1. The United States of America (USA) is the greatest power in the history of mankind. Certainly it is the most powerful military power in the world today. It has the capacity to wipe off the whole of humanity if it chooses to do so.

2. But the Americans must remember the Vietnam War. The great power, employing all its military might, all its technology and huge sums of money was defeated by the black pajama-clad unimpressive undersized Vietnamese.

3. Tens of thousands of American soldiers died. Many more seriously wounded both in body and mind. For all these sacrifices what has America gained? Nothing, truly nothing that could not be gained by peaceful means.

4. The Vietnamese fought and died for their country. Such passionate patriotism is totally justified. That too will be the passion of other countries attacked by America or other powers. Defense and the sacrifices made for one’s country is to be expected. But those who sacrifice their lives in aggressive wars die for nothing.
5. Remember Iraq also. It was supposed to be over in three months. But it is still on today almost 18 years later. Saddam is dead but is Iraq much better than Saddam’s times? I do not think autocracy is right. But if democracy is the answer, expecting it to perform miracles overnight is stupid.

6. Iranian military chief, General Suleimani was assassinated in Iraq by the very people who condemned the killing of Khashoggi. Is there any diffirence between the killing of Suleimani and that of Khashoggi?

The fire raging in Australia is not an Australian affair. It affects the whole world. It is an international catastrophe. The whole world should help Australia put out the fire. Unfortunately, this is not being done.

50 thoughts on “A REMINDER

  1. mubarakchan Jan 18,2020 1:20 AM



    Like our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I am a practical person with a mind which processes complicated things to produce simple and practical answers.

    Many thanks S.S. Lee for your kind clarification. Much appreciated.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem

  2. Sri Sense Jan 17,2020 11:16 PM


    Since I ini always sensible dan practical ehem ehem I cerita lagi about bursa Malaysia.

    I ada kawan remiser, dia dulu pernah jadi President remiser Malaysia, dia kata to me how sedih now tengok stock market, ada kaunter harga 1 sen 2 sen 3 sen. Unbelievable. She’s right.

    Memang ada listed local companies harga semurah itu. Bukan company China mari but Malaysian companies. Bukan juga company under PN17. Boleh kata healthy company sebab tak masuk lagi PN17. Dan selalunya company begini shares bertimbun2, kita tengok sakit mata.

    I bagi example, I memang selalu monitor satu company nama Impiana. Shares berlambak, bertimbun, movement dua sen, ke dua setengah sen, hari2 pun sama. Company ini ada rangkaian hotel dan khabarnya milik adik ipar Sultan Perak. Kalau tak silap Dyna Sofya duduk kat BOD. Bila tengok movement kaunter ini buat I tertanya sape la beli fesyen lagu ini, 2 sen ke 2 sen setengah LOL

    Orang Perak kalau 10 sen, mereka kata sekupang, kalau 20 sen, mereka kata 2 kupang, kalau 2 sen apa nak panggil, ya?

  3. Sri Sense Jan 17,2020 10:56 PM


    Wajarlah I cerita sikit hal stock market lagi.

    Berita Atta dan Heng Huat suspended. Kes polis. Hubby jerit ITU MENIPU LA. Nasib baik I tiada shares dalam 2 company ini. LOL

    Apa pula cerita ini, I jengah forum investment, ramai juga marah dengan boss Atta. Atta dan Heng Huat ini sama boss. Hmmm

    I tertarik baca tajuk berita Abu Said jerit ‘YOU’RE A LIAR” kepada Shahril Khazanah.

    Tiba2 jadi budaya jerit jerit. LOL

  4. SSLEE Jan 17,2020 9:29 PM

    Dear PM Tun Dr Mahathir,
    Please allow me to offer my unreserved apology to @mubarakchan for my mistake identity.

    My previous comment is actually response to:
    @twinpeaks Jan16,2020 12:05 AM
    Quote, “For SS Lee.
    You are forgetting something, mate. Marxism is the central tenet of Communism, whether of the Russian kind or the Chinese version. The destruction of democracy is an essential element to the existence of a Communist government. It is the most repugnant, most brutal and most inhumane form of governance in the history of mankind. Plus, if I may, Chinese involvement in the Korean War was precisely to safeguard the Chinese and Russian Commies precarious hold on their own societies. There was no other reason. China’s nine-dash nonsense in the South China Sea is not historical but made-up to pre-empt any rescue to a future invasion of democratic Taiwan. Well.., the Commies can keep dreaming until they die of natural death eventually, because all the Allied air and naval bases surrounding the middle kingdom are ready to strike if the Commies make a wrong move. Watch this space.” Unquote

    @twinpeaks once wrote:
    Quote, “For Mubarakchan.
    Thank you for the reply. But you are wrong about my attitude towards race. I may be very blunt in my use of language, but that’s the way I was brought up and trained to speak at the Perse. We speak our minds. That is the main reason we are always the top co-educational school in England at the IGCSE and A Level results. Eton is always behind the Perse. Harrow and Rugby are miles behind us. The Leys in Cambridge (sorry Sultan Nazrin) is not even visible on our horizon. The Royal Shakespeare Theater was founded by an Old Persean.

    I don’t dislike the Chinese anymore than I like the Malays. I don’t show any preference for any race, including my own father’s race, Murut. I am completely neutral. I don’t make any friends, but may make a lot of enemies. But that is the price for being like this. Yes, it is quite sad. But I am okay with that.

    I see the Chinese as a greater existential threat for Malaysia as a whole although it is controllable in Borneo, a much bigger threat than Islam.” unquote

    I should had known better to response to @twinpeaks who pride himself as highly educated with a prestige double degree but behave like a “YOUNG KID STILL WET BEHIND THE EARS” and still insist on throwing his childish tantrums quote, “In the meantime, the Commies of China had better watch out. If they make a wrong move in Taiwan or the South China Sea, we will strike them. A couple of nukes each on Beijing and Shanghai should do the job.”

    Please grown-up and please learn from His Royal Highness Sultan Nazrin Shah.
    “Malaysia is what it is today because of the collective contributions of all communities,” he said in his royal address.

    However, at the same time his book makes it clear that despite its achievements over the past 150 years, Malaysia still faces huge and complex challenges.

    Analysing on what Malaysia has faced historically, Sultan Nazrin concluded his book with a forward-looking assessment of the challenges before the nation and set out a vision for an inclusive and sustainable future.

    “The future design of affirmative action policies and programmes needs to be based on firm and fair observance of the balance of interest among all communities as provided for in the Federal Constitution,” he contended.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE
    P/S: I am Malaysian in heart and soul. I am cheering for every Malaysians to win and beat every other country in sport or in any endeavor. I believe in strength of diversity. We Malaysians need to come to accept that Malaysia had been and will always be a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual nation. All ethnic groups have shed their blood, toiled and sacrificed for this nation of ours and build this nation to what it is today. Let no one ever take that away from any of us.
    Acceptance is an active value. In human psychology, it is explained as a person’s assent to the reality of a situation. In this, there is no attempt at changing it. It implies growth, improvement and positive development.

    Acceptance is a virtue that needs to be inculcated despite the sea of differing opinions among different races and religions. God created diversity. It is ungodly to criticise His diversity in such a disparaging and uncouth manner.

  5. HBT456 Jan 17,2020 7:21 PM

    You dont care about my feelings, i also dont care about your feeling.

    If not hepi, then, call for snap election la.

    Pilih kasih and greedy sampai tahap ini, nobody wants to play with you, twinpeaks.

    By that time, you should know the consequences.

    There is no secret too in politics.

    Depan cakap ini, belakang main tikam.

    Thats hypocript, worst than 2 face.

    Thats why i do not want to get involve kerana hatiku pedih sangat when you keep terrorizing my race with the words commies again, again.

    You never care how much hard works and investment these people including foreigners have dumped in, all you care is your personal interests.

    Thats sad, you know?

  6. mubarakchan Jan 17,2020 7:07 PM


    TWIN PEAKS. Syabas !

    The Malays through their traditions, wisdom and politics always had a good, wise and compassionate Leader in our beloved Malaysia like the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and our indefatigable Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    Those unqualified chaps during the Dark Age of the Singaporean Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 and its equally corrupt elite and GLCs/SOEs do not count because they did not recognise the Sovereignty and National Interest of our beloved Malaysia.

    Not only that, they gave what Lee Kuan Yew wanted FREE – the rocks, the steel rails, the freehold KTM land- hundreds of hectares, NSEP Chief Editor’s chair, lush Sime Darby contracts, HSR etc. A huge collection of national treasures and more.


    Yes ! The Malay Leadership 1957-2004 was honourable, honest and impeccable. It was really a shame when unqualified chaps took over in 2004 to 2018.

    As for the Chinese, I am sad to say that for them there was never a real National Leader of note since 1950. They worked together always in a party because none of them had the charisma and leadership qualities to become a National Leader. Their commercial background spoke for itself.

    By 2000, all MCA Leaders were mighty rich, each and every one of them except for one who did not take advantage of his political connections. He never assumed a Ministerial post. The brazen behaviour of the MCA Leaders loaded with money had to be seen to be believed !

    One State Exco member carried a huge briefcase suitable to carry RM 1 Million cash in the SIA First Class cabin emblazoned, ” XYZ State Exco Member ” in huge white lettering including his name. It was obvious to me that he had easy passage through the Customs. It is alleged he is no longer in the State Exco representing MCA. Stupid.

    Another MCA Leader proudly told me that he made RM 20 Million just by sitting in his air-conditioned office as a MCA exco-Member.

    There was another MCA Leader who walloped TWO monopolies whilst in office one of which was FREE and the other cost him a few ringgits. He went on to wallop condo development concessions, gas tenders and many goodies more. To this day, there has been no solid record of his contribution to the National Interest except for his apparent Confucius belief in thrift !

    Up to 2000, a complete list of the mighty rich MCA Leaders from humble backgrounds like wanton mee seller, lorry drivers etc could be compiled.

    FROM THE MCA WEALTHY LIST, NOT A SINGLE NATIONAL LEADER EMERGED BECAUSE LEE KUAN YEW REPLACED THEM ALL FROM 1963-2015 ! Remarkable and stupid. And Lee Kuan Yew could do this from a foreign country outside of Malaysia ! SHADES OF CHINESE LIKE S.S. LEE FOR YOU, TWIN PEAKS AND ME ! Stupid.

    Now with the absence of LEE KUAN YEW, the headless flock of fiercely independently minded Chinese sheep turn to China ! The proposed Plan was perfect, Let the stupid Malaysians signed their own Death Warrant THE TPPA/CPTPP and with the Malaysians in Lee Kuan Yew’s little pocket, let these stupid people the Malaysians be funded by China. QED.

    BUT MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES. The Singaporean Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 and its equally corrupt elite and GLCs/SOEs were ousted on 9 May 2018 by our wise, brilliant and courageous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side.

    Until a Malaysian Chinese National Leader arises, we must expect more of the same from the Leaderless Chinese and problems will be with us.


    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem. WHAT TO DO WITH THE CHINESE WHO ARE LEADERLESS ? Only they can save themselves which is REALPOLITIK !

  7. HBT456 Jan 17,2020 6:49 PM

    Really cannot tahan with this kind of rude people who call himself sabahan bumiputera first as if malaysians are as greedy, naive, stupid like him talking bullshit again, and again.

    Jan 17,2020 11:24 AM

    Ditto, Mubarakchan.

    The Chinese community in Malaysia needs to have stronger leadership who can think straight and wake their community up to the reality of Malaysia. Malaysia is not China. Britain is not China, Australia is not China. Canada is not China.

    Wake up and accept to the reality that the Chinese diaspora have to play by the rules of their adopted country, be that Malaysia, Britain. Australia or Canada. And stop asking for the impossible. Then you lot will be much happier with your own selves.

    Alternatively, those who are not happy with the basic rules in Sabah, Sarawak or the Peninsula, are free to go back to their country of origin. No one will stop you.


    For chinese race, as long as the hosts dont force us to give up our ancestors, language, mother tongues, cultures and traditions, we can be friends with any races, and nationalities who treated fair equally.

    You want to talk big, by all means do it in your kampong, and no one will stop you either.


    Tunggu masa saja.

    twinpeaks Jan 17,2020 11:31 AM

    In the meantime, the Commies of China had better watch out. If they make a wrong move in Taiwan or the South China Sea, we will strike them. A couple of nukes each on Beijing and Shanghai should do the job.

    No need to strike one if they made they wrong move this time, they only thing is hilang undi, itu saja. I am sure the happiest person will be the next perdana menteri in waiting 😅😅😅, janji melayu, no problem one.

  8. twinpeaks Jan 17,2020 11:31 AM

    In the meantime, the Commies of China had better watch out. If they make a wrong move in Taiwan or the South China Sea, we will strike them. A couple of nukes each on Beijing and Shanghai should do the job.

  9. twinpeaks Jan 17,2020 11:24 AM

    Ditto, Mubarakchan.

    The Chinese community in Malaysia needs to have stronger leadership who can think straight and wake their community up to the reality of Malaysia. Malaysia is not China. Britain is not China, Australia is not China. Canada is not China.

    Wake up and accept to the reality that the Chinese diaspora have to play by the rules of their adopted country, be that Malaysia, Britain. Australia or Canada. And stop asking for the impossible. Then you lot will be much happier with your own selves.

    Alternatively, those who are not happy with the basic rules in Sabah, Sarawak or the Peninsula, are free to go back to their country of origin. No one will stop you.

  10. mubarakchan Jan 17,2020 9:00 AM


    For S.S. Lee.



    What’s wrong with you S.S. Lee by going overboard on China ?

    In your zeal you accused me of alleging what I NEVER SAID OR THINK EVER ON EVENTS IN CHINA BECAUSE I AM NOT SINO-CENTRIC LIKE YOU WHO WAS ONCE A LEE KUAN YEW WORSHIPPER AND EAT AND DRINK CHINA. Please come to your senses at your age and do not behave like a YOUNG KID STILL WET BEHIND THE EARS.

    If you, a Malaysian Chinese, are opposed to our revered CONSTITUTION OF MALAYSIA and the Laws say so. Why beat around the bush with hundreds of meaningless words ?

    Unlike you, I am a Malaysian of Chinese extraction. Malaysia is my country, RIGHT OR WRONG ! Right ? I am a CONSTITUTIONALIST SINCE 1954 unlike you who is an anarchist in our beloved Malaysia.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem.

  11. Sri Sense Jan 17,2020 8:59 AM


    I tertarik baca tulisan saudara ashamat. I beri sedikit pendapat berkenaan isu PM ini.

    Semasa TPM sibuk gantung tanglung, I sudah bisik dengan hubby, “Nampak sangat yang sokong bukan Melayu lagi tapi DAP”. Sebelum peristiwa ini, I memang ada baca online sokongan Melayu pada DSAI hanya 10 percent.

    I fikir; Mungkin DSAI sudah janji besar sama DAP. Mungkin Malaysia juga akan jadi macam negara Singapore milik Cina.

    Tapi perlu ingat sini ya, semasa Khalid Ibrahim keluar UMNO masuk PKR, jawatannya dalam party Bendahari kalau tak silap. Semestinya DSAI juga janji besar dengan Khalid. Tapi bila nak masuk penggal ke2 jadi MB kedudukkan Khalid goyah hingga terpaksa berhenti. Kita semua tau siapa penyebabnya.

    Semasa DSAI dalam penjara, Azminlah yang jalankan tugas party. Kehulur kehilir dengan reformasi. Semestinya DSAI juga sudah janji besar sama Azmin. Bila Azmin naik jadi Menteri Federal kedudukkan Azmin mula goyah. Kita semua tau siapa penyebabnya.

    Perlu ingat sini ya Kak Wan, bila you jadi isteri, suami you adalah suami you, dia bukan anak you, therefore its not necessary untuk you jadi his mommy protecting and funding him and so on. Belajar jadi isteri seperti Tun Dr Hasma. Itu adalah contoh terbaik. Lihat betapa Tun M sayang dan muliakan isterinya.

    I also ada nampak tulisan kat wall Tun M something like Khairuddin Hassan kata peliwat tak boleh jadi Khalifah. Begini ajela Tun, ex-convict tak boleh jadi PM. Malaysia ini bukan ketandusan orang Melayu. Kita tidak begitu desperate sehingga ex-convict kita nobatkan jadi PM. To be fair, the same thing goes to Najib. Jangan Tun cari pasal, tiba2 semua orang politik yang dah masuk court, dah masuk penjara layak jadi PM. Ini bukan negara coboi ya.

    Thank You.

  12. mubarakchan Jan 17,2020 6:17 AM


    FOR S.S. LEE

    I appreciate your very long discourse on China and why the Communist Party is most suitable to rule over it which I do not dispute and also admire as I mentioned in my comment drawing on the history of ancient China.


    Please let us know your views, ideas and thinking from the bottom of your heart similar to your learned discourse on China.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem. With all due respect, most Malaysian Chinese have lost their cultural and hereditary ballast which they are not even aware of. We see them in this very Blog ! Hence, our problems to-day. This is compounded by a Leaderless flock of fiercely independently minded sheep which worship the wrong gods ! With a proper Leader, much of Malaysia’s problems would be resolved today ! Now a thousand Malaysian Chinese voices bloom !

  13. asahamat Jan 17,2020 5:37 AM

    Assalamualaikum wmwbt Tun.

    Desakan utk Tun turun dah meleret2. 2003, Tun turun, maka muncul Pak Lah kaki tidoq ie Kjaan Flip Flop. Pembangunan tak jalan @ terencat. Kemudian Tun angkat Najib. Banyak kerja jalan cuma, kerana lupa zuhud, Najib bertukar jadi anaconda Melayu Kleptokrat @ Melayu Klepet, Melayu rabun mata sebab Takut Bini.

    (2) Akibatnya, rakyat dicekek dgn GST dan para peniaga dapat senjata utk cekek rakyat dgn teruk. Ditambah dgn pembaziran dan rasuah, nikmat Negara makmur dan sejahtera lesap.

    (3) Masalah yg melanda rakyat dan Negara kini, kebanyakan orang tuding pada Tun. Tun jadi punca segala2. TETAPI, hakikatnya, saya percaya punca kpd permasalahan Negara kini adalah akibat Anwar Ibrahim yg gelojoh dan tamak. Anwar dikelilingi kuncu2 yg gelojoh dan tamak. Kerana gelojoh dan tamak, mereka nak rentap kedudukan Tun secepatnya. Maka pd 2003, Tun “terpaksa letak jawatan”. Saya cukup marah dgn perbuatan “short sighted” Tun ini. Tindakan ini telah mengundurkan Malaysia dari mencapai Negara Maju – Makmur dan Sejahtera pd 2020.

    (4) Kini sekali lagi sikap GELOJOH n TAMAK melingkari Anwar Ibrahim. Kali ini nadanya berbeza, cukup berbeza selari dgn lidah berbelit Anwar. Tun, never make a second mistake hanya kerana “kecewa dgn desakan”. Tun jgn berundur dgn tidak bermaruah. Tun jgn turun sehingga ekonomi dan sosial Negara pulih @ mantap.

    (5) Tun stay where u r firm. Move everybody to do their job n get the Nation to clean footing. Move Tun. In Shaa Allah by 2021, Msian akan sekali lagi feel good n kita melangkah maju dgn penuh bergaya.

    (6) Anwar Ibrahim can’t take this Nation better than you Tun to a better footing at times of chaotic. Anwar hanya mampu mengurus bila keadaan sudah stabil ie post 2021.

    Salam hormat Tun. Jaga keutuhan Kenegarawanan Tun.

  14. Sri Sense Jan 16,2020 9:52 PM


    Dari sehari ke sehari, I lupa nak sampaikan pada Tun.

    My husband tak setuju dengan IDSS – intraday short selling dalam bursa Malaysia. Dia berpendapat ini antara sebab mengapa stocks susah nak naik.

    IDSS ini approved pada zaman Najib. Mungkin beliau nak selarikan dengan regional stock market yang lain. Biar canggih gitu.

    Minta Tun kaji balik IDSS – intraday short selling. The impact of short selling on intraday volatility.

    Thank You.

  15. Sri Sense Jan 16,2020 8:09 PM


    I main video game ini dah lama, bukan zaman PH, tapi zaman anak I yang bungsu kecil. Kami biasa main game monkey island bersama. Free time I suka main pinball, malah challenge dengan anak2, tentunya I selalu menang, budak2 tu boring main dengan I hahaha Sebab utama I ada free time and I suka creativity. I memang dari background advertising. If its creative I like.

    Since tajuk Tun, reminder, so I pun nak bagi gentle reminder.

    I tinggal di Shah Alam sekarang. Bila free I dan hubby rajin jalan2, minum kopi kat luar. Bila tak balik kampong lama Subang Jaya, I jalan sahaja di Shah Alam.

    Hari minggu yang lalu I pergi Seksyen 7, kawasan opposite Jakel. I nak cari kopitiam. But tak ada. Ada banyak kedai situ, ada juga tokong India disitu. Tapi I tak larat nak makan kat kedai2 situ, nampak kotor. Setiap kedai I masuk tiada seri, nampak letih dan kotor. Bangunan mereka berada pun nampak lemah.

    Why not kerajaan Selangor pastikan semua bangunan dicat semula dan pantau kebersihan. Ini memberi peluang pembuat cat buat duit, tukang cat buat duit and kerajaan Selangor pun buat duit. Bila cantik dan bersih ramai pengunjung, tourist akan datang kunjung.

    Because tiada kedai bersih standard I, so I pergi I City, hanya sebelah jalan saja. Kawasan I City bersih nampak tertib and mall mereka juga besar, sebesar Mid Valley Mall dan banyak kedai makan disitu.

    P.S Tahniah Tok Pa dan CEO baru TERAJU.

  16. SSLEE Jan 16,2020 8:00 PM

    Dear PM Tun Dr Mahathir,
    Please allow me to response to @twinpeaks and @mubarakchan.
    Let’s face reality with an open minded, “no man is an island” human being do badly when isolated from others and need to be part of a diverse community in order to thrive. If you are so close minded with you preconceived idea that “China communist government is evil, the most brutal and most inhumane form of governance” you are reacting to your own personal perspective view, arrogant/ignorance and not an objective statement based on facts and observations. If you are open minded, you would look at situation from all angles with respect and study your friends and foes history background, philosophy, behavior and belief system in order to understand them and response calmly with objective and unbiased view. That is how we should conduct our foreign policy with tact and diplomacy (being persuasive and assertive at the same time show understanding of other people and being sensitive to their opinions, beliefs, ideas and feelings) for peace to prevail and for mutual good and benefit.

    “Malaysians want a new Malaysia that upholds the principles of fairness, good governance, integrity and the rule of law. They want a Malaysia that is a friend to all and enemy of none. They also want a Malaysia that will speak its mind on what is right and wrong, without fear or favor. A new Malaysia that believes in co-operation based on mutual respect, for mutual gain. The new Malaysia will firmly espouse the principles promoted by the UN in our international engagements. These include the principles of truth, human rights, the rule of law, justice, fairness, responsibility and accountability, as well as sustainability. – Tun Dr Mahathir”

    Let’s debate what kind of leader and type of government best suit to achieve Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:
    1. Physiological needs- Food, Settle, Family and a Decent Standard of Living.
    2. Safety needs- Peace and Security.
    3. Social belonging- Friendship, Social Well-Being and Social Acceptance regardless of ethnicity, religion, language, culture, gender or any other status.
    4. Self esteem- Respect and Feeling of Accomplishment.
    5. Self-actualization- Freedom to achieve one’s full potential.
    6. Transcendence- Giving oneself to something beyond oneself.

    Type of political system:
    1. Monarchy: Rule by hereditary King.
    2. Theocracy: Rule by religion cleric in the name of god.
    3. Dictatorship/Autocracy: Rule by a single strong person with minimal restrain.
    4. Junta: Rule by military group.
    5. Totalitarian: Rule by a single political authority.
    6. Communism: Rule by a single political authority in which the state owns everything and operates everything on behalf of the people.
    7. Anarchy: Rule by lawlessness and disorder (law of jungle)
    8. Oligarchy/Plutocracy: Rule by 1% rich and powerful elite.
    9. Colony: Rule by colonial master.
    10. Fascism: Rule by mind controlled racist advocator of the supremacy of race.
    11. Democracy: Rule by elected multi political party’s representative who look after their represent interest.
    12. Kleptrocracy: Rule by corrupt leaders that steal from the nation to enrich their personal and cronies’ wealth and power.
    13. Federation: A union of small state and rule by group of elected multi-party’s representatives which are self-governed in internal affairs but are united under a central/federal government.
    14. Republic: Rule by President who is elected by direct president election but sharing power with the elected house representative.

    Malaysia is a federal representative democratic with constitutional monarchy, in which the Yang di-Pertua Agong is head of Federal, Sultan or Governor is head of state and the Prime Minister of Malaysia is the head of federal government with Islam as the official religion of the country but every person has the right to profess and practices his or her religion in peace and harmony.

    Executive power is exercised by the federal government and the 13 state governments. Federal legislative power is vested in the federal parliament and state legislative power is vested in the 13 state assemblies. Election is called every 5 years term or less depend on PM/MB advice to Yang di-Pertua Agong/Sultans to dissolve federal parliament/state assemblies and call for general election to elect the federal and state legislators.

    If you are open minded then please make a survey and examine which country citizen is best in achieving Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. And which political system is best in producing worthy leaders that “Giving oneself to something beyond oneself”

    Communism is a proven failed economy system and undeniably China was once a failed state with Mao’s extreme left-wing communism experimentation that starved millions of its people to death. Communism stripped people of human dignity and moral value in self determination and free will in working hard in achieving Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

    Today China is everything except communism, thanks to Deng’s open economy policy that emphasis on result rather than dogma or doctrine.

    China has gone a long way to becoming a market – capitalist – economy with a nominally Communist government. It has opened up to foreign investment (much more than, say, India). Its firms compete internationally and invest overseas. Some Chinese entrepreneurs like Jack Ma have global recognition. Day to day economic life operates through markets and farmers have greater ownership rights. There is a sophisticated stock exchange and capital markets with large and highly efficient and competitive State enterprises dominate banking, power, energy, and telecoms, major genuinely private companies (like Huawei, Lenovo, Ali Baba, Tencent and etc) and flourishing small to medium sized private companies.
    According to the American business magazines Fortune and Forbes, in 2019 Fortune’s Global 500 list of the world’s largest corporations included 119 Chinese companies, with combined revenues of US$ 8.2 trillion.
    China had endured century of humiliation (1849-1949) with unequal treaty forced upon China by foreign power. (Empire of Japan, Russian Empire, British Empire, United State, French Colonial Empire, German Empire, Kingdom of Italy, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Kingdom of Belgium, Kingdom of Spain, Kingdom of Netherlands). China is now an awakening new emerging economic and military super-power. Whether we like it or not, we need to live with this new reality and put our best interest forward by studying and understanding China in order to forge strategic alliance on the back of a Prosper-Thy-Neighbor policy that promotes the concept of shared security and prosperity based on mutual respect, for mutual gain.

    Extract from Robert Kuok Memoir: “In its 5,000-year history, I doubt that China has had as enlightened a group of leaders as during the past 30 years. They wanted their country to grow, and their people to prosper. Few leaders today compare with China’s in terms of true patriotism, selfless devotion to duty, and complete willingness to dedicate their lives to the causes of nation-building and raising the peoples’ standard of living.

    In my business travels around China, I often came across incompetent or bigoted officials. Nearly every time I had a major tussle with one, or I met a dubious vice governor or mayor, I would come back and, in my judgmental way, tell my colleagues, “How can that man run such-and-such a city?” And sure enough, the next time I visited the place, say a year later, the man had been removed and a better man was in his place. I began to note to myself and to others that in Southeast Asia, a bad egg gets promoted; in China, a bad egg is removed.

    The years of experimenting with extreme left-wing communism have had adverse side effects on Chinese society. One effect is that many grew up without a strong moral compass. They acted as though your wealth should be shared with them. While they professed to share their wealth with you – they knew full well that they had nothing. I used to tell Chinese cadres: “That is not communism; it is highway robbery! You people are even indecent in not telling the truth to yourselves.”

    To my mind, the two greatest challenges facing China are the restoration of education in morals and the establishment of the rule of law. A moral society cannot be attained through policing. You must begin at the beginning, and infuse the young with a strong sense of morality from a young age, both at home and at school. For centuries, Confucian principles provided China’s moral compass; they can do so again.

    The second important point is that China must strive to understand and implement the rule of law. This is more important than implementing democracy. It is a basic principle of the rule of law that everyone is equal before the law. In China today we have rule by man. Under the rule of law, even the General-Secretary of the Communist Party is not above the law.

    I know many believe that it is impossible for a communist party to accept the rule of law. But I think that, if the Chinese Communist Party is to survive, the leaders of the Communist Party must adapt. Otherwise, the people of China will reject them and cast them out.

    I only hope that the Communist Party will take the lead in implementing the rule of law. It will require a gigantic effort, as the culture must change and the legal infrastructure must be created. You have to train upright judges and lawyers to uphold the legal system. This may take 20-30 years, but it must start today. If the party succeeds in this monumental task, then the road ahead for China is filled with hope for all mankind.”

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE
    PS: “The cockroach management theory for self development”
    At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She started screaming out of fear.
    With a panic stricken face and trembling voice, she started jumping, with both hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach.
    Her reaction was contagious, as everyone in her group also got panicky.
    The lady finally managed to push the cockroach away, but it landed on another lady in the group.
    Now, it was the turn of the other lady in the group to continue the drama.
    The waiter rushed forward to their rescue.
    In the relay of throwing, the cockroach next fell upon the waiter.
    The waiter stood firm, composed himself and observed the behavior of the cockroach on his shirt. When he was confident enough, he grabbed it with his fingers and threw it out of the restaurant.

    Was the cockroach responsible for their histrionic behavior?
    If so, then why was the waiter not disturbed?
    He handled it near to perfection, without any chaos.
    It is not the cockroach, but the inability of those people to handle the disturbance caused by the cockroach, that disturbed the ladies.
    More than the problem, it’s our reaction to the problem that creates chaos in our life.

    Lessons learnt from the story:
    We should not react in life.
    We should always respond
    The women reacted, whereas the waiter responded.
    Reactions are always instinctive, whereas responses are always well thought of.

    A beautiful way to understand LIFE:
    A Person who is HAPPY is happy not because everything is RIGHT in his Life…
    He is HAPPY because his Attitude towards Everything in his Life is Right!
    RESPOND TO ISSUES DON’T REACT and keep winning and be happy….*

  17. Fariq Islam Jan 16,2020 12:31 PM

    Assalamualaikum, Tun.

    A country’s strength depends on its people’s unity and fighting spirit.

    Vietnam, being a small nation, was able to defeat the super-power and achieves what it is today, for many factors, among which the key ones were its people’s unity, united-ness and fighting spirit.

    With this as a lesson and good example to emulate, we do hope that our nation can have such Rakyat’s unity, united-ness and fighting spirit for nation’s success and harmony.

    Look at what happens now. Ponggol ceremony is provoked for religious concern. So is Tanglung for Chinese New Year celebration. The dirty politicians have lots of race and religious cards in their bag.

  18. Sri Sense Jan 16,2020 9:24 AM


    I teringat one player I jumpa kat gamesite baru2 ini. Dia kata dia dari Hong Kong. Tak tau apa nak buat so masuk gamesite ini dan host a party. Ramai American yang datang party ini nasihatkan dia jangan keluar rumah, bahaya. After the party over I hantar dia hadiah agak besar. Dia hantar message ucap berbanyak terima kasih. I tak tau samada dia China atau Mat Salih but his English was very good.

  19. HBT456 Jan 16,2020 9:11 AM

    The bottom line of movie makers is to counter absolute power of authorithy in making, thats why they make movies in taunting you.

    Local, regional and world news, read at your own discretion too.

    Just dont be over-excited or over-stressed yourself with local politics.

    In here, i sincrely hope you do not stress out yourself before general election is called.

    Signing off this topic without questioning since i cannot live up to the herd supremacy mentality of double standards.

    P/s: You can choose your strategies as ruling wannabes, you canot stop your opposition rivals in countering your strategies to win votes to form the next ruling government. Adakah itu adil dan lebih selamat? Ini kena tepuk dadah, tanya selera.

  20. twinpeaks Jan 16,2020 8:55 AM

    For HBT456.

    Who on earth suggests twinpeaks wants to be the future prime minister(???)

    Stop blabbering, knucklehead.

  21. twinpeaks Jan 16,2020 8:47 AM

    Really feel sorry for Australia and Australians. Such a beautiful country. The kangaroos and Koalas are dying. It’s a good gesture by Tan Sri Tony Fernandez to offer Air Asia flights to Australia for Malaysian firemen. Not really much can be done with the fire, to be honest. But the really worry is the cost to the Australian economy long term. Property market will be hit hard as investors will be wary up moving to Australia. Education too. Tourism in peak December period will be hit hard. And employment of related sectors. The Australian economy will be hard hit. Very sad..

  22. sibotak Jan 16,2020 6:19 AM

    Un deniable US is Superpower
    So as China, Russia in terms of Military Capabilities
    This Nation stands up upon their downfall after World War 2
    World War 2. No one Win except The Devil
    China after the British Opium War
    Raise up to Superpower today
    Unlike Malaysia which is still struggling among the Melayu Political Stupidity
    Blame Gaming each other than looking forward & progress

    Yes, Guns plays an important role in War
    But Guns don’t go to war, the people do
    The Vietnam war proves it
    Syrians, Iraqis, Iranian and most Muslim is a weapon itself
    We Muslim willing to Die for our Sovereignty, for our Religion
    Unlike US Marines, they will die for Medals
    That makes them demoralize, reluctant and divided during Wars
    Many of their Army walks away, coming back legless, armless throwing their Medals to the floor

    Being a Superpower is OK
    But one may ask
    What is the purpose when everyone wants to be Superpower fitting the World with Weapons. with Hatred, With War
    United Nation is today filled with lots of Goons
    They cannot think Rationally.
    They do not drive The World to Peace & Harmony
    War is not the solutions for Peace

    Peace is not made of War & Weapons
    Peace is made of Luvs, blooming with flowers on the table with negotiation to with a handshake and a smile


    Every member of the United Nation Members must be given a copy of The Quran with their own translation. Every human being that touches the Quran will be guided. These are proofs today, Islam is the fastest-growing religion despite it being Defame, Criticise, etc, Because the Truth, The Guidance is there.
    It is the Words of the Creator.
    US Might , Weapons, Propaganda, Lies to destroy Islam is not working
    Yet Muslims are born among them. Many of them Revert to Islam

    The problem of US being the Superpower today
    Is it is being Arrogant, Boastfull, and Hatred
    US felt they are above others. Above the Ugly part is that they submit to Israel at the expense of Americans. They own the UN, They own the IMF, They own the News of Lies & Propaganda, They own many
    These Mode of Means is not the Route to Success
    We are seeing today, US is struggling its way out
    They are lost and are in a Mess

    Donald Trump has No Direction. He does things on impulse without proper thinking like a Wiseman, Obama
    It seems very much Trump is allergic to the name, Barrack Obama

    Dealing with US can never be at Peace even you sign an Agreement
    Upon US economic negotiations they put Guns on the Table
    Unlike Chine, Russia when they invest, they mind their investment and do not interfere nor instigates the internal affairs of others
    This is Progressive and very Professional

    Today China, Iran, India, Russia are moving very closely
    US The Superpower is behaving like A Man who lost his Beloved Wife
    US is drunk and unsteady. They have No directions
    No wonder the West, that tail US is facing the same fate
    They are not progressive, their value drops, unemployment rates shoots high
    Perhaps is also the reason the breeds of more & more LGBT in the West
    LGBT is a Sick Culture
    It is not born. None we heard till today if some give birth
    We often say , Congrats. I,m happy for you. Is it a boy or a girl?
    Never heard, Oh No…… its Lgbt
    They disagree Muslim marry 1 or 4 wives
    They accepted and cultivate a same-sex marriage that breeds no fruits
    When marrying more than 1 with good intentions helps to solve our social problems like providing those neglected women

    We see today most Nation is moving forward except
    The US still tangling with Wars
    The very reason Muslims must not be The Fools in the United Nation
    when their Voice is not heard.
    I did not hear Muslim Voice being heard in the UN today
    Why waste money on them and be their fools
    We could have strengthened OIC or establish a New Body of our own as what today OIC is just a mere….. Oh, I see for the US under Saudi
    We must have our very own Foundations

    Above all. Muslim World must not rely on West, US for Weapons
    Muslim Men must stand Tall, Face their Enemy upright
    Not nog down their head begging for sympathy & mercy as what I see today
    If we are not welcome in their Nation
    We need to do the vice versa

  23. HBT456 Jan 16,2020 5:01 AM

    twinpeaks Jan 16,2020 12:05 AM

    For SS Lee.

    You are forgetting something, mate. Marxism is the central tenet of Communism, whether of the Russian kind or the Chinese version. The destruction of democracy is an essential element to the existence of a Communist government. It is the most repugnant, most brutal and most inhumane form of governance in the history of mankind. Plus, if I may, Chinese involvement in the Korean War was precisely to safeguard the Chinese and Russian Commies precarious hold on their own societies. There was no other reason. China’s nine-dash nonsense in the South China Sea is not historical but made-up to pre-empt any rescue to a future invasion of democratic Taiwan. Well.., the Commies can keep dreaming until they die of natural death eventually, because all the Allied air and naval bases surrounding the middle kingdom are ready to strike if the Commies make a wrong move. Watch this space..

    ONE CHINA POLICY, and that is the bottom line, twinpeaks.

    Taiwan is allowed to declare as independent state in the world via democracy whereby taiwanese political parties are allowed to choose either to pro-democracy or pro-china when presidency election is called.

    Whoever wins out the presidency election, he or she is the President of Republic of China at Taipei, Taiwan, and life and businesses in taiwan will go on as usual.

    The ark rival of Taiwan is Communist.

    Similarly, the ark rival of Republican is Democrat in USA.

    The dust has settled for the next 4 years, instead of 6 years, for President of the Republic of China located in Taiwan.

    Both china and russia leaderships will do what they need to do to safe guard their sovereign wealth fought by flags of their father too since trump tweeted flag of usa after terminating the world no. 1 iranian terrorist in iraq.

    All Melayu can keep dreaming for the post of Perdana Menteri, and no other races will stop them, why worry?

    The only consequence that twinpeaks need to calculate is, by the end of the day, when you hilang undi majoriti, the dream of pegang any ministries’ portfolios turn out to be a dream, nothing but a dream.

    You can be greedy too twinpeaks, but you cannot stop your melayu rival having same level of greed of yours to be the next perdana menteri.

    Siapakah menang undi majoriti, beliau bakal dinamakan sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia, itulah sebabnya, Hajar keep hantam me treating me as worthless because she thinks i want to take over her race and religion supremacy 😂😂😂

    Being the Perdana Menteri of Malaysia, all he or she needs to do is jack of all trades, master of none.

    Malu apa, bossku.

    To bribe them is easy, but to change their tongkat mindset is very very very tough.

    Lawan tetap Lawan, Malu apa, Bossku.

    Which way to go?

    Itu kena tanya selera dan cita rasa masing2.

  24. twinpeaks Jan 16,2020 12:05 AM

    For SS Lee.

    You are forgetting something, mate. Marxism is the central tenet of Communism, whether of the Russian kind or the Chinese version. The destruction of democracy is an essential element to the existence of a Communist government. It is the most repugnant, most brutal and most inhumane form of governance in the history of mankind. Plus, if I may, Chinese involvement in the Korean War was precisely to safeguard the Chinese and Russian Commies precarious hold on their own societies. There was no other reason. China’s nine-dash nonsense in the South China Sea is not historical but made-up to pre-empt any rescue to a future invasion of democratic Taiwan. Well.., the Commies can keep dreaming until they die of natural death eventually, because all the Allied air and naval bases surrounding the middle kingdom are ready to strike if the Commies make a wrong move. Watch this space..

  25. twinpeaks Jan 15,2020 10:04 PM

    For Sri Sense.

    Let me answer the stock market question on Tun’s behalf.

    The stock market is not predictable. Stock prices act based on news, the latest news. No one can predict how the market will turn up tomorrow, much less for the entire year. If a financial expert offers you this service, he will be rich over night and does not have to offer anyone any more advice, as he will be enjoying his retirement in the Caribbean. But, I can give you a few pointers.

    If you Suddenly hear bad news in Malaysia, you can surely bet that the Bursa index will go down immediately. On the other hand, if you Suddenly hear good news in Malaysia, then the Bursa index will go up pronto. If you Suddenly hear good news for the World, then the Bursa index will react positively. If you Suddenly hear bad news for the World, then the Bursa index will react negatively. If the Bursa index is going down or up, but the rest of the region are not, that means the news is fairly contained within Malaysia only.

    There… a few pointers.

  26. mubarakchan Jan 15,2020 9:47 PM


    My comment on S.S. Lee’s long treatise on China and Communism is straightforward and simple.

    1. Quote S.S. Lee ” The Government of China officially espouses state atheism.” Malaysia’s official religion is Islam. What’s the purpose of your long and detailed discourse ?

    2. In the long history of China, when her Emperor was a nice guy who appreciated the fine arts and other things in Life, the whole country would be in turmoil. But if the Emperor exerted the Rule of Law and lopped off a few heads, the country was peaceful and harmonious. These events reflect the vastness of China and her many independent-minded inhabitants unlike Japan and the Japanese.

    The Japanese were forced to live and work together in a barren land. They were forced to work as a team always. This is the crucial difference between the Chinese and the Japanese. The former is always fiercely independently minded whilst the latter work together as a team for survival.

    The Communist Party is most eminently suitable to rule China because of the inborn Chinese trait of being fiercely independently minded. Now all Chinese in China toe the line like the strong-arm Emperors of ancient China and their peaceful and harmonious Dynasties.

    In recent years, Confucianism, a Philosophy, was rehabilitated in place of a religion for the State. The jury is still out on the results of this political-religious-social experiment on the mainland Chinese.

    Are the Chinese of Malaysia fiercely independently minded, S.S. Lee ?

    COMMUNISM IS DEFINITELY NOT SUITABLE FOR OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. S.S. Lee ! WE HAVE TO DEVELOP OUR OWN MALAYSIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY. I am surprised you did not view the vital difference as a Chinese living in a Malaysian environment all the time !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem. Sometimes it does not pay to know too much !

  27. twinpeaks Jan 15,2020 9:06 PM

    For Malloucius.

    We understand your frustration with the Prime Minister’s view. But, Tun Mahathir is not the only one who espouses the pro-Muslim viewpoints. All the previous Prime Ministers say they same lines. So, you cannot blame him. It is not as if he is free to say as he wants. As a politician, your longevity in the job all depends on you thinking along the same wave length as the majority in this country. The Malay Muslim majority provides the basic template and thus the dominant angle to everything that goes on in government, be it Educational policy, Foreign policy, Defence, and so on. In fact, if you look at Tun’s record, he has done remarkably well considering the constraining parameters he has had to operate under. PAS is always lurking in the shadow, DAP is always there somewhere. So Tun is juggling a lot of balls, and at the same time, he has to move the country forward towards becoming a fully-developed economy. That is not an easy task, especially when you have all kinds of demands and people pulling in all different directions. That is Malaysia.

    And yet, we are virtually on the cusp of OECD nation status, in fact well ahead of any South American country, except for Brazil, whose crafty President is plainly smooching up with President Trump. So Malaysia has done very well considering these difficult circumstances. And may I add, once again (!), that the credit for our successful journey, is 80 per cent due to none other than Tun Mahathir.

  28. malloucius Jan 15,2020 7:49 PM

    Dear Tun,

    1. The American did not lose Vietnam war, the US chose not to pursue any more war in Vietnam because of international pressure, and the American opposition to the war that has consumed lots of innocent life. The release of the naked girl who was running away from fire bombing of her village sparks American anger against their own government.

    2. US could have left Iraq after the war but also chose not to leave Iraq because of political opposition by the war hawks in congress. Some of the security advisors in Washington also opposed withdrawal from Iraq because they benefits from Iraqi occupation.

    3. There are American soldiers who died, but compared to US soldiers who had died, there are thousands more Iraqi soldiers and Iraqi civilians who had been killed by the American. This is also true in the case of Vietnamese war that US was involved with.

    4. There is differences alright, Tun, you are equating an innocent man who was fighting for his FREEDOM with a man who was MURDERING innocents people. Khashoggi died fighting for freedom, he had to flee his country because they are trying to kill him just for speaking up against the tyrant in their country. While Soleimani was a MUREDERER who had hundreds innocents lives including civilians in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, and else where around the world. It was also said that according to British intelligence and Israeli intelligence that the Quds force once bombed innocent people in Thailand just for praying to their god. Is this what Islam taught us to do?

    5. I dont quite understand why do you back Iran so much? Iran most likely also interfered with Malaysian affairs in the past, maybe we did not notice because our defense, and intelligence is a joke. But in countries where their intel agency is doing their job in counterintelligence operations they do know why Iran should not get their hand on nuclear weapons. Just ask Iran who had bombed Argentina, Saudi oil facilities, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and all over the world.

  29. SSLEE Jan 15,2020 7:31 PM

    Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Please allow me to address some of Tun’s blog commentator’s misconception about Communism which painted Communist Party of China (CPC) in bad light as super villain and Uncle Sam free capitalism Captain America as superhero.

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” the utopian of Marxist Communism perfect classless society in which all property/land/asset/natural resources/capital is publicly/state owned and each citizen works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. As oppose to capitalism “selfishness and greed is good” where market set price for the sole purpose of profit and those with capital and resource (capitalist/landlord) will become super-rich and those without (working class/landless peasant) become super-poor.
    Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said growing income inequality between the rich and poor, particularly along urban and rural lines, could lead to class conflict and the re-emergence of communist and socialist ideologies.

    “One of the reasons for communism and socialism was because the capitalist were making a lot of money. The workers were not making much money so there was a confrontation.
    Communism and socialism remain stigmatised in Malaysia due to the Malayan Emergency and ensuing Communist Insurgency. The conflict officially ended with the 1989 Hat Yai Peace Accord but Malaysian police routinely investigate individuals and events that are linked to communism.

    Let’s look into how Communist Party of China comes to rule China and China economic model.
    The government of China officially espouses state atheism, though Chinese civilization has historically long been a cradle and host to a variety of the most enduring religio-philosophical traditions of the world. Confucianism and Taoism , later joined by Buddhism, constitute the “three teachings” that have shaped Chinese culture.

    The emperors of China claimed the Mandate of Heaven and participated in Chinese religious practices. In the early 20th century, reform-minded officials and intellectuals attacked all religions as “superstitious”, and since 1949, China has been governed by the Communist Party of China, an atheist institution that prohibits party members from practicing religion while in office.

    The government formally recognizes five religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Protestanism, and Islam . In the early twenty-first century there has been increasing official recognition of Confucianism and Chinese folk religion as part of China’s cultural inheritance.

    The Mandate of Heaven is a Chinese political and religious doctrine used since ancient times to justify the rule of the King or Emperor of China. According to this belief, Heaven — which embodies the natural order and will of the universe bestows the mandate on a just ruler of China. If a ruler was overthrown, this was interpreted as an indication that the ruler was unworthy, and had lost the mandate. It was also a common belief that natural disasters such as famine and flood were divine retributions bearing signs of Heaven’s displeasure with the ruler, so there would often be revolts following major disasters as the people saw these calamities as signs that the Mandate of Heaven had been withdrawn.

    Communist party of China is very mindful of this Mandate of Heaven (Just ruler: Ruler or Government who wins the hearts and minds of people will earn Mandate of Heaven to rule China)
    Qing dynasty comes to an end in 1911 by people uprising lead by Dr Sun Yat Sen. What follow is period of instability; the Beiyang Government, warlords era, KMT-CPC First United Front and KMT-CPC split and resulting Civil War fought between the Kuomintang (KMT)-led government of the Republic of China (ROC) and the Communist Party of China (CPC) lasting intermittently between 1927 and 1949 with in between second Sino-Japanese war 1937-1945. The Long March (October 1934 – October 1935) was a CPC military retreat from the brink of annihilation by KMT Chiang Kai-shek’s troops in their stronghold in Jiangxi province. The Communists, under the eventual command of Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, escaped in a circling retreat to the west and north, which reportedly traversed over 9,000 kilometers (5600 miles) over 370 days. The route passed through some of the most difficult terrain of western China by traveling west, then north, to Shaanxi. From countryside CPC able to spread communism ideology against sharp inequalities in society (Landless poor peasant against landlord and poor working class against capitalist) and lead CPC to War of Liberation victory against corrupted KMT- led government of ROC.

    On 1 October 1949, Mao Zedong proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China with its capital at Beijing. Chiang Kai-shek and approximately two million KMT Nationalist soldiers retreated from mainland China to the island of Taiwan in December. Taiwan ROC and PRC in mainland China both officially claiming to be the legitimate government of all China. No armistice or peace treaty was ever signed, and the debate continues as to whether the civil war has legally end. Is Taiwan unequivocally part of China, a renegade province waiting to be reunited with mainland China or a sovereign state?
    Note: The First Sino-Japanese War (25 July 1894 – 17 April 1895) end with Qing China defeat and the Treaty of Shimonoseki was signed on 17 April 1895. The Qing Empire recognized the total independence of Korea and ceded the Liaodong Peninsula, Taiwan and Penghu Islands to Japan “in perpetuity”. In 1945, following the end of World War II, the nationalist government of the Republic of China (ROC), led by the Kuomintang (KMT), took control of Taiwan.

    The People’s Republic of China is governed by the CPC top elite, elected by the CPC members but for the people of China. China economy system is basically Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.
    China’s economic strategy is creating free-market capitalism with an authoritarian one-party state that prioritizes political stability. The three broad guidelines for economic development are:
    1. Commitment to market innovation and constant experimentation.
    2. Sustainability of the economic system, an equitable distribution of wealth and poverty alleviation.
    3. Policy of self-determination.

    Basically China rapid economic advance is due to stability provided by CPC government and their commitment to market innovation and experimentation. People of China support the CPC government (Mandate of Heaven) because of sustainability of the economic system, an equitable distribution of wealth (some get rich or superrich first in order to help the poor) and poverty alleviation.
    Allowing market to play a bigger role in China’s economy in the past few decades has led to a “dramatic development” that pulled hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, said World Bank President David Malpass on Thursday, which marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.
    Since its founding in 1949, the People’s Republic of China has lifted more than 800 million people out of poverty, which represent over 70 percent of global poverty reduction. Beijing has also promised to wipe out extreme poverty by 2020, ten years earlier than the deadline set by the United Nations (UN) in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

    Let’s be honest, the western democratic government is slowly turning into Government of the 1% business elite, by the 1% business elite, for the 1% business elite. A democratic government with unbridled capitalism free market-based approach economy (sometimes described as market fundamentalism or neoliberalism) has given rise to oligopolistic and monopolistic economy where the rich will get richer and poor become poorer.
    In 2017, an Oxfam study found that eight rich people, six of them Americans, own as much combined wealth as half the human race
    A 2014 study by researchers at Princeton and Northwestern concludes that government policies reflect the desires of the wealthy, and that the vast majority of American citizens have “minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy … when a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites and/or with organized interests, they generally lose. According to a June 2017 report by the Boston Consulting Group, around 70% of the nation’s wealth will be in the hands of millionaires and billionaires by 2021
    In a special address on the first anniversary of ‘Malaysia Baharu’ which commemorates the country’s first change in government since its inception, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announce a new economic model which advocates shared prosperity with the aim of providing a ‘decent standard of living for all Malaysians’ by 2030 across economic class, race and geographic location. The “shared prosperity 2030” will replace the Vision 2020 model which was used in the past decade but failed to accomplish its mission and is no longer achievable.

    Tun’s new economic Model “Shared Prosperity 2030” is achievable provided we Malaysians are prepared to adopt a new mindset starting with racial unity, needs base policy, shared responsibility, shared destiny and getting our education priority right. An education that empowered Malaysians with critical thinking and open minded and prepared Malaysians for knowledge based economy and IR 4.0/5.0. An education that fostering a united country, a society with a liberated spirit, a democratic society, a moral and ethical society, a liberal society, a scientific and progressive society, a caring society, an economically just society, and a prosperous society.

    Thank you

    Yours truly,
    SS LEE
    P/S: China vague maritime claim of South China Sea base on 9 dish line is without clear history fact. Hence the conflicting claims among the sovereign states should be solved peacefully among them without trouble-maker USA. USA only brings chaos, war, destruction and dead.

    As of Tun’s concern about bushfire ranging in Australia and others yearly fires occurrences (California wildfires, Indonesia/Malaysia peat/plantation/forest fires, European forest fire and etc) is due to climate change where dry season will be extreme dry and hot (fire) and raining season will be extremely wet (flood) hence the only solution is to build many man-made lakes according to land topography to prevent flood and as natural barrier to break fire.
    This 650-hectare man-made lake is designed to act as a natural cooling system for the city and also for recreation, fishing, water sports and water transport. The lake and its surrounding areas form Putrajaya’s most popular resource for informal recreation as a waterfront city

  30. mubarakchan Jan 15,2020 7:10 PM


    The resident Hainanese snake HNT630 has yet to express profound apologies, regrets or remorse for calling you “AN OLD SHIT” in your own distinguished Blog. He/she is giving the Hainanese not the Chinese a bad name. Also, the hermaphrodite snake has not given the meaning of “A SECRET IS NOT A SECRET” to us distinguished commentators. Tonight he/she should not go to bed with the cherished VOTE until the requisite needful has been done to the satisfaction of all in this distinguished Blog.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem. In you we all TRUST including HBT630 !

  31. Sri Sense Jan 15,2020 5:19 PM


    Lama dah I tak share my link, so I tumpang share

    Trump ini satu perangainya I menyampah, sikit2 twit, sikit2 twit, pasal suka sangat bercakap banyak official dan unofficial, tak pasal2 saham seluruh dunia goyah!

    Because stock market yang kecil2 seluruh dunia pandang US. Tapi stock market Malaysia cukup aneh sejak PH naik, bila Dow jatuh, Malaysia turut jatuh, bila Dow naik, Malaysia jatuh. Bila SEA region up, Malaysia jatuh. So I pun tak tahu bursa malaysia ini ikut siapa sebenarnya? Mungkin Tun boleh jawab arah mana kita sebenarnya.

  32. mubarakchan Jan 15,2020 5:07 PM


    A Headline, ” PM. I am ready to go if the Presidential Council decides.”

    ” Man proposes. God disposes,” brought back our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad into the Premiership through the force of the popular democratic vote and not by his own volition. He was actually very reluctant to be in politics again until the very last minute.

    His experience, ability and wisdom were seen by all to be the balm not only to unify the whole country but also to cleanse it of the immoral and corrupt activities of the Singaporean Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 and its equally corrupt elite and GLCs/SOEs which brought our beloved Malaysia to her knees.

    Not only that, Malaysia was already prepared to be served as the eternal slave to Singapore via the Lee Kuan Yew creation to kill Malaysia/Malays forever via the TPPA/CPTPP by the BN Government signing it. The corrupt BN Government bungled to the chagrin of Singapore by not ratifying it immediately because they were so cocksure that BN would win hands down at the 14th GE.

    What is this TPPA/CPTPP the Malaysia/Malays Killer which I kept talking about ?

    The Lee Kuan Yew specially crafted creation, TPPA/CPTPP was part of 4 Initiatives promoted by him when Singapore’s lush and monopolistic trades blessed by Uncle Sam, collapsed after the sudden end of the Cold War 1948-1989.

    Uncle Sam expounded his hegemonic spiel, “Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights” which benefitted the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). Singapore, its tiny ally in the Cold War was forgotten when the BRICS not only expanded World Wide in trade but also grabbed Singapore’s monopolistic trades of the Cold War 1948-1989. Singapore lost all except the probably US$ 500 Billion largesse derived from that shadowy trades of the Cold War 1948-1989 with Uncle Sam’s blessing since 1962.

    The other 3 Initiatives of Lee Kuan Yew to fill the GDP void from the loss of those shadowy Cold War Trades were Temasek, FT imports, 2 casinos.

    By October 2008, all except the TPPA/CPTPP failed to hit the mark of bolstering the GDP. The TPPA/CPTPP was the last and only hope for Singapore to sustain, survive and leave a legacy for Lee Kuan Yew’s inheritors who are now proven to be bland and uninspiring.

    After October 2008 with the Crash of Wall Street, Obama grabbed the TPPA/CPTPP as his own. Previously, this satrap was only known as a Free Trade Scheme created by Lee Kuan Yew to ensnare Malaysia because since 2004 OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA’S LEADERSHIP WAS ALREADY IN HIS LITTLE POCKET AS PROVEN BY OUR LOSS OF PULAU BATU PUTEH, KTM ASSETS, AND MANY MORE – 2004-2018. This dark blot in Malaysia’s history will never be erased by the future generations of historians – the eagerness by her unqualified Leadership, 2004-2018 to give away Malaysia’s traditional assets freely to predators like selling theirs grandmothers down river.

    In fact the Free Trade Scheme as concocted by Lee Kuan Yew was launched in 2005 with the concomitant establishment of the International Trade Tribunal in Singapore so confident was Lee Kuan Yew in this endeavour.

    By 2006, the US Republicans were not interested. Only Singapore, Brunei, Chile and New Zealand were the members. Singapore only had the US Democrats in its pocket, not the Republicans.

    The TPPA/CPTPP would overnight breakdown the tariff doors of Malaysia to the flood of tariff free Singaporean goods and re-labelled goods to flood in to kill off all Malaysian SMEs at one stroke. Mass bankruptcies and unemployment follow. The incumbent Government takes the blame and falls due to the mass chaos and lawlessness. Malays are side-lined. Chinese become middle men again for Singapore and financed by it. With the power of money, Singapore will have subsequent Malaysian Governments in its tiny pocket with big funding from China.

    Malaysia becomes a puppet of foreigners through and through. Quo Vadis Malaysia ?

    Strangely, the President of the SME not only supported the TPPA/CPTPP but was also ennobled before 9 May 2018 !

    The one page 1962 Water Agreement out-foxed the Malaysians for over 50 years. But the 50 volumes TPPA/CPTPP will lock in the Malaysians forever in the interest of Singapore because Singapore is the sole beneficiary by being geographically sited next to Malaysia whilst the rest of the signatories are thousands of kilometres away. Stupid.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with DSAI and the Team by his side ousted the corrupt and immoral BN Government on 9 May 2018 to save our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat from certain slavery and living Death.

    The death of all our contributions in the building up of our beloved Malaysia since 1957. Then, we could only look at the wanton corrupt and immoral behaviour of the BN Government 2004-2018 like gold fish in a bowl !

    Man proposes. God disposes.

    That was the keynote to our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s return to the Premiership- the ousting of the BN Government and its proposed RATIFICATION OF THE LEE KUAN YEW’S WICKED CREATION, THE TPPA/CPTPPA.

    And of course, all the PH Government’s subsequent actions to clean up the Augean Stables left by the corrupt and immoral BN Government.

    Without solid socio-economic benefits for the Rakyat, it is obvious that some reforms could not be easily put in place within the context of the revered Constitution taking into cognizance that in a Democracy, the majority has the final say in all things. In this aspect, a trustworthy and credible Leadership will go a long way to promote the right and proper reforms. With the shattered socio-economy and the absence of many elite, the re-building of a civil Society will take time because iconic institutions must be the first to be rehabilitated after any disaster.

    Therefore, at moments like this, the push to have just anyone to be the next Prime Minister is fraught with high risks and danger.

    Our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat had already escaped certain slavery and living Death via the TPPA/CPTPP as planned by Lee Kuan Yew with those unqualified chaps in his tiny pocket 2004-2018. But Man proposes. God disposes. We escaped by the skin of our teeth like Houdini as it is said.

    Another wrong move at the very top is like ‘SOOTING OURSELVES IN THE FOOT.’

    Rome was not built in a day. Malaysia is not expected to be built any time faster.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem. Our problem is that so many people think that they too can be the PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA.

  33. HBT456 Jan 15,2020 1:34 PM

    twinpeaks Jan 15,2020 10:38 AM

    For HBT456.

    Stop blabbering, knucklehead.

    If you cannot tahan, then, file for divorce, twinpeaks.

    See you in court.

    P/s: time to keep our border safe to make malaysia great again, who wants to take charge?

  34. twinpeaks Jan 15,2020 12:48 PM

    For HBT456.

    What’s the report got to do with the previous Foreign Minister(??) What the heck is the smelly dog on about.

    Stop blabbering, knucklehead.

  35. twinpeaks Jan 15,2020 12:38 PM

    The benchmark palm oil contract for March delivery in Bursa Malaysia climbed 0.7 percent in early trade today, up from Tuesday’s biggest 8-month fall of 2.8%. India suspended palm oil imports from Malaysia after Tun remarked on their citizenship law (…silly Indians). But thanks to the recovery in futures price of Palm Oil competitor Soy Oil in Chicago, Palm Oil price has also recovered a little.

    What a relief..

  36. Tun Perak Jan 15,2020 11:03 AM


    In the past few years, the American uses robotic assassin which fly bombs to kill its target. Open war ? Not the current trend.

    The word assassin originated from the word “Hashashin”, from a sect that lived in Persia in the 12th centuryb (The book of Ser, Marco Polo).

    In 1991, a professor in Japan who translated Salman Rushdie book into Japanese, were found dead after Ayatollah Khomeini issue fatwa on Salman Rushdie. The killers are not known until today. Wildly rumoured they were from Persia.

    I tend to think that Trump’s life is in danger. That high level of killing needs highest level of authority.

  37. twinpeaks Jan 15,2020 11:03 AM

    Get This.. Brazil of all places, a country with an economy MILES behind Malaysia, is up to become the next OECD member country, after getting full support from the Rich Nations Club’s big brother (the United States).

    Brazil’s President Jair Bolsanaro is such a huge Trump supporter to the extent that Brazil is now in line to be recognized worldwide as a developed country (despite not being one at all)(!!!)

    Just imagine if Tun sends a Proton Perdana to President Trump on his next birthday. No… I am not suggesting we should do that at all. Of course not.

  38. HBT456 Jan 15,2020 10:46 AM

    Hey, mat salleh, you know who sponsored you the right to do your activism here?

    Who was the foreign minister before pakatan harapan?

    You want to do, its ok.

    But, do it in regulated way with fairness and equality.

    No need to do in such a way that could caused vote loss to pakatan harapan.

    You will be out of job, man when you insist this way.

    You want to listen, or not?

    Politics is just a game of number.

    Play with the flow so that you can retain your activism to continue promoting lgbt without causing racial and religion tension or unwanted hurt in the public especially increasing hate crimes, ok?

    You faham ke, pak AS?

    As saying goes, you are in the lime light, your enemy is in the dark.

    Hence, do it in a safe way, not hard selling way.

    Malaysians too are not that stupid, ok?

  39. twinpeaks Jan 15,2020 10:38 AM

    For HBT456.

    Stop blabbering, knucklehead.

  40. Sri Sense Jan 15,2020 9:58 AM


    I bila main game online biasa juga temui US Army Veteran. Ada yang cacat, ada yang tidak, dan dah kerja lain. Since the game is a Multiplayer video game, kami juga ada party, kalau orang US temui Veteran dalam party tersebut, mereka selalu kata ini THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. Bila ada yang datang party suka bagi banyak gifts, maka mereka akan kata … for President. hahaha

    I juga temui orang Indonesia yang tinggal di Amerika online, ada juga orang Filipina yang tinggal di Germany. Overall mereka tak complaint apa pun tentang country mereka berada. They blend so well with rakyat sana. Sehinggakan wanita Indonesia yang tinggal US tak tau bila Hari Raya Puasa dan Haji lagi.

    My friend ada yang tinggal di US, sampai beranak pinak. Bila balik sini ada juga sebut US rasis, tapi hanya setakat itu, nothing more. Bila habis cuti dia balik US macam biasa. Bila musim cuti balik Malaysia dan jalan2 rantau sini sebab pertukaran duit. I bet kalau duit Malaysia lebih tinggi dari US, dia pun tak mahu balik rantau sini.

    Orang Vietnam pun ramai merantau US dan Australia. Mereka nampaknya lebih berjaya bina hidup disana dari dinegara sendiri. Tak juga I dengar mereka menuntut hak yang sama seperti golongan penduduk asli Australia atau Amerika. Tidak juga I dengar tuntutan seperti mesti ada sekolah Vietnam tangungan kerajaan. Mesti ada itu, mesti ada ini, most of perantau tau bawak diri, yang penting cari makan dan tanggung keluarga.

  41. HBT456 Jan 15,2020 9:19 AM

    Cakap semua pun pandai to ngap the unearned public fund to rich their family members of kenapa beliau boleh, kenapa aku tak boleh?

    Apabila bermasalah, semua kecut and hide under the sarung, and buat tak tahu.

    Asyik protes sini sana, tak malu ke?

    Aku pun rasa malu walaupun aku bukan melayu.


    Kerana aku dididikkan under sekolah kebangsaan di peringkat wilayah persekutuan kl.

    I cannot live up to this kind of herd supremacy mentality of sekejap ini, sekejap itu iaitu semua adalah salah kaum cina.

    Hak bukan dia, hak dia.

    Hak dia, hak dia.

    Hence, i chosen to leave.


    When general election is called, i just cast my vote, itu saja.

    Keranamu, Malaysia.

    Are you ready?

  42. HBT456 Jan 15,2020 9:04 AM

    RD. Jan 14,2020 11:54 PM

    “Certainly it is the most powerful military power in the world today. It has the capacity to wipe off the whole of humanity if it chooses to do so.”

    Well… that can be expected of warmonger… who was known to have caused the near extinction of Bison herd… culling millions to remove the main food source for North American Indians… in their haste to starve the natives, off their land.

    They are also the only country in the world that have ever dropped 2 Atomic bombs, instantly killing hundreds of thousand innocent population… tens of thousand more died a miserable slow death decades on, due to radiation related sickness.

    I tot malaysia under umno baru barisan nasional is supposed to forget and forgive, and took a new approach in inviting mr barrak obama to kl to give inspiring speech to malaysian young students on yes, we can change with malay and moslem biased policy, dll hanya menurut perintah saja based on consnsus, atau mutual trust.

    The media speech made by the chief military of iran in downing Ukraine Inetrnational Airlines that took 176 passengers and crew who were iranina as revenge, atau, retaliation, shown no remorse at all. Walaupun saya tak faham bahasa negara iran, from his tone, he show no remorse in downing the plane.

    Please lah, dont use the word RD when you are racist and greed at core in in monopolized the local market with your extreme and biased malay moslem biased policy.

    In Malaysia, the most ugly religion is Islam, and in the world, i think you can figure out by now.

    Look at Sabah, oops, i ,mean, Xinjiang, do these moslem say thank you to the han people, people’s republic of china in developing their province, langsung takda.

    Bukan main teror in bombing sini sana treating the taxpayers like their slaves.

    As saying goes, those who lives in glass house must not baling batu. Malu apa bossku? Jika engkau rasa malu, tak payah baling batu punya. All you need to say NAK atau TAK NAK, apabila by election atau general election is called. Apa yang susah2 ini, betul tak?

  43. RD. Jan 14,2020 11:54 PM

    “Certainly it is the most powerful military power in the world today. It has the capacity to wipe off the whole of humanity if it chooses to do so.”

    Well… that can be expected of warmonger… who was known to have caused the near extinction of Bison herd… culling millions to remove the main food source for North American Indians… in their haste to starve the natives, off their land.

    They are also the only country in the world that have ever dropped 2 Atomic bombs, instantly killing hundreds of thousand innocent population… tens of thousand more died a miserable slow death decades on, due to radiation related sickness.

  44. mubarakchan Jan 14,2020 11:00 PM


    For those who believe in ‘Karma’. Australia was once known as the “Lucky Country.” Those non-Caucasians who had experienced the attitude or treatment by the Australian Government and some its citizens may beg to differ.

    I visited Oz for the first time in October 1969. The Immigration Dept treated me in a most extraordinary manner which I rather not mention even though my manner of speech and dress would not put any other ordinary person to shame. The treatment of the non-Caucasians in Australia has always been questionable. And worst of all, Australia with its huge continental land mass kept it all to herself and her small population of Caucasians.

    This resulted in the brutal and ugly treatment of all those refugees specially incarcerated on some deserted tropical isle in the South Pacific. They are now left to rot. Is this karma for the Australians with their unceasing bushfires to come ?

    Look at the giant Lee Kuan Yew with feet of clay and Singapore a First World country pushed up by riches which were not within his control during the Cold War 1948-1989.

    Look at the Singaporean Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018, its equally corrupt elite and GLCs/SOEs.

    What happened to these once invincible titans of the First World and of Malaysian Politics ?

    Therefore, it pays and pays for our beloved Malaysia to be built on firm and solid ground based on simple fundamentals like normal thoughts and work. We need not be Icarus and get melted down by the Sun. He over-reached as we all know.

    A major building block is our long neglected and under-subsidized Agriculture as rightly highlighted by our Tun Dr Daim Zainuddin. Agriculture is sacrosanct in most developed nations like Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany etc which are places the farmers loved to put on a fancy dress on festive days. – places where conservatism in heritage, traditional customs and practices exist in keeping with the past and are alive and well.

    Malaysia which has still huge areas for agriculture and a long shore line for the production of sea-foods is well suited to pursue this long neglected field of endeavour further. Instead, vast amounts of money is wasted in putting up concrete for no purpose but for corruption all over Kuala Lumpur and other precincts.

    Our Mind-sets have to be re-calibrated to put things right as exhorted by our beloved Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who is now the subject of much comments. OK !

    BUT WHO CAN BE A BETTER PRIME MINISTER THAN OUR BELOVED TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD ? Please stand up. Is this person willing to guarantee that our beloved Malaysia will not collapse forthwith ?

    Like Australia, you naysayers, detractors, morons, crypto-singaporeans and communists, tycoons, fellow travellers, treasonous ennobled Senior Civil Servants, spies, swallows, ducks etc do not be too cocksure with the freedom of speech as practised in our beloved Malaysia. For sure, the karma will catch up with you like what happened to Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore or the corrupt BN and Malaysia.

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem.

  45. musato Jan 14,2020 8:24 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Banyak betul masa Tun untuk menulis.

    Saya belum jawab lagi pasal okinawa village shop.

    Walaubagaimanapun, jadual saya lepas Chinese New Year adalah mengajar meroti pada sekumpulan peserta program e-kasih.

    Kawan kawan bank pelawa bawah program tanggungjawab sosial korporat. Katanya roti chef yang Kemas anjurkan dulu keras kelekong.


    Terima kasih Tun.

  46. HBT456 Jan 14,2020 5:55 PM

    Beside komplen, protest, tunjuk perasaan, maki hamun dan gosip and have no love for the state and country, why contest?

    There is a huge difference between racism and nationalism.

    There is a huge difference betweem nationalism and patriotism.

    These are hard works, bukan sekadar untuk menyedapkan hati kaum masing2 untuk meraihkan undi to pegang the portfolio.

    I guess the coffin should be nailed by now.

    Then work with the flow gracefully without hatred and anger.

    I guess thats life.

    Good luck, and all the best.

  47. mubarakchan Jan 14,2020 5:47 PM


    The Roman Empire and the British Empire where the Sun never set, where are they now ?

    It is the Spirit of Humankind which will endure and it is our fervent hope that through the building blocks of today which you plan for our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat, our beloved Malaysia will last 1,000 years. Why not ? India, China, Japan and the Malays of the Archipelago have been around for over 1,000 years.

    America became great through Wars. The War of Independence 1774, the Indian Wars, the Civil War, the Spanish War, World War I, the Mexican War, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Middle East and Afghanistan 1992-2020. All of them funded by the greenback the common currency of the US Political-Industrial-Complex beginning with the Eisenhower Administration in the 1950s.

    The Military Power of the United States has to be seen to be believed.

    I was always keen on the propeller aeroplane since young. In 1943, our house was right beneath the landing path of the Pajam Airport, New Delhi which was part of the CBI Theatre (China-Burma-India). Many types of American aircraft would land day and night without a break up to 10 pm at night. The B-24, B-25, DC-3, many Republic Commando – C-46, Black Widow, but hardly a single British aircraft. New Delhi was flooded with GIs who took up all the Anglo-Indian girls. Not a single Indian could be seen except in the old town. That was the Power of the United States in 1943. India in 1942, there was not a single GI or US aircraft in sight. World War II was probably the United States last War as a freedom fighter with the Korean War 1952-1953 as the encore.

    With the Roman Empire and the British Empire, it was the cost of funding the Colonies which killed the golden goose which laid the golden eggs.

    According to the History Professor, Jesus college, Cambridge when in 1982, I asked him what he thought of so many foreigners in Britain. He replied that the fall of Rome was not due to the Barbarians at the gate but the huge numbers of foreigners within it viz. Singapore and UK ?

    In the 19th Century, Africa was up for grabs. The British, French, Belgians, Germans, Portuguese, Spanish all had a piece of the pie. Much to the British regret later, they found what they grabbed in Africa gave them more problems than profits. Cruelly, traditional tribal territories were carved up according to the occupying force applied. Hence, in most parts of Africa today, we hear of huge massacres of one tribe or another without an end.

    The methodology of how America became Great will end with the lack of money. American has a debt of approximately 18 Trillion Dollars today based on selling her future. This is ballooned up by the number of American Dollar notes which no one knows how many were printed since the 1970s. In 1972, Nixon took the US Dollar out of its Gold backing.

    We are indeed in interesting times. With the economists the die-hard antagonists of Gold which they called a barbaric relic. And Gold always seemed to lurk in the back-ground as the alternative to Humankind foolishness in wanton destruction like in our beloved Malaysia by the Singaporean Puppet Corrupt and Uncaring BN Government 2004-2018 and its equally corrupt elite and GLCs/SOEs.

    Lee Kuan Yew lost out by not investing his huge largesse from the Uncle Sam’s blessed Trades of the Cold War 1948-1989 due to his lack of Mind-set and legally strict observation of conventional protocols. In other words, he could not think out of the box by investing in 4,000 tons of Gold at US$ 300 per ounce before 2000. By October 2008, Singapore would have been King of the Hill and not just an ordinary Knight in Shining Armour with Malaysia caught between a rock and a hard place. Man proposes. God disposes.

    As history is the finest Arbiter of the Truth, THE UNITED STATES WILL BE AS STRONG OR AS WEAK AS IT’S WEAKEST LINK – THE MIGHTY UNITED STATES DOLLAR. The ultimate secret of the strength of the United States. Imagine the rest of the World accept US paper money in exchange for their back-breaking commodities and goods which depreciate their resources !

    Malaysia Boleh Tun as always. No problem.

  48. HBT456 Jan 14,2020 5:00 PM

    Sri sense kata she is expert in public relations.

    I am wondering will ph, bn, pas and independent parties bergabung under bersatu logo to protest in high commissioner of india in kl since malaysia to show support to TDM this time

    By the end of the day, even dap also wont dare to make noise one.


    You go figure out yourself.

    Tit for Tat?

    Tat for Tit?

  49. twinpeaks Jan 14,2020 3:15 PM

    Australia is a catastrophe. And not only that. It is predicted to be a regular event and worse to come. Ultra high temperature, low humidity, low rainfall, strong winds. A catastrophic combination. This is the sad thing. You cannot control nature. It does whatever it wants, whenever it wants.

  50. Sri Sense Jan 14,2020 1:51 PM

    Australia bushfires: What countries have offered international aid?

    EURONEWS By Marie Jamet • last updated: 06/01/2020

    Many countries have committed to help Australia as it fights massive blazes that have raged through the country for months.

    But while a state of emergency was declared in New South Wales at the end of December, the country has still not officially called for international aid.

    As Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been heavily criticised for his management of the crisis, many countries have begun offering extra personnel to help.

    Neighbouring countries
    New Zealand responded quickly to the disaster, sending 157 firefighters and personnel to the country as early as October.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on January 3 that the country would send 22 more firefighters and three helicopters to help out.

    “I’ve been in contact with the Australian PM again this week to share our support and to offer whatever we can to help. Australia stood by us through some horrific moments in 2019, and we’re here to do the same,” Ardern wrote in a Facebook message.

    She said it was devastating to watch from afar.

    The prime minister of Papua New Guinea, an island nation located to the north of Australia, said on January 5 that the country would send 1,000 soldiers and firefighters if the Australian prime minister requested.

    Other assistance
    The United States sent 100 American firefighters in early December, 44 forest service and wildfire personnel on December 30 and another 21 on January 4.

    Canadian firefighters also joined the effort with leaders recalling the help Australia provided when wildfires spread in Canada.

    “I have communicated with my Australian counterpart to reiterate that we are prepared to consider further assistance as necessary. When wildfires spread through Canadian communities, Australia answered our call for help. We are proud to do the same,” Canadian foreign affairs minister François-Philippe Champagne said in a statement.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau echoed the statement in a tweet:

    Justin Trudeau

    When wildfires spread through our communities, Australia answered our call for help. Now, Canadians are doing the same. Our two countries are close allies, and so many Canadians have connections to Australia. We’re going to help our friends get through this.

    François-Philippe Champagne (FPC) 🇨🇦

    Here is my statement on the wildfires in Australia.

    View image on Twitter
    2:25 AM – Jan 6, 2020
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    4,502 people are talking about this
    French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday that he had called Morrison to offer aid to “fight the fires, protect the population, and preserve biodiversity.”
    Others have also volunteered to help such as firefighting departments in Belgium and in the French area of Isère.

    Singapore offered helicopters to help combat the wildfires, aid that the Australian prime minister welcomed.

    Scott Morrison

    Thank you to the US, Canada, NZ and Singapore, who are providing support to help us fight these terrible #bushfires, including firefighters, helicopters and troops. We deeply appreciate the many other international friends who have offered support.

    1:03 PM – Jan 6, 2020
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    1,284 people are talking about this

    P.S tiada pula nama Malaysia dalamnya

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