1. The Bar Council accuses the Malaysian Police of brutality against the Bersih demonstrators. But, then that is to be expected. The Bar Council has never ever tried to be impartial or neutral when it comes to the Government. It is more of an opposition than the opposition parties.

2. But has the Malaysian Police been brutal? It is not the most perfect police force but this country is better served by its police than many other countries.

3. In a force that big there must be a few who may be inclined towards abuses of authority. When outnumbered, as they were during the Bersih demo, despite their being armed, the police must fear bodily harm to themselves. People in a crowd invariably feel daring and would do what they would not do when alone or outnumbered. They also know that the police had been instructed not to use their arms or undue force.

4. But the Bersih demo was actually intended to show police brutality and oppression of the people by the Government. Some of the organisers want to justify to the world their need for extra legal means to overthrow the Government.

5. Nik Aziz, the so-called religious leader of PAS, openly declared that the overthrow of the Government by demonstration is halal – permissible in Islam. He openly admitted that he gave money and urged PAS members to participate in the demonstration.

6. His followers are fanatical about obeying his orders regardless of their being against the accepted teachings of Islam.

7. A quiet and peaceful demo in a stadium would not create the impression of police brutality or Government oppression. And so the organisers insisted on holding their demo at the Dataran Merdeka, the place where the British flag was lowered and the Malaysian flag hauled up to mark Malaysia’s independence.

8. Then of course the police must be provoked so that they would use force against the demonstrators. Video clips showed clearly that the demonstrators, apparently of a signal from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, broke the barriers. Then they equally clearly attacked the police pushing and breaking the windshield and overturning the police car.

9. The video showed a demonstrator kicking a policeman who had fallen down. Later a policeman related how he was beaten on his back with some kind of truncheon. He vomited because of the beatings.

10. Many reporters and media photographers were also attacked and beaten.

11. If the police used force it is because they were provoked, they were beaten up and had to defend themselves and because their colleagues were beaten up.

12. But apart from the alleged police brutality against the demonstrators, what other evidence is there that the Malaysian Government is oppressive and deserving of being overthrown through extra legal means.

13. In elections it is obviously possible for the Opposition to defeat the Government party in both State and Federal Constituencies. Some states have fallen into Opposition hands.

14. It is true that the same party won all the elections at federal levels and formed the Government but the support was not consistent. In 1969 the party almost lost. Although in 2004 the party won 90% of the seats in 2008 the party won with only a small majority.

15. Certainly the ruling party never won with 99% of the votes that happens in dictatorships. Is there freedom of expression and press freedom in Malaysia? Read the vernacular papers, and listen to the racist and provocative speeches at Opposition meetings. The Malaysian press is freer than in most developing countries.

16. Do innocent people get arrested, incarcerated and tortured and disappeared as happens in many authoritarian countries and even in the United States? No, people in Malaysia do not fear arbitrary arrests.

17. Are the leaders of Government highly protected and inaccessible to the public? I was in Egypt for a meeting. Mubarak was supposed to attend. The street and side-streets from his residence to the meeting place were cleared, soldiers lined the streets and snipers were stationed on the roofs of buildings. This has never happened in Malaysia. Leaders move freely among the people with minimal security personnel.

18. There are accusations of corruption by the leaders. But there is no public agitation to charge them in court even after they have retired. I appreciate that it is difficult to get evidence of corruption. I am sure that if there is the people would agitate for action to be taken by the Government against retired leaders.

19. The opposition agitated against the ISA, against detention without trial and the Government did what was demanded of it. Many other allegedly oppressive laws have been amended or abolished.

20. No one can deny that the rapid development and increasing prosperity of the people are all the result of Government policies and actions.

21. There are crimes committed in this country but by and large this country is much safer and secure than most of the developing countries practicing democracy or totalitarian rule.

22. In the 55 years of independence the per capita rose from USD 350 to USD 8000. The cities and towns are provided with all the amenities normally found in developed countries. The people have been given access to education and training so that they can earn better incomes. Unemployment is minimal.

23. Roads and express ways connect the cities, towns and villages. Water, electricity, schools and medical facilities reach the remotest villages.

24. Malaysia with its multi-racial population, speaking different languages, believing in different religions, with different cultures and economic disparities, is a difficult country to rule and even more difficult to develop. But Malaysia has been well administered, maintains the rule of law, is secure and safe and gives the people a good life.

25. The Opposition may think they can do better but they must accept that it is for the people to decide. And this they can do through the General Elections.

26. In Malaysia there is no justification for ignoring the law and seeking the overthrow of the Government by street demonstrations and violence.

69 thoughts on “POLICE BRUTALITY – Part 2

  1. Lizawati Bakiri Jun 8,2012 10:50 PM

    Our history told us that our independent were gain from peace demonstration, that i am so proud of…then come this present people get all high & energy & daring to beaten the police, to damage public & private property….it is shameful.

  2. Joshua Lopez Jun 1,2012 12:08 PM


    You seem to having fun twisting me! Listen here, when i meant class and taste, classical was just a small part of it and it has nothing to do with me. I just feel a sense of satisfaction that i had the chance to be in a production where Tun was an invited guest. Period.

    Bodohwi is a good hearted man, as far as i know, he was clean and religious and an Islamic Scholar but that does not change the fact that he was never cut off for a PM. It’s not his fault, people are born differently with unique strengths and talents. Period.

    Nothing wrong with non european arts, Arts is Arts but off course European Arts has her long history and beauty. Local arts has her own beauty and everything that comes with it. Local does not mean inferior. Every form of Art has her history. Period.

    Now Sudin,

    Sudin has diagnosed me as a Tamil Pariah. How peculiar? Such assumptions makes one an absolute fool. And in which part of my comments did i praise the indians and dispice the Malays? There are people like you who seriously believe that a Constitutional Monarchy can act without the advice of the PM, what a pre-school mindset? Give you a lolly and you believe the giver is kind hearted! Get you facts right about a Constitutional Monarchy, it’s just a ceremonial role. Period.

    You say the Malays didn’t want citizenships to be given to non malays? This is the reason why Tunku failed initially in obtaining Merdeka from the British. Do you remember a classic statement by Tunku, “from the womb to the tomb?” It’s happening until today with the social contract as a weapon. Social contracts made at Pre-Independence obviously cannot be valid today. The world and society evolves. No one remains stagnant. People move on. Life is about moving on. Period.

  3. prof_ridcully May 30,2012 7:31 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Joshua Lopez

    ‘Once again, Please get it clear, the people’s desire for change has nothing to do with Anwar. The desire for change will show you that the people don’t care if the PM is Anwar or any other opposition leader including PAS.’

    I beg to differ. What you call the ‘change’ movement has everything to do with Anwar. He needs a change of government to save his skin. In fact your answers sound as if they’ve been taken straight out of Anwar Ibrahim’s hymn book.

    You’ve misread the results of 2008 — BN basically lost the states; PR didn’t win them. All thanks to Pak Lah’s inept administration [by the way, I find it odd that you call Pak Lah ‘Abdullah Bodohwi’ in one comment and then praise him as — and I quote — ‘A Gem Of A Man, Clean, Fair & Sweet.’ Is Pak Lah stupid or a gem? Make up your mind will you?]

    You’ve completely missed my point about the dynastic structure of PKR, DAP and PAS. These people make a lot of noise about nepotism and ‘feudalism’ but don’t mind practicing the very thing they supposedly loathe in their own parties. That makes them hypocrites of the highest order in my book. Surely you’re intelligent enough to discern that Joshua?

    Also I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to understand that 20 or so thousand people at a demo don’t make them the ‘rakyat’ in a country of 26 million.

    So you’re ‘classically trained’ — meaning the Classics, theology or music? So you reckon that Tun has class and taste because he listened to you sing at operas? No not because you said Tun heard you sing [I don’t think you can match Bryn Terfel] but because you equate his liking for classical music to that of a man of class and taste. That is the most culturally-chauvinistic [actually severe cultural cringe on your part] thing I’ve ever heard.

    Does that mean that a person who appreciates dondang sayang, zapin, Chinese opera or Indian classical dance is a yokel? Or how about rock music? A rock guitarist I admire has a PhD in astrophysics and is now a vice-chancellor of a university in the UK. He doesn’t play Rodrigo’s Aranjuez with an orchestra, but he’s played for the Queen on her birthday bash. Does he lack class and taste too?

    Come now, Joshua, your chauvinism and sense of superiority reminds me of a Malay pepatah: ‘Belalang mahu menjadi helang.’

  4. sudin May 30,2012 11:39 AM

    Salam Tun.

    If ever there’s such thing as police brutality (other than acted in self-defense against the rowdy and barbaric taksub opposition supporters), it’s negligible when compared to the most heinous & systematic murders of more than 1 million Iraqis by Bush & Blair (B&B for babi) hiding behind a WMD which they themselves openly declared as non-exist after having fully satisfied on the destruction done.

    The jewish-owned & other western/foreign electronic medias never bother to give coverage on this 21st century holocaust. They are most interested to manipulate events that can result the creation of new puppets to countries that don’t kowtow to their wishes.

    Even spookies such as that errant boy dtan, andrew’glamor’tay, openly sanctioned the atrocities of the ‘babi’!

  5. sudin May 29,2012 4:53 PM

    Salam Tun.

    I wish to comment on the sneaky attitude of a blogger called ‘Joshua Lopez’.

    Hi J. Lo (hope you don’t mind the initial).

    Before I proceed to reply to some of your idiotic sweeping statements, I’ll recall some real life experiences down the memory lane.

    1. Malaysia was the host to World Cup Hockey in 1975. Every Malaysian enjoyed when we entered the semi final, just one more step to the final to determine the World Champions.
    The semi was very tense, and then India scored. The packed tv audience all became quiet except for the 2 Malaysian(?) Indians (there were only 2 Indians of the 100+ glued to the tv screen) who jumped up and down shouting aloud happily celebrating that goal!!!
    I do not intend to describe on the other viewers’ reactions!

    2. During my childhood days in kampung, we often watched with enthusiasm the group of estate workers hunting biawak with the help of dogs. They admitted the delicious biawak meat was among their favourite dish.

    Okay J. Lo, now back to your ‘snake in the grass’-like comments.

    You claimed MCA/MIC never foresaw the future when your so-called UNWRITTEN social contract was agreed (which implied that you never understood article 153), but you never bother to find out on the extend the Malays despised the citizenship agreement that complement the social contract!!

    You made schoolboy predictions that PAS can defeat BN in Bt Bintang, and that UMNO’s lifespan to last only several months after PRU13, and that the people want change when in fact it’s only the very small minority like you that talked loudest that keep harping on change, and that you god-worshipped the useless Pak Dol PM5 knowing he’s the opposition’s greatest secret weapon to win elections.
    Why is J. Lo such a moron!

    Even after Dr. M has repeatedly mentioned the then YD Agong was responsible for sacking Salleh Abas, you still insisted the dismissal was political and judicial interference!

    You only wanted people to read and accept whatever nonsence you’ve written, the typical “I’m all-correct” idiot.

    Wake up J. Lo, you’re just another typical snake in the grass.
    Remember the disappointment engulfing a lady ADUN from Perak when she stated during assembly seating “if you come across a snake and an In—-, first kill the …..”?
    Don’t make visitors to Tun’s blogsite treat you as a total moron like ‘donplaypuks’, nobody bother to comment on any of the countless embarrassing entries he has written!

    If you’re in UK/US and unable to speak and write well in English, the mat saleh there will treat you like a pariah (which may probably befits you). Now I challenge you (being a Malaysian as you claimed) untuk menulis dalam Bahasa diblog Tun to proof that you’re a true Malaysian, and I doubt you’re capable.

    The next time you start to write on fairness, think yourself as a Tamil living in Sri Lanka, or a Muslim living in India, or a Palestinian living in Israel, or a Tibetan in China, or the aborigines in Australia, or the Red Indians of Amerika. They were treated much worse than you, especially when considering that they were the Bumiputras there!

  6. Joshua Lopez May 28,2012 2:52 PM

    Dear MiddleAges,

    You have put it so perfectly well, Tun is actually very knowledgable in Classical Music/Opera. I’m classically trained and i’ve sung on 3 occasions where he attended. Christmas Open House at the Archbishop’s Residence, Tosca & Merry Widow at Istana Budaya. This Man has got class and taste.

    I Love him eventhough i tend to get very critical about his then administration and the current one. My late mum used to tell me; “When you see Dr.M like you’ve seen Jesus Christ!” I have bumped into him at Bukit Bintang & KLCC too and i’ve also met him personally through my good friend who happens to be his grand niece.

    Yes, this is the only Malay man that one can have a good conversation with. He will never throw statements that other Malays of a certain kind would vomit. He has the magical powers of appearing Indian, Chinese & Malay. He did buy the heart of majority of Malaysians and Tun Dr.Siti is an exceptional class of her own, the Mohd.Ali Women have Class & Elegance.

    Dr.M can take a walk down the roads in Bukit Bintang and you’ll see all races rushing to him and just seeing it can make anyone emotional. Should we have a new government, Dr.M will still be loved.

    Just look at the two after him, One was Bodohwi and the other has blood on his hands. Do we have good leaders to take over in UMNO? Surely Not, everyone of them have horrid dirty linens. I think Dr.M has placed too high a benchmark for anyone to achieve. Even his Son is a far cry! Cannot lah!

    I honestly wish that he carried on instead of passing the baton to Bodohwi and waited for the right time to give it to some one better. But really, Dr.M had enough. Do you think that UMNO was sincere to him? No they weren’t. They were already calling him a “old tape recorder!.” And now the end is near UMNO, very near, Good Riddence To Bad Gabbage!

    Dear Prof_Ridcully,

    Baroness Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, (Urdu: سعیده حسین وارثی, born 28 March 1971) is a British solicitor and politician of Yorkshire origin who was created a life peer in 2007. In 2012 she was the co-Chairman, with Lord Feldman, of the Conservative Party, and a Minister without Portfolio in David Cameron’s Cabinet. She is the third Muslim minister and the first female Muslim to serve as a minister in the UK. She is Pakistani.

  7. Joshua Lopez May 28,2012 11:13 AM


    (1) I believe that you are intelligent enough to realize that the fight today is not about Anwar Ibrahim. The Fight today is about the desire for change, every nation and society evolves. Anwar Ibrahim has brought about a strong opposition and when i say strong opposition i mean unlike the handful of opposition leaders i grew up knowing since the 80s. I used to laugh at their numbers. I cherish the days of Dr.M, Dr.Ling, Samy Vellu, Lim Kit Siang & Karpal Singh. Those were the best years where there was so much amusement and high spirits in the Parliament. I must say there was much more maturity and friendship. I was a strong supporter of UMNO eventhough i am not Malay and not Muslim.

    2. The UMNO we have today is some what different from what we had before. It’s rather painful when i learn how they have evolved into toying with Billions of Ringgit, The Rakyat’s Money. Corruption at all time high!

    3. Just to bring to your attention, you’ve forgotten that Malaysia’s Army was the British Army Of Malaya, the arm forces then (mostly Malaysians) were of a better class & calibre then what we have today.

    4. Perak was a fiasco alright, don’t even take us to the Courts dear prof_ridcully, The Fall of our Justice system was when Tun Salleh Abas was removed.

    5.Malaysian Social COntract? First, it was unwritten. Secondly, The two tuns of MCA & MIC never forsaw the future. They would be rather stunt if they were alive today.

    6.You mentioned about Political Dynasties. Excuse Me? We have seen enough political dynasties in UMNO and another one is fast being constructed whereby “the son” will become MB Of Kedah! Even around the world there have been political dynasties, i think it’s acceptable providing that it’s achieved via the Democratic process.

    7.Once again, Please get it clear, the people’s desire for change has nothing to do with Anwar. The desire for change will show you that the people don’t care if the PM is Anwar or any other opposition leader including PAS.

    8. Let me give you an example; If the opposition places a PAS candidate in DAP strongholds like Bukit Bintang, The PAS Candidate WILL WIN!

    9. I think that if the government wanted to help “Indians” & “Others”, there would have seen to something constructive a long time ago. It’s too late now.

    10.The bad results of UMNO-BN in 2008 had nothing to do with Tun Abdullah Badawi. Malaysians loved him for his down to earth nature and big heart. He’s A Gem Of A Man, Clean, Fair & Sweet. The people voting against the government which happened to be at Abdullah’s time was just a very early warning of a greater Tsunami ahead. Whether this GE or The Next GE, I say UMNO has a life span from anything between 4 months to 4 years. Nothing more. My generation will see to this change and we will go through it together. Your time and generation? (My Grandaparent’s & Parent’s Generation) Game Over!

  8. MiddleAges May 27,2012 10:17 PM

    Salam Tun,

    May i please join in the most interesting discussion between Prof Ridcully vs Joshua about your goodself, specifically on whether you are a Malay or not.

    I am of the opinion you are not. But you are surely and truly a Malaysian. Here are my points….

    1. Malays do not read the Quran. They merely sing it, and send their children to arabic singing and phonetic classes, some to learn the arabic language itself.

    You however actually read and learnt the Quran. That is very un-malay.

    2. Malays organize and attend kenduris as an occupation. You attend kenduris with a mission, usually to help other Malays.

    3. Malays do not have close Malaysian Indian and/or Malaysian Chinese as true friends. Of late they are even forbidden to drink from the same cup. You seem to have everyone as your close friend.

    4. Malays enjoy highly emotional music. You enjoy classical music ( i am guessing here Tun. )

    5. Malays have no need for profound or deep thinking. You have done it for them. That is why UMNO is suffering so much.

    6. As to the suggestion that is so objectionable to the Professor that the Malays are incapable of progress, i think this is somewhat the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle in action. The minute the Malay progresses he or she is no longer a Malay, and so hey presto, the race suddenly dissapears leaving only Machu Picchu. So the theory that Malays cannot progress is by definition, and if this definition is changed, we achieve progress. But neither you nor me nor Tun can change this definition, it has to be done
    by the Malays themselves, so God help the Malays.

    7. All in all, it is a happy experience for the successful Malay, even though he or she is ticked off sternly when coming into contact with a thoroughbred Malay or even a Melayu celup. Such is the case with our friend Zulkeflee, who is very uncomfortable with anything un-Malay.

    8. Living in Malaya means close encounters of the weirdest kind with a Malay will occur over and over and over again. Lord Buddha was right. I recommend wearing crash helmets in UMNO territories.

    That be my two sens worth.

    Thank You Tun

  9. MiddleAges May 27,2012 9:32 PM

    Salam Tun,

    I guess it is not just the police that is brutal. I guess Amin Tan is too. So i will surrender for now, I think there is so much more to talk about, plenty to do, many more stones for me to sweep clean, lucky we have plenty foreign workers to help. I learnt long ago one cannot argue with a sick mind for long.

    Dia nak sangat menang, saya tak mau jadi penghalang. Biar orang ramai tentukan.

    Thank You Tun

  10. amin tan May 27,2012 9:14 AM

    Dear Tun,

    May I thank Prof_ridcully for ticking 0ff MiddleAges

    I quote

    ‘Datuk Ambiga, Irene Fernandez, Joshua Lopez, MiddleAges, Anwar Ibrahim and all detractors of UMNO, please try and do what you are doing in Malaysia, do it in Singapore or China. All of you will end up like J.B. Jeyaratnam, an undischarged bankrupt or imprisoned or get shot in the brains by the PLA(People Liberation Army) of China.’

    Quoting just the passage in bold changes the whole meaning of what amin said. Quoting out of context is not only unfair but if I’m not mistaken it’s also a logical fallacy. Tsk, tsk.”

    MiddleAges, Joshua Lopez Datuk Ambiga and many others are actually misguided and misrepresented by Anwar Ibrahim, Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, thinking innocently that what the opposition is saying is truth even though it is half truth, fabricated fiction, just like MiddleAges has quoted me out of context and hijack it into another topic and squarely blame me saying I had wanted to intimidate him and he is not scared.

    My point has been totally sidestepped and he and Joshua/Raja the Eurasian took on a confrontational posture. What I was saying is that do not belittle your own country, Malaysia and the Malays and do not over idolise Singapore or China because these countries have hostile treatment against their own opposition. They are oppressive and despotic.

    amin tan

  11. MiddleAges May 25,2012 7:29 PM

    Salam Tun,

    May i respond to Prof Ridcully please.

    1. The good Proffessor Ridcully tries to say i quoted Amin Tan out of context,

    2. Nien. I agree i did not paste the full text, but it is not totally out of context, The intention of Amin Tan is to scare me into silence and hopefully into oblivion. A signature UMNO/PERKASA modus operandi.

    3. It did not work.

    4. D.S. Najib is more precise. He wants to bring in 4 million UMNO members into KL. I happen to be that kutu KL boy who went through 13 May 1969. Was i scared then ? Oh yes, i was scared stiff.

    5. I love my city, KL. I just hate foreigners ruling over my city, because they seem to think they own the city.

    Thank You Tun

  12. prof_ridcully May 25,2012 11:13 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Joshua Lopez

    1. ‘What so ‘Biadap’ about holding the picture of Queen E? She and her ancestors are part of Malaysia’s History & She is The Crown Of The Commonwealth. Aren’t We a Commonwealth Country?

    At a demo for social justice? In Malaysia? It’s OK if the Queen were on a visit, say for CHOGM, but at demo? She’s the ‘Head’ of the Commonwealth, not the ‘Crown.’ Being the crown would mean she’s also the reigning monarch of Malaysia. A Freudian slip on your part perhaps?

    Forgive me if I’m wrong Joshua, but I believe Malaysia became Merdeka about 54 years ago, sometime in mid-1957, I think. That was the last time we as a nation sang ‘God Save the Queen’ if I’m not mistaken.

    Carrying portraits of a foreign sovereign instead of the Agong’s at a demo carries certain questions, one being loyalty to the state. They had not only put their loyalty into question but also besmirched the memory of Indian recipients [mainly posthumous] of the nation’s highest honour for bravery who died in the service of the Agong and this country. People like Capt Chandran and his other brave colleagues.

    ‘Holding The Picture Of Her Majesty The Queen Of United Kingdom? Well, there is Rich History to it simply because the Indians were brought by The British, India was ruled by The British Monarch and Indians do have a sentimental connection with Her Majesty (The Older Generation Of Indians)’

    You say the older generation have a sentimental connection, an affinity, for the Queen. I think it would more correct to say that it should have been her father or grandfather. The Queen was only queen for about 4-5 years before Merdeka. King George VI reigned over Malaya since before World War 2.

    At any rate, theirs is a misplaced sentiment. They should demonstrate to have the British PM include more Indians in his cabinet instead and give them a proper ministry while he’s at it. if I remember correctly she’s Lady Warsi who’s without portfolio.

    If anybody had a good reason to blame the British for their situation it would have been the blacks of America; they were shipped there against their will from Africa to work as slaves — the Indians came willingly as free men — but I don’t remember the black Civil Rights movement ever carrying portraits of the Queen at their demos. Do you?

    I’m surprised you tried to defend this, Joshua, because the so-called ‘fighters for Indian rights’ realised the implications of the portraits — that it might backfire — and dropped the Queen at subsequent demos and carried portraits of the Agong instead.

    2. Yes, we are a constitutional monarchy and long may it remain that way. But that does not mean that we can be biadab and ignore social norms? Do you — thank you Raja Dr Nazrin for this question — wear singlets, shorts and selipar jepun to a wedding, Joshua?

    3. Speaking of Perak, didn’t the matter go all the way up to the Federal Court? Didn’t the Federal Court declare Dr Zambry as the MB?

    4. I do wish you’d stop parrotting Anwar Ibrahim’s mantra of ‘feudalism’ in your comments. Anwar’s in a bind and his credibilty is a hair’s breadth to zero. The former darling of the western media is now reduced to being a chameleon in the Economist. A political chameleon is not somebody to be relied upon, wouldn’t you say Joshua?

    Umno wasn’t feudal when Anwar was a rising star in government for a good 16 years. It became feudal the day he got kicked out of Umno. Which political parties have a parent-spouse of parent-offspring leadership structure? One party’s leader is not even a member of the party! Now that’s feudalism. Would you care to name those parties Joshua?

    5. But all this is talk doesn’t contribute to Malaysia’s well-being. Talking about PR politics is talking about destructive politics. I prefer not to harp on somebody’s parentage but to give suggestions.

    6. I believe that certain segments of our Indian community are indeed disadvantaged. Many have been displaced from defunct rubber estates and the younger segment, especially, need help. A special program needs to be implemented to address a need that’s quite apparent now — a bit of social engineering. MARA has been successful in helping the Malays improve their lives. I think a program similar to the one done by MARA can be implemented for the disadvantaged Indians and with its experience MARA can certainly assist in the project.

    7. Much can be done without acrimony if people understood Malaysia’s history. Forming pressure groups, carrying portraits of a foreign monarch and displaying loutish behaviour won’t help. You’ll only get reactionary groups forming. About 3 years ago Tun wrote about the Malaysian Social Contract here in this blog. If you have time, Joshua, read and — more importantly — reflect on it.

    Selamat sejahtera.

  13. HBT456 May 25,2012 8:21 AM

    Good morning YAB,

    24. I do not have confidence with political parties, associations or NGOs in Malaysia because they are mavericks in nature due wealth accumulation and power ego to do what they think is right base on mere ideology of the emerging economies.

    25. We have passed well through that phase and it’s time to upgrade our skills to adapt to these world of talents and meritocracy regardless of race and religion.

    26. I don’t intend to join any one of them since they require us to “close one eye” in firing up racial and religious conflicts to get larger budget or media attention from the PM.

    27. Maintaining partisan politics is tougher for their leaders today because they are exposed to the opportunity and challenges of new political world issues and larger democracy groups than expected too.

    28. No matter what happens, we are heading toward improving lifestyle by crooked or by hooked, daily.

    29. In the past, I was scared and panicked for “reformasi” because I did know why it happened.

    30. Today, not anymore, once bitten, dah cukup.

    31. Wawasan 2020 adalah kerja riak apabila semua kepala2 mahu termasuk president UMNO mahu tunjuk ego kepada PM secara demokrasi keranamu, Melayu.

    32. If we can’t beat them, join them to learn their root cause so that we can rectify their root problems as time moves on.

    33. I used to tell my children, many Chinese politicians are not patriotic because of the past extreme superstitious and pantang who do not intend to stay in Malaysia.

    34. They are not like those PAP leaders in Singapore.

    35. But I must say, thank you, Tun Dr MM though I may not agreed to what you did in breeding such mentality of such low quality standard of mat Zukliflee which are plenty on the land dominated by Malay who never ask why others are doing better than him in the name of Sultan2 Negeri Melayu.

    36. But because you are a party man who care for the Kings as Malays 1st, you decided to do what was best for them at the expense out of other races.

    37. The Chinese, Indian and other party men just followed what you did.

    38. I don’t expect all Malays to appreciate what Tun Dr MM has did for them.

    39. If they have never feel the fear and pain, they will never start to appreciate what others have done silently as Malaysians.

    Good day, YAB.

  14. mubarakchan May 24,2012 4:28 PM


    It is fair justice that those who damage Government property and injure Government servants are brought to the book. And also, those who were affected in any way should seek redress in the courts.

    The Bersih-bersih were beginning to look like fun and games for the very rich and well-endowed or the reckless and foolhardy amongst our citizens – taunt the dinosaur, come what may.

    The untold damage to tourism, businesses, Government servants time, negative image of the country, etc. etc. may be unquantifiable in monetary terms.

    The the huge concentration of the security forces in the city centre on the 28th of April, 2012 resulted in the sparse security available to the innocent citizens elsewhere.

    I was nearly a victim of a car hi-jack along the Federal Highway at 11.10 a.m. just past the Selangor border edifice that very morning. A fellow in a red T-shirt with a moustache and his pillon rider tried to flag me down. I already knew his ploy which he adopted successfully a few weeks before on my unfortunate friend who not only lost his new car but was bashed up black and blue by a gang of 4 of the same ilk along the same stretch of highway. Further, another friend got bashed up and lost his new car just outside the Penchala Tunnel. And poor fellow, he had to walk all the way to the Curve. To add to these events, a lady got injuries to her spine and lost her car to the same gang of ruffians.

    I faced the moustachioed ruffian head on and gave him the finger sign. He was so surprised by my reaction that he nearly fell off this motorbike.
    I was sure the gang of four was in a car behind me.

    11.10 a.m. 28th of May, 2012. If I had not been warned and was alert, I would have been a victim to a car theft crime. And these bare-faced criminals were roaming freely along the highways and byways of the environs around Kuala Lumpur in the absence of the police who were all at Dataran Merdeka. Thanks to the Bersih-bersih !

    If I had been a victim, I had no recourse to safe-guard myself physically and would be much upset by turning up at an under-manned police station. Thanks to the Bersih-bersih !

    I again appeal to the Malaysian Chinese not to get involve in the fun and games of the very rich and the well-endowed. Do not allow these fortunate people to make a mockery of us Malaysian Chinese.

    Please think hard. Please think deep.

    I believe all prospective election candidates should declare their assets at home and abroad.

    We have no right to march in any street in Malaysia because our roots, heritage, up-bringing etc. and our commitment to Malaysia were no fun and games. We are serious about working hard and give our loyalty to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong even though some might mistakenly labelled us a gamblers etc.

    We know we are the great contributors together with our compatriots to this great country, Malaysia.

    There is nothing to be ashame of.

    A little wave of a magic wand by the very rich and well endowed power-seeking groups should not deter or distract us from our roots and rightful historical place in our beloved Malaysia….
    because tomorrow is another day of toil and work for us.

    And what we want is peace and stability and the opportunity to work for our daily rice, and not the power to rule others.

    No Bersih-bersih for us Malaysian Chinese.

  15. prof_ridcully May 24,2012 8:14 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Tsk, tsk. I’m only a simple-minded Muslim and I’m surprised to find that some people pride themselves on being logical but don’t mind using a logical fallacy in their arguments. Tsk, tsk.

    For instance, somebody quoted amin tan out of context and tried to impute a certain behaviour to Umno via the quote and asks, ‘Tun, just look Tun. This is how UMNO people are. Need i say more ?

    Yes, you do need to say more, MiddleAges [btw the phrase you use to refer to Tun reminds me of people of a certain age group].

    Here’s the context of what amin tan said:

    ‘Datuk Ambiga, Irene Fernandez, Joshua Lopez, MiddleAges, Anwar Ibrahim and all detractors of UMNO, please try and do what you are doing in Malaysia, do it in Singapore or China. All of you will end up like J.B. Jeyaratnam, an undischarged bankrupt or imprisoned or get shot in the brains by the PLA(People Liberation Army) of China.’

    Quoting just the passage in bold changes the whole meaning of what amin said. Quoting out of context is not only unfair but if I’m not mistaken it’s also a logical fallacy. Tsk, tsk.

  16. Joshua Lopez May 23,2012 12:21 PM


    Salam Sejahtera,

    1. Tunku Abdul Rahman mentioned that in his time, all races could tease and ‘name calling.’ All races would roll in laughter enjoying the fun of teasing one another’s race. Today? Even a humble piece of Cheese Cake can be a Threat to Race & Religion! So quick in terming anything and everything as a “Threat To National Security” or “Sensitive.” Are the Malays suffering an all time high inferiority complex? I say it’s not the Malays but UMNO!

    2. Honestly, i haven’t read much about Tun’s Mum and i’m not sure if she’s Malay because her name gives an Indonesian Hint. Thats why i never mentioned about her.

    3. Interlok you mentioned? It was in bad taste really and rather uncalled for, even educated Malays were in fury.

    4. I never mentioned Malays as ‘lazy & gentle’ even though top leaders have been saying so while forgetting that they are the cause of it

    5. PERKASA? Formed by those with a Feudal Mindset, HINDRAF no better. I don’t think PERKASA is what Dr.M initially intended before being the Man behind it. That ‘Katak’ Is A Joke Of The Century!

    6. Holding The Picture Of Her Majesty The Queen Of United Kingdom? Well, there is Rich History to it simply because the Indians were brought by The British, India was ruled by The British Monarch and Indians do have a sentimental connection with Her Majesty (The Older Generation Of Indians)

    7. What so ‘Biadap’ about holding the picture of Queen E? She and her ancestors are part of Malaysia’s History & She is The Crown Of The Commonwealth. Aren’t We a Commonwealth Country?

    8. Perak? It turned out to be a Mess because BN Stole Perak on grounds of trumped up technicality.

    9. We have a Constitutional Monarchy, Not Absolute Monarchy. Hence, The Constitution & The Rule Of Law Reigns Over The Monarchy. Don’t forget that because we no longer have Dr.M to place them in their rightful place (like he did before).

    10.Race? As i’ve mentioned, every other child is a mix today for God’s Sake! Most of us aren’t of a single pure race. We are Malaysians. Its funny you know my friends overseas say that here they are referred to as ‘India’, ‘China’, ‘Portugis’, etc but countries overseas refer to them as Malaysian. For Example; That little boy Nayati Shamelin Moodliar is Dutch. Never refered by the Dutch Government as Indian-European Or Eurasian!

    11.Malaysians, i can proudly say, who have chosen to migrate to first world nations (mainly Europe & Australia) are doing very well. 80% never return to Malaysia for a living. Europe is facing a financial crisis but our Malaysians are doing very well there simply because they are a hardworking lot and are highly educated too. So Crisis doesn’t affect them to a large extent.

    12. I never once mentioned that Indians or Non Malays are more Superior than Malays. Infact i keep saying this, ‘The Malays Of Today Are Educated & Exposed. Hence A Threat to UMNO who still plays with Feudal Politics.’ The Educated & Exposed Malays are In The Opposition!

  17. MiddleAges May 22,2012 5:14 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Tun, just look Tun. This is how UMNO people are. Need i say more ?

    All of you will end up like J.B. Jeyaratnam, an undischarged bankrupt or imprisoned or get shot in the brains by the PLA(People Liberation Army) of China.

    Nice language Mr Amin Tan, nice !

    Thank You Tun

  18. prof_ridcully May 22,2012 12:32 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Joshua Lopez

    One of the many things I admire about Tun is his willingness to call a spade a spade. I shall follow Tun’s example in my comments.

    I find it very difficult to follow your arguments because apart from making unsubstantiated generalisations, you also contradict yourself every time you comment.

    1. For instance, you said, “Dr.M is of Malayalee-Malay Blood. Malayalees are known for their smartness in finance, education and some comical traits such as twisting facts to a point that it looks absolutely real and clean.”

    Then you said, “No, i am not racist ….”

    Well, you’ve just used racial stereotyping on Malayalees, Joshua. Stereotyping a race as having ‘comical traits’ or even ‘brilliance’ is part and parcel of racism.

    And if Tun is Malayalee-Malay [which he is, Tun said so himself] what of the Malay part of Tun? You’re silent on this part of Tun’s ‘blood.’ If the Malayalee part of Tun made him brilliant what role do you think does the Malay part of Tun play in his personality? ‘Lazy and gentle’?

    People like you like to harp on Tun’s, or the previous PMs’ extraction in order to belittle Malays actually. The implicit message is: the Malays as a race are incapable of progress. It was the foreign blood that helped successful Malays. And you don’t like it when Tun persistently says he’s Malay thereby debunking your thesis.

    But actually Malays have no problems with a person’s race. If you’ve read Malaysian history at all, you’ll know that the hereditary Bendaharas of the Melaka Sultanate were of mixed Tamil-Malay blood. The kampung Malays of Melaka at that time had no problem with that. Historically Malays have had no problems living with and even supporting non-Malays. Ask the Chinese and Indian merchants in Kedah, Kelantan or Terengganu.

    2. You said, “Dato Abdul Samad is more Malay than any other Malay, He Is Our Sasterawan Negara, A Malaysian Icon, A Man Of High Standing In Society and obviously he knows some things that you and i don’t know….”

    I’m not sure if A. Samad Said [do you know his full name, Joshua? But more importantly, have you read him?] is more Malay than other Malays, but I respect him and I too think he’s a great writer. I especially like his writing of Tun Mahathir: Kau pengingat bangsamu yang sering benar pelupa;
    penyedar satu perjuangan yang belum selesai;
    juga penghayat tanah airmu yang sungguh damai.

    Was A. Samad Said thinking of the Malayalee-Malays when he wrote ‘Kau pengingat bangsamu’ about Tun M, do you think?

    I think the other Sasterawan Negara were/are great writers and commentators of their times. So it makes me wonder why some Malaysians want to burn a book written by another SN, Datuk Abdullah Hussein 40 years after it was published. After all, as an SN laureate isn’t Abdullah Hussein another — your words — ‘Man Of High Standing In Society’? So shouldn’t his book Interlok be read? Don’t Malaysians want to know what a ‘Man Of High Standing In Society’ thinks about his society?

    3. Perkasa came into being as a reaction to non-Malays’ actions immediately prior to and post-2008. Hindraf’s demo in front of the British High Commission in 2007 while carrying portraits of the English Queen left a particularly bad taste in many Malays’ mouths. Malays [yes, educated ones] were asking, what does it mean when supposed subjects of the Agong carry portraits of a foreign sovereign in a demo allegedly asking for social justice? Another example, the biadab [I prefer the Malay word for ‘uncouth’] behaviour of elected representatives in the Perak State Assembly — deliberately embarrassing the Raja Muda, appearing in the Assembly improperly dressed, refusing to wear songkok when in audience with the Sultan — were viewed as being not only biadab towards the Rulers, but also, in extension, as challenging the Malays. It’s like saying, ‘Hey, I can show the top Malay in the state the finger and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.’

    Obviously, quite a significant number of Malays didn’t like that biadab behaviour, thought something could and should be done, and formed Perkasa. The Malays reacted and now you don’t like it.

    Let’s not be naive or pretend to say that Race doesn’t matter in Malaysian politics as if we mean it. Malaysian politics is rooted on race and religion. I am just stating a fact. Look around you Joshua. Can you name a party that is truly multiracial? No, you can’t. That’s why even the great Malaysian ‘anti-racists’ in Pakatan model their organisation on BN where racially-based parties get together and start horse-trading on which race should get what.

    I don’t know whether you’ll respond to my comments but do look up the current situation in Europe as regards immigrants [less than 10% total population of EU] and the far-right before responding.

  19. cilimerah May 22,2012 1:17 AM

    Hi, sorry lari topik sikit. I heard that LHDN got 5-6 months bonus every year if they achieve certain target of the revenue collection. Is that true?? If it is so, then it sucks!! because the bonus is from our money…
    The tax is also expensive… got a raise recently, supposed to be RM650 raise but I only get RM520, the rest was deducted for the tax. i know it is still cheaper compared with other fellows who has to pay RM2000/month or more (me … about RM540/month), but nowdays price of food is sky high, so as the price of house and cars… can’t government do anything to reduce the tax?? It is depressing when i learnt that the LHDN staffs got paid high bonus unlike us … dapat sebulan pun orang dah kecoh…. and they had special medical benefits such as panel doctors at private clinics and hospitals…. seriously… are they allowed to spend rakyat’s money like that?

  20. far_zone May 21,2012 10:57 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Assalamualaikum, yes, I, like many Malaysians feel safer whenever police are around. Yes, there are corrupted policemen, but there are many more good ones. Until today, I’ve yet to have bad experience with policeman though I’ve been practising for fifteen years as a lawyer (I’m not proud to be one, but where I live there are not many Malay lawyers that I feel oblige to continue to be one). Being a lawyer gives me an insight that there are many crooks and manipulators who may not necessarily be legal criminals. Contrary to the beliefs of many people out there, there are a number of us who are not happy with Bar council. I’ ve lost my respect for them many many years ago. There are many of us who are grateful to UMNO/BN. Similarly, there are many of us who also do not support BERSIH. Imagine, there were less than 1000 out of 14,000 who went to AGM just to condemn the police and that number include the chambering students. And I (and many others) regard Sisters In Islam as my enemy when they support LBGT, or when they claim that what happened to Nabi Lut’s people has nothing to do with their sexual lifestyle. I feel insulted when SIS openly condemning Malays and expressed their embarrassment and anger by being Malay means to have Islam as their religion etc. Somehow, whenever SIS starts to open their mouth, they seem to evoke my anger against them. I’m sorry Tun, I have tremendous respect for you but I see your daughter as a virus. But then, she’s not as bad as the other vocals ones in SIS. Many are also wondering why many us, professionals who support BN do not bother to openly against the opposition, well it may sound lame excuse here, but we are too busy with our lives. Particularly, married women, it is not easy to juggle our time between work and family. And even if we have the time, we would rather get involve in the really genuine NGO . Many of us also regard we are Muslim first, our career…may be the third or fourth in our lives. Thank you Tun, you’ re actually my link to the outside world. Now, I could see how the anti hadith thinks. I fully agree that we should be able to analyse the true teachings of Islam and who else should be our main role model but Rasulullah himself. Keep on blogging Tun, semoga Allah panjangkan umur Tun berdua dan semoga sihat sentiasa.

  21. sitinur May 21,2012 1:10 PM

    pada sayer ader 2 pilihan…
    1/ saman seme pemimpin yg buat demo masa tue…
    2/ redha jer tp tetap minta Allah balas balik kat depa seme dgn
    balasan yg lebih teruk dari aper yg sayer rasa pd ari tue
    di dunia n akhirat tak kira cepat ker lambat…..ngehngeh…

  22. Joshua Lopez May 21,2012 9:54 AM

    Gosh! What has zulkiflee been smoking? You sure needs rehab. How does a convert to Christianity have my name? You’re seriously sick & demented. Religion doesn’t change your race for God’s sake! Gosh! Religion is Religion. Blood is Blood and all books on Dr.M clearly state his origins.

    Amin Tan,
    Do you understand English? In no way did i insult Tun. You have such a twisted mind. It is you that has insulted him many times on religious issues because you consider yourself a self righteous prick! Blood is Blood and all books on Dr.M clearly state his origins. Cease your feudalism, i wouldn’t expect you to have the same mentality of zulkiflee.

  23. zulkiflee May 20,2012 9:59 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun..

    mohon izin bertanya sedikit kpd Joshua Lopez…..saya harap anda bukan Joshua Lopez yg sama dari kampung saya.untuk pengetahuan anda,Joshua Lopez dari kampung saya itu sebenar nya keturunan pendatang dari India.

    nama asal nya ialah Raja.nama penuh,tak tahu.masa kecil dulu,teruk dia kena buli.bukan kerana keturunan nya India tapi lebih kerana nama nya.Raja…

    di padang bola,di sungai atau di perkarangan sekolah,dia lah yg selalu jadi mangsa buli.keletak-keletuk kepala diketuk atas berbagai-bagai sebab kecil….antara nya ialah dia suka menjawap.

    dan pelik nya si Raja ni tak pernah serik untuk berkawan dgn kami.

    satu hari tu,dalam satu permainan bolasepak di padang kami,si Raja ni menjaringkan gol yg sangat cantik.kami pun meluru ke arah nya memeluk,mengangkat dan melambung nya.dan tidak lupa juga mengkeletak-keletukkan kepala juga sebagai tanda dan kebiasaan kami meraikan gol Raja.

    dia keluar padang sambil menangis dgn kepala yg berbenjol-benjol dan tersedu-sedu mengatakan…”kamu buli aku sebab aku sebab aku bukan Melayu! Dr Mahathir pun India kenapa kamu tak buli…..”

    jawap seorang kawan “hoi,Dr Mahathir tu Islam laa,bodoh.orang Islam walau dari mana pun ada lah saudara.dan di Tanah Melayu ini semua orang Islam kami anggap Melayu sama seperti kami sebab Islam melarang keras sikap perkauman”.

    tapi esok nya dia dulu yg standby siang-siang di tepi padang.

    pernah saya bertanya kpd Raja kenapa dia tak nak berhenti dari menyembah batu dan masuk Islam tapi dia jawap dgn mempersendakan saya…”Islam macam kamu? boleh curi jambu?”…keletak-keletuk,gedebak-gedebuk dia kena lagi…

    itu kisah dulu.lama saya tak jumpa Raja.sesudah dewasa,masing-masing bawak diri,dgn cerita dia ke KL bekerja dgn jawatan agak tinggi,

    beberapa tahun lalu dia datang melawat kami dgn kereta mewah nya.bukan main bergaya.misai melenting,lengan nya sebesar paha saya.padahal dulu kurus macam tak makan.

    kawan lama tak jumpa,sesekali terjumpa memang lah berbual mesra.sudah sama-sama dewasa,memang lah hendak saling menghormati.tapi takdir Tuhan susah nak di duga.

    dalam berbual mesra begitu,saya terpandang leher nya ada rantai emas besar dgn loket berbentuk salib.saya pun tegur “Lu masuk kristian ka?”

    dia jawap dgn bangga”ya laaaa.dulu gua India lu semua buli gua.sekarang gua masuk kristian,sudah enam tahun jadi Eurasian.”

    bodoh nya si Raja ni memang tak ada batas.berjaya dalam hidup tapi otak nya mati sebelum ajal.hanya umur saja yg panjang,tapi akal nya pendek.

    sebab agama lain tidak memberi kebebasan seluas persaudaraan Islam.dan pintu hati bangsa lain tidak seluas pintu hati Bangsa Melayu dalam menerima apa punjuga keturunan yg Islam sebagai Melayu.

    dan tiada negara lain yg mengamalkan kebesaran jiwa seperti ini selain di Malaysia.

    Joshua Lopez,saya harap anda bukan lah Raja@Joshua Lopez dari kampung saya yg bukan saja tersilap memilih agama malah tersalah konsep hidup,

    Tun Dr Mahathir tak payah menukar darah nya.dia Islam,dan di Malaysia ini dia kami anggap Melayu.Hj Amin Tan juga Islam.dia juga kami anggap Melayu.sesiapa saja yg Islam dan sudi di anggap Melayu,maka Melayu lah dia.

    orang Melayu tidak bersifat perkauman.di Malaysia, pintu ‘Bangsa’ tidak pernah tertutup.sesiapa saja boleh menjadi Melayu melalui Islam.warna kulit bukan halangan.yg penting otak mesti mesti waras.

    jgn seperti kawan saya si Raja tadi yg menyangka meninggalkan agama nenek-moyang nya dan masuk agama yg lebih ‘glamor’ sekadar untuk bergaya dan menghilangkan kesan stigma agama lama nya,yg ribuan tahun membelenggu nya.

    terimakasih Tun

  24. amin tan May 20,2012 5:18 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to quote Joshua Lopez

    I quote

    “Dr.M is of Malayalee-Malay Blood. Malayalees are known for their smartness in finance, education and some comical traits such as twisting facts to a point that it looks absolutely real and clean. Malayalees are known for their Brilliance. When they were brought by the British, they were placed in the Education Ministry, government sector and teaching sector.”

    Mr Joshua Lopez,

    Please don’t insult Tun Dr Mahathir. You are being rude disrespectful and twisted yourself when you say Malialee are fond of twisting facts and blood transfusion and so on. why do you resort to such hurtful derogatory ungentlemanly and unfair assault on our beloved Ayahanda Tun? Why are you so spiteful, bitter and vengeful against Tun?. Is this what you have been brought up to do? What has Tun done to you to warrant such incisive insult on him the way you do in his very own blog site? How dare you? Is this the kind of freedom and democracy you talk about. Please have some modicum of decorum and restraint.

    amin tan

  25. MiddleAges May 20,2012 4:06 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Amin Tan gives a good and strong defense for UMNO. The mad sailors say, “once bitten twice shy”.

    Amin Tan tries to sell us the “lame duck” story of Malays. It would seem, if you believe Amin Tan’s story, that the Malays are gentle peace loving people who would not even hurt a fly.

    God knows the truth. For how long this show or cerekarama will go on, i know not. But i know Malaysians remain unconvinced of UMNO/BNs capability to steer this ship in a fair and efficient manner. There will be just too many kenduris.

    The issue at hand is people are afraid if UMNO loses, Malays will “loose it”. Because PKR/Anwar is not Malay and PAS is also not Malay, it is religion. It just happens to be the same as the Malay religion somewhat.

    Therefore i think we can only progress as a nation only if UMNO learns to bow out gracefully, after having done a good job in the past. Malaysians are afraid because it is not in the Malay culture to bow. There is no Malay word for “bow”. Tunduk actually means “surrrender”. Sembah means pray or present. To surrender requires one to be able to swallow their pride. Ask the Japs. They surrendered to America. But for a Malay this is a “pantang”. Even as they are occupied for 400 years they say, Malays will still say “pantang Melayu berundur”.

    There is the word “hormat”, or respect, but respect in Malay is a demand, an order. There is no need to earn respect. It is a birth right and only one way.

    So why should i take the risk. Better i think i talk to D.S. Anuar, at least he knows what it’s like to be punched in the face. And he studied Malay, so he knows.

    That in a nutshell is a Malay. And so i will leave the Malays alone and in peace, yes. But can the Malays leave me in peace ? Really ? I want to be sure.

    I want the laws to protect me, not prevent me. UMNO wants the law to stop me. I do not want to get into trouble with the law. It is unpleasant.

    My non-malay friend cannot help me even if they wish. I guess only God can help me. And thus thank God there is this “Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan” as our Rukun Negara.

    Be fair to me. I wish to choose my own religion, my own diet, my own life style, my own house, my own car. Even my own name, and if need be my own country.

    Please let me vote as i wish.

    Thank You Tun

  26. amin tan May 20,2012 12:24 AM

    Dear Tun,

    MAY I CONGRATULATE mubarakchan for his immense wisdom and courage to reach out to the Chinese of Malaysia to support and vote for BN. Both my late parents are very wise and used to quote Chinese proverbs and words of wisdom to their children.

    MCA and MIC are two matured political parties made up of Chinese
    and Indians. These two political parties cooperate, support and engage with UMNO. THEY FOSTER friendship with the Malays and coexist. They Ali and Baba. We have Hussein Yee, Omar Ong Yoke Lin, Mubarakchan and amin tan. We accept UMNO to be the anchor party to administer the country.

    Whereas DAP’s approach is confrontational and on collision course
    with the Malays. Lets us coexist with the Malays and be Muslims. Study the religion of islam like what I do and spread the gospel. Best of all, masuk islam and masuk Melayu.

    The Chinese when they go to England or Australia, they quickly pick up Mat Salleh’s name like Andrew, Florence or Evoyne or Richard. But when in Malaysia they are still stubborn with their Chinese name like Lim Guan Eng.

    amin tan

  27. milshah May 19,2012 8:03 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    I read the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal found former US President Bush and his associates guilty of the charge of ‘Crime of Torture and War Crimes’. For the first time, Bush is now legally considered a war criminal in a court of law. I do hope, the evidence and findings be given the International Court and United Nations so Bush and associates will be prosecuted and arrested.

    The United States is fond of telling other countries like China, Myanmar, Nazi Germany, Russians, etc about human rights. They see themselves as the upholder of human rights and freedom. As the court evidence shows, the United States treat inhumanely for the prisoners who are mostly innocent in Abu Gharib and Gitmo. The chain of command to torture these prisoners when all the way up to the President and his associates. Bush and associates lied about weapons of mass destructions (WMDs), holding and torturing prisoners in prison without any fair trial and had caused the deaths of hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

    If the United States continue to protect these war criminals, the international community will no longer believe the United States is the champion of human rights. These people were found guilty in a court of law. As such, the United States must show an example that no one is above the law, even former Presidents.

    In my opinion, the international community is enraged at what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq and since it is well documented with testimonies from the victims and other evidences in the Tribunal, people will not easily forget. If the Obama administration were to protect these war criminals they too will be considered as helping these war criminals as well. Bush is a Republican anyway, and he should be held accountable for his actions.

    I do hope other countries will conduct similar Tribunals. Similarly I heard Canada and Switzerland are trying the set up similar tribunals. The Non-government organizations (NGOs) from every country in world can help by pressing their governments to hold similar tribunals. We must give justice to Iraqis and Afghanistan people that have suffered and died.

    The United States is fond of showing that it is the champion of the weak. They like to demonize other big countries that poses potential threat so that the smaller countries would seek its help to attack the big country. In the first gulf war, Iraq was portrayed as a bully to smaller countries like Kuwait. Being a smaller country, Kuwait asked the United States help. Now with Iraq gone, their next target is Iran. So now they are portraying Iran as a big bully who has nuclear weapons ambitions and a threat to Saudi Arabia. That Israel has 200 nuclear warheads that could obliterate all of the Middle East, no one seem care.

    In the Asian front, the United States is portraying China as big bully towards the Philippines in the South China Sea dispute. See the pattern? The United States are using smaller countries to weaken or contain the bigger countries that pose a potential threat to the United States.

    With Iraq down, Iran and China is left. Asian countries must not fall into this trap or we will become colonized and be like the Middle East.

    Asian countries have prospered even without the potential oil in the Spratly. We have prospered because we do not resort to war and work as a cohesive entity. Let us make personal sacrifices for the greater good of Asian countries as a whole.

    They are trying to break this cohesiveness by pitting one Asian country against the other. We must not fall into this trap. I read before the conflict between China and the Philippines, fishermen from all Asian countries have been using the South China Sea to fish for decades and very friendly towards each other. Now that the United States pivot to Asia, all Asian countries are at each others throat?

    I think the United States see a potential threat not only in China but with all Asian countries. After all, we are the major growing economies in the world. We have a very big population. Collectively, we also have a very big army. Is this not a potential threat to the United States if all Asian countries work together?

    The United States is facing its worst economic crisis. It is heavily in debts which is impossible to payback. What is holding its economy afloat is simply printing more USD to pay off the debts. Once people don’t recognize the USD anymore, its economy will collapse. The United States is in a state of decline.

    I think with this new found strength in all Asian countries and the decline of the United States, let us use this opportunity to free ourselves from the United States and chart a better Pax-Asian Century instead of using our new found strength to attack each other.

    Thank you Tun. May Allah give you the strength and wisdom to continue to fight the enemies of Islam. Allahuakhbar!

  28. MiddleAges May 19,2012 7:14 PM

    Salam Tun,

    I have this story for Amin Tan.

    1. Once upon a time, i was riding a taxi from Leboh Ampang in Kuala Lumpur. The taxi driver, a senior looking man, Malay, in his 60s, looked several times in his rear view mirror at me. He then spoke in clear British Malaya styled English and said “i tell my passengers my ambition in life is to die in peace”. I smiled. He smiled too.

    2. Having had a tough day, this englightened me. I then responded saying….”Abang, kawan2 saya kata kita patut bangga kita Melayu, bangga kita Islam. Apa kata Abang ?”

    3. He said simply… ” Itu riak ! ”

    End of Story

    Thank You Tun.

  29. mubarakchan May 19,2012 6:34 PM


    It is good your comments are entirely topical and current. Even a new book ‘ Kaleidoscope ‘ published by a distiguished Malaysian seems to highlight the throes of the turmoil of Malaysian politics at the present time – the kaleidoscope of Malaysian politics – with the yea-sayers and the nay-sayers enjoined in daily heated verbal battles in the conventional and the cyberspace media endlessly.

    In 2008, the yea-sayers were caught unawares. But in 2012, both contenders are locked in a titanic struggle for Putrajaya. The nay-sayers are now for the first time led at the forefront by the very rich and the not so rich.

    The use of money by the power aspirants is for all to see. Thanks, I presume to the NEP and your successful 22 years of Administration which some beneficiaries deny vehemently – a no chicken, no egg scenario. As we Malaysian laymen say ‘ Money got but no Power !’

    Power for what purpose ?

    The administrative weaknesses of the incumbents in Putrajaya are exploited as the wherewithal to the power aspirants attack in preparation for their confidence in winning the next General Elections. It remains to be seen how much understanding of this tactic by the general populace in response to a group which is essentially made up of 3 diametrically opposed political parties which got together to grasp the nettle of power in Putrajaya.

    Is this good for the country ? The whole conundrum is not about political philosophy but the ultimate acquisition of raw power. Both sides believe literally in the same things.

    As the expectations for a General Election is delayed and drawn out longer and longer, well-known personalities are drawing out their personal likes and dislikes in the sand, based on either fact or fiction.
    The most notable personality is Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, a gentleman with impeccable credentials. He finally saw the light of truth which had been hidden under a bushel for so long.

    Yes ! There is a saying that you can con some people some of the time. But you can not con all the people all the time. As a fervent student of the public personalities on both sides of the Causeway since October 1951, I can truthfully say Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim has made the right decision as a true Malaysian of the land. He earned his keep through his meritocracy. His decision fits in with the humanity and multiculturalism as practised by the Royal Sultans of yore and the successive Governments since Merdeka, 1957.

    We Malaysians are not given to physical or verbal violence to express our demands but only through the proper channels. We have existed like this for centuries. No new fangled foreign ideas for us. We do it our way because when we have crises, we resolve them in our own way.

    No one is going to help us.

    For the Malaysian Chinese, I say it again and again, ‘ Do not be misled by the call of the sirens of the Kuala Lumpur streets to rally under the flags of the Bersih-bersih. Do not be used by others who were strangers to you only yesterday. Think of yourselves, as Malaysian Chinese who had all done great by this great nation and vote for the strongest incumbents in Putrajaya. You cannot do wrong for yourselves, your family and your parents. Please have self-esteem for yourselves. I have not met a stupid Chinaman yet !’

    At the present time, there should be no crossroads for us Malaysian Chinese.

  30. The Hidden Secret May 19,2012 5:08 PM


    I have no respect towards hypocrite(s).


  31. amin tan May 19,2012 3:12 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Izinkan saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Saudara Zulkiflee yang mempertahankan hujah2 saya.

    Kenapakah mereka ini asik mengata dan menfitnah yang bukan2 terhadap UMNO, Melayu dan islam? Mengapakah mereka ini selalu dan ingin merampas hak2 orang Melayu dan mempertikai agama islam?

    amin tan

  32. amin tan May 18,2012 10:38 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to disagree with HBT456 with regards to Bar Council’s complaint of Malaysia’s Human right record and unfair electoral process.

    Malaysia is a model Muslim country. Islam teaches Muslims to have good and friendly relationship between individuals. It is called silatulrahim. Muslims are God fearing people. Quran teaches one to be fair and compassionate. Muslims must help the poor and the weak. It is such an honourable, polite and equitable religion. All Malays are Muslims and some non Malays like MiddleAges and Joshua Lopez do not like this idea of Malays are automatic Muslims. My suggestion to MiddleAges and Joshua Lopez is please be kind and fair to the Malays and the Muslims. They are not your enemies. The Malays and Muslims are the most friendly and best people in the world. The Malays and UMNO in Malaysia have never been tyrants and despots. Now the hate UMNO and the hate malay campaign is spearheaded by Anwar Ibrahim after he was sacked from office by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad.
    Malaysia has no human rights abuse at all. But the Opposition cook up lies about UMNO corruption. Those corruption cases are due to greedy and selfish individuals wanting to make plenty of money. It has nothing to do with UMNO being corrupt.

    Malaysia is a democratic country. Malaysia conducts the most fair elections in the world, better than in Australia, the UK or the US . Year 2008 saw the UMNO lost 5 states to the anti national parties out of 13 states. That shows how fair we have been.

    Datuk Ambiga, Irene Fernandez, Joshua Lopez, MiddleAges, Anwar Ibrahim and all detractors of UMNO, please try and do what you are doing in Malaysia, do it in Singapore or China. All of you will end up like J.B. Jeyaratnam, an undischarged bankrupt or imprisoned or get shot in the brains by the PLA(People Liberation Army) of China.

    amin tan

  33. Botak May 18,2012 4:29 PM





  34. Joshua Lopez May 18,2012 2:16 PM

    Amin Tan,

    No amount of Blood Transfusion can change a person’s blood. Constitutionally one can be a Malay or Muslim but that doesn’t change a person’s blood.

    Dr.M is of Malayalee-Malay Blood. Malayalees are known for their smartness in finance, education and some comical traits such as twisting facts to a point that it looks absolutely real and clean. Malayalees are known for their Brilliance. When they were brought by the British, they were placed in the Education Ministry, government sector and teaching sector.

    Whats so shameful of being Mixed? Every other child is mixed today hence i see the need to state one’s race is rather outdated because every other person is not of one pure race. None of our PMs were pure Malays, Everyone of them were mixed and are mixed. Even our Royalties are Mixed.

    You forget that Members of the Bar including Dato Ambiga and Irene Fernandez are professionals with substance in their head, highly learned. Pointing a finger at them simply means pointing a finger of our educated middle, upper middle and upper class citizens who were can safely say are not in support of the government.

    Now, you mentioned about bringing down a government? You have gotten your facts twisted by Utusan and TV3. No one wants to topple this government. We want the democratic process to work in proper manner and form whereby the people get to decide who they want to throw. It’s been an old trick in the bag of this government and EC having ways of “cushioning” & “stablizing” bad outcomes at GEs. In the last GE they weren’t prepared for the Tsunami thats why they lost 5 seats but just see how dirty they were to steal one state from the opposition based on so-called trumped up technicality, just look at their dirty manipulative faces!

    Dato Abdul Samad is more Malay than any other Malay, He Is Our Sasterawan Negara, A Malaysian Icon, A Man Of High Standing In Society and obviously he knows some things that you and i don’t know which has trigged him to fight for justice at his age. He is lovely man who loves his country very much. This is our Motherland. We were born here, We contribute to this Nation and Economy.

    No, i am not racist but obviously educated Malays of today are with me on this that Malays of Perkasa, UMNO & NGOs (linked to UMNO) bring shame to this country, they are so feudal in their mindset even to the extent to say that the French, International Courts & Interpol have no right to put them on trial, arrest or imprison them! They bring foolish disgrace to His Majesty The King & The Rakyat.

  35. Botak May 18,2012 5:29 AM

    What America , British , israel Wants
    Is a wake up call for Islamic World
    It,s a massage for Islam to united
    Regardless of difference

    What happen to us
    Is a call for us to be united
    It takes a lot of muscle to frown
    A vey less muscle to smile

    We now realise DAP call
    For Malaysia before election
    Malaysia to be Meritrocratic
    Equal upon races
    We see now their words and promises
    Defers from their doings
    They did it quietly
    Their doings does not tells their saying

  36. amin tan May 18,2012 2:01 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to comment on the comment by HBT456

    I quote

    “15. Telestai! Nazri is right in saying that the Law Academy would be a good body for lawyers in the academia and those working in commerce. However, I don’t agree with the way he accuses the Malaysian Bar of being partisan just because it spoke out against abuse of human rights and the electoral process. It is the duty of all citizens, individuals or otherwise, to voice out abuses in the system and the ruling political party must accept it gracefully and make amends. Trying to shut out these voices is akin to killing the messenger. A country is like a human body where a pain signal is sent to the brains when one part is unwell. The human being can either dull it with pain killers or treat the problem. In this country, our Government chooses to kill the pain. When all the systems in the country fail, the biggest losers will be its people.

    16. The biggest losers will be the political leaders and their children whom invite their people to break their “rumah kaca” just like what happened to Muslim leaders with no Raja2 Perlembagaan.”

    Dear HBT456,

    Please be careful next time, don’t fall again. You may sustain serious injury. Previously I too had fainting spell and had a couple of bad falls.
    I agreed with you we should vote BN. However, I beg to differ when you support the partisan views of Bar Council pertaining to human rights records of Malaysia and electoral process. ( to be continued). I am tired.

    amin tan

  37. Botak May 18,2012 1:07 AM










  38. amin tan May 18,2012 12:28 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to reply to Joshua Lopez,

    I quote

    “It’s rather peculiar that Amin Tan thinks of himself as a Malay and choose to refer to Ambiga and Irene Fernandez as Indians. Is he aware of the simple fact that Dato’ Samad and many Malays are in Bersih? Which race gave the most support at Bersih? You keep on itimidating and bullying thise two ladies because they are Indians but in actual fact they have no link and relationship with India. They are Malaysians. When people are disatisfied or retaliate in certain manner, an intelligent person will look at the root of the problem and settle it, not point at the race because at the end of the day (if one isn’t a fool), Bersih Gatherings clearly indicate ’1 Malaysia.’”

    Dear Mr Joshua Lopez,
    I think you get me wrong. I have never tried to bully or intimidate Datuk Ambiga or Irene Fernandez of Tenaganita. These two intelligent and elegant ladies clearly are biased against the legally elected government of the day, most probably they are Opposition supporters or sympathisers. Whereas I am a staunched supporter of the legally elected government of the day irrespective of race. I am comfortable with all races. I am colour blind when it comes to this respect, so to speak. Joshua Lopez keeps on harping and instigating on sensitive religious and racial issues just wanting to hurt other people’s feelings.
    Datuk Abdul Samad does not sound like a Malay to me. He speaks Indonesian. I think if there is another Confrontasi with Indonesia like the era of Sukarno, I am sure he would side with his mother land,Indonesia. If ever Datuk Abdul Samad is a Malay he must be misguided and confused to go against the legally elected government of the day.Tun is the true Malay. He speaks Malay at home and he defends Malays’ interests. I too speak Malay at home, go to mosque and defend Malays interests as provided in the Malaysian constitution. I studied Malaysian constitution at the University of Malaya in 1970. Malays are accommodating and friendly people. Instead of continuing to antagonise and provoke the Malays, why don’t you just be nice, positive, friendly, supportive of the Malays. Best of all be a Muslim and support UMNO. Right now I can see that we are on the opposite sides of the political divide. You say I am racist and I say you are racist.

    amin tan

  39. Hajar May 17,2012 9:22 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    I don’t know what to say because the Bar Council still thinks that it’s okay for the demonstrators (DEMONS) to assault/attack the police even though the police was driving alone. Only COWARDS would such a thing.

    I feel like vomiting while watching the videos that showed clearly how the demonstrators acted – “seperti orang tidak bertamadun”. They threw all kinds of items such as bottles, stones, etc. towards the police car. And yet they claimed that they are so “BERSIH”…ini yang buat saya rasa nak termuntah.

    I would like to congratulate the police for handling the “Perhimpunan Haram” professionally. If I were in their shoes, I would definitely be much more brutal.

    Lagi satu, Ambiga masih juga percaya kepada pihak Polis untuk menjaga keselamatan beliau kerana beliau sebenarnya yakin dengan Kerajaan sedia ada, tetapi masih tidak mahu menerima kenyataan. Beliau patut sedar apa yang dia lalui cuma sikit (almost nothing) sangat berbanding mereka yang kena berdepan dengan berpuluh ribu orang pada hari Bersih @ Kotor 1, 2, & 3 dan terpaksa pula menanggung kerugian yang banyak. Ambiga kena bertanggung-jawab.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  40. zulkiflee May 17,2012 7:37 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun

    saya tertarik pada komen-komen Joshua Lopez.sama ada komen nya yg menyalahkan Umno atas rusuhan berdarah 13 May mahupun yg berkenaan saudara kita Hj Amin Tan,komen-komen nya jelas menunjukkan betapa berjaya nya jentera propaganda Lee kuanyew didalam penyebaran diayah orang-orang kafir yg begitu mahir mengasak cerita-cerita buatan menjadi cerita benar.

    dan betapa bersatu hati nya orang-orang kafir didalam mengolah,menerima dan menyebarkan cerita-cerita bohong begini.

    cerita sebenar nya ialah Bangsa Melayu belum ada Raja atau Penguasa yg benar-benar dapat menyatukan Kepulauan Nusantara sebagai sebuah Negara Besar rumpun Melayu.

    lalu kekurangan ini dimanfaatkan oleh musuh-musuh Islam seperti Portugis,Sepanyol,Belanda dan British untuk menjajah dan memecah-mecahkan Nusantara ini demi untuk melemahkan Islam sebagai strategi jangka-panjang.

    seluruh Filipina,yg awal nya Islam,di-kristian oleh Sepanyol.sebahagian besar Semenanjung Tanah Melayu di serahkan oleh British kpd Negara Siam.

    dan Malaya dilonggokkan dgn kuli-kuli British yg di bawa masuk dari India dan China.di India,British hanya memilih kaum Hindu berkasta rendah untuk di bawa ke Malaya sebab golongan ini dipandang lebih taat pada ketinggian darjat bangsa British yg berkulit putih.

    kerana Malaya keseluruhan nya adalah bumi Islam,maka tidak ada satu pun Umat Islam India di bawa kesini.ada pun golongan India-Muslim yg terdapat disini hari ini,mereka datang sebagai pedagang atau penghijrah yg membayar sendiri tiket kapal mereka.

    dan dari China pula,kerana tidak ada satu pun orang Islam di negeri itu,maka British hanya mengutip saja orang-orang kebuluran di tepi jalan untuk di bawa naik ke kapal dan di hantar ke Malaya untuk dijadikan kuli,sekaligus untuk mengubah imbangan jumlah Umat Islam Nusantara.

    kuli-kuli ini di kuarantin di Pulau Sekijang (Pulau itu hari ini sudah di tukar nama kpd St John Island) di selatan Singapura sebelum di hantar ke ladang-ladang British di seluruh Semananjung.

    dan papantanda kisah ini masih terdapat di jeti pulau tersebut hingga ke hari ini.namun keadaan nya sudah usang,jauh berbeza dgn keadaan papan-papantanda serba canggih di serata Singapura.mungkin orang-orang asing yg begitu angkuh ini malu untuk membaca sejarah asal-usul mereka lalu mengambil jalan mudah dgn melupakan nya saja…..

    Tun,adalah menjadi tanggung jawap Umno sebagai peneraju Kerajaan untuk terus-menerus mendidik orang-orang asing ini generasi-demi-generasi akan sejarah dan asal-usul mereka di Negara tercinta kita ini.

    sebab amat bahaya bila kita,kerana ingin kelihatan sopan,enggan mengungkit sejarah mereka lalu sebilangan mereka mula berbisik menghasut sesama mereka untuk membenci kita.

    misal nya kisah 13 May yg menyalahkan Umno mula nya hanya didendangkan oleh Lee kuanyew saja.namun hari ini ia diterima dgn begitu meluas bukan saja di Singapura,malah di seluruh Malaysia juga.

    sebab itu apabila sampah-sarap seperti Joshua Lopez berani pula menyebarkan kisah 13 May versi Lee kuanyew di blog Tun,kita perlu rasa bimbang pada diayah yg tidak betul ini.

    bayangkan lah Datuk Ambiga yg mampu mengatur gerakkan besar-besaran menentang Kerajaan Melayu dgn mengalatkan orang Melayu sendiri atas alasan menuntut pilihanraya yg lebih adil.fuhh….

    padahal kalau dia masih berada di negara asal nya,undi nya boleh di beli cuma dgn segelas air sejuk.dan disini dia menuntut demokrasi pula…..

    tidak cukup kah demokrasi yg telah membuka peluang Ananda Krishnan menjadi se-kaya Adnan Kashoggi?

    Tun,segala langkah DS Najib untuk berbaik-baik dgn orang-orang asing ini langsung tidak sedikit pun membuahkan hasil.sebalik nya hanya membiakkan sampah seperti Joshua Lopez ini.

    pemikiran-pemikiran mereka sudah bulat untuk menentang apa-apa pun yg bersifat Melayu atau Islam.muslihat Lee kuanyew melantik SR Nathan sebagai Presiden benar-benar membuahkan hasil besar mempengaruhi minda kaum India bahawa Melayu adalah musuh sebenar mereka.

    seandai nya kita gagal mengembalikan pemikiran mereka ke landasan yg betul,seandai nya kekafiran sesama bangsa pendatang betul-betul kukuh untuk menghadapi kita sebagai Bangsa Bumiputera,maka huruhara yg melebihi 13 May pasti tidak dapat di elakkan.

    Tun,Kerajaan perlu berani bertindak keras terhadap penyebaran cerita-cerita palsu buatan Lee kuanyew dari menyusup masuk ke Negara ini.dan Kementerian Pelajaran mestilah mendedahkan kisah sebenar 13 May dan sejarah bangsa pendatang dgn meluas dan bersungguh-sungguh.

    terimakasih Tun

  41. amin tan May 17,2012 6:01 PM

    Dear Tun,

    May I respond to Joshua Lopez

    I quote

    “You see Tun,

    In all the points that you have spoken against, it was practised 20 times worse in 1969 when UMNO nearly lost the government. Wasn’t UMNO behind May13th? Wasn’t your good friend Harun the Mastermind? Yes, many people believe that Harun was used by others in UMNO to trigger and administer to the racial riots. That remain Malaysia’s darkest history and it was the doing of UMNO but off course in today’s world UMNO cannot repeat the same bloodyshed because the world has become so much smaller, the whole world is watching. At the end of the day, whether good or bad, the key word is; ‘evolvement.’ The world is fast evolving, many governments and leaders have been removed through the democratic process of through violence (in the middle east where there’s no other means for democracy).”

    Dear Mr Joshua Lopez,

    I have never claimed myself as a Malay. Don’t be a racist by trying to provoke me to be a racist as well. Malaysia is a peaceful and harmonious country with a cosmopolitan population. Please foster some modicum of circumspection when you try to apportion blame on the tragic May 13 bloodshed. It may trigger another tragedy if you want to relive the past and be vengeful. Do you know Colonel Rabuka of Fiji? Try google search.

    amin tan

  42. MiddleAges May 17,2012 5:48 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. I am sad Tunku quit DAP but i am not at all surprised. For the sake of argument, had it been your good self in DAP, you might have stayed i think. That is not my point however.

    2. My point is DAP simply do not know what to do with either Tunku or yourself. That is why we need D.S. Anwar, as he has his own party.

    3. I suppose UMNO is smartest of them all. Lately, they even use religion to justify their dreams. I’m impressed !
    We do not have to do anything much at all !

    4. DAP has to be democratic, as that is their flag. If you fly the Democratic flag but you sail in the other direction, everyone can see. At least UMNO flies the Jolly Roger flag in red, so we can all stay clear. PAS carries the white flag, and does nothing much and PKR i think has the strangest flag of all, it reminds me of…well, the Police !.

    5. The French and the British have been to war with each other and are traditional enemies. I think it is not just written in Holy Books for them, i think it is engraved, embossed in bold letters that they be eternal arch enemies. Yet, they can work together to build Concorde, Airbus etc and conquer the Aerospace industry. I hope my friends in UMNO is listening.

    6. When DS Najib says he dreams of being a PM of the most advanced Islamic country, i was wondering did this man receive a new job offer somewhere ? If so, we the people as employer, would like to know early, as a matter of courtesy.

    7. Until people understand the right Islam we ain’t going to advance nowhere. But then here we go again, what is the right Islam ? Who is to say ? Who is right ?

    8. Tok Guru has fatwas, my father also have fatwas, my mother have fatwas too but she calls it a “piece of her mind”. All “ustaz” have fatwa and some ada yang lawa. Which one should i follow ?

    9. Susah lah Tun. So I think i make my own fatwa la. Semua Boleh. Malaysia Boleh. Like that can or not UMNO ?

    10. If we want a fairer world, we have to start somewhere. We start by being fair ourselves. Vote Keadilan, you will sleep better.

    Thank You Tun

  43. mubarakchan May 17,2012 4:23 PM


    The Bar Council with a full membership of 14,189, is a professional body of lawyers set up to maintain the standards, ethics and propriety of the profession like any other professional group which was legally enacted in the Dewan Rakyat through an Act.

    It is alleged in the Press that the Bar Council is being sued by one of its members for a misdemeanour.

    It is therefore surprising that such a professional body of qualified persons somehow got themselves involved emotionally in the public affairs of the country – the politics.

    And to their discredit, the august name of the Bar Council was used with abandon by the incumbents in power and bandied around. The impression was given in the Press that less than 1,000 members control the full membership of 14,189 on important issues at such an important meeting as an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Bar Council.

    This is definitely not a fine example of democracy at work. Any one would have agreed that since it was inconvenient to house such a large body of membership, the fair and transparent method would be by allowing its members to vote by post etc.

    If right is on the side of those in power, what is the fear ? Or, there is no greater fear than the fear of fear itself !

    Power ! Is it not what the present political fray or fracas is all about ?

    Surely, it is not democracy whatever the definition or Arab Spring which is no longer mentioned because the Malaysian climate is equable.

    People in positions of power of whatever kind should really think hard and deep that in their first flush of emotions what the consequences of any action may bring.

    Yes ! When one is young, invincible and apparently will live eternally, anything is possible. But please remember everyone – please do not leave the Augean Stables for us to clean-up after these deeds have been done without much ado and the perpetrators have departed to other pastures with money, scholarships, fellowships, permanent visas, fancy foreign connections, etc as blessed rewards for a job well done in our beloved Malaysia.

    I decided long long ago that I would not leave the country where I was born and contributed to it constructively and not by shouting from the roof-tops and looked good in pictures.

    For example, not too long ago, there was a fellow who specialised in picking gems out of public coffers and on-sold them for a huge profit. He died young. This sort of thing everyone can do and will do in the future – it is a new avenue of raising revenue and power !

    Power !

    Power in Putrajaya ! This is the dream of many who are vocal and persistent enough for a short period. However, if one fails to achieve one’s ambitions, what will be the consequences. For the very, very few who are already well-endowed, this is no problem. But for the majority of those who marched to the sound of the cannons and trumpets from the Napoleonic call of 1812, what have they gained but broken hearts and souls if not broken bodies.

    This is how I interpret the Bersih-bersih.

    The Bersih-bersih organizers have many legal and proper avenues to gain their objectives. To openly declare greater and greater number of participants in these fracas, this has only one meaning. The meaning is clear for all to deduce.

    An open challenge to the Government with the bonus of world-wide attention to their cause if any – the ultimate power play – organised by multi-millionaires and millionaires. These personalities are interesting !

    I say that this is not the way if all of us do remember the historical and cultural characteristics of Malaysia.

    For the organisers of the Bersih-bersih, there is too much Westernisation of thought, hollow and definitely lacks the virtues of age-old Eastern beliefs because of the population diversity and the compartmentalization of the populace of the past which actually is recent history.

    The whole conundrum is just a rojak of sheer and raw ambition with a lethal mix of this and that – all added in as long as it is pungent and hot enough for the purpose of unseating the incumbents in Putrajaya !

    But life is not as simple as this.

    For a Malaysian Chinese, I say one thing. Please do not get involved with the Bersih-bersihs and their organisers if you do not know these persons intimately. Do not allow yourself to be used by others.

    But you use yourself with self-esteem and vote for the strongest incumbent party in Putrajaya. You cannot go wrong.

    It is your vote that these people without power, are after and your vote will translate into power for them. Why be silly if you can avoid it and stand tall and proud as a Malaysian Chinese ? Why read the same old story twice ? The titanic struggle for power to rule over all of us, Malaysians !

    This should be our finest hour as a collective group in full support of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Country.

  44. Praxis May 17,2012 3:31 PM

    You deal with two issues here. One is the validity of the case for extra legal overthrow of the Government. There is no case. By and large we are safer and more secure materially, cognitively and spiritually than most countries democratic or otherwise.

    Second is police brutality, which is to use their term and agenda for the events. The brutality was on the police. What is the morality of provoking when no issue and then using the alleged brutality as a rallying cry to overthrow a properly elected government?

    Yet this patent dishonesty or black and white thinking is holding sway over our eminent institutions and clergy. Weak minds cannot use their freedoms wisely or with courage. They find succor in submitting to pseudo authorities like the PAP or the Nazi, or AI. Danger in our midst.

  45. HBT456 May 17,2012 11:55 AM

    Good morning YAB,

    14. Copy paste from Malaysiakini on one comment about UMNO’s Law Academy.

    15. Telestai! Nazri is right in saying that the Law Academy would be a good body for lawyers in the academia and those working in commerce. However, I don’t agree with the way he accuses the Malaysian Bar of being partisan just because it spoke out against abuse of human rights and the electoral process. It is the duty of all citizens, individuals or otherwise, to voice out abuses in the system and the ruling political party must accept it gracefully and make amends. Trying to shut out these voices is akin to killing the messenger. A country is like a human body where a pain signal is sent to the brains when one part is unwell. The human being can either dull it with pain killers or treat the problem. In this country, our Government chooses to kill the pain. When all the systems in the country fail, the biggest losers will be its people.

    16. The biggest losers will be the political leaders and their children whom invite their people to break their “rumah kaca” just like what happened to Muslim leaders with no Raja2 Perlembagaan.

    17. I had a small fell in the bathroom last night.

    18. I respect the BAR Council.

    19. UMNO wants respect, earn for it.

    20. If I am Nazri Aziz, I won’t go to Jakarta to make the announcement of Law Academy.

    21. Indonesia tetap hak milik warganegara Indonesia.

    22. Melayu mudah lupa bagai kura dapat cincin.

    23. Bila orang tak nak cakap banyak, itu tidak bermaksud UMNO tu betul.

    24. Many UMNO members are pendatang dari Indonesia just like the Chinese from China, Indians from India.

    25. Anak2 UMNO adalah berlian atau kaca, they should know by now.

    Good day, YAB.

  46. amin tan May 17,2012 11:50 AM

    Dear Tun,


    “Guan Eng hipokrit’ Bekas pengerusi tetap DAP, Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim.

    Muka surat 8

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad “Majlis Peguam sepatutnya menumpu perhatian kepada fungsinya sebagai sebuah badan profesional dan tidak wajar bertindak seperti parti politik.
    Jika Majlis Peeguam masih mahu bertindak sebagai parti politik di negara ini, ia sepatutnya menyerahkan fungsi badan profesional dalam bidang perundangan kepada pihak lain.”

    Pendapat yang amat jitu, tepat dan berketrampilan sekali.

    amin tan

  47. wajaperak May 17,2012 11:07 AM

    Semoga Tun sudi mengizinkan ruangan..

    Madam HBT

    [[6. Anwar, Tok Nik and Hadi Awang pushed for Islam Hukum Hudud, PAS shall loss Kelantan and states ruled by opposition now]]

    Dear madam..The first and basic rule of hudud is knowledge and in the know..Sadly the personalities that you have mentioned is nothing more than men,quacks of the straw..If ever you want to know about hudud, talks to someone in the know like authorized people in the bussines..

    [[7. I am wondering, if Hukum Hudud is implemented in Kelantan, when Muslims steal in a shopping mall caught by PAS Hukum Hudud officers and is proven of stealing, the thief shall be potong tangan in padang PAS by the head of religion?]]

    Now..the art of teaching and informing students or the audience is very tedious one.We should go back to basic of truth and degree of truth.Facts and degree of facts..If you asks me, I will tell you a measures of an answers is the equivalent of the persons who constructed the questionnaires..meaning the propagator of the straws and clutching them like the last straw should get the answers like the straw men they are….:)

    Now the famous story that we can learns something about…
    Even the most hardest Spartan will have to concede defeat if there is traitors in the rank and file..

    The Battle of Thermopylae ( /θərˈmɒpɨliː/ thər-mop-i-lee; Greek: Μάχη τῶν Θερμοπυλῶν, Machē tōn Thermopylōn) was fought between an alliance of Greek city-states, led by King Leonidas of Sparta, and the Persian Empire of Xerxes I over the course of three days, during the second Persian invasion of Greece. It took place simultaneously with the naval battle at Artemisium, in August or September 480 BC, at the narrow coastal pass of Thermopylae (‘The Hot Gates’).
    The Persian invasion was a delayed response to the defeat of the first Persian invasion of Greece, which had been ended by the Athenian victory at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. Xerxes had amassed a huge army and navy, and set out to conquer all of Greece. The Athenian general Themistocles had proposed that the allied Greeks block the advance of the Persian army at the pass of Thermopylae, and simultaneously block the Persian navy at the Straits of Artemisium.
    A Greek force of approximately 7,000 men marched north to block the pass in the summer of 480 BC. The Persian army, alleged by the ancient sources to have numbered over one million but today considered to have been much smaller (various figures are given by scholars ranging between about 100,000 and 300,000),[7][8] arrived at the pass in late August or early September. Vastly outnumbered, the Greeks held off the Persians for seven days in total (including three of battle), before the rear-guard was annihilated in one of history’s most famous last stands.
    During two full days of battle, the small force led by King Leonidas I of Sparta blocked the only road by which the massive Persian army could pass. After the second day of battle, a local resident named Ephialtes betrayed the Greeks by revealing a small path that led behind the Greek lines. Aware that his force was being outflanked, Leonidas dismissed the bulk of the Greek army, and remained to guard the rear with 300 Spartans, 700 Thespians, 400 Thebans and perhaps a few hundred others, the vast majority of whom were killed.
    After this engagement, the Greek navy, under the command of the Athenian politician Themistocles, at Artemisium received news of the defeat at Thermopylae. Since the Greek’s strategy required both Thermopylae and Artemisium to be held, and given their losses, the withdrawal to Salamis was decided. The Persians overran Boeotia and then captured the evacuated Athens. However, seeking a decisive victory over the Persian fleet, the Greek fleet attacked and defeated the invaders at the Battle of Salamis in late 480 BC. Fearful of being trapped in Europe, Xerxes withdrew with much of his army to Asia (losing most to starvation and disease), leaving Mardonius to complete the conquest of Greece. The following year, however, saw a Greek army decisively defeat the Persians at the Battle of Plataea, thereby ending the Persian invasion.
    Both ancient and modern writers have used the Battle of Thermopylae as an example of the power of a patriotic army defending native soil. The performance of the defenders at the battle of Thermopylae is also used as an example of the advantages of training, equipment, and good use of terrain as force multipliers and has become a symbol of courage against overwhelming odds.

    Now..what about Alamo and our own Bukit Kepong?..
    We might perish in the brutal onslaught of overwhelming opposition..But like Spartan we must uphold the principal..

    E Tan..
    E Epi Tan..

    Qou Vadis Spartan?..

    Terima kasih Tun..

  48. Khairul-Dean May 16,2012 11:51 PM

    Police brutality.

    4. But the Bersih demo was actually intended to show police brutality and oppression of the people by the Government. Some of the organisers want to justify to the world their need for extra legal means to overthrow the Government.

    One sits in a quandry; has there ever been more gruesome images of police brutality than from the USA. For lawyers to subscribe to the thought of police brutality is a reflective way of reminding the murders committed by the dishonorable members of PDRM.

    Secret police is another matter of a draconian state; however as was rumored of Husni Mobarak’s government. Can Egypt exhibit a better democracy with a Cabinet Ministers headed by a Ikhwanul Muslimin’s candidate – a silent thoughts goes to Syed Qutb and Hasan Al-Bana.

    Only desperate, demented politicians would hold on to the fantasy of Malaysia being a nation ruled by a tyrannical part lead by a Malay.

    Thus, what better treatment to dementia than lobotomy. But that would be complimenting the neo-nazis.

    Wonderful CHEDET put down of the clones of ambiga.

    It is a fact that PDRM needs to be up to speed with the ways the London Police would handle demonstration of 250,000 participants and adapted to tackling anti-Vision2020 demonstrations successfully. One, however is without contention that this article reminds that removing a government with unconstitutional means is a polite way of say waging war against the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

    One hopes Sembrong will be more ‘in-depth’ when evincing maturity in thinking as Malaysia’s Menteri Dalam Negeri; or are the Bar Council calling him a sissy with a weak water canon, CHEDET.

    Convince the Rakyat that Sembrong has fully comprehend the powers of the Law against threats to national security even when PRU13 is near and he acts judiciously.


  49. Botak May 16,2012 4:45 PM

    BERSIH 3




    BERSIH 3


  50. chiefkampung May 16,2012 2:53 PM


    • I think it’s time for us to really look what’s the intention of all this. It came to a point whereby it doesn’t look like this was all about clean elections or whatsoever holy call they named it.
    • To a certain extend it looks like not only to overthrow the current government but also to overthrow the Malays from continue to become rulers in this country.
    • We must thank to our Rear Admiral and his religiously claimed cahoots that traded Islam to fulfill their personal agenda, in which have greatly divided the Malays unity.
    • Also we must not forget Darth Vader and his junior Anakin Skywalker for bringing up irrational sentiments towards the society in a so called fight for democracy (with more and more gag orders and inappropriate dismissal, how come these ‘dunggus’ can proclaimed themselves as champion of democracy anyway?).
    • In the middle, came this ‘Ambiguous’ lady that laid the tracks for street demonstrations and lately was very fond of the police force.
    • With all the hiccups within the Malay unity today, it’s obviously a clear reason for somebody to make use of this opportunity.
    • Sadly, the Malays continue to fight among themselves.
    • Even after the PRU13, I don’t think that they’ll ever stop from creating nuisance to the society.
    • More issues will be spin and more street demonstrations will be held.
    • They’ll never stop until the National Alliance is still in the possession of power in this country.
    • We have very ‘young’ democracy, but to overthrow a government with violence is not the way.
    • Forget Nik Aziz. If you sit him side by side with a whore, you can’t tell a different. They’re both doing business. One is trading body and the other is trading religion.
    • PAS is as good as dead. They definitely do not represent Islam anymore in anywhere but shaping themselves to be precisely as a cult.
    • In the recent UMNO gatherings, the PM has outlined 7 reasons why the nation should refute the opposition coalition. Why are we not consistently selling this to the public?

  51. Joshua Lopez May 16,2012 2:25 PM

    Amin Tan,

    “You and I follow the same philosophy. Spare the cane, spoil the child.” Amboi-Amboi! You Self Righteous Prick! Questioned Tun about his religious stand many times while ignoring the fact that Religion is open to interpretation and perception. You failed to respect Tun’s philosophy and now you say that you follow Tun’s philosophy???

    “Spare the Can, Spoil the Child?” Aduhai! Feudalism has no limits! The people do not vote a government to be their parents lah! Gone were the days of Parental Governance! This is why UMNO is fading away and begging for another chance. In this ever changing world, buck up from old ways OR Begone! Simple. Never bring in Parental philosophies and anything that follows with it because people will throw you out.

  52. Tuntuah May 16,2012 1:24 PM

    It is pity for the policemen. Buat salah tak buat salah.
    Pity to bar council. No longer independent. Now become anjing pembangkang. Menyalak kepada bukan pembangkang aje. Tak pe la bile ade alternatif selain dari bar council nanti, tau la jadi anjing kurap. Really pity to the lawyers. You all like anjing now. Hehehehe

    So next time biler pulak ader bersih 4? Hope this time polis dudk balai aje. Let this bersih 4 people do the demonstration. And who not like bersih 4. We also kluar beramai ramai. Lets rentap… Bagaimanapun polis tetap salah pasal dok balai. Ishhh teruk profession polis nih… Salah memanjang.

    Tok guru ajaran sesat dan pengikut dier semua. Taubat la.jangan jadi macam orang nasrani. Tu sbb kelantan malang, mundur sebab kemiskinan yang menyebabkan kekufuran.

    Karpal belangkung hudud, umno jugak kene defend. Mana baju merah yang kononnyer gagah? Kecut telor… So tak yah guna agama untuk kepentingan diri. Nerakalah kamu jawapan dier.

    Ishhhh. Bodoh btul dier org nih…

  53. mgpunya May 16,2012 12:53 PM

    YABhg Tun,

    …40,000 irregular voters out of 12 million registered voters.
    I put to you all, that is reasonable doubt !!! I rest my case.

  54. mgpunya May 16,2012 12:15 PM

    YABhg Tun,

    If they have stayed within the barricades it would be like having the demonstration in a stadium.
    Yes, no point!!!
    They did what they did….
    Their intentions were clear right from the begining…
    And, the Police, they did what they have to do…
    I suppose…
    No Bersih….
    No Demonstration…
    No Police….
    No Issues……
    No Stories….
    And maybe,…you and I’d be talking about something else….
    I was out in my garden…by the way.

  55. Joshua Lopez May 16,2012 11:33 AM

    It’s rather peculiar that Amin Tan thinks of himself as a Malay and choose to refer to Ambiga and Irene Fernandez as Indians. Is he aware of the simple fact that Dato’ Samad and many Malays are in Bersih? Which race gave the most support at Bersih? You keep on itimidating and bullying thise two ladies because they are Indians but in actual fact they have no link and relationship with India. They are Malaysians. When people are disatisfied or retaliate in certain manner, an intelligent person will look at the root of the problem and settle it, not point at the race because at the end of the day (if one isn’t a fool), Bersih Gatherings clearly indicate ‘1 Malaysia.’

  56. Joshua Lopez May 16,2012 11:20 AM

    You see Tun,

    In all the points that you have spoken against, it was practised 20 times worse in 1969 when UMNO nearly lost the government. Wasn’t UMNO behind May13th? Wasn’t your good friend Harun the Mastermind? Yes, many people believe that Harun was used by others in UMNO to trigger and administer to the racial riots. That remain Malaysia’s darkest history and it was the doing of UMNO but off course in today’s world UMNO cannot repeat the same bloodyshed because the world has become so much smaller, the whole world is watching. At the end of the day, whether good or bad, the key word is; ‘evolvement.’ The world is fast evolving, many governments and leaders have been removed through the democratic process of through violence (in the middle east where there’s no other means for democracy).

    Honestly, after the 2008 GE, i told myself, UMNO will now learn the need for soul searching, repentence and change but unfortunately, the corruption by the government spiralled as though they were rushing for time to make good cash before they loose the government. Hence they no longer played with millions, they went on to Billions. What we see today is the end result. To top it up, we have a PM who is highly wanted for Murder and The French Courts have the right to call him to their Courts because his business dealing for the submarines was done in France. This is the rule of Law, Not just when you fancy it. Now does UMNO have a successor to Najib? The answer is a resounding ‘No.’

    This country badly needs change, for good or bad, we need change. 54 years of the same government’s reign is just too much for too long and the greed is growing rapidly. It’s time for change and in no way are Malaysians unpatriotic if they choose a new government. Unfortunately, your government and NGOs think that Patriotism and Loyalty to Country means Loyalty To UMNO-BN. This Feudalism cannot and should not be tolerated.

  57. Botak May 16,2012 10:25 AM

    Bersih 3 Demo is Illegal
    The Govt has given the Stadium
    With food and drinks to able Malaysia
    Have a Democratic Voice

    As such assembly, was illegal
    Malaysian Authority must punish these assembly
    But of cause not all the demo,s
    The authority lawfull must arrests
    Ans the law must made a deterrent punishment
    To the organizer , the outspoken spokesmen to the media
    As such assmbly is illegal,
    Their pre arrangement to the media is also illegal
    Despite of what they term as democratic voice

    As in the voice is not democratic
    This voice is a National Threats
    This voice will create chaos to our Nation
    This voice is alike of United States Voice
    It,s a voice to bring down a Nation

  58. HBT456 May 16,2012 8:59 AM



    16. Temporary promoter hired by foreigners are being paid for RM12 per hour + transport and makan allowance as long as they are fit the job and do not steal and ponteng.

    17. The local employers pay us peanuts and expect us to work as dignified staffs.

    18. To these employers, they are timid and kedekut businessmen who think that employees shall wait for them to offer good gaji to support the increasing high living standard.

    19. Anyway, Malaysia economy is booming.

    20. If they don’t pay well, they will have to confront with labour shortage.

    21. Emerging economy never works in Malaysia because of her small population and multi-culture ethnic.

    22. If they pay peanuts, then they can only get monkeys.

    23. When shall the leaf fall, YAB?

    Good day, YAB.

  59. HBT456 May 16,2012 8:09 AM

    Good morning YAB,

    1. Daun sireh tu daun sireh.

    2. A spade is a spade.

    3. Did Tun Dr MM and BN approve for 1 country, 2 political systems behind closed door after 1997 financial crisis, Anwar’s suspected sodomy, 911, SAR, Aceh Tsunami etc….

    4. Pak Lah was appointed and approved by BN to replace Tun Dr MM when the doctor won GE11th in 2001.

    5. Pak Lah pushed for Islam Hadhari, BN lost 4 states on Mar 8, 2008 because of who you know, not whom you know.

    6. Anwar, Tok Nik and Hadi Awang pushed for Islam Hukum Hudud, PAS shall loss Kelantan and states ruled by opposition now.

    7. I am wondering, if Hukum Hudud is implemented in Kelantan, when Muslims steal in a shopping mall caught by PAS Hukum Hudud officers and is proven of stealing, the thief shall be potong tangan in padang PAS by the head of religion?

    8. Guan Eng is not fit to lead DAP because he got carried away with emotion.

    9. Call for GE13, the non-Muslims will show Tok Nik, Hadi Awang and Anwar way out back to where they belong, habis cerita.

    10. Lee Kuan Yew is a not a corrupted shark that jaga the image of shark.

    11. Is our corrupted sharks are protected by Islam and bangsa seperti Amerika?

    12. PM Najib shall got the mandate in GE13th even if he calls the general election now because he is dealing with people who is alive.

    13. Once PM Najib got BN mandate to do what is right, no one would want to join Bersih to anti-government.

    Good day, YAB.

  60. PekerjaKontrakKerajaan May 16,2012 6:54 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Saya mewakil 365orang pegawai kerajaan berstatus ‘Contract For Services’ memohon Tun dapat memberi pandangan tentang
    bidang teknikal di Malaysia.

    Zaman Tun memerintah dahulu, pembangunan sangat pesat dan banyak projek-projek mega kerajaan sehingga bidang teknikal (arkitek, jurutera awam, mekanikal, elektrik dan ukur bahan) dipandang tinggi pada generasi itu.

    Namun kini suara-suara muda kami dipinggirkan dan dinafikan hak (tiada kwsp, tiada GL untuk keluarga, pelbagai) dimana terdapat dalam perjanjian berat sebelah kepada pegawai atasan yang mengambil kesempatan di atas tenaga kami.

    Berikut salah satu rintihan kami pada Menteri Kerja Raya, Datuk Seri Shaziman Abu Mansor pada isu (‘Contract For Services dantara KKR dan SPA yang berlarutan tanpa penyelesaian dan juga hak-hak kami sebahagai pekerja) yang tidak pernah dipandang dan jawapan hanya lepas punggung sahaja.

    BAGI menjayakan pembangunan negara, lebih 600 graduan lulusan ijazah dalam bidang Kejuruteraan Awam, Kejuruteraan Mekanikal, Kejuruteraan Elektrik dan Ukur Bahan telah diambil oleh kerajaan bagi mengisi kekosongan jawatan secara Contract For Service (CFS) di Kementerian Kerja Raya di seluruh negara pada awal 2009.

    Saya bersyukur kerana termasuk dalam salah seorang daripada mereka yang ditempatkan berkhidmat di cawangan, bahagian dan pejabat JKR negeri bagi membantu menyiapkan projek mega kerajaan, termasuk pembinaan lebuh raya dan sebagainya.

    Oleh kerana kami merupakan pegawai yang berkhidmat secara CFS yang diletakkan di bawah Gred J41, kami hanya diberikan gaji dengan tiada kenaikan (statik). Kami tidak mendapat kemudahan untuk Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) tetapi dibenarkan membuat tuntutan perjalanan atau harian sekiranya diarah bertugas di tempat projek.

    Apa yang menyedihkan kami semua, setelah hampir tiga tahun berkhidmat secara CFS, kami yang kebanyakan mengendalikan projek penting di negeri kekal sebagai pegawai kontrak yang masih tidak diserapkan ke jawatan tetap sebagaimana yang dijanjikan sebelumnya.

    Lebih menghampakan ialah walaupun kami diletakkan sebagai pegawai tadbir yang diberikan tanggungjawab mengendalikan pekerja bawahan, gaji yang diterima jelas tidak setimpal dengan kerja terlalu berat yang lakukan. Kadangkala kekurangan wang (sebelum gaji diterima dan ketiadaan kenderaan pejabat) apabila ditugaskan memantau projek di satu-satu tempat yang lokasinya jauh dari pejabat.

    Kadangkala kami terpaksa pula mewakili ketua tempat kami bertugas untuk hadir ke mesyuarat di ibu negara menggunakan wang saku sendiri sebelum dibayar ganti.

    Jadi saya merayu kepada kerajaan supaya dapat mempertimbangkan kedudukan kami memandangkan kontrak perkhidmatan kami yang akan tamat pada hujung tahun ini.

    Bagi mewakili rakan-rakan lain yang kini dalam dilema tentang masa depan, kami sangat berharap Menteri Kerja Raya, Datuk Seri Shaziman Abu Mansor memberikan perhatian kepada nasib kami dengan harapan kami dipanggil untuk temuduga untuk ke jawatan tetap seperti yang dijanjikan.

    Kami adalah golongan yang membantu projek membina negara. Oleh itu pertimbangkan nasib kami.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  61. Ailwan Izzat May 16,2012 5:30 AM

    Dear Tun,
    i’m 18 years old and a very big fan of you. I want to be like you one day and contributes to the people and country. Keep the spirit on and open wide the eyes of the people. Salam.

  62. amin tan May 16,2012 3:29 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Thank you for a good posting again. Let us continue to offer advice and argument for the sake of the well being of the people.. We have to continue to be patient and soldier on. My preference is different as compared to that of the present government. The present government is very patient and tolerant of the Opposition and illegal street demonstrations. They are too soft and careful. My approach is the same like yours, Tun. You and I follow the same philosophy. Spare the cane, spoil the child. I would suggest the government take the following steps to deal with the evil, spiteful opposition parties and their Indian female supporters, Ambiga and Irene Fernandez

    1. Send our Attorney General, Abdul Ghani Patail to Singapore to learn from Lee Kuan Yew the finer points to sue the opposition and the so called alternative media and irresponsible individuals like Ambiga and Irene Fernandez. These people have been accusing the government of all sorts of crimes without any basis or proofs.

    2. Send our Police Director of internal Security to China to study how so effectively they dealt with the student demonstrations at Tiennanmen Square. The Chinese Police use battle tanks and live bullets to shoot and crush the demonstrators. Subsequently, hunt them down in their houses and prosecute them and lock them up in jail for long period.

    Either we choose democracy through general election in a lawful and peaceful manner or we form the government by overthrowing the democratically elected government of the day, by agitating in street demonstration.

    amin tan

  63. eanisazman May 16,2012 1:33 AM

    Salam Tun and All,

    It is very easy to create suspicion. It is the nature of human being to be curious. By creating impression that the election is unfair and violence is used to retain power, any kind of government will fall. Mark the word impression, it does not necessarily mean concrete fact.

    It has been a patern in all other Arab Spring and Asian Summer movement that the Government are cruel, oppresive, unfair and undemocratic. It is about revolution of democracy. When this is painted so dark and gloomy, it exceed the actual fact.

    The fact that Government of Malaysia has manage to develop the country from scratch to progressivley developed country out of so many other countries in the world will tend to be ignored out of anger due to the bad impression created by the media. People will get divided and slowly the country will complete its Asian Summer process.

    As a citizen, I am open to an idea of change. But I have never been convinced on the idea that the other is supposedly the better. I read the contentions made by the Oppsotion and data produced by them about Bersih. I read the explaination from the EC. There are so many accusation flying here and there.

    It is intense political activties going on. I tell you it raises more and more doubts even on the data produced by the Opposition itself. The fact that the Opposition is championing the Bersih fight has never ever been considered as to be politically hijacked by average people.

    If you ask me it is a very clear ‘war of impression’ happening in this country. There has been so many debates in the world that things measured through impression may not necessarily represent actual facts.

    Examine things academically and objectively, despite all the talks, there has been no proven case in court and the Opposition has been given all access on the election control process , results review and vote recounts. In addition to this, the improvement process has been accomodated and is being progressively discussed and executed.

    Was it really necessary to riot or frequent massive street demonstration? If we destroy this country through unlawful means, was it a guarantee that we are going to get more than what we used to have?

    I admit there may be other countries that is better than Malaysia. But we must not reject the fact that we are also better than average countries.

    See the world not just one country nor continent, both sides of the world and you may see clearer. The best fact is that, it is my country and I love my country.

    Didn’t we all?

  64. Jokiden May 16,2012 12:05 AM

    Ybhg Tun,

    I remembered, long time ago you did mention that the secret of this success was..because of…BN.

  65. milshah May 15,2012 11:27 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    Bersih is demonstration organised by NGOs with the aim for the government particularly the Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) to clean up the electorate databank as well as the election process. Citing a study done by academics as the basis for their demand, there is approximate 40,000 irregular voters. This amount is considered small considering the total registered voters 12 million. The NGOs are saying although the amount is small in terms of (0.3%), considering last PRU, small margins can make a difference of who wins or loses.

    I am of the opinion there is no such thing as a perfect voting system. Even in the United States, in the Bush vs John Kerry Presidential Campaign in 2004, when they used high tech electronic voting machine, they still had to do a recount. Each time there was a recount a new number appeared. In the end, Bush won since each time the recount was done, Bush obtain the majority even if each time the recount showed a different no.

    If the electoral system is flawed, therefore the United States should not have a President? Judging from the Bersih, this is probably what they wanted.

    Until the electoral sytem is “Bersih”, there should be no Prime Minister to govern the country.

    In my opinion, there is no such thing as a perfect system. Due to the inherent weakness of any system, we rely on managing risks. For example, no companies would dare declare their audited financial statements is accurate. Why? Because they know due to the inherent weakness in the the audited financial statement can maybe inaccurate, altought the inaccuracy is very immatarial, ie will not affect decision of financial users in their decision. Thus, they use the term the financial statements show “a true and fair view” instead of “true and accurate view”.

    That is why companies have internal and external auditors to check on the system regularly to detect these errors so that the errors would be at a minimal level. Same thing goes for factories, there are regular checks done by the authorities to ensure that the factory is safe.

    Even with this auditing and checking, there are still mistakes and flaws be it in the factories, audit financial statements, etc.

    Does this mean companies should stop producing audited financial statements and factories should close down until a perfect system can be found to rectify this problem?

    Then there is our infamous traffic accidents that causes death in the thousands every year. Should we ban driving as well until a perfect system is found that does not cause any more death?

    I even heard they even have a statics on a probablity you can get struck down by lightning if you get out of the house. Does this mean should always stay indoor because of the risk of getting struck by lightning?

    Similarly there is also the risk of planes going down even if all the precautionary measure are in place. Does this mean we should ban flying plane as well?

    The point I wanted to say, all the above have systems, be it electoral system, financial systems, factory process systems, car traffic system, flight system,etc. All the systems are imperfect, but we still need them to carry on with our daily lives.

    What we do is we manage the risk to ensure the system does not malfunction or not do what is was supposed to do. Having said that, the irregularities of 40,000 voters, to me is insignificant given the fact there is no perfect system. What the SPR should do is, any irregularites that is found, then rectify it. There will continue to be irregularites but do internal audit checks to keep it at a minimal.

    I thank the NGOs that organise the Bersih for finding the irregularities which I think is more of admin work that could have been done by SPR internal audit team. So thank you for the admin work.

    What would be an issue is there is clear tempering of the electoral database, not some irregular due to the inherent weakness of the system. If there is, then it is a different matter altogether, something which the NGOs for Bersih have fail to prove.

  66. malaysian and proud of it May 15,2012 10:51 PM

    Good evening,
    The last general election saw the opposition wresting 4 states from the ruling coalition (eventually reduced to 3).
    If this is not proof of “almost” fair elections then pray tell what is!
    I am at a lost of what is going on with the so-called BERSIH movement. It looks like another “sandiwara” (of which Malaysia is well known for) by the opposition to gather “markah kesian” from the rakyat.
    The Bar Council is also another lame turkey for echoing the clarion call. We are not idiots or mindless creatures. There is the internet that keeps us informed (or misinformed) almost every second of the day.
    Rhetorics and name calling is useless.
    Make a difference.
    Make a statement.
    Make a stand.
    HOW ?
    Register as a voter and VOTE da!
    No tear gas or water cannons necessasy.
    Just a cross at the correct place is louder than all the noise we can humanly make.
    Simple as that.
    Why make things so complicated?
    Simple as that.
    Why make people suffer and worried and lose their focus?
    Lebih cakap dari bikin.
    Thank you.

  67. Botak May 15,2012 5:18 PM

    When one call for Demostration Illegally
    He ought to be arrest
    His call endangered the Nations

    The Law has to abide to the Government
    Singapore is having such system

    Perhaps like Surharto rule in Indonesia
    Chief Hooligans like Nik , Anwar will be assasinated quietly

    Govt Authority must clear these mess
    Bt it wrong or the right
    Legal or Illegal
    Because these Demo is of no excuse
    Will leads to killings and Chaos of a Nation

  68. The Hidden Secret May 15,2012 5:15 PM


    It is only fair if the ‘hooligans’ from both sides, the Kuala Lumpur Bersih 3.0 demonstrators and PDRM been arrested.

    It is unfair to arrest the ‘hooligans’ from the Kuala Lumpur Bersih 3.0 demonstrators while the ‘hooligans’ from the PDRM walked away.

    We do not want any ‘hooligans’, be it from the demonstrators or from those who bears the word “DiRaja” on their uniforms. Hooligans do not deserve to wear uniforms with the word “DiRaja” on it.

    I congratulate the ‘non-hooligan’ demonstrators (eg. Marina Mahathir) and police personnels in Kota Kinabalu, Penang and other cities around the world (including Kuala Lumpur) for their peaceful act and professionalism.

    I condemn the ‘hooligans’ from both, the Kuala Lumpur Bersih 3.0 demonstrators and the Kuala Lumpur PDRM for their hooliganism act.


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