1. Ever since independence Malaysia has been ruled by multiracial but predominantly Malay Governments. The Malays form the backbone of the Governments simply because Malays make up the majority of the citizens of the country.

2. But the Malay dominated Governments had accorded the non-Malays certain rights which other multi racial countries do not allow. Thus the other races were allowed to retain their identification with their countries of origin, their languages and cultures, their schools, their NGO’s and civil organisations, their Chambers of Commerce, associations, assembly halls, sporting teams and clubs etc.

3. There is no requirement to assimilate with the indigenous Malays and other bumiputras. The official language is Malay but except in official documents other languages can be spoken and used in private communication, newspapers, radio and TV and the alternative media. By the same token, Islam is the national (official?) religion but other religions can be adhered to and practiced in any language. The only requirement is that all Malays must be Muslims. Their conversion to other religion is prohibited.

4. By any standard the Malaysian liberalism towards non-Malays is unprecedented. And there is very little conflict between the peoples of different races. Malaysia is much more stable and peaceful than many other multiracial countries or even single-ethnic countries in the world.

5. Parti Pejuang Tanah Air is a Malay political party. While it will strive to bring up the Malays to approximately the same economic level as the non-Malays, particularly the Chinese, it will adhere to all the liberal policies and privileges that Malaysia accords the non-Malays.

6. In addition to that, a Pejuang dominated Government will uphold democratic principles and the rule of laws. It will reject and outlaw all kinds of abuses of power and corruption by the Government and the administration.

7. It will practice good governance with the objective of making Malaysia a developed country by 2030 or earlier.

8. This is our pledge. Supporting Pejuang is supporting Malaysia and Malaysians. While the Malays can hope to catch up, the others will not lose their places and opportunities.

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