1. I read in a magazine that an American airline lost one billion dollars since 9-11. Joseph Stiglitz wrote in a book that the Iraq war has cost the United States three trillion dollars. It must have cost the British and the others more billions.

2. Checking passengers at airports is now very stringent. Apart from inconveniencing travellers, the personnel and equipments cost billions. But every now and again a determined “terrorist” would break through. Besides examining shoes, now underwear has to be checked also.

3. But despite all these the fear of “terror attacks” has not abated. Nor has the war in Iraq and Afghanistan shown any sign of ending.

4. The terrorists may not have won but they have not lost either. The end is nowhere in sight. The cost is going up very rapidly. Even if the proposed attack against Iran does not take place, the Governments and the business commmunity in every country will suffer huge losses. So will people everywhere.

5. New weapons and equipment can be invented and developed. They will cost money again but it would take only one incident before there would be a scramble to counter the new methods of attack by the terrorists. Seems that all the sophisticated costly weapons invented and deployed have failed.

6. This state of affairs can go on and on. Short of killing all the Muslims in order to ensure that none of them would become “terrorists”, I don’t see how an end to terrorism can be achieved.

7. But we cannot do that can we? So what is the alternative? Well go for the root cause. Why are they doing these things, “terrorising” the world? The answer is that they feel a strong sense of injustice. Who are they? They are the people most affected; the Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Iranians. But there are also those who for various reasons sympathise with them; their co-religionists and many others.

8. All these people feel for the Palestinians’ loss of their land, for the invasions and killings of Iraqis and Afghans, the ill-treatment of Muslims everywhere, their demonisation and the demonisation of their religion, their humiliation etc. etc.

9. Until the Palestinians regain their country, until Iraq and Afghanistan are freed of foreign occupation, until the oppression of the Muslim people stops, the attacks by the terrorists would go on, and fear of such attacks would remain.

10. Don’t surrender to the terrorists! It would only encourage terrorism. But look at it from their angle. If they surrender to the seizure of their lands, to their oppression by their enemies, then they would be encouraging their enemies to continue the seizure of their land and their continued oppression.

11. The super powers need to try to look from the viewpoint of those they have labelled as terrorists also and not just from their own viewpoint.

12. Until then we are going to see lives being lost, people living in fear and trillions of dollars wasted on efforts which will yield no worthwhile result for years and years.


  1. Pierre Sinsua Feb 22,2011 12:42 AM

    taking the current usage of terrorist… i think all the groups by definition are not terrorist groups but groups that believe in their way and are willing to resort to any action for its quest to succeed. the lybian government’s terrorizing of its own people is one example, it is a government but can we call it a terrorist government or that does not make any sense as they offer much more to the people and not just terrorize them. its a government and not a terrorist group but if they succeed in taming the protesters, terrorism wins?
    is al-qaeda a terrorist group or a group that wants islamic rule? unfortunately is it a group that quickly resorts to hate and violence rather than the refinement of islamic teachings.
    so we shall never support terrorism and the terrorist soldier, even for the hard liners they can even support whatever they believe in but should never ever support the terrorist soldier who performs the act unless they can scare without any harm.
    so the terrorist never wins it is just that the desperation of a particular group wins. terrorism is just part of the puzzle in a war they get into that sometimes could expose the enemies negative values which would gain the group popularity. tactically maybe effective but morally, always barbaric regardless of the enemy that we could turn into.
    the act, a body who has taken an oath to defend or attack until death, who is also fully trained in defense, offense and mentally focus on its target, a hapless body who is trained by their parents and schoolteachers, totally defenseless and innocent looking forward to a happy life and to buy some sweets for its children…is totally unethical, immoral, barbaric, disgusting, evil, stupid, foolish and shameful. we should never support this act regardless. soldiers upon soldiers is acceptable but not soldiers upon civilian, never.

  2. nigeria friend Jun 24,2010 12:45 AM

    “The terrorists may not have won but they have not lost either.”
    According to current economy condition it seam wrong. If the US alliance remain attached with it in Afghanistan and Iraq then one can say otherwise situation is quite worse for USA.

  3. wajaperak Apr 26,2010 11:45 AM

    Has terrorism succeeded? It never was and never will be.For this simplest reason.
    5:64 orang-orang yahudi berkata: “tangan allah terbelenggu”, sebenarnya tangan merekalah yang dibelenggu dan merekalah yang dila`nat disebabkan apa yang telah mereka katakan itu. (tidak demikian), tetapi kedua-dua tangan allah terbuka; dia menafkahkan sebagaimana dia kehendaki. dan al qur`an yang diturunkan kepadamu dari tuhanmu sungguh-sungguh akan menambah kedurhakaan dan kekafiran bagi kebanyakan di antara mereka. dan kami telah timbulkan permusuhan dan kebencian di antara mereka sampai hari kiamat.
    setiap mereka menyalakan api peperangan allah memadamkannya dan mereka berbuat kerusakan dimuka bumi dan allah tidak menyukai orang-orang yang membuat kerusakan.”
    Terima kasih Tun.

  4. li Apr 10,2010 8:42 PM

    America has NO bother on the cost of war since ALL of the money came from the countries that they attacked since most of the money are kept in their banking institution.
    America will never “go war” with Iran since there’s NO money from them that are kept there since the fall of the Shah.
    Since then very little money is channel to America through sale of OIL, ARABS has channel it else where and its hard for America since they had enjoyed the privilege from the days of who knows when.
    The only way the Americans can enjoy the same benefits is to go for war to this countries and take control of them and in doing so the other agenda can be implemented to “CONTROL” money flow from all over the world in the name of “TERRORISM”.
    OIL money is not easy spent by the country that owns it and I think I am very sure that nobody can deny it. DUBAI thou has “tons” of it seems to “owe” in their development programmed thou they have proven otherwise when they started investing into “failed” European and American companies in “huge sum”.
    Malaysia when in Tun’s time wanted money from Brunei but I had never heard of it to went through except for when Britain’s required they got 10 billion British pounds through Margaret Thatcher.
    Terrorist is FUNDED. It is born due to being oppressed. Who are the FUNDERS? that’s the question that we need to asked. So far there is no evidence that any Muslim country is the MASTER not even LIBYA.
    PALESTINE and its people is COLLATERAL DAMAGE in the ART OF WAR and for TUN to make WAR A CRIME is for all to support regardless of their background, color, religious believes, government since it can happen to any of the countries in this crumbling world.

  5. lampu basikal Apr 8,2010 2:04 AM

    Assallamu alaikum Tun,
    Something to really look into what really happened in Iraq. Just in from yahoo.
    This is what the US army did to the journalists:
    The Newsroom
    Leaked video shows civilian killings in Iraq

  6. saatcham Apr 7,2010 6:50 PM

    salam Tun
    Amerika membazirkan wang untuk perang
    40 juta rakyat mereka menganggur
    menjadi penjenayah dan sebagainya…
    Mereka suka perang…perang dan perang…
    3 trilion USD dibazirkan untuk perang…

  7. Dr Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar Al Mahdzar Apr 1,2010 7:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt Yg Bhg Tun, the Malaysian 4th Prime Minister,
    Today is 16 Rabiul Akhir 1431 Hijrah (1/4/2010).
    Before reproducing the article below as published by the Times UK on 23/2/2008, permit me to be a little inquisitive Yg Bhg Tun. With reference to the last year Kuala Lumpur War Tribunal, what happened with the two VIP War Criminals (Bush & Blair)? Have they received the subpeonas? Or was it served at their respective embassy? And since we last heard some time back that Blair will be in KL this month, can it be serve to him either before, during or after the program? When is the next Tribunal hearing and this time can it be held at any of our actual court room?
    Now, as promised, the article below by Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes is being reproduced– perhaps we can see how those in the war business enjoy making tons of profit by ensuring that wars goes on and on by calling it with all sort of names, operation desert storm la (storm their bank accounts, may be), war against terror la ( yes terrorising everybody else bank account that will end up in theirs) .
    From The Times
    February 23, 2008
    The three trillion dollar war
    The cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts have grown to staggering proportions
    Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes

  8. abuhamka Apr 1,2010 4:14 PM

    Terrorism is a act of violence to create fear among the public and to undermine the law and the order of the country. The perpetrators considered won if those two results were achieved. Any overbearing reactions by the government would invite more terrorism, it can comes in different forms and from different groups; just for the fun seeing chaotic and panic public!

  9. wajaperak Apr 1,2010 11:18 AM

    Semoga mendapat izin dan perkenan dari Tun..
    Mungkin anda berminat dengan mimpi Abdul Aziz Bin Abi Rawwad yang menyatakan bahawa ia bermimpikan Rasulullah s.a.w.Lalu dia meminta Rasullulah s.a.w memberi wasiat kepadanya.Maka Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda
    Barangsiapa bersamaan dua harinya,maka dia itu tertipu.Dan barangsiapa yang ada harinya itu lebih buruk dari kelmarinnya,maka dia itu terkutuk.
    Ringkasnya kehendak dan perbuatan kita akan menjadi kuat kerana cinta.Cinta pada Allah.
    Cinta itu buah makrifah.( yakin )Maka cinta itu menjadi tiada dgn tiadanya makrifah.Menjadi lemah dgn lemahnya makrifah dan menjadi kuat dgn kuatnya makrifah.
    Bahawasanya Allah memberikan dunia kepada orang yang di sukaiNya dan orang yang tidak di sukaiNya.dan tidak di beriNya iman selain orang yang di sukaiNya..
    Kebanyakkan org kafir mengamalkan prinsip hidup

  10. boz Apr 1,2010 2:39 AM

    Nothing is fair. There is no real justice. There is only consolation. Justice is seen to be given when the timing, the people, the situation, the occasion is right. If the people or the things are unusable or cannot be manipulated, they do not need to be treated fairly but out of a sense of guilt, they will be given some form of consolation which is not the actual justice. Just like in the court, a punishment will be meted out or some payment will be given. All these are consolations. They do not actually take the place of the terrible thing that has happened. In the court, there is no such a thing as an eye for an eye because that would mean taking the law into one

  11. najmirelau Apr 1,2010 1:53 AM

    dunia barat persifat hipokrit…

  12. MAZAI Mar 31,2010 8:39 PM


  13. voon Mar 31,2010 6:58 PM

    I hate war!!!Especially the war that happen because of benefits. This is the reason why the Iraq war happen…

  14. solidsnakeckw Mar 31,2010 6:04 PM

    Well, this is modern warfare, people are not fighting in uniform like they were in ww2 and cold war anymore. One can go plant an IED on a car, walk to a distance, detonate it, then go back to continue their daily work, there is no army to defeat. But instead of terrorist attack, why not try something that work and doesn’t required bloodshed. People in Iraq and Afghanistan should stop fighting, and start to demand for an complete education system (Since US say their mission in Iraq was to bring them democracy, so let’s start with education). After 10 or 20 years of proper schooling, when they graduate, they can go and demand for anything they want by talking to the politician in US, much like what Tunku Abdul Rahman did to get independence for Federal Malaya.
    Dato Maharaja Lela fought, he failed.
    Dato Bahaman fought, he failed.
    Tok Janggut fought, he failed.
    Dol Said fought, he failed.
    Mat Salleh fought, he failed.
    Datu Patinggi Ali fought, he failed.
    Haji Abdul Rahman Limbong fought, he failed.
    Ibrahim Haji Yaakob propagate for the Japanese, he failed.
    Tunku Abdul Rahman talk instead of fought, and he did it.
    P/S# Ibrahim Haji Yaakob is actually a patriots, but he didn’t have a clear mind. He propagated against the British and he did worse than fail, he led the people to think Japanese will liberate Malaya. He didn’t know LIBERATE for Emperor Hirohito was actually mean SUFFER AND LET ME RAPE YOUR WOMAN FOR THREE YEARS AND EIGHT MONTH. And, honestly, I don’t think a politician who live during the WW2 era will not know about what the Japanese did at Nanking in 1937.

  15. ekompute Mar 31,2010 5:06 PM

    A very interesting reaction to my post! When can Malaysian chatters hold a mature disucssion without resorting to name calling? Anyway, I expected that because this is Malaysian standard… threats, name-calling, and stuff like that when they don’t get their way or agree with what you say or if it affects their self-interest. I don’t see Islamic values being expressed… instead, what I see is what Nabi advised not to do, LOL.
    Amin Tan says, “You talk about America bombing and destroying Kabah in Mekah. Why dont you think America go and bomb Moscow or Shanghai. Boomerang.”
    Question is what has Moscow or Shanghai got to do with this discussion. What I said was: “Lest we forget, America has the technology to press one button and destroy anything in this world with clockwork precision.” So what makes you think that Moscow or Shanghai would be exempted, or your house for that matter?

  16. wajaperak Mar 31,2010 4:42 PM

    Semoga mendapat izin dan perkenan Tun..
    Saudara Zulkiflee Bin Arip..
    Saya memohon maaf.Jikalau saudara tidak tahu.Jika tahu,anggaplah sebagai peringatan..
    Musuh ketat Islam bukan hanya seperti Zionist tulin sahaja.Apa yang sangat menyesalkan ialah talibarut yang terdiri daripada mereka mereka-mereka yang di mulutnya mendakwakan diri mereka Islam tetapi di hati mereka kafir.Kita tidak hairan dengan S..Tan tetapi hairan dengan Shaikino,The Hidden Secret dan mereka yang sekonco dengannya.Lisan Islam tetapi perbuatan kafir.
    Dalam hal ini,musuh Islam telah cuba memusnahkan Kaabah sejak zaman Abrahah.Kemudian mereka cuba mencuri jasad Rasullulah s.a.w.Setelah di halau dari tanah suci,mereka menyamar sebagai orang-orang Islam terutama di musim haji untuk menyelinap masuk ke kaabah.Ada yang menjadi Islam ada yang kekal menjadi kafir tetapi natijah utamanya mereka gagal memberikan maklumat yang memuaskan hati kepada penaja-penaja mereka.
    Maklumat.Maklumat tentang Air zam-zam.Maklumat tentang Kaabah.
    Pengintip-pengintip,talibarut dan pengkhianat ada di mana-mana.Sejak zaman Perang Uhud,Allah melarang mereka ikut sama di dalam medan perang.Tetapi kini,kita telah bercampur gaul dengan mereka secara bebas.Ini amat bertentangan dengan sunnah..
    Pesan Imam AL Ghazali dalam Ihya’ Ulumiddin
    Telah menentang oleh org org yg menentang akan penggambaran redha dgn apa yang menyalahi dgn hawa nafsu.
    Mereka berkata,Jikalau redha itu mungkin dgn tiap sesuatu kerana dia itu perbuatan Allah maka bahawa di redhailah dgn kufur dan perbuatan maksiat!
    Tertipulah dgn yang demikian itu suatu kaum.Mereka melihat kredhaan dgn perbuatan zalim dan fasik.Dan meninggalkan tentangan itu mereka sangkakan sebahagian dari pintu penyerahan qada’ Allah Ta

  17. nazrimalik Mar 31,2010 1:22 PM

    …seperti mencurah air ke daun keladi Tun.. Ingatkan B.Obama tu ok, rupa-rupanya keldai jugak, lebih kurang Bush dan lain2 presiden US sebelumnya… saya dah give up Tun after the latest incident in Moscow. I am very2 sad.. So, i would not mind if the world ends in 2012.

  18. Rimba Emas Mar 31,2010 1:20 PM


  19. Zulkiflee Bin Arip Mar 31,2010 12:10 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun,
    kita harus berani mengakui permusuhan mendalam antara Islam dan kafir dan tidak ada jalan perdamaian.selagi kita berselindung disebalik lalang sehelai,konon nya cuma kerana tanah Palestin,konon nya keganasan Israel atau sikap berat sebelah pihak Barat,selagi itu lah kita otak kita beku dan memperpanjang kekalahan kita.
    perlu ada ORANG,RAJA,ULAMA’ ATAU PEMIMPIN Islam secara berani menegaskan dgn jelas tentang serangan Barat keatas Islam adalah kerana kita Islam.adapun sebab-sebab yg lain adalah akibat dari kecil;,tempias dari kebencian mendalam terhadap Islam.
    Barat hendakkan hak menindas kita atau membolot hasil bumi kita atau hak untuk menyerang kita dan kita perlu patuh pada mereka,kalau diserang jgn melawan.ikut seperti Ghandi,Mandela atau Boy George.protes secara aman,lawan api dgn air.biar orang-orang kafir saja yg ada hak untuk menyerang-membuli-merompak-merampas,..
    soal nya sampai bila kita mahu sedar dan mengakui hakikat bahwa tidak akan ada perdamaian yg adil antara Islam dgn kafir selagi umat Islam masih lemah? saya ingin selitkan contoh yg tidak pelik.sedang Tun menumpukan kritikkan Tun kpd punca pengganasan,iaitu ketidak-adilan kuasa besar dunia Barat-yg kafir itu,diblog Tun sendiri Tun di kritik hebat oleh najis-najis yg di tinggalkan British untuk mengotorkan Malaysia.padahal tidak lah mereka dapat upah atau di suruh oleh Obama.tapi penyatuan hati dan pemikiran mereka sama seperti Washington dan London.
    mereka mengambil pendirian jelas the enemy of my enemy is my friend.maka terjadilah seperti apa yg terjadi,tidak kira dimana mereka berada,mereka bersatu saling sokong-menyokong dalam kebencian terhadap Islam tanpa peduli sedikit pun pada kebenaran.sayang nya kita umat Islam masih cuba memberi kefahaman rasional kpd ketidak-rasional-an mereka.
    dear wajaperak,orang-orang kafir ini memang ingin sekali mengebom Kaabah.itu impian mereka.tapi mereka ini orang-orang dayus,mereka tak berani melakukan nya.mereka tahu Mekah bukanlah Hiroshima.Mekah tak perlukan perlindungan umat Islam,..Maqam Ibrahim sentiasa dilindungan sahabat Ibrahim,yaitu Allah Subhanaullah Ta’ala sendiri.Israil,British dan Amerika tahu tentang ini.yg tak tahu cuma lah beruk-beruk animisma yg hendak turut campur dalam sengketa orang adik-beradik,kami anak-anak Ibrahim iaitu Islam-Kristian-Yahudi,sampai menimbulkan secara sinis mengebom Mekah dgn nuklear. ekompute,you are not only an ingrate but also a classic case of stupidiot (one word).
    thank you Tun.

  20. musato Mar 31,2010 11:40 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Saya tak berapa suka nak guna perkataan ‘pengganas’ atau ‘keganasan’ kerana ia merujuk kepada orang Islam secara langsung,seperti apa yang didakwa oleh Orentialis Barat.
    Dunia Islam memanggil perjuangan dengan menyerah nyawa, ‘Jihad ke Jalan Allah’.Bukan keganasan.
    Tetapi apa yang dipanggil Jihad pada masa sekarang ini dengan mengebom diri secara mudah tanpa melalui beberapa level yang perlu diusahakan sebelum ‘Jihad ke Jalan Allah’ hanyalah mencoreng arang itu sendiri kepada imej Islam.
    Setiap keadaan memerlukan beberapa langkah untuk diusahakan sebelum bertawakal sepenuhnya kepada Allah.
    Umpamanya belajar menuntut ilmu sedapat yang mungkin walaupun terpaksa berlapar perut dan tidur di kaki lima di perantauan dengan berdikari, seperti cerita Tok Kenali contohnya.
    Mati secara bermaruah tidak terhad kepada Islam sahaja.Mati dengan membunuh diri dari ditangkap oleh musuh juga diyakini mati secara bermaruah oleh Samurai Jepun.Tapi apa yang dibezakan oleh Islam ialah bunuh diri atau berputus asa itu hukumnya haram dalam Islam.
    Maknanya di situ terdapat perbezaan antara perkataan berputus asa,bunuh diri dan berjihad.Apabila setiap level yang kritikal diambil kira dan dilaksanakan dengan bersungguh-sungguh sebelum melakukan serangan secara bermaruah,itu dikatakan Jihad.
    Umpama dilema terkini,dengan lakaran wajah Rasulullah s.a.w yang digambarkan dengan kepala anjing atau dengan wajah yang diperolok-olokkan.
    Sudah tentu kita tidak pernah bertemu dengan Rasulullah s.a.w samada secara fizikal atau pun melalui mimpi-(mungkin).Tetapi adalah satu kesalahan yang nyata hanya dengan provokasi yang sedikit itu ,ada segelintir orang yang saya tabik spring,dengan mudah melancarkan serangan berani mati,apa yang kononnya dipanggil jihad.
    Seperti apa yang pernah saya tuliskan,gambaraa wajah Rasulullah s.a.w kalau kita lukis pun tak akan dapat kita gambarkan sinaran cahaya wajah Rasulullah s.a.w yang dikatakan umpama bulan itu.
    Anda boleh cuba dengan melukis gambar wajah paderi yang berseri-seri kerana amalannya mengikut agamanya.Tapi yang pasti seri wajah orang yang ada agama dan menganut kepercayaan tertentu tidak dapat kita abadikan dan gambarkan pada lukisan.Anda boleh cuba.Mungkin wajah Anwar Ibrahim anda boleh lukiskan dengan tepat la…tapi tidak wajah Rasulullah s.a.w.
    Semua ini perlu diterangkan dengan jelas oleh ahli agama.Yang perlu diterangkan kepada umat Islam dan bukan Islam dengan jelas supaya difahami kenapa dan mengapa.
    Saya tidak fikir terrorism sudah mencapai matlamatnya.
    Umpama kalau bermimpi bertemu dengan Rasulullah s.a.w tetapi tidak kedengaran suara baginda,seboleh-bolehnya biarlah lakukan usaha sampai baginda mengeluarkan suara bercakap dengan kita.Sepertimana sejarah keIslaman Melaka terjadi melalui mimpi dengan mendengar arahan Rasulullah s.a.w,seperti yang pernah saya baca.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  21. Mag58 Mar 31,2010 10:27 AM

    Salam Tun,
    I want to address ekompute sarcastic and highly sensitive statement that he had made on you endorsing terrorism and on Ka’aba Al-_Mukaramah.
    Dude,I strongly believe that your brain is not computing well by blatantly accusing Tun of endorsing terrorism and also symphatizing terrorist acts worldwide.What that old man is stating is for the West to consider ‘both side of the coin’.One being the ‘being attack’ and one as the attackers.Does that statement made by Tun made it rightful for you to states that he endorsed terrorist. If they(the West) had the feel to be on both side of the fence,then only they will have the the true reasons why all the havoc were being created by the so-called terrorist.When Bush attacked Iraq,why don’t you accused him(Bush) as terrorist.Did Uncle Sam had all the strong reasons to attack Iraq and sordidly killed all innocence in that Sovereign country.You won’t ain’t you,coz your skull is colored white.Tun is bringing in sense for all of us to think rationally why an act was done,………not endorsing and encouraging it to be repeatedly done.So,mind your word when accusing.
    Another foolish statement of yours,……….exaggerating the capability of Uncle Sam to push their button on Ka’aba as easy as that.You think what?????You think all universal Moslem are going nuts not retaliating.Have you heard of the word Armageddon?That’s what is going to happen to this whole wide world.So pray hard that that don’t happen.
    Salam Tun and have a nice day.For ekompute,stay computing dude!!!!!

  22. Khairul-Dean Mar 31,2010 3:26 AM

    Doktor Che Det,
    4. The terrorists may not have won but they have not lost either. The end is nowhere in sight. The cost is going up very rapidly. Even if the proposed attack against Iran does not take place, the Governments and the business commmunity in every country will suffer huge losses. So will people everywhere.
    A huge leap, too quick for me, Tun.
    Terima Kasih.
    fadzill has been asked
    chuck has been notified
    fadil informed
    amir attended to
    a list of all eligible contractors
    that is what i asked ybhg fadzill for

  23. ekompute Mar 31,2010 1:35 AM

    “The super powers need to try to look from the viewpoint of those they have labelled as terrorists also and not just from their own viewpoint.”
    Correct, correct, correct… when the same thing that happened to the World Trade Center happens to the Petronas Twin Towers, I hope Tun will continue to sing the same song. For me, I hate to see the Petronas Twin Towers go down, and so I hate to see innocents being killed in the World Trade Center attack. By all means, attack USA military installations for all I care.

  24. ekompute Mar 30,2010 9:26 PM

    Khabilan SivaG says: “Obviously somebody making tonnes of money by provoking terrorism. They could be those selling weapons,security equipments, media , economist or world leader. Anybody who will get benefits by war. Kill Them. They’re the root cause of terrorism.”
    To this, I must say: “Correct, correct, correct…. Kill Them!” But who should we approach to get the weapons to kill them? Or you gonna use parang and be killed?

  25. donplaypuks Mar 30,2010 9:06 PM

    Your kind of argument would raise Hitler and Nazism to hero status while condemning Churchill, Eisenhower and Truman as criminals for defending the free world.
    USA’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan came AFTER 9/11, NOT before; it was in part a response to 9/11 albeit the invoking of WMD’s was a blatant lie by Blair & Bush.
    Often,you have to be in another person’s shoes to know how you would response to a given situation. If M’sia were a superpower and Petronas Twin Towers is reduced to a smouldering rubble by Christian terrorists with 3,000 of our citizens lying dead in the attack, would you as PM call for “Jihad” or “Nuke ’em!!” or been very understanding and say something like “Let it be, my fellow citizens. God will deliver justice. Ours is a religion of peace”? Something to think about deeply, isn’t it?
    “All these people feel for the Palestinians’ loss of their land, for the invasions and killings of Iraqis and Afghans, the ill-treatment of Muslims everywhere, their demonisation and the demonisation of their religion, their humiliation etc. etc.”
    That’s too sweeping a statement. What happened to the religion of mercy and understanding and restraint? So many people should have “vested” interest in a small strip of land as Palestine that terrorism and “collateral damage” stretching from New York to London, Paris, Munich, Sudan, Bali, Jakarta, S’pore, Aman, Pakistan, India, Russia, Sydney, Melbourne etc., should be accepted and their stark unmerciful brutal muders and killings be condoned?
    It’s a figment of your imagination that anyone is out to humiliate Muslims or demonise their religion. The West has had no such overt agenda since the Crusades; it’s all in your mind to excuse acts by Muslim terrorists which embarass the Muslim diaspora. I mean, what do young Pakistan’s living in UK know about these issues that they should murder their own citizens? The conflict between half-brothers and sisters (remember, the semitic Abraham was the father of the Israelites as well as the Arabs!) has become clouded by religion and extremist elements.
    But, I agree with you. The USA led invasion of Iraq will not resolve the Israel-Palestine issue. It will only be overcome through intense diplomatic efforts. Jaw, Jaw! Not War, War! Perhaps the very recent public spat between Obama and Bibi Natanyahu will help the USA to see the woods for the trees!
    I also agree with you that the Palestinians deserve their homeland (just as much as the Israelis) and were hard done by the Balfour Declarations and British machinations in 1945-48. Hopefully the 2-state solution will become a reality in our lifetime.
    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  26. ekompute Mar 30,2010 8:59 PM

    To those who supported 9/11, how I wish your loved ones were one of those innocent victims in the World Trade Center that day. That would be the only way to make you come to your senses in the name of whatever.

  27. azmat hayat Mar 30,2010 7:13 PM

    You are truly a great man. As usual you always wrote on a very important and critical issue. According to former UN secretary General Kofi Annan there is no universal definition of Terrorism. A terrorist for one country is a freedom fighter for another country. If one see the videos on youtube titled

  28. pak hassan Mar 30,2010 7:04 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I have been thinking about this for quite a while
    The definition of Terrorist.
    The fact that 9/11 alone has had Muslims labelled terrorist doesn’t seem fair.That was attribution error.
    Tok Janggut, Dato Maharajalela, Dato Bahaman were once labelled as terrorist by the colonial.
    But for Malays they were our hero, fighter for our rights.
    Same goes to Nelson Mandela Once.He fought for the justice of african.
    but labelled by US as terrorist.he went to jail.
    But 0n 1999 when he became president of that republic, US was among his strong supporter.
    Now we are confused what is terrorist actually?
    Terrorist is the one who is fighting for the justice and rights of their party or group.
    Had the world been justice and protect everyone’s right. Do we think that the word ‘terrorist’ would even exist?

  29. zharif Mar 30,2010 6:17 PM

    Salam Tun
    I’m proud with your consistent on discussing about terrorism. Yes we need to know the root of the problem; on why the people commit such terrorist act.
    I just hope tun can reveal the news regarding with Tony Blair that he will come to Malaysia to give talk about national achievement congress. I do think Malaysian should know about this and sign the petition so that this war criminals should not be allowed to enter Malaysia.Or perhaps by this incident we can urged the Member of Parliament to legislate law of anti-war so that all war criminals will be banned from coming to this country and if they come, then arrest warrant should be produced against them.

  30. SMR Mar 30,2010 4:49 PM

    I agree with khabilan.
    The one who profit most from war are the weapon suppliers. Who are these people? Aren’t they part of American lobbyist, i.e. the hidden hands of American government? They, are the same people who benefits from World War II from selling weapons. Generations from generations.
    They should be killed. Not the innocent civilians.
    Watch G.I Joe? There’s a bit of truth in it. At least the weapon supplier part. Call it a family business. A megabig buck business where your family can have some control upon the world.

  31. anakbudu3 Mar 30,2010 2:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahnda Tun & Bonda,
    Salam & selamat sejahtera untuk semua pengunjung.
    izinkan anaknda,
    keganasan tidak mungkin dapat mengembalikan keamanan! keamanan tidak mungkin tercipta bila diancam keganasan!
    mengapa istilah pengganas hanya ditujukan kepada pejuang islam & yang berkulit hitam/kuning/sawo matang oleh kuasa barat terutamanya oleh amerika & sekutunya?? bila orang kulit putih menyerang bangsa mereka sendiri berbagai justifikasi diberikan agar mereka yg telah mengganas ini tidak dilabel sebagai pengganas. seorang warga US menerbangan kapalterbang persendirian yang dicurinya & SENGAJA melanggar bangunan yg menempatkan pejabat cukai menyebabkan kecederaan kpd beberapa pekerjanya. kejadian ini hanya dianggap sebagai “a criminal act”. kalau ini dilakukan oleh orang islam atau kulit berwarna, tentu cepat2 dicap “a terrorist act”.
    Feds: Plane ‘intentionally’ crashed into IRS building
    Pilot set house on fire, stole aircraft, flew into structure
    Posted: February 18, 2010; 1:11 pm Eastern
    By Chelsea Schilling© 2010 WorldNetDaily
    A pilot of a private plane set his house on fire and deliberately crashed a small aircraft into a seven-story building that houses offices of the Internal Revenue Service in Austin, Texas, a federal official says.
    CNN reports the official has confirmed the attack at 9:40 a.m. today was intentional. Two F-16 fighter jets were launched after the crash.
    The man indicated that he was subject to an IRS audit.
    “I know I’m hardly the first one to decide I have had all I can stand,” he wrote.”It has always been a myth that people have stopped dying for their freedom in this country, and it isn’t limited to the blacks, and poor immigrants. I know there have been countless before me and there are sure to be as many after. But I also know that by not adding my body to the count, I insure [sic] nothing will change. … Sadly, though I spent my entire life trying to believe it wasn’t so, but violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer.”
    He continued: “I saw it written once that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different. I am finally ready to stop this insanity. Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.”
    Stack concluded, “The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.”
    He signed the entry “Joe Stack (1956-2010).”
    rupa2nya jiwa pengganas juga dia ni. apapun yg cuba dikatakan oleh puhak berkuasa, bukti jelas ditinggalkan oleh joe stack bahawa hanya ada satu jalan untuk menunjukkan rasa dukacitanya terhadap permasalahannya iaitu ‘violence’ – “Sadly, though I spent my entire life trying to believe it wasn’t so, but violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer.”
    bangunan tersebut tidak pula hancur menjadi debu seperti dlm peristiwa 9/11. peristiwa 9/11 yg didakwa kononnya dilakukan oleh pengganas islam sehingga hari ini tidak berjaya meyakinkan sebahagian besar penduduk dunia termasuk rakyat amerika yg bijak berfikir tentang kelemahan2 & penipuan2 dlm dakwaan pihak berkuasa amerika sendiri.
    lihat dibawah:
    By: Lawrence Stephen Maxwell
    Four planes that were supposed to go to particular destinations did not go to those destinations. Three of the planes hit buildings. One of them crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. No ones knows what happened because EIGHT (8) indestructible black boxes (2 on each flight) were destroyed or reportedly damaged beyond possible restoration. Guess that is why they are referred to as indestructible. The crash in Pennsylvania did not even cause an explosion. Even if it had, the boxes are designed to withstand twice the maximum heat that can be generated by a jet fuel fire. Why didn’t they show us the destroyed boxes?
    Do you think the guys who actually found them would talk to anyone? Or are they still alive to discuss what THEY saw with their own eyes? Paper passports of two (2) of the alleged hijackers survived just fine and were supposedly found in the burning rubble of the Pentagon crash, and another three blocks from the WTC…….three blocks. I would bet good money to anyone who thinks he could contrive a way to launch a passport a distance of three city blocks.
    We have been told that seven cell phone calls were made from the planes. Not ONE of the callers described the hijackers as Arabic, Saudi, Muslin, Iranian or anyone from the Middle East. Barbara Olson, writer, author, investigative reporter, famous commentator, attorney, and wife of the Solicitor General of the United States (Mr. Olson being George W’s lawyer who argued before the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore), did not describe the hijackers to him as being from the middle east. She was trained to be observant and mentally record details, yet there has been no report that she described the hijackers at all. Are we to believe she didn’t describe them, or did she describe them and we just aren’t being told? And if we aren’t being told, is it because her description doesn’t match the profile being fed to us?
    And are we to believe the Solicitor General forgot to ask her to DESCRIBE the criminals? I guess we are to accept that this is obviously an insignificant “fact” that the most high-powered-lawyer in the United States would understandably forget to ask.
    Do you really think that a few 120 pound middle-easterners overtook eight pilots, and their crew members and passengers, using razor-blade boxcutters? Do you really think a commercial pilot would give up his plane under threat from ANYONE with a boxcutter? How many hijackings have you ever heard of where the hijackers brought their own pilot? And four times in one day?
    And if you were going to do this deed, wouldn’t you have a driver’s license in your own name, get your pilot’s license in your own name, and leave your calling card everywhere you went, being rude and obnoxious so everyone would notice you?
    Explain to me how all of the defense systems were disabled? How did four planes, that were not on their computerized flight paths, fly around for more than an hour and a half without alarms going off all over the place? When their altitudes and positions CEASED TO BE VISIBLE ON RADAR, why weren’t people (air traffic controllers) alarmed?
    As close as Boston and Dulles are to D.C., why would disappearing planes NOT be a cause for alarm? Why was it more than an hour AFTER the WTC crashes that fighters were scrambled? Was the Air Force sleeping at 7:45 AM on a Tuesday morning when the planes were supposedly hijacked, and deviated from their designated flight paths?
    Are we supposed to believe that when a transponder is turned OFF that no one is alerted that the plane is no longer being tracked by altitude; and that such a thing could occur to four planes almost simultaneously in the same geographical region, dangerously close to the seat of government, and NO ONE was alerting the media, the defense department, or anyone?
    Am I supposed to believe that no one even had a clue for an hour and a half from the time the first plane left its flight plan until smoke started coming out of a WTC tower? And when the first plane hit the tower, no one knew that three other planes were missing, and thought it prudent to call the media or government officials and tell them that three other planes were missing and that other locations might not be safe?
    I have talked to three pilots who have told me in their own words and understandings that what we are being told happened, could NOT possibly have happened.
    What I DO KNOW is that we are not hearing much TRUTH. And 110 story buildings do NOT collapse because a plane hits them. The second plane nearly missed the building, only going through the corner. Most of the fuel burned in an outside explosion. It collapsed first, long before the tower that the plane completely entered. The refined Kerosene (a/k/a jet fuel) burned up fairly quickly. The stuff burning from that point on was desks, paper, plastics, carpet, etc. That fuel did not generate 2000-degree heat that would compromise 6 tubular steel columns in the center of the building designed SPECIFICALLY to keep the building from collapsing if hit by a Boeing 707 that, because it was older and less efficient, carried MORE fuel that the 757 and 767 that hit the towers. The structural engineer who designed the WTC Towers explained how the towers were designed to withstand a hit by a commercial jet — and he did explain this to an international coalition on Terrorism in Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday before the event.
    And 53 minutes after Tower 2 was hit the tower just imploded because it was on fire? Yeah right! I discussed this with a structural engineer who investigated a HOTEL in Los Angeles that he said was 30 stories and it burned from the ground floor up. It burned for nearly a week. The fire totally destroyed everything on all 30 floors. The estimated temperatures were 2200 degrees because of the natural gas and other fuel that was the catalyst for the fire. The concrete and infrastructure did not budge. It cost more than a million dollars to TEAR IT DOWN. The 30 floors above the first floor did NOT cave in on the first floor when the support structure go hot. And he reviewed the architecture on the WTC and said the type of steel and the type of construction for the WTC was double the strength of the LA hotel.
    Just like in OKC, people reported hearing multiple EXPLOSIONS before the WTC collapsed. I have video of people who were interviewed after the collapses and they said they heard a series of explosions (not floors collapsing) and then the buildings came down. The media dismissed it as exploding main gas lines. Gas mains on the 104th floor? Yeah right! We know that there would NOT be any safety mechanism in place that would have shut off gas flow throughout the buildings in the case of fire — 53 minutes after a plane hit the building. Guess it was a big gas valve and it could not be vented to the outside air after it was shut off. If that is true, I have better safety measures in my own house than the WTC had. And why would they need safety mechanisms in place? It isn’t like anyone has ever tried to blow up those same two towers before.
    The strength of the WTC towers was in the 6 Tubular Steel Columns in the CENTER of the buildings, not the steel structure on the outside like most construction. The buildings were literally, according to the builder, designed NOT to pancake in the event of a Boeing 707 crashing into them. But they collapsed. It took 53 minutes for Tower 2 and 88 minutes for Tower 1 — to simply COLLAPSE. Excerpts of his speech in Germany were posted to the Internet five days before the planes hit the towers.
    My take? Americans are not very bright. Americans don’t think. They accept what they are told. They don’t TEST what they are told. They are lazy, and naive to the point of being undeserving of liberty. And for that reason they will sacrifice liberty for what they perceive to be security. And as long as the talking-heads can convince the general public that the federal government can PROTECT THEM, the sheeple will patriotically give up every right they have if it makes them feel safe — while singing GOD BLESS AMERICA.
    Copyright October 2001
    Lawrence Stephen Maxwell
    Permission granted to reproduce and distribute
    sebenarnya telah menjadi resmi amerika dibawah pengaruh yahudi zionist untuk meletakkan segala kesalahan ke atas orang islam terlebih dulu jika berlaku sesuatu peristiwa malang. mereka terus-terusan membuat propaganda untuk mengaitkan keganasan yg berlaku dengan orang islam.
    tetapi mereka lupa, orang islam adalah bersaudara & setiap penderitaan mangsa2 penindasan zionist tetap dirasai oleh umat islam lain termasuk kita yang berada di malaysia. kita juga amat marah dgn ketidakadilan yg berlaku di bumi palestine dari dulu hingga kini namun kita hanya dapat melepaskan rasa marah kita dari jauh & menunjukkan simpati kita dgn membantah secara aman & membantu mereka dgn menderma semampu kita.
    jika sesuatu kaum pribumi diketepikan & ditindas sepanjang masa oleh pihak pendatang seperti mana yg masih berlaku di Palestine, keamanan tidak mungkin wujud. kita tidak mahu keadaan ini wujud dlm negara kita suatu hari nanti. jadi, kepada yang berkenaan, bak kata prof dato dr zainal kling semalam, belajarlah menghargai kedamaian & keharmonian yg ada. belajarlah menghayati apa yg termaktub dlm perlembagaan negara. hak orang melayu, hak & kuasa raja2, hak rakyat biasa, hak berpolitik & hak memilih, semuanya ada. hak pribumi jangan dipertikaikan. berpada-padalah dlm meminta.
    jgn ikut membabi buta dakwaan pihak2 yg berkepentingan hingga menimbulkan ketegangan tanpa merujuk kepada perlembagaan yg sedia ada. jangan cuba mencari titik hitam bagi menodai kedamaian dalam negara merdeka tercinta ini. janganlah kita percaya & taksub membabi buta terhadap kata2 ahli2 politik sonsang terutamanya yg seorang ini dlm cita2nya untuk menjadi pemimpin utama.
    memang dulu ramai yg bersimpati dengannya. itu dulu….me? never sympathize a bit because in this case, till now, my instinst tells me the opposite
    kenapa perlu bersusah payah untuk menyokongnya semasa dia susah dulu, berlakon sakit & kononnya diracun, sedangkan bila dalam keadaannya yang sihat, senang & berada, dia sentiasa lupakan penyokong2nya yg miskin, cacat, yg memerlukan kehadirannya di kawasannya tetapi dia sedap2 menjalinkan hubungan baik dgn pihak barat? berapa ramai ahli politik yg betul2 sanggup bersusah payah bersama rakyat & berfikir untuk rakyat jelata? mereka hanya berfikir untuk diri sendiri semata. anak isteri sendiripun belum tentu terjaga…semuanya terpalit aib & kesengsaraan semata2 kerana gilakan kuasa.
    telah banyak yg Allah SWT tunjukkan hingga akhir2 ini terserlah satu persatu hakikat yg sebenar namun gagal ‘dilihat’ oleh penyokong2nya yg masih lagi taksub membabi buta…
    sekian untuk kali ini. maafkan anaknda ayahnda kerana agak panjang mengaitkan kisah ‘pemimpin ganas’ ni. solat2 hajat yg diadakan sejak dari dulu hingga kini memohon ditunjukkan kebenaran. tetapi kebenaran TERBALIK pula keputusannya. kenapa ya?
    Harapan anaknda semoga Allah SWT melimpahkan rahmatNya kpd Ayahnda Tun, Bonda & keluarga serta pengunjung yg cintakan keamanan.
    just my brain wave…

  32. T Mar 30,2010 2:09 PM

    So, now you have to add the Chechens into your cause. They have blown up the Moscow subway with female suicide bombers.

  33. Khabilan SivaG Mar 30,2010 12:33 PM

    Obviously somebody making tonnes of money by provoking terrorism. They could be those selling weapons,security equipments, media , economist or world leader. Anybody who will get benefits by war.
    Kill Them. They’re the root cause of terrorism.
    World without war. Is that a dream that will never come true?

  34. Zulkiflee Bin Arip Mar 30,2010 12:27 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun,
    there’s many ways to stop the spread of terrorism-injustices.first we,the muslim world,must overcome our differences amongst ourselves and pledge our undivided support for Iran to acquire nuclear and other sophisticated weaponries.
    thank you Tun.

  35. pro umno Mar 30,2010 12:17 PM

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 29

  36. beskut Mar 30,2010 11:20 AM

    assalamualaikum.. tun.. i’m not really good in english.. seriously.. but i’ll try to write down in english.. and hopefully you would understand.. thank you..
    it’s happen everywahere and what really suprised me.. there is a lot terrorism in our beloved country..
    u are right that we need to know about the international things.. terrorism.. but.. do you realize that malaysia is far to away behind..
    there is a lot of people.. that we can help.. rather than help other..
    how we gonna stand as high as others country.. when our country full of poor people.. and currently.. they became murderer.. and lately.. terrorism.. hmm..
    i’m maybe wrong.. forgive me all if i was wrong.. this is juz my opinion.. and i’m really sorry coz my english was bad.. i’ll keep trying and try to improved it.. thats all..
    all the best Tun.. i admire you the most than other prime minister..

  37. HBT Mar 30,2010 10:58 AM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    From mStar online or
    Selasa Mac 30, 2010
    Raja Muda Perlis Cadang Malaysia Dijadikan Hub Pendidikan Dunia Islam
    KANGAR: Raja Muda Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail mencadangkan agar Malaysia dijadikan sebuah hub pendidikan kepada dunia Islam.
    Bertitah pada majlis makan malam sempena Seminar Pendidikan Melayu Antarabangsa (SePMA) dan pelancaran Sekretariat Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam (DMDI) Perlis di sini malam tadi, baginda berharap kajian kemungkinan ke arah itu dilakukan termasuk oleh DMDI.
    Baginda, yang juga Canselor Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), yakin hasrat itu dapat direalisasikan jika semua pihak mempunyai strategi jelas dan tepat di samping modal intelektual yang berdedikasi serta komited.
    “Ketepikanlah fahaman yang sempit yang berasaskan kelompok. Hindarilah perspektif yang jumud dan luaskanlah sempadan pemikiran yang cetek,” titah baginda.
    Baginda turut menyarankan agar organisasi seperti DMDI menjana rangkaian atau jaringan efektif untuk membantu masyarakat Islam antarabangsa dalam meningkatkan ekonomi khususnya dalam bidang pendidikan dan perdagangan.
    “Jaringan Islam perlu ditonjolkan kepada masyarakat dunia bahawa masyarakat Melayu yang berjumlah ratusan juta orang ini adalah bangsa yang mempunyai kekuatan dan pengaruh yang kuat dalam arena antarabangsa,” titah baginda.
    Baginda bertitah aspek pendidikan merupakan satu kaedah berkesan bagi mencapai matlamat itu kerana pendidikan tidak bergantung kepada prasarana semata-mata tetapi boleh disampaikan secara jarak jauh melalui sistem maya.
    Turut berangkat ke majlis itu ialah Raja Puan Muda Perlis, Tuanku Hajah Lailatul Shahreen Akashah, yang juga Pro Canselor UniMAP, serta Menteri Besar Perlis, Datuk Seri Dr Md Isa Sabu dan Ketua Menteri Melaka, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam merangkap Presiden DMDI.
    Selain para peserta tempatan, SePMA yang dianjurkan bersama kerajaan Perlis dan UniMAP, selama tiga hari yang bermula semalam dihadiri para cendekiawan dari Indonesia, Thailand, China dan Brunei Darussalam. – BERNAMA

  38. azmany Mar 30,2010 10:49 AM

    There is always two sides of a coin. Whilst the so-called ‘war-on-terrorism’ has cost USA and other countries billions of dollars, the other side is that there are companies who have received billions of dollars of contracts.
    War is good business ~ for some.
    Does the American citizen know who has been awarded the war contracts? In war, certainly there is no time for tendering process and as many Malaysian readers know – profit margin in these contracts are extremely lucrative. Worth killing for – (pun intended).
    American citizens have their emotions stoked with fear and this caused them to overlook the cold rational facts. They are now spooked with their economic frailties and again, trillions of dollars are being spent.
    To fellow readers – don’t be too emotional in these issues. Whichever side of the coin you are. Because when you’re emotional, Syaitan will gleefully get into you. For muslims, please remember that Allah has provided a large part of Quran to warn us about our true enemy – Syaitan not the USA, Jews or other human beings.
    Don’t hasten the coming of end-of-time by not seeing the trees from the forest. The end of time arrives when the teaching of Quran is lost in the heart of us. Did you notice that a large part of it is about (a) maintaining good relations between human beings and (b) to escape from the clutches of Syaitan’s temptations.
    Honestly, do you give a damn about those two? Think again.

  39. azmiahmadithanin Mar 30,2010 10:48 AM

    pengganas tiada tempat dalam mana mana masyarakat..
    tetapi kenapakah mereka terpaksa mengganas? kalau mereka diberi pilihan dan dunia melayan bangsa mereka dengan adil, mengganaskah mereka?
    dunia hari ini adalah berkisah mengenai penting diri sendiri (negara islam) dan ketamakkan (negara barat)

  40. azmiahmadithanin Mar 30,2010 10:34 AM

    pernahkah kita semua fikir jika mereka tidak mengganas hingga tahap meletupkan diri atau rampas kapal terbang, apa akan jadi kepada isu ketidakadilan dan penindasan yg berpuluh tahun mereka harungi
    JAWAPAN= .. tiada siapa yg peduli!

  41. cokangla Mar 30,2010 9:56 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    ekompute wrote
    “Surprisingly, Tun is sympathetic to terrorism and even appears to be endorsing it but he doesn’t seem to be pleased with terrorism at home. I wonder what his beliefs are or is it called double standards?”
    outside terrorism have their valid cause but what are the cause of terrorism at home? famine? invasions? ‘lazy’ poor people? ‘lazy’ but want to get rich people? and don’t talk about judiciary, these are man made law with so many loop holes where individuals have proven to manipulate it’s weakness.
    yes of course apples and oranges are the same, they are categories as fruits, but they completely different kind of fruits color, taste, smell , etc..
    fruit cake
    you are the kind of people that i would like to call pathetic, tunnel vision kind of people.

  42. wajaperak Mar 30,2010 9:36 AM

    Semoga mendapat izin dan perkenan Tun..
    [[Well, let’s hope America will keep its senses and not bomb the Ka’aba, the symbol of Islam, as a tit-for-tat for destroying the World Trade Center, the symbol of American imperialism.]]
    You really and truly make me angry!!
    I thought you are sane and sensible person.I guess I was wrong.America is a nation.In itself it is incapable of doing anything.Nothing at all!!..It’s population are the one who determines what they want’s themselves to be.Here at present moment,they chose to believe the axis of the world centred in America.The world orbit’s around America and the rest of the world population must kneel toward’s America.
    Since it is not happening and never will be,most influential American have chose to attacked Islam.Knowing this is the only way to gather attention they do not have on it’s own nor they have the ability to do so.The question is why? And why?
    You took their side?
    [[Lest we forget, America has the technology to press one button and destroy anything in this world with clockwork precision]]
    So you believe and so you thought.Life is not about physic and physical appearance alone.The very essence of life is the meta-physical aspect of it’s being.You thought America can do what’s it like with their technology?..You are seriously mistaken..Just a food for your thought..
    Zam zam water is a miracle water.What American technology can do to confound this??
    [[Surprisingly, Tun is sympathetic to terrorism and even appears to be endorsing it but he doesn’t seem to be pleased with terrorism at home. I wonder what his beliefs are or is it called double standards?
    Surprisingly you took on their side and blamed Tun for sympathetic to terrorism.Read carefully what Tun tries to say.
    Terrorrism start’s glaring at us visible since Deir Al Yassin and Shabra & Shatilla.Zepa and Sebrenica.
    Where were you then?
    Why are you here now??
    E kompote..Watch out..
    The steel have no eyes..
    Terima kasih Tun..

  43. T Mar 30,2010 8:40 AM

    War doesn’t determine who is right. War determines who is left.

  44. hubbibie Mar 30,2010 7:30 AM

    Even back in our own backyard, we can see fighting amongst us … fought for their rights, for the freedom, some for control over a small minute community … some over property (harta pesaka) … some over child custody … some over authority and power (which they won by cheating) …. wowwwwww
    All over the world, peace is just a word with the least of action.
    Greed is another word and with excessive actions in the whole wide world!!!

  45. Jamal Mar 30,2010 3:38 AM

    Dear Tun,
    No one in this whole wide world at any time should suffer from TERROR.
    Whether the terror is from those guerilla fighters, freedom fighters, democracy demonstrators, their own state military, US military, Isreal military, Hamas, Eta of spain, Taliban, IRA, Kurds, or who so ever.
    Terror from physical harm is inhuman, uncivilised and against the teaching of all widely accepted and practiced religions.
    Terror begets Terror!
    You cause me to feel terrorised ..I will give you the same.
    An eye for an eye! If you don’t stop I will not stop!
    So where and when will it end? Until the whole world becomes BLIND?
    Can we end terrorism in all its form and shape?
    It is very doubtful this can ever be achieved.
    EVEN if The EARTH is being attacked by aliens we doubt the nations of the world will unite to defend this planet.
    Why because some small nation somewhere on this planet will…send a secret delegation to the General of the alien attacking force to betray us all.
    That is the Nature of the frail human condition…unless he has developed in himself/herself a goal in life higher than that he can achieve in this finite life on this finite earth.
    God Bless us all to seek to find that higher goal in life.

  46. checker Mar 30,2010 3:36 AM

    Salam Tun & Fellow CheDet’s Bloggers,
    Fully agree with Tun. “Terrorism” will go on as long as the powerful nations continue to cause injustice to certain people/countries. Because of this feeling of a strong sense of injustice done to them that they have nothing to lose but to fight to the death by whatever little means that they have in which “suicide bomber” is the least they can afford as a weapon. The irony part is that this kind of weapon had managed to create a deep fear to the so called “powerful” nations.
    After the fall of communism, the western powers need a new target, specifically ISLAM – the fastest growing religion is their new target for fear of its growing influence and viewed as the greatest threat to their societies and life-styles. Whilst communism is easy to identify and isolated, ISLAM is more difficult to control as it has no real border. Islam-phobia is therefore promoted to the maximum impact through the frequent use of term Muslim Terrorist whereas terrorist of other religious groups such as IRA was never called catholic or christian terrorist. This is a clear reflection of their true intention despite their many words of denials.
    Israel would rather fight a specific country than these “freedom fighters” who they called terrorist. Despite of their military superiority, they have no easy way to eliminate the “unseen” enemies.Their soldiers are unashamedly would shoot dead defenseless children or stone throwing youths. That clearly indicate their cowardly act rather than being “brave professional soldiers”. I believe they more fear Hamas than any Arab countries. They could at one time declared victory after 6 days against several Arab countries but they just cannot defeat or destroy relatively small groups such as Hamas and others freedom fighters even after a few attempts of military assault using all kinds of sophisticated weapons.
    Another reason why prolong the war activities is that war is great business by those powerful weapon-producing countries. They will find every possible excuse to create war if they expect the coming economy downturn as away not only to inject economic booster through sales of weapons but also cost of reconstruction resulting from the destroyed infrastructures which they themselves destroyed.
    By using the latest drone technology, their “work-from-home soldiers” can unleash their killing machines just like children playing video games. The soldiers, including their political leaders, don’t really have much human conscience. They killed innocent children and with simple word of apology would be sufficient to comfort the parent and small monetary compensation would legalise their barbaric actions. What a cruel world we have created.
    For the true believers, we should therefore always seek Allah protection from all evils for Allah is the mighty and merciful. May Allah bless us all. Ameen.

  47. amin tan Mar 30,2010 2:51 AM

    Dear Tun,
    You are truely a great man. You write so eloquently and your reasoning is so sharp and persuasive. You have lost power due to ambitious, greedy and selfish enemies of our nation. We need great man like you to helm the nation.
    To Kamaliuk 1973. why do you blame Tun Mahathir for the civil war in Darfur? You are another anti muslim being brainwashed by the West.
    To ekomputer. You talk about America bombing and destroying Kabah in Mekah. Why dont you think America go and bomb Moscow or Shanghai. Boomerang.
    amin tan

  48. bebetomuda Mar 30,2010 2:04 AM

    Dear ekompute,
    We know that america will not destroy the ka’aba because its relationship with that stupid arabian goverment and oil….. but if america dare to bomb the ka’aba, then they should know one thing… all muslim around the world will not just sit and watch…. they will be much more terrorism beyond their imagination… not even one life of american people will be spared….. what left of america?… DUST…

  49. milshah Mar 30,2010 1:50 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Wow! 3 trillion dollars! That money could have used to help the poor nations, it could have been used the finance the medical insurance the US just approved, it could have been used to pay the trillions of US debt, it could have been used to kick start the economy,
    Instead it was used to finance a war that the US president at that time, George W Bush, lied on the pretext that Iraq has weopons of mass destruction (WMD) and that Iraq was helping Al Qaeda.
    Both justification later proven false. Not to mention the thousands of US soldiers, iraqi men, women and child that died due to the war. Being a country that always talk about justice and human rights, surely the US should hold an enquiry how this war happened in the first place. Surely someone must be held accountable for the losses. I wonder who?
    Again, if the US wants to fight terrorist, please define what is a terrorist? Are terrorist muslims? No, as most muslims are peaceful. Terrorist are people who kill innocent men, women and child.
    What about israel? Isn’t israel killing innocent palastinian men, women and child? Not only that they even rob the palastines of their land. Thus, Israel is a state terrorist. The US should put Israel to trial instead of befriending them. That is of course if the US truly wants to fight terrorists.
    When Tun said to fight terrorist is to find the root cause why people become terrorist and eliminate that cause, that method has already been tried in Malaysia when combating the malaysian communists rebels and has proven to be effective. The government helped the people, uplifted the living standard of the people, provid jobs, education, medical support to the people. By winning the hearts of the people, the malaysian communist could not sustain long without support from then people and eventually surrendered. That is how the US should fight terrorisme. By eliminating to root cause of terorrisme. Not making war with every nation which will actually cause people to hate the US even more and fuel the increase terrorisme.

  50. Zahar Hybrid Mar 30,2010 1:43 AM

    Assalamualaikum Yg Bhg Tun,
    Pada pendapat saya, Osama Bin Laden juga sebenarnya tidak pernah wujud dan hanya tipu helah USA sahaja untuk memburukkan Islam.
    Semua yang disiarkan mengenai Osama Bin Laden adalah lakonan hebat semata-mata.
    Sekarang ini saya nampak USA berjaya pula menjatuhkan Toyota Motor dengan pelbagai cerita rekaan karut misalnya kereta Toyota bergerak sendiri tanpa boleh dihentikan, kabel minyak jammed dan sebagainya.
    Ini adalah kerana USA merasa terancan disebabkan kereta keluaran mereka dah tak laku manakala Toyota terus mendominasi pasaran. Akhirnya mereka buat cerita baru bagi memburukkan Toyota. Nampaknya mereka berjaya sedikit sebanyak.
    Mereka terus melakukan perang penumpahan darah dan juga perang ekonomi. Sekian

  51. Nothing But Wind Mar 30,2010 1:12 AM

    Dear Tun Dr M,
    What is happening today should not be looked at today

  52. pakpandir08 Mar 30,2010 12:19 AM

    US again? hmmmm … seems like running out of creativity

  53. Redza Mar 29,2010 11:44 PM

    Salam Tun,
    One thing for sure, the Obama terrorists list has expanded to 675 million!
    “In addition to the approximate 675 million covered by the new measure, with the average birth rate of these countries being approximately 45 live births per 1000 per year, it means that more than 17,000,000 newborns will join the new US T list even before their first gulp of their mommy

  54. AIZAT AFFANDI HISAMUDIN Mar 29,2010 11:07 PM


  55. al-Din Mar 29,2010 10:41 PM

    Post WWWII the much-weakened Muslims demarcated into smaller states, religion is no more the unifying factor. Democracy, econmics and security are the rallying calls of the West. We got caught with their incessant propaganda,technology and threats. It seems that the panacea for stability is whom you associate with. We dare not lift a finger afraid of the displeasure of the powers-that-be.
    Salute to Burma. It is the only coutry in the world that has withstand tremendous pressure to acquise the West. Malaysia is paying lip-service by sending an ambassador to negotiate for democracy. For the meagre prestige (and funds)we do the humbug work.
    Everytime Arroyo talked about peace negotiations with the Moros and getting Malayia to mediate, their army would over-run Abu Sayaf. It is false a cover to be goody-goody.

  56. rarunasalam Mar 29,2010 9:29 PM

    war I agree is not the answer to solving the conflict
    terror on the other end is not the answer to solving the problem either
    When Mahatma Gandhi stood up against injustice…he stood up in peace…not inflict terror
    When Martin Luther King stood up against prejudice…he stood up in peace…not in confrontation
    When Nelson Mandela stood up against persecution…he stood up in peace…not encouraging violence
    And with you constantly asking for war to be criminalise…are you standing up in peace …or secretly encouraging conflict to continue.
    You say these terror acts are being run in the name of piety and symphathy…and you included these Arab nations that symphatise the Palestinian cause…how many of these nations went to the peace table to discuss this in a mutually beneficial manner with Israel.
    And you say, terror has an underlying reason and gave your views on justifying that comment – while also saying “war wont solve it”…well terror doesnt solve it either…
    So why not be sincere by championing peace talks instead of just lambasting those who at least attempt at it…
    Or is peace just lip service for you… and you couldn’t care if this conflict does get resolved?

  57. alaric Mar 29,2010 8:29 PM

    good advice ….so good in fact, you should listen to it yourself …

  58. Anonymous Mar 29,2010 7:25 PM

    Everyone is loser in a war.

  59. Anonymous Mar 29,2010 7:24 PM

    Beloved Tun,
    There is no winner in a war.
    Everyone is loser.

  60. kamaliuk1973 Mar 29,2010 7:11 PM

    Dear Tun,
    1. If you are so against injustice and oppression, why have you not addressed the genocide in Darfur before?
    2. In fact, many Malaysian companies have been investing heavily in Sudan in spite of the Sudanese Government’s support of rape and genocide by the Jamjaweed.
    3. This includes Petronas, a company of which you are an advisor.
    4. Or perhaps Tun thinks this is yet another fabrication of the West.
    5. If you think so, please look at these photographs.

  61. Siti Salamah Mar 29,2010 6:51 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Pada pendapat saya, peperangan kepada ‘pengganas’ oleh pihak Barat tetap memberi keuntungan kepada mereka. Atas nama menghapuskan ‘pengganas’ pihak barat akan menjual senjata, peralatan moden alat pengesan, pesawat etc etc yg akan memberi keuntungan kepada pihak mereka. “Kitaran hidup’ ini akan berlangsung selagi ada pihak yg mengutip keuntungan tanpa mengira keuntungan itu atas penderitaan orang lain atau negara lain. Bagi orang Islam yg menyokong perjuangan ‘pengganas’ itu juga sebenarnya tidak mengikut ajaran Islam yg syumul. Mereka lupa bahawa Allah suka akan kedamaian dan suka akan kasih sayang. Sedangkan mereka mengucapkan “Bismillah Hirrohman Nirrohim” setiap waktu tanpa menghayati makna dan falsafahnya.
    Sejarah akan berulang, tamadun yg dibina pada hari ini mungkin bertahan dalam tempoh beberapa dekad, namun tiada lagi tamadun yg kekal selama-lamanya. Oleh itu, pihak barat perlu mencari jalan yang bijak untuk mengatasi masalah pengganas ini dengan meminta pihak Israel memulangkan kembali tanah yg dirampas kepada empunyanya. Namun, mampukah pihak barat berbuat demikian? berkuasakah mereka hendak meminta Israel mengikuti permintaan mereka? Sedangkan PM Israel dengan angkuh dan bangganya mengatakan tidak akan berhenti drpd mendirikan penempatan haram utk rakyat Israel. Semoga Allah mengampuni Israel dan melembutkan hati mereka untuk berunding damai dengan pihak Palestine. Wallahualam

  62. emma49 Mar 29,2010 6:26 PM

    Salam TUN,
    Saya rasa cadangan Tun ini mirip cara zaman malaya menentang komunis dulu, kita kaji root cause untuk tamatkan penularan pengaruh komunis. Contohnya kita tak tentang komunis secara keganasan tetapi dengan cara psikology untuk kembalikan keyakinan the public untuk tolak pengaruh negative komunis. The “terrorist” should get back their landla same like the orang2 cina dapat duduk kampung2 baru kat malaya nie…

  63. HBT Mar 29,2010 6:25 PM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    Terrorism has not quite succeeded and was interrupted due to multi-racial political parties and rakyat.
    Yeap, you are right, we don’t surrender to the terrorists! It would only encourage terrorism.
    The issues of past ‘terrorism’ are being debated in Parliament, aren’t they?
    Wok was bitten by the snakes due to whom he knows, not what and who he knows.
    However, due to past support of terrorism, BN will never be able to win back 2/3 of majority.
    Ayahanda Tun, The NEM will not be a WOW factor because of whom, what and who we know. Take care.

  64. jong52yuara Mar 29,2010 6:07 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    im not the person who reads much history, i cant tell u the actual happenings, neither how long been this conflict has appeared. i was born before all those land grabbing, war, palestinian, invasion and etc etc happened.
    but heres one very important message matter to me, some terrorist (doesnt matter from muslim or non-muslim) involves younger people, train them, and inherits hates then use all these innocent people as a weapon for whatever means. i have no idea what would actually change or achieved by terrorist,
    but there is one thing im very sure is if you train/teaches the history what younger ppl should do, when those young ppl grow up they will use the history to teaches you old man back. when is this gonna stop? perhaps this is a conspiracy for human population control, but thats another issues.
    same case with our beloved country, Malaysia. malay ketuanan thing when it will stop? gov should know that no matter what they do young ppl will also be the part of it. if it creates hatred, separation, racism for many many years to come. gov is same as “terrorist” its just in different form.

  65. ekompute Mar 29,2010 5:43 PM

    “The terrorists may not have won but they have not lost either.”
    Well, let’s hope America will keep its senses and not bomb the Ka’aba, the symbol of Islam, as a tit-for-tat for destroying the World Trade Center, the symbol of American imperialism. Lest we forget, America has the technology to press one button and destroy anything in this world with clockwork precision.
    Surprisingly, Tun is sympathetic to terrorism and even appears to be endorsing it but he doesn’t seem to be pleased with terrorism at home. I wonder what his beliefs are or is it called double standards?

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