Keynote address at World Chinese Economic Forum(WCEF) 29

WECF, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen.

Firstly I would like to say thank you to the Forum, Economic Forum of The Chinese. The Chinese not only occupied China which is a big nation. But you go anywhere in the world you will see the Chinese people.
They have contibuted much toward the development of many countries by becoming citizens of those countries. And certainly in Malaysian we have 30% of the population made up of people of Chinese origin who are citizens of this country. And there can be no doubt that much of development of Malaysia is due to original Chinese citizen of Malaysia. Malaysia fully appreciate Chinese contribution to development of Malaysian. Indeed we feel that without them much development of Malaysia would be lagging behind but they have come here and to live here become Malaysian citizen and to help in the development of this country. And I am quite sure wherever they go they will do the same.
Somehow they have the neck of creating wealth wherever they go. They are businessman and they know how to deal with money and business and as we all know.
It is the business people who create the wealth of a country.
Government is good at collecting that wealth. But we lost the business people creating that wealth the government can collect no wealth.
Yes there are countries of course which are gifted with a lot of natural resources among which is petroleum and these countries have developed quite well but in other fields they have not been able to develop.
But the Chinese contribution to the development of Malaysia is not confined only to business and the making of profits but also in many other fields.
And they are able to adjust themselves with changing world. Today business is not about
opening shops along streets which was what they did when they came to Malaysia. The street of Malaysia are lined by Chinese shops retailing goods of all kinds and providing services all kind but as we all know.
This situation changes over time and now today we see complete change in the way goods are marketed.
Where before we have streets line by Chinese shops now we have a lot of shopping complexes where the shop are gathered in a place that is nicely air condition and comfortable to be in and to do the shopping.
It is a change. And this change is brought about by the ability of the Chinese to make adjustment to different conditions just as they are are able to make adjustment to the countries where they leave they are also able to make adjustments to the development of the world.
Right now we are going into the Fourth General Industrial Revolution this is something that requires a complete change of attitude and a complete change in terms of our knowledge.
We are living in the knowledge age. And we still in this age we need to have as much knowledge as we can in order to be able to coupe with new ideas about how life is going to be about how business is to be carried out. We now talked of artificial intelligence, we talked about machines,thinking machines and I am told that today that the machines will be teaching as not us managing the machines. So the world has changed. The way business is done is change but as we change we see a change in the attitude and the way that people taking advantage of the new technologies and discoveries.
Malaysia will continue to benefit from Chinese Enterprise and ability to take advantage of the latest in the field of knowledge.
We are now entering the age of the knowledge where machine can now collect data. Enormous amounts of data and the machines can then analyze the data so that we can do things the better way. Indeed the machines can analyze the data to the point where we will know what the future, we will know what the people of the world want, choices their preferences and knowing these we can produce to cope with the new demand this is the New Age that we live in and I’m quite sure the Chinese diaspora.
Wherever they may be would have acquired knowledge and adjusted to this new age. We are fortunate in that by and large the Chinese are peaceful people who have contributed much to the development of the whole World wherever they may be.
They have contributed. so we in Malaysia very feel happy that we are multiracial country. A multiracial country is not easiest country to rule.
Is not easiest country to remain stable normally that would be conflict between the different races.
But in Malaysia the named races the Chinese, Malay and Indian have been able to work together in every field including in the political arena.
It is the cooperation between the three races together with 39 tribals that we have been able to turn around this country. Many people thought that nobody can overthrow a government that has been involved for 61 years ever since Independence. Nobody felt that these powerful government could be overthrown. But coalition of Malay, Chinese and Indians has enable us to do what is regarded as the undoable. We have on the 9th of May this year overthrown a kleptocratic government. Reinstall democracy.
Today Malaysia remain very stable and peaceful Nation.
Democracy has been restored and power has ceased to be a big as it was before today we live by rule of law we show sensitivity and respect for each race and each religion in this country.
So we welcome our guest from all over the world to Malaysia so that they can see not just Chinese contribution to development of this country but the ability of Chinese, Malaysian Indian and 39 different tribes to work together and and be at peace and develop the country. So with those words I would like to say thank you very much for this invitation and I now launch the World Economic Forum of Chinese Diaspora in this world. I thank you.


29 thoughts on “Keynote address at World Chinese Economic Forum(WCEF)

  1. twinpeaks Feb 4,2021 3:58 PM

    Hong Kong Crisis.

    It looks like another turn of event for the worse facing Hong Kong people. Always getting worse, not better.

    When Hong Kong was turned over back to China in 1997, dual nationals in Hong Kong were given the same freedom as if they were nationals of their second countries, like Canada or Australia. That’s not the case now it seems, although this is not at all against the rules when the island reverted back to Chinese rule.

    So, unless you already officially became a Canadian national, the commies can prevent you from becoming one even if you applied and gets approved by the Canadian consulate. That is exactly what is happening now. Hundreds of thousands who are trying to leave for the UK may see their hopes dashed at the Hong Kong airport. Unless of course you already left for Britain a long time ago.

    The commie noose is tightening against dual nationals for sure. Kinda make you feel blessed for already having migrated from China hundreds of years ago, doesn’t it.

    Malaysia is always Boleh. For sure.

  2. Malacca Jan 21,2019 7:01 PM

    Dr. M, if it’s true that SG buys water at 3 sen per 1000 gelen and sells treated water to Malaysia for 50 sen per 1000 gelen, isn’t that a good deal to Malaysia? Regardless of whether SG sells that same at $60 per 1000 gelen water to their citizens or the ship yards.

  3. HBT456 Dec 7,2018 12:53 PM

    Whether iran likes it or not, regime change is about to happen when usa and china have decided to focus on their bilateral trades rather than militant supremacy.

    P/s: is it wajib for local newspaper to cover the claims made by mps, or ministry to sedapkan hati mereka?

  4. HBT456 Dec 6,2018 6:48 PM

    I am not in their shoes, and i do not know what have they gone through, but i definitely cannot accept such illicit ways of dealings because i do not want to pass down such habit to the next generation.

    P/s: the starting point of improvement is always there, hence, the earlier the better.

  5. HBT456 Dec 6,2018 6:41 PM

    Corrections: i will say it is NOT OK to do that, but will she admit her crime as courageous warrior just like mulan, eventhough she has a rich papa, we just have to wait it out.

  6. HBT456 Dec 6,2018 6:39 PM

    Madam sabrina meng, cfo and daughter of the owner of huawei told her employees in usa that sometimes it is OK to use illicit way of doing business deals.

    Huawei in chinese means chinese pride.

    If she said it is OK with dealings which are forbidden by law, rules or custom, then, the chinese will be genetralized as illicit trade dealers, right?

    I will say it is NOT OK do that, but will she admit her crime as courage, eventhough she has a rich papa.

    P/s: tanah melayu under monarchy constitution simply means the state sultan is the original sovereign owner of the land, and you must get approval from them, through bn excco, atau ph excco, itu terpulang kepada kerabat negeri whether to sell land to any developers or manufacturers to create jobs with recoomendation from the federal government in penninsula. as for sabah, and sarawak, whichever coalition that wins out, they will decide to sell land to developers, with/without reccomendation, from the federal to create jobs. is it so hard to understand such customary ruling?

  7. HBT456 Nov 21,2018 6:42 PM

    If this is not racist, then, is it nasionalism?

    I feel very bad for seing all these happenings, but i believe the good ones will be blessed, and the ugly ones will be left behind.

    Truths shall prevail one day, and no ones can stop it.

    P/s: whoever become the perdana menteri, it makes no differences, and i am a chinese, and no one can change this biological factor.

  8. HBT456 Nov 21,2018 6:28 PM

    Other countries employing them in asean, indonesia and china do not have this problem, why malaysia got this problem?

    When too much of suing here and there, then, biologically and naturally, the public trust is eroded eventhough they called themselves pakatan harapan.

    P/s: pitching chinese to anti-chinese, you feel good about it?

  9. HBT456 Nov 17,2018 7:50 PM

    The thing is, with so much social crimes happening in this country, even if ph sign icerd to make themselves more un base pun tarak guna, and will be punished by voters if this social crimes are not bring down, betul tak?

    Whats the point of holding federal power when ph cannot even make the voters feel safe in this country?

    Whats the point of holding federal power when ph only care about the refugees khususnya rohingya?

    Whats the point of approving billions of future taxpayer monies and petrol subsidies when ph still stuck in freebies to fish votes?

    Whats the point of approving billions of future taxpayer monies cum petrol subsidies when ph cant even make the border safe?

    Whats the point of banning ciggies when ph stay silent on smoking pots, i mean sisha and vape smoking?

    What happened in the past, we cannot change.

    What will happen in the future, we can only improve and make this country safer and better place to live.

    Jika memang tak boleh kongsi, then, the best way out is jaga their negeri masing2 and dont contest for the federal power, apa yang susah2 ini, betul tak?

    P/s: is it because they are the vvips from any political parties, they can broke and above the law?

  10. HBT456 Nov 17,2018 7:08 PM

    Aiyoyo, whats the big buss of this un’s icerd?

    Of course, the ph ruling government can sign it since they are the winners, right?

    But, how umno and pas politicalize this issue very much depends on what they want and need do to dictate the federal power, kan no money no talk, betul tak?

    P/s: no one stops any chinese from claiming ketuanam chinese in malaysia, but dont expect all chinese to think like sslee since we are from different states villages, mother’s tongues in which we are no different from the malay tak kisah mereka ini suppprt pkr, umno atau pas.

  11. sibotak Nov 17,2018 4:51 PM

    Setuju dengan Hajar
    Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD):
    Ini apa benda ni, saya kurang faham
    Siapa yg mengeshorkan ? Lagi saya kurang faham
    Adakah ia berkenaan Racists ?
    Mana ada tak Racists ?
    Tidak Racists hanya di mulut sahaja . Hanya modal Politician bagi menyedapkan bunyi.Nak sign apa kalau inti hati penuh pekung
    Saya Racist .Agama saya didahulukan ,baru Bangsa
    Jangan kita terperangkap dengan alunan kata manis politician

    DAP bersekutu dengan PH pun ada Agenda dan Kepentingan sendiri
    Semua, setiap satu Ihsan ada Agenda dan Kepentingan sendiri
    Jadi tak payahlah nak Step baik konon tu tak Racists

    Hujungnya kita lihat Perbuatanya BUKAN Cakapanya

  12. SSLEE Nov 17,2018 3:10 PM

    Dear PM Tun Dr Mahathir,
    Please allow me to repost an article title “Nationalism, Racialism, Patriotism” I posted at i3 investor blog:

    I am saddened and sicken by the racial rants of matkaya’s comments in the i3 forum so please allow me to explain what are and aren’t Nationalism, Racialism, Patriotism and how it feel to being Chinese.

    Nationalism, ideology based on the premise that the individual’s loyalty and devotion to the nation-state surpass other individual or group interests.

    Racialism, any action, practice, or prejudice, discrimination, antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

    Patriotism or national pride is the ideology of love and devotion to a nation, and a sense of alliance with other citizens who share the same values as contrasted with racialism disguise as nationalism, which is devotion to one’s own ethnos.

    Many people mistaken or purposely disguise their racialism as nationalism in order to gain support/blind royalty/power with “you are either with me or against (ME) the nation”, the poison indoctrinate of racialism as nationalism.

    “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism,” Macron said. “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By saying our interests first, who cares about the others, we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it great and what is essential: its moral values.”

    As Chinese Malaysian, I do not choice to be born as Chinese Malaysian but I am grateful to Malaysia for giving a place of shelter for my parents and thankful to my parents for their many sacrifices made in raising and upbringing me so that I can have a better life. As Chinese Malaysian we had to work extra hard to be successful in this world and in return we do our best to raise our children to be better than us.
    Note: An article by Chan-Lui Lee, on Subject: Being Chinese?

    As an Engineer I had contributed my part in building and running successful chemical plants that provide employment to Malaysians and others, earning foreign currency for the nation, contribute to nation economic growth and tax revenue. As a Chinese Malaysians I am proud of my parents culture and thankful to my SJK(C) Keat Hwa (H) for imparting Chinese cultural moral values to me and in return I had contributed in imparting these moral values of “礼,义, 廉, 恥” to many of my staffs.

    As Malaysian citizen I had done my patriotic duty to my country and family with dignity and pride, carried out my obligation/duty to vote in GE and help in kicking out the Kleptocratic and corrupt BN’s government in GE14.

    So may I ask matkaya, aside from your ranting with racial slurs and believing your racialism as nationalism, what have you contribute to nation building, social wellbeing and humanity? And have you make any sacrifice for the betterment of nation or in raising your family?

    Thank you
    Yours truly,
    SS LEE

    PS: Chinese Malaysian is not Mainland Chinese; many of Chinese Malaysians have preserve and practice our Chinese culture and moral compass better than some of the Mainland Chinese. Below link my confrontation with Xingquan BOD asking the moral questions during the 8th AGM on 7th Dec 2016.

  13. Hajar Nov 17,2018 7:50 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Izinkan saya Tun untuk mengulas beberapa isu:

    1. International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD):
    Jika Kerajaan PH mengesah, mengiktiraf dan menyokong ICERD, saya anggap Tun dan pemimpin2 lain dalam PH tidak peka dengan situasi di Malaysia, dan juga tidak menghormati Perlembagaan Malaysia. Secara peribadi, saya yakin Kerajaan PH akan mendapat kesan buruk jika pengiktirafan ke atas ICERD dilakukan oleh PH. Saya harap Tun tidak tunduk kepada desakan pihak luar. Negara kita negara berdaulat. Kita ada acuan sendiri.

    2. Rombakan Kabinet: Tun mesti lakukan rombakan Kabinet selepas 6 bulan Kabinet penuh terbentuk (fasa percubaan). Ahli2 Kabinet Tun memang banyak yang tidak tahu apa tugas dan tanggungjawab sebenar mereka (masih melilau / keliru). Dahulu semasa jadi Pembangkang memanglah mudah kerja mereka iaitu membangkang apa saja yang diutarakan oleh bekas Kerajaan BN. Semua perkara mahu dipolitikkan. Bila kuasa sudah ada di tangan, terkial-kial pula seperti orang hilang punca. Kalau setakat menyalahkan Kerajaan terdahulu untuk segala kelemahan mereka (Kabinet PH), orang tidak sekolah pun boleh lakukan (jadi Menteri).

    3. Kes Menteri Kewangan tidur dalam dewan Parlimen semasa sessi berlangsung memang tidak boleh dimaafkan. Kurang ajar tahap gaban. Mempromosi ‘amar makruf, nahi mungkar’ dalam Bajet 2019, tetapi bersikap kurang ajar (amanahkah?) di dalam dewan Parlimen (tidur). Hipokrit betul. Elok saja orang ini diganti dengan seseorang yang lebih berwibawa. Saya memang pantang betul dengan orang yang tidur bila ada orang lain bercakap tidak kiralah di dalam dewan atau di dalam mana2 bilik seminar (diskusi).

    4. Pinjaman PTPTN: PH tidak sepatutnya menggunakan PTPTN dalam manifesto PRU14 untuk mengumpan undi dari para peminjam PTPTN dengan menjanjikan bulan dan bintang kerana perbuatan ini tidak bermoral (salah). Hutang wajib dibayar dan mereka (peminjam) memang tahu hal ini. Namun PH telah MENGHASUT mereka untuk mengabaikan (nilai buruk) tanggungjawab mereka terhadap Negara supaya melunaskan hutang dengan sedaya upaya. Sekarang apa sudah jadi? En. Wan Saiful yang mengetuai PTPTN meminta maaf, tetapi alasan yang diberi amat dangkal. Tidak nampak keikhlasan. Ya, alasan tahap/keadaan hutang negara yang ditinggalkan oleh kerajaan terdahulu yang lebih tinggi dari jangkaan memang telah diduga akan diberikan. Saya sudah naik mual mendengar alasan dangkal ini. Maaf cakap Tun.

    5. Peliknya, mereka yang liat untuk membayar hutang dan mahu semuanya percuma ini fikir mereka teramatlah suci, mengamal nilai2 murni, dan bermoral sedangkan orang yang patuh melunaskan apa saja hutang (bekerja keras dan tidak hadap pun pada pemberian2 percuma) pula yang selalu dikutuk oleh golongan yang perasan bagus ini. Elok cermin diri sendiri dahulu. Sejak dahulu lagi saya sudah katakan bekas Pembangkang (sekarang Kerajaan) memang jaguh dalam hal sogok-menyogok (segala macam wang tunai dan imbuhan/elaun dijanjikan/diberi; rejim Najib cuma ciplak ‘idea’ hampeh ini) sehingga lupa kepada nilai2 murni yang perlu diterapkan di kalangan rakyat. Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya. Baru sekarang mahu bercakap tentang nilai2 murni. Alahai…Penat melihat gelagat ahli2 Kabinet PH yang ketinggalan zaman. Baru terjaga dari tidur agaknya…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  14. HBT456 Nov 16,2018 4:11 PM

    Yup, if harapan coin with 99.9% content of emas kuning, ia tak akan hilang valuenya, kan harapan coin is just another investment of gold using ph logo, and to be sold at regulated gold smith retail chain, just like money changer, tak ada masalah kerana memang ada market.

    But, the risk is apabila tukar gomen, entah what would happened to this coin since the coalition that win will decide who is in, who is out, betul tak?

    Perhaps the hampeh coin she meant is used to replace myr and syilling like what the kelantanese apanama husam did in the past in kelantan with sokongan from tengku razaleigh, but failed kerana no sambutan kut.

    Big boys atau big sharka, peraingai mereka adalah sama aja, iaitu ngak to the maximum due to extremely high risk of corruption, i mean, lobby cost, kan ada macc kat putrajaya, betul tak?

    Yang bezanya, my members or your members, itu saja.

    P/s: belum masuk padang finale, mereka dah berebut2 my way, or your way as if malaysians and foreigners are dungu kut.

  15. Anak.muda Nov 16,2018 2:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum tun.

    1.Pada saya gaji minimum tidak perlu dinaikkan kerana apabila gaji dinaikkan, kos pengeluaran barang dan perkhidmatan akan meningkat pada setiap peringkat. Apa guna gaji yang besar tapi kuasa membeli yang rendah.orang malaysia ni memang hebat belaka, mereka nak gaji minimum yang tinggi disamping itu harga barang nak lagi murah.kalau kos pengeluaran barang meningkat kerana gaji pekerja besar,pengeluar barang pening kepala macam mana nak kurangkan harga barang tapi itu bukan masalah. Yang rakyat kita tahu, harga barang bertambah murah, gaji mereka btambah besar.yang lain bukan masalah mereka.

    2.Saya rasa apa yang tun boleh buat adalah menambahkan peluang pekerjaan separuh masa yang boleh dilakukan oleh rakyat kita. Grab adalah contoh yang baik. Jadi saya berharap tun tidak mengenakan apa2 cukai tambahan pada perkhidmatan grab kerana saya risau cukai itu semua akan diletakkan pada pemandu grab jadi pendapatan mereka akan bertambah kurang.bagi orang yang berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana.extra rm100 sebulan pun berharga bagi mereka.

    3.Pemandu teksi yang marah pada tun itu, mentaliti mereka memang bodoh dan tidak berguna.apabila ada pesaing grab, pendapatan pemandu teksi menjadi berkurang.malangnya pemikiran orang bodoh macam pemandu teksi ni adalah pesaing perlu dihapuskan.tapi sifat kurang ajar pemandu teksi, tidak menggunakan meter, menipu dalam caj itu semua bukan faktor rakyat tidak menggunakan perkhidmatan mereka.ini semua salah grab sahaja.

    4.Ada juga saya dengar pemandu teksi tidak berpuas hati kerana mereka perlu menjalani kursus dan proses yang leceh dan memakan masa untuk mendapat lesen teksi berbanding grab yang mudah.jadi kita perlu melihat statistik dan keberkesanan adakah proses dalam memohon lesen teksi tu masih justify dizaman sekarang?kalau tidak batalkan sahaja benda tu semua. Apa guna kalau pergi kursus tapi tetap kurang ajar dengan pelanggan.menjadi penyangak dengan menipu caj tambang, tiada guna itu semua.

    5.Tentang DSAI, saya berasa mustahil untuk Tun percayakan dia 100% selepas apa yang berlaku 20 tahun lepas.mungkin kalau dia mengaku semua kesalahannya ia agak sedikit berlainan tapi kalau dipandang dari sudut politik, ianya mustahil untuk dilakukan.ribuan orang yang sanggup dibuang kerja, dihumban dalam penjara.dipukul polis 20 tahun lepas mustahil dapat memaafkan DSAI kalau tahu perkara sebenar.sebab itu Tun sanggup berkata sebelum pru14 yang tun tidak patut memecatnya kerana 20 tahun lepas, orang yang menyokong tun tidak mengalami nasib yang sama sebagaimana penyokong dsai pun.

    6. Tak kiralah apa yang berlaku, DSAI tetap perlu jadi perdana menteri. Kalau tidak perkara ini tidak akan berpenghujung.tun memang diketahui sebagai political terminator tapi DSAI ni antara orang yang tun tak dapat mematikan karier politiknya.mungkin kerana DSAI orang yang sangat resilient dan bercita tinggi untuk jadi perdana menteri.mungkin 20 tahun lepas tun patut biarkan sahaja dia jadi perdana menteri.kalau dia buat hal tun boleh gulingkan dia kerana tun masih sihat diwaktu itu.

    7.Puak umno-pas ni semua, andai kata mereka menetap diluar negara, mereka akan mampus makan sampah,hidup dalam sampah dan jadi sampah sebab mengikut apa mereka cakap,andai kata org melayu disamaratakan dengan kaum lain, orang melayu akan merempat dibumi sendiri.melayu sampah macam mereka ni memang xmampu bersaing dengan kaum lain langsung.mereka patut disumbat dalam gua yang dipenuhi manusia bodoh macam mereka sahaja.

    8. Selagi mana tiada orang memperjuangkan hak istimewa kaum lain contohnya cina, india dan lain2 saya tiada masalah dengan kesamarataan.tetapi tentang icerd,saya pun tak pasti tapi kalau ingin disamaratakan semua perkara, contohnya kalau pusat pembelajaran pun perlu disama ratakan semua sekali saya rasa ianya tidak boleh dilaksanakan lagi.

    9. Orang melayu masih perlu dibantu.saya rasa kita tak sampai lagi ketahap boleh berdikari sepenuhnya lagi. Kita perlu dididik supaya dapat menjadi orang yang kompetitif.masa kita muda kita tak dapat berfikir dengan rasional sangat.kita perlu diberi didikan yang betul baru kita boleh menjadi kompetitif dan kuat.kita perlu berusaha kearah itu.selagi mana kita berkata pada orang melayu jangan risau,hak keistimewaan kamu akan kekal selamanya jadi bolehlah kamu buat kerja ala kadar. selagi mana orang melayu rasa mereka berada dalam zon selesa selagi itulah negara ini susah untuk bergerak kedepan dengan pesat.

    10. Mentaliti rakyat kita memang tidak boleh bekerja kuat.apabila kerja keras,mereka akan merungut “aku kerja kat sini dah macam bangla” seolah2 bekerja kuat ini adalah perkara yang hina.pekerjaan yang mulia tu adalah kerja ofis,punch in,pergi sarapan 2-3 jam,masuk ofis sekejap beberapa minit goyang kaki lepas tu keluar lunch pulak.itulah dia budaya kerja yang patut dibanggakan dan dimuliakan.

    11.Sebelum ini banyak kali saya mencadangkan yang untuk menangani korupsi,kita perlu menerapkan nilai yang murni sejak dari kecil lagi sejak dibangku sekolah.jadi apabila dr mazlee berkata yang tujuan tun ingin menjadi menteri pendidikan adalah untuk mengubah kurikulum sekolah agar menitik beratkan moral pelajar, ianya sangat menggembirakan saya.tidak kisahlah influence saya ataupun tidak, tujuan saya menulis dalam ini adalah dengan harapan agar pemikiran tun senada dengan apa yang saya fikir.begitu juga semasa tun berkata tun tidak patut memecat anwar 20 tahun lepas.dan saya sangat marahkan tun waktu itu.dan selepas itu tun menukar kenyataan dan berkata tidak salah untuk menerima anwar yang sudah bertaubat, senada dengan apa yang saya tulis didalam ini..ianya menggembirakan saya. Macam saya cakap tidak kiralah influence sy ataupun tidak tapi itulah yg membuatkan saya terus menulis didalam blog ini.

    12.Walaupun saya berharap DSAI sudah berubah, tetapi saya tetap berharap kebenaran sebenar akan terserlah pada akhirnya.memang saya tidak mengenali tun dan DSAI secara peribadi, tetapi dari perbuatan kita boleh menilai orang itu.kalau hanya dinilai dari percakapan, DSAI lah manusia maksum yang setaraf para rasul dan nabi.

    Tolong jaga kesihatan tun.

  16. Sri Sense Nov 16,2018 11:37 AM

    Good afternoon YAB Tun

    I baca tajuk berita ini; So who is Tan Eng Boon? He once spent RM6m on his son’s wedding dan Tiada hubungan cinta antara kami….

    Walaupun tidak kena mengena dua berita ini, buat I sedar.

    Masa I muda, sebab I cantik, senang dapat kerja, small projects tapi bila datang businessman yang berduit projek kecil kita punya pun dia songlap. Tamak betul. Susah cari makan bila kena makan dengan big boys. Tak cukup tu kita yang dapat small project kena gossip ada affair dengan si polan ni si polan tu walaupun tiada hubungan cinta antara kami. 🙁

    Sekian, terima kaseh!

  17. Hajar Nov 15,2018 5:46 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,


    Harapan Coin goes against principles of good governance, says Cenbet

    Think tank Centre For A Better Tomorrow (Cenbet) has raised red flags over the Harapan Coin project, saying that it goes against the principles of good governance.

    Its vice-president Datuk Simon Lim Seng Chai urged Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad, who is also Parti Amanah Negara communications director, to shelve the project.

    I say NO to Harapan Coin. Open to speculation (speculative activities).

    Sooner or later it would become ‘Hampeh Coin’.

    Related news: Asia crypto-linked stocks fall as bitcoin sinks to one-year low

    P/S: Yeah, sure…LGE was just resting his eyes (his claim)…

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  18. HBT456 Nov 15,2018 10:48 AM

    As for indian punya mentality, yang saya tahu, jika ada apa2, the whole family and sauadara mara, will come up and support tak kisah itu betul atau tidak.

    As for other races, khususnya, sabah and sarawak, it is up to their political parties to decide to exit or stay with peninsula.

    P/s: whether they like it or not, they still need private sector to do the job for them to grow their state economy so that they can earn tax revenue for them to run their state welfare and operating expenses.

  19. HBT456 Nov 15,2018 10:24 AM

    Melayu memang jujur, tetapi apabila ketuanan negeri melayu mereka tercabar, secara otomatik, otai mereka pun tak jujur asal sedapkan hati orang atas yang mereka sayang dan puji saja.

    Yang saya tahu, melayu yang jujur akan tanya produk yang you tempah adalah dari taukeh cina atau melayu?

    Kenapa dia tanya begini punya soalan, aku pun terkejut.

    Adakah dia rasis atau berfetna?

    Dia kata jika taukeh cina, produk akan sampai as per promise, tetapi, jika taukeh melayu, tak tahu bila produk akan sampai.

    I am not guessing whats in the mind of tdm since he knows what he wants and needs politically and economically as the 7th pm of malaysia.

    Hanya beberapa pelajar aktivis melayu muda saja yang tunjuk perasaan pptpn, adakah mereka tak tahu ini adalah tabung pelajaran with lowest interest rate offered by the previous government yang mesti dibayar balik kerana hutang tu dosa?

    Pas under hadi awang wants to mobilize his members to tunjuk perasaan secara besar besaran to show keris gergasinya adalah paling gigantic with money politik of myr9.5 million, yang kononnya, chanelled to him unders ex-pm cum mof minister?

    Era malaysia boleh, the slogan is teknologi tu raja.

    Lepas tu, era gemilang, cemerlang dan terbilang, the slogan is islam tu raja.

    Then, here comes 1malaysia, the slogan is tunai tu raja.

    Today, i guess the slogan is tanah melayu (felda land) tu raja kut.

    Yup, every mps can make any political statements, but, the decision maker is the 7th pm.

    Whether mps of all political parties like it or not, the mentality of wanting freebies to fish votes must be reformed and corrected in order to be at par with the private sector.

    The value of myr is reflected in forex system, tak boleh tipu punya.

    The value of share market is reflected in bursa malaysia, tak boleh tipu punya.

    P/s: no komplen means tidak apa attitude, lalang, no standard, no principle, pampered atau malas?

  20. Sri Sense Nov 15,2018 8:53 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Pagi lagi dah hujan. Kalau minum kopi panas dan goreng pisang panas sedap ni.


    I also ada temui sikap orang Melayu yang tak kuat komplen dan menerima seadanya. At one time ada durian festival kat PKNS Mall. Yang handle ini orang Melayu tak taulah samada syarikat Melayu ke tak. Janji bayar harga ini boleh makan sepuas puasnya.

    Nak jadi cerita tak boleh deliver. Durian tak cukup. So dari SACC Mall tu kedengaran riuh. Bila I siasat rupanya satu perempuan Cina yang riuh bising2 kat PKNS Mall tempat durian festival ini. Dia datang bersama suami dan anak lelaki. Orang Melayu yang lain duduk situ tengok dan senyap.

    Another incident my friend with me makan tenghari di Secret Recipe. If I’m not mistaken kawan order fish and chips. Bila sampai kawan tak larat makan sebab ikan tak cukup masak. I suruh kawan komplen kat wait staff. Kawan tak nak sebab dia segan katanya bayar 20 ringgit saja. I kata padanya kena kasi tau bila orang kita nak belajar. Pasal dia tak nak kasi tau I panggil wait staff, “dik ikan ini raw macam mana uncle nak makan”. Cepat2 budak ini bawa ke dalam dan beberapa minit kemudian bawa yang baru keluar. Kawan pun happy.

    Bersambung pasal kes LGE tido. LGE ada deny ka? Gambar terang2 so obvious dia tido. I ada baca tulisan anak LGE, Marcus, dia kata bapa dia patut tido sebab kerja kuat. Ada orang kata cucu latok Lim dah pandai propa. I anggap kes tido dalam Parlimen biadap.

    Sekian Terima Kaseh.

  21. milshah Nov 14,2018 10:12 PM

    Assamualaikum Tun,

    I would like to comment on the issue to abolish with the death penalty. As per my comments some years ago in the esteemed blog, I have consistently agree for the death penalty to be maintained. Why fix something which is not broken. There are so many other things to fix.

    I know the Pakatan Harapan government is new, but please be consistent. At first there was talk to abolish the death penalty, suddenly when a child was murdered, then the decision to abolish change to only certain crimes will still have the death penalty. If the Pakatan Harapan government want to abolish, then abolish, if don’t want to abolish, then don’t. In the end, the rakyat will vote accordingly for Pakatan Harapan’s decision.

    But please be consistent. Otherwise, the rakyat will be confused and may doubt the ability of the people in Pakatan Harapan (except for you Tun) to govern.

  22. Hajar Nov 14,2018 9:50 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Here’s a popular saying (within this region) about the Chinese people: “Kalau tidak menipu, bukan Cina namanya”.

    2. I visited China several times, and in a way I agree with the above saying. Very true indeed.

    3. Just look at how Mr. Lim Guan Eng lied about him not dozing off (kononnya) while Parliament was in session. He claimed that his eyes were strained. He should just admit it (felt asleep) because the picture definitely cannot lie. Look at his face and the position of his head/body. What’s worse is the fact that the topic under discussion was Budget 2019 (proposed by LGE who dozed off). Obviously, he has very little respect towards his own proposal!

    4. In Malaysia we have many Chinese who are involved in all kinds of businesses. Malaysian Chinese are very lucky because they have very ‘good/ loyal’ Malay customers / consumers. Malay customers are easy to deal with (nice and polite – ‘sikap tidak apa / tidak berkira / kena tipu pun ok…’), and they seldom complain about the items they buy from the Chinese. I am saying this based on my own experience. A shop owner said to me, “Awak macam Cina…”, just because I was not satisfied with the item he sold to me (I wanted a replacement). I asked him what he meant by his statement (I felt insulted). He said, “selalu olang Cina saja komplen; olang Malayu talak komplen … 🙁 ”.

    5. Generally, Malays (as employers) treat their maids (helpers) nicely (like their own family members). We seldom read news about Malays mistreating or abusing their maids. I used to have a neighbor (Chinese) who shouted / yelled at her maid every day as if her maid was her slave. I also heard similar stories from others.

    6. Good liars seldom get caught because they are experts in lying and cheating…

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  23. Sri Sense Nov 14,2018 9:12 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Sempat baca tulisan Khir Toyo yang menyatakan Mahathir sekarang tak sama macam Mahathir dulu. Khir Toyo ada sebut orang kerajaan sekarang rindu Tun yang dulu.

    I tak pasti part Tun dulu dan Tun sekarang. But biasa orang dah berumur mellow sikit.

    I tak faham kenapa Tun kata orang kerajaan sabo. My anggaran yang complaint mesti orang sekeliling Tun dan Menteri2 Baru Tun. Mereka yang cakap tak biasa deal dengan orang gomen. Bila ada jawatan besar mereka expect cepat aje. Tapi Tun kata Rule Of Law.

    I rasa kalau gomen lagi slow sebab ini. Semua kena ikut undang2. Jam 10 mesti minum, jam 4 mesti minum. Nak approve sesuatu kena cukup signature. Bantainya signature yang diperlu sedang bercuti, tunggula sampai dia balik. I biasa deal dengan Pejabat Tanah, ini antara problem I sering hadapi sebelum Tun datang balik jadi PM.

    Bagi kami diluar ini, kalau kenal orang dalam adalah sikit budi bicara. Dapatlah cepat sikit. Kalau tak kenal tunggu lah turn, entah bila sampai, mungkin dah padam baru dapat.

    Oh ya part LGE tido.

    Tun, maniskan Finance Minister perangai lagu ini?

    Ini dah kira tak hormati parlimen. Mana ada demokrasi macam ini. I boleh bayangkan kalau tiba2 bangun dari tido, terus kata Najib salah, kalau tiba2 terantuk kepala kat kerusi, terus kata Najib salah, kalau tergelek lantai licin, Najib salah. Mana adil Tun, lagi ini. Tak demokrasi langsung.

    Sekian Terima Kaseh.

  24. Esam Nov 13,2018 10:24 PM

    May Allah bless your life with Berkat (Blessing), and grant you Maghfirat (Forgiveness)for all the good deeds you made to serve and support your good people and the muslims around the word. as our beloved prophet SAW has said “Allah sends this nation at the head of every hundred years of renewing its religion” and you are one of them.
    Jazak Allah Khairan Dr Mahathir.

  25. Fender Nov 12,2018 2:58 PM

    Good speech by Tun. Hope Tun is smart enough to use the Chinese to grow the economy. By stifling them, the economy cake will not get bigger, our industrial sector is not moving up in the value chain and the innovative skills base is narrow thus resulting in middle income trap.There is no point having Bumiputra controlling the major traditional sectors as monopolistic hold innovation and entrepreneur spirit won’t come like that. We have enough brain drain in the last fifty odd years. It is the political leaders who have pulled the Malays down. Tun just doesn’t have much time and the last sprint must be forceful and prize winning one. Please liberate the Malay minds for a start. I do feel sorry for them. Muted minds just won’t progress but regress.

  26. musato Nov 12,2018 12:36 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Setelah kita bercerita berkenaan kemahiran baker, sekarang kita bercerita pula berkenaan perniagaan roti.

    Yep, saya pernah ceburi perniagaan pelbagai jenis mexican bun (roti) yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai francais, walaupun tidak dirasmikan atas kertas pada pertengahan tahun 2005.

    Tauke kilangnya adalah cina di KL. Saya dapat no telefon dan terus telefon untuk tetapkan tarikh temujanji.

    Sebenarnya no telefon ini disorokkan oleh francaisee tempat saya bekerja. Kebetulannya saya terjumpa. Malah brand name kilang pun tidak didedahkan.

    Dengan kata lain, jangan mimpilah orang berniaga nak bagi senang senang nombor contact pengedar. Jangan Harap!

    Orang cina pandai buat duit melalui perniagaan.

    Saya yang berniaga melalui jalan mereka boleh berpendapatan Rm6000 sebulan. Saya punyai 3 orang pekerja. Saya boleh goyang kaki. Kiosk saya tidaklah luas, cuma boleh muat 7 orang sahaja jika diukur.

    Melalui perniagaan itu, saya telah berjaya tempuhi lebih dari 3 tahun. Berjaya maintain selama 3 tahun dalam satu satu perniagaan adalah bermakna anda telah berjaya menjadi peniaga! Itulah yang diberitahu oleh MARA kepada saya semasa kursus.

    Namun saya ceburi perniagaan ini bukanlah melalui MARA, tetapi dari usaha perseorangan diri sendiri.

    Walaubagaimanapun, mungkin kerana hati saya tidak kesitu (WANG) tetapi lebih kepada negara, PATRIOTIK, maka saya lebih banyak habiskan tenaga dan mental saya di chedet.

    Blog ini diwujudkan pada Mei 2008. Setiap hari Tun akan tulis lebih dari satu artikel. Banyak perkara yang dibincangkan. Dan saya juga sentiasa berulang alik ke siber cafe setiap hari pada masa itu. Kan saya tak ada telefon canggih (sekadar cerita kenangan silam).

    Lebih lebih lagi ketika itu hati saya masih tercari cari sesuatu dan pengetahuan baker belum kukuh lagi.

    Tapi melalui perniagaan di dalam Mall dan bukannya di jalanan, ia pasti menghasilkan pendapatan yang sangat lumayan jika kena dengan produk dan caranya.

    Ia bukanlah mimpi untuk menghasilkan untung bersih tunai rm14,000 dalam tempoh 4 bulan.

    Terdapat peluang dalam perniagaan yang tidak didedahkan kepada orang Melayu malah tidak dapat dihidu oleh Kementerian Usahawan MARA melainkan mudah untuk orang Melayu menuduh orang Cina menipu.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  27. Sri Sense Nov 12,2018 12:13 PM

    Good afternoon YAB Tun

    Bila Tun sebut penyumbang ekonomi, I teringat tragedi letupan kilang mercun Bright Sparklers pada tahun 1991. Tragedi malang yang digelar ‘Hiroshima Sungai Buloh’. Bright Sparklers adalah kilang haram. Dan pembayaran pada mangsa mengikut berita I baca a lump sum of RM30,000.

    Sekarang ini kat my house setiap perayaan ada saja bunyi mercun dipasang besar besaran. I wonder apa jadi pada Perubahan dasar di Peringkat Kebangsaan. Kilang-kilang bunga api di seluruh Malaysia terpaksa ditutup akibat pengharaman bunga api.

    Oh ya walau pun Tun dan ramai memuji, tapi ada juga my kawan2 kata

    CHINA – Komunis
    KOMUNIS – tak makan saman

    Ini berita dari TheStar 2006

    Sekian. Terima Kaseh.

  28. musato Nov 12,2018 11:25 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sememangnya masyarakat Cina banyak menyumbang kepada kekuatan ekonomi negara. Manakala, masyarakat Melayu pula adalah sebagai pengguna yang terbesar dalam rantaian ekonomi.

    Kedua dua saling memerlukan dan semoga dengan ikatan ini, perpaduan dan kemakmuran negara akan terus terjamin.

    Saya sendiri selepas memilih untuk mempelajari satu kemahiran, telah menemui kepuasan diri melalui pembelajaran kelas bakeri yang diusahakan oleh seorang peniaga Cina tempatan.

    Seperti biasa kemahiran yang saya pilih adalah baker.

    Ia mengambil sedikit masa iaitu bertahun tahun untuk saya praktikkan resepi seperti yang diajar walaupun telah melalui proses hands on.

    Bagi saya mengenali dan tahu menggunakan mesin dan teknologi yang betul adalah penting bagi memudahkan serta mempercepatkan penguasaan kemahiran selain dari penyediaan resepi yang betul dan tepat.

    Perkara perkara seperti itulah yang disediakan dan ditunjukkan oleh pengusaha cina tersebut kepada pelajarnya.

    Sekarang pun banyak kelas diadakan dan menjadi kelaziman masyarakat Melayu untuk sertai. Bayaran satu kelas adalah dalam lingkungan rm50-rm100 sahaja.

    Namun kelas yang saya diberi peluang untuk hadiri ini adalah RM1000 bagi tempoh 16jam (4 kali Sabtu dalam sebulan) pada tahun 2006.

    Selepas saya berjaya kuasai kemahiran yang dipelajari ini melalui pekerjaan yang menyediakan alatan dan mesin lengkap sepertimana di dalam kelas, saya akui bahawa resepi yang diberi adalah mengagumkan!

    Semasa di hotel dengan mesin yang agak usang pun, saya berjaya menidakkan bekalan dari kilang (yang biasanya kuasai bekalan roti di hotel hotel Malaysia).

    Saya tidak belajar di KL dan menetap di sana. Tetapi saya lihat dan ditunjukkan bahawa bentuk roti yang cantik (termasuk croissant/danish/puff) adalah seperti roti bakeri Lavender.

    Saya cuma belajar di tempat tinggal saya!

    Mengagumkan bagi saya untuk pengusaha cina memiliki pengetahuan kemahiran seperti itu yang mana jika dibandingkan dengan pengusaha Melayu adalah seperti langit dengan bumi.

    Yup, guru cina saya hanya jual barangan bakeri seperti tepung dan lain lain. Tiada lagi kelas diadakan, walaupun umurnya baru lebih tua dari saya 3,4 tahun sahaja.

    Kita kini tidak bermain di jalanan.

    Orang Melayu sentiasa akan jauh ketinggalan jika masih kedekut untuk melabur demi masa depan diri sendiri.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  29. sibotak Nov 12,2018 9:00 AM

    Chinese are different from Americans , British nor The West
    They are good at doing business , They will embrace their business more than they embrace their own religion .They want to buy The Mon , The Stars. The West when consent them to do business , they will think far beyond the box . They will intend to Invade and let yr History disappear . They cannot compete they use Military to Oppress .They will instill Fear to others
    USA is One Good Example .Trump is The Living Dead figure

    Chinese came to Malay Land , Malaysia
    Their forefather , Datuk Moyang mereka
    ‘Tak bawa Satu Sudu Tanah pun dari China ‘ yet today
    I would say Malaysia belongs to The Chinese
    Majority of Malaysia Land belongs to The Chinese NOT to compare Land belong to The Govt . If One drives from Johor to Kuala Lumpur or even to Kelantan much of the Shop Houses , The Buildings etc belongs to the Chinese legally
    You can see Malay or Indians Kedai Makan Sign board here, there but if ask Who is The Landlord the answer is Chinese
    The Chinese Earns it though most time The Malays felt Cheated
    ‘Jangan Salahkan Si Penipu yg Menipu , Salahkan diri sendiri sebab di Tipu ‘

    Ahmad likes to Talk
    We can see it in Malaysia Malay Politics
    Malay Politicians they like to Talk Cock a lot
    And before or after they must go Makan

    They felt they talk , They are expressing their Intelligence
    But what is revealed is more of their Stupidity and Weaknesses
    No wonder Singapore Media loves to interview most Malaysia Malay politics

    We see The differences between Singapore & Malaysia Parliament
    Singapore Don’t Talk much But They Delivers
    I admire & respects Leaders that can hold their emotions
    Tun Mahathir is one best good examples of such Leader , besides
    Rafizi , Syed Saddiq , Mukhliz , Muhideen , Pak Lah But not Anwar
    not Lee Kuan Yew worst of all Najib and Zahid
    These Guys they can’t hold their emotions . Their face changes easily

    A Strong Man is A Man that their can hold their emotions , their Lusts,
    Their Anger & Temper NOT A Man that can lift Heavy Weights

    I Dislike The Malay saying
    ‘Harta , Wang Ringgit Tidak bawa Mati ‘
    Memang Benar Harta , Wang Ringgit tidak bawa Mati
    Nak bawa mati pun buat apa ? Kat Kubur pun takda Kedai Runcit
    Bila dah Mati , Diri sendiri pun tak terbawa , macamana pula nak bawa harta

    Namun setiap yg di namakan Manusia
    Perlukan Wang Ringgit walau si Cacat Akal sekali pun

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