PERKASA and ME 133

1. When the 5th PM took over, it became obvious he was incompetent and unable to govern the country and grow its economy. He was seen as weak by the Malays as well as by the Chinese and Indians. He flipped-flopped, making decisions and policies and reversing them, arresting opposition members under the ISA and then releasing them shortly after, claiming that he wanted to protect them.

2. Extremists among the Chinese and Indians felt they could safely challenge the Government, particularly over racial issues. They demanded that provisions in the Constitution favouring the Malays and the NEP quotas be removed. Even Barisan Nasional partners took up the call.

3. Normally UMNO leaders and UMNO generally would take up the defence of the Malays. But Abdullah as UMNO President and PM was silent (elegant silence) causing the other leaders and members of UMNO to become silent also.

4. As the attack against the Malays escalated and UMNO remained silent, the Malay public felt they were being let down by UMNO. Losing faith in UMNO, they began to set up NGOs to take up the challenges by the Chinese and Indian activists.

5. Perkasa as an NGO gained the most support because the founder was more vocal and willing to take risk and to rebut the views of the Chinese and Indian extremists.

6. Meanwhile Malay support for UMNO was silently eroding. In the 2008 elections the loss of Malay support for UMNO became evident. Many either abstained or voted for PAS.

7. Demands were then made for Abdullah to step down. Najib took over and he tried to regain Chinese support by apparently giving in to Chinese demands on several issues. The new UMNO leadership also opted to remain silent and failed to defend the Malay position. Instead of going back to support UMNO, Malays including UMNO members continue to flocked to Perkasa.

8. In the 2008 elections, many UMNO and BN candidates won only by small margins even in their strongholds. If in the next election defections by even a small number of supporters in some constituencies can result in a reduction of the Barisan Nasional majority or even cause the BN to lose altogether.

9. Because of the poor handling of the Perak crisis, the Chinese who considered the Pakatan Government of Perak as a Chinese Government, swore not to support BN anymore.

10. The situation of UMNO and BN looked bleak. They have not regained the Malay support lost in the 2008 elections and they face the prospect of the Chinese not supporting the Barisan Nasional in the 13th General Elections. Striving to regain Chinese support is not enough. They must also regain Malay support.

11. UMNO may think that all the Malays are supportive of the party. But UMNO cannot be sure of that. Their silence before the 2008 Election was deceptive. We now know that many supported the opposition. Can UMNO disregard or antagonise any Malay group? I think it would be dangerous to do so.

12. Perkasa has not indicated that it is against BN and UMNO. In fact it has hinted that it is for UMNO. Looking at the strength of Malay support for Perkasa antagonising them would not be to the benefit of the Barisan Nasional or UMNO.

13. Perkasa is accused of being racist and should be rejected on that ground. Is Perkasa racist? If anyone cares to study the statement by Perkasa he will not fail to note that it has confined itself to rebutting allegations that the non-Malays have been discriminated against, that the Malays need to retain their present position. If it is really racist then it would be demanding the abolition of the special treatment of the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia. This it has not done except when defending the Malay position.

14. It is illogical to expect that when the Chinese and Indian activists demand for the removal of policies and schemes to help the Malays, they, the Malays should remain silent or to agree. Surely the natural thing for them to do is to defend themselves. If their anointed protector, UMNO, refuses for whatever reason to voice disagreement against the demands of the Chinese and Indians, then the beleaguered Malays will have to find a champion elsewhere.

15. They could form a political party and undermine UMNO. But they did not. The Malays are already fragmented. And so they formed NGOs instead which leaves them with the option to support or not to support UMNO and the Barisan Nasional.

16. True there are a few Malays in Pakatan who seem to agree and support demands to do away with the affirmative action in favour of the Malays. But they are doing this simply to fish for Chinese support for their parties.

17. Whatever may be the feelings of UMNO, I have decided that the NGOs have a big enough following which could do damage to UMNO and the BN in the next election if they want to. Accordingly I have decided to stay close with Perkasa especially and to ensure that it does not swing over to the opposition. I would like to ensure that Perkasa supports the Barisan Nasional in the next election.

18. Does this make me a racist? I had at one time the opportunity and power to be a real Malay racist. But I won elections with strong non-Malay support. In fact in1999 it was Chinese support which gave me my 2/3 majority.

19. I was obviously not regarded as a racist then (except of course by the DAP). So why am I regarded as a racist now when all I want to do is to ensure Malay support for Barisan Nasional parties, especially UMNO.

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  1. Your typical malaysian Jan 2,2011 9:20 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Based on your quotation that “I want to do is to ensure Malay support for Barisan Nasional parties, especially UMNO.”, it is understandable of your support for the Party that you have nurtured since into Independance. Like a father who has brought up his children hope that the child can excel and live on with his legacy.
    This is an instinctive reaction build into human being.
    However, based on this very care and concern for your child, we as typical malaysian hope that Tun will perhaps sit back and reflect deeper on the behaviour and how the upbringing has somehow along the way develop a behaviour that may or may not bring the legacy of its forefathers to greater heights.
    A very serious concern is that the NEP and other policies has somehow along the way lead to a trend that is self destructive.It has created an ego that is self fueling and has little concern for the greater community within Malaysia. Undeniably the policies are set with noble intentions and have to some extend brought success to the target group. At the same time, this very success has also breed an ego fueled with greed in some parties that has hope to latch on the silver spoon and refused to be independent from their silver spoon. This greed has manifested itself as what we know as corruptions.
    The malaysia community as whole knows and realise the extend of this horrendous corruption that is prevailing in Malaysia. It is what we call “AN OPEN SECRET”. Under the pretext of NEP bringing economic equality, certain parties are taking advantage of the acclaimed birthrights to benefit and serve their greed.
    I was engaged in a conversation with some friends and came across an interesting matter. My friends work in the upmarket retailing sector (aka expensive and high class retail shops) and the conversation revealed an interesting condition. They noted that Chinese and Indians customers normally come into their shop looking for what they want to buy and will check out the the price tags first and would normally bargain or ask if any discount is available for the item the wanted to buy. Furthermore, they would normally paid by credit cards. On the contrary, the majority of malays customers usually look for what they wanted without much concern for the price tags and almost never bargain for discount. And guess what, when they make payment they usually pay by cash. This is not the usual grocery but upmarket retail shop where prices goes into thousands and they choose to pay by cash. This phenomenon tells a great deal about the socio-economic condition. At a glance it may not seems important, but it reveals and underlying condition.
    Hard earned money are never spend without care. Whereas easy money are usually “easy come easy go”. furthermore the method of payment may to some extent indicative of the sources of income. Credit cards leaves a financial trail whereas cash hardly leave a financial trail. If the source are legitimate, financial trails are not a concern. So I believe this phenomenon tells should tell TUN that these Malays can hardly be considered backward in this era and there is cause for concern about their source of income. This condition as seen by the whole community of Malaysian is proof of the misguided ego of the parties claiming for protection of their birthrights. Corruption at its core.
    Together with this issue is that of fellow Chinese and Indians and other races within Malaysia. Is it still fair to label them as immigrants. Most of the them are already into the 3rd and 4th generation in Malaysia. Do they not have birthrights in Malaysia as well. Why the exclusive birthrights is reserved for the exclusive few? What happen when they are into the 9th and 10th generation. The imbalance of birthrights is the core of concern that alienates them from the majority. the fear is that this imbalance is going to be persist and continue to divide the nation. The time has come for TUN to reflect and decide if the policies should be reviewed for greater benefit to all Malaysian and equality. A balance application of birthrights to all citizens of Malaysia will ensure that the misguided ego of the selected few is kept in check. Fair competition will naturally stamp out the corruption.
    If Tun continues to be sentimental to yesteryears, i fear that the child that Tun has nurtured for so long will engage in self-destructive behaviour and inevitably lay the legacy that Tun has created to shame. As a parent, TUN would know that overprotectionism of a child will eventually stunt their natural development and instead will result in behaviour that is self-destructive. This is hard for a parent whose natural instinct is to protect their child but independence of a child is what all parents has to finally come to terms with.
    It is time to unite the nation as a whole and Tun’s legacy will be reknown all over the world.

  2. ckwan Nov 26,2010 3:02 PM

    Kita kena berfikiran waras dan berpandangan jauh. Jangan sikit sikit saja ungkit isu agama dan bangsa. Pilihanraya 2008 BN mungkin kurang support kerana Perdana Menteri BN yang lemah dan banyak isu isu semasa negara yang tidak diselesaikan secara memuaskan dan rakyat telah pandai melihat gelagat politik kerajaan yang tidak mementingkan rakyat. Golongan politik dan individu yang berkait rapat dengan kerajaan hidup mewah. Rakyat hidup susah, minyak naik harga, barang harian naik harga,etc…..Ditambahkan lagi opposition parti yang dibimbing oleh Anwar pandai menggunakan kesempatan itu.
    Polisi NEP dan hak bumiputra memang baik. Niat itu baik dan mulia. Tapi disalahgunakan oleh pihak tertentu. Renung renungkan lah, adakah orang Melayu betul betul mendapat faedah sepenuhnya….ataupun hanya orang tertentu?? Kenapa selepas beberapa pemimpin, golongan bumiputra masih ketinggalan. Perubahan dasar NEP bukan semestinya untuk mengurangkan hak bumiputra, tapi untuk perbaiki kan lagi pengagihan sumber negara yang lebih telus, ikhlas, adil dan bertanggungjawab. Masa berubah, zaman berubah, manusia pun kena berubah juga, untuk perbaiki diri sendiri, masyarakat dan negara kita. Kita kena memastikan golongan yang perlu ditolong, betul betul ditolong sepenuhnya.
    Rakyat kena berpakat untuk memilih kerajaan yang bukan pentingkan diri sendiri. Isu diapi apikan untuk mendapat sokongan, ata untuk menjaga keuntungan atau pangkat sendiri. Kita kena lihat ke hati dan niat bukan cakapan atau isu itu shaja.
    Kita perlu dengar NGO seperti Perkasa memberi idea idea macamana meningkatkan taraf hidup orang Melayu, macamana tolong orang yang susah, dan macamana naik perbaiki masalah dadah, anak luar nikah, ragut, dan jenayah yang banyak statistik orang muda Melayu. Kalau idea itu baik, kerajaan belanjalah berapa yang perlu untuk jadikan itu berjaya.
    Pasti orang Cina, India, Iban, etc etc etc SOKONG sepenuhnya!

  3. mgpunya Nov 16,2010 9:15 AM

    YABhg Tun,
    The Malays had turned Chinese and Indian foods like their very own….
    Some people may say..but, its only foods……
    but, I still believe that says alot about a race….
    If you know what I mean…..

  4. pakbelalang Nov 13,2010 11:40 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Those who continue to criticize your policies during your administration are just nuts. They have nothing to lose criticizing you but simply wanting to ridicule you as if they are better than you.
    They are just impressionists to show to other commentators that they are great!!I tell you Tun, given a chance for them to be a Prime Minister they will destroy the whole country. The country will be in a mess. Make no mistake about it. The little knowledge that they have is only good to criticize you in your blog. That’s the best they can offer !!!

  5. lilimontespinos Nov 13,2010 11:16 PM

    Salam Satu Malaysia,
    Pada fikiran saya,org melayu telah ditipu dari awal lagi oleh british…kalau saudara semua sedar sebenarnya dalam hal kontrak soosiall kaum yg paling-paling rugi adalah MELAYU, dimana kalau kita perhatikan apa yang tertulis dan sering disebut oleh ahli politik tntang kontrak soosiall ini adalah;
    1) Agama rasmi – Islam, orang melayu sememangnya Islam dan mengamalkan Islam wlaupun sebelum kedatangan bangsa lain di tanah melayu, jadi memang sejak dari dulu lagi di tanah melayu ini agama rasminya adalah Islam
    2) Bahasa rasmi – Bahasa Melayu; apa saudara pernah dengar/tahu orang melayu zaman dulu cakap bahasa jerman? tidak pernah bukan. Orang melayu memang cakap melayu
    3)Raja/Sultan – Memang orang melayu dari azali lagi setia kepada raja/sultan yang sememangnya berketerunan melayu. kita tidak pernah dengar orang melayu berikrar taat setia kepada raja cina/moghul atau lain2..
    4)Hak Istimewa Orang Melayu/Bumiputera; sebelum kedatangan bangsa lain di tanah melayu memang orang melayu bebas nk buat apa saja di tanah melayu (belajar, kerja,pemilikan rumah, tanah dll) tak payah nk fikir pasai kuota ka apa ka…sebab memang orang melayu berhak mendapatkan semua itu 100%. ada ka rakyat disesebuah negara berasa tidak mempunyai hak istimewa ketika berada di negara sendiri?
    Dengan bahasa mudah, dalam kotrak soosiall ini orang melayu memberi kewarganeraan kepada bangsa lain, sedangkan bangsa lain tidak memberikan apa-apa pada orang melayu…4 perkara diatas yang depa dok jaja kata ‘kita kena bertoleransi, kena ada give and take sepertimana kotrak soosiall…bla..blaa..blaa..’ semua tipu. Dalam kontrak soosiall, melayu cuma give saja, take tak ada, sebabnya apa yang depa(bangsa asing) bagi kat melayu sebenarnya memang telah/sedang dinikmati oleh melayu dari dulu lagi.
    – pandangan saya saja, saya bukan perkasa

  6. HI57 Nov 13,2010 1:42 AM

    Sememangnya sudah jelaslah akan sebab-sebab mengapa negara ini sentiasa menghadapi masallah kepimpinan. Tulisan Tun kali ini lebih menggambarkan serta menengesahkan corak pemikiran dan tangan yang selama 22 tahun telah merosakkan negara ini.

  7. parameswara 2 Nov 12,2010 5:29 PM

    Dearest Tun.
    May I respond again to amin tan November 10, 2010 11:07 PM
    Dear amin
    1-May be I have been a little loose with my words on Ibrahim Ali and I agree that I could have used nicer words rather than the word ‘insignificant’ because it does belittle the individual mentioned.I would like to apologize to Ibrahim Ali if he had read this.
    2-Nonetheless I am not happy with Perkasa as I feel that this is just more division, NGOs or not, when the only way forward for people who boasts about championing Islam is simply to unite.To me there is no justification whatsoever to what is principally wrong.
    3-Our Prophet has come to show us the way.He is our model.God would not appoint him as our model if he is not emulatable.The responsibility of Tun should have been to unite PAS with UMNO when he had the power before.So now it is Najib’s baby.
    4-Do whatever it takes to achieve this unity even to the extent of UMNO having to give up its name.If that is what it takes..then be it.Is not the blessings of God all Muslims are seeking?Or is it the projects they are seeking for themselves?
    5-The only thing the Prophet seek to do is unite people.He united the Haz and Khadraj people into the Ansar brotherhood, peoples who otherwise have been warring one another for time immemorial.He later unified these Ansars with his own people from Makkah,the Muhajiruns.
    6-Can’t Najib attempt the same things?Can’t he try to get the UMNO people to merge with PAS?Is it too difficult?Have these two ‘races ‘been warring one another?So what is the problem?Don’t they know that bonding silatulrahim is an important responsibility for Muslims?That it is fundamental?Let’s walk the talk and show what Muslim brotherhood is all about.Stop being hypocrites.
    7-So when nobody is attempting this job which should the easiest of ways to secure the Malay/Muslim power in this country..come along Ibrahim Ali and all his GERTAK stuff that later see the creation of Perkasa.Can you blame me if I am displeased with the person who initiated it?
    8-The devil’s job is to get people divided,no matter how honorable their intentions may be.Thats my sincere opinion.
    Thanks Tun.

  8. pakbelalang Nov 12,2010 11:35 AM

    Why ask Tun M to stop discussing the race issue. Who started first in the first place. Who are the culprits who instigate demanding all kinds of rights. Why not discuss it openly and sort it out if that is the best thing to do rather than being bloody hypocrite and step behind the back or like throwing stone at others and hide your hand.Depan cakap lain, belakang cakap lain.
    Yes Tun, continue talk about race issue if the Chinese leaders continueto instigate and harp on race issue. The Malay leaders just cannot be always on the defensive. It is time to be frank and express openly.

  9. antikmalaya Nov 12,2010 9:08 AM

    Dearest Tun,
    1) A true leader is a leader who encourages criticism.
    2) A true leader is a leader who knows the difference between right and wrong.
    3) A true leader is a leader who can understand the difference between facts and fictions.
    4) A true leader is a leader who stand firm on the foundation of just and fair.
    5) A true leader is a leader who is willing to sacrifice his life and family.
    6) And finally, a true leader takes command only from Allah swt.
    Saya menyokong penuh pendirian Tun and moga2 kita akan melihat perubahan dari sistem pemerintahan sekular kepada sistem pemerintahan Islam.
    Melayu itu hebat!

  10. Jc Nov 11,2010 1:00 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Please stop creating topics about race. You are just creating disharmony. I think it is better you don’t bring out anything regarding race topics anymore. Our current PM is promoting 1 Malaysia and I am supporting him one hundred percent as he is trying his best to bring back the all races together and you are always criticising the PM after you. STOP IT and step down gracefully please…

  11. amin tan Nov 10,2010 11:07 PM

    Dear Tun,
    May I refer to comment by Parameswara 2 November 10 2010
    Generally yours are fair comments and I do not dispute your argument on Datuk Ibrahim Ali. Just a word of caution. Dont pour scorn and diparaging remarks on whom we hardly know. Datuk Ibrahim Ali has a colourful political life. He is not like Tun Ghafar Baba, the jaguh kampung type. He could read and interpret political situation quite well. His main personal limitation like Tun Ghafar Baba, is English, spoken as well as written. They are from Malay medium, they speak only Malay. In Malaysian politics, it is quite difficult for a person to achieve a top notch grade on a permanent basis without good command of English.
    When we attack a person and overdo it on a regular basis, like Tun Mahathir has been attacking Tun Abdullah Badawi. Sometimes, it sounds and looks very cruel, viscious and unwarranted, especially for a muslim to another muslim. You yourself has commented on this. That is why wenger khairy came out strongly to attack Tun Dr Mahathir. This is understandable as a retaliation to Tun’s disparaging remark on constant and perpertual basis against Tun Abdullah Badawi. Please do not continue to run down a person and belittling a person, especially a muslim against a muslim. It is forbidden in the Quran.
    We cannot blame Datuk Ibrahim Ali for setting up PERKASA as I have earlier commented. It is equivalent to Malay HINDRAF. The Chinese have their own PERKASA version too, the Communist Party of Malaya, led by Chin Peng, and the Chinese Educational Group, Dong Zong. PERKASA may not make much headway, but at least it is a counter balance against extermist and unreasonable demands from other sectors.
    Please remember in the holy Quran, Jannah and Jahannam are mentioned in equal numbers. likewise the devils and the angels are mentioned in equal numbers too. The same thing goes for dosa and pahala.
    amin tan

  12. parameswara 2 Nov 10,2010 3:13 AM

    Dearest Tun
    May I respond to amin tan’s posting of November 5, 2010 1:29 AM
    Dear Amin Tan
    1-Yes I do not know him well enough that is the reason why he is insignificant to me.Based on certain other comments you will find that I am not alone.You just happen to know him personally,otherwise you too may think of him just like we do..Are you not being personal here?
    2-Why is he in such a limbo jumping from one party to the other if Tun had appreciated him for his role as Hang Tuah to Tun?It is all these frequent changes of principle that made me lose respect for him.
    3-He risked his life for Tun and it is Najib and Hisamuddin the ones receiving the rewards?It seem this Hang Tuah is insignificant even to Tun himself.Or else how could Tun not do anything at all to help him out in his political battles and exploit his significance for the good of UMNO.All of us could see that he was struggling before.He should have realized that in UMNO unless you are an ex-PM ‘s son you will never be significant enough.He should have been the Hang Jebat instead.
    4-I do not think just because Anwar is stupid so Tun must also follow suit.I just think all these GERTAK or preemtive defense of our rights is just not the way of the 21st century.Even 15th centuries ago the Prophet SAW had already come to show us the way.Although Tun is a Malay he must remember that he is responsible equally to all his former rakyat irrespective of race.Its best that Tun take a neutral stand till the end.Let us all give Ibrahim Ali the chance to prove that he is not insignificant by doing it all by himself.
    5-I am looking at him only from his performances as a politician thus far as compared to Tun.We must not be personal in our opinion.It is always the results that count.I am not saying he is bad or am I writing him off we must remember that Tun himself was once an UMNO reject, just that he is no where close to the status or contribution of Tun to the country at the moment.This significance is relative.He is surely more significant than me…
    6-Thanks Tun.

  13. nadzri Nov 8,2010 5:58 PM

    If a person talks about Malay rights, should we call him a racist?
    If a person try to defend Malay rights, should we call him a racist?
    I am a Malay and i have the right to talk about the Malay rights and to defend it.
    Is exercising the rights part of rasicm?

  14. Esperalzi Nov 7,2010 7:12 PM

    As a disenchanted Malay, I’d vote hands down for Perkasa if it were to stand up as a political party in the upcoming elections. I am disenchanted with UMNO but I am a million times more disenchanted with PAS and PKR. Given the choice between UMNO and PAS/PKR, I’d hesitantly vote for UMNO but if Perkasa comes along, I’d dump UMNO with no regrets at all.
    Obviously, these days Malays can’t even utter the word “Malay” without being labeled as racists, while Chinese and Indians freely speak about their Chinese and Indian rights without anybody dare calling them racists. It isn’t just the mere uttering of the word “Malay”, Malays are also branded racists if they question Chinese and Indian rights while Chinese and Indians freely question Malay rights without fear of any branding or labeling. Perkasa isn’t even questioning Chinese and Indian rights, already they are accused of being racists.
    This is typical Zionist-inspired strategy to silence and corner the Malays. We all know that if we are Goyim (Gentiles,non-Jews), we can’t criticize Jews and Israel without being branded as “anti-Semitic” while Jews may spew any amount of anti-Goyim racism without anybody dare branding them racists because to call a Jew a racist itself is anti-Semitic racism! How pathetic! These Chinese and Indians and their Liberal Malay supporters who are bent on abolishing Malays rights while preserving their own racist rights must have been tutored in Tel Aviv or Haifa on how to dispossess Malays off their rights in their own country..
    I am a Malay racist and proud to be one if that means I am sensitive about the rights of my Malay people. Anti-Malay racism among Chinese, Indians and Liberal Malays are more virulent than that whatever is perceived as Malay racism against non-Malays..

  15. hairyjhr Nov 7,2010 3:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Teruskan usaha murni Tun, kerana saya sebagai anak Melayu, akan tetap setia mempertahankan hak ketuanan Melayu, bukan sebagai Perkasa, juga bukan sebagai Umno tetapi sebagai Anak Melayu yang selama ini hanya memerhatikan sahaja dari jauh. Saya akan mula bertindak apabila kedua2 badan atau kesatuan ini, tidak lagi relevan untuk orang Melayu.

  16. lmmersive Nov 6,2010 5:24 PM

    What’s so important about malay rights? I don’t understand the purpose of giving the able a crutch. There should only be concessions for the needy nothing more nothing less. You’re ethnocentric policies only serve to divide the country and create a schism because they do not benefit the people who deserve it. you and your cronies have only been holding back the progress of this country by giving people an indifferent attitude that we can’t even bloody compete among ASEAN anymore. you sir are immensely deluded. so go ahead and scheme, subvert and justify whatever you need to with whatever precedence you can to further your agenda.

  17. Antikaisu Nov 6,2010 2:50 PM

    Salam Tun dan Bangsa Melayuku,
    Kepada semua saudara ku orang Melayu dan Islam !
    Malaysia adalah negeri Melayu.
    Malaysia adalah tanah Melayu.
    Malaysia adalah bangsa Melayu
    Malaysia adalah semangat Melayu dulu dan sekarang.
    Malaysia adalah maruah orang Melayu.
    Bangsaku jangan gentar, jangan undur walaupun seinci pun, biar putih tulahg, jangan putih mata, ayuh bangkit semua menentang pembelot, pengkhidnat, pengecut, pengampu dan bersekokong dengan musuh Melayu dan Islam. Lindungi dan mempertahankan peminpin kita yang ketal satu ini hingga ketitisan darah yang terakhir buat kita semua.
    Hidup Mahathir, Hidup Perkasa, Hidup Melayu, Hidup Malaysia…!

  18. lebaikudin Nov 5,2010 10:11 PM

    Salam Tun,
    1.There is no success without sacrifice.Look at Singapeore,they are far developed compared to Malaysia.People are obedient.Everything also ‘saman’,until they’re known “Singapore is a FINE City”.Developed & modern.But at what Price?
    2.While here,Malays are the most tolerable towards other races & foreigners,especially with the “tidak apa” attitude.This is the only reasons other races took a hostility stance towards Malays,in the hope that Malays will lose grip & forgo everything.
    3.As a simple conclusion,a Malay proverb is the best to explain: “Diberikan betis nakkan paha” or “Belanda mintak tanah”.It’s a close resemblance to attitude practiced by Jews/Yahudi/Israel – look at the mayhem they created in middle-East
    4.Otherwise,why else Chinese were also known as “Yahudi Timur” or Jews of the East?
    5.Am I being racist?Yes I am,until you drop your right of being Chinese,Indian etc

  19. parameswara 2 Nov 5,2010 6:11 PM

    Dearest Tun
    //1. When the 5th PM took over, it became obvious he was incompetent and unable to govern the country and grow its economy. He was seen as weak by the Malays as well as by the Chinese and Indians. He flipped-flopped..//
    1-You are world class leader to me Tun.My expectation on you is very high.I don’t think it is fitting of you to be embarassing Pak Lah like this in public.It is really not his fault.If he was not ready for the job then why was he given this responsibility in the first place.
    2-Well if you had done your job well enough the whole 22 years you would have detected his shortcomings and would have either corrected it, or if it is beyond correction, just eliminate him out of the race saving him from all this embarassment.
    3-There is a Malay saying that says when you spit up in the sky the saliva will land up in your face.There is no stupid students only stupid teachers.No kurang di ajar children only kurang ajar parents.No bossy wives only timid husbands..oops..sorry off track.
    4-Actually Tun it is not your fault in selecting Pak Lah.Not your fault at all.Nobody would know really who have or don’t have the leadership.While managing is mostly a matter of the head,leadership on the other hand is mainly a matter of the heart..and no one can look into what is in anybody’s heart not even Tun.
    5-That’s why master Mog Wai the tortoise in the animated movie Kungfu Panda was only eager to leave it to the heavens to help him choose the most coveted position of the Dragon Warrior ,the one entrusted to protect the Kingdom.
    6-The original rightful candidate was Tai Lung the leopard whom his adopted father Master Shifu the Fox has taught almost everything in Kungfu to know of.But Master Mog Wai however saw the evil in him and refused to appoint him as the Dragon Warrior.Tai Lung became aggressive and rebelled but was subdued by Master Mog Wai and was imprisoned.(no,sodomy charge was not invoked)
    7-At a ceremony to choose the Dragon warrior from amongst the remaining 5 candidates namely Tigress,Monkey,Snake,Crane and Mantis ,all of whom are graduates of Master Shifu…just at the time Master Mog wai was about to point to the Tigress..sudenly Bo,the Panda after he has fallen, landed right on that spot Master Mog wai’s fingers was pointing.Master Mog Wai was elated and he immediately proclaimed the heavens have sent them the Panda as the Dragon Warrior!!
    8-Master Shifu was shocked and objected to this apointment claiming that it was just an accident.But Master Mog wai insisted ‘there are no accidents’.And true enough it turned out that the unlikely Panda was indeed the rightful Dragon Warrior that have brought peace forever after in the Kingdom.
    9-The moral of the story?Only the heavens can provide us with the rightful leader.If it is our destiny to be a great nation then we must pray that the heavens will grant us that leader.Like Po,he may be an outsider and appear a most unlikely candidate,and like Po too he may become our leader by accident!
    10-Or maybe I should stop watching too many animated movies.Thanks Tun.

  20. truthseeker Nov 5,2010 10:47 AM

    Salam Tun and fellow bloggers,

  21. pisokek Nov 5,2010 3:16 AM

    *Sigh* When will this racist hate ends. Why hate and blame the Chinese or Indian for BN’s failures? It is not their choice in the first place to be born as Chinese or Indian or any other non-malay race, it is a choice answer by god. Should we hate what god created for us?
    Look, people have move on, we are living in a world where integrations and cooperations are the keys for survival and prosperity. Should we stick with the old and outdated ideas and become backward? Stagnation will doom us all.
    If we continue with this kind of trend, with this kind of racist hatred, in the end, we will be the losers, all international community will surely reject us. We will be the laughing stock of the world since we are almost similar to the South African Apartheid regime. The world will isolate us. Remember, isolation will only brings depressions, take a look at North Korea or Myanmar.
    Perkasa and UMNO claim that they will “protect” the malay rights and in the end, only few elite malays that are really enjoying the benefits, at the expense of all malaysians.
    I respect and admire your contributions, Mr Mahathir. You have done untold amount of great services in transforming our nation from a simple agricultural folks, into an advance industrialise nation. Those are no easy tasks. You were with us when we were hit by the Asia Financial Crisis in 1997, you did not abandon us and you even protect us from foreign financial speculators even when other Western politicians condemned you for doing so. Your effort in resisting the call from IMF even entered in Washington Journal(If i remembered correctly) which many economist including Joseph Stiglizt admire your actions in defending Malaysian economy.
    However, not all things are perfect as you said yourself before. Cronies and racism which I believe are your weakest points.
    I wanted to see Malaysians stand united for malaysia in the name of progress, healing, and hope. To do this, these racisms need to end, whether you/we like it or not…

  22. amin tan Nov 5,2010 1:29 AM

    Dear Tun,
    May i comment on Parameswara 2 November 2, 2010 11.49pm.
    Your point no 2. ‘insignificant politician like Ibrahim Ali.’ Dont say Ibrahim Ali is insignificant. If you know him well, Ibrahim Ali possesses many good attributes. Personally he is courageous and setiakawan,a quality possessed by both Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Mahathir. He was a leader since the student days. Even though academically he is not very highly educated, he is a good organizer and enthusiastic in what he is doing. Please give him some space. PAS or BN cant win in PARLIAMENT pasir Mas without Ibrahim Ali. He calls the shot in Pasir Mas.
    Your point no 3.’He needs you only to lend him the significance’. Many may not realise that when Anwar Ibrahim revolted against Tun Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali was the only one showing personal courage taking unequivocal side of Tun Mahathir, while many UMNO big shots played safe and dared not commit.
    Personally i would equate PERKASA as Malay HINDRAF. If Anwar Ibrahim can openly support HINDRAF leading their street demonstrations, I dont see why Tun Mahathir should not support PERKASA, WHOSE leader Ibrahim Ali was once a loyal lieutenant and played Hang Tuah to Tun Mahathir when Tun really needed support.
    Tun pandai berbalas budi. Setiakawan. Tun used to say ‘it is better to work with the devil you know than the angel you dont know’ Musa Hitam versus Tengku Razaleigh.
    amin tan

  23. Mohd Izwan Nov 5,2010 1:00 AM

    Salam Tun Dr. Mahathir
    Kenapa kita sebagai orang melayu asyik DITEKAN oleh BANGSA ASING terutama CINA dengan hak istimewa yang sememangnya menjadi HAK KITA ?
    Kenapa perlu kita melayan permintaan dari BANGSA ASING terutama CINA yang semakin biadap mempersoalkan perlembagaan negara ?
    Kenapa kita sebagai orang melayu tidak mempersoalkan hak kerakyatan yang diberikan oleh orang Melayu kepada BANGSA ASING terutama CINA ?
    Sekiranya BANGSA ASING terutama CINA masih mempersoalkan tentang HAK ISTIMEWA ORANG MELAYU & BUMIPUTRA, ISLAM SEBAGAI AGAMA RASMI, BAHASA MELAYU SEBAGAI BAHASA KEBANGSAAN & KEDUDUKAN RAJA-RAJA MELAYU, kita sebagai orang melayu harus mempersoalkan hak kerakyatan BANGSA ASING terutama CINA yang diberikan oleh orang melayu di negara MALAYSIA.
    Sekian, terima kasih.

  24. wajaperak Nov 4,2010 10:05 PM

    Tun..semoga sudi mengizinkan.
    I believes that you are a malay.Hence a muslim.Correct me if I am wrong.Muslim have their very own unique interpretation and acknowledgement.A set of recognition.
    For example: Mainstream ulamak does not recognizes Hallaj as one of the wali.Because he set’s a dangerous precedent in Ana Al Haq.
    This concept is sacriligeous to the muslim masses.The ordinaries muslim like me.
    But Hallaj maybe just the person who have been englightened by Allah.What the mainstream ulamak does not agrees is the way he pronounces the englightment.
    In retrorespect,you may have been englightened direct bt Allah too.But as by should keep your enlightment to yourselves.
    We the poor people lacking the IQ and EQ and whatever standard that measures intelligence,only believes the deed that we saw with our own very eyes.It is true the magician can play trick with our eyes but we believes in this magician named Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamamad.
    He have been accused of so many thing’s.He even can be accused of responsible to brought famine to Africa,Greenhouse Effect and I can blame him of Merapi Eruption and even the northen state floods!!
    But all in all..I am not blind.[( Eventhough Mr Ravi says I am and he is not..:) ]
    Allah opened the Kaabah door for Tuan Haji Mahathir Bin Mohamad.
    This is the acknowledegement and recognizance Allah reserves for the one Allah loves and approves of..
    What about me? What about you? What about ?Tun Dolla?…
    It is deed that we cares for..And Tun have serves us ( me and the grateful one ) which knows no bound..
    And for that I am utmost grateful.
    And I am grateful for your contribution to Palestinian.Tq.
    And Mr Ravi too.
    In the Duran Duran said..
    Who do you need? Who do you love ? ( Turns to )
    When you come undone??
    Tun..terima kasih..

  25. roslijantan Nov 4,2010 9:11 PM

    Just to responce to winosky dated nov 2, 2010, why do u have to wait for yr dad’s business, why dont u start on your own, then only will u realise how difficult its is to reach where your father has reached, and from your comment i think he has not much faith in you to develop the business further. He must have felt that with u in the drivers seat what ever he has built will go down the drain, and thats why he is cautious. Just give this a thought, and better still built your dream empire on your own steam and not depend on the old man.
    Thanks Tun, and I am always with u and your blogging is getting much more stronger and truthful and clear.Its the only way to salvage what grounds we have lost, by being to accomodating. Its has never been appreciated.
    Its my prayer that Tun And Tun Siti are always in good health.

  26. tg.intan Nov 4,2010 3:45 PM

    salam Tun,
    saya sangat menyokong dan menghargai sikap keterbukaan Tun mengenai Perkasa.saya sangat yakin bahawa Perkasa merupakan antara wadah dan pejuang bagi menyatupadukan dan memperkukuhkan sosioekonomi orang melayu selain daripada Umno.

  27. matanahair Nov 4,2010 3:25 PM

    >8 Does this make me a racist? I had at one time the opportunity and power to be a real Malay racist. But I won elections with strong non-Malay support. In fact in1999 it was Chinese support which gave me my 2/3 majority.
    I think M’sian in general can’t dispute the fact that you won your election. =) (and no one forgot that you keep saying “i think i always make the same mistake, picking the wrong guy” – how ironic)
    Tun, Have you not forgotten (because M’sian seen your SELECTIVE MEMORY LOST in court when it comes to Lingam case) what you had said to the Chinese Su Qiu (Rayuan) – That they are Communist. *you ask Malay to be grateful to UMNO government, but you yourself are not after 1999.
    Oh ya, one more thing, we are now tired of listening to Bumiputra / Malay rights as excuses. WE ALL, especially the middle / lower class SEE IT CLEARLY that, ONLY UMNO-PUTRA get the benefits, NOT BUMI-PUTRA or those who really need the aids from Government.
    Look at how the Government servant handle our country’s money in the current report. *Proton perdana maintenance, buying things at price 4 folds higher than market (kick-back is common). Lets see if those Government servant will be SACKed or just SLAP on hand and issued a ‘warning’ letter. And suddenly TanSri Muyhidin said “we can’t take action on Government servant” – is not under our jurisdiction, can only TEGUR.
    Seriously, NOT ALL Melayu Mudah Lupa, ONLY “MELAYU-UMNO MUDAH LUPA” After getting all the perks, starts to forget to help other lower middle class fellow brother.
    I, a typical M’sian lauded current PM’s move of MODERATION in every thing. Meaning accept PLURALISM. STOP thumping on the BUMIPUTRA (poor Chinese, indian also need help~!) when the real thing is ONLY UMNO-PUTRA get things.

  28. hafiza Nov 4,2010 3:24 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Many Malays share the same concern with yours. Undoubtedly, many Malays are in the state of denial, ignorance, arrogance and hypocrite about the truths.
    The One-Eyed Party (PKR) led by Anwar is a total crap.
    Remember!! Among the signs of Judgment Day is the Dajjal, of which among other features is one-eye.

  29. belialjo08 Nov 4,2010 3:03 PM

    i think demanding that the rights be removed is far fetched looking at how complacent the bumiputra is becoming. but a better way of executing the NEP can help to ensure the money goes to the needy (ie: specific qualification criterias for financial aid distributed).
    The main problem that people have with the current gov is its ignorant, complacent & arrogant. It thinks it should remain in power just because majority of its members are bumis & they will get the eventual votes. But the people are not stupid anymore, they have had enough with the abuse of power, corruption & wastage of the country’s resources. the last election showed that they can, at any time, put whoever they want in putrajaya.
    previously during Tun’s tenure, you don’t get much “hassle” from non-bumis regarding all these special rights, why? at that time, despite corruption & abuse of power, the economy was still growing & std of living was improving but the past few years have been stagnant. so what can we do to improve the situation? majority of the comments suggest that threading the same path as we did for these 50 years, is the way to go…which is the real scary part!

  30. richard831 Nov 4,2010 2:54 PM

    Hi Doc, we dont care who lead the country. As long he give a level playing field and equal opportunity to everybody. It is unfair to handicap one race or the other to give them an advantage. Investing in a 100storey doesnt really help the country grow.. investing in 100 schools will… we shall reap what we sow. and 100 storey tower doesnt give us anything in the future. perhaps a sore in the eye maybe

  31. johorean Nov 4,2010 2:48 PM

    For your info in case you missed it. Happy reading.
    PERKASA and ME

  32. HBT Nov 4,2010 2:33 PM

    Good afternoon Ayahanda Tun,
    Sabtu 6/11/2010 is not Hari Raya Haji, it’s Hari Full Moon as determined by the Ruler Keeper and approved by the King of Malaysia in Muslim Calender.
    Good day Ayahanda Tun. I just wanna comment a bit on The Star Group in twisting news that:-
    I. PM Najib said, “most importantly, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad supports the (it was not “my”) government and my leadership.”
    II. Did Mrs Clinton vows to return to M’sia or not; we will leave it to her and we do not need The Star Group to flip and flop her news as though The Star Group/MCA is the Government representing the Malaysian Chinese.

  33. KAO Nov 4,2010 1:29 PM

    Kepada Ayahanda Tun,
    Terima kasih kerana masih terus menulis dan mengemukakan pandangan walaupun Ayahanda Tun tidak lagi memegang tampuk pimpinan. Orang-orang Melayu masih memerlukan pandangan Ayahanda Tun terutama dalam soal memperjuangkan hak-hak Melayu..
    Semoga Ayahanda Tun dan Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah sentiasa dibekalkan kesihatan yang baik oleh Allah SWT.. Amin.

  34. haaziq Nov 4,2010 12:36 PM

    Fair statement tun if that is your intention, which i individually dont doubt. I like the term “elegant silence”. You must be commended for your sense of humour and command of the English language.

  35. adi5707 Nov 4,2010 12:07 PM

    Komponen BN dah cukup utk jaga kaum masing-masing:
    – UMNO jaga kaum melayu (sepatutnya la..)
    – MCA jaga kaum cina
    – MIC jaga kaum india
    Kalau UMNO berterusan nak jaga hati kaum lain dalam BN, tukarlah nama UMNO kepada United Race National Organization (URNO) dan terus lah pakai nama Inggeris.
    Kita tunggu PRU13.
    Ahli Umno

  36. ibumimi Nov 4,2010 11:35 AM

    Dear Tun..
    i wish that you be the President of PERKASA, surely more Malays will be UNITED.. your ULTRAMALAY charisma will surely attract > 😀
    Dear Tun, sorry, off topic kejap.
    i’ve accidentally read something here- Betul ke?

  37. srikandi malaya Nov 4,2010 10:39 AM

    Salam ayahanda Tun,
    Saya menyokng penuh perjuangan PERKASA yang jelas membela hak orang-orang Melayu apabila ditekan dan dipijak oleh bangsa yg baru saja menjadi rakyat negara ini kurang 60 tahun yg lalu.
    Manusia dangkal yang memegang kuasa dalam UMNO seperti Khairy dan Annuar adalah pengkhianat bangsa sendiri apabila terang-terangan menentang prjuangan suci PERKASA. Apakah mereka tidak nmpak bahawa PERKASA tidak sesekali ‘menyerang’ dahulu tetapi bangkit mepertahankan dan ‘menyerang’ dengan tajam selepas ‘diserang’ tanpa rasa silu oleh bangsa yang baru datang ke Tanah Melayu ini?
    Saya sangat boleh hidup bertolak ansur jika mereka tidak biadap mempersoal hak saya sebagai bangsa yang memberi hak kepada mereka untuk tinggal bersama-sama saya di Tanah Jawi ini. Oleh kerana mereka terlalu biadap, maka saya juga tidak akan berdiam diri.
    Semoga Tun berdua sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah. Amin..

  38. zaher Nov 4,2010 10:20 AM

    Jutaan terima kasih kerana sudi berkongsi ilmu dan pandangan dengan kami semua rakyat malaysia walaupun tun sudah tidak lagi berada dalam kerajaan. semoga perkongsian ini berterusan dan tun dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik.

  39. paspros Nov 4,2010 10:20 AM

    Dear Tun,
    If umno can kickout nazri aziz and khairi jamaludin, the duo that are enemy of Perkasa, umno would loose 2 malay with some non malay votes, but the party may gain millions of other malay supports. umno should also seek for more true and honest persons as its leaders instead of fortune seekers, and opportunists such as the duo in its leadership line up. That will create more confidence amongst the malays toward the party.

  40. 6 Jahanam Nov 4,2010 9:02 AM

    Take this as a guide,for winning the election.
    Fact is racial helps in an elaction.It,s nature.
    The red ants,will follow the red ants, black will follow the black.
    Our neighbour,PAP govt won their election,not truly they are a good party,they deliver,yes they did,but it is more of technique of winning the voting.
    The GRC format,quota,s for malay residings,using the news to noose bringing more Chinese from China,Chinese from Malaysia,offerings PR,better opportunities than the malay there,helps them to win the vote.
    THIS ARE FACTS.This now happen in Penang.
    UMNO should learn from this.
    Bring in Singapore Malay to guide Malaysian Malay,the Malay there knows better.They have seen,they have experience,they are sufferings in silence.Get good Indonesians that can bring up our economy,makes us know each other,work together towards our visions.
    Labelled me as racists,yes I am.
    Those who deny this are actually more racists.
    It is a fact one cannot deny.
    Politician will deny,just to win the vote,to get support,fact is their doings reveals their truth,reveals their intention.
    In Singapore,most malays works in Govt Sector,as much Chinese
    prefer to do business.Malaysian Chinese can easily overite the malay for higher position,even Ahmad is capable and more experienced.

  41. Konpunboyong Nov 4,2010 7:37 AM

    PAK LAH is a good Muslim; even though he is not as competent, he is CLEAN and HONEST unlike the other PMs!

  42. MAZAI Nov 4,2010 7:36 AM

    Ybhg Tun.
    Syukur Alhamdullillah Tun telah kembali pulih.
    Semogo Tun dapat meneruskan peranan sebagai moderator dalam apa jua pertelingkahan antara kaum berkaitan dengan isu-isu sejarah dan hak-hak masing-masing dan penyedar kepada bangsa Malaysia terutama generasi baru yang kurang berpeluang mempelajari sejarah kemerdekaan negara secara mudah. TUN adalah negarawan yang telah berjaya menyampaikan dengan cara yang mudah difahami.
    Kini PERKASA wujud. Ia bukan badan politik yang gila kuasa dan ingin merebut kuasa. Ia adalah sebuah NGO Melayu yang dianggotaai oleh mereka yang tidak mahu melihat bangsanya diperlekeh dan diperbodohkan. Yang tidak mahu melihat Melayu lemah didalam buaian kuasa yang dimiliki. Yang tidak mahu melihat kampung tergadai dek menang sorak. Yang tidak mahu melihat kera dihutan disusukan anak dikendung mati kelaparan. PERKASA dan NGO-NGO Melayu lain akan menjadi pihak yang akan menegur dan mengingati mereka yang leka dek kuasa yang diamanahkan itu, mereka yang lemah dek pujukan dan takut dengan ugutan.
    Tahniah kerana Tun adalah pendokong PERKASA. Saya berharap setiap orang orang Melayu yang sayangkan bangsanya mesti menyokong PERKASA disamping menganggotai parti-parti politik yang anda minati.

  43. jufairiy Nov 4,2010 7:29 AM

    Tun memang pejuang Melayu tulin. Semoga Tun sihat walafiat selalu.

  44. speedbird Nov 4,2010 4:19 AM

    Dearest Tun,
    Very well written and I completely support your thoughts.
    Basically without perkasa, no one else would champion Malay rights. If Chinese were given their way, malays would stoop and fall, burnt to ashes.
    Look at the shopping complexes run by Chinese. The Malays are not allowed to set up any shops or even kiosks there. Even the tudung shops/kiosk are owned by Chinese.
    Sadly, Malay/government owned complexes like alamanda & klcc are run by chinese leasing management team who obviously choose as many Chinese as possible and defy the opportunity to Malays.
    Very well done UMNo.
    And now when the Malays are voicing their plight being discriminated, we are labelled racist!!
    This is what the zionists are doing.
    Wake up umno. We loved you but hate your guts now.

  45. Riffzam Nov 4,2010 2:54 AM

    assalamualaikum tun…
    alhamdulillah…tun had fully recovered…
    ermm…i really like with this entry because you had mentioned about the 5th prime minister…
    because of him…overconfident after PRU-11…we (BN) lost 3 states…and because of him…act 153 had been debated…and had been used by the opposition as their instrument to attract voters from others races..such Chinese and Indians…
    and i become more disappointed with his administration when he cancelled the project to replace Tambak Johor…
    because…if we continue the project..for sure…it will be completed by the end of this year..perhaps..but…I had made a decision for a short term…
    I…as a Law student really like you tun…the way you govern this country…and develop it..I really appreciate all the development that had been done by you..
    and I hope…I can meet you face to day…
    *sorry for the grammatical error…
    visit my blog :

  46. 'Manusia Biasa' Nov 4,2010 2:46 AM

    Pengakuan bekas sahabat baik Anwar, Dato’ Nallakarupan yg mahu Anwar Ibrahim terima kenyataan bahawa tiada pembohongan dalam tindakan mantan Perdana Menteri, YBhg Tun Mahathir yang telah memecatnya ekoran pendedahan kes liwat pada tahun 1998.
    Bila Tun berbohong??? Anwar yang sebenarnya banyak berbohong…
    Bangkit & sedarlah wahai rakyat Malaysia..
    Manusia Biasa

  47. 'Manusia Biasa' Nov 4,2010 2:42 AM

    Pengakuan bekas sahabat baik Anwar, Dato’ Nallakarupan yg mahu Anwar Ibrahim terima kenyataan bahawa tiada pembohongan dalam tindakan mantan Perdana Menteri, YBhg Tun Mahathir yang telah memecatnya ekoran pendedahan kes liwat pada tahun 1998.
    Bila Tun berbohong??? Anwar yang sebenarnya banyak berbohong…
    Bangkit & sedarlah wahai rakyat Malaysia..
    Manusia Biasa

  48. Shukor Nov 4,2010 2:32 AM

    I first supported Perkasa, then rejected it as it became more extreme. But a wise man then said to me,
    “Support the cause. Not the figure. Because when its leader retires, the cause does not.”

  49. Alibabamahathir Nov 4,2010 2:17 AM

    Hello Dr Mahathir,
    Looks like TUN itching to hantam Mohd Najib bin Tun Razak while he is nursing chicken pox. hahaha. Very good timing. Actually, Najib is not having chicken pox. Mohd Najib TAB gave in too much to TUN’s demand to announce all the cronial projects that all the not-Mahathir cronies are going after the jagular of Najib. Poor boy, reject mahathir kena mahathir hantam. Accept mahathir croies demand, kena hantam by anti-mahathir cronies and mahahtir himself again.

  50. zainal Nov 4,2010 1:58 AM

    Masaalahnya kami tidak percaya Ibrahim Ali, Ibrahim Ali amat terdesak sekarang ini, bila PRU 13 ia akan kalah nanti. Sebab itu dia tubuh PERKASA untuk talian hayat dia semata-mata, bukan untuk tolong orang melayu. Kami dah masak dengan dia seorang itu terutama bila ia ada di dalam semangat 46. Orang UMNO pun ramai tak suka dia. Rakyat sekarang dah pandai lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!, mana pemimpin yang jujur dengan pemimipin yang buat-buat jujur.

  51. 9166 Nov 4,2010 1:48 AM

    I don’t think the non-malays have had any problems in the government helping out the needy, what is detrimental to Bn is the day light robbery done by all the component parties. You should address that rather than talking about PERKASA defending the Malays.
    To start off, there is nothing to defend. MCA and MIC no longer speaks for the non-malay masses. Their demands means nothing at all. So don’t get all upset by what they say. They are just part of the charade.
    The nation’s resources should not be stolen but properly distributed to the needy, no one is challenging the Malay rights.
    We are all aware of the phenomenon that if you say something untrue enough times, people will begin to believe that it is the truth. So, it is not really working anymore.

  52. zaman Nov 4,2010 1:20 AM

    Salamsejahtera kepada Tun Dan keluarga.
    Tun diharap sihat selalu di samping keluarga.
    Apa yang Tun katakan itu betul kalau UMNO tak dapat mempertahan kan orang Melayu lagi kita perlu mencari jalan alternative.
    Pak Lah perlu bertanggung jawap,lihat sahaja apa dah terjadi kepada Pulau Pinang.
    Rakyat kita cuba lihat terutama Bumiputra bagaimana Jepun dan Cina mempertahankan hak hak mereka.Mereka sanggup berperang demi kedaulatan Negara.Di Malaysia lain pula Tun Tanah kita di ambil pun kita diam.
    Apasal orang Melayu bersifat begini Tun.Kalau susah sangat kita
    jadikan PERKASA politicalparty dan Tun jadi ketua nya dan bertanding di pilihan raya.Kami tetap meyokong Tun.Lepas itu kalau menang kita join lah UMNO.
    Kami sangat memerlukan kepimpinan Tun.
    May Allah Bless U always AMIIN

  53. difefu Nov 4,2010 12:40 AM

    Dearest Tun,
    According to what I know, God punishes people up to the 3rd or 4th generations, according to some beliefs in our world.
    We are only humans, should we punish people of other skin colours, or people who migrate here, forever? (To say the least, punishment is justifiable provided those people have committed a crime, but is migration a crime?).
    Their forefathers made sacrifices and accepted the inevitable discrimination, knowing that even though they might not see equality in their lifetime, their children would, one day.
    But now if we are imposing the invisible “social contracts” upon their grandchildren and the children of their grandchildren, we have to ask ourselves, for this inequality to be extended to those who are or will be born here for more than the 3rd and 4th generations, isn’t that an excessive? Even God punishes only up to the 3rd and 4th generations.

  54. Benderbuzz Nov 4,2010 12:02 AM

    I am a proud member of PERKASA.

  55. Benderbuzz Nov 4,2010 12:01 AM

    Salam Tun.
    Sudahlah, jangan disebut lagi nama PM-5 kat sini. Setiap kali timbul nama dia, terasa jiwa dan raga bagai disiat-siat pedihnya. 5 tahun kita tersiksa dgn tingkah lakunya. 5 tahun itu adalah zaman kegelapan bagi malaysia. Nak minta dipadamkan saja sejarah pemerintahan PM-5 agak mustahil.
    Entah apa yang difikirkan si PM-5 ni pada masa itu. Nak kata kesunyian, tak la berapa lama sangat keseorangan. Segala yang dibuatnya serba tak kena. Mungkin sebab adanya suara-suara sumbang daripada tingkat “bawah” yang mengajar benda-benda tak betul. Segalanya kemajuan dan nikmat macam terhapus begitu saja. Dah la tak membina, yang ada diruntuhkan pula.
    Apapun, didoakan semoga DSNTR dapat bersihkan segera anasir-anasir tinggalan PM-5 daripada pentadbiran negara. Mereka ini tak lebih daripada parasit yang terus rakus menjaga kepentingan diri.
    Kepada Tun, semoga sihat dan sejahtera hendakNya.
    benderbuzz aka Abu Garcia

  56. 6 Jahanam Nov 3,2010 11:27 PM

    Perjuangan TUN,perihatin tentang masa depan anak bumi,orang melayu,UMNO.Sayang orang melayu lemah dalam banyak sudut,dan mengharapkan kerajaan,tidak mahu berdikari,itulah sebenar kelemahan melayu.
    kegagalan UMNO,di Penang,bukanlah kerana kurang sokong orang melayu
    pada UMNO,sebenarnya DAP, ikut cara PAP,di Singapura.
    Seperti Singapura,mereka telah membawa masuk ramai Cina dari China,
    punca sokongan yg PAP dapat,begitulah UMNO tewas di Singapura.
    Bukti penduduk Singapura,lebih ramai Cina dari Melayu,sedangkan orang melayu yg lebih penduduk zaman 60,an.Orang melayu kawin awal beranak penak hingga 8-10 anak,tapi mengapakah penduduk melayu kurang disana.Itulah kejayaan PAP,dan DAP sekarang.LKY telah banyak memperaruhi,menyokong DAP.
    Kelihatan sekarang di JOHOR sudah ramai orang Cina,yg anehnya yg dah tua,masih tak bolih cakap melayu.
    Ini BERPUNCA dari kerajaan melayu tidak menjaga pagar mereka,sewenangnya mereka masuk tanah bumi melayu cara corrupsi dan sebagainya.
    Hang Tuah dan Jebat asik tidur,rumah diceroboh pun tak sedar.
    Harapkan pagar pagar makan padi
    harapkan mama,mama minum tody

  57. nswamy Nov 3,2010 10:21 PM

    Lets deal Each point blow by Blow
    1) 5th Prime Minister a flip flop
    You choose a foreign Minister as deputy pm and influenced the succession. Its your choice really – UMNO could have had a open fight for the Deputy post, no PM influence or CWC interventions. Not election by Delegates – that does not represent the ground sentiments. Infact this method of voting itself was setup by You ie UMNO Baru.
    Abd Badawi as a Foreign Minister and before than Director of BTN and General Civil Servent – was not known for any thing.Really just a very nice guy. Normally for Dep PM you need strong implementation , operations background, No Adb Badawi…You choose to have a weak person pretty obvious why is it not?
    2) Abd Really listened and tried to be everything to everyone – from his core competence in foreign ministry ie diffussing issues, mediating, making every one happy, use Diplomacy language. Really do you think Malaysian you did not plan this outcome. We know you very well chess player.
    3) now lets go to UMNO predicment or new political reality. Father know best, govt knows best is gone out of the windows. Excess by BN government over the years are well known to man in the street. Again is not Not UMNO/BN kowtowing, but really seeing what can be done without compramising their own market like UMNO for Malays , MCA for chinese etc. And they feel they are also loosing out here as well ie to opisition who says malaysia is for everyone.Again , you have failed to read this mood and wanting to do away with corruption that is endemic and complete lack of governence in civil services overall. In fact many people are confident Courts and Police would not provide justice or protection to legitimate issues.
    4)So really Tun ship, sir , you are completely off tangent against the new reality
    stop making non malays bogey man, i do not think intelligent people buy your brand of politics any more..this includes Malays themselves.

  58. Hajar Nov 3,2010 9:19 PM

    Salam YAB Tun,
    Saya setuju dengan pendapat Tun. Saya menyokong UMNO, BN dan PERKASA. Saya memang pantang betul dengan sikap pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang MEMBISU seribu bahasa walaupun bangsa Melayu ditindas & diperlekeh oleh pihak-pihak tertentu (dari luar dan dalam BN). Secara peribadi, saya sendiri tidak mungkin berdiam diri jika saya diperlekeh oleh mana-mana pihak & percaya yang kita mesti berani menegakkan kebenaran. PM ke 5 memang punca masaalah perkauman yang kita ada sekarang.
    Saya berdoa agar Tun dipanjangkan usia & sentiasa sihat sejahtera, supaya Tun boleh meneruskan usaha murni Tun untuk membantu bangsa Melayu dan juga memulih & mengembalikan sokongan Melayu terhadap UMNO. Pakatan Rakyat TIDAK AKAN membantu bangsa Melayu. Lihat saja setiap keputusan mereka yang mereka buat – sentiasa memihak kepada bukan Melayu/Bumiputra.
    *** Semoga Allah SWT melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  59. maa Nov 3,2010 8:19 PM

    Saya amat bersetuju dengan entry daripada Ahmad Badri. Pengalaman saya berkenalan dengan seorang isteri Adun di Selangor membuka mata saya perangai orang UMNO dan keluarga mereka yang sebenar.
    Hanya kerana saya memanggil dia makcik,(memang patut panggil makcik pun) maka terus beliau berlalu tanpa sebarang kata. Begitu juga kerja-kerja perabih duit beribu-ribu ringgit semasa shopping. Itu belum bab tukar kereta hari ini Perdana, esok Hyundai, hari seterusnya Mercedez, BMW untuk tunjuk kepada rakan sekerja bahawa dia dapat hidup mewah dengan berkahwin orang politik.
    Gelang emas jangan cerita mahu sedepa kat tangan dia. Siap boleh tukar silih berganti setiap hari. Shopping barang kemas untuk raya kurang-kurang RM10,000 di satu outlet sahaja. Belum outlet lain lagi yang kena pergi lepas tu. Bab berkawan pula memilih. Hanya datin-datin sahaja yang akan didampingi. Jika anda tidak menyumbang kepada kepentingan diri dia, jangan haraplah dapat duduk bersama.
    Macammana orang tidak meluat dengan orang politik BN dan isterinya? Dia dan keluarga dia hanya ‘taubat’ dekat-dekat pilihanraya sahaja. Bila dia menang karang, perangai lama tu akan datang balik. Kita, orang Melayu perlukan pemimpin yang beragama kukuh dan lantang menjaga kepentingan Islam, Melayu dan bukannya sibuk mengumpulkan harta semasa menjawat jawatan orang politik.
    Ingatlah, kita hidup tidak lama. Paling jauh kita pergi pun ke kubur milik kita yang tidak tahu bila dan di mana. Gunakanlah amanah yang diberikan di tempatnya kerana apa yang kita lakukan hari ini akan kembali kepada kita dan keluarga kita di kemudian hari tidak kira di dunia atau di akhirat.

  60. salmon Nov 3,2010 7:17 PM

    Since 1969, the Chinese has adapted to the situation. To make as much money as possible to self support their children education. And many have make it today. So your Bumi privilege doesn’t really affect them. But the ones who really felt it is the really poor chinese.
    What you are doing is denying some bright but poor Chinese the right to CONTRIBUTE to their OWN COUNTRY. What was denied is given to the rich UMNOputra and not even the poor kampung Malay folks.
    Many knew this including the Malay themselves. That is why you see some Malay felt it is a disgraceful act but UMNOputra see it differently. UMNOputra is in UMNO not to protect the rakyat but to get more benefits (from the Bumi privilege).
    I will tell my children to study really really hard. But most Malay don’t bcos they have assistance even when they are rich. Art 153 is a privilege as well as a curse to the Malays.
    Malays are wonderful people but they are spoilt and misled by you.

  61. Wara Nov 3,2010 7:15 PM

    My Salam to you and Tun Dr Hasmah.
    People have called you all kinds of names. One ungrateful idiot called you ‘father of all racist’. But to me you are the best leader we ever had and it will be hard to match your leadership qualities and vision. Just that the stupid fool who took over from you was a stupid fool.
    To those who dare called you ‘father of all racist’ just go to a neighboring country and called its former leader racist and you will be paying libel damages for the rest of your life. To these ungrateful people, why dont you renounce your citizenship and get out. Why remain in this country? Get lost.
    Thank you, Tun.

  62. moshamoali Nov 3,2010 7:12 PM

    Salam Tun, semoga sentiasa dianugerahkan kesihatan yg baik. Saya berbangga dgn tulisan Tun kali ini. Kadang2 kita memang perlu berkeras utk mencapai maksud. Tidak mengapa kita dituduh racist kerana kita tidak boleh memberi ruang kpd mereka walau sedikit pun. Tak payah kita berkias2, kita lihat saja fakta ini. Kalau kawasan India, biasa dipanggil Little India. Kawasan Melayu akan dipanggil Malay Street tapi kalau kawasan Cina akan digelar China Town. Nah kita lihat sendiri apa akan jadi kalau negara tercinta ini jatuh ke tangan mereka. Mereka ini rambut sahaja yg lurus tapi hatinya bengkok. Saya sentiasa menyokong perjuangan Tun dan Perkasa demi anak cucu kita.

  63. zulkiflee_Arif Nov 3,2010 7:02 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun,
    Alhamdulillah Tun telah kembali sihat dan aktif.apa yg Tun tuliskan disini sebenar nya adalah suara hati kebanyakkan kami iatiu Umat Islam dan Bangsa Bumiputra yg cintakan perdamaian.sejak sekian lama kita diam tidak bersuara kerana percayakan pemimpin,orang Melayu tidak menderhaka biarpun hidup tersepit,taat nya berterusan.tapi dgn Abdullah Badawi,keadaan menjadi begitu bahaya sekali.”elegant silent”nya betul-betul mengoyak-rabik social-fabric yg saling menghormati dikalangan kaum.
    bangsa-bangsa pendatang yg selama ini menyembunyikan ketamakkan mereka disebalik apa yg mereka sebut “rajin bekerja”,secara perlahan-lahan cuba menguji keutuhan Kerajaan Melayu dgn lantang dan kasar,langsung tak kenal adab.bermula dgn Karpal Singh dan Lim Kit Siang,hinggalah kpd orang-orang asing diblog Tun ini,semua mereka seolah-olah bekerjasama cuba menuntut apa yg bukan hak mereka tanpa ada sedikit pun perasaan malu,yg sepatutnya ada pada manusia.
    walaupun secara peribadi nya saya masih merasa tidak selamat,serangan terhadap kita masih berterusan,tapi mujur lah ada Tun yg masih awas.terimakasih yg tidak terhingga saya sekeluarga dan kawan-kawan kpd Tun kerana membela nasib bangsa Melayu.Tun samasekali bukan orang yg racist.tuduhan begitu hanyalah helah kaum supramacist yg merasa berhak keatas Laut China Selatan dan pulau-pulau sekeliling nya.Tun seorang patriotik yg tiada tara nya.semuga Allah Subhanaullahu Ta’ala terus merahmati dgn kesihatan dan panjang umur serta sentiasa awas terhadap saki-baki ideologi komunis.dan semuga kita dapat terus mempertahankan hak untuk bernegara dibumi kita sendiri.
    terimakasih Tun.

  64. Faiz Al-Kelantani Nov 3,2010 6:01 PM

    Hidup Tun! Mereka pun main KAUM, kenapa tidak kita?

  65. musato Nov 3,2010 5:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Kesian ke Tok Him sebab dah tak jadi Datuk.
    Saya pun takkan naik angin kalau ada orang nak tarik gelaran Tun dari Tun.
    Saya lagi la orang Melayunyer.Kalau tak,takkan la ada Batu Bersurat kat Terengganu.
    Kalau tak percaya boleh baca koleksi tulisan Allahyarham Wan Mohd Saghir.
    Tun kata ‘dah lama dah’.Saya kata ‘hampir-hampir dah’.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  66. wajaperak Nov 3,2010 4:46 PM

    Tun..Harap sudi mengizinkan.
    Mr Parameswara 2
    [[Sorry Tun if this suggestion hurt you.But this is my sincere opinion that has religious justification. We Muslims must unite]]
    I did comment’s on your remarks about we being eternally divided.It is not true.Muslims responsibilities are conveying messages.Since I was denied and refused by Tun moderators maybe you should asked them what my messages all about:)
    Too true that muslims must unite but how?The questions is how? I believes it started from the agreement about the methodology which we must generates from the mosque.Frequent the mosque and performs the ‘mesyuarah’.The fruits will borne and we will compiles them to states level and finally to federal level.
    And the congregation must steadfast to these norms..
    ALLAH Subhanahu wa Ta

  67. wajaperak Nov 3,2010 4:28 PM

    Tun..moga sudi mengizinkan..
    [[Jo.Salam,Pak Lah was too busy cleaning up 22 years of shit]]
    Are ur singaporean? Thai? Siamese? Indonesian?..I guess you are an alien because you did not know how kampung and villager’s like me feels about your ? Tun ? Dolla..
    We puked alot and ptuih alot..way over the gas emmissioned that shrouded your vision over that 22 year’s..
    For us the Japanese Occupation and Communist were cruel..But your
    ?Tun? Abdolla is truly cruel..
    We still suffers his aftermath..Hopely you can clean this ‘excrement’..that will last up to 220 year’s..
    What? is true..I am digressing.
    So are you..
    Terima kasih Tun.

  68. drharis Nov 3,2010 4:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Seperti yang Tun perkatakan, saya salah seorang yang tidak keluar mengundi pada PRU12 walaupun hakikatnya saya seorang ahli UMNO. Namun untuk mengundi pembangkang saya tidak tergamak. Saya menyokong Perkasa memperjuangkan hak orang Melayu. Walaupun hak orang Melayu dilindungi perlembagaan, namun tidak bermakna ia tidak akan terlepas jika kita alpa. Hak orang Melayu adalah milik orang Melayu. Jika hendak diubah orang Melayu perlu dipujuk bukannya dipaksa melepaskannya. Saya tidak kisah apa yang kaum lain miliki tapi janganlah pertikaikan apa yang orang Melayu ada. Marilah kita sama-sama menghormati hak masing-masing dan bekerja bersama-sama.

  69. wajaperak Nov 3,2010 4:12 PM

    Tun..semoga Tun sudi memantau moderator yang Tun kasihi supaya lebih berlaku adil tentang posting kami yang mempertahankan agama Islam..Terima kasih Tun..
    En Ahmad Badri.
    We need you.The malays need you but most importantly Islam needs to be populated by Tun,you and the likes of you..I repeat
    ISLAM and..
    not MALAY!!
    This is where most of mukmin will not agrees with you and the malay minded mindset..Come and embrace Islam fully,truly and whole heartedly..The path will unfold before our own very eyes..
    Terima kasih Tun.

  70. hazard Nov 3,2010 2:51 PM

    Well, anyone who is born in certain race, by certain bloodlines, should be racist. That’s the only indicator of how much they love their families, and families before them. Well, unless you’re born an alien.
    Those who do not rely on any race – I prefer to call them “the atheists of races”. Some may say it is not wrong to not choose any side, but yah.. not a soul would want to be left standing between heaven and hell, aight?
    Rest assured, Ayahanda Tun.
    We, the youth, will stand by your side, as we are all used to since.. err.. forever. We will not rather let our young, fresh, strong independent minds got rotten and corrupted like most of our elders (no offense) before starting to realize on things.

  71. arian Nov 3,2010 2:47 PM

    Asslmkm buat Tun
    Syukur kehadhrat Illahi kerana Tun sembuh dan kembali blogging.
    Bercakap akan bab racis ni….seluruh hati dan perasaan ini akan membakar. Kaum bukan bumi nampaknya menggunakan taktik israel/amerika. Bila mana kita bertindak dan bercakap walau isu berkaitan kepentingan kita….mereka kata kita racis. Kalau mereka bercakap dan berbuat sesuatu yang mengganggu gugat hak orang lain…tak apa…hanya berjuang untuk kaumnya.
    Di sini saya ingin berterus terang bahawa….SAYA SEDIKIT PUN TIDAK PERCAYA KEPADA PARTI GERAKAN, MCA DAN MIC. Bagi saya, mereka sama seperti DAP. PENDEKTAN SAHAJA BERBEZA. DAP bergerak dari luar…sementara MCA, Gerakan dan MIC bergerak dari dalam. So UMNO…becareful.
    PERKASA bagi saya satu satunya pertubuhan yang baik kerana nampaknya tidak ada satu pun parti politik yang benar-benar memperjuangkan nasib melayu / bumiputera. BN/UMNO sekarang sedang sibuk mencurahkan segala peruntukan kepada kaum cina yang terang terang tidak akan mengundi BN lagi. Buktinya di Sibu tempoh hari. BN lupa akan pengundi setia selama ini dan telah mengabaikan mereka. Kenapa UMNO/BN tak serik serik lagi.
    Dan ini pula cerita benar….dari pengalaman sendiri….pada suatu hari,saya ke sebuah bengkel untuk membeli alat ganti motosikal. Pekerja bengkel berkenaan bertanya akan harga dari towkaynya. Kedengaran suara towkay dari dalam kedai bertanya sama ada pembeli(saya) Melayu atau cina. Saya faham pertuturan mereka kerana saya banyak bergaul dengan kaum ini. So….sekarang apa komen Tun.

  72. ahmad jasad hj. salali Nov 3,2010 2:34 PM

    I really2 proud of u TUN. muda2han d panjangkan usia dan d rahmati Allah. amin…

  73. Alan Nov 3,2010 2:22 PM

    How coincidental!? I am not an American but I am glad that Barack Hussein Obama has lost the House of Representative majority at the mid term election because he is just not an effective leader though better than Abdullah Badawi. He shld be replaced with someone else who merits the position. Or don’t you think?

  74. Wilson Nov 3,2010 2:21 PM

    In addition to my previous comment, I read line 14 of your article with great interest. I agree that all races will try to defend their rights. There is nothing wrong with that. However, the so called “Malay rights” sounds vague to me. I thought “Malay rights” are guaranteed by the Constitution. Therefore, those rights will always be protected. Am I right? Then, why do we need UMNO and PERKASA to defend the rights of the Malays? Is it because you know that the Constitution can be amended, just like wat u did to the rights of the Monarchy back in the 80s and 90s?

  75. chan chew kit Nov 3,2010 2:17 PM

    Tun, can you lead again for the sake of this messy country?

  76. TunTuah Nov 3,2010 2:17 PM

    this is simple thing.
    One 4 bedroom house with a big compound belongs to a malay. rented to others for the other 3 rooms. the master bedroom and the covered carpark at the compound must belong to the owner eventhough the owner only driving kancil and not cayenne. The other can stay in the house for many generations and their cayenne need to park outside the compound.
    they must understand that by living there for so many generations they still cannot claim the house is theirs because that house still belongs to the owner.
    for the owner, as long the house still belong to him, it is ok. others can make as much money from the rented room. they can make tons of money from it as long they must respect that the house still belong to the owner not theirs. The owner already sacrifice because of so many generations of others living there, now their cayenne can park at the compound of the house (uncovered carpark)
    yeah “one house” – but still the house still belong to the just stay there and respect each other right.
    owner never asked anything from the others. Therefore, The others must understand that whatever previleage given as the house owner must be there forever because he is the house owner.
    it is hard for other to understand?
    it is hard for the gov. to understand?
    is it hard for you to understand?
    if you dont like the house, you can find other house.
    one thing for sure, other house will not treat you better than the house that you are living now.
    we are living in the free world but not everything is free. you still need to pay some price for something. remember that.,

  77. n.ajis Nov 3,2010 2:05 PM

    why should we care what LimKitKat & Son & Co. said about our fight? As long as what we do is in line with constitution, lets just proceed.
    Hak Melayu, Islam, Bahasa Melayu telah termaktub dalam perlembagaan.
    so, why care ’bout DAPig?
    PERKASA, teruskan perjuangan selagi kuasa politik ada di tangan Melayu.

  78. shaharuddin mohd isa Nov 3,2010 1:25 PM

    I goes to show that the UMNO under DS Najib has not fully recovered its strength after being weakened and its reputation among the malays being tarnished under the leadership of his predecessor, the then DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

  79. mohammed a h Nov 3,2010 1:17 PM

    Dearest Ayahanda,
    MasyaAllah, you continue to provide the Malays with a perfect mouthpiece, in the midst of ongoing national economic and political uncertainty. UMNO is in denial

  80. Harimau1900 Nov 3,2010 12:27 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I’m sorry that I cannot agree with you. We will know the outcome on the next general election. I don;t think your plan or formula will work this time. The RAKYAT has awaked and we will not be lured into this political sweet talk anymore. UMNO and BN have done a lot of damages to the people and the country with corruption. Only those in UMNO and have position in other BN component parties have gained from those BN goverment policies. We need to see the “CHANGE” for better life of all Malaysian.
    Thank you.

  81. ben lim Nov 3,2010 11:15 AM

    Selamat Pagi and Sejathera Tun
    I fully agree with Tun

  82. izani Nov 3,2010 9:48 AM

    salam tun.
    Apa gunanya nama UMNO (united MALAY national organisation) kalau melayu tak mempertahankan hak melayu!
    UMNO sekarang langsung tak memperjuangkan hak orang melayu…….
    yang berani bercakap adalah perkasa…… kalau perkasa daftar jadi parti politik UMNO akan bungkus.
    Keadaan semasa sekarang pun UMNO asyik memperjuangkan hak bangsa lain, macam mana orang melayu nak sokong UMNO? Ini negara melayu!

  83. Once a Malaysian Nov 3,2010 8:33 AM

    Another piece of crap! Surely there is no lack of defender of Malay rights. Everybody just want to score political points as far as I see it. You are such a glaring examples.

  84. jalil7 Nov 3,2010 7:31 AM

    Salam Tun,
    I am definitely not a fan of politics, but i cannot help but observe how succesorship planning is almost absent at party level. By that i mean there is UMNO, and no successor. When UMNO become irrelevant or when it is in trouble, malays look high and low for a new savior. None exists.
    I will elaborate further.
    1) PAS
    Pas is no successor to UMNO. PAS has its own brand of politics, and i doubt PAS is interested in nation building, only in religion building.
    2) PKR
    PKR is new, and with an ideology new to the arena. Certainly not successor material, as we are iin transit ( or transformation ) stage. Analysts say malays support PKR because they are fed up with UMNO. But PKR is very unlike UMNO and certainly not of the same material.
    3) Perkasa
    Perkasa is also to me no successor at all. I view Perkasa as a concerned father who comes to help his badly beaten child, UMNO, beaten by the mob because UMNO allowed uscrupulous members to scoop the entire portion meant for more deserving malays, i..e the poor, and the honest workers.
    By this token, Perkasa can of course easily to undertake to be a successor to UMNO, but i do not see it that way. It is more of a safety net for malays.
    And it is a good thing too, as i believe UMNO truly need a check and balance to come from an organisation with higher tone and more purity.
    But in the long term, there is no real successor to UMNO. I think the thinking in UMNO for so long has been that this is it, this is the right formula, and so shall be UMNO and only UMNO. It is perhaps unthinkable that one need another malay party. And in such a case, the thinking is that there is already PAS.
    But this thinking is clearly in error. Now we all see the need for a backup party with the same formula, but hopefully very different people. If the malays are divided, it is UMNO who divided us by alienating us.
    Again, going back to Perkasa, it is like a giant anchor for a ship in stormy waters. But what the malays want really is not a ship in anchor, but a ship sailing in high winds and spirit to the destination they want.
    I believe many malays like me sincerely appreciate the efforts made by present leadership of PM Datuk Seri Najib and team, but the thought of having to vote UMNO in order to obtain services from these same good people haunts us.
    It may be that people will vote for Datuk Seri Najib and his excellent team ( well mostly excellent anyway ) no matter which party flag Datuk Seri Najib waves. I think this speaks volumes for the way people feel about UMNO.
    Tun, you wrote a book entitled “Malays forget easily”. Well, some things malays never forget, especially when pagar yang makan padi. The biggest mistake UMNO made, in my opinion, was to allow people with the gift of the gab but not the mind to sweep large sums in terms of contracts and businesses, while true professionals who worked blood, sweat and tears were regarded as merely ‘doing their job’. A simply unforgiveable sin. Even corruption is a lesser sin.
    So for those who are victims, the silent and polite workers, the pain still lingers.
    And yes Tun, i am of the opinion you are indeed a racist, however, i see nothing wrong with that. The whole country was built on race. Our constitution itself mentions race. Why is it people try and talk as if racism is a bad thing ?
    The US constitution believe does not mention race at all, but anyone trying to tell me that US is not racist, well, just go watch TV. The same goes for UK.
    Anything that is abused is bad, but that does not make racism bad, neither does it makes equality good.

  85. phakdee Nov 3,2010 6:22 AM

    salam Tun
    terima kasih atas jasa Tun selama ini. diharap terus menasihati rakyat, terutamanya Melayu dan kerajaan juga. kami masih mengharap nasihat2 itu. moga Melayu lebih bersatu di PRU13 utk kesejahteraan agama, bangsa dan negara. bersatunya Melayu, bersatulah Malaysia. amin.

  86. izali Nov 3,2010 2:18 AM

    i view this blog true. but sadly, in reality, it isnt happening in malaysia. we already have a history of hang tuah and hang jebat. best friends turned enemies. if malays dont take this simple fairy tale as a learning point, then we’ll see another singapore in malaysia and you guys can say goodbye to malays in malay land. and if the malays have been born racist, then from the start of the malay kingdom, there would be no chinese/indian/arab working as a merchant/businessman here. malays wouldnt treat them as slaves. malaysians! time to wake up and stop this racial politics. the govt should instead think how to educate the young and the poor(which mostly are bumis including malays), remove corruption, attract foreign investment and how to improve the economy. by then there will be stable economy, malaysia moving towards the next level and slowly malays do not need spoon feeding. rather than this “multi-racial” party says the govt is a communal-based party and that they are racist and get drawn into it, they should think of these basic things to improve a country. in my my point of view, the opposition are just creating a spurr, playing up sentiments. they are no different…PKR(malay dominated), DAP(chinese dominated with a blend of indians)….so what comes to this? who is racist actually? think malaysian! stop whining and THINK!

  87. pakbelalang Nov 3,2010 2:15 AM

    Kalau saya jadi Najib sudah sampai masanya sesiapa yang mempersoalkan perlembagaan negara dengan niat untuk tujuan jahat untuk memecah belahkan perpaduan rakyat dan untuk kepentingan politik mereka patut disumbatkan kedalam ISA. Mereka selalunya akan menggunakan pelbagai helah dengan memberi alasan kononnya perlembagaan negara dah lapuk dan tidak adil. Mereka akan meracuni fikiran kaum mereka kononnya perlembagaan negara akan dibubarkan jika mereka dapat berkuasa dan memerintah dan hak orang Melayu yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan akan dimansuhkan.
    Tengok sahajalah perangai mereka apabila dapat berkuasa dinegeri Perak. Perangai macam penyagak dan lanun. Perangai kurang ajar!!
    Najib jangan harap dapat sokongan dari orang Cina. Mereka dah bertekad tidak akan menyokong Barisan Nasional. Ini tidak boleh dinafikan. Berilah bermacam-macam gula dan coklat kepada mereka. Najib akan akhirnya kecewa.
    Yang akan menentukan kedudukan Najib ialah UMNO. Jika Najib tidak berani mempertahankan hak orang Melayu Najib akan tumbang dan negara ini akan jadi huru hara jika DAP dapat berkuasa dalam kerajaan kerana PKR dan PAS akan diperalatkan oleh mereka.

  88. leading Nov 3,2010 1:46 AM

    You said “I had at one time the opportunity and power to be a real Malay racist. But I won elections with strong non-Malay support. In fact in1999 it was Chinese support which gave me my 2/3 majority.”
    To me, you had the support of Chinese because you had supported the Chinese.
    (Probably Chinese has just proven to be appreciative, loyal, trustworthy and dependable 🙂
    To me, the support Malay (on UMNO) has dropped not because of PAS but mainly because of “Anwar factor”
    To me, Perkasa can help UMNO, but not BN.
    To me, Pakatan will do better because of Perkasa.
    To me, aquitting Anwar would help BN to regain Malay support.
    To me, PM Najib’s 1Malaysia concept is “The Greatest of All-Time” if it is properly implemented.

  89. Mag58 Nov 3,2010 1:32 AM

    PAK LAH,you have done a lot of damages to UMNO and I am not sure if it is reversible.Support on UMNO had precipitated tremendously.

  90. sygchedet Nov 3,2010 1:21 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, semoga sihat sejahtera hendaknya.
    Saya suka point No. 13 dan 14.
    It’s true that at one time it seems only Perkasa can bring out the voice of majority Malays who are worried at the ILLOGICAL demands and racial issues that are being brought up by the extremists. And because of the ‘irama senyap-sunyi’ from UMNO, Perkasa was really all that the Bumis especially Malays had at that time to defend themselves from the ‘attack’. Perkasa is loud, then and now. And that is just what the Malays need. A Loud and Clear voice to fill in what UMNO didn’t. If not, the Malays will not be heard, at all!
    And for u, dear Tun, to show ur support to Perkasa just tells us Malays that we couldn’t be more right to choose Perkasa as our voice. Our loud defender. And no, you’re not a racist in showing your support to the NGO. Please continue to stay close with Perkasa. And for the ones that called and still call u a racist, well they too, know, that you’re actually not. But, they being them…
    Now, the Prime Minister at the Perhimpunan that day had given us Malays and Bumis the reassurance we’ve been longing to hear. But still, for UMNO to just ditch Perkasa apart after filling the role that UMNO should fill earlier, that is just being ridiculous and immature. UMNO need Perkasa for a check and balance, at least on the vocal part. After all, Perkasa is just an NGO. And, at this particular period where the extreme Chinese and extreme Indians don’t seem to wanting to shut their mouth up (with the racial issues, the provisions in the Constitutions, the ILLOGICAL demands), the Malays really NEED their own vocal extremists. And they’re not sure if UMNO can truly fit in that kind of shoes.
    Just understand this, our dearly UMNO, we, the Malays, need our voice to be heard too, to answer the extremists.. Sifat sopansantun dan bertimbangrasa kami orang Melayu tidak sepatutnya dianggap sebagai kami suka untuk membiarkan sahaja segala isu perkauman atau Perlembagaan disentuh oleh ekstremis India dan Cina secara sesuka hati tanpa kami menjawabnya.
    And you were ‘too elegant’ to answer for us back then, UMNO. Jadi, fahamlah jika kami terpaksa mengharap kepada Perkasa. Sudahlah. Cukuplah, tidak payah berelegan-elegan lagi. Jadilah suara kami yang kuat mulai sekarang. Bersama-sama Perkasa. Itulah cara yang paling baik untuk ‘reassurance’ kepada keyakinan semula kami kepada UMNO.
    And, Nazri Aziz, pls..just shut up already!!!!! You’re certainly not the vocal extremist that the Malays need right now, cause you are barking at the wrong way!! And you seem to be doing that often.
    Tun, jaga diri dan kesihatan ya!! Saya sayang sangat dekat Tun. 😉

  91. malaydilemma Nov 3,2010 1:20 AM

    Aslamualaikum wrbt Tun, the obvious has been said (by you), only what’s missing are the understanding of some Malays and most Malaysian of where we were, where we are now and where we should be heading….. 2020. Amiinnnnnn.

  92. huzanna Nov 3,2010 1:14 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun Yang Amat Dihormati,
    Setuju 100%, malah apa yang diperkatakan oleh Tun itu,adalah perasaan kami yang masih sayangkan parti UMNO serta BN,terbuku selama ini.Yang penting,adalah mengekalkan hubungan baik serta hormat menghormati di kalangan rakyat serta di kalangan pemimpin parti komponen.Sememangnya,selepas Tun,tidak ramai pemimpin yang berani menegur atau menasihati sesiapa yang tersimpang daripada semangat perjuangan parti.Terbukti,PM 5 telah gagal.Gagal mendengar keluhan rakyat,lambat dan tidak tegas dalam mengambil tindakan apabila masalah timbul,dan banyak lagi….mau pening kepala.
    Kita buka buku baru,kita tinggalkan kisah ‘suram’PM 5,kita bina kekuatan baru,ini,pasti ada hikhmah serta jalan penyelesaian.Umno boleh bekerjasama dengan Perkasa,tiada yang salah sekiranya ia adalah untuk kebaikan orang melayu dan bumiputera.Parti lain juga sering mendengar pendapat serta tuntutan daripada NGOS kaum mereka,kenapa mereka boleh kita tak boleh,yang penting kita mahu mencari penyelesaian bagi kebaikan setiap kaum tanpa mengambil hak kaum lain.Tertubuhnya Perkasa,kerana ada pihak yang cuba bermain api,dan kepimpinan sebelum ini begitu lesu mempertahankan hak bumiputera yang termakhtub dalam perlembagaan Negara,kalau tidak ada yang ‘nakal’bermain api,tak perlu ada Perkasa.Apa yang saya nampak Tun(saya pasti Tun pun boleh nampak),waktu sebegini kita boleh nampak siapa kawan kita di kala susah dan senang,siapa yang kita sering membantu tetapi menikam kita di belakang,siapa yang menambah garam pada luka.(DAP ,tak payah cakaplah,kita semua tahu agenda jahat mereka.)Tapi ,terkilan apabila ‘ahli keluarga'(UMNO) dan sahabat sendiri(parti komponen BN)menyatakan Tun rasis,apakah menyatakan suatu yang benar,nasihat dan teguran untuk kebaikan bersama dikatakan rasis?Bagaimana mereka yang terangan2 ingin mengubah sejarah,mempertikaikan Perlembagaan,rukun negara,serta Raja-raja tidak dikira melampau.Bagaimana pulak mereka yang mempermainkan dan menghina agama dan lagu Kebangsaan,kenapa mereka ini tidak ditegur?Mengapa usaha murni kerajaan selama ini hendak meletakkan semua sekolah dalam satu kawasan supaya semua murid dapat bergaul ditentang,apatah lagi hendak jadikan satu Sekolah.Selama ini kaum melayu amat bertolak ansur,tangan persahabatan dan ikatan muhibbah dihulurkan ,ingin bersama-sama menjaga kesejahteraan dan mencari rezeki di negara ini,tetapi sayang masih ada (terutamanya ahli politik,kerana hendak menutup kelemahan)yang masih ada syak wasangka,tidak berpijak di bumi yang nyata.
    Insyaallah Tun,berilah keyakinan kepada kepimpinan DSNTR,kalau ada yang tidak kena kita tegur,yang baik untuk negara kita galakkan,apa yang pasti pengajaran paling beharga ialah marah2kan kerajaan,saya tidak akan sekali-kali memberi undi kepada pembangkang,kerana kesannya adalah parah dan akan memburukkan lagi keadaan untuk jangka masa panjang samada ekonomi,sosial serta politik.Usaha dan semangat berterusan serta doa,kita beransur kembali ke landasan betul.
    Akhir sekali,saya mendoakan semoga Tun dan Tun Siti sentiasa diberkati dan dilindungi Yang Maha Esa.Amin.Terima Kasih,Tun.

  93. Marzuki Mumbai Nov 3,2010 1:13 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Bernas dan tepat keputusan Tun menyokong PERKASA. Jati diri Melayu tulen perlu ada pada setiap Melayu dan bukan hanya menyokong kerana mengikut-ikut. Tak tumbuh tak melata, tak sungguh orang tak kata.

  94. wisdom67 Nov 3,2010 1:10 AM

    Salam Tun,
    If Najib wants 2/3 majority….he has clear Teoh Beng Hock and Altantuya case. Well Anwar case too. If not bye2 BN. Do u think the public trust the current Goverment. Maybe minority. Do not talk about Perkasa, their leader has no credibility. U should leave Perkasa as this NGO is opportunities. Others Najib is doing fine.

  95. FAUDZI Nov 3,2010 12:49 AM

    Salam TUN,
    Saya setuju 100%, saya salah seorang ahli UMNO yang pangkah PAS dalam PRU 2008 dan saya juga ahli PERKASA yang hanya ingin mempertahankan hak orang melayu dan bukan untuk merampas hak kaum lain. Secara jelas DAP (Terutama Cina DAP dan India DAP) adalah dengan jelas memperjuangkan hak kaum masing masing dan mempertikaikan hak orang melayu. Kenapa mereka tidak dianggap perkauman?? hanya satu sahaja alasannya adalah sebab ingin menarik hati kaum india dan cina kepada BN. justeru itu melayu seolah olah tiada batu.
    Masalah kaum cina dalam BN bukan soal hak melayu, tetapi kepimpinan MCA yang tidak berwibawa (presiden MCA adalah manusia yang tidak bermoral) dan India hilang sokongan kerana Samy Vellu. PERKASA di cap perkauman oleh bangsanya sendiri (Si Bahlol Nazri Aziz), akibat daripada kenayataan beliau maka DAP ambil kesempatan dan ditambahkan lagi fatwa songsang Nik Aziz, maka politik malaysia makin bercelaru.
    Apa yang nyata adlah tidak ada mana mana parti yang akan berjaya memimpin negara ini jika hanya berharap sokongan kepada sesuatu kaum sahaja. Justeru itu perhatian harus diberikan kepada semua kaum tidak kira melayu,cina, india dan lain lain.
    Pakatan tidak akan menang tanpa sokongan melayu, begitu juga BN akan kalah jika kaum lain tidak memberi sokongan. Justeru itu, formula yang telah dipakai lebih 50 tahun dulu harus diteruskan… PRU 2008 adalah manifestasi kepada kelemahan kepimpinan (Dollah badawi dan menantu) dan bukan kerana rakyat mahukan layanan yang istimewa.

  96. FAUDZI Nov 3,2010 12:48 AM

    Salam TUN,
    Saya setuju 100%, saya salah seorang ahli UMNO yang pangkah PAS dalam PRU 2008 dan saya juga ahli PERKASA yang hanya ingin mempertahankan hak orang melayu dan bukan untuk merampas hak kaum lain. Secara jelas DAP (Terutama Cina DAP dan India DAP) adalah dengan jelas memperjuangkan hak kaum masing masing dan mempertikaikan hak orang melayu. Kenapa mereka tidak dianggap perkauman?? hanya satu sahaja alasannya adalah sebab ingin menarik hati kaum india dan cina kepada BN. justeru itu melayu seolah olah tiada batu.
    Masalah kaum cina dalam BN bukan soal hak melayu, tetapi kepimpinan MCA yang tidak berwibawa (presiden MCA adalah manusia yang tidak bermoral) dan India hilang sokongan kerana Samy Vellu. PERKASA di cap perkauman oleh bangsanya sendiri (Si Bahlol Nazri Aziz), akibat daripada kenayataan beliau maka DAP ambil kesempatan dan ditambahkan lagi fatwa songsang Nik Aziz, maka politik malaysia makin bercelaru.
    Apa yang nyata adlah tidak ada mana mana parti yang akan berjaya memimpin negara ini jika hanya berharap sokongan kepada sesuatu kaum sahaja. Justeru itu perhatian harus diberikan kepada semua kaum tidak kira melayu,cina, india dan lain lain.
    Pakatan tidak akan menang tanpa sokongan melayu, begitu juga BN akan kalah jika kaum lain tidak memberi sokongan. Justeru itu, formula yang telah dipakai lebih 50 tahun dulu harus diteruskan… PRU 2008 adalah manifestasi kepada kelemahan kepimpinan (Dollah badawi dan menantu) dan bukan kerana rakyat mahukan layanan yang istimewa.

  97. Ataturk Nov 3,2010 12:42 AM

    Must congratulate you on your ringing endorsement of Umno to continue with its corrupt ways.
    Not you or any Umno leader noticed the fact that there wasn’t even a squeak about corruption at the just-concluded Umno general assembly.
    This is what you are missing. Mind you this Islamic nation where the Muslims pray five times daily is in a dismal 56th position in the CPI.
    Except for Perkasa’s sympathisers the rest of Malaysian’s do not give two hoots about it.
    I am sure a lot of Malaysians couldn’t care less whether you are a racist or not but they sure are disappointed that you chose to associate yourself with a character like Ibrahim Ali.
    I am. And I used to sing praises about you.
    Best Regards

  98. pakbelalang Nov 3,2010 12:35 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Below is an article from Utusan Malaysia (English Version) which has exposed the whole truth about DAP’s ultimate strategy. Make no mistake about it. I think they are playing with fire. Let it be! Let it be! Let it be!! Try their luck and see what will be the repercussion!!
    DAP and the Malays
    While going through the pages of Suara Perkara, Awang was drawn to a statement by a former candidate of Penang DAP, A. Rahman Manap.
    According to him, the struggle of DAP was totally for the interest of the Chinese and the party actually works to bring down the Malay political power in the country.
    He said although Penang Chief Minister often said that DAP only oppose to UMNO,in reality the party is anti-Malay.

  99. milshah Nov 3,2010 12:32 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I think Dato’ Seri Najib’s speech during the UMNO’s General Assembly explained everything about Malay rights, the country’s history, the social contract, and the constitution.
    I feel relieved that article 153 of the constitution can never be amended even with two third majority in Parliament as it would also require approval from the “Majlis raja-raja”.
    Our founders must have known how important it was that such provisions from the constitution be maintained at any cost.
    As the Prime Minister said “Lets move forward”. UMNO and Barisan knows that there must be social justice for the country to progress and be a developed. I totally support the Prime Minister on this.
    I’m sure the Malay NGOs will watch very closely on how the Prime Minister’s speech is translated into action.
    I would also like to comment about the perception that those who support PERKASA will actually support Barisan. That is a very dangerous perception that could lead the downfall of Barisan. Remember, PERKASA was formed not because they were happy with UMNO and just want to form an NGO just for the fun of it.
    Rather PERKASA was formed out of the frustration of the Malays that UMNO was not defending the malays, the basis for the foundation of UMNO. If these frustrations are not addressed, then it will lead to anger, and this in turn affect the malay votes to Barisan.
    We have seen how the Malays did not vote for Barisan and contributed to the loss of four states to the opposition. Do not underestimate the malay voters.
    I think UMNO should really need to do something about getting the youth to join UMNO. They must not just be mere spectators, as in the end, it is these young voters that will decide if UMNO and Barisan will win or not. If they are in UMNO, UMNO will be able to know what are their hope and aspirations better. It may also discard the bad image UMNO is an elitist party reserved only to the well connected.
    The opposition on the other hand, is fighting tooth and nail to get these young voters to join them. Although I am considered young, and seem to be pro UMNO, there are many more of my colleagues who are pro opposition.
    I agree with the Dato’ Seri Najib call for more youth to join UMNO and UMNO culture to change should start with this.

  100. kuthe2 Nov 3,2010 12:27 AM

    Salams Tun..
    Alhamdullilah U kembali sihat dan bertenaga..
    What U say in your blog is true.. I support U..
    We Malays are divided almost everywhere..(Utara, Selatan, Timur, Barat, Negeri2 berlainan.. Suku berlainan.. dan mcm2 lagi)
    We fail to embrace our culture..
    We forget that we all are actually the same..
    Sons of Adam..
    Malays need a vocal Leader.. Imam…
    A very2 difficult task and a heavy weight over the shoulders..
    To whom it may be.. willing to carry it according to the right path.
    But the time is critical for the Malays.. And they need the Leader..
    Unfortunately Power and Money are sweet temptations.. Earthly pleasures surrounds us..
    Would current Leaders give this up so that others will Lead.?
    The sacrifice for The Common Good of Others.?
    Most leaders are good politicians.. Like you..
    The problem is too much politics.. Not much Can be seen..
    Talk Only.. Even Worst..
    Is when Politician that suppose to help the Rakyat..
    Help themselves 1st.. Are also businessman.. Cutting deals..
    They are not aware anymore of their solemn swearing in before..
    Just words… Means Nothing..
    Maybe we should give it back to the Sultans.. following the constitution..
    On Perkasa issue… Please give them seats.. Maybe they can win the election..
    Other NGOs then would want this too.. And we back to Square 1..
    Selamat Tun.. Hope you stay strong and healthy..

  101. pakbelalang Nov 3,2010 12:25 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Bangsa lain bukan “pekak, buta dan bisu” tapi sengaja buat “pekak, buta dan bisu” tentang perlembagaan negara.
    Sebenarnya mereka sedang mencari jalan bagaimana nak buat orang Melayu “pekak, buta dan bisu”!!
    Apabila orang Melayu dah “pekak, buta dan bisu” dan dah tak tahu kemana arah mereka nak tuju, terombang ambeng tanpa pedoman kerana dah berpecah-belah maka itulah masanya nanti mereka akan meraih segala keuntungan untuk bangsa mereka.
    Orang Melayu akan terlopong dan melopong akibat dari kebodohan dan kesombongan mereka.
    La talila tam plong !! Tipah tertipu lagi !!!

  102. ekompute Nov 3,2010 12:24 AM

    QUOTE: When the 5th PM took over, it became obvious he was incompetent and unable to govern the country and grow its economy. He was seen as weak by the Malays as well as by the Chinese and Indians.
    I don’t know if I am correct, but I always feel that he was handpicked for the very reason that he was weak. In this way, the 4th PM could continue to rule behind the curtain, so to speak.

  103. Hamid Nov 3,2010 12:04 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Again, very well said Tun. It is very unfortunate that we’re being accused of racist for defending ourselves and “others” (Chinese, Indian etc). After more than fifty-years now, it becomes so much clearer to me. Unfortunately, like you always said “Melayu Mudah Lupa”. Once again, thank you Tun for never giving up on us.

  104. Rimba Emas Nov 3,2010 12:04 AM


  105. parameswara 2 Nov 2,2010 11:49 PM

    Dearest Tun
    1-Its the pi mai pi mai tang tu episode again.May be its time that we make this the last episode.Enough is enough.
    2-Perkasa is just a great opportunity an insignificant politician like Ibrahim Ali would exploit to lengthen his otherwise ending political career.
    2-He needs you only to lend him the significance.Perkasa and you are actually incompatible.I very sadly feel that you have actually reduced yourself through this association.You shouldn’t have as it is truly unnecessary.UMNO now is having a crisis of relevance any which way it goes its dead.
    3-To win the Chinese votes they risk losing Malay votes and still they are unsure they will get the Chinese votes.But to ignore the Chinese voters they may still be unsure if they will get the Malay votes.Its a hopeless situation Perkasa is only going to make worse with more unnecessary division.
    4-We must take a religious solution since all Malays are Muslims.Since both UMNO and PAS are the same they might as well merge up.To PAS UMNO is a hypocrite party..To UMNO PAS is hypocrite party,So UMNO =PAS.You will find in both parties they are liberals and conservatives just the same.Both are only using religion for their political ends.You know it and I know it too.
    5-So UMNO can join PAS lock,stock and Barrel because it is UMNO that’s having the crisis not PAS.Afterall the only way for a merger to happen between two proud parties like this is when one party is willing to make that sacrifice for the love of God and UMNO must make that move.Let us show the world the kind of sacrifice Malaysian muslim parties could do when their political survival is at stake.
    6-Now that PAS has a chance to control the Govt all by itself it will definitely dissociate itself from Pakatan Rakyat.The muslim voice now will be very strong.Its now the job of the moderates from UMNO and PAS to keep PAS from not becoming an extremist Muslim nation.Maybe they (the former UMNO faction)can try to win over PAS leadership with their immense capital and resurrect the spirit of UMNO in PAS..
    7-Who dare question ketuanan Melayu now?So I think this is one of the solutions that can end this episode once and for all.But it may be a great obstacle to our high income economy.
    8-Sorry Tun if this suggestion hurt you.But this is my sincere opinion that has religious justification. We Muslims must unite.Thanks Tun.

  106. Jo Nov 2,2010 11:22 PM

    Pak Lah was too busy cleaning up 22 years of shit. I guess the gas made him perpetually sleepy afterwards. Contrary to TDM’s belief, there was no need to protect the Malays, only the Umnoputra’s who apprently could no longer hang on to TDM’s coattails for protection.

  107. Aku Pening Nov 2,2010 11:11 PM

    Yang Mulia Tun,
    I agree with you. When we defended the Malays, we as Malay will be labelled as racist but when other race start attacking our rights, they called it freedom of speech.
    I too an UMNO member and PERKASA. I believe that Malaysia will not be an existance if there is no Malay. The non Malays need the Malays but don’t treat us like dogs. We too have rights to defend.
    UMNO need to be firm and set the ground rules for BN component party. If they cannot toe the line, leave BN. In the last election, their performance was so poor that some of the big names even lost their seat.

  108. skaizer Nov 2,2010 10:48 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya seorang Melayu. Saya cukup kecewa apabila Tun mengambil pendirian menyokong Perkasa. Saya telah mengkaji pendirian dan sejarah Tun apabila berhadapan dengan isu hak-hak Melayu. Ianya berbeza dengan modus operandi Perkasa.
    Kita tahu Tun menulis terus kepada Tunku untuk menkritik dasar Tunku yang merugikan melayu. Kita tahu Tun mengecam Ketua Bahagian Umno Bukit Bendera apabila dia menggelar kaum cina pendatang.
    Tetapi modus operandi perjuangan Perkasa berbeza dari Tun. Perkasa memprovokasi kaum lain dalam memperjuangkan hak-hak melayu. Ini memualkan. Padahal kita tahu NGO kaum lain dalam memperjuangkan hak-hak kaum mereka,mereka menyuarakan terus kepada pemimpin kerajaan sebagaimana yang dilakukan oleh Tun semasa zaman Tunku.
    Hipokritnya perjuangan Perkasa apabila mereka boleh bertempuk tampar dengan pemimpin Umno dan kerajaan dalam majlis Perkasa atau UMNO, jadi apa yang nak diperjuangkan kalau Perkasa boleh mempunyai akses sebegini. Malah ada ahli UMNO yang merupakan ahli Perkasa, ini memberi mesej perjuangan Perkasa adalah sekadar mencari publisiti dan menjadi jaguh.
    Kita tahu kehebatan perkasa dalam mencipta publisiti murahan, bayangkan hanya 100 orang yang mengikut demo Perkasa dalam menyambut Tony Blair, sebelum itu Ibrahim Ali mengatakan ada beratus ribu selipar akan menyambut TOny Blair.

  109. Naguib Nov 2,2010 9:45 PM

    Dear Tun & readers,
    UMNO originated from group of Malays NGOs during Malayan Union protest. So UMNO and UMNO leaders must not forget its root. PERKASA is a twin of UMNO’s 1946’s STOP Malayan Union protest. UMNO in 2010 should revisit the spirit of UMNO’s 1946. UMNO in 1946 full of spirit to “kick-out” British Colonial. So UMNO in 2010 should start to defend whatever rights belong to malays.
    May Allah bless malays.

  110. kgtelok Nov 2,2010 9:27 PM

    Saya sokong PERKASA & IBRAHIM ALI

  111. rarunasalam Nov 2,2010 9:08 PM

    Dear Tun
    you refer to Fmr. PM Tun Abdullah as incompetent.
    Yet you cannot see how incompetent as a leader you were by not having a proper foundation for your beloved UMNO, nor BN’s component parties to build on.
    You lacked succession planning. You wanted to rule for a long time…you did not care about UMNO…you only cared for yourself.
    Lets look at your local policies to grow Malaysia into a developed nation. They were based on rhetorics…not sustainable solutions.
    You waited till close to retirement then launched Core technical subjects (Science and Maths) to be taught in English only to see it being reversed.
    If you had the foresight you keep implying you have…you would have done it at least halfwaythrough your administration…I guess it was easy to not ‘rock the boat’ in your time…why lose out on popularity…it’s not about doing it right isnt it sir…only about doing whats popular.
    Oh btw, the ethnic Chinese and Indians supported you because you did not openly voice your ‘extremism’ then…you claimed to be a leader for all people…not just a select few.
    Whats happened to that philosophy sir? I guess it must have all been just lip service…
    You have not launched your full onslaught on present PM because he is trying to appease you while doing his job. I would suggest you not to be counterproductive to his initiatives as you were with PM number 5. Pls let the leader and his team do his job. If you have to be critical, do it behind closed doors…not like how you shamelessly heaved on Tun Abdullah.

  112. Rudy Nov 2,2010 8:57 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Yes….I was wondering too why the silent majority..that is the malays did not respond during hindraf rally. By accomodating to their demands which was such in a loud manner had question the stand of the govt in addressing the issues. Operasi lalang…in my view was indeed an effective way to make all of us live in peace and harmony without any group trying to champion their so called rights and causes the other races being incite with hatred.

  113. Liberal Nov 2,2010 8:55 PM

    Is asking that Bumiputra discount for property above RM500k to be removed considered extremist? How about asking that 10% of places in MARA (a government school paid by tax-payers money) be set aside for non-bumiputras. Is that extremist?

  114. jasa Nov 2,2010 8:49 PM


  115. Roon Nov 2,2010 8:47 PM

    The ultimate truth on racism:
    “Deep inside, everyone in this world somehow has it”.

  116. Liberal Nov 2,2010 8:45 PM

    Datuk you wrote: “Accordingly I have decided to stay close with Perkasa especially and to ensure that it does not swing over to the opposition.I would like to ensure that Perkasa supports BN in the next election.”
    Perkasa may swing where it wants but its ideology is not wanted by Pakatan. It seems that for the sake of political expediency, you support Perkasa. Perkasa is an intolerant and racist group. Support them and you’re one of them.

  117. malayVoice2 Nov 2,2010 8:41 PM

    Assalamuailakum Tun Dr Mahathir
    I cannot but continue admiring your wonderful sense of political balance and logic.
    We need to stand up to the heavy onslaught of flak over cyberspace from the opposition and the anti Malay sect who are more racist than anybody else.
    You have shown the way again!
    Hear, hear Sir.
    May Allah grant you a happy and long, really long life to show us the way. Take care, Sir

  118. khairi ali Nov 2,2010 8:33 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, I really hope that Tun will always be in good health. Semoga Allah limpahi keberkatan dan kesihatan ke atas Tun. Amin.
    Well, I have only a short comment; Remember not to pat non Malay back, cos they dont have any back at all. No sir, they dont have any back at all!

  119. kam Nov 2,2010 8:24 PM

    HIDUP MAHATHIR! HIDUP PERKASA! The Malays should never neveR nevER neVER nEVER NEVER give up.

  120. sykes Nov 2,2010 7:58 PM

    Sorry Tun,
    UMNO leaders now and most malays are complacent. Life have been easy for the last 50 years (sic) thanks to the old leaders in Malaysia.

  121. Neil Nov 2,2010 7:52 PM

    Dr, You are a true racist.When you were PM nobody dare to call you racist for fear you will throw them in Kamunting but now they openly call you racist, may be the father of all racist is the right term.

  122. AHMAD BADRI Nov 2,2010 7:42 PM

    Dear Sir, and fellow bloggers.
    I don

  123. Jo Nov 2,2010 7:42 PM

    All praise the all knowing and never wrong TDM. The mighty twister of words…

  124. wisnosky Nov 2,2010 7:40 PM

    I work for my father, who is of retirement age. But the longer we work together, the more I realise he is unwilling to let go of his power and his influence, however wrong he may be.
    It has dawned on me that although he keeps saying he wants to retire and let me run the company, it is clearly evident that he is finding it hard to let go. Thus, I am stuck with outdated business processes and ultra conservative and ultra traditional way of doing business, which delays decision making, increases costs and harms the environment.
    Clearly, there comes a time when old ways and outdated thinking must give way to modernity and progress, however hard it is for the old guard.
    I am now beginning to regret working for my father and all his previous achievements pale in comparison to his stubborness in giving his opinions on every single decision I make.
    You know what, Mahathir, my father really admires you (he’s Chinese), and I see why.
    You guys don’t know when to quit (Answer : when you’re ahead) and the longer you guys stay on, the more hurt you cause to your loved ones.
    Hit me up if you want to drink coffee with my dad (at a halal restaurant lah, not like the good old days unfortunately). I’m sure he should have time for an old man like you.

  125. checker Nov 2,2010 7:09 PM

    Salam Tun & Fellow Bloggers,
    Tun, you are so right. If the people still cannot see or understand on what you are saying, I am afraid we are going to have a rough ride in our nation development.
    The solution is simple but many leaders, especially the Muslim, have used wrong role model and worst dance to the extremist tune. If Lim Eng Guan can see that the best role model to “sell” to the Malays, will be the Khalifah’s administration system, why can’t the Malay/Muslims adopt the similar practice as the Malay/Muslim should be more appropriate to ride on that but they don’t because they lack vision, khalifah’s leadership and most of the lack true Islamic knowledge based on Quran & Hadith. It must now be accepted that the progress or survival of the Malays in future must be based on Islamic principle and teaching. Why can’t this be done? Ulamak should take the lead, not necessarily to be become politicians but excellent advisors to the “leaders”. We really need now the strong leadership, with good vision, great wisdom, strict to principles and fairness to all. Start searching for that kind of leaders from now on.
    May Allah bless us all and show us the right path.

  126. RD Nov 2,2010 6:56 PM

    Yes, please do not let Perkasa go to the opposition. I too, join Perkasa because of what you have just said & I am still aligned to BN, for now. I should say: People who called Dr.M racist are the real racist.

  127. rakyat_biasa Nov 2,2010 6:53 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Semoga usaha Tun yang berterusan diberkati dan diberi petunjuk oleh-Nya.
    I fully concur with your statement and analysis.
    As a Malay, i don’t care if our new PM shout about ‘Malay Supremacy’ is untouchable and safely protected by our constitution …
    BUT what trouble me is when i see :
    1- JPA oversea scholarship for Bumi is given to non-Bumi. Perhaps our leaders think Bumi is very rich now.
    2- 30% quota for Bumi being abolish.
    3- Ministry for Bumi being abolish… Our leader now tell us that this is to strengthen Bumi. RUBBISH! just look at what happen to MARA. how much fund given to MARA in 2010 and next year 2011 !
    4- Everybody agree to look at the history BUT very few understand our ‘social contract’. Some even say ‘social contract’ is irrelevant and obsolete.
    5- More and more non-Bumi talk about equal right when refer to 1Malaysia concept!
    So… since many non-Bumi are questioning status quo (Malay’s right), I would also like to challenge their citizenship status! LET’S REVOKE THEIR CITIZENSHIP AND JUST GIVE THEM PERMANENT RESIDENT. Maybe this will help to restraint their greediness.
    IF NOT, i really beg everybody to appreciate our status quo. It’s not easy to formulate ‘understanding’ between races. let’s improve all races without stealing from each other. let’s work hard together to make the ‘cake’ bigger for our future generation.

  128. rahim Nov 2,2010 6:40 PM

    Y.A Bhg Tun,
    Tahniah Tun kerana masih sanggup mempertahankan hak orang Melayu di negara ini walaupun Tun sudah agak lanjut usia. Pemimpin lain takut kehilangan jawatan atau kedudukan untuk memperjuang sesuatu yang sudah tentu suatu hari nanti akan menjadi isu besar kalau tidak ditangani sekarang. Musoh besar orang Melayu adalah dari dalam yang bagitu bercita-cita besar sehingga sanggup menggadai masa depan orang Melayu. PKR akan buat apa saja asalkkan mereka dapat kuasa. PAS menolak perjuangan atas nama Melayu kerana mereka memperjuangkan islam. Pemimpin UMNO sekarang sangat berhati-hati takut kalah pileharaya dalam keadaan Melayu berpecah dua kerana undi Cina dan India sebagai penentu kemenangan. Akhirnya terlalu banyak berlaku tolak secara ansur-ansur saperti pemberian tanah TOL kepada orang Cina di Perak semasa Pakatan Rakyat perintah Perak dulu. Mungkin sekarang , Kerajaan Barisan di Perak terpaksa ikut taktik yang sama untuk memenangi undi cina dan india.
    2. Saya melihat masa depan yang gelap bagi orang Melayu kerana hak mereka terhakis akibat perebutan untuk ke Putrajaya; Golongan muda Melayu menolak UMNO kerana terlalu terpengaruh dengan kempen memburokan UMNO dalam Internet oleh Malaysiakini dan Malaysia Today. PAS bersunggoh-sunggoh menolak perjuangan atas nama Melayu. Maka kepada siapa kita ingin menaruh harapan. Semoga lebih ramai veteran UMNO tampil kehadapan menyokong PERKASA bagi mempertahankan hak Melayu.

  129. tokapi Nov 2,2010 6:40 PM

    Tok Det,
    When you said “PERKASA and Me”, I felt like you say, “Me with You”. As a member of PERKASA, i really hope you will continue your support to PERKASA. Fyi, I’ve seen a lot of Malays started to join PERKASA. With the status of NGO, PERKASA had successfully attract the Malays from all background i.e. the Malays from Private Sectors and the Government Servants.
    PERKASA must remain as an NGO. I’m glad that your ties with PERKASA hopefully will be able to swing the votes from PERKASA members to UMNO and BN.
    PERKASA should not be seen as an enemy or threat to UMNO. Instead, PERKASA should be seen as a tool to gain as much as suport for UMNO and BN~

  130. KunPhisaid Nov 2,2010 6:31 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Semoga Tun sentiasa sihat.
    Saya sangat bersetuju dengan Tun. Jika UMNO tidak berubah, saya akan mengundi any calon bebas yang bergabung dengan PERKASA. Saya juga ingin menarik perhatian Tun tentang satu strategi licik yang sedang di lakukan oleh pemimpin UMNO untuk membantu bukan melayu secara indirect. Caranya ialah mengarahkan semua IPTA yang ijazahnya telah ternyata di terima se antero dunia untuk melutut dan di iktiraf oleh MQA melalui MQFnya. Dengan cara ini MQA akan dikenali sebaagai sebuah badan hebat yang mengawal IPTA. Oleh itu apabila MQA mengiktiraf IPTS yang ramai penuntutnya adalah bukan Melayu dan sebenarnya gagal ke IPTA, maka ijazah IPTS tersebut di lihat adalah setaraf dengan IPTA kerana pengiktirafan dari MQA adalah tersirat.
    Ya Allah selamatkan lah bangsa ku dari pemimpin palsu yang datangnya dari golongan mereka sendiri. High Income workers come from highly educated person. Dah la swasta tak terima melayu, nanti GLC pun tak akan terima melayu kerana ijazah IPTS adalah lebih menarik. Wallahhuwaklam.

  131. T Nov 2,2010 6:03 PM

    /// 1. When the 5th PM took over, it became obvious he was incompetent and unable to govern the country and grow its economy. He was seen as weak by the Malays as well as by the Chinese and Indians. ///
    He was handpicked and installed by you.

  132. Kenn Nov 2,2010 5:01 PM

    Salam Sejahtera Tun,
    Ada sebilangan orang di sini yang lantang menidakkan “Kontrak Sosial”, kononnya ia hanya memberi kelebihan kepada orang Melayu & Bumiputera sahaja.
    Apabila wujudnya sebuah “Kontrak” maka semestilah ia melibatkan lebih drp satu pihak. Kenapa hanya dilaungkan elemen kontrak sebelah pihak sahaja?
    Apakah mereka mahukan sebelah pihak lagi mengungkit KEISTIMEWAAN yang mereka terima hasil dari “Kontrak Sosial” ini sebagaimana mereka “menyalak” terhadap orang Melayu & Bumiputera?
    Apakah KEISTIMEWAAN yg diberikan oleh Kontrak Sosial kepada mereka?
    Sebab itu mereka juga melenting terhadap Sejarah?
    Siapa sebenarnya yang RACIST di sini?
    Di sini negara namanya Malaysia, bangsanya Malaysia. Bahasanya Bahasa Kebangsaan, bahasa Melayu. Harmoninya negara ini bersandarkan kepada Rukun Negara dan Perlembagaan.
    Siapakah mereka yang menidakkan semuanya ini?

  133. Wilson Nov 2,2010 4:24 PM

    I dun understand. If UMNO and BN do not protect the rights of the Malays, then why do u still encourage Perkasa to support BN?

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