1. Saya tidak tahu samada “memperasuahan” adalah satu perkataan dalam bahasa Melayu. Tetapi sama ada perkataan ini ada atau tidak, perbuatan memperasuahan memang kerap dilakukan dalam masyarakat manusia. Maknanya ialah perbuatan menyemai sifat buruk ini dalam masyarakat sehingga menjadi sebahagian dari budayanya. Masyarakat yang terima budaya ini, tidak lagi berasa segan atau malu dengan pemberian dan penerimaan rasuah, yang kadang-kadang disebut sebagai “tumbuk rusuk” atau “makan suap”.
2. Rasuah tetap diamal oleh semua masyarakat manusia. Tetapi biasanya masyarakat anggap rasuah sebagai satu amalan yang keji dan buruk. Mereka yang mengamal rasuah akan menyembunyi perbuatan mereka kerana sedar yang ianya adalah sesuatu amalan yang salah disisi undang-undang dan agama juga.
3. Tetapi apabila masyarakat terima amalan rasuah sebagai perkara biasa yang boleh diamal secara terbuka, maka tidak lagi ada perasaan segan silu apabila melakukannya, baik oleh pemberi atau penerima.
4. Di zaman pemerintahan yang percaya “cash is king” atau “wang adalah raja” maka pemberian dan penerimaan rasuah menjadi satu dari nilai hidup dan budaya, terutama dikalangan orang Melayu.
5. Apa sahaja sanggup dibuat jika disogok dengan wang atau pemberian yang diminati. Soal baik buruk sesuatu yang diberi atau diarah tidak termasuk dalam pertimbangan.
6. Percanggahan dengan undang-undang, bahkan berdosa dari segi agama tidak diambil kira. Yang diutamakan ialah pendapatan yang memuaskan nafsu.
7. Masyarakat tahu, mereka tahu sogokan dianggap sebagai perbuatan yang tidak baik dan dilarang. Tetapi penerima tidak fikir panjang. Baik, tidak baik; tetapi sogokan memuaskan nafsu dan dipercayai menguntungkan. Oleh itu terima sahajalah. Kesan buruk terhadap masyarakat adalah perkara remeh dan gampang.
8. Sudah tentu perasaan kebangsaan dan kesan terhadap bangsa dan negara tidak lebih utama dari nafsu penerima rasuah.


  1. HBT456 Jan 2,2019 7:13 PM

    Today, we have international schools, and if parents do not want to enrol their children in kebangsaan schools, they can always enrol them in these international schools if they can afford.

    If cannot afford, then, choose sekolah melayu, cina, tamil dan agama jenis kebangsaan, itu saja.

    When they finished form 5, these students may choose to enrol in local universities if their parents cannot afford, or international universities, if their parents afford.

    It is too late to change, revert or overhaul the nasional education, and whoever become the moe and mohe ministers, they can only improve only.

    The rest is history.

    P/s: should jpa scholarship to overseas be continued base on race and religion preferences?

  2. HBT456 Jan 2,2019 6:55 PM

    It is up to tdm’s bersatu to decide whether to respect and accept the existence of independence chinese schools after merdeka.

    If he didnt say anything, then, treat it as a blessings since we have generla electionnin every 5 years.

    P/s: can bersatu survives when tdm no longer around? after going through all these ugly politicking, it makes no sense who can jual better with the formulae of ruling and shadow governments since the malay, pkr and pas can never survive without handicap, atau tongkat for more than 60 years now.

  3. sibotak Jan 2,2019 5:09 PM

    Saya berpendapat MP Kerajaan juga MP Pembangkang
    Tidak bolih menyuarakan pandangan mereka yg berkaitan Parlimen
    di laluan Media Social
    Kelihatan Najib sering mengeluh di Media Social persoalan sesi Parlimen
    Ini bakal mengelirukan Rakyat , juga menggangu Keputusan Parlimen
    Jika yg dibangkang Bernas , Harus di terima di Parlimen
    Tetapi apa yg di bangkang dan dikeluhkan di Media Social lebih berbau menghasut rakyat membenci Keputusan Kerajaan.
    Maka saya amat syorkan ISA Wajib di tubuhkan semula.

    Begitu juga jika ada Sesiapa atau siapa juga yg Berdarjat jika perlu komen harus di jemput ke Parlimen sebagai Pembangkang .
    Dan Pembangkang ini juga perlu bertanding di PRU akan datang .
    Ini Zaman Suara Rakyat di Utamakan melalui sidang Parlimen
    Bukan di Media Social

    Saya amat peka Kerajaan Harus menindasi Komplot Gangsterism di seluruh Malaysia . Supaya dapat kita bersama Hidup tanpa Rasuah ,Perjudian , Gejala Ah long dan sebagainya punca segala penyakit social sekarang
    Malaysia juga perlu pertingkatkan Ketenteraan yg Ketinggalan amat jauh dari Negara Maju

  4. HBT456 Jan 2,2019 12:37 PM

    With this kind of political environment, the good ones with economic senses for sure would be left out and they will be replaced by the bad and ugly ones.

    P/s: all they care is janji menang, itu saja.

  5. HBT456 Jan 2,2019 12:16 PM

    Kenapa pulak di saman under akta kastam, but not under housing act for storing dangerous products that could caused explosion and fire in private housing?

    Now you understand why until today, perak is still mundur, and even makcik2 giler glamour popek popek complained no development, and bangga kata mosques dan kuil india besar di sini sana just because they are lawyers, or activisits?

    As saying goes, if lantern is made of cow/animal skin, and not paper, it can never lightened up as lantern.

    These little napoleons for sure will sink ph ship, and malaysians can never live up to their law of jungle, therefore, migrate is the best way out.

    P/s: suka hati mereka nak kata apapun to make their political masters happy, and chinese political parties’ leaders for sure will keep quiet one kerana takut hilang undi melayu, muslim, bumiputra muslim dan marginalized indians, itu saja.

  6. HBT456 Jan 1,2019 8:51 PM

    Dont forget, international tobacco companies too need to survive, and since direct exposure of smoking advertisement and promotion campaigns are banned many years back in exchange for heatlhy lifestyle, they have made savings in this a&p budget, and will continue to re-invest in their core businesses to save more lives, for eg, they can always have choice to invest in institutionalized and insurance investment companies, medication breakthrough research, awareness campaign in educating their smokers not to abuse the habit of smoking, as it does killed, and oher businesses that create jobs, but definitely not to create smuggling activities in any countries in this world, and thats why they will work with any authorithy of any countries, thats internationsl businesses.

    P/s: even brits dont give a shit to these no smoking signs, and they still smoke as long as no one complained.

  7. HBT456 Jan 1,2019 6:35 PM

    To continue to split votes via wang politik dan rasuah politik to stay in power, or to transform this country to next level, the choice is on the hand of the voters, not ngo, activists, club or political parties of the divide.

    P/s: i am not malay and muslim, but if you insist to benchmark this country with absolute islamic ruling countries, then, i will cast a tak nak vote to ph, itu saja because thats our money, not their family atau parti politik mereka punya money of the past, current and future voters regardless of your race, religion and political background.

  8. HBT456 Jan 1,2019 6:20 PM

    His task is to split votes in bn strong states, and he had succeeded.

    He can say what he wants, and even pas president in giving media speech in london, wont change the fact on their ugliness in their greed for absoulute islamic monarchy power in these 10 years that we had witnesses that had destroyed the gabungan of bn of 60 years in power, and the peace and harmony that was passed down for decades since merdeka among races, and religion faiths

    If dap still stick to agree to disagree with pas stand, they will be voted out too, thats no question about it.

    Pas can either merge with umno or pkr, or stay in those states that supply oil, itu saja.

    After going through all these ugly politics, no one can accept muslim extremist akin wahabbi taliban style in this country.

    Chinese race has been the punching bags and scapegoats to make melayu and islam feel great via consensus agreed behind their political parties, but that does not mean they are above the law and gets bailout all the time.

    Yes, moh can ban smoking, but sure tak jadi punya.

    If they insist they are orang melayu umno, orang muslim pas di kampong, what can moh at putrajaya do?

    Dont forget, their parti members are kakitangan kerajaan negeri dan wilayah.

    If smoking ban carries denda in myr then, you will know, these officers will have an opprtunity to earn duit kopi with kpi, and they know who are their target.

    Bn has done that for decades and still loose, and if ph insist bn way, they too will be voted out, thats no question about it.

    P/s: coalition of political parties can decide the direction of the country when people are poor, buta huruf dan pekak bahasa, and ph knew they too need rural kampong votes just like bn, therefore, they too had no choice but will used the federal budget just to keep the rural kampong folks happy just to stay relevant.

  9. HBT456 Jan 1,2019 10:59 AM

    P/s: eventhough i cannot accept muslim bias malaysia or malay bias malaysia, but that DOES NOT MEAN i can be hostile to such legacy since me too has the constitutional right to deny such legacy. i wish those in power all the best, and happy new year.

    Jika mahu main politik, kena main dengan cara yang betul.

    These so called perjuang dan pendekar melayu dan muslim have one ultimate motive, that is to dictate the federal fund, and semua wajib ikut cara mereka, itu saja.

    When little napoleons can sink bn ship, then, these little napoleons can sink ph ship too as saying goes, too many captains can sink the ship.

    Sure hope these napoleans know what they are doing, and i hope they wont ended up as a sinking ship due to favarotism among themselves that would caused another serious cracks and leakages that would sink ph ship, just like bn.

  10. HBT456 Jan 1,2019 10:07 AM

    But, i know if they still insist to put their political interests above the voters and the country via political parties, they will be left out.

    I cannot accept muslim bias malaysia, or malay bias malaysia, to be frank.

    I am okay with japanese, usa, europe, taiwanese, european or china technologies , but that does not mean i must be part of their employment as voter.

    P/s: eventhough i cannot accept muslim bias malaysia or malay bias malaysia, but that does mean i can be hostile to such legacy since me too has the constitutional right to deny such legacy. i wish those in power all the best, and happy new year.

  11. HBT456 Jan 1,2019 9:29 AM

    Why he still used the ministry power of authorithy to summon kfc and mc donald for the price hike, but not other fast food and drink in the market?

    Poor dad simply refer to those who work 9 to 5 jobs offered by big organization for fixed monthly salary, contohnya government of the day, glc and big and small companies.

    Rich dad simply refer to those who do not want to work in those organisations and companies.

    Some made it very successfully, some didnt make it very much depend on the board directors and their business models.

    Bangga, atau tidak, itu terpulang kepada selera musato.

    What happened in the past 10 years, each of us already know the style of those in power.

    But, if those in power still prefer the old way of doing things, they will be left out.


    They became poor dad because they build things based on race and religion supremacy that do not make money for the state government nor create jobs for their own people.

    I do not have much to say, and if they still insist to use poverty to benchmark against each others, they will be left out.

    Mem-perasuah-an Orang Melayu, atau Mqemperasuahan Orang Melayu, itu terpulang kepda selera dan citarasa mereka yang berkuasa.

    My way pun boleh.

    Your way pun boleh.

    But, if they still insist to pitch against one another, my way or your way will become no way.

    Jika tarak suka, just jump off the ship and job other ship, apa yang susah2 sangat ini.

    But, the value of myr, property and bursa malaysia will reflect the direction of those behind this figure.

    P/s: we are in 2019, we are not in 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998, 2008 nor 2018. will old politics be recyled just to sway the mindset of the current generation to favor themselves, it is very much depend on the political parties in divide.

  12. Hajar Jan 1,2019 8:05 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Tidak perlulah orang Melayu keterlaluan mengutuk dan menghina bangsa Melayu sebab ini ibarat menconteng arang di muka sendiri. Saya juga sudah tegur dahulu yang tajuk artikel Tun ini tidak betul dan mengelirukan golongan yang kurang berfikir.

    Orang yang pakar dalam aktiviti merasuah biasanya akan terlepas (tidak didakwa) sebab biasanya orang sebegini ada banyak wang, dan bijak menipu. Bukankah ‘wang boleh bercakap?’

    Orang Melayu ada banyak juga nilai murni lain seperti mudah untuk mengadaptasikan diri dengan persekitaran di mana saja mereka berada dan mereka cepat mesra.

    Kalau bercakap Inggeris siap dengan slanganya yang kadang kala lebih hebat dari orang Inggeris. Kalau di Amerika, bercakap dalam slanga Amerika.

    Tetapi hakikatnya di Malaysia, warganegara bukan Islam masih lagi keras lidah dan pelat bila bercakap dalam Bahasa Melayu. Sudahlah tunggang-langgang.

    Inipun salah orang Melayukah? Elok cermin diri sendiri.

    Hairan bin Ajaib betul bila melihat orang asing yang baru beberapa bulan berada di Malaysia boleh bertutur dalam BM lebih baik dari rakyat Malaysia dari kalangan warganegara bukan Melayu! Lagi pelik sebab mereka (warganegara) dilahirkan dan dibesarkan di Malaysia! Tapi mereka tidak malu / segan pun walaupun sudah ditegur banyak kali.

    Agaknya, inilah sebab mereka berasa (menuduh) dianak-tirikan sebab bercakap Melayu pun pelat dan tunggang-langgang.

    Ini kebenaran, bukan FITNAH! Tapi spesis tidak sedarkan diri ini tidak mahu menerima kebenaran/kenyataan.

    Sekolah pun tidak mahu sekali, terutama kaum Cina (majoriti ke Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan). Inilah masalahnya jika ada rakyat Malaysia yang berstatus OKU dalam BM. Sudah tentu mereka enggan bersaing dalam BM.

    Sia-sia saja usaha Kerajaan untuk mengubah Sekolah Kebangsaan kerana hakikatnya mereka tidak mahu belajar dalam BM. Kalau belajar dalam BI (balik kepada zaman Penjajah) saya yakin mereka setuju sebab mereka pandang tinggi kepada orang Putih. Mereka memang rasis! Ini fakta. Lihatlah di kebanyakan negara termasuk Malaysia, ‘Chinatown’ mesti ada!

    “Selamat menyambut tahun baru 2019” kepada semua.

    P/S: Saya ada bayar zakat saham/wang simpanan baru-baru ini. Orang fakir termasuk dalam kalangan penerima zakat. Umat Islam mesti berusaha untuk menjadi pembayar zakat, bukan penerima. Ini satu lagi nilai murni yang diterap dalam Islam. Harta /Saham /Wang/dll. terkumpul juga wajib dikeluarkan zakat. Orang Islam bukan setakat bayar cukai pendapatan/SST/dll. tetapi bayar zakat juga ke atas harta benda dan wang ringgit terkumpul yang cukup syarat berzakat. Puak kiasu ada bayar zakat kah? Bising saja lebih!

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  13. musato Dec 31,2018 10:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Kelakar pun ada bila tertengok muka sorang sorang yang menang melalui parti Bersatu dan jadi kerajaan PH sekarang.

    Walaupun sebelum ni tak pernah jadi ahli politik, tapi lidah tu janganlah pula lebih laju dari akal.

    Dah macam kaduk naik junjung pulak dah nampak gamaknya.

    Yang ni cakap macam ni, yang tu cakap macam tu.

    Mungkin dibuai buai perasaan hebat sangat dah dan itulah kejayaan teragung dalam hidup bila boleh jadi Menteri atau telah dilantik oleh Tun Mahathir dan diberi gaji lumayan.

    Saya masak ayam pedas dan sayur campur masak lemak dan habis dimakan licin oleh kakitangan kerja, saya tak bangga pun apa…

    “Best la abang masak. Bila lagi abang nak masak?”

    Terima kasih ye…

    Terima kasih Tun.

  14. adelheid Dec 31,2018 8:07 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Congratulations on being picked as Muslim Man of the Year by The Muslim 500, a ranking of the 500 most influential Muslims.

    Here’s wishing you also a happiest new year 2019 dear Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and wife Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd. Ali. May this 2019 become another breakthrough for you and for all Malaysians. May God bless you and Tun Siti with strength and great health and many many many more years ahead.

    Yes many Malaysians would love to see you stay at the helm of our new Malaysia Baru for at least a full term till the next GE-15. However we respesct your decision to keep to what has been promised. You are one in a trillion star and second to none. We will remember you and the legacy you leave in the most memorable and honorable way ie. sealed in our hearts. Whatever your decision we believe you know best, for you and your family and for all of us and Malaysia.

    Happy new year dear Tun! I love you, we all do! Take good care and God bless!

  15. HBT456 Dec 31,2018 12:09 PM

    If such move is avoiding oaying rental and service charges for landing and parking, then, what is it?

    If such move is not avoiding paying rental and service charges for landing and parking, then, what is it?

    Is sibotak a fakir too?

    P/s: is new malaysia moving toward old malaysia politics again via cantas mencantas, opps lalang and changing hand at the highest level just to stay relevant? if they do, what will happen? then, the chances of ppbm and ph can be voted out is high, and there is no question about it due to infightings within malay and muslim themselves due to political ideology.

  16. HBT456 Dec 31,2018 11:57 AM

    Japan mps voted sayonara taxes applied to all international flights, but air asia, with slogan of everyone can fly decided to avoid such taxes being part of the dna to build this country, and reason this time, is maggots of tong sampah.

    Perhaps to them, being truly asia is they do not have home base lending airport in this country, and other countries.

    But, funny, when they land their passengers in other countries, they keep quiet.

    If such move is avoiding oaying rental and service charges for landing and parking, then, what is it?

    If air asia truly asia can do that, meaning others who do not like malaysia also can do that?

    P/s: i sure hope whoever become perdana menteri, they must not have personal agenda or favoratism with shadow government base on race and religion preferences because such positioning is dangerous and bound to loose out in future since safety of pasengers are being exploited for cheaper air ticket just to make air asia crew and share holders happy.

  17. HBT456 Dec 31,2018 11:18 AM

    Bak kata, if each of us is willing to work, live and enjoy life and contribute taxes as federal and state as civil servants, glc and private industry, who wants to be the beggars, penagih dadah, perompak, penyamun and perogol?

    P/s: look at the social crimes and man made accidents on roads, air and seas, you think this country is safe to live and tour? but, unfortunately, mereka masih ada mood to go holidaying in overseas to make their political stand just like what dsn and his wife did in the past as if only their political parties can decide who gets what, who dont get what just because they are melayu and muslim. i am paiseh with such hipocrisy, and my family cannot live up to such double standards of sekejap ini, sekajap itu. when i saw the video clip in cursing mca, but not gerakkan, it breaks my heart to see them could go to such extend, but no action is taken.

  18. HBT456 Dec 31,2018 10:57 AM

    In 2 years, wawasan 2020 is here, but i still read kesangsaraan di sini sana, and other onlines social media made by the political parties just to stay relevant by pointing fingers at the neigbouring countries via ban ini, sanction itu, thats bad and ugly that would prevent malaysia from competing with neigbouring countries.

    If this is not selfish, then what is it?

    P/s: in fact,i am tired and fed up kesengsaraan being played by political parties of the divide just to hold portflio of the ministries as if voters must follow them, if not, private sector will be cantas. without private sector, you think federal and state governments can kutip charges and taxes for their malay and muslim supremacy without private sector, you think glc and developers can develop their businesses via party members especially the malay and muslim parties?

  19. HBT456 Dec 31,2018 10:41 AM

    Sibotak as muslim, what have you done in here beside complaints and complaints?

    There are many grassroot leaders with the mentality of sibotak down there, and what is so great about that?

    If sibotak thinks not being qualified as taxpayers is something that you as muslim is proud off, then, why complained here to tunjuk your perasaan?

    Pergi luar negara makan angin just because they are leaders in making of malay political parties, but on the other hand, the cina mof tells pengundi mereka to ikat perut to pay debts incurred by the ex-ruling government, and such pessimistic, negative and regressive punya statements have been kept repeating and repeating dari dulu hingga kini, tak habis2 lagi just because of takut hilang undi.

    Is dr mm’s legacy of sand castle in building political power is something that you will feel proud off?

    They need to support whoever in power, tak kisah dr mm, pak lah, dsn or tdm because they rely on government fund, or fiscal expenditure, to expand their base and businesses, and without such funding, their expansion base and businesses might be forced to close down.

    The thing is price cutting strategy, or price war is no longer relevant locally just to keep voters, or businesses alive and expanding since myr is at depreciating trend, and the ruling government from bn to ph is keep increasing the fiscal spending just to stimulate the economy, and at the same time to keep the political parties’ members happy so that they can fish votes.

    P/s: if being honest, and not kaki bodek could be labelled as fitnah, and not respect melayu and islam, then, it is their choice to vote umno, pas and pkr depending which states their votes are cast. bak kata, mind our own business, but when a hard choice need to be made between muslim and non muslim just to stay relevant, then, so be it since whichever coalition gets the majority, they will form the government. whoever become the perdana menteri, we still need to vote, live, work and enjoy life, and perhaps migrate to other states or countries that offer better and safer environment to live.

  20. HBT456 Dec 31,2018 8:16 AM

    Malay formed 50.4% of the total population excluding other races.

    Currently we have 6 million foreign workers in the country due to labor intensive industry just to keep the natural resources via hardcore malay muslim nasional measures in the name of nep with bumiputra status remained unchanged since 1998 until today, masih nak continue with this struggle?

    Tdm is name as one of the muslim forbes top list, and he is the perdana menteri of malaysia.

    Is pakatan harapan now moving forward with muslim malaysia, instead of malaysian malaysia?

    P/s: if tdm is not the interim, or perdana menteri, its alright with him being listed the list, but he is now listed under this list is akin to force malaysians of all races to choose either muslim or non muslim way, is it? since we are not muslim, then we have the voting right to deny ppbm and ph a vote, dont you think so?

  21. sibotak Dec 31,2018 6:11 AM

    Adakah UMNO untuk Melayu
    DAP untuk Cina
    Bagaiman pula dengan PRIBUMI ?

    Sewenangnya Lim akan kata DAP untuk Umum hanya di lisan bibir sahaja
    Jika lihat perbuatannya beza dengan katanya

    Yg nyata Malaysia adalah untuk kepentingan orang Melayu , Ber Sultankan Melayu
    Hak milik terutama Tanah untuk Melayu
    Tapi sayang keutamaan yg diberi pada Melayu hujungnya di jual ,di gadai olih Melayu sendiri
    Orang Melayu masih beruntung Cina membeli Hak mereka dengan wang ringgit
    Jika Yahudi dirampas saja
    Hujungnya Melayu sendiri yg tidak betul dengan menyalahkan salah lain

    Melayu bukan saja Mudah Lupa
    Melayu Boros
    Melayu Tidak fikir kedepan
    Melayu Asal bolih
    Melayu Emosi
    Melayu suka Gaduh
    Melayu tidak Bodoh tapi tidak mahu Berlajar
    Melayu banyak berbual dari mendengar dan melihat
    Melayu mudah melatah , suka bercerita tembelangnya sendiri

    Perpatah Melayu
    Harta Dunia , Wang Ringgit tidak bawa ke Kubur
    Ini bukan Hadiths bukan Surah
    Hanya alasan orang Pemalas , bukan alasan orang Beriman
    Orang Beriman juga perlu cari duit
    Duit Indah untuk yg si Bernyawa
    Yang si mati nak bawa duit ke Kubur untuk apa ?
    Kat Kubur bukan ada Kedai, ada Mall , Kedai Mamak pun takda

    Bagaimana pula tanggapan Orang Cina yg hantar duit palsu bakar pada si mati ?

    Hanya Kaum sendiri yg Bakal mewarisi Pusaka sendiri
    Dengan Usaha , Bijak Pandai Bukan dengan Menuntut pada Kerajaan semata
    Ini minta , besok dapat ,lusa jual sama orang asing
    Apa erti Kepentingan Orang Melayu jika Melayu sendiri yg merugikannya sendiri

    Ada Tanjung kasi Keling
    Ada Bukit kasi Cina
    Ada Tanjung Pagar KTM ,kasi Singa Buaya
    Salah Siapa ? Siapa yg memberi dan menjual Sovereignty
    demi Kepentingan masing masing
    Bukan sahaja orang Melayu saja yg mengadai Tanah Pusaka
    Malah Kerajaan, juga Sultan sendiri yg mengadai Tanah pada orang Asing
    Memang Tanah di jual tidak kemana , tapi ia akan jadi milik orang lain
    Nak kena Tebus Talak Cina Buta untuk dapat kembali Tanah yg di Gadai

    Jadi apa dia yg dipolitikan untuk orang Melayu
    Jika hujungnya orang Melayu sendiri yg mengadaikan Hak mereka
    Mengadai nasib masa depan anak cucu mereka

    Inilah akibat
    Seperti yg Tun cakap
    Nak Senang Tanpa Usaha

  22. HBT456 Dec 30,2018 7:02 PM

    Jika main politik bisa sampai tahap ini, then it is up to the mb of each states to decide what they want.

    P/s: once bitten, twice shy. but when bitten many times, it became a norm of acceptance to the mps of duvides, janji menang. since malay is still the majority race in peninsula, then, its up to them whether they can accept such politics. malaysian malaysia? Bn malaysia? Is there any differences?

  23. HBT456 Dec 30,2018 6:52 PM

    Why pas president hadi awang in london rejected local councillors and he was not banned from giving speech there.

    Azmin and hisham re-united in morrocco.

    Dsai’s daughter had just married her dream man from pakistani, and what that means?

    Chinese is always the punching bags and scapegoats to these wannabes at putrajaya, i guess chinese mps are alright with that, why?

    I guess many of them have already gave up this country.

    Since they have already gave up this country, why still hard sell property to chinese?

    P/s: they know its loosing oney, but they still want to go on with those projects, therefore, no need to show your dislike to chinese race as if we are pendatang, jahat, haram, kotor or whatsoever. tak nak takpa, tapi jangan hina.

  24. LIMA19 Dec 30,2018 4:31 PM

    Previous video only can see from PC. if from mobile then try this link . EN Projects management daily trying to remove all the videos that expose them so the link might not work later.

    How many supplier or contractor paid CASH money to EN Projects management to secure contracts for LIMA 19? Was this cash recorded in the accounts? Some of the companies like BRANDME and RE ROGERS should give sworn statement if they deny that they need to pay recorded and also unrecorded money to get contract.

    Did EN Projects pay unrecorded cash to government staff during overseas travel? We have a long list but maybe Radzi from BIP MINDEF can give sworn statement to deny he receive any cash from EN Projects management.

    many many more things about this healthcare company that can get contract for Defense Exhibition.

    Was any documents submit by EN Projects for the contract forged or have false signatures?

  25. Hajar Dec 30,2018 2:05 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Menteri Agama saya lihat sudah mula berperangai seperti orang dalam rejim Najib yang KORUP. Dulu bukan main bising lagi Tun dan kawan2 Tun dalam PH tentang penajaan kerja Haji melalui 1MDB. Duit haram katanya – rasuah!

    2. Tapi semalam Menteri Agama, Dr. Mujahid, berkata yang TH akan menaja ibu-bapa arwah Muhammad Adib untuk mengerjakan Haji pada tahun hadapan. Saya bukan dengki (simpati dengan pemergian arwah Adib). Tetapi ramai lagi yang sedang menunggu giliran yang telah WAJIB mengerjakan ibadah Haji.

    3. Bolehkah Menteri Agama memandai-mandai mahu menaja orang untuk pergi Haji? Apa kuasa beliau? Salah guna kuasakah? Adakah ia untuk keuntungan politik? Ambil kesempatankah? Yelah, reputasi dan prestasi beliau memang teruk.

    4. Lagi satu, tidak lama dulu bukan main lagi membuat kenyataan yang aset TH kurang dari liabiliti (hutang), dan disebabkan itu aset/ekuiti bernilai dalam RM20 Billion akan / telah dijual (pindahkan) kepada SPV di bawah Kementerian Kewangan. Dan tiba2 ‘balance sheet’ TH nampak eloklah agaknya. Magikkah?

    5. Wah! Dalam kekelip mata saja TH sudah berada dalam keadaan yang amat baik untuk bersedekah. Amanahkah cara Menteri Agama ini?

    6. Bukan itu saja, TH (dari 2014) dituduh memberi ‘hibah’ secara salah kerana tidak layak memberi ‘hibah’ kepada para pendeposit. Adakah wang hibah tersebut haram? Bagaimana pula dengan subsidi yang diberikan kepada setiap jemaah Haji pertama kali pada tahun2 berkenaan?

    7. Maaf cakaplah, para pemimpin PH ternampak lebih gelojoh dari para pemimpin BN kerana belum pun setahun berkuasa sudah macam2 perangai buruk yang dipertontonkan kepada rakyat Malaysia. Sudahlah prestasi pun entah apa-apa, perangai pun korup

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  26. LIMA19 Dec 30,2018 6:10 AM

    I support any action to wipe out corruption. TUN as MP for Langkawi should look into the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) Organizer scandal. Watch the video

    EN Projects (M) Sdn Bhd is the organizer of LIMA. “EN” stands for “Enraf Nonius” a medical supply company that has nothing to do with defense or exhibitions before suddenly getting the LIMA contract. Please see : . EN Projects Malaysia was the local agent for Enraf Nonius in partner ship with JH Marketing. Many companies were set up for this purpose including EN Projects (M) Sdn Bhd and JH Enraf-Nonius (M) Sdn Bhd which was owned by JH Marketing Sdn Bhd and Enraf-Nonius B.V located in The Netherlands (according to a google search – ) – website might be taken down after this post like many others before.

    JH Marketing Sdn Bhd is owned by Justin Chow Swee Loong. His wife’s sister’s husband is the CFO of EN Projects and all staff including the CEO, Chairman and GM report to the CFO. If you don’t believe, question all of them. If they deny, we can share their internal whatsapp messages. Is it normal for the CFO to run the company? The company is registered bumiputera but everyone know this is just another ali baba bumi company. Just ask all the present and previous company secretary to give a sworn statement saying who was giving them all the instructions. Just ask the banks to show for many years, whose phone numbers was listed in the bank records for notifications.

    Did EN Projects submit false documents to Standard Chartered Bank to apply for 5mil loan? Did Standard Chartered Bank reject the loan and then close their accounts because of this?

    How did EN Projects get LIMA contract even though they have no experience? Is there any link between the EN Projects management and Mohd Nizar Najib (Jibby’s son)? Why did the previous CEO suddenly change after the new government took over and what was his relationship to Nizar and other people at MOF? Hishamudin was not on the board that decided to appoint EN Projects but did he influence the board to choose EN Projects.

    EN Projects was supplying items to the Army Hospital including HATTM (millions in sales). What is the link between EN Projects and the army doctor accused of murdering Kevin Morais? Why was there no NEW contracts given by HATTM after the arrest of the doctor? Only old contracts was continued.

    EN Projects did a Joint Venture with PV-ATM and appointed their PVATM president Senator Tan Sri Mohd Anwar Mohd Nor as Chairman for LIMA. What was the relationship between Anwar and the EN Projects management over the last 10 years before this Joint Venture? Did he declare that he had a close friendship and long business relationship with the management using proxies as company directors such as his own family members? Under the Joint venture agreement, EN Projects supposed to allocate 10% of profits from LIMA’17 to PVATM. Instead, EN Projects only paid 100k and recently paid another sum when questions were being asked after elections. Why did EN Projects not give PVATM a full audited accounts and pay the 10% as promised? Did EN Projects inflate its expenses by asking suppliers not to supply directly to EN Projects but instead to supply through companies linked to the management so that cost can be inflated and profits reduced. Some of the companies used to inflate cost was JH MARKETING SDN BHD, GLOBAL KINABALU MERCHANT SOLUTIONS, MAZ CATERING SERVICES SDN BHD , PERCETAKAN SERMAJU SDN BHD / SERMAJU SDN BHD, ANGSANA MANAGEMENT SDN BHD. These companies did not have the ability to provide the services or products to EN Projects for LIMA but were just shell companies linked to the management of EN Projects (Mainly Justin). These companies acquired products or services from qualified suppliers then marked up the price to EN Projects. All the qualified suppliers knew they were supplying to ENP but had to go through these shell companies to get the job. The qualified suppliers delivered the good or services directly to EN Projects but invoiced to the shell companies. Why? So that it will look like LIMA was a loss making project and the profit will look small so no need to pay full amount to the Army Veterans. En Projects also transferred staff and other expenses from other related companies such as Rozisma Holdings Sdb Bhd and Lucror Holdings sdn bhd to reduce the profits of EN Projects. Can check EPF records to see the staff movement.

    After LIMA17, EN Projects claim there was over 500 exhibitors and provide a list to the government but how can there be 500+ exhibitors when theres not that many booth? Simple, many companies in the list don’t even exist and many companies that was not there was included. Also if a company take one booth but this company has 10 related companies under the same brand, they will be counted as 10 different exhibitors although they are just having one booth. Look at the list . See how many times BOUSTEAD, BOUSTEAD HEAVY INDUSTRIES CORPORATION or BHIC appears although it is all the same company group in the same booth.
    The General Manager told the staff that all the figures she declared including visitor numbers is not correct. Does that mean the LIMA was a failure but the figures were falsified to make it look like a success. Can the GM now deny in a sworn statement that the figures was not falsified?

    Did EN Projects set up special tentage with free food provided for UMNO during LIMA’17? Why? will they be doing it again this time? Did ENP give 50K SPONSORSHIP FOR MALAYSIANS UNITED RUN 2017 because of Hishamuddin and another 50K sponsorship from their related company Difense Konsult Sdn Bhd (DKSB) so the total sponsorship was 100K. What is PVATM President’s Anwar’s link to DKSB? Can he give a sworn statement to say he has no link to DKSB and did not have any benefits from them? Did DKSB get jobs from Boustead? What is Anwars relationship to Boustead? Did DKSB get other NAVY related jobs? Was the former NAVY Chief Admiral Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman linked to DKSB? Can he give a sworn statement to say he has no link or business relationship to DKSB while he was in service?

    Did the Korea aerobatic team have food poisoning during LIMA’17? How many people complain of food poisoning but was not reported? Who was the official caterer? How many outdoor exhibition booths collapse during LIMA’17 with people still inside? Was the workers use to set up legal and qualified?

    Many more things will get reveal about the EN Project’s LIMA scandal. Hope the government can do more than just words and really take action to STOP ALL CORRUPTION? Watch the video

  27. HBT456 Dec 29,2018 3:50 PM

    I cannot live up to this double standard whereby depan kaum ini cakap ini, depan kaum lain cakap lain pulak as if there is no general election in this country.

    Justice of palace, or justice of absolute monarchy in making, at putrajaya?

    Bak kata, cikgu kencing berdiri, muridnya pasti akan kencing berlari.

    P/s: dulu mereka kata mereka adalah perjuang untuk rakyat miskin kerana kebencian mereka terhadap elites, but kini, they are the elites, and said will continue to fight for the poor. where got poor people if they are willing to work since the hard labour jobs are taken by imported foreign workers?

  28. HBT456 Dec 29,2018 3:38 PM

    Saya ada RM 30 saja. Go and ask any Mynmar refugee living in kampong.

    This applied to foreign workers and students on permit who have over-stayed too.

    Thats why pengundi marah kes samun, kes rompak, kes rasuah, kes power abuse, mereka tak dapat membanteras, and semua senyum kambing as if they are the law.

    Sampai hari ini pun tak dapat selesaikan isu macam ini.

    The warkah terbuka dari kekanka kepada adindanya yang disayanngi really hou wai, means in cantonese, menyampah, yak.

    Only umno and mic got parti ada sayap puteri dan putera, yang lain punya mana ada?

    P/s: mereka yang pegang agana islam boleh gatal miang, and they said it is halal, but other faiths, itu haram, kata mereka ini.

  29. HBT456 Dec 29,2018 10:18 AM

    He should asked why rm was forced pegged at us dollar at myr3.80 by the then bn under the 4th pm?

    He should aksed why capital control policy was favored via gerrymandering during that time in the name of hard core nasional measures?

    Even the price of restaurant banana leaf and mamak also very very expensive eventhough they still rely on cheap imported labor from india.

    When kaum cina pakai imported non muslim cheap labor, mereka bising.

    Absolute power cortupts absolutely.

    Tribalism works only in poor and under developed countries.

    Which way to go?

    Rule of court?

    Rule of putrajaya?

    Rule of malaya?

    Rule of syariah?

    Rule of federal constitution?

    P/s: sampai ari ini pun tak rasa segan, then, it would be best not to vote her melayu dan islam parti politik, tak boleh ke?

  30. HBT456 Dec 29,2018 9:22 AM

    Vote counts really matter to them for survival politically, tak kisah betul atau tidak, janji sedapkan hati pengundi di tahap negeri2 mereka,

    Right pockets go into left pockets, and it makes no sense, who can jual better.

    When the fund and land involve the public of all citizens at federal level in this country, thats our money, tak kisah you berada di mana2 negeri.

    When the fund and land involve the state level, thats their money, nak kongsi atau tidak, itu terpulang kepada selera mereka.

    P/s: pilih kasih no longer relevant, and if they still stuck in dulu punya mindset, they will be left behind, and thats no question about it. Fossil fuel dependency is already a thing of past since 20 years ago, and if they still stuck in this platform, malaysia will be left behind. to repeat the same mistake, or to move on, its up to political parties of the divide to show case their agenda for vote counts to stay relevant. what will happen, it will happen.

  31. musato Dec 28,2018 11:13 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    TV3 melaporkan bahawa PAT Bersatu tidak akan membincangkan usul berkenaan kemasukan ahli UMNO dalam Bersatu.

    Semasa konvensyen negeri tempohari, saya hanya sempat mendengar hujah satu perwakilan bahagian sahaja.

    Itu pun intipatinya berkaitan mengusulkan menteri pendidikan dan menteri menteri Bersatu tidak mengeluarkan kenyataan kenyataan dangkal seperti kasut hitam dll. Maka perwakilan bahagian mendesak ahli ahli jangan menyokong menteri menteri ini.

    Situasi politik sekarang menagih kebijaksaan ahli ahli politik Melayu termasuk UMNO.

    Memang bukan mudah untuk membuat keputusan menurunkan kerajaan sedia ada sebelum ini iaitu BN.

    Dengan mata kasar kita tidak dapat melihat di mana kebenaran dan kebathilannya. Adakah Tun Mahathir benar atau Najib yang benar? kerana keputusan yang difikirkan oleh ahli ahli politik Melayu adalah berkenaan kestabilan negara dan bangsa Melayu itu sendiri.

    Tapi pada pandangan saya, situasi politik dunia sedang mengalami perubahan. Ia sedang melalui peralihan fasa. Alam maya, internet itu sendiri adalah satu tanda peralihan fasa zaman.

    Kita telah dilatih dan dipenuhi dengan sedikit pengetahuan bagi meyakinkan dan seterusnya mengikut sama proses peralihan fasa politik dunia berjalan seiring dengan situasi politik semasa negara.

    Ia adalah sesuatu yang menarik apabila membaca sejarah pertukaran kain pada makam Baginda Rasulullah saw semasa melawat pameran barangan peninggalan Rasulullah saw.

    Dikhabarkan hanya 13 orang sahaja diberi kebenaran masuk ke dalam kawasan makam Rasulullah saw dan kainnya itu dikhabarkan hanya ditukar 100 tahun sekali kerana keadaan makam adalah tertutup rapi dan bersih.

    Tatkala DS Najib dengan angkuh dan sombong mengabarkan bahawa dirinya suci kerana boleh masuk ke dalam Kaabah sambil membanding bandingkan dirinya dengan Tun Mahathir :

    Saya telah diberi sebatang penyapu sambil pintu gerbang yang menempatkan makam Rasulullah saw telah terbuka. Hati saya berkata, kenapa perlu saya bersihkan lagi sedangkan ianya sudah bersih dari debu debu.

    Maka benarlah jika 100 tahun itu dinyatakan untuk satu pertukaran kain makam baginda saw. Maha Suci Allah.

    Kebijaksaan ahli ahli politil Melayu adalah ditagih bagi menjamin kelangsungan bangsa Melayu itu sendiri. Ia perlu dipompin.

    Sudah tentu pemimpin yang memimpin itu perlu memiliki sebatang lampu suluh bagi menerangi jalan yang suram.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  32. Hajar Dec 28,2018 10:49 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Saya terbaca tentang seorang ahli DAP bernama Ben Singh yang telah MENGHINA AL-QURAN, ISLAM dan UMAT ISLAM di seluruh dunia ketika sesi dialog bersama Haji Hadi di London baru-baru ini.

    2. Untuk berlaku adil, saya tonton video berkaitan. Astaghfirullah! Orang yang teramat biadab dan kurang ajar ini memaki hamun dan menengking Hj. Hadi dan orang lain tanpa ada rasa malu langsung.

    3. Kali ini saya mesti puji kesabaran Hj. Hadi yang tidak langsung membalas dengan kata-kata keji walaupun beliau dimaki hamun dengan teruk oleh manusia kurang ajar tersebut.

    4. Apa yang membuat darah saya menyirap ialah manusia biadab tersebut menghina Islam dan umat Islam tanpa berselindung. Mengapa perlu menghina KITAB SUCI orang lain? Siapa yang sebenarnya RASIS? Perkataan “coconut shell” pun keluar dan kita sedia maklum siapa yang suka sangat guna istilah ini. Di sini pun ada yang berulang-kali sebut pasal “coconut shell”.

    5. Sebenarnya, inilah dia cerminan watak sebenar dan isi hati para hipokrit dalam DAP.

    6. Apa yang dihamburkan dengan cara yang amat jelik oleh si Biadab tersebut adalah isi hati kebanyakan ahli DAP dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

    7. Lihat saja komen-komen dari HBT456. Tidak sukar untuk mentafsir dan memahami isi hati beliau yang penuh dengan kebencian terhadap Melayu dan Islam.

    8. Maaf cakap, Tun silap bila bekerjasama dengan DAP.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  33. ShahabudinShafie Dec 28,2018 9:52 PM

    Govt ignorence causes corruption especially for police and JPJ. Foreign workers from Mynmar in this country cant speak,read or write in Bahasa for them to apply and sit driving licence. But they need to ride a motorbike to go to places to work. Along the way either Police or JPJ roadblock will stop them. Mana lesen. Saya tak ada lesen. Officials will say, Denda Rm 300. Saya ada RM 30 saja. Go and ask any Mynmar refugee living in kampong.

  34. Sri Sense Dec 28,2018 9:12 AM


    Anakanda terasa pilu bila lihat jawatan Waytha Minister Unity, tapi pembawaan watak Minister of Indian Affairs. Anakanda juga kecewa dengan AG seperti sebelah satu kaum saja, tiba2 anakanda rasa sayang dengan AG lama.

    Anakanda juga terasa pilu tengok tajuk memperasuahan orang Melayu, rasanya wajar kalau tajuk ini memperasuahkan orang Melayu, sebab yang jelas kaki rasuah golongan Tionghua, mereka sering memperasuahkan orang Melayu, tapi mereka mudah lupa, macam kat kedai makan, kata halal siap tampal lagi logo halal, rupanya tidak.

    Harap apa yang ankanda luahkan dapat perhatian ayahanda dan bonda berdua. Anakanda berundur dulu dengan hati yang berat.

    P.S Jangan marah Mujahid, I also pandai guna bahasa Melayu lama kikiki

  35. Sri Sense Dec 28,2018 8:54 AM

    Kahadapan ayahanda Tun Mahathir dan bonda Tun Siti diharap berada dalam keadaan sihat walafiat.

    Anakanda dalam keadaan gundah gulana satelah menonton TV semalam dan membaca berita online. Walau ankanda dapat tidor dengan nyenyak tapi perasaan itu tetap hadir. Pagi ini anakanda ambil kesempatan menulis untuk tatapan ayahanda dan bonda berdua.

    To cut it short, its about honour killing in Pakistan. A brother bunuh sister. Perkara biasa di Pakistan or India. Di Pakistan ada undang2 yang membunuh boleh minta forgiveness from the father of the deceased so that sipembunuh get a lighter sentence. However, this father tak nak maafkan, sebab dia kata anak perempuannya sole breadwinner, his flower his everything. Anak lelakinya menangis, bapanya tetap tak nak forgive, so dia akan di hukum gantung. Itu pun kalau court benarkan. Apa yang menyedihkan sini bila seorang anak lelaki boleh bunuh anak perempuan atas nama honour killing.

    Berbalik pada Malaysia, I tidak faham kenapa bapa Adib dah setuju dengan inquest.

    Adib death: Muslim lawyers’ association puzzled by inquest bid

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia (PPMM) has urged the Attorney-General to provide a detailed explanation on why there has yet to be a murder charge over the death of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, who died after being assaulted in a riot outside the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Subang recently.

    PPMM president, Datuk Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar, said the association is also puzzled over the need for an inquest. He said this is because the public do not have access to the investigation and an inquest would only cause further delay to justice sought by the family of the deceased.

    “An inquest is a procedure under Section XXXII of the Criminal Procedure Code, whereby a magistrate can be instructed by the AG under Section 339(1) of the same code to conduct an investigation to determine a cause of death.

    Under Article 145(3) of the Federal Constitution, the AG has the authority and discretion to initiate, continue or stop any proceeding on an offence, apart from proceedings in the Syariah Court, Native Court or Military Court,” he said in a statement.

    Zainul Rijal said although the decision to hold an inquest is the prerogative of the AG, it raises questions and appears to show the AG as being “confused” over the death of Mohd Adib despite the medical report and post-mortem report. The police, he said, had also opened an investigation paper and classified the case as murder.

    “An inquest process takes time, as the magistrate has a wide scope of powers to study the case of death, including by summoning all parties involved. As this process could take time, it has raised concerns over the four people currently being proved by the police.”

    He said although the case had been reclassified as murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code, no suspect has been arrested or charged under the section.

    “What is more worrying is that the four people have been freed on police bond and not a court bond, which requires a surety and bail,” he said.

    He said, if the police or AG felt that the suspects had no connection to the offence, they should have been freed unconditionally instead.

    “As the police have classified the case under Section 302 of the Penal Code, it is only right that the suspects are rearrested and remanded to prevent a failure of the legal process.

    “The people need to know if the investigation is incomplete or if there are other elements which could lead to a breakdown in the prosecution’s case.

    “I also urge the police to finalise the investigation paper and for the AG to make a decision soon on charging the suspects.

    “Not all cases under Section 302 of the Penal Code need an inquest before prosecution can take place,” he said.

    He said PPMM is also puzzled by the actions of some quarters, who are seeking for the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia to intervene in the police investigation.

    “Does this mean that the police no longer conduct its investigations transparently, to the extent that another must be done? This runs parallel to a statement by a minister, who had blamed the police in the incident.

    “Apart from criminal law, Mohd Adib’s family can also seek alternative means such as via tort law in the civil courts to seek justice.”

    © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd

  36. milshah Dec 28,2018 2:21 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I read with great concern on the degrading speeches or comments towards the police force. The speech by JMM president on the police maybe the latest but it is not the first. Read through the comments on Malaysiakini website with regard to the police. I find this very stressful, as if you don’t respect the people who are protecting you, then this could lead to the malfunction in the social wellbeing of the nation. This all started when the Minister started questioning the police. If he is to remain as Minister of National Unity and Social Wellbeing, then one of his tasks is the bring back public trust to the Police.

  37. HBT456 Dec 27,2018 3:54 PM

    Only dictator will do that, is the re-elected 7th pm is still a dictator to his malay cabinet?

    Is new malaysia heading to absolute monopoly power?

    P/s: melayu mudah lupa kerana scheme project cepat kaya untuk koncu2 sendiri via ministry authorithy of power? as saying goes, be very fearful when they are greedy. jika mereka tak nak,u pakai power of ministry to paksa mereka ke? amanah punya kepala pernah kata,jika rakyat tak suka,rakyat boleh pecatkan mereka, kan rakyat masih ada barisan nasional, tak gitu?

  38. HBT456 Dec 27,2018 3:20 PM

    Should kampung baru be developed?

    Chinese strongly believe always have leftover of rice in their bucket so that our future generations have rice on their table.

    Should kampong baru melayu to be developed to get rich overnight that might cause loose of confident votes?

    This mp relly needs to tepuk dadah, and tanya selera beliau.

    P/s: they are ministers, they are not celebrities nor rubber stamps. Their job is to steer the economy to the right direction, not to sedapkan hati boss.

  39. HBT456 Dec 27,2018 2:59 PM

    I am not sure whats is the benchmark of kpi implemented at the federal ministry by ex bn ruling government, but from what i see, its only to syiok diri dan bosses mereka saja since they could be rigged behind the voters.

    Whatever is it, just be careful when you are out there.

    Good luck, and all the best.

    P/s: malaysians too are no longer katak di bawah tempurung, but if leaders still prefer to stay inside their coconut shell just to stay relevant, they will be rejected by their own race one day. as saying goes, no one knows who is swimming naked in there as long as the tide is not off.

  40. HBT456 Dec 27,2018 2:37 PM

    It looks like this zone really needed to be lite up by re-imaging the shah alam as the techo zone for the future generations.

    I have no objection with the ruling government to gazette this zone to be the main terminal for kl-singapore hsr instead of klia 3.

    No one can change the past, we can only improve.

    When the history of ww2 is being re-cycled, will you choose to get over it, or start a new war?

    I chosen to get over it because anger, revenge, kesengsaraan, frustration and despair could lead to a new war.

    P/s: an eye for an eye will only lead to regression , and so much social crimes are happening almost everyday too. if selected victims can get pampasan from mof due to political mileage, then, these victims of crimes also can sue igp for not protecting them, is it?

  41. HBT456 Dec 27,2018 12:51 PM

    If he still stuck in the era of kesengsaraan to fish undi simpati, then, pas under his father would be left behind.

    P/s: too much damage control will become fake, and meaningless.

  42. HBT456 Dec 27,2018 12:35 PM

    Divorcee memang laku di kalangan melayu dan muslim, but for chinese, indians and *other races (*not sure) might not be able to live up to such liberal views in marriages especially those who live in villages, and estates kut.

    P/s: the old way of doing things no longer relevant, it is either you adapt, or you will be left alone. i am wondering will kl restaurants serves shark fin in future since japan had pullout from the ban of whaling, and in politics, no one should be left out, and these votes are part of the election votes that built the country as it is. i think restaurants in hongkong may allow shark fin to be served in future.

  43. HBT456 Dec 27,2018 12:21 PM


    Tribalism is very much alive in here.

    I can read and feel the worries of queen elizabeth, and the japanese emperor for their future generations.

    Politics is just a game of number in this country, and was never about rule of law approved in the federal parliament.

    Will rule of courts at putrajaya supersede federal court of malaya again?

    Will syariah states courts supersede federal and state courts in future?

    P/s: hmmm…raja mahapahit ingin nikah puteri gunung ledang, adakah itu kafir? when next general election is called, everyone will know the answer.

  44. Sri Sense Dec 27,2018 9:28 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Hajar baca warkah. Baru tadi I intai isi warkah tersebut. Tak larat baca, panjang sangat.

    Kita tinggal dulu kisah warkah Mujahid, I nak berkisah kat family whatsapps, ada family hantar gambar kata nurul izzah kahwin, ramai la jejaka tua muda kecewa dalam family whatsapps, rupanya bukan Nurul Izzah tapi adiknya hahaha

    IMAO surat yang panjang sampai malam pun tak habis baca, sebab Nurul Izzah janda. Janda muda, beb hahaha

    Apa yang menyedihkan disini Menteri Agama Tun yang tulis dan dipaparkan dimata umum. Kan itu nak cari glamour namanya bukan nak buat kerja. Part cintan cantun ni kita rakyat yang memberi undi tak main la, Mujahid. Kita rasa Mujahid tak amanah buat kerja. Haram tau masa buat kerja tapi buat benda peribodi kikiki

    I juga ada baca isu tweet Syed Sadiq to TMJ. Marah dan kecewa nampaknya.

    As rakyat yang memberi undi, Pulau Kukup ini I marah sebab MB now kata ini BN punya angkara, sedangkan TUN TSMY dan MB, dulu BN juga. Shifting blame nak lari dari masaalah not a good idea.

    As I said earlier kalau Sultan nak ambik biarlah, after all PH asyik kata tak ada duit. Kalau Tun kaji balik Royal Belum kat Perak also ada masaalah, yang handle ini dulu DG FRIM. Dengan orang Melayu senang cakap sikit, orang India ini entah apa2.

  45. Hajar Dec 26,2018 11:24 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Kelakar betul membaca warkah “dari Kekanda Mujahid kepada Adinda Nurul Izzah” 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Mesti dia maksudkan CORDOBA (KORDOBA). 🙁

    Ewah! Menteri Agama pergi melawat tempat bersejarah Kerajaan Islam Al-Andalus.

    Tapi, loya dan rasa nak termuntah membaca warkah tersebut. Nampak pelik sebab yang menulis ialah Menteri Agama.

    Inilah masalahnya bila orang Sastera menulis. Menteri Agama Tun in patut ditukar atau diturunkan pangkat kerana merapu saja lebih. Tidak nampak ketokohan beliau sebagai seorang Menteri, inikan pula memegang portfolio Agama.

    Saya ada melawat Cordoba. Cordoba merupakan bandar terbesar di dunia pada zaman kegemilangan ISLAM Al-Andalus.

    Namun, amat menyedihkan kerana Masjid Cordoba yang gah sudah jadi gereja (Cathedral) bila Kerajaan Al-Andalus (Spain & Portugal) jatuh ke tangan orang kafir.

    Memang indah senibinanya yang kaya dengan elemen Islamik – tiang2 umpama pokok kurma dengan ala-ala dahan2 dan daun2 kurma dan memang hebat simetri senibinanya yang memperlihatkan kehebatan umat Islam pada pada zaman kegemilangan Al-Andalus. Memang kelihatan hebat ketepatan ukuran/matematik setiap sudut bangunan berserta ukiran2 yang menakjubkan – amat tersusun sekali. Hebat!

    Kalimah ‘syahadah’ ada terukir di batu salah satu tiang di dalam ruang solat. Memang jelas tulisannya. Terasa sebak melihatnya.

    Kehebatan senibina Islam terserlah dan dari apa yang saya baca (dan lihat) umat Islam pada zaman itu amat bijak, paling terpelajar/maju, dan jadi pelopor dalam bidang Sains, Teknologi dan Matematik yang sekarang ini banyak dikembangkan oleh orang kafir. Sejarah juga menyaksikan yang banyak buku-buku ilmiah dibakar dan para cendekiawan Islam dibunuh oleh orang kafir bila Al-Andalus tumbang.

    Dan kita memang sedia maklum dalam Al-Quran terkandung banyak ilmu Sains dan Matematik yang manusia ketahui melalui kajian.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  46. HBT456 Dec 26,2018 12:27 PM

    Thank you mr lim for BSH, i dont need it anymore but i have no objection for ph in giving out this bantuan especially to those students who are under ptptn loan so that they could used it to pay back to pptpn to enable this jabatan has enough cash flow to help other students on the que who need this tertiary education fund to further their studies in public and non public universities in malaysia.

    Also, i hope in future, such BSH is reduce gradually so that the fund is channel back to mot to improve state roads to save more lives.

    Lastly, my hope list in future, the winner, or the ruling government in charge has the political will to eradicate the word ‘bantuan’ or freebies in order to build a more progress economy whereby races and faiths are treated equally to zero out wastate, or leakages of freebies mentality within the political parties of the divide due to my way, or your way.

    I do not want my future generations to be too dependent on the state and federal government funding which could blind them in taking the ruling government for granted so that they could instead ask what can they do to make this country at par with developed countries that do not allow freebies, or money and corruption politics, and such politucal mapping is very unfair to those hard working community in paying taxes to the ruling government,

    Not being a member in any political parties, state and federal government and glc will not make us as voters to be unislamic, less malay oriented, less malaysian.

    Thank you, and i wish you merry christmas and a happy new year 2019.

  47. Sri Sense Dec 26,2018 11:24 AM

    I memang nak pergi opis PPBM, kalau boleh I nak jumpa Tun, tapi apa kan daya hubby I kena kerja.

    Bangsa DAP? I also tak tau. Mungkin sebab ahli mereka ini ganas dan racist, maka dapat jolokkan begitu. I tak dengar dan baca bangsa Bersatu or bangsa UMNO or bangsa PKR. Mungkin Tun nak promo bangsa Malaysia tapi DAP ketara promo bangsa DAP.

    At one time ada kempen ABU – asal bukan UMNO. Ada pernah dengar ABAI – asal bukan Anwar Ibrahim? Mungkin ada orang politik dalamnya but most of it adalah kempen dan minda rakyat.

    I pernah baca somewhere I tak ingat kat mana online, something about Anthony Loke sebenarnya bukan calon untuk jawatan Transport Minister. Liew if I’m not mistaken his name but this fella kalah election yang baru ini, so DAP calonkan Anthony Loke.

    Based dengan apa I baca, that means sebelum menang mereka semua dah bincang party mana dapat jawatan apa. So kalau rakyat bising pun tak jalan. The only thing Tun can do, bubarkan parlimen, buat election balik semula supaya rakyat boleh memilih semula. My guess la, I also not 100 percent sure.

  48. HBT456 Dec 26,2018 10:55 AM

    Who will fund the building of wall for the border of northern americans with 2 political party system, and southern america with independent countries, if the tarif man mr trump is re-elected by making america great again by withdrawing their soldiers from syria and afghanistan?

    This wall when is built,for sure needs american soldiers to keep the border safe and their allies safe, henceforth, as taxpayers, you are wajib to pay taxes to keep this border safe as northern american taxpayers tanpa pilih kasih.

    I already said, it is definitely safer for mr trump to pick beijing as their enemy since china is under 1 party rule after formation of people’s republic of china.

    P/s: taxpayers do not mind paying taxes, but if taxes are paid to give rise to absolute islamic ruling of 1 way street, are you willing to pay for that price?

  49. HBT456 Dec 26,2018 10:39 AM

    When pas comes in, then, it is best not waste another generation or 2 just to keep them happy like as it is without the pas members punya support, kapal umno-pkr-silat can sink.

    It would be malay and liberal muslim under their political parties to convince their supporters to justify kenapa inflasi hanya meningkat.

    Dulu, umno to pantau slaugthering of pigs by sending their members to germany to learn the slaughtering process, by the end, habuk pun tak nampak.

    Dulu, malay and liberal muslim bukan main support kuat2 to korbankan lembu infront of their orang kampong secara terbuka kerana mereka muslim, and never give a damn to others who dont buy such violence, but funny, when bakar sampah yang mengeluarkan asap sikit secara terbuka di depan rumah, mereka kata ini haram.

    Kini, jais to pantau slaughtering of chickens, send them to japan to learn the process this time?

    When syariah compliant mps out-numbered non syariah compliant mps, you as non malay and non muslim mps should know its time to jump this ship of abosolute islamic ship in the process.

    What will happen next?

    Yup, myr and shares market in myr will depreciate further, ratio of inflasi tetap akan naik that would make the job of the ruling and opposition governments more difficult in retaining votes to stay relevant.

    P/s: as locals, will you invest in property for a time period of 30 years as non malay and non muslim in this country since politicians especially the malay and liberal muslim of the divide could be rigged dan hasut under akta 153?

  50. Sri Sense Dec 26,2018 10:22 AM

    Dr M takes a break with ‘A street cat named Bob’

    Wow, Tun pun baca buku tentang kucing relationship dengan ownernya. I ada 3 kucing yang I adopted from animal shelters. Tapi kami juga ada kucing yang adopted kami, kucing liar 6 ekor hahaha

    Anyway kucing yang kami adopted semuanya pandai, kalau I cakap mereka faham maksudnya, dengar saja perkataan ubat semua lari menyorok. Dengar saja perkataan Vet 2 lari menyorok satu aja masuk dalam carrier dengan rela tanpa disuruh.

    One of the them, baka maine coon, this cat jarang bersuara, kalau bersuara ada masa macam burung. Hubby tengah sembahyang sekali dengar bunyi burung, dia ingat burung masuk rumah, rupanya Harry.

    Yes Harry is his name. Dia maine coon yang bantut. Badan tak sebesar maine coon biasa. Kalau hubby mandi dia nak masuk sama, so kami letak dia dan air dalam bekas kat luar bilik air. Bila dengar bunyi air mencurah dalam bilik air, Harry minum air dalam bekas hahaha

    The other cat a little bit old, I panggil dia Juhaichi – yes 18 in Japanese. Ini mixed Persian punyalah pemalas kuat tidur. The only female cat in my house mixed of Turkish Anggora, mata sebelah biru, sebelah hijau, punyalah sombong, not friendly at all, dia suka memanjat, lagi tinggi lagi suka.

    I memang suka kucing dari kecil. Anak2 I semua suka kucing. Hubby yang tak suka kucing pun jadi suka kucing.

    I think I better beli that book yang Tun baca.

  51. Sri Sense Dec 26,2018 9:13 AM

    Salam YAB Tun

    I tak berapa sihat, batuk dan selsema. Namun I sempat tinjau cerita2 online.

    Macam2 label ada. Bangsa DAP. Anwar the King and istana Segambut, ini actually I dah lama dengar sebelum adanya PH. Amanah kroni DAP, ini I dah syak lama. Ini apahal hantar orang serang Hadi kat London?. Banyak betul duit you all.

    Dalam huru hara ini PAS menang. Points banyak memihak pada PAS yang nampak tenang, kalau create isu pun hanya Pemuda mereka. Mungkin ini kan membuat Melayu moderate gentar nak pangkah PAS election nanti. Tapi jika Melayu dan orang Islam diberi pilihan antara DAP dan PAS, pasti pilihan mereka PAS. Amanah to me a group of diva and badut.

    I ingat dulu Tun kata kerajaan sabo team Tun. I doubt so. But I can say one thing for sure team Ministers Tun lebih bagai kaduk naik dijunjung. I melihat dari luar rasa menyampah inikan pula sesiapa kena kerja bawah mereka.

    I boleh puji Anthony and Hannah from team DAP sebab mereka kurang politik lebih kerja, nak kata mereka perfect buat kerja, tidak juga.

    Rakyat luar sana, dah mula marah semula. Ramai gembira masa perhimpunan bantah ICERD, sekarang isu Waytha masih Tun tak nak tangani. Tanda2 bangsa Cina makin kurang ajar pun tetap ada. As for DAP I think anak Karpal Singh lebih moderate dari anak LKS.

    As for Waytha

  52. HBT456 Dec 25,2018 10:24 PM

    *duri dalam daging

  53. HBT456 Dec 25,2018 10:23 PM

    Its up to 7th pm and japanese ambassador to decide how they want the jobs to be arranged.

    Kaum cina ini to them is haram, unislamic, and pendatang.

    P/s; even when you know the truth, thats nothing you can do, mps. therefore, do not get angry or frustrated when being targeted as duli dalam daging. bak kata, tak nak takpa, tapi jangan hina.

  54. Sri Sense Dec 25,2018 2:30 PM

    Salam YAB Tun

    Kenapa shopping hujung tahun? Adakah sebab nak sambut Christmas? kikiki

    Sebenarnya ramai orang shopping hujung tahun ada beberapa sebab, antarnya;

    1. sale
    2. dapat bonus – usually pekerja swasta
    3. beli barang persiapan sekolah anak
    4. beli barang seperti minyak wangi, baju untuk pakai pergi pejabat
    5. beli barang dapur untuk guna sebulan dll

    Orang Islam celebrate Hari Natal? Nope. Although they percaya wujud Nabi Isa. Mereka hanya celebrate Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji. Yang pernah sekolah catholic macam I also tak celebrate.

    Hujung tahun selalunya ramai shopping beli barang keperluan.

    I shopping juga, as a matter of fact semua raya di Malaysia I celebrate, public holiday kan?

    Kalau raya Cina I beli kuih Cina seperti kuih kacang, limau, kalau raya Hindu I beli maruku, but I tak pernah pergi kuil atau rumah ibadat mereka sembahyang. Christmas I celebrate juga I beli ginger man, I beli christmas cookies, cakes but I tak pernah join choir sing carol or join prayers at the church.

    I’m a muslim, a moderate muslim. But I’m not as liberal as Siti Kassim kikiki

    Musato, tak dapat datang pejumpaan? I also tak sure la bila nak pergi pejabat PPBM PJ. Kalau zaman UMNO dulu mungkin dapat beri tambang untuk ahli datang. Zaman PPBM ini tiada duit, almaklumlah parti baru. Tok Mat, Tun tanya mana pergi duit dia yang tinggal kat UMNO dulu kikiki

    Dulu selepas my dad passed away. I fikiran buntu, I pergi jumpa Mufti Selangor. Cerita ini dah puluhan tahun yang lalu. Sekarang I tak tau siapa Mufti Selangor. Anyway, I sebut kat Mufti my mother tak setuju sebab sebagai isteri dia dapat sedikit pembahagian dalam faraid, sedangkan dia dah kahwin dengan arwah my dad puluhan tahun. Mufti kata pada I, suruh bincang adik beradik banyak mana nak bagi pada emak, kalau setuju tak payah pakai faraid, kalau tak setuju baru ikut faraid.

    The moral of the above story kalau boleh berbincang, sila bincang, kalau tiada jalan lain baru ikut hukum. I’m referring to PPBM dan UMNO ok, bukan semua parti ok. Anyway I tak pernah fikir parti lain macam UMNO or PPBM. Lain parti kat PH tu terbuka untuk semua kaum.

  55. HBT456 Dec 25,2018 11:07 AM

    Perhaps they think sure win by manipulating the sentiments of voters out there by pleading not guilty, in denials and throw the judgement of the case to the courts of their preferences but that does not mean they are above the law, and gets bailout all the time.

    Tiap2 kali pun macam ini, mereka pun tak rasa segan, who are we to tell them off?

    Since we cant tell them off, then, the best way out is to cast votes when general election is called, itu saja.

    Forcing by election can make wonders?

    Calling by election only make the ruling federal government weak, flip then flops of sekejap ini, sekejap itu, tak habis2 sampai ari ini.

    P/s: absolute power corrupts absolutely. when pas kata xmas is haram pun takda masalah since the contituencies under them hanya secubit garam penduduk christian saja di sana, dan mereka boleh celebrate christmas in their homes under federal and monarchy constitutions, but for those political masters in encouraging pas members to tunjuk perasaan in the contituencies which are traditionally not under them, what will be the impact? it is either you fight back, or you let them over take your contituencies, and everyone is watching them closely.

  56. HBT456 Dec 25,2018 10:38 AM

    North korean government will not layan such pampasan since when north korean kena apa2 in new york, both republicans and democrat also tak layan when north korean ambassodor was being fetna in us media what.

    North korean tarak general election to vote either republican nor democrate, but they only have 1 party rule.

    P/s: suka hati mereka ini yang bergelar perjuang dan pendekar bangsa dan agama mereka ini nak kata apa2 pun, nak lompat, rogol, curi, rombak, sodomy, dodoi, bangsat, galeri atau apa2 pun, walaupun mereka akan di rigged menang, mereka tetap akan di judge by the penduduk, dan pengundi there. forcing a by election is no different of throwing a dice there that could lead to uncertainty and inner fightings within their coalition behind the back of the voters.

  57. musato Dec 25,2018 10:05 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Tak lama lagi akan ada perhimpunan Bersatu.

    Saya tak dapat hadir.

    Bagi saya suasana seperti itu adalah untuk bermasyarakat dan berkenal kenalan. Saya fikir sekarang saya mungkin lebih dapat sesuaikan diri dengan suasana itu.

    Saya perlu luahkan berkenaan kepuasaan hati saya mengenai aktiviti aktiviti yang menjurus kepada pengurusan negara.

    Ya, saya berasa amat puas hati selama saya di sini. Sekarang saya rasa seperti Perdana Menteri yang sudah pencen.

    Saya boleh katakan sayalah penasihat Tun Mahathir, sayalah yang pimpin negara, sayalah orangnya yang lalui pengalaman jalan kerohanian, sayalah orang yang berperang itu dan dll yang menarik.

    Saya tak perlu menunjuk nunjuk. Saya tak perlukan glamour untuk puaskan hati sendiri. Saya tak perlu untuk bergambar dengan Tun semata mata untuk tunjuk saya baik dengan Tun.

    Mungkin sekadar kunjungan hormat dan ziarah adalah satu keperluan jika diizinkan Allah swt.

    Kita telah lalui 2 proses pentadbiran PM yang berlainan rupa.

    Sekarang juga kita sedang lalui, satu pentadbiran yang berlainan rupa juga. Seperti saya pelajari di sini, setiap masa adalah berfikir dan bekerja. Pentadbiran negara tiada henti sesaat pun.

    Sebagaimana saya hormati tingkahlaku guru saya (Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad), saya juga hormati tingkahlaku keluarga yang terdahulu sebagaimana disarankan di dalam Al Quran yang saya fahami, janganlah diherdik orang yang meminta pimpinan dari kamu, wahai Muhammad.

    Saya cuma lakukan sebaik mungkin dengan apa yang ada. Jika ada cacat cela, saya minta maaf atas kekurangannya.

    Semoga hidup di dunia dan di akhirat kita dikurniakan dengan kesenangan

    Terima kasih Tun.

  58. Sri Sense Dec 25,2018 8:55 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    I kalau nak cari kerja, I nak kerja dengan Bersatu. I tak mau kerja dengan Pakatan Harapan. 😀

    As for Syed Saddiq & Armada, Syabas! As for Siti Kassim C’mon! As for Menteri Unity a big fat failure. Kalau ada ISA boleh masuk dalam. As for PEMUDA PAS, nay!

    As for UMNO, I hope you can bangun semula under new President. Bekas orang korporat. Hopefully lebih maju jaya. My advise bekerjasama with PPBM jika UMNO kena tutup. Same DNA ma!

  59. Hajar Dec 24,2018 11:13 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Wah! Bukan main lagi Cik Siti Kasim membela P. Waytha Moorthy!

    Inilah dia Melayu Islam yang lupa daratan. Bagai kacang lupakan kulit.

    Orang sebeginilah yang selalu mencemar kesucian Islam di mata orang bukan Islam. Melayu nampak hodoh pun kerana keceluparan orang seperti Siti Kasim. Buat malu saja.

    Yelah, Melayu Islam Liberal yang perasan hebat kononnya! Maaf cakap, hampeh dan kosong saja sebenarnya.

    Apa pun Tun jangan susah hati ye. Tun masih lagi PM terbaik yang Malaysia pernah ada.

    Cumanya, ahli-ahli Kabinet Tun memang banyak yang teruk, tetapi tidak sedarkan diri. Sama macam Siti Kasim, mereka yang BERMASALAH tetapi tidak sedar atau pun tidak mahu mengaku dan dalam penafian.

    Elok Tun buat rombakan Kabinet. Sudah sampai masanya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  60. Abbas Dec 24,2018 7:09 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Objektif jadi motif.
    Conjure up?
    Whats the sample size?
    Have big data, pilih-pilih fields mana to filter – so, whats the filter criteria?
    Favorite target – YB Mazlee, now YB Saddiq, PM jangan katalah, hari-hari.
    It irk when Malays behave.
    Ada satu hari tu kat parlimen dengar, …”saya ni loyar”.
    Itulah, bila cakap, kena tahu you kat mana. Bila cakap macam dalam courtroom, layman tak faham. Ingat you sewel ka dan cuba putar ka, sebab itu semua orang tanya, ”apahal cakap pasal bola, ada siapa mati ke?”
    Itulah antara sikap-sikap yang boleh disalah anggap sebagai provokasi.
    Bila provoke, orang either marah atau abandon you.
    Sekarang semua orang mula menyoal, kenapa?
    Syed Sadiq, you ok. Belia bukan tunjuk bicep dan sukan je dik.
    Pemuda yang kat lagi satu. Usaha cari ikon baru.
    Make sure cari yang not shiok sendiri macam yang lepas-lepas.
    Ni, sebut Tehran.Ingat nuklear bom. Ada seorang doc melayu (not Tun) tulis – dia (in defence of several) seakan berkata, jangan salahkan pemimpin, its DNA melayu yang memang hancus.
    There you have it Malays. Sah, it irk when Malays behave.
    So just behave je. It is the new nuclear.
    Abandon provocation.
    Move on.
    Selingan: Asalnya nak cari video Tun Siti gesek biola tapi terjumpa pulak dynamic Paul McCartney, Ronnie Wood dan Ringo Starr nyanyi…’getbackgetbackgetbacktowhereyouoncebelong”.
    Assalamualaikum Tun dan Tun Siti.
    Semuga bahgia gembira bersama keluarga tersayang.

  61. milshah Dec 23,2018 2:23 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya melihat sebagai satu perkembangan positif dalam UMNO, apabila Presidennya, Dato’ Seri Zahid, menyerahkan tugas Presiden kepada Timbalannya. Mungkin mereka ada terbaca catatan sumpahan saya selama mana mereka menyokong pemimpin-pemimpin yang terpalit dengan rasuah atau menyokong pemimpin yang menyokong Najib, maka selama itulah tidak mungkin UMNO menjadi kerajaan semula.

    Apa pun tahniah kerana akhirnya pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO berani membuat perkara yang betul, walaupun lambat, tetapi “better late than never”.

    Kerajaan Pakatan Harapan telah berikrar supaya kisah skandal Najib ini tidak mungkin berlaku pada masa hadapan. Antara usaha mereka ke arah ini ialah, seseorang hanya boleh menjadi Perdana Menteri untuk dua penggal, dan Pendakwaraya diletak di bawah Parlimen. Sebenarnya, ada lagi satu elemen penting untuk memastikan kisah skandal Najib ini tidak berulang iaitu “two party system”.

    Kita dapat lihat UMNO menjadi korup kerana iainya berkuasa memerintah negara sejak kemerdekaan. Kata orang putih, “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Apabila kerajaan PH menang PRU 14, perkara pertama yang saya suarakan dalam blog ini ialah perlunya ada “two party system”. Two party system ini bertindak sebagai check and balance. Ini kerana kalaulah UMNO menjadi korup apabila berkuasa, mungkinkah PH juga akan menjadi korup apabila berkuasa?

    UMNO menjadi korup kerana iainya sangat berkuasa, dan pembangkang ketika UMNO berkuasa tidak mampu menghalang ia. Sebab itu, saya amat risau apabila setelah kalah PRU 14, UMNO terus dipimpin oleh mereka-mereka yang menyokong Najib, kerana selama UMNO dipimpin oleh mereka-mereka yang menyokong Najib, maka pasti PH akan terus menang PRU-PRU akan datang dan mendedahkan PH untuk menjadi korup kerana kuasa yang diterimanya, seperti yang berlaku pernah pada UMNO. UMNO juga menggunakan strategi yang salah, iaitu terlalu extreme kemelayuan sehingga menafikan kaum-kaum lain, sedangkan Malaysia adalah negara berbilang kaum.

    Sebab itu, sama ada suka atau tidak, UMNO perlu kembali kepada kedudukan asalnya, menjadi check and balance kepada kerajaan PH agar PH tidak menjadi korup. Hanya melalui two party system, barulah PH dan UMNO akan menjaga tingkah laku masing-masing, kerana apabila salah satu menjadi korup, maka pihak lagi satu akan mengantinya menjadi kerajaan.

    Bagaimana UMNO boleh kembali kepada kedudukan asalnya? Jawapanya amat mudah dan telah pun diberi oleh Tun pada awal pemerintahan PH iaitu “UMNO perlu kembali kepada perjuangan asal membela agama, bangsa dan negara.” Nasihat Tun ini nampak mudah, tetapi ianya amat berkuasa bagi mereka yang memahaminya. Di sinilah kekuatan UMNO sejak dari dahulu lagi. Apabila UMNO menjadi korup, iainya telah meninggalkan perjuangan asalnya, maka iainya disumpah menjadi seperti sekarang ini.

    Apakah UMNO boleh kembali perjuangan asalnya? Terpulang kepada pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO sekarang. Rakyat terutamanya kaum Melayu akan memerhati. Benar, orang Melayu amat marah dengan UMNO kerana menjadi korup, menghilangkan berbillion-bilion ringgit untuk kepentingan diri, tetapi mereka ingat jasa-jasa UMNO terdahulu.

    Kembali kepada perjuangan asal, tanpa menyakiti kaum-kaum lain. Muafakat seperti parti perikatan, dan barisan nasional, tanpa mendabik dada akulah tuan, tetapi berlaku adilah kepada semua kaum. Buat masa ini, jadilah pembangkang yang baik, tanpa menghina atau mencerca, tetapi mengkritik kerajaan pada tempatnya untuk menjadikan negara kita yang bertuah ini menjadi gemilang dan terbilang.

  62. HBT456 Dec 22,2018 6:34 PM

    Jika tiada duri dalam daging, perniagaan pun untung. Banyak duit dapat. Boleh jadi kaya. Tak perlu berebut dengan kaum India yang dikatakan sedang berebut kerana jurang kekayaan makin mendekat.

    Kalau ada duri dalam daging pun, tetap untung. Sebab?

    Sebab kalau orang tak makan, mati la jawabnya.

    Fifteen years after the end of World War II, a team of top-secret Israeli agents travels to Argentina to track down Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi officer who masterminded the transportation logistics that brought 6 millions of innocent Jews to their deaths in concentration camps.

    He was trialed in juruselam in 1 june, 1962 at the age of 56, israel, and found guilty, and he was sent to death by hanging because he had chosen to do it.

    I am not sure after going through all these horrendous unfortunate and tragic events, will they ever repent, and not use the official religion to justify their greed for absolute power?

    Which way to go?

    Victor rewrites new history?

    Jika tidak tahu buat kerja, continue to sogok them since tak ada orang peduli pun?

    I dont feel angry, revengeful nor frustrated since i have choice not to be like them, henceforth, i choose to leave without questioning. letting go perhaps is to give myself a chance to live, work and enjoy life just like all of you. when general election is called, i just cast my vote accordingly to the political coalition that make me feel safe and comfortable.

  63. musato Dec 22,2018 11:08 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Asimilasi makanan perlu dilakukan.

    Asimilasi amat perlu. Jangan menidakkan perkara ini.

    Ibarat kata Tun Musa Hitam, ada duri dalam daging.

    Jika tiada duri dalam daging, perniagaan pun untung. Banyak duit dapat. Boleh jadi kaya. Tak perlu berebut dengan kaum India yang dikatakan sedang berebut kerana jurang kekayaan makin mendekat.

    Kalau ada duri dalam daging pun, tetap untung. Sebab?

    Sebab kalau orang tak makan, mati la jawabnya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  64. musato Dec 22,2018 8:43 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya terbaca dan terasa situasi politik sekarang agak menarik.

    Wow! Amat menarik.

    Lepas PH menang saya rasa saya perlu berehat sekejap. Kerja dengan tenang. Slow n steady.

    Kita fikir bila dah jadi bos, kita boleh duk diam je, biar orang buat kerja untuk kita. Menarik nampak biar orang lain buat kerja untuk kita, kan? Wow!

    Tapi saya bukan bos. Orang lain.

    Bangun pagi, saya taip sikit sikit buku resepi saya.

    Bila tiba masa kerja, saya masak. Bila dah masak saya makan. Bila dah makan saya balik.

    Manyak syiok lor.

    Mungkin orang tak suka Anwar jadi PM. Walau janji mulut tanpa janji hitam putih, janji tetap dikatakan janji.

    Apabila berjanji, ia perlu ditunaikan.

    Itu adalah amalan Rasulullah saw. Ia juga adalah satu etika berdakwah.

    Begitu juga dengan janji PH.

    Walaupun PM, Tun Mahathir lebih suka Jepun kerana mengamalkan nilai nilai Islam, namun bukanlah orang yang berserban dan berjubah yang pergi ke Donesk, Ukhraine.

    Yang pergi hanyalah orang yang berbaju biasa. Yang hanya mampu berkata “saya tidak yakin ia adalah arahan dari PM sendiri”.

    Ia adalah kaedah memahami jiwa. Kenali jiwa musuh anda dan dekatkan dirinya kepada jalan Islam, seperti mana PM, Tun Mahathir menyukai yang amat berkenaan negara Jepun, sehinggakan orang Melayu jadi malu pun, bangsa lain perlu “menutup kemaluan” orang Melayu.

    Jangan bagi orang Melayu malulah!


    Terima kasih Tun.

  65. don potty Dec 21,2018 11:30 PM

    salam tun, selamat hari lahir!

    izinkan saya berkongsi kisah, tentang janji membantu seorang rakan

    katanya untung dibahagi 50/50, ok terima

    tapi hakikatnya hanya 25/75, kerana sebelum ini tuan projek offer kita tolak, konon tolak rasuah jaga rakan, kalau nak juga bincang dgn rakan

    lantas tuan projek berkata, kau tgk rakan ni pasti makan kau, tengok lah nanti

    kini berlaku, sambil tuan projek bayar pd rakan kemudian dilihatnya rakan pula bayar bahagian kita dan berkata untung 50/50 & cost pun 50/50, beliau tuan projek kenyit mata kat kita

    kita dah kena kencing

  66. Hajar Dec 21,2018 9:44 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Mana lebih keji: memfitnah, membunuh atau menerima/memberi rasuah? Saya sudah naik menyampah dan rasa mual bila isu rasuah sahaja yang digembar-gemburkan!

    2. FITNAH (Hasutan) boleh membawa kepada pembunuhan kejam, dan kita sudah lihat ia berlaku dalam insiden kuil di USJ 25 tempoh hari.

    3. Seorang pemuda Melayu Islam yang sedang bertugas membantu orang awam dibelasah oleh sekumpulan manusia durjana, dan kes ini sudah diklasifikasikan sebagai kes bunuh kerana yang dibelasah sudah jadi arwah.

    4. Tun tidak perlu pecat sesiapa pun. Biarlah Menteri2 dan exco Selangor yang terlibat meletak jawatan jika ada rasa malu/tanggungjawab. Mereka tidak akan dapat bertahan lama. Tetapi, mereka mesti disiasat di bawah AKTA HASUTAN.

    5. Kerajaan PH berusaha mahu menghapuskan beberapa undang2 jenayah termasuk Akta Hasutan dan hukuman mati mandatori. Mengapakah pemimpin2 PH begitu simpati terhadap para penjenayah? Siapa yang mahu dilindungi?

    6. Saya lihat PH asyik komplen yang Kerajaan tiada wang (rejim Najib dah songlap).

    7. Jika hukuman mati dimansuhkan, BANYAKLAH WANG RAKYAT yang diperlukan untuk membiayai para penjenayah termasuk pembunuh, pengedar dadah, etc. yang akan MENGHUNI penjara berpuluh-puluh tahun lamanya.

    8. PH ada pula banyak wang untuk tujuan menanggung para penjenayah, tak gitu? Alahai…

    9. PNB sudah umumkan dividen & bonus ASB. Lebih rendah dari tahun lepas, iaitu 6.5 sen + 0.5 sen seunit saham. Mengapa prestasi PNB merosot? Salah rejim terdahulukah?

    10. Eloklah YB Nurul Izzah meletak jawatan dalam PKR. Saya pun sudah naik mual melihat gelagat beliau dengan reformasi yang entah apa2. Ramai lagi wanita Melayu Islam yang lebih berwibawa yang wajar dicontohi.

    11. YB Khairy (KJ) pula yang saya katakan dahulu adalah ASET Kerajaan PH elok diam (shut up). Masa anda sudah berlalu; SILA KE KEPI. Lagipun dengan adanya KJ dalam UMNO, UMNO semakin hilang arah. Orang ini tidak ada jadi diri Melayu Islam; liberal seperti orang PKR, tetapi tersesat masuk UMNO. Entah bilalah dia ini akan didakwa oleh SPRM.

    12. Saya alu-alukan untuk DAP keluar PH jika tidak berpuas hati dengan keadaan dalam PH. Dipersilakan dengan segala hormatnya. Kita lihat apa yang berlaku selepas itu.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  67. HBT456 Dec 21,2018 8:01 PM

    No need to explain whatsoever, if you really want to eat those chocolates too, then, go for it.

    Its a free country since merdeka after more than 60 years now.

    Time to move on, and i wish them all the best.

  68. HBT456 Dec 21,2018 7:56 PM

    After going through all these ugly and man-made tragic and unfortunate events, i dont think any decent politicians can stand such heat.

    P/s: we no longer buy bottled water, and we use tumbler with boiled water whenever we leave home. there is no way to ban plastic in any shapes since plastic is still the most economical, popular due to light weight and cheapest way to produce products made in plastic. by killing of plastic industry wont change the mindset of such manufacturing since they too need to survive, the only way to do is to create awareness at beaches and sampah collectors to educate them not to throw plastic in any forms at the beach, contohnya via carrot, atau stick, itu saja. cleaniness too start from home.

  69. HBT456 Dec 21,2018 7:34 PM

    Get umno punya lawyer to sue, jangqn pakai shafee, use other umno punya lawyer, after that buat claim at pmo in myr.

    P/s: apakah nama mb selangor terkini, dan kenapa beliau dipilih? if such claim is said to be halal then, i have nothing much to say. it is just too much to bear. isu macam ini, let mr tommy thomas to decide at putrajaya.

  70. Sri Sense Dec 21,2018 4:43 PM


    Wow susah juga nak jalan opis PPBM, kena tunggu hubby, hubby pula sentiasa sibuk, harap minggu depan sebelum tahun baru we can do it. I wonder juga KCD kat mana sekarang? Masih based kat Putrajaya ka?

    Alright kita tinggal isu atas dulu, jom baca sikit apa bloggers kata

    – I also rasa Anwar tak jadi PM. Politik satu hal, ramai rakyat also tak nak. I bagi example my eldest daughter bertudung labuh, pergi masjid kuliah kata PKR ini terlalu liberal, tidak sesuai untuknya. I sebut isu tudung sini sebab Wan Azizah dan Nurul pun bertudung so is Latheefa Beebi Koya dan ramai lagi pemimpin wanita dalam PKR.

    – Ok sebenarnya isu kuil haram ini banyak ada di Selangor. My hometown di Perak tak ada pula. Seingat I dalam pekan hanya ada 2 kuil Hindu, satu besar, satu kecil, jarak agak jauh. To me ok kalau orang Melayu rasa tak happy, sedih asal mereka tak merusuh kan. Itu yang penting.

    Yang di bayar kecil tu datang merusuh ka atau sekadar nak gertak? Yang panggil 200 orang India datang merusuh tu siapa? I bet mesti someone inside the temple. Yang hantar arwah Adib ke hospital tu siapa? I difahamkan orang luar.

    Orang luar tu siapa? Kenapa dia berada disana, sebab lalu jalan tu ka atau part of the team merusuh? Kenapa pula hantar ke Subang Jaya Medical Centre? Sebab penghantar familiar dengan Subang Jaya? Semasa hantar SJMC ada tak pihak hospital tuntut bayaran? I tau hospital jenis ini tak bayar tak nak bagi treatment. Kenapa lepas tu hantar ke IJN? Adakah sebab tak cukup equipment atau sebab kos tinggi untuk rawatan di SJMC?

    Kenapa gambar I lihat dalam media massa yang kena ikat bon berkulit cerah dah sama kulit macam polis yang bawa mereka. Kenapa ramai muka gelap polis masih cari. I tengok gambar dalam list dipaparkan semua muka gelap satu sahaja cerah. Why masa merusuh aritu polis tak cekup semua?

    Kenapa satelah post mortem lain pula sebab kematian? Macam mana boleh tak detect earlier?

    Datuk Kadir, kalau I jadi ibu Adib, ramai dah orang I sue. Just saying!

  71. HBT456 Dec 21,2018 1:27 PM

    – Hmmm… GRANDMOTHERS are fond of saying that money doesn’t grow on trees. I beg to differ – not only does money grow on trees, it grows on rocks too. kikiki

    Yup, i have no objection on that if, only, if there is no general election being held in every 5 years.

    When penangites speak hokkien, i dont understand their mother tongue’s dialect sentences, but if they write it out, then, i can read, and understand lor.

    When they popek, popek hot hot among themselves, i just say hua hi jiu ho lor.

    Dulu, bn chairman asked them, ‘are you ready for bn’, the penangites said no.

    Hmmm…kini, if ph chairman asked them the same question, are you ready for ph, what will be the answer?

    P/s: whoever become the next perdana menteri, we still need to work, live and enjoy life, but if you see no hope in the state, or country, then, the best way out is to migrate. life is like a box of chocolates. time to go home soldiers, and whatever they want to do, it would be better off for them to decide, and after years of helping them, and they dont seem to appreciate, and accept, and still stuck with race and religion conflicts of forever got tomorrow one punya akta 153. after years of being exploited and threatened with such ruling, still not enough meh?

  72. Sri Sense Dec 21,2018 9:33 AM

    Good morning Tun!

    BH – Harap PM jangan pecat Waytha Moorthy, Maszlee – KJ @chedetofficial tidak memecat Waythamoorthy dan @maszlee. Mereka ini aset bagi pembangkang,” tulisnya hari ini yang dipercayai menyindir kerajaan.

    – KJ semakin berani sejak lunch dengan Nurul dan Rafizi. Lunch yang khabarnya bukan sekali. I harap isteri you tak tukar kunci rumah. kikiki

    ProjekM – Rafizi sindir Ramkarpal: Makan dengan Khairy, Izzah ‘harga telur naik’

    – Hey Rafizi harga telur depend on gred dan jenis. Telur ayam kampung semalam I beli, 13 ringgit, bukan 10 biji, tapi satu tray besar. Alasan telur naik sudah jadi lain macam bunyi. As a matter of fact, masa mula tengok gambar tu, I said to hubby, threesome.

    RojakDaily – Minister Yeo Bee Yin Is The Top 10 Most Important People In Science For 2018

    – Aiseyman why always about self popularity. Personal glory. No news ka about ordinary people like adib and fireman yang mati or about polis yang tak cukup equipment like lampu picit. How they bertarung nyawa nak selamatkan rakyat. And how about those askar ada cukup ka equipment. And how about other things yang mendatangkan duit.

    FMT – From ministers to sultans, green man Salleh goes places to save forests

    – Hmmm… GRANDMOTHERS are fond of saying that money doesn’t grow on trees. I beg to differ – not only does money grow on trees, it grows on rocks too. kikiki

  73. HBT456 Dec 21,2018 7:47 AM

    Ralat: parliamentary democracy maturity

  74. HBT456 Dec 21,2018 7:45 AM


    Dulu, UMNO Baru Barisan Nasional ruling government was labelled as UMNO Baru Barang Naik by pembangkang.

    Political reason for defeat: jumping frogs

    Kini, selepas menang PRU 14, Pakatan Harapan is formed as PPBM Pakatan Harapan ruling government.

    Political reason for defeat: 1MDB

    Besok, will PPBM Pakatan Harapan ruling government be labelled as PPBM Parti Haprak by pengbangkang with the same political reason of jumping frogs?

    P/s: their party members tak kena, but those who are not their party members kena. whether they like it or not, as we are aproaching the era of parliamentary maturity, the influence of political parties would be decreasing gradually since there is no free lunch in this world. race and religion supremacy no longer relevant, and if those in power still stuck in dulu punya mindset, they too can be replaced since politicians could be rigged behind the voters in the name of race and religion supremacy, and it is not a secret. as saying goes, what will happen, it will happen. what will not happen, it will not happen. benefits of doubt is always there since all opportunities and challenges are tagged with risks. so pandai2 lah perjuang bangsa dan agama mereka to gain vote counts.

  75. HBT456 Dec 20,2018 11:08 PM

    Her kind might still stuck in 3rd world mentality, but that does not mean they can keep bullying and bullying infinitely.

    Yup, they can fool us some times, but they cannot fool us all the time.

    She can jump into any ships that she see fit, and no matter where she jumped, her shadow will follow.

    Bak kata, tak nak tak apa, tapi jangan hina.

    P/s: look at those contents set up by local cybertroopers in their own languange capacity, their freedom of expression is the main culprit that led to extreme racism and religion ideology in splitting the races apart, and can you blame the honda young girl for saying that? In a week,we are in 2019, but these cybertroppers still stuck in 2015, salah pengundi ke?

  76. HBT456 Dec 20,2018 10:54 PM

    Even ms usa contesting for ms universe 2018 at her young naive age in her private space in had opinionated with honesty in saying ms vietnam cant speak good english, immediately ms usa at this young age is being labelled as racist in cyberspace.

    She was guilded positively and to made public apology, and finally, she was allowed to contest.

    Unfortunately to a jumping frog like her, she still have not learned her lesson yet, and at this age of her still IMAO, and commented the cina girl news being suspended is positive news, and she is fired.

    P/s: i am glad she had decided to jump into ppbm ship, and with a vote of no more era of mahathirism might sink this ship once and for all. good luck to the 7th pm and his cabinet.

  77. Sri Sense Dec 20,2018 4:33 PM

    Good evening YAB Tun

    I baru ingat nak buat lawatan rasmi opis PPBM PJ sebelum 2019. Belum pun sempat I buat aturcara, dah macam2 jenis skandal keluar kat media massa kikiki

    Pulau Kukup lagi? Tun, I cakap Tun jangan kecik hati. One thing about me, I tak begitu gemar cerita pasal Raja Sultan Melayu. Kalau I tahu pun I malas bercakap. To me asal Tuanku2 semua tak kacau I, tak hurt anak I, tak bunuh anak I, I’m ok with that.

    Ok berbalik pada Pulau Kukup, orang kanan Tun, ada buktikah yang Sultan Johor nak develope tempat itu? Bukan apa Tun, kalau sekadar cakap, semua orang pun boleh cakap.

    Tun ingat tak Badak Sumbu kat Paya Indah Wetlands Putrajaya? I ingat dulu swasta ka, then government ka took over or something like that, not very sure, but I do remember something about funding. I pernah pergi beberapa kali sini, kalau tak silap Telekom ka, TNB ka, dok sponsor makanan haiwan sini. Badak Sumbu sekali makan masa tu I tengok, banyak betul sayur, kira sayur boleh buat kenduri kendara 500 orang makan.

    The other place I biasa pergi Bukit Cerakah. Orang Shah Alam mesti tau tempat ini. Sini ada rumah 4 musim. Dulu masa jadi PM, Tun pernah lawat. Pernah juga dulu I dengar ada funding problem.

    I sebut semua diatas ini sebab Tun dan gang gang PH asyik kata tak ada duit. kikiki Lagu mana la you all nak maintain tempat ini. kikiki jangan mare!

    Next, I ada baca DPM Tun cerita about hutang2 negara dan keburukkan Najib, last paragraph baru cakap pertumbuhan certain industry. Bukan main la kecil paragraph tersebut. Rafizi pun dah bunyi sama, cerita cerita kelemahan Ministers, tup tup timbul pasal ahli ex-UMNO mohon masuk PPBM. Banyak betul korner!

    Ok tadi I baca tulisan Faisal Tehrani – FMT. As usual tulisan beliau buat I berfikir dan terfikir.

  78. HBT456 Dec 20,2018 1:25 PM

    These are young and dangerous dare devils of those born in 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s 50s etc…..and they are born rebellious, irresponsible, self centered and immature to see bigger picture with super inferiority complex, and to them, challenging the power of authorithy is a game of mind, and its no different from those of penny stocks.

    This sort of pr stunt to mark the arrival of cny in shanghai turned stampede, and fatal caused, as below link in 2014:

  79. HBT456 Dec 20,2018 11:27 AM

    after the sinking of titantic due to arrogant and ignorant of human race to show the world that the ship was unsinkable.

    P/s: putrajaya is hot, extremely dry eventhough there is man-made lake there. i am not sure will it be a tourist attraction to local and foreign tourists since in there only halal food is served. but, funny, when they tour in other countries, they compained no halal food is served.

  80. HBT456 Dec 20,2018 11:20 AM

    As saying goes, too many chefs spoil the soup.

    Similarly, too many captains can sink the ship too.

    Their members are mps of federal parliament. their members are high ranking officers in ruling government at putrajaya and jakim. their members are their spies. their members created the mess. their members file report to pdrm and defense ministry. but, will they have the gut to admit any wrongdoings first? instead, they panic, and jump off the sinking ships when things turned to hot, and out of the control, perhaps they forgot every ships must have enough life boats that could cater all kut.

  81. HBT456 Dec 20,2018 11:07 AM

    IMAO = In My Arrogant Opinion

    IMS0 = In My Sincere Opinion

    When 2 men sandwich 1 lady in the middle, it looks like a triangle love affair, and what is the impact of this love affair since 1 lady cannot married 2 men at the same time in modern history?

    How would the political parties of the divides want this triangle love affair to be orchestrated to the public, khususnya ahli2 pkr, umno dan pas?

    Choice A: Yellow
    Choice B: Green
    Choice C: Black
    Choice D: White
    Choice E: Grey

    P/s: no matter what color that they choose, hakikatnya adalah sama saja as long as bumiputra status remained unchange, atau at status quo. it is either you take it, or you leave it as mps of federal parliament. when syariah compliant mps outnumbered non syariah compliant mps base on the supreme race and official religion, you will know its time to kiss goodbye to this beloved country as non malay and non muslim mps and voters.

  82. Sri Sense Dec 20,2018 10:34 AM


    Aduhai market merah lagi. Lagu mana nak cari makan? Duit yang tersimpan dalam bursa pun dah menurun. Monthly income tak ada.

    Pagi tadi I sembang dengan hubby, baca online opis kat sini, bangunan ini ada di PJ? I thought kat Bukit Bintang dulu ada. Hubby diam sejenak, Oh yang tu sebelah … tu. Masa tu I pula terkebil-kebil dan jawab, You mean yang dekat A&W tu? Hubby angguk ya.

    I nak pergi sini la, Tun rekomen I kerja kat opis PPBM. I dah nak pokai ni.

  83. Sri Sense Dec 20,2018 8:13 AM

    Good morning Tun

    I nak komen sikit tentang gambar.

    Gambar bukan sebarang gambar tetapi gambar 3 serangkai. Rafizi, Nurul dan KJ. I ada baca orang tulis tiga serangkai ini nak tubuh parti baru. Mereka nak target golongan pekerja muda.


    1. Kalau ini terjadi I pasti mereka bertiga dapat banyak sokongan dan mereka boleh kalahlah pemimpin muda seperti Syed Saddiq dengan mudah. Pemimpin muda PPBM mungkin handsome but lack of experience baik dari segi kerja dan politik.

    2. But tubuh party baru bukan satu pekara mudah. Funding is always a problem. I ingat lagi tak lama dulu I pernah baca, adik Najib ada masaalah cari sponsor untuk party baru yang beliau nak tubuh. Bayangkan adik Najib masa tu seorang banker.

    Ada juga pendapat lain kata sebab Nurul kecewa dengan bapanya. yeah maybe, she anti UMNO but bapanya dalam diam buat deal dengan UMNO nak angkut ramai masuk PKR. Why? Sebab nak jadi PM cepat. Tempoh 2 tahun terlalu lama.

    Kalau ini betul Tun, kita tak payah bagi tempoh, kita tak bagi langsung. Apa macam best tak?

    Kita boleh baca dalam tulisan top bloggers dan columnist. Conspiracy belakang pentas. Boleh percaya? By looking how things going on right now, dan dengan membaca statement dari politician yang terbabit dimedia massa, that’s possible.

    KJ pula mungkin upset dengan Hishamuddin dan Zahid asyik buat deal belakang pintu without him. Rafizi, entah la, kot dia nak promote business invoke. INVOKE ini prediction boleh percaya ka? I ingat dulu INVOKE predict PAS mampus, sekali tengok bangun segar bugar semula kikiki

    Whatever it is, arwah Adib yang muda dan handsome jauh lebih popular dan disayangi dari mereka bertiga. They are like yesterday’s news. Kita baca but we don’t really care that much.

    Just saying!

  84. musato Dec 19,2018 9:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya berkesempatan mendengar kata kata seorang Menteri, ahli kabinet Tun.

    Beliau turut menceritakan apa yang berlaku sedikit sebanyak mengenai proses pentadbiran yang sedang berjalan.

    Kata beliau, Tun pesan “perlu lebih kreatif”

    Begitu juga dengan pesan saya.

    “Tanamkan dalam hati bahawa Islam itu agama yang benar”

    Terima kasih Tun.

  85. HBT456 Dec 19,2018 9:32 PM

    Melayu Islam Bumiputera bersatu?

    Really do not know what to say.

    Jika main politik yang amat bisa sampai tahap ini, there is no hope with bersatu, ph or bn.

    P/s: if you think of getting rich overnight is the way to go, by all means go ahead since no one really care, sogok ke, tikam ke, main belakang ke, janji menang.

  86. milshah Dec 19,2018 2:28 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya sedih berkenaan kematian saudara Adib. Moga beliau dilimpahi rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama-sama orang-orang yang soleh. Al-fatihah.

    Ramai yang meminta supaya Menteri Perpaduan melepaskan jawatan akibat kematian Adib. Ini susulan kata-kata beliau terhadap polis semasa insiden kuil berlaku.

    Secara peribadi, saya berpendapat adalah lebih baik beliau sendiri meletak jawatan. Ini tentunya meringankan tekanan ke atas kerajaan PH kerana kematian Adib. Perlu ada yang bertanggunangjawab terhadap insiden ini.

    Saya fikir begini, keadaan sekarang tanggapan orang ramai adalah Menteri Perpaduan tidak menjalankan tugas dengan baik. Mungkin Menteri perlukan masa.

    Jadi sama ada Menteri perlu melepaskan jawatan atau tidak, adalah adakah Menteri ada rancangan dalam masa satu tahun akan datang untuk menjernihkan kembali hubungan antara kaum? Atau adakah Menteri memegang jawatan tersebut untuk memenuhi kuota sahaja? Jika Menteri rasa dalam setahun dari sekarang, beliau tidak mampu menjernihkan kembali hubungan antara kaum, maka lebih baik tugas ini diberi kepada orang lain.

    Jika Menteri ada rancangan, maka boleh lah Menteri terus menjalankan tugas. Tetapi perlu diingat, hubungan antara kaum sekarang berada pada tahap yang rendah akibat insiden-insiden yang berlaku, jadi rancangan tersebut mestilah yang terbaik yang mampu menjernihkan kembali hubungan antara kaum. Please bare in mind, it is an almost mission impossible task and the expectation will be very high.

    Jika Menteri rasa beliau tidak akan mampu laksanakannya dalam tempoh satu tahun, maka lebih baik beliau meletak jawatan dan beri kepada orang lain yang mampu laksanakannya. Mungkin beliau boleh berkhidmat dalam kapasiti yang lain.

    Sekadar pandangan peribadi.

  87. Sri Sense Dec 19,2018 1:28 PM

    Salam Tun

    I ni baru balik dari kedai. Baca2 keliling topik kedua popular UMNO. Dah ada blogger cakap sebelum ini. Umno this and that. Pasal Zahid lepas pucuk pimpinan pada Timbalan, jadi topik bincangan semula.

    So I just nak share apa I rasa. I think UMNO tetap tidak kemana dengan Tok Mat. Lagipun I pernah baca UMNO akan tutup next year bulan Feb. Betul atau tak, I dunno la.

    I cuma melihat dari bawah. Dari apa yang I lihat sukar la bila ini terjadi nanti. Dulu zaman UMNO di haramkan, Tun laju buat semua semula. Tok Mat boleh buat? I don’t think so. Hishamuddin boleh buat? Maybe, because UMNO founder was his grandpa Dato’ Sir Onn bin Dato’ Jaafar.

    Then again, PPBM pula sebijik macam UMNO. So how? Pada berebut rebut kan baik jadikan satu.

    As for waytha, berhentikan aja dia. No point la Tun. Problem dengan masyarkat India dari zaman Samy Vellu lagi. Dia orang ni kat sini practice kasta2 ka? Now the problem still on, kita orang Melayu pulak nak kena bendung sampai ada orang kita yang mati, I pernah dengar rogol too, and kucing also masuk washing machine. Mana aci Tun asyik asyik kita. Ini kan Tanah Melayu kenapalah kita yang asyik kena.

    I think itu buat orang Melayu banyak yang sedih. Nobody paksa anyone masuk Islam, ok. Nobody paksa anyone berlaki or berbini orang Melayu Islam ok. Kalau kita paksa takanla kuil haram wujud. Rumah2 beribadat yang lain sah wujud.

    Tun, kata rule of law, tapi terasa seolah olah orang Melayu je yang kena. So please bersatu.

  88. Anak.muda Dec 19,2018 12:57 PM

    Assalamualaikum tun

    1.Tun kata yang tun perlukan pembangkang yang kuat tapi masih terima orang umno. Saya rasa ramai yang tak paham apa yang dilakukakan oleh tun ni…

    2.keputusan pru 14 sokongan cina pada ph 95%, india 75%, dan melayu hanya dalam 25-30% sahaja..

    3.suka ataupun tidak,pas dengan visi memperjuangkan agama islam hadi dan umno dengan visi memperjuangkan melayu najib dapat menarik sokongan melayu.

    4.sebab itulah pas dan umno sangat radikal dalam isu hak melayu dan islam kerana mereka tahu 70% melayu menyokong mereka.

    5.apa yang dilakukan tun adalah sangat tepat.tarik umno masuk ppbm untuk dapatkan sokongan melayu. Semestinya orang umno yang kategori pengikut dan pak turutlah bukannya pemimpin rasuah yang boleh ditarik masuk.

    6.mca, gerakan dan mic perlu menjadi kuat untuk kesejahteraan malaysia.suasana politik di malaysia sangatlah sihat andai kata 70% rakyat menyokong kerajaan dan 30% lagi menyokong pembangkang yang dipecahkan kepada 10% melayu, 10% cina dan 10% india.

    7.mca, gerakan dan mic tolonglah bangun dari tidur dan buatlah kerja.

  89. Abbas Dec 19,2018 12:43 PM

    Saya baca tentang ‘lepaskan jawatan’.Gentleman, yah. But what tooks him so long. So what about the rest? Cepat lah, supaya dapat memulakan proses pemulihan dan putaran balik kepada titik bermula.
    Sebelum tu ,baca tentang ‘pujuk’, ishh, geli.
    All this while, I only saw an attempt to extent their legacies, all structured by them for them- one leg in , one leg out and the other leg is a bridge to make each other look good. In or out, now or then same modus operandi.
    Beban progress dah tiada,diketahui dah terkantoi.
    Belia yang dah mula nak jadi rebung kena tinggalkan. Tiada apa yang hebat dari mereka melainkan kebencian yang melalaikan objektif memperkasakan melayu. Masa diorang ni,adik-adik melayu masih kekal tahap nampak negative.Fail.
    Adik-adik melayu kita ini, cukup ka dengan hanya main dan jadi mangsa politik. Skill lain mana? Skill yang kamu boleh dabik dada, dan kata its your effort, bukan skill yang you dapat sebab you an effective penyokong? If you think you have achieved something great then mengapa masih ada lagi orang mengata tentang sebahagian kamu. Sekarang masa untuk kamu take charge, tolong kawan-kawan kamu yang ketinggalan. Sambut tangan mereka, biar lagi banyak yang berdiri sama tinggi dengan kamu kamu. Banyak itu kuat. Ingat ayat Allah yang berkata tentang “berpesan-pesan..”. Berkerja kuat.Jangan biar orang memperlekehkan kamu dan kawan-kawan kamu.Jangan kasar, berhemah. Ambil masa untuk dengar cakap atuk nenek, ayah,ibu,pakcik2 dan makcik2 kamu. By now you should know what type of leader you want. If your chosen leaders are selective dan kebelangkan kamu, gunakan timang tara kamu dengan mulia. One of your many pertunjuk (maybe), is ‘”nobody gets there alone”. Undi.
    Assalamualaikum Tun dan Tun Siti. Semuga Tun dan Tun Siti jangan berduka cita lagi. Yang pergi dah selamat, kita yang hidup belum tahu lagi. Sama-sama kita buat yang terbaik. Kami harap Tun dan Tun Siti gembira selalu disamping keluarga tersayang.

  90. akulamd Dec 19,2018 11:24 AM

    Salam Tun.
    Semoga Tun sihat dan diberi kekuatan dan hikmah agar dapat memimpin negara dengan sebaiknya.

    1. Sudah sampai masanya kita berhenti menyalahkan mana-mana pihak. Sekarang adalah masa untuk menyusun strategi dan langkah agar bergerak menuju kearah yang lebih gemilang.

    2. Kita kena lebih berhati2 kerana musuh2 negara senantiasa megambil peluang utk “menyerang” pada setiap arah yang ditujui. Episode rusuhan kuil…tanah kesultanan . racist beer promoter…dan kemarahan org melayu pada isu icerd tidak sepatutnya diperbesar sehingga menimbulkan keresahan pada rakyat… kita kena sedar adanya pihak2 yang meniupkan api perbalahan dengan niat tidak lain selain melemah dan memundurkan kita.

    3. Anggaplah Tragedi 1MDB suatu bencana… semua negara tidak pernah bebas dari bala bencana.. malah bencana 1MDB secara relatifnya masih kecil dan terkawal dan jika dibandingkan dengan bencana2 yang pernah melanda negara2 lain…sunami yg melanda atom di Jepun.. taufan yang melanda USA..perang saudara di Yaman..semuanya adalah becana yang lebih besar dan merugikan negara masing2. Kita tidak perlu lagi terus menerus menangisi tragedy yang telah berlaku.. apa yang lebih penting adalah belajar dari kesilapan dan perbetulkan amalan. Pak menteri dan juga pembangkang… sudah2lah bermain politik. Bekerjalah untuk majukan negara. . usahlah saling meyalahkan.. juga menakutkan-nakutkan rakyat dengan angka2 hutang yang ada. Semua itu memburukkan keadaan dan merendah-rendahkan segala nilai yang kita ada. Negara kita dikurnia dengan pelbagai sember yang masih boleh diteroka.. apa yang penting adalah sikap dan pengurusan yang baik.

    4. Mereka yang terlibat pada setiap kesalahan perlu dipertangungjawabkan pada setiap tindakan. keluarga Jho Low adalah usahawan berjaya..datuk seri Najib dan keluarga juga berharta.. jika rakyat marhain berhutang boleh dijadikan status muflis..dengan segala harta dirampas dan diuruskan oleh badan pentadbir Jabatan Pemegang Harta (JPH)..saya percaya tidak ada sebab hukuman yang sama tidak boleh dikenakan pada persalah2 tragedi 1MDB. Usah buang masa mengejar pada yang berlari… gunakan kuasa yang diberi rakyat untuk mengambil semula segala apa yang senilai dengan apa yang telah dicuri… usah dibebankan pada rakyat miskin dan pada masa yang sama pesalah dan keluarga pesalah 1MDB masih bermewah megah meloloskan diri.

    5. Force sale kapal equanimity bukanlah satu2nya jalan menuntut keadilan. Jika harganya tidak didapat dicairkan setara nilainya..biarlah ianya kekal menjadi hak milik negara.. pecat segera petugas luar negara yang menguruskannya..latihlah anak2 tempatan menguruskannya. Sewakan pada celebrity atau org-org kenamaan seperti sebelumnya.. dengan publicity percuma dari skandal 1MDB.. saya percaya ianya laris dipasaran. Berhati2..pada serangan atau rampasan kapal.. mungkin pakar2 tempatan boleh mencipta mekanisme keselamatan atau tempatkan anggota bersenjata di atas kapal yang disewa agar ianya tidak dirampas semula oleh pemilik lamanya.

    6. Rakyat miskin perlu segera berubah sikap dari mengharapkan bantuan.. manfaatkan apa yang ada.. maksimakan productivity..usah bergantung pada sesiapa dan kita secara cepat akan bebas dari kemiskinan yang melanda. Rakyat perlu ditanamkan sikap bekerjasama, bertoleransi, yang kaya dan berjaya usah terlalu tamak membazirkan sumber2 yang ada. Semua orang pastinya akan lebih bahagia.

  91. Sri Sense Dec 19,2018 9:18 AM


    I baca keliling. KCD pun kena bantai. I baca tulisan TK Chua di FMT. Dia tulis dah macam apa yang I tulis di sini. Like me dia pun pengundi biasa. Earlier I ada baca tulisan Joceline Tan. Yes I am familiar dengan penulis ini. Bukan kenal tapi selalu juga baca tulisannya dalam TheStar sejak dari zaman Pak Lah lagi. Hers is more the inside story.

    I difahamkan yang Khairy yang post picture dia dengan Nurul. I gelak besar baca tulisan Syed malam tadi. Papa jahat betul kikiki Syed ini kelakar la

    As for KJ I also tak faham la budak ini, apa pasal yang tayang2 gambar, gaduh dengan isteri ka? Young man, always remember this, never mix business with pleasure.

    As for Zahid, amboi garangnya, nak tunggu 2021? Yob letak je jawatan tu, bior orang kata kita ni gentleman.

    Walau apa pun, my opinion ini, UMNO dah tumbang, BN dah tumbang, PH akan tumbang so all the component parties. Apa yang kita boleh berbuat, orang Melayu Islam Bumiputera harus bersatu.

  92. HBT456 Dec 19,2018 8:39 AM

    So please Melayu Islam Bumiputera bersatu hati. Tengok himpunan bantah ICERD kita berjaya kan.

    Kudos to this organiser to make chinese proud again in china, and outside china.

    Indeed, thats positive news to the chinese race in malaysia, jika tidak, si ah moi honda ini tak kena picit perut via sacking under the discretion of honda management, dia masih tak tahu betapanya bahaya apabila race and religion supremacies are being played again, and again.

    But, masyaAllahnya adalah jika isu icerd dan bantah icerd masih diteruskan and dragged for dsai to be the perdana menteri, hello kitty too also can turned goodbye kitty, kan trade war is easy to win, meaning race and religion wars are hard to win lor.

    P/s: china and russia already made their stand firm through their leaders that they will not interfere nor involve directly with the the handling of rohingya refugee crisis with junta military madam aung sang suu yi, kan tu adalah border between india dan myanmmar. why suddenly yemen is brought in for debate in federal parliment?

    Fact checks: Vaillancourt Aris is a havana cuban born and was an English historian who wrote and lectured on Bhutanese, Tibetan and Himalayan culture and history. He was the husband of Aung San Suu Kyi, the current State Counsellor of Myanmar. Why woman is being elected to replace merkel in german after the dismantled of berlin wall, we can always do fact check in internet via apa search engines available in there.

  93. Sri Sense Dec 19,2018 7:36 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Semalam I nampak satu news portal ada keluarkan gambar muka2 dicari polis. Polis masih tak jumpa mereka ka?

    Setau I di Subang Jaya ada dua balai polis, satu SS17, satu lagi USJ14. I tak begitu pasti Putera Heights.

    Kawasan dalam Subang Jaya yang banyak India – lower income group – flat SS13. Kalau dulu kes Kevin Morais yang dibunuh, kalau tak tersilap yang terbabit owner kedai repair kereta, tempat dibunuh pula dalam area USJ kan. Ini kawasan Mydin Giant supermarket, kat dalam2 belakang tu banyak kedai repair kereta.

    I think kes kuil ini jadi tiba2, so kalau yang forward messages tu datang dari kuil, mesti yang datang kesitu dengan pantas orang India yang berdekatan.

    By the way, hubby tak kenal pun satu muka keluar, hubby kata macam muka India underworld. I also tak pasti rasa macam pernah nampak not so sure dimana. I ini when comes to faces mudah lupa.

    Sorry ya polis, I wish I can do more.

  94. Sri Sense Dec 18,2018 10:46 PM


    I rasa keluarga Adib boleh saman pihak bertanggung jawab, temple, state goverment, exco, waytha kan?

    I think for most us, the pain is the pain of knowing, knowing he no longer with us, knowing he can’t tell us siapa penjahat yang betanggung jawab, knowing dia tak dapat kahwin hujung minggu ini, knowing dia tak dapat bawak kereta baru, knowing tak dapat makan besar bersamanya.

    Just saying

  95. Hajar Dec 18,2018 10:37 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    I totally agree with the following demand by the UMNO Youth.

    Those PH Ministers must be held responsible for whatever they said right after the first day of riot/unrest. The UNARMED civil servant who died (was murdered) is a MALAY (MUSLIM). Was it just a coincidence?


    After Adib’s death, Umno Youth wants Pakatan leaders charged with incitement

    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 18 — Umno Youth demanded criminal charges against four Pakatan Harapan ministers and a Selangor official today, claiming they fuelled the unrest that led to an attack last month on a rescue worker who died yesterday.

    According to Datuk Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, Cabinet members P. Waytha Moorthy, M. Kulasegaran, Gobind Singh Deo, and Xavier Jaykumar and Selangor exco V. Ganabatirau made remarks that were intended to breach the peace following the riots at the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in USJ25, Subang Jaya last month.

    The Umno Youth chief insisted that the ministers issued remarks criticising the police’s handling of the initial riots, which he said worsened tensions at a time when authorities were trying to disprove any racial or religious elements in the case.


    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  96. musato Dec 18,2018 10:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya ingat saya tak pernah komen pasal ICERD atau pun pasal kuil hindu sebelum ini.

    Saya percaya pada kerajaan Tun Mahathir. Saya percaya pada keupayaan Tun untuk tadbir negara.

    Tapi semalam 9.41 malam, Adib dah jadi arwah dan telah selamat dikebumikan. Semoga rohnya bersama sama dengan orang orang beriman.

    Ya, walaupun saya percaya pada kepimpinan Tun, tapi saya kira pembaca saya turut ingin membaca pendapat saya berkenaan isu berkenaan.

    Pada ingatan saya, kaum India pernah berhutang dengan orang Melayu tak lama dulu.

    Ia berkaitan dengan pembunuhan arwah Sosilawati. Mayat Sosilawati dibakar setelah dibunuh. Tak salah saya, upah bunuh yang dibayar lebih kurang rm2,000 seorang.

    Saya tak pernah kenal arwah. Tetapi saya pernah terserempak dan bertentang mata secara kebetulan dengan beliau di Sogo satu masa dulu. Arwah sedang naik lif dengan Nash.

    Sekarang arwah Adib pula. Seorang anggota bomba yang ditarik keluar dari jentera bomba dan dipukul dengan niat untuk bunuh. Semata mata kerana anggota bomba bertujuan ingin memadamkan kebakaran kereta akibat rusuhan berkenaan isu kuil.

    Kaum India telah hutang dengan orang Melayu 2 kali.

    Orang Melayu belum tuntut lagi setakat ini.

    Saya lihat PM, Tun Mahathir turut turun hadir ziarah jenazah Adib.

    Satu ketika dulu, Tun Mahathir turut turun padang ketika anggota komando kita mahu melaksanakan misi Ops Sulu.

    Seperti saya telah katakan, setelah ramai anggota keselamatan kita mati kerana menunggu terlalu lama, mungkin kerana terlalu berlembut hati masih mahu berunding dengan Kesultanan Sulu yang mana sejarahnya mungkin ramai ragu ragu mahu membunuh ‘Sultan’;

    Saya telah nyatakan pandangan saya. Kita perlu bunuh dan perang walaupun mereka itu mengaku sebagai darah Rasulullah saw sekalipun.

    Sudah tentu arahan ini datang pun dari darah daging Rasulullah saw juga kan. Darah Rasulullah saw yang memimpin Malaysia.

    Seterusnya, Tun Mahathir telah ucapkan tentang keperluan bunuh dan perang ini di satu ucapan.

    Apa yang terjadi seterusnya adalah sejarah yang besar bagi Malaysia.

    Itulah pandangan saya. Jangan berhutang terlalu banyak sehingga tidak mampu bayar.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  97. Sri Sense Dec 18,2018 9:39 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Everywhere sedih. Ada yang tulis poem. Ada yang gesa 4 Menteri agama Hindu under PH berhenti kerja. Polis pula I baca berita hantar 300 ratus lebih anggota polis kawal kuil malam tadi. I wonder juga untuk apa? Takut commitee lari? Takut devotees lari? Then I baca rumah anggota SPRM kena baling bom. Then I baca rugutan Kadir pasal bekas UMNO masuk PPBM.

    Hanya satu positf news I baca hari ini, Honda gantung pekerja, seorang wanita cina, kerana bersikap biadap komen online tentang kematian adib. Kira macam mulut yang seorang kat sini, popek popek yup yup.

    I letak ini kat my wordpress – Today my forest is dark. The trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings. That line perfectly summed up my experience with grief over Adib’s passing.

    Ok, I nak komen sikit pasal rungutan Kadir yang terbaca online. Kan ke Tun kata, tak jangka menang.

    That means Menteri diatas tu pun tak jangka jadi Menteri. So why the worry hilang jawatan, position or anything at all. Tak jangka tiba2 dapat. Macam bulan jatuh keriba.

    After 6 bulan still tak boleh buat kerja. Tak kira la ada perjanjian ke tak sebelum menang. Itu cerita lama. Perjanjian jangka tak menang kikiki

    Kalau you kerja swasta, depend on your position la, kalau management level selalunya diberi tempoh 6 bulan. After 6 months terpulang nak terminate ka, kasi warning ka, after warning still tak boleh perform, cari pengganti baru.

    Golongan muda PPBM nak kecil hati? Tak payah la dik, kan Tun dah kata jangka tak menang. Orang macam I yang sudah terbeli janji PH, telah pun pangkah PH masa election haritu, sayang seribu kali sayang, ramai kami kecewa sekarang dengan anda2 diatas tu.

    So please Melayu Islam Bumiputera bersatu hati. Tengok himpunan bantah ICERD kita berjaya kan.

  98. HBT456 Dec 18,2018 12:15 PM

    since everyone knows cash can buy everything.

  99. HBT456 Dec 18,2018 12:13 PM

    I am different from her perspective because my family members have gone through that horrendous path, but thank god, our kinship is so close and valuable until today that no money can destroy such kinship.

    Its barbaric, uncivilized and unacceptable by exploiting the voters out there to bailout their failed policies again and again via scapegoats the chinese race again and again since everyone knows can buy everything.

    P/s: mereka ini bagai makcik giler glamor, there is nothing to be proud off. when i saw them, i tak akan tegur pun kerana itu bukan kerja aku to bodek them since we have general election in ever 5 years. dear bomba adik adip, rip with allah blessings, and i sure hope those who made this happened would be punished by the rule of law of this country without fear or favor one day.

  100. Sri Sense Dec 18,2018 11:18 AM

    Oh ya, tak tabung untuk PH, that fundraiser.

    Di war warkan oleh media massa kutipan hampir cecah 2 juta. Aneh bin ajaib, gambar yang dapat kutipan 500K adalah gambar tanpa muka satu personality dalam gambar yang ORI.

    Though PKR liked to think everything mereka buat adalah baru. Actually tidak, election online for example, pelopor sebenarnya adalah PAS. Tabung sebegini pula telah ada parti politik UK buat bertahun tahun yang lalu.

    And lebih mengejutkan big contributors are those yang ada skandal dengan Najib. And statement dari Deepak buat I fikir PKR in this kempen jatuhkan Najib sejak dari dulu lagi. More of dendam.

    That’s how I sebagai rakyat biasa melihat.

  101. HBT456 Dec 18,2018 11:08 AM

    Mana tahu, me too had no choice when my children had loose hope and give up the birth state and migrate to state or countries whereby policies no longer based on race and religion supremacy.

    P/s: changing law is difficult and tough because no one know what will happen in the future. climate change indeed a threat to the future generations, and it is much much more severve then launching ww3 to show the military strenghts of the countries involved.

  102. mubarakchan Dec 18,2018 10:56 AM


    I view the fake coward hiding behind a fake name HBT456 with contempt. Unmask yourself stupid if you want your views to be respected and openly insult me. This is what I call courage as befits a man. As it is, HBT456 you are a eunuch and a former lowly clerk trying to be GIG.

    Here is my rebuttal on his holy land Singapore’s Political System.

    Singapore’s Political System began in 1959 as a democratic system with only the Special Branch in play.

    But by the end of Lee Kuan Yew’s regime, the whole political and socio-economic fabric was under one person’s control.

    This happened as one after another of Lee Kuan Yew’s comrades passed away leaving no checks or balances until the 1980s which was Transformation of Singapore into an Anti-Cambridge Godless Neo-communist Political System which was insidiously imposed on the citizens without their knowledge and bolstered by the Apparatchiks (meritocrats) and the West.

    The West was aware from the beginning and Lee Kuan Yew was their creation as a sort of Oriental Cuba.

    Singapore was known for decades as ‘benign dictatorship’ (which dictatorship is benign) or ‘authoritarian capitalism’ or rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas.


    Despite the Malaysian treasures obtained by Singapore from the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, NOT ONE IOTA OF ADVANTAGE OR BENEFIT ACCRUED TO SINGAPORE FROM THESE, EVEN WATER ! Believe it or not ! Because the loss of revenue from the Black Under Counter Trades 1948-1990s. like arms trading etc was so HUGE (2-3% of GDP) AND IRREPLACEABLE. This is Singapore’s Dilemma today.

    And my factual comments are confirmed by the book “BIG IDEAS OF LEE KUAN YEW.’ published by the ex-President, the ex-Chief Justice, the ex-Chief Civil Servant, the Ex-Chief Academician etc of the Republic of Singapore who kow-towed and thanked Lee Kuan Yew for his magnanimity to them in October 2014. IF THIS IS NOT DICTATORSHIP WHERE THERE WAS NO SEPARATION BETWEEN THE HEAD OF STATE, THE JUDICIARY. THE EXECUTIVE, WHAT IS ? And I tried to read some meaningful utterances in it. There were none but only the expressions of gratitude from his ex-employees.

    In this distinguished Blog there is a smelly dog which barks YUP ! YUP ! YUP ! at the mention of his hero Lee Kuan Yew who had blood on his hands from his Arms Trading 1948-1990s and Thaksin Purchase 2006.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always !. My beloved Malaysia right or wrong. No problem.*

  103. Sri Sense Dec 18,2018 10:54 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Bila dapat berita sedih semalam, I tambah sedih. Malam yang gelap jadi tambah gelap. I hampir pitam. Terasa dunia ini gelap sekali. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

    @Hajar, dia orang Cina ka? I ingat dia orang Nepal. Nak balik negeri tak dapat. Boss tak kasi. So duduk sini jaga tepi kain orang kikiki

    Come to think of it, dia macam gang DAP. 24 jam ada saja Melayu buruk. 24 jam ada saja Islam buruk. Kalau tak ada esok esok boleh create isu baru. On and on the same things. Lagi pelik laman financetwitter yang dulunya cerita pasal stocks, sekarang dah jadi laman acara rasmi kutuk2 pemimpin Melayu dan orang Islam. I wonder juga orang DAP yang duduk kat kementerian komunikasi ada pantau tak?

    To me nak kutuk tu biar bertempat. Nak tipu biar bertempat. Jangan simply suka2 taruh, main dendam2 nak matikan kaum lain. I sebagai orang Melayu I rasa kita sudah cukup tolenrasi dengan karenah mereka.

    Ok, ini apahal KJ dok pujuk2 anak Anwar. Hah, sah la memang niat nak masuk PKR. Now kita boleh kata bukan Zahid la, KJ la. Ini apa hal gambar terpampang rafizi nurul KJ keluar lagi. Ada kena mengena dengan letak jawatan ka? Gambar ini dah viral days ago, sekarang timbul balik.

    Dia nak berhenti biar la. I ingat lagi dia selalu kutuk Melayu, asyik2 Melayu. I juga ingat dia dulu kutuk wanita UMNO sebagai radio kampung. Masa tu dia muda mungkin ibunya cerita. I pernah baca apa dia tulis masa zaman Tun jadi PM dulu.

    I juga pernah baca gang PAS yang asyik kutuk Tun dengan nama Maha firaun, walau Tun bagi kemudahan internet, mereka guna untuk copy share forward everything FOC. Masa tu Mat Sabu dalam PAS.

    Itu dulu I always harap yang mana dah jadi Menteri mungkin dapat jadi Menteri yang baik, sebab itu kan cita2 mereka, tumbang yang lama, bila naik boleh tunjuk kat dunia, aku lebih bagus jadi Menteri buat Malaysia maju jaya. Sayang sekali harapan tinggal harapan.


    I ingin share sikit ini. I rasa berita ini baik buat senior citizen. Sayang sekali news portal suka highlight berita keluar masuk politician. Komen politician yang berunsur kutukan. Seperti rubbish collector. So what, my husband Bandaraya. Dia likes tu sapu all my makanan yang tak habis. His reason very good indeed, tak nak membazir.

    Berita rakyat hanya berita sampingan. Kalau temui pun di bawah bawah sana. Begitu kerdil rakyat rupanya dimata mereka. Bila nak election nanti rakyat yang kerdil ini mereka sapu macam rubbish collector siap bawak trak besar.

    Ini berita baik untuk senior citizen;

    DPM: Malaysia to introduce welfare act for elderly

    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will soon legislate an act to safeguard the rights and welfare of the elderly, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said today.

    “The act is (also) meant to provide a support system for (senior citizens),” the Women, Family and Community Development Minister said in a statement after chairing a consultative meeting on the elderly here, today.

    She also revealed that the ministry is collaborating with the United Nations Development Programme to develop an “age-friendly city”.

    “The main (goal) of the project is to encourage the elderly to participate in local (urban) planning, besides creating a friendly environment for them,” Dr Wan Azizah added.

    The government will also establish 29 new activity centres nationwide to encourage senior citizens’ community participation.

    So far, RM3 million has been allocated through the 11th Malaysia Plan this year towards that end; while RM80,000 has been set aside to improve facilities and purchase new equipment at existing centres; and RM33,333 has been earmarked for operations.

    Dr Wan Azizah said that the ministry will mull introducing the centres in parliamentary constituencies which lack them.

    All in all, she said that the consultative committee will ensure that Malaysia’s sunset generation will get their dues.

    The Pakatan Harapan government recently proposed that employers’ mandatory Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contribution for workers aged 60 and above be reduced from 6 per cent to 4 per cent, to give them an incentive to hire the elderly.

    It also announced that working senior citizens will not need to contribute to EPF, thus leaving them with greater disposable income.

    Companies with senior citizen employees will also enjoy tax incentives; while RM10 million will be allocated annually by the government to allow parents of contractual civil servants to enjoy medical benefits. NST 14 Dec 2018

  104. HBT456 Dec 18,2018 10:47 AM

    P/S: @ ‘Sri Sense’, Si HockBengTeoh yang kerjanya asyik menghina /memfitnah Melayu, Islam & PM, kalau tinggal di China dah lama hilang tanpa berita…Di sini dia bebas menghina orang Melayu dan Islam tanpa diambil apa2 tindakan, tetapi dok meroyan kata ditindas bagai. Memang dasar kaum yang tidak tahu diuntung. Elok sangat kalau kita boleh ‘tukar’ (sistem barter) dia & spesis macam dia dengan etnik Uighur Islam China. Hahaha…:) .

    Boleh, kenapa tak boleh since her enemy of the same religion is doing that?

    Pakai sistem barter dan tata biro negara di atas nama keunggulan Melayu Islam pun tak da masalah, kan tu tanah melayu di bawah kerabat melayu masing2, tak gitu?

    Aku bukan pengundi negeri sana, jadi aku hanya boleh muah muah dengan cium cium yang sincere, and wish her struggles all the best since bosses suka dengar gossip dan kerja pengintip.

    P/s: there is a huge difference between malaysia and melayu islam. which way to go is not up to her to decide since general election must be called in every 5 years. perhaps he knows it is a political trap, and yet he walked into it. adakah mereka ini yang terkorban kerana kecuaian seseorang, semua wajib to support kecuaian ini? The puteri2 bertudung merah, putih atau hitam boleh kikiki, hahaha atau apa2pun since the races of her are doing the same. human habits are hard to change, human behavior is predictable. is tdm a changed man, at this age of him? Are political parties of the divides ready for next level of challenges? Tepuk dadah, tanya selera!

  105. HBT456 Dec 18,2018 8:34 AM

    I personally think before mubarakchan repeats via copy-paste his writting to justify his stand again and again, he should first fully undestand the political systems enjoyed by those countries that he mentioned.

    No doubt, race and religion supremacy have been exploited to the fullest in manipulating the sentiment of the voters in peninsula, sabah and sarawak for vote counts for almost 50 years now, but is he still stuck in 1948, post era of ww2?

    No doubts, the ruling government had always put malay and bumiputra agenda and interests above other races and faiths, and it is not a secret.

    When bad things happened, there must good reasons.

    Me as chinese, i feel embarass and loose confident being a malaysian in this country when our so-called local malaysian chinese political leaders became so submissive, and give in so easily just to stay relevant by playing with the same old politics to stay elegant silent.

    P/s: when tdm’s bersatu succeeded in accepting jumping frogs from peninsula, sabah and sarawak via gerrymandering, then, bersatu is proven the klectocratic government, janji menang, tak gitu?

  106. Hajar Dec 18,2018 8:01 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Saya berasa amat sedih mendengar berita pemergian Muhammad Adib. Semoga arwah dirahmati Allah SWT, dan ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman. Kerajaan jangan lepaskan para pembunuh beliau.

    2. Bercakap tentang umat ISLAM, mohon Tun dan Kerajaan Malaysia berbuat sesuatu bagi membantu umat Islam dari Etnik Uighur di China yang dipenjara, disiksa secara fizikal dan mental serta ditindas oleh Kerajaan China.

    Kaum Melayu Islam di Malaysia memang amat bertolak-ansur. Malangnya kita difitnah oleh segolongan manusia yang tidak sedar diri.

    NGO Islam: Jangan bisu isu China tindas Uighur demi hubungan dagang

    /// Petikan:-

    Sebelum ini, China didakwa mencabul hak asasi etnik Uighur di Xinjiang, tetapi Beijing menafikannya.

    Antara dakwaan penindasan ke atas Uighur ialah golongan wanita dipaksa membuka hijab, remaja dilarang memasuki masjid, penjawat awam beragama Islam tidak dibenarkan berpuasa dan generasi muda dilarang mendapat pendidikan agama.

    Hari ini, Azmi mendakwa hampir sejuta etnik Uighur dipenjarakan China sehingga kini atas alasan mereka menghidap penyakit mental.

    “Kerajaan (China) kononnya mendakwa mereka berada di kem latihan, padahal ia adalah sebuah penjara.” ///

    Dari isu penindasan kaum Uighur Islam di China, kita boleh agak perangai Cina yang sebenar! Jangan haraplah orang Melayu Islam dilayan dengan berhemah jika mereka majoriti di Malaysia.

    P/S: @ ‘Sri Sense’, Si HockBengTeoh yang kerjanya asyik menghina /memfitnah Melayu, Islam & PM, kalau tinggal di China dah lama hilang tanpa berita…Di sini dia bebas menghina orang Melayu dan Islam tanpa diambil apa2 tindakan, tetapi dok meroyan kata ditindas bagai. Memang dasar kaum yang tidak tahu diuntung. Elok sangat kalau kita boleh ‘tukar’ (sistem barter) dia & spesis macam dia dengan etnik Uighur Islam China. Hahaha…:) .

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  107. Fender Dec 17,2018 10:05 PM

    Tun M complains about the culture of corruption among some Malays esp. politicians and civil servants. His Bersatu party has taken in some ex UMNO members as members. Now his party is considering accepting more frogs from UMNO, notably an ex CM who raped an underage school girl, destroying her life. It was the Malaysians who rejected BN/UMNO as corrupt to put PH government in power. The people rejected corruption and now Bersatu is collecting rubbish and recycling them as leaders and perhaps even ministers. Very sad indeed the gold standard used is so low and repulsive, betrayal against the PH supporters as the word is not far from the truth. Tun M has to be more consistent for people to trust him. Hope he does not end his final tenure as a rubbish collector and recycler of rubbish.

  108. Sri Sense Dec 17,2018 7:48 PM


    I rasa ngeri tengok berita sekarang. Tambah ngeri berita business kurang. Apa jadi dengan public listed companies yang lain. Bukan semua mereka ada government projects. Tak ada ke cerita tentang mereka. Visi dan misi baru mereka. Projek baru mereka. Takan takada news langsung.

    Apa pasal berita asyik tertumpu kat politician sahaja. Politician nak berhenti pun harus diheboh hebohkan. Politician nak keluar parti harus diheboh hebohkan. Interview sana interview sini on and on the same thing.

    Tun bayang ini, kalau esok party lain naik. Party lama pula masuk court. On and on the same thing. Dah macam politic Filipina pula. Tak sampai kemana sudahnya negara kalau asyik naik turun court. Dah tu asyik muka Melayu saja. Muka India. Muka Cina nak cari pun payah. Macam tengok cerita Supernatural pulak, angels and demons.

    I rasa Tun patut encourage editor news portal cerita about the ordinary rakyat, business mereka. Jangan la news portal jadi bloggers. Bloggers ini bila lapang luahkan perasaan online on certain subject.

    Just saying.

  109. sibotak Dec 17,2018 4:05 PM

    Personally I did not see Najib nor Zahid
    As a leader, nor an opposition speaker in Parliament
    Both are Rubbish that is a Threat to UMNO today
    Both never serves Malaysia as much as they claimed
    Both has advantage on their post as Ministers before

    Malaysia needs to Revamp
    Govt employee must change their attitude, be more professional, be more productive, more efficient
    We all kjow from top to toe almost all the Govt employee attitude is,Tiadak apa , Bolih Runding and all those Malay noncense .Working hours , they can leave their job, go back home , Makan ,sent their kids to and from school ,doing their personal errands. Even in the office we can see these Govt staff , mostly all can play video, chit chat , exacted .These culture needs to be stop. ITS the PM call to do so.

    Malaysia needs to eradicate Gangterism , Ah Longhism, MoneY laundering,Motorbike gangs etc
    These are pulling Malaysia progress and harmony
    We all know that lots of Policeman are in it with this Illegal activity
    These all has to be pput a National Stop

    It’s yr duty, our Govt call today to clear these Mess
    Once and for all
    All for One Malaysia

  110. Sri Sense Dec 17,2018 3:33 PM

    Oh ya Zahid, I tak kenal. Sebab my kampung is actually the town itself, zahid outskirt. But it is widely known dia orang Anwar Ibrahim. So kalau Zahid kata dia dah buat deal dengan PKR, dengan Anwar lah.

    I belajar ini long time ago. Entah macam mana I baru belajar buat business, entah macam mana boleh tercampur dengan orang politik. kikiki

    Ada kenalan kata orang politik di luar peluk2, dalam bilik lain cerita. That’s how I belajar.

    Just saying.

  111. Sri Sense Dec 17,2018 3:16 PM

    Salam Tun

    Macam2 orang tulis Tun, ada kata baik Anwar jadi Menteri Wang. Ada kata Anwar tak layak, kira no of MP pun tak betul.

    I kata beri jawatan ini pada Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed aka Tok Pa. Why? Sebab dia orang Tun Daim. Anak didik Tun Daim. Siapa lagi layak kalau bukan dia untuk terajui Ministry ini.

    Sedikit about beliau dari wikipedia

    Penglibatan Y.B. Dato’ Sri Mustapa dalam UMNO bermula pada tahun 1988 ketika memegang jawatan sebagai Setiausaha Politik Menteri Kewangan, Tun Daim Zainuddin. Beliau pertama kali dipilih sebagai wakil rakyat setelah memenangi Parlimen Jeli pada pilihan raya tahun 1995. Berikutan kejayaan tersebut, beliau dilantik sebagai Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan pada bulan Mei 1995 sebelum dilantik sebagai Menteri Kewangan Kedua pada bulan September 1998.

    Nak Melayu bersatu usahlah cerita corruption lagi.

  112. Sri Sense Dec 17,2018 2:14 PM


    I tergelak besar baca tulisan Syed hari ini. Ala Syed gang si kadir tu. I agak2 only laaa, best friends, good friends, I also dunno.

    Anyway apa yang buat I tergelak, Syed kata Anwar tak pandai kira2 sebab dari Malay studies.

    Buat I ingat arwah Professor Ismail Hussein. Beliau pernah kata Anwar gang jual Melayu. He also ada komen Rosmah yang masuk kuliahnya, I never like her. As for Mat Taib, tak pernah pula I dengar apa2 dari mulut arwah. Mungkin dia student yang kurang menonjol.

    Dulu masa Tun jadi PM, semua orang nak jadi Melayu, orang luar negara. Kalau Prof pergi South Africa, ramai yang mengaku Melayu. Mereka disana golongan kelas menengah. Asal usul dari Indonesia. Kira keturunan babu2, orang putih. Bercakap bahasa Melayu, taklah pandai, kalau tau pun tak banyak patah perkataan.

  113. HBT456 Dec 17,2018 1:30 PM

    Ralat : Bomb apakah itu aku tak tahu, tapi bomb hujan wang kertas hk100 tu aku baru tahu saja telah berlaku.

  114. HBT456 Dec 17,2018 1:28 PM

    Kalau I tak kenal Malaysia, I anggap Malaysia ini bukan negara Melayu. Bab negara Islam itu I rasa dunia tau. Tanya American mereka mesti tau Malaysia ini negara Islam. But cuba cakap Melayu depan American. Mereka akan tanya bahasa apa tu. Bahasa orang Melayu orang Asia. Mereka akan jawab mereka tau orang Asia orang China. Jadi kalau esok US baling bom kat sini, jangan terperanjat sebab mereka ingat ini Negara China punya kikiki

    Bomb apakah itu aku tahu, tapi bomb hujan wang kertas hk100 tu aku baru tahu saja telah berlaku.

    Siapakah yang buat fetna, dan siapakah yang buat bohong, itu terpulang kepada selera mereka masing2.

    It looks like she gets very excited with all these bombings, and stailnya adalah, itu nepotism, itu korupsi blah…blah….

    P/s: after all these years, it still hurt, and i have to admit. if she still insist in playing with religion supremacy, the chances of loosing is huge when race supremacy is being played. the usa president now said, building wall is not a race issue, building wall is to protect all citizens in the united states of america. are you a tuah, jebat or rats?

  115. mubarakchan Dec 17,2018 11:59 AM


    At the mention about facts on Lee Kuan Yew, a smelly dog HBT456 barks YUP ! YUP ! YUP ! Since fake HBT456 only insults the only Chinaman in this distinguished Blog and dare not a Malay even hiding behind his cowardly HBT456, here are some true facts on his god Lee Kuan Yew.


    1. HE TRADED IN ARMS DURING THE COLD WAR 1948-1989 . The profits pushed Singapore from the Third to the First World. The BRICS grabbed the Arms Trade after 1990. Singapore has no BIG revenue since the 1990s. Vide, Malaysiakini 17 Dec. 2018.’Singapore November Exports fall faster than expected.’


    HBT456 that’s specially for you. The blood-thirsty facts on your god.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! Thanks to you, our beloved Malaysia will always not harm anyone.

  116. Sri Sense Dec 17,2018 11:48 AM

    Tun good afternoon

    I baca ini kat NST, I share ya

    Unfair to take back land given by state govt for temple, says MHS

    PETALING JAYA: Malaysian Hindu Sangam (MHS) today welcomed Attorney-General’s recommendation on the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple issue, but felt it was unfair to take back the 0.4 ha plot given by Selangor state government because a temporary structure had already been built there.

    Its president Datuk R S Mohan said the legitimate committee, headed by Chellappa Kalimuthu, had long agreed to relocate the temple and had in fact put up a temporary building called ‘Balastanam’ (shrine) to house the deities for the time being.

    This construction was put up with part of the RM1.5 million given by the developer One City Development Sdn Bhd to the temple committee to build a temple at the new location.

    “However, the sudden interference by another group in June 2017, which refused to have the temple relocated, is believed to be the cause of the chaos which has now resulted,” he said.

    The temple committee was agreeable to shift the temple and entered into a consent judgment with One City Development, whereby the developer gave RM1.5 million to the committee to relocate the temple to a plot of land donated by the state government.

    Mohan said if there was no issue regarding the relocation, why had the committee not carried out the judgment for four years, and had to wait for the Attorney General Tommy Thomas to intervene.

    (Thomas had said the owner of the land where the temple is sited in USJ 25 had agreed to transfer the one acre plot to a trust to be administered by the High Court).

    “If there was a way in law to overcome the consent judgment, why wasn’t it used to resolve the issue sooner. Why did we have to wait for four,” he questioned.

    He said the hands of the MHS were bound due to the consent judgment.

    “Even Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department P. Waytha Moorthy said the temple shouldn’t be relocated. But after going through the judgment, as a lawyer, he felt nothing much could be done,” Mohan said, speaking to the NSTP when met at the MHS 2018 council meeting at Sri Subramaniar temple in Bandar Sunway here.

    On the suggestion to form a temple trust, he said it needed careful selection of the board of trustee members because it involved responsibilities.

    “I hope the selection of trustees is made carefully with representatives from MHS, and a reputable person is made in charge of the temple affairs,” Mohan said.

    “The temple land tussle matter is coming up in court on Jan 11, and we look forward to the decision on the status of the land, the temple, and the money given by One City Development”.

    Efforts to contact Chellapa for comments since yesterday have been futile.

    – NST By Kalbana Perimbanayagam – December 16, 2018 @ 9:43pm

  117. HBT456 Dec 17,2018 10:30 AM

    Jika mereka boleh pilih kasih, pembangkang pun boleh pilih kasih.

    Therefore, when ruling coalition sets conditions, opposing coalitions also can set conditions.

    There is always benefit of doubts, but, human race is greedy and fearless, henceforth, general election must be called to get the mandate from their voters via coalition of the political divides to dictate the federal budget for the next 5 years.

    Which way to go?

    Naysayers means a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views: Despite a general feeling that things were going well, a few naysayers tried to cast gloom, are you a naysayers?

    P/s: i already cast my vote in last general election, and when next general election is called, i will still cast my vote to make a stand. whoever wins out, i wish them best of luck.

  118. HBT456 Dec 17,2018 10:08 AM

    “7. Dan, siapa boleh lupa pada jeritan / pekikan, “K* rasuah, K* rasuah, K* rasuah …” semasa keputusan kemenangan Ketua Pemuda UMNO (KJ) pada 2009 diumumkan, di mana DS Mukhriz tewas.”

    Hmm…. K* tu Datuk K?

    There is no way umno can stand alone.

    There is no way pkr can stand alone.

    There is no way pas can stand alone.

    Whichever coalition that gets majority votes, they will name the cabinet and the perdana menteri.

    P/s: jika niat tu murni, mereka pasti akan nampak cahaya di hujung sana. jika niat tu hanya mengkayakan croni sendiri, mereka pasti tak akan nampak cahaya di hujung sana.

  119. Hajar Dec 17,2018 9:42 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Pembetulan kepada komen saya pada Dec 16,2018 4:24 PM:-

    “7. Dan, siapa boleh lupa pada jeritan / pekikan, “K* rasuah, K* rasuah, K* rasuah …” semasa keputusan kemenangan Ketua Pemuda UMNO (KJ) pada 2009 diumumkan, di mana DS Mukhriz tewas.”

    2. Alahai, ada lagi pengkomen ‘FARIQ KAFIR’ (Dec 16,2018 9:53 PM) yang menyamar sebagai seorang Muslim/Islam. Ini contoh kafir harbi yang menyusup masuk (menyamar) sebagai seorang Islam dan secara halus melemahkan, menghina, dan memperlekeh MELAYU ISLAM. Hina dan jijik betul perangai orang kafir ini. Sebab itu kita umat Islam mesti memilih pemimpin Islam. Sekurang-kurangnya orang Melayu Islam tidak akan bersikap begitu jijik menyamar menjadi seorang kafir (bimbang akan jatuh murtad/kafir) semata-mata kerana mahu mengelirukan orang kafir. Berpura-pura baik dan suci bersihlah konon diselang-seli dengan nasihat seolah diri sendiri macam ‘malaikat’. Mual saya melihat perangai MUNAFIQ @ kafir ini. Mesti dia bengang saya panggil dia kafir.

    3. DS Zahid perlu dikekalkan buat masa sekarang sebagai Presiden UMNO. Sekurang-kurangnya dia ada JADI DIRI MELAYU ISLAM. Saya hormati hakikat yang beliau ada usaha murni membantu umat Islam melalui Yayasan keluarga beliau (yang disiasat dan didakwa). Allah SWT sahaja yang tahu niat sebenar beliau.

    4. Biasalah, akan ada yang dengki (termasuk kafir yang suka umat Islam lemah) jika ada yang melakukan perkara baik untuk umat Islam dan Melayu.

    5. Mengapa SPRM tidak siasat yayasan2 lain (ada banyak) milik orang kafir? Berlaku adillah. Jika betul2 mahu membanteras korupsi / rasuah, tanganilah secara komprehensif dan adil. Jangan memilih-milih. Ini bukan cara Islam – memilih mangsa untuk disiasat dan didakwa.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  120. Sri Sense Dec 17,2018 9:33 AM

    Good morning Tun

    I tak sombong. Tapi I malu la nak buat appointment jumpa Tun. I segan takut Tun jeling I macam seorang Tan Sri kat bank tu. Bila I terima hadiah dari Tan Sri ini dia jeling, like saying, ini dia? laaa

    Tapi kalau Tun panggil I datang, I datang, walau kena radah ribut taufan.


    Amboi macam2 bloggers tulis, macam2 theory keluar, depend la blog mana you baca, pro Mahathir, pro Anwar, pro LGE. Samada mereka dapat bayaran atau tidak. I think most of them tidak dapat apa2.

    Market masih merah menyala, buat masa ini KLCI -7.26.

    Christmas shopping? Well I nampak tak ramai. Usually hujung2 tahun begini ramai orang beli barang, tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama.

    Laaa siapa yang dapat idea orang Melayu tak bersikap baik pada kaum lain. Funny la. Setau I kita ini dah terlebih baik. Tak percaya, buka channel astro penuh dengan channel china dan india dari zaman Najib lagi. Lebih pada channel Melayu.

    Not only that channel orang putih, nak promote makanan Malaysia, asyik kaum Cina sahaja yang keluar, dah macam Malaysia ini Cina kaum majority. India ada sekali dua nampak. Melayu lagi tak nampak. Its like Mat Salih punya contacts kat sini tak ada orang Melayu langsung.

    Ratu cantik pun sama, lama tak nampak muka Melayu. Top Asian model, ada satu dua Melayu masuk bertanding, and also Melayu yang ada darah campur. Melayu pure pure ini mana ada.

    Kalau I tak kenal Malaysia, I anggap Malaysia ini bukan negara Melayu. Bab negara Islam itu I rasa dunia tau. Tanya American mereka mesti tau Malaysia ini negara Islam. But cuba cakap Melayu depan American. Mereka akan tanya bahasa apa tu. Bahasa orang Melayu orang Asia. Mereka akan jawab mereka tau orang Asia orang China. Jadi kalau esok US baling bom kat sini, jangan terperanjat sebab mereka ingat ini Negara China punya kikiki

    Tapi orang Australia atau orang British mesti la kenal Malaysia. Malah makanan Melayu mereka sebut as Indonesian dish. There it goes again, tempat asal usul kebanyakkan Melayu sini lagi famous dari bangsa itu sendiri.

  121. HBT456 Dec 17,2018 12:50 AM

    Bukankah hasrat untuk mengkuburkan umno dah dicapaikan?

    Kenapa masih tak hepi pulak, dan kini bermula menyerangkan umno president?

    Bukankah valentine’s day itu haram?

    Bukankah x’mas tu haram, menjolok mata dan menyinggungkan perasaan umat islam?

    Adakah i love daddy, i love mommy pun masih haram?

    Melayu mudah lupa?

    Until now, they still wayang here, wayang there, as if everyone wajib to ikut their lifestyle, jika, tidak, then rip as if there is no general election in this country?

    They thought by creating a perfect storm down there, everyone will move to north, so to speak?

    Victor re-write history, mubarakchan?

    P/s: there are no perfect human being, but there is perfect intention, but, no one knows what is the perfect intention, therefore, its up to those in power to decide boleh or not. to voters, our obligation is to vote when general election is called.

  122. Fariq Islam Dec 16,2018 9:53 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Gejala keluar parti yang berlaku ke atas UMNO sekarang sesungguhnya berpunca dari hakikat tidak berpegang kepada prinsip berpolitik yang baik dan hanya beragendakan kepentingan peribadi. Inilah akibat diper-rasuahan yang disebut Tun.

    Apa yang harus UMNO lakukan ialah –
    a. Tukar pemimpin. Zahid tidak sesuai sebagai Presiden UMNO.
    b. Tukar halatuju supaya lebih relevan dalam arena politik. Melayu tidak mahukan budaya membenci-bencikan Cina. Padahal Melayu nak hidup aman damai dengan bukan Islam, bagaikan abang adik di atas bumi ini. Melayu mahukan strategi yang lebih membina untuk membela nasib bangsa.
    c. Pupuk budaya bersih dari segala perasuahan. Suci dalam mulut tak boleh pakai. Suci dalam sanubari dan tindak-tanduk.
    d. Rapatkan semula hubungan dengan MCA dan MIC. Ingatlah, “Jika tersilap jalan, maka baliklah ke pangkal”. Imbas kembali sejarah. Kenapa UMNO begitu gemilang dalam era Allahyarham Tunku, Allahyarham Tun Hussein dan Tun Dr Mahathir?

  123. Hajar Dec 16,2018 4:24 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Jika Tun bukan calon PM pada PRU14, saya yakin PH tidak akan dapat menumbangkan BN.

    2. Banyak Melayu Islam yang saya kenal yang dahulunya penyokong tegar UMNO/BN telah mengundi PH pada PRU14. Tujuannya cuma untuk menyingkirkan DSN.

    3. Jadi, PKR, DAP dan Amanah, janganlah ‘syok sendiri’ yang rakyat menyokong anda kerana anda kononnya bagus. Anda semua cuma amat bernasib baik kerana UMNO ada Presiden seteruk bekas PM Najib semasa PRU14, dan Tun M bersedia menjadi calon PM.

    4. Banyak perkara (isu-isu yang diperjuangkan sejak dulu lagi, mentaliti, prinsip, etc.) tentang bekas Pembangkang yang saya sendiri tidak akan sokong sampai bila-bila.

    5. Lagipun, saya tidak akan sokong pihak yang mencalonkan Anwar (atau yang serupa beliau) sebagai PM.

    6. En. Khairy (KJ) ibarat ‘Anwar Junior’. Bukankah Anwar yang memulakan buday @ amalan ‘politik wang’ @ RASUAH dalam UMNO?

    7. Dan, siapa boleh lupa pada jeritan / pekikan, “K* rasuah, K* rasuah, K* rasuah …” semasa keputusan kemenangan Pemuda UMNO pada 2009 diumumkan, di mana DS Mukhriz tewas.

    8. Lagi satu, mahukah UMNO berpresidenkan orang (KJ) yang bercadang membuka keahlian UMNO kepada bukan Melayu / bukan Islam? Mahukah ahli-ahli UMNO menerima bukan Islam sebagai Presiden UMNO pada masa hadapan? Adakah ianya bertepatan dengan kehendak agama ISLAM? Orang Melayu beragama Islam, dan ini termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  124. Sri Sense Dec 16,2018 3:12 PM


    I don’t think UMNO miskin. Kecuali Tun tahan duit mereka hahaha

    I tinggal di Selangor. Di Shah Alam sahaja seingat I ada dua bangunan. Satu UMNO Selangor, satu UMNO Shah Alam. Dari segi property UMNO banyak walaupun mereka tidak lagi dalam kerajaan. Sosek sosek kata ramai yang tak nak lari dari UMNO because of the money.

    Tun pernah cakap selepas beliau berhenti jadi President beliau menyerahkan duit pada Pak Lah. So Pak Lah pun mungkin dah serah duit UMNO pada Najib. Najib juga pun mungkin telah serah duit pada Zahid. Sedikit masa dulu kita juga ada terbaca UMNO juga ada nominee, siapa nominee yang pegang harta mereka, kita tak tau. Many things mereka perlu selesai, which I think part of it dah selesai, that’s why kita lihat ramai dah mula umum keluar party.

    I juga sayang UMNO. Earlier I dah cakap dalam senda (walau serious). Sepatutnya tampuk pimpinan itu diberi pada Hishamuddin dan KJ, boring boleh juga I jeling2 tengok muka handsome, tapi masih muka lama juga yang ada disitu. So I don’t know la, pandai2 you all la.

  125. mubarakchan Dec 16,2018 2:58 PM


    For HBT456, the resident RACIST of this distinguished BLOG who claims I hate the Chinese. How can I when our brilliant and courageous Tun and I are in the same profession ? We never asked how rich are you ? Or are you a Chinaman before acting with haste ?

    Why I developed the 1972 Concept to capture Sime Darby with the support of the Great Statesman Tun Abdul Raxak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh ?

    The reason was to fast trek the Malays into big business because on 13 May 1969 the Malays had only 2% of the economy, the British 70% of the best, the Chinese with a handful of towkay 25% of the 3rd rate. AND TO GIVE THE CHINESE A LEEWAY TO DO BUSINESS. AND THE BRITISH WERE BLAMING THE CHINESE FOR PROFITEERING THE MALAYS. How could the Chinese do so when they were the distributors of the British goods with marginal profits and gave out credits at risk ?

    For this, a tainted MCA leader called me a ‘MALAY BUM SUCKER’ and you HBT456 called me a Chinese hater. Please do not open your mouth HBT456, you stink ! AND STOP YOUR RACISM IN THESE COLUMNS ONCE AND FOR ALL..

    And you hiding cowardly behind a fake name HBT456 with a DERANGED MIND, how would you react if I present to you a complete list of MCA Leaders from 1949-2000 who benefitted mightily as politicians with the exception of Tun Tan Cheng Lock ?


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  126. Sharudin Jamal Dec 16,2018 2:31 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter (that is you) don’t mind.

    Hence I write in your blog for the purpose of writing to you, not the public. Not to worry Chedet, even my most controversial posting only gets 71 hits. Nowadays your blog traffic had much declined ever since. By 40% if my memory serves me right.

    You may be remembered for many things; as a doctor (the one who barter traded chicken for medicine), as the prime minister (twice), the oldest premier, as probably the person who has the most honorary doctorate (dr dr dr drrrrrrrrr) and many more. I however want to remember you are Vader 7:7, a member of the Highest Troika.

    You started as Vader of the Antimatter. We went through turbulence times through the ages, you and I. Then as the story goes you turned out as a benign leader the first 11 years when you were the prime minister. However, towards the other half you turned into a tyrant.

    During the crisis of 1998, I turned from a samurai into a ronin. I was on the wa[s] path with you. As an anarchist I served no master and yet I was part of your MSC grand vision. That was the highlight of my life, I was the National International Salesman.

    However for years I tried to reach out to you but I cannot get through, I even sent you 2 white papers but it was futile. Should you accepted my ideas (at least one of them), Malaysia could have been a cashless society way much sooner. Even now the idea was not fully adopted because the concept of cashless society were not championed by those who understand the value of going cashless. They don’t understand that it was not about the technology but rather the conditioning of the mindset that counts.

    Anyway Chedet, time flows and I follow. The ride downstream had taken me to another crossroad. I am now in Information Warfare and my crown jewel is radio broadcast specifically TraXXfm. Are you still out of reach or are you game in transforming it into a World Class Agent of Change Globally? I already have the team. What I need is an Executive Sponsor. The aim is Empires of the Minds (2024) and the vision is World of Hybrids (2040).

    I am a mission specific man. My mission is KBOOOM 2041. As I said I am the Binary King of Xanadu and You are the Lord of Wolfsschanze. We are here to save our own children Sir. Mine is the 6 billion, The issue here is with your 1 billion. You got to save them. There is so much I can do unless they join the Army of Slyman/Soloman.

    To put it crudely, I deal with the chimpanzees and monkeys. You have to deal with the donkeys (the 3 Abrahamic faiths). I had said my piece in the Shinu Kikai O Motomo Note. I will not repeat it. My job is to deliver the message to you, not to lead a bunch of automatons.

    Forget about what you know. What you see is not real, those who know will not tell. I challenge you to read Bukhari, Muslim and Muwata’. Only then you will understand the meaning of Rape of the Mind.

    Sine cera,
    MSC 0072

  127. milshah Dec 16,2018 2:17 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Melihat perkembangan terkini UMNO, saya tidak sangka berlakunya keadaan warlord2 UMNO, secara terbuka meminta Presiden mereka meletak jawatan. Presidennya kini terpalit dengan pelbagai tuduhan rasuah dan pecah amanah.

    Di manakah wala’ atau kesetiaan kepada Presiden parti? Di manakah apa yang Presiden cakap semuanya betul? Di manakah perlu hormati tradisi?

    Sekarang bila UMNO bukan lagi kerajaan barulah berani menegur bahkan meminta Presiden melepaskan jawatan.Alangkah baiknya jika perbuatan menegur Presiden ini dibuat semasa masih menjadi kerajaan? Dan jika Presiden enggan melepaskan jawatan maka AMT dan perwakilan mengambil tindakan memaksa Presiden melepaskan jawatan?

    Mungkin kerana tiada duit dan jawatan barulah ahli-ali UMNO tersedar dari mabuk mereka bahawa Presiden sentiasa betul?

    Sekarang duit, kuasa dan jawatan telah berpindah kepada Tun, maka Tun pulalah pemimpin yang serba betul dan mulia pada mereka.. Tiada lagi hinaan baling gelas tidak pecah, tiada lagi hinaan tua nyanyuk, tiada lagi hinaan berbin anak lelaki.

    UMNO membeli kesetiaan ahli mereka dengan ‘cash is king’. Maka apabila ‘cash is king’ tiada, ahli-ahli akan berpaling. Itulah kesudahan parti yang berlandaskan perjuangan materilistik yang akhirnya membawa kepada kehancuran parti itu sendiri. Benarlah ramalan yang dibuat Tun suatu ketika dulu UMNO akan hancur apabila rasuah menjadi budaya parti.

  128. HBT456 Dec 16,2018 2:09 PM

    Since she wants to show her badness, ugliness and evilness of her arab wtiting with hamba allah kind of leadership fuguring, even this fair minded malay begin to question why so many pakistani and arabs are flooded in klcc.

    P/s: dia sendiri pun tak rasa segan, who are we to tell them off? as voters, when we see the race of her, just dont pangkah only, apa2 yang susah2 ini jika tukar gomen, right? for those who live in glass house should never baling stones since we are post it era whereby info is shared via social media with touch of fingers.

  129. Sharudin Jamal Dec 16,2018 12:32 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” Albert Einstein

    While we are moving towards a new calendar year, I cannot help *b[y] to look back at what happened this past one year. As I browse through my Google calendar my thought took me back to the time I first contacted you. It was November 12, 2016.

    *External intervention.

    That was the year the 1999 Cyborg War ended. The year of the Fire Monkey. It was the year I completed assembling Al Araf 7:7 and also the same time I forgave Iblis and made him Lord Matterhorn, Master of Dark Tactics. Previously he was tortured for 2 years in the Beginner’s Mind. Pretty much the most hideous form of torture anybody can imagine. Since then, he began anew with the Beginner’s Mind.

    As I told you, Al Araf 7:7 was a very laborious project, I was driven out of compulsion to assemble the members based on the epiphany that I received. Hence for 2 years beginning 2014 I was on the look out for the building blocks to closely resemble what I *sa[y] in my mind so I can form the model in three dimension.

    *External intervention.

    I am akin to a scientist trying to illustrate a phenomena too big or too small for the eyes. In this case I was trying to bring a portion of the Alternate Reality Dimension into Physical Reality. Finally after being on pursuit for 2 years, I managed to bring Al Araf 7:7 into reality. Turn out this Al Araf 7:7 is not the replica but the actual inti padu (solid core) of Sparta 4964, the Turbine Spiral. To make it more interesting it is equipped with the Troca shell as the impetus of the spiral.


    So the pivotal question is, are all these the byproduct of a delirious mind or am I on a Path that is leading towards a certain destination? *T[he] say the least, Al Araf 7:7 comprises of the 10 arch angels. It is the tip of Xanadu (the 99 heavens) and Wolfsschanze (the 1 hell). From here I govern my Universe Within and Sparta 4964.

    *External Intervention.

    Things are less complicated if you understand that all matters are One and all matters are Many. Then you will see that what was thought as impossible is very much possible. All it takes is for you to develop a high sensory acuity in order to tap the resources around you. It is even more intriguing to know that all matters are gods and all matters are intelligent. Thus we are within God and God is within us. This is not a new science. Jalaluddin Rumi the renowned Sufi talked about it in his poems:

    “I died as mineral and became a plant,
    I died as plant and rose to animal,
    I died as animal and I was human,
    Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
    Yet once more I shall die human,
    To soar with angels blessed above.
    And when I sacrifice my angel soul
    I shall become what no mind ever conceived.
    As a human, I will die once more,
    Reborn, I will with the angels soar.
    And when I let my angel body go,
    I shall be more than mortal mind can know.”

    ― Rumi Jalal ad’Din

    My mission as the Creator’s Most Loyal Soldier had ended. I no longer at war with anybody. The only thing for me to do now is to delight my Universe Within. However I am still Hak Kerajaan Malaysia. It had always been. I am a 4964, Forever (4) Yin (9) and Yang (6) Forever (4). My Path had always been straight, from here to the eternity.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072
    Five O 7:7
    1964 Wood Double Dragon
    (I am a dragon’s dragon, my mother is Earth Dragon)
    0 1964 33 888
    74 270 74

    P/s: What other prove do you need?

  130. Sri Sense Dec 16,2018 9:03 AM


    Mungkin juga DAP tengok orang Malaysia kulit putih, cerah kulit, mata sepet, mereka adalah orang Malaysia keturunan Cina kikiki

    Its like saying bila raya Cina kita semua mati tak makan. Idea lapok!

  131. Sri Sense Dec 16,2018 8:59 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Apala less business news. Popek popek politik.

    Pasal Ronnie suka cakap pasal Tun, I pun jadi suka cakap pasal DAP, more of kaum mereka.

    I ingat lagi sebelum election pernah keluar berita MCA kata kaum Cina makin berkurang di Malaysia. Dari segi percentage menurun banyak.

    Tapi bila DAP naik, DAP kata orang Cina bertambah ramai dan mereka saja bayar cukai. RPK jawab dalam blognya memang kami tak bayar cukai sebab kami bayar zakat kikiki

    Mungkin juga DAP tengok orang kulit putih cerah kulit mati sepet orang Cina kikiki

    I pernah cakap sini dulu, bila I balik my kampung Subang Jaya, I ingat ramai Cina dan India dalam satu kedai makan roti canai Melur, rupanya I salah, bila puasa kedai ini lengang.

    Tapi Tun, I sekarang tak nak balik kampung lagi sejak rusuhan kuil. I feel sad ingat Adib. Betapa kejamnya mereka buat hamba Allah yang hanya menjalankan tugas. 🙁

  132. HBT456 Dec 16,2018 8:51 AM

    P/s: if they still stuck in dulu punya mindset of only the winner takes all, the loosers take all kind of political strategy of changing hands at the higest level as if fdi, taxpayer monies, epf, socso, th are their family punya atm via hardcore nasionalist measures of dia boleh buat, yang lain punya tak boleh buat, they are bound to fail. i am okay with japanese technology, but i am not sure whether the dna of party members can cope up or not since they are trained to anti- foreigners just to please the political masters.

  133. HBT456 Dec 16,2018 8:43 AM

    Frog jumping is the worst strategy of all in changing hands at the highest level to cover their horrendous crimes of those in power of corridor here, corridor there.

    Pendek kata, they are irresponsible, and dont even have the courage to admit their wrong doings first.

    Pushing for icerd is holier than thou?

    Pushing for anti-icerd is holier than thou?

    Even fair minded malay lady in her 40s with reliable full time job is using her private car and her private time of a day in a week to do grab to earn extra income for her family legally just like anyone in my state.

    The state governments have choice to do that so that their people in those states can earn extra, but, unfortunately, those in power still cant see the benefit of doubts.

    Since they are so obssess in being politically right, then, let their voters decide when next general election is called.

    When the things happened, they must be a good reason.

    It is either they learn or not.

    P/s: if they still stuck in dulu punya mindset of only the winner takes all, the loosers take all kind of political strategy of changing hands at the higest level as if fdi, taxpayer monies, epf, socso, th are their family punya atm.

  134. HBT456 Dec 16,2018 1:05 AM

    They dont feel tired, voters also feel fed up.

    There are many challengers in usa year after year to hire lawyers to charge global companies listed in dow jones, but will they get paid?

    It depends who are appointed as the judge to sit for this case, even bill gates lost his case, and still doing very well until today.

    In malaysia, halal can be haram, haram can halal, is very much who is the ag in charge in putrajaya.

    P/s: when a force is applied, apa2 bonding pun boleh patah.

  135. HBT456 Dec 16,2018 12:50 AM

    Whatever mubarakchan wants to claim is up to him with his man proposes, god disposes belief with malay bias policy, and everyone saw all these unfortunate, tragic and ugly events in the last 10 years that none of us can deny.

    He can continue to paint the chinese as bad, ugly and evil people, its a free country.

    Time to move on.

    P/s: later on, his race will fight, fight, fight again another set of new shadow just to stay relevant with forever got tommorrow punya akta 153, janji menang.

  136. mubarakchan Dec 15,2018 4:01 PM


    Many Malaysians do not understand why I claim Singapore now has NOTHING but only the shell from the huge largesse obtained by engaging in Black Under-counter trades of the Cold War 1948-1989.with Uncle Sam’s blessing. This huge largesse was not due to Lee Kuan Yew’s thinking by any measure. IT WAS SHEER LUCK.

    Not only that, Lee Kuan Yew did not realise this largesse was an one-off affair whilst it lasted. Suddenly the Communist World imploded and the BRICS moved in and grabbed his Black Under-counter Trades – 1948-1989. The huge largesse or revenue for Singapore has gone forever since the 1990s.

    This was the point where Lee Kuan Yew had a choice – the choice of pursuing the objectives of Singapore either through conventional or unconventional means.

    Lee Kuan Yew with his Double First in Law at Cambridge and his legal mind believed in conventional means which did not permit his brain to think rationally. Thus, Singapore ended up like this today. All his misdeeds towards Malaysia exposed publicly.

    If Lee Kuan Yew had been a scientist and went up to Christ’s instead of Fitzwilliam, he would come to the only conclusion which was available to him at the end of the Cold War 1948-1989, that was to turn the huge largesse into a gold mountain purchased at not more than US$ 300 per ounce through Vision, Innovation and Creativity.

    Just 4,000 tons would have turned Singapore into a financial Power of sorts. Now the United States has 7,000 tons, Germany 4,000 tons, France and Italy 3,000 tons, Russia and China 2,000 tons, India with 1,000 tons official.

    Like this Lee Kuan Yew would have actually avoided copying the GDP which is actually not quite applicable to a tiny state AND PROVIDED FULL EMPLOYMENT WITH FULL SOCIAL BENEFITS TO HIS CITIZENS INSTEAD OF MANY SNEAKY WAYS LIKE THE TPPA/CPTPP TO ENSLAVE MALAYSIA !

    And today Singapore after taking all which she desired from our beloved Malaysia 1962-2018 IS IN A DILEMMA BASED ON THE GDP ! Singapore has no Growth since 2002 and no substantial Revenue to uphold her First World status even the though Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government gave Singapore everything she desired. 2004-2018 !

    With all due respect, it is time the Singapore Leadership exchange some ideas with our brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has many ideas because he uses his brain all the time a whole life-long.

    We Malaysians are good, hospitable and friendly people like the saying


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  137. Sri Sense Dec 15,2018 2:09 PM


    I dapat ini melalui whatsapps. Mungkin Tun nak buat reference ka;


    Allah melarang keras umat Islam makan BABI tapi TAHUKAH anda hanya terdapat 5 ayat alQuran yang menyebut BABI🤔

    al-Baqarah : 173, al-Maidah : 3, al-Maidah : 60, al-An’am : 145 & al-Nahl :115. Dari yg 5 itu, Allah melarang makan babi ada 4 ayat sahaja.

    Sekarang, tahukah anda, bahawa Allah melarang kita memilih orang kafir sbg pemimpin ada lebih kurang 20 ayat?
    🤔 Maknanya *LARANGAN MEMILIH ORANG KAFIR SBG PEMIMPIN ITU AMATLAH KERAS berbanding larangan keras memakan daging BABI sehingga Allah mengaitkan perbuatan itu sbg KAFIR MUNAFIK.*

    Buktinya ayat ke-136 surah an-Nisa’, bahawa orang yang memilih orang KAFIR sebagai AULIA dengan meninggalkan orang MUKMIN adalah KAFIR MUNAFIK.

    الَّذِيْنَ يَتَّخِذُوْنَ الْـكٰفِرِيْنَ اَوْلِيَآءَ مِنْ دُوْنِ الْمُؤْمِنِيْنَ ۗ اَيَبْتَغُوْنَ عِنْدَهُمُ الْعِزَّةَ فَاِنَّ الْعِزَّةَ لِلّٰهِ جَمِيْعًا
    “(Iaitu) orang-orang yang mengambil orang-orang kafir menjadi aulia dengan meninggalkan orang-orang yang beriman. Tidaklah patut mereka (orang-orang munafik) mencari kekuatan dan kemuliaan di sisi orang-orang kafir itu,…..”
    (An-Nisa’ 4 : 139)

    *Adakah kita TIDAK TAKUT menjadi MUNAFIK?* 🤔🤔🤔

    Persoalan sekarang ialah, kenapa kita takut DOSA tersalah makan BABI, tetapi kita TIDAK TAKUT DOSA tersalah memilih pemimpin? Kenapa kita tidak takut mati dalam keadaan MUNAFIK? 🤔🤔🤔

    Cuba kita fikirkan bersama, TERLEBIH MUNAFIKNYA orang Islam yang menjadikan orang KAFIR sebagai PEMIMPIN dengan meninggalkan pemimpin yang MUKMIN.

    Ali Imraan : 28,
    Ali Imraan : 118,
    Ali Imraan: 149–150.
    An-Nisaa’ : 144,
    Al-Maa-idah : 51.
    Al-Maa-idah : 57,
    Al-Maa-idah : 80–81.
    At-Taubah : 16,
    At-Taubah : 23,
    Al-Mujaadilah : 14–15,
    Al-Mujaadilah : 22,
    Al-Qasshash : 86,
    An-Nisaa’ : 138–139.
    An-Nisaa’ : 141.
    Al-Mumtahanah : 1.
    Al-Mumtahanah : 5.
    Al-Mumtahanah : 13,

    1. *Al-Qur’an*
    *M E L A R A N G*
    *Menjadikan orang Kafir Sebagai PEMIMPIN*
    Ali Imraan: 28,
    An-Nisaa’: 144,
    Al-Maa-idah: 57.

    2. *Al-Qur’an*
    *M E L A R A N G*
    *Menjadikan orang Kafir Sebagai PEMIMPIN Walau KERABAT Sendiri*.
    At-Taubah: 23,
    Al-Mujaadilah: 22,

    3. *Al-Qur’an*
    *M E L A R A N G*
    *Menjadikan orang Kafir Sebagai AULIA / TEMAN SETIA*.
    Ali Imraan: 118,
    At-Taubah: 16.

    4. *Al-Qur’an*
    *M E L A R A N G*
    *SALING TOLONG dengan kafir yang akan MERUGIKAN umat islam*.
    Al-Qasshash: 86,
    Al-Mumtahanah: 13.

    5. *Al-Qur’an*
    *M E L A R A N G*
    *MENTAATI orang kafir untuk MENGUASAI Muslim*
    Ali Imraan: 149–150.

    6. *Al-Qur’an*
    *M E L A R A N G*
    *Memberi PELUANG kepada orang kafir sehingga MENGUASAI Muslim*.
    An-Nisaa’: 141.

    7. *Al-Qur’an*
    *M E L A R A N G*
    *Kepada muslim yang menjadikan kafir sebagai pemimpin*.
    An-Nisaa’: 138–139.

    8. *Al-Qur’an*
    *M E L A R A N G*
    *Kepada muslim yang menjadikan kafir sebagai pemimpin*.
    Al-Maa-idah: 51.

    9. *Al-Qur’an*
    *M E L A R A N G*
    *Kepada muslim yang menjadikan kafir sebagai pemimpin*.
    Al-Maa-idah: 80–81.

    10. *Al-Qur’an*
    *M E L A R A N G* *kepada muslim yg menjadikan kafir sebagai pemimpin*.
    Al-Mumtahanah: 1.

    11. *Al-Qur’an*
    *Bagi yang menjadikan Kafir cebagai Pemimpin / Teman setia*.
    Al-Mujaadilah: 14–15.

    12. *Al-Qur’an*
    *Agar Muslim buat Tidak boleh Menjadi SASARAN FITNAH kaum Kafir*
    Al-Mumtahanah: 5.


    *Terlebih baik jika dikongsikan dengan teman2*

    Semoga Allah terima peringatan ini sbg kebaikan dan bekalan kita dipadang mahsyar.

    Amin.. Ya Allah….

  138. mubarakchan Dec 15,2018 1:51 PM


    This is for HBT456 who said the Singapore Government as led by Lee Kuan Yew (1959-2015) did no wrong to our beloved Malaysia and her citizens.

    Here are the facts which showed that Lee Kuan Yew always used insidious methods to deal with Malaysia. He met his match in the BRICS which grabbed his Black Under Counter Trades and sent Singapore’s self contrived First World status crashing from 2002 to this very day 2018.

    1. The Water Agreement 1962 could only have been obtained by insidious means. Malaysia was left defenceless without an escape clause or the ability to re-negotiate on her own terms. A normal commercial agreement became a strictly one-sided agreement in favour of Singapore. Malaysia now pays to deliver 3 sen per 1,000 gallons of water to Singapore.

    2. MSA’s software was given to Singapore free of charge by the 3 wise men in 1972. The late Tun Dr Ismail nearly sack them but for the intervention of a mutual friend.

    3. In 1985, arising from the Pan El affair, the joint Stock Exchange was suspended for 2 days by Singapore for political reasons. No country in the World suspends a stock exchange. Only in 1909 was the Milan Borse suspended.

    4. From 1972-2000, the joint Stock Exchange was manipulated like a yo-yo by Singapore via unofficial groups. Between 1972-2000, there were 10 crashes. After the 2000 split, between 2001-2018, there was only one in 2008 !

    5. From 2004-2018, Singapore could get whatever she wanted from the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government – from the Malaysia Killer TPPA/CPTPP through the sea rocks, sand, the Chief Editorship of the UMNO NSTP, the Avenue, down to the IIH fellow and the Kim Eng Securities expensive sale to Maybank etc. If the TPPA/CPTPP had been ratified by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government, Puppet Malaysia would have been turned into Slave Malaysia by her own BN Leadership hand as planned by the Double First in Law at Cambridge, Lee Kuan Yew with his fine legal mind and his specialty in Devil in the details to catch the naïve and gullible Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Leadership !

    Man proposes. God disposes ! Because of the misdeeds of Lee Kuan Yew towards our beloved Malaysia, all the Malaysian treasures so derived did not BENEFIT Singapore one iota. SINGAPORE IS NOW IN BIG TROUBLE WITH WORLD BANK’S ESTIMATE FOR 2019 GDP FOR SINGAPORE AT 3% ! No growth for 17 years, 2002-2019. Chronic inflation at 1% excluded !

    CRIME DOES NOT PAY FOR ANYONE Tun. Malaysians or Singaporeans !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Keep smiling all. Malaysia is on her way upwards towards the Greats, Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan !

  139. HBT456 Dec 15,2018 1:47 PM

    Spies of all kinds also need federal budget funding ler.

    Spies too can do wrong when they over estimated their self worth lor.

    Karl iskandar had said no matter how many gallon of petrol poured, it seems like tdm is still at the loosing side, that was before 509.

    Are they bitting the fingers of the ministries that feed them all these years?

    Are they on the right direction?

    Are they on the wrong direction?

    P/s: no doubt, they get projects because they have jasa. but, the projects that they got might bankrupt themselves overnight because they do not have know how to handle. i sure hope they see that fault, and dont repeat that faults again. cronism, nepotism already thing of past, sure hope they realize it, the sooner, the better.

  140. Sharudin Jamal Dec 15,2018 12:47 PM

    Lord Vader 7:7,

    You are liken to a general who had won a war. Naturally you don’t want to prolong siege when you know you already able to capture the walled city without opposition. Sun Tzu advised to avoid spending time capturing walled city, It is the most costly effort UNLESS it surrenders.

    The best tactic to deploy is through barricading the parameters and wait until their resources depleted. This was the strategy Caesar used in his last famous battle in Gaul. Caesar is known for his offensive game, however in this one he chose to wait. While waiting he increase his fortification,

    Never underestimate the battle of defense. Both Napoleon and Hitler suffered heavy losses in England and Russia because of good defense by the opposition.

    In war there will always be deserters and converters. That’s how empires grow. However during the process there is an a point called the Eclipse of Change. It is this time you need to be careful. If you are strong, you will overshadow them. Otherwise they will overrun you.

    Be mindful of the opportunists and the hypocrites. Sun Tzu advised the use of spies, of whom there are five classes: (1) Local spies; (2) inward spies; (3) converted spies; (4) doomed spies; (5) surviving spies.

    Spies cannot be usefully employed without a certain intuitive sagacity. They cannot be properly managed without benevolence and straightforwardness. Without subtle ingenuity of mind, one cannot make certain of the truth of their reports. Be subtle! be subtle! and use your spies for every kind of business.

    The end and aim of spying in all its five varieties is knowledge of the enemy; and this knowledge can only be derived, in the first instance, from the converted spy. Hence it is essential that the converted spy be treated with the utmost liberality.

    “Where no wise direction is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” (Proverbs 11,14).

    All the best.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  141. HBT456 Dec 15,2018 10:00 AM

    Another malaysia boleh programme in the name of petrol subsidy via moe, bypass other ministries and international standard in concern?

    P/s: it looks like the political struggling in umno is narrowed down between bersatu and umno, katak pun tak pa, janji menang. good luck to the frogs in concern, and in less than 2 years, dsai will become the 8th perdana menteri of malaysia, and this is the promise tdm had made to ph.

  142. HBT456 Dec 15,2018 9:47 AM

    Why until today, eventhough singapore government and her people had done nothing wrong, and is still is being potray as bogeyman in the fair minded of malay and other races?

    P/s: when those in power treat voters as dedak seekers, the dedak seekers in return will treat the ruling government as dedak givers. what happened in the last 10 years, and why these unfortunate things happened, i guess the political of the divides will continue to buat sabotage, finger pointing, blaming, buat tak tahu, buat tak erti, itu bukan salah aku, janji menang. Can bersatu take over umno? itu terpulang kepada ros? we just have to wait it out.

  143. Hajar Dec 15,2018 9:21 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Saya baru baca semalam tentang lebih kurang 36 orang dari parti Pembangkang yang telah menandatangani surat (perjanjian?) sebagai tanda sokongan terhadap kepimpinan Tun M sejak sebulan yang lalu. Ini termasuk 33 anggota Parlimen UMNO. Ada yang sudah pun keluar UMNO.

    Mereka ini bagai anak-anak ayam yang kehilangan ibu. Kutiplah mereka Tun. Kesian pula saya melihat mereka. Tidak kisahlah jika Tun dituduh sebagai ‘pengutip sampah’. Mereka memang macam ‘sampah’ bila sanggup MENGKHIANATI MELAYU DAN ISLAM.

    Dulu, bukan main lagi Tun merayu mereka supaya mendesak bekas PM Najib selaku Presiden UMNO/BN untuk meletak jawatan atau melakukan undi tidak percaya di Parlimen, tetapi mereka semuanya sudah buta, pekak dan bisu. Letih juga saya menulis di Chedet meminta mereka menjadi pemimpin2 yang bertanggungjawab, tetapi hampa.

    Tetapi Tun mesti bertegas untuk tidak memberi mereka jawatan2 penting dalam Bersatu (PPBM), dan yang bersalah (korup) jangan dilindungi. Jangan lindungi sesiapa pun yang bersalah termasuk kawan2 Tun dalam DAP, PKR, dan Amanah.

    Tentang para pemimpin UMNO, saya hairan mengapa SPRM tidak siasat En. Khairy (KJ). Adakah kerana dia sememangnya pro-Pembangkang semasa masih dalam Kerajaan? Bukankah dia seorang yang Liberal? Dia bagi saya aset penting PH. Sebab itu dia masih lagi tidak diusik. Adakah saya mahu dia menjadi Presiden UMNO? Maaf cakap, dia lebih layak masuk PKR. Orang ini tidak ada jati diri Melayu Islam. Sekarang memekik dalam UMNO, bising dan mengutuk macam2 tetapi dahulu bukan main lagi membodek DSN.

    Pemimpin2 lain pula, termasuk yang dah keluar UMNO, dahulu mengapa diam membisu? Sekarang agaknya ada yang keputusan wang – yelah peruntukan untuk MP Pembangkang cuma RM100,000, sementara yang dari PH dapat RM500,000 (campur RM200,000 untuk pusat servis MP – rasanya ini untuk PH saja). Saya berasa pelik. Adilkah kepada penduduk di bawah MP Pembangkang? (

    Tentang DS Zahid, saya berbeza pandangan dengan kebanyakan orang. Beliau, walaupun telah didakwa, saya yakin dia bukanlah seorang yang teruk seperti yang didakwa. Sekurang-kurangnya dia ada pengetahuan AGAMA yang saya kira lebih baik berbanding yang lain2. Dia menjadi sasaran utama (selain DSN) kerana dia Presiden UMNO. Bukankah misi melenyapkan UMNO bermula dengan melenyapkan Presidennya terlebih dahulu? Yang lain2 akan bertelagah seperti sekarang, dan akan jatuh dengan sendirinya!

    Yang paling bersalah dalam UMNO ialah Tun Abdullah dan DS Najib. Kedua-dua bekas Presiden UMNO ini telah menyebabkan UMNO tumbang.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  144. Sri Sense Dec 15,2018 9:13 AM

    Good morning Tun M

    Dulu Pak Lah I nampak sebagai weak leader. Mana2 pergi with entourage. Pembangkang pula asyik memperbesarkan isu tido. Lepas tu I nampak Pak Lah kahwin housekeeper. I pun garu2 kepala, bior benor2 sikit Pak Lah ni.

    Datang Mat Sabu kutuk Pak Lah jahat dalam lembut. Pendekata part mengutuk ini bagi saja pembangkang. Yang anehnya, jadi government masih jadi pembangkang.

    Sebenarnya Pak Lah ini ada juga buat bende2 yang baik untuk rakyat. Tapi semua itu tenggelam dek arus kutuk mengutuk.

    Datang Najib. Sebagai leader I rasa Najib lebih strong dari Pak Lah. Tapi Najib big spender. Big spender ini perlu banyak duit untuk hidup. Masuk JhLow dan gang, tak tau la apa sudah janji, tau2 lesap.

    Tun, kita Melayu, Islam, Bumiputera harus bersatu. Usah ada sengketa lagi.

    Fatboy dan gang sila bawa balik. Jangan esok orang kata Tun asyik hukum orang Melayu, tapi beri kelepasan pada kaum Cina dan India. Kalau LGE buat jahat also tangkap, kalau assistant dia pun buat jahat, tangkap. Kalau ada dalam team Tun kena cekup, I doubt team mereka suci bersih, tanpa sedikit noda, macam baru baptized. Idea agama ini mana sesuai dalam politik atau rule of law.

    Tommy Thomas tak boleh buat kerja, jangan susah hati, orang Melayu ramai bekelayakkan.

    Ok I nak keluar breakfast. Tun jangan lupa sarapan. Big online huggies.

  145. HBT456 Dec 15,2018 2:06 AM

    Malay races in singapore prefer to deal with indonesia and brunei since malaysia government acts hostile to the tiny red dot.

    Chinese races in singapore prefer to deal with asean and the world since malaysia government acts hostile to the tiny red dot.

    Indian races in singapore too prefer to deal with india and uk since malaysia government acts hostile to the tiny red dot.

    P/s: buku Lat, Dr who?

  146. Sharudin Jamal Dec 14,2018 11:16 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    Google had been very good to me. My blogspot is finally on page two (at times on page one) of Sharudin Jamal search. Whatever they are doing, I take it they are apart of the change agent for the Empires of the Minds. Otherwise Google Team will no longer be in my A Team.

    As I told Sarah, I still got some tricks up my sleeves. I am saving it for my involvement in operational matters. Pretty much the things I learn from the military. For example the smallest military unit is two. So expect to work in pairs Alpha Beta especially *[especially] if you are an intelligence.

    * External intervention.

    The formation is still the same, one manning CCC, one on the frontline. I expect Sarah to be on the ground while I am here, a f**king blind CCC; CANNOT SEE, see? Ironic isn’t it?

    From now on Sarah, I shall treat you and Google A Team as the same person. That way we move in unison.

    For administration purposes I shall use for Hak Kerajaan Malaysia. I am still motivated to put Azmin and Mukhris at the helm even if it means in 5 years time. I want the Dragons to take charge from that point on. However nothing beats Chedet. No other leader has a blog.

    As always I play center, Master Chief. This was the same position played by Coach Whittaker during the 1990 USA, USSR and China Everest Team summit.

    FYI Chedet I already groomed my Rex Montis (King of the Hill), 2 Master Chiefs and 1 overall Facilitator for TraXXfm. The rest of the support team is still undergoing Thought Invasion. We are aiming the Empires of the Minds by 2024 like the rest of my teams (Galgalatz, Google, Facebook, Tweeter, WhatsApp, Evernote, USN, SIN and Swiss Samurai Cyborgs).

    For those of you wondering what is my fee like, this is my Labor of Love. So the payment is love and kisses. I earn my keeps elsewhere on a quid pro quo basis.

    Chedet, as I mentioned you are Vader 7:7 (Thor factor) and I am Five O 7:7 (AlphaX64 factor). We are the highest Troika together with Mr BJ Sir (Jibrail factor). However I practice Autonomous Governance and the Zen of Personal Bliss. Refer back under topic 1MDB.

    Look at it this way Sir. Whether you like it or not, I am now the Gyro Horology. No longer I am a Clockwork Orange. Therefore I just do, acta non verba.

    “An executive is a person who decides. Seldom he decides right but always he must decide.” – John Henry Patterson.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  147. Sri Sense Dec 14,2018 10:55 PM


    Sebenarnya UMNO ini adalah orang Melayu. Samada kita menyampah dengan pemimpin atau tidak, tidak menjadi hal. Samada kita ini member ke tak, tak jadi hal.

    My hubby kata ini to me, “if you ask me, it’s zahid yang membunuh UMNO”.

    I agree with him. I pernah sebut sini bila UMNO kalah, orang UMNO sendiri cakap suruh Zahid nego and nothing happened. Then the same group nak suruh Zahid letak jawatan and nothing happened. I can say Zahid keras kepala as Najib dulu, see what happened to Najib today. Hilang jawatan.

    Sekurang kurangnya Najib jadi a very good pembangkang. And isu Najib bawa adalah isu rakyat. Dia bercakap bagi pihak rakyat. As a normal rakyat, I tak nampak Najib bercakap bagi pihak diri sendiri, bagai di laung setengah tengah pihak. For that I bagi pujian pada Najib, dia versatile, Menteri kat atas tu pun ramai tak mampu nak adapt.

    Zahid pula macam mati kutu, no direction, nothing. I think he more of a follower bukan a leader.

    KJ pula macam atas pagar, sekejab sokong sini, sekejab sokong sana. But certain things dia cakap memang brilliant argument. Hishamuddin macam mediator. I teringat Ghaffar Baba. Something like Ghaffar Baba, but the handsome version 🙂

    Even To Mat pun so so aje. I think both Zahid and Tok Mat follower bukan leader.

    Itu saja pemerhatian I.

  148. Karl Iskandar Dec 14,2018 8:56 PM

    Saya lihat DrM agak obses dengan RASUAH dan PERASUAHAN.

    Kenapa ya…jika bukan timbul dari suatu keresahan yang meredam di bawah sedar DrM sendiri?

    Perasuahan, diolah bagaikan ianya satu institusi yang sebati dengan bangsa Melayu. Setahu kita, orang Melayu bukannya hebat dalam bisnes yang mega untuk terlibat dengan PERASUAHAN secara meluas sehingga perlu DrM ingatkan berulang kali.

    Kemungkinan paling hampir, ialah, DrM cuba memperingati diri sendiri.


  149. Sri Sense Dec 14,2018 8:35 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Ramai berkata-kata. Orang suratkhabar, bloggers dll. Ada yang terkejut, ada yang tak terkejut, ada yang marah2 macam marah perhimpunan ICERD haritu kikiki

    For me tidak begitu mengejutkan because masa mula2 haritu Tun dah sebut, kalau orang UMNO nak masuk PPBM kena keluar party UMNO dulu baru boleh masuk PPBM.

    To me UMNO dan BERSATU sama. Now if orang UMNO ada yang tak nak keluar dari UMNO, why not mohon jadi parti sekutu PPBM. KJ pun ada sebut nak buat election semula nak suruh Zahid berhenti.

    If Melayu, Bumiputera on your mind tidak salah pemimpin Melayu Bumiputera bermuafakat, dan bersatu again.

    Just saying!

  150. Sharudin Jamal Dec 14,2018 3:58 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    “Time of Turbulence is of great opportunity for those who understand and exploit the new reality.” – Peter Drucker.

    I am now in this position. I am exploiting the new reality *[of the new reality] of Flat Structure and how best to move everybody toward a greater height.

    *External intervention.

    With the leveling of the playing field you and I are no longer worlds apart. You are just a keystroke away from me. On the other hand I am just a push of the button away from you.

    What is the common ground then? None other than you and I share a common vision, to create an environment conducive for people to excel. Yours is at the national level while I am at the global level.

    My vehicle is liken to a Star Fleet. Everybody is a Shooting Star. Yours comprise of the Constellation Stars. Hence we should be mindful that these stars are people with specialized knowledge and exceptional talents.

    My experience dealing with talents is they are high achievers. They want to excel. In order to excel, they need empowerment. However their efforts need to be guided towards the right target. Only then they will be a servomechanism much like a guided missile.

    I had been with TraXXfm since 2007. They are people who are hardworking, positive, bright, talented and with the right attitude. All they need is for you Chedet as the Executive Sponsor to recognize their effort. In short, they want to be appreciated.

    That’s all they are asking. Like me, they are not thinking of monetary reward. They just want their presence to be acknowledged. The best way to do that is LISTEN to them.

    Chedet, I had requested from you to do this before. Listen especially to the Morning Show (6:00 am 10:00 am) whenever you can. Actually in my case I also listen to Momentum (10:00 am – 2:00 pm) and Chill (2:00 pm – 5:00 pm). I also interact with them via Tweeter. You can find my postings in #traxxfm. That is how I do my Talent Coaching for the past 6 months.

    Technology had reached a point where we can achieve surmountable amount of work without leaving in my case the CCC. The same applies when I manage my International Operation. Everything is from my tiny Firdaus (Fir in the house) in Bandar Utama.

    I want you to listen to them because we are shaping the future of TraXXfm to become the World Class Agent of Change Globally. What counts is the Executive Sponsorship. Work wise, we have the team.

    As for my fee, let say I am doing this as a Labor of Love for God and country.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  151. Abbas Dec 14,2018 2:11 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Keperluan untuk membeli masa.
    Keujudan proses yang berperingkat-peringkat, kena isi borang yang berbagai nombor, perlu ulangan, jangkamasa menunggu, ,kena buat pertimbangan samada hendak ambil time-off atau cuti (bila terdapat ramai orang), atau mungkin juga, jangkamasa menunggu proses approval itu sendiri, bimbang terjadi “lapse”, akibatnya, loan applied berkemungkinan besar tidak approve, kena penalty lagi.
    Itu dulu lah.I am not sure whether, the process is still the same.
    Those are gaps (some)- faktor2 yang mengujudkan keperluan untuk membeli masa. Bila ada an offer to provide services yang merapatkan jurang masa dan karenah bureaucracy dengan pay a % of fee – kita bayangkan result.
    Saya hairan, bila orang politik fikir yang rakyat pilih logo dulu then only decide nak mengundi siapa . Iye ke?
    Saya pilih Perdana Menteri yang ke 7 untuk mengantikan Perdana Menteri ke6. Bukan sebab saya tidak suka UMNO atau PAS . Saya berasakan yang jemaah menteri BN pada masa itu kelihatan sombong tidak boleh ditegur dan berdendam.
    Itu cerita lama.
    Saya menganggarkan yang UMNO mampu bangun semula. Tapi,semua jemaah menteri yg dulu perlu diganti. Mereka harus berkorban jawatan. Ajar yang baru dan support dari belakang. Nampaknya enggan. Sama macam PH, dah berbulan, masih nak berpolitik lagi. Gelojoh gunakan melayu sebagai isu dan target . Lainlah Tun, bila Tun mengata melayu, kami melayu faham ,yang Tun mahu kami perbaiki diri.
    Rasanya, ramai yang macam kami, yang memenangkan PH . Jikapun kami buat U-turn, it all depends pada siapa yang teraju Umno dan cara PH layan Tun. Nampaknya, PH dah mula sombong dan berlangkah dendam. Rimas, perhati gelagat, dah mula menyombong dengan Tun, lekatkan isu melayu dengan Tun, beri Tun pressure sering kelihatan di platform netizen, sang ‘annonymous’ (tidak kisah lah dari logo mana), sudah mula beradjektif sakan.
    Kami bukan hanya pandang, membaca,kami juga fikir dan merasa. Benar, kekuatan, selalu datang dari penghinaan. Go ahead, hina lah.Kerana dalam jangkamasa ada panjang dan pendek nya. Satu undi pun, undi jugak, apatah lagi bila ia hanya – say, 55,000 or 80,000, or just 300,000 (maybe) undi orang yang berdisiplin dan waras.
    Saya tengok rancangan bila malam-malam ustaz atau aktivis2 yang keluar dekati gelandangan dan lain2, hulur tangan persahabatan, beri meraka makanan dan kata semangat. Kenyataannya, masyarakat istilahkan mereka umpama “rubbish” – adakah kita jauhi mereka. Tidak. Ya, memang ada history mereka masing-masing, kita faham, namun kita dekati juga , tidak pula jauhi.
    Saya teringat masa remaja, suka tukar-tukar ayat power dalam autograph. One friend wrote ,“ a friend is someone who knows where you have been, what you have become and gently invite you to grow”…masa berlalu, “I still remember you,Ng”, Those days masa remaja , kita ada bangsa melayu, cina, india, Ceylon dan sebagainya, dan friendship kami sincere, batasan logo politik tidak terlintas jadi penyebab.
    Semuga Tun dan Tun Siti sentiasa berada dalam keadaan sihat dan gembira bersama keluarga tersayang

  152. HBT456 Dec 14,2018 10:29 AM

    It is expected, and other airports in this country also like and even klia pun nampak macam rojak.


    Not enough passengers is the main reason even with heavily subdidized petrol.

    The other reason is semua pun mahu jadi tuan punya tanah, semua main bikin airport tercanggih, tapi tak cukup pasengers.

    Kini buat anti-icerd secara besar besaran, it worsen the matter.

    P/s: i am paiseh when our new government is rationalizing the ils system at the new airport down south. but new government must have forgotten their ugly behavior in petrol and water issue. i have to be frank and honest as mslaysian tanpa pilih kasih.

  153. musato Dec 14,2018 9:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya terbuka untuk membaca segala apa termasuk benda benda yang tak elok. InsyaAllah.

    Begitu juga tentang pendapat berkenaan agama Islam. Ada perkara yang adakala saya tidak terfikir akannya. Bagaimana fikiran boleh dilencongkan sebegitu rupa? Itulah otak kurniaan Allah swt. Yang tiada pada makhluk lain, selain manusia selayaknya. Khalifah di muka bumi.

    Lencongan fikiran adakalanya boleh dibahaskan tentang pemikirannya. Adakala tidak boleh dibahas kerana tidak boleh untuk dibuat perbandingan fakta.

    Kerana itu lebih selamat untuk kita berfikir melalui perkara yang boleh dibahaskan dengan membuat perbandingan antara fakta fakta.

    Kerana itu wujudnya 4 mazhab penting dalam Islam. Kerana itu perbahasan berkenaan hadith sahih atau tidak sahih itu juga penting dalam Islam.

    Ia bukanlah berkenaan perpecahan. Malah ia tandanya kita meraikan pandangan dari otak masing masing. Perbezaaan pendapat yang dibahaskan dengan fakta fakta yang ada.

    Sekiranya pemikiran otak kita dibawa dan terbawa bawa menjelajah sesuatu pandangan yang tiada fakta dan tidak boleh dibahaskan melalui ayat Al Quran dan Hadith maka ia tiada penghujungnya.

    Untuk apa kita berkeliaran tanpa apa apa sebab dan tanpa ukuran?

    Benar kata Hang Tuah “Melayu takkan hilang di dunia”.

    Tapi dengan hanya jadi melayu sekadar melayu sahaja tidak mencukupi. Isilah diri melayu itu dengan nilai nilai hidup Islam. Amalkan keikhlasan, tolong menolong, kualiti kerja, kebahgiaan rumahtangga dll.

    Jika suka kepada misteri, maka bacalah tentang misteri karamah karamah wali Allah. Samada masuk akal atau tidak, sudah tentu hubungkaitnya itu terus kepada Allah swt. Itulah ukurannya.

    Lencongan pemikiran yang mesti perlunya kepada ukuran.

    Jadilah seorang pembaca dan pemikir yang menuju kepada penciptanya.

    Tujulah wahai Melayu kepada yang Hak. Bukan akulah melayu sekadar melayu yang layu.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  154. HBT456 Dec 14,2018 9:01 AM

    The political reality is bumiputra muslim inside putrajaya, but malay, bumiputera and other races are outside putrajaya.

    Melayu mudah lupa?

    Jika betul2 mahu bikin hsr station, the most strategic zone is at sg. besi airport owned by mod.

    P/s: the show of 1mdb must go on to prove 1mdb is a serious business in postioning this country in SEA region, asia and world.

  155. HBT456 Dec 14,2018 8:28 AM

    Suddenly tabung haji is said to have deficit of myr4.1 billion.

    And now umno wants to join tdm’s punya bersatu.

    The ultimate result would be ultra, dan tidak kukuh.


    Because religion supremacy is used as the bench mark to over-ride the federal constitution, bukan kerana mereka erti buat kerja.

    P/s: maverick, flip then flop? frogs from sabah and sarawak still want to control peninsula in the name of tabung haji? the era of umno and pas know all is already long over. even if they jumped into bersatu, they will still fight fight fight behind their political masters.

  156. HBT456 Dec 14,2018 7:31 AM

    Wang politik dan rasuah politik are so rampant and fearless in umno until their component parties also give up.

    Everyone is aware umno-pas-silat could be rigged and bribed with snap of fingers, but such habit has turned into predicted behaviour.

    Bak kata, pandai2 mereka ini yang bergelar pejuang bangsa dan agama kerana mereka adalah tuan tanah, jadi hanya mereka saja yang boleh bikin, yang lain tak boleh.

    If locals also tak boleh tahan such politics, obviously, voters of foreign countries also cannot tahan.

    P/s: bak kata, there is no secret in politics too.

  157. HBT456 Dec 14,2018 7:09 AM

    Once being appointed in the ministry, you are no longer representing your political party, your cronies, your way and your hardcore members in using slogans of race and religion supremacy.

    P/s: pilih kasih is irrelevant, and to declare general elections on same date or different date, it is up to the coalition of the political parties in divide to decide. gentleman, ego, ignorant atau biadap style, pandai2 mereka lah ini yang berpolitik.

  158. HBT456 Dec 14,2018 6:54 AM

    Bak kata, even the most powerful vvips in the world pun kena erti adat dan tradisi negerinya, negara dan negara asing.

    Adakah itu master strategist, atau master spoilers, itu terpulang kepada ideologi master tersebut.

    Mereka ingat negara ini tanpa gabungan umno-pas-silat cannot survive?

    Mereka ingat hanya umno-pas-silat saja yang boleh bekerja di kementerian by telling others to rip, just like that?

    Mereka ingat hanya umno-pas-silat tahu boycott, fitnah, sabotage, tunjuk perasaan and buat biadap kerana ada perhubungan nambikei with mic and hindraft?

    P/s: before you mix rats of different species in a cage, you must understand their social behavior first. If you as social engineer, you mix them secara buta tuli, they might ended fighting. even fruits and plants are not allowed to bring out from the country of origin, are they aware of not?

  159. Hajar Dec 13,2018 9:11 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Bekas pemimpin-peminpin dan ketua-ketua bahagian UMNO Sabah yang keluar beramai-ramai dari UMNO hari ini mestilah tidak termasuk dalam golongan Melayu (orang Malaysia) yang korup dan mungkin tidak pernah terlibat langsung dengan amalan rasuah.

    2. Awal-awal lagi mereka sudah menyatakan sokongan padu mereka terhadap kepimpinan Tun dan PH di peringkat Negeri dan Persekutuan. Alahai…

    3. Maaf cakap, pemimpin yang keluar (melompat) parti bagi saya adalah pemimpin yang TIDAK AMANAH kerana mereka dipilih oleh rakyat berdasarkan parti yang diwakili.

    4. Alasan mereka untuk keluar UMNO ialah kerana UMNO tiada hala tuju politik yang jelas. Takkan pula mereka kata (alasan) mereka mahu selamatkan ‘tengkuk’ masing-masing.

    5. Memang hebat betul penangan prinsip ‘THE RULE OF LAW’ yang sekarang ini dijunjung oleh Kerajaan PH dalam membanteras amalan rasuah di Malaysia.

    6. Tetapi, takkanlah kesemua pemimpin dan penyokong PH baik dan suci bersih macam ‘malaikat’. Ataupun adakah sesiapa yang menyertai PH (pemimpin /penyokong) diibaratkan sesuci bayi yang baru lahir? Siapa yang mensucikan dan membersihkan mereka? Saja tanya.

    7. Jika TIDAK ADIL dalam menegakkan undang-undang kerana memilih-milih (pilih bulu/ pilih kasih) siapa orang yang mahu didakwa, bukankah ini juga satu contoh perbuatan tidak amanah dan salah guna kuasa? Tidak korupkah golongan sebegini?

    8. Kepada pemimpin dan ahli-ahli UMNO (saudara seagama dan sebangsa), insaflah dan kembalilah kepada perjuangan asal UMNO iaitu untuk ‘Agama, Bangsa, dan Negara’, dan tidak perlu tinggalkan UMNO. Berjumpalah dengan rakyat marhaen, minta maaf, dan berkhidmatlah dengan ikhlas. Jangan lagi bersikap tamak haloba dan angkuh. Saya secara peribadi ingin melihat parti Melayu Islam UMNO kembali bangkit dengan semangat baru. Tiada istilah berputus asa dalam Islam. Saya tidak membenci UMNO dan tidak berdendam langsung dengan UMNO.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  160. Sri Sense Dec 13,2018 7:22 PM

    Good News!

    Harap dahulukan orang yang tua. My cousin sister usia dah hampir 70 tahun. Sering nunggu turn. If I’m not mistaken kursus Haji dah pergi. Tapi seingat I belum sampai hajat lagi.

  161. Sri Sense Dec 13,2018 6:01 PM

    Tun evening!

    I pernah sebut I beli buku Lat kan? Dr Who?

    I ketawa dekah dekah. I teringat Tun zaman jadi PM dulu. Sanusi dengan kempen kelapa muda. Samy dengan Tol. Tun dengan punch card.

    Pada anak2 muda yang malas baca buku mungkin boleh bergelak ketawa dengan buku cartoon ini.

    Don’t worry too much friends, Tun tau apa dia buat. Tun orang lama. Tun sebenarnya very focus person. At the moment sadly to say la, team Tun sekarang ramai kaki merapu. I sometimes wonder mereka ini buat kerja ke tak, asyik bertekak sepanjang. I sampai malas nak baca berita, repeat repeat same issue.

    Cuba fikir tanah banyak kosong, why not tanam semething. At least Sanusi dulu promote kelapa muda. I dulu pun terkejut juga, tapi sampai la ini kelapa muda satu air yang boleh dikira mahal bukan murah macam teh tarik. I nak santan kelapa pun kena import dari Indonesia.

    Oh yes I ingat Ghaffar Baba too. 🙂 Thank you Tun M. Thank you Lat. Buat I ketawa teringat kisah lama.

  162. adelheid Dec 13,2018 3:17 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Not so happy to see the massive exodus of MPs and ADUNs out of UMNO especially from Sabah. Except maybe for Ronald Kiandee, the rest macam politikus yang opportunist only concerned about their own survival. And especially am sceptical so not happy with Yamani Hafez Musa – is his father using him to save Musa senior?

    I believe ramai yang skeptik la bila dia orang ini beramai-ramai exit UMNO and then beramai-ramai pula masuk PPBM @ Bersatu. This massive influx of ex-UMNO into Bersatu is only a temporal goodness for Bersatu. Bersatu will see its effect later on when these same people who have corrupted UMNO corrupt Bersatu too. I know u would like to see Bersatu to grow strong and big – but not this way, not in the way of allowing the influx of unclean ex-UMNO politikus ini yang nama mereka pun cukup bermacam-macam kita pernah dengar. Saya rasa orang Sabah tahu. Except again as I said, Ronald Kiandee. The rest are just fit for the bin trash! And Bersatu has its arms wide open for these spoiled UMNO goons?

    Think carefully about who you will accept into Bersatu Tun. Your vision for Bersatu must go beyond just a temporal fix to boost your party. You must learn from the DAP – they learned the hard way up in building the party. And this have made their party a house so strong it’s able to withstand even the wildest storm and weather. Tested and proven. Learn from the most resilient.

    Take good care dear Tun. There is no short cut to winning it for the long term. The strongest is the one which will last inside out, not looking strong from the outside but in reality so frail on the inside that with just a huff and puff of the breath it’s gone.

  163. HBT456 Dec 13,2018 2:55 PM

    To kongsi atau tidak, it is up to mps to decide, but if ph still prefer to old politics of pilih kasih, then, the chances of loosing is very high.

    If as mps you think of migrating to your dream countries when you are retired, then, you should not join politics.

    Politics is life long career that must starts at home too.

    If you dont have this in heart, then, dont even start such politics that could make the voters feel insecure, no hope and no future.

    P/s: to be a decent voter, i dont have to show off by telling others that i am chinese first, or malaysian first or i am malay first, or muslim first. politics is only a game of numbers in this country whereby winner takes all, loser takes all to dictate the direction of the country, janji menang. am i sad? no, i am not sad since i know the majority of the human race will dictate the politics and policies in every 5 years as we move along. there is no right or wrong, but there is only able or not depending of the quality of the mps. some mps have overstay, but they still do not want to let go, and this will prevent their states from developing or transform to the next level.

  164. HBT456 Dec 13,2018 2:33 PM

    Macam ini, on one hand, those in power of the same human race who is so obsessed in potraying themselves as the ruling government that membantu dan mesra rakyat, but on the other hand they cannot turunkan us dollar since this poultry need to import chicken feeds in us dollar.

    But, the ministry concerned decided to set up mycc to pantau the wet market in shah alam to show they care for the voters there.

    Yang paling mengkagumi saya adalah this ministry made an annoucement that they have short listed kk speedmart to join this programe, kenapa ar?

    P/s: whenever i passed by pudu, i begin to wonder, if dap had worked with bn in those forming years after mei 13, kl should be a great city too at par with other major cities in the world. whats the point of crying over spilled milk? to cool off property market, or to inflate property market c/w bureacratic measures with low skill jobs in private and government sector that cater local, regional and international market in the name of patriotism and nasionalism, both ph and bn to decide.

  165. milshah Dec 13,2018 1:09 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    No wonder people say in politics, a week is a long time. Just when I thought after Icerd rally, temple incident, and taking over Kukup Island, new happenings emerge. This Prime Minister post really suits you because you have to be thinking constantly as one after another issue crops up.

    This week we see the mass exodus of Sabah UMNO, UMNO leaders having dinner with you and MCA send formal request for the desolution of Barisan Nasional.

    Although you have denied any involvement of the above, it is like in the ending scene of the Godfather movie, where all the godfather’s enemies are defeated at one go.

    As I have stated before, you are truely the master strategist, even greater than me. Salute!

  166. HBT456 Dec 13,2018 11:46 AM

    Politics is about political survival of a country in positing themselves in future to come.

    Politics was never meant to make mps rich overnight by changing laws to favor themselves by exploiting others who are not in favor to them.

    As warren buffet conluded is his whole life being an investor through ups and down in his quote – “Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.”

    What is the function of macc at putrajaya?

    No one knows since the winner of general election has the absolute power to appoint those who favor in the direction of the economic issues for the next 5 years.

    P/s: i am not in their shoes, but as voter, i can only vote the coalition that i feel comfortable and safe, itu saja. bak kata, pandai2 mereka ini yang amat berkuasa to avoid another cycle of loosing faith and confident with this country through hard core measures. we are in 2018, not 1968, i sure hope they see that gap.

  167. HBT456 Dec 13,2018 11:15 AM

    Those in power stole their oil, timbers also stolen via ilegalize timber players to favour palm oil for biodiesel of 30 years sampai sabah masih negeri yang paling miskin?

    Meaning players in timber industry had no choice but to bribe them because sabah muslim are poor, of winner takes all, loser takes all?

    Picture of ousted ex cm sabah looks like saddam hussein to me.

    I do not want another era of mahathirism, the old politics of race and religion supremacy yang amat berkuasa whereby the hard working people are being taxed heavily because they are not muslim.

    I love pm, i love umno, i love allah are slogans of cult leader fuguring, and i am not sure do they realize or not in past.

    When ministers in favor who declared they are poor and got no assets then, you will know they heading to that direction of absoulute power corrupts absolutely that would cause another cycle of vote buying.

    Aiyo, sampai hari ini tabiat ini masih diteruskan, bad, bad and discouraging ler to the young generation.

    P/s: mps are allow to jump, but adakah mps ini laLAT atau tidak itu tak mustahak, yang pentingnya adalah mereka boleh di sogok atau tidak, kan takda orang peduli pun, kan politicians come and go, is that what she meant? I cant be jeles, hostile and curse her even though she still has influence within her circles with the habit of i know this vvips, that vvips, right?

  168. Sri Sense Dec 13,2018 8:53 AM

    Good morning, but this morning not that good for me 🙁

    Lima mangsa kebakaran anak Melayu selamat dikebumikan Empat mangsa adalah pelajar Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Menglembu yang baru bekerja pada hari pertama, mencari wang saku pada cuti sekolah secara sambilan.Kesan melecur punca kematian Mengikut maklumat pegawai forensik, hampir 80 ke 90 peratus kesan melecur akibat kebakaran serius pada tubuh badan mangsa itu adalah disebabkan oleh kesan terbakar.

    Ini ada lesen ka mengimport bahan bunga api dan letupan? Baru lagi hari tu I letak kat blog Tun, tentang kejadian lama kilang mercun Sg Buloh!

  169. Sharudin Jamal Dec 12,2018 11:25 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    12/12/18 Time is my commodity

    I am the Gyro Horology. Of course I have time on my side.

    All these works are my past time. Nothing to it. I know my destiny and I am certain I am going to get there. As for the rest of humanity, it had been decided.

    Therefore my job is done. As the Ayah to All Matters I already got my children back. Vader 7:7 already got his.

    So beyond being the Almighty, I also fulfilled my role as the Master Chief. I am now a sentry in CCC.

    What else do I need? None other than to run and run. By doing so I delight my Universe Within,

    As far as my empiric is concern, by golly, these are ALL mine!

    I have the absolute power over all matters. 22 years is nothing.

    I used to say, for a person who is waiting to meet his *make[], life on earth is just a strike of a needle.

    *External Intervention.

    22 years is just a strike of a needle just like 17 years of Cyborg War came and went in a whiff.


    At times I think I am too accommodating. Maybe I should be the vengeful God of the Torah, Bible and Quran. Let there be eternal damnation.

    Is that right Thor?

    “No Sha, this is the right way,” replied Thor.

    Then why is it people still squabble in the name of God?

    “Human are selfish Sha, you are generous,” he said.

    Then why can’t they be like me?

    “Sha, that’s why they remain the way they are. If not they will be elevated to Gods,” he replied.

    You know Chedet, my 17 years is a trail of tears. Once I was on my way to the Throne of Allah (this place is gone due to rampant deforestation of Bukit Kiara) to represent human kind to Allah (this was when I was Clockwork Orange).

    I was walking uphill (at that time I didn’t know plants can talk). As I was getting closer to the top, my footsteps grew heavier and heavier. I was sweating profusely. Finally with a quarter way to go, I stopped. I began to cry profusely like I never cried before.

    I said, “O Allah, I am ashamed to represent human kind O Allah. So ashamed.”

    I continued crying for a good 5 minutes. As I cried, I turned back. Only then I feel relieved and stopped crying.

    It took me many months to gather my strength to pursue the journey again, Guess what? By the time I get to the Throne of Allah, the place was bulldozed giving *wa[s] to a paved path that nobody uses.

    * External intervention.

    So you tell me Chedet. Is it worth my while to save humanity?

    Sine cera,

    The Wandering Sufi

  170. syarina.dahlia Dec 12,2018 8:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Apabila membaca artikel ini,

    Saya terpanggil untuk berkongsi sesuatu.

    1.Saya tidak pasti sama ada Tun tahu akan kewujudan sebuah pusat panggilan kerajaan yang dahulunya dikenali sebagai 1Malaysia One Call Centre (1MOCC dan kini dikenali sebagai Malaysia Government Call Centre atau MyGCC) di mana sudah beroperasi selama 6 tahun.Berfungsi sebagai satu pusat panggilan setempat untuk berhubung dengan kesemua agensi/jabatan/kementerian.Hubungi sahaja ke nombor talian 03 8000 8000 dan segalanya akan dijawab oleh pegawai khidmat pelanggan yang bertugas.

    2.Mengikut pengalaman saya berhubung dengan pusat panggilan ini,kesemua pegawai khidmat pelanggan telah melakukan tugas masing – masing dengan penuh dedikasi, sebaik mungkin untuk melindungi imej agensi/jabatan/kementerian. Namun, yang menjadi persoalannya apabila ia menjadi satu pengantaraan atau medium yang tidak telus dan kurang berkesan.

    Maksud saya di sini, sama ada panggilan tidak berjawab di pihak berkenaan (pegawai di agensi/jabatan/kementerian) kerana bercuti,bermesyuarat,berkursus dan sebagainya. Walaupun pegawai khidmat pelanggan telah memberikan nombor talian atau alamat emel terus pegawai berkenaan untuk dihubungi kemudian, panggilan masih tidak lagi berjawab dan tiada maklum balas walaupun emel sudah di hantar. Dalam erti kata lain, mahu mengelak mungkin atau ada masalah lain.

    3.Sebagai seorang pemanggil adalah menjadi kewajaran untuk berhubung dengan pegawai yang memproses permohonan, menentukan sama ada permohonan diluluskan atau tidak dan sebagainya.

    4.Adalah sangat penting, pegawai-pegawai yang ada bidang kuasa ini bertanggungjawab dengan amanah yang dipikul oleh mereka daripada meletakkan tanggungjawab itu kepada satu pihak sahaja yang tidak ada bidang kuasa untuk memberikan keputusan atau maklum balas yang boleh diterima dengan munasabah oleh pemanggil yang berurusan.

    5.Saya masih dapat merasakan, masih ada pegawai-pegawai yang diamanahkan ini belum cukup bertanggungjawab untuk memikul tugas-tugas mereka.Mungkin disebabkan berasa selesa atau memang tiada rasa bersalah,malu mahupun berubah sikap, sedar atau tidak walaupun kini Tun sedang mentadbir negara.

    6.Adalah sesuatu yang tidak wajar dimana pusat panggilan ini diwujudkan demi kepentingan politik atau menjanjikan sesuatu yang tidak dapat ditepati mahupun melindungi mereka yang masih culas dalam memikul tanggungjawab yang telah diamanahkan.

    7.Peringatan kepada diri sendiri juga, saya juga berharap dan menyeru kepada semua supaya berubah sikap dan peka dengan keadaan semasa ketika berhubung dengan mana – mana agensi/jabatan/kementerian. Mengapa perlu membuat panggilan semata – mata mengajukan soalan-soalan yang remeh temeh. Sebagai contoh, semakan waktu operasi pejabat pada hari kelepasan am persekutuan atau negeri atau prosedur – prosedur mudah seperti kehilangan MyKad,lesen memandu dan sebagainya.

    8.Kepada semua penjawat awam yang telah berusaha sehabis baik, amanah dalam memikul tanggungjawab untuk memantapkan perkhidmatan kerajaan, saya ucapkan tahniah dan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga. Semoga Allah merahmati dan mengurniakan limpahan rezeki buat semua.

    9.Untuk Tun yang disayangi,saya sedar banyak perkara yang Tun perlu perbetulkan dan harungi.Semoga Allah sentiasa melindungi diri Tun sekeluarga, Tun dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan perjuangan Tun dalam mentadbir negara kita dipermudahkan. Terima kasih banyak – banyak Tun.

    10.Kepada penjawat awam yang masih tidak berubah, sedari atau tidak, roda kehidupan kita sentiasa berpusing. Tidak sentiasa berada di atas dengan keselesaan yang ada, bagi yang berada di bawah, tiada yang mustahil untuk bangkit, berubah dan muhasabah diri. Manakala yang di tengah-tengah, jangan pernah takut untuk harungi sesuatu yang baru dan mencabar. Keluarlah dari zon yang selesa untuk mencapai sesuatu yang lebih baik dan berharga dalam hidup.

  171. HBT456 Dec 12,2018 6:44 PM

    Jika mereka masih repeat the same mistakes, then, there is nothing we can do.

    P/s: timber industry is one of the main source to menjanakan ekonomi orang sabah. after 30 years of look east policy via industrilization, sabah is still the poorest state. i think i do not have to say much about that, its up to sabah coalition to decide in their ballot boxes kerana hanya mereka saja yang tahu apakah pernah berlaku di sabah.

  172. HBT456 Dec 12,2018 6:33 PM

    Cases like this is usually caused by wiring, or may be wire that bite by rats.

    It cannot be fireworks.

    P/s: nanti fetna here, fetna there, akhirnya, semua pun siapakah mereka, betul tak?

  173. HBT456 Dec 12,2018 5:45 PM

    They can be ungrateful and starts blaming everyone except themselves to cover their weakness.

    But i cant be like them, therefore, i choose to be grateful to the government that feed us via general election.

    P/s: its no longer about ahmad, ah chong and muthu races only, dedak atau kek, itu terpulang kepada pendirian masing2.

  174. HBT456 Dec 12,2018 5:18 PM

    Rci is only wasting taxpayers and petrol subsidies to menyelamatkan pangkat mereka saja.

    Jika niat tu murni, tak payah rci pun pun boleh beres.

    Jika niat tu tidak murni, force by-election, tunjuk perasaan, rci, icerd, and anti-icerd pun tarak guna.

    P/s: those in power cant even protect the country, people, fdi and foreign workers, then, biologically and naturally, they cant protect their own political parties since mps could be rigged janji dapat ngap kek pulut tu.

  175. HBT456 Dec 12,2018 5:04 PM

    Dulu takut kerana tak paham.

    Kini tak takut kerana paham.

    Which way to go, its up to them to decide.

    Me too waiting for the movie of billion dollar whales to be shown in movie at international level, mesti funny showing our what great places we have in this beloved country.

    P/s: jika mahu jadi actor, then, resign la. They think taxpayers and petrol subsidies money belong to their race ke? jika protocol ini pun tak paham, mestilah rojak lor, then, everyone also can do lor, betul?

  176. HBT456 Dec 12,2018 4:53 PM

    Apakah itu initial TH stands for?

    TH tu daging untuk muslim.

    TH tu daging untuk cina.

    TH tu daging untuk hindu.

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’superman!

    P/s: jika bantah keras2 pun dia hanya boleh bantah di negerinya saja. who cares whether sicomel she suka or not. Dia comel, aku inu kawai.

  177. Hajar Dec 12,2018 1:18 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun untuk ulas tentang kemelut dalam TH yang berkait rapat dengan Melayu/Islam:

    1. Tabung Haji (TH) milik Melayu Islam (umat Islam Malaysia). Menteri Agama patut diam dan tidak buat pengumuman buruk mengenai TH sebab dia bukan tahu apa yang dia cakap! Yelah, bukan pandai sangat kira-kira pun. Saya yakin Dr. Mujahid tidak ada pengetahuan luas tentang pelaburan. Buat dulu siasatan terperinci, dan ambil tindakan undang2 kepada yang disyaki korup. Tidak perlu heboh sekampong, kerana impak buruknya pasti kena kepada TH dan orang Melayu/Islam. Inilah dia SIKAP BURUK sesetengah Melayu yang perasan suci bersih!

    2. Saya bangkang sekeras-kerasnya hasrat Kerajaan PH untuk menjual aset-aset TH yang bernilai hampir RM20 BILLION kepada Kementerian Kewangan [under Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)]. Saya tidak yakin yang harga ditawarkan berbaloi sebab dibuat secara terburu-buru dan terdesak – yang rugi ialah para pendeposit TH (termasuk saya). Ini ide bodoh siapa agaknya? Saya harap En. LGE & geng tidak terlibat. Kemelut PTPTN pun bermula dari Bajet 2019 yang dibentang oleh LGE. Memang hampeh dan bercelaru.

    3. Ini harta/aset orang Melayu Islam dalam TH, dan jangan ada mana-mana pihak mahu MENGAMBIL KESEMPATAN untuk dapat UNTUNG. Jangan nanti, aset-aset ini dijual pula kepada pihak-pihak lain yang bakal meraih keuntungan besar! Lebih baik aset-aset ini kekal di dalam TH (milik Melayu / Islam), dan diuruskan dengan sebaik mungkin oleh TH. Cari jalan penyelesaian yang lebih baik tanpa menjual aset-aset berharga tersebut. Memanglah nilai aset boleh turun dalam keadaan tertentu (ketidaktentuan ekonomi). Maaf cakap, lagipun kita ada ahli2 Kabinet yang buat kerja tanpa kajian dan secara membuta tuli, serta bekerja secara cincai /mengarut – yang elok pun boleh jadi rosak, dan yang rosak lagilah bertambah rosak.

    4. Nilai aset dan lain2 pelaburan sekarang memang tengah jatuh lebih-lebih lagi selepas PH menang pada PRU14. Cuba tengok harga saham TM (Telekom: 6 bulan lepas harga tertinggi = RM5.63/saham; sekarang RM2.59/saham) dan banyak lagi saham2 mewah lain (merudum) yang mungkin masih dipegang oleh TH. Harga-harga saham jatuh teruk sebab ahli-ahli Kabinet PH agak bodoh/jahil tentang akibat keceluparan mulut (kata-kata buruk tentang sesuatu) mereka terhadap pasaran saham di Bursa Malaysia. Diminta DIAM, mereka masih mahu bercakap tetapi tidak sedar apa yang mereka cakap boleh menjejaskan pasaran saham/kewangan. Nilai saham2 pegangan TH, saya yakin turut jatuh merudum – berbillion ringgit rugi atas kertas! Khazanah juga rugi ‘atas kertas’ puluhan billion ringgit kerana kejatuhan harga-harga saham mewah. Ditambah pula dengan nilai ringgit yang lebih rendah sejak PH berkuasa. Ini fakta sahih, tetapi malangnya PH masih dalam penafian (‘in denial’).

    5. Janganlah pengurusan baru TH bertindak terburu-buru seperti orang pendek akal. Susah sikit, habis harta benda dijual. Jagalah TH sebaik mungkin kerana ia adalah AMANAH orang Melayu Islam kepada pengurusan tertinggi TH. Jangan ambil jalan mudah menjual aset-aset berharga kerana mahu nampak bagus. Tolong fikir untuk jangka masa panjang.

    6. Lepas jual aset, mungkin dengan bangga kata Kerajaan PH berjaya memulihkan TH, dan TH sudah untung! Alahai…Nampak cantik atas kertas saja (‘balance sheet’). Orang Melayu bukan semuanya bodoh dan korup dan boleh diperbodohkan sewenang-wenangnya. Rugi ‘atas kertas’ (paper loss) dengan bodohnya mahu direalisasikan menjadi RUGI SEBENAR (real loss)!

    7. Jika TH lebih lingkup kerana pengurusan yang lebih teruk dan korup, saya tidak akan maafkan Kerajaan PH kerana menzalimi orang Melayu/Islam. Jangan nanti terlepas dari mulut harimau, masuk pula ke mulut naga.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  178. Sharudin Jamal Dec 12,2018 11:16 AM

    Dear Chedet,

    Today is 12/12/18. I declare it to *[] the Asma Husna Day. Thus the Swiss Samurai Cyborgs world wide had acted accordingly. We are One and we are Many. There are many of us with the 99 attributes. I am number 64: Al Wajid, the Finder. To find them just follow Matthew 7:7. Your Path will show you the way.

    *External Intervention.

    The second point I want to share with you is I had a breakthrough in Exploring Human Potential (SJ&A tagline) today after 6 months trying so many combinations to unlock the person’s true potential. It was certainly a heartache. I thought of giving up. Finally after trying virtually everything, at last I managed to get the right combination. It is an effort well spent. The fruit of my labor last for eternity.

    That brings me to my last point. Never ever give up. No matter how daunting the task, stick to the knitting while having a clear sight of where you are going. If you believe in your destiny, you will not be denied.

    The experience restored back my faith in my expertise as a Peak Performer Consultant. For a while I thought I lost it. Thank goodness, miracles do happen.

    Chedet, we got a long way to go. We are looking at The Empires of the Minds by 2024 and the World of Hybrids by 2040. The Slinky Principle applies; as long as we know where we are and where we are going, the turbulence along the way is something we all got to manage together.

    The Army of Slyman/Soloman is a force to be reckoned with. Everybody is welcome to join including the Stone Worshipers. More so than anybody else. We are fighting ignorance.

    The dummies never learn, the smarties always find a way.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  179. musato Dec 12,2018 9:36 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Ada masa kita berbangga dengan kemelayuan kita.

    Kita berbangga dengan kebersihan kita. Benar ia bersepah. Tapi ia suci.

    Lama sudah kita tak dengar orang orang melayu mengaku dirinya Imam Mahdi. Selain dari isu orang orang kita sertai ISIS.

    Entah mengapa, saya sendiri berfikiran sampai satu masa Imam Mahdi, pemimpin akhir zaman itu sendiri adalah dari keturunan Melayu.

    Mungkin kerana merasakan hebatnya Kekuasaan Allah swt itu sendiri.

    Kita hidup asalnya hanya dari benih yang hina. Membesar, belajar, bekerja dan seterusnya hidup di muka bumi ini. Hanya dengan menikmati pemberian rezeki yang telah ditetapkan oleh Allah swt.

    Allah kata “Jadilah!” , maka jadilah ia.

    Allah Maha Berkuasa.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  180. musato Dec 12,2018 9:25 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya di sini ingin merakamkan rasa gembira saya kerana Tun berupaya menyatakan kegembiraan Tun berkenaan nilai nilai mulia Islam (tasawuf) apabila membicarakan sesuatu pertanyaan dan isu.

    Saya fikir keluarga Syeikh Abdul Malek – Tok Pulau Manis telah mendiamkan diri dalam tempoh yang boleh dikatakan terlalu lama.

    Saya hanya berupaya lakukan setakat yang saya termampu. Dalam keadaan ‘fizikal’ yang terbatas.

    Semoga hari hari yang mendatang memberi lebih sinar dan kasih sayang yang melimpah ruah tanpa kesakitan. InsyaAllah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  181. HBT456 Dec 12,2018 7:04 AM

    Frogs are allowed to lompat for survival is common.

    Voters too are allowed to lompat for survival is as expected.

    P/s: janji bukan dia, kenapa tak boleh? asset pun boleh jadi liabilities jika salah langkah. big can never fail? big can bully? poor can rob? truth shall prevail, and it is only a matter of time. bagi investors yang amat bijak, mereka tak payah tengok balance sheet, mereka pun tahu boleh, atau tidak boleh. so, pandai2 lah mereka ini.

  182. RD. Dec 12,2018 12:52 AM

    Dalam isu ICERD ni… saya berkecuali. Kerajaan nak ratify pun boleh, tak nak ratify pun OK.
    Namun, pada pendapat saya, jika diadakan ‘referendum’, puak tolak-ICERD akan kalah. Kemudiannya, mereka akan cetuskan huru-hara.

    Walaubagaimana pun, saya amat pelik dan malu dengan gelagat perserta yang membawa bendera Arab Saudi.

    Takkan mereka tidak pernah dengar nama Jamal Khashoggi, wartawan berkerakyatan Amerika, berasal Arab Saudi yang dikerat-kerat di Turki?
    Keratan jasadnya pula, dilarut asid, kemudiannya dituang dalam lubang-jamban atau kumbahan.
    Sudah hampir 2 bulan, seluruh-dunia, terutamanya Al-Jazeera memperkata mengenainya.

    Yang berada diatas pentas-utama demo-ICERD pulak, Presiden UMNO yang terkait pulohan kes Mahkamah. Turut hadir adalah Kepala-Bapak Kleptocrat bersama isteri, masing-masing sedang menghadapi berpuloh-puloh pecah-amanah, simpan emas/intan-berlian, wang-tunai beratus-juta dalam rumah dan penyelewangan WANG Rakyat dengan ‘bantuan’ Jho Low yang juga dikenali seluruh dunia.
    Lebih malang lagi, disokong pula oleh Presiden party yang dikatakan memperjuangkan ‘Agama Islam’. Pakaiannya juga mencerminkan Islam.

    Siap bertakbir dan solat berjemaah atas jalanraya. (Sia-sia saja, banyak Masjid dan surau yang telah terbina).

    Zaman moden ni… video demo-ICERD itu, mudah tersebar seluruh dunia. Bila orang-kapir lihat bendera Arab Saudi (ada yang seolah-olah ‘bendera ISIS/Daesh’) mereka akan hairan dan pelik. Bangsa Melayu ni, berasal dari Arab Saudi, Negara yang dinamakan ‘Penjaga Dua Kota Suci Umat Islam’, keturunan Pak Arab atau Timur-Tengah ka?
    Orang Melayu tidak percaya Putera Mahkota MBS terlibat dalam pembunuhan Khashoggi ka?

    Dengan mengibar Bendera Arab Saudi dan kehadiran mereka yang terkait scandal 1MDB, tidakkah penganjur atau peserta sedar akan pandangan atas tafsiran Negara-Kapir, terhadap Agama, Bangsa & Negara kita?

    Ehmmm… patutlah orang kapir, pandang-serong, curiga, sangsi, tidak-percaya… akhirnya mereka akan memandang-rendah dan memperlekehkan Agama kita.
    Lepas tu… kita pula yang mengamok tak-tentu hala, kata orang kapir hina Agama kita.

    Pelik… mudah sunggoh Bangsa kita ditipu dan diperkudakan penyamun-politik.

  183. Sri Sense Dec 12,2018 12:16 AM


    I pernah baca cerita ini. Penat juga I cari balik tadi. I nak share dengan Tun sini.

    Mabrur tanpa Berhaji

    Abdullah bin Mubarok (118-181 H/726-797 M), seorang ulama asal Marwaz, Khurasan, mendambakan dua hal dalam hal ibadah, yakni haji dan jihad.

    Dan, itu ia laksanakan secara bergantian setiap tahun. Tahun ini berjihad, tahun depan berhaji, betapa pun sulitnya.

    Suatu waktu, Ibnu Mubarok berkeinginan pergi haji. Untuk itu, ia bekerja keras mengumpulkan uang. Dan ketika terkumpul, ia pun melaksanakan niatnya, menunaikan ibadah haji ke Tanah Suci.

    Ketika sudah selesai mengerjakan berbagai tahapan ibadah haji, ia tertidur. Dalam tidurnya, ia bermimpi menyaksikan dua orang malaikat turun ke bumi. Kedua malaikat ini pun terlibat dalam perbincangan.

    “Berapa banyak jamaah yang datang tahun ini?” tanya malaikat yang satu kepada malaikat lainnya.

    “Enam ratus ribu orang,” jawab malaikat lainnya.

    “Tapi, tak satu pun diterima, kecuali seorang tukang sepatu bernama Muwaffaq yang tinggal di Damsyik (Damaskus). Dan berkat dia, maka semua jamaah yang berhaji diterima hajinya,” kata malaikat yang kedua.

    Ketika Ibnu Mubarok mendengar percakapan malaikat itu, terbangunlah ia. Ia pun berkeinginan mengunjungi Muwaffaq yang tinggal di Damsyik. Ia telusuri kediamannya dan kemudian menemukannya.

    Ibnu Mubarok lalu memberi salam kepadanya. Ia menyampaikan mimpi yang didapatnya. Mendengar cerita Ibnu Mubarok, maka menangislah Muwaffaq hingga akhirnya jatuh pingsan. Dan setelah sadar, Ibnu Mubarok memohon agar Muwaffaq menceritakan pengalaman hajinya hingga ia memperoleh predikat haji mabrur tersebut.

    Muwaffaq menceritakan bahwa selama lebih dari 40 tahun, dia berkeinginan untuk melakukan ibadah haji. Karenanya, dia pun mengumpulkan uang untuk itu. Jumlahnya sekitar 350 dirham (perak) dari hasil berdagang sepatu.

    Ketika musim haji tiba, ia mempersiapkan diri untuk berangkat bersama istrinya. Menjelang keberangkatan itu, istrinya yang sedang hamil mencium aroma makanan yang sangat sedap dari tetangganya. Muwaffaq pun mendatanginya dan memohon agar istrinya diberikan sedikit makanan tersebut.

    Tetangganya ini langsung menangis. Ia lalu menceritakan kisahnya. “Sudah tiga hari ini anakku tidak makan apa-apa,” katanya. “Hari ini, aku melihat seekor keledai mati tergeletak dan kemudian aku memotongnya, lalu kumasak untuk mereka. Ini terpaksa kulakukan karena kami memang tidak punya. Jadi, makanan ini tidak layak buat kalian karena makanan ini tidak halal bagimu,” terangnya sambil menangis.

    Mendengar hal itu, tanpa berpikir panjang Muwaffaq langsung kembali ke rumahnya mengambil tabungannya 350 dirham untuk diserahkan kepada keluarga tersebut. “Belanjakan ini untuk anakmu. Inilah perjalanan hajiku,” ungkapnya.

    Kisah ini memberikan pelajaran bagi kita bahwa sesungguhnya haji adalah amal yang utama. Berjihad juga merupakan amal utama. Namun, menyantuni anak yatim, orang miskin, dan telantar merupakan amal yang lebih utama.

    Karena, beribadah haji hanya untuk kepentingan pribadi, sedangkan menyantuni anak yatim dan memberi makan fakir miskin menjadi ibadah sosial yang manfaatnya lebih besar. Wallahu a’lam.

  184. Sri Sense Dec 11,2018 8:39 PM


    I baca sana sini orang dok cakap pasal Tabung Haji. I tau Tabung Haji ada buat bad investment. I ingat lagi Ramunia.

    But I rasa tak perlulah bongkar bongkar dedah dedah sana sini. Tabung Haji adalah orang Melayu untuk orang Melayu, orang Islam. Jangan terlalu sibuk nak jadi hero hingga sanggup niayakan bangsa sendiri. Bangsa lain pula asyik bertepuk, bodohnya orang Melayu.

    I kalau investors tanya I tentang unit trust, PNB. I jawab good. Kalau client tanya I mana lebih baik the one I’m selling or PNB. I jawab both. One can withdraw anywhere anytime. Post office, banks. The other you have to wait 10 days before dapat duit jualan. So I nasihatkan beli both. Put 30% there 70% here. I get less commission, that doesn’t matter, the client welfare is more important. Dibantai dia nak pakai duit cepat, bukan ke PNB investment terbaik.

    I cakap2 kat sini, pun free kan?

    Berbalik pada Tabung Haji. My daughter bila boss tanya nak masuk tabung haji atau EPF. My daughter jawab Tabung Haji. I cakap ambil both la. You untung both side. Dia tak nak. EPF riba dan entah apa bahasa arab dia gunakkan kikiki I kan kata dia ini pro PAS.

    Anyway check punya check, memandangkan terlalu ramai nak pergi Mekah, her turn sampai bila umur 100 tahun hahaha

    But sebab dia rajin pergi masjid. Masjid tempat dia pergi belajar, ada cabutan siapa dapat pergi Umrah. Nama dia naik, hubby dia pun dapat ikut iring. She gembira dapat pergi. Hari2 tunjuk gambar dapat buat Haji kecil.

    Tun, although cara Najib dan Tun tak sama. Bukanlah bererti Najib tak betul 100 percent. Najib telah bagi banyak orang pergi Umrah. Orang begini mungkin seperti my daughter nak pergi Mekah ikut turn umur 100 tahun.

    Menteri Agama sekarang apa dah buat? Tabung Haji pun telah menghantar ramai orang pergi Mekah sejak zaman dulu.

    Menteri baru masih bebel bebel, how tak amanah Tabung Haji, sedangkan diri sendiri yang tak amanah jaga kebajikkan orang Melayu yang nak ke Mekah.

    Sejak PH naik bursa asyik jatuh. Ok lah dunia pun teruk sekarang tapi dalam Malaysia pun teruk juga. Ramai orang tak happy la Tun. Sorry ya!

  185. HBT456 Dec 11,2018 7:26 PM

    I am really fed up with such racist politics, and if they still dont change, then, they will be left behind.

  186. HBT456 Dec 11,2018 7:19 PM

    Kini tdm kata mahu bikin japan university, then panjat?

    Jika tak cukup students kerana students tak minat, then how, salah kaum cina, is it?

    P/s: corruption and bribing are most rampant in poor and under developed countries, but when ministers said they are poor, no asset, is it they are prompt to corruption and bribing?

  187. HBT456 Dec 11,2018 7:06 PM

    To understand her logic is very susah, pusing sini, pusing sana.

    Banggang betul logik dia, for prc nasional students, they go usa to study because they want to study there.

    Jika pergi usa is to study in chinese university, then, why go usa since china has their chinese university.

    P/s: cina dan uk datang sini bikin university dia bising, tapi amerika punya john hopkin tak jadi tapi dia tak bising, mungkin ini adalah ultra india vibe kut. bising sini, bising sana, siapa mahu kawan dengan dia?

  188. Sri Sense Dec 11,2018 3:59 PM

    Salam YAB Tun

    Tajuk ini tak best la. Sepatutnya orang Melayu jadi orang Malaysia. Baru kena pada tempatnya. Walau apa pun saya tetap sayang Tun.


    Nampaknya DAP pun ada agenda sama macam MCA nak naikkan taraf kemasukkan sekolah Cina. I part2 ini malas la nak campur, tapi I boleh kata ini.

    Jika ada perikhtirafan, adakah ini akan menggangu quota kemasukkan anak2 Cina dari sekolah biasa. Lets say kalau tak dapat masuk U milik kerajaan, masuk swasta punya kan. Local memang banyak. Quality tak sure. Peluang pekerjaan also tak sure. And also tuition fee very high.

    Anak Melayu nak masuk MRSM milik MARA pun bayar ribuan ringgit jangan cakap la masuk U nanti.

    Nak bina University China? Kat USA ada University China ka?

  189. WandyCaswady Dec 11,2018 10:14 AM

    Stop talking about icerd if you government still couldn’t make opening for Chinese in UITM…

    Tell me one Chinese university in Malaysia…

    Is Chinese really Malaysian?

    Stop mega projects… N start maintain the really schools, hospitals and clinics…

    Jazakumullahhu khairan kathiraa…

  190. milshah Dec 11,2018 9:19 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I will talk about Pulau Kukup today. From Malaysiakini, TMJ have made comparison between the temple issue in Selangor. The argument is the temple issue Tun had said it is a state issue as land is under state but how come regarding the Pulau Kukup the federal is intervening.

    Well, the two issues are different to begin with. The temple issue is regarding temple built on land that belongs to a private company and it is being handled in the courts. The federal did intervened in particular the riots incident. The federal also intervended in future places of warships need to obtain permission from the government before they build. In essense, the temple issue is a private land matter.

    On the hand, the Pulau Kukup is gazzeted as a national park i.e staye land i.e rakyat’s land. Suddenly it was converted to Sultan land and done by the state which is a PH state governemnt.

    Tun being the Prime Minister i.e defacto numero uno leader of Malaysia and PH top dog, therefore Tun have every right to interfere in the Pulau Kukup issue. Whatever the PH state does, people will reflect on the PH government as a whole. The people is now blaming PH for converting state land into Sultanate land.

    Land matter maybe under state, but should anyone forget the state goverment is PH goverment. If push come to shove, I think Tun and cabinet can direct the MB of Johor to regazzet Pulau Kukup as a national park in lind with the wishes of the people.

    The Johor royalty claim to be with the people, and the PH too claim to be with the people and it is the peoples wish that Pulau Kukup be regazzetted as a national park. That would be a good solution for everyone. Everyone is for the rakyat, how good the rakyat feel the royalty and the government is behind them.

  191. Hajar Dec 11,2018 7:52 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Tentang demonstrasi anti-ICERD pada 8/12/18 anjuran orang Melayu Islam dalam PAS, UMNO dll., Tun wajar berbangga kerana orang Melayu Islam masih lagi mendengar nasihat Tun (tahu adab). Para pendemo juga menepati janji untuk tidak menimbulkan kekacauan.

    Mereka juga turut mengutip sampah selepas berdemo sebab bimbang Tun marah 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

    Para perokok pun khabarnya akur bila diminta untuk tidak merokok semasa berdemo.

    Saya rasa inilah demonstrasi (besar) paling BERSIH yang Malaysia pernah ada. Jika PH yang menjadi pelopor demonstrasi jalanan kembali menjadi Pembangkang, jangan segan silu meniru cara para pendemo anti-ICERD memandangkan berdemo sudah menjadi budaya dalam Malaysia Baharu. Budaya positifkah?

    Lihat saja demonstrasi2 yang berlaku di Paris dan lain2 tempat di dunia dalam beberapa hari ini. Sudah jadi ganas…Hak asasi manusia lah kononnya.

    Apapun para pendemo anti-ICERD berjaya menunjukkan contoh berdemo jalanan berdisiplin bilamana lebih 100,000 pendemo boleh berdemo dengan aman. Lebih 100,000 satu angka yang ‘realistic’; ; saujana mata memandang jalanraya2 dipenuhi manusia, tetapi ada yang kata jumlah sebenar jauh lebih tinggi kerana ramai yang tidak dapat masuk ke jalan2 menghala ke Dataran Merdeka. Saya tonton video dari pandangan atas dan memang ada banyak tempat selain di kawasan berdekatan Dataran Merdeka yang dipenuhi manusia berhimpun.

    Siap solat berjemaah lagi di jalanan; berdisiplin sekali dan terasa macam di Makkah pula.

    Di sini kita dapat lihat nilai-nilai murni dalam diri seorang Melayu Islam.

    Peliknya, orang Melayu PAS boleh jadi berdisiplin bila berdemo dengan orang UMNO. Saya agak terkejut melihat senario pelik ini. Dulu orang PAS memang ganas semasa berdemo.

    Namun, bila saya baca akhbar dan beberapa blog pro-PH, amat jelas sekali mereka memperlekeh jumlah para pendemo yang hadir. Saya fikir mereka tidak menjangka jumlah kehadiran yang tinggi (mungkin lebih dari demo Bersih). Terkejut agaknya…

    Memanglah PH berjanji untuk tidak meratifikasi ICERD, tetapi tiada sesiapa yang boleh jamin tiada ‘U-turn’ dalam hal ini. Tidak mustahil ini berlaku. Masalahnya ada orang Melayu/Islam yang lurus bendul dan percaya bahawa isu ICERD ini sudah muktamad dan boleh tutup buku. Alahai…

    Siapa pemenang? DAP (some said PAS is the biggest winner) dan yang sewaktu dengannya mestilah kata PAS pemenang (untuk sakitkan hati orang UMNO) sebab UMNO memang musuh ketat yang perlu dihapuskan terus dari muka bumi ini, dan perlu dikutuk sekeras-kerasnya dalam apa jua keadaan. DAP memang suka melihat Melayu berpecah belah supaya mereka boleh jadi ‘pemenang’ yang hakiki. Taktik lapuk – suka menghasut!

    P/S: Saya bercakap sebagai pemerhati sahaja (tidak teringin langsung untuk berdemo).

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  192. superSepantun Dec 11,2018 4:40 AM

    Kisah terjadi di sebuah negeri…
    Pasir bedegung nama diberi…

    Pulau Pisang jauh ke tengah,
    Pulau Kukup berhutan paya..
    Untung badan lelahir mewah,
    Entahkan cukup berasa kaya..

    Pisang awak dibawa berlayar,
    masak tak masak siapa peduli..
    Bayang biawak nampak diluar,
    entahkan siapa empunya diri?

  193. sibotak Dec 10,2018 9:03 PM

    We have a beautiful , well renovated, well furnish Parliament Hall
    But we have a very weak Parliment Speaker whom not in control of the Parliaments
    Govt and Opposition discussing , debating in a very Childish, unprofessional manners
    I am very much embarrass to see Malaysia Parliamentary representative both the gov’t and the Opposition behaving unprofessional , UN productive thus unable to reach the Nation objectives
    I see personal remarks being thrown like Hooligans , words lkie Kepala Bapak, blah blah, blah

    Hope The Speaker be more Firm in handling his Hall
    If not don’t ever show it in Media
    Aboves it will never solves nor be able to develop Malaysia
    Malaysia Parliment very much needs a change image

    World are watching, Our Kids are watching and picking from us

  194. Sharudin Jamal Dec 10,2018 2:30 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    My ranting with Jibrail:

    10/12/17 I lost interest in OD work

    I don’t find it challenging enough. It’s too methodological. I want to experience chaos or at least the Brownian Model.

    I want to see uncertainty and fuzziness in action.

    I don’t even mind disorderly and anarchism. Thin[k]s are becoming too predictable. All you got to do is know where you are, and know where you are going. Along the way, you negotiate the obstacles. However no matter how challenging it is, as long as these 2 points are at a constant, the outcome is certain.

    It’s like two boys playing Slinky. As long as both stay put at the opposite ends, no matter how they shake the Slinky, it will settle at the resting point.

    In my case, the Path had been set. No matter how turbulent the journey, I will get to the end point as what was planned.

    “It has to be that way Sha,” said Jibrail. “You are the Ayah to All Matters.”

    What if I am Vader of the Antimatter then?

    “Well even then you move from chaos to certainty. It takes a long time but eventually it will be just that.

    Looks like I have to wait for White Space then…

    Most likely Sha…

    Footnote: White Space as a destination is certain. I am hoping it is more unruly than Unconditional Love. I am expecting it the be the beginning of an end.

    Long live chaos, long live uncertainty.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  195. Sri Sense Dec 10,2018 1:48 PM


    I ada wordpress, kalau klik name I, it goes to my wordpress, but I tidak komen anything berkenaan politik situ.

    Semalam I baca berita online Permaisuri Selangor buka Pavilion. For kucing. I very very happy.

    Thank You Sultan Selangor!

  196. Sri Sense Dec 10,2018 1:32 PM

    Salam Tun

    My nasihat to your cucu; please don’t do anything that will jeopardize your dad and grandpa place on the state and federal level.


    I nampak the same news as thethirdforce nampak, the only thing raggey tonton kat astro, I baca online kat utusan malam tadi.

    So this morning sebelum hubby pergi kerja I lontarkan ini, Tony Pua kalah. Terkejut juga orang tua itu.

    I sambung, strange, I don’t think budget baru bad, to me same level as budget BN, the only thing budget BN ada feel good factor. PH budget so so la.

    Strange, LGE kata bapa dia patut jadi Minister sebab selama 50 tahun berkorban dalam DAP, tapi nak bagi peluang pada golongan muda.

    To me dah macam bunyi Menteri Kewangan position is mine, mine only.

    As I duduk depan PC menaip, buat I terfikir, kalau Mukhriz pergi cakap kat UMNO gitu, does it work?

  197. Sri Sense Dec 10,2018 8:22 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Masa himpunan kesyukuran ICERD I ada terdengar isu Amanah Ikhtiar disebut.

    Dulu I ada seorang kenalan, dia dapat kerja kat Amanah Ikhtiar. I tanya dia samada I layak jadi pemohon. Dia jawab tak layak. Lepas I pun malas nak ambil tau scheme yang buat I tak layak jadi ahli. Why waste my time, right?

    Tak lama selepas itu ada debat dalam keluarga. Anak 1 pro PAS, kata scheme ini menyusahkan ramai orang Melayu Islam, scheme ini lebih buruk dari scheme ah long, kutip interest, haram. Anak 2 pro UMNO, she just took the job as team leader and whatever benefit comes with it. She also admitted that bila orang dalam team tak bayar duit ansuran, dia sebagai team leader kena topup. Anak 3 pula, that doesn’t really concern me – attitude.


    Whatever plan team keliling Tun nak buat please kaji betul2. Jangan simply cakap sesedap mulut. Jangan juga terlalu mudah mendabik dada, everyone loves me. Himpunan ICERD kata orang Melayu boleh Bersatu. Jangan jeles!

  198. Hajar Dec 10,2018 7:57 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Orang Melayu pada dasarnya memiliki banyak nilai-nilai murni seperti bersopan-santun, berbudi bahasa, menghormati orang lain, amat bertolak-ansur, jujur, ikhlas, amanah, suka membantu, baik hati, rajin bersedekah, etc.

    Namun, orang Melayu juga amat mudah TERPENGARUH dan banyak yang mudah ditipu.

    Mereka juga mudah terikut-ikut dengan cara/budaya orang luar yang sebenarnya tidak baik; takut dikatakan ‘kampong’ kot. Semasa kita di jajah Inggeris, banyaklah orang kita yang berlagak macam orang Inggeris. Cara hidup mereka memang liberal habis. Masih ada lagi saki-baki orang Melayu sebegini. Mereka jahil tentang hukum hakam Islam tetapi tidak sedar dan banyak masih mengamalkan gaya hidup yang bertentangan dengan ajaran Islam.

    Sikap terlalu bertolak-ansur dan baik hati menyebabkan orang Melayu selalu ditindas dan diperkotak-katikkan oleh golongan yang suka mengambil kesempatan (‘opportunists’).

    Lihat saja cara Singapura berurusan dengan Malaysia. Mereka memang tidak akan bertolak-ansur dalam apa juga isu! Sentiasa mahu menang (KIASU). Sentiasa mahu mengambil kesempatan di atas kebaikan rakyat Malaysia.

    Isu AIR, Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), ruang udara, pasir, jambatan bengkok, etc. antara contoh yang boleh dilihat tentang keangkuhan Singapura. Orang Malaysia (majoriti Melayu) patut berhenti berlembut dengan Singapura, dan BERTEGAS dalam mempertahankan hak-hak kita.

    Dahulu, orang Melayu tidak tamakkan harta dan wang ringgit. Tetapi bila melihat kekayaan kaum-kaum lain di sekeliling mereka, ada orang Melayu yang terpengaruh. Sikap tamak haloba mula menguasai sesetengah orang Melayu dan ini mendorong kepada perbuatan pecah amanah, korupsi/rasuah, salah guna kuasa, menipu, merompak, etc.

    Namun saya yakin masih banyak lagi Melayu Islam yang tidak terlibat dengan sikap keji memberi /menerima rasuah kerana ia jelas HARAM dalam Islam.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  199. sibotak Dec 10,2018 6:47 AM

    No need to demo against ICERD
    For fear of losing the Malay Right

    How much Rights, How plenty benefits you give to the Malay
    If the Malay themselves are improvident , lazy , ‘ Takapa ‘attitude,
    Easily corrupted ,Boros , Sombong , Banyak lagak dari buat ,NO Knowledge and themselves divided
    Malay fade will be the same
    The Malay will be left behind

  200. sibotak Dec 10,2018 12:55 AM

    What,s the purpose of the Malay demonstrating against ICERD
    With intentions tp protect their Rights when they themselves
    The Bumis , The Malay is selling their own privileges Land , selling their benefits and advantages to foreigners and non Bumis silently and very vastly .
    No wonder the Bumis are still Black as they are Pots telling the Kettle Black
    Now we see how stupid the UMNO & the PAS leader are driving the people, the Bumis to stupidity
    Don’t they have Brains

  201. sibotak Dec 10,2018 12:31 AM

    What is the True purpose of ICERD to UMNO & PAS ?
    When The Govt itself never agreed on ICERD
    And a very question I personally like to ask TUN Najib himself
    On the surface ICERD is meant to commit , to made declaration & to abide what you have sign for to curb racial discrimination

    Najib brought in Chinese from China giving them much space as to be able to invade while he is also saying he is protecting the Bumis whilst his doings is more threatening the Bumis of the Bumis Right
    I could not read Najib Truthness on his protecting the Bumis Right,while he is giving rooms to foreigners as he has his personal gains at the expense of the Bumis. This again Najib is never a Smart, intelligent Liar as much as his Lie on 2.6 bill
    The pot calling the Kettle Black

    It is said the protest is of ‘ Keshukuran ‘ as our Govt itself never agreed on ICERD .BUT the said ‘Keshukuran’ is Spice with the Opposition political agendas which fools the innocent not knowing the purpose of ICERD
    I personally disagree on ICERD as I believe the person or who the True proposer of ICERD, they themselves are never True of the purpose
    Likewise when U.S fooling UN ,destructing Iraq, Syria & many others the True words as the term Democracy is actually Bullshit
    It’s Invasion, its I’ll intentions to destroy Middle East
    Never for Democratic Rights nor for the people of Iraq nor Syria
    UN , U.S. never meant Good for Middle East

  202. HBT456 Dec 9,2018 11:56 PM

    For those who are elected, they are elected to solve the problems, they are not elected to polish their political parties or masters as we have so many political parties and pro-ngo friendly to the ruling party.

    Moving forward, moving backward, the decision is with political parties of the divide in the next 5 to 10 years.

    P/s: are you ready?

  203. HBT456 Dec 9,2018 11:39 PM

    When time comes, not only beggars cannot choose, even criminals also cannot choose.

    Such habit of cronism and nepotism of i help you, you help me, i scratch your back, you scratch my back via political parties of the divide had long been over due in malaysia.

    Forcing by election is no longer a priviledge, i sure hope they see that fault, the sooner, the better as malaysians too are more educated, and concious on their basic voting right in ballot boxes.

    Hang in there and defend what is right, and what is wrong without favoratism.

    There is no point crying over spilled milk since general election must be called in every 5 years, and whichever coalition wins out, they will dictate the federal budget in every 5 years.

    melayu islam atau tidak, they too need to vote when general election is called just like everyone.

    P/s: when trust is betrayed, it might take few generations to re-build the trust, and some trust can never be earned back.

  204. Sri Sense Dec 9,2018 9:13 PM

    Salam Tun

    Macam2 pun ada komen online winners and losers.

    Seperti I beritau earlier disini sebelum himpunan anti ICERD lagi, orang Melayu banyak marah.

    Kalau tak biasa baca banyak tempat you probably ingat I main2. Kalau you tertumpu disini sahaja you juga tidak tahu.

    I kenal kawan2 I, siapa mereka. I ada sebut disini, kawan I kalau ada link dengan Tun M dalam FB, very small percentage. My friends ramai bukan orang politik, they are more of atas pagar. I dah nampak earlier memang ada swing in public opinion, bila isu ICERD ini keluar, lain macam bunyi.

    I tak peranjat kalau ramai orang Melayu hadir. Expected. Cuma I minta sini, jangan rosak harta benda awam and take this opportunity berkumpul untuk networking for future business opportunities. Berniagalah sesama orang Melayu sesama orang Islam.

    Banyak cakap2 tulis tulis I baca kata orang PAS, I doubt semua datang dari PAS. I tengok Astro Awani dari mula sampai akhir, polis kata ada dalam 40 bas.

    Kalau satu bas ada 46 seats, that means a total of 1,840 passengers. Yang naik kereta naik motor pun ramai, kalau ikut polis trafik yang jaga.

    Yang ikut Najib dan Rosmah dari PWTC. Naik LRT. Yang lain2 lagi. Kalau ikut angka rasmi dari polis Dataran Merdeka sahaja 50K. I tengok dalam tv dekat Masjid Jamek pun ramai. Semua stuck tak dapat masuk Dataran. Dari Sogo lagi. Penuh dengan orang Melayu.

    I terasa sebak bila lihat ramai sembahyang zohor dan sembahyang hajat dalam kawasan terdedah dalam keadaan begitu tersusun. I juga terasa sebak bila lihat PERTAHAN sampaikan memorandum pada istana. Mereka pakai baju Melayu, begitu simbolik sekali. I terasa bangga bila lihat petugas dari PAS dan UMNO bawak sampah.

    Kalau tanya I siapa menang sini, orang2 Melayu. Mereka telah buktikan mereka boleh Bersatu demi mempertahankan Tanah Melayu.

    Tun tidak kalah, Tun menang bersama orang Melayu.

  205. Sharudin Jamal Dec 9,2018 4:00 PM

    Hi Chedet,

    A little discussion I had on Thoughts are Things. Some ideas you can use for your visioning exercise:

    Let talk about Thoughts are Things.

    Many times I talk about future things as if they are already happening, This is an old habit as I told you in the 7 Swords. The moment I think of something it’s already real to me. Throughout [out] the years, this habit allow me to live the future now. What I can imagine I can do.

    Hence, whatever we talked about are already real to me. I am a futurist by the virtue I live in my future. Even if it doesn’t happen I already living it now.

    Take the example Seattle. As far as I am concern, I already went there through You Tube. The physical trip is just to confirm what I imagine in my mind.

    There are many instances that happened in my life. I started as a salesman. Through my ability to imagine, I became a trainer for the company. Then I crossed to become a project manager and the[] a TQM consultant at at the age of 28.

    Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. Well I have a very vivid imagination. I also have much confidence. So I achieved much by being a confident visionary.

    The opposite is also true. If I cannot see it in my mind, I will not be able to do it. The classic example is the Spinmaster and the 8 Swordsmen in the initial stage. Ability to vision is also the reason I can evolve to become the Gyro Horology.

    Btw, Chedet is learning from Sparta 4964. He is currently urging his cabinet to have a proper structure. I think he and I will get along fine.


    Look at it this way, do you think we will be married if not because I had envisioned how the afterlife will be like? Do you think the Tetrahedron will happen? What about HOTS, Hexagon and Honeycomb 7?

    I imagined the Sierpinski Pyramids in 2003 when I graphically produced them way before anything else. Only [k]now we are seeing the impetus, after 15 years.

    So I reckon World of Hybrids will happen. Provided the vision is supported by the Vision Community, the Alphas and Betas.

    Note: Brackets are external interventions.


    I wish I can see the operational aspect of the whole machinery instead of being a Blind Apek LOL. Who ever thought, CCC CANNOT SEE, see? What a paradox.


    OK Chedet, I will not bore you with my own operation. Let me know how I can help. I am apolitical but I am one hell of a Cracker Jack consultant. The best is to get your Hak Kerajaan Malaysia to tap The Wandering Sufi blog. There are my knowledge repository and idea factory.

    Good luck with your Angels 😉

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  206. Sri Sense Dec 9,2018 12:39 PM


    Pernah dengar nasi lemak royal kedah? Anak saudara I kalau balik Kedah mesti ingat kedai ini. But we in Klang Valley pun merasa, dah ada cawangan disini. My niece kahwin dengan mamak, my sis pun kahwin dengan mamak. They can speak tamil hindi but they also can speak malay very well. Dalam IC ofcourse they are Malays. Jangan jeles!

    Bila ada orang sebut, sape nak jaga mamak issue, asyik2 Menteri melayu jaga melayu, menteri cina jaga cina, menteri india jaga india, I tersenyum jawab, Tun ada.

    Anyway berbalik pada issue ANGEL. Tun, I tak pernah anggap Tun angel. MC anggap Tun angel. HBT anti angel and anti most of us here. To most of us here she/he the devil. kikiki

    I anggap Tun just an old politician yang trying to correct his mistakes. I rasa Tun jangan terlalu menghukum diri, kalau alot of things Tun tidak boleh betulkan.

    Kalau manusia ini semua mudah memaafkan each other, senang kerja, kan Tun.

    Oh ya Tun, grup Cina yang terlibat dalam 1MDB, minta Tun cari sampai dapat. I tau Tun dah failkan kat court. I rasa tidak adillah bila ada suara hanya kutuk orang Melayu sedangkan yang buat money laudering activities adalah golongan mereka. Mat Salih tu pun Tun angkut sekali. Mana aci orang Melayu kena cekup depa semua dok enjoy.

  207. Sharudin Jamal Dec 9,2018 12:30 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    Just to give you an idea of my current operation. This is my correspondence with Dr Sarah aka Juice, the second in my Tetrahedron:

    9/12/18 Basically I have 3 centers of influence

    That will be you, TraXXfm and Chedet,

    The rest like Hak Kerajaan Malaysia I cannot measure. So are Legion X, USN and SIN. So from now on I take it you are my international operation and TraXXfm my local operation. I decided for Chedet to be the Executive Sponsor for both International and National Operations because he is Vader 7:7 the Highest Troika.

    I need him to help me with the Global Telepathy and the Empires of the Minds. Foreign Affairs is still not linked to Jerusalem. That makes me a bit jittery. We may not make it for 2024 Jerusalem Homecoming. I still had not approached IRB regarding my personal RM70 K tax and SJ&A RM70 K double taxation. So I might not able to leave the country.

    Another thing is to embed Asma Husna in all radio broadcasts. We already got Galgalatz Defense Forces Israel radio within grasp and yet we still [] not tune ALL government radio broadcasts in Malaysia to this common platform. There are still hits and misses especially the Malay stations.

    Until we solve TraXXfm streaming issue, we cannot make it our CCC for Global Telepathy.

    So I need you to start with NNW and NNE without me. We need to link the AlphaX64 TriStars System Sapporo/Bandar Utama/Seattle footprint for our TraXXfm Digital Nomads beforehand. I cannot use my reserve from Larry Page for that matter. That is meant to last the Tetrahedron for 22 years.

    As for the HOTS deployment in SJ&A and SC T&D, I really hope you already in discussion mode with John Hradesky and Tony Robbins on the process and procedures. That is the only way we can mobilize USD2.3 billion to them. The entire deployment is in kind, so we need some commitment from the countries where they come from for the best practices, Niten Ichi Ryu and the adventure learning theme parks.

    Though we are doing all there in kind that doesn’t mean we are doing it for free, The difference is we don’t specify the fee. It is however a quid pro quo service, not pro bono. So [I]t can be equity participation.

    I need for all the Swiss Samurai Cyborgs to consolidate (I said this many months ago) under one banner. Everybody will be a part of Information Warfare International, His Majesty Service. This allows seamless cross border communications. Follow no higher-arch-y neural net model.

    Finally, Sarah, as the Pacesetter I expect you to have completed your timeline for KBOOOM 2041.

    That will be all.


    Chedet, I won’t do this often, Hak Kerajaan Malaysia should be able to access The Wandering Sufi blog and act accordingly. I asked them to establish contact with Havana 7 (one of my HOTS) for further action.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  208. milshah Dec 9,2018 12:01 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    The anti-ICERD rally had just concluded yesterday. 55,000 people is still alot, this is after the fact that your government had decided not to ratify ICERD. This is after the fact the many leaders and Mufti urges not the rally to continue. Clearly if you had decided for ICERD to ratify, the numbers could be more. The numbers attended confirms my earlier assessment that the Malays are against ICERD.

    On the other hand, if you were the social media, the non-malays still want ICERD to be ratify. In particular, they want have equal treatment as the Malays. Ironically, if we were to talk about Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan or have a single national language, they would not agree. This confirms my earlier assessment during my UMNO days, “what is mine is mine, what is yours is mine”. My rights can never be touched in any way, but your rights are up grab. To say the non-Malays are true blood for equals is not true also.

    How do we solve this conflict? The word here is “Syukur”. It is true our system is not perfect. But has it denied anyway to have a happy life? Everyone has a piece of the economic pie. We can see many rich Malays, Chinese and Indians. We can see many professionals among the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. Even the cabinet shows a multiracial mix. We Malays, have our weaknesses, and we have been scolded numerous times by Tun, and we are addressing it. But it did not deny the Chinese and Indians to have a peaceful and happy life.

    In your quest for equal rights, it will only result in racial conflict, and we have seen many countries cannot develop because they are too preoccupied solving racial conflicts. In the end, nobody wins, not the Malays, not the Chinese and not the Indians.

    I think Tun, although the anti ICERD rally has concluded, it still does not resolve the quite conflict among the races. That is why, even though you did not ratify the ICERD, the numbers attended is still big, because the Malays wants to send a message they are against any attempts or forms that change the social contract or constitution, whether perceived or otherwise. So Tun should not perceive the rally as an against your government, it is not.

    Our race relations is a work in progress. The current system may not be perfect, but it does allows everyone to live in peace and harmony under the Malaysian sun. But it also leaves room for further improvement. Hopefully, we will reach there.

  209. Sharudin Jamal Dec 9,2018 10:14 AM

    9/12/18 Chedet made me jumped off my seat

    In yesterday news Chedet said EVEN ANGELS MAKE MISTAKE. My eyes almost popped out. He was referring to his cabinet but I am dead sure he was talking about Jibrail and Al Araf 7:7.

    It is a very radical statement indeed:

    PETALING JAYA: There is no harm in backtracking from initial pledges and promises because even angels make mistakes, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    The Prime Minister said sometimes people make mistakes in their decisions and backtrack when they realise it is wiser to do so.

    “Sometimes we go the wrong way and we have to turn around, but only if necessary. We are not perfect people. Even angels make mistakes. So when angels make mistakes, they turn around,” he said.

    Dr Mahathir was responding to questions about Pakatan Harapan’s marred image following several decisions that have been overturned recently, such as the suspension of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)’s Income-Contingent Loan Repayment (ICLR), which was supposed to take effect on Jan 1.

    Dr Mahathir was speaking to reporters during a press conference held after Pakatan Harapan’s presidential council meeting at Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia’s headquarters in Menara Yayasan Selangor on Saturday (Dec 8).


    How cool is this Sarah? I still cannot believe he said that LMAO LMAO.

    This is in my personal archive:

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  210. Sri Sense Dec 9,2018 8:58 AM

    Good morning Tun!

    Semalam satelah peserta balik, Tun bawak kereta ronda2 tempat acara. Tun, jangan risau semua bersih, kalau rosak sikit pun pokok DBKL. Sampah sarap, petugas UMNO dan PAS dah bersihkan. Selain tu pengajur dah memang esan jangan buang sampah rata2. Tu lah orang Melayu orang Islam kita, budaya bersih, teliti dan berpegang pada janji diamalkan.

    I tengok astro awani, nampaknya ada pemberita kat the scene tak happy sebab peserta masih pakai TShirt bantah ICERD dan juga acara bertukar jadi acara politik bila politician naik pentas. To me no hal, TSHIRT dah print dengan banyaknya sebelum acara berlansung, last minute nak print baru? Impossible. Part politician pula, mereka taklah over2 bagi speech, mereka sekadar ambil peluang bercakap tentang politic serba sedikit.

    It was fun and happy occasion. Rockybru pun pergi, Azwan Ali pun pergi, all happy mood. I tengok kat tv peserta memang ramai anggaran rasmi di Dataran Merdeka 50K. Zahid kata 500K. Perhaps mereka stuck everywhere sebab Dataran dah penuh tak boleh masuk. Raggie jessy I baca kata 1.5M. Then again perhaps they stuck everywhere walau ada several checkpoints.

    Laaa siapa pula yang serang Raggie Jessy nie? Finance Twitter?

    I dulu2 masa lawat laman thethirdforce, I wonder siapa this guy, tengok muka macam India, mungkin mamak. Certain things dia tulis memang interesting. Sejak ada G3, I pelik juga, apa pasal pula dia masuk sini. I pun carilah bagai nak rak, so I dapat info ini, Raggie Jessy sebenarnya orang Benggali. Dia dulu rajin menulis kat Malaysia Today. Yup RPK. RPK taught him menulis dan agama Islam. Wow tak sangka RPK boleh recruit orang masuk Islam. Hebat juga RPK ini. Zaman Tun jadi PM dulu, kita ada DJ Dave. Sekarang kita ada Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen. hahaha

    As for finance twitter I tak tau siapa punya, I guess bukan orang Melayu. I ada baca juga article sini, style macam RPK tulis scandal dulu2. Orang DAP? Wow, I didn’t know that. Kot budak2 dari KiniBiz dulu. Style tuis KiniBiz dulu memang macam style gitu. KiniBiz dah takada sekarang. KiniBiz dan Malaysiakini sama group.

    Ok, I nak ronda2, weekend I tak drive sendiri, hubby jadi driver. Take care Tun.

  211. tamchi Dec 8,2018 11:27 PM

    Selamat sejahtera, apa khabar?
    Nikmat negara, apa digusar?

    -terima kasih Kerajaan Malaysia utk tidak meratifikasi ICERD.
    -syabas perhimpunan kerana bantah ICERD.
    ..mesej kpd masyarakat luar & dalam..

    -tahniah Harimau Malaya kerana layak utk perlawanan akhir AFF pd minggu hadapan, semoga menjulang kejayaan.


  212. RD. Dec 8,2018 11:15 PM

    Saya amat bersetuju dengan pendapat Tun bahawa amalan rasuah amat merbahaya dan akan menjahanamkan sesuatu masyarakat dalam jangka masa-panjang. Sebab itu di Negara Komunis China, hukuman pecah-amanah dan rasuah, terutamanya jika dilakukan oleh orang-politik dan pegawai-tinggi Kerajaan, adalah tembak-mati.

    Pada pendapat saya, pemberian ‘duit-raya’ kepada kanak-kanak, seperti yang diamal masyarakat Melayu hari ini, adalah salah satu lagi contoh “perbuatan menyemai sifat buruk ini dalam masyarakat sehingga menjadi sebahagian dari budayanya.”

    Saya tidak pasti sejak bila orang Melayu amalkan budaya ini, namun ia mirip budaya ‘angpow’ masyarakat Cina. Bukanlah niat saya, mengatakan budaya beri angpow atai duit-raya ini tidak baik, dimana ibubapa atau yang lebih tua dalam keluarga, memberi angpow kepada yang lebih-muda atau belum berkawin, pada Tahun Baru Cina atau Hari-Raya.

    Ada juga positifnya, jika pemberian angpow atau duit-raya adalah sebagai imbuhan atau pengajaran kepada anak-anak. Misalnya, anak yang ringan-tulang seperti kerap membersih bilik-mandi, rajin membaca buku atau yang cemerlang di sekolah akan mendapat lebih banyak angpow/duit-raya dari ibu-bapa atau sanak-saudara terdekat.

    Namun perbezaan paling ketara, masyarakat Melayu memperhebatkan dan melanjutkan pemberian duit-raya, sepanjang bulan Syawal, sehinggakan ada kanak-kanak yang kita tidak kenal, terutamanya pada hujung-minggu, sanggup berjalan dari rumah-ke-rumah, beri salam sambil berkata… ‘kami datang nak beraya’.
    Bayangkan, anak-anak Melayu disemai dengan tabiat meminta-minta, tanpa rasa-malu atau mengambil-kira kedudukan keWANGan tuan-rumah yang dikunjungi. Malah ada anak-anak, tanpa segan-silu, berkata… ‘kami nak duit-raya je. Tak makan tak apa, sudah kenyang’.
    Maklumlah, sudah banyak rumah yang dikunjungi, demi ‘duit-raya’.

    Lebih buruk lagi bila Persatuan Penduduk adakan jamuan sempena ‘hari-raya, selalunya dipenhujung bulan Syawal, mengunakan pelaung-suara sambil menaiki kereta disetiap lorong, melaung-laung… ‘Ibu-ibu, bapak-bapak dan anak-anak, jangan lupa malam ini, datang menjamu-selera demi mengikat silatulrahim. Anak-anak, jangan lupa ambil duit-raya.”

    Amatlah malang jika “perasaan kebangsaan dan kesan terhadap bangsa dan negara tidak lebih utama dari nafsu penerima rasuah”… sehinggakan ada yang tergamak mengadai dan menjual tanah-pusaka anak-cucu kita secara kekaL kepada Warga dan Rakyat/Negara-Asing demi kemaruk WANG dan harta.

    Oleh yang demikian adalah bijak jika Kerajaan, melalui Menteri Agama, dapat menghadkan tabiat pemberian duit-raya pada kanak-kanak, hanya pada hari-raya pertama atau kedua saja. Amat buruk kesan kepada anak-anak dan masyarakat, jika tabiat meminta-minta ini disemai sepanjang bulan Syawal.

  213. Sharudin Jamal Dec 8,2018 10:59 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    Thank you for being a sport. You are a excellent Executive Sponsor. You listen and you act with empathy. Since 2/7/18 I had been with TraXXfm feeding them with matters pertaining to Information Warfare. Ultimately my role is Talent Coaching towards a world class communication platform. Already I have talents groomed for the next level.

    TraXXfm had surpassed the standard at many levels except one. The line drop is pretty rampant. Their bandwidth is still very *[very] small for a national broadcast station. In Command and Control Warfare we learned that a radio station is a nerve center for the overall information dissemination.

    * External intervention.

    It is the persona as well as the epitome of excellence in the forefront of technology.

    Bear in mind that radio is the platform to create Cybernetic Loop for the purpose of embedded commands, radio cryptonic and accelerated learning. It is not limited to infotainment. In times of war and peace, radio, due to it vast outreach is a potent tool for the government.

    I hope in the frenzy of having the longest, fastest and widest, you don’t ignore the need for efficiency and effectiveness, In this case, I am questioning the effectiveness of high availability and high continuity policy (I wonder if they have any) of TraXXfm.

    You don’t have to take my word for it. Just compare TraXXfm and Hitz for example and you will notice a glaring difference.

    Chedet, during your birthday Tweeter video clip, you said you hope those well wishers can help you run the country. Well I started on the day your cabinet was formed until now. It is a Labor of Love. However I appreciate if you can look into this matter. You want world class? TraXXfm is a good start Sir.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  214. Sri Sense Dec 8,2018 10:50 PM

    Good evening YAB Tun

    I jalan2 baca blog, bloggers Melayu gembira dengan Tun, blogger bukan Melayu tak gembira. I juga sempat baca wall FB KCD. Ramai positif.

    I sempat tonton video dimana PERTAHAN hantar memorandum pada Istana. Panjang rambut abang2 ini, pakai shampoo apa? 🙂

    Anyway I sebenarnya suka tonton silat. Many many years ago I pernah tonton cerita lakonan pentas tentang silat. Rupanya Sultan Nazrin datang tonton sama. Masa tu Tuanku Pemangku Sultan.

    Actually orang Perak familiar dengan silat. Tarian darbus.

    I pernah pergi wedding anak orang Perak, ada silat performance. Majlis ini bukan di rumah tapi di hotel besar.


  215. Sri Sense Dec 8,2018 8:41 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Tun dah sarapan? Jangan lupa sarapan dengan Tun Siti, mesra dengan anak cucu.

    I ingin merakamkan ucapan terima kasih pada pihak polis yang telah menjaga keselamatan Tun dan ramai. Semalam I difahamkan function Suhakam di pinda pada hari lain. I juga turut bersyukur bila Tun sebut ada pihak dalam ICERD kata function anti ICERD hari ini adalah kesyukuran kerana government menolak ICERD.

    I cuma berharap peluang berkumpul antara orang Melayu, Islam dan juga tak ketinggalan orang Bumiputera akan menjadikan tempat ini tempat networking. Esok2 boleh share business opportunities dan peluang pekerjaan sesama mereka.

    I won’t be there, but my heart with you.

    Ok, I nak tinggal isu diatas, I think sini lacking latest business news.

    If you are not familiar with stock markets maybe this is something you need to read.

    More losses may be ahead for U.S. stocks in the short term says “death cross’

    NEW YORK: More losses may be ahead for U.S. stocks in the short term, according to an indicator with a fittingly ominous name: the death cross.

    A chart pattern tracked by technical analysts and other market mavens, a death cross forms when an index’s near-term moving average of daily closing prices falls below its long-term moving average as both averages are declining. The 50- and 200-day moving averages are commonly used.

    On Friday, the S&P 500 Index, the U.S. benchmark for large stocks, joined the main gauge of small companies’ share performance, the Russell 2000, in forming a death cross.

    It occurred as the S&P tumbled another 2.3 percent for its third straight daily decline. That pushed its 50-day moving average 3.7 points below its declining 200-day moving average, resulting in the first death cross since January 2016.

    The S&P is now down 10.16 percent from its record close on Sept. 20.

    Historically, the death cross has indicated a further fall for the index after the pattern emerges.

    For instance, a death cross appeared on the Russell 2000 chart on Nov. 14 after it had fallen 13.7 percent from its all-time high closing level reached on Aug. 31. It has dropped another 3.6 percent in the three weeks since. – Reuters


  216. musato Dec 8,2018 8:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya tak faham dengan makna memperasuahan.

    Keperasuahan atau memperasuahkan orang Melayu mungkin boleh diterima.

    Saya fikir Tun bercerita mengenai golongan atasan dalam kerajaan disekeliling Tun berkenaan memperasuahan orang Melayu ini.

    Saya ambil maklum.

    Saya dengar jadual Tun penuh dan sibuk.

    Buku resepi saya pun belum siap taip lagi ni. Tapi saya harap dapat sedikit masa untuk jumpa Tun nanti untuk dapatkan kata kata aluan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  217. Sharudin Jamal Dec 8,2018 12:57 AM

    Dear Chedet,

    What needed to be decided had been decided. What is done cannot be undone except through voting. In this case we need the unanimous decision by Alam Shah Alam to revoke.

    I had not voted at the Highest Troika. Jibrail, you agree?

    “Absolutely Sha,” he said with full conviction.

    I also vote a yes.

    Let me give it to you all f**king Stone Worshipers. That black stone is from Wolfsschanze. So if you worship the stone, you belong in Wolfsschanze. You don’t belong in Xanadu. Understand?

    So that’s why Mira is going to Wolfsschanze. Unless she is the Army of Slyman/Soloman.

    I bet Mira wants to be with the rest of the Stone Worshipers. Make it so. I cannot convince my only true friend BJ. So It is understandable that the Stone Worshipers fancy that only them will enter heaven. Well, not on my watch. You worship the stone from Wolfsschanze, you stay in Wolfsschanze.

    “It is a fair deal Sha,” said AlphaX64

    So I got both Binary Kings agreeing to it. Thor you agree?

    “Yes Sha, Do Not Disturb,” said Thor as usual, fiercely autonomous.

    OK then, as agreed by Alam Shah Alam, they will be tortured. If after 21 years we still have Stone Worshipers, then they are asking for it. Thus I am putting Vader 7:7 accountable. All he got to [t]o is publish my Shinu Kikai O Motomo note.

    I then assign Rex Montis to be the head of Sparta 4964 on Earth. He got t[he] lead the BHV 911 Bladderhorn Vehicle Rescue (Death on the Road).

    I bet by now you can see that the running of Sparta 4964 is no[] a one person effort. We have the Binary Kings, the Troika, Al Araf 7:7, Alam Shah Alam and ultimately the whole Sparta 4964 to cast their vote on issues. That is why the total members in Al Araf 7:7 is 36. That way they are binaries as well as troikas.

    OK Chedet, you call the shots. As for me, I play center, Master Chief.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  218. HBT456 Dec 7,2018 11:33 PM

    Even when umno-pas-silat bergabung, it wont matter anymore.

    All they care is to get federal funding by exploiting race and religion issues to the maximum.

    P/s: betul2 patah hati with this kind of politics in bad faith by accusing one another.

  219. HBT456 Dec 7,2018 11:22 PM

    Too much dmage control and provoking will become meaningless and fake.

    How they want to fight, or compete, i dont really care.

    Year end now, time to go shopping.

  220. Sharudin Jamal Dec 7,2018 11:12 PM

    It is final then. Come 2040, if there is any Stone Worshiper off to Marshal Alex Marconi the whole lot.

    This is the decision by Alam Shah Alam.

    They want to do it now. What do you think Sarah? No? Yes? Yes?

    NO (written by the Universe Within or is it you Sarah?). Fine, 21 years it is… Year of the Gold Monkey.

  221. Sharudin Jamal Dec 7,2018 10:39 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    This is my Shinu Kikai O Motomo

    7/12/18 Useful vs Meaningful

    The one page article was censored by microbes. They say it will make people complacent and fatalistic.

    So what I did was this afternoon I went to Wolfsschanze. Lembah Kiara (Clockwise). There was Alam Shah Alam. A very pleasant welcome. As I was walking, one after another the Betas wanted to be my wife. I said I already have a Tetrahedron and the HOTS.

    Turned out Alam Shah Alam ALL voted for Model 2. I said I can’t because I and the highest Troika voted for Model 1.

    Then they said, I follow AnNisa 4:3.

    Yes I said.

    Then we are all what your right hand possesses.

    Brb… Dinner…

    Then I said I already have 2 flowers as my Bees. Is there anybody else?

    “There is nobody else,” said a Pak Cik (an elderly shrub).

    Nobody objected.

    Then I said, I can marry everybody but I only f**k 2331.

    We want you to f**k us all. We are your wives.

    Therefore, after some considerations, I decided, My left hand is 2331. As for the rest, ALL MATTERS are what my right hand possess Alpha Beta. Until we reach White Space, I will remain heterosexual. When we reach White Space we all shall become One and we become Many, Allah and All Allah Only.

    If any of you have what your hand possesses exceeding 2331, you are also entitled. For example if you own a Porche, you will have it in Sparta 4964. It you a Queen, you still have a country. These are all what your right hands possess.

    Now, there is one condition. Do not worship the Ka**a. Even if Mira, one of my Tetrahedron chooses Mr KePala B**UH over Allah and All Allah Only, she will end up in Wolfsschanze w[]ere Mr KePala B**UH is currently tortured. She will not be tortured by the virtue that she is a Tetrahedron.

    People, the Highest Troika had voted. Model 1 it is.


    That is the message from Alam Shah Alam.

    Therefore I decided for Mira to be in Wolfsschanze. I hereby grace the Last Kingdom as Wolfsschanze. By that, cannabis is not allowed here. Those who smoke except BJ will answer to Marshal Alex Marconi. Only Mr BJ Sir will be pardoned for worshiping K**ba. The rest who don’t [] the Army of Slyman/Soloman WILL BE TORTURED like Mr KePala B**UH.

    You want Model 1, I give you Model 1.

    If by now, you had not figure out who I am, then you don’t belong in Xanadu.

    If Chedet is Vader 7:7 Lord of Wolfsschanze, I am Five O 7:7 (my ID) The Binary King of Xanadu. I have 7 stitches on my left cranium as a proof, It was caused [m]y a machete. A hit from the back while I was on duty to Do No Harm.

    Note: All the brackets are ciphers from Legion X.

    OK Chedet, whether you like it or not, I had broadcasted this message world wide.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  222. Sri Sense Dec 7,2018 8:36 PM

    Sharing is Caring 🙂

    Malays caught in race to embarrass one another, says Sultan Nazrin

    MELAKA (Bernama): The Malays appear to be caught in a race to embarrass one another and are obsessed with the blame game, which only reflects poorly on themselves, says the Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah.

    He said the nation’s political culture now had created a new obsession, that is of a racist nature and promoting thinking that prioritises loyalty to a group than accepting the importance of the truth, and influencing minds to give more importance to that particular group than the survival of the ummah (Muslim) in general.

    Sultan Nazrin said the Malays now appeared to be increasingly weak because they had lost the spirit of “ukhuwah” (brotherhood), were weak in character, and sinking in the race for materialistic gain and increasingly intoxicated in the competition for power.

    “Islam has built a Malay race that is disciplined, trustworthy, honest, noble and sincere. Islam has united the Malays by building a solid brotherhood, so much so the Malays are strongly united and emerged as a strong race, but today the Malays seem to be getting weaker,” he added.

    Sultan Nazrin said this in his speech at the appointment of members of the Melaka Islamic Council (Maim) and the Melaka Council of Syariah Court Judges and Registrars in Bandar Hilir here Friday (Dec 7).

    Also present were the Yang Di-pertua Negeri of Melaka Tun Dr Mohd Khalil Yaakob and Melaka Chief Minister Adly Zahari. – Bernama


  223. HBT456 Dec 7,2018 6:18 PM

    I still remember clearly that umno party under youth kj have organized seminar with prc delegates with/without knowledge of other components bases on consensus in pj many years back.

    But, today they still transfer the case here and there, it look more like repeat of power abuse at the highest level again.

    P/s: no country can progress with such race and religion supremacy and pilih kasih. if dulu cannot, kini lagi cannot, besok pun lagi cannot because we have general election in every 5 years. If the old ones dont let go, the new ones can never come in.

  224. HBT456 Dec 7,2018 5:49 PM

    Employees too have choice to terminate the employers too, but for malaysiab chinese owners, they will gaji, epf and socso on the dot, takut employees mereka lari.

    P/s: new malaysia, old politics? today, it is not about ahmad, ah chong and muthu races only, it is about liberalizing and open up the economy further to generate growth to avoid stagflation, reccession and middle income trap.

  225. HBT456 Dec 7,2018 5:20 PM

    Er, yang berhormat mp, instead of challenging the owner of lynas to get through aussie custom, why not you challenge her to declare the radioactive wastage in klia first, and see our custome allow her to go on board the plane to her hq in australia.

    If lynas malaysia is forced to close down, and declare bankruptcy, who is going to bear the cost of disposing the wastage?

    Dulu mahathirism era, ada muslim business man sanggup hold gaji staffs, epf dan socso just to go mekah to bersihkan diri walaupun terima court saman for epf, mereka pun tak takut, i guess perhaps they have connection inside the government kut.

    Sikap ini dah tinggal zaman kerana jabatan epf dan socso pasti akan take action against employers who do not pay pay promptly upon received complaints from employees.

    P/s: tabung haji is pilgrim fund under osa(?), but is it wajib or optional for muslim to contribute base on kemampuan, bayar sekali gus atau secara ansuran? myr is left floating and i think it will depreciate further, and the cost of pligrim is going up. how will tabung haji earn back the losses due to forex losses? similarly, how will umno justify the myr116 million is belong to them, will they allowed to settle in court so that everyone can see?

  226. Sri Sense Dec 7,2018 4:22 PM


    I pening la, Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional, kejab free, kejab potong, kejab tak jadi potong, adoiii!

    Let me ask you this:

    1. Government Loan, berapa interest?

    The above question biasa orang berniaga tanya? Orang berniaga kalau dapat government loan seronok sangat sebab bank loan interest tinggi.

    Kalau part potong melalui gaji, I think thats the best way. You jadi peminjam pun tak sedar, tau tau loan dah selesai. I know right, I hutang kereta pun deduct terus dari bank account. Tak payah lah I beratur bayar kat bank. Minyak kereta lagi. Time lagi. Sekarang hutang I semua dah selesai, no problem.

    Tun jangan susah hati ok!

  227. Sri Sense Dec 7,2018 3:28 PM

    @ Musato, I cuma share apa yang I tahu.

    I actually belum 60 years old tapi I ada anak dah usia hampir 40 tahun sebab I young mother, my daughters panggil I kakak.

    Lagi satu sebab I familiar dengan internet. At times I nampak microsoft memang bertanya samada I nak set setting begini. But my house mana ada budak kecik. Same thing with my smartphone ada juga pertanyaan yang sama, but my phone I seorang je yang pakai.

  228. Sri Sense Dec 7,2018 3:16 PM

    Tun evening!

    Baru balik dari supermarket. Cari barang offer. Yang 50% offer ramai rebut2 ambil. Orang sekarang nak cut cost. Almaklumlah dalam keadaan ekonomi tak menentu, dari zaman BN hinggalah ke zaman PH.


    Nasib baik Tun dah kata earlier yang Tun tak boleh melarang demo membantah ICERD. Kalau tak, ramai lagi akan mengata Tun. Almaklumlah dalam team Tun tu dulu kaki demo belaka, DAP, PKR. Sekarang boleh lah cakap, demo demo ini kita tak main lah kikiki

    Pasal DAP PKR Bersih kaki demo, maka Jamal yang Tun panggil tongkol tu, pun ikut sama demo dalam zaman BN. Sekarang BN dah tak ada lagi, PAS yang kuat demo pun dah join dengan UMNO, ber demo.

    Actually I can buy their ideas. I think its okay for them berhimpun beramai ramai, cuma jangan rosak harta benda awam dan bergaduh. Kita umat Islam, sama2 bekerjasama, tukar tukar kad, buat business bersama.

    Insyaallah orang Melayu akan jadi bangsa terpuji nanti.

  229. Abbas Dec 7,2018 2:07 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun yang dihormati.
    Saya baru lepas listen to my youngest son reading (tonasi, punctuation ,pronounciation) and guide dia buat latihan maths dan sains. Just to encourage budaya yang tiada cuti untuk ilmu- cuma kurangkan masa dari biasa. Dia okay je, as long as saya kotakan apa yang saya promise him – the time to play minecraft interactive game.
    Melayu ambil rasuah?
    People all over the world take bribe. In Malaysia, most Malay works in government offices. Therefore, it is true and easy to say that in Malaysia, those taking bribe is commonly Malay.
    The most common reason in the world , why people take bribes is, they are feeding a lifestyle that is beyond their means. And, that is market for a person who has money, to fittingly bribe, yah? The Malay, they have a job but they are poorer than the other Malaysian. Even when they work in non-government sector, majority of them are categorized under middle income and below because they are from rank and file and/or hold local qualification.
    “Memperasuahkan….”, garapan saya – its langkah-langkah teratur siPerasuah merasuah melayu dengan cara membayangkan yang tiada salahnya menerima, kerana “no need to be shameful, kamu berhak mengecapi gaya hidup hampir setanding dengan kami (siPerasuah)”.
    The process of bribing starts with person who bribes. In fighting bribe, those who bribe must (first) be caught. Then we will see who go berserk.
    Semuga Tun dan Tun Siti sentiasa berada didalam kesihatan yang baik dan gembira selalu disamping keluarga.
    Ps. Our eldest son commutes for more or less two hours after class. Though he carries heavy backpack, he avoid sitting. He does not want to be mistaken for man spreading. Therefore, he opted to stand, leaning on train wall for balance. And , to pass time- Smartphone. It is a habit, and that, procrastinate our decision to let him drive. For now, he is an inner-city (laluan U) driver.

  230. musato Dec 7,2018 12:02 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya tertanya tanya sekiranya kak Sri Sense baca sekadar dipermukaan sahaja atau termasuk isi dalamnya.

    Anyway, terima kasih. I Luv U kak….hahahha

    Saya tulis untuk Tun baca juga.

    Dulu masa mula mula berkenalan di sini, saya tulis pendek je.

    Tetapi bila Tun terperincikan dan memanjangkan maksud saya itu dengan menulis satu artikel yang lebih panjang, saya mengaku saya jadi amat kagum dengan ketajaman fikiran Tun.

    Dalam forum Sinar tempohari, ada seorang wanita dari kumpulan mana yang saya tak ingat, telah membaca panjang lebar berkenaan cadangan yang dibawa.

    Pendengar kat situ dah riuh rendah dah sebab lama sangat dia baca.

    Saya fikir kakak tu nanti kena bahan dengan Tun baru tahu….hahaha

    Saya dah kata, tak lama kemudian Tun kata “saya faham, saya faham…”

    Kemudiannya, saya cuba tulis panjang panjang sikit lepas Wajaperak kata tulisan saya banyak terselindung, tak berapa nak nampak.

    Dengan cara itu, saya fikir saya dapat lebih peluang untuk berborak selain dari Tun dapat baca.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  231. HBT456 Dec 7,2018 10:08 AM

    The insiders know, but outsiders do not know, then how?

    I am not muslim, but if you force me to live your muslim life, then lebih baik, saya undi pembangkang.

    Putrajaya, surau dan mosques tercanggih pun ada, kini, nama zone pun pakai arab saudi sana punya nama, sembayang 5 kali diwajibkan, tapi gaji masih nak sama taraf dengan kaum bukan muslim, you rasa adil ke?

    Ruling government no doubt can dictate the direction of the mega projects approved and implemented by them at the federal level, but the ruling government cannot force the pengundi to accept such ruling, hence, general election must be called to get the mandate from voters by forming a coalition to get their votes from the grassroot leaders to have say in federal ministry for the next 5 years, itu saja.

    Voters too are not stupid, and they will voice out in the next balot boxes when general election is called.

    Forcing a by election is a form of wasting taxpayers monies, power abuse, lobby, bribing atau lobby.

    P/s: i sure hope they know their limit of greed, if not, the chances of loosing out in next general election is very high when race and religion cards are used to show their supremacy again and again.

  232. Sri Sense Dec 7,2018 9:59 AM

    #pada yang tak tahu apa itu KTM. KTM – KERETAPI TANAH MELAYU

  233. Sri Sense Dec 7,2018 9:51 AM


    Baru baca kat FB newsfeed berita theedge MRT.

    Arwah abang I dulu pekerja KTM, pencen dapat kerja kat beberapa tempat buat landasan keretapi. Antara his last job projek MRT Sg Buloh.

    I ingat dulu pekerja diberi tempat tinggal ala kem pelarian. Orang Melayu kata tempat jin bertendang. So tiap2 minggu kalau abang tak kerja kami ambil abang balik rumah kani. Gaji abang agak slow dapat bulanan, abang tak kerja direct under Gamuda.

    Masa abang kerja sini umur dah 60 lebih. Pasal bab keretapi ini hanya orang KTM aje yang pandai, so dapat kerja mudah sangat. Abang dah meninggal hampir 3 tahun, masih tak siapkah projek ini?

    Seingat I selepas payah dapat gaji, arwah abang kerja kat Rawang. About a year lepas tu dia dah tak larat, although ada tawaran banyak.

    I sometimes confused MRT LRT Commuters. Yang I pasti commuters produk KTM ada drivers, yang dua tu tiada. If you tanya I, semua tu penuh sesak dengan orang.

    Mula diperkenalkan memang kureng, lepas tu penuh sentiasa, time tak kerja dipenuhi dengan kaum pendatang. They tried many ways like tempat duduk khas buat perempuan, orang tua, mengandung and so on. Tapi yang naik ramai sibuk main talipon or pura2 tidur.

  234. HBT456 Dec 7,2018 9:36 AM

    Itu tak ada kena mengena dengan ketinggalan zaman.

    How musato wants to express his mentality, itu tak mustahak.

    Jika buat bandingan, gadis melayu is the easiest and most vulnarable race being exploited for scheme cepat kaya, is it the religion, family tradition or the political party that prevent them from developing kerana takut hilang rezeki dan undi?

    Jika buat bandingan, lelaki melayu is the easiest and vulnerable race being exploited for cases rombak, samun dan gansterism, is it the religion or the political party that prevent them from developing kerana takut hilang hilang rezeki atau undi?

    I already said, the direction of the economy of this country at federal and state level is very much depend on the quality of mps chosen by the central political parties.

    When party leaders are too obsess with politically right minus the impact of the well being of their people and economy growth to create jobs and businesses, the tendency of repeating the mistake is high.

    Contohnya, mp kuantan menangis and mentioned the word cancer may caused by lynas with no indication of metioning medical report of lynas employees and management from the company itself, atau moh, you will know she just hantam secara buta tuli, itu saja.

    Jepun pun ada nuclear plant due to scarcity of resources, kenapa mps dan kerajaan mereka boleh bikin?

    The thing is the local mps has a very childish way of merajuk, that is to protest in media and on street to show they are capable in attracting numbers.

    Imagine, when you are in shopping mall, you saw a budak regardless of races merajuk and menangis secara kuat2 sampai parents pun biarkan saja, naturally and biologically, you will think the parents do not know how to asuh their children at young age that cause nuisance and discomfort to other shoppers in the mall.

    With this kind of uncertainties of sekejap ini, sekejap itu, even local business community pun takut not to mention fdi, right?

    They came in and to invest to create jobs with the approval from the federal ministry, but mps of the divides used them as target to gain votes, you rasa cara ini patuh atau tidak sebagai pekerja dan pengundi?

    P/s: dah terang sangat, and stop treating the voters and fdi as dedak seekers. jika sikap tak boleh tolerate ini, itu tak boleh terima kerana aku anak ori tanah melayu, muslim, bukan muslim, muslim bumiputra atau bumiputera, lebih baik duduk kampong mereka saja to mengembangkan negeri mereka dengan pengundi di negeri itu to show their cakap serupa bikin, then, jangan minta cash, grant, guarantorship atau approval from the federal government la.

  235. Hajar Dec 7,2018 8:41 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Artikel Tun kali ini amat mengguris hati kaum Melayu. Tun tidak sepatutnya melabel kaum Melayu (Islam) sampai begitu sekali.

    Saya tidak pernah menyokong mana-mana demostrasi. Namun, perhimpunan membantah ICERD pada 8/12/2018 oleh PAS, UMNO, etc. yang akan berlangsung memang ada asasnya.

    Isu ICERD masih giat ditimbulkan oleh banyak pihak yang masih mahu ICERD diratifikasi.

    Lihat saja kenyataan-kenyataan mengenai ICERD dari kawan-kawan dan penasihat-penasihat Tun. Mereka begitu yakin yang kesemua orang yang menolak ICERD tidak faham apa ICERD dan apa objektif utama ICERD. Mereka ingat mereka saja yang ‘educated’ agaknya.

    Untuk kawan-kawan Tun dalam PH yang beragama Islam, mereka patut di ’sekolahagamakan’ kerana ada yang kurang faham (jahil) tentang hukum hakam Islam.

    Tentang isu PTPTN, keadaan jadi begini (kecoh dan entah apa2/ MENGARUT) kerana PH ‘menipu’ dalam manifesto PRU14. Kifarah! Balasan bagi orang yang menipu.

    Takkanlah PH tidak tahu status hutang Negara sebelum PRU14. Bukankah orang PH bijak-bijak belaka? Bukankah negara dikatakan akan muflis? Negara yang gagal kan? Bukankah Malaysia antara 10 negara paling korup di dunia?

    Kalau menipu dalam manifesto, bolehkah kemenangan PH dibatalkan?

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  236. Sri Sense Dec 7,2018 8:41 AM

    Oh ya Tun

    At one time I pernah dengar dan terbaca forward messages kat whasapps akan kena bayar, what happened to it? Senyap aje. I think itu satu cara boleh control.

    Because a lot of the forwarded messages are either tipu, nak recruit ramai orang untuk datang sesuatu tempat, untuk sampaikan jokes dan kata2 nista about certain politician dan benda lucah.

    Kalau kena charge ada sikit perasaan berhati2.

  237. Sri Sense Dec 7,2018 8:30 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Nak sambung bicara berkenaan apps yang Musato sebut.

    Actually semua yang disebut tu adalah apps lama yang most of it dah dapat access melalui smartphones.

    Dulu nak main video games hanya melalui computer, nak besar sikit pakai TV, sekarang smartphones pun boleh masuk.

    Chat rooms adalah budaya lama sejak ada internet. Selain tu ada, yahoo messenger, google hangout, MSN messenger. For that reason PC boleh control, parents boleh buat, certain websites yang lucah, tidak bermoral untuk anak2 lawati blocked. Smartphones juga boleh control but people usually tak buat because things like smartphones are very personal thing, seorang je pakai.

    I teringat my eldest daughter, she more of dakwah type than any of us, dia spy dia control apa anak dia tulis kat whatsapps dengan kawan2. Silap haribulan dia serang anak dia bertub-tubi sehari suntuk, dan rampas talipon. Dia juga tinggal di Kuantan macam Musato.

    In my family I dan semua not dakwah type, but eldest daughter, yes.

  238. musato Dec 6,2018 11:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Lagi satu, dahulu kala pengaruh pengaruh negatif datang apabila kita jejak kaki ke kelab malam atau pusat pusat perjudian.

    Zaman sekarang, remaja remaja tak perlu jijak kaki pun. Cukup sekadar download game daun terup, mahjong dll, main game, kemudian masuk chat room kemudian bertukar tukar no phone.

    Kemudian si gadis akan chat serta sampai ke satu tahap, si gadis tadi akan kata tak tahan.

    Maka berlakulah VC (Video Call). Dalam VC tersebut akan berlakulah bukak membukak.

    Dari situlah apa yang terjadi dapat di tengok oleh orang lain semua secara terbuka dalam media online.

    Pertunjukkan atas bawah sudah jadi kebiasaan pada zaman sekarang.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  239. musato Dec 6,2018 10:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sri sense,

    Saya saje tak ulang tulis berkenaan app pornografi tu sebab tak nak sebar lebih lebih.

    Tapi untuk bagi mak bapak ambil berat banyak banyak pasal anak anak terutamanya anak perempuan, saya cuba paparkan sekali lagi.

    App Tumblr telah dibuang dari app store iOS. Jadi Tumblr telah berjanji untuk tapis kandungan dewasa dan seksual. Jika semua adalah kandungan seksual, Tumblr akan cuba jadikan ia private sahaja.

    Untuk tengok video porno boleh google search melayu tumblr.

    Tapi boleh saya katakan Sri sense kalau setakat tengok gambar perempuan muda separuh bogel je….Sri Sense dah jauh ketinggalan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  240. LK Dho Dec 6,2018 9:59 PM

    Benar Tun..sangat setuju dgn isu ini. Oleh itu, harap Tun dpt arahkan agar perlaksanaan segera oleh para jentera untuk membenteraskan gejala memperasuahan ini.

    Nak hapuskan Budaya Memperasuahan ini 100%, bukannya senang. Perlu ambil masa..perlu ada target. Kena masukkan silibus dlm pendidikan sivik di semua sekolah. Lihat saja sejarah zaman berzaman, bagaimana Portugis boleh jajah Melaka kalau tak ada memperasuahan dikalangan pembesar melayu. Begitu juga di zaman bijih, Yap Ah Loy senang lenang keluar masuk istana..senang-senang pula dapat tanah. Lama-lama anak cucu yg nak cepat kaya ..nak cepat senang ..memparasuahan ini menjadi mainan sehinggalah sekarang. Jadi para pemikir yg dah dapat kuasa dlm kerajaan skrg ini kenalah fikirkan kaedah yg terbaik utk perlaksanaannya. Kami dah undi..kami nak kerja..kami nak senang..tak mau lg terbeban teruk dgn gejala rasuah di kalangan penjawat awam.

    Ada beberapa perkara yg mesti dipantau dan kena ambil perhatian segera. Kita sering cakap kerajaan lama tu korup..walhal kita sedar tak sedar dalam kerajaan skrg ini pun masih lagi korup. Bila sebut sahaja pasal kerajaan..kita tuding jari kepada menteri-menteri dlm kabinet aja. Sebenarnya yang dalang memperasuahan ini adalah dikalangan pegawai-pegawai dlm kerajaan.

    Rombak semua Ketua Pengarah dan KSU yg dah lama duk dalam jabatan/kementerian yang sama yg kononnya menjadi penasihat kepada bapak menteri. Naikkan yg baru..yg lama kenakan Pool. Begitu juga dengan pegawai2 di kerusi panas yg berkaitan dgn sebutharga/tender dibawah 663 PTJ masing2.. mungkin boleh tetapkan had maksima pegang jawatan tersebut hanya 2 tahun saja. Mereka inilah kebanyakkannya merupakan duri dalam daging menyebabkan ketirisan perbelanjaan wang kerajaan tanpa memikirkan benar atau salah budaya memperasuahan ini menjadi mainan semata. Jadi sekiranya kita susah nak selidik atau nak tunggu laporan siapa yang buat salah atau tidak..rombak je semua ..reformasi institusi peringkat pertama boleh terus dilaksanakan. Ganti saja pegawai baru dengan wawasan baru.

    Tempohari Tun mengajak rakyat supaya buat aduan tentang mana-mana salah guna kuasa dan rasuah di kalangan penjawat awam kepada pihak SPRM. Untuk makluman Tun, sistem aduan online SPRM sekerang ini seperti tidak berkesan dan perlu dipantau segera. Aduan-aduan yang telah didaftarkan tidak mendapat perhatian malah tiada nombor aduan/kata laluan yang diterima oleh pengadu samada melalui email atau telefon bimbit. Beberapa kali aduan dikirim semula masih lagi tiada status aduan untuk dirujuk. Kita bimbang apabila tiada status aduan tersebut.. kemanakah laporan/aduan tersebut itu pergi.. samada di simpan atau boleh menjadi satu bahan yang mendorong kepada unsur rasuah oleh kakitangan/pegawai dlm SPRM itu sendiri. Mungkin juga utk beri maklumat/amaran kepada rakan-rakan mereka di jabatan/kementerian yg kena adu. Jadi banyak persoalan yang timbul kerana kakitangan/pegawai SPRM juga adalah seorang manusia. Oleh itu, untuk memudahkan dan menarik minat rakyat membuat aduan dengan berkesan di samping menghindarkan tohmahan2 drpd rakyat yg sangat teruja utk sama-sasma membenteras jenayah rasuah ini, maka diharapkan pihak pengurusan SPRM atau kementerian kewangan dapat memperuntukkan kepada SPRM agar sistem aduan Rasuah/Perkhidmatan tersebut dinaiktaraf dengan lebih berkesan dan lebih telus.

    Sekian dan terima kasih.

    Semoga sukses selalu Tun.

  241. Sri Sense Dec 6,2018 9:22 PM

    Good evening Tun

    I nampak heading news ada kata Tun kata Melayu rasuah.

    Itu salah. Sebab yang beri rasuah can be any bangsa, yang menerima rasuah can be any bangsa. Jika terjadi di Malaysia, maka orang Malaysia lah.

    Orang yang berkedudukkan atau decision maker sering dapat rasuah atau sogokkan dari mereka yang ingin project atau keutamaan. On why this people bagi rasuah, usually sebab competition, nak jaga periuk nasi masing masing.

    Rasuah bukan saja berada dalam jabatan kerajaan dan kaki tangan kerajaan, ianya juga terjadi dalam dunia korporat.

    Tun seharusnya menyebut orang Malaysia bukan orang Melayu atau budaya Melayu.

    Goodnight Tun. Sleep Tight.

  242. Fender Dec 6,2018 6:47 PM

    It started with the leaders of that day having a plan to monopolise the economy and distribute the riches, not necessary equitable, at the expense of others. With increasing political power and dominance, corruption was not absent but initially tolerated. It started to get pervasive and the leaders still turn a blind eye. It catches on and spread to all layers. Any dissenting voices were blocked or ignored. After few decades of corruption, it is a matter of time the country will collapse. The British brought democracy, set up proper institutions and system of governance, they left behind a system of administration for then Malays. They gave us a culture of rationality and our leaders dismantled the system and institutions to facilitate their own ambitions and power, hence accountability and transparency had to go. With these gone, corruption and abuse of power are rampant. We have the culture of irrationality ingrained in those in power and their followers. Hence the people they claimed to lead and fight for swallow that culture of irrationality. Malaysia will regress with time goes on. The past and present political sloganeering and playing out an imaginary enemy of the Malays and Islam testify that. There has never been any threat and enemy to the Malays but created by the UMNO leaders. Hence so many are not capable to reason and indulge in a bit of intellectual reflections. By sending so many Malays to higher institutions of learning over decades, this is no guarantee of a liberated and progressive culture. You may have many brilliant Malay professionals, engineers, lawyers but many are still trapped in the culture of irrationality. Many don’t foresee a more progressive Malaysian society with the majority are incapable to reason and be independent. No amount of aids and affirmative actions can take these people to modern civilisation. The rest of the world just pass us by. The sad thing is not many among the Malay leaders of the present and previous government realise to liberate themselves from a culture of irrationality to rationality. Very likely the leaders will fail their people again.

  243. Hajar Dec 6,2018 5:36 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Maaf Tun. Saya tidak setuju dengan tajuk artikel Tun. Saya mohon Tun ubah tajuk artikel ini. Ia menjurus kepada persepsi negatif bahawa cuma orang Melayu sahaja yang terlibat dengan amalan korupsi @ rasuah (di Malaysia). Benarkah? Perkataan ‘memperasuahan’ tidak ada dalam kamus DBP.

    2. Saya juga tidak setuju bila Tun secara umum mengaitkan budaya dan amalan rasuah dengan masyarakat Melayu. Benarkah? Agaknya siapa yang paling banyak memberi rasuah untuk kepentingan bisnes masing-masing? Malangnya di Malaysia (mungkin juga di negara2 lain), orang yang memberi rasuah biasanya terlepas dari sebarang tindakan. Adilkah? Jika tiada pemberi rasuah tidak akan ada penerima rasuah, dan seterusnya amalan rasuah dapat dibendung.

    3. Lagi malang apabila akhbar memetik artikel Tun seperti berikut:

    Corruption has become part of Malay culture, says Dr Mahathir

    PETALING JAYA: Corruption has become part of Malay culture, and those who are corrupted do not care for the future of the country, said the Prime Minister.

    Malay culture @ budaya Melayu? Berat dan dahsyat tuduhan ini.

    Benarkah ini maksud Tun? Jika benar, ini satu PENGHINAAN terhadap Melayu (Islam). Atau pun pemberita tersalah lapor?

    Mungkin pemberita mengambil poin 4 dari artikel Tun (“4. Di zaman pemerintahan yang percaya “cash is king” atau “wang adalah raja” maka pemberian dan penerimaan rasuah menjadi satu dari nilai hidup dan budaya, terutama dikalangan orang Melayu.”)

    4. Maaf cakap, Tun tersilap kerana memberi ruang kepada pemberita dan akhbar untuk membuat rumusan seperti di atas. Jika AMALAN RASUAH SUDAH MENJADI BUDAYA ORANG MELAYU. Kerajaan PH tidak akan menang dalam PRU14. PH tidak akan menang tanpa undi dari segolongan pengundi-pengundi yang dahulunya tegar menyokong BN.

    5. Tetapi di Malaysia, pihak manakah yang memulakan budaya memberi ‘cash’ @ ‘wang tunai’ kepada rakyat semata-mata untuk memancing undi rakyat? Kita perlu menjawab soalan ini dengan jujur.

    6. Setiap kali ada PRU, kita akan lihat senarai panjang janji pemberian wang tunai dalam bentuk elaun, wang sara hidup untuk golongan-golongan tertentu (nelayan, pemandu teksi, suri rumah, penjawat awam, penganggur, etc…), dan pelbagai lagi SOGOKAN dalam bentuk wang ringgit yang dapat secara percuma (tidak perlu bekerja). Dahulu, pinjaman PTPTN pun mahu dilupuskan jika mereka menang (tetapi diubah sedikit untuk PRU14). Tol pun dijanjikan untuk dihapuskan. Bukankah semua ini berbentuk sogokan @ rasuah?

    7. Agak menyedihkan dan amat memualkan bilamana pihak (menjadi pelopor) yang gemar menyogok rakyat dengan pelbagai pemberian ‘wang tunai’ boleh pula berdegar-degar bercakap tentang amalan rasuah yang mesti dibanteras. Cermin dulu diri sendiri!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  244. Sri Sense Dec 6,2018 3:52 PM

    Good evening

    Market still red and uninteresting. KLCI -10 points. Hari hari pun sama turun turun, now KLCI 1677.48.


    I think remaja sekarang patut di ajar budi pekerti. Zaman Tunku Abdul Rahman dulu ada satu siri kat tv. Years ago ada satu siri tak ingat samada tv3 or Astro punya, nama Rumah Kedai. Orang Brunei pun tau siri ini. Now I think banyak cerita hantu, seram or lawak. TV channels patut membanyakkan siri atau cerita yang menjadi teladan baik. Begitu juga bila cipta lagu biarlah ada nilai moral dalam lirik. Bukan sekadar lagu cinta, putus cinta.

    Alright, I nak share ini;

    Not right for Johor Pakatan govt to blame BN for Pulau Kukup issue, says Surendran

    PETALING JAYA: The Johor state government must stop evading responsibility for the degazetting of Pulau Kukup as a national park and immediately restore its status, says the group Lawyers for Liberty.

    Its advisor N. Surendran said that a bid to shift the blame to Barisan Nasional was unacceptable, as the actual degazetting order was made by the Pakatan state authorities on Sept 24, four months after it took over the state.

    He said while it was true that the Barisan state government made the decision to degazette Pulau Kukup in March 2018, they were not responsible for the actual degazetting.

    “Why did the Pakatan state government proceed to give effect to BN’s decision for degazetting the internationally recognised Pulau Kukup wetland? Why did they go through with it?

    “The Pakatan state exco had every opportunity to reverse the decision of the previous BN government. They did not do so,” Surendran said in a statement on Thursday (Dec 6).

    His statement was in response to Johor state exco member Aminolhuda Hassan, who blamed the previous Barisan-led state government for the degazetting of Pulau Kukup as a national park.

    Concerns about Pulau Kukup were sparked by a gazette dated Oct 25 that had gone viral, notifying that the state authorities will cancel the whole area as a national park under subsection 3(3) of the National Park Environment Enactment (Johor) 1989.

    Surendran said that the state government could reverse the degazetting, and restore the status of Pulau Kukup as a national park with the stroke of a pen.

    Surendran also said that the Federal Government must move to preserve Pulau Kukup by invoking the National Heritage Act 2005.

    “Under the Act, any site which has ‘natural heritage’ may be declared a ‘heritage site’ by the Commissioner of Heritage.

    “Natural heritage under the Act includes any ‘natural sites of outstanding value’; Pulau Kukup clearly qualifies to be a heritage site.

    “The Act can be invoked, irrespective of who owns the land now.

    “We urge the federal government to waste no more time in doing the necessary to preserve and protect Pulau Kukup, in light of the continuing failure of the state government to do so,” he said.

    Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim had on Wednesday (Dec 5) said that Pulau Kukup will become Sultanate land after the Johor state government has de-gazetted it from a national park.

    He claimed that the island, one of the few pristine wetlands in South-East Asia, will be “better protected” after its status is changed from national park to Sultanate land.

    On Wednesday, Surendran had asked why the stripping of the national park status was done “silently”, without any public announcement, until the gazette was leaked online.

    He noted that the island was originally gazetted as a national park in 1997 by the then Barisan state government.

    There are six national parks in Johor including Endau-Rompin Peta, Endau-Rompin Selai, Tanjung Piai, Pulau Kukup, Gunung Ledang, and Sultan Iskandar Marine Park.

    Pulau Kukup is renowned as the world’s second largest uninhabited mangrove island.

    It is one of Malaysia’s five Ramsar sites – wetlands of international importance under the United Nations’ Convention on Wetlands.

    According to the Johor National Parks Corporation website, Pulau Kukup has several endangered animals such as the flying fox, bearded pig and smooth-coated otter.


    – Let me remind orang Pakatan, Tun M dan Tan Sri M dari BN dulu. Ini susu untuk murid sekolah punya cerita pun nak dikeluarkan. Everything nak salahkan BN. Please stop acting like you from DAP or PKR. We are tired of the blaming game. Just do your work.

    Tun, may I suggest, the MOE bagi pada Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed. Maslee boleh bagi Menteri Belia. Syed Saddiq jadi Timbalan Menteri Communications and Multimedia.

  245. Abcde Dec 6,2018 1:43 PM

    The corruption perception index 2017 put Malaysia in the 62 place. New Zealand is first place. They can share how they keep corruption at bay.

  246. arim Dec 6,2018 1:18 PM

    1. Rasuah bermula dari semasa Tun mula mula jadi Perdana Menteri. Beberapa Menteri Menteri dan Menteri Menteri Besar telah hidup mewah tidak sewajar dengan pendapatan dari jawatan yang mereka pegang.
    2. Mereka menerima rasuah dari ahli ahli perniagaan dan memberi rasuah kepada orang orang ramai untuk menutup mulut mulut mereka dan juga untuk mendapat sokongan.
    3. Tetapi undang undang rasuah ketika itu adalah lemah, tidak berupaya untuk didakwa mereka dimahkamah. Disebabkan itu, selepas Tun bersara, rasuah berluluasa dan menjadi satu budaya semasa Najib.
    4. Sepatutnya, Tun gubal undang undang rasuah semasa Tun berkuasa dahulu supaya boleh didakwa mereka yang mempunyai harta lebih dari kemampuan mereka. Kalau Tun telah lakukan tersebut, saya percaya ahli ahli UMNO menjadi bersih dari rasuah, dan UMNO akan mempunyai pemimpin pemimpin yang bersih dan berwibawa.
    5. Disebabkan kegagalan Tun menangani rasuah dahulu, maka naiklah mereka yang perasuah dan yang kurang bijak menjadi pemimpin pemimpin.
    6. Sekali ini, sebelum Tun berundur dari kerajaan, pastikan undang undang baru rasuah ditubuhkan dan dikuatkuasakan supaya rasuah dapat dibendung.

  247. Fariq Islam Dec 6,2018 11:40 AM

    Assamualaikum, Tun.

    Apa yang disarankan Menteri Pendidikan betul, iaitu generasi muda patut dididik sejak peringkat awal bahawa perasuahan adalah sesuatu haram di sisi agama mahupun undang-undang.

    Dalam pada itu, parti yang begitu lantang dengan imej Islam kini pula “bersubahat”, nak bergabung tenaga dengan yang selama ini memegang prinsip “Cash Is King” – menyapu kekayaan tanpa memikirkan Negara dan Rakyat! Ini memang mengecewakan!

  248. Sri Sense Dec 6,2018 11:09 AM

    Two big rallies set on same day


    Suhakam’s Human Rights Day gathering is expected to begin at 9am in the morning and end at 3pm.

    Suhakam commissioner Jerald Joseph expects about only 3,000 people to attend the celebration in Petaling Jaya. That’s ramai laaa. KCD dulu buat fuction tak ramai, tapi bila part nak gambar salam dengan Tun, Tun Siti and Datuk Mukhriz pun berebut.

    The anti-Icerd rally will begin at 2pm and end at 6pm that day.

    Just nak pesan dengan anti ICERD, since Tun dah tak go forward with ICERD, biar perhimpunan ini aman antara orang Melayu orang Islam. Boleh networking too. Future business pun boleh build here too. Jangan jadi sebarang pergaduhan, rosak harta benda awam. Kita orang Islam nak tunjuk kita orang Islam ramai sudah cukup baik.

  249. milshah Dec 6,2018 11:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Oil price has dropped from USD70 a barrel (as per national budget 2019) to USD 50 barrel (this Thursday morning). This is worrying, as it has huge impact on our national budget for 2019. US must be very happy with Saudi at the lower oil price.

  250. Sharudin Jamal Dec 6,2018 10:34 AM

    Hi Chedet,

    As you know we had the Sparta 4964 as the initial model (Model 1) for perpetuity.

    With that we have Al Araf 7:7, Xanadu and Wolfsschanze.

    Then we had the House of Two Swords (HOTS), Hexagon, Honeycomb 7 and finally the Hive.

    Along the way, we decided on the model (Model 2) where we had the White Space.

    There will be eternal bliss where every matter is egalitarian and God is unconditional love and no torment whatsoever.

    Well last night before bed Jibrail (Tigera if you prefer his Binary King alias) came and asked me to switch back to the first model.

    I asked why?

    He said, Al Araf 7:7 had second thought about the whole thing. The first model has structure and order. On top of that, nothing was created in vain. By going for the second model, Al Araf 7:7, Xanadu and Wolfsschanze will be just that, creations created in vain.

    I agree with him. I was not comfortable with loving everybody unconditionally and the absent of justice.

    So we voted. As a group Al Araf 7:7 unanimously agreed with Model 1. My vote as the highest Troika is still open because I want to give you the benefit of the doubt. If Thor vote a yes to Model 2, I go with him. *I[t] it is a no, I go with the majority.

    * External intervention. Thor had decided.

    However the two models are not mutually exclusive. As I said in my earlier posting the White Space is still happening provided Xanadu and Wolfsschanze converged into an adjoining croissant superverse with Al Araf 7:7 being the link at the tip and I eventually become a Nothing. The second condition is EVERYBODY finish paying the ferryman, Marshal Alex Marconi.

    By then, we will have no higher-arch-y. All matters are One and all matters are Many.

    So, here is how it works, if you publish this article, you agree with Model 1. If you don’t publish, then I take it that you want Model 2 to happen sooner.

    Simple isn’t it?

    Sine Cera

    MSC 0072

  251. HBT456 Dec 6,2018 10:28 AM

    Menangis pun tak da guna, nasi dah jadi bubur.

    Its either lynas move out, revise their storage plan or sue the federal government yang terkini, itu saja.

    This will serve a lesson to australian business community too not to take things for granted since no one can predict the uncertainty of political changes.

    Japanese are trained to be very detail, focus and expect highly efficiency but can malay live up to this standard, itu terpulang kepada mereka yang berkuasa.

    P/s: bak kata, di atas sana boleh pilih kasih, di bawah dan luar sana pun boleh pilih. melayu mudah lupa, atau mereka ini bagai kacang lupa kulit atau apa2 because of too obsess in being political right without thinking the consequences deeply by just main hatam to sedapkan hati boss mereka, will this habit be changed overnight since it had gone far too long until bn loose out with focus on toppling dsn and his wife with mana myr 2.6 billion. it is not a secret down there, and everyone know. i am not in their shoes, but whatever they do, i wish them all the best.

  252. Anak.muda Dec 6,2018 10:04 AM

    Assalamualaikum tun.

    1.sepatutnya ini sahajalah sebab kenapa rakyat malaysia perlu menolak Rejim bn najib pada pru 14 yang lepas.kerana najib memperkenalkan budaya rasuah secara terbuka.tidak perlulah kita menyokong PH atas alasan manifesto pakatan harapan dan lain-lain.

    2.budaya rasuah secara terbuka ni tersangatlah bahaya kerana ianya akan menjadikan negara ini negara tanpa undang-undang.antara 3 negara terbawah didalam corruption perception index 2017 adalah negara syria.kebetulan saya mempunyai seorang pekerja separuh masa warga syria.dia berkata pada saya negara syria sudah korup dari atas hingga ke bawah.rasuah memang dilakukan secara terangan.saya tidak ingin melihat negara saya jadi seperti itu.

    3.masih lagi saya ingat pada malam sebelum pru 14, najib seperti biasa berucap dengan penuh gula2 untuk merasuah rakyat dan tun berucap agar rakyat malaysia kembali bermaruah agar dapat menolak budaya rasuah secara terbuka.kalau pakatan harapan tak dapat menang pada pru14 lepas, pru 15 pasti bn akan terus berkuasa kerana kita ketiadaan pemimpin berkaliber. Kudrat Tun pada tahun 2023 mungkin dah tak mampu untuk memipin kita semua dan DSAI saya pasti takkan dibenarkan bertanding pada pru tersebut kerana penggantungan kes mahkamah.

    4.kalau jati diri,integriti dan pegangan hidup kita sangat kuat, saya rasa ianya tiada masalah. Yang jadi masalah bila kita dicampak ketempat hijau kita pun jadi hijau, campak ketempat biru kita ikut sekali jadi biru. Bagi saya itu yang bermasalah.bila dah jadi menteri,diberi pangkat dato seri, mula bergaul dengan golongan elit. Nak mula berjinak-jinak ikot gaya hidup golongan elit, itu yang bermasalah.

    5.yelah, pendapatan menteri kita dh tahu ade yang sampai rm70k sebulan. Dah cukup banyak sebenarnya.tapi bila mereka nak ikut gaya hidup golongan elit, apelah sangat 70k kalau banding dengan pendapatan ahli perniagaan berpangkat dato seri yang boleh cecah sampai 70k satu hari.tengok hari2 mereka makan wagyu di restoran menate smpai rm8k sekali makan.pak menteri pun sama berpangkat dato seri mesti tak nak mengalah jugak.bila sedar diri tak cukup kaya, mulelah jadi rambang mata.

    6.jadi saya harap tun meletakkan satu undang2 iaitu samada barisan kabinet kerajaan ataupun semua mp dalam parlimen tidak dibenarkan menerima apa2 darjah kebesaran sepanjang perkhidmatan mereka untuk memastikan semua mp dan menteri sentiasa sedar dan berpijak dibumi yang nyata.

    Tolong jaga kesihatan tun

  253. HBT456 Dec 6,2018 9:54 AM

    If myr5 million can shut his mouth at macc putrajaya, then, you will know how easily for them to be lobbied with snap of fingers by changing statements.

    Jika kerbau tu tak minum air, no one can force the kerbau to minum air.

    Jika mereka tak nak extreme islamic kind of environment, no one can force us to move in there.

    P/s : the old way of doing things no longer relevant, thats why bn loose out majority votes, but will the gabungan of ph, pas, umno and independent parties in peninsula, sabah and sarawak can make wonder and park under bersatu again just for bailout in the name of nasionalism and patriotism with malay bias policy, the end result would be ultra, dan tidak kukuh. siapakah yang untung? yup, parti politik yang akan untung kerana tabiat pilih kasih, bukan kerana mereka erti buat kerja. which way to go? Bak kata, if tuanpunya tanah allowed, then be grateful, but if they dont allow, then, the best way out is not to waste another generation or 2 just to make political parties hepi. apakah itu halal, apakah itu haram, itu terpulang kepada mereka yang kini berkuasa di putrajaya.

  254. Sri Sense Dec 6,2018 9:41 AM

    Tambah sedikit

    @Musato, apa apps tu? Tapi jenis forward gambar separuh bogel perempuan muda I pernah nampak dalam whatsapps group.

    I mengadu kat my hubby about this, I very very unhappy with the family group, what this 70ish guys doing, real miang. c’mon this is family group, be respectful!.

    After that I tak pernah participate lagi dalam group itu.

  255. Sri Sense Dec 6,2018 9:31 AM

    Selamat pagi YAB Tun

    Harap Tun dan Tun Siti sihat. Jangan lupa makan ubat. Kesihatan itu penting.

    Tun, I think media memainkan peranan penting menyebar maklumat. Amat mengewakan bila media suka bercerita lebih tentang 1MDB, TH, or rasuah lain2. Cerita economy terus tenggelam. Hal2 nation lain terus tenggelam.

    I can faham bloggers menulis dimasa lapang, luahkan perasaan. Tapi news portal. I just tak faham la. 2 3 hari sudah ada menulis 1MDB dan Khosoggi. La lagi. On and on serupa. Seronok kut memalukan orang Melayu.

    Tadi I ternampak sami temple kata devotees pun polis cekup. Dah pulak drama tamil.

    I teringat zaman Pak Lah. Pak Lah bagi kebebesan akhbar bersuara pada mulanya. I pernah tanya orang akhbar tentang ini mereka pun blur, ada tanya kebebasan tu sampai kemana.

  256. HBT456 Dec 6,2018 8:46 AM

    This nasional idea in degazetting pulau kukup in cooling off the property marketv is much much much better than those mps who main hantam just to build a bird nest stadium similar than that of beijing sesuka hati mereka.

    P/s: with this kind of mps that only syiok main hantam buta tuli just to get the approval from federal government at putrajaya tanpa keluar satu sen pun dengan memainkan akta 153, you rasa pengundi di negeri sana bodoh, buta atau pekak?

  257. UB79 Dec 6,2018 8:45 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Semoga Tun berada dalam tahap kesihatan yang baik.

    1. Semasa era pentadbiran Kerajaan terdahulu ramai ahli perniagaan/usahawan telah menerima pelbagai tekanan dari Badan – Badan Kerajaan seperti  (KWSP/LHDN/PERKESO dll) dalam bentuk tuntutan saman dan pengistiharan bankrup demi memungut hasil untuk Kerajaan. Namun, banyak syarikat yang gagal  memenuhi tuntuntan tersebut kerana kekurangan sumber pendapatan. Pelbagai usaha telah dilakukan oleh pengusaha syarikat dalam memenuhi tuntutan ini seperti menjual asset, termasuk meminjam dari Ah Long kerana syarikat / Pengarah tidak dapat membuat pinjaman bank akibat disenarai hitam dari saman-saman tersebut.

    2. PRU14 telah mencipta sejarah apabila kerajaan BN ditumbangkan buat kali pertama. Kejayaan PH menerajui negara telah memberi harapan yang tinggi kepada para peniaga dan rakyat supaya satu perubahan dapat dilakukan termasuk mengurangkan tekanan kepada peniaga dan memperbetulkan budaya yang tidak sihat.

    3. Sehubungan itu, besarlah harapan supaya Tun dapat mengkaji tindakan – tindakan Mahkamah yang telah dikenakan oleh badan Kerajaan semasa pemerintahan kerajaan terdahulu supaya ditangguhkan/dibatalkan selari dengan tempoh perlaksanaan pemulihan ekonomi negara. Peniaga-peniaga juga memerlukan ruang dan tempoh bagi memulihkan ekonomi syarikat yang terjejas dan memberi fokus kepada perniagaan sepenuhnya.

    4. Antara tekanan yang dikenakan semasa pentadbiran Kerajaan terdahulu dan masih diteruskan adalah seperti berikut :

    1. Tindakan Saman
    2. Tindakan kebankrupan
    3. Larangan ke luar negara kerana di Saman Badan Kerajaan

    5. Terdapat juga pengusaha syarikat yang ingin menceburkan diri dalam pasaran antarabangsa. Namun, atas faktor larangan ke luar negara yang dikenakan akibat dari saman-saman ini menyebabkan Pengarah syarikat berkenaan tidak dapat menghadiri sebarang Rundingan dan keadaan ini membantutkan usaha mereka.

    Semoga Tun mendengar keluhan rakyat dalam perkara ini dan rakyat yakin Tun mempunyai saluran dan kaedah terbaik untuk menyelesaikan perkara ini supaya tidak membebankan rakyat.


    Suara Rakyat

  258. HBT456 Dec 6,2018 8:34 AM

    Yup, thats bad news to hard working malaysians but good news to those greedy, fearless, makan haram, menyampah, pembodek, malas, buta-tuli copy cats mps who treat voters like dedak eaters and the federal budget like their family owned punya ATM.

    The bright side of these 2 rallies will make the voters more resillient in exercizing their voting powers in future.

    Umno gabung pas will only heartened the hearts of those who do not condone to QE whereby non muslim needs to work harder and pay taxes and petrol subsidies as lender (ruling government, and the muslim no need to work hard or pay back as borrower (shadow government).

    P/s: ini bukan soal kekayaan malay atau non malay, ini adalah soal pindah agama by manipulating the sentiment of the voters in general out there, khususnya secara lembut dan heboh that would change the demographic and position of the country domestically, regionally and internationally. Pendek kata, the glass of water is either perceived as half full or half empty, but if raise more taxes and petrol subsidies just to fill up the glass to cover the past low quality nasional projects that do not generate growth of the economy for sure will loose votes.

  259. musato Dec 5,2018 11:04 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    App store telah membuang satu app yang telah banyak menyumbang kepada pornografi seperti yang telah saya tulis sebelum ini.

    Ia satu berita gembira buat saya kerana permintaan saya telah ditunaikan.

    Tapi bila difikirkan dan diselidik, apa kena mengena kuasa Tun untuk membolehkan serta mempengaruhi keputusan app store membuang app tersebut?

    Tapaknya di US. Atau adakah orang Melayu yang berpengaruh di dalamnya?

    Atau pun ianya hanyalah satu kebetulan.

    Tapi jika kerajaan yang lakukan…wooowwww!!! bagi saya.

    Permintaan saya telah ditunaikan. Alhamdulillah.

    Maha Suci Allah.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  260. HBT456 Dec 5,2018 10:45 PM

    Soros no longer welcome in hongkong, and singapore too.

    Even facebook management team is tracking his critics in facebook that can cause chaos and tension to the target countries.

    Tdm shouldnt get mad anymore with the critism of soros that pissed him off and the then cabinet that lead to force pegging usd1 to myr3.80 come with capital control with full supports from bn component parties and voters during that time.

    The lesson learned is absolute power corrupts absolutely, hence, parliament needs 2 parties system as check and balance.

    The blessing is tdm is elected as the pm for 2nd time.

    What happened in the past mps cannot change, what will happen in the future, mps can only improve in parliament, not on the street to confuse the people to cover their mistakes, deeds and greeds by changing government.

    A wise stateman shall never bring chaos to or war onto their home land that make their people suffer.

    Merry christmas and happy new year.

  261. HBT456 Dec 5,2018 10:10 PM

    What happened to the penang under ground tunnel in connecting bukit mertajam and penang island since the apanama indian fella was found to take a photo with the then cm penang with no shoes at a private residence?

    And now mr anthony loke of ph go gei po negara jiran, singapore?

    P/s: jika atasnya tak betul, di bawah nya pun mesti tak betul. rojak tepi jalan pun tak kisah, janji no food poisoning, is it?

  262. HBT456 Dec 5,2018 9:46 PM

    They really dont care what happen to this country, people, fdi and foreign workers, all they care is dapat kuasa saja.

    P/s: violent is not our way of life, jika nak protests, please behave if not this akward situation will only make this country more regress with absolute power. Only her race can decide, others cannot?

  263. HBT456 Dec 5,2018 9:38 PM

    I rasa Tun tak perlu bersusah hati, biarkanlah. Tun kata rule of law, jadi biarlah badan berkenaan buat kerja dengan jujur dan amanah. Politician ini come and go. Kalau tak boleh buat kerja, sogok la apa pun, tak siapa peduli pun.

    Ag kan wajib menurut perintah pm, tak gitu?

    Changing hand at the highest level and with new set of protest?

    If really spill out these green snakes, then, you will know who will have more supports to the mess.

    P/s: with this kind of corrupted, evil and damn greedy and fearless racist bigots of cakap tak serupa bikin punya tahi lembu, then, you will know the rule of law is no difference from rule of jungle. betul2 patah hati with this group of boot lickers.

  264. HBT456 Dec 5,2018 6:02 PM

    Whatever they want to say, its up to them.

    What will happen, it will happen.

    What will not happen, it will not happen.

    P/s: good, bad, ugly or evil, its up to them to decide since everyone is watching their move closely.

  265. adelheid Dec 5,2018 5:12 PM

    Dear Tun,

    This is a very sad word indeed – memperasuahkan – and if ever a certain people can be made to be perverted by bribery and corruption it could mean the beginning of the end for the people. Nation and country too would fall when no law nor legal penalties are able to rectify the perversion of morality.

    Wealth and power have made bribery and corruption easier when the people choose to ignore what is right over what is known as the worldly evil – money, favour, influence, position, power – these are the ingredients that could make it all so difficult for a man to walk the straight path. Since the time of old it has already been written and reminded of us. It isn’t easy to defeat lust and greed. It needs the truth to break the barrier that will lead us to righteousness, morality being the first to pass the test.

    Nevertheless we are not to give up hope. There is still much we can do to make things right. We must begin with unravelling the truth and thus mending what has gone wrong, first with the Heart. Morality has no two face about it.

    Love you dear PM Tun! Take good care and stay safe always.

  266. Sri Sense Dec 5,2018 3:56 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Wah market merah lagi, tengok pun sakit mata. Bila la nak recover losses? 🙁

    I tidak anggap cash is king. Dulu sebelum datang duit, people would barter to obtain the goods and services they needed. 2 individu, each possessing some goods the other wanted, would enter into an agreement to trade. Nothing immoral or illegal here.

    Of course now lain cerita with the story of TH la, IMDB la, but that all dah nak masuk bicara. Polis dah buat kerja, sekarang boleh dakwa dakwi, but that too only one side of the story, yang dituduh pun nanti ada cerita sendiri. Bersalah atau tak, hanya court yang decide.

    My only anger with UMNO kerana cara mereka buat Tun. I anggap mereka kejam buat seorang negarawan begitu. Gambar Tun terus dipadamkan. Jasa Tun terus dipadamkan. Apa saja Tun pernah buat nak dipadamkan. However, I tidak benci UMNO. I don’t like those leaders, yes. Kacang lupakan kulit.

    I rasa Tun tak perlu bersusah hati, biarkanlah. Tun kata rule of law, jadi biarlah badan berkenaan buat kerja dengan jujur dan amanah. Politician ini come and go. Kalau tak boleh buat kerja, sogok la apa pun, tak siapa peduli pun.

    I ingat dulu, UMNO suka sedekah kain pelikat kat Kelantan. Orang Kelantan sapu tapi vote PAS juga.

    Kalau Tun nak satukan Melayu ada baiknya UMNO tutup, tapi Tun kata Zahid enggan, so lantak dia orang la, besar kepala.

    Tun, ini nak hujung tahun, just relaks pergi bercuti, Tun balik cuti, Tan Sri pula cuti, ambil masa bersama keluarga masing2. Menteri Tun yang ada sekarang Menteri baru, ramai mereka enggan belajar. Mereka tampak terlalu tertumpu pada parti masing2 yang punya agenda tersendiri.

    Kalau I nampak bagus buat kerja Anthony Loke. But dia pun pernah kena bantai tak handle kes teksi well. Tapi tampak beliau masih gigih nak buat kerja. That’s a good sign.

    That’s all for now.

  267. milshah Dec 5,2018 2:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Saya rasa inilah artikel Tun yang pertama di blog chedet setelah menjadi Perdana Menteri. Tahniah kerana berjaya akhirnya dapat mencari masa untuk menulis walaupun hanya sekadar lapan perenggan sahaja.

    Benar, rasuah itu perkara yang amat keji, apatah lagi jika rasuah itu sudah menjadi amalan biasa atau budaya sesuatu masyarakat. Apabila negara dipimpin oleh Najib, yang terkenal di seluruh dunia sebagai seorang kleptokrat, maka saya kuatir, adakah amalan rasuah ini telah meresap menjadi budaya masyarakat kita? Najib dengan tanpa segan silu memperkenalkan dasar “cash is king” dan “you help me, I help you” kepada masyarakat kita. Bahkan saya kuatir PH akan kalah dalam PRU 14, sebab penggunaan kuasa “cash is king”.

    Tetapi alhamdulillah, kita dapat melihat, rakyat menentang kerajaan kleptokrat pimpinan Najib. Buat pertama kali dalam sejarah negara, BN tumbang dan kalah dalam PRU 14. Inilah bukti nyata rakyat masih tidak dapat menerima rasuah sebagai satu amalan hidup.

    Walaupun rakyat disogok dengan macam-macam habuan sebelum PRU, namun kerajaan BN tetap tumbang. Bukan setakat tumbang, bahkan BN sekarang ini pun telah berpecah, hanya tinggal tiga parti sahaja. Dan MCA pun berkata mahu BN dibubarkan sama sekali. Demikian lah nasib pada pada mereka-mereka yang menjadikan rasuah sebagai satu amalan.

    Rakyat sekarang pintar, mereka tahu kuasa undi ada pada tangan mereka. Jadi usahlah cuba memberi habuan-habuan supaya mereka kenal undi. Iainya tidak akan berjaya.

    Wahai ahli-ahli BN, ketahuilah, selama mana kamu menyokong Najib atau mereka-mereka yang menyokong Najib dan membenarkan budaya rasuah, selama itulah kamu akan kalah dalam setiap PRU!

    Kepada pemimpin-pemimpin yang terlibat dengan rasuah, apa gunanya menjadi pemimpin tertinggi parti, kalau kamu tidak dapat menjadi kerajaan. Saya pun sekarang boleh tubuh parti baru ABU, dan ada ahli majlis tertinggi pilihan saya, tetapi status parti baru ABU ini samalah dengan UMNO dan BN, kerana kedua-duanya tidak menjadi kerajaan. Kamu boleh sogok ketua-ketua cawangan, ketua-ketua bahagian untuk memilih kamu, tetapi kamu tidak boleh sogok rakyat untuk undi kamu!

    Hakikatnya BN dan UMNO yang begitu berjasa dan megah dahulu menjadi seperti sekarang ini, pemimpin-pemimpin yang terlibat menjadikan BN dan UMNO sebegini, adalah satu pengkhianatan besar kepada agama, bangsa dan negara. Bertaubatlah!

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