1. I was in Penang recently, having been invited to give a talk by the Penang Mubarak (Council of Former Elected Representatives). On the way to Tanjung Bungah I was surprised to see the same wooden zinc-roofed shacks, which were there 60 years ago. The difference is that they are stuck between the slender beautiful high-rise flats favoured by Penang. Their ramshackle appearance seems out of place amidst the modern dwellings of the Penangites.

2. Why are the Penang Malays still living in these hovels? Yes, Kuala Lumpur has Malay slumps. But these are mostly built by new urban migrants. The Government has succeeded to rehouse most of the squatters in modern high-rise buildings so that, passing along the main roads, one does not see the slums anymore.

3. But the Penang Malays live in the same old shacks that housed them long ago. And they are an eyesore.

4. New modern flats are being built everywhere in Penang, including on reclaimed land. I would have thought that a resettlement of the Malay squatters would have been one of the objectives of the Governments of Penang. Even the old water-villages along Weld Quay have been tidied up, though they still throw their rubbish in the sea.

5. I was told that the Malay squatters are living on land belonging to rich landlords. They face the threat of expulsion any time. Indeed some of them have already been thrown out to make way for the high-rise flats. I wonder where they are housed now.

6. Someone should make a study of these Penang Malays. What is their source of income? Could it be that the occupants of these shacks are the children of the original occupants? It cannot be. Education and better employment opportunities should have increased their incomes and enable them to afford better accommodation. We see this all over Malaysia. It cannot be that Penang Malays are an exception.

7. Tanjung Bungah, the Cape of Flowers is now highly developed. But the ramshackle sheds which serve as shops still line the road. Apparently some Malays sell food there. But the smelly vegetable “garden” where human excrements were used as fertilizers have disappeared.

8. Penang still promotes itself as the Pearl of the Orient. But the Malay shacks, the water village and the rubbish in the sea belie the claim.

80 thoughts on “PENANG MALAYS

  1. Nikmat Jun 23,2012 10:17 AM

    Salam YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Yg Di Rahmati Allah swt.

    1. Kita berdoa orang Melayu dan orang Islam di Pulau Pinang sedar bahawa Pakatan Rakyat tidak tidak layak menjadi kerajaan. Mereka hanya pentingkan kaumnya sahaja.

    2. Orang Melayu telah ditipu oleh mereka semasa PR12 dulu.

    3. Kembalilah kepada BN yang ikhlas dengan tanggungjawabnya untuk rakyat Malaysia seluruhnya. Tidak ada yang dicicirkan atau dipinggirkan.

  2. menujuhadapan Jun 19,2012 2:34 PM

    It is regretful that you titled your writing “Penang Malays” rather than “Poor Penang People”. We have Malays, Chinese, Indians & others living in shacks and many flats in Penang. Read The Star Metro section and will see many houses/flats are for auction and we have multi racial owners losing their flats and houses. People of Malaysia and specifically Penang people, backing BN or Pakatan government will not solve the above issue overnight. The fundamental issue is, developers will continue building apartments and houses and will continue maximizing their profit. Greedy Malay, Chinese, Indian land owners will sell their land when millions of ringgit is dangling in front of their mouth. Cheap flats/houses will need federal/state funding partnership with the developer. Developers don’t build, flats/houses for charity. As long as we still use cheap labour, cheap electricity and cheap water as our so called marketing to attract FDI, our pay will go nowhere. Human capital development is very important. Our income will only increase when we can sell something valuable to outside investors. Knowledge is the one that will help this. Don’t blame Pakatan or BN, blame ourselves for our lackasaidal attitude, lazy to read, blame Ministry of Education for a flip-flop policy, blame our Higher Ministry of Education & universities for churning out low quality graduates, blame our lecturers who can’t even know how to operate equipments (in millions) for their research. In summary, lets stop this racial politicking. Just go back to tackle the fundamental issue: Human Capital development.

  3. iskandar shah 2 Jun 11,2012 7:43 PM

    Salam Tun

    May I..Dear Middle Ages

    1-The jihad is in trying to do a social correction in favor of anyone who had been deprived Muslims ,Hindus,Buddhists and Christians.

    2-Otherwise it is difficult to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

    3-Usually it is not easy to do these corrections because the advantaged party will have immense political power to stop the efforts.

    4-The aspiring politician who want to do these corrections must be even ready to face death threats and other sabotage efforts.

    5-I do not mean to help Malays only but if you had read my whole text maybe the Govt can start at the beginning with the Malays first as the situation of the Malays then were really bad.

    6-I expect the Govt to extend these positive discrimination to All Malaysians that should be the jihad now.In fact I have reminded all Muslims leaders to understand the Qur’an and to be fair to all races as God had demanded.

    Thanks Tun

  4. Tuntuah Jun 11,2012 2:36 PM

    Aku sebut cina ajer aku ni racist
    Aku sebut india ajer aku ni racist
    Yang korang sebut melayu tak racist plak..

    Ishhhh double standard.
    Kater demokrasi.. Ni sebut cina, india ajer trus jadi racist

    Aper ini negara komunis ka?
    Kalu bukan, salah ker aku sebut cina ker india ker peliwat ker?
    Itu kenyataan. Takkan kaum cina aku kene panggil maniam plak??? Ishhhh

    Kalau nak malaysia malaysia, nama kaum maner nak pakai? Nak pakai nama kasim.. Melayu plak, nak pakai nama ah meng cina plak, nak letak nama mutu, india plak..

    So amacam.. Malaysia malaysia mmg karut.. Isss penipu..

  5. Nikmat Jun 10,2012 11:02 PM

    Tuan Guru Dr Mahathir Yg DiRahmati ALLAH swt.

    1. Kerjasama PAS membawa rebah.

    2. PAS dan n.ajis sampai ke tahap mana jadinya Melayu nanti barulah nak sedar ha !!!!! ha !!!!! ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. PAS dan n.ajis tak pandai guna akal, tak pandai berpolitik….. bodoh betul !

    Allahu Akbar…………… takbir taqwa dari orang Islam sebenar.

  6. abdulazizomar Jun 10,2012 12:49 AM

    Salaam Tun,

    The Malays are marginalised in their own countries-Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Thailand and even Brunei. The same thing happened in Vietnam and Cambodia where the Champa people were killed and expelled from their homeland.

    The Malays in Malaysia should view their history and take lessons from them. Although the Malays in Southern Thailand has a bright future (due to their high birth rate), their identity is still in danger. So too of the Malays in Singapore.

    The Malays in Malaysia are divided and this will be bad for their future. People like Annuar Ibrahim and Pas should be blamed for bringing about this division. I believe that each race in Malaysia should be grouped into their own political identity, so that each can manifest their own strength and thus justice will be more easily obtained. Especially the Malays, they cannot stay in a political party of ‘Nasi kerabu’ where all have ‘equal’ rights, due to the facts that they will eventualy be left behind if not out.

    Thank you Tun.

  7. MiddleAges Jun 9,2012 9:51 PM

    Salam Tun.

    i wish to comment on @iskandar shah 2 remark.

    3-Positive discrimination is the solution to this unlevelled playing field.On this note what UMNO had done all these while is morally and religiously correct.This job of correcting the social unevenness is a jihad.For those who have been advantaged by the luck of nature should understand the predicament of those who have been deprived.

    I disagree on the “morally and religiously correct” opinion. What religion exactly are you talking about ? Are you saying this is what Islam preaches ? Then perhaps that is the problem with the entire Islamic world, the belief that muslims are special.

    What is right is for the Malays to be what they wish to be, in their own native land, and not obstructed from progress and not asked to vacate their own land for others. That is the Malay right i believe. The right to be given opportunity to excel, to roam free, to do good, to stay.

    But of late UMNO has redefined this to be the right to be rich, the right to make excessive profits, the right to be corrupt, the right to block others, and the right to expel others from this land. And that to me is morally and religiously incorrect. It is sinful, and we all know it. Jangan tipu, dosa tau.

    The compass needle has gone way the other direction, and UMNO has lost its way. Go and ask any UMNO member what is the purpose of their life, the answer is inevitably to make as much money as possible. Of course Haji/Umrah is thrown in, to make it all seem peity.

    D.S. Najib is right, UMNO is in need of soul searching. And i think it desperately needs to do so, before we all suffer even more.

    Thank You Tun

  8. mubarakchan Jun 9,2012 12:04 AM


    For iskandar shah 2.

    You are great. I agree with all your comments. Please consider the remote possibility of Singapore being hit by an earthquake originating from Sumatra which is only 100 miles away or some serious world financial crisis. The Singaporeans have 4 choices eg. 1) Do nothing 2) Merge with Malaysia 3) Revert under British rule 4) Be the 53rd State of the United States. News emanating out of Channelnewsasia inform us that in time of peace, the United States military is moving ever closer to Singapore.

    Therefore, I call again to all Malaysian Chinese to vote solidly for the BN no matter what has happened because what has happened only showed that the Opposition is just like the BN when all the cards are on the table.

    The BN and the Opposition are becoming like the Gemini Twins !

  9. Lizawati Bakiri Jun 8,2012 10:24 PM

    Oh i heard a lots of horrible story from Penang about the government treatment of Malays…(scary & sadden), hopefully the state do not become the second Spore…worry if that happen will i need a visa to visit my sister in future? hehehehe….

  10. manhakim Jun 8,2012 8:35 AM

    Salam Tun;

    I am still angry of all the insult towards Malays. I will vote for the party that will put a Malay Chief Minister in Penang. I think this is a time of “perpaduan Melayu”, no matter of what party they are supporting .

  11. iskandar shah 2 Jun 7,2012 6:42 PM

    Salam Tun

    may I..Dear Bro MubarakChan

    1-Of course meritocracy is not a realistic model.Surely the son of Warren Buffet cannot compete equally with Akul A/L Watanabe son of Orang asli who dwells in the remotest part of the Titiwangsa Range.

    2-God have intentionally created this world so diverse and unequal so that it would be a test to all of us.To some a test of abundance and others a test of shortages.If only had God created all of us equally can meritocracy be justified.

    3-Positive discrimination is the solution to this unlevelled playing field.On this note what UMNO had done all these while is morally and religiously correct.This job of correcting the social unevenness is a jihad.For those who have been advantaged by the luck of nature should understand the predicament of those who have been deprived.

    4-Of course it would not be easy for the rich to be discriminated this way..they would be unhappy that is understandable.Well life is never fair mah..

    5-But what I disagree however is that after half a century these correction is done to favor only one preferred race.Are there no poverty amongst the non Malays in this country?Are the leadership of this country only responsible to the well being of the Malays?Why can’t the supposed Muslim leadership stop exploiting the powers afforded them and start being fair also to the other citizens that are different from them?

    6-Maybe they have only been reciting and memorizing the Quran in its Arabic did not understand this verse of Al Maidah:8 “Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, hendaklah kamu semua sentiasa menjadi orang-orang yang menegakkan keadilan kerana ALLAH, lagi menerangkan kebenaran; dan jangan sekali-kali kebencian kamu terhadap sesuatu kaum itu mendorong kamu kepada tidak melakukan keadilan. Hendaklah kamu berlaku adil (kepada sesiapa jua) kerana sikap adil itu lebih hampir kepada taqwa. Dan bertaqwalah kepada ALLAH, sesungguhnya ALLAH Maha Mengetahui dengan mendalam akan apa yang kamu lakukan.

    7-As regards Singapore their days of reckoning is just around the corner.Yes,soon the will pay for their arrogance and stupidity.They have shown how stupid they were when their sovereign wealth fund alongside the other western stooge from the Gulf,together they had both in 2008 bought over the shares of the then already sinking Investment banking stocks and got their fingers badly and terribly burnt.

    8-But I disagree that they would be a part of the United States because even the USA will face the same fate as Singapore-their own moment of reckoning with the eventual collapse of the USD which is going to be sooner than you’d thought.

    9-The USA would disintegrate like what happen tu USSR before so the best hope for Singapore survival is to come back home to Momma..sweet old Malaysia.This is what giving LKY the shivers and the sleepless nights..

    Thanks Tun

  12. juks Jun 7,2012 6:35 PM


    Let us not hide facts anymore while each race continues to berate each other. Let us be dead honest when it comes to politics so we all can move forward.

    Some of the comments here clearly state that they prefer the malays to run Penang and it shall prosper more than it has. Please put your hand on heart and ask if that will really happen. Maybe Penang wouldn`t crumble, sorry for that crude statement, but it wouldnt be doing this well. Look at the FDI coming in to that state alone? I am not sure what you are harping on? This could be an issue of politics or race with you people? Dont forget, it was runned by BN before this as well. Well, maybe you are not into political parties and say that it has been governed by chinese all this while.

    Let us touch on facts again. While many of us being educated and more exposed today, we are not racists but it comes out unconsciously at times. If we do not look out for our own education or religious beliefs, please do not expect the Malays to come out running championing our cause in eating pork and drinking alcohol. Hence, we all try to look out for OUR kind at the end of the day. It truly sucks that we still live and THINK in silos.

    My point is, chinese by facts are more entrepreneurial at the end of the day compared to the Malays. Look at the silos we work in, that is how Msia started with our own race defining each economic sector. Malays all as civil servants, all the chinese wanna become some tauke and open business. You cannot change history and that fact no matter how much you try. I cannot change the fact either that majority chinese gamble, smoke and drink. Its a tough thing to hear when ppl say things like aiya chinese dont care about anything except money. It is somewhat true and let be facts be facts.

  13. sitinur Jun 7,2012 6:23 PM

    maaf cakap la naaa….
    bukan salah saper2….salah diri sendiri….
    rasanyer yg duduk di rumah seting garden adalah org2 yg memilih utk duduk di situ….pada sesetengah dr depa buang duit jer beli rumah ni…masa sayer terpaksa beli rumah yg saya duduk(saya sewa rumah yg saya beli,sbb tuan rumah nak jual)
    kawan penang n kedah cakap…rugi pinjam ngan bank,nati tak mampu bayar bank amik umah…saya tawakal aje la…
    bior makan roti jer janji lepas bayar bank….sewa umah pn lebih mahal(sewa sebuah umah senang kot2 mak demam bole duduk sekali)…syukur pada Allah dah abis pn bayar….

  14. Botak Jun 7,2012 3:23 PM



  15. mubarakchan Jun 7,2012 1:50 PM


    For Middle Ages.

    Many thanks for your defence of your belief that we could up-lift the living standards of all Malaysians without political power and money. Then, what is the Opposition doing or the BN in the hot seat of Putrajaya. Both sides said so. They want your vote to deliver.

    And also your hasty and irrelevant remarks about things which you know very little about.

    Please do not display your negative emotions in words. It is not nice especially condescending remarks about race, wealth etc. Please stick to facts and do not attack me for attack sake !

    I have no quarrel with you. Or hate you !

    If you are unhappy, please read my latest Blog on Mr Lim, the Singaporean taxi-driver.

    Malaysian Chinese, rise and vote as one for BN or else you will find more Muddle Ages !

  16. Botak Jun 7,2012 1:05 PM

    The Malays are harmless people
    They are labelled as lazy,bodoh, ect,etc
    But in reality they are not
    They are contented
    They know what they want
    The succussful malay,mostly muslim
    At the near age of 40s they tends to sway from the the greed of wealth to submission to God
    Unlike the Chinese even to near Death they still wants more and more
    At the end the sad part their wealth will divides thier children
    Their children did not divides the wealth
    Chinese here should be contented under UMNO ruling
    There are not surpressed as in squezze of their earnings
    You will see DAP
    Will build these and that
    But once they are in control
    They will frame you
    Designated to their wants
    And they will use the Law as to legallised their interest
    Look and see

  17. usa.stranger Jun 6,2012 11:40 AM

    Why …. even let all the chinese be there. Let them there.

    When they are there, let those ppl buat demo bersih la, demo lgbt la wat ever la.

    –>Come on friend, tengoklah foto2 Bersih,muka Cina aje nampak ? Bukalah mata ! benci org itu -boleh! Tapi, jgnlah benci org Cina. Nanti org kata racist pulak….

  18. MiddleAges Jun 5,2012 6:36 PM

    Salam Tun,

    I would like to explain to @Mubarak Chan who believes only on power and money.

    @Mubarak Chan

    How on earth can you do this, Muddle Ages, if you have no power and money ? You cannot depend on fresh air and sunshine alone !

    i’m surprised given a man of your experience have lost faith in our human ability to solve our own problems.

    it is as if the ethnic chinese and indian malaysians were brought here with plenty of money in their pockets, and all the power they need. it is as if one who has no money has no life.

    this material philosophy is extremely damaging to the human species. it implies the zinc roofed malays of penang need not be looked at, or worse, it implies the solution is to give them money and power.

    I challenge your theory. Give them zinc roofed people in Penang ( regardless of race ) power and money, and tell me after a few years down the road if it solved their problems.

    I am willing to bet they will come back with wanting more money and a further demands the expand into Kedah to cater for increasing population and business. Tun may have to move.

    And i think there will still be zinc roofs, built by those left behind by the people with power and money.

    And hence, money and power does not really solve the social problems, only the players changed.

    If money and power really does solve the problems we face in our Malaysian society, i would think BN and UMNO has enough power and money to perhaps send many Malaysians to the Moon.

    But yes, we have been to space, we just have not been praying right, that’s all.

    Thank You Tun

  19. tahir757 Jun 5,2012 5:55 PM

    Salam Tun.
    Please remember and take note that Penang was and still is under chinese state govt all along as long as i can remember maybe since 70’s. Yes they are in BN but not headed by UMNO.
    Thats what Malays will get under non malays govt. Still not enough to warn the malays about who to vote. To the Malays, becareful who u vote this coming GE.
    Malays will be sidelined in many aspects of govt project and jobs if not all.
    Learn from Singapore malays experience.

  20. cherry Jun 5,2012 2:23 PM


    I agree with man hakim……….


    June 3, 2012 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    Salam Tun;

    juksMay 31, 2012 at 3:08 pm | Permalink
    Hah, only if Penang was filled with Malays. Be serious and honest with yourself, it will crumble…

    Tun.. the above from Juks is totally an insult to Malays. Malays can survive on its own , we can. Why we keep on letting somebody like Juks can say something like this to Malays. This is serious insult and Juks should apologize. Don’t you think that Malays cannot develop Penang if all other races get out of Penang. ?? Is Malays so that incompetent?? If Juks dare to try then please do so… just get all non Malays out from Penang.

    Look at you juks. You apologized but you have made known to all of us here that you think so lowly of the Malays…you used the words like “malay head, idiot, bodoh etc…”.

    Penang will never crumble without the Chinese. The Malays have been living peacefully even before your forefathers arrived here. So what are you talking about?

    You are a bad chinese for bad mouthing and insulting the Malays. If the Malays were or are like the Chinese than you orang tak boleh mimpi nak datang naik kapal ke Tanah Melayu and compete here freely as the were no room in China to make a better living than in Tanah Melayu.

    Yes, we will not let this thing happen again. The quota shpould be raised to 60% according to population. If you are not happy than that is your small problem.

    I have read others commented in a very polite and discreet manner so behave yourself. May be Taiwan is a better country.

  21. junechang Jun 4,2012 11:16 PM


    Sorry for late reply.. I am not sure which party i will vote for PRU13.. MY point of views a) pakatan rakyat not doing well in past 4 yrs except DAP in penang. but b) i feel very unnecessary for some of the system/”charity$$” carried out by BN.. But one thing is sure, i will vote for DAP if my hometown is in Penang.. At least i see the improvement figuressss for penang in year end report for last few years. Thanks ya.


    i feel sad when i go through some of the comments … We are family and we live together in a peace land..

    Actually i am a very slow-motion Chinese, i feel most of Malaysian become “kia su” and worst.. We can see it on the road or when we Q-up in crowded place etc.. But what to do? Can i ask them to slow down and let me 1st? when oppoturnities come, can i ask the “kia su” ppl wait for me? – NONONO

    Please correct me if i am wrong.. I think is nature in the world, who strong who will get his food, who fast who will climb higher… We should teach our children how to be independent and strong NOT pamper them.


  22. Botak Jun 4,2012 7:56 PM







  23. Tuntuah Jun 4,2012 7:48 PM

    Hi tun.

    Why worry so much on penang? Let it be. Let dap memerintah. I wish dap will develop it like sentosa island. Buat kasino, rumah pelacuran, rumah urut, let along do their business there, even let all the chinese be there. Let them there.

    When they are there, let those ppl buat demo bersih la, demo lgbt la wat ever la. Semua buat kat penang. Even policeman no need to be station there. Let it be..

    Oh, dont forget to built satu skyscraper so that those who utang along, kalah judi, laki sibuk kat lumah pelacuran, let those ppl jump and die.

    When they want to go back to mainland malaysia, ask for pasport.

    Let see how the chinese with all the chinese ppl living there run penang. We melayu just stay away from penang.

    Out of topic. Based on my pengamatan, the next general election will be more racist. I can see all the chinese will be voted for dap.

    And quite a number of malay will be voted for umno. And indian will go for pkr.
    Gerakan, mca, pas are just a history.

    If the police are not well prepared we can see rusuhan kaum. No government can be formed.

    Well, are we ready for that? I am.

  24. mubarakchan Jun 4,2012 7:29 PM


    For iskandar shah 2

    You mentioned about DAP, meritocracy and their slogan Malaysia for Malaysian. All these do not work.

    If these worked, Singapore would not be importing foreigners like cattle to replace all the Singaporeans which disappeared in the wash (longkang) during the 1970s and the 1980s. There is an eternal gap of about 200,000 Singaporeans now – the result of tinkering with the demographics by the ruling elite who thought they were smart.

    I refer you to the latests news from Asiachannelnews that Singapore has now increased the number of millionaires. Unlike Malaysia, you can live in Singapore by bringing in S$ 1.3 Millions. Hence, you increase millionaires by importing them like cattle.

    For the uninitiated, this shows how wonderful Singapore is.

    But what about those Singaporean millionaires who emigrated ? Do you deduct them from the annual count or not ? And the replacement birth rate is only 1.3 per annum.

    The Singaporean meritocratic pyramid with the smartest fellow at the peak lost US$ 108 Billions in October 2008. This smart fellow made the wrong call and the rest froze. Vide. Asiachannelnews. November 2008 Lee Kuan Yew. All Singaporean Blogs January 2009 – 2011. London Financial Times. Gillian Tett April 2010.’Singapore’s Harvard Model’

    Please remember meritocracy is appiicable to the 1% elite based on academic qualifications and money.

    The rest of the 99% like us, will have to depend on fresh air and sunshine. This is meritocracy for you, from these meritocratic rulers. You really cannot run a Nation of human beings based on the academic standards of Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and Yale !

    It is like chalk and cheese !

    Malaysia for Malaysians. A smart and clever phrase which will lead no where in 2012. Very eye catching to the ignorant but no depth to be meaningful in a country with a thick overlay of history, culture, religion, diversity etc. like my beloved Malaysia.

    In other words, it has no meaning.

    When it was first propounded, I was there. It led the supporters nowhere. And in the 21st century, it will lead the supporters nowhere. But life has its compensations and commissions and omissions. Hence, you have all sorts of political parties around the globe doing very well for their daily bread or rice !

    Terima kaseh !

    The beauty of control of a political party is that it is transferrable to the next generation too !

    Unfortunately, my father was not a politician !

  25. mubarakchan Jun 4,2012 4:14 PM


    I was pleasantly surprised that my name was dragged into this Comment by Middle Ages.

    I am sorry for Middle Ages who contradicts himself on power and money. This is pragmatic politics. Then, he commented his kind of politics is to up-lift the living standards of the Malaysians.

    How on earth can you do this, Muddle Ages, if you have no power and money ? You cannot depend on fresh air and sunshine alone !

    For your special information, the costs of the General Elections for both sides have escalated into the billions of ringgits. This is an industry in itself. In 1954, the Chinese towkays financed the whole Alliance general elections for only RM 450,000 ! Arigato gosaimas !

    Facts. In the early 1970s, I was the most junior member of a delegation led by a Minister, from a Government Agency to meet the Penang State Government. The only request from the State Government was to have more funds from the Federal Government. There was a grid-lock in the discussion. Naively, I suggested that the State Government should raise the quit rent and assessment for additional revenue to provide the requisite facilities to the Rakyat.

    This suggestion not only lengthened the period of silence but also I could see a few red-faces around. I was naive and did not understand that the landlords held the whip over the State Government of the day. From then on, when I read about the floods, the traffic congestion, the dim lighting, the tumble-down nature of Penang’s heritage buildings, the hovels etc. etc.
    From then on, I understood the meaning of why some people live in hovels and some live in mansions.

    The realization that some of my fellow Malaysians were disadvantaged drove my ambition from young to assist socio-economically in my own enigmatic sort of way throughout my whole life, Muddle Ages sic Middle Ages.

    Those who know me will understand.

  26. iskandar shah 2 Jun 4,2012 1:35 PM

    Dearest Tun

    1-DAP believe in meritocracy.They are champions of a Malaysian Malaysia. Malays like anybody else must decide for themselves what they want to do with their lives.

    2-If they want to keep the old shackles it is their choice.If they want to sell it is also their choice in which case soon there will be no more Malay lands in Penang.

    3-On the other hand these could be Malay reserve land which I suspect they are,or else they would be long gone.In which case it is just another Kg Baru of Penang.

    4-I don’t think I will support the opposition this time around but Tun let us be realistic.Even if DAP wants to do something about the Malay plight ,what can they do in just 4 years?

    5-I am sure you can’t too or else why did you need 22 years?

    Thanks Tun

  27. eanisazman Jun 4,2012 1:13 PM

    Salam Tun dan Semua,

    Minta maaf lari topik sikit. Kalau tak salah saya, masa Tun menolak hudud dahulu hangat dilabelkan pemimpin UMNO sebagai ‘Kafir laknatullah’. Ada sebahgiannya mengatakan bahawa halal darah orang UMNO ditumpahkan. Sembahyang orang UMNO adalah tidak diterima Allah dan sembahyang jemaah hendaklah diasingkan. Begitu teruk UMNO dikafirkan kerana menolak Hudud dan konsep negara Islam.

    Baru2 ini Anwar Ibrahim serta Karpal dan keputusan mesyuarat Pakatan Rakyat menolak Hudud dan konsep Islam ala PAS ini sambil menyifatkan kenyataan Hadi Awang sebagai pandangan peribadi sahaja. Saya tertunggu2 akan kemarahan orang PAS sepertimana dilemparkan kepada UMNO tetapi senyap saja. Tidak pun jatuh hukum kafir? Bahkan Anwar adalah Imam Mahadi. Pelik bukan?

    Kini konco Amerika/ Israel melalui laman web Yahoo Malaysia sengaja menayangkan imej soleh Nik Aziz untuk menunjukkan PR adalah Islamik. Hadi Awang sebaliknya mengumumkan akan berhenti dari bertanding. Adakah PR parti yang Islamik atau Liberal?

    PAS kononnya akan mempertahankan Islam apabila mereka menang pilihanraya. Mereka terpaksa kompromi dengan kehendak Anwar dan DAP untuk menang pilihanraya. Lepas ini mereka akan mula tunjuk taring. Tetapi, beginikah caranya Islam akan ditegakkan? Kalau DAP dan PKR tak setuju jugak? Malaysia akan terus bergelumang dengan ketidak stabilan sampai bila2 pun kalau PR memerintah. Sorang kata Islam sorang lagi Liberisasi hak manusia ala2 Amerika sampai main liwat pun kira hak juga. Politik pura2 ala2 PR ini sangatlah tidak meyakinkan saya. Paling hebat pun telahan saya ialah, PR akan jadi macam BN juga penyudahnya. Tak ada apa yang baru.

    Nak kata suci dari rasuah, dah tak boleh nak terima bulat2 lagi dah. 2 kali 5 =10. To me, it is better the devil you know than the one you don’t know

    Apa2 hal tetap rakyat biasa yang akan diperkudakan dan jadi mangsa. Barangkali Islam pun telah dihijack oleh parti politik….

  28. juks Jun 4,2012 11:57 AM


    First of all, I do apologize for that crude statement. Notice that in the context of the sentence, I mentioned that NOT ALL are incompetent or incapable. However, I do believe that Malays in general lack the fighting mentality compared to us ermm immigrants or pendatang. Look at the mexicans in the states, the indians in the UK. They dont look for opportunities from the government but create one and a life for themselves. Maybe the locals are too comfortable and constantly demanding due to them being from Malay land. While I no longer see myself as an immigrant or refer to myself as a Malaysian Chinese abroad, I simply mention that I am a Malaysian without mentioning my chinese descent.

    Also, that statement was in reply to someone who clearly wants all the non-Malays out of Penang. Please have a look at how much the NON-Malays contribute to the country. Look at the major contributers of tax to the country. They are all majority chinese and indians. Let me say this again and quote Tun himself, we pay almost 90 percent of the tax in the country in terms of major contribution. So yes, Penang is largely filled with chinese, having lived there myself before, alot of them have contributed massively to the state.

  29. The Hidden Secret Jun 4,2012 10:28 AM


    Excerpts from an article in Wikipedia :-

    1. “In 1877 the rubber plant was introduced from Brazil, and rubber soon became Malaya’s staple export, stimulated by booming demand from European industry. Rubber was later joined by palm oil as an export earner. All these industries required a large and disciplined labour force, and THE BRITISH DID NOT REGARD THE MALAYS AS RELIABLE WORKERS. The solution was the importation of plantation workers from India, mainly Tamil-speakers from South India. The mines, mills and docks also attracted a flood of immigrant workers from southern China.”

    2. “Since the MALAY SULTANS TENDED TO SPEND WELL BEYOND THEIR MEANS, THEY WERE SOON INDEBTED TO CHINESE BANKERS, and this gave the Chinese political as well as economic leverage.”

    3. “TRADITIONAL MALAY SOCIETIES HAD GREAT DIFFICULTY COPING WITH BOTH THE LOSS OF POLITICAL SOVEREIGNTY TO THE BRITISH AND OF ECONOMIC POWER TO THE CHINESE. By the early 20th century it seemed possible that the Malays would become a minority in their own country.

    4. “THE SULTANS, who were seen as collaborators with both the British and the Chinese, LOST SOME OF THEIR TRADITIONAL PRESTIGE, particularly among the increasing number of Malays with a western education”.


    6. “With their usual tendency to racial stereotyping, THE BRITISH REGARDED THE MALAYS AS AMIABLE BUT UNSOPHISTICATED AND RATHER LAZY, INCAPABLE OF SELF-GOVERNMENT, ALTHOUGH MAKING GOOD SOLDIERS UNDER BRITISH OFFICERS. They regarded the Chinese as clever but dangerous – and indeed during the 1920s and ‘30s, reflecting events in China, the Chinese Nationalist Party (the Kuomintang) and the Communist Party of China built rival clandestine organisations in Malaya, leading to regular disturbances in the Chinese towns.


    The above describe the pre-independent condition of the Malays.

    I believe that after 54 years of independent, almost all of the above conditions still exist but in a bit different scenarios.

    Back to history, contrary to the Chinese, the Malays are less united. While the Chinese have only one Emperor for the whole mainland China, the Malays have nine Sultanates in the tiny Malayan peninsular.

    To make things worst, almost all of these nine Sultanates had internal political tussles between their royal members. This led to the influence of the British where the British sided to one side but at the expense of the Malay rulers, where they lost their power.


    What the Malays should do is to BE UNITED.

    How the Malays could achieve this is not through any political parties, not through UMNO, PAS or Keadilan, not through Malay NGOs, not through Ibrahim Ali’s Perkasa.

    The Malays should be united under the banner of the nine Malay Rulers, under the Banner of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

    The nine Malay Rulers were the legitimate rulers in Malaya. They were the one who signed all the treaties with the British, not UMNO, not MCA, not MIC. By right, they are the ones who should initiate the independence of Malaya.

    I don’t understand how did UMNO and MCA overruled the nine Malay Rulers and negotiated for Malaya’s independence with the British. I believe that, UMNO and MCA has NO RIGHTS to negotiate with the British. Only the nine Malay Rulers have all the rights to negotiate with the British. The British took Penang, Singapore, Malacca and the entire Malaya from them, as such, the British should negotiate with them on the independence of Malaya, not with UMNO and MCA representatives.

    The Federation of Malaya Agreement was signed on 21 January 1948 at King House by the nine Malay rulers, not with UMNO or MCA or MIC representatives.

    To the Malays… be united under the banner of the nine Malay Rulers and The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, not under any political parties or NGOs.

    To the nine Malay Rulers, Tuanku(s) are the only hope for the Malays to be united and they cannot put their hope to any political parties or NGOs. The Prince of Wales owns all the land in Wales. Thus, this land is Tuanku(s) land. Tuanku(s) are the legitimate owners and rulers of this land.

    This land was once named PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU from 1948 to 1963.

    Our railway company ie. KTM Berhad were once called KERETAPI TANAH MELAYU.

    Prior to that, part of the federation was named FEDERATED MALAY STATES and part of it was named UNFEDERATED MALAY STATES, while the other part of the federation ie. Penang, Malacca and Singapore were handed over by the Malay Rulers (Sultan Kedah and Sultan Johor) to the British and Dutch.


    But…. the above were now history. Now, the word “MALAY” or “MELAYU” has been deleted from all of the above. The Malays themselves deleted the word “MELAYU” from our railway company. You will never see the word “KERETAPI TANAH MELAYU” at KTMB’s official website. You will never see the word “KERETAPI TANAH MELAYU” at any of our railway company’s trains and coaches.

    I give this challenge to the Malays… restore the name of KTM Berhad to “KERETAPI TANAH MELAYU BERHAD”. Use this name in KTMB’s official website and on the trains and coaches. Trust me, the Malays are incapable to do this.


  30. malaysian and proud of it Jun 3,2012 10:11 PM

    Good evening,
    I was born and raised in Pearl of the Orient.
    It saddens me that our honourable Tun has chosen to highlight the state of the malays in Penang bearing in mind that for donkey years when BN was in power until 2008 the status quo has remained till 2012. Do you think that in 4 years any man/woman can turn a state around? Please remember that these conditions have been pre-existed during Koh Tsu Koon’s time and to blame or even imply that LGE and his bunch of assistants for unable to do something about this is akin to calling oneself INCOMPETANT.
    You can point out the plight of any citizen in Malaysia but remember that they are the product of the government since 1957 and not only since 2008. Mathematics must not be adjusted according to state and govt. After all this is now an ALMOST level playing field right?
    Blame not the left hand what the right hand cannot detect nor overcome for thy belong to the same BODY.
    Thank you.

  31. seriwangsa Jun 3,2012 7:18 PM

    Saya amat tertarik dengan komen saudara Zulkiflee…..yang YABhg Tun adalah seorang pemimpin dan pemimpin tiada erti bersara.

    Dengan un-seen influence saya yakin Tun masih ada ruang untuk seperti kata saudara Zulkiflee ‘pull some strings’ bagi membaiki keadaan seperti sedia ada.

    Saya masih ingat Tun mampu ‘pull a lot of strings’ and nag macam machine gun untuk pastikan Pak Lah di pencenkan jadi benda sama saya yakin Tun mampu lakukan untuk negeri yang kecil ini.

    Your monotonousness voice has a lot of poison that could become cure. TQ

  32. manhakim Jun 3,2012 4:35 PM

    Salam Tun;

    juksMay 31, 2012 at 3:08 pm | Permalink
    Hah, only if Penang was filled with Malays. Be serious and honest with yourself, it will crumble…

    Tun.. the above from Juks is totally an insult to Malays. Malays can survive on its own , we can. Why we keep on letting somebody like Juks can say something like this to Malays. This is serious insult and Juks should apologize. Don’t you think that Malays cannot develop Penang if all other races get out of Penang. ?? Is Malays so that incompetent?? If Juks dare to try then please do so… just get all non Malays out from Penang.

  33. CH Liew Jun 3,2012 11:52 AM

    You stated a subject with so many reply comments and ideas by so many people that sounds so important and real. Affordable home is a subject that people like and want to talk about but has anyone really understand the word “affordable”. It can mean everything or nothing. How can someone commented that they have to moved to Butterworth because of houses on the Island is beyond their capability to buy. Penang is an Island and market forces create the price not the DAP or BN or State Govt. Just because you cannot afford to buy house on Penang Island you blame DAP. What about all those years BN in power, are houses on the Island cheap? What about those who sell the property on the Island and then invest and enjoy their live on the mainland? When people got narrow mind they blame the world and cannot see their own fault. High standard of living means higher income, for the smart ones working and earning a living on the Island and stay on the mainland is the best choice. What so wrong about moving to Butterworth?
    Tun, you should asked Penang Malays why never do what all other Penang People do. Is it because they DON’T CARE or THEY CANNOT? Maybe it is their choice to keep tradition. If I am not wrong UDA tried to help develop Tunjung Tokong but the people do not allow them and again who can say they are wrong or right. It is people’s choice to choose staying in kampong house or modern flats or condo. Moreover Penang is a living heritage site, those eye sore you mentioned may turn out to be the valuable and interesting sight to others. With innovation maybe these eye sore can generate valuable income too.
    One man meat is another one poison.

  34. CH Liew Jun 3,2012 11:10 AM

    Penang Malays or Penang “Pendatangs” or whoever is not important!!!! The devil is coming to Asia is the most important subject. Where and when USA goes there will be war and chaos. They are coming to Asia and life will not be the same and be prepared for worst. The country with the most criminals and love for war, violent, “do what you like” and a lot of “bull shit” is coming to our neighbourhood and the worst will be here soon. It is time for us to start talking and focusing about unity (pendatang or asli) and not about who should have what. They will take all and they don’t care about bumi or non-bumi so Tun, it is time for you to start encouraging and promoting racial harmony to shield Malaysians against the true “DEVIL OF THE WORLD”. Pendatang will only ask for fairness but the devil will take all and do what as they like then destroy culture and delete history. Better be prepared for the arrival of devil and its partners (Singapore and Philippine).

  35. Botak Jun 3,2012 4:02 AM

    Sedih sungguh sedih
    Di Timur Tengah
    Mereka berkalimah laillahaillallwah
    Bersorak AllahuAkhbar
    Dalam masa yg sama mereka membunuh sesama
    Saudara mereka sendiri
    Semoga apa yg berlaku
    Menjadi tangga pertama Islam akan bersatu

  36. ROZALI BIN AYED Jun 2,2012 7:31 PM

    Salam hormat Yg Bhg Tun,

    Pembangunan untuk membantu orang melayu Pulau Pinang khususnya menyediakan rumah mampu milik semasa pemerintahan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (yang diterajui parti Gerakan) terdahulu berjalan dengan cara perlahan, masih terdengar suara-suara ketidakpuasan hati terhadap kelancaran program perumahan rumah mampu milik pada ketika itu.

    2. Keadaan bertambah teruk apabila kerajaan pakatan rakyat (yang diterajui oleh DAP) mengambil alih teraju kepimpinan negeri Pulau Pinang. Program untuk membina rumah mampu milik khususnya untuk orang Melayu sudah dipinggirkan oleh kerajaan DAP dibawah kepimpinan YAB Lim Guan Eng. Kesannya amat ketara setelah kerajaan DAP menguasai Pulau Pinang selama 4 tahun dimana ribuan orang Melayu terpaksa berhijrah ke tanah besar untuk meneruskan kehidupan kerana tiada suatu pun usaha meningkatkan tahap kehidupan orang Melayu dan termasuk juga sebahagiannya kaum India.

    3. Projek membina rumah mampu milik bagi rakyat berpendapatan rendah yang rata-ratanya orang Melayu dan India tiada termasuk dalam program pelaksanaan, apa yang terbina hanyalah rumah-rumah kediaman yang berharga tinggi (melebihi RM500/= sebuah dan ke atas) yang hanya mampu dimiliki oleh golongan yang berpendapatan tinggi, berada atau kaya yang umum sedia maklum majoritinya adalah kaum China. Segala janji dalam pilihanraya umum ke 12 pakatan rakyat dengan megah dan bangganya berjanji akan mengamal dan mengaplikasi sifat kepimpinan yang telus, adil dan saksama untuk semua. Setelah menang dan dapat menguasai Pulau Pinang, DAP dalam pakatan rakyat langsung tiada ambil kira segala janji-janji yang telah ditaburkan. Rakyat sudah tertipu dan terpedaya dengan segala janji yang dikatakan lebih indah dan murni dari kerajaan Barisan Nasional.

    4. Rakyat Pulau Pinang khususnya orang Melayu, India dan sebahagian kaum China yang masih yakin pada kerajaan Barisan Nasional seharusnya membuat penilaian yang kritis terhadap pakatan rakyat (DAP, PKR & Pas), dan tidak seterusnya tertipu dan terpedaya dengan beribu janji manis bulan dan bintang seperti yang sering diungkapkan oleh penasihat PKR Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang juga merupakan ketua pembangkang. Membuat janji manis amat mudah, menunaikan janji itu soal kedua, yang lebih penting rakyat terus diperdaya untuk terus terperangkap dalam strategi politik pembangkang, khusunya Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang bercita-cita tinggi menjadi Perdana Menteri.

    Sama-samalah kita renung dan fikirkan supaya kita tidak terjebak dengan tipu daya politik parti pembangkang.

    Sekian, terima kasih dan wassalam.

  37. paktuan45 Jun 2,2012 6:45 PM

    Ybhg Tun,
    With due respect, much as I hate to admit, I have to concur with some of the comments that the plight of the Malays in Penang existed even during BN’s governance. With the current political climate, I cannot see not in the foreseeable future, any positive changes for their plight. I hope and pray that the harmony that I used to know in the 1960s will manifest again not only in Penang, but throughout the whole country.

  38. Botak Jun 2,2012 12:59 PM

    Malaysia tangan Tun memang luar biasa
    Begitu juga Indonesia tangan Bambang BBY juga memang luar biasa
    Sayang Tun turun ketika BBY naik
    Kalau mereka bersama era akan menjadi chemistry yg luar biasa bagi Indonesia dan Malaysia
    Malayu perlu pemimpin seperti mereka
    Tapi orang melayu juga dipertanggung jawab akan nasib mereka kelak
    DAP di Penang akan menuruti cara PAp di Singapura
    Terbukti dengan kunjungan Lee dan pemimpin PAP sebelum DAP
    Sudah nyata. Mereka akan ambil tanah melayu peringkat demi peringkat,dengan alasan pembangunan negara
    Tujuan sebenarnya mengukuhkan kedudukan mereka
    UMNO sebagai parti yg berkuasa di Malaysia mesti perihatin tentang kenyataan ini
    UMNO berhak

  39. HBT456 Jun 2,2012 11:14 AM



    96. He spoke his mind on what he foresees in 21st century as the president to the largest poorest Muslim country in the world without referring note.

    97. Patriotism and trust are empty boxes when BN won generations via vote buying.

    98. Is Najib and Felda worth that much when we can invest in ASEAN and China at more reasonable rate?

    99. I won’t buy this share.

    100. Why?

    101. Win-win can never happens in Malaysia.

    102. Win-win can happen when non-Malay political leaders starts to say “Tak Nak” to Ketuanan Melayu

    That’s all YAB.

  40. MiddleAges Jun 1,2012 11:32 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. Penang Islander Malays are a different breed of Malays, and they are proud of their island, their identity, their honesty. HBT is right, they are not like UMNO Malays.

    2. I ought to know, i spent a bit of my chilhood in Penang, me mother is from Penang, me grandma is hardcore Penang to the bone. Grandma came to KL alone with just a briefcase running away from forced marriage to a wealthy but probably ugly businessman. She is a foreigner in KL. She made it, else i would not be able to post comments.

    3. Immigrants are generally successful people. That is what that irks Zulkeflee so. You are right Tun, how come the ramshackle huts are still around. I believe Zulkeflee has the right answer.

    4. I disagree with Mubarak Chan saying this GE is ultimately about Power and Money. I think he is too engrossed in busy-ness life to notice the finer aspects of life, or the missing finer aspects. If an old man crosses the road in KL/PJ too slowly due to physics he or she will be honked into thin air. Is this advancement ? If this wawasan 2020 ?

    5. No this isn’t about power or money, this is about making a better life for all of us Malaysians, for those of us who intend to stay, for those of us with children living here.

    6. No wonder our local political scene is so i-dont-know-the-word-for-it. People believe it is all about money and power, entering politics for money and power, retiring with plenty courtesy of us the rakyat. Just maybe it is time people start entering politics to serve, please.

    Thank You Tun

  41. Khairul-Dean Jun 1,2012 11:11 PM

    Salam Hormat

    Buatlah Sekadar Ikhlas,Tun
    (it heals better that way)

    June 1, 2012 at 9:25 am | Permalink

    Salam Tun;

    Penang dah lama hancur malah masa BN lagi pun, sekarang ni lagi le teruk…

    Terima kasih. Indah bahasa.

    Look at it from the point of view of an economist and financier
    is an easy matter. Are you ready for Penang Malys politikus, Tun?

    The Powerhouse generates from Balik Pulau, nowadays it seems, panadols for headaches and pain is the cure for Penang malays,wouldn’t Tun Dr Siti Hasmah too be in agreement?

    A solution for the other muslims elsewhere – a hope, too.


  42. Botak Jun 1,2012 9:16 PM






  43. Hajar Jun 1,2012 8:52 PM

    Salam YAB & diKasihi Tun,

    1. Bak kata Tun dahulu ”mengalir air mata” bila mengenang nasib Melayu Pulau Pinang.

    2. Sebenarnya, jika BUKAN Melayu yang menjadi Ketua Kerajaan Negeri (termasuklah dari parti Gerakan), orang Melayu memang terpinggir. Mungkin lama kelamaan boleh jadi seperti Singapura.

    3. Saya syorkan supaya Kerajaan Pusat membantu orang Melayu Pulau Pinang supaya mereka tidak terus terpinggir dan di tindas.

    4. Orang Melayu secara umumnya amat mudah bertolak ansur dalam banyak hal. Sikap ini adalah baik, tetapi banyak juga buruknya sebab kerana terlalu bertolak ansur, orang akan mengambil kesempatan, terutama jika kita ada ”opportunists” & mereka yang KIASU yang sentiada mencari peluang. Tengok saja Tun Pak Lah semasa menjadi PM..terlalu betolak-ansur sehinggakan ramai orang ambil kesempatan, dan kesudahannya banyak benda yang tergadai. Kebetulan, Tun Pak Lah dari Penang.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  44. juks Jun 1,2012 7:46 PM

    Dear June Chang,

    Thank you for your rational response and open thinking to Cherry`s constant nagging towards others. Fair enough she is a huge supporter and admirer of Tun. So are we. That is why I choose to come back here everyday to read Tun`s view and perspective on things. I may not always agree or disagree. Given, the man himself has achieved way more than any of us, but we all deserve a say as Malaysians. Bear in mind that we may be separated through our respective political views but remain Malaysians at the end of the day.

  45. zulkiflee Jun 1,2012 2:25 PM

    Assalamu’alaikum Tun

    terlebih dulu saya memohon banyak-banyak maaf….

    apabila bercakap tentang masaalah Melayu,baik di Pulau Pinang atau di mana saja,termasuk juga Melayu di Singapura,Tun tidak seharus nya terbawak-bawak dgn sikap ‘ber-demokratik’ seolah-olah Tun cuma ‘orang-luar’ yg tidak berdaya mencampuri ‘urusan-dalaman’ negeri-negeri tersebut.

    sebagai seorang bekas PM,Tun bukan ‘orang-luar’ dalam masaalah Melayu.dan masaalah Melayu untuk selama nya adalah tanggungjawab Tun,samaada bersara atau tidak sebab Tun adalah Pemimpin.dan Pemimpin tidak pernah bersara.

    saya beranggapan pada kedudukkan Tun hari ini,Tun masih boleh ‘pull some strings’ untuk berbuat sesuatu untuk mengubah nasib Melayu.

    bukan saja Melayu Pulau Pinang,malah Melayu Singapura pun boleh di ubah nasib nya oleh mana-mana Pemimpin Melayu yg memandang setiap masaalah Melayu sebagai masaalah peribadi nya sendiri yg dia Wajib bertanggungjawab penuh untuk memperbaiki keadaan.

    malang nya kita tidak ada banyak pemimpin yg benar-benar bertanggungjawab terhadap anak-bangsa nya sebagaimana mereka bertanggungjawab terhadap anak-isteri sendiri.

    yg banyak ialah jenis pemimpin yg mengambil kesempatan menjadikan masaalah Bangsa nya sebagai peluru politik untuk menjatuhkan parti lawan.

    padahal pada akhir nya,tak kira siapa pun Melayu yg berkuasa,nasib Melayu begitu juga…..tidak terbela.

    dan disetiap perhimpunan kita terus melaungkan ‘Hidup Melayu!’ tanpa jemu.padahal tanpa kita sedar,kita sebenar nya sedang reput di-gerogot ulat-bangsat asing dari segala arah.

    Tun,pemimpin-pemimpin kita harus diberi kesedaran tentang keWajipan mereka.sama ada masih berpangkat atau sudah bersara,tanggungjawap untuk memperbaiki nasib Bangsa tetap sama tidak berbeza.

    terimakasih Tun

  46. safrizal Jun 1,2012 10:49 AM

    Dear Tun and readers,

    If this happen to the Malay that lives in Penang, what would happen to the Malay if the opposition rules Malaysia? Are the Malay have the same fate as the Singaporean Malay?

  47. manhakim Jun 1,2012 9:25 AM

    Salam Tun;

    Penang dah lama hancur malah masa BN lagi pun, sekarang ni lagi le teruk. Teringat 30 tahun dulu lepas habis SPM , backpack je pergi Penang naik keretapi ke Butterworth, lepas tu naik ferry dan bas kuning ke teluk kumbar rumah tokwan kawan sekolah kat Penang. Sikit punya damai, hijau, sawah padi, pantai yang cantik /bersih.

    Itulah kali pertama tengok Penyu bertelor kat pantai Teluk Kumbar. Seronok mandi laut dan sungai Titi Kerawang.Sekarang pantai tak bersih, berselut, air longkang pergi ke pantau dan Titi Kerawang dah jadi anak sungai.

    Sekarang ni yang banyak ialah kilang2 ( banyak juga kilang2 yang tutup), rumah pangsa lama2 yang buruk2 sampaikan sedih tengok cat rumah pangsa tu. Kenapa Kerajaan tak jaga kawasan perumahan murah ? Kenapa bangunan tak di cat 5 tahun sekali ke dan jaga persekitaran??

    Rumah teres dan apartment baru mewah di bina betul2 kat kawasan dulunya perumahan setinggan/slum atau tanah Melayu . Melayu untung ke sapa yang untung.Tapi Melayu masih tak sedar.

    Kampung Melayu makin terhapus sebab tanah naik harga, jadi juallah..makin lama tanah Melayu makin habis le . Akan jadi macam Singapore , berapa kerat je orang Melayu ada tanah. Bila tak ada tanah dah habis nanti..orang Melayu menangis pun tak guna dah. Melayu tak rasist pada bukan Melayu tapi rasist sesama Melayu. Dalam sebulan dapat gaji berapa banyak kita beli barang kat kedai bukan melayu, repair kereta/beli phone/barang electrik/buat rumah dll. Pasal tu ekonomi Melayu lemah dan bukan Melayu kuat. Lagipun banyak sangat Ali Baba dan cara agihan kekayaan negara yang tak betul. Melayu rasist sesama Melayu untuk katakan dia lagi alim, lagi bagus dalam agama, tak korup, tak liwat dll. Selagi tak ikhlas, tak bersatu dan pemimpin2 Melayu dan oranr Melayu tak sedar2 maka akan jadi begitulah sampai bila2.

    Kalau betul Tun nampak rumah2 tu dah 60 tahun macam tu, maknanya pemimpin2 dari dulu sampai sekarang pun tak prihatin.Kalau betul nak tolong depa tu jangan cakap je tapi buat le sesuatu.

    Kat Masjid Penang pun dah tak boleh buka tape mengaji subuh2 sebab banyak kawasan2 rumah teres dan penghuninya ramai bukan Melayu duduk dekat Masjid. Jadi banyak le complaint. Tapi tanah melayu makin lama makin hilang tak ada yang nak complaint. Salah Melayu jugak yang tak tahu compete dan masih rasist sesama Melayu, maka lama2 tanah tu habis . Tak ada tanah cuma mampu tinggal kat rumah teres buruk atau rumah pangsa buruk yang tak terjaga persekitarannya, langsung tak di cat baru, kemudahan tak ada, longkang/lif teruk . Ada siapa prihatin /nak tolong??

    Tun tulis Malay Dilema lepas Singapore terlepas. Penang mungkin terlepas satu hari nanti kalau orang Melayu masih rasist sesama Melayu dan tak bersatu. Atau biarkan semua terlepas dan Melayu tinggal rumah pangsa di bina kerajaan macam kat Singapore , tapi elok le sikit tak macam rumah pangsa murah sekarang ni. Mungkin Tun dah terlewat nak tulis Penag Dilema kali ni.

  48. HBT456 Jun 1,2012 8:17 AM

    Good morning YAB,

    59. May I ask which party June Chang would vote comes PRU13?

    60. Whatever I have promised Tun Dr MM, I would fulfill my national obligations as Malaysia citizen during ups and downs, period.

    61. I will vote BN in PRU13 “Keranamu Malaysia.”

    62. I will not vote Pembangkang Melayu “Keranamu Anwar” bagai “belalang mahu jadi saga dan kancil when MITI policies allowed us to look at other choices under ford, cherry, suzuki, toyata or hyudai, honda, etc…..”

    63. High Income level is a dream spell cast by the acting PM to win high income level votes kerana bini beliau, tak haram kan?

    64. Mr PM, can or not when our younger Malaysians no longer view themselves as Ahmad, Ah Chong, Muthu, Joshua atau Lanang under Putrajaya?

    65. Kalu kaum Melayu ingin sangat keluar dari Kerajaan Persekutuan, be the guests as there are other races in Malaysia who are working tirelessly in silent to be the master of their own destiny.

    66. Macam mana nak Hidup Melayu, Hidup UMNO apabila pengundi2 kaum Melayu negeri2 masing2 tak segan2 memberitahu bangsa Malaysia yang kerajaan negeri2 masing”2″ takda wang?

    67. Melayu negeri mana yang “bernama” Palestine?

    68. All leaders made great decisions in life.

    69. When leaders made those decisions, they must keep upgrading their skills to move a head of the opposition pacts .

    70. Malaysia Boleh is not a dream when Malays starts to view themselves as experienced and skilled Malaysian civil servants serving Malaysians and foreigners di pusat Persekutuan Kerajaan di Wilayah Putrajaya keranamu Malaysia.

    71. After 3 generations of being dilabelkan sebagai pendatang2 asing oleh pendatang2 asing dari Indonesia, India, China, Bengali, Arab, Sabah, Sarawak and etc….., does it matter when comes to general elections?

    72. Our young generations are capable in uniting all kaum2 di Malaysia one day not long from now di bawah Rukun Negara.

    73. Leaders go when they are not liken by genuine voters.

    74. The Chinese says, “To work for weak emperor is like working for pak belalang”.

    75. It’s not wrong morally and economically to dream for Chinese MB in the 9 Malay states.

    76. It’s not wrong morally and politically for Malays to “own” EU Ferrari either.

    77. What you took from others, you will pay back to US by hooked or by crooked legally.

    That’s all, YAB.

  49. MiddleAges Jun 1,2012 4:52 AM

    Salam Tun,

    1. In the world we live in today, context is everything. I would like to clarify when i said i hate “foreigners ruling over me”, i mean that in the context of me as a KL native, the KL that Yap Ah Loy captained.

    2. Hence foreigners is defined as anyone not born, not living, breathing, inhaling the toxic fumes of Foh Hup / Len Seng / Sri Jaya busses, who suddenly appear now in KL telling me to hate my school mates, telling my children to hate their school mates.

    3. Foreigners are those who never actually rode the Mini Bus, but swear how horrible they are. Foreigners are those who see us KL resident eating drinking together, malays, chinese, indians, all merry and happy, and they are so unhappy. Foreigners are those who speak the local and national language, but cannot understand why there is peace.

    4. I am however okay with anyone ruling over me, i pretend as if i have a choice, and i feel happier. Because in life the truth does not matter, what matters is happiness.

    Thank You Tun

  50. ilovemuslims Jun 1,2012 3:00 AM

    Salaam Tun,


    Di Singapura ramai anak Melayu yang berpelajaran tinggi. Ada BA, MASTER, Diploma…

    Tapi kebanyakkan mereka tidak dapat jawatan yang tinggi yang setaraf dengan kelayakkan mereka. Ramai pun yang sudah migrate untuk fulfill their ambition…a lot of them are successful now overseas.

    Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura sebenarnya kaya tapi harta/kewangan mereka Govt control…because of that ramai orang Melayu miskin…nampak sahaja ada kereta, handphone, Smart TV.

    But now more problem facing Singaporeans and Singapore, not only Singaporean Malays but also Chinese, Indians.

    Why?… emm makin ramai Foreign Trash, cheap labourers from China, India, Philippine and even Malaysia. Not only low skilled job but also white collar job. Singaporeans aged 40-55, some graduates are now driving taxis because they are being retrenched and replaced by cheap foreign labourers.

    Dulu orang Melayu Singapore kena disriminated by Singaporeans Now…even Chinese Singaporeans asked Malay for help to get rid of these foreigners lah. Lucukan…but we will help because we are True Blue Singaporeans. Since we are Muslim first, we will help because whatever happen, we are steady lah, we have IMAN.

    Allah says – ‘La haufun alaihim wa la hum yah zanun’

    True Singaporeans are getting poorer each day BUT Singapore is the 3rd Richest Country in the world, funny and unbelievable, dont you think?…dont believe…dont read Main stream media lah… Read blogs, internet, The, Online Citizen. Tremeritus etc.

    Botak, have you not heard, unlike Malaysia…Singapore is not a country…its a business place. Money first, livelihood second. Thats why Singaporean be them Malays, Chinese, Indians and even Singapore Ang Mo love visiting Malaysia at any given opportunity. We love Malaysian way of life…true democracy, mixed of urban rural lifestyle. Unlike Singaporeans, their houses and cars are for life. Singaporeans mostly live in a government house for a period of 99years but these houses cost them around RM 500 000 (2 bedrooms) – RM1 000 000 (3&4bedrooms) . 1000cc car cost about RM150 000-Rm200 000

    If this keep on going, i think my teenage children and their peers will not have a roof over their head when they plan to settle down.

    Now those in Universities are already dreading thinking about marriage as they worry about housing affordability.

    Botak, for your info, Melayu yang kaya in Singapore are the Malays MPs… gaji mereka best. Whatever their paymaster tell them to do, they do.

    And Yes Botak, Johore Royalty has, among others in Singapore. a plot of land worth $5 billion and the value keep increasing in Singapore. I think they should not sell lah.

    So Botak, jangan sibukkan sangat membesar-besarkan Singapore. Dah nak dekat jadi rojaklah. Evidentnya- orang cina Singapura kebanyakkan dah mula complain… Orang Melayu Singapura??? The smiling and the smart one will just prosper( Cina kata ‘Huat Ah’).

    The world is small….

  51. Ordinarypeople Jun 1,2012 1:40 AM

    YAB Tun,

    In my opinion, penang malays are also part of malaysian, as we living in the 21th century, some efforts need to be carried out to help them to solve their problems, as we want to be a high income country in the near future, so it’s pity to left them behind and let them suffer, as a Malaysian we need to help the poor peoples, so the government and the politician have to do the same, as you said earlier some research need to be carried out by the government to find the way to improve their quality of life and standard of living.


  52. prisoner Jun 1,2012 12:41 AM

    penswastaan di malaysia tidak berjaya

    kebelakangan ini,TNB naik harga lagi.
    TNB mempunyai paling ramai pelanggan tetapi masih membeli kuasa elektrik daripada YTL,GENTING.
    TNB tidak cekap dan mempunyai hutang yang banyak.

    saya fikir,RAPID LRT dan MONORAIL juga tidak baik sampai mana.

    harap tun dapat memberi pandangan.

    semoga sihat walafiat

  53. junechang May 31,2012 7:19 PM


    i think you have a bit misunderstanding. Sure Tun M can write anything (basically) but under comment colume and we should able to tell any of our thinking base on the article. no right or wrong for written here.. we share our opinion..

    i am not happy for this article is Tun M take out the Malay issue in penang. This is long time story and related to sensative topic. In other way, should we mention Malay in KL who drive the MILLION’s CAR but who are not great and famous business men? — NO

    “Whatever it is, when you have a chinese as a Ketua Menteri or Menteri Besar than the Malays will always be sidelined. Period.” –Are you Malay, Cherry? Then Chinese in Malaysia, always be sidelined? Most of the Ketua Menteri in other states are Malay.

    “And to all others, this is Tun M’s blog so he write what he pleases. Do not tell other people as if you are the only smart person on earth.” — If Tun M not welcome our comments, he wouldn’t ask for comment or publish out our comments. Please be open minded.

    Sometime i disagreed Tun’s article, but i still follow his article. This is because we can share our opinion here. Let the VIP ppl know our opinions.


  54. Botak May 31,2012 7:05 PM



  55. AHMAD BADRI May 31,2012 6:40 PM

    Yg Bhg Tun,

    It is not just Tg Bungah. It is the same sorry sight at Jelutong, Gelugor, Batu Maung and Bayan Lepas. The culprit is not just Lim Guan Eng’s government, but also Koh Tsu Koon and Lim Chong Eu.

    Quiet discrimation against the Penang Malays had been going on for more than 35 years. The Malays there remain true to their cultural colours, humble, never complaining, obedient, and just plain too bloody nice.

    I have written about this many times, but who cares? The UMNO rulers still insists on saying that UMNO is not interested in Penang.

    Yes Penang state rulers have become too strong, all Malay land in Penang nicely confiscated via backdoor intimidation, threats and pressure and practice of plain racial discrimination.

    In the words of an old Malay person in Penang, “We had become the Palestinians in a Malay country. Our land have been taken, and we are being forced out from our homes”. One day Penang will be just like Singapore, and the Chinese will be very happy.

    I am sick to the bone with UMNO’s attitude to the Penang Malays. I am from there.

  56. juks May 31,2012 3:08 PM

    Hah, only if Penang was filled with Malays. Be serious and honest with yourself, it will crumble…I am not saying all Malays are incompetent. However, you are given an opportunity in life. If you cannot make something out of it, please do not shout your race and expect more in return. Life is unfair. You are right Cherry, chinese came to Malaysia to make something for ourselves. Our forefathers travelled over here with nothing. Probably with a mere RM10 travelling for days in some boat. They came here without the help of government or ppl. Heck, they didnt even speak the language. That is the mentality that is being passed down our lineage. All chinese since young continue to instill that fight and hunger. Malays probably lack that hunger for success and continue to play the race card. Please have a look at how much is being allocated yearly to your race. From education, to health, housing , jobs. You carve out your own destiny. So please, this is an issue of human beings making something out of nothing for themselves.

  57. juks May 31,2012 3:00 PM

    Tun, that is a good observation indeed. Facts are facts nonetheless. However, another fact for you, please have a look at the BN governed states. They are not looking fantastic either. Yes, you may not have mentioned DAP. BUT we all know you are a smart politician. You will and always be a politician till the day you leave us. Every statement has a motive behind it. I would want to see a post of you coming out to criticize the BN government as well. Be fair and lets discuss if BN is doing all they can for Malaysia.

  58. usa.stranger May 31,2012 2:17 PM

    tun M is just telling what he sees and think….read para 3.
    Ovearall, he is just dissappointed with the livelihood of the Malays in Penang….itu pun tak boleh cakap ka? he is not condemning the present DAP government in penang even tho I believe strongly that they are worst than the Gerakan handling the issues of the Malays there.
    **Any message came from stronghold person once was in power is hardly apolitical especially when it touches the state govern by PR now which was belong to BN before 308.
    Boleh Cakap …cuma apa yang belia cakap,dari position apa,cakap siapa aje.
    Sama juga, tempat ini- kan free untuk sesiapa yang nak memberi pendapat2 mereka.
    Maybe pendapat NGO2 yg kian lama membantu org2 miskin saje- dapat memberi komen neutral dalam topik ni.

  59. sudin May 31,2012 10:28 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Penang has produced 2 of the most unworthy Malay leaders ever in existance, namely Pak Dol the no quality PM5 and Anwar maniac the MOF and DPM.
    Both achieved/gained/created great personal fortune during their VERY SHORT STINT in power, and worse still was that Anwar maniac also created Penang Malay leaders (Ibrahim Saad, Rahim Ghous, …..) to become super tycoons, besides his acquiring/strengthening that infamous ‘uncontrollable desire to front & backside’.

    If PM Najib is not careful when appointing a Malay leader for Penang, the mere thought of another Pak Dol or Anwar will invite the Penang Malay to become brother/sister relationship to their deprived Malay counterparts from Singapura!

    In order to fast track the economic changes due to the Penang Malays, I’m suggesting the 30% Bumiputra participation to all sectors in Penang be implemented immediately and to monitor them rigorously. This will also invite other Malays to come and reside in Penang and directly help make the state to become a Bumiputra majority state.

  60. HBT456 May 31,2012 8:07 AM

    11. Privatization of Port Penang is another flip then flop doomed to fail project via back door lobbying style similar to MB Selangor in handling the water issues.

    12. Because of fear of their loosing their own “istimewa” VVIPs positions, they shall made the wrong decisions like all failed leaders in the world.

    13. Who are the losers when people do not look up at at them and buy their products and services?

    14. It will be Bumiputra and Malay owners themselves when democracy is maturing in Malaysia because happiness and votes cannot be measured via GDP or GNI.

    15. Betul tetap betul.

    16. Salah tetap salah.

    That’s all for today, YAB.

  61. HBT456 May 31,2012 7:52 AM


    1. The Penang Malays are not UMNO Malays who always merajuk secara buta tuli to get money from UMNO president to build highways only.

    2. In terms of land and human resources allocation, DAP Lim Guan Eng has done better than Gerakkan Koh Tsu Koon.

    3. In Penang, for public sector employment eg. the Penang Hill, there is a Indian Temple up there.

    4. We can see Penang Indians and Malays serving the public, and this is a good sign for Penang future developments.

    5. The Penang Malays in Tanjung Bungah relies on tourism revenue from Feringgi beach to build their dream home and family.

    6. These PMs are traders and restaurant owners, they prefer to earn their rezeki as per Allah SWT.

    7. When they saw other races doing better, they will work harder.

    8. United Malays National Organization shall doomed to fail when Malay leaders force religion on to others to cover their failed projects.

    9. President UMNO as PM shall end with Rahman?

    10. Malaysia will split into 3 Kingdoms politically but not economically?

    That’s all, YAB.

  62. seriwangsa May 31,2012 3:05 AM

    I wish to see more educated respond from viewers with facts. Neither blame the old government nor the new one.

    Managing 100 squatters is not a simple task of talking to 1 professor. Level of thinking is totally different and that is the main reason they are at squatters.

    Only people who is within governing will understand what i said above.

    But i always believe in everything within cycle.

    We can’t afford to give good houses just like what Saudi & Qatar government do for their people.

    But our current low cost does not promote a healthy life for nation. Last time there were low cost apartment with 2 rooms only. Squatters especially Malay is impossible to have only 1 or 2 kids. Minimum will be 4 kids. Many with 6 and usually low income people always have more!

    4 kids with 2 rooms is unimaginable of how they will have a quality life in the apartment. Rumahku Syurgaku will be just like a total fairy tale.

    The boys will hang out everyday outside the house, then happen lepak, bohjan,mat rempit….later drugs, snatch, rape….

    The girls as well lepak, bohsia and so on. Then come the buang bayi, prostitution etc etc.

    They only come back to the house to sleep. I see this and experience with my own eyes at PPRT Sungai Dua, Tanjung Bunga, Teluk Kumbar and many more.

    The low cost does not allow them to feel at home. The kids can’t have quality time to study at home.

    We made the house to be small, 2 rooms, because we want to knock the cost low so that the house price will go lower. The subsidies will become less.

    In return, without un-nuticed, later then the government have to invest more in Pusat Serenti for rehabilitation, increase on crime, police force, lower human capital grades which cause more on lesser national productivity, increase on family dis-stability, divorce and many more.

    These cycle will be back to square.

    I hope that YABhg. Tun will read this and the right authority will look this simple thought by a young new generation who loves this country and love Penang.

  63. Khairul-Dean May 30,2012 7:09 PM

    Salam Hormat

    Come On Over, Tun!
    (we could use a man like you anytime)

    7. Tanjung Bungah, the Cape of Flowers is now highly developed. But the ramshackle sheds which serve as shops still line the road. Apparently some Malays sell food there. But the smelly vegetable “garden” where human excrements were used as fertilizers have disappeared.

    8. Penang still promotes itself as the Pearl of the Orient. But the Malay shacks, the water village and the rubbish in the sea belie the claim.

    Very observant of you; and one wonders at the very precarious existence of Tanjung Tokong to qualify the above documentation of Tanjung Bungah.

    As coming back to your posting and senses, one is delighted that the Penang Malays riddle is still very close and dear to your heart. Penang Malays and the non-Malays would be honored when you are part and parcel to answering the riddle in your distinguished ways and all the way after the National and State PRU. The non-Malays are susceptible to good fung-shui dynamics.

    One hopes that Penang will be more hospitable to your working visits soon and one’s team acceptable to YABhg Tun Mahathir to be of service in assisting the unveiling the answer that will benefit the Pearl of the Orient. After all, Langkawi profits from good practice of careful benovalance which is good to the hopes and dreams of the younger generation of Malaysians.

    See you soon, Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

  64. musato May 30,2012 4:47 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.

    Saya rasa orang Penang kena banyak tengok tv Alhijrah.

    Tengok ustaz Don bercerita pasal sembahyang atau pun hukum tajwid ke atau pun tengok Pak Engku Agus bercerita berubat pasal kerasukan jin dan sihir.

    Pak Engku berulang ulang menyebut ayat yang sama.Marilah bertakwa dan mendekatkan diri pada Allah swt…

    Tetapi pada kemudiannya kita akan tahu kenapa beliau menyatakan ayat yang sama berulangkali.

    Dan siapa pernah cuba membantah akan hal itu sepertimana seorang pelajar UPSI dilaporkan satu ketika dulu telah terjun dari bangunan kerana hasil dari pengaruh makhluk halus?

    Seperti kata Pak Engku.Kita tangkap,kita bunuh dan kita pancung jin dan syaitan.

    Mungkin orang Penang akan bertambah maju sekiranya ‘jin-jin’ ini dilenyapkan.

    Terima kasih Tun.

  65. Botak May 30,2012 2:44 PM

    But the end of the day
    It,s individual choice
    As long as the malay cannot be blinded to sell their land
    They must do this
    To utilize their to develop economy,to make money
    Not strongly , moderately the way they want
    NOT to sell their land just to gain money
    The money they circulates will dry

    Use their land as a mechanism to make money
    Not selling the land and make money
    As these will narrow them to nowhere
    That will dump the malay near the dustbin area
    They will be no where to go
    DAP knew clearly the malay are unable to compete
    In modernization development
    The malay are lack of knowledge of know how
    Lack of finance, lack of economic exposer
    Lack of a lot

  66. Botak May 30,2012 2:19 PM

    Oh Tun By The Way !
    Tak khairan lah kalau orang melayu di Penang tak membangun
    Tak ada perubahan
    Lihat saja tanah Sultan Johor di Singapura
    Kesumua Tanah beliau hanyalah tanah kuburan
    Takda perubahan langsung
    Disana sesegi ruang mereka ashik membangun
    Pesat membangun dengan arkitectual yg serba modern
    Tanah Sultan masih kuburan
    Takada peningkatan langusng
    Otak mati agaknya orang melayu

  67. cherry May 30,2012 1:47 PM

    pak pandir, sin fook, june chang…..

    tun M is just telling what he sees and think….read para 3.

    Ovearall, he is just dissappointed with the livelihood of the Malays in Penang….itu pun tak boleh cakap ka? he is not condemning the present DAP government in penang even tho I believe strongly that they are worst than the Gerakan handling the issues of the Malays there.

    No. The Malays are not thoroughly happy living in that condition. Ask the right question and they will give you the right answer.

    Just like the Chinese who came to Tanah Melayu because they dreamed of better life.

    sin fook says….

    “Have you ever thought that these people genuinely want to live like this. This may be their choice. We should not measure other people’s decision base on our standards, which may not be good standards.
    With all due respect Dr. M, you can have your standards but they should not be applied onto others. May be we should send someone to ask people at the kampongs if they are happy living there.”

    Just like the Chinese who came to Tanah Melayu because they dreamed of better life. I beliesve the Malays are not stupid than the chinese, sin fook.

    Whatever it is, when you have a chinese as a Ketua Menteri or Menteri Besar than the Malays will always be sidelined. Period.

    And to all others, this is Tun M’s blog so he write what he pleases. Do not tell other people as if you are the only smart person on earth.

  68. Wong Fey Hong May 30,2012 1:25 PM


    Dari statement Tun dibawah:

    1. I was in Penang recently, having been invited to give a talk by the Penang Mubarak (Council of Former Elected Representatives). On the way to Tanjung Bungah I was surprised to see the same wooden zinc-roofed shacks, which were there 60 years ago. The difference is that they are stuck between the slender beautiful high-rise flats favoured by Penang. Their ramshackle appearance seems out of place amidst the modern dwellings of the Penangites.

    …biar betul Tun, sejak 60tahun? masa pemerintahan BN dulu buat ape? tengok je ker?

    masalah ni dah berlaku sebelum DAP take over, takkan nak salahkan pembangkang lagi??????????

    Tun, sedarlah, .. kalau BN terus menerus cari kesalahan lapok, BN sebenarnye menggali lubang kubur sendiri …

    -Wong Fey Hong-

  69. velvel May 30,2012 1:20 PM

    this means something was wrong within BN and gerakan! surely this did not arise in just these 4 years!

  70. usa.stranger May 30,2012 11:38 AM

    My comment to The Hidden Secret –
    1. These Malay hovels in Penang existed even before PR took office. They were there since BN was in office. Both governments, BN and PR failed to solve this problem.

    ** BN- how many years in power ?
    ** PR- how many years in power ?
    Compare apple to apple , time to tell who is better ….

  71. pakpandir08 May 30,2012 10:39 AM

    haha …. Tun … it is an old tricks …

    Your quote:
    “On the way to Tanjung Bungah I was surprised to see the same wooden zinc-roofed shacks ….. The difference is that they are stuck between the slender beautiful high-rise flats favoured by Penang”

    Everybody with a little bit of common senses, know this phenomenon exists before 2008 when it was ruled under BN administration …. This phenomenon is not created between year 2008 – 2012 ….


  72. meetmeTun May 30,2012 10:08 AM

    Can i have 5 minutes of your time?

    There are days when we fondly remember and it is definitely something that moves you emotionally regardless what you have experienced. For me personally, it was the day that i missed the chance to meet you, Tun. This topic brought me back to somewhere in year 2000, the day you made a brief visit to pasir gudang.

    I regret for not taking leave that day. I had to get my work done of which am obligated to. My heart was obviously elsewhere as i couldnt care less for the poor job i’d done. As the clock stroke 1 pm, i rode my bike with lightning speed, breaking the laws as I passed the red lights just to reach pasir gudang, hoping that I can still catch you, Tun. As usual, during the last and final phase of any gathering is the crowd dispersal process. Too bad that was the time when i finally arrived and found out that you had already left. I was really disappointed for not being able to see you on that day, Tun.

    I hope we get a chance to meet some day.
    I hope you will read this post.
    I hope you can give your 5 minutes responding to this post. And;
    I hope……

  73. SinFook May 30,2012 9:37 AM

    I grew up in Tg. Bungah. I used to cycle past the old “Malay kampongs” mentioned in this article back in the 70s and early 80s. My generation have seen Penang grew. My parents sold their old house and moved into an apartment and recently sold their apartment to move into a home as they are getting too old to live on their own. They went through all the changes with some discussions with us, their children.
    The inhabitants at the Malay kampongs mentioned could have done the same. The government had given us all the free education we all enjoyed until form 6. Their children should have been able to make it through the society without any help. If these people had not made it then it was their effort that was questionable.
    Have you ever thought that these people genuinely want to live like this. This may be their choice. We should not measure other people’s decision base on our standards, which may not be good standards.
    With all due respect Dr. M, you can have your standards but they should not be applied onto others. May be we should send someone to ask people at the kampongs if they are happy living there.

  74. The Hidden Secret May 30,2012 8:13 AM


    Some FACTS to add on…

    1. These Malay hovels in Penang existed even before PR took office. They were there since BN was in office. Both governments, BN and PR failed to solve this problem.

    2. The “modern high-rise buildings” (PPRT) built by KPKT in Kuala Lumpur do not have ample parking space. As such, they look like ‘vehicle squatters’ and these are eyesores too.

    3. Not only the Malay Penangites could not afford to buy better accommodation but, at present even the middle income Malaysians (Malays and non Malays) in urban areas could not afford to buy a middle cost house.

    4. Penang is not the only state facing problem with rubbish which were thrown into the sea. Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor have been facing the same problem with the Gombak and Klang rivers since day one, since BN was in office. Both governments, BN and PR failed to solve this problem.

    My opinion and suggestions :-

    1. KPKT should build PPRT flats (with ample parking space) in Penang.

    2. Educating our current old and middle age generations on the importance of not littering our environment and to have clean rivers is a waste of time and resources. Our current old and middle age generations is a gone case. It’s hard to educate and change them. We should emphasize on our younger generation, on our children and we will only see the result in 20 to 30 years from now. It is better to be late then to be absent.

    3. Foreigners who lives in Malaysia care less about keeping our country clean. For example, some foreigners will leave all the trash on the ground after scouting for recyclables from the rubbish bins at a recreational park near to my parents’ house. They turned the beautiful recreational park into a landfill. Compared to UAE and Singapore, we failed to control these foreigners in regards to cleanliness. We should reduce our dependency on foreign workers. Government should increase the levy on them.


  75. seriwangsa May 30,2012 4:15 AM

    Dear YABhg Tun,

    There are too many factors which lead to this situation:

    1. The government which has no solid and consistent plan on this matter. Each opposition who ever during the time will try to become champion when relocating the people which slow down the process.

    2. There is no solid planning which known to the public@rakyat of the development of this specific matters. Luxurious projects are given priority. LMC projects are always planned to be a cramped housing area, which never promote healthy lifestyle which in the end will cause many social problems. The cycle goes back from reducing the cost of development, ended with more uncertain cost of crime, low education etc etc. Plus the current government are only continuing and finishing the old projects from the old government. PDC has no new LMC projects since PR governing.

    3. People themselves did not want for change. Their kids might have better education and move to the mainland and buy new properties. But they still tend to keep the old house whether for sentimental value or for them to wait the opportunity of compensation when relocating procedures. Even many new settlers as well contribute to this factor.

    4. Property prices are uncontrollable, a simple house less than 1000 sqft cost a half million, where majority can’t afford to buy. Even Chinese nowadays cannot afford to buy good apartments in Penang. The one who is getting the benefit are the speculators, investors and higher income group. Quality life in a simple good house is becoming a dream.

    My own conclusion, this problem only can be solve if it has a very strong political effort and solid plan by the government. Who ever govern BN or PR. Unfortunately one is day dreaming and the other one is making people dreaming….

  76. bersia-sia May 30,2012 2:55 AM

    Tun yang dikasihi,

    Tumpang tanya, kalau rumah-rumah setinggan beratap zink ini telah wujud sejak 60 tahun lalu, ada tak pelan dan bajet untuk memindahkan penghuni-penghuni tersebut ke kawasan perumahan moden semasa Tun menjadi PM dahulu? Kalau ada, mengapakah ianya tidak berjaya atau dilaksanakan? Bagaimana pula dengan bantuan kewangan dan yang lebih utama iaitu peluang pekerjaan untuk penghuni-penghuni setinggan ini?

    Harap mendapatkan keterangan daripada Tun. Semoga Tun senantiasa sihat sejahtera.

  77. junechang May 29,2012 11:16 PM


    I think this issue is the same in other countrysss. Sure got highrise buildings then in sempit corner got the old poor houses.. no need the focus it so big in penang island..

    you want to enjoy life, sure you need to put more effect in your life. We learn this lesson when we are in primary school.

    for water village and the rubbish in the sea, govnment should take note..


  78. nirman May 29,2012 7:28 PM

    Penang jer? Sarawak lak mcm mana?

  79. Botak May 29,2012 5:55 PM




  80. usa.stranger May 29,2012 5:51 PM

    Yes ! Dear Sir, it is good for people who once on top to take a look for the poor now. Here in refer to Penang Malays.
    Not only Malays, not only Penang, there are Indian, Chinese , Bumiputras , Johor, Melaka, Kelantan and many more ! All these poor people in every corner of our rich resources country are part of Malaysian that require help. Unfortunately, dirty politicians draw lines for them ! categorise them, prioritise them for the sake of their own interest .We can only believe if the one calls for help to these people is willing to do the same like Bill Gates !

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