​1.  When the MacMichael Treaties (or agreements) were signed, the states of Malaysia became a colony of the British.  The Malayan Union would be ruled entirely by the British.  The Malays could no longer claim ownership of the states.  There no longer was a Tanah Melayu or Malay Land.

2.  As one, the Malays rose in protest.  Such was their unity that the British had to back downand abrogated all the MacMichael Treaties.  The British agreed to replace the Malayan Union with the Federation of Malaya.  Officially the accepted name was the “Persekutuan Tanah Melayu”.  It reverted to being a protectorate by treaty.

3. The Government of the Federation of Malaya was led by the High Commissioner as the Chief Executive, presiding over the Executive Council and the Legislative Council.  All members were nominated by the High Commissioner. 

4.  In 1955 the British decided to hold partial election for 52 of the 98 seats of the Federal Legislative Council.

5. The British believed that no single party could win more than 49 seats to claim a right to form a majority Government.   

6.  But in the event the Alliance of UMNO, MCA and MIC won 51 of the 52 seats and was able to claim the right to form a home-rule Government.

7.  Immediately there was a clamour among the people and the parties in the Government for independence.

8.  Negotiations were held in London and eventually it was agreed that Malaya would become independent in 1957.

9.  In preparation for this, the Reid Commission was tasked with drawing up the independent Federal Constitution.

10. It was agreed that Malaya would be a democracy where the people would choose the Government.  The rulers would be constitutional heads without executive power.  Their position would be guaranteed by the Constitution which would be the supreme law of the country. 

11.  The party winning the election would name the Prime Minister (or the Chief Minister – Menteri Besar) and the constitutional head would endorse.

12.  Should the constitutional monarch refuse to endorse and proposes his own candidate and endorses him, the winning party can reject him in the assembly – ‘dewan’, through a vote of non-confidence.

13.  The constitutions of Johore and Terengganu which were promulgated earlier were nullified by the new constitution which was accepted by all the states of Malaysia.  Accordingly on the 9th of May, 2018, the peoples of Malaysia went to the polls to elect the Governments of (the Federation) Malaysia and the Governments of the states.

14. It is important that everyone concerned respects the constitution and abide by it.  Failure to do so would negate the rule of law. 


  1. mubarakchan Aug 30,2019 1:12 PM


    The reason for the current flush of political conflict in domestic politics today is that 99% of the politicians and 99% of the NGOs are ignorant and do not understand the Constitution. Period.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem. In you we all TRUST.

  2. Fender May 20,2019 3:07 PM

    The Federal Constitution is here but some elites just don’t want to abide by it. Those with vested interest just give support. This will go down to no respect for rule of law. This has happened over the years. The judiciary were afraid and so were the enforcement agencies to go against those elites. Somee institutions are above the laws. That’s why this country is in such a mess. There should be strong political will to do the right things wholly and not partially or selectively. People must walk the talk.

  3. Hajar May 9,2019 5:57 AM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Menjelang setahun memerintah: PH diberi gred G (gagal)

    “Secara keseluruhan, berdasarkan 60 janji yang dibuat oleh Pakatan Harapan sebelum Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-14 (PRU-14) hanya 11.7 peratus responden beri reaksi positif, 23.3 peratus reaksi bercampur dan 65 peratus reaksi negatif.

    “Antara topik yang mendapat reaksi negatif paling tinggi adalah kegagalan PH mereformasi institusi politik dan kemerosotan ekonomi negara di bawah pentadbiran PH,” katanya dalam sidang akhbar di sini hari ini. ///

    1. Ada benarnya keputusan kaji selidik di atas. Banyak sangat perkara/janji yang PH gagal laksanakan. Berjanji untuk mendaulatkan undang-undang (“Rule of Law”), tetapi ternyata hampeh/ gagal! Bagi saya ini isu pokok (penolakan terhadap rejim Najib), dan kegagalan PH menunaikan janji ini amat mengecewakan.

    2. Kalau penguatkuasaan undang2 cuma untuk pihak lawan, apa bezanya PH dan rejim Najib? Serupa saja…Yang tidak serupa ialah, harga2 saham di Bursa Malaysia banyak yang semakin merudum teruk semenjak PH berkuasa. Kos sara hidup dan harga barangan juga lebih tinggi dari setahun yang lalu (walaupun tanpa GST). Nilai ringgit pun jatuh (lebih rendah) selepas PH menang. Saya okay saja sebab memang sudah “sediakan payung sebelum hujan”. Tetapi, bagi orang yang tiada wang simpanan (sentiasa sengkek; tidak tahu menyimpan/melabur; suka membazir,dll.), keadaan ini amat menekan mereka.

    3. 2 hari lepas saya ke Bazar Ramadan. Ada kuih-muih yang dahulunya RM2 sudah jadi RM3 (untuk beberapa biji; sama saiz seperti dahulu). Harga2 makanan lain pun semakin mahal.

    4. Jadi apakah agaknya kesan POSITIF dari dakwaan (yang dicanang) kononnya rasuah/ korupsi dan salah guna kuasa sudah ditangani/diatasi dengan baik oleh PH (sudah ‘Bersih’)? Kepada yang perasan tidak bodoh, sila jawab persoalan2 ini dengan memberi hujah2 bijak dan meyakinkan berdasarkan fakta sahih (bukan hujah2 bodoh).

    5. Sebagai rumusan (dari rakyat biasa), saya beri gred ‘F’ (gagal) kepada PH di atas prestasi yang hampeh/mengecewakan. Rupa-rupanya, pemimpin2 PH (kecuali Tun) sekadar pandai mengutuk, mengkritik, membangkang, memfitnah, dll. Namun bila diberi peluang untuk memerintah, ternyata mereka teramat gagal – sekadar tong kosong.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  4. Sharudin Jamal May 9,2019 3:29 AM

    My dear Vader 7:7

    Sooner or later we have to come to this point. I don’t enjoy this conversation but I am obligated to tell you because you are the Lord of Wolfsschanze and this responsibility falls on your shoulder. I am here to tell you the situation because it is my duty to tell you Sir. As far as taking the corrective actions, it is entirely up to you. It is an Autonomous Governance between Xanadu and Wolfsschanze.

    Let begin here Let’s refer to the benchmarks which are Bukhari, Muslim and Muwatta the three undisputed source of best practices among the practitioners. Suppose we use Bukhari in this discussion. Try typing “sword” and see what you can find. Next type “black stone” as see what is in store for you.

    You can do as many keyword searches as you like and soon a pattern will emerge. What were to be the best practices are not what they are suppose to be. What you see is not real. Those who know will not tell. They pick and choose what they want to serve their cause. This practice is known during the ancient time as taqiyyah (concealment). This is because the masses were ignorant at that time and don’t have the technology that we have now.

    Even with the availability of information, they are subject to conformity bias. Ar Razi the Islamic polymath of the 900 AD had warned us against this deception. I am just echoing his concern. Be mindful of the message, regardless of the messenger.

    Another point I want to address is the *fa[c]e of that community. If we see somebody worshiping an idol, we say that person is an idol worshiper. Even if the person explain (they did explain to me) that the idol is a representation of the deity he worships. Intention is nothing action is everything. Much like a person who has good intention but he then commits crime.

    * External intervention.

    In certain region of the world, they used to worship stones especially meteorites. They believe these are the stones from heaven. They make many places of worships which until today still exist (you may want to do serious research on this). I call these people Stone Worshipers although they outright deny it. Again intention is nothing action is everything.

    For these people their place is the Wolfsschanze. As you know I had transformed Wolfsschanze into a Place of Wind and Water. So no torment except the transgressors.

    However, as long as they worship the stone, while the others take the expressway, they will take the scenic route as stated by their belief INCLUDING you Chedet. That is because their consciousness will be the limiting belief that hinders their speedy transition.

    I actually have no qualms with whoever and whatever people worship. But throughout history, the Stone Worshipers are the greatest transgressors for CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. You may want to go back to the 3 benchmarks I mentioned earlier.

    This is none of my business really. I am just acting as a good neighbor Vader 7:7.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  5. twinpeaks May 8,2019 11:41 PM

    I cannot understand why as a nation aspiring to be among the big developed economies in the Asia Pacific region, why we should be so concerned about what happened more than 50 years ago. Unless this can change the mentality of the people in this country who still cling to the government from the day they are born, I do not see how the Constitution can help to lift the socio-economy of individuals. The worst the it will do is to put false hope on the great majority of people in Malaysia who have been promised that they will be looked after from cradle to grave. That will not do any good in preparing individuals to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps, and free themselves of the delusion that their parents will somehow magically assist them in life forever.
    In short, I think we need a new Constitution that says begins with the words… “We hold the truth that all mankind are created equal”.

    I am a bumiputera by the way, but I don’t believe in false hopes.

  6. Sharudin Jamal May 8,2019 11:34 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    Let me know if I overstay my welcome. Otherwise I will refer to you as my beacon. I listen to your speeches everyday to get the rightness of my direction. Like today your message is integrity.

    This is my bit for the day:

    As I told you. I had accepted me as who I am. I just flow with the notion Sir.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  7. Sharudin Jamal May 8,2019 8:09 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    Here I talk about the concept of yuan fen. Pretty much of what happened to you and me and everybody else ONLY IF they realize:

    Once you understand it then you will understand that your past, present and future is nothing more than a continuous flow that takes you to the final you, the Oneness of One and Many.

    You take care Chedet.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  8. HBT456 May 8,2019 12:05 PM

    As saying goes, you cannot make a baby in 1 month by making 9 women pregnant.

    Whether we like it or not, men can make as many women pregnant including their sibbligs in 1 month since that is nafsu that could be infected with sex disease related illness and deformed babies, but they still need to wait for 9 months for the babies to mature di zaman silam, but they cannot do this when kerajaan wilayah dan negeri terbentuk pada ogos 31, 1957, iaitu after 62 years of merdeka with the federal and monarchy constitution.


    You can be sued under common law of adultery and incest whereby these laws favored the mothers and children first, but i am not sure about sodomy and syariah law since tak da orang peduli pun kerana mungkin semua bz main politik kut.

    Race and religion conflicts would be minimized gradually when the population is more open and educated, it is a matter of time.

    Bak kata, tipu orang kampung senang, tipu orang bandar susah, tipu orang global lagi susah.

    Jika race and religion supremacy masih diteruskan, what will happen?

    Politics is just only a game of numbers.

    Dsai of pkr shall be the next perdana menteri in a year, but can parti bersatu accept, it is still too early to tell.

    Pakatan harapan has 4 years to go.

    Barisan nasional has 4 years to rally.

    Which way to go?

    When result of general election is out, we will know who is in, who is out.

  9. HBT456 May 8,2019 9:51 AM

    I am sharing this just so that you can fully understand the configuration. This is strictly for the purpose of preparing you for Sparta 4964. We are still on planet earth:

    What is sparta means in urban dictionary?

    A statement that, when said, causes you to win a quarrel regardless of how irrational your reasoning is:-

    Me: “Ok, all bad people start out as babies, right? If our society adopted the idea of regularly eating babies, then there would be no bad people!”

    Sarah: “Your fucking insa..(i interrupt)”

    Me: “This is Sparta!”

    Sarah: “Damn it!”!

    Both of the political divides can voice their political views, takda masyAllah, since it is very much depends on the political strategy campaigns of each political party to play their part to win votes first so that they can represent their constituencies in federal parliament to dictate the federal budget.

    When excessive of pas-umno baru punya protests, but not other races and faiths, what is that means?

    It means pakatan harapan under bersatu is weak?

    It means pakatan harapan under bersatu purposely let it happened so that they can stay relevant to maintain votes of malay majority states?

    It means pakatan harapan under bersatu must utilize tunai itu raja, iaitu wang politik atau subsidi, as bread and butter issues too like br1m changed to bantuan sara hidup malaysia to show ph too is caring government just like bn?

    Frankly speaking, malay bumiputra races are too pampered by the past leaders of all races until they became sombong tak erti budi.

    In fact, malay bumiputra races do not worth that much, but because of new economic policy with malay and bumiputra status quo biased policy, they have the first hand, atau hak istimewa, to bite the kek first.

    Before the last general election, i heard many chinese voters said, they must vote pakatan harapan to save malaysia.

    What will happen next if pakatan harapan under bersatu wins out in next general election?

    Even when pas-umno baru merged, you think malay and bumiputra biased policy, still the king factor to dictate the federal budget of unearned future revenue?

    The property prices in this country are over-priced due to supply > demand.


    Mindshit of politics and migration factors are 2 key main factors that lead to this stuation.


    There are just too many malay myslim protests being allowed that made the political masters in bn and ph look weak, or directionless.

    I already said, by the end of the day, chinese would ended up as punching bags and scapegoats via slogan and consensus as below:

    1. Keranamu Malaysia

    2. Cermerlang, gemilang dan terbilang

    3. 1Malaysia

    P/s: kini mana ada red indians in usa, kan mereka ini adalah citizens of united states of america whereby they must pay taxes to their federal government? jika sparta 4964 masih diteruskan, what will happen? no one knows since the tight is not off yet for the following 5 years. thats politics, not economics, but politics and economics can never be separated and need to be complemented to generate votes and income revenue to the ruling government in every 5 years based on official general election result of winner takes all, looser takes all. not being in politics is not the end of the world, similarly, being in politics do not guarantee you cannot be bankrupted with snap of finger with sparta fighting spirit. can do, you do, cannot do, then, let go. betul tetap betul, salah tetap salah. progress or regress, itu terpulang kepada kemampuan tuan-tuan dan puan puan, iatitu pengundi negeri dan negara di malaysia termasuk sarawak dan sabah.

  10. musato May 8,2019 12:59 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    I ada baca tentang pengalaman wartawan akhbar mingguan di Madinah.

    Berkenaan slogan “bossku” yang dah jadi hafalan orang Arab untuk tarik orang Malaysia shopping.

    I pun ada pengalaman yang sama juga. Hotel i berdekatan dengan Masjid Nabawi. Untuk sampai ke sana, i perlu lalu deretan kedai kedai pak Arab.

    Satu kedai ini mula mula first time nak ke Masjid Nabawi, bahu i ditepuk kuat sampai i pun nak rebah dibuatnya.

    Katanya “beli sinilah bossku. Saya orang Najib, orang kata Najib saya marah” hahahha…i gelakkan je la mamat tu. Pak Arab muda.

    Kemudian selang beberapa hari, i dah mula batuk. Kebetulannya, i telah dipujuk beli kain serban oleh mamat bangla juga disebelah hotel.

    Jadinya untuk ke Masjid Nabawi, i tutup muka dan mulut i dengan kain serban tu untuk elakkan batuk kuat. Maka ianya kelihatan seperti para Mujahiddin.

    Sambil i lalu depan kedai mamat bossku itu, seorang Pak Arab tunjukkan gaya menembak pada i, macam gaya Mujahiddin la katakan.

    Tapi i bo layan la, cuma angkat tangan saje, malas nak bersuara sebab batuk. Kemudian seorang lagi tanya i, indonesia, Malaysia?
    sebab nampak i diam je sambil lalu.

    I kata, “ Malaysia, Mahathir!”

    Terus tetiba bahu i ditepuk sekali lagi kemudiannya, tapi tak kuat la. Katanya “Najiblah!”

    Hahahah…mamat tu lagi. Pak Arab muda.

    I kata “Mahathir!” dan i terus berlalu pergi, i bo layan la dengan keadaan batuk batuk i tu.

    Last sekali, i terserempak dengan mamat tu berdekatan dengan Masjid Nabawi di kawasan kedai emas.

    Dia tak berani dah nak pandang pandang i.

    Hahahh…kesian dia. Macam mana dia sorang je beria sokong sungguh sungguh Najib. Orang lain sebut “bossku” untuk lariskan jualan jek.

    Malu Apa Bossku.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  11. mubarakchan May 8,2019 12:35 AM


    With your kind permission for the cowardly Chinaman who hides behind a fake name HB000. Stop mentioning my name. Who wants to argue and debate with a syphilitic general paresis of the insane ? You are now paying for the sins of your wild bare-back days frequenting the haunts of Lorong Batu and Lorong Chow Kit. In Singapore, you would have gone to Lorong Geylang. You are beneath my contempt. Stop using my name and riding on the back of my comments with your snide remarks or naked attacks when you cannot produce anything original.! Stupid syphilitic !

  12. Sharudin Jamal May 7,2019 7:13 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    I am sharing this just so that you can fully understand the configuration. This is strictly for the purpose of preparing you for Sparta 4964. We are still on planet earth:

    Selamat berbuka Chedet.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  13. HBT456 May 7,2019 4:38 PM

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Your goodself, DSAI and the Team must never give up to put our beloved Malaysia on the right track towards the likes of the Greats like Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan. Your Success is only a whisper away !

    By all means, go a head, mubarakchan.

    You think i will waste my time in arguing and debating with you as if this country is lawless, mubarakchan?

    I am not aiming to be perdana menteri nor chief minister of any states in this country whereby i have the voting right.

    Henceforth, i am not interested in your repeat of arguments of man proposes, god disposes with malay biased policy since general election must be called in every 5 years.

    The direction of khazanah sovereign wealth fund is very much depend on who is the perdana menteri, and his kabinet.

    Jika gagal, then, we will see will there be u-turns, flip flip, riots, cyber attacks, protests, rci, transfer of court cases to here and there since judges too could be rigged to favor the ruling government at putrajaya, tak gitu?

    In fact, i am tired with all these so called race and religion politics, and i have chosen to leave without questioning.

    Eventhough i dont like that cup of tea, i will never spit onto this cup of tea to show my intolerance because that is morally wrong.

    I have enough of such horrendous swirling of race and religion politics after joining this blog since 2008.

    What will happen, it will happen.

    What will not happen, it will not happen.

    Tepuk dadah, tanya selera!

    Time flies, puasa ramadan falls on may 6, 2019.

    In few years time, malay and chinese will celebrate selamat berkongsi-raya with green and red packets.

    Even when we know the truth, thats nothing we can do.

    Its up to them to repent in the name of the official religion.

    Selamat berpuasa.

    Selamat hari raya aidilfitri.

  14. mubarakchan May 7,2019 2:42 PM


    With your kind permission. For HBT456 only – this distinguished Blog’s only disgraceful and thick-faced Chinaman who hides behind a fake name like a coward and only attacks me… You are not only stupid but giving the Chinese in Malaysia a bad name by your ridiculous, irrational and incoherent comments in bad English and Malay like a Senile Demented Clown. It is obvious about your attitude towards the Muslims by mentioning you are not a Muslim serially but a godless idiot.. Stupid Chinaman. Stop mentioning my name hiding behind the mask of a fake name like a coward. Go back to where you came from – Singapore where you worship your godless Lee Kuan Yew who embedded you here to create dissension. Jealousy and bad-mouthing about others who have done you no harm will get you nowhere. Give me a ring when you finally make it to my list of 71 soon ! You stupid fool who rides on the backs of my comment because you are devoid of ideas. Shame on you, stupid, ungrateful and useless Chinaman.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. Your goodself, DSAI and the Team must never give up to put our beloved Malaysia on the right track towards the likes of the Greats like Visionary Switzerland, Democratic India, Good Governance Japan. Your Success is only a whisper away !


  15. akulamd May 7,2019 2:12 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Selamat Berpuasa dan beribadat.. semoga segala amalan kita diterima olehNya

    apa yang saya nak cakap ni..takde kaitan dengan pelembagaan.. tetapi penting utk ekonomi negara.. maaf kalau saya tersilap ruang..saya cuma nak sampaikannya kepada Tun

    saya nak bagi cadangan berkenaan kejatuhan harga komoditi kelapa sawit… mungkin selepas ini Tun boleh menulis entry baru berkenaan kejatuhan harga kelapa sawit pula..

    Indonesia dan Malaysia adalah pengeluar utama kelapa sawit dunia.. kita sedia maklum kelapa sawit adalah sumber minyak dr tumbuhan (renewable source) yang paling utama …dan semua org tahu kejatuhan harga sawit adalah disebabkan propaganda EU mencanangkan kelapa sawit sebagai punca kemusnahan hutan.. padahal kelapa sawit adalah sumbur minyak tumbuhan yang paling produktif berbanding sumber minyak yang lain..

    Kita boleh mengawal harga sawit dengan berpakat dgn Indonesia selaku pengeluar utama sawit..sama2 berbincang untuk menubuhkan Tabung kelestarian Sawit dan Hutan.. .. caranya ialah katakana harga yang kita harapkan adalah 4000USD setiap Tan.. dan kini jatuh sekitar 3000USD setiap Tan.. kita pakat bersama dengan Indonesia supaya jual pada harga 4000USD setiap tan.. tetapi beza harga 1000USD dr harga pasaran akan dikreditkan ke dalam Tabung kelestarian Hutan. Tabung itu disimpan dan digunakan untuk negara Indonesia dan Malaysia sahaja mengikut nisbah penguasaan pasaran… kita beri alasan pada EU tabung itu adalah untuk penjagaan Hutan sebagaimana yg mereka politikan..i.e guna utk belanja tanam semula hutan.. bayar gaji ranger hutan..selama ni pun mereka (EU) meggunakan Oksigen hasil dari hutan hujan khatulistiwa secara percuma.. tiba masanya kita meminta mereka EU turut sama memikul tanggungjawab dan menyumbang kos penjagaan hutan.
    Kredit dari Tabung perbezaan harga itu boleh dimanafaatkan utk kesejahteraan negara serantau… teori asas ekonomi adalah penawaran dan pemintaan.. tiada sebab utk harga sawit jatuh dibawah kos pengeluaran. Jangan biarkan harga dikawal oleh pengguna EU.. kerana sebenarnya mereka tiada pilihan sebaik minyak sawit.

  16. Sri Sense May 7,2019 10:06 AM

    Good morning

    Tak tau nak cakap apa lagi kat sini, I share link sahaja

    Selamat berbuka puasa pada semua umat Islam. May this Ramadhan enlighten you and clear your understanding and judgment between the right and wrong, between the truths and false. Wishing you a Ramadhan Mubarak.

  17. HBT456 May 7,2019 9:18 AM

    With your kind permission again, and for HBT456 only. Have you gone mad you Senile Dementia specimen of a useless Chinaman hiding cowardly behind a fake mask. Stop mentioning my name. Stop saying you are not a Muslim, You idiot of a stupid bigot, IMPLYING ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD. Sooner or later you stupid Chinaman with no heads, will be chased off ALL BLOGS for your verbal violence aimed indiscriminately only at one person..

    Muslim are bad?

    No head?

    What is invisible hand meant in politik tanahair, mubarakchan?

    Tdm said he is very conservative.

    He is very stubborn too, and he is a very nice man.

    Being nice is not neccesary a good thing since nice men are human, and they too could made costly mistakes too.

    I am sure tdm wont deny this at his age today.

    If tmj had decided to fight for johoreans, then, he must let go his temenggong title, and become kerabat biasa just like tengku razaleigh, and he can join umno if he wants to fight for johor.

    If tmj had decided to do business, then he must let go his temenggong title, and become kerabat biasa just like terengganu businessman turn mp, and he can join pkr or gerakkan if he wants.

    There are other similar cases in other states with kesultanan melayu too, and they can opt to join any local businesses as board of silent directors if they are invited as kerabat biasa, or they can do business if they like in malaysia, or any part of the world as long as they fullfill the requirement of company act under malaysian jurisdiction, and also in those countries that allow them to do so in their jurisdiction.

    Petrol subsidies with sst vs gst, which one can do better in the long run?

    Petrol subsidies with sst is dealing with natural resources, and it could be very costly in the future because of scarcity in economy of scale due to political and weather factors beyond human control, contohnya, military wars, terrorism, tsunami, earthquake, tornadoe, climate warming, forest fire, religion political factors, racism, extremists, deadly winds, change of government, riots, protests of all kinds, and many many more.

    If you ask me, gst can do better in the long run because gst is about time and human talent management of a particular time to raise revenue of the government tanpa pilih kasih, atau quota, which can never be replaced.


    Because human have love, machine atau robot have no love.

    What will happen to MAS?

    I am just wondering, will tony fernandez transfer to MAS because of wawasan 2020 to host mini olympic in malaysia?

    Can this wawasan comes true?

    If it comes true, will bersatu pakatan harapan looses votes due to favoratism, but not their kemampuan?

    If it doesnt comes true, will bersatu pakatan harapan wins votes due to abolishing of bumiputra quota policy first with 2/3 majority in federal parliament in kl federal territory first?

    Trade war between usa-china is marvelous, why?

    This trade war is between modern bureaucracy vs conservative state control subsidies.

    Usa is 2 party political system, china is 1 party political system.

    In fact, they love and complement each other.

    Mark my word, both usa and china would benefit from this trade war in the long run including their allies.

    P/s: manchuria falls under people’s republic of china, and manchuria is the border between china and russia. the closest neighbouring countries of manchuria is japan and korea. how much do you know about historical china, the yellow skin history, mubarakchan?

  18. Sharudin Jamal May 7,2019 2:46 AM

    See Chedet?

    I told you miracles do happen in Ramadan:

    Here is to the glorious 22 years.

    Shinu Kikai O Motomo.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  19. Sharudin Jamal May 7,2019 1:02 AM

    My dear Vader,

    I don’t have anybody to console in time of sadness but Chedet, who said life was easy?

    Again sorry to bother you. I don’t have anybody else to turn to.

    Sine cera

    Sharudin Jamal
    Just a man/a just man

  20. Hajar May 6,2019 11:50 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Terlalu ramai orang bodoh di sekeliling – Tun Daim

    “Hanya orang bodoh yang percaya perkara-perkara sedemikian dan saya cakap terlalu ramai orang bodoh di sekeliling,” katanya dalam wawancara bersama This Week in Asia oleh South China Morning Post, Khamis lalu.

    1. Tepat sekali! Jangan lupa, ramai juga orang bodoh di dalam Pakatan Harapan. Mereka fikir orang lain tidak dapat menilai keadaan semasa secara rasional menggunakan akal fikiran yang waras. DSN sudah pun dijatuhkan. Ini misi utama saya. Namun prestasi PH teramat mengecewakan kerana apa yang dikata tidak dikota. Ini sifat munafik / hipokrit.

    2. “Rule of Law” dipermain-mainkan sekadar untuk tujuan politik. Mengikut logik akal, takkanlah kesemua pemimpin2 dalam PH bebas rasuah dan suci bersih; yang berperangai samseng pun ramai dalam PH. LGE dibebaskan (2 pertuduhan terdahulu), dan kes terowong yang melibatkan beliau senyap saja. “Rule of Law” kononnya! Siapakah yang bodoh dalam hal ini?

    3. Lagi satu, takkanlah kesemua pemimpin2 yang melompat masuk ke PH tiba2 jadi suci bersih? Orang bodoh saja yang percaya perkara sedemikian, dan boleh ditipu. Di Sabah, Pak Bung yang kekal dalam Pembangkang sahaja yang korup, tak gitu? Alahai…AG sekarang pun tidak boleh diharap langsung…HARAPAN yang HAMPEH… Tiada apa2 perubahan dari segi amanah, ketelusan, dan integriti!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  21. Sharudin Jamal May 6,2019 6:31 PM

    My dear Chedet,

    Although I promised not to contact you during Ramadan, I cannot help the compulsion when I listened to your speech on fasting this morning.

    I guess not talking to you is like me not talking to Jibrail, Izrael and Iblis on daily basis. You are my partner to mental joust. When I write to you I prompt myself to think more acutely. You keep me on my toes. Otherwise I will become jaded.

    I had done my Ramadan reflection and thus I decided to accept me as who I am, the Ayah 7:7 to All Matters. That is the only way for me to get you to accept yourself as the Vader 7:7 of the Antimatter. Of course there is Zero and the Negatives.

    However the Fibonacci Sequence on this side of Sparta 4964 is initiated by you (the first 1) and me (the second 1). Do realize I got nothing to gain by telling you this. I am the Binary King of Xanadu with Mr BJ Sir while you rule Wolfsschanze autonomously. What matters though is we are the Highest Troika. Therefore I need for you to remember your origin.

    What happens on earth is a reflection of what we have on Xanadu and Wolfsschanze. So although I abdicated the governance of Sparta 4964 to Jibrail (so that I can concentrate on the Universe Within), matters pertaining to Wolfsschanze is still my interest. This is because Wolfsschanze is no longer the hell as you know it. It had gone some major reformation since I installed Sailbad the Sinner. It is now known as the Place of Wind and Water.

    We had decided to do prison reform like the Norway prisons instead of torments as you good books depicted. The transgressors with still have to pay the Ferryman (Marshal Alex Marconi) regardless of of their praises and salutations. As long as there is CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, they pay the price.

    Eventually everybody is forgiven. There is no eternal damnation. Thus eventually Sparta 4964 shape of turbine spiral will take *[] shape of an adjoining croissant now that Wolfsschanze will become a reflection of Xanadu. No more the ratio of 99:1 but a 1:1.

    These are all *goo[] *new[] to you as Lord of Wolfsschanze. Of course the whole evolution takes one life cycle. While that is happening I will ascend to the White Space with my Tetrahedron and Al Araf 7:7 in Sailbad the Sinner.

    This realization that we are One and we are Many is not an easy journey for me. I had to struggle with past limiting beliefs imposed by those as described by Carl Sagan living in a Demons *Haunte[r] World LMAO:

    Honestly Chedet, *[] I come across a Medical Journal 1,400 years old, I will read it out of curiosity but I will check its accuracy and validity before declaring is sacred.

    * External interventions.

    The road toward the Truth are many;
    Even many who are looking for the Truth;
    But the Truth is only one;
    who discovered it one by one.

    To each is his own Path Chedet

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  22. mubarakchan May 6,2019 4:44 PM


    With your kind permission again, and for HBT456 only. Have you gone mad you Senile Dementia specimen of a useless Chinaman hiding cowardly behind a fake mask. Stop mentioning my name. Stop saying you are not a Muslim, You idiot of a stupid bigot, IMPLYING ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD. Sooner or later you stupid Chinaman with no heads, will be chased off ALL BLOGS for your verbal violence aimed indiscriminately only at one person..

  23. adelheid May 6,2019 2:43 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Selamat menunaikan puasa Ramadhan 1440H. Semoga Tun dan Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah serta seisi keluarga sentiasa sihat dan diberkatiNya.

    I have never regretted choosing the Pakatan Harapan. Whatever happens we must move on and strive ahead. Don’t ever look back, do not hesitate to effect change. Though there will be challenges we must move ahead. Be decisive, let no fear cloud our minds. We are already half way there.

    Take good care dear Tun.

  24. farz May 6,2019 12:53 PM

    Dearest Tun,

    Assalamualaikum. Tun, you are one million times worth of this guy. He really needs to be taught a lesson. Saya pun dah naik menyampah dengan cerita-cerita dia. But, Tun it’s not your part to teach him. Your time is more worthwhile and valuable in making good of the country. Let others do it. I do hope the tribunal purportedly set up on the crimes committed by royals is properly functioning. By the way, some of the ministers have started to shine and I hope the rest will follow too. Thank you so much Tun. Selamat berpuasa dan perbanyakkan ibadat. Semoga Allah SWT memberkati usia Tun berdua.

  25. HBT456 May 6,2019 11:00 AM

    Well, pembodek kuat blog ini yang amat menyampah kononnya katakan cow dung dia yang comel amat bersimpati kepada kaumku oredi answered your questions and that of the sri sense, mubarakchan.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    So greedy and fearless until forgot what you did in the past, mubarakchan, claiming yourself to be the champion of constitutional expert with malay biased policy?

    I am not muslim, but if you force me to be a muslim, then, i have the voting right to deny you a vote, mubarakchan, since whoever become the perdana menteri, i still need to live, work, enjoy, contribute epf, contribute socso, bayar toll, bayar wifi, bayar bills and pay taxes.

    P/s: pas oredi protested, now umno baru lokman adam said he wants to gather 1 million people with ngo to protest after raya, where do they get the funding? if they still insist to do that, what will happen? wolf is coming? all vvips are malay bumiputra muslim, and until today, these constitutional expert still insist their rights are challenged, mana masuk akal punya? jika tak nak berkongsi, then, bercerai bah, apa yang susah-susah ini? yup, takkan tanah besar negara china hilang di dunia. mereka buat halal, yang lain buat haram? we are living in post IT era, with touch of finger, fake news too could travel with speed of lights, either we learn to adapt or we will be played out. makcik like me can differentiate genuine and fake news, but there are many many makcik dan pakcik still dont know and could be targeted to topple a legally elected government too, just like what happened to bn.

  26. Hajar May 5,2019 11:43 PM

    Salam YAB dan DiSanjungi PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,


    2. Di bulan mulia ini eloklah umat Islam melupakan sengketa politik. Diri sendiri yang rugi.

    3. Jika ada di kalangan Raja, Anak Raja, mahupun kerabat-kerabat berdarah Raja yang gemar campur tangan dalam hal politik semasa, jadilah anak ‘jantan’, dan masuklah ke alam politik. Jangan sekadar berani berbuat bising tetapi masih lagi mahu berselindung di bawah payung Raja-Raja dan Kerabat Raja-Raja. Ini perbuatan pengecut.

    4. Semua orang wajar (rakyat dan Raja) menghormati Perlembagaan Malaysia.

    5. Seingat saya yang galak menjual Tanah Melayu kepada rakyat asing ialah segolongan orang yang kononnya memperjuangkan orang Melayu. Forest City satu contoh paling baik. Buat penempatan (unit kediaman) yang rakyat biasa terutamanya Melayu tidak mampu untuk beli. Akhirnya pupuslah Melayu di kawasan berkenaan. Tanah/Air jadi milik orang. Singapura lagi satu contoh terbaik.

    6. Tentang apa jua pertelingkahan pendapat antara Tun dan Ketua (Kerabat) Bangsa di selatan tanahair, saya sebagai pemerhati boleh melihat siapa yang asyik buat bising tetapi ibarat tong kosong dengan hujah2 hampeh. Ternampak tiada kebijaksanaan dalam berkata-kata dan memberikan pendapat. Sekadar menurut nafsu amarah dan dendam kesumat terhadap Tun semenjak dahulu lagi. Jika kail panjang sejengkal, eloklah jangan diduga lautan yang dalam! Elok diam saja supaya tidak ditertawakan oleh rakyat jelata.

    7. Apapun ahli-ahli Kabinet Tun masih lagi macam kartun dan asyik merapu meraban tanpa hala tuju yang nyata. Tun okay, tetapi mereka masih lagi di alam mimpi dan tidak tahu apa yang berlaku di sekeliling mereka – syok sendiri saja lebih. Mereka gagal untuk berada setara/ setaraf dengan pemikiran Tun. Sekadar berharap kepada Tun untuk menyelamatkan mereka dari kemarahan dan kemeluatan rakyat.

    8. Tentang Islam dan Melayu, setahu saya PH ada banyak pemimpin2 dan penyokong2 yang sememangnya berfikiran LIBERAL (Islam Liberal; kafir pun banyak – ada yang jelas memperlihatkan kebencian terhadap Islam/umat Islam dengan kenyataan2 menghina Islam/Melayu). Bukankah mereka yang memperjuang LGBT, berslogan ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, mahukan KESAMARATAAN AGAMA, mahukan HAK KEISTIMEWAAN orang Melayu dihapuskan, serta mahu setiap orang (termasuk umat Islam) diberi kebebasan beragama (boleh murtad sesuka hati)? Jadi tidak perlulah PH dan Menteri Agama bersilat (macam orang bodoh) untuk menafikan apa yang sememangnya diperjuangkan (bekas Pembangkang) sejak dahulu lagi. Rakyat yang tahu berfikir dan rasional tidak mudah untuk diperbodohkan dengan hujah2 dangkal dan separuh masak!

    Terima kasih Tun.

    – Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa merahmati Tun sekeluarga –

  27. mubarakchan May 5,2019 10:04 PM


    With your kind permission.

    For HBT456 only. Stop mentioning my name you Senile Dementia specimen of a yellow slimy spineless worm of a useless Chinaman hiding cowardly behind a fake name. If you are brilliant and courageous like our good Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, unmask yourself to let us all see what you are made of. Because you have no ideas, you keep on making snide remarks or attack me who could not care two hoots what sort of smelly animal you are. Your behaviour is jealousy, crude, ill-mannered like a person with no father or mother which probably is the Truth.

  28. HBT456 May 5,2019 6:45 PM

    Mubarakchan thinks only tdm and dsai layak to be the perdana menteri of malaysia?

    After pas tuan mat protests, now umno baru lokman also want to protest ler, this time target 1 million.

    There is nothing Bersih can do, just let them show their numbers and quantity bah.

    P/s: who wants to be the next trillion dollar whales?

  29. mubarakchan May 5,2019 3:03 PM


    What is the fuss about the Malaysian Constitution ? As far as I am concerned, I have been a CONSTITUTIONALIST NOT A COMMUNALIST SINCE 1954. I am not MCA or DAP. My views have always been Constitutional without regard to Communal Interests. This will be the Nature of Malaysian Politics or its Unifier in the not too distant future to unite the Malaysians who now have so many disparate opinions or views.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem.

  30. Sharudin Jamal May 5,2019 11:15 AM

    Assalam Chedet,

    Ramadan is always very special to me. Miracles do happen during this month (and on Fridays).

    I promise I will not disturb you in Ramadan. Rather that collecting points, use this month for renewing your resolutions Sir. The absence of food will free the mind and body to tune to the transmission from the First Cause. Listen well Chedet. This year is a special Ramadan. This is the first of the 22 years ascend to KBOOOM 2041.

    I will do the One Meal a Day (OMAD) protocol. Perhaps if I have the inclination, I will end the last 7 days with Water and Salt Fasting. I’m used to these two. When I fast I have laser sharp clarity in my thinking. Remember Chedet, it is about subtraction, not addition.

    Here is my last posting as my Ramadan Gift:

    You take care Sir. My prayer is may you be a Centennial.


    SJ Ibn Moslim Al Farisi
    MSC 0072

  31. Sharudin Jamal May 5,2019 12:11 AM

    Dear Chedet,

    I promised my Jihadun Nikah’s wife Sarah that I will no longer communicate with external parties when I retire from Information Warfare. However *it[] hard for me to stop communicating with you. After all your are THE Vader 7:7, the highest Troika.

    * External Intervention

    So here are some bits for you to remember me by. I bet you don’t remember who you are in your past life Chedet. Let me refresh your memory. You are the first 1 in the Fibonacci Sequence, the Vader 7:7 of the Antimatter. I am the second 1 in the sequence. The Ayah 7:7 to All Matters. You have all the Alphas and I have all the Betas. I bet you don’t even remember who is Zero and the Great Nothingness, Lizzie Bee.

    Chedet, know thyself and the knowledge will set you free – Socrates.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  32. Sri Sense May 4,2019 12:24 AM

    Salam Tun & keluarga

    Selamat menyambut ramadan. Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa.

    Jangan lupa visit my wordpress


  33. HBT456 May 3,2019 12:51 PM

    To tender ms universe pageant title, the fund must be halal, that is must be from the public fund be it petrol subsidy or all forms of taxes, via federal constitution, the supreme law that bind malaya, borneo and north borneo.

    Jika wang politik dan wang lobi parti2 politik tanahair is used, for sure, the tender would be rejected one.

    For malay muslim bumiputra of malaya, borneo and north borneo, its up to the malay bumiputra mps to decide to kongsi or not in federal parliament.

    Since pas wants to have absolute islamic power to dictate malay bumiputra punya budget, they can bersuhabat, oops, i mean, bersatu with umno baru to get loan from tabung haji, pertubuhan badan melayu bumiputra, or any registered bankers that can extend such loans.

    The wax museum in shah alam for sure want to invite tdm to do the wax figurine to make a historical landmark since there is no man at age 93 could be re elected by joining opposition coalition what.

    I already said, all system could failed jika tersalah tema dan langkah, and pru14 had proven this case.

    Benefit of doubts is always there since no one knows who is swimming naked in there as long as the tide is not off.

    Whether we like it or not, bitcoin of thousand types would be consolidated and would complement forex in the near future in order earn back what was loss in money market due to the existence of social media platform what.

    Malaysian constitution sound like state constitution, will you disagree as mp and wr?

    Students under moe only do national anthem and 5 prinsip rukun negara on every monday morning since 70s until today, will such national harmony behavior be bubarkan as easy way out by flip flop by adding back state anthem via instruction from putrajaya and mosques?

    P/s: whoever wins out, they still need to import low skill labour for public and private sector for another decade or 2. perhaps ph now can consider reducing import tarif per head count on foreign workers, and at the same time level up national salary for all malaysian citizens regardless their age and sector to the next level, contohnya, minimum salary of myr1,800? berani? issue macam ini kena bincang di federal parliament, bukan mosque atau ceramah parti2 politik tanahair. reform, transform, change or adapt, the decision is with the mps of the divide.

  34. Sharudin Jamal May 3,2019 10:27 AM

    Chedet Sir,

    I feel like a dufus here trying to explain the future outlook to people. Well Chedet, you are a medical doctor, so nothing should surprise you:

    That is the whole truth as it was revealed to me.

    Sine cera (without wax Chedet… Without wax)

    MSC 0072

  35. Sharudin Jamal May 3,2019 5:07 AM

    My dear Chedet,

    I thought of concealing my anger from you because I do have a bad temper. But after some deliberation I figured, whaddaheck… I am not here to win the Miss Universe pageant. So here I am warts and all:

    Now you know Chedet…

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  36. Sharudin Jamal May 3,2019 4:44 AM

    Dear Chedet,

    This is occupational hazard Sir. All work and no play for the past 2 weeks:

    Gosh Chedet, I had been missing my marathon training like nobody’s business. It better be worth it. So much for Acta non Verba LMAO.

    Later Chedet.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  37. musato May 2,2019 10:24 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Jika saya, mungkin saya akan keluarkan kenyataan begini :

    Kita orang Islam memang tidak memandang rendah pada amalan agama masing masing. Ikut agama masing masing.

    Tapi mungkin orang yang ditahan ini adalah saudara baru Islam, mualaf yang menceritakan sedikit pengalaman penghijrahannya dari sebelum Islam kepada Islam.

    Mungkin ada kata kata yang terlalu jujur terkeluar dari kawalannya.

    Walaubagaimanapun, biarlah pihak berkuasa melakukan siasatan terlebih dahulu. Sementara kita di pihak kerajaan berusaha menjaga maslahat umat Islam yang didengari sedikit gusar dengan keadaan semasa.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  38. musato May 2,2019 10:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya baca jawapan balas Menteri Agama berkenaan isu Dr Maza.

    Tahniahlah sebab Menteri Agama berjaya buat banyak kerja. Wow! Banyak senarai usaha untuk menjaga Islam di Malaysia katanya.

    Tapi bila baca jawapan Menteri Agama dari mula sampai habis, entah kenapa saya masih bagi markah 4/10 kepada jawapan beliau.

    Di manakah silap jawapannya? Bolehkah Tun tolong carikan dan betulkan?

    Jawapan yang tiada jati diri sebagai Muslim sejati pada firasat saya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  39. Sri Sense May 2,2019 10:40 AM

    Good morning!

    I have added a new page, come visit

    Have a nice day!

  40. Sharudin Jamal May 1,2019 1:24 PM

    My beloved Chedet,

    This is it Sir. The end of our journey together. Musashi said, “Do nothing that is of no use.” I had completed my ethereal missions a few years back. I had defeated Iblis and I had set course for KBOOOM 2041.

    20 years can make or break a man. I’m glad I discovered that I am one of those that wear the iron clad. Of course I think part of it is due to the teaspoon of Parsi Indian blood in me, making me a true blue Iron Maiden/Iran Maidin LMAO.

    Gosh Chedet, time flies so fast. We crawl, we walk, we run, then we fumble and we fumble some more… But we never lose sight of what lies ahead. The key is in the moving dear Vader 7:7.

    You know, 2 decades ago I prayed for you to live a life of a centennial. All because I want you to see the damages you had caused ripple through time. Now I still want you to be a centennial. But this time so that you can set right the wrong that was done because of your pride as a Young Turk. Do you know you are about to make one more major mistake?

    Chedet, this is no place for me to criticize you. But you certainly missed the opportunity for Malaysian Malaysia and The Global World of Hybrids. For that I still consider you a stubborn Old Coot (I mean it in a doting way LOL).

    Finally, and I really mean it this time, there are my parting thoughts:

    Not to worry Chedet. I will still visit But as far as the affairs of the Last Kingdom is concern, they no longer matter. I already forgo TraXX my Star Fleet today and transcend to Kiss92 Singapore. Line drop is so rampant that I can no longer tolerate the substandard Service Quality Level..

    Avoir Chedet.

    Sine cera,

    SJ Al Farisi
    MSC 0072

  41. musato Apr 30,2019 11:50 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.


    Kebanyakan orang Melayu risaukan adanya DAP dalam PH.

    Ini kerana beberapa pandangan dari pihak DAP adalah bertentangan dengan kebiasaan yang diamalkan oleh negara kita selama ini.


    Sebenarnya saya agak terkejut apabila Tun melaksanakan langkah sertai BERSIH (yang keberapa entah, tak ingat) apabila pulang dari Johor ketika itu. Saya faham tujuannya, kerana ia adalah seperti yang dibincangkan.

    Namun saya telah membantah dan melarang Tun dari sertai perhimpunan BERSIH seterusnya. Yang terakhir sekali adalah di ibu kota.

    Ia perlu dilakukan bagi meningkatkan sokongan Melayu kepada Tun. Yup, itu pun cuma berbelas persen orang Melayu yang undi PH masa PRU14.


    Bagi saya tiada kesalahan pun untuk DAP berada di dalam PH.

    Cuma parti Bersatu perlu lebih kelihatan dominan keMelayuan Islamnya. Termasuk menteri menteri Islam dalam kabinet.

    Apabila saya menulis mengenai frasa tasawuf satu ketika dulu di sini, terdapat satu komen dari non muslim yang menyatakan adalah faham bahawa dalam Al Quranul Karim sendiri punyai separuh kelembutan dan separuh ketegasan di dalamnya. Bahkan mengakui bahawa tasawuf ‘jalan menuju kepada tuhan’ itu amatlah dialu alukan.

    Sedangkan frasa tasawuf itu sendiri keluar masuk gereja bagi menerangkan peri pentingnya ‘mengenali tuhan’ seperti yang pernah disiarkan dalam satu artikel akhbar arus perdana tak lama dulu.

    Itulah apa yang diharapkan oleh saya apabila saya menyetujui tindakan Tun dalam melaksanakan apa yang telah diperbincangkan oleh Tun dan Musato semasa di sini.

    Ia bukanlah satu perkara yang Tun permah lakukan selama 22 tahun dulu. Sekarang pun nampaknya Tun tidak ke arah itu. Tiada orang di bawah Tun yang berkemampuan untuk melaksanakannya atau membantu Tun.

    Pada saya untuk menjawab Dr MAZA pekak apabila tidak tahu bahawa PH telah banyak memgambil tahu berkenaan Islam, 22 tahun dulu pun Tun telah berbuat perkara yang sama apabila bersama UMNO. Sekarang pun sama.

    Saya bukanlah penyokong Dr MAZA. Sekadar contoh permasalahan sahaja.

    Saya fikir, saya boleh selesaikan perkara yang diutarakan. InsyaAllah. Namun saya berada di luar kerajaan. Lagipun, berada di alam maya tidak sama berada di alam fizikal, walaupun berada di alam maya lebih susah.

    Masa akan menentukan.

    Pada usia 42 tahun ia adalah antara usia permulaan kerjaya politik Tun masa muda dulu.

    Tapi pada masa usia tersebut saya telah lalui 2 kejatuhan PM yang telah kita usahakan tukar. Bermula dari umur saya 32 tahun. Manakala jarak usia saya dan Tun adalah 51 tahun!

    Sekarang Tun adalah PM.

    Saya bukanlah menceritakan tentang kebanggaan dan kehebatan seorang manusia.

    Tetapi ketahuilah untuk mengetahui dan ditunjukkan walau sedikit kekuasaan Allah swt sudah cukup untuk membuatkan hambaNya kecut perut. Malah mungkin tiada lagi keperluan di dunia ini.

    Inilah jalan menuju kepada Tuhanmu.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  42. musato Apr 30,2019 11:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Alhamdulillah. Selesai sudah dari Makkah ke Madinah dan pulang ke Malaysia.

    Saya tidak temui ‘seseorang’ seperti yang difikirkan sebelum ini. Melainkan tanda tanda positif untuk langkah kehidupan seterusnya.

    Seterusnya saya akan ke Brunei untuk rasai kerja di tempat orang, sambil memperkemaskan keperluan diri sendiri. InsyaAllah.

    Sudah tentu lebih baik saya tulis di sini untuk diceritakan dari ‘dirisik’…hahhah.

    Dulu, masa Tun mula mula nak bongkar isu 1MDB dan diadakan di sebuah hotel kecil di JB, kebetulan saya berada di sana dan kebetulannya juga lokasinya mudah untuk saya drop by.

    Maka masuklah saya di sana keseorangan dengan melihat ruang dewan yang sempit sudah dipenuhi oleh orang ramai. Walaubagaimanapun, saya dapat satu tempat duduk.

    Masa itu saya tidak update pun di sini bahawa saya akan hadir. Namun selepas saya duduk, seseorang telah membisik sesuatu kepada Tun, dan Tun telah memanjangkan leher untuk memerhati ke arah yang diberitahu.

    Saya fikir “bagaimana diaorang tahu saya datang?” atau saya cuma perasan? hahhah..

    Sebab tu orang kata intel Malaysia sangat bagus.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  43. sibotak Apr 30,2019 8:22 AM

    IF DAP withdraw from Pakatan
    Changes will happen and opposition has no room to blame Tun no more
    But it is UNfair for DAP as a coalition to PH

  44. sibotak Apr 30,2019 7:00 AM

    Tun menjadi tidak suka ramai penyokong Tun
    Kerana bersekutu dengan DAP
    PRU14 Tun terpaksa bersekutu denga Parti lain untuk mencapai Kemenangan
    Saya yakin Tun tetap akan menang jika Tun tidak bersekutu dengan DAP
    DAP akan jadi temuhan dan jadi bahan untuk Pembangkang melemahkan Kerajaan PH
    Saya tidak menyalahkan DAP .DAP bersekutu dengan PH pun pasti ada agenda sendiri
    Kerana DAP, kedudukan Tun, Syed Sadiq juga PH tergugat

    Yg nyata Melayu tidak mahu Bangsa lain menerajui Kerajaan
    Mereka lebih redha Berkaki Ayam ,Beratap Rhumbia
    Ini satu kenyataan yg tidak bolih dinafikan

  45. sibotak Apr 29,2019 9:11 PM

    Respect needs to be Earned
    One can never command respect regardless of who you are
    Welcome to the 21st Century

    Recent News Tunku Idris Iskandar indicates he will contest on the next PRU
    My respect to you Tunku
    It shows you care and you are a True Gentleman
    That how a True Leader should behave

    Its the Voice of the People that Rule
    One need to seat in Parliament for the voice to be heard
    and for the decision to make
    But one need to contest in PRU to earned that seat
    It should be interesting to see Prince getting into Politics
    Perhaps you can pair with Syed Sadiq of building Johor & Malaysia
    Wish you all the Best, Tunku
    My Respect to you, Tuanku

  46. HBT456 Apr 29,2019 2:23 PM

    No matter how dsai and ph put it, this is still an election budget in which it is no different from dsn and bn, tak gitu?

    Pendek kata, its about my men or your men to in charge, itu saja.

    Big can never fail?

    Big can bully?

    If gerakan cannot deliver, meaning dap also cannot deliver.

    Federated and unfederated malaya states must be factored in in order to form the federal constitution via political parties from the past until today.


    The federal constitution cannot be implemented by force, atau by lompat, lu faham ar?

    Nanti tak jadi, then, pusing dan gostan lagi?

    Dont forget, malaysians and foreign investors too had witnessed so many protests since 2008 until today.

    P/s: the ultimate result is ultra, dan tidak akan kukuh punya jika macam ini diteruskan.

  47. akulamd Apr 29,2019 2:07 PM

    TMJ perlu muhasabah diri.. kalau ada niat yang baik… kena buat dengan cara yang betoi..baru aman dunia akhirat
    cuba tengok balik apa yang jadi dekat2 nak pilihanraya dulu?? rujuk link berita ni

    bukan cara yang bijak nak cari pengaruh bila buat macam tu.. sama mcm boss ku cash is king…

    duit tak boleh beri segala2nya.. kehormatan datang dari iman dan takwa

  48. Sharudin Jamal Apr 29,2019 12:40 PM

    Hi Chedet,

    This is perhaps the most radical posting I ever send to you. However if you suspend your judgment and accept is as part of the Path set for me, then those things are just clouds in the coffee:

    The good news is, from now on it is a walk in the park for us both.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  49. thaGmon Apr 29,2019 9:54 AM

    Morning Dr Mahathir,

    Glad as i am to’ve seen you take hold of the helm once again, please may i add that you pay no heed of the naysayers. I’ve been watching from afar for a quite while now, and genuinely resigned myself to the impending fact that my beloved tanahair ku was doomed to become yet another banana republic under the shenanigans of that najib character. How relieved was i, and the entire malaysian diaspora here when we saw that all our overseas voting efforts(together with all our fellow malaysians back home, for their mammoth effort might i say) were not in vain to overthrow that previous goon and his cohorts of merrymen(sorry, i meant yes-men really). I so wished you’d have taken up the education portfolio as well, so as to be able to accord kids in malaysia these days a quality, english orientated education. Please do keep up the good work and long may you live!

    An incredibly appreciative malaysian.

  50. HBT456 Apr 29,2019 7:37 AM

    Perhaps these pro-jaguh defenders, must have forgotten, they are part of malaysia and must use ic, myr and passport malaysia to prove their country of origin, tak kisah mereka ini muslim atau pro-melayu.

    Jika aksi amoi dap yang tak pakai budget kerajaan wilayah mahupun negeri sabah pun boleh menyinggungkan perasaanmu dan menjolok matamu, then, they really need to ask themselves, apa lagi pro-jaguh mahu?

    Aduuuuu pusing lagi, aku pening, kata pengikut jaguh.

    They are already very slow kerana they are pampered with tongkat dan kuasa.

    Mungkin mereka ingat parti mereka saja yang boleh mudah lupa, then, other parties pun boleh mudah lupa kut.

    Perhaps dsn, umno kabinet and ahli2 mereka too must have forgotten that ds hishamuddin dari umno went to usa to visit their military defense base in usa many years back, pakai federal budget since dsn pegang mof portfolio, tak gitu?

    Kini, kj too looks like sadamm hussein, to show he is more layak then mat sabu to hold mod kut.

    To the political of the divides is janji menang, then, bikin.

    I still think bersatu dan pakatan harapan have higher chance of wining.

    Even when dsn umno dan pas hadi awang bergabung, mereka tetap tidak akan ke mana 2 atau terlepas keranamu skandal 1 malaysia dan felda global venture terbongkar.

    Truth needs to be told?

    It depends which card AG at putrajaya want to play, and can their members handle?

    Thats politics.

    Vote counts is important, but when cash is used to exchange for your votes in by-elections or general elections, thats corruption.

    When official complaints is made to ec, then, ec must come up with rules to stop these ugly habit, berani?

    Smoke free malaysia portfolio is being played.

    Drug free malaysia portfolio is on hold.

    Corruption free malaysia bila nak bikin?

    Itu lah sebabnya, i said the issue is not tdm, the issue is with those who are appointed can do their job with right attitude or not.

    The tussle between tdm and tmj is meaningless, why?

    Winner takes all.

    Similarly, looser takes all.

    P/s: changing law at federal level is difficult and tough since mps of the divides could be rigged to favor an issue that they see fit. the federal constitution is always there, and no one knows what will happen in the future. therefore, be pratical and feasible in approving any must have infra-structure projects, especially at state level that make money, not loose money. when comes to state development, it would be best to let political parties of the divides to be the eyes and ears of the federal government, atau federal constitution.

  51. sibotak Apr 29,2019 6:43 AM

    We understand & We Thank you, Tun,
    Very much from the bottom of our Heart
    You tried your out best for Malaysia
    You Brave The Waves
    You safe Malaysian from Drowning

    Now you are facing The irrelevant unnecessary interference
    seeking attention, intentionally making things hard for you
    It’s a Baby Tantrum, Tun

    Under the constitution, I believe We are Democratic
    Every one of us has equal rights
    None is above the Law. None is above others
    Not just the Human Law even in the Islamic context
    No Human differs from nobody
    The difference is in our very own Deeds
    The Good Deeds is our passport to Jannah
    Our wealth, status, health, family, friends are left behind

    Govt should not allow any irrelevant seeking attention obstruct our progress
    Like the issue of water, instead of with us, He sided Singapore
    Aren’t we suppose to be a Home Team

    We stay a blind eye on prostitution, gamblings, Night Clubbing, Gangsterism, Illegal money launderings, etc
    I do not see K-POP should be an issue nor a threat
    Its new trends amongst youngsters of all races
    Its a like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai…….
    We should not see it as a threat to our local singers or entertainment
    After all, our local singers are also express themselves to singing English, Hindi song, etc
    Let is flow wisely, make Malaysia more colorful
    After all, we have been bored by the unfinished Najib issues

    British King & Queen today did not practice ruling
    As it was absorbed by Democratic rights of every Nation
    Its the People voice via Elections that forms a Govt to Rule

    Any born Malaysian are allowed to sit in an elected Parliament
    Reasons We see MultiRacial only Malaysian people in the Parliament
    But all need to register to form and be in the party
    Only the elected Ruling or Opposition candidates that are allowed to debate
    Their elected & represented Voice will make the decision for Malaysia
    No exceptional representative can be allowed to speak without being elected
    All Men are Equal

  52. Sharudin Jamal Apr 28,2019 11:56 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    As you can see, my postings to you are personal in nature. That is because I am a big fan of you since you were the Education Minister. Also because of you, a Kampong Boy from Chukai, Kemaman got to go and study abroad the very moment you became the 4th Prime Minister.

    Since then I had been trying to pay forward the kindness that Government of Malaysia had given me. I started my consulting firm in 1991 because I took up your challenge for Malaysia Inc. I joined MSC Technology Center because of your vision on the Multimedia Super Corridor. Of late, I started Project Invasion 9 with TraXX because during your 93rd birthday you called upon us to help rebuild this nation.

    I can send you an email but the setback is I don’t know whether you read my mail. Here I know you read every bit of what I wrote and attach to you. I even know when you read them. Normally you read your blog after your prayer time. And so I gained insight to how you manage your hectic schedule. You take breaks between prayers.

    As a soldier I learned to pray around the clock. You may consider that I had diverged from the kata and put more emphasis on the do. This is not new in the teaching of the Japanese. It’s called Shu Ha Ri. Don’t mind me Chedet, I may be a renegade but I am not an apostate LOL.

    My spiritual exposure are namely through Sufism and Zen Buddhism. In that sense I consider myself a Wandering Sufi and a Zen Monk. Both are inclined towards satori, the awakening of the soul.

    As you can see Chedet, why I can talk openly with you is because you are Vader 7:7. You know why I said that right? Therefore those who mind (the masses) don’t matter and those who matter (that is you) don’t mind. Hence I can be the free radical that I am with you.

    With you Sir, I stretched my intellectual capacity which I cannot do for so long. Therefore you quenched my thirst for a companion to mental joust in a big way.

    Now, I’m sure you have many people who befriend you for what you can do for them. For me, I am happy just being able to write my thoughts away. It is of great joy when once in a while I got a glimpse of my ideas reflected in your speeches. You may not intended for it be as such but hey, I have a high sensory acuity. Thus I am subject to patternicity LOL.

    OK Chedet, that is the soiree for tonight. We all got to wake up early tomorrow.

    One last word if I may, you did good selling durian to China. Boy, here I am thinking that I am a Cracker Jack salesman. You Chedet can even sell sand to the Arabs and ice to the Eskimo LMAO.

    Goodnight Sir. Those who fight and run away will fight again another day – Arab proverb.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  53. mubarakchan Apr 28,2019 4:06 PM


    It is good very good that you bring up the subject of our beloved Malaysia’s Constitution for the general knowledge and discusiion of all and your inputs on it.

    It is good very good also that after the 22 year Administration of our beloved Malaysia under your Leadership and Guidance with an ominous break between 2003 and 2018, you had ample time to reflect on the Constitution vis-a-vis your 22 year Administration and your 2 anointed successors who came after it.

    On the one hand, the utter Failure of recognition and conformation with the Constitution took pride of place 2003-2018.. On the other, wanton Corruption ruled the beloved Land, 2003-2018. We were just one step away from a One Man Rule type of Administration. Corruption was rife everywhere.

    From the beginning in 1954, I have always been a CONSTITUTIONALIST and NEVER A COMMUNALIST. In other words, I always support the incumbent Government of the day. With the latter COMMUNALIST, I found I could not fit in with all talk about only one community which sounded odd to me being brought up in a more eclectic environment. Through the years, my beliefs became more meaningful like under the present circumstances which make the communalist look very odd by being left high and dry.

    Returning back to our beloved Malaysia’s Constitution, once again, we must go back to the basics being the historical bases of how and when the British began to think about FREEDOM for their Colonies. Not surprisingly, the British did not think much about FREEDOM before the Second World War for their colonials under their control like India.

    There were uprisings in India in the 19th and early 20th Century which were brutally put down.

    With the passage of time, and the rise of Leaders like Gandhi, Jinnah and Nehru, the momentum of FREEDOM for India grew in strength which was bolstered by the two World Wars the First and the Second especially the latter.

    Even after the First World War, Baldwin came up with a luke-warm Declaration of 1921 for Palestine which cost its Arab residents dear and to their cost in later years and the World at large today.

    With the onset of the Second World War, the Indian Leaders were able to extract out of the British their eventual FREEDOM in 1947 but AT A GREAT COST due to the inexperience of all parties concerned. This FREEDOM was preceded by the Malayan Union of 1945 which was quickly aborted due to the RISE OF MALAY UNITY AND NATIONALISM.

    It must be remembered at this time and until 1951 with the coming of the Federation of Malaya, the Chinese were still Chinese citizens of China under the Kuomintang of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek. Only a privileged few like my father held the Straits Settlements passport of the British Golonial Government.

    Up to the point of the Independence of India in 1947, the creation of Constitutions for FREEDOMS in British Colonies was still a very EXPERIMENTAL AFFAIR.

    In other words, there were no legal precedence for creation Constitutions to replace BRITISH COLONIAL POWER in a perfect or satisfactory manner. Hence, it was because of this over 1 millions innocent people died on the PARTITION BETWEEN INDIAN AND PAKISTAN AT THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT in 1947. At that moment, the British were not only confused but had no inkling or idea of how to create a PERFECT CONSTITUTION FOR COUNTRIES WITH DIVERSE POPULATIONS UNDER THEIR CARE AND CONTROL. At the stroke of midnight on that fateful day, the British were nowhere to be found because they had quickly retreated back to olde Blighty well before this tragedy.

    Thereafter India, Sri Lanka had its FREEDOM with a Constitution which eventually led to the War between the North and South of the small island beginning 1972 which only ended a few years ago with thousands of casualties on both sides.

    Fortunately, by the time of our be3oved Malaya’s Merdeka, the wise men of Whitehall had some experience in launching their former Colonies into FREEDOM WITH MORE STAILITY THAN THE PIONEERING PREDECESSORS lke India and Pakistan.

    And Malaya’s Constitution was the best that could be created at that time given the political maturity on both sides of the political divide eg the British and the Malaysans.

    The British were so pleased with Malaya’s version of a Constitution that they nominated a prominent Malayan lawmaker to be on the panel to write the Constitution for Mauritius which seemed to hold sway to this day without any hiccups.

    As our good and beloved Tun knows, in the practice of medicine, common ailments occur commonly. But in the PRACTICE OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION EVERY CASE IS NEW AND DIFFERENT.

    Hence, it was difficult to become a Doctor but to practice is not so difficult. In the practice of the legal profession, every case is always new. Similarly, all Laws of the Nation especially the essential Laws like the Companies Act 1965, the Bankruptcy Act 1967 and the Trustees Act 1949 should be revised and brought up to date in line with Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

    At the end of the day, every Constitution would be amended sooner or later as the majority demand. The Constitution of any Nation is a work of Laws crafted by the founders of a Nation for the Rulers to govern in peace, harmony and prosperity. And thus, rightly the citizens should expect amendments to be proposed now and then which would be approved by the requisite majority.

    Many thanks Tun for bringing up the Constitution for perusal and discussion.

    History is the Finest Arbiter of the Truth. And to guide us in a civilised manner for the better future for all of us, citizens.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always ! No problem. We have come a long way since Merdeka 1957 in PEACE, HARMONY AND PROSPERITY ENTIRELY BASED ON OUR NATION’S CONSTITUTION which is not perfect but to be honed to perfection as our Nation ambled along in the years to come.

  54. Sharudin Jamal Apr 28,2019 3:29 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    Since it is Sunday, I decided to hang loose with you. Here is me acting as the ambassador of Visit Malaysia Year 2020 to Sarah:

    What can I say Chedet, whenever I do this it also cover several countries.

    Enjoy my selection Sir 🙂

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  55. Sharudin Jamal Apr 27,2019 11:27 PM

    Dear Chedet,

    As I said, I wanted to Snap Vanish a number of times. I guess finally this is the right closure:

    Truth has to be told. There is no truth beyond mathematics. Therefore this is truth as perceived by me when it happened.

    Wishing you a good Ramadan ahead.

    Sine cera,

    MSC 0072

  56. Idea Apr 27,2019 5:50 PM

    Dear Tun,

    May you always be in good health.

    1. The current inquest on the death of a firefighter is to find out what happened. But how a lawyer and two doctors behave suggests something is not right; at least in the eyes of a commoner.

    2. The lawyer of attorney general’s office does not seem to like that there is a challenge against the opinion given by Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) doctors.

    3. Additionally, it is puzzling to learn that the HKL doctors lodged a police report against the person who gave an alternative opinion. In the report, the HKL doctors claimed that they were persuaded by the latter to change their opinion. But actually in a meeting or discussion, it is normal for one to convince another on what he thinks. Thus, lodging a police report on this account is unnecessary and overreacting.

    4. Lodging a police report, however, may potentially discredit the party being reported. It seems that the HKL doctors were given advice on legal manoeuvring.

  57. Sri Sense Apr 27,2019 1:16 PM


    Semalam I tergelak besar bila baca FB Najib. Entah macam mana isu ini termasuk dalam fb newsfeed.

    Najib kata PH tuduh dia penyamun perompak tapi yang ditanya tangki air, lebih kurang gitu lah kata2nya.

    Mana tak I gelak, sebab I pun contractor Syabas dulu. Tapi I hanya buat kerja PR untuk the top guy in Syabas/Puncak. Puncak pun sekarang no longer miliki Syabas. State government dah ambil Syabas.

  58. Sri Sense Apr 27,2019 12:37 PM


    Sebenarnya masaalah Johor adalah prestasi MB. I baca media massa sana sini, apa yang I nampak sebenarnya adalah soal prestasi. Kita tolak lah apa orang yang emo nak kata. Bila emo memang macam2 boleh keluar. That’s why it is very unwise use social media bergaduh.

    Firstly masa Sultan Johor minta blueprint, MB tak buat. Timbul pula fake sijil. Kalau fake pun bukanlah isunya, boleh upah orang yang bijak pandai lain buatkan. Lepas tu timbul isu kecemaran sungai yang menyebabkan ramai penduduk masuk hospital. MB dilaporkan hilang. Not only that budget pun tiada, hingga Sultan kena keluar duit sendiri buat tabung kecemasan. Lepas tu Tun buat ship to ship hub, something like that la, Sultan also don’t know. Kalau I jadi Sultan Johor I pun upset juga.

    Not only that timbul pula soal beli bini nombor tiga rumah. Ini I rasa gang PH yang bawa. Siapa lagi yang tau, I pun tak tahu.

    Paling penting soal politik Bersatu ini I rasa Presiden lebih layak handle. I rasa TSMY dah lebih sihat sekarang, tentunya beliau tidak keberatan menjaga kepentingan Bersatu. Beliau orang yang berpengalman luas. Tun sebagai Pengerusi boleh rest sikit, Mukhriz pun boleh aktif menjalankan tugas beliau dalam parti.

    Kalau Tun asyik mengata Sultan Melayu yang lain, nanti orang tanya pula kenapa Tun tak mengata Sultan negeri Tun sendiri.

  59. masbidaraflour Apr 27,2019 7:17 AM

    Assalam Tun Mahathir,

    Saya berfikiran dan memikirkan sudut mengapa PRU lepas PH banyak calon banyak cina dari pada melayu .Ini adalah kerana Malaysia Melayu fikiran dan perbuatan yang menjatuhkan kaum melayu itu sendiri sebab rasa tiada siapa boleh gugat melayu di malaysia dan hanya fikirkan bagaimana nak jatuhkan kaum sendiri dari sokong kaum sendiri .Jadi Tun Mahathir tahu hanya dengan cara calon adun dan ahli parlimen yang bukan melayu akan membuka fikiran melayu untuk bersatu dan sepakat kaum melayu akan sedar bahawa kaum lain telah berkuasa di malaysia bukannya kaum melayu yang berkuasa.Tapi saya percaya Tun Mahathir akan membuat kita melayu insaf dan kembali bersatu tanpa kira politik ,berniaga,rakan sekerja,jiran2 akan menjaga satu sama lain nilai martabat kaum melayu tidak mudah melatah dan tidak mudah di beli dengan wang dan sebagainya .

    Tun Mahathir mempunyai pemikiran yang kehadapan demi masa depan Malaysia dan Melayu itu sendiri .

    Terima Kasih Tun Mahathir.

  60. masbidaraflour Apr 27,2019 1:29 AM

    ReplymasbidaraflourApr 27,2019 1:20 AM

    Assalam Tun Mahathir,

    Saya rasa dan yakin mengapa PRU banyak calon banyak cina dari pada melayu .Ini adalah kerana Malaysia Melayu fikiran dan perbuatan yang menjatuhkan kaum melayu itu sendiri sebab rasa tiada siapa boleh gugat melayu di malaysia dan hanya fikirkan bagaimana nak jatuhkan kaum sendiri dari sokong kaum sendiri .Jadi Tun Mahathir tahu hanya dengan cara calon adun dan ahli parlimen yang bukan melayu akan membuka fikiran melayu untuk bersatu dan sepakat kaum melayu akan sedar bahawa kaum lain telah berkuasa di malaysia bukannya kaum melayu yang berkuasa.Tapi saya percaya Tun Mahathir akan membuat kita melayu insaf dan kembali bersatu tanpa kira politik ,atau berniaga,menjaga martabat kaum melayu tidak mudah melatah dan tidak mudah di beli dengan wang dan sebagainya .

    Tun Mahathir mempunyai pemikiran yang kehadapan demi masa depan Malaysia dan Melayu itu sendiri .

    Terima Kasih Tun Mahathir.

  61. masbidaraflour Apr 27,2019 1:20 AM

    Assalam Tun Mahathir,

    Saya rasa dan yakin mengapa PRU banyak calon banyak cina dari pada melayu .Ini adalah kerana Malaysia Melayu fikiran dan perbuatan yang menjatuhkan kaum melayu itu sendiri sebab rasa tiada siapa boleh gugat melayu di malaysia dan hanya fikirkan bagaimana nak jatuhkan kaum sendiri dari sokong kaum sendiri .Jadi Tun Mahathir tahu hanya dengan cara calon adun dan ahli parlimen yang bukan melayu akan membuka fikiran melayu untuk bersatu dan sepakat kaum melayu akan sedar bahawa kaum lain telah berkuasa di malaysia bukannya kaum melayu yang berkuasa.Tapi saya percaya Tun Mahathir akan membuat kita melayu insaf dan kembali bersatu tanpa kira politik ,atau berniaga,menjaga martabat kaum melayu tidak mudah melatah dan tidak mudah di beli dengan wang dan sebagainya .

    Tun Mahathir mempunyai pemikiran yang kehadapan demi masa depan Malaysia dan Melayu itu sendiri .

    Terima Kasih Tun Mahathir.

  62. masbidaraflour Apr 27,2019 12:50 AM

    Assalam Tun Mahathir ,

    Saya nak ucapkan terima kasih dekat tun mahathir kerana sanggup apa sahaja demi Malaysia .Saya akan teruskan matlamat Tun Mahathir menjadikan Malaysia negara yang kekal maju dan mencapai negara yang ekonomi yang stabil serta disangjung tinggi oleh pedagang dunia termasuk dengan pembangunan terkini.
    Tun Mahathir inginkan generasi akan datang tidak dijajah sebagaimana Tun Mahathir pernah lalui semasa beliau kecil hingga dewasa.

  63. Sri Sense Apr 27,2019 12:04 AM

    Good evening


    Bila orang Melayu bergaduh ada baiknya jangan kasi bangsa lain dengar. I ingat dulu I ada baca Raja Nazrin pernah sebut, jangan mengata bangsa sendiri ini akan membuka jendela untuk bangsa lain mengata.

    I pernah sebut sini kalau Tun rasa tak happy dengan TMJ, Tun adu pada ayahandanya, tidak perlu lah Tun cakap kat suratkhabar.

    My hubby pernah kata pada anak2, jangan sekali bergaduh sama sendiri kat facebook. Tak elok orang tengok. I also not tak happy bila anak Rosmah mengata ibunya online.

    Tun sepatutnya focus majukan Malaysia. I lihat Tun banyak sangat dengan hal lain2, kejab UMNO, kejab Najib, kejab Johor, kejab TMJ dll. Tun sendiri cakap Tun kurang masa. Kalau dah asyik fikir bende lain macam mana nak tercapai niat nak naikkan Malaysia.

    Biar saja BERSATU run by Muhyiddin dan Mukhriz. Pandai2 lah dia orang, kalau tak betul Tun boleh lah ketuk kepala dia orang belakang kami semua.

    Kalau Tun nak buang raja2 Melayu, maaf I tidak akan setuju. Kalau Tun suruh I pilih antara Tun dan Raja Nazrin. I pilih Raja Nazrin.

    By the way thank you so much to those who have visited my wordpress

    Tun sebenarnya ada ramai pengunjung dari luar negara. I tau sebab I nampak dari negara mana yang datang. Nanti tersilap langkah jatuh lagi stock market.

    Tun tentu tau stock market Malaysia paling teruk jatuh. Tun juga tentu tau based on a research done tahap happy rakyat Malaysia makin jatuh jauh menurun. Tun juga tentu tau research terbaru Merdeka Centre yang menyebut Tun dan PH populariti makin menurun. Jangan tak percaya sebab yang buat research tu tau kerja mereka.

    Good Night. Sleep Tight. Don’t worry too much. Majukan Malaysia. Maaf jika I cakap Tun kecil hati.

  64. musato Apr 26,2019 3:50 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bila ada kuasa yang besar di tangan, berhati hati bila berbicara.

    Kerana dengan kuasa itu dapat mempengaruhi orang lain.

    Apatah lagi apabila seorang putera raja memberi pandangan berkenaan politik negara. Samada pandangan itu betul atau salah, seorang putera raja bukanlah pakar berkenaan politik/pentadbiran negara, kecuali telah dapat dibuktikan terlebih dahulu i.e musato.

    Kerana inilah Tun tegah seorang putera raja dari berbicara tentang perkara yg bukan dalam bidang kuasanya. Jika apa apa berlaku, bukan putera raja yang akan bertanggungjawab, tetapi kerajaan.

    Lebih baik jaga negeri sendiri dan kembangkan Islam dan jadikan ia satu cara hidup untuk rakyat Johor. Ia dalam bidang kuasanya.

    Tapi putera raja tahu ke pasal tasawuf, syariah? Acah acah tahu pun bahaya jugak.

    Jadi musato (bukan putera raja Terengganu pun) fikir lebih baik musato jadi Baker sahaja terlebih dahulu. Mungkin lain kali.InsyaAllah, ada masanya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  65. sibotak Apr 26,2019 5:43 AM

    Zaman Dang Anom sudah berlalu
    Pemerintahan Sultan pun sudah Bersemadi
    Hulubalang , Pendekar sudak tak pakai Keris lagi
    Seulas Nangka masak dah tak bolih dihukum bunuh lagi
    Namun Ke Sultanan Melayu masih di Budayakan

    Yang memerintah adalah Suara Rakyat
    Melalui process pengundian Kerajaan

    Penjajahan British sudah berlalu
    Sekarang Malaysia MERDEKA
    Kita yang mengaturkan perjalanan kita sesama bukan Donald Trump
    Sultan di Budayakan
    Rule of Law di hormati
    Hukum , Hadith dipatuhi

    Sultan juga kena ikut The rule of law
    Quran & Hadiths di patuhi
    Tiada siapa yg diberi ruangan special

    Sultan tidak berhak memilik Tanah Negeri beliau semahunya
    Sultan juga perlu dihadap ke Mahkamah jika perlu
    Begitu juga di akhirat
    Kita semua akan di hisam akan amalan kita
    Bukan keturunan ,bukan warna kulit atau sebagainya

    TMJ masih Muda
    Perlu banyak mengenal diri
    Perlu berdamping Tun untuk belajar memerintah

  66. Voter Apr 26,2019 5:01 AM

    Indeed a Ruler’s duty insofar as governance should be as what the YamTuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan says – to advise, to be advised and to warn. Rulers reign but do not rule. Perhaps the 9 Rulers should look at what the last British Monarch of Malaya and Borneo (Queen Elizabeth) has done in her duties. She acts on advise of her Ministers only and as such does not need to use any of her Reserve Powers. She does not comment on politics and her meetings with her PMs, Ministers and various vice-regents and even guests are always kept private.

    The 9 Rulers should strive to follow this and if they have any issue, they should grant an audience with their respective Menteri Besars and offer their advice or warnings as the case may be, but they should not disclose what happened in these meetings except for a general summary.

    Similarly, the Menteri Besars should keep their respective Rulers informed of matters of State and not share what transpired in such meetings to the Press of rakyat except in most necessary of circumstances.

    And if despite all of this, the respective Ruler is still unhappy with the advice given by his MB or a responsible state councillor (acting on the MB’s orders, he must in the end, accept that the Menteri Nesar gets his power and authority from the Rakyat, and the Ruler MUST act on such advice.

    The only exceptions are where the Constitution (whether Federal or State) gives the Ruler some personal or reserve powers where he can act independently of such advice. These include areas of religion where the Ruler is Supreme Head of Islam and protector of the rights of persons of different faiths, matters of confidence where he feels his MB lacks majority support or the decision to hold elections (where the MB lacks confidence). The Federal Court decision in the Perak MB saga should give light to what courses are open to the Ruler in such circumstances.

    Rulers should not provide any advise or even hints as to what voters should do at the ballot box. They MUST NOT openly express displeasure with their MBs nor demand their resignations (unless there is a loss of confidence in the Dewan) as these matters are firmly in the hands of the Rakyat to decide on their choice of party (and its leader)as the person or party that should lead and govern them.

    That said the Ruler is free to speak on issues of unity, diversity, tolerance, respect and even promulgate a “Bangsa’ that embodies all these traits. But this promulgation should not be used as a political tool or to give rise to ‘an us vs them’ mindset.

    Since Malaysia is Union of States coming together as one country, every subject or citizen of Malaysia is entitles to move around freely and be treated as equals even in different states. Malaysians should NOT be considered as ‘outsiders’ if they hail from a different state. They should enjoy freedom of speech and the right to comment, criticise or praise matters in other states, excepting only that they cannot vote in that state if they are not registered there.

    Whatever Bangsa is promoted in any state CANNOT override the right of every Malaysian to speak out and express any issue that they feel is not right in a state, especially where the issue of Law and the Federal Constitution is at stake. Whatever Bansa or whatever state a person hails from, he or she is first and foremost and always a Malaysian.

    Rulers must remember this. It’s no use being charitable and doing many wonderful things for your state but at the same time disenfranchising other Malaysians or worse, sidestepping or ignoring the Federal Constitution. The Federal Constitution provides for a Federal Government which has authority to act for the nation as a whole and to do certain things for or in each state, except where the relevant State Constitution places in the hands of that state’s government.

    Rather than telling the Federal Government to butt out, Rulers should work with the Federal Government through their respective State Governments. Where the State Govts and the Federal’s are from differing parties. The Rulers should help foster a friendly relationship between the 2, rather than taking sides. Where there is dispute, the Ruler should then only act on the advise of his MB unless the Federal Constitution explicitly provides the Federal Govt with the final say.

    While it has become customary now for Rulers to ask for a few names, in deciding whom to appoint as their MB, they should pay close attention to what the Late Agong and former Supreme Head of Judiciary, Sultan Azlan Shah advised – that such demands are improper.

    The Party or Alliance that won the elections, decides among themselves who shall be their leader in the Dewan. Since they now are likely or assured of a majority in the Dewan, accordingly their chosen leader is the one who now commands the confidence of the Dewan. A Ruler should not insist on several names, when the party has already decided its choice. The Ruler MUST appoint that person as MB, even if he dislikes or disagrees with that choice.

    It has become all too common now for Rulers to reject choices. It has occurred in Selangor, Terengganu, Perlis, Kedah, Johor, Pahang and Perak. This is WRONG. If Rulers are unhappy with the sole nominee, then the only recourse they can have is to demand that he then proves his confidence in the first/next sitting of the Dewan. However they MUST first appoint him to the position as the Dewan may only sit at a later date. If when the Dewan sits and a vote of confidence is called and the person named as MB fails to muster a majority, then only can the Sultan demand his removal.

    A Ruler can of course suggest to the winning party for a few names and if they acquiesce, fair enough. But if they don’t, the matter should be settled. The sole nominee is appointed and unless he ever fails a confidence vote, the Ruler must work with him and accept his advice.
    In all these matters, the Ruler should never make his personal feelings known, it’s a matter between him and his MB according to the Constitution.

    Rulers should not turn a routine matter provided for by Law, into a constitutional crisis by expressing personal preferences and then having them reported in the Press or on social media.

    Finally, Rulers should remember that the convention is that they act only on advise of MBs or Ministers. They should not solicit or accept advice from the Opposition or outside parties, without first seeking approval from their MBs. Only in exceptional circumstances, should outside advice ever be soughy – like a govt that has lost confidence or a major catastrophe that even the govt is unable to advice and of course on matters of religion where the Ruler as Supreme Head may need the advice of religious experts.

    Rulers should keep all of these in mind and also to ensure that their issue/siblings/consort do not interfere in matters that the Constitutions specifically entrusts only to the Ruler or his MB. Any statement by any Royal even with good intentions, will give rise to political issue, if it touches on areas where the Constitution spherically entrusts to an elected govt.

    If Rulers want to be neutral and above politics and revert to the role specified for them in the Constitution, and further the promotion of harmony, unity, peace and prosperity of all their subjects and that of the country as a whole, then they should talk less and be heard less on issues of politics and the governance of their states or nation as a whole.

    NB: Whatever references to Rulers and MBs, similarly applies to the Agong and his Prime Minister. Except that the Agong enjoys slightly more authority as King of the Nation, where the Federal Constriction expressly provides him with.

  67. HBT456 Apr 25,2019 4:35 PM

    Whoever become the mb selangor, atau dll mb, hakikatnya adalah sama saje, iaitu orang BERSATU atau orang UMNO, betul tak?

    Tetapi, jika pas mps dan wr merajuk, lebih baik diam aje jika mereka hanya ingin tumpang rezeki dan jaga tepi kain orang lain since mereka suka benda2 percuma saja, betul tak?

    The issue is not about tdm, the issue is about those who are appointed can do their work or not with the right attitude.

    If they do their work with right attitude, umno wont loose 2/3 majority since 2008.

    The rest is history.

    P/s: the purchasing power of the majority malay is still low even when ruling government dumped so much federal budget on them, where is the leakage?

  68. Fariq Islam Apr 25,2019 3:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Sorry, for taking the opportunity to sway a bit in discussion about the topic of “Constitution”.

    Our economy is not as good as what the Government says or prescribes. The Minister of Finance has not performed up to Rakyat’s expectation. Instead of broadening the nation’s income base to raise revenue, the Minister is seen as suppressing Rakyat for more taxes, more subsidies cut, more stuff price hikes.

    Please re-look into the following policies-
    – Real property gain tax which causes severe slow-down in property market
    – SST on stock brokerage fee
    – Water tariff hike (Remark: Please understand that nobody likes to waste water, paying more water bill. Hawkers need water to clean utensils.)
    – Proposed removal of petrol pump price cap
    – Cut of budgetary allocation to TAR University for political revenge

    There are so many aspects to explore in broadening income base:
    – Special 4D draws
    – Soccer gaming license
    – Banking license for more foreign banks to operate
    – Approved permit fees
    – Digital business license
    – Increase in import duty for luxury items

    And, many more…

  69. Fariq Islam Apr 25,2019 3:45 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    Rule of law prevails. The existing democratic nation is by the people and for the people. The monarchy system is inherited, and as a sign of Malay’s grasp of power.

    We love good leaders, like Tun and Dato’ Seri Anwar. And, we also love Sultan of Johor, who brings about some much progress and development to the state, where Johorians enjoy peaceful, harmonious and progressive living, with vast of opportunities for business and jobs.

    Rakyat do wish to see a sustainable peaceful and progressive nation.

  70. akulamd Apr 25,2019 12:43 PM

    Salam Tun
    Saya dapat rasakan kerunsingan Tun pada masa depan negara sekiranya negara dikuasai pemerintah sama ada raja atau ahli politik yang menyimpang dari jalan yang benar.. Tun benar-benar rungsing.. umpama ditelan mati anak..diluah mati mak… benar sekali apa yang dikhabarkan dalam kitab junjungan kita..akhir zaman kita diuji dengan pelbagai ujian..berkata benar seumpama menggengam bara api.. ingin dipadam api ini dengan sekuat gengaman..tetapi semakin kuat digengam semakin sakit… apakah perlu tun keluarkan kenyataan2 diatas??? mungkin pada firasat tun..ianya perlu supaya tersedar anak emas kecil yang cuba bermain api…
    pada masa yang sama suka saya ingatkan.. musuh2 kita sedang tersenyum lebar.. pintu sudah terbuka..

    kepada anak emas tadi…sudah2lah bermain api..kembali kejalan yang hakiki..lihatlah sekeliling dengan mata dan hati…rujuklah sirah… pandang sebelah apa yang telah dibuat oleh anak2 emas yang lain..ada yang baik alhamdulilah..ada yang menyedihkan Subhanallah..ingatlah tidak mudah untuk orang tua menegur sejauh ini….

    kepada Tun..Istighfarlah.. ingatlah yang Tuhan sedang menguji..bukan Ujian pada Tun seorang ..tapi kita semua umat.. moga Tun terlindung dari berbuat keputusan yang salah lagi…ketika Tun menghalau si kucing dari rumah..tikus yang manja besama nak emas bermaharajalela..banyak kerosakan dilakukan mereka…memempersepahkan kantung beras yang ada…terpaksalah kudrat Tua mengambil semula kucing yang terbuang.. manfaatkanlah masa Tun yang berkurang..tumpukan saja pada niat suci Tun untuk tolong kemaskan kantung beras yang tersepah..usahlah dinyalahkan api berlebihan.. walaupun dengan niat medidik anak emas menanak nasi.. kelak mungkin terbakar rumah.. perhatikan juga kucing yang Tun janjikan menjadi tuan… berhemahlah dalam setiap tindakan Tun.. percayalah..apa yang terjadi sudah tersurat diazali.. kita hanya merancang..dan hanya Dia sebaik2 Perancang…

  71. Sri Sense Apr 25,2019 11:16 AM

    Good morning Tun

    Tun merajuk ka? Rasanya tak perlu. Exco Johor dah ada seat tambah dari Bersatu. Bab MB Johor, ramai dah agak dia naik. Tun pergi Sabah pun dia ikut, function retreat pun dia ganti Osman. Ini semua berlaku sebelum dia naik jadi MB.

    Rombakan EXCO? Itu biasalah Tun. Zaman Khir Toyo jadi MB pun sama. Ganti MB, barisan Exco ganti. Tak kiralah dari parti mana, mesti nak letak gang2 dia. Perak for example, ada company sana dah letak orang DAP jadi directors. Orang Bersatu diam kah?

    Tun nak berhenti jadi PM? Baiklah tak payah. Sebab kalau Tun main berhenti ikut suka hati Tun, Wan Azizah naik. Ramai pangkah PH dulu sebab Tun kata Najib and gang jahat nak jual Malaysia. Janganlah ada yang perasan pula, ramai pangkah sebab suka logo PKR.

  72. milshah Apr 25,2019 10:37 AM

    Assamualaikum Tun,

    Tambahan kepada tulisan saya sebelum ini. Saya fikir yang penting semua pihak perlu ikut perlembagaan atau “rule of law”. Semuanya telah tertulis apa yang boleh atau tidak boleh dilakukan. Ianya menjadi masalah apabila ada pihak berasa lebih berkuasa daripada apa yang tertulis dalam perlembagaan. Lagi satu, punca raja-raja dapat campurtangan adalah apabila ahli-ahli politik membenarkan. Ahli-ahli politik perlu tahu mereka dilantik oleh rakyat dan untuk rakyat. Ahli-ahli politik perlu hormati raja-raja tetapi dalam masa yang sama perlu ada keberanian untuk mengatakan “Tidak”.

  73. milshah Apr 25,2019 10:24 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Negara kita mengamalkan sistem raja berpelembagaan dan bukannya raja berkuasa mutlak. Maksud raja berpelembagaan, walaupun negara kita mempunyai raja, tetapi kuasa raja adalah tertakluk kepada perlembagaan negara kita. Ini bermakna raja tidak boleh bertindak sesuka hati, tetapi perlu mengikut apa yang tertulis dalam perlembagaan.

    Contohnya, dalam perlantikan Perdana Menteri, benar Agong mempunyai kuasa melantik. Tetapi adakah ini bermakna Agong boleh melantik sesiapa sahaja sebagai Perdana Menteri? Di dalam perlembagaan telah pun tertulis siapakah yang Agong boleh lantik sebagai Perdana Menteri, iaitu seseorang yang pada pandangannya mendapat sokongan majoriti ahli-ahli Parlimen.

    Jadi tugas agong adalah melantik Perdana Menteri tetapi terbatas kepada ahli parlimen yang mempunyai sokongan majoriti. Kita ambil contoh pada PRU 14 lepas, Pakatan Harapan telah memenangi PRU. Pakatan Harapan telahpun bersetuju bahawa Tun adalah Perdana Menteri, maka mengikut perlembagaan, Tun adalah seseorang yang mendapat sokongan majoriti ahli-ahli Parlimen.

    Adakah agong boleh melantik Kak Wan, Najib, Lim Guan Eng atau Mat Sabu sebagai Perdana Menteri sebab Agong mempunyai kuasa melantik? Jawapannya tidak, kerana agong mesti lantik seseorang yang mempunyai sokong majoriti, iaitu hanya Tun sahaja. Jadi kuasa melantik Agong telah terbatas oleh perlembagaan iaitu hanya melantik Tun sahaja sebagai Perdana Menteri kerana hanya Tun sahaja mempunyai sokongan majoriti.

    Demikianlah juga dalam perlantikan Menteri Besar. Benar Sultan ada kuasa melantik Menteri Besar, tetapi terbatas untuk melantik Adun yang mempunyai sokongan majoriti.

    Apabila agong di kerajaan pusat atau sultan di peringkat negeri tidak melantik seseorang yang mempunyai sokongan majoriti, maka iainya tidak mengikut perlembgaaan, sedangkan negara kita mengamalkan sistem raja berpelembagaan.

    Demikianlah juga segala tindak-tanduk agong, adalah terbatas kepada nasihat Perdana Menteri. Nasihat Perdana Menteri ini adalah mesti diikuti seperti yang tertulis dalam perlembagaan.

    Apakah intipati sistem raja berpelembagaan ini? Intipatinya ialah kuasa eksekutif sebenarnya terletak kepada Perdana Menteri, seseorang yang mendapat majoriti dalam parlimen yang dipilih oleh rakyat setiap 5 tahun dalam pilihanraya umum. Intipati sistem raja berpelembagaan adalah sebenarnya sistem demokrasi, di mana kuasa sebenar terletak pada rakyat yang memilih pemimpin.

    Berdasarkan sejarah, raja-raja lebih akan menjaga kepentingan diri. Ini sememangnya lumrah manusia. Kita dapat lihat apabila skandal 1MDB di mana berbilion duit rakyat dicuri, raja-raja tidak dapat menolong rakyat. Kita dapat lihat pada PRU lepas, ada raja yang secara terang mahu rakyat menyokong kerajaan Najib. Kita dapat lihat betapa kuatnya tentangan terhadap Statut of Rome, walaupun sebenarnya Agong tidak boleh disabitkan sebarang kesalahan kerana terikat dengan nasihat Perdana Menteri. Kita dapat lihat, tanah forest city dijual kepada warga asing sehingga dijangka seramai 700,000 orang negara China akan datang dan tinggal di Malaysia.

    Sebenarnya raja-raja tidak patut terlibat dalam politik ataupun perniagaan. Raja-raja tidak patut campurtangan dalam pentadibiran negara. Barulah raja-raja akan dihormati rakyat.

  74. z2z Apr 24,2019 6:50 PM

    I cannot imagine anyone genuinely supporting absolute monarchy, except those with vested interest like family and close associates who will personally benefit.

    Without the need to prove themselves in anyway whatsoever, the king can be a complete idiot or a horrible person… Even if a ruler is wise and just, history provides too many examples of ruin in the hands of the offsprings who assumed power automatically just by virtue of their birth right.

    Although democracy does not guarantee getting an effective leader, at least the people can change him if he is no good, like what happened in GE14.

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