Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul 170

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Alhamdulillah setinggi-tinggi kesyukuran ke hadrat Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala kerana kita dapat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul pada tahun ini. Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, ahli keluarga dan para sahabat baginda seluruhnya.
Islam yang dibawa oleh Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam merupakan bukan sahaja satu agama tetapi juga adalah satu cara hidup yang lengkap dan kita sebagai umatnya harus bersyukur kerana berpeluang menghayati kesyumulannya.
Kerana itu kita memperingati hari kelahiran nabi Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam sebagai penyataan kasih dan sanjungan tinggi kita terhadap baginda di atas perjuangannya dalam menyebarkan syiar Islam.
Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul.Sekian terima kasih.


170 thoughts on “Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul

  1. tamchi Nov 9,2019 3:00 AM

    اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِ مُحَمَّد
    Selawat & Salam ke atas junjungan besar
    Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)..
    .rahmat sekalian alam…
    Asalamualaikum tun,
    & salam sepertiga malam…

  2. HBT456 Jan 16,2019 8:53 AM

    After going through all these ugly and unfortunate events, still can hihihi, kikiki, hahaha, kah kah kah, it simply means both of the divides still not sure which way to go, takut kalah undi mereka, itu saja.

    Those who stole, lied, cheat, robbed, raped and trespassed without the consent of the owners are as guilty as those who allowed them to do it.

    Rule of putrajaya?

    Rule of federal constitution?

    Rule of state constitution?

    P/s: absolute power corrupts absolutely. some politicians see frog jumping as way of life to maintain their political power, but, voters too have choice to cast votes to the coalition that they feel safe and comfortable, and thats parliamentary democracy that passed down since merdeka.

  3. HBT456 Jan 16,2019 8:37 AM

    Anwar tweeted and borrowed quote from Winston Churchill – “You’ll never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

    No need to be the leader of any political parties, as voter, i also can borrow quote from Winston Churchill that said “I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”

    Will epf be used to bailout the failures of tabung haji, epf and felda settler land and 1mdb due to their absolute greed and fearless in dictating the federal budget as if income contributors are their party members in the name of Azmin malaysia, anwar malaysia, najib malaysia or mahathir malaysia?

    P/s: we are in 2019, not 1951, therefore it would be best to refrain from using animals in human’s quotes just because human think they are the superior being. today, when animal is being used, then, naturally you be perceived as bad, ugly and uncaring persons.

  4. HBT456 Jan 11,2019 5:43 PM

    When i said i know the tricks in issuance of bonds, i refer to the common tricks of bnm governor.

    I can differentiate bonds for political funding, and for economic growth, in the name of halal or haram depending the selera of the perdana menteri since bnm too is under putrajaya juridiction since 1998.

    You sokong my party, then, orang asli can get salaries?

    If no sokong, then, no salaries?

    Why bank bumiputra commence collapsed, and replaced by cimb?

    P/s: now moe proposed to export university islam, uitm atau mara to indonesia, boleh mer since locals used to call them indon?

  5. HBT456 Jan 11,2019 3:42 PM

    I guess the kongsi formulae of sharing power has thurned out to be focus on opps cantas since not my cronies, then, thats illegal.

    Politician come and go, janji boleh sogok, tak ada orang peduli pun, kata sri sense.

    Will you be okay to let a freedom activitist from a land that is 7,000 km away to lecture us on liberty, freedom, democracy and human rights in kuala lumpur?

    Macam ini, during vietnam war, just like other wars, whenever an american soldier saw civilians including children being bombed, ultimately, their semangat patriotism would drop, why?

    They could imagine when their children might be enjoying watching entertainment in black and white entertainment in tv box at home with their mothers and grand parents in their home country, new york, suddenly a bomb dropped and stroke their home, you think they would be continued to fight for the country in the name of honor, freedom and democracy?

    P/s: there is no bn or ph, its not about freedom, honor, liberty, noble , democrcracy or oil, its about ring of the lord that worth myr1 trillion, exclaimed the senator, boleh kan? Hollywood and hk movies pun ada crime scene macam ini, not sure bollywood ada atau tidak since i am not a fan of their movies.

  6. HBT456 Jan 11,2019 10:24 AM

    Billie Jean
    Michael Jackson
    She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene
    I said don’t mind, but what do you mean, I am the one
    Who will dance on the floor in the round
    She said I am the one, who will dance on the floor in the round

    She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she caused a scene
    Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one
    Who will dance on the floor in the round

    People always told me be careful of what you do
    And don’t go around breaking young girls’ hearts
    And mother always told me be careful of who you love
    And be careful of what you do ’cause the lie becomes the truth

    Billie Jean is not my lover
    She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one
    But the kid is not my son
    She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son

    Even actress from perlis can lodge police report,, and it is an entertainmrnt column in KOSMO! under utusan melayu (malaysia) bhd to promote rita rooudaini, thats their choice of keeping their readership circulation, then, other publications of other languages in the market have their way of keping their readership too, betul tak?

    P/s: even prostitution is already an archaic norm, and now heading towards free sex, but sex at your own risk too, so pandai2 kita semua mengasuh anak2 kita regarding such sex education in protecting themselves not only from social net, but also from health science.

  7. Sri Sense Dec 17,2018 2:11 PM


    I tergelak besar baca tulisan Syed hari ini. Ala Syed gang si kadir tu. I agak2 only laaa, best friends, good friends, I also dunno.

    Anyway apa yang buat I tergelak, Syed kata Anwar tak pandai kira2 sebab dari Malay studies.

    Buat I ingat arwah Professor Ismail Hussein. Beliau pernah kata Anwar gang jual Melayu. He also ada komen Rosmah yang masuk kuliahnya, I never like her. As for Mat Taib, tak pernah pula I dengar apa2 dari mulut arwah. Mungkin dia student yang kurang menonjol.

    Dulu masa Tun jadi PM, semua orang nak jadi Melayu, orang luar negara. Kalau Prof pergi South Africa, ramai yang mengaku Melayu. Mereka disana golongan kelas menengah. Asal usul dari Indonesia. Kira keturunan babu2, orang putih. Bercakap bahasa Melayu, taklah pandai, kalau tau pun tak banyak patah perkataan.

  8. HBT456 Dec 11,2018 10:24 AM

    Perhaps, they do not realize this is a form of annoying to other users, but social media owners already upgraded their feature to allow users to disconnect or report anything being aired in their social media, and when new forms of abuse is being reported, social media owners too will upgrade their features too as they move along so are their users, and this is data sharing, some like it, some dont, and some ok, thats life.

    P/s: frogs are allowed to jump for their survival, and since everyone in their circle of influence is doing that, then, it become a norm of acceptance in this country. whichever coalition that garner majority votes, they will dictate the federal budget as we move along.

  9. HBT456 Dec 11,2018 9:50 AM

    I do not know what to say, but with this kind of rhetoric and hostile politics, it will make the political masters look bad, and ugly.

    Myr will depreciate further, property and transportation prices will only go up even if federal and state government open up more land create jobs, and this is the economical impact that no one can deny.

    Share market will maintain and appreciate slowly, and salary varies depnding which states you work.

    Brexit tak jadi is not a suprise due to kinships with eu, and even mps of the divides are of such kinships, you think they will support brexit?

    P/s: what will happen it will happen, and being the siblings of vvips can air their voices in social media, but that does not mean voters of multi ethnic racial can live up to such standard, bak kata, pandai2 mereka ini.

  10. HBT456 Dec 11,2018 9:16 AM

    I do not want to be associated directly or indirectly with tabung haji because it is illegal and imomoral politically, economically and socially to mix this fund as development fund for malaysians behind the back of the voters.

    As for land issue of felda, it is up to the owners to decide how they want to build their dream land to bailout their losses, but the owners cannot use malay supremacy to unite umno and pas the reason to tell off other races must agree to this ruling by showing off their numbers on streets, why?

    Because we have general election in every 5 years.

    P/s: we too have no choice but live with it, but why do they have to be hostile? reason is mereka adalah tuan jika tak ikut then rip? unless they think kicking out nepal, bangladesh can help them to build their dream land. i never expect politics of putrajaya could go to such level with snap of fingers without even thinking the impact to the wellbeing of the people, fdi and country just to show their power?

  11. HBT456 Dec 11,2018 8:41 AM

    Being a politician is tough in this country as vote counts matter to them to dictate the federal budget.

    Majority of these politicians may agree to disagree, agree or disagree, but they cannot reject such rule of game of winner takes all to dictate the federal budget for the next 5 years, so on and so on.

    The main reason i bid goodbye to this topic because i have to be truthful to myself first as non malay and non muslim since i know either ruling or opposing political parties are heading toward this topic, willingly or unwillingly, it is not up to me to decide.

    As voter, and being part of the dna that built this country to where we are today, i disagree but i cannot reject, therefore, i can only vote the opposition party that do not agree to this topic.

    P/s: sicomel kini boleh naikkan status mereka puji2 sebagai melayu muslim sesuka hati since their rivals also doing the same, and i do not even want to waste my time to tell them off since as voter, i already cast my vote in last general election.

  12. HBT456 Dec 9,2018 11:52 AM

    What usa embassy had gone through in iran in the 70s, no decent americans can forget that including the tarif man.

    Tarif man said russia is their competitor, not allies, and he is being honest as usa president.

    Madam sabrina meng, perhaps she didnt realize the deep rooted humuliation that both american republican and democrat family members had gone through, if she did, she wont do that.

    No matter what happen in china, beijing central government is bound to protect all embassies in beijing as long as they are on the soil of china land, tak da pilih kasih, atau kecil hati, it is rule of highest law to maintain bilateral trades and trusts via diplomacy.

    P/s: for local here, its up to the local newspapers to report news that suits local sentiment and readers. the rest is history, and which way to go? it is very much depend on the pm and his chosen cabinet team, boleh, atau tidak, its hard to tell. nevertheless, i wish the chosen ones all the best. corruption, stealing, sabotage atau lobby, itu terpulang kepada mereka yang berkuasa di putrajaya, and negeri2 yang mereka mewakili.

  13. HBT456 Dec 9,2018 11:16 AM

    Am i pissed off?

    No, i am not pissed off since each of us has the basic right to cast vote when its call, janji tak kecoh, raja selamat.

    P/s: technology and advance technology can never be implemented via race and religion supremacy, and such crucial project is long term and permanent that would generate revenue to the ruling government, not ruling political party, and everyones know what tdm wants. being long in this blog, i already understand the tricks in issuing bonds in malaysia, therefore, whoever wins out the majority, life will go on as usual. what is in the mind of thd 7th pm is not a secret, but can he achieve this wish of him is very much depend on the malay votes and his selection of vvips in handling such project. take care tun dr mm, and i wish you all the best. time to bid goodbye to this topic.

  14. HBT456 Dec 9,2018 10:58 AM

    With his poisonous writing?

    P/s: samurai bond or not, does it really matter? they still need the local to do the jobs for them. for kaum cina, it wont matter whether it is samurai bond, or sukuk bond or puppet china bond what, its just a product name in bond market. pilih kasih is not new, but with this kind of pilih kasih, its up both of the divides to ngap the kek pulut with traitor, mahafiraun or pengkhianat kind of name labelling in the name of hidup islam.

  15. HBT456 Dec 9,2018 8:43 AM

    After seing the rally of anti-icerd, naturally and biologically, silent voters yang bukan melayu, bukan muslim will loose faith with ph, or bn.

    The 7th pm declared in media when he is re-elected as the 7th pm that he does not want war ships and jets near malaysian water, but mod down south sent warships masuk sempadan of straits of singapore sampai mod mereka lepaskan warning, meaning mereka tak wajib dengar kata 7th pm?

    Mod johor mungkin ingat singapore straits adalah sama dengan sabah sea border with phillipines and indonesia kut.

    P/s: angels pun ada sempadan mereka yang mesti dipatuhi, dan apabila bikin salah, mereka pun kena terima hukuman of rules of divine power. bak kata, tipu orang kampong senang, tipu orang bandar susah, tipu orang global lagi susah. why they insist to do that? yup, greed to ngap the public fund just to rich themselves via internal political connections behind the voters and other component parties with the mentality of forever got tomorrow, and such greed shall be reflected in myr and share market in malaysia, tak boleh lari punya even when they change hand at highest level. There is no free lunch in this world as abosolute power corrupts absolutely. good luck, and god bless.

  16. HBT456 Dec 8,2018 4:13 PM

    **home state mean those states that ph thinks they have higher chance of winning in coming election. chinese political parties too just like any other political parties, it is all about politics first to win votes first, if not how to get a say in dictating federal fund in next 5 years.

    P/s; those who rally in provoking singapore and johor will only make themselves look bad and ugly in the eyes of malaysians and singaporeans. everyone knows money can buy everything, but money cannot buy pride and nationalism of a country dari dulu hingga sekarang.

  17. HBT456 Dec 8,2018 3:52 PM

    Of course, ppbm can choose to do what they see fit in next 4 years, seronok ke, atau cow dung, itu tidak mustahak.

    Kini, anti-icerd rally telah buat protes peaceful secara besar-besaran di kl, you rasa percepsi cow dung sini dengan cow dung luar boleh ada perbezaan?

    Jangan lupa, japan jugak wajib mengadakan general election just like us, will abe san re contest or not, kita belum tahu lagi, kerja ini penat dan berat.

    P/s: japan now is rallying anti-huawei at home land, if japan government can do that, of couse, since i am not japanese, i have choice not to vote political coalition that pro- japan, right? Luah mati bapak (contohnya: winning general election), telan mati emak ( contohnya: kera dapat bunga). Whoever become the perdana menteri, we still need to vote, work, live and enjoy life what. undi hantu, undi rojak, it is up to members to accept or not. Jika pilih kasih mesti diteruskan dengan cara cantas mencantas, hakikatnya adalah ultra dan tidak kukuh, unless they want to do it in their home state. Its a free country, whovever wins out, they will dictate the federal government for the next 5 years.

  18. Sri Sense Dec 6,2018 11:21 AM

    @Hajar. Aku bagai seorang pendatang. Ke sempadan yang mengasingkan. Sedang dulu di sini aku bermesra denganmu. Hish tak mesra pun kikiki

  19. Hajar Dec 6,2018 7:56 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Allow me Tun:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 — Controversy magnet Maszlee Malik believes he is learning quickly in his role as education minister, but declined to extend the same assessment to his performance with the key portfolio.
    Speaking to the Malaysiakini news portal, Maszlee was asked to say how he was handling the Education Ministry that Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad initially intended for himself.

    “I won’t rate myself as a minister in these six months, but I would rate myself as a learner.

    “I would give myself 9.95 out of 10 (as someone learning on the job),” he was quoted as saying

    Yeah, of course, “masuk bakul angkat sendirilah…perasan bagus”.

    But, as a learner only? Who cares? We need someone who can do the job well!

    What I know is that this Minister from PPBM said something like “orang Melayu kalau tak ada BR1M dia tak boleh hidup…” in a video, which was widely circulated several months ago. He was laughing really loudly when saying it (while having ‘teh tarik’ with another individual).

    Obviously, he was making fun of (insulted) the Malays. Let’s see if the Malays are going to vote him again in GE15. Malays as we know do not like people who are so arrogant.

    This person is also very stubborn. He has been asked to resign as IIUM President, but still refuses to let go.

    May be last time Tun should just ignore those critics who insisted that Tun must not hold other portfolio (MOE), especially now that the PH Government keeps breaching its GE14’s manifesto.

    I prefer Tun as our Education Minister (over the current one 🙁 ). Tun is much more capable and more experienced too (even though it will add more burden to Tun’s hectic schedule).

    P/S: ‘Sri Sense’, hehehe…siPolan dah ‘up’ kan status dia…sekarang dia ialah ‘pendatang haram’…Dari Nepal kot. Dia dengki betul dengan bangsa Melayu dia jeles sebab kita ‘cute’? SiPolan asyik dok label Melayu Islam bermentaliti ‘cow dung @ having cow dung brain’, etc. Ke dia cakap pasal diri dia? Tak nampak cerdik pun apa2 yang dia tulis kat sini…hampeh je…semuanya berkecamuk macam rojak.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  20. adelheid Dec 5,2018 2:40 PM

    Dear Tun,

    My heartiest congratulations to you for receiving the Lifetime Automotive Award last night, the first ever of its kind and awarded to the most deserving person in our Malaysia’s automotive industry.

    So proud of you Tun. I pray your wish to see our third national car will come true soon. Nothing is impossible with determination and persistence. Your sincerity to see our nation grow and become great again will pave the way for this to become a reality.

    Congratulations again Tun, you are our pride, our one in a million jewel.

  21. Sharudin Jamal Dec 5,2018 12:27 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    This is my idea work:

    In this posting I shall attempt to answer the question about being.

    At the very core of it, we are human BEing. Thus we must BE. To BE we must beCOME.

    Who then we might be? There are many forms we take as humans. Some associate themselves with their religions, some through their vocations, some through football clubs, music genres and even political parties.

    Well for me, my being consists of who I am and where I am heading. I am both a static and kinetic energy. It will be pointless to have one without the other. I need the potential and I need the action. If I have the potential and I don’t act, I am no different from a statute. If I act without the potential, then I am just dust in the wind.

    To be me I need the being and become. Beyond any of the conventional labeling of what it means to be human, I am One and I am Many. I am not a drop in the ocean but as mentioned by Rumi, an ocean in a drop. What you see is just that. Beneath the surface are layers upon layers of beings. All these beings are intelligent. All my cells and tissues are driven by a single purpose; which is the survival of the being.

    It is easy to see then that intelligence exists at all levels. Like peeling an onion, each layer is a complex of multiple intelligence by itself. Our lives too are no different. As much as we are a single being, we are to be more exact is a multi-cellular being. Without the synergistic coexistence that we have with mitochondria for example, we cannot even grow beyond a single cell organism.

    It is very tempting to say that we as individuals can stand alone. However that may not be so. A single human all by himself will eventually perish. This is because we all interconnected in this biosphere, In that sense we are no different from the bacteria. We need one another to ensure the survival of our species and the survival of the planet as we work ourselves up the hierarchy of life.

    So in the end our being is to start with us becoming a human but in the end we must become collectively responsible to the well being of the whole planet. If the microbes depend on us as a host, we too as a species need to ensure Earth is well taken care for it to continue to be our host.

    In the final analysis the purpose of human beings is therefore to help each other to help him/herself. There is no 2 ways about it. Either we do that or we will not survive. So we should not squabble among us. Time and time again families were torn, nations crumbled and civilizations fell when we out of neglect don’t take heed of this advice.

    I hope you like it.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  22. Sri Sense Dec 5,2018 10:43 AM


    Dah jawab pun secretary kepada budak nakal :

    1MDB not part of new History syllabus

    EDUCATION Minister Dr Maszlee Malik did not say the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) case would be part of the new History syllabus, said his press secretary Shahrul Aman Mohd Saari.

    “Media reports quoting Dr Maszlee saying that the 1MDB case will be in the History syllabus are inaccurate.

    “Whether it will be included in the syllabus that will all depend on the Education Ministry’s curriculum study committee,” said Shahrul.

    He added that in enriching intellectual discourse, the Ministry has no objection to it being made a case study at higher learning institutions.



    In answering a supplementary question by Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan (BN-Pontian) in Parliament on Monday, Dr Maszlee said that he wanted the 1MDB included in Malaysian history so that the future generation will not repeat it.”

    Ahmad had asked if local history is taught in private schools such as the 60 Chinese independent schools.

    Ahmad also wanted to know how many years must pass before an event is deemed part of history.


    – I don’t think its necessary. Kena tunggu habis bicara kes. Tindakan terburu-buru buat ramai fikir Maszlee nak cari nama, nak masuk nama dalam history book. Bila nak buat case study jangan lupa ada copycats. Some copycats bijak betulkan kesilapan yang sedia ada, maka ianya akan jadi perfect. As for sekolah Cina I don’t know much, however arwah pakcik I guru sekolah cina. Tak silap sekolah San Ming. Masa I kecik selalu tanya mak kerja pakcik ini. Mak kata cikgu kat sekolah Cina. I wonder juga pandaikan uncle I ini cakap Cina sebab tak pernah dengar dia cakap Cina depan kami. Lama baru I tau dia ajar BM di sekolah itu. Yeah sampai beliau pencen.

  23. Sri Sense Dec 5,2018 8:07 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Baca FMT

    Siti Hasmah: Are you jealous I held hands with Putin, Imran?

    KUALA LUMPUR: Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali today charmed her audience, regaling them with stories of why she held the hands of two “handsome people”, namely Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

    Siti Hasmah, the wife of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, said in jest that her daughter-in-law had remarked that she “was ashamed that I was flirting with these men”.

    She then spoke about the time Putin visited them many years ago in their home, “which was the smallest, not like other palaces”, on his way to the airport after his official visit to Malaysia.

    “Putin was one of the illustrious leaders in the world who has come to our humble house,” she said at a cheque presentation ceremony at the Global Doctors Hospital today.

    “He was in KL for an official visit during the 10 years when we were sidelined. We were not invited for any official function then.

    “Putin himself had said he wanted to see Mahathir. So Mahathir went to the hotel to pay a courtesy call, but Putin was of the view that despite us coming to see him at the hotel, he must come to our house.

    “So he came to our humble house. How do you feel when a person as well-known as Putin, the president of Russia, comes to your house?”

    Putin’s last official visit to Malaysia was in 2003.

    Siti Hasmah said Putin reciprocated that gesture when she and Mahathir went to Moscow and invited them to his house. She remarked that Putin’s wife was a very nice lady.

    At the recent Asean Summit in Singapore in November, Siti Hasmah said Putin had insisted on meeting them there, instead of in Papua New Guinea where the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meeting was to take place, “as there would be more time to talk to Mahathir in Singapore”.

    “He stayed at the same hotel we were in. There were more than 100 security personnel guarding him, which made it difficult for us to see him. Eventually, the guards let us in and we went in to shake his hands.

    “After shaking hands and meeting him, we of course had to take pictures.

    “I had to hold someone’s hand. So I held his. Why are you so envious? What is wrong with it?” she asked in jest, causing the crowd to erupt in laughter.

    Siti Hasmah then went on to narrate her experience with Imran during his official visit to Malaysia last month. Imran and his delegation were feted to lunch at Seri Perdana.

    She said during lunch, Imran, who was accompanied by his wife, was very friendly.

    “After that, Mahathir asked to arrange for a picture-taking session. You photographers were there. You know what happened.

    “At that point, he was about to leave. So we took our positions. I asked him if I could take his hand. He said yes.

    “So I took his hand. Why I did that is because he is another illustrious son who came to our humble home.

    “So what is wrong with that? Why are you jealous?” she asked again, leaving those present in stitches.

    Siti Hasmah then told the audience she was unable to see their faces due to her poor eyesight.

    “In most instances, I don’t even recognise my own children until I hear their voices and when they come to kiss my cheeks.

    “Don’t take advantage of that just because I can’t see you. I can still hear you.

    “My hearing is good. That is the compensation,” she said.

    Siti Hasmah urged everyone to take care of their eyesight and hearing so that they will not end up in embarrassing situations, relating an incident in Tokyo where she had mistakenly held another man’s hand, instead of her husband’s hand.

    “I was so ashamed. I scolded my husband and told him ‘this is what happens when you are not beside me’.”

    Siti Hasmah later presented RM37,000 each to Malaysian Rare Disorders Society president Hatijah Ayob, National Autism Society of Malaysia chairman Feilina Feisol and Childline Malaysia’s PH Wong.

    The money was raised from a charity dinner organised by Global Doctors on Nov 16.

    – Tun, I teringat I cuba Tun Siti masa function KCD. I said something like, kalau senior citizen tak boleh didulukan untuk bergambar. Nampak berubah muka Tun Siti. I actually referring to my hubby’s age yang dah masuk 60 years old. Kalau di Selangor you masuk 60 je banyak discount, hotel la, jabatan pertanian also kasi diskaun untuk facilities yang sedia ada. Tun Siti tidak lagi sihat seperti dulu however still a sweet lady and very loyal to her hubby. Cheers, to the loving couple. Stay healthy!!

  24. amd trmz Dec 5,2018 12:29 AM


    Saya rasa kecewa tun. Kecewa. Kerajaan kita dah berubah kepada kerajaan robin hood. Mengambil yang kaya untuk diberi kepada si miskin.

    Ingatlahhh… yg kaya yg miskin juga ada hak dlm negara ini.

    Yang kaya.. dipaksa byr LHDN, dikejar LHDN.. malah ada yg dibankrapkan sebab lari dari bayar cukai.

    Sebelum ini pasal minyak, kemudian pasal elektrik pulak. Apa ni tun?. Kerajaan sekarang ni tak ubah macam kerajaan BN dulu. KERAJAAN ROBIN HOOD. Mengambil pada yg kaya , untuk diberi pada si miskin (BRIM) TETAPI kemudiannya menafikan hak si kaya. Kekayaan ekonomi hendaklah dikongsi sama rata. Agar rakyat tidak kira latar belakang samada si kaya atau si miskin mendapat manfaat yg sama.

    Rindu zaman tun yg dulu, kekayaan ekonomi di kongsi BERSAMA…☺

  25. Sharudin Jamal Dec 4,2018 10:43 PM

    4/12/18 Welcome to the future

    As far as I am concerned, the future is now. Nothing is as mind boggling as a leader who blogs and allows himself accessibility by a free radical like me.

    That is the value information age brought to the table, the closing of the rift between two polarities of thoughts. This is to me an excellent example of the shift from a rigid bureaucratic thinking to a linear kind of thought.

    The relationship benefits both parties. The leader can customize his message to a certain target group and the audience can respond to him in a personalized manner. The key here is open mindedness, Without an open mind, there will be blind spots.

    In the information age, the X factor is the easy access to information. Suddenly with the introduction of Google, whatever question that we have can be answered instantaneously. There is no limit to what we can achieve.

    Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. If just one idea (electricity for example) can change the way we live, imagine several key ideas being *[being] exposed to us every day for the rest of our lives. We no longer as Carl Sagan put it, live in a Demons Haunted World. All of us should be enlightened. No longer will challenging the status quo be considered blasphemous. The thing *[thing] that acts as our holy grail now is no longer hearsay but the rise of human intelligence – the State of Knowing.

    * External intervention.

    In a sense we are stepping back to the primordial age with the coming of information explosion. During those times the elders scoured their surroundings and through trial and error distilled the wisdom to pass to the next generation through actions and words of mouth. With internet, the process is the same. The major difference now however, the mode information is passed down is through graphic and text.

    It is my personal belief that all information should be preserved, absurd or likewise. Let the seeker be the final arbiter. What we don’t want though is distorted information. Therefore the provider of the information should exercise both personal freedom and social responsibility.

    People like Google had been of extreme value. Thus, the information provider through the sieving process will rise among the mediocre alternatives through the process of natural selection. Nevertheless information is a GIGO process; either it is Garbage In Garbage Out or Good In Good Out.

    You Chedet had quantum leaped from the dark ages into enlightenment with a strike of a needle. Not bad for a 93 years old who still uses pen and paper to take note LOL.

    You take good care of yourself.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  26. HBT456 Dec 4,2018 8:15 PM

    I guess the divorce rate of young chinese couples is also rising, and should be 2nd after malay race.

    Such demographic is unavoidable in any developed status nations.

    P/s: whatever golongan srisense@hajar want to show off, thats their style, and hepi or not hepi with what they gained so far, only they themselves know.

  27. Sri Sense Dec 4,2018 5:00 PM

    Good evening YAB Tun

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, states: “Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.”

    The general rule in English and NI law (cannot speak for Scotland) is that the accused is innocent until and unless proven guilty, and that standard of proof is that the court or jury must feel “sure” of that guilt.

    Why the presumption of innocence is so important. We all know that in criminal law, every person is presumed innocent, until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. … In the context of a criminal trial, this means the starting point for the judge / jury is that the accused person is innocent.

    @Hajar. Dia kan ke pendatang – orang Nepal (kikiki) Nak balik negeri boss tak kasi, banyak masa lapang, dia jaga tepi kain orang

  28. Hajar Dec 4,2018 1:56 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Tentang isu Tabung Haji (TH), iaitu tabung yang mengumpul wang simpanan umat ISLAM yang mahu mengerjakan ibadah haji, eloklah guna cara berhemah “bagai menarik rambut dalam tepung, rambut jangan putus, tepung jangan berserak” dalam menangani kemelut.

    2. Jangan guna cara tidak Islamik yang menghebohkan semua cerita buruk sebelum golongan tertuduh disahkan bersalah. Ini tidak baik untuk imej Islam dan juga imej umat Islam. Jangan nanti ada orang Islam yang membantu golongan kafir yang ada agenda kotor tersendiri untuk meruntuhkan institusi Islam dan menjatuhkan / melemahkan umat Islam.

    3. TH ialah sebahagian dari kita (Melayu / Islam) dan takkan kita mahu diri sendiri dan keluarga/kawan hancur dan rugi (TH akan terjejas kerana berita2 negatif yg digembar-gemburkan) dek kerana dendam kesumat sesetengah pihak terhadap pihak lain. Yang terjejas ialah para pendeposit (termasuk saya).

    4. Saya memang tidak suka cara Rafizi Ramli (dan yang sewaktu dengannya) yang suka menghebahkan (mengorek /mencari kesalahan) pelbagai cerita dan isu buruk (boleh jadi fitnah sebab banyak yang beliau tokok-tambah) di media walaupun ada di antaranya didapati tidak benar. Ia dilakukan kerana kepentingan politik. Orang sebegini tidak wajar disokong dan dilepaskan dari dakwaan jika didapati melanggar undang-undang Negara.

    5. Apa guna prinsip “The Rule of Law” jika yang didakwa cuma golongan yang dimusuhi? Maksudnya, kerajaan sekarang sama sahaja dengan kerajaan terdahulu. Jangan jadi hipokrit @ munafiq. Ini tidak ISLAMIK langsung kerana tidak adil!

    6. Sebagai orang Islam kita mahu yang terbaik untuk Islam dan umat Islam. Yang bukan Islam seperti siPolan yang asyik meroyan, merapu meraban dan mengutuk Islam di sini (ucap selamat tinggal sejak bertahun lamanya, tapi masih belum blah..) elok diam dan jangan buat komen bodoh tentang Islam dan umat Islam.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  29. Sharudin Jamal Dec 4,2018 11:19 AM

    Dear Chedet,

    Just drop by to say hi. I’m contemplating to either write here or send you an email. The plus point here is I know when you do read.

    Much had happened since we last spoke:

    1. The Global Telepathy/Empires of the Minds/The World of Hybrids is no longer my priority. I am shrinking to dealing only with matters pertaining to my empiric (namely my Tetrahedron) and my Universe Within.
    2. We also had changed the structure of Sparta 4964. Instead of having the House of Two Swords/Hexagon/Honeycomb 7 and eventually the Hive, we are going with a pervasive model where all matters are One and all matters are Many.
    3. Because of this recent development, everything is here and now; Al Araf 7:7, Xanadu, Wolfsschanze, Sparta 4964, the whole works. So come KBOOOM 2041 it will be a White Space.

    Now in White Space there will be all the matters. This is where pervasiveness comes to play. Within the realm on Nothingness everybody is anything, anytime, anywhere. Much like the many to many connectivity that we have now in the internet.

    To spare you the detail, let me summarize by saying that once we have constructive destruction there will be no more higher-arch-y.

    So all matters will be transcendence. I think you will like it when you cross the bridge.

    Take care Vader.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  30. HBT456 Dec 4,2018 6:21 AM

    Mr xi personally is pro-usa policy to liberalize and open china economy further dari late deng xiopeng until now.

    China only have supreme party member voting process, and no one can change this constitution from now as it ironed out recently.

    In order to keep china economy safe, growing and to avoid competing among themselves via corruptions, cronism and nepotism, the best way is to liberalize and open china economy further.

    P/s: what will happen next, i am not sure, but i believe china is in the process of transforming themselves to the next level, that is consumer market c/w pro-capitalis policy to grow their economy similar to those of developed nation status in the next 5 to 10 years. racism and religion extremism are irrelevant to china when they have ironed out putonghua as official government language 30 years ago, and many chinese parents hired english tutors to teach their children english because they know this is a must have language to be more competitive domestically and internationally.

  31. HBT456 Dec 4,2018 5:50 AM

    Whoever gets the majority, they will form the cabinet and name the pm.

    Without the genuine mandate of voters, apa2 pun tak akan jadi.

    P/s: i always believe the good ones shall be blessed, the bad ones shall be left out, the ugly and evil ones shall be dealt by the divine powers. boat rocking is bad at such crtical moment of transition, and i sure hope there shall be more positive news rather than cantas mencantas and ikat perut secara buta tuli bt changing at the top echelons kind of news. thats no point crying over spilled milk, move on bah politicians.

  32. HBT456 Dec 4,2018 5:40 AM

    Youth and sport and transport mininstries pulak yang kena, but not work ministry yang bikin kena?

    The style of mof sound like him, but not him?

    P/s: will 7th pm keeps his promise and let dsai take over his premiership in 2 years?

  33. HBT456 Dec 3,2018 9:24 PM

    Bak kata, mereka nampak, tapi jika mereka yang berkuasa pun buat tak tahu, then, mereka ini pun boleh buat tak tahu, betul tak?

    P/s: it is no pointless to argue and debate apakah itu halal, dan apakah itu haram. Can do, you do, cannot do, then, dont do. such decision is not hard to make at all, tak gitu?

  34. HBT456 Dec 3,2018 9:19 PM

    Jika ini bukan rasis terhadap kaum cina, then, apa tu?

    P/s: those who pro-icerd and anti-icerd are of no different motive, and chinese is always a punching bags and pendatang, therefore, even if mca received such humiliation defeat, it wont matter at all. not in the cabinet perhaps is the most expensive and blessed gift to them to think deeply which way to go, since they are treated like beggars from dulu hingga sekarang. yes, when, mca and gerakkan can be kicked out, dap too can be kicked out one day, it is within the expectation.

  35. HBT456 Dec 3,2018 9:09 PM

    It is a free country, even if umno pro-japan, anti-china pun tak da masya Allah.

    At least chinese voters can have better see better themselves.

    P/s: the main reason chinese serentak voted ph because they feel umno dah terlalu bermahalela, and even all umno and pas pro bersatu ph also no problem. chinese is a grateful lot, and mca too would learned their lesson sooner or later, bak kata tak nak tak pa, tapi jangan hina.

  36. HBT456 Dec 3,2018 7:17 PM

    Too much flips and flops in appealing and repealing acts is a sign of weak leadership.

    Sure hope they wont be to too much damage control modes used which lead to voters loosing faith and trusts.

    In politics, they must be realistic and practical in achieving the objectives, not sekadar to sedap hati boss and sedap diri saja.

    P/s: umno was too bossy, and lead to bn loose out, and when dap is too bossy, ph may loose out. voters too are no longer stupid and katak di bawah tempurung.

  37. milshah Dec 3,2018 5:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Some news from Singapore about Forest City:

    Was Johor’s Forest City part of China’s citizen relocation plan?

    Picture Credit: Video grab of the development plan of Forest City
    China has a massive ‘citizen’ relocation plan, designed to alleviate some of its crushing population booms. The plan is to ‘export’ the rich along with a number of low paid citizens to other parts of the world.

    Cambodia’s Transparency International executive director Preap Kol told Khmer Times Business Insight China has a huge population and it has set out a plan to send its people out to live in other countries.
    He said that was not only inherent to Cambodia. China has built the next ‘Shenzhen’ in Sihanoukville. The province is now transformed into a Chinese city, where Chinese citizens rule.
    “That is because they have a population crisis and they need to be sent somewhere. So we (Cambodia) have to strengthen the laws related to this type of immigration,” Preap Kol said in a video interview.

    Forest City in the state of Johor was to accommodate up to 700,000 residents. In its initial plans, the next ‘Shenzhen’ – as it was curiously billed parallel to the Sihanoukville of Cambodia – was to cover mangrove wetlands and fishing villages, transforming them into a new residential city.
    The targeted buyers were Chinese citizens while businessmen and investors were lining up to get their share of the pie.

    “The grandest real-estate development underway in Johor, the “next Shenzhen” is just 10 minutes by car from the Malaysian checkpoint and will one day cover what is now only sea, mangrove wetlands and fishing villages. The 20 sq km city, straddling four man-made islands, will eventually accommodate up to 700,000 residents,” the SCMP reported on Sept 1, 2017.

    In an email to The Independent on Nov 19, the developer Country Garden Pacificview Sdn Bhd (CGPV) wanted to get things straight following our article dated Nov 18 entitled ‘Malaysia can create cities, no need for foreign workers, Mahathir tells Najib’.

    The email said the land where Forest City is currently developing is a joint venture between CGPV and the Johor State Government. It was never or in any way awarded by the previous administration, as land matters in Johor is a State matter.

    “Forest City is not a residential township. It has a 416 acres industrial park, with the largest IBS facility in Asia and an upcoming pavers manufacturing factory. This is in line with Prime Minister’s statement on welcoming foreign investment in industrial parks.”
    Sihanoukville has its own Special Economic Zone, built by China. It is called the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSEZ).

    “Cambodia Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) is an economic and trade cooperation zone constructed by Chinese and Cambodian enterprises, which is a landmark project on “Belt and Road” Initiative (BRI), aiming at creating an ideal trading platform for enterprises’ “investment in Asean, radiation to the world”,” one can read on the SSEZ’s website.
    Even though Forest City is now transformed into 416 acres industrial park, the fact remains it was planned as a massive residential city, to begin with.
    It looks like it was definitely part of China’s population ‘relocation’ plan, and that Malaysia under the regime of Najib Razak was to be a recipient of a large number of Chinese Citizens into the country.

    This would confirm Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s fears during the May general elections of a massive invasion of Johor by Chinese citizens.
    With this plan foiled, China is now pushing hard to get the Philippines on board. There will surely be plans for a large city and an industrial zone similar to the Sihanoukville’s SSEZ. All in the name of the BRI.

    Nevertheless, Cambodia’s TI executive director Preap Kol told Khmer Times the massive investment coming from China into Sihanoukville has positive and negative effects on the province.

    “With the changes in the province, we also started seeing some controversies linked to some Chinese citizens living in the province. There is disobedience by troublemakers. They use guns, drive cars fitted with fake Royal Cambodian Armed Force (RCAF) number plates, and are involved in illicit businesses.
    “All this creates some difficulties for the locals when they visit or stay in the province. In the past, it was easy to find accommodation without any booking, but this is not the case anymore. Sihanoukville has lost its Khmer image. This is another change,” said Kol.

    Did Malaysia escape from the frying pan of a Chinese citizen’s invasion of Johor to the fire of a new SSEZ-ala-Cambodia that will still bring its load of negative elements?

  38. mubarakchan Dec 3,2018 4:19 PM



    1. Lee Kuan Yew was not the Founding Father of Singapore. Sir Stamford Raffles was in 1819.

    2. Lee Kuan Yew did not keep any money at all. He was honest in Singapore’s National Interest. His brilliant wife was the keeper of the family’s wealth. He did not want to touch money. So, he had no S$ 50 Million personally to give away to anyone.

    3. In 1972, Lee Kuan Yew abolished the Mandarin speaking Nanyang University set up by Tan Lark Sye and associates in protest against British Colonial rule in 1958. Not only that, he abolished the Singaporean Chinese Vernacular Schools as well and suppressed the so-called Left Wing in Singapore. In early 1980s, he expressed his regrets to Deng Xiao Peng for doing so. What Lee Kuan Yew did in Singapore, did not happen in Malaysia ! Please take note, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    It is not proper for commentators on this distinguished Blog to write all sorts of rubbish which came to their minds. It is an affront to our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and reflect badly on us Malaysians as uncultured and rough. The Truth must prevail always. No LIES.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  39. Abbas Dec 3,2018 4:17 PM

    Dunia tahu di Malaysia,melayu majoriti, adalah asal, pribumi dan ugama islam. In this world, Islam adalah ugama yang sering dikaitkan dengan keganasan. Inilah faktor-faktor senang untuk dijadikan hujah bila menuduh dan menganiaya.Dalam besar kita vulnerable. Tak payah keris lupakan langkah silat.Kita ada doa untuk menenangkan kita. Lima kali kita jumpa Allah dalam sehari, Tadah tangan berdoa, minta ketenangan dan kembalikan segala niat jahat dan hasrat buruk kepada yang memasang niat dan hasrat itu, kerana itu hak mereka bukan kita. Allah makbulkan doa orang-orang yang teraniaya.
    Ada budak bersaiz besar di sekolah. Seorang ibu kena sering pesan, “what is behave” kepada anaknya. So that bila dia terlanggar , tertolak tersenggol pelajar lain, dia tidak dikaitkan sebagai buli . Bila dia tidak berkawan sebab perceived “geek” , ibu dia ajar, tak pa kawan dengan ibu, kita baca buku. So, tabiat jadikan dia smart. “Oh no cannot be, he is a Malay, mesti sebab crutches or some manouevering by bangsa dia yang berkuasa berpenggal2 lamanya.Huh, you wish.
    Malaysian memang hebat spin, gemar engineer hates (guna English communication as medium). Why, sebab bahasa dunia, so mudah gets the world to recognize and support their hates,Well, tap aje-audience dah sedia ada.
    Adik-adik belajar bahasa inggeris. It’s your vehicle.if you drive to good place, you get good. Otherwise. Alice cakap kat tin man, these road leads where. ‘Hang nak pegi mana?’ Alice kata, ‘Tak kisah mana’, Tin man jawab,”cam tu, take lah which ever road, it does not matter.Petikkan dari cerita Alice seingat saya.
    Don’t be like Alice, know and choose your pathway. Tanya ayah tanya ibu.Umpamanya, bila ada lesen, tahu arahtuju, memandu dengan,tenang cermat , faham implikasi, tunjuk matang. Bila kita tenang, kita tidak buat silap. Puas hati. Insha Allah.
    Iklan.Anak bujang I, tidak dibenarkan memandu oleh hubby selagi kami tak rasa dia tunjuk yang keselamatan is primary than handphone. Meantime naiklah kltransit, mrt then lrt, then rapidkl -almost 2hrs journey form PutraJCentral to home.Sometimes he gets cranky.,tells story I kena layan.
    Acknowledge that, jahat adalah manusia tidak kira bangsa.Kalau tengok tulis banyak hates,merapu,reaching, jangan buang masa membaca, atau comment. If you do, you will get respond like, “aiyah you salah anggap apa I tulis”.Ugama islam suruh kita tinggalkan apa-apa yang tak pasti ambiguous (anything yang seiring meroyan, merapu, hates dan reaching). Moves on, tinggalkan dia. UkNOWwHOHere (itu bunyi donkey yang penat bawak muatan)
    Sudah pasti ke ini disebabkan “bangsa” ? Kita ada listing on kesilapan-kesilapan bangsa ke?Kalau ada, kita ada kaedah untuk menangani setiap satu secara adil ke?Macam mana korang menentukan adil bila kaitan bangsa.Beri lah contoh. Boleh kah kita manusia menjadi seorang yang truly adil. Macam mana kita tangan sikap pengadil yang selektif. Contoh, kita recognise that its a jenayah bila kita apply “rule of law” kena kasi handicap, justification-minority, sebab pihak yang lagi satu majority. Ada undang yang berasaskan kebarangkalian yang menuduh pesalahlaku itu sebab dia dari golongan majoriti. Bolehke ?Sudah pasti yang semua kami bangun tidur pagi2 rancang buat jahat dulu ka?
    Like most muslim, a malay muslim no exception , kebiasaan nya akan bersihkan diri dahulu, solat subuh,lepas sarapan,dan bila nak keluar rumah angkat wuduk lagi.Tabiat petik keyboard dahulu itu jarang sekali, apalagi dengan cara remote,pantas menghadap keyboard pagi2 buta selectively taip “malay muslim” dan hantar.No kan,sebab kalau salah, kita tahu hati tak akan senang bila kena mintak maaf.
    Salam Tun dan Tun Siti. Semuga sihat dan gembira bersama keluarga tersayang.Assalammualaikum.

  40. HBT456 Dec 3,2018 12:51 PM

    Indonesia is still under developed, and who are behind these pro-islsmic groups?

    They anti-us dollar, anti-rmb, pro-yen, pro-saudi arab or anti-development?

    P/s: the chosen ones and the family for sure could enjoy the wealth of this country for many generations. The wannabes in country like this can be very rich and powerful overnight, and can be bankrupted with snap of fingers. leaders of developed countries have choice not to link with them, and that include western, commonwealth and eastern countries including china. This is nothing new to the world leaders who have dealt with them before.

  41. huda Dec 3,2018 12:48 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun

    Tun sekiranya ada rombakan kabinet, mohon Tun pertimbangkan Dr Maszlee Malik sebagai menteri pendidikan.

  42. HBT456 Dec 3,2018 12:26 PM

    I still remember the mentor minister of founding father pap and singapore after the result of their general election in the country for the 1st time loose 2/3 majority, he donated his personal savings of sdg50 million to the chinese educators in singapore, and tell them to work with singapore government of multi-racial ethnic country since english must be the government official language to unite mother tongues of diffrent races including local and foreigners.

    But, sadly here, instead of persuading them, ph decided to us force and cantas.

    If bn of yesterday could do that, then it wont be a surprise ph could do this today, then, tomorrow, a new government is elected, they will do that do again.

    P/s: jika sikap opps cantas and oops lalang ini masih diteruskan, lama kelamaan, voters also fed up and pissed off, and when they no longer have faith with the voting process, then, they will just not vote, betul tak? Even when they vote, they are being propaganda to do that because of takut hilang dunia. If this is not fear, then, is it greed?

  43. HBT456 Dec 3,2018 12:05 PM

    Now, yb mazlee said 1mdb to be included in sejarah, cant blame those expereinced policymakers of bn to get pissed off.

    1mdb is on going court case, ia belum layak masuk sejarah lagi, kena tunggu at least 10 years as cooling period to see the impact, habis cerita.

    P/s: cant blame them for laughing at the back, kan tabiat seseorang yang berusia tinggi memang sukar nak buang tabiat. it looks like ph will loose votes due to some kaki bodek ministers yang hanya tahu bodek secara buta tuli saja.

  44. HBT456 Dec 3,2018 11:25 AM

    When professions like judges, doctor, lawyers, architect, engineers, teachers, phd, lecturers, dentists and others are continued to benchmark base on race and religion quota, you think we will be able to transform the country to the next level?

    P/s: is new malaysia benchmark the toilet grade of the icerd listed countries? dulu pun dah proven tak untung, kini, besok dan lusa pun tak akan untung because these countries do not enjoy spending power like what we have in malaysia.

  45. HBT456 Dec 3,2018 11:14 AM

    I just saw the satire of zunar cartoon in malaysiakini whereby new malaysia is encouraging cacing tanah to ngak the leaves, pokok atau plant, memang tak masuk akar pun since we have horrible thunder storms and high speed wind in every year that could electri shock human and damage private and public properties.

    P/s: muslim wajib sunat, other races not wajib, but if other races thinks is a must do sunat, they can do that in private hospital.

  46. HBT456 Dec 3,2018 11:03 AM

    Namaste is nepali language, and the word is used to say hello, and big goodbye.

    Since her golongan cannot tolerate other races to use those 8 arabic words, then, just dont pakai la since we are not muslim, and we are wajib not to use those words under dulu punya bn sampai kini punya ph?

    P/s: pro-icerd, or anti-icerd, which one can rally more votes? you as malaysians, you wajib to link with these countries? when perkasa ibrahim ali could asked unity minister to resign simply to tell him tak erti buat, cakap lah, jangan buta-tuli bodek aja because of few countries name listed to ngap the public fund, betul tak?

  47. sibotak Dec 3,2018 10:14 AM

    Eh….Apa dah Tun bual topik fasal Maulud Nabi
    Ini HBT sibuk fasal kawin 4 , fasal Kuil
    Yg lain pula fasal MOE , si Malik ,fasal 1MDB

    Nilah macam mana Melayu nak Maju ?
    Baru cakap sikit asik Bangkang saja
    Asik Bangkang aje , Bila lah kes nak habis

  48. Sri Sense Dec 3,2018 10:10 AM


    I pernah baca Tun said something like Tun welcome yang mana merantau balik Malaysia.

    I don’t think Malaysia menghalang anyone nak pergi dan balik kecuali that person ada court case, or kena buang negeri.

    From what I know, yang mana study overseas, dapat offer terus kerja disana, kadang2 mereka nak balik tapi rasa tempat baru mereka dah jadi kampung mereka, kalau balik Malaysia rasa jengkel pula.

    Golongan yang nak gaji lebih pun sering merantau. Some of them tak nak balik kerja sini, takut tak sama macam gaji yang dapat di sana.

    Ada juga golongan yang bila meningkat usia merantau ke kampung isteri dan tinggal sana. Anak2 mereka pun bersekolah disana. Mereka jadi orang luar yang memerhati Malaysia dari jauh. Mungkin mereka rindu, mungkin mereka tak, who knows.

    Arwah dad I pun ada sepupu merantau tak balik sini dah. Apa2 London. Meninggal pun sana. Anak2 pun tak reti cakap Melayu walaupun parents orang Melayu asal Malaysia. I doubt any of them nak balik sini.

    Di Australia, Christmas Island banyak orang asal usul dari Malaysia disana.

    Suami kepada my sepupu pun keluarga tinggal di Mekah. Mereka rajin kesana lawat keluarga.

    Just saying!

  49. milshah Dec 3,2018 9:51 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    You had asked for suggestions on how to reduce the cost of living. The key lies in increased productivity. We need to turn Malaysia from a consumer nation to a producer nation.

    Our strength as a nation is our low labor costs, low forex rates, political stability, english speaking workers and also a business friendly government. Although our productions costs is low, other countries have emulated the same strategies to bring in investments.

    Malaysia’s competitive advantage over other nations is in the business friendly government. The Malaysia incorporated concept need to be fully utilized to bring in investments to increase production.

    With the trade war between China and the United States looming, Malaysia should provide as a safe heaven for companies not wanting to be caught in this trade war. They could relocate their businesses to Malaysia. This is where Malaysia incorporated could play its part. Malaysian investment agencies should engage these companies, and look at what are these companies requirements for them to relocate. It could be tax incentives, financing, strategic logistics, etc. Malaysian investment agencies would then try to meet these requirements for these companies to relocate or invest in Malaysia. Ideally, these companies are encouraged to build partnership with the locals, so the locals will benefit in terms of technology transfer, and the companies also benefit as the locals knows the Malaysian business environment.

    With the increased in foreign investments, it will bring in jobs to Malaysians, increased wages in line with the increase in productivity, and help Malaysians to deal with the rise of cost of living.

    That is in terms income side. In terms of costs of living, the government need to find ways to increase the production for essential items like rice, fish, meat, vegetables, etc. The government may not be the financing directly, as it will be costly, but maybe the financial institutions can help the companies to finance the projects to increase production for the essential items. We need to reduce over reliance on imported goods, and more on self reliant. Also using the Malaysian incorporated concept, the government agencies should engage the local companies on what are their requirements to increase production and asst them.

    In the end, everyone wins from these arrangement, as the government too will get 30% share from the profits. These profits can be used to help the people and the nation.

    Conceptually the above looks good, but the challenge will be in the implementation.

  50. Sri Sense Dec 3,2018 8:18 AM

    Good morning Tun Mahathir!

    Pagi yang cerah. No guarantee petang pun cerah. Selalu lewat tengahari dah hujan.

    @Hajar lembu also kena greet? That’s bad. Make me wonder who’s more lembu. Yang suruh or yang kena paksa.

    Yes namaste, its a common greeting. But here kalau tengok tv, vanakam is more common. If I’m not mistaken one in Hindi, the other in Tamil. But both the same. Namaste also is a common greeting in Yoga. Ramai mat saleh kaki yoga, akan sebut perkataan ini. My game friend online pun akan cakap cerita dulu, before saying goodbye, dia sebut namaste. Dia bukan 100 percent mat salih, her mother orang burma. Strange it may seem, but yang mana ada keturunan asia akan side orang asia lebih bila main game bersama. Singapore tend to be more sombong though, dia dengar you dari Malaysia, dia lagi sombong tunjuk dia besar.

    Berbalik pada real world, I think the temple issue yang jelas sober adalah orang MIC, mereka ada umum nak bantu temple dan juga pasukan penyelamat jika perlu. And mereka juga yang dapatkan court injuction, boleh refer pada press news.

    I think because issue temple ini dari zaman Tun. Must be MIC yang lobby. Masuk time Khalid, the issue masih berlarutan, like any businessman Khalid mungkin sedar time is money, during his time the temple dapat duit, tempat yang baru dari developer. As I said earlier, problem ini sebenarnya internal temple problem yang berlarutan sehingga melibatkan anak melayu terlantar di IJN. Not fair.

    Not to mention politician dari team Tun yang asyik cari peluang konon mereka the best, party mereka the best, sekarang orang kat luar sana dah kata mereka dalang.

    Racial issue ini jangan main2 sangat. Buatlah kerja, ini tak buat, asyik cerita BN jahat, semua BN buruk, kalau kes tangkap gang BN harus dipebesar besarkan. Apa yang you all nak buktikan? You all baik, BN all jahat. Orang Melayu semua jahat? You all je baik. Politician Melayu kat atas pun rasa mereka angel tak sama dengan Melayu lain.

    Tapi I nampak you all tak reti buat kerja so you all kata lantai tinggi rendah, semua pun tak betul. Whatever game you’re playing, its not working!

  51. HBT456 Dec 2,2018 11:47 PM

    Even if you are not hepi with that, there is no reason to be hostile or emotional to this golongan since each of us is entitled to vote when general election is called.

    Whatever the political, economical and social reasons behind the attack at kuil india in subang there, it is up to the ministry, state government, political parties involved and voters there to decide when next general election is called.

    Bak kata, if its yours, it shall be yours.

    If it is not yours, it shall not be yours.

    There are so many choices out there, therefore, dont be too obsess with such ruling, and dont get emotional and angry with it, it is not worth it.

    P/s: i chosen not to be like her, hence, i choose to leave without questioning since i am not a member of any political parties. As long as you willing to work just like everyone, you will not be in kelaparan and left out from the employment sector.

  52. HBT456 Dec 2,2018 11:27 PM

    Really dissappointed with such narrow, dangerous, ugly and evil minded thinking mind.

    Aku sebagai kaum cina kini halalkan perbuatan dia so that she can continue to get funding from the respective ministry to do whatever she wants as muslim.

    P/s: suka hati golongan dia nak buat apa pun since mof pasti akan korban kaumnya just to make kaum ini hepi. I have no anger, jealousy, hatred or frustration, and i wish her all the best. Suka atau tidak, general election must be called to get the mandate from the voters. whichever coalition gets the majority votes, they will form the cabinet and perdana menteri.

  53. Hajar Dec 2,2018 9:09 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Saya ingin bercerita tentang pengalaman-pengalaman saya di luar negara yang berkaitan dengan hubungan orang Islam dan orang kafir buat renungan kita bersama.

    2. Tidak lama dulu saya ada berjalan-jalan di bandar-bandar (New / Old Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) dan beberapa kawasan peranginan Kashmir di India.

    3. Kita sedia maklum majoriti penduduk India beragama Hindu. Lembu memang bersepah tidak kira di bandar atau di kampong. Di tengah jalanraya pun lembu boleh berehat-rehat macam raja.

    4. Namun agak mengejutkan bila saya dapat tahu bahawa penduduk ISLAM di Kashmir melebihi 95 peratus. Mereka rata-rata tidak mengaku yang Kashmir ialah sebahagian dari India. Masjid memang banyak. Makanan semuanya halal dan boleh makan di mana2 restoren. Saya suka sangat suasana di Kashmir. Cantik dan nyaman. Salah satu tempat tercantik di dunia.

    5. Saya faham mengapa orang Kashmir tidak mahu jadi sebahagian dari India. Bayangkanlah lembu-lembu pun mereka (umat Islam) disuruh sembah dengan mengucap ‘Namaste’ (it means “I bow to you” in Hindi), dan letak tangan seperti orang Hindu sembah tuhan mereka. Jika ternampak (ditangkap) mereka tidak berbuat sedemikian (menurut pemandu pelancung dan tuan punya guesthouse) orang Islam tersebut akan dimarahi dan boleh menimbulkan pergaduhan besar. Takkanlah umat Islam di sana mesti sembah lembu semata-mata kerana mahu menjaga hati penganut agama Hindu. Ini SYIRIK namanya. DOSA SYIRIK merupakan dosa terbesar yang TIDAK AKAN DIAMPUN oleh Allah SWT (kekal dalam neraka jahanam). Maksudnya dosa rasuah tidak sebesar dosa syirik. [Saja beritahu sebab di Malaysia Baharu sesiapa yang terlibat dengan rasuah (selektif?) tidak akan terlepas dari ‘THE RULE OF LAW’, dan akan dicari sehingga ke lubang cacing; tetapi kalau syirik / murtad, boleh pula dilayan dengan lemah lembut dan diberi peluang, dimaafkan dan diberi sokongan padu oleh pihak-pihak tertentu yang beragama Islam. Alahai…]

    6. Saya juga pernah ke Palestin dan lihat penempatan2 haram kaum Yahudi yang didalangi oleh rejim Zionist. Pemilik sebenar ialah rakyat Palestin, tetapi tanah hak milik sah (ada geran) mereka dirampas begitu saja. Pemilik tidak boleh tinggal di rumah mereka sendiri (dihalau), dan akhirnya tanah berpindah milik kepada kaum Yahudi. Banyak rakyat Palestin yang dibunuh, dan yang masih hidup terus dizalimi. Nampak atau tidak perangai keji orang kafir ini? Ini bukan cerita dongeng, ini kenyataan.

    7. Sebab itu saya sedih (juga amat marah) kerana kita (Melayu Islam) di Malaysia yang ternyata amat berhemah terhadap penganut-penganut agama lain tetapi difitnah pula dengan teruk oleh sesetengah pihak termasuk oleh rakyat Malaysia sendiri. Anehnya, orang seperti ini pula yang dilantik menjadi Menteri.

    8. Jangan nanti kita jadi seperti rakyat Palestin sudahlah. Menyesal dahulu pendapatan, menyesal kemudian tidak berguna.

    9. Jadi, saya cadangkan supaya AKTA HASUTAN tidak dimansuhkan.

    10. Memandangkan di negara kita masih ada yang tergamak membelasah orang yang sedang berkhidmat (berbuat baik) sehingga hampir mati, eloklah HUKUMAN MATI dikekalkan. Jika tidak, dengan mudah segelintir manusia akan membunuh manusia lain sesuka hati. Singapura yang dibanggakan serta dipuja oleh segelintir penduduk Malaysia pun masih ada hukuman mati.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  54. Sri Sense Dec 2,2018 10:34 AM


    I baru baca syedoutofthebox, petikan berikut

    4. Maszlee Malik the nonperforming Minister of Education.

    Contrary to your belief Maszlee Malik may know what he wants to achieve.
    It may not be what you and me want to achieve.

    His latest totally stupid suggestion was that hotels with swimming pools make available their swimming pools for school students to learn to swim.

    I think Maszlee must be from the real backwoods with no idea of how the world works.

    – Masya Allah. Maslee ini tak buat research ka? Masa anak I lepas tunggu SPM, I hantar belajar swimming kat olympic class pool. Nak tau dimana? Shah Alam sebelah Tesco. Masa tu entah siapa tenaga pengajar tak ada sijil pun tapi anak I boleh renang macam2 stail. You name it. Apa la Maslee ni. I rasa Tun kena kasi tau budak ini, slot agama dalam sekolah biar satu sahaja. Murid nak belajar renang guna facilities kerajaan yang sedia ada. Jangan ganggu facilities orang lain. I rasa dia ini kena dictate. Dia belajar Jordan dulu? huh

  55. Sri Sense Dec 2,2018 9:21 AM


    Semalam hari sabtu. Semalam dekat my house, masjid ada buka ruang dalam kawasan masjid untuk gerai2. Dah lama buat, tapi semalam kenderaan cukup banyak, dah macam time sembahyang Jumaat, dah macam time pasar malam. Ramai orang Melayu dah beli barang. I hanya lintas I tak singgah.

    Since I suka roti canai, I singgah kedai mamak, kurang orang Melayu di situ. Petang I lintas kedai kopitiam, dah sunyi macam musim bulan puasa.

    I senyum dan kata kat hubby, orang Melayu dah bersatu hati.

  56. Sri Sense Dec 2,2018 7:55 AM

    Good morning Tun

    I nak share apa I nampak dalam kawasan rumah I. Parents yang dua2 bekerja, usually selepas anak habis sekolah, hantar anak sambung belajar kelas agama seperti di masjid.

    Mungkin mereka rasa tiada masa nak didik anak, lebih baik anak belajar luar soal2 agama ini. Kalau sekolah biasa dah jadi sekolah agama, it doesn’t make sense kan.

    I ada satu kawan muda sedikit dari I, I pernah tanya dia sekolah mana dulu. Dengan humble dia jawab sekolah agama klang sebelum sambung belajar ITM. Dia tak pakai kopiah, dia biasa sahaja.

    Orang selalu beranggapan jika you sekolah rendah menengah agama, you besar nanti jadi pak lebai. Kalau you sekolah rendah menengah sekolah kristian, you besar nanti jadi kristian. From my experience itu semua tidak benar.

    I juga wonder apa Nazri maksud tentang sijil sekolah cina yang dia tak dapat lakukan. Adakah dia maksudkan sijil ikhtiraf untuk sambung belajar ke peringkat lebih tinggi seperti University kerajaan?

  57. HBT456 Dec 1,2018 11:25 PM

    She still have the guts to bring the matter out.

    Perhaps she is trying to menegakkan benang cowgate scandal tu as if voters dont remember kut?

    What is in the mind of kadir jasin and awang selamat?

    Utusan melayu changed to utusan malaysia, and why new straits time is formed, are they making money, or loosing money, tak payah tengok their balance sheet, you will know they are not making money.

    Pendek kata, the suhu politik penceborohan ganas kuil india di subang telah meningkat daripada land territory to land grab, iaitu the repeat of winner takes all, looser takes all, tak gitu?

    P/s: petrolpayers and taxpayers do not mind paying taxes kerana memang wajib, jika parti politik terkini masih put their party interests above the country by claiming muslim boleh kahwin 4 and kanak2, then, you will understand why malaysia is being labelled as rebublic of bangladesh in un. Am i being racist, or am i being honest as malaysian representing my country malaysia, issue penting macam ini, it is best we let the states’ sultan and political parties to decide because such ruling will affect the demographic and position of this country in the next 50 years.

  58. HBT456 Dec 1,2018 6:34 PM

    In this country, rural kampong people of all races too can get jobs easily in here if they are not lazy, not racist, not over estimated themselves, not pampered, not choosy, willing to learn and do better, but if they think political parties representing them must provide them with jobs and merits, then, they are wasting their life in berangan 2 saja, and this golden rule of thumb applied to all races tak kisah mereka ada kaya atau miskin pun parents.

  59. HBT456 Dec 1,2018 6:13 PM

    Racism and religion conflicts are very much alive in this country due to vote counts, and i sure hope both of the divides will stop it, if not, such hate speech and terrorism action would be automatically censored via artificial intelligence of the media owner sooner or later.

    It is mustahil to ractify icerd because the federal constitution is already had more than enough to cover this topic.

    P/s: my economic senses is simple and straight forward, when we see our surroundings in neigbourhood with people getting jobs, people of multi racial bantering among themselves during lunch, people dining with family and friends, no pergaduhan, no keganasan, no kekecohan, no suicide bombing, than, we are consider a lucky and peace loving country. pendek kata, when force is applied, apa2 bonding pun boleh patah. There are no perfect beings, but there are perfect intention, bak kata pandai2 lah mereka yang menjaga maruah diri, parti politik, negeri dan negara.

  60. HBT456 Dec 1,2018 5:35 PM

    Barisan nasional had only interested to build more bawang kepala (mosques) to tax the non muslim in non muslim majority states rather than focusing on domestic and international economic issues.

    Now mca only left with 1 mp seat, tak cukup terang lagi?

    P/s: ph too is heading to this direction queitly, is there any hope as non muslim to stay in a country that only favor muslim? they have no shame at all in using the official religion to rich themselves via racial and religion strokes. in other words, non muslim need to work harder, but muslim tak payah work harder because they are majority race? ia memang tak masuk akal punya, but they still want to do it because of vote counts, itu saja.

  61. Sri Sense Dec 1,2018 3:52 PM

    Salam Tun

    I think apa yang kadir jasin maksudkan sekolah jenis kebangsaan jangan disekolahagamakan.

    I faham maksudnya sebab sekolah jenis kebangsaan dari dulu pun memang ada kelas agama. Memang ada satu slot kelas agama.

    I tau sebab I dulu sekolah kristian. My sisters semua pun sekolah Convent. Sekolah convent dulu ada chapel dan mubaligh. Mungkin ada yang rasa strange sebab arawah datuk I guru agama, syeikh. I ingat dulu I nak masuk chapel pun nun tak kasi sebab I orang Melayu. Tapi the head nun kata ok, budak saja nak tengok.

    Sekolah convent dulu tak sama macam sekolah convent sekarang. Namun gitu dari dulu lagi, orang Islam memang wajib ikuti kelas agama. Gurunya kami panggil ustazah. Bangsa lain boleh ikuti kelas muzik/nyanyi.

    I juga ada sedara mara anak2 mereka sekolah agama. Ada juga yang sekolah biasa. Ada juga yang masuk MRSM. Sekolah agama kena lulus bahasa arab. Budak sekolah agama lepas SPM masuk Maktab MARA. Katanya ambil nak ambil Engish language, sebab tok dan nana dok ajar mereka cakap bahasa Inggeris dari kecik.

    Yang mana masih bersekolah dalam sekolah biasa dapati ada masaalah terlalu banyak pelajaran agama malah student juga dipisah pisahkan ikut laluan yang berasingan. Bila komplen kena jeling dengan cikgu, lepas tu kena sabo.

    I ingat dulu zaman kakak I sekolah orang putih semua pelajaran dalam bahasa inggeris kecuali subject bahasa melayu. Masuk zaman I, history dan geography bahasa Melayu. Lepas tu yang mana bawah2 I, semua dalam Bahasa Melayu.

    Itu sebab orang lama2 pandai cakap orang putih.

    I ada satu kawan, isteri kepada partner hubby, dia orang Cina Malaysia. Dia cakap kat I dia sekolah Melayu, kalau tulis surat dalam Bahasa Melayu dia boleh sangat.

    I mula2 terkejut juga, rupanya time dia sekolah semasa semua subject dalam bahasa melayu. Dia sekarang pangkat besar juga, kerja dalam sebuah bank besar yang bukan milik gomen.

    Zaman my son pun sama, I kena hantar extra class Bahasa Inggeris, yang dikendalikan oleh British Council.

    I berpendapat, ini semua terpulang pada parents, kalau rasa nak anak pandai mandarin, nak kerja kat Hong Kong atau company China boleh sekolah Cina. Kalau nak broader market ada baik sekolah Inggeris.

    Just saying.

  62. Hajar Dec 1,2018 11:20 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Saya ada juga baca beberapa artikel di blog A. Kadir Jasin. Pada pandangan saya, kalau melibatkan banyak perkara, beliau bolehlah dianggap berpengetahuan luas, namun bila melibatkan beberapa bab tentang agama Islam, ada pendapat beliau yang Tun patut periksa dan perhalusi dahulu (minta nasihat ahli2 agama yang pakar) sebelum ambil maklum atau terima. Saya juga ada beberapa kali baca penulisan di blog seseorang yang kononnya rapat dengan Tun – nama pena bermaksud ‘di luar kotak’. Tun janganlah ambil bulat-bulat pandangan orang ini tanpa diperhalusi. Maaf cakap, ada pandangan beliau yang merapu.

    2. Terdapat agak banyak penasihat dan ahli-ahli politik di sekeliling Tun (bukan khusus kepada mana-mana individu tertentu) yang saya lihat yang pengetahuan agama mereka lemah (dangkal/cetek) dan tidak berasaskan hukum hakam Islam sebenar. Mereka samada jahil (tidak faham hukum hakam Islam sebenar, tetapi tidak sedar) ataupun bersifat liberal (Islam Liberal).

    3. Tentang isu pemilihan Sekolah, terpulang kepada ibu-bapa pelajar (Melayu/Islam) untuk menghantar anak-anak mereka samada ke Sekolah Kebangsaan atau sebaliknya, tetapi lihatlah kepada implikasinya (yang lebih besar) terhadap kanak-kanak.

    4. Ada yang kata, ada ibu-bapa (Melayu) yang hantar anak-anak mereka ke Sekolah Cina kerana mahu anak lebih pandai. Betulkah mereka akan jadi lebih pandai? Pandai dari segi apa ye? Pandai Mandarinkah? Lebih pandai mengirakah? BM bagaimana?

    5. Ilmu pengetahuan boleh dicari di mana-mana. Asas-asas pengetahuan (membaca, menulis, mengira, berfikir, moral / asas agama, etc.) saja yang paling utama. Selepas itu, kita mesti berusaha untuk menambah (update) ilmu kita. Contohnya, jika seseorang berjaya mendapat ijazah dalam Kejuruteraan atau dalam apa saja bidang, jika mahu kekal bersaing / releven, mereka mesti terus belajar untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan dalam bidang tersebut kerana banyak ilmu baru terbit dari semasa ke semasa. Mesti peka dan mesti rajin. Itu saja petuanya.

    6. Pada pendapat saya ada beberapa perkara yang perlu diberi perhatian jika mahu menghantar anak ke Sekolah Cina. Pertama, anak masih kecil dan tidak bijak membezakan mana yang betul dan mana yang salah. Contohnya, mereka mesti mahu makan dan minum (ini perkara amat penting untuk tumbesaran) sebab lama di sekolah. Ada yang kata, itu bukan masalah sebab anak diberi bekalan makanan yang mencukupi oleh ibu-bapa.

    7. Masalahnya, bekal (mee, bihun, nasi, etc.) mungkin sudah sejuk (tidak sedap…) dan mungkin ada tarikan lain di kantin sekolah (Cina /India) yang biasanya ada makanan-makanan yang haram (untuk umat Islam). Takkan kita boleh jamin yang anak-anak tahu apa yang halal dan apa yang haram (nak ajar macamana ye). Bagaimana pula jika ada kawan-kawan (bukan Islam) yang mahu berkongsi makanan mereka? Adakah ibu-bapa boleh jamin yang anak tahu membezakan halal dan haram (yang dewasa pun ada yang ‘blur’)? Makanan/Minuman amat penting sebab ia jadi darah daging kita. Jangan ambil mudah. Alangkan pelajar yang pergi ke luar negara selepas SPM (dari pengalaman saya) pun boleh tersasar bila melibatkan bab makanan/minuman, inikan pula budak sekolah rendah.

    8. Bagaimana pula tahap penguasaan BM para pelajar Sekolah Cina/Tamil?

    9. Apa pun, kita mesti mengutamakan asas-asas ILMU AGAMA yang kuat untuk melahirkan umat Islam yang berjaya dunia-akhirat. Tidak ada ajaran-ajaran Islam yang buruk atau membawa keburukan – semuanya baik belaka. Bersih, cekap, amanah, berintegriti, bekerja dengan bersungguh-sungguh, menuntut ilmu sehingga ke akhir hayat, beribadat, etc. semuanya ditekankan dalam Islam. Ini asas-asas penting untuk berjaya.

    10. Jika ada sifat buruk pada mana-mana orang Islam, ia bukan salah atau kelemahan agama Islam; mereka yang ingkar akan ajaran Islam yang sebenar.

    11. Sama juga dengan sikap semasa bekerja; yang kaki ponteng, biasanya, orang ini semasa jadi pelajar mereka memang suka ponteng (pantang ditegur). Dalam Islam DISIPLIN amat penting – ini nilai murni yang ingin diterapkan di sekolah. Tun selalu bercakap tentang disiplin.

    12. Yang kaki songlap/ mencuri/ korup /etc., mereka semasa kecil sudah ada ciri-ciri ini (tidak mendapat didikan yang betul; ibu-bapa terlalu percayakan anak). Allah SWT tidak menilai kita semata-mata berdasarkan ‘outcome /keputusan’. Allah menilai USAHA kita (walaupun kita gagal mencapai keputusan yang dikehendaki) dan doa kita. Lihat saja riwayat-riwayat tentang para Nabi sebagai rujukan.

    (P/S: Yang baik datang dari Allah SWT; yang buruk datang dari diri saya sendiri)

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  63. HBT456 Dec 1,2018 10:04 AM

    Why bank bumiputra commerce u-turn, i mean tukar kepada cimb, the 2nd largest banker hold by malay muslim?

    Why arab malaysia bank is changed to am bank?

    Why bank utama and other smaller banks sudah hilang di dunia?

    They are so far ahead, but we still stuck in dulu punya mindset, how to compete with them?

    They now samseng, then, you samseng back?

    Hanjin is japanese word, and maksudnya adalah orang han jepun punya shipping business before and after ww1, ww2 and civil wars between japan, north, south korea peninsula and northern east china termasuk mongolia.

    Today, both are the innovators, inventors and creators of world market, but we still stuck in assembly stage, how to compete?

    I have watched the singaporean law makers in grilling facebook management team in london for handling of the sri lankan case that caused tensions between muslim and hindu.

    Yes, i think it is a nessecity to do that being part of the commonwealth member countries in utilizing law in protecting the sri lankans and facebook management team from terrorism and hate speech between these 2 religions in post IT era so that fb management team and law makers can understand better and find a long term solution to this rather than just tutup mata via instruction from the minister.

    Jika mereka tak tahu and really want to improve, it is acceptable, but if they still do it by stroking terrorism and hate speech via social media to manipulate the sentimens of the voters in that area, no isa, but got sos ma and pocca what, right?

    P/s: jika golongan ini tetap mahu pakai taktik kotor yang menjijikan, the best way is to buat tak tahu, and just halalkan their perbuatan because one day, they will realize they gain nothing when they are too obssess with their kuasa to rich themselves. We have wasted 3 decades on this samseng gangterism, do you still want to pass down to your next generation? If you think biting the fingers that give you power that could make you rich overnight, and migrate to your dream countries by all means go a head. Why? Such ugliness and evilness can never escape the power of divine. If the balasan is not on us, then, it will be our next generations.

  64. Sri Sense Dec 1,2018 8:48 AM

    Good morning Tun

    I semalam baca keliling online, I puji MIC kerana sikap prihatin.


    Pernah tonton cerita ini tak? THE BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES. Cerita tahun 90han, astro ada tayang beberapa kali. It is based on best selling novel by Tom Wolfe.

    Tun, dari apa I baca I boleh kata ini

    Isu kuil ini terlalu panjang.

    Dari kerajaan pusat BN dan kerjaan negeri BN, dari kerajaan pusat BN dan kerajaan negeri PKR, dari kerajaan pusat PH dan kerajaan negeri PKR.

    Tanah dari satu developer jual ke satu developer. Dari satu developer jual saham syarikat pada foreign developer.

    Yang kekal sini hanya puak dalam temple yang tak bersatu. Tuduh menuduh antara satu sama lain. Satu gurp setuju satu grup tidak bersetuju pindah. It goes on and on sehingga Adib masuk IJN.

    If you think this is funny, it is not!

    P.S Musato, budak tidak pergi sekolah ada masanya sebab cikgu garang, ada masa sebab parents, kalau datang dari broken family, mereka tak minat belajar nak jadi orang dewasa cepat, mereka nak kerja, tapi tanpa cukup pelajaran mereka tak boleh maju kedepan. Pada yang berminat untuk lebih pengetahuan bidang masak, jahit, rambut dll boleh cuba giat MARA.

  65. milshah Dec 1,2018 7:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Regarding the temple issue, the dispute is between the temple and the land owners. Nothing more nothing less. This issue should be settled by the courts. This is in line with Pakatan Harapan’s policy to the rule of law.

    I know some of your ministers want you to intervene, but if Pakatan believes in the system and the rule of law, let the courts decide.

    It has nothing to do with racial or religious. So there is no reason for the government to intervene.

    What the government should intervene is the riots part. That is criminal and could jeopardise racial harmony. In your first tenure as Prime Minister, it was just about using the Sedition Act and Internal Security Act (ISA). No matter how crude it was, it did serves its purpose in keeping the peace of our multiracial country. No one dared to speak anything racial or cause disharmony, or they will be jailed without question.

    Now I would like to know how the government will handle with these acts to keep the peace. The opposition for these two laws, says we can still keep the peace without these two laws. So I want to see how these works. It is ironic the burden of proof is on you Tun, since you had always been in favor of the Sedition Act and ISA. It should be they who oppose who needs to prove this.

    If the ISA and and the Sedition Act is still in force, alot of people would be in jail by now. But without them, no one is arrested. Look at the comments in social media. There are a lot racial comments, and no one is arrested. This has caused racial disharmony which is a crime. But no one is arrested or taken action. Why? Do we have a government that follows the rule of law or not? Or is the current laws insufficient?

    For the temple issue, I’m sure if it was a mosque or muslim burial ground, we would have no problem relocating it. In Islam, it is a big sin to use other peoples land.

    Maybe Tun’s government can look to India, how they solve these issues of building Hindu temples in land that do not belong to them. It must bear in mind, however the government treat this temple, it will set precedence to all the hundreds of temple that was built on land that do not belong to them. So its just not about this temple alone.

    My belief is in India that allow temples to be relocated. Therefore, there should not be an issue or fuss. Some more it is just sinful to take someones land and simply build on it, but I’m not sure how Hindus view this.

    The government will be tempted to intervene, particular by the ministers around around you, but this an issue between the temple and land owners and it is to the courts to decide.

  66. Sri Sense Nov 30,2018 9:02 PM

    Salam Tun

    Baca tulisan Musato.

    I teringat ini, my sister selepas pencen swasta, guna duit EPF buka business. Business dia masa tu ambil budak2 seperti Musato sebut. Mereka diajari perhotelan, repair computer. Dia sewa satu shoplot dari atas sampai kebawah. Projek gomen tak silap under Ministry Sumber Manusia. My sister layak buat business ini sebab dia dulu GM human resources disatu international company.

    Problem timbul nak dapat bayaran dari gomen. Banyak red tape. Sehingga duit habis, her staffs – tenaga pengajar dari bawa PROTON bawa motorsikal. To that extend kesusahan mereka, memang mengejutkan.

    Pasal tak tahan, kakak terus tutup sekolah. Lari balik kampung hubby. If I’m not mistaken program ini masih dijalankan oleh instuisi besar seperti taylor’s or sunway, cuba musato check.

    Lagi satu tempat GIAT MARA, cuba tanya. Gomen selalu tak rajin war war kan. Tapi kalau tanya mereka beritahu. KEMAS another tempat tapi sejak gomen kita bukan BN lagi, tak tahu lah wujud lagi ke tak.

    Itu saja I boleh share apa I tau.

  67. HBT456 Nov 30,2018 8:38 PM

    Federal constitution is the highest level in bonding all states, and though it has the highest power of authorithy, no doubt it has the absolute power to intervene, to question, to over-ride state constitution, to appeal and to change law, but it needs 2/3 majority of mps to support such ruling to make it effective.

    P/s : changing law set by the forefathers of merdeka is difficult and tough, therefore, it would be best not to change the law because no one knows what is in the mind of mps of political of the divides and what will happen in the future. The issue here now is not the law, the issue here now its domestic economical issues in changing time when external factors are beyond our control. Winning or loosing is not important, the most important thing to do now is get the economy on the right track whereby all races of the citizens of this country are included, tak kisah mereka undi, atau tidak undi, muslim atau tidak.

  68. HBT456 Nov 30,2018 8:00 PM

    Dulu, rakyat dan aku mana erti?

    Kini, selepas terbongkarnya skandal 1mdb, baru kita semua nampak, betul tak?

    The bad news is 1mdb scandal is the worst klectocracy case ever filed by doj in international level in post it era.

    Dulu, kes macam ini pun ada tapi dikawal ketat di bawah kdn demi keselamatan negara, tak gitu?

    The good news is everyone including federal and state gaoverments are aware of this billion dollar whale 1mdb scandal.

    What will happen next, i am not sure, but will such case happen again in the future, hard to say since the wannabes are so used to the tabiat of suap kuasa whereby i help you help me kind of tingy thing.

    Bak kata, lawan tetap lawan.

    Selepas lawan, jom teh tarik di mamak restaurants (remarks: in government sector, only muslim can operate the restaurant, tak gitu?)

    P/s: aku tak berapa minat pasal murid dan cikgu yang dikomplen musato kerana kes macam ini boleh disetelkan di kompaun sekolah, kan sekolah kita wajib ada cikgu disiplin yang digariskan moe. Sekolah kampung musato takda cikgu disiplin, mustahil kerana ia memang wajib tak kisah sekolah kebangsaan, vercular termasuk agama dan private, betul tak?

  69. HBT456 Nov 30,2018 7:41 PM

    4. Tangkap saja kumpulan yang memfitnah pihak Bomba. Mereka cuba melindungi para penjenayah.

    How to tangkap under current rule of law whereby each ministry has their own officials spying, i mean managing, the laws set by their political parties di dwan rakyat?

    Their political party members are members of parliament, the officials in the ministry are their members, and those who made police reports also their members.

    Mana ada democracy?

    P/s: itulah sebabnya when mereka diheret into ibu pejabat macc at putrajaya, mereka ini macam sedang hadirin the celebrity events of billion dollar whales, semua senyum dan hepi aja, mana ada takut punya.

  70. HBT456 Nov 30,2018 3:29 PM

    Jika tanpa recommendation from state exco, sesiapa pun tak boleh dapat approval from the state government.

    Dulu, hanya umno saja yang wajib memegang jawatan ini kerana menang 2/3 majoriti sebelum negeri tersebut terjatuh ke tangan pkr pada mac 8, 2008 sampai hari ini.

    Mr trump is a business billionaire with military backgroud, and in usa, it is not wajib for their citizens to join army, and everyone knows about it.

    In usa, tak kisah you support republican atau democrat, if they contest and wins out the presidency, the president will decide the team that he sees fit to do the jobs.

    Being the president, he too has the absolute right to do business in moscow atau shanghai just like others in usa.

    As president of usa, he has the official national obligation to protect the country and citizens of usa from any threats/military wars, or any losses of lives and sovereign wealth yang ditanggungkan current and future taxpayers, right?

    Jika beliau decided to cancel the meeting with mr putin in argentina, adakah itu rasis, ego, salah, ignorant atau prejudice to protect american technology owned and invested by american taxpayers to maintin their dollar?

    Even if he is not president, he and his family members too can decide to support republican, do business, join military, or join goverrnment sector and cast votes as warganegara, and pay taxes to the government, betul?

    Everyone knows in this country, malay and orang asli yang dia katakan muslim dia is wajib masuk islam. but there is no law that stated that other races wajib masuk islam termasuk hindu dan yang lain2. Even if the orang tua kampung muslim pas atau umno kata mereka tetap support kahwin empat dan kanak2, ia takda masalah kan ini adalah between the husband and wife.

    Jika wife kata rela share, then suami boleh kahwin empat.

    Jika wife kata tak nak share, then cerai saja, still need to sorok and get approval from the woman ministry mer?

    P/s : the land was ironed out at the ministry level, and the donation, i mena wang politik, of myr1.5 million already paid to temple hindu, tak kisah kini ph atau bn yang menang, the temple must move out because the land belong to the developer, mana boleh gostan dan buat kecoh macam ini? Unless someone is trying to instill race and religion supremacy, kan tabiat ini memang susah diubah, bak kata pandai2 lah ciku mb selangor yang terkini as everyone is watching him closely to deliver their stand on state land issue. sabah and sarawak do not have mamak restaurants, maybe because they dont have indian muslim political party there kut.

  71. Hajar Nov 30,2018 1:18 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk ulas petikan kenyataan Tun dalam Parlimen seperti berikut:

    Jaga mulut, demokrasi ada batas

    “Kerajaan tidak berniat menyekat kebebasan bersuara tetapi jika apa yang disuarakan itu tidak benar dan mengancam ketenteraman awam, kita tidak teragak-agak mengambil tindakan,” katanya.

    “Namun jika ada sebarang usaha provokasi, kerajaan akan mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap mereka yang cuba mencabar undang-undang,” katanya.

    1. Baguslah, saya sokong penuh kenyataan Tun.

    2. Harapan saya ahli-ahli Kabinet dan para pemimpin dalam PH turut faham dan mendokong apa yang Tun katakan. Jangan nanti jadi bagai “ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan lurus…” .

    3. Tangkap segera para penjenayah dan samseng dalam rusuhan di kuil Hindu USJ 25 tempoh hari. Jangan sekadar nampak kesalahan 50 orang Melayu yang diupah oleh pihak tertentu. Yang membakar kenderaan/motosikal, merusuh, serta menyerang dan membelasah penjawat awam wajar ditangkap dengan kadar segera tidak kiralah berapa banyak yang terlibat. Jangan ada rasa takut dan jangan pilih kasih.

    4. Tangkap saja kumpulan yang memfitnah pihak Bomba. Mereka cuba melindungi para penjenayah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  72. musato Nov 30,2018 12:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Hati saya bagaikan dikoyak koyak apabila dapat tahu ramai part time di tempat saya kerja adalah budak budak belasan yang telah dibuang sekolah.

    Umur baru 14, 15 tahun dah dibuang sekolah?

    Kesalahan apa yang besar sangat sampai di buang sekplah? Dadah? Beetumbuk? Kurang ajar kat cikgu?

    Kementerian pendidikan perlu periksa cikgu cikgu. Jangan jangan cikgu yang terlebih emosi. Hati tisu mungkin. Budak budak yang mereka sendiri tidak faham tentang perubahan zaman serba pantas dan cikgu tidak boleh kejar, merasa tercabar dan cepat koyak hatinya senang senang je ambil tindakan buang sekolah budak budak yang baru nak membesar, baru nak masuk alam remaja.

    Budak lelaki umur 13,14 tahun baru nak baligh.

    Di sekolah rendah anak saya pun, cikgu perempuan berani kata pada saya bapa kepada pelajar, patut anak encik dah kena buang sekolah sebab campur tolak dah 50 hari tak hadir ke sekolah?

    Kenapa masa ambil result akhir tahun baru nak ugut? Kenapa tidak panggil ibubapa jumpa guru besar masa dalam tahun persekolahan harian?

    Kenapa tidak panggil saya jumpa guru besar? Tahulah saya jawab nanti. Takut?

    Saya dapat jawapannya. Tidak hadir sekolah sebab tidak potostat kerja sekolah. Bila tak potostat, kena marah dek cikgu.

    Cikgu kata potostat 10 sen sahaja.

    Cikgu ajar apa? Berkesan ke cikgu suruh potostat tu sampai budak takut nak ke sekolah?

    Nak saya paksa. Nak saya pukul anak sebab tak ke sekolah?

    Mahu patah riuk saya kerjakan. Atau patut saya kerjakan cikgu?

    Anak saya dapat no 5, tak datang campur tolak 50 hari. Tahun depan tetap di kelas depan.

    Siapa yang salah? Ibu bapa ke, murid umur 10 tahun ke atau cikgu yang dikatakan komited?

    Atau patut anak saya dibuang sekolah saje atas alasan tak hadir 50 hari ke sekolah tanpa sebab walau dapat result okey?

    Patuhilah undang undang, kerana rule of law.

    Anak orang lain macam mana?

    Anak kampung orang Melayu macam mana?

    Bukan seorang dibuang sekolah dalam satu satu sekolah, tapi lebih dari 10 orang. Apa yang cikgu buat? Makan gaji?

    Ooo….patutlah, Najib bila tak suka orang tu, dia akan buang sesuka hati orang tu. Bagus cikgu, bagus…

    Terima kasih Tun.

  73. HBT456 Nov 30,2018 12:29 PM

    I dont take shark fin too, but if the fin is farm sharks, not deep sea, then its okay to consume, but do they have the farming technology in raising sharks, i am not sure.

  74. HBT456 Nov 30,2018 12:26 PM

    **Pork, fish (except salmon), seafood, lamb, kerbau (local or imported depending the country of origin) and chicken meat are required to fully cooked before you consumed if not, the blood of these species in processing can do harm to the employees and consumers based on world health organization’s journals. Farm seafood i eat, but deep sea seafood with beautiful rainbow colours i dont take though is not banned because i do not want them to hilang di dunia, thats the moral obligation i vowed to protect these deep sea creatures as civilized human being.

  75. HBT456 Nov 30,2018 11:58 AM

    When she said ramai kaum melayu marah, i am not sure which puak melayu that she referred to, lawyers atau doctors?

    But, the puak melayu yang paling bermahalela, ada power godam, pandai bercucuk tanah dan main kipas, from the news you will know who are there.

    To understand her chronology of orang asli, we must be able to differentiate indon melayu, india melayu dan arab melayu.

    Issue yang berat ini, saya tak akan peningkan kepala since original sovereign wealth owners of the land need to decide on that, bak kata, the coalition that wins will dictate khazanah sovereign fund, and henthforth here comes the filipino corp to the rescue site.

    No worries, the institutional and local investers know how to do their jobs in money market.

    As for fiscal expenditure including government expenditure, welfare and military budget, it is solely depends on the ruling government and their pakar ekonomi hired by them.

    Too bad, tengku adnan berambut tebal must have pissed off sibotak, and what happened to tengku adnan at putrajaya can happened to mca, but not mic, umno, pas, hindraf, dan yang lain kan ini isu politics., betul tak?

    From here, we will see the pattern of their cantas style, amat bahaya, kan kronologi of kenapa mereka boleh buat, kenapa kami tak buat?

    Henceforth, general election must be called.

    Jika muslim kata daging babi tu kotor dan haram, then, the kaum cina is entitled not to makan with finger or sharing utensil kerana tabiat tradisi ini bahaya, can menjangkit penyakit, cara ini haram to muslim?

    P/s: Chinese in china and outside china can eat, shop in japanese, koreans or foreigner owned chain stores, but i think until today, both japanese and korean dont do that due to deep rooted rivalry, and i am not sure the 7th pm aware this or not. To china with only 1 communist political party voting power, all rakyat wajib to defend the country when under attack by foreign power just like national anthem of all countries in the world. For malaysia, national anthem is negaraku, and all of us can read and sing in malay right? Even cannot read also, someone must have translated in english and chinese right? National anthem must be in the bahasa of the negara, tak boleh tukar punya kerana tukar gomen, but gomen can be tukar when they loose votes, itu saja.

  76. Sri Sense Nov 30,2018 10:54 AM


    Baru baca ini, I turunkan news sepenuhnya :

    Lawyers to take action against WhatsApp culprit

    PETALING JAYA: Lawyers Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla and Muhammad Rafique Rashid Ali will take legal action against the culprit who created the WhatsApp message alleging their involvement in hiring thugs, leading to the riots at the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in USJ 25.

    “We will lodge a complaint with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to get to the source of the WhatsApp message and take legal action against the culprit,” Haniff said in a press conference at his law firm yesterday.

    “We will also lodge a police report soon … within this week.”

    Haniff said that they will also lodge a complaint and police report on another Facebook post published by Raja Petra Kamaruddin on Nov 28 at 12.28am.

    The blogger’s post includes a photo of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Haniff, with wordings, “Misteri Nusantara”, “One City Owners and Teresa Kok are close relatives”, “Tun and attackers share the same lawyer”.

    Haniff said all of these are fake and malicious allegations.

    “I am a private lawyer for Dr Mahathir. But this doesn’t mean that I cannot manage other cases,” he added.

    Pictures of both of them with captions claiming that they were the lawyers responsible in hiring the thugs had gone viral on social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

    Haniff is representing two of the detained One City staff members while Rafique is representing another.

    Haniff said it is appropriate for Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to hold a press conference to inform the public about the incident but said the authorities and ministers have to be careful on what information should be shared with the public.

    Muhyiddin reportedly said the lawyers to the developer involved in the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman Temple issue hired thugs that led to the riots.

    He said police investigations revealed that the leader of the group which instigated the conflict was handed RM150,000 by the lawyers. This was used to pay the thugs, from RM150 to RM300 each.

    Haniff said the authorities and the minister should act more professionally and some of the details of the case should not be shared with the public before the police concluded their investigations.

    At the press conference, Haniff also clarified that he and Rafique were appointed by developer One City Development Sdn Bhd after the first incident on Monday.

    “Our roles are to foresee the process of investigation for the staff and company, and see to their best interests,” he added.

    Meanwhile, the detained One City Development Bhd staff member, who was said to be a lawyer, was actually working as an adviser for the developer, according to Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun.

    The Inspector-General of Police clarified that while the man is said to have qualifications as a lawyer, he did not serve in that capacity for the company.

    “He is a lawyer who worked as an adviser,” he said at a press conference at the Royal Malaysian Police College yesterday.

    Meanwhile, Haniff said the Philippines-based Ayala Corporation, the ultimate owner of the land on which the temple is located, has denied the company is involved in hiring thugs.

    The company has sent a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office about its role and investments in the country through the Philippine embassy, he said.


    Yang ini pula tulisan dari columnist thestar, I pernah letak link ini di sini;

    The mess that is the Seafield temple issue

    THE scuffles at the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in USJ25 have brought out the very worst in Malaysians.

    What began as a humdrum issue of land acquisition and the relocation of a place of worship has erupted into a theatre of misinformation, race-baiting, conspiracy theories, and violence that has left property destroyed, communities broken, people injured – and one fireman fighting for his life.

    As the drama develops and more conflicting stories and theories pop in to lend to the confusion, I think it is important for us to take a step back to try and piece together what exactly happened, and why things are playing out the way they are.

    Contrary to claims by the temple leadership that it has been in Seafield for over 100 years, this temple was actually built in 1981. In 2007, the land the temple is on was purchased by One City Development, which had plans to develop the land.

    After a legal tussle, the temple leadership agreed to relocate to a one-acre plot of land in USJ23, in July 2014.

    One City Development gave the committee a RM1.5mil donation and built the facilities for the new temple in USJ23, about three kilometres from the original site. MCT Bhd, whose office was smashed up earlier this week, was the owner of One City Development but sold it off in December 2017.

    This is where the facts go, as far as I can prove. The internal dynamics of the temple following this decision is unclear.

    What is clear, however, is that there seems to be a rift between camps that support the relocation and those that do not, based on interactions between the temple’s core committee members on social media.

    Accusations have been thrown over an apparent coup d’état of the temple’s top leadership by disgraced former members who are now running the place of worship, and conspiracy theories of hidden hands trying to create disharmony in the temple for ulterior motives.

    Members of the temple committee did not respond to interview requests.

    This has spun into national news, with unnamed people being quoted in the press about the developer hiring thugs of a different race to smash up the temple and how even authorities were in on the whole game to spread disharmony in the community – leading to some of them being attacked by the mob.

    Politicians and online commentators have taken these speculations and ran with it, leaving police and security forces to handle the riots that ensued.

    While it is fun to indulge in conspiracy theories of how this temple is now suddenly the hot proxy war of higher powers, my experience in media has taught me that people have an overblown sense of agency and prefer to assign blame than to take a long hard look in the mirror.

    From the brief history lesson of Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, there are two things that I can conclude: 1) It was all systems go on the temple relocation and the deal with the developer; and 2) There clearly is internal politics going on inside the temple.

    It is very clear that this internal politics has spilled out into the mess that we have today.

    It is shocking to see how an internal conflict can so easily be assigned to a massive racial conspiracy by the committee with no evidence, and how a sensitive subject as that – despite every statement from the cops saying otherwise – can be treated with such carelessness with misinformation and race-stoking by online commentators.

    It’s almost as if people want to be angry and divided.

    So where does that leave us now?

    It’s hard to say, since the state of things is still ongoing. The important thing is for the authorities to de-escalate tensions, regardless of how and where they are being manufactured.

    The million-ringgit question now is, how can you – the level-headed Malaysian – help in that de-escalation?

    As hard is it may be, I think it’s important for people to not buy into the whirlwind emotion of the whole thing, to not believe sinister plots and conspiracy theories wholly, to search out facts from reliable sources, and to correct the misinformation.

    Keep calm, carry on.

    Nicholas Cheng


  77. sibotak Nov 30,2018 10:31 AM

    The beauty of Islam of consenting to marry
    Women of yr choice 2, 3 or 4 IF Not choose only 1
    Is the solution to Today’s World problem and even beyond
    And is the only religion on Earth that allow so

    Your Monk, yr Priests, yr Pastors , yr Gurus
    Says Marry only 1
    But yr Monk, yr Priest, yr Pastors or so no
    If you understand History , Not just did they married more than one
    They keep stocks in their refrigerator

    We Muslims are allowed to do so as to Keep The Dignity of our Women
    As Legitimate wife or wives NOT as Public property and left them dry
    Our wives are given equal rights of property and right to bears children

    Why do you left yr Mistress Dry & Not allow her to carry yr Children ?
    And what if that Mistress women is yr Mother , Sister or Daughter ?
    Islam forbids prostitution ,Keeping Mistress in the Fridge
    Its Haram

  78. Sri Sense Nov 30,2018 9:52 AM


    This came to my attention. I knew I had to address it right away.

    About Tengku Adnan. It seemed the Tengku Adnan betul ambil sogokkan duit and not only that si tukang sogok di arah kenakan orang itu orang ini.

    Si tukang sogok yang kena arah ada banyak masaalah dengan ramai Ministers PKR. Though directors yang lain nak suruh this guy take a back seat, dia pulak degil masih nak ke depan. What a pening lalat story.

    In my humble opinion, sepatutnya bila contract or sesuatu kerja diberi, berilah pada yang layak, bila yang layak buat kerja jangan pula mereka disogokkan dengan political agenda.

    I wonder benda yang sama jadi dengan Khalid Ibrahim. He is known as professional man, tapi dok kena DSAI dan gang, dia kalah dan berundur.

    To me orang professional jika diberi kerja tak suka kerja mereka diganggu dengan kerja yang bukan kerja mereka.

  79. Sri Sense Nov 30,2018 8:44 AM

    Good morning Tun

    I tertarik baca blog kadir jasin semalam. I like the lampu picit part. Datuk, masa dulu musim Thaipusam kat my hometown memang gelap. Pergi pekan siang hari pun gelap. Tapi tiada rusuhan.

    My hometown good, kuil besar India kat Pekan, ada satu kuil kecil tepi jalan, jauh sedikit. Masjid besar kecil pun ada. Surau pun ada. Church pun ada.

    I pernah balik kampung ambil gambar sebuah bangunan, dan letak kat FB. Seorang kawan dari Sabah tanya, what building is that?. I jawab church. Dia tanya, Lutheran?. I jawab, yes, how do you know? Dia kata similar building ada di Sabah.

    Part polis, actually hubby also hot, hubby kata polis bodoh. Hubby kata kalau dah ada perintah mahkamah pindah, suruh pindah saja, sekarang dah ada polis berkawal, pasal apa tak pindah. Benggang orang tua tu.

    I told hubby, ada orang kata tanah adat. Tanah adat?, hubby tanya. Tapi bila I check online tanah adat di Selangor adalah tanah orang asal. Orang asal adalah orang asli.

    Bila fikir jadi kelakar, bila fikir lagi, dah macam kes di Perak, DAP dan Nizar buat pindah pindah tanah Melayu kepada kaum Cina, sehingga UMNO kena ambil Perak.

    Lepas tu kempen ICERD, konon tertindas, to me kalau rasa tertindas boleh migrate, Malaysia pun tak pernah tahan, kecuali you ada court case, you tak boleh pergi mana2.

    Malaysia juga tak janji negara baru nanti sebaik Malaysia. Pandai la bawak diri kat negara baru, tapi kalau kurang ajar macam kat sini, jangan mimpi la hidup senang ditempat baru nanti.

    For us kita orang Melayu, tanah ini tanah Melayu, that’s why I like G3. You rampas barang orang Melayu chances are you akan diguling dari jawatan dan position yang you ada sekarang.

    I pernah beritahu Tun siang2 lagi, orang Melayu dah ramai marah. I beritahu sebab I nak Tun tau, jangan terlalu makan cakap orang sekeliling hingga Tun tak sedar apa jadi luar sana.

  80. HBT456 Nov 29,2018 9:46 PM

    Another option for her orang melayu that her race defense is to send them to malay majority sates that cannot accept other religions, anti-kapitalis and pro-agama ideologi of her way that allow kahwin 4 bini and kanak2, tak payah rebut, betul tak?

    P/s: they really have no shame at by forcing others to follow their lifestyle, and until now they still do the same thing as if everyone is pekak and buta. when you loose hope, the best way is to leave, itu saja.

  81. Sri Sense Nov 29,2018 9:42 PM

    Good evening Tun yang disayangi

    Harap Tun dan isteri dalam keadaan sihat. Makan bersama, bergurau senda bersama.

    I tertarik baca ini “Tiada pengesahan rasmi Agong berkahwin – PM”. I tersenyum dan tertanya dalam hati, siapa lah gerangan yang tanya soalan ini pada Tun.

    Orang Melayu biasanya tak tanya soalan ini. Sebab orang Melayu tau Sultan2 mereka memang ada kahwin dalam diam. Kalau tiada pengesahan dari istana, it simply means unofficial wife bukan official wife. Begitulah adatnya, istana hanya issue berita rasmi berkenaan dengan istana sahaja.

    Goodnight Tun, Sleep Tight.

  82. Hajar Nov 29,2018 6:21 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Betullah tekaan saya puak samseng mana yang membakar lebih 20 kenderaan dalam rusuhan di kuil USJ 25. Jika marah pun takkan sampai merosakkan dan membakar harta benda orang lain sehingga begitu sekali. Memang kurang ajar betul. Jangan berlembut dengan golongan samseng ini.

    2. Tentang keperluan (peraturan baru) untuk dapatkan permit rumah ibadah dari PBT, saya ingatkan perkara ini memang telah dilaksanakan. Takkanlah main bina saja rumah ibadah tanpa apa-apa kelulusan atau permit. Patutlah golongan yang tidak makan saman ambil kesempatan – degil pula bila diarahkan berpindah. Tanah orang lain dibuat macam tanah sendiri. Tidak malukah?

    3. Masalahnya, mahukah golongan samseng yang degil ini patuh kepada undang-undang tentang keperluan mendapatkan permit PBT untuk pembinaan rumah ibadah? Arahan mahkamah pun mereka ingkar. Pemilik tanah sudah berusaha untuk mengambil balik tanah, tetapi setiap kali mereka dihalang dari berbuat demikian oleh orang-orang di kuil tersebut.

    4. Saya harap Kerajaan & pihak berkuasa berlaku adil terhadap kumpulan Melayu yang dibayar untuk ‘mengawal’ kuil pada pagi 26 Nov 2018. Adakah mereka merusuh dan merosakkan kuil? Mungkin mereka fikir dengan adanya perintah mahkamah mereka tidak melanggar undang-undang bila diminta MENGAWAL kuil pada tarikh tanah/kuil akan diambil alih oleh pemilik sebenar (pada 26 Nov 2018). Memang ada manusia yang lurus bendul sikit.

    5. Susahlah kalau ahli-ahli Bomba (majoriti Melayu) pun sanggup diserang dan dibelasah setengah mati (hampir mati) cuma kerana insiden berlaku di kuil Hindu. Ini satu realiti yang menyedihkan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  83. HBT456 Nov 29,2018 2:04 PM

    Ralat: She meant nak buang melayu ke penang?

    P/s: jika konco dia boleh pilih, konco bukan dia pun boleh pilih. whatever will be the consequences politically, life will go on as usual for voters, but for political parties of the divide, they can either support, or not support, itu saja. jika wang dan rasuah politiks masih diteruskan, i believe the insiders pun rasa stres dan tergugat, and they will just do whatever they could in 4 years time. jika kerabat negeri pun tak bimbang, who are we to risau? Can do, you do, cannot do, dont force just because of kerja deadline construction because that is very risky to the developers, main contractors, sub contractors and foreign workers since the power of authorithy at putrajaya can do what they like without turun padang.

  84. HBT456 Nov 29,2018 12:43 PM

    Ini lah parti politik mereka yang berebut nak ngap kek pulut tu in the name of tak nak sin tax, tak gitu?

    With this kind of direction, it would be best for them to demand less.

    Kemalangan jalanraya dan kes samun jalanraya yang amat tinggi sampai kini pun tak boleh di bereskan, if they feel proud with it, thats nothing i can do exept to remind myself and those on the roads to berhati2 semasa di jalanraya, khususnya penunggang motorsikal.

    P/s: harga iphone is almost myr5k, harga motosikal pun almost myr5k, sebagai pengguna bijak yang tidak mampu, you rasa mereka akan beli iphone, atau motorsikal?

  85. Abbas Nov 29,2018 12:40 PM

    “Abang kenapa?” Saya tanya anak. “Ibu, apa kata if kita diam, biar orang fikir kita bodoh. Dalam diam kita usaha, buat blur je bila orang mengata” tambah anak. “Ini hal apa ye”, tanya saya.
    Well, if people keep saying we stupid, we lazy and all, that’s a maybe. Honestly, a single one of us are that, heran kan?.I think its time to lead them on, its not hard. I’m not a Y person, but considered myself Z. I know my friends, and my cousins-their dad is like Ayah. We are smarter and thinker too and we know a lot of things, we understand what effort leads to. Maktab time, the girls tried to bring us down. Naughty diorang ni. Anyway, competition is healthy.Their drives is tidbit while study during preps. Ours? Firstly, we did not say anything against them pun, because lumrah alam kut, one day we will need them jugak. We just pasang semangat kebersamaan when study during preps, we focus, we help each other. Ada lah usaha dari pihak M…,untuk break some of us yang from KL, but manusia plan Allah tentukan. Budak-budak apasal nak aniaya ? Iye, benar, we contributed to the maktab ratings rankings.Terima kasih cikgu.
    Now, let them who thinks we are noting but stupid, poor etc etc be at that spot forever, while we moves on to level after level that’s putting us in the same rank of student and later professional around the world. While they play the same story years after years, some of us dah berkelulusan nuclear physics pun and pulang ke ganggang to lead more and more of us dan Insha Allah more like that to come”
    Ini pasal ICERD ye? Saya tanya lagi,sabar je le
    No, its about doa, dia kata.
    Kami anak lelaki, doa anak lelaki cepat sampai kat Allah. Kita nak doa supaya orang islam tidak kira bangsa apa di bumi kita selamat. Lepas tu doa semuga negara kita selamat dan setiap rakyat nya yang berbilang bangsa hidup dengan selamat aman damai dan hormat menghormati satu sama lain. Boleh buat at home, tapi kalau nak keluar jugak bawalah sejadah.Curah semangat dengan airmata kesedaran yang orang islam ada lah saudara biar siapa tuan kita, its ok, itu gaya hidup baru, asalkan kita semua jelas yang Tuhan kita adalah Allah yang satu.
    Okay abang long, boleh share gambar rukun negara kat dinding mrt station,impressive perspective shot tu. Psst, a small way to coax a smile from him.
    Salam Tun. Semuga Tun dan Tun Siti sentiasa berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera serta gembira selalu disamping keluarga tercinta.
    Maaf tulis panjang-panjang, cuti sekolah ada masa luang dan relaks sikit.

  86. HBT456 Nov 29,2018 12:33 PM

    Thats why pengguna angry kerana memang tak masuk akal punya konssesi highways, and later on, when these wannabes want to politicalize this issue, they will get pissed off and vote the opposition coalition.

    P/s: therefore it make no sense who can jual better since we have GE in every 5 years, betul tak?

  87. HBT456 Nov 29,2018 12:29 PM

    Ralat: it is myr10 per day for pergi dan balik, meaning myr200 per month, that is myr 2400 anually, jika you ini pengguna yang bijak, which way will you take?

  88. HBT456 Nov 29,2018 12:22 PM

    “I cuma nak tanya dimana Tun dan PH nak buang orang Melayu?”

    She meant nak buang melayu ke perak?

    Look at tolled highway in reducing traffic in greater kl, using new toll highway kena bayar 2 tolls at myr2.50 per toll with short distance, total is myr5 per day, but using the old roads, eventhough traffic jam of 15 to 20 minutes, can jimat myr5 x 20 hari berkerja iaitu myr100 satu bulan, and in 1 year, can jimat myr 1200 per year.

    She still have the guts to say kena ikut rule of law so that mempercepatkan pembangunan macam singapura, but i cannot be jealous of her with vvip with power godam of my way, betul tak?

    What to do, thats bollywood style, and thats nothing wrong with that when majority of the political parties allied to bersatu since there is no way umno-pas can take charge to dictate the federal government to suap their members of few millions in many years to come after the exposure of 1mdb vanity fair project to make malaysians proud,.

    Its alright to build toll highways the countries, but with this kind of just hantam saja punya sikap, sure kena ‘tiau’ in hokkien, meaning sure kena f..k lor.

    Selepas pencerobohan ganas berlaku di subang sana, now anti-icerd diadakan secara besar besaran, peacefully atau tidak, the general perception would be membasirkan current and future taxpayers punya money under federal constitution, itu saja.

    The sentiment shall be janji bukan umno-pas, are they okay with this strategy?

    Adakah itu kera dapat cincin, atau bunga, itu terpulang kepada citarasa negeri mereka masing.

    P/s: the highest honorable list of titles offered by agong, states sultan, federal government and other states without sultan can be tarik balik too depending on the result of general election, so pandai2 lah mereka ini yang mengelar mereka ini perjuang ketuanan melayu dan agama islam.

  89. sibotak Nov 29,2018 10:27 AM

    ISA Wajib ditubuhkan semula
    Najib memang bodoh kerana menghapuskan ISA
    Bukti dia Bodoh….Dia Kalah di PRU
    UMNO , Najib was in the upper hand to Win
    Dengan menaburkan Dedak , juga dengan Meganya reputasi UMNO dahulu
    Tewas juga di tangan orang Tua yg bernama Mahathir

    ISA Perlu, ISA Wajib
    Bagi mengekal Keaamanan , Memakmurkan Negara
    Malaysia di belenggu dengan Budaya Gangsterism , Ah Long ,Pak Long
    Anggota Polis juga ada kaitan dengan Gangsterism , Rasuah dan sebagainya
    Inilah CANCER Masyarakat . Inilah Wabak Pelacuran , Perjudian , Penjualan dan Kegunaan Narkoba

    Malaysia mesti banteras Budaya yg akan menggangu Kemakmuran Negara
    Perlu di beri Amaran
    Seperti yr di lakukan President Ducarte, Phillipine
    Kalau tidak dihabuskan
    Ia akan jadi Budaya Turun Kemurun

    Perlu tubuhkan Badan yg Active bagi membanteras Gejala
    ini hingga ke lobang cacing .Jika perlu , Askar juga di kerahkan

    Contoh terkini rusuhan di Kuil
    Jika tidak ditanggani dengan Tegas & Professional
    Ia akan Berlarutan dan Merebak
    Gangster Melayu yg di tuduh ini adalah Gangster 10c , 20c
    Upah hanya tidak seberapa sen pun
    Seharusnya mereka fikir kedepan

    Dengan Hapusnya gejala ini
    Kita 1 Malaysia bolih Kedepan demi Anak Cucu
    Harap yg beremosi , biar Pihak Polis yg membetulkannya

    Pegawai Kerajaan mesti Keluar Berpasukan apabila menjalankan tugas
    Dan mesti berkawan, tidak bersendirian
    Jika ada Kekacauan dalam menjalankan Tugas
    Pihak Polis mesti ada Unit yg berkejar ketempat tersebut
    Bawa balik si Penghalang
    Jangan ajak Berunding
    Rundingan harus di Pejabat Polis

  90. Sri Sense Nov 29,2018 8:39 AM

    Selamat pagi Tun

    Tun kata RULE OF LAW kenalah untuk semua ikut. Jangan pula kerana Waytha dalam regime Tun, LKS dalam regime Tun, LGE dalam regime Tun, DSAI dalam regime Tun, rule of law tu boleh bend bend ikut suka hati.

    Kalau mahkamah dah keluar perintah keluar. Hormatilah. Janganlah putar belit. Kes ini kes lama Tun. Kuil pun bukan berusia 100 tahun seperti diwar warkan certain blogger. Cuba kaji balik history, Subang Jaya adalah projek UEP, tahun berapa mereka mula bina rumah dalam Subang Jaya. Kalau tak silap I, directors MCT adalah contractors UEP.

    Selalunya kuil dibina bila ada pembangunan dalam kawasan tersebut. Bila nak expand development mereka tuntut duit pampasan untuk pindah. Bila tak roboh bangunan ada group lain masuk, nak tuntut pampasan juga. Itu kes biasa dari zaman BN lagi.

    Baru2 ini Mufti Perlis pun bercakap tentang ini. Kalau BN tak boleh tangani isu rumah berhala ini, PH boleh tangani.

    I fikir ada baiknya Tun sekali sekala baca Utusan. Situ adalah pendapat orang Melayu.

    Maaf cakap Tun, PH, Menteri Cina sokong kaum Cina, Menteri India sokong kaum India, Menteri Melayu sokong semua kaum. Mana tempatnya orang Melayu sekarang? Sehingga kami perlukan G3. Sehinggakan dengan bayaran 150 ringgit untuk guard kuil yang controversy pun rela. A young man yang sedang tenat dalam IJN. Anak Melayu Tun!

    I cuma nak tanya dimana Tun dan PH nak buang orang Melayu?

  91. tamchi Nov 29,2018 4:15 AM

    Slm sejahtra, selamat pagi,
    Apa cerita? Kronologi.?

    apa agenda? Apa rencana.?
    Adat budaya, resam bangsa,

    Dikatakan pemaju adalah milik sykt antarabangsa?


  92. Hajar Nov 28,2018 9:35 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk ulas isu semasa yang berkaitan dengan kedaulatan undang-undang:

    1. Isu kuil di USJ25 menyedarkan kita betapa lemahnya penguatkuasaan undang-undang yang berkaitan dengan kesalahan MENCEROBOH tanah hak milik orang lain oleh sesetengah pihak yang tidak tahu menghormati hak orang lain – pencerobohan haram.

    2. Ini bukan isu terpencil, malahan banyak lagi kes-kes sebegini. Mengapakah isu ini tidak ditangani dengan tegas berdasarkan peruntukan undang-undang negara? Adakah kerana ianya melibatkan kaum minoriti?

    3. Apakah mereka ingat mereka ada HAK KEISTIMEWAAN untuk melanggar perintah mahkamah dengan sesuka hati?

    4. Agak pelik bila puak yang dikatakan (hasil siasatan) menceroboh kawasan kuil telah didalangi peguam pemaju yang mengupah dalam 50 orang Melayu (mengapa Melayu?) untuk mengambil alih kuil yang memang pun bukan hak milik kuil tersebut. Kuil tersebut berada di tanah yang dicerobohi (sejak sekian lama).

    5. Siapakah sebenarnya yang wajar digelar PENCEROBOH? Lagi satu, PEGUAM pemaju dari kaum mana? Melayu, India, Cina, Sikh, etc. atau orang asing? (

    6. Saya sarankan supaya Kerajaan PH terangkan kepada rakyat Malaysia siapakah PENCEROBOH SEBENAR dalam kes ini? Tidak perlulah terus menjaga hati pihak tertentu. Bukankah PH memang sentiasa dengan bangganya mempromosi ‘The Rule of Law’?

    7. Dalam kes kecederaan Muhammad Adib (ahli Bomba) pula, ada pihak mendakwa kononnya dia dilanggar oleh trak bomba. Logikkah dakwaan ini? Siapa pula yang mengheret dia keluar dari kenderaan tersebut? Yang membakar banyak kenderaan siapa pula? Siapakah agaknya yang suka (pakar) membakar?

    8. Apapun, masalah pokok (‘root cause’) atau utama ialah pihak yang menceroboh tanah yang bukan hak miIik mereka berdegil untuk tidak mahu keluar dari kawasan / tanah yang diceroboh. Ini perlakuan salah.

    9. Agama suci Islam MELARANG kita mengambil (mencuri) barang yang bukan hak kita dan kita dilarang menceroboh tanah milik orang! Maaf cakap, golongan ini umpama penyangak kerana tanpa rasa segan silu menentang pula pihak yang sebenarnya ada hak ke atas tanah tersebut. Wajarkah Kerajaan PH mempertahan puak ini? Dulu bukan main lagi marahkan rejim Najib yang dikatakan pencuri, perompak, penyangak, etc. Entahlah…

    P/S: Senada dengan ’Sri Sense’ dalam isu kuil ini.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  93. HBT456 Nov 28,2018 4:07 PM

    Jack ma is listed in the honorable list of communist political party member.

    He cannot reject because thats china, that is you wajib to obey under communist political system.

    They have never enjoy the political system of westminster left by the british.

    But, in malaysia, are we a communist, marxist or commonwealth country after merdeka?

    Itu kena terpulang kepada citarasa yang diinginkan putrajaya.

    P/s: i dont know what will happen in the future, but i know if the new government prefer to the old government way of doing thing, then, there myr will further depreciate, and share market will be stagnant and trapped in the middle, meaning tak nak manyak, tak turun manyak to run their trx operating expenses, itu saja, bak kata, lambat takpa, janji selamat.

  94. HBT456 Nov 28,2018 3:49 PM

    I guess the new tourism minister mesti lega hati and wont even tanya khabar on this issue, naikkan tax csino, kan kerabat n9 dah tarik balik hak istimewa of dsn and wife of pahang.

    If hanjin shipping of south korea can bankrupt, then, genting malaysia can bankrupt too.

    Sometimes, bankruptcy is not a bad thing to re-structure their businesses.

    Biasalah tabiat ini susah diuabah kerana hanya menurut perintah parti bersatu, kan beliau ini pm malaysia baru.

    But, the position that they pegang is minister level, and issue like this dia tak boleh buat tak nampak, buat tak tahu kerana itu bukan kroni aku, atau negeriku.

    Its alright, i think genting resort world will sort out their problems sooner or later.

    P/s: malaysia is in such situation, the old malaysia punya head can wash hand, but the new malaysia punya head cannot wash hand because such impact will affect share market, myr, confidence of investors and voters. if new malaysia punya head thinks thats pahang punya issue, then, new malaysia is bound to fail eventually as expected.

  95. HBT456 Nov 28,2018 2:38 PM

    Now ph punya hanipal told umno punya loyar, shafee to mirror himself, kan puak kedua2 ini muslim, jika tidak, mana layak apply for status bumiputra betul tak?

    Semasa perhimpunan sidang media bersama 7th pm di putrajaya baru2 ini, beliau di reported pengsang kerana tak boleh tahan suhu panas sana kut.

    Of course, the compassion media owners would use the angle of kasihan beliau kerana tak dapat bertahan diri lama, panas dan penat.

    Biasalah, kan ini adalah very very important person of putrajaya, wajib sedapkan hati mereka, jika tidak mungkin permit ditarik balik, atau takut kena warning letter, betul tak?

    Jika beliau berdiri, belum lagi puasa month, pun pengsan.

    Imagine, yang kerja under construction, mereka pun muslim dan bukan muslim under hot sun 8 hours, pun terpaksa bertahan, and adapt to this heat because they have chosen this industry, jika mereka ini muslim, then, is it they wajib to berpuasa and take light jobs, and the non muslim need to be swapped and took over the heavier jobs, tapi gaji sama?

    If this is not prejudice against non muslim, then, compassion or complacent?

    Will new malaysia site follow the old malaysia site yang kini in twilight years, kerana dah in love with the kuasa baru ini yang mereka berebut2 berpuluh tahun?

    P/s: malay representative for transportation companies can asked for higher salary for bus driver, is it neccessary, or not, i am sure transport ministry can their decent and honest officials to set an appointment to interview with the owners or management of individual bus companies owned by them but regulated by mot to get the geniune feed back.

  96. Sri Sense Nov 28,2018 11:19 AM

    Some news

    I’ve nothing to do with any of this, says ex-director

    News atas confirmed apa I tulis malam tadi. I teringat dulu semasa Felda nak listed, ramai tak setuju.

    The mess that is the Seafield temple issue

    This is something along the lines to my earlier comment

  97. Sri Sense Nov 28,2018 9:06 AM

    Good morning Tun

    The best way ikut saja rule of law seperti Tun selalu kata. Nak Malaysia maju cepat, cantik macam Singapore, ikut saja rule of law. Janganlah rule of law hanya untuk war warkan kejahatan UMNO. Ministers DAP pun harus berhenti dari jadi hero kaum. All this “mesti mintak maaf to us” thing really jelak already. Your fault also we must mintak maaf, what is this, man!

    I nak share ini :

    1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the things they read (or watch, or listen to, or taste, or whatever). They’re also entitled to express them online.

    2. Sometimes those opinions will be ones you don’t like.

    3. Sometimes those opinions won’t be very nice.

    4. The people expressing those may be (but are not always) assholes.

    5. However, if your solution to this “problem” is to vex, annoy, threaten or harrass them, you are almost certainly a bigger asshole.

    6. You may also be twelve.

    7. You are not responsible for anyone else’s actions or karma, but you are responsible for your own.

    8. So leave them alone and go about your own life.”

    [Bad Reviews: I Can Handle Them, and So Should You (Blog post, July 17, 2012)]”
    ― John Scalzi

    P.S now you know why I don’t baca you know who tulis 😀

  98. HBT456 Nov 28,2018 8:53 AM

    When we can nasionalize japanese automobile technology via monopolitics vp system, we dont see any reasons why we cannot accept shinkanzen technolgy of hsr.

    If petro nasional vvips can barter trade with jepun in exchange of engines for proton and perodua for local assembly, i dont see any reasons why puak cannot do that again.

    If petro nasional vvips can subsidize petrol to air asia so that everyone can fly at cheap rate, i dont see any reasons why this puak cannot do that again.

    But, if her puak still prefer to monopolize this shinkanzen technology in the name of her race and religion ideology via kekecohan and pilih kasih by chopping heads and hands, ultimately, the result would be maverick, dan akan rugi in the long run kerana tukar gomen.

    Technology, or advance technology can never be implemented based on race and religion quota set by political parties.


    There is no way japan can do the shinkanzen project by using 100% material and human talent from their country because these 2 main components can fluctuate memang tak boleh dikawal selama-lamanya because when project completed, they still need to maintain the system to make it more efficient to bring the operating cost down, meaning they required right talent to manage, bukan race and religion quota to manage.

    Jika berbandingkan yen dengan rmb, which cost is more cheaper?

    Jika berbandingkan teknologi jepun dengan china, which option is more acceptable?

    Jika berbandingkan agama, budaya dan tradisi jepun dengan india, which option is more profitable via roi?

    P/s: i can imagine when musato kata dia comel dan ada power godam, it must pissed off the other wanita who dont buy such shit. Really sickening to see these so called red riding hood in manipulating the sentiment of kesengsaraan. if they still insist to divide the muslim and non muslim in the name of sin tax, then, its time to kiss selamat tinggal to this puak tudung merah atau reg flag.

  99. Sri Sense Nov 27,2018 11:49 PM


    I baca tulisan Hajar. I turut bersedih dengan nasib the fireman. Orang Melayu orang Islam. Usia masih muda. Nak kawin tak lama lagi. Tiba2 jadi begini.

    I nak komen sedikit about the company MCT. MCT ini public listed company. Company Cina Malaysia. My son kata Chinaman company, sebab bagi new idea pun tak nak ikut and kedekut.

    The Filipino pada mulanya one of the majority shareholder. If I’m not mistaken another majority shareholder jual share pada Filipino ini, so now mereka ada like 70% share dalam MCT. And yes Filipino ini macam giant developer di negara mereka sendiri, so duit banyak.

    I tidak ada shares dalam MCT but shares MCT juga tidak mahal. Bawah 1 ringgit. Banyak lagi interesting developer yang listed kat Bursa. One City pun bukanlah satu mall yang menarik. Ianya agak gelap dan terletak dalam kawasan banyak shophouses, so terdedah dan tidak begitu ketat kawalan.

    Kalau famous pun tempat ini sebab sering ada wedding Melayu buat sini. More of a place for events. And tempat parking basement untuk event pun agak ngeri dan menakutkan.

    The last time I pergi sini masa lepas raya bawak orang Ipoh dan orang Batu Gajah pergi kedai jual barangan 2nd hand Jepun.

    Masa tu I nampak ramai tourist dari China berlegar-legar. Kerja mereka asyik nak bergambar dengan kita. Selagi orang nampak, mereka tarik tangan ajak gambar sama. Ada satu Cina local kata, mereka ini dari multi level marketing, so bila gambar dengan kita konon-konon agent mereka di Malaysia lah hahaha

    Itu saja I tau about MCT, I rasa MCT beli tanah dari Sime UEP. And I also don’t think mereka baru beli, should be around the same time dengan tanah yang ada bangunan One City sekarang.

  100. Hajar Nov 27,2018 8:54 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Allow me Tun to give my opinion on the following issue:

    Instead of fighting fires, injured fireman now fighting for his life

    “And it also looks like he was whacked and stomped, which caused his ribs to fracture and puncture his lungs.”

    1. My prayers for Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

    2. Those who whacked and stomped him without mercy must face the law and must be severely punished for their crime.

    3. PH leaders always talk about ‘The rule of law’. So I would like to see how they are going to handle this case (without prejudice). I just cannot believe the cruel action of those gangsters who pulled Muhammad Adib out of the vehicle (to be beaten) though he was merely doing his job as a fire fighter. Why him?

    4. If he succumbs to his injury (“mohon Allah SWT selamatkan beliau”), those crooks responsible for beating him must be charged with murder.

    5. As for the court ruling (regarding the temple & land ownership), why can’t they (temple – its management and others) just accept the ruling? The land belongs to a private company (in fact the mother company is a foreign company), and it has got nothing to do with the Malaysian Government. Now I wonder how much more of our lands have been sold to foreigners.

    6. I really hope the PH leaders (they know who they are) who don’t seem to trust the Police to just keep their opinions to themselves. They are giving statements (in public) that make the situation worse! Just let the Police do their job.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  101. sibotak Nov 27,2018 8:17 AM

    Memandang rusuhan juga ada pihak yg suka melihat PH kocar kacir.ISA perlu di tubuhkan segera

  102. milshah Nov 27,2018 1:06 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    The ICERD issue was a close one for the Pakatan government. Malaysian was deeply divided along racial lines, with Malays against the ICERD ratification and the non-alays for the ratification. Neither side won’t budge. And you have PAS and UMNO drumming for ICERD not to be ratified. the In a multiracial country like Malaysia, this is not a situation we want to be in.

    Tun did the right thing by pulling the plug on the ratification of ICERD. Whether ICERD is right or wrong is beside the point. The greater good of the country is paramount. You don’t fight fire with fire. You fight fire with water. With UMNO and PAS planning to hold demonstration, and the non-malays playing into UMNO and PAS narrative by not wanting to budge and forcing the government to sign the ICERD.

    By pulling the plug on ICERD, UMNO and PAS has lost the basis to hold the demonstrations. The tense situation quickly de-escalate after that. Now is the cooling off period.

    Thank you Tun for the quick thinking and making the right decision. We would have gone to a different road had Tun maintained to ratify the ICERD.

  103. Sri Sense Nov 26,2018 11:33 PM

    Good evening!

    Ada baca berkenaan rusuhan di kuil USJ.

    I juga ada baca sudah ada perintah mahkamah pindah pada Oktober lalu. Duit sebanyak 1.5M dah dibayar. Ini kan nak hujung bulan November. Bulan Disember dah nak Krismas. Bulan January dah tahun baru.

    Tun kata rule of law. Kenapa mesti banyak bantahan. Ikut sajalah.

    Just saying!

  104. HBT456 Nov 26,2018 5:30 PM

    With this kind extreme and excess of authorithy, i think ah choo and ah kow pun takut, dan lari to other countries that really welcome fdi to develop their countries.

    Thats scary, and uncertain, especially to malay and bukan malay.

    P/s: they cannot do the jobs alone, but they want to eat the chocolates all by themselves because they are muslim?

  105. HBT456 Nov 26,2018 5:21 PM

    It reminded me the case of the christian cross of a rented building in kl telah menjolok mata dan perasaan malay muslim di kl whereby vip in pdrm punya adik was involved with the riot of tunjuk perasaan.

    If this is not extreme islamic autothority in subang jaya walaupun they wear police uniform paid by taxpayers and susidiers of petrol users, they are no different from the jakim officers in policing the muslim.

    Pendek kata, both pasukan ini pakai official religion islam to harrass muslim and non muslim, and its sad until now, they still do the same thing.

    Jika umno and pas youths decided to stage rally on anti rally of icerd and created rakus, will mod and fru use air pancutan ir bullet gs to scare them off like what they did during era of reformasi?

    If they really go a head with this what will happen?

    P/s: wolf is coming?

  106. HBT456 Nov 26,2018 3:34 PM

    Ralat: The inquiry to summon 1mdb chairman and his cabinet to face macc putrajaya is akin to explain borrowing to old people who do not understand bond market.

    I heard gang mamak adalah paling bermahalela di perak.

    Shadow government vs shadow borrower?

    The temple is being relocated meaning the developer had agreed to absorb the cost to build the new temple with malay bias policy.

    Jika cina punya temple, jangan harap satu sen pun, the worshipers will donate their hard earned money to them whenever they go in there for prayers, haram ke?

    P/s: if this is not terrorisnm, i mean, cari pasal with the selangor state ruling government, then, what is it?

  107. HBT456 Nov 26,2018 8:22 AM

    It never succeed in forcing malaysians of all races to live the lifestyle of prophet nabi muhammad, and if they still insist on that by allowing the segregation of muslim and non muslim zone, even if they put non muslim to implement the syariah compliant policy, the result would be negative, and would be reflected in myr and share market.


    Because the federal constitution just dont allow that to happen.

    When syariah compliant mps out numbered non syariah compliant mps, you will know its time to kiss selamat tinggal to this beloved country.

    P/s: the ball is on mr tommy thomas’s table at putrajaya.

  108. HBT456 Nov 26,2018 8:07 AM

    The inquiry to summon facebook ceo and his team to face the usa congress is akin to explain data sharing to old people who do not understand internet.

    The inquiry to summon 1mdb chairman and his cabinet to face macc putrajaya is akin to explain to old people who do not understand bond market.

    The ruling government is the head of family, and the family members are their voters.

    P/s: they know they are loosing billions years after years with syariah compliant policy, but when they decided to stop this bleeding, they were voted out.

  109. HBT456 Nov 25,2018 11:03 PM

    If without mca’s full support, tdm would never be able to stay for 4 terms.

    Today, tdm had team up with ph, and his cabinet though ada chinese, had decided to unfriend malaysian chinese association.

    P/s: pilihan antara ular dengan naga, yang mana satu adalah lebih selamat?

  110. HBT456 Nov 25,2018 10:27 PM

    Aiyo, mr lim guan eng had said he is malaysian.

    Too bad, mca carries the word ‘ chinese’ that must have pissed him off.

    He even gave the reason that the top management of these university and colleges are drawing high salary.

    The education property hub no longer sustainable, and might be loosing money due to low demand of the property, and i guess, mr lim guan eng had no choice but to sacrifice mca, but not umno related universities and colleges to maintain their support to pakatan harapan.

    P/s: i think japan does not export their tertiary education to foreign countries, but they do offers donation to universities or internship to their allies to study in japan.

  111. Richard Nov 25,2018 7:50 PM

    Good evening Tun,

    I would like to share my thoughts and discuss together with Tun and everyone else here about the recent news regarding the budget 2019 for allocation of funds to Colleges and Universities. Particularly, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman .

    The allocation of funds to the mentioned college and university above will be reduce from RM 30 millions previously to RM 5.5 millions. RM 5.5 millions are just for development expenditure, excluding any operating expenditure. How can a major institution like TARUC and KTAR be able to cope with the huge monthly operating expenditure with these little development funds… Even if this RM 5.5 millions are split for operating expenditure, it would not be enough to sustain the overall operation. Where is the fairness in this allocation? Why are only TARUC and KTAR receive such a heavy cut in funds. Are other colleges and Universities that receive funds from the goverment also receive the same heavy cut?

    This news give me chills as I fear that the semester fees will raise to the roof and no longer be affordable by the majority of Malaysians. This budget 2019 will force TARUC and KTAR to raise their fees to sustain themselves. The ones who will bear the costs and suffer will be Rakyat themselves. I love Malaysia very much, it is such a beautiful and peaceful place. But now it seems the opportunity to get good quality tertiary education at an affordable prices will just get slimer and slimer. Where else can future young Malaysians get a good and affordable tertiary education…

    As a rakyat of Malaysia, I deserve to have good quality education at an affordable price. TARUC and KTAR had produced a great amount of brightful graduates to the work force and contributed to Malaysia greatly. The priceless goodwill has already established there, why can’t the new government continue to support them? Is like after someone had contributed so much but get penalties instead of rewards. That I believe is unfair to TARUC and KTAR, and also to all Malaysians who planned to enroll in them to continue their tertiary study.

    Yang Amat Berhormat Lim Guan Eng clearly stated in the parliament that the government will not allocate any more funds to TARUC and KTAR. Did he made a mistake? TARUC and KTAR are neutral institutions that free from any political influences and have been relying on public donations and support from government to grow. The tuition fees to the students are so low that it is not profitable at all. I wonder do they even break-even with such a low price. Now with only RM 5.5 millions, I feel Yang Amat Berhormat are forcing TARUC and KTAR to shut down after years of contribution to Malaysia. I demand Justice for TARUC and KTAR and also for all the students and future students.

    The government could at least reduce the allocation by half due to Malaysia is in great debts, but now less than half. That just unsustainable. The only way for TARUC and KTAR to continue to operate in the follow years are to sky-rocket their semester fees. Malaysians will not be able to study under them anymore but have to find other cheaper alternative without proper goodwill. When the brand name is weak the quality will also be perceived as weak, and it is true most of the time.

    That’s my thoughts, I hope Tun could lend a hand and help TARUC and KTAR in this crisis of raising tertiary education fees. Anyone is free to discuss this topic with me. Your opinions and helps will be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I am not Indian, I am not Chinese, I am not Malay, I am not Iban, I am not Kadazan. I am just a Malaysian who worry about the future generation’s education.

  112. HBT456 Nov 25,2018 2:59 PM

    Ralat: 5 prinsip rukun negara.

    P/s: jika niat tu murni, kena hack pun tarak masalah. Jika niat tu tak betul, tak kena hack pun akan diprotes.

  113. Sri Sense Nov 25,2018 2:01 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Musato ini funny la. hahaha

    Musato, mungkin peminat I yang kacau you hahaha

    I tak komen apa2, I cuma lihat FB page milik Pribumi Kuantan nampak ok.

    From my personal experience kalau nak kena hack, selalu FB hantar message kat email account yang buka FB page tersebut. FB tidak guna message box dalam FB.

  114. HBT456 Nov 25,2018 10:11 AM

    The pic is more like an illegal, or refugee, squatter.

    From the pic you will know ia memang tak masuk akal rakyat malaysia is living in such condition.

    Have you been to tapah, i think its still under mic, right?

    P/s: column writer too can be a fool or liar too, its either he is in denial, or he is not reporting the truth.

  115. HBT456 Nov 25,2018 9:00 AM

    It is an open secret that the bumiputra malay in power like to use their kuasa to mintak donation from glc.

    Even if glc is not making money, the top civil government chosen by the winner had no choice but to give in, takut kena buang kerja itu saja.

    To continue to feed them with bumiputra quota in the name of protection, ph pm decides.

    P/s: as long as such bumiputra quota is not abolished, with or without 2/3 majority, they will be left behind because after more than 60 years of protecting them, the bumiputra malay also feel malu and embrass when they compare themshelves with other major markets hold by foreigners.

  116. HBT456 Nov 25,2018 8:43 AM

    At least we know agong’s preference for his wife, and he is a straight guy, and of course, his royal highness can choose his permaisuri, atau bini what.

    If agong pun tarak boleh choose his bini, then, dont hard sell the icerd issue lor walaupun pakai tudung and claimed yourself as perjuang melayu, betul tak?

    The pictures of the burial for tok wiranto’s cucu speaks thousand words, and for sure will make politicians and journalists to check his back ground.

    P/s: i am not against her race, but her race could lead to the repeat of changing hands at the highest level behind the back of the voters. Melayu bukan jahat, malas, bodoh atau tamak, tapi, apabila mereka didodoikan dengan kata2 cacian yang amat membuta tuli, they too will get pissed off just like other races in this country. Whenever you get confuse, refer to 5 rukun prinsip kebangsaan, you wil, be alright.

  117. musato Nov 25,2018 8:16 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sejak si cute dan si cantik lawat page Pribumi Kuantan, makin ramai pula yang komen dalam satu satu posting. Baguslah. Saya pun nak baca apa pandangan anda berkenaan isu negara.

    Tapi bukan orang sini kot yang tulis tulis tu…

    Terperasan pula saya, ada posting yang terpadam. Termasuk gambar idola u Sri Sense hahahah, DS Anwar Ibrahim.

    U godam page saya ye…I ingat u pandai consult je…hahaha

    Harapnya saya tak tersalah tengok. Jika anda menjalankan tugas anda, terima kasih tuan.

    Of course la, saya pun check aliran keluar masuk…yang mana glamour, yang mana tak glamour…

    But then, i teringat pasal nikah kawin pisah pasal basuh baju waktu malam.

    Aiyo HBT, bila laki panggil masuk, masuk saje la…jangan tunggu 5 tahun baru nak masuk….mana tak pisah.

    Jadi saya fikir, lebih elok mandi malam dari basuh baju malam.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  118. Sri Sense Nov 25,2018 12:33 AM

    Salam Tun

    Sekarang heboh agong kahwin miss moscow. Ramai terkejut.

    I terkejut juga, sebab I dengar agong kawin orang Russia sebelum election lagi. Bisik2 cakap isteri agong orang Rusia. Lepas tu ada gossip dengan anak Anwar. Pelik pula.

    But I malas nak cakap sini, sebab dia agong, mana sama level dengan I.

    Anyway tahniah!

  119. HBT456 Nov 24,2018 4:37 PM

    Jika mereak berani masuk kl, then, secara otamatik, umno, pas dan pro ngo mereka boleh di de-registerkan immediately by ros and ec yang dipegangkan ph.

    Bak kata, when bitten many times, they too will be smarter to outsmart them in the future.

    As warren buffett pointed out, a business that took you 20 years to build could be destroyed in 5 minutes, henceforth, american business community do not want their companies to be linked with any politicians, and they have already diversified their businesses in many countries in the world.

    P/s: right pocket goes into left pocket by changing hands at the highest level is nothing new, and such tactics would be reflected in share market and myr, tak boleh tipu dan sorok punya.

  120. HBT456 Nov 24,2018 4:19 PM

    Jika dulu bn pun tak dapat keep their promises, ia memang tak anih pun jika ph tak dapat keep their promises jugak unless ada orang buat hasutan lor.

    Kan pattern politik sini adalah menang dulu, bikin kemudian.

    Jika menteri menjolok mata dan menyinggungkan perasaan mu, atau you tarak suka, tukar gomen saja, apa2 yang susah2 ini?

    Whichever coalition that gets the majority, we still need to pay taxes to the government in myr, unless you decided to leave this country or work in other countries, itu saja.

    Cantas mencantas, sabotaj, tunjuk perasaan, jeles, gosip, tikam menikam di belakang, dodoi, bangsat, galeri, blah blah and until now, they still do that as if the voters are stupid and dumb like them.

    P/s: even if they play dirty, and use force, thats nothing the voters can do except to vote for the coalition that they feel comfortable and safe, itu saja. therefore be grateful with what you have.

  121. HBT456 Nov 24,2018 4:01 PM

    Ptptn loan is public money, bukan political party punya wang.

    P/s: that fat woman of cow gate scandal why still no tangkap?

  122. Sri Sense Nov 24,2018 1:25 PM

    sokong sahaja, I bukan member mana2 persatuan dalam G3 🙂

    berita online I baca

    Khazanah’s investment portfolio hit by falling stocks

    – bad news for all investors.

    The real Wolf of Wall Street

    – this fat boy why still no tangkap.

  123. Sri Sense Nov 24,2018 12:59 PM

    Salam tengahari

    Yup apa hajar cakap betul. I suka baca tulisan Hajar dari baca tulisan HBT yang merapu tak bertempat.

    And yes I dapat contact orang2 yang di atas. Satu sokong Anwar, satu anti Anwar. Yang anti Anwar classmate Anwar MCKK. And both of them kenal I.

    Berbalik pada isu ICERD, I sokong G3, atas alasan yang mereka beri logik.

    Sekian. Terima Kaseh.

  124. Sri Sense Nov 24,2018 8:54 AM

    Good morning Tun

    I tadi sempat pergi blog ini:

    I baca then I tergelak besar. I kasi tau hubby “people I kenal in real life gaduh”. Hubby tersenyum panjang.

    I teringat masa kes penangkapan directors SRC dulu, I pernah tulis sini, salah seorang yang kena tangkap, I pernah duduk semeja dinner dengan beliau dalam satu event, it make me sad to know dia kena tangkap. His involvement in this buat I terkejut. Anyway beliau dah lepas. Anak Felda.

    Berbalik to blog atas, dear Hussein, the picture shown on your wall is indeed Ahmad Ghiti. Yup the insurance guy, from UMBC Insurance. I do know him personally. Kenal not in the 80s but early 2004. Like you he is a sweet gentle guy.

    I remember dia dulu duduk board listed company ASB, you know Ahmad Sebi, orang Tun M dan Tun Daim. I also wonder jugak macam mana penyokong PKR duduk board penyokong UMNO at that time. Then again maybe bukan politik its just keperluan perniagaan. I hilang his phone nos because my phone crashed. I hope he can contact me and I akan tanya about this.

    Take care Tun!

  125. Hajar Nov 24,2018 8:25 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Pembetulan (ejaan) dalam komen terdahulu saya pada Nov 23,2018 7:58 AM : “Jika PH meratifikasi ICERD, ini satu pengkhianatan terhadap AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA.”

    2. Terima kasih Tun kerana Kerajaan PH pimpinan Tun (berjanji) tidak akan meratifikasi ICERD. Syabas! Harapan saya perkara ini (ICERD) tidak lagi ditimbulkan di masa hadapan.

    3. Menyamakan Malaysia dengan Myanmar kerana tidak mengiktiraf dan meratifikasi ICERD ialah pendapat yang amat dangkal. Ini kerana di Malaysia penganut2 agama lain dilayan secara berhemah, dan mereka bebas mengamalkan kepercayaan mereka (selagi tidak melanggar undang2 Negara). Mereka tidak dihalau, kediaman (rumah) mereka tidak dibakar, dan mereka tidak dizalimi seperti yang berlaku di Myanmar. Adakah berita mengenai pelarian2 (pendatang) haram Malaysia ke negara2 jiran (dalam jumlah besar)? Israel bagaimana?

    4. Saya ada pengalaman menaiki bas di Eropah tidak lama dahulu. Perjalanan waktu malam dan dalam pukul 3-4 pagi (lebih kurang) bas berhenti, dan beberapa Polis dari sebuah negara (di sempadan) naik ke atas bas dan kata ‘Passport…Pasport…Passport’. Dalam banyak2 penumpang ‘passport’ saya yang diambil dan disemak di dalam kereta peronda (dalam 10-15 minit); mungkin mereka ada sistem keselamatan (untuk periksa butir2 pemegang passport) berkaitan di dalam kereta peronda. Diskriminasi kah? Ya, kebetulan cuma saya seorang sahaja memakai tudung di dalam bas tersebut. 🙁 Nasib baik rekod saya cemerlang!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  126. HBT456 Nov 24,2018 6:41 AM

    Even crossing over the road, pedestrians are killed too, and recently the hit and run case happened in cyberjaya too.

    Is it because of such incidents, then, the ruling government will ban street hawker food after working hours just to show off they care?

    Moe recommending private hotels to provide swimming pools to school children is another tak masuk akal punya idea.

    Even if hotels allowed due to force, i mean, top down instruction from ministry, saya pun tak akan bagi my children to join because swimming lessons need to be supervised and trained by swimming instructor on one to one basic with the guidance of parents, tak boleh cincai punya to tangkap muat untuk sedapkan hati orang atas atau kaum mereka saja.

    P/s: jika pemandu tidak bertimbang rasa, tak kisah dimana2 pun, golongan ini tetap akan merbahayakan diri mereka dan pedestrians on road.

  127. HBT456 Nov 24,2018 6:11 AM

    Usa authorithy too had long facing illegal drug trafficking at the mexico border, but due to resistance from human right groups, they cant do it until mr trump comes along.

    If these illegal immigrants still use force to enter the border of usa illegally even though their president declared they must come in legally, they will for sure pissed off the american voters in general.

    3. Orang melayu ni hanya perlu dicuit sedikit sahaja… Dipengaruhi dengan cerita sedikit dah cukuplah untuk mempengaruhi mereka. Bangsa yang mudah terpengaruh dengan orang.malas menggunakan otak untuk berfikir.

    This sound racist, and humiliating too, and why they did this?

    If they insist to do this, they will pissed off voters in general termasuk melayu sendiri.

    P/s: jadi pandai2 lah pendekar atau perjuang bangsa dan negeri mereka. as saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  128. milshah Nov 23,2018 11:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Walaupun kerajaan telah buat keputusan buat keputusan untuk tidak menandatangani ICERD (dimana ianya keputusan tepat), izinkan saya memberi pendapat.

    Sebenarnya isu seperti ICERD ini pernah muncul dalam sejarah negara kita iaitu di zaman penjajahan British. Selepas berakhirnya perang dunia kedua, British kembali mengambil alih kuasa dari Jepun. Sekembalinya berkuasa, British telah memperkenalkan sesuatu yang tidak pernah diperkenalkannya sebelum ini. British ingin menukar struktur pemerintahan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu kepada bentuk baru yang dikenali sebagai “Malayan Union”.

    Apakah iainya “Malayan Union”? Iainya menggabungkan kesemua negeri-negeri Melayu ke dalam satu kesatuan. Antara intipati Malayan Union adalah saki baki kuasa Sultan dikurangkan kepada hal-hal berkaitan agama Islam sahaja, orang-orang cina dan india diterima sebagai warganegara Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, dan mereka ini mempunya hak yang sama dengan orang-orang Melayu, iaitu tiada hak istimewa orang Melayu.

    Akibat dari cadangan penubuhan Malayan Union inilah, maka semangat nasionalisme Melayu terbangkit, dan tertubuhnya UMNO pada tahun 1946 untuk menentang Malayan Union ini.

    Demikianlah British tersilap langkah. Mereka dapat memerintah selama beratus-ratus tahun tetapi apabila mereka berani sentuh kesultanan, kewarganegaraan dan hak-hak istimewa orang Melayu, maka terbangkitlah orang Melayu. Tiga perkara ini adalah amat sensitif pada orang-orang Melayu.

    Kebangkitan orang Melayu inilah yang akhirnya membawa kepada kemerdekaan negara kita pada tahun 1957.

    Walaubagaimanapun, untuk mencapai kemerdekaan, British telah menetapkan syarat iaitu orang cina dan india perlu diberi hak kerakyatan. Maka atas semangat maufakat antara kaum, founding fathers negara kita, telah bersetuju untuk memberi kerakyatan kepada orang cina dan india, dengan syarat bahasa melayu adalah bahasa rasmi, agama Islam adalah agama rasmi, dan hak-hak istimewa orang Melayu dikekalkan atau dikenali sebagai kontrak sosial.

    Benar kontrak sosial ini tidak dapat dilihat untuk dibaca, tetapi intipati kontrak ini dapat dilihat dalam perlembagaan negara kita terutama artikel 153 berkenaan hak istimewa orang Melayu.

    Demikianlah orang Melayu bertolak ansur memberi hak kewarganegaraan kepada orang cina dan orang india. Maka pada tahun 1957, 1 juta orang bukan melayu menjadi warganegara persekutuan Tanah Melayu (yang kemudian dikenali sebagai Malaysia), secara jus soli.

    Apa yang ingin saya sampaikan, terdapat kesilapan umum apabila ramai yang mengatakan iainya satu bentuk diskriminasi apabila orang melayu mendapat hak-hak istimewa. Ianya bukan diskrimansi tetapi perjanjian yang dipersetujui semasa pembentukan negara ini.

    Setiap kaum mendapat hak, iaitu orang bukan melayu mendapat hak kewarganegaraan dan orang Melayu mendapat hak-hak istimewa.

    60 tahun selepas kemerdekaan, pada tahun 2018, sekali lagi kontrak sosial ini diuji (dan saya percaya kontrak sosial ini akan terus diuji pada masa-masa akan datang). Orang bukan Melayu mahukan ICERD ditandatangani. Orang Melayu mahu kekalkan kontrak sosial yang asal.

    Selagi mana ada yang ingat sejarah negara kita, mereka akan faham mengapa negara kita tertubuh sebegitu rupa. Mengapa ada institusi diraja, mengapa Bahasa Melayu adalah Bahasa Rasmi, mengapa agama Islam adalah agama rasmi dan mengapa adanya hak-hak istimewa orang Melayu.

    Kita kena kaji sejarah dan tidak semata-mata mengatakan iainya satu bentuk diskriminasi tanpa mengetahui sebab mengapa ianya terjadi sebegitu rupa.

  129. HBT456 Nov 23,2018 9:40 PM

    I guess the economical reason to legalize drug to curb illegal drug activity in canada is due to their taxation method and welfare system.

  130. HBT456 Nov 23,2018 9:26 PM

    Common sense will tell us these separatiest’s suicide bombers are related to underground drug plantations and cartel.

    After the attack of 911, i guess leaders of all over the world had began to set up policy to curb such terrorisms, and since no leaders are willing to sell them the wmd, perhaps they had no choice but used human to do such dirty works.

    Aceh punya gam pun macam ini according to indonesians, and southern thailand border also got this and asean, philliphines also got such activities.

    As for sabah and sarawak, i think its same too.

    P/s: i hope our leaders too see things differently for such terrorism, drug tolerant, or drug free, is not a trivia matter like icerd, lgbt programmes or banning of smoking and alchohol.

  131. Anak.muda Nov 23,2018 8:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum tun.

    1. Saya melihat pas umno sekarang menuju kearah yang sangat radikal dalam memainkan sentimen perkauman. Kita boleh faham objektif utama mereka adalah ingin memberi persepsi yang kerajaan PH membelakangkan melayu islam dan mereka adalah hero baru melayu islam seperti apa yang DSAI kata…

    2. Untuk melakukan sesuatu yang agak luar dari kelaziman seperti meraktifikasi icerd ni mungkin boleh dikatakan mustahil kalau masih ada pemimpin umno seperti zahid hamidi dan pemimpin pas seperti hadi awang.

    3. Orang melayu ni hanya perlu dicuit sedikit sahaja… Dipengaruhi dengan cerita sedikit dah cukuplah untuk mempengaruhi mereka. Bangsa yang mudah terpengaruh dengan orang.malas menggunakan otak untuk berfikir.

    Kalau dilihat dari statistik penghisap dadah ni pun orang melayu memang juara.pada tahun 2017 81% penghisap dadah adalah orang melayu kita(20956 dari 25922).. Kalau ingin dikatakan kerana melayu majoriti di malaysia orang melayu hanya 53% sahaja…jadi kalau ikutkan nisbah sepatutnya ade 13k penghisap dadah melayu sahajalah..

    5. Ini semua terjadi kerana orang melayu ni senang terpengaruh dengan orang lain. Mudah ikut orang lain tiada pendirian sendiri. Malas nak berfikir. ICERD memang tak boleh diraktifikasi lagi selagi pemikiran orang melayu tak berubah..

    6. Baru-baru ini hadi awang si penunggang agama cakap yang ICERD ini adalah agenda freemason… Die sedar tak kenapa negara seperti myanmar tak meraktifikasi ICERD? apa yang akan berlaku pada orang rohingya andai myanmar meraktifikasi ICERD? Orang disekeliling hadi awang, pengikut hadi awang betul2 tiada otak.mengiyakan sahaja cakap tuannya…selagi orang melayu malas befikir, selagi tulah hadi awang akan tetap menunggang agama sepuasnya kerana dia tahu, orang bodoh disekelilingnya akan mengiyakan sahaja setiap perkataan yang keluar dari mulutnya.Hanya perlu dicakap semuanya dibuat atas dasar bangsa dan agama. Maka akan bertakbirlah pengikut2 hadi awang.

    7. Dari 57 negara OIC(organisation of islamic cooperation) hanya dua negara yang tidak meraktifikasi ICERD, iaitu Malaysia dan brunei…Brunei dengan hukum hudud korup yang diperkenalkannya(pengecualian hukuman hudud kepada keturunan sultan) tidak perlu diambil pedulilah..selain brunei,myanmar lah geng kita di negara ASEAN yang tidak mengiktiraf icerd..syabas rakyat Malaysia.

    8. Walaupun saya rasa kita masih belum sampai ketahap boleh meraktifikasi icerd, kerajaan pakatan harapan pun sebenarnya dah melakukan kesilapan sejak dari awal dalam hal ini. Kita sepatutnya perlu menerangkan kepada rakyat secara terperinci apa itu icerd. Gunakan segala saluran yang ada untuk mendekati rakyat dan terangkan kepada mereka. Kerana apa kita kena berbuat begini?kerana orang melayu malas berfikir dan mudah dipengaruhi. Cukuplah hanya sekadar semasa sedang lepak minum dikedai kopi, datang sahaja puak penunggang agama 2-3 orang bercerita membangkitkan semangat pakcik2 yang sedang minum tentang perjuangan melayu islam menentang icerd. Saya pasti balik sahaja dari kedai kopi, pak2 lebai dah tak sabar untuk turun kejalan raya berjuang untuk menjadi jaguh melayu islam di era Malaysia baru.

    Tolong jaga kesihatan Tun.

  132. HBT456 Nov 23,2018 7:39 PM

    Poarched eggs lagi senang dibuat dan sihat dimakan dengan toast.

    Yup, she can hard sell her cooking style, manyak minyak, bau haruman terlalu strong, i guess being their maid kena lup lantai manyak kali kut, kasihan maid tu jika ada.

    I sure hope she wont get complaints from neigbours for all those strong favored dishes.

    Lawan tetap lawan, jika lawan tu hanya untuk sedapkan hati dan jiwa members mereka to ngap the kek, lebih baik jangan lawan.

    P/s: is lim guan eng a donkey, or horse, is still too early to tell. Success must have the tag of personal sacrifices, but can he live up with that by claiming he is malaysian first?

  133. HBT456 Nov 23,2018 12:26 PM

    Common sense will tell us that the 1mdb scandal is one of the largest kleptocrat case lead by mo#1 and his advicers ever happened in usa land that for sure will pissed off their lawmakers from republican and democrats.

    Because of this exposure, it would effect the image and confident of malaysian business community who had worked so hard to gain the recognition of usa market, and its not fair to this particular business community in concern.

    Some hard core umno members will continue to deny, justify and support dsn and his family by pointing fingers at jho low of penang and others, but dsn as prime minister (pahang) and the wife (n9) as 1st lady should not have done that because it is criminal act under white collar tak kisah mereka ini vvips atau president umno.

    I guess he, his wife and children who involved do not want to land in jail, anak elites biasanya tak boleh terima hakikatnya macam ini.

    Perhaps to some mps, they see as lessons but to some mps, they see as blessings.

    Isu macam ini pasti akan berlaku, its either dsn or his successors akan kena bak kata tabiat parti politik memang susah payah diubah after in control for more than 60 years to dictate the federsl budget.

    Today, with billions of eyes watching their moves, will they do something stupid that would lead to path of no return that would hurt their political parties, family members and business associates?

    I sure hope both of the divides wont do that if they are man enough to solve the problems with smooth transition.

    If they dont, then, they will be alot of boat rocking that can prevent the country from progressing under this tajuk.

    P/s: bolehkah parti musato survive belum tahu lagi jika ada mereka yang berusaha mempermainkan isu perkauman dan agama. jika parti musato boleh survive, itu bukan satu kebangaan atau kebangsaan yang murni dan pasti dihormati di seluruh dunia, jadi kena tanya diri, mampu bikin atau tidak.

  134. Sri Sense Nov 23,2018 8:55 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Harap dah sarapan pagi. Today I buat menemen. Hubby kata kalau makan kat kedai Turki mahal dan tak berapa sedap.

    Senang saja hanya perlu telur 4 biji, ripe tomato 2 biji, bawang besar 1 biji, ricotta cheese. Dalam frying pan taruh sedikit olive oil, bila cukup panas masuk onions dah dihiris. Masak sampai layu, kemudian masuk tomato yang telah dipotong, masuk satu sudu teh gula, garam masak semua sampai layu. Bila dah agak berair masuk telur sebijik sebijik on top of the ramuan dalam pan – seperti masak telur mata kerbau, bila dah tampak telur hampir satengah masak, taburkan ricotta cheese, tutup api. Boleh makan.

    Cuma share sahaja bukan nak lawan musato. Musato expert roti, I tidak pandai buat roti pandai beli sahaja. My favourite roti adalah freshly baked dari bakery. I miss the loaf!

    Tahniah Musato dengan buku masak. Saya doakan segala cita2 anda tercapai. Insyaallah.

    Berkenaan dengan website? Mungkin anda tersilap buat. Website ini silap sikit pun boleh jadi lintang pukang. Tapi facebook Pribumi Kuantan ok. Baru lawat.

    Kalau tak biasa buat website memang perlu sikit masa nak pandai. Facebook lebih mudah buat page. But its ok kalau ada masa, kalau tiada masa baik ambik professional buat.

    Hussein (yep I pernah bagi link kat sini) pun I find his blog jadi lintang pukang, hard to baca his postings. Hussein sebenarnya my old boss, not direct boss sebab beliau masa tu director, and I masa tu jadi PA pada one of the management staff. Hussein actually a very sweet guy. Nice of him to remember me after such a long time. I kerja situ tahun 80han. Then again sebab I cute, cantik (saja nak sakitkan hati, you know who)senang men nak ingat.


  135. Hajar Nov 23,2018 7:58 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Mengenai ICERD, saya harap Tun tanpa berlengah perlu menyatakan pendirian TEGAS yang Malaysia MENOLAK konvensyen ini. Saya ulang lagi: Malaysia negara berdaulat, dan kita tidak perlu tunduk kepada pihak luar. Hormatilah Perlembagaan kita yang telah sekian lama kita junjung.

    2. Uniknya di Malaysia orang Melayu beragama Islam. Maksudnya, Islam dan umat Islam turut akan terkesan dan mendapat akibat buruk jika Kerajaan PH mengiktiraf dan meratifikasi ICERD. Jika PH meratifikasi ICERD, ini satu penghkhiatan terhadap AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA.

    3. Saya harap Tun tidak mengulangi salah satu kesilapan besar rejim Najib yang kerjanya tidak habis2 membodek kaum Cina dan India. Salah satu sebab utama UMNO ditolak oleh kaum Melayu yang dahulunya tegar menyokong UMNO ialah kerana UMNO kelihatan sudah hilang pedoman/arah dan tidak lagi menghiraukan perjuangan asal UMNO iaitu untuk Agama, Bangsa, dan Negara. Harapan saya peminpin2 UMNO sudah insaf.

    4. Percayalah Tun, umat Islam dan Melayu di Malaysia akan ditindas habis-habisan jika ICERD diperaku dan diterima oleh Kerajaan PH. Banyak ajaran dan hukum hakam dalam Islam yang perlu kita pertahankan (jika tidak mahu dimurkai Allah SWT) yang tidak selari dengan apa yang diperjuangkan oleh golongan liberal dan penganut pluralisma agama, dan golongan yang memperjuang hak asasi manusia (yang mempromosi ICERD).

    5. Saya baca tentang berita berikut:

    (i) Give Waytha a chance, says PM

    Komen saya: Maaf cakap Tun, saya tidak nampak dan dengar apa2 penyesalan dari P. Waytha Moorthy. Orang sebegini tidak boleh dipercayai (kaki putar belit). Dasar pengkhianat negara. Elok ditarik saja kewarganegaraan si pengkhianat ini. Tun mempertahankan orang yang tidak wajar dipertahan.

    (ii) ICERD: Kerajaan jamin pelihara Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan

    Komen saya: Alahai…Hipokrit! P. Waytha Moorthy ingat orang Melayu/ Islam di Malaysia bodoh-bodoh belaka. Kita bukan bercakap tentang Perkara 153 sahaja, tetapi keseluruhan Perlembagaan Persekutuan (Malaysia). Mereka ini tidak akan ragu2 membawa kes ke mahkamah untuk menekan orang Melayu dan Islam setelah ICERD diiktiraf dan diratifikasi oleh Kerajaan PH.

    – ‘Sri Sense’, thanks for reading my comments. I believe Tun also reads my comments 🙂 … Sayang Tun 🙂 …
    – Penat melihat si Polan yang entah yang keberapa kali mengugut mahu berambus dari blog Chedet. Misi dan visi si Polan (wajah sebenar DAP) ini cuma satu, iaitu mengutuk dan menghina bangsa Melayu dan agama Islam, tetapi menuduh orang lain rasis. Si Polan ini berfahaman Taoism, dan tiada sesiapa pun yang mengutuk /menghina fahaman beliau. Jadi siapa yang rasis dan bersikap kurang ajar?

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  136. Sharudin Jamal Nov 23,2018 1:49 AM

    Dear Chedet,

    I don’t have a heart talking behind your back. So here is what’s happened behind the scene:

    What do you think Juice? Do you think I manage to scramble his neuro-associative conditioning? Tony Robbins did even more drastic pattern interruptions. This is mild LOL.

    Now, Juice these are my observations, they are neither true or false. Only Chedet can reaffirm that. What I am doing is part hypnosis and part auto-suggestion.

    This will be interesting. If he publish, Chedet is game. If not he is one of those with insecurity about sex ROTFLMAO.

    Brenda X said, “This is you Sha, you don’t give a damn about what you want to say”.

    Alas Brenda, those with specialized knowledge and the ability to communicate it will have what the kings used to have – Unlimited Power.

    “Hahaha, Sha, oh, Sha, you are funny but you are cocky.”

    Hahaha, better than cocky but funny, isn’t it?

    “So true, my darling”


    Forgive me Vader for I have sin LMAO LMAO.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  137. musato Nov 22,2018 10:35 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Maaf. Ralat, page yang dikemaskini oleh saya sekarang adalah page Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia Parlimen Kuantan.

    Saya tak tahu apa yang berlaku, tetapi nama page PPBM kelihatan tunggang langgang. Duduk bahagian lain, tapi guna nama kuantan.

    Mungkin ada hati nak hijack Bahagian Kuantan kot.

    Nak hijack tempat musato duduk ler tu…

    Terima kasih Tun.

  138. Sharudin Jamal Nov 22,2018 8:26 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    I cannot *[] making these observations;

    * External intervention.

    – Chedet compartmentalizes his breaks based on prayer times
    – He sleeps max 1:00 am
    – At home on Saturdays he starts work at 8:00 am
    – He is a speed reader
    – Chedet has a youthful mind in an aging body (I say at least 40 years difference)
    – He has the eyes of a child
    – Chedet thinks in absolutes
    – Chedet is as vigorous as a young man sexually
    – He still have a strong sexual drive
    – He likes history
    – Chedet is a technology geek

    Now Chedet, this is a personal observation based on evidence Sir. It is something I share with you because I have a high sensory acuity. You don’t have to publish it.

    Something to ease your tension. Hey, at least I’m being frank LMAO.

    Take care… Love you.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  139. HBT456 Nov 22,2018 8:10 PM

    Even johor allowed their citizens to operate after office hours, if it is bribe, then, prove it.

    P/s: full banning of smoking, or declare special zone contohnya, you dont smoke, then, seat inside air con zone, if you smoke, then sit open air zone, and make sure the owners of the premises do the sweeping, itu saja. For pub, the owners need to install smoke ventalation if not their customers sure blah lor. But, no smoke, no alchohol also got cancer, how you going to analyse this? Healthy vs economic activities, ph decides because thats vote counts too.

  140. HBT456 Nov 22,2018 7:56 PM

    When these so called mosquitoes ngo made noises, then, you will know whats in their mind.

    Like sri sense said dia tak akan lupa ini itu, just google search the profile of tim and simone lee, you will know what happened,

    She thinks insiders ini buta, or outsiders pekak?

    Bak kata, tak nak tak pa, tapi jangan hina as if her race is the most superior race.

    P/s: those who live in glass house should not throw stones because everyone can see from outside. if this is not racist, anti-chinese, then what is it?

  141. Sharudin Jamal Nov 22,2018 6:56 PM

    Yes Adelheid,

    I share the same concern.

    Cipher text:

    Go figure 🙂

    MSC 0072

  142. Sharudin Jamal Nov 22,2018 6:37 PM

    Greetings Chedet,

    In the spirit of Raja Dr Nazrin’s speech, today I talk about Liberation Management:

    First thing that comes to mind is maturity. Next is abundance mentality. Finally is trust.

    The only setback is those in power is scared to let go of power. They are thinking in scarcity. Actually this is the issue with men who are insecure physiologically.

    I know it may sound funny, but men with certain physical condition are insecure. So they fortify their surrounding with pseudo security. This is not a hypothesis. Hitler and Napoleon suffered from this physical condition.

    I’ll make it short. Liberation Management require 3 major components:

    * Intelligent Workforce
    * The Right Attitude
    * People With Integrity

    It applies across the board especially from the top.

    Not all in the workforce can be liberated. a dumb, lazy and dishonest person doesn’t belong in this environment.

    All 3 components cannot be developed in an instant. They require inculcation and gestation of values, beliefs and culture.

    All we need now is the critical mass to cross the chasm. Besides thought leaders we need paradigm shifters; men and women who take the bull by the horn.

    People who understand that excellent servicemen/women = excellent service quality level.

    In the end we are here to serve. This service mentality is what makes us want to go the extra mile.

    I got to edit a few sentences to avoid profanity but as a whole the idea of Liberation Management is Freedom of Expression by the citizens within the boundary of self-actualization.

    Einstein said, “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom”.

    Keep fighting the good fight Chedet.

    Veni, vedi, vici.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  143. musato Nov 22,2018 5:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Terima kasih Sri Sense.

    Saya sekarang ada sedikit peluang untuk mengemaskini page PPBM Bahagian Kuantan. Jadi kalau boleh setiap hari juga saya kemaskinikan.

    Di sini Tun dah tak tulis berkenaan masalah lagi. Jadi tiada apa nak difikirkan.

    Cuma saya terfikirkan untuk menemui Tun. Saya sedang cari untuk slot tersebut. InsyaAllah kalau dapat. Saya pun bukan tahu sangat.

    Sebelum ini saya tiada keperluan untuk jumpa Tun. Sekarang pun tiada keperluan. Cuma berniat untuk ziarah dan sebagai menunjukkan tanda berterima kasih.

    Kalau boleh saya nak dapatkan kata kata aluan untuk buku terbitan saya, sebagai cenderahati bagi diri saya sendiri. InsyaAllah.

    Bukan buku politik atau seumpamanya. Cuma buku yang di dalamnya ada resepi meroti. Resepi inilah yang saya gunakan untuk mencari rezeki lepas saya berhenti bank.

    Pekerjaan itulah yang saya gunakan sepanjang saya menulis dan berada di sini.

    Sudah tentu juga, saya berasa amat perlu berterima kasih pada Tun kerana sudi menjalankan idea idea dan pandangan saya selama ini. Lebih lebih lagi walaupun selepas menjawat jawatan PM sekarang.

    Sekarang Menteri Pendidikan sedang berusaha melaksanakan penguasaan kemahiran di air/renang bagi pelajar sekolah.

    Saya kira hampir 3 tahun telah saya tulis berkenaan renang di sini. Anak saya sekolah rendah baru baru ini pun dah berani terjun dari platform dan habiskan 50m freestyle dan sekali lagi 50m, kolam Sukma.

    Tidaklah terlalu serius sampai upah jurulatih profesional. Cuma main main dan ikut kemahuan/keberanian kemahiran anak anak. Just for fun.

    Biasanya saya tulis ‘kebetulan’.

    Tapi bukanlah satu kebetulan bila perkataan ‘lanun Bugis’ digunakan oleh Tun untuk menggambarkan Najib satu ketika dulu.

    Anti Rasuah bersetuju dengan perkataan ‘lanun’ yang ditulis oleh saya. Saya ada baca komennya dan tahu.

    Tapi lepas kecoh satu Indonesia dan Malaysia berkenaan perkataan lanun ini, anti rasuah terus hilang.

    Pastinya menulis di sini bukan sekadar mainan.

    Saya dah kata Najib bukan pencuri, tapi adalah lanun. Maka sampailah satu masa Tun Mahathir/PM keluarkan kenyataan bahawa kerosakan yang berlaku adalah lebih buruk dari jangkaan.

    Apakah saya tidak perlu berterima kasih pada pemimpin yang dikasihi ramai rakyat jelata?

    Saya perlu dapatkan cenderahati kata kata aluan dari beliau untuk buku meroti saya (belum dikemaskini lagi, tapi material dah ada). InsyaAllah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  144. Sri Sense Nov 22,2018 4:28 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Goldman drops after downgrade by Morgan Stanley on 1MDB

    – I remember Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. Kimora fashion model and fashion designer. Show ini ada di tayang kat Astro E channel. Masa tu I suka tengok cara Kimora jalan her successful urban couture line, Baby Phat, and her newer fashion line, KLS. At that time her husband Russell Simmons and not Tim Leissner. She married Tim Leissner in 2013. Just sharing maybe Tun nak tau.

  145. HBT456 Nov 22,2018 1:37 PM

    Edi rejang is terminated by his employer, but, government can provide him a job.

    This is the public obligation of the needy that any ruling governments need to do due to his naive in playing the racial card tanpa timbang rasa sebagai warga negara ini that would made the voters to generalize his race as racist, and thats bad and unfair to his race.

    P/s: i sure hope he learned his lesson, and if that person that he bullied is not a lady of a company with social corporate responsiblility, he might be belasah kow kow.

  146. HBT456 Nov 22,2018 1:27 PM

    When a country had excessive law to govern their people without transparency, the corruption rate of bribing is definitely higher.

    Yup, they can sue goldman sachs, but the chances of goldman sachs will win the case is higher.


    The pr company does not have the obligation to differentiate corruption or lobby cost.

    Ex-pm cum mof dsn can claimed penangite jho low cheated him, but he cannot denied his family in accepting the bribes, i mean, lobby cost in commission cash and hadiah form, betul tak?

    It looks like umno-pas had decided to do anti-rally icerd in kl, will they bring along their magnet super star this time, zakir naik?

    Even if they bring in orang kampong in kl by force with or without permit, they are shaming themselves only.

    If their political parties still got cash, and boleh sponsor the kampong folks for 1 day makan angin trip, tak da masalah because these kampong folk are legal tourists can increase businesses of penjaja for makan and shopping, bak kata, the money that they spent is still in myr what.

    Jika pdrm tak cukup kakitangan, the ruling government can get mat syabu mod punya pasukan rela to jaga keamanan anti-protest ini, murah aja, upah myr100 with lunch boxes provided untuk 10 jam kerja, kan, rezeki ini halah di sisi labor market rate, betul tak?

    P/s: melayu punya pemimpin bodoh, sengsara atau tamak, itu terpulang kepada ajaran agama mereka, and thats nothing the government and political parties can do, bak kata, mind our own business.

  147. adelheid Nov 22,2018 11:42 AM

    Dear Tun,

    How are you Tun? I hope you are doing fine with the very busy schedule you have running here and there. I just cannot help worrying how you cope with everything. Keep going strong my dearest Tun, but remember your health is of utmost importance too.

    Tun, I guess it isn’t too late to wish you Selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul 1440H 2018. I wish Tun Siti Hasmah the same, your Muslims readers too. Great people are remembered beyond their own times and for the contributions they made and legacies they left for humanity. ‘Greatness is when you rise above your times and create an example of goodness and justice for all humanity for all time.’

    Tun, our Malaysia has a long way to go before our people will learn to accept each other’s differences. It isn’t something that will happen with the click of a switch. But that day will come, though it may take some time, for people to learn acceptance and defeat pride.

    Tun, I hope you will serve at least a full term as our Prime Minister. To heal a wound will take time, to heal a nation and a country will take a life time. Two years is a short time frame for you to mend what has been left by the crooks. And I dread to think if you would leave us in the hands of a worse crook than the last! Please re-think about this Tun. It isn’t just about passing the baton. It’s about the survival of a people a nation a country.

    Love you dear Tun Dr. Mahathir. Do take good care.

  148. sibotak Nov 22,2018 11:37 AM

    Pakatan Harapan ke , UMNO ke
    Kerajaan Malaysia akan membentuk Malaysia merlandaskan Sunnah dan AlQuran

    Menteri Dalam Negeri , Bapak Polisi
    Perlu banteras gejala Ah Long , Gansterism ,Prostitutions ,Rasuah dan sebagainya sebelum Malaysia melangkah jauh , berjiran malah ke peringkat International

    Menteri perlu Hapuskan atau Kurangkan Gejala Maksiat ini
    Sebab inlah punca Kehancuran individu ,Kehancuran Keluarga , Kehancuran Rakyat
    Tubuhkan satu Badan bagi membenteras tubu tubu anasir Gangsterism , AhLong dan sebagainya
    Ini bukan Budaya kita , Ini bukan Ajaran kita
    Yang ramai golongan kita telah terjebak akan Budaya ini

    PM Lee Kuan Yew semasa beliau membangunkan Singapura
    Beliau juga membenteras Gansterism di Singapura
    Sebab ini adalah punca Kehancuran Negara, Punca Gejala yang akan Membantutkan Pembangunan dan Kemajuaan Negara

  149. milshah Nov 22,2018 10:42 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Trump dengan jelas telah membela Saudi berkenaan pembunuhan penulis akhbar Jamal Khashoggi.

    Bayangkanlah, musuh ketat Islam, Trump yang begitu rapat dengan negara zionist Israel, membela negara Saudi, tempat terletaknya Mekah dan Madinah.

    Ramai tertanya apabila Palastin dibom dan ditindas, mengapakah tiada negara Islam yang datang membantu? Kalau Saudi, pemimpin kepada negara-negara Islam pun dibela oleh Trump, memang tidak mungkinlah negara-negara Islam membantu Palastin. Begitu juga Mesir, yang telah menutup sempadannya dengan Palastin, maka sukarlah untuk rakyat Palastin mendapat bekalan-bekalan makanan. Rakyat Palastin terkepung dan negara mereka menjadi penjara.

    Tun pernah bertanya, mengapakah negara-negara Islam tidak menggunnakan minyak sebagai senjata untuk menentang Israel dan sekutunya Amerika Syarikat? Mengapa negara-negara Islam berpeluk tubuh melihat sahaja kesengsaraan rakyat Palastin?

    Inilah jawapannya untuk semua melihat.

  150. HBT456 Nov 22,2018 8:40 AM

    Pictures of kuasa 3 speaks thousand of words, and what is in the mind of tdm, i guess his kaki bodek like sri sense race knows very well.

    It is not a secret what to the insiders.

    Yup, movie-goers in the world will spend money to watch that movie, but will they be allowed to produce this movie under copyright of hollywood is still too early to tell since the slogan of mr trump is to make america great again, and can he survives or not, its still too early to tell.

    The hollywood movie of rich boy’s club starring kevin spacey couldnt sell due to his sexual harrassment that pissed off the hollywood entertainment industry, and movie goers is another concerns to them too.

    It is about favoratism and absolute power, it was never about nation building to include all races, but, you must get the mandate from the political parties and voters, and thats common sense.

    P/s: each time when there is important summit in asia, the usa president couldnt make it, and this time around is devastating of forest fire that burned over 1000 human lives and millions dollar worth of property. The writing of puppet china, pro-usa, anti-israel or anti- jews are just conspiracy writings only, or in other words, spinning stories to make themselves tampak righteous and bijak, itu saja.

  151. HBT456 Nov 21,2018 11:51 PM

    If i stay longer in this blog, i will become weak and racist just like them.

    Its not about nation building, its all about personal power struggling within their circles of influence to dictate the budget.

    When things turned messy, they just sue here and there entah untuk apa.

    Its scary, uncertain, insecure and could lead to another cycle of anger, hatred and sabotage just to cover themselves,

    Racism and extremism are very much alive in here.

    Henceforth, the best way out is to leave this blog without questioning.

  152. Sri Sense Nov 21,2018 9:06 PM

    Salam Tun

    I kalau free rajin baca news dan blogs, ada masa I ketawa, ada masa I sedih membaca tulisan mereka.

    Lain masa free sebab dah retired, I tengok Astro. Movies channel, Masak Channel but mostly US products. I seldom tengok Malay channel and I never minat Parliment thing. If Astro tidak ada product ini, I pun tak kisah. Not my thing.

    I seldom baca komentari sini. Hajar I baca, Musato I baca, Mubarak Chan kadang2 I baca.

    Kalau HBT tu lagi I elak baca sebab I tahu dia kaki meraban dan tidak hormat orang lain. Baca sekali dua, lepas tu tak payah la. Dia kaki spin macam politician. Mungkin dia politician or mungkin dia otak tak betul.

    Berbalik pada apa I baca online, I nak kongsi link dengan Tun, mungkin Tun nak tau

    I say No! to ICERD

    1MDB: The Movie

    Link kedua ini kelakar, kalau betul ada movie, I tak kisah bayar duit tengok movie ini.

    Goodnight Tun.

  153. Fender Nov 21,2018 7:18 PM

    On the day we remember the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, may all Muslims esp. those in this country follow his teaching and path. By not living a life in accordance to his teaching, one is distorting the truth. Others won’t take you seriously.

  154. HBT456 Nov 21,2018 1:46 PM

    The british believes even if you are not happy with some issues, you dont need to be hostile toward those issues.

    But, it looks like she is getting hostile now.


    Tdm knows better, and it is up to him to decide what he needs to do to have smooth transition to dsai.

    Jika dia tarak suka, takpa, there are many different races of mps including those from sabah and sarawak are more than willing to replace her to favor economic development, ada atau tak da kaum dia, langsung tak da hal, macam ada kaum mca gerakkan cina atau tak da, langsung tak da hal.

    P/s: they know they like to take bribes, and yet they paid bribes to them, jika itu bukan bodoh, then, they must be greedy thinking political party can be trusted walaupun mereka beragama yang sama?

  155. HBT456 Nov 21,2018 1:12 PM

    Can, she can say what she wants, will there be another low yat ugly fightings due to hasutan ini, and no action is taken?

    But kata, if her race still dont behave and follow the rules and regulations set, her will be left behind, itu saja.

    Bumi melayu atau malay sia, itu terpulang kepada citarasa mereka sendiri.

    P/s: even if you bring japanese in again, they still eat with fingers in which japanese, atau orang putih also cannot do anything about it.

  156. Sri Sense Nov 21,2018 12:30 PM


    I dan hubby kalau dapat whatsapps apa sekali pun kami tak pernah forward. Kami baca dan lihat.

    I rajin baca berita online, yang mana I rasa penting sahaja.

    I nampak heading about beer promoter kena marah I also tak baca. Lepas tu I nampak heading minta maaf dengan beer promoter I also tak faham.

    Dapat tau sikit, something about this guy marah beer promoter suruh cakap Melayu sebab Bumi Melayu. And ada kaki forward forward the identity of this guy, anak dia, something like that.

    Kalau melihat dari news sekali imbas, I would say yang salah kaki forward. Yang keduanya adakah beer promoter tu promote beer pada this guy bercakap bahasa Cina? Adakah orang DAP nak naik bahasa Cina mengganti Bahasa Inggeris.

    Kalau lihat dari kemarahan Sultan Johor dan Sultan Selangor, sikap tidak baik ini sedang menular dengan sekelip mata. Just because LGE Minister of Finance, lagak sudu lebih dari kuah.

    I nak cerita about buying laptop. I bought laptop before GE, kedai milik kaum Cina di Subang Parade but after that asyik crash, sebab mereka letak segala benda dalamnya. I kena buang sendiri banyak Tun. Nasib baik I pandai serba sikit.

    After that due to microsoft updates my laptop hilang suara. So I pergi balik suruh budak sini betulkan. Bukan saja dia betulkan dia juga letak homepage bahasa Cina kat my laptop. Can you imagine that? Bukan dia tak tau I boleh berbahasa Inggeris dan Melayu sahaja. Tak pasal2 I kena buang dan betulkan sendiri.

    Its either rude or bodoh, that’s all I can say. Orang Melayu nak beli barang my advise please beli dari company Melayu, kalau tak you dapat problem mereka asyik promo bahasa mereka eperti Malaysia ini sudah jadi negara China.

    Sekian Terima Kasih.

  157. HBT456 Nov 21,2018 12:18 PM

    But he is caught of power abuse in money laundering when he was the bn chairman, pm and mof, and whatever, he claimed now is meaningless also.

    Everyone is aware the next agong is from pahang, therefore, whether we like it or not, we must follow such constitutional ruling, itu saja.

    We may agree to disagree, but we cannot disagree or reject as long as you carry malaysian ic and passport.

    P/s: prejudice and price are meaningless when others follow, but they dont follow, betul tak?

  158. HBT456 Nov 21,2018 11:56 AM

    Berdoa, everyone also can do, no need to show-off punya.

    When berdoa, the niat murni must be from their hearts, bukan sekadar untuk menyedapkan hati mereka saja untuk syiok sendiri padahal ada mereka yang tak betul.

    I am not a fan of bollywood, henceforth, i wish them all the best in many years to come.

    P/s: the only thing that we can share together is to enjoy many public holidays with the management discretion of at least number no of minimum public holidays must be fulfilled, tapi gaji tak naik2 pun, mana cukup makan. Therefore, jangan pandai2 nak bikin naikkan minimum gaji as if the private sector untung manyak to show off the government care for the people.

  159. sibotak Nov 21,2018 10:57 AM

    Luv to see the coming of Pakistan President Imran Khan
    Welcome to Malaysia , Sir

    Hope Tun & Imran together be able to
    Make Efforts to Unite The Muslim World
    Making an Effort to Unite The Muslim World
    Will be The Key Success

    We have many visitings, Tun
    From day 1 of Tun being our Leader
    Unlike Najib which we see no Visitors
    Suddenly A Very pitiful Arab donates Najib Billion of Dollars
    Don’t know where this comics story comes from ?
    Felt sympathy towards The Arab Donors,Honestly

    Upon your retirement and yr passing on the musical chair to Anwar
    Hope you will have a post representing Malaysia
    Make Efforts To Unite The Muslim World
    Be able , Succeed or Not ,Its our Doa’s & Efforts to make it happen
    To Make it a Success

    Berdoa Tanpa Usaha…….Itu Bohong
    Berusaha Tanpa Doa…….Itu Sombong

  160. HBT456 Nov 21,2018 12:33 AM

    Please do not allow politics in schools by top down instruction.

    If they insist to do it, then, they will go back to square one, that is political parties to decide who gets what, and who dont get whats.

    Mana ada democracy?

    Bak kata, bagi bukit emas pun tarak guna.

    By the end of the day, the result is ultra, atau tidak kukuh.

    P/s: jika hanya hati dan jiwa melayu mesti dijaga, then, there is no point to talk about fairness and equality, tak gitu?

  161. HBT456 Nov 21,2018 12:01 AM

    I am not muslim, therefore, i chosen to leave without questioning.

    P/s: now she can do what she wants, no one will question them.

  162. Sri Sense Nov 20,2018 6:34 PM


    I sangat gembira dengan titah Tuanku – Sultan Selangor.

    Tun sebenarnya bagus jadi PM sebab Tun bijak dari Najib dan PM sebelum ini. Tun tau cari tempat yang baik untuk naikkan nama Malaysia. Najib hanya pandai berpesta. At one time I ingat semasa zaman Tun jadi PM dulu, Malaysia dapat jolokkan the cili padi country.

    Tapi Tun kalah sebab Menteri keliling Tun sekarang ramai tak betul. Maaf cakap orang Melayu sekarang dah ramai marah. Frank Swettenham pernah menulis orang Orang Melayu pada amnya bersopan santun, beradab serta peramah tapi suka mengamok bila kepala selalu kena pijak.

    Sekian Terima Kaseh.

  163. HBT456 Nov 20,2018 5:41 PM

    I would say lim kit siang is also another laughing stock here, 2 x 5, as if outsiders do not know what is happening in this country?

    So old edi, still want to poke fun on your own race?

    As chinese saying goes, never go to the extreme path until no return.

    P/s: chinese race already gave politically, and if they give up economically, then, all the chinese political parties need to close shops, you want this to happen?

  164. HBT456 Nov 20,2018 4:15 PM

    We are treated as pendatang for decades, and yet they do not want to mengaku.


    Greed is very much alive in their blood dari dulu hingga sekarang.

    If i am mca, i will divorce umno if umno wants to marry pas, to tell them not to take us for granted.

  165. HBT456 Nov 20,2018 4:03 PM

    Anthing that they touched, it will become batu, and valueless.

    Yup, beggars cant choose, but if they main kotor, and by force, thats nothing we can do.

    P/s: the correct way of saying is it is compulary for malay muslim to choose either pas or umno in terengganu and kelantan.

  166. sibotak Nov 20,2018 10:56 AM

    Salam Menyambut Maulidur Rasul
    Semoga Umat Islam dapat Bersatu Memegang Tali Allah
    Dan Tidak Berpecah Belah antara Ummah

    Inilah Kunci Kelemahan Ummah sekarang
    Semoga kita Bersatu bermula diri kita sendiri sesama Keluarga
    Jiran , Kampung , Masyarakat dan Dunia Islam yg sekarang digugat olih
    Fitnah & Kekejaman

  167. Hajar Nov 20,2018 8:29 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Salam MAULIDUR RASUL buat Tun dan Tun Hasmah serta seluruh umat Islam.

    Saya doakan semua umat Islam bersatu, dan mengetepikan apa saja permusuhan politik demi memelihara kesucian Islam dan maruah bangsa.

    Saya suka melihat perpaduan di antara UMNO dan PAS (walaupun sekian lama menjadi musuh politik) dalam mempertahankan kesucian Islam, dan juga mempertahankan maruah Melayu Islam yang dicabar serta diperkotak-katikkan oleh segelintir orang bukan Islam di Malaysia (yang dahulunya dikenali sebagai Persekutuan Tanah Melayu).

    Nama jalan-jalan di Selangor yang diletakkan tulisan Cina (di atas tulisan Melayu) satu contoh sikap biadab orang Cina terhadap orang Melayu Islam yang rata-rata amat bertolak ansur dalam banyak hal. Sultan Selagor sudah bertitah tentang hal ini.

    Kepada orang Melayu Islam yang suka (tabiat buruk) sangat menghina kaum sendiri dan turut menghina Islam dengan pelbagai hujah yang mereka anggap amat cerdik (tetapi membuka pekung di dada tentang tahap kefahaman mereka tentang Islam dan tahap pemikiran mereka), insaflah.

    Jika orang Melayu sendiri sanggup menghina (secara melampau) kaum Melayu dan agama Islam, tidak hairanlah jika yang bukan Melayu/Islam tanpa segan silu turut menghina Melayu/Islam dengan lebih teruk. Jadi, berpada-padalah…

    Lihat saja perangai rasis Menteri Waytha Moorthy yang tanpa segan silu memfitnah Malaysia dan agama Islam (umat Islam) di seluruh dunia. Menteri PH ini sungguh menjengkelkan. Yang lebih menghairankan dan amat memualkan ada pula Melayu Islam yang mempertahankan orang yang teramat kurang ajar ini (mempromosi ICERD pula). Kononnya, kenyataan dibuat beberapa tahun lalu. Mudah sungguh orang ini disucikan oleh PH (yelah geng sendiri). Maaf cakap. Jika benar-benar berhati mulia, maafkan jugalah musuh-musuh politik anda semua (mereka pun sudah tumbang; tiada kuasa). Ini baru betul-betul berhati mulia.

    Orang yang berhati mulia tidak akan terus menerus memijak/menendang orang yang telah jatuh atau tumbang dengan teruk tanpa belas ihsan.

    Contohilah keperibadian mulia Nabi Muhammad SAW, SURI TAULADAN bagi umat Islam (manusia).

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  168. Sri Sense Nov 20,2018 8:00 AM


    I teringat masak I sekolah rendah, ada Perarakan Maulidur Rasul. Seronok. Rasa bangga jadi orang Islam. Arak-arakan satu bandar, last stop masjid, ada tersedia makan minum ringan.

    Dah tua2 ini I wonder ada lagi kah? Yang I dengar acapkali arak-arakan Thaipusam. Dari muda sampai tua, tiada perubahan, sama sahaja.

    Sekian Terima Kaseh.

  169. Sri Sense Nov 19,2018 11:33 PM

    Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul kepada rakan-rakan yang beragama Islam. Semoga perpaduan dan keharmonian menyertai kita semua.

  170. musato Nov 19,2018 10:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul.

    Pernah saya rekodkan kalau tak salah saya dalam tahun 2010/2011 gambaran wajah Rasulullah saw di ruangan komen ini.

    Keperluan rekod itu dilakukan setelah mendengar penjelasan ustaz Badlishah di satu siaran radio semasa mengenai gambaran Rasulullah saw.

    Benarlah seperti yang disebut sebut, wajah Rasulullah saw itu bercahaya.

    Dituliskan juga di dalam buku mengenai mimpi Rasulullah saw, bahawa pertama kali melihat Rasulullah saw adalah tiada terlintas ingatan lain dalam fikiran si pemimpi melainkan terus sahaja tertuju kepada Rasulullah saw.

    Ya, Allah apa yang kamu telah perbuatkan kepada aku ya Allah?, sambil air mata mengalir laju mengenangkan nasib diri terperangkap di sini.

    “Adakah itu kamu ya Rasulullah”
    “Adakah itu kamu ya Rasulullah!”
    “Adakah itu kamu ya Rasulullah!!”

    Sambil baginda menggosok bahagian belakang badan sambil membaca sesuatu dan seterusnya memeluk dari belakang.

    Setelah selesai, maka telah diperlihatkan dan seterusnya diberi jawapan siapa gerangan orang asing tersebut.

    Sinar cahaya yang terang benderang terpancar dari wajah yang diperlihatkan sehingga di dalam sekalipun perkataan SUBHANALLAH!!! terpancul dari mulut dan seterusnya terjaga dari tidur.

    Mimpi ketika tidur tengahari. Di mana antara tanda tanda kebenarannya, iaitu bermimpi Rasulullah saw di siang hari.

    Salam sejahtera ke atas Rasulullah saw.

    Seperti mana salam yang disampaikan di makam baginda tempohari di Mekah, yang membuatkan saya beralih tempat tidur di Malaysia.

    Sesungguhnya Rasulullah saw memberi syafaat kepada umatnya. Semoga saya dan keluarga turut beroleh syafaat dari Rasulullah saw. InsyaAllah.

    Selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul

    Terima kasih Tun.

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