1. Twenty years ago the Serbs of Yugoslavia began their genocidal war against the Muslims of Bosnia-Herzegovina. They made no attempt to hide their intention to kill all the Muslims. They openly declared they were carrying out “ethnic cleansing”.

2. Europe, according to the Europeans, is Christendom – the kingdom of the Christians. The presence of a European Muslim country in Europe seems to contradict this assertion.

3. Although Europeans are not as committed to Christianity today as they were in the past, nevertheless anti-Muslim feelings is still strong. So the elimination of Muslims from Europe is not unwelcome. The genocidal war waged by the Serbs was allowed to go on.

4. But the Serbs committed horrible atrocities against the Bosnians. A television report showed a British Army officer expressing horror and anger when Serbs burnt houses with the occupants still in them.

5. But the NATO forces were there only to watch. They may not shoot at the murderous Serbs. When in Srebrenica the Dutch troops, tasked with protecting the Bosnians saw the Serb soldiers killing 8,000 Bosnians in front of their eyes, they simply moved away. The Serbs used axes to bash in the heads of Bosnian men and boys in one of the worst massacres in Europe.

6. Perhaps it was this massacre which prompted the West to stop the fighting. Apparently they could stop the Serbs if they wanted to.

7. But in a travesty of justice America imposed on the Bosnians the Dayton Plan in which Bosnia-Herzegovina was divided into two.

8. The Serbs were rewarded with an independent state completely under their rule although it is supposed to be a part of Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is called Republika Srpska.

9. The rest of Bosnia-Herzegovina would have three presidents all the time. There would be a Serb President, a Croatian President and a Bosnian President. Every decision by this coalition Government must be agreed to by all three Presidents.

10. As can be expected the Serb President never agreed to anything that can contribute to the rebuilding of this part of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

11. The west talks ad infinitum about justice and the rule of law. Rewarding the murderous genocidal Serbs with an independent state and frustrating the Bosnian Muslims’ quest for independence by giving veto power to the Serbs and the Croats is an example of justice for the West. They have ensured there would be no Muslim state in Christendom.

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  1. shamsudin786 May 16,2012 3:55 AM

    Jikalau menyebut sejarah hitam mengenai bosnia-herzegovina,merasa kecil diri ini yang dimana pada masa tersebut kita semua hanya mampu berdoa memohon pada allah swt untuk kebebasan bumi bosnia dari kekejaman yang amat dashyat oleh serbia.masa itu semua negara kuasa islam besar seperti saudi arabia,dll ketakutan untuk membantah dan memberi saluran bantuan untuk membebaskan bumi bosnia.ketika itulah muncul seorang “HAMBA ALLAH” yang berasal dari sebuah “NEGARA” islam yang kecil keluar berusaha untuk memanggil beberapa negara islam berbincang dan bersetuju berpakat bersama-sama menghantar pengaman berbincang mendapatkan kebebasan bumi tersebut dan berjaya misi mereka menyelamat negara bosnia dan saki baki warga bosnia.”HAMBA ALLAH” yang bernama tun dr mahathir mohamad dari NEGARA MALAYSIA.

    Ini lah wira dunia dan wira kami rakyat malaysia.insyaallah… mudahan allah swt memberi nikmat bahagia hidup di dunia dan akhirat pada beliau dan keluarga.amin

  2. Botak May 13,2012 4:21 PM

    Bush Administrations False Accusations
    Of Iraq Weapon of Mass Dsetructions
    Has proves to the World
    The Twin Tower Sept 11
    was also A Big Lies Of Bush
    Bush Administrations Minister
    Their Allies
    Must be put to World Criminal Court of Justice
    Ameen !

  3. Khairul-Dean May 7,2012 11:51 PM

    Salam Hormat

    With Syria in mind;

    7 May 2012 Last updated at 07:04 GMT
    Why Vladimir Putin needs a golden cockerel
    Steve Rosenberg By Steve Rosenberg BBC News, Moscow

    At the Bolshoi Theatre, it’s Act One, Scene One of a Rimsky-Korsakov opera.

    Up on stage, a 16th Century Russian tsar sings of how tired he is of ruling his kingdom. Enter a magician with an unusual solution.
    “Kiriki! Kirikuku!” (that’s “cock-a-doodle-doo” to you and me). The wizard has conjured up a golden cockerel to warn the tsar of danger, so that his majesty can feel safe and sound.
    Five centuries on, Russia’s current ruler could do with one of those.

    Vladimir Putin hasn’t had an easy few months. He may have won the presidential election, but allegations of vote rigging as well as massive street protests in Moscow have dented his image as father of the nation.
    With the political system creaking and economic problems coming, Mr Putin may not feel safe or sound when he moves back into the Kremlin.

    “If there is a lack of real reforms, we can face very serious problems,” believes Andrei Yakovlev, Vice-Rector of Moscow’s Higher School of Economics.
    “There is a shortage of qualified and skilled workers, we have an ageing population and there are serious problems with the pension system and with infrastructure,” he says.
    “What’s more, for social and political stability it’s necessary to provide quite high economic growth, so government should provide better conditions for doing business. But this is not sustainable without measures to limit corruption.”

    Last week, Russian TV showed Vladimir Putin heading the Moscow May Day parade and being “mobbed” by adoring fans: a stage-managed show to portray the new president as super popular. But in Moscow he no longer is – and that could prove to be Mr Putin’s Achilles heel.
    “Putin and his gang, they’ve lost the urban, educated population,” claims Liliya Shevtsova of the Carnegie Moscow Centre.
    “In fact, Putin has lost Moscow. You can imagine him sitting behind the Kremlin Walls with a hostile city around. From Russian history we know that if the tsar has lost the support of the Moscow population, he’s lost Russia.”

    It’s a contrast to the President Putin of 12 years ago.
    “It’s much harder now for Putin,” says Stanislav Kucher, political commentator of Kommersant FM Radio.
    “In his first term everything was on his side. He was younger, he was looked upon as an energetic fellow compared to Boris Yeltsin, oil prices were high. Now there is a problem with the nation’s perception of him.
    “It’s like when you get yourself a brand new car. After three or four years, newer cars start appearing, and you think about changing yours. After 10 years, no matter how good your original car is, you start to hate it. And after 20 years you want to burn it with your own hands.”

    There is another potential problem for Russia’s new president. Instead of “cock-a-doodle-doo”, what Mr Putin is hearing rather a lot of right now is hullabaloo: his closest advisers have been squabbling like never before as they battle for influence at the heart of power.
    “There are two camps in Putin’s entourage,” explains Stanislav Kucher.
    “There are those who are for reforms, democratically-minded, and there are conservatives. Until recently this division was not that obvious. Now it’s evident. Those two groups are fighting for survival. The democrats around Putin believe that if he does not start with reforms, then this country is going to end up like Libya, or another country in the Middle East, with a revolution.”
    Back at the Bolshoi, the opera is entering its final tragic act. The tsar who believed he was all-powerful is killed – by his own golden cockerel.
    “All Russian operas end with a tragic result, there is no happy end in any of them,” regrets Liliya Shevtsova.
    “So Putin has no exit solution. He cannot leave the Kremlin because he must be accountable for all 12 years in power. But he cannot control society for a longer time. And that means he’s trapped.”
    Which is why Vladimir Putin’s third performance as president may prove to be his most challenging yet.

    Serbia is a key ally of Russia
    Kosovo needs Halal Trade
    Russia backs Syria
    Turkey wants a constitution amendment
    King Saud in his last days
    Civil disobedience the order of the day
    Vision2020 must see far ahead for solutions
    Even to China’s muslims dominated provinces

    A Saud Princess should want to see a green peninsula
    The technology a desert country will thrive with
    solar, green house, recycle water, underground homes
    yes – algae cultivation

    Bosnia-Herzegovina invests in Amanah Saham and Tabung Haji
    The glc’s most preferred to present Halal Trade
    A Mega Islam Bank

    It is the muslims’ choice not a malay dilemma
    perhaps PERKASA needs a change of perspective
    perhaps they could be part of future BERSIHs

    Is it not better to test Pekan than with a less than two-third
    It is through the glc’s Mukhriz must act and preside
    Mega Islam Bank

    The Way Forward – we are rational human beings
    wars must be outlaw, Halal Trade for the muslims

    Through Syria, Halal Trade profits
    from GCC, from Turkey, from Russia,
    from Central Asia to China

    Langkawi and the islands are test bed for future technologies



  4. AdiY May 3,2012 3:51 PM

    Tun jadilah simbol penyatuan.. kalau pemimpin kita semua tak boleh laksanakan, Tun ke hadapan, jadi leader dalam perubahan, waktu semakin dekat untuk kembali kepada Allah.

    Pada pandangan saya, Najib tak mampu nak kawal negara ni, dulu Pak Lah pun tak mampu, Anwar pun sama. Tun patutnya didik Mukhriz/Mokhzani jadi pengganti sejak usia mereka muda lagi.

    Baru kini saya menyedari, patutlah Kerajaan Islam Kekhalifahan Umaiyyah/Abbasiyyah/Turki Uthmaniyyah memperturunkan kuasa kepada anak-anak mereka untuk menjadi khalifah.

    Kerana mereka telah di didik sejak kecil untuk menjadi seorang pemimpin yang lengkap, supaya keadaan negara tetap terjaga. Jika ada kesilapan dan kekurangan dalam mendidik, ada ulama’ yang menegur, ada wazir, ada gabenor, dan para menteri yang bersama membantu mendidik anak-anak ini.

    Kalau keadaan negara kita sekarang macam ni berterusan, tak mustahil kita akan jadi macam di Bosnia.

    Senang cerita Tun, kalau Tun mampu jadi leader semula, jadilah leader yang boleh membentuk semula menteri-menteri yang dulu di bawah leadership Tun. Kalau mereka tak nak dengar kata, buang semua, ganti je menteri baru..

    Tetapi…. masalahnya… mampukah Tun.. ?

  5. dtan May 3,2012 3:19 AM


    Is the Bosnian tragedy a religious or a political issue?

    You raised an interesting conundrum. You claimed that the West
    rewarded the Serbs and Croats while punishing the Bosnians
    simply because they were Muslims.

    I asked colleague of mine a Croat what was the root cause.
    He mentioned that Milosovic also murdered many Croats in the
    former Yugoslavia. No one is disputing the atrocities that
    were committed. However, labeling it as a Christendom versus
    Islam is out-and-out lie. The Pope, Orthodox Church, Evangelicals
    etc,etc,etc did not sanction the actions of Milosovic.

    Yes, the West is guilty of not preventing these massacres. However,
    Bosnia still exists as a independent country albeit taking
    the brunt of suffering. However, i don’t think the culpability
    is as exaggerated as you claim. Simply because Tony Blair was
    welcomed with open arms in Bosnia for the lives he help save.
    It could have been much worse. They could be almost extinct
    as the Armenians, Maronites and soon to be Coptics in the middle-east.

    You want Absolute Justice when it comes to your Brethren but Islam
    dishes out Relative Justice when it comes to Christians, with Jews,
    well we know how Muslims really feel.

    Shalom in Yeshuas Name

  6. truthseeker May 3,2012 1:15 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun,
    1. Thanx a million to you for saving many lives of the muslims during the ethnic cleansing. Your intervention managed to get the world’s attention – it was true, nobody cared cos the ones being killed were the muslims. At one time there was an American 3 star general who declared that he should protect the jews and christians against the muslims. so we can imagine what he could do to the muslims
    2. Today I dare say DAP with the help of PAS and PKR malays are doing the ‘malay ethnic cleansing’ through their political machines. They took the lands belonging to the malays in Penang, in Selangor.
    3. In Singapore, until today, the PAP government never put any serious effort to help the malays, in fact, Goh and Kuan Yew had given the Singapore malays (through Mendaki and Malays Profesional Organization) an ultimatum; to be on their own or with the mainstream, meaning Singapore, just like ‘take it or leave it’. In fact the malays were told to ‘get lost'(by going to Malaysia) if they tried to be funny. So till this day, the chineses look at the malays there as ‘garbage’ – macam mat salleh look at the niggers – problematic people.
    4. I’m not talking about anyone chinese, but only the DAP chineses, because they just hate the malays. Do you think they enjoy taking orders from malay administrators? enforcement officers? They work hard to gain support and the malay traitors (leaders) managed to cheat and lied to their own kind and these innocent people ‘termakan gula2 mereka’ – thus supporting DAP, the very party that forced them to abandon negara Islam.
    5. During the Bersih/Kotor 3, Anwar bedebah happy cos managed to convince the devils that he could make things move and he still support the jews through his remark bout our leaders as Hitler (remember Hitler killed Anwar’s buddies – the jews?); DAP is happy cos more stupid malays become DAP supporters and will achieve their goals sooner – to make the chinese runs this country. PAS is happy because its real God, i.e. DAP smiled and nod its head of approval to PAS – PAS leaders will be rewarded if DAP wins.
    6. My conclusion; PAS, PKR and other political parties under pakatan may boast to UMNO that they have malay supporters, but actually they’re betraying the malays, because the real power is in DAP’s hand and DAP will enjoy ‘executing’ the malays politically, economically, in education, etc. Dalam Islam, umatnya disuruh tengok peristiwa2 lampau supaya kita tidak ulangi, malangnya orang melayu yang sokong pembangkang gagal melihat kebenaran dan sebaliknya bantu orang jahat ‘bunuh’ orang melayu seperti ethnic cleansing – melayu akan ditindas kerana melayu Islam.

  7. May 3,2012 12:02 AM

    To: muz889

    When you criticize you must do it with knowledge. Turkey is not part of Europe, although they are trying hard to become a member of the European Union which, in their own best interest, they be better leave that be.

    In the 17th Century Turkey, then the Ottoman Empire, tried to conquer Europe several times and they got as far as Vienna last time in 1683 from where they had to withdraw. Today Turkey is conquering Europe economically. Turkey is wealthy, Europe is struggling to maintain it’s wealth and will probably soon fail.

    Regarding Muslim States in Europe, please read my earlier posting. There are Muslim States in Europe albeit not in the current European Union but in Europe just the same for the Balkan States are States in Europe and many of them are Muslim Communities.

    I agree with you that it can not be said per se that “They have ensured there would be no Muslim state in Christendom.” Tun Dr. Mahathir was saying this in reference to Republika Srpska where it is fair comment to a certain extent as are his remarks about Serb atrocities during the Balkan war and his comments about certain Bosnia Herzegovina territories; but this has been settled. Borders are borders now and it should left at that in the constraint of the overall aim which should be PEACE there.

    Salam Alaikum!

  8. Khairul-Dean May 2,2012 10:06 PM

    Salam Hormat

    One thing leads to another, Kosovo is now nearly a new independent nation – the partially recognised Republic of Kosovo; much like the Palestine.

    It would be a challenge to sustain a much bigger volume of Halal Trade in the balkans which would be a good thing to ponder what with the Euro in The Lost Decade and Turkey caught having to chose between Isreal, Iran and Syria when Turkey is more interested in assisting Malaysia in promoting Halal Trade globally.

    One would still consider how MITI would rate the credit worthiness of these good trading partners in the Mediterranean, the Gulf and the Balkan countries and their stability. Malaysia promotes Halal Trade and willing to assist any countries conscientiously wanting the Halal Trade
    to assure their stability in a Islamophobic enviroment. The key is China and Russia and NATO one thinks, and one hopes MITI knows better.

    And yes – three presidents is nothing compared to nine sultans, CHEDET.


  9. ROZALI BIN AYED May 2,2012 6:07 PM

    Salam hormat Tun,

    Memang tidak dinafikan ramai rakyat Islam Bosnia begitu terhutang budi dengan Tun. Itulah sepatutnya dilakukan membantu sesama Islam yang diancam oleh anasi-anasir anti Islam. Di Eropah sedang begitu hangat diperkatan isu-isu berkaitan anti Islam. Islam digambarkan begitu buruk oleh sebahagian masyarakat Eropah. Mudah-mudahan di negara tercinta Malaysia Islam dilindungi Allah SWT tidak diganggu-gugat oleh anasir-anasir yang anti Islam yang boleh mencetuskan suasana seperti apa yang telah berlaku terhadap umat Islam di Bosnia satu ketika dahulu.

    2. Turkey sebuah negara Islam dan termasuk dalam gugusan negara Eropah, tetapi dukacita sebahagian rakyatnya (beragamas Islam) sudah terpengaruh dengan budaya barat. Turkey pernah menjalin hubungan baik dengan Israel, kini hubungan baik itu terjejas selepas insiden aktiviti kemanusian rakyatnya (aktivis Turkey) membantu rakyat Palestin mendapat tentangan Israel (ada yang mati dibunuh oleh tentera Israel seperti yang dilaporkan media). Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim ketua pembangkang atau sesiapa sahaja dari mana-mana kalangan pemimpin politik boleh menjalin ukhuwah dengan Erdogan Perdana Menteri Turkey, itu bukan sesuatu yang menghairankan atau sesuatu yang luar biasa. Yang lebih penting dari itu yang perlu diambil kira ialah integriti seseorang pemimpin. Integriti Erdogan yang tidak menjadi pertikaian majoriti rakyat Turkey agak jauh berbeza dengan integriti Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang berterusan menjadi persoalan dan pertikaian majoriti rakyat Malaysia. Semenjak memegang kuasa di Turkey, Erdogan membuat banyak perubahan terhadap perkembangan Islam di Turkey. Manakala Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim tidak benar-benar mempertahankan kedaulatan Islam, malah lebih dari itu memberi ruang kepada sekutu politiknya dari bukan Islam memperlekehkan agama Islam di Malaysia dalam usahanya meraih sokongan politik dari bukan Islam untuk mengejar cita-cita menjadi Perdana Menteri.

    3. Maaf melencong sedikit dari tajuk asal, kerana nak ambil kesempatan mengulas serba sedikit apa yang berlaku dalam demonstrasi jalanan bersih 3.0 pada 28 April, 2012. Pada awalnya kelihatan usaha mengadakan demonstrasi bersih 3.0 nampak ada bermatlamat baik mahu menuntut pilihanraya bersih dan adil, pada amnya sesiapa sahaja rakyat Malaysia memang mahukan pilihanraya yang bersih dan adil. Realitinya berbagai usaha telah dilakukan oleh SPR sendiri dan kerajaan Barisan Nasional hampir setiap masa menambahbaik segala kelemahan yang terdapat dalam perlaksanaan pilihanraya. Pakatan pembangkang sendiri diberi ruang oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional untuk sama-sama berusaha menambahbaik perjalanan pilihanraya. Banyak cadangan pembangkang diambil kira oleh kerajaan dan SPR untuk penambahbaikan perjalanan pilihanraya. Namun demikian majoriti rakyat tertanya-tanya kenapa pakatan pembangkang masih lagi tidak berpuas hati dan berterusan menyalahkan SPR dan kerajaan Barisan Nasional, sehingga tercetusnya demonstarasi bersih 3.0 yang bertukar menjadi ganas, jauh melencong dari tujuan asal sepertimana yang diuar-uarkan. Demonstrasi bersih 3.0 menjadi demonstrasi kotor 3.0 dan menjejaskan imej negara Malaysia di mata dunia. Mungkin itulah matlamat yang sebenarnya penganjuran demonstrasi kotor 3.0 untuk mencetuskan huru-hara dan melemahkan UMNO dan kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang berkuasa.

    4. Kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia yang mempunyai jati diri yang unggul, sama-sama kita renungkan dan membuat penilaian berasaskan pemikiran yang rasional terhadap perilaku pakatan pembangkang dalam usaha mereka meraih sokongan politik dan mengambil alih kuasa.

    5. Berwaspada dan berhati-hatilah apabila membuat pilihan, supaya tidak tersalah perhitungan seperti apa yang telah berlaku pada pilihanraya ke 12, 2008.

    Sekian, terima kasih dan wassalam Tun.

  10. irwanes May 2,2012 1:52 PM

    i’ve watched a documentary titled kosovo-can you imagine, my point is anything either right or wrong can be rationalize

  11. zulkiflee May 2,2012 1:21 PM

    Asslamu’alaikum Tun

    apa yg Tun tulis disini sama lah dgn pendapat-pendapat di kedai-kedai kopi seluruh Negara.sejak lebih dua puluh tahun dulu malah mungkin jauh lebih lama sebelum itu,perbualan-perbualan di kedai-kedai kopi kita telah menghukumkan ini adalah Serangan kafir terhadap Islam.

    malang nya perbualan-perbualan kedai-kopi tidak di ambil kira oleh pemimpin-pemimpin Negara.sebab itu perdagangan dan ekonomi kita masih bergantung kpd ihsan negara-negara musuh Islam sedang dalam masa yg sama kita melaung cogankata Membela Umat Islam.

    kita tak berani mengambil langkah yg betul.sebab itu musuh-musuh Islam berani mengambil langkah yg terus menerus mengasak kita secara agresif.

    di Negara ini atau dimana saja Negara Islam,sedikit saja kesilapan Kerajaan boleh dijadikan isu-isu kontroversi yg memalukan Umat Islam.kenapa Tun?

    salah satu sebab nya ialah kita lebih suka memilih memilih “calon yg boleh menang”.jentera-jentera pilihanraya kita membiakkan calon yg begini sebanyak mungkin.ini menimbulkan budaya buruk yg mengancam Kedaulatan kita.

    lalu rakyat mendapat pemimpin-pemimpin yg satu-satu nya kebolehan yg dia ada ialah memenangi pilihanraya dan menjahanamkan Negara.

    Tun,pendapat rakyat harus diambil kira.Orang Melayu dan Umat Islam asal nya adalah jenis yg ‘tidak-kisah’ tentang ehwal politik.budaya kita adalah mentaati Pemimpin.

    hanya sesudah negara kita di kotori dgn kehadiran orang-orang asing,yg kemudian memanfaatkan kebodohan pemimpin-pemimpin kita,baru lah kita merasa tertekan sedikit untuk memilih Pemimpin yg berkebolehan sahaja.

    malang nya Umno masih terus-terusan menghidangkan ‘calon-calon yg boleh menang’ kpd kita.kenapa tidak diramaikan golongan pelapis yg masih muda,bertenaga,masih bersih dan ada idealisma yg belum tercemar sebagai calon?

    golongan elit pemimpin-pemimpin tua yg sudah lama merosakkan imej Umno mesti berundur secara terhormat atau dimalukan dgn penyingkiran.

    dgn keadaan kemiskinan yg masih meluas,kita semakin benci melihat pemimpin-pemimpin termasuk dalam golongan elit yg serba mewah dimana secara lojik nya gaji menteri tidak setanding dgn kemewahan yg dipaparkan oleh isteri-isteri atau anak-anak mereka.

    di negara seperti Islam Malaysia dimana berkecamuk kaum pendatang peninggalan penjajah menimbulkan huruhara, teramat sangat perlu kita memilih pemimpin-pemimpin yg benar-benar berkebolehan melindungi kepentingan kita.

    sedih saya melihat seorang perempuan bangsa pendatang,yg kalau masih di negara asal nya belum tentu diberi makan tapi di Negara kita ini dia boleh meneraju gerakkan tunjuk-perasaan yg menggugat kedudukkan pemimpin tertinggi kita.

    apa sudah jadi,Tun? Bosnia-Herzegovina jugak ke?

    terimakasih Tun

  12. mgpunya May 2,2012 9:41 AM

    YABhg Tun,

    …white man can do no wrong…!!!

  13. MiddleAges May 2,2012 2:47 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Religion is just an excuse to commit crime. There must be a deeper reason, a more solid and logical reason for the heinous crimes. It must be simple hatred.

    No one is born to hate, it is taught or acquired or both. When allowed to grow, this monster manifests itself in wars. The doctrine of hate is dangerous. But then, so is crossing a road.

    Thank You Tun

  14. manhakim May 2,2012 1:37 AM

    Salam Tun

    Yes , Veto power is the most undemocratic and why Veto power still exist in the UN. ??

  15. king2012 May 1,2012 11:43 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan semua pembaca.

    Maaf sekiranya komen ini tersasar dari tajuk.Sebenarnya saya ingin meluahkan sedikit pandangan berkenaan BERSIH3 baru-baru ini dimana telah mencetuskan huru hara di negara kita Malaysia yang tecinta ini.Bagi saya orang yang harus dipertanggungjawabkan diatas kerosakan ini bukanlah AMBIGA ATAUPUN A.SAMAD SAID kerana mereka berdua ni tak da power pun yang boleh mempengaruhi orang untuk menyertai demo bersih 3..kata orang mereka berdua ni cuma budak suruhan jak..takda pengikut pun.

    Para pembaca sekalian bagi saya orang yang harus bertanggungjawab ialah NIK AZIZ (PAS)DAN ANUAR IBRAHIM (PKR)kerana mereka inilah sebenarnya dalang di sebalik kekacauan ini,mereka la yang sebenarnya mengarahkan manusia-manusia bangang ini untuk berdemo dan membuat kekacauan itulah objektif mereka.Kalau setakat si Ambiga atau a samad said silap-silap haram seorang pun xdatang.

    Pembaca sekalian,WAJIB untuk kita bersama-sama menentang(berjihad) terhadap dua orang manusia ini yang akan menghancurkan keamanan dan keharmonian yang sekian lama kita kecapi, sekiranya dibiarkan hancur la negara Malaysia ini.lihatlah kerosakan yang mereka timbulkan semasa demo…mereka inilah orang yang patut ditangkap dan dipenjara…pastu dibelasah…..


    p/s tentang tajuk diatas…sangat menyedihkan jika kita masih lagi mahu bersekongkol dan percaya dengan barat(kafir) yang sebenarnya mahu menghapuskan islam di muka bumi ini.

  16. Botak May 1,2012 11:35 PM

    British, Americans has the World Precise Technology
    The Lie Detector Machine

    So what,s the relevant of it
    Their basic foundations of them
    Is all about Lies
    NATO , Pentagon ,The White House ,United Nations Assembly
    They have the Lie Detector ,
    Yet they are selling Lies
    Lies that Kills
    Lies that Destroy Mankind
    And Lies that Civilizations buys

  17. shauqi May 1,2012 10:16 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Where were the Muslim brothers then?
    The remarks commonly heard over the other Muslim nations who lent little help or none at all was ” The Bosnians were nonpractising Muslims, they deserved the wrath from God!”
    Only those few militant Muslims from all over the world who symphatised this “ethnic-cleansing” fought alongside the brave Bosnians.
    We cannot help but realise the diversions within Muslims themselves throughout the world brought about the inevitable. At least those non-Muslims & pagans seemed united when dealing with Muslims.
    The reason to me is simple: Muslims have turned their backs against the true teachings of God’s final revelation to mankind – the Quran.
    Do not wonder why we Muslims fail to shine as a society & lead mankind towards prosperity.

  18. May 1,2012 9:27 PM

    Salam, Tun Dr. Mahathir, Greetings from Europe!

    This whole issue is more a result of some one not doing his duty before he went off, Marshal Tito, who ruled Yugoslavia which embedded all these countries, lands and people when the Iron Curtain was still intact.

    Unlike General Franco of Spain had done, Marshal Tito made no previsions for what will happen to this country which he had arbitrarily put together as a result of a Guerrilla and Partisan War and then run with an iron fist for as long as he lived. When he died and when the Iron Curtain fell, the people, who he had kept together in a certain tyrannic manner while he was ruling, sought their freedom thinking that they would find it in separating.

    Had Marshal Tito made prevision to keep Yugoslavia together as one nation after he died, like General Franco has done with Spain, where there are also basically many regions of very different people albeit them all being Christians, but some are of different race like the Basks, YUGOSLAVIA might today still exist and the people might have been spared the Balkan War.

    In Spain there were ETA terror attacks to the civil state of Spain for three decades after General Franco died alright, but SPAIN, under the rule of King Juan Carlos I. , has mastered this situation because General Franco had made prevision for that before he died. He had raised and educated the present King of Spain to become the King he became and to accomplish the task of keeping Spain together as he did in a manner no one ever thought he would be capable of.

    Something Marshal Tito has failed to do.

    If he has ruled and run the nation of Yugoslavia without racial or religious incidents as he did during decades of his ruling, he should have passed on his knowledge of how he managed to do that while in power – much like you did before you left too, Tun.

    Your wise ruling and governing a nation like Malaysia as Head of Barisan Nasional, which, as I understand it, is a basically a coalition of as many as 16 different political parties, will never fail to amaze your Pars in Europe. Here they have difficulties running a Two-Party Coalition, if you look at Great Britain today. Coalition Government is not their Cup of Tea it would seem.

    Can there be Muslim ruled Countries in Christendom Europe?

    In actual fact there already are. The Muslim States and Countries that arose out of the Balkan War, like Bosnia Herzegovina, are there to stay. Those are territories of Muslim populations that settled there ever since the rulers of the Ottoman Empire had attempted an attack on Vienna a second time in 1683. On their way back many Ottoman Warriors settled in those Balkan lands then and with them they settled their religion; Mosques where built and ever sine then believers are called for prayers from Minarets and Church Towers alike.

    This all happened long before the U.S. obtained their independence in 1776.

    The home land of the Muslims in the Balkan States is now where they are. Not just the Serbs were given their own country then but the Muslims too.

    Today we should all pray that peace shall prevail in that region from know own, pray to the very same God we all pray to, Muslims, Jews and Christians alike.

    Salam Alaikum, Shalom Alechem, May Peace be with All …

    .. and may Good Health be with you for many years to come, Tun.

    Alfred Willner

  19. sudin May 1,2012 1:33 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Knowing and realising the rapid spread in the belief of Islam and the consequential conversions of their own people to become Muslims, which they are still unable to find ways to prevent, they will continue their barbaric behaviour as shown in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    They will portray the internal killings within Muslim countries that have intention to change rulers alienated to them as the most heinous of murders.
    They will add salt to the tiniest of rebellions happening in Muslim countries that are not very supportive/agreeable to their arm-twisting gangsterism policy!

    They will use puppets and/or establish X-rated files to purportedly Muslim individuals that are only interested in personal gains to topple Muslim leaders that dare to criticize their wrongful ways, as obviously noted when a sex-maniac called Anwar is their chosen donkey to topple Dr. M!!

    They will fully sopport/assist to whatever needs that are necessary to the likes of ‘abdulazizomar’ to confuse and hence cause internal disputes and infightings among Muslims!!

    The US and her allies have created/shown to the world the true meaning of HYPOCRITE!

  20. crazy diamond Apr 30,2012 9:41 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Thanks for the valuable insight that was well articulated. I’m now have better understanding about the whole issue, and understood why you always sceptical to European. Your points have more dept and full of facts. I could not find any other facts to counteract your notions. Only immatured and psychotic could not understand it. Probably they were blinded by their emotion.

    To me, you are a true Mujahidin who have a deep love to it fellow Muslims and religion, unlike the other Mujahidin who always preaching Islam through guns and rockets, and sometimes even kills its fellow Muslims just because they have different opinion politically.

  21. pakpandir08 Apr 30,2012 3:58 PM

    ic … we should condemn Serbs of Yugoslavia in this case …

    on the other hand … refering to item #11 … how about the justice and the rule of law in our country? What do you think, Tun? hehe …

  22. Botak Apr 30,2012 3:52 PM

    Muslim World has not much dreams
    We live day by day contented
    Our destiny
    Mengerjakan sholat , our prayer, our akhirat
    Mengejarkan kejayaan , Duniawi
    Kafir more to Duniawi oriented lifestyles

    Of such the kafir just gets greedy
    Much the Western World
    They have not much left of their own
    Now they are starting to steal with crimes of physicological war
    And Muslims World are not prepared

    Is is a wake up call for muslims world to built milatary
    As in to defend or to to be more stronger as such
    We be like them and filled the World with weapons
    Filled thed World with crimes
    We are back to Babarianizations
    Lets eat among ourselves

  23. nazrimalik Apr 30,2012 3:31 PM

    Dasyat. Tak terbayang keadaan masa tu. Semoga BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA dilindungi dan diberkati.

  24. muz889 Apr 30,2012 2:05 PM

    1. greetings dear Tun..i have been following your blog for quite some times, tq by having me here btw..2 b honest, i didn’t agree with most of your writings including this one…yeah, you always come up with many strong point to support ur argument…what you wrote here is totally true accept the last part where you mentioned …”They have ensured there would be no Muslim state in Christendom (Europe).”

    2. ok dear Tun, i know what is your true intention behind wanted to say that there is no Muslim state in Europe including Turkey which is apparently located in that that your true intention when you said “They have ensured there would be no Muslim state in Christendom.” dear Tun??

    3. and why would you say that ?…simple, as we both know Erdogan is a good friend of Anwar Ibrahim and we know for a fact that your hatred towards your ex deputy is still there..since that he made friends with turkey PM so you must also convince the public that turkey is no longer an Islamic state as it was must also portrayed a bad image of your opponent friends which i believe you’ve uphold the principle of “friend of my enemies is also my enemy”

    4. nice try Tun..i have seen you using the same tricks over & over through your may works on some people but not me…

    5. Just so as you know…Erdogan is a goodhearted man, he provide free education for his people whereas you did otherwise..and in he did it in just 3 months times even without having resources like on the other hand, had granted your cronies and your son billion dollars contract while the people, mostly Malays suffers by the current economic situation..

    6. Erdogan has clear stance towards Israel, he had a quarrel with Israeli PM while you on the other hand, wrote a letter to them, congratulating their victory in election… i don’t have to elaborate far, it is clear who is the bad guy here

  25. boonlertpratchai Apr 30,2012 10:59 AM

    assalamualaikum..buat tun sekeluarga…tak bnyk yg hendak ditulis cuma yg pasti ramai rakyat bosnia yg terhutang budi dgn tun dan negara kita malaysia…:))…

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