1. There is something strange about the behaviour of Israel towards Gaza. Arrogance is of course a part of the Israeli character but beyond that they seem to have a long term plan. On the excuse that rockets had been fired at Israel from Gaza, Israel invaded that strip of Palestinian land, killing 1,400 Gazans, wounding many more and razing to the ground 20,000 homes, over 100 schools, hospitals and other Government buildings.

2. International pressure apparently forced Israel to stop the carnage and to withdraw from Gaza. A kind of peace appeared to have been established and numerous countries pledged billions to rebuild Gaza. After that, news about Gaza ceased to appear in the media and the assumption was that the pledges of aid were being honoured and rebuilding was in progress.

3. After months of silence in terms of media coverage, it was discovered that Israel had blocked aid material and aid workers from entering Gaza. Supported by Egypt, the border between that country and Gaza was closed. The crossing point at Rafah was guarded by Egyptian security personnel and only limited supplies were allowed to pass.

4. Then an NGO group called the Free Gaza Movement sent small boats to Gaza with supplies of food and medicine. Two or three boats got through but after that, of two other boats which tried, one was rammed by an Israeli naval ship, throwing the passengers and supplies into the sea. The other was boarded by Israeli commandos and forced to go to Ashdod port in Israel. The occupants were later released but nothing is known about what happened to the aid supplies.

5. It is clear that Israel with the support of Egypt was carrying out a siege of Gaza. Deprived of medical supplies and exposed in make-shift shelters to the harsh winters, many of the sick and wounded, the old and the small children died.

6. Hearing of the siege, the PGPO (Perdana Global Peace Organisation) of Malaysia suggested that a flotilla of passenger and cargo ships be sent to Gaza. In May 2010 the flotilla set sail but while the boats were still on the high seas, Israeli commandos attacked and killed nine Turkish aid workers on the Mavi Marmara, and injured many others.

7. The boats were forced by the Israeli warships to sail to Ashdod in Israel where the aid workers were detained but were subsequently allowed to make their way back to their own countries.

8. The boats remained at Ashdod. The Israelis reported that they themselves had sent the aid material to Gaza. How much of the material was sent is not known but certainly the Israelis found no weapons of any kind in the cargo carried by the boats. Otherwise they would have invited the world press to show these weapons as proof that the mercy workers were terrorists.

9. Since then Israel has threatened to regard any aid ship from Iran as warships and would attack them, while a Libyan ship with medicine and food is also threatened.

10. Why is Israel doing this? The ships never entered Israeli waters on the way to Gaza and there has been no evidence that weapons were carried. Nor were the people accompanying the cargo in any way connected with “terrorists”. There were old women and babies among the people on the MV Mavi Marmara.

11. But it is not only Gaza that the Israelis have put under siege. All the territories that should be under the so-called Palestinian Authority have also been made inaccessible.

12. When I and my small entourage tried to go to Palestine to see the destroyed village of Jenin and to go to Jerusalem, Israelis manning the border between Jordan and Palestine delayed us for more than two hours and so prevented us from seeing Jenin or going to Jerusalem as we had to leave Palestine by 6.00pm. It seems that Israel does not want visitors to visit Palestine and see what the Israelis are doing to Palestinian land.

13. As is well known, Israeli settlements have been built all over Palestinian territory. In addition roads were built which the Palestinians were not allowed to use. A high wall has been built not to separate Israel from Palestine but to break up the villages of the Palestinians.

14. The Palestinian Authority is an anomaly. The UN in 1948 had divided Palestine between the Jews and the Arabs to create two states – Israel for the Jews and Palestine for the Palestinian Arabs. The Arabs were hounded out of Israeli territory through threats of massacre as happened in Deir Yassin.

15. There should therefore be two states on Palestinian land – Israel and Palestine. But after the 6-day war launched by Israel supposedly because it feared attacks by Arab States, much of the Palestinian territory, including Gaza and the West Bank were occupied by Israel.

16. Even then after the attacks were stopped there should still be a state of Palestine on the parts not occupied by Israel. Somehow or other the state of Palestine ceased to exist. Instead there was created the Palestinian Authority and the world seem to accept this as a fait accompli.

17. During World War II much of France was occupied by Germany but the state of France continued to exist having its capital in Vichy. There is no reason why the state of Palestine could not exist even if its territory is much diminished. But the fact is that there is now no Palestine but only a Palestinian Authority.

18. With this the state of Palestine ceased to exist. However, despite the many Jewish settlements built on the remaining Palestinian land, despite obvious evidence of Israeli rule over much of Palestine such as Israeli check-points and control of Palestinian borders together with roads through Palestinian land reserved for Israelis, the world still thinks that there is Palestine and Palestinian land.

19. Although there is a Palestinian Authority, it has in fact no authority over any Palestinian land at all. The Israelis are free to do what they like in places said to be under the Palestinian Authority. Even the collection of taxes are done by the Israelis. At one stage the Israelis refused to hand over the taxes they collected to the Palestinian Authority.

20. Democracy was promoted as a solution to the Palestinian issue after Fatah was persuaded to go along with U.S. plans for a peace solution. However when elections were held Fatah lost to Hamas. Despite all the beliefs in democracy, the U.S. supported Israel in not allowing Hamas to form the Government of Palestine. Instead Fatah was recognised as the Government.

21. Frustrated by U.S hypocrisy Hamas set up a government in Gaza. Even though the Hamas Government was denied jurisdiction over all Palestinian territories, there was no way to dislodge its rule in Gaza.

22. The implication is that whereas the Israelis can build settlements and rule the part of Palestine supposedly under the Palestinian Authority, it cannot do the same in Hamas controlled Gaza. Israel must therefore find other ways of bringing Gaza under its control via the Palestinian Authority.

23. The invasion of Gaza by Israel was therefore to be expected. But so brutal was the Israeli war of occupation of Gaza that the world was revolted by it and forced the war to be stopped. But the Israelis were not going to be so easily frustrated. Without regard for its peace undertakings and international law Israel immediately blockaded supplies and contacts with Gaza by the outside world.

24. The strategy appears to be to weaken the resolve and spirit of the Gazans, to render them so physically weak that the next time Israel invaded the strip the Gazans would be incapable of strong resistance. Eventually it would have to surrender. With this the Israelis would be able to build settlements and exercise authority over Gaza as it has done over the other parts of Palestine.

25. If there should be a negotiation for a two-state solution, it is unthinkable that the Israelis would vacate their settlements or subject themselves to rule by a Palestinian state. They would physically be under Israeli rule and de facto if not de jure be a part of Israel. The bits and pieces of the remaining Palestinian land would still be under Israel control. There would be no recognisable Palestinian state. In fact agreements notwithstanding, there would be only Israel occupying the whole of the land once known as Palestine. There would be no Palestinian identity. Palestine and its history would be lost.

26. This is a form of genocide. A whole people will have been made to disappear very much as if they have all been exterminated. The world will forget there even was a Palestine.

27. My fear is that while the world may forget, the Palestinians and their descendents will not. They will always remember. And remembering they will continue their struggle, probably in ways that the world may have to pay a heavy price for. We are seeing some of it now but what we will be seeing would render peace for the world meaningless.

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  1. LIM SC Dec 11,2010 9:28 PM

    I like to share something about Mind Control Experimentation currently carried out on numerous unconsensual uninformed innocent citizens worldwide.
    I myself have been a targetted individual and I am a Malaysian.
    I think this Mind Control has victimised lots of innocent general public and its master mind, as I have learned from some online sources, is Zionist, among other Nazi background scientists + Illuminati.
    Jews are smart but dangerous people at the same time.
    Anyone who is victim of mind control, please visit website of mind control activism :
    LIM SC
    My email :

  2. Aida Aug 28,2010 12:56 PM

    salam tun n famili im working in saudi with palestinians jordanian egyptians who hates israel. i told them all of u get together n fight them.1-nuclear weapon 2-strong support from america. i believe barrack obama half hearted support israel but his cabinet filled with keep his president chair he has to agree.thats why u could see bit by bit he is changing he is electing hispanic non jewish people in certain post like the judge.reflect back to malaysia some people are like israel mula mula tumpang kemudian conquer..

  3. The Hidden Secret Aug 28,2010 7:24 AM

    Peace Tun.
    For almost a century, Palestinians failed to solve their problem with the Jews people and Israel. As such, we could no longer depend on them to solve their problem. Palestinian voted Hamas because Fatah is/was a corrupt “government”. You must make the Palestinians agree to be ruled by other nation/s for an interim period (say between 10 to 50 or maybe 100 years) because it is much more better than to be ruled by Israel. I think Turkey should be one of the countries to rule Palestine as Turkey is a member of NATO. You must convince Turkey to “colonize” Palestine during the interim period. Palestine then will become part of Turkey. As such, NATO (including America) have no choice but to protect Palestine from Israel, unless NATO or America expel Turkey from the alliance.

  4. kfaiz Aug 17,2010 11:01 PM

    Dear Tun and all,
    I think the best word to use against the Israelis and their allies are that they are Zionist. One needn’t be a Jew to be a zionist.
    Probably if we take a look at a short independent documentary called ‘The Arrivals’ (available at Youtube), we might understand why the zionists will never stop at anything to get hold of the ‘Promise land’.
    By the way do you know that the elite and special zionist force is called ‘The Kfir’?

  5. kulupali Aug 15,2010 1:44 AM

    Salam Bahagia Tun dan Keluarga.
    ***Pihak German semasa Hitler amat benci kepada orang Yahudi kerana mereka dikatakan bangsa yang jahat. Ibarat pokok PARASITE(dedalu) yang tidak boleh dipercayai, cuba MENDOMINASI tempat apabila telah lama bertapak, berhati jahat dan jadi pembelot. Sebab itu mereka membunuh orang Yahudi.
    ***Tanggapan orang German itu ada kebenarannya. Jika kita lihat Amerika hari ini telah dikuasai oleh orang Yahudi dalam banyak perkara. Daripada membuat keputusan di Dewan Senat tentang dasar luar U.S hinggalah kepada penguasaan ekonomi Negara tersebut.

  6. andrewtay Aug 12,2010 7:19 PM

    Kiasu? haha the more kiasu you are the more kuat you become. Malays should learn more about kiasu. You can read it from my new book “Kiasu-ness, a fortunate curse!”

  7. adik adik Aug 12,2010 3:11 PM

    Usahakanlah dan Jangan dipertikaikan
    Kuman diseberang,Gajah di depan mata.
    Anak Tiri Regim Yahudi yg berpangkalan sebelah
    sedang sibuk menerokai Johor,
    sibuk menjelajah tanah melayu,
    economic war yang dihalalkan Menteri Bodoh kita,
    Sibuk dengan beribu lori,mengorek tambak,tanah di Pulai,Skuadai,
    Senai,Simpang dan BANYAK Lagi,
    Habis Tanah Melayu di Gadai,
    sedangkan TUN sibuk
    mempertikaikan soal Palestine.
    Dayus kita tak mampu menjaga hak kita.

  8. Shahza Aug 10,2010 11:46 PM

    Just wait until the Kineret Lake dries up….
    for the moment, maybe i can bring your attention to this, why they so badly provoke and want PALESTINE..the revive back the ‘GOLDEN AGE’
    get them free,

  9. ezani Aug 10,2010 4:19 PM

    Salam Tun
    As usual your articles are well written, simple to understand and straight to the point. I have some comments :-
    1. This is the one and only article anyone in the world should ever read to know what is going on in Gaza and what the Israel Zionists are doing under a hidden curtain in exterminating a race called Palestine. I don’t think anyone is ever going to be able to read an article in any newspaper or magazine as good as this.
    2. It is absolutely incredible that the whole, wide world can go about resuming their business as usual as if nothing is happening in Palestine unless the Perdana Peace Movement and Mavi Marmara and Astro AWANI go and send a ship and have two leading ASTRO AWANI newscaster/cameraman personalities captured when suddenly average Malaysian citizens like me suddenly sit up and take notice. My hats off to Shazwad the ASTRO newscaster..even his father said that as a young man, he was a very brave boy and love danger and adventurous situations!
    3. How can the Israelites be so stupid to think that with their 1 0r 2 million headcount they think they can get away with this and also try to control political America? Insyallah, there will come a time when people realise and Israel will be wiped off the world map.
    4. The Arab states themselves are fighting among themselves and have differing views about Islam as in Sunnis and Syi’ahs. How can they even expect to unite and become strong to fight the united Zionists? Even Egypt can be bought with money and power to side with Israel and to menindas the Palestinians.
    5. Malaysians and UMNO are the most stupid. Their leaders adapt the British laws including the Jewish form of banking, a democracy style government based on asobiah (secularism) and freely introduce the “yellow culture” to corrupt the minds of our Malaysian youths such as Hollywood, disco, massage parlours, gambling in Genting, alcholic drinks from Guiness and Anchor, alcholic drinks in hotels and also Akademi Fantasia and many useless things such as Majalah Hiburan, HRTV, Media Hiburan and artists singing such as Sheila Majid, Norman Hakim, Abby, Black Eyed Peas, Wonder Girls, etc. Whereas Malaysian youths have many more important things to do such as working hard to develop the country and doing useful things in Boys Scout or St Johns Ambulance or in the tabligh group or sebagai Rakan Masjid atau Surau. We see many Government leaders having their lunches and dinners in luxury with silver plated spoons and grand luncheons in lush surroundings of the 5-star foreign owned and foreign built hotels here in Malaysia having been invited by UMNO under the “guise” of “modernising and developing the Malaysian economy.”
    I blame the Malaysian Government and UMNO for our Malaysian decadence.

  10. takaful Aug 10,2010 4:12 PM

    Dear Tun Mahathir

  11. kgtelok Aug 9,2010 8:22 PM

    Apa arab buat tak ada kena mengena dengan anda. Satu perkara yang patut dicontohi adalah, kerakyatan tidak senang-senang diberi. Anda bolih buat sebanyak mana bisnes yang anda mahu di tanah arab. Namun, nak perolehi kerakyatan tidak semua yang dilakukan oleh UMNO. Kita tidak pun mengata orang arab “rascist”.
    Kita sering berselindung dalam kata-kata kerana ingin menjaga hati orang. Berterus terang sahajalah baru kita dapat memahami hujah anda.

  12. sikenit Aug 9,2010 7:55 PM

    Salam Tun and readers all,
    to Joe Therapist;
    1. How old are you Joe?
    2. No, I’m not bothered with your ‘tact’ or lack of it to Tun, but FYI, you are down right rude and stupid.
    3. Why stupid?
    4. Coz you said “The situation there is too complicated for us to understand”. Hey man, speak for yourself, I could easily understand the situation there. If you can’t, then THAT goes to show that you are stupid, my dear fellow.
    5. And you said, “Jangan asyik pandang keganasan di bumi orang lain. Di sini ada keganasan sendiri.”
    6. hahahahhahahahahhhhhaaaaa… joe…joe…. How easy it is for you to brush Tun’s mesage aside with your own “DISINI ADA KEGANASAN SENDIRI” WAHHHH… TAKUTLAH…..
    7. Which part of Malaysia are you referring to Joe? And which keganasan???
    8. Oh! Oh! I know. You must be referring to those street violence started by PKR, and Gerakan Bersih; and Anti ISA; and all those demonstrations kan…??? Or could you be cleverly referring to the molotov cocktails thrown at this church and that temple, and the pig’s head left in some mosques?
    9. What a shallow person you are Joe, Can’t you see further ahead than the end of your nose?
    10 . And stop listing down the names of all those Jewish wars which I bet, even you yourself do not know the heads or tails of them.
    11. Coz, if you have two cents to your name, dear fellow, then go ahead and use this blog to enlighten us all about the history of all those Jewish wars you’ve very bravely listed down. What were the causes, what were their effects? Are the Jews any worse off now that those wars had taken place?
    12. And, my dear fellow, if you can’t explain all that- stop trying to list down names.. goes to show your shallow brain is good only to copy and paste.
    13. You then go and get a life!!!
    sikenit- insignificant- but not stupid.

  13. wajaperak Aug 9,2010 3:15 PM

    Semoga Tun dan 2,000 orang moderatornya sudi mengizinkan…:)
    [[Joe Therapist]]
    Dear joe..Oh dear..
    [[1.You Are Blind and You Lead Blind Men Here in Malaysia]]
    Wow..nicely said..And you?..Classic case of
    “I am holier than thou”?
    [[2. If you dare talk about Deir Yassin, you must educate the Readers about, Gush Etzion and the Massacre of Kfar Etzion. Then it will be fair to the Readers. But you Birth Hatred from Ignorance. I shudder to think if it was Purposeful]]
    Ditto here.There is two side of a coin.Seven from muslim perception..but the vector and magnitude Mr Joe??
    [[3. To all reader who are going to get hot & bothered about my Tact in writing to Tun, Don’t, it’s just more insulting. He still hasn’t seen fit or does not have the courage to mention about the ‘Yum Kippur’ War. So why you all so Excited]]
    [[4.The Situation there is too complicated for us to understand or be involved. Solve what we are here before getting involved with other peoples issues, most of all Arab-Israeli Conflict]]
    Meaning..for you to complicated to understand.For us Muslim it is simple..It is about Al Aqsa mosque..
    [[5. My Message, Jangan Asyik pandang Keganasan di Bumi Orang Lain. Di sini ada keganasan sendiri. Tapi tak akan dapat Perhatian di Mata Dunia. This is all Publicity. All this to create Name and Presence at the Expense of Peoples sufferings. It’s Pathetic. And then to Parade to the World that someone trying to Fight for Justice… Please…]]
    And my message learns about Islam to be a real “therapist”.Self appointed therapist like you have the biggest kick I knew..
    Playing God in your “therapist session”…:)
    [[Get a Life]]
    Which life??..
    You or us??
    Saudara Zulkiflee Arif.Hubungi saya di
    Mari kita belajar ilmu lain dari ilmu yang konvensional.Ini di panggil “mukasyafah”.
    Moga Tun sudi mempraktikkan dan kita akan berhujah dengan lebih tepat lagi..
    Terima kasih Tun.

  14. zadd79 Aug 9,2010 2:49 PM

    MEMENITK KATA-KATA “Kalau nak tegakkan amar makruf nahi mungkar, ayuh jadilah anak jantan. Saya cabar PAS,” ,”Kalau tak mampu, Pemuda Umno bersama-sama dengan Umno negeri bersedia untuk mendesak kerajaan negeri menutup pusat hiburan di bulan Ramadhan,” katanya disambut tepukan hadiran ceramah jelajah ‘Gelombang Selamatkan Selangor’ malam tadi. kata timbalan pengerusi badan perhubungan Umno Selangor Datuk Seri Noh Omar.

  15. azlan95 Aug 9,2010 9:28 AM

    Israel’s survival is due to the existence of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. These two Palestinian camps fuel the the continuation of funding towards Israel’s economy.
    Palestinians must migrate (hijrah) to stop the genocide. They must emulate the early approach of the first generation of Muslims.

  16. OrangLama Aug 9,2010 1:18 AM

    Apa yang berlaku di Palestin, juga sedang berlaku di beberapa negara Islam lain. Lihatlah kesamaan d Palestin bekas jajahan British dan di Malaysia yang juga bekas jajahan British. Saya berpendapat masalah Palestin sukar mencapai kejayaaan selagi negara2 terdekat iatu negara Arab tidak bersatu menentang Israel. Depa tak bersatu mungkin kerana pemimpin depa sendiri pun tak tentu betul, mungkin dibawah pengaruh Amerika/Yahudi. Nak jadi pemimpin bukan lah satu perkara mudah. Kadang2 ada hajat nak buat terbaik tetapi kena tekan pihak luar kerana pelbagai jenis ugutan.
    ******Kepada semua anak2 muda Malaysia*******
    Malaysia ketandusan pemimpin2 muda yang beriman dan berkebolehan tinggi.Bersihkan diri dan jiwa. Elakkan diri dari membuat dosa. Ikhlaskan diri kepada Allah. InsyaAllah bila kamu diangkat sebagai pemimpin, kamu akan jadi pemimpin cemerlang.
    *****Kepada seorang YB PAS dan pemimin PAS lain**********
    Baru ini ada berita seorang YB PAS pergi melawat kilang arak Carlsberg dengan niat baik untuk berusaha menutup kilang atau memindah kilang ke Pulau Indah(?).
    Saya alu2kan kesungguhan YB ini. Cuma yang menjadi isu, YB ini telah bergambar mesra dengan orang kuat kilang Carlsberg. Apa masalahnya? Ikut cerita YB bimbang gambar ini jika tersebar akan dipergunakan oleh UMNO untuk putar belit cerita .
    Pendapat saya:
    YB tak sepatutnya bimbang dengan orang UMNO main isu . Biasalah itu politik dan saya percaya bukan semua mainan politik diterima bulat2 oleh orang Melayu . Cuma YB sepatutnya bimbang kalau2 gambar YB muncul beberapa puluh taun kemudian, nanti cucu cicit YB tengok gambar YB bersama Bosss Carlsberg.Kalau YB jadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia lagi masalah kerana gambar YB mungkin disimpan dalam Carlsberg’s Hall of Fame and Museum. Mungkin tiada siapa dapat menjelaskan dengan baik kepada cucu cicit YB dan orang2 Islam yang lain zaman akan datang kenapa YB bergambar mesra dengan Boss Carlsberg . Ini yang sepatutnya dibimbangkan.
    Yang saya paling bimbang gambar YB disalah guna diperingkat antarabangsa menunjukkan pemimpin Islam bersama Boss Kilang Arak! Macam2 depa boleh buat, kalau gambar itu dah ada kat depa. YB boleh minta depa jangan tunjuk gambar ini kepada sesiapa pun. Tapi berapa lama. Nanti generasi akan datang ternampak gambar ini dan mungkin terus paparkan dalam internet. La ni Internet cukup meluas.
    Inilah yang dikatakan niat baik tetapi kaedah salah. Kebanyakan ahli politik orang Melayu termasuk pemimpin lain PAS dan UMNO selalu buat silap benda2 macam ini. Sebab itu dalam Islam kena sentiasa bermesyuarah sebelum membuat sesuatu keputusan dan bertawkal selepas itu. Saya cadangkan YB bincang bersama2 rakan2 YB cara mengatasinya. InsyaAllah akan dimudahkan Allah jalan penyelesaiannya.
    Ada satu perkara lagi mungkin ramai orang Melayu semua dah tahu. Orang Melayu tak kira PAS atau UMNO (termasuk boss atau pekerja bawahan) selalu kalah bila berunding dengan bukan Melayu. YB kalah rundingan dengan boss Carlsberg? Kalau kalah saya tak hairan sebab depa dah lebih bersedia dengan pelbagai2 teknik menjawab soalan peperiksaan. Jangan lupa depa world class businessmen, pandai bercakap,Otak pusing duit sementara pelanggan depa(peminum arak) kepala berpusing2!!!!!!!! PAS jangan lupa kawan2 hangpa dalam Pakatan Rakyat itu ramai yang otak suka berpusing2. Tanpa disedari habis hang pa ditelan sama2.
    Orang Melayu suka “garang” macam harimau lapar bila berunding isu sensitif sesama Melayu tapi “lemah lembut” seperti penari tarian zapin bila berbincang dengan bukan Melayu. Bila berunding berkebolehan bercakap pelbagai loghat seprti loghat Cina dan juga loghat India. Yang bahagian ini saya rasa UMNO lebih garang kerana cakap loghat Melayu tulin sementara PAS duk lenggang lenguk senyum manis ,malu2 bila bersama DAP. Kena kelentong pun masih ada perasan kasih sayang. Panglima Bukit Gantang, Are you okay?
    Jangan marah. Gurau sikit saja. Bulan Puasa nak dekat ini. Saya ucapkan Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan kepada Tun &keluarga, semua orang Islam tanpa kira fahaman parti politik. Saya memohon ampun maaf kepada semua dan saya doakan Semuga Ramdhan Membawa Berkat kepada kita semua Muslim. Amin.

  17. zaman Aug 8,2010 8:03 PM

    SalAm Sejahtera Tun.
    Perjuangan Mu tetap di kenang dan di abadikan.Selagi zionis masih hidup dunia ini tidak akan menjadi aman.Fitnah yang di taburkan israel zionis laknat akan tetap membara selagi hajat mereka belum tercapai.
    Fahaman zionis ini akan menular dengan secara halus dan ganas.Hingga kita tidak sedar.
    Tun terima Kasih kerana selalu meyedarkan kami.
    May Allah Bless You. Amiin

  18. 6 Jahanam Aug 8,2010 6:07 PM

    Are you not concern of the economic invasions that now
    happening in Johor.
    Johor has rapid development by foreign govt,
    they have bought much of Johor Land,much of from bumiputra.
    Next 5 years Johor will be defaced,and disown by bumis.
    Why look far when you should care most of your own land being invaded.
    You are in position to deter threats.

  19. ray2467 Aug 8,2010 3:24 PM


  20. kgtelok Aug 8,2010 1:19 PM

    Selamat Menyambut Puasa bagi semua muslim. Siaplah. Tak lama lagi harga barang-barang keperluan hari raya pun naiklah. Kerajaan pimpinan UMNO tak akan bolih buat apa selain mencari alasan dan helah. Tiap-tiap tahun macam ni. Menteri bolih buat apa? Kalau nak ambil tindakan, dapat ancaman boikot olih peruncit. Najib kecut suruh tarik balik tindakan kerana nak dapat undi rakyat kelas no.1. Kecut macam Hishamudin sarong keris dan minta maaf tak tentu pasal. Cabut keris tu main drama nak dapat undi perwakilan UMNO. Kalau ada pihak yang nak membela macam PERKASA, diancamnya nak diharamkan. Semua ini berpunca dari kesilapan UMNO memberi kerakyatan yang tak sepatutnya. Sekarang ni bolih ke orang melayu beramai-ramai nak jadi rakyat SIngapura? Nak pergi beramai-ramai di KL dan Pulau Pinang pun tak tentu bolih macam kata Andrewtay. Janganlah nak salahkan orang Cina. Cina memang kita sedia maklum “racist” dan kiasu. Jangan harap simpati kaum ni. Salahkan pemimpin melayu (UMNO)yang gilakan kuasa dan kedudukan.

  21. Sinkapore1234 Aug 8,2010 1:17 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Please consider this.
    Living to fight another day.
    This is the proven point throughout the history.
    It is etched whether be it in the Indian epics such as Mahabaratha …or Greek mythology or even Sun Tsu’s famous tactics of wars as in–“To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious. “….”India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border.” – Hu Shih (Former Ambassador of China to US -1891 – 1962)
    This applies till today.Just look no further than Mahatma Gandhi,Sun Yet Sen,Ho Chi Minh and etc….They preserved themselves in another land which is a foreign soil till the time was ripe…to fight a fruitful fight which yielded results.
    The Palestinians & Muslims have numbers in their side.Which the Jews do not.Trust me , the numbers always win–eventually.Just like China & India for examples.They were once a vanquished land but just look at them now.So will Indonesia.It will rise.Mark my words.
    Hence the best bet to fight evil or any evil for that matter is self-preservation.Preserve and nurture a future generation who than will eventually conquer an unjustful empire ; as Israel exemplifies itself now.How?
    Because time and tide does not stands still.And the only thing that is certain about anything is change.As the timeless saying goes “This too shall pass” (Persian:ا

  22. Zulkiflee Bin Arip Aug 8,2010 10:00 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun,
    mohon izin mengulas saudara kita Wajaperak….anda marah besar terhadap golongan antihadis dan anda marah juga pada saudara-saudara kita yg tidak turut serta berdebat menentang kekufuran mereka.Firman Allah S.W.T;
    “jangan lah kebencian kamu terhadap sesuatu membuat kamu tidak berlaku adil…”.
    maaf saudara,saya tidak bermaksud menyinggung tetapi antihadis bukan lah satu-satu nya masaalah yg kita ada.kita umat Islam diseluruh pelusuk dunia sedang ditimpa berbagai macam petaka yg lengkap-sempurna.bukan saja Iraq,Afghanistan,Palestin,Kashmir, Mindanao,Pattani malah di Malaysia sendiri pun kita dihujani dgn masaalah yg lebih berat dari fahaman sesat golongan antihadis.
    masaalah Umno yg kekenyangan rasuah tapi tak boleh berhenti dari terus menyuap lagi,sebagai contoh,menurut pendapat saya,adalah lebih serius dari kesesatan akidah sekumpulan kecil orang sebab kejatuhan Umno bakal membawa kpd kejatuhan seluruh Agama Islam itu sendiri.jika Umno kalah pilihanraya kali ini,dalam masa dua-tiga tahun saja,PAS dan PKR akan disingkirkan dgn mudah oleh DAP.kemudian kita akan masuk kedalam Singapura dimana agama Islam diseratakan dgn agama-agama penyembah berhala.kemudian antihadis,sebagaimana Qadiani-Ahmadiah,akan diberi status perlindungan di bawah undang-undang Keharmonian Agama.dan akan menjadi kesalahan jenayah bagi sesiapa yg cuba mematahkan hujah mereka.
    saudara Wajaperak,saya melihat masaalah penghakisan kuasa Melayu yg sedang berlaku ini sebagai sesuatu yg perlu diberi perhatian utama.sebab tanpa kuasa,kita tak akan dapat mempertahankan agama.tentu kita juga tak mahu menang mazhab,kalah agama.menang bertempur,kalah berperang.
    selain penindasan fisikal terhadap umat Islam dan serangan ideologi pihak kufar,kita juga ada masaalah dalaman dari umat Islam sendiri.kerendahan moral,kurang nya pendidikkan dan penghayatan agama golongan elite kita dan ketiadaan keberanian pemimpin-pemimpin kita mempertahankan nilai-nilai kita secara tegas juga adalah sebahagian dari bencana besar yg harus kita beri tumpuan utama.
    saya lebih prihatin dgn dasar satuMalaysia yg merugikan dan bakal meruntuhkan seluruh Agama kita disini dari sekedar kesesatan segolongan kecil melayu yg ingin sesat.saudara Wajaperak,sebagaimana anda berharap lebih ramai tampil kedepan untuk mematah hujah antihadis,saya juga berharap untuk melihat lebih banyak komen saudara-saudara kita yg lain mengenai satuMalaysia,yg saya anggap dan harap Tun dapat sampaikan kebimbangan kita dan mempersoalkan kebijaksanaan dasar ini.
    PS; wajaperak,jika tak jadi keberatan,saya ingin mengenali anda dgn lebih dekat lagi.mungkin ada alamat email yg boleh saya hubungi?
    terimakasih Tun.

  23. The Hidden Secret Aug 8,2010 8:10 AM

    Peace Tun and others.
    Rashad Khalifa :
    [8:60] YOU SHALL PREPARE for them ALL THE POWER YOU CAN MUSTER, and ALL THE EQUIPMENT YOU CAN MOBILIZE, THAT YOU MAY FRIGHTEN the enemies of GOD, YOUR ENEMIES, as well as others who are not known to you; GOD knows them. Whatever you spend in the cause of GOD will be repaid to you generously, without the least injustice.
    [8:61] IF THEY RESORT TO PEACE, SO SHALL YOU, and PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient.
    [8:62] IF THEY WANT TO DECEIVE YOU, then GOD WILL SUFFICE you. HE WILL HELP YOU with His support, and with the believers.
    Yusuf Ali :
    [8:60] Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of God and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom God doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of God, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.
    [8:61] But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in God: for He is One that heareth and knoweth (all things).
    [8:62] Should they intend to deceive thee,- verily God sufficeth thee: He it is That hath strengthened thee with His aid and with (the company of) the Believers;
    Regards and GOD bless.

  24. Rozita Aug 8,2010 5:12 AM

    Dear AndrewTay,
    It seems that you have a grunge with our ex-PM. You are talking about something he said a few decades ago about Chinese. Please take note that most of his speeches are to Malay audience. You should take pride because he was asking the Malay to emulate the Chinese to better ourself.
    The way that you comment on the Arab, shows that you are also bias against them. So please stop talking something that is not relevant to the topic discussed.
    It’s true that we can’t solve the Palestinian problems. In fact as a small nation we can’t even influence the UN to take any action against Israel when they attack Gaza. We already know the Israel agenda and it seems that the world already see the whole of Palestinian land belong to Israel and they can do whatever they like. We could talk till we’re blue to the face and still there will be no solution to the problem unless the Palestinian accept they are on the loser side and try to negotiate to get a piece of the land to call their own.
    What we can do is help reduce the suffering of the Gaza people through humanitarian help. With another winter coming, I believe we should try and try again to send medical and construction material in order for them to start rebuilding some homes.

  25. daniel noor Aug 8,2010 1:03 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Once upon a time, to be powerful and strong, you need to go to war. Yu need t have the best and powerful weapons. You must have big numbers of soldiers and warriors.
    But in modern tmes like today, you can still be powerfull – economically. That means you must have PEACE ( first step..Fatah and hamas shoud have PEACE ) Secondly you must be nice to your neigbors ( Therefore Fatah and Hamas should put away their pride and seek PEACE with Israel. Whatever small territorty that are being declared as alestine just accept it. )
    Thirdly, once the above 2 ideas are implementd, work towards givng your children the best education. With knowledges they are able to become good business peple, good ecomomist, scientiests, etc,etc. Get yur children to be inventive and sell your ideas to the world. Just folloows like what israel and Singapore are doing. Slowly but sulrely believe me, the palestians can become a force that they to can conquier the wrld just like how the japanese, Koreans and Chinese are doing now.
    Goint to war with just a handful of stones in the hand wil not make you victors. But it can eventualy wie out the Paestians totally from this face of the earth.
    Most importantly, the Arabs shoud try to change their cluture of Bodoh Sombong. Shoud give due respects to thier Muslim brothers that are brown and black AND not looking at the Whites as first class.
    You can see this happening during the Haj or Umrah. Yet in Islam we are supposed to be equal brothers and sisters the moment we put on the ihrams.

  26. Joe Therapist Aug 7,2010 11:35 PM

    Dear Tun,
    1. You Are Blind and You Lead Blind Men Here in Malaysia.
    2. If you dare talk about Deir Yassin, you must educate the Readers about, Gush Etzion and the Massacre of Kfar Etzion. Then it will be fair to the Readers. But you Birth Hatred from Ignorance. I shudder to think if it was Purposeful.
    3. To all reader who are going to get hot & bothered about my Tact in writing to Tun, Don’t, it’s just more insulting. He still hasn’t seen fit or does not have the courage to mention about the ‘Yum Kippur’ War. So why you all so Excited.
    4. The Situation there is too complicated for us to understand or be involved. Solve what we are here before getting involved with other peoples issues, most of all Arab-Israeli Conflict.
    5. My Message, Jangan Asyik pandang Keganasan di Bumi Orang Lain. Di sini ada keganasan sendiri. Tapi tak akan dapat Perhatian di Mata Dunia. This is all Publicity. All this to create Name and Presence at the Expense of Peoples sufferings. It’s Pathetic. And then to Parade to the World that someone trying to Fight for Justice… Please…
    Get a Life.
    Have a great Weekend Tun
    God Bless.

  27. kulupali Aug 7,2010 11:31 PM

    Salam Bahagia Tun,
    Kerap kali apabila dunia mengutuk Israel kerana melakukan kekejaman terhadap orang Palestin; maka setiap kritikan dan teguran itu dilebel sebagai Anti-semitic yang berkaitan Holacus.
    Holacaus berlaku di Eropah oleh pihak GERMAN dan SEKUTUNYA membunuh dengan kejamnya orang Yahudi(kanak-kanak dan orang dewasa) tanpa belas kasihan dengan tujuan untuk menghapuskan mereka di bumi Eropah.
    ***Pihak German benci kepada orang Yahudi kerana dikatakan satu bangsa yang jahat. Ibarat pokok PARASITE yang tidak boleh dipercayai, cuba mendominasi tempat apabila telah lama bertapak, akan jadi pembelot dan berhati jahat.
    ***Tanggapan orang German itu ada kebenarannya. Jika kita lihat Amerika hari ini telah dikuasai oleh orang Yahudi dalam banyak perkara. Daripada membuat keputusan di Dewan Senat tentang dasar luar U.S hinggalah kepada penguasaan ekonomi Negara tersebut.
    Sebagai bangsa yang telah dizalimi orang Eropah, orang Yahudi(sehingga beberapa generasi); mungkin tidak dapat melupakan dan berazam satu hari nanti ingin membalas dendam keatas orang Eropah yang bertindak kejam keatas mereka. Kini mereka pula melakukan Holacus terhadap penduduk Gaza.
    Niat membalas dendam Yahudi sepatutnya bukannya disasarkan terhadap orang Palestin yang mana mereka sebenarnya adalah bangsa serumpun, cuma Agama yang membezakan mereka.
    Kewujudan Negara Israel adalah merupakan pakatan dan agenda tersembunyi Barat yang disokong Amerika dengan memesongkan pemikiran Yahudi (bahawa Palestin itu adalah musuh mereka). Maka berduyun-duyunlah orang Yahudi dari seluruh dunia kembali ke Israel dengan membawa bermacam-macam kepakaran dan kekayaan.
    Usaha juga dilakukan bagi memesongkan tanggapan masyarakat dunia(termasuk orang Yahudi seluruh dunia) supaya tidak menuding kesalahan lampau itu terhadap Eropah.
    Penubuhan Israel itu sengaja dirancangkan agar berlaku keadaan tidak setabil di Asia Barat tetapi dalam keadaan terkawal dengan dipantau pihak Barat sendiri. Melalui

  28. Idea Aug 7,2010 10:15 PM

    Dear Tun,
    1. Somebody translates the capitalists as the Chinese. In this country, the capitalists are mostly non-Malays. As a matter of fact, many of them are Chinese. But this does not mean all Chinese are capitalists. Some are not. Thus, the capitalists are not the Chinese per say. Translating the capitalists as the Chinese is somewhat hasty and unwise.
    2. Nevertheless, the Malays must migrate to the cities. Migrating to the cities will help the Malays to become more competitive in academic and consequently, in professions and businesses. Additionally, being the majority in the cities will make the Malays dominant politically.

  29. jalil7 Aug 7,2010 7:56 PM

    regardless of whether one supports the palestinians or jews, the killing and supression of human lives is against human life itself. all arguments propelling racial truth or religious truth directed towards acts against humanity is also against human life.
    thus, killing and supression of palestinians is against humanity. and so is the killing of jews or any other human life.
    it is therefore clear that the israel/palestine issue can be only be resolved if a bigger power takes charge of the situation and enforce peace. so obvious is this i sometimes wonder if world leaders and politicians are simply avoiding reality altogether.
    it seems all other superpowers simply do not want to intervene. perhaps they are waiting for their turn. there is a security council in UN i am told. why the israel/palestine issue is not resolved here i don’t know. i sometimes think these superpowers are not super after all.
    the world can use the concept of globalisation to take over this region and declare it world heritage. we can then all visit this region, the birth place of religion, as tourists. jews and palestinians can have plenty income from the tourism industry.
    the state of ‘isarael’ as a no-go country can then be removed from my passport and i would have the chance in my lifetime to take a tour bus in tel aviv.
    this is of course possible and desirable, but who/which organization represent the world effectively now, i simply don’t know.

  30. gunse007 Aug 7,2010 3:34 PM

    Tun MM,
    You still have not answered about your involvement in Sudan. Why are you putting up blind eye when the genocide is being done by moslems towards moslem.
    You will also keep quiet when sunni and syiah kill each other in Iraq and Pakistan.

  31. gunse007 Aug 7,2010 3:32 PM

    there is no such thing as Palestine……
    What happened when the Palestinian Arabs tried to take control of Jordan?
    * King Hussein of Jordan ejected Arafat’s Palestinians in September 1970, called Black September because they were trying to take over his kingdom. King Hussein drove them into Lebanon after killing more than 10,000. The Lebanese welcomed the fleeing Palestinians into their bosom, but suddenly found themselves under attack by Arafat’s Palestinians who set up a mini Terror State within Lebanon. For the next 12 years terror raged and over 100,000 Lebanese were murdered by their Palestinian brothers.

  32. cepelli Aug 7,2010 3:05 PM

    Israel made all Muslim countries look like a fool thats for sure.
    They control Americans with money and kept them quiet whatever they do illegal.
    They have the nuclear bomb,Muslim countries don’t have the bomb.
    If Iran had a Nuclear bomb they would not keep threating Iran.
    First think first:
    1)Turkey Iran Saudi has to have the Nuclear Bomb.
    2)All Muslim countries should cut off the ties with Egypt.
    3)Then political solution will be possible with Israel.
    We have to pray Iran should have the nuclear bomb before Israel attack the facilities as they did with Iraq in eighties.

  33. anakdegil Aug 7,2010 2:30 PM

    Banyak cerita dan pendapat rakyat bawahan yang akan dikemskini di

  34. adik adik Aug 7,2010 12:50 PM

    The SUCCESS of PAP govt bringing more Chinese from the mainlad
    contributes to the more winning of votes in Singapore.
    It s the Jews sysytem calling all Jews,all over the world to Israel to strength their roots.
    Vice versa UMNO must ptractise such to KL to PENANG.

  35. amiosman Aug 7,2010 9:46 AM

    (For andrewtay – Let’s first make it clear I’m a malay and one hailing from Penang no less and I agree with you.For my opinions and convictions, I have been derided as being ungrateful to the extent of being accused of being a traitor to my race. This is merely for pointing out that the majority of malays have become so complacent with government assistance that after decades of being fed with a golden spoon all that we have learned is the shape of the spoon. Let me share with you an unfortunate event I have had the displeasure being part of. I was put in charge by the management company I work for to handle a project for a GLC. This is no mega project just a small 1.5 mill work. This being a GLC project it is strictly for bumi companies. They all came proudly bearing certs proving majority bumi shareholding. When the time came for a site inspection they all came with their sub-cons. Lo and behold, they were all chinese. Sad to say this is the norm.)
    Assalammualaikum Tun & readers,
    I have always admired your leadership and I still do. What you did for Malaysia was phenomenal. The good you did far outweighs the mistakes. Now in your retirement you have found other causes to pursue. The plight of the Palestinians is your priority I think.
    For a layman like me the subtleties of politics is beyond me but what I can see is the impossibility of solution for the Palestinians. The arabs don’t give a hoot for their own brothers like andrewtay so eloquently put it. The US is akin to a dog on a leash held by the Israelis. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe its time for a different tact. Lets not think of others who are not muslims and subscribe to muslim thinking as enemies of Islam. Think of them as the competition.
    Lets consolidate our strength, be more competitive, be more efficient, be more focused. In turn be more superior economically, politically and if necessary militarily. Only then can we negotiate with power. Start with our dear own Malaysia and then the muslim world.
    I know I’m dreaming a phantasy but if anyone can do it you can.

  36. andrewtay Aug 7,2010 3:43 AM

    You are definitely very subtle and polite i might say by labeling the Chinese as capitalist in your post. I’l take it as a compliment that you are “concern” about my race like how the Nazis are “concern” about the Jew.
    Serious Idea, do you think you can outsmart the Chinese in their own game? What makes you think that after 60 years of evolving and moulding into a highly competitive, hardworking, intelligent and enterprising race, you can just walk up to us and say, “Yeah, we can beat you in what ever you guys are good at.”
    Your race, the Malays, have been deceived by your own people thinking that meritocracy will destroy the likes of you while on the contrary it is beneficial to you. If there is no competition on a fair playing field, how will there ever going to be self-improvement? If you study economics, why it all boils down to efficiency.
    Your government has been helping you for the past 30-40 years? And after 30-40 years, with the help of your government, have things change for the better for your race?
    So instead of blaming the Chinese for everything, lets look deep into yourself and tell me why cant the Malays compete with the Chinese? Let me tell you what, we the Capitalist in your little post, have the drive to achieve success because we know that if we dont, no one will help us. Its do or die for us. That mentality is set in our mind and into our children’s mind.
    You guys have a safety net, the government. They wont let you die, they need your votes. At the same time, the safety net cannot cushion your fall forever and ever. It will break one day for sure because it is not sustainable. History has recorded many instances that a race’s fall from grace is due to its complacency. And on that day itself, you have only yourself to blame.
    Please dont attempt to take over Penang and KL by merely sending more Malays to the city. Thats just dumb. They will just head back to the kampungs in disappointment. If you want to take over Penang and KL, you dont need an army of Malays from the kampung. Just be competitive. Thats how you beat the Chinese for Christ sake.

  37. andrewtay Aug 7,2010 2:29 AM

    Saudis act holy in their country but once they touch down in Dubai, its booze fueled party and unholy sick threesome with Russian whores (which its pretty awesome but not so it you act like an hypocrite).
    If there is one race that pisses people off, its the arabs. if you get to personally know them, you will know what i mean. all they do is brag about how rich they are and how many child wives they have (not to mention their pajeros and their collections of awesome rifles). Arabs are just like an american rednecks with a tinge of class.
    If you think they are probably nice to other Muslims you are just dumb. I know for a fact that if you berHaji in Saudi and if you are an African Muslim (black) or a White Muslim, brother, you are F-ed. They will taunt you as if you’r a jew. Why? Because my Maldivian friend saw that crap happening while she was in Mecca.
    If you guys ever berHaji, you probably see that crap happening too.
    So why are we bothered about Arabs when they dont even give a damn about their own race is beyond me.

  38. checker Aug 6,2010 10:57 PM

    Salam Tun & Fellow Bloggers,
    If we read and study Quran, we know that the Jews are stubborn, arrogant, smart but deceitful, dishonest, ungrateful, cruel & inhumane and you name it, they have them all. That is their trade-mark, kind of character. They will give all excuses in the world NOT to obey Allah’s commands. So, do we expect them to ever listern and care about the world opinions and international laws. Especially when they think that they are in a strong position to dictate the weaks to submit to them. Just forget it.
    Mereka kan bangsa yang Allah telah laknati? How can we change it without Allah’s consent?
    Their existance till today with disgustful behaviour and character should provide us, faithful Muslims, confirmation to what have been said in the Quran. This will and should provide us more reason to be closer ( tingkatkan ketaqwaan )to Allah, as only and only Allah the Almighty can protect us. What is happening to the Palestinians today is the living examples/proofs ( strong reminder from Allah )as reason for us to be closer to Allah so that we can be blessed with Allah’s help and protection. DOA is our best weapon, much stronger and more effective than any man-made weapons that we can think of. But for Doa to be fulfilled, ones must have complied with certain conditions outlined by Allah and of course, Palestinians should do that themselves and with others doing the same thing as acknowledgement of supports.
    May Allah protect us all from such evil. Ameeen

  39. renovatio Aug 6,2010 10:48 PM

    A’kum Tun. Moga sihat selalu hendaknya.
    I strongly believed there’s an urgent need for a regime change in Israel.

  40. talibans_army Aug 6,2010 9:06 PM

    redhuan wrote: So that is the only sane way we can come up with?
    So why dont u tell us what is the way..
    If someone takeover ur only house, and there is no law or people u can ask for help what’s the “sane” way u’ ll do? Hijrah? or any hypocrytes answer?

  41. sujini Aug 6,2010 5:27 PM

    Just an idea.
    1. How about PGPO try to talk to Fatah and Hamas Leaders and get them unite.
    2. PGPO +Fatah + Hamas get some( those anti-US) Arab Leaders if not all to unite.
    3. Thirdly, get the third world countries (those who are friendly and have high regards of Dr Mahathir and Malaysia) to join PGPO stand.
    4. Most importantly PGPO must get PM Malaysia’s 100% backing.
    5. If PGPO is able to garner support from these leaders and countries and break whatever ties they have with Israel and US , maybe these two countries will start to listen.
    6. This maybe a silly and far-fetched idea but if we dont try we’ll never know.
    Thank you.

  42. Sinkapore1234 Aug 6,2010 4:26 PM

    Who are Jews?…that is the question.Do you know?
    “Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught
    in fear for 100 battles. “-Sun Tzu
    Are the Israelis the real Jews?
    Here is something very interesting ,watch these
    videos in YouTube for some shocking enlightenment.
    In simplicity…Malays in Malaysia are largely
    Muslims….but can the Malays claim to be Arabs
    who than can claim their birthrights to Arabian
    The Jewish question pretty much revolves around
    this too.The key words are:- KHAZAR and ASHKENAZIM Jews .
    Now Khazar is an ancient empire in E.Europe who
    converted themselves to Judaism.The fact is more than
    80% so called Israelis now in Israel are Ashkenazim Jews…
    the others are SEPHARDIC Jews.
    A Sephardic Jew is one that originated in the Iberian
    Peninsula, this includes Spain and Portugal.
    Ashkenazi Jews only consisted of about 3 % of the
    Jewish population in the world but now days they
    consist of about 80 % of the world’s Jewish population.
    Many Jews in the USA are Eastern Ashkenazi. The
    religious differences between the two are a bit
    different. If a Sephardic Jew marries an Ashkenazi
    Jew, then they bring their children up to be
    Ashkenazi as this is their ritual and a gentile
    who decides to convert to Judaism and takes on
    Ashkenazi religious practices becomes an Ashkenazi Jew.
    1.Khazar and Ashkenazim Jews
    2.khazar jews NOT from palestine
    3.Ex Zionist Jew Says the truth

  43. HBT Aug 6,2010 1:52 PM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    World news by the star online at 12:43PM
    1. Friday August 6, 2010
    Pentagon tells WikiLeaks: “Do right thing”
    By Sue Pleming
    2. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Pentagon demanded on Thursday that whistle-blower web site WikiLeaks immediately hand over about 15,000 secret Afghan war records it had not yet published and erase material it had already put online.
    3. “We are asking them to do the right thing,” said Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell in asking WikiLeaks to hand over the U.S. documents and delete material it had put on the Internet.
    4. “We hope they will honor our demands,” he told reporters, adding that the only rightful owner of all the classified material in WikiLeaks’ possession was the U.S. government.
    5. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange holds up a copy of a newspaper during a press conference at the Frontline Club in central London, July 26, 2010. The Pentagon demanded on Thursday that whistle-blower web site WikiLeaks must immediately hand over about 15,000 documents it had not yet published over the war in Afghanistan. (REUTERS/Andrew Winning)
    6. The whistle-blower site caused an uproar when it published more than 70,000 documents last month, at a time when U.S. public and congressional support for the nine-year war in Afghanistan is flagging.
    7. The defense department said the leak — one of the largest in U.S. military history — put U.S. troops and Afghan informers at risk and WikiLeaks might already have blood on its hands.
    8. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said his group held back about 15,000 papers to protect innocent people from harm and Morrell said the appeal for documents to be returned was to prevent publication of material that could cause further damage.
    9. Asked whether the Defense Department would take legal action against WikiLeaks if it refused to comply with the demand, Morrell declined to give specifics but said it was up to the FBI and Justice Department to decide how to proceed.
    10. “If doing the right thing is not good enough for them (WikiLeaks), then we will figure out what other alternatives we have to compel them to do the right thing,” he added.
    12. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley also urged WikiLeaks to return leaked documents, including classified diplomatic cables they had obtained.
    13. “Do we believe that WikiLeaks has additional cables? We do. Do we believe that those cables are classified? We do. And are they State Department cables? Yes,” he told reporters at the State Department briefing.
    1. Morrell said public disclosure of the secret war documents, which included names of Afghan informers and covered the time from 2004 to December 2009, had already caused damage. The bid to get the information expunged from the web site and all the documents returned was aimed at minimizing further harm.
    2. WikiLeaks also has a large, encrypted file on its web site titled “insurance” which has not been released to the public, and the Pentagon is jittery over the possible publication of more unknown material.
    3. Morrell said a task force of about 80 government intelligence experts was painstakingly combing through the 70,000 or so documents already released and notifying foreign governments and others when material was seen as posing a risk.
    4. The intelligence analysts had done about 400 initial “word searches” of the documents and were working around the clock to analyze the material in greater depth, Morrell added.
    5. Morrell said the department had an idea of what might be in the 15,000 unreleased documents and was doing “prophylactic work” in case WikiLeaks ultimately posted this material. He declined to give details.
    6. The U.S. investigation focuses on Bradley Manning, who worked as an Army intelligence analyst in Iraq. Manning is already under arrest and charged with leaking a classified video showing a 2007 helicopter attack that killed a dozen people in Iraq, including two Reuters journalists.
    7. The New York Times, Der Spiegel and The Guardian newspaper were asked by WikiLeaks to review the documents before they were released on the Internet.
    (Additional reporting by Paul Eckert; editing by Anthony Boadle and Jerry Norton)
    (For more news on Reuters India, click
    Copyright © 2010 Reuters
    1. Friday August 6, 2010
    Saddam aide says U.S. “leaving Iraq to the wolves”
    2. LONDON (Reuters) – Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s most prominent deputy Tareq Aziz has accused U.S. President Barack Obama of “leaving Iraq to the wolves” with his planned troop pullout, a British newspaper reported on Thursday.
    3. The Guardian quoted Iraq’s former deputy prime minister as saying the United States would cause the death of Iraq if it continued to withdraw its combat forces.
    4. The newspaper said the interview, from his prison cell in Baghdad, was Aziz’s first since he gave himself up to invading U.S. forces in April 2003. It did not say how it gained access to Aziz.
    5. “I was encouraged when (Obama) was elected president, because I thought he was going to correct some of the mistakes of (former U.S. President George W.) Bush,” Aziz was quoted as saying in an article on the Guardian’s website.
    6. A video grab shows former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz listening to the court verdict while in the dock in Baghdad March 11, 2009. (REUTERS/Iraqiya TV via Reuters TV/Files)
    7. “But Obama is a hypocrite. He is leaving Iraq to the wolves,” said Aziz.
    8. “We are all victims of America and Britain. They killed our country in many ways. When you make a mistake you need to correct a mistake, not leave Iraq to its death,” he said.
    9. Obama vowed this week to make good on his promise to end U.S. combat operations in Iraq by the end of August, despite a political deadlock in Baghdad and a recent surge in militant violence.
    10. Aziz was the face of Saddam’s government in foreign capitals and at the United Nations. He rose to prominence around the time of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and the 1991 Gulf War when he was foreign minister.
    11. Last year, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his part in the killings of dozens of merchants in 1992 and to a further seven years for his role in the forced displacement of Kurds from northern Iraq during Saddam’s rule.
    12. U.S. forces recently handed him over to Iraqi prison authorities.
    13. Aziz said Iraq was in a worse state than before the war.
    14. “For 30 years Saddam built Iraq and now it is destroyed. There are more sick than before, more hungry. The people don’t have services. People are being killed every day in the tens, if not hundreds,” said Aziz.
    (Reporting by Adrian Croft)
    (For more news on Reuters India, click
    Copyright © 2010 Reuters
    1. Friday August 6, 2010
    U.S. attends Hiroshima bombing ceremony for first time
    By Yoko Kubota
    2. HIROSHIMA, Japan (Reuters) – Japan marked the 65th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima on Friday with the United States represented at the ceremony for the first time.
    3. A peace bell tolled at 8:15 a.m., the time the bomb was dropped by the U.S. B-29 warplane Enola Gay on Aug. 6, 1945, as tens of thousands of elderly survivors, children and dignitaries held a minute of silence under the burning summer sun.
    4. “Clearly, the urgency of nuclear weapons abolition is permeating our global conscience,” Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba said in a speech followed by the release of white doves.
    5. The Hiroshima bomb, nicknamed “Little Boy”, released a mix of shockwaves, heat rays and radiation, killing thousands instantly.
    6. U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos (C) attends the ceremony for the 65th anniversary of the world’s first atomic bombing on the city, at Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima August 6, 2010. Japan marked the 65th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima on Friday with the U.S. represented at the ceremony for the first time. (REUTERS/Kyodo)
    7. By the end of 1945, the death toll had risen to some 140,000 out of an estimated population of 350,000. Thousands more died of illness and injuries later.
    8. Three days after the Hiroshima attack, on Aug. 9, 1945, the United States dropped a second nuclear bomb on the city of Nagasaki in southern Japan. Japan surrendered six days later, ending the military aggression that brought it into World War Two.
    9. The United States, recently involved in a row with Tokyo over the relocation of a U.S. air base on the southern Japan island of Okinawa, sent a representative to the ceremony for the first time, reflecting President Barack Obama’s push to rid the world of nuclear weapons.
    10. “For the sake of future generations, we must continue to work together to realise a world without nuclear weapons,” U.S. Ambassador John Roos said in a statement.
    11. Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize last year in part for his vision of a nuclear-free world, signed a strategic arms agreement with Russia in April that commits the former Cold War foes to cut deployed nuclear warheads by about 30 percent.
    12. “We see new leadership from the most powerful nations,” U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said at the ceremony, the first time a U.N. leader has attended. “We must keep up this momentum.”
    13. Japanese media reports have said a panel of expert advisers will soon urge Japan to loosen its ban on allowing nuclear weapons into the country, as the government plans a defence review by the end of the year.
    14. But Prime Minister Naoto Kan said on Friday that Japan would stick to its self-imposed ban on the possession, production and import of nuclear arms.
    15. Some conservative politicians, wary of giant neighbour China’s growing military might, have called for a debate on Japan having its own nuclear weapons, although there is little support among the broader public.
    16. “We want nuclear disarmament, and if the United States takes the lead other countries may follow its steps,” said Tomiko Matsumoto, a 78-year-old atomic bomb survivor.
    17. “First I hated them (the United States), but that hatred has disappeared. Now I want to see a peaceful world.”
    (Editing by Nick Macfie)
    (For more news on Reuters India, click
    Copyright © 2010 Reuters
    Ayahanda Tun, TS Zeti was given an Islamic Banking Honor by Agong, Tuanku Mizan in 21 July, 2010. TS Musa Hitam was honored by Agong, and he is in charge for private investmet. Mukhriz was honored too for the Free Gaza for Global Perdana. I guess, from the above news, nuclear energy will involve TN, Sime Darby and Global Perdana under PM Najib

  44. HBT Aug 6,2010 1:12 PM

    Copy-paste for Ayahanda Tun wrt to local investors

  45. paspros Aug 6,2010 12:35 PM

    LGE’s DAP govt is adopting the same zionist strategy in Penang now. destroying malay settlements and businesses, chasing out malay officers, dismantling govt policies, belittling malay race, disrespect his malay coalition partners in PAS and PKR. His action is as such there are no malay people in Penang. If that so, I hope other state govts in Malaysia can adopt the same LGE’s strategy toward the nom malay.

  46. adik adik Aug 6,2010 12:13 PM

    Start gathering the Islamic Nations
    Start building Islamic Nations Military
    Built it to the Might
    TALKING,DEBATING When they threatens bombs just above our head
    is like talking in fear.
    We will loose if we never starts preparing.
    They talk with Guns,by no means you can talk with words.
    From day 1 it is proven non effectives,when you talk to someone
    threatening knives at your throat.
    Starts Cohesion with Islamic world for military strength.
    Approves OIC to have military built up.
    I,m 50,no doubth old for military training
    but I,m young at heart for Islamic purpose.
    It is Lilahitaalah not because of Mahathir,not Palestine
    not anyone else,it,s Lilahitallah.
    I,m ready to die for Islamic purpose rather seeing
    my brothers suffering than talking with no ends.

  47. ray2467 Aug 6,2010 12:01 PM


  48. Nusantarian Aug 6,2010 10:53 AM

    There will be no peace between Muslim-Jew. Chronology of events is beyond our control. Muslim all over the world will suffer, terrorized, humiliated and all bad things will be pointed to Islam. I guess what is happening in Gaza now not at its peak, yet. There will be phases after phases till finally Islam will prosper again.
    Palestinian who died defending their little Gaza Strip are all martyrs, as they wish. Its not about the value of the land, material issue or anything. They will not submit to die running, they are proud to die defending their land. So, moving away is not really an option. They know the PURPOSE of their life.
    We are told that the jews, most of them will not honor promises they made. Any deals or peace treaty wont help, jew’s influece over all aspects of power on Earth simply overpower everything. What will PBB do? Nothing scary.

  49. wajaperak Aug 6,2010 9:14 AM

    Tun..harap sudi mengizinkan..
    Redhuan D.Onn
    I am really and truly dissapointed with you…
    Your expertise were called and needed to debunk the kafirian note : anti hadith.You did not and why here..? You tries to make up?..
    Listen and read carefully.You,Tun and Yasser Arafat in question are good.Nobody can dispute that.But Islam and it’s struggles is more than by being physical.You,Tun and Yasser Arafat sees thing from the secular point of view.Try to see them through the “metaphysical aspect” of Islam.The soul of Islam..You will see them diferrently then..That’s why Allah say’s through the hadith..
    “Berhati-hatilah dengan pandangan orang mukmin.Kerana mereka melihat dengan Nur Allah”.
    If you cannot see through the light of Allah..seeks from them who can..
    Seek..and ye..will find..
    Big league programmer of you is out of the league in this matter..Take stok and ponder..
    Terima kasih Tun.

  50. Redhuan D. Oon Aug 6,2010 8:08 AM

    Palestinians can leave the land. Allah gave a way out. He says “Is not My Earth wide?” And Allah shall ask in the Hereafter when the people said to Him, “Oh Lord, we were oppressed”. And Allah said the above and ask them, “Why not you make Hijrah?” (Migration).
    Earth is not the final abode. Yes, it is jihad to defend to your death your own land but this has gone to the absurb. What land? How worthy is it now?
    Yes, we can say the Yahuud are nonsense, but what about us Muslims? Blow ourselves up? So that is the only sane way we can come up with?
    Dr. Mahathir has spoken with Yasser Arafat many years ago and i remembered what Dr. M related of it. He asked Arafat how long they been fighting the Israelis and he replied, “50 years”. Mahathir then ask, “What were your actions?”. Yasser said, “Oh we do this, we do that …”
    Dr. M: “What were the results?”
    YA: “We always lost”
    Dr. M: “How long more will you fight before you win? Will you do things differently?”
    YA: “Oh i don’t know. Maybe another 50 years. Maybe not in my lifetime. What else can we do?”.
    Dr. M: “You will have the same results as long as you do the same things that got you the same results. You will lose the next 50 years.”
    Redhuan D. Oon
    PendAtang Dengan Izin

  51. Talat Aug 6,2010 6:09 AM

    Hypocrisy and Hippocrates in the Middle East
    Recently saw a headline in the Saudi Arabnews

  52. adam danial Aug 6,2010 3:19 AM

    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

  53. Epiderm Aug 6,2010 12:54 AM

    “DEAR TUN,
    So u mean the stronger has the right to live, and the weaker should die? That’s sounds like animals. U know in Africa where stronger lions get the meal and conquer the area. Are U an animal?
    Calling aid ships as terrorists is that how smart Israel is?
    Israelis are so smart only in killing innocent civilians, deception, betrayal and setting up fires. Their smartness lead them to invent weapons which will eventually leads to their own self destruction. I can’t wait to see when the USA has no more money to give Israel. They’re forever in debts. USA, wake up!
    To those who thinks Israel is a chosen nation/race whilst everybody else’s animals.
    Why the hell Israel needs USA money?
    Why the hell Israel needs USA weapons. U are the smartest people on earth and why can’t U produce it urself.

  54. adik adik Aug 6,2010 12:29 AM

    Muslims World needs the BIG GUNS.
    Repeating the old sad story does not leads to anything.
    Malaysia Govt must have more Tax from big co to strenghten militaries.
    Must have Natinal Servive to built future generations.
    Talk less moves more towards building up a nations.
    Support North Korea to weaken US.thus weaken Israel.
    Talking aloud does not proves anything.
    Dare to make changes.
    Dare to built.
    Dare to fight.

  55. musato Aug 6,2010 12:28 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Bila terbaca kisah Sultan Salahuddin al-Ayubi yang terkenal dengan kejayaannya beliau mengembalikan Baitul Maqdis kepada tangan umat Islam pada zaman dahulu,saya terfikir yang kita semua telah lama tak ingat bagaimana seorang ahli sufi memerintah.
    Saya yakin satu masa nanti Israel akan dapat dikawal dari melakukan perkara yang sewenang-wenangnya ke atas Palestin sekiranya seorang ahli sufi dapat memerintah dunia.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  56. Oumono Aug 5,2010 11:25 PM

    seems like negotiating by talks with the Jews never fruitful, should taking up arm be an option now?

  57. anakbudu3 Aug 5,2010 9:58 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahnda Tun & Bonda,
    please allow me,
    it’s part of our duty to help others especially the muslims since
    muslims are brothers, as mentioned in our Holy AlQurannulKareem but sad to say, so many muslims make enemy with each other every now and then. the palestinians themselves are always at the helm of leaders who go for power struggle rather than compromising with peace for their own good. and of course the israelis will never allow things to be fair to the palestinians…it’s pure zionism!
    we have the same problem in our own backyard. and the opportunists will take the chance to instigate us with very dangerous ideas with one purpose i.e. to take over the government. if we care for the world peace, we must also care for our condition. before we start pointing at others’ faults, please look at our own, first. do we really love our country? have we really done something worth to proof it? or do we just preach & preach without giving any contribution? in fact, there will be no peace at all when one fails to sustain oneself from misjudging others…it’s pure s***! yisshhh!!!
    May both Ayahnda Tun & Bonda be blessed by Allah SWT ever & after. May Allah bless the palestinian people & all the muslims who seek for peace…
    just my brain wave…

  58. anakdegil Aug 5,2010 9:29 PM

    salam tun…semoga tun dan keluarga dalam keadaan sihat walafiat..
    Banyak cerita dan pandangan saya mengenai ragam rakyat 1 Malaysia:
    kalau ade masa boleh lah Tun Jengok-jengok blog saya,apa yang saya tulis dalam blog ni adalah dari pendapat saya sendiri dan keluhan rakyat akar umbi di kawasan luar blog baru lagi.

  59. hati.malaysia Aug 5,2010 8:52 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Do you know the same thing happening for Tamil in Sri-Lanka, but wonder why you or other Muslim did not see… if far near.
    I guest because their are not Muslim… Muslim only care, worry and help another Muslim…
    But again Egypt is also Muslim nation… I am confused-lah…
    I fully support what “parameswara 2” said…
    I am too not happy for the killing another human.. we should look beyond race and religion and see all as human.

  60. aziz Aug 5,2010 4:18 PM

    A’kum Tun,
    I must say that I agree with our brother, Parameswara 2 comment.
    I ve been saying it many times on any post regarding Palestine problem.
    Not all Jews are bad, just like not all Muslims are bad or not all Christians are bad. We cannot simply judge them all just because their leaders are bad. There are many dictator in Islamic country today but the Muslims or the people living in the country are good people. Take a lot at Libya, Sudan, North Korea, Zimbabwe, and many more. Their leaders are very powerful leaders! They kill their own people.
    So in Palestine case, the Palestinian must think of the best way to live side by side with Israel peacefully. Insyallah, God will help them.
    They must be sincere and do not look for something else for help. Ask God’s forgiveness and guidance. I know Tun, your effort and work is very sincere in helping them, but if they continue choosing the wrong method to encounter their problem then it is harder for you to help them. They have ego. God ask us to kill our ego. As long as they choose to fight for their identity, or whatever, they will never win.
    Israel’s army are very strong and well-equipped. So, there is no way the Hamas can fight them.
    Another sad note is that, Hamas and Fatah are fighting and killing each other. They are crazy! Can u imagine PAS and UMNO are killing one another? That would be disaster in Malaysia. Same thing are happening in Palestine that we all know. So long they want to continue and have high ego in their heart, then so long they will continue living miserable life.
    Remember that everything happens for a reason and it happens according to God’s will. God knows everything in the heaven and earth and anything in between.
    Thank you Tun, GOD bless us all!

  61. ifanonline Aug 5,2010 3:08 PM

    Dear YBhg. Tun,
    The world is looking towards Palestine as a weak Muslim nation. Who is helping Palestine now? No one. Not even OIC can play a major role in protecting the Palestinians. The Arab countries is just minding their own business. We know that some Muslim countries are pro-US. Even Saudi Arabia is like a poodle to the US.
    They say ‘power comes from a barrel of a gun’, I believe for the Palestinians sake, the saying is true. Peaceful and diplomatic negotiations has failed in the Israel-Palestine talks. I hope the Iranians, Hamas or Syria continue to provide weapons to the Palestinians for their safety and self defense.

  62. fun_jonny68 Aug 5,2010 1:59 PM

    Tun said:
    “15. There should therefore be two states on Palestinian land – Israel and Palestine. But after the 6-day war launched by Israel supposedly because it feared attacks by Arab States, much of the Palestinian territory, including Gaza and the West Bank were occupied by Israel.”
    Tun, please be straight-up on the history of 6-day war. Below is the background and fact. So, please tell me, should you blame Israel for the current condition of Palestine, or should you blame Egypt, Jordan, Lebanese and Syria for denying Israel’s existence and provoking the 6-day war. At the end, the sufferers are commoners from Palestine and Israel.
    Terrorist Attacks on Israel
    From early 1965 to the Six-Day War in June 1967, the PLO through Fatah pursued a consistent policy of border attacks, particularly along the Jordanian and Lebanese borders. Criticism of these activities by the Arab governments and by local public opinion persuaded Fatah leaders to adopt a new approach known as “the entanglement theory.” This involved using sabotage to force Israel to adopt an offensive position, which in turn would force the Arabs to step up their military preparedness. This cycle of action-retaliation-reaction would lead to a gradual escalation of tension on the borders, and eventually to the Six Day War in 1967.
    In 1965, 35 terrorist raids were conducted against Israel. In 1966, the number increased to 41. In just the first four months of 1967, 37 attacks were launched.
    The number of dangerous incidents on the Syrian border increased following Israel

  63. orangmusik Aug 5,2010 1:46 PM

    Assalammualaikum tun, salam to all
    Saya nak sentuh sikit bab “you are so bz body with ISRAEL PALESTINE…” dan macam2 lagi yang sewaktu dengannya. Banyak pemimpin2 lain sibuk dok cakap darfur la, apa la, itu la,ini la, situ la, sini la…tapi sapa yang betul2 mahu bercakap pasal palestine? name one? i mean yang betul2 concern lah dan yang never failed talking & fighting for those poor palestinian? Kenapa benda yang baik nak dikritik? Why?

  64. eanisazman Aug 5,2010 11:33 AM

    Salam Tokdet and Bloggers,
    Sungguh sedih dan menyayat hati akan kekejaman yang dilakukan ke atas insan2 di Palestine. Orang kafir mungkin tak pedulikan mereka malah segelintir orang Islam juga.
    Tapi saya percaya suatu hari nanti pertolongan Allah akan tiba juga Insyaallah. Saya merasakan apa yang berlaku ke atas Palestine adalah sebagai simbol akan kelemahan orang2 Islam itu sendiri. Saya terpaksa menutup mata melihat gambar2 ngeri pembunuhan yang berlaku di Palestine semata2 kerana mengetahui tiada daya upaya di pihak saya untuk melakukan apa2. Pemimpin2 Islam haruslah sependapat dan kemajuan hendaklah dicapai dalam menangani nasib orang2 Islam Palestine.

  65. amin tan Aug 5,2010 11:07 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I fully agree with parameswara 2 august5 2010 2.06 am. We can say Israel is cruel, but the vanquished Arabs are equally provocative and belligerent. The Palestinian arabs are foolhardy. They are not wise at all. The Arabs never learn from the demise of Sadam Hussein and the total annihilation of his Republican Guards.
    On hati.malaysia august4 2010 ‘why Egypt help Israel?’. Egypt and Isreal signed a peace agreement in 1973. That is why. Maybe the Egyptian Arabs and the jews of Israel are distant cousins through the prophet Ibrahim.
    The bone of contention is the land of Canaan or Eretz Yisrael(land of Israel) was according to the Torah promised by God to the Children of Israel i.e. Jews. Hamas claims that all the land of Israel is an Islamic Wakaf which must be governed by Muslims.
    May I suggest anybody who wish to comment please check on the history of arab israel conflict first.
    amin tan

  66. Idea Aug 5,2010 10:03 AM

    Dear Tun,
    1. As much as you are concerned with genocide, I am concerned with ethnic cleansing.
    2. Contrary to the popular belief, ethnic cleansing does not really mean genocide. It means rendering an area ethnically homogeneous by using force or intimidation to remove persons of another ethnic or religious group from a given area.
    3. In Malaysia, the capitalists have been practicing ethnic cleansing since their massive occupation of the cities long ago. After getting their citizenship in the 50s, they have been trying to oust the Malays from the cities, both politically and economically. In 1969, after winning the general election, they showed brooms to the Malays while having victory processions in Kuala Lumpur. Thence, urban properties have been sold at high prices; disabling the Malays who have not been economically sound to dwell in the cities. The recent proposal to eliminate 7% discount for Bumiputra property purchasers is yet another attempt to reduce the numbers of Malays living in the respectable areas.
    4. Living in a city allows a person to have a better access to modern infrastructures and facilities. He could alternatively send his children to a state-of-the-art library if he does not have enough money for tuition fees. Also, since there are places like science center and museum, children in the cities are easily exposed to general knowledge. Pupils in the cities tend to have better chances of succeeding in examinations than pupils in the rural areas.
    5. The environment in the cities enables children to pick up English fairly quickly. They will generally outperform rural children even if Maths and Science were to be taught in English. In fact, learning Maths and Science in English is proven detrimental to the latter

  67. mok9929 Aug 5,2010 9:32 AM

    therefore we must not let this kind of “invasion” happen in this county as well……must able to contain all “immigrants”, otherwise it will be too late like what has happend in palestine

  68. wajaperak Aug 5,2010 9:25 AM

    Tun..semoga sudi mengizinkan.
    Yes Mr Parasmeswara 2..I must dissapoint you..
    What it is all about??
    Comprehension.The real understanding of the issues.
    Al Quran have mentioned this situational predicament over and over again.I will not elaborate the length of the subject.Suffice to say any Imam or Hafiz in clerical nature is the proper figure’s of authority.
    One must come back to the true teaching of Islam starting by education.This world have benefited from the binary system.But many have refused the origin is from Islam.Why bother?Why demand the world “acknowledgement” for anything Islamic??
    The same principal applied in Islam.We are our own establishment.We follow’s the rule,law and the covenant that obliged upon us and does not care’s what other’s complained about us.We are the religion of fairness.We does not need to fit to any requirement’s from other’s..
    So..Mr Parameswara 2.
    We fulfill our part of the covenant.And Allah will fulfill us.
    Islam is not measured from outside..It is from within that emanates outward..
    Terima kasih Tun.

  69. Rohil Aug 5,2010 9:10 AM

    Hello Dr. Mahathir. Hey you should always read the great Justin Raimondo at He has strongly spoken out about the suffering of the Palestinians at the hands of Israel. We all know that Israel is the real problem and the direct result of all of the problems in the United States. This so-called “ally” which gets billions of dollars in “aid” from our taxpayers is not that thankful. In fact the Israeli state spys on American more than any other country. It is a rascist apartheid-like government as documented by former President Mahathir bin Mohammad. It also has conducted wars of agressions against any country including Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and even atheist countries. And that idiot “Dr.” Srdja Trifkovic talks about destroying both Romania and Pakistan. I say Israel Delandia est!!! Now!!! Before it is too late.

  70. checker Aug 5,2010 7:49 AM

    Salam Tun & those respectable fellow bloggers,
    Whatever is happening has its reason and purpose. Allah knows all and we must look at in that perspective. Don’t you think that there are strong messages for us to learn and with that we will have stronger faith ( Taqwah)in Allah. What do we expect from the Jews? Should they bow to the wishes of the world when we all know that they are and been stubborn people, always and continuously defy Gods command till today? what will be the end story?
    Quran have revealed that whatever in this world is temporary and Akhirat will be be permenant. All living things, as for sure, will finally die. Allah guarantee paradise for those submit wholly to HIM and hell for those refuse to do so. Therefore, what I can say in summary is that the world is nothing and not worth fighting for. They are or what are happenings, are there presented by Allah to us so that we can learn and appreciate the power of the Allah the Almighty to absolute submission to HIM, our Creator. For that Allah promise Heaven for those who do and Hell for those do not. That’s all. As simple as that.
    Our mission is simple. Rujuklah kepada firman Allah ” Jagalah diri mu dan ahli-ahli mu ( keluarga mu ) dari api neraka ” – surah al Tahrim verse # 6. Unlike to most belief, the world is getting “worst” from day to day. The powerful will be becoming more arrogant in their behaviour towards the “weaks”. As Muslims, we have the strogest weapon for defense, without the need of nuclear bombs or the like which only will destroy the world, but only protection from Allah the Almighty with DOA. Have we done that? Of course, there are conditions that we first need to fulfil before that DOA can be answered. “Bertaqwahlah sebaik2 taqwah – ikut perentah Allah dan jauhi larangnya” as simple as that. Therefore, we need to read and study Quran for more details, to enable us to carry out our duty to Allah. Start to look at surah Al-Tahrim verse #6 and continue to increase knowledge based on Quran & Hadith/sunnah. Let this issue Tun brought up serve to be a warning to us all.
    May Allah protect us from all evils and injustice and most important to guide us through path to Heaven. Ameen

  71. Riza Ahmad Aug 5,2010 4:13 AM

    Dear Tun…
    …Dan Allah bersumpah, demi masa, bahawasanya tiap-tiap orang rugilah hidupnya kecuali orang yang beriman. Yaitu orang yang mengetahui kebenaran lalu mengakuinya. Itulah martabat pertama. Beramal yang shalih, yaitu setelah kebenaran itu diketahui lalu diamalkan; itulah martabat yang kedua. Berpesan-pesanan dengan Kebenaran itu, tunjuk menunjuki jalan ke sana. Itulah martabat ketiga. Berpesan-pesanan, nasihat-menasihati, supaya sabar menegakkan kebenaran dan teguh hati jangan bergoncang. Itulah martabat keempat. Dengan demikian tercapailah kesempumaan” – HAMKA…

  72. parameswara 2 Aug 5,2010 2:06 AM

    Dearest Tun
    1- If there is one area that I would not concur with you very much is this issue on Palestine.I care for them very much just like you do.They are truly a very unlucky group of people.But throughout history there were worse things that have also happened to other people.Lets not appear to be too biased that those who doesn’t share similar affiliation with the Palestinians begin to get more sick of them.
    2- As long as the domination of the world remain status quo we know there is nothing that we can do .Whatever Israel have planned to do will become a reality anyway.So your worries will come true.The only choice left before us is whether we want that to happen willingly or unwillingly.If unwillingly then we can expect that life will be miserable for the Palestinians that’s for sure.
    3- Being unprepared or still in denial they will take the position negatively.And the consequences of negativity will obviously be very grave indeed.They will work out more intifadas,more suicide bombings and in the end they will face an actual genocide.Whatever you will be doing, I am afraid will only put them into that position.Encouraged by your support and care believing that you could do magic they will decide to fight till the end and eventually, they will end!Don’t give them any false hope Tun.
    4- Or they can choose to be positive and let it happen willingly.This is their fate ,a test from their Lord and they shall resign to it as any true Muslim must .What is most important is that they stay alive and that alone is the single most important thing in this world.What good is having your identity in tact but you will never know if you or your kids will still be around tomorrow .What is so great about the Palestinian Identity that they want to keep intact at all costs?If they had been great this situation could not happen to them in the first place.Are you sure the Palestinians have done no wrong?Really?Then you are indeed a bias man.
    5- Do not fight fire with fire.When you can’t win the conventional way,you go unconventional.In our history such example are found,and all we need to do is just emulate them.You know what Tun ,I have always been inspired by this phrase from you WHAT HAS BEEN DONE ONCE CAN BE DONE AGAIN its you who have imbibed this phrase in my mind that it’s stuck forever.But it seem it’s something you only say without believing ,but I actually believed you!
    6- The Mongols were too powerful for the Muslims in Baghdad.Most of the men who posed a threat to the Mongols were already executed by the hundreds of thousands.So the remaining civilian Muslims surrendered to the will of Allah and just do the right Islamic things.Inspite of their predicament and misery the ruthless and barbaric Mongols had inflicted upon them they remained devoted to Allah just the same.It is this God fearing Muslim behaviours, and with the help of God of course,that eventually soften the hearts of the Mongols at all levels to accept Islam as their own religion.In the end the conquerors and their conquered people became one in brotherhood .What’s done once can be done again? NO?
    7- Tun the people of Israel are human beings just like us Tun they can’t be all that hard.Vis-a vis the Mongols of yester years I think the Israelites are not so bad.They are a people with a religion.They worship the same God we do.Many Jews have accepted Islam before in history.It is not impossible.What’s done once can be done again?The real bad guys are only the Zionist leaders up there.The rest of the people are normal 21st century folks the kind that can cry watching Toy Story3 like any of us.It can be done.
    8- I know it sounds dreamish but what choice do they have?I hope you can start telling the Palestinians to do the right things- the first one of course is to correct their understanding of Islam.Then advise them to do it willingly.Negotiate to be a part of Israel and get the best of deals.Ensure their right to worship as Muslims is not infringed.This is very important.
    9- Then set them to pursue that dream.Tell them if God had helped those Muslims in Baghdad in the twelfth century AD no reason why God would not help them too but they must do the right things first.Tell them there is no time for sentimental thing such as a Palestinian identity.Tell them to secure peace and peace alone that is the priority.Remind them Tun of the many things we can do in a time of peace.We have the credibility to say all these Tun,they’ll believe you.
    Sorry if I have disappointed you.Thanks Tun.

  73. kuthe2 Aug 5,2010 12:01 AM

    Dear Tun..
    Nampak gayanya kalau tak bendung perkara ni lama- lama kita di Malaysia pun akan menerima nasib serupa..
    Tambah- tambah orang- orang Melayu kita yang susah.. Di Malaysia ni pelbagai bangsa.. Tapi kalau sentuh bab bangsa nanti jadi isu sensatif..
    Maka saya nak sentuh isu taraf kemiskinan dan kekayaan.. Tak kira bangsa.. Sebenarnya kami yang susah ni pun rasa macam Palestine tu lah…
    Dok aja kat negara sendiri tapi kena JaJah dek Ekonomi (eCo No Money).. Perang setiap hari yakni perang Jihad untuk keluarga mencari Rezeki.. Tak sama kah tu wahai Tun Dr M yang Budiman.?
    Yahudi ni mcm org yang byk harta dan duit.. Kalo tak caya cuba Tun pikiag tengok.. Mana ada org berharta dan banyak duit peduli pun kat orang yang jalan kaki, naik beskal atau tunggu bas.. Lalu tak pandang pun.. Kalo terpijak tak rasa pun oleh orang itu..
    Apa yang saya nak kata ialah harap2 berdoa2 lah agar negara kita tak jadi mcm tu walaupun dah amat dekat nak sampai situ macam negara Palestine secara tersirat belum tersurat..
    Mai la kita sama2 dalam bulan Syaaban ni pertingkatkan azam dan amal untuk lebih2 mengenali dan mengingati serta mempraktikan ajaran Nabi junjungan kita sebelum datangnya Ramadhan..
    Alhamdullillah.. InsyaAllah dapat juga aku bertemu Ramadhan tahun ni skali lagi diberi peluang untuk memohon keampunan..
    Selamat Tun.. U the best of the Best.!
    Allah selamat kan Kamu.. dan kita semua.. InsyaAllah.

  74. Javedrashid Aug 4,2010 11:22 PM

    The Israelis have divided Palestine into two parts, both physically and politically. The schism between the Palestinian people is supported and encouraged by Israel .Hamas is abhorred in Israel and by US/Euroland yet most Israeli actions reinforce Hamas, this is deliberate .The Israeli foreign minister has offered to withdraw form Gaza and hand this over to the UN of to the International community. The idea is simple to slowly dilute the question of Palestinian nationhood.
    They are also slowly exterminating the Palestinians by use of undue and excessive force for each Israeli casualty they extract 100 Palestine lives. The blockade besides causing the schism also strangulated the Palestinians, economically all Palestinians have been improvised.
    The Israelis are slowly but surely eliminating an entire people and the so called civilized world is a supporter, the so called civilized world is passively, watching the extermination of a entire people, this is no different to what Hitler tried to do only this is being done with the approval of the entire Western World and even some Islamic countries

  75. Sinkapore1234 Aug 4,2010 10:26 PM

    A picture paints a thousand words they say.
    So I shall be brief and let reader form their
    own conclusion with the footage of these few
    short clips on YouTube.
    1.What Famous Men Have To Say About Jews …
    Now this is very interesting.Please pay a
    particular interest to the issues of
    *Usury* (pronounced /

  76. Oracle Aug 4,2010 9:39 PM

    I’m behind you. May Allah swt be with you..

  77. shahrul Aug 4,2010 8:58 PM

    ya Allah, please help Palestine. Amin

  78. norzah Aug 4,2010 8:46 PM

    Dear Sir,
    I’ve read your entry in conjunction with Chris Patten’s article ” It’s time Israel took it’s boot of Gaza’s windpipe” ( NST Wed.Aug.4). Both of you are condemning the actions, injustices and brutalities of Israel. But there’s as difference in tone and approaches. Yours is direct and to the point as is characteristically associated with your famous style, predicting a disastrous end for the Palestinians.
    “This is a form of genocide. A whole people will have been made to disappear very much as if they have all been exterminated. The world will forget there even was a Palestine.” How do you think will the Israelis react to such a pronouncement. Would it soften any heartstring or moral fiber among the israelis (assuming that they still have some) to relent their oppression on the Gaza settlers?
    Let’s turn to what Chris Pattens says.
    “The world periodically wakes up to the horrorsa of life in the Gaza..,We were awakened , for example, by the military assault of December 2008 and January last year, when more than 1.300 Palestiniansincluding more than 100 children and 13 Israelis dieed. We noticed the long-running horror story gain when when the Isrtaeli defence forces attacked the Turlish Freedom flotilla carrying relief supplies, in May, with nine civilian fatalities.
    “We have to be careful with language when discussing Israeli actions. Those who argue that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza should not compare the situation with Ethiopia or Sudan in the middle of a draught or a war. Conditions in Gaza are harsh and the population does suffer. Israel’s government has denied that people are starving and has srelaxed its import restriction regime. But the siege was snever intended to starve Gazans….the aim was ‘to put {alestinians on a diet’
    ” The intention wass collective punishment, imposed partly in response to Hama. political control of Gaza…”
    Note the diplomacy . and the conclusion is diliberately tactful:
    I want to see Israel, a free, democratic society, living up to its original values abd at peace with its neighbours. It will not achieve this through the apalling Gaza policy. The world – starting with the United States administration and the European Union – shoud tell that to Israel. But don’t hold your breath.”
    Indeed how tactful is the forceful message put across that Israel should be told off about it apalling Gaza policy. Should we therefore, try to adopt thiis style, at least to induce the United States, the European Union and Israel to read our appeal? Or are we going to continue to be bold, daring and
    courageous, but achieving nothing and inviting Israel to tighten its hold on the Gaza and the Palestinians in genaral?

  79. jalil7 Aug 4,2010 7:19 PM

    another strange aspect of the majority people of this region ( israel-palestine ) there exists a small minority group who wishes top live in peace, and protested war by marching and holding each other hands.
    they were blocked and told to disperse.
    it is such that even if there are people who wants to live in peace, they are a minority and hence their opinion is not accepted.
    the minority is not helped by majority rule ( on both sides ) is clearly another threat to peace. perhaps it is the single most important reason peace could not be established in a stable manner.

  80. Rimba Emas Aug 4,2010 5:54 PM


  81. hati.malaysia Aug 4,2010 5:16 PM

    Dear Tun,
    My only question, why Egypt helping Israel ?!?!?
    I really do not understand this.

  82. ray2467 Aug 4,2010 4:43 PM


  83. emma49 Aug 4,2010 3:46 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya dah register as volunteer @ PGPO websites …
    Looking forward to join the Team && contribute more…
    Thanks TUN for all the efforts…

  84. dtan Aug 4,2010 2:12 PM

    Palestinians are suffering and continue to suffer at
    the expense of PA leadership & Hamas. Yasser Arafat
    could have had his nation and more if he had stepped up to
    the plate at the Camp David Accords. He tried to negotiate
    from the position of strength and held out for more. Instead
    of negotiating with Ehud Barak whom he referred to as a ‘Dove’.
    He opened the door to Sharon (aka Butcher of Beirut) the extremist.
    Call it what you will but he would have had his country.
    As well as, opened the door for future negotiations. Its
    always the same rhetoric trying to negotiate from a position
    of strength when pragmatism would have got them more.
    Per 4. As for the aid that was supposed to go via Ashdod to
    the Palestinians. The Evil Israeli’s tried to forward it
    through Raffa. Please don’t tell me its propaganda. I saw
    it on the Arab News (Mosaic Podcasts). Hamas refused to accept
    it. They were complaining again of how badly the Israeli’s were
    treating them and they could not accept the forwarded supplies.
    Even though it was from other Muslims. It was I suppose defiled
    by Jewish hands. You see I

  85. priss01 Aug 4,2010 1:57 PM

    Right now I’m more concern about my own country Malaysia.
    FDI going down 80%, corruption on the rise, crime rate on the rise , subsidy cut for the people only but fat cats still get their subsidy.
    We can’t even help ourselves how do you expect us to help others.

  86. HBT Aug 4,2010 1:01 PM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    GENOCIDE – THE DESTRUCTION OF AN IDENTITY can happen to any parts of the world whether they claimed themselves as socialists, communists, imperialists, capitalists, republicans or democrates, and even Albert Einstein could not answer religion / faith in the name of science / knowledge com-ment By kuthe2 on August 4, 2010 1:02 AM.
    Copy-paste from portal Malaysian Insider, and I read this article as Malaysian Outsider so that I would be able to see bigger picture in the name of Globalization:-
    1. Felda

  87. musato Aug 4,2010 12:21 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Sebenarnya umat Islam di seluruh dunia mendambakan kepimpinan seorang ahli sufi.Tak terkecuali di Malaysia sendiri.
    Saya fikir persetujuan antara pakatan pembangkang untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan sekarang dengan apa cara sekalipun adalah satu pakatan yang songsang.Ini kerana telah kelihatan bagaimana caranya untuk melemahkan kerajaan sedia ada i.e memfitnah,berbohong,tidak menuruti hukuman mahkamah etc.
    Betul,kerajaan sedia ada boleh ditumbangkan.Tapi dengan cara yang lebih berhemah dan positif i.e membangkitkan isu gejala sosial yang berleluasa,kesusahan rakyat serta menunjukkan kepimpinan yang lebih hebat dari kerajaan sedia ada.
    Proses mahkamah perlu dituruti kerana kita sebagai rakyat yang mengundi mencari keharmonian dan kedamaian dalam kehidupan di Malaysia dan bukannya huru-hara.Kalau proses mahkamah pun dipolitikkan maka apa yang rakyat akan dapat?Dapatlah huru-hara.
    Ketidakpuasan hati adalah adat biasa dalam kehidupan.Sedikit sebanyak perlu kita telan.Tapi nampaknya ahli politik hari ni tak boleh telan.Jadi lebih baik tak usah jadi ahli politik.
    Saya kira Presiden PAS Haji Hadi Awang and the gang pun tahu akan perkara ni.Saya ada mengikuti sedikit ucapan beliau dan saya yakin beliau boleh dianggap sebagai Tok Guru yang sebenarnya.Nenek saya pernah beritahu yang beliau juga mempunyai tali persaudaraan jauh.
    Pentadbiran ahli sufi berlainan dengan pentadbiran biasa.Ini kerana asas kepada pentadbiran ahli sufi adalah Al-Quran dan Al-Sunnah.Kemampuan mengembangkan pentadbiran seumpama ini juga dibantu oleh ilmu laduni (pengetahuan yang dicampakkan ke dalam dada oleh Allah kepada hamba yang dikehendakiNya).
    Seperti yang dirakamkan dalam kisah Nabi Musa a.s dan Nabi Khidir a.s.Di mana Nabi Musa a.s diberi keizinan mengikuti perjalanan Nabi Khidir a.s dengan syarat tak boleh bertanya sebelum sesuatu hal dikerjakan.Omputih kata practice first,then talk.
    Ini termasuk dalam hal cerita membocorkan perahu serta membunuh seorang individu.Saya kira pengajaran kisah ini lebih kepada firasat seorang mukmin dan bukannya mengetahui perkara-perkara ghaib lebih dari had yang dibenarkan.
    Ahli sufi yang bercirikan seorang pemimpin biasanya diceritakan dibekalkan dengan kelebihan pada pandangan zahir dan batin i.e dapat menarik ramai pendengar dan mempengaruhi audien untuk beramal. banyak menceritakan tentang kisah ahli sufi.
    Ahli sufi terkenal yang berjaya mengembalikan Baitul Maqdis satu ketika dulu dalam perang Salib adalah Sultan Salahuddin al-Ayubi.
    Dan sekarang kita masih lagi menunggu orang seperti beliau untuk membebaskan Palestin.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  88. mgpunya Aug 4,2010 10:31 AM

    ..God won’t mention them in the Koran for nothing,sir. And no thanks to this European fella….Hitler, I bet he is laughting in his grave with…that I told you so look…!

  89. gunse007 Aug 4,2010 10:28 AM

    well TUN m,
    you are so bz body with ISRAEL PALESTINE…
    but always keep quiet on whats happening in Sudan’s Darfur even though those people who live there in West of Sudan are moslems also but of different tribe from the majority race of Sudanese Arab-Africa which are the clans of President Bashir your best friend there.
    Why no comment on Darfur????
    You only visit the Petronas operations there and for new contract nego with Sudanese gov.
    I was in Sudan before too so i know this…
    Tolong jawab.

  90. Shawn Tan Aug 4,2010 10:19 AM

    The situation there is kind of tragic and very much a farce. I think that there is just lack of political will on both sides to come to a solution. Genocide is the logical conclusion if we continue on the current trajectory.
    Sometimes, I wonder about what we can do as a small nation to help fix the problem. After so many decades of strife I doubt that any political solution will fix the problem except at the surface. The people themselves, would need to come together.
    In this, I can only hope that the future generations on both sides will be able to stop the fights and come together. However, it is difficult under such circumstances. Hopefully, with access to uncensored information, the younger generation will be less indoctrinated and come to realise the cause of the problems.
    That is why we must never support censorship of information, regardless of how distasteful it may be.

  91. Solo Bear Aug 4,2010 10:12 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I would like to share a compilation of links pertaining to the raid on the Flotilla.
    Flotilla Links

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