The original Malay version of this article, which is at the end of this translated variant, was published in Mingguan Malaysia of Jan 20th 2013.

1. Everywhere I go, in Malaysia and in foreign countries, people ask me when the elections will be held.

2. I wish I know but the Prime Minister has not told me anything, and in practise only the Prime Minister can determine the date. Of course it cannot go beyond the 5-year term of Parliament.

3. The next question is whether the Barisan Nasional will win. My answer is that it will win. But the margin is important. Malaysia cannot afford a hung Parliament, nor can it afford a weak Government. Both would be bad for Malaysia as everyone would be focusing on politics and the economy and development would be largely neglected.

4. Many say that the Alliance/Barisan Nasional has been in power too long. I would agree. I believe in not overstaying one’s welcome. But I am not so sure now whether this should apply in every circumstance.

5. It is because the alternative to Barisan Nasional is frightening. It is led by a man who is obsessed with becoming Prime Minister, no matter how. I had wondered why he joined UMNO instead of PAS. Now I know. He would do anything at all to become Prime Minister. By joining UMNO instead of PAS, which had never produced a Prime Minister, he could become Prime Minister simply by climbing the ladder of its leadership. And so immediately upon joining UMNO he contested for the position of Chief of UMNO Youth. Then he went for the Vice Presidency and then the Deputy President’s post. The next move was to overthrow the President and become the Prime Minister. It was all very simple.

6. But the Prime Minister did not seem to want to go. And so he began an underground campaign to demonise the Prime Minister. The rest, as they say, is history.

7. Now he is leading the opposition and hopes to be installed in Putrajaya as Prime Minister after the next election. I honestly don’t think he would be good for the country. And neither would the hotchpotch collection of Pakatan incompatible partnership be good for the country. Apart from the “I want to become Prime Minister” party, it includes a racist party and a religious party. They will be quarrelling with each other at every turn. They are not a coalition. They only `pakat` (plot) to help each other win the election. Already they are quarrelling as to who should become PM. They don’t subscribe to the idea that the biggest party should lead.

8. But it is true that the Barisan Nasional has been in power a long time. So has PAS in Kelantan. Nobody can deny that the extraordinary development and prosperity of the nation today were achieved during the period Barisan Nasional was in power. One cannot say the same about the achievements of PAS in Kelantan.

9. The aging leaders of PAS and DAP have not changed for far longer than the leaders of Barisan Nasional and its components. Six Prime Ministers have led the Barisan Nasional Governments but during that time the DAP chief remained in place and refuses to let go. And the son will take over from him. There is a dynasty in the making.

10. The leaders of PAS have not changed during the Premiership of 4 Barisan Nasional leaders.
11. The leader of Keadilan styles himself as Adviser but installed his wife as President, with his daughter as Vice President. His intimate companion is the deputy. There is no indication of any change in leadership. Certainly not through the leaders stepping down.

12. Change must be internal as well as external. An external change alone is just window dressing. During the premiership of the 6 UMNO leaders, the policies followed by each were quite different. The Governments they led cannot be regarded as the same. Certainly their politics and economic creeds deferred greatly. And so do their foreign policies. In fact one can say that despite the name being the same, the Government of each Prime Minister is totally different from the others.

13. The Barisan Nasional which will contest the 13th General Elections will not be the same Barisan Nasional as those of the previous five. It will be a different Barisan Nasional. So there will be changes.

14. But still the Barisan Nasional keeps the same basic policies and principles. BN parties practise democracy within the party and in the country. BN believes in free trade and the initiatives of the private sector. BN believes in inter-racial cooperation and the sharing of power. BN believes in fair distribution of wealth between the races. BN is business-friendly without neglecting the interests of other members of society.

15. Then it keeps itself open to innovations and new ideas including responding to the expressed views of the people which have resulted in changes and transformations. Only the blind would fail to see the differences between the top leaders of BN Governments.

16. This is not a one-party state. The Barisan Nasional itself is made up of fourteen different parties. They can join and they can leave. There have been numerous parties formed in Malaysia during the time the Alliance and Barisan’s rule of this country. Some survive to this day despite not joining the Government coalition. Some, like the Socialist, disappeared. Some made it to Parliament while others never managed to get their candidates elected to Parliament or State Assemblies.

17. The surviving opposition parties never fail to win at least a few seats in every election. PAS has retained Kelantan though numerous elections and won twice in Trengganu. An indigenous party defeated the Barisan Nasional to set up a Government in Sabah. Penang was won by the Gerakan Party, then an opposition party.

18. Elections in Malaysia have never been dull. In 1969 the Alliance very nearly lost and of course in 2008 the Barisan Nasional lost in five states, one federal territory, and could not get a two-third majority at the federal level. Elections in Malaysia never result in the 99% support for the incumbent party. Indeed the opposition parties always won a considerable number of seats in every legislative body at state and federal levels.

19. How anyone can claim that Malaysia is a one party state is quite incomprehensible. True, the Alliance and the Barisan Nasional have won all federal elections. But this is a democratic country and if the people chose to re-elect the Government it is their democratic right. Electing the opposition to govern does not make Malaysia any more democratic nor would it constitute proof that we are a two-party state. The suggestion that electing the opposition in the next election would create a 2 party system in Malaysia is baseless. The opposition parties do not constitute one party, not even a coalition. They are only going to help each other win elections. They would remain distinct, each with its own policy and agenda. They may form a coalition Government but it would be a loose coalition without a coherent single agenda.

20. Barak Obama promised change when elected. But he couldn’t even close down Guantanamo Bay or pull out of Iraq or Afghanistan immediately. He had to implement the surge planned by his predecessor. By the time he steps down nothing would have changed in the United States.

21. In Japan a clamour for change resulted in the LDP being defeated. But now the LDP is back, after only one term by the Democratic Party of Japan. The change of government did not improve the performance of Japan.

22. The idea that change must always be for the better is not always true. Milton Obote was said to be a bad President of Uganda. So Idi Amin seized power. He was worse and had to be forcibly removed by a rebel army.

23. Iraq was ruled by Saddam Hussain as a dictatorship. He was said to be very cruel. The United States decided there should be a regime change. This involved killing 200,000 innocent Iraqis and destroying their country.

24. There is a new Government now but it is doubtful that it is any better than that of Saddam. Where there was no confrontation between Sunnis and Shia under Saddam, there is now violent confrontation between the two, each bombing and killing the other.

25. There are lots of examples of regime changes but mostly nothing changed when the change takes place. Very few indeed are the examples of a change giving better results. As the French say “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose” (the more they change, the more things remain the same).

26. It is not necessary to change Government merely to establish a two-party system. Those who have a two-party system are not doing any better. They still have economic and financial crises, they still have recessions and they still face street demonstrations and strikes.

27. I have said before, better the devil you know than the angel you don’t. The Barisan Nasional is not exactly a devil. This country has developed very well under Barisan Nasional rule. And when it did not, it very quickly removed the failed leader.

28. The elections provide us with an opportunity to impress upon the ruling party the need for it to change within itself. The message will be delivered, the warning will be made, and there will be positive responses.

29. But in this country don’t gamble on the unknown and untried. The few opportunities that the opposition have been given have exposed their lack of skill and judgement. Kelantan has certainly not done well. As for Penang the little good that may be acknowledged is overshadowed by the many failures.

30. Elections are meant for the people to choose the party which will govern the country. The assumption is that the people know what is good for them. But in reality the majority of the people do not know. They vote either for their race, or party because of the propaganda they are exposed to. Only a small minority understand the issues and the quality of the parties contesting.

31. As a result, elections can result in the wrong party being elected to form the Government.

32. It is important, therefore, for the electorate to be given as much good information on the parties and their policies and records as is possible so they will make educated decisions.


1. Kemana sahaja saya pergi, di Malaysia atau luar Negara, saya akan ditanya bila pilihanraya akan diadakan.

2. Saya harap saya tahu jawapannya tetapi Perdana Menteri tidak memberitahu saya apa-apa, dan lazimnya hanya Perdana Menteri yang boleh menentukan tarikh tersebut. Sudah tentu tarikh itu tidak boleh melangkaui tempoh 5 tahun hayat Parlimen.

3. Soalan seterusnya ialah samada Barisan Nasional akan menang. Jawapan saya ia akan menang. Tetapi sebesar mana kemenangan itu sangat penting. Malaysia tidak boleh ditadbir oleh Parlimen yang berbelah-bahagi (hung Parliament) atau sebuah Kerajaan yang lemah. Keduanya tidak baik untuk Malaysia kerana semua akan tumpu kepada politik dan ekonomi serta pembangunan akan diketepi.

4. Ramai yang berkata Perikatan/Barisan Nasional telah berkuasa terlampau lama. Benar. Saya percaya bahawa sesuatu pemerintahan tidak boleh terlalu lama. Tetapi sekarang saya tidak begitu yakin pandangan saya boleh digunapakai untuk semua keadaan.

5. Ini kerana alternatif kepada Barisan Nasional adalah sesuatu yang menakutkan Ia dipimpin oleh seorang yang obsesi hanya hendak jadi Perdana Menteri tidak kira bagaimana sekalipun. Dulu saya tertanya-tanya mengapa ia menyertai UMNO dan bukan PAS. Sekarang saya faham. Ia akan melakukan apa sahaja untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri. Menyertai UMNO dan tidak PAS, yang pemimpinnya tidak pernah jadi Perdana Menteri, ia akan menjadi Perdana Menteri hanya dengan memanjat tangga kepimpinan UMNO. Sebaik sahaja menyertai UMNO ia bertanding jawatan Ketua Pemuda. Kemudian ia bertanding Naib Presiden seterusnya Timbalan Presiden. Langkah selanjutnya ialah menjatuhkan Presiden dan menjadi Perdana Menteri. Ia amat mudah.

6. Tetapi Perdana Menteri kelihatan tidak mahu berundur. Maka ia memulakan gerakan sulit memburukkan Perdana Menteri. Apa yang berlaku sudah menjadi lipatan sejarah.

7. Sekarang ia menerajui pembangkang dengan harapan akan dinobatkan di Putrajaya sebagai Perdana Menteri selepas pilihanraya ini. Saya berpendapat ini tidak baik untuk Negara. Begitu juga dengan koleksi caca-marba Pakatan yang cuma berpakat untuk tidak bertanding sesama mereka tetapi sebaliknya menyokong satu sama lain untuk memenangi pilihanraya sahaja. Selain parti “Saya mahu jadi Perdana Menteri”, turut sama ialah parti yang rasis dan parti yang memperalatkan agama. Mereka akan berbalah sepanjang masa. Mereka bukan satu gabungan. Mereka cuma berpakat untuk membantu masing-masing memenangi pilihanraya. Sekarang pun mereka sudah berbalah berkenaan siapa yang patut jadi Perdana Menteri. Mereka tidak berpegang kepada pendapat bahawa parti yang terbesar harus memimpin.

8. Memang benar Barisan Nasional sudah lama berkuasa. Begitu juga PAS di Kelantan. Tiada siapa boleh nafi kemajuan dan kemakmuran luar biasa yang dikecap di Negara dicapai dalam tempoh pemerintahan Barisan Nasional. Ini tidak boleh dinyatakan mengenai pencapaian PAS di Kelantan.

9. Kepimpinan PAS dan DAP yang sudah berumur tidak bertukar jauh lebih lama berbanding Barisan Nasional dan parti-parti komponennya. Sudah enam Perdana Menteri memimpin Kerajaan Barisan Nasional tetapi dalam tempoh itu Ketua DAP masih tetap ditempatnya dan tidak mahu melepaskan jawatan. Dan anaknya akan mengambil-alih. Sebuah dinasti sedang terbina.

10. Kepimpinan PAS juga tidak berubah dalam tempoh kepimpinan empat pemimpin Barisan Nasional.

11. Ketua Keadilan meletakkan dirinya sebagai Penasihat tetapi menobat isterinya sebagai Presiden dan anak perempuannya sebagai Naib Presiden. Teman akrabnya menjadi timbalan. Tidak ada tanda-tanda akan berlaku sebarang perubahan kepimpinan. Dan pasti tiada pemimpin yang akan meletak jawatan.

12. Perubahan mestilah dari dalam dan luar. Perubahan luaran hanyalah untuk mengabui mata. Semasa kepimpinan enam ketua UMNO, polisi agak berbeza diantara satu sama lain. Kerajaan yang dipimpin tidak boleh dianggap sama. Yang pasti prinsip politik dan ekonomi jauh berbeza. Begitu juga dengan dasar luar. Malah boleh dikata walaupun nama adalah sama, Kerajaan setiap Perdana Menteri itu berbeza satu sama lain.

13. Barisan Nasional yang bertanding dalam Pilihanraya Umum ke !3 tidak akan sama dengan Barisan Nasional dibawah kepimpinan lima yang terdahulu. Ia adalah Barisan Nasional yang baru. Dan perubahan akan berlaku.

14. Namun begitu Barisan Nasional tetap berpegang kepada prinsip dan polisi asas yang sama. Parti komponen BN mengamalkan demokrasi di dalam parti dan Negara. BN percaya kepada perdagangan bebas dan inisiatif dari sector swasta. BN berpegang kepada kerjasama antara kaum dan perkongsian kuasa. BN juga percaya kepada agihan kekayaan yang adil diantara kaum. BN mesra perniagaan tanpa meminggir kepentingan anggota masyarakat yang lain.

15. Ia terbuka kepada innovasi dan idea-idea baru serta mengambil-kira pandangan yang dilontar rakyat dan ini membawa kepada perubahan dan transformasi. Cuma yang buta sahaja yang tidak dapat melihat perbezaan antara pemimpin tertinggi Kerajaan BN.

16. Ini bukanlah Negara satu parti. Barisan Nasional itu sendiri adalah gabungan 14 parti yang berlainan. Mereka boleh bersama atau memilih untuk keluar. Banyak parti ditubuh di Malaysia semasa zaman Perikatan dan Barisan memerintah Negara. Setengahnya dapat bertahan walaupun tidak menyertai gabungan Kerajaan.Yang lain seperti Sosialis, terus hilang. Setengahnya berjaya ke Parlimen manakala yang lain gagal memastikan wakil mereka ke Parlimen ataupun Dewan Undangan Negeri.

17. Parti-parti pembangkang yang bertahan tidak pernah gagal untuk memenangi beberapa kerusi di dalam setiap pilihanraya. PAS kekal menerajui Kelantan menerusi beberapa pilihanraya dan pernah memenangi Terengganu dua kali. Sebuah parti tempatan pernah menewaskan Barisan Nasional dan menubuh Kerajaan di Sabah. Pulau Pinang dimenangi Parti Gerakan, ketika itu sebuah parti pembangkang.

18. Pilihanraya di Malaysia tidak pernah membosankan. Dalam tahun 1969, Perikatan hampir kalah dan dalam tahun 2008 Barisan Nasional kehilangan lima buah Negeri, satu Wilayah Persekutuan dan gagal mendapatkan majoriti dua pertiga di peringkat Persekutuan. Keputusan pilihanraya di Malaysia tidak pernah melihat parti yang memerintah mendapat sokongan 99%. Hakikatnya parti pembangkang selalu memenangi sebilangan kerusi di peringkat Dewan Undangan Negeri dan peringkat Persekutuan.

19. Sukar untuk memahami bagaimana seseorang boleh menyatakan bahawa Malaysia adalah Negara pemerintahan satu parti. Memang benar Perikatan dan Barisan Nasional memenangi semua pilihanraya Persekutuan. Negara ini negara demokratik dan jika rakyat memilih untuk mengundi semula parti Kerajaan itu hak demokratik mereka. Mengundi pembangkang untuk memerintah tidak menjadikan Malaysia lebih demoratik mahupun menjadi bukti kita mengamalkan system dwi-parti. Pandangan jika mengundi pembangkang dalam pilihanraya akan datang akan menjadikan Malaysia negara yang mengamalkan system dwi-parti adalah tidak berasas. Parti-parti pembangkang tidak mewakili satu parti, bukan pun satu gabungan. Mereka membantu satu sama lain hanya untuk memenangi pilihanraya. Mereka akan kekal bersendirian, setiap satu dengan dasar dan agenda masing-masing. Mereka mungkin menubuhkan Kerajaan campuran tetapi ia akan menjadi gabungan yang longgar tanpa satupun agenda yang jelas.

20. Barak Obama menjanjikan perubahan bila terpilih. Tetapi ia tidak berdaya untuk menutup Guantanamo Bay ataupun keluar segera dari Iraq atau Afghanistan. Ia terpaksa meneruskan tindakan yang dirancang oleh orang yang digantikannya. Apabila tamat edahnya tiada apa perubahan yang telah berlaku di Amerika Syarikat.

21. Di Jepun kehendak kepada perubahan membawa kepada kekalahan LDP. Sekarang LDP kembali berkuasa menggantikan Parti Demokratik Jepun yang kekal hanya satu penggal. Perubahan Kerajaan tidak meningkat kemajuan Jepun.

22. Pendapat bahawa perubahan semestinya membawa kebaikan tidak selalu benar. Milton Obote dikatakan Presiden yang tidak baik untuk Uganda. Maka Idi Amin merampas kuasa. Ia lebih buruk sehingga terpaksa diturunkan secara paksa oleh tentera yang memberontak.

23. Iraq diperintah oleh Saddam Hussein sebagai diktator. Ia dikatakan amat kejam. Amerika Syarikat membuat keputusan melakukan pertukaran rejim (regime change). Ini melibatkan pembunuhan 200,000 rakyat Iraq yang tidak berdosa selain menghancurkan negara mereka.

24. Terdapat Kerajaan baru sekarang tetapi disangsikan kebaikannya berbanding Kerajaan Saddam. Tidak ada pertelingkahan antara puak Sunnah wal Jamaah dengan Syiah di zaman Saddam, tetapi sekarang pertembungan ganas sering berlaku antara dua pihak ini, masing-masing mengebom dan membunuh pihak yang lain.

25. Terdapat banyak contoh perubahan rejim tetapi kebanyakkannya tiada perubahan yang berlaku hasil darinya. Amat sedikit contoh menunjuk apabila berlaku perubahan keadaan bertambah baik. Sepertimana dikatakan oleh orang Perancis “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose” (lebih banyak perubahan, lebih banyak kekal sama).

26. Tidak perlu menukar Kerajaan semata-mata untuk menegak system dwi-parti. Negara yang mempunyai system dwi-parti tidak berkeadaan lebih baik. Mereka masih menghadapi krisis kekonomi dan kewangan, mereka mengalami kemelesetan, berdepan dengan demonstrasi jalanan dan mogok.

27. Saya telah nyatakan sebelum ini “better the devil you know than the angel you don’t.” Barisan Nasional bukanlah syaitan. Negara ini maju dengan jaya di bawah pemerintahan Barisan Nasional. Bila kejayaan tidak berlaku, Barisan cepat menukar pemimpin yang gagal.

28. Pilihanraya memberi kita peluang untuk menunjuk kepada parti pemerintah akan perlunya mengubah dirinya sendiri. Mesej ini akan sampai, amaran telah diberi dan tindakan positif akan diambil.

29. Jangan perjudi Negara ini dengan yang tidak dikenali dan yang belum teruji. Beberapa peluang yang diberi kepada pembangkang menunjuk kekurangan kemahiran dan pencapaian. Kelantan jelas tidak maju dengan baik. Pulau Pinang pula, kejayaan yang sedikit disertai dengan kegagalan yang banyak.

30. Pilihanraya bertujuan untuk rakyat memilih parti yang akan memerintah Negara. Ramai percaya majoriti rakyat tahu apa yang baik untuk mereka. Tetapi hakikatnya majoriti rakyat tidak tahu. Mereka mengundi samada berdasarkan kaum atau parti yang propagandanya terdedah kepada mereka. Cuma segelintir yang memahami isu-isu dan kualiti parti yang bertanding.

31. Akibatnya, pilihanraya mungkin menyebabkan parti yang tidak layak terpilih membentuk Kerajaan.

32. Kerana kemungkinan ini, amatlah penting pengundi diberi seberapa banyak penjelasan yang mungkin mengenai parti dan dasar serta rekod mereka supaya pengundi dapat membuat keputusan yang pintar.

125 thoughts on “ELECTION

  1. panya May 9,2013 5:25 PM

    “The elections provide us with an opportunity to impress upon the ruling party the need for it to change within itself. The message will be delivered, the warning will be made, and there will be positive responses.”


    Why then are the Chinese and Indians blamed when BN loses seats? Why post-GE 12 were there an increase in inflammatory messages in the hopes of fanning Malay patriotism? I often wish that all that you say are manifested in the actions of BN, but, sadly, there are not.

  2. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 11:46 AM

    I am signing out chedet bloig permanently as my national and international obligations to find out what made BN lost 2/3 majority in GE 12th that caused the share market plunged due to takut kalah undi by saying speculation is illegal, but manipulation is legal in money markets too in which it is against law of Malaysia and will not be welcome by Malaysian and Foreigner investors to bailout failures again.

    Once again, I thank you Tun Dr MM for allowing me to comment in this blog to make BN knows whereby they have gone wrong in the past.

    I am sure PM is ready to call general election anytime now to get the new mandate to be favored by all races in Malaysia to transform the economy into the next level to make Malaysia a country to be welcomed by the world.

  3. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 11:23 AM

    I am tired too, but did I give up as Malaysian who respect democracy?

    I fully support The Star Education fund whereby the fund is channeled to all Malaysians with good results.

    Did MIC channel education fund to Tamil students?

    Is MIC a “nambikei” political party to represent Indian minority whereby they want to increase Indian and Pakistan immigrants via IC in Sabah secara haram with Samy Vellu still around?

    MIC will fall when poor Indian families no longer need them anymore whereby they can apply for PTPTN or any Scholarships opened to all Malaysians.

  4. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 10:32 AM

    Then, movie like Agro should be shown in Malaysians’ owned cinema too.

    Then, movie like Tanda Putera should be shown in Malaysians’ owned cinema too.

    What is in their mind since MIC got RM100 million education fund for Tamil schools in which their own people prefer to join Kebangsaan school and public/private/semi-government universities?

  5. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 12:19 AM

    PM Najib, like what PM of Australia does, announce GE 13th date so that BN and PR can campaign their promises to the people.

    Don’t let Malaysians guest, PM Najib.

    If you keep letting Malaysians guest, it means you are not a transparent and cannot be trusted punya PM.

  6. wajaperak Jan 30,2013 2:52 PM

    Tun ribuan terimakasih kerana ruangan..
    Dear Mr fzal..
    That is exactly what I am trying to tell you..
    The female of our species should not meddle the male of species ‘evolution’ from boy to man.
    This is sacrosanct.The moment the ethic is breached many more will be open for abuse.The initial stage of ethnic cleansing and many other’s bad clinical practice commenced from this ‘desensitization’ of moral values..And is involves..It soften many stand..
    This is actually the reflection of the moral pratice our people of the masses and the masses of people.This simple practiced is flouted as many other’s because the desensitization of the ethic.No realization of the distinct line of moral values.And when you do videos of yourselves you can alway’s say ( actually all the time )..That person look like me..definitely not me!..Talk about the Doppleganger in practice’s..
    The whole point is about belief.
    We should backtrack of heated argument that will lead dissension.
    Hear..Hear..from someone guilty of the very subject!..
    Who me?..I say’s thing I did not practice?..
    Actually when you attack someone other religion or belief,the population of the belief can choose which measures to act upon.Why attack my religion in the first place?Hatred?Ignorance?..I believe in “you sent me to Hospital, I send you to the morgue” adage.
    ( Sean Connery 1987)

    [But where is the HAQ when we can easily accuse and blame someone without actual proof?]
    Coming back to the brave words.I should amputate the cancerous growth of the affected the effect.
    This is something non clinician should ever says.This is irresponsible statement.
    Which biopsy that you refer’s before making such statement?
    What was the growth like?..Benign neoplasm or malignant?
    Which stage? Secondary? Terminal ? First ? Second ?
    Have maximum intervention over stipulated of time given?
    How does the patient cope with chemotherapy?
    Is the patient responding to the conventional treatment?
    How sufficient the pharmacotherapy regime?
    And so on..
    This go to show’s many ‘public figures’ are guilty of exaggeration..
    People who does not study the in the respective field should refrain from uttering something they have lack of knowledege as stated in Al Quran..

    “Janganlah kamu memperkatakan sesuatu yang kamu tiada pengetahuan tentangnya kerana pendengaran,penglihatan serta hati semua akan di pertanggungjawabkan”..

    [One tiny fault which is not even attributable to a person does not make him or her a bad person]

    This is another story maybe related to the issue.
    My friend studied medicine in India.
    He told me medicine is the toughest subject of all profession.I might agree to certain degree.
    In the final examination,one student was called by the Dean and sadly were informed that he have failed by a mere point.One point only.He begged earnestly to be accepted as a Doctor by a virtue just short by a point.One.
    The Dean said “I rather fail you now then you failed me in the Operation Theather at the Operating Table”…That is it..

    We in Malaysia get away scot free in many “of our erroneous way”..actually we should be a Ninja that have to take our own life the moment we fail in the assigned task.That is why a Ninja is among the utmost discipline of operator.Failure is certain death.

    [We can’t have leaders who steal and abuse tax payers money as if it is their own]
    This is serious.Who could prove such allegation’s?..The moment a leader asleep in front of the audience he must be severely censured because of corrupt practice.


    Peace upon you too.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  7. fzal Jan 30,2013 11:55 AM

    Dear wajaperak,

    Like I said before, I don’t agree with everything that every single person or leader does. Now I don’t know whether videotaping someone undergoing a circumcision is done as a matter of practice or not and if so, whether it is done with the consent of the government or not. If it did happen, then I certainly wouldn’t agree with it unless there are good reasons for it (I can’t think of any here). But I believe health is under the purview of the federal government under our constitution. Correct me if I’m wrong. So, if I were to blame someone for something like that, I would start with the federal government before pointing fingers at the state. But I am not here to play the blame game. So I leave it at that 🙂

    I am not here to defend Nik Aziz. But where is the HAQ when we can easily accuse and blame someone without actual proof? 🙂

    I never said “Muslimin are terrorists”. I really don’t know where you are getting that from. In fact, I don’t consider any terrorist as a muslim simply because they go against the teachings of the Quran.

    Anyway, my point is to examine a leader, we have to look at the person as a whole. One tiny fault which is not even attributable to a person does not make him or her a bad person. We are just selecting who we think is the best. For the purpose of appointing a leader to govern the country, the most important factor to me is integrity and honesty. We can’t have leaders who steal and abuse tax payers money as if it is their own 🙂

    Peace be upon u.

  8. wajaperak Jan 30,2013 8:06 AM

    Tun..terima kasih kerana ruangan..

    Dear Mr fzal..( another sigh…)
    [nik aziz in action]
    This is another big seed of conflict..
    When you are an Israel of course Benjamin Nyetanyahu could do no wrong….:)
    So let us use the very barometer they proclaimed themselves..
    Islamic values..What are they?..
    The very basic Islamic values is the demonstration in one way of talking,walking especially walking the talk.And what is the biggest Islamic in vocal?
    The good deed,character and ethic.
    This is very questionable is Nik Abdul Aziz conduct.
    He did not..I repeat..He did not promote’s “akhlak mulia”.
    No way you can find him promoting good values like Rasullulah s.a.w does ( he still do!)..
    This is the bone of very basic contention.
    Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan cannot be given the job he is not fit to do..It is disastrous.
    And you can see nowadays,woman,girls and ladies ‘participating’ in the circumcision.The process of circumcision.Why would they need to videotape the whole process is beyond me.Leave the job to the male relatives or even the medical personnel.Do they have the kick watching the male gentalia getting the snip?..
    My point is we always believe in certain value and always refuse to admit if we are proven wrong.Take these example.
    The musyrikin accused Rasullulah s.a.w in dividing between husband and wife.Father and son and so on.What kind of religion that are you bringing us to Muhammad?..Instead of denying you must accept the truth.It is true but the main issue is HAQ.
    Islam itu memisahkan yang HAQ dengan yang BATIL.
    So if division came,the issue must be value according to the HAQ and BATIL.
    So..Muslimin is terrorist?..YES..
    According to your belief and values.
    Where HAQ is concern’s where will you be?..
    Our faith is free to be examined and determined.
    And it is most unfortunate if we are not in line of the HAQ..

    Thank you.
    Terima kasih Tun.

    By the way in medical terminology there is no cancer.
    Only neoplasm.

  9. fzal Jan 29,2013 4:55 PM

    Thanks wajaperak for your interesting story.

    But here is the thing. You’re story is different from that of the current situation. You said in your story that “we have doubt because she have demonstrated the not so ‘viable’ social skill.” I wouldn’t elect her myself if I am not satisfied with her performance.

    But this is not so in the case of voting for the next GE. I have seen people like tan sri khalid and nik aziz in action. I have seen young leaders like nik nazmi and tony pua in action. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider everything they do as correct and infallible as no one is maksum 🙂 But I know and believe that they are capable leaders who are trustworthy based on their governance in their respective states. But no one can guarantee the future. There is no guarantee (though I don’t think this will happen) that they might turn around and betray the people when they get into power. This is what I mean by trust and “leaving it to Allah”. I don’t make decision just only because I want change. I will make sure that my decision is based on facts.

    Unlike the story you mentioned, this is not about being nice because we have to be nice to everyone. But this is about making the right decision i.e. the best decision. I am listening to both sides and am willing to reconsider my position at anytime before the GE. So far, the ruling party has not managed to convince me that they have been truthful, honest and transparent to the public. I have proposed a simple method for this in my previous post. Even Anwar has made an offer to open his bank accounts if every MPs does the same. I can’t see any reason why a truthful person would refuse such an offer. So, whether the MPs want to listen and do so, that’s out of my hands. After all, I only have one vote out of the millions 🙂

    I am not a doctor. But I surely know that if I don’t treat a cancer as soon as possible, it could get worse.

    Nice discussion wajaperak and thank you to you and tun for giving me a chance to explain myself.

    Peace be upon you all 🙂

  10. wajaperak Jan 29,2013 2:12 PM

    Terima kasih Tun kerana ruangan..
    Mr fzal…( sigh )…
    The whole contention is about giving a chance..( remember?..:)
    Certain quarter’s do not deserve’s any chance regarding perfomance wise..
    Ok..I give you a ‘story’.
    I was in BTN sometimes ago and the participant elected me to become the “Master” of the stage meaning I was incharge in selecting who is the master of ceremony.They offer themselves or I get to veto whom I thought might not be suitable for the job.
    We had a grand audience of Dato Farid Ariffin the Deputy Minister of Health.
    Now..who should I select to become the MC…or who not to select?..
    A certain lady offer herself to become MC..we have doubt because she have demonstrated the not so ‘viable’ social skill..What the heck?..Give her a chance like she asked for..
    And like the black cloud that preceded heavy thunder storm’s..I could only regret the decision..
    It only goes to show that I could prevented the embarassment we had to endure because we are so ‘nice’ in giving chances to whom does not deserves them..
    Here..take my neck.. not slit my throat..
    I rather skip the punch line because I like to reflect about my folly..
    Do you?..
    Terima kasih Tun..

  11. fzal Jan 29,2013 11:14 AM

    Interesting facts wajaperak. Thank you. hehe. But I would like to know how it would relate to your disappointment with me?

  12. HBT456 Jan 29,2013 8:50 AM

    Why worry, Nasha?

    PAS tak kasih lu makan, lu boleh join UMNO Baru since BN Chairman brought you to Gaza and Palestine to see for yourself how extreme religion and narrow-minded agenda can damage the states.

    BN Chairman got so many ceramah that require speakers to talk about PAS punya style to new Malaysian audiences who want to know what happened in the past because of “Kalimah Allah”.

    In the mean time, Nasha can see for yourself should you continue to maintain a lost cause just to get votes for the sake of Islam Kelantan after being ruled by Tok Nik for more than 30 years now?

    “Kalimah Allah” to me is like Cultural Revolution due to some evil, corrupted and insane minded VVIPs surrounding Chairman Mao that made him rejected in New China.

  13. HBT456 Jan 28,2013 10:45 PM

    Did Malay and Indian political leaders said something about this?


    At least MCA did this to tuntutkan justice for Little William.

  14. HBT456 Jan 28,2013 10:31 PM

    I think the worst case ever happened to a child is when this little Malay girl is raped until she died by an Indian old guard in the rural area.

  15. wajaperak Jan 28,2013 7:24 PM

    Terima kasih Tun kerana ruangan..

    Alamak saudara fzal..
    It is long and tedious process of thousands years in inheritance…:)
    Nevertheless..Due to my simplistic nature, I think you should look at the bone of the contention of allopathic and homeopathic treatment as an allegory..
    People who support homeopathic claimed that allopathic is ‘smothering’ the root origin of the diseases that ail patient’s.Hence..’give us the chance to prove ourselves’…
    We introduce treament’s that is homogeneous to the natural human body defence mechanism..
    So..because I say’s so that is what it is!!..
    Allopathic ‘practitioner’ lack clinical and empiric evidence base.Documentation alike.
    So engaging them is very much trying,eroding our patience and whatever ‘intelliegence’ that we have..
    By we,I meant all clinician or the supporter of the Clinical Practice Guideline’s..
    Consequently our diferrence of the opinion start from the hierarchy of the level of the staff application..
    The Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan could not claim of ‘giving a chanche’ from Jururawat Masyarakat.
    Jururawat Masyarakat could not claim so from Jururawat.
    Jururawat cannot claim the same from Penolong Pegawai Perubatan.
    Penolong Pegawai Perubatan cannot lay the claim from Pegawai Perubatan and
    Pegawai Perubatan cannot do the same against the Specialist..
    And the Specialist cannot

    PLAY GOD!!!…

    Thank you..
    Terima kasih Tun..
    By the way..
    It have come to my attention that Mr Mubarak Chan is a Doctor..
    Maybe he can give certain highlight?…:)

  16. HBT456 Jan 28,2013 11:11 AM

    Suddenly they want probe, not inquest.

    They think PDRM is a pariah government body under Agong and PM whereby lawyers of maha kuasa owned by Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR can do what they want in common law just because of “Kalimah Allah”?

    Do you know how many innocent victims suffered because of “Kalimah Allah”?

    If PKR tumpah in Selangor, you think Indian lawyers can play with common law with so many Malays and Chinese are as better and more patriotic than them?

    Who screwed the Indian roots?

    Ask they Indian political leaders who can be bought with money.

  17. HBT456 Jan 28,2013 8:30 AM

    What do you expect with RM1 medical charge to serve rakyat like fzal?

    Therefore, Wajarperak is just only MENURUT PERINTAH sebagai kaki tangan Kerajaan.

    What do you expect Sudin to do with gaji tak cukup to cope with rising inflation?

    The smart and hardworking ones are punished.

    But pembodek2 who speak words that they leaders like to hear and yes men are rewarded in governments, who wants to work for governments?

  18. fzal Jan 27,2013 9:18 PM

    Aegrescit medendo is an interesting phrase by wajaperak. Care to explain? 🙂

  19. HBT456 Jan 27,2013 6:28 PM

    Without support from BN component parties, can President UMNO be the PM?

    Rukun Negara is here to stay since we have general elections in every 5 years.

  20. ROZALIAYED Jan 27,2013 5:45 PM

    Assalamualaikum WBT Yg Bhg Tun,


    Saya ingin mengulas serba sedikit setakat yang saya ketahui mengenai isu yang telah pun menjadi lipatan sejarah seperti yang Tun katakan, iaitu isu satu gerakan sulit dengan objektif mahu menjatuhkan Presiden UMNO pada dalam Perhimpunan Agong UMNO tahun 1998 (jika tidak silap saya). Pada ketika itu saya masih begitu aktif dalam UMNO (Timbalan Ketua Cawangan dan Ahli Jawatankuasa Bahagian), dan saya amat menyokong kuat gabungan kepimpinan utama UMNO pada waktu itu (Presiden & Timbalan Presiden) dan ahli Jawatankuasa Majlis Tertinggi UMNO. Saya ada mendengar desas desus melalui bisikan-bisikan halus dan sulit dari rakan-rakan seperjuangan politik UMNO pada ketika itu secara tidak rasmi bahawa suatu usaha gerakkan sulit sedang dilakukan (sekitar lewat tahun 1996 dan 1997) dengan tujuan menjatuhkan Presiden UMNO pada waktu itu (Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad), dengan alasan bahawa Presiden UMNO Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad tidak akan berundur (meletak jawatan) dalam masa terdekat, justeru ianya akan menyekat peluang orang nombor 2 dalam parti dapat menduduki kerusi nombor satu dalam parti dan menjadi Perdana Menteri untuk membuat perubahan. Saya berpendapat bahawa isu sedemikian mungkin sengaja diada-adakan dan ianya seperti biasa sebagai mainan politik, dan mungkin sengaja nak melaga-lagakan diantara pemimpin dengan tujuan tertentu, kerana jika dilihat hubungan diantara kedua-dua pemimpin utama UMNO pada waktu itu amat intim, malah lebih dari itu Presiden UMNO sendiri (Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad) pernah membuat kenyataan melalui media bahawa bakal penggantinya adalah Timbalan Presiden UMNO pada waktu itu (sekitar tahun 1997-1998).

    2. Melihat suasana politik selepas Timbalan Presiden UMNO/Timbalan Perdana Menteri pada waktu itu sekitar tahun 1998 (Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim) disingkirkan dari UMNO dan digugurkan dari menjawat Jawatan dalam kabinet sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri dengan sebab-sebab tertentu yang umum sudahpun mengetahuinya, saya mula menilai semula isu gerakkan sulit yang pernah saya dengar mahu menjatuhkan Presiden UMNO dan menjadi Perdana Menteri menjelang tahun 1998. Mungkin untuk hendak menjaga imej UMNO pada waktu itu, isu gerakkan sulit menjatuhkan Presiden UMNO tidak disebarluaskan kepada umum dan ianya hanya diketahui dikalangan kepimpinan UMNO sahaja.

    3. Suana politik di Malaysia lebih mencabar setelah segala usaha pembangkang (khususnya Ketua Pembangkang) untuk melemahkan UMNO dan menjatuhkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional tidak berjaya. Hasrat Ketua Pembangkang mencapai cita-citanya mahu menjadi Perdana Menteri masih lagi kabur sehingga kini. UMNO/BN dibawah kepimpinan Perdana Menteri ke 5 dilihat ada kelemahan-kelemahan tertentu, maka diambil ruang dan peluang oleh Pakatan Pembangkang yang diterajui oleh YB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim untuk menumbangkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional pada PRU ke 12, tetapi atas ketentuan Allah SWT Barisan Nasional masih lagi berkuasa dan Pakatan Pembangkang (PKR, DAP & Pas) memperoleh sedikit penambahan kuasa di Kelantan, Kedah, Pulau Pinang & Selangor. Selepas lebih dari tempoh 4 tahun yang lalu Pakatan Pembangkang masih gagal menunjukkan bahawa urustadbir politik, ekonomi, sosial, dsb., mereka adalah lebih baik dari Barisan Nasional seperti yang diuwar-uwarkan sepanjang masa. Malah segala janji-janji yang dibuat semasa kempen PRU ke 12 masih begitu banyak gagal ditunaikan oleh Pakatan Pembangkang. Kelantan masih ketinggalan jauh dari aspek pembangunan setelah dirustadbir oleh Pas lebih dari 22 tahun yang lalu.

    4. Isu Kalimah Allah masih hangat diperkatan oleh rakyat setelah Setiausaha Agung DAP meminta kerajaan membenarkan Kalimah Suci Allah digunakan dalam Bible Versi Bahasa Melayu agama Kristian. Isu penggunaan Kalimah Allah tidak sepatutnya dibangkitkan, kerana ianya sudah diambil ketetapan oleh Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan mengenai Agama Islam bahawa Kalimah Allah “Exclusive” untuk Agama Islam sahaja dan tidak boleh digunakan oleh mana-mana Agama selain Islam. Tindakan Setiausaha Agung DAP membangkitkan isu Kalimah Allah menampakkan bahawa agama Islam tidak dihormati dan hanya mengundang masalah dalam negara Malaysia jika isu ini tidak ditangani dengan berhikmah oleh semua pihak termasuk kerajaan. Dukacitanya pemimpin utama Islam dalam PKR sendiri menyokong penggunaan Kalimah Allah oleh agama lain selain dari Agama Islam, mungkin atas kepentingan politik peribadi beliau sendiri dan sanggup menggadai maruah Agama Suci Islam dan memberi ruang kepada bukan Islam yang anti Islam memperlekehkan Islam. Kepimpinan Pas dalam Pakatan Rakyat juga sudah tersasar menyokong Kalimah Allah boleh digunakan oleh agama lain dengan alasan ianya suatu dakwah. Kepimpinan utama Pas buat pusingan U selepas Majlis Ulamak Pas buat keputusan bahawa Kalimah Allah “Exclusive” untuk Islam sahaja.

    5. Justeru melihat dan menilai perilaku corak kepimpinan Pakatan Pembangkang (DAP, PKR & Pas) yang banyak menimbulkan kemudharatan dari kebaikan, maka kerajaan sedia ada Barisan Nasional yang terbukti jelas dan nyata berkeupayaan tinggi mentadbir urus negara sewajarnya diberi sokongan yang kuat pada PRU ke 13 nanti.

    Sekian, terima kasih dan Wassalam Tun.

  21. balance Jan 27,2013 3:35 PM

    Half of the Malaysian Chineses will support BN led by UMNO as they dont want their nice warm nest shaken or stirred.
    IT is the Malay votes that BN should be afraid of. Ask a nelayan or kampung melayu about what have BN done and they will tell you “setengah wang subsidi atau project hilang sebelum keluar bilik meeting”

    DAP is a small fry just picking up all those lose changes from BN mistakes and greed. DAP dont need LKY and LKY dont need DAP.
    DAP just need more mistake from BN and they can put a kid as candidate and people will vote them.
    Long time ago people said Gerakan is an adopted child of LKY and PAP too as Tun Lim Chong Eu is a friend of LKY. Today all are wrong as they become part of BN and maybe DAP will do the same. Who knows???

    There is nothing wrong about BN just that they taken things for granted for too long and forget about the rakyat. The civil service war lords play a big part of the failure of BN, they get big headed as they know nothing can happen to them even though they dont work or take money. Now BN Govt must make them work hard for the votes and it is good for everyone including BN led by UMNO, MCA and MIC

    Surely must vote for BN!!!

  22. HBT456 Jan 27,2013 12:52 PM

    Sibotak, mau win win, you must have the big heart, love and willing to sacrifice your time for better tomorrow of the country.

  23. sibotak Jan 27,2013 12:36 PM




  24. HBT456 Jan 27,2013 11:58 AM

    Being the Chief Editor, Datuk Wong Chun Wai should always hope for the best that The Star Team can do it as readers like Balance may have never work in publication before.

    Don’t give up, The Star Team.

    French men said,
    “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose
    The more they change, the more things remain the same
    Lebih banyak perubahan, lebih banyak kekal sama.”

    Malaysians said,
    “Transliteration (pinyin): Fù zhài zǐ huán.
    Traditional: 父債子還
    Simplified: 父债子还
    Literally: Father’s debt, son to give back.
    Meaning: Each generation will reap what the former generation has sown.
    把話說到心窩裡. 水雲齋文化事業有限公司. 2001. p. 154. ISBN 9579279551.

  25. mubarakchan Jan 27,2013 10:37 AM


    For all for are loyal to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and the Country.

    The ambitions of Lee Kuan Yew towards Malaysia go back a long way since his Raffles College days with the late Tun Abdul Razak, the Royal Professor Tan Sri Ungku Abdul Aziz and other luminaries.
    Fast trek to the proposed formation of Malaysia in 1963, he was flummoxed by the Communists in PAP. Our famous and kind Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman despatched a special emissary, Tan Sri C.C. Too to advise Lee Kuan Yew how to tighten his grip on the population and get rid of the Communists. He became a successful one-man over 55 year ruler of Singapore and her destiny. His character and determination is such that he maintain his purpose and objective right up to now even though Singapore is a sovereign state – to control Malaysia at whatever the cost and means. His main weakness is he does not understand the Malays and Bumiputras and did not to, and ignored the Malaysian Chinese in general, taking the realpolitik line that they are corrupt and useless to his cause. And can be bought up with money. He only dealt with the digits which are important for his purpose in his eyes.

    Surprisingly, Singapore’s attempts to influence potentially important Malayan digits began as early as 1957 just 2 years after the formation of the PAP in 1955. Swallows, tea-parties etc were deployed to entertain the young and elegant Malay students in Malaya Hall for support in the very best KGB fashion ! Unfortunately, there was rising nationalism amongst them and some of them were not convinced of the superiority of Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew and his starred Double First in Law from Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals London. Fortunately, those who were taken up by this spiel never made it to be Prime Minister of Malaysia !

    This form of polishing and praising the egos of important Malays and Bumiputras was practised to this day by Lee Kuan Yew by inviting these elegant and smart gentlemen, and sometimes young ones or the DAP leadership to forums normally organised by the Institute of South East Asian Studies. And praises would be heaped upon them on their brilliant deliveries. This began as long ago as when the Institute was established in 1972 and inspired the book ‘Malaysian Maverick’ in 2010 to pigeon hole one of our greatest Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Cheeky ! In other words, the Institute is used as a political tool to massage egos or destroy . Clever !

    And further, newly retired important senior Malay civil servants were awarded the LLD by the National University of Singapore , a move that retards the normal political and socio-economic of Malaysia as this cause the unsuspecting and the ill-informed to be beholden to Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore always for free for the price of a piece of paper ! As far as I know, no Malaysian Chinese or Indian was ever awarded such degrees.

    Why the DAP a political party founded and inspired by Lee Kuan Yew determined to remain in direct opposition to the ruling BN as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties from 1968 to 2013, a period of 44 years ? Its slogan and open speeches and writings retard the progress of a normal political socio-economic progress of our beloved Malaysia which instigated the suspicion and maybe hatred by the Malays and Bumiputras about the Malaysian Chinese who are only interested in making an honest living for their own survival.

    Is the DAP good for Malaysia as it was founded and inspired by Lee Kuan Yew who is now found wanting by his own poor Singaporean electorate ? Is the foreign owned DAP good for our beloved Malaysia to progress with her reforms and other world class initiatives to come under the BN as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties ?

    My answer is that the DAP should return to Singapore and should not be a trouble-maker in Malaysia or a foreigner’s or Lee Kuan Yew’s cats paw as the latter is loosening his grip on Singaporean political affairs. Even without them, Malaysia needs all support to stand proud, tall and strong to pursue the reforms as promised by our distinguished Prime Minister, YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak through the BN as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties ! We must recognise our own sovereignty, national interest and self-esteem unlike a few years ago when a die-hard PAP cadre became the Chief Editor of the New Straits Times, an UMNO owned outfit. And as a sweetener, a huge luscious Sime Darby contract went with the job amongst other happenings. I thought I was on Mars, not the Moon !

    It is stupid of any Malaysian especially the Malaysian Chinese to support the DAP when even the home of Lee Kuan Yew and PAP, Singapore rejects the awesome and mighty titan for his policy failures despite his magnificent academic credentials. And what the DAP has got which can match even an iota of the academic qualifications of this great man called Lee Kuan Yew !

    Fortunately, my numbskull was not penetrated by all this silly talk of great achievements of the great titian Lee Kuan Yew because my grades were better at the entrance to my 500 year old college than his who went into Fitzwilliam House the lowest ranking non-collegiate college by the back door !

    Vote BN. All Malaysians especially the Malaysian Chinese. Let the truth be told about Lee Kuan Yew, the PAP and the DAP. They are all one and the same. But we are Malaysians.

    The Singaporeans are waking up ! The Malaysian Chinese who have been brainswashed since 1959, should wake up after all they literally sleep next to their compatriots. It is peace, stability and prosperity that the Malaysian Chinese want, not the great and awesome titan Lee Kuan Yew who are now found by his own rapidly diminishing people to have feet of clay.

  26. HBT456 Jan 27,2013 10:27 AM

    PAS macam ini pun boleh?

    They have used this tactic of “Kalimah Allah” again and again tanpa jemu to bring down Malay leaders just because they cannot accept the fact that new Malaysians no longer look at them.

    I am waiting for DS Anwar Ibrahim since he said he knew the root cause to make clear statement on this if he thinks that he can be the PM by lobbying supports from Sabah.

  27. HBT456 Jan 27,2013 10:08 AM

    Just because Malay political parties think more votes can be used as quantitative easing method, that does not mean even if they win as Wakil Rakyat, they are layak to be seated in Parliament.

    Traditional: 風向轉變時,有人築牆,有人造風車
    Simplified: 风向转变时,有人筑墙,有人造风车
    Literally: When the wind of change blows, some build walls, while others build windmills.
    English equivalent: When one door closes, another opens.
    Meaning: When your life seems to be changing, it is better to adapt to the changes rather than be stubborn.
    Friedman (2009). 世界又熱、又平、又擠: 全球暖化、能源耗竭、人口爆炸危機下的新經濟革命. 天下遠見出版股份有限公司.

  28. HBT456 Jan 27,2013 9:42 AM


    Yesterday, UMNO was good.

    Today, PAS is better.

    Tomorrow, PKR is worst.

    Have you decided which political party you decided to join or vote as kaum Melayu saja in your constituency to layakkan dirimu sebagai rakyat Malaysia?

  29. sibotak Jan 27,2013 9:31 AM







  30. amin tan Jan 27,2013 5:04 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Let us listen to the words of wisdom from Tan Sri Muhyuddin Yassin as I quote below,

    “”Published: Saturday January 26, 2013 MYT 5:46:00 PM
    Updated: Saturday January 26, 2013 MYT 9:14:31 PM

    Muhyiddin urges parties not to sensationalise religious issues

    SABAK BERNAM: Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin says statements on religion should take into account racial and religious sensitivities.

    Commenting on the Bible-burning remarks by Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Muhyiddin said he believed that Ibrahim had given his explanation and that the police were aware of that.

    “What’s important now is not to sensationalise the issue and that whoever plans to make a statement should also take account of racial and religious sensitivities,” he said.

    The deputy prime minister was talking to reporters after attending a closed-door briefing for Sabak Bernam and Sungai Besar Umno and Barisan Nasional component parties here.

    On Selangor, Muhyiddin said the people were now more aware of supporting Barisan after facing various problems under the Pakatan Rakyat government.

    He said this also implied that the coalition has a good chance to win back the state after the party’s dismal performance in the 2008 general election.

    “Overall, it appears that the support for BN is good and growing,” he said.

    Muhyiddin, however, admitted that it was a very challenging matter and that he would not want to over-estimate the people’s support for Barisan.

    “I am confident that the people are now very much aware of the people who make up the opposition government of Selangor today,” he said.””

    Malaysia is a multi racial and multi religious country. Let us respect and tolerate the existence
    of diversity in our midst and in our society. Let us not criticise, belittle, insult, challenge or be jealous of other races and religions in our society. Let us be careful of troding or stepping on the sensitivities of others and thus create racial and religious animosity and violence among us. There is no need to attack one another. Let us maintain the status quo. Let Barisan Nastional continue to rule this peaceful and harmonious country. Why must we change to the Opposition which offers an uncertain and unknown future for us. Opposition politicians are merchants of fortunes, glory and power seekers. Just look at the personalities of the Opposition. They just want to be the Prime Minister, Federal Ministers so that they can have the power and enrich themselves and their cronies. Barisan Nasional has the proven track record, experience and has delivered. What more do we want? We do not become wealthy it is our fault because how come others can be successful. Let us not listen to the defamation and ‘fitnah’ and half truth of the Opposition and continue to support and vote for the government of the day.

    amin tan

  31. mubarakchan Jan 27,2013 12:54 AM


    A major upset in Punggol East Singapore by-election. 55% of the total votes for the winning candidate. Some of the electorate may be conned all the time. All the electorate maybe conned some of the time. But not all electorate can be conned all the time.

    Arise all Malaysian Nationalist unite and vote BN as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties in the ultimate electorate battle with Lee Kuan Yew and his digits, cohorts, storm or cybertroopers !
    We will do whatever is necessary to reform or normalize ourselves and move forward for the next 55 years. We do not need foreigners with their exhortations and money to show us how ! We are Malaysians. We do it ourselves !!

    Unite ! Unite ! Unite !

  32. sibotak Jan 26,2013 11:39 PM


  33. hajar Jan 26,2013 1:46 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Just now I received an SMS from someone (representing an NGO) asking me the following question:

    Tokoh yang manakah yang menjadi pilihan anda sebagai MB PERAK?

    1. DS Nizar
    2. DS Zambry
    3. Dato’ Ngeh

    Dari senarai di atas NGO tersebut ternyata mewakili PR. Mungkin NGO ini ingat semua orang mereka boleh KELENTONG…

    “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  34. HBT456 Jan 26,2013 11:55 AM

    This unfortunate death has nothing to do with politics, but may be more toward social crime of inexperienced blackmailer or human trafficker, might be a drug addict, not controlled by experienced and skilled syndicates.

    When the news of little William was exposed to public, it might frightened the abductor.

    When little William cried, he might scared that his crying sound could alerted his neighbors in Indonesian village in Klang to call the police.

    In this period, might be due to no drug to calm his addiction, within seconds, he just hit the head of little William to shut his crying.

    Don’t know what to say about this case when I almost lost my 2 boys because of my negligence in the wet market.

    Don’t know what to say about this case when my eldest boy was almost choke with hardened sweet due to my negligence by buying him the sweets in the 1st place.

    All I can say is if anything happens, it has nothing to do with Malaysian government.

    Therefore, politicians should never use such case to get popularity to show that they cared for the people.

    This was why 98 Asia Financial Crisis, 911, SARS and Tsunami happened because the we have never dealt with such cases before.

    That’s all for the topic.

    My support is for PM Najib and BN because they deserve the opportunity to challenge opposition that always anti-government that limit the budget to run the economy efficiently to transform the economy of the country in a transparent manner to keep Malaysia and the world safer and better to live in.

  35. HBT456 Jan 26,2013 11:04 AM

    Melayu macam hajar tak suka aku melampau ala “Kalimah Allah” as if this Kalimah only belongs to UMNO Baru, as penyokong UMNO Baru members seperti Tired can join Anwar Ibrahim and PAS sekarang secara besar-besaran to jatuhkan PM Najib If they think PAS get give them projects and land like what Tun Mahathir and Tun Pak Lah did to get votes to bailout their failed projects and programmes again.

    Siapakah yang mengemiskan kaum Melayu since all VVIP top posts are hold by Melayu sahaja that forced Pribumi lost hope not to invest, take risk and work hard for the country?

  36. sibotak Jan 26,2013 10:34 AM




  37. HBT456 Jan 26,2013 9:47 AM


    Anwar Ibrahim can only fool Melayu like you, and Wajarperak has said before, emosi Melayu memang senang didodoikan, to sit in WP Putrajaya.

    He has no money, but if he wins out, he is the PM and will have lots of money to run his Government.

    When the issue “Kalimah Allah” is being re-used again to anger non-Muslim and Christian voters in Sabah supported by DAP, PAS and PKR to get new Malaysian votes, you think new Malaysian like me who have gone through roller coaster will buy this political gimmick again?

    Anwar Ibrahim can fool Melayu all the time, but he can’t fool new Malaysians who are more resilient in such political gimmick today.

    Therefore, kalau betul2 menghormati Kedaulatan Malaysia dan 9 negeri2 Melayu sebagai Bumi, vote BN.

    Sudin is Bumi, but I am Pribumi of KL.

    I always welcome Bumi to visit, stay and work in KL as and when they like.

    Many of my Bumi friends are comfortable staying in KL whereby we exchange views of politics and religions among ourselves to get to know each other for our future generations to come.

    If you have decided to vote BN, help them in anyway that you can rather than wasting time on Anwar Ibrahim by calling him moron.

  38. sudin Jan 26,2013 8:54 AM

    Salam Tun.

    I’ve just posted the following comments under Tun’s LIBOR article, and decided to post them here as well after noting that incorrigible ‘balance’ continuously fooling himself.

    Back in 1997, when Anwar raised the interest rate to >20% against the wishes of Dr. M and all Malaysians, property buyers were forced to pay their loan instalments >20% higher.
    Many defaulted and reluctantly witnessed their properties auctioned at a much lower then market price, which were insufficient to cover the outstanding loan amount!!
    Thus they ended up losing their properties while simultaneously still owing large amount to the banks, facing the impending bankruptcy notice!!!

    How the parents were struggling to upkeep their families just for the sake of surviving.
    How embarrassing for these parents to see their “just eligible to vote” children to blindly listen & believe to Anwar’s 1001 slanderous garbage!!
    How pitiful for the likes of ‘balance’ to continuously yell out “We want change, we want change”!
    How can Malaysia achieve the “developed country” status when so many of her population are unwary morons of Anwar’s “I can fool all of my supporters all of the time”!

  39. balance Jan 26,2013 8:24 AM

    “You said it all” & “You know all” and surely you are not wrong too!

    It is good to know history but today the younger ones know magic and best they have the numbers (in days and quantity). They are going to stay and live in this new world and that is for sure. They are the one that invented smartphone, smarthouse, smartcar and smartetc… and that is the way they intend to live. IT IS THEIR TIME

    Can you remember how we oppose or resist our parents on thinking? They are not wrong and we are not wrong just different.
    How much time do you have?
    Can you stop them?
    We can only advise and if they dont listen listen listen listen listen listen listen. They have rights too.

    Tell me how many young people of the world visit Singapore and complain? the answer is none
    Tell me how many young people of the world visit Malaysia and and complain? the answer is none too.
    Tell me how many young people care if LKY loss millions, all they see is that Singapore is well recognised by international community. I am not supporting Singapore but my argument is that people see and feel and give comment and that is all important. You can say a million negative things about Singapore and LKY and the younger one will give you a million plus one positive things about Singapore. Who do you think will win in this argument? Surely not you as time is not on your side.

    History can be change or altered. Proven.
    Every politicians, leaders and common people make mistake and it is ok if they can correct correct correct it.
    The result is what people want to hear and see.
    Can people be satisfied? I guess not
    Rain complain no rain also complain
    Do this complain do that also complain
    Can end meh?

    The answer to human wanting is not to want things.
    Let it go “ACCEPT”
    Let nature (votes) take its course
    Unless you work for BN or depend on them for food and shelter, if not sit back, relax and enjoy the show and then learn to adapt to the new situation and environment or Govt.
    Not everything will run like it used to be. Time change people change
    BN is a good Govt but can you ensure they can be better Govt?

    Happy happy

  40. mubarakchan Jan 26,2013 2:55 AM


    For wajaperak. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad like all his predecessors before him is the leader. I am just the supporting cast of Malaysian Nationalists who did our job ungrudgingly like everybody else in the Civil Service, the police, the military and the private sector. We can only have one tiger on a hill.

    Ah I remember you like stories. Here is another true taxi story specially for you.

    As I was driven out of the Changi Airport by Mr Lim in his taxi, he asked me ‘ Where are you from ?’
    I replied, ‘ KL.’ Then, he said, ‘ You people in Kuala Lumpur are lucky !’ ‘ Why ?’ I asked and continued on ‘ I am sure you have a wife and a family with a son and a daughter and your wife is probably a teacher earning about S$1,200 per month !’ ‘ I am still not happy !’ ‘ But you have a steady job which fetches probably the same as your wife and the greatest thing in Singapore, a HDB flat !’ ‘ Sir, I am still not happy because I know that in Singapore, I will be a taxi-driver my whole life !’ was his answer. ‘ I still do not understand that you have everything here and yet you are unhappy.’ ‘ Yes ! It is like this I wish I am in KL like all of you.’ ‘Why ?’ I was getting curious and continued, ‘ You know sometimes chaps in KL donned their clean shirts on their well-fed bodies and run around the streets under the hot sun and you still want to go there !’ ‘ Yes !’ was his firm reply and surprisingly or not surprisingly, he said, ‘ I can make marney !!!’ This was during the time of Tengku Wong of KL taxi fame whose name spread far and wide in the region.

    The grass is always greener on the other side !

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Especially the Malaysian Chinese, the best treated in the whole wide world, better than in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World. Many people outside the jurisdiction want to be like us. Please appreciate your good fortune and vote BN as led by UMNO and the 14 component parties. This is no joke !

  41. wajaperak Jan 25,2013 7:23 PM

    Tun terima kasih kerana ruangan..
    Dear Mr Mubarak Chan..
    I cannot thank Tun and you enough for behind the screen contribution.
    We should asks from whom who are capable..
    We should asks from whom are willing to consider a little parting from their immense resources..
    I asks you Mr Mubarak Chan to consider my small contribution in ideas how to gain a leverage or two for BN in oncoming GE..
    Please consider my request…:)
    Thank you..
    Terima kasih Tun..

  42. HBT456 Jan 25,2013 6:00 PM

    As a high profile seasoned politician, Mubarak Chan can sleep with his money.

    Voter like me who knows nothing about politics also want to bully, shame on you Mubarak Chan.

    I am going to open an account for RMB in any bank in Malaysia to keep as saving so that in future, if anything happens to Euro and US$, I have backed-up.

  43. noorazhar Jan 25,2013 5:22 PM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad,

    I have been following your blog since its inception, but now I feel more inclinded to drop a comment or two. This will be my first comment on your blog, on this particular article.
    I am in agreement with your statement, that eventually BN will win in this election. Only a question of how much margin will BN get. That is the main question in my opinion.

    What we need now is a “strategic thinker” to lead our nation. I’m hoping that YAB DS Najib will be able to provide that “strategic thinking” that you have done so well during your tenure as our PM.

    That is what will seperate BN and others….can BN churn out more good strategic thinkers amongst their leaders?? That is what I want to see.
    Thanks Tun for writing your thoughts and opinions in your blog. Keep it up!!!

    Noor Azhar

  44. mubarakchan Jan 25,2013 4:04 PM


    For Mr 456 or halfpast 6. Aiyoh ! Aiyoh ! Thanks to you blabbering you have done your hero Lee Kuan Yew a great disservice. I saw this item about the astute and awesome Lee Kuan Yew donating S$50 Millions out of his own pocket as you said. I thought since this is a private and personal matter and not in the realm of Government and public service, I did not bring this up.

    Now Mr 456 or halfpast 6. Let us do some maths. You agree that 1 + 1 = 2. Right? For an astute titan like Lee Kuan Yew, you do not expect your hero to give all that he has got, away which is S$50 Millions. Of course, you would not ! Therefore, this S$50 Millions which came from his pocket and I had already said that he had some money (in those days we talk in hundreds of Straits dollars) in October 1951, MUST be only a small fraction of his family’s total wealth. Right ? Surely, this S$50 Millions cannot be halve of his family’s total wealth nor 25 percent. Then, the fraction must be either 10% which is very generous for a mundane matter like the Chinese Language or 5% which is quite near the truth. My guesstimate S$50 Millions us either 1% or 2% of Lee Kuan Yew’s family total wealth. This is S$5 Billions (RM 13 Billions) or S$2.5 Billions (RM 6.50 Billions). Since Lee Kuan Yew is your hero, you will take the higher figure. Right ?

    Okay. Dokey. Folks ? I mean the DAP folks who have been in the Malaysian Opposition opposing whatever that came along for 44 long years. I am sure your maths are better than your crypto supporter Mr HBT456 or halfpast 6. Please work out how different it is between the politics in world class Singapore and ulu-ulu Malaysia ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Especially the Malaysian Chinese. See the facts. See the fiction.

  45. HBT456 Jan 25,2013 2:04 PM

    If I am Singaporean as tour guide to earn income for my country in legal way, I will say, Welcome to visit Singapore to those PRC nationals who hold Renminbi.

    If I am Malaysian as tour guide, I will say Welcome to Malaysia to those PRC nationals who hold Reminbi with great PRC accent.

    Today, RMB100 cab change HK$120.

    Who made us poorer?

  46. mubarakchan Jan 25,2013 12:42 PM


    For MrHBT456 or half past 6. You mentioned that Lee Kuan Yew donated S$50 Million for the Chinese language in Singapore. As far as I truthfully know, he had some money in October 1951. Please tell all of us where your hero Lee Kuan Yew got this S$50 Millions (RM 120 Millions) from ?

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Especially the Malaysian Chinese. Please see the facts and please see the fiction !

  47. mubarakchan Jan 25,2013 12:37 PM


    My comment was not only for balance but also for MrHBT456 and others who pay lip service to your greatness and in their heart of hearts love their dady Lee Kuan Yew for no reason at all. I do not blame them as their line of work and access to proper informantion are unavailable. Of course, they were not aware of events pre-1969.

    Vote for BN. All Malaysians especially the Malaysian Chinese. Do not be misled by balance, MrHBT456 or halfpast 6. etc. If you are a Bumiputra, a Malaysian Chinese, a Malaysian Indian or a Malaysian compatriot, you all know what to do. Vote BN. I am used to curses even obscene ones.

  48. mubarakchan Jan 25,2013 12:29 PM


    For balance only. Why I presented the facts of Lee Kuan Yew the one-man over 55 years rule of Singapore. Do you see what I see, balance ? The main purpose is to tell you not to be misled by all the attacks on a perfectly formed BN as led by the UMNO with 14 component parties. This is a struggle for the life and death of Malay/Malaysian Nationalism as we now know it Why exchange for something like DAP which is now admittedly influenced by Lee Kuan Yew who founded it, or the PKR which is extremely rich with rich foreign connections. If Lee Kuan Yew failed in his one-man over 55 year rule of Singapore what hope has DAP who was in Opposition for 44 years !

    I repeat the following mistakes of your hero, Lee Kuan Yew, specially for you as I could cull from Singaporean sources and ASEAN media.

    1. The use of money as investment in Foreign Policy resulting in the deaths and injuries of innocent men, women and children. Malaysia has no blood on her hands. Vide. Thaksin

    2. The 2-child family Policy of 1970 to 1980s which might have contravened the United Nations Universal Human Rights Charter, Clause 16. Only Hitler tinkered with the demographics and China which has to do it for cogent reasons. In 2 generations, there will be no original Singaporeans left.

    3. The loss of US$108 Billions of CPF Trust money in October 2008 on Wall Street in a jiffy.
    A sovereign country abdicated its national interest to the riff-raff of Wall Street. Vide. Channelnewsasia Lee Kuan Yew Novemer 2008. All Singaporean Blogs. 2009 to 2013. Financial Times. London. Gillian Tett. April 2010. ‘Singapore Harvard Investment Model’ How can a sovereign state copy that of a university ? The Star. Seah Chiang Nee. Saturday Column.

    4. No humanity and multiculturalism practised in Singapore. Many places of worship and cemeteries were removed until someone told the Boss. Vide. Channelnewsasia. The Curry Smell Tribunal. The strike by 188 busmen. The toilet fights. etc.

    5. The perfunctorily Judiciary system which is well-known throughout the World. Vide. Admiral Canaris was demeaned by stripping him naked by Hitler and hanged naked with piano wires. The unfortunate and fortunate Dr Chee. The unfortunate and unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw. The Australian and German drug mules etc.etc.

    6. 5,000 pigs are imported daily. Contracts for flower nurseries. The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank. etc. etc.

    7. Lee Kuan Yew one-man over 55 year rule of Singapore. During this period, Malaysia had 6 democratically elected Prime Ministers and the 7th is on the way.

    So, balance, what can DAP do with only an arrangement in the allotment of seats with the PKR and the PAS. And outnumbered 2:1, without a Cabinet line-up, no Domestic Policy and no Foreign Policy’
    What can the DAP do that even the awesome titan Lee Kuan Yew with supreme powers and over 55 year rule.(he is still there) made titanic mistakes ?

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Especially the Malaysian Chinese. We did not have PAP since 1964. We are OK. No need the sub-branch of DAP now after 44 years in Opposition and no titan to lead them with a starred Double First in Law from Cambrdige and maybe, Third Class in the Bar Finals London like Lee Kuan Yew.

  49. HBT456 Jan 25,2013 12:04 PM

    Uncle Mubarak Chan,

    Mr Lee Kuan Yew will not eat US up as he has donated S$50 millions from his pocket to encourage Chinese Language in Singapore.

    What have you done except reap profit from “hartanahkita as rent seekers that make US and Bumi suffer high inflation that would force us to change government”?

    Hence, Ah Pek, you just shut-up and go fly kite in Malacca.

  50. mubarakchan Jan 25,2013 11:54 AM


    For balance and all. It is not evil when one has the experience and knowledge of the struggles of the late Tun Abdul Razak and the Royal Professor Tan Sri Ungku Abdul Aziz and other luminaries at the famous Raffles College in 1940. This was where the Malay elite found its nascent aspirations as Malay Nationalists. We must take our hats off to them for their awakening and the courage. And to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to for his awakening during the Japanese Occupation. It is the nationalism which drove all of these luminaries to serve and lead the country. Unlike those Opposition members who make a lot of noise finding fault in administrative misdemeanours to gain power in Putrajaya. All the sweat, the tears and hardwork were done by the great Tunku Abdul Rahman (even though he presented a relaxed demeanour) and those he worked with. And it was Tun Mahathir Mohamad to fashion the precepts of the NEP in practical terms.

    There has always attempts by Singapore as led by Lee Kuan Yew to dominated Malaya/Malaysia.
    For those who are courteous and think no ill of others, I am sorry that this is not politics, not real politics.

    From my first hand experience, the scholarships-laden Singaporeans turned up at my University and year after year after preening around put it across that we should vote them into office. After a year I realised we outnumbered them 2:1 and threw them out. Besides, they all scored last in exams. And one of their best became a failure.

    On to Malaya Hall, I provided votes for at least 2 years in those early years when the Singaporeans enticed susceptible Malayans to their cause with girls and tea-parties. The use of swallows is not new in Singaporean tactics to this day. This swallow tactic is mostly applied on important foreigners who have money, journalists, writers etc. So much so, a couple of Malayans became active on the Leftist front thereafter. But then these were minions who could not think clearly.

    I was at the Dewan Rakyat when Lee Kuan Yew and his cohorts were in action with their form of confrontational politics. I was at the Suleiman Court, Kuala Lumpur on the night when the full force of the PAP leadership was on display. There was a huge crowd. In the General Elections of 1964, the PAP performed miserably. I saw the build-up to the 1969 riots which were preceded by the Penang riots of 1967. I saw the demonstrations with the dead body in Foch Avenue, Kuala Lumpur and the victorious parade of the Opposition along the streets of Kuala Lumpur. I also saw that there were to many gangsters.

    I daresay that what incidents happened in the past were somewhat similar to present events eg the use of demonstrations by masses of people to demonstrate on a single point.

    One thing that Singapore never said is that they have the finest spy outfit in the World being an incorporation of the Mossad, CIA, M15, KGB etc and all the foreigners who borrow from their banks.

    From 1961 to 1992, I had the benefit of the advice of the most senior advisor to the Federal Government, Tan Sri C. C. Too. His job was to monitor the political shenanigans of politicians on both sides of the Causeway. He was very grateful for Tun Musa Hitam for his Tan Sri-ship and was close to the Americans and the British.

    Tan Sri C. C. Too taught me how to interpret the tea leaves which will be the harbinger of the trouble to come ! Believe it or not.

    Balance, you rightly said that Lee Kuan Yew is 90 years old. This the reason why I said that the
    next General Elections will be the ulitmate battle betwen the Malaysian Nationalists and Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore and his cohorts, digits, minions etc. We cannot run from history.

    But given the will and the inclination, we can shape our history and destiny. Actually, my exhortations are as much for the Malays as for the Malaysian Chinese. For the former, you have lost your heritage, legacy etc already once to the British and the Japanese. Please realise this is no joke or tea-party. If the BN as led by the 14 component parties is kicked out of Putrajaya, not only the Malaysian Chinese but also the Malays, Bumiputras and Malaysian Indians and other compatriots will suffer for this. Why ? Because the support of DAP, PKR maybe PAS comes from thousands and thousands of miles away. Who cares for little Malaysia then ? THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE TO THE POLITICAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC FABRIC OF OUR BELOVED COUNTRY FOREVER !

    Why Lee Kuan Yew failed to make any headway in politics with the Malays and Bumiputras ?

    He failed or did not want to understand them to this day ! His triumphant tour of Singapore’s hinterlands of the Opposition in April 2008 even the head honcho of a ruling political outfit was decked out in his finest Mandarin silks for a tete-a-tete recognising the fact that Lee Kuan Yew is the de facto head of the Malaysian Opposition. Lee Kuan Yew was 86 years old then.

    Balance, you mean the 90 year old Lee Kuan Yew will not eat you up for breakfast every monring?

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Especially the Malaysian Chinese. I am not saying this for nothing but for all our sakes as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad once said, ‘Beware of Greeks bearing gifts’!

  51. sudin Jan 25,2013 10:05 AM

    Salam Tun.

    That ikan yu can’t accept his little shark synonym (kuan yu) is not feared.
    “How dare they hope to contest against me!”
    Thus he made sure his anticipated opponent checked in late to register his candidacy!!
    Or, it would seem that reason should be good enough reason to disqualify his opponent!!!
    Most Malaysian Chinese accepted that reason as MOST REASONABLE!!!

    If all the non-stop campaigns to the Chinese by the evergreen & honorable Mubarakchan failed to convince them to vote BN, so be it.
    We Bumis shall then govern Malaysia all by ourselves!
    Soi Lek has said it, if MCA don’t fare better than as during PRU12 there will not be any minister from his party!!
    Just be sure Soi Lek keeps to his words!

    Another “Sarawak election results” in the making.

  52. HBT456 Jan 25,2013 9:56 AM

    I will vote for MCA, henceforth, UMNO Baru will get my votes.

    DAP under Lim Guan Eng is only opportunist, landak apa dia mahu buat even though he claimed himself as Malaysian 1st.

  53. dyn Jan 25,2013 9:44 AM

    chinese will definitely vote for DAP
    indian will definitely vote for DAP

    malay votes splits between BN or PAS

    is there any way Malay can unite again under 1 party?

  54. ROZALIAYED Jan 25,2013 9:43 AM

    Salam Jumaat Yg Bhg Tun dan rakan-rakan blogger sekelian.


    There is no absolute necessity or concrete reason to CHANGE/TUKAR the present government Barisan Nasional to other alternative political party Pakatan Rakyat (DAP, PKR & Pas). The present government Barisan Nasional is still very relevant to the needs of the country and community of Malaysia, because they are performing well especially with the various changes via Transformation programs (political/economic/development/security/social etc.), and those programs clearly indicated their ongoing development and successful.

    2. I do agree Pakatan Rakyat is not an absolute coalition, they only get together (berpakat) with the optimum objective to overthrow the UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Main objective of PKR is to strongly support DSAI to become Prime Minister. The existence of Pas and DAP very much longer than PKR. and of course they already obtained certain strength of supports from their followers. DSAI via PKR is a new party with less strength and badly needed strong supports from Pas and DAP, and as a result they formed a “Pakatan Rakyat”. In actual fact the formation of “Pakatan Rakyat” is just an imitation to Barisan Nasional in order to build up strength, but each party (DAP. PKR & Pas) practicing entirely different mission (different political objectives) with each other, and are very well known by the community of Malaysia.

    3. Malaysia really needs a very strong and an extremely stable political party, and Barisan Nasional over the years of period has proven to be a very well united coalition party as compared to Pakatan Rakyat (DAP, PKR & Pas). Barisan Nasional as a well united coalition party is consistently administrates the development of the country for the well being of the community (rakyat).Just look at what are happenings to Selangor, Pulau Pinang, Kedah and Kelantan administrated by Pakatan Rakyat, so much of unsatisfactory complains by the community (rakyat) of their weak performances, such as so much of promises not being fulfill, and some issues brought to court for judgement by the community.

    4. Since Merdeka we Malaysian continuously and consistently leave in peace and harmony (except black spot the incident of 13 May 1969) govern by the excellent government Barisan Nasional. Apart from the black incident 13 May 1969 (pray to Allah SWT such incident will not happen again), we have been frequently disturbed by various “Road Demonstrations” organized by opposition party Pakatan Rakyat to express their hathred against UMNO/BN and to gain supports from the public. We leave in a democratic country, in actual fact demonstration is not relevant to gain political power (demonstrasi merupakan satu kaedah lapok untuk mendapatkan kuasa politik di Malaysia), because Malaysia is on going process to become well develop country (misson 2020) and we should act as a develop nation on every issues.

    5. We choose the right political party for the oncoming general election 13. The right choice is Barisan Nasional.

    Thank you and Wassalam.

  55. HBT456 Jan 25,2013 9:31 AM


    Before you leap, please look.

    You are dealing with Malaysian politicians and voters here.

    Please refer to some of the Chinese proverbs before you decide who you want to vote or allied to in the hope you may want get some projects too.

    Always ask yourself, are you ready for efficiency and will not regret for the rest of your life if another tide of tsunami arrives due to shorter economic cycle?

    Enjoy yourself.

  56. balance Jan 25,2013 9:18 AM

    Pakcik sombong dan makcik nynyok ha! ha! anakcik sudah pandai dan cucucik akan follow-up

    It is the time and era of the young and no one can stop the avalanche. The older thinks they know (will always claim they eat salt more you eat rice) but the younger one are the energetic movers. Era change and it is natural for people to follow. Money cannot buy many things and its is time to realize time dont wait for anyone and everyone can walk pass a particular time only once.

    Looking at the shouting of “change” I think the younger one will surely change Malaysia (change to what dont know) just like Dr. M “change” things in his time. When Dr. M “change” things when he took over there were a lot of disagreement too but it turn out very very well for Malaysia. So lets give the younger one a chance to try. Maybe they can make Malaysia even better with more world recognition than whats been published by The Star.

    Singapore needs Malaysia and Malaysia needs Singapore too. There should not be too much evil thinking that Singapore will take over Malaysia as they can never will or maybe they dont even want to take over. LKY is a very old man how much more can he do? No point telling or showing all his mistake or pointing how stupid he is. We should be looking at the present and enjoy our available time and life.

    Hope change for the better

    Happy happy lah

  57. Farihan Han Jan 25,2013 1:49 AM

    Bak kata pepatah Perancis
    “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose”

  58. tqallah Jan 24,2013 9:54 PM

    salam Tun dan salam semua.

    dengan izin Tun saya ingin bertanya….




    3. ADAKAH NEGARA KITA AKAN LEBIH ISLAMIK ( sbb mereka(PAS) kata kita tak cukup islamik )


  59. PakCik Jan 24,2013 8:00 PM

    Tun dan semua bloggers, Selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul,

    1. This time around I strongly believed BN will win and BN will regain some states back. Why?

    – because PR won last time due to ‘undi merajuk’ from UMNO members and those who were
    frustrated with dollah.

    – because najib had shown them what they can get when the right PM is there to run the
    country – Najib had delivered and will continue delivering

    – because BN had performed; check-out the world competitiveness ratings. every country
    has their own political parties behind them, but how come they did not performed as good
    as Malaysia (with BN/UMNO/MCA/MIC and others behind it?)

    – because god is great for god had shown us what PR government can do (but more of
    what they cannot do), open our eyes, be honest to ourselves – make comparisons

    – because we are sensible people, not drunk, not senile, not crazy, not asleep, not forgetful
    (serious kind one)…for we know differences between ‘berlian and kaca’

    – because we have to educate others who are still blind, we have to convince them…no one
    else will do this for us, we have to do it ourselves – there are people out there who wants to
    destroy our country, our people…so do something – stop talking, take action!

    2. To the chinese and indians who are not happy with Tun’s remarks on the 1 million ‘tanpa
    syarat’ citizenships ; siapa makan cabai dia berasa pedas right? If some of you belong to
    those ‘tanpa syarat’ group and until today still fighting against this government, refuse to
    become ‘1 Malaysia’, you can continue barking…you are the the useless ones, the ungrateful
    ones…in short, kurang ajar! You have no respect to Rukun Negara, you are not fit to be
    Malaysian citizens. You can belah balik to your own lands.

    How to identify these kurang ajars? – count those who joined DAP, PSM…actually I think
    some of those from PKR and PAS too are kurang ajars – they have no respect for our Rukun
    Negara too.

  60. thaiso Jan 24,2013 5:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Sampai sekarang,even pengikut blog Tun sendiri sejak sekian lama tidak sensitif pada perasaan Tun apabila menceritakan tentang bagaimana Anwar memperlakukan Tun.

    Saya join blog ni kerana saya sensitif pada perasaan Tun Mahathir pada Mei 2008.

    1. Kerana rasa simpati Tun diperlakukan sedemikian.
    2. Saya hanya tersenyum apabila Tun tidak mahu melibatkan YDP Agong Sultan Mizan ketika itu.
    3. Kerana tak mahu memalukan Terengganu apabila terbaca tentang asal usul Tokku Paloh yang dikatakan berketurunan Rasulullah s.a.w dan mempunyai keramah yang kita sedia maklum sejarahnya.

    Saya bukan genius.Saya tak punya apa-apa,cuma perasaan untuk membalas jasa Tun Mahathir selama ini kerana memerintah Malaysia dengan jayanya.

    Sebagai orang muda yang dari darjah 1 hingga tamat belajar berada di bawah pemerintahan Tun,saya berperasaan sedemikian.

    Dan ketika itulah saya berpeluang mengenali nenek moyang saya,yang saya abadikan di dalam profile

    Walaupun komen saya diberi pelepasan tanpa tapisan di dalam blog ini (yang mana saya guna gambar Tun Mahathir tengah menongkat dagu),itu tidak bermakna saya akan menjadi ahli UMNO atau pun PAS.

    Terpulang kepada setiap individu itu sendiri (rakyat) menentukan kerajaan yang ingin mereka diami.Bagi saya,saya telah berblog setakat kemampuan saya.Jadi saya fikir eloklah kita pilih kerajaan BN.

    Tak kisahlah bagaimana masa mendatang untuk saya.Kerana keturunan Tok Pulau Manis (Syeikh Abdul Malek) telah dikatakan mempunyai susun galur yang ramai dianugerahkan sebagai wali Allah.Kami mempunyai kerajaan kami sendiri.

    Walau dikutuk tentang kesultanan Melayu dan diperlekehkan oleh bukan Melayu,tapi ingatlah bahawa sultan-sultan Melayu itu tetap punyai daulatnya.Bagi saya ketika YDP Agong Terengganu menjadi Ketua kerajaan Negara Malaysia,kami tidak membiarkan negara menjadi kucar-kacir.

    Dan sebagai akhir kata,saya sudahi artikel ini dengan keratan ayat Al Quran yang menerangkan tentang hubungan antara kita dengan nenek moyang kita.

    Surah At Tuur ayat 21.

    Dan orang-orang beriman yang diturut oleh zuriat keturunannya dengan keadaan beriman,Kami hubungkan (himpunkan) zuriat keturunannya itu dengan mereka (di dalam syurga) ; dan Kami (dengan itu) tidak mengurangi sedikitpun dari pahala amal-amal mereka; tiap-tiap seorang manusia terikat dengan amal yang dikerjakannya.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  61. HBT456 Jan 24,2013 5:12 PM

    Auntie hajar,

    KALIMAH ALLAH means 人算不如天算

    If it’s yours, no one can take away.

    If it’s not yours, you can’t take it.

    So, shall we prepare to write “Welcome to Malay sia”?

  62. sibotak Jan 24,2013 5:12 PM


    Today, the Channelnewsasia of Singapore has the headline ‘Malaysia citizenship-for-votes probe stirs outrage’ giving a biased view of the Royal Commission of Inquiry. Are they prompting the Oppostion that this is the line of attack on the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties like what they advised the Honourable Tuan Haji Hadi Awang to retract his honourable words for the comfort of the DAP. Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! In their haste to score, Singapore cannot contain their keenness to win for the Opposition and think out lines of attack for them too ! This
    confirms their superior intellect as compared with those in the DAP !
    Vide. Channelnewsasia. 24 January 2013.









  63. hajar Jan 24,2013 4:34 PM

    Salam YAB Tun,

    Mohon izin:

    Dear Makcik “HBT456″, please grow up..

    “人算不如天算” means CHANGE as change is mere flux and lapse. In other words, it means something destined to happen, and no one can stop from happening.
    ” (Source: Internet)

    Malay sia is destined to be Malay sia… and forever Malay sia.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  64. mubarakchan Jan 24,2013 4:33 PM


    Today, the Channelnewsasia of Singapore has the headline ‘Malaysia citizenship-for-votes probe stirs outrage’ giving a biased view of the Royal Commission of Inquiry. Are they prompting the Oppostion that this is the line of attack on the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties like what they advised the Honourable Tuan Haji Hadi Awang to retract his honourable words for the comfort of the DAP. Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! In their haste to score, Singapore cannot contain their keenness to win for the Opposition and think out lines of attack for them too ! This
    confirms their superior intellect as compared with those in the DAP !
    Vide. Channelnewsasia. 24 January 2013.

    To legitimize illegal immigrants is not only limited to Malaysia alone. The great United States under the leadership of President Obama gave 2 million illegals their right to stay and eventual citizenship in August 2012, just 3 months before the US General Elections. There was an Amnesty in 1986. It is estimated that 12 to 20 millions illegals live in the United States. I myself knew of a few who has since returned to our beloved Malaysia after making just enough to buy a house. Vide. Fox News.

    The reasons President Obama gave were legal, practical, compassionate and humanitarian. His kind act should be lauded by all !

    Malaysia did the same as President Obama as well under the prevailing laws of the day.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians especially the Malaysian Chinese. It is the BN as led by the UMNO that is important. Not the mirages now conjured up by the Opposition with the paper tiger DAP with thick smoke and faulty mirrors. Magic shows are not for us. We are Malaysians !

  65. HBT456 Jan 24,2013 4:16 PM

    Autie hajar,


  66. hajar Jan 24,2013 3:03 PM

    Salam YAB & diKasihi Tun,

    1. Mohon izin Tun:

    Saudara ”Sudin”, thanks for your advice. Saya memang penyokong tegar UMNO/BN, tapi saya kurang pasti kenapa isu wanita bertudung merah, NFC, ”Little William” etc dikaitkan dengan saya oleh hamba ALLAH yang meraban entah apa-apa di blog ini. Dia ingat UMNO/BN pernah bagi saya projek kot.

    2. Saya menyeru semua umat Islam di Malaysia supaya mengundi UMNO/BN semasa PRU-13 untuk memastikan ISLAM terpelihara di negara ini. Anwar cuma tergila-gilakan kedudukan sebagai PM Malaysia; bercakap berbelit-belit, dan nampak tiada integriti. PAS pula amat mendukacitakan kerana sanggup jadi Pak Turut kepada DAP seperti mana yang berlaku di Perak; sampai kampong & agama tergadai pun ok lagi. Isu NGEH-NGA DAN TANAH di Kelantan senyap saja. Kalaulah dia orang ni dari UMNO/BN, siaplah..cepat saja SPRM/Polis menyiasat.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  67. sibotak Jan 24,2013 3:00 PM






  68. HBT456 Jan 24,2013 1:47 PM

    I sincerely hope that those who have tainted BN should announce their resignation now to pave way for BN Chairman, Najib, to announce the general election date “like” what that apanama Idris Jusoh from Terengganu did like a gentleman.

  69. HBT456 Jan 24,2013 1:46 PM

    Don’t worry about Malaysian politician wisdom.

    The old way of doing things no longer work whereby each one of them have different agenda of protecting their own interests to get projects, that’s bad for the country and their members via Bumiputra status that caused Bank Bumiputra Commerce tukar nama kepada CIMB today.

    Will CIMB tukar nama lagi if Najib losts in this general election?

    I sincerely hope that those who have tainted BN should announce their resignation now to pave way for BN Chairman, Najib, to announce the general election date likw what that apanama Idris Jusoh from Terengganu like a gentleman.

    If they don’t do it, they can cause BN loose votes to opposition parties.

    Akhirnya, Malay sia Boleh, Terhilang kuasa politik….


    Because Malaysians no longer look at BN.

    When Malaysians no longer look up at BN, apa2 project Bumiputra mahu buat, Malaysians do not buy.

  70. ROZALIAYED Jan 24,2013 1:13 PM

    Assalamualikum WBT Yg Bhg Tun dan rakan peminat blogger Tun,


    Sudah menjadi suatu tradisi bahawa tarikh sebenar setiap kali PRU akan dilaksanakan akan ditentukan oleh Perdana Menteri sendiri. Ianya secara umum tidak menimbulkan sebarang masalah, kecuali Pakatan Pembangkang yang seringkali memperlecehkan tradisi sedemikian.
    Apapun setiap PRU sudah tetap akan dilaksanakan sebelum tamat tempoh yang telah ditetapkan oleh perlembagaan negara (tidak lebih dari lima tahun).

    2. Memang tidak dinafikan bahawa Barisan Nasional dahulunya Perikatan sudah begitu lama bertahan (mengurus tadbir negara) semenjak Merdeka lagi. Adakah kita perlu tukar/change kerajaan hanya kerana berasaskan bahawa sesuatu parti yang memerintah itu sudah terlalu lama memegang tampuk pemerintahan? Jika sekiranya dalam tempoh yang begitu lama sekalipun sesebuah parti yang dipilh oleh rakyat melalui sistem demokrasi/peti undi masih berupaya mengurustadbir dengan cemerlang dan sentiasa berusaha meningkatkan keupayaan mengikut keperluan semasa, tidak ada sebab dan keperluan yang rasional, praktikal dan munasabah menukarkannya dengan kerajaan yang lain. Tempoh yang lama bukannya menjadi kriteria utama untuk menukar sesebuah kerajaan, yang lebih penting dari itu ialah keupayaannya memerintah dengan berterusan membawa kemajuan buat negara dan rakyat.

    3. Suasan politik berubah dengan ketara hanya disebabkan oleh seorang pemimpin yang telah gagal dan kecewa untuk menduduki kerusi pemimpin utama negara sebagai Perdana Menteri (umum sudah mengetahui sebab-sebab tertentu pemimpin tersebut gagal dan akhirnya kecewa mendapatkan tempat di kerusi utama kepimpinan negara, tak perlu ulas lanjut). Justeru isu menukar kerajaan atau lebih dikenali dengan panggilan TUKAR/CHANGE diketengahkan oleh pihak pembangkang, hanya kerana nak memberi ruang supaya pemimpin yang gagal dan kecewa itu mendapatkan tempat di kerusi utama kepimpinan negara. Untuk mengukuhkan isu TUKAR/CHANGE kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang ditunjangi UMNO dikatakan ZALIM, dan UMNO dikatakan tidak Islamic sehingga dituduh KAFIR oleh kepimpinan Pas kerana mengekalkan perlembagaan yang dibantu oleh British. Mereka lupa negara Malaysia mencapai kemerdekaan daripada penjajah British tanpa sebarang pertumpahan darah oleh kepimpinan terdahulu, maka kita terpaksa belajar dari British untuk memulakan sistem pemerintahan negara. Mana-mana negara di dunia yang pernah dijajah akan terpaksa meminjam sistem-sistem tertentu yang sesuai digunapakai selepas memperoleh kemerdekaan dari penjajah berkenaan. Yang lebih penting dari itu UMNO telah berjaya dengan cemerlang dengan rahmat dan izin Allah SWT memartabatkan Islam (Agama Islam agama Persekutuan termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia). Islam terus kukuh kedudukannya di Malaysia dengan berbagai usaha murni yang dilaksanakan oleh UMNO melalui kerajaan Barisan Nasional.

    4. Hari ini pakatan pembangkang (DAP, PKR & Pas) dah mula bertelagah sesama sendiri oleh kerana desakan penyokong akar umbi Pas mahukan Presiden Pas menjadi Perdana Menteri, bukan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim jika sekiranya pakatan pembangkang berjaya menang PRU ke 13 nanti. Manakala DAP pula masih mengekalkan sokongan Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim menjadi Perdana Menteri jika PR menang PRU ke 13. Mana mungkin politik dan negara akan setabil jika pakatan kepimpinan asyik bertelagah sesama sendiri bagi menentukan kepimpinan. Sama-samalah kita renungkan.

    4. Justeru tiada sebarang keperluan yang rasional, praktikal dan munasabah untuk TUKAR/CHANGE kerajaan sedia ada selagi ianya terbukti berupaya mentadbir urus negara demi kepenting dan kesejahteraan rakyat Malaysia. Tiada pilihan lain UNDILAH UMNO/BN dalam PRU ke 13 nanti. Insya’Allah kemenangan akan berpihak kepada UMNO/BN.

    Sekian, terima kasih dan Wassalam.

  71. renovatio Jan 24,2013 12:54 PM

    Salam Tun,

    No doubt there are quite a big portion of Malaysians who want to see change of the present government. Main reason me think because of ‘geram and bosan’ already with the present one. This is definately emotionales and therefore substance of rationales obviously absent here.

    I believe me and others have seen significant damage already done as aresult of so-called ‘change’ that was before very much waited and anticipated by most Malaysians, and that was the ‘CHANGE” from Dr Mahathir to Ahmad Badawi. That was bad enough as we had seen damaged done by the latter.

    So are are we betting our country once again for another ‘change’. Are we so sure that we may see better Malaysia should the ‘change’ really takes place. Well to me ‘Na’uzubillah…’ (Allah forbid!). Once bitten, twice shy.

    Be extra careful and smart my fellow Malaysians and always think twice or thrice if needed to. Never ever follow your anger or vengeance when making a decision because these feelings in most cases are led by creatures called – syaitan (aka satan).

    Help BN help us – insyaAllah!!!

  72. HBT456 Jan 24,2013 11:42 AM

    Aku memang makan babi, so?

    Aku pun makan beef dan ostrich.

    TAPI AKU TAK MAKAN DAGING KERBAU (buffalo) dan ARNAB (rabbit).

    UNLESS Sudin suruh Jabatan Islam Malaysia fatwakan bahawa semua rakyat Malaysia tak boleh makan babi to show Balance that Malay sia Boleh!

  73. sudin Jan 24,2013 11:35 AM

    Salam Tun.

    To Hajar,
    I’ve decided to forget that penjual sayur.
    What do you expect of a women who unashamedly referred herself as babi, who freely uses the words “fu_k my mother’s/grandma’s ass?
    Lantaq pi dia laa!!

  74. HBT456 Jan 24,2013 11:23 AM

    Once bitten, twice shy.

    Apabila aku tengok muka macam hajar ni bertudung merah dari 12 kaki, aku dah tak nak masuk.

    Do you why?

    You women pissed me off by cakap tak serupa bikin.

    Lu ingat lu siapa?

    Gua tarak kasi lu undi, lu boleh buat apa?

    Suruh PDRM tangkap saya kerana aku buat kerja dengan betul2?

    Who looks down Malay elites that made them suffer financially?

    It is you.

    NFC macam mana?

    Itu mesti salah Mahathir kerana Mahathir paksa suami Sharizat, tu ambil this project?

    Yes, I SAW with eyes that domestic beef in TESCO is higher than Australian beef.

    Blogging to unblog memang macam tu.

    Tarak suka, vote PAS lah.

  75. hajar Jan 24,2013 10:54 AM

    Salam YAB & diKasihi Tun,

    Selamat Menyambut Maulidur-Rasul kepda Tun dan semua bloggers yang beragama ISLAM.

    BN will definitely WIN! Saya SOKONG BN! Undi lah BN!

    Mohon izin Tun:

    Someone here accused me of hurting her. She clearly INSULTED Islam and all the Muslims by misusing and making fun (”MEMPERSENDA”) of the kalimah ”ALLAH”, and yet she claimed that I was the one who was hurting her (”memang kaki putar-belit”). I was simply telling her to RESPECT the Muslims by not doing whatever she was doing with regards to the word ”ALLAH”.

    Puan ”HBT456”, please GROW UP. I am not a politician. Anda asyik memandang rendah kepada Melayu/Islam/Bumiputra. Dalam komen anda di bawah anda melabel saya sebagai ”..Memang mencicik, kotor, pembuli dan penipu kaum Melayu dari negeri2 lain.”

    Hello, Puan “HBT456”, tuduhan anda terhadap saya dan ramai lagi ”makcik2” sebagai ”kotor”, ”pembuli”, ”penipu kaum Melayu dari negeri2 lain” adalah juga AMAT MELAMPAU dan KETERLALUAN. This is another example where you have gone beyond the limit. Do you understand what you are saying here? Please think CAREFULLY before you write again in this blog. I reiterate again that I am very proud to be a Malay/Islam. One more thing, you can vote whoever you want because Malaysia is a democratic country.

    Sila baca balik apa yang anda tulis, sebab saya yakin anda jenis yang pelupa. Saya rasa mungkin ungkapan ”Melayu Mudah Lupa” (maaf Tun) tidak releven di sini kerana anda bukan Melayu.

    // HBT456
    January 23, 2013 at 12:24 AM |
    Puan Hajar,
    After you hurt me, you think that you have chance to win in Selangor?
    Unless UMNO Baru President tukar team lain.
    Makcik2 like you, I have seen plenty.
    Memang mencicik, kotor, pembuli dan penipu kaum Melayu dari negeri2 lain.
    Therefore, don’t do the stupid show to show us that you care for Little William.
    If UMNO Baru President tak tukar team lain, I might as well vote PAS to korek all your shit.
    Have you ever thought that I might knew the late Datuk Sosilawati?

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  76. HBT456 Jan 24,2013 10:09 AM


    防人之心不可無 (Pertahanan tidak bisa tanpa), 害人之心不可有 (Jangan melukai orang lain) as GOOD politician.

    Those who quote this and that….they are voters just like me and you who may not understand on what is happening currently as we have many political parties and NGO making noises to show their “tanduk” only whenever we have general elections; depending on the current issues being published by the mainstream media if you want to learn smart and focus on issues to vote…


    Literally: Not hearing is not as good as hearing, hearing is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as mentally knowing, mentally knowing is not as good as acting; true learning continues up to the point that action comes forth

    Common: I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.
    Moral: You can only understand something by trying it yourself.

    Revised: Tell me and I [will] forget. Show me and I [will] remember. Involve me and I [will] understand.

    Also: You can’t understand until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

    From Xun Zi (荀子 8.儒效 23)

    That’s why we voters are innocent because we did not know the root cause economically. But today, we know the root cause economically, I have confident with PM Najib because he is trained by Tun Mahathir and appointed by Tun Abdullah.

  77. HBT456 Jan 24,2013 8:55 AM


  78. HBT456 Jan 24,2013 8:53 AM

    Balance, it should be…

    Who think that they are capable and confident to win this general elections in BN with stronger opposition, they are the Presidents for their political parties under PM DS Najib Tun Razak.

  79. balance Jan 24,2013 7:44 AM

    Ha! ha!
    Mumbo-jumbo (sing to the tune of Gangnam Style)

    BN :
    Understand by not understanding
    Agree not to disagree
    Like to dislike


  80. mubarakchan Jan 24,2013 3:34 AM


    The next 13th General Elections will be the ultimate battle between the Malaysian Nationalists versus Lee Kuan Yew’s cohorts, digits and cybertroops. Will he do the victory tour of the Opposition hinterlands in April 2013 ? He thought he had won in 2008.

    Search your hearts and minds all Malaysians especially the Malaysian Chinese. Vote BN as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties. You have been brought up properly not to bite the hands that fed your forefathers and mothers. Remember you are respected for not being born out of a rock.

  81. Makhluk Halus Jan 24,2013 2:27 AM

    Tun and bloggers,

    It is interesting to see the hype of changing the government. While BN is busy caimpaigning in the mainstream media and in the field, the oppo is maximising the online caimpaign. It is amazing to see that some people have become voluntered politician for the oppo. The oppo people comes out very harsh and rude but they don’t realise they hurt so many other people with different view. BN people stereotype is either being rude back, or mostly shut up and blend in. Quite luckily we all don’t resort to violence and massive bloodshed like what happened in the Arab Spring.

    The same foreign sponsor for the Arab Spring is almost at Malaysia’s door step of achieving their objective. Malaysia will be at least fairly divided. Divide and then conquer. Some of them wish to see you and DS Najib hung to your neck out of flaming hatred through online media spinning propaganda of hate sentiment. Do we evaluate the situation by performance delivery anymore? DS Anwar seemed to be very good in his political style. A lot of people will be mulled. But not me. At least not anymore.

    The most interesting part is that although PR manifesto does not really favour the Bumis, they tiresly campaigning them for free. Despite PR manifesto to reduce significantly the Government servants, these people have been using the office hours to provide free caimpaign for them. Some of the youngster really can’t wait to buy cheap new car. They said BN is corrupted. Well I tell you RM300 or RM500, it doesn’t vary much. All in all, the politicians will benefit the most this time including the foreign lobbyst. Demands will be made but quite likely, the people will have their fun of syok sendiri and some handouts before the election.

    It is quite interesting to see the election result, it was like World Cup is coming around again.

  82. The truth Jan 24,2013 12:21 AM


    Tun.. if you really care on us…tell your friend to leave all of THEIR POWERS . to the one who’s chosen by GOD.. truth is about to emerge.. most of us know what are you guys trying to do..

  83. sudin Jan 23,2013 9:30 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Just a short reply to “dacing BN”, oops mr. balance (I missed your mumbo jumbo fantastic quotes).

    In order not to be outwitted by Malaysia’s CONSTITUTION that provide some privilege to her Bumiputra citizens, Singapura created their own Sinoputra!
    So they started importing Chinese nationals in MILLIONS within a short duration and gave them immediate citizenship, with special attention/care & all the privileges that you can think of!!

    Then they regrouped the Singapura Malays into Bugisputras, Jawaputras, Baweanputras, ….
    Due to too many of this groupings instead of just 1 Sinoputra, it become too difficult to handle.
    So the ever-hungry little shark called ikan yu and his racist PAP henchmen decided to ignore them!!!

    They are even contemplating to rename Singapura as Sinopura, but it might hurt the feelings of Indians there since the word po-reh as in Singa-PO-REH, which is a major reason the Indians there supported ikan yu, is left out!!
    Furthermore, Sino po-reh doesn’t sound glamour.
    Thus they decided to maintain Singaporeh. I’ll forever call it as Singapura.

    Why don’t you investigate all the facts that I’ve given above, eh “mr. dacing BN”.
    Let me know the results then only I’ll CONSIDER to answer your enquiry. This time it will be a lengthy reply, if I do decide to give reply.

  84. sentinel3 Jan 23,2013 7:54 PM


    Cuma nak ulas sikit komen mgpunya.

    Saya setuju orang Melayu harus mengundi secara EN BLOC..!!!! iaitu memangkah BN bukan
    Keadilan Rakyat

    Saya juga setuju bahawa Keadilan adalah Anwar dan Anwar adalah Keadilan (termasuk isteri dan anak beranak) dan manusia tidak akan hidup selama – lamanya.

    Cuma nak tambah sikit, walaupun manusia tidak akan hidup selama-lamanya, Melayu di negara ini tidak akan dapat hidup walaupun setahun jika PR memerintah!

    Jika setahun pun akan merana bayangkan kalau lima tahun di bawah PR? Oleh itu Melayu tidak mempunyai pilihan untuk membuat eksperimen menukar kerajaan untuk tempoh lima tahun.

    PRU-13 ini adalah pilihan raya yang genting bagi masyarakat Melayu di negara ini iaitu sama ada mereka akan terus kekal dengan segala keistimewaan yang mereka perolehi selama ini atau keistimewaan ini akan terungkai satu demi satu sehingga lenyap semuanya di bawah PR.

    Jika keistimewaan ini sudah tiada, Melayu akan balik semula ke belakang seperti era tahun 50-an dan 60-an di mana Melayu hanya layak jadi petani di kampung dan anak-anak Melayu hanya mampu dihantar ke sekolah sehingga ke tingkatan lima kerana tak mampu untuk membiayai mereka ke universiti.

    Pada masa itu, Melayu akan tahu apa erti meritocracy, bagaimana meritocracy sebenarnya satu penindasan yang licik bagi memastikan mereka tidak berkembang maju untuk selama-lamanya.

    Akhir kata, tiada guna Melayu hidup lama jika mereka mengemis dan merempat di negara sendiri.

    Salam Tun.

  85. wajaperak Jan 23,2013 7:19 PM

    Terima kasih Tun kerana ruangan..

    36:68 ‘Whomever we permit to live for a long time we revert him (in creation) to weakness. Do they not understand?’]]

    You suprised me..I thought you claimed you spoke Arabic fluently?..
    Or your Arabic different from our Arabic learning??..

    The context of the verse is not meant ‘uban’ or greying of hair..It is more on the helplessness side as the baby..Feeble of the muscle and the mind..Do you know certain billion of world population cannot get their hair grey when their grow old?…or better still the definition is decimating…:)

    [[many of the ‘scholars’ had divided the Muslims into factions and misled millions of unknowledgeable people about this great religion]]

    Of course you are the product of tertiary education..When I studied,the tutor told me he did not interested of what I think about certain issue’s..He only want’s to know how good I am in getting the proper material of the reference..Hence the citation.I qouted many I know to be in good stead on the practical matter..Have you forgotten about citation?…:)
    The proper one I mean..

    [[Also it is not Islamic to be angry when discussing and calling people names]]

    What is angry and what is definition of reasonable??
    When somebody pinch my wife nose of course I am angry!!..
    Only I have the right to pinch my wife anywhere I like!…:)
    Certain somebody here attacking Islam relentlessly..
    It might okay if somebody pinch your wife anywhere between her navel..
    But Islam is most dearest to me and I won’t allows anybody try to poke Islam here and there!!

    And what about this ‘forgiving’ the brute that have no other mean of indulgences in their past time?..Pray thee..

    Play all you like but stay away from poking Islam..The gentle manner of itchness is the lowest gradient of stroke we allow’s you..and that have to be dealt by ungently..

    I wish you the best in life abdulazizomar..May Allah open your heart so we can meet..
    Thank you.
    Terima kasih Tun…

  86. abdulazizomar Jan 23,2013 6:06 PM

    Salaam Tun,

    This is to Wajaperak for his comments of Tuntuah: biler kiter ader uban, kita semakin lemah (Quran). Wajaperak said that there is no such ayat in the Quran.

    From what I understand is that Tuntuah was right about the message from the Quran. From Surah Ya Sin, 36:68 ‘Whomever we permit to live for a long time we revert him (in creation) to weakness. Do they not understand?’

    Also I notice that Wajaperak like to quote many ‘Islamic’ scholars in his writings. I wonder why we have to do this, because it has been proven that many of the ‘scholars’ had divided the Muslims into factions and misled millions of unknowledgeable people about this great religion. It is better to stick to the issues. Also it is not Islamic to be angry when discussing and calling people names. The Quran tell us in 16:125 to ‘debate with them in the best possible manner’ and also tell us not to be angry. From 3:134 ‘…..They (righteous people) are suppressors of anger and pardoners of the people….’ . From 42:37 ‘They ‘good people’ avoid gross sins and vice, and when angered they forgive’.

    I wish Wajaperak all the best and may our deeds be accepted by Allah.

    Thank you and God Bless.

    P.S. Please Tun bring the message about abolishing the tolls to PM.

  87. HBT456 Jan 23,2013 6:03 PM

    The main reason this happens, many Selangorians still have the uncivilized habit of adjusting the water meter.

    In order to cut down this, either Syabas change the meter or hire officers to check the meter.

    Hiring officers is difficult because gaji rendah, Selangorians living in a spade environment, do not want to take such job.

    The rest of the story, Syabas should say out the actual problems that they face right now via statement.

  88. mgpunya Jan 23,2013 5:04 PM

    YABhg Tun,

    Orang – orang Melayu hanya ada dua pilihan. Undi BN/UMNO atau PAS/PAKATAN. Dan mereka HARUS mengundi secara EN BLOC..!!!!
    Keadilan Rakyat…??? Keadilan adalah Anwar dan Anwar adalah Keadilan dan manusia tidak akan hidup selama – lamanya.

  89. HBT456 Jan 23,2013 3:04 PM

    It means Tun Dr MM is Bumiputra.

    It means DS Samy Vellu is not Bumiputra.

    It means DS Anwar Ibrahim is Bumiputra.

    Those who carry “bin” or “binti” are Bumiputra.

    We are not Bumiputra means we can migrate and do business in any part of Malaysia and the world if we find that we cannot take it any more in the place where we vote after being harassed and marginalized by Bumiputra no matter who we vote.

    Why get angry since we have elections in every 5 years.

    I am not Bumiputra, but I can work under Bumiputra, Indian, Austria, Austrialia/Germany, Korean, Japanese, PRC, Taiwanese or local Chinese bosses, etc…

    Who pay me gaji, that is my TUAN.

    Vote and wisely and smartly, Balance.

  90. balance Jan 23,2013 2:47 PM


    My question:

    1. Article 160 defines a Malay as being one who “professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay customs and is the child of at least one parent who was born within the Federation of Malaysia before independence of Malaya on 31 August 1957, or the issue (off-spring) of such a person.” source Wikipedia

    There Indian Muslim that still speak Indian language, dress Indian and eat & follow Indian way of life but they are considered as Bumiputra. There are also Indian Muslim that follow 100% Malay way of life too.

    2. Bumiputra is a Malaysian term to describe Malay race and the indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia, and particularly in Malaysia. The term comes from the Sanskrit word bhumiputra, which can be translated literally as “son of the land” (bhumi= earth or land, putra=son). It is also translated as “Son of the soil”. “Putra” in Sanskrit means “Son” and “Bumi” or “Bhumi” or “Bhoomi” means “Earth” or “Soil”. So “Bhumiputra” literally in Sanskrit means “Son of the Soil”. source Wikipedia

    India is not part of Southeast Asia and Indian Muslim are not “son of soil” only Malay or Melayu and Orange Asli are “son of soil”.

    Still confused!!!

  91. mubarakchan Jan 23,2013 2:27 PM


    My humble apologies to all, a typo error….it should be YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak. Sorry again for any other typo errors.

  92. mubarakchan Jan 23,2013 2:20 PM


    For all who are going to take in the next General Elections and my apologies if you find it boring.

    The best event that has happened today for the BN as led by the UMNO and the 14 component parties is the visit of peace and compassion by our distinguised Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Hussein and Datin Seri Rosmah to Gaza and Palestine. This is the meaning of Malaysian politics and its elections. Our beloved Malaysia is no longer an island. Even the awesome titan Lee Kuan Yew paid a Julius Caesar type of visit to his victorious Opposition cohorts in April 2008 and by October 2008, Singapore imploded with a horrendous loss of US$108 Billions of her citizens Trust (CPF) money on Wall Steet. Man proposes. God disposes.

    I have been lampooned all over the Bloggers world why I kept on mentioning Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore.

    For those in the know, the political socio-economic histories of Malaysia and Singapore are intricately linked together like the Gemini Twins. Some pundits have mentioned that the forthcoming General Elections began with YAB Dato Seri Najib and YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. This completely missed the mark of Singapore-Malaysia history which goes beyond the time when the late Tun Abdul Razak and the Royal Professor Tan Sri Dr Ungku Abdul Aziz and other luminaries together with Lee Kuan Yew were at the famous Raffles College, Singapore. But then, this was not the beginning. The beginning stretched back hundreds of years through the British and the Royal Sultans through the ancient mists of time.

    It is with this backdrop of Malay heritage, legacy, Islam, culture of Tanah Melayu which lived in peace, harmony and well-being with the other peoples and their religions and cultures for centuries that we must view the forthcoming General Elections and its participants, the political aspirants and us, the Rakyat.

    Why we have become a runaway success in human terms as compared with Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore which is a runaway failure ? It is just one important single word, ‘compassion’.
    This could also be our Achilles heel when anyone of our distinguished Prime Ministers has too much of it ! A recent example is the announcement by the Singapore Government that S$2 Billions will be spent for procreation of her citizens. This could only be a joke if a person realises that it will take 30 years to quality test the finished product. And the citizens have not even got down to do the nitty-gritty yet ! How to vote DAP when their superior halves are like this ?

    I dare say our distinguished Prime Ministers have been exceptional and compassionate in their own way as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had stressed. We all felt comfortable with them all and please remember this and most importantly – each and every one of them retired of his own accord with a clear conscience because they all knew they did nothing wrong. No dictator has willingly done so. However, Lee Kuan Yew the one-man 54 year ruler of Singapore is still there.

    The Prime Minister that will stand out in history will be Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. This is why all the poisoned arrows, darts and AK47s firing blanks are aimed at him and him alone. Some chaps just do not accept the fact that the Tun has commonsense, can think out of the box and too much compassion for his own good !

    And so it is, the aspirants for the top jobs at Putrajaya. It is a standard requirement that if we apply for a job we must give our histories and intentions.

    The Opposition to this day has not produced the Shadow Cabinet line-up and the Domestic and Foreign Policies for all of us Rakyat to study and ponder. How to vote the Oppostion when we only know the names and the administrative demeanours of the BN ? The job of governing a country is a very serious job as Lee Kuan Yew perfunctorily said,’ My first task is to have a clean Government’, Fair enough. We expect every Prime Minister in the world will have the same intention.

    Change a Government for what purpose ? The Singapore Government lost US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) of her citizens Trust (CPF) money, not a single voice was raised to ask them to quit.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Especially the Malaysian Chinese. Malaysia must have its historical backdrop in its total well-being or it is no Malaysia at all. Maybe just an empty Pandora’s Box.

  93. HBT456 Jan 23,2013 1:58 PM

    It’s impossible for daun sireh to be a spade.

    Therefore, don’t make spades leave the country KERANA TAKUT KALAH UNDI kepada Anwar Ibrahim.

    The only person is capable of doing this DS Najib.

    If anything happens to “those people” who really worked hard for the country by charging them for cheating because of tamak kuasa, tiada maaf bagi mu….

    That’s all.

  94. sitinur Jan 23,2013 1:19 PM

    no 6 paling lawak pedas bercili berapi api……
    tuk seme yg berugama islam xkira melayu cina india kadazan murut bajau kita undi umno tuk keselamtan kita dlm beribadat sbb belum tentu pihak yg lain akan menjaga keselamatan org2 islam beribadat…tgk jew negara luwau…

  95. HBT456 Jan 23,2013 1:04 PM

    Hi Amin Tan,

    Thanks for the invitation.

    I am not politician, and I do not like to talk politics.

    The reason that I joined Chedet because I wanted to know what triggered our KLCI plunged that caused many people lost their hard earned wealth including my late father and husband.

    Today, I know the root cause.

    The greatest enemy is not others, it is us.

    Malaysians like Sudin and Wajarperak are always my Bumiputra.

    They are innocent.

  96. HBT456 Jan 23,2013 12:54 PM

    There you are Balance, BUKA MATA baca2 dengan betul-betul

  97. balance Jan 23,2013 12:27 PM


    What is the difference between Orang Melayu and Bumiputra?
    Is Bumiputra a new race?
    Why there was no Bumiputra before?
    Was Bumiputras created by people originated from Indian Continent who are Muslim (minority) so that they can be group as the same status as Melayu (majority) and enjoy the economic and political advantages ?
    Was “bumiputra” created purely because of political reasons?

  98. amin tan Jan 23,2013 12:23 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me address HBT456,
    “”Do you now know that because of few words, you might not know whom you are talking to.””

    Dear HBT456,
    Let me introduce Wajaperak to you. As his name suggests, he is from Taiping, Perak. He is based at the Kamunting army camp as a Commando in Askar Melayu Di Raja, rank Colonel meaning one rank below Brigadier General. He is soft spoke, smiling but fearless. He is tall, almost 6 feet, dark and handsome. He is tough looking, polite and a perfect gentleman. He knows a lot of things you and I do not know, but he is just being modest. So, don’t be so rude to him. I can arrange for the 4 of us, plus Sudin, to meet at Subang Parade if you don’t believe me.

    amin tan

  99. HBT456 Jan 23,2013 11:47 AM

    Wajarperak, how you want to mempertahankan Islam in ballot boxes, it’s up to you by labelling me this and that.

    But don’t make Malaysians hate you and vote PAS/PKR/DAP out of disgust.

    Do you now know that because of few words, you might not know whom you are talking with.

    As I said, I do not splash salt on the wounded politicians.

    It’s up to them to think hard because there is no abang adek when comes to money and bankruptcy matters.

    Politics can be as good as any other courses.

    If you made one wrong assumption as perjuang Islam, you will be replaced by your head.

  100. wajaperak Jan 23,2013 11:22 AM

    Tun terima kasih kerana ruangan..

    [[Sbb biler kiter ader uban, kiter semakin lemah (tertulis di dalam AlQuran)]]

    Saya amat berharap Tuan amat berhati-hati bila memperkatakan Al Quran..Tiada ayat sebegini di dalam Al Quran..Tiada juga yang semakna dengannya..Apabila kita memperkatakan Al Quran kita perlu menghargai dan menyanjung ulama seperti Sheikh Mahmud Khalil Husairi dari Mesir dan Imam Suhaib Webb dari Amerika..

    HBT 456 adalah kafir tulin..Apa yang ada di dalam Al Quran adalah ayat seperti..

    “Tidakkah kamu melihat bahawa syaitan menghasut mereka ( HBT456 dan mereka-mereka yang sekonco dengannya ) dengan bersungguh-sungguh?”..

    Apabila saya tanya Mohd Noor Mansur Al Hafiz maka kata beliau jadi tak payahlah kita bersusah payah mendakwah mereka!!..

    Tapi “Lau Kana Bainana” maka Rasullulah s.a.w akan bersabda maka aku akan lebih bersungguh-sungguh lagi mendakwah mereka..

    HBT456 kafir tulin masa ini.Tetapi mungkin dia boleh insaf sebelum “Nyawa sampai ke halqum”..
    HBT456 tidak berhenti-henti menyerang Islam..
    Kami pula tidak akan penat-penat mempertahankan Islam..

    In the war of Atrrition..
    Mukminin never lose..


    Tun..Terima kasih..

  101. samuraimelayu Jan 23,2013 9:19 AM


    We tango with our beloved Ayahanda views . BUT the privatisation exercise of the AES must be immediately CANCELLED (not postponed) and that FLOM(?) must mind her business from the behind … Period!

    If otherwise, these two ‘liabilities’ may be Anwar’s Elections Satyr (AES) . and will be the ammo to hurt the BN and win the hearts of the voters especially the road runners ( peep,peep) who felt that ‘the Law’ should not be PRIVATISED.

    What if Anwar/PR were to announce that ‘ If we conquer Putrajaya, the very next day we will CANCEL the AES and the 300,000 summons too’ and further said ‘If u give the mandate back to BN, they will continue with the AES and pursue the summons already issued.. and who will gain from your misery?… the privatised party lah!

    POSTPONMENT by BN or CANCELLATION by PR.. which stand will woo the voters?

    Ps. NO road users( the writer include) follow the Rules all the time , they do take Risk sometimes..So Najib must act NOW!, One wonders, what will be their ammo on the FLOM this time around?….uh

  102. sudin Jan 23,2013 9:01 AM


    Allow me to copy & paste my previous comments to show that “Bumis Boleh”.

    April 19, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    16th April 2011, 10th Sarawak state elections.
    I’ll remember the date. It marked the worthiness of being glued 3 hours in front of the tv screen, while enjoying the Sarawak elections results that rained happiness one after another.
    It’s sort of dream come true, almost fully.

    I was desperately hoping all the Bumiputra areas to vote for BN and the others to go for opposition, and when the final outcome showed the results that are within whiskers to my perfection, it’s time to celebrate!

    Come PRU13, let’s us Bumiputras show the ungrateful & ‘we never invite them’ racists the meaning of true unity by the ‘Sons of the Soil’. Thank you to all Sarawakians (including to the non-Bumis) for each having shown your respective true-colours.

    The last time when voters decided that even stone, stick, any other thing is better than that no quality & useless Pak Dol was PRU12 in 2008. Barely 3 years on, the mostly rich & well-to-do ingrates residing in modern & all perfect cities/towns of Sarawak decided in almost similar manner; we’ll vote any jolly, ecompute, andrewtay, tuachang, even ahlong & chinpeng, but the BN!

    How I appreciate the ‘great help’ indirectly rendered by the racist Sarawakian city/town folks in helping to expedite the Bumiputra unity throughout Malaysia.

    April 17, 2011 at 1:49 pm
    The Sarawak elections results clearly showed the strong Bumiputra support for BN, which easily managed to obtain the 2/3 majority. It’ll be most unfair if the Bumiputras are not accorded big rewards in return for their strong support, besides the special Bumiputra privilege which is specified in the constitution.

    Only the greedy & ungrateful ones will complain if all the election promises to areas won by the opposition are thrown into the drain! They are basically opportunists, and they want the best of both worlds (which they have continually enjoyed ever since before independence).
    KM Taib must make sure his successor can enjoy the same Bumiputra support in future elections, and this he can achieve by giving utmost priority ONLY to areas which supported the BN.

    The Sarawak elections also gave very clear message to PM Najib and BN; the same group of people enjoyed being labeled as opposition, and they don’t & won’t attest to the 1Malaysia concept despite all efforts together with ‘sweets’ showered to them, so be it!

  103. HBT456 Jan 23,2013 7:58 AM

    Tuntuah, why don’t you just admit that undi kaum Melayu memang senang dikow-tim, janji aku pakai “perkataan Allah”.

    You think that you can run away if kita cuma biarkan Melayu me-layukan diri mereka keranamu?

    Go home and polish your interpretation of Common and Syariah laws again.

    Janganlah hang memalukan your master who trusted you.

  104. sudin Jan 23,2013 6:55 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Saya imbas kembali komen terdahulu dan menambah serta ubahsuai perenggan terakhir.

    600 tahun dulu, kali pertama orang2 Cina datang ke Melaka diketuai Laksamana Cheng Hoe semasa zaman Hang Tuah, mereka mempersembahkan Puteri Hang Li Po sebagai tanda persahabatan antara dua negara. Kepercayaan dan adat resam yang mereka bawa yang ternyata berbeza dengan orang2 Melayu tidak sedikitpun dipertikai, dan mereka hidup mesra dengan penduduk asal Melaka iaitu orang Melayu. Kepercayaan dan adat resam yang mereka anuti dan banggakan berterusan hingga sekarang, oleh keturunan Baba & Nyonya.
    Kalau pun ada terdapat perubahan, itu adalah pilihan dan kehendak mereka sendiri untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan perubahan zaman dan untuk hidup bermasyarakat dengan Melayu
    Melaka, dan tidak sedikit pun kerana dipaksa oleh orang Melayu.

    Peniaga2 dari India yang berugama Hindu juga datang ke Melaka dan mereka juga diberi layanan mesra dan kebebasan untuk meneruskan kepercayaan dan adat resam tersendiri.
    Setelah 600 tahun, masyarakat India Kutty di Melaka masih belum mengalami apa2 teguran dan/atau paksaan dari orang Melayu Melaka walaupun ugama & adat mereka terlalu jauh berbeza.

    500 tahun dahulu, Portugis menakluki Melaka.
    Kedatangan mereka berniat jahat, mereka berugama Kristian dan carahidup mereka tidak sedikit pun mempunyai keserupaan dengan penduduk Melayu Melaka.
    Pemergian mereka setelah bermaharajalela 130 tahun meninggalkan bermacam2 tanda sejarah dan kepahitan/penderitaan orang2 Melayu.
    Akan tetapi, orang2 Melayu tetap dengan budaya lemahlembut, sopansantun dan tolongmenolong.
    Keturunan Portugis yang menetap di Ujung Pasir dan lain2 tempat tidak pernah didendami atau dianiayai. Mereka juga tidak dipaksa/diarah supaya meninggalkan kepercayaan ugama & adat resam Portugis, dan dibenarkan meneruskan carahihup & kepercayaan tersendiri hingga kehari ini.
    Begitu mulia dan memang patut sekali seribu satu sanjungan diberikan untuk orang2 Melayu.

    Tetapi kemuliaan yang kita tunjukkan kepada mereka dibalas dengan perangai tamak haloba dan tak mengenang budi serta perangai kurang ajar, terutama oleh mereka2 yang baru saja mencecah generasi kedua sampai keBUMI MELAYU kita ini!
    Sehinggakan Kaum perempuan mereka pun tak segansilu apabila mencemoh dan mencaci bangsa kita dan ugama kita dengan terang2an!!

    Dasar penjual sayur!

  105. Tuntuah Jan 23,2013 2:14 AM

    Saya selalu tertanya tanya kenapa Allah dgn senang dan gembiraNya bagi kiter pahala.

    Jawapan nyer senang saja. Sebabb kiter se lalu sangat buat dosa.

    Contoh. Kenapa.kiter perlu sokong peliwat padahal kiter telah diberitahu oleh 10 orang Yang Arif ( bukan pelacur, bukan org hisap dadah, bukan perogol tuan tuan, tapi Yang Arif kasi tau) yang mamat ni peliwat. Kan Islam tak bagi kiter sanjung peliwat dan jadikan die ketua. Apsal tak nak ikut? Kalu kiter was was, tinggalkan. Kan islam ajar camtu.

    Contoh lain. Di dalam AlQuran ader menyatakan perkara yang baik itu datang dari Allah dan yang buruk itu datang dari kiter. Tapi apsal ader lak sedap sedap dier aje kater Tuhan Mencarut. Kiter pulak setuju dan jadikan dier ketua plak tu. Ishhhhh apa nak jadi la dgn melayu melayu nih.
    Mencarut tu baik ker?

    Contoh lain lagi. Sepanjang pengetahuan saya, Rasulullah tak pernah menuduh org islam lain sebagai kapir. Tapi kutu berahak PAS sedap mak bapak dier panggil org islam umno kapir. Tak tau ke benda tu salah? Tu la. Sekolah pondok tinggi tinggi, so bodoh jadi berlapis lapis. Beza antara orang kapir dan org islam ialah Allah adalah Esa dan Muhammad itu PesuruhNya bagi org islam. Bagi org kapir, tak sama macam tu. Dengan itu org islam, macamana jahat nyer pun, munafiq pun, dier akan tetap pergi ke syurga setelah selasai punishment dier kat neraka. Tapi bagi org kapir, dier tetap di neraka selamanyer. Ishhh dosa kiter kalu tuduh org islam itu kapir. Org islam murtad plak ader hukuman dier. So jgn la sedap mulut kater org kapir.
    Lagi mau undi parti ajaran sesat ni ker?

    Saya nak mintak tolong sikit, saper yang selalu jumpe nik ajis tu, mintak la dier turun. Sbb biler kiter ader uban, kiter semakin lemah (tertulis di dalam AlQuran). Lemah serba serbi. Biler lemah, kiter selalu buat kesilapan. Kalu kiter silap sendiri tak kisah la, tapi biler melibatkan org lain atau pengikut, dosa kiter tu akan bertambah macam MLM style. Ishhhhh.

  106. Tuntuah Jan 23,2013 1:36 AM

    I knew Obama.
    I knew Lee Kuan Yew
    I Knew Tun Mahathir
    I knew the late Hitler
    I knew ariel sharon
    So what???

    But all of them dont know me… Hehehe

  107. Tuntuah Jan 23,2013 1:31 AM


    For me

    PAS = Parti Ajaran Sesat
    PKR = Parti Kelentong Rakyat
    DAP = Dasar Anti Pribumi
    UMNO = alif mim nun wau, alif tendang wau, SARKIS. (eh macam cerita PRamlee aje)


    So mana lagi selamat? Sarkis pun sarkis lah. Asal selamat.

  108. Tuntuah Jan 23,2013 1:23 AM

    We have been colonised hampir 600 tahun. Kiter kene jajah sebab ader melaun, tali barut, pencacai yang sanggup buat aper saja untuk kuasa. Is this lesson learn? Hampas

    So by changing the government i guess more than 1000 years for us to build back on what we have achieved today. Tak caya?

    Kalu melaun dan talibarut tu tak de, sure tanah melayu sekang lagi maju. Org dari cina datang berdagang dan balikcina balik, org india pun sama. Tak de bangsa lain sibuk pasal petronas. Tak de hal dgn Uitm, tak yah nak buat bershit, tak de sibuk sibuk nak pluralkan agama, tak de sibuk sibuk nak guna ‘ nama sama’. Ishhhh

    Susah kalu kiter luper asal usul dan sejarah ni. Makin bangang jadi nyer

  109. Tuntuah Jan 23,2013 1:07 AM

    People taught change the government macam tukar seluar dalam. Hahaha.

    At one of mamak restoran, My brother terduduk sama with one of the orang atasan PAS purtrajaya. The PAS guy suggested that its about time to change government. He gave example like nasi and kuah. Manala tau kuah kari lagi baik dari masak lemak. My brother just said like this: kuah masak lemak ni kiter dah makan bertaun. So kiter tau manalemak, masin, pedas ker. Kiter tau. Ni kalu lauk baru, kari, kalu tak sedap, 5 tahun kene menghadap tu. Muntah….

    Some people hate the government because of they do not get something from the government. So dier bengang. So dier sokong pakatan. For them the government zalim. I nak tanya sikit la, if u ader lima org anak, are you willing to ask your wife to cook whatever food yang anak u nak makan for that day and u keep doing it everyday sampai biler biler? Sure tak boleh punyer. So anak u yang tak dapat lauk permintaan dier tu boleh la maki u macam u maki kerajaan kerana tak dapat something? So your anak tak yahsokong u lah… Dier puji org lain dan cerca u. Boleh camtu? Takpayah cakap besar la. Anak baru sikit dah huru hara. Kerajaan ade 28juta org nak jaga…. Sometime kiter kene guna otak lah….

  110. sibotak Jan 23,2013 1:00 AM












  111. azhar Jan 23,2013 12:53 AM

    Hi Dear All,
    Hope you all doing fine. Sorry interrupt between your discussion .My name is Azhar Khan I am Masters student in China. Dr.Tun Mahathir Muhammad is my favorite personality. I want to write letter to Dr.Tun Mahathir Muhammad. Please guide how I send my letter to him. can you please provide his contact address or his personal secretary. I am waiting your positive reply. Thanks.


  112. HBT456 Jan 23,2013 12:24 AM

    Puan Hajar,

    After you hurt me, you think that you have chance to win in Selangor?

    Unless UMNO Baru President tukar team lain.

    Makcik2 like you, I have seen plenty.

    Memang mencicik, kotor, pembuli dan penipu kaum Melayu dari negeri2 lain.

    Therefore, don’t do the stupid show to show us that you care for Little William.

    If UMNO Baru President tak tukar team lain, I might as well vote PAS to korek all your shit.

    Have you ever thought that I might knew the late Datuk Sosilawati?


  113. hajar Jan 23,2013 12:02 AM

    Salam YAB & diKasihi Tun,

    Seperti biasa, saya SOKONG BN! Undi BN!

    Lebih baik sokong parti yang telah banyak berjasa kepada saya dari memberi peluang kepada “pakatan” yang memang sah tidak sepakat dalam banyak hal. Di Selangor contohnya, keadaan lebih teruk berbanding semasa BN memerintah Selangor. Lebih baik UBAH balik kepada BN. PR gagal di Selangor.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  114. sentinel3 Jan 22,2013 11:27 PM


    Izinkan saya menjawab wajaperak.

    Saya rasa wajaperak sudah tersasar daripada maksud tulisan saya.

    Apa yang saya maksudkan ialah bagi pemimpin politik yang tidak pandai, mereka harus mempunyai pembantu atau orang bawahan yang pandai bagi membantu mereka.Ini tidaklah bererti sehingga naik tocang atau memijak kepala bos mereka.

    Dalam politik, satu pihak kena pandai sama ada bos atau orang bawahan mereka yang akan menjadi pembantu mereka bagi memastikan kejayaan mereka. Kalau kedua-dua sekali pandai adalah satu bonus kepada pemimpin politik itu.

    Bagaimana kalau kedua-dua bos dan orang bawahannya tidak pandai dan bodoh? Seorang kaku tidak boleh bertutur dan berfikir untuk negara manakala pembantu juga macam kayu seperti bosnya?Tidak kah malapetaka jadinya?

    Kalau di Barat, pemimpin politik macam ini sudah lama kecundang dan seperti meminjam kata Tun, akan jadi lipatan sejarah.

    Pada PRU-13 ini, jika status quo yang sedia ada dikekalkan, iaitu bagi bos-bos yang bodoh dan pembantu juga selain bodoh hanya jadi yes man maka malapetaka akan berlaku.

    Bos-bos yang kaku ini jika kalah akan juga mengakibatkan parti yang mereka wakili tewas dalam pilihan raya.

    Kalau bos-bos ini (seperti kata wajaperak It can only happen in Malaysia), masih tidak sedar diri dan hanya mahu yes man jadi pembantu mereka, alamat nasib politik mereka tidak akan lama.
    Ia akan berakhir seperti cerita Hang Nadim dalam Singapura di langgar todak (meminjam cerita wajaperak). Bukan sahaja Singapurai tergadai malah bos-bos dan orang bawahan sekali akan hanyut dalam liputan sejarah.

    Salam Tun.

  115. HBT456 Jan 22,2013 10:34 PM

    Should Malaysia Government and Petronas pay?

    If PAS thinks that they are good, they should win GE13 with DAP and PKR since Malaysians have the right to vote.

    From there, they can appoint their own PM and Petronas Chairman.

    After so many years of holding Petronas by UMNO lama dan baru, if Kelantanese wants duit pampasan, they should show Malaysians that they can get both Putrajaya and Petronas via general election.

    If not, susah nak buat account tu because many Kelantanese have taken duit raya, are working and studying in UiTM, overseas sponsored by Petronas and Malaysia government.

  116. shahrulnizam Jan 22,2013 10:06 PM

    if BN want to win people hearts, 1st step is to be sincere. Remove the bad apples in the parties, many other options available in the country. Chairman of FVGH is a bad example, and so does in other organizations. 2nd, don’t be “zalim” to people.. when people hungry they get angry..

  117. sudin Jan 22,2013 9:24 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Tahniah kerana telah mengembalikan artikel2 terawal dari semenjak “CHEDET Blogging To Unblog” dimulakan!!
    Tambahan pula kesesuaian masa yang paling tepat memandangkan PRU13 bakal menjelang tiba.
    Saya pasti ramai orang2 Melayu akan kembali bersatu seandainya mereka meneliti isi kandungan artikel2 lalu yang padat dengan kebenaran dan juga memberi peringatan tentang pentingnya perpaduan Melayu.

    Kaum Bumiputera di peruntukkan melebihi 80% kerusi parlimen dan majoriti 2/3 dari kaum Bumiputera akan memastikan ketuanan Melayu berkekalan!!!

  118. HBT456 Jan 22,2013 7:43 PM

    than the party sentiment of tuduh menuduh….

  119. HBT456 Jan 22,2013 7:40 PM

    After 50 years of governing Japan, LDP lost for the 1st time to DP.

    Why it lost?

    LDP lost because Japanese are very “PESSIMISTIC” about the changes of many LDP PMs due to political power and cake sharing.

    Today, LDP won the general election.

    Will BN looses in GE13th?

    Even if BN looses, DS Anwar Ibrahim will become the new PM, it will be short-lived.

    Those Malay who claimed BN is corrupted, like what Sir Albert perceived:

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose
    The more they change, the more things remain the same
    Lebih banyak perubahan, lebih banyak kekal sama

    If Bersih wants to march into KL, let them have the Stadium Merdeka.

    They are daun sireh who likes to hear Mandarin Revenge story, therefore, there is no way for them to be a spade.

    Don’t give up BN even if PR wins slight majority votes.

    Take a deep breath, and tell yourself that I must do it, I must know how people judge me via votes.

    Once again, I welcome Tun Dr MM to stay in KL as and when he likes because he is a spade who is more concern about the economy the party sentiment of tuduh menuduh….

  120. wajaperak Jan 22,2013 7:12 PM

    Terima kasih Tun kerana ruangan..

    Jika anda sudi mendengar maklumbalas maka perhatikan cerita Hang Nadim dalam Singapura di langgar todak.Itulah nasib jika anda lebih pandai dari boss!!…
    It can only happen in Malaysia….:)

    fzal..saya dukacita dengan anda..
    Anda kelihatan seorang yang reasonable..
    Pernahkah anda dengar pepatah atau ungkapan di dalam bidang perubatan?..

    Aegrescit medendo..

    Terima kasih Tun.

  121. fzal Jan 22,2013 6:14 PM

    Interesting Insight Tun. But, I am still in favor of change 🙂

    We keep saying in surah al-fatihah: “It is You (Allah) we worship and You we ask for help.”. Potential chaos if PR comes into power? well that is a chance I am willing to take in lieu of all the leakages under BN governance. We can save a lot of money for development if we put a stop to all these leakages. There is of course no guarantee they will be better. So, there is nothing much I can do (i.e. I don’t have much of a choice). I leave it to Allah.

    To be fair, one cannot evaluate the performance of the opposition when the opposition was never given the chance in the federal government. Similarly, one cannot imply that the surplus in opposition states and evaluate their performance at state level (such as Selangor and Penang) because part (if not most) of the wealth created are as a result of BN governance. Same thing with the governance of Kelantan. As far as I can see, Kelantan was neglected by the federal government from the start. I’m sure you know the separate legislative powers of each state and the federal government and their concurrent powers too as provided in the constitution. A few of the main responsibilities of the federal government are: finance, public works, health, education and communication and transportation. So if you say it has not done well, I say it is partly (if not mostly) because of BN 🙂

    You know, allegations of corruption are really the main thing why I prefer change. So, why not BN and their members clear their names. This can be easily done by declaring all bank accounts for inspection by the Anti-Corruption Commission verified by independent auditors.

    If BN can do that and pass the audit with flying colors, I would be less keen to vote for change.

  122. sentinel3 Jan 22,2013 6:00 PM

    Saya cuma nak ulas sikit saranan Tun bahawa amatlah penting pengundi diberi seberapa banyak penjelasan yang mungkin mengenai parti dan dasar serta rekod mereka supaya pengundi dapat membuat keputusan yang pintar pada PRU-13 nanti.

    Pada pendapat saya, yang lebih penting ialah pengundi khususnya pengundi Melayu diberi penjelasan serta kesedaran mengenai nasib mereka dan survival bangsa Melayu yang bergantung penuh kepada undi mereka pada PRU-13 nanti.

    Soal parti dan rekod parti tidak penting kerana akan dianggap sebagai propaganda parti pemerintah dan membosankan pengundi khususnya pengundi muda Melayu.

    BN boleh melupakan pengundi Cina kerana rata-rata boleh dikatakan rasis, anti-establishment dan tidak akan menyokong BN pada PRU-13 nanti.

    Bagaimana cara penjelasan perlu diberikan kepada pengundi Melayu , itu adalah satu perkara baharu yang perlu difikirkan oleh BN.

    Pada pendapat saya, cara dan teknik jentera kerajaan dan BN memberi penjelasan kepada pengundi sekarang sudah lapuk dan ketinggalan zaman dan masih tidak berubah sehingga sekarang walaupun dunia sudah lama berubah dengan kecanggihan teknologi IT.

    Sebagai contoh, cuba lihat surat khabar kerajaan negeri yang sungguh tidak bermutu dan dilihat sebagai hanya kertas alat propaganda kerajaan.

    Kebanyakan akhbar kerajaan negeri ini hanya penuh dengan berita dan gambar Mb yang sungguh membosankan pembaca.

    Selain itu, setiausaha akhbar MB dan menteri-menteri masih seperti era Zaman Tunku Abdul Rahman yang kerja mereka hanya menyiapkan teks ucapan bagi bos mereka tetapi langsung tidak tahu memainkan peranaan bagaimana hendak menaikkan imej bos mereka di kalangan rakyat.

    Mereka ini sepatutnya belajar daripada dunia Barat bagaimana rakan-rakan mereka di Barat memainkan peranan mereka sebagai s/u akhbar.

    Di Amerika Syarikat, seorang Presiden AS tidak perlu terlalu pandai kerana mereka mempunyai kakitangan yang bukan sahaja pandai malah berpengalaman bagaimana untuk menjaga dan menaikkan imej bos mereka.

    Saya kasihan apabila melihat di negara kita, jika seorang MB atau menteri itu tidak begitu pandai bercakap, s/u akhbar dan pegawai-pegawai mereka juga kaku seperti kayu tidak membantu menaikkan imej bos mereka.

    Peranan mereka ini penting kerana dalam pilihan raya khususnya di negara kita ini nanti, ia akan menentukan bukan sahaja sama ada calon mereka menang malah sama ada parti yang bos-bos mereka wakili menang atau kalah dalam PRU nanti.

    Salam Tun.

  123. amin tan Jan 22,2013 5:59 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Congratulations to you for an excellent and eloquent article. I agree with abdulazizomar and Alfred Willner too. Syabas.

    amin tan

  124. abdulazizomar Jan 22,2013 5:42 PM

    Salaam Tun.

    I believe that this coming general election is the most important one for UMNO, Barisan National and the nation itself. The prospect of BN losing this election is real.

    The Prime Minister must see to it that BN will not lose this election and one of the best things to do immediately is to get rid of the hateful road tolls that is seen and felt by motorist all over the country. Also it would be a great psychological blow in favor of the Government. This will be a cheap price to pay when suddenly you realize that BN had lost control of this country.

    You were right that the alternative to BN ruling this country is scary.

    Thank you. God Bless.

  125. Jan 22,2013 5:27 PM

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose
    The more they change, the more things remain the same
    Lebih banyak perubahan, lebih banyak kekal sama

    There is great wisdom in this French saying,

    dear Tun!

    Malaysia and how it’s people govern should be looked at as exemplary by a good many nations that are so miserably failing in governing for the good of their people.

    Why can’t others be a multi-racial and multi-cultural society like Malaysia is proving to the rest of the world day-in-day-out and so for 56 years now that it works – that where there is a will there is indeed a way?

    It is a mater of maturity!

    Salam, dear Tun!

    Alfred Willner

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