyone knows local politicians could be rigged with snap of fingers.

  4. HBT456 Dec 22,2018 9:50 AM

    I was told this bomba young man was dragged out, and few of the rioters of huge body pijak2 him and lead to patah tulang on top of the lung.

    Will there be a conspiracy theory again just to justify this act of rioting, kerana takut kalah undi?

    If such conspiracy theory writing is continued, then, malaysia would be a hot spot for spread of terrorism is within expectation.

    Terrorism tolerant?

    Terrorism free?

    Drug tolerant?

    Drug free?

    Bak kata, jika api kecil dibiarkan, apabila api jadi merak, pastinya ia adalah lebih bahaya dan tidak selamat.

    When firemen is putting off fire in the affected lot di kawasan perindustrian, the neigbouring lots usually will give angpow and drinks as token of appreciation for their courage in puting off fire, but unfortunately, this act of appreciation is treated as musuh dalam selimut dari dulu hingga sekarang.

    P/s: jika mahu sign icerd, tak payah minta permission from rubber stamp, i mean, federal, ministry punya, just get the sultan of her state to sign and implement at state level, kan sultan has the highest say in land issue, tak gitu?

  5. Sri Sense Nov 23,2018 12:16 PM

    Salam Tun

    Sekarang ini asyik2 ICERD.

    Khabarnya hanya negara2 ini belum sain, North Korea, Myanmar, Angola, Western Sahara, Brunei dan Malaysia. LKS pun bukan main lagi mempersoalkan tindak tanduk PAS.

    I think gini la, sebab I banyak juga baca kat internet, ada kawan2 kata kalau Islam benarkan polygamy so adakah bangsa lain boleh merasa hahaha. Ada juga mempersoalkan negara2 Middle East yang disebut oleh LKS yang telah sain adalah negara yang mengamalkan Syariah law. So kalau orang Islam kena kerat tangan semua bangsa pun kena kerat tangan.

    I tak tahu about Singapore kalau mereka dah sain, tidak juga nampak bangsa lain yang kaya di Singapore selain dari kaum Cina.

    Don’t be too idealistic. That’s all I can say.

  6. superSepantun Nov 15,2018 7:14 AM

    Diucap sejahtra & slmat pagi,
    Digarap cerita.? ibuPertiwi.!

    Tangan digenggam kanan & kiri,
    Nk dihadam.! Apa dihati.?

    Nk berpimpin, hala & tuju..
    Azmin/Putin.!? mana seteru.?!

    Buah cempedak, kajang berlipat,
    Siapakah budak? juang brtempat,


    Asalamualaikum tun..

  7. Hajar Nov 10,2018 11:15 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun untuk mengulas isu berikut:


    Saya ada baca kenyataan Tun (tidak lama dahulu) tentang histeria di kalangan orang Melayu terutamanya di kalangan wanita dan mengenai kegilaan orang Melayu menonton cerita hantu/tahyul (kepercayaan karut-marut / khurafat).

    Tun juga ada beri alasan SAINTIFIK tentang apa sebenarnya yang ‘kelihatan’ sebagai hantu dan menjadi punca kejadian histeria.

    Maaf Tun. Kenyataan Tun tidak tepat. Tun tidak mengambil kira peranan SYAITAN/iblis dan JIN. Dalam Islam, TIADA HANTU; yang ada ialah syaitan @ iblis dan jin. Kita wajib percaya wujudnya syaitan dan jin. Harapan saya Tun sedar akan hakikat ini.

    Saya pun orang Sains (Ijazah2 saya dalam bidang Sains). Saya beritahu supaya tiada orang dung* yang buat telahan atau andaian2 bodoh tentang saya.

    Sebagai orang Sains, saya bukanlah jenis yang suka merapu meraban serta merepek dan bergurau tidak tentu hala seperti sesetengah orang (mungkin dihasut syaitan kot). Bidang saya menjurus kepada logik akal fikiran (teori2 Matematik /Sains/ Teknologi/etc.). Dalam apa2 hal, pembuktian mesti berdasarkan fakta sahih, bukan setakat hentam keromo (main tembak) dan syok sendiri sahaja. Jadi, saya layak untuk mengkritik Tun dalam hal ini.

    Syaitan dan jin memang boleh menyerupai atau merasuk seseorang. Mungkin ada yang kata mengapa orang Islam sahaja (biasanya) yang kena rasuk/hasut syaitan atau dikawal oleh jin? Jawapannya senang saja. Syaitan memang telah bersumpah (boleh rujuk ayat2 Al-Quran berkaitan) untuk menghasut umat manusia supaya menjadi sesat untuk menghuni neraka bersama-sama syaitan. Buat apa syaitan menghasut golongan yang memang tidak beriman. Buang masa /tenaga saja. Syaitan pun bijak memilih mangsa.

    Syaitan juga boleh menyerupai mana2 individu yang telah mati. Inilah yang dikatakan HANTU oleh golongan yang jahil, dan percaya hantu boleh memudaratkan mereka (ini khurafat).

    Fenomena histeria pernah saya lihat, tetapi, saya antara yang tidak menjerit-jerit. Syaitan / jin cuma boleh merasuk sesetengah orang, terutamanya orang yang lemah semangat / lemah iman / jahil.

    – Di sini pun ada manusia yang dirasuk /dihasut syaitan merapu meraban memfitnah orang dengan pelbagai tuduhan (masih lagi terus menghina orang lain dengan pelbagai gelaran). Mungkin orang ini tidak tahu yang Islam melarang kita ‘bergurau’ dengan cara menghina atau menggelar orang dengan gelaran2 yang jelik (jahil?). Kalau diri sendiri ada ijazah PhD yang hebat dengan jurnal2 yang dirujuk oleh para penyelidik lain di serata dunia (tidak hampeh) boleh lagi kita terima (tidak rasa loya dan mual) hinaan serta kutukannya mengenai mana2 pemegang ijazah PhD. Entahkan, satu jurnal Saintifik antara bangsa yang berkualiti (ISI/ SCOPUS/ etc.) pun orang ini tidak pernah tulis atau hasilkan. Buat malu diri sendiri saja.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  8. HBT456 Nov 1,2018 9:45 AM

    Pusing sini, pusing sana, it still go back to the same dot where they have started.

    P/s: umno mps can join ppbm after the result of general election is out, and they too can join umno after next general election is out, and they have been doing this all the time as and when they like, therefore, it makes no sense who can jual better.

  9. HBT456 Oct 31,2018 4:25 PM

    If he got nothing to hide, he shouldnt get mad and walked out from al jazeera by labelling her a nuisance, dont you think so?

    The blessing is he admitted in al jazeera that he regretted setting up 1 mdb as sovereign fund.

    Will he and his wife be jailed?

    The decision is on dsai and his wife, the next perdana menteri in waiting, and tdm said he will step down in 2 years, habis cerita.

    Agong kita berdaulat, dan sultan kami memang berdaulat.

    To err is human.

    To forgive is divine.

    Dulu swap seats.

    Kini switch and re-brand parties.

    No matter how they denied, they are irresponsible, and had put their personal interests above the voters, agong, state sultan and fdi.

    P/s: king cobra, ular sawa atau ular hijau, when they got trapped with billions of ants with their own mistakes, these reptiles too cannot survive, henceforth, tak payah cakap sedap2 to poslish their images.

  10. HBT456 Oct 31,2018 2:32 PM

    Yup, truth is always bitter and hard to swallow.

    The old ones will go, the new ones will come, and this is how the world evolves in every second that no man can change.

    I am optimistic about the future, and young malaysians for sure would be able to sustain and retain the muhibah spirit of 5 prinsip rukun negara di tanah negaraku.

    P/s: race and religion base politics already thing of the past, and i sincerely hope they wont be another cycle of anger and hatred due to my way, or your way.

  11. HBT456 Oct 31,2018 2:17 PM

    Jho low stupid or what, why go hide in india, go hide in pakistan la.

    What la, jacky chan is china man, then, shahrul khan is a mongolian because he carries khan?

    Productive or not, it is up to both of the divides to rebut2 jadi kingmaker at state level, and voters to pangkah when next general election is called.

    Umno is thinking of re-branding barisan nasional to parti kongres malaysia with pas and marginalized indian?

    P/s: the old way of doing things is no longer sustainable, it is either they adapt, or they will be left behind, and it is only a matter of time only.

  12. Sri Sense Oct 30,2018 9:56 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    As usual morning yang cerah. Pagi tadi I masak kuih cekodok pisang. Hubby bekal bawak office. Kalau Tun berdekatan pasti I hantar sepiring bagi Tun rasa 🙂

    I sebenarnya suka masak bila ada masa. Masa sekolah rendah dah masuk dapur kacau emak. My mother sporting, lantak kau la nak guna seguni bawang. hahaha

    Masa I usia 15 tahun I pergi jalan Kelantan. Abang kerja sana. Bila I masak abang cakap kurang garam, so I sedih, I balik rumah I cuba membaiki masakan I.

    Bila dah kawin I suka masak nasi dagang, habis semua kenalan orang Kelantan asyik suruh I masak nasi dagang. I upset sebab tukang masak bukan career I. hahaha


    Bagus buat recruitment ahli. Recruitment ahli patut buat sepanjang masa bukan masa nak election saja. I dulu masuk UMNO masa nak election juga. Cawangan perlu setiausaha wanita. Ketua Wanita gang dengan I. However not because of that I masuk UMNO. I masuk sebab my dad orang UMNO and my dad love Tun Mahathir. So I fikir why not, I bantu sekadar mampu. Habis 1999 election I pun pencen jadi Setiausaha Wanita. I rasa tugas I dah habis and I boleh buat kerja I semula.

    Berbalik pada isu semasa.


    Overall rata2 orang Melayu marah. Marah pasal isu ketuanan Melayu, marah pasal isu LGBT, marah pada Syed, marah isu loan PTPTN. Marah sebab isu2 ini diputar belitkan. Marah sebab cakap politician jadi lain bila berkuasa. Cakap lebih I tak nak la sebab I bukan consultant. I kat sini hanya sekadar beri pendapat free hahaha

    Another isu I rasa pelik adalah cara Foreign Minsiter handle isu Pak Arab yang kata bukan donation dari Arab Saudi. Bunyi macam hearsay bukan straight from the horse’s mouth. Nak jadi lebih dramatic ada video2 yang dipaparkan dimana Pak Arab yang sama cakap memang donation dari Arab Saudi sebelum ini.

    That’s all I can say for now.

    Have a productive day!

  13. musato Oct 30,2018 8:00 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Adalah aneh apabila komen saya dibiarkan terlalu lama lebih dari 3 hari. Tidak seperti dulu.

    Mungkin Tun terlalu sibuk dan tak sempat baca atau dah jadi macam kes teksi, Menteri Pengangkutan lembab.

    Walaubagaimanapun, saya tetap periksa perkembangan komen saya di sini.

    Namun Alhamdulillah pandangan saya adalah konsisten dengan pendapat Jabatan Komuniti Masyarakat JAKIM berkenaan gejala LGBT yang meningkat lebih 100%.

    Anak anak remaja kecil tidak dapat membezakan sentuhan. Terutamanya di asrama. Samada tahfiz atau sekolah kerajaan. Atau lebih teruk lagi, ia dijadikan sebagai tempat eksperimen bahan kajian mencuba kerana pengaruh alam maya yang tidak terbatas. Seterusnya dijadikan warisan budaya dari senior kepada junior seperti ragging atau buli pada masa lalu.

    Ketika dalam proses belajar, pelajar pelajar akan terdedah kepada segala keburukan dan kebaikan, melainkan semasa proses belajar itu disertakan dengan disiplin yang tegas dan dikawal rapi.

    Zaman ini adalah zaman alam maya.

    Bagi menambah ahli Pribumi sila WhatsApp 018 9062540 jika berminat.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  14. asahamat Oct 30,2018 7:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum wmwbt Tun.

    Felcra, kini sudah berjangkit kekurangan aliran tunai. Felcra sebenarnya lama dah jln tempang. Cuma macam Felda, Risda dsb yg menjaga kepentingan Melayu, dlm banyak ketempangan ditutup mata saja. Kita cukup seronok bermain sentimen @ sentimental dlm cover up kelemahan kita. Saya perhatikan sejak dari 1980an lagi banyak ketempangan dlm Felcra. Worst saya kira di zaman Tajuddin n Bung Mokthar jadi Pengerusi.

    (2) Felcra dsb berlaku tempang bermula dari Pengurusan. Ianya kemudian merebak ke BoD dan Menteri. Pengurusan yg mula2 jln ketam n selepas itu yg di atas belajar dari yg di bawah n at last mereka jadi expert. Maka sebab itu “reformasi institusi” jadi payah sebab bukan saja kepala busuk, kaki n tangan semua dah reput. What to do?

    (3) Peranan Anwar kena dikembangkan cepat. Dia orator. Dia bijak membangkitkan semangat rakyat. Saya percaya Tun, pendekatan Sukarno perlu diguna utk bersihkan rasuah dan budaya pecah amanah di kalangan institusi kita. Tun, you need beyond hard work utk hapuskan rasuah n sikap tidak bertanggungjwb institusi terhadap rakyat. Pengurusan institusi negara kena kembali berjiwa rakyat dan patriotic. Let get Anwar to fight these sikap tidak bertanggungjawab institusi kpd Bangsa, Agama n Negara. Let him bangkitkan semangat benci rasuah dan salah guna kuasa di kalangan rakyat. Let him wake all these corrupt n inert system to change for the good of our Nation. I believe he can do it. Saya yakin In Shaa Allah, masses enforcement boleh mempercepatkan dan sustain institutional reform. Hargailah kewujudan bersama Tun n Anwar yg Allah sediakan utk kedua kalinya. Pls Tun, don’t get drag into “sense of insecure among PH” now n being drum up by UMNO to kill both of you once more.

    (4) Sense of insecurity within UMNO in 1998 had taken both of you down then. Dancing to such, had draged Msia to the present cleptocracy deep problem. Sebagai Negarawan, I belueve In Shaa Allah you know this and can avoid this once again.

    (5) Dgn semangat membara rakyat, spt kata Sukarno, you just need five of you to really reform our institutions. Tun, tiada apa kekuatan kpd Umar Al Khataab dan Umar Abdul Aziz, melainkan kejayaan mereka melakukan Institutional Reformed. Technically you r great. But in waking the rakyat, itu serahlah pd Anwar dan bekerjasamalah demi Bangsa, Agama dan Negara. Your age n your burden of work I would say won’t give you any more upper hand to tackle all these alone. Your < 40% performing Ministers r still laginng far behind to catchup n I believe they can't catch up.

    (6) Tun, jaga diri, jaga kenegarawanan Tun. Bina dan pelihara professionalisma Kabinet n jentera pentabiran pimpinan Tun dgn penuh professionalisma. In Shaa Allah kita akan terus maju secara bersama.

  15. HBT456 Oct 29,2018 5:16 PM

    Umno sombong bodoh, pas pun sombong bodoh, buat apa nak sembunyikan fakta2 benar just to make themselves tampak the best of the best race in malaysia?

    In selangor, there are 8 arabic words banned and cannot be used by non muslim, and the arabic word allah is one of them, right?

    Tuhan kurniakan atau tidak, itu terpulang kepada kerabat masing2.

    Its alright because advance technology can never be executed based on religion and race quota.

    She can keeps spinnig her lyric as if she is singing killing softly with her song, and it wont matter any more since myr was depegged from us dollar in 1998.

    When come general election, it is up to the political parties to play their role, and states’ voters to vote who they feel safe and comfortable.

    The rest is history.

    P/s: now malay bn and ph can argue the shoes and socks issues in parliament, and kaca vs permata outside parliament sampai bila2 mereka mahu to show siapakah lagi bijak with or without chinese mps.

  16. Sri Sense Oct 29,2018 9:59 AM

    Good morning YAB

    Morning yang cerah. Mungkin baju cucian sempat kering.


    I teringat zaman I muda. Tunku Abdul Rahman ada column kat The Star rajin juga kutuk government bila dah pencen.

    I rasa masa tu, Tun Mahathir tak ambil pusing sangat. Tak lah overly sensitive sampai segala kemudahan bekas PM di tarik balik. Seingat I pingat kebesaran pun tidak ditarik.

    Ada juga cakap2 kedengaran, Mahathir who held the reins of the country from 1981 to 2003, changed the entire media landscape, largely as a result of the unbiased reporting by The Star.


    Tunku Abdul Rahman bapa kemerdekaan, kalau segala ditarik, I pun marah juga. Seperti apa yang pemimpin UMNO buat pada Tun Mahathir, I marah sangat. What make me more marah, dah tau ada masaalah masih nak stick together, sepatutnya siang siang ganti pemimpin, tidak perlulah I dan ramai voted BN out.

    For that above reasons, I marah sangat UMNO tapi I tidak benci UMNO. To me HATE is such a strong word. Bersatu akan jadi pilihan ramai, bila UMNO sudah tiada lagi.

    I teringat semalam I terpandang kat dalam whatsapps group, ada sedara taruh, Tuanku Nazrin kata something like this, jangan mengata bangsa sendiri nanti akan membuka jendela bangsa lain mengata bangsa kita.

    Have a productive day!

  17. musato Oct 29,2018 9:05 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Genius Malaysia dicuri.

    Bakat bakat ini akan diambil, ditaja dan diasuh minda mereka untuk bekerja bagi pihak yang menaja.

    Meskipun tak bekerja untuk pihak yang menaja, namun minda mereka telah diasuh dengan ideologi pihak yang menaja.

    Genius genius seorang dua ini kembali kepada negara asal mereka dan seterusnya memain peranan besar bagi menentukan hala tuju negara mereka. Lebih lebih lagi negara Islam Asia Barat.

    Wartawan Karsogi juga berpendidikan US khabarnya sebagai contoh.

    Kita di Malaysia, alhamdulillah.

    Arab Spring kita boleh katakan ditaja oleh pihak Barat. Demokrasi katanya. Tapi sistem nilai di sana tidaklah sama.

    Malaysian Spring disebaliknya kita tahu siapa menajanya.

    Jila zaman dulu dulu, Syeikh Abdul Qadir sekalipun akan berkata, jangan kau bocorkan rahsia ini selagi aku masih hidup.

    Namun bagi kepentingan awam dan negara, ia adalah satu tanggungjawab untuk menunaikan dan istiharkan bahawasanya kita ini bersyukur kepada Allah swt dengan selalu menyebut nyebut tentang nikmat yang Allah swt kurnia kepada kita.

    Simpanlah sedikit rahsia.

    Pernah ada pesan, kamu akan mengenali para alim apabila kamu bermusafir bersamanya.

    Pernah satu ketika, orang yang bermalam di rumah orang alim amat hairan tentang apa orang alim ini perbuatkan dalam kehidupannya selain dari tidur dan tidak bersembahyang malam.

    Dan diketahuilah oleh dia, bahawa orang alim ini memberitahu yang dalam tidurnya, beliau telah selesaikan 80 permasalahan.

    Kita mencipta genius, namun kita hairan kenapa genius ini tidak dicuri malah dibentak bentak oleh zionis.

    Oh ya, mungkin Tun Dr Mahathir pernah kata “Melayu itu pemalas.”

    Maka zionis akan kata “Melayu bodoh. Buat apa nak curi.”

    Maka aman bahagialah Melayu selama lamanya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  18. sibotak Oct 29,2018 7:36 AM

    Tun wakes from his bed to save Malaysia
    He fought single handedly with Honor and Respects
    He earns Malaysia with Dignitary
    He work his way out
    NAJIB whom thought with money he can have what he wants
    NAJIB during his premier , is arrogant and proud
    Behind a successful leader is a women
    Same goes to NAJIB
    Behind a Failed Leader is also a women
    Its both husband & wife contributes to their failure
    They thought Malaysia belongs to them
    They thought Malaysia Love them
    One thing they forget is viewing their own image in the Mirror
    As such a 93yrs old man are able to bring down a Monstrous Giant UMNO
    UMNO failed because of its hight level leadership
    The Bred flows downwards

    Malaysia is having a Chemistry of Leadership today
    The youngest talented Youth Minister and The Jewel 93 yrs old Prime Minister
    These must be be kept clean
    Another a year will be Anwar
    Well Anwar must not be Shy to learn from Mahathir
    Fail to listen to Mahathir , Anwar will Fail

    It is the Leader before , Ahmad Badawi , NAJIB Razak
    Arrogant refusal to listen to Tun Mahathir
    Listening and obeying Foreign Govt influences to such
    Tun Mahathir was not even allowed into Putra Jaya
    Have such resulted we Malaysia have wasted much of our time and money
    Thru these 2 Idiotics , No Benefits Useless Prime Minister

    Hope and My Doa’s Anwar will be able to read this line
    May The Best Be with us, Malaysia

  19. faridina Oct 28,2018 4:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Suka sangat apabila Tok Pa sertai Bersatu, sememang dari dahulu harap beliau menyertai TSMY dan DSSA zaman tolak Najib masa dalam kabinet dahulu.

    Masih tidak terlewat kerana insan merendah diri ini bukan sahaja bijak akademik (antara pemegang Ijazah Sarjana Muda Kelas Pertama) dan tidak pernah hadap sangat gelaran Dr falsafah macam Dr Zahid Ponorogo tu dan sekarang tidak hairan pun ramai sangat Dr falsampah tapi jurnal hampeh.

    Cara hidup beliau amat bersederhana dan pembawakan diri beliau bersama rakyat bawahan amat luarbiasa dan ilmu agama dipraktik dengan baik.

    Suka sangat dengan anak didik Tun Daim ini semoga beliau boleh membuahkan lebih kerusi untuk Bersatu di Kelantan kelak.

    Terima kasih Tok Pa menaikkan statistik kerusi Bersatu di parlimen walaupun satu tapi 1 yang sangat bermakna.

    Kalau muka2 macam Mat Maslan, Tajuddin kaki b*t*l, Nazri kuku dah tumpul dan sewaktu dengannya adalah diharamkan dari masuk Bersatu sama sekali.


    NK : Ayahanda Tun jangan stress sangat bab pinjaman PTPTN tu.. sampai masa bila dah budak2 ni dah ok pasti mereka bayar tidak perlulah Dr Mazlee seorang lagi doktor falsafah sampai memetik hadis setakat hutang belajar ni.. anggaplah ini satu pelaburan.. dan riuh bab menghapuskan PTPTN ini adalah Rafizi dan kem PKR dia bukan Bersatu pun.

  20. Sri Sense Oct 27,2018 1:54 PM

    Good evening Tun

    I harap apa yang I komen sini, jangan ada kecik hati. I komen and I do it for free. Cuma sekadar share apa yang ada dalam my fikiran. Terpulanglah admin nak siar ke tak.

    I baca online. I tertarik pada tajuk ini, Najib: Riza has always loved movies, UAE prince promised a loan.

    Filem ini :

    The Wolf of Wall Street (2013 film)
    Budget $100 million
    Box office $392 million

    Directed by Martin Scorsese
    Produced by Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland and Emma Tillinger Koskoff
    Distributed by Paramount Pictures

    Movie ini sebenarnya about stock market manipulations. Its a movie yang ramai tau, dan ramai investors termasuk diMalaysia berangan nak jadi sama macam hero dalam movie ini. I pernah tonton cerita ini kat astro. Its a fun movie if you understand the mechanics of stock markets.

    Movie ini based on book The Wolf of Wall Street, by Jordan Belfort

    Berbalik pada orang Middle East. Actually memang ada movie Hollywood yang produced secara joint venture antara Hollywood dan Qatar. Bukan baru tapi dah lama. Orang Arab suka movie, I guess.

    If Najib kata mereka bagi loan, the possibility itu memang ada.

    Anyway this filem buat duit bukan rugi. Kalau rugi pun mesti mereka ada insuran yang menjamin movie dan investors. Cara Hollywood buat filem disana tidak sama macam buat filem di Malaysia.

    Tidak sesuailah selalu sangat bercakap tentang Najib, isteri Najib, anak2 Najib, dan anak2 tiri Najib.

    Seperti abang sepupu kata nak mengata orang biar berpada-pada, kita tak nak tanggung dosa.

    Sekian Terima Kaseh Tun dan admin.

  21. Hajar Oct 27,2018 11:18 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun ingin ulas tentang isu PTPTN dan kewajipan membayar hutang dalam Islam:

    Repay loans to allow others same chance, Dr M tells students

    BANGKOK, Oct 25 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has today appealed to Malaysian students to repay their study loans, to allow future generations the same opportunity they had.

    Appealing to the borrowers’ moral conscience, the prime minister said paying back debts is the right principle to hold.

    “When you borrow money, and when you have the money to repay and you don’t repay, that’s morally wrong,” he told a press conference here.

    Berikut berita2 terdahulu mengenai isu pinjaman PTPTN:-

    433,000 peminjam PTPTN sedang diputihkan

    PTPTN loan defaulters not ashamed, says Dr Mahathir

    Jika ada moral, akhlak yang tinggi, hutang mesti bayar – Dr. Maszlee

    Hutang PTPTN jangan dikaitkan dengan manifesto PH

    Komen saya:

    Nampaknya dah berpusing-pusing kenyataan yang dibuat oleh wakil2 Kerajaan PH untuk menegakkan benang yang basah.

    Minta maaf Tun, saya dari dulu lagi tidak setuju dengan manifesto PH yang mahu mengeluarkan para peminjam PTPTN yang enggan membayar hutang dari senarai ‘orang dihalang’ dari ke luar negara. Janji (Manifesto PH pada PRU14) bagi membenarkan golongan yang berpendapatan kurang dari RM4,000 untuk menangguh pembayaran hutang PTPTN lagilah mengarut.

    Maaf cakap, janji ini dibuat semata-mata untuk meraih undi dari para pengundi yang seramai 433,000 yang kini bebas untuk keluar negara. Hampir setengah juta pengundi! Ini belum lagi dicampur dengan para peminjam yang masih lagi belum disenarai hitam yang juga bercita-cita untuk tidak membayar balik hutang PTPTN mereka.

    Sebelum ini pun saya sudah kata yang Kerajaan PH menggalakkan budaya /sikap negatif iaitu sikap buruk tidak mahu membayar hutang. Bermoralkah Kerajaan PH bila menyogok para pengundi dengan janji2 (dalam manifesto) yang sebenarnya menyokong perilaku liat membayar hutang (perangai buruk @ berakhlak buruk) di kalangan peminjam2 PTPTN semata-mata kerana mahukan undi mereka?

    Jika majoriti rakyat yang mengundi sesebuah parti yang berjaya memerintah memiliki nilai-nilai buruk dalam diri mereka, apakah negara akan menjadi lebih baik?

    Tambah kesian bila saya baca kenyataan Dr. Maszlee seperti berikut:

    “Dalam ajaran Islam pun, kalau kita mati syahid tapi hutang tak dibayar, tak janji kita boleh masuk syurga,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas melawat Sekolah Kebangsaan Siputeh di Padang Sera Kodiang, Jerlun Kedah hari ini. ( ).

    Mengapa pula tidak boleh dipolikkan? Mengapa pula tidak boleh dikaitkan dengan manifesto PH pada PRU14? Siapa yang sejak dahulu mempolitikkan pinjaman PTPTN (sebelum jadi Kerajaan)?

    Eh…Baru sekarang sedar tentang kaitan hutang dan syurga. Dulu semasa menyediakan MANIFESTO PRU14 PH, boleh pula lupa tentang hutang piutang yang wajib dibayar. Maaf cakap, amat menjengkelkan.

    P/S: Hutang dosa memfitnah pun wajib dibayar…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  22. HBT456 Oct 27,2018 8:20 AM

    So, how the cash was raised for 1mdb?

    Obviously, as the perdana menteri, his power of authorithy is within his political party, the government sector, and without 2/3 majority from mps, there is no way they can cheat, lie, steal from the private sector not under umno punya power of jurisciary, betul tak?

    It would be better off for him and his umno cronies talk less, apologize and bow to the king, mps, government and state civil servants and voters of all races before its too late.

    There is no way they can repeat mei 13 in post it era whereby billions of people all over the world is watching them in the name of this title.

    Aku bukan muslim, jika engkau paksa aku jadi muslim engkau, if this is not absolute islamic power of authorithy, then, it is klectocracy and treason lor, tak gitu?

  23. HBT456 Oct 27,2018 8:02 AM

    Money cannot buy power forever, henceforth, general election must be called, and bear in mind, beside dadah, rogol, samun, and dera, theft too is rampant in poor and not develop states too.

    The thing is, when public school teachers are not train to walk, run, parachute and dive with correct training method and modules, then, obviously the saying of cikgu kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari is true lah, betul tak?

    Bak kata, sepandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah, dan laut jugak.

    Instead, moe should look at the training module of public schools’ teaching module first.

    The teaching material and method in using blackboard with chalk and asking students to read out directly from the textbook syllabus, mestilah cikgu kebangsaan kita ini langsung tarak payah pakai otak, cuma suruh murid baca dan hafal aja, betul tak?

    But, if the new method is used, moe might get alot of bantahan from the rural kampung teachers, khususnya sekolah melayu dan agama, and bersatu knows this deeply in their heart.

    If moe wants to retain excellent teachers in the public sectors, then, they must do something to get these teachers to do the job, contohnya, provide them with moe laptops and internet to prepare the teaching material prepared in using pdf, projectors, thumb drive etc….that can make pupils questioned, intereted,and prepared for the next challenges a head in the future.

    Blaming vernacular schools especially the chinese schools for blocking unity is akin to meludah ke langit, jatuh ke air muka sendiri, tak gitu?

    Jika takut kalah, lebih baik duduk kampung jaga kain tepi masing2.

    Jika duduk kampung masih lagi kalah, then, we will see will they rci, u-turn, gostan, lompat, sembunyi or buat tak tahu lor when next general election is called, so that victor re-write history, tak gitu?

    P/s: Yup, takanlah hang tuah walaupun bukan beragama hindu hilang di dunia even with muslim malay and muslim bumiputra policy, betul tak?

  24. Sri Sense Oct 26,2018 10:19 AM


    Bila terbaca Menteri Arab Saudi disini, I teringat religion.

    Estimates in 2012
    2.4 billion
    1.8 billion
    1.2 billion
    1.15 billion

    I think kalau nak kembangkan agama Islam, Islam tidak harus keras.

  25. Sri Sense Oct 26,2018 8:57 AM

    Good morning Tun

    As usual pagi yang cerah. No guarantee sampai ke petang. Bursa market performance lately always bad.

    When comes to bertimbun pertuduhan to ex PM, ex DPM, dll, bukan berita positive tapi negative. Bila tauke besar Dyson yang jumpa Tun personally tiba2 berpindah pada Singapore itu bukan berita positive tapi negative.

    Sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia yang atas pagar, sepanjang PH duduk diatas, I masih tercari2 apa yang positive tapi sukar betul nak jumpa. Maaf ya Tun. Kalau Tun sedih, I lagi sedih.

    Sebenarnya sebagai voter yang biasa, kita tak kisah apa perjanjian Tun dan Anwar. Malah I pernah sebut disini, ada baiknya Tun concentrate kat anak Tun sendiri iaitu Muhkriz, dari Tun beri kepercayaan pada anak orang.

    Dah ternyata Tun percaya Najib out, Tun percaya Abdullah Badawi out, Tun percaya Khir Toyo out, sekarang Tun nak percaya Anwar. Entahlah Tun. Orang luar dah dok mengata. Malaysia negara pertama bekas banduan bakal jadi PM. Not to mention cucu kesayangan Tun pun nak ambil banduan bekerja bawahnya.

    Pertuduhan non-stop pada bekas pemimpin2 orang Melayu bukanlah sesuatu yang baik, sedangkah JHLow bebas. Its like orang Melayu saja jahat sedangkan JHLow bangsa Cina dari Penang tidak langsung. Not much help bila LGE bekas Chief Minister Penang pun terlepas. Not much help bila investment pun lari bukan bertambah sejak beliau jadi Menteri Kewangan.

    Apa message nak sampai sini? Orang Melayu tak layak jadi pemimpin negara sendiri? Well, bangsa lain equally as bad.

  26. HBT456 Oct 26,2018 6:33 AM

    iphone vs huawei?

    In usa, if their citizens do not want to be tapped by bureaucrats, dont use iphone, use huawei?

    In china if their citizens do not want to be tapped by bureaucrat, dont use huawei, use iphone?

    Can malaysian, khususnya, parti2 politik tempatan can accept the standard of india made electric car?

    Jika proton and myvi are emergency brands to show their patritiotism to malaysia, then you will know, proton will win lor, first wife and only wife what.

  27. HBT456 Oct 26,2018 5:51 AM

    Politics in this country is just only a game of numbers.

    Therefore, do not be too serious with it that could cause another cycle of hate crmimes.

    It is up to the maturity of the press media to do their parts in playing with genuine and fake news.

    Crooked vs straight bridge?

    Gay vs straight guys?

    Jika issue ini masih dimainkan, therefore, whoever become the perdana menteri it makes no sense.

    Party members vs state voters

    Reform vs transform?

    Inefficiency vs efficiency?

    There is no free lunch in this world.

  28. HBT456 Oct 26,2018 5:31 AM

    Why sad, and not happy?

    Mana tahu, mungkin miti allow imports of indian electric car just to fish indian voted what.

    In boleh land, anything can happen with snap of fingers.

    Maverick, flip than flop, is common.

    Therefore, rojak pun jadi lah janji menang.

  29. Sri Sense Oct 25,2018 10:32 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Antara news online

    UMNO member can join Bersatu, but will not be given leading roles as leaders – Dr Mahathir
    Link :

    Malaysian companies, organisations win GeoInnovation Awards
    Link :

    Below ADA NEWS baru baca dari straits times :

    Why Dyson picked Singapore to build its electric cars

    PUBLISHED OCT 25, 2018, 8:43 AM SGT

    SINGAPORE (REUTERS) – When James Dyson, the billionaire British inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner, unveiled a plan to build an electric car plant in Singapore, it raised a few eyebrows.

    Not only does the land-starved city state have some of the highest average salaries in the world, but it has also been nearly 40 years since Ford closed its factory in Singapore, effectively ending car production on the South-east Asian island.

    “It is a bit of a surprise because of the cost base and no other car manufacturing plant being here,” said Mr Shantanu Majumdar, a regional director at consultancy JD Power.

    Dyson said on Tuesday (Oct 23) the decision was based on supply chains, access to markets and the availability of expertise, which offset the cost factor.

    But what other factors could have influenced the decision? Why not head straight to the biggest electric vehicle market in the world, China, like rival Tesla?

    Here’s a look at some of the less obvious pros and cons:

    Compared with other global cities, Singapore has some of the highest average salaries in the world after tax, according to studies by Deutsche Bank. Land available for industrial use is scarce and expensive, and it ranks highly in general cost-of-living indexes.

    But aside from its skilled engineers and scientists, for a high-tech firm like Dyson, Singapore offers generous incentive schemes.

    Some schemes include tax breaks for five years, which can be extended, and grants that can cover up to 30 per cent of the cost of projects to improve business efficiency. Singapore declined to comment on whether Dyson benefited from any such schemes.

    To shore up productivity in its manufacturing sector, which makes up less than quarter of its output, Singapore has focused efforts on attracting high-end manufacturers and those who adopt automated production processes.

    Dyson may have decided to make electric cars in Singapore, but few are likely to be driven here – or anywhere in South-east Asia for that matter.

    The number of privately owned electric vehicles in Singapore is in single digits, and Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk has criticised Singapore for not being supportive of electric vehicles.

    Singapore is one of the world’s most expensive places to own a car because the Government strictly controls the vehicle population by charging owners a variable rate for the right to own and use a vehicle for a limited number of years.

    In the broader South-east Asia, only 142 electric vehicles are forecast to be sold this year, data from consultant LMC Automotive shows.

    By contrast, sales in China are forecast to almost reach 700,000 vehicles this year, more than double the combined sales from the United States and Europe.

    But with one of the world’s busiest ports on its doorstep, Dyson can roll a car off the production line in Singapore, and within the hour, it can be on its way to China or other sizable electric vehicle markets like South Korea or Japan.

    Dyson products – which also include bladeless fans, air purifiers and hair dryers – are becoming a premium brand in China and other Asian markets. Asia accounted for more than 70 per cent of its growth last year, the firm said.

    Dyson’s history with Singapore probably also played a role.

    It already employs 1,100 people in Singapore, making 21 million digital electric motors a year. It also has manufacturing hubs in Malaysia – connected to Singapore via two road bridges – and the Philippines.

    “This is obviously a surprise but since Singapore is at the heart of South-east Asia, Dyson would be best placed to source many components from neighbouring countries and, locally, assemble and manufacture the high-tech car here,” said a corporate banker who deals with multinational firms in the region.

    Another option for Dyson could have been to follow rival Tesla to the biggest market, China.

    By the time Dyson’s first car is ready in 2021, Tesla may already be selling locally produced cars in China after it signed a deal with the Shanghai government for an 860,000 sq m plot of land to build its first overseas Gigafactory.

    But China is becoming a crowded market for making electric vehicles and the government is reining in subsidies.

    Meanwhile, Singapore has an extensive free trade agreement with China which lists various car types and car parts in its tariff-reduction schedule.

    Singapore’s Economic Development Board did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether electric vehicles would be eligible for exemptions under this arrangement.

    JD Power’s Majumdar said intellectual property would be another consideration for Dyson.

    “Intellectual protections are very strong in Singapore… It is definitely an advantage. When you are in China… you may not be so comfortable on that part.”

    P.S Kind of sad thought Malaysia is Dyson’s choice.

  30. sibotak Oct 25,2018 7:29 PM

    I wonder what would happen after you ?
    Well Tun .You have done your best for Malaysia
    A Big Thank you, Tun

    Najib, Zahid are prime causes of UMNO Failure
    Blame not Mahathir, Blame not PH
    We can see the physical evidence here
    Now, Najib can’t even afford to Bail himself out , needs financial support for his bail out .Yet during his tenure
    He is far richer than Bill Gates,much much richer than Kesultanan Malaysia
    Anak Bangsat One konon.
    Now with just few million bail out , He can’t afford
    Wow! What a Wayang Bangsat One
    Truly I felt disgusted having Malaysia such a Leadership
    Oh, that include our 1st X Lady Gaga , Rosmary and Zahid
    Malaysia are Blessed that our worst nightmare are over
    Thanks to you again , Tun
    It’s quite relevant time for you to tell them off
    Those accusing you to pick yr son Mukhliz as to seat him for the PM post
    Yet today you have name Anwar not Mukhliz
    And this is the third time after Badawi, Najib and now Anwar
    Mukhliz you must be proud of yr Dad, Son
    He is an Honorable Man
    I hope to see you next replacing Anwar
    A seat you must earn Honorably
    Then after I like to see Syed Sadiq as our PM next or perhaps Rafizi

    You will be remembered Tun

  31. HBT456 Oct 25,2018 5:20 PM

    Why not jika benar?

    Even when you know the truth, it would be better off to let them decide what they want in the future.

    No need to go through back door one in today’s world as information is shared in this region, betul tak?

  32. HBT456 Oct 25,2018 5:03 PM

    *atau dia xperlu bayar tax

  33. HBT456 Oct 25,2018 5:00 PM

    To legalize drug or not, i leave this law to ph and bn to debate in the federal parliament for pros and cons, and bear in mind, our neigbouring states and countries are still poor and not develope yet, and our pdrm may not be able to handle.

    To ban death penalty pertaining to drug smuggling, i leave it to ph and bn in the federal parliament to debate pros and cons whether to allow malaysia to be the hub of drug activities.

    Orang putih kata, if you cannot stop them, then, drug them.

    There was a human behaviour experiment name stamford experiment for 1 week in dividing a group of graduates into 2 groups, group x is the penjaga prisoners, and group y is the prisoners.

    Conclusion of the behaviour is group x with the power of authorithy behaved violent and repulsive, and group y became tramatized, timid and stress out, and immediately, this experiment is stopped.

    Does it make sense when perdana menteri had too much power?

    In every 5 years we have general election to elect the next cabinet and perdana menteri, therefore, no matter how they denied, there is no way they could continue with their cover ups in twisting and spinning the stories.

    When the trust is betrayed, it is impossible for them to rebuild the trust.

    Federal law vs hudud law, which one will you support as lawmakers?

    P/s: cina tak bayar tax, atau dia perlu bayar tax kerana ada cable within umno inside the government too because of jasa title?

  34. musato Oct 25,2018 12:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya mengaku dah beberapa kali pada masa yang lepas saya cuba berusaha untuk berhenti menulis di sini.

    Atas sebab sebab yang kukuh bagi diri saya, maka saya cuba teruskan kembali. Alhamdulillah, saya dapat jawapan kenapa patut saya teruskan. Satu keputusan yang amat besar. Kerajaan bertukar tangan.

    Mungkin kali ini, saya tidak patut masuk campur urusan Tun terkini. Mungkin saya patut fokus pada perkara lain sementara Tun masih jadi PM dan chedet masih bergerak aktif.

    Jadi bagi menambah lagi ahli Pribumi Bahagian dan cawangan saya, bagi yang berminat boleh WhatsApp 018-9062540.

    Tujuan utama semasa ini adalah bagi menambah bilangan ahli. Perkara seterusnya akan difikirkan kemudian. Saya pun tak pandai sangat dalam bab berpersatuan politik ini. Baru belajar. Jika ada yang boleh tunjuk ajar sikit sikit, lagi Alhamdulillah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  35. musato Oct 25,2018 12:29 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sri Sense, itu tandanya media telah dikawal oleh kerajaan sekarang walau samada salah saya dalam tafsiran saya berkenaan kenyataan Tun dalam wawancara sinar.

    Saya tak nak campur.

    Saya yakin maklumat betul tidak akan sampai kepada rakyat seperti jadi pembangkang dulu.

    Pembangkang dulu saya yakin betul sebab Tun sendiri yang sampaikan maklumat kepada rakyat, bukan orang lain.

    Maklumat maklumat betul akan terdedah kepada manipulasi oleh media kerajaan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  36. Sri Sense Oct 25,2018 11:04 AM

    bersambung dari cerita tadi

    Orang Melayu usually tidak mudah berbangga, orang Cina lain, buat kerja sikit riuh sekampung.

    I pernah buat kerja dengan seorang associate kaum Cina. Depan client dia bukan main tunjuk dia buat kerja. Dia nak I ikut stail dia. Buat2 sibuk. Tapi I dalam diam dah aturkan semua, tak payah riuh2, kecoh2.

    Kalau kita lihat berita kebanyakkan isu maid Indonesia kena dera, majikannya adalah Cina bukan majikan Melayu. Mungkin sebab orang Melayu baik sangat.

    I tak pasti samada I pernah cerita ini pada Tun ke tak.

    Lama dah cerita ini. Its about satu maid Indonesia majikan Cina di Subang Jaya. I biasa pergi kedai majikan. Satu hari semasa majikan tiada, maid cerita pada I, yang dia kena dera oleh majikan.

    Bagi makan biskut yang dah expired, kain sembahyang kena rampas, tak dibenarkan sembahyang, tak cukup itu di jadikan maid tempat argument agama Islam dan Kristian. Majikan agama Kristian. To the extend kuali maid masak makanan sendiri, majikan guna masak babi.

    Pasal ini maid sampai muntah, sakit perut kronik, kurus tambah kurus, terpaksa hantar balik. I kadang2 tak faham kenapa maid agama Islam pi hantar pada rumah majikan lain agama.

    Berbalik pada orang Melayu, sebenarnya Tun, zaman Tun jadi PM dulu ramai orang Melayu dah naik. Ramai dah jadi golongan kelas menengah. Ramai dah jadi usahawan berjaya dan tak berjaya. Kalau kata hanya kaum Cina bayar tax, itu tipu, itu berita zaman bila, dok war warkan zaman sekarang.

    Oh ya berkenaan dengan kes Khosoggi, dah temui body parts. I ada terbaca desas desus crown prince bakal di buang. I guess it doesn’t matter that much, anak king pun ramai. Calon berlambak. Kesan yang tinggal pembunuhan ini, kerana itu stocks saudi jatuh, walau pun Saudi government datang support, tidak berjaya diselamatkan. Berita dari Dubai.

    Berkenaan skim i-Suri, entah apa skim ini. Suka hati la kak wan nak popularkan diri. Watching. Ramai yang waiting tak pangkah PKR, Amanah, DAP election akan datang. So jangan terkejut nanti ya, betapa atas pagar beri kemenangan pada PH!

    Skim Selangor? I don’t know much tentang skim suri rumah. Kalau ada I pun nak, tapi kalau tanya budak2 Azmin, semua pun kata tak tau hahahaha

    Anyway skim free 500 ringgit klinik tu pun sebab I jumpa booth kat SACC mall. So kita apply je, tunggu pun lama baru dapat. Cable cable kita tak ada la.

    Ada cable mintak durian siam pun tak dapat, ada aje yang jeles hahaha

  37. HBT456 Oct 25,2018 9:38 AM

    Ralat: the correct spelling is jihad.

    A.D. stands for Anno Domini, which is Latin for “year of our Lord,” and it means the number of years since the birth of Jesus Christ. That was a little more than 2000 years ago, so the date 500 A.D.

    There is no logic at all that noah’s ark could be built that large with pure wood, and could with stand the rough sea with heavy rain, strongest wind, furious storm and fierce thunderstorm during that time.

    Even titanic, the strongest vessel built on earth that made huge headline in newspaper with steel and iron sink in few hours after it hit the tip of the ice berg on 15/ 4/1912.

    Progressive vs regressive?

    Worshipers vs believers?

    Man made vs mother nature?

    Is islam an absolute official religion, or constitutional religion under the federal and monarchy constitution?

    P/s: the capital city of malaysia is kuala lumpur, atau concluence of muddy river, and had become a global city today shared by all and until now, they still talk about ketuanan islam and ketuanan melayu as if only they can dictate the federal budget by manipulating the sentiments of race and religion conflicts to stay relevant as if the voters and foreigners are kerbau ditarik hidung, atau chained slaves?

  38. Sri Sense Oct 25,2018 9:06 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Pagi yang cerah. But selalu hujan di tenghari. 🙂

    I tertarik baca tulisan Sdr Mubarak Chan.

    Sebenarnya ramai orang Melayu yang berjaya cuma bezanya orang Melayu jenis yang tak suka war warkan kejayaan mereka.

    I tau seorang dentist di Shah Alam. I biasa dengan kliniknya. Orang Klang. Dari muda dia dah jadi tenaga pengajar disebuah University. Dalam usia 50 dia dah begitu famous, sehingga dentist Australia dan dari negara asing yang lain pun datang belajar implant gigi dengan nya.

  39. HBT456 Oct 25,2018 9:03 AM

    Tipu orang kampung senang.

    Tipu orang bandar susah.

    Tipu orang global lagi susah.

    As for sarawak, even after 1 malaysia day was declared as public holiday by dsn as bn chairman, president umno and perdana menteri malaysia to be shared by all in peninsula, sabah and sarawak, their state general election is still run independently until today because sarawak is the fd of bn.

    Henceforth, ada atau takda gabungan parti sarawak, it makes no sense at all since thats their fd, not our fd what.

    Bak kata, when boarding time is called, mereka masih dillie dallie, complained this, complained that, mesti lah mereka ditinggalkan

    It is an offence to those parents who do not want their children to be ended up with the habit of accumulating debts irresponsibly tak kisah you orang mana, henceforth, umno losses so badly in pru 14.

    Yang paling dasyatnya, kawan baik dsn, president umno declared jihat terrorism to his race, and other races as well.

    P/s: by looking at the race in championing lgbt rights at penang, you will know the result is ultra, atau tidak kukuh lah, jadi, mestilah mereka blah lor kerana rakyat majority kita segan dan tak suka show off privacy mereka, betul tak?

  40. Hajar Oct 25,2018 7:59 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun:

    1. Maaf: Pembetulan untuk komen saya pada Oct 24,2018 8:53 AM:

    /// Maksudnya dalam setahun Kerajaan beri mereka RM 480 secara percuma.

    Mengenai peruntukan, dari mana Kerajaan dapat wang ini kerana ia perbelanjaan tambahan Kerajaan? ///

    Komen tambahan saya tentang i-Suri KWSP:

    Mengapa patut diberi wang (deposit ke akaun) kepada mereka setiap bulan? Bukankah ini satu bentuk sogokan?

    Di Selangor pun ada bantuan kewangan KISS (Kasih Ibu Smart Selangor) di mana para suri rumah yang layak dapat wang perbelanjaan bulanan yang agak banyak iaitu RM200 sebulan; RM2,400 setahun. Ini pun pada saya satu bentuk sogokan. Semasa dicanangkan dahulu, ia dikatakan lebih baik dari BR1M (sebelum PRU14). Maksudnya, berlawan sogok duit untuk meraih sokongan rakyat. Alahai…

    2. Tentang isu pemandu2 teksi, pokok pangkalnya bergantung kepada sikap (attitude) diri sendiri.

    Buang sikap negatif iaitu suka MENYALAHKAN orang lain di atas segala kelemahan diri sendiri. Lagi kelakar bila ada manusia yang tidak sedar yang mereka pun berperangai sama iaitu asyik menyalahkan orang lain bila berdepan masalah.

    Semuanya salah orang lain. Salah diri sendiri tidak nampak. Memanglah orang lain ada yang salah, tetapi jika kita berusaha dengan sedaya upaya kita, dan buat yang terbaik, dan ada persediaan dari segi fizikal dan mental Insyaa Allah kita akan berjaya.

    Macam pemandu2 yang bersikap kurang ajar terhadap Tun tempoh hari, semuanya salah Kerajaan (katanya). Mereka tidak pernah tanya diri sendiri, “Aku kah yang patut bermuhasabah diri dalam permasalahan ini?”

    Pengalaman (memang banyak) saya menaiki teksi di banyak negara (negara2 Asia, Australia, Eropah, Amerika, dll), sebenarnya menyedarkan saya yang negara kita bukanlah teruk (buruk) sangat dalam perkhidmatan teksi – masih boleh diterima.

    Di sesetengah negara, teksi ‘airport’ pun ada banyak yang menipu – kaunter2 teksi yang berderet pun boleh menipu dan caj harga 4-5 kali ganda dari harga ‘standard’. Ada yang menyamar mereka dari syarikat tertentu (yang popular) tetapi palsu. Untuk elak ditipu, selidik dulu apa harga ‘standard’ sebelum pergi. Di negara2 maju, memanglah hebat perkhidmatan teksinya (majoriti), tetapi teramatlah mahal – naiklah jika mampu (duit berkepuk).

    Soalan: Siapakah yang memulakan pemberian bantuan kewangan kepada pemandu2 teksi dan penarik2 beca di Pulau Pinang? Siapa agaknya yang mula tabur wang kepada rakyat? ‘Cash is king’. Ini belum lagi ‘cash’ yang diberi kepada banyak golongan lain. Jadi, cerminlah diri sendiri sebelum menuduh orang lain korup, menyogok rakyat, etc. Maaf cakap…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  41. mubarakchan Oct 25,2018 1:17 AM


    It was pleasant to read about the brilliance and dedication of a Malaysian cardio-thoracic surgeon from Penang who won the prestigious McCormack Gold Medal after being placed First with the highest marks in the Intercollegiate Specialty Examination in London.

    He was the first non-Englishman to do so. His name is Datuk Dr Ahamed Abdul Kareem. And the most exhilarating remark he made was that he wanted to carry on his good works in the Government Service because he could provide more expensive treatments to his patients. He and his colleagues operate 2-3 cases every day. And he is not interested in private practice. Which is not surprising if one has the highest ideals of the practice of medicine at heart.

    How many Malaysians know that any doctor who had practised in the Malaysian Medical Service is well equipped to be an all rounder in everything like our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ?

    I am certain to this very day he wished he had become a famous consulting physician or surgeon if his attention in Life was not distracted by the just as important profession of Politics being the care of the body politic of a country, a Nation called Malaya under colonial rule.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad gave up something precious for something more precious which was to serve our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat. And there was no guarantee of success unlike those who came after him as Prime Minister and turned everything upside down in their own interests.

    This was the Man who behave humble, honourable and sincere.

    His awakening in his heart and mind during the Japanese Occupation to his subsequent development of his political thoughts and practice were not only pointers of his fierce determination but also his Will to do good for the Rakyat when he entered the Dewan Rakyat for the very first time.

    Shame on you 10 taxi-drivers !

    Any practising doctor in the Government Medical Service would have noticed the extreme poverty amongst the rural poor in Malays in those far distant days. I did. First by tending to the smelly multitude of the ill who needed to be treated urgently. Second, I was with an eponymous medical research unit one of which projects I had to service from the 3rd Mile to the 13th Mile Gombak Road on the way to Pahang. A person living in Kuala Lumpur cannot imagine the poverty which existed there in those days, just on their doorstep.

    All Government Service doctors would have experienced similarly about their erstwhile patients like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and myself.

    Hence, when the Tun remarked on anything dealing with anything, it pays to listen carefully to his remarks which were no laughing matter. Unlike the frivolous slants of a Chinese looking mangy dog in this distinguished Blog which barks YUP! YUP! YUP! and worship the fake Lee Kuan Yew as his hero !

    Not only the enduring remarks of Datuk Dr Basheer Ahamed Abdul Kareem, there are many famous Malaysian doctors who work overseas as well. One of the more famous is the son of an ex-Malaysian Minister Khaw Khai Boh who developed a special type of micro-surgery for the eye in paediatrics which won World recognition whilst working as a Consultant at the Great Ormond Street for Children, London. He was knighted by the Queen. His sister became a Professor of Geriatrics at Cambridge. Further, a grand-son of Towkay Loke Yew who was my father’s boss, achieved eminence as a specialist in birth control working at King’s College, Cambridge.

    Our beloved Malaysia has many famous sons and daughters doing their good works quietly like our famous Datuk Dr Basheer Ahamed Abdul Kareem unlike the bumptious and hot-air Singaporeans who cannot compete with us the Malaysians and forever claiming to be the First in Fire-brigade in Asia or the World’s Second Best Navy next to the United States etc. A person only boasts if he or she has nothing.

    Our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad never boasted even once in his lifetime even though he was needled thousands of timesin his political career. Yet, he delivered to the Rakyat and more. Unlike the other fellow down South who made a lot of noise about his own cleverness but delivered nothing to his people at the end of the day. They now have a terrible headache called DILEMMA.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Our beloved Malaysia has many brilliant and humble World class achievers, men and women who do not shout from the roof tops !

  42. Sri Sense Oct 25,2018 12:08 AM


    Musato, itulah yang terpampang kat media online. Jadi bahan gelak2 pula kat Kelab penyokong Bersatu. Malah ada ahli UMNO kata tak ingin. Tak tau sape yang ajak dia. Bukan itu saja blogger UK, Australia pun cakap juga. Orang kita.

    Terlanjur cakap pasal online ini, I tadi sempat lawat satu laman alternative views. I tergelak besar, nasib baik tak jatuh kerusi.

    Punca I gelak gini, alkisah election PKR dengan e-voting guna tablets.

    I teringat game online I main dengan international players. Game ini game US. Ada internet semua negara boleh access dan jadi players.

    Game ini kalau pakai tablets memang selalu crash. Pakai laptop pun crash. Pakai PC pun crash. Apa saja pakai pun kena. Banyak betul glitches.

    Developer pulak suka letak banyak barang, asyik2 tambah barang dalam game. Players pun sakit hati, gaduh sesama sendiri, lepas tu gaduh dengan management, management pun gaduh dengan players, tuduh menuduh non-stop, ada players sampai merajuk tak nak main game ini.

    Pernah terjadi masa US President election, yup zaman Trump, game ini kena hacked oleh Russian. Certain countries termasuk Malaysia, berminggu tak dapat masuk. Players lagi bising. Memang kelakar.

    In other words macam e-voting ini la.

    Tambah buat I gelak besar, bila di Sarawak hari ini 603 members, esoknya 13,000 members. Sekelip mata berlipat ganda.

    Funny, because I’m not in it. For those in it, well maybe macam game players diatas. Harap2 jangan PKR pun kata kena hacked sudah. hahaha

    Good night!

  43. HBT456 Oct 24,2018 11:30 PM

    Even generasi muda chef melayu pun tahu bikin dim sum halal.

    Yup, 50 markah is edi nyawa2 ikan.

    Now, it is -100 marks, meaning, they bankrupt themselves in cash and trust.

    P/s: lky did not bankrupt his rivals, yang bankrupt rivals adalah kerana members of these rivals loose hope and trust on them, and obviously, they abandon them lor.

  44. HBT456 Oct 24,2018 10:25 PM

    Jika masih tarak hepi, takpa, undi pembangkang pada pru 15.

    Bagi bukit emas pun tarak guna jika mereka hanya tunggu tongkat dan tabung saja, betul tak?

    With this kind of rhetoric and shallow minded politics of winner takes all, looser takes all, for sure ah choo and ah kow takut la.

    P/s: the population of china will only increase since 1 child policy is outlawed, and the 55km bridge that connect hk, macau and zhuhai with the total current population of 68 millions in this region is nescessary for logistic purpose to create jobs, bukan sekadar untuk syiok diri atau culture syiok.

  45. HBT456 Oct 24,2018 10:13 PM

    Durian tart, durian drinks, durian ais kacang,, durian ais cream, durian potong ais cream, durian yogurt, durian coffee, kuah durian untuk lemaang also need durian what which is under the portfolio of argriculture ministry, bukan?

    Whatever, sup kamping, ox tail soup, proton, perodua, nationalists, democrats, dummies, commmies, marxists, or gandhists, etc…got any differences?

    Bak kata orang melayu, pakai dulu, menyesal kemudian, so with jasa or no jasa, got any differences kah?

    Therefore, hapr*k is not the reason for them not to contest, unless, they are very comfortable with what they have with all the special titles of jasa lor of always got tomorrow one with the stunt of man propose, god dispose at the highest level in the government sector.

    In usa, their union is very strong, but in boleh land, the political parties are very strong, therefore, there is no way victor re-write history.

    P/s: rojak pun jadi lah janji menang, tak gitu?

  46. musato Oct 24,2018 9:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya rasa Sri Sense mungkin tersilap faham berkenaan Tun M ajak orang UMNO sertai Pribumi.

    Setakat pemahaman saya, Johan Jaafar tanyakan Tun M, jika Pribumi/kerajaan pun jadi korup macam UMNO apa Tun M nak buat?

    Tun jawab “masuk parti saya”.

    Yup, sudah tentu kita punyai ‘exit clause’ dalam perjanjian. Tapi itu kita tak payah bincanglah. Masih awal lagi.

    Cuma di sini saya tidak bersetuju dengan kenyataan Tun bahawa Tun memasuki fikiran generasi baru sekarang dengan mengubahsuai pandangan Tun kepada liberalisme atau sosialisme mengikut cara pandangan mereka.

    Sudah tentu ia adalah kebijaksanaan individu seperti Tun yang menjadi pemimipn. Tetapi kita perlu tahu dari mana idea/pandangan itu datang sebelum Tun ubahsuai mengikut pandangan generasi sekarang samada liberalisme atau sosialisme.

    Jika pandangan atau idea itu datang dari saya, saya tidak risau akan keupayaan Tun untuk menterjemahkannya kerana saya tahu idea saya itu adalah asas dari Islam (mengikut Al Quran dan Hadith serta ijtima’ ulama).

    Akan tetapi sekiranya idea itu datang dari yang bukan kukuhnya asas Islam dan Tun terjemahkan kepada pemikiran liberalisme atau sosialisme, maka ia akan terpesong jauh dan bukannya mendekati Islam atau pentadbiran Islam.

    Setakat mana yang kita sedia maklum, Menteri Agama Tun pun dah terlalu banyak ke laut….apatah lagi menteri menteri 40% yang lain.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  47. Sri Sense Oct 24,2018 3:09 PM

    Good evening YAB Tun

    Ini Tun kat Thailand boleh kirim buah durian siam tak? hahaha

    I nak sentuh sikit. Cerita macam duri durian yang tajam2.

    I baru baca FB, nampak ada Rafidah sebut pasal ketuanan bangsa. I must say this la, jangan kutuk bangsa sendiri. Maaf ya Tan Sri Rafidah. Though I admire you, I must say itu satu statement yang silap, sekarang ramai orang Melayu dok korek MITI la, saham bumiputera la, all sorts of thing. Orang mula kata pasal you dah kamceng dengan LKS. Hati2 ya!

    Bab2 orang Melayu tu lebih baik berdiam diri saja. Kalau nak tegur, tegur la secara baik. Tegur macam tegur anak, cucu. Bukan boleh main hentam kromo je. Bab2 agama pun kena cakap pandang2. Bukan boleh main cakap2 bende ini. Tak kira la kalau LKS baru belanja sup kepala kambing semalam. Please be careful ya!

    Bab2 you gemuk, you kurus, you handsome, you tak handsome, you cantik, you tak cantik, tu tak jadi hal. Small matter.

    Be proud you are a Malay, ini pun Malay Peninsula kan.

    That’s all I can say!

  48. mubarakchan Oct 24,2018 2:14 PM


    Many comments have been made on ‘Government and Governance in the Islamic World ‘ concerning your thoughts on this significant subject.

    My view is that this has nothing to do with the religion itself but the ill-preparedness of the Leader who assumed the role of the Leader.

    Maybe the vetting of such a flawed Leader was incomplete. But then, who can foretell about events to come tomorrow ? Who can foretell whole Establishments of Government and elites would collapse just like that without a fight and submit meekly to one person’s brilliance and courage who but our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ?

    Maybe we can put a finger on this monumental failure of the Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government to its corruption to the core which seeped down to its lowest digits. And the Rakyat had the full taste of this corruption at the ground level for decades. By 9 May 2018, friends and foes had enough of this MONUTMENTAL CORRUPTION and took it upon themselves to wipe the slate clean of Corruption or in ancient idiom – clean out the Augean Stables.

    Corruption is common the World over.

    In matured societies, these are carefully concealed or hidden. And the financial crimes as compared with Malaysia’s were actually much bigger. The Corruption which was done in Malaysia, was crude and careless like small boys with a hand in the cookies jar. So crude and brazen in broad daylight by doing Corruption in a profession which has 100% accountability. The perpetrators did not even think of the eventual consequences otherwise they would not have collected 10,000 Rolex so to speak. They thought what they did was the NORM and their future was ETERNAL.

    We may note that many of these fallen Angels are still in hubris. So powerful is the drug called POWER. In the distant past, I have seen with my own eyes that some dignitaries who lost a job or POWER overnight became a different person – no more his inflated self, no confidence and look like a deflated balloon. Such is the power of the drug called POWER ! It is not the religion but the POWER which corrupted the Leaders absolutely. ‘quote Lord Acton 19th Century.’

    Just recently, I commented on the FM’s statement that a State Government wanted payment IN ADVANCE for the Civil Servants pay. My comment was what happens if the State Government runs away with the money. Following this, a whole host of naysayers jumped on me and one even wanted me reported for some crime. An example of naysayers like this group reflects the sad state of affairs in Malaysia today.

    We cannot blame a religion for HUMAN TRAITS AND FAILURES. There are so many factors which affect a Leader’s vision and behaviour in relation to common garden civics. Sometimes, the influence comes from the parents or the wife or his buddies. This I have found to be true.

    A GOOD SET OF PARENTS, A GOOD WIFE OR BUDDIES WOULD KEEP THE LEADER ALONG THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW. But Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is exceptional in the true fact that he had the Brilliance and Courage to pursue his objectives to the end ALONE and marched to the beat of his own drums as compared with those between 2004 to 2018 !.

    This has shown results, excellent results from the determination to do ideas embedded in his mind. How many of us are built like him and HIS WAY ?

    A Country is like a family – a good head of the family is good for the family or a head of a corporation – a crooked head does not bring success. The whole World is a mass of milling Humanity doing their thing without ever considering the importance of religion in their under-takings. vis-a-vis the Khashoggi Case.

    Our beloved Malaysia was fortunate to have the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (twice). A good run of 46 years. A good Prime Minister who is NORMAL, the Country will be NORMAL. It’s all in the mind as the doctors will tell you and not by those Chinese looking mangy dogs which bark YUP! YUP! YUP!

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !

  49. Sri Sense Oct 24,2018 9:54 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Berita bagus I baca Tun ajak ahli UMNO masuk Bersatu. Masa temuramah, Johan Jaafar.

    I melihat Pribumi dan UMNO sama. I tidak melihat PKR dan UMNO sama. I tidak melihat PAS dan UMNO sama. Walaupun begitu boleh bekerjasama tiada halangan.

    I juga merasakan TSMY sebagai Presiden Pribumi tidak perlu terlalu cerewet terima ahli UMNO. To me orang UMNO berkaliber cuma problem mereka semasa under leadership Najib dan Zahid, mereka agak terpesong.

    Orang UMNO ramai ada talent pemimpin, lihat saja bagaimana mereka boleh adapt jadi pembangkang whereas sekutu PH yang dulu pembangkang jadi government masih lagi lagak macam pembangkang.

    Tambah lagi yang perangai diva2 pun ramai, I don’t want to get my hands dirty, I menteri I tak boleh buat kerja I kena tunggu Timbalan dulu, kalau ada Dato I lagi rajin kerja, I handsome I tunjuk body I kat semua. These combinations dari eyes of the rakyat very bad. Lebih teruk dari orang songlap duit dalam diam2.

    Anyway UMNO Baru adalah UMNO Tun Mahathir. Pengerusi Pribumi adalah Tun Mahathir.

    Just saying.

    Big online hugs to Tun M dan Tan Sri M. Have a productive day!

  50. Hajar Oct 24,2018 8:53 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun:

    i-Suri KWSP

    Saya ada baca tentang i-Suri KWSP dan lihat iklan di TV. Kerajaan akan beri insentif RM40 sebulan sementara pendeposit masukkan RM5 setiap bulan (ini yang saya faham). Hanya yang berdaftar dengan system e-Kasih layak menerimanya.

    Maksudnya dalam setahun Kerajaan beri mereka RN480 secara percuma. Dari manakah datangnya wang ini? Bukankah mereka sudah mendapat bantuan lain dari Kerajaan?

    Kita mesti kurangkan budaya memberi duit PERCUMA kepada sesiapa pun kerana budaya ini memang tidak elok. Mereka mesti belajar berdikari.

    Mengenai peruntukan, dari mana Kerajaan dapat wang ini kerana ia perbelanjaan tambahan ini? Bukankah Kerajaan kekurangan wang? Adakah wang ini datangnya dari keuntungan KWSP?

    Bagaimana dengan perkhidmatan KWSP yang lain-lain? Adakah bertambah baik dan efisyen.

    Saya ingat lagi ada si Polan di sini yang bukan main marah lagi dengan EPF kerana dia sekeluarga tidak dapat keluarkan wang dari KWSP untuk perbelanjaan YURAN (tertunggak) universiti anak. Semuanya salah Kerajaan (yang lalu). Bukan main lagi dimaki hamunnya Kerajaan pada masa itu. Semuanya korup dari atas ke bawah katanya. Mungkin orang ini ingat dia berbudi bahasa kot…Amat menyedihkan. Ini satu spesis dengan si Polan yang satu lagi.

    P/S: Geli hati melihat manusia yang perasan pandai tetapi mengeja benda yang mudah pun GAGAL. Atau disengajakan dengan niat menghina orang. Ada pula yang asyik merapu meraban dan merepek tetapi perasan bagus. Yang ini pun gagal mengeja juga. Entahlah…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  51. musato Oct 24,2018 12:04 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya mengatakan yang benar. Itulah pandangan saya.

    Saya cuba untuk tidak memberi tekanan kepada Tun dengan pandangan kritikal saya berkenaan kerajaan.

    Tapi untuk pemahaman pembaca lain, saya rasa ia perlu dibentangkan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  52. musato Oct 23,2018 11:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kita tahu ada INTAN untuk kursus ajar menteri menteri.

    Tapi maaf kata, dari tindak tanduk sebelum ada kursus pun, menteri kabinet Tun tetap gagal walau lepas ni pergi kursus.

    Cuma kita harapkan urus tadbir negara berjalan dengan baik dan rakyat tidak terbeban. InsyaAllah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  53. musato Oct 23,2018 11:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya fikir ahli politik membataskan diri dalam hal berkenaan Islam. Samada dalam hal berpakaian atau pun yang berkaian dengan pancingan undian dari kaum lain.

    Kekadang saya terfikir berkenaan apa yang kita semua ulas berkenaan Islam di sini pergi terlalu begitu jauh.

    Bagi saya ianya mudah. Sembahyang 5 waktu (jangan kata orang tak sembahyang kafir), puasa (jangan kata orang tak puasa kafir).

    Atau pun orang yang memimpin kita pengetahuan dan amalan Islamnya adalah biasa biasa sahaja….mungkin sebab itu mereka berjaya jadi ahli politik.

    Mungkin saya banyak menulis berkenaan Islam, tapi kalau HBT bersua muka dengan saya, pasti HBT mau sembang kopi sama saya.

    Jadi saya tidak nampak kenapa ahli politik perlu membataskan diri dalam hal berkenaan cara hidup Islam melainkan mereka sendiri tidak berkemampuan menjaga agama sendiri.

    Yup, mungkin mereka sendiri tidak mampu menjaga agama sendiri.

    Itulah yang berlaku dalam kerajaan PH, kerajaan UMNO dan kerajaan PAS.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  54. musato Oct 23,2018 10:42 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Pada saya membaca tentang pemikiran dan kenyataan Tun adalah kebiasaan bagi saya, samada melalui wawancara Sinar hari semalam atau pun melalui
    artikel di sini.

    Tiada yang baru bagi saya. Saya faham perjalanannya.

    Ya. Setiap blog yang wujud adalah untuk memenuhi kehendak diri tuan punya blog.

    Sudah tentu untuk bertemu tuan punya blog, lebih lebih lagi VIP bukan semudah yang disangka. Yang lebih besar kemungkinannya adalah, komen kita tidak disiarkan terus.

    Begitulah bagaimana sistem hidup berjalan. Usah harapkan sesuatu dari orang kaya.

    Saya melihat prestasi kerajaan semasa tidak begitu memberangsangkan. Markah 40%-50% bagi prestasi menteri kabinet adalah wajar sekali. GAGAL.

    Tun Mahathir tidak mendapat bantuan yang sepatutnya.

    Bantuan itu tidak akan sampai bila bila selagi orang yang membantu menjatuhkan kerajaan terdahulu yang lengkap dengan sistemnya tidak bersama sama dengan Tun. Yakni saya.

    Kekuatan fizikal (kerajaan PH) tanpa kekuatan kerohanian tidak akan berjaya mengubah negara. Malah tetap sama seperti dahulu melainkan sekadar membasmi serta membataskan kerajaan dari menjadi kleptorasi.

    Kita tidak bergantung dengan nasib semata mata sebelum ini. Bergantunglah pada Allah swt.

    Sehingga kita mempunyai kudrat pemimpin yang setara, pasangkan tali pinggang anda. Jagalah diri, jagalah keluarga dan jagalah keturunan zuriat anda.

    Hidup manusia akan diteruskan sehingga dunia ini kiamat.

    Mengajilah Al Quran sehingga khatam. Solatlah dengan khusyuk. Berbuat baiklah sesama manusia. Bersedekahlah ikut keupayaan anda.

    Rezeki itu bukan dari manusia yang mengatakan jangan mengigit tangan yang memberi, tetapi rezeki itu dari Allah swt.

    Berusaha bersungguh sungguh, InsyaAllah kita akan temui jalanNya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  55. adelheid Oct 23,2018 8:03 PM

    Dear Tun,

    How are you? Semoga Tun and Tun Siti Hasmah sihat selalu.

    Tun, just want to say something on the taxi drivers here. Tun mungkin terkejut dengan sikap mereka. We the people sudah tahu lama dah. I berani cakap cos my family and I memang pernah ada pengalaman tidak menyenangkan dan menakutoan dengan pemandu teksi ini. Dulu sebelum wujud Grab semua these taxi drivers memang begini pun sikap mereka.

    They won’t use the meter, ada yang curtain cover lagi meter dengan kain serupa curtain kecil. While not all are rude but through my personal experiences they are generally rude to the passengers to some extent they intimidate passengers. Passengers jadi takut. Kami pernah ambil teksi di stesen Kelana Jaya nak ke KL Sentral, masa tu we missed the last lrt. Kami 3 beranak semua perempuan. No choice but to approach the taxi drivers there. They were loud and acted somewhat menakutkan orang. They said because it was midnight so tambang adalah RM100. This was two years ago. One driver plus another of his friend company seated with him in front while the three of us at the back seat. All the way both were talking loud and in rowdy manner. Dua-dua orang melayu. Bukan saya nak cakap bangsa tapi masa itu kami jadi sangat takut. In Puchong pun pernah naik teksi driver bawa teksi bawa anak sambil maki2 anak dia depan kita, then drove the car like pemandu formula one drift sambil maki2 other drivers. Not to mention about the smell in the taxi or was it the smell of the driver that time cos we noticed he got old cuts on his hands. His meter was covered with sort of a small curtain so we could not see the fare. Destination just nearby and he said the fare was RM17 but when the exact RM17 was given him he shouted “kasilah lebih RM20!”. Not only highly rude but at same time we had a hell of a time in his taxi when he drove like a formula one driver. Darah saya hampir naik waktu itu. Memang kurang hajar driver yang ini Tun.

    Ada lagi yang bawa pusing-pusing sebab mereka ingat kita tak tau jalan KL. Ada bawa siap isi gas entah apa dulu. Ada siap singgah jamban. While the meter running. That trip I remember from Masjid Jamek to Puchong cost us RM130.

    So Tun jangan terkejut dengan mereka yang memang ada attitude problem ini. Tak hairan orang lebih memilih Grab, Uber no more now. Taxi drivers hanya tahu salahkan orang lain utk predicament mereka. Mereka tak sedar diri yang mereka itu kasar, cakap kasar, berkelakuan tak senonoh, tidak jaga kebersihan diri pun, merokok, menipu charges tambang kerana tidak mahu mengguna meter teksi suka hati meletak harga. Zaman ini pengguna sudah bijak memilih. Kami akan pilih yang mana selesa, tidak mengancam keselamatan dan yang ringan utk poket kami. Yang paling penting pengguna memang pantang kalau ditipu.

    Tun take heart okay. Don’t let yourself be affected by some who just do not have manners. You are not the only one who have been taken aback by the rowdiness and kekuranghajaran teksi drivers ini. Nak kesian kat mereka pun susah. Sepatutnya semua teksi convert jadi e-hailing saja. Apa masalah mereka. Boleh kasi mereka classes to improve on their manners and teach them how to interact with passengers and people as a whole.

    Take good care dear Tun Mahathir. Love u Tun. Jaga kesihatan selalu. Hug hug to Tun Siti Hasmah.

  56. HBT456 Oct 23,2018 12:46 PM

    I believe this man has his reason for not wanted to sit next to the black woman as saying goes first come first in.

    Was it racism, or was it he is very disgusted, tramatized, with the behaviours of black people, or women?

    When prc and oversea chinese nationals do not behave and caught in video clip being published in social media, it would create a general impression of bad culture and behavior in post it era to all chinese out there.

    Is ds ahmad zahid feels great when all malay in this country are being generalized as jihad terrorists in the name of islam?

    Due to this open declaration in social media, his grand daughter is automatically become a naked princess in which she and her family members could be exploited to do things that would hurt them in the end too.

    I express this as a concern of parent because i do not want them to get hurt, bukan atas sebab kiasu, atau jeles of your family is powerful, or rich.

    But being a top civil servant, you must behave and do the right things because you are the vvip representing malaysians in the world.

  57. HBT456 Oct 23,2018 12:05 PM

    Because of parking punya pasal, aku dah lama pakai online banking edi.

  58. HBT456 Oct 23,2018 12:04 PM

    I prefer to watch johnny english in expressing his thoughts of virtual reality to his fans, similar to stephen chow in expressing his thoughts on mermaids to his fans, in comedy and humour style to tell us the world could be full of laughter when you do it right.

  59. HBT456 Oct 23,2018 11:53 AM

    Due to the ignorant of top provincial government officers in not reporting the sign of earthquakes to the beijing central government, refer tangshang 7.6 scala ritcher scale, it was reported the casualty of human lives itself under their watch was estimated to 255k to 655k.

    This applied to tsunami triggered huge casualty in phuket, aceh, and fukushima nuclear meltdown too.

    Was it because the countries are poor, or was it because top government remain silent, takut kena tiow, atau maki hamun by the public?

    P/s: until today, these sotong biscuit conspirators, buffologists and jebats masih tak erti apakah itu privacy and data protection, and when they succeeced implementing e-voting under ec, then, i wont vote at all, habis cerita.

  60. Sri Sense Oct 23,2018 11:28 AM


    Hari tu I ada terbaca, tak ingat kat mana. Something about Tun bagi markah 50 pada Menteri.

    Kalau zaman I sekolah dulu, 50 tu cukup2 makan, nyawa2 ikan.

    Kalau dah gitu ada baiknya Tun gantikan Ketua Parti dengan Timbalan dari parti masing2.


  61. Sri Sense Oct 23,2018 9:22 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Hope Tun dan Tun Siti sihat.

    Taxi cab I lama tak naik. A few years ago memang ada. Di Subang Jaya pernah ada service, call a cab. Bila call memang datang, tapi sampai 2 bijik teksi. Kita pun confuse mana satu nak naik.

    Di Shah Alam pula banyak teksi lepak kat bank dan juga tempat khas teksi tunggu. Tak pakai meter, sape nak naik nego price. That’s all I know.

    I teringat masa zaman I muda kalau turun kat Puduraya, teksi lepak kat tepi jalan, price nego juga. No perubahan. Of course masa I muda kat bandar2 kecil ada teksi sapu/private sapu berlegar kat bus station nak ambil passenger. Price nego too.

    I tidak terkejut kalau e-hailing service popular. Kalau I sendiri pun bila ada keperluaan nanti akan panggil Grab since Uber dah tiada.

    As I said earlier, Transport Ministry atau syarikat milik teksi boleh train pemandu teksi, buang sikap buruk, rajin kerja, bijak handle customers, serba tau tentang kawasan yang mereka kerja, keadaan teksi sentiasa bersih, dan pasang meter.

    Its not much of anything, its just the attitude. Never about Grab or Uber. That’s for sure.

  62. HBT456 Oct 23,2018 8:25 AM

    If you ask me about the local newspapers reporting style, i would say they still stuck in the era of sengsara, kezaliman and kemiskinan of raykat in general.

    This would continue to make the rakyat to feel the pinch of pain dari dulu hingga sekarang especially the lowest chain of the masyarakat.

    Whether they like it or not, newspapers too would be a thing of the past, therefore, in order to manitain and retain such industry, its either they reduce the thickness, reduce size and increase price at the national level to make it portable, jimat, save earth in maintaining green and to create awareness of informative contents rather than tangkap muat just to stay relevant.

    For those who still think they could be the kingmaker of each general election, they will be the one who could be easily rigged to do the dirty jobs just to get paid.

    These so-called kingmaker would be the one who would abandon their party to set up their own party just to show the insider that without them, the country cannot survive kut.

    P/s: siapakah hapr*k since everyone in their circle of influences doing the same, dont you think so?

  63. HBT456 Oct 23,2018 7:42 AM

    I am not sure will pakatan harapan ends up as rubber stamp association at the ministry federal and levels khususnya parti politik melayu dan islam with bersatu again, or not, since phantom voters on land could be mutated and turned into phantom voters online with touch of fingers, betul tak?

    Dont you think its kind of weird on why did the meeting place with taxi association was set at a hotel in langkawi, kedah, this time?

    Will this meeting be another force bailout again in the name of biru taxi association in chopping heads and hands too of my way?

    Jika pm tak tolong, mereka kena tunjuk buntut, i mean perasaan to tdm of bersatu this time, di kedah?

    They know tourism business is loosing money years after years, and yet they still do the same welfare as if tunai current taxpayers, epf and socso adalah raja mereka kut by putting ahmad, ah chong and muthu in there, tak gitu?

    But, if compare to the stunt of child jihad launched by the 9 years old grand daughter of ahmad, obviously, biru taxi association is the safest and best bet lor.

    Mca no need to be the rubber stamp association based on consensus of umno edi, and now mca can cerai barisan nasional since their children, cucu and cicit already grow up, and can decide their own destiny.

    P/s: each time mca begged, each time semangat patriotism of chinese toward this country is demoralized, and votes will go to dap, and gerakan naturally and biologically, therefore, it made no sense whether whether mca, dap and dap can represent chinese better.

  64. tamchi Oct 23,2018 5:26 AM

    Nk bawak teksi ni, perlu ke ada lesen PSV…??

    Boleh pakai minyak, boleh pakai NGV..?
    Bonet belakang bayar ataupun free.?
    Lepas kul 12, caj meter naik lagi?

    Salam subuh, slamat pagi.!

  65. HouseWife Oct 23,2018 12:47 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Amboi amboi, abang2 dan pakcik2 teksi cantik sungguh sikap kamu terhadap Tun ya. Tun tu siapa pada kamu? Tun datang dengan rela hati mengadap kepada kamu semua, sikap biadap dan panas baran diberi sebagai balasan kepada Tun. Tak pernah belajar civics di sekolah ka. Dengan Tun mereka biadap tidak hormati seorang Negarawan bernama Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, apatah lagi dengan kami yang hina ini yang bernama Penumpang Teksi. Saya dah experience banyak kali dengan perangai rude dreba teksi. Lebih selesa naik bas dan mini bas, cepat dan murah.

    Sepatutnya mereka ambil peluang emas ini bincang dengan Tun seperti manusia rasional, bagi input dan buah fikiran. Yang saya tahu sebelum PRU mereka diberi banyak ‘hadiah’ oleh pembela2 kenamaan mereka…mungkin kerana sebab ini mereka bersikap biadap dan sombong. Oleh sebab mereka yang segelintar, dah beri nama busuk kepada seluruh warga teksi yang jujur dan ikhlas jalankan tugas, bukan hanya semata2 bisnis mencari wang untuk hidup tetapi juga niat baik hendak tolong orang mencapai atau sampai tempat impian mereka. Sesiapa pun terjun kedalam bisnis mesti ada dua niat murni ini baru hati rasa gumbira dan sikap pun berperikemanusiaan, tidak bengis, biadap, kedekut dan tamak haloba.

    Wipe out grab, really…did Tun ever promise that? This app e-hailing is a brilliant innovation. Are they aware they are living in the 21st century? They must wake up, improvise and be innovative. What the abang2 and pakcik2 teksi ask to abolish grab I don’t think it’s a smart move. They must study, learn and apply these new apps to their advantage. They should shred their ego and learn or at least modernize or urbanize their way of thinking. Set a culture of sharing knowledge and learning new ideas to move forwards, don’t go backwards or be stagnant.

    The rowdy abang2 and pakcik2 teksi maybe in their 30s, 40s and 50s. How to bring these lagak sombong back to school, learn ethical and cultured manners? Do they the teksi bullies earn the respect as Malaysia’s ambassadors? Unless they apologize to Tun, they deserve zero respect.

    Tun, you can withstand anything and anyone. I pray that Allah will always protect Tun from these bullies. May Allah bestow Tun with happy life and good health so you may lead us for many years to come. Thank you Tun.

  66. HBT456 Oct 22,2018 8:34 PM

    When george washington became the first united states of america, he had shown great example of mankind to future usa presidents, that is, he sticked to 2 terms of usa presidency that is 8 years maximum regardless economy in good time, and in bad time, until today.

    China too sticked to one party system since mao zedong era until today regardless the economy is in good time, or bad time.

    When they have the thoughts of chopping heads and hands, then, you will know they cannot last for one term, and thats for sure.

  67. sibotak Oct 22,2018 7:05 PM

    I like yr definition of a leader during yr answer session in Malaysia Dilemma .Yr answer A leader who look who look behind, he has his followers behind him .You have yr followers always behind you Unlike Najib or some back dated Sultan .
    Tun , don’t be despair with regards of the taxi driver against you
    They are just the bunch of UMNO Losers
    A true taxi driver will understand you and you are able to assists them
    Best Regards Tun

  68. asahamat Oct 22,2018 6:39 PM

    Assalamualaikum wmwbt Tun.

    First thing first, Tun kena kekal n kental semangat kenegarawan. Tun jgn mudah marah, sedih apa lagi kecil hati. Benar Tun pun manusia, tetapi Tun manusia yg lain dari manusia2 lain. Tun Allah ciptakan dgn banyak keistimewaan dan tanggongjwb penting.

    (2) Saya syorkan, modify saja perkhidmatan Teksi dan Grab. Teksi banyak masalah kroni UMNO, MCA dan MIC dan pemandu teksi banyak sekadar hamba. Grab bukan Syarikat Msia. So saya cadangkan hapuskan Teksi utk hapus kroni. Hapus Grab juga. Dua2 kena hapus dan lupus.

    (3) Sebelum hapuskan Teksi dan Grab, tubuh dulu sebuah Syarikat lain milik Msia, katalah milik PNB yg mana semua pemandu teksi boleh melabur n begitu juga peserta Grab. Operasi Syarikat ini boleh ibarat Grab. Cuma tambah baik utk keselamatan penumpang dan pengusaha.

    (4) Sebagai ganjaran kpd pemandu2 teksi yg ada, Kjaan bolehlah taja pelaburan mereka spt Kjaan pernah taja Program Basmi Kemiskinan melalui Pelaburan dlm ASB sedikit waktu dulu. Utamakan saham Syarikat dijual kpd pemandu teksi @ peserta Syarikat ini kemudiannya. Pelaburan tambahan boleh dibuat melalu potongan “mgmt fee” kpd Syarikat. Saya cadangkan biarlah Syarikat ini jadi milik PNB @ GLC yg semua rakyat Msia boleh melabur. Syarikat ini seakan2 MAS juga.

    (5) Dgn cara ini, kawalan mutu perkhidmatan akan jadi lebih baik. Ianya juga boleh dikembang kepada khidmat kereta mewah bagi keperluan3 khas terutama di Hotel, Lapangan Terbang dsb. In Shaa Allah sistem kita akan lebih maju.

    (6) Tak perlu dikenakan terlalu banyak Permit n
    Bayaran buat pengusaha. Go for Volume. Volume tinggi, rakyat akan guna perkhidmatan ini secara meluas, Negara In Shaa Allah boleh dapat Cukai Individu dan Koprat yg tinggi.

    Tun jaga diri. Rehat selalu sikit. Cool n keepup your stateman outlook.

  69. HBT456 Oct 22,2018 5:40 PM

    I am not sure whether they are buta huruf, pekak bahasa atau rasis when they pakai the word bangla in writing or oral.

    Will they introduce themselve in oversea as i am melayu, atau i am malaysian?

    P/s: mereka ingat hanya kaum mereka saja yang tahu cakap melayu?

  70. Hajar Oct 22,2018 5:32 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    New ministers barely make the grade, says Malaysia’s PM Mahathir

    /// The newly appointed ministers of the Pakatan Harapan government have scored only 40 to 50 per cent in Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s books.

    In an exclusive televised interview with Astro Awani on Sunday (Oct 21) evening, Tun Mahathir spontaneously assigned the mark when asked to rate the performance of his Cabinet.

    He also conceded that it was no easy task to change the perceptions and mentality of certain Cabinet ministers, especially those without prior experience in government leadership positions.

    He confessed that it was difficult to shift their paradigm to one held by a government leader, instead of an opposition leader. ///

    What? They scored only 40 to 50 percent of the total marks? 🙁

    That’s terrible, but I believe there are Ministers / Deputy Ministers who scored lower than that.

    In my book some failed miserably (including Mr. LGE).

    In fact during my under-grad at a foreign country, the passing mark was 60 (60%). So, based on this grading scale, they failed. 🙁

    P/S: Tun, please just ignore those very rude cabbies. Don’t be sad. Stay put and be strong. Sayang Tun…

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  71. Sri Sense Oct 22,2018 10:12 AM

    Nak cerita ini, bukan cerita dikutip dari press.

    Masa my son nak buat UBER, I tidak begitu setuju. Macam bunyi taxi service. Takan la budak yang ada MBA bawak taxi kan. My son kata company US, everything done online, there’s no cash involve. He also said that ada commitment so he dia kena buat sesuatu.

    I pun terus study UBER their business and so on, then I said to him, I see something like a club membership. Pakai di negara lain boleh guna di negara ini. So I nasihatkan anak I, if you like meeting people this job is good for you.

    True enough, after that anak I sering dapat orang dari luar negara naik keretanya. GM big corporations, penghuni Kenny Hills and tempat elite yang lain adalah pelanggan localnya.

    Anak I pernah cerita, ada 3 orang Indonesia ambil dari airport naik keretanya, mereka tanya mana tempat makanan Indonesia best.

    My son teringat kat office dad ada satu kedai Indonesia yang dad kata sedap. Dia bawak mereka ini kat Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. Bukan main seronok mereka not only mereka ajak anak I makan bersama mereka tapi juga bekalkan sedikit makanan untuk bawa pulang.

    Dalam satu kes lain, my son dapat passenger Mat Salih yang nak hantar isterinya bersalin. Tempat tak begitu jauh dari tempat penginapan mereka. Bila sampai hospital Mat Salih nak bayar, son kata, its ok, on me!

    Its about friendship Tun. Son tak kerja lama dengan UBER, he got a permanent job after that.

    Sementera anak buah I, hubby dia juga bawa UBER dan Grab sekali gus. Dia buat kerja ini satelah kena VSS. Dia dulu kerja public listed company. Tapi bila UBER dan Grab dah cantum dia pulak unhappy, susah cari makan katanya.

    I difahamkan passengers dia banyak orang Bangla. Dia sering bawak mereka ke jabatan kerajaan bila ada urusan. Orang Bangla suka sebab tambang murah dari naik taxi cab biasa. Bila mereka dah suka, mereka sering rekomen kawan2 mereka, ada yang sampai ambil trip outstation. Selain itu UBER dan Grab beri dia peluang dapat kerja2 kecil – business yang ada kepandaian nya.

    That’s all I can cerita. Pandangan orang bawah, just an ordinary voter.

    Good Luck!

  72. Sri Sense Oct 22,2018 9:30 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Jangan bersedih. Taxi association ini serata dunia pun perang dengan UBER. Kalau tak ada UBER mereka perang dengan GRAB. Its about nak jaga periuk nasi masing2. To me kalau serious nak buat sesuatu kerja, kena rajin usaha.

    My view biarlah Grab ada sebab ada ramai orang nak pakai service mereka. Negara ini kan negara demokrasi. Kita perlu bersikap adil. Grab banyak juga bantu golongan pensioner untuk cari duit lebih. Pelajar cari duit poket. Or orang yang macam anak I, semasa tiada kerja, buat kerja untuk langsungkan commitment.


    I perhati HBT ini tak faham cakap Melayu tapi cukup rajin tembak orang.

    Orang yang faham cakap Melayu tau yang I earlier sebut, dulu UBER tidak ada banyak kereta Perodua dan Proton. Dengan sikap cemburu dia kata I suruh rekomen Proton jadi taxi. Memang kelakar.

    Dia jeles sebab I pandai dari dia. Dan I pun cute dari dia. hahaha

    Tabiat dengki ini memang common lately I tengok. Tengok saja news online, si anu kata si ini, si ini kata si anu. On and on the same. Suruh buat kerja tak mau. Menteri pun sama. MP pun sama.

    Semua pun pandai tunjuk perasaan saja. Kalau ada duit poket ok juga, kalau takat belanja kedai mamak nak rebel2 baik la tak payah.

    Serupa juga disini, kita semua sekadar share pendapat.

    Tak perlulah ada orang kat sini pula hentam kita sesuka hati, nak tunjuk mereka lebih pandai, lebih cerdik. Kalau tak setuju tidak mengapa tak payah lah jadikan pengaduhan panjang2. Kita kat sini hanya sembang kedai kopi. Kopi also kena beli sendiri2 hahaha

    UBER dulu setahu I kereta besar, 4 wheel drive pun ada. Kereta 2 pintu, nope, not allowed for regular Ubers. But now usah kita risau tentang UBER Malaysia dan UBER SEA. Company asal dari US ini dah jual pada GRAB. Now everything under GRAB.

    Ramai orang suka GRAB tau, so jangan jeles TAXI.

  73. HBT456 Oct 22,2018 8:26 AM

    When kena macc, what did president umno show case instead?

    His grand daughter of 9 years old declared child jihat via twitter and facebook.

    Mr trump wont send tanks and jet fighters in the mexico border when things turned out ugly, messy, emo and rough to declare military war there kerana beliau bukan pak bodoh, pak pekak, pak buta mahupun pak tiru tiananmen square la.

    Adakah anda ini penyokong democrat atau mobs?

    P/s: Is islam a religion that chop heads and hands to dictate the world economy in 1000 years to come?

  74. HBT456 Oct 21,2018 11:58 PM

    Grab uses artificial intelligent to monitor, and track drivers and passengers for safety purpose.

    Taxi proton ada orang kuat mahir dalam bidang to implement such sistem?

    Instead, she should ask it it safe to use proton taxi from the drivers and passengers perpective today with so much crimes on roads?

    Implementating e-voting, then, pkr is a more canggih and excel than other political parties yang tak pakai?

    Since vote counts is so important, then, i can predict bersatu and pkr wont be able to stand alone since these 2 parties today are duri dalam daging to umno, and pas.

    Other political parties can either remain bn, join ph, or go independent, itu saja.

    P/s: when ph minister said drinking water from tap is safe, then, you will know the quality of minister is no difference from those of bn. The only difference is race and religion, itu saja.

  75. musato Oct 21,2018 9:41 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bercerita berkenaan pengangkutan teksi, grab dan MRT, saya fikir berada di pusat KL adalah mudah dengan adanya kemudahan tersebut.

    Perbandingan teksi dengan GRAB, saya fikir GRAB lebih selesa dan senang untuk diuruskan berbanding teksi.

    Kita boleh berdiri di mana mana sahaja dan lakukan tempahan GRAB. Ia cuma semurah rm5 sebiji kereta (kalau tak lupa) untuk ke Menara KL dari KLCC pada jam 3 petang.

    Mungkin lebih elok pemandu teksi semak kembali samada nak bertukar kepada GRAB pula selepas pandu teksi selama ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  76. Sri Sense Oct 21,2018 8:42 PM

    for example teksi driver boleh ikuti kursus customer service, how to handle customer, how to jadi tour guide, so that they can make more money, tourism kita pun boleh berkembang – Minstry patut bagi kursus ini!

  77. Sri Sense Oct 21,2018 5:49 PM

    Good evening Tun

    I tertarik baca al-kisah pemandu teksi marah2 kat Tun.

    I think this bukan perkara baru. Zaman anak I bawak UBER dulu pun sama.

    Sekarang UBER pun telah dimasukkan dalam Grab.

    Ada anak saudara suaminya buat dua2 UBER dan Grab, tapi bila dicantumkan UBER dan Grab mula kata susah cari makan. I also tak faham kalau dulu boleh kerja 2 tempat now cannot pulak bila dah tercantum.

    I ingat masa zaman anak I berhenti kerja, nak cari kerja baru yang sesuai lama tunggu, so oleh sebab dia ada commitment nak bayar kereta, credit card, dia bawa UBER.

    Tak sampai beberapa bulan, dah dapat kerja baru.

    Semasa dia bawa UBER dia mula dari subuh sampai pukul 7 malam baru balik. Hari Sabtu Ahad pun dia nak kerja. I suruh dia rest atleast sehari.

    Dia kata kalau tak buat begitu tak mampu bayar duit kereta dan credit card. Not only that dia terpaksa tukar kereta dengan kawan sebab anak pakai kereta 2 pintu, UBER mesti kereta 4 pintu. Dan kereta tak boleh lebih dari beberapa tahun, so kalau dia nak bawak my car or dad’s car, also tak layak.

    Apa itu UBER?

    Uber is a technology platform. Our smartphone apps connect driver-partners and riders. In cities where Uber operates, use your rider app to request a ride. When a nearby driver-partner accepts your request, your app displays an estimated time of arrival for the driver-partner heading to your pickup location. – source UBER

    Sebenarnya diMalaysia yang bawak UBER dulu kereta besar2. Bukan kereta brand PERODUA or PROTON, though ada but the big cars yang ada banyak pemintaan dan tempahan seperti ambil orang dari airport.

    Apa itu GRAB?

    GrabTaxi Holdings Pte. Ltd. (branded as simply Grab) is a Singapore-based technology company that offers the only ride-hailing, ride sharing, and logistics services through its app in Singapore and neighboring Southeast Asian nations Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia

    From what I know banyak orang suka UBER atau Grab sebab mereka bukan taxi cab service biasa.

    Uber dan Grab drivers pakai kereta sendiri, kalau nak pinjam kereta kawan pun mesti ada perjanjian bertulis.

    Their service more like calling your friend to ambil you kat lokasi. The drivers are usually friendly because most of them well educated. They tend to be a good tourist guide for outsiders and for local they are like your friends. There’s no need for you to sit at the back bila di ambil. There’s no need for you to jadi boss duduk belakang.

    I also difahamkan kenapa ramai tak nak naik teksi cab biasa because ada teksi tak suka pasang meter dan bau busuk.

    Ada certain kawasan kita akan nampak a few teksi berlonggok. Bila nak guna service mereka, mereka tak pasang meter. Mereka akan kenakan harga tertentu untuk bawa passenger ke tempat yang di ingini. Bila setuju baru jalan.

    To me apa yang nak upgrade sini adalah service teksi, bukan uber atau grab. Just saying!

  78. HBT456 Oct 20,2018 6:10 PM

    When the crooked bridge is built by force, nanti kereta, bas, taxi dan lorry from tebrau cannot enter, then how?

    Gonstan is it?

    Entahlah what is in the mind of the sotong biskut conspirators, buffologists and jebats will do.

    Mana tahu, mungkin mereka mahu gabungkan super power orang melayu dan orang islam kali ini to buy jet fighter to bomb singapore atas alasan singapura ini mesti dibelash kerana kiasu, biadap dan tidak mengenang budi dan bagi kami punya otomobil masuk.

    Apabila kena macc, mereka nampak hepi aja, mana ada takut punya.

    Sini bikin kereta dan highway nasional, singapura bikin nasional road dan public transport, you see the difference?

    There is no right or wrong in any political situations, henceforth, winner takes all, loser takes all.

    Blow water, dont wipe mouth is still best laughing medicine to release stress.

    Jika menjolok mata atau perasaan mu, jangan pandang, thats all we can do.

    Bak kata, siapa makan cili, merekalah yang rasa pedas.

  79. Sri Sense Oct 20,2018 11:45 AM


    I memang tak tau apa itu Jambatan Bengkok Mahathir. Malah bila ada usul nak buat semula, ada kawan bisik yang usul nak bodek Mahathir.

    I carilah dalam interweb, temui ini dalam astro awani. Terpulanglah pada admin nak siar atau tidak.

    Apa yang kita tahu tentang ‘jambatan bengkok’?

    KUALA LUMPUR: Isu jambatan bengkok kini hangat semula diperkatakan.

    Ia lantas mengingatkan masyarakat negara ini, terutamanya warga negeri Johor, tentang kemelut yang melanda isu tersebut.

    Semuanya bercetus daripada perbezaan pendapat dan kritikan oleh Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad terhadap pentadbiran perdana menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    Jambatan bengkok atau dalam perancangan mahu dinamakan sebagai Jambatan Indah merupakan struktur jambatan sepanjang 1.4 kilometer yang diimpikan bagi menggantikan Tambak Johor sepanjang 1.06 kilometer yang sudah digunakan sejak tahun 1923.

    Idea pembinaan jambatan lurus telah dicetuskan dan kemudian diubah menjadi ‘bengkok’ kerana Singapura tidak mahu mengubah struktur penghubung di sempadan negaranya.

    Persetujuan Singapura pada awalnya tentang projek tersebut dikatakan diberikan secara ‘tidak rela hati sepenuhnya’ dan dilakukan hanya sekadar berdasarkan pendekatan berpakej.


    1) Melancarkan aliran lalu lintas ke Singapura dan sebaliknya.

    2) Kapal dagang atau pasukan keselamatan boleh belayar melalui Selat Tebrau (Selat Melaka ke Laut China Selatan dan ini akan merancakkan industri perkapalan dan pelabuhan negara iaitu Tanjung Pelepas dan Pasir Gudang.

    3) Kelancaran aliran air di Selat Tebrau mampu meningkatkan kualiti air dan juga alam sekitar.

    4) Pembukaan laluan air itu boleh menjadi pemangkin kepada pembangunan Iskandar Malaysia dan negeri Johor secara keseluruhan.


    5 Julai 1996: Perdana Menteri ketika itu, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad telah mencetuskan idea untuk merobohkan Tambak Johor yang menjadi pintu masuk selatan negara dan diganti dengan sebuah jambatan baharu.

    8 Julai 1996: Perdana Menteri Singapura ketika itu, Goh Chok Tong menganggap cadangan Malaysia untuk menggantikan Tambak Johor dengan jambatan baharu tidak mengejutkan republik itu.

    1 Ogos 1996: Mahathir umumkan jambatan baharu bagi menggantikan Tambak Johor bakal dibina secepat mungkin setelah mendapat persetujuan Singapura. Namun tiada perjanjian secara rasmi dimeterai.

    31 Julai 1997: Sebuah perbincangan telah berlangsung di antara Malaysia dan Singapura mengenai pembinaan jambatan baharu bagi menggantikan Tambak Johor.

    4 September 2001: Kedua-dua negara bersetuju dengan cadangan tambahan Malaysia berhubung pembinaan jambatan baharu yang dianggarkan siap pada tahun 2007.

    13 Jun 2004: Malaysia yang telah memulakan kerja-kerja pembinaan fasa awal kemudiannya menghentikan sementara pembinaan bagi membolehkan rundingan lanjut dibuat dengan Singapura.

    24 Januari 2005: Keputusan untuk membatal atau meneruskan pembinaan jambatan bernilai RM2 bilion itu terus berlarutan dan bergantung kepada hasil rundingan dengan Singapura.

    27 Ogos 2005: Tiada kata putus dibuat oleh Singapura berkaitan projek berkenaan, namun Malaysia bertegas mahu meneruskannya.

    6 Februari 2006: Singapura sedia bekerjasama dengan Malaysia untuk meneruskan pembinaan jambatan tersebut tetapi meletakkan dua syarat iaitu menjual pasir kepada republik itu dan membuka ruang udara Johor untuk keperluan latihan jet pejuangnya.

    9 Mac 2006: Malaysia meneruskan kerja-kerja awal pembinaan jambatan bengkok atau ‘Jambatan Indah’ berikutan Singapura tidak memberikan kata putus mengenai projek jambatan lurus.

    Seni bina jambatan bengkok itu lebih tinggi dan membolehkan kapal-kapal kecil melepasinya namun Singapura enggan berkompromi dengan konsep itu.

    12 April 2006: Perdana Menteri selepas Mahathir, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi memutuskan bahawa Malaysia menghentikan pembinaan jambatan bagi menggantikan Tambak Johor.

    “Kerajaan Malaysia telah memutuskan untuk tidak meneruskan pembinaan jambatan bagi menggantikan Tambak Johor. Keputusan ini dibuat setelah mengambil kira suara dan sentimen rakyat Malaysia keseluruhannya terutama sekali berkenaan bekalan pasir dan ruang udara. Kerajaan juga membuat keputusan untuk memberhentikan semua rundingan bersabit jambatan tersebut.” ~ Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, 12 April 2006.

    26 Jun 2010: Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar bertitah agar cadangan pembinaan jambatan bengkok dipertimbangkan semula.

    “Saya yakin seluruh rakyat Johor berasa gembira dengan terbinanya bangunan JB Sentral yang serba lengkap dan indah ini, namun masih terdapat kekurangan dan kecacatannya apabila komponen utamanya iaitu jambatan masih belum dilaksanakan hingga hari ini. Sekali lagi, saya ingin menyeru kerajaan Persekutuan agar dapat mempertimbangkan rancangan asal pembinaan jambatan yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh rakyat Johor.” – Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, 26 Jun 2010.

    17 April 2014: Mahathir sekali lagi membuat kenyataan mengenai mengapa pentingnya jambatan itu dibina sewaktu menghadiri sebuah acara di Iskandar Malaysia.

    “Jika ia adalah sebuah jambatan, adakah kita masih perlukan sebuah tambak? Tambak ini menghalang air mengalir keluar dan ia juga sangat kotor. Ia menyebabkan laut menjadi sangat kotor dan terdapat kesesakan lalu lintas yang teruk di Johor Bahru kerana jambatan tidak dibina” – Tun Mahathir Mohamad, 17 April 2014


    1) Terbinanya jambatan bengkok bagi menggantikan Tambak Johor akan membolehkan bot-bot kecil dan kapal bersaiz sederhana merentasi Selat Tebrau dengan mudah. Selama ini kapal-kapal yang dalam pelayaran jauh perlu mengelilingi Singapura. Kemungkinan pengurangan kapal yang singgah ke pelabuhan di republik itu difahamkan menjadi perkara yang ‘dibimbangi’ pihak Singapura.

    2) Dengan pembinaan jambatan bengkok, aliran air di Selat Tebrau dijangka bertambah baik kerana selama ini ia terhalang struktur Tambak Johor. Aliran air laut yang lebih terbuka secara tidak langsung memberi kelebihan kepada kualiti air dan beberapa pihak menjangkakan ekosistem laut di Selat Tebrau akan menunjukkan penambahbaikan.

    3) Walau bagaimanapun, terdapat kebimbangan kecil dalam kalangan pengusaha penternakan kupang sangkar di beberapa kampung nelayan berdekatan terutamanya di Kampung Senibong. Mereka mengatakan bahawa keadaan air di Selat Tebrau sekarang ini yang tenang dan penuh nutrien membolehkan benih kupang hidup subur.

    Jika aliran Selat Tebrau sudah bebas dibuka, mereka bimbang benih kupang akan hanyut dan tidak melekat pada sangkar. Lagipun, para penternak kupang di kampung tersebut percaya bahawa benih induk kupang kebanyakannya berada di Tambak Johor.

    “Jika ia adalah sebuah jambatan, adakah kita masih perlukan sebuah tambak? Tambak ini menghalang air mengalir keluar dan ia juga sangat kotor. Ia menyebabkan laut menjadi sangat kotor dan terdapat kesesakan lalu lintas yang teruk di Johor Bahru kerana jambatan tidak dibina” – Tun Mahathir Mohamad, 17 April 2014


    Walau apapun yang didebatkan mengenainya, sebenarnya tidak ada sebarang perjanjian yang ditandatangani oleh Malaysia dan Singapura mengenai pembinaan jambatan bengkok tersebut.

    Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Jabatan Peguam Negara Malaysia mendapati bahawa Malaysia tidak boleh membina jambatan berkenaan secara bersendirian (unilateral) kerana terikat dengan Perjanjian Air Johor-Singapura, Perjanjian Wayleave dan Perjanjian Pemisahan 1965.

    Astro Awani | Diterbitkan pada April 14, 2015 22:09 MYT

  80. Sri Sense Oct 20,2018 8:09 AM

    Good morning Tun!

    The topic of the 2 listed companies touched limit down hangat di perkatakan dalam circle KLSE. Forums, FB, newspapers. Some retail investors even kata ini semua angkara fake news!

    I like to share here, apa yang I baca dalam MMO

    From Akalbudi to Mastoro: Every alleged player linked to Zahid’s RM42m charges

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20 — The names of several companies surfaced in Umno president and former home minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s 45 charges yesterday, including a public listed firm which supplied Malaysian passport components.

    But who are these companies that you have probably never heard of?

    Here’s a quick look at them, based on Malay Mail’s checks of records on the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) and news reports:

    Alleged criminal breach of trust (CBT) of charity funds (RM20.8 million)

    1. Yayasan Akalbudi

    What is it: According to its company profile lodged with SSM, this foundation formerly named Yayasan Budi was founded in 1997 as a public limited company limited by guarantee.

    Its nature of business is to “receive and administer funds for the eradication of poverty relevant to the poverty eradication programme”.

    Little else is known about this foundation, which appeared to have surfaced only this year in news reports despite its long history on paper. Luckily, Zahid has shared some additional information in the past few months after questioning by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over the use of the foundation’s funds to pay his and his wife’s credit card bills.

    Zahid had clarified that the payment was an honest mistake by the foundation’s paymaster and that he has since repaid it.

    In Zahid’s own words: The foundation is owned by his family, with its funds originating from him and “several other friends who wanted to donate” to welfare and religious work such as the construction of mosques and tahfiz schools.

    “I’m in fact the biggest donor to this charity foundation owned by my family, which runs religious schools and welfare homes.”

    Link to charges: Zahid is accused of 10 counts of criminal breach of trust as the trustee of Yayasan Akalbudi involving RM20.8 million of the foundation’s funds. The charges were brought under Section 409 of the Penal Code, and are all punishable by a jail term of between two and 20 years, and caning and fine.

    Corruption charges during Zahid’s time as home minister (RM21.25 million)

    A) MyEG projects

    First up, what is MyEG? Public-listed firm MyEG Services Bhd’s website states that it builds, owns and operates an electronic channel that delivers government agencies’ services to Malaysians and businesses. Services include online payment of summonses from the police and the Road Transport Department.

    (Note: MyEG is not alleged to have given bribes to Zahid; it is merely mentioned in some of the charges.)

    MyEG’s response: In a Bursa announcement yesterday, MyEG’s board of directors said that it had on the same day received a letter from MACC which confirmed and clarified that the company and its board are not under investigation and are not a party to the investigation which led to Zahid’s charges.

    MyEG had earlier said in a separate Bursa announcement that it had never made any payments to any party during the process to secure any concession contracts awarded by the government.

    Don’t blink, watch out for the web of connections below:

    2. Mastoro Kenny IT Consultant & Services

    What is it: SSM records say it is a company solely owned by a Malaysian by the name of Kumaraguru Muthusamy, and that it acts as a “consultant” and deals in “supply and services, IT software, web portal programming, computer accessories”.

    This company started business on August 19, 2016 and terminated its business on August 18, 2017.

    Link to charges: Between July 15, 2016 and February 8, 2017, this company was alleged to have paid Zahid a total of RM13.25 million in bribes through 24 cheques, in the hopes that Zahid would help it obtain MyEG projects that were being handled by the Home Ministry.

    Status: Defunct. (The only company in this list which has stopped operating, according to SSM records.)

    MyEG’s clarification: The company’s Bursa announcement yesterday said that both it and its board have no knowledge of Mastoro or its board of directors, and had never been in contact with the latter’s board or representatives.

    MyEG also said it had no knowledge of the dealings between Mastoro and Zahid; and had never awarded any projects or had any dealings with Mastoro; and had never appointed any vendor or contractors in any of its dealings with the Home Ministry.

    3. Jogabonito Jewellery & Diamonds

    What is it: This business is solely owned by the same owner as Mastoro: Kumaraguru. It has a slightly longer history as it started its business on April 4, 2011, with a stated business of “supplying, selling and buying gold and diamonds”.

    Link to charges: Mastoro allegedly paid RM250,000 (from the total RM13.25 million) to Zahid through a Public Bank cheque issued by this jewellery company via a man named Junaith Asharab Md. Shariff.

    Status: Active

    4. Berani & Jujur Trading

    What is it: This company’s name when translated would mean “Brave & Honest” literally. SSM records show two companies with the same name and the same ownership and business particulars, including one that had expired after being in business from March 2009 to April 2010.

    The remaining active Berani & Jujur Trading names a 46-year-old Malaysian man — Junaith Ashrab Md Shariff — as its sole proprietor, with its business stated as the management of agricultural activities. This business started on July 12, 2012.

    Link to charges: Mastoro allegedly paid RM5 million (of the same RM13.25 million) through 10 RHB Islamic Bank Berhad cheques issued by this agricultural management firm.

    Berani & Jujur’s owner Junaith Ashrab shares almost the same spelling as Junaith Asharab who was named as allegedly passing RM8 million (also of the RM13.25 million) through 13 RHB Islamic Bank Berhad cheques issued by Mastoro in bribes to Zahid. Malay Mail is unable to conclusively determine if these two individuals are the same person.

    Status: Active

    B) Alleged bribery for Malaysian passport chips project

    5. Datasonic Group Berhad

    What is it: This is a public-listed company that was incorporated on March 13, 2008 and with RM135 million of share capital issued, with its nature of business being “investment holding and provision of management services to its subsidiaries, acquire and hold shares or stock business on datacard equipment and embossing system”.

    It has 14 directors and 21 shareholders, with the shareholders including institutions such as Lembaga Tabung Haji and those linked to banks, according to the company’s September 26 records with SSM.

    Link to charges: Zahid was charged with allegedly receiving from Datasonic’s director Chew Ben Ben a total of RM6 million in bribes through two cheques on April 26, 2017, which allegedly resulted in the group’s unit Datasonic Technologies Sdn Bhd (DTSB) being appointed via purported “direct negotiation” with the Home Ministry to implement the supply of 12.5 million chips in Malaysia’s polycarbonate passports’ biodata page over the course of five years.

    Datasonic Group’s response: In an announcement to Bursa Malaysia yesterday, Datasonic Group asserted that neither the company nor any of its directors had issued the payment in relation to the 12.5 million passport chips supply as reported.

    It said instead that DTSB had in April 2012 won through “open tender” a five-year contract to supply passport polycarbonate datapages and printing system, adding that DTSB was subsequently awarded on December 15, 2015 the project to supply the 12.5 million chips.

    Datasonic Group said it was awarded the 2015 contract based on value proposition of enhanced chips security (with chips bonded into the polycarbonate datapage instead of the passport cover’s back), as well as its pricing that was lower than the previous vendor which, it said, resulted in the Malaysian government saving RM56.25 million over a five-year period.

    Status: Existing

    6. Sarana Kencana Sdn Bhd

    What is it: According to SSM records, this is a private limited company incorporated on September 25, 2003 and formerly with the name of Bahana Kencana. Its nature of business is “investment holding and provision of management and consulting services”, with two directors bearing the title of Datuk and Datin respectively also being the sole two shareholders listed.

    Sarana Kencana’s two directors are also listed as among the shareholders of Datasonic Group. One of them is both a director and a manager in Datasonic Group, based on SSM records via the company’s documents as of September 26.

    Link to charges: The RM6 million bribe allegedly paid by Datasonic Group to Zahid was purportedly via two Malayan Banking Berhad cheques owned by Sarana Kencana.

    Status: Existing

    C) Services related to migrant workers

    8. Profound Radiance Sdn Bhd

    What is it: According to SSM records, it is a private limited company incorporated in 1996 that handles “general trading” and “investment holding”, with RM1 million of share capital. It has two directors, who are also the only two shareholders, include a 47-year-old Malaysian man named Azlan Shah Jaffril.

    Its latest available financial information in SSM records shows that it posted a revenue of RM923,160, with profit at RM133,699, as of the financial year ending December 2016.

    This company’s name was mentioned in a report on the controversy over the outsourcing of the Malaysian government’s immigration duties to private firms, and was one of the companies alleged to have received additional payments that burdened poor Nepali migrant workers seeking to come to Malaysia.

    Link to charges: The company’s director Azlan Shah is alleged to have paid RM2 million in bribes through three cheques issued by the company, which purportedly resulted in its appointment as the operator of a One Stop Centre (OSC) in Pakistan and Nepal. These charges were alleged to have occurred during the August 3, 2017 to March 15, 2018 period.

    Status: Existing

    All eight corruption charges linked to these projects are each punishable by a maximum 20-year jail term, and a fine of either RM10,000 or five times the amount of the bribe, whichever is higher.

    It’s not just companies that were mentioned in most of the 45 charges faced by Zahid, but also a law firm.

    9. Lewis & Co

    What is it: According to the Malaysian Bar’s directory of law firms, it is the only such law firm in Peninsular Malaysia with this name and with its office address stated as located at Menara UOA Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur.

    It was mentioned in the charges as having a Maybank account through which Zahid purportedly received the alleged bribes in the form of cheques.

    In Zahid’s money-laundering charges, he was accused of giving orders for illicit funds totalling almost RM59.28 million to be deposited as fixed deposit into two accounts via the same Maybank account of the law firm. Zahid had also allegedly ordered for the purchase of two bungalows with RM5.9 million through a cheque purportedly issued by this account.

    Zahid was also alleged to have ordered a 46-year-old Malaysian man named Omar Ali Abdullah to convert RM6,885,270.20 (RM6.8 million) in cash into 30 cheques to be passed to Lewis & Co for the purchase of fixed deposits in Maybank.

    (Note: The mention of this law firm is not meant to imply any wrongdoing on the part of the law firm, as law firms can hold money in trust for their clients, such as in transactions involving the buying and selling of properties. It is unclear if Zahid is a client of the law firm.)

  81. faridina Oct 20,2018 1:24 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Dalam kamus rakyat Malaysia sebelum ini tidak pernah ada perkataan ‘kleptokrasi’ sehinggalah DOJ mendendangkannya dan inilah sebab utama rakyat menolak kerajaan terdahulu pada PRU 14 baru2 ini.

    Mari kita ulangkaji makna kleptokrasi iaitu kerajaan di bawah pemerintahan pemimpin2 korup yang menggunakan kuasa dan kedudukan untuk memperolehi ‘kickback’ atau rasuah bagi memperluaskan kekayaan peribadi dan kuasa politik.

    Lantas apa yang hendak dihairankan kalau bekas pemimpin No. 1 dan No. 2 mereka didakwa dengan berpuluh2 tuduhan?

    Lagi banyak tuduhan lagi banyak menunjukkan pihak pendakwaan telah menjalankan amanah dengan cermat teliti dan bukan semborono dan bukan hendak mereka-reka mengikut arahan sesiapa dan inilah fakta nama dia bukan auta.

    Satu dua bolehlah auta-auta macam ada orang itu kena tetapi ini betul2 punya bukan cobaan..

    Kita harus menerima dengan hati yang terbuka sebab ini fakta bukan ikut rasa atau warna kulit, yang salah tetap salah dan kalau ada pemimpin PH yang korup dan anda ada bukti laporkan pada SPRM dan kami pun bersedia menyokong anda demi kebenaran.


    NK : Jika ada yang mengundi PH pada PRU 14 lalu atas sebab lain – minta maaf cakaplah anda memang jenis pandai tidak boleh diikut dan bodoh tidak boleh diajar tetapi jangan menyesal PRU 15 kan ada 🙂 🙂 🙂

  82. Sharudin Jamal Oct 19,2018 11:16 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    I am in the writing mood today. Thus, I write about mental illness.

    Now after 20 years dealing with mental disorder, I like to say that it is not an easy illness to deal with. The illness is bad, but the medication is even worse.

    My illness is due to the inability of the brain to regulate the dopamine surge. Too much leads to psychosis and too little leads to dark depression. This swing between 2 polarities is what causes Bipolar Disorder.

    Medication is not as easy as popping a few pills. The meds alter the chemical in the body which cause a set of problems of their own. Hence the medication is as bad if not worse.

    Mental illness is a disability. To put it plainly people with mental illness cannot earn a living. In my case my judgement *go[d] effected.

    *External intervention. It’s a cipher.

    Therefore the challenge is to support our livelihood and in my case, the RM500 per month medication in addition to the various supplements which is another RM250 a month.

    I am fortunate to have a wife who cares and supportive. If not I will be on the streets.

    It’s not easy living with mental illness. As much as there are sympathizers, you are basically alone. Since 2009 I am pretty much a hermit. Nobody want to deal with a crazy person.

    If Dr Wan Azizah is serious about mental illness, then it has to start with creating awareness that mental illness is curable. We have our highs and lows. At one time I though I was beyond redemption. Between 1999 to 2014 I was a goner. However after the ECT and constant consumption of the best medicine available, I managed to be functioning again.

    My parting thought to you is the quality of my health improves drastically the day I improve my diet and lifestyle.

    Chedet, mental illness effects 1 out of 4 people. As we become a develop nation, we will see the number rising. My advice is, have a sound plan to address the various challenges the patients face including social and economical. We got to nip it while it is still manageable.

    There, I said my piece. My input towards RMK 11.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  83. HBT456 Oct 19,2018 10:48 PM

    Yup, i am very dissappointed and fed up with all these shallow and short sighted political power strugglings.

    It is meaningless to tell us to be patriotic and love this country when the atas punya vvips tak behave, tak jaga nama baik negara mahupun negeri mereka.

    All they care is absolute power to rich themselves in the name of ketuanan melayu mahupun ketuanan muslim.

    Can invisible hand, atau measure last forever?

    Once the public trust is betrayed, chances of earning back the public trust is almost zero.

    Therefore, never be too serious with the game of numbers since no one know what will they do when next general election is called.

  84. HBT456 Oct 19,2018 10:27 PM

    If blaming and finger pointing is the way out, then, there is nothing outsiders can do.

    Pilih kasih is not something new, therefore, dont get angry with all these mess.


    Because we voters too to bear the responsibility to vote them in power.

    When bad things happened, there must be a good reason.

    It is either they learned, or they dont.

    Never count chickens before eggs hatch because no one knows what going in there.

  85. HBT456 Oct 19,2018 10:16 PM

    Refer leo moggie, then, we can see the picture of what is in the mind of tdm.

    No need to marah, sindir, curse, boycott, sabotage or tunjuk perasaan since we have general election in every 5 years.

    What will happen, it will happen.

    What will not happen, it will not happen.

    Bn ke, atau ph ke, it makes no different.

    Jika tarak happy, felt being marginalized, then vote the next opposition la to sit in putrajaya, habis cerita.

  86. HBT456 Oct 19,2018 10:09 PM

    Boleh, apa2 pun boleh as long as the land is under perak what, tak payah minta izin since everyone is aware of land title is under the state’s sultan.

    Same apply to other states too.

    But, when come to sovereign of another country, yup, you kena minta izin to show we are not a rogue or pariah country.

    As for labuan, penang atau melaka, just get izin from the cm of the states, habis cerita.

    As for kl and klang valley, it is up to sultan to appoint their next of throne to rotate in every 5 years to sit in istana baru negara at sri hartamas at jalan duta.

    Therefore, whoever become the next perdana menteri, we still need to work, live and enjoy life heathily, less stress and less inegative nfluences of bloodshed, sengsara, mahafiruan atau kezaliman.

    Jika menjolok mata, atau perasaan mu, it is you change channel, move out, or migrate, itu saja.

    Yup, takkan lah hang tuah hilang di dunia.

  87. Sri Sense Oct 19,2018 7:29 PM

    Salam YAB Tun

    Ini berita terbaru

    Bursa suspends Datasonic and MyEG’s PDT, IDSS – Bursa Malaysia has suspended the proprietary day trading (PDT) and intraday short selling (IDSS) for Datasonic Group Bhd and My EG Services Bhd (MyEG). In a filing today, Bursa said the suspension came after the last done price of these stocks dropped more than 15 sen or 15% from the reference price. Hence, the stock exchange said PDT and IDSS activities for these counters will only be enabled next Monday (Oct 22).

    Yup both counters touched limit down.


    Tadi hubby kata dia tak tau apa itu jambatan bengkok, lagi tak faham bila Tun kata tak payah minta izin Singapore. I said to him, that means an extension to yang sedia ada, it is located in Malaysia therefore tidak payah minta izin Singapore. My guess la, I also don’t know.

    Then I start fikir, kalau Perak ada projek semacam jambatan bengkok also good, more business opportunities and also peluang pekerjaan, tak payah la rakyat Perak macam rakyat Kelantan berhijrah jauh cari makan. Just saying!

    And yes Tun, I really hope all jujur buat kerja. Seperti Tun pernah kata bukan kerana dendam, lets keep it that way. Kalau betul salah ok, jangan main tempek tempek pertuduhan ok.

    All the best!

  88. Hajar Oct 19,2018 6:17 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun:

    1. Ish..Ish…AG lantikan Tun memang hebat! Dalam setiap pendakwaan, biasanya ada berpuluh-puluh pertuduhan dilontarkan sekali harung terhadap orang kena tuduh (OKT). Wow! 45 pertuduhan terhadap Presiden UMNO! Kelas gitu! Mesti ada lagi kan…Mesti korek/cari sampai ke lubang cacing. Taktik guna mahkamah untuk lumpuhkan lawan (seperti di Singapura).

    2. Tetapi, nampaknya dalam era Malaysia Baharu, cuma ada segolongan orang saja yang korup dan jahat. Yang korup/jahat semuanya berada dalam Pembangkang (yang dulunya Kerajaan). Kesemua pemimpin-pemimpin PH dan para penyokong PH semuanya baik-baik dan sempurna belaka. Alahai…Logikkah? Ini cara ISLAMkah?

    3. Rakyat biasa yang tidak ada kedudukan, jika didapati mencuri atau terlibat dalam rasuah, walaupun jumlahnya cuma ratusan atau ribuan Ringgit sahaja (saya tidak katakan mereka tidak salah – mencuri/ rasuah/merompak/jenayah/etc. memang perbuatan salah), pasti didakwa kerana mereka tiada KUASA untuk menggugurkan segala pertuduhan.

    4. Kes En. Lim Guan Eng dan beberapa kes yang melibatkan orang sebelah sana dengan mudah digugurkan kerana mereka ‘kononnya’ di kalangan orang-orang yang suci bersih.

    5. Entahlah. Para pemimpin yang melompat ke pihak sebelah sana secara otomatik jadi suci bersih jugakah? Ish..Ish..Ish…Dulu, Anwar Ibrahim disucikan sebersih-bersihnya oleh bekas Pembangkang sebaik saja beliau menyertai mereka.

    6. Pelik sungguh dunia politik ini. Jika masuk ‘geng’ sendiri semuanya tiba-tiba jadi baik/suci, walaupun berperangai teruk / buruk!

    7. Apa pun, ingatlah putaran hidup ini. Kadang kala kita di atas, dan ada kalanya kita di bawah. Jadi, dalam apa saja tindakan, eloklah berpada-pada dan jangan keterlaluan.

    8. Saya cadangkan SPRM siasat juga kesemua NGOs dan Yayasan-yayasan yang turut menerima (meminta) sumbangan/dana dari orang persendirian dan orang ramai /etc.. Ini baru ADIL dan saksama, dan tidak memilih-milih (saya bercakap secara umum). Amanahlah dalam menjalankan tugas.

    9. Kepada Tun khasnya, dan Kerajaan PH amnya (termasuk agensi-agensi/badan Kerajaan yang pro-PH – macam lalang), cukup-cukuplah dan berpada-padalah. Saya memang menentang keras korupsi dan perlakuan salah guna kuasa, tetapi jika cara menanganinya dilakukan secara memilih-milih dan TIDAK ADIL DAN SAKSAMA, anda semua sama sahaja dengan rejim Najib. Maaf cakap, sekarang saya tidak sokong mana-mana pihak sebab dua-dua pun sama hampeh! Berubahlah! (kepada Kerajaan PH dan Pembangkang).

    P/S: Kesian melihat orang yang sudah buat salah, tetapi enggan mengaku, dan masih lagi membuat andaian2 dan tuduhan2 bodoh terhadap orang lain. Susah berhujah dengan golongan dung* ni…Benarlah, “kebodohan tidak ada hadnya…”

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  89. HBT456 Oct 19,2018 5:41 PM

    When you know big problem is coming, and yet you still ignore these signs, yup noah’s ark.

    Kiasu ke, tak tahu malu ke, jeles ke, revenge ke, suci ke, kiamsiap, cantas ke lalang ke, donation ke, beggars ke, refugees ke, lobby atau korupsi, it is none of my business anymore as we already voiced our stand in the last ballot boxes through voting process.

  90. HouseWife Oct 19,2018 3:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    The story of a country in pain the moment Tun exited and pressured tremendously under the stupidity and kleptocracy of previous leadership will be historically remembered. Although now proudly attained peaceful transition people continue to doubt, to have suspicion and unsettled feelings with the new leadership. These new heroes are constantly under the radar and scrutinized, expecting to operate as per enclosed in the manifesto no matter how it appears to be difficult and impossible at this time. Tun and friends are having a hard time explaining the whys some can and the whys some cannot. It all involves sensibility without severing people’s confidence. The people are not asking them to ignore or shy away from their promises to extract the manifesto into tangible and positive results in a short span of time. What the people ask is for them to acknowledge their weaknesses and be frank and not hide or fired back insensibly. Mistakes of course are inevitable but it shouldn’t be because for years as opposition has seen the many atrocious crimes and conduct by the previous leaders, so therefore they should have learned to not repeat the bad administration.

    Anyway, we should at least extent our support. Let us give time for Tun and friends to spell out strategic moves and services into definite and positive results. Let us not collapse the bridge that has only been built for 5 months. Let us not pull this country back to its lowest level when it was under the klepto era. Let’s embrace this new beginning and try to maintain it for as long as possible. The slack sleepy problematic ones who scamp their work can expect to be towed away.

    I have nothing against those awarded datukships as long as they’ve done their services to the community and country but the newbies not so quick la. Nowadays to get title datuk is like kacang putih…anyone and everyone can get one. But the ones who really deserve were never remembered, title given when it was too late. Never court for titles, earn them.

    Tun, global stocks fall because of saudi arabia role in khashoggi case. What is the Malaysian government stance in this case? I believe Malaysia has nothing against saudi arabia. But then again does Malaysia need to adjust its relationship with the royal crown prince who claimed absolute monarchy power?

    Under your leadership Malaysia will never again stoop low to any country, big or small, right Tun. Malaysia is safe under Tun’s premiership. May Allah bestow Tun with beautiful life and great health to keep Tun leading us, InsyaAllah.

  91. musato Oct 19,2018 3:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya kira saya perlu tulis ini.

    Orang orang yang saya jumpa pada perkiraan saya adalah orang yang setia dan mengagumi Tun. Jadi, saya dah curi pengikut Tun….hahaah

    Di mana orang mengenali Tun Dr Mahathir, maka orang secara tidak langsung akan turut mengenali Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.

    Saya fikir adalah mudah Tun Siti menerima keadaan bertemu orang ramai kerana Tun Mahathir adalah orang yang berjawatan rasmi dan itu menjadi kebiasaan harian selama ini.

    Sudah tentu Pn Mai dan anak anak bersembang dengan kami sekeluarga. Saya fikir saya ini neutral dari segi memberi pendapat berkenaan politik dan negara, walaupun saya jadi ahli Bersatu…yang tak betul bagi saya tetap tidak betul.

    Saya tidak taksub pada pemimpin walaupun pada Tun Mahathir.

    Saya fikir begitu juga dengan pandangan wife saya. Sebenarnya saya tak tahu yang wife saya bayar sendiri makanan dia seorang masa itu….itu sebab saya sayang dia😊

    Di hari lain kemudiannya, tiada rezeki bagi Harliza untuk berjumpa dengan wife saya. Dia kata dia tak ikut, walau saya ajak teman.

    Sudah jadi kebiasaan saya untuk melarang wife saya dari mencampuri urusan saya sebelum ini.

    Walaubagaimanapun, di lain masa dan waktu, InsyaAllah kita ketemu lagi.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  92. Sri Sense Oct 19,2018 12:11 PM

    Good afternnon

    MyEG and Datasonic active, falls sampai limit down on being implicated in charges against Zahid.

    Baru buka my onlinetrade, wonder why suddenly limit down, so laju pergi theedge cari berita, rupanya pasal diatas.

  93. Sri Sense Oct 19,2018 11:29 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Membina hospital atau klinik kerajaan yang baru adalah untuk penduduk setempat.

    I sekarang pun dah tak nak pergi hospital dan klinik kerajaan. I kecik hati. Bayangkan, tiada cukup kertas, tiada cukup ubat, tunggu lama nak jumpa doktor, nak jumpa pula bukan selalu tapi 3 bulan sekali. Memang sakit hati.

    Ramai yang berpendapat negara demokrasi sepatutnya ada kemudahan seperti free education dan free hospital/perubatan. Bukan sahaja free air paip. 🙁

  94. Sharudin Jamal Oct 19,2018 8:59 AM

    Salam Chedet,

    Firstly congratulation on RMK 11. I like that very much.

    Now, regarding this article; YOU ROCK MAN!

    I am never supportive of absolute power – power corrupts. Therefore it must be government of the people for the people by the people. When you said the Western Democracy was only 200 years old. you probably referring to the industrial revolution. Probably you are right (I doubt it LOL). It went all the way to the Greeks. Therefore the word demo stems from the word demi, which means people.

    One of the very thing the modern democracy founders did was the separation of church and the administration, which was what originally mooted by the Greeks; the separation of religion and government.

    I highly recommend you to read the “Republic” by Plato. It is an eye opener I tell you.

    So Chedet, at 93 you finally becoming pro Western democracy? Never to late to teach an old dog a new trick huh?

    I got to let you go Sir, I am late for my marathon training.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

    P.s. I absolutely agree with you that Malaysians are timid. Boy, you got the spirit.

  95. musato Oct 19,2018 7:38 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya tak tahu nak tulis apa.

    Tapi saya fikir ramai pembuat keputusan kerajaan berfikir panjang pasal kerja masa PM Najib.

    Apa yang aku buat? Aku berkhidmat untuk siapa?

    Kerana berfikiran semacam begitu berkenaan kerja, Jeb (Ammar Alfian) – filem PASKAL (kisah benar) telah berpaling tadah dan sertai lanun filipina.

    Yang mana operasi PASKAl pada 2011 adalah di pelantar minyak.

    Saya sentiasa mencari sedikit masa untuk tengok anak anak gembira dan main bersama sama ketika ini. Ketika masih tinggal sekali, sebelum keluar belajar di asrama atau mana mana (kita tidak tahu masa hadapan).

    Saya pilih kolam renang. Yang mana semua kanak kanak suka selain ia boleh bina keyakinan diri.

    Saya sendiri belajar sekali.

    Saya beritahu coach, walaupun saya boleh ajar sikit sikit berkenaan teknik, tapi biarlah saya masukkan dalam kelas untuk coach ajar.

    Ia sekadar untuk bersuka ria, melepaskan lelah dan membina keyakinan anak anak serta merapatkan hubungan keluarga.

    Kita bekerja untuk kebahagian keluarga.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  96. faridina Oct 18,2018 11:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Permit me to interact with Kris Karat @ Najib’s butt kisser.

    Najib’s time has passed away. The world has changed especially in Malaysia turning into a kleptocracy kingdom since Tun left.

    Kris Karat should feel sad after all his mentor butt is no longer there in power for him to kiss.

    Now you can say lah what you like but the PH government has until 2023 to govern and if you want to go backwards then do vote for BN at the next GE 15.

    Footnote : A backward Malaysia is when you vote for BN (Backward Nation) @ GE 15

  97. musato Oct 18,2018 11:04 PM

    Kita hidup tidak bertongkatkan langit.

  98. Sri Sense Oct 18,2018 10:54 PM

    Good evening Tun

    I rasa yang mana kena under AMLA, bayar denda sahaja, tak payah jail time. Denda pun dah million2 ringgit untuk satu kesalahan.

    Berkenaan dengan bina hospital, setau I under medical tourism, hospital government tak masuk dalam list.

    According to wikipedia

    The majority of the foreign patients seeking medical treatments in Malaysia are from Indonesia, with smaller numbers of foreign patients coming from India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Europe, the USA and the Middle East.[6][7] In 2008, Indonesians comprised 75% of all foreign patients receiving care in Malaysia; Europeans, 3%; Japanese, 3%; Singaporeans, 1% and citizens from Middle Eastern countries, 1%.[8] By 2011, Indonesians comprised 57% of all foreign patients in Malaysia as the number of patients of other nationalities grew.[9] Health insurance companies in Singapore have recently permitted their policyholders to be treated in Malaysia where services are cheaper than in Singapore.

    Hanya private hospital yang ada medical facilities cukup sahaja yang layak.

    That’s all for tonight.

    Sleep tight!

  99. Hajar Oct 18,2018 10:09 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Dr M: Malaysia does not need Singapore’s consent to build ‘crooked bridge’

    In that case, please just build the ‘CROOKED BRIDGE’.

    Definitely, you have my consent Tun 🙂 🙂 🙂 . Go ahead…

    Just ignore the ‘noise’ made by the ‘kiasus’ in this blog.

    And of course we do not need to worry about the ‘kiasus’ in that small island. They need to learn how to respect their neighbor. We are building the ‘crooked bridge’ within our water.

    Just cancel the HSR project, which is not viable and not worthwhile since it’s overpriced. Use the saved money to build the bridge.

    I read somewhere that the cost of bulding the ‘crooked bridge’ is around RM4.4 Billion.

    I support Tun 100% on this matter.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  100. HBT456 Oct 18,2018 9:25 PM

    I am not worry at all because majority of our young population is more educated, peace loving and they know how to make judgement themselves.

    But, if those mps insisted to do it, then, i can predict no one will help eventhough they shouted the wolf is coming to eat my goats again.

    There is no right or wrong in political situations.

    But, when they know it is wrong, and yet they chosen to do it, hakikatnya, umno ended at the reign of najib, bukan sesame atau bag termahal bijan.

  101. HBT456 Oct 18,2018 9:07 PM

    Yup, i sure hope that they have peace in the end since wealth does not pass through 3 generations if they still stuck and live inside the coconut shell, atau di bawah tempurung.

    P/s: Changing law is very difficult and tough because no living being is perfect. Henceforth, general election is the best way forward to get the mandate from the voters via multi-party system, habis cerita.

  102. HBT456 Oct 18,2018 8:46 PM

    I am not sure what are in the mind of conspirators, buffologists and jebats on the idea to build the crooked bridge on johor straits first even though the nearest neigbour said no.

    I put in my terms so that i can understand the situation clearer.

    Macam ini, i want to park my car inside my neighbour’s house, and my neigbour said, no you cannot park inside my house because the parking is taken.

    I got mad and furious, i drove the car in front of the gate and block the parking entrance so that i can show the whole neigbourhood that it is absolute bad of my neigbour not to allow me to park inside the house eventhough it is empty?

    Adakah itu niat murni atau jahat?

  103. Krisemas Oct 18,2018 7:46 PM











  104. musato Oct 18,2018 7:16 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    PM mahu hadkan penggal jawatan MB dan PM hanya kepada 2 penggal.

    Tahniah PM.

  105. sibotak Oct 18,2018 11:22 AM

    I take this now as an opportunity to ask this moment The Sotong Najib ,most Biskut UMNO members and the opposition of the accusation before of Tun Mahathir wanting his son Mukhliz Mahathir to take over his seat as Malaysia PM. Where is the reality as in today,Tun has appoint Anwar as his succesor.It has been 3 seat, Badawi,Najib and now Anwar that Tun has not name his son Mukhliz as his successor nor his Regime .Why none accuse The Lee of S’pore of such , whom his son take the seat immediately after Goh.
    I,m proving the accusation of the Opposition towards Tun .Where is the reality today .Why stops probing of Tun getting Mukhliz to seat ?

  106. faridina Oct 18,2018 10:43 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Adalah disyorkan pihak berwajib benarkanlah sahaja pihak sebelah sana mengadakan perhimpunan dan perarakan bagi menyatakan sokongan terhadap pemimpin2 ulung lagi terbilang mereka.

    Kasihan mereka semua baik2 belaka dan lakukan demi pemimpin2 yang bersih dan parti yang bersih sedangkan Bersih dahulu pun buat untuk rakyat pada skala besar tetapi tiada pula kekecohan atau kecederaan maka apatah lagi mereka pada skala yang kecil ini.

    Lagipun kita kena Ingat mereka ini tidakpun merusuh atau turun ke jalan apabila kalah pilihanraya umum yang BERSIH (yang keputusannya lambat dikeluarkan untuk pastikan benar2 bersih) maka atas alasan apa kita mahu menyekat hak kebebasan mereka.

    Kami rasa elok dibenarkan sahaja semua ini jangan sampai ada yang mengatakan kerajaan PH tidak gentleman sedangkan masa kita pembangkang dahulu kita yang mempeloporinya.

    Silakan Lokman Beruang teruskan dan kumpulkan seramai mungkin kerana ahli anda sahaja sudah 10% dari penduduk Malaysia harus tenggelam KL belum lagi penyimpati yang bukan ahli tu 🙂 .


    Nota kaki : Jangan lupa ajak JT sekali.

  107. Sri Sense Oct 18,2018 10:02 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Not a very good morning for me. Semalam dan kelmarin baca about Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi, gruesome stories of the way he died. Seram!

    Okay, so that means, tiada perjanjian hitam putih antara PM sekarang dan PM-in-waiting. Kalau a lady-in-waiting or court lady is a female personal assistant at a court, royal or feudal, attending on a royal woman or a high-ranking noblewoman. Hmmm…

    Kita tinggal interview BBC, kita balik pada Minister. I nak komen sikit cucu angkat Tun. Dari segi age pangkat cucu la. 🙂

    I think this young minister perlu orang tua jadi penasihat. Someone like Rafidah Aziz. And dia kena belajar dan ikut, bukan ikut kepala sendiri.

    I perhati some of his statement melalui press, video, walau penyokong tegar sokong 100% sebagai bagus, I dapati statement2 yang keluar dari mulutnya very damaging not only to him but also to Parti Bersatu in the long run.

    As for the Education Minister, I prefer Tun lah, sebab Education Minister sekarang personality macam budak2. Maybe his body size or maybe cara he carries himself. Something about him remind me of a friend, a schoolmate yang kita ada semasa zaman belajar.

    That’s all for now.

    Have a productive day!

  108. HBT456 Oct 18,2018 8:04 AM

    If you look back at the history of usa, we shall understand how the lawmakers’ pattern behave under different different usa president, and thats how matured democracy pattern is disipline.

    Before the atomic bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki, refer president Harry S. Truman, usa army had landed fire bomb on to tokyo that burned 200k lives and homes of the city in hoping to end the world war 2 quickly, and at the same time to test their atomic bombing capacility during that time.

    The rest is history.

    Yup, no military war please.

    On the case of paid cbertroopers and jihadists in creating perfect storm to favour themselves in media and internet, itu terpulang kepada citarasa tuan bn atau tuan pakatan harapan.

    By the end of the day, it would be the voters to decide which coalition depending the quality of their mps, and members.

    It is still come back to chicken and egg issues.

  109. sibotak Oct 18,2018 7:45 AM

    Agreed with TMJ comment
    Than building The Crooked Bridge
    It’s wiser to build a Hospital
    BUT why should’nt TMJ ensure the building of The Hospital before The building of The Forest City ?

    I find the comment is never to a National priority
    Malaysia should know what to come first
    The Govt must Stern to play their role

    Malaysia Govt should centered more of its qualified , experience player from parts of Malaysia to Johor if its intend to build Johor as to meet up with Singapore.Building more infrastructure ,an international Airport ,upgrade the Port facilities and expertise
    More work more action than simply getting foreigners like China to build Malaysia , sit at home doing nothing expecting something in returns .Johorean must learn to earn their living than consenting foreign to benefits

  110. HBT456 Oct 18,2018 6:28 AM

    Refer to the book of dilenma melayu, then, we would know whats in the mind of tdm in the past, and for the future.

    Refer to the book of doctor in the house, then, we would know whats in the mind of tdm in the past, and for the future.

    Whether his worshippers, friends, supporters, fans and enemies like it or not, the legacy of tdm would be a legacy of the past too.

    Henceforth, there wont be a repeat of victor re-write history.

    When those who have the thoughts of there is no permanent enemies but permanent interests, then, indeed they too have the mind of criminals in abusing the power to favor themselves, their children, their family members, party members and cronies of whom they trusted in the future too.

    As saying goes, wealth does pass through 3 generations.

    When a person said hang tuah will not win, then, this person must be hang jebat.

    Whether both of the divides like it of not, malaysians especially the chinese, are not stupid like their parents, grandfathers and great great grandfathers.

    When state sultan also not worry, who are we the citizens who have the basic right to vote are treated as pendatang?

    If we loose hope in this country, naturally and biologically we will loose hope in all states under this country, dont you think so?

    Unite there will be malaysian federation under the country name malaysia.

    Disunite there will be malaya, borneo and north borneo sharing myr and bursa malaysia.

    When you have tried your best, and still loose, treat is as the blessings, dont over stay.

    When bad things happened, there must be a reason.

    Henceforth, robbing paul to pay peter, all vice versa, it makes no sense who can jual better since we have general election in every 5 years.

    Are you a tuah or jebat in making?

  111. musato Oct 18,2018 12:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Pak Lah turun dalam masa kurang 1 tahun kita berbunyi.

    Najib ditumbang dalam masa 1 tahun 1/2 selepas kita berbunyi.

    Kedua duanya berlaku tanpa Tun berkuasa.

    Apalah sangat bila jadi PM selama 2 tahun dengan berkuasa penuh.

    Kita hantar wakil yang paling kita percayai. Dan kita semua persetujui.

    Ia juga adalah perkara normal pada zaman Baginda saw untuk menghantar wakil yang dipercayai.

    Apalah sangat, kan?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  112. milshah Oct 17,2018 10:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I would like to comment regarding the “crooked bridge” issue.

    According to the MB of Johor, you wanted the crooked bridge to be built. But what confuses me, is that, according to the news, you asked whether Johor still needed the crooked bridge. Ordering to have the crooked bridge to be built and asking if Johor still needed the crooked bridge are two totally different things.

    When Tun asked whether Johor still needed the crooked bridge, the MB stated its up to you. Orang tanya lain, dia jawab lain. Tidak menjawab soalan. This is coming from MB of Johor. What he should have replied is,if yes, state the reasons, if no, state the reasons. Not answer its up to you. When you answer, you must have the Johor well being in mind, not blindly follow orders.

    And behold, TMJ has voiced rather than building the crooked bridge, its better to build hospital. And the former MB of Johor also commented, its shocking, that crooked bridge is being mulled at a time of austerity. The MB’s comment have provided ammunition to Tun’s critics.

    And what’s more confusing, Azmin Ali and Lim Guan Eng have stated the crooked bridge came from the MB and not Tun.

    My comments are derived from the information I read from the news. I don’t know who is correct. But one thing is for sure, as I have stated before, Tun being the Prime Minister is akin to the warrior Hang Tuah being made the Laksamana. You will not win.

  113. faridina Oct 17,2018 8:37 PM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Entahlah dalam politik macam2 boleh jadi..

    Semalam tanpa disedari tertonton temuramah Anwar dengan BBC dan ada satu soalan yang membuatkan Anwar kelihatan terkelu lidah dan tergamam.

    “Adakah ada di mana2 tertulis yang menyatakan anda akan dinobatkan sebagai Perdana Menteri ke 8 dalam tempoh 2 tahun ini?”

    “Err..emm.. Ya ada kot.. well bla.bla.bla..”

    Takkan ia ada tercatat dalam manifesto?

    Semua ini adalah persefahaman politik dan rasanya tiada hitam putih maka tiadalah istilah PM sedang menanti.

    Entahlah dalam politik macam2 boleh jadi..

    p/s : Lembu dipegang pada tali tapi soalnya siapa yang pegang tali tu?

  114. HBT456 Oct 17,2018 8:18 PM

    Whether both of the divides like it or not, highways model of usa would a thing of past too.

    Oil price would be very expensive.

    Therefore, for the next 20 to 50 years, clean energy would be the thing of the future.

    In order to set up 3rd nasional car, first you must have huge market which you can export out.

    The serious mistake that proton did was bn monopolized local market to sell its car through assembly, and assembly line is very expensive that needs high technology and engineering.

    Race quota system is the thing of the past too in malaysia.

    Race quota is caste system, and no matter how we argue, it is a political fact that no one can deny.

  115. HBT456 Oct 17,2018 6:28 PM

    Politik memang macam tu.

    Masuk padang finale mesti mahu menang ma.

    Jika takut hilang rezeki, then, lebih baik duduk kampung jaga tepi kain mereka masing2 la.

    Sue here and there is meaningless if mps themselves are afraid of their shadow.

    Yup, justice must be served in the name of malaysia to make this country a well respected country again in the name of pakatan harapan tanpa unsul perkauman mahupun agama masing2.

    P/s: whether petronas, terengganu and kelantan like it or not, they still need foreign and local talents and expertise to process and to market their oil what. This is malaysia and it is located in asean.

  116. HBT456 Oct 17,2018 6:16 PM

    Instead of harrassing, bullying the tiny little red dot country down south via water and crooked bridge issues, ph must mind their own business in focusing building the crooked bridge in penang atau labuan depending on their voters’ pattern, behaviour and spending power on mampu or not.

    Dont repeat the mistake of bn by creating beggars, or refugees macam dulu in the name of myr200 satu undi mutated to br1m atau ph bantuan.

  117. HBT456 Oct 17,2018 6:02 PM

    Yup, anwar deserves the royal pardon.


    He is the best man to fight umno punya monopoly of super power of sos ma.

    Yb lim guan eng must be very focus on economic issue, and for politics issues, let others do it.

    P/s: mca, gerakan and mic can ceraikan umno now as goodwill to pave way for umno to marry their secret lover, pas, officially so that they no longer need to main belakang to preserve their malay and islam supremacy sampai bila2 mereka mahu.

  118. sibotak Oct 17,2018 2:24 PM

    Do you realize we have the eldest Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamed
    and The youngest Minister Syed Saddiq today in Malaysia

    Both are Superb
    Both are seen as for Malaysia not much for themselves
    These are important and significant attributes towards Malaysia
    I thank both to the Bottom of my Heart

    We hope our Minister have Chemistry
    I hope Anwar Ibrahim will listen to Tun Mahathir
    And will Never allow ” Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali ”
    like The Sotong Najib and The Biscuit Badawi
    PM post is Never a Game Play

    Less Talk , More Hearing , More Seeing
    Is Best for a Character

    Tun Mahathir has it all
    And all must learn from him

  119. HBT456 Oct 17,2018 12:26 PM

    It is up to the malay and marginalized indian to decide the fate of this country.

    Therefore, dont get the chinese mps and voters involved since we have already done our best to build this country as it is especially kl and selangor state.

  120. Sri Sense Oct 17,2018 8:41 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Isu datukship ini ramai memperkatakan.

    Seingat I, nak dapat dato/datuk ini kena melalui proses. Sama macam nak minta royal pardon. Tak tau la kalau ada tangan2 ghaib yang menentukan 😀

    Nak dapat dato/datukship state level kena apply dulu melalui Istana atau MB office. Dua tempat ini ada list yang berbeza. Ada quota masing2. Soalnya sekarang siapa yang rekomen nama2 Menteri baru untuk dapat anugerah ini?

    Dato/Datuk ini should be used sparingly in anugerah. Dato/Datuk ini dah banyak, kalau baling batu terkena kepala dato/datuk. Anyway title begini pun banyak yang perangai teruk. Pernah seorang kawan kata ramai Dato/Datuk yang tinggal kat Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam berlagak lebih, hutang lampu 30K tak larat bayar. We are talking about one area, bayangkan area lain.

    What more kalau orang berniaga biasa sangat kawan2 business bila jumpa, dok panggil datuk, tan sri walaupun sipolan tu bukan ada miliki anugerah tersebut. Anugerah2 ini not as special like those days where nak dapat anugerah datuk dan tan sri pun hanya segelintir cuma.

    I sendiri biasa orang tak kenal pun panggil Datin. I pernah kata, heh apa pasal you panggil I Datin, I belum kawin dengan Datuk lagi!

    Antara jawapan I dapat, macam Datin. Hubby pula dapat jawapan alah orang dah tua semua pun akan jadi Datuk.

    I pernah duduk semeja dengan bekas MB Perak. Kat meja tu not only Puan Sri but also Datin ada. One Datin tanya I ini, Datin? I jawab No. Puan Sri? I jawab No. Puan? I jawab Yes.

    I think sepatutnya ada undang2 yang tertera bahawasanya Menteri2 baru yang tidak bergelar tidak boleh dicadangkan menerima sebarang anugerah. After all its about performance kan.

    Jangan pula hari ini dapat esok kena tarik. Perangai diva2 ini tidak sesuai dalam Malaysia Baru yang saban hari di war warkan banyak hutang dan sukar nak selesaikan hutang.

    That’s all I can say.

    Take care Tun!

  121. Hajar Oct 17,2018 8:06 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun untuk ulas isu politik semasa:

    1. Tun, bukankah saya sudah bilang baru2 ini ada ahli-ahli Bersatu (PPBM) yang berperangai buruk seperti segelintir ahli-ahli UMNO (tidak semua) yang suka memfitnah orang dengan tuduhan2 melulu, tidak sedar diri, serta mudah lupa?

    2. Sekarang ada pula yang sudah mula kemaruk pingat kebesaran yang membawa gelaran. Sudah nampak belang walaupun baru saja jadi Kerajaan.

    3. Apa yang hendak dihairankan dengan gelaran2 yang tidak membawa apa2 makna kalau berada di luar negara. Di luar negara, orang masih lagi panggil Mr. / En. / Bapak/ etc. Jadi, lantak merekalah untuk syok sendiri. Ini pun dalam golongan tidak sedar diri.

    4. Tun lain, sebab Tun ada ‘Dr.’ di depan nama Tun (kita serupa … 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). Kalau di luar negara gelaran ‘Dr.’ masih laku. Tak gitu Tun?

    5. Memang kelakar bila ada orang jahil yang asyik tanya saya, “Awak tu siapa?”. Takkanlah dia masih tidak kenal siapa saya di blog Chedet …Alahai…soalan bodoh betul. Tapi kena hati2 lah bila mengutuk. Seperti kebanyakan pengkomen di sini, ada kemungkinan saya juga guna nama samaran (pseudonym / nickname). Saya agak dikenali juga. Jadi, saya pun perlu berhati-hati bila menulis di sini. 🙂

    6. DAP ada YB (Yang Berlagak) Samseng yang bernama Norhizam Hassan Bakkee dari Melaka. Terkejut saya melihat dia menengking sekumpulan orang kampong (dalam video). Yang lagi tidak patut, dia boleh tengking, “Awak YB ke, saya YB?”. Astaghfullah…Angkuh dan samseng betul! Bodoh sombong pula sebab ada hati mahu menghina orang lain sedangkan dia pun bersekolah setakat SPM saja. Alahai…Memang saya selalu jumpa orang sebegini.

    7. PKR pun parti yang bermasalah. Dalam pemilihan parti pun boleh bergaduh sakan macam samseng! Macam orang tidak bertamadun. Politik wang? Biasalah…Tidak menghairankan sebab pemimpin tertinggi mereka pun semacam saja perangainya Saya hairan betul bagaimana Anwar Ibrahim boleh ada penyokong2 setia. Tentang TPM Wan Azizah yang ‘cop’ tempat untuk suami dia, orang ini bila berucap asyik baca saja (skrip yang ditulis), dan saya pun tidak tahu apa kelebihan beliau. Membaca pun mendatar saja suaranya (tiada intonasi).

    8. Mengenai perjanjian Tun dengan pemimpin2 PKR dan lain2 parti dalam PH, itu antara Tun dengan mereka. Saya tidak berjanji apa2 dengan sesiapa pun. Jika saya tidak setuju dengan sesuatu perkara yang memang SALAH, saya kritik saja. Saya bebas untuk mengkritik kerana negara kita mengamalkan sistem demokrasi. Tak gitu Tun?

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  122. HBT456 Oct 17,2018 6:09 AM

    E-grab is more feasible than feeder bus, and this is the economical truth that ngo cannot deny.

    Yup, under the previous government, few major tolled highway already built to minimize traffic jam to kl city centre, and this public money belong to epf, bukan tabung haji, kwap mahupun parti umno punya tunai atau party biru taxi.

    In fact, umno could be de- registered immediately when so much unknown, undeclared wang and luxurious products of all kinds found in the house linked to ex-president umno and his wife, but i guess tdm does not want to go to this extreme measure so that umno can survive eventhough mereka ini didapati bersuhabat dengan president mereka.

    Whether dsn and his wife like it or not, they cannot deny, or escape the punishment of power abuse in the eyes of the public today whereby all info could be shared with touch on screen via social media.

    The opportunity and chance already given to him and his wife, and hakikatnya, they loose the general election due to absolute greed whereby they thought money can buy power out of the taxpayers and epf contributors.

    It is either he and his wife serve jail in cleaning the good name of umno so that the public can see and feel, or the vp of umno announce umno to be de- registered and parked under parti pribumi bersatu once and for all.

    Jihat ke, jilat ke, commies ke, zombies ke, gandhi ke, marxists ke itu tak mustahak.


    By the end of the day, voters of all negeri except sarawak would determine which coalitions gets the majority votes to name the cabinet and prime minister.

    Yup, when personal interests are involved, then, obviously, it would be very very difficult for them to choose between madu and racun via malay and muslim supremacy.

    The answer already written in the wall by the prophets, so it is up to the political divides to choose their appetitite that can last them for many general election to come.

    Good luck, and all the best.

  123. HBT456 Oct 17,2018 5:16 AM

    Luah mati bapak, telan mati ibu, housewife?

    The thing is, whether we are in the government, political parties, international companies, glc, mnc, sdn bhd or enterprise, we must behave and play by the rule of law to jaga nama baik negara, party politik, company, kawan dan keluarga.

    I know what tdm and his friends had gone through, and i felt the fear in them when they were targeted as duri dalam daging by umno supreme leaders.

    Yup, tdm had already admitted that he is not that noble, and he cannot afford to loose, and i fully take note on that, and i fully understand the political situation of him and his friends are in.

    Is the official religion, islam, an absolute religion whereby voters must be converted into islam to enjoy hak istimewa?

    Is state religion an absolute or a constitutional monarchy?

    If housewife can differentiate this , then your job is much much more easier.

    I am just a voter, and i am not a party member hoping to hop for bailout based on cronism, nepostism, donation, so and so….

    Today, majority of the voters are more educated, more open minded, more demanding and they know where they stand, and they will cast votes accordingly when general election is called, and this is the mindshift of human behaviour that is inescapable whether we like it or not in any countries.

    Only malay and muslim can decide who gets what, who dont gets what?

    Only political party can decide who gets what, who dont get what?

    Rule of game for numbers is always winner takes all, looser takes all, and everyone is aware the risk but why they still do it?

    Yup, there is no right or wrong in any political situations.

    Can the government afford to prolong such political situation by exploiting the future taxpayers due to my way, not your way again?

    Yup, the ruling government of the day can cancel all contracts signed by previous corrupted ruling party but on what ground?

    Pendek kata, there is no point crying over spilled milk.

    Do your best and make the future better regardless of what slogan, colors or dream you have in the next 5 years, and result would be known when next ge is called.

    The rest is history.

    Victor re- write history?

    Itu terpulang kepada citarasa negeri masing2.

  124. HouseWife Oct 17,2018 12:02 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Tun is happy with the big win in PD Move, well at this age Tun you must always be happy no matter what. I can only be happy for you. Am I happy with this win…who cares what a nobody feels. Most importantly, Tun is fine, healthy and happy.

    Wow…who could ever imagine that Malaysia would have not one but two PMs in this new era. Oo..never mind that he is the PM-in-waiting, he’s so thrilled that he acts and talks like a PM. DSAI sure does know when to grab the opportunity of the comfortable advantage Tun has struggled to set up for his personal gain. You took a gamble on him and cannot backtrack on your words. It’s mandatory that he gets what he wants. He’ll start structuring and organizing steps to the top with help from his loyalists and closest aides, the soonest the better. But they better watch out and don’t be rude to Tun and accuse Tun of sabotaging his ambition. There are these guys around him who are notorious for their make-believe warfare and tales against Tun. Tun, couldn’t this country has a referendum to choose whether DSAI should be the PM or not? Maybe Tun should also start polishing for the next 9th PM now…we never know the future.

    Is DSN out of money to pay for his legal fees? He’s appealing for donations from the people…tak malu sungguh. He shouldn’t have returned part of the pak arab’s “donation”. It’s so uncalled for of him to ask people to help fill up his tabung. There are so many unfortunate families, the poor and the sick who need money for their medical and social welfare and support to live another day. They are the breadwinners who are paralyzed and live on handouts but not enough. The children had to forgo their studies to take care of their poor sick parents. But then who are these people to really get the attention. DSN is fit but more in need so please fill up his banks. He needs millions and millions, people. This kaya man needs our kesian more. Another thing, will DSN do the honour to duduk diam jangan kacau daun orang nak buat kerja, just go begging for your tabung.

    “Those fortunate to achieve great wealth should put it to work for the good of humanity”…by the late Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder.

    Black or white? To the many the colour of socks and shoes is so trivial and stupid, but to a mother of six children who has gone through the scrubbing, the soaping and the kiwi-ing these white stupid little things you called nothings it was tiring to make them sparkling white but nevertheless these little white nothings do get their motherly touch and care just so as to make sure the children were happy and not shy to wear these little white nothings ( walaupun ada yang dah ternanga macam mulut buaya dan terkoyak sikit sana sini, selagi boleh pakai pakailah). I’m sure mothers and future mothers will be glad to get black shoes and socks for their children, work will be less tiring.

    Hooray, now everyone in the new opposition is singing praises for the new PD MP. They seem to be more comfortable with DSAI than with Tun. Why is that? These people are opportunists.

    Well Tun, let’s hope for this first term PH government would have a glorious and blazing success. More actions and less talk please. Thank you so much Tun and May Allah bless you always. May Allah grant you great wealth in health so you may lead us for many more years to come.

  125. Sri Sense Oct 16,2018 9:06 PM

    Good evening Tun

    I actually love alternative views.

    Penyokong tegar, I dah tau apa mereka nak kata. So at my old site, I simpan a list of sites on alternative views. Not because of anything, I takut I lupa the links hahaha

    I guess because of my old work, I kena baca yang negative in order for me to correct it. What more I get to feel samada the writers same wavelength with me.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me, what kind of penjanjian between Tun dan Anwar. If I’m not happy with the current government, next election I vote yang lain. At the moment, I’m happy just to be atas pagar, not attached to anyone.

    Goodnight Tun.

    I still love you, so please take care. Hugs Tun Siti.

  126. HBT456 Oct 16,2018 5:42 PM

    In this blog, i learned one valueble gift, that is i learned to let go so that i can lead a new life.

    Once again, thank you for allowing me to contribute my thoughts for the past 10 years.

    Change is inescapable.

    What will happen, it will happen.

    What will not happen, it will not happen.

    May allah be bless you peace and your hardwork that you have done through out all your life.

    I can never be a muslim, so are my children because we are comfortable and bless with our faith.

    Thank you.

  127. HBT456 Oct 16,2018 5:30 PM

    Crooked bridge on the table again?

    Well, penang pun tak boleh retain walaupun oku, estet orang india dan pusaka tanah melayu macam felda.

    Big can never fail?

    Too big to fail?

    Bak kata, jika yang atasnya tersenget, maka perpecahan pasti akan berlaku di bawah.

    Boleh means boleh.

    Tak boleh means tak boleh.

    Hakikatnya, the fate of the crooked bridge will end up as hsr, atau ecrl jugak.

  128. musato Oct 16,2018 5:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bilamana orang tanyakan pendapat saya berkenaan Anwar, sebenarnya pandangan boleh diberikan dari 2 sudut.

    1. Sudut Politik.

    Tun Mahathir sudah berjanji Anwar akan jadi pengganti beliau selepas Tun letak jawatan.

    Janji ini terhasil kerana wujudnya PH, hasil gabungan parti parti pembangkang.

    Ia digabungkan bagi menumbangkan kerajaan BN yang telah korup.

    BERSATU yang telah ditubuhkan bagi menghadapi pilihanraya telah diusahakan untuk bubar oleh ROS. Mujurlah BERSATU tidak diharamkan terus dan perjanjian penggabungan antara parti masih boleh diadakan.

    Memandangkan parti BERSATU adalah parti yang baru merangkak, jadi kesempatan ini telah diambil oleh PKR untuk meminta sesuatu.

    Yang diminta adalah pengampunan diraja sekiranya menang. Seterusnya Anwar akan menjadi PM.

    Sebagai timbal balas, BERSATU akan dijanjikan Tun Mahathir sebagai PM PH yang pertama.

    Seperti Wan Azizah yang berulangkali kata, YDP Agong telah menawarkan Wan Azizah sebagai PM Malaysia. Ini kerana pada PRU 14 PH telah menang dengan menggunakan logo PKR. Namun Wan Azizah telah menolak disebabkan perjanjian di antara parti telah diadakan.

    Jadi sekarang adalah masa Tun Mahathir untuk menunaikan janji. Apabila kita berjanji, perlulah kita tunaikan.

    Lembu diikat pada tali. Manusia diikat pada janjinya.

    2. Sudut rakyat.

    Rakyat khususnya orang Melayu, memilih PH kerana Tun Mahathir akan menjadi PM. Ia adalah seperti yang disebarkan dalam setiap ceramah PH.

    Namun nama Anwar tidak ada tempat di hati orang Melayu. Anwar bertanding pun di PD, yang dikatakan bukan kawasan majoriti orang Melayu.

    Berkemungkinan PRU 15 adalah satu cabaran besar bagi Anwar sekiranya beliau menjadi PM selepas Tun Mahathir.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  129. HBT456 Oct 16,2018 2:19 PM

    Yup, the end must justify the means.

    No worries, we have many general elections to be called in many years to come.

    Therefore, it is up to the political parties of the divides to rebut2 to become the kingmaker.

    I am not angry nor frustrated at all as voter.

    My obligation is to vote, itu saja.

    Quote of the day: weak people revenge, strong people forgive, intelligent people ignore.

    Madu atau racun, itu terpulang kepada kematangan parti2 tempatan khususnya orang melayu dan muslim.

    Suka atau tidak, i still have to work, live and enjoy life, happily, healthily, less stress and less negative influences as voter.

  130. HBT456 Oct 16,2018 1:57 PM

    As non muslim, we must be grateful for the ruling government to increase cigarrete price and increase alchohol age limit to 21 years old because smoking and achoholism kills and ruined families.

  131. HBT456 Oct 16,2018 1:42 PM

    Shisa smoking also kills, just like teh tarik and since it is under this topic, so it is non of my business to say no to this governmrent as non muslim.

    So it is up to the political parties and voters of all states to decide when general election is called.

    P/s: soda taxing is a dangerous move, but for those mps who are okay with it, by all means go a head since this is a free country.

  132. HouseWife Oct 16,2018 1:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Tun, it’s never easy to change the mindset of the people but this time around you have in a way succeeded. Once the people thought umnoBn was their only saviour but they changed their mind because you opened up their mind and see reasons for change. Tun, not all can do as you do…you are like a magician, your words and actions are like magnate that pull and spellbound people of all walks of life. Not many have this power… not the sultans, the rajas. Malaysia will produce many heroes and gentlemen but never one like you Tun. You are different, Tun. There’ll never gonna be one like you.

    This is the time the muslim world learn from Tun and not from the western world especially the US. The muslim world says the western world brings trouble to their world. But then the western world says the muslim world creats her own troubles and terroize them. Who started first? What happened? How and why eveything went wrong? Did the muslim world lost their way? Was the muslim world got blinded and manipulated by their own greed for power and wealth? Why is it so difficult for the rich muslim countries to give their helping hand to the poor and oppressed muslim countries, their own neighbours? What hindered them? Why fight and killed fellow muslims with weapons bought with Allah’s natural treasure, the black gold? Why muslims want to crippled each other? How easily we forget with the whats, whys and hows.

    Well Tun, small country in far away land with trillion debts can only talk and talk whilst the big, rich, strong and powerful countries buat pekak telinga. Tun, you have laid down and extend your noble messages to the muslim world leaders and it’s their call to listen and change to deliver, achieve and give the peace, harmony, justice and equal rights their own people deserve. Tun, you have done your job well and should be proud of yourself. Thank you Tun and May Allah bless you always.

  133. HBT456 Oct 16,2018 10:31 AM

    Rafizi should worry more on money politics linked to malay and islam political parties that could cause him and pkr to loose votes.

    Pendek kata, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Therefore, general election must be called in every 5 years.

    Therefore, eventhough we worked so hard and build this country through tears and sweats, we will always be the duri dalam daging of ketuanan muslim mahupun ketuana melayu.

    Tak nak tak pa, tapi jangan hina.

    Bak kata, meludah ke langit, akhirnya jatuh di atas muka sendiri.

    Sepandai tupai melompat, akhirnya, terjatuh di tanah, atau laut.

    Honesty is a very expensive gift, dont expect it from cheap people.

    Foreign meddling?

    Ikat perut?

    Tribalism politics?

    Itu terpulang kepada citarasa negeri2 mereka masing2.

  134. Sri Sense Oct 16,2018 8:00 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Morning yang sangat cerah. Tapi selalunya panas tak sampai ke petang. Anyway I always hope Tun berdua sihat.


    Actually like that lor, if jadi Menteri must jadi Dato also, tak kira la 1 week kerja ka, 1 month kerja ka, 1 year kerja ka, Datukship is a must. Same thing also, like if you can’t fight the battle, your dad can wat!

    I also got this idea, morning2 sudah dapat, I share with you la, LGE.

    Since this is Malaysia Baru, I think your wife, Tun’ wife, Tan Sri’s wife, Mat’ Sabu’s wife, must also bertanding jadi MP. Romantic you know. Go in Parliment couple couple. Some more Valentine’s Day also can celebrate inside Parliment. So so romantic, roses everywhere. You all can also do like Najib’s daughter wedding, roses alone millions ringgit. Don’t worry you all can always use government place, money and time, after all party time meh.

    LGE, I also think that Anwar suitable for that Kementerian Wanita Minister. Because he got a lot of ideas, one of it, if perempuan pakai handbag, he ingat Rosmah. Can you imagine what other ideas he can give to women. His wife also cannot think. But Anwar boleh!

  135. HBT456 Oct 16,2018 6:48 AM

    P/s: Kini, pas got another choice to main belakang, that is pkr.

  136. HBT456 Oct 16,2018 6:44 AM

    The natural and biological regime change had begun in pd, and whether pas president dok haji awang likes it or not, he would be challenged by pas members for loosing seats and votes from the n9 races before next general election starts.

    Everyone knows umno can never stand alone even if you bring out the late ghafar baba in melaka.

    When umno can never stand alone, obviously bersatu also cannot stand alone.

    Pas hanya ikut rentak dan angin saja, and they always main belakang dengan umno dan pas assuming other political parties tak nampak, atau pengundi tak nampak.

    It is tempting to demolish the current building of mca in petaling street to raise political funding, but it would be better off not to do that if mca really wants to maintain and retain its roots of malaysian chinese for many generations to come.

    In terms of number, chinese already loose out, therefore, votes go to mca bn, or dap gerakan ph, it makes no different.

    Chinese language education to majority of the chinese parents is a must, therefore, there is no way both political of the divides can demoslish chinese vernacular schools through federal or state budget and land rejection.

    If you dont allow the chinese political parties to do that, then, they will get donation from the private companies to continue the chinese vernacular schools in which ruling and opposing government cannot reject, atau deny.


    Lau pan ini adalah pengundi, mereka bukan kakitangan kerajaan wilayah mahupun negeri.

    Yup, pandai2 lah wahai umno, pas dan pkr.

  137. faridina Oct 16,2018 2:46 AM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    YB —> Yang Berhormat—–> X X X
    YB —> Yang Berkhidmat—> ✓✓✓

    Saya sudah bilang Ayahanda Tun mesti tukar akronim YB kalau Pakatan Harapan benar2 ikhlas mahu berkhidmat untuk rakyat dan langkah yang kecil ini akan jauh membedakan PH dari BN.

    Inilah masalahnya apabila diberikan penghormatan kepada wakil rakyat dengan gelaran yang berhormat maka yang dikejar adalah penghormatan demi penghormatan kununnya telah dilantik menjadi menteri atau timbalan menteri mesti ada gelaran Datuk Seri macam Ayahanda Tun dahulu dan Najib kini.

    Datuk sahaja tidak glamour kerana itu untuk ahli perniagaan sebab DS sinonim dengan ahli politik yang bertaraf menteri.

    Malulah sikit pada rakyat awak tu baru sahaja bergelar menteri dan dah kelihatan gelojoh mahu lagi pangkat dan gelaran sedangkan kerja bakti pada rakyat belum lagi membuahkan hasil?

    Hendak sangat gelaran tunggulah bila dah pencen dan dah cukup berkhidmat dan berbakti pada rakyat.

    Contohilah En Ghaffar Baba dah pencen barulah Allahyarham terima gelaran Tun dan terbaharu contohilah Najib yang satu2nya bekas PM yang tidak mengharapkan gelaran Tun 🙂 .

    Sekian dari Yang Berkarya.

    p/s : Saya tabik pada LGE yang berani tegur ahlinya ambil gelaran sedangkan KM Melaka sendiri tidak ambil katanya dan saya juga hairan kenapa Mat Sabu tidak beri amaran pada Menterinya jangan ikut perangai PAS yang kununnya Islamik tapi kalau beri gelaran dunia dia tibai juga.

    Statistik Terkini Menteri/Timb Men PH
    Baru Sahaja Bergelar Datuk Seri;

    BERSATU —> 3
    PAN ——-> 2
    PKR ——-> 1
    DAP —— > 0

  138. HBT456 Oct 15,2018 4:38 PM

    I personally think beijing is trying to protect them from being exploited in loosing their roots, and got hurt and would create a lot of problems to their community and race if they are being used by jihad terrorists to bomb, cheat, kidnap, kill and rape in the name of islam.

    Kaum uighur ini orang susah dan miskin due to geographical challenges, and only beijing and russia can protect them in the north.

    Others do not understand, but as malaysian chinese, i can understand.

    One of my favorite street food in beijing is wangfujin, and their satay lamb tasted so good that i can never forget.

  139. Hajar Oct 15,2018 1:44 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Today, 15 Oct 2018, we have husband-wife-daughter as MPs of our Parliament. Bravo PH Government! You have set such a good example for all future politicians to follow.


    Nazri Aziz should have said something like, “Allah’s will that Tun Mahathir leads Malaysia again…”. 🙂

    He was DSN’s biggest bu** kisser! And now he is trying to get Anwar’s attention. Both are losers.

    3. Ministers can campaign for Anwar, but only outside working hours says EC

    /// EC chairman Azhar Azizan Harun (pic), “The EC acknowledges that some Cabinet members and politicians who hold posts in the government, except for civil servants, have the right to campaign for a candidate as it is a party activity.

    “However, the EC would like to stress that if they campaign, they should never ever use government assets or facilities for such purposes.

    “In fact, the campaigning activities must be done outside their work hours, as it is a misuse of their working hours.” ///

    Very CLEAR instructions from the EC.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  140. HBT456 Oct 14,2018 9:25 PM

    As long as mps tapped the habit and mindset of what their majority voters of the constituencies under their watch want to hear, yup, it is easy to win votes, and to climb up to the top political ladder.

    Tipu orang kampung senang.

    Tipu orang bandar susah.

    Tipu orang global lagi susah.

    No worries, human are progressive.

    Madu atau racun, itu terpulang kepada kematangan parti2 politik tempatan khususnya orang melayu dan orang islam.

  141. Idea Oct 14,2018 8:55 PM

    Dear Tun,

    May you always be in good health.

    Greed of the Banks

    1. Time is precious. Time and tide wait for no man. A minute passed is a minute gone.

    2. Money, on the contrary, is nothing more than a piece of printed paper or embossed metal. It acts as a medium of exchange. In the absence of exchangeable products, money is worthless. In fact, when people decide to do barter trade, money is not even needed.

    3. To make money precious, the element of time is introduced. With time, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. Every tick of the clock counts. If one were to borrow a dollar today, he has to pay back more than a dollar in future. The longer the borrowing period, the more he has to pay. This is time value of money.

    4. Every loan consists of principal and interest. Principal is the base amount and interest is the additional amount, which is derived based on the borrowing period. Interest is what the banks gain out of lending money.

    5. Perhaps, the most beneficial party of a functioning economy is the banks.

    6. People borrow to purchase houses and cars. As long as there are borrowers, the banks make money – because people pay more than what they borrow. The non-performing loans for many countries sit below 20%. For Malaysia, the non-performing loans was only 1.61% in 2016. So, the banks still make money despite some loan defaults.

    7. But the banks crave for more. They subtly defy time value of money for their advantage.

    8. By right, interest should be collected in relation to time – just like how it is derived. Less interest should be collected in the early part of repayment period. More interest should be collected later.

    9. However, the banks collect interest much sooner than they should. Repayments are designed to settle the interest first. Typically by half term, the banks gain almost all the interest amount – leaving the borrower with the principal amount. Principal amount cannot be discounted even if the borrower decides to pay lump sum amount.

    10. In fairness, if a loan is fully settled at half term, the interest amount should be revised based on the new shorter term. Refund should be given over the excess interest charged earlier.

    11. But this does not happen. This is the greed of those who use money to make money.

    12. They may assert that it has been the practice all the while. But this does not mean we cannot right the wrong.

  142. musato Oct 14,2018 3:08 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya baru tahu Anwar menang pagi tadi lepas Harliza bagitahu.

    Tak kisahlah Anwar menang ke tidak, tapi sehari dua ni saya dah berjaya bersua muka dengan Pn Mai dan Harliza.

    Terima kasih banyak banyak pada Pn Mai sebab sudi menjamu beria kami makan kat KLCC. Siap oder dan hidangkan lagi.

    Terima kasih juga Harliza sebab sudi drive 1/2 jam datang ke tempat perjumpaan. Nak datang bertandang nanti, boleh helo ok.

    InsyaAllah lain kali kalau ada kelapangan dan peluang kita jumpa lagi.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  143. Sri Sense Oct 14,2018 2:33 PM

    #Low voter turnout

    I think sebab election kecil bukan major election. I also think people fedup sejak PH menang, pemilihan dah buat semula dalam 3 tempat. I also think strategy penting.

    I also think Anwar menang sebab Tun turun bagi support. I doubt dia boleh menang tanpa support Tun. Though many thinks Tun patut bertindak adil tidak terlibat dalam ini. Tapi nampaknya kehadiran Tun beri kemenangan besar pada Anwar.

    Oh ya, I also baca sini, ada kata Kak Wan tolong hubby, adakah buat masa kerja. Well I don’t think Menteri job is 9 to 5.

    Terpulanglah how people going to interpret this.

  144. sibotak Oct 14,2018 1:36 PM

    The Muslims World seek Sympathy and Protection from UN, US & The West
    Yet it is US , UN & The West that Destruct them constructed by Israel
    Till Today very Sad indeed , The Muslims World cannot read The Line

    They buy Weapons from those that construct their Destruction
    They are very Confused . They did not know their True Enemy
    Thus they fight against each other Blindly

    Behold The Rope
    You can’t be Wrong

  145. HBT456 Oct 14,2018 10:33 AM

    There is a huge difference between gambling and investment.

    Bak kata bagi bukit emas pun tarak guna keranamu mereka ingat speculation adalah haram, but manipulation adalah halal kut.

    Yup, when gambling activities are declared as illegal, then, is it pdrm can go into our house whereby we main mahjung, show hand, russian poker atau jo dai ti as entertainmnet?

    Even if pdrm declare gambling is legal now, no one is willing to invest in this business, why?

    So much social crimes are being done daily, and pdrm until today still cannot solve the problems.

    Pendek kata, this country is no longer safe.

    Jangan kata ah choo takut, ah kow pun lari.

  146. HBT456 Oct 14,2018 8:23 AM

    Why we study history?

    History Helps Us Understand Change and How the Society We Live in Came to Be The second reason history is inescapable as a subject of serious study follows closely on the first. The past causes the present, and so the future.

    Yup, it is up to the buffologists to decide the fate of 1mdb and petronas dengan projected derma from all of us since taxation and kiraan bunga atau interest is kafir to the muslim, and can cause the ruling party to loose votes.

    So, who transferred the usd 700 million to ambank account of dsn?

    Where did the money come from?

    Who ordered to c4 monggolian transtalotor, ms altantunya?

    I believe the insiders have the answer but they are afraid that the answer would be spinned and twisted and became a perfect storm to loose votes with the same question of kenapa beliau boleh buat, kenapa aku tak boleh buat?

    Keranamu, Malay sia, atau Malaysia, it is up to the political of the divides to decide their next course of action to clear the goodwill and good name of the official religion and country.

    The day before yesterday, our pm exchanged oil with transfer of technolgy via look east policy and barter trade.

    Yesterday, our 2 pm exchanged oil with buffoloes in head count via jewel of middle east.

    Yup, it is really cruel to aks a man of 90 plus to decide the fate of the country so that they can continue to lie, cheat, conquer, rape, kill and bomb in the name of official religion and bangsa.

    Yup, when religion and race issues can make you rich, what should you do a mps?

    Tepuk dadah again?

    Tanya selera again?

  147. Sri Sense Oct 14,2018 8:12 AM

    Good morning

    Jeng jeng PD dah adopted Anwar.

    Tahniah kerana mengalahkan calon dari kaum Cina. I guess mereka semua hilang wang pertaruhan.

    Mohd Nazari Mokhtar secured 7,456 votes. Hah, siapa yang pandai2 kata PAS akan kalah teruk, tengok tu jadi runner-up. I bet kalau Tun tak datang support anak angkat Tun, Anwar, mesti PAS menang.

    Anwar pernah kata Tun ayahanda dia. Dari segi age rasa macam tak mungkin Tun bapa dia. Abang boleh kut.

    Isa obtained 4,230 votes. I think kekalahan Isa due tu tak bertanding under BN banner.

    Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan garnered 82 votes. Honestly I tak tau apa this guy buat, all I tau dia masuk pertanding, there’s no news about him after that.

    Stevie Chan, meanwhile, obtained 337 votes; Lau Seck Yan, 214; and Kan Chee Yuen, 154. Dalam tiga ini Chan yang paling aktif. Dia ada manifesto. Dia ada #kasichan. Dia jalan2 jumpa voters personally sampai turun berat badan.

    Yang jelas PD pilih pemimpin Melayu meneraju.

    That’a all I can say.

  148. Sri Sense Oct 14,2018 8:12 AM

    Good morning

    Jeng jeng PD dah adopted Anwar.

    Tahniah kerana mengalahkan calon dari kaum Cina. I guess mereka semua hilang wang pertaruhan.

    Mohd Nazari Mokhtar secured 7,456 votes. Hah, siapa yang pandai2 kata PAS akan kalah teruk, tengok tu jadi runner-up. I bet kalau Tun tak datang support anak angkat Tun, Anwar, mesti PAS menang.

    Anwar pernah kata Tun ayahanda dia. Dari segi age rasa macam tak mungkin Tun bapa dia. Abang boleh kut.

    Isa obtained 4,230 votes. I think kekalahan Isa due tu tak bertanding under BN banner.

    Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan garnered 82 votes. Honestly I tak tau apa this guy buat, all I tau dia masuk pertanding, there’s no news about him after that.

    Stevie Chan, meanwhile, obtained 337 votes; Lau Seck Yan, 214; and Kan Chee Yuen, 154. Dalam tiga ini Chan yang paling aktif. Dia ada manifesto. Dia ada #kasichan. Dia jalan2 jumpa voters personally sampai turun berat badan.

    Yang jelas PD pilih pemimpin Melayu meneraju.

    That’a all I can say.

  149. HBT456 Oct 14,2018 6:59 AM

    Jika jemu dengan dsai and pkr, then vote umno next time.

    Therefore, it makes no sense can jual better since they put their parties’ interest and struggles above the people and country.

  150. sibotak Oct 14,2018 6:01 AM

    Benjamin Nethanyahu once said
    They were Lucky , Israel have No Oil
    The reasons of Israel Success Today
    As they work their way out of all difficulties

    Unlike The Arabs
    Their Brains are Corrupted with Oil
    Too much Lubricants does not make The Brain Work

  151. sibotak Oct 14,2018 5:56 AM

    All Most All Muslim Nation are Gifted
    With Rich Natural Resources

    In Middle East they have Oils
    In Asia , Malaysia , Brunei , Indonesia We have much Natural Wealth
    But the Muslim World Failed to Progress
    Failed to protect their Sovereignty
    They feel comfortable to let foreigner to care for them
    Their Military Defenses they rely on Foreigners than building up their own capabilities . Saudi Arabia is One Donkey Example
    No wonder The Muslim World always Destructs
    as they are using weapons made by their very own enemy
    Incapable of Defending , expecting Mercy & Sympathy
    This is Never the Teaching of Islam

    ” Hold Fast The Rope of Allah , Be Not Be Divided among Ummah ”
    This is The Surah , This is Quran
    This is where and why the Muslims goes wrong today

    Muslim World must work toward this
    It starts with our family , friends , neighbors , community
    and nation as a whole .
    It begins with the Islamic Leaders

    Stops Blaming Stops Regretting
    Starts Working On It as One Ummah

  152. sibotak Oct 14,2018 5:30 AM

    I,m just OK with Anwar yr choice as for the other alternative is
    Rafizi , Mukhliz or probably lets take the plunge
    The capable Syed Sadiq , the fear he is too young

    Anwar speaks a lot , which I don’t fancy a leader , much more as a near PM
    He speaks a lot recently in Singapore Forum
    Highlighting his Intelligence yet Revealing his Stupidity
    I have seen many of our Malaysian Leader having interviewed in Singapore including yr daughter Marina
    But I have not seen any of Singapore Minister being interview 1 on 1
    or in any Malaysia Forum in Malaysia

    I guess Malaysia Minister , Malaysia Politics like to Talk
    Did not deliver
    Singapore Minister Talk less , Work more and Delivers
    This to my very opinion in our flaws

    Unlike you Tun
    You are capable and able to handle
    Even to my opinion you are far way better than late LKY in Live interviews
    LKY needs to prepare, you can do it tactfully

    I hope to see TV3 , or any Media of Malaysia interview Singapore Importance in Live in Malaysia
    Lets Hear their story also

  153. HBT456 Oct 14,2018 4:50 AM

    Yup, just dont vote bersatu, habis cerita.

  154. Hajar Oct 13,2018 5:35 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Toll-free roads not possible, says Dr M

    BALI: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says it is not possible to have highways without imposing toll collection as well.

    He also revealed that he had been against the pledge for toll-free highways in the Pakatan Harapan (PH) manifesto.


    Of course it is not possible.

    But who are the idiots (sorry for being harsh) who included such a stupid promise in the the PH’s PRU14 manifesto? Or who are the opportunists (making empty/false promises)?

    Actually there are a lot of stupid promises that PH (and previous Opposition) has made in the past that are meant for those who can’t think properly.

    We have to be rational. If the promises cannot be fulfilled, or if fulfilled, some serious problems can arise, then these promises must not be included in any PRU’s manifesto for any political party / coalition (both Government and Opposition).

    But why did PH include all of the STUPID promises, which cannot be delivered? Of course to GET @ BUY VOTES! (‘sogokan @ rasuah’). Alahai…2 x 5, 5 x 2 with the previous regime.


    There’s no need to renegotiate. Why do we have to worry about the losses of 20,000 people (they are getting a lot from this project!) when the burden of paying for this overpriced project is on all Malaysians?

    The same goes for the HSR and ECRL. Just cancel them; full stop. I am not sure why they are just deferred (temporary termination of work), and not cancelled (HSR and ECRL). We are paying way too high for these overpriced projects (not a necessity). Not feasible at all, and more importantly we don’t need them!

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  155. HBT456 Oct 13,2018 4:27 PM

    In terms of full set accounts, whether she likes it or not, chinese race is still ahead of other races due to amanah, cekap dan bersih, and it is still in demand for many generations to come for pa ma businesses.

    Kaum india yang mahir in jual surat khabar, lottery, kacang putih, roti, lorry businesses, gerai mamak, scrap collectors, atau susu kamping, etc… to cari rezeki untuk keluarga, itu terpulang kepada penilaian tradisi kekeluargaan mereka.

    As for other higher skill and profession, it is up to the locals to decide to work for government, international companies, glc, mnc, sdn bhd or self employed and it is beyond the control of political parties mahupun kerajaan at federal and state levels.

    Habuk tak ada?

    Look at our air quality index via red sun in the evening, it signalled the air quality is filled with habuk due to so much ongoing construction works.

    How could the ruling government of the day can suddenly stop and delay all these ongoing works just because they takut kalah in next general election?

    I already said, it is much more safer and better off for mr trump to launched any wars against china.


    Because he knows china will not retaliate with military war just like what the middle east countries did to their soldiers.

  156. HBT456 Oct 13,2018 1:58 PM

    Yup, semua adalah salah kaum bukan melayu dan muslim.

    In terms of numbers, we already loose out, therefore, dont waste time in changing the mindset of the majority races.

    The only way to change them is the peer pressure among themselves.

    Perut buncit saiful at such young age signal dia makan haram, atau dalam stres yang amat tertekan until he give up his future?

    Therefore, whoever become the next perdana menteri, it makes no sense who can jual better.

    Can do, we do.

    Cannot do, then, we leave.

    P/s: the political power struggling had already narrowed down within the malay and bumiputra muslim, henceforth, we have to wait it out until they sort out the power among themselves on who get the biggest bite of the kek pulut.

  157. Sri Sense Oct 13,2018 10:36 AM

    Good morning Tun

    I sambung sikit bicara semalam.

    Kalau Tun nak kata orang Melayu histeria, silap tu. Pusat pengajian dan asrama under MARA penghuni adalah orang Melayu. Sekarang I dengar kaum lain pun dapat masuk. Sikit lagi mereka pun histeria.

    Cuba kita lihat berita orang yang sesat dalam hutan belantara Borneo, tak kira bangsa, asal masuk, lemah semangat sure kena. Nampak princess la. Macam2 pun boleh nampak.

    Mentaliti nak kata hanya Cina sahaja pandai akaun, dah tak ada lagi. Nak kata orang India hanya pandai jual suratkhabar, dah dah tak ada lagi.

    Sekarang orang Melayu dah ramai pandai. I think orang Melayu hanya perlu a lot of motivation and proper guidance, pasti mereka nanti akan jadi bangsa terbagus dan tercanggih bukan saja diMalaysia tapi di dunia juga.

    Key to learning, not to be overly sensitive to criticism, ya!

  158. HBT456 Oct 13,2018 9:22 AM

    Yup, there is no right or wrong.

    But, can ph afford loose malay and muslim votes to keep their majority race happy?

    Why so much noises being made out there, and for who to hear?

    Victor re-write history?

    Giving out cash, cabutan bertuah, door gifts or free dinner do not guarantee votes macam zaman nenek moyang kita, but such freebies and donations could lead to loss of votes due to more educated, more demanding, more mature voters out there who can judge themselves the manifesto.

  159. HBT456 Oct 13,2018 8:56 AM

    Macam ini, in south china sea, the rule of super power game is, as usual, to exploit the situation via freedom of expression and basic human rights to push for regime change.

    Yup, it is dangerous and could lead to military wars in there when the leaders of south china sea behave hostile and act like a bully, and could make usa and its allies to launch a military strikes.

    Today, we do not need to be hostile or a bully to show our intolerance to a particular group of people, race, religion or nationality since we are living in post it era whereby all info, video, pictures, speeches and behaviors could be shared within touch of finger.

    When the hostility and bullism are made toward, contohnya, to a nationality to express his supremacy, i mean, bullsim, naturally and biologically, he as the representative of his race had disqualified themselves in padang finale even when damage control is made with greed or fear.

    The muhhibah sense of belonging is still there, but today, this sense of belonging has eveolved so rapidly, and it is no longer only about ahmad, ah chong and muthu races only.

    Yup, ds anwar ibrahim can contest anywhere he likes as long as his political party allowed him to do that via agree to disagree, agree, disagree or whatever political reasons behind there, and it is up to that voters of that constituency to decide in the ballot boxes.

    Is ph manifesto a burden, or responsibilty?

  160. milshah Oct 13,2018 1:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    One of the biggest problems the Pakatan Harapan government is facing is fulfilling its election manifesto. I think the root cause of this problem is not the manifesto itself, but the approach towards the manifesto.

    One approach would be to treat the manifesto as “must do”. The opposite of this approach is to abandon the manifesto completely. Another approach would be the middle path i.e making the manifesto as a guide but customised according to the real situation.

    During the first few months of the PH government, the manifesto was treated as something sacred and “must do”. I was very sad when you had to let go of the education portfolio because the manifesto disallow the Prime Minister from holding two posts. I can understand if the Prime Minister is not allowed to hold the Finance portfolio or the Home Ministry portfolio but the education portfolio as well? What harm can the Prime Minister do holding the education portfolio as well?

    Wouldn’t it has benefited the country’s education system if was supervised directly by the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister is Tun Mahathir who has vast knowledge of 93 years. But no, the manifesto says no, and therefore it was a no no. The country lost greatly because of following to the manifesto. Another was giving 20% of the gross earnings of Petronas to the oil producing states. This would have bankrupt Petronas. But what to do, the manifesto says so, so have to do. And now the toll free for highways, this would have bankrupt the country. But what to do, the manifesto says so, so have to do.

    Just was is the purpose of the manifesto? To follow exactly what it says even though it will be a loss to the country, even though it will bankrupt the country? The manifesto is man made, it is not god given, that must be followed. Since it is man made, it must have flaws. It would be not wise to follow even though we know it would be detrimental to the country.

    What can be followed is the purpose of the manifesto. What is the purpose? What is the underlying objective of the manifesto? The main purpose is to uplift the people and the country’s well being. That’s the main underlying objective. And it is this objective that should be the guiding principle of the Pakatan Harapan government.

    To abandon the manifesto completely would not be correct. As this was what was conveyed to the voters. It would give the wrong message the manifesto is just to win votes and thus very unethical.

    I think we should treat the manifesto only as a guideline. This means the government may deviate from the manifesto, but the overall purpose of the manifesto i.e to uplift the people and the country remains in tact.

    What use of the manifesto, if we follow blindly, which results in the country becoming bankrupt and the people suffer? We have to be practical. God have given us brains to think. For example, the free toll highways, this would bankrupt the country as we just don’t have the funds but we do it anyway. But we still follow the manifesto. When the country is bankrupt, that would make the people and country more suffer.

    I completely disagree with the Pakatan Harapan government approach to follow blindly the manifesto without taking into consideration the reality of the situation. What is important is the people and country’s well being. If it means deviating from the manifesto, then so be it.

    If Tun and the cabinet agrees with my suggestion, then this need to be conveyed to the rakyat, that from now onward the manifesto is just a guideline. What is more important is the essence of the manifesto which is to uplift the well being of the people and the nation, which the Pakatan Harapan will vigorously pursue. This will help set the expectation of the rakyat towards the government, and not every time the Pakatan Harapan wants to make a good decision it is binded by the manifesto.

    If the opposition want to politicize this, then so be it. Let the rakyat decide.

    P/S: Tun, please take up the education portfolio. It would really benefit the younger generations and the future of this country.

  161. Sri Sense Oct 12,2018 11:10 PM

    Good evening

    I think politician yang memainkan peranan.

    I ingat masa I kecik, ada rancangan tv nama budi pekerti. If I’m not mistaken drama tv, situ di ajar erti muhibbah, saling hormat menghormati antara satu sama lain.

    Macam hubby kata zaman dulu kita boleh panggil hey lu cina, hey lu melayu, bukan racis, sekarang lain.

    Orang dulu cakap gitu pada kawan2 rapat. They are close buddies, bangsa ini cakap la, tak ada apa pun. Mereka saling hormat menghormati dari segi agama dan kepercayaan kawan2 mereka.

    Orang sekarang overly sensitive. To me politician yang memainkan peranan memecah belahkan kaum2. Bila half of the world anti-Chinese tiba2 pulak nak ngaku Malaysian. Pengikut jadi blur.

    Bab histeria, I think dari zaman I kecik dulu pun cerita sama.

    I tau sebab masa I kecik, kakak I yang tua masuk MARA. Orang Melayu kata lemah semangat. Kat MARA histeria, balik rumah pun jerit, dia kata nampak orang pakai putih duduk kat hujung kepala I, nampak benda putih terbang. I tak nampak apa pun.

    Perhaps sebab pusat pengajian dan asrama penuh sering terletak kat ceruk hutan.

    Tak tau kenapa tempat begini jadi pilihan. Mungkin untuk ketenangan pelajar belajar or mungkin takut pelajar lari balik rumah.

    Kalau pelajar tu peminat greenery pencinta lama, mungkin tenang, kalau jenis yang minat bandar, ramai orang lalu lalang, stress juga asyik tengok pokok2, bukit bukau dan gunung ganang, nak keluar pekan pun seminggu sekali.

  162. Hajar Oct 12,2018 10:30 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Yeah…New Malaysia.

    Azmin: Oktoberfest not a beer festival

    Astaghfirullah…YB Azmin must go back to school I guess. So ignorant indeed…He needs to read/study the history of Oktoberfest, and how it evolved into a Beer (Alcohol) Festival.

    2. Mayor: KL restaurants allowed to hold Oktoberfest events, with conditions

    3. Oktoberfest tak sesuai dianjurkan

    I am so disappointed with the PH Government.

    PH leaders do not respect the fact that Malaysia is a Muslim country, and Islam is our official religion.

    4. Not appropriate for Wan Azizah to campaign in PD polls as DPM, says electoral reform committee

    Our DPM campaigned for her husband! Ish..Ish..Ish…NEW MALAYSIA BOLEH! Was any of the campaigning done during office hours? Just asking…

    How about the other Ministers? Did they use their own car/vehicle (fuel?) when they visited PD (while campaigning for DSAI)? Just wondering…

    Nowadays we have to be very calculative. We have to make sure that the PH leaders spend our money wisely, and make sure that they do not misuse their positions for their own personal gains.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  163. faridina Oct 12,2018 6:47 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,


    Orang2 Melayu sejak berzaman sentiasa dimomokkan dengan cerita2 hantu dan perkara2 ghaib.

    Kenapa dan mengapa orang2 dahulu menanam mentaliti sebegini ada kebaikan pada mulanya tetapi lama kelamaan ia sedikit sebanyak meninggalkan kesan pada masyarakat khususnya dalam soal histeria.

    Teringat pesanan orang2 tua supaya pulang rumah sebelum senja melabuhkan diri kerana ketika maghrib syaitan akan mula keluar.

    Betul tindakan dan amaran mereka kerana kita harus bersiap sedia dengan mandi dan tunggu untuk solat maghrib berjemaah sekeluarga.

    Keluar malam tidak elok juga sebab zaman dahulu gelap tiada lampu jalan dan malam begini banyak hantu jembalang berkeliaran.

    Memang benar bila ayahanda Tun nyatakan bangsa lain tidak pula dikaitkan dengan histeria hanya kaum Melayu, begitu juga istilah amuk yang begitu sinonim dengan masyarakat Melayu hingga orang putih terima pakai dan masukkan perkataan itu dalam kamus mereka.

    Orang Melayu yang kununnya lemah semangat akan mudah dijangkiti dengan fenomena histeria ini, nah ini bukan salah mereka kerana setelah beberapa kurun dimomokkan sudah tentu semangat semakin menurun.

    Histeria pun boleh datang dalam pelbagai bentuk dan kadangkala pengidapnya boleh meracau2 dan merepek2 sehingga sipengidapnya boleh beri ugutan pada keluarga dan sebagainya.

    Namun kita kena terima hakikat orang yang diserang histeria memang dalam keadaan terkawal dan janganlah kita berkecil hati atau sensitif sangat kerana apa yang diracaukan bukan seratus peratus benar.

    Lantas untuk mengurangkan gejala histeria ini maka galakkan anak2 Melayu bercampur gaul dengan bangsa2 lain dan cuba timba sesuatu yang baik dari mereka.


  164. Sri Sense Oct 12,2018 5:49 PM

    Norhizam Hassan Baktee, ex-lorry driver and EXCO DAP Melaka, boleh check berita

  165. Sri Sense Oct 12,2018 5:46 PM

    # ralat bukan exco keturunan Cina, tapi EXCO la

  166. Sri Sense Oct 12,2018 5:40 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Waduh bukan main lagi, bila Hajar jawab, ada yang post non stop. Molek sangat ke perangai lagu tu. Kira dia nak control sini.

    Tak salah kalau saya tanya ini pada Tun, apakah HBT dan Faridina staff Tun?

    Bab online ini, bukan perkara baru jika seseorang tu ada several accounts. A person boleh pretend dia orang Cina orang Melayu orang India, walaupun dia bukan. Kira nak capai tujuaan tertentu. Boleh pretend pretend.

    Bagus la Nestle nak besarkan kilang MILO. Bagus la Dyson nak besarkan business yang sedia ada di Johor Malaysia. Tahniah Malaysia.

    I nak cerita sikit sini, mungkin ramai juga orang Melayu dah perasan.

    Selepas DAP PKR masuk PH dan menang besar, I pergi Tangs Subang Jaya. Kebetulan saya nak cari barang. Tiba2 kat ruang bilik cuba baju bukan main riuh, I ingat apa, rupanya ada 3 orang nyonya nak cuba baju. Terkejut I. Masa itu terlintas di kepala, hai dulu bukan main senyap dan tertib, sekarang dah jadi macam jaguh kampung tunjuk nak terror.

    Not only that, after Tangs, I tengok kat wall kawan2 FB ada yang letak beberapa video dari Melaka, rakyat keturunan Cina gaduh macam samseng dengan pegawai Rela, baru2 ini EXCO keturunan Cina macam samseng gaduh dengan ramai pakcik yang pakai kopiah. Tertanya2 dalam hati mana pergi budi bahasa mereka2 ini.

    Ingat ya, saya vote PH ok, bukan BN. Dan saya kesal tak sudah.

    So kalau ada jutawan dari negara China nak labur kat sini baiklah fikir betul2. Yang kat dalam dah macam tu, yang datang dari luar macam mana pula nanti.

    Sekian, terima kasih!

  167. HBT456 Oct 12,2018 1:45 PM

    Who are these children?

    Why they are not registered until now?

    Where are they from?

    As usual, she too even a chinese dap representing ph, she cannot differentiate halal and haram in the name of oil subsidy, zakat payers and tax payers.

    Yup, the cost of bikin highways is cheaper, but the cost of repair and maintenance is higher in the long run in terms of material, man power and protection of workers.

    In the past i feel sad for all these problems but i dont feel that way anymore.

    If they choose the mediocre as way of life, thats their choice.

    But they cannot use compassion and simpati as the reason to get rich by exploiting those who prefer efficiency as way of life.

    Pendek kata, what will happen, it will happen.

    What will not happen, it will not happen.

    When you have done your best, but still cannot achieve, then, you know ot is time to let go.

  168. HBT456 Oct 12,2018 1:12 PM

    After being in this blog for a decade, my opinion on this is the rational in abolishing this act just for personal interest to cover up the past mistake is not only politically and economically wrong, and it would eventually end up with increase of government fiscal policy just to fight these social crimes especially in the borders, and could lead to another bombing of war.

    Therefore, it would be better off not to abolish it since we know those in power are more interested in pursuing their power and richness rather than to solve the solve these problems.

  169. HBT456 Oct 12,2018 12:47 PM

    The dream property development model of pd follows that of dubai under bn.

    Now, Ds Anwar want to contest there, why?

    Turkey haram ke, atau turkey halal, mereka ini tetap big bird.

    Americans are very proud with their pilots in flying jets, therefore, they cannot lower the pride of these jet fighters just to expand sales via us dollar.

    1 usd = myr4.15
    1 russian ruble = myr 0.063, atau 6.3 sen
    1 renminbi = myr0.60 atau 60 sen
    1 india rupee = myr0.056 atau 5.6 sen
    1 indonesia rupee = myr 0.00027 atau less than 1 sen
    1 yen japan or korean won = myr0.037 atau 3.7 sen

    Biologist atau buffologist?

    Engineers atau buffologist?

    Technicians atau buffologist?

    Yup, we must live within our means.

    Boleh means boleh.

    Tak boleh means tak boleh.

  170. HBT456 Oct 12,2018 12:04 PM

    Yup, halal and haram tu them is very tricky to them.

    Can do, we do.

    If cannot do, we leave.

  171. HBT456 Oct 12,2018 12:02 PM

    Yup, itu adalah semua salah bukan kaum melayu dan bukan kaum bumiputra muslim.

    Jadi itu salah siapa?

    Donation from pak arab but malay dont like arabs kerana mereka ini ganas walaupun kaya.

    Donation from pak china pun tak boleh kerana cina busuk, jahat, kotor dan pembawa sin.

    Donation from india pun tak boleh kerana mereka masih miskin untuk buat donation.

    Donation from pak indon, tak boleh jugak kerana mereka masih miskin untuk buat donation.

    Jual harta ke, jual buruh ke atau jual tanah ke, got any differences jika mereka hanya memperjuangkan bangsa dan islam mereka saja?

  172. HBT456 Oct 12,2018 11:53 AM


    Bagi tok ahmad perak pulak, lets say, projected buruh mereka dari negara bangladesh adalah 5 juta dalam jangkaan 5 tahun:-

    Target buruh asing : 5,000,000 orang asing
    Negara : Bangladesh
    Masa jankga pendek : 5 tahun
    Import duty set by mof : myr1,500 per head per year to be borne by swasta (glc,
    mnc, sdn bhd dan enterprise for example)

    Total projected derma untuk 5 tahun = 5,000,000 x myr1,500 = myr7.5 billion
    Total projected derma untuk 1 tahun = 7,500,000,000 / 5 tahun = myr1.5 billion

    Yup, winner takes all, similarly losser takes all.

    Pi mai pi mai tang tu, terus tutup.

  173. Hajar Oct 12,2018 9:14 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Allow me Tun:

    Islam is a perfect religion, but sadly we have ‘hapr*k’ Muslims like the ‘bacul’ Faridina’s family who treat other Muslims (with different opinions) as their main enemies.

    They would rather defend LGE (a kafir) than Islam / Muslims.

    Too bad… Muslims do not need outside enemies when we have people like the “bacul Faridina’s”.

    – I hope PD voters vote for Tan Sri Isa Samad. Asal bukan DSAI.

    – Kesian Pak Cik and Mak Cik Bacul yang gemar memfitnah… masih lagi dengan mentaliti lapuk… 🙁 Anak lelaki 2 orang yang dah dewasa pun sama perangai kot…Astaghfirullah…

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  174. faridina Oct 12,2018 1:07 AM

    Assamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    Seksyen 44( 6) Akta Cukai Pendapatan 1967

    Manusia Berbibir Pink Yang Sentiasa Tersenyum Membuatkan Putera Emas Hitam Terpanggil Untuk Menderma.

    Cerita derma dan implikasi cukainya telah pernah kami coretkan dalam blog ini beberapa tahun yang lalu (mungkin makcik penjaga arkib boleh sahkan hendaknya 🙂 ).

    Namun hari ini perkara ini telah digunapakai dalam caj pendakwaan Najib dan Rosmah ala-ala Al Capone yang akhirnya ke Al Catraz atas dakwaan lari cukai seperti saranan kami dahulu.

    Hendak buat macam mana Sir – You do the crime, You do the time @ Bamboo River Retreat.

    Najib beriya-iya keluarkan surat2 dari kerabat emas hitam untuk mempertahankan apa yang beliau terima sememangnya derma.

    Baiklah kita andaikan kesemua hampir RM3 billion itu adalah derma dan apakah implikasi percukaian di bawah ACP 1967?

    Sayangnya Najib bukan institusi atau organisasi yang dibolehkan mendapatkan pengecualian cukai di bawah Seksyen 44 (6) ACP 1967.

    Teringat lagi ceramah Najib di Semenyih dalam bulan Ramadan beberapa tahun yang lalu (dalam arkib YouTube masih ada) menyatakan takkan dia bodoh nak masuk duit sebanyak itu dalam akaun peribadinya, semua itu fitnah ujarnya.

    Fitnah macam warga Bangla ini alami kami kongsikan di sini hihihi ;

    “Seya naik bus dia wurang cikap seya punya kitia ada bau . eni fetna . Seya kitia wangi jugah ada gunah nivea . Eni melesia wurang sukah fetna . Malay people sukah fetna . Sindiri kitia bau bawang chakap bangla bau kitia . Dusa fetna libey bisar daripada dusa buno . Neti awa maso niraka na kulua tabuli .”


  175. musato Oct 11,2018 9:30 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Soalan :

    Adakah keistimewaan yang kita dapat itu adalah saka atau dari keturunan?

    Jawapan :

    Sepertimana Tun Mahathir susah untuk terima kenyataan kenapa wanita muslim sahaja yang yang kena histeria, maka begitulah susahnya saya untuk terima berkenaan saka.

    Samada keistimewaan itu berguna untuk orang ramai atau tidak, perlulah kita periksa diri kita sendiri samada ianya berdasarkan syariat Islam dan tidak perlu mengabaikan amalan wajib seorang muslim.

    Bagi diri saya, saya menulis setelah saya periksa serta selidik fakta samada ia betul atau tidak.

    Nama nama yang saya catatkan kaitannya adalah tercatit dalam sejarah serta mempunyai bukti yang terdekat.

    Seperti Syeikh Abdul Malek dan Tokku Paloh. Di mana mereka adalah wali Allah yang diiktiraf di Tanah Melayu.

    Jikalau kita mempunyai keistimewaan hasil dari peninggalan sila pastikan samada ia boleh diibaratkan (untuk memudahkan kefahaman) seperti ‘karamah’ atau ‘istidraj’- (memesongkan).

    Tiada gunanya jika keistimewaan kita itu adalah mainan syaitan semata mata bahkan bukan dari kurniaan Allah swt.

    Tanda kita menerima keistimewaan kurniaan dari Allah swt adalah kita semakin dekat kepadaNya dan mengalir air mata kerana kasih kita kepadaNya.

    Jika tidak berhati hatilah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  176. HBT456 Oct 11,2018 5:05 PM

    Was it prostitution the cause for the canning?

    Was it adultery the cause for the canning?

    Yup, in rich and developed countries, male and female are allowed to wear sexy simply mean these countries are safe.

    In poor and under developed countries, male and female are not allowed to wear sexy simply means these countries are not safe.

    In 2 years, under wawasan 2020, we supposed to be a developed country whereby all races feel safe, secure and prosperous.

    But, due to political struggling between political parties, indeed we have not reach the developed status yet.

    Yang amat menjijik, umno supreme leaders still can chant the word bloodshed, but no one will take action against them.


    Jika menyinggungkan perasaan mu atau menjolok mata mu, tukar channel saja.

    Mereka pun tak rasa segan mahupun insaf, who are we to tell them off since members mereka pun tak berani mahu pun malas tegur, betul tak?

    Takpa, kita masih ada pkr dan pas to replace umno what.

  177. HBT456 Oct 11,2018 4:49 PM

    AI is Artifitial Intelligence where by i use it either via google map or waze, itu saja so that AI can pick up drivers pattern through trial and error method to make more accurate of the location in km, in hours and in minutes, dulu mana ada?

    The AI that she mentioned must be DS Anwar Ibrahim.

    His pa is azmin ali of pkr, but the pakistani and indonesian advisers, she didnt mentioned, perhaps she doesnt want to remember this kut.

    But, if deepak carpet seller is mentioned, then everyone knows.

    Where is bala’s widow now?

    Power abuse at the highest level within their political influence is not new, and it had started since tdm until now.

    Yup, when racism and religion issues can make mps rich overnight, what should they do?

    F… the ruling party and sue the ruling government?

    Adakah itu niat murni atau jahat?

    Lynas plant is located in pahang and for those parachute, i mean pendatang, mps, please shut up since the factory is not set up in your home states what.

    Yup, metoo# can be very racist when come to state right.

    Jika tak boleh tahan politik yang amat sempit dan extrem, then, the best way is to leave.

  178. Sri Sense Oct 11,2018 10:54 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    I nampak lagi kata2 serupa Wan Azizah rejected PM post despite offer from the King. Apakah menteri2 PH ingat voters mudah lupa.

    I tell you voters tak mudah lupa. I for example ingat lagi kes pertama her driver, her tailor, adik angkat her hubby. Kes kedua PA her hubby. I also ingat her hubby mata bengkak kena tumbuk. I also terbaca recently another kes student Indonesia diSingapura. I juga ingat how LGE jatuhkan Rahim Tamby Chik. Now LGE doing the same jatuhkan Najib. Everyone diatas harap all mudah lupa. Sad to note, I tak mudah lupa.

    When given the chance to be Ministers, you are all not doing your job, instead you are back to your old habits. Look at the stock market, yesterday down -38, at the moment down -46.

    What is this about saving DSAI and your face.

    Sorry ya Tun, I love you but all these way too much…. 🙁

  179. HBT456 Oct 11,2018 8:37 AM

    To any ruling party, their priority is to win votes to stay relevant.

    To opposition party, their priority is to deny votes of ruling party to replace them.

    Her name nikki reminded me of the hollywood box office, i- robot, whereby the fully and highly sophisticated computerized central brain named nikki become ugly and greedy and want to destroy usa, scary isn’t it, just like nerve attacks that made human become zombies and destroy one another in movie 28 days, dont you think so?

    I guess this made mr trump gets mad and accused china of meddling in usa presidency election.

    Since super power president trump decided to declare trade war since to him is easy to win by increasing tarif, china too had choice not to sell cavier to usa, boleh kan?

    It is up to the republicans or democrat to decide which way to go, and its up to the american voters to decide their future hopeful of republican or democrat once they decided to run for presidency in 2020.

    Pendek kata, we are human, and we are not slave.

    In fact, i am optimistic of the future, but with causiously.

    Therefore, whatever forecast, or budget i want to do, i must be able to achieve, bukan sekadar syiok sendiri by declaring forecast or budget just to menyedapkan hati bossku.

  180. HBT456 Oct 11,2018 6:51 AM

    Tak faham?

    Aku bukan bikin unit trust pun nampak, kenapa dia tak paham pulak.

    mubarakchan said malaysian people are spoilt.

    I would say mps of the divides are spoit with forever got tomorrow one kind of political issues that could re-play, again and again just to win votes.

    Whether we like it or not, as voters, our obligation is to vote, itu saja.

  181. Sals Kams Oct 10,2018 11:17 PM

    Salam Tun, when are u going to re-open The Loaf chain of restos. Get a friendly GLC/MNC/listed company to invest in what u started. Many customers just waiting for its reopening. Pls consider Tun. Regards

  182. Sri Sense Oct 10,2018 10:40 PM

    Salam Tun

    Tun tanya pasal governance in the islamic world, tapi ada orang kat sini komen Malaysia bukan negara Islam.

    Tu problem dia dan admin. I tak nak masuk campur.

    I nak share opinion yang disiarkan oleh FMT yang di tulis oleh KYY.

    Which contractor would dare sign contracts with PH now?

    Koon Yew Yin

    I refer to the FMT article saying: “Lim Guan Eng today played down concerns of potential job loss following Putrajaya’s termination of MMC-Gamuda’s contract to build the underground portion of the MRT Line 2 (MRT2).”

    The finance minister said a majority of those affected by the contract termination could be re-hired by the new contractor.

    Yesterday, MMC-Gamuda said the termination would result in “immediate job losses” to over 20,000 people involved in the project from a supply chain of over 600 Malaysian companies.

    “If the project continues, many of these workers can be employed when the contract is awarded,” Lim told reporters when met on the sidelines of the “Malaysia A New Dawn” forum.

    On Sunday, after announcing the termination of MMC-Gamuda’s contract, Lim said all unfinished underground work would be re-tendered via an international open tender process.

    Putrajaya terminated MMC-Gamuda’s contract after the two parties failed to reach an agreement over cost reduction and related issues.

    Lim said the decision was made after the government felt it could achieve “further significant savings”, compared with the offer made by MMC-Gamuda, through re-tendering the underground work package.

    MMC-Gamuda said the termination would unjustifiably expose MMC-Gamuda to “a flood of lawsuits for compensation from terminated employees, sub-contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and so on, whose contracts will similarly be terminated due to no fault of theirs”.

    My advice:

    Since the announcement of MMC-Gamuda’s MRT contract cancellation a couple of days ago, Gamuda’s share price has plunged from RM3.20 to close at RM2.38 per share. It has dropped 82 sen, nearly 11%. Its total issued shares is about 2,468 million. Its market capitalisation has been reduced by RM2,023 million.
    MMC’s share price has also plunged from RM1.38 to close at RM1.14, a drop of 24 sen or 17%. Its market cap has been reduced by RM730 million. Together with Gamuda’s loss of RM2,023 million, this makes RM2,732 million.

    You can imagine the number of shareholders who have lost a total of RM2,732 million. I have not worked out the loss of value in Gamuda warrants.

    Many people have asked me if I am affected. Although I was a co-founder of Gamuda, I do not own any Gamuda shares. I am writing this article with good intentions and I do not have any ulterior motive.

    Besides the termination of Gamuda’s MRT contract, the government has also terminated several other contracts.

    Obviously, Lim does not realise the shareholders of MMC and Gamuda have lost a total of RM1,000 million. He also does not know the complexity of terminating and re-tendering partially completed contracts.

    Lim must be super-efficient to get the successful new renderer to commence work after six months from termination date.

    In the meantime, will he provide food on the table for all workers and their families while waiting for the new contractor to start work?
    In addition, what will Lim do if the new tendered sum is higher than MMC-Gamuda’s price?

    The Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is handling all lopsided multi-billion contacts wrongly by picking on local/foreign contractors instead of MACC directing the previous lawmakers (who executed the lopsided contracts) to explain why the prices were exceptionally high and the contract terms and conditions lopsided.

    Of course, the multi-million ringgit contract terminations please the people who voted for PH in the last general election. But the PH government must also realise the complexity and seriousness of the matter.

    I hope the PH government and Lim realise that their promise to rule by law is not just hot air but must include respect for all the terms and conditions of multi-billion contracts in Malaysia.

    Moreover, the PH government must bear in mind that if you can simply terminate the contracts signed by the Barisan Nasional government, no respectable contractors would dare sign contracts with the PH government for fear that the next government can also terminate the duly signed contracts.

    Koon Yew Yin is a retired chartered civil engineer and one of the founders of IJM Corporation Bhd and Gamuda Bhd.

    Well, as voter, I wonder juga kenapa Najib kena sampai 30 lebih charges, his wife kena belasan charges. Walaupun I tak vote BN, it doesn’t make sense to me for ex-PM kena begitu banyak charges. I also wonder why LGE kata if he were the PM, dia nak pin 5 murder charges on Najib. What is he talking about? I also don’t understand why AI kata tak nak guna jentera kerajaan, tapi semua menteri termasuk Tun turun ke PD nak bantu AI kempen. I also don’t understand why AI naik kereta official Mat Sabu, dan ada berita army kem tak benarkan calon yang bertanding masuk kem. Adakah ini bermakna hanya calon PH sahaja yang boleh masuk.

  183. Hajar Oct 10,2018 10:35 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. I read the following news several days ago:

    I thought Tun was the one who vehemently opposed the idea of repealing the Sedition Act in the past when DSN and gang wanted to do so. So now I am not sure what is happening. I believe we still need the Sedition Act to ensure peace and harmony in our multi-racial country.

    2. Allow me Tun:

    Mr. Fariq Islam (Oct 9,2018 10:35 AM),

    Please stop being an IMPOSTOR.

    YOU ARE NOT A MUSLIM, and please stop insulting Islam with your so called very ‘polite’ comments. And please also eliminate the word ‘Islam’ from you pseudonym.

    You wrote: “For example, the most typical act was calling non-Muslim “kafir”. This act not only harmed the inter-racial harmony, but only indirectly retarded the reputation of Islam.”

    For your information, ‘kafir’ is an Arabic word, which means ‘non-muslim’ (those who do not accept Islam as their religion). You can find this word being mentioned in the Quran many times. You are insulting the Quran (Al-Quran Al-Karim).

    I have known (100% sure) for a long time that you are not a Muslim. So please stop pretending. What you are doing is so disgusting! You have been preaching to everyone here about good values, but just look at yourself. You are a liar and a hypocrite!

    You can prove me wrong, but I have my way of testing if you are a TRUE MUSLIM. Thanks.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  184. musato Oct 10,2018 1:21 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yep,samada kita demokrasi, monarki atau diktator, kita tetap perlu patuh pada pemimpin.

    Ini bagi mengelak dari berlaku perkara perkara yang tidak diingini sehingga mengakibatkan pembunuhan dan huru hara.

    Kita pernah lalui ini dengan izin Allah swt. Kita pernah lihat bagaimana ia terjadi.

    Namun alhamdulillah ia berakhir dengan baik walaupun proses yang dilalui oleh orang yang menentang itu telah ditekan habis habisan.

    Sudah tentu kita mengambilkira sistem nilai dalam meneruskan proses menukar kerajaan.

    Salah satu kreteria terpenting dalam proses menukar kerajaan adalah kesanggupan Tun Mahathir membetulkan kesilapan yang berlaku dalam tindakan beliau apabila ditegur oleh saya.

    Seperti saya katakan, saya mencuit tangan Tun ketika di Muar dan diberi ruang yang luas oleh pengiring Tun, sekadar saya menziarahi.

    Adakah sama sepertimana Tun memberi ziarah kepada anggota keselamatan ketika Lahad Datu tempohari?

    Jika Tun Mahathir tidak melakukan tindakan seperti yang diperbincangkan, berkemungkinan besar saya menarik diri dari melakukan proses penukaran kerajaan.

    Kerajaan Islam (atau kerajaan langit?) mempunyai sistem tersendiri.

    Apabila anda membahaskan sesuatu perkara di khalayak ramai, maka tadahlah tangan anda ketika berdoa, kerana ada di antaranya makbul doa.

    Tiada guna membahaskan samada anda demokrasi, monarki atau diktator.

    Yang terpenting adalah sistem nilai itu sendiri yang perlu memahami apa itu demokrasi, monarki atau diktator.

    Iman dan takwa.

    Begitulah bagaimana kerajaan Islam ditadbir.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  185. Sri Sense Oct 10,2018 8:56 AM

    Good morning

    Nampaknya kawan2 lama dalam blog ini ramai dah tak sudi nak sumbang sepatah dua.

    I just nak share something interesting about Rafidah Aziz. Bila bersuara ramai terkedu, ramai yang memuji termasuk stock broking company, mereka memberi tajuk khas *Pearls of wisdom from Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz:* Canggih kan!

    Tengok tu mana ada pearls of wisdom dari LGE, AI, Rafizi, Kak Wan. Jangan ingat I mengata pandai2 sendiri. Cuba baca banyak sites, I panggil alternative views, banyak dok mengata mereka2 diatas. Usahlah baca sites penyokong tegar, itu kita dah tau apa mereka nak cakap.

    Dalam democracy education penting, tapi Tun yang nak menjawat jawatan itu pun ditentang. Pelik bin ajaib, boleh pula kocoh2 nak jadi MP, kocoh annouce menang, kocoh pardon, sikit lagi kocoh nak jadi DPM, lepas itu kocoh nak jadi PM.

    Take care Tun. Please choose your support wisely.

  186. HBT456 Oct 9,2018 5:05 PM

    My way or your way will be no way if they still continue with giving freebies via donations.

    I have gone through all those ugly politically motivated protests.

    I cannot do something that could hurt my race, and my race too is the part of dna that bring malaysia to be where we are today.

    When i cannot do something that could hurt my race, then naturally, i would not do something that could hurt my other races as well kerana mereka pun adalah dna that bring this country to where we are.

    Yup, we have general election in every 5 years.

    Therefore, benefits of doubts is the safest and best way to move forward since no one knows who is swimming naked in there.

    Boat rocking is bad, so pandai2lah pendekar dan perjuang agama masing2.

    Sabotage is even worst.

    Whoever breaks the rule first, then, they will be disqualified even when no police reports are made.

    Belum masuk padang finale, dah start tikam sesama diri in pd, dont you think thats ugly?

    Yup, when the referee plays dirty, and suddenly chop the rope in the middle, then, both sides will fall.

  187. HBT456 Oct 9,2018 4:47 PM

    But, that does not mean islam can chop heads and hands for their next of king to rein, right?

    By looking at the way the jebats and buffologists in war war the name of islam, what does that mean?

    Is islam a political tool to chop heads and hands, the ball is on the desk of mof putrajaya, mr lim guan eng.

    Will he take their cows, and shoot them after that for their own faedah in post it era whereby all info could be shared with touch of finger?

    Big can never fail?

    Too big to fail?

    Political parties to dictate who gets what, and who dont get what?

    New emperor’s cloth in making?

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Therefore, it is up to the political of the divides to rebut2 to become the next kingmaker.

    Kaum cina ini hanya pendatang, therefore, no matter how hard we work, we are always pendatang to them dari dulu hingga sekarang.

    Jika nak bagi, we are greatful.

    Jika tak nak bagi, then the best way is to leave.

    We too have the basic rights to vote for federal and state levels too.

    Will history repeat itself?

    By looking at the way the jebats and buffologists in war war sesama diri, they have not change at all.

    When ph make the 1st mistake, they too would end up like bn.

    Bak kata, lambat takpa, janji selamat.

  188. faridina Oct 9,2018 2:06 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun,

    “Islam Is A Way of Life And After”

    There is a common saying in the teaching of Islam.. ‘Do your best ibadah as though you are going to die tomorrow and Do work hard to enrich yourself as though you are going to live for a thousand years.’

    This is the way of life and life after that Islam preaches and promote for the betterment of humankind.

    Allah swt have chosen the Arabs to spread the teaching of Islam for a certain reason because they are known to be too tribal and dis-united.

    For the first few hundred years after Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him returns to his Creator the Arabs were united and observed the Islamic way of life which balances both world and they were indeed very far more advance from the rest of the world.

    The rest is history as been explained by the most qualified statesman of the Islamic world none other than ayahanda Tun M himself.

    I still recalled our 4th Prime Minister used to describe the Arabs as very dis-united for example if they decided to attack a tiny nation it will be such a mess or chaos as some will attack at 9am the other at 12noon and etcetera.

    No co-ordination at all and indeed if the whole Arab world were united and all of them were to spit simultaneously onto that tiny nation most probably that tiny nation will sink and fail to exist at all.

    But that was not the story and the Arabs stays exclusively tribal and focus more on giving absolute power to the ruler and to that note they are the ruler who rules!

    Let us think for while now other than choosing the Arabs to spread the teaching of Islam why is Allah swt gave blessing to the Arab world by giving them the most valuable commodity in the world in the form of black gold!

    This happened when the empire of Islam has collapsed and most of the Islamic countries are poor.

    Maybe the purpose of this black gold is to once again make the Arabs united and be at par with the more advanced Western countries which have left them far ahead.

    Unfortunately the black gold only changes the physical of the individual rich middle east countries and no ‘rich thy neighbour’ policy and even strengthen and riches their rulers to the level of billionaires.

    Where in the world can we find the most number of billionaires in the whole world if not in the middle east and how it effected us in Malaysia?

    Now naturally this black gold will eventually fades the teaching of Islam because of greed and corruption and how it effected us in Malaysia?

    Moral of the story here : If there is no Black Gold then there won’t be any billionaire Prince to donate billions of ringgit to Mr Najib and Malaysia will not become corrupt and inheriting debts amounting to a trillion ringgit hihihi..

    The End.

  189. Fariq Islam Oct 9,2018 10:35 AM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Sorry to say, since the early days, the outset, our Malaysian Government made a mistake, by allowing the set-up of religion-based political party.

    The religion-based political party tends to use religion name, to the advantage and personal interest of politicians, disregarding the true religion teachings and values. For example, the most typical act was calling non-Muslim “kafir”. This act not only harmed the inter-racial harmony, but only indirectly retarded the reputation of Islam.

  190. Sri Sense Oct 9,2018 8:55 AM

    The Star clarifies Mujahid interview on khalwat raids

    ON Oct 6, we ran a story on Page 4 in The Star with the headline “Putting compassion into practice” and “No more night khalwat raids or intrusion into Muslims’ private life, says Mujahid” in The Star Online.

    The first paragraph of the story says “No more knocks on the door in the middle of the night and no more breaking down of doors by the religious authorities investigating reports of khalwat or other alleged wrongdoings.”

    We would like to clarify that the paragraph was not attributed to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa and not his quote.

    It was based on a reply to a question: “Let’s say someone commits adultery behind closed doors, which is khalwat. Now your officers can break down the door and arrest them. Will this change?”

    For the record, the minister replied: “This issue of enforcement of what you call khalwat has been misused – not all of it, but there have been times where it has been exploited and misused.

    “The enforcement of khalwat falls within the state judiciary and is not exactly under my jurisdiction, but we can have a platform where we meet all state directors of departments of Islamic affairs and share the concerns of the federal government on these issues.”

    We regret the confusion which had arisen from the said report.


  191. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 10:16 PM

    The muslim even do that in usa too until the taxpayers there complained.

    When the taxpayers complained to the authorithy, obviously they need to lower down the volume as per noise polution standard what.

    Even though indonesia has the largest muslim population in the world, but their people are still amat poor with bencana gempa bumi, gunung berapi dan tsunami walaupun mereka dah merdeka berpuluh2 tahun.

    Since general election is coming, obviously president jokowi remained silent on this issue so that it wont be used as political milleage to bring him and and his party down since the blashphemy was drafted and approved by dulu punya pemerintah.

    Yup, for all issues pertaining to islam and fatwa, it is up to the states’ sultan to decide and everyone is aware on that.

    But when comes to federal issues, it is up to the members of parliament to decide tak kisah mp tu orang melayu, orang cina, orang india, orang asli dan lain2.

  192. Sri Sense Oct 8,2018 8:37 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Thank you admin. Isu yang berat. I demam selsema sukar nak fikir lebih2. Mungkin kawan forummers yang Islam lain, boleh lontarkan pendapat mereka.

    Anyway, I nak share news a month ago in Indonesia.

    Woman who complained about noisy mosque jailed for blasphemy
    Prosecutors allege she committed blasphemy against Islam by complaining the Muslim call to prayer was being played too loudly near her home

    An Indonesian court has sentenced a Buddhist woman to 18 months in prison for blasphemy after she was accused of insulting Islam.

    Meiliana, a 44-year-old ethnic Chinese woman, had complained the Muslim call to prayer, which is repeated five times a day, was being played too loudly at the mosque near her house in North Sumatra.

    Read more here :

  193. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 8:26 PM

    They become so obsess in policing the muslim until they forgot their identity as malay in this country.

    Why are they doing this?


    Yup, open up your gate and let this poor and hungry people into your house, and see the reaction of your family members.

    The result is rumah umno tertumbang, adakah itu kesalahan kaum bukan muslim?

  194. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 8:10 PM

    Maverick, flip than flop?

    It is expected them to jump ship when it is sinking eventhough they are the crews and the captains.

    Yup, mps could be rigged with snap of fingers.

    If anything happen to their political party, they will be the first one to abandon the party that feed them for decades.

    If anything happen to this country, then, it wont be a surprise they will be the first one to abandon the country.

    They have been doing this for decades, and they still doing it now today tanpa segan mahupun insaf.

  195. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 7:55 PM

    I heard people saying malaysia becomes the republic of bangladesh in order to voice out their flights in un, is it true?

    Dulu, allahuakbar kerana palestinian?

    Kini, allahuakbar kerana rohingya?

    Tepuk dadah?

    Tanya selera?

  196. HBT456 Oct 8,2018 7:44 PM

    There is no way pakatan harapan can save malaysia from tabung harapan to save malaysia again.

    Is islam about chopping heads and hands?

    Itu kena tanya selera mereka, the so called perjuang bangsa dan agama islam.

    This is malaysia, and malaysia was never an islamic country.

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