1. In an interview by Nanyang Siang Pau, I pointed out that there is no country in the world, except Malaysia where the Government allows and pays for schools which use a foreign language for teaching in schools meant for a community whose ancestors came from a foreign country.

2. A NSP reader claims that I was wrong because in many countries the Chinese language is taught and are spoken.

3. May I point out that there is a difference between teaching in a foreign language and learning (and speaking) a foreign language. I was referring to teaching (medium of instruction) in a foreign language not learning a foreign language. Learning a foreign language is usually not only permissible but encouraged.

4. The claim that in Thailand there are schools which use Chinese as the medium of teaching is not correct. There are International schools which do not use the Thai national language but they are not funded by the Government. Similar international schools to cater for expatriates are found in many countries including in Malaysia. Some nationals also go to these schools. But they are not like the Chinese and Tamil schools in Malaysia which are Government funded schools.

5. Even in Singapore there are no Government funded schools where the medium of instruction is Chinese or Tamil. But the students must learn another language other than English, which is the medium of teaching in Singapore.

6. Incidentally the policy of the Singapore Government to use English as a teaching medium rather than Malay, Chinese or Tamil has not resulted in it being accused of being anti-Chinese, anti-Tamil or anti-Malay.

6. Nationally the national language of predominantly Chinese Singapore is Malay but Chinese, Tamil and English are also official languages which are taught and may be used instead of English.

7. If anyone wishes to refute what I state here, they are welcome. But they must provide evidence to show that I am wrong.

78 thoughts on “MEDIUM OF TEACHING

  1. austozi Mar 4,2011 6:10 AM

    det kecik (February 3, 2011 2:31 AM) bertulis:
    “Bangsa Cina dan India ada juga terpengaruh dengan budaya inggeris sehingga ada yang telah “murtad” dari agama nenek moyang mereka. Maka wujud nama saperti Harry Lee Kwan Yew atau Soter Fernandez.”
    Det Kecik perlu memahami bahawa nama orang Cina tiada kena-mengena dengan agama diri atau nenek moyang mereka, tidak sepertimana umat-umat Islam yang memakai nama yang berasal daripada bahasa Arab kerana asal-usul agama tersebut. Hampir semua orang Melayu (Muslim) di Malaysia menggunakan nama Arab manakala nama tradisional Melayu disingkirkan sama sekali. Ini sama sahaja dengan mereka yang mengambil nama Kristian kerana mereka menganuti agama Kristian. Kalau itu murtad, maka saya yakin bahawa nenek moyang det kecik sudah pun murtad beberapa abad dahulu dengan mengambil nama Arab.
    Maaf kalau tersinggung, tetapi saya perpendapat bahawa pernyataan det kecik harus diperbetul.

  2. austozi Mar 4,2011 12:23 AM

    Dear Mahathir,
    It is not true to claim that in no other country is teaching done in a foreign language in public schools. In fact, in other countries where a significant proportion of the population speaks a certain foreign language, the language becomes an official language and is no longer regarded as a foreign language. Accordingly, public school education is made available in those languages in those countries.
    Switzerland has four official languages, namely German, French, Italian, and Romansh. All these languages are used as the media of teaching in public schools. In Belgium, teaching in public school is done in Flemish and French, both official languages of the country. In Canada, public schooling is available in English and French. In Slovenia, Hungarian and Italian are used as media of instruction in some public schools. In China, there are public schools which use Uyghur and Tibetan, for example, as media of instruction. Even in Iraq, there are public schools which use Kurdish as the medium of teaching rather than Arabic.
    By the same token, not only should vernacular public schools in Malaysia be continued and upheld, those vernacular languages ought to be elevated to become official languages as well. But I suspect that this suggestion alone is enough to cause an uproar in Malaysia.
    Some people’s insistance that vernacular schools be disallowed in Malaysia is borne out of ignorance and bigotry. They are ignorant because they fail to see multilingualism as an asset to the country as a whole. They are bigoted because they fail to see vernacular schools as an issue of education but instead spin it into a political issue. The many arguments that they use to support their cause are equally shabby. For example:
    1. FALLACY: National education should be universal for all, but vernacular education caters to only a certain community.
    TRUTH: This is not true. Vernacular schools do not restrict their intake to people of a certain ethnic background. In fact, many Malay children go to vernacular schools. Vernacular schools also use the same national curriculum as other national schools where the Malay language is used as the medium of instruction. The same cannot be said about religious schools, however. Therefore, those who advocate that vernacular schools be removed from the public education system cannot convincingly use this argument without at the same time insist that religious schools be abolished as well.
    2. FALLACY: Vernacular schools cause racial segregation and contribute to racial polarisation.
    TRUTH: This may be true but vernacular schools should not be singled out as a factor that contributes to racial segregation. Racial segregation is sponsored by the present UMNO/BN administration at every level, from Biro Tata Negara (which isolates bumiputera and non-bumiputera students in certain parts of the programme), to university admission (UiTM, for example, restricts admission to bumiputeras only). Unlike Biro Tata Negara or UiTM, vernacular schools do not systematically segregate the races as admission is open to all races. If racial segregation does arise in vernacular schools, it only does so as a corollary to the fact that most of those who enrol into a given vernacular school usually share the same ethnic background. This is analogous to the case of religious (Islamic) schools, where most who enrol happen to be Malay Muslims. Racial polarisation is an issue that requires uncompromising resolve on the part of the policy makers to overcome at much deeper levels, and will not go away by abolishing vernacular schools.
    3. FALLACY: Vernacular schools are responsible for the lack of patriotism among Malaysians.
    TRUTH: This is not true. First and foremost, there is no evidence to suggest those who receive vernacular education are less patriotic than others. Second, vernacular schools use the same national curriculum as the national schools which use Malay as the medium of instruction, and the students are taught about patriotism in vernacular schools. If you are one who believes that reciting the Rukun Negara and pasting it all over the classroom wall helps instill patriotism, you will be glad to know that the vernacular schools produce a particularly patriotic lot. Thirdly, if you do believe reciting the Rukun Negara and pasting it on walls will make people patriotic, you need to review your understanding of patriotism. Patriotism does not mean acqueiscing to everything that the government of the time (read: UMNO/BN) says. Patriotism is heart-felt love for your country regardless of who is running it. It requires a knowledge of what is good or bad for your country. Those who oppose the government’s policies often do so because they foresee the detriment that those policies will cause to their beloved country, and their opposition is a manifestation of their patriotism.
    Another issue I wish to raise regarding vernacular schools is the religious (Islamic) indoctrination that you find going on in so many national schools. If only our national schools would stick to secularism, a larger population of Malaysians would probably be encouraged to enrol in national schools. The fact is, many parents are deterred by the religious indoctrination that happens in national schools, that they baulk at enrolling their children into these schools, and vernacular schools become the natural option. It also explains at least part of the resistance against the abolition of vernacular education, because by removing vernacular schools as an option, the children will most probably be subject to religious indoctrination in national schools from a young age, which non-Muslim parents do not wish for their children.
    If a politician really knows and wants to do what is good for his country (and is hence patriotic), he will stop politicising the issue of vernacular schools and prioritise the education element of it. The most important thing is to ensure that our young are literate and knowledgeable, able to make their own informed decisions on the country’s future, rather than too brainwashed to question the merit of the government’s policies.

  3. wawa2011 Mar 3,2011 1:14 PM

    Satu soalan saya nak tanya Tun. Dah lama bermain di fikiran. Kenapa asal anak orang kaya, asal anak menteri, atau asal usul mereka keturunan Bangsawan/keturunan di Raja, anak-anak mereka tidak dihantar ke sekolah kerajaan?
    Ya, risiko sangat tinggi kerana kemungkinan bakal dibunuh/disindir tapi adekah sebab-sebab ini?
    > menteri/raja/bangsawan tidak mempercayai sistem pengajaran Malaysia?
    > sistem pembelajaran Malaysia dari segi kualiti lagi teruk dari negara luar?
    > sistem pembelajaran Malaysia tidak semaju luar negara?
    Saya bagi cadangan supaya buat satu sekolah untuk golongan ELITE sahaja segala golongan yang disebut yang dihantar keluar negara harus balik ke Malaysia dan belajar di Malaysia.

  4. Al Baihaqi Feb 19,2011 11:39 AM

    Salam YAB Tun,
    Saya berasal dari keluarga miskin di Sarawak dan terpaksa dihantar ke sekolah berasrama penuh iaitu di SMK Agama Sibu Sarawak berikutan kemiskinan. Saya amat bersetuju dengan poendapat YAB Tun.
    Apa yang menjadi isu pokok dalam medium of teaching dalam apa jua bahasa ialah:
    (1) Bagaimana mengguna pakai kemajmukan dan kaum yang pelbagai dengan menjadikan Bahasa Pengajaran baik Melayu, Inggeris, Cina, India dsbnya sebagai satu kaedah dalam memperkasakan bahasa Melayu. Ini tidak bnermakna Bahasa lain @ foreign yang digunakan tidak penting, tetapi dalam membentuk satu negara bangsa, identiti utama sesuatu bangsa harus diberi keutamaan selain tidak mengenepikan bahasa lain. Ini memang telah dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan Malaysia.Tahniah…
    (2) Di dalam perlembagaan persekutuan termaktub apa yang dimaksudkan sebagai Bangsa (merujuk kepada Melayu) dan kaum-kaun lain tidak hanya merujuk kepada Cina dan India tetapi Bumiputra Sabah dan Sarawak. Seharusnya, tidak timbul ketidakpuasan hati kaum-kaum lain terutamanya Cina dan India dalam menilai kehendak Perlembagaan Persekutuan.
    (3) Walauapapun isu yang kita hadapi dimasa adalah penting, seharusnya kita lebih molek untuk mendidik diri kita agar terus berusaha dalam mencapai kebebasan kewangan dari terperuk dengan isu yang tak berkesudahan. Lawatilah laman supaya kita tidak membuang masa dengan isu yang tak sepatutnya diperbahaskan tanpa substance seperti yang dikehendaki YAB Tun.
    Jadikanlah pengalaman lepas dijajah oleh pihak asing agar tidak berulang kembali dan kita kena teruskan perjuangan negara bangsa dengan mencari keupayaan membina masa depan yang lebih gemilang.
    Pesanan ikhlas dari
    Sumber alternatif mendidik kewangan peribadi agar bebas belenggu hutang…

  5. parameswara 2 Feb 7,2011 11:31 PM

    Salam Tun
    1-Beberapa tahun lalu saya ada menemubual seorang pengarah urusan sebuah kilang di Shah Alam berbangsa Jepun yang kurang fasih berbahasa Inggeris.Beliau memberitahu saya bahawa beliau amat mengagumi orang2 Malaysia yang rata ratanya sangat pintar dan berbakat.
    2-Ramai pekerja Melayu nya yang berasal dari estet boleh berbahasa Tamil dan manakala berapa orang pekerja India nya pula boleh berbahasa China. Selain pasti boleh berbahasa Malaysia mereka semua nya boleh berbahasa Inggeris lebih baik dari beliau sendiri.
    3-Beliau yang cuma fasih berbahasa Jepun selalu naik keliru dengan bahasa apa yang dpergunakan apabila bangsa bangsa Malaysia ini berinteraksi.Begitulah hebatnya orang orang Malaysia bagi pandangan orang luar.
    2-Ramai cerdik pandai dari Indonesia dan lain lain negeri yang tidak fasih berbahasa Inggeris selalunya mempunyai inferioriti kompleks bila bertemu di konvensyen konvensyen antarabangsa dan amat mencemburui cendikiawan atau peserta dari Malaysia yang rata ratanya boleh berbahasa Inggeris secara efektif.
    3-Di dalam Perkampong global yang kini sedang menjelma akan perlu cuma satu sahaja bahasa penghantaraan utama untuk satu dunia.Mungkinkah ianya bahasa Melayu/Indonesia,Bahasa Ingeris,Bahasa Sepanyol,bahasa Cina, Bahasa Arab,etc.etc?
    4-Setelah kita mengenal pasti bahasa ini maka inilah bahasa yang seharusnya dijadikan bahasa pengantara untuk pembelajaran sistem pembelajaran di Malaysia.Bahasa ibunda kita memang lah kita akan terus wajibkan.
    5-Mungkin ketika ini orang2 Jepun,Korea, Thailand,Indonesia nampak lebih gah sebab mereka mempunyai satu bahasa tersendiri tapi dengan perubahan paradigma dengan kemunculan perkampongan Global/ Dunia tanpa sempadan nanti negara Filipina,India dan Malaysia yang sudah pun dikurniakan olih Allah SWT dengan Bahasa Inggeris ini pula yang akan mengungguli dunia.
    6-Jangan kita jadi seperti ramai pejuang bahasa Melayu yang saya kenali yang bertutur berabok dengan anak anak mereka dirumah didalam bahasa inggeris.
    7-Untuk satu satu bangsa itu terus relevan dan unggul di masa hadapan bangsa itu mesti sentiasa bersedia dengan apa saja yang perlu untuk menghadapi apa apa perubahan evolusi atau revolusi yang sentiasa akan berlaku dari masa ke semasa.Kalau tidak nanti kita akan ketingalan bas.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  6. TCM Feb 7,2011 2:18 PM

    Good day to Tun & family. No comments this time but a question, is our national called Bahasa Malaysia or is it Bahasa Melayu?
    During my school days and there after, ALL Malaysians know that Bahasa Malaysia i.e. the malay langauge, is the national langauge. Why the name changed?

  7. Al L Feb 7,2011 1:06 PM

    Aku udah berniaga cukup lama di Indonesia sejak tahun 1994 dan setakat kini bisnis Perusahaan (PT) kami adalah hampir sembilan puluh peratus (90%) dari Indonesia. Selama ini aku berpendapat dengan jelas bahawa BAHASA 1 tak boleh pastikan (garansi) RAKYAT BERSATU. Kaum Tiong Hua (Cina) di Indonesia berbahasa Indonesia lancar seperti orang pribumi dan nama-nama mereka pun 100% di tukar dengannya. Tapi kaum Cina dengan kaum Pribumi tak pernah dan tak mungkin bersatu. Setiap kali kalau ada masalah rusuan atau kacauan masyarakat (social unrest), seluruh bangsa Cina akan di sasaran dan banyak di bunuh seperti tahun 1998. Di waktu aman, sebaliknya banyak orang Cina suka menghinakan Pribumi dengan macam-macam. Ini adalah senario yang berada di masyarakat BAHASA 1 ! Anak-anak buah aku sangat mengagumkan kenapa orang Malaysia memahami berbagai bahasa tapi lebih bersopan santun dan bermuhibah.

  8. Al L Feb 7,2011 12:15 PM

    Dear Dr. Mahathir:
    Do you know all Chinese students in Singapore needed not only pass but to score good grade (credit minimum) in their Mandarin (Chinese) subject beside English in order to get qualification for entrance into their national universities? Do you know Singapore Government recruiting hundreds of thousand of our students from Chinese independent schools who have only holding UCE certificates of which are not recognized by our own Government. Do you know there is a famous Chinese Independent Secondary School in the down south whereby every years more than one hundred of their students have been admitted into national universities of Singapore? Do you know every years there are so many young talents who scored excellent in their Chinese UPSR examinations being awarded scholarships to go to Singapore for their further studies?
    Do you know the No. 1 top student in GCE examinations in Singapore for the past 3 consecutive years are actually from our own vernacular Chinese school students. Singapore Government doing all these, of course must have their own good reason to do so. This is because the Mandarin is becoming a very important language and almost all the countries in the world are getting very hot to master this language. Do you know every years there are more than 10% of Chinese Primary School students’ enrolment is from bumiputra especially of Maly origin in this country. So, if Malaysia would like to stand tall in the world especially in the international economic arena then we have no other choice but to equip our younger generation to master Chinese language as like Singapore…

  9. 2009 Feb 6,2011 11:24 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Sepatutnya semua sekolah di Malaysia hanya menggunakan satu bahasa pengantar iaitu Bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Inggeris ialah bahasa kedua dan diwajibkan setiap pelajar mengambil subjek BI. Lain2 bahasa seperti Cina, Tamil, Arab, Jepun, Korea, Perancis dll adalah bahasa ketiga dan pelajar2 digalakkan mengambilnya. Sekolah Antarabangsa adalah untuk warganegara asing.
    Semua urusan disektor kerajaan dan swasta diwajibkan menggunakan Bahasa Melayu sepenuhnya melainkan urusan yang melibatkan perhubungan antarabngsa. Contohilah jiran kita seperti Thailand dan Indonesia yang kini lebih pesat membangun daripada Malaysia.
    Korea, Jepun, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Peranchis, Jerman dll yang menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan sebagai bahasa pengantar dalam sistem pendidikan mereka jauh lebih maju daripada kita. Terbaru ialah Indonesia diramalkan bakal menjadi kuasa ekonomi dunia juga menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia(Bahasa Melayu) sepenuhnya sebagai bahasa pengatar disekolah dan dalam semua urusan swasta dan kerajaan.
    Filipina ialah sebuah negara dirantau ini yang menggunakan bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa pengantar disekolah didapati sangat mundur, miskin dan ketinggalan dalam semua bidang.
    Mereka yang mengatakan kita akan ketinggalan kalau gunakan Bahasa Melayu adalah kolot dan dangkal pemikiran. Korea Selatan ialah sebuah negara yang lebih miskin dan mundur daripada kita di era 50an dulu kini megah dipersada dunia dengan menggunakan bahasa sendiri sepenuhnya disekolah, kerajaan swasta, sains dan teknologi dsb.
    Semua kaum harus menghormati bahasa kebangsaan yang telah digunakan ribuan tahun disini. Kepada yang ingin khianati Bahasa Melayu dibumi ini, mereka tidak akan mudah berbuat demikian. Pembela bahasa akan bangun bila2 masa kalau bahasa Melayu ini dikhianati dibumi ini!!! Itu pasti.

  10. parameswara 2 Feb 4,2011 1:30 AM

    Dearest Tun
    1-Please bring back English as the medium of instruction for our one Malaysia schools.Malay will be compulsory being our national language.Mandarin and Tamil/Hindi will be optional.
    2-You are the one who have thrown away what that has already been established by the British so it looks like you must be the one who must undo your mistake.
    3-If having one medium of instruction English for all schools is impossible than let us also have all the Malay,Chinese or Tamil medium schools as in the past and let the people decide which school they want to go.
    4-If they want their children to be deprived of an international mode of communication to prepare them for the coming Global village then its their choice.
    5-The system now will only make the Malays less competitive in the future.
    Thanks Tun.

  11. det kecik Feb 3,2011 2:31 AM

    Assalamu’alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh..
    Tun Dr.Mahathir,
    1) Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa.Tak mungkin kita memisahkan sesuatu bahasa daripada diri sesuatu bangsa itu melainkan sesuatu bangsa itu dengan sukarela hendak menukar menjadi bangsa lain yang difikirkan sebagai Bangsa Berjaya, saperti contohnya Bangsa Inggeris.Untuk menghayati Bahasa Inggeris ianya perlu menghidupkan BUDAYA INGGERIS dalam kehidupan harian.
    2) Oleh kerana Pimpinan Malaysia mendapat pendidikan sekolah inggeris, tidak hairanlah selepas merdeka bahasa inggeris di gunakan sebagai bahasa perantaraan di sekolah jenis kebangsaan. Bangsa Melayu lah yang paling mudah tertukar BUDAYA sendiri dengan Budaya Inggeris sehingga cara berfikir dalam penghayatan Islam pun terpengaruh dengan cara berfikir kaum orientalis.
    Bangsa Cina dan India ada juga terpengaruh dengan budaya inggeris sehingga ada yang telah “murtad” dari agama nenek moyang mereka. Maka wujud nama saperti Harry Lee Kwan Yew atau Soter Fernandez.
    3) Kerajaan Malaysia adalah kerajaan yang cukup mesra rakyat dengan membenarkan sekolah cina dan sekolah india di bina dengan harapan mereka yang belajar di sekolah itu tidak lupa bangsa apa mereka itu.
    Dengan ilmu di harap bangsa cina dan india yang memegang kerakyatan Malaysia sentiasa tidak lupa jasa dan budi bangsa asal (melayu) dengan menjadi rakyat yang setia kepada Tuan Tanah Melayu (Malaysia).
    Malangnya sifat keinsanan bertukar kepada sifat “haiwan” apabila mereka merasa diri kuat (ekonomi) sebagai senjata untuk menguasai “politik” negara.
    Mengapa ini berlaku ? Mudah je, Negara India dan Negara Cina adalah Negara Besar di dunia ini dan bilangan mereka bermilion, justeru mana mungkin mereka sedia berintegerasi dengan Bangsa Melayu yang bilangannya sedikit berbanding bangsa india dan cina !
    Malah mereka pulak “memaksa” penduduk asal (melayu) berintegerasi (tukar budaya/beragama secara liberal) dengan mereka memandangkan mereka kini menguasai ekonomi dalam negara.
    4)Bangsa Cina dan Bangsa India adalah di antara bangsa yang cukup kuat “assobiyah” mereka. Inikan pulak yang beragama selain Islam. Mustahil mereka nak “masuk melayu” di Malaysia.
    5)Demi ilmu, saya masih senang sekiranya kerajaan Malaysia menggunakan Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Perantaraan dalam semua sekolah dan universiti.
    6)Sistem Pendidikan kita sehingga kini “carca marba” dan Menterinya tidak ada fokus yang tepat untuk membina jatidiri rakyat Malaysia melalui sekolah-sekolah. Malangnya di kabarkan Kementerian Pendidikan yang paling kuat “politiking” dalam pentadbirannya.
    Kementerian Pendidikan…..FAIL..FAIL…FAIL…
    Tetapi kepujian patut diberikan kepada Kerajaan Pusat hanya kerana memberi bantuan kewangan kepada sekolah cina dan india yang akan melahirkan rakyat bangsa cina dan india yang berfikir secara bangsa cina dan india dan bukan sebagai bangsa Malaysia.
    Bangsa Malaysia hanyalah Bangsa Melayu yang istiqomah dengan amalan Islam (Sunnah Wal Jemaah)dan menjaga kesatuan umat Islam serta memerangi mereka yang memecah belah umat Islam di Malaysia.

  12. WithLove Jan 30,2011 2:50 PM

    Dear Dr.M,
    Would you kindly enlighten me on the purpose of bringing this up?

  13. shahiran Jan 29,2011 9:57 PM

    In my opinion, it is okay for public school using Malay language for the teaching medium. However for certain level/grades, they must at least maintain good grades in English as well.
    And for your information, I still believe the way English teachers teach their student is somewhat misleading. Ever go learning other language? As for French for 3rd language for example, they teach foreign student French (previously me) using in mix (french-english-malay). So why not they do the same during English classes, teach students in mix so that rural young students (who never use english for example) could understand English as well.
    There is no point teaching English 100% in English when students could never understand the language.

  14. nswamy Jan 29,2011 7:40 PM

    Argubaly, sir by the same note Mandrin schools are the most successful cheap private education in malaysia, administering best science and maths grade overall. I mention this as this seems to be the barometer used by economics and this is the very areas even US wants to improve to compete with India and China in future.
    So why is ,even though another language without too many materials able to provide such an education, where as National type schools with all the resources it could muster could never acheive what these schools have done. You were education minister perhaps the best minister and pm malaysia ever had.Under your leadership Msia had think tanks of all kind. why could you not even create a cluster of say 180 national type schools who would rival and beat these mandrin schools?
    The reason i keep pushing this question is simply this. Was the effort of the government sincere or was it half hearted

  15. Justin Jan 29,2011 6:23 PM

    Mr.Samuraimelayu,some what emotional I guess.Be rational.The Indians are very grateful to Oxford dictionary because they remove the word pariah from 2000 onwards because they found it is sensitive to the Indians,while the MOE found it is not sensitive at all!
    Hope the samurai gang wont burn the latest book by LKY,just like the MUTTALS did….

  16. nadzri Jan 29,2011 2:57 PM

    Malaysian Chinese and Indians are very lucky to have their own communities schools funded by goverment.
    If we are truly Malaysian and really want to uphold the spirit of 1Malaysia, we should have only 1school with 1language i.e. Bahasa Malaysia as the learning medium of communication.
    Then we can have sense of unity developed for all Malaysian since day-1 they enter the school.

  17. sujini Jan 29,2011 10:59 AM

    Chedet (Tun),
    1. I am glad to know your stand in using only 1 language for medium of teaching.
    2. I have not followed your earlier article if any , about the language that you’re referring to when you touched on medium of teaching.
    3. After reading this particular segment, you did not highlight which language either.
    4. Knowing your background and your stand on PPSMI, I would think you still go for English, am I right?
    5. As we the rakyat are always on the receiving end of all things decided by the leaders, you should be discussing this with your beloved PM and likewise the Min. of Education.
    6. Recently, PM has stated that the government is still upholding the existence of vernacular schools in this country, despite there is a movement to fight for 1 School for All.
    7. Afraid the PM has turned a deaf ear again, like always, like many leaders before him.
    8. If we were to have lame leaders like now and like in the future, afraid soon our national language, i.e. Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia is a goner.
    9. While I salute countries like Japan, Korea ( both North & South ), France who are proud of their mother tongue, and they are among the developed countries, why cant Malaysia be the same.

  18. rakyat_biasa Jan 29,2011 6:28 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Semoga usaha anda diberkati dan diberi petunjuk oleh Nya
    Negara kita telah berpecah belah kerana terdapat pelbagai aliran pendidikan yang berbeza. Dengan situasi dunia yang kian rapuh, mana-mana anasir jahat dengan mudah dapat memainkan sentimen dan memporak perandakan negara kita. seharusnya kita memperkasakan satu aliran sekolah SAHAJA. Ia pasti dapat memupuk semangat perpaduan tanpa melibatkan kos tambahan yang lebih besar.

  19. Hajar Jan 28,2011 7:39 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,
    1. No one can refute Tun

  20. kfaiz Jan 28,2011 6:00 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I think some of our readers are a bit confused that they need to speak Malay even if they go to Italy or America or China, and we are going to get left behind in our conquest to be a dominant economic powerhouse just because others from other parts of the world can speak English really really well (I’m being sarcastic).
    The matter of the fact is are we talking about national integration or are we talking about doing business with other countries.
    To me it’s simple, if we are talking about integration, then having vernacular education system is certainly not the way to go….period! Our students have to learn Korean, Japanese, French or Spanish if they were sent there either just as an attachment or doing a full course.
    And if we are talking about doing business of course learning English or any other language is important. In fact if the government have a system in place, I really like all my children to learn different languages from around the world and not necesarily Mandarin.
    So do we need Vernacular schools? Yes to win votes : )
    By the way, to Mr. Tua Cheng, the official language in India is Hindi, not Tamil. (are we going to introduce Hindi schools here then?)

  21. jolly Jan 28,2011 5:37 PM

    Salam 1Malaysia Boleh Keranamu Tun,
    Tun wrote:
    “I pointed out that there is no country in the world, except Malaysia where the Government allows and pays for schools which use a foreign language for teaching in schools meant for a community whose ancestors came from a foreign country.”
    The Malay kingdom founding father, Parameswara and the emperor of the last truly Chinese kindom, Yongle of the Ming dynasty of China, were good friends.
    Their friendship had resulted in the Malay kingdom not having to be under the control of Siam (or else the “bahasa pengatara” would have been Siamese).
    This special relationship should have made us a unique country in the world where different races love each other. So let’s not be influenced by the recently imported extremist ideas, and fall into the trap and incitation by some negative elements.
    “Malaysia Truly Asia!”

  22. jolly Jan 28,2011 2:07 PM

    Salam 1Malaysia Boleh Keranamu Tun,
    Sebenarnya orang2 bukan Melayu bukan tak mahu bertutur dalam bahasa melayu dengan orang2 Melayu. Tetapi, mereka takut mereka tidak memahami “slang” mereka tu.
    Sebagai contoh. Saya faham segala yang disampaikan oleh pemberita2 tv 3, tv1 dan sebagainya. Saya juga faham apa2 yang dikatakan oleh cikgu Melayu saya.
    Tapi, saya sentiasa tidak dapat “catch” apa yang orang2 Melayu tutur “in real life”.
    Itulah sebabnya, saya terpaksa menggunakan bahasa inggeris kerana, walaupun “slang” malinggeris wujud, saya pun ada “slang” yang sama juga, jadi tak ada masalah lah.
    Sudahkah sampai masanya buku teks Bahasa Melayu itu ditambahkan bab-bab yang mengajar loghat2 tu.

  23. jolly Jan 27,2011 11:42 PM

    Hi Tun,
    Regarding this issue: medium of teaching, may I borrow your space to list out my opinions.
    Chinese. Without the language, they will be uprooted.
    Meaning, they will lose their knowledge passed down from hundred of generations since the invention of the chinese characters.
    This knowledge, has in the past helped tremendously in moulding the peaceful nature of the chinese people as far as their dealing with non-chinese is concerned. It contributes to their benevolent nature, and is crucial in keeping world peace for many years.
    To describe a few, among the values include:
    si4 hai3 zhi1 nei4 jie1 xiong1 di4 ye3
    (we are all brothers)
    xian1 tian1 xia4 zhi1 you1 er2 you1, hou4 tian1 xia4 zhi1 le4 er2 le4
    (a good leader should be the first to worry about the people, before the people start to worry about the impending disaster etc.; and a good leader should be the last to be happy, after making sure that the people are happy)
    3. bang1 li3 bu4 bang1 qing1
    (follow reasoning, don’t practice favouritism)
    4. hau3 nan2 bu4 dang1 bing1
    (good men don’t fight wars)
    etc etc etc.
    The chinese culture is rich with condensed phrases such as these that have guided them through thousand of years of hardship and challenges.
    Nevertheless, as is the case of the chinese music, which has only 5 tones (we need 12 tones, including the 7 tones as in the white keys on a piano keyboard.. 12 and 7, sound like the favourite numbers regarded as divine in certain cultures) their knowledge is but the end result of human wisdom. Still lacking in the sense that,
    ..they need to allocate a huge database in their brains to memorize the main chinese characters..
    To overcome this problem, will mean the removal of the last hindrance that has tied them up from contributing effectively to humanity in terms of science and technology.
    Do you still want to remove the vernacular schools, Tun?
    : )

  24. admirernbasher Jan 27,2011 9:33 PM

    Dear Dr what you have said is technically correct in that there is no country in the world, except Malaysia where the Government allows and pays for schools which use a foreign language for teaching in schools meant for a community whose ancestors came from a foreign country.
    In Singapore too in the 50-60

  25. non-jibaok Jan 27,2011 6:57 PM

    To amidala,

  26. jolly Jan 27,2011 11:58 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Those schools are our national heritage.
    We should all embrace them with lots of care and love, then, we will all flourish.

  27. azmi Jan 27,2011 2:12 AM

    Semoga Tun dan famili panjang umur dan sihat hendaknya.
    Saya berfikiran kaum minoriti hendaklah hormat pada kaum majoriti’
    Satu bahasa amatlah penting untuk menyampaikan message lebih berkesan bagi mengharmoni rakyat sesuatu negara.Sejak nabi adam sehinggalah nabi muhammad s.a.w pelbagai bahasa digunakan untuk menyampaikan message mengikut zaman dan kaumnya..Bahasa melayu bukanlah yang terbaik tetapi ia telah digunakan di malaysia yang dulunya tanah melayu sejak beratus tahun dulu sebelum kaum minoriti tiba.Jadi bahasa melayu amat sesuai digunakan mengikut seniority kau terdahulu.Kaum inilah yang mempertahankan dan mempertaruh nyawa dari penaklukan portugis,belanda,inggeris dll.Maka kaum minoriti yang lewat tiba ditanah melayu hendaklah beri sedikit sahaja rasa hormat pada kaum majoriti yang telah lebih awal meneroka tanah yang mulia ini.Nescaya negara kita akan lebih aman damai.Lebih baik kita bersatu dan maju kehadapan menjadi satu bangsa malaysia yang kuat.

  28. azmi Jan 27,2011 1:55 AM

    Salam Tun semoga Tun dan Famili panjang umur dan sihat hendaknya.
    Saya berfikiran kaum miniroti hendaklah menghormati kaum majoriti dan itulah yang diakui dan diamalkan kebanyakkan negara.
    1 bahasa memanglah amat penting utk merukunkan kententeraman rakyat sesuatu negara tak kiralah apa bahasanya.Sejak zaman nabi adam hinggalah nabi muhammad s.a.w. membawa pelbagai bahasa mengikut zaman dan kaumnya utk demi keamanan.
    Di Malaysia yang dulunya dikenali sebagai tanah melayu sebelum sedikit demi sedikit kaum miniroti ini tiba, bahasa melayu telah digunakan secara meluas..dan org melayu pada masa itulah yg menyabung nyawa mempertahankan tanah air dari penjajah.Saya juga tidak mengatakan bahasa melayu itu bagus tetapi itulah bahasa yang patut digunakan ditanah air ini.Jadi pada kaum minoriti yang atok nenek lewat tiba di tanah melayu pada masa itu hendaklah memberi sedikit sahaja rasa hormat pada kaum majoriti yang tiba lebih awal dari kamu.Nescaya negara kita akan terus aman damai.

  29. Matsalleh Jan 26,2011 10:57 PM

    I am a European who has lived in Malaysia for 5 years. I have since day 1 wondered about the language- and ethnic relations here. To cut the long story, I think it makes sense if Malaysia adopts the Singaporean model and makes English the “common” language.
    Let Chinese people speak Chinese among themselves and let Indian folks speak Tamil among themselves and let Malay speak Bahasa among themselves. But let everybody know the English language as the inter-racial and non-ethnic means of communication.
    This is not coming from nowhere! As I see it, most advertising is done in English and many TV stations and radio stations use English as their language. Even Telekom Malaysia uses English on all of their websites, so whether you admit it or not, English is the common language of Malaysia, and it should be, I suppose.
    I am no master in neither Malay language, Chinese or Tamil but I have noticed one thing, living here for years, and that is; that obviously neither of those languages can cover topics of todays business. My wife id Malaysian Chinese and just as an example, we recently went to AIA to renew a car-insurance. The lady we talked to was obviously Malay, with a scarf on the hair and everything. My wife spoke Malay to this lady and she spoke back in basically one sentence of Malay and then one sentence in English and back and forth.
    Why do Malays try to officially honor their language and force it on everybody, when they do not even speak it themselves after running out of words?
    I suppose that Malay language is sufficient in everyday talks about food, weather and so on, just like Cantonese is, but it just doesn’t cover more advanced topics like engineering or sciences (or insurance) where English suddenly have to be brought in, in order to get the correct message through.
    I have worked in some very Malay companies as a consultant and even though I have been attending meetings where every seat was occupied by a Malay and the language spoken was Bahasa, I would still get the jist of it because English words or sentences are always mixed in when the local lingo does not provide.
    So, I say, conclusively, why not let the schools use English as the common language. It may have more positive side effects than you can imagine. Today, Malaysians speak very limited English and it is rear to find someone who speaks without tons of grammatical errors. But still nobody in Malaysia gets through the day without speaking English to a smaller or greater extend because the local languages obviously do not suffice.
    As mentioned in Mahathir’s article here, in Singapore, they use English as the teaching language in spite of their highly dominant Chinese demographics. Well, my following statement is not only about languages, but about national development and world perception in general…
    Which country would Malaysia rather live up to in regards to eyes of the world, general development, living standards, international trade and relations etc…. Singapore or Indonesia?

  30. pak belang Jan 26,2011 5:14 PM

    To ecompute , did you find out who come first to Malaya,I dont think you are there to go back during to time tunnel during 1400 century or during Batu bersurat at Terengganu or the Candi at Bujang at Merbok, It was stated already a. Malay was there already a. And Malay ruler in Qadah (Kedah)was there even Satun,Pattani dan Sadau ,Thailang are under Malay Sultante ruler .Did you know that Malay sultanate is already in power long before your secret society ancestor was introduce in malaya by British.
    All your knowledge and idea’s for your nutshell are from books by expatriate i belief.Keep it to your self then your hate,green stomach.We are Malay Malaysia and dont envy on who our great grand father want to marry,inlaw they are malay for shure ,sorry not to your kind . PP porah ,
    Thank you Tun ,you are right all the way 100% and we are behind you Tun.

  31. adleow Jan 26,2011 1:30 PM

    Dear Tun M,
    You have been always a respected figure to all Malaysians regardless of which race.
    However, with respect to the recent branding of non-malays as immigrants by certain group of people is indeed uncalled for. Is this some sort of political tactics with hidden agenda, I won’t know. But I’m pretty sure that this act of certain group is indeed creating racial tensions among malaysians.
    I’m a malaysian and have fared pretty well in my national exams. Unfortunately, I’m unable to secure a place in any of the public universities in malaysia. I’m rather surprised to know that my friends from other races with poorer grades than I manage to secure a place. Did that make me unhappy with the government and start giving racist remarks? NO!!
    I fully understand that there is a quota system in place (which definitely need to be improved if the government are really concerned about retaining talent in the country…), and accepted the facts that I’m in Malaysia where certain groups are allocated special privilliges.. I didn’t challenge, I just accepted it…
    That was the point when I decided to pursue my further education elsewhere, in Singapore where the government have a very good scheme/policy in place to attract talents to their small tiny island.
    It’s pretty common to get enquiries from fellow students/friends when I was studying in Singapore with regards to the policy that Malaysia government practice with respect to special privilliges given to a particular group of people. “Don’t you feel it unfair?” this is a what I usually get from them.
    I would usually get into a lengthy discussion with them on this, explaining the rationale why this kind of policy are in place. Justifying what the Malaysian government did was for the best interest of Malaysians (which may no longer be applicable in today’s context).
    After looking at some comments posted here, I would say I’m rather dissappointed with the fact that different races are getting into wars of words against each other.
    Politicians should play their part and try to put a halt on this matter once and for all and not let “opportunist” out there to make a political agenda out of it.
    It is always a sensitive issue to discuss about the privilleges that are given to a particular group. But I’m hoping that I could see gradual improvements in the government policy and giving equal opportunity to all regardless of race. I believe all Malaysians deserve this.
    For this time round, I’m holding back my “stinging remarks” for the better of all. But I can’t be really sure if these were to keep on going, I’m sure I can no longer remain my cool and be rationale on this matter. I’ll be choosing sides and it’s pretty clear which side I’ll be on.
    Let’s live to the spirit of 1Malaysia!! Hopefully, 1Malaysia will not be just a political tactics deployed by PM Dato’ Seri Najib’s team to garner supports from non-malay without the government being really committed to make it a reality!!

  32. checker Jan 26,2011 5:55 AM

    Askm, Tun & fellow bloggers,
    I don’t I can say more than what A.Alshukor have said as to achieve the best solution in achieving the national aspiration – UNITY & KNOWLEDGE. It is too let but set-up a study group to address this issue and once proposal accepted, it will become an education policy that should NOT be easily changed( flip-flop ) to the whims & fancy of the Minister of Education of the day.
    Just take an example when Jawi ( not Arabic )was taken off, more than 30 years ago. Now, we are wondering why most Malay ( Muslim ) youths have diffculty to read Quran and therefore poor understanding in performing prayers etc in the correct way, leading to great social problem not only among the youths but also among the adults ( baby-boomers ).
    Education, without doubt is one of the strongest tools for national unity. And for Malaysia, as long as a single school system is not implemented, MALAYSIAN or 1-MALAYSIA, sorry to say, will only be a dream, a wishing thinking exercise for political purposes.
    May Allah bless & protect us all….. ameeen

  33. Kheve Jan 26,2011 3:53 AM

    To Ekompute (first post)
    While you present very intellectual sarcastic humour (which is very enjoyable to my shame), it is off topic. On topic, Dr M presents malaysia as a case of tolerance, he neither say it is bad or good. Though his tone might be a lil on the negative, however let us just take the article at face value, malaysia do have some brilliant and beneficial policies under BN.

  34. Liamahai Jan 26,2011 3:07 AM

    Everytime a kid learning maths count satu dua tiga they are 3seconds slower than one using English as medium.
    All latest knowledge are only accessible through english, unless if you have all of them translated, in time, else you are always one step behind the world.
    Insaflah, even Tun M repeated himself many times – sayang bahasa tidak boleh melebihi sayang bangsa.
    End of the day you gotta decide, do the necessary catch up and be a successful nation or continue pertahankan your identiti kemelayuan (yang kononnya tidak pun cukup seribu tahun tamadunnya) and stay another 30years as a 3rd world country.
    Terimalah hakikat ini, if pakai malay would make you excel there wouldn’t be poor people in the rural area still eating starch to survive.

  35. non-jibaok Jan 25,2011 10:49 PM

    To amidala,

  36. ekompute Jan 25,2011 8:04 PM

    QUOTE: In an interview by Nanyang Siang Pau, I pointed out that there is no country in the world, except Malaysia where the Government allows and pays for schools which use a foreign language for teaching in schools meant for a community whose ancestors came from a foreign country.
    We call our language Bahasa Malaysia, but more than half the vocabulary is from the English language. And if you talk about computer and science subjects, it does seem that the only Malay words used are

  37. jadi Jan 25,2011 3:55 PM

    Dear Tun,
    As Salam
    Pembaca NSP tu sebenarnya sedang mencari cari kesalahan Tun. Komen dia tu nampak sangat tak bersandarkan kepada fakta2. Tapi mungkin ada dendam tak sudah dengan Tun kut. Agaknya dia tu dari Dong Ziong tak?
    Jawapan Tun kat sini amatlah tepat dan tidak dapat di sangkal lagi.
    Cuma Ah Leng ni tak reti reti bahasa dan tak tau nak mengucapkan terima kasih kepada orang orang Melayu.

  38. amidala Jan 25,2011 11:39 AM

    to non-jibaok – no point stating something is known… or is it sth that you just realised so you just wrote it down…. btw, do you know what is Malay language ,if you not know Malay language is called Bahasa Melayu, which has many dialects too. And the understood official Bahasa Melayu in Malaysia is called bahasa baku…Do you know what is Chinese language then, Chinese language is the language(s) spoken by most Chinese (in Malaysia, in the context of this article), and the understood official Chinese language in our country is Mandarin, simply as it is the medium of language for Sek Jenis Kebangsaan Cina in Malaysia. There’s no Sek Jenis Keb. Cina in other countries, so as Sek Jenis Keb Tamil, in case you forgotten.
    Really my comment make no point as i’m just repeating something what is known, so as your comment…!
    to 6 jahanam – “Ilmu Dunia sekarang lebih berasal dari ilmu English”
    asal Enlish kat mana tuh…. from the Dark Ages” ke…atau ilmu Avicenna atau ilmu algebra…

  39. Singa Jan 25,2011 10:11 AM

    Salam Tun
    I personally think that the Govt’s policy of supporting these vernacular schools has brought about a seemingly unintended beneficial result of promoting greater business and economic interaction with the economically rising and flourishing China.
    With the rapid rise of China as a leading and successful economic powerhouse of the world, knowledge of Mandarin has become one of the great assets in building up business and economic relationship with China. My first visit to China was on a business trip in 2004 and since then I have made several business trips for my own trading business. Being a Malay and unable to converse in Mandarin, I always make use of an interpreter to conduct business there and this handicap proves to be very inconvenient. I am now beginning to learn Mandarin and though I may not be fluent in the language, it is good enough for me to get me around in the Chinese cities with some ease. I am still learning the language.
    Learning Chinese has suddenly become increasingly popular in most Western nations. In fact, China, being the most populous nation on the earth is not a homogenous country like Japan. The population consists of hundreds of different tribes who speak hundreds of different languages/dialects. But fortunately, almost every inhabitant, even if he resides in the remotest region in the country will understand Mandarin. This scenario is not unlike Indonesia with its vast territories comprising more than 17000 islands and a vast population of diverse languages where almost everyone understands Malay, being the language that was adopted as the national language, Bahasa Indonesia.
    Learning Chinese may be difficult but with the high number of Chinese schools ( using Chinese as medium of instruction ) Malaysia has certainly been blessed with a very good headstart and a conducive environment. Since there are thousands of Malay students who have attended or are attending these schools it augurs well for the future of Malaysia. In Singapore, the “O” Level Examination for 2010 ( equivalent of SPM ) has produced a top Malay student who scored a distinction in the Chinese Language. So studying the language from young is not really difficult after all.

  40. L_J Jan 25,2011 10:05 AM

    Kewujudan sekolah2 Cina dan Tamil di peringkat sekolah rendah di Malaysia ialah suatu kebetulan sejarah dan suatu syarat (penjajah) prajadian kermerdekaan, serupa seperti kehendak penjajah bahawa kewarganegaraan termesti dikurniakan ke atas orang bukan Melayu yang duduki di Semenanjung pada waktu sebelum Merdeka.
    Jadi ia bukan, seperti mana yang dijerit2kan selama ini oleh Tun dan UMNO, suatu hadiah yang dikabulkan oleh orang Melayu dan UMNO.
    Itu hakikat dan kebetulan sejarah. Apakah boleh UMNO selepas Merdeka menukar keadaan tersebut tanpa persetujuan parti2 Cina dan India dalam Perikatan/BN? Itu memang mustahil, kerana teras pimpinan MIC & MCA merupakan mereka yang kukuh kepada pendidikan vernakular dan yang menang kerusi2 mereka atas janji memperjuangkan untuk bahasa ibunda mereka.
    Jika Tun dan UMNO berani

  41. Yahya Khan Jan 25,2011 10:01 AM

    Salam Dear Tun,
    Recently Lee Kuan Yew quoted to be urging the Singapore muslims to “be less strict” on islamic observances. It is indeed a “racist & communal” remarks by LKY. Why shouldn’t he urge Malaysian chinese to “be less eater” of pork?

  42. drjagento Jan 25,2011 9:16 AM

    Salam Tun dan semua,
    Saya mengajar di universiti awam malaysia. Ramai pelajar cina yang sekolah cina tidak pandai berbahasa melayu, berbahasa inggeris pun tak seberapa. Mana mana saya pergi dalam kampus,dalam BK, DK dalam lif, dikantin, pelajar-pelajar cina akan berbahasa cina sesama mereka, tak kira jika ada pensyarah atau orang lain disekeliling yang tidak faham butir cakap mereka. Apabila disuruh berbincang dalam kumpulan, mereka berbincang dalam bahsa cina.
    Mungkin in dimahukan oleh kerajaan dan rakyat malaysia.
    Mungkin selepas ini jika diadakan peraturan untuk berbahsa melayu saja dalam kampus, orang cina akan meminta universiti jenis kebangsaan cina, dan saya tak heran kalau kerajaan akan menjadi pelopor nombor 1.
    Mungkin lagi 20-30 tahun, perlu ada kerajaan tempatan yang berbahasa cina sahaja.
    Saya rasa inilah padahnya apabila kita tidak yakin pada bahasa sendiri.Saya tidak lihat sedikit kelemahan pun menggunakan bahasa melayu walupun dalam bidang kedoktoran dan sains tulen kerana itulah bidang yang saya ajar. Cuma orang yang tidak tahu menahu yang suka memberikan hujah-hujah yang ingin menakutkan orang ramai terhadap kononnya bahasa melayu itu lemah. Oleh kerana pemimpin negara sendiri yang tidak yakin dengan bahasa melayu, siapakah lagi yang mahu mempertahankannya.
    Silapnya bukan pada bahasa, kerana bahasa melayu telah cukup matang untuk menyusuri perkembangangan ilmu semasa. Kalau dari segi persembahanya, bahasa melayu mempunyai keunikkan sendiri seperti uniknya bahasa bahasa yang lain. Masalahnya cara fikir orang melayu terlalu jumud mengatakan sebaliknya. Bagi ilmmuwan bahasa yang kononnya pakar, tidaklah sepakar mana dari segi falsafahnya. Saya kira, lebih ramai ilmuwan bahasa melayu yang suka meletakkan segala macam syarat dan peraturan dalam bahasa melayu menyebabkannya tidak dapat berkembang dengan baik. Cara mudah, cuma memelayukan bahasa asing terutama bahasa inggeris sehingga menjadi kelaziman pada masyarakat. Kononya menggunakan istilah istilah melayu tidak dapat menyampaikan maksud perkataan asing tersebut. Ambil contoh perkataan kiasu, jika tiada istilah yang serupa kenapa tidak dicipta yang baru, istilah interaction (interaksi) kononnya tiada istilah dalam bahsa melayu yang sempurna untuk memberi maksud yang sama. Saya bukan ahli bahasa tapi interaksi itu adalah satu bentuk perbuatan yang wujud dalam masyarakat melayu. Jika ada perbuatan, tentu ada istilah untuknya. Jika lebih dari dua perkataan, mungkin boleh disenyawakan beberapa perkataan itu menjadi istilah yang baru seperti istilah ‘kugiran’yang memberi maksud ‘kumpulan gitar rancak’yang boleh memberi maksud ‘band’. Lagipun band dalam bahasa inggeris bukan bermaksud kumpulan gitar rancak, ianya bermaksud ‘sesuatu yang terkumpul’ telah digunakan untuk memberi maksud kumpulan ahli muzik.
    Kenapa “computer mouse” hendak di beri istilah “tetikus” (yang tak meyakinkan langsung dan melemahkan penggunaan bahasa melayu dalam bidang komputer) sedangkan banyak istilah lain yang boleh difikirkan.
    Masalah ini menjadi terlalu berleluasa sehinggakan nama dagangan, nama kumpulan, nama apa saja susah untuk dilihat yang berunsurkan kemelayuan. Cara fikir orang melayu sendiri.
    Bertahun tahun diEropah tidak mencairkan kemelayuan orang melayu, tetapi dididik dan dibesarkan bukan dengan bahasa melayu dinegara sendiri, mengubah anak melayu menjadi bangsa yang tidak mempunyai identiti sendiri. Adakah kononnya demi ilmu pengetahuan. Ramai anak melayu tak tahu berbahasa Inggeris yang ketinggalan namun lebih ramai anak Amerika dan English yang fasih berbahasa Inggeris juga ketinggalan. Bukan bahasa menjadi masalah, tapi hati. Namun bahasa pula yang dipertaruhkan.Pakai bahasa apa sekalipun kalau cara fikir ditakuk tu takkan menjadikan kita pandai.
    Hasrat 1 Malaysia dalam 10 bahasa? Capai satu bahasa dulu, tanpanya jangan mimpi 1 Malaysia.
    Satu ketika perbahasan di Parlimen dalam bahasa Cina saya tak heran. Biar saya pergi dulu sebelum semua itu berlaku.
    Anak-anak saya boleh berbahasa Inggeris dengan baik, tapi mereka tak lah pandai mana.
    Terima kasih TUN.

  43. ajakmetro Jan 25,2011 7:02 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Pada mereka yang tak ada bukti & komen yang bukan-bukan tu, simpan je le. Before you make any public statement, you must have strong legitimate proof & evidence to support what you say.
    Saya senantiasa menyokong Tun and i believe in you. Long live Tun !

  44. ifadzlie Jan 25,2011 6:48 AM

    Aslamkum wr wb Tun yg saya hormati,
    Orang yg komen Tun tu tak mengerti membezakan antara sekolah dengan bahasa pengatar dengan belajar bahasa asing. Dan dia juga tidak berterima kasih bertapa baiknya pemerintah Malaysia yang memberikan kemudahan yg sedemikian malahan mereka itu menjadi kurang ajar dan biadap kepada kerajaan yg memberikan peluang tersebut.
    Bsgaimana kalau kita adakan sahaja semua sekolah dalam Bahasa Malaysia dan ini beriringan dengan tema 1Malaysia. Justru bahasa lain seperti Inggeris, Cina dan Tamil boleh lah di ambil sebagai subjek alternatif. Contohnya sesiapa yg pada dasarnya bersekolah dengan pengantaran bahasa Cina atau Tamil bolehlah menyambung persekolah menengah dalam aliran Bahasa Malaysia dan ada kelas khusus yg diberikan dalam bahasa Cina dan Tamil. Dengan cara ini sekolah yang berasaskan bahasa Cina dan Tamil boleh di adakan sehingga darjah 6 sahaja. Sesiapa yang mahu menyambung sekolah dalam bahasa pengantar Cina dan Tamil, silakan sahaja ke sekolah persendirian tetapi jangan pula menimbulkan sentimen “racialist” kepada orang yang bangsa selain dari Cina.
    semoga Tun sentiasa dalam keadaan sehat walafiat dan diberikan perlindungan dari Allah swt untuk menyumbang lagi saranan yang membangun serta menyedarkan masyarakat. Amin.
    Wassalam wr wb.

  45. MAZAI Jan 25,2011 4:27 AM

    Yang Berbahagia Tun,
    Ingatlah kerajaan pimpinan Melayu masa kini sedang menyediakan pelantar (flatform)untuk mewujudkan bangsa Malaysia yang berpecah belah. Bangsa Malaysia yang berpecahbelah. Walaupun 1Malaysia menjadi moto untuk perpaduan tetapi perancangan, keputusan dan tindakan kerajaan dan pemimpinnya adalah menjurus kepada masyarakat Malaysia yang pelbagai dan berpecah belah. Ianya bukan kesilapan rakayat sebaliknya kesan dari acuan yang disediakan oleh pemerintah.
    Jangan kita hairan 15 tahun lagi orang Cina tidak lagi berminat untuk bersama orang Melayyu kerana mereka tidak fasih berbahasa Melayu, India tidak lagi perlu menguasai bahasa Melayu kerana mereka boleh hidup dinegara ini tanpa perlu mahir berbahasa Melayu. Cukup dengan bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa ibunda mereka sahaja. Tauke Cina tidak lagi mengharapkan pemandu Melayu, pekerja Melayu seperti dahulu kerana mereka boleh menggungkan driver dari Cina, pekerja dari India, Vietnam atau Myanmar, jaga dari Nepal, pembantu rumah dari Filipina dan Sri Langka.
    Tahun 2025 akan bermulanya era peminggiran Melayu secara jelas dan berani. Bergembiralah dan berbanggalah pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu yang telah banyak mengumpul harta. Maka sengsaralah majoriti Melayu yang masih terkapai-kapai dengan nada menagih petolongan dan perlindungan.
    Kemenangan besar dari sokongan orang Melayu hanya digunakan oleh pemimpinnya untuk melemahkan bangsanya sendiri.
    Saya berterimakasih diatas usaha Tun untuk menyedarkan para pemimpin Melayu dan kaum-kaum lain agar memahami hakikat sejarah dan kehidupan di Malaysia. Malangnya pemimpin Melayu yang dinaikkan oleh bangsanya leka, berpandangan sengkat dengan keseronokan dan nikmat hidup yang dikecapi.

  46. dtan Jan 25,2011 3:41 AM

    Missionary Schools in Malaysia (St Johns, MBS, La Salle etc) were the best schools in my time. Learning english under that environment laid a firm foundation for my life in Canada. I am often complemented on how well I understand and speak english. As well as, learning and comprehension in the technical field which i am involved in. While Bahasa Malaysia was ingrained as a second language. I did not find much opportunity, if any to use the language outside the malaysian archipelago. You know as well as I know. Technology is evolving much faster now than 20 years ago. The medium (Internet) is the message. In that medium english still commands the largest transfer of information. Malay, Chinese or Indian vernacular languages while admirable serves only to handicap a persons future without a good command of english. The future may change. Its hard to predict how that medium will change. I find it
    unlikely that law (contracts), technical journals and/or news could be translated as easily to any other language. Its greatest strength is english continues to metamorphose and absorb other words from other languages to further its flexibility and usage.
    God Bless You Tun

  47. akee Jan 25,2011 1:32 AM

    Rule of God. Good deed will be repay by goodness.

  48. non-jibaok Jan 25,2011 12:20 AM

    YABhg. Tun Dr.,
    First and foremost allow me to point out that there is no such thing the Chinese Language. Similarly, there is no such thing as the Indian Language. One cannot ask a Chinese or an Indian to speak in

  49. hang nadim 2020 Jan 24,2011 11:25 PM

    Salam Tun
    Late this evening I found myself with a very interesting fact of our beloved country. It was during a normal conversation with my friends there was a quite distinguish older gentlemen came to us and explained that he came from Thailand, from Bangkok to Rantau Panjang is nearly 2000 km and that highway have only one toll to pay that only cost him RM4.00 throughout that journey.But from Rantau Panjang to KL the toll is nearly RM50.00. Then he start complaining how much Malaysian government make their people spend so much for a merely 1000km, how expensive it is to buy goods in this country and then so. For nearly 30mins he was chattering mostly about the high cost of living in Malaysia.
    Then I asked him to stop and answer my question first:
    one……from Bangkok to Rantau Panjang …..How many mosque did you came about?
    two…….How many Police Station?
    three……how many highway patrols?
    four………how many hospitals?
    five…… many schools
    For all the five questions he answered, not much but a few and it is hundreds of Kilometers apart.
    Then I asked him another sets of question but it’s from Rantau Panjang to KL…one…two…three…four…five…?
    Well….you must know the answer Tun.
    Yes… he answered….there are hundreds of mosque and surau
    ……so many police station( he lost count)
    ….more than 20 highway patrol but a lot of JPJ
    ……one hospital in every cities and hundreds of government clinics
    ……….so many schools, all kinds of them, religion, Malay, Chinese Indian’s
    He was so baffled by the question until it was time for me to explain to him that all that high cost of living in this country is given back to the people by the government to the people of Malaysia. It is because the government have high expectancy for it’s people they make sure that no citizens should be left out from the facilities that they deserves.

  50. NASH Jan 24,2011 9:24 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Negara kata terlalu manja kepada bangsa Cina dan India hingga depa boleh mencabar kaum Bumiputra bermacam cara.Tambahan pula sejak Anwar Ibrahim menjadi penasihat PKR. Eloklah adakan MAGERAN sekali lagi supaya pelembagaan ditukar supaya mereka boleh dibentuk semula.

  51. HBT Jan 24,2011 8:11 PM

    Ayahanda Tun,
    May I…..the comment By samuraimelayu on January 24, 2011 11:30 AM….A PRICE THE MALAYS HAVE TO PAY FOR BEING ACCOMODATIVE AND TOLERANCE! We have seen how a Sasterawan Negara’s BOOK being burned to ashes by those ingrates and we will dread the day the book is withdrawn by the MOE…
    This issue is politically motivated because the new MIC President wants to show his ‘api’ to his members that he is as capable as Samy to lead the Indian grassroot community. Malangnya, the Indian grassroots were labelled as pa-ri-ah-s by their Indian English speaking leaders. If the MOE Minister pulls out this book out of MIC api/pressure means he is the ‘maverick muttal who is unable to relate constituents….haha..Laughing is still the best medicine.
    Take care so is Ayahanda Tun.

  52. HBT Jan 24,2011 7:48 PM

    Good evening Ayahanda Tun,
    A. In order to survive economically and permanently, Nanyang Siang Pau (under Sinchew Group now, Huaren (Chinese) Holdings) would encourage Mandarin as teaching medium 1st after 53 years of evolving so that the demand for Mandarin will always be there since these schools are managed and regulated by Hua Zhong, not MCA.
    B. In order to survive economically and permanently, Tamil Nesan would encourage Tamil as teaching medium 1st after 60 years to sustain MIC political power.
    C. I do not know much about Agama school syllabus.
    D. Since all these schools have co-existed for so many years now, MOE should continue supporting and funding these schools as long as there is demand from the ‘grassroots’.
    E. Sekolah Kebangsaan has the largest pie share in Malaysia whereby majority of the parents prefer their children to excel in BI will send their children to the national school.
    F. I agree with comment By A.Alshukor on January 24, 2011 12:19 PM……Actually this system actually revert back to the 60’s or earlier isn’t it? All because every Education Minister wants to have their own way …
    G. If the Education Minister follows the voices of the race base political parties more than the need to sustain our economic growth, BN will be voted out because politicians of DAP, PKR and PAS have never make noise about Malaysia education system because they are more interested in governing the country than self-politicking.
    H. If Umno MOE Minister decides to revert PPSMI back into Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Tamil medium just to satisfy BN component parties, BN will be voted out very soon because we have better opposition candidates today.
    Good night, Ayahanda Tun.

  53. Abdullah Chek Sahamat Jan 24,2011 7:07 PM

    Untuk mengejar dan meninggikan ilmu, tidak usah kita bercakar tentang apa bahasa yang perlu kita kuasai. Jika perlu kita belajar Bahasa Arab, kita belajarlah Bahasa Arab, begitu juga Sanskrit, Urdu, Yunani, Jerman, Jepun atau sebagainya. Yang penting, bahasa yang mana yang boleh meningkatkan mutu keilmuan kita, itulah bahasa yang mesti kita pegang. Tidak terkecuali Bahasa Melayu.
    (2) Tidak mengapa adanya sekolah Cina dan Tamil. Cuma jadikan sekolah-sekolah itu terbuka untuk semua. Biarpun mungkin tidak ramai anak-anak Melayu nantinya ke sekolah-sekolah seperti itu, namun pasti ada juga yang akan ke sana. Orang tua kita ada berkata: Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit.
    (3) Begitupun, Kerajaan teruskan saja usaha-usaha transformasi agar Sekolah-sekolah Kebangsaan terus saja dipertingkatkan mutu pengurusan dan sistem pembelajarannya. Jangan sekali-kali kerana Kerajaan terpaksa menangung lebih banyak Sekolah Kebangsaan, maka mutu sekolah-sekolah ini kita main pas-pas saja! Cuba fikir cara lain agar Sekolah-sekolah Kebangsaan benar-benar unggul. Pasti ada jalan, hanya mungkin kita terlalu payah mahu berubah!
    (4) Untuk Tun, lebih baik tuliskan tentang pengalaman Tun dari masa mulai boleh berfikir sehinggalah cukup masa tak perlu lagi berfikir. Generasi sekarang, biarlah mereka mengenali jalanan hidup Tun, tidak kisahlah, samada mereka hendak te;ladani atau tidak. Nabi Muhammadpun tak mampu mengajak semua orang neneladani beliau, apa lagi kita manusia biasa. Namun apa yang penting, pasti ada mereka yang mahu belajar dari pengalaman kita, khususnya manusia seperti Tun.

  54. Kenn Jan 24,2011 7:05 PM

    Tidak faham dengan pendirian DS Najib yang nampaknya bermati-matian membela sekolah vernakular, terutamanya SJK(C). Ini bukan perkara baru, malah beliau juga adalah Menteri Pelajaran yang bertanggungjawab mengubah Akta Pendidikan yang memberikan lebih banyak ruang bagi sistem pendidikan vernakular ini bercambah di negara ini.
    Sememangnya DS Najib layak dianugerahkan gelaran BAPAK VERNAKULAR dan dalam hal sistem pendidikan ini, beliau juga telah menjadikan negara ini sebuah negara KERA SUMBANG.

  55. shahrul Jan 24,2011 7:04 PM

    is nsp statement racist?

  56. BlueGene Jan 24,2011 6:52 PM

    Assalam alaikum
    YABhg Tun & seluruh Felo Chedet yang dihormati
    Berkenaan dengan bahasa sama ada Inggeris atau selainnya, peranannya tetap sama iaitu alat komunikasi. Dalam pembelajaran dan pendidikan ia sememangnya penting dititikberatkan.
    Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Mandarin,Bahasa Tamil, dalam konteks Malaysia ada peranan masing-masing. Bahasa-bahasa ini akan tetap subur dalam hati dan jiwa rakyat Malaysia yang terdiri daripada pelbagai ras.
    Namun untuk teguh berdiri sebagai 1, bahasa-bahasa ini tidak boleh digunakan kesemuanya sekali serentak dalam pembelajaran dan pendidikan di sekolah dan institusi pengajian.
    Dalam konteks Malaysia, Bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa perpaduan. Bahasa Inggeris adalah bahasa untuk memantapkan pemerolehan ilmu di samping sebagai alat komunikasi kedua.
    Menguasai pelbagai bahasa adalah baik untuk menambahbaik pemerolehan ilmu dan pengetahuan. Namun ia bergantung kepada keperluan semasa. Dari skala global, masyarakat Cina atau China keseluruhannya di dunia ini adalah yang teramai menuturkan bahasa Inggeris sedangkan masyarakat Cina atau China bangga dengan Pu Tong Hua-nya.

  57. Hantu Laut Jan 24,2011 4:56 PM

    Dear Tun,
    My family and I lived in S’pore for over 10 years and all my children were educated there.You are absolutely correct.

  58. Millionaire Academy Jan 24,2011 4:22 PM

    Beloved Tun,
    I fully agree with you that in Malaysia, learning a foreign language is not only permissible but encouraged.Currently, there are thousands of malay students studying in chinese schools throughout the country. Their ability to converse in Mandarin not only essential for their later days in life but our country also gain from it, in term of human capital growth.
    Thank you Tun.

  59. Rimba Emas Jan 24,2011 4:18 PM


  60. corpulent Jan 24,2011 3:56 PM

    Salam Tun Det
    sememangnya Malaysia amat fleksibel dan amat bertoleransi dengan pelbagai kaum di Malaysia ini. Golongan bukan pribumi telah diberikan pelbagai hak istimewa di dalam negara ini yang mustahil akan diberikan oleh kuasa autoriti di negara lain.
    Sememangnya semua kaum di Malaysia ternyata bebas dalam mengekalkan segala tradisi malahan sistem pembelajaran dalam bahasa ibunda mereka. perkara ini sama sekali amat jauh dengan konsep di Thailand atau Indonesia di mana semua sistem pelajaran di satukan di bawah bahasa kebangsaan mereka…
    Di hati kecil saya, amat kesal jika ada segelintir pihak yang masih bersifat ‘kiasu’. Kiasu di sini menurut kamus dewan adalah ‘sikap akan takut kehilangan’
    Apa yang ditakutkan hilang tidaklah saya pasti. Diharapkan golongan yang selalu mengomel sedar akan betapa bertuah nya mereka duduk di Malaysia ini.
    Artikel Panas ‘Melayu Pendatang?’: Orang Melayu Mesti Baca!!!!

  61. Praxis Jan 24,2011 2:46 PM

    We are not going to be competitive as a nation if we continue with the multiple school systems we have. It forbids the interaction necessary for our innovative capacity to develop and flourish. What lingua franca do we have now, among the ethnic groups, or between artists and scientists? None.
    We should move to one sytem which caters for (i) various needs for English in both the arts and sciences, (ii) the progressive introduction of the teaching of more dynamic science subjects in the language of science, English, and (iii) the quality offering of language studies as determined by demand.
    Both sides have contributed to the present impasse. The Malay purists have not encouraged the study of other languages as even options and Non-Malay purists have used the low quality of vernacular offerings in govt schools as an excuse to maintain independent vernacular systems.
    Both have to displaced by a single school systems articulated as envisioned by you and Vision 2020 and adopted by UMNO formally as a strategic goal/direction, so that any concession to purists is seen only as a temporary move.
    For far too long the govt’s moves have been thougtless concessions to opportuists on both sides.

  62. T Jan 24,2011 2:06 PM

    ///where the Government (SINGAPORE) allows and pays for schools which use a foreign language (ENGLISH) for teaching in schools meant for a community whose ancestors came from a foreign country (CHINA, INDIA, MALAYSIA). ///
    Isn’t English a foreign language in the context of Singapore and Malaysia.

  63. ckwan Jan 24,2011 1:56 PM

    Diversity is our strength. We dont need to follow any other country. We do it as what best for us.
    If Malay language is as internationalise as English, then we may also use Malay as the teaching language and pickup second language of Chinese, Tamil etc. Unfortunately, Malay language is not hence the policy to convert teaching in Malay will only bring more harm to the country in this era of globalisation. Even Westerner today is learning Chinese and many is picking up Chinese as second language.
    We need to create young people that has high nationalism and also ability to compete in world scale. And by teaching Science, Mathematic, Technology in Malay is going to put us backward cos many literature is written in English. This is why many parent has opted to put their children in school that forseen to be able to equip their children to be competitive and marketable. Education system must meet the challenges of today global market and equip our children to excel in their field. it is not only matter of language imperialism or preservation of culture.

  64. Old Fart Jan 24,2011 1:01 PM

    Thanks for opening up the subject.
    By stating that the state pays for the education and teaching of children in the vernacular languages from which their forefathers came from you appear to thing that it is a positive point that is scored for the Malaysian government.
    Implicit in your article is also that this is so because the Chinese and the Indians want it to be so. That their children be taught in the language of their forefathers. Problem with that assumption is that my good friend Daran Nair would say otherwise. He would say, Malayalam was not offered and he had no choice but the closest school to the estate house he lived in was a Tamil school and hence it was to the Tamil school he went.
    If you can but only openly admit it, if at all you can, you will also be able to state that at the time you took over as the Minister of Education in the 1970s, the Chinese and Tamil schools were falling in numbers and it was the the National Schools that used English as the medium of education that prospered and were in demand.
    It was your policy to have the National Schools as we have today, where Bahasa Malaysia is the medium of education, that saw the rise in demand for vernacular education as we see today. Obviously your assumptions at that time that changing to Bahasa Malaysia education would give the Malay the advantage and that the vernacular schools would continue their declining trends have all come to naught.
    Will you agree that the popularity today for vernacular education, in Chinese and Tamil, is basically a rejection of the National education in Bahasa Malaysia that is otherwise available to them? Yes sir, it is indeed a total rejection. Not that suddenly the Indians and the Chinese in Malaysia, uniquely, are keen on their mother tongue and their culture. MCA and MIC have to say this because otherwise their own raison de-tre falls apart.
    Also the English education that was also available to the Malay poor is now just not available ensuring the Malays remain stumped. My friend Awaluddin whose father was only a labourer in the Malayan Railways speaks impeccable English and thanks to that he has made a life for himself. And I see that in no way has his Malayness or his Islamic credentials been dented!
    Today, we not only are unable to produce the kind of learned people of yesteryears from amongst all the races, we have actually now truncated the general intelligence of the population. You sir, more than anyone else are to blame!!
    But, never mind that. You too will agree that this needs to be remedied. I too, just like you care for the country and its future. In my case, English is the first and last language of communication in my house. Tamil or Chinese is not. Why am I not offered the same privilege as those who can opt for Chinese or Tamil? Am I wrong to ask for English education for my kids? I too am a taxpayer just like anyone else. And I am first and last a Malaysian.
    Of course you can say, I can send mine to one of the International Schools. But sir, I cannot afford RM30,000 a year.
    If the government cannot subsidise such schools, at the very least will the government permit individuals or organisations who might be inclined to promote such education to Malaysians at a smaller fee for instance? After all under the Talent Corp the government is attempting to draw Malaysian professionals to come back to the country and a lot of them are abroad not only because of their careers but also because they see nothing here for the childrens’ education.
    I will be happy to promote such education here. And I will gladly invite you to partake in this very necessary endeavour. Its not so much for money making as all the new International Schools owned by Malaysian entrepreneurs that have recently opened. I would like to be able to show that given the choice even Malay parents would rather their children not be educated under the National system as I am sure your own grandchildren are. Sir, surely you must be thanking your lucky stars that when you studied History, it was not the syllabus that is being promoted today!!

  65. 6 Jahanam Jan 24,2011 12:39 PM

    Dilahir di qamat, di teliga kanan,
    Allah maha Besar,
    Nabi Muhammad Persuruh Allah,
    Mari mengerjakan sholat,
    Mari menuju kejayaan.
    Istillah kita disuruh mengejar akhirat,juga mengejar kejayaan Dunia.
    Nak mengejar akhirat perlu belajar ALQURAN,
    Nak mengejar Dunia,perlu belajar English.
    Nak banyak berhayal perlu faham Melayu.
    System Pelajaran Malaysia,Indonesia,Brunei perlu English sebagai medium pelajaran.Akuilah,ilmu sains,pembangunan,perubatan,ketenteraan,economy dan sebagainya sekarang English keperluanya untuk memahami pelajaran tersebut.
    Dalam masa yg sama, kita perlu bahasa kebangsaan,melayu sebagai identity kita Malaysia.
    Begitu juga jika sesuatu ilmu itu berasal dari Yahudi,mengapa tidak kita memahaminya.
    Bukan bahasanya yg kita perlukan.
    Ilmunya yg kita perlukan.
    Nak mencuri cari guru curi,
    Nak Merompak cari guru merompak.
    Bahasa Melayu hanya Identity.
    Ilmu Dunia sekarang lebih berasal dari ilmu English.
    Jangan kita bongkak dengan bahasa kita,sebab tidak ada yg nyata,bahawa bahasa melayu ada kemajuan,ada ilmu.
    Saya yakin dengan penukaran medium bahasa melayu ke English
    amat perlu untuk generasi akan datang.
    Satu contoh yg nyata,kebanyakan ahli politik Malyasia,tidak mampu berbahasa English,jadi macamana alhi politik ini bolih berinteraksi dengan duina luar ?

  66. Adam Jan 24,2011 12:26 PM

    Oh ya, take care of your health Tun.
    Dont resign, and be quiet just yet, or maybe you could find an apprentice !?
    Have a good day readers.

  67. Adam Jan 24,2011 12:20 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You came to Malacca earlier, which was really close to my place, unfortunately I could not attend due to test. Maybe in the near future I guess.
    As for this one, it is actually CORRECT. The NST reader was wrong when he says that there are countries who use a foreign language as a ‘medium’ in schools except for Malaysia.
    To make it easier to understand is that, “to learn a FOREIGN language is different than to “USE FOREIGN LANGUAGE AS MEDIUM IN SCHOOLS
    In Malaysia in fact, we encourage to learn French, Japanese, while I myself is learning Japanese in the University. To those who still is ignorant of this, we are not only having French, Japanese only, in fact we HAVE MORE than these two languages that we could learn if we want.
    So it is wrong to say that we are not allowing other language to be learnt in Malaysia, it is however, very different than “using it as a MEDIUM” in schools! which is FUNDED, and protected by the Government. You may deny it, but just admit it that we all know that it does get funded.
    I have nothing against these schools, but please, dont alter the facts. Nobody is saying that Chinese language is not being learn in all OVER THE WORLD. Read properly to the NST reader.

  68. A.Alshukor Jan 24,2011 12:19 PM

    It is the fact that the government sponsor all the SK, SJK, but this issue will never end. If you continue to sponsor is it political or being responsible. If you stop is it vice versa.
    You like it or not, education system should be provide students to benefit from knowledge that are available that finally will benefit them and the nation in general.
    In Malaysia today, the system are unique due to what we have, however is it the best system available. The SK seems to be more Malay oriented, the SJKC more Chinese oriented, while SJKT more Tamil oriented, although you do have minority in each and every school. Don’t we forget the SRA where it is more religious oriented.
    It will always be politically motivated every time this issue is raised, but in the end we are more divided that we are integrated. In this global world, we need to compete, and we need to accept that as much as we can, that the International acceptable language is English, so English should be the language of learning. BM as the National Language should be given all the necessary support where it will and can be use, however option of other language especially mothertongue should be provided for as well as all other languages of importance.
    Everything aside education should be set as something that political side stay away. Parents has their right and should they decide other avenue they have that right and they must take the responsibility to pay for it.
    So to the Government of the day here goes : ONE SCHOOL with English as the language of knowledge, BM as language of integration while all other language as option allowed to parents. If we do have capable teachers within the education system good, if not private entity should take over and fill in the vacuum.
    Finally all Malaysian will be well verse in BM as well as English, and those who wants Chinese, Tamil, Arabic and all other will be good because they want to.
    Actually this system actually revert back to the 60’s or earlier isn’t it? All because every Education Minister wants to have their own way …

  69. helang Jan 24,2011 11:59 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya sokong 100% pendangan Tun mengenai hal ini. Saya ada ramai kenalan dan saudara di Thailand. Semua sekolah kebangsaan menggunakan bahasa Thailand. Orang Thai, Cina dan Melayu semuanya belajar disekolah kebangssan yang guna bahasa pengantar bahasa Thai.
    Memang betul terdapat private international school tetapi langsung tidak dibiayai oleh kerajaan. Walaupun begitu orang2 kaya tetap menghantar anak2 mereka kesekolah kebangsaan.
    Hasilnya semua rakyat Thailand dari apa keturunan pun fasih bahasa kebangssan, patriotik dan diberi hak sama rata dengan pribumi, bukan macam sesetengah rakyat Malaysia yang patut dilucutkan kewarganegaraan mereka kerana gagal kuasai bahasa kebangsaan dan gagal memahami budaya pribumi.
    Cadangan saya kepada mereka yang ingin belajar dalam Chinese medium hantar anak bersekolah dinegara China supaya tak faham langsung bahasa kebangsaan, kemudian balik mintak hak samarata dengan bumiputra sedangkan BM pun tak fasih.
    Kalau ditanya kepada ibubapa yang tak mahu hantar anak kesekolah kebangsaan, jawapan mereka ialah “bukan nak kerja kerajaan”. Kerajaan sepatutnya mewajibkan sektor swasta menggunakan BM sepenuhnya kecuali urusan yang melibatkan international relations, dimulai dengan GLC, bank2 dan pulic listed companies dll. Dengan cara ini barulah mereka yang enggan hantar anak kesekolah kebangsaan tahu harga tidak fasih BM.
    Ekonomi jiran2 kita seperti Indonesia dan Thailand berkembang lebih cepat dari kita walaupun sektor swasta dan multinational menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan dalam semua urusan mereka.
    Saya salahkan kerajaan kerana gagal mewajibkan penggunaan bahasa kebangsaan disektor swasta. Contohilah negara2 yang telah dan sedang pesat membangun.

  70. faudzi Jan 24,2011 11:37 AM

    Salam TUN
    Orang Malaysia sekarang ni caca merba.. kadang kadang kita bertegang leher pada benda yang tidak perlu. Banyak sangat pemikiran yang serong sebab tu Malaysia menjadi susah dalam membangunkan negara.
    1. Satu golongan menggunakan agama sebagai asas
    2. Satu golongan sibuk dengan adil dan saksama
    3. Satu golongan pulak sibuk dengan Malaysia Malaysian.
    4. Satu golongan menyatakan mereka sudah berbuat terbaik untuk semua.
    Semua golongan hanya mencari salah dan untuk mempolitikkan isu..Pada saya apa yang penting adalah bagaimana kita mahu mendapat ilmu dan mempergunakan ilmu untuk kebaikan diri dan negara. Bahasa apa pun tidak penting. Akan tetapi dalam kontek Malaysia kita mesti menggunakan bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa rasmi dan English hendklah ditekankan. Justeru itu, kalau belajar sains dan matematik dalam English seharusnya tidak jadi polemik.. kerana ianya adalah untuk kebaikan.
    Satu lagi.. bagi saya sekoleh jenis kebangsaan Cina dan tamil seharusnya sudah tidak wujud lagi kerana kita sudah lama merdeka dan sepatutnya semua kaum sama sama menerima pakai satu bahasa untuk semua dan bahasa bahasa lain boleh diajar sebagai bahasa tambahan sebagai matapelajaran pilihan.
    Baru lah namanya adil kepada semua kaum dan bangsa.

  71. samuraimelayu Jan 24,2011 11:30 AM

    Most Malaysians recognised the fact that Bahasa Melayu is the national language of Malaysia. But unfortunately there still exist some ‘thicker than blood’ ingrates making more demands to improve the teaching and learning of their mother tongues.
    Those INGRATES should be very thankful that the government ( then and now ) had never treated them like ‘pa-ri-ah'(Tamil,paraiyan, lit.,drummer)but instead behave like a ‘MUTTAL’ ( meaning FOOL in English)
    We have seen how a Sasterawan Negara’s BOOK being burned to ashes by those ingrates and we will dread the day the book is withdrawn by the MOE…
    Ps. Fortunately, the majority of the Malaysian citizens are appreciative and a thankful lot..the likes of our adik HBT and macha Doorai..

  72. TunTuah Jan 24,2011 11:23 AM

    For 1 Malaysia, these Sekolah menengah / rendah “Jenis(J)” patut di mansuhkan.
    I see no reason why we cannot abolish this school. why we cannot ahh? because they afraid they will lost their identity? so which identity we are talking now? CRAP.
    So who’s going to lose? the nation? – the answer is NO. The nation will not lose anything. basically YOU, YES YOU are the BIG LOSER? want some more? go to my blog. (hahahahaha, blogger get rm1 million perannum by posting crap things and the best, tax free)(i work really hard and the tax really taxing me dearly. damn i should start a blog……)

  73. solve_it Jan 24,2011 10:58 AM

    Malays are very sensitive people, so sensitive that right or wrong wld be less important than pride. If anyone comment about Malays then it wld become racial issue and risk backfire, even if its constructive criticism still it will backfire. i think Tun wld know this more than anyone when he wrote a book some years ago.
    Malaysia has adopted non racial policy so much that cannot even give constructive criticism without being labelled as racist.
    Teaching in Chinese has many advantages. For example if dua belas kali dua belas = seratus empat puluh empat. Students taught to say this way is like singing song instead of learning how to calculate fast and accurate, ask Chinese how they do it! Of course Chinese knowing this fact will not want to learn it in Malay medium. Ask your BN Chinese partner to do some work and explain to you more why, my dear Tun. You will be glad indeed that Chinese medium teaching is allowed in Malaysia, and might want to adopt this in Malay medium as well.

  74. TuaCheng Jan 24,2011 10:58 AM

    You are not wrong Mr.Mahathir.
    Malaysia allows National Type schools to exist and partial/half heartedly supports it.
    But yes indeed, there is a meagre allocation to these type of schools. Secondly, closing it possibly if found to be in the way of some mega projects.
    Why is also explains why, so many Private Chinese schools had mushroom, to avoid invicible hands to thwart the development of National Type schools.
    Honestly, language is medium of communication.
    We shall learn the language that helps to us globalized and trade internationally.
    Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. Because China’s economy has beaten Japan. Becoming 3rd largest on her ways.
    Close this benefits, we are lock out of communication medium with China.
    Or do we want to continue the serumpum trade with Indonesia which is still small compared to China.
    Secondly language also very important, is English, the wide spoken language after Mandarin. For business with Euro/US/Aus/NZ, nothing better than English.
    Yet, our English 322- is primary standard in UK.
    Bulls-eye, the ingredient of Predominant Chinese SG. Yes, all SG-Chinese speaks Mandarin and official language is English.
    The right formula have both widest spoken language used in the nation.
    The medium, directly brought forth business from US/EU/AUS/NZ and Greater China.
    Malaysian forefathers has visionly sees it, and allows our unique education system to prosper in future.
    But narrow-egoistics policy has diminished our edge and yet the National Type schools were questioned of their existence.
    Lastly, the forth coming another big economy is India.
    The more we close down Tamil schools, we are going to loose this edge in 10years time.
    Yes, Bahasa Malaysia harus dipelajari, tetapi untuk perniagaan antarabangsa dan Malaysia sebagai negara global, bahasa lain-lain harus dikecapi.

  75. pakmeor Jan 24,2011 10:44 AM

    Salam Tun…selagi kaum-kaum di Malaysia makan makanan sendiri, cakap bahasa sendiri, sekolah sendiri dll… saya sangsi akan kejayaan 1 Malaysia.

  76. Bingo Jan 24,2011 10:33 AM

    Dear Tun,
    How do they want to refute this statement, it was absolutely true, nothing but the truth. If they wish to remain being ignorance, they can do so, by diverting the whole issue into something else, which is not relevant at all. Indeed, they had done it to your previous posts as well.
    To me, these is the people, who their mind were contaminated with hatred and jealousy to the current status quo, which has been enjoyed since independent. Indeed, it was also has benefited them as well. They would only satisfy, if current status quo change into their hands at the expense of others.
    You can see, who are they, including some of your commenters in this blog.

  77. dinturtle Jan 24,2011 10:32 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Benarkah sekolah cina memiliki banyak kelebihan sehingga Najib begitu berbangga dengan kewujudannya ? Jika iya, kenapa tidak Kementerian buat kajian dan terapkan kelebihan2 itu kedalam sistem pendidikan sekolah2 biasa supaya SEMUA murid2 dapat menikmatinya ?
    Selagi terus dibelai sekolah2 cina itu, selagi itulah negara memiliki produk2 kiasu hasil keluaran mereka.

  78. Kokabala Jan 24,2011 9:26 AM

    You are right. Teaching in Chinese in government funded primary or even secondary school is a good policy. There are a lot of Malaysian educated in Chinese primary school, Malay Secondary school and English tertiary college. The ability to access a language allow one to open a door to a new world of frienship, knowledge and wisdom.
    For example, if one master Chinese, he/she has no problem to communicate and doing business in China. In addtion, he/she gained knowledge of Chinese history and wisdom which is 5000 years old. Now with the advance of internet, he/she has gained another key to information and knowledge all Chinese sites. There is ceratinly a clear disadvantage for people who do not know the language.
    Where else in the world you can find people native and proficient to three different language. I have to give Malaysia a thump up on this.

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