1. We are used to the high moral ground taken by the Western Press. We almost cringe mentally when they criticise us for our poor record on human rights, our alleged failure to respect the rule of law, our corruption and the injustices that we perpetrate against others etc. etc.

2. We feel they are right, that they, unlike us, have and they obey high ethical codes, that they are honest and straightforward.

3. It is shocking to find that they are really no better than us, that given half a chance they would cheat and abuse their positions, that they would forget human rights.

4. We know now that their Members of Parliament as reported by their Press use public funds to furnish their homes with chandeliers etc., that they claim excessive traveling allowances. We know that their Governments sell titles.

5. Now we are witnessing their most powerful media mogul admitting that the paper he owns, “News of the World” has been hacking telephones to listen in on private conversations and to use what they hear when reporting in their paper. Now we hear of bribes given to soften reports by journalists about all kinds of shenanigans by powerful people. And their politicians are just as afraid of the Press as we are.

6. Their MPs now have an opportunity to get back at the media through their debates and through calling up not just the media people but the Chief of the Metropolitan Police to face Parliamentary Select Committees.

7. I agree that the media should play a role to stop immorality on the part of public figures. They should be the watchdog overseeing the possible impropriety of Government practices and policies. But this should not include abuses of the rights accorded to them.

8. Many of the things the Western media reports in Malaysia are far from the truth. But once one of them says something bad about this country and its Government (and other countries too) others will repeat it without any attempt to verify the truth of the reports.

9. I was reported to have practiced cronyism; that I manipulated the judiciary, that I threw into jail my deputy by Western journalists who for one reason of another had taken a dislike for me. After that every journalist when reporting about Malaysia must mention that I had practised cronyism, manipulated the judiciary and threw my deputy into jail. For that matter every book written about Malaysia must include these items. The words of the first journalist who reported this must be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No amount of refuting the allegations by anyone would be accepted.

10. That Western journalists have accepted bribes has long been suspected. But the reporting on the hacking by the News of the World has confirmed that Western journalists are not the purveyors of truth that they are supposed to be. They will deny of course. They will write nastier reports on those who criticise them. But the fact remains that they are as unprincipled and corrupt as the people they allege to have these failings.

11. I write this piece not because I expect the Western journalist to repent or change. They will not change, especially in their opinion of native leaders who thumb noses at the West. I write simply to draw attention to the fact that western journalists, with very few exceptions, are not the impartial purveyor of truth that people assume them to be.


  1. common man Sep 3,2011 1:08 PM

    west or east, press holds responsible job, doesn’t matter what skill they use to get their news…..only truth should prevail.

  2. sudin Aug 10,2011 1:40 AM

    Salam Tun.

    That Barry “I’ll do anything for PAP” Wain is one moronic example of corrupted and unreliable western journalist. An English-speaking thug who couldn’t be bothered to the reality of his dictatorial paymaster and chose to scrutinize Tun from hair to toe, looking only for whatever suspicious negative stories about Tun that can give great pleasure to his paymaster to write on!

    Anyway I do have to thank Barry Wine (oops Wain) for helping to convince me to distrust them mat sallehs.

    The manner that the western tvs repeatedly showed inconsequential events with photos/videos doctored to serve their bais cause, I’m left bewildered at those so-called civilized western tv audiences who seem to like being treated like cavemen by them!

    The only good thing they talk about Myanmar is Suu Kyi, nothing good at all on the Myanmar leadership that has managed to keep peace to the country since Britain left them.
    With hundreds of US$b in richness to mine, Suu Kyi is their greatest hope to bring in their mining companies to later cause the beautiful land to become barren wastelands, whilst taking away the rich resources as theirs.
    They already did it to us, leaving behind pools of death and bunch of ingrates that are no more happy just to be away from their godforsaken motherlands and the rich rewards, but now want to rule us!

    How I wish that Anwar maniac & also the king of all kings stay inside his designated 4 walls the soonest possible, and forever!!
    Let them western medias bark and growl, and we’ll then laugh and enjoy looking at them.

  3. makiedog1 Aug 9,2011 9:36 AM

    Dr. Mahathir,
    How can you, as a statesman, view the telephone hacking scandal with such narrow minded biases? It is obvious that you are using this opportunity to conveniently suit your own agenda.

    Most fair minded people will view this scandal as a validation of the western press, where even the most powerful can be brought to accountability; and even the dirtiest secrets can bubble to the surface, as evidenced by infamous scandals such as Lewinsky and Watergate.

    You totally missed the point, wrong doings and corruptions can occur everywhere. The important thing is to have a free and open system to be able to uncover them without fear of prosecution. Can you honestly think such exposés are even remotely possible in Malaysia? Given your streak, I’m surprised you didn’t throw in a Jewish conspiracy theory in there too:)

  4. Peiseh Aug 7,2011 8:29 AM

    Salam Bahagia Tun and Selamat berpuasa.

    I concurred with some of the comments put forth here, that there is a different between the west and us when dealing with the media. The difference is on law maker. In Malaysia, our law makers are biased towards hostile news papers that prints out the truth, but seemingly bet a close eye for those that were aligned to the ruling government.
    Very clearly from this whole episode where the Umno backed newspapers Utusan Malaysia were given a free hand by the law makers to hackles individuals or associations without real facts, and printed intimidating and insinuation articles that was aimed to create chaos and dis-stabilizing peace.

    That’s a big difference in our media governance as of those in the western country. In the western countries, there is hope yet for the community there to feel that their rights are protected. Here, in Malaysia we do not have any tinge of hope in that sense.

    salam bahagia..

  5. eanisazman Aug 5,2011 11:26 AM

    Salam Tun & All,

    I feel really good reading your analysis about the self proclaimed purveyor of truth, ha ha.. to me they are more like joyah becok, kak nam, kaki kepoh who always like to twist fact to create hype and controversy so they’ll earn more from their publishing no matter how.

    I was also surprised that there are Malaysians who look up to these Western journalist who never like to say good thing about Malaysia.

    The mentality of Malaysians is that every orang putih is a big ‘hero’ and that anything from the West is religiously great, ha ha… Might is never always right because only whats right is right. Now you can see how these people will fail themselves in their own orang putih way, ha ha. You all never thought that America can also go bankrupt do you?..

  6. Ellese A Aug 5,2011 10:51 AM

    Dear TUN,

    Wish you well. I do hope at one time I have the opportunity to introduce my kids to you. A Salam will do.

    Anyway what mesmerize me is our need to ape the low despicable standards of the western journalism. Recently it was reported in the sun (uk) that a Malaysian businessman had purchased a three billion pounds boat. The sun in UK as we all know is a tabloid more well known for the page three topless girls. But our own Malaysian Insider and sarawak report gave credibility by publishing it further here. Their intent was well known ie to create despise against the government between the (filthy corrupted) haves and haves not.

    A few days later after the news had sunk in, they reported a story saying that the report was false. The picture of the boat was cut and paste from the makers website. Then they quoted the boat maker saying that it’s too “stupid” to believe in.

    So yeah. Why did they “stupidly” print this in the first place and create a misconception. Why must we ape this low class stupid culture to prove a point.

  7. musato Aug 5,2011 6:30 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Bukan mudah mencari maklumat sampaikan orang putih terpaksa mengintip.Semuanya kerana desakan hidup dalam pekerjaan era sekarang.

    Begitu juga dalam bidang hotel.Seboleh-bolehnya ilmu resepi akan disimpan supaya orang lain tak pandai macam diri sendiri.Walhal kalau diikutkan tidaklah penting mana resepi itu kalau nak dibandingkan dengan air tangan.

    Dalam suasana kerja yang amat panjang masanya dan terkongkong dari kehidupan luar,pekerja hotel tidak tahu bahawa perkembangan pembuatan roti juga amat pantas berkembang sepertimana perkembangan teknologi.

    Satu kerugian kepada negara yang amat.Pekerja hotel yang mampu mengadun doh roti tanpa timbangan dianggap pakar.Sedangkan dalam pertukaran teknologi,struktur belahan juga turut diambil kira.Kemampuan untuk melihat kandungan roti melalui belahan roti itulah satu kepakaran sebenarnya.

    Demikianlah manusia yang mengejar pangkat dan kemewahan yang tak seberapa banyak menyimpan rahsianya.Manusia seperti kuda yang berlari pantas (kejar kaya dan pangkat).

    Sedangkan manusia lupa bahawa Allah s.w.t telah janjikan barangsiapa yang mengamalkan dan menyebarkan ilmu walau sedikit akan dikurniakan pengetahuan yang tidak pernah dia ketahui.

    Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak

    Terima kasih Tun.

  8. parameswara 2 Aug 5,2011 2:20 AM

    Dearest Tun

    1-The press ,anywhere in the world are not really free.They are only free as long as the interest of the boss is served.It also apply right here in Malaysia.Can the mainstream media side with the people their bosses dislike?Are our mainstream media also telling only the whole truth and nothing but the truth and never lie to serve their bosses?

    2-The press reports that we Malaysian generally feel safer now that the police have beefed up their vigilance on the streets.Really?I think that this is truly an unreliable survey the Govt has done.No I don’t think very much have changed to make us feel safer.

    3-Only by looking at all the gated security in almost the entire USJ you sometimes feel like you are living in the military zone.I wont be surprised if in the not too distant future the security companies will also engage army tanks to go rounds in these neighborhoods.But you need all these because it is just don’t feel safe at home or on the streets anymore.

    4-I really don’t think that the press themselves actually believe in this survey but they have no choice but to report in preparation of the PRU that may be drawing near.

    5-Talking of which,I think Najib should quickly hold the PRU if he want to secure a win because the later he waits the riskier it is going to be.

    6-For one,the opposition now may soon be able to resolve their leadership problem if Ku Li is eventually accepted as the new leader of the Pakatan.With his experience in S46 fighting a world class politician like yourself before and with PAS already no longer championing the Hudud and the Islamic state, a more united and realistic opposition model may have finally been established to give the BN a fight it has never had before.

    7-Secondly,the US is still not out of the woods and with the crippling debt problem now will only mean that the recession would only worsen.When US sneezes Malaysia will get the flu too.Once the crisis has blown out full steam it would be tough for the ruling party.So Najib shouldn’t wait until its too late.

    8-So in the meanwhile Najib will have no choice but to use the power of the mainstream media at his disposal to exaggerate all the BN achievements and downplay their shortcomings as well as exaggerate the PR’s shortcomings and downplay their achievements.

    9-Do you think the Malaysian media would do all these Tun?

    Thanks Tun

  9. austozi Aug 4,2011 11:11 PM

    Dear Mahathir,

    First off, may I point out that it’s a bad idea to reset user passwords to their usernames, as this amounts to a security breach for your users — I can easily guess the password for any user who has posted a comment in your blog in the past but hasn’t been back to change their password since the platform migration.

    Secondly, the phone hacking scandal has shocked the world, but it is not right to make sweeping generalisations about Western journalists, politicians, and any group of people for that matter. Another point that needs to be made is that the News of the World was a tabloid newspaper more obsessed with celebrity muck raking than serious news reporting. To be honest, I wasn’t shocked at all when the news broke that they were hacking phones. After all, the paparazzi had been around for a long time. In fact, the sentiment among the British people is that the practice of phone hacking was unlawful but wasn’t a scandal in itself. What turned it into a scandal was the allegation that the police and important figures in the present government knew about it, sanctioned it and even colluded with the newspaper in such practice. This is an important point that needs to be made clear to your readers.

    If the phone hacking scandal has taught us anything, it is the difference in the way governments and law enforcement bodies respond to scandals involving powerful figures in a country like Britain, and in Malaysia. In Britain, over the phone hacking scandal, important public figures have been arrested by the police, and the facts of the investigation are being laid bare in the public for all to see. A Parliamentary Select Committe has been set up to gather facts from those allegedly involved, including Rupert Murdoch, no less (will Najib stand as a witness at Anwar’s sodomy II trial?). The London police chief has since resigned over the scandal. Rupert Murdoch has published public apologies in major national newspapers. The British Prime Minister has been incessantly questioned in public over his alleged links with the Murdoch media empire. Similarly, over the MP expenses, BBC radio and TV carried the news daily, on many occasions the politicians allegedly involved were interviewed on live TV/radio programmes. As a result, the perpetrators were put under immense pressure to admit wrong-doing. A number of (ex-)MPs have since been convicted and sentenced to prison by the court over expenses fraud. In short, there were rules of what could be done and what could not be done. Somebody broke the rules. Law enforcement swept in, did their job as they were supposed to, and the people at least perceived there to be some sense of accountability. It is truly difficult to imagine a similar response in Malaysia. This is not to say that the Malaysian police force and politicians are immaculate in their integrity (we know better), but where such scandals do surface here, things are more likely to be covered up and critics silenced by questionable means. There are too many examples to cite (the recent deportation of William Bourdon, for example), I don’t even know where to start. Suffice it to say that if the same standards had been applied in Malaysia, the BN government and Utusan Malaysia would have been outlawed and would not exist today.

  10. amin tan Aug 4,2011 6:45 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I find that most ethnic Chinese mostly criticize the government or Malaysia and praise or idolize Israel or the West. They only look at the negative aspects of the government or exaggerate the weaknesses. For example dtan talk about street rally in Malaysia. He never mention on the negative aspects of street rally. HBT456 talk about bribery and mostly exaggerated parroting PKR politicians.

    Haw nice if these people are positive, forgiving, conciliatory towards the government. Surely we will have goodwill, harmony and prosperity in the country. HBT456 even insinuate that I have hak intimewa and IPP projects from the government and that I secretly voted PAS even though I vote in Subang Jaya where PAS never participate. Please don’t continue to provoke and bad mouth the Malays, islam and the government of the day.

    amin tan

  11. df Aug 4,2011 3:35 PM

    Outsiders are always intimidated with our diverse ethnic cultures and are puzzled how we all get along peacefully in unity..

  12. Bothman Aug 4,2011 3:23 PM

    Askm Tun & fellow bloggers,

    I just want to touch on dtan comments on August 3, 2011

    Mr dtan, when talking about human rights… on what/whose perspectives are looking at? Similarly, democracy, personal freedom, freedom of expression, WTO ( for trade ).
    These are created by those who once again try to dominate the world by exporting & imposing their values & cultures on others.

    If they ( the promoters of these universal moral standards ) are honest enough as you proclaimed, they should in the first place not to interfere in others internal problems when they have no real knowledge about it except to compare with their standard.

    By comparing BERSIH 2.0 and peaceful protest by Israels in front of their Knesset, you obviously do not understand or refuse to understand the sensitivities of Malaysians. Pursuing such beliefs will, if not manage carefully, will likely to result in more harm than good. Therefore, should I say Israel government is much better than Malaysian government by your implication? Do you really believe that.

    Mr dtan, Tun is not trying to claim the high moral ground. Tun’s simple message, ” don’t condemn us as if you are so clean of those matters ” or ” do not throw stones if you live in a glass house”. Closing the News of The world is not the end of Murdoch empire and will not end Murdoch ultimate desire to control the world through poisoning the minds of the people of the world with “western values”. The event is only a small hiccup in his journey to his final objective. In fact by his prompt action to close paper, he expect to recieve positive response and will up his rating further being an “honourable” man. If you can well remember on failures of Murdoch questionable attempt to acquire TV rights by a company in Hong Kong ( I m not sure of the details, SKY TV ? ) was as the result of Tun’s comments and pursued diplomatic discussion with China & Indian governments on the implication of that acquistion to cultural & behavioural changes that can harm these nations/region. A smart attempt by Murdoch but Tun being a far sighted leader had foiled that subtle move to colonise the world in the pretext as a normal business. A similar colonisation story script in the formation & operation of the East India Trading. Company. History cannot lie. Learn from it and you can live better.

    What will be then your comment if proven that BERSIH 2.0 received funds from outsiders?

    And you have the nerve to end you comment by saying to Tun,”Peace Be With You In Jesus Name “. What??? are you asking Tun to believe & accept that? You must be NUT. Do you understand what it means? Obviously NOT. It is confirmed that you are totally insensitive about Malaysian’s multi-racial, multi-religion and multi-cultural country which it took strain on Tun to administer so that the country will continue to remain peaceful, harmony and prosperous against all odds as to benefit all Malaysians including you who are indeed ungrateful one.

  13. haneefa Aug 4,2011 2:21 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun.
    I had the opportunity to attend a management training conducted by University of Michigan business school. The course was conducted in Hong Kong. During one of the session, participants were required to read a case study from Harvard University, related to events that happened at one multinational company in Penang. There was a map of SEA to indicate where Penang is. Suprise, Penang was indicated somewhere near Singapore. You would think that a case study from Harvard would have the facts right…but this not the case. From that moment onward, I take any information from western media with a pinch of salt. We all should.

  14. pduihmail Aug 4,2011 12:39 PM

    TM.“I’ve never hacked a phone, told anyone to hack a phone, or published any stories based on the hacking of a phone” — Piers Morgan, CNN host and former News of the World editor — responding via Twitter to a lawmaker’s suggestion he might have engaged in phone hacking. 🙂

  15. anort63 Aug 4,2011 11:10 AM

    Salam Yg Disayangi Tun dan keluarga,
    West or East are no difference when talking about media…incl. our very own? Today if we really want to move forward, we should do one simple thing called….THINK!

    Maaf Tun…tadak niat nak ngajak, just sharing an idea..

  16. YSLim Aug 4,2011 10:14 AM

    “used to the high moral ground taken by the Western Press” – not really, it is the principles behind it that we want to use as high moral ground. 0point!

    “they criticise us for our poor record on human rights, our alleged failure to respect the rule of law, our corruption and the injustices that we perpetrate against others etc. etc.” – the principles behind it that you can also criticise them. 0point!

    “We feel they are right, that they, unlike us, have and they obey high ethical codes, that they are honest and straightforward.” – it is the principle and not the person/man/woman. 0point!

    “It is shocking to find that they are really no better than us, ………., that they would forget human rights.” – it is shocking if you meant it as principles, it is not shocking if you applied it to the person breaching the principles. 1/2point.

    “We know now that (/some of) their Members of Parliament ……” – added your misguidance. 1/2point.

    “Now we are witnessing their most powerful media mogul admitting ……” bravo, 1point.

    “Their MPs now have an opportunity to get back at the ………….to face Parliamentary Select Committees.” In Malaysia, since your tenure…… NIL. 0 point.

    “I agree that the media should play a role to stop immorality …………… They should be the watchdog ………… But this should not include abuses of the rights accorded to them…….. Bravo!! 1point.

    “Many of the things the Western media reports in Malaysia are far from the truth.” …. Rebuttable…. “attempt to verify the truth of the reports.” …. Did we attempt ourselves???? 0point.

    “I was reported to have practiced cronyism” – admission, -1point.; that I manipulated the judiciary- admission, -1point; that I threw into jail my deputy by Western journalists who for one reason of another had taken a dislike for me – admission, -1point. After that every journalist when reporting about Malaysia must mention that I had practised cronyism – double admission -2points, manipulated the judiciary and threw my deputy into jail- double admission -2points. For that matter every book written about Malaysia must include these items – tattered the image of the country, -3points. The words of the first journalist who reported this must be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – admission -1point. No amount of refuting the allegations by anyone would be accepted – Refuting??? -2points.

    “That Western journalists have accepted bribes …But the reporting on the hacking …….” Good 1point “They will deny of course.” ….Did they?? I thought you said they had to face select committee??? Contradictory -1point. “They will write nastier reports on those who criticise them. But the fact remains that they are as unprincipled and corrupt as the people they allege to have these failings” bravo, keep it up, 1point.

    “…. They will not change, especially in their opinion of native leaders who thumb noses at the West.” …. speculative …… -1point.
    “…that western journalists, with very few exceptions, …….” good 1point.

    Meter reading : -9points for this article.

  17. Ibnu Sulaiman Aug 4,2011 9:59 AM

    Assalammua’laikum wrt… Tun yang dihormati,

    Kita” merujuk kepada diri penulis, berbahagia Tun dan pembaca mesej ini.

    1. Ini adalah kesan-kesan/tanda-tanda bala bencana telah menimpa manusia kesan dari hubungan kita dengan Allah swt tidak dijaga. Dalilnya disertakan seperti berikut:-

    2. “Dan turutlah Al-Quran sebaik-baik (panduan hidup) yang diturunkan kepada kamu dari Tuhan kamu, sebelum kamu didatangi azab secara mengejut, sedang kamu tidak menyedarinya.” (Terjemahan Surah Az-Zumar ayat 55)

    3. “Biarkanlah Aku sahaja (wahai Muhammad) dengan orang yang mendustakan keterangan Al-Quran ini, Kami akan menarik mereka sedikit demi sedikit (ke jurang kebinasaan), dari arah yang mereka tidak mengetahuinya.” (Terjemahan Surah Al-Qalam ayat 44)

    4. Walaubagaimanapun, saya amat tertarik dengan firman Allah swt bermaksud “(Ingatlah) hari (kiamat yang padanya) tiap-tiap seorang akan mendapati apa sahaja kebaikan yang telah dikerjakannya, sedia (dibentangkan kepadanya dalam surat-surat amalnya) dan demikian juga apa sahaja kejahatan yang telah dikerjakannya. (Ketika itu tiap-tiap orang yang bersalah) ingin kalau ada jarak yang jauh di antaranya dengan amalnya yang jahat itu dan Allah perintahkan supaya kamu beringat-ingat terhadap kekuasaan diriNya (menyeksa kamu) dan (ingatlah juga), Allah Amat belas kasihan kepada hamba-hambaNya.” (Terjemahan surah Al-E-Imran (MADINA) ayat 30).

    5. Bagaimana Allah swt sudah mengambarkan kepada kita pada kehidupan selepas mati nanti; supaya amalan jahat kita berada jauh daripada kita. Maha suci Allah swt, betapa rahmatNya Allah kepada kita. Tetapi sayang kenapa kita tidak mahu jadi hambaNya yang bersyukur.

    Ibnu Sulaiman

    Bacaan Tambahan:-
    1. Jom solat fardu 5 waktu berjemaah
    2. Yang Hidup Pasti Mati
    3. Jawatan Kosong

  18. Politicalamity9 Aug 4,2011 3:05 AM


    I know you queued and paid for your movie tickets…. and I know those who called in advance to reserve one whole cinema (not sure paid or not). And that makes a difference to me in what sort of leaders there are in our country.

  19. bumi malaya Aug 3,2011 2:24 PM

    Assalammualaikum Tun..
    Tidaklah mungkin mereka lebih mengetahui lebih dari kita sendiri.Apakah orang Amerika boleh mengetahui cara hidup orang Malaysia dari orang Malaysia itu sendiri? mana mungkin kan…jadi tentunya mereka itu tadi mempunyai sesuatu yang tersirat dalam laporan-laporan mereka sama ada di beri habuan,tekanan, atau yang belum boleh kita fikir waktu ini…


  20. Oumono Man Aug 3,2011 10:28 AM

    Good to hear from you Tun. Most people already know the western media are not to be trusted. Only a bunch of fools will listen to them.

  21. nazrimalik Aug 3,2011 9:51 AM

    Good morning Tun! Another one topic that I like. Thanks.

  22. RAS Aug 3,2011 9:50 AM

    Dear Tun,

    First of all, let me take this opportunity to wish you and your family ‘Selamat Berpuasa’.

    I agree that news from the west will happily print news on countries and foreign leaders that are not pro-US even though the news could not be substantiated and sometimes downright lie, and this will latter pick up by other foreign news that assumed that this is the truth. I do recall during your time as PM, a reporter from west Asia, called you a dictator that has been controlling Malaysia for more that 20 years even though Malaysian has been going to the vote every 4 years and we were the ones that choose you.

    But western seems to tread on water when it came to reporting anything about Israel. The American people did not know that there are more than 50 resolutions against Israel that been vote uninamously in United Nation that ultimately vetoed by their US goverment. Their reporters called the 20 meter concrete wall Israel built to realign the Palestine and Israel, a ‘fence’ and lately the news on effort by a lot of NGO and concerns people to help the suffering of Palestian people in Gaza are called an attempt help terrorist.

    I guess since most of the owners of the big news conglomerate belongs to Jews and the their reporters are not free to report on anything that will offend their bosses. Who says western press are free are wrong.

  23. HBT456 Aug 3,2011 9:03 AM

    Good morning Tun,

    342. It’s not the western or eastern media portfolios that matters.

    343. It’s how these media owners can maintain its maturity, professionalism and equilibrium in reporting and journalism.

    344. UK PM, Mr Cameroon, told us that he regretted his action for hiring news hackers to get himself being elected as the PM.

    345. Ex-UK PM, Mr Blair, told the Australians that when he was the PM, he did not own a mobile phone and he was not being hacked by Media IT experts.

    346. System failed because of People.

    347. System maintained because of People.

    348. Brides should not be encouraged at all though many others do that because it can create domino effect and habit to that particular person(s) country, party, company, corporation and family.

    349. When a person starts to accept bride, then he or she will automatically being perceived as not reliable, flip flop and non-accountable and untrustworthy.

    350. Bribery is a common act, and those who took it, he/she will be exposed one day by his follower(s) because paper can never wrap fire.

    351. In order to stop all these nonsense of judiciary; cronyism and nepotism, RoS as “Pihak Penguatkuasa (Remarks: Duit rakyat yang bayar gaji mereka, bukan parti2 kita yang bayar gaji mereka)” should made a press statement to set a “deadline” for DAP/PKR/PAS to contest under Pakatan Rakyat.

    352. From there both BN and PR can badmouth each other during the period of GE13 for maximum 2 weeks (Remarks: Public and Private Examiners also set time limit for the exams according to the national syllabus) with a cooling period of 3 days before rakyat cast their votes in the GE 13 ballot boxes.

    353. They will not repent because they think they are righteous and no one will complain that wang RM is not halal in Malaysia.

    354. They will only repent when they got caught by media, eg; News of the World.

    355. If there are no breakthroughs, there will be no news.

    356. If there are no wrongdoings, there will be no enforcement introduced in the “Parliament”.

    357. There are no accidents, and if there was no wind, there would not be tsunami 308.

    358. “Duit raya atau bunga FD, EPF/Unit Trust Dividend, concept adalah sama.

    Good day Tun.

  24. sher Aug 3,2011 9:01 AM

    salam tun, yet another excellent piece. it’s sad that a lot of us here still believe Western media reports as the absolute truth

  25. cermin Aug 3,2011 8:14 AM

    Melayu sekarang mcm melayu zaman British sanggup di jadikan tunggangan oleh DAP…. mcm dulu2… org melayu jd pemerintah boneka…. Fikir2kan lah……Sangggup kah melayu jd Boneka Kali KEDUA.

    Sekarang ni Org Cine mangkin berani n kurang ajar… selepas DAP byk menang….Org melayu nak tengok jer.. ker…ni…

    Masa MCA menang byk dulu…ok jer.. org cine…ni… berbudi bahasa n berhemah….. Sekarang tidak lagi.

  26. mall8q Aug 3,2011 3:33 AM

    Assalammualaikum Ayahanda dan Ibunda Tun, selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa serta semua amal ibadah yang lainnya. Didoakan semoga terus berolehkan kesihatan yang baik, dipanjangkan usia dan dikurniakan pemikiran yang terus bernas serta terus berkhidmat untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.

  27. SYAMiLLiON Aug 3,2011 2:56 AM

    You the only Malaysian leader who got guts against the westerner.

  28. dtan Aug 3,2011 1:33 AM


    I am grateful that you pointed out the hacking scandal by the News of the World. It is precisely Western Accountability that forced Rupert Murdoch to close the Newspaper Tabloid. Tun the West as you say cannot claim the moral high ground when
    criticizing Malaysia’s poor record on human rights. The difference is when they are caught with their ‘pants down’ they make amends and take quick action. Malaysians cannot even have a peaceful rally (Bersih 2.0) without harassment and as far as i can tell the cells in Kamunting are still being kept for the next round of ISA detainees. By the way, there were peaceful protest by Israeli citizens in the past week camping
    in tents outside the Knesset. They’ve been there for several days. What a contrast from a country which you deeply despise. A wise-man once said ‘We all point to other bad behaviour to excuse our own’.

    Peace Be With You In Jesus Name

  29. milshah Aug 3,2011 1:00 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I agree with your article. As our society become more developed, we have come to see the West is not always on the side of righteousness. They always like to look down on developing nations. It seems they can do no wrong and we can do no right. A closer look at why they do certain things have more to do with personal interests rather than doing the right thing.

    Your article points out one of the many double standards that the West practice. The West, particularly the US, would say do what I say, don’t do what I do.

    I would like to point out another wrong doing committed particularly the US. Now imagine the world is like one big neighborhood. In the neighborhood, if one wants to buy or sell products or services, cash is the medium of exchange. Cash has value because it is not easily counterfeited. But what if there is one person in this neighborhood who actually print money to buy products and services. The term “money does not grow on trees’ does not apply to this person.

    For example, if this person wants to buy car, all he needs to do is just print money. To finance his expensive lifestyle, the person actually issue an IOU paper, and people would buy this IOU paper and give this person their hard earned cash. When the time comes to make payment for the IOU, again this person prints money to make the payment. From an overview perspective, this person is using worthless paper money to get products and services that have value.

    If such a person were to live in Malaysia, I think the person will be thrown to jail because he had cheated people to give products and services for paper money which have no real value.

    Some might have guessed who I am referring to. Yes, it is the United States of America. The have issued so many IOUs (US Treasury Bills) that now stand at 15 Trillion USD dollars, which in my view, is worthless paper money, to buy products and services which have value from the rest of the world. When its time to pay these US Treasury Bills, they simply print more paper money.

    I think they are worst than the Pak Man Telo that we have in Malaysia. This is because they have cheated the world to get products and services worth at an estimated 15 Trillion USD dollars by paying paper money that they easily printed, which have no real value.

    The ironic part is everyone knows the US is printing money, but they just let it happen. They continue to use the USD currency as a trading currency. They continue the accept the USD as a safe haven currency.

    If I buy a car by simply tearing out a piece of paper and write of this paper RM50k, and the seller accept this paper as money, who is the idiot, the buyer or the seller?

    I would get the car and the seller would get the paper.

    Selamat Berpuasa Tun dan seisi keluarga.

  30. cm9410 Aug 3,2011 12:33 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun DR,

    western wow wow wild
    minda mereka sesempit-sempitnya,tindakan mereka lebih kpd menjahanamkan orang lain.
    knowledge dan teknologi mereka guna utk kerosakan ramai,
    kesannya kepada msian yg agongkan western sehingga ternampak nilai-nilai barat mjadi ikut-ikutan,
    western tidak ajar mjadi insan tetapi produk mereka manusia pemikiran rimba/ jungle people lagi

    Kenapa kita rasa rendah diri shingga mgagongkan mereka? Mereka kelihatan hebat sbb knowledge n teknologi sedangkan itu semua datang dari mane?


  31. alsagof86 Aug 3,2011 12:18 AM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun

    Izinkan sy mengutarakan beberapa pendapat mengenai media barat terhadap Malaysia dan Negara -negara asia yang lain.
    Apa yang kita ketahui bahawa Tun telah mencapai satu kejayaan yang luar biasa di mana tun telah membawa malaysia di tempat yang terbaik..

    semasa pentadbiran tun selama 23 tahun bermula pada tahun 1988 sehingga 2003 tun telah banyak mengunakan ideologi and profesionalism dalam arena politik disamping itu tun juga di lihat sebagai seorang yang outspoken dalam sebarang kritikan dan cadangan kepada media- media malaysia dan di luar sana.

    dengan lontaran dan komenter tun telah banyak menyedarkan sesetengah pihak yang terbahagi banyak dalam ideologi politik yang berfahaman berkepentingan kroni.

    semasa pentadbiran tun kita lihat banyak sejarah yang di cipta dari segi pembangunan,pendidikan dan ekonomi terutama orang melayu tetapi saya tidak akan menghuraikan subject ini..

    apa yang saya tersentuh dengan karangan tun ialah media ada terbaca new york press dimana malaysia dikatakan tidak adik dalam institusi kehakiman dimana Dato seri anwar di layan begitu istimewa sekali dan ini seolah2 menunjukkan kerajaan malaysia begitu jahat sekali dalam menentukan dakwaan terhadap beliau.

    kembali pada zaman tun ketika memerintah malaysia pada tahun 1996 tak silap saya tun ada mengambil tindakan dalam dakwaan terhadap Dato anwar ibrahim dan itu bg saya adalah satu tindakan yang wajar sekali tetapi kesan daripada penangkapan beliau telah banyak mempengaruhi media barat dalam kehakiman di malaysia ini hingga kini kerana semasa dato anwar ibrahim menyandang jawatan timbalan perdana menteri beliau telah banyak menjalinkan keakraban diplomasi yang rapat sehingga kini pun.

    bagi saya tun dakwaan dan tohmahan yang licik oleh media barat dalam menyalahkan tun adalah sangat yang tidak patut memandangkan sejarah tun dalam memimpin malaysia sekian lama..mereka juga dilihat begitu pandai dan licik dalam memutar belitkan perihal peribadi dalam instituasi politik di zaman tun dahulu.

    Malaysia kini dilihat begitu maju di bawah pemerintahan dato seri najib tun razak akan tetapi sistem pentadbiran beliau dilihat tidak begitu teratur berbanding zaman tun ini kerana mereka yang mengetui ahli kabinet dan menteri dilihat senang dan selesa dengan jawatan dan kedudukan untuk menjaga kebajikan rakyat hal ini akan membawa kepada suatu gejala yang tidak baik dalam parti UMNO pada suatu hari nanti..

    Saya harap Tun akan kembali menyuarakan pendapat yang bernas demi kepentingan orang melayu.

    terima kasih Ayahanda Tun
    bagi saya mereka ni cuba mencari kesalahan masa lalu sebagai idea dan kepentingan politik rasuah..

  32. parameswara 2 Aug 2,2011 10:55 PM

    Dearest Tun

    //3. It is shocking to find that they are really no better than us, that given half a chance they would cheat and abuse their positions, that they would forget human rights.//

    1-They are only human,Tun.You give them absolute power and they get corrupted absolutely.It would apply to anyone who is in that position.The press,the politicians,the whiteman,the brownman,the yellowman,anyman…

    2-They are surely no better than us.Its that absolute power they seem to have secured world wide that enabled them to call the shots.Of course there are some of the more inferior people in Asia and Africa who look up to these people pure and holy and their truth as gospel truth.But the world generally is not buying their bluff anymore Tun.

    3-The main sponsor of this freedom of speech,the great USA is not only slowly losing the oomph to continue patronizing them,she is even losing the power to continue her own survival.

    4-She is now really living on borrowed funds and time.With an annual deficit already reaching USD 1.5 trillion you can be sure that the debt ceiling is only going to be breached again very soon. Unless of course she can actually start trimming costs or raising her revenues which she obviously ‘dream’ to do.

    5-Now,in trimming costs, the Defense budget is the luxury she clearly can’t afford but is she willing to become vulnerable to her enemies all over the world? She obviously cannot trim her capital expenditure and start losing jobs that would only dampen her economic recovery and widen the deficit further.Well she surely cannot default on her obligations to honor the pension and retirement benefit to all the baby boomers that has begun to become due and lose popular votes.

    6-She may just decide to infuriate the capitalists by imposing all the necessary taxes on them to boost revenue.These minority people have tons of money and could very well afford it.But the all powerful and mighty FED that has great influence over the congress is actually owned by the capitalists themselves,so its easier said than done.

    7-All that is left her is back to this special ‘last resort’ that enabled her to create money from thin air afforded no other nations.Now with this power vested in her all she need to do is just deliver more and more of the Quantitative Easing alias handouts/stimulus to get her out of her blues.This is also surely the easiest way to remain popular with her people.All she’s got to do is to raise the debt ceiling again until it eventually hit the sky and then pray that God will save America.

    8-She has been living on this mega crutches,gained trough her absolute military might during WW2,abused for far too long that it has now become a terrible curse.Its like a vicious circle of debt she just cannot escape.She borrows hoping to settle some of her debts but even before she can do that she has already finished the money for her other excesses.Her debt situation on the other hand has only multiplied.

    9-Absolute power corrupts absolutely.Absolute corruption will inevitably lead to an absolute collapse eventually.

    10-This reminder is relevant to everyone of us,nations,political parties,the press,the religious authorities etc.God have promised that He will punish all wrongdoers.His promises are true.

    11-If you have done nothing wrong Tun don’t worry,be happy.Let them say what they want to say for it doesn’t matter. Only God knows the truth and only that matters.The truth shall prevail in the end.

    Sorry for being a little off topic.Thanks Tun.

  33. nys8982 Aug 2,2011 8:45 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Kind of sounds like a kid that say ” Ah ha, caught you red handed this time. See, you are as guilty as we are. So don’t you go thinking that you are any better. You are just like us. So don’t you dare judge us from now on. See whatever we did is not that serious after all because everybody do it too. So from now on, don’t you ever dare point a fingure and judge us again.”

    We cannot justify our wrongs by pointing out what others had done.

  34. anakbudu3 Aug 2,2011 6:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Ayahnda Tun & Bonda,

    please allow me

    getting people to tell the truth is very difficult for once, truth is bitter. however, it is sickening to see many accept the ‘truth’ given by the western press even though they seldom practised the truth in their own doing…

    they always give us the news based on their own perspectives but never want to report the side of our story. for instance, if ‘bersih’ is not allowed in the first place, can they go on chanting ‘bersih’ is ‘bersih’? a father may say ‘no’ to his daughter to go out at midnight but can the daughter say ‘yes’? as simple as that but ho! no! no way they are going to accept the fact that they were behaving badly, against the rules and the Ruler, against the majority rights. what about the effects that we can foresee even as a layman in terms of national security, image & economy to the small entrepreneur fellows and public as a whole? the uglier effects were the ‘acting’ from the few who were very thoughtless & insane individuals who would go at lengthy to tarnish the law enforcement body but in the end had brought back the worst effects on themselves. playing dead & mocking death? who they think they are??

    western news propagates the truth, transparency what not but hey! down go the ‘news of the world’!! so much so that mr murdoch has to go without making more mistakes like that! by the way, many ex-news workers wont be able to put the food on their table…

  35. shahrul nizam Aug 2,2011 6:13 PM

    we respect the western too much! first we allow them to change gender, then later we allow them to marry each other, like western. Please, respect Islam first!

  36. Bothman Aug 2,2011 5:04 PM

    Askm Tun & fellow bloggers,

    Taking this opportunity to wish Tun & family and other Muslim bloggers, “Selamat menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubaraq yg mulia. Hayatilah keistimewaan Ramadhan dengan mengerjakan sebaik2 amal ibadah semuga mendapat keredhaan & keberkatan dari Allah SWT. ”

    The world is not perfect as you have clearly highlighted here. We should believe if only we personally witness it otherwise, we should double check the accuracy of what we hear or better to keep silent about it.

    It is very common among us that we somehow have the habit to spread things we heard to friends and others, sometime with great pride too without checking the truth. Of course, such matters are familiar as important tools for politicians to attack their opponents. Sometime they term it as personality or character assissination with the hope that they are able to gather more votes or deprive the opponent of them.

    That’s the reason why in Islam” fitnah” is classified as greater sin than even murder.

  37. uniksound Aug 2,2011 4:01 PM

    Our Dearest Tun who should be accorded the one and only title of the “Father of Modern Malaysia” and my real life hero: Foreign journalists always think that we Asians are really buffoons and stupid. That intelligent wise, they are much more superior because they once governed our country. Now its the other way round, at least for those wrongdoers at the helm of the former News of the World tabloid. They should refund all the huge profits they made throughout the years to all the people whose phones they hacked and profited from their wrongful act. If not, sue them all out! But hacking of phones will still continue no matter what . No interesting story means less money for the papers. And less income to our dear journalists. Thank you Tun for not trusting fully those unwanted Western elements and unfair practices.

  38. CH Liew Aug 2,2011 1:55 PM

    Yes! You are so right about every stupid, unfair and bad things the west done and they will be doing more harmful thing to the world especially USA. We see within the short period of time the down fall of USA from being the richest country to a country that is almost bankrupt and cannot pay their debts. They are going against nature and think that they can fool the world with their nonsense comments and analysis. We will see more foolish and unethical things as they are more desperate now than last few years.
    In Malaysia the BN Govt is in the same boat and the public should be seeing and hearing more foolish implementation, taxes, forceful religious tactics, racial remarks and out-of-this-world suggestions and projects. There is a old and wise saying “ you can fool people once maybe twice best three times but you cannot fool people forever”. Every successful empire collapse after they become too arrogant and think they are God.
    Nowadays your ideas and comments are more pleasant and less racist but if you asked me did you practice cronyism and racial separation while you were the PM, I would answer you a big “YES”. I don’t blame you as I would have done the same things myself as it is part and parcel of survival. Only the very naïve and brain-damaged will think leaders and politicians don’t like money and only work for the country but you’ve done very well for the country comparing to the stupid Bush and other terrible leaders. I salute you TUN

  39. alanbgtan Aug 2,2011 1:54 PM


    Dear Tun,
    Not all ‘orang putih’ are high and mighty. Not all respect individual rights, are corruptible, disrespect Law & Order, abuses human rights, be honest & straight forward or clean & innocent either until they commit felonies too. Neither are all Tuns, Tan Sris & Datos are clean & innocent until discovered to be.


  40. Kun Phisaid Aug 2,2011 12:47 PM

    Dirgahayu Tun berdua,
    Saya rasa sangat bersetuju dengan pandangan Tun. Buhkan setakat reporter sahaja yang tak memegang etika dan jujur seperti yang kita sangkakan, orang ramai di Barat juga adalah sama. Di Amerika Syarikat, saya telah mengenali rapat beberapa orang kulit putih. Saya dapati dalam kehidupan seharian, mereka sangat racist dan chauvanist. Mereka sangat bencikan orang kulit hitam. Tetapi, terdapat beberapa orang Malaysia yang saya kenali yang menetap di Amerika Syarikat sangat menyanjungi orang kulit putih ini. Mereka ini bercakap dalam bahasa Inggeris walaupun di rumah mereka. Anak-anak mereka tidak pergi sekolah bahasa ibunda, sebaliknya ke sekolah Inggeris. Budaya yang kononnya tidak boleh di tinggalkan, kebanyakannya telah tidak di amalkan. Tetapi, jika di Malaysia, merekalah pejuang Bangsa dan budaya datuk nenek mereka tanpa ada kompromi. Malangnya, pemimpin Melayu yang ada sekarang terhegeh-hegeh minta maaf kerana telah tercium mata sebilah keris yang mungkin di beli di Chow Kit road. Selamat berpuasa untuk Tun berdua.

  41. solve_it Aug 2,2011 12:16 PM


    As a common people I rely on media and with that information I then make my best guess. Other times I am busy carry on with my life working, spend time with family, friends as well as many activities as any with ordinary common people.

    I for one wld like to know what evidence Tun had to throw yr former deputy or result in him thrown into jail? It was skeptical to think he was guilty though I personally like Tun more than him. How cld he then be freed from jail afterwards due to lack of evidence only to find himself accused again now? The development of accusations after accusations towards yr ex deputy even gone more bizarre with various high profile headlines with somehow lack concrete evidence or with evidence that can be manipulated actually make me lean towards believing his innocence more than before.

    I think I wld hv believed his innocence less if there weren’t so many media headlines especially from media that feels to be politically bias. They make one having sense of falsification.

  42. Praxis Aug 2,2011 11:23 AM

    Point 7 says media have a role to play. Just looking at this point alone one would think the media is sacrosanct, but the media as every other sector or country varies in quality from corrupt to good.

    The Opposition and Bar Council here suffer from these types of illusions when they think their profession or role as Opposition or other labels they idol worship makes them sacrosanct.

    The Chinese character for quality is made up of both good and bad quality, with the good component dominant, which I think is more realistic and truthful.

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