1. I wonder who is hijacking “social contract”.

2. In this brave new world people write about things with authority but without knowing anything or doing proper research.

3. True the constitution does not mention “Malay rights” but obviously the mention of the special position of the Malays implies recognition of certain positions and privileges that they hold. The leaders of the time, the Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Sambanthan and Tun Tan Siew Sin understood the “special position” of the Malays as the indigenous people of Tanah Melayu, the “Malay Land”.

4. For this recognition by the non-Malay leaders, something had to be done to reciprocate their acceptance. The Tunku agreed to waive the conditions for becoming citizens so that one million non-Malays could become citizens with all the citizenship rights, ignoring the required qualifying conditions.

5. The Malays did not fight against the Malayan Union only to give up all that they had gained. But their leaders were realistic enough to have a quid pro quo arrangement. Does anyone seriously think that the Malay leaders would reduce their majority from 80% in the 1955 elections to less than 60% after the gift of citizenship to unqualified citizens? Only the weak minded would think so.

6. Social contracts are almost never written contracts with everyone signing at the bottom. It is usually an understanding based on trust. It is a measure of Malay trust of the non-Malays that they were prepared to give up what they had gained in the fight against the Malayan Union in order to accommodate even those whose loyalty to the country was not proven.

7. The Malays hate turmoil. They prefer accommodation. Had they been like some other indigenous people, they would have insisted on their rights even if they had to be violent and to wait a longer period.

8. We should appreciate the wisdom of the leaders of the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians who laid the foundation of inter-racial cooperation for their beloved country. Far too many colonies of the West gained independence only to experience turmoil and instability and actual regression. The colonial powers had predicted that Malaysia with its multiracial population and numerous ethnic disparities and differences would also fail. But we haven’t. And we haven’t because our founding fathers understood the situation and devised wise solutions.

9. In making use of the provision for the “special positions” of the Malays, the post-1969 leaders came up with affirmative actions. These are undoubtedly “crutches” and crutches should be discarded as soon as strength is gained. Only the selfish would advocate throwing away the crutches of others simply because they have already made good use of their own.


  1. Silent Majority Oct 5,2010 1:41 PM

    Wow ekompute what are you trying to prove?
    You really trust Wikipedia to be used as fact? in argument ? in here ?
    In a time when even newspapers and international broadcasting houses can be influenced? You sure are in for a deep disappointment in life.
    and by the way, the social contract is not between political parties. What question you ask whether PKR is part of the Social Contract? It is not even relevant. Social contract is between a nation who gives, and the group of people who receive and benefit from it, including the subsequent beneficiary.
    And please, you are given the opportunity to participate in intellectual discussion in presence of a great statesman. Some decorum and courtesy would benefit you. Lack of which won’t hurt nobody else.

  2. Silent Majority Oct 5,2010 1:03 PM

    Today in Malaysia, speaking for Malay rights can get you into trouble. A crowd would jump and point fingers at you, calling you racist. Even if you talk not on racial but personal platform, asking for your rights or privilege, you run the risk of being accused a racist.
    And these crowd who love to point fingers, they always accuse others of racism, always pointing fingers at opposite races, always being provocative of racial issues, imbalances and injustice. Barking about what “I should get, what I should have, what my race should be awarded”.
    Paku dulang paku serpih
    but these days we use power tools, no more paku
    Reading comments in this blog can be detrimental to one’s soul and well being. Its full of anger, hatred and mutual distrust.
    One should realize, that when you accuse someone with derogatory terms (like “stupid” or weak minded) or racists, you expose a little bit about yourselves. It reflect who you are as well.
    It is (perhaps) possible for a tribe/race/nation to train its people to be honest by removing the word “Lie” in their language. For the same reason, a nation that has more words to describe the act of being misleading or not telling the truth would be more creative and good at it.
    My point is, your vocab influences you, and vice versa, who you are is represented by the words you choose.
    Bahasa jiwa bangsa

  3. difefu May 14,2010 2:13 AM

    Wahai Pepatung,
    >If I am dead and God give another life again, I do not want to live with Chinese
    kenapa benci sangat pada kaum yang tak berniat jahat? jika tanah asal mereka bukan terletak di antara “tanah matahari terbit” dan nusantara ini, saya kira kita semua hanya boleh menggunakan satu bahasa saje.. bahasa asing yang amat sukar dipahami.
    Syukurlah mereka ini “exist” di dunia untuk memberlambatkan kuasa-kuasa yang benar-benar berniat menjajah.

  4. gonzale1 May 11,2010 6:59 PM

    Dear All,
    No other race in Malaysia more racist than Chinese.
    Something that we know that if Melayu berkuasa, Chinese and India can live together in harmony.
    Jika Chinese berkuasa, they will find a way either directly or indirectly to remove Malays and India from this land.
    Too bad that PERKASA decided to have their gathering in Terengganu, I would join if they having it in KL.

  5. fairuzstone May 3,2010 6:07 AM

    Dear YABhg Tun and everyone,
    I like to comment on funny story written by RajaChulan.
    I think he was high on alcohohols or medication during writing up his funny story.. hehe…. so funny to stupid people who never read proper history books beside internet then try to justify the history of this land with his fantacies and imagination so confidently…yennadey macha… you think the buddhist/hindhu kingdoms like old Kedah (Kadaha) or Gangga Negara or Langkasuka were of indian race just because because they were buddhist or hindhu.. kah kah kah, baca buku betul2 lah brader…. they all were Malays same under the great Malay empire Sri Vijaya of Palembang, they all were of same stocks… then come king Vira Rajendra of Chola kingdom (from southern India) to attack all ports in peninsular from Myanmar to Thailand (Segenting Kra Ligor Nakhon Sitammarat) to Kedah to Gangga Negara and to Kota gelanggi at Johor to test his power and jealousy upon the prosperity of Malay land, since his kingdom was so huge in India and have greater population as compared to Malays… of course until now u can compare the population of India vs Malaysia or Indonesia, they are greater in numbers/quantity… with hundred thousands of army he came and defeated the smaller populated city states whose army were mere 10,000-20,000… this was a case of bully in the past….
    Since Islam had not reached Malay lands before 13th century, so they adopt Buddhist or some kingdom Hindhus as their religion, but they still Malays.. please dont get confused with religions and races , they are differed……

  6. Daniel May 2,2010 5:03 AM

    Haha, as I had mentioned earlier in your other blog, education and healthcare must be free to all. Healthcare is free in Malaysia, educaiton should too. Someone commented here scholarship were given at the expense of a race……education is the future of the country and one’s life, u can be a doctor or a dish washer depending on whether you receive that scholarship or not. I dont see the reason why we all should be fighting, it seems it’s getting serious, all these comments, mainly showing hatred among brothers of malaysia…what is everyone’s problem? must we really hurt each others? Cant we sit down and talk like professionals….stop yelling around….if there is anything, come sit at the mamak shop n talk…no four letters word….just stay cool, relax my fren, that is the spirit, relax, the malaysian style, that is how i have been telling foreigners, the malaysian way..

  7. kelim1 May 1,2010 9:00 PM

    Adoi.. berdamailah semua…. We are all Malaysians… we are not extremists, extremist Malays, extremist Chinese. We are moderate Malaysians.
    Of course, if you look at the current example of the Minister of Culture, he doesn’t really exemplify Malaysian culture does he! brute.
    Our common enemy is not each other, Malays, how many Chinese friends do you know who are not like “kiasu” or anti-Malay? For the Chinese, how many Malays do you know who have been nice to you, opened their arms to you and been your friend? I know there are many…
    I for one, would vote BN – IF I knew they were good for the country, they were clean, free of corruption, lived up to the ideals of good governance and provided all of us with an exemplary public service. But it is them I do not trust – the fear-mongering tactics, putting so much pressure on the races and further dividing them… how can this be good governance?
    I am Chinese, but some of my best friends are Malays and Indians. I too understand the position of the Malays when there are Chinese I know who stick to their own, not mingling with other races, speaking only Chinese and having gone only to Chinese schools! Of course this is going to breed suspicion! But this is not unique only to them, equally there are Malays and Indians who also keep only to their own.
    My solution is very simple – if it’s possible change the Constitution so that there is only ONE jenis Sekolah Kebangsaan – and everyone goes, M, I and C. Then from young we learn to live together and appreciate one another – we become colour blind. Racism should be stamped out.
    We need to move forward. It won’t be easy.. there are plenty of extremists among us, just like overseas, you have racists in Australia, the UK and the US too. But I think the majority of us wanna just get on and understand one another and live a peaceful life, here, together, in MALAYSIA.
    Jadi, berdamailah semua…. don’t you remember all your friends from primary school who were Malay, Indian and Chinese? Would you say to their faces some of the things you say so loudly in this forum now?
    Salam’mualaikum Tun..

  8. nawawimohamad Apr 30,2010 6:31 PM

    Well, the “Social Contract” is in theory benefitted the Malays but was not practised by the UMNO politicians. They are the ones in cohorts with the Chinese towkays to erode the “special position” of the Malays. Don’t blame the Chinese for that. It is UMNO who is in power since independence who have failed in defending the “special position” of the Malays.

  9. LMan Apr 29,2010 2:43 PM

    Salam Tun ,
    Bagi saya , kita harus bersyukur dengan apa yang telah kita “bersama” kecapi selama ini.Jangan diganggu gugat lagi kesejahteraan kita semua.
    Yang penting setiap rakyat tahu tanggungjawab mereka kepada negara.
    Untuk Tun , teruskan perjuanganmu .

  10. S..Tan Apr 29,2010 12:32 AM

    Dear YAB Tun, salam mesra harap sihat sejahtera. Kiriman pandangan pada komen yg dilontar di sini dgn izin….
    > Menindas Melayu
    Objection to Umno method of implementing special privileges is not against the Malay race, greedy or dominating. There are sufficient safeguards in the constitution (153), institution (King, legislative, administrative, judicial and security) and population (majority 65%).
    It is Umno’s demonisation and fear mongering tactic (used last 50yrs) to divert Malays attention from their hijacking of social contract made easy by dubious DEB.
    >Name calling
    Do not call a race greedy pigs etc if you don

  11. pepatung Apr 28,2010 3:10 PM

    Semua ni berlaku sebab Orang Melayu bodoh, tak berfikiran jauh, takde kesabaran dalam menyelesaikan masalah dan bila ada masalah, bukan nak hadapi masalah dan selesaikan tapi ambil jalan senang lari dari masalah atau orang putih cakap ” short term resolution”. Ada tanah, senang-senang kasi Cina. Tengok apa yang Tunku Abd Rahman dah buat kt Singapura. Siap kasi FREEE pulak tu padahal dah bejuang macam nak mati lawan Malayan Union lawan British tapi dengan Lee Kwan Yew boleh kalah pulak.
    Orang Melayu Bodoh!! Tengok apa dah jadi kat Penang. Asal ada tanah pi jual kat Cina lama-lama Melayu Penang apa yang ada? Duduk la terceruk kat Balik Pulau. Sat lagi jual pulak tanah sekangkang kera kat Cina lagi. Mata dok kelabu dek duit. Mak bapak mampus je, adik beradik pakat2 jual tanah biarpun kat Cina. Melayu ni kerja yang dia pandai setakat jual tanah je. Tengok kat Johor Bahru, sapa yang jual pasir kat Singapore? Sampaikan Pegawai Kastam pun takut nak tanya sapa punye nanti tak pasal-pasal kena lempang pulak.
    Orang Melayu bodoh!!! Sebabkan nak sangat merdeka cara cepat, sampai sanggup terima “makhluk asing” jadi rakyat Malaya. Masa mula-mula terima kerakyatan, puji Orang Melayu sampai ke langit ke 7. Anda baca sendiri kenyataan Tan Siew Sin dan Sambanthan. Tengok sekarang apa dah jadi? Makhluk Asing dah mula mengaruk hendakkan macam-macam. Duit dah banyak, harta dah menimbun, kuasa pun dah banyak, tapi rupa-rupanya tak jugak cukup. Makhluk asing dah pandang rendah pulak dengan Orang Melayu mulalah nak persoal macam-macam hal lagi. Sampaikan kata Orang Asli adalah bangsa asal, Orang Melayu bukan bangsa asal. Kepala bapak atuk nenek dia, masa datuk nenek dia dapat kerakyatan Jus Soli tu, Orang Asli ke yang kasi? Tunku Abd Rahman yang kasi datuk nenek dia jadi warganegara Orang Asli Negrito ke? Bodoh-bodoh Melayu pun dia jalan lurus tapi makhluk asing bodoh cakap pusing-pusing macam ular.
    Orang Melayu bodoh lebih-lebih lelaki Melayu!!! Budak-budak Melayu bodoh satu hal, yang jantan nyer pulak bodoh tak ingat. Yang pompuan pandai2 sampai nak conquer kemasukan universiti tapi yang jantan2 sibuk merempit, isap dadah. Belajar sampai SPM je. Last2 terpaksa la jgk masukkan jantan2 yang bodoh dari pompuan masuk universiti untuk balance-kan. Masalah lain pulak timbul, yang jantan2 amik masuk universiti ramai pulak jadi “lembut-lembut gitu” tak pun jenis nampak keras tubuh badan tapi rupa2nya jenis suka main belakang, jenis klon Si A, ahli reformasi.
    Orang Melayu Bodoh!!! Dah la bagi kerakyatan, kita bagi pulak Selolah Cina dan Tamil kat makhluk asing ni. Bodoh Melayu bertambah sebab memalui sekolah ni la makhluk2 asing ni diajar dan dididik supaya membenci Orang Melayu. Orang Melayu sedar tak budak-budak mahluk asing ni panggil Orang Melayu ni PIG ataupun BABI. Check-check la You Tube ke, Facebook ke dan mana-mana yang reti baca Cina, sendiri mau ingat la.
    Orang Melayu, pemimpim Melayu tolang la jangan jadi bodoh. Kalau pun nak mengambil undi makhluk asing, pastikan pula makhluk asing tu jangan pula hina, memburuk-buruk bangsa awak sendiri. Kamu naik jadi pemimpin pun sebab majoriti undi kaum kamu sendiri bukan sebab undi sejemput makhluk asing tu. Jadi kamu sebagai Orang Melayu, pemimpin Melayu kena pentingkan keperluan Orang Melayu dulu, bukan naj jaga hati makhluk2 asing. Tak pasal-pasal PA Melayu sendiri kena pecat gara-gara desakan dari makhluk-makhluk asing tapi pemimpin makhluk asing dari Gerakan+MCA yang anti-Melayu tak pulak kena pecat, kena minta maaf.
    Orang Melayu Bodoh! Sebab sampai sekarang tak jugak pandai nak bersatu, manjang nak berbalah. Klalau bukan pasal politik, pasal agama pun boleh berbalah. Tak kan nak bersatu bila jadi macam 13 Mei je. Hal-hal survivor Melayu kena pikir jugak. Bila kita pikir pasal survival Melayu secara langsung kita jgk sentuh ttg survival Islam. Orang Melayu yang keluar Islam, dah jadi tak Melayu dah disisi Perlembagaan.

  12. pepatung Apr 28,2010 12:27 PM

    Dear Ekomputer and other mostly Malaysian Chinese,
    I think your comment about your own fear like ” Ketuanan Melayu” and your denial on existing of Orang Melayu in this formerly known Tanah Melayu will only create more tension, more misunderstanding among us, Orang Melayu. Example, Chinese people pay more tax than Melayu also want to count??? Whoever gain more money, pay more tax lah brother. If Melayu pay less tax because we are not gaining as much as the Chinese have. What you understand from your own statement on Chinese pay more tax? Try to be blind even the answer you already knew??? How about disparity income for clue? Most of us are poorer than the Chinese. We, Melayu always get less salary for the same position with Chinese in private sector. 85% of business in Malaysia is control by Chinese.
    The way you justify your own race against Melayu make we feel annoy and sometime dont understand what do you want MORE from us??? What do you want??? Equality???? For whom? What sort of equality if the Chinese got everything, richer, educated, smarter compared with us Melayu? Do we treat you, Chinese like Zimbabwe? Do we confiscate your wealth, your home, your belongings?
    For me being CHinese is always Chinese. Whatever you do or contributed, it always calculated in numbers and figure. You pay more tax because you are affordable Malaysian, you consume more alcohol than us, you buy imported cars ( normally Toyota ), buy imported things, drink expensive chinese tea and so on. If I gain more money, I also have to pay tax. Or are you try to say, you pay more tax to support the life of Melayus??? Your tax money use to build more Sekolah Kebangsaan?? Or is this what the Chinese really want to do with tax money, build Sekolah Cina, make more jalan or highway Cina, make more university Cina, more temple Cina, police Cina, army Cina and other everything CINA???? Is this kind of Chinese attitude we Melayu want to share? So KIASU, Chinese centric, dominating and selfish.
    Cakap Bahasa Melayu pun bodoh even stay here few generation. Where else Nepalese, Bangladeshi can speak better Bahasa Melayu although they just here few years. My opinion is, if Chinese not happy with Malaysia, just go abroad. Bring your wealth and your tax money to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or your dream country, USA, For me, what ever happen to me, wether I am rich or poor, my blood stays here, my Malaysia!
    If I am dead and God give another life again, I do not want to live with Chinese

  13. ekompute Apr 27,2010 7:12 PM

    Raja Chulan, that was an incisive analysis but I think you did get some facts wrong. Unlike other posts that only contains emotional words, devoid of facts, yours is thus supported and anyone can say, “Hey, you got it wrong there!” That’s what a post should be… not unislamic name-calling.
    First and foremost, Parameswara escaped to Temasik, after being attacked by Majapahit, and then arrived in Melaka in circa 1400. It was not the Dutch who drove him to Melaka. And after forming the Sultanate, it is reasonable to assume that he encouraged his subjects to come over in huge numbers to develop the place. I think it is only natural. These people were not called Melayu then because the term was only used to refer to the kerabat diraja of the Parameswara family. Thus, when Hang Tuah said, “Tak kan Melayu hilang di dunia,” he was NOT referring to what is today called the Malay race but he was referring to the Melaka Sultanate.
    You further said: “So the so called Social Contract was hatched amongst the towkays, capatilist and the Gangsters. The peoples’ interest was furtherest and the last in their mind. I say this because after 50 years you and I can bear witness to this half-baked and not so well tought-off plan (social contract?). What a disaster they have created for you and I and our children. Generasi sekarang dan yang akan datang menjadi mangsa perbuatan orang dulu-dulu. I wish, our earlier leaders were like those from many other countries (example USA, India and China) where peace, harmony racial equality and racial stability prevails to this date.”
    To me, I disagree with that too. The Constitution that was written has been changed so many times until today, the present Constitution bears little resemblance to the original one. Wikipedia says: “Although its proponents claimed that ketuanan Melayu was directly derived from Article 153 of the Constitution, the Reid Commission which drafted the framework for the Constitution had stated that the provisions for Malay privileges were to be temporary in nature, and eventually abolished, citing the only reason for their existence as tradition and economic necessity as a form of affirmative action for the Malays.” Can you find that provision now?
    So what makes you think that something that is unwritten such as the so-called Social Contract is actually the one that was mutually agreed upon? How do you know that it has not been changed by interested parties, when something that has been written, such as the Constitution, has been changed so many times? Wikipedia says: “After Tun Razak succeeded the Tunku in 1970, he began asserting UMNO’s leadership in the Alliance more strongly. When the Tunku led the coalition, he had always consulted Alliance leaders regarding policy

  14. Marzaini Apr 27,2010 1:14 PM

    Dear fellow Malaysian Chinese and Indians,
    I am one of the young generation Malay brought up post NEP policy where affirmative action was already well in place. Yes I acknowledge I have benefited a lot from the government for my studies scholarship as a privilege of ‘son of soil’. And at same time I often hear the difficulties of fellow Chinese and Indians having to sacrifice more just to pursue tertiary studies since they lack the privilege. Knowing this privilege, I studied real hard and tried my best to do well; I do not take this for granted. When becoming an engineer I worked well along side both Chinese and Indians, and I had a Chinese as my senior and also my manager. Despite restrictions and difficulties there is still room for non-Malays to do well and even earn better and become bosses of Malays. Even become million aires. There is no restriction to that, I am glad and have no issues on this. Commerce due to diligence of non-Malays is dominated by them. I acknowledge their rightful achievement. It is their earned right. There should not be ill-feelings or jealousy on part of Malays.
    On my non-Malay fellows’ side, I hope that they can come to understand, that unity and peace does not come for free and warrants sacrifice. As affirmative action exists in all governments in different forms. It also requires a wise and open heart to accept and acknowledge that you my fellow Indians and Chinese are still fortunate and can pursue the dreams of your lives here in blessed Malaysia. It is here we have to know, understand and accept the chronology of the history of how Malaysia came to being, even if it hurts. You are still lucky, since if you are still in China or India, there are millions and millions of talented and hardworking people there, opportunities are scarce and competition is very high. I’ve heard even PhD holders have to become bus conductors just to make a living in India. Chinese and Indians are better off in Malaysia than they would be in China or India (or even Indonesia), for this gratitude and thankfullness must be there as it is deserved.
    As the fore fathers of Malays who had let go of their 80% population dominance, a gain for non-Malays which allow Chinese and Indian on (back then Tanah Melayu) now Malaysian soil, resulting in the non-Malay descendants still roaming our land with our will, so would we Malays hope that you can openly accept the indegenious rights of Bumiputras with your will. Because as long there is still ill feelings due to refusal to embrace and accept history, you will forever be unhappy, we have sacrificed, so can you.

  15. Idea Apr 27,2010 1:11 PM

    Dear Tun,
    1. May you always be in good health. I posted this comment under another title. I think this comment is better posted under this title. I hereby seek your consideration to let this comment be under this title. Thank you, Tun.
    2. I am reverting to your post titled

  16. lampu basikal Apr 27,2010 12:34 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir, May Allah bless you all the time.
    I have a dream that the malays will be given the same salary as the non malays in the kiasu companies because of their talent.
    I have a dream that the malays companies will be given the chances to compete with the ultra kiasu companies at the same level without the kiasu companies monopoly.
    I have a dream that all the halal food produces that been traded with the middle east are without the kiasu companies.
    I have a dream that one day the malay companies will break the monopoly of the kiasu companies.
    I have a dream that the kiasu who bribe money for the land of the malays will return back to the rightfull owners that is the malays.
    Thank you. Long live Tun Dr Mahathir pahlawanku…. Aminnnn.

  17. ekompute Apr 27,2010 10:19 AM

    Rayho says: “Malaysia is already in regression & failing – albeit slowly. Wake up.”
    Well, whether Malaysia is in regression or not is subjective. For one, everyone knows that the BN government is performing better than countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Kampuchea, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and many others. But when we compare with Singapore that has no natural resources and which was once part of us, we have to feel extremely shameful, unless we don’t know what shame is. When Tunku kicked Singapore out of the Federation, he was expecting Singapore to come on its knees and negotiate on Malaysia’s terms. But did Singapore ever beg to come back? No. In fact, they became even more prosperous such that today, their currency is 2.3 times that of Malaysia. Are the Malays in Singapore poorer than the Malays in Malaysia? You answer that yourself, LOL.
    But I do agree with Rayho in that once our natural resources, particularly petroleum, are exhausted, we will see the real slide. We have not been developing our human resources to the fullest. Singapore, by the way, has only their human resources to count on. Well, you may say they have a strategic port. Don’t we have three ports (Pasir Gudang, Tanjung Pelepas, and Tanjung Langsat) near them? Didn’t Maersk took up some 50% share in Tanjung Pelepas and then decided to go back to Singapore again? Why? It’s all about human efficiency. A port is just a port.
    But the Malaysian government is so obsessed with the so-called redistribution of wealth (which in actual fact is nothing more than racism) that they fail to develop our human resources. Those that are capable of developing their abilities are not assisted by the government… nay, even prevented from doing so. Those that are not interested in doing so are given a lot of incentives and at the end of the day, no one is contributing to capacity building. Well, I do agree that I am generalizing, but the reverse is further from the truth.
    If the BN government is smart, they would have realized that Malaysia is in a very enviable position to prosper, given the present world development, with China and India becoming world-class economic powers. We have Malays, Chinese, and Indians in Malaysia. By all means, let the Malays monopolize the economy in Malaysia, but help the Chinese to do business with China and the Indians to do business with India. That way, we can have the best of three worlds. But are we doing that? No, we try to restrict the growth of Chinese and Tamil education and in the end, non-Malays are made to suffer because they have very little opening in Malaysia, as compared to the Malays, and they can’t go overseas either. Such selfish attitude is not what Islam is all about.
    Honestly, I would prefer a PAS government that practise Islam (and I particularly like Nik Aziz) and non-racial discrimination than an UMNO government. I don’t mind paying head tax but I hate to see racial discrimination. And Allah and Nabi abhors racial discrimination too. Well, let the supporters of Ketuanan Melayu and Perkasa render an account of their actions to Allah in the Hereafter.” To each, his own religion.

  18. ekompute Apr 27,2010 9:31 AM

    Just to add to what RajaChulan says…
    Wikipedia says: “The 17th-century Malay chronicle, the Sejarah Melayu, tells of the founding of a great trading city on the island of Temasek in 1299 AD by a Palembang prince. Palembang was then the capital of the diminishing Srivijayan Empire. The prince, Sri Tri Buana, (also known as Sang Nila Utama) was said to be a descendant of Alexander the Great and an Indian princess called Shahru Al-Bariyah. Legend states that he renamed the city Singapura (“lion city”) after sighting a strange beast that he took to be a lion…”
    Now, the above is from the Sejarah Melayu written by the ancestors of the Melayu themselves, so no Melayu should dispute that, unless like our Malaysian history, UMNO wants to rewrite it or else they want to claim that Wikipedia wrongly translated the chronicle. I am not going to argue about rewriting history because the Japanese government also rewrote their history about World War II. All I want to say is that facts are facts, no many how you rewrite them, and Allah knows best.
    Now as we all know, Parameswara was a fugitive Palembang prince of the Srivijayan Empire and therefore we can surmise that he was also descended from Alexander the Great and the Indian princess, Shahru Al-Bariyah, unless there are concrete evidence that this prince is from a different lineage. The word “Melayu” was originally used to refer only to the royal family (kerabat diraja) of the Melaka Sultanate and it was not until the beginning of the 17th century when the Melaka Sultanate had all but vanished that the term was used to refer to race. Even then, Melayu did not refer to the Bugis nor the Minangkabaus nor the Javanese. In fact, in the Javanese language, the word “Melayu” means “pelari” and ties in perfectly to the status of Parameswara as a fugitive.
    In any case, the above is important only if we want to get history straight. But for racial harmony, all these are not at all important.

  19. rayho Apr 26,2010 3:26 PM

    Malaysia is already in regression & failing – albeit slowly. Wake up

  20. RajaChulan Apr 25,2010 4:04 PM

    What Social Contract? Chinese and Indians were already living here thousands of years before 1957. By all account this land also belonged to them. They were also legal inhibitans of this land. Can anyone based on historical facts say that this land actually belonged to the Melayus exclusively? The Melayus have no direct relevance to this land. The Melayus were melayus- a race of sumatera. By right, if not for the Dutch, the Melayus would be in Northen Sumetera and that is where the land of the Melayus would have been. This land was ruled by the Hindu and Buddhist dynasties for so long (remember? Chulan kingdom?) before being sub-contracted to the Siamese King who later had his Siamese Representatives(read Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Mahmud,Tun Perak etc. likes terrorising this land.The Siamese Kings had “yearly fees” and homage paid to them in return. These guys are what we call as “Gangsters” in todays’s language)Those days this land was the land of much lawlessness. The British came to restore order so that they too can rape this land together with these Gangsters.
    When the Japanese and Communist came into the picture , the British practically “shit in their pants” and wanted to leave. Somwhere around the same time however the Japanese were somewhat already defeated by the American at that time so the only possibility after the British left would have been the Communist taking over this land. The British didnt want that to happen. So too did the towkays (capatilist) and the so called Gangsters, so they conspired to continue ruling this land somehow. If the Communist had come, they (Towkays, Capatalist and Gangsters) would obvioulsy be finished by the Communist. So they all wanted to keep the Communist out al all cost. The real rakyats be it Melayus, Indians or Chinese were really not in their game plan.The consulatations and demonstrations were really an eye wash of the towkays, capatalist and the Gangsters.
    Actually, many Melayus, Indians and Chinese wanted to migrate to UK as British subjects!! They all collectively thought that would be a better life in the UK and a dream come true situation!! The British didnt want this to happen of course!!!
    So the so called Social Contarct was hatched amongst the towkays, capatilist and the Gangsters. The peoples’ interest was furtherest and the last in their mind. I say this because after 50 years you and I can bear withness to this half-baked and not so well tought-off plan (social contract?). What a disaster they have created for you and I and our children. Generasi sekarang dan yang akan datang menjadi mangsa perbuatan orang dulu-dulu. I wish, our earlier leaders were like those from many other countries (example USA, India and China) where peace, harmony racial equality and racial stability prevails to this date.

  21. truthseeker Apr 25,2010 9:33 AM

    Salam Tun and fellow bloggers,
    Thank you Tun for highlighting my favorite rtopic again.
    1. obviously there are those bloggers who truly feel that they are good citizens of this country and therefore there’s no need for affirmative actions, positive discrimination, etc….i can understand their feeling of frustration when people are divided, its about harmony, peace, socializing, etc…BUT…do not forget…
    2. there are those malays and non malays who are concerned about politics, about POWER. The malays have proven over and over again that they as malays are open to others, sharing in almost everything…the non malays were made welcome since malacca days and even before. The non malays could do almost anything and the climax of all was that free citizenship for 1 million, just like air asia giving out tickets….BUT….
    3. who started the shit? who was kurang ajar during the early days before 13th May? who was and still kurang ajar to the malays in singapore? Dont you think that makes some of the malays to be worried about sharing powers with non malays? especially when we see DAP, a real kurang ajar party towards the malays, a PAP partner gaining momentum…that is something we malays are concerned. when business non malays, or social non malays fighting for places, we malays can still allow, but when the power crazy non malays are trying to take over this country, we malays will not allow. you had shown your true colors…greedy pigs.
    4. im looking at 2 personalities; khoo kay kim who is recognized as the great historian and lee lam thye, the great social activist. one day, they will be saying something that will attract all races…and i hope its not something against the malays.

  22. putri'seye Apr 24,2010 11:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum kepada Ybhg Tun Mahathir & isteri..
    Election Hulu Selangor kali ini banyak menjanji bulan dan bintang…Apabila menang takut tidak dapat menunaikan janji…janji tinggal janji sahaje…Kena juga berhati-hati apabila memberi…Tiap-tiap kali election yang saya heran kenapa semua yang memberi support kena meramaikan lagi penduduk diHulu Selangor…Apabila beramai jadi macam pesta pulak dan esoknya apabila mengundi jangan lah sampai menutup jalan bagi pengundi-pengundi pulak…Mereka-mereka yang nak mengundi menjadi takut pulak…
    Saya dapat rasakan kali ini BN akan menang..insyaallah..

  23. ekompute Apr 24,2010 2:55 PM

    As stated by Tun, “Social contracts are almost never written contracts with everyone signing at the bottom.” So how do we know that Tun’s interpretation of the social contract is correct. Any idea?
    Let’s now look at something that is written. Let’s look at the first objective of the New Economic Policy (NEP) which states: “Menghapuskan kemiskinan dalam kalangan rakyat tanpa mengira kaum.” This statement is published and therefore indisputable, or is it still?
    Anyone wants to say that the NEP has not been hijacked? Or you would rather close both eyes if the facts does not further your own self-interest? Would Sudin like to try?

  24. Liew Apr 24,2010 2:11 PM

    Mustafa Che Mun
    Why British have to bring in Chinese to work on the tin mines and Indians in the rubber plantation even there are so many local native workers? Was it because they don

  25. ekompute Apr 24,2010 9:24 AM

    Hi Sudin, I am a Malaysian first and a Chinese second. What about you? And if you can tell me how much income tax you have paid to the government, I will tell you how much I have contributed? And I will tell you how much benefit I have received from the government if you can also tell likewise.

  26. ekompute Apr 24,2010 9:18 AM

    Hi Sudin, we are such a racist country that it appears to be wrong not to declare your race. I have participated in many forums, both local and international, and no one ever ask me to declare my race. In fact, it is illegal to ask for race in America when applying for a job and we claim here that Islam is our official religion. If so, practise it! Islam abhors racialism.
    You mentioned: “Now at last you admit that you’re Chinese. You have sick mind. The manner you commented and/or purposely manipulated only part of my entry showed you’re not a grown-up (like a 14-year old), behaving very childish. Yet you’re claiming to have the world under your feet! I’ll submit more similar entries and let’s see your sanity can hold to the end!”
    Just take a look at your short post and see how many emotional words you are using… emotional words without substantiation. It’s just a junk post. Try to substantiate your accusations and I will respond, otherwise it’s just wasting my time and I will ignore it.

  27. S..Tan Apr 24,2010 2:42 AM

    Dear YAB Tun, salam mesra harap sihat sejahtera. Kiriman saya untuk meriah ‘slugging’ sekali lagi. Dipecah untuk mudah lalu sekatan…..
    Question implementation and method is demonised as betraying the social contract. Asking for equal rights is dominating and belittling Malays, but restrictions on others language, religion and culture is tolerance.
    Betrayal of trust is closing one eye because the perpetrator is a Malay, not questioning Umno’s interpretation….
    Railway keeper build palace in kampung
    Dentist owns Bali mansion
    Vice president lounge around airport with 1mil Aussie dollars
    A state Umno warlord exchanging 10mil cash
    Two Malay assemblymen are freed of corruption investigation after becoming frog prince
    An inexperienced first time half term assemblywoman gets Datukship for frog feat
    An aide dies while in detention, another goes to court over RM5K stationery and flags. PKFZ 12bil no results.
    M’sia’s 4th PM becomes a Malay by definition of Article of 160(2) of the constitution. His Malay citizenship came about only after 1957 definition. That is the same time non Malays got their citizenship. Before that provision his blood ancestry would be Indian (from the grandfather). Melayu keturunan darah sama Melayu keputusan perlembagaan?
    M’sia’s 6th PM is descendant from Bugis. There are many non bumi who are already here when his ancestors arrived. Tapi bangsa lain itu tetap dipandang pendatang kemudian.
    Citizenship to others is a loss? What have they taken that they have not put back? Who built the towns, ports, railways, roads, plantations, tin mines, schools, hospitals you have since 1957? Many immigrants died building these just as your soldiers died defending this country. These are now controlled by Malay Majlis Perbandaran, KTM, MMC, SIME DARBY or the 95% Malay govt.
    They pay taxes that are monopolised by a group that has another tax exclusively for their use (not an issue, zakat), yet they are accused greedy. Their crime is they work too hard, ask for equality (instead of privileges?)
    Who says the citizenship is free without sacrifices. To understand the sacrifice try living without DEB yourself a few years. Children of high ranking govt servants, vice chancellors study in IPTA while hawkers children pay heavily at IPTA. Yet some people amazingly interpret this as monopolising IPTA. Switch then!
    Immature and emotional facebook posting should not be equated with citizenship behaviour of an entire race. It is a weak mind (means stupid) to believe facebook postings in cyberspace represent the working and real population outside.

  28. S..Tan Apr 24,2010 2:22 AM

    Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat. Kiriman saya untuk tajuk membelasah sekali lagi. I hope I am pointing to the reality of outcomes instead of emotional, immature racial accusations that are rampant….
    Special privileges of quotas in civil service, scholarships, licenses and permits in the constitution (Article 153) does not mean monopoly….
    >Scholarship quotas widen as follows
    100% monopoly of sekolah berasrama, MRSM, UITM. Are there no non Malays in rural areas? Not even 5% poor non Malays?
    Places in public universities is more than 80% vs 60% of pop
    University lecturers 90% of one race. Other races not qualified or not bright?
    Public scholarship is 80% monopolized
    >Quotas in civil service is enforced as below
    Public service is 95% blatantly dominated (protests when non Malays appointed heads) yet private sector language requirement is twisted as discrimination.
    GLC employ 5% of 11mil workforce. GLC is 90% dominated by one race.
    Petronas, biggest corporation in M’sia is run by 99% Malays.
    There are 1mil taxpayers employing 1.2 mil civil servants.
    Msia probably has the biggest civil service per capita ratio in the world. We should be experts in civil service. Is our civil servants in demand overseas? Can we export some of them?
    >Licences and permits quotas means take everything
    Permits (taxi, bus, lorry) monopolised to facilitate sale and rental not operation. Now all you hear is cries to raise taxi and bus fares not more competition.
    APs for rent and sale not opening showrooms. Yet they cry other races monopolize businesses.
    Projects for commission not mastering the business. Yet they cry others discriminate and form cartels against them. If others dont help themeselves who will?
    Privatisation (MAS, MISC) to create overnight millionaires not entrepeneurs. Crowned not groomed businessmen melt in 98 financial meltdown.
    Concessions (highway, IPP, ports, vehicle inspection etc) for cronies not rakyat benefit.
    Patronage way (contracts) to become millionaire not sweat and toil. Melayu baru, rumah istana, isteri berkala. Read the divorce cases of Malays now, wives asking for 2-3 cars, houses, mil in alimony.
    >Still poor?
    Top 5 banks, 4 is bumi controlled. Still some people claim other races deny them loans.
    40% of Bursa market value is in GLC
    Top 10 companies in Bursa, 7 is bumi/GLC
    Who controls electricity(TNB), telecommunications(TM), water, transport (KTM, MISC and MAS)
    Mara (loans), Felda and Felcra(land), Risda(subsidy) do not serve even 5% non bumi.
    ASB and ASM only for bumi. But 1988 fig for ASN shows 1.3% members hold 75% of the shares. Who are these hijackers?
    PNB hold 120bil (holding company for ASN ASB) is the biggest investor in Bursa.
    Khazanah hold 72 bil worth of shares. Non bumi run Khazanah?
    Some of the above monopolies don’t even fall under the definition of Article 153 (3 areas)
    People who don

  29. Pangait Apr 23,2010 5:10 PM

    We Sabahans had not fared well even if we are Bumis in a sense. The Malays in Federal Authorities preferred Muslim Bumis in promotion and business opportunities. With the influx of Indonesian Muslims from Sulawesi given NRIC by their near cousin Malays from Peninsular, many opportunities hve been diverted to them. Today we see them owning transport business, oil plantations, etc.
    So in such discussions, Mahathir will close his ears as this is too small or it bothered him the least. He is only too keen to talk on Malay Supremacy and Malay Rights.
    Let me say this to him:

  30. ekompute Apr 23,2010 1:46 PM

    Mazai says: “The history proved that Malaya was founded by a race called Malay which include orang Asli who I consider also as part of Malay of different ethnic group.”
    Look at this map. Wikipedia says: “The Malay term for Negrito is orang asli” (NOT Melayu). They are likely descendants of the indigenous populations of the Sunda landmass and New Guinea, predating the Mongoloid peoples who later entered Southeast Asia… By the mid-20th century, what were called the subraces of the Mongolian race were usually classified by language groups: the Uralic race , the Altaic race, the Sino-Tibetan race, the Austroasiatic race, the Malayan race (those people now called Austronesians), etc, etc.
    Mazai, what you consider must be based on facts and not on a figment of your fertile imagination. No one has ever claimed that orang asli (and you have conveniently forgotten the Ibans and Kadazans) are Malays. Are you confusing Malays with bumiputera, an invented word?
    Here is a family of 5, with No. 2 saying that No. 1 and No. 2 is considered as one group, while No. 3, 4, and 5 is considered another group.
    Mazai also says: “The new comer must appreciate it and be thankful to the founder for allowing them to live together. and not try to chase the founder or their children out.” Seems like you fantasize a lot and believe in things that never ever happen. No Chinese or non-Malay in his right mind has ever thought about chasing anyone out, but there are Malays who have asked non-Malays to get out! Take a look at this video, if you have the time.

  31. sudin Apr 23,2010 1:29 PM

    Salam Tun.
    To ekompute (sic),
    Now at last you admit that you’re Chinese. You have sick mind. The manner you commented and/or purposely manipulated only part of my entry showed you’re not a grown-up (like a 14-year old), behaving very childish. Yet you’re claiming to have the world under your feet! I’ll submit more similar entries and let’s see your sanity can hold to the end!

  32. Ir. Syahrizan Apr 23,2010 11:36 AM

    Asalamualaikum Tun,
    Remember me? I hope you’re doing fine and in good health (same goes to your wife).
    Social Contract. Being a Bumiputera myself, I have nothing against it. My only concern is; how much does the Bumiputera actually benefited from the Social Contract’s programmes; NEP(DEB), GLC, Education & etc.
    Look at Sarawak, the richest state in Malaysia, which manage to secure RM 3 Billion Ringgit clean net income (between year 2001 to 2009). But, unfortunately, where does all the money went? We still have a lot of poor Bumiputera living in the suburb area, struggling.
    Nevertheless, RM 3 Billion is nothing if compared to that Petronas money of RM 250 Billion long gone during Pak Lah and ‘menantu’ days.
    How much those politicians and sultan families got from each of the projects going on in Malaysia? That is what we as regular rakyat are wondering.
    How much the needy (poor) people actually benefited from DEB? This is a question that if nobody can answer now, surely, in the “padang masyar”, that question will be asked by Allah Subhanallah Wa Taala. To these unshameful, greedy and corrupt leaders; your days are numbered!

  33. faa Apr 23,2010 11:11 AM

    Dear Tun ,
    Excuse me, I do get tired of this issue. But, from time to time it is necessary to highlight it as there some movements from certain group of people to forget the rationale of “special position of the malay” and even attacks on Islam as the official religion of this country. Just like some of you regret or think that it was a mistake for the Malays to be granted such rights when the country gained its independence, I and many others think is it was a mistake too to grant 1 million citizenship to non-Malays. But, what has been done is done. So, please , you don’t attack the Malay privileges and Islam, we don’t need to raise this issue ever again! I sincerely hope that KDN do investigate the background of those granted our citizenship. Please, take your time. Any minor mistake may also lead to endangering this country. Kita tak nak pisang berbuah dua kali. Sivarajah, my friend from Singapura told me that once there were about 120 Malay families living in his neighbourhood. But now, the number has gone down to 17 families as the rest have migrated to Malaysia. I wonder why!

  34. MAZAI Apr 23,2010 8:41 AM

    I would like thank to Allah SWT for giving Tun Mahathir long life.
    This will give him opportunities to explain the actual experiences and the actual stories of the past for the knowledge of the new generation.
    Building the countries not like building a commercial shop lot. Only those who got money can occupy the building. Those without money can only occupy road reserve, drain reserve or other government reserve.
    There is no country or nation in this world without founder. If the founder or their children still exist and alive they have to be given previlage and protected. The new comer must appreciate it and be thankful to the founder for allowing them to live together. and not try to chase the founder or their children out.
    The history proved that Malaya was founded by a race called Malay which include orang Asli who I consider also as part of Malay of different ethnic group. They develop civilisation and form a formal government.
    Tun Mahathir has onced again proved that more than one million non Malays who migrate in the early 1900’s were given the opportunity to be citizen of this onced called Tanah Melayu. Consider this importance part of Malaysia history before make a lot of allegation, pressure and demands.
    1Malaysia does not means to forget the history or to erase the right of this children of the founder. The intention of our beloved Prime Minister is to create harmony, love among citizens of different ethnics and enjoying the prosperity of this country together.
    May Allah give long live to Tun Mahathir.

  35. Idea Apr 23,2010 8:30 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Looks like ‘ekompute’ is very excited to comment on this topic.

  36. ekompute Apr 22,2010 9:09 PM

    Hi Watchers, you mentioned: “Wikipedia can be edited my friend. i hope you did not base your thesis by using wikipedia as a reference. DUH.”
    Watchers, have you ever try to edit Wikipedia? I used to be a regular contributor before starting my own websites. Apart from contributing to Wikipedia (English), I have also contributed a few thousand articles to Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu. Try writing some nonsense or some unreferenced and unsubstantiated remarks in Wikipedia and then tell me what happen.
    Tun mentioned: “Social contracts are almost never written contracts with everyone signing at the bottom.” So how does Tun know about the social contract, if it is not written? Or he can say whatever he likes since it is not written? And who knows the social contract better than the Tunku himself? says: “The well-educated, visionary Tunku could barely contain his contempt for Mahathir’s brash nationalism (i.e. Ketuanan Melayu) that went totally against the Rukun Negara and brought about serious racial segregation. He was a pillar of staunch opposition until his death in 1990.”
    In any case, the New Economic Policy says:
    * Menghapuskan kemiskinan dalam kalangan rakyat tanpa mengira kaum; dan
    * Menyusun semula masyarakat.
    As a Muslim, can you say that the government has ever attempted to menghapuskan kemiskinan dalam kalangan rakyat “tanpa mengira kaum” or would you say, “cakap tak serupa bikin”?

  37. ekompute Apr 22,2010 4:43 PM

    Hi cokangla, you wrote: “me to hope Allah will treat you kindly when you get to meet him also ekompute. sometime we are too busy judging people that we forgot to judge ourselves. hope you’re not one of them, insyaAllah.”
    Thank you for your concern, cokangla. I hope you too are not busy judging people that you forgot to judge yourself. Ask yourself whether you are another proponent of Ketuanan Melayu. If so, may I wish you all the best because in his last sermon, Prophet Muhammad said: “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.
    Apparently, this paragraph is omitted in many Malay websites. The censorship in Malaysia is so strong that even the full text of the Prophet’s sermon is not published, LOL. I am not a Muslim, so I won’t be meeting Allah anytime. Jesus once said, “Many are called but few are chosen.” He was of course referring to the Jews. (Jesus said he came to uphold the Law, not create a new religion… I wonder what will happen to the Christians if this is true). I also wonder whether Prophet Muhammad ever said that “many are called but few are chosen”. If so, I wonder how many Malays will qualify to go to heaven. If Nik Aziz does not qualify, no one will.
    We Chinese do not believe in going to heaven, except for a very, very rare few. We believe in going to Hades, which is not Hell either. Hell, for us, is for those who murder others and commit grave sins. We Chinese also believes that what turns around, comes around. When you ridicule people for being ugly, you will be ugly in your next life. When you oppress people in this lifetime, you will be oppressed in the next… in short, the law of cause and effect will get you in time to come. I hope Islam does not believe in this but believe in ketuanan Melayu in heaven and all the best to you!

  38. rahman abbas Apr 22,2010 12:02 PM


  39. Mustafa Che Mun Apr 22,2010 11:47 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun
    Pls give me write comments even so me english no good.
    To Liew on April 21, 2010 2:13 PM You bluff and hiding, say you not against

  40. crazyidiot Apr 22,2010 11:03 AM

    I have a dream!
    I have a dream that Bumiputras and Malaysian Non-Bumiputras can buy a house for the same price.
    I have a dream that Bumiputras and Malaysian Non-Bumiputras can invest in the same fund and get the same returns.
    I have a dream that a Malaysian Non-Bumiputra will be a Prime Minister of Malaysia.
    I have a dream that Bumiputras and Malaysian Non-Bumiputras can have equal chance to get sponsorship for a good education in Malaysia.
    I have a dream that Bumiputras and Malaysian Non-Bumiputras can apply for government tender with knowing that the result is not based on race.
    One day, my dream will come true!
    Martin Luther King said it the same way and it came true, now CrazyIdiot is saying this for Malaysia and it will soon come to pass.

  41. ekompute Apr 22,2010 5:54 AM

    Keupayaan bersaing ialah tanda bangsa yang unggul. Bagi bangsa itu, mereka tidak takut akan persaingan. Halnya lain bagi bangsa yang tiada keyakinan atas keupayaan sendiri. Hanya orang yang cacat perlu perlindungan.

  42. ekompute Apr 22,2010 5:39 AM

    Syed berkata: “Bangsa Melayu Singapura merempat di negeri dan bumi sendiri.”
    Pada suatu ketika, saya juga berasa orang Melayu amat rugi kerana tinggal di Singapura. Saya terkejut apabila sebilangan mereka memberitahu saya bahawa mereka berasa bangga kerana berasa setanding dengan bangsa lain dan tidak perlu ditongkatkan.

  43. S..Tan Apr 22,2010 2:47 AM

    Dear YAB Tun, salam mesra harap sihat. Kiriman saya untuk tajuk tak kering gusi blog ini dgn izin….
    The real hijackers of the social contract are those who stir up sentiment. Opposition to the social contract cos it is easily abused is twisted as ‘Belanda minta tanah’, ‘beri betis nak paha’. Arguing against the effectiveness of the current basis of affirmative policy is turned into questioning Malay privileges (constitution)
    Asking for abolishing DEB method (not other methods) of helping Malays is disrespect and anti Malay. Condemning leeches and parasites in the DEB is being a traitor to the race, selfish.
    Asking for implementation of Article 8 (equal rights of all citizens) is not asking for abolishing of Article 153. Disputing Malay ‘rights’ and supremacy (Umno version) is not removing special position of Malays or privileges (constitution).
    These are slanders from hijackers of the social contract. Ibrahim Ali is taking the route one Ultra took in 1969. The Ultra successfully forced Tunku out. Who hijack the social contract?
    If one mil citizenship is 40% pop, then Malays are 1.5mil in 1957. As a wild thought, one mil for each Malay family from 1957 should be fair affirmative help to give them a head start in life. With one mil as help the Malay family should never need crutches any more, is definitely above other races and be able to provide for his future generation. The other races should have fulfilled their gratitude to those Malays for the right of citizenship.
    This should only cost 500bil (assume a family is 3) and will not take 50 years. This was what is in the mind of our forefathers. For the last 50yrs surely more than 500bil cash aid has been handed out.
    Assume only 10% of current M’sian budget of 200bil is reserved for social contract, it is 20bil. Over 40yrs 800bil. Even given the budget is smaller in earlier years it should not be less than 500bil. Why should there be still poor Malay families when the money is there? Remember Malays have another safety net in zakat funds (tax exempt dollar for dollar) which is indisputably Malay beneficiary.
    The forefathers never counted the ‘parachute’ Malays from Indonesia, Indian Muslims, mixed marriages (Thai, Arabs, other foreigners) who qualify as Malays post 1957 even though their ancestry is far later than other races. Add to that new Malay citizenship ‘granted’ freely to Muslims and fake Mykad for Muslim illegals.
    They never expected so many Malays to be greedy and monopolise the privileges. They never counted Malays want help in perpetuity ie. grandfather, father, son, grandchildren all want scholarship, govt job.
    As a reverse, the other races would not mind getting one mil per family and forever hold their silence on affirmative policy in whatever form. The point is, there is enough for every citizens need, not enough if some greedy Malays hijack the social contract.
    Is success the birth right of Malays, that EVERYONE deserves the crutches? All Malays must be given a crack at university degree, high paying job, become a millionaire at state cost, before race affirmative policy can be removed?
    This is indirectly saying Malays are a divine race. Even God does not promise His followers such reward for their devotion to Him. Race affirmative action should be removed when a sufficient number in that society are strong, not until everyone is helped.
    To say no one should ask for removal of the crutches after benefitting, is encouraging Malays to queue for their wealth with notions that their turn will come, just like the earlier ones. This is not affirmative action, this is welfare, charity.

  44. Liew Apr 21,2010 10:26 PM

    Dear AVATAR,
    Your comments are 100% right but I hope others can see that too. No race has any upper-hand in Malaysia except for a few fellows with very strong connection with the UMNO led-Govt or the politician themselves. If we look closely, it is mostly those connected Malays leaders that are coming up with schemes to impoverished and lock-down the depressed and unconnected malays for their political games and wealth. The Indians has one politician with false hair doing the same tactic on the depressed and unconnected Indians too. The chinese are not fooled by their leaders and leaders come and go so not much they can do to brain-washing or cheat the chinese public.
    With today

  45. crazyidiot Apr 21,2010 6:46 PM

    The social contract was agreed by someone who died before I was born. So why should my life be dictated by this stupid contract?
    There are many Malaysians out there that refuse to come back to this country because of the crutches given to the people who do not know how to use them properly.
    If crutches given to a person who needs it, then it is still tollarable, but not only do bumi’s have no need for crutches, many of them use those crutches to treat non-bumis as second class citizens which is intolerable.
    Non bumi’s also love this country. Else why should they bother to argue on this matter?

  46. Anonymous Apr 21,2010 6:40 PM

    Beloved Tun,
    I am a foolish university student who is in doubts and confusion. I hope there is someone to help explaining to me several questions I have in mind.
    1.) How to define Bumiputra?
    2.) Is all Malay people are Bumiputra?
    3.) If a Chinese has embraced Islam and has a Malay name, is he or she considered as Malay?
    4.) If one’s parents are from different ethnic groups, for instance Chinese and Malay, does one can be considered as Malay?
    5.) Without any intention to offend, does Tun consider yourself as Muslim or Malay?
    Humble student

  47. crazyidiot Apr 21,2010 6:09 PM

    The Bumis have crutches even though they have gained enough strength to walk on their own two feet. After 50 years of crutches, do we still need those crutches? What kind of fracture needs crutches for more than a lifetime?
    Why violate 1Malaysia?
    It is easier to make 2Malaysia instead if you insist on holding on to those crutches.
    Crutches only impede growth, development and thus pose an unseen threat to national unity.
    If the Malays hold on to their crutches, they will never ever be able to gain confidence an venture out, taking the walkathon, marathon or triathlon. They will forever stay in the comfort of those crutches not knowing what they are able to achieve without those crutches.
    Crutches were installed for fighting Malayan Union, that I agree, but the fracture has healed and there is no more Malayan Union and no need for crutches anymore. There must certainly be a limit for the crutches, since our loyalty has been proven for over 4 generations.
    If there is doubt of loyalty, then why have 1Malaysia?
    You’re the doctor, and to my amazement, you insist your patient who is well ready for the “walk around the house” to hold on to the crutches? and therefore be more vulnerable to falls in the near future.I say you should take the medicine course again.

  48. Astroguy Apr 21,2010 5:10 PM

    Salam Tun,
    UAE has definitely learnt from Malaysia, they will never grant a Citizenship nor even a Permanent Residence status to foreigner…
    Everybody knows that now more than 85% of people living in UAE are expatriates and some of them have been living here from more than 80 years and now in the 3rd generation.
    Residence Visa(RV) needs to be renewed every 3 yrs. Children will be sponsored by their parents only up to the age of 18, where after they (the children) need to get their own RV (work permit), otherwise can only come and visit their parents as Tourist.
    With ultra strict enforcement, no residence dare to create any problems for fear of deportation.
    Yes, UAE has unbelievable wealth (esp. abu dhabi) and greatly depends on these immigrants, but they know, if ever they allow the citizenship, UAE will forever lose their arabic identify.

  49. anak wawasan Apr 21,2010 2:52 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya benar2 tertarik dengan tajuk yg diutarakan Tun kali ini. Perihal ‘Social Contract’ rasanya kurang diperdebatkan pada zaman Tun memerintah dahulu, tapi sekarang topik ni agak hebat dipersoalkan terutama daripada pihak2 yang nak SANGAT2 kontrak sosial ni dipinda.Ini kerana ada diantara MEREKA ini merasakan dengan situasi politik dan ekonomi negara sekarang, mereka mempunyai peluang cerah dan berasa kekuatan mereka makin bertambah lantas digunakan untuk menuntut perkara2 yg dipendam sekian lama.
    Saya sebagai anak muda yg berada di alam persekolahan dan pengajian semasa zaman Tun hanya boleh mengatakan perkara seperti ini boleh berlaku kerana silap bangsa saya sendiri. Memang saya sangat sayangkan bangsa saya. Saya dilahirkan di kawasan majoritinya adalah bangsa saya.Saya didedahkan melalui buku sejarah semasa alam persekolahan bahawa negara ini adalah hak milik bangsa saya. Saya hanya terdedah bergaul dengan bangsa lain hanya semasa alam pekerjaan. Saya sendiri tahu bangsa saya memang terdidik dengan budi bahasa,baik hati, peramah dan pelbagai lagi ciri2 yang diseru oleh agama bangsa saya. Bila saya mula bergaul dengan bangsa lain, memang banyak bezanya.
    Saya tengok hari ni, apa2 isu mengenai bangsa, bangsa saya yang dipersalahkan walaupun bangsa saya ramai, bangsa saya dilihat paling lemah dan paling mudah diperkotak katikkan. Saya sedih di mana pejuang bangsa saya yang lantang ? dimana pembela bangsa yang tegas?. Saya memikirkan hal ini jika dibiarkan bangsa saya tiada nilai lagi. Saya sedih kerana bila memikirkan perkara ini, saya terfikir bagaimana keadaan orang2 kampung bangsa saya akan datang. Mereka semuanya adalah orang yang baik. Walaupun mereka semua bukannya berharta, tapi hidup di Kampung dengan keadaan yang aman dan damai. Saya bimbang satu hari nanti bangsa saya akan menjadi seperti bangsa saya di negara jiran terdekat. Hanya ada nama tapi roh bangsa sudah tiada.
    Bangsa saya terkenal dengan hasad dengki dan mudah lupa.Walaupun saya masih muda, saya rasa cukup matang untuk memperkatakan hal ini.Bangsa saya yang sudah senang lebih senang untuk senang secara solo. Bangsa saya dilihat lebih bersemangat jika bergaduh dengan bangsa sendiri. Bangsa saya sebenarnya dilihat lebih suka memijak bangsa sendiri. Bangsa saya juga dilihat sangat malas, lebih suka benda yang senang dan tidak suka mengambil risiko dalam memajukan diri.
    Hal buruk bangsa saya inilah yang menjadi “key point” untuk bangsa lain terus menekan bangsa saya dalam semua aspek. Kalau bangsa saya kuat, saya rasa bangsa lain takkan berani menyentuh isu yang bukan2. Tapi bila ada tali barut dari bangsa saya sendiri yang menyokong bangsa lain, apa lagi yg hendak dihairankan? Saya sendiri pelik dengan bangsa saya, diorang tak pernah fikir ke.. bangsa lain ada ke buat macam 2 kepada bangsa saya. Jawapannya Jangan haraplah diorang nak bertolak ansur.

  50. Liew Apr 21,2010 2:13 PM

    Dear Tunnusantara & kbm,
    I will not judge your comment and I am not against

  51. n.ajis Apr 21,2010 2:09 PM

    Social contract means:-
    Malays are willing to give citizenships to non-Malays (including ultrakiasu) and in return, the non-Malay (including ultrakiasu) agreed to accept Malay special privilege/position, Islam as federal religion, BM as federal language etc (as outlined in the FC).
    Now, if non-Malays are not willing to accept the fact of THE Malay special privilege/position, islam federal religion, BM national language ect as outlined by FC….may be the Malays should “do away” with citizenships their ancestors had granted to the non-Malays
    So, everything is back to staus qou

  52. Poh Apr 21,2010 11:40 AM

    Dear Tun,
    This seems to be your favourite topic. You were the PM for 22 odd years and in all fairness did you succeed to improve the malay lot with your brand of affirmative actions? Well you made some malay millionaires in the early years of your tenure, but come the finacial crisis, all most all of these faded away. The malays in the kampongs are still where they were, poor. Clearly in this respect you have failed. The victims are your own kind, the malays.
    The situation now is more serious. In order to compete in the present world scenario we need very good human capital. Clearly we are lacking in this aspect otherwise we would not have fallen behind South Korea, Indonesia, Philipines and Thailand. Vietnam is fast cathing up. Whose fault is this may I ask? Even a fool can figure this out.
    So Tun, let us all not harp on this topic anymore. The country clearly need some policy to move forward urgently. Policy that did not work should be discarded and new one put in place.

  53. Syed Apr 21,2010 10:11 AM

    Pada Tahun 1960an, bermula lah satu detik bersejarah yang sangat menjijikkan dan memalukan kepada masyarakat bangsa Melayu.Jatoh nya kuasa dan hak orang Melayu di bumi Melayu Singapura.Dengan hormat dan kelicikan, bumi melayu dirampas oleh kaum pendatang penjajah dan dengan detik itu, bermula lah peristiwa yang sangat memalukan. Bangsa Melayu Singapura merempat di negeri dan bumi sendiri. dan Penjajah tidak cukop dengan pulau kecil ini, mereka berhasrat menjajah Tanah Besar Melayu.Saya yakin, kalau bangsa Melayu di Malaya bertelagah sesama sendiri, Datok2 sibuk menambah harta dan isteri serta asyik berdangkong-dangkong, pegawai tinggi negeri menyeleweng,anak-anak muda sibuk dengan hiburan kebaratan, maka pada tahun wawasan 2020, akan terjadi dan berulang lagi satu peristiwa yang sangat sangat amat menyedihkan. Tanah Melayu akan menjadi negara jajahan pulau Singapura!jangan memandang remeh akan kemampuan mereka. tidak pernah orang menjangkakan Pulau Pinang menjadi negri boneka kumpulan Lanun penjajah,namun telah terjadi akhirnya. Melayu harus bangkit dari tidur mereka! Melayu tidak boleh hanya mementingkan harta,kroni2 mereka dan menimbunkan harta yang tidak akan kekal selama nya. Gunakan kekayaan dan harta untuk menumpaskan segala bentuk penjajahan dan intimidasi terhadap umat Melayu Sejagat! Sedarilah sebelum terlambat! Janganlah bangsa Melayu terus berdiam diri seperti mayat di dalam kubur! Melayu mudah lupa!X2.

  54. ekompute Apr 21,2010 8:50 AM

    ” Praxis says: “I don’t know how these social contract came about but I suspect it’s due to “the Opposition” claiming Malays have no special rights.”
    The special rights were to be reviewed in 1972, 15 years after independence, but this was never done. Seems like it is now for perpetuity because the Malays don’t seem to be able to grow up. Even after more than 50 years of independence, they still do not have the confidence to compete on an equal footing. Globally, they have not excelled in any field except probably demonstrating teh tarik in space and this trend is expected to continue perpetually.

  55. muschemun Apr 21,2010 6:12 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun
    With particular reference to my comments “By muschemun on April 19, 2010 6:12 AM” of your post HIJACKING THE SOCIAL CONTRACT. Your wise comments/reply is very much anticipated despite understanding your hectic schedule and more important matters which seeks to be addressed.
    The govt had encouraged malays/bumiputras to venture into business to not much success. The malpractice imposed by the

  56. tunnusantara Apr 21,2010 3:04 AM

    Salam Tun yang diHormati…
    To mazlan – Ya.
    Ah gooWe’ll stop referring to “races” When Your Own RACIST Sekolah Jenis2, are REMOVED! ie. The CLEAR Racist school that produced Racists, Ignorant, & ARROGANT “rakyat” like namewe! – just look in fb in ANY budak2 Sekolah Jenis Cina pages & we can see that almost 100% of them call/refer the Malays as “p*g”!
    So, look at yourself in the mirror FIRST! before AS USUAL, “Demanding” Us Malays to do whatever!! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!
    You, kunun being a “good” Malaysian, why can’t you just IGNORE your Own very old school Hardcore chinese led by your Ultra-Racist limkitsiang & his buddies (in mca & gerakan – ie. just to get “chinese VOTES”!) in “Demanding” to Continue that RIDICULOUSLY RACIST schools — producing “hateful” Malaysians towards their fellow Malaysians who is of a different “race” than them???
    krish – good reference!..
    fst – don’t have be cocky.
    The chinese & indians would still be here in Malaya QUEUEING to be citizens even if they did not get the “FREE Jus Soli Citizenships”!! This, & with them Having to Prove their Sincerity & Loyalty towards this country to EARN their Citizenships; they’d be MORE Obedient, VERY Sopan, and would Loyally RESPECT anything & everything About This LAND of the MALAYS – just like those “normal” immigrants to Indonesia, Thailand, Filipina, etc..
    – They can’t go back to China as China DIDN’T Even WANT them back!! – illegal immigrants who had left their country! & the Same Thing with India!!
    – So, even if we did not give FREE JUS SOLI Citizenships to the MORE THAN 1 million who are Primarily ILLEGAL Immigrants; they’d still be in Malaya BUT, They’d be So Very Obedient just like any immigrants through the world would Humbly Do — so as to be able to Obtain the Citizenships.
    – & since they’re sopan & Respect ALL (everything & anything) about their ‘new’ country, the Natives there felt comfortable with them & can thus, accepted them Unconditionally (just like in any other country as well..).
    Liew – Read above comment to fst above.
    & Yes, people cannot change ‘human’ nature — the Natives/Pribumis here in MALAYsia is just like the natives there in China and there in India! — No difference whatsoever.. Why is that they can defend they “HAK” & in whatever Form They Like there, & not us The Malays HERE in our own Native land??
    Just stop being Double-Standard &/or a hypocrite by ‘ignoring’ the rights of the Malays here on our own land; ie. exactly just like you ‘respecting’ & not ignoring your Chinese’s “hak” in their land in China.
    – is it because we’ve Been So Very “ridiculously” NICE, which had made you “simply” Take Us for Granted (with the FREE no prove needed “Jus Soli” Citizenships)??
    Well, that MUST CHANGE NOW — just compare yourselves to your fellow Chinese who migrated “normally” to Indonesia, to Thailand, to the Philippines; where, they Simply Had to PROVE their Love, Respect + Loyalty to their Respective ‘new’ Countries in order TO GAIN THEIR Citizenships.
    FYA, it has NEVER been about the ‘tongkat’/’crutches’ as you people had been spinned by dap. As a PRIBUMI/Native of This Land, I am saying to you that it is Simply Our RIGHT to have whatever, & however way we want them.
    If you find this ‘hard to swallow’, AGAIN, just compare yourselves with your fellow Chinese who, as “normal” immigrants, had to Work to EARN their Citizenships… & NOT Simply get it for free (jus soli) & due to that, SIMPLY Take THIS COUNTRY & its humble people, for Granted..
    It’s High Time you FIRST Show your Love, Respect & Loyalty (like those SOPAN Indons, Thais, Filipinos) for US TO BE ABLE TO TRUST you.. Definitely NOT the other way round anymore.
    One VERY SIMPLE WAY is for you to FREELY Remove the Racist Sekolah Jenis2. The ultra-kiasu pap’s dap’s twist & spin, and thru your Old China School racist-extremist-type dong zhong people; simply cannot be ‘entertained’ ANYMORE, for a Peaceful & Harmonious Malaysia.. (just like it was before Singapore came back into Malaya in 1963)
    It is so High Time for you to be humble enough to work on getting our Trusts on you back again – IE. if you’re sincerely a True Malaysian…
    Salam Muhibbah.
    Thank you, Tun yang diKasihi. Wassalam.

  57. kbm Apr 21,2010 1:29 AM

    Dear Liew,
    You seem prefer to read history which favours you only. The Tanah Melayu was already a trade centre before the arrival of the British and even Portugese. The Arabs and the Chinese came to Tanah Melayu to trade. The Chinese even sent one of the princess to marry with the Sultan of Melaka.
    When the British came, they brought in the Chinese and the Indians to work in the mines and estate respectively. They let the Malays to be in the village. That’s the way the British rule and divide. The British gave the Chinese privilages to live in the township and did businesses. That’s the special privilages that the British given to the Chinese at the time.

  58. n.ajis Apr 20,2010 10:14 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Realitinya, kaum Cina telah lama mengamalkan dasar “hak istimewa” di kalangan mereka cuma tidak diwar-warkan sebagai satu polisi terbuka sebagaimana NEP. Ia dijalankan secara tertutup.
    Contohnya, lihat syarikat2 milik ultrakiasu, kita tidak akan mendapati kaum selain ultrakiasu memegang jawatan pengurusan tertinggi. Begitu juga dalam pengagihan tender perolehan syarikat milik ultrakiasu, keutamaan hanya diberikan untuk ultrakiasu. Kaum selain ultrakiasu tidak akan diberi pertimbangan.
    Perkara sebaliknya berlaku dalam GLC dan Kerajaan. Biarpun Melayu tonggak, kaum-kaum lain turut dilantik memegang jawatan penting. Bahkan, jawatan KSU (jawatan tertinggi dalam kementerian) beberapa kementerian penting dipegang bukan Melayu biarpun jumlah bukan Melayu tidak sampai 10% dalam pentadbiran Kerajaan.
    Kita juga maklum bagaimana ultrakiasu membentuk kartel dan monopoli untuk menentukan harga pasaran sesuatu barangan. Begitu banyak penipuan berlaku dalam pasaran. Ultrakiasu menipu dalam jumlah yang besar. Lihat kes PKFZ yang melibatkan ultrakiasu. Dilaporkan Kerajaan kerugian lebih RM12 bilion akibat penipuan ultrakiasu.
    Persoalannya, tanpa sokongan Kerajaan, bagaimana mungkin kaum Melayu dapat bertahan dengan segala kepincangan dalam pasaran yang dimanipulasi ultrakiasu. Ke mana bijak pandai/professional Melayu akan pergi jika GLC tidak diperkasakan. Adalah mustahil syarikat milik ultrakiasu akan hire kaum selain ultrakiasu. Ini didorong oleh semangat perkauman ultrakiasu yang tebal.
    Kesimpulannya, dasar affirmatif membantu kaum selain ultrakiasu amat relevan di Malaysia agar keadilan sejagat dapat ditegakkan bagi melindungi kepentingan semua kaum di Malaysia.

  59. ekompute Apr 20,2010 7:10 PM

    Praxis says: “The govt’s priorities have been wisely to address inter-ethnic inequity, so as to ensure that the Forbes profile of Malaysian billionaires doesn’t remain skewed 100% Chinese. It’s only a mind which can’t see into heavens and earth which will focus on it’s own fiction instead of God’s reality.”
    I agree with Praxis. Chinese billionaires should follow the footsteps of Robert Kuok and leave the country. They will be embraced anywhere in the world, so why stay here and do a burden to the rest of the Chinese in Malaysia.

  60. Kuyom Apr 20,2010 6:35 PM

    Asalamualaikum,apa yang penting kita telah menunjukkan bantahan kita tehadap kehadiran tony blair yang secara terangan adalah salah seorg dari pemcetus perang di iraq dan pembunuhan beramai2 warga iraq yang tidak bersalah….malaysia harus lebih tegas dalam menunjukan pendirian kitar terhadapa isu ini…..Ayahanda Tun, saya berasa amat dukacita dan sedih terhadap tuduhan Mustafa Ali terhadap Tun dan beberapa lagi mantan PM yang dikatakan telah meminum arak…saya berharap agar Tun dapat memberikan komen dan tindakan yang tegas terhadap kenyataan tersebut

  61. Dr Has Apr 20,2010 5:56 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I read MalaysiaKini today and I was really shocked with the accusation by Dato’ Mustafa Ali, the Secretary General of PAS. He accused that all Malaysian Prime Ministers except Pak Lah ‘minum arak’. It means INCLUDING U! Is that true? Gosh! I can’t accept this if U just keep quiet and don’t do anything to this guy. Please ask him to prove it and if he fail to do so, I beg U to take firm actions againts this guy..please do something or people may thought that what he said was true…

  62. ekompute Apr 20,2010 4:24 PM

    Hi eanisazman, I believe you must be a Muslim and one who is bertakwa.
    Assuming there is a family that comprises 5 siblings. Assuming also that someone says that the No. 2 deserves more of the inheritance. If you are the No. 2, I am sure you will agree with that, never mind that No. 1 (I am alluding to the orang asli) was born first, nor what Islam says about equality. Would I be right? When it comes to money, EVERYTHING must step aside.

  63. saberider Apr 20,2010 4:10 PM

    It is such a shame that until today, we are still not real Malaysian: we could only be Malay, Chinese, Indian…we are only Malaysian when we have to fill up forms to state our nationality/citizenship.
    We are in a world where globalization is everything. Only with an open mind to accept globalization that we could achieve higher goals. If we do not accept this, we are doomed to failure in the long run. Chinese emporer was so arrogant about China being the center and master of the world, China maintained its closed door policy without realizing the development and impact of globalization. Failing to accept this change, China fall and gave way to new governance…
    So, it is important to accept change around us. Whether we like it or not, when it is time to change, we have to change. Going back to the topic, Tanah Melayu is now Malaysia, and Malaysia is formed by “tolak ansur” between leaders of all races. Together, we shaped Malaysia to what it is today. This is the effort of all races, and we should accept this fact. Accept and recognize, and only then we could avoid all the name calling which led to all these racial tension.
    I guess PM today is aware of the importance of acceptance that he came up with 1 Malaysia concept. I do not understand why Malay could not accept this, even our DPM. If DPM’s “Malay first, Malaysian second” did not mean he would marginalize other smaller ethnic group, why he just wouldn’t say “Malaysian first, Malay second” and state he did not mean he would marginalize Malay by focusing the development of Malaysia as a whole?
    Probably you will question then why couldn’t the non Malay accept “Ketuanan Melayu” so that all these would not occur? Personally, I think it is obsolete: there is no master-slave in the world now like it used to back in 18th/19th century, so there should not be “tuan” anymore. Also, if it is rephrased as “keistimewaan Melayu”, it would be more acceptable to all since that translate to special right, rather than master, and the special right is something we are used to. No one in the world would like to be a slave by admitting someone else as master (unless through some inhumane act).
    Accept the true meaning of Malaysian, and we would be able to avoid all these racial stuff.

  64. DT73 Apr 20,2010 4:00 PM

    Salam semua & Che Det,
    setiap kali timbul perkara yg melibatkan perkauman, saya mula rasa muak dan bosan dengan perkara ini. Lihat sahaja komen2 di bawah, masih ramai lagi Malaysian yg racist.
    Sungguh memalukan bagi saya bila TPM kita lebih racist dari nationalist, so which one are you Che Det? Racist or nationalist?
    sampai sekarang saya masih tak jumpa jawapan kpd soalan ini, ” Who found Malaysia/Tanah Melayu..etc?” Kalau di Amerika, ramai akan jawap Christopher Columbus( tp sekarang ada pula yg mangatakan org Cina yg jumpa dulu).Klu ikut sejarah org Red Indian pun berjuang utk tanah mereka sendiri, malangnya mereka sudah banyak dihapuskan org org Eropah ini.
    Bagaimana dengan kita? Bukankah org Asli yg terpinggir di hutan itu lebih berhak dari kita.Saya tak kisah berkenaan dengan hak istimewa Melayu yg memang telah dipersetujui sewaktu kemerdekaan dulu. Memang sewaktu Malayan Union, majoriti adalah Melayu ketika itu yg paling lantang bersuara. Memang saya tak nafikan the power of majority. Tapi kenapa masih nak diungkitkan lagi, malah yg terlibat dalam mengungkitkan hal ini pun ada yg Melayu juga.
    Unity among races dalam Malaysia sewaktu saya sekolah dulu jauh lebih baik dari sekarang malah saya bertutur dalam bahasa Malaysia dengan kawan yg berlainan bangsa ( Melayu, Cina , India, Punjabi).So talk about our education system now……very disppointing.
    Even my father told during the May 13 tragedy, my hometown was very peacefull.Why? All of us dont care, hidup semua dah cukup, buat apa gaduh2?!!
    Apa yg saya lihat, timbul perkara2 ini ialah political game utk meraih undi dengan mengapi-apikan sentimen perkauman. Its the politicians that created all this for their own gain.
    Saya malas nak sebut pasal hak-hak setiap kaum yg ada, tapi as a Muslim, everyone has their right no matter of race or religion. As a Muslim juga saya tetap berpegang agama Islam yg perlu dijaga dan diutamakan dari menjaga kaum-kaum rojak Malaysia ini.
    And I havent read anything about Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon Him) yg discriminize sesuatu kaum ataupun prioritize certain tribe.
    Last but not least, I nak tanya siapa sebenarnya yg dikatakan Melayu itu? Jawa, Bugis, Achenese, Siamese,Org Asli…etc or someone like you Che Det, Indian Muslim ( maybe should called Melayu Malaysia India Muslim as TPM might called).
    Minta maaf kalau ada tersilap atau terkasar bahasa, hanya untuk meluahkan apa yg tersirat di hati ini.

  65. checker Apr 20,2010 3:32 PM

    Salam Tun & Those respectable CheDet’s fellow Bloggers,
    So much have been said here and I do not think this discussion will ever end to everybody’s satisfaction.
    Those who have expressed so much to “question” about the “social contract” have 2 options:
    1. Emigrate to other countries of your choice – I do not think that the Chinese wants to go their motherland called CHINA or Indians to India for that matter. May be we should carry out national survey and facilitate the departure. Malays would prefer to remain “backward” rather than becoming “melukut di tepi gantang” or rather pariah. Because we have no where to go.
    2. Do your best to create and instill MUHIBAH attitude among all of us. We, Malays can be TOLERANT but it has its limit. 1969 should be great lesson for all of us to learn or the Ultra Kiasu think that they had made a mistake for showing their true intention too early? Last time only DAP on its own but today with their arrogance and confidence, they would like test again their endevour with the help not only ANWAR but PAS as well ( For PAS, when are you going to wake-up to the reality and recognise them once and for all as munafik ), and thus putting UMNO alone in the corner ( that’s why UMNO – government, have to give in anything the Ultra kiasu ask. We Malay cannot trust UMNO fully and must depend on NGO like PERKASA to fight for us. UMNO will have to give many things away in order to stay in power that Malays must also ensure that UMNO remain in power – In politic, at least we better deal with the devil we know rather than the angel we don’t know .) To the Ultra Kiasu – do not make the second mistake. Tun Razak was kind enough to return to civilian rule but next time ther will no Tun Razak kind of people. Just like waht Musa Hitam once mentioned… Melayu kena tunjuk kurang ajar sikit )
    In today’ paper it is mentioned that the ministry of education are willing to have a discussion with those Selfish, Arrogant, ultra-kiasu DONG ZHONG and other similar association of Old China chinese extremists who’re STILL demanding their RACIST Sekolah Jenis2! and demand recognition of the Chinese diploma or degree for that matter other benefits. I hope the Ministry should ignore those demand if 1Malaysia to be realised to the true spirit of it. They know how only how to TAKE-TAKE-TAKE AND TAKE but notb to give. It would be a disaster for the future generation if the ministry give in to the demand.
    Others have strongly argued that without the non-Bumi contribution especially the Chinese, ( because they are hard working and Malays are lazy bump ??? ) Malaysia will not have been developed as it is today. Even if the “claim” is true, so what and who cares? What is the points having these materialistic ( wealth & power )gains when you, the Malays are and will be treated like dirt in your own country. To the Malays – please do not play the ALI-BABA game anymore. Remember, it is purely for short-term personal gain but a betrayal to the bangsa, agama & negara.
    To the ULTRA KIASU – We know money is your GOD and couldn’t careless about others affairs and feelings. As Muslim with great faith, the Malays will pray and ask for Allah’s protection, insya’allah and ALLAH will laknatkan you all as that done to the JEWS. So don’t push your luck too much. We demand that, not your tolerance ( which is forced element in it- no sincerity ) but MUHIBBAH ie to accept the reality and respect each other. Until then don’t ever and NEVER call yourself Malaysian.
    Ya ALLAH, The Benevolent, The Merciful and The Powerful, protect us from these evils that exist among us, Ameen

  66. ekompute Apr 20,2010 1:28 PM

    Hi eanisazman, you mentioned: “Looks like this ‘ekompute’ guy was so excited to comment on this topic.”
    Well, this is not the only topic I am commenting. So what’s so exciting about that? How many comments am I entitled to, or only you are entitled? Is there also a quota for non-Malays to comment?

  67. Praxis Apr 20,2010 12:35 PM

    I don’t know how these social contract came about but I suspect it’s due to “the Opposition” claiming Malays have no special rights. If so, I think this label, which comes from Rousseau and not Hobbes as one writer claims is a useful, efficient and ingenious label for what is in effect the working basis for affirmative action policies.
    But are we the ones who have hung on to the precise words of this contract ala Bar Council or did we just follow our hearts and carried out affirmative action as any family would? Don’t the Chinese, Indian families practice affirmative action, or do they write out contract on how each member should deal with each other?
    The govt’s priorities have been wisely to address inter-ethnic inequity, so as to ensure that the Forbes profile of Malayisian billionaires doesn’t remain skewed 100% Chinese. It’s only a mind which can’t see into heavens and earth which will focus on it’s own fiction instead of God’s reality.
    Our focus should continue to be performance, as defined by your tenure and vision, and detailed by Najib. We have not, and should not be distracted by “social contract” which is only an effetive defense against Anwar’s demogoguery.
    But looking at the KPI for town council performance in Kuala Kubu Baru and Minsiter’s responses, Najib’s KPI doesn’t seem to been internalised by rank and file.

  68. eanisazman Apr 20,2010 12:34 PM

    Salam Tokdet,
    Looks like this ‘ekompute’ guy was so excited to comment on this topic.
    I like the comment made by der Ausländer. It is not easy managing the mixed race country especially when the guy like the ekompute is around. We (Malays) have been contributing quite well also to the harmony by the ‘sikap tolak ansur’ that we have shown. We have given spaces and chances to share the country.
    Well again, what Toke Det is requesting to respect the hard effort put up by our founding fathers to maintain stability, harmony and try to reconcile better. We should be doing great in the future if we can achieved solid unity.
    Until then, try to understand better. I am grateful that we have made it this far.. Well I like to see more especially for my childrens and all the childrens in M’sia.
    P/s: lets try not to destroy things along the way, ok…

  69. azlan Apr 20,2010 11:58 AM

    Berkenaan meletakan wakil bangsa lain di majority kawasan bangsa melayu adalah tidak sesuai dengan politik sekarang dan perlu ditukar, Saya rasa dulu kita letakan wakil bangsa lain di bahagian majority bangsa melayu kerana kita rasa untuk berkongsi kuasa , tetapi kononnya untuk 1malaysia kita masih guna kan pendekatan yang sama di hulu selangor, masalahnya jika dilihat dari senario sekarang cara tersebut sudah tidak berguna kerana seperti yang kita tahu disebabkan perbezaan sekolah yang masih diteruskan dan pengundi yang akan mengundi adalah generasi yang telah didik untuk berpecah mengikut kaum jadi pemilihan wakil MIC berlawan dengan PKR yang meletak wakil melayu adalah sesuatu yang tidak bijak bagi BN.Pada masa sekarang saya rasa wakil BN perlu meletakan wakil bangsa yang majority untuk kawasan tersebut.

  70. antikmalaya Apr 20,2010 11:23 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I admire your courage, stamina and patience in entertaining the dumbs around us who fail to understand the history of Malaysia and why Malays deserve the special position.
    In point 9, you mentioned that “In making use of the provision for the “special positions” of the Malays, the post-1969 leaders came up with affirmative actions. These are undoubtedly “crutches” and crutches should be discarded as soon as strength is gained. Only the selfish would advocate throwing away the crutches of others simply because they have already made good use of their own”.
    YES, We have ungrateful Malays who insisted in throwing away the crutches when thousands of others (Malay) are yet to reap the benefits from the crutches! Have the Malays been successful in eradicating the gap with other races? So, why throw away the crutches?
    Whether the Malay is ready or not, or whether the crutches are still needed or not should not be an issue to the Malaysian.
    I say,
    We keep the crutches forever.
    The crutches belong to our forefathers and ours.
    The crutches are our right as mentioned under the Special Position of the Malay.
    This is a Malay land and forever will be.
    We need the Malay to ensure Islam continues to become the official religion.
    We should not compromise an inch of our right as enshrined under the Constitution and in fact, we should demand for more. Why?
    Without majority stake, this country will run into chaos. Only the Malays can ensure fair and just administration of the country. This is proven for many years since the days of Langkasuka.
    To those non-Malays, please be grateful that you are treated well and fine in this country. The Malays in Malaysia are very tolerable and they deserve all the gratitude.
    Please look outside. How are the immigrants treated in other countries!! I’m sure you’ll be far grateful as Malaysian.

  71. Liew Apr 20,2010 11:13 AM

    What would happen to Malay Archipelago/Malaya/Malaysia if there were no British, Chinese and Indian? Will Malaysia be still a jungle or a country? Without the British, do you think we would have Parliament, rubber and tin or will there we KTM & roads without the Indians? Good Doctors like Tun are products by British?
    This type of comment of

  72. Zulkiflee Bin Arip Apr 20,2010 10:29 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun,
    izinkan saya mengulas harvinder singh (april 18 2010 1.58am) singh,do you really think you deserved to be a Malaysian? Malaysian and the people of South-east asia dont talk to Tun or any other leaders in the manner you are this part of the world,in term of manners,we are highly civilised should start behave like a true Malaysian.respect elders.
    what give you the right to compare Tun’s reverred father with your own father,who both came from India? are they the same? to you maybe.but not to us.because Tun’s father are Muslim and the whole Southeast-Asia welcomed him,or any Muslim as a brother.we are obligated to protect,feed or even housed him,if needed.that’s the obligation among Muslim.but sorry,it’s not extended to “others”.
    singh,people from Indian came to Southeast-Asia with different motive and method.can you tell us why your father come to Nusantara?as part of British army,to help prolong British colonisation of our land? or British planted infidels to prepare for future de-stabilisation of Muslim country,can be activated when it suit their purposes?.with the few Western values you are now well-versed with,democracy-free-market-free-will,meritocracy and globalisation,you are effectively a tool,as always,for the West in their unending quest to propagate future unrest in Nusantara or Muslim country.
    can you understand the worries of the Malays? we are weak people,our leaders are not bright enough to protect us,our rights and our land from invading foreigners who pretend to be beggars,economic refugees-migrant who hid well their real intent. without Tun,i think LKY can easily take ownership of he managed to takeover Singapura,Istana Kotaraja and Pulau Batu Putih Putih and make the Muslim sit on the same table with pork-eaters in their food-center,where stall selling halal and non-halal are located side-by-side.and they created smoking-section,but abandoned halal-section.
    without Tun,i cant imagine what cant happen to Malaysia.i thanked India for that..for “sending” Tun’s father to Tanah Melayu.sekalung doa dan Al-Fateha untuk Almarhum Ayah Tun,summa ila arwahu…al-Fateha.
    terimakasih Tun.

  73. fst Apr 20,2010 9:34 AM

    Rather than retire gracefully, I find it amazing that you continue to play an active role in politics, albeit, outside the government. Worse still, your revisionist agenda is only fueling the rising racial divide in Malaysian society. If truth be told, where would the country be post-independence if the Chinese and Indians were barred from citizenship? The country prospered post independence because of the industriousness of these immigrant groups, not because of the industriousness and acumen of the Malays. Left to the Malays, the country would have languished. If the Malays continue to feel “threatened” by the non-Malays and this leads to an exodus of talented Malaysians, it is only a matter of time before the country’s only remaining resource will be the export of Malay maids to Indonesia and Malay construction workers to the Middle East. It is about time that the voters wake up and realize that the UMNO fat cats and their henchmen have hijacked the country for their own financial gain and are now, out of desperation in order to hold on to power are spreading fears of instability in an all out racist fashion.
    Tun, you were always the smartest local politician, but if you are a true Malaysian, it is not to late to save the country by speaking the truth and focusing on the real issues that need to be addressed in order for the country to overcome its current economic and social challenges.
    May you see the light!

  74. sitinur Apr 20,2010 9:30 AM

    setuju sesangat ngan taugis…..letih dah….

  75. ekompute Apr 20,2010 4:06 AM

    Tun, apparently one of my posts on the contributions of the non-Malays in Malaysia has not been published. Was it inadvertently left out or was it censored?
    If the paragraph relating to Sultan Abu Bakar inviting the Chinese farmers over from Singapore to open up Johor is something that you find unpalatable, you can delete it and publish the rest.

  76. youchiyagami Apr 20,2010 3:14 AM

    Sorry for being off topic here, but Tun, can you please enlighten me about Petronas’s decision to pull out of Iran? I couldn’t quite work out the logic behind the move, and the last time I check, you are still their advisor.

  77. warisan tmk Apr 20,2010 2:43 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I really TOUCHED by your phrase that ‘The Malays did not fight against the Malayan Union only to give up all that they had gained’.
    Not many politicians, even from UMNO, fully realized that it was ONLY THE MALAYS who fought against Malayan Union, and by virtue of that, it was ONLY THE MALAYS who forced the formation of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, to replace it.
    The fact that Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was formed in 1948 as a TRANSITION GOVERNMENT before full independence, we can also state that ONLY THE MALAYS were responsible to put Persekutuan Tanah Melayu on the road to full independence.
    Meaning, if the Malays, united under UMNO, were strong enough to reject Malayan Union,they must have been strong enough to reject granting of citizenship to the Chinese and Indian IMMIGRANTS, had they wanted to.
    Obviously, the KEY to the Malays agreeing to granting of citizenship to 1,200,000 Chinese IMMIGRANTS, and about 300,000 Indian IMMIGRANTS, in early 1950s, was the Chinese and Indians acceptance of the ‘Special Position of Malays’ in the country.

  78. Khairul-Dean Apr 20,2010 12:56 AM

    YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir,
    Where do you think the ‘hijackers of social contract’ are going?
    To be successful in their endeavour would mean a new Constitution: Fasal 153 would need to be erased, don’t you think, Tun?
    Salam Kasih dan Salam Hormat.
    ps. My gabenor is in hospital.

  79. Khairul-Dean Apr 20,2010 12:29 AM

    Dr Mahathir,
    I forgot to mention and efficient LHDN, too.
    Good luck – breakaleg – to your press conference. We do not want Blair here and neither Bush Jr. Could they can have a video conference though, as an ex-PM of Siam does? It is a question of morality and ethics.

  80. Khairul-Dean Apr 20,2010 12:18 AM

    YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad,
    It is my worry of an inefficient and ineffective MACC and the Judiciary and our failure to rectify these shortcomings will allow the hijackers to succeed.
    A Judiciary that is Malaysian in letter and in spirit.
    Salam Hormat dan Salam Kasih

  81. kab56 Apr 19,2010 11:31 PM

    I believe the ‘special position of Malays’ was devised more to safeguard against non-Malay ‘kurang ajar’ than for economic equity.

  82. Judenrat Apr 19,2010 10:33 PM

    Salam Tun,
    SEjak akhir2 ini kaum pendatang semakin lantang mempersoalkan hak2 kaum Melayu. Sehingga ada yang melabelkan Melayu sebagai pendatang sebagaimana mereka.
    Yang anehnya Orang2 Melayu diam aja… Pemimpin2 UMNO yang sepatutnya membela melayu juga diam sahaja.
    Sebaliknya kaum pendatang ini diberi habuan pula… contohnya penghapusan kuota 30%, pembukaan saham wawasan… pemberian biasiswa sehingga 40% kuota, ang pow tahun baru cina.
    Mereka telah membelot.. sepatutnya mereka dihukum, bukan diberi makan.
    yang terkini tengoklah.. kawasan Melayu Hulu Selangor diberikan kepada India. RM6 juta untuk sekolah cina. Orang Melayu diberi apa? Cerita Zaid minum arak… apa faedahnya?
    Kenapa mesti orang Melayu yang sering jadi Mangsa?
    Adakah kerana orang Melayu senang mengalah dan bertolak ansur?
    Saya risau UMNO akan semakin ditinggalkan oleh orang Melayu jika trend ini berterusan.

  83. warisan tmk Apr 19,2010 9:00 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You are simply the GREATEST GIFT OF ALLAH to the Malays/Muslims in Malaysia.

  84. watchers Apr 19,2010 8:36 PM

    I have often asked my self what it would be a Chinese in Malaysia and all I could think of is a subject course I took in Uni that studies the Culture of the countries around the world. There is refferences in the book on the different types of culture in the world which would include the Chinese Social Culture. And I think it is well known that Chinese will help other Chinese above other races (most probably due to language). So maybe the Chinese in Malaysia may have a affirmative action which is default in their Culture. The Chinese have always been effective at utilizing guilds/halls/association to harness a unified front to achieve an objective, this would amass many people to a single cause. There are many modern day examples of it in Malaysia.
    The Malay rights as you said have been in Malaysia for 40 years (and there was no agreement for 30 years) and 40 years is a single generation whereby if you compare to other affirmative action around the world they could go on to 500 years, but already the belly aching and complaints about how unfair it is have started to sound loudly in certain quarters. But how unfair would it be for the Malay people if there was NO affirmative action given at the time to help the Malays at that point in history. Imagine if there was no scolarship for the Malay people to help compete with the wealthy Chinese families that send their children to study abroad even before the time of Merdeka. If the Malays could not buy houses in Kuala Lumpur because it was too expensive and they had to live in rural kampungs.
    For me the Malay right is not a privelege it is a responsibility given to me by our fore fathers to help improve this nation. I believe that we wont have it for ever but I dont think now is the time to stop cold turkey to give scholarships and such to those who really require them.
    Some would have you beleive that they are complaining due to the unfairness of it all but actually worrying that the economic/business pie that they have managed to monopoly.
    COME ON AVATAR. Please dont be biased in your reasoning.

  85. krish Apr 19,2010 8:29 PM

    Salam Tun..
    This is great. I have been wondering about why Whites are racists, and no other race is……
    Proud to be White
    Michael Richards makes his point……………..
    Michael Richards better known as Kramer from TVs Seinfeld does make a good point.
    This was his defense speech in court after making racial comments in his comedy act. He makes some very interesting points…
    Someone finally said it… How many are actually paying attention to this?
    There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.
    And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker,’ ‘Honkey,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’… and that’s OK..
    But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink …. You call me a racist.
    You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you… so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?
    You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day.
    You have Yom Hashoah. You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
    You have the NAACP. You have BET…. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we’d be racists. If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.
    If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.
    If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’ OUR lives, we’d be racists.
    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce. Wonder who pays for that??
    A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.
    If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships… You know we’d be racists.
    There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US .. Yet if there were ‘White colleges’, that would be a racist college.
    In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.
    You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.
    You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.
    I am proud…. But you call me a racist.
    Why is it that only whites can be racists??
    There is nothing improper about this message.. Let’s see which of you are proud enough to admit it. I sadly don’t think many will. That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country. We won’t stand up for ourselves!
    It’s not a crime YET… but getting very close!

  86. tunnusantara Apr 19,2010 7:46 PM

    Salam again Tun,
    Please excuse as there’s an error in the second part of my comment to ‘malaysiatanahairku’ which I will put it all down again (with the corrected version) here… Thank you.
    To answer malaysiatanahairku:
    To me, it is simple – IF a “rakyat” is SINCERE enough to this country, he/she would simply Remove the ‘Racist’ Sekolah Jenis2.
    Simply put, in your own words (*those in quotes),
    “Malaysians should stop identifying themselves first by race then by citizenship. Citizenship should come first before anything else, and race is just a box or a form of classification that people concoct.”.
    “the affirmative action was created to” help educate the non-Malay speaking Free JUS-SOLIed Citizens Given during Merdeka in their mother tongue languages, “and was never to be permanent. and thus the question is when should it”, the vernacular schools, “be ended to decrease” Racial Segregation that had Long ‘created’ young Ignorant, Arrogant & Very Selfish Malaysians like namewe, which has CLEARLY “becomes detrimental.” to the Unity & Harmony of this very country.
    #2. To hati.malaysia:
    IF you’re a sincere Malaysian, just like the non-Malays of the Merdeka era who understood & appreciated how they become the citizens of this country, the land of the humble Malay people (& ie. just like as what is said by the respective MCA or MIC leaders Tun Tan Siew Sin and Tun Sambanthan), I sincerely do feel that you are a TRUE Malaysian.
    IF you continue to follow/listen to those Ultra-Kiasus racist dap (pap’s serpihan), you’d feel like how you’re feeling now because you do not understand but MERELY Following pap’s dap’s ‘racial’ “Game”.
    IF you’re a True Malaysian, you’d See Clearly that what PERKASA is saying is Exactly as what Our Constitution said, & as what Tun Tan Siew Sin and Tun Sambanthan had agreed and abide.
    IF you know Our Country’s peaceful & harmonious History, you’d know why Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia with a vote of 126-0. This was because, they’re doing exactly as what their dap is doing over the decades (questioning & questioning like they’re so ignorant/stupid of the country’s Constitution)!…
    Please know that “racial” ‘riots’, which were UNHEARD OF Until Singapore came back in into Malaya in 1963, had happened down there in S’pore!
    Tun Sambanthan had even called the ultra-kiasu lee kuan yew a Racist, in the Parliament.
    Whatever it is, IF you’re a true, humble, moderate Malaysian – just like the Majority of us here – you’d just ignore Racist dap’s stupid ignorant questions on anything & everything Malay – & just get on with your life being Positive with your Fellow Malaysians.
    (& UNLIKE those Selfish, Arrogant, ultra-kiasu dong zhong Old China chinese extremists who’re STILL Demanding their RACIST Sekolah Jenis2!).
    Salam Muhibbah, hati.malaysia.
    & Thank you, Tun & May Allah SWT Bless You and Family Always. Wassalam.

  87. watchers Apr 19,2010 7:15 PM

    I read in a newspaper a column which have a similar title and arguments on the definitions of the social contract. I think the real objective of the writer was to confuse his readers with lots of arguments why this or that is erronous in order to send a political (subtly hidden in the article) message that it was wrong to have a social contract. This writer although intelligent (assuming) should realise that sometime a word could have more than a single definition. Although his writing in English is excellent (like an english teacher) his grasp of historical politics is far from adequate, he fumbles around with many facts which has not been researched and proven. The tone of the article itself would suggest that he have a anti establishment complex if not in his in his personality then certainly in his writing.
    This newpaper which I read daily have had a new Managing Editor for some time now. He has also writen some article as a columnist which also smells a lot like anti establishment, not that it would be bad for people to help the government to improve. But his article has only the objective to want to anger people (if they are smart enough to get his meaning) or make him feel superior to people who dont understand that he is insulting them. I am currently thinking of reading news online now just to let them know that they have lost one loyal customer just because they could not be more balanced in their writing. Besides they have too much advertising anyway, this way I could read my news in peace or I would just wait for the free newpaper instead.
    Sorry to shoot way out of topic, just to let off some steam. Hope you dont mind.
    BTW – ekompute – wikipedia can be edited my friend. i hope you did not base your thesis by using wikipedia as a reference. DUH.

  88. Adam Apr 19,2010 6:19 PM

    Salamun Alay’kum,
    At first I avoid to comment on this, but it appears I need to. Did you know Najib has vow to remove all these? and he already bowing to the U.S in the issue of Iranian nuclear enrichment programme.
    What I think is that, we need a new methods to help the malay. You can no longer hope for the same thing that has failed to achieve its goal to achieve anything.
    How about a new proposal on the methods? I will write again when I recover from the fever, and upload my illustration ( the suggestions ).
    The snip bits,
    1. One currency for all Moslem countries, that could help avoid foreign interferences on Moslem countries. ( This could be based on Gold )
    2. Fluctuate our economy with new methods, we cant forever be depending on the FDI, and end up being another Singapore. We need to develop our own, and be free from the outsiders.
    3. New methods to boost our local industries, regardless of Malay, Chinese, Indian or any. This method isnt based on “protectionism”.
    4. New methods to help the malay becomes a good race, and that is always my dreams. But first you cant hope the current UMNO to do it, they are more concerned about their money in bank than the Malay.
    5. The methods would not discriminate the other race, but at the same time will still help the malay improve themselves. This way we will be able to produce competitive Malay.
    6. The same methods should be applied for the Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak, due to the facts they are like us. They are Bumis too.
    7. Enriching new ideas, and boosting Proton, but at the same time do not stop new Auto industries from merging. ( This includes in the same method in the local industries ).
    8. Focusing on these, the GDP of the country, biotechnology, and lastly on the computer science. ( includes networking facalities, we could use the MSC, developing and improving our broadband infrastructures )
    To make it easier to understand, I will illustrate. Salam.

  89. mr. mahid Apr 19,2010 4:38 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun..
    The following that you said is so TRUE!!
    “Only the selfish would advocate throwing away the crutches of others simply because they have already made good use of their own.”

  90. Alan Apr 19,2010 3:46 PM

    In point numbered 3, you already mentioned ‘true’. There shld not be any ‘but’ at all. In court and in constitution, you are only required to answer

      ‘yes’ or ‘no’


      ‘true’ or ‘false’

    only. Nothing else matters thank you

  91. ekompute Apr 19,2010 1:45 PM

    “In this brave new world people write about things with authority but without knowing anything or doing proper research.”
    True, true… Wikipedia says of The Malay dilemma: “In the preface of the book’s 1st edition, its British publisher casts doubt on the accuracy of Mahathir’s assumptions and facts. Mahathir has been rightly criticised for the lack of documentary evidence to buttress his many arguments and conclusions. His assertions and assumptions were based on his personal observations and experiences, with no empirical data to support them.”

  92. mazlan Apr 19,2010 12:55 PM

    Sesungguhnya ‘sosial contract’ tidak pernah tertulis di dalam Perlembagaan, namun adakah kita perlu melupa persefahaman ini yang telah banyak membantu menwujudkan keamanan kepada Negara ini.
    Apakah yang dicemburukan sangat tentang hak istimewa Melayu. Adakah Cina dan India mati kebuluran ataupun merempat di Negara ini. Semuanya hanya untuk memuaskan ego.
    Ingatlah ego inilah yang akan memusnahkan kita. Tiada kebaikan dari sifat ego ini. Alangkah baiknya jika kita menumpukan masa dan tenaga bekerja memajukan diri, keluarga, bangsa dan negara.
    Mungkin dasar PM baru ini dapat memperbaiki kadar kemiskinan penduduk tanpa mengira kaum. Inilah tuntutan dalam ISLAM.
    Adil bermaksud meletakan sesuatu pada tempatnya. Renung dan fikirkanlah jika ada sesiapa yang mengatakan keistimewaan Melayu itu tidak adil. Adakah adil jika kita meminta satu pihak menyediakan padang yang terbuka tetapi di pihak lain padangnya dipagar rapi.
    Adilkah bila satu pihak bebas bersuara tetapi di pihak lain bila bersuara dituduh perkauman. Inikah keadilan??? Usahlah menjadi hipokrit. Jika Perkasa hendak dihapuskan, hapuskan juga persatuan Cina yang sememang telah wujud sejak sekian lama. Ada berani??? Jika tidak jangan membuang masa mencari pertelagahan. Eloklah bekerja kita bersama-sama bekerja memajukan Negara ini.

  93. nazrimalik Apr 19,2010 12:06 PM

    No comment on tis subject.
    My concern now is about the present relationship between our PM and the US gevernment, mass investment of jew controlled companies in m’sia and so on. I certainly not confortable with the ‘well reception’ and ‘positive reports of american media’ received by DSN. These remind me of Anwar Ibrahim era. It is sickening!
    I have a feeling that DSN is forced to support the US political agenda due to many large investment made by the US companies recently.
    Terms & conditions needed to follow perhaps upon accepting these companies to invest in m’sia.
    I certainly do not trust any of the american president, black/white, they are just the same. As Tun said, they were proxy to the jew. Seems likely, they still are.
    I don’t know Tun. I hope i am so wrong…

  94. Anak Malay sia Apr 19,2010 11:18 AM

    Salam & Greetings to all,
    Now, now let’s not get carried away. This subject is always a “HOT & SPICY” subject, and trigger happy commenter (sic) will start shooting, from the hip or otherwise.
    Let’s get the facts right first, Malaysia (and as 1 comment below stated – Israel) are no the only countries that have affirmative action. Check out the wiki here .
    IMHO, we do need affirmative action to balance out the society, otherwise the disparity especially in education and income will cause discord eventually. Case and point, the Indonesian riots – guess who’s businesses they torched?
    But upon saying this, affirmative action has to be carried out with extra – extra care, i.e. awarding contracts & special privileges to known well-to-do individuals or families has to be avoided. Again case & point, the ultra rich UMNOputras should compete at even playing field with the rest of Malaysians, not hiding behind Bumi privileges.
    Affirmative action should be income base and not race base. Being poor is still being poor regardless of what race or color you may be, so assistance should be color blind.
    And, eventually affirmative action should be dismantled once the society is balanced, whatever that balance may be as agreed by all Malaysian.
    Salam & Greetings.

  95. silvercloud Apr 19,2010 11:18 AM

    So Tun, you read The Star on Sundays too!
    It amuses me that journalists can write whatever they please when they contribute absolutely nothing tangible to the world.
    I think that the social contract may be unfair but it is necessary at this stage of development. The country must first reach a high GDP per capita and be adept at using the latest technology before we remove the crutches. Otherwise, we have a bunch of poor citizens scrambling around (for no tangible benefit) just like in Thailand. Remember that in the real world poor people do not deserve anything, least of all human rights or equality.

  96. Ah goo Apr 19,2010 11:13 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I think some of us here are not using their BRAIN and too sensitive in nature. Why specifically using the words Chinese, Malays and Indian????????? We are ONE and will always be Malaysian First. These peoples when they travel and was asked are you a Malaysian? They will answer ‘yes’ i’m a Malaysian. They will not say ” Oh i’m a Malay from Malaysia or i’m a Chinese from Malaysia or i’m an Indian from Malaysia…….. Just because some peoples got what they want and you are not happy with it and give comment to discredit others and pin point on the majority. A drop of water in the sea wont filled up the ocean!!! So dont blame the rest just because of one person. Remember nothing is free or fair in this world.

  97. musato Apr 19,2010 10:38 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Tahun lepas saya ada kerja part time kat book store.Manager dia muda lagi,datang dari k.l.Namanya Demon.
    First time dia berbual dengan saya,dia ada niat nak bagi saya naik pangkat dari jadi kuli ke supervisor atas alasan dengan umur saya dan cara saya bekerja.
    Of course,selama sebulan saya kerja,target rm180k untuk department English dicapai.Malah capai rm200k.Wow!rekod selama 8 tahun book store itu dibuka.Saya tak kerja rajin sangat pun,tapi cuma selesaikan masalah yang utama iaitu susun buku kemas-kemas dan layan perangai customer je.
    Itu janji sebelum manager tu tau dia pun ada KPI target untuk branch.Lepas dapat tau dia ada KPI,mengeletar jugak dia.Kesian dia sebab susah-susah nak cari kerja tak melibatkan sales yang kena marahkan orang bawahan.Dia muda dari saya.
    But,sebagai manager,manager tetap kena ikut prosedur dan undang-undang kompeni.
    Bekerja dengan manusia (termasuk bumiputra) yang hanya meluangkan masa hidup untuk bekerja siang dan malam amat menyeksakan batin.Dari 10pg sampai 10 mlm.Bila masa diaorang dapat lunaskan hutang keperluan peribadi diaorang sendiri?
    Then,saya berenti kerja part time lepas displaykan dan dapat jual buku-buku Tun kat depan pintu masuk.
    Adakah kitaran kehidupan ini semua perlu ditulis dan diakujanji oleh setiap manusia?
    Then social contract should be wrote if you like.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  98. HBT Apr 19,2010 9:49 AM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    May I….
    //By AVATAR on April 18, 2010 2:25 AM//
    Dear AVATAR,
    I thought that you are a great fan of AVATAR, and really know how the Entertainment Industry works, to my suprise, you are still stuck in the old habit of Malaysians’ Way in looking issues globally.
    FYI, James Cameroon’s ex-wife was honored an Oscar Award, Hollywood, LA, the winner for her low budget movie on Iraq over AVATAR’s high budget movie. Ann Hui, a woman director, was honored as the best director in HK Film Festival last year.
    Your wife, daughters, mum, sisters and auties are all women, right? Do you want them to be lead by crooks? Do you want your own daughters and sisters to marry crooks some day mah?
    We are human beings, we are upset sometimes but that doesn’t mean that we can do things in the crooky way, right?
    Do you know DPM well?
    Do you know what is race politics in Malaysia?
    If DPM is a prwan brain, than what is Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Chua, YB Ong Tee Keat, Zaid Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng and Samy Vellu then?
    Do you know that Bahasa Melayu is Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia? Do you know that Putonghua is Bahasa Kebangsaan China? Do you know that English in USA and Britain are slighly different? If you know, you would never throw out your sentence on choosing a crook to be the leader!!! 1 Malaysians are fed up with political parties’ struggles due to people like you who do not know that under Federal Constitution, Government cannot be politicalised by any political race base parties including UMNO!!!!
    If you keep on stucking racial issues here, one day, all political parties will be demolished by rakyat and the economy, don’t blame US, blame yourselves!!!!
    Good day Ayahanda Tun.

  99. Idea Apr 19,2010 9:34 AM

    This is a good write-up.

  100. ekompute Apr 19,2010 9:00 AM

    Sudin says: “Singapura couldn’t be bothered when Tun tried to resolve the simple & ridiculous water agreement -a paltry 3 sen per 1000 gallons! In fact they tried to hit back at Tun for ridiculing the 50-year old treaty! They wouldn’t budge even a single sen about raising the raw water price!”
    Well, I guess a treaty is a treaty. The Johor river, incidentally, is not the largest river in Peninsular Malaysia but the Pahang River is. And it is discharging more water into the South China Sea than the Johor river. How about asking China to pay just 1 sen, since the sea is named after them?

  101. ekompute Apr 19,2010 8:53 AM

    Avatar says: “Salam Tun. I really do not like to disagree with you in most of the topic you have brought up so far. But your view on this topic I feel that you are being bias just becos you are a Malay. I feel you need to be in the shoes of Non Malay Malaysian as well to give a fair comment or to fight a fair cause.”
    Actually, Tun is a constitutional Malay and not an ethnic Malay. The very word, “Malay” is very confusing. It originally means only the royal family of the Melaka Sultanate. Thus when Hang Tuah said, “Tak kan Melayu hilang di dunia”, he was not referring to the Malay race (as some erroneously believe) but to the Melaka Sultanate. Ironically, Melaka is today one of the very few states that do not have a sultan!
    Melayu, as used in reference to race, only started in the early 17th century. During those days, the Bugis and the Melayus used to be at loggerheads. They simply did not treat each other as belonging to the same stock. Even the phrase, “Tanah Melayu” did not exist but seems to be a latter-day translation of the word, “Malaya”, thanks to the British. Now we have Melayus who are ethnically Indians, Arabs, Cambodians, and what have you. So why can’t we have a Malaysian Malaysia if we can have Indian Malays and Arab Malays?

  102. mok9929 Apr 19,2010 8:09 AM

    agree 100% with tauugis….these “immigrant” are ungrateful especially those who were born in the 80’s where they were mouth fed and dont know the real meaning of tolerance….if only i could turn back time, i’ll make sure these 1 million citizenship was NEVER awarded!

  103. HBT Apr 19,2010 7:12 AM

    Good morning Ayahanda Tun,
    May I…..
    //By tauugis on April 18, 2010 2:44 PM//
    Dear tauugis,
    Zaid Ibrahim is an ex-UMNOputra, a Malay’s land Malay, isn’t he?
    Zaid is given a chance to prove his capibility in Ulu Selangor’s by-elections by PKR’s DSAI, a Malay’s land Malay too.
    Why are you, as a Malay, still pushing the blame to other races who have worked with sweat and tears to earn better lifestyle without any political assistance who are not with the political parties?
    Do you want 70% of the population of all races to feed you forever to make you feel more Malay in Malay land?
    If you are think that you are Malay owner of the Malay land, then vote Zaid Ibrahim PKR la… to prove that Malays are owner of the land.
    No one is stopping you to vote a Malay politically, right?
    Toleransi atau Dengki? Lu pikir la sendiri!
    Take care Ayahanda Tun.

  104. formule1 Apr 19,2010 4:51 AM

    -salam Tun,this is irrelevant with your topic,but can you help us please on issue about government doctor working hour? obviously the salary is quite low,but at least please help us about the working hour
    -since you are our best public figure as a doctor,former prime minister…we hope you can write an issue about this on this site so Dato Najib will hear our voice..there were to many complaint ignored.we are very frustrated.
    -my idea is to form new units in government hospital that responsible for “on call” duty.this unit doesnt have to work day time,they work only at nights the whole week.this group can be rotate every time.e….some kind of night shift. even modern hi tech spy plane got shift time.
    take from utusan archive: dated 12/5/09
    Doktor terus dibela
    SAYA ialah seorang ibu kepada salah seorang pegawai perubatan (houseman) yang bertugas di hospital kerajaan. Izinkan saya meluahkan perasaan sebagai ahli keluarga mengenai isu yang dipaparkan berhubung kebajikan pegawai perubatan dan komen dari Menteri Kesihatan Malaysia.
    Saya sebagai ahli keluarga memang prihatin terhadap isu yang diluahkan oleh seorang doktor yang terpaksa berkorban jiwa raga untuk menjaga pesakit di wad.
    Saya berpendapat bahawa kenyataan Menteri Kesihatan Malaysia di akhbar kurang tepat. Misalnya, menurut beliau doktor houseman boleh balik awal pada hari keesokannya selepas dipanggil on call 24 jam. Sebaliknya, mereka perlu sambung bekerja hari keesokan iaitu bekerja 36 jam.
    Sepatutnya Menteri Kesihatan Malaysia harus ‘turun gelanggang’ memantau dan ‘mengkaji’ keadaan sebenar di hospital kerajaan dan menyiasat dengan lebih teliti dan terperinci mengenai masalah yang dihadapi oleh doktor houseman di seluruh Malaysia dan bukannya memberi informasi yang membuta-buta saja.
    Walaupun isu ini pernah disuarakan di forum akhbar, namun tiada apa-apa tindakan diambil dan masalah ini berterusan sehingga sekarang. Sebagai contoh, sebelum ini anak saya bertugas di luar negara.
    Oleh kerana kerajaan Malaysia menggalakkan doktor di luar negara balik ke tanah air untuk berkhidmat kepada negara sendiri, saya pun mencadangkan anak saya balik ke Malaysia.
    Akan tetapi, selepas itu saya berasa sangat menyesal membuat demikian kerana anak saya tiap-tiap hari mengadu kepada saya yang dia tiada masa rehat dan tidur yang tidak mencukupi disebabkan oleh on call.
    Meskipun sudah keletihan dan penat, mereka masih menjalankan wad round pada waktu pagi. Tambahan pula, tunjuk ajar dan bimbingan yang diberikan oleh pakar dan doktor senior di hospital kerajaan amat mengecewakan.
    Doktor houseman dikatakan “didera” dan dilayan dengan tidak adil sekali. Saya berasa sangat sedih dengan aduannya. Mereka manusia biasa, bukan robot!!!
    Memandangkan kakitangan hospital lain ada masa tertentu untuk bertugas, tetapi kemudahan ini tidak disediakan untuk doktor houseman.
    Cuba bayangkan: Jika doktor telah bertugas turut-turut 36 jam tanpa berhenti, masih laratkah mereka untuk senyum dengan mesra dan memberi perkhidmatan yang terbaik kepada pesakit?
    Selain itu, gaji yang dibayar tidak setimpal dengan tanggungjawab mereka dan perkhidmatan kepada pesakit.
    Saya berharap agar Menteri Kesihatan Malaysia, pegawai atasan dan pihak berkenaan mengambil berat tentang isu ini dan dapat memberi jalan penyelesaian kepada masalah ini kerana semua doktor houseman sedang menunggu pihak berkenaan menghulurkan bantuan kepada mereka.
    thank you Tun,may God bless you always…

  105. azrizahier Apr 19,2010 4:03 AM

    ramai benar bukan melayu marah bila kita ada hak istimewa itu.
    sebab mereka juga rakyat Malaysia dan wajar diberikan hak yang sama.
    hujah paling popular ialah:
    1. nenek moyang mereka sudah lama ada di Tanah Melayu. semenjak kerajaan maritim melaka lagi.
    2. mereka juga lahir di Malaysia, seperti orang melayu.
    3. mereka juga begitu menyayangi negara ini.
    cuma bezanya, mereka ini begitu tidak fasih berbahasa melayu; bahasa KEBANGSAAN kita. tidak pelikkah kita bila bertemu dengan seorang Jepun (contohnya) tp tidak boleh bertutur dalam bahasa Jepun dgn baik? seperti seekor kucing, tp mengembek pula.
    saya pernah terlibat dalam satu program yang dianjurkan oleh universiti, memerlukan saya mencari 3 RAKYAT MALAYSIA yang berlainan bangsa untuk sama-sama membacakan rukun negara di sekitar Kuala Lumpur. Puluhan pejalan kaki selain melayu terkebil-kebil matanya bila mengaku mereka tidak hafal rukun negara!
    sudahlah tidak fasih berbahasa KEBANGSAAN, tidak tahu pula RUKUN NEGARA. diberi kerakyatan Malaysia pun sebenarnya mereka sudah patut bersyukur!

  106. jong52yuara Apr 19,2010 4:01 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    young generation would never care about history anymore.. and patriotism cannot make a living. theres nothing wrong protect an identity, but think of every young generation after “special position” when they are born innocently why have to fall in this shithole?

  107. Kadir Apr 19,2010 3:24 AM

    Dearest Tun,
    Only a true Malaysian will accept their forefather agreement during independent. I was very outraged when MCA walked away during Dato’ Noh speech quoting Tun Tan Siew Sin appreciation of YTM Tunku and Malay leaders giving citizenship to them.
    I think we should reassess their involvement in BN. History repeats itself. I believe 13th May might happen again if this issue prolong.

  108. fzal Apr 19,2010 3:14 AM

    Problem with our society: its always based on race.
    What’s wrong with the Malays? One example i can think of is possibly because the Malays are worried that the Chinese are too kiasu with other races… So if the chinese don’t wanna share, then why should the Malays share (i.e give up their rights)? I see this as a snowball effect..
    I have seen people who are poor… malays, chinese, indians not to mention the orang asli.. it doesn’t matter what race.. The malays that are rich shouldn’t get the bumi discount and all other privileges… the division of wealth shouldn’t be about race.. its just not fair.
    who gains the most from this so called malay crutches??? the MALAY who know those in power.. the malays who are already rich…. who doesn’t get much?? the chinese who are rich and the working class.. BUT WHO SUFFERS THE MOST??? theoretically… its the chinese and indians who are still living in poverty!!
    I just dont agree with giving help based on race.. it should be based on necessity. and how much money you make should be based on how smart and how much effort you put in. STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD! So here is my message:
    1. Stop complaining…
    2. Stop playing the race card..
    3. Work Smart and Hard…
    4. Contribute to Society..
    1. Stop complaining when other races are complaining about the malay rights. put yourselves in their shoes. people complain because its a nuisance to other races. we have to try to stop relying on the crutches.. its not gonna be there forever.
    2. we have to stop thinking that “oh, chinese very kiasu.. only give cheaper price to their own chinese race”. its just kolot,
    3. stop thinking “look at what has happened to the malays in singapore”. from what i know, they are doing fine.. not as a race.. but as singaporeans there. at least those who work hard.. and look at what they’ve done with their small island??? maybe we can learn something good from them.. thought i wouldn’t say learn everything. hahaha..
    4. Stop thinking like all the chinese and indians in this country are rich. well some are, but some aren’t.. same like the malays, there are some who are filthy rich, i know plenty are still poor. Help our friends who are unfortunate..
    5. I know a lot of chinese friends who speak and talk like i do. they are good friends of mine. we even make racist jokes around each other.. NO PROBLEM.. as they are Malaysians, they’ve contributed to the economy.. lived with us since independence. they dont have CHINA or INDIA to come back to if this country fails… MALAYSIA IS THEIR HOME… So stop this negative backward thinking… Start trusting our friends.
    6. Reality is: of course, there are still a few who are just crooks and rip-offs. whether Malays, Chinese or Indians, I dont tolerate with these people.
    7. Malay rights: We have to volunteer to put it away for good… and not be told to put it away. i know the Malay Ego and Ketuanan Melayu. only time will tell.. Lets work hard, compete and put it away..
    1. don’t be kiasu, if you are.. we all must give something to get something. if I’m asking the malays to stop thinking that chinese are kiasu, then the chinese shouldn’t be kiasu..
    2. Stop complaining about Malay rights… Give them time… i dont know for how long, considering the malays are a bit slow in terms of competition. but im sure the malays will volunteer when the time comes. Just like what they’ve done with the citizenship, i’m sure they will let this one go someday. Just let the Malays be happy with their ego..
    3. Continue to live happily as Malaysians, I salute you for your patience, hard work and contribution. To those who are stirring up the racial sentiments just for your personal gain, i really don’t like you. Crooks deserve to be in jail!
    4. The malays need trust.. They need to know that you will die for this country no matter what. i understand that to prove that you’re trustworthy is not an easy task, especially when you feel like you have never been trusted. Malays are worried that the they may not be treated equally if they lose power in Malaysian politics. Hang in there…
    5. To those who are in need and are not receiving the help like the others are getting, i’m truly sorry for this injustice. lets hope the current law and policy makers do something about this, or they will lose ONE vote during the next election…
    I know the above comments sounds too naive, but i think thats what it takes to solve this “special malay rights” issue. To summarise:

  109. eah10011 Apr 19,2010 3:09 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Kontrak Social, ketuanan melayu dan segala keistimewaan akan di pertahankan sampai ke anak cucu. Those are the rights of the malays that shouldnt be questioned. But should the matter be raised, so be it, the contract still stays. THat should be the stance that will not be compromised at all times. Let them say whatever, kononnya such will make malays pemalas, tidak ada daya bersaing, bertongkat dll, as though they are much superior and the best of all man kind, the Contract still stays. We are preparing our sons and daughters and children with quality educations and exposures while not compromising our asian values and the teachings of our penghulu, Rasulullah and we will work hard to achieve and strive for the best in life and the hereafter. We will strive to help and assist our fellow muslim malays, fellow muslim brothers and sisters and fellow malaysian and countrymen but the contract still stays.

  110. checker Apr 19,2010 2:55 AM

    Salam Tun & Fellow CheDet’s Bloggers,
    This issue of social contracts will be raised, discussed and debated again & again until eternity as long as the critics will not provide the solution that will be acceptable by all parties especially the Malays.
    For those who say that the Malays are “kaum pendatang” is totally ignorant of history. This includes the statement by LKY ( the chief of Ultra Kiasu )long time ago but as usual the Malays did not respond to his statement for simple reason that by its nature,the Malays did not want any trouble. The name, Malay Archipelago itself is a clear proof that Malays were the son of the soil not only in Malaysia but the entire archipelago. Chinese have China as their country of origin so is India for the Indians. So where is the land for the Malays if not what is left now? The Malays also “gave away” Singapore because of the same reason – do not want trouble. So come LKS ( Deputy Chief Ultra Kiasu ) to continue the mission to control Penang and finally they manage to achieve it in the last general election. Perhaps he hope that the Malays will later give it away if they continue and manage to keep planting the seed for racial trouble. All along the Malays, out of its kind nature even accept to appoint Chinese to be the Chief Minister ( and will not demand it to be given back to the Malays as a gesture to maintain racial harmony and mutual respect)even though Malays population are still significant in number there. The Ultra Kiasu were very angry when DAP representative ( the largest single party in DUN seat)was not appointed the Menteri Besar of Perak. Knowing their lesson learn in 1969, they “go along” with appointment of PAS rep on temporary basis but we all know who actually control the administration of the state. When I say Chinese I am referring to the Ulra Kiasu Chinese ( The virus to the nation )and please do not confuse by saying that I hate ALL Chinese.
    Similarly with the Indians. Under BN formula of power sharing, Indians were given more seat that is not proportionate to the total Indian population. They will not win any seat without the support of the Malays. ( Interestingly, the choice of MIC candidate in the coming election will give a test indicator of proof to the Malays kind nature. DSNR is taking risk in order to honor the promise) and yet Ultra HINDRAF were spreading lies not only in the country but worst, internationally about the “cruelty imposed on the Indian communities” by the predominantly Malay BN federal government. This is the kind of their respond to Malay kindness.
    There are many points already raised by other respectable bloggers on this topic and I do not wish to repeat and bore all of you.
    How long will this go on? Answer- as long as Ultra Kiasu is around to create and plant the seed of hatred among the “Malaysians youths”. It is just like cancer. So do not simply critise but propose acceptable solution.
    Walk the talk and let me start the ball rolling:
    1) Who are Bumiputras? First group – The Malays and those practising the Malay culture and Islam as the official religion. Second group – the original inhibitant of the land e.g orang2 asli and those from Sabah & Sarawak. Period.
    2) Social Contracts – As the win-win solution to achieve the independence without blood shed ( as happened and still happening in many countries that we all know )as decided and agreed by the our earlier leaders through their great wisdom and noble intention so that our future generation would live together in continuous environment of peace, racial harmony and shared prosperity. ( this was betrayed in 1969)
    3) How long this will be? to eternity because the change will be the affirmative actions by all parties. ( again there is sign that this too will be betrayed )
    4) To act rationally, let carry-out an independent national audit. To talk simply is easy but wisdom will be generated only when everybody know the facts on the ground:
    4.1 Language – Why not, the Chinese in particular, look at our neighbouring countries as an example. We sometime can’t even recognise their “race” by their name and spoken language.How can that happen? Simple, they are forced to, no social contract.
    4.2 School System – Again look at our neighbouring countries. The Ultra kiasu reject all kind of effort by the government. We are not even talking about abolishing the Chinese or Tamil schools. Even Sekolah Wawasan concept of merely sharing common facilities were out-rightly rejected. Whereas we all with wisdom will recognise that language and school system are the two important and critical ingredients to national and unity. A single type of school is a MUST – PERIOD. How and when can we call ourselves Malaysian first then by race when any one of the parties is not willing to sacrifice and compromise.
    4.3 Wealth – Who accumulate most wealth among the races? Malay, Chinese or Indians? Lets us have the statistics before we make any conclusion.
    The above are only few critical issues need to be addressed to and resolved but there are more. So let us share those views with clear & open mind.
    The last option if nothing materialises – lets go back to history and give-up the citizenship given to the Chinese & Indians. May be British are willing to accept those who refuse to accept existence of this social contract and be their citizen. Personally and many more “Malaysian” would not mind at all.
    In Allah we believe and to Allah we pray for His blessing. Ameeen

  111. hati.malaysia Apr 19,2010 1:16 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I am very SAD to read this article and the comment given by the Malays readers. I can feel their hate and frustration toward non-Malays, in their view (and maybe your view), non-Malays are the cause of the poor performance of Malay.(in term of wealth)
    I am a non-Malay, with 4-kid’s (still young), Dear Tun, I am worried for their future, should I leave Malaysia and look for new home.
    I know any where I go (including China or India) I will still be called ‘Pendatang’ and treated as second class citizen. Since I am highly educated and well experience in my domain, I am sure, I can find suitable place where I and my offspring can leave normal live (without fear).
    My worry is only safety, I read a lot about May-13, and worried all this talk and action will take us there sooner-or-latter (referring to PERKASA statements).
    Clearly Malaysia has indicated that SHE does not need me. Pm’s 1Malaysia brought some hope, but again, flip-flop cracked that hope.
    Please advice me Tun, I always admire you, and your advice in this matter is highly appreciated.

  112. tunnusantara Apr 19,2010 1:15 AM

    Salam Tun,
    (dah lama tak comment di sini semenjak ada facebook…)
    To answer ‘malaysiatanahairku’:
    To me, it is simple – IF a “rakyat” is SINCERE enough to this country, he/she would simply Remove the ‘Racist’ Sekolah Jenis2.
    Simply put, in your own words, “Malaysians should stop identifying themselves first by race then by citizenship. Citizenship should come first before anything else, and race is just a box or a form of classification that people concoct.”.
    “the affirmative action was created to improve the situations of the Malays and was never to be permanent. and thus the question is when should it be ended to decrease” Racial Segregation & ‘created’ young Ignorant, Arrogant & Selfish Malaysians like namewe which has CLEARLY “becomes detrimental.”.
    Thank you, Tun & May Allah SWT Bless You and Family Always. Wassalam.

  113. kab56 Apr 19,2010 1:13 AM

    I believe the ‘special position of Malays’ was devised more to safeguard against non-Malay ‘kurang ajar’ than for economic equity.

  114. Malaysian Apr 18,2010 11:08 PM

    Dear Tun,
    “Only the selfish would advocate throwing away the crutches of others simply because they have already made good use of their own. ”
    I believe the old saying goes true;
    “If you give a man a fish he feeds for a day,If you teach him how to fish he feeds for a lifetime”
    In this sense,instead of teaching the malays how to walk the government gave the malays crutches and today they have learnt to walk with crutches; if by which you take it away from them saying they should learn to walk they would demand it back as if claiming it is their birthright.I do not think those who advocate throwing away the crutches as selfish as they want the better for the malays to learn to walk.Globalisation will soon take its place and if they do not want to learn how to throw away their crutches they will never learn how to walk and mind you that the impact will be much greater competing Globally than just among the Chinese and Indians.So dear Tun, who in this sense is being selfish?

  115. shahrul Apr 18,2010 9:58 PM

    where is malay leader when the malay’s social contracts are hijacking?

  116. rarunasalam Apr 18,2010 9:54 PM

    Tun M.
    per Article 153 – there shouldnt be questions on special rights and priveleges granted to Malays. Is this accorded to those who have migrated from Indonesia?
    is this accorded to those who come from inter-racial marriages.
    If yes, then how do you propose this social contract that you fondly like to refer to can be kept to a sustainable application.
    Sir, I personally did not question the contract growing up, in school, uni, then when moving into employment. And you know what, I do recognise this is not a bad thing. I have today what is from blood sweat and tears. But if you keep maintaining that the situation today warrants for this “agreement” to continue being in effect, then you have to accept the responsibility of the state you have left Malaysian’s at large expecting handouts and favors.
    You have to accept the responsibility that more Indonesians today get this “privelege” that you keep maintaining is there for the Malays to appreciate.
    You have to accept the responsibility that this level playing field that Malaysians are clamouring is being exploited by the elitists in the country.
    Its sad that you think you are a progressive leader yet wish to remain in a primitive mindset that people prosper and thrive because they desire to, not because of some outdated policy.

  117. ekompute Apr 18,2010 9:16 PM

    Tauugis says: “I suggest that the BN do a research and field a Malay in a majority chinese seat and lets see if the chinese are indeed sincere in promoting BN sharing concept. I can guarantee 1000% that the Malay will never win, what more to represent the chinese.”
    Let’s see who will win in Hulu Selangor… a Malay or an Indian. You think UMNO is so stupid to field an Indian candidate if it thinks it has a good chance of winning? And Tun knows too well that he won his last election in 1999 via Chinese support. What say you, Tauugis?

  118. cokangla Apr 18,2010 9:02 PM

    Dear Tun,
    ekompute wrote
    “For preaching racialism and race supremacy, millions of Malays have been misled into a world of hatred and materialism in this temporal world. I hope Allah will treat you kindly when you get to meet him.”
    me to hope Allah will treat you kindly when you get to meet him also ekompute. sometime we are too busy judging people that we forgot to judge ourselves. hope you’re not one of them, insyaAllah.

  119. Astroguy Apr 18,2010 8:39 PM

    Assalamualaikum & Good Day..
    This is my first time posting here…
    I am a Muslim first, Malay second and Malaysian third..
    Let’s look into America’s brief history of democracy..
    1513 – Exploration of New World
    – mass immigrations from Europe, Asia and also slaves from Africa
    1776 – Declaration of Independence- All men created equal
    1870 – Post Civil War – 15th Amendment – All citizens can vote
    1965 – Finally African American can vote
    2009 – First African American President after 223 years of Independence.
    Does he (Obama) speak African language? Is there any African school or any other ethnics/race based schools in USA? I don

  120. libzim Apr 18,2010 8:05 PM

    I would like to comment MFM entry.
    If your son speak malay fluently, adopt malay’s culture completely, follow main stream education system, i think he should get the citizenship instead of those who want to keep foreign culture, language, and vernacular education system. The citizenship should be taken from those people who does not want to accept the identity of this land and give it to your son MFM. What is the identity of this land? What is 1 Malaysia?

  121. Madud Apr 18,2010 7:46 PM

    Pisang emas di bawa berlayar,
    masak sebiji di atas peti…
    Hutang emas boleh di bayar,
    HUTANG BUDI di bawa mati..
    sekarang, bolehkah kaum2 lain membayar hutang budi memberi kerakyatan kepada mereka?

  122. snz Apr 18,2010 6:27 PM

    Assalamulaikum Tun,
    This so called Malay rights always a hit nowadays compare to TUN’s era. Other race are now started to question what the “do not have” instead of seeing what they are enjoy. Malay on the other hand, continue their kind gesture to “give” all as long as fullfill others needs.
    Malay in Singapore are better?????? The person must be clouded with one racial cloud. For those who live there can clarify this better.
    Let’s back to the future way back before our independence. Let remain no citizenship given….. and the Geng of independence at that time didn’t do any pack on this malay right. Imagine what is the composition of citizen of this country???? Malay surely and ultimatly the majority of the citizen while other races….. still struggle to talk about getting citizenship now instead of talking how to “rape” the malay.
    Imagine that……… so to me…. what ever had done is definately for the great reason and NONE of the citizenship in Malaysia now should question this. If Tunku didn’t recognize and give away “free” citizen, i wonder those who talk “loudly here might not even be the citizen of Malaysia let alone to fight for the same right as Malay….

  123. Phrase Rider Apr 18,2010 5:00 PM

    minta laluan 1 more time dear Tun M,
    people let us just take a look at the list of Malaysian billionaire; we have the Malay coming at number 7 preceded by 5 chinese and 1 indian. Yet we are not accepting the fact that the chinese and indian in Malaysia are better off and has the opportunity to partake the economy cake?
    hmmm may be they should consider relocating to the democratic EU countries or land of origin that would offer them the same.

  124. Phrase Rider Apr 18,2010 4:45 PM

    minta laluan YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir,
    Okay, let us embrace the 1Malaysia and NEM;provided the non Malays are ready to give up your racial centric education systems first. Let there be only a single education system with electives and no more kwangsis nor muragan foundation!
    Oreo rider

  125. sujini Apr 18,2010 4:11 PM

    Points 1-8 : The fault lies entirely in the hands of the current Malay leaders because among other things they :-
    1. are weak except one;
    2. forget where they are coming from(forget their roots);
    3. are too accomodating like the man and his camel.
    Point no.9 : All true.Nevertheless,it is the Malay leaders themselves who are taken in by the grouses of others that Bumi businessmen still need “crutches” to do business.
    So what if Bumi businessmen still need “crutches”? This is their own homeland for godsake.They have as much rights and privileges as to the other races(their forefathers)enjoyed just before Independent.
    Malay leaders should not forget,this particular race,if given an inch they want a foot.They like to conquer rather than be conquered.
    The ball is in the hands of the current leaders.If thrown wrongly it will hit right back on their faces.When that happens, we’ll loose our rights and our country. Allah forbides.

  126. ekompute Apr 18,2010 3:46 PM

    Tauugis says: “I felt what the Tunku has done (giving out 1 million citizenship without proper vetting) as absolute mistake and now the Malay generation really suffers in terms of economy and politics.”
    First and foremost… one cannot blame Tunku for what he did. Dato’ Onn Jaafar wanted to open UMNO to non-Malays but he couldn’t have his way, so what makes you think that the Tunku was acting independently?
    Many Malays still think that Malaysia will still be what it is today without the non-Malays. Just look at all the cities and big towns during the Chinese New Year festive season, after the official two days public holiday are over. A Burmese group of unskilled workers were commenting about the last CNY festive season and was mentioning that they can imagine what Malaysia would have been without the Chinese. Don’t tell me that the Malays cannot see when those low-level foreign workers can? Tun himself ever mentioned that it is the Chinese community that is paying the bigger share of income tax. You have homeground advantage and tremendous government aid and yet after 50 years, you are still lagging behind.
    And tell me who are the railway and road builders, if not the Indians. How many Malays and for that matter, Chinese, can stand the heat of tarring the macadamized road?
    Do remember that wealth does not just come from natural resources alone. There is such a thing called physical effort, hard work, brain work, and entrepreneurship. Have you ever wondered why the British had to bring in so many foreign workers (like what Malaysia is still doing), when they could have gotten the Malays to do it? And why did Sultan Abu Bakar have to give incentives to the Chinese farmers in Singapore to open up Johor when Johor Lama has such a long existence? Sit and ponder. Malaysia may have just been another Kalimantan!

  127. Wenger Khairy Apr 18,2010 3:20 PM

    Interesting take. I am just still confused on what “crutches” are you talking about? While nobody would deny or object to spending RM 1 billion to provide scholarships for Malays, people may become very uncomfortable when we are giving tens of billions to perhaps a group of people who are either related to you directly or part of your inner circle.
    Is it fair to consider giving RM 2 billion to Tajuddin Ramli as a good example of “crutches?” Well we have RM 522 billion in debt right now, so maybe you can share how the bulk of this money was allocated since a lot of it is because of you and the government guarantees you took.
    When people actually look at the break down, maybe then they will realise that out of the RM 100 allocated for crutches, RM 10 goes to the society and RM 90 goes to cronies, and the worst are cronies of Dr. Mahathir because they get long term, year in year out crutches.
    The worst form of humanity, and not unlike their patron. They steal year in year out, a real grotesque financial creature invented to enrich the few at the expense of the many. Barry Wain explains this very clearly.
    Thats why I had requested you provide all the details of how the hundreds of billions of crutches was spent, how much went to your family, how much went to Tun Daim, how much went to Halim Saad et. al but until today you have refused to do so.

  128. tauugis Apr 18,2010 2:44 PM

    Salam hormat buat Tun.
    As a Malay myself I feel great and secured under TDM unlike his successor. In the 70s I worked under foreign company with management monopolized by the chinese. I quit due to their discriminatory attitude towards me and the other clerical Malays. I venture into construction where to my surprise all upper level of executives at JKR too were also monopolized by the chinese. Again discrimination at work where projects were systematically control and awarded among the chinese contractors by means of “ALI BABA” concept. I secured few projects though from the federal agency and tried to get financing from the banks controlled by the chinese and again I am turned down. To me it is unfair to say that the Malays can’t do proper business when everything is under the grip of the chinese. Almost all sector of business activities are under the umbrella of chinese. So how are the Malays & Bumis ever going to succeed with their (chinese)discriminatory attitude.
    In short, I face tough time penetrating their circle. I am greatfull that PERKASA was formed to safeguard the Malays & Indigenous rights. I felt what the Tunku has done (giving out 1 million citizenship without proper vetting) as absolute mistake and now the Malay generation really suffers in terms of economy and politics.
    BN concept of giving away Malay majority seats to the Indians & Chinese too has actually demote status of the Malay leadership. I strongly believe that “only” the Malays practice tolerant & compromising attitude and again its show how weak this traits are.
    I suggest that the BN do a research and field a Malay in a majority chinese seat and lets see if the chinese are indeed sincere in promoting BN sharing concept. I can guarantee 1000% that the Malay will never win, what more to represent the chinese.
    Malays must change for good and stop this “weak” behavior. Otherwise we will forever look stupid and demoralize.

  129. Dadi Apr 18,2010 2:33 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Nowadays almost all malaysian are educated.Most have come out of the coconut shell and live confortably and enjoy the peace in malaysia.They have almost forgotten how our great gandfather fight for the survival of their next generation.Our grandfather can live happily and in harmony in one kampung with Malays ,Chinese ,Indians and many other races.Even during my time , we have friends of all races who have grown up together with us and untill today still they are our friends.why this happen ,because we know how to appreciate each other.we can tolerate with each other.The most important thing we RESPECT each other.
    Maybe the some of the so called EDUCATED people today do not know how to value such feeling or may be that human value is not important to them.To them money is everything.Do whatever they can inorder to get money.This may be the human value today.The relationship between friends , races and even even family is of no value to people who only see MONEY and Wealth as their God.These are the people who feel that by robbing , snatching and HIGHJACKING(the modern and more sophisticated word) they can achieve their objective .The value of friendship or even family relationship is of no value to these kind of people.These people forgot that every things have its end.
    My friend told me about his friend who came to malysia as a foreign worker.Finally settled down here and have become among the important people in an organisation.How this person enjoy the benefits here is by marrying our malaysian woman who have few children and make them his children.This is also highjacking and get instant family just like we get instant food from fast food restaurant.everything ready to eat,fast and easy.These kind of people one day , after staying long in malysia will demand equal right and will deny social contract too.
    Tun , sooner or later all those algerian , indonesion, and many others who enter or stay in our country illegally will be daring enough to play the game of HIGHJACKING inorder to live peacefully and enjoy the benefit in Malysia and forgetting who and where they came from .

  130. sunduvan Apr 18,2010 2:14 PM

    Saya kurang bersetuju tetapi apa yang Tun kata ini memang masuk akal. Persoalannya ialah apakah kita akan terus mengikutinya pada masa akan datang? Apakah kita masih mahu menafikan bahawa sudah sampai masanya kita menjunjung idea Ketuanan Bangsa Malaysia?
    Best regards,

  131. mahady Apr 18,2010 1:59 PM

    Assalammualaikum WBT Tun!
    Jika kita berusaha menyemarakkan lagi perpaduan di negara tercinta kita ni, contohnya menerusi platform “1Malaysia”, kenapa masih perlu orang dari Semenanjung kemukakan kad pengenalan/passport bila memasuki Sabah dan/atau Sarawak? Bukankah Sabah dan Sarawak juga Malaysia? Dan kenapa pula saudara/i kita dari Sabah dan Sarawak tidak pula perlu berbuat demikian bila ke Semenanjung? Soalan ini acap kali diajukan (kebetulan) kepada saya oleh para pelancong dari luar negara di lapangan terbang KK mahupun Kuching.
    Wassalam Tun. Terima kasih.

  132. mokna Apr 18,2010 10:57 AM

    Sy doakan Tun dan keluarga khususnya dan kesemua rakyat Malaysia.
    Sbbkan anak2 muda skrg kurang memahami sejarah lah dan kurangnya budaya membaca menjadikan kita semua mudah lupa asal usul dan jati diri bangsa. Konsep 1Malaysia bgus untuk dipraktikkan,untuk membangunkan Malaysia dgn aman damai,sekaligus menyatupadukan rakyat..
    tp still kena faham kita ada masa silam, sosial kontrak adalah sosial kontrak dan xperlu untuk dibicarakan lg.
    Harap keamanan y kita capai kekal dan berpanjangan. Sama2 la kita doaka.
    Pemimpin dulu, pemimpin skrg suma kita Tun Mahathir plg dkt dihati.

  133. kent87 Apr 18,2010 10:56 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I’m about to write my opinion here long time ago, but only now i get the strength.
    By the way, i come from a Malay-Chinese parentage which makes me a bumiputra automatically since my mother, a Chinese married with my father, a Malay. Alhamdulillah for that. One who wants to be a bumiputra is generally has to be originally born in Malaysia or if we look back to the ‘perlembagaan’, to get the ‘malay’ title, the main three conditions are one is a muslim, practice the malay culture and speak malay language. That’s as what i understand.
    Actually, i’m wondering with those who come from Indonesia. Just because they are muslim, can speak malay and practice the malay custom, hence they tend to marry with local people (malay) so that their children can get the bumiputera title. As simple as that. So, it’s no wonder the number of Indonesians are getting increased in Malaysia because they know that they will get the benefit, i mean, for sure for their offspring to survive in Malaysia.
    But how about the other races, i mean who have been the loyal citizen since the independence time, but still do not have the right, i mean the special right giving to the bumiputra. Do they need to convert to islam and find a bumiputra to marry? or do they have to find a sarawakian or sabahan to marry if they do not want to convert to islam, but still they want to get the special right for their kids? what i understand here is like this:
    1) a bumiputra + foreigner = bumiputra offspring
    2) a bumiputra + non-bumiputra = bumiputra offspring
    3) non-bumiputra + non-bumiputra = non-bumiputra offspring
    Means that, no matter how hard and how long the non-bumi stay and loyal to Malaysia, he/she still does not able to get the special right.. i sometimes hate those foreigners who easily get the title of citizenship eventhough he stayed in Malaysia just for less that 12 years.. just because he pretend to know how to speak proper malay language, muslim and practice malay custom and get married with bumiputra.. soon or later, he will be a bumiputra.. and it’s happening around me.. sometimes, birocracy in Malaysia is weird as well..
    Perhaps, Tunku can give some opinion towards these things..
    May Allah bless Tunku always,

  134. sudin Apr 18,2010 10:54 AM

    Salam Tun.
    Singapura couldn’t be bothered when Tun tried to resolve the simple & ridiculous water agreement -a paltry 3 sen per 1000 gallons! In fact they tried to hit back at Tun for ridiculing the 50-year old treaty! They wouldn’t budge even a single sen about raising the raw water price!
    Now, it would indeed be grievous & utterly ridiculous if we’re to compromise on the rights of the Malays which is clearly spell out in our constitution. Whoever agreed or even considering just to make our Malay rights slightly lenient is a Malay Traitor.
    All citizenship issued to non-Malays then were permanent, which will definitely be passed on to their future generations. The same goes to the rights of the Malays, and we want to pass on our constitutional rights to our future generations.
    I strongly believed anyone questioning the special privileges of the Malays must be put under ISA, especially this is a racial matter and can undermine the country’s security, irrespective whether their sensitive/provocative comments appear in Tun’s blog.

  135. sudin Apr 18,2010 10:50 AM

    Salam Tun.
    Singapura couldn’t be bothered when Tun tried to resolve the simple & ridiculous water agreement -a paltry 3 sen per 1000 gallons! In fact they tried to hit back at Tun for ridiculing the 50-year old treaty! They wouldn’t budge even a single sen about raising the raw water price!
    Now, it would indeed be greviously ridiculous if we’re to compromise on the rights of the Malays which is clearly spell out in our constitution. Whoever agreed or even considering just to make our Malay rights slightly lenient is a Malay Traitor.
    All citizenship issued to non-Malays then were permanent, which will definitely be passed on to their future generations. The same goes to the rights of the Malays, and we want to pass on our constitutional rights to our future generations.
    I strongly believed anyone questioning the special privileges of the Malays must be put under ISA, especially this is a racial matter and can undermine the country’s security, irrespective whether their sensitive/provocative comments appear in Tun’s blog.

  136. Nik V Apr 18,2010 10:43 AM

    I am sadden to hear you and the people here comment like this. All of us work hard and are trying to live for our future but some want us to live by their past. You can’t drive a car forward by looking in the rear view mirror and by being afraid of your shadow.
    Which society or religion condones any form of racism? The answer is only in our hearts and souls.

  137. HBT Apr 18,2010 10:36 AM

    Good morning Ayahanda Tun,
    The Star Online….
    //Sunday April 18, 2010
    Anwar: Zaid the most qualified of all candidates
    KUALA KUBU BARU: Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is the most qualified candidate to contest in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election, said PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

  138. seanpdineen Apr 18,2010 7:08 AM

    Dear Tun:
    Your remarks on the informal arrangements, which swamped citzenship for “An Affirmation Action” program for people of Malay descent, touched on a deep point. As a wheelchair user, who has suffered his own indirect form of isolation and paternalism, it gave me great encouragment to see your anology of a needed crutch.
    It is far too cruel to simply cast away one’s brothers and sisters, having gotten one’s own needs met.
    Ever since the earliest times in the struggle for Mekerida, the Malay people have been committed to a policy of democracy and inclusion. While working on my dissertation, comparing the emergency to the war in Vietnam, I was confronted again and again with the superiorty of the Malay manner of turning rather then imprisoning former MRLA cadre. It was both humane, in keeping with Islamic tradition, and effective, in not depriving the nation of the needed skills of an elite formerly on the wrong side.
    It is my hope to visit your beloved land this August, once I obtain funding, and the highlight of my visit will be the chance, I hope, to absorb your wisdom from one of your intimate circle.
    I can be contacted at the following addresses:
    My deepest thanks for your lifetime of work towards
    Professor Sean Dineen MA

  139. malaysiatanahairku Apr 18,2010 5:44 AM

    one point to note when people refer to the Communists of Malaya, NOT ALL were Chinese, there were Malays, Indians etc as well. but there is the tendency to generalize and associate communism with the Chinese race which is not truly justifiable.
    Communism is just a thought, a way of organizing society and is not wholly associated with any race because anyone is capable of believing in it irregardless of your race.

  140. malaysiatanahairku Apr 18,2010 5:35 AM

    The debate here is about the affirmative action, and currently few countries in the world still practice affirmative action, and specifically i can only think of two countries in the world that has affirmative action for its ‘native people’ – Israel and malaysia. the Arabs in Israel are gravely subjugated because they are not considered the native people of Israel even when their families and ancestors have lived in that land for hundreds of years.
    The fact that when people contend that the affirmative action in Malaysia should be reassessed and possibly discontinued is not a sign of questioning to social contract.
    the NEP did not go alongside the Malaysia’s constitution, it was not written down when Malaysia sought its independence in 1957 and later with the addition of Sabah and Sarawak and Singapore in 1963, although Singapore is now out of the picture.
    Dr Mahathir,
    I personally have always looked up to you for upholding asian values and for not complying with the IMF and World Bank during the Asian Financial crisis. and I too always felt that you did things with good intentions and was also glad with the speech that you made earlier this year about the Palestinian’s plight.
    But to say that the people who are asking for the reconsideration for the affirmative action are doing so out of selfishness gravely disappoints me.
    and referring to what sudin said about Chinese people who received malaysian citizenship despite the fact that they were new to the land, is not all encompassing at all. Non-Malays have been flowing into the country ever since maritime trade commenced, with Arabs, Indians, Chinese etc. and there have been many many non-Malays that have ancestors who call Malaysia their home since centuries ago, if not most non-Malays right now are the fourth to tenth or more generations of non-malays who have lived in what we now call Malaysia. and thus to deny them citizenship are to say that they are unworthy of it is insensitive and unfounded.
    citizenship should be allocated to those who consider a country their home, as to how I feel Malaysia is my home. and if you were to say that people are not worthy of citizenship if they did not live in a country for all their lives or are new to the place is unfounded and unrealistic in the times that we live in. there are so many people who seek citizenship elsewhere, in different countries. and the fact should be that equal rights should be bestowed upon all those who are citizens of a country.
    The world is no longer contained, even thousands of years ago, this was not the case as well. the only difference is that the movement of people is more widespread now.
    Malaysians should stop identifying themselves first by race then by citizenship. Citizenship should come first before anything else, and race is just a box or a form of classification that people concoct. how would you describe those of mixed parentage. and the baba nyonyas who inter-married with locals, malay-chinese mix, malay-indian mix which Dr M, you are of …
    how is it justifiable to decide that a malay-indian, or a malay-chinese, or malay-portugeuse is a bumiputera or not?
    To me, when people play the race card, or talk about how ungrateful non-Malays are is like slapping your parents in the face. So many Malaysians who are non-Malays consider Malaysia their tanah air, and who love Malaysia and wish to contribute their part in making the country a better place for all. we are after all the same human beings.
    the affirmative action was created to improve the situations of the Malays and was never to be permanent. and thus the question is when should it be ended to decrease over-dependency on those policies itself which instead of benefiting becomes detrimental.
    And Dr Mahathir, I first met you when I was about 5. and I have considered you a worthy leader all this time for standing up for the Palestinians and not bowing to the West, for voicing opinions that few would have so openly said. but to this matter, I hope you reconsider your stand and your choice of words.

  141. ekompute Apr 18,2010 5:14 AM

    For preaching racialism and race supremacy, millions of Malays have been misled into a world of hatred and materialism in this temporal world. I hope Allah will treat you kindly when you get to meet him.

  142. formule1 Apr 18,2010 4:31 AM

    hello beloved Tun,can you share with us about your healthy lifestyle & what kind of supplements did you take look healhty than your age..thank you
    -the only way to preserve social contract is unification of malay ethnics in to only 1 political party.
    -if its not work out by malays themselve, only with great suffering of physically,mentally and economically they will unite together but by that time its already far to late.
    -malays land will be taken step by step,beginning from sold property untill many states apply for independence after conqured by “you know who”.it may not happened in an instant time but it will took place if there are no prevention step taken drastically.
    -many efforts to unite multiracial ethnics in malaysia always rejected by ‘you know who ,they were not cooperative.they want full power of this country then only they will satisfied so they can slave the malays.
    -this “you know who’ will tear malays part by part from the malays internally and externaly simultaneously continously till their goal achivieved.look around,how malays own & coalition party acted during previous election.
    -malay were to kind because combination of their genetic inheritance behaviour with their holy beleives keeps them acting that way.
    -history told us before,look around for great “example”.it show continous effort to wipe out malays from their own place even they already hijacked the pure malay land.

  143. AVATAR Apr 18,2010 3:20 AM

    Salam Tun . I really do not like to disagree with you in most of the topic you have brought up so far.But your view on this topic I feel that you are being bias just becos you are a Malay.I feel you need to be in the shoes of Non Malay Malaysian as well to give a fair comment or to fight a fair cause.
    What if you are not a Malay today,would you ask these following questions-
    1. NEP was agreed for 30 years but now going 40.When expired the Malay argued that have not reach the desired result thus continue with it.Did the Non Malay make a fuse of it? No right ??
    2. Why cannot achieve 30% equity ? Among the reasons- Abuse of privilege,corruptions and mediocrity.
    Abuse of privilege- First of foremost ,its a known fact even among the Malay including yourself that UMNO politicians and the well connected have SAPU most of the all good things meant for all the Malays.Leave the peanut to those without connection.And a big numbers who gets this project then become Ali Baba.Eventhou make so much money but dont invest on business expansion but spend on big cars and bungalows (of course more than 1 becos have more than 1 wife).Then ask for new project cannot get,then shouts Ketuanan Melayu.Of course after that will be given new project or promotion.Of cou

  144. Asvocalasyou Apr 18,2010 2:54 AM

    Does it also implies that the “special positions” under A153 is perpetual?How could it be interpreted as “perpetual” and any back up authority?Or it is a case of putting a shotgun on one’s temple and solicit a favourable answer.
    As you said that the Malays are the indigenous people,then, please explain where do these orang asli come from?
    I just wonder why you keep on harping on issues along racial line.Is there a hidden agenda to propel the myth so that a handful of Malays would continue to live in their super rich lifestyles.
    I just received some wonderful pictures of magnificient mansions you all live in,includung one of your sons,your goodself and some UMNO leaders.

  145. CoolNation Apr 18,2010 2:47 AM

    1.the 1 malaysia concept is the one we should embrace.
    2.As long as we are malaysian, we need to accept the multi racial
    3.The history has made what Malaysia are having now.
    4.We not able to change the history but the present and future.
    5.But, do we want make the present and future worse or we could improve what is lacking from the history.
    6.The Malay right has been practice more than 50 years.Since then,i never see and heard other races are suffering from the pratice.
    7.The Malay right has given some benefits to Malay but not discriminating others races.
    8.Other races still can live in safe, peaceful and even successful than the Malays.
    9.They still can celebrate their festive even sharing the celebration with other races including Malays.
    10.Obviously other races can practice their own religion and believe.
    11.The question is, WHAT ELSE DO WE WANT?
    12.Multiracial would make us unique nation and something we can proud of.

  146. AnakCucuAdamMusaIbrahim Apr 18,2010 2:44 AM

    I only recognise Orang Asli as the PRIBUMI of this country….. are from some where elses .
    Malays come from Indonesia
    Indians come from India
    Chinese come from China
    but if we trace back to the origin of human being by referring to Holy Books, we all -human race come from the same origin —–descendants of Adam & Eve
    so by claiming special rights which is not given by the God is Haram…. doing whatever that is Haram is Dosa…. so where are you going to go after death if you doing what is Dosa and leading others to Dosa?

  147. AnakCucuAdamMusaIbrahim Apr 18,2010 2:37 AM

    special privilege?
    what special privilege?
    So that someone can afford to do nothing and get free money by selling AP, licence and government contract?

  148. AVATAR Apr 18,2010 2:25 AM

    Salam Tun . I really do not like to disagree with you in most of the topic you have brought up so far.But your view on this topic I feel that you are being bias just becos you are a Malay.I feel you need to be in the shoes of Non Malay Malaysian as well to give a fair comment or to fight a fair cause.
    What if you are not a Malay today,would you ask these following questions-
    1. NEP was agreed for 30 years but now going 40.When expired the Malay argued that have not reach the desired result thus continue with it.Did the Non Malay make a fuse of it? No right ??
    2. Why cannot achieve 30% equity ? Among the reasons- Abuse of privilege,corruptions and mediocrity.
    Abuse of privilege- First of foremost ,its a known fact even among the Malay including yourself that UMNO politicians and the well connected have SAPU most of the all good things meant for all the Malays.Leave the peanut to those without connection.And a big numbers who gets this project then become Ali Baba.Eventhou make so much money but dont invest on business expansion but spend on big cars and bungalows (of course more than 1 becos have more than 1 wife).Then ask for new project cannot get,then shouts Ketuanan Melayu.Of course after that will be given new project or promotion.Of course this will lead to uneven distribution of weatlh among the Malays.The rich became super rich not because of know how but know who.Of course the poor remain poor.Some place still dont have electricity and clean water.Ironically these successful Malays will use the miserable poor malays plight to continue fighting for the Malay Privilege. But actually they are fighting for who ? Of course if check across the board on quantity of the nos of Malay that have reach the 30% equity is definitely not there.But if all the super rich created from the NEP will to add up definitely would have surpased the 30%.What about the GLCs ??who are the main shareholders ?? What about the billions that have been squandered over the 40 years (52 billion reported) ?? Non Malay have never question this.
    Corruptions – 95% of police force,99.9% of arm force,more than 90% of public sector which have power to issue licence,enforcement,procecutions etc are Malays.It is common knowledge corruptions are a norm in these area or else things will not get done.So unofficially the amount earned from corruptions for these people come to billions again over the 50 years, dont you agree? But of course you would not account this when calculating the equity achieved right? Non Malay have never question this at least not publicly.
    Mediocrity – On education policy of chunking out as many Malay graduates as possible regardless of quality to fill up all the top post-Need I say more?? Non Malay have never question this at least not publicly.
    3. Coming back to this Social Contract, if want to talk about fainess, what about the Orang Asli??What have the goverment done for them in 50 years ??Why arent they invited to participate in the Social Contract Talk ?? To the Orang Asli ,they are the actual indigenous people ,the others are all pendatang is only certain race came a bit earlier than others.Non Malay have never question this.
    4. Special Discount on properties,Special Business loans,Exclusive contracts,Scholarships that no need to pay one,Subsidies,Permits,Overnite millionaire scheme selling land to the goverment,all sort of Amanah Saham etc etc are enjoyed only by the Malays. Non Malay have never question this at least not publicly.
    With all of the above ( of course there are more becos if want to continue 3 days 3 nites also cannot finish one ) THE MALAY STILL FEEL TREATENED ??? COME ON GIVE ME A BREAK.
    Now Najib came out with 1 Malaysia so to forge closer unity among race, very fast certain Malay already form PERKASA .Not only do they question it but doing it PUCLICLY and LOUDLY.And the best part is one DPM with a prawn brain that change the Eng for Science and Maths back to BM just becos he cant speak english and worried his son could not cope with english came out blaring I am Malay first,Malaysian second.There goes the billions again down the drain for the project initiated by Najib never mind copy Israel or not.That doesnt matter anymore.The purpose is already defeated.Trust me if the prawn brain is still the DPM around next general election,Najib ,please clear your desk at PutraJaya .
    I never trust Anwar.But if I am going to choose between a crook and a clown.I will opt for the crook becos we cant have the whole world laughing at us running by a clown.
    Lastly just wondering for the post of DPM, Malaysia dont have any other better person meh?Dont worry ,the Non Malay will never question it.It still goes to the Malay. Malay Privilege Mah !!
    And HIJACKING THE SOCIAL CONTRACT that you Tun are worried ?? WHAT A JOKE !!

  149. Harvinder Singh Apr 18,2010 1:58 AM

    “5. The Malays did not fight against the Malayan Union only to give up all that they had gained. But their leaders were realistic enough to have a quid pro quo arrangement. Does anyone seriously think that the Malay leaders would reduce their majority from 80% in the 1955 elections to less than 60% after the gift of citizenship to unqualified citizens? Only the weak minded would think so. ”
    unqualified citizens? Wasnt your father one of those? What makes him different than my grandfather who also came from India? Why you are more Malay than me? My family has been in Malaysia for 4 generations, this is our home. UMNO always threaten me to go back… but to where? I know of no other home.
    Stop all this racial nonsense. It has been generations since the Indians and Chinese came to Malaysia, this is our only home now. We got no ties with China nor India. I am Malaysia first and nothing else! I always wonder why you easily accept Indons like MR. Toyol and make them Menteri Besar but Peranakan Chinese who have lived here for more than 300 years are still regarded non-bumi? most of these Perakan dont even speak Chinese no more, Bahasa is the only language they know.
    The world is going border-less, we need to help the poor regards of their colour, that’s the only way for us to catch up. UMNO’s racist ways are no different than of White Supremacy groups like the KKK which are losing popularity in the Western world as people grow closer and wiser that we are all the same after all. I do believe some day it will happen here in my homeland as well. Hopefully it wont be too late and I’ll still be alive then.
    Best Regards,
    Anak Bangsa Malaysia

  150. Antikaisu Apr 18,2010 1:54 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Malaysia population is 27 million – Malay 65%, Chinese 24 %, India 10%, others 1%.
    I afraid 13May will happened again if the utrakiasu still denied majority rights.
    Believe me..I was there when the tragedy 13May was happened, its to sad for me to see the horrible incident caused by the banch of greedy people try to denied Malays rights at that time. I wishes this not happen again to me for second time in future.
    Peace to all of you..

  151. zaman Apr 18,2010 1:38 AM

    Assalaamualaikum Tun.
    Kami sangat merasakan orang Melayu ni terlalu baik sangat.
    Negara tergadai pun tak jadi masaalah kepada mereka.
    Tolong lah orang Melayu belajar dan fahamkan lah sejarah silam.
    Orang Melayu ni senang di perkotak katikkan hingga negara pun di gadai secara senyap pun tak kisah.
    Tolong lah Melayu jangan mudah lupa.Saya rasa orang Melayu ni berpeluh kan darah pun tetap mereka akan mudah lupa.
    Terima Kasih Tun May Allah Bless U with Jannah

  152. Jaquar Apr 18,2010 12:52 AM

    It’s amazing that after 53 years of independence, you are still harping on an outdated social contract that has outlived it’s usefulness.It is very honorable to keep bringing up the issue of helping the Malays but who are you really helping? Obviously this contract has not worked and has only handicapped the Malays in this new world economy of global competetion. Being jaguh kampong is simply not good enough anymore and by focusing on issues in Malaysia only will continue to keep it as a third world country.
    When are you going to force the Malays to compete on an even level and not keep giving them crutches? Are they that useless that they need crutches generation after generations? You are holding back the rest of the Malays, Chinese and Indians who are not afraid to compete.
    Why are you letting in useless and unskilled Indonesians to be citizens? Why are you not encouraging skilled and educated immigrants to Malaysia like Singapore? Singapore is laughing all the way to the bank as they see how shortsighted the Malaysian government is by letting their best brains go to them for free. How can a nation without any natural resources or land outperform a nation that kicked them out hoping they will crawl back and beg their abang for forgiveness?
    It’s really simple: You have been outperformed by your adik who is wiser and can compete in the global economy. I salute the Singapore and Malaysian Malays who can compete with the rest of the world. I depise the Malaysian government lackeys who keep encouraging or accept the use of the tongkat and in turn force the future generation to continue living in this third world standard.
    This is old news and the present generation are mostly born and bred in Malaysia regardless of their races. Who cares about a contract that is written 53 years ago. We need contemporary and forward thinking leaders. Please retire yourself for good as your ideas are outdated.

  153. ekompute Apr 18,2010 12:47 AM

    Wikipedia says: “Although Tunku Abdul Rahman and the Malay rulers had asked the Reid Commission to ensure that “in an independent Malaya all nationals should be accorded equal rights, privileges and opportunities and there must not be discrimination on grounds of race and creed,” the Malay privileges, which many in the ruling United Malays National Organisation backed, were cited as necessary by the Reid Commission as a form of affirmative action that would eventually be phased out.”
    Tun, as you are aware, there is an addendum to the Malaysian Constitution that provides for Article 153 to be reviewed after 15 years but this was never done in 1972 nor after. And it would be ridiculous for the Kadazans in Sabah to accept Ketuanan Melayu. So who is hijacking who?

  154. temabu69 Apr 17,2010 11:43 PM

    Dear MFM,
    As fear of terrorism looms over the world…security measures are heightened and vetting takes even longer than usual..KDN must have their reasons for announcing 2009 results in 2011…pls wake’s not u alone…it’s unfair to ask ‘Where’s the logic?’ when other services of KDN has improved tremendously.

  155. Joe Therapist Apr 17,2010 11:24 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You shot yourself in the foot with this one. The first time someone has Admitted this. That Fool Ibrahim Ali keeps Hyping on this.
    Again you shoot yourself in the foot. As a doctor you know Crutches only work if it is Used. Used for the right reason, A person gains Independence. But used for the wrong reasons, and it’s what beggars use to get Sympathy. Which do you Mean?
    I’d Like to Share something with you.
    ” You cannot bring about Prosperity,
    By Discouraging Thrift.
    You Cannot Strengthen the Weak
    By Weakening the Strong.
    You cannot Help the Wage Earner,
    By Pulling down the Wage Payer.
    You Cannot Further the Brotherhood of Man,
    By encouraging Class Hatred.
    You Cannot Help the Poor,
    By Destroying the Rich.
    You cannot keep out of trouble,
    By Spending More than you Earn.
    You Cannot Build Character and Courage,
    By taking away Man’s Initiative and Independence.
    You cannot Help Men Permanently,
    By Doing for them what they Could and Should do for Themselves
    Abraham Lincoln
    Because of Abe’s Stand, There was Civil War. But Because of this We have an African American Who Is President In America Where once they were Slaves, Treated like Animals… their Crutches Were taken away.
    Would you Understand What is Written here? Would the General Population Who Walk with Crutches Understand this? My Experience in taking Crutches away from people who don’t deserve them, They Grumble, Gripe and Groan. But once they know there is a benefit from it they Walk. Some Run…. but they never Discover this so long as the Crutches are There….
    God Bless TUN. Have a great Weekend.

  156. tauugis Apr 17,2010 10:56 PM

    Salam hormat Tun.
    Saya sangat setuju dengan topik yang Tun utarakan ini. Memang tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa keturunan China & India kini sudah tidak memperdulikan lagi kata sepakat pemimpin terdahulu yang mengiktiraf “social contract”. Bahkan sudah ramai juga orang Melayu yang sudah KAYA RAYA hasil dasar DEB juga sudah mula mempertikaikan keistimewaan “social contract” tersebut.
    Bahkan dalam UMNO sendiri pun dibawah kepimpinan Pak Flip Flop keistimewaan dan ketuanan Melayu sudah tidak berani lagi dipertahankan. Bahkan sanggup mengalah dan menghukum kaum sendiri jika mempertikaikan kehendak orang bukan Melayu sebagai contoh Ketua Bahagian UMNO dari Penang yang telah digantung keahlian.
    Mujurlah Tun masih keras bersuara dan mempertahankan kedudukan Melayu kalau nak harapkan pemimpin UMNO yang ada memang senyap seribu bahasa sajalah jawapnya. Malah ada pemimpin yang sanggup minta maaf kepada kaum bukan Melayu kerena ditegur mencium keris.
    Saya sebagai orang Melayu sangat kecewa dengan sikap pemimpin UMNO yang sedia ada yang rata-rata tidak berani menegakkan kebenaran.
    Dalam hal sikap orang Melayu yang suka bertolak ansur ini bagi saya merupakan kelemahan yang sangat ketara telah diekploitasi oleh kaum lain. Selain sikap tidak mengenang jasa, keturunan kaum non Malay ini telah tidak henti2 meminta dan mendesak sampai keperingkat keterlaluan. Pemimpin Melayu yang ada berdiam diri saja bahkan malu untuk menyuarakan ketegasan.
    Saya bersyukur Tun masih dipanjang usia untuk terus memperjuangkan hak orang Melayu dan penubuhan PERKASA adalah tepat. Kita tidak patut lagi berkompromi dengan mereka. Malah mula hari ini orang Melayu wajar berhati2 bila mahu berbuat baik dengan kaum ini. Pengalaman sudah mengajar kita. Madu diberi namun racun jadi balasannya.

  157. absh Apr 17,2010 10:29 PM

    Dear Dr,
    Being a grassroot member of UMNO myself, I really do not understand why UMNO needs to accomodate to the demands made by the non Malays to the extent of sacrificing many of the Malay rights and privileges. Perhaps, this is due to the loss of votes, especially from the non Malays, that we suffered in the previous general election. We may feel that the only way we can win them back is by giving in to their demands. Is UMNO really scared of them? I hope Najib can answer this, him being the President of the biggest Malay party in Malaysia!
    I noticed this scenario began after the last general election and still continued to this day. UMNO being the backbone of BN has tolerated so much and is gradually deviating from its paramount objective of its existence which is to protect the Malays and their rights. If UMNO can no longer do this, who else? I am very concerned that UMNO will one day be seen by the Malays as the party that makes the Malays the beggars in their own homeland. We, being the majority, cannot and must not allow this to happen!
    1. Scholarship quota for non Malays has been increased at the expense of the Malays.
    2. University intakes for non Malays has been increased at the expense of the Malays.
    3. Shares in public companies for non Malays has been increased at the expense of the Malays.
    4. Malay leaders must apologise to non Malays and being called racists whenever they fight for Malay rights but not vice-versa.
    5. Malay candidate can never win an election in a non Malay majority area but we always see a non Malay candidate wins in a Malay majority area. Really, who is a racist here?
    If this is what UMNO is all about, we should be ashamed of it. The Malays will only hate UMNO for its indecisiveness, inaction and deviation from its true ‘sumpah keramat’ made by our founding leaders!
    The current leadership of UMNO must wake up before it is too late. And they must bring UMNO back to its original path, only then UMNO will become stronger again!

  158. Mapax Apr 17,2010 10:17 PM

    “The colonial powers had predicted that Malaysia with its multiracial population and numerous ethnic disparities and differences would also fail. But we haven’t.”… Fail we have not, but neither have we succeeded… which is where we seem to be moving away from…

  159. AmosLimZhenYu Apr 17,2010 10:03 PM

    As a kid grown up in Malaysia, I had the best living experience than any other place in the world.
    People from other country can hardly imagine our diverse cultures in Malaysia.
    Well.. I have no reason not to be proud of it.
    We have access to so many things due to the languages we have learnt.
    The best philosophy or ancient wisdom are from indian, and china.
    We have access to both!
    We can learn teachings from so many religions.
    I’m enjoying the fruits and flowers planted by the leaders those time.

  160. kamal ahmad Apr 17,2010 10:03 PM

    Salam kasih dan salam hormat Ayahanda Tun.
    Tun, I agree with you on this issue. Please do allow me to elaborate on your posting topic without straying (a first). I do believe that a social contract is what goes on behind the scene, a certain foundation of unspoken gentleman

  161. HBT Apr 17,2010 9:50 PM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    It was the ruling political parties that have hijacked social contract through their owned media, habis cerita!!!
    Good night Ayahanda Tun.

  162. Pembela Ummah Apr 17,2010 9:24 PM

    Salam untuk semua…
    Rasa sedih kerana ramai daripada kita tidak mengetahui dan memahami dengan jelas apa yang dikatakan sebagai kontrak sosial yang dipersetujui antara kaum utama di negara kita untuk kita mencapai kemerdekaan daripada pihak British.
    Dalam proses mencapai kemerdekaan, isu utama yang menjadi pertikaian ialah isu kewarganegaraan. Ramai orang melayu yang tidak bersetuju bangsa-bangsa lain diberikan hak kewarganegaraan. Walau bagaimana pun, di atas rasa tanggungjawab dan tolak ansur orang melayu bersetuju supaya kaum-kaum lain terutamanya Cina dan India diberikan hak kewarganegaraan. Tetapi persetujuan tersebut adalah bersyarat.
    Orang Melayu bersedia untuk memberikan hak kewarganegaraan kepada orang Cina dan India dengan syarat orang Cina dan India bersetuju dengan empat perkara iaitu:
    1. Hak Keistimewaaan Orang Melayu.
    2. Agama Islam Sebagai Agama Rasmi.
    3. Bahasa Malaysia Sebagai Bahasa Rasmi
    4. Kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu.
    Akhirnya persetujuan telah dicapai di antara pemimpin-pemimpin utama kaum dan perkara ini telah “DITERJEMAHKAN DALAM PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA”. Inilah yang dinamakan sebagai “KONTRAK SOSIAL”.
    Sehubungan dengan itu, sekiranya ada pihak yang mempersoalkan hak salah satu daripada perkara-perkara tersebut, pihak yang lagi satu juga berhak untuk mempersoalkan hak kumpulan terbabit, begitu juga sebaliknya. Untuk maklumat lengkap boleh merujuk kepada buku sejarah dan perlembagaan negara kita.

  163. masih_belajar Apr 17,2010 8:48 PM

    Salam Tun,
    what do you think about New Economy Model? will it benefits all of us(Malaysian)?.
    I really love your idea about economy.

  164. badang kotaraya Apr 17,2010 8:09 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Ada sesetengah orang suka cakap Melayu ni tak ‘competitive’. Melayu mana la agaknya yang dia katakan tue. Bagi saya, cukuplah Tun sebagai contoh dan teladan untuk semua rakyat bangkit dan sudahpun sedar yang Melayu sebenarnya ramai yang berjaya (itu pun ada lagi yang ternganga tayang gigi menyoal yang dah lapok lagi berhabok).
    Teruskan perjuangan Tun. Saya tetap perjuangkan agama, negara dan bangsa. Insyallah

  165. JaguhKampung Apr 17,2010 7:00 PM

    Perhaps it not removing NEP but rather review and amend they way NEP is implemented. When people said remove or abolish NEP, what they really meant was rather amending the way it was implemented.
    It cannot be race based anymore. It should be needs based. Like all things, even the NEP must change with times. If the Malays are still the majority of those who needed help, a needs based affirmative policy would still end up with Malays enjoying most of the assistance provided by the government.
    Perhaps as the patron of Perkasa, you should advise Perkasa they would do better if they focus on helping to improve the education and competitive skills of the Malays rather than keep screaming that their rights and religion is being threatened. You and many people know that this is not true.

  166. deathfleer Apr 17,2010 6:53 PM

    If we inspect the history of U.S.A it is the influx of the immigrants that drowned the population of the indigenous owner of the land. Now it seems that immigrants from Bangladesh, Thailand, Burma, India, China, Philippine, Cambodia and Indonesia are making their home in Malaysia the Malays are only about 50% of the population

  167. donplaypuks Apr 17,2010 6:52 PM

    I’m glad you finally realise that Art 153 only talks about the ‘Special Position’ of the Malays and indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak and not LEGAL RIGHTS. More than that Art 153 makes no mention of any specific % or figure and leaves it to the King to determine what is reasonable and fair and petition the Govt of the day to secure it.
    Who has hijacked the NEP? Everyone and his uncle Bob knows that it was hijacked by the Umnoputeras and many give away contracts for Toll Highways, IPP, MRT, Water privatisation etc. were approved by none other than YOU and then had to be rescued with Taxpayers’ money when they failed!!
    The latest employment figures released in Parliament by Nazri shows that Malays and Bumiputras make up 86% of the Civil Service comprising some 1.25 million M’sians!! This does not include the relevant statistics for GLC’s where again 1 group has a staranglehold. So, what the hell are Ibrahim Ali and PERKOSONG talking about??!! Is this the desired affirmative action result that Art 153 talks about?
    So, it’s not DAP or Pakatan who are questioning the Social Contract but the Umnoputras, PERKOSONG and YOU, and this after 40 years when they and especially YOU had all the opportunities to put things right so that the economic cake could have been distributed fairly and equitably, across the board!
    And what do you mean by “…after the gift of citizenship to unqualified citizens?” If as you yourself coonfirm that was the Social Contract and road to Independence, then why do you expect 1 group to adhere to it and another not to? That’s scurillous of you to the extreme! There are no 1st class and 2nd class citizenships in our Constitution and don’t you dare create it!
    People are sick and tired of you moving the goalpost constantly on this Art 153 issue. In the last analysis, the dismal failures of the NEP can be traced to your very own doorstep. That’s what happens when social contracts are not stated in black and white termed in nebulous language. It’s time to spell it out and state it clearly in terms of policy, figures and deadlines!!
    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  168. rakyat_biasa Apr 17,2010 6:46 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Semoga usaha anda diberkati dan diberi petunjuk oleh Allah.
    Ramai pemimpin kini telah lupa akan ‘TUNJANG’ dan ‘asas’ perpaduan serta keharmonian yang telah kita kecapi selama ini. Mereka sudah lupa kepada sejarah… persutujuan dan janji dah telah termeterai sekian lama.
    Perjanjian ini makin kerap dicabar terutamanya selepas konsep 1Malaysia di war-warkan. Sehingga pemimpin UMNO sendiri sudah takut untuk berucap secara terang-terangan tentang sejarah.
    Baru-baru ini, seorang pemimpin UMNO terpaksa meminta maaf hanya kerana mengungkap kata-kata presiden MCA dan MIC terdahulu. Tidak lama dulu, pemimpin UMNO dikenakan tindakan tatatertib hanya kerana mengatakan beberapa kaum adalah pendatang… Jadi telah menjadi kesalahan sekarang ini untuk berbicara tentang sejarah! apa sudah jadi… ?
    Terus terang saya katakan, saya sudah putus asa untuk mengharapkan UMNO memperjuangkan nasib orang melayu. UMNO kini telah jauh berubah dari UMNO yang saya kenali dulu.
    Kaum Melayu tidak pernah mengambil ‘mengganggu dan merampas’ apa yang ada daripada kaum Cina, India dan lain-lain. Pemimpin UMNO terdahulu bersusah payah mencari pelbagai initiatif untuk membela nasib orang melayu TANPA MERAMPAS APA-APA DARIPADA KAUM LAIN. Satu persatu usaha ini telah atau mungkin ‘dibakul’ sampahkan oleh pemimpin UMNO sekarang. Sedih dan marah saya melihatnya.
    Sama-sama lah kita hargai…
    Keharmonian yang kita kecapi selama ini adalah hasil perjuangan bukan sahaja titik peluh tetapi juga darah merah yang mengalir.
    Semoga Allah selamatkan negara kita yang tercinta.

  169. Hazman Abu Bakar Apr 17,2010 6:37 PM

    How much longer do we need to discuss this issue? Understanding and respecting each other is the only way we can live in peace. As the Malays wont breach any of non-Malays rights, so does the non-Malays should respect Malays sovereign rights.
    Do we Malays need to use brute force like 1969 to better this understanding again?

  170. anakbudu3 Apr 17,2010 5:28 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahnda Tun & Bonda,
    please allow me,
    only those without consideration of peaceful malaysia will again & again deny the agreement that had been achieved by our previous leaders during the formation of the federation of malaya, when we claimed independence, then malaysia when sabah & sarawak came into the picture. they would rather see everything that had been laid with hardships & dignity to build malaysia go down into the drain by playing the racial cards all the times…
    yes, as a malaysian i dont like any turmoil happening on our soil. remember the 1969 & 97/98 riots? that is why i am for the ISA & will never agree with the idea of abolishing it. if we dont do anything wrong, why should we be afraid of ISA? i believe those who are against the constitution & have their own hidden selfish agendas will like to see it gone.
    many malays are still lagging behind in many areas especially those from the remote villages in our country. therefore, they still need to be helped to overcome their under-achievement. dont become like a few ungrateful malays who think that they are there on top solely because of their own accord. they have been getting all the help along the way & when they are on top, they feel so great that they want to destroy the path they have gone through. these bunch of ungrateful malays should be ripped off their wealth which they had gained with the help of NEP. see how they struggle without the crutches!!! would like to see malay rich opposition leaders do that, too…
    the chinese & the indians in malaysia have never been deprived in any way. they are free to find their wealth & a lot of them have succeeded. the supports given to the malays have somehow spilled over to them when from the beginning, they have built their own business foundations far ahead of the malays business chambers which can be regarded as toddlers & just trying to follow suit along their gurus, the chinese & indian conglomerats @ consortiums.
    RACE is not a blockage, attitudes are.
    as an aducator, i never teach my pupils feelings of resentment towards any individuals or goups from other races. when we were schooling, did we leave the class when the teachers were not of our own race? who’s at the losing end, then? tell this to our own children…
    WE are all the same, human beings. think global but act local.
    and as muslims, do not make rhetorical claims, saying that ‘only i am islamic’ @ ‘ only our party is islamic’ but the reality is ugly! some politicians also like to claim that they are ‘more malay’ @ ‘more chinese’ or ‘more indians’ than they really are! we are complementing each other, actually…
    the so-called hardcore political players & partisans always like to create chaos by playing with racial sentiments & this is not a good example to our pupils who don’t even need it at the school level or when they have grown up. then where will mixed marriages come from? we like to see them united, tolerant but at the same time the adults who are political fanatics acting oppositely.
    education does not make people poor in their judgment. knowledge should make us wiser but not holier @ more equal that the others.only we can change ourselves when we change our attitudes but not at the expense of others.
    islam calls for peace & solidarity but many people who claim themselves as islamic, pious & religious are going against the teachings of islam. they love to instill their fanatic followers with lies, slanderings & ubusing the holy verses to justify their wrongdoings. they are really good at it since their main aim is only to gain political power & wealth. our country will be destroyed if we let these hipocrites gain power. we must be wise enough to see it…
    our good intentions & deeds may be well read by God but we cannot impose them onto other human beings to gain respect or repay. sincerity is never equated to repayment. only God knows but sometimes people can also learn about it sooner or later…
    will there be peace if we encourage hatred & racism? it’s sad if this goes on…
    May Allah the AlMighty bless you both, Ayahnda Tun & Bonda and also all the visitors.
    just my brain wave…

  171. Jamal Apr 17,2010 4:52 PM

    Dear Tun,
    As usual you put the point across in the most simple way for everyone to understand.
    But of course there will always be people who will not want to see the reality as it is.
    Worst are the Metropolitan Malays (MM) who think they MUST remove the crutches not only of themselves but all their fellow malays who still the crutches.
    These MM could do well to rethink their misconstrued understanding of the situation. If they really have made it..well than they should be there to help their fellow malays to make it as they did…not they to let them sink even further.
    It will be a good guess that these MM reside mostly in the PKR and lead by their messiah DSAI.
    Should any Malays and Malaysian who understands the Social Contract as explained by Tun..not go out to vote for PKR and their allies???
    One issue BN and UMNO needs to address is the serious mis-management of the crutches process. Do not allow it to be mis-used and benefit only the politically connected.
    Allah Bless Malaysia…with reasonable, wise and pragmatic leaders who will lead ALL Malaysian and Malaysia forward to more propsertiy, peace and happiness.
    We pray Najib with the consul of Tun be one of them.

  172. PlainTruth Apr 17,2010 4:37 PM

    A couple of months back, a fund management company predicted that Malaysia will start exporting maids within the next twenty years.
    Perhaps, Tun will like to give us his views on this.

  173. sepol Apr 17,2010 4:03 PM

    Seperti udara yang kuhela…kau selalu ada…!
    Salam Tun, walaupun saya rakyat yang terpencil, terpinggir dan tersisih…namun Tun tetap jadi pujaan di hati…You’re among the best in our historical line of pioneer leadership.
    P/s; agak-agak tun England leh pergi jauh tak dalam Worldcup 2010?

  174. Chroes Apr 17,2010 3:59 PM

    “..crutches should be discarded as soon as strength is gained. Only the selfish would advocate throwing away the crutches of others simply because they have already made good use of their own.”

  175. Khairul-Dean Apr 17,2010 3:53 PM

    Che Det,
    Commonwealth & Communalism
    Minda saya ini dangkal sikit:
    Does anyone seriously think that the Malay leaders would reduce their majority from 80% in the 1955 elections to less than 60% after the gift of citizenship to unqualified citizens? ???
    – ‘unqualified citizen’ itu siapa?

  176. der Ausländer Apr 17,2010 3:19 PM

    Dear Tun,
    1. The discussions on the so-called “Malay Rights” have been going on ever since I can remember.
    2. I am absolutely certain that it will be the hot topic of discussion and debate for years to come.
    3. Many indigenous people in other countries have been voicing out their rights for years too. This is not considered racist.
    4. Whilst in Malaysia, the Malays will be labelled as racist if they do so.
    5. I guess, the Malays will never win.
    6. I recall vividly attending a seminar officiated by Tun as the then Prime Minister. You did imply in your speech that you were once at loggerheads with Tunku Abdul Rahman. In your speech you went on to say that managing a multi-racial country likes Malaysia is not an easy task and hence you were rather sympathetic with Tunku.
    7. Perhaps you would consider writing a book on managing Malaysia as a multi-racial country. I will be the first in the queue to buy it.
    8. You once cracked a joke [about British colonisation of Malaysia] whilst giving a speech during CHOGM conference. From memory, it could have been around the 90’s.
    9. It was one of the best jokes or quips that you had ever cracked for my money.
    10. I had been searching and trying to find this particular speech as I like its wittiness, but in vain. Where can I find it?
    11. One final issue, would you consider writing in your blog on the subject of “dual nationality”?
    12. I am sure the Malaysian government has its own reasons not to recognise dual nationality.
    13. But I would appreciate your views and wisdoms in this issue, please.

  177. hsm_cai Apr 17,2010 2:58 PM

    Salam kepada Tun dan Para bloggers,
    Remember the past…of what our father, grandfather, ancestor fight for in the past………….
    sharizad md yusoff

  178. samuraimelayu Apr 17,2010 2:21 PM

    8. We should appreciate the wisdom of the leaders of the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians who laid the foundation of inter-racial cooperation for their beloved country..

  179. zaki_77 Apr 17,2010 1:52 PM

    Bravo Tun, another logical and accurate stand taken against today’s self-enlightened keyboard warriors who have forgotten their past and were never part of the struggles.

  180. sudin Apr 17,2010 1:47 PM

    Salam Tun.
    When I was about 5/6 years old, my late mother told me about Chinese tongkangs with more than 1000 ‘immigrants’ landing at kuala Sg Linggi about 1 month after 31/8/57. And shortly after they all became Malayan citizens. At age 10/11/12(?) years I started asking her several questions, especially on several other much-talked similar landings at Sg Melaka, Sg Muar,….and they all arrived after 31/8/57 and eventually became Malayan citizens. Malaya was fighting Chin Peng & gang then. There were very few educated Malays (almost none in Malay kampungs) then to report on the matter (report to whom?), and the kampung Malays usually couldn’t bother about the Chinese arrivals. And some of them were outright communists! (China was establishing & exporting communist ideology then).
    When I entered secondary boarding school in 1960s, friends from other states often teased me “apalah Melaka tanjung beri kat Keling, bukit beri kat Cina, yang tinggal hanya buah & batang Melaka”. It might sound amusing, but the fact then was MALAYS ONLY OWNED ABOUT 5% LAND IN MELAKA!
    Tan Cheng Lok & son Tan Siew Sin and ALL CHINESE, Sambanthan and ALL INDIANS: they all got their wishes granted immediately when TANAH MELAYU attained independence, AUTOMATIC citizenship to all of them, even to those who arrived after 31/8/57. The Malays of Tanah Melayu are still waiting for their side of the bargain! The British colonials would have readily & willingly sent these Chinese & Indians back to their countries of origin if they had not agreed to the arrangement, thus there will be no Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Karpal, Bar Council,…..for all we care! To all Malays, let’s not allow ‘saudara’ Anwar & the kurang _jar (KJ) kid be used by others to destroy our side of the bargain!!

  181. Hajar Apr 17,2010 1:43 PM

    Dearest YAB & di Kasihi Tun,
    1. I believe the Malays must change. They must NOT BE TOO ACCOMMODATIVE

  182. Rimba Emas Apr 17,2010 1:33 PM


  183. Apr 17,2010 1:06 PM

    Dear Tun
    Than you for the reminder.

  184. leading Apr 17,2010 12:40 PM

    You said: The leaders of the time, the Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Sambanthan and Tun Tan Siew Sin understood the “special position” of the Malays as the indigenous people of Tanah Melayu, the “Malay Land”.
    Yes, but I think the “perception” of rakyat may be different now. I hope people can accept PM Najib’s

  185. akee Apr 17,2010 12:30 PM

    No wonder the Indonesian are also given easy citizenship in Malaysia. The aim is to increase the majority?

  186. sivarajah arasu Apr 17,2010 12:15 PM

    I give you special privilages and you give me citizenship>So we have been taught to believe.Actually,the reason for the “affirmative action” was for the Malays to “not be left behind” and nobody has questioned that at all.However,the issue here is for how long is it going to last?Forever?The politions have done a great disservice to the Malays by not teaching them to compete.To still think that the Malays are incapable of competing is a grave fallacy and an equally great injustice!Look at the Malays in Singapore who are as good as everybody else!

  187. MFM Apr 17,2010 11:53 AM

    As you said, “one million non-Malays could become citizens with all the citizenship rights, ignoring the required qualifying conditions”…i’m not sure what’s the “Qualifying Conditions” in your mind…
    But, if one of it was, fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, my son speak and write better than some Malaysian…
    If one of the “Qualifying Conditions” was stayed in Malaysia for more than 12 years, my son is in our country since the last 28 years!
    Yet, he is not a Malaysian Citizen! Yes…after 28 years!
    I wonder, the KDN can processed some 30,000 over Citizenship, PR and Birth Cert application within 1 year in the year 2009 but for those apply in 2009…the result will only announce in the year 2011…it means it will take 2 years to process. WHERE IS THE LOGIC???
    I am Malaysian but my son is Permanent Resident!

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