1. FDI had proved useful for the creation of jobs in our country. But today things have changed. We no longer need to create low pay jobs as we no longer have the workers. These jobs go to the foreign workers. This does not benefit us much.

2. Besides the foreign investors bring in hardly any capital. They borrow locally from foreign banks operating here. During the tax holiday period they pay no tax. After the holiday is over they avoid paying tax through transfer pricing i.e. by selling their products to companies owned by them established in low-tax countries.

3. They also enjoy our subsidies for fuel and electricity.

4. FDI for investment in the stock market is much liked by the stock exchage as there would be more commission. But the foreign funds, especially pension funds invest in order to push up stock prices. The index would rise. The moment something happens, including falling share prices in New York or other cities, foreign investors would dump their holdings and pull put of the country (flight to quality). They would make huge capital gains but local investors who had followed them would be left holding the devalued shares. Huge amounts of market capital would be lost. This was what happened in the financial crisis of 1997-98.

5. We should be more selective with FDI. Where there is local capacity as in property development in designated corridors, and Government is willing to invest in infrastructures, there is no necessity to invite foreign investors. Certainly we should not encourage foreign developers to develop high cost projects which are not within reach of local buyers. Rather Government should help local investors to develop these specialised areas by building needed infrastructure.

6. If we wish to have FDI, it should be confined to industries which bring in technologies which can add high value to the products. The pay for the workers at different levels should be higher as such industries can afford higher pay. In fact we should phase out the industries dependent on cheap labour. Wherever possible, incentives such as tax exemptions should be given to industries owned by locals if they bring in technologies from abroad. Even the expansion of certain locally-owned industries should be given incentives by the Government. This is the strategy employed by Japan and Korea. By supporting local industries to grow big, they now have world class business with their own brand names.


  1. tawauboy Jul 26,2010 11:31 PM

    Deeply agreed with Machang.
    “Please do not make drastic change event if the details look good on a piece of paper, We already have the half cook ‘Learning the English’ policy. The good intention with very poor logistic and support will not work and just causing more chaos.”

  2. SkiLL Jul 25,2010 8:11 PM

    Dear Tun,
    The drop in FDI into Malaysia and the negative flow of FDI are worrying signs for the future of our economy.
    The government must take heed of the loophole highlighted by Tun.
    Malaysia needs quality FDIs and not FDI that takes advantage of our generous subsidies and tax holidays.
    Equally important, the government must ensure our IPT start producing world class graduates to fill in the lack of quality human resources that this country seems to be afflicted with.
    The policy flip-flopping of the government has to stop and a consistent policy of increasing the economic ‘cake’ where everyone prospers must be initiated.

  3. Peiseh Jul 4,2010 1:36 AM

    Dear Tun, Salam Bahagia.
    In order for the local industry to be successful, the Gov.need to encourage buy Malaysian products. The genuine ones. Not with imported goods but branded as local. We see large public buses purchased from China. Its seats are also purchased from China. Padahal, there are a lot of capable bus chassis maker in Malaysia. Why need to import? When we buy local, our monies are spent locally, and could be used to generate more income to the Nation. Under our 5th.PM, a lot of stuffs which could be purchased locally, were bought from overseas. He himself was alleged to have purchased overseas home. Outflow the monies.
    Dear Tun.
    In order for the country to progress, its people need to be able to stand on their own and to be able to compete with the rest of the society. The successful group should not be suppressed but guided and supported further while the rest of the society comes up. Then only would the country move forward altogether.
    If the weaker society (all races) are continued to be spoon fed, they will never learn how to compete and survive outside of Malaysia even. They may be the jaguh kampung, but outside Malaysia, they ranked lowly.
    Large corporations like DRB-H and Sime-Darby have good portfolios of luxury car marks. But neither them did well to promote the brand. Audi was the quickest market share climber in tough US and Europe market. But here in Malaysia, it ranked the worst among the luxury car segment. DRB-H have done badly to promote the brand, and its management is typical of a GLC passions.
    Sime Darby have BMW and Alfa Romeos marquees in their port folio, but only with BMW that it did some good, that’s because BMW Germany stepped in to regulate the playing field and created some competitions by setting up various dealers. They compete on fair level ground, and vow customers over with good and efficient services.

  4. Machang Jul 3,2010 7:09 AM

    Car protection by imposing very high tax to Import Cars should be abolish. Proton should stop their dependency of survival using this protection, they are too old for that and public are being taxed too long ( more than 20yrs) and too expensive (100%-300%). It is counter productive, not only for the Proton itself, but for the general public in term of investment planning and also for the popular based elected government due to high tax imposed.
    The current government seem to loose focus on certain issues such as the above. Another issue the Gov at a mistake is regarding abolishing the public exam i.e UPSR & PMR. YB Muhyiddin Yassin quoted by a newspaper yesterday “Muhyiddin added that his ministry was encouraged with the public response aired in the media.

  5. parameswara 2 Jul 1,2010 11:55 PM

    Salam Tun
    May I..
    /// Hajar july 1,2010 12:04 am
    …I hope Proton Holdings improves the quality of Proton cars.Constructive criticisms are good…///
    salam dear Hajar,
    Yes,I agree completely with you!
    Thanks Tun.

  6. Rimba Emas Jul 1,2010 12:27 PM


  7. Hajar Jul 1,2010 12:04 AM

    Dearest YAB Tun,
    Allow me to respond to parameswara 2:

  8. hurricanemax Jun 30,2010 6:40 PM

    without FDI? Yeah, right! so many of us will be out of jobs in double quick time. Who then will be setting up industries and businesses to engage the Rakyak…our local businessmen? Our Governement led GLCs? Our politicians? We have so many such corrupted leaders and captains of the industry, that their (ill) gotten gains are all parked overseas!

  9. HBT Jun 30,2010 2:52 PM

    For Ayahanda Tun’s information and reading pleasure since you are not a personal investor:-
    Wednesday June 30, 2010
    When stock exchange issues unusual market activity queries do you buy or sell?
    Personal Investing – By Ooi Kok Hwa
    LATELY, Bursa Malaysia has issued unusual market activity (UMA) queries on some listed companies due to unusual price movement and trading activities.
    Normally, companies that are being issued UMA queries have very high trading volumes and surge in stock prices within a short period of time without any significant corporate announcement.
    Based on our observations, in most cases, the stock prices for companies affected will not go up after the UMA queries, as most investors might view these queries as negative event to the companies.
    Even though the stocks are not being suspended for trading, most traders will try to avoid them as they may be suspended later.
    According to the Main Board

  10. HBT Jun 30,2010 11:33 AM

    Good morning Ayahanda Tun,
    I do not know what to write about the comment written by hajiluna2030, and what is in his mind when he is writing tis comment. Instead of going down to the correct base to learn the techniques and know how to add value to himself, he prefers to move backward instead to repeat the 1998 financial crisis so that Malaysia forecast to be young and poor by 2030 by making suggestions out of universal norm by syioking diri again in nuke world now assuming that Malaysians are Bangsa Melayu.
    The reality is most Malaysians, especially the young Malays prefer not to work in PDRM, instead they prefer to join as Polis Bantuan Sektor Koporat. Jet engines after months of political speculation suddenly transfered back to KL as claimed by Ahmad Zahidi through the assistance of AG Abdul Ghani. Young Malay student was bullied and got killed in the RMAF School in Sungai Besi, senyap saja in the hope tat rakyat will forgive and forget 3 years from now. The foreign contruction labours for Istana Negara at RM800 millions in Jalan Duta complained that they did not get 3 months salary from Maya Maju Sdn Bhd. MP Batu, Tian Chua told the press that our Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia bought Defense equipments at 20% cost higher than few other countries which do not have self-manufacturing plants. SPR was fired by entah apanama ahli politik UMNO for not doing they job by increasing the Melayu Votes, and the ratio is 1:40 from Melayu to Bangsa Bukan Melayu ‘mcm gombang’ in dunia bogel…….. ended with bankrapt….then TUTUP, sigh!
    Does Melayu knows what is going on or he prefers to stick to Me-layu current mission without Vision Wawasan 2020?
    Comment By hajiluna2030 on June 30, 2010 4:21 AM to Malaysian Insider report of Malaysia forecast to be

  11. parameswara 2 Jun 30,2010 11:00 AM

    Salam dearest Tun,
    May I..
    salam Sdr Razak,
    I truly admire your positive vibe and the high confidence you have in the system.
    Our job as the Rakyat is only to contribute ideas what we believe will be good for everyone in the country.Whether the Govt want to act upon it or not is entirely up to them.For all the initiative out of our care and love for our nation,God will bless us ,insya’Allah.
    That’s the attitude.Keep it coming.
    Thanks Tun

  12. hajiluna2030 Jun 30,2010 4:21 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Fourty years ago my late mother was doing research for Pernas, she was assign to go to France to do an assignment on Carefour. I was very proud of what she was doing becouse that particular job will make our economy great.
    Boy, was I wrong!
    Today, Carefour, Tesco, jusco and others alike are ravaging and destroying the business of our local countrymen in the goods industries. Their arrival as you mentioned to be Foreign Direct Investors is putting away most of our local Supermarkets, local minimarkets and so forth. Maybe the government intention was to stop and weaken the chinese domination. But was it justified on the bread and butter of our countrymen we gave our ringgit to the French, the Britons and the Japanese instead of Malaysian chinese.
    Is it a good ratio when the wages a hundred of our people is equal to the big salary to one of their top brass. My friend who is the floor manager gets RM2,000.00 a month with RM10,000.00 worth of benefit a year compared to the CEO whom we not need to mention must French will get nearly USD$20,000.00 a month with almost USD$50,000.00 benefit and that is just a rough figure. What is the justification in this if they say FDI will create jobs in our country.
    After explaining this do you think that this should go on? On and on, another after another, for anybody who have read this! From now on think before you buy anything from somewhere. Your responsibility is to make sure that the monies that we spend need to come back to us as something better for our country, Malaysia. Not to France, England or somewhereelse which we knows that will never gives us the same opportunity taht we give to them. For instance can they give us licence to open MalaysiaMart in let say in the middle of Paris. That should be great, we will do big business there becouse we have cheap subsidized sugar, I’m sure we can beat all the hypermarket there becouse we got all the cheap item to sell overthere. We must get subsidized sugar becouse here in our country our government we subsidized their sugar, flour and so forth.
    Dear Tun i think it’s about time that we invite FDI from companies which will build all type of flying machine including fighter jets that can save our military budgets. Companies that produce weaponaries including the latest machine guns. there are lots of choices out there.
    thank you, your sincerity towards our country future is the key to our success.

  13. razak Jun 30,2010 2:14 AM

    Salam Sdr Parameswara 2,
    Terimakasih atas pandangan saudara. Saya pernah hantar pandangan saya tentang kesesakan di Kuala Lumpur pada laman Facebook PM. Saya cakap kesesakan di Kuala Lumpur takkan selesai jika LRT dibuat di sekeliling Kuala Lumpur sahaja (KL-Kelanajaya-Wangsa Maju)sebab ramai yang tinggal di Damansara, Puchong, Putrajaya, Bangi, Kajang tetapi bekerja di Kuala Lumpur. Mengapa tidak sediakan LRT yang menyambungkan bandar-bandar ini. Laluan LRT juga harus berdekatan dengan kawasan perumahan dan akan melalui shopping complex yang besar seperti Sunway Piramid, Mid Valley, kawasan IKEA Damansara, One Utama dan lain2 shopping complex yang penting kerana ramai rakyat yang bekerja dan meluangkan waktu semasa cuti umum di sini. Alhamdulillah, nampaknya idea saya sudah diterima. Baru-baru ini saya dengar LRT akan disambungkan ke Puchong, Bukit Jalil dan beberapa kawasan lain dengan kos berbillion ringgit. Ramai rakyat lebih rela menggunakan LRT daripada gunakan kereta sebab kena bayar tol, minyak, parking yang bukannya murah. Itulah sebabnya negara jepun, rakyatnya sanggup jalan kaki (atau naik basikal) 2 batu ke stesen keretapi. Setiap 5 minit, keretapi akan sampai. Jadi tiap-tiap hari boleh timing masa tiba di pejabat. Saya juga telah menegur mengapa Putrajaya tidak dibina monorail atau LRT. Pada hari kerja, kenderaan bersesak-sesak di bulatan besar. Adalah lebih baik monorail/LRT disambungkan ke pejabat-pejabat kerajaan,hospital dan kawasan perumahan di precint-precint di Putrajaya. Lagipun kawasan parking di pejabat-pejabat kerajaan dan hospital sangat kurang. Saya lihat bas Nadi Putra sangat kurang digunakan sewaktu cuti umum, dan kerajaan akan rugi kerana terpaksa membayar setiap hari walaupun tak digunakan oleh rakyat. Saya juga berharap, saudara semua memberi idea kepada pemerintah supaya jika ramai rakyat meminta perkara yang sama, pemerintah juga akan mula berfikir dan membuat kajian mengenai perkara tersebut sebelum dilaksanakan. Berikan cadangan-cadangan yang membina (dan bukannya sembang kosong)untuk memajukan Malaysia. Satu hari nanti jika Ayahanda Tun sudah tiada, kita pula yang akan meneruskan usaha beliau untuk kemajuan anak-anak kita dan negara tercinta, Malaysia. Insya-Allah.

  14. donplaypuks Jun 29,2010 2:04 PM

    My apologies for digressing.
    I think as many as possible should act TODAY to stop a miscarriage of justice from taking place in the MACC vs lawyer Rosli Dahlan case as reported by Din Merican here.
    It appears some one has manipulated a change of judge in the midst of a trial going badly for the MACC, with ominous implications now for Rosli.
    How can this happen? Why was the presiding judge hastily transfererd to Melaka and a new one appointed when the trial had already reached an advanced stage? What was the urgency of the transfer of a high Court judge?
    How can we expect the new judge to understand the testimony or demeanour of MACC’s 2 main witnesses who had testified earlier and really, taken to the cleaners by Rosli Dahlan lawyres for being evasive, obstructive, misleading and indulging in plain old unvarnished “terminological inexactitudeness”?

  15. parameswara 2 Jun 28,2010 10:27 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    May I..
    Hajar June 25 2010 10;55 pm
    # I agree with Tun but most Malaysians look down on our own/local products for example proton..#
    I think it is a universal thing that people would have more confidence with established brands rather than with new upstarts.That’s why in any country govt must invoke patriotism and sacrifices if it want to start a national project.Established foreign cars have to be made very much costlier.Or simply not allowed in at all.
    We will buy the new local cars only if it is made cheaper .But are they really?If in the past we can buy cars in their basic form now many accessories are made compulsory – like sports rims,and all other little little things- that add up can cost you an unnecessary Rm5,000-00.Proton ,the car maker, EON the distributors and all accessories maker make easy money out of us patriotic Malaysians who have no choice.
    But Proton cannot take us for granted anymore.While we were sacrificing they should have at that time build up their quality to par with the foreign makes.I sincerely find they have not.I am a loyal Proton user, I know.To prove my point-will Hajar buy a Proton Perdana V-6,or a Toyota Camry if both are selling at about similar prices?If you choose Proton is it because of the quality or just your patriotism?
    If we care for the future of our local cars we must give sincere feedback and criticism when it is warranted.Because our patriotism cannot help sell the car in the overseas market.It’s a jungle out there!

  16. Idea Jun 28,2010 4:39 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I wish you are always in good health.
    2. This is a good notion.
    3. In response to the comment posted by ‘Wenger J Khairy’, the development of Cyberjaya has been distorted by Cyberview Sdn Bhd, the monopoly.

  17. tuan tulis talang Jun 28,2010 1:22 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Allow me.
    By Wenger J.Khairy.
    I like how you phrase the point 6 ” If we wish to have FDI …” Its
    not a case weather we wish or do not wish for FDI….
    Why do the present Government do not have a choice ? Your statement shows that Najib fails to identify the type of FDI that is good for Malaysia…….. or he fail to analyse the global situation .
    What i feel is that , The present Government led by Najib is in DESPERATE mode , as long any Tom Dick & Harry who brings in investment …he will declare to the Rakyat .. “SAYA TELAH BERJAYA MEMBAWA PELABURAN KE NEGARA ” All he wants is cheap STUNT to ” GET RICH PUBLICITY SCHEME”
    I hope Wenger JKhairy , learn from history and not make statement
    just at your own fancy .

  18. HBT Jun 28,2010 12:41 PM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    Isnin Jun 28, 2010
    Nasib Jambatan Ganti Tambak Johor Sukar Diramal
    1. PERDANA Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata, kerajaan akan mengkaji semula rancangan asal pembinaan jambatan bagi menggantikan Tambak Johor.
    2. Demikian respon beliau selepas Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar mahu Kerajaan Pusat mempertimbangkan semula pembinaan jambatan itu.
    3. Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata, kerajaan akan mengkaji semula rancangan asal pembinaan jambatan bagi menggantikan Tambak Johor Demikian respon beliau selepas Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar mahu Kerajaan Pusat mempertimbangkan semula pembinaan jambatan itu.
    4. Kerajaan sebelum ini tidak pernah menentang rancangan untuk membina jambatan bagi menggantikan tambak itu, malah Kabinet juga tidak pernah membuat keputusan bahawa tambak itu tidak akan digantikan dengan jambatan.
    5. Malaysia pernah memutuskan akan meneruskan cadangan membina jambatan bagi menggantikan jambatan itu tanpa menunggu kata putus daripada Singapura bagi melengkapkan Kompleks Kastam, Imigresen dan Kuarantin (QIC).
    6. Bagaimanapun, tindakan itu menyebabkan Singapura menghantar nota bantahan pihak ketiga bagi mendapatkan penjelasan mengenai tindakan Malaysia.
    7. Jambatan yang sepatutnya dibina oleh kontraktor, Gerbang Perdana Sdn Bhd itu membabitkan peruntukan lebih RM600 juta sepatutnya siap pada tahun 2009.
    8. Bagaimanapun, yang menjadi halangan untuk membina jambatan apabila Singapura mahu menetapkan syarat supaya Malaysia menjual pasir dan penggunaan ruang udara.
    9. Tidak keterlaluan jika syarat penjualan pasir sebanyak 50 juta tan metrik setahun selama 20 tahun untuk kerja penambakan di negara itu dianggap melampau.
    10. Kedua-dua

  19. parameswara 2 Jun 28,2010 12:28 PM

    Dearest Tun
    re Razak june 27 12;17 PM.
    In Malaysia any big minded things like yours can only happen if it is the idea of the Prime Minister or maybe his wife’s.Otherwise nobody else would take any risk.More realistically it should be the initiative of the real business people out there but the capital involvement I think will be way too huge so just forget it.
    So it should definitely be a baby of the GLCs.But the GLCs is just another Govt body,the mentality is still the same,don’t try to show you have a bigger mind than the PM ,(or your immediate boss) if you care for your bonus and/or promotion.To work smart you simply have to make the boss thinks he is perfect, by agreeing only to his whatever nonsense and grumble only in the washroom.
    All the world class achievements we have been enjoying so far is simply because we were lucky that it was Tun Mahathir who have these big big dreams.In which case everybody had given their hearts and soul to bodek our great risk taker Tun when he was in power then,so we finally arrived.No risk no gain.
    So the trick sdr Razak ,see if you can convince One Malaysia Najib of your idea.That’s our only hope.In big things like this we need great political will that only the most powerful man can provide.Maybe all of us are crying our hearts to Tun with the hope Tun can relay our messages across to Najib?
    But is Najib in Tun’s league or Pak lah’s?Risk taker or play safer?I think we all know the answer.So maybe we should all start reducing our dreams to a more realistic level.Or just let our dreams to be just that.

  20. cermin diri anda Jun 28,2010 9:08 AM

    Salam Semua
    Anwar(PRK),Nik Aziz(PAS),Karpal(DAP),Lim(DAP) semua mereka ni matang berfikir dan berpolitik…. cuma kebanyakan rakyat malaysia yg tak matang… sebab itu lah mereka ni MEMPERGUNAKAN otak2 orang yg tau MENURUT(pengikut mereka) sahaja.. utk politik mereka…

  21. nahar Jun 28,2010 12:33 AM

    Salam bahagia semoga sihat selalu.
    Saya tertarik dengan tulisan Tun no. 6 :-
    [[[ If we wish to have FDI, it should be confined to industries which bring in technologies which can add high value to the products. The pay for the workers at different levels should be higher as such industries can afford higher pay. In fact we should phase out the industries dependent on cheap labour. Wherever possible, incentives such as tax exemptions should be given to industries owned by locals if they bring in technologies from abroad. Even the expansion of certain locally-owned industries should be given incentives by the Government. This is the strategy employed by Japan and Korea. By supporting local industries to grow big, they now have world class business with their own brand names.]]]
    Tun selalu memikirkan tentang pencapaian negara.**
    Tun spoke on incentives to local companies, such as what Korea and Japan that can PRODUCE THEIR OWN BRANDED PRODUCTS.
    The answer is because they got a lot of people are creative and innovative expertise in various fields, in addition to their interest in craft and learn the technical knowledge and engineering industries.
    They have engineers and designers (Inventor) of hard thinking to do Re-Invention by R & D to be able to enhance the value of the goods. But such efforts may not be available in Malaysia.
    ** Kita lihat contoh bagaimana inovatif Korea(yang menghasilkan LG & Samsung), Taiwan(yang menghasilkan komputer Acer dan model Skuternya). Tidak lama lagi mungkin diikuti China(sedang mempopularkan jenama Haier dan Cherry).
    Walaupun Negara-negara tersebut agak terkemudian daripada Jepun(dalam industri menghasilkan barangan pengguna); tetapi telah berjaya menghasilkan jenama sendiri yang kreatif dan inovatif standing dengan barangan Jepun. Malahan lebih baik lagi.
    Sesuatu kepakaran boleh dipelajari melalui pengalaman dan penemuan orang lain atau dengan melakukan R & D sendiri secara berterusan sehingga memperolehi penemuan-penemuan baru yang berguna agar masaalah dapat diatasi.
    Kepakaran seseorang tidak datang secara semulajadi melainkan berusaha dan berfikir untuk menyelidik dan ambil tahu dengan melakukan percubaan penyelidikan(R & D) dengan penuh minat dan kerajinan melalui daya usaha sendiri.
    Orang Putih, orang Jepun, Korea dan China (yang kita kagumi); kenapa mereka ada ramai kepakaran dalam berbagai bidang. Jawabnya ialah kerana mereka (dari semua peringkat) rajin, minat, tidak jemu berfikir, sering melakukan dan mengamalkan BUDAYA kerja yang berpemikiran Kreatif, Inovatif dan Proaktif sebagai amalan hidup mereka.
    Faktor tersebut adalah PEMANGKIN yang boleh menarik FDI yang berteknologi tinggi masuk ke negara ini. Syarikat tempatan juga harus melakukan R & D dan Re-invention terhadap teknologi yang dibawa masuk, kerana boleh mengembangkan keupayaan syarikat hingga keluar negara.
    ([FDI harus ada timbal balasnya yang adil, iaitu mereka dapat keuntungan dan kita pula mendapat teknologi jika pertukaran itu berlaku secara adil dan saksama]).
    Di Malaysia tidak ramai Asset Manusia (modal insan) yang mahu menjadi peneraju sedemikian(lakukan R & D). Sebaliknya lebih selesa mengamalkan budaya menjadi pengikut sahaja, iaitu menerima arahan dan membuat apa yang diketahui dan apa yang diberitahu sahaja (menerima pakai hasil penemuan orang lain tanpa tambah nilai).
    Contoh; cuba lihat MODENAS yg tidak proaktif untuk melakukan R & D dan Re-Invention bagi menghasilkan bentuk motosikal model sendiri. Sebaliknya guna pakai model dari Taiwan, China dan Kawasaki Jepun sejak dari dahulu lagi.
    Kita amat kagum dengan Negara Korea, Taiwan dan China, walaupun terkemudian dari Jepun dalam penguasaan teknologi tetapi mereka telah banyak berjaya menghasilkan teknologi sendiri(iaitu Re-invention teknologi yang diterima).
    Malahan hasil daripada reinvention tersebut ada yang diterima pakai di Negara kita dan dikagumi oleh Orang Putih sendiri.
    Kita lihat berapa banyak barangan buatan Korea, Taiwan dan China yang telah dihasilkan mereka melalui RE-INVENTION dijual di pasaran kita dan seluruh dunia.
    We must try to follow their ways if we want to continue to be developed and become a nation that valued and respected by the world. **Kerana manusia; termasuk Orang Puteh amat menyanjungi dan menghormati bangsa yang bijak pandai sepertimana orang Yahudi dan Jepun yang banyak memberikan sumbangan dalam penerokaan teknologi terhadap kemajuan manusia sejagat.

  22. parameswara 2 Jun 27,2010 11:23 PM

    Dearest Tun
    Thanks to sdr samuraimelayu for the feedback.
    Yes you are absolutely right,even the Koreans respected our footballers.I was in Seoul in 1982 and whenever I mention Malaysia,they will immediately mention Soh Chin Aun..maybe it was the easiest of Malaysian names to remember.Football it seems make Malaysia great then.So can you see the embarrassing situation we are in now seeing them make waves at the World Cup?
    It is true that there would not be much to learn from them then as they were almost like us. What I meant is that Look East should be overall thing,not just their economic attitude but also their social/sporting attitude.Even in 1982 we could see they were slowly overtaking us or already on their way..Wonder when we will be on our way?
    Tun I beg you,pleeze do something,I tak rela tengok Singapore masuk World Cup dulu b’coz i believe once this kiasu nation set their mind on doing anything they will eventually do it!Where are we going to hide our faces?Once we are a football great again I think it will be easier to bring in the FDIs because people have more confidence to put their money on famous winners (so ,not off topic..)

  23. prof_ridcully Jun 27,2010 7:52 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Reading through some of the comments here gives the impression that those commenters think that because we want FDI, we are beggars or scraping the investment barrel.
    Nothing can be further from the truth.
    To be sure, FDI has played a very big role in our development but all countries need (inward) FDI. Among the developed countries, the US, Italy, Denmark, Canada, the UK, etc were big recipients of FDI. Are these countries beggars? [Well, they may be now as a result of the financial crisis but I’m referring to per capita GDP]
    I totally agree with what you say especially Paras 1 and 5. Cost-wise we can’t compete with China and India and the time has come to move from export-oriented FDI. Being selective in inward FDI is the way to go. It isn’t as if it hasn’t been done before — India places restrictions on FDI in the retail sector in order to protect local retailers.

  24. nazrimalik Jun 27,2010 1:39 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Saya sokong penuh pendirian bekas mufti Perlis Dr. Mohd Asri di mana beliau tidak akan menyertai mana-mana parti politik dengan berpegangkan alasan,”my (Dr. Asri) support goes to the truth and facts that are not limited by any party, race or religion” (The Star 27/06/10).
    Sesungguhnya prinsip Dr. Asri tersebut adalah asas sebenar ajaran ugama Islam. Wallahualam.

  25. Mohd Ali Jun 27,2010 11:09 AM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun,

  26. razak Jun 27,2010 12:17 AM

    Ws Sdr Sykes,
    Terimakasih sebab komen pandangan saya. Ayahanda Tun dah buat pun dengan Proton beli MV Agusta sebelum dijual oleh orang yang otaknya letak atas kepala lutut. Saya takkan bagi cadangan FDI dan C&C machine kalau MV Agusta masih dalam pegangan Proton dan Modenas dah mula mengeluarkan motorsikal berkuasa besar. MV Agusta telah dibangunkan oleh syarikat Agusta yang buat helikopter tu. Lepas tu berkubur selama 30 tahun. Claudio Castiglioni beli MV Agusta dan upah Massimo Tamburini untuk buat motor MV Agusta. 7 tahun masa diambil untuk membuat pengeluaran besar-besaran motorsikal MV Agusta. Harga F4 saja RM 200,000.00, Brutale menyusul diikuti dengan pelbagai jenis lagi. Proton beli MV Agusta dan sibodoh jual MV Agusta dengan harga Euro 1 kepada Gevi Spa. Tak lama lepas tu, Harley Davidson beli MV Agusta dengan harga USD ratus2 juta. Tanyalah mengapa Harley Davidson beli MV Agusta? Berbalik kepada Modenas. Modenas masih ditakuk lama, buat kapcai. Entah bila nak berubah pun tak tau. Mungkin 20 tahun lagi kot bila semua minyak di Malaysia dah habis. Dulu buat Jaguh, tiru bulat-bulat dari Kawasaki 125 cc. Sebijik. Kat Eropah orang dah pakai superbike elektrik tapi di Malaysia Modenas masih buat kapcai yang asapnya berkepul-kepul. Kalau pengurusan tertinggi Modenas baca komen saya ni, fikir-fikirlah. Takkan happy je dengan KRA BERJAYA MENGELUARKAN KAPCAI 125 cc SETIAP TAHUN. Soalannya, bila nak mula buat motor besar? Saya terangkan dengan jelas berkaitan C&C machine. Contohpun dah bagi, buat RIM motor. Cuba fikir, berapa banyak syarikat yang buat rim kereta di Malaysia? Tak banyak pun. Import dari jepun lagi banyak. Yang buat RIM motor besar? Langsung takda. Syarikat kereta Lamborghini beli RIM secara terus dari ALCOA (Alminium Company Of America). Harganya, jangan tanya saya sebab saya tak mampu beli. Then, lagi dua tahun kilang-kilang aluminium smelter di SCORE, Sarawak nak siap. Nak buat apa? banyak benda boleh buat, tapi buatlah RIM kereta dan moto besar untuk rakyat Malaysia beli, dapat murah sikit. Belilah mesin-mesin C&C banyak2, lepas tu lobby Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bugatti, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, MCLaren, Pagani Zonda, Koegnigsagg untuk beli RIM dari Malaysia. Lebih murah dari ALCOA USA. Wassalam

  27. Ir. Syahrizan Jun 26,2010 10:24 PM

    Foreign Direct Investment? Another axis of evil? Nah, I think you worry too much Tun.
    Malaysian trust these foreign investors better than our very own local industry players (which are controlled by corrupted politicians anyways).
    Sorry Tun, it is just I can’t see the difference.

  28. Wenger J Khairy Jun 26,2010 10:00 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I totally disagree with your points.
    The first thing is perhaps to point out that the FDI has dramatically reduced both in 2009 and now in 2010. This is surprising as the Deputy Minister had told me that 2010’s FDI would be better.
    I am surprised that you claim the employment opportunities created by Foreign investment only requires semi skilled workers. Maybe right now, the bigger companies no longer see Malaysia as a base on which to perform “higher value add” jobs. I suppose they assume most people here are the “malas berfikir” sort. So perhaps the only ones that indeed do invest, invest to take advantage of the subsidized energy policy.
    I like how you phrase the point 6 – “If we wish to have FDI,…”. Tun, why you not you tell the readers the truth. Its not a case whether we wish or do not wish for FDI. Even if we wish for FDI, we are not getting the FDI we wish for. We are scrapping at the barrel, only attracting projects that are energy intensive. Aluminium smelters perhaps?
    So you are misleading your readers when you make it out as if we have a choice. Truth is – we have no choice. Our “hardware” such as the cybercities are looked at with disdain. Companies are more attracted to the “software” i.e the quality of the workforce, not the many monuments and edifice.
    I further have an issue with point 2. What is the difference if foreigners finance 80% of their investment with borrowings from Citibank or Deustche Bank? These funds, borrowed or financed via internal funds will still be used to procure assets and services from Malaysians, creating a) a demand for the Ringgit in international markets and b) economic growth.
    Perhaps you need to understand, foreigners purposely finance new projects with debt so as to force management to earn a return that can cover the cost of capital. Its a form of financial discipline.
    Lastly, you have this perception that the stock market must go up and up. Thats absolutely not true – stocks are volatile. They go up and down.
    If you want to oversimplify things for your audience, then don’t be surprised that the big firms do not want to invest here. After all, if the public’s mental capacity is such, then isn’t it fair for foreigners to assume that the only jobs fit are those which are low paying and semi skilled?

  29. pakbelalang Jun 26,2010 5:39 PM

    Dear Tun,
    We should attract foreign investors to construct bullet train from Singapore-KL-Bangkok. How I wish this project will materialise during my lifetime. I think the spin off economic activities will be enormaous especially in tourism industry.
    We should also construct railway tunnel from Melaka to Dumai. We have the technology except the funding. I am sure foreign investors are willing to invest in this project. Long term it will benefit Malaysia and Indonesia in terms of vast potential economic growth.
    Whatever we plan now will benefit our future generation for sure. We cannot be stagnant in our infrastructure development. We have to continue develop our infrastucture in order to be able to achieve as a developed nation.
    We have to think of big ideas in order to progress like South Korea and Japan.
    Too much politicking will lead us no where!! Our politics is HP6 !!!

  30. HBT Jun 26,2010 5:21 PM

    Selamat petang Ayahanda,
    Sabtu Jun 26, 2010
    MCA Cadang Tabung Khas Ditubuh Kutip Hasil Judi
    1. KUALA LUMPUR: MCA hari ini mencadangkan supaya kerajaan menubuhkan tabung khas bagi mengutip segala perolehan dan keuntungan daripada syarikat perjudian berlesen agar ia tidak bercampur dengan pendapatan lain.
    2. Presidennya, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek berkata, sekiranya tabung itu diwujudkan, ia boleh digunakan untuk membiayai projek pembangunan yang membawa faedah kepada semua kaum di negara ini.
    3. “Sudah sampai masanya kerajaan membayangkan cukai-cukai kerajaan kutip dari lesen perjudian yang dibenarkan sejak dulu, seharusnya tidak masuk ‘consolidatedfund’…tabung berlainan ini boleh digunakan untuk pendidikan, kebajikan dansebagainya,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Mesyuarat Agung Tahunanke-31 Koperasi Serbaguna Malaysia Berhad (KSM) di Wisma MCA di sini, hari ini.
    4. Dr Chua mengulas keputusan kerajaan untuk tidak mengeluarkan lesenpertaruhan sukan kepada Ascott Sports Sdn Bhd setelah mengambil kira pandangan pelbagai pihak yang majoriti daripadanya tidak bersetuju lesen itu dikeluarkan.
    5. Beliau berkata, selain itu, kerajaan seharusnya sentiasa meningkatkan pemantauan dan penguatkuasaan terhadap sebarang aktiviti perjudian haram di kalangan rakyat, khususnya pertaruhan perjudian dalam sukan.
    6. “Pemantauan rapi dan penguatkuasaan terhadap perjudian yang dikatakan illegal atau haram seharusnya dipertingkat kerana perjudian sukan, walaupun tidak dibenarkan, masih boleh berlaku melalui telefon dan internet kerana ia tidak memerlukan lesen,” katanya.
    7. Dr Chua turut menyangkal dakwaan sesetengah pihak bahawa masyarakat Cina mengamalkan budaya suka berjudi.
    8. Di KOTA BAHARU, Menteri Pertahanan Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yang juga Naib Presiden Umno berkata, keputusan kerajaan membuktikan keprihatinan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yang mengambil kira kepentingan semua pihak sebelum memutuskan perkara itu.
    9. Ahmad Zahid berharap isu itu tidak lagi dimanipulasi pihak pembangkang dan menafikan keputusan tersebut dipengaruhi desakan mereka.
    10. Di PUTRAJAYA, Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Ahmad Maslan turut bersetuju dengan pandangan Ahmad Zahid berhubung tindakan kerajaan tidak mengeluarkan lesen pertaruhan sukan.
    11. Beliau yang juga Ketua Penerangan Umno berkata, keputusan itu dibuat bukan hanya disebabkan suara pembangkang, tetapi juga suara akar umbi anggota Umno yang disalurkan ke dalam mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi parti malam tadi.
    12. “Antara yang dibincangkan dalam mesyuarat malam tadi, termasuklah usul-usul dari Umno cawangan dan bahagian dari seluruh Malaysia yang sudah bersidang dan sebahagiannya menyatakan ketidaksetujuan dalam perkara ini.
    13. “Kementerian mendengar segalanya, selain daripada peringatan badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) dan lain-lain, lalu mengambil keputusan tersebut,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Kejohanan Rowing dan Hari Keluarga Jabatan PerdanaMenteri di Kompleks Sukan Air, Putrajaya hari ini.
    14. Keputusan kerajaan untuk tidak mengeluarkan lesen pertaruhan yang diumumkan semasa kejohanan bola sepak Piala Dunia berlangsung, mendapat sokongan golonganyang membabitkan diri dalam sukan tersebut.
    15. Raja bola negara, Datuk Abdul Ghani Minhat, penyerang digeruni semasa eranya sekitar tahun 60-an, berkata keputusan itu adalah yang terbaik dan harus disokong oleh semua pihak. “Apa yang saya risau sebelum ini ialah, jika lesen pertaruhan bola sepak dikeluarkan, ia akan membunuh pembangunan sukan berkenaan di negara ini.
    16. “Kesan negatif akibat perjudian dalam sukan telah kita lihat pada tahun 1994 dan 1995, apabila ramai pemain yang terlibat dengan rasuah hingga menghancurkan sukan bola sepak negara,” katanya kepada Bernama.
    17. Sementara itu, Setiausaha Agung Persatuan Bolasepak Malaysia (FAM) Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad berkata pihaknya akur dengan keputusan tersebut.
    18. “Sebenarnya FAM tidak terlibat dalam isu perjudian bola sepak. Namun, sebagai badan induk yang memayungi persatuan bola sepak di negara ini, kami menyokong keputusan yang telah dibuat oleh kerajaan,” katanya. – BERNAMA
    a) Wahai, Pembela2 Nasib Hang Tuah dari BN kemana, di dunia bogel?
    b) KO2 masih ingin mempertahankan ketubuhan APCO SatuIsrael aka OneMelayu di Malaysia sampai hari ini ke??
    c) Allah & God issues pun tak tahu mcm-ana nak diuruskan pihak UMNO, Tuan MCA, Dr Chua kini ingin menubuhkan Tabung Khas Judi???
    d) Kalau betul2 kita melihat sesama diri, RM dan matawang asing yang digunakan setiap hari memang tidak halal dari segi sentuhan secara fizikal kerana ramai mereka yang mempergunakan matawang RM bukan sahaja orang muslim, melayu dan bumiputra malah ia dipakai semua lapisan rakyat Malaysia di Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah, dan Sarawak.
    e) Pi pai pi mai tang tu…down the drain…from North 2 South.
    f) Mr Lee Kuan Yew was fast, right and sharp, and those people whom he met 1st was Tok Nik Aziz.
    g) Bye, Ayahanda, and we should be thankful 2 Mr Lee Kuan Yew for showing us the right path, from South 2 North is the best way out, and we can see with our own naked eyes on how Malaysia Politicians deal with Isu2 Tuhan and Judi bola…….Judi 4 dan 3 ekor boleh, mimum arak tak da apa2, Judi bola pulak tersangkut di rantau Perancis @PP, kalau BP tak pa, ini PP apakah itu PP neh kepada Globe neh?

  31. samuraimelayu Jun 26,2010 5:13 PM

    By parameswara 2 on June 26, 2010 4:56 AM
    dearest Tun Mahathir
    Why is it that our Look East Policy did not include our emulation of their Sports achievement?.Is this the missing link why we have not come up to their overall standard?Why can’t we just learn or copy 100% whatever they are doing -there is no need to reinvent the wheel right?
    DEMI K.A.M.I.

  32. HBT Jun 26,2010 3:10 PM

    Copy-paste for Ayahanda Tun’s informasi utk project Jambatan Bengkok dari mstar online
    1. Sabtu Jun 26, 2010
    JB Sentral Lambang Kemajuan Dan Potensi Iskandar Malaysia – TPM
    JOHOR BAHARU: Pembinaan bangunan JB Sentral, di bandaraya Johor Baharu bukan sekadar usaha membangunkan negeri Johor tetapi melambangkan kemajuan serta potensi pembangunan di Iskandar Malaysia, kata Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.
    Beliau berkata, bangunan bernilai RM2 bilion yang merupakan sebahagian projek pembangunan Gerbang Selatan itu juga dijangka dapat memenuhi matlamat dan arah tuju Program Transformasi Kerajaan ke arah mencapai Wawasan 2020.
    “JB Sentral bukan sahaja menjadi stesen transit awam dan hab terminal pengangkutan kereta api yang setanding Kuala Lumpur Sentral bahkan menjadi hab pengangkutan kereta api antarabangsa.
    “Bangunan ini akan menjadi pusat sehenti kerana selain menjadi terminal pengangkutan awam dan kereta api, rakyat juga boleh memanfaatkan perniagaan komersial dan berurusan di lapan jabatan kerajaan dan swasta yang terdapat di bangunan ini,” katanya.
    Muhyiddin yang juga Menteri Pelajaran berkata demikian ketika berucap pada majlis perasmian JB Sentral dan pelancaran Kembara Mahkota Johor 2010 oleh Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar di Dewan Menunggu Penumpang, JB Sentral, di sini, hari ini.
    Timbalan Perdana Menteri berkata JB Sentral yang merupakan satu daripada projek Gerbang Selatan Bersepadu yang turut merangkumi pembinaan Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, pada 2003 itu menyediakan kemudahan fasiliti kelas pertama kepada orang ramai.
    Dengan keluasan keseluruhan 87,330 meter persegi Muhyiddin berkata, ruang perniagaan komersial di dalam bangunan itu dapat menyediakan peluang pekerjaan baru kepada orang ramai seterusnya meningkatkan pendapatan mereka.
    Kerajaan katanya, dijangka mendapat pulangan RM3.6 juta setahun hasil daripada sewaan ruang pejabat dan perniagaan yang kemudian boleh digunakan bagi membangunkan infrastruktur kepada rakyat pada masa akan datang.
    “JB Sentral dijangka dapat mengurangkan dan mempermudahkan aliran trafik di pusat perdagangan bandaraya ini.
    “Bangunan yang dilengkapi dengan 726 tempat letak kereta, 18 lot ruang niaga dan 30 kiosk ini akan menjadikan bangunan ini sebagai kawasan perhentian utama bagi pengguna yang berulang alik ke Singapura dan Malaysia,” katanya.
    Sehubungan itu, Muhyiddin mahu syarikat yang dipertanggungjawabkan bagi menguruskan aspek keselamatan, penyelenggaraan, kebersihan, teknologi maklumat dan pengurusan ruang niaga serta pejabat supaya menjalankan tugas dengan penuh integriti.
    Beliau berkata, perkhidmatan yang diberikan di JB Sentral perlu cekap sejajar dengan kemudahan fasiliti yang cekap dan moden di bangunan berkenaan.
    “Ingatlah bahawa kejayaan tidak terukur oleh besar atau hebatnya sebuah binaan fizikal kerana apa yang pentingnya adalah keberhasilan perkhidmatan yang disampaikan kepada rakyat,” tegasnya. – BERNAMA
    2. Published: Sabtu Jun 26, 2010 MYT 1:55:00 PM
    Kerajaan Kaji Bina Jambatan Ganti Tambak Johor – PM
    KUANTAN: Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mengesahkan bahawa kerajaan akan mengkaji semula rancangan asal pembinaan jambatan bagi menggantikan Tambak Johor.
    Perdana Menteri bagaimanapun tidak mengulas lanjut berhubung perkara itu.
    “Akan dikaji,” kata Najib kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Program Mengukuh Wadah Memperkasa Ummah anjuran Yayasan Pembangunan Ekonomi Islam Malaysia (YaPEIM) di sini.
    Najib berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas titah Sultan Johor, Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar yang mahu kerajaan mempertimbangkan semula rancangan asal pembinaan jambatan menggantikan Tambak Johor.
    Ketika merasmikan bangunan JB Sentral dan melancarkan Kembara Mahkota Johor 2010 di Dewan Menunggu Penumpang, JB Sentral di Johor Baharu hari ini, Sultan Ibrahim bertitah Tambak Johor amat penting kepada rakyat malah institusi kesultanan Johor sejak pemerintahan terdahulu sentiasa memberi sokongan kepada usaha menaik taraf Tambak Johor. – BERNAMA

  33. pakbelalang Jun 26,2010 3:09 PM

    If I am the Prime Minister I would make Langkawi as the “Monaco of the East” in terms of making it into a real beautiful eco-friendly tropical island for the rich and famous foreigners to have their second home to stay. Of course, without casinos!! The spin off economic activities would be fantastic and the local residents have the chance of enjoying higher standard of living by providing all kinds of services to cater for the rich and famous.

  34. OrangLama Jun 26,2010 12:34 PM

    *****1. FDI********
    Ini kefahaman saya (maaf sekiranya salah tafsiran)apa yang Tun kata diatas. Tun kata pelaburan asing(FDI) dulu2 mungkin sesuai kerana terbukti membuka banyak peluang pekerjaan. Tetapi sekarang pekerja tempatan tak minat sebab gaji rendah dan kekosongan ini disi oleh rakyat asing. Cara perlaksaaan FDI sekarang ini boleh membawa masalaah kepada negara seperti contoh “permainan” saham. Kesimpulannya , Tun menyeru memilih jenis “FDI” yang sesuai untuk negara khususnya yang membawa teknoloji mempertingkatkan nilai produk tempatan.
    Pendapat saya:
    ***a) kos pelaburan dan kestabilan politik****
    Pelabur asing sentiasa meletakan keuntungan sebagai kriteria utama dalam segala aktiviti depa.Mana2 perniagaan pun serupa, keuntungan adalah nombor satu . Jadi dulu depa mai Malaysia, sebab nak dapat kos operasi murah iaitu tenaga buruh, tanah,air ,api dan lain2 mesti murah. Satu lagi kebaikan Malaysia ialah kestabilan politik. La ni segalan jenis kos semakin meningkat. Pelabur asing pun mungkin bimbang tentang kestabilan politik semasa di Malaysia. Dulu Malaysia kukuh dan pelabur boleh jangka apa yang depa boleh buat unjuran dan ramalan keuntungan dan perkembangan untuk tahun2 akan datang. Berbeza dengan negara maju, dasar2 tidak banyak berubah walaupun bertukar kerajaan.
    ***b)FDI yang membawa teknoloji**********
    Syarikat luar negara biasanya akan mengekalkan Pusat R&D di negara asal depa. Lepas itu depa juga memastikan saintis atau jurutera R&D adalah rakyat tempatan depa sendiri atau yang boleh dapat taraf mastautin. Hanya yang melibatkan “production” saja diletak luar negara. Yang duk mengaku ada R&D di Malaysia oleh syarikat luar negara, sebenarnya hanyalah “product development” bukannya “research”. Ini semua adalah berkaitan dengan faktor keuntungan. Mungkin di India, ada pelabur2 berani nak buka “research centre” sebab saintis sana ramai berkebohan tinggi dalam beberapa bidang2 terpilih dengan kadar gaji rendah. Satu lagi cara ialah syarikat intenational ini “outsourcing research” kepada Profesor2 tersohor di dunia.
    Di Malaysia, kita saintis pun tak ramai, yang ada pun jenis “hidup segan, mati tak mahu”. Walaupun banyak Universiti tempatan menghasilkan produk2 sehingga banyak patent dan pingat2 dimenangi peringkat antarabangsa tapi pi tanya kat depa: berapa yang dah berjaya dikomersilkan? Berjaya dalam perniagaan diukur dalam bentuk wang ringgit, keuntungan bersih berapa? jangan belanja lebih tapi untung sikit atau rugi lansung. Duk buat produk pakai duit kerajan, buat patent pakai duit kerajaan tapi dapat jual harga kacang putih?
    ****2. Cadangan kepada Kerajaan apa nak buat Pensyarah IPTA dari segi peningkatan teknoloji industri tempatan*******
    Saya cadangkan pemindahan teknoloji ke industri tempatan ialah melalui IPTA/IPTS.
    Masalah IPTA kita ialah salah fokus kepada fungsi utama Pensyarah. Ramai Pensyarah Universiti lebih berminat kerja “pentadbiran”. betul ke?
    Kalau kena cara Pensyarah IPTA, boleh cemerlang peringkat dunia. Juga jika strategi yang betul, IPTA di Malaysia boleh tersenarai dalam Top50 dunia. Memang boleh. Tapi KPT kena ada strategi yang betul. Kalau tiada strategi untuk IPTA, maka jangan salah Pensyarah duk buat kerja “part-time” untuk parti pembangkang.
    Pensyarah di Malaysia tumpukan 3 kerja utama: mengajar, menyelidik dan konsultansi. Kalau nak cipta alat atau patent, pastikan yang ada kualiti,yang dah pasti memberi keuntungan besar kepada negara. Jangan lupa banyak syarikat2 seluruh dunia ada yang lingkup atau jadi papa kedana memasarkan alat/instrumen/kenderaan yang tak menguntungkan. Buat perabis beras saje!!!! Tumpukan kepada 3 kerja utama kamu itu: mengajar, menyelidik dan konsultansi.
    ***mengajar””””===ajar student Bachelor, Master dan PhD supaya depa mempunyai kualiti .Para pensyarah mesti menghasilkan penerbitan berkualiti tingggi , bertaraf antarabangsa, membuktikan tahap kesarjanaan sesuai dengan jawatannya. Pensyarah ibarat benih pokok. Lepas itu tumbuh buah dan bercambah2. Kalau benih tak ada kualiti, hasil walaupun bercambah2 merata2 hanya buat “menyemak” saja. Sebaliknya kalau pelajar dihasilkan berkualiti, depa tentu dapat mempertingkat produktiviti majikan masing2 dan menguntungkan negara. Pelajar luar negara yang ada di Malaysia sekarang ini mungkin akan jadi pemimpin atau pegawai tinggi kerajaan masing2. Kalau Pensyarah tak ada kualiti akan memberi tasiran kualiti pendidikan di Malaysia rendah dan sudah tentu kualiti produk Malaysia diragui!!!!!!!!!! .
    ***penyelidikan dan konsultansi*****Kerajaan kena pastikan bahawa penyelidikan dan konsultansi Pensyarah menumpu kepada penyelesaian masalah semasa disamping unjuran masa akan datang. Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) harus menwujudkan satu Jabatan khusus menyelesaikan masalah industri atau lain2 masalah negara. Masalah ini mungkin dilapurkan terus dari industri atau aduan rakyat. KPT boleh bagi input kepada kabinet apakah penambahbaikan yang perlu.
    Orang Industri jangan duk pandang rendah dengan pensyarah tempatan.Sekurang2nya depa ada ilmu pengetahuan dan kebanyakannya ada PhD, cuma barangkali tak dicanangkan ke tempat yang betul.Depa ada “acess” kepada imlu pengetahuan terkini dan juga ada “network” seluruh dunia dalam bidang kepakaran masing2!!!!!
    >>>>Contoh GLC
    Proton ada masalah “cermin tingkap” asyik nak jatuh, maka KPT wujudkan panel selesaikan masalah ini. Walaupun Proton boleh selesaikan sendiri, tetapi ini melibatkan isu negara iaitu rakyat tak puas hati kualiti Proton .
    ===Pensyarah kejuruteraan boleh bagi tahu detail apa masalahnya. Adakah ketebalan besi, reka bentuk, motor atau lain2,seterunya pensyarah itu boleh terus buat penyelidkan dan pembangunan bersama Proton. Pensyarah kejuruteraan itu boleh juga dapat bantuan Profesor luar negara berkhidmat sebagai Profesor Pelawat dalam bidang berkaitan. Pensyarah Sains Sosial kaji dari segi aspek kemasyarakatan: Ada rasuah ke? Berapa ramai yang naik angin dengan Proton? Berapa merajuk tak mau beli kereta Proton sampai bila2?Seterusnya Pensyarah Sains Sosial kena bagi cadangan apa nak bat dengan pelanggan ini!!! Ini semua contoh, Pensyarah dalam pelbagai bidang tentu lebih pakar dalam bidang masing2. Lepas dapat semua laporan dari Pensyarah pelbagai bidang, maka Tok Menteri pun sampaikan lah kepada Proton ,cadangan pihak KPT kaedah menyelesaikan masalah cermin tingkap Proton. Jika taka da susulan, Tok Menteri bawa pi kat kabinet untuk tindakan suslan.
    >>>Contoh Swasata
    KPT juga harus menyediakan perkidmatan secara rasmi membolehkan pihak swasta memohon bantuan khidmat nasihat Universiti menyelesai masalah mereka. Apa yang berlaku sekarang ialah swasta kena pi terus Universiti tanya siapa boleh bantu? Itu pun kalau dah jumpa, pegawai Universiti nak layan orang macam tak makan nasi banyak hari,tak bermaya!!! Aktiviti “lepas tangan” kepada satu sama lain berleluasa. Kadangkala, depa bagi kita kepada Pensyarah yang bukan bidang. Bagi nombor telefon yang tak pernah diangkat. Lenguh tangan dan sakit telinga menunggu orang angkat telefon. Merapu sungguh hangpa ni!!!
    Saya cadangkan urusan swasta dengan Universiti hendaklah melalui KPT dahulu, supaya direkod dan dipantau oleh KPT. Misalnya syarikat isi borang permohonan bantuan khidmat nasihat Universiti. KPT kena pantau tindakan susulan yang telah diambil oleh Pensyarah berkaitan.Kalau Pensyarah tak tau nak buat, suruh dia bagi cadangan siapa perlu hubungi atau cadangan setrusnya.

  35. curryayam Jun 26,2010 12:26 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Are we not barking up the wrong trees? We want this, we want that and we don

  36. HBT Jun 26,2010 11:37 AM

    Good afternoon Ayahanda Tun,
    Let’s learn the value added to history’s ‘summary’ in Malaysia @ tanah mel-ayu secara online… fact we’ve oledi learn tis through yester-years…in today’s transparent world.
    Have a pleasant day, Ayahanda Tun, after all, Malaysians and Singaporeans ‘were and are’ brothers and sisters with or without political parties or unions.
    //Saturday June 26, 2010
    Goh the architect of separation
    Singaporeans were surprised to learn that it was Dr Goh Keng Swee

  37. HBT Jun 26,2010 9:03 AM

    Good morning Ayahanda Tun,
    Finally, reason given is the feedback gathered from all layers of community…wat layers of community is PM Najib refer to neh? Wat was reported the layer of community is none others than UMNO Supreme Council itself.
    Of course, to Najib, the government was not too concerned about the economic impact resulting from the decision, and MCA’s Dr Chua told the press that under his supervision, he will focus on Politics.
    And one of the bloggers mentioned tat the SIN TAX revenue gathered from sport betting should channel to Chinese community, huh? The money should be channelled to Government first, and let MOE decides in future how this sin tax revenue is channel to all sekolah2 in Malaysia regardless of races if they are talking 1Malaysia in Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak including PDRM ma.
    Those corridors initiated during Pak Lah’s premiership, wat will happen ah? To the rakyat and private sectors, they are not too concerned about the political impact la.
    By the way, Ayahanda Tun, Malaysia Government can forget about the Nuke Energy plant To Go Green through coal energy 1st until Malaysia is politically stable and ready for IT……..
    If Federal Government is looking into a Casino to be set up in international tourism base, make sure it must be hold by Chinese, contohnya, Genting Group, since they are the mother chicken to venture tis business 1st with sweat and tear to be fair and equal without political party intervention of CAKAP SERUPA BIKIN, and under Federal Constitution, no political party is allow to link itself to the government.

  38. parameswara 2 Jun 26,2010 4:56 AM

    dearest Tun Mahathir
    I never realized that there is a FDI opportunity in Sports until I remembered the overseas ownership of the various British Soccer Clubs.So there is more than meets the eye in this very ignored sector of Sports.Actually off topic, now that we are in the midst of the World Cup I thought expedient that I post this thing that’s been on my mind for quite sometime as regards the future of our national soccer team.
    The Korean and the Japanese teams now have arrived to a level they can cause trouble to the European teams already when at one time they even dread to meet our Malaysian team, I feel really sad that our Govt until today have not shown any strong desire to either arrest further the decline or bring back the glory days..
    Tun I observed that this decline began and continued unabated throughout your entire tenure as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.Maybe it’s because you are more a workaholic than a sportsman.Tun ,sports is very important leverage to help diffuse all the racial tensions of Malaysia that Najib’s regime must not put to waste.
    Tun you must redeem your mistake of letting our soccer standard go down the drain by seriously think and recommend to Najib now how we can achieve world class standard like the Koreans and Japanese can and have the Malaysia Boleh spirit.Without political will and major revamp of the FAM ,I don’t think we can do much. At the moment the changes whatsoever are only cosmetic.For a certainty we will only stay this way forever.Let’s not one day our tiny neighbour humiliate us by entering the next World cup first!
    Why is it that our Look East Policy did not include our emulation of their Sports achievement?.Is this the missing link why we have not come up to their overall standard?Why can’t we just learn or copy 100% whatever they are doing -there is no need to reinvent the wheel right?

  39. HBT Jun 26,2010 1:12 AM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    //Published: Friday June 25, 2010 MYT 11:55:00 PM
    Updated: Saturday June 26, 2010 MYT 12:08:58 AM
    PM: Govt will not issue sports betting licence to Ascot
    KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced on Friday night that the government would not be issuing a sports betting licence to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd.
    The prime minister made the announcement after an Umno supreme council meeting, ending weeks of debate over the licence.
    More to come
    Related Stories:
    Rafidah: Licensed betting will curb illegal gambling
    Rais: Allow sports betting
    More support for sports betting
    PM: Licence not issued to Ascot Sports yet
    Vincent Tan to give foundation RM525mil from shares sale
    Groups to keep pressing Govt to revoke licence
    Vincent Tan to donate RM525mil from Ascot Sports stake sale
    Group bent on getting sports betting licence revoked
    PKR delegates want Penang CM to allow sports betting
    Penang bars Ascot Sports from opening betting outlets
    Penang bans sports betting//
    It looks like UMNO Supreme Council is the King of the Federal Government. Here the PM goes ‘pi pai pi mai tang tu’ jugak. UMNO bankrupts who cares, not Malaysia, right, Ayahanda Tun?
    The way PM Najib treating our geniune businessman TS Vincent Tan is like a beggar or something, very disgusting. That penyalak KJ now can menyalak bersama2 dgn MCA and MIC the song of We will Not Be Elected In The Cabinet, and he is not fit to be the PM of Malaysia, and Ayahanda Tun can forget about him.
    Will PM Najib be showed the way out politely like wat happened to Pak Lah, the Malaysian Style in near future? It doesn’t matter anymore because wat he and UMNO Supreme Council have done, DSAI knows…
    Goodnight Ayahanda Tun.

  40. Hajar Jun 25,2010 10:55 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,
    Tun said:

  41. sykes Jun 25,2010 8:45 PM

    Asm Sdr Razak,
    Sorry, nothing new with your comment (but at least you think), Tun dah pikiak pasai tu masa beliau buat Proton, masa beli Agusta, beli fibre composit technology (buat kapal terbang), beli lotus. bawa masuk ic teknology, tapi orang (atau orang-orang)tak nampak, katanya bisa melayu buat jarumlah , macam mana nak compete dengan jenama kerata yang lain, dll. Saperti perumpamaan mat salleh ” nothing venture , nothing gain” Yang sedihnya orang-orang yang beliau harap melaksanakan semua ni kebanyakan nya ” membujur lalu, melintang patah”. Selagi ramai yang orang macam ni kat atas ke kat bawah ke Malaysia need another 3 keturunan. Itu pun kalau melayu tak hilang didunia.

  42. raffiq88 Jun 25,2010 7:03 PM

    Thank you Tun for sharing with us your enlightened thoughts.

  43. samuraimelayu Jun 25,2010 6:38 PM

    By amin tan on June 23, 2010 6:16 PM
    Dear Tun,
    Congratulations for another excellent posting. I hope Datuk Seri Najib and the whole cabinet read this posting. I absolutely concur with your reasoning. It should be made current national policy on FDI and foreign investment in our share market. You should be made mandatory advisor on FDI and share market. For a start at least appoint you as Chairman of Bursa Saham Malaysia.
    amin tan

  44. samuraimelayu Jun 25,2010 6:21 PM

    By indiana on June 23, 2010 4:17 PM
    Why did you put Pak Lah as PM? Were you out of your mind?

  45. ekompute Jun 25,2010 5:59 PM

    What Tun says makes a lot of sense to me. Economics, after all, is Tun’s forte.

  46. sujini Jun 25,2010 1:52 PM

    1. Without doubt you are the Economics Guru.I wonder why DS Najib didnt put you in the NEAC or at least request for your invaluable inputs?
    2. Para 5: I totally agree with this arguement.As I originate from Kg Baru,I would like to relate para 5 to the plan by the government to develop Kg.Baru.Like you mentioned,if we have local capacity,as in property development, there’s no necessity to invite foreign investors.
    3.Foreign investors do not have compassion to local problems and its people.If possible they want to suck up till the last drop of blood that you have.
    4.However, being a developer, may it be local or foreign,they do not want to invest in projects with low returns plus excess baggage to shoulder.
    5.Hence it is unavoidable,on the government part to offer a 60:40 deal to non-bumi or foreign participation.The reason being,government realises that majority Bumis still do not hold the purchasing power.
    6.So the next question is, why the need to invite foreign investors if the value of the developed property will be jacked up and making impossible for the land owners and other bumis to buy?
    7.What if the foreign investors just decide to wind up and leave?
    8.Why the need for foreign investors if we are not void of local developers?Furthermore the government will not be investing heavily since all basic infrastructures are already up in Kg.Baru.No doubt it may need a little upgrading.
    9.Importantly, whether local or foreign,the government has to ensure Bumis’ exclusivity in Kg.Baru.Maintain the Kampong Melayu ambience but in a pleasant way.
    10.Para 6: I agree to your arguement in this.Be selective to who and what kind of investors/partners you choose.The Taiwanese have shown bad examples.After setting up factories here,they caused major problems like polluting the environment and even steal utilities.The Indians;they are known to abandon jobs,return to their homeland while refusing to pay the local sub-contractors.In the end project owners are faced with cost overruns.
    11.As you’ve also mentioned in para 6;government should give incentives to local entreprenuers/companies that are able to expand their business using high tech and value added their products.This will obviously yield high output.High output means high revenue.
    12.Ultimately,the para above is DS Najib’s vision.Maybe it’s more yours than Najib’s.It is your target for Malaysia to be a developed nation by 2020.But in the pursue and eagerness to map out this journey,let’s not burn ourselves to the ground along the way and left behind ashes for our great great grandchildren to pick up.
    Thank you.

  47. razak Jun 25,2010 2:51 AM

    Assalammualaikum w.b.t Ayahanda Tun dan isteri,
    Semoga sihat wal-afiat selalu.
    FDI? Saya minat motosikal berkuasa besar dan motosikal Harley Davidson. So saya akan menulis bagaimana FDI boleh memajukan industri motosikal berkuasa besar di Malaysia. Malaysia ada Modenas, dah bertahun-tahun tapi masih ditakuk lama, masih buat dan jual motor kapcai. Dulu ambik skuter dari Taiwan dan tukar nama jadi Modenas Karisma, tapi lupa nak buang nama motor Taiwan yang ada pada lock. So tak berkembang, dan tak mahu lihat ke hadapan. Industri motorsikal bernilai berbilion US dolar di pasaran dunia. Harley Davidson, Victory – USA, BMW – Jerman, Ducati, Cagiva, Bimota, MV Agusta – Italy, KTM – Austria, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki – Japan, Bombardier – Canada. Victory Motorcycle Company baru 10 tahun ditubuhkan tapi dah duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi dengan Harley Davidson. Modenas lebih awal tapi jauh terbelakang dari Victory. Takda inovasi, takda inisiatif untuk lebih maju. Jadi di bidang industri motorsikal berkuasa besar ni adalah satu tempat untuk syarikat luar negara melabur, FDI lah. Bila syarikat luar buka kilang membuat dan memasang motorsikal berkuasa tinggi, pertukaran teknologi (technology transfer) akan berlaku. Jurutera-jurutera motorsikal Malaysia akan bertambah ramai, pekerja kilang akan bertambah, harga motorsikal besar bertambah murah, Malaysia akan menjana pendapatan melalui vendor-vendor yang membekalkan spare parts motor. Selain itu, mesin-mesin C&C (Computer Cutting Machine) dapat digunakan secara meluas di Malaysia. Harga C&C di Malaysia tidak kurang dari RM 1 juta. Penggunaannya mudah. Sebagai contoh, harga 1 rim depan motor adalah rm 3-4 ribu. 1 blok aluminium gred T6061 (aircraft frame grade) akan diletak ke dalam mesin C&C, design bentuk rim dibuat dgn komputer, selepas itu mesin C&C akan memotong blok aluminium tersebut selama 24 jam untuk membentuk rim tersebut. Mesin C&C bukan saja boleh membentuk rim tetapi apa sahaja yang terlintas dalam kepala kita untuk menghasilkan sesuatu menggunakan besi dan aluminium. Mesin C&C boleh didapati dalam bentuk water jet, cutter, laser. Disinilah saya rasa Malaysia memerlukan FDI dan dapat meningkatkan pendapatan negara dalam industri motorsikal kuasa tinggi di Malaysia. Wassallam.

  48. raymond Jun 25,2010 1:04 AM

    hi TUN….
    i like to give suggestion to u regarding “judi bola”.since majority of malay people protest and againts the isu,i suggest TUN u make a statement like this”since gamble is for non-muslim so the license was issue to non-malay and whatever profit or donation from ascot was given to non=muslim assosiation or organisations for them to overcome their race problem like srjk isu and many more…
    bcoz i do not understand why the most people protest this isu are malay,but for chinese and indian,they all majority was quiet about this isu.for me as a chinese,gambling is very sinonim to us.

  49. tuan tulis talang Jun 24,2010 11:19 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Hope you’re in the best of health, Amin
    I totally agree with Tun’s FDI further elaboration giving opportunity for the Rakyat to further understand ..What is FDI ?
    I feel the present Government led by NAJIB is ‘ A LOT OF TALK AND PROMISES BUT ……NO ACTION ONLY RHETORIC .
    Our PM has been going travelling round the world to promote Malaysia
    to attract investment BUT fail to realise the type of investment that they are investing .
    It looks like the Government is in DESPERATE mode as long as any Tom , Dick Or Harry the Government will proudly accept .
    May be Tun’s opinion will give some light to Najib.

  50. Typical Malay Jun 24,2010 11:03 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Saya sangat setuju dengan idea Tun. Saya menyaksikan sendiri keperluan ini dari dekat kerana saya terbabit dengan pembinaan menara bersebelahan menara berkembar Petronas di bawah penyeliaan KLCC holding. Pelbagai masaalah dapat dilihat. Idea Tun seolah Tun juga berada bersama. Perubahan segera dari segi perlaksanaan diperlukan. Masa seolah semakin suntuk. Hidup TUN!…..

  51. pakbelalang Jun 24,2010 8:45 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I think the govt should encourage more science and technology research based foreign universities to set up their branch campus here. Rather than importing cheap labour, wouldn’t it be better if we could attract foreign students to study in these private foreign universities by the thousands. Maybe we can tap new technology developed by these private foreign universities to our advantage.
    Instead of producing low value products, we might be able to produce high value products deriving from R&D from these branch foreign universities.
    We convert Langkawi as the centre of higher learning for foreign universities.
    What do you think, Tun?

  52. al-Din Jun 24,2010 8:32 PM

    In these changing times Tun has given approaches for viable long term approach for our country to benefit from FDI in a wholesome manner. I would imagine that the federal and state governments should have a priority list of the kinds or categories of foreign investments that we should bring in.
    In good times we have not adhere to such guidelines whatmore during bad times like these days brought about by self-inflicted mismanagement at all levels and forms. Anything goes for the meantime so that those with political self-interest survive and the country secondarily.
    Haliburton is among the first to invest in Sri Iskandar corridor. It is a tenticular conglomerate backed by Dick Chenney. It is in Iraq providing mercenary support, the Mexico Gulf oil (spill) and elsewhere I do not know. APCO is BN backed.
    The foreign China dolls invest direct (al beit through the pimps) their bodies (mobile as contrary to fixed) here. Thanks to VOA.

  53. riverman Jun 24,2010 7:36 PM

    Aktiviti yang membina negara :
    1. Sektor peladangan – kelapa sawit , getah
    2. Sektor SMI
    3. Sektor pelancongan – buatlah betul2
    4. Sektor pendidikan – swasta – harus diperbaiki juga / punya harapan
    5. Sektor kewangan
    6. Sektor construction
    7. Sektor telekomunikasi
    8. Sektor pemakanan
    Aktiviti yang mencekik darah rakyat
    1. Sektor perumahan – rumah terlalu mahal
    2. Sektor kenderaan – kereta terlalu mahal – ia tidak mencerminkan harga sebenar di pasaran – cth: harga toyota vios – tidaklah perlu RM80k di pasaran antarabangsa.
    #harus diingatkan – rakyat malaysia membelanjakan hampir 40% daripada gajinya untuk bayaran kereta dan rumah
    Aktiviti yang memrugikan negara
    1. Pengambilan komisen
    2. Projek terbengkalai dan rosak
    3. Subsidi barangan – harus dikurangkan
    Aktiviti yang membinasakan negara dan rakyat
    1. Perbalahan politik – tuduh menuduh.
    2. Perebutan kuasa politik
    3. Rasuah politik
    #para pengamal politik haruslah bersifat lebih matang. Tiada gunanya menuduh kerajaan kini dan lama atas sebarang kelemahan. Buatlah sesuatu untuk memperbaiki keadaan.
    Lupakan yang lama – sukar untuk menangkap semua orang.
    Ampunkan mereka tetapi kita harus bertegas – tiada rasuah mulai esok.
    Marilah kita beramai-ramai, bersatu berikrar untuk melakukan yang terbaik untuk negara ini.
    Lupakanlah kisah lampau, tiada yang sempurna sepenuhnya.
    Kita bersatu berdiri teguh bersama peminpin yang telah dipilih untuk mambawa negara ini ke mercu kejayaan.
    Ingat, bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh.
    Musuh kita bukan rakyat Malaysia – musuh kita berada di luar sana.

  54. HBT Jun 24,2010 4:04 PM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    It’s a long term and good investment rather than just build for the sake of building, eg: Kampung Baru KL, to increase value to the economy which is good for the investors and government land. If Federal Government is serious in setting up International Tourism Base in KLIA, Sepang, Putrajaya, Dengkil and Selangor, perhaps they should look into this matter seriously.
    Thursday June 24, 2010
    Singapore Marina Bay Sands officially opened Tuesday
    SINGAPORE: Marina Bay Sands is set to change the concept of integrated resorts not only in Singapore but the whole of South Asia.

  55. Nothing But Wind Jun 24,2010 3:06 PM

    Dear Tun Dr M,
    It is the Malaysians and their attitude that need to be blamed for any imbalance in the FDI. If at at all the FDI regulations does not merit Malaysia then it points to the weak and vulnerable FDI rules and regulations.
    No foreigner would want to invest in our country unless there is a concrete possibility that they are to make reasonable good returns for their participation. Malaysia is in a competitive region where it is next to Singapore when it comes to cost of labor and other vital resources.
    It is due to this reason, not only the potential foreign investors but also the existing foreign investors, are shunning Malaysia and eying on countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Philipines etc.
    This has seriously affected Malaysian economy, especially the manufacturing sector. Most of the foreign concerns who have substantial and controlling product market in Malaysia but have their manufacturing activities done outside Malaysia. Day by day, this trend is bloating.
    Countries like Japan, China and S. Korea faced similar fate sometime back. They were able to curb their economic decline with determination, hard work and creativity i.e. by manufacturing various products at competitive prices (Of course the quality of the material is normally questionable).
    One proof, why the quality of the materials is secondary is that, many International & popular Brands are now manufactured in those Oriental countries.
    Malaysians didn’t have a far-sight and took things for granted on this scenario thus didn’t prepare themselves for such eventualities. They also lack the spirit, patriotism and the burning desire to succeed in times of difficulties. They get contended easily and give up easily.

  56. parameswara 2 Jun 24,2010 2:15 PM

    dearest Tun Dr Mahathir
    I agree with rakyat_biasa that FDi’s should be welcomed at all times because of it’s backward linkages-other than just employment creation,it need to source local content because it would be cheaper and delivery should be quicker if we have what they want.It would also provide avenue for local companies to identify new business opportunities and ideas.And more local vendors could be created .And more backward linkages…
    And I also agree with Tan Kien Boon on why on earth are you as a muslim supporting something that is universally accepted as bad.You must be principled based ,whatever is wrong is wrong and you can’t justify it on whatever ground .If they want to play illegally and would cost the nation great losses then the govt has just got to beef up on its enforcement to the best they can,that’s all.Let Genting Highland be our only mistake.Do you know how many people have committed suicide because of their follies at the casinoes?And the Govt have no share of this crime in the hereafter?
    Anyway,on a different note ,it’s important that whoever takes over Malaysia must have your characteristics.Keen interest and knowledge of economics, though need not be an expert,as you have the experts to support you.The drive and passion to get things done and that ‘nobody can stop me’ attitude amongst the others.Something we don’t find in any of your successors and why it is boring now.
    But you are not perfect.Your main weakness is in the human resources.You’d make a terrible HR manager,just look at all your choices for your replacements.The people you have given priority in particular your own people have only exploited your tough and risky efforts to only enrich themselves without giving a hoot of the long term consequences on your reputation or the nation.
    Proton is a great idea from South Korea and although we are much younger than the Koreans in the industry doesn’t mean we cannot beat them now.We are almost 25 yrs old surely we would have been able to penetrate the export market if only we had the right people at all levels-starting with the supplier vendors in particular.
    The quality of Proton’s components does show somebody is cutting corners.But is there no quality control in Proton?Or is it because of the guan xi with the people in power that make it difficult to do anything.And again have any of our component supplier established themselves as worthwhile and competitive suppliers to the other automobile companies?Only Proton using them?
    If our population of 28 million is said to be the reason for not having a comfortable mass to be competitive in this industry as South Korea,Sweden has a much smaller population but the Volvo is a successful company.
    If only the right human materials of Malaysia is given the utmost priority instead of race or political considerations I believe Proton or any other Malaysian Companies can take on the world even.Since we already have the world class materials amongst us why don’t we just use them to get to the finishing line?Are we doing business or what?A successful Proton will help lure in more FDI’s as more and more companies will want to participate with our current vendors to tap on the huge automobile market with the emergence of China and India that should be our natural markets.

  57. gie Jun 24,2010 1:53 PM

    Aslmkm Tun,
    1. Gov should give more incentives to local companies who want to set-up technology company and competing their products with international market.
    2. Govmt agencies should lead and show support of such companies by buying their products or give them support by an intent to purchase once products materialized, doesnt matter if the product is inferior to overseas products. This support makes big difference at the early stage before they can sell overseas. To ask rakyat to buy is difficult as certain group/race here doesn’t have ‘semangat kebangsaan’ unlike Japanese and Koreans.
    3. Local companies who develop and/or produce products in the same category as products made by MNCs operating in Malaysia should be selected and groomed and nurtured to become world player by giving great incentives and government agencies should give this company highest priority when buying such product. Some policies should be enhanced.
    4. Heard that some local Bumi companies can sell their products overseas/western countries but fail to sell in Malaysia. Only when they move their operations overseas now they can sell to Malaysia!! What a screw-up policy we have. And also the attitude of Malaysians who glorify foreign-made products. Gov should instead give first class support and treatment to these local companies.
    Thank you. Wassalam

  58. donplaypuks Jun 24,2010 1:32 PM

    You are absolutely right that we should be selective in accepting FDI’s.
    But then, can beggars really be choosers?
    Recently, the Pahang Govt approved an FDI from an Australian company involving the Rare Earth type project which generates radioactive waste with half life stretching to millions and millions of years.
    Yet, after our disastrous experience with Rare Earth in Perak when you were PM, the Pahang Govt has approved this FDI with scant regard for our environment or health risk and hazards to our workers. The Aussie company “chose” M’sia after their own Govt and China refused to allow the ‘tailings” from being processed or stored in their own country!!
    In the final analysis, if our economy and the system of governance is in good shape, we can pick and choose the FDI’s we want. Otw, we will accept any Tom, Dick or Harry who will usually go for the share and property market or riskier ones which no one else will touch with a 10 ft pole.
    That’s the real reason we are losing out to India, China, Hong Kong, S’pore, Indonesia etc.
    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  59. lemand64 Jun 24,2010 12:57 PM

    Elok juga seperti cadangan,Tun atau pihak Tun sekali sekala bagi respon pada komen dalam blog ni.Baru syok,baru karan…

  60. lemand64 Jun 24,2010 12:53 PM

    Tun Yang Dihormati,
    Menentukan pelaburan yang sesuai dengan tahap kemajuan Malaysia.Kita dah lama menerima pelaburan asing sejak 40 tahun yang lalu atau lebih.Sepatutnya perkara ini tidak perlu diingatkan lagi dan lagi tapi nampaknya tidak.
    Pada pendapat saya,pengurusan kerajaan dalam banyak hal seperti masalah pendatang asing/gejalanya,dadah dan belia melayu,isu pendidikan negara yang terawang-awang(1 malaysia?) masih begitu juga walaupun kerap dibincang dan dibahas.Itu sebahagian sahaja agenda yang masih tak selesai.
    Saya percaya kerajaan masih tak mampu memilih yang terbaik untuk malaysia dan mencorakkan masa depan yang lebih berjaya.Cukup setakat yang sedia ada sahaja.Masalah dalam negara pun tak terurus,mampukah kerajaan nak memilih-milih.Hal ehwal Malaysia ditentukan oleh orang lain.Contoh; Pulau batu Putih.
    Kesimpulannya,apa pun yang sedang dan akan kerajaan laksanakan,tak membantu lonjakan bumiputera/melayu dalam waktu ini.Melayu/bumi hanya boleh mendengar dan melihat sahaja.Sesekali merasa bangga dengan Malaysia dengan sajian kejayaan Penyanyi Terbaik Asia,lepas tu kembali muram,dihimpit dan terhimpit.Ini tentu tidak kepada Prof Madya proksi Netanyahu tuu…

  61. pj1 Jun 24,2010 12:13 PM

    Salam Tun
    1. Sikit pun tak salah apa yang Tun perkatakan.
    2. Masalahnya, boleh jadi sikap atau pemikiran, kebanyakkan kita tidak mahu berubah.
    3. Jika sesuatu polisi itu telah dibuat, kebanyakkannya akan menggunakan polisi tersebut walaupun sudah tidak relevan lagi.
    4. Berlainan pula dengan agenda. Setiap pemimpin khususnya mahukan agendanya sahaja yang dipenuhi. Sebab itu kita melihat setiap kali berubah pemimpin, kita boleh jangkakan perubahan agenda yang akan dibawanya.
    5. Keadaan berubah. Maka sudah tentu polisi juga turut berubah tanpa tersasar walau sedikitpun daripada agenda yang telah ditetapkan.
    6. Mungkin mengubah polisi akan menambah beban kerja maka sebab itu lebih baik diam dan duduk dengan selesa. Cukup bulan ambik gaji.
    7. Susah juga kalau setiap kerja mesti ditegur barulah nak buat. Tambah-tambah kalau kita bukan jenis yang suka ditegur.
    8. Yang jelasnya, kami masih memerlukan Tun untuk memberi teguran.

  62. khairi ali Jun 24,2010 11:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, Harap Tun berada dalam sihat sejahtera dan diberkati selalu. Amin.
    Now, U r talking, Tun. I’v been waiting 4 this kind of posting, in order to understand what is going on in the present government.
    I would like to give a gist of Islamic law (usul fiqh) to our friend Tan Kien Boon (24.6). U c in Islam, pig is forbidden (haram. But in certain situation, like emergency, muslim r allow to eat them.
    In the case of gambling, there is another principe of fiqh, that is, u r allowed 2 bear the burden of a special case for the general good of all.
    U must remember that Islamic law is not about absolutism.

  63. HBT Jun 24,2010 11:05 AM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    The gift presented by Hsien Loong to PM Najib was in Triagle of 3 round moderate angles, and not with sharp 90 degree if we took a closer look by ourselves.
    The most important mission is to make Malaysia a Developed Nation with Developed MPs and Civilised Rakyat in status quo of economical, political and socio arena through human intelligence. Rigid and authocratic power won’t work in today’s world.
    Bye, Ayahanda Tun. Woman also elected as PM of Australia and today’s Alice In Wonderland is no longer the fairly tale of the ex-Alice, and she can choose wat she wants in life.
    thestar online reported news-AP:-
    Published: Thursday June 24, 2010 MYT 8:03:00 AM
    Updated: Thursday June 24, 2010 MYT 9:05:59 AM
    Australia gets 1st female PM, Rudd ousted(update)
    CANBERRA, Australia: Australia got its first female prime minister on Thursday after the ruling party dumped Kevin Rudd and installed his deputy as leader.
    Julia Gillard will lead the government to elections due within months.
    She stood unopposed at a vote of the Labor Party’s 112 lawmakers at a meeting Thursday, hours after a revolt against Rudd.
    “I feel very honored,” she told reporters afterward.
    New Australian PM Julia Gillard, left, leaves a Labor Party meeting with new Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan in Canberra, Australia, Thursday, June 24. Australia got its first female prime minister after the ruling party dumped Prime Minsiter Kevin Rudd and installed his deputy, Gillard, as leader. – AP
    Rudd didn’t even stand for reappointment in the vote – a signal that he knew his support had collapsed.
    Rudd had ridden high in opinion polls as one of the most popular Australian prime ministers of modern times until he made major policy backflips, including a decision in April to shelve plans to make Australia’s worst polluters pay for their carbon gas emissions.
    The leadership change is unlikely to alter Australia’s key policy positions, such as its troop commitment to Afghanistan.
    Since she is leader of the majority party in Parliament, Gillard’s swearing in as prime minister is a formality.
    Rudd, who won a landslide election victory less than three years ago, appeared composed after the meeting, but declined to speak to the media.
    The government’s key financial minister, Treasurer Wayne Swan, was elected deputy prime minister unopposed.
    In this Feb. 12, 2008, file photo Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, left, watches as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd takes his affirmation during the first day of federal Parliament in Canberra. Australia got its first female prime minister Thursday, June 24, 2010, after the ruling party dumped Rudd and installed his deputy as leader. (AP Photo/Mark Graham)
    Gillard was born in Barry, Wales, in 1961, the second daughter of a family who migrated to Adelaide, Australia, when she was a four-year-old child in search of a warmer climate for her lung complaint.
    A former successful lawyer, she has been attacked by some opponents as unsuitable to lead because she is childless and therefore out of touch with most Australians.
    Gillard supporter Sen. Kate Lundy said Gillard will turn around the government’s poor polling which triggered the leadership challenge.
    “I think she’ll inspire a new confidence in Labor,” Lundy told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio.
    “I think we were at risk (of losing the next election) and I think Julia presents a much stronger opportunity for us,” she added.
    Despite Australia’s weathering the global downturn, recent polling puts the center-left government neck-and-neck with the conservative opposition.
    One poll earlier this month showed Labor trailing the opposition for the first time in more than four years.
    Rudd called a late night news conference to announce Thursday’s vote of Labor lawmakers after Gillard said she would challenge him for the leadership.
    She had been approached by key factional power brokers in the party who told her that they had abandoned Rudd to support her, Australian Associated Press and Nine Network television reported, without citing sources.
    Rudd was due to fly to a summit of Group of 20 major economies in Canada hours after the ballot.
    It is unclear who will now represent Australia.
    Rudd is a Labor hero, having led the party to victory at 2007 elections after 11 years in opposition. – AP
    Earlier report
    Australia gets its 1st female PM
    CANBERRA, Australia: Australia has its first female prime minister after the ruling party dumped Kevin Rudd and installed his deputy as leader.
    New leader Julia Gillard will lead the government to elections due within months. Gillard stood unopposed at a vote of the Labor Party’s 112 lawmakers at a meeting Thursday, hours after a revolt against Rudd.
    Rudd didn’t even stand for reappointment in Thursday’s vote – a signal that he knew his support had collapsed.
    Since she is leader of the majority party in Parliament, Gillard’s swearing in as prime minister is a formality.
    Gillard is unlikely to alter Australia’s key foreign policy positions such as its troop commitment to Afghanistan.
    Rudd won a landslide election victory less than three years ago but suffered a recent plunge in opinion polls. – AP

  64. Duyam1968 Jun 24,2010 10:47 AM

    Salam sejahtera, Tun,
    I totally agree with you. In practice, personal agenda and self interest will destroy everything. What a pity. Full of frustration and disappointment.

  65. HBT Jun 24,2010 10:38 AM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    Not only illegal sport betting, illegal sand floating happens in Sg Johor though it’s ban by Malaysia Government.
    //Thursday June 24, 2010
    Sand pirates: Millions floated out of the country via Sungai Johor
    JOHOR BARU: Sand worth millions of ringgit is being

  66. HBT Jun 24,2010 9:57 AM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    We need FDI to make Malaysia economy more competitive by selling out national assets since we do not have talented and experienced brain with multi-international networks to diversify these assets. Going into high tech and full automation is highly risky since Malaysia has low population density and it has proven a failure after the 1998 financial crisis.
    The question to me as rakyat is PM Najib more interested in his own personal agenda rather than the nation itself. Maybe he thinks KL Federal Territory belongs to Him and not as 1Malaysia? The fund to build this torn Pudu Jail-PJ aka T.Blair will be raised by Ministry of Finance according to DFM YB Adek Hj Awang reported by thestar online??? On the other hand, DSAI wrote about how Sime Darby = Renong II, and Bank Bumiputra Commerce was replaced by CIMB according 2 His knowledge and perception, and now he has brought up the case of Melaka

  67. insan kerdil Jun 24,2010 9:31 AM

    In my opinion FDI is good in any way because it encourages the National GDP. The Japanese and Korean contractors previously brought into the country also subcontracted the works to local using the subcontractors up fronts to complete jobs. These contractors then collect payments from the local Clients to pay the subcontractors.
    It is a norm for any profit making corporations to maximize profit and it is a management accounting principle to make company strategies and policies based upon the tax laws of the Authorities.
    There are enough regulations in the country to protect the local interests as much as the interests of the Bumiputras. The country’s problem is corruption and disrespect of the laws which puts the distribution of wealth to target groups disarrayed.
    Greeds have more often overcome the expert advise.

  68. MAZAI Jun 24,2010 9:15 AM

    Thank Tun,
    The Government and all the experts appointed by Government should consider Tun’s views.
    Since few years ago I already smell the problems of being colonized again by foreigners. Not through war but controlling of our economy. Looks….
    Foreign investors own our land,
    Foreign investors control our economy,
    Foreign workers run factories owned by foreigners,
    Thus Foreigners become master to our government.
    Over time they can claim of having right to protect their investment in this country. Definitely their government will do anything to protect their citizen……… what would be the consequences.
    Malaysian only become spectators… than victim of termination….. than subjects of new colonial master
    Where is the meaning of INDEPENDENCE.
    DSN please do something.

  69. HBT Jun 24,2010 7:29 AM

    Good morning Ayahanda Tun,
    May I…..
    By Tan Kien Boon on June 24, 2010 3:09 AM
    Dear Dr. Mahathir,
    …….I am really upset that you would approve gambling license ……The chinese always gamble?? get that fact right, I am a chinese and also dozen others who will go against this activities that have destroy so many life!! Do you still care for the people or has capitalism reign among your heart in your circle of influence. I wonder will Marina and your wife agree with you?
    Dear Tan,
    Can you explain why Singapore Government legalise Gambling as Casino in Singapore recently?
    The chinese always gamble, yes they are and maybe you are one of them without knowing…..
    But they don’t use the term gambling, they use the term “take risk” like Indie Jones.
    Because of dozen maverick chinese associaties with 1 eye closed fellas who think that they are the best of the best maverick chinese, in fact you and your group have destroyed many families through objections by spurring the businesses of ah longs aka “mca pkr gerakan dap’- macam pakar gerakan dapat angpow berkongsi fa cai secara diam2 ubi neh like you get the political support, kita sama2 kongsi fa cai rata2.
    Nevertheless, wen the sport betting is legalised, there are many2 alternative ways for Ah Longs and Bookies to spur their businesses through negotiation and legal channels.
    The most important is that the government need to tap this market to bring in income tax revenue to increase gaji2 and construction of the PDRM.
    In Hongkong, Ah Longs no longer defined as Ah Long, they are defined as Legal Financial Centre to lend money out at higher interest rates. Takkan la Mr Tan Boon Kien tak tau.
    Good day, Ayahanda Tun. Maverick Tan Boon Kien tak pa, yang menakutkan adalah dia ni hypocrite depa kata oK, belakang kata Ok due to personal gains of the ‘mcm pkr gerakan dap’…..
    P.S. Is Singapore Government tapping Malaysia gambling market uptown with UMNO at PJ, Pudu Jail?

  70. Tan Kien Boon Jun 24,2010 3:09 AM

    Dear Dr. Mahathir,
    I have high regards for you as a leader all this time. Recently I find that you need take a look at the rakyat. I am really upset that you would approve gambling license to our country that is so terribly jeopardize by ah long and unhealthy gambling. The chinese always gamble?? get that fact right, I am a chinese and also dozen others who will go against this activities that have destroy so many life!! Do you still care for the people or has capitalism reign among your heart in your circle of influence. I wonder will Marina and your wife agree with you?
    I was rather shock when you support such notion.
    I am sorry I do not know what channel to get to you. I love reading this blog all the time and I could agree 70% of the time of your content. Yet, recently I think you should take some reflection of yourself sir.

  71. Jamal Jun 24,2010 2:46 AM

    Dear Tun,
    An interesting analysis and thought provoking suggestions.
    Yes the fuel subsidies which is given across the board are definitely being benefited by the Foreign Investors who set up shop here.
    It was necessary to lower production cost for them and make it attractive for them to come here.
    As you rightly mention at this time, do we need to attract them? Most of what these low or lower medium techonology industries have; it can already be done by the locals. We MUST support our local industries to be competetive locally and for export by giving tax breaks, focused subsidies and support.
    These industries can employ locals and some foreign workers. We need to help them lower production cost, esp. for supply to our local market. Buying we all local we will reduce our need for foreign products and thus protect our currency by lowering our need for foreign currency exchange.
    We need to encourage local business and up-starts to build and grow their ventures.
    We have many enterprising people with the skills, knowledge, desire and drive to do it. Lets give them the support ala the Small Business Agency in USA.
    State goverments need to approach development of their states holistically, i.e. not just building industrial parks etc… but to develop the businesses, opportunites and people consecutively. They must together with the Federal Goverment ensure the necessary infrastructures are ready to allow these industries to operate efficiently and effectively.
    Regulations must be busniess-centric to make doing business by locals as easy as possible.
    As for the Stock Exchanges – if we can, we should open a parallel exchange which will help investors find business for purely investment purpose only – No speculation allow. It’s imperative that the rules must encourage longer term investing and no very short term selling off of shares.
    Once investor buys into the company share the investor when he sells his share will only get back what he bought it for plus (or minus) whatever the Board of Directors decides; with the approval of the Exchange Regulator. For growth these business can expect investors to buy more shares from them attracted by the good dividend payouts.
    The main attraction of the exchange is that companies must pay-out dividends (as attactive as possible and when profit margins allows) to the investor. Profit levels are monitored by the regulators annually.
    This exchange will attact only REAL long term investors. Speculators will not want to gamble here.
    The companies accepted into this exchange must not use bank loans for their operations (i.e. Riba) and therefore also halal busniesses.
    We can call it the Malaysian Investor-Busniess Exchange (fully syariah compliant – no gambling, no non halal business, no greed, no manipulations, no short-changing of any investor nor business.
    Good Health and stay happy Tun.

  72. MalayJessyJames Jun 24,2010 2:21 AM

    sebenarnya Tun, memang FDI kami dh nak gerak hari tu.. kami rancang untuk bt FDI di malaysia worth RM5T… bermula dgn J2020..kami rancang utuk bawa new technology, fill in malaysia with new infrastructre…tapi kerajaan masa tu tak respon dengan apa yg kami cadangan..sampai lah anak haji meninggal..
    Now wat you want us to do know? Do we have to wait for another MAT? who’s new MAT? can you tell us? do you want us to move using Hyundai Fund?
    we are almost give’up now.. just tell us samada kami ni masih lagi valid ke tidak?
    pls la Tun… untuk agama, bangsa & negara ni

  73. M M juga Jun 24,2010 1:55 AM

    1. Incentives should be given priority to technology developed locally. Previous government investments in R&D have developed many home-grown technologies in the public research organisations. It is now time for the commercialisation of such technologies and innovations. Incentives and support should be given for those who bring the technology out into the market who spur local knowledge economy.
    2. Stringent due diligence of the technology brought into Msia from abroad should be conducted. Questions should be asked on the local availability of the technology, the obsolescence of the technology, the competitive advantage of the technology and the strategic value to Malaysia as a whole. Many technology transfer and technology acquisitions from abroad are simply expensive and limited in the prospect for Malaysian economic future.
    3. I agree on the what have been written on the FDI. Foreign investors reaped Msian incentives and grants, and when their holiday period is up or local fund is out, they threaten to layoff all the local workers if no funds are given continuously.
    Thank you.

  74. daniel noor Jun 24,2010 1:24 AM

    Assalam mualikum
    Dear Tun,
    I tend to agree with your opinions. Nowadays thru the advertisements in the local newspapers, there are many properties and developments being offered. in most cases I noticed many of these developers ( the bigger projects ) are foreigners namely from Singapore and Honglong.
    The prices of these properties , some runs into millions of Ringgit per unit. This make me think..who are the actual buyers having so much money? I am not sure there are many Malays that can afford these kind of properties. i am not belittling the malay purchasing powers but I am very sure there are not many Malays in the hundreds of thousand that can afford to pay for the properties. Most Malays still prefer to pay properties below RM500L and many of the locations are more than 2 hours drive from the city. In short the Malays are being pushed to the kampongs again.
    Labor intesive investments can still be offered and ccepted BUT i suggest these industries should be located in a special corridors or kampongs and isolated areas. Of course the Government still need to build up the infrastructure. This way, those from the kampongs and isolaed places need not travel far to gain employments. Mostly those in the kampongs are elders and still usefull. In Japan, such industries existed in far far places to provide employments to the elders and senior people.
    The Govenment meantime should provide more effective incentives to the local industries not only to expand within the country but also setting up manufacturing plants within the ASEAN regions. As ASEAN has AFTA..wherever they set up their manufacturing plants should be a win- win thing. Also they can exchange intelligent manpowers among themselves. This way the countries in ASEAN can propspers as well as their people. As it is now there are a few countries within SEAN facing high employment rates but they have intelligent people that have no oppurtunities to show their skills. Malaysia can capitalise on that.

  75. nigeria friend Jun 24,2010 12:42 AM

    It is right that foreign investment can be very helpful, but never call other if your national firms can do it.

  76. LeeCampwin Jun 24,2010 12:15 AM

    We can attract more genuine FDI if we always retain our own talents.
    Thanks PM Najib for continuing attracting FDI to Malaysia because Malaysia cannot fully depend on itself to develop on its own.
    FDI from Singapore, USA and etc can help to spur Malaysia economic growth. Tun, u should feel very proud about it.
    Tun, i fully agree with your Look East Policy where Japan and South Korea are implementing meritocracy system all the time.
    According to many historians and economist, Tun should be retired in 1997/98 to let new generation of leadership implementing reform for Malaysia.
    From 1998 to 2003, Tun didnt help much in social-economy of Malaysia. Malaysia was stagnating during this period of time where Malaysia was clearing the economic mess due to nepotism and cronyism policies.
    You must fully support the current Malaysian government now, if not as you observing now, websites and blogs in the internet are criticizing / complaining your messy legacy all the time.

  77. Kassim Mohd Hussain Jun 23,2010 11:34 PM

    FDI had amassed wealth at the expense of our workers by paying these workers low salary. They are able to borrow money from foreign banks locally, they pay no tax during the tax holiday period. After the tax holiday period is over they avoid paying tax and same time they enjoy our subsidies for fuel and electricity.
    Can we call this a reciprocal exchange(they create jobs, we provide cheap labour) that is benefiting only these investors.
    If we now have enough workers, must this beloved nation allows this particular reciprocal exchange to continue?

  78. abs Jun 23,2010 11:08 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You know too well that in order to attract FDI’s, Malaysian government offers a lot of incentives and benefits to foreign investors that in the end does not contribute to GDP other than provide employment to local people. Most FDI companies are operating in FTZ areas that are tax free.Even employment, majority is in lower wages category. Very low percentage in medium and high income category.
    They come to Malaysia to take advantage of the benefits offered to them and making maximum profit from the business. In terms of technology transfer is zero. At the same time the government pushing Malaysian companies investing overseas under the name of globalisation and Malaysia Bolih. Most of them lost their investment in Billion of Dollars. Both ways Malaysia is loosing!

  79. MFM Jun 23,2010 10:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I read in the newspaper that you are unable to come for UMNO Cheras official function because not well (fever) on 22nd June 2010 (if not mistaken).
    How are you now, Tun. Berdoa Tun sihat dan dipanjangkan usia, amin…ya robilalamin.
    Please take care, Tun and please help anak-anak yatim dan fakir miskin senantiasa.
    Feroz, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

  80. rakyat_biasa Jun 23,2010 10:23 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Semoga usaha Tun diberkati dan diberi petunjuk oleh Nya.
    I’m sorry but i beg to differ…
    1- There is no FDI that employ only foreign workers. Even if it exist there will be plenty of supporting local companies that still benefit of those FDI. Of course if you can name me any company that 0% local people involvement directly or indirectly, then i rest my case.
    Summary – FDI should be welcome as much as possible. However i do agree that we need to re-think giving tax examption or subsidies like electricity to certain FDI. I do support 100% that the G have to support local companies BUT IT SHOULD BE DONE PURELY BASE ON MERIT (worst case is competition within each races). There are many occasion where we heard ‘failed’ projects due to certain involvement from ‘upper hand’. I’m seriously hope that i don’t have to listen the same thing happen again since our Government is on the verge of brankruptcy.

  81. azmany Jun 23,2010 10:15 PM

    It is refreshing to hear a new vision once in a while.
    I would support this idea. But it will need (a) political will to make changes to status quo (b) support and buy-in from local industries and (c) enterprising bunch of people to develop the anchor companies.
    On the last point, I surely miss the gung-ho years of the 80s where people like Halim Saad, the late Yahaya Ahmad and the likes think big and instill sense of confidence and pride among us, especially Malay entrepreneurs. Yes, in the end they succumbed to the bubble and the group became very much maligned. But they must be given credit (together with powers that be that time) to have given the Malays the confidence to think big AND they have spawned many bumiputra entrepreneurs in their projects.
    Todays Malay corporate leaders are, well corporate leaders. They at GLCs are very good managers and have instilled financial discipline that is sorely lacked by the previous batch. But they lack the entrepreneurship spirit.
    To achieve Tun’s vision, the next batch of corporate leaders must be groomed – so that we can have more big local companies. And hopefully, they will have the best of the two qualities above.
    I’m sure they are here, around us. The powers that be just have to look carefully and give them the space to make some money.

  82. faudzi Jun 23,2010 10:14 PM

    Salam TUN
    Saya amat bersetuju dengan pandangan TUN, jangan biarkan malaysia dijadikan tempat melambakkan teknologi lapuk dan akhirnya kita hanya mendapat habuk dan yang dapat hasil adalah pekerja asing di malaysia.
    untuk menjadi negara maju, FDI yang masuk sewajarnya yang berkualiti dan bersesuaian dgn taraf pendidikan penduduk negara kita

  83. shahrul Jun 23,2010 10:09 PM

    then the government should invest in improving road’s condition in Bukit Sentosa or Bukit Beruntung Rawang Corridor. Both Perodua and Tan Chong Motor provide more income to the country! Tell local PBT to make 4 lanes road all the way from highway toll (Rawang & Bukt beruntung) to Perodua & Tan Chong Motor.

  84. HOT ZOOM Jun 23,2010 8:22 PM

    prihatinlah pada anak2 kita yang amat memerlukan bantuan anda.bantulah dari segi moral jika x mampu dengan wang ringgit.
    kanak2 ini memrlukan bantuan anda

  85. George Leong Jun 23,2010 8:16 PM

    Looking forward for more sharings Dr. Mahathir!

  86. George Leong Jun 23,2010 8:15 PM

    Agreed with you Dr. Mahathir. This is one of the ways towards high-income economy. May we achieve it by year 2020. Take good care of your health, CHEERS:)

  87. samuraimelayu Jun 23,2010 7:37 PM

    6. If we wish to have FDI, it should be confined to industries which bring in technologies which can add high value to the products. The pay for the workers at different levels should be higher as such industries can afford higher pay. In fact we should phase out the industries dependent on cheap labour. Wherever possible, incentives such as tax exemptions should be given to industries owned by locals if they bring in technologies from abroad. Even the expansion of certain locally-owned industries should be given incentives by the Government. This is the strategy employed by Japan and Korea. By supporting local industries to grow big, they now have world class business with their own brand names.
    DEMI K.A.M.I.

  88. Mat Jun 23,2010 7:23 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun Mahathir.
    Hope you are doing well now. Interesting insight Tun. Shows how we have to keep tab on things that we may find it common and always look at them from many angles. I think this is part of what Malaysia should do i.e. look at how things affect Malaysia. Not just follow what others do.
    Terima kasih Tun Mahathir

  89. xabiso Jun 23,2010 6:29 PM

    I’m glad that you actually read comments and write about it!!!
    jaredwong2000 at yahoo dot com

  90. amin tan Jun 23,2010 6:16 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Congratulations for another excellent posting. I hope Datuk Seri Najib and the whole cabinet read this posting. I absolutely concur with your reasoning. It should be made current national policy on FDI and foreign investment in our share market. You should be made mandatory advisor on FDI and share market. For a start at least appoint you as Chairman of Bursa Saham Malaysia.
    amin tan

  91. capello08 Jun 23,2010 5:40 PM

    I propose a few actions to improve our FDIs:
    1) Ensure the politicians know the impact of FDIs to the economy, and what it really means, the principles, etc.
    2) Tax more to companies that employ foreign labours. They benefit from higher profits while not contributing to the local employment market. Besides, they should pay the costs associated with dealing with problems created by certain foreigners like crimes, social problems, immigration enforcements, etc.
    3) We improve the standards of education. Rather than too much reliant on foreign expertise, we should build our own ‘technology’. YoY everchanging education policies everytime there are changes to the ministers in charge or the Education Department directorships.. should stop! Why not making the exams harder and ensure students understand how the formulas are derived eg f=ma, e=mc2, y=a+x, Y = G+I+X+T, etc. Our students study based on formula given to them rather than understanding the proper concept of things. Worst of all, our way of doing business is mainly trading in nature, rather than the producer or inventors.
    4) Make it a niche for government funded schools (sekolah kebangsaan) to emphasis on inventions and language. Invest as much money. We have too many Chinese Schools, Sekolah Agama, etc. Children should all be attracted to the sekolah kebangsaan and through time, we may create more innovators and inventors from a greater pool of students studying within the same stream of education.
    5) Lower corporate tax to compete vs Singapore and Vietnam. However, more enforcements to the sole traders and Chinamen company on taxation, as a source of tax income during transition period whilst we wait for the results to come in in future through FDIs. A lot of self employed citizens are not paying tax in this country as they should have.

  92. imleh Jun 23,2010 5:34 PM

    Salam Tun & Fellow commentors,
    Malaysia should continue learning from Japan & Korea esp in expanding local industries & technologies. Being cheap is not necessarily means being competitive. We cant compete with Vietnam, Indonesia & China in term of cheap labour. If Malaysia wants to develop & achieve developed country status in 2020, the implementation of new economic model must be effective.

  93. speedbird Jun 23,2010 5:29 PM

    For the country to get more foreign investors, Pak Lah’s Era Ministers like the not so intelligent ones like the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob should go.
    He is tarnishing the image of the country with his foolish policies and ending up begging retailers and eating his words.
    He still acts like Pak Lah, doing the infamous FLIP FLOP, coming out with ridiculous policies and such.
    Clean up the cabinetm clean up UMNO and get the government image up.

  94. Lionelchee Jun 23,2010 5:02 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I wish the present government will listen to your advice and change. Most people fear change and these are the people who will not advance. Unfortunately this will lead our country to fall behind. The citizens of Malaysia owe Tun a great deal during your previous leadership and my highest salute to you, Tun. Most important Tun, take good care of your health and Malaysia needs your advice in many more years to come.

  95. hazik Jun 23,2010 4:56 PM

    salam Tun,
    thank you for teaching us and imparting your knowledge to us.
    at least through this blog we can learn.
    you have done a lot for malaysia and now by teaching us you are leaving behind your knowledge for us to prosper.
    thank you

  96. indiana Jun 23,2010 4:17 PM

    Why did you put Pak Lah as PM? Were you out of your mind?

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