1. Malaysia is, relatively speaking, a small country. The population is only 28 million with a per capita income of USD8,000. But many Malaysians have done very well on the world stage. They are big and often they are the biggest in the world.

2. This is especially so in business. These people make their first million in the country. And they grew, prospering in the conducive business environment that Malaysia provides.

3. PETRONAS is a Government company. It is a national oil company like those found in most oil-producing countries. But PETRONAS did not confine itself to merely collecting royalty. PETRONAS went into all the different upstream and downstream areas of the petroleum industry. It went abroad, prospecting, producing, transporting, shipping, laying pipes and building ports and terminals. It is also into natural gas liquefaction and petrochemicals.

4. It is rare for a Government company to do well. But PETRONAS has done well and contributed much to Government revenue.

5. The private sector has not done badly either. Many have grown and expanded. Kuok Bros, building on its sugar and flour monopoly business, expanded into luxury hotels. The Shangri-La Hotel chains are all over East Asia and beyond. Palm oil plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia contributed billions to the corporation.

6. Lim Goh Tong came to Malaysia penniless. A casino license granted by the first Government of independent Malaysia contributed to the creation of one of the biggest corporations in the world. Resorts World operates casinos in Malaysia, Singapore, USA and UK, and elsewhere. Additionally, his Malaysian corporation owns huge palm oil estates and cruise ships.

7. The Genting group has more hotel rooms than any other hotel chain in the Far East.

8. Yeoh Tiong Lay (YTL) is another Malaysian company, which started as a construction company but now owns valuable properties in KL and other Malaysian towns. It owns a profitable power plant in Malaysia and a water supply utility in the UK.

9. Datuk Azman Shah owns a hotel chain, the Holiday Villa, largely in Malaysia but also in London, Sudan and other locations.

10. Vincent Tan has many businesses. He is also a big property owner in KL and in other parts of Malaysia. His most remarkable success in the Cosway chain of stores, with thousands operating in East Asian countries, in the USA and in Mexico.

11. Ananda Krishnan made his first million trading in oil. Coming home he started Astro and Maxis, telecommunication and paid television businesses. He is the owner of three satellites, which provide telecommunication service covering most of Southeast Asia. He owns and operates mobile phone services in many countries, including in India.

12. Eversendai is not a Japanese company. It is a Malaysian company, which has done very well in the Middle East especially. The main business is steel framework for building, including the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world. The owner is an Indian.

13. And there are many more companies, which had their head start in Malaysia but have grown and expanded to many parts of the world. They may not be as big as the ones I have listed but they have done quite well for themselves.

14. For a relatively small country, still not a developed country, Malaysia can be proud of the successes of its sons. I am sure that these successful people must also be proud of themselves and their achievements. I am also sure that they never forget their small beginnings in Malaysia, the kick-start that set them off to achieve great things.

15. There are many other kinds of successes that Malaysians can be proud of. We were once the biggest producer of tin and rubber in the world. Now we are the biggest producer of palm oil in the world.

16. Malaysians now bought and own brand name companies like Laura Ashley, Crabtree & Evelyn.

17. Yes, Malaysia is a small country but it has provided Malaysians of all races the opportunities to excel and succeed beyond the dreams of its founding fathers, perhaps beyond the dreams of the Malaysian tycoons themselves.

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  1. iskandar shah 2 May 20,2012 1:54 AM

    Salam Tun

    May I respond to bro Amin Tan

    //As far as Shaffat is concerned, I too do not believe it. Rasullullah loved his uncle Abu Talib very much. He appealed to his uncle to recite the Shahadah during the last moment of his life, but the uncle refused saying that he could not leave the religion of his ancestors. To be a Muslim you need to have HIDAYAH or enlightenment from Allah. The prophet could not plead or even persuade his beloved uncle to convert to islam. This incidence clearly shows that the Prophet(PBUH) is only human. He could only dakwah, and he had no shafaat.//

    1-Dear bro Amin Tan this hadis pertaining to the powers of intercession given the prophet is mentioned in both the sahih of Bukhari and his student Muslim,the most ‘authentic’ hadith after the Quran According to Imam Malik..

    2-In SOHIH bokhari Volume 1, Book 7, Number 331:Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah:The Prophet said, “I have been given five things which were not given to any one else before me.1. Allah made me victorious by awe, (by His frightening my enemies) for a distance of one month’s journey.2. The earth has been made for me (and for my followers) a place for praying and a thing to perform Tayammum, therefore anyone of my followers can pray wherever the time of a prayer is due.3. The booty has been made Halal (lawful) for me yet it was not lawful for anyone else before me.4.I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE RIGHT OF INTERCESSION (ON THE DAY OF RESURRECTION) 5. Every Prophet used to be sent to his nation only but I have been sent to all mankind.

    3-Narrated by Ibn Umar “on the day of resurrection the people will fall on their knees and evry nation will follow the prophet and they will say oh so and so.Intercede for us with Allah till the right of intercession will be given to the prophet and that will be the day when Allah ll raise him to the Maqam Mahmud( a station of praise and glory,ie the honor of the intercession on the day of resurrection) Sahih albukhori 6/4718)

    4-Narrated by Jabir bin Abdullah,Allah’s messenger said whoever after listening to the adhan says “O Allah the lord of this complete call and of prayer which is going to be established!Give Muhammad Al Wasilah and al Fadhilah and raise him to makam Mahmud( a station of praise and glory)ie the honor of intercession on the day of resurrection) which you have promised him will be granted my intercession for him on the day of resurrection sahih Bukhari 6/4719

    5-From Sahih Muslim From Jabir bin Abdullah he said “the rasullullah said I have been blessed with 5 things not given to all other prophets before me (1)other prophet were sent to their people but I am being sent to all man and jinn (2)Made lawful for me all spoils of war not made lawful for others (3) the earth made clean for worship that wherever we are we can worship God (4)many of my people believe only in the tabligh because it’s principles is in accordance with nature (5) I AM GRANTED THE POWERS OF INTERCESSION .

    6-If you can choose NOT to believe in this VERY STRONG SAHIH hadis is there anything wrong with me in rejecting the other not so strong but ‘sahih’ hadis like this one regarding the prophet receiving 50 prayers , or about the miracle of the prophet is cleaving of the MOON,or the prophet actually married Aishah at the age of six and consummated at 9.

    7-Can you imagine the prophet of 54 is married to a child still playing with toys?The prophet is a living the Quran he could never do something that contravenes the Quran,this is an evil lie by Bokhari about our prophet but why do Muslims insist to believe such dastadly lies?

    8-Do you really love the prophet as you claim to be?Imam Malik says that Bokhari has such high standards to verify his hadis yet although these hadis whose matan or content is clearly against the Quran he still find it necessary to verify the isnads .

    9-With followers like Bukhori and Muslim the Muslim world you don’t need enemies.They are making a great mockery of Islam and strangely the Muslims are ever so happy to defend them.

    10-Bro Amin Tan do you also believe the hadis about the prophets and the dogs?That the prophet the Quran described as the mercy to all the creatures..instructed the killing of all the innocent and useful dogs just because the angel of mercy ‘cannot’ enter a house that have dogs in it?All black dogs are devils???Is our prophet superstituous?

    11-Allah asks us the following questions in relation to hadith: “In which hadith after this will they believe?” (al-A`araaf [7]:185).“These are God’s revelations we recite to you in truth. Then, in which hadith after God and His revelations will they believe?” (al-Jatheya [45]:6)“Shall I seek other than God as a source of law and judgment when He is the One who has sent down the Book to you in detail?” (al-An`am [6]:114). “What is wrong with you? How do you judge? Do you have another book which you study?” (al-Qalam [68]:35-36).

    12-I am sure bro Amin Tan you have no choice but to also attempt to answer these questions Allah have posed us all.How would you answer them?Would you dare say YES,YES,YES and YES?

    Thanks Tun.

  2. Khairul-Dean May 12,2012 7:13 PM

    Salam Hormat

    One wonder what the conversation between a Qom educated scholar and a Malaysia educated scholar and a Madinah educated scholar would sound like about hadith by the maqam of the prophet Muhammad.

    Perhaps whatever taste that their conversation leaves on their tongue could easily wash away with a sip of the zam-zam.


  3. amin tan May 12,2012 5:46 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to response to Brother Iskandar Shah 2

    I quote brother Iskandar Shah 2

    “5-In our declaring our shahadah,in our salawat in our prayers,and in our hoping to get shafaat on the day of resurrection.We assume that Allah want Muhammad to be his partner.”

    Dear Iskandar Shah 2. Generally I agree with you on some aspects of non Quran wisdom or sayings, but I would not condemn these sources of well intentioned gifted wisdom as what you and your friends are doing. I would consider as a self denial to reject and deny every verse of hadis. Some of the hadis may be just Arabic words of wisdom which may be similar or identical to some quotation from The Law of Success by Napoleon Hills or wisdom from Mohadma Ghandi, Confucious, Abraham Lincoln or even George Bush Junior for those hadis daif, worst grade of hadis. We should appreciate good hadis like we appreciate the writing of William Shakspeares, but in an islamic brotherhood manner. I would absolutely reject any form of criticism against the 5 pillars of Rukun Islam and the 6 Rukun Iman. If you criticise Shahadah you are not my friend any more, you have insulted my religion. If you criticise azan, I would consider you Iblis latnatullah. In islam, some area are clearly off limit.

    As far as Shaffat is concerned, I too do not believe it. Rasullullah loved his uncle Abu Talib very much. He appealed to his uncle to recite the Shahadah during the last moment of his life, but the uncle refused saying that he could not leave the religion of his ancestors. To be a Muslim you need to have HIDAYAH or enlightenment from Allah. The prophet could not plead or even persuade his beloved uncle to convert to islam. This incidence clearly shows that the Prophet(PBUH) is only human. He could only dakwah, and he had no shafaat.

    I think shafaat does occur among Malaysians generally when the popular hadis says ‘ it is the technical know who is more important than the technical know how”. It means the Messenger of the power that be has the power to influence things. Some who do not have access to the powerful Shafaat are jealous and angry at those who possess real Shafaat. So, they join PKR OR DAP like Joshua Lopez and donplaypuks. Those Malay youngsters who took part in BERSEH 3 violent demonstration are jahiliah. So, please do not antagonise hadis so much. I am sure there is no hadis that criticises Rasulullah. wallahu alam.

    amin tan

  4. wajaperak May 10,2012 9:53 PM

    Tun..kenapa moderator suka cantas tetapi mereka sendiri tidak memberi komen yang bernas?..Ini arahan dari Tun sendiri??

    [[2-I love the prophet very much.But we must control our love for the prophet because no matter how much we adore him he is only human.The only thing we can do to show our love is to clear him from the mockery some of the hadith is giving him]]

    Tuan iskandar shah 2..Since I am kucin kurap to you I have no right to interject your discourse with Tuan Haji Amin Tan my brother but..where Islam is concerns I will allow from the uneducated person..

    You do not love our prophet Rasullulah s.a.w.
    Admit that you did not study Islam the way mainstreamer does..
    Just admit it..The why it is up to you to determine..
    You hold grudges again azan and ceramah..
    Instead of going to the congregation and dakwah them..Here there is a verse in Al Quran..You chose to nurse your grudges..
    Me?..The soothsayer?..No..
    You said it yourself..
    The love of Allah starts with knowledge..That is fully using your brain and it’s thinking capacity..
    We must allows difference in opinion but you did not use the magic words..


    Sorry kucin kurap have spoken…miau…
    Terima kasih Tun..

  5. iskandar shah 2 May 10,2012 3:06 PM

    Salam Tun

    //bro Amin Tan..’You claim the selawat to Prophet Mohammad is equivalent to elevating Rasulullah to the level of Allah. No. Selawat is just a way of blessing the Holy Prophet(PBUH). It is a show of deep love and utmost respect to the Messenger of God.You and I and everybody knows that Quran is the Revelation of Allah and hadis is not Revelation but words attributed to Mohammad, some may be true and some may not be true. Nobody is confused between the messenger of God and Allah.//

    1-Thanks bro for the friendly and civilized discourse on this ‘sensitive topic’ .Since you admit that we are all not angels and are fallible I think its best not to pass any judgement yet.Let us just discuss the matter and let God be the judge.

    2-I love the prophet very much.But we must control our love for the prophet because no matter how much we adore him he is only human.The only thing we can do to show our love is to clear him from the mockery some of the hadith is giving him.

    3-Our love for him should never be to the level that it is seen to almost glorify him as more than human.Go into Muslim homes today especially those devout ones and you’d find in these homes calligraphy of Allah and Muhammad displayed at the same level.No matter how much we respect and love the prophet ,who is the slave of Allah he can never come to the same level as Allah the master of the Universe.This is clearly wrong.

    4-This is I am afraid a very clear evidence of giving Allah a partner yet most of us realizes it not. In a way it has become indoctrinated in us all because eversince our childhood Allah has been partnered to Muhammad in everything right from the beginning.

    5-In our declaring our shahadah,in our salawat in our prayers,and in our hoping to get shafaat on the day of resurrection.We assume that Allah want Muhammad to be his partner.

    6-Dear bro when you admit that the hadis is not a revelation from God and some may be true while others may not be true than there is no difference between you and me.I can accept hadith that does not contravene the Qur’an that does not ridicule the prophet .But we cannot accept a document like this to be of guidance to us and be a sekutu of the Qur’an that is a revelation of God.Its not compatible.Its insulting God.

    7-Futhermore it is not everybody who is a scholar like you who can sense an untruth when you read one.Others may take hook,line and sinker because they believe that the hadith is divine.If you read in the books of the hadith the comments by imam Malik and other prominent ulamaks they recommend that the hadith of Bokhari as most authentic after the Quran,must be followed religiously without dispute,etc,etc.

    8-The ulemas seems to encourage us to believe that the hadith is as good as divine that it can even abrogate the Qur’an.How can a document that contain truth and untruth abrogate the Qur’an?

    9-It is in this light that I cannot agree to accept the hadith.If it is not a divine document but merely a document about the purported sayings of the prophets or of how he worship god or his prophecies about the glad tidings of the future I have no problem accepting it.

    10-If you really love the prophet than you would be as offended as I had been after I have read the ridiculous hadith of Bokhari and Muslim,’the most authentic documents after the Qur’an’ maybe you have not found them yet.

    9-I hope to present them to you in due course.Let us see then how you would react about these lies Bokhari and Muslim (or the mischievous hands behind them) have concocted about our beloved prophet.

    Thanks Tun.

  6. amin tan May 9,2012 2:18 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to respond to Brother Iskandar Shah 2.
    I quote

    “6-Do you really believe with all your sincerity that it is alright to offer our salutations night and day to a man who has already passed away, as we also offer our adoration to Allah SWT night and day? That we just can’t devote our remembrance to Allah alone that Muhammad must just seem to accompany Allah everytime we worship Allah? Didn’t Allah demand total devotion to Him alone?
    7-Are you sure IN THIS WAY you are not CREATING A PARTNER to Allah in receiving our remembrance night and day? How do you feel if everytime your wife calls you she would also ask you to send your regards to your slave, without fail, night and day? That she just can’t think of you alone as you would expect?”

    Brother Iskandar Shah 2,

    First of all, I wish to thank you for having high regards of me and inviting me to engage in this metaphysical debates of islam. Before we go into deeper, I wish to state that I am no angel, just a fallible human like you and everyone else. I strongly believe you and I and countless others are lucky to be muslims, born or converted. More so if we are ordained with divine guidance or HIDAYAH’. Dear Iskandar, I notice that you are quite knowledgeable about islam, but sorry to say some where along the line you have derailed and deviated. I strongly believe a few of you have fallen into the trap or has unwittingly become agents of the enemy of islam to create doubts and undermine islam as it is practised today. You claim the selawat to Prophet Mohammad is equivalent to elevating Rasulullah to the level of Allah. No. Selawat is just a way of blessing the Holy Prophet(PBUH). It is a show of deep love and utmost respect to the Messenger of God.You and I and everybody knows that Quran is the Revelation of Allah and hadis is not Revelation but words attributed to Mohammad, some may be true and some may not be true. Nobody is confused between the messenger of God and Allah.

    You say” Mohammad must just seem to accompany Allah every time we worship Allah.” This is the dua kalimah shahadah. Islam is the religion brought to humanity by Mohammad, not Jesus or Moses. We have to understand Sunnah to comprehend holistically the concept of dua kalimah shahadah. There was denial and even enmity against the Prophet Mohammad by the Jewish community and the Christians simply because Nabi was an Arab. So in Islam, when we pray or as in rukun Islam pertama, we say there is no God, except Allah, and Mohammad is the Messenger. If we leave out the second kalimah, then somebody may put in other brand, Isa or Musa. Even in azan also Mohammad’s name is included, not so much Mohammad wanted to retain his ego, but Allah is all knowing.

    Dear Iskandar, Allah is described in ayatul kursi(sifat 20). whereas Mohammad is human. Just imagine how can Allah deliver His message to human if not through another human in the person of Mohammad. There has to be a context. Mohammad is the context. Allah revelation is called the Quran and it was revealed to Mohammad in Mekah and Medinah under certain circumstances. In the beginning when the Quran was first revealed mostly surah amal in Mekah, it was about the philosophy of Tauhid. It was in the context of Mekah as a city of jahiliah, total pursuit of material wealth and paganism and idol worshipping. Islam is also a political religion. When Rasulullah migrated to Medinah and established a civil government, then the Revelation was about jurisprudence. Surely islam cannot be separated from Rasulullah as while he was still alive as well as after his demise. Islam is the religion of faith as governed by rukun iman and a religion of practice as governed by rukun islam. These 2 concepts of islam of rukun islam and rukun iman is holistic and it is unifying and strong. When you try to separate Mohammad from islam, you are in fact trying to detach the soul or the personification of the religion from the theoretical philosophy.

    Dear Iskandar, I urge you and I encourage myself to endeavour to memorise the Holy Quran and constantly seek divine guidance as in the Fatihah we recite daily until the last day of our life. Never mind hadis whether genuine or fake. Hadis does no harm to islam. Do not get excited and agitated about those who claim they memorised a few thousands hadis and yet never quote or even mentioned a single surah. There is ‘magic’ in the accurate recitation of the Quran because it is the Revelation of Allah the AlMighty. Please glorify the accurate recitation of the Holy Quran besides the constantly seeking the true meaning of each Surah. Quran is timeless. Take Surah Asri for example. It stresses the timeless nature of islam. It encourages the believers to be patient and never to lose faith under any circumstance until the very end. Take another simple surah AlMasad. It is about Abu Lahab. He was not only the Prophet’s uncle, he was also the evil person out to destroy islam just like what is happening to you and company whether knowingly or unknowingly. Do not try to unravel and undermine islam for its owner is Allah AlMighty. The retaliation and retribution may come in whatever forms and circumstances.

    It is too long for me to analyse what you and your friends are doing or saying. There is definitely a devil behind all what you and your friends are trying to influence. What your friend abdulazizomar is saying is offensive to Muslims. Friday prayer is a unifying congregation for Muslims. The weakness of some sermons should not be highlighted. You cannot expect all Friday sermons are inspiring. Do not separate Sunnah when trying to comprehend Quran. Quran can guide those who are Muktaqin or taqwa and can continue to lead those who are not sincere astray. Do not belittle Friday sermon or the imam. I pray to Allah that all of us, whether anti hadis or pro hadis, be given divine guidance and united under the rukun islam and rukun iman as in the surah Bakharah. wallahualam.

    amin tan

  7. iskandar shah 2 May 7,2012 3:41 PM

    Salam Tun

    May I. // amin tanApril 23, 2012 at 6:47 am | Permalink
    Salam Tun,
    Izinkan saya mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih kepada saudara Sudin dan saudara Bubbles yang mengingatkan kita tentang musuh2 islam dalam blog Tun ini. Izinkan saya petik saudara Bubbles seperti berikut
    “Sebenarnya matlamat mereka ini adalah untuk merosakkan Islam dan akidah umat Islam.”
    Saya perhatikan musuh2 islam ini semakin ramai dan semakin berani. Mereka ini telah mengaku diri mereka islam tetapi niat mereka ingin melemahkan orang2 islam dan ingin memesongkan akidah orang2 islam…//

    Bro Amin Tan

    1-Let me remind that you are quite a well renowned scholar bro -what you think in this blog matters.So you better be sure that you are not misleading people who trust your judgement.

    2-We are already nearing the end of our lives we must make sure we are assuredly on the right track. There won’t be a second chance. We can’t plead ignorance now that we have been alerted . So please do investigate the matters that I have or would bring up in this blog from time to time . With the internet whatever you want to check is just at your fingertips if you can’t go to the library.

    3-First and foremost please consider seriously the three versions of the prophet’s last haj sermon. Only the one that says ’ hold steadfast to the Qur’an ‘ is consistent with rukun iman as well as common logic. At the same time there was no hadith recorded at the time of the prophet .The Khulafa Rashiddeen and the subsequent caliphs had all banned the books of hadith. These are facts!

    4-The most ’ authentic’ hadith after the Qur’an according to ‘Imam’ Malik are that of Bokhari and Muslim written two hundred years after the prophet’s death.And yet these are books full of contradictions and nonsenses which I will expose in this blog bit by bit. All you’ve got to do is to verify them. Is Imam Malik for real with his approval -‘most authentic after the Qur’an’?

    5-Is the prophet really maksum as the hadith has made us to believe ?Or didn’t the Quran say he is just a man(Maryam :110),a man whom God ask to turn unto Him in repentance (Hud: 112) and a man just like any of us is afraid of that great day should he disobeyed his lord (az Zumar:13)?

    6-Do you really believe with all your sincerity that it is alright to offer our salutations night and day to a man who has already passed away, as we also offer our adoration to Allah SWT night and day? That we just can’t devote our remembrance to Allah alone that Muhammad must just seem to accompany Allah everytime we worship Allah? Didn’t Allah demand total devotion to Him alone?

    7-Are you sure IN THIS WAY you are not CREATING A PARTNER to Allah in receiving our remembrance night and day? How do you feel if everytime your wife calls you she would also ask you to send your regards to your slave, without fail, night and day? That she just can’t think of you alone as you would expect?

    8- Do you feel Ok if the name of your slave is placed on the same level with yours at the prominent places in your home, your car or anywhere else?

    9-God’s exclusive power of intercession (az Zumar 43) to give us salvation is the one area Allah is manifested as being most awed and feared .His complete authority to throw us into hell or to reward us with paradise is what that would regulate our lives in this world.And now even here we have given Allah a partner, our prophet Muhammad, who according to Bokhari and his student Muslim was ‘granted’ the powers of intercession

    10-Allah kept reminding us profusely in the Quran NEVER to associate PARTNERS to Him.Yet it seems ‘ AS THOUGH’ it is Allah Himself appointing a partner for Himself in the critical aspects of His relationship with His subjects that is, BOTH in HIM RECEIVING remembrance and devotion night and day , and, in HIM GIVING salvation to his subjects on the day of resurrection.

    11-Bro,this is what the hadith has done,the over glorification of the prophet not found at all in the Qur’an. The offering of salutations as asked by God ( Al Ahzab :56) is while the prophet was alive only because in the next verse (Al Ahzab :57) God asked us not to annoy him.Just as we can’t annoy the prophet when he is dead ,so can’t we salute him,can we? Please understand the whole context of surah al Ahzab again.

    12-Why won’t you believe in the testimony of God in the Qur’an that it is fully explained( al Israq: 89, al Kahf: 54 and al Az Zumar: 27),God is the teacher (ar Rahman:1),it is easy to understand and remember (AlQamar: 17, Maryam: 97,ad Dukkhan: 58),you can find no contradictions (an Nisa: 82) ? Is it wrong for me in choose to believe and obey in Him and Him alone?

    13-Why do you rather ‘samiakna an toikna’ the book of man filled with contradictory metaphysical nonsense in preference to the book of God where there is no crookedness therein (Al Kahf :1,Az Zumar :28 ) and much simpler than Shakespeare to understand ?

    14-I am not asking you to devote to ‘ the Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians’ or ‘ the Book of Vedas’ ..but to believe only in the AlQuran Nur Kareem,the word of God as revealed to His messenger Muhammad that God have promised he would preserve until the end of forever, why am I such a musoh Islam?

    15-Ya Allah engkau lah saksi hamba mu ini telah pun berusaha untok memujuk Tuan Haji Amin Tan supaya beliau membuat kajian yang mendalam perkara perkara yang di bangkitkan diatas,kalau dia masih juga tidak juga berminat sesunggohnya saya telah pun berusaha sebaik mungkin.Ya Allah,bukalah pintu hatinya dan berikanlah hidayah mu kepadanya, Amin Ya Rabbul Alameen.

    Thanks Tun.

  8. ilovemuslims Apr 29,2012 9:07 PM


    To Hidden Secret

    Are you sure true blue Singaporeans are a happy lot…only PRs and newly converted Singapore Citizens are a happy lot.

    Many true blue Singaporeans are now living in Johore, yes even true blue Chinese Singaporeans are now living in Johore if not in other far away countries.

    You dont believe me, why dont you hang around The Causeway or Tuas Checkpoint every morning around 5am to see Singapore registered cars coming from Johore into Singapore or for that matter on any given holidays, plentiful of cars fleeing this concrete jungle just trying to get into Malaysia to distress.

    Do you know that now, even Singaporean born chinese are hating Singapore Chinese PR from Malaysia.

    Do you notice that there are a lot of old folks who clears rubbish @ Fast foods, collect recycle papers and tin cans. And worse this jobs are being hijacked by foreigners from China.

    If thousand of Singapore graduates are finding hard to get jobs because of Foreign grads who are favoured by the Singapore govt with free scholarship, what future do these Singapore graduates have.

    I can go on and on, but its really time wasting. You can read private blogs or website like The Online Citizen and Temasek Review Emeritus to know more. These writers/bloggers are nit complaining its a real fact.

    Grass is not always green and being rich does not really equate with happiness.

    True Blue Singaporeans (Chinese, Malays and Indians) are now
    generally restless, angry and a despair lot.

    The only happy people in Singapore are PAP’s Ministers and MPs and those who are associated with them and the new Citizens, Permanent Residence and Foreign Trash…oops I mean ‘Foreign Talent’

    Of course cronysm, nepotism existed here for a long time.

    Only now Singaporeans realised this.


    The tr

  9. RAS Apr 28,2012 2:43 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Please take care of your health.

    I’ve read ‘The Hidden Secret’ comments and a bit puzzle how he/she gets 4.3mil Malaysian living below poverty line when 2.3% population comes to about 644,000 people. However, the tables do not list out results of developed countries like Europeans and USA, citing that presumably their calculation for level classified as poverty are much higher.

    What is their standard?

    I know that more than 5% UK population are on welfare. This means they rely on their government for their day to day living. Their middle income people can’t even afford to set aside money for saving at the end of the month with their cost of living and 30% government tax. If we compare our nation to this, I said our people are still better off.

    Then how about Spain with 40% unemployment and >60% of fresh graduates/school leavers cant’s get any job. How about other European countries still struggling with their economic tumult or as they say ‘world recession’.

    We can’t equate monitory gain as basis of which countries are doing better to elevated the people standard of living. I have read that a survey carried out recently shows that people in Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore are not happy with their own life as compared to Malaysian even though they are earning more than we do. So should we still blaming the government for our well being?


    People always equate prosperity of the people with monitory wealth. however Anyway, the results does not includes American

  10. shauqi Apr 26,2012 11:55 PM


    Fyi, it does not matter who you think I am or what is my religious belief.I do not answer to you or to anyone regarding my faith. I only answer to God.I am no hipocrite & I am who I say I am.
    I commented to Amin Tan’s initial write-up on the posting which I may have misinterpreted. If I was wrong, then I apologise to Amin Tan. Perhaps, its better to correctly address your comments when posting it.
    To Tun, get well soon & please excuse this hiccup.

  11. The Hidden Secret Apr 26,2012 1:19 PM


    Lets us look at these countries and ponder to the following FACTS. Data presented are as at year 2011.

    1. Taiwan. Established in 1949. Less in natural resources and land. 23 million population. 37 billionaires (in USD). 0% people living under the international poverty line.

    2. Singapore. Gained independence in 1963. Less in natural resources and land. 3.2 million citizen. 4 billionaires (in USD). 0% people living under the international poverty line.

    3. Hong Kong. Gained independence in 1997. Less in natural resources and land. 7 million population. 38 billionaires (in USD). 0% people living under the international poverty line.

    4. South Korea. Established in 1948. Less in natural resources and land. 49 million population. Has 11 billionaires (in USD). 0% people living under the international poverty line.

    5. Gained independence in 1957. Rich with natural resources and land. 28 million population. 9 billionaires (in USD). 2.3% people living under the international poverty line. (Note : 11 billionaires as at March 2012).

    Can we say that all of the above countries had given their billionaires the leg-up or head-start, setting them on their journey to wealth and riches? YES we can.

    Let us also look at these countries…

    1. Indonesia. Rich with natural resources and land. Has 22 billionaires (in USD) BUT 46% of its population earn below USD 2.00 per day.

    2. Philippines. Rich with natural resources and land. Has 11 billionaires (in USD) BUT 42% of its population earn below USD 2.00 per day.

    3. India. Rich with natural resources and land. Has 69 billionaires (in USD) BUT 54% of its population earn below USD 2.00 per day.

    4. Malaysia. Rich with natural resources and land. Has 9 billionaire (in USD) but 2.3% of its population earn below the international poverty line. (Note : 11 billionaires as at March 2012).

    Can we say that all of the above countries gave their billionaires the leg-up or head-start, setting them on their journey to wealth and riches when the mass population lives in poverty? YES we can.

    Taking into consideration on the population, year of independence, natural resources and land, in which position are we if we want to be in the former group? Or do we prefer to compare our country with the latter group?

    My point is… ANY COUNTRY (but not all) regardless whether a rich or poor country, developed or developing country, with or without Vision 2020 or Islam Hadari, will give their billionaires the leg-up or head-start and Malaysia is one of these countries.

    It is a fact that Malaysia did great in providing its billionaires the leg-up or head-start but it is also a fact that Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea did a greater job although they have less natural resources and less land compared to Malaysia.

    While the top 40 richest Malaysian (0.00014% of Malaysian population) owns around RM 193 billion of Malaysia’s wealth, more than 4.34 million Malaysians are earning below the national poverty line.

    The top 40 richest Malaysians did nothing wrong when they own a big slice of Malaysia’s wealth. They have contributed a lot to this country. However, there is something wrong with Malaysia when we have more than 4.34 million Malaysians who earn below the national poverty line. If Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea are able to achieve 0% poverty, why can’t we?

    Let us be like Proton… Preve was born by means of benchmarking with better, high quality cars. Let us start benchmarking Malaysia with countries which are doing better than us.


  12. ROZALI BIN AYED Apr 25,2012 2:00 PM

    Assalamualaikum wbt. Yg Bhg Tun,


    Syukur Alhamdulillah yang tidak terhingga seharusnya kita panjatkan kepada Allah SWT., walaupun negara kita kecil tetapi ianya dapat dibangunkan dengan begitu berjaya mencakupi dari segi berbagai bidang keperluan hidup rakyatnya. Disamping itu negara sekecil Malaysia rakyatnya yang terdiri dari berbilang bangsa, agama dan budaya dapat terus hidup dalam aman dan damai dibawah kepimpinan kerajaan yang berwibawa seperti Barisan Nasional.

    2. Dalam kontek Islam (agama persekutuan seperti yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan) dapat terus ditingkatkan kesyumulannya hasil usaha kepimpinan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional dengan izin Allah SWT. Perkembangan kemajuan agama Islam di Malaysia dijadikan diantara negara contoh terbaik di dunia oleh kalangan negara Islam dan bukan Islam. Sebagai contoh paling mudah, jemaah Haji dan Umrah mendapat pujian dan sanjungan dari negara Arab Saudi dan negara-negara Islam lain kerana menunjukkan sifat-sifat terpuji dalam beramal ibadah dan dalam konteks budi pekerti mulia yang bersesuaian dengan peribadi muslim.

    3. Umat Islam tidak dilarang membina kehidupan di dunia dengan bekerja keras mencari kesenangan hidup termasuk menjana kekayaan dengan cara yang dianjurkan oleh syariat Islam. Negara sekecil Malaysia sudah mampu melahirkan golongan berada sehingga ke peringkat kaya raya dari kalangan umat Islam (rakyat Malaysia yang beragama Islam) hasil dari prasarana yang disediakan oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang mentadbir urus negara. Cuma ada kalangan umat Islam yang berpandangan negatif tidak menggalakkan umat Islam mencari kesenangan dan kekayaan di dunia, dengan alasan-alasan tertentu diantaranya kekayaan di dunia boleh melalaikan umat Islam dalam mengejar kepentingan akhirat. Harta kekayaan dunia yang dijana melalui amalan yang tidak bertenangan dengan syarit Islam, lazimnya tidak meletakkan seseorang itu begitu mudah melupakan kepentingan akhirat.

    4. Kepada para ilmuan agama Islam khususnya yang dilahirkan melalui sistem pendidikan negara sekecil Malaysia, melalui amalan dakwah mereka kepada orang ramai hendaklah memberi penjelasan sejelas-jelasnya bahawa Islam tidak melarang penganutnya menjana kekayaan semasa hidup di dunia, dan kaedah-kaedah tertentu mengikut syariat Islam untuk mencari kekayaan dunia. Dukacita ada segelintir para pendakwah yang tidak dapat memberikan penjelasan sebenar dan adakalanya mengelirukan kepada yang mendengar.

    5. Secara umunya Islam dipandang rendah oleh masyarakat dunia (khususnya masyarakat barat dan bukan Islam) kerana satu faktur yang tidak dapat dinafikan ialah oleh kerana rata-ratanya negara Islam itu tidak kuat dan kukuh dari segi ekonomi dan kesepaduannya umatnya. Lihat sahaja di negara kecil seperti Malaysia dimana umat Islam berpecah belah hanya kerana kepentingan politik yang berbeza. Kesepaduan umat Islam tidak begitu kukuh dan mudah diperkotak-katikkan oleh pihak yang membenci Islam, dan ini sedang berlaku di negara sekecil Malaysia melalui kepentingan politik. Pas yang mendak wa memperjuangkan Islam di Malaysia tidak mampu menangani gejala-gejala yang meruntuhkan Islam di Malaysia, kerana terlalu taksub mengejar kuasa politik dengan bersekongkol dengan DAP yang anti kewujudan negara Islam di Malaysia.

    6. Kepimpinan tertinggi PKR masih lagi dipertikaikan oleh banyak pihak (individu, organisasi-organisasi tertentu, parti-parti politik tertentu, para ilmuan dan rakyat jelata amnya) terhadap isu moralnya. Moral dan integriti seseorang pemimpin mestilah kelihatan bersih dan hakikatnya mestilah sebenar-benarnya bersih dan tanpa diragukan oleh mana-mana pihak sekalipun. Keraguan banyak pihak terhadap kepimpinan PKR dan Pakatan Rakyat, khususnya dari segi moral, nampaknya berterusan menjadi persoalan oleh majoriti rakyat jelata. Sebagai negara Islam sekecil Malaysia penularan isu moral ini (lebih-lebih lagi pemimpin Islam) boleh menjejaskan nama baik dan iemj negara di mata dunia. Kalau negara Islam seperti Malaysia dipimpin oleh pemimpin yang terbukti rosak moralnya, bala bencana buruk akan menimpa negara dan rakyatnya. Oleh itu seharusnya dengan segala ilmu pengetahuan, akal dan budi bicara mengikut panduan Islam kita membuat analisa dan mengenalpasti pemimpin dan kepimpinan yang perlu kita pilih, supaya kita terhindar dari gejala buruk yang akan menimpa kita.

    Sekian, terima kasih dan wassalam.

  13. mubarakchan Apr 23,2012 6:16 PM


    A veteran politician once told me that it is better for a person aspiring for a political career to come from a ‘proper’ background as eventually he would be responsible in exercising powers in the course of his duties. Then, I was naive and innocent and did not think much about this signal comment.

    I thought it apt to highlight his comment which was said over a generation ago as our small country will be facing our 13th General Elections soon. Ironically, all his successors became multi-billionaires or multi-millionaires !

    I also reflected that we first met when I visited you and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah at your Hari Raya Open House in Petaling Jaya in 1972. And thereafter, we met at every Hari Raya Open House until you assumed the Premiership of our beloved country in 1981. I did not turn up anymore after this date as the tycoons were as thick as tea leaves and the motorcar queues were miles long. And now of course, I reflect on the contributions of your parents and mine and others to this country in the past in the face of the present life-style generation who think they will live forever and call their elders senile and the rest of the world stupid !

    I understood all this as part and parcel of the public life of a politician. It is interesting at this juncture in the political milieu of this country to question how a politician is made or created.

    For instance, there were some who would have joined a political party on leaving the portals of a university. On another instance, a candidate would have been invited to join because he had attained a successful record in whatever profession he was in.

    This was the common approach to garner candidates for a political career.

    However, as we have observed that a person does not require a licence to be a politician or practise as a contractor. There were instances when the very best candidates had a complete change in character when they entered the corridors of power and money. For a generation I thought my political friend was called Mr Wong but at the end he turned out to be Mr Lee !

    It is interesting in the practice of politics in our beloved country that there is not a single iota of political ideology in the political parties manifestos which manifest themselves apart from being general social welfare organisations of sorts. The propensity to descend to the lowest level of human activity hold sway as could be discerned in the Malaysian political blogs. The vulgarity, the insults, the abuse, the profanities etc are there for all the world to see and dismiss as to the seriousness and dignity of the piece.

    A common hatred amongst this lot is for a person whom they do not like to die soon. It is absolutely un-Asian value and hollow. To their great disappointment, we all live up to 100 years including the good detractors, not because of the good doctors but the good medicine.

    Talking about doctors and medicine, the Ministry of Health has pronounced the all doctors must gain sufficient credits annually by attending seminars and courses to renew their practising certificates.

    Is this another money-making ploy like the 1Care Scheme ?

    It was pointed out to me that there are 35,000 doctors in the country. I thought it is only 10,000 ! The political masters in charge of the Ministry of Health seem to treat the good doctors like cattle or inert digits. They forgot the doctors worked very hard and what used to be a lucrative profession has now become a noble profession – more like a vocation. For the doctors to gain credits every year to get their practising certificates renewed is the ultimate insult to this noble profession. This also shows a lack of trust in the training of these professionals. Why not apply this principle to every professional in the land, the lawyers, the architects, the engineers, the accountants, etc ? It is silly is’nt it, Tun ? Each of these professions are governed by their professional associations and it is the responsibility of these groups to overseer the upkeep of ethics and standards and not for any outsider to interfere in the conduct of a profession.

    This form of disservice to the general public illustrates the ineptness of those who exercise power which should always be used judiciously and not in large dollops. Incompetence of those in power naturally leads one’s thoughts to how these fellows were recruited in the first place because this is one sure way of losing votes !

    We go back to the basics – how to select a candidate to stand for the General Election.

    Now, from experience, Tun, we know that people do change into all sorts of colours in time. I think the 3 Attributes Test for the Premiership is also eminently suitable to be applied to the aspiring prospective candidates. I formulated it after 50 years of close encounter with the personalities in public life on both sides of the Causeway :-

    1. Commonsense.

    2. The Ability to think out of the box to create, innovate and visualise.

    3. Compassion.

    I hope in future there will be no free lunch for the elected representatives of our beloved land.

    The above illustrates that any politician anywhere must know much more than the area of his duties and responsibilites and of his constituents. To be a politician is not easy as there is no book written to guarantee a person to be a Prime Minister, President or billionaire. But a huge library of books on political ideology and corporate management.

    Finally, I was in the recruitment panel of the EPF many years ago. The first question I asked the fresh economics graduates was what does EFF stand for and what was its function ? All of them said they do not know !

  14. AHMAD BADRI Apr 23,2012 6:06 PM

    Yg Amat Berbahagia Tun,

    Entah kenapa ceramah sebelum solat jumaat lepas mempersendakan orang kaya. Implikasinya seolah-olah orang kaya tidak taat kepada perintah Tuhan, kerana asyik dengan kereta mewahnya. Ada lagi yang disebut tidak berapa menyenangkan.

    Saya bukan kaya tetapi miskin pun tidak, sekadar sederhana dan cukup. Tetapi hati kurang senang apabila tokoh ugama memberi gambaran seolah-olah mencari kekayaan secara halal itu tidak baik, dan membeli kereta mahal atau rumah besar pun tidak baik. Sesiapa yang mendengar akan mudah terpengaruh agar kita semua hidup kekal dalam kemiskinan atau “jangan jadi kaya”.

    Dilema orang kaya dikalangan Melayu/Islam bukan baru, kerap kali sesiapa yang kaya akan dipersenda, kalau tidak dalam ceramah “ugama”, di kalangan masyarakat keliling jua, dan jika ada malapetaka menimpa keluarga tersebut, orang lain pula yang suka. Pelik.

    Jika orang yang menjadi kaya itu datang melalui kronism, atau rasuah, atau perniagaan yang tidak halal atau wang masuk secara haram, itu lainlah. Mereka yang dari kumpulan ini selalunya mudah kita kenal pasti, dari perangai, pembawaan dan sifat diri. Kita tahu jika bekas menteri menjadi kaya raya wang beratus juta itu tentu minimbulkan soalan – pelaburan apa yang sangat menguntungkan? Atau simpan duit sejak umur lima tahun? Memang betul ramai yang kaya kerana bagitu mudah mendapat kontrak beratus juta.

    Tetapi ramai juga yang berusaha dengan titik peluh sendiri, dan menjadi kaya kerana usaha sendiri, bertungkus lumus, atau pun benar-benar bijak melabur – apa pula salahnya? Ramai dari golongan ini yang bersedekah dan membantu manusia lain yang tidak bagitu bernasib baik, secara diam-diam, tanpa publisiti, dan tidak menonjol. Ramai mereka ini yang menghulurkan bantuan dalam berbagai bentuk kepada berbagai golongan manusia yang perlukan bantuan. Mereka berusaha kerana ”….berusahalah kamu…” Golongan ini harus di puji dan diberi penghormatan. Jika mereka hendak beli apa-apa dengan wang yang mereka cari sendiri, itu hal mereka. Tetapi saya tahu, ramai mereka ini walau pun kaya, tetapi berkayuh basikal ke mesjid atau bermotosikal. Itu pun hal dia, cara hidup dia.

    Saya harap tokoh-tokoh ugama usahlah mempersendakan orang yang bertambah rezekinya kerana usaha sendiri. Jangan difikir mereka ini tidak taat kepada Tuhan kerana sukakan kereta mahal. Ini anggapan tiada asas. Usahlah diminta orang Melayu takut jadi kaya kerana takut akan dipersenda. Daripada senarai yang Tun bentangkan jelaslah yang terus kaya raya di bumi Melayu ialah mereka dari masyarakat yang tidak menghinakan orang kaya

  15. amin tan Apr 23,2012 6:47 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Izinkan saya mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih kepada saudara Sudin dan saudara Bubbles yang mengingatkan kita tentang musuh2 islam dalam blog Tun ini. Izinkan saya petik saudara Bubbles seperti berikut
    “Sebenarnya matlamat mereka ini adalah untuk merosakkan Islam dan akidah umat Islam.”
    Saya perhatikan musuh2 islam ini semakin ramai dan semakin berani. Mereka ini telah mengaku diri mereka islam tetapi niat mereka ingin melemahkan orang2 islam dan ingin memesongkan akidah orang2 islam.
    Mereka inilah dikatakan MUNAFIK iaitu orang yang berniat jahat terhadap agama islam. Mereka mengatakan dan berhujah dengan niat jahat dan amat berani seperti berikut
    1. bahawa semua amalan orang2 islam sekarang adalah salah dan terpesong termasuk mereka2 yang di Masjidil Haram di Mekah dan Masjid Nabawi di Madinah.
    2. Cara2 semua orang2 islam solat sekarang salah sebab ada sebut Mohammad dalam tahyat.
    3. Mereka kata selawat kepada Rasululah adalah perbuatan SYIRIK
    4. Mereka menggalakkan umat islam jangan pergi solat jumaat.
    5. mereka mengatakan Mohammad mesti dipisahkan dari Quran
    6. mereka mengatakan semua hadis dan sunnah tipu dan tidak boleh dipercayai.

    Saya sangsi mereka ini boleh baca Quran dengan betul. Marilah kita semua berusaha mempelajari membaca Al Quran dan memohon dan doa kepada Allah dengan ikhlas hati supaya menyelamatkan orang2 islam daripada musuh2 islam iaitu munafik, mereka2 dan syaitan2 yang ingin menyesatkan umat Nabi Mohammad, nabi akhir zaman. Wallahu alam.

    amin tan

  16. Botak Apr 22,2012 7:10 PM




  17. manhakim Apr 22,2012 4:48 PM

    Salam Tun

    Syukur jadi rakyat Malaysia. Alhamdulillah.

  18. sudin Apr 22,2012 1:46 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Pardon me to reply/question on the unwarranted comment by ‘shauqi’ towards Hj Amin Tan.

    To ‘shauqi’,

    I’m wondering whether you can be the equivalent to one of those plentiful food products that uses Malay/Muslim names/brands but actually produced/manufactured by hardcore kafirs just to get the required sales to us Muslims?

    Are you really ‘shauqi’ who is supposedly a Malay/Muslim, or another kafir coward who has the habit of using Malay/Muslim name to hide your kafir identity?

    It seems like you just ‘came down from the sky’ and then decided to visit Tun’s blogsite and lambasted Hj Amin Tan without giving specific reasons.
    Have you been regularly following Hj Amin’s comments in Tun’s blog?
    A normal Muslim will not utter those nonsence about him, unless you’re a kafir hiding behind Malay/Muslim synonym and taking advantage of Tun’s generosity in allowing too much freedom to all sorts of comments in his blogsite, to show your very envious feeling towards Hj Amin’s writings.

    ‘shauqi’, are you really a Malay/Muslim?

  19. The Hidden Secret Apr 22,2012 11:40 AM


    There is no doubt that Tun has presented us with facts. The above names mentioned by Tun has contributed a lot to Malaysia. Congratulations to them for driving Malaysia’s economy.

    However, we should also look at Malaysia’s position compared to other SMALLER Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. Are we better or at par with them? Or do we prefer to compare ourself with Ethiopia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

    What was our GDP and per capita income in 1950s? What was their (Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea) GDP and per capita income in 1950s? What is our GDP and per capita income now? What is their GDP and per capita income now?

    How was our standard of living in 1950s? How was their standard of living in 1950s? How is our standard of living now? How is their standard of living now?

    MAJORITY of Malaysian population consist of the working class people. Most of these working class Malaysians do not care how many satellites Ananda Krishna has. What they care is whether Ananda Krishna could reduce the Astro and Maxis monthly charges/call rate. They don’t care who is the Raja Gula. What they care is the price of sugar (Malaysians consume large amount of sugar in their diet, which is good for Raja Gula and for those in the healthcare industry). And the list goes on…

    Basically, what the working class Malaysians (the majority) care is… how much money left in their pocket at the end of the month after paying the income tax, groceries, car loan instalment, housing loan instalment, children education, etc.

    While the above names (a minority group) succeed in their life, the working class Malaysians (the majority group) are still struggling to survive. They are still worried whether they could afford to give tertiary education to their children.


  20. mushtar Apr 22,2012 11:38 AM


    moga tun cepat sembuh dan dapat sambung bekerja macam biasa…tekan sikit pada yg muda2 suruh buat kerja…takkan nak tunggu fulus baru nak jalan kerja…

    kalau perlu UMNO boleh bukak kepada rakyat umum atau org2 muda untuk tolong kerja2 sukarelawan untuk umno…kdg2 yg diluar semangat nyer lebih berbanding di dalam UMNO…tapi sukarelawan jangan dibuat macam balaci…

    mengenai kerajaan yg telus…mungkin…

    boleh dicadangkan kepada kerajaan untuk memaparkan ‘balance sheet account debit and credit’ dalam website2 setiap jabatan supaya mudah ‘tuan2 dibawah’ nak check accountability gomen…

    transformasi kerajaan…

  21. mubarakchan Apr 22,2012 12:21 AM


    Yes ! There are many many Malaysians who agree with your thoughts and deeds. The present political conundrum is the result of interested parties who think they can do a better job than the incumbents now in power in Putrajaya – and like you and many others who turned on the TV and thought they could do a better job too ! And this is not a joke !
    It is good to have ambitions and whether the delivery could be effected is another story against the rich background of Malaysia’s historical political, religious, cultural etc living fabric of diverse peoples.

    We must never forget our sovereignty, national interest and self-esteem as safe-guarded by you Tun all these years. This is very important to build up Malaysia and the Malaysians.

    Through over 50 years of close study of the prominent personalities in public life on both sides of the Causeway, I have not found a single iota of political ideological belief anywhere in the political manifestos in the mainstream of political contention. The focii have been mainly on topics which have happened because of administrative inaction or whatever. No broadstrokes on any better political ideological offerings by the aspirants could be discerned anywhere – politics has always been like a sort of quarrel held under the glare of the public media.

    The 2 pronged attack on the incumbents at the moment consists of :-

    1. The shortfall in the Administrations ability to serve the general public in conformation with the Constitution and the Laws.

    2. The financial scandals which have arisen from the shortfall in the Administration.

    Being of an administrative nature, a large part of these weaknesses which may be easily rectified overnight, rested with the non-Malay political parties in the BN. If these parties had done their job well and not be distracted by monetary gains, many of the political problems today would not have happened. These non-Malay political parties have been in existence since 1950. And we find minor issues like the Mandarin language and vernacular schools, jobs, scholarships, promotions etc. are still with us.

    We now know who have not been doing their job ‘behind closed doors’.

    But to rectify the shortcomings which were neglected will be hard-work and to regain trust, credibility and self-esteem for these non-Malay political parties will be even harder work. This work has to be done and will be done in the general interest of the public and the country we know and love as Malaysia.

    The word normal is so common and dull that normal behaviour in all things is not taken seriously. Yet, any deviation from the norm in the execution of duties and responsibilities be it happened in the Government, corporation or family can bring about a cascading or snowfall effect which result in disbelief that such a gigantic scandal can happened ! And this has happened even in meritocratic countries with their much flaunted meritocratic pyramids with the smartest fellows at the tips.

    Tun, you were wise not to trumpet your successes during the 22 years of your Administration. It was not necessary because the general populace would have observed and appreciated your efforts which now compared with others are seen to be outstanding.

    It is the whole picture that is important.

    You have now revealed the pyramid of power in the successful Administration of Malaysia under your Premiership. Yet, for some, this pyramid did not exist. And for some, they hanker for a Pandora’s box which is much worse or a pyramid of meritocracy which has proven to be a failure in some living examples, and did not work because it was based mainly on academic qualifications and money.

    There were no values like compassion, ability to think out of the box and commonsense as shown during the 22 years of your Administration.

    I remember Ceylon or Sri Lanka was the isle of Serendipity soon after she gained her independence. But as time went by, more and more politics overwhelmed the political will to gain socio-economic benefits for her population until she embarked on the road of no return in the early 1970s which situation can only be analysed as a lack of humanity and multiculturalism in a land of diverse population.

    Fortunately, Malaysia had many wise men in her history in the recent past and tempered with the centuries-long dominion of the Royal Sultans. This has made Malaysia what she is today. Hence, the resilience and intellect of the citizens will carry this country to the next big level given the practice of normalcy in all things by those concerned with their duties and responsibilities as was practised by you Tun. You have played your role as one of the outstanding leaders amongst your predecessors well by being normal – a true Asian and world class leader of note.

    Who says the word ‘normal’ is not shiok ?

  22. milshah Apr 22,2012 12:04 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I heard about your minor operation, I hope for your speedy recovery and stay healthy always.

    Just would like to comment regarding the recent conflict at Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea between China and the Philippines.

    The issue started when the Philippines coastal guard wanted to arrest some Chinese fishermen for illegal fishing only to be stopped by the Chinese patrol boats, which led to a dramatic standoff. It ended when the Chinese fishermen left the place together with their catch. However, the standoff remains as the Chinese and the Philippines patrol boats are still there.

    The South China Sea is a potential arms conflict as there are many claimants to the area. The area is being claimed by China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei.

    For the most part, I think the Philippines handled the situation very badly. Ever since the Apec meeting, when the US declared a major policy shift towards Asia, it was the Philippines that wanted the South China sea to be included in the agenda. It was further aggreviated when the US announced the stationed marines and battleships in Australia. China was clearly uncomfortable at the APEC meeting with the sudden change in US policy.

    Clearly this was a strategy to contain China, and the South China sea is being used to achieve this. The Philippines, not seeing the bigger picture, whether knowingly or unknowingly, has become a tool for this US strategy.

    It was China that was ‘attacked’ first by the US through the containment policy.

    Even during the recent ASEAN meeting, it was the Philippines that wanted the code on conduct to discussed first among ASEAN before discussing it further with China. China should be included in the drafting of the code of conduct since China together with ASEAN is suppose to abide by it. Clearly this alinated China in the drafting of the code of conduct.

    And so when the stand off occurred in Scarborough Shoal, it was to be expected the cold reception the Philippines received from China since the Philippines is seen as a US pawn in this game.

    Unfortunately for the Philippines, the help from the US, which the Philippine wanted at this time never came.

    Other ASEAN members on the other hand painstakingly wanted to make friends with China by visits in recent months by top officials. They too do not want to interfere with this.

    And so the Philippines was left alone in this situation.

    The Philippines got it all wrong, when it thinks just because it seems to get the backing of the US, the Philippines think it can confront China head on. Let me state it again, the Philippines is being used as a pawn by the US.

    The Philippines should had shut up during the APEC meeting when they had the chance. The was a conflict between the US and China, and the Philippines nor ASEAN should be involved in this.

    And now, the Philippines wants to bring the matter to ASEAN. The Philippines, only now know it cannot confront China, wants to drag ASEAN with it to confront China. The is exactly whats the US wanted as this will speed things up to contain China. I can almost see the smile from the US.

    I fear the Philippines will be downfall of ASEAN if this is allowed to continue.

    During my last article regarding this, I said to support China. Why? The reason being compared to the US, China never imposed its will on other Asian countries. If ever, China helped other Asian countries through trades.

    If let say, the US is successful in containing China, do the Philippines think this is the end? With no China to counter US, the US will control this part of the region and Asian countries will lose their freedom.

    I would again reiterate the Philippines to improve ties with China and cooperate to solve this problem with all asian countries in the spirit of neighborliness of Asian countries. Don’t confront and don’t involve the US. I know you can do it.

    Thank you Tun for allowing me to differ from your topic.

  23. Botak Apr 21,2012 11:17 PM

    Americans unable to fight their own wars
    They need Lies and All Allieds Lies to fight their War

  24. Musang Si Guntang. Apr 21,2012 8:59 PM

    rasa sayu kali nie…

    tak tau apa nk cakap …cuma rasa sedih tgk Tun baru lepas

    operate sari dua ja dia dok buat reja lagi..

    signal dah bagi…

    kadang dok rasa macam nk dekat dah..

    dalam masa kecederaan ja..

    mintak tuhan pjng umoq Tun.

    Ahmad Jais : takwa dan iman

  25. truthseeker Apr 21,2012 6:37 PM

    Assallammualaikum sekali lagi Tun,
    Tengah bersemangat ni, tu yang masuk kali kedua. Saya sangat menghargai sumbangan Tun yang tidak putus2 seperti;
    1. menonjolkan bahawa orang Melayu sebenarnya pandai, rajin, kreatif dan ada daya kepimpinan;
    – Tun sanggup pertaruhkan nyawa untuk dibedah oleh pakar bedah Melayu, walhal Tun boleh terbang ke mana2 di dunia untuk dapatkan pakar ‘world-class’.
    – Tun (bersama almarhum Tun Abdul Razak)perjuangkan DEB, maka terbukti ramai jutawan Melayu, intelektual Melayu, terhasil.
    – apabila Tun umumkan ‘buy British last’ dan ‘look east’, saya (rasanya ramai yang macam saya) telah membebaskan pemikiran ‘orang puteh hebat’..bayangkan Menteri dari Britain datang ke Malaysia untuk merayu sokongan Malaysia selepas dasar buy British last. Dulu saya lihat orang puteh sebagai hebat(inilah gunanya propaganda barat dalam media).
    – Petronas, Proton yang menonjolkan kehebatan orang Melayu ada kaitan dengan usaha Tun
    – Tun membina banyak projek (yang anwar guna media untuk tonjolkan Tun sebagai pembazir dan anwar sebagai hero rakyat) yang mengungtungkan rakyat, lebih2 lagi orang Melayu. KLCC sebagai contoh, di antara bangunan tertinggi di dunia- sudah tentu pelajar2 sekolah seluruh dunia akan tahu di mana Malaysia selepas mengetahui bangunan tertinggi di dunia. Ini akan memudahkan negara luar mengenali Malaysia dan rakyat Malaysia berurusan dengan negara luar. Semasa saya belajar di California dulu, mat salleh ramai tidak tahu di mana Malaysia (itu tahun 1990) dan bila disebut Singapura, baru mereka tahu.
    – kerana Tun lah ramai orang Melayu dan orang Malaysia lain bekerja di luar negara sebagai pakar, dll, setelah mendapat bantuan UMNO, BN (orang Melayu yang merupakan lepasan sekolah2 asrama penuh, MRSM)
    – ramai orang tidak sedar, di Amerika, sama ada Republican atau Demokrat yang memerintah..di Malaysia, ia bukan sekadar BN atau pakatan longgar (pakatan pembohong)yang memerintah – jika BN menang, siapa di dalam BN tu yang penting. apabila UMNO lebih ramai maka itulah sebabnya ramai menteri melayu.
    Apabila kita lihat ranking world competitiveness dari segi ekonomi ka, kerajaan ka, Malaysia berada di tangga yang tidak terlalu teruk, malahan sangat baik jika dibandingkan dgn negara2 lain. Apa maksudnya? MAKSUDNYA, ORANG2 MELAYU YANG MENTADBIR MALAYSIA (UMNO) DAN ANGGOTA BN LAIN BERJAYA NAIKKAN RANKING KITA. Semua negara ada parti politik di belakangnya. Dan…Tun lah driving force utama di belakang UMNO dan BN.

  26. truthseeker Apr 21,2012 5:49 PM

    Assallammualaikum Tun dan kawan2 bloggers,
    1. Kejayaan kita (semua bangsa) kerana ada ‘pintu’ disediakan oleh kerajaan yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan.
    2. Jika tidak disebut ‘status istimewa orang melayu’, hak kaum lain, maka status kita sama macam pendatang asing – jadi 1 juta kaum Cina yang diberi kerakyatan tanpa syarat (mereka boleh kurang ajar, boleh tak mau cakap bahasa Malaysia/Melayu, boleh hina orang Melayu yang bagi kerakyatan, dll) yang selepas itu beranak-pinak menjadi berpuloh-puloh juta lagi rakyat Cina Malaysia mempunyai hak di bumi ini.
    3. Kerana menjadi rakyatlah individu2 yang Tun sebut dan rakyat Malaysia lain boleh buat duit banyak2 tanpa diganggu – jika anda orang indonesia (pendatang asing), macam mana rajin pun tidak boleh mengumpul duit banyak2 kerana ada undang2 negara yang menghalang.
    4. saya terbaca kajian seorang pensyarah Melayu dari universiti di Singapura tentang orang Melayu Singapura yang digambarkan oleh akhbar melayu sana sebagai ‘Melayu Bermasalah’. Dari tahun 60an sehinggalah sekarang orang Melayu di Singapura digambarkan sebagai bangsa bermasalah. Pada tahun 2010, seorang MP Melayu (PAP)bertanya Menteri Pelajaran apakah rancangan kementerian untuk menolong orang Melayu, menteri kata, ‘ibu bapa, komuniti melayu mestilah tolong motivate anak2 melayu…’Itu saja? Tidak ada program khas? Singapura dikatakan pandai, cekap, selalu di tangga teratas dalam world competitiveness, tetapi, KENAPA TIDAK TERFIKIR PROGRAM UNTUK TOLONG ORANG MELAYU? Jawapannya ialah, MEREKA TIDAK MAHU!
    Maka orang Melayu sana tidak diberikan ‘pintu’ sebagaimana kerajaan kita buat.
    Sekarang DAP ligat menziarahi Singapura dan menjemput MP Singapura ke Pulau Pinang..sedang belajar sesuatu daripada PAP ka?
    5. Ikut kajian di Singapura juga, elit Melayu (golongan pertengahan) anggap diri mereka hebat daripada Melayu2 yang ketinggalan ini dan tidak mahu kaitkan diri dengan Melayu yang ketinggalan ini…maka..
    6. ..pada pandangan saya kenapa golongan elit Melayu Malaysia tidak mahu mengaitkan diri dengan UMNO adalah kerana merasakan diri mereka lebih hebat daripada Melayu2 yang ketinggalan, yang bodoh, yang hina…walhal kerana UMNOlah mereka menjadi ‘orang’ tetapi jika mengaku mereka suka UMNO atau ditolong oleh UMNO, mereka akan dilihat sebagai orang yang tidak hebat kerana naik disebabkan UMNO (bukan kerana merit mcm di Singapura). UMNO dikaitkan dengan melayu yang tidak hebat, dengan rakyat biasa.
    7. Bangsa Melayu yang lupa daratan inilah yang berfikir macam orang puteh, maka memilih PKR (kononnya sokong demokrasi, liberalisasi, equality, dll), memilih PAS kerana kononnya mahukan Islam (dan bukan Melayu)
    8. Siapakah orang Melayu yang nampak macam pandai, tetapi bodoh? Jawapannya – Melayu yang mahu bagi undi kepada PAS, yang akhirnya undi itu dapat kepada DAP. Melayu yang bagi undi kepada PKR, yang akhirnya juga diberi kepada DAP…dan DAP akan membawa cara Singapura untuk ‘ajar’ orang Melayu.
    Cuba kaji Selangor, Perak (masa PAS jd MB), Pulau Pinang, siapakah BOSS nombor 1? DAP !

    ahli PAS kowtow Nik Ajiz dan Hadi
    Nik Ajiz, Hadi kowtow Anwar
    ahli dan Beruk2 exco PKR kowtow Anwar
    Anwar kowtow DAP (sebab Anwar perlukan undi kaum Cina, lagipun Karpal ada rahsia Anwar)
    So, WHO’S THE REAL BOSS MAN? DAP LAH…STUPID.. (semua penyokong Melayu PAS, PKR, DAP)
    oops, sorry, tertinggal…PAP lah BOSS MAN…

  27. shauqi Apr 21,2012 2:42 PM

    Amin Tan,
    The way you see & comprehend things that surround you is questionable. Perhaps its best to live the remaining years of your life elsewhere. You do not deserve the freedom of expression that exists here in Malaysia. You ought to thank your lucky stars that you survived all these years. And under whose premiership I wonder?

  28. Oumono Man Apr 21,2012 1:03 PM

    We can be truly proud of Malaysians achievements and this thanks to your hardwork Tun. If its up to the opposition, then we will never have all this success stories.

  29. cakkuncak Apr 21,2012 6:00 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Get well soon. We need you to ‘scold’ UMNO..

  30. GenerasiDrM Apr 20,2012 9:28 PM

    alhamdulillah… syukur rasa tgk gambar Tun dlm BHbdah sembuh…

  31. malayfighter77 Apr 20,2012 4:40 PM

    Salam Tun
    -Semoga Tun cepat sembuh dan sihat selalu. Moga Allah kurniakan Tun kesihatan yang baik. Harap Tun terus mencurahkan pendapat , nasihat dan idea yang terbaik buat Malaysia. Saya amat menyokong cadangan Tun untuk menyambung buku The Second Malay Dilemma. Saya rasa buku tu patut dibaca oleh semua orang Melayu, macam mana keadaan bangsa Melayu pada era penjajahan dan macam mana idea tun untuk bawa balik orang Melayu ke bandar menikmati pembangunan. Semoga Orang Melayu sedar dengan erti ‘ketuanan’ Melayu yang sebenar bukan setakat pada nama dan keris semata-mata.
    Semoga Tun panjang umur dan sihat selalu.

  32. ROZALI BIN AYED Apr 20,2012 11:22 AM

    Malaysia – a small country
    Assalamualaikum wbt Yg Bhg Tun,

    Syukur alhamdulillah Yg Bhg Tun telah selamat menjalani pembedahan kecil di HUKM, mudah-mudahan cepat sembuh, insyaallah.

    2. Walaupun negara kita Malaysia diantara negara kecil di dunia, tetapi kita harus banyak bersyukur ke hadhrat Allah SWT kerana dengan izin dan rahmatnya hasil usaha kerajaan yang ditunjangi oleh UMNO negara sekecil Malaysia telah dikurniakan begitu banyak rahmat kenikmatan hidup dan mencapai kejayaan dalam berbagai bidang.

    3. Sebagaimana biasa sudah menjadi lumrah kehidupan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional tidak dapat 100% memuaskan hati semua rakyat Malaysia, hasil usaha UMNO/BN sentiasa tidak disenangi oleh berbagai pihak khususnya dari pihak parti-parti pembangkang, individu dan organisasi yang berkepentingan dan meletakkan diri mereka lebih baik dari UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. UMNO dan Barisan Nasional yang dianggotai dan ditadbir urus oleh manusia biasa, dan sudah tentunya ada kelemahan-kelemahan tertentu, sayugia diingati bahawa Allah SWT juga yang maha sempurna. Namun demikian penilaian dan penganalisaan secara rasional haruslah dibuat terhadap UMNO dan Barsisan Nasional yang telah berjaya dengan izin Allah SWT mentadbir urus negara sekecil Malaysia dengan baik, mampu mengekalkan kedamaian dan keharmonian.

    4. UMNO dan Barisan Nasional boleh berubah dan mengatasi segala kekurangan dan kelemahan dari masa ke semasa melalui kesedaranan yang tinggi dan muhasabah diri yang dianjurkan oleh Allah SWT. Perubahan dibawah tadbir urus YAB Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Hj. Abdul Razak selaku Presiden UMNO dan Barisan Nasional telah menampakkan hasil yang positif, cuma kita mengharapkan kepimpinan diperingkat tinggi, pertengahan dan bawahan juga turut berubah. Jika diambil contoh dalam setandan pisang lazimnya tidak semua buahnya baik untuk dimakan. Elemen-elemen yang tidak selari dan selaras dengan kehendak perubahan haruslah ditolak secara total.

    5. Jika perubahan mahu dibuat melalui bertukar kerajaan melalui peti undi, buktinya sudah kelihatan jelas selepas PRU 12 tahun 2008, apa yang diharapkan oleh pengundi yang menyokong dan mahukan perubahan dengan memilih pembangkang hasilnya amat jauh dari yang dijangkakan. Pakatan pembangkang (PKR, Pas dan DAP) yang cuba bergabung dan meniru seperti gabungan Barisan Nasional kelihatan dengan nyata tidak berjaya menyaingi kewibawaan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional.Oleh itu untuk PRU ke 13 nanti Barisan Nasional haruslah dikekalkan mentadbir urus negara Malaysia.

    Sekian, terima kasih dan wassalam.

  33. dotnetadil Apr 20,2012 10:35 AM

    Malaysia is the land of opportunity, thanks to the leaders especially you that made it as a land of opportunity.

  34. RaJa BerSiong Apr 20,2012 2:42 AM

    Salam Ayahanda,

    Saya sentiasa berdoa semoga Ayahanda dilindungi Allah s.w.t, panjang umur dan jauh dari segala penyakit.

    Luv U… Ayahanda Tun dan sekeluarga.

  35. musato Apr 19,2012 9:45 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    semoga sihat lepas operation.

    Sale saya juga drop teruk lepas keluar dari kompleks.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  36. Nikmat Apr 19,2012 9:34 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum wr wb
    YAB Tuan Guru Dr Mahathir Yg diRahmati Allah swt.

    1. Kami tersangat amat berbangga dengan Mu
    2. Terima kasih yang amat-amat tidak terhingga.

    Allah Rahmati Kamu Wahai Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad

  37. Hajar Apr 19,2012 9:26 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    1. I totally agree with Tun. MALAYSIA BOLEH! Saya bangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia.

    2. On a different note, to those who do not want to pay back their PTPTN loans, please don’t BORROW anymore money from PTPTN. Jangan jadi orang yang TIDAK TAHU MALU. Kalau tidak mahu/tahu bayar HUTANG, JANGAN BERHUTANG. Yang paling tidak masuk akal ialah sudahlah berhutang, ada hati pula untuk berdemonstrasi. Saya percaya mereka ini jugalah yang akan liat membayar apa saja jenis hutang tidak kira hutang pinjaman rumah, kereta, peribadi, etc. Bagi saya mereka ini jenis yang tidak tahu mengenang budi dan jahil. Bagaimana untuk jadi cemerlang jika buat perkara bodoh seperti berdemonstrasi. Saya bimbang, akan lahir seorang lagi Anwar Ibrahim dari kalangan mahasiswa yang berdemonstrasi.

    Saya doakan Tun cepat sembuh dari pembedahan. Tun kena banyak berehat.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  38. Tuntuah Apr 19,2012 8:11 PM

    Some people believed that malaysia like timbuktu, zimbabwe, etc etc.

    They always hentam, kutuk, said bad things on malaysia and other country better.

    Frankly, why they acted that way? To memperbaiki or kononnyer constructive comments? Well why they are not say bad things to their father, sister, mother in the name of constructive comments? Or they just hypocrites?

    Come on la.. Ask citizenship to the country that they are staying now and leave malaysia. Malaysia does not want ur constructive comments. Malaysia will be prospered without you. Its proven. Malaysia has been and always be a good place with or without you.

  39. maliha Apr 19,2012 1:43 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Get well soon. We always pray for your good health.
    Our warmest regards to Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.
    Thanks Tun

  40. masmanja Apr 19,2012 1:23 PM

    Indeed Malaysia is a small country,
    But we are a great nation who once have a great leader –

    Semoga Tun sentiasa sihat walafiat dan diberikan rahmat Allah yang melimpah-limpah. We love you Tun
    Salam from Middle East
    Dr Mastura

  41. egalitarian Apr 19,2012 12:53 PM

    Salam Tun, semoga sihat selalu Insya’allah.

    Reading your post I share your heartfelt joy and grief what Malaysia has achieved.

    Joy – what you set out years ago to create these billionaires came thru.
    Grief – amongst which you hand-picked some bumiputeras to achieve the same failed.

    Not only these bumiputeras failed miserably, but now are biting back the hands that fed them. Memang benar kita mudah lupa, bila kawan segalanya indah – bila lawan semuanya musuh. Mana tujuan kita Masya’allah.

    Rapatkan saf wahai umat-ku.

  42. eanisazman Apr 19,2012 11:28 AM

    Salam Tun and All

    Syukur Tun is well. I learn about your minor operation through Yahoo News, hmmm.

    Anyway, I concur with you Tun and most of other opinions in this comment board. I’m touched, Malaysia is trully amazing. I love my country.

    Malaysians do love each other actually, they just got a little stressed out. All that they need is to come out and make out..(we really need to do away with politics once in a while) We really need to start appreciating ourselves…

    Malaysia Trully Asia

  43. Botak Apr 19,2012 10:24 AM

    Saya tidak yakin pentakbiran PM Najib
    Kelihatan beliau menunduk kepada asuhan luar
    Seperti penyerahan Tanjung Pagar KTM
    Pembangun IDR di Johor
    Menunduk pada Malaysia Satu dek kerana kelemahan Parti

    Apa pun jua kelemahan diri yg ada pada kita, pada parti kita
    Kita tidak bolih tunduk pada keputusan yg merugikan kita
    Kita tidak bolih buat salah kerana kekurangan kita
    Lebih menghancurkan dari memberi munafaat

    Satu Perjuangan Mesti Berdiri Tegak Mengadap Musuh
    Supaya kelihatan Gagah
    Jika satu perjuangan ditempuh dengan menunduk maka
    Sang musuh akan lebih Ghairah
    Begitu juga Perjuang Islam sekarang
    Mesti berdiri tegak menghadap musuh
    Punca Islam sekarang di Zalimi, di Fitnah dengan sewenangnya

    Contoh Ibadah Sa’i semasa ibadah Umrah
    Di suruh berlari lari anak , di Safar
    supaya kelihatan perjuang Islam yg baru tiba masih
    Kelihatan semangat dan kuat bagi menggeruhkan musuh

  44. mubarakchan Apr 19,2012 10:12 AM


    The real small countries which have succeeded in this world of ours are the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. The latter two countries have immense assistance from the United States because of their history and geo-political importance and also Japan after the World War Two.

    There are one or two self-proclaimed pretenders who are yet to be proven world class and great.

    Looking at these small countries, their agricultural industry is still heavily protected even though there might be the latest technological factories located just next to these farms.

    And of course, on their countries’ education system. I have always urged my associates to study these two aspects of these wonderful countries and what makes them tick.

    In passing, I am of the opinion that an education system should not be like a high pressure cooker – cooking out brilliants who may either fail or fall. Let us have an education system which functions naturally and let the 99% of the students pass through with confidence because the elite 1% will emerge naturally even when Malaya was under the British.

    And traditionally, every country advanced from an agricultural base due to history. This is where a country’s heritage, religion, culture related to its history is so very important – it’s not even a fingerprint but the whole political socio-economic body of the country itself. We are all definitely not born out of rock as some cynics tried to short-cut history. When we say ‘Malaysia ‘ we know what kind of country it is. – likewise with Japan etc.

    And of course, a judiciary system where no one is above the law like Malaysia, unlike some countries where it is rigged like a spider’s web and have different sets of laws both inside and outside the court.

    With the above facts in mind, we also have the many thousands of ex-Malaysians who claimed to have left for ‘greener pastures’. These people can also join hands with the new and yearning Malaysian enterprises in the foreign lands. In fact, there are many such instances already happening as far as I know.

    Forthcoming new Malaysian enterprises in foreign lands should focus on the acquisition of brand names as mentioned by you, Tun. There are many still available to those who look hard enough. The reason why some Malaysian enterprises have failed overseas was because these were undertaken on the initiatives of managers and not entrepreneurs.

    Another reason why a project failed was that the expectations of its success and returns were based on the wrong premise. I have always followed the fact that a project must be successful before we see the return of the first ringgit and not to expect to gain millions of ringgits even before the project has taken off the ground. We should not count our chickens before they are hatched ! A simple rule of thumb !

    Malaysia is now ready for the next breakthrough into the world of business with proper support and understanding from the Government. An important ingredient was and has always been the humanity and multi-culturalism practised by the successive Governments and the Royal Sultans of yore.

    This fortunate practice obviated a lot of misunderstandings which could have arisen in the course of time. Then, Malaysia was suddenly thrust into Nationhood with the formation of political parties to practise politics. However, some political parties like the MCA viewed politics differently and is now at the crossroads. Once, the politicians have sorted themselves out and see the common goal and approach, Malaysia will attain the next level economic success in its quest for keeping up with the rest of the developed world. It is still not late. There are lots of people crying ‘ wolf ‘ at the moment.

    If Malaysia had practised ‘marginalization’ as alleged by some detractors, there would not be a coterie of multi-billionaires and mult-millionaires of all the retired leaders of the MCA and 6 1/2 Singaporeans
    (the other 1/2 being a big-mouthed Mongolian). In fact, the whole of the latter could have been marginalized in their own homeland and would have been still-born. Their view of us on golf courses and over mah-jong tables is another story !

    It was the practice of humanity and multi-culturalism by successive Governments which led to the successes of all those non- Bumiputra multi-billionaires and multi-millionaires as mentioned.

    Europe now finds dealing with multi-culturalism a new phenomenon as highlighted by the on-going trial of the murderer of 77 adults and children in Oslo, Norway. Unfortunately, incidents like this will probably increase in the near future in countries which are not accustomed to multi-culturalism.

    And a senior Singaporean minister mentioned that it will take at least 10 years for Singapore to have an inclusive society. This also underlines the great influx of new rich immigrants into the city State in recent years.

    A sensible thing to do for any person operating the pyramid of power in Malaysia is to encourage natural evolution to grow and progress as it was in the past. And as for the much-flaunted pyramid of meritocracy which actually is based on money with no compassion, it does not work . The dangerous thing with such a pyramid is that when the smartest fellow made the wrong call, the whole pyramid froze in their fervent belief that the smartest fellow must be right. Such an arrangement could be calamitous in crisis with the 99% of the ordinary folk gaping in horror !

    Tun, I remember there was a book called ‘ When Genius Failed ‘ published in the 1990s.

  45. abdulazizomar Apr 19,2012 3:14 AM

    Salam Tun,

    It was beautifully written Sir. I love it. We need to look at the bright side of our country. We need to be united under one name of Malaysia. We need to work together but respecting each other in the name of God.

    But we need good leadership with good heart.

    Thank you Tun

  46. Botak Apr 19,2012 1:14 AM





  47. Botak Apr 19,2012 12:50 AM





  48. Apr 18,2012 9:23 PM


    1. Malaysia is, relatively speaking, a small country. The population is only 28 million with a per capita income of USD8,000. But many Malaysians have done very well on the world stage. They are big and often they are the biggest in the world.

    And truthfully if, the Vision 2020 is seriously pursued by every visionary and grateful rakyat will surely make Malaysia be recognised as a truly developed nation which promises peace, prosperity and stability for the future generation ‘Anakanda Rakyat’ of a proud and powerful country known in every corners of the world called ‘ Malaysia, Truly Asia’.


    Ps. Benar, KAMI ( Kita Anak M’sia Insaf ) Boleh !

  49. PAShit Apr 18,2012 9:20 PM

    Salam Tun,

    While what you said is almost always spot on, there will be many racist chauvinist pigs who will try to bullshit us that only their own race was responsible for this country’s success.
    This was evident in many irresponsible comments made throughout the years in this esteemed blog by many devious people. I still remember many of these comments clearly.

    I just want to reiterate here lest some people forget.


    We have given up so much for the sake of all races to make this country what it is today but some choose to turn a blind eye and disregard the enormous sacrifices as if their own race was solely responsible for the country’s success.

    Abusing the Malays was created by the father of racism in Malaysia, Lim Kit Siang who till today will not acknowledge his racist remarks during 13 MAY 1969 riots.
    Not even a single apology is forthcoming. But we will not forget his deeds and we know his true nature.
    I salute YB Zulkifli Noordin for having brought up this matter in Parliament recently as many people tend to have forgotten
    who LKS really is.
    His legacy is of course being carried on by his heir apparent LGE in Penang now.
    As I have stated before and I will say it again, DAP is a chinese racist chauvinist party and THOSE WHO VOTE FOR THEM ARE RACISTS.
    The leaders in DAP try to portray themselves as clean living, Holy Quran & Bible quoting leaders when in fact they are devious as hell.
    Just imagine the double headed snake of Jelutong Kapal Singh calling Anwar Ibrahim a sodomiser in Parliament but now acting as his attorney in one of Anwar’s many sexual escapades! How much more devious can you get?

    DAP supporters can bla bla all they want to try and justify Kapal’s motives but we know better.
    It’s all down to Putrajaya at all costs!
    We will strive to make the rakyat realise what DAP and racist chauvinist pigs actually want to achieve in their political gamesmanship.


  50. cakkuncak Apr 18,2012 8:04 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I agree peace and stability is of paramount factor for any country that desires to continue to prosper to all its citizens.

    However, do you honestly think UMNO is changing for the better?

    We can argue UMNO is changing but there are facts to demonstrate the weaknesses, excesses and moronic behavior of UMNO ‘leaders’.

    What do we as the rakyat can do? … Many argue the Opposition is weak, untested and possibly will fail if given the chance to prove to the rakyat but can the UMNO now take the country where its rakyat wants to be ?

    Why UMNO – well simply because UMNO is THE CORE.

    Should we give UMNO the chance to change itself? …I honestly do not have an opinion on this at this moment.

    At the moment a significant number of the rakyat is feeling that UMNO is taking it for granted and do not want to change.

    Granted many have achieved feats that we can be proud of, but the success of a few does not make amends for the excesses, poor leadership and manner times total ignorance of the responsibilities to the rakyat.

    UMNO and the BN must seriously show the rakyat that it is time for a new leaf in Malaysian politics. Stop the total ignoramus attitude.

    Tell this to UMNO people and do they honestly able to look in the mirror and tell us the rakyat,” yes…it is time to change?”

  51. Apr 18,2012 3:52 PM

    Greetings from Europe, Dr. Mahatir!

    Very well said and exposed. It can’t be but beneficial to Malaysians to be reminded and made aware of the Country’s achievements and of the achievements of its Sons and Daughters. As you say: Great achievements for a small country!

    I saw you took part in the launching of the new PROTON Preve yesterday which seems to confirm that you are still active as advisor to PROTON. As such you may want to search in your files for my name and address to see what I proposed for PROTON two years ago.

    I would certainly welcome to discuss the matter again with you at length. Please feel free to have someone contact me to arrange a meeting. I am but a one days flight away.

    Good to see you in good health, Tun!

    Kind regards
    Alfred Willner, Managing Director

  52. MOHD HASHA Apr 18,2012 3:14 PM

    Salam Tun. Di doakan agar Tun sihat selepas HUKM semalam. Masih anakanda ingat ketika Tun jalani Pintasan Jantung dulu, keluar IJN dan datang Reception Dinner untuk Anakanda Tun Ahmad Sarji di SGCC, Subang ! Mudah mudahan & Insyaallah! Amin

  53. nazrimalik Apr 18,2012 1:31 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun, baru baca paper tadi yg Tun buat minor operation. Harap Tun dah ok.

    Ok Tun, take care 🙂

  54. azhanhasbullah Apr 18,2012 12:51 PM

    Salam Tun,

    I have no idea why are there tears in my eyes reading this post. I pray that Allah will grant you a good health and that you would live longer to see more successes of Malaysia’s children. I love you Tun.

  55. pakpandir08 Apr 18,2012 8:39 AM

    Tun … i think you missed out Mokhzani Mahathir, who is one of the richest man in M’sia …

    There are many other kinds of successes …

  56. prof_ridcully Apr 18,2012 8:25 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Heard about the polypectomy.

    أَسْأَلُ اللَّهَ الْعَظِيمَ رَبَّ الْعَرْشِ الْعَظِيمِ أَنْ يَشْفِيَكَ

    “I ask Allah who is the Lofty and the Lord of the Mighty Throne that He cures you”. Aamin.

    Get well soon Tun.

  57. HBT456 Apr 18,2012 7:51 AM

    Good morning YAB,

    1. Get well soon.

    2. Rest a lot because of the age factor.

    3. Listen to your personal doctor’s advice, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.

    4. Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.

    5. Power nap is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s signature.

    Good day, YAB.

  58. survivor01 Apr 18,2012 5:46 AM

    Salam Tun,

    With the Power of Bakun Dam, and the Resources of Borneo.
    Malaysia is well Capable to be as big as China in Producing Renewable Energy Products.

    Scomi could probably R&D and Build High-Speed Monorails across Borneo, with minimal Impacts on the Environment, Transporting Work Force and Raw Materials.

    Providing Millions High-Tech, High Wage Jobs.

    Malaysia Area Size is as Big as Germany, Finland and Japan.
    We just need more High Tech Industries and Infrastructures.

  59. Khairul-Dean Apr 18,2012 5:12 AM

    Salam Hormat

    Nasal polyps surgery by HUKM team headed by Dr. Abdullah Sani Mohamed went well. Alhamdulillah. One does hold on to the hope Bahrain F1 won’t need a spanner thrown into the wheels. Politics OIC and Gulf Countries are a challenge.

    Malaysia is a small country. We love Bahrain.
    Get well soon Dr. Mahathir and warmest regards to Tun Dr Siti Hasmah and Family.


  60. MiddleAges Apr 18,2012 2:42 AM

    Salam Tun,

    I cannot really explain to those who are left behind, either puposedly or by accident, what your post is supposed to mean.

    I can only say that Tun is trying to tell them to please continue supporting the current government because they owe their success to the government.

    It suggests that if they support a different/opposite goverment they might be less successful. So i tell them the post is definitely not intended for ordinary people like us.

    Thank You Tun

  61. Jokiden Apr 18,2012 2:05 AM

    Ybhg Tun,

    Ini menunjukan DEB memberi faedah kepada semua kaum. Hari ini kita dapati pembangkang di Malaysia asyik melanyak Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar seolah-olah ada pihak yang menjadi dalangnya.

  62. napiz Apr 17,2012 11:30 PM

    I am really proud to be Malaysian.
    I am very disappointed with Malaysians who forgot where they come from, forgot about Government that has been shaping Malaysia to its current position.

  63. ROZALI BIN AYED Apr 17,2012 11:15 PM


    Salam hormat Yg Bhg Tun,

    Yes, truly Malaysia is a small country. However, we should be very much proud to be Malaysian. As mentioned there are many successful Malaysian especially in businesses and achievement in higher eductions. Malaysian government (leads by UMNO and Barisan Nasional) succesfully generated exclusive and conducive policies for the country and nations to develop. For those Malaysian who have the courage and higher enthusiasm taking all the opportunities provided by government to develop themselves and becoming very successful in their lives.

    2. Malaysia is a very well known country in the world, even though it is a small country. I have opportunities given by the all mighty God Allah SWT. visited quite a number of countries in the world, and heard comments about the best of Malaysia, especially when they mentioned about the successful of Dr. Mahathir in developing Malaysia.

    3. I believed the successful Malaysian (especially in business and education) should contribute for the good of the country in many aspect. Since general election 12 year 2008, the conducive condition of Malaysia being distorted by the political movement generated by the oppositions (Pas, PKR and DAP) to gain more political influences and power. Regretted all the government efforts (Economic and political transformations) almost practically all did not being accepted by the oppositions, and consequently they managed to influence some of the public through their wrong perceptions and allegations.

    4. The new media also play an important role in conveying messages, but unfortunately has been wrongly used by certain individual, organizations who have certain interest to manipulate messages for their benefits. Younger generations rely more messages from new media rather than the prime media. The prime newspapers and electronic media (TV and Radio) are no more of the best choice for majority younger generations to gather first hand informations. Something have to be done the authorities to overcome this movement.

    5. Excellent Image of Malaysia should be consistently upgraded by the ruling government and strongly supported the people of Malaysia. We do not hope the oppositions (Pas, PKR and DAP) to assist the present government to maintain and bring up the image of Malaysia, as an example DSAI of PKR and parti leader of Pakatan Rakyat often generated negative image against Malaysia (in the country or abroad) for his political interest.

    ” Saya amat bersyukur dilahirkan di Malaysia sebuah negara kecil, tetapi tetap terkenal di serata dunia”, atas kurniaan Allah SWT berkat kerja keras parti yang memerintah (UMNO dan Barisan Nasional). Mudah-mudahan Allah SWT terus melimpahkan rahmat yang tidak terhingga kepada negara Malaysia dan umat Malaysia, parti UMNO dan Barisan Nasional berjaya cemerlang dalam Pilihan Raya Umum ke 13 nanti.

    Sekian, terima kasih dan wassalam Tun.


  64. Botak Apr 17,2012 9:03 PM



  65. Khairul-Dean Apr 17,2012 6:13 PM

    These successful Malaysians, what are their aspirations and political inclinations? Do you know, Chetdet?

  66. AyamHere Apr 17,2012 5:48 PM

    Salam,dengar cerita di UKM jalani pembedahan kecil.Semoga cepat sembuh.Tun sebenarnya betul tak idea penubuhan PETRONAS daripada Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah?

  67. mubarakchan Apr 17,2012 4:32 PM


    Your short summary of the successes of Malaysians world-wide gives an insight into the vision, commercial astuteness and ability of the inhabitants of our beloved country, Malaysia.

    Like you, I have always took the view that the more rich people in our country the better – unlike some African states where the head of government owns all the diamonds and a mass of very poor people. What you mentioned about all those household names is history. But as you are aware there are many many more home-grown entrepreneurs who fit the bill and it is to these present striving personalities that our country must turn its efforts to support and nurture to do greater things now and the future. And with every turn of the economic cycle or a single generation, new names and faces will appear out of no where as it seems.

    Fortunately, despite all the hullabaloo on the political scene, many business minded Malaysians are ready and waiting to make the move for economic advancement both for themselves and the country. As you are aware too, Tun, business opportunities are always around. And it is for the astute and hardworking person to find one or more.

    This country is well-placed for Malaysians and all sorts of people to do business. We may not be world-class but we are somewhere near the top 20 in the world. It is good enough. Well-informed and well-placed people are aware of this as well.

    And without any shyness, I have always said that the Malaysian Chinese are the best treated in the world compared with Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, and the rest of the world.

    Your list of the good and the great confirmed the success of the Malaysian Chinese. As you rightly said, they all made their first million United States dollars in Malaysia. What about those who emigrated – those 2 million souls who emigrated to ‘greener pastures’ ? They must have earned at least RM 1 Million each to do so !

    Words like ‘marginalization’ and ‘apartheid’ have been thrown recklessly at the Government without a sound understanding the wherewithal behind the meaning of Malaysia, Malaya, the Federated Malay States and the Royal Sultanates of yore.

    On ‘marginalization’, according to my study and research, all retired MCA leaders were either multi-billionaires or multi-millionaires plus 6 1/2
    Singaporeans (the other 1/2 is a Mongolian). This stretched all the way back to 1950 ! Bumiputra tycoons only appeared during your 22 years of administration which also nurtured a well-endowed and burgeoning middle-income group of Bumiputras and an expanded non-Bumiputra middle class. Standards of all Malaysians were raised through the transformation of an agrarian to an industrial based economy during this period !

    On ‘apartheid’, my researches revealed that

    1. Malaysians are discriminated against as regards their provident funds contributions in certain countries.

    2. Certain freshly retired senior Malay civil servants of the Malaysian Government were awarded honorary degrees in a certain country.

    3. And recently, a senior Singaporean Minister announced it takes 10 years to create an inclusive society. This was rather surprising because we all believed Singapore was inclusive for all at all times.

    4. Any shortcomings on the ‘apartheid’ scenario must be placed on the non-Malay political parties in the BN.

    As you have been at the forefront of the modernization of our beloved country, Tun, you must have at the front of your mind to get the developed countries to transfer their know-how in technology to us. But this transfer has been slow in coming. Therefore, it is imperative that we must acquire whatever we require through purchase or exchange.

    Sime Darby, the darling corporation of most Malaysians, springs to mind.

    Sime Darby has now been turned into an elegant type of British trading house like what Harrisons & Crossfields, Guthries, Boustead etc used to be under the British control. At that time, such trading houses served a specific purpose which was to take advantage of the Imperial Preference ( which locked out all the goods from non-British Empire countries } and imported all manner of British goods. These trading houses also invested, managed and sold the tropical products so produced at controlled prices from London.

    Sime Darby now sells motorcars for others, houses, palm oil, sponsors Deep Ocean Racing in New Zealand, manages hospitals, golf courses etc.etc. in Australia and so on. Its activities are exactly like that of what was a British trading house in colonial Malaya – rather mundane. The only difference is that Malaysia has no empire ! Sime Darby is a burgeoning elephant in a small country. It has the wherewithal to do much more and punch above its weight. And surely, Sime Darby will succeed in the international business arena and more Malaysian corportations will follow !

    In recent years, when companies like Volvo, Saab, Jaguar, MG, Land Rover etc were available, Malaysia could only observe and clap her hands. The vital motor-car engineering know-how to be acquired for Malaysia was missed by Sime Darby. It is pointless to be the No. 1 Motorcar Salesman for others. Sime Darby should be the owner to acquire the technology of making the motorcar engine for Malaysia. This is still not too late.

    From the above-mentioned, Malaysia maybe small in world economic terms but with the proper ingredients to produce the right citizens to conquer the world like those you mentioned, we all will definitely go places in view of our country’s inhabitants natural resilience and intelligence. And the fine art of leveraging by the tycoons you mentioned in different countries.

    Like you Tun, I have every good hope for a more dynamic and resilient Malaysia to come given the proper leadership like yours in the recent past.

  68. iskandar shah 2 Apr 17,2012 4:06 PM

    Dearest Tun

    1-This is a blessed land Tun.With the return of Asia to take over the world soon,we will be right in the centre of the new world.

    2-The top three biggest nations,China,India and Indonesia are not only around us,there are all culturally linked to us.

    3-Other than being strategic we are also blessed with all the right human materials.We are 330,000 sq km ,beautiful,mineral abundant and fertile land open for business 336 days in a year.

    4-Unlike our neighbors we are also a land below the winds ,have no experience of significant earthquakes and threats of volcanic eruptions.

    5-The only thing I see will fail us is the lack of vision of the leadership to fully exploit the human materials and assets by continuing to harp on small minded racial ketuanan issues endlessly.

    6-Its time to seriously change our racial political system for a true one Malaysian system that would enable the synergy emanating from all our differences to deliver us the glory.

    7-Good sense would prevail in this land ,insyaAllah God have saved for last.The best is yet to come.

    Thanks Tun

  69. jamaluddin4 Apr 17,2012 3:27 PM

    That’s why I’m proud to be Malaysian.

  70. zulaznan Apr 17,2012 12:35 PM


    They done because of U, U lead this country very well.


  71. amin tan Apr 17,2012 12:17 PM

    Dear Tun,

    What a beautiful essay. You really answer those sour grapes and traitors that Malaysia is no good. Singapore and Australia are better. Do not be ungrateful and bad mouth Malaysia saying Malaysia is corruption infested just because Pakatan Rakyat want to win election. Please don’t play dirty.

    amin tan

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