1. In the Melaka state election the BN won a two-thirds majority. This is the party which was rejected by the electorate in 2018, just 3 years ago because its leader was totally corrupt and had stolen billions of Ringgit of Government money. The same convicted leader led the campaign in the Melaka election. He is still facing more charges in court today. Yet his party won with a huge majority.

2. What can we say about the voters of Melaka who delivered this result? Is it possible that they have forgotten the crimes committed by Najib. Or is it that they have forgiven him. Or is it because they believe his claim that he is innocent. Or is it because the voters did not care; that to them corruption is acceptable because they got something for themselves from this corrupt leader.

3. Whatever, for these people corruption and even stealing money seems alright, especially after some time has passed. The corrupt leader should still be supported.

4. With this mindset they are likely to bring back corrupt leaders at the next General Election. What kind of country will Malaysia be when corrupt politicians rule the country?

5. Remember how greatly respected Malaysia was before Najib. It was known as an Asian Tiger. It was regarded as a model by many countries. Under a corrupt leader Malaysia is labelled a kleptocracy, a country led by thieves.

6. It is not likely that the kleptocrat would change. The principle will still be “Cash is King”. Government money would still be stolen.

7. If before an Asian Tiger could be brought down and replaced by a kleptocracy, this time it could be worse. Remember the kleptocrat has shown no remorse over his stealing, corruption and abuse of power even when he was found guilty. Without remorse or regret he is not going to change his ways. If at all he would be worse because, despite being charged and found guilty he is a free man. Indeed he is well regarded and treated with respect. For all his crimes, the Government is still rewarding him with a hundred million Ringgit. So why should he stop being corrupt and stop stealing money, since he would still be respected and rewarded.

8. And when he or his colleagues lead future Governments, they would continue to corrupt everyone including the administrative machinery. Malaysia would become a totally corrupt country which no one would invest in or visit.

9. Deprived of investments no jobs would be created to cater for the thousands of graduates produced every year. And others who are not qualified would remain jobless. Businesses, big and small would fail. The country would go into depression. It would be a failed country.

10. That is the price we will have to pay when we tolerate corruption in our society.

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