1. I was the first to write in my blog about rare earth, about how difficult it was to rid ourselves from activated rare earth when it was no longer needed.

2. Rare earth can be used for many things and in many ways. The rare earth represented by tin tailing, mostly ilmenite, when activated can be used in colour television. Today colour television uses plasma or LED.

3. This posed a problem of getting rid of the activated rare earth left in Malaysia. Finally it was agreed between Mitsubishi Electric and Malaysia that a site in Perak of almost a square kilometre be reserved for burying under concrete the activated “amang”.

4. Although visitors were banned and no human habitation was allowed at the site, I am told that now there is no more danger of radiation and human dwellings have been built there.

5. The Lynas project is not about activating the rare earth to make it radioactive. It is about extraction of the element to be used in making lithium ion batteries and magnets.

6. Lithium ion batteries are extensively used to power electronic products including mobile phones.

7. We carry in our pockets and use mobile phones all the time, putting them against our ears to hear and speak over the air waves. Obviously they are not harmful. This lithium ion battery does not emit harmful radiation.

8. As I understand it, the Lynas plant in Pahang does not involve activating any of the rare earth components to make them radioactive. The process cannot be harmful. As for the waste, it does not give off harmful radiation either. The waste is just ordinary earth which is normally mixed with the small amounts of rare earth. The necessity to export the waste does not arise.

9. Malaysia is endowed with significant quantities of rare earth. In its natural state it is harmless. Tin tailings or “amang” is probably more likely to give off radio waves than rare earth. The mining and extraction of rare earth can bring much wealth to Malaysia. In fact Malaysia should be producing lithium ion batteries for use in electric and hybrid cars. Today these batteries are being produced in Germany and Britain, using rare earth from China and elsewhere.

10. Lithium ion batteries will be much in demand in the future. They are usually rechargeable and can last for many years.

11. It would be a great loss to Malaysia if misguided people prevent us from extracting and using the high clean electrical capacities of rare earth. Just as the lithium ion batteries in the cellular phones is not harmful even when we carry them everywhere in our pockets and put them to our ears, the mining and extracting of rare earth from Malaysian earth will not harm us in any way.

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  1. nadarajah Jun 14,2012 1:12 PM

    If the LYNAS was that good deal then why have they unable to process in Australia ? Something is not right. What Tun have written is only rationalising what Tun thinks is good oppurtunity. Maybe greed in us for power , wealth and status have droven human mind into dullness which is a unclear of pure motivation but with motivated mooted by the three poisons only.

  2. Nikmat Jun 10,2012 10:45 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum wr wb.
    YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Yg DiRahmati ALLAH swt.

    Isu LYNAS yang diburukkan, difitnahkan, ditomahkan oleh PAS, PKR dan DAP InsyaAllah akan selesai kerana:

    1. Rakyat Msia bukannya bodoh seperti mereka.
    2. Kerajaan wujudkan Lynas kerana tanggungjawabnya untuk menjana pekembangan ekonomi negara bagi kesajahteraan rakyat.
    3. Mereka gunakan Lynas untuk politik …. mereka tersalah langkah, tersalah isu, tersalah kempen, mereka silap BESAR!!!

    Tahniah dan terima kasih YAB TGDrM.

    Allahu Akbar ………….. Takbir taqwa kita.

  3. sultansyarifali Jun 4,2012 4:46 AM

    this article i get from other site:
    Let me make one thing clear from the outset. I have never been a proponent of nuclear power plants. I think there are as many different reasons to avoid them as there are to avoid eating meat. (i.e. medical, political, social, environmental, and economic)


    They are dangerous today (e.g. Fukushima)
    The waste problem will be enormous for many tomorrows to come
    The are incredibly expensive
    They are not carbon free
    They can lead to harder stuff—like nuclear weapons
    They substitute one limited fuel for another
    I strongly believe that we need to address our impending energy and climate crisis by dramatically improving efficiency and reducing demand, while at the same time bringing more and more clean and safe renewables online, preferably in a distributed manner.

    But there is no guarantee that we are going to be able to navigate a smooth transition from our current wasteful, high-intensity economy to a more sustainable one on a timetable that is swift enough to adequately address our rapidly deteriorating climatic stability. As new fast-growing economies come online, pouring more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, there seems to be little inclination on anyone’s part to stop for a few decades to give the atmosphere a chance to digest what’s already up there. So the CO2 levels continue grow, even as we have already crossed the maximum safe threshold of 350 ppm.

    So, despite my aforementioned bias, when a friend told me about a little-known alternative nuclear energy source, that purportedly addresses all of the above-mentioned concerns and could conceivably become widely available in a short time, I thought this might be something worth considering as an interim solution.

    We could use a bridge of 20-50 years to allow our existing fossil infrastructure to be gracefully decommissioned while the new efficiency and renewable supply regime develops and matures.

    The use of thorium as an energy source for nuclear power plants was first demonstrated at the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in the early 1960’s. The main reason it was outgunned by uranium as the fuel of choice was because it did not produce plutonium as a byproduct, which, at the time, the DOD needed, in large quantities, to fuel our emerging nuclear weapons program.

    There is widespread consensus among scientists that thorium is as “a safer, cleaner and more abundant alternative fuel,” when compared to uranium. It is less radioactive and more proliferation resistant. Its reaction in a molten-salt reactor (MSR) does produce U233 but that is apparently not a weapons-grade material. Thorium is about four times more abundant in nature than uranium. The largest reserves are in Australia, India, and the US.

    The modern version of the MSR is the Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR). This design is considered especially safe because of its inherent properties. The reactor core is not pressurized. Any increase in temperature results in a reduction in power, thus eliminating the problematic runaway meltdown scenario. If the fluid should get too hot, a salt plug at the bottom of the tank simply melts dumping the entire mess in to a storage vessel directly below the reactor.

    The waste scenario is also quite encouraging. Thorium produces about a thousand times less waste throughout the supply chain than uranium. Then it is almost entirely consumed in the reaction. Of the remaining quantity, which is quite small (I’ve been told it’s about the size of a coke can for every billion kilowatt hours), 83% is safe within ten years and the rest (17%) requires 300 years of storage before it becomes safe. While that is still a long time, it is far more manageable than the 10,000 years required for today’s spent fuel.

    There are no other known issues. The technology is still unproven and questions remain about the economics and the specific turbine-generators that would mate with these reactors have yet to be designed. It is expected to cost far less than conventional reactors and because of its simplicity, it can be scaled down to the point where one can be carried on the back of a tractor-trailer and used in a distributed manner.

    Of course, if we look from life-cycle analysis perspective, thorium power, like all forms of nuclear power, is not truly carbon free. A good deal of carbon must be used in construction, transportation, maintenance and disposal. I’ve not seen such an analysis done, but it does appear to have a footprint that is considerably smaller than that of uranium.

    While this technology was invented in the US, it is China and India that are pursuing its commercialization most aggressively. Earlier this year China announced its plan to press forward with Thorium at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. While the US DOE set up an international collaborative R&D initiative called Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems, China has made it clear that, seeing the tremendous opportunity here, they intend to go it alone.

    kalau pun ada thorium waste di lynas tu so what? kita dapat free energy dari australia kita tak payah beli pun kita buat saja loji nuclear guna technology LTFR kjaan china and india sure boleh tolong bangunkan. rakyat senang dapat kerja dapat pula bill electric murah.kerajaan pula boleh la dapat undi lebih. kepada yang anti lynas tu fikirlah ramai lagi malaysian yang memerlukan project ni secara tidak langsung.
    tapi ini semua bergantung kepada keberanian dan ketegasan najib sebagai pm. kalau dia berani proceed 2 3 kali untung dari isu ni yang rugi hanyalah enviromentalist yg pentingkan diri sendiri. tapi kalau dia tak berani proceed yang rugi rakyat dan enviromentalist tak dapat apa-apa pun yg diorg dapat diorg punya ego dan ideology di puaskan. lihatlah betapa ego hbt456 kalau lynas batal ego dia saja yang puas tapi rakyat malaysia rugi kerajaan rugi.

  4. sultansyarifali Jun 4,2012 4:16 AM

    there is other way to get rid the waste. as i google the thorium waste is not realy waste it can generate cheap electricity. as sabahan we all was hit by expensive electricity bill. with just 1hp air conditioner bill electricity now can up to rm300. this is not fair for many malaysian where the rich can live comfort but the low level of society have to pay at the expense of the rich. if government want to win the election they better to seek out alternative way to generate cheap electricity. as sabahan and umno member i still think twice how i gonna vote! if condition like this still continue. government need to consider nuclear power plant maybe using thorium as fuel or uranium a like. stop argue with some rich class citizen about environment issue as the issue can solve with new technology advancement.
    i still think and find some reason to give my wala or baiah to this government.
    government should continue the dinar project not trow the dinar project into the dustbin as i found out its can give the people relieve of the pain effect of inflation.
    if government continue with some worthless bashing the morality of opposition and flip flop economy issue then the najib government still have validity to govern us now?
    1 malaysian prop is failure we don’t need it now. we need true revolution. all we want is the alternative way to get rid of this old financial system but so far najib has failed to show the alternative way.
    all we have now same old story with obsolete subject. i feel our country lost direction now. with no preparation and plan for the global financial collapse seem our leader now still sleep.
    below i list some of good and radical ideas maybe tun can tell our pm najib:
    1) revive the idea of dinar and dirham
    2) use alternative cheap energy like nuclear energy
    3) petrol subsidies: need to revalue or change eg:
    rm1.20 for proton and perodua car
    rm1.9 for outsider(imported) car below 1.6cc
    rm2.50 1.6-3000cc car
    rm3 for luxury car and suv car
    this price i think more win win situation where the rich have more money so they can pay petrol with less or without subsidies. and it can give car national maker new kind of protection from outside competition for low level car.

  5. mubarakchan May 30,2012 1:43 PM


    For HBT456.

    I have been an apolitical student of the good and the great on both sides of the hallowed Causeway since October 1951.

    Please stick to facts and not on emotions.

    I am not anti anybody or pro-Singapore.

    Go and check on the achievements of your favourite icon LKY in his own book at the entrance to the great University of Cambridge. Facts are facts.

    In your lifetime, HBT456, you will see the final Story of Singapore unfolding.

    Do you know that because of the 2 child policy of Singapore in the 1970s and 1980s, a generation of Singaporean Chinese disappeared in the wash ? The Singaporean leadership hit themselves ! Do you know that foreigners are now imported like cattle to replace the Singaporeans that should be born ?

    I refer you to Asiachannelnews November 2008 Lee Kuan Yew, all Singaporean Blogs January 2009 – 2011, Financial Times. London. Gillian Tett. April 2010. ‘The Singapore Harvard Model’.

    Please do not criticise me who based all my writings on facts from Singapore !

  6. junechang May 30,2012 12:55 AM


    Totally agreed with
    Faizal Amran May 23, 2012 at 1:16 pm
    Faizal Amran May 21, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    I am not specialist in nuklear/ radioaktif … But if Tun mentioned above is true then our government and Lynas Corp should explain it in Newspaper/any Malaysia public and popular media to let every resident here to understand without a single question.

    After explanation in ad, maybe most of us can have answer for the questions like..

    a) Why Lynas cannot develop this plant in Australia? Why if Lynas cannot get permission from Australia’s goverment ? Then why Malaysia approved this project in term of reject by Aus’s govm?

    b) What are the reasons make Malaysia’s government approved this Lynas project but with “Tax Exemption” selama 12 tahun? Why “tax exemption”?

    c) How and where the “by product” “Thorium” operate and throw in safe way? How to gurantee in safe way?

    d) Is it Dangerous if Plant “damage”? Do we have enough facilities to solve it?

    e) Is it Dangerous if people,animal or tree direct contact/touch the by product?

    and etc…


  7. cherry May 29,2012 11:12 AM


    Ha ha ha….you are soooo angry. Lain kali kalau takut dikritik atau dikecam maka janganlah mengkritik atau mengecam orang lain macam awak seorang saja yang pandai sangat.

    Wow, I am not taking what you have “condemned” me personally. I am not going to stoop so low (I too have many many silly and bad words to reply) but will not reply as I have been brought up with good manners by my parents. I only gave my opinion on the facts from history (which many people tend to forget or buat-buat lupa ).

    If you do not like it then fine but you can never change history.

    But you surely can change your attitude as it clearly shows here your level of IQ and EQ are nothing to be proud of.

    There are many many smart and professional people contributing and reading in this blog. I can’t say you are one of them after reading your insult to me. I am a professional but may be not as good as many here but I would not want to be associated to you. At least I have mubarakchan with me…Thanks !

    Cheer up anyway ! I hope your insulting words is not the result of a very bad childhood. I think you are still young by the way you insulted me. Sorry, but I am laughing now.

  8. HBT456 May 29,2012 8:12 AM

    Good morning YAB,

    *This is the best one in order to follow the flair and flow of Tok Det via Modernized Malaysia Dilemma in chedet blog in my perspective subject to the blog owner’s style…..

    22. The comment by mubarakchan May 27, 2012 at 11:11 am on What to do with the Brigades of Singapore Guards of ageing Gurkhas, F-16, Apaches, AWACS, brigades of rusting old tanks, submarines, spies etc.? Foist them on to Africa, and become the World’s Best Arms Trader ! makes me wonder is Singapore a shadow enemy or opponent to him personally?

    23. WMD Arms Trading is tricky and not straight forward like what “he” thinks.

    24. Why?

    25. Even though we want to buy these WMDs, they are not willing to promote or sell to Malaysia after what we saw the lawless power struggling via WMDs in the poorest Islam states of Southern Thailand, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle-East and Northern Africa.

    26. Arms Trading is pragmatic and challenging that needs us to breakthrough the dynamics and happenings of human weakness via compulsory strict requirements in this industry that can save or uphold more people better lifestyle from the lawless warlords.

    27. In order to save us from lawless warlords, we must move a head of them.

    28. Arms Trading is not selling Saga or Kancil in malls whereby the sellers just sell their products to the willing buyers via monopoly policy.

    29. I can read from his comments that one of Mubarak Chan’s past time hobby is reading books in killing in his remaining years as retiree since he is very comfortable to what he has earned and achieved in Malaysia via English Language only, he starts to look backward by telling us his past achievements bedtime story of Snow Whites when we have Shrek in movies.

    30. Many people do not like to read and prefer to watch big and small screen pictures made by the world entertainment leaders.

    31. Malaysia is developed by all multi-ethnic Malaysians via political parties.

    32. We should be glad to see many people are voicing out their displeasure of government policies.

    33. When I prefer to exist gracefully means I have decided not to waste time in joining them in politicizing all issues in life since I am not a member of any registered political parties and NGOs in Malaysia.

    34. As long as I hold ID issued by KDN Malaysia, I have decided to be a responsible Malaysian when I cast vote in my constituency.

    35. I cast my vote to BN because PAS, PKR and DAP cannot form a strong government today.

    36. No Malaysians want to be lead “by” shadow cabinet of DAP’s Tunku Aziz and “the” likes.

    37. No wonder, sampai sekarang, DAP, PAS and PKR are heading neither here nor there.

    That’s all, YAB.

  9. HBT456 May 28,2012 7:28 AM

    Good morning YAB,

    12. Allow me as Malaysian Chinese to tell off this ugly maverick yang buta huruf BM, BI, BM, BT and BJ cherry May 25, 2012 at 10:46 am.

    13. He as bangsa Melayu is not welcome on the land of my constituency where I vote.

    14. Middle-age has melted my heart as KL origin as I shall retaliate via vote to tell him off that I do not want to see “pendatang sial dan celaka ni of duri dalam daging” to rule over my land.

    15. Unless cherry thinks that Tun Dr MM tu bodoh and nyanyuk whom can be manipulated by cherry excuses in mempertahankan Perkasa Akta Perlembagaan 153 which could be changed in Parliament.

    16. He can do what he likes, but hutang ala kutu kena dibersihkan sebelum cherry berlayak mempertahankan akta ini.

    17. YAB, please “do” not feel sorry for these kampung cowboys if YAB wants BN to work for the country as Malaysian Ministry under Malaysia PM.

    18. Votes no longer reliable when Malaysia economy is maturing via bonds approved by Federal Government, bukan Bangsa UMNO atau Melayu.

    19. We do not support Lynas because we do not have confidence with Banga Melayu ala cherry ni.

    20. Lynas plant is dangerous to the neighborhood if Lynas is run by these tyrants of “Aku ni King kerana Aku ni ada kad Akta Perlembagaan 153″ whom can dodoikan Bangsa Melayu sentimen in destructing the plan as and when they see fit.

    21. I am sure YAB knows what was like in clearing the Bukit Merah case.

    That’s all, YAB.

  10. Nikmat May 27,2012 11:11 AM

    YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Yg DiRahmati Allah swt

    1. Lynas adalah projek yang menjana ekonomi negara.

    2. Sebagai rakyat Malaysia semua mesti sokong projek yang menguntungkan negara dan rakyat.

    3. Yang tidak mahu sokong, tentulah bukan rakyat Malaysia sebab Malaysia bukan negara dia. Bagi dia mengapa mahu bersusah payah kayakan negara orang

    4. MasyaAllah, Pas haprak kenapalah tak nampak2……… nama pun haprak!

    Allahu Akbar ………………. takbir taqwa dari kita.

  11. mubarakchan May 27,2012 11:11 AM


    For Cherry.

    I agree with most of your comments on the attitude and behaviour of some of the Malaysian Chinese who should know better about their very existence and wherewithal in our beloved Malaysia.

    We do not have to kow-tow.

    Let me relate to you my own personal experience and how I came to have certain thoughts and actions with my fellow compatriots in this beautiful land of ours.

    One cold and rainy day in a town in East Anglia, I felt home sick and wandered into a bookshop. I chanced upon a book ‘ British Malaya ‘ by Frank Swettenham which I read with great interest. And then, I bought another ‘ The Malays ‘ by Richard Winstedt. I never thought much about the other people in my homeland when I was young because there were so few Malays in the towns.

    I was compartmentalised in a colonial environment.

    Then, I began to bump into many Malays in the course of my studies and found I could get on very well with them. In fact, I asked one of them why he liked me. His answer was that he felt comfortable with me.

    Fast trek forward to the present.

    It was the political leadership of the Malaysian Chinese which let them down. The majority of the Malaysian Chinese are hard-working and law abiding as regards politics, they are up a pole. Thanks to the weakness of their political leadership. It was fine and dandy when there was strong leadership from the erstwhile partners but when the time came, like now, when the MCA had to stand and fight – they found they had feet of clay !

    From 1949 to the present, all of them were not qualified to lead except one and he was a bit of a maverick and soon was discarded. At the end, all became multi-billionaires or multi-millionaires since 1949 !

    The Malaysian Chinese political leadership by focussing on the garnering of money for their retirement was distracted from the real tasks at hand which were working closely and explaining to their constitutents the reasons for their existence in this beloved country and as well as to work and interact with the other communities which are important in a diverse country.

    They forgot they were politicians.

    Instead, the Malaysian Chinese ended up as being synonymous with money. I think I may be the only one who can say this is not so. And most important of all, many many from the other communities also benefitted from the hard-work of the Malaysian Chinese.

    I can personally vouch for this during my life-time.

    It is at a time when the elephants come out to do battle that the Malaysian Chinese are confused and in doubt. As I have said many a time to these compatriots of mine that they should not be used by others and vote for the strongest incumbent political party in Putrajaya. And they will not go wrong for peace, stability, security and loyalty to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

    Malaysian politics are now fuelled by emotions by big big dollops of poison to the minds of the unwary. You are right, Cherry, how many of us bother to read a book nowadays especially a history book. In a nation of millions, we must expect some to speak nonsense. This is why I have always said the MCA must do their job as one of the solid anchors of the BN. But where are you, MCA ? In Perth ?

    Common things like vernacular schools, the Mandarin language, jobs, promotions, scholarships, licences etc are still with us since 1950 ! Hence, your legitimate complaint, Cherry !

    It is never too late MCA to do your allotted task which is now jolly hard work !

    And as for Singapore, it is a failed State. Their leadership destroyed a generation of Singaporeans which should have been born and now they are importing people like cattle to fill in the unintended void. Their much touted meritocracy regime which is based on money and academic qualifications also failed because the smartest fellow at the tip of the pyramid made the wrong call and lost US $ 108 Billions of Trust money in a jiffy in October 2008. Vide. Asiachannelnews November 2008. All Singapore Blogs January 2009-2011, Financial Times Gillian Tett April 2010 ‘ Singapore’s Harvard Model ‘

    See, Cherry, how important it is to be able to think out of a box e.g Singapore’s elite inability to do so.

    So, Cherry, do not be surprised when Singapore becomes the 53rd State of the Union of the United States or a British Dependency again.

    What to do with the Brigades of Singapore Guards of ageing Gurkhas,
    F-16, Apaches, AWACS, brigades of rusting old tanks, submarines, spies etc.? Foist them on to Africa, and become the World’s Best Arms Trader !

  12. t_angleD May 26,2012 6:38 AM

    by the way, thanks tun for being a great leader, i really proud i had you as our prime minister,everyone love you.and do you know what my arab friend said to me about you.he said,mahathir should be arab.he said arab will be better places if you born as arab.tun,you will always be remembered as father of malaysia 🙂 thank you tun and lots of people do love you

  13. t_angleD May 26,2012 6:24 AM

    i already did a brief case studied what happen in china and in bukit merah,they are no proper waste management being issued for both but china is much worst.currently,china had a lot of illegal rare earth plantation.and because they are not proven by their government,their plantation being build as cheap as possible to avoid any loss cause the government can seize the land and plantation anytime they they end up throw the waste in their own backyard.when people said that people in china get sick because of thorium,they need to consider few facts.70% of china river is heavily polluted by chemicals.this means that you cant even drink,but more than 50% of the citizen depends from this polluted water.china is so messed up with their environment.its is really disturbing for us to see lots of data,how the water,soil and air is being heavily polluted that lots of people die because of it.even if the factory is been proven by the china government,the standards is too low because they need to produce cheap products.and this is not just about thorium/rare earth plantation,but many other chemicals and industries.

    and for bukit merah,they have really poor management,they release chemicals in the river,and they dont manage their waste properly,but thats in 1970.where our country is poor nation and under development.even im in 20s,i know that our country grown so fast under your leadership.malaysia use to be a poor country.and people back then are mostly uneducated.

    plus thorium is not dangerous,billions years of radiation meaning is safe.why?it mean the same thorium we had in 2012 is almost the same amount we had billions years ago.short half life means=high reactivity.long half life=low this case,billion half life is consider as background rays.

    china=no waste management,they just throw everything in the water,air,soil around their plantation,this is not about rare earth plant.almost all industries in china did this.
    bukit merah=poor waste management, chemical being dump in river as well,but at least they have a disposal site,but sadly the disposal site is really in a bad shape
    lynas=i think lynas can deal with it,because if they did a small mistake,its will jeopardize their name and income

    we are not in 1970.we are in other country they already had research on asteroid to create a long term battery.we going to be left behind if everyone scared to developed.

    for example how i see the this case,china buang sampah merata-rata,bukit merah buang sampah setempat tapi bukan dalam tong sampah=end up kotor

    lynas,its not being operated,but common la,its 2012,this is the technology era .do you think the technique use in ARE will be the same in lynas?hell is developing really fast.

    p/s:Professor Xu Guangxian is the father of rare earth in come he can live until 89 years old if its really dangerous as others claim?

  14. wajaperak May 25,2012 10:41 PM

    Semoga Tun sudi mengizinkan ruangan..

    Iskandar Shah 2..

    [[9-To these bearded Taliban old men they are only living the ‘sunnah’. I guess these poor girls would be rewarded with paradise with every hurtful penetration they had to endure.This cannot be the teachings of Islam,no matter how desperately Wajaperak and bubbles wants to uphold it]]

    Who me?..
    Why would anybody listen and mind of little unsignificant not worthy of any scholar that is me?…
    Why indeed?…..:)
    Dear mister..
    Oh dear….
    Islam is all about justice…
    To uphold the justice..and appearing to hold them..
    When one have contention with other’s there must be refrains..
    Control must be applied..
    Application of adherent to convention..
    Ties that binds..
    One must concede…In orders to proceed..
    So..What common grounds that we have with this ‘Quranist’ self proclaimer?..Yes..Yes..Yes..Yes..Yes
    Self proclaimer..
    We might not agree on many things..
    How about we works along the refine of the agreed?
    Do we agree that you use Tajwid in reading Al Quran?..
    How do you read them in Tartil?
    How do you admit role playing?
    Blaming women for refusing their role as mother for fear pain of childbearing is right or wrong?
    What is your role in Islam apart trying to shows your hatred?
    Remember your intense hatred towards Azan and Majlis Ceramah?…
    Can you admit the basic impotency?…
    Sorry I meant….Inability to read Al Quran by their proper architechture?…

    Terima kasih Tun..
    Kucin kurap have spoken..I mean…meow..

  15. MiddleAges May 25,2012 6:53 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. Tun, what on rare earth is ” National Professors’ Council “. What actually do they do, what do they profess to be ? It sounds like a “i am a clever man” club to me. If they are so smart, how is it we have so many problems in our society ?

    Thank You Tun

  16. cherry May 25,2012 10:46 AM


    You are one of the ungrateful and tamak chinese I have ever encountered.

    No surprise as you refused to read and understand the history on why your forefathers came to Malaysia. What have they agreed before being accepted by the Malays here. Why on earth did they come here in the first place? Did the Malays force them out of China to come here and then you (after many years) got frustrated with the Government policies and trying to hard to champion “your rights” and hitting Tun M and the Government ???

    Are you going to complain about why there atre many chinese schools all over Malaysia catering for your people when there is no such schools anywhere else in the world ?

    You just want more and more and more. Maybe you should go back to where your forefathers came as this country and the leaders are not up to your “standard”. They are bad. So please give yourself a break.

    The DEB quota is 30% whereas it should be 60% according to the Malays percentage. You have 70% to make the most of it and yet you are complaining.

    Look at Singapore. This is “natural” for chinese to monopoly and sideline the Malays. We will not let it happen to malaysia. Maybe Singapore is your next destination as China is crowded with people and many of them have and trying hard to “cari makan” in Malaysia and you are here complaining…..

  17. Idea May 25,2012 6:51 AM

    Dear Tun,

    May you always be in good health.


    1. Thorium is a byproduct of Monazite. Monazite is a byproduct of tin minerals. Tin mining was once a major economic activity in Malaysia. Malaysia still has a number of tin mines today.

    2. It is estimated that Malaysia has a Thorium reserve of 4,500 metric tonnes. In 2007, about 800 metric tonnes of Thorium were mined in Malaysia.

    3. Thorium is generally used in refractories, incandescent lamp mantles, aerospace alloys, welding electrodes and nuclear fuel.

    4. I just hope Malaysia thinks twice before building a nuclear power plant. Western countries have been using ‘nuclear threat’ as an excuse to compromise the sovereignty of Islamic countries.

  18. Botak May 25,2012 2:42 AM

    Eh Americans Spring !
    Where is Bush Cheney Runsfeld and Blair ?
    Any of you see him
    They are the cause of the Europe Chaos
    Now they stay silent

    We ought to find them
    Deliver them to World Criminal Court

    They are playing golf and ea are suffering

  19. zulkiflee May 24,2012 11:27 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun,

    apa saja pendapat yg Tun suarakan pasti ada pendapat-pendapat yg menyokong dan membantah.itu memang perkara biasa.

    cuma yg luarbiasa nya yg membantah hanyalah orang-orang kafir seperti joshua lopez dan donplaypunk,andrewtay, d.tan,s.tan dan segala macam setan yg bergentayangan di bumi kita tercinta ini.

    kekafiran yg begitu meluap-luap dikalangan mereka membutakan mata mereka dari apapun kebenaran yg cuba Tun tunjukkan.tapi tak kisah lah,sebab bukan tanggungjawap kita untuk mencelikkan mereka.

    cuma masalah nya,dalam pada mereka terus mengutuk kita,mereka masih terus tinggal menumpang di Negara kita.ini lah masalah nya.

    dan pemimpin tertinggi kita pula memberi isyarat yg salah dgn huluran salam 1Malaysia nya.ini pun satu masalah juga.sebab kita sesama Islam,tak kira apa bangsa memang lah 1Malaysia.

    tapi orang-orang kafir ini? mereka adalah 1Masaalah dan harus di kenali dgn nama ini,bukan 1Malaysia.

    didunia yg sudah semakin maju ini,sangat lah menghairankan kita masih terpaksa berhadapan dgn orang-orang yg otak dan akhlak nya masih terperangkap di zaman batu.

    sembah batu satu hal jugak,masih boleh kita tutup sebelah mata.tapi otak yg belum ber-evolusi dan akhlak bawah-sifar,tidak lah layak kita diamkan di Negara ini berlama-lama.

    ada banyak negara yg lebih sesuai dan lebih setaraf dgn akal mereka,namun di sini juga mereka pilih menumpahkan bisa.

    Tun,seandai nya kita diamkan mereka,banyak lagi Ambiga yg akan timbul mengganggu-gugat setiap projek membangunkan Negara.

    lihat saja Ambiga…seorang wanita seperti dia,yg kalau di negara asal nya,undi nya boleh dibeli cuma dgn segelas air sejuk,tapi di Negara ini menuntut pilihanraya yg Bersih….

    orang-orang kafir di Negara ini sangat bertentang dgn logika akal.namun mereka pandai bercakap.lidah lebih bengkok dari sungai,lebih liuk dari ular dan lebih kotor dari sampah.

    tapi seperti kata orang-putih mengenai strategi pemasaran, with proper packaging,they always managed to sell their inferior product at high price.

    itu yg banyak anak-anak kita terpengaruh tu……

    terimakasih Tun

  20. MiddleAges May 24,2012 10:54 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. As i said previously, safety is perhaps not the prime concern really. It is the big lucrative gains out of this project, at the expense and the well being of the people in and around Lynas that is at the heart of the issue.

    2. Lynas is perhaps a precedence to many more natural resources projects. If the government intends to operate like this, without good consultation, good involvement, and good sharing of revenue with us Malaysians, citizens who ought to benefit by virtue of being in the resource rich area, then i’m afraid there will be continuous protests and the spirit of adventure and discovery totally killed of.

    3. What i mean is that what’s the point of anyone studying what more can be done from our rich and diversified natural resources, when eveytime it is the government who calls the shots, when everytime people have to fight for their rights. One might as well just watch Astro and then sleep ad infinitum.

    4. The government does not think or care about the younger generation, who ought to be given the chance to explore nature, to give the best they can give to our nation. By being big bully brother, the youngsters eventually become lazy. ” Nak buat apa kerja susah2 bang, masuk politik saja, boleh dapat banyak duit.” That is what they say. It is so sad, but i truly do not fault them for it, for thinking like that.

    5. We are already well behind in Science and Technology, but we are lucky to have abundant rich natural resources. These however remain locked unless we learn to benefit from them, And we should benefit as a community. The government says “rakyat di dahulukan”, then i presume the rakyat will be well informed, well educated and given fair share of Lynas ? No ?

    6. Are we really in need of Lynas ? One microgramme of radioactive susbstance floating in the air or water is enough to generate cancer cells for the next millenium. The unlucky receipient of this substance, will likely not even know he or she ingested such a substance. The poor vctim suffers his whole life. Is Lynas worth his life or livelihood ? How many lives is worth the risk it brings ? Why not the lives of those VIPs ever so keen on this project. I say we dig around their homes. Maybe ancient viruses will also surface which medical science has yet to find the antidote, maybe some freak ebola, that ought to slow down their issuance of digging permits real quick i think.

    7. I don’t mean to scare people into submission. But i truly believe the people of Lynas has to be with the government on this 100% before the government makes business decisions. Because, kesian lah Tun, those people they are up against a government so powerful, a government that is so used to doing just anything they like. I have nothing to do with Lynas, but who knows the future i might find some nice discovery in the ocean, and then here we go again, the government will simply sweep me away, declare whatever it is i found national treasure, call TV3, and i go back to my long sleep, dreaming of a fairer country.

    8. Is this how we do things ? If so, we will not advance, i think. We remain as natives watching others come and exploit our natural resources, rule over us, tell us what to think, and best of all give us some pocket money in return for the immense looting. And says that that is fair.

    9. I’m sorry Tun, i don’t think it is fair at all how Project Lynas is being projected. I do not know how many people agree with me on this, but i feel neglected. I feel the government main concern is just economic progress, at the expense of our well being and social services. With high income/salary, high cost of living, silly laws, bad public services, we have plenty of work to do to make living here meaningful. Shouldn’t this be priority instead of digging around for gold ?

    Thank You Tun

  21. Botak May 24,2012 8:28 PM








  22. Khairul-Dean May 24,2012 5:37 PM

    Salam Hormat

    What Is The Cost For Cutting Edge Technology Waste Disposal?
    (is that lynas in gebeng that cheap?)

    9. Malaysia is endowed with significant quantities of rare earth. In its natural state it is harmless. Tin tailings or “amang” is probably more likely to give off radio waves than rare earth. The mining and extraction of rare earth can bring much wealth to Malaysia. In fact Malaysia should be producing lithium ion batteries for use in electric and hybrid cars. Today these batteries are being produced in Germany and Britain, using rare earth from China and elsewhere.

    One hopes that Dr. Mahathir is thinking straight when he wrote this the above.
    The Metal’s Edge
    The Rare Earth Dilemma: China’s Rare Earth Environmental and Safety Nightmare
    Cindy Hurst November 15th 2010
    Cutting Edge Energy Writer

    Energy / Environment – chinese processing minerals

    Last week, the Cutting Edge News published the first article of a three-part series about rare earth elements, which focused on their role in energy security. This is the second of three articles, focusing on some of the environmental implications of rare earth elements.

    The topic of rare earth elements (REE) has been drawing a lot of attention from the international media and at the Congressional level. China currently has an iron grip on the REE industry, supplying over 95 percent of the world’s needs. This is significant because REEs are used in hundreds of high tech applications, including cellular telephones, laptop computers, iPods, critical military applications, and green technologies.

    In an effort to reduce dependence on foreign imported oil and natural gas, many countries are turning more and more to green technologies, such as wind powered generators, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and energy saving compact fluorescent lamps, all of which require an abundance of REEs.

    The fact that REEs are needed for green technologies is shrouded in irony because of the potential environmental implications of mining and processing them.

    Mining and processing REEs presents environmental risks. Whereas the U.S. observes strict environmental policies on mining and other activities, a major concern surrounding China’s practice of mining REEs is the negative impact it has had to the environment due to lax mining practices. Unfortunately, because of the revenue potential, many rare earth mines have been operating illegally, or with little supervision and little to no regulation, causing severe environmental hazards.

    According to an article published by the Chinese Society of Rare Earths, “Every ton of rare earth produced generates approximately 8.5 kilograms (18.7 lbs) of fluorine and 13 kilograms (28.7 lbs) of dust; and using concentrated sulfuric acid high temperature calcination techniques to produce approximately one ton of calcined rare earth ore generates 9,600 to 12,000 cubic meters (339,021 to 423,776 cubic feet) of waste gas containing dust concentrate, hydrofluoric acid, sulfur dioxide, and sulfuric acid, approximately 75 cubic meters (2,649 cubic feet) of acidic wastewater plus about one ton of radioactive waste residue (containing water).” Furthermore, according to statistics conducted within Baotou, where China’s primary rare earth production occurs, “all the rare earth enterprises in the Baotou region produce approximately ten million tons of all varieties of wastewater every year” and most of that waste water is “discharged without being effectively treated, which not only contaminates potable water for daily living, but also contaminates the surrounding water environment and irrigated farmlands.”

    The disposal of tailings also contributes to the problem. Tailings are the ground up materials left behind once the rare earth has been extracted from the ore. Often, these tailings contain thorium, which is radioactive. Generally, tailings are placed into a large land impoundment and stored. In the United States strict controls are put into place and permits are required to store tailings. According to Wang Caifeng, China’s Deputy Director-General of the Materials Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, producing one ton of REEs creates 2,000 tons of mine tailings. Wang said that China has sacrificed greatly in its extraction of rare earths.

    While it has been taking steps to solve the problem, China still has a way to go before it achieves any semblance of control over the environmental damage that occurs from its mining and processing of REEs. According to a representative of one Chinese factory in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, money is one of the key issues behind the environmental damage from REEs. The representative pointed out that while companies will put some money toward more environmentally friendly mining processes, others opt to keep those expenses at a minimum to maintain their competitive edge in the market. The costs associated with environmental improvements are absorbed by the customers. Another factor within China’s industry is that the land belongs to the government and not to the factories. Therefore, if a rare earth producer pays a large sum of money for machinery or processes that are more environmentally friendly, that investment could be suddenly lost because the government can choose to take back the land for any number of reasons, such as building a new road through the property. This reduces the incentive to meet any type of environmental standards. Furthermore, the Chinese government does not provide any financial support to help companies meet environmental standards.

    In Bayan Obo, the ore is mined and then transported back to Baotou via open railway cars, where it is then processed. Unfortunately, with old, outdated technology, equipment, and little oversight, the waste finds its way into the Yellow River, which passes by the south side of Baotou and travels another 1,300 miles, through mountainous terrain as well as through heavily populated areas before finally dumping into the Yellow Sea.

    In 2005, Xu Guangxian, who is considered the father of China’s rare earth industry, wrote that thorium was a source of radioactive contamination in the Baotou area and the Yellow River. This seems to also be born out by local observers, such as one local man who stated, “In the Yellow River, in Baotou, the fish all died … They dump the waste— the chemicals into the river. You cannot eat the fish because they are polluted.” Some 150 million people depend on the river as their primary source of water.

    Under traditional technology means, refining REEs requires such chemicals as ammonium bicarbonate and oxalic acid. The potential health hazards of ammonium bicarbonate include: irritation to the respiratory tract if inhaled, irritation to the gastrointestinal tract if ingested, redness and pain if it comes in contact with the eyes, and redness, itching, and pain if it comes in contact with the skin. Oxalic acid is poisonous and potentially fatal if swallowed. It is also corrosive and causes severe irritation and burns to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract, is harmful if inhaled or absorbed through the skin, and can cause kidney damage. These and other chemicals often find their way into the Yellow River.

    Rare earth extraction also takes place in Jiangxi province, and is reportedly more damaging to the environment than the operations in Baotou. In September 2008, villagers in Pitou county blocked lorries carrying chemicals and picketed the council. These villagers were angry because their fields had been ruined by the acid pumped from a “makeshift” rare earth processing plant into the earth. According to a woman, who would not reveal her name because her husband is still in prison for protesting, “We farm rice but cannot harvest anything any more. Fruit trees don’t bear fruit any more. Fish die in the river. We used to wash in the river and lots of fish would come to us, but there are none left. Even the weeds died.”

    While China might have general pollution control standards, the country has never actually worked out pollutant discharge standards for the rare earth industry. As the rare earth industry in China has rapidly grown, there was no effective way to control the usual pollutants such as ammonia, nitrogen, and thorium dust, which are emitted during the production phase. Furthermore, general health and safety regulations are often ignored for a number of reasons, including:

    •The industry is too large, presenting numerous challenges when trying to monitor it.
    •People and companies are not being held accountable. For example, in Western society, if an employee dies or becomes ill, repercussions could include a lawsuit or life-long pension, which the company is obligated to fulfill. In China, however, such actions do not exist.

    Environmental issues behind the mining of REEs are a huge concern. The differences between Western mining efforts and those seen in China today are staggering. Aware of the problem, the Chinese government is reporting to be trying to find ways to improve the situation.

    In July 2009, the Ministry of Environmental Protection organized the “Rare Earth Industry Pollutant Discharge Standards.” These new standards will, it is hoped, “eliminate backward production abilities and promote the upgrading and updating of China’s rare earth industry.”

    The Ministry of Environmental Protection set discharge standards for six types of atmospheric pollutants—sulfur dioxide, particles, fluoride, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, and sulfur trioxide. For water pollutants, discharge standards were set for 14 types of pollutants, including fluoride, total phosphorous, total carbon, total nitrogen, and ammonia nitrogen. In many southern regions with lakes, the new standards implement special discharge limits for ammonia nitrogen discharge concentrations. These new standards are split into two parts, one part for existing enterprises and the other part for newly built enterprises. Under the new standards, rare earth enterprises are required to increase their investment in environmental protection and improve production technologies and costs.

    Of course, whether or not these new standards are ever successfully fully implemented remains to be seen. Based on China’s production of 150 tons of REEs, the cost for producers to implement some of the environmental protection efforts would be 1.1 billion yuan ($161 million) and there would be additional annual environmental protection costs of about 280 million yuan ($41 million) for the concentration of water pollutants discharged industry-wide. This would add an additional cost of 1,000 to 1,500 yuan ($145 to $220) to production costs for every ton of product.

    While implementing stricter standards would be ideal for the environment, as long as producers feel as though their investments toward meeting these standards are not secure and the Chinese government does not provide some type of financial incentive, the Chinese government might be hard pressed to fulfill these standards in the end.

    Only time will tell if cleaning up the environment in China is achievable. On a positive note, according to some experts, China has been taking steps to crack down on illegal mining, where the worst damage is taking place, and consolidating larger operations under state owned enterprises to give the government better control over the industry.

    In the past, China has been able to operate its rare earth mines at one third the cost in part because of the country’s lax environmental standards. Additionally, efforts to clean up China’s environment will require government funding and increased oversight, which will likely cost billions of dollars. Some analysts believe it will be years before China is able to clean up its environment.

    Like environmental standards, safety standards in China have also historically been lax. “People in their 30s have died of cancer working around the mines, possibly from radioactive materials,” said one local source. “I visited a factory many times. When I visit a factory or workshop, I tell the director of the workshop, ‘would you tell the laborers to put their mask on when they are doing their job?’ He said, ‘Oh yeah. We do every time, but it’s too hot. They don’t want to keep their mask on.’ You can see that the air is dirty and they are breathing it all in.” The most common disease in Baotou is pneumoconiosis, better known as black lung. There are 5,387 residents in Baotou who suffer from black lung, which makes up more than 50 percent of the cases in the autonomous region.

    What is ironic about the rare earth dilemma is that China needs to cut back its production and regain control of its industry so that it can figure out how to decrease the environmental damage caused by the industry. Meanwhile, the rest of the world needs these REEs to help clean up the environment through the innovative application of green technologies. Perhaps the only way China can resolve these issues is to cut back its production of REEs. It appears impossible for the country to meet the global demand for REEs, while also meeting its own domestic environmental and safety needs.

    Cindy Hurst is an analyst for the U.S. Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office in Fort Leavenworth, KS. Her views do not represent the Department of Defense.

  23. iskandar shah 2 May 24,2012 10:39 AM

    Salam Tun

    May I… bro Amin Tan/Abdul Aziz Omar “Is the prophet illiterate?”

    1-I am sincerely thankful to AbdulAziz Omar for opening me up to this falsehood of the hadis for he has made it clear to me now how the restoration job could be worked out again.The new rise I can now imagine, will be just like the first based entirely on the Qur’an free from the thousand years of corruption, to be applied in the context of the 21st century.

    2-But it doesn’t mean that I agree with Abdul Aziz in every thing. I DO NOT accept Rashad Khalifa as the Messenger of the Covenant because the old Testament Book of Malachi have made it clear that ‘ he’ will come SUDDENLY to his temple (at Jerusalem) and he will come with immense power.

    3-Our prophet Muhammad is the only person who has come SUDDENLY to his temple in Jerusalem during the Israq and Mi’raj and he is the most powerful prophet ever. The Messenger of the Covenant is definitely our prophet Muhammad. Likewise I do not agree with many of the ideas of Rashad Khalifah.

    4- I still attend my Friday prayers but I refrain reciting whatever I perceive as inconsistent with the teachings of the Qur’an. I would quickly leave the masjid the moment our solat is done.I am not comfortable with the calligraphy of Allah and Muhammad placed on the same level in masjids everywhere.

    5-As regards the prophet being illiterate or not I personally believe that the prophet was illiterate before he was appointed the prophet:- ”And thou wast not (able) to recite a book before (this book) came nor art thou ( able) to transcribe it with thy right hand in that case indeed would the talkers of vanities have doubted” Qur’an 29:48 ( Yusof Ali’s translation)

    6-It is not something awkward in those days if we do not know how to read and write because that was the order of the day .There were no schools or even a University in Mecca then.The only people who are literates are the scribes and religious people of the books from amongst the Jews.

    7-Based on this surah had the prophet known how to read and write they would surely accuse the prophet of copying from the other books so they would doubt him. But they know the prophet was illiterate, therefore when they heard the Qur’an they know it is the truth from God.

    8-It is also necessary for the prophet to be kept free from the corruption that had befallen the majority of the people of the Book. This could only happen if the prophet is kept illiterate. Being free from all the strange doctrines that have infiltrated the religions he would be able to respond to new teachings brought up by God in the Qur’an more effectively.

    9-Nonetheless after he was appointed with an international mission unto mankind he would definitely have upgraded himself. As a model he must set the leadership. If he had wanted his ummah to seek knowledge he must first “walk the talk” .

    10-Based on my personal experience at the age of forty learning the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana and able to take dictation using both these characters in just 6 months –a feat that astounded my lecturer and course mates before-clearly indicate that it would surely be even easier for the chosen one of God to do the same .

    11- Having been humiliated before by Gabriel when he couldn’t read when he was instructed to “iqrak” the prophet being a desert dweller with a photographic memory he would surely want and be able to pick up reading and writing easily.

    12- So in my opinion the prophet was illiterate before his appointment and not illiterate after. No uneducated man could ever be the greatest leader in history!

    Wallahualam bisawab.

    Thanks Tun.

  24. iskandar shah 2 May 24,2012 10:29 AM

    Dear Bro Amin Tan

    1-This is a time before the birth of the printing press and all documents are only handwritten and could be manipulated by people in power.The AlQur’an is the only document preserved thanks to the unique hafiz system where all the surahs were memorized and stored in the peoples memory and is used later to verify the Qur’an when it was compiled by the prophet’s fathers in law ,Abu Bakar and Usman.

    2-Other than that although there may be many versions of a certain information it’s only the version approved by the power of the day that would prevail even though it may not be true. To expect a hundred percent accuracy of datas especially those that are not that significant would be unrealistic.

    3-There is no registration department to check the actual birthdates of all the personalities. History to be based upon what the highly doubtful Hadith or hearsays of Bokhari would be truly unreliable . What happened if Bokhari had rejected this hadith the moment he had heard it,than we would not have the knowledge of Aisya’s age.


    4-We are not even sure of how many wives the prophet had.In some books it is official nine,in another 11 and your account says its 13.Therefore to expect the accuracy in the ages of the wives would even be more difficult. Since Bokhari has got it from hearsay supposedly reported by Aishah herself, the possibility of the ‘exegerating element ‘ in this 200 year old information cannot be brushed off.

    5-Aishah was the first person born a Muslim.Her father Abu Bakar was amongst the first person to embrace Islam,so she could be anything from 6 to 9 years old at the time of Khadijah’s death.What is certain is that Aishah was very young even at nine but then it would be acceptable for the prophet to be engaged with her at this age to be consummated three years later at 12 for this is a normal age for girls to begin having their periods. The fact that it was a non issue at that time suggest this could probably be the case.

    6-But Bokhari was truly overboard to concoct this lie of having HER DOLLS WITH HER for this definitely suggest that Aishah was really not ready for the responsibility of being a wife. Can you see what Bokhari is trying to conjure in the minds of the people esp the non believers about the prophet? A Paedophilic man of 54 walking around with his wife, a small girl the age of his grand daughter still “PLAYING WITH TOYS”!!


    8-The evil of these false SAHIH hadiths is this cruel fate that has befallen many young girls in many of those highly orthodox Muslim countries . Please check out with Mercy Malaysia who had served Afghanistan before of how poor families had married off their young girls to much older men being cruelly penetrated front (and back) that had caused these little girls to suffer severe infections in their private parts .

    9-To these bearded Taliban old men they are only living the ‘sunnah’. I guess these poor girls would be rewarded with paradise with every hurtful penetration they had to endure.This cannot be the teachings of Islam,no matter how desperately Wajaperak and bubbles wants to uphold it.
    Wallahualam bisawab.

    Thanks Tun

  25. amin tan May 24,2012 8:28 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Izinkan saya menjawab Saudara Iskandar Shah 2


    “13-Walaupun Allah kata ia senang (macam Shakespeare kalau tidak lebih senang) and not crooked,tapi tok guru mereka kata ‘ianya amat susah ,bahasanya berbelit tak macam shakespeare’ jadi mereka lebih percaya kepada tok guru.Jadi priority mereka menghafal aje sampai menjadi hafiz. Bacaan Qur’an mereka sebijik macam Arab Quraish tapi ammende yang dibaca langsung tak faham. Of course bagi Tok guru lagi tak faham lagile senang mereka nak temberang .’
    14-Islam telah datang 1400 tahun lalu untok menghapuskan penguasaan golongan pendita/agama keatas ahlil kitab.Kini Islam telah kembali mengalami nasib yang sama yang menimpa ahlil kitab. Seperti mana juga Eropah berada didalam kegelapannya apabila pihak agama menjadi begitu berkuasa satu masa dahulu, Islam berpandukan hadith pula memberi banyak kuasa kepada ulamak untok menutup minda menjurus kita into ‘the Darks Ages’ yang kita alami sekarang .”

    Saudara Iskandar Shah 2,

    Petikan di atas menunjukkan saudara memperlekeh dan menghina orang2 yang hafal surah2 Al Quran. Macam mana anda mengaku diri seorang islam? Bacaan dalam solat 100% dari Al Quran. Kalau anda tidak hafal Al Quran macam mana anda boleh solat? Jangan2 anda ini free thinker, bukan islam pun. Lagi pun anda hentam semua ulamak islam. siapa yang berani melakukan perbuatan iblis latnatullah seperti yang anda lakukan?. Sesungguhnya anda ini seorang anti islam yang amat melampau. Hujah2 anda lebih hebat daripada hujah2 Abu Lahab sebab anda boleh google search dan fasih berbahasa Inggeris.

    Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami, kami pohon dilindungi dari syaitan yang direjam

    amin tan

  26. Hajar May 23,2012 11:52 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun,

    Very clear explanation..Thanks so much Tun.

    The oppositions like to fool people who are IGNORANT. Those ignorant people would rather believe “kaki kelentong -> oppositions” than the real experts.

    Thanks Tun.

    *** May Allah SWT bless Tun and family ***

  27. Nikmat May 23,2012 10:42 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum wr wb
    Ayahanda YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Yg DiRahmati ALLAH swt.

    1. Terima kasih yg tidak terhingga kerana menerangkan perkara Lynas ini.

    2. Ada orang yang nak sabotaj produk Msia hasil dari Lynas ini.

    3. Wahai saudara Melayu dari Parti Pembangkang MENGAPA DUNGU SANGAT HAAAA, BUTA MATA, BUTA HATI makan budu banyak sangat la tu.

    Allahu Akbar! ………. takbir kita takbir taqwa

  28. mubarakchan May 23,2012 8:34 PM


    As a layman I consider the Lynas issue is one which confronts a developing country time and time again.

    This heated debate would not have arisen if the country has marched further towards being a fully-developed one with all the requisite paraphernalia befitting its status.

    Malaysia still needs to put up a few more essential institutions to dove-tail or cover areas where the extraction of vital information is important to the general well-being of the populace during its march to 2020. A few examples that spring to my mind are eg.

    1. Institute of Preventive Medicine.

    2. Institute of Epidemiology.

    3. Institute of Foreign Languages.

    4. Institute for the Prevention of Industrial Accidents.

    5. Institute for Metallurgical Studies.

    In Japan, there is an institute which houses the complete biographies of the Chinese in South East Asia. It is to this institute that a young Japanese business neophyte would familiarize himself with the people whom he might have to deal with at some future date. The Japanese are so cautious in this respect and would only give franchises to the very selected few who could work with them previously !

    The country has move fast in its rapid development to raise the living standards and reduce the poverty of the underprivileged people.
    This much was achieved during the 22 successful years of your Administration, Tun.

    Many more people are living in fine houses and enjoy a much better life-style than their parents. But it seems that to make all this sustainable, certain areas of public activities need to be up-graded as well.

    The Lynas issue would have been easily resolved at its very early beginnings if there are specialist institutes in place in Malaysia together with an effective spokesman or spokesmen before the whole matter was hi-jacked by outsiders and may now be politicised. Of course, the latter is most unwelcome as the country needs all the investment it could garner for its own development.

    As a layman, without the information to form a judgement, a person is blind.

    With so many NGOs and interested parties waded in to join the fray, we could only see a big dust-up or brawl which seem to be the beginning of something unique to Malaysia. At this juncture, no one seems to know what are the grains of rice or the chaff ! Emotions are added on to more emotions for added effect. The much proclaimed of touting more and more people to add to the throngs has become an important issue.

    But may I ask what is the issue ?

    In my life, I have dealt with amang for many years and no one told me that it was deleterious to my health. Also, I have known that there are some factories which quietly produce synthetic resins for decades within town boundaries. As long ago as the 1960s, the high rate of lung cancer amongst workers in this particular industry as alleged by the glossy American magazines drew my attention to this cruel malady.

    And over 20 years ago, my friend, a farmer living near the Mantin Pass, Negri Sembilan, warned me not to eat any water-melon, durian, etc because he was using the most toxic insecticides dumped into the 3rd World by the lst. I am still eating and appreciating all the named fruits exposed to the toxics.

    A sibling of mine flew over Chernobyl (1986) in 1988 because of the Iran-Iraq War. He died of chronic leukemia in 1992. Can anyone realy point a finger at the cause of his mis-adventure ?

    Certain Government Agencies would also know that when the country encouraged the setting of factories to produce substitution products, only the older generation of machinery was imported as brand new giving rise to potential industrial accidents. In the early 1970s, I remember I never had a good shave using the Malaysian product.

    And so the list continues longer and longer, shoddy packaging etc etc.

    The Lynas issue is but one of the many which confronts a developing country which needs investment and development. You will find a ‘ Lynas ‘ in many areas of business and industrial activities.

    Malaysia would have achieved developed country status when she does not need all these doubtful enterprises from the lst World.

  29. prof_ridcully May 23,2012 1:26 PM

    Salam Tun,

    There was a time in my life when ‘Rare Earth’ referred to a band. I didn’t really like their music, having much preferred Frank Zappa, and didn’t really pay much attention to the periodic table as a student. But I paid more attention to ‘radioactive’ subjects when the KL Tribunal’s war criminals started using depleted uranium in Iraq.

    I think there is a bit of scare-mongering going on with Lynas. I also think that small-time PKR politicians are purposely manufacturing an issue just to spite the government.

    “Kuantan residents need not worry about the safety of the plant and that accusations against it were “unscientific and not at all academic.”

    So said PAS’ Hulu Langat MP Che Rosli Che Mat, a PhD in Nuclear Science, regarding Lynas [and taking a swipe at Fauziah Salleh, PKR MP for Kuantan, in the process].

    Having said that and having spent last night reading the IAEA report on Lynas which I think YB Dr Che Rosli would find satisfactory — and to which YB Fauziah Salleh of Kuantan contributed — I should like to add to the discussion on Lynas.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to show off but just trying to show the findings of a neutral body of experts. That way perhaps we may be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    The IAEA report is fairly thorough and examined the following:

    a. Legal and Regulatory Framework
    b. Radiation protection
    c. Waste management
    d. Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation
    e. Transport
    f. Safety Assessment

    1. The Lynas facility “forms part of the Advanced Materials Project being developed by the Lynas Corporation Ltd. The Advanced Materials Project involves the mining and concentration of rare earth ore at Mt. Weld, Western Australia, followed by shipment of the concentrate to a rare earths processing facility at Gebeng, Pahang State, Malaysia, where further processing will take place to produce high purity rare earth compounds.”

    So there is no extraction involved at Gebeng, only ‘purification’ of rare earth elements.

    2. Licencing of the plant involves five phases: a siting licence, a construction licence, a pre-operational licence, an operational licence and a decommissioning licence.

    To be clear, the IAEA report concerns Phase 3 ie the construction licence, but also discussed, as stated above, were what to do when the Lynas plant reaches its end of life in about 20 years’ time.

    3. As far as waste is concerned, gaseous waste will be scrubbed and released into the Kuantan air via a 34 metre stack; liquid waste will be treated before being discharged into Sungai Balok; while solid wastes will be [partly] recycled while the rest stored in the Residue Storage Facility (RSF). The issue of a permanent waste disposal site has not been decided — what scares me here is the fact that the Kuantan Municipal Council is in charge of this bit.

    4. The IAEA further states that: a. Many similar plants producing rare earth compounds are operating in various parts of the world – the proposed Lynas plant is not unique in this regard;

    and b. The planned importation of feedstock from Australia and management of the process residues within Malaysia is in line with mineral processing practices worldwide, including those involving naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM).

    5. The bottom line is IAEA thinks Lynas is up to scratch as far as international regulations and practices are concerned. Safety issues have been addressed by the IAEA team. It made 11 recommendations, the 11th being about how to implement the preceeding 10. IAEA thinks with appropriate support our Lembaga Perlesenan Tenaga Atom is capable of monitoring the situation.

    In his statement quoted by the Star which I nicked above, Dr Che Rosli further said that what is important is proper monitoring of the plant. I agree with him.

    The only thing I disagree with Lynas is, why must the feedlot transit Singapore? [see IAEA report]. Why can’t they ship it direct to Kuantan and cut out the middleman?

    PS. No disrespect intended to either party but why do the Academy of Sciences and the National Professors’ Council cite Wikipedia in their report Rare Earth Industries?

  30. Faizal Amran May 23,2012 1:16 PM

    Dear Eanisazman,

    Thanks for your reply.

    FYI i know what is the different between “by-product” and “finished product”.

    U totally misunderstood me and are missing my main point here, which is how well Lynas Corp is managing their toxic waste? How well are they managing this “by-product”?

    BTW if if u look at my reference taken from Lynas Corp website, u should know that there is no lithium based finished product come out from this Plant. Even if they have it also doesnt matter because lithium element is not radioactive and harmful to human in it natural state.

    Another point worth to think about is if the rare earth processing is as safe as they say why not they build the plant in australia? should be more cost effective compare to bring the rare earth from australia to malaysia?

    The common sense dictate that they do that mostly because it is much more cheaper (tax free for 12years) and our law regarding managing toxic waste is less stringent than australia.

    IMHO, Malaysian Government should be transparent when they planned to build this plant. By being transparent, they can avoid this protest problem since it looks like there is a hanky-panky business when they approved it.

    Thank you.

  31. abas Husain May 23,2012 4:34 AM

    YABhg Chedet
    Salam Hormat Tun,

    Terima kasih kerana berkongsi banyak perkara yang kita semua tidak tahu selama ini.


  32. donplaypuks May 23,2012 12:12 AM


    Here is an update which tells us you understanding of what the Lynas project is all about is ou of date. I don’t know know eher you got all that misleading information about ti and amang and harmless radiowaves. Lynas will be shipping concentrated radioactive thorium to our shores.

    “The Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia (ANAWA) has revealed that Lynas Corporation Ltd was supposed to build its plant in Western Australia and not Malaysia.

    According to ANAWA, Lynas’ 14-year-old blueprint indicated that the Australian mining giant had orginally planned to build its processing plant in Meenar a decade ago. But until today there had been no signs of any development on the intended site.

    ANAWA spokesperson Marcus Atkinson told FMT that the orginal approvals were given by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for Lynas to ship rare earth to buyers and confirmed that he had viewed these relevant documents firsthand.

    Under pressure: Nick Curtis, Lynas CEO (TMI) however said that Lynas had since made numerous alterations to its operations to the point that its rare earth refinery had now landed in Malaysia. Instead of transporting processed rare earth, it is now shipping a concentrate which contains thorium and other radioactive material with more heavy metals.

    Atkinson admitted that they had been more focused on Lynas’ operations in Australia until the uproar in Malaysia reached their ears and they realised that Lynas’ had made “massive” changes to its plans. Now it involves Malaysia and our moral responsibility. This is a complete change to the original project hence why we are urging the EPA to review Lynas’ approvals.” FMT.

    What’s your response to all these dangerous changes in game plan? It’s okay for BUMNO/BN to make the people in Gebeng guinea pigs and expose them to long term danger in the pursuit of money?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  33. eanisazman May 22,2012 11:43 PM

    Salam Tun dan Semua,

    Izinkan saya ‘share’ sedikit dengan Faizal Amran. ‘By-product’ adalah sesuatu yang terhasil secara sampingan. ‘Finished product’ adalah hasil utama pengeluaran. Thorium is a by-product and Lithium ion batteries is one of the finished product from rare earth processing.

    Awak dan saya, saya fikir sama2 bukan ahli teknologi nuklear. Yang kita ada cuma logik akal dalam menelah sumber bacaan kita. Cuba fahamkan ini, bagaimanakah sesuatu yang begitu radioaktif sehingga tahap loji nuklear boleh menjadi begitu selamat ‘finished product’ nya diguna dicelah telinga anda.

    Yang saya tak faham, mengapakah segala macam pendapat daripada yang bukan ahlinya boleh kita terima walhal pendapat dari pakar nuklear sendiri kita boleh abaikan.

    Cuba saya teka, semua orang dalam dunia hatta kepada pakar nukelar pun telah dibeli oleh BN bukan? Selalunya, jika sang suami itu sering menuduh isterinya curang, boleh jadi ianya yang curang kerana jika dia bukan seorang pencurang, perkataan itu tidak akan terlintas pun dihatinya.

  34. malaysian and proud of it May 22,2012 11:03 PM

    Good evening,
    All this talk of whether it’s harmful or not will never dissipate for as long as the people in power do not walk the talk.
    Just for arguement’s sake, why not we make a collection and with the proceeds build a mansion (i mentioned mansion coz it’ll be more appropriate) so that the HONOURABLE mentri besar can stay there with his family for at least 2 days in a week.
    That way he can pooh pooh all the naysayers that it’s dangerous, etc etc etc. Let him reside there for at least 6 months. After that I’m sure we will be more than agreeable to have the facility there.
    Call their bluff people. Or let them proof us wrong and they will then call our bluff. As I’ve said earlier, LET THEM WALK THE TALK!
    We can talk and protest and demonstrate till the cows come home but as long as the people RESPONSIBLE (or irresponsible) for the wellbeing of the rakyat refuses to walk the talk then it’s all CAKAP KOSONG AJE!
    I bid you goodnite and thank you for allowing me my 2 sen worth.

  35. Praxis May 22,2012 4:43 PM

    What’s the quality of our governance when we allow people to be misguided by lies? Don’t remember such confusions or misperceptions during your governance.

  36. pisokek May 22,2012 11:37 AM

    Dear Tun,

    It would be wiser if you can explain more about how the rare earth plant from Lynas can be beneficial to us. I mean sure we all know about this rare earth minerals and how importance they are especially to electronic industries, but we do not own those minerals, Lynas do. They are the one who own them, not us. I am wondering if this deal is truly worthy for our nation. Perhaps having a rare earth plant in Malaysia might increase the investments from electronic industries abroad since they can easily obtain the minerals in Malaysia. I am not sure about this but hopefully it is true.

    Last time I heard the company got something like 12 years tax exemption, really? is that true? What would happen when those 12 years finished and the company just pack up and leave? Then again I am not one of the policy maker and have little clue on how to attract investments but I am just wandering about it, whether the 12 years tax exemption is a bit too long.

    By the way, some of the comments here are really weird. Rather than intellectually discuss/debate on the specific matter about Lynas, they talk about irrelevant topics such as politics, religion and race. For shame….

  37. amin tan May 22,2012 1:06 AM

    Dear Tun

    Please allow me to respond to Brother Iskander Shah 2

    I quote

    “6-If you can choose NOT to believe in this VERY STRONG SAHIH hadis is there anything wrong with me in rejecting the other not so strong but ‘sahih’ hadis like this one regarding the prophet receiving 50 prayers , or about the miracle of the prophet is cleaving of the MOON,or the prophet actually married Aishah at the age of six and consummated at 9.”

    Dear Brother Iskandar Shah 2. I believe the prophet was engaged to Aishah while she was 6 years old and he married her when she was 9. She was only 18 years old when her husband, Rasulullah wafat. She outlived all the great companions of the prophet. She died at the age of 84. The Prophet has 13 wifes. Among his wives are Khadijah, Saudah, Aishah, Habsah, Salamah, Safiyah, Zainab,Maimunah and the Coptic girl Mariah who gave birth to the prophet’s son Ibrahim who died at the age of 3.

    His first wife was Khadijah. she was the grand lady of Mecca and known as Kubra. She was a wealthy widow of 40 and Prophet Mohammad was a bachelor of 25 when they got married. Khadijah was very rich because she inherited wealth from her father plus she had 2 wealthy previous husbands who passed away. She gave birth to Zainab, Rogayah, Umi Kalsom, Fatimah and 2 sons Kassim and Abdullah who passed away when the boys were infant.
    After Khadijah died, the prophet married Saudah, then Aishah daughter of Abu Bakar. He then married Habsah, daughter of Omar whose husband died at the Battle of Badr. She was only 18.

    Prophet Mohammad could not read or write. Your friend abdulazizomar said nabi could read, write and calculate. He said the prophet wrote down the entire Quran into a book. Whereas you said Aishah was not 9 years old when she married, then how old was she when she got married?

    Do you dispute the due kalimah shahadah and abdulazizomar said it should be only one kalimah shahadah.

    Why do you want to doubt historical facts and dispute every aspect of islam especially pertaining to Prophet Mohammad. You even said I do not love the prophet. You must understand that without Mohammad, there is no islam.

    abdulazizomar said selawat is syirik and idol worshiping. What agenda do you have against islam.

    Dear Iskandar Shah 2, let us doa to Allah to protect islam from evil people and iblis.

    Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami, lindungilah umat islam dan agama islam daripada shaitan yang direjam.

    amin tan

  38. napiz May 21,2012 10:35 PM

    assalamualaikum Tun, semoga dirahmati Allah selalu,

    seperti biasa, tulisan Tun penuh dengan fakta beserta dengan contoh2 reality. bukan seperti puak2 yang asyik mencari salah orang lain dan yang memang malas nak berpikir.
    kebanyakkan orang kita suka menjadi pak turut, suka berlagak jadi samseng. kesian puak2 ni. saya doakan semoga Allah melindungi mereka dari kesesatan.

  39. MiddleAges May 21,2012 9:33 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Tun, i believe you are a qualified medical doctor although not practising on a daily basis. Could you tell us please Tun, how is it that mosquitoes of today are aware in which state they are in ?

    My government tells me Dengue cases in Selangor is alarming.
    I am most baffled why the mosquitoes choose to bother us Selangorians.

    There must be lots of people sweating in the Federal Territories. The mosquitoes can surely get more blood there.

    Thank You Tun

  40. donplaypuks May 21,2012 7:45 PM


    CLICK HERE for a chronology of events on Bukit Merah Rare Earth Project you glossed over.

    To quote : “Following his (Mahathir’s) remarks, The Star has discovered (in 2010) that 80,000 200-litre drums containing radioactive waste are currently being kept at the dump located in the Kledang Range behind Papan town. The site is about 3km from Bukit Merah and Papan and about 15km from Ipoh. And the waste is thorium hydroxide, not amang. In fact, it is only January (2010) this year that work finally began on the building of a proper underground storage facility called an engineered cell (EC). The ongoing cleanup of the 30-year-old problem is estimated to cost a massive RM300 million..”

    In other words, after some 30 years, the radioactive dangers in Bukit Merah have still not been resolved, not to mention those who died of cancer!!

    There are many worrying issues about the Lynas project you have also glossed over. CLICK HERE for an Australian perspective of Lynas. How can you honestly say radioactivity is not a major concern?

    Firstly, let me say without any reservations that there are some projects it’s just not worth pursuing. Money is not everything.The incident at Fukushima that has led Japan to abandon ALL nuclear power plants is a telling indictment that when human beings are not sure of safety factors or nature, it’s best to exercise discretion over valour.

    With Lynas, the most important points are as follows:

    1. Why has an Environment Assessment Impact (EIA) Study NOT been carried out here till today where radioactive elements and highly toxic chemicals and concentrated acids are involved?

    2. Lynas has refused to tell us where the radioactive thorium waste will be stored, or toxic chemicals residues disposed off. In our rivers and earth? How could this project be approved by our Govt BEFORE these supremely important issues are resolved in black and white? The long-term dangers posed to our rivers, fisheries and possible leakages into agricultural land and environment are not important? Do remember that radioactive thorium has a half-life of 14 billion years!!

    3. Why has this project been dumped in Malaysia when it has been rejected by China and Australia? It has been widely reported that Australia will not allow the radioactive tailings and waste to be taken back to Australia for storage (say in the desert) even though the materials will originate from them. What are their concerns that they are quiet happy for M’sia to be the dumping grounds?

    The obvious conclusion is that having found they could not get around the higher safety standards imposed in their home country, Australia, and then by China, the proposers of this dangerous project paid our Govt a $50 million “deposit” to not look too closely at these issues of paramount importance for our fellow citizens!

    I ask you in all honesty, are you, (unelected) PM Najib and all the UMNO/BN politicians who tells us the Lynas project is safe, prepared to move soon with your wives, children and families next door to the Lynas plant in Gebeng, since you say it will be so safe?

    Lip service is easy when it is other peoples’ safety and lives that are at stake. If by chance, like Fukushima, the Lynas plant were to be struck by freakish high-voltage lighting or storms, and the threat of massive radioactive leakage becomes a reality how will our citizens be protected? Right now, NO ONE in M’sia, has an inkling or a plan!!

    Yet you support it.

    Why? Have you reprised yourself of ALL the facts, or allowed yourself to be seduced by the foreign and our Govt spindoctors?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  41. Joshua Lopez May 21,2012 3:59 PM


    It is the Government at fault, Why? Because they forget about bringing awareness and educating the public on certain projects such as this one. So you can’t blame people for having their fears especially with the rise of Cancer these days. A lay man would ask you; “Why is the project not erected at an High End Housing Area if it’s so safe?”

    Time and time again this government has had a very peculiar idea that the people can be kept uninformed or ignorant, there’s no need to bring awareness or answer the public because the public does not know. You can’t have this mindset anymore and when it suddenly comes to the attention of the public, it spirals out of control simply because they were never told about it and it’s only human nature to jump the gun because the fear for health these days is on extreme rise!

    Life would be more peaceful and healthy if the government brings more awareness of her projects that could bring about a health concern to the public even though we aren’t such a healthy nation to begin with but health issues are fast taking centre stage. Again, a lay man would ask you; “Why did Australia decide to choose Malaysia?” “If it is so healthy, why aren’t they proceeding with it in their own motherland?”

  42. Faizal Amran May 21,2012 3:56 PM

    Salam Hormat Tun,

    1. Saya tak paham tujuan Tun tulis blog topik ni sengaja mengelirukan orang ke atau Tun sendiri yang tak tahu fakta sebenar. Kalau Tun tak tahu fakta sebenar, izinkan saya “share” sedikit informasi yang saya tahu setakat yang saya dapat cari.

    2. Lynas Corp membuat kilang di Kuantan, Malaysia adalah utk “refining” “rare rarth” yang dihantar dari Mount Weld, Australia. Kilang Kuantan tidak “extract” “rare earth” dari tanah Malaysia, tetapi hanya memproses “rare earth” yang datang dari Australia dan mengurus “waste” yang terhasil daripada proses tersebut.

    3. Yang menjadi masalahnya, ialah apabila memproses “rare earth” ada bahan radioaktif semulajadi “Thorium” (Bukan Lithium seperti yang Tun sebut) akan diektrak dari “rare earth” tersebut sebagai “by-product”. Inilah bahan radioaktif yang menjadi persoalan sekarang. Bagaimana ianya diurus dan dibuang?

    4. Jika kilang tersebut dapat menguruskan bahan buangan radioaktifnya dengan baik dan betul, ada persoalan sampingan yang perlu dijawab iaitu kenapa kerajaan Malaysia memberi Lynas Corp. “Tax Exemption” selama 12 tahun. Adakah ini menguntungkan Malaysia utk jangkamasa panjang?

    5. Pada pandangan saya, walau macam mana elok pun sesebuah kilang dapat menguruskan bahan buangan toksiknya, saya masih takut untuk berumah atau pergi ke kilang tersebut. Sebagai contoh saya nak tanya siapa berani duduk di rumah yang berhampiran dengan Loji Nuklear?

    6. Rujukan saya > , ,

    Terima Kasih Tun.

  43. nazrimalik May 21,2012 1:24 PM

    Yer ker…baru saya faham. Betul juga, kita bawa benda ni sepanjang masa. Macamana pula nak berbahaya hehe! Nanti boleh lah saya cerita pada orang yang masih curiga. Tapi macam biasa, cuma yang berfikiran terbuka saja akan dapat menilai penjelasan ini.

    Thank you Tun.

  44. eanisazman May 21,2012 12:05 PM

    Salam Tun and All,

    You are correct. Tin amang is probably more likely to give off radio waves than rare earth. In fact, rare earth finished product has been with us for so many years and there is no direction by the WHO preventing people from carrying Lithium ion batteries.

    If radiation is the issue, then they should also do campaign to prevent from using the Lithium batteries. But I know this, it is just a political moves. In fact, there are so many other things that have been made political. For eample, the opposition have been singing bad tune about Felda listing. Now some of their supporters are anxious to bid for Felda’s IPO. Even the ‘tai-ko’ who arrange people in Felda to protest the listing has all collected their durian runtuh and claimed their entitlement. It was like licking your own spit. You frequently see this happens in politics.

    These opportunist is trying to fool people for their support in bid for power. Some of the hardcore Ustaz is telling people that BN is corrupted and non-Islamic. So this Ustaz is reckoning the PR way as Islamic. What I see is that PR is more corrupted than the other. With the tactics of slander, deceit and lies how can an Ustaz condoning with this to become more Islamic. Compared to PM Najib, Anwar has a proven record of corruption.

    The painful fact to be swallowed is that he reckon Anwar is the Saint of God who fits the description of Islamic leaders. Is it really? The fact remained fact, the immoral activities and relationship with Zionist lobbyst group can be clearly seen regardless we like it or not. Obviously, this ustaz is blinded and now he is telling people that BN is the one who is using religious card to scare people.

    If Anwar is Bersih (don’t like to cheat in election) where has he been all this while? Why don’t he make a shout last time when BN is purpotedly manipulating votes. Isn’t he the second strongest man in BN last time. He should not wait for Datuk Ambiga to demo violently before he could make his stand.

    If UMNO is racist, then Anwar could be an ex-racist. Does he telling us that when he is in UMNO last time he hate the Chinese? Why wait until he got sacked before he realise that UMNO is racist?

    He can fool some of the people all the time, all of the people some of the time but he cannot fool all the people all the time. People is no longer a stupid orang kampung he can play with their mind.

    Try to ask his main men i.e. Mat Sabu and Karpal, why are they supporting a person who they claim that they have evidence of sodomy activities. In fact, Karpal take more daring steps by defending Anwar in court. This must surely be a political wayang kulit for all to see. What is Islamic about this?

    I hope people will stop their rigid and closet mindset of the meaning of Islam. UMNO is not perfect. You can freely attack any UMNO person that is corrupted. But to offend the plight of UMNO will be quite insulting to many who believe in it. The fact remained that UMNO has delivered well for agama, bangsa dan negara. This is the party who fight for our independence. Not DAP who provocated the Malays with its big penyapu parade in Kg Baru on 13 May.

    UMNO has even do well to the one who curse them on daily basis like my father who happens to be grand supporter of the opposition. When it comes to donation or during hard times he always receive help from UMNO.

    I support the UMNO fight for Agama, Bangsa dan Negara. Today this agenda has been insulted hardly by the Opposition. Even our country was insulted by our own people in opposition pact. What is left in their plight? What are they fighting for? for Anwar?

  45. thibadaeux May 21,2012 9:50 AM

    Salam hormat Tun,

    Refering to this case, Malaysians lack of principles. They opposed Lynas yet they still use mobile phones/ipads, notebook (…anything which runs on lithium ion batteries) and also they owned LCD/plasmas TVs.

    They opposed listing of FGVH but yet they still accept the windfall.

    Opposed the first Penang Bridge and now can’t wait for the new one already proposed a new tunnel to Penang.

    Want to abolish PTPTN but yet still want the money.

    Accused police brutality, corrupted, useless, agent provocateur, but yet they still ask police for help when they feel threaten.

    Claim that people are free to gather anywhere and speak their mind on the ground of freedom of speech and freedom to assemble when people assemble in from of their houses, they claimed invation of privacy.

    Some Government officials support the opposition but still remain in the service.

    Claim to be a Democratic party but yet unable to accept criticism among members.

  46. Idea May 21,2012 5:11 AM

    Below is an abstract of a journal accepted and published by Oxford University Press:


    “Measurements of external radiation level, radon/thoron daughters concentrations in air and uranium/thorium concentrations in airborne mineral dust at 16 amang plants in Malaysia were carried out for three consecutive months to assess radiation dose to workers. Estimated occupational dose was within the range of 1.7–10.9 mSv y−1. The mean total dose at the amang plants was 4.1 mSv y−1. Overall, it was found that the major dose contribution of 80% came from external radiation. Radon/thoron daughters and airborne mineral dust contributed to only 11 and 9% of the total dose, respectively.”

  47. Khairul-Dean May 21,2012 12:20 AM

    Salam Hormat

    Isu Lynas ini akan berpanjangan dan hanya akan reda bila firma yang membiayai usaha membuka kilang ini akur dengan lamaran firma PRC yang mahu mengawal aliran bahan strategik ini di pasaran global atau pinjaman dari Wall Street kepada syarikat Australia ini bermasaalah.

    Kilang itu tak akan roboh dalam setahun dua lagi; cuma rancangan melambakkan kawasan itu dengan sumber manusia yang belum tentu menguuntungkan negara dalam jangka pendek dan panjang.

    Inilah antara cabaran-cabaran dari akibat pengaruh kuasa besar baru ekonomi di Timur yang Malaysia mesti atasi demi menjayakan Halal Trade; dan hal South China Sea adalah yang membabaitkan penyertaan yang sungguh pintar bagi membawa negara capai wawasan2020. Tumpuan dunia sekarang kembali menguasai kawasan South China Sea ini. The conventional and the unconventional approach are being practised.

    Teknologi dari kuasa-kuasa besar canggih, dari minda-minda yang berjiwa amat besar. Bagaimana Melayu mengharungi ini semua bila di Pulau Pinang pun ketua-ketua UMNO tidak dapat mempamerkan kewibawaan UMNO kepada rakyat pulau yang menumpang nama dari kemunculan kuasa ekonomi PRC?

    Apakah Tun Mahathir dapat menawan hati sejumlah besar orang Tanjung yang Melayu dan Tionghua? Bagaimana Tun bergerak dan duduk bersidang runding-berunding cekap? Benar anak Tanjung tidak ramai yang budaya Melayunya dihormati; mereka mengamalkan budaya bodoh-membodoh dahulu dan sekarang merasai akibatnya dan cuma meletak harapan kepada tumpang nasib Tun Mahathir.

    Politik dan ekonomi dan rumah beratap zink dicelah-celah pencakar langit bererti pembangunan yang yang tak mesra pandangan dan semacam tak timbang rasa di dunia yang kian sempit buminya.

    Sekian dan Terima Kasih.

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