1. The advertising business in Malaysia must be doing very well. You cannot see buildings or trees or even the pylons supporting the monorail tracks because they are all covered with adverts or hidden by huge signboards on monopole. Sometimes whole buildings are wrapped in adverts. Buses and trains are similarly enveloped in advertisements.

2. I remember feeling great when the first monopole signboards made their appearance on the road to Subang airport. They made Kuala Lumpur look like the great cities of the world. I thought we were making progress.

3. The growth in the number of the huge monopole boards was rapid. New companies have been set up and are busy covering road bridges across streets and roads with huge adverts. There are also giant TV screens with moving pictures.

4. Nothing that can be plastered with adverts have been left bare. If one cannot see the forest for the trees, one can say that nothing can be seen of the architectural and landcaped beauty of Kuala Lumpur because adverts block your view.

5. Fortunately now we don’t have so many of the adverts with huge bigger than life pictures of Ministers and Menteris Besar with their Boss, the Prime Minister.

6. There was one which I remember of a Minister of Tourism together with the then PM all over the country. Maybe it was for visitors to know who was close to the Prime Minister. This will surely persuade them to make more visits to this great country.

7. Anything in moderation is good. But when you have a surfeit of anything you can get sick. I think KL has too many adverts. They really deface the city.

8. I think it is time we regulate these outdoor ads. What do you think?

67 thoughts on “ADVERTS

  1. Tok Tuan Fikir Feb 1,2011 10:44 AM

    I have always thought of KL’s cityscape like a teenager’s bedroom. A teenager will paste or put up posters of his or her favourite artiste, brands, cute posters of kittens etc.
    I have always made a joke that architects in KL shouldn’t bother about designing beautiful buildings. Just build the building and include a giant hook where posters can be hung from its highest floor. And make tons of money along the way without borthering to re-paint forever. 🙂

  2. barons Jan 27,2011 5:01 AM

    Dear Sir,
    Billboards in KL is great business, it can be improve by itself in time to come. Nowadays Malaysia sme advertise a lot as well as international brands as it is very efective for their brands. However i support to have a system to maintain them properly. But i don’t see much problems other than grafiti advertising. Sir u should first talk of regulate the vandalising nature of advertising such as ah long or massage service offered (everyone in KL must have saw service for VOLCANO MASSAGE / HONEY MASSAGE):) i guess business in Malaysia is really desperate lol or Massage and ahlong business is real good in malaysia. Our car is always full of ah long namecards and also u can find stickers on road signage and parking machine as well. These should be what the authority should monitor and take actions. As for billboards it really build income for the local business.
    I have to ask Tun that even your website is cluterred with ads nowadays can ah long buy ur space? I think we should focus more on building our economy for the local business interests rather than complaining about billboards as billboards really light up our city. There is one time that the mayor says we should emulate Australia where no billboards is in the city, well i just wish we could have kangaroos hopping around KL to attract tourist hahaha. Tun have u been to bukit bintang lately, those billboards are like tourist attractions themselves hey even nowadays DBKL builing is lighting up with LED display (but it fails most of the time making it an eyesire) not to mention UMNO building lately, definitely ur face will eh there or the other former PM which u indicate : )
    Well anyway is great to hear that u r still active in voicing out, well i just hope Tun should look into the local business comunity as a whole. Just a story from a fren that nowadays the main shopping district bukit bintang is full of foreigners from middle east, i have nothing against them is just lots of our local business man couldn’t compete with them in offering rent not high but 12 months in advance and out the local tenant goes lol. Even i would ask my fellow Malaysians to give way if i’m the landlord. I think Bukit Bintang sooner or later is called Jalan Bukit Arab. Sooner or later all those retail business has to advertise on road signage to get business if they keep losing the retail fronts.
    Anyhow i leave the rest for you sir to ponder. I think the nature of business is a circle there is no one particular element that affect the problems pls look at it as a whole. Hope to hear ur comment.

  3. Andrew Cheng Jan 21,2011 10:32 AM

    Good Morning to you Tun!
    I’ve stayed overseas practically all my life and have returned to Malaysia just last year and frankly speaking, not very delighted to see the way Malaysians are living despite being a developing economy! We are no different to a third world economy! Though some might argue that it is not true and some extremist might just tell me to pack up and go back to China, i’d still say that Malaysia has gone to the dogs just like Singapore had! This might sound oh! so irrelevant but it is true to to every words that Malaysian just do not have any self respect and or even any respect for anything!
    The advertisement thingy that is happening in KL is indeed a case of improved economy, increased disposable income created by a increased in GDP, but turning the place into a pig pen just so to enjoy the new found wealth is just too big a sacrifice!
    Drive around anywhere and you will see bills being posted on trees, street lamps, telephone booths, TNB powerboxes & anything that are permanently standing.
    Bills posted on private property, frankly nobody gives a damn because simply they are private property, if the property owner do not have any sense of shame or belonging and they allowed such defacing of property(ies) to happen, by all means just continue! But the defacing of government structures however big or small must not be tolerated not even for a second! The bills are just everywhere and Malaysia being a tropical country has plenty of trees thus providing plenty of space for such illegal bills. And the clearing of the bills by the town councils are just a form of renewal for this illegal advertisers, town council officers clear the ads in the morning and new ads are put up in the afternoon, unwittingly the town councils have become their janitors! Stricter laws should be passed prohibiting such illegal ads from surfacing, the persons responsible for putting up such illegal ads are there because their phone numbers and addresses are just there for everyone to see, why can’t the government prosecute them to the fullest the law can provide, the national coffers will have more funds for future development and the streets will be cleared & cleaned of such eye sore. This also return some form of self respect to the various government agencies as their properties are not being defaced, such actions of defacing government properties are as good as pasting shit on the government’s face. Judging from current situation, it only brings the message across that it is perfectly alright to smear shit on the government because they have high tolerance for shit on their face! But then again, if the government of Malaysia can withstand shit on their face, who are we powerless citizens to complain!
    I still believe that the world has progressed, technology has progressed but Malaysian citizens mostly are still trap in the Neanderthal period!

  4. rizvee rohany Jan 19,2011 9:54 AM

    Thanks for your article. we should think about beautification of KL. if Add covers all area of this city that will harm the concept of kl’s beautification. so time has come to think about this.we think add. will continue but there should be a tough rule how it will run.

  5. samuraimelayu Jan 13,2011 11:25 AM

    By difefu on January 11, 2011 4:42 PM
    Dearest Tun,
    Do you know which is the largest iconic advertisement in KL?
    It is the one built by you. Every time I look at it, I think of DAP.. in fact, two DAP rockets.
    Take care Tun.
    HA! HA! HA!…comes PRU 13, the DAP can use the two ROCKETS as a gimmick that even Tun Mahathir loves DAP…HA! HA! HA!
    Laughter is still the best medicine…

  6. watchers Jan 12,2011 11:52 AM

    The problem is not only prevalent in KL but also PJ. I think the town planners in this city should just work for the advertising companies. Seems that location with high rate of exposure will be swamped with advertising boards and I am not sure if they are approved by the local authorities.
    With the advertising in newspapers, internet and other mass medias I think we could use a less amount of advertising boards.

  7. difefu Jan 11,2011 4:42 PM

    Dearest Tun,
    Do you know which is the largest iconic advertisement in KL?
    It is the one built by you. Every time I look at it, I think of DAP.. in fact, two DAP rockets.
    Take care Tun.

  8. jalil7 Jan 11,2011 1:56 AM

    Salam Tun,
    There are so many policies here which are made simply on economic grounds, not on social or human comfort.
    Another thing i noticed Tun is that noise level seems to go up everyday. Ambient noise is very loud now people scream at each other, not because of something you said, but just to say hello to each other.

  9. samuraimelayu Jan 10,2011 6:47 PM

    By amin tan on January 7, 2011 10:56 PM
    Sdr. Amin’re a humble man.
    May we add to the ‘shadow cabinet’ a very loyal anakanda rakyat of ayahanda Tun ie. our adik HBT. We believe she would be a ‘handful’ for Dr Ng Yen Yen.
    and this ‘retired’ samurai is very proud of our adik Wajaperak whom we believe is moving along fine in search of the TRUTH..keep it up adikku and you will be THERE, insyaallah.
    Ps. Missed the bahasa dewa-dewa of our brother, Sdr. Kamal Ahmad.

  10. lelucon Jan 10,2011 6:17 PM

    ramai dah maklum ‘mengiklan’ salah satu kaedah utama memajukan perniagaan, terutama yg membabitkan umum. Tu je cara nak bagi orang tahu perniagaan. Kalau dihalang iklan akan wujud juga. kalau tidak di papan iklan, ada pd pokok, tiang lampu, tepi dinding. Khususnya bagi ‘pengiklan’/peniaga yang tiada bajet/peruntukan nak buat iklan di media massa.
    Jika kita nak hadkan papan iklan, kita kena sediakan satu kaedah alternatif pengiklanan yang berkesan utk pengiklan/peniaga. Satu kaedahnya ialah internet. Tapi tak semua orang guna internet. Iklan telefon? takut nanti syarikat telekomunikasi pulak ambik kesempatan. Penuh la telefon kita dgn SMS iklan. Jd bagaimana yg berkesan?
    Mungkin wajar juga dewan bandaraya benarkan iklan-iklan ditampal secara teratur di tepi atau dinding jejambat, longkang dsb. Paling tidak cantik la juga dinding2 tu. Daripada buang masa lukis grafiti…

  11. Mustex Jan 10,2011 12:32 PM

    Tun Dr M,
    Outdoor or out-of-home media should be properly monitored, managed and regulated. It seems that each state have their own parameters and it looks like all are not in sync with a common standard guideline.
    A good example is the road leading to KLIA! There are too many unipoles that are close to each other so much so that it has created a clutter. Well, it is good for the local council as it can collect more revenue, but what about the environment and scenery? By right these unipoles should at least be 1km apart and that they should conform to criteria’s that are set by the local council. Perhaps the Ministry concerned should come up with a guideline to control these unipoles.
    The same goes for billboards whereby there is no proper control to the sites that there are located. Granted there are various sizes for these billboards but at least have proper guidelines so as not to be an eye-sore. The worst is when the contract for the billboard runs out and the visual is not removed. After a while it gets to fade, tattered and torn and no one cares or takes the initiative to remove the said visual. This happens when there is no proper monitoring by the local council.
    The local council should ban billboards particularly on overhead bridges or pedestrian crossings primarily as a matter of safety. There has been many cases of snatch thieves at such overhead pedestrian crossings since it is not visible from ground level albeit being blocked by the billboards that span the entire overhead pedestrian crossing.
    The question is should we be proactive or retroactive in this matter? Well Tun, there are already international standards being set and practised by many developed countries pertaining to outdoor media. Why Malaysia is not conforming to such set standards is something that needs to be looked into rather urgently.
    The million ringgit question is who or which Ministry shall start the ball rolling or taking the lead in terms of standardising and regulating the outdoor media?

  12. OrangLama Jan 10,2011 12:32 AM

    ******1. PAPANTANDA IKLAN*********
    Papan iklan memang terlalu banyak di Kuala Lumpur.Bagi saya belum sampai menyakit mata memandang. Cuma kalau ada iklan besar gambar gadis muda2 di tengah jalanraya tentulah mengganggu penglihatan pemandu. Kalau ditampal iklan di bekang bas, lagi susah nak pandu. Maklumlah boleh sampai taraf Lebai macam kebanyakan orang PAS. Misalnya kat MidValley dari Cheras ke PJ. Kalau gambar mak atau nenek depa tak perlulah dongak tengok billboard sambil nak memandu. Mungkin lebai PAS dah laksanakan peraturan billboard di Kedah dan Kelantan. Dengar cerita di Sungei Petani, ada papan iklan besar gambar pemimpin idola PAS yang segak dan tampan. Kat Kelantan ada tak?
    Saya nak tanya sikit kat syarikat iklan, tak ada cara lain ka nak tarik perhatian pelanggan selain daripada guna gambar perempuan. Cerita TV dan lau-lagu melayu tak habis2 cerita cinta. Kisah cinta teruna dan dara. Cinta antara gadis jelita dengan jutawan tua dan lain-lain lagi. Orang Melayu kemaruk cinta sangat ke? Orang politik kemaruk cinta tak?
    Al-Quran dah kata jangan pandang lama2, jangan dekati zina. Orang alim pun belum gurantee bebas dari godaan syaitan. Tiap2 hari kita baca Fatihah memohon Allah supaya diberi petunjuk yang sebenarnya dan memohon dijauhkan dari kesesatan. Baca dan hayatilah AlQuran, petunjuk yang membawa kepada kehidupan yang bahagia dunia dan akhirat.
    Gambar yang paling mata tak nak tengok ialah gambar “pasangan Sejoli” ahli politk. Zaman Pak Lah gambar2 ini tumbuh macam cendawan. Gambar2 ini lansung tak ada semangat orang nak tengok!!!!!!!!
    ****2. JENAYAH AHLI POLITIK**************************
    Kebelakangan ini banyak kisah2 orang politik terpapar di internet. Zaman Tun dulu pun ada beberapa pemimpin politik yang bermasalah. Rumit rupanya tugas Perdana Menteri. Pembangkang sentiasa boleh putarbelit.Kalau tak ambil tindakan pembangkang cucuk2 rakyat. Ambil tindakan pun pembangkang cucuk juga rakyat. Tapi kena ingat nak jaga hati seorang atau berjuta orang? Yang lebih penting ialah untuk mendapat keredhaan Allah Ta’ala supaya diiktiraf seorang pemimpin yang baik diakhirat kelak.
    Seorang Perdana Menteri hendaklah menyerahkan urusan laporan jenayah seseorang ahli politik kepada proses perundangan. Jangan sama sekali campurtangan kecuali jika nyata berlaku ketidakadilan pada mana-mana pihak. Nak jadi pemimpin bukan senang. Zaman sahabat Nabi (s.a.w) semua tak mahu jadi pemimpin takut memikul tanggungjawab. Zaman sekarang ramai berebut nak jadi pemimpin takut papa ke dana kot? Takut tak cukup makan?
    ****3. SIAPA CALUN UMNO PRU NANTI?******************
    Kalau Dato’ Najib nak menang banyak pilihanraya nanti , kena selesai beberapa masalah utama. Kenapa si Anu dan si Anu menang, calun UMNO kalah> Adakah siAnu lebih warak? Adakah siAnu itu lebi berpelajaran?
    Kenapa Pendekar Bujang Lapok PAS(YB Nizar,YB Khalid Samad & YB Dr. Dzulkefly) menjadi iodla kebanyakan orang muda? Apa yang hebat kat depa yang tak ada kat calun UMNO.
    Saya masih tak faham kenapa misalnya di Bandar Baru Bangi, digantikan calun UMNO dengan orang yang kurang dikenali dikalangan masyrakat setempat? Kalau Ustaz Amran KAsimaiitu ialah Istana PAS, Lubuk Cendekiawan PAS, ibunegeri PAS Malaysia. Sungguhpun ramai pegawai tinggi kerajaan tinggal disitu tetapi kebanyakan depa sentiasa dulu,kini dan selamanya cinta depa kepada PAS bertakhta di hati.
    Dato’ Najib jangan terkejut nanti PRU ramai calun2 PAS di kalangan orangmuda profesional terutamanya pensyrah-pensyarah, jurutera2, doktor2, dan lain-lain. Sebab apa? Trend sekarang rakyat pilih golongan profesional yang “warak”. UMNO pun ramai juga golongan profesional tetapi yang jenis “lawak”. Teliti calun kat pilihanraya kecil di Penang dulu, dah tahu orang bermasalah pilih dia juga!!!!! Lainlah Tan Sri Isa Samad walaupun bermasalah dia tu dia bekas cikgu sekolah mempunyai kemahiran bercakap sangat tinggi, hampir setaraf Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Boleh terpesona dengar gurindam depa.
    *****4. BILA PAS NAK MASUK BN?********
    PAS masuklah BN. Buang masa, buang tenaga , buang duit duk lap peluh PKR dan DAP. Sungguh pelik perjuangan Islam ala PAS melalui Pakatan Rakyat. PAS tidak berfungsi dalam Pakatan Rakyat seperti UMNO dalam BN.PAS hanya buat kerja2 kuli, lap peluh.
    Kalau BN menang, PAS tak senang hati. Kalau Pakatan menang, UMNO pula sakithati. Tikam menikam sampai bila? Pi mai pi mai tang tu.
    Sekiranya PAS hendak betul2 berjuang Islam kuatkan barisan saf, kuatkan silatulrahim sesama Islam. Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kta roboh. Pemimpin2 PAS dan UMNO boleh membuat suatu sumbangan besar kepada negara dengan bersatu. Binakan sejarah baru, lupakan perpecahan dahulu. Kesannya amat baik untuk umat Islam. Sampai bila PAS dan UMNO hendak hidup bermusuhan, berpecah2. Hang pa tak takut kena tanggung dosa kalau2 perpecahan ummah akan datang berpunca kerana tidak bersatu? Atau pun hang pa ada tafsiran agama sendiri apa yang dimaksudkan perpaduan ummah. Kalau ada perturunkan sikit.
    Kesatuan umat islam di Malaysia juga amat baik untuk bukan Islam. Negara lebih aman, damai dan sejahtera untuk semua rakyat Malaysia dibawah kesatuan Islam.

  13. shahrul Jan 9,2011 11:39 PM

    yeah…ads in ur blog is much expensive than printable ones…. unless the cheaper electronic ads can be materialized than we can enforce to reduce the billboards
    p/s any comment on the increment of BLR to 3 times? is it good in controlling inflation?

  14. shery Jan 9,2011 8:49 PM

    Salam Tun, I just wanted to drop by here to say thank u for the best talk ever given by Tun last week in UiTM. Its the best ever as I can finally have a chance to see u n even shake ur hand…The most memorable moment as I really adores u n wanted to see all this while…Ur talk on Perpaduan is such a great one, advising us (students to should think about our future but now just focus on studies). Whatever it is, u r the best prime minister that i ever have and wish for..Thanks Tun, ur thoughts and ideas are so futuristics….
    Thanks again Tun for coming to UiTM.

  15. wajaperak Jan 9,2011 1:33 PM

    Tun saya mohon sedikit ruang..
    [[I dare say this is your shadow cabinet, any time better than that of Najib. Let’s compare minister for minister and see which cabinet perform better]]
    Aha..abg amin tan..
    I think this shadow cabinet thing is way too big for me…:)
    [[Wajaperak is better than Zahid Hamidi 6 to 1 because Wajaperak is more intelligent, sincere and forth coming]]
    I could not supress mirth,chuckle and grin on this…he..he..Actually like Mr Parameswara 2 have mentioned, I am running scared too in terms of time and achievements..
    I don’t want my life wasted running on empty.
    Personally time is running out on me and I have contributed nothing to the society let alone the country.In the confines of tawassul,we can draw back on our achievements and would not feels we have violated the code of humility.In this sense,at least Zahid have his doctorate precede his name.I have nothing to show.
    What is intelligent?I chose Islamic definition an agrees that I am intelligent,meaning?
    Hadith Rasullulah s.a.w
    “Mereka yang bijak ialah mereka yang selalu mengingati mati dan bersedia menghadapinya.”
    I am always ready for a date with my Maker and the “Inquisition” that follows.
    Sincere? Me?..Ahem..Some wali Allah and atsar documentation which have stated in many Islamic scholars have classified Islamic faith into certain categories.Among them is “Iman orang-orang berniaga”.
    This is the lowest rung level of Islamic faith.The very dangerous level.Meaning,I have faith that my good deeds are going to be rewarded.The moment my faith undergone trial and tribulations,my faith have shaken violently and to certain extent my friend have cried out his thought clearly
    Ini yang malas nak sembahyang ni..
    Please seeks this Ayat Al Quran..
    “Di antara mereka, ada yang beriman di pertengahan..Jika mereka merasa beruntung maka mereka akan tetap dalam keimanan..” To that effect..
    I am afraid I am people of this kind of faith.The real mukmin faithful people does not care if they go to heaven or hell.For them all end is the same end..
    Their end is only Allah.
    Forthcoming? One of the definition is
    Available when needed; Considerate and affable; willing to cooperate
    But that is sadly applicable and suited for the civilian..
    For us the soldiers..Forthcoming is..
    The less or the least expendable..

  16. rizal Jan 9,2011 12:34 PM

    Dear abba (Hope u don mind of me calling you abba Yg Bhg Tun. It means father in Punjabi language)
    I agree wit u. to many advert of tis kind. the beauty of the city has been clouded by pic of the skinny models etc. which to certain extent nice to see, but does not exhibit our city beauty…

  17. babwahid Jan 9,2011 10:53 AM

    Asskm Tun
    setuju betul saya .its no point at all to put such a big ads along the street . Its only obstacle the scenery and perhaps promote us to drive careless .
    If such adv is containing words to educate people or to remind us while driving its ok lah . But not their picture and PM behind them. What!! they think people like to see them. menyampah !!!!
    Maaf Tun
    terkasar bahasa.

  18. kuthe2 Jan 9,2011 1:16 AM

    Salams Tun..
    I agree..
    Maybe we can design these adverts to be more creative so that it would compliment each other..
    (the view and the ads)
    Surely we need more reminders of current events and new government policies to be advertised..
    But this must be done cleverly and must not upset the balance..
    Mr Mayor of Kuala Lumpur sure are on top of things..
    Mohon kesejahteraan dan kesihatan yang berkekalan buat Tun.

  19. Pak Jalek Jan 8,2011 9:10 PM

    Advertisement using Malay language already been regulated by Dewan bahasa. Itu saja
    Any how for big advertisement like bill board will be easy to regulate because it’s dominan by certain co. Can count by our own finger.

  20. mushashi Jan 8,2011 8:33 PM

    what you know?
    who you know?

  21. sayangTunM Jan 8,2011 5:01 PM

    for Adam on January 7, 2011 1:36 PM, about the NS MB…it is true…I am from N9 myself and to tell you the truth, it is really sickening..they never adhere to the advice by the PM…no more pics of the MBs, Ministers etc…
    People come to N9 to see the nice places NOT the perasan MB…

  22. al-Din Jan 8,2011 3:45 PM

    Come August UKM advertises its patriotism by draping the longest Malaysian flag along the fence leading to the main gate. At whose expense? How shallow? Given the money any primary school can do that!
    Added to that UKM has the giantest TV screen by the gate to announce events. No doubt it is at the busiest spot at intersections. So, they are up with technology!
    At one time the Pemuda group wanted to drape the Giza pyramid with a Malaysian flag to advertise what?. They should know what a stupid idea it is to drape someone else national monument. It is as if draping the twin-tower with Singaporean flag!
    Don’t stupidise our flag. It doesn’t need government regulation but common sense.
    Stick No Bills, folks.

  23. nazrimalik Jan 8,2011 2:28 PM

    I think u r right hehe!

  24. al-Din Jan 8,2011 2:13 PM

    DearTun, Ever since you became the prime Minister I have always admire you and will always encourage my students at the universiteis that i have taught for almost 30 years (4 in all ) an I am now lecturing at Utp the prestigous university of the nation. Sad to say that the building is not been maintained especially the seminar rooms . Once a room that house some electrical things was flooded and no one noticed. I came to know when the room next to THE ONEi i was using could not function . After reports and more reports for nearly 1 month then came the maintenance. NeXt the contractors. This again delayed the whole process. I HOPE PEOPLE UP THERE SHOULD PRACTICE THE MANAGEMENT BY WALKING AROUND AND NOT JUST THE CHANCELLORY AREA.sORRY FOR SUCH TRIVIAL ISSUES BUT YOUR BLOG DISCUSSES EVERYTHING FROM ADVERT TO HIGHLY IMPORTANT THINGS. iT IS A REAL AVENUE FOR THE OLD AND YOUNG TO EXCHANGE IDEAS AND NOT BAD MOUTHING OTHERS. sTAY HEALTHY ANDMAY ALLAH BLESS YOU.

  25. al-Din Jan 8,2011 1:24 PM

    In these days banners of all sorts and sizes can be machine-produced at relatively low costs and hence explains its popularity and insatiaty.
    Definitely there is an urgent need to regulate adverts nationwide. Indeed, it is getting out of hand and becoming an eyesore and sometimes a manace in many instances. There should be no more experimenting be it the government, politicians or the Ah Longs!
    ‘Sudah bayar cukai pintu!’
    iklan menghantu
    di penjuru
    jalan siku
    Masih membisu?

  26. Rimba Emas Jan 8,2011 12:53 PM


  27. Along Jan 8,2011 11:36 AM

    I agree. I too think there are too many adverts, especially in the city. Along the highways. And they’re getting bigger and more in-your-face. We really should regulate them but like everyone else has stated, this is a business and a very lucrative one at that.

  28. chan Jan 8,2011 9:22 AM

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!
    The problem is not we do not have rules & regulations, but look at our greedy town council officers. They are the one who created it and spoilt it.

  29. kamal59 Jan 8,2011 8:27 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Some states in Malaysia are putting their handsome MB face on adv. Its their deeds an not their handsome face that count. A waste of public money. Old tacticts. Bye tun, good luck.

  30. Halimsagrod Jan 8,2011 7:34 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Still in Sudan and issue of adverts are frightening here. Within 1 year, Khartoum are flooderd withs advert poles. What I can comment ads here are gettingnmore creative than what I saw in KL. I believe ads should be simple, effective and reaches the right audience. In KL it is just competing for space by force. At traffic light Telcos will be fighting for the space. Too bad repetition sometime is boring. Let the creative agency be more innovative. Nice to have KL with landscape billboards like I use to propose in the 80’s. Extra maintenance but it green the city.

  31. Peiseh Jan 8,2011 7:02 AM

    Salam bahagia Tun,
    Ads on billboards cropping up is signs of an economy progress. It is the evidence of a progressive economy condition. The more signboards are up, the more it means that the economies are doing well. Businesses are profitable, and allocation for advertisement is plenty, therefore the billboards and ads.
    And in this situation, we expect to see more advertisements in the cities as that it where most of the transactions of cash took place. The more ads appears there, the more sales is apparently would generate. It will project a feel good factor to the consumers, and indirectly enhances their urge to purchase.
    So, adverts are good. It stimulate the economy.
    Now the bottom line here is regulatory. In my opinion, on where or how it would be advertised would very much dependence on the budget of the advertiser. Every nook and crevices in cities like KL and Johor cost monies, and its not cheap.
    Secondly, some corporate buildings would have its own policies about having someone else’s products being advertised on their premises. So, this is sort of a self regulatory here. Not to forget to mention, this will indirectly protected the landscape being blemished by some gigantic billboards.
    And in addition, the local municipal would have its IR engineers study over the proposed billboards ensure the structure is safe to the public, and of course getting the approval of the building premises nearby (to ensure it does not obscure the building and caused a business impact).
    And finally, the contents of the advertisement would then be regulated by the religious group to ensure that it is not a sensitive adverts and to ensure that it is not too provocative.
    However, advertisement in rural or sub-urbans areas would need some regulation as folks in these areas tends to be not so bothered by gigantic bill boards etc. Housing estates however, it would be more vocal since it affected their neighborly and homey feel. Large billboard springing up obscuring nice landscaped gardens or parks are not ideal. This do require a strict monitoring by the local council.
    After a hard day’s work in the cities, you do not want to return home to another city-like scenario urging you to buy this or that.
    Yes, Tun. In sub-urban or rural areas, the advertisement need to be controlled. In the cities, it is being controlled, and generally, more ads means more vibrant the cities are. And thus more business and funds to move the economy. I would be worried if the cities are lacking in ads cause that will indicate to me that the economy is not well, businesses are not doing well, and therefore, I too will need to trim down my spending, thus indirectly contracting the economy overall. Plus, the lack of advertisement would mean lack of pull power for folks to go into cities.
    Well, in summary, as long as the adverts are tastefully done, and strategically placed without obscuring or with the possibilities of causing hurt to the public, it is ideal to have more adverts erected as that only goes to show that we are progressing.
    Salam bahagia Tun.

  32. HBT Jan 8,2011 3:34 AM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    May I provide my answers to comment By milshah on January 4, 2011 9:47 PM from Mumbai Bridge on behalf of my 4th generation…
    //Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Apart from Pak Lah, all I hear is that everyone want’s the crooked bridge to be built. Whether Singapore wants the crooked bridge to be built or not is none of her business since it is in our territory. There are so many benefits of having the bridge. So what is constraining the government from building it? Please let the people know. I really don’t understand.//
    A. Beside political factors, two main economic factors that constrain both governments from building the bridge in hurry and by force is to avoid the repeat of Black Day of 1,000 points plunge in Dow Jones due to loss of confidence and appreciation of US$ due to exploitation, speculation and manipulation in the pricing of construction material that will shoot up our inflation rate that may cause social unrest and increase crimes of human trafficking, ah-longs, dadah trafficking, thefs, samun, etc… in which opposition party will not be interested to assist PDRM because they want to use these crimes to topple the government.
    B. Pak Lah is the past, and we don’t need to bring his name out again and again because the whole country knew that UMNO and its components have chosen him to re-cap the losses of Terengganu votes in GE11 in 1999 due to Anwar’s sodomy case.
    C. We are in the era of Malaysia since 16 September 2010, we are no longer a Malaya country today.
    D. Why Malay politicians have no confident and are so afraid of loosing Malay votes only after 53 years?
    E. Stop pointing fingers down south or up north, find out the factors why we do not support BN.
    F. We Chinese edi di-anakyatimkan by our peninsula Chinese polical parties for the past 53 years because of gila pangkat2 in Kementerian, do we think we Chinese will listen to these Chinese politicians anymore?
    G. Our so-called peninsula Chinese politicians can jumped into the wagon of social justice by accusing Malaysia and Singapore governments for corruptions in elegant silent to make US feel better, please go ahead because Malaysia is a country that has Kedaualatan Istana in which US will never recognise because of its un-democracy.
    H. To US politicians, they will use short selling method in share/stock markets to re-cap its losses.
    I. The US politicians, not USA citizens, can use media to prevent US from knowing the truths in the world.
    J. The US politicians can do anything to trap, bait and force the moderate and smaller Asian countries to increase their military budgets to prevent Asia huge emerging nation from threatening the US sovereign to compete wisely and gentlemanly.
    K. Like what 4th PM said,

  33. ekompute Jan 8,2011 2:57 AM

    QUOTE: “Nothing that can be plastered with adverts have been left bare.”
    And yes, indeed. From the very high class advertisers who monopolizes the choicest pieces of airspace to the lowliest Ah Longs who plaster the traffic and street signs. Seems like they even have a code of ethics. Breaking the law is okay but plastering on one another’s adverts is an inviolable no-no.
    Coffeeshop toilets are also not immuned. Here, a simple scribbling with a pencil suffice. “Call 019-XXXXXXX for instant loans”. Malaysia Boleh!

  34. SmokerHaven.Com Jan 8,2011 2:57 AM

    I think advertising in KL needs to be taken to a new level. New technology has to be incorporated. Emulate manhattan city where high quality advertisements and attention getters are all over the city. They make the city looks futuristic and beautiful.
    Look around and learn. Use new ideas & tech to make KL a greater place to live.
    At the Dubai Khalifa tower, a magnificent fountain show thrills the crowd every night. We have the same infrastructure and almost similar layout.
    We should seriously think about having that. It will be impressive.

  35. helmykl Jan 8,2011 2:27 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I think those advertisements and commercial billboards are ok. Don’t worry too much Tun. They really help KL look vibrant with high spirit of free enterprise.

  36. maa Jan 8,2011 2:23 AM

    Mana-mana bulatan di UK ada 1 advertisement kecil setinggi paras pinggang sahaja, itupun milik syarikat yang sponsor pembinaan bulatan tersebut.
    Sepanjang lebuh raya tiada bill board macam kat Malaysia. Hanya petunjuk arah jalan/jarak dan makluman tentang status kesesakan lalu lintas menggunakan elektronik board.
    Iklan besar hanya wujud dalam shopping complex itu sendiri, suratkhabar, online retailer portal/website dan tv sahaja.

  37. azrin Jan 8,2011 2:16 AM

    Ads cost money TokDet..but then…it’s a sore to see cluttering..
    so this is my POV… Digital Ads.. strategic and energy saving…
    What U think? Celcom up for the change?
    Dr Azrin

  38. Anak Kera Jan 8,2011 1:41 AM

    Salam Tun,
    It definitely adds colours to the concrete walls and pillars. Most of all it goes to show that we are now business minded. No money, no talk, so to say.

  39. osama Jan 7,2011 11:12 PM

    the more the merrier as long as not too overdoze with ads.

  40. Idea Jan 7,2011 10:58 PM

    Dear Tun,
    1. Yes, I agree. It is time to regulate outdoor ads. Somehow, it will be difficult to impose new regulations especially in Kuala Lumpur.
    2. I remember sometime ago when the cabinet decided not to allow any development on hill slopes in Kuala Lumpur. Today, we could still see constructions on hill slopes. Projects are approved in the name of development of the city.
    3. I guess the same applies to advertising. DBKL will say that the government need money. So will other agencies.
    4. The trend now is deregulation. Only a few are defending the current regulations. Much less are towards new regulations.

  41. amin tan Jan 7,2011 10:56 PM

    Dear Tun,
    This is one light subject which is not racial and political and therefore not divisive. But it is not less important, nonetheless. When you were the Prime Minister of the country, it must be one of those issues to be discussed at the weekly cabinet meeting. This means to say that you are still running the country parallel to Datuk Seri Najib. Najib’s cabinet is the actual and real one and the ministers are paid salaries. Whereas the commenters in Tun’s blog gave their ideas and opinions for free. I dare say this is your shadow cabinet, any time better than that of Najib. Let’s compare minister for minister and see which cabinet perform better. Tun Mahathir versus Datuk Seri Najib. 10 to 1 Tun is better. Parameswara 2 versus Tan Sri Mahyidin Yassin 9 to 1 Parameswara 2 is more intelligent and well read.
    Tua Cheng versus Chua Soi Lek 8 to 1 Tua Cheng is better because he is not tainted by sex scandal. Ravi versus Samy velu. Ravi is better 7 to i because he dares to criticize the Prime Minister. Wajaperak is better than Zahid Hamidi 6 to 1 because Wajaperak is more intelligent, sincere and forth coming. In terms of numbers Tun’s unofficial cabinet is more numerous.
    Tun provokes the debate on road side advert would bring forth good comments which eventually would get adopted at the city council.
    1. Some huge advertisement with video at busy road junctions can cause accident. Similar to using handphone while driving, video advertisement at busy road junction is a distraction. A good example is the video advertisement at Giant traffic light junction at USJ.
    2. Some advertisements not only block views but block important road sign and cause confusion. This means the city council is not efficient, mediocre and irresponsible.
    3. Too many advertisements at any particular road junction spoil the beauty of the city or town. This should not be allowed.
    4. Tun is running our country from his blog. Let’s contribute positively for the betterment of our motherland, 1Malaysia. Tun’s shadow cabinet is computer literate and free.
    5. Congratulations to Tun for setting up the blog to propagate ideas and improvements for the country. Tun is dedicated, resourceful and determined. There wont cometh such another.
    amin tan

  42. zebramones Jan 7,2011 10:17 PM

    I think what the authorities have to start with are the illegal advertisement, e.g: ah longs advert, home tuition, houses for sale, etc.. that’s more of an eyesore than those legal advert…

  43. Jo Jan 7,2011 9:44 PM

    To ‘apanama’
    Who are you to judge if I actaully am the misguided one. It may very well be you who is in fact the misguided one. I merely quoted a fact that Tun himself stated but in another context. I am after all entitled to my own opinon, unlike you. Thank you and wasallam.

  44. parameswara 2 Jan 7,2011 9:31 PM

    Dearest Tun
    1-I just hate the fcuking FCUK ad outside of the Pavillion.I have brought this matter up under ‘rubbish’.
    2-Strange that I seem to be the only one who find this particular brand name distasteful.Could it be the only the dirty minded person in the whole of Chedet’s blog is me?
    3-If being concerned for the morality of our youth is dirty minded,then I am proud to be dirty minded!
    Thanks Tun.

  45. HBT Jan 7,2011 3:39 PM

    Good afternoon Ayahanda Tun,
    A. As long as PM, DPM, Cabinet Ministers and BN do not over do point 6 again.
    B. They must know that Government is not an entertainment industry and they are not actors or artists waiting to be lobbied OR chosen to get kaya like a flower vase.
    C. If BN wants to be re-elected, they should regulate and disipline themselves first, work for people first and then let people decide whether to vote BN or not.
    Take care, Ayahanda Tun.

  46. cakkuncak Jan 7,2011 2:59 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I agree on your point that we do have a surfeit of advertising in the city and also along the highways to the point that my own kids complained that it block their view of the scenery on our ‘balik kampung’ trips.
    On the other side, our progress as a nation are too focused on materialistic exploits. Our high income vision is often more associated with how much we earn rather than achieving as a balanced nation that is ‘rich’ in culture, environment, purchasing power and others that is not so ‘tangible’ some may argue.
    Having said that Tun, if you can find the time… can we hear your thoughts on the ETP,GTP and all these grand ‘initiatives’ by the Government to transform the nation..because personally I have not heard or seen ‘on the ground’ convincingly that the Government is really serious in changing.
    What I see it is just the same inefficiencies and blind ignorance.
    I would be enlightening to be able to read your personal take on the whole thing.

  47. anakbudu3 Jan 7,2011 2:32 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahnda Tun & Bonda,
    it’s a blessing to see Malaysia has progressed a lot since her independence. there were times when our advertisements were only ‘wayang pacak’ that came once or twice a month to our kampungs. the youngsters today may not know what it is but we really appreciated it because there were neither tv, vcd, computer nor internet to give us fast & more information. before that, the only house with a radio (big wooden cased radio) would be the head of the kampung’s or at the town biggest coffee shop..the rest would rely on the travellers passing by for the latest news from the capital.
    my late father brought back our first tv set home in early 60’s. it’s black&white but good enough to entertain the whole neighbourhood. it was fascinating to see many children were really happy to watch classic cartoons, ultraman, the three stooges & few drama series like ‘the land of the giant’, ‘ironside’ (which my mother liked very much) and later, more drama series followed by ‘combat’ which glued us to the tv more than ever!!!
    now we can watch tv programmes almost everywhere, even on the vehicles we are travelling in & of course more advertisements than everything else…
    the only thing that irritates me is the negligence of the local authorities or responsible parties to take the old, faded, torn, ugly & irrelevant/misleading advertisements down from the billboards, walls, fences, poles or any where these ugly sights are…the rest, if they are nice, colourful & relevant, let them be…

  48. shahiran Jan 7,2011 2:29 PM

    I think there is one more empty space left. Adverts for people on the sky. Maybe they advertising company, can start painting the rooftop with website address, brand names etc and maybe KLIA also could provide some full length ‘advertise here’ on their two long landing ranges.

  49. apanama Jan 7,2011 2:19 PM

    for ( Jo on January 7, 2011 1:57 PM
    Jo, firstly you are way out of the topic and your comments are obviously the rantings of a misguided soul.
    You seem to impose your hatred on the majority who had continuously voted BN into power under Dr Mahathir’s leadership for the 22 years you described as too long and causing much sickness.
    Even when he left the BN was a majority rule. And the sickness you mentioned, obviously, again, it need not be substantiated as a manner of most irrational minds – blab your mouth and hope others who are as shallow, will jump in and be part of the chorus.

  50. Jo Jan 7,2011 1:57 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I must totally agree with item 7 of your posting, “Anything in moderation is good. But when you have a surfeit of anything you can get sick”. I guess 22 years was much too long and Malaysia would surely take more than 22 years to recover from the sickness brought about by a single Prime Ministers rule.

  51. Adam Jan 7,2011 1:36 PM

    5. Fortunately now we don’t have so many of the adverts with huge bigger than life pictures of Ministers and Menteris Besar with their Boss, the Prime Minister.
    Plan not to comment, but apparently this one is funny.
    Hahahhahaha, I really LAUGHED damn hard at this one. Know why? go to Negeri Sembilan.. heheh.. see yourself how the MBs promote himself. It makes me feel ticklish to think of it.

  52. tbpower7 Jan 7,2011 12:01 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Maybe can change several ads to motivation quotes.

  53. musato Jan 7,2011 11:45 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Kini saya sendiri banyak membuat iklan untuk tatapan umum.Ada iklan yang buruk mahupun yang bagus.Tapi kelihatannya lebih banyak iklan yang mengkhayalkan untuk tatapan masyarakat.
    Saya kira saya belajar dari Tun jugak dalam buat iklan-iklan.
    Bagaimana business nak hidup tanpa iklan.Tapi iklan yang bagus adalah iklan yang kreatif.Sejak Allahyarham Yasmin meninggal,semakin kurang iklan yang dapat menangkap jiwa penonton.Seperti ‘racing masa kukur kelapa’.
    Harap student yang belajar kreatif dapat mengamalkan apa yang telah dipelajari semasa sekolah.
    Saya pula dah tentu cuba amalkan apa yang telah saya pelajari.Sekolah dan lepas sekolah adalah berlainan versi.
    Tetapi tanpa hadangan iklan besar,kita dapat tengok dan rasa suasana musim hujan sekarang.Rindu dan semakin rindu.Dan akan lahir makin banyak iklan mengikut suasana semasa.
    Sesungguhnya aku berlindung dengan nama Allah dari segala keburukan.

  54. MANBOOGIE Jan 7,2011 11:41 AM

    Saya rasa advestiment is ok. Let the advertisment people make money also….they also nak cari makan…
    Note : Until today…I RESPECT you as our PM.

  55. SAHIM Jan 7,2011 11:30 AM

    Tun, I can’t agree any less.

  56. Rashid Liaw Jan 7,2011 11:06 AM

    I totally agree with you Tun, too much of adverts will block the beauty of KL city. We need to promote Malaysia as a country and not individuals.
    Also, nice meeting you couple of months ago at The Loaf, after your Australia trip and hope you continue in the pink of health. Best regards.

  57. eduard Jan 7,2011 11:03 AM

    I don’t mind adverts with smiling faces on them. We must show happy images on our billboards.

  58. dino Jan 7,2011 10:45 AM

    Dear Tun,
    What I want to know is how the rakyat at large is going to benefit from all these uncontrolled adverts. Does it translate to cheaper products? Definitely not, right. Then, will the federal goverment or the state goverment benefit from it. If there are money paid to the coffer then whose coffer is it going to be. State coffer or Kelab Sukan coffer or Kelab Isteri2 … coffer? And will the goverment tell the rakyat how the money will be spent? To regulate by way of by laws, etc., yes, we agree on that proposal but are there exceptions to the rule? Could exceptions be more than the norms then. Will the goverment bring down the illegal unipolars or hoardings? I guess what have been erected and planted will stay, right? Because past consideration is no consideration unless ruled out retrospectively which would not likely be the case here!
    Granted, in many advanced countries, we see plenty of adverts especially in Japan. The world has become commercialised and adopt consumerism as its universal religion.
    BTW, who is going to monitor the many big TV screens should they ‘inadvertently’ roll up something ‘funny’ or ‘dangerous’. That can create panic and disaster for the nation.

  59. hushio san Jan 7,2011 10:43 AM

    Salam Tok Det,
    Maybe this is part of the so called ” Creativity ” campaign or the psychological approach to all road users…just imagine when the image on the adverts sticks on mind? We know who is the advisor or the mastermind behind all those adverts…Did anybody wants to juxtapose their image with snakes or donkey..haha, hope Tok Det terus sihat dan diberkati Allah

  60. Hazman Abu Bakar Jan 7,2011 10:21 AM

    Very true Tun! Thank you. We surely dont want the streets of KL turn to Shibuya and Shinjuku street of Tokyo.

  61. egalitarian Jan 7,2011 10:14 AM

    Dear Tun, Salam.
    Semoga sihat selalu insya’allah.
    Well said Tun, for your para 5 – please take a trip down Negeri Sembilan. Moderate we can take, but what you see in NS seems to choke the people of NS. These kind of wasteful public money can be very costly for BN.
    Don’t we learn from mistakes, it’s a very competative political situation that we are facing in Malaysia. Wonder what the message is suppose to reflect..New Year or New Budget??

  62. khairuddin Jan 7,2011 10:10 AM

    YABhg Tun,
    Salam sejahtera. Yes, we should strictly regulate those outdoor ads, legally and illegally placed all over…and those put up by alongs, really sickening.

  63. Singa Jan 7,2011 10:08 AM

    Salam Tun,
    I have been to some of the big cities in Australia like Melbourne and Sydney and I am really impressed with the state of cleanliness in the cities. Not only are the cities litter-free, there were no huge billboards for advertisements on buildings and along the roads. The only eyesore is perhaps the ubiquitous graffitis in public places. Another country worth mentioned is Singapore where it is very hard to see huge and gigantic advertisements billboards along the roads or expressways which provides a sharp contrast to the situation in Malaysia where you even see big banners strung along bridges, fylovers and tall buildings, let alone those which straddle along almost every major highway routes. Perhaps, what is happening in Malaysia is similar to what is now happening in some of the big cities in China.

  64. pakbelalang Jan 7,2011 9:58 AM

    The best advert in town is still the ONE MALAYSIA advert. This advert. must cover the whole country at strategic places. Malaysians are now becoming disunited because of the stupidity of certain politicians who try to be champion of their race and continue harping and instigating their community to go against the govt.At the end of the day they think they are the champion but actually they are making their community more insecure !!! Make no mistake about it. Look at Selangor now. What is happening. The state is being run by greenhorn wakil rakyat who from day one are still playing politics in their attitude. They don’t administer but “play politics” to safeguard their position. Hancur negeri!!

  65. Mahasitua Jan 7,2011 9:56 AM

    We simply sink in the world of capitalism!

  66. pakmad Jan 7,2011 9:43 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun..
    It’s funny because since last December, I took komuter every working days from Shah Alam to KL Sentral. Sometimes I had my lunch with my friends at KL by taking the LRT. Everyone I turn either in the old komuter and the brand new LRT, there are Ads everyone. While waiting 4 d LRT, I saw some ads at the wall in the LRT tunnel. There are even proper signboard in the tunnel.
    It’s really making KL a wonderful place compare to my hometown in Alor Star. However, it does make the city become cramp and crowded. Yes indeed, we can’t see the nature inside the city. That’s one of the reason why many people live outside of KL City and make komuter as a pack tin of sardine.
    Despite that, it’s really impressive when we are in KL once a while. It give us the feeling of how great our country is in the eyes of the world. Thanks to the previous and your administration…

  67. A.Alshukor Jan 7,2011 9:38 AM

    Well, all this while, it is good business, and it will continue to be until people and authority realise that we do not need all those.
    However, as long as someone is willing to pay the price, you will continue to see them. Advertising is big business, don’t you think so?
    Even your Blog, has all sort of advert, when once we came just to read your thoughts, now not any more. Commercialization at its peak, money there here and everywhere.

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