1. Among the most important objectives of Pakatan Harapan when it was struggling to overthrow the kleptocratic government of Najib Razak was the restoration of the Rule of Law. Najib had ignored the law when it suited him. In fact the laws were abused in order to oppress the people. Instead of protecting the people, the laws exposed the people to unknown but real fears.

2. The basic law of Malaysia is the constitution. It is a comprehensive body of laws which determines the legal structure of Malaysia from the Yang Di Pertuan Agong to the Rulers of the States, to the Federal and State Governments and the bodies empowered to rule and enforce.

3. All other laws are derived from the constitution. No law which in any way negates the constitution may be promulgated.

4. The Rule of Law applies to everyone from the Rulers to the Prime Minister and Ministers, to the civil servants and ordinary citizens.

5. There is no provision which exempts anyone from the Rule of Law. For the Rulers there is a special court but the laws are the same as the laws applicable to ordinary citizens. The Rulers too must respect the laws.

6. It is disturbing to see blatant breaches of the law being perpetrated in the mistaken belief that immunity has somehow been accorded.

7. We had agreed that Malaysia accepts democracy, i.e rule of the people by the people, and for the people. This by common consent takes the form of a Parliamentary Democracy with a constitutional monarch at State and Federal levels. Towards this end the constitution and law at different levels have been promulgated. Unfortunately certain breaches of the laws have been committed without action being taken by the law enforcement agencies. In other words the Rule of Law has been ignored.

8. The result is predictable. The citizens suffer from injustices. Businesses cannot be done properly. Property has been seized. Unusual and illegal actions have been perpetrated.

9. This being so, public complaints against such actions are legitimate and do not breach any law. They will not be considered as sedition in any way. They will be regarded as free speech. Citizens can make reports on these matters or openly speak about them.

10. The Pakatan Harapan Government will uphold the law and the rights of the citizens.

11. The Rule of Law will be upheld.

212 thoughts on “THE RULE OF LAW

  1. oliverwright Aug 10,2020 4:39 PM

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  2. HBT456 May 5,2019 9:38 AM

    I came across a model agency registered in malaysia that hired white beauties from ukraine or russia.

    The hr department of this company from penang hired their models for roadshow was kind off pissed off with these white beauties in behaving badly and rudely in the washroom of a very famous hotel in kl that could jeopardize their hard earn prestige positioninhg decided to had a word with the foreign turk or arab runner for that model agency few years back.

    This runner said this pic cannot complain because they are fully back up from kerabat johor, aku pun terkejut.

    To understand the nadi ekonomi negeri mahupun negara, you must go in there to feel it yourself.

    Jika dulu tak boleh, kini dan besok pun tak boleh.


    Because igp too must menurut perintah menteri kdn to keep political stability.

    Therefore, whoever got elected to form the cabinet and name the perdana menteri, everyone will know when the general election result is published officially for the next 5 years.

    Without federal constitution, there will be no malaysia.

    When federal constitution is weakened by vote splitting and swap seats, then, be prepared for another sub-prime mortgage meltdown that would affect all of us due to repeat of cold war among inner states in malaya, borneo and north borneo.

    Dont forget, whoever this kadir is, he is part of the past dna generation that built malaysia as it is today.

    As voter, i wont hina this kadir in media because i know he did what he thought was best as malaysian politician.


    Without his dna, we can never reach this stage.

    Bak kata, tak nak takpa, tapi jangan hina.

    Good luck, and all the best to the wannabes, and thank you.

  3. HBT456 May 4,2019 9:35 AM

    Well, the case presented by vijay is a very very very great great grandfather stories happened everywhere.

    The issue has nothing to do with the government initiatives, the issue is how the activists exploited the issue of youth failures in making the issue to be a law because to them thats the challenge.

    I still remember when there was no online banking with no parking space in the 90s, i missed 3 installment for my 1st proton car with maybank due to long que, and it was impossible to make payment during lunch time due to long que.

    3 indian mamak waited me in front of my house, and force me out of my car, and took over the driver seat, and drove me to the bank so that i could pay.

    Yes, i paid, and i was scared and terrified by their action.

    To me, this is a blessing, and i was not angry with these 3 indian mamak since they were doing their job.

    After this incident, maybank was my least favorite bank at time.

    Havent you heard of dont do as i said, do as i told you?

    If KXP is pushed by private initiatives, then, other states also can do that, right?

    Tak jadi, then, salah federal ministry, not state ministry?

    When race and religion conflicts can make you rich, what can you do?

    Yup fu.k the government of the day to get rich overnight.

    We have gone through so many of these grey areas, and yet they still want to continue, what happen next?

    When general election is called, we will know who is in, and who is out.

    P/s: everyone can dream big, but how many can make it? the real threat to this country is there are just too many political parties being registered just to break votes. to say yes is easy, but if they say no, will you listen? winner takes all, similarly, loosers take all. god bless, and all the best.

  4. vijay@arjunjason166 Apr 29,2019 1:50 PM
    15yr of legal offices experience, later for GE13 involved in Election Monitoring.
    Sep, 2017-i was adjudged Bankrupt because due in Car loan with the bank, BUT I KNOW WHAT WERE HAPPENING TO ACTIVISTS AROUND THE SEP, 2017 TIME BEFORE GE14 WERE INFORMED.
    i HAVE BEEN PAYING TO INSOLVENSI KL FOR TWO YEAR ALREADY NOW. ##I WAS MADE BANKRUPT BECAUSE MY PROTON PERSONA, AND LATER I SPOKEN TO INSOLVENSI TO TAKE MY CAR AND PAY THE BANK? Insolvensi said they got no power, so now the is still with me not using. My monthly earning now is below RM500,and if im allowed to use the said car, i may earn abit more. I cannot negotiate with Bank because its against the rule








    Our KBS minister is informed of this and Pakatan and DAP and all the relevant NGO’s.

    similarly another 30,000 youths were made bankrupt due to car purchase, they are now hiding in kampungs, as security guards, AND HOMELESS AT CHOWKIT, BUKIT BINTANG, PASAR SENI,PETALING STREETS, YES I WALKED AND TALKED.

    MY ENTRY INTO UM WILL SET NEW PRECEDENCE, and benefits other bankrupts to atleast study while waiting for the years to end and lift the status.

    Thank you

  5. Simple Mind Feb 19,2019 12:35 PM

    Assalam’kum Tun,
    Hope to find you in good health, this New Year!

    I think the law makers lack ideas and are less knowledgeable about the “State of the country” They have to find ideas, by reading. It can come from any source, be it in TV, Youtube, Facebook, etc. of any local or foreign news, articles, magazine, journals, etc.
    We can also copy from what other countries are doing, provided it benefits our people and the economy. As an example, if we look at our neighbours, they are copying from us, as in Formula One (night), Casinos, LCCT (as in Seletar airport), etc. and recently pay outs to its citizens (in the form of vouchers)

    One would not get an “F” for copying.

  6. Hajar Feb 11,2019 8:03 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,


    Sudah semakin ramai pemimpin-pemimpin PH yang ditangkap menipu (berpura-pura) tentang kelayakan akademik mereka.

    Inikah dia Kerajaan yang bukan main gah lagi bercakap tentang INTEGRITI, AMANAH dan ANTI-KORUPSI? Mempromosi dan menyanjung undang-undang kononnya. Amat meloyakan!

    Undang-undang tentang kesalahan menipu kelayakan akademik pun mereka tidak dapat hadam!

    Maksudnya mereka ini sudah menipu dan berpura-pura sejak sekian lama! Halalkah gaji atau apa saja projek / jawatan/ pangkat yang diperoleh dengan menggunakan sijil / ijazah/ kelayakan palsu?

    Sekarang saya faham mengapa PRESTASI Kerajaan PH amat mendukacitakan…

    Rupa-rupanya Tun telah terpedaya dengan lakonan-lakonan mantap oleh sesetengah pemimpin PH.

    Tun tahukah apa kelayakan sebenar Menteri Kewangan LGE?

    Lagi satu Tun tahukah apa kelayakan MB Perak (pandai bersandiwara rupanya)? Bagaimana dengan MB Johor?

    Tentang YB Zuraida, mengapa baru sekarang mahu menyalahkan pihak lain bila kebenaran sudah terserlah.

    Indah khabar dari rupa saja majoriti pemimpin2 PH. Memang teruk dan hampeh (majoriti).

    Yang kena buang dari institusi pengajian tinggi dan ditendang keluar dari Universiti pun ada. Alahai…Sedihnya…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  7. superSepantun Feb 8,2019 7:59 AM
    Fasa 2….

    Yg ni yg banyak masalah…
    Seperti tahun tahun lepas kita telah tengok.. banyak yg menghimpit nak kan tapak meniaga di situ..
    Entah apa yang dikawtim dengan penguatkuasa/perlesenan..?
    Tahun lepas.. dgn food truck/jajan.. dgn kuota persatuan.. dgn kuota pertubuhan… dgn kuota ayahanda/abg long kawasan….semua pun nk jugak..

    Banyak ramai yg nk tapak..ada yang bebetul peniaga yg nk meniaga… manyak juga yg nak untung atas angin..jual tapak..

    Biasanya peniaga yg bebetul niaga akan mencari tapak ekstra utk lelong brg niaga..last berberapa hari sebelum raya..

    DiHarap DBKL buat kajian utk fasa 2…
    Mungkin tender terbuka utk tapak…
    Atau mungkin juga cabutan undi sama spt proses fasa 1..
    Atau mungkin juga tidak perlu utk anjurkan fasa 2 pada tahun ni..

    Eerrr..kalau lah dpt dianjurkan fasa 1, …mungkin juga nanti Tun boleh dtg jalan jalan di bazar sambil shopping skit..
    Eerrr..kalau lah dpt undi tapak rezeki nama saya..mungkin juga nnti sy bagitau nombor tapak.. manalah tau kut..kut.. Tun sudi dtg shopping kt gerai saya…

    …Eerrr… kalau..lah…

    Salam ukhwah,
    selamat hari Jumaat..
    Doa dilimpah..
    rahmat rezki berkat..

  8. Sri Sense Feb 6,2019 9:48 AM

    Good morning Tun

    I beli glasses dari Malaya Optical sebab website mereka ada gambar Tun.

    Semalam I baca ada usahawan anak Perak kata Syed Saddiq kencing dia. Khabarnya dia diminta hantar produk, Syed Saddiq akan promo. Tiba2 produk orang lain jadi pilihan. Produk dia kena balun free. Pasal dia bising kata Syed Saddiq kencing, Syed Saddiq kata dah promo kat 7 Eleven, and dah cakap dengan Vincent Tan. Apa yang aneh sini, bila I google I jumpa satu article lama tarikh 2017 yang menyatakan company ini dah close deal dengan Mesra Petronas dan juga Seven Eleven untuk kemasukkan produk mereka. 2017 bukan 2019.

    I juga ternampak gambar DPM online. Apa pasal DPM ini suka kipas. Makin besar kipas.

    Oh ya Azmin masuk hospital. I hope beliau cepat sembuh. Pasal terlalu ramai datang melawat, Agong pun turut ziarah kat hospital, pihak hospital hantar Azmin balik rumah untuk rehat.

    I teringat hubby I dulu sama kes. Hubby have angioplasty in a hospital. Bkan satu, a few. Pakar pun pening terlalu ramai sangat datang lawat. Pakar risau suruh kurangkan pelawat dengan segera. Pakar tak kasi balik cepat, hubby pula nak balik rumah.

    Less pelawat while at home, kalau ada nak datang mereka buat appointment dulu hahaha

    Bab rule of law, I ada baca Majilis bandaran rajin buat kerja, Penang sampai Selangor. Tumpuan banyak pada kesalahan kedai2 makan.

    I cuma nak minta MBSA dan pihak berwajib yang lain, saman those yang letak iklan baner2, poster2 merata-rata. Gantung kat pokok, gantung kat pagar. Tak kira la party politik or ah long, sama saja.

    Sepatutnya mereka ini disaman kerana polluted tempat awam dan kawasan rumah orang. Juga sikap mereka yang tidak bertanggung jawab menyebabkan kerugian gomen. Tun tau kalau nak lesen iklan gantung, kena bayar duit kat gomen. Dulu I ingat satu tiang 80 ringgit, sekarang tak tau.

  9. HBT456 Feb 6,2019 7:30 AM

    Mungkin she thinks lanun lagenda idola dia sama taraf dengan pirates of the caribbean kut.

    Apa2 pun, ia memang terbukti movie ini telah masuk top box office, dan kini dalam proses filming part 6 serial, tak payah pakai usd dan euro pun kita boleh enjoy in movie and home theaters, atau online later, dengan myr, apa2 yang susah2 dan bising2 ini, dia ingat dia cute, dia mesti dipilih first, alahai.

    There is a huge difference between skilled mindset and unskilled mindset, cant blame her for self praising herself as cute dung since majority of them are having such habit in her sector samapai melayu kita pun kata mereka ini memang tak buat kerja.

    Aiyo, kan kerja mereka ini bz bodek bossku, gosip dan kuat main politik, mana ada masa nak buat kerja, tak gitu?

    Berminda cerdik, atau berminda cetek?

    No worries, she cant do it, there are many of us out who are more than willing to such works as malaysian.

    P/s: there are so many of her kind in the gomen sector, buat apa nak marah2 dan sindir2 mereka ini since we have general election in every 5 years?

  10. Sri Sense Feb 5,2019 10:07 AM

    Good morning!

    Tengah malam semalam dengar bedilan fire crackers, bukan main kuat macam nak terbakar satu kampung.

    Bab Raya

    What’s so fun about reunion dinners, ask single, young, overweight Chinese

    I don’t think orang Melayu celebrate that much. Anak2 pun dah ramai tak balik minta ampun dan maaf musim hari raya. Mereka pakai smartphones, video calls, hantar messages. Hantar kad hari raya pun tidak. Mereka anggap parents macam kawan2. Boleh buli buli, for example come to my house and raya, instead of us pergi your house. Not only that rendang ketupat lemang you can eat anytime. Baju kurung baju melayu you can pakai anytime. Sentiasa ada peniaga menjual merata-rata tak kira musim. Selain dari tu terlalu banyak cuti, cuti makan banyak duit. Nak balik kampung or jalan2 kepusat percutian, minyak kereta, tol, makan2 kat RNR, all duit, duit dan duit.

    Come join us, Amanah tells PAS members

    This what I call tak ada kerja cari kerja

    Penduduk Semenyih mahu pekan berwajah baru

    To me semua boleh janji, tunai atau tidak its another thing. Many election promises yang lama tak tertunai. Semenyih suburb, usually parti pembangkang boleh menang. Kalau tengok zaman BN. Kawasan bandar selalunya dapat pada pembangkang. Reason for this selalunya sebab pengundi tidak begitu perlu pembangunan seperti pengundi diluar bandar. But PAS/UMNO tidak sure menang. Tun’s power. Seperti I sebut earlier, cuba taruh calon bukan Melayu agama Islam. Test market. Kalau menang jelas nampak siapa pengundi pilih. As for Bersatu, hmmmm pretty sure Tun dan Azmin tau apa nak buat.

  11. Hajar Feb 4,2019 7:17 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Pelik sungguh perangai segolongan warga Malaysia. Lanun pun mereka boleh puja setelah lanun hilang kuasa. Takkanlah dengan lakonan bagai (konon teraniaya), perangai buruk (salah laku) boleh ditolak ke tepi begitu saja.

    Bekas PM Najib terlibat secara langsung dengan skandal ECRL. Tun dan Kerajaan PH sepatutnya dari awal dulu sudah batalkan projek ECRL kerana harga tidak masuk akal dan ada yang tidak kena. Ini belum lagi dikira salah laku menyalahi undang2 Negara yang dilakukan oleh DSN & konco2 beliau dalam kes ECRL. Tidak perlu lagi bertangguh. BATALKAN dengan segera. Buat menyemak kepala saja.

    #MaluApaBossKu sepatutnya ditukar kepada #MaluApaLanunKu

    Keadaan bekas PM Najib sama seperti keadaan bekas TPM Anwar. Anwar masih dipuja oleh para penyokong beliau yang taasub walaupun ada rekod jenayah. Nampak sangat orang Malaysia ada yang tidak cerdik!

    2. Bercakap tentang perangai & peraturan, semalam saya beli barang di sebuah pasaraya. Saya tengah beratur untuk timbang barang. Tiba2 ada wanita Cina (tahap ‘Aunty’) tolak saya dan letak barang dia di atas barang saya (1 saja). Kurang ajar betul! Dia ingat dia boleh main potong ‘queue’ saja. Mentang2 lah badan saya kecil, boleh dia tolak sesuka hati. Saya cakap, “Tak tahu beratur ke? Apa tolak2 ni..”. Muka pun samseng bila saya tegur; rasanya dia tidak faham BM. Pendatang haram kot! Tukang timbang pun geleng kepala melihat perangai orang tersebut.

    3. Sebelum itu, saya tukar wang Ringgit ke Euro dan USD. Ada seorang (Indon kot) yang tidak sabar2 untuk tukar wang (jenis yang tidak tahu peraturan juga). Saya belum dapat ‘balance’ (dekat RM80; saya beri semua note RM100), dan pengurup lupa beri ‘balance’ sebab melayan yang seorang lagi. Dan saya pun terus tinggalkan tempat itu; terlupa minta ‘balance’ sebab sibuk kira wang Euro / USD. Bila balik rumah saya cek balik wang yang saya dapat dan baru teringat tentang ‘balance’. Saya talipon pengurup wang. Dia suruh saya datang balik petang dan saya dapat kembali wang saya (dia periksa CCTV). Nasib baik dia ingat muka saya (yang ‘cute’ .. hahaha..), dan bila saya sampai dia memang berdiri di luar ofis tunggu saya. Ini pula contoh orang yang tahu adab, dan dan tidak mahu kehilangan pelanggan yang ‘cute’… 🙂 .

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  12. superSepantun Feb 4,2019 5:04 AM

    Salam sejahtra, selamat pagi..
    Selamat tahun baru cina,

    Bulan dua sudah menjelma,
    Bulan lima..selamat berpuasa..
    Entahkn sudi, entah terima..
    Hajat di hati nak minta kerja..
    Disiar kaki sekadar menjaja..
    Mencari rezki menyambut raya..

    Bazar Ramdhan Jln Masjid india/Lorong TAR..
    Seperti tahun tahun lepas kebiasaan… DBKL membuka permohonan (fasa 1: 30hari niaga)
    Telus dibuat melalui proses undi..
    -Hantar dokumen berkaitan..
    antara syarat dokumen adalah pemohon hendaklah yg telah & masih mempunyai lesen penjaja DBKL..
    = harap syarat ini ditambah baik kpd mereka yg telah mempunyai lesen menjaja
    “ATAU” mereka peniaga melayu yg mempunyai daftar niaga SSM
    (alamat KL)..
    :dh ada lesen, minta lg lesen..hurmm…
    :daftar SSM, boleh la sikit Tun.. boleh dijadi sumber rujukan maklumat data..

    -Datang hari mengundi..
    -Siapa yg berjaya..akan diumumkan..
    =harap dpt undi & umumkan 50hari sebelum bazar bermula utk memudahkn peniaga mmbuat persedian i.e order bahan dll..
    Tukang masak kuih/kerepek..
    Tukang jahit pakaian..
    Tukang packing/print..dll

    Tahun yg lepas lepas, mereka yg berjaya undi juga dikehendaki membeli kanopi drp DBKL..
    =Harap ada kajian mungkin DBKL tutup sbhgian jalan & gunakan khemah besar (marquee tent)
    Dari simpang Maybank hingga simpang SemuaHouse..
    Setiap Peniaga tidak lg perlu mmbeli kanopi, sebaliknya wang tersebut digunakan utk bayar & selenggara & ultiliti Marquee tent..
    Penjaja/pembantu yg sah berlesen shj dibenarkan..
    Jualan barangan kering shj..
    Pengunjung beli, bungkus, bawa balik..
    Bhg penguatkuasaan/perlesenan sila ambil perhatian..& harap jgn pula yg ada kawtim luar..
    Tiada lagi penjaja rambo yg tidak berlesen) berkeliaran diluar kawasan khemah besar..
    Tiada lg yg jual makanan jajan.. :pengunjung dtg sambil shopping sambil beli jajan..sambil makan/minum sambil jalan jalan.. habis makan buang sepah.. sampah..

    Jika nk jual minuman.. hanya minuman tin & botol shj.. mudah & rezeki utk pengumpul kitar semula..

    (Fasa 1: 30hari niaga)

    Fasa 2:
    lagi 10hari atau
    lagi 2 minggu nak raya

  13. Sri Sense Feb 3,2019 10:44 AM

    Salam Ahad. Tak lama lagi raya Cina. I tertarik baca satu tulisan MEMO to Pakatan Harapan: You have a Malay problem.

    Nak kena hantar memo ka? PH tak tau ka? Kelakar pulok.

    To orang korporat memo ini perkara biasa. Dapat memo dari boss. Memo selalu membawa berita tak baik. Memo selalu about satu perubahan. Untuk parti politik? Entah. Untuk parti politik yang ada 4 dalamnya yang jelas ada macam2 agenda tersendiri. Entah. Boleh ka memo ini diterima?

    Memo diatas berkenaan kemenangan BN di CH. Ada orang kata gini ada orang kata gitu. For me, sejak PH yang tak sampai setahun jagung naik, terlalu banyak PRK, ada yang disebabkan kematian, itu tak dapat elak, kuasa Allah. Ada yang bagi laluan untuk certain individu bertanding, tak kurang ada juga nak cabar kemenangan yang sedikit. Ini dapat dielakkan, kuasa manusia.

    And also sejak PH naik, kuasa sebenarnya jelas ditangan DAP. Tak tau la kot kot mereka riuh lebih. Tapi pasal itu, ramai orang Melayu menyampah. Ramai pula orang Cina besar kepala. Ramai pula orang India tak ikut undang2.

    Therefore, tajuk rule of law, ini boleh dipertikaikan. Tajuk rule of law ini boleh dipersendakan.

    Recent findings by independent research group Ilham Centre.

    About 17% of Malay-Muslims picked PKR as the main protector of Malay and Islam issues, 4% picked Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, and 3% picked Amanah, compared with nearly 30% that picked PAS, and 27% that picked Umno. And 62.9% of Malays agreed that non-Muslims control the Federal Government after the May 9 elections while 62% believed that the DAP has more influence than other PH component parties on the government’s decisions.

    Apa kata Rafizi yang juga ada research centre? 🙂 Maybe dia akan senada dengan Wan Azizah, ramai orang ingat Tun dalam BN lagi. Kelakar pulok. Kan ke Tun naik pentas dengan team2 plus calon before election day. I nampak gambar macam ramai datang. Takan mereka ini semua datang naik bas.

  14. Sri Sense Feb 3,2019 12:04 AM


    Judging by public comments online, I think chances for Bersatu menang 50-50 Semenyih.

    If UMNO/PAS unsure dapat rebut kerusi ini, why not letak calon bukan Melayu. Maybe Tok Mat ada strategi. I cuma fikir saja. Letak Chinese or Indian, agama Islam. I kata gitu baca komen dari PAS macam mereka unsure menang sebab state government PH. Calon BN yang lama tak nak tanding.

    Maria Chin ini orang PH.

    I ada baca desas desus kes orang asli dengan kerajaan Kelantan, Maria ini yang prepare dengan Siti Kassim, tetapi DAP telah guna ini sebelum waktunya, untuk election CH.

    I rasa pelik masa Tun luar negara, tiba2 je keluar. And I pernah nampak berita AG kata dah bincang sama Tun. Tapi Tun masa tu luar negara. Cerita macam tribunal ka?

    Desas desus juga kata itu sebab anak Maria ini kena attack sampai masuk hospital.


  15. Hajar Feb 2,2019 10:06 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Saya dapat rasakan yang PH akan kalah di PRK Semenyih.

    2. Ini tiada kaitan dengan KONONNYA bekas PM Najib sudah mula diterima kembali oleh rakyat. Saya masih lagi meluat melihat gelagat beliau yang tidak tahu malu. Jika seorang pemimpin sudah melakukan kesalahan2 berat (banyak bukti sahih), eloklah duduk diam-diam (‘shut up’). Tidak perlu jadi badut. Lebih baik bermuhasabah diri dan lihat kembali apa yang menyebabkan beliau ditolak rakyat pada PRU14.

    3. Namun PH pula dalam keadaan lintang-pukang. Cuba tengok kekusutan dalam SPR, dan lihat pula BERSIH yang perasan ‘bersih’ dan ingat mereka saja yang betul. Sejak bila pula Bersih jadi badan pemantau yang menentukan apa yang betul dan apa yang salah? ‘The Rule of Bersih’? Maaf cakap, boleh blahlah…Adakah Bersih wakil Kerajaan PH? Jika benar, tidak hairanlah PH dalam keadaan haru-biru. Siapakah yang beri cadangan paling bodoh untuk dakwat kekal digunakan dalam pilihanraya bagi menangani isu pengundi ‘hantu’?

    4. AG Tommy Thomas pula nampak amat tidak arif dalam menangani isu Tribunal yang dilantik untuk menyiasat salah laku (kononnya) 6 anggota SPR pada PRU14 yang lalu. Alahai…bukankah ‘Rule of Law’ sudah mengatakan yang Tribunal tersebut tidak boleh memecat orang yang sudah meletak jawatan! Awatlah degil dan bodoh sombong sangat AG lantikan Tun ini…

    5. Objektif penubuhan Tribunal sudah ‘terhapus’. Tribunal sudah tiada KES untuk terus wujud. Tribunal mesti dibubarkan. Jangan membazir wang dan masa rakyat untuk kepuasan peribadi (dendam)!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  16. Sri Sense Jan 30,2019 10:07 AM

    Sempena hujah sdr Ibrahim Ali, izinkan saya keluarkan sedikit komen tentang KCD, I find it strange bila KCD suka promo Syed Saddiq. Pada yang tak tau KCD adalah singkatan Kelab Chedet. Macam mana KCD jadi kelab Syed Saddiq. Chedet kan ada anak nama Mukhriz yang aktif dalam politik. Maybe sdr Ibrahim Ali boleh komen sikit, after all antara Perkasa dan KCD ada link, kan.

  17. Sri Sense Jan 30,2019 9:45 AM

    Salam Tun Mahathir

    I tak berapa minat isu luar negara sebab dalam negara sendiri kucar kacir. I tertarik baca komen ini;




    1. Kemenangan besar CALON BN membawa erti isu IMDB, SRC dan kleptokrasi kepimpinan DSNR sudah berakhir. Rakyat sudah jemu dan fed up.

    2. Ia juga mengesahkan RAKYAT MENERIMA HAKIKAT PH ADALAH PEMBOHONG kerana gagal menunaikan janji Manifesto dan janji 100 hari jika menang PRU-14.

    3. Amat jelas dan tegas orang melayu MENOLAK DAP yang membawa Dasar Malaysian Malaysia iaitu Dasar Kesamarataan yang kini menjadi Dasar PH dengan slogan ‘haprak’ Malaysia Baru.

    4. Rakyat juga menolak berbagai kenyataan yang dibawa oleh pemimpin PH kononnya negara akan bankrup jika tidak tukar kerajaan. Propaganda PH sebelum PRU-14.

    5. Rakyat juga naik benci atas sikap angkuh para menteri PH dengan lagak serta egonya yang melampau tetapi kerja dan tugas bercelaru

    6. Orang Melayu menolak PH bulat-bulat kerana melihat berbagai angkara yang tidak menyenangkan saperti penghinaan terhadap Islam Raja-Raja Melayu dan orang melayu di mana tidak ada tindakan tegas malah seolah seolah kerajaan lepas tangan.

    7. Kenyataan celupar oleh segelintir Melayu liberal dan peranan Cik Siti Kassim dan Ambiga yang menyokong PH menjadikan orang Melayu naik muak dan muntah.

    8. Gelagat pemimpin Melayu dalam Bersatu, Amanah dan PKR juga membuat orang Melayu naik benci dan meluat. Adakala pemimpin Melayu PH sendiri mempersenda maruah Melayu dan Islam kerana mahu mendapat undi Cina dan India sanggup buat macam-macam hal.

    Malah ada yang bersikap tidak beradab, kasar dan kurang ajar. Contohnya seorang Exco Melaka dan seorang Timbalan Menteri yang berkempen di PRK Cameron Highlands baru-baru ini.

    9. Rakyat juga terkejut dengan berita anak Mat Sabu ditangkap positif dadah. Bapa cakap berdegar-degar dan sering mencemuh pihak lawan tetapi gagal mendidik anak sendiri.

    10. Rakyat juga menjadi bosan dan meluat kerana melihat pemimpin PH ‘cakap tidak serupa bikin’. Sebelum PRU-14 menuduh UMNO/BN menyalahgunakan kuasa seperti menggunakan kemudahan kerajaan tetapi semasa PRK Cameron Highlands pemimpin PH melakukan perkara yang sama.

    BERSIH adalah alat propaganda PH sebelum ini. Natijahnya rakyat berkata 2×5 dan 5×2 sama sahaja. Lebih baik BN kata mereka, kerana kurang hipokrit daripada PH. Nampak alim tetapi tak alim. Rakyat tolak sifat hipokrit yang melampau.

    11. Gembar-gembur MP UMNO melompat menguntungkan UMNO/BN. Aneh. Pelik tapi benar.Apatah lagi dicop pula lompat beruk.

    Ini juga rakyat jijik terutama yang mendapat banyak faedah dari UMNO seperti pangkat projek dan jawatan menteri. Ianya rahmat yang tidak terduga kepada UMNO rupanya kerana rakyat boleh kenal antara permata dan kaca yang sebenarnya.

    Kempen PH di PRK Cameron Highlands diburukkan lagi dengan kehadiran Mustapha Mohamad. Kehadirannya berkempen di Cameron Highlands bukan sahaja membantu mengurangkan undi PH tetapi menambahkan lagi rasa jelik orang ramai kepada PH. Inilah antara yang diperkatakan di kedai-kedai kopi.

    12. Kes kematian arwah Adib, pegawai bomba juga membuat orang Melayu terlalu kecewa kerana sampai sekarang yang dituduh hilang dan tidak ditangkap. Sepatutnya berada dalam penjara tanpa jaminan. Sekarang terpaksa menunggu inkues pula yang belum pasti apa kesudahannya. Orang melayu amat marah dan pendam kemarahan di hati masing-masing.

    13. Sebenarnya tugas Tun M sudah berakhir. Matlamat Tun M hanya mahu singkir DSNR. Misi sudah selesai. Apakah tergamak untuk menyerah kuasa politik kepada DAP yang ‘kelingking berkait’. Nasi sudah menjadi bubur.

    14. Pengundi Cina dan India tetap solidkepada DAP/PH. Kepada orang Cina, mereka sudah menguasai ekonomi. Kini mereka mahu menguasai kuasa politik. Sekarang mereka sudah hampir dapat. Bagi orang Cina ‘now or never‘.

    15. Faktor calon juga memberi kelebihan kepada BN. Orang Asli hampir bulat kepada calon BN. Parti Pribumi Bersatu gagal menarik sokongan Orang Asli kepada PH.

    Orang Asli naik bingung dan terkeliru bagaimana Parti Pribumi yang mendakwa berjuang untuk kaum pribumi tidak menyokong calon Orang Asli tetapi menyokong calon DAP orang India.

    Orang Asli Cameron Highlands hebat. Bijak menilai dan membuat keputusan. Tahniah buat mereka. Saya menyokong secara peribadi dan berkempen untuk YB Ramli calon Orang Asli beragama Islam melawan calon DAP. Ini juga ibadat yang pasti mendapat ganjatan pahala mengikut ajaran Islam. Iajuga tuntutan semasa berdasarkan kemelut politik tanah air.

    16. Faktor utama kemenangan BN juga adalah strategi kerjasama UMNO dan PAS. Sumbangan undi penyokong tegar Pas tidak sedikit. Kekalahan PRU-14 adalah kerana 3 penjuru. Jika Pas tidak bertanding terdapat 29 kursi Parlimen PH tidak akan menang dan memberi kelebihan kepada BN.

    17. Perjalanan ‘Rules of Law‘ nampaknya pilih kasih. Pengundi elit dan pengundi muda tidak senang hati kerana mereka melihat Rules Of Law dilaksanakan secara pilih kasih. Dulu BN juga dituduh mengamalkan pilih kasih tetapi kini PH juga dilihat mengamalkan perkara yang sama.

    Pendapat ulasan saya ini tanpa apa-apa sentimen dan ianya secara ilmiah. Sedikit pengalaman yang saya ada dalam dunia perjuangan politik yang sentiasa di akar umbi, menjadi panduan kepada asas ulasan dan pengamatan saya terhadap PRK Cameron Highlands secara jujur dan ikhlas.

    Bagi UMNO/BN, kemenangan PRK Cameron Highlands adalah permulaan dari kekalahan teruk PRU-14 sehingga kehilangan kuasa.

    Perjalanan baru bermula dan masih jauh. Jangan angkuh dan sombong. Rakyat mahu pemimpin yang bersih dan dilihat bersih terutama generasi muda.

    Jika Dato Seri Mohamad Hasan diangkat sebagai Pemangku Presiden dan bukan setakat menjalankan tugas Presiden nescaya kebangkitan semula UMNO seumpama bedilan bunga api.

    Selepas kalah dan hilang kuasa pada PRU-14, UMNO ibarat dilanda koma dan nazak.

    Selepas PRK Cameron Highlands, mereka sudah sedar dan buka mata. Tapi belum dapat dipindah ke CCU. Masih dalam perhatian rapi rakyat. Peminpin UMNO yang sedia ada kenalah berkorban jika ingin melihat UMNO/BN bangkit semula. Sekarang cahaya di hujung terowong berkelip kembali. Jika tidak, mungkin hidup, tetapi cacat atau lumpuh.

    Maaf jika mana-mana pihak tersinggung. Niat saya sekadar memberi pendapat ikhlas sebagai satu ulasan poltik dari seorang ahli politik yang bebas dan tidak berparti sejak 2003.

    Terima kasih.

    Dato Paduka Dr Ibrahim Ali

    Presiden Perkasa mantan Ahli Parlimen.

    – Membaca diatas, sedikit sebanyak adalah benda2 yang I dan Hajar dok sebut di sini. And also some points yang I tidak tau. I juga pernah baca yang ada orang kata LKS ancient his bahasa Melayu terrible. I teringat seorang kat sini. Terfikir pulak orang yang sama ka? kikiki Alahai tak payah la gaduh2 Bersatu dengan UMNO, hantar je LKS dan gang kempen untuk PH di Semenyih, pasti one of you akan dapat big majority kikiki

  18. Sri Sense Jan 28,2019 11:02 PM

    Wah I baca Tun kata, BN guna race cards. Bior benor benor sikit.

    Apa pasal I baca news keliling DAP dan team guna isu bangsa ini lebih2. Nak bagi orang asli full citizenship. Orang Melayu tak nak beli kuih orang asli lah. Nak saman kerajaan Kelantan la over orang asli issue. Tiba2 je pasal nak election. Suaram pun ada bersuara apa pasal tak saman kerajaan Sarawak over the same things.

    Tak nak bagi tok batin elaun jika tak pilih PH. Ini kalau tak silap dari konco PKR. Part rule of law, team PH ini lagi tak ikut undang2. Pakai baju ada logo masuk tempat mengundi, guna kereta kerajaan. Hantar hamper malam buta.

    Orang asli raya CNY ka? Tauke mana kasi tu? Angpow tak kasi? I tau businessman Cina dulu kalau masuk jabatan kerajaan rajin bagi angpow kat staff yang rajin tolong mereka. Buruk2 pun dulu kasi musim CNY 200 ringgit.

    Like I say before, kalau kat Kelantan, you bagi la apa, mereka ambil, undi tetap PAS.

    I juga baca Wan Azizah kata ramai ingat Tun masih BN. What if betul, mereka vote BN because of that? I doubt so.

    Pahang kan ke BN. Agong baru naik also Sultan Pahang. Mereka semua familiar dengan mantan PM. Anak jati Pahang. Mereka juga familiar dengan calon BN. Anak watan.

    If you tanya I now siapa I akan pilih next GE. I tetap pilih party yang jaga Malay rights, jaga Islam my religion. I tak minat Malay liberal party. Though I Melayu modern my mind tidak begitu liberal. I tidak pakai hijab, I pakai selendang ke official function only, but I tetap pilih Islam sebagai my religion. I don’t understand those yang kata mereka Melayu modern maka Islam bukan agama pilihan mereka. Or promote LGBT. To me golongan ini hidup cari makan di Malaysia dengan nyaman. Takan golongan ini now nak ikhtiraf perkahwinan semasa mereka pula?

    In other words kalau Bersatu tak mampu jadi party idaman I, I tak vote Bersatu. Kalaulah Sultan naik jadi next PM also I suka. I see Brunei doing ok. Just saying!

  19. Sri Sense Jan 28,2019 4:09 PM

    Good afternoon Tun yang dikasihi

    I agree with Hajar. Tertanya-tanya juga kalau SPR dah hantu, ada tak pengundi hantu? Lets say, kalau PRK Port Dickson tak halal maka PRK Cameron Highland tak halal. Jangan excited PH, I sebut PRK Port Dickson dulu kan? hahaha

    Ok pe, Malaysia bakal tiada international sports event. Tun sayang Syed Saddiq, tiada event, kurang kerja Menteri muda ini. hahaha

    I pernah baca beliau suka main game online kat pejabat. I pun main game online tapi I bukan Menteri. I banyak masa lapang, bursa pun sentiasa merah menyala. Thank you PH for making my life more miserable.

    Hajar, siapa halau kita balik kampung? Amboi itu sebijik macam kempen May 13. I pernah sebut sini masa May 13 I anak kecil, but I dapat rasa the pressure. My dad pernah beli gambar, I ingat lagi gambar itu, pemuda india atas lori tunjuk buntut kat orang Melayu. Bersamanya atas lori pemuda2 Cina. Begitulah sombong mereka bila menang. Ini kalah also sombong!

    I juga ada dengar cerita Lokman’s brother letak gambar buntut online kena cekup masuk jel tapi yang dok mengata Sultan, orang Melayu, agama Islam boleh bebas. Khabarnya sedition law itu boleh buka dan tutup sesuka hati.

    I tak tahu apa nak cakap lagi, Tun kata rule of law. Rule of law itu untuk siapa? I ingat satu masa dulu I ada kawan seorang Tan Sri, big boss public listed company. I pergi AGM chaired by him, dia kata kat I, dia sentiasa tolong Melayu. I tanya dia balik, Melayu mana you tolong? You?.

    I juga ada baca Rais Yatim dok rekomen macam2 untuk menang PRK Semenyih. May I add, just hantar LKS dan team sana, pasti menang majoriti besar dengan independent candidates. Jangan excited PH, I kata menang majority besar dengan independent candidates sahaja. You know, macam Cameron Highlands.

    Sorry ya Tun, I beri pendapat jujur dan ikhlas. Therefore, orang Melayu, orang bumiputera, orang Islam harus bersatu.

  20. Fariq Islam Jan 28,2019 3:00 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Cameron Highland by-election results were something expected. Why? The existing Government, in certain aspects/areas, is perceived as going against Rakyat’s wishes.

    – Rakyat don’t want the death sentence to be abolished, as there is a severe risk of transforming this nation into drug-trafficking country.

    – Rakyat face high living costs. Promises remain empty promises, especially for what the Finance Minister has said and done. The recent move to increase water tariff was a bad move.

    – The economic policies seem not right in the sense that the fuel rate is subject to weekly floatation despite Malaysia being a oil-producing nation (as especially claimed by DAP last time), the property market is made dull and inactive due to imposition of real property gain tax, the unemployment rate keeps increasing due to poor policies in attracting foreign investment.

    – Last but not least, Finance Minister cut allocation for TARC/TAR U has caused Chinese votes to switch. Until now, we still cannot see any good reason behind cutting allocation, except for political revenge.

  21. sibotak Jan 28,2019 11:11 AM

    You made yr point of the Paralympic
    But its wise to shut up than voicing when you are weak and nobody

    Meaning Malaysia has a long way to braves it all
    You have to be silence
    Malaysia needs to be prepared

    The very reasons I keep repeating
    Every Muslim today must made efforts to unite The Ummah
    Muslim Leader must also made that efforts despite yr Sunni ,
    Shite , Black or White
    Muslim must make these Moves
    Talking , Demostrating on the Street proves only a waste of time
    Its irrelevant in today world
    Yr own street gets dirtied , burn , hurting yr own economy

    Lets have a Party in Malaysia , Tun
    Invite The Muslims Leader to have a Party here in Malaysia
    I mean Lets meet and look at each other in the name of Ummah
    Lets have Nasheed from all over the Muslim World at our Stadium

    Even here if we really care of menjaga Ketuaan Melayu
    PKR, BERSATU ,UMNO , PAS must Unite
    From this coalition we form only One Party
    And we need to select the best of leaders from this pool of leaders
    By Voting

  22. Hajar Jan 28,2019 7:44 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    1. Alhamdulillah, YB Ramli Mohd Nor menang di CH. 🙂 Tun sebenarnya tahu yang PH bakal kalah.

    2. Teramat gembira saya bila puak RASIS tahap gaban ditolak oleh pengundi2 Cameron Highlands. Nampaknya meroyan sakan si Rasis sew*l di blog Chedet. Tok-Nenek dia yang datang ke Tanah Melayu (Malay Archipelago), tapi dia pula yang asyik suruh orang Melayu balik kampong. Hello, orang Melayu memang sudah berada di kampong asallah wahai dung*!. Memang sah sew*l! Penghuni Hospital Bahagia TR kot…

    3. ‘Sri Sense’, SPR = ‘Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya’. ‘Suruhanjaya’ ialah satu BADAN yang terdiri dari beberapa orang ahli/petugas. Tapi kita cuma ada Pengerusi SPR saja dalam SPR. ‘Badan’ yang ada ‘kepala’ saja memang tidak logik.

    4. Ada yang berhujah yang PM (Tun M) pun boleh jalankan tugas seorang diri, tetapi Tun sudah ada TPM dan MPs dalam PH (sebelum Kabinet penuh terbentuk). Mesyuarat Kabinet pula berlangsung dengan adanya beberapa ahli Kabinet yang telah dilantik (bukan Tun cakap sorang2). Jadi kepada yang kata PM pun boleh jalankan tugas seorang diri, hujah ini dangkal.

    5. Azhar @ Art Harun bermesyuarat seorang diri agaknya. Dia kata undang2 membenarkan dia buat keputusan seorang diri dalam SPR. Benarkah?

    6. Saya setuju dengan dakwaan yang mengatakan kita sekarang ada SPR ‘Hantu’ kerana ia badan yang tidak lengkap (tidak sah?). Jika berlaku apa2 kepada Azhar Harun, siapa yang akan memangku jawatan Pengerusi SPR? Jelas ini tidak bertepatan dengan Undang2 dan Perlembagaan Negara. Khabarnya, Azhar Harun seorang peguam. ‘Rule of Law’ kah, atau syok sendiri kah?

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  23. HBT456 Jan 27,2019 6:58 PM

    Umno didnt obey the rule of federal parliament, maka terhilang undi tidak percaya kaum dan bukan malay muslim serentak pada 2008 and 2018.

    Unless, game of seat swapping behind the back of the voters is on again.

    They have done this so many times dengan sogok, dan takda orang peduli pun, akhirnya tupai terjatuh ke laut.

    P/s: political uncertainty is always there since politicians could be rigged behind the voters. the main tasks of journalists is to get ministers to talk and provide details for their readers to read under column of politics. when ministers know their jobs well, they can answer questions anytime, anywhere, but the judgement of the ministers’ performance would be based on what they answered in the media spontaneously, cannot tukar and denial punya.

  24. HBT456 Jan 27,2019 6:42 PM

    When local news published the prk result for any by-elections, then, its officials.

    Mana boleh jadi tak sah pulak and used the title of agong as the political factor to not recognizing the result sesuka hati boss FMT portal news.

    By-elections, in fact, is not compulsory, but since the ruling ph party just like bn opposition party perceived these elections as important, then, by-elections are on to choose the puppet, i mean, mp, for that constituency.

    SPR “hantu”: PRK Port Dickson, Cameron Highlands tidak sah?

    Hajar, what say you?

    Hantu ke, atau Tuhan?

    Mesti la Tuhan because thats our savings untuk hari tua jugak.

    Can sarawak host the olympic event of swimming with israelis participants?

    P/s: there is no way ph kdn at federal level can issue special visa to the israelis participants without 2/3 majority votes at the federal level just like bn because rule of the federal parliament must be obeyed.

  25. musato Jan 27,2019 6:01 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    PRU15 adalah untuk turunkan Najib kerana skandal 1MDB. Kleptorasi yang paling besar di dunia pernah berlaku.

    PM mempunyai kuasa yang besar sehingga tidak boleh dibuang. Melainkan melalui proses undi. Itu pun sehingga terpaksa menumbangkan seluruh parti.

    Maka dengan tumbangnya satu parti yang selama ini telah berjasa kepada rakyat Malaysia, ia telah diganti dengan satu kerajaan yang banyak keladaknya.

    Kerajaan ini keruh. Sekali digode gode, maka keladak dari bawah airnya timbul.

    Sudah tentu ia perlu ditapis untuk menjernihkannya. Baru air itu selamat untuk diminum.

    Air yang bersih dan terisi dengan klorin pasti tidak akan diisi ruang oleh nyamuk Aedes yang memang menantikan air tulen yang ditakungkan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  26. Sri Sense Jan 27,2019 1:20 PM


    Ini ada berkenaan dengan rule of law

    SPR “hantu”: PRK Port Dickson, Cameron Highlands tidak sah?

    Hajar, what say you?

  27. Sri Sense Jan 27,2019 12:27 PM

    Good afternoon, happy sunday!

    Antara munasabah dan tak munasabah – bila PH get into trouble mereka start cakap about 1MDB hahaha

    Siapa Menhen? Baru tahu Menteri Hal Ehwal Najib – LKS. Tak munasabah cerita pasal Najib, Najib bukan President UMNO, Najib bukan Pengerusi BN, Najib bukan PM, Najib hanya MP Pekan. Apa la hal sibuk sangat dengan Najib ni? hahaha

    Part Najib share jalan sana sini, nothing strange, most of my FB friends kalau jalan, kalau makan, signboard salah bahasa, signboard senget, kereta cat pelik dll mereka memang selalu share kat fb.

    Najib nyanyi also nothing strange, a few of my fb friends pun buat gitu, budak sabah, orang america, kalau suka nyanyi mereka nyanyi lagu kegemaran dan mereka share kat fb. Ada tu duet dengan another person in lokasi berbeza. Sharing memang culture fb sebelum adanya instagram. Update status also culture fb sebelum ada twitter.

    Of course Najib dapat ramai follower sebab dia mantan PM Malaysia. I bukan. So kalau Najib jalan makan certain shop bukan saja tempat itu nama naik bahkan orang tak tahu wujud kedai itu jadi tau. Like hubby pernah kata; Najib makan sini? Ini kat opis. Pasal Najib dah cuba, hubby pun teringin nak cuba makan situ.

    Bila Najib jalan ka Ipoh, boleh juga beli kacang putih Buntong. Kedai India ada a few di sini. Not sure betul ke tak, mereka semua adik beradik. I biasa beli kat kedai yang ada 2 kon kacang putih depan kedainya. Kalau jual kat KL dan kawasan sekitar, kacang putih ini dipanggil sebagai kacang Ipoh. Kalau beli di Buntong dari kilang, harga jauh murah dari beli sini selain dari rasanya fresh.

    Nampaknya Tok Mat berjaya jalan tugas President UMNO. Kalau Semenyih UMNO menang, elok sangat Tok Mat terus jadi President UMNO. Tok Zahid boleh guna kesempatan ini buat apa yang dia suka seperti Tok Najib. Jalan2 makan2 or pergi masjid2 tiada salah with it, kalau salah hanya dimata DAP sahaja.

    Have a pleasant Sunday!

  28. HBT456 Jan 27,2019 8:31 AM

    Betul tetap betul.

    Salah tetap salah.

    If you played by the rule of the game, you will be alright because thats the compulsory requirements of the game of winner takes all, looser takes all as politicians of political parties could be rigged behind the voters.

    But if you played by the rule of zero sum game, opportunities and chances of winning will have zero effects on the voters in general because we are who we are, tak boleh tipu dan sorok punya.

    Not being in the federal and state ministries is not the end of the world since there are many windows of opportunities available out there to earn a decent living as long as we are willing to work and fullfill the agreement of the employment.

    Jika dulu mereka tak boleh, kini mereka pun tak boleh, besok dan lusa mereka pun tak boleh.

    P/s: it is still come back to chicken and egg issues, bak kata, siapakah mereka yang makan cili, mereka lah yang rasa pedas. nothing is impossible in this world, but are you katak di bawah perigi, atau katak di atas perigi? tepuk dadah, tanya selera.

  29. HBT456 Jan 27,2019 7:58 AM

    Why shocked?

    Isnt the rule of game for the pusing sini, pusing sana, memang macam ini?

    Azmin ada boss, guan eng ada boss, najib pun ada boss dan yang lain2 pun ada boss mereka, ia memang sudu more than kuah.

    Siapakah boss mereka di dalam hati, cannot say out one because its classified as osa at putrajaya.

    As expected, ramli burger is still the preferred brand untuk masyarakat umun kerana jenama ini adalah paling murah di pasaran negeri masing2 mereka, and the sound bite of pas-umno merger talks has begin, and the location is at semenyih this time.

    The cancellation of ecrl project is expected, is it because to jimat myr500 juta bunga faedah, or based on favoritism of race and religion supremacy?

    Frogs cannot walk, they jump because that their biological nature.

    We, human, walk straight forward, and that our nature.

    P/s: who wants to be the billion dollar whale with lord of the rings this time? are you ready? isreal? palestine? my way? your way? my cronies? your cronies? my friends, your friends? as saying goes, never take things for granted, a business that took you 20 years to build can be ruined in 5 minutes since no one knows who is swimming naked in there. no matter how bad is the storm, it will stop, clear sky will come again, and thats mother nature, henceforth, just wait it out and let the storm pass through first.

  30. sibotak Jan 26,2019 11:48 PM

    I prefer you & yr Minister to stay away from Press unless if necessary
    Press , Questions are meant for an answer
    But it will often be use to fish out yr weakness , be the platform for the opposition or our National enemy

    You & Saddiq are are capable but both you may made mistakes
    And these mistakes is an assets to yr opposition or our enemy

    Anwar our future promise PM must note this also
    Anwar not my favorite as he talks a lot & irrelevant
    As i repeatedly stress Anwar must respect & learn from you
    Not ignore & disrespect you as yr predecessor PM of yr choice PakLah & Najib
    I strongly believe foreign Govt will advantage if Anwar or our future leaders are weak & incapable like Paklah worst of all Najib
    As both have no vision not knowing their directions

    Trump may look a clown alike Najib
    But he indeed is a Smarter clown
    Sometimes I see Trump is Cute
    He works , he bargain his way for America
    These are True Leaders Character
    He has the same thick skin as Najib but he delivers US interest well
    He puts US importance above all even though he lie & lied
    Whatever it takes , No matter how embarrass , No matter how wrong it is
    US importance & interest is his top priority even he has to kill a Nation

    Unlike Najib & our First Lady Rosmah whom moves around expensively , showing off But shy to delivers Malaysia importance
    By now Anwar must have plans
    Must have Vision and must know how to behave
    Dare to make the changes
    Dare to Speak
    Dare to Delivers
    Dare to be Thick Skin like Trump and be able to deliver

    I am looking forward Syed Saddiq to be our next PM after Anwar
    Be the youngest PM of Malaysia
    By then He is a Mature Politician and a develop Man
    He must not make mistake, must know to hide his weakness
    He must be guided & supervise by his carer

    Malaysia must made efforts to Unite our Ummah
    naming ourselves as an Islamic Nation
    We must extend our self to Russia , China
    We must built our own weapons even it is made from ( Buluh ) Bamboos
    Like we learn to built our Protons

  31. Sri Sense Jan 26,2019 11:30 PM


    I nak jawab musato.

    I ada follower thomson reuters, sekarang tak tau la, masih follower ke tidak. Pasal mereka follower I, I pun jadi follower mereka, sejak tak aktif I tak rajin lawat sana. 😀

  32. Sri Sense Jan 26,2019 11:21 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Menang besar BN. Jauh kebelakang tertinggal calon DAP.

    Harap Tun sihat. I sebenarnya tidak setuju Tun turun kempen. Bukankah LKS dan gang dah bijak kempen.

    Kalau dulu majority amat kecil, hanya 500 ratus lebih, sekarang nah tengok. Walau pun ada cakap2, kononnya ada naik percentage sokongan dri rakyat disana, hanya sekadar nak sedapkan hati PH.

    Tengok figure kita dah tau kalah besar, dulu kalah sikit. Tu la gatal2 sangat tuduh MIC rasuah sekarang apa jadi. Sampai ada orang mengata sewa helicopter nak kutuk Najib tak berbaloi pun.

    Ini I nak cerita pasal hamper. Setau I hamper ini orang kasi pada yang nak beraya. Opis hubby kalau hari raya puasa semua orang Melayu dapat hamper, kalau orang Cina orang India, tengok raya apa dia celebrate, kalau dia kristian bagilah hari krismas. Takan nak kasi berkali kali hamper kan. Lagu ini company pun boleh bankrupt. Tun faham kan kenapa I cerita pasal hamper.

    I terkejut PH kalah? Tidak. I memang dah agak. I baca keliling I detected, I memang tau. Orang keliling Tun mungkin tak nampak, mereka cuma nampak LKS, LGE, Anwar, hero dari segala segi. Me free agent, I see things clearer. Hajar berdoa, I also tak terkejut. I dah nampak. Sorry Tun, your team up there, ada orang panggil autism.

    As orang yang memangkah DAP, I memang antara yang kecewa.

    Wah Najib pun pergi makan nasi kandar Jalan Yang Kalthom. I pula beli durian dari Raub Pahang. Beli di sini. I jarang pergi Pahang. Kuantan ada pergi sekali sekala. Anak perempaun I ada disana. Pernah makan satay zul. Tapi I suka lagi satay kajang samuri disini. Genting Highlands I love the premium outlet. I pergi dulu sebab anak I kerja situ. Company hantar dia kerja sana for a few months. Sekarang dia tak kerja situ, I tak pergi lagi.

    Orang asli ini ramai dah bekerja. Ada yang pangkat besar. Antara kita tau atau tidak. I kata ini sebab kalau I balik Perak I suka beli petai kat pekan Bidor. Kawan pernah beritau yang jual petai orang asli. I tengok muka orang Melayu. Cakap Melayu pun fasih. Part kuih tu I tak tau, samada orang asli ada jual kuih ke tak. Bukan mereka letak label aku orang asli. Merepek la Dap nie.

    Kuih putu Perak tu memang kuih Melayu. Memang kuih ori orang Melayu Perak. Tak jumpa kat negeri lain.

    I nasihatkan Tun, jaga diri baik2, makan ubat jangan lupa, kesihatan penting.

  33. musato Jan 26,2019 8:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yup Sri Sense.

    Saya ada blog saya sendiri. Saya wujudkan di masa sedang bosan kerana mungkin telah dapat rasa tujuan Tun ketika itu mungkin akan tercapai. Iaitu minta Pak Lah letak jawatan.

    Seingat saya, saya dapat rasakan ketika itu Tun tanya “nak buat sorang sorang/asing asing ke?”

    Saya buat itu juga sebagai tanda kenangan saya dengan Tun. Tarikhnya adalah Mei 2008 saya sertai online.

    Saya tahu ramai dari seberang laut yang singgah di blog saya. Terima kasih saya ucapkan. Saya amat hargai.

    Atas dorongan itu, InsyaAllah saya akan terus cuba cari masa untuk menulis seperti mana saya tulis selama ini di

    Terima kasih Tun.

  34. Hajar Jan 26,2019 9:08 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Maaf cakap Tun…Golongan yang mengundi PH pada PRK Cameron Highlands patut berasa malu sebab menyokong parti yang ada pemimpin veteran yang tidak tahu bahawa ORANG ASLI memiliki KEWARGANEGARAAN PENUH (‘full citizenship’) sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Tambahan pula mereka ialah Bumiputera @ PERIBUMI. Ini termaktub dalam Perlembagaan dan Undang-Undang Negara.

    2. Lagi satu, selama Tun jadi PM ke-4, Tun juga tidak pernah mengatakan atau menganggap yang orang Asli sebagai “bukan warganegara penuh Malaysia”.

    3. Jadi Tun patut failkan saman malu kepada Lim Kit Siang kerana turut memfitnah Tun dan Malaysia.

    4. Saya MALU melihat pemimpim yang jahil, dan semestinya berasa teramat malu sebab dahulu saya beri undi saya (PRU14 – Parlimen) kepada calon dari parti DAP (seorang Cina yang amat terkenal dalam DAP yang sememangnya RASIS tahap gaban…).

    5. Seperti biasa lihatlah putar-belit Lim Kit Siang selepas ditangkap berbohong: “I have never said that the Orang Asli, who are the first inhabitants of the country, are not citizens, but asked whether they are full citizens of Malaysia”. Agaknya, kepada kaum dia pun dia kelentong perkara yang sama…Sebab itulah ada yang meroyan sakan (sampai sew*l) di sini.

    6. Apakah kita ada istilah “bukan warganegara penuh”? Mereka tidak layak mengundikah? Alahai…Ini yang dikatakan bodoh piang. Maaf cakaplah…

    7. Sekali lagi, saya doakan Ramli Mohd Nor menang pada PRK Cameron Highlands. Aamiin…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  35. Sri Sense Jan 26,2019 8:38 AM

    Salam Sabtu Tun

    Manogaran dari Teluk Intan? I tak kenal dia. Tapi kalau Datuk Mah dari BN dulu kenal. Kenal dari masa I kecil. Orang Teluk Intan siapa yang tak kenal family Datuk Mah. Ada sebuah library untuk rakyat dalam bandar di bina oleh keluarganya.

    Oh! adakah itu sebabnya orang KCD jalan sampai Teluk Intan? Kalau ini sebabnya I rekomen restaurant Krisnan. hahaha

    Tak ramai orang Melayu makan sini. My daughter ada makan sini, dia kata sebab tauke kedai ini dulu pernah sewa rumah my dad. I tak pasti but my daughters memang dari kecil duduk dengan my parents.

    Overall orang Melayu Teluk Intan tak berapa suka makan restaurant India, mereka lebih pada kedai mamak, so Ghulam Rasul seberang jalan lagi penuh.

    I jadi follower Najib guna account my game player kat FB. Kalau kat FB, account ini I rajin buka. My personal FB account I jarang buka. Buka hanya perlu sahaja.

    Memang I selalu baca postings beliau yang fun and funny. I suka tengok dia jalan cuma pengundi. Nampak dia selesa dan mesra. Setau I, dia tak sebut nama Tun, nama LKS dan LGE dan gang2 DAP memang selalu. I agak terperanjat Tun panggil dia Yahudi. Tapi Tun sendiri pun ada cakap Israel kuat sebelum ini. hahaha

    I pernah lawat satu laman orang Malaysia yang offer kerja online buat kat rumah. Mereka rekomen register dengan satu company Israel. Malah ada 2 sahaja company mereka rekomen iaitu Israel dan America. Mereka kata dua company ini boleh dipercayai. I baca saja tak register dengan mana2 pun.

    I juga ada seorang game friend perempuan dari Tel Aviv. Kawan lama dalam FB. Main game sahaja. Dia okay tiada masaalah pun. Sekarang kami semua dah tua, dia pun dah sakit cancer, dia jarang main game lagi 🙁

  36. HBT456 Jan 26,2019 12:20 AM

    In fact both dsn and guan eng had given the indian communiity the best and sure win cards, but sadly, they still think not enough, and want more, and more because both these leaders think only indian can become doctors and lawyers.

    The most oppressed races in this country is malay because only umno, pas and pkr can decide their destiny via nep bumiputra policy.

    The most hard working race in this country is chinese because mca, gerakan and dap are too indulge in being the shadow of the malay and indian leaders.

    The most ungrateful race in this country is indian because they always fight among themselves to show their worshipping power.

    I do not know what to say, but i know i can never be like them in seeing issues always from the lense of race and religion supremacy.

    Will you be alright when the ruling government put the muslim refugee cause above you and your country?

    P/s: to keep cameron highland cooling to retain its farm land, you must not open up the land for highways and property development because such development will destroy the nature of such highland. as ruling government, you cant protect the environment, then, obviously you cant protect the voters in this constituency at federal and state level.

  37. HBT456 Jan 25,2019 8:19 PM

    Taktik bercerita tentang HANTU (menakut-nakutkan) memang makanan Kit Siang (tetapi tuduh orang lain). MENGHASUT dan memfitnah memang cara DAP & geng dalam meraih undi.

    Hantu lelaki means gweilo, hantu perempuan means gweimui, banana asian means juk sing, or oversea born asians.

    Pontianak lelaki means, gweilo and pontianak perempuan can also mean gweimui.

    To her cow dung brain with racist, fearless and greedy glasses, she sees hantu as han tu, thats why she gets confused.

    P/s: jika mahu politik yang amat sempit dan langsung tidak bertoleransi, then, lebih baik stay in own kampong, and stop jaga kain tepi kaum2 lain but her gang cannot stop mps from contesting, betul tak?

  38. HBT456 Jan 25,2019 12:12 PM

    She knows the style of her ayahanda more than anyone else.

    Even being flower girls to the bonda could be perceived as ticket to the elite world as if the world is evolving among themselves only.

    It reminded me the song by abba, money, money, money of english top chart in 1980;

    All systems can fail, and the historical moment of last general election on 9 mei, 2018, pakatan harapan had proved this point after pakatan rakyat had succeeded in denying barisan nasional 2/3 majority on 3 mac, 2008, that was 10 years, or a decade, ago.

    Being the lawyer to the elites, or rich man, their job is to make sure their clients win, but can they still fool the voters as before since local voters will show their political stand in ballot boxes when the general election is called?

    The winner takes it all, english top chart too in early 80s sang by sweedish abba;

    Life is like a box of chocolate whereby chocolate lovers can select the varieties of chocolate that fit their taste, and packed in a box, and it is of no difference with the tastes of food with sweet, sour, bitter and spicy for asian food lovers.

    Truth is hard and bitter to swallow, but it is definitely safer and better off to find out the truth now than to pass down to the next generation.

    As, saying goes, wealth does not pass through 3rd generation.

    P/s: coalition political parties always dictate the direction of the country is when majority of their people are poor, buta huruf dan pekak bahasa but when majority of their people no longer poor, buta huruf dan pekak bahasa, these people will have the basic right to vote the coalition that they see fit to lead them.

  39. Hajar Jan 25,2019 12:03 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Pada PRK Cameron Highlands, “Kedaulatan Undang-Undang @ Rule of Law” ibarat kata-kata hikmah sekadar untuk memburukkan pihak lawan.

    Yang melaung-laungkan kata-kata hikmah ini perangainya lebih teruk. Bagai meludah ke langit lagaknya.

    Dulu mengutuk BN sebagai korup bila menyalahgunakan jentera dan aset Kerajaan, dll.

    Bila tertangkap, marahkan orang lain (yang menangkap) kononnya ‘kurang ajar’ lah sedangkan diri sendiri perangai macam samseng jalanan! Munafiq!

    Lim Kit Siang ingat orang Melayu / Asli bodohkah? Takkanlah UMNO nak angkat balik bekas PM Najib sebagai PM. Tidak masuk akal betul. Tun M yang hebat pun tidak diangkat kembali menjadi PM oleh UMNO. Yang mengangkat Tun M jadi PM ialah Kit Siang & geng. Tidak usahlah merapu meraban Kit Siang oii!

    Taktik bercerita tentang HANTU (menakut-nakutkan) memang makanan Kit Siang (tetapi tuduh orang lain). MENGHASUT dan memfitnah memang cara DAP & geng dalam meraih undi.

    Sebab itu AKTA HASUTAN mahu dimansuhkan supaya senang DAP & geng menghasut dan memfitnah sewenang-wenangnya. Mereka pula kalau kononnya difitnah, terus failkan “saman fitnah/malu” terhadap yang mereka dakwa memfitnah. Yelah, Ambiga, Siti Kasim, Ram Karpal, AG Thommy Thomas, dll. semuanya konco-konco PH. Undang-undang dalam genggaman mereka. Duit pun banyak…

    Pengerusi SPR, Azhar Harun, pun konco PH juga. Kononnya, bersih dan adil dan menjunjung “Kedaulatan Undang-Undang”. Mual saya melihat gelagat golongan hipokrit ini.

    Nanti kalau menang di CH boleh adakan lagi pesta gala ala-ala ‘TWIST PAK MAUN’ ye! AG, Siti Kasim, Ambiga, CJ, Menteri Undang2 ber’twist’ sakan sebiji macam Pak Maun! Memang kelakar melihat gelagat mereka. Siti Kasim elok kuruskan badan barulah ‘cute’ bila ber’twist’. 🙂 .. Teguran ikhlas…

    Saya doakan Ramli Mohd Nor menang pada PRK Cameron Highlands. Aamiin…

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  40. Sri Sense Jan 25,2019 10:34 AM


    Market sangatlah lemah lembut. Macam pepatah Melayu, hidup segan mati tak mau. Suam2 kuku. I think, Tun kena pergi overseas bawa business people get more business in here.

    Pasal debat Tun dengan budak muda Singapore. Alahai orang Singapore nak tunjuk mereka pun ada budak muda kuat debat. Orang baya I akan kata, pandai lah kamu, umur baru setahun jagung, cakap lebih.

    Pasal free sesangat free, I nak cerita pasal makanan. Yes I know sekarang kempen makan makanan dan produk orang Melayu, tak islam jangan layan. Pasal gang Tun, ada yang makan kat Vanggey yang lebih dikenali sebagai nasi ganja, I nak cerita sikit about this nasi kandar.

    This nasi kandar yang ori di Jalan Yang Kalthom, Ipoh. Lain2 tu I tak pasti franchise ka, atau pekerja or chef berhenti buka sendiri ka, but in Shah Alam pun ada 2. Arwah abang kata tak sama rasa macam di Ipoh. I kalau pergi Ipoh rumah sedara mereka selalu bungkuskan, jadi tak payahlah I pergi kedai kat Jalan Yang Khalsom ini.

    I think apa yang istimewa kedai nasi kandar ini adalah sambal kelapa dan timun, dan juga ayam goreng vanggey. Vanggey ini kalau ikut maksudnya mari mari. Nowadays memang sukar cari nasi kandar yang ada sambal kelapa. Zaman I budak2 dulu memang nasi kandar mesti ada sambal kelapa, mee goreng mamak mesti ada kentang dan kuih goreng.

    The same thing with nasi kandar Kayu, rasa di Subang Jaya dan Wangsa Maju sama, but lain2 tempat rasa lain. Mungkin politik mamak macam kawan dok cakap bila I tegur kenapa mesti ada nama khulafah, khalifah hahaha

  41. Sri Sense Jan 25,2019 9:41 AM

    Oh ya izinkan saya komen sikit tulisan anotherbrick. Yes I do agree with you. I think their minds like before merdeka. Orang asli, orang Portugis bukan bumiputera. Aiseyman they don’t know la LOLLLLL

    Orang Melayu, Orang Islam, Orang Bumiputera please muafakat.

    For those yang ingin menyewa rumah, don’t worry, nowadays ada banyak scheme beside theedge prop, ada ECO World dan Sunway Property buat scheme sewa beli. Go and see them.

  42. Sri Sense Jan 25,2019 9:12 AM

    Good morning Tun Mahathir

    Selamat kembali ka Malaysia. Big online hugs to Tun Siti dan Tun M.

    I tertarik baca news if your rupa like Indian or Malay, owner Cina tak nak sewa rumah to you. Going by that trend, I would say Tun Siti dapat sewa rumah, Tun M tak dapat sewa rumah, that goes to anak2 Tun too.

    This trend dulu agak famous masa GE13, dimana penyokong DAP kat Subang Jaya I lihat cukup phobia bila tengok muka mamak, muka cinden, mula mereka kata muka orang bangladesh. Ada mereka di tahan kononnya mereka guna IC orang Malaysia. Kononnya BN mengeluarkan banyak IC untuk pendatang2 ini nak menang election.

    Of course la sejak DAP dah duduk diatas kita pun kini tau, ini semua konon2 juga. Malah bukan itu juga saja konon mereka, malah banyak lagi konon2. That goes to PKR too. Cuba check balik siapa yang suka sangat kempen BN bagi IC untuk pendatang2.

    I rajin baca blogs, rupanya musato pun ada blog, I ada juga di blogspot but I cuma cerita stocks sahaja. Kalau sound personal more on this wordpress of mine, also never cerita about politics, I rather baca rockybru, anotherbrick, cilisos, they are more fun. Kadir Jasin dan steadyku, jarang pergi, no fun.

    Usually bila baca dah tak ada fun I tak pergi lagi. Macam financetwitter dulu I suka bila start merepek, bye bye. Theedge at one time same juga, mereka ada themalaysiainsider(if I’m not mistaken the name) dan theedge promo kat wall mereka, ramai lari termasuk I. Kami tak faham why you cerita politik sedangkan you selamanya cerita business untuk layman. Tapi sekarang mereka dah balik cerita about busienss, good job. Do more please.

    The Star to me always the same, ada MCA atau tiada MCA diatas, cuma now some business article kena bayar, ini start dari zaman Najib jadi PM, so jangan PH nak putar belit ok.

    Anotherbrick dan rockybru adalah blog lama, I memang rajin lawat blog mereka dari dulu lagi. RPK baru2 ini I start balik, earlier I rasa tulisan RPK macam cerita freddy kruger, tu lama hilang hahaha

    I tak terikat dengan sesiapa. Dari pandangan I, Najib fun. Kalau comedian Najib sama taraf dengan Harith Iskander.

    Last but not least tahniah kepada agong baru Sultan Pahang, and also tahniah to my darling Sultan Perak. I actually tak kisah Sultan negeri mana naik, asal jangan LKS, LGE, Waytha, Ambiga, Siti Kassim sudah hahaha

  43. sibotak Jan 25,2019 9:05 AM

    US name themselves as The most Peaceful Democratic Nation on Earth
    ruled with the rule of Law in the World

    Yet World sees it differently . We see daily unrest in US
    Each day we heard Bad news , Scary News happening here & there in US
    Cops unjust the Black , discrimination towards immigrants , rape , rob , murder on the streets , fights now & then , School Guns on Rampage were common .And US is proud of it
    Yet US Mongers politicians got the cheek to tell others of being un democratic Unjust , Oppression & Discriminates
    US blames Russia of interfering its Political campaign yet it was always US that influence yet interfere others with Military Threats , Sanctions & more .

    Third World Nation do lives Peacefully Harmonize between Races & Religion. Though they are poor The people lives daily smiling with Loves among them .
    If there is conflicts its always US in between
    Like we see US frictions China & Taiwan , North & South Korea
    US will never mend these relations as it’s important to US interests

    Trump want to build Wall
    Its Humpty Dumpty Trump . The Look alike

    France today sees our Palm Oil as a Threat to Nature Forests
    But they did not see Nation Producing weapons ,
    Their own Air Forces Bombs others , killing Human life, destroying Nature , Destroying Nations

    Its proven the more Human Intelligent, The more Stupid they are
    Human Intelligence Never Lasts
    Yet it has its defects

    We Malaysia must learn to live withing among ourselves
    Outside World is Corrupted with Lies
    Lies they know yet they believes .
    Its a Dangerous Lies that Kills
    World today are filled with Weapons made by the West

    Simply Israel ,The West are the worst Hypocrites on Earth
    Israel pretends & act as if they are the innocents Victim .
    Blaming their Neighbors of Threatening them .
    Yet in actual Facts
    Israel that Design The Disasters that hurt the World Peace & Harmony today

    World Disaster
    Made in U.S.A
    Design by Israel
    Marketed by The West
    Fooled by UN

    World can never be Safe
    Weapons can ever buy Peace

  44. sibotak Jan 24,2019 10:57 PM

    You been cornered to answer question in Oxford regards S,pore & Malaysia relation as if you did wrong . You have to be careful on that as it will frame you to yr own words .Reasons I always believes and you should educate yr Minister not to answer to reporters . Just deliver yr duty quietly . Reporters always wants the best news & yr rivals will tends to advantage
    Silence is Golden

    Very Sad indeed to see Najib behaving like small kids
    Recently he sang his own lyrics from Song of BDB …Harapan setinggi Gunung
    The lyrics sounds as if he was being framed & cheated
    Again & again the more Najib tried to Win . The more He loses
    He looks Clumsy & very Childish
    Which indicates Malaysian did the Right Decision on PRU 14

    You have to mold yr Ministers
    To retain Pakatan Harapan

  45. Tunku Sofiah Jewa Jan 24,2019 2:25 PM

    and The Power of Love

    There is latin tag “nemo est supra legis” which means that nobody is above the law.
    And it is on the subject of law that I would like to write my piece in Tun’s blog this time around.
    My husband Yaacob wrote in yesterday’s Sun on Tun’s Dialogue at the Oxford Union.
    I concur with every word Yaacob wrote.
    But I would add more.
    I would take an excerpt from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

    Tun had entered the Oxford Union hall almost like when Julius Caesar returned home to Rome after triumphant war victories abroad and was subsequently killed by his best friend Brutus and other so-called friends.

    When Brutus and the other murderers left, the crowd that gathered around Caesar’s dead body, were hostile in no mood to listen to Anthony.

    But Anthony managed to let the angry crowd give him a listening ear and, in his impassioned speech, he pleaded:

    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
    I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
    The evil that men do lives after them;
    The good is oft interred with their bones;
    So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus
    Hath told you Caesar was ambitious:
    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously hath Caesar answer’d it.
    Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest–
    For Brutus is an honourable man;
    So are they all, all honourable men–
    Come I to speak in Caesar’s funeral.
    He was my friend, faithful and just to me:
    But Brutus says he was ambitious;
    And Brutus is an honourable man.
    He hath brought many captives home to Rome
    Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill:
    Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?
    When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept:
    Ambition should be made of sterner stuff:
    Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;
    And Brutus is an honourable man.
    You all did see that on the Lupercal
    I thrice presented him a kingly crown,
    Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?
    Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;
    And, sure, he is an honourable man.
    I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke,
    But here I am to speak what I do know.
    You all did love him once, not without cause:
    What cause withholds you then, to mourn for him?
    O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
    And men have lost their reason. Bear with me;
    My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar,
    And I must pause till it come back to me.”

    And when he was sure that he had won the hearts of the erstwhile hostile crowd, Anthony pulled the shroud covering dead Caesar’s bloodied body and, turning to the populace, shouted:

    “Here was a Caesar … whence comes such another?”

    “NEVER, NEVER” replied the thousands that had gathered around him.

    I mean no disrespect Tun by referring Tun to the murdered Caesar.
    But it is my view, Tun, that, come a thousand years from today, there will never be a person with such moral standing and integrity as Tun Dr. Mahathir.
    I cannot touch on the subject of Tun without referring to Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, the most loved lady that Malaysia is blessed to have.
    No one will deny that the person behind the Pakatan Harapan victory is Tun. But I am always reminded of the famous adage, “Behind every successful man, there will always be a supportive wife”.
    That is what I would call the Power of love.
    One despicable and brutal act that Nagib did unto Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah was to order his Special Branch to grill her on pain of sedition.
    They would not dare question Tun, so Najib applied his bully tactics on Tun Siti instead.
    I too endured some even longer grilling by Nagib’s “Gestapo”, but being a 70+year-old lawyer, I know my rights and at the end of the day, they left me unscathed and instead requested that I pose a group photograph with them.
    But Tun Siti is no lawyer and the grilling frightened her badly.
    The photograph of an elderly lady with her head bent low went viral and caught the eye of young and old everywhere.
    One of those affected by what happened to Tun Siti was my granddaughter Putrei Fateh Arina Merican.
    Seven-year old Arina and her younger five-year old sister Anisa first met Tun and Tun Siti as flower girls on official Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War Royal Charity Dinners.
    Arina is now a 19-year old International Islamic University Malaysia undergraduate law student and her words of the grilling of Tun Siti says it all:
    “They spoke of justice,
    And they spoke of compassion,
    And yet,
    In my visions,
    I saw an elderly woman,
    So solemn and sad,
    In a pose so lovely and regal,
    As she hung her pretty head low,
    For being castigated,
    Is one feeling I’ll ever know so well.”

    With much love and affection to our beloved Tuns and family from every member of my family including Arina, of course!

    Tunku Sofiah Jewa

  46. musato Jan 24,2019 9:09 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Tun kata menteri 40%.

    Saya kata menteri 30%. Kalau dimasukkan akta larangan merokok, tolak lagi 10%, jadi menteri 20%.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  47. tamchi Jan 24,2019 4:58 AM

    Salam sejahtera, slamat pagi..
    Saja nk tanya, di mana R&D..?

    elok guna, banyak kegunaan..
    Salah guna, jd pembunuhan..

    Gam getah,
    Elok guna, bahan yg melekatkan..
    Salah guna, bahan yg mengkhayalkan..

    Ubat batok,
    kena dos, jadi elok..
    Salah dos, jadi lalok..

    Begitulah juga..

    Apa kata peguam negara..??

    & akhir kata Tun..

    Sy sudahi dgn sketsa jenaka :
    Mlm pesta mudamudi Pak Maun twist

  48. HBT456 Jan 23,2019 3:13 PM

    Whatever she wants to say, its up to her to say, its a free country.

    If she is proud with her achievement by protraying melayu tak malas with low skill malay labor dominating not only shopping mall, state, federal and glcs now, thats her pride and prejudice of being keranamu malay sia boleh.

    Now she started to fetna yang bukan2 punya kata mereka pun ada masaalah dengan staff mereka, tapi staff mereka keturunan Cina bukan Melayu. Nak gaji lebih, nak kerja tempat selesa ada aircond, malas, kuat cuti.

    Yang anihnya, kaum india tak disebut2kan kat sini, kenapa ar?

    Just admit you are racist, and afraid to loosing the power of authorithy, is it so hard to admit?

    The common myth of chicken little is they assumed chicken never eat xiomi kut.

    Developed countries are opening land in agriculture for future sustainability via high skill vertical farming, she is still stuck in her buffologist era of microeconomic’s labor intensive economics scale.

    Takpa lah, jika tak cukup labor, import saja dengan donation pun jadi lah.

    P/s: truth is not important, janji menang is all they care. dedak pun jadi lah kan tu duit kita, tak gitu?

  49. Sri Sense Jan 23,2019 12:17 PM


    I boring la, bursa asyik merah, macam mana nak cari makan.

    Selain dari baca berita dan blog online, I google cari tempat yang baik buat kerja online. Kalau buat kerja online I nak yang tentu dapat bayar duit. Free free ini malas la.

    Siapa pula yang kata Melayu malas? Dated.

    Ini mesti katak bawah tempurung. Semasa I buat business dulu I pernah tanya kawan2 Cina I yang berniaga sama. Mereka kata mereka pun ada masaalah dengan staff mereka, tapi staff mereka keturunan Cina bukan Melayu. Nak gaji lebih, nak kerja tempat selesa ada aircond, malas, kuat cuti.

    I amat bersyukur bila I keluar beli belah nowadaysI tengok sekarang ramai anak Melayu yang rajin kerja. I nampak mereka ramah dan willing buat kerja lebih. Baik salesgirl dan salesboy. Bagus adik2 ini!

    I juga ingat sedara I, tinggal di Batu Gajah, anak2 kecil 2 orang, dia niaga sendiri, buat iklan promosi untuk customers dalam FB, Instagram, tweeter. Bulan2 masuk juga 2-3 ribu. I juga ingat my daughter bila suami kena VSS, anak kecil 2, dia buat design kat rumah, niaga online, dapat juga 2 ribu sebulan, selain tu dia jaga budak. Suaminya pula bawa Grab. Khabarnya usia dah masuk 40 tahun payah cari kerja.

    So siapa yang malas ini? Hanya tukang mengata tu saja yang malas hahaha

  50. Sri Sense Jan 23,2019 11:48 AM


    I sekarang jadi follower Najib kat FB. I setuju dengan Joceline Tan The Star. Najib dulu stiff sekarang approachable. That’s why ramai sayang beliau.

    Kalau Tun ingat dulu, I pernah kata, Najib kalau salam orang tak tengok muka orang yang di salam dan dalam speech mesti selit isteri nya. I pernah pergi function dia hadir. That’s how I tau.

    Now I find amazing dia boleh bangun dari jatuh. Unlike Zahid terus bisu dan menyepi. Even pengganti bekas CEO big korporat company pun tak boleh tandingi Najib. Ada orang kata engganti ini hanya taraf Manager Sibu. Kelakar pulak.

    Najib sentiasa cerita about rakyat that’s good dia jalani tanggung jawab sebagai MP dengan baik. Unlike menteri PH semasa jadi opposition asyik anti gomen sahaja, dah naik pun masih sikap anti yang merebak rebak. Nothing new. Boring!

    Oh ya semalam I terbaca theedge ada kes isteri ketiga Tun Daim, dan anak2 Tun Daim dari isteri ini, something about tanah Genting. Part business ini, I malas sikit nak komen, sebab the realiti of business is all about contacts. Memang I pun pernah kena dera dengan businessmen dulu but that’s how things are. Ingat dulu Rafidah Aziz pun pernah bising about the guys gets all, the gals gets nothing.

    Penulis muda or orang baru sometimes too idealistic macam Syed Saddiq. Since party PH ramai orang tua, tapi lagak macam orang muda dengan idea fresh, I nak tengok selama mana you all nak survive dengan donations dari rakyat sahaja.

  51. Sri Sense Jan 23,2019 11:11 AM

    Salam Tun

    Tun pernah dengar bebas news? Baru lagi. Pengendali adalah bekas2 orang Utusan.

    Perkasa jangan hilang arah lagi: Suara ultra Melayu masih diperlukan…

    – Oh yes apa jadi dengan Perkasa? Seingat I ada link between Perkasa dan KCD

    Fewer China tourists coming

    Seingat I, tourists dari China banyak kat Genting, One City, sebelum PH naik.

    Wasteful act as smashed coconuts end up in landfills

    – Apa Menteri muda Tun kat environment nak kata? Adakah dia hanya berminat nak ketengahkan diri sebagai pelopor itu dan ini, the first in this and that?

  52. HBT456 Jan 23,2019 10:10 AM

    Bak kata, no matter how bad is the storm, the rain will stop.

    If they think by pooring their neighbouring states is the right way to go, then, they will fail eventually.


    Because they are chosen based on race and religion supremacy, they are chosen not because they are fit to do the job.

    Either you live with it, or you leave, thats the choice that you need to make now.

    P/s: for those who still indulge with their glory of the past, they will not be able to survive due to their short sighted, bigoted views on other races to cover own inferior complexity by exploting the greed and fear sentiment of their voters in their constituencies to get elected, they will be left behind.

  53. HBT456 Jan 23,2019 9:49 AM

    5. Since I don’t need any favor from anyone in the Government, I am free to vote out the current PH Government if I believe that they (PH leaders) are also hopeless and corrupt. I have got nothing to lose / gain. But of course I will vote the coalition that better suits my ideology and belief in Islam. I don’t go for hardcore hypocrites.

    She as malay muslim can retain her racist and bigoted views on other races with all sort of reasons, and she can take her own tinnie winnie sweet time to work hard to score the brownie and kek pulut points, no problem.


    Other malay muslim also need to work hard to retain their racist and bigoted views on other races with all sort of reasons, and they can also take their own tinnie winnie sweet time to work hard to score the brownie and kek pulut too.

    When things turned messy, and spinned, i mean viral, out of control, the pattern of their threats, oops i mean tunjuk perasaan, at the perdana menteri, cabinet and the public mass is so habitual and predictable, that is to dictate the federal budget for their own survival.

    P/s: time is money since time is a valuable resource, therefore it’s better to do things as quickly as possible.

  54. Hajar Jan 23,2019 8:11 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. I only had one main objective when I voted DSN and gang out during the 14th GE. I wanted to see a clean Government – clean from broad daylight corruption and abuse of power, but this main objective is not met. ‘The Rule of Law’ slogan is used mainly to gain votes. It’s just a coincidence that ex-PM Najib is so corrupt while in power. He has caused BN’s downfall. Sadly, he still has quite a number of loyal supporters.

    2. Sadly too, PH also has loyal supporters who simply support PH blindly. If PH leaders are involved corruption and abuse of power, they still continue supporting and defending their corrupt leaders.

    3. Frankly speaking I don’t really care about other promises made by PH in their Manifesto during GE14. Most of them are really ridiculous / absurd / silly (same as before), and were written just for the sake of gaining support @ votes from certain quarters/segments. In fact, we can see that PH leaders (majority) are very criminal-riendly. That’s why they are fighting so hard to have all kinds of laws be abolished so that all ‘potential criminals’ feel more ‘comfortable’ in committing serious/severe crimes.

    4. I am very independent (in many aspects)…

    5. Since I don’t need any favor from anyone in the Government, I am free to vote out the current PH Government if I believe that they (PH leaders) are also hopeless and corrupt. I have got nothing to lose / gain. But of course I will vote the coalition that better suits my ideology and belief in Islam. I don’t go for hardcore hypocrites.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  55. Hajar Jan 22,2019 10:51 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    I saw Tun on TV just now answering some questions from the audience in Vienna.

    Yes, Malaysia’s decision on banning the athletes from Israel to come here is right. I fully support Tun on this issue. We must not tolerate murderers.

    Vienna is the BEST CITY TO LIVE in (according to a survey in 2018). It’s a beautiful city.

    I visited Vienna a few years ago using my hard-earned money 🙂 . I mentioned about ‘hard-earned money’ just to let some people (you know who) know that Malays in Malaysia must also work hard to earn a living. We cannot simply ‘goyang kaki’ all the time waiting to be spoon-fed as alleged by you know who. And we have a Chinese racist bigot here who keeps on accusing (all) Malays of CORRUPTION as if we don’t know ‘halal-haram’, and as if she knows ‘halal-haram’ (in Islam). This person is really sick or too stupid to think rationally.

    Vienna has lots of tourist attractions – museums, historical buildings, etc. I stayed there for 5 days but could not cover all places. I would love to visit Vienna (and other parts of Austria) again in the future.

    I have visited so many countries (travelling is my hobby). I tend to make comparisons between Malaysia and other countries while abroad. Even though I like most of the countries that I have visited so far, I always look forward to coming back and always eager to be able to eat ‘nasi lemak / ‘nasi campur’/ ‘nasi biryani Malay style’ and other Malay cuisines at reasonable low prices. Home sweet home 🙂 …

    Usually people who travel a lot are more open-minded and more rational. So, to those who like to accuse others of living under coconut shell, may be they themselves are actually looking out from under a coconut shell. Visit other countries, and observe / experience how others live. We need to be there to know the real truth.

    And while abroad don’t forget to compare the prices of fuel /petrol /diesel, foods, mineral water, rentals, transportations, etc. between other countries and Malaysia.

    When I visited India not long ago (out of curiosity), I was shocked to see the fuel prices. No wonder people in India still depend on ‘tips’ (with so many poor people around). Everywhere you go, you will encounter people who desperately ask for tips.

    The culture of giving tips may/can lead to corruption /bribery @ corrupt practices. In some countries even government officers ask for ‘tips’ (bribes) to do things/work that they are paid for (by their government /agency). If not, you will not be entertained at all! “No money no work” or “No money no talk”…You can wait forever I guess!

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  56. HBT456 Jan 22,2019 7:07 PM

    The law minister report to ag at putrajaya.

    Ag at putrajaya report to perdana menteri at putrajaya.

    Minister of finance also report to perdana menteri at putrajaya.

    After more than 6 decades of merdeka, the minister in charge for islamic affair in penang made a statement that current taxpayers need to fork out budget to prevent malay from lepak, and what he asked today got any difference with the son of ttdi of umno johor who had asked a year or 2 back?

    Is it because they are muslim, then, their hak istimewa is highest among other faiths?

    P/s: there must be solid evidences based on rule of law in china for holding the custody of 2 ex-canadian diplomat pertaining to madam sabrina meng of huawei. wait until the court case is being held, then, everyone will know who is swimming naked in their when the tide is off.

  57. Fariq Islam Jan 22,2019 3:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Touching on the topic – Rule of Law, basically what the nation needs are –
    – Good rule maker
    – Good enforcer
    – Good people who obey the rules

    As far as rule maker is concerned, Rakyat hope to see a ministerial portfolio reshuffle in perhaps the ministries of education, racial unity and finance.

    We do not say that LGE is bad, but he seems to be more appropriate for appointment as Minister of Tourism and so forth. We need somebody more competent in handling this nation’s finance, who knows –
    – Ways to broaden income base
    – Ways to reduce Rakyat’s financial burden
    – Ways to sustain necessities price
    – Ways to strengthen Ringgit
    – Ways to attract foreign funds and investments.

  58. Fariq Islam Jan 22,2019 2:50 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Rule of law is critical in ensuring the development and political health in our nation.

    Rakyat would like to see a better minister in handling law affairs.

    The existing minister in charge is poor, in law affairs when facing the public that –
    – He commented that whosoever PH leaders not agreeing on abolishing death sentence could quit.
    – He illogically called upon the victim’s family members to accept monetary compensation, as a term in exchange for acceding to abolishing death sentence.
    – He did not even consider properly what the financial impact is to our present government, by the fact that the country needs to feed the life prisoner throughout his life.

    Like-wise, we also need a good Finance Minister who knows the ways to bring the country out of the wood, not focusing on merely cutting budget, publishing previous government’s fraud, increasing taxes and so forth.

  59. HBT456 Jan 22,2019 1:16 PM

    A police report made in langkawi for the case, what is that means?

    This show the person of langkawi who made police report does not follow rule of law, wasting federal police resources, and intolerance for freedom of expression shared in facebook under the facebook own account either.

    Why worry about such negative and rude remarks?

    Dont langkawi people know the facebook owner has the basic right in his own account capacity in voicing his anger too among his circle of influence?

    Obviously, when he received a lot of harsh and rude comments in his facebook, he would definitely feel ashame, and scare of his irresponsible act eventhough everyone has same equal right as him including the person who logded the pdrm.

    Peer pressure too would shapa a person behavior when they come out to work, and no one can escape such natural and biological behavior in this world no matter where you are.

    Bak kata, mereka boleh buat, tapi yang lain tak boleh buat?

    Will freedom of expression in social media be controlled and limited because you are not a member of political parties?

    If you want to have the special permit to voice your concern, anger and frustration, is it you must be member of political parties so that you will not be charged, or you will be protected against any public critics?

    P/s: it is up to penangites to decide who they prefer to vote for the coalition of political parties that represent them at state and federal level in next general election when it is called.

  60. Sri Sense Jan 22,2019 9:56 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    I pernah tulis sini, entah macam mana glitches, hilang my komen tersebut.

    Its about ASTRO. Sejak I hilang satu channel, ASTRO tambah 2 channel; HGTV DAN CI.

    I suka both channels. HGTV more about houses, interior designs, renovations. I terpesona tengok US walau disebut sebagai outskirts tapi kawasan sekitar cukup bersih macam tempat elite di Malaysia. Harga beli 250K USD sudah boleh rumah dan tanah cukup besar untuk anak2 dan pets berlari-lari main. Rumah dibina tahun 1950han masih teguh berdiri. Ini negara maju. Alam sekitar terjaga, rumah terjaga.

    Kalau nak Malaysia nak macam itu kenalah rule of law digunakkan sepenuhnya. Bukannya bila ada undang2 tapi dek nak jaga hati segelintir pengundi maka harus dilonggarkan untuk kepentingan mereka.

    Kalau nak Malaysia capai 2020, kenalah banyak pembangunan, bukannya mengejar mimpi tak sudah, nak jadi PM, nak bunuh Melayu, nak bunuh kesultanan Melayu, nak jambatan bengkok and so on.

    Seperti Hajar sebut, jabatan kerajaan masih sama, yang mana tiada masaalah, tetap tiada masaalah dengan mereka. However, yang mana ada masaalah tetap ada masaalah seperti budak IPG. I teringat dulu brother in law pencen pun kena tunggu 3 bulan, sebelum election polis baru dapat gaji also like 3 bulan selepas itu. Banyak ingat macam kerja swasta hujung bulan dah dapat gaji.

    Kalau PH betul2 jujur nak perubahan, start with gerak jentera kerajaan jalankan tanggung jawab mereka mengikut undang2, jangan pula undang2 dah ada, tapi mesti ada leeway untuk mereka dan kuncu2 mereka sahaja. Dimata rakyat this all just dendam PH towards lawan.

    All the best!

  61. HBT456 Jan 22,2019 9:40 AM

    China also got iso certification, just like other countries, to penerate international market, sibotak tak tahu ke?

    Sugar abuse is more deadlier physically and emotionallg than smoking, yang anihnya, why teh tarik yang manyak sweet masih digalakkan sampai hari ini?

    Kaum lain have already certified their low sugar intake as a must have to promote low sugar consumption in their nutritious label according to who standard, tapi, yang anihnya kenapa gula2 pasaran tempatan masih dijual dalam harga yang sangat sangat murah.

    P/s: to change, or be left behind, the choice is with the political parties of the divide. quality way of life with higher pricing, atau low quality of life with lower pricing, the consumers decide who are also voters in this country.

  62. HBT456 Jan 22,2019 9:18 AM

    Jelas sekali HBT 3/4 Racist
    Kepala Bapak dia seharusnya dia membina Malaysia
    Tapi jelas di blog ini , beliau mengalu alukan sampah sarap

    Suka hati sibotak nak kata apa2 pun since our level of perspective is different.

    If being responsible, detail, quality conscious, civil minded, have high expectation of hygine and cleaniness, cannot tolerate public fund wastage, power abuse, wang dan rasuah politik and rubbish throwing labelled as racist, then so be it.

    Tdm said he is a very forgiving man, and if he instruct, bayar, then, bayar kerana beliau bossku.

    P/s: does pmo knows what is iso for?

  63. Insan Kerdil Jan 22,2019 1:45 AM

    Assalamualaikum kepada Tun Dr Mahathir Perdana Menteriku yang dihormati dan disayangi. Saya seorang pelajar di salah sebuah ipg ingin membuat satu rayuan kepada pihak Tun dan kerajaan terhadap satu permasalahan yang dihadapi oleh kami pelajar-pelajar di ipg. Masalah tersebut berkaitan elauan yang sedikit lambat masuk. Kami diberitahu bahawa elauan pada tahun ini(2019) sedikit lambat kami terima. Pada mulanya terdapat khabar yang mengatakan kami akan menerima pada bulan mac. Baru-baru ini terdapat khabar pula yang mengatakan pada bulan lima. Hal ini membuatkan kami risau kerana kekurangan kewangan sepanjang tempoh berkenaan iaitu 5 bulan. Untuk makluman Tun yang dikasihi, kami pelajar-pelajar di ipg tidak dibenarkan untuk bekerja sambilan dan kami hanya mendapat bantuan kewangan daripada elauan (rm430 sebulan) dan ibu bapa sahaja. Tambahan lagi, tidak semua daripada kalangan kami daripada keluarga berpendapatan tinggi. Saya harap pihak kerajaan dapat mempertimbangkan rayuan kami pelajar-pelajar ipg iaitu kami memohon supaya bantuan elauan dapat sedikit disegerakan. Jasa baik pihak kerajaan yang kami sanjungi sangat kami hargai. Akhir kata, saya selaku pelajar di Ipg sangat berterima kasih kepada pihak kerajaan pakatan harapan di bawah pimpinan Tun M atas membawa pembaharuan ke atas negara kita yang tercinta ini daripada amalan-amalan negatif seperti rasuah kleptokrasi. #weloveTunM #weloveMalaysia

  64. sibotak Jan 22,2019 12:42 AM

    Jelas sekali HBT 3/4 Racist
    Kepala Bapak dia seharusnya dia membina Malaysia
    Tapi jelas di blog ini , beliau mengalu alukan sampah sarap

  65. HBT456 Jan 22,2019 12:04 AM

    The thing is, can hindu devotees accept such trangender activistivism in penang?

    If cannot, salah kaum lain, izzit?

    Rule no 1, never loose votes.

    Rule no. 2, never forget rule no. 1.

    Well, if other races perceived such activism as public fund wastage under current mof at putrajaya, then, they have the voting right to deny votes to ppbm and pakatan harapan a vote.

    Will lim kit siang take up the challenge?

    Frankly speaking, if mca and gerakkan failed, it means dap can fail too.


    Tersalah tema dan lokasi also can cause public fund wastage.

    P/s: izzit because tdm is orang utara, then, he must focus his negeri first again?

  66. HBT456 Jan 21,2019 11:20 PM

    Apakah selama ini Kerajaan UMNO Tidur ?
    Makan Suap ? Pemalas ? Bodoh ? atau kena sumpah sampai
    Kerajaan Malaysia tidak mampu menapis air sendiri ?

    Kerajaan malaysia memang tak payah bikin penapis air kerana mereka boleh beli ready made atau custom made dengan syarikat swasta di negara ini.

    Apa2 system pun ada, portable, non portable, for household, manufacturing, hotel liners, hospital kerajaan dan swasta, oem pun ada depending on your budget and requirement.

    Made in malaysia ada, imported brand ada, special requirement brands pun ada.

    Kampong sibotak tak ada kedai jual penapis air ke?

    Even masak, we have induction cooker and gas cooker, ready made and custom made pun ada, but for gas piping, even bagi saya percuma, saya tak akan pakai kerana takut letupan kerana kecuaian.

    P/s: i thought penang is israel to kedah since kedah too is under unfederated malay states just like johor, kelantan, terengganu, perlis. is sibotak a pro-antisemitism too beside a fakir?

  67. sibotak Jan 21,2019 3:09 PM

    Tun. Kenapa sampai di ini hari Johor masih tidak tapis Air sendiri ?
    Kenapa mengharapkan dan membeli semula dari Singapura ?
    Sekarang sudah Zaman Teknologi yg amat tinggi
    Israel yg tidak ada air mampu tapis air dari Laut
    Menghijau tanaman mereka di Padang Pasir

    Apakah selama ini Kerajaan UMNO Tidur ?
    Makan Suap ? Pemalas ? Bodoh ? atau kena sumpah sampai
    Kerajaan Malaysia tidak mampu menapis air sendiri ?

    Saya tidak sebut Kerajaan sekarang sebab Kerajaan PH baru saja ambil alih
    Orang lain sudah ke Bulan , Ke Mars
    Kita masih tidak mampu menapis air sendiri
    Maka berharap Tun balik kelak , Tun bentangkan di Parlimen
    Malulah Tun ,Negara Johor masih mengharapkan bekalan air dari Luar sedangkan datang dari kita sendiri

    Adakah perlu kita undang orang luar untuk menjaga Keluarga kita
    Mengejutkan Bini kita ?
    Atau Inilah yg dinamakan
    Nak Senang Tanpa Usaha

  68. HBT456 Jan 21,2019 10:11 AM

    In here, alahai, we still stuck in conventional route of suez canal malacca straits of look east, look north, look west, look south, look lgbt, look paralympic, blah….

  69. HBT456 Jan 21,2019 10:10 AM

    Malay muslim malaysia ok?

    Malay malaysia ok?

    Muslim malaysia ok?

    With this kind of short sighted and 1 sided politics, then, there is no point to talk about democracy.

    You want to enjoy special treatment, then, support political parties that offer such treatments to enter glcs.

    If you do not want such special treatment, then, suport political parties that offer employment in the private sector.

    If you want muslim malaysia, then, vote pas.

    P/s: politics is a life long career, and it was never meant to be rich overnight. life is never fair, it depends on the individuals to decide how to make their life fairer, therefore, stop complaining and take the ruling governmnent for granted that they must feed you forever in order to earn your vote.

  70. HBT456 Jan 21,2019 9:50 AM

    Singapore has been granted the observer status for artic route since 2013 to explore oil and gas and shipping industry that would cut cost of 30% in shipping indistry, and under dsn, some malay were chosen to go artic, maybe makan angin kut.

    In here, alahai, we still stuck in conventional route of suez canal malacca straits of look east, look north, look west, look lgbt, look paralympic, blah….

    Naga malaysia tak boleh.

    Keldai malaysia tak boleh.

    Arab malaysia tak boleh.

    India malaysia tak boleh.

    Jepun malaysia tak boleh.

    Korea malaysia tak boleh.

    Usa malaysia tak boleh.

    Uk malaysia tak boleh.

    Oil rich countries malaysia pun tak boleh.

    Bak kata, bagi bukit emas pun tarak guna.

    Jangan kata ah choo takut, nanti ah kow pun lari.

    All they care is to win votes via bigot and sabotage politics to dictate the federal budget.

    It is very sad, and dissppointing, what to thats politics.

    P/s: the wannabes of the divides can choose to support or against the ruling government that offer them freebies via handouts, and thats nothing voters can stop them.

  71. Sri Sense Jan 21,2019 9:06 AM

    Oh ya nak sambung pasal makanan @KCD

    Masa I balik TA/TI arwah ayah masih hidup, ayah akan tanya nak makan sarapan apa, I jawab beli kuih putu dan bubur gandum.

    Kuih putu ini dulu sedap. Sekarang kuih putu dah tak putih gebu lagi. Inti kurang garam, so tak rasa lemak. Kuih putu yang sedap mesti rasa liat2, mereka guna tepung beras tepung pulut, inti kena cukup garam untuk rasa lemak kelapa parut.

    Di Taiping pun ada jual di Ipoh pun ada jual, sedap dan tak sedap sahaja. Sebab kuih ini hanya boleh di jumpa di Perak sahaja, maka kuih ini dapat nama Putu Perak dari ramai. Kalau tanya I, I kata kuih ptu sahaja. Jangan ada salah faham ianya sama macam putu piring atau putu bambu, walau cara di masak sama di kukus.

  72. sibotak Jan 21,2019 3:02 AM

    Dunia Islam kini digugat, di fitnah , di musnah , di zalimi
    Seluruh Dunia , malah United Nation juga tahu
    Dunia Islam di FITNAH , namun & tapi
    United Nation Tidak ambil berat akan Kebenaran yg wujud
    Seperti Sept 11 ,yg kononnya perbuatan Orang Islam sedangkan
    Pakar Amerika , Pengarah CIA Amerika sendiri yg menafikan Islam bertanggung jawab akan Sept 11
    Semua tahu ini bukan perbuatan orang Islam
    Tapi Kebenaran tidak penting
    Yg penting Keutamaan Amerika juga Israel
    Amat lebih penting dari nyawa manusia yg beratus ribu , harta benda dan KeDaulatan sebuah Negara

    Yg menghacurkan Negara Islam , Umat Islam adalah Umat Islam sendiri
    Penipuan, Fitnah , Kezaliman adalah senjata mereka untuk memusnahkan Islam
    Yg lebih buruk adalah Mukmin sesama Mukmin sendiri
    Kerana Gagal & Tidak Memegang Tali Allah dan Bersatu demi Ummah
    Ini tuntutan dari Surrah untuk Ummah Bersatu

    Apakah Persiapan Malaysia , Indonesia , Brunei yg menamakan diri mereka sebagai Negara Islam ?
    Apakah huraian Negara Islam SeDunia menanggani Kezaliman yg kini berlaku ?
    Apakah usaha kita bersama untuk melindungi Maruah Islam ?
    Adakah kita menunggu giliran seperti yg bermula di Afganistan , Iraq ,Syria dan selanjutnya hanya dengan Amerika bermodalkan dan memusnahkan 2 buah Bangunan World Trade Centre mereka sendiri sebagai alasan ?
    Adakah Umat Islam sedang menuggu kedatangan Imam Hambali & Dajjal ?

    Apa Usaha Umat Islam di ini hari ?
    Apakah Persiapan Malaysia di ini hari ?
    Adakah kita menunggu giliran kita seperti di Timur Tengah ?
    Semua yg telah dan akan Berlaku sudah di Surat, sudah di Tulis
    Namun sebagai Hamba , sebagai Manusia kita di beri Akal di perintahkan untuk Berfikir dan Berusaha

    Berusaha tanpa Doa…… itu Bodoh
    BerDoa tanpa Usaha ……itu Sombong

  73. Sri Sense Jan 20,2019 10:38 PM

    Night night

    Nak komen sikit pasal AG Malaysia. I memang ada temui video tu kat blog 2 hari sudah. Ramai dah kecoh but I lagi kecoh pasal tanah orang asli.

    Kita tinggalkan isu tarian AG dekat pesta 2019. Kalau di lihat dari cara dia menari, tampak macam kaki club malam or kaki disco.

    Berbalik pada isu tanah orang asli, I nampak ada blogger kata, apa jadi pada tanah orang asli masa Tun jadi PM dulu, diambil atas nama pembangunan.

    Ya tak ya juga. Tun dulu kan suka bangun macam2, Proton, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya. Tun kan ke suka pembangunan dari mana pula datang idea2 nak pelihara hutan rimba hijau, bukit bukau, gunung ganang. Setahu I kes human rights, adalah isu opposition dulu.

    I pernah masuk forum nak bina dam dekat Sg Selangor dulu. Waduh bukan main lagi admin moderator naikkan sentiment, dia tunjuk orang asli, dia tunjuk pokok, selagi apa ada dia kutip untuk membangkitkan sentiment terhadap alam sekitar. I sampai menyampah baca. Kita nak air bersih, group dia nak pelihara hutan. Tak cukup itu mereka naikkan semangat ramai bencikan big business. Cukup meluat I, though I like hutan hijau, suka jungle trekking, but please la, be practical.

    Are you sure, it is Tun yang suruh AG buat? Let me remind you projek Sg Selangor adalah zaman Tun M jadi PM dulu. And I also tau projek hartanah dibangun tempat orang asli mereka diberi rumah baru dan duit sebagai ganti.

    That’s why I kata benda2 PH nak buat plain merepek dan tak di terima akal by me. You boleh la tipu budak2 muda, budak setahun jagung, dengan I, please la, why tipu here, tipu there, you think I budak taska ka.

  74. Sri Sense Jan 20,2019 7:38 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Ambil kesempatan nak jawab musato.


    Bukan faridina ka? I pernah baca tulisan beliau macam bunyi dia admin. Ada satu masa I pernah baca, faridina nak jumpa mubarak chan. Selepas tu tak tau apa cerita hahaha


    Teluk Intan atau Telok Anson famous mee rebus mastan ghani. Yup kedai ada 2 kat menara condong, dekat masjid lama. Mastan Ghani kedai mamak, kami tak panggil dia mamak pun, kami panggil kedai Melayu, dia cakap Melayu sejak I sekolah lagi. Sekarang ini anak cucu jaga.

    Ada satu lagi Mastan Ghani terletak di medan makan depan supermarket, dekat bas station.

    Laksa sedap dekat glutton square. Tempat ini dekat dengan rumah my parents. Yup dalam bandar. Budak2 sekolah dulu suka makan laksa sini. Kedai Cina. Halal tak halal not sure.

    I kalau balik sini, I selalu beli mee rebus mastan ghani, kacang rebus dan kopi teluk intan.

    Lagi satu famous sini another kedai mamak dekat tepi sungai, nasi lambai kami panggil. Depan kedai ini ada mamak jual bubur kacang, bubur gandum. Mamak2 ini semua dari zaman I kecil sekarang anak2 mereka ganti.

    Another good thing to buy fresh udang galah kat tepi sungai ada jual kalau tak jumpa kat pasar.

    That’s all, I jadi duta pulak, sila bayar gaji I admin hahaha

  75. Hajar Jan 20,2019 4:12 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Sebenarnya di Malaysia kita masih amat bernasib baik kerana walaupun bekas PM Najib banyak menyalahguna kuasa dengan pelbagai skandal negatif dan juga turut menyalahguna undang-undang untuk kepentingan peribadi, rakyat biasa masih boleh hidup bebas, aman, dan tenang.

    2. Undang-undang masih lagi (majoriti) berkuatkuasa/berjalan dengan baik. Saya tiada masalah (besar) berurusan di kaunter2 dan agensi2 Kerajaan (dulu dan sekarang).

    3. Tidak pernah pula saya dipaksa untuk merasuah sesiapa untuk mendapatkan perkhidmatan. Jika ada yang suka/sanggup menghulur rasuah kerana mahu cepat atau mahukan kelulusan untuk apa2 permohonan (projek?), itu masalah mereka yang memang korup.

    4. Bagi rakyat biasa seperti saya, tiada apa-apa perbezaan pun dari segi penguatkuasaan undang2 pada zaman rejim Najib dan sekarang di bawah PH. Sama saja. Kos sara hidup masih juga mencanak naik, walaupun kononnya negara/Kerajaan sudah BERSIH rasuah sebab Kerajaan PH yang kononnya memang bersih dan suci dalam serbi-serbi.

    5. Saya tidak nampak apa manafaat yang rakyat dapat bilamana Kerajaan PH sibuk dan heboh dengan ‘drama’, laporan2 polis, dan pelbagai hebahan bahawa PH telah dapat membanteras rasuah dan korupsi. Ini kerana kesannya tidak dapat dirasai oleh rakyat kebanyakan. Ahli2 politik, ahli2 parti politik, dan mereka yang berkepentingan sahaja yang perasan keadaan telah jadi amat baik!

    6. Perangai pemimpin2 / penyokong2 dari kedua-dua pihak (lama dan baru) sama saja – suka mengambil kesempatan untuk kepentingan diri sendiri. Semua tunggu peluang keemasan saja.

    7. An example:

    AG, CJ accused of fraternising after dancing in gala dinner

    Lawyers’ group propose breach of ethics tribunal after Kota Kinabalu ‘twist’

    Just look at how Siti Kasim defended herself and others like her. So disgusting!

    Perangai sama saja dengan yang dulu! Dulu kutuk orang lain. Kifarah! Allah SWT tunjuk dengan cepat sekali perangai sebenar golongan yang hipokrit.

    – ‘Sri Sense’, bila sudah berkuasa barulah kita tahu belang dan sikap sebenar para pemimpin/penyokong PH. Ada juga hikmahnya. Baru nampak prestasi sebenar mereka yang hampeh, termasuk dari DAP. Entah apa2. Banyak yang mengarut dan perasan bagus, tetapi kita yang melihat geleng kepala dibuatnya…rupanya ada yang lebih teruk dari Menteri yang paling teruk semasa zaman BN…korup pula.. 🙁

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  76. HBT456 Jan 20,2019 2:25 PM

    Howard lee of parti tindakan demokratik@democratic action party had made the police report, and it is up to perdana menteri tun dr mahathir mohammad to make his stand on this issue before he leaves us forever.

    If he does not make his stand clear now, he wont have the chance to ractify the oil loyalty issue as age is catching up with him too.

    Agree to disagree?



    It would be best for PTD to make their stand clear on this issue as 2nd largest component party in pakatan harapan as to be fair and transparent to their members, or voters in their constituencies.

    There is no 2 ways about it.

    Ministerial position first, or party principle first?

    P/s: today, we are not dealing with ahmad, ah chong and muthu races only. putrajaya insists bahasa kebangsaan is bahasa melayu, and islam is the federal official religion, and thats their choice. but they cannot force us to abandon our mother tongue languages and faiths by embracing bahasa kebangsaan, tulisan jawi and islam in private life, and private sector.

  77. musato Jan 20,2019 1:56 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yup sri sense.

    Dulu bila blogspot chedet selalu diganggu dan dikatakan spam, blog chedet terpaksa direhatkan beberapa hari dan ada sampai seminggu kalau tak salah saya.

    Saya tak tahu samada ada lagi sesiapa dapat email from admin masa itu. Dari en sufi, pegawai khas Tun M. En Sufi admin sini yang terangkan blogspot chedet dalam pembaikan ketika itu.

    Saya ini rakyat biasa. Orang biasa. Saya sendiri tak pernah tahu En Sufi adalah pegawai khas Tun M selama ini. Saya hanya tahu bila saya terbaca dalam akhbar lewat tahun kemudian.

    Saya minta maaf jika respon saya semasa itu kurang enak atau apa apa (maksud saya, saya tak anggap ia adalah rasmi), saya tulis seperti saya tulis komen dalam blog sahaja. Saya minta maaf bebanyak.

    Terima kasih pada En Sufi kerana memberi respon ketika itu.

    Untuk perjumpaan, orang lama di sini seperti Pn Hajar jika ada kebolehan merancang aktiviti berkenaan, kita amat alu alukan.

    Sri sense pun boleh.

    Saya lama dah tak buka email blog ini.

    Email saya guna sekarang

    Terima kasih Tun.

  78. HBT456 Jan 20,2019 8:32 AM

    Pagi ini I sedar I have a lot to be thankful for. 1. Nak memperjuangkan kehidupan semasa I sebagai pengundi, I ada Najib. 2. Nak memperjuangkan agama dan bangsa I, I ada G3. Nak protect kehidupan haiwan yang I sayang, I ada Tengku Permaisuri Selangor.

    She can give any excuses that she see fit for her survival, comfort and thankful, and that her choice of politics in voting process.

    Another well known scandal made by malaysian that pissed off doj, refer

    Drug and corruption tolerance have become political norm of acceptance locally since there so many of them waiting in line to ngap the future federal budget to rich themselves overnight at putrajaya, janji menang.

    Truth is not important to malay political parties since their perrogative is to win votes to stay relevant as ruling and shadow governments via glc of nep of bumiputra status policy.

    Singapore authorithy has the obligation to make their stand firm on the nuetral and intetnational water, and malaysian authorithy also can make their stand clear on that zone.

    P/s: as saying goes, when you make a move, your shadow will follow you. how you want to shape and move forward malaysia as 1 country, the choice is in the political parties of the divide since myr had to be left floating to determine its real value in forex.

  79. Sri Sense Jan 20,2019 8:18 AM

    Good morning

    Lambat keluar komen2 sini. Barangkali, admin ikut Tun’s entourage ke Afrika.

    I ingat sini dulu ada chedet beri satu email address for contact purposes. Masa Tun bukan PM Malaysia. I tak pernah guna email itu. I tak tau effective ke tak. Tujuan I sebut ini sebab Musato dok cari jalan macam mana nak jumpa Tun.

    I ada sebut sini earlier I ada kawan seorang businessman, the Tan Sri. Kalau I contact dia melalui personal email miliknya, once in a blue moon, dia jawab, sama seperti handset beliau. Pasal I dah tau, I tunggu saja dia panggil I. Kalau tak penting tak payah la panggil I.

    I sebagai voter, so far anggap PH ini tidak memberi sebarang manafaat dan keuntungan pada diri I.

    1. I nak stock market booming – selalu merah
    2. I nak satu scheme yang bagus untuk senior citizen umur dari 55 tahun keatas – tiada
    3. I nak kemudahaan dan free perubatan untuk I dan hubby – tiada
    4. I nak Tun upgrade bankruptcy law yang lama – tiada

    Sebagai voter yang pangkah PH, I now tidak suka PH.

    I juga tidak sangka, bila I pangkah PH, dengan tidak secara langsung I terpilih DAP jadi PM dan TPM, I terpilih Anwar keluar penjara cepat dan dapat ampun sepenuhnya, dan I terpilih Agong letak jawatan.

    Baru2 ini AG Malaysia pulak dah jadi macam lawyer DAP. Rindu pulak AG lama. PH ini gang tidak logik. Baru beberapa bulan dudok atas I pening dari I pening dengan BN yang perintah berkurun lamanya.

    Orang Melayu, orang Islam, orang Bumiputera, cuba muafakat. Cuba bila ada masaalah negara jangan dibawa Cina dan India dalamnya dan muafakat pula dengan mereka. Belajarlah politican!

  80. sibotak Jan 20,2019 5:26 AM

    You did it right ,Tun
    Disallow Israel to enter here

    Well its a one sided World today
    US submits itself to Israel , directly UN submits itself to Israel too
    UN is just a Tool to Fool The World

    We should not allow US Military presence in ASIA
    Its irrelevant . Its does not make sense to allow US Military presence in Asia
    just for a lame excuse against Piracy
    Its Disastrous as much as we have seen today
    Whatever US touches it goes into Flames

    We Asia , we have our own Military that are capable to secure our own sea
    especially towards Piracy
    Its just a Lame , Stupid excuse to have US presence in Asia

    I say One sided World
    We cannot allow US to fool UN to benefits them
    UN suppose to be build upon for Humanitarian reasons
    Was misled that now it became a Tool , An instrument to make look good for the Wrong doings
    Humanitarian Ships carry Medical & Food to Palestine Aid was Pirated by Israel
    UN did Nothing
    Lately UN upon US discontinue Humanitarian Aid to Palestine
    Yet US gives much Arms , even Money to Israel
    We should seek East , Russia , China to balance our Round World today
    If not The World will Fall

    Definition of Terrorists ?
    Is Nation that produce Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Produce & Distribute these Weapons to inflict Chaos throughout the World
    To benefit their own personal interest
    Example of such Terrorist are Israel , US , Russia & China
    UN members suppose to be represented by Civilize people was indeed represented by Evil thinkers War Mongers disguise like an Angel
    UN must stops these Nation to built Weapons
    These are the reason World today are never at Peace
    World will Dooms itself if these Weapons Produce
    keeps multiplying .Its alike Germs

    Weapons are Never a solution to Peace

  81. HBT456 Jan 20,2019 12:54 AM

    Alahai, mereka buat adalah halal, tapi yang lain buat tu haram, kata hajar, and supported by sri sense kerana mereka supporters of tdm.

    Itu double standards?

    Kenapa hajar and sri sense bising sangat?

    Unless, they are thinking of making malaysia a nanny state to apply curfew on those adults at age 18 to get consent from their parents to go out after 10 pm.

    How are they going to implement this if these adults need to work at age of 18 years old and below?

    P/s: if locals do not want to get saman or bagi duit kopi, the officers in federal can still have 6 million foreign workers to get cash what, takut apa, takda orang peduli pun.

  82. HBT456 Jan 19,2019 9:43 PM

    Once bitten, twice shy.

    When bitten many times, it become a norm of acceptance.

    Before they bz other states, they should look at their states first.

    P/s: tdm and his loyalists can boycott israel for paralympic, but they cannot stop other countries in asia pacific and south east asia to welcome them. perhaps, they forgot they accused dsai was pro-usa and pro-yahudi during the 90s. melayu mudah lupa, atau mudah disogok dengan kuasa mutlak in the name of bangsa dan agama?

  83. HBT456 Jan 19,2019 6:52 PM

    P/s: the serious mistake that dr mm did was he allowed umnoputra the taste of absolute power first to unite the malay and muslim by exploiting other faiths and religion. the rest is history.

    I am just a voter, but when the ruling government turned bossy and 1 way street again, senang saja, just vote the opposition coalition saja.

    Today, with stronger voice of opposition, mereka mana berani nak tido, and took the voters of their constituencies for granted to stay relevant, betul tak?

    Bagus lah macam ini so that they can debate, compete and excel rather than bangkang because you are not my cronies, not my race, not my religion and not my friends.

    Jika masih mahu main belakang dengan wang dan rasuah politik, janji menang to dictate the federal budget, later on, voters also fed up and give up just like the americans, iaitu, tak nak undi.

    You want to see this happened?

    I dont want this to happen, therefore, it is very much depend on the maturity of mps in divide, ngo and local media to play their part in moving forward the country to be at par with developed states and countries on earth.

    Islamic state as economic model?

    International city state as economic model?

    P/s: the era of government knows all is over, therefore, its best to have dialogues with the public first to get their feedback so that everyone is included, bukan sekadar hanya sedapkan hati dan jiwa melayu saja just to reap the federal budget for their own survival and interests.

  84. HBT456 Jan 19,2019 6:25 PM

    The mps of divides can only do their best.

    When the mess is to huge, and big, for cover up, first thing they do is to jump ship first, waiting to come in when the tide is off, betul tak?

    All they care is their personal interest first, janji menang baru bikin, tak kisah betul atau salah, halal atau haram, untung atau rugi.

    P/s: the serious mistake that dr mm di was he allowed umnoputra the taste of absolute power first to unite the malay and muslim by exploiting other faiths and religion. the rest is history.

  85. HBT456 Jan 19,2019 6:09 PM

    Here we go again, even name of sign board could menjolokkan mata dan menyinggungkan perasaan bersatu dan pakatan harapan, jadi kena tukar lagi as if the current and future taxpayer monies belong to the gomen, kan tu hak gomen, tak gitu, sri sense?

    Even the word salem could menjolok dan menyakitkan hati ppbm loyalist, apatah lagi syarikat that carries the word temasek, betul tak?

    Anyone can speak up on this, but not tdm and loyalists of ppbm.

    P/s: the nephew of pm lee in singapore sharing his personal thoughts in facebook could sparked insecurity to the loyalists of pap holding all vvip in government sector, perhaps they are too bossy and comfortable with the power of authorithy for too long that they forgot this power is given to them via general elections kut.

  86. Sri Sense Jan 19,2019 9:06 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Pagi ini I sedar I have a lot to be thankful for. 1. Nak memperjuangkan kehidupan semasa I sebagai pengundi, I ada Najib. 2. Nak memperjuangkan agama dan bangsa I, I ada G3. Nak protect kehidupan haiwan yang I sayang, I ada Tengku Permaisuri Selangor.

    I ada sebut earlier about animal shelter, yup lain animal shelter bukan SPCA, masa tu ada yang nak appoint isteri Lim Kok Wing sebagai head, tapi dia tolak.

    Selepas tu tak silap mereka appointed someone from UKM, senang neuter haiwan. Tak lama lepas tu tanah nak kena rampas, mereka berlari minta tolong dengan Azmin. Of course Azmin tolong sebab bangunan tu masih di situ sehingga kini walau pun sakit mata memandang dan kesihatan haiwan di dalam amat meragukan.

    Melihat gambar diatas Tengku Permaisuri Selangor macam pegang maine coon. I kalau bawa vet kucing maine coon I, pertama soalan vet tanya bila tengok muka kucing, apa breed kucing ini? I jawab, animal shelter kata maine coon. Vet macam tak percaya, vet kata macam mixed, sebab muka lawa dari maine coon.

    Muka dari sipi flat macam persian. I akan jawab, tak tahu mereka kata maine coon, maine coon la I kata hahaha

    Lepas tu vet tanya line breed cross breed, hey mana la I tahu, I adopted the cat dari animal shelter, I bukan beli dari breeder. Ada juga vet tanya berada fee I bayar, I jawab 450 ringgit. Kucing yang paling mahal I pernah ambil dari situ dan selalu sakit.

  87. sibotak Jan 19,2019 2:07 AM

    Budaya Kerajaan Malaysia perlu Berubah
    Perlu hari esok lebih baik dari hari yg telah sudah

    Maka perlu ada Chemistry yg Mantap
    Perlu satu system yg Mampat
    Ini semua perlu permikiran yg berpegalaman dengan bantuan teknologi
    dan system yg relevant
    Pegawai Kerajaan Malaysia perlu lebih serius menjalani tugas
    Pegawai lah yg mendorong system berjalan dengan betul ,efficient dan effective
    So , jika fikiran nak kerja sama Kerajaan kerana bolih relax perlu di singkirkan sama sekali

    Ini yg saya lihat
    The Attitude of The Malays as most Malays works for the Govt
    Sifat Besok masih ada ,Kerja suka tangguh tangguh , system yg tidak consistent
    Ini Attitude Kebanyakan pegawai Kerajaan yg mengakibatkan system Malaysia yg sentiasa Flaws dan tidak menjadi
    Kerajaan Teguh barulah Rakyat pun teguh
    Ia tidak bolih bertepuk sebelah tangan
    Ia perlu berganding bahu sesama rakyat untuk memajukan Malaysia
    Mencapai Kehidupan yg Tenang

    Kerajaan perlu Beduit bukan Berhutang
    Perlu prihatin kawalan kewangan terutama,bukan seperti Kerjaaan Malaysia yg sentiasa Bocor sana sini . Jika kerap bocor sana sini ,bahayalah Kapal maka macamana nak bawa penumpang .

    Kita tidak perlu Kaya Raya
    Kita perlu Tenang
    Kesederhanaan dalam semua aspects
    Tak perlu orang nak capai langgit, kita juga nak capai langgit
    Yg penting graphic kita sentiasa tenang
    Kalau naik pun sikit , kalau turun pun sikit
    Tidak mendadak tapi cantik perjalanan graphic kita

    Sya menulis mengikut permikiran saya yg ingin saya berkongsi
    Berlandaskan Budaya Melayu ,Fahaman dan tuntutan Agama
    Cara kita sendiri, bukan meniru niru Barat sebagainya
    Lain Padang lain Berlalang
    Lain orang lain Kemahuan

  88. Sri Sense Jan 19,2019 12:14 AM


    I terbaca ini

    “Sekiranya Lim Guan Eng menjadi Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, dia boleh mengeluarkan 24 kenyataan setiap hari berdasarkan isu-isu yang bersangkut-paut dengan 24 kementerian yang sedia wujud hari ini”
    Ng Lum Yong


    I pernah fikir ini kenapa DAP Chairman jadi Special Envoy to China. Kenapa Sec Gen jadi Menteri Kewangan. Kenapa Deputy Chairman jadi Menteri Kommunikasi. Mungkin lepas ini ramai tetanya-tanya siapa PM, siapa puppet.

  89. Sri Sense Jan 18,2019 8:37 PM

    Salam Tun

    Terpanggil pula nak sambung bicara.

    Federal govt sues Kelantan to protect orang asli land rights

    Rajin betul AG ini, tak diminta tapi buat.

    Teringat pula calon BN Cameron Highlands, bekas penolong pesuruhjaya polis Ramli Mohd Nor, yang juga wakil kaum Orang Asli.

    I nak share cerita. Hubby kadang2 travel ke Pantai Timur sebab kerja. I jarang ikut. Ada sekali I ikut. Balik kami singgah kedai makan kat Bentong Pahang. I nampak wait staff 2 orang perempuan berkulit gelap, rambut kerinting.

    I panggil budak lelaki kerja situ dan tanya tentang pekerja perempuan yang dua orang tu. Budak lelaki ini jawab, orang sini. Mungkin sebab dia lihat wajah I macam was was, dia terus cakap, orang sini, orang asli. I terus jawab, oh ya ke, saya ingat orang Burma. Menurut budak lelaki ini memang ramai orang asli turun bekerja dibandar itu.

  90. Sri Sense Jan 18,2019 6:07 PM

    Salam Tun, berita keliling pasal Tun dan Africa. Good news!

    Bad news pula; Man returns from abroad to discover his shop apartment occupied

    – Orang ambil kesempatan. Kalau tanah kosong boleh diri kuil, ini rumah kosong boleh kutip sewa.

    Musato, mungkin boleh minta admin buat gathering.

    Tun ada blog, ada FB, ada tweeter, ada instagram. I tak pasti admin sama atau tidak. Even Hishamuddin pun ada beberapa orang jaga account online beliau, inikan PM.

    I nak share sikit pengalaman sini. I dulu kenal satu businessman, dari lawyer sampai jadi Tan Sri. Masa dia lawyer senang nak jumpa. Masa dia Dato ada susah sikit nak jumpa. Masa dia Tan Sri lagi susah nak jumpa. So I kasi tau dia, if you want to see me, you know where to reach me. Yup ada masa dia contact I juga, once in a blue moon. 🙁

  91. Sri Sense Jan 17,2019 10:00 PM

    Salam Tun

    Susah hati Hajar. I also susah hati terpangkah DAP. Trial and error. Next election kita pangkah lain.

    I pernah sebut sini if Tun rasa bersalah masukkan certain people dalam ISA dulu, I rasa tidak perlu rasa bersalah, sebab mereka memang bersalah. Ramai pengundi dah nampak terang dan jelas.

    Oh yes isu duit minyak 20 ringgit, oh yes isu tak pilih PH no more project, yang dah pilih PH pun tak ada project. 🙁

    PH selalu kata tak ada duit. Yang 20 ringgit tu pun mesti donation dari rakyat. Walaupun donation ikhlas jika terpesong dari tujuan asal mesti penderma pun upset tak nak derma lagi.

    Sekurang kurangnya ambil duit taxpayers tu dah memang hak gomen. Apa gomen nak buat itu hak mereka, nak bagi agong, nak bagi sultan, nak bagi sri sense 🙂

    Just saying.

  92. musato Jan 17,2019 8:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yep Sri Sense.

    Memang Tun tak panggil pun jumpa dia.

    Ini saya fikir sebab kita pun tak kenalkan diri kita sendiri kat Tun. Saya sendiri tak pernah nak kenalkan diri secara peribadi pada Tun.

    Saya cuma perkenalkan diri dengan tulis kat sini. Saya cuma rekodkan dengan penulisan.

    Sudah tentu saya bukan ahli politik. Saya tidak berperangai seperti ahli politik. Saya tidak pandai nak ambil peluang yang terhidang. Saya adalah rakyat biasa.

    Lagipun tujuan blog ini wujud adalah untuk ‘blogging to unblock’, Merentasi halangan. Blogging bermaksud anda menceritakan kepada seluruh umat dunia yang ada di muka bumi ini.

    Bila ada yang menyahut, anda akan tahu apa maksudnya itu.

    Jika mahu cerita masalah negara dan politik, saya ada di sini untuk baca dan faham. Itu sahaja tujuan saya. Saya cuba bagi pandangan dan jalan.

    Pertama sekali saya didorong oleh satu semangat yang tetiba datang entah dari mana. Saya cuma fokuskan kenapa dan dari mana? Saya tak fikir apa yang saya dapat. Ia adalah dipaksa dan terpaksa. Sememangnya manusia itu perlu dipaksa.

    Pada 2008, sebenarnya terdapat satu dana yang agak besar yang diterima dan membolehkan satu pertandingan catur peringkat kebangsaan di Terengganu diadakan. Saya rasa saya pernah beritahu pada Tun tentang kejohanan yang bakal berlangsung tersebut.

    Saya bukan sekteriat persatuan, tapi saya adalah hanya seorang peserta.

    Seingat saya, kejohanan besar tersebut adalah pertama kali dan terakhir diadakan sehingga sekarang.

    Saya fikir ada orang yang salurkan dana tersebut. Terima kasih pada Tun jika Tun terlibat sama.

    Melalui kejohanan itu, terdapat satu timbal balas, apabila saya diilhamkan pula satu idea untuk selesaikan masalah harga minyak dunia naik berkait pula dengan politik negara ketika sedang menggerakkan satu pergerakan buah catur.

    Malah tempat kejohanan tersebut adalah diadakan di kawasan cabang tiga. Tempat kelaniran Tokku Paloh (Sayyid Abdul Rahman – 1818-1918).

    Krisis ekonomi negara ketika itu telah dapat ditangani dengan jayanya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  93. Hajar Jan 17,2019 7:19 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Nampaknya duit kopi @ duit minyak @ suapan @ sogokan dianggap ‘halal’ jika melibatkan orang PH.

    2. RASUAH, walaupun jumlahnya teramat kecil, ia tetap rasuah! Sama juga, dedak tetap dedak walaupun jumlahnya sepinggan atau berguni-guni! Begitu juga dengan arak, walau setitik pun ianya tetap haram. Kalau wang BR1M haram, wang BSH juga haram! Tak gitu?

    3. Jika benar PH menjunjung kedaulatan UNDANG-UNDANG, perbuatan rasuah yang sama, jika dilakukan oleh orang PH, ia tetap dianggap sebagai rasuah! Jangan memilih-milih!

    4. Orang kampong pun sudah bijak, dan tidak mudah ditipu oleh slogan putar-belit. Cuma orang bodoh saja yang fikir bahawa orang kampong mudah ditipu. Orang ini ketinggalan zaman.

    5. Amat memualkan melihat pemimpin2/penyokong2 PH dan sekutu mereka terlompat-lompat memberi pelbagai justifikasi terhadap pemberian wang kepada para penyokong PH yang kononnya diberi ‘duit minyak’ kerana menaiki motosikal dari kediaman mereka.

    6. Gambar2 pemberian wang tersebar luar. Ini bukti kukuh. Saya tidak yakin yang wang cuma diberi sekali sahaja. Jika saya silap, harap kawan Tun, Kit Siang, bolehlah nanti buktikan yang mereka dapat RM20 sekali sahaja sepanjang tempoh berkempen.

    7. Maaf cakaplah…Sejak dahulu lagi saya sudah katakan yang PH (bekas pembangkang) adalah jaguh dalam hal memberi sogokan. Namun, mereka ini memang lidah bercabang dan pandai menipu dan berdolak-dalik serta cakap berbelit-belit. Ini memang sifat orang munafiq @ hipokrit. MUNAFIQ yang hakiki! Di dalam Al-Quran banyak ayat2 melibatkan orang munafiq.

    8. Slogan ‘Rule of Law’ sekadar untuk mengabui @ menipu rakyat.

    9. Mengenai Anwar pula, adakah saya mahu PERASUAH dan orang yang korup dari segi moral dilantik jadi PM? Sudah tentu tidak.

    10. Saya doakan dia tidak akan jadi PM sampai bila-bila. Pengampunan beliau pun nampak pelik dan tidak mengikut undang2 yang betul. Bukti kukuh telah mendapati beliau bersalah.

    11. Saya juga tidak ingin siapa-siapa dari PKR, Amanah dan DAP jadi PM, termasuklah DS Azmin. Ini kerana ideologi politik mereka tidak sesuai dengan saya. Contohnya, YB Azmin amat liberal dalam pendekatan beliau. Setahu saya beliau (bekas MB) terlibat dalam keputusan untuk adakan tulisan Cina di papan tanda jalan tempoh hari. Hal2 berkaitan arak/maksiat dan pelbagai isu sensitif melibatkan umat Islam/Melayu di Selangor pun beliau menyebelahi golongan kafir/liberal.

    12. Tentang bekas PM Najib, beliau elok diam. Pada saya, kalau seorang bekas PM sudah tertangkap melakukan kesalahan2 berat, apa pun yang orang ini cakap (walaupun kadang2 betul), saya sekadar dengar saja dengan rasa meluat. Di mata saya, DSN sudah tiada kredibiliti.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  94. Sri Sense Jan 17,2019 2:59 PM

    Good evening Tun yang dikasihi

    Nak komen sikit kat Musato. I pun tak pergi jumpa Tun dan bertandang opis Bersatu. Pertamanya Tun tak panggil I mengadap. Keduanya opis Bersatu nun kat PJ. I memang familiar dengan PJ cuma I dah lama tak pergi PJ sendirian.

    Paling jauh I jalan sendiri bawa kereta Shah Alam Subang Jaya. Itu pun ikut Federal Highway. I dah tak ikut jalan belakang ke Subang Jaya sejak insiden kuil. I tak ada driver. Kami semua bawa kereta sendirian. I tak kaya I cuma a middle class lady. 🙁

  95. HBT456 Jan 17,2019 12:54 PM

    Petty cash disbursement could be claimed in a very straight forward manner, but money and corruption cannot be traced easily, and its up to the selera and citarasa of those ministries concerned at putrajaya.

    If they said halal, then, halal.

    If they said haram, then , haram.

    Even a cross seems like a cross boleh menyinggungkan perasaan dan menjolok mata mereka yang berkuasa di putrajaya, apatah lagi kuil india dan chinese temple with 150 years historical root sampai hari ini, betul tak?

    All vvips are malay, putrajaya, mosque sini sana, surau wajib, and sembahyang 5 kali pun wajib, but mereka yang beragama islam masih rasa tak cukup lagi, mungkin mereka mahu menguasai bahasa melayu dan jawi in all government sectors kut.

    Since muslim wants to maintain their lifestyle, but they cannot force others who do not want to follow their lifestyle.

    Then how?

    Main belakang lah assuminhg takda orang peduli.

    To them is halal, but to my race, thats haram.

    When they created the mess, and failed, mereka akan protest sekuat2nya to show they are victims by manipulating akta 153, so habitual and predicatble.

    Tipu orang kampong senang.

    Tipu orang bandar susah.

    Tipu orang global lagi susah.

    What she wants to claim is her stand, and who she supports, that her choice.

    Agong kita berdaulat.

    Raja kami memang berdaulat.

    State sovereign land title with 9 sultan belong to the sultan, and no one can take away those land title without their permission except sarawak, sabah, penang and melaka.

    P/s: it is not about nation building, it is about winning votes to dictate the federal budget by appointing their proxies to hold those vvip positions in all federal government including bar council as if voters are dedak seekers to them until umno baru bn loss its grip of power due to absolute greed. the bright side is today, we have stronger voice in opposition parties for check and balance. to be or not to be, thats not the question, able or not we will know how far kita semua can go since general election must be called to get the mandate from political coalition of the divide and voters of all states except sarawak.

  96. Sri Sense Jan 17,2019 8:19 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Pagi yang cerah. Musim batuk2 dan selsema.


    Semalam I baca blog RPK. I terkejut beliau dah 10 tahun living in exile. I tidak anggap tulisan beliau teruk, dia more of sembang2 kedai kopi type. Sebelum ini I juga terkejut anak beliau masuk Gerakan bertanding. Kan baik masuk Bersatu. Though dia orang muda, I tengok dia ada idea yang boleh dipakai.

    Berbalik pada living in exile. Terasa aneh pula yang mana mengata orang Melayu, agama Islam dan Sultan Melayu, masih di Malaysia bermaharajalela.

    Sekarang I tengok banyak blog minta donation. I rasa mungkin sebab PH suka minta donation, so jadi trend minta donation.

    I tak tahu sekarang macam mana, dulu masa mula2 ada internet, ramai yang buat duit ribuan ringgit sebulan mereka partnered dengan google. Ada I dengar takat 10K, 15K monthly mudah. Janji ada traffic. Duyun2 orang datang, duit masuk. I still think ada lagi melalui blogspot. Cuma pandai2 la tanya google. Google ada opis di Malaysia, the last time I dengar. Kalau FB I tau ada opis di Singapore. I rasa FB patut ada opis di Malaysia sebab ramai orang Malaysia guna FB jual barang.

    Part jual buku, Amazon pun boleh, market luas. Tapi caranya kena lah tanya Amazon. Zaman sekarang semua E sana, E sini. Baca buku banyak online selain dari beli barang.

  97. Hajar Jan 16,2019 7:00 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has denied that Pakatan Harapan gives out money to woo voters in the Cameron Highlands by-election.

    “Pakatan Harapan never uses money to give to anyone.

    If the money is given by the government, the government can give.

    “That one, everyone can get. That is all,”

    Really Tun? Everyone can also get the RM20 distributed to the ‘orang asli’ by a PH wowan in red t-shirt.

    According to Tun’s buddy (Kit Siang) they (60 orang asli) were given RM20 each. Was it done only once (only RM20 for the whole campaigning period)?

    What can a person buy with RM20 nowadays? Oh I forgot, they got the money for petrol reimbursements (‘duit kopi @ duit minyak’) for doing some voluntary work (for PH). Of course they don’t need more than RM20. They are honest people who are always ready to help others in need.

    Are those ‘orang asli’ voters of the constituency?

    Yeah, PH leaders are so clean (‘suci bersih’), and they can never be involved in any corrupt practices. Only those from BN (opposition) are corrupt! If a BN leader (any opposition leader) was the one giving RM20 each to the volunteers, definitely the volunteers would be labeled as ‘pemakan dedak’!

    Frankly speaking, PH’s slogan (and promise) of upholding ‘The Rule of Law’ is laughable and so pathetic!

    The new EC Chairman, Azhar @ Art Harun should just resign! He is really hopeless and biased. I read his response on this issue.

    Recall: “The Cameron Highlands polls was called after the Election Court on Nov 30 declared Barisan’s win in the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat null and void, as it found corrupt practices had been committed.

    Millions of ringgit went down the drain just like that! What a waste!

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  98. HBT456 Jan 16,2019 6:34 PM

    The challenges a head shall be more difficult, and its wasting time to marah2 and maki hamun to show race and religion supremacy of mps concerned.

    When racism and religion supremacy can make you rich overnight, sue the ruling and state government pun boleh, takda orang peduli pun.

    I always believe the good ones are blessed, the bad and ugly ones would be left behind.

    P/s : i rest my case, and whether the chosen excco can transform the state into next level is too early to tell since politicians could be rigged begind the voters. there is no free lunch in this world, and sweet dreams are made of this.

  99. HBT456 Jan 16,2019 6:13 PM

    Boleh boleh, apa2 pun boleh, janji menang.

    Kan umno is tuan punya tanah, tak gitu?

    You as non malay, non indian and non bumiputra mps can just shut up, and live with it.

    Either you pay your debts now, or you snow ball the debts to your next generations to 20x – 30 higher than the current debts if you remain stagnant and take things for granted that the government of the day must feed you.

    Even the partial shutdown of usa government can happen once in a blue moon in usa, then, thats nothing is impossible in this world.

    Bak kata, you must have enough savings for raining season since no one knows what will happen in the future.

    Are you surprise with such action of the chosen perak excco?

    P/s: racism and extremism issues are not new, and when race and religion supremacy is base on favortism, it only reflects the bad and ugliness of the judiciary process in state, and federal level. memang tak anih pun.

  100. tamchi Jan 16,2019 7:14 AM

    Slm sejahtra, slamat pagi..
    Jentera Marquez hambat Rossi..
    2018, motoGP..

    BossKau bukan BossKu
    Kalau nak tau…
    Siapa nombor satu..

    Dua ribu sembilan belas..
    Bulan sebelas…

    Saksikan di Litar Sepang..
    Nantikan, Siapa pemenang?

    Aduh sayangnya, Agusta entah ke mana..

    KBS tak mau ke buat litar bersaiz kecil/sederhana di kawasan kawasan pinggir bandar.? Nanti bolehlah melumba di tempat yg sepatutnya…
    Dulu kt Shah Alam dh kena roboh…!
    Rasanya ramai aje anak muda yg berbakat samaada dlm bidang penunggangan, pemanduan & kejuruteraan enjin & permotoran…

  101. sibotak Jan 16,2019 5:16 AM

    Apa akan berlaku pada Malaysia selepas Tun ?
    Apa bakal berlaku pada PH selepas Tun ?

    Tun disalahkan UMNO seolah Tun berpaling tadah
    juga kerana Tun terpaksa bersekutu dengan DAP demi menyelamatkan Malaysia
    Berkemungkinan jika Tun tidak bersekutu dengan DAP
    Parti Tun Pribumi akan menang dengan cemerlang lagi

    UMNO persalahkan Tun
    Seharusnya UMNO persalahkan Najib kerana angkor dan sombong tidak mahu Berganjak apabila Tun menasihati Najib supaya berundur
    Tun suruh Najib berundur bersebab sebab bukan suka suka Tun
    Tun sudah sedaya upaya menyelamatkan UMNO , menyelamatkan Ummah untuk Malaysia
    Tapi sayang Kesombongan Najib sendiri telah membuat Najib juga UMNO Tewas

    Yg perlu kita kesali adalah
    Kenapa dan mengapa Pak Lah juga Najib begitu angkur
    Tidak mahu mendengar nasihat Tun semas pemerintahan mereka
    Jika awal PakLah , Najib dengar nasihat dan bimbingan Tun
    Malaysia tidak jadi bergini di ini hari

    Ini semua sudah di ditulis
    Maka perlu kita
    Usaha dengan Berdoa
    Doa tanpa Usaha itu Bodoh
    Usaha tanpa Doa itu Sombong

    Yg penting
    Ummah perlu Bersatu
    Setiap kita perlu membuat usaha menyetupadukan Ummah
    walau hanya mampu Berdoa

  102. musato Jan 15,2019 10:48 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Apabila membicarakan mahu berjumpa Tun, sebenarnya saya pun tidak tahu bagaimana.

    Maksud saya, bukan mudah mahu jumpa PM. Pergi pejabat PM, kemudian bagitahu kakitangan yang “saya dari pengunjung blog chedet mahu jumpa PM”. Saya fikir tidak sebegitu mudah. “Siapa kamu?”

    Macam saya. Nak jumpa saya pun bukan mudah. Saya tidak suka berkeliaran ke sana sini tanpa tujuan. Lebih lebih lagi membuang masa.

    Tiada sebab untuk saya jumpa Tun. Saya tak perlukan apa apa dari Tun.

    Tetapi untuk berjumpa memerlukan sebab. Jadi perlulah saya ciptakan satu sebab untuk saya jumpa Tun. Iaitu nak minta Tun tulis kata kata aluan buku resepi roti saya.

    Itu cuma harapan atau angan angan. Entah buku resepi itu jadi atau tidak, pada Allah swt kita berserah. Masih belum habis taip pun lagi.

    Apabila kita perlu memberi nasihat atau pandangan, niat pada hati perlulah bersih dari segala hasutan syaitan yang direjam. Malah keluarga juga diletakkan ketepi.

    Saya tak perlukan apa apa dari Tun Mahathir. Malah JIKA sebelum ini Tun Mahathir cuba memberi sesuatu imbuhan bagi sesuatu perkara MUNGKIN saya tidak berada di sini lagi. Itulah adalah kesalahan yang besar jika berlaku.

    Bagaimana mungkin seorang penasihat tidak melakukan sebagaimana orang yang dinasihati itu?

    Saya membicarakan berkenaan karakter.

    Seperti yang pernah diketahui di sini, rumah terbuka pernah diadakan di Seri Kembangan. Dan saya tahu di mana Seri Kembangan.

    Saya menulis ini sekadar untuk pengetahuan pembaca saya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  103. Sri Sense Jan 15,2019 9:36 PM


    I kalau pergi kedai makan, I tanya ini, ini kedai Melayu? Ada jawapan I dapat, ya tukang masak pun Melayu.

    Juga ada jawapan I terima dari pekerja Melayu sebuah upscale supermarket, kami kat kitchen pakai glove masak, jaga kebersihan, turkey tak halal kami tak masak.

    I tak pernah tanya, ini kedai Jawa, kedai Minang dll I cuma tanya ini kedai Melayu ka, which semua orang Melayu Malaysia akan faham.

    Kalau I pergi kedai mamak, belum sempat I buka mulut, mereka laju beritau, ini kedai tauke mamak Penang.

  104. Sri Sense Jan 15,2019 9:13 PM

    Salam Tun

    Tadi I ada post komen, hilang pula, mungkin glitches.

    I baru baca tulisan Faizal Tehrani, about Pulau Kukup. Sejarahnya. Baru I tau datangnya orang Jawa Johor.

    I ada kawan orang Jawa Johor. Dia pegawai besar dulu dalam syarikat antarbangsa. He is ok, nice guy. I juga ada kawan perempuan dari Johor, orang Banja. Nice lady too. But kalau makan pisang goreng sepinggan dia tak nak kongsi dengan I hahaha Begitula kami kawan2.

    Orang Melayu rantau sini adalah asal usul dari Indonesia. Indonesia kan besar so ada yang datang dari tanah Jawa, dari Sumatera dll. But since we are all Malays here let it be that way.

    I kadang2 tergelak besar bila baca berita batik, masakan Melayu, orang Indonesia tuduh orang Malaysia dan Singapura curi dia orang punya. Tengok la history beb!

  105. HBT456 Jan 15,2019 12:17 PM

    China is drug free, just like hong kong, singapore and macau, they can never tolerate any drug tolerance related activities.

  106. HBT456 Jan 15,2019 12:12 PM

    China is drug free, just like hong kong, singapore and macau, they can never tolerate any drug free related activities.

    Similarly, terrorism and hate crimes can never be tolerated in any part of the world.

    Bak kata, masuk kandang lembu mengauk, masuk kandang kamping mengembek.

    P/s: we are not muslim, but if the ruling government force us to embrace muslim way of life, it is either we vote opposition coalition, or we leave without wasting a generation or 2 in waiting for them to change after 60 years of merdeka.

  107. HBT456 Jan 15,2019 12:00 PM

    Matured democrat too just like matured republican has influences on world bank head nomination just like like harvard which meant for the children of elites of republican or democrat only.

    It would be great if democrat wins out for this nomination so that they can influence india punya general election by bypass their prime minister and deal directly with indian feudalisme elites, kan majoriti peduduk2 di kampong india masih mundur and under developing, betul tak?

    India still have a long way to be at par with the status of developed countries, and democracy mindset is still at infant stage.

    But, malaysia now is approching adulthood democracy, and in 2 years time, we will reach the status of developed countries whereby voters decide who should represent them at state and federal level.

    Head you take akin lalang dan angin?

    Tail i take akin lalang dan angin?

    Now middle part everyone wants to take, so how?

    Yang pening kepala is not the voters in general but leaders and members of political parties in manipulating the sentiment of the poor to favor them, sure kalah punya, and such strategy is no different with battle of waterloo, you may refer to

    If she mixed with the general races in public, she would know malaysians of all races have their beautiful and bright sides of life too in keeping their races, history backgroud, mother tongues and roots which can never be replaced by nasional and international programmes, and we call it as kinships too.

    Whoever become the next agung in line, life will go on as usual.

    It is either you stay, or migrate, itu saja.

    P/s: , such comments and writing style no longer works, it is either you are with tdm or dsn, itu saja.

  108. HBT456 Jan 15,2019 10:59 AM

    Huh, betrayed????

    Only xio ren would used the word betrayed.

    Politics of ugly sabotaging had begun.

    P/s: race was never a concerned to umno and felda settlers. dsn officially declared felda global venture bhd locally before he flew to new york stock exchange to ring the bell. after that what happsned ? benefits of doubts are always there, but when too much ugly politicking, they are not only hurting themselves and their rivals, they are torturing their voters too.

  109. Sri Sense Jan 14,2019 3:50 PM


    Walau I dah lama duduk Selangor, I selalu rindu Perak. Kalau ada peluang balik Ipoh I suka tengok Gunung Rapat. Ingat limau tambun. Paling I ingat rendang tok. Masa arwah mak hidup, raya mesti masak rendang tok. Letih tumbuk kelapa goreng nak jadikan kerisik. 🙂

    Di Selangor ada rendang tok tapi orang Selangor buat, tak sama macam air tangan orang Perak. So dulu kalau I teringat makanan Perak I pergi pasar tani Kelana Jaya or Shah Alam, cari rendang Mak Nik. Habis I borong wajib, lemang. dodol, rendang. Puluhan ringgit terbang. Tapi sekarang I tak pernah temui gerai Mak Nik ini lagi dalam pasar tani. Haritu I tanya rendang orang Selangor buat satu kilo dah ratusan ringgit. Baik I masak sendiri 🙂

    Pernah sekali ada orang kat kawasan my house buat open house. I tak pergi, so tuan rumah bekalkan hubby lauk pauk dan nasi. Bila I makan I terus cakap kat hubby, eh ini rasa masakan orang Perak. Hubby kata, memang mereka order dari caterer kat Tapah. Lauknya bukan rendang tok tapi ayam masak merah but I boleh kenal air tangan orang Perak.

    Kalau I balik tempat lahir I, di Hilir Perak, I selalu singgah kedai Mastan Ghani. Famous mee rebus sini, sejak I dibangku sekolah lagi. Sekarang masih ada, dah banyak outlet, franchise I guess. Menara condong? Nothing mysterious about it, unless you tourist.

    Sebenarnya nak cari makanan Perak yang dimasak orang Perak, sukar di Selangor. Kedai Kelantan banyak. Tukang masak dari kelantan dan pattani.

    Tun mungkin terfikir kerabat raja yang mana satu I kerja dulu. Lama dulu dah arwah pun ex-boss I ini. Nama dia Raja Aman Shah pernah berkahwin dengan kerabat Kelantan. If I’m not mistaken mak saudara Sultan Kelantan. Kerabat Perak ini ada balak kat Kelantan. Timber business. Next kerabat raja I kerja with adalah kerabat Perlis, boss lama I ini berkahwin dengan adik Sultan Selangor.

    Lama dah sebelum I buka business. Sekarang dah pencen business. I juga pernah kerja dengan Brits bosses. Here and there 🙂

  110. Sri Sense Jan 14,2019 12:58 PM

    Good afternoon Tun

    I terpanggil nak beritahu Tun, I ada baca komen Richard Chung yang sedang diviralkan. I sebenarnya merasa aneh bagai Tun Hamid. Sejak PH naik bukan main lagi mengata Raja2 Melayu.

    I anggap diri I dan Sultan2 Melayu lain darjat. Kalau dengan kawan boleh la kau, aku kan. Anyway si Richard ini kata dia patut mengata sebab bangsa dia bayar tax. I fikir gini la sebenarnya tiada siapa melarang seseorang itu untuk migrate jika tak happy dengan Malaysia. Kalau dah duduk sini tu baikla ikut undang2. Kalau rasa unfair baik la cari tempat lain.

    2 bulan sudah I bual dengan hubby. Tun tau kan I tinggal di Shah Alam. Kenapa orang Melayu yang semi retired suka duduk Shah Alam atau kawasan Melayu yang lain? Jawapan mudah, sebab kalau balik kampung Perak jadi jangkal sebab dah lama merantau. I dulu memang tinggal Subang Jaya. Tapi Shah Alam kan ramai Melayu.

    Berbalik pada orang Melayu, orang Melayu ramai yang mid to upper income group. Kalau Tun tak percaya, beli pun mereka tak pernah tawar menawar, I bukan main lagi bertawar nak murah hahaha Oh yes, ramai doktor, lawyer, pegawai atasan, business people dll Pendekata kalau tiada bangsa lain dalam Malaysia pun orang Melayu boleh hidup sesama mereka.

    For example, I kecik dulu, kalau raya Cina je, mati kaum lain tak dapat beli barang dapur. Mereka kalau cuti raya sampai Chap Goh Mei. Sekarang supermarket buka hari2, fast food like KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino, Mydin, Giant, TESCO dll hari2 buka.

    I nasihatkan gang2 Tun, kalau cakap berhati2, janganla sampai tak ada logiknya, konon mereka saja bayar tax.

    Have a productive day!

  111. musato Jan 13,2019 10:56 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Dalam memperihalkan berkenaan kesultanan Melayu, adalah benar Sultan itu berdaulat. YDP Agong juga punyai peranan yang penting dalam pemerintahan negara walaupun tidak ketara nampaknya.

    Pernah satu ketika, Tun Mahathir tidak menginginkan campurtangan dari YDP Agong semasa tidak sehaluan dengan PM semasa itu, iaitu Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Itulah jawapan Tun M pada pertanyaan seorang wartawan yang saya dengar jelas di telinga saya.

    Reaksi saya hanya tersenyum ketika itu. Mungkin sekarang saya dah tahu kenapa saya hanya tersenyum masa itu.

    Maka lebih dari sekali jugalah YDP Agong semasa itu, iaitu Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin menemukan Tun M dan Pak Lah di meja istana.

    Sultan Mizan adalah dari waris kesultanan Melayu Terengganu moden, yang mana ia dari susun galur anak perempuan Syeikh Abdul Malek (Tok Pulau Manis – 1650-an).

    Manakala anak anak lelaki Syeikh Abdul Malek (setakat pengetahuan saya) adalah berada di luar istana. Maka waris waris ini bertebaran berada di kalangan masyarakat.

    Dulu dulu anak beranak keluarga Sultan akan dihantar belajar ke Mekah selepas menimba pengetahuan agama di sekitar Nusantara. Termasuk Syeikh Abdul Malek.

    Begitu seterusnya yang telah menjadi darah daging waris. Sementelah, asalnya Sultan yang berdaulat adalah dari darah daging Rasulullah saw sendiri yang sah.

    Maka adalah penting bagi pihak istana dan kesultanan Melayu kembali dekat kepada pengajian Islam sejak kecil, remaja dan dewasa.

    Semoga hendaknya, pentadbiran negara dapat dipandang tinggi oleh dunia dan beroleh rahmat dari Allah swt.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  112. Sri Sense Jan 13,2019 11:59 AM

    Selamat Pagi Tun Mahathir

    I nak kongsi cerita. I dulu pernah jadi member satu animal shelter. Many many years ago.

    Nak jadi cerita management masa tu asyik kena kutuk. Antara kutukan yang mereka dapat jual kucing harga mahal. Tak jaga tempat. A group of Benggalis. Tak jujur. Some members kata semua masuk kocek sendiri. Makan sendiri.

    Anyway yang anti bukan main terhadap the management adalah 2 Mat Salih. Satu housewife, satu house husband. Mereka berdua pun kempen bukan main, pantang ada masa lapang.

    Hingga kena diadakan pemilihan management/committee baru. Nama I naik masuk jadi committee tapi I tak minat walau I sayang kucing sebab I rasa mereka ini semua over over sangat berkempen.

    Satelah dipilih committee baru, the management tetap sama macam old management, sampai ada yang dipilih letak jawatan. Mereka panggil I to replace the secretary yang letak jawatan. Mereka tulis surat. I buat tak tau. Yang peliknya kedua Mat Salih yang kuat sangat berkempen tidak pulak duduk dalam committee.

    The last time I pergi tempat ini I nak adopt kucing, I difahamkan management baru terdiri dari orang church. I tengok tempat sangat kotor. Banyak anjing dan kucing sakit. I adopted a cat I kena bawa vet selalu.

    The moral of story jangan terlalu berharap changes akan mengubahkan anything. Most people are plain tak jujur bila nak menang sesuatu. Mereka akan cakap sesuka hati. Bila menang mereka tau itu itu saja.

  113. HBT456 Jan 13,2019 11:44 AM

    Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) Exhibition organizer is EXHBITION under the portfolio and programme of ministries concerned to promote langkawi and stimulate state economy to generate rental to the state owned hall and part time jobs to orang langkawi, kedah and other states by drawing visitors from overseas and local via a & p including social media gadget.

    Unfortunately, LIMA 19 sees it as ali baba bumi cronies via corruption angles due to change of government.

    Such exhibition does not make money nor suitable for langkawi island, and this is the political and economical fact since no one dare not to menurut perintah, takut hilang rezeki, and thats common in government too.

    Bak kata, tersalah tema dan tempat could invite public fund wastage akin leakage too that would increase government fiscal burden, which is no different from br1m, or sara hidup ph and other federal funds within minitries’ forecast budget plan.

    I dont need to google for audit report negara to see whether they are making money or not, since it is a programme under federal minitries, and if there is taker, the ministries concerned will appoint since this is nasional programmes, and not many private sector wants to do such exhibitions, takut rugi, and cannot get payment if there is no guarantee of payments from putrajaya.

    Mereka kini, masih dan tetap sayangkan tdm as if he is their ayahanda because they really really believe tdm is their savior.

    P/s: but, when things turned messy, they really really can go into political sabotage, and even igp tak berani take action, and this applied to other ministries hold by umno baru, until umno bn lost their power on may 9, 2018 for the first time. to continue with this struggle, it is up to tdm and his new malaysia cabinet to decide at putrajaya.

  114. LIMA19 Jan 13,2019 2:53 AM

    PM has talked about getting rid of Ali Baba Bumi companies and identifying the real beneficial owners of companies. As MP of Langkawi, what has been done to rid corruption in the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) Exhibition organizer? Who were the real owners? Has any agency independently audited the company? How did a healthcare company (Enraf Nonius) EN Projects (M) SDN BHD that was supplying medical items to government hospitals become the organizer of our largest Defense Show? Why is it that after the government change the director on paper suddenly been told to make her presence felt in the office? Where was she during the last LIMA not even attending a single meeting with Mindef or any agency regarding LIMA? Is the content of this video and the documents real? if there is any truth then make an example to show that this kind of corruption in not accepted at all. We are sick of all the dirty practices that been going on for decades. Time to clean up the shit and get rid of the rats that making a fool of the system.

  115. Sri Sense Jan 12,2019 10:52 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Atas permintaan Tun Hamid, saya siarkan link ini


    Good Night!

  116. James Robinson Jan 12,2019 9:56 PM

    Hi Tun,

    Hope you are doing well. If umno does not want to transform themselves for a better party, then, I hope you can change those people whom are willing to join you.

    Thank you sir, for leading malaysia again. Wishing of all the best to you. Take care your health as well.

  117. HBT456 Jan 12,2019 12:33 PM

    As voter, i am just tired of seeing only his race in telling us for the 10 past years what to do as if we cannot speak bahasa, or english, we cannot do well in this country.

    The neigbouring countries sees my race as gift of their future who are hard hardworking with high skill in moral and multi-lingual power with lower pay, they can hire them with snap of fingers too.

    Would you mind being labelled as low cost skilled labor if the pay is higher than here?

    Patronage is king in next 4 years?

    Then, lebih baik cash is king, and if anything bad happened, mahu blah pun senang what, since the insiders know what the perdana menteri wants.

    There is no perfect being, but there is perfect intention.

    Will you be alright to be taxed heavily because you are not muslim by birth?

    P/s: kongsi atau tidak, itu terpulang kepada mereka yang campaign. moreover, technology can never be bench mark against race and supremacy. it is either those in power can do, to merge, to jv or to partner with those who can do, itu saja. jadi, sesiapakah mereka yang berkempen menentang kecanggihan teknologi, mereka ini adalah dalang kepada wawasan 2020 to wawasan 2030, wawasan 2040 dan wawasan 2050.

  118. Sri Sense Jan 12,2019 10:27 AM

    Good morning Tun

    PAGI semalam ada baca ini, tapi saja taknak letak sini, and yes RPK juga turut komen tentang artikel yang ditulis oleh Tun Hamid ini dalam blognya.

    Untuk tahu isi penuh sila klik link tersebut diatas.


    My pendapat kalau PH kata pihak sana berdendam sebab kalah, bila pihak PH membalas itu telah menjadi dendam PH. Alangkah baik jika ini semua tak terjadi, kalau semua orang yang layak hanya berminat buat kerja cari duit.

    There’s a few things Tun Hamid sebut diatas selain kesalahan Agong ampunkan DSAI. Part ampun ini I pelik sikit sebab bunyi ayat terkandung seperti bunyi ayat DAP dan PKR cakap pasal Anwar sebelum jadi gomen.

    Make matters worse I ada terbaca news Tun sebut, DAP penentu Tun jadi PM. I terus terbayang wajah Nizar MB Perak.

  119. Hajar Jan 12,2019 9:42 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Recall our ‘RUKUN NEGARA MALAYSIA’:-

    Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan
    Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara
    Keluhuran Perlembagaan
    Kedaulatan Undang-Undang (@The Rule of Law)
    Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan (@Adab)

    True Malaysians would definitely uphold our Rukun Negara. Actually, our ‘Rukun Negara’ is quite complete (complete guidelines for becoming good citizens).

    But sadly we have many Malaysian citizens who do not even have any of the above (not even the first one – the most basic). And, sadly they proudly claim that they are MALAYSIANS. So disgusting indeed!

    Communist mentality / behavior?

    2. PH leaders must let go of the “saman juta-juta” opposition mindset or mentality. Please learn to accept criticisms and be more open-minded. I thought New Malaysia upholds freedom of speech, which is a very basic element in democracy. They are using their power (money and ability to manipulate the laws) to suppress people from expressing their opinions.

    What kind of freedom of speech is this? New Malaysia’s rule of law? And, why ‘saman juta-juta’ just to get even? This is not Islamic at all. In fact, this method is very oppressive and UNJUST!

    3. I really admire Tun’s way of managing/ handling criticisms, insults and false allegations thrown by Tun’s dectractors (including from those ex-Oppositions; now Tun’s friends). Actually, Tun follows the Sunnah (Nabi SAW), and that’s why Tun is blessed by Allah SWT and loved by the ‘rakyat’. Tun can still smile and talk nicely to people who used to call Tun “nyanyuk / Mahafiraun/ Mahazalim/ corrupt/ kain dah buruk, tapi suka jaga tepi kain orang lain / etc.” . Tun also follows the following Quranic verse (for being patient):

    “And if you punish [an enemy, O believers], punish with an equivalent of that with which you were harmed. But if you are patient – it is better for those who are patient.” [An-Nahl: 126].

    And, of course those politicians (Muslims / Non-Muslims) who prefer to ‘saman juta-juta’ do not abide by the rule of Allah SWT because they are not being fair.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  120. HBT456 Jan 12,2019 8:26 AM

    Mr trump said he wants the wall to be built for border security at the border, steel or brick wall, it doesnt matter.

    He has made that promise in his 2016 presidency election, and he would stick to it since he strongly believe such wall is required for border security purpose, and without it, america can never be great again with influx of illegal immigrants and drug trafficking crossing from mexico border sharing wealth of the country at the expense of taxpayers without paying a single cent.

    Trump’s supporters would be most delighted for his promise, but mexicans might get angry, and democrat might see this anger of mexicans as political milleage to champion their humanity and welfare by exploiting the current, and future tax payers.

    Everyone knows, as usa president, he has absolute power to declare emergency funding, and since demorat in congress said no to wall funding, mr trump said he might get china to fund the wall because it is easier to talk to china than to the democrat.

    The fundamental principle of negotiation is to get things done, not to get rich overnight, and if you see this line, you will be alright.

    Under usa federal constitution, memang boleh since usa is a land of immigrants when george washington was declared as the 1st president of usa, but i am not sure about the malay, muslim bumiputra, hindu and other faiths react because to them getting foreigner to fund infra structure remain anih to them dari dulu hingga sekarang, and the main reason was given by sri sense, and would ended violently to tunjuk their perasaan, and we have witnessed these ugly events for the past 10 years, still want to continue janji menang, izzit?

    No matter what happens, the political of the divides would do anything to score the brownie points, you rasa anih when those political of the divides in plotting to score the brownie points of tit for tat?

    P/s: will justice be served fairly and equally tanpa pilih kasih? will they still get away with no action taken against them by jumping ships? dont forget, malaysians and fdi are no longer stupid and katak di bawah tempurung, they know where they stand, jadi pandai 2 mereka ini in their ceramah in fishing votes as if they are the billion dollar whale in next of kin.

  121. superSepantun Jan 12,2019 3:33 AM

    Asalamualaikum, salam sejahtera..
    Ada di halkum., yg hendak ditanya..

    Hajat di hati hendak memohon..
    Kpd siapa..?? Entahlah Tun..😔

    Bulan dua..selamat tahun baru cina..
    Bulan lima..selamat berpuasa..

    Harap DBKL & datuk bandar di bawah kerajaan baru Pakatan Harapan dpt mempertimbangkan penganjuran bazar Ramadhan 2019 / 1440-H & tidak kekal dgn keputusan utk menutupnya..
    Sebaliknya mengajurkan dgn penambahbaikan..
    sy akan memberikan sedikit sebanyak pendapat & cadangan..

    Sy tak minta duit sejuta utk membeli Lamborghini..
    Cukuplah sekadar peluang utk menjaja di siar kaki..
    Sekadar sedikit ruang utk mencari lebihan rezeki..
    Sekadar sedikit menumpang rasa girang utk menyambut Aidilfitri..

    Utk penambahbaikan menganjurkan..
    InsyaAllah nanti saya akan berikan berberapa pendapat & cadangan…


    TerimaKasih Tun..&
    salam sepertiga malam..

    Bersatu 1004

  122. HBT456 Jan 11,2019 11:48 PM

    Now it is under ppbm pakatan harapan, zakir naik has hak istimewa to lecture islamic affair in penang, if kekanda penang said okay, then, ok lor.

    But when comes to general election, the voters will decide which coalition that they see fit to represent them at state and federal levels via ruling and shadow government formula, again and again, janji menang?

    P/s: it depends how the lawyers advice and bill their clients. even when you know the truth, thats nothing you can do. if really see no hope, then, just migrate.

  123. HBT456 Jan 11,2019 11:32 PM

    I tak rasa apa2 pun when agong decided to resign, and would stay focus on kelantan state.

    Even when sultan pahang took over pun takda masalah.

    Tony puah makan free, atau somebody memang boleh makan free, kikiki….

    Coffee bean vs starbucks, mereka tetap jual premium coffee.

    Famous song sang by ronan keating:

    If Tomorrow Never Comes

    Sometimes late at night
    I lie awake and watch her sleeping
    She’s lost in peaceful dreams
    So I turn out the lights and lay there in the dark
    And the thought crosses my mind
    If I never wake up in the morning
    Would she ever doubt the way I feel
    About her in my heart

    If tomorrow never comes
    Will she know how much I loved her
    Did I try in every way to show her every day
    That she’s my only one
    And if my time on earth were through
    And she must face this world without me
    Is the love I gave her in the past
    Gonna be enough to last
    If tomorrow never comes

    ‘Cause I’ve lost loved ones in my life
    Who never knew how much I loved them
    Now I live with the regret
    That my true feelings for them never were revealed
    So I made a promise to myself
    To say…

    It looks like the sabotage game has started via social media to make themselves the best of the best.

    P/s: speedy gonzale vs despacito? rule of courts?

  124. Hajar Jan 11,2019 8:49 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Something to ponder:-


    1. Sahih International (Al-Maidah: 8)

    ”O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.”

    2. Sahih International (An-Nahl: 90)

    “Indeed, Allah orders justice and good conduct and giving to relatives and forbids immorality and bad conduct and oppression. He admonishes you that perhaps you will be reminded.”

    3. Sahih International (An-Nahl: 126)

    “And if you punish [an enemy, O believers], punish with an equivalent of that with which you were harmed. But if you are patient – it is better for those who are patient.”

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  125. Sri Sense Jan 11,2019 10:45 AM

    Tun 😀 Musato thank you for the lovely song.

    About Najib and Tony Puah and KFC. I tak tau mana Tony Puah dapat idea KFC lagi murah or same harga. I biasa pergi KFC, I biasa beli load of potato, sebelum 5 ringgit lebih selepas SST 6 ringgit lebih. Najib tak salah menegur sebab itu reality cuma mungkin Tony Puah tak tau sebab dia makan free.

    As I said erlier, I suka Najib jadi pembangkang, sebab dia buat kerja untuk rakyat. Tak payah la I bising2 kat Tun, sebab Najib dah tolong cakap hahaha

    Kalau tak percaya cuba pula pergi Coffee Bean, you juga akan tau barang yang dulu beli harga gini akan jadi harga gitu. Usually lebih 1 ringgit or more depending on the amount you beli.

    I nak share lagu ini, lagu ini I dengar dalam kereta, masa berita Agong letak jawatan, nama lagu Empty Chairs by Don Mclean

    I feel the trembling tingle of a sleepless night
    Creep through my fingers and the moon is bright
    Beams of blue come flickering through my window pane
    Like gypsy moths that dance around a candle flame

    And I wonder if you know
    That I never understood
    That although you said you’d go
    Until you did I never thought you would

    Moonlight used to bathe the contours of your face
    While chestnut hair fell all around the pillow case
    And the fragrance of your flowers rest beneath my head
    A sympathy bouquet left with the love that’s dead

    And I wonder if you know
    That I never understood
    That although you said you’d go
    Until you did I never thought you would

    Never thought the words you said were true
    Never thought you said just what you meant
    Never knew how much I needed you
    Never thought you’d leave, until you went
    Morning comes and morning goes with no regret
    And evening brings the memories I can’t forget

    Empty rooms that echo as I climb the stairs
    And empty clothes that drape and fall on empty chairs

    And I wonder if you know
    That I never understood
    That although you said you’d go
    Until you did I never thought you would

    Songwriters: Don Mclean

  126. Sri Sense Jan 11,2019 10:02 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Apa I tulis terpulang pada admin nak siar or not. To me I hanya cakap kat Tun M.

    I baru baca news keliling, ada berita Lokman kena tangkap, I wonder juga kenapa laman financetwitter tak kena.

    I baca juga tuisan RPK. I must say tulisan dia make sense. All this related to Tun not sure apa itu insult. I get it, if only that person or group not siding Tun’s team, so its an insult. How else can you explain Theresa Kok saman juta2. Takan hanya Theresa Kok saja tau the limit of Freedom of Speech.

    How about if Sultan2 dan Agong hantar saman billion2 pada politicians dan ministers, adakah Tun akan kata mereka ada different court. Kita tau Sultanah Terengganu, Sultanah Nur Zahirah telah memfailkan saman terhadap pengasas dan editor Sarawak Report.

    Just saying. Have a productive day!

  127. sibotak Jan 11,2019 8:15 AM

    I,m happy and proud of you Tun Mahathir Mohamad
    You did yr Duty to visit Sultan of Johor on part of yr responsibility as The Prime Minister of Malaysia
    Regardless of both yr differences as in the News
    Perhaps TMJ has lots to learn from this 2 old respectable man

    You did yr job well
    You are Malaysia Assets
    Malaysia did not waste a single penny on you
    You moves around doing yr job humbly
    Making sure every is intact
    Unlike out previous Clown Najib
    Whom He himself don,t know what he was doing….jalan sana, jalan sini with Rosmah seeking attentions doing nothing
    Suddenly Malaysia lost lots & lots of money & pride

    Recently just then We see Najib so concern about Rakyat as an Opposition
    Taking down notes of the people’e needs
    And now he commented about smoking
    I felt so much hypocrites

    This is the path that Malaysia must not pass again
    I hope Anwar could lead Malaysia as the same as Tun M did
    Anwar must not be proud , must not took back on Tun M
    Anwar must take Tun M as his Truly Mentor
    Looking forward for Syed Sadiq to catch along with Anwar and the rest of the Pakatan . I see Stars in Syed Sadiq

    Malaysia must moves forward as One Ummah
    We should be The example , The Idol for the Muslim World
    We must Unite.
    We must make efforts to Unite The Muslim World
    We must call a Party for all the Muslim Leaders throughout the World
    To Sit ,To See , To Understand
    each other despite our differences as One Ummah
    For out Future Ummah

    They are dividing us with Lies & Lies
    This must Stop

  128. Sri Sense Jan 10,2019 10:42 PM

    Dah Malam Tun, I nak share news I baca kat NST

    Johor ruler and I can communicate frankly, says Dr M

    – there boleh pun, siapa yang cakap tak boleh

    Pahang Sultan to abdicate soon?

    – bila I baca ini I tersenyum, bukan apa I ada baca dan dengar earlier, ada orang kata present Minister of Defence dan mantan Minister of Defence dok lobi against the appointment of Sultan Johor while AI pulak lobi for Sultan Johor jadi Agong. Of course I tak tau betul ke tak, so now Tun tau why I tersenyum.

    Life is too serious, once awhile we need to laugh; baca berita ini, next time I pergi IKEA I pasti tergelak besar 😀

    Some drilling required: Ikea outlet plays pornographic movie on large screen

  129. musato Jan 10,2019 9:20 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Yup Sri sense.

    Antara kegemaran saya ketika berada di sini adalah mendengar lagu lagu yang hadir mengubat jiwa rohani.

    Permulaanya di sini, saya katakan “you are not alone”.

    Saya bukan maksudkan MU (Manchester United football). Tapi saya teringatkan Micheal Jackson.

    Tengahari semalam saya kembali menonton video MJ. Lama sudah tidak tonton MJ.

    Masa remaja, kedengaran pelik berkenaan perihal MJ. Dari kulit hitam kepada kulit putih. Mendahului zaman. Sekarang di Malaysia, perkara ini sudah jadi trend.

    Tapi tidak dapat disangkalkan berkenaan persembahan MJ. Patutlah dipanggil Raja Pop.

    Pakaian tidak menjolok mata. Tertib. Myanyian berkisar dunia kehidupan sejagat.


    Another day has gone
    I’m still all alone
    How could this be
    You’re not with me
    you never said goodbye
    someone tell me why
    did you have to go
    and leave my world so cold
    every day i sit and ask myself
    how do love slip away
    something whispers in my ear and says
    that you are not alone
    i am here with you
    though you far away
    i am here to stay
    But you are not alone
    i am here with you
    though we’re far apart
    you’re always in my heart

    But you are not alone
    just the other night
    I thought i heard you cry
    asking me to come
    and hold you in my arms
    i can hear your prayers
    your burdens i will bear
    but first i need you hand
    then forever can begin

    Terima kasih Tun.

  130. Sri Sense Jan 9,2019 12:50 PM

    Good afternnon dear PM

    I teringat Musato sebut pasal mimpi. I actually ada jua mimpi2 jenis ini, but for those yang close with me. I bagi example masa I mula2 kawin dulu, I pernah mimpi kereta hubby tepi jalan hilang empat tayar. Bangun pagi I beritau hubby. Hubby masa itu bawa kereta kerja ada kawan tumpang. Balik kerja tiba2 kereta rosak kat highway, so kawan kata kita tolak tepi jalan, esok kita datang balik. Hubby kata No, my wife mimpi kereta hilang 4 tayar, kita hantar kereta workshop. On and off I dapat mimpi my son. At one time I mimpi ada pedang hiris perut my son. I sedih nangis2 bila sedar dari tidor. Tak lama lepas tu anak I sakit, yup soething to do with his stomach.

    When comes to public opinion, the nature of my job dulu. I faham and peka dengan public opinion.

    Oh ramai bercakap agong mana naik. Macam2 theory pun ada. Sebagai orang biasa, I boleh kata ini, of course I nak Sultan Perak naik. 1. sebab I anak Perak 2. sebab tuanku bijak berkata-kata 3. ramai memuji tuanku Raja yang bijak 4. sebab negeri Perak belum cukup maju

    I juga nak Sultan Selangor naik sebab 1. I duduk di Selangor puluhan tahun, so Sultan Selangor is my Sultan. 2. Sultan yang paling simple 3. Berjiwa rakyat 4. sebab I nak negeri Selangor tambah maju

    Anyway tu hanya kemahuan I.

    Sultan Pahang? I ada dengar tuanku gering.

    Sultan Johor? I tidak begitu kenal but I do know isteri tuanku anak raja keturunan Perak, anak Sultan Idris. Dan I juga tau kerabat Johor kuat jiwa Melayu. Tapi I macam doubt Sultan Johor berminat sebab Johor dah maju and also jadi Agong hanya glamour, dari segi kuasa I think kuasa Sultan lagi besar.

    As for Tun, siapa saja naik jadi Agong kenalah Tun berkerjasama.

  131. HBT456 Jan 9,2019 12:11 PM

    Who was the mp in this constituency?

    This is not pakistan either, this is malaysia.

    P/s: surat terbuka kekanda kepada adinda, not puisi?

  132. HBT456 Jan 9,2019 11:59 AM

    gross negligence

    It is still about my way or your way in local politics, janji menang, then bikin.

    Its sad, and dissappointing.

    What to do, thats life.

    Just do your best.

    If cannot, then, let go is the best since there are so many choices out there to make a more comfortable living.

  133. HBT456 Jan 9,2019 11:51 AM

    Aiyoyo, didnt ramasamy of dap read news on vell paari of mic few years back in saying if do bananna restaurants, then, might as well dont contest la.

    Thats why brickfield is now little india with nambikei, but china town in petaling street had become little india also, thanks to umno baru bn punya pilih kasih syndromme.

    Macc has become a political tool of putrajaya, memang tak anih pun.

    Now keyvaes of myppp wants to contest on bn ticket when the service of his wife was terminated right after tdm is re-elected as perdana menteri, roti canai, teh tarik dan rojak pun jadi janji menang.

    You think only malaysia got teh tarik?

    Maggot and beehive in klia 2?

    But as tan sri, tony fernandez, a malaysian citizen with vvip special title, he chosen to voiced this issue in making mahb looks bad with gross negligencsq in keeping the malaysia airline holding bhd via media.

    Perhaps, tony f. forgot he is malaysian, and he too a contributors of income to this country.

    As saying goes, meludah ke langit, jatuh pada air muka sendiri

    Dedak pun jadi lah, kan tu duit ah gung, not your money, is it?

    P/s: the most irresponsible action of mps is they always pushed for rci to make themselves look good as if is not bn or ph problems in the name of entah what struggles, none stop until the mindset of voters shifted to next level, they still stuck in dulu punya mindset.

  134. HBT456 Jan 9,2019 8:38 AM

    I juga ingin ucakpan bravo pada warga korporat Honda dan Cisco Asean, mereka amnil langkah terminate pekerja yang kurang ajar memberi komen terhadap kes adib dan agong.

    When kumar, not a straight guy, made the joke on his family tradition and culture, he said, when you failed one subject, father slapped, mother also slapped, grandfather slapped, and grandmother come up from the other room also slapped, and go down to the street, uncle also slapped.

    I have gone through this path, and i really understand why he decided to be a comedian, and he deeply know singaporeans, and malaysians can share this uncomfortable and unpleasant childhood due to family traditions and culture in believing when children dont do well, it is a family’s shame.

    I already said, we have choice not to be ended like those parents of my parents, grandfather, grandmother, uncles and their great, great great grandies of the past, but that does not mean we must pamper our children with materialistic mindset by hurting others just because we have vvip families.

    Rule of disipline must starts at home, if not our children can never learn rule of law set by the country.

    Like she said, jika jemu memandang lge and dsai, she as parent, can their her children to pandang kj atau hisham with tahi lembu punya mindset as if her ayahanada is …..

    To understand economics just like other fields of studies, you need to know the basic of economics theories on why, how and when these theories were documented and became a study subject, she thinks economics study is home science of sewing and cooking?

    If dont like, teachers still think they can picit perut dan buntut murid2 like dulu2 punya teachers?

    Today, if teachers become bully, and no action taken, then just transfer your children to other schools, or international schools that are more acceptable, apa yang susah2 sangat ini?

    Mereka pun tak rasa segan, who are we to tell them off since we are treated like pendatang dari dulu hingga sekarang, and dont forget, we have general election in every 5 years, right?

    I am okay with fdi, but i am not sure what will happen when the hard core nasionalist fans and supporters will do just to win votes to dictate the federal budget, and we have gone through this so many decades.

    Bak kata, pandai2 lah mereka ini kata mereka ini adalah pèrjuang dan pendekar bangsa agama mereka masing to march into putrajaya.

    Boleh means able.

    Tak boleh means not able.

    P/s: they can spinned the issues to favour their parties, tak da masalah. but when the election result is out, we will know who is in, who is out.

  135. Chu mat Jan 9,2019 7:15 AM


    1.Pencuri dan pengikutnya dah pun di dakwa

    2. Bagi semua ahli parti( BERSATU PKR DAP AMANAH),Malaysia baru bukan tempat untuk hidupkan kipas untuk mandapat peluang perniagaan.

    3. Berpersatuan lebih baik daripada berpolitik.

    4. Kita rapatkan ikatan Insya Allah,bukan sahaja saham dunia,bahkan saham akhirat pun dapat.



  136. HBT456 Jan 8,2019 10:59 PM

    It is not a bailout, but deepened bilateral trade between malaysia and china of 40 years friendship

    Felda global is a bailout, eventhough economic minister named it as recovery plan.

    Bak kata, tak nak tak pa, tapi jangan hina.

  137. HBT456 Jan 8,2019 5:12 PM


    I dont wear mask since no jerebu and my occupation does not need me to wear mask so i got nothing to hide, or nothing to say.

    I am not a member in conspiracy think tank, journalist, loyar, 4th floor boys, supreme leader council, pembodek or vvips.

    Bo lui, bo rich papa mama, bo political connection and not a member of any political parties, i just want to maintain my root, faith and constitution right to vote accordingly when general election is called.

    What mubarakchan wants to say, do or write, its his right to do so, and no one can stop him.

    I already know the tricks bond issuance, therefore, it wont matter because i can differentiate what is halal, and what is haram.

    Therefore, to jaga or not the reputation and positioning of this country, its up to those who have the power of authority to decide.

    Its my turn to celebrate lunar chinese new year with my families and friends in february this yearl

    The singaporean comedian named kumar asked his audience, you think indian can speak japanese ar, you think anih and ano same ar?

    I can live up with such joke, and i dont have problems with it, but to umno and pas youths, they might have problems with it because they really really believe only they can decide the federal budget and only they can protect kesultanan malaya.

    When you respect and accept the rule of law, kesultanan negeri2 malaya and agong in throne, you dont need to make police reports to score political points.

    What they have done in the past, i already witnessed and seen with my own eyes, therefore, no need to retaliate or whatsoever.

    Salom, and all the best.

  138. Sri Sense Jan 8,2019 3:35 PM

    I juga ingin ucakpan bravo pada warga korporat Honda dan Cisco Asean, mereka amnil langkah terminate pekerja yang kurang ajar memberi komen terhadap kes adib dan agong.

  139. Sri Sense Jan 8,2019 3:02 PM

    Good evening Tun

    Rule of Law ini tajuk yang baik.

    Tun benarkan Freedom of Speech tapi sayangnya bila kena kat DAP Freedom of Speech hanya untuk gang mereka sahaja. Kalau ada orang yang mengata gang mereka, laju mereka hantar surat saman berjuta juta ringgit.

    Sama juga macam diblog yang mulia ini, bila kita tak usik dia, dia usik kita. Dia kata kita cukup2, bila ada orang sini kenakan dia semula, dia pun hantar komen berlambak2, bertubi2, hingga komen lain hilang dari mata umum.

    Lagi satu I menyampah. Bila agong tak kawin mengata, bila agong kawin mengata juga. Bila ada pihak istana complaint media tak di kawal, bisu seribu bahasa, tiada dengar pun suara Menteri.

    Sebelum Tun naik jadi PM, I dok complaint kat sini pasal ubat dan hospital. Dari zaman Najib lagi ramai pesakit termasuk bekas orang kerjaan dok complaint ubat kurang kat klinik kerajaan.

    Dapat budget baru besar, besar dari zaman Najib dulu, sayang sekali klinik kerajaan banyak nak di tutup. Lepas tu sibuk kempen anti merokok. Tak boleh hisap rokok sini, denda. Tak kita bagi warning dulu. 6 bulan kita kasi. Kita bagi kursus henti hisap rokok.

    Budget yang besar tu rupanya nak bayar kempen anti merokok bukan nak bagi ubat untuk golongan pesakit yang perlu perubatan free.

    Ini cerita orang luar, ada blogger orang Malaysia duduk luar negara, ada blogger Mat Salih tak duduk Malaysia, yang I tak faham apa pasal sibuk nak cerita pasal Malaysia kalau tak duduk sini.

    Part PM, kalau tak larat jadi PM lagi, Tun bubarkan Parlimen, buat election semula. Tun berjanji nak AI ganti. Tu janji Tun, kami rakyat tak janji pun. Tanpa vote the rakyat PH pun tak naik.

    Tanpa Agong yang ramai orang Tun kata tak buat kerja, Tun tak naik pun jadi PM. Lambat2 ex Agong dengan ketelitian baginda Tun naik juga jadi PM walau sedikit lambat. Tak rugi apa pun kan?

    Just saying. I tetap sayang Tun Mahathir dan Tun Siti walau apa pun akan terjadi nanti.

  140. mubarakchan Jan 8,2019 11:50 AM



  141. milshah Jan 8,2019 10:11 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I’m sorry to bring this up, but since the issue of transition you to Anwar as Prime Minister has been brought up by many, I wish state my opinion. If I remember correctly, before the election, the agreement was for you to become the Prime Minister candidate for Pakatan Harapan, and become the Prime Minister should Pakatan Harapan won the election. This was agreed by the four parties i.e Bersatu, DAP, PKR and Amanah. However, if the four parties wants someone else to become the Prime Minister, then it will be up to the the four parties to choose the next Prime Minister. It is common knowledge the next Prime Minister as agreed by the four parties is Dato’ Seri Anwar. The point it must be emphasised is that the decision for who will be the next Prime Minister is through the collective decision of the four parties and not your decision.

    The reason for this important point is that, you have been blamed for choosing Pak Lah and Najib as Prime Minister. You yourself have agreed that you are not good at choosing people. Therefore, let the decision of who becomes the 8th Prime Minister (which is Dato’ Seri Anwar) is a decision made by the four parties and not yourself. It may just be the wording, but it will have an impact in your legacies.

  142. HBT456 Jan 8,2019 8:04 AM


    Mubarakchan needs pas support, and to bribe them, use mosques land as the bait, and it is no difference with the case of seafield india temple during bn era by declaring the land as indian estet.

    Macc has became a tool to putrajaya, and its not a surprise at all to see so much uncertainties of sabotaging and back stabbing just to cover their faults of the past via changing hand at the higheset level.

    P/s: it would be best to have choice to pull out when syariah mps become really really greedy, and intolerance kerana takut hilang undi.

  143. HBT456 Jan 7,2019 10:26 PM

    Whatever this cisco (m) sdn bhd wants to say, it is up them to make statements or deny since netizents wont waste time to check their bankground in usa or malaysia.

    P/s: cakap apa2 pun tak bermakna since the winner of the day will decide who gets what, and who dont gets what to keep their koncu to be loyal to them.

  144. HBT456 Jan 7,2019 10:13 PM

    I do not want another era of mahathirism of absolute monarchy power, henceforth, i will not vote bersatu, but i am ok with pakatan harapan.

    Its alright not to vote bersatu because i really do not want to see another round of cantas mencantas yang berunsur tribalism amat keji dan bisa when they get the power like what umno baru did for the past 20 years.

    Take care tok dek, and after going through all these horrendous roaller coaster of politics for the last 10 years is more than enough for me to bear.

    Once again, thank you for allowing me to say whats in my mind too.

    P/s: for those makcik2 spies and and gossipers bertudung who are so indulge with your absolute poower of authotrithy, its best i just to dont get involve with them since this is not what i aim in my career, and my life.

  145. HBT456 Jan 7,2019 9:19 PM

    No leaders can undo

  146. HBT456 Jan 7,2019 9:16 PM

    I have been too long in this blog, and its time for me to move on with my new life.

    On leaders can undo the past, but to make the past easier to digest or accept by the voters, its up to the political parties of the divides.

    To make the future brighter, ikat perut or sengsara with hard core nasionalist measures again of hanya dia saja yang boleh, yang lain tak boleh buat, the decision is with to those in power.

    Whenever i get confused, i will refer to 5 rukun prinsip negara.

    All the best to pakatan harapan, and their future perdana menteri in line.

  147. HBT456 Jan 7,2019 9:00 PM

    He is the founder of airport taxi pajak, and you see his bully manner and he can instruct malaysia airline holdings bhd and mot to close down e-hailing via media, and get cover.

    Why uber turned grab hailing is more popular?

    Because to hail their service, you must have credit cards issued by registered bankers as per world bank requirement so that the bankers can see the behavior pattern of their lenders from smaller amount first before they do home mortgage or buy car of bigger amount for the period of 5 to 20 years period.

    Now, aeon co. retailer can issue credit card, personal loan or insurance, meaning other local retailers have choice not to follow so that they are at par with international standard, right?

    Perhaps sri sense may share with me who was the middleman who introduce goldman sachs top managenment director to najib’s administration?

    I am not here to find fault on who is right, or who is wrong.

    I am here to find out what triggered the financial crisis during the past 30 years.

    Truth shall prevail, and it is only a matter of time.

    What will happen, it will happened.

    What will not happen, it will not happen.

    So it does not matter who become the perdana menteri since political parties and their members could be rigged behind the voters to decide who gets what, and who dont get what.

    P/s: banning smoking in all eateries no doubt can make moh dr lee boon chai of his ministry look good, but at the same time, such ban will affect the business of eateries who have invested with open concept style similar to those of paris, european and uk, and dont forget, these are ph voters. ph should worry more about the civil government servants under each of their ministries, they might not be able to tahan smoking because working in government is stressful, and boring kerana banyak meetings to dengar air liur bos mereka dan kerja pun tak banyak. For owners of cars, they can always smoke when driving and at home, so it wont affect the sales of tobacco so much especially in malay majority states. Being pdrm or trafic officers on the road, they can always find a place to smoke behind the scene because they know where to find those shading spots.

  148. mubarakchan Jan 7,2019 7:10 PM


    I hope you are not having sore eyes reading one or two comments here who tried to make their presence felt every day with sweet or bitter nothings ! On the contrary, here are two solid instances in which the Rule of the Law have been broken by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites.

    1. ‘ Mont Kiara residents want 51 storey project suspended.’ says the media report.

    This property was reserved for a mosque. But due to corruption, a 51 storey condo is being built on it. 6,000 residents are in protest against this corruption of over-building without regard to the proper approvals concerning the size, environmental impact etc. DBKL is now under test and with it the New and Incorruptible Government.

    2. A similar property reserved for a mosque along Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 behind the new Istana Negara was cleared for a motorcar showroom. The land is now entirely barren of trees or foliage. It was abandoned since the fall of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring Government and its elites on 9 May 2018.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  149. HBT456 Jan 7,2019 1:54 PM

    But, when next general election is called, just vote the coalition that make you safer and comfortable.

    To be or not to be, that is not the question.

    Able or not, we will see how far kita semua can go.

    P/s: here is not middle east, here is asean.

  150. HBT456 Jan 7,2019 1:50 PM

    Staying in kl centre no doubt is more fun, but the noise of automobiles, trafic congestion and air polution index make the environment unhealthy, which is worse than being fisrt and second hand smokers in open space.

    As long term and health concious investers, will you look at such city?

    I am not here to argue or to show adat or biadap, it is up to ph, bn and independent parties to decide how they want to keep the economy going among themselves.

    P/s: orang lain yang makan nangka, orang lain yang kena getahnya. what they want to say or do is none of my business as i am just only a voter. when race and religion supremacy is applied, then, no need to talk, just ikut aja if you do not want to be saman or bagi duit kopi, to the authorithy, itu saja.

  151. HBT456 Jan 7,2019 11:47 AM

    Those in power can always indulge in their vanity fair projects by manipulating the sentiment of the rakyat to favor themselves so that they can be transferred to the federal level when menang as token of jasa appreciation since the power of authorithy at putrajaya would give them more pleasure than staying in kampong states.

    Therefore, no need to tunjuk your anger or what so ever since general election must be called in every 5 years, earlier, or later to get mandate from their voters.

    The by election is only to warm up to test the water first, and such kongsi formulae is already a norm of ec style.

    Pendek kata, its about race and religion supremacy of putrajaya.

    Bak kata, siapakah mereka dipilih, mereka lah yang dapat bunga, atau cincin.

    Bergaji bulanan pun ada criteria.

    Perhaps, to some, they enjoy long holidays with good salary, but to the smi, if too many long holidays coupled with increment of labor and material cost, then, they cannot survive. when cannot survive, then just tutup kilang atau kedai itu saja, apa yang susah2 ini.

    Big can never fail?

    The myth of too big to fail akin titanic?

    P/s: its up to the 9 sultan to decide which way to go to develop their states, and its up to their political parties’ members and state voters to decide to stay, transfer or migrate to other states, itu saja.

    P/s: are you ready?

  152. HBT456 Jan 7,2019 11:22 AM

    Even sivarajah of mic is allowed to appeal, and perhaps open up a tamil school jenis kebangsaan in future.

    Mana tahu, mungkin kali ini mereka yang berkuasa mahu increase population of indian community by granting ic, tak anih pun.

    Therefore, it is meaningless to spike on chinese independent and kebangsaan schools since the decisions are made by their parent during the forming years.

    Like she said, she prefer moderate, if not she would labelled others as tanjung rambutan punya candidate.

    Pusing sini, pusing sana, its to put which parti to contest to win votes in next general election, itu saja.

    Mr lim guan eng can talk big big, thats his style of authotarian at putrajaya holding mof to show his power of saman pun tak da masalah since god is great in arabic, alahuakbar….

    P/s: the quality and criteria of mps chosen very much depend on pakatan harapan, janji menang, therefore, it makes no sense who can jual better.

  153. Sri Sense Jan 7,2019 11:14 AM


    I baru baca ini, so I nak share:

    Free the bourse, please!

    YOU know the market is booming when taxi drivers are telling you which stocks to buy. Or when the coffee shop talk is all about the stock market.

    During the giddy 1990s, share prices fluctuated like a yo-yo, with counters sometimes moving up or down a few ringgit in the course of one day. People were spending a lot of time at the offices of brokerages “playing the market”.

    Well, it happened in most major bourses the world over any way. In the United States, the 1980s and 1990s were times of market gains, investors making money, traders laughing their way to the banks and the little people benefiting from the cascading wealth that defined the era.

    Perhaps the Gordon Gekko character (played with devilish exactitude by Michael Douglas) in the 1987 film Wall Street represented the era. He famously said “greed is good”.

    Call him evil or the demonic face of the market, but he deserved attention. Even business schools are using him as a case study, apart from people citing his “leadership quotes”.

    Gekko was a psychopath with finesse – a believable crook who manipulated the market and was single-handedly capable of bringing the market to its knees.

    Gekko has become part of the lexicon in popular culture and is associated with unrestrained greed and hubris. He gave investors and speculators a bad name. When the 2007-2008 financial crisis hit the United States, the Gordon Gekko mentality among free market players was blamed.

    When Alan Greenspan, the then-Federal Reserve Board chairman of the United States, uttered the phrase “irrational exuberance” in his 1996 speech, the market reacted rather feverishly.

    His exact words were: “But how do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly escalated asset values, which then become subject to unexpected and prolonged contractions …?”

    In laymen’s words, he was worried about an asset bubble driven by greed. Investors’ enthusiasm was driving assets prices up to the level that was not supported by the fundamentals. When the market was good, anything went. Nobody really cared.

    But back in the 1990s, the market was driven by speculation and the tendencies to hype and escalate stock prices for short-term gains. In many markets around the world, the bourses have become gambling dens.

    The bubble did burst and investors engaged in panic selling. The entire market was penalised as well. It resulted in recessions or worse.

    In Malaysia, we have seen how stock prices breached unimaginable prices back in the 1990s. Imagine a joss stick maker being priced at more than RM100 per share.

    Just sign an MoU (memorandum of understanding) and the shares of the particular company will jump sky high.

    Even corporate chieftains following the Prime Minister on a business trip abroad would be pleased to see the shares of their companies climbing.

    On the top of that, there were known cabals in cohorts with share owners who made money by pushing up prices at their own whims. Initial public offerings (IPOs) seldom saw a premium of less than RM3.

    For the little people, “contra trading” was in, which involved buying and selling the same shares without having to pay for them.

    They were taking advantage of the three-day “contra period” offered by brokerages. Within that period, the investor will be paid any profits made from the arrangement. If the price of the stock is lower, the investor will have to pay the difference.

    The brokerages were alive. People were happy. But companies built sand castles out of their limited assets. Funda­mentals were ignored.

    In the name of expansion, the corporate bosses accumulated debts in the hope of amassing more value and wealth. Exactly the Gordon Gekko syndrome.

    Then the financial crisis of 1997-98 hit. They were totally unprepared. Many were not spared.

    The Securities Commission formulated new rules in the aftermath of the crisis. Companies are monitored with a fine-tooth comb. There are a lot more restrictions in place than ever before.

    Companies are expected to practise good governance and enhance integrity. Anything that signals impropriety will not be tolerated. An unusual movement in a stock price may trigger an inquiry from the relevant regulatory bodies.

    We are all for a better stock exchange, one that will safeguard the interests of all shareholders for the sake of trust and a healthy market.

    But do we need to shackle the market with the yoke of unnecessary rules and regulations created some two decades ago? Should we live with the legacy of a stifled market just because of some bad apples back then?

    I reckon it is time to relook the market objectively and smartly. We have to move beyond the fears of yesteryears.

    We have the sets of rules to monitor without strangling and to regulate without killing the spirit of a true free market that created the bourses in the first place.

    Let not the past haunt or cocoon us until we become zombie-like investors that fear making a ringgit or two.

    The least the present government could do is to make the little investors happy again! It might even boost the current listless economy!

    Johan Jaafar was a journalist, editor and for some years chairman of a media company, and is passionate about all things literature and the arts. The views expressed here are entirely his own.


    – I nak share sikit. Dulu sebelum PH naik, ramai analyst tak suka government tukar, ada kata Manifesto nothing economic about it. Much earier sebelum nak ada election ada stockbroker gembira bila dengar Tun Daim nak masuk market. Dia kata kalau Tun Daim masuk market booming semula. Macam dulu2. Unfortunately until now market masih jatuh and jatuh kalau naik pun sikit esok esok berturut-turut merah, nak harap hari hari hijau macam menunggu buah tak jatuh.

  154. Sri Sense Jan 7,2019 10:33 AM

    Good morning YAB Tun

    Pagi yang cerah tapi hati rasa sedih. Sama sedih macam Wan Azizah tapi my kesedihan hanya sebagai rakyat jelata bukan sebagai orang politik yang mungkin punya agenda tersendiri.

    Ya pertama kali Agong turun tahta dalam sejarah. Kita dah pernah ada Agong2 yang mangkat. Seperti I sebut sini dulu I tau about Agong kawin and sakit – I rather not sebut apa sakit, sebelum election yang lepas, dimana PH menang, I memang dah tau. Ada orang bisik2. Pretty sure kalau betul berita I dengar, so Rulers yang lain pun lagi tau.

    Kalau Tun ingat semula, I pernah tulis sini, Tun mungkin tersilap kenapa Agong lambat datang masa majlis angkat sumpah.

    Anyway I cuma nak ucapkan terima kasih pada Sultan Kelantan. Patik harap tuanku bertambah sihat dan dapat memimpin negeri Kelantan dengan maju jaya.

    Tun, I nak share ini.

    Dulu zaman Khir Toyo ada TMB Selangor. Appointed masa zaman Abu Hassan. Nak jadi cerita MB baru ini tak suka ada TMB. But Sultan setuju ada TMB. Entah macam mana TMB ini kena masuk hospital, memang sakit but rumours after that kata TMB ini dah tak boleh guna otak, tak boleh berfungsi, macam sayur, sebab sakitnya, walau ianya tidak benar sama sekali tapi kerana rumours ini berlegar dengan semaraknya, dapat memberi alasan yang kukuh untuk beliau dilucutkan jawatan TMB.

    Siapa yang spread rumors? Mungkin orang politik, mungkin kaki gossip, mungkin ada surat layang, entah la I don’t know. I tau pun sebab I dulu agak rapat dengan TMB ini, dah arwah dah.

  155. Hajar Jan 7,2019 7:59 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    “11. The Rule of Law will be upheld.”

    If PH wants to be respected by the people, then please ‘walk the talk’. There must be no more selective prosecution.

    I wonder why no MCA / MIC/ Gerakan / etc. leaders are being prosecuted. I thought BN used to have more than 10 component parties. Don’t tell me that none of them are involved in corrupt practices and abuse of power while BN was in power.

    Allow me Tun:

    Tun’s blog is now used (infested) by someone to dump all kinds of RUBBISH.

    I believe this person is sick.

    She has no respect towards other commentators.

    If she has so much to say/write, then I advise her to SET UP HER OWN BLOG. She can write whatever she likes and as much as she likes without bothering others with her stupid comments!

    I don’t think we need to create rules or laws to prevent (manage) people from giving stupid comments or throwing rubbish into someone else’s blog space. It’s understood that we must refrain ourselves from overloading other’s blog with rubbish! Don’t be rude to the blog owner!

    This person has no ‘adab’.

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  156. HBT456 Jan 7,2019 6:29 AM

    I dont even give a damn to what they think, popek, sabotage, lsly, racist or extreme behind the scene since thats not the criteria of political party that i am looking at.

    Never judge a book by its cover.

    Ada masa lebih baik beli buku secara online or baca news yang betul2 bermanfaat rather than reading ego, ignorant, rubbish portal news online eventhough they are provided free.

    P/s: it is up to them to decide who they see fit to execute the portfolios and programmes, and its up to the voters to decide which coalition that they feel comfortable in any by-elections, or general elections. if you really loose hope, then, dont waste a generation or 2 to wait for them to change or to excel in their agenda since race and religion supremacy are still their way of doing things.

  157. Sri Sense Jan 6,2019 11:09 PM

    Good evening Tun

    I rajin baca blogs. Blogs over2 mengata orang I tak berapa suka. Sekali dua I baca, lepas tu I cabut. Nowadays I rajin baca tulisan RPK. Dulu tulisan beliau macam hikayat seribu satu malam, now pendek, so easy to digest.

    I also baca tulisan rockybru dll bloggers on his wall. I used to like finance twitter tapi lately dah start merapu I tinggalkan. I also kurang minat dengan blog yang terlalu bercakap about raja2 Melayu. Politik tu I boleh accept but also not over2 mengata or mengutuk. I suka keserdehanaan in everything.

    @Hajar, OMG dia kata you begitu? I also tak baca. You tulis baru I tau. I tau dia bagi komen because I nampak kat right hand side but never clicked on those comments. Dulu I pernah baca and layan dia but after awhile I rasa dia crazy. Macam tanjung rambutan. I don’t entertain perangai macam ini baik kat FB, or my game site. Then again ada blogger kata, kat sini macam ada good cop, bad cop hahaha maybe dia pekerja dapat gaji bulanan.

  158. johoreanguy Jan 6,2019 10:26 PM

    Prinsip “rule of law” memang wajar ditegakkan tanpa pengecualian. Namun, dalam konteks sekarang, prinsip ini seperti hanya digunakan untuk tujuan politik dan tidak ikhlas menegakkan undang-undang.

    Contohnya, di manakah prinsip “rule of law” dalam kes rasuah Lim Guan Eng? Kes yang ternyata wujud elemen salah laku, tetapi digugurkan Peguam Negara, Tommy Thomas yang dipilih oleh Dr Mahathir. Kes tersebut sepatutnya diteruskan agar Lim dapat bersihkan nama beliau jika tidak bersalah, bukan diselamatkan dengan cara mudah melalui pengguguran kes.

    Di manakah juga prinsip “rule of law” dalam kes kematian anggota bomba, Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim? Insiden di luar Kuil Sri Maha Mariamman yang bertukar menjadi rusuhan mengorbankan nyawa seorang penjawat awam yang sedang menjalankan tugas. Hingga hari ini, masih tiada berita keadilan akan ditegakkan.

    Dalam kes yang sama, prinsip “rule of law” turut dibelakangkan, apabila keputusan mahkamah tidak dihiraukan, di mana kuil itu ingkar berpindah.

    Begitu juga dengan peristiwa berdarah Memali. Di manakah prinsip “rule of law”? Sehingga kini, ramai tertanya-tanya kenapa begitu ramai anggota keselamatan dikerahkan menangkap Ibrahim Libya? Pemimpin Pakatan Harapan (PH) yang dahulu memperjuangkan pembentukan Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja untuk mencari kebenaran, sekarang diam membisu apabila sudah berkuasa.

    Apa sebenarnya nilai prinsip “rule of law” bagi kerajaan PH? Bukti-bukti yang disenaraikan secara terang menunjukkan Dr Mahathir dan kerajaannya amat hipokrit dalam menegakkan dan menghormati undang-undang. Mereka bukanlah malaikat seperti yang mereka ingin tonjolkan.

    Contohnya kisah Prebet Adam Jaafar yang memberi gambaran raja zalim harus ditentang. Media melaporkan kononnya Prebet Adam mengamuk apabila mendapat tahu adiknya dibunuh Sultan Johor ketika itu, sedangkan Prebet Adam tiada adik lelaki dan hanya ada adik perempuan yang meninggal dunia dalam kebakaran rumah ketika berumur 2 tahun.

  159. Hajar Jan 6,2019 9:19 PM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Allow me Tun:

    A dumb racist bigot commented on my writing:

    Previously, I wrote: [The Attorney General has lost his credibility. He is not being fair and very biased in his judgement. Moreover, I just don’t trust someone (AG) who believes @ advocates that Chin Peng was a hero! ]

    Her comment (HBT456 Jan 4,2019 11:40 AM):

    /// Were those AG appointed by the then Umno and BN were heroes too?
    Alahai, dah terang sangat, usah diterangkan lagi jika dikorek2kan.
    Even me being in here could see that fault, takkan lah dia tak nampak pun.
    Jika dia bertudung kata halal, then thats her struggles.

    What a stupid response to my writing! No substance at all! Rubbish!

    And, definitely this person is a hardcore racist. My comment has got nothing to do with ‘bertudung’.

    Let me try to explain what I meant by my previous statements on the AG.

    The AG believes that Chin Peng was a hero. It is not surprising that he also believes that the ‘devotees’ that were involved in the riots, and also had assaulted (murdered) an innocent fireman on duty are also heroes.

    We know that Chin Peng had killed many innocent people including policemen and soldiers. And yet the AG regards him as a hero!

    I doubt the AG really upholds ‘The Rule of Law’. I have no confidence in him. Sorry to say this Tun…

    P/S: ‘Sri Sense’, she only talks rubbish 🙁 . Well, Tun wants us to know there are dumb Chinese too…Malays are lazy (what they always say), but definitely not stupid :).

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  160. mohtar salleh Jan 6,2019 9:01 PM

    salam Tun, bila bercerita pasal rule of law, amat lah bagus sebab setiap warganegara tidak akan terlepas dari tindakan undang undang. Dalam masa sama jangan lah pihak menteri terlalu ghairah dgn mengadakan undang undang atau pun melaksanakan undang undang yg menganinya rakyat, contoh kerana mahu bebas dari asap rokok dgn angkuhnya menteri buat kenyataan biar dia tidak popular dan tidak mendapat undi… bukan kah menteri tahu budaya orang malaysia melepak di kedai makan sambil menonton bolasepak… makan merokok dsbnya… bukan kah anak anak melayu yg berniaga shisha terpaksa tutup kedai… adakah dgn larangan merokok menjadikan negara kita lebih sihat dan maju dari negara lain? apakah masalah kesesakan di hospital telah selesai? adakah hospital mesra utk wargaemas?.. adakah isu merokok sahaja yg kritikal.. sebagai menteri saya juga bersetuju dgn cadangannya.. tetapi dari sudut politik dan sosio ekonomi jgk harus dilihat dgn serious… dimanakah hak asasi? kerajaan PH harusnya tidak mengulangi kesilapan dan keangkuhan seperti kerajaan terdahulu… sekian

  161. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 7:45 PM

    Why dsn compared sri lanka with malaysia?

    Dont forget, he too is a loving father, and malaysia being an oic member, he cannot hit out at those countries.

    But, she dared to hit out at chinese because she thinks chinese race is as biadap and stupid as her kut.

    Thank god, tun siti hasmah and ts rafidah dont wear tudung, if not, sure menjolok mata kaum bukan muslim.

    Without majority votes, there is no way female bertudung can be the pm.

    There will be no female taiwan president too in many years to come, after the outsted female s.korean president that landed her to jail.

    The apple dream in electing a female american president is getting dimmer because americans just like us are conservative in nature.

    P/s: tudung merah, putih, hija, oren, kelabu, hitam atau hijab, its up to the malay female to decide which style suits them since we do not live sahara desert.

  162. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 7:30 PM

    The rule of law is always there.

    But when the rule of law was pindah to ag at putrajaya, the de facto ministers with absolute power became bermahalela until umno bn voted out when tdm jumped and set up his own party before last general election was called.

    Mr Lim felt empathy as a father and rakan sekerja is normal, but anak being caught for drug, as minister of defense, he didnt do any cover ups, and this is a positive point as perjuang melayu kita, kudos to mat sabu.

    Moreover, drug addictition is common in this masyarakat, khususnya di kalangan melayu kita.

    As for alchoholic, the worst hit was cina, india dan bumiputera kita.

    P/s: why special court was being set up? kini, makcik ini masih berani memainkan perkauman lagi by calling tdm as ayahanda mereka? jika mereka rasa biadap is their tahi lembu style, by all go a head. jika betul2 spilled those green snakes, she thinks she still can talk big? A female law maker said she is just tired of looking at an ape in high heel, hence, she resigned, itu saja. being honest is crime? Being critic in here is crime? Is she saying that only her race can be perdana menteri, yang lain tak boleh?

  163. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 5:50 PM

    He has less than 5 years to go, isnt it the dream of malaysian malaysia already realized, and now he is mof.

    P/s: when the wound is healed naturally, then, it is best not to hit that wound again. Some trust when betrayed, it can be earned back, but when you hit it again, then, goodbye my love, sang by teresa teng.

  164. musato Jan 6,2019 2:01 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bila sebut rule of law, ramai antara kita teringat masa zaman Najib. Undang undang tiada berguna.

    Lepas BN kalah, PH yang diterajui oleh Tun M berusaha sedaya upaya untuk meletakkan semula rule of law di tempat yang sepatutnya.

    Institusi institusi yang berkaitan seperti TH, Felda dll telah diganggu. Maka lapisan pengawai atasan setiap institusi itu telah diganti baru.

    Kemenangan PH juga nampak gayanya juga telah memberi keyakinan kepada kaum bukan bumiputera untuk lebih vokal dalam bersuara.

    Adalah penting untuk kaum bumiputera lebih dalam peratusan dalam menentukan dasar kerajaan yang bernas untuk kebaikan negara.

    Jadi amatlah penting Rule of Law diletakkan di tempat yang sepatutnya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  165. Sri Sense Jan 6,2019 1:57 PM

    Dua reaksi yang berbeza pada issue yang sama iaitu dadah & politik, read and judge for yourself

    Guan Eng expresses empathy for Mat Sabu, says not easy being a parent

    Sarawak PAS member detained over FB post against DAP MPs tests positive for drugs

    Hah, satu tulisan yang baik ;

    Rules for the Rulers

    @Hajar, I tak pernah baca tulisan you know who, tapi I pelik tengok apa pasal banyak sangat dia post dan keluar pula sini, maybe Tun nak kita anti kaum dia kot

  166. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 12:34 PM

    Stop using chinese race as the barganing chips.

    If cannot take it, just go see sultan johor directly to clear off any misunderstanding, is it so hard to do this?

    We are not beggars, we are the citizen of malaysia who have the basic right to vote the coalition that make us feel safe and comfortable.

    We are not shadow race or chips to malay, muslim or orang asli to any political parties of the divides.

    P/s: we are now in 2019, not 1948.

  167. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 12:24 PM

    Yesterday, these frogs jumped ship.

    Today, these frogs jumped ship again.

    If they can jump ships, it means they will be the first one who leaves the country when bad things happened.

    P/s: good luck to ph.

  168. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 12:10 PM

    This case is no different from lynas case just because tdm doesnt like it.

    Now, sabah said want to postpone smoking ban at state level.

    Siapakah duli, siapakah dalang?

    P/s: now i understand why they laughed behind there. will you be okay to be dictated by sabah mps?

  169. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 9:32 AM

    I guess our leaders still stuck in the colonized period after more than 60 years of merdeka.

    They still using divide and rule policy until now by offering freebies, janji menang to dictate the federal and state fund.

    These hard labors left their their home countries to seek better offer, but sadly, they are treated like sampah just like what those colonized master did to imported foreign hard labor in the begining of last century,

    Even the bangladeshi worker got slapped for asking locals to obey ban smoking rules, you rasa patuhkah mereka buat ini in the name of nasionalism and patriotism?

    It is sad to see such scenario, and they are part of the dna that built this country, but no action is taken against these bullies, bak kata siapa makan cili, mereka lah yang rasa pedas.

    P/s: these bullies one day will bite their own medicines, and sure kena belasah one day, therefore, pandai2 mereka ini yang mengelarkan diri mereka perjuang dan pendekar bangsa dan agama mereka masing2 when voters in general loose faith with them.

  170. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 9:10 AM

    Is ph wants kedah to be the dump site of imported plastic wastage by hiring hard labour from bangladesh?

    If they do, then, give import aps to them to create income for kedah state via penang port.

    Lynas brings in good jobs to pahang people, but they bising.

    I guess now they see clearer, and should stop bising by now.

    P/s: if bersatu wants to import plastic rubbish in kedah, by all means go ahead when the state sultan is alright with it since malaysia already merdeka for more than 60 years now.

  171. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 8:37 AM

    Since penang is mca punya hq, then, why parachute northern politicians and came down here to kl selangor, and cleared so much land?

    If penang is more important to mca, then, why passed the baton to gerakkan?

    Now adik gerakkan looses, but the brother is in dap, then, why kacau us who dont speak hokkien and those who live in kl/selangor?

    As for muslim, brother in umno down south, brother in amanah up north, then, no need to vote since only family members are allowed to swap seats, set up own political parties and jumped ships.

    They only care about numbers to win, then only bikin, but they never care about what happened to the people, fdi, foreign workers and reputation of the country, janji menang.

    Jika macam ini, lebih baik balik tido aje, mana tahu mungkin 1st lady akan call aku nanti, betul tak?

    If government civil servants and party members outnumbered private employees, then, no need to vote lah.

    If government civil servants and party members budget is 70% of the total wealth distribution, then, no need to talk about long term investment if you do not want to be like them.

    When the political parties become greedy, then as investors, you must be fearful.

    Please dont bring penangites punya politics into kl, please go melaka, go putrajaya, go cyberjaya, go labuan using the victor re write history punya conspiracy theory.

    Have they learned?

    I think they have not learned, all they care is absoute power to dictate the wealth of this country, tak kisah untung atau rugi with tongkat.

    Nasi dah jadi bubur, fetna here, finger pointing, blaming or contest also no point since we have general election in every 5 years.

    If as political parties, you cant even protect the federal constitution, then, ultimately, you cant protect the race that you represent.

    P/s: too much damage control via courts, it makes the courts like kangaroo courts jugak.

  172. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 6:51 AM

    Rule no. 1, never loose votes.

    Rule no. 2, never forget rule no. 1.

    To voters, if they cannot tahan with the local politics, they can always have choice to migrate.

    To mps, if they cannot tahan with their leaders, they can either set up their own political parties or bring their koncu to jump into other political parties that offer them better.

    Old politics, new name?

    Bersatu should know their position and what happened in the past.

    Even i also nampak, takkanlah mereka tak nampak.

    P/s: right pocket goes into left pocket, it makes no sense who can jual better. bak kata, billy dont be a hero, its not worth it when orang atas treat you like dedak seekers.

  173. HBT456 Jan 6,2019 5:52 AM

    Then kuburkan bersatu saja.

  174. Sri Sense Jan 5,2019 10:39 PM

    Komen sebelum tidor. Harap Ayahanda Tun Mahathir tak mengantuk lagi hahaha

    Fahmi calls for SOP after DBKL demolishes illegal religious structure

    – Perlu sensitif ka? Kan Tun kata rule of law, ikut ajela undang undang.

    Mat Sabu confirms son arrested in anti-vice raid


    – Perlukah berita ini jadi berita besar? Bukannya Minister of Defense yang kena tangkap dadah.

    I am not a ‘barua Cina,’ says Rosyam Nor after supermarket controversy

    – My advice to Rosyam Noor tukar aje supermarket pada nama STR Noor mart.

  175. HBT456 Jan 5,2019 3:47 PM

    As karma says, we reap what we sow.

    Betul atau salah, our future generations will decide.

    P/s: it is up to those in putrajaya to decide who are the contestants that they see fit to stay relevant, and as we move on, the challenges would definitely be higher, and voters too would be more resillient in exercising their votes, racist atau tidak, its still come back to chicken and eggs issues. frogs jumps because thats their nature, but will they be accepted by bersatu, itu tak mustahak. yang mustahaknya, how the political parties in divide showcase their agenda and up to local voters to decide who should represent them at federal level.

  176. HBT456 Jan 5,2019 3:37 PM

    By all means go a head since it is not a secret out there.

    P/s: kan tu tahi lembu, mana ada value lagi. good luck, and all the best myppp.

  177. Sri Sense Jan 5,2019 3:20 PM

    Good evening Tun M tersayang

    Tun kata Sultan? Ya ka? Media massa dok kata. Ya ka?

    I kalau part Raja2 Melayu ini I berkecuali. Sebab lain darjat. Asal mereka tak ganggu anak I, keluarga I, I ok. I masa muda ada juga bekerja dengan kerabat di Raja Perak dan Perlis, to me biasa aja mereka. Boss mestilah hormat kan.

    Anyway apa cerita heboh pasal Agung nak turun tahta? I also tak tau. Kalau sakit dah baik bolehlah bekerja semula tiada masaalah kan.

    Kalau kahwin tak kasi tau, also ok. Because sebagai orang Melayu kita memang biasa dengar Raja2 Sultan2 kahwin. Kalau betul kahwin tak nak cakap sebab isteri tu tak naik jadi pemaisuri la. Kadang2 bonda2 diRaja ini tak mau menantu dari keturunan kebanyakkan. Usahlah isu ini dipanjang panjangkan, kan banyak hal lain lagi penting.

    My comment about raja2 Melayu adalah ini, usah campur hal politik, memang hati kadang suka yang ini, tak suka yang itu, pasal rakyat dah pilih terpaksalah menerima. Kalau PH tak bagus jangan risau esok rakyat akan tumbangkan juga. Buat masa ini ramai rakyat Melayu susah hati, namun begitu I tetap bangga melihat anak2 Melayu begitu gigih bekerja, dimana2 I jumpa lately. Mereka ceria dan rajin. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

  178. HBT456 Jan 5,2019 1:37 PM

    The malay states were being abandoned due to hard core nasionalist policy with nep via look east policy since 1998, and yet sabah and sarawak masih mundur and full of domestic crimes with project 1c.

    Now social crimes of such project ic had already influenced his state birth and other state births due to his ambition of wawasan 2020 with 60% revenue of domestic oil and gas for this wawasan until umno bn was voted out.

    The more they tunjuk their perasaan, the more they show their true color.

    But blaming chinese schools as the culprit is most unacceptable when their mara and felda didnt not do well.

    So where is the leakage?

    P/s: she herself also realize she is not young anymore, still got mood to be naughty and cheeky in her selection of pm as if other races must give face to her?

  179. HBT456 Jan 5,2019 1:20 PM

    Dont forget, this involve public money, not their cronies or political party punya money.

    Hutang tak mahu bayar?

    Reputation of the country no need to jaga just because of political ideology differences?

    Ecrl needs to be implemented if tdm does not want to disappoint the malay majority states to direct their penumpang of these states to klia 1 and klia 2.

    Hsr needs to be implemented if tdm does not want to be labelled as maverick politician at the international level and being member of commonwealth and asean members.

    Barter trade wont work anymore, if he insists to go on with it, he will be left out.

    P/s: i sure hope tdm puts the reputation and the country above his agenda, if not, bersatu will not be survived in next general election after the scandal of 1mdb with malay bias policy this time.

  180. HBT456 Jan 5,2019 1:07 PM

    No business for so and so? No business for party members? Suggestion datang dari orang yang tak pernah kerja. OMG!

    I seriously tak tau apa yang Tun nak betul this time around. Whatever happened in the past cannot be undone. Takan nak paksa Tun minta maaf berkali kali. All this ini tak perlu. Bila Tun minta maaf mereka nak tunjuk Tun lemah, mereka diva.

    Zam zam mali hum, open the gate?

    No matter what they do, it is still come back to chicken and egg issues.

    Boleh means boleh.

    Tak boleh means tak boleh.

    P/s: he should be delighted when voters denied umno bn even when ex pm spent billions in br1m for 4 years. only her race can be diva? only her race can be puteri? only her races can be putera?

  181. HBT456 Jan 5,2019 9:46 AM

    Tipu orang kampong senang.

    Tipu orang bandar susah.

    Tipu orang global lagi susah.

    The end product of wawasan 2020 with bumiputra status via look east policy since 1998 until bn was voted out, this video clip is being circulated via mobile apps, and now it is being circulated today after tdm is re-elected as 7th pm memang tak anih pun in rasuah politik.

    Pendek kata, they dont care what happened to this country, all they care is janji menang so that they can dictate the portfolio of ministries all the time since there general election in many years to come.

    The good news to voters is umno bn loose out for first time in history.

    The bad news to political parties of the divides is tdm is re- elected as the 7th pm with the opposition coalition.

    Do not be too serious with politics in this country.

    There are no perfect beings, but there is perfect intention, so make up your political stand which side you are with.

    Whoever become the perdana menteri, hakikatnya adalah sama iaitu the pm needs full support from their coalition of political parties, therefore, they will put their agenda above the people and country at putrajaya.

    If dsn is guilty, then the voters and coalition that supported and voted dsn are guilty too.

    When dsn is guilty, then, the voters and coalition that supported and voted dr mm and pak lah are guilty too, betul tak?

    Why pas rejected local councillor election after tdm is re-elected as perdana menteri, but he didnt mention anything about this when dsn was still the pm?

    P/s: will tdm turns maverick, flip then flop, and dont live up to his promise since this is his last chance? if they are good, and follow rule of law, they will be alright. State ruling government delay payment, atau tak honor payment to their suppliers who are also their voters, as political parties’ members and voters of those states, will you have confident and faith with such state ruling government? Isu tak mahu bayar hutang memang tak anih pun to sedapkan hati bos mereka. pictures being circulated in whatsapps might be super imposed by imposters, and why they do that? It sound like him, but is not him? Bak kata, they chosen to do it, and will they still get away this time by passing such dilenma with doctor in the house to their next generation?

  182. Sri Sense Jan 5,2019 9:15 AM

    Good morning

    No business for so and so? No business for party members? Suggestion datang dari orang yang tak pernah kerja. OMG!

    One thing for sure party Tun ini bad for economy, next election takde business people nak vote.

    I seriously tak tau apa yang Tun nak betul this time around. Whatever happened in the past cannot be undone. Takan nak paksa Tun minta maaf berkali kali. All this ini tak perlu. Bila Tun minta maaf mereka nak tunjuk Tun lemah, mereka diva.

    Anyway seperti I kata earlier, kalau Tun perlu my service, Tun boleh minta Din KCD contact me. Mind you I’m not young, I may not fancy young man ideas, young idealist.

  183. Anak.muda Jan 5,2019 2:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum tun.

    1.if we go back to history, 30 years ago during ops lalang, you are the one that didnt uplifting the rule of law when you protect your team mates from umno “team A”. The obvious example is najib who clearly saying that he want to soak a keris in chinese blood but still roaming free eventhough he said such racist and dangerous thing? another example is anwar ibrahim who is education minister at that time, he clearly suppress the chinese by introducing controversial rule in chinese school. Both of them is your allies from team A at that time and both didnt detained under isa.

    2.people around you, your close friends might say that you are such a good person to protect your own friends but is that a correct thing to do? You just shown an example to najib at that time that we must protect our friend although our friend commit a crime. Well maybe thats why najib try very hard to protect his “close friend” like the fat boy jho low… You are the one that show him the example tun.

    3.being in your position is not easy.berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu dipikul. You might end up losing friends, you might even lost your blood relatives if you become very strict and didnt help any of them when they are in “difficult” situasion. But for the sake of future generations, you must show and set the benchmark so all of us will follow your example..

    4.if your allies now, like zahid md arip really commit a crime, by all means please prosecute him tun. day the malays might not need to use a walking stick anymore. Though its hard for me to say this but you will not be able see the strong and capable malay that you wish for tun. Even myself also might not be able to see that. Its take generations to change the mindset of the malays. We must start when they are still a kids.i used to say this a lot of time here.melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya.god willing if i have a kids,their generation might still have 50% of those malay mentality..and my grandchildren, god willing they are the capable and the strong malay generation that we are looking for. But with a condition that we must mould them to become the strong malay and competitive malay since they are in primary school start from now.

    Tun, take care

  184. LIMA19 Jan 5,2019 12:34 AM

    Many people have openly talk about the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) scandal where the organizer contract was awarded to a company with no experience during the Najib era. Is it fair that qualifies companies who tendered for the job were passed on and contract awarded to an inexperienced vendor? The company directors and shareholders have changed many time over the years even after getting the LIMA contract. Are the bumiputera directors and shareholders the real beneficiaries of the contract or are they being used as proxies to get bumiputera status? How can the company EN Projects (M) Sdn Bhd report false number of visitors and exhibitors just to make it look like a success when it was a failure? How come no action taken against them? How many suppliers did not get their payment for more that one year after the show and finally received payment only when they agree to reduce their invoice? They were told to take it or leave it and they accepted because they were desperate. Hope our PH government is serious about cleaning up corruption without fear or favour to any members and their family.

    Watch the video circulating – mobile site
    or to view from PC.

  185. musato Jan 4,2019 9:44 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Subsidi gula dikurangkan sebab kesihatan.


    Hukum sebat wanita (hudud) dilarang kerana mengaibkan pelaku.

    Apa pendapat ahli ahli bijak pandai MASA?

    Terima kasih Tun.

  186. HBT456 Jan 4,2019 7:14 PM

    What is umrah?

    When syariah lawmakers outnumbered non-syariah lawmakers, then, it is time to kiss selamat tinggal to this country.

    Sarawak political parties in divide to decide whether to have independent state general election, or same date general election with peninsula and sabah after 8 years of malaysia day declared by dsn on sept. 16, 2011?

    P/s: will sarawakian voters be alright forever the fixed deposit to putrajaya in sharing political and economy power? Uec is only a barganing chip for political milleage, and with or without the recognition of uec by putrajaya, it makes no differences.

  187. musato Jan 4,2019 5:48 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Apabila saya ditanya apa yang menarik berlaku sepanjang Perhimpunan Tahunan Bersatu, tentulah semua orang tahu agaknya berkenaan kenyataan Syed Saddiq dan isu projek yang diminta KB (ketua bahagian).

    Saya kira saya dalam keadaan tidak campur tangan dan tidak memberi komen. Cuma jaga hal diri sendiri sahaja.

    Sesuai dengan artikel ini ‘Rule of Law’ bermaksud setiap individu itu patut jaga diri sendiri. Jangan terlibat dengan perkara yang dilarang oleh undang undang.

    Inilah nasihat Tun pada saya satu ketika dulu, bila saya mengadu di sini berkenaan hal saya telah dipadamkan dari memberi komen dalam blog Najib Razak sebab saya poskan website lucah untuk perhatian PM serta kerajaan untuk tindakan lanjut.

    Seperti saya telah tuliskan, perhatian itu telah dilanjutkan kepada DS Utama Rais Yatim dan jadi tajuk akhbar : Thumbs up to Dr M.

    Tun M kata, takkan bila kena periksa kat lapangan terbang dan sangkut, tetiba kita nak panggil “woi kekawan, mari tolong”. Tun pun kena periksa selama ini pun tak panggil kekawan tolong.

    Sendiri buat sendiri tanggung. Lebih kurang begitulah maksudnya.

    Beralih kepada perkara yang menarik dalam Perhimpunan Bersatu tempohari adalah terbentuknya Institusi MASA (pusat pemikiran Bersatu).

    Terima kasih Tun.

  188. HBT456 Jan 4,2019 1:13 PM

    This reunion certainty is a MUST at all cost to avoid civil wars in china that could spurred ww3 in asia pacific ocean and that includes east asian countries, and asean is part of east asian countries.

    Tariff man by now should understand the consequences of china-taiwan reunion resolution if he does not want to see a big fat war that could crippled dollar value, usa economy and wall street of those happened during great depression during 1930s after ww1, and before ww2.

    What will be the consequences on taiwanese?

    Taiwanese can either stay in taiwan, hongkong, macau or migrate to other countries, itu saja.

    Taiwanese’s glc has choice to stay in taiwan, hongkong, macau, china, or move to other countries, thats depends on who will be elected as their next president.

    The rule of politics is always the winner takes all, the looser takes all.

    It is a political reality of ge 14, team mahathir and team anwar won, team najib and team pak lah loose out.

    But, to neezam72, he only pointed out the failures of mahathirism, but he didnt point out why that happened and projects linked to pak lah, and najib families.

    The bad news is 1mdb is a scandal on international front, but the good news is everyone aware.

    As for forex, no matter what happened, you still will need to pay service charge to money changer to buy and sell myr what.

    As for business community, no matter what happened, you still need to go through local and foreign banks that malaysia have trades with in those countries via import and export under miti what.

    But, as for wang politik, and rasuah politik, it is very much depend on how ec and ros set their rules, itu saja.

    P/s: whoevers get the majority votes via political parties, they will dictate the budget, but how forex and investors react, we can always refer to those shares trading in bursa malaysià and forex, apa yang susah2 sangat ini when they played by rule of law, not law of jungle, betul tak?

  189. HBT456 Jan 4,2019 12:24 PM

    Epf contributors extended to those house wives who dont work to top up the differences by 2% of the husband’s basic salary of those working in state and federal government sector too, is this what ph proposed?$1bil-wiped-off-china-car-titan-geely/

    Will you get panic with such morgan stanley report?

    I wouldnt get panic with it at all if i am looking for long term investment, not short term investment.

    What will be the outcome and consequences of the trial?

    Penang island with 1.8 population, the state government is pushing penang rapid penang plan of whooping value of myr15 billion, can kah?

    Ecrl with population of n9, terengganu, pahang and kelantan, mungkin 10 million pipulation with total value of myr55 billion, tapi ini kira rugi punya deal to her.

    Hsr connecting singapore, johor and kl is to reduce to 90 minute the traveling time to stimulate tousrism industry, but to hajar, ini kira rugi punya jugak.

    P/s: the tallest building in malaysia is now named as menara pnb. well folks, you go and do the math in calculus, not add math. 1 pack instant noodle, no matter how many mangkuk you cook, it is still 1 pack, it cannot be 2 packs, thats material costing. but when you sell 1 pack instant noodle, and sell them in 3 mangkuk, you must mark up for marketing cost since no one will do business at loss.

  190. HBT456 Jan 4,2019 11:40 AM

    The Attorney General has lost his credibility. He is not being fair and very biased in his judgement. Moreover, I just don’t trust someone (AG) who believes @ advocates that Chin Peng was a hero!

    Were those AG appointed by the then Umno and BN were heroes too?

    Alahai, dah terang sangat, usah diterangkan lagi jika dikorek2kan.

    Even me being in here could see that fault, takkan lah dia tak nampak pun.

    Jika dia bertudung kata halal, then thats her struggles.

    P/s : she can say what she wants, and to her perhaps she still stuck in the era of oil and water cannot mixed could. When oil and water mixed, the scientists on internation standard call the mixture as emulsion.

  191. milshah Jan 4,2019 11:32 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan PPBM baru sahaja berakhir. Antara intipati yang penting adalah cadangan supaya kontrak kerajaan tidak diberi kepada ahli-ahli parti politik. Pada pendapat saya iainya keadaan yang “ideal”, tetapi adakah ianya praktikal? Dan cadangan ini datang daripada Ketua Armada yang muda dan idealist. Tun sendiri pernah berkata hendak hidang air semasa mesyuarat pun perlukan duit. Tetapi tak apalah, inikan Malaysia Baru. Sesuatu yang baru untuk dicuba. Dengan ini, ketua-ketua bahagian tidak boleh dapat apa-apa peruntukan atau kontrak projek kerana iainya satu bentuk rasuah. Kalau mereka-mereka ingin menjalankan sebarang aktiviti-aktiviti politik, sila guna duit sendiri. Kalau ada orang-orang kampung atau orang dalam kesusuhan perlukan wang, sila guna duit sendiri. Pandai-pandai koranglah fikir cara untuk membantu rakyat. Memanglah apabila mendapat jawatan dalam parti, bukan untuk menkayakan diri sendiri, bahkan gunakan duit sendiri untuk membantu orang ramai. Itulah Malaysia Baru. Secara alternatif, UMNO dan PAS pun ada cara mereka sendiri untuk membantu orang ramai. Rakyat akan menilai parti mana yang lebih berbakti dan mengundi dengan sewajarnya.

  192. Hajar Jan 4,2019 10:00 AM

    Salam Dearest YAB PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    1. Sorry Tun. I’ve lost faith in the principle of THE RULE OF LAW advocated by the PH Government right after Mr. Lim Guan Eng was dismissed and given full acquittal for his corruption and abuse of power court case.

    2. Furthermore, it’s a mockery of the system (the rule of law) when the temple at USJ 25 Subang Jaya was allowed to continue its existence at the same UNLAWFUL (illegal) site even after the court instructed the temple people (devotees) to move to the agreed site (new location).

    3. Yeah, they took the money and the land for the relocation of the temple but still refuse to abide by the court ruling. What a bunch of liars and hypocrites (and terrorists too I guest).

    4. And to make things worse, the murderers of arwah Adib are still free. What if a Hindu devotee had been killed instead of Adib (Malay Muslim)? I just cannot imagine the reactions of those liberals and human rights ‘devotees’ like Siti Kasim and gang! Sadly they claim that they always uphold the rule of law. I understand why the Police had to be very careful when handling the temple case.

    5. The Attorney General has lost his credibility. He is not being fair and very biased in his judgement. Moreover, I just don’t trust someone (AG) who believes @ advocates that Chin Peng was a hero!

    Thank you Tun.

    – May Allah SWT bless Tun and family –

  193. Tun Perak Jan 4,2019 9:34 AM

    The Effect of Rule of Law on Petrol Pricing

    Government works on law that should balance the harmony between the people in the country.

    Price of petrol is a sensitive matter to both consumers and station dealers.

    While the notion that petrol should be kept at a ceiling price, and the price is allowed to fall according to the crude price movement is good for the consumers, dealers may be affected negatively.

    Truthfully, the mechanism which requires the station dealers; to buy at a changing price according to crude price movement which is not the same to the movement of the selling price, as everyone knows, could cause the dealers to operate at a loss. Dealers would certainly be affected by the smaller or even negative differential between selling and buying price.

    Petrol dealers demand this to be solved.

    The root cause of this problem is uncertainties caused by the non-synchronous movement between the buying and selling price.

    Stations need to keep stock which may sold in a period longer than the changes of the price of which they have to sell. In other words, if they still have unsold stock bought at high price, and they have to sell the unsold stock at lower price than the buying price. This happened in the previous administration but yet to happen in your administration.

    Some law need to be formulated to address this problem before the petrol is allowed to move downward. Hopefully, you do it quickly because, I think it do hurts my pocket if it is not done soon. Some options need to be considered.

    Just sharing my opinion of a possible solution.

    Allow the station selling price of the petrol to be a discrete variable, that is price band.


    Assume a profit margin of 10 cents if we consider instantaneous change of price movement (as example week 1 below).

    Buying Price Selling Price Scenario
    Week 1 1.20 1.30 Instant change
    Week 2 1.10 1.20 – 1.30 2 weeks band change
    Week 3 1.00 1.10 – 1.30 3 weeks band change
    Week 4 1.15 1.10 – 1.30 4 weeks band change

    Explanation. If the law stated that the selling price is 3 previous weeks band, as above, then it is interpreted that the petrol station may still have stock bought at price RM 1.00 (three weeks ago), or price RM 1.10 (two weeks ago) or price RM 1.20 (one week ago). And they may sell at price between RM 1.10 to RM 1.30.

    The choice of “n” weeks band change actually depends on the expected of how much period required for stock to be consumed, assuming that the petrol is delivered at 12.00 am at night, while the price change occurs at 12.01 am at night. I dont have the data, thats the reason I apply 4 different scenarios.


    (1) At smaller town with less population, station dealers may need longer time to sell their stock, and the petrol price downward may not be immediately be felt by consumers there.

    (2) Profit oriented dealer sells at high price. Sales oriented dealer sells at lower price. A cartel between dealers will defeat the purpose of passing the benefit of lower price to the consumer. Some law need to be

    Enjoy making the law !

  194. hal Jan 4,2019 6:15 AM

    Salam YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

    1.Alhamdulillah bahawa Kerajaan bawah pimpinan YAB bertekad dan bersungguh akan memerintah negara mengikut “The Rule of Law”. Semoga “Law”yang akan digunakan adalah berpandukan Hukum Islam tulin.

    2. Masalah yang dihadapi Malaysia sekarang adalah amat besar. Ia berpunca dari penahanan / perampasan HARTA seorang individu rakyat Malaysia oleh Kerajaan dahulu. PM dulu (Najib) telah merampas segala wang dan aset individu tersebut yang ada Malaysia dengan cara:
    a. Mengistiharkan Individu tersebut telah mati dengan mengheluarkan Sijil Mati beliau.
    b. Mengeluarkan Surat Wasiat Palsu yang kononnya ‘si mati’menyerahkan kuasa mengurus segala wang dan aset si mati diserah kepada Kerajaan Malaysia dan PM (Najib) dilaantik menguruskan Harta tersebut.

    3. Perkara ini telah diadu kepada YABhg Tun melalui surat yang pihak Tun (Yasmin Amira) pada 29 Jan 2018. Surat sama juga di hantar kepada:
    i. YB Dato’Seri Mukhriz diterima oleh Yasmin Amira pada 29 Jan 2018
    ii. YB Tan Sri Muhyiddin diterima oleh Yasmin Amira pada 29 Jan 2018
    iii. Dato’Seri Khairuddin diterima Khaironl (650526075010 pada 1 Feb 2018
    iv. YB Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Afdal diterima oleh Arlija (841003125754) pada 1 Feb 2018.

    4. Perkara ini juga telah dimuat naik dalam laporan yang dibuat oleh Neil Keenan – Group Ltd sperti pautan berikut:-
    i. Neil Keenan Update|What Goes Up Must Come Down
    ii. Neil Keenan Update|They All Are Watching You:Malaysia
    iii. Neil Keenan Update|Malaysian Dead Man Walking Caper Part II

    5. Setelah dapat merampas semua HARTA yang disimpan di Malaysia, bekas PM (Najib) berpakat dengan banyak kerajaan luar negara cuba pula merampas semua HARTA rakyat “yang dimatikan” yang tersimpan di luar negara.

    6. Kes ini telah diadu kepada ICJ dan DOJ. Difahamkan DOJ dan ICJ ada mohon kerjasama pihak Kerajaan Malaysia. Malangnya Kerajaan Malaysia tidak memberi kerjasama sewajarnya. Malah menjadi seolah-olah satu pakatan antara semua pihak yang terlibat (mereka di Malaysia dan Luar Negara) berpakat untuk menipu pemilik HARTA tersebut.

    7. Oleh kerana Kerajaan Malaysia sekarang berjanji untuk memerintah mengikut “Rule of Law”/ Hukum Islam Tulin maka eloklah perkara ini diselesai segera.

    8. Andai lambat, ditakuti pemilik yang dizalimi akan mengadu kepada ALLAH yang Maha Kuasa untuk dapat keadilan dan hukuman kepada pihak-pihak yang melakukan dan bersubahat dalam merampas HARTA tersebut. Ingat dunia berada di ambang Akhir Zaman.

    9. Wassalam.

  195. neezam72 Jan 4,2019 1:42 AM

    Really Tun? What are you doing right now is rule of law when you accused DS Nasib with corruption but still until now you didn’t show any solid proof about it. Why?

    If you really wanna say about the rule of law, why didn’t you tell us what happen to Perwaja, FOREX, BAKUN, BMF, MAMINCO, JB WATERFRONT, E-VILLAGE, PKFZ, TIMEDOTCOM and etc. And what happen to DS Najib nowadays is a rule of law or rule of the jungle that you made?

    And 1MDB case, you tell all the people how corrupt DS Najib is but why until now you still didn’t show any solid evidence? You know when you accused somebody must have a solid evidence. Because in Islam when we accused someone without any solid proof it calls FITNAH, am I right.

    One more thing about DS Najib case. Why didn’t you tell the people about the statement from Micheal Lauber, AG from Switzerland that DS Najib and Jho Low are not among the investigation ? Why you keep it secret to the people Tun?

    By the way can I wanna say something about what are you doing after winning the election?

    What happen to all the promise to the people? And why the oil price still remain the same even oil price in the world is dropping? Are the government wanna steal people’s money?

    Now is this the rule of law or rule of the jungle that you did nowadays.

  196. RD. Jan 3,2019 7:04 PM

    Betul juga kata Sri Sense.

    “Zaman Tun ada kuil Hindu sami yang tak dengar perintah mahkamah, tak jadi apa pun.”

    Rule of Law… mai kot mana, jika perintah Mahkamah pun depa boleh buat U-turn. Dah la… tuan-tanah sudah bayar RM1.5 juta sebagai pampasan kerana kuil itu dibina secara-haram atas tanah mereka.

    Ini precedent yang amat tidak baik.

    Tapi dalam bab ‘Rule of Law’ berkenan tindakan Pihak Istana yang akan merugikan anak-cucu kita dimasa hadapan, saya sokong Tun Dr.M yang dipilih oleh majority Rakyat, demi menjatuhkan penyamun atau Kleptocrat.

    Hidup Tun.

  197. mubarakchan Jan 3,2019 12:44 PM


    How many Malaysians are aware that there is one country in the World that could change its Laws in Court abetted by the judge and the defendants’ lawyer ?

    In this case, the defendants did not file their defence for 6 months. When they appeared in Court with their new lawyer, the judge could revise the law there and then. A sheer mockery of Justice because those plaintiffs and defendants for the 6 months before this new rule were dealt a cruel hand of injustice. This was noticed by the cognoscenti. A backlash erupted many years later. This was sheer mockery of the Parliament and the Rule of Law.

    Malaysia’s law system was never manipulated like this in favour of interested parties.

    No law was changed by the judge at a moment’s notice in mockery of the Laws and the Parliament. The only factual complaint was the lack of commitment and interest to bring Essential Laws up to date by the Ministers of Law of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government. One Minister tried to be photogenic. Another who made a lot of noise before the big job, was lazy and did nothing. Whilst the last, a person was famous for proposing to turn the RRI Welwyn Garden City Station, United Kingdom, into a RM 350 million sports facility to train Malaysian athletes by flying them to and fro 7,000 miles each way.

    This Minister misled 200,000 young Malay bankrupts by not revising completely the Bankruptcy Act 1967 but only attached an amendment to it due to pressure from the financial sector according to a complaint in the Star. Vide. Letter to the Editor. May 2018

    The Laws now being rushed through the Dewan Rakyat are to please a very small section of the population. Whereas the following Laws which have been neglected by the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Non-caring BN Government and its elites serve the whole body of the population daily :-

    1 The Company’s Act 1965. Not updated.

    2. The Bankruptcy Act 1967. This Act is revised regularly by Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia. The Minister of Law of the BN Government 2004-2018 misled 200,000 young Malay bankrupts by only attaching an amendment to it due to pressure from the financial sector which dare not do this in Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia.

    3. The Trustee Act 1949. Another important Law for the middle class and the professionals like bankers, lawyers etc. This Act has not been revised up-to-date since 1949 – 70 years. Singapore, Hong Kong, Britain and Australia revise the Trustee Act regularly.

    The above-mentioned Laws are 3 Essential Laws which are often adhere to daily, not regularly throughout the whole country by the Rakyat.

    It is time for our beloved Malaysia to wake up that her Laws are antiquated and Victorian like the Bankruptcy Act 1967 as well as the Trustee Act 1949. It is so very important that a well-administered country must have a set of up-to-date Essential Laws in keeping with World trends. There is no excuse for neglecting any Law by being lazy like those Ministers of Law of the Singapore Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government and its elites who only knew how to enjoy themselves at the expense of the Rakyat.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! There is a problem in up-dating the Laws which govern the Rule of the Law in our beloved Malaysia. As it is said,’ In Medicine, common ailments occur commonly. In Law, every case is new and LIVING.’ Hence, the Laws must be up-dated ALL THE TIME. A lazy person is not qualified to be Minister of Law anywhere.

  198. Sri Sense Jan 3,2019 10:10 AM

    Rule of law ini to me hanya idea, idea perlu implement, tapi sayangnya berat sebelah, panggil la apa2 pun justice for the everyone, freedom of speech, freedom for all. Yang di atas tetap hold the trump card. Dalam mana2 tempat di dunia ini sama.

    Macam manifesto tinggal manifesto sahaja.

    I actually tulis sini sebagai rakyat yang memberi undi. I tidak menulis sebagai consultant or pekerja.

    Kalau Tun perlu my service, Tun boleh minta Din KCD contact me.

    Sekian terima kasih.

  199. HLJS Jan 3,2019 9:44 AM

    To have the rule of law, there must be a culture ingrained within society that there is a sense of respect for the law.The law is just a system, setup by society to have order, and it may or may not be harmonious.Within this system, there must be mechanisms of change to have laws amended, repealed or added. Only when the system is effective, will it function as what it is designed for by society, for society.There will be some loose gears, which has to have other forms of mechanisms for repair or change,which again will be dictated by the culture of the society.Thus, understanding what the culture is of importance; its core, its character and its ethics.Next, does this culture have a sense of respect for the law? Are they aligned? A system is needed and the culture has to change to have order. The intention of change has to be clearly articulated and the vision, well thought of and projected by leaders of society. All these points are a constant change but the vision must remain intact and clearly defined. Right now, both the law and culture are not aligned in Malaysia

  200. Sri Sense Jan 3,2019 9:34 AM

    Good morning Ayahanda Tun

    Freedom of Speech satu baris ayat yang juga indah khabar dari rupa. Bunyi aje sedap. For example Preident Jaringan Melayu Malaysia diberitakan telah dapat dua saman dari dua individu besar dalam DAP dan diwakili oleh peguam dari kalangan DAP.

    Dah sama macam zaman BN, Rosmah pun rajin juga saman individu over remarks against her.

    Sukar nak kata PH lain, BN lain. Another good example, secretary Tun dah kena cekup, secretary Hishamuddin dah kena cekup, bila pula secretaries dan orang kuat DAP, PKR, Amanah nak kena. Takan Bersatu aje, UMNO aje the evil. Orang Melayu saja setan, bangsa lain malaikat.

    Zaman Rosmah orang dok mengata Rosmah kaki bomoh, kaki manderam, hingga pergi kuil Hindu jumpa sami. Zaman Tun ada kuil Hindu sami yang tak dengar perintah mahkamah, tak jadi apa pun.

    Sorry ya ayahanda, anakanda menyuarakan kesedihan dibenak hati (saja nak copy gang amanah berkanda berdinda berbonda berayahanda hihihi)

  201. HBT456 Jan 3,2019 8:01 AM

    After going through all these horrendous, man-made, ugly, unfortunate and tragic accidents, will you still be able to hold on to your struggle, principle and loyalty to the political parties that feed you, blindly with deaf ears forever, janji menang?

    P/s: to move forward, or to move backward, the decision is on the hands of the political parties in divide to think deeply, can or cannot by bloating the forecast to 20 to 30 times higher that might caused another round of bubble onto the states they represent? Numbers do not cheat, but human cheat. absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  202. HBT456 Jan 3,2019 7:47 AM

    The more i stay in this blog, the more i become racist.

    Halal can be haram, and haram can be halal.

    Rule of law could be rigged via selections of judges and courts depending the citarasa of de factor law minister at putrajaya.

    No worries, if not happy, just cast your votes to the political coalitions when general election is called.

    There is no free lunch in this world, it is still come back to kemampuan diri mereka masing2, boleh atau tidak?

    P/s: yesterday, he needs sabahan and sarawakian votes more, but today, he needs malay votes more to give him the power of authorithy to execute the rule of law. Therefore, do not be too serious about politics in this country.

  203. HBT456 Jan 3,2019 7:29 AM

    Instead of counting sheeps, she should by now start counting no. of days left.

    Mr lim kit siang said he will pull dap out of pakatan harapan if malaysian dream cannot be realized.

    P/s: voters, especially the younger generation is fed up with such racist policy, and even myself cannot take it anymore, therefore, make your political stand clear before next general election is called.

  204. sibotak Jan 3,2019 1:03 AM

    Human Justice are Man Made to Order
    Its been tailored by the Govt for The people
    Some Nation ,The Justice system are influence by the Govt

    Where is the Justice when Hitler kills a million Jews compared to
    A man killed a man ?
    Do we need to sentence a million Hitler ?

    Perhaps Allah gives Tun age and Health till now to save Malaysia
    from Najib kleptocratic government
    Tun did it again, 2nd time Prime Minister of Malaysia
    Sadly Tun vision of 2020 is just a near Dream jeopardize by Najib Kleptocratic
    or perhaps Pak Lah incompetence

    Why does this happen ?
    I believes there are foreign Govt influence towards Putra Jaya during Najib and Paklah as both wrongfully and Stupidly did not wish to listen to Tun as their Mentor. Tun is the ex PM and has set a distinct record for Malaysia
    Why both was so arrogant to brush Tun aside when Tun himself did gives both his shoulders , his hands for Free

    Najib has failed Malaysia
    He has failed UMNO indeed
    He should retired or silence himself as none are listening
    to him even as Opposition
    Sadly he tried his best, thru Social Media to win the people’s heart
    Now then , he busily taking notes of the people needs
    But sadly , Nasi sudah jadi Bubur And UMNO will close shop
    if Najib and Zahid still with UMNO
    The people , UMNO have rejected both Najib and Zahid
    Both have to go for UMNO to start a New Leaf for the new generations

    Today Govt is The Voice of The People
    No longer , The King ,The Queen nor any Dynasty
    Those whom needs to excess with the Govt must get
    themselves involve in Parliament . Appointed as Govt or as Opposition
    Selected , elected by the People thru Elections …PRU
    This mandate will be honored by the people
    The Regime of Middle East are fading away as People Voices are heard today

  205. hussein82 Jan 2,2019 10:34 PM

    Dear Tun, exactly the same situation happened to me. I sent an email to your admin. Please take a look in to it. One of gov dept do not follow the rule of law. Tq Tun

  206. Nuar Jan 2,2019 10:21 PM

    Agree with your statement. Both men did whatever their circumstances had allowed them to do. Both are equally corrupt.

  207. Nuar Jan 2,2019 10:17 PM

    The father of corruption and nepotism that created the system. Najib merely succeeded and continue with the system that had been created.

  208. Nuar Jan 2,2019 10:14 PM

    Amend article 122, placing the judicial power under legislative order, destroying free & independent judiciary system.

    Remember the Printing Presses and Publications Act.
    The best is amend article 66(4) destroying YDPA royal assent/veto.

    You are the true Dictator. You bend the law and sow the seeds of corruption.

  209. Sri Sense Jan 2,2019 9:32 PM

    Dear Tun

    Rule of law is just a goal, a vision, a standard PH strive for. Hate to say this la, so far ianya hanya cantik di kertas bila praktik memihak pada certain team. Depending on which side you are on. Team Najib, Team Anwar, Team DAP, Team BN, Team PH and so on.

    Sepatutnya , Rule of law should mean justice for all; but way too often it does not. Mana2 pun sama. Same, same.

    Justice is blind. This expression means that justice is impartial and objective. There is an allusion here to the Greek statue for justice, wearing a blindfold so as not to treat friends differently from strangers, or rich people better than the poor ones.

    Boleh serata? Adil dan saksama? Tak pun. Mana2 pun sama. Same, same.

    Goodnight! I rather count sheep to fall asleep.

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