Ian Chin’s Great Revelation 36

1. I have not commented earlier on Justice Dato Ian Chin’s (Chin J)
exposé about my misdeeds because I needed time to recall events which
happened more than a decade ago and to find documents which may give
credibility to my explanations.

2. I am grateful that some
judges and ex-judges have refuted what Chin J said about my threatening
judges. The Singapore Straits Times (not my favourite paper) seems more
willing than Malaysian papers to report how Chin J’s colleagues were
stunned by his statements.

3. One Court of Appeal judge told the
Straits Times, “I asked my brother judge who was on the bench with me
this morning whether he remembered the incident, and he asked me the
same”. Neither of them did. Nor did retired senior judges Tun Mohamed
Dzaiddin Abdullah, Tan Sri Lamin Yunus and Datuk Shaik Daud Ismail, who
were quoted in the New Straits Times.

About the “thinly veiled threat” to remove judges, the Straits Times
reported “Several judges have since disputed his version of the event”.

Those contacted by the Straits Times “did not remember him (the ex-PM)
issuing a threat to sack judges who did not take his view”.

6. A
serving judge who was present at the conference said: “There was
nothing like that at all. It would have been so shocking that I would
have remembered it”.

7. It seems that except for Chin J, no one
else heard the threat. I attended only one judges conference and I
remember I talked on two subjects:

1) The mandatory death sentence on drug traffickers
2) Litigation

explained the need to deter drug trafficking through the most severe
punishment. There were more than 200,000 addicts in Malaysia. They were
practically the living dead and indeed many died prematurely. They were
involved in drug related crimes, including murder, rape and even
matricide. Malaysia needed to reduce drug addiction but judges were
reluctant to pronounce the death penalty. That was why it was made

8. On litigation, I talked about the situation in
America where huge sums were awarded by judges, including for alleged
malpraxis and negligence on the part of doctors.

9. As a result
doctors would order costly laboratory and other tests to avoid
accusation by claimant’s lawyers that they neglected to give the best
service to the patients. To cover all these tests, medical charges are
very high in America and the poor cannot pay.

10. Insurance
premiums for doctors are also very high and the patients may be
bankrupted by high medical fees. I did not want this to happen in

11. At no time did I issue any threat against the judges.

As for the boot camp, our military forces may have it. But what we did
have were courses on “Tata Negara” or “National Creed” at work camps.

At such courses the speakers try to explain Malaysia’s political system
with particular reference to the BN concept, ethics and moral values
and democracy in Malaysia.

14. Participants included civil servants, corporate leaders, politicians and university staff. I suppose judges also attended.

For three to five days the participants stayed at the camps and
followed certain programs. This included getting up very early in the
morning (for prayers for Muslims), physical exercises and many hours of
lectures. One of the chores was to wash your own dirty plates after a
simple meal. When I gave talks at these work camps I too wash my dirty
dishes. It was part of leadership by example.

16. Thousands of people from all walks of life attended these work camps. There were hardly any complaints.

I was told by a judge who was in the same batch as Chin J that he
absconded before the course was over. Perhaps he did not like getting
up early and washing his own dirty plates.

18. The course clearly did not have a positive effect on him.

I am disgusted with Dato Zaid Ibrahim, Dato Ambiga Sreenivasan and
Karpal Singh who immediately assumed that Chin J was telling the truth.
Zaid even went so far as to say this is normal, as if I threatened
judges all the time.

20. I will be writing a little more on Ian
Chin J so that the public will become more acquainted with him. Suffice
for me to say for the present that Chin J has a police report against
him for hiding his past when hearing a certain case.

21. The
public can then pass judgement on me. But of course if I have to be
charged by Karpal Singh, the ardent supporter of Dato Seri Abdullah
Ahmad Badawi, that is fine. The world will then know what kind of
Government we have.

36 thoughts on “Ian Chin’s Great Revelation

  1. hayy_abidin Aug 7,2008 10:52 PM

    Assalamu`alaikum Tun,
    saya cumka nak mencelah tentang sisamdol ni, bukankah komen anda berbentuk bangkangan, kalau tak reti berbahasa melayu, jangan tinggal diMalaysia ni, pergi duduk kutub utara ke, kutub selatan ke, kawan dengan `pinggu`, cuma orang yang tahu menilai akal sahaja yang wajar masuk blog Tun
    anda tak reti tatacara professional ke, takkan sebagai boss, Tun nak menceritakan keburukkan anak buahnya
    Macam2 hal DSAAB buat, takkan DYMM SPB Agung pun turut serta condemn PMnya macam rakyat buat, bahalul betul samdol ni
    sekarang Tun rakyat biasa dia bebas bercakap semahunya

  2. hayy_abidin Aug 7,2008 10:17 PM

    Assalamu`alaikum Yang Berbahagia Tun dan sekeluarga
    Walaupun dah lambat saya, saya nak cerita sikit pengalaman saya dengan hakim
    Saya hanyalah rakyat marhaen, satu2nya kenderaan yang saya ada ialah motorsikal. saya sudah salah perhitungan dengan menjangkakan roadtax motor saya masih hidup 4 hari lagi, rupanya dah expired 4 hari
    kisah berlaku dibulan puasa, polis trafic nipun satu, orang menipu dia percaya, orang tua macam saya ni dibulan puasa pulak tu, meminta maaf, menceritakan hal sebenar dia tak terima, saman dan naik mahkamah traffic
    dewan yang mulia?, yang arif?(sebenarnya lebih bodoh dan hina dari saya)
    saya ceritakan hal yang sebenar kepada hakim(hakim ni cara dia berpakaian nampak macam terlalu islamic, bertudung labuh tetapi otaknya tepu, nak jadi hakim buanglah tudung tu, sebab kesaksian wanita dua berbanding satu bagi lelaki, mana ada hakim perempuan dalam islam)sama macam polis tadi, batu pun tak pekak macam dia
    lesen menunggang awak macammana? saya hairan, bila pulak saya tunggang kuda.
    saya keliru yang arif
    awak menunggang atau memandu motosikal?(rasanya dia ni takde lesen,kalau tidak takkan dia tak tahu)
    memang saya menunggang motorsikal tapi saya tak pernah tahu ada lesen menunggang, lesen memandu ada la!
    awak loyar buruk dengan saya
    tak!(saya memang nak berhujah tentang kebodohannya, penterjemah tarik dan suruh saya diam)
    saya didenda rm400 padahal itulah duit yang saya ada untuk menyara keluarga, saya berharap akan berjumpa lagi dengannya diMahsyar kelak dihadapan Maha Hakim, Maha Pengadil
    Salam bahagia buat Tun sekeluarga

  3. Lamborian Jul 20,2008 1:41 AM

    Warmest Salam & Highest Salute to Our Most Respected & Best True Leader of Our Time Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad,
    May God be with you wherever you be and take very best care of you all the time & give good Blessings to your Loving Wife & Children
    Truly We (my family & I) pray that you’ll have a healthier Longer Life & Achieve much more in the name of religion, Malaysia & Mankind….
    We Love You Sincerely & very much…
    Please Live Long Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.
    Lambor Perak (M)

  4. Mentel Jul 4,2008 3:02 PM

    Now we have been missing that Samy Big Mouth. Being K.Oed I guess.

  5. Sabahfan Jul 1,2008 4:24 AM

    Dr Mahathir..
    The only way to proof if Judge Ian Chin was right or wrong is to get RTM or whoever had a recording of the events and your speeches, to REPLAY THEM BACK TO MALAYSIAN…..
    only then the public can judge…. we the public are the ultimate judges…
    If no recordings were made…. SO MUCH FOR THE PRIDE OF MALAYSIANS..
    and the incompetence or biased of journalist…and MSM in this country

  6. jalurgemilang57 Jul 1,2008 4:00 AM

    currently the transportation between johor and kuala lumpur is bad.
    we should have a better transportation method.for many years we have been suffering with traffic jamn in pudu raya.a set up of a good system away from that place will not only ease jamn but prove to ease the public suffering over the transportaion issue.
    a kind of lrt with more comfort will be better to travel and rest and stop junctions like nilai,seremban,melaka and other towns will prove to be worth while.this will also reduce the effort of the govt through the gains in saving fuel subsidy and providing a better transport facility to the public.many problem,s will be iron out as the project is announced and implemented.sooner or later transportation will have to move towards using other types of energy to move.the fuel currently is instable.a quick and stable way of transportation is needed as soon as possible.
    the amount of people travelling through vehicles will reduce and the road will have more space.

  7. Peter Gan Jun 30,2008 8:33 PM

    Hi, I’m a citizen from Singapore…. just 3 main points I like to offer; 1) From past history of spats between our 2 countries, your country’s newspaper has never been fair, nor offered unbiased perspective view of history. Needless to say, they’ll not offer you an unbiased perspective now neither, since you’re no longer in power. 2) I admire you for what you’ve done for your country even though our country is politically and socially more stable. But that’s mainly because our country is much more smaller and easier to govern. Also, our opposition party is not as well developed as your current opponents. 3) You have always given people an authoritative impression, and I think that won’t be too far from the truth. However to be fair, that is no fault of yours, since logically speaking, if I have that kind of achievement in my lifespan, I think I’ll also be inclined to be on the authoritative end as well. However, this, could very well end up to be your Achilles’ heel.
    Setting up this blog, is the best move you’ve made so far, to allow you to reach your targeted audience, bypassing the mainstream media. Way to go!
    Best regards,
    Peter Gan

  8. ketam Jun 30,2008 8:30 PM

    Maaf Tun, just nak cakap sikit dengan GOMO dan Samdol.
    GOMO, janganlah sebut perkataan perkataan tak elok tu. Kita gunakan perkataan yang sopan. Ini blog Tun, bukan blog kita untuk bergaduh. Jangan jadi macam Malaysia Kini.
    Samdol, takkan perkara macam tu pun Tun nak masuk campur. Tun bukan Zaid ibrahim. Banyak lagi benda penting lain yang beliau perlu fikir masa tu. Sekarang ni Ian Chin attack dia, jadi Tun perlu pertahankan diri sendiri. Dan pertahanan dia sungguh kuat sampai Ian Chin dah terkapai kapai. Nak dekat 3 juta orang masuk blog dia dlm masa 2 bulan. Ni dah boleh nak kalahkan Barack Obama, bukan setakat Malaysia Today.
    Bagi saya, Tun datang bukan dari kalangan peguam jadi pemikiran dia lain dari pemikiran orang undang undang. Dia doktor, ubat penyakit dan cari jalan penyakit tak teruk lagi.Saya nak kata peguam suka cakap tak serupa bikin tapi saya tahu banyak peguam lain yang baik dan bukan dari Bar Council. Bar Council hanya nak tunjuk pandai dan gunakan undang undang ikut persepsi diaorang yang tak puas hati orang melayu punya hak keistimewaan. Tengok berapa banyak orang melayu dalam Bar Council yang bersuara.

  9. samdol Jun 30,2008 11:50 AM

    Cakap biarlah beradab, itu ajaran kita orang Islam. Menggunakan perkataan babi dan lain-lain tak perlu. Berbahas guna fakta.
    Yang saya tanya kenapa Tun tidak ambil tindakan dulu? Maka Tunlah perlu jawab kerana jawapan itu ada padanya.
    Berapa sen sumbangan saya tk perlu dipersoal kerana ini negeri saya yang saya amanahkan pada tun suatu ketika dulu untuk mentadbirnya. Dan saya tidak mempersoalkan cara beliau mentabdirnya. Yang saya Tanya kenapa dulu tidak di ambil tindakan keatas Ian Chin?

  10. mgpunya Jun 29,2008 12:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum YAM Tun,
    See….it was to be expected, any suggestion that the government is going to initiate any investigation or for that matter to take any action against Datuk Ian Chin was shot down immediately by Dato Zaid Ibrahim. Like I said earlier, the Judiciary seems to be untouchable nowadays. They can do no wrong….and nobody can touch them…not while Dato Zaid Ibrahim is around!! A lawyer himself by profession.

  11. samdol Jun 28,2008 9:05 AM

    “Nama pun SAMDOL. Memang samdol (bodoh)punya orang”.
    Adakah nama sesaorang menjadi kayu ukur samada dia bodoh atau tidak?
    Kalau dah tak perlu beri sebab buat apa di buat laman blog ini dan tak ada siapa yang boleh persoalkan.
    Saya cuma persoalkan mengapa Tun tidak mengambil tinadak keatas Ian Chin masa Beliau menjadi PM kenapa baru sekarang bising pasal salah laku yang Ian buat dulu, masa Tun menjadi PM.
    Kalau Tun tak perlu jawab, kenapa kita minta Bedawi dan ahli rejimnya memberi sebab atas keputusan mereka hari ini?
    Siapa Saya? Orang pada Suatu ketika dulu membayar gaji Tun dan pada hari ini membayar gaji kakitangan rejim Bedawi sekarang.

  12. GOMO Jun 28,2008 6:01 AM


  13. Melayu Mudah Lupa Jun 27,2008 9:15 PM

    Action Must Be Taken Against Chin If Dr M’s Allegations Have Merit – Karpal
    KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 (Bernama) — DAP chairman Karpal Singh on Friday called on the government to take action against Sibu High Court judge Datuk Ian Chin if Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s allegations against the judge have merit.
    He said Dr Mahathir should be given every opportunity to defend himself over the allegations made by Chin that the former prime minister had threatened judges in 1997 to rule in favour of the government and that he had sent judges to boot camp.
    “Chin should not abuse the court process to make disclosures condemning Dr Mahathir and should be brave enough to make statements against Dr Mahathir bereft of the cloak of absolute immunity to give him (Dr Mahathir) an opportunity to take him on in a court of law,” he said in a statement.
    Recently, Chin, while hearing a dispute over the March 8 general election in Sarawak, revealed that judges were threatened with dismissal if they did not make pro-government decisions.
    Dr Mahathir had asked yesterday whether the government would set up a tribunal to investigate Chin for allegedly breaching the code of judicial ethics.
    The former prime minister claimed Chin did not reveal there was a police report against him for having heard a case in which he had a personal interest.

  14. Mentel Jun 27,2008 2:57 PM

    “By samdol on June 27, 2008 12:00 PM
    Kenapa sekarang baru timbul. Masa Tun jadi PM dulu kenapa diam?
    Tun pun ada kepentingan ke?”..
    Nama pun SAMDOL. Memang samdol (bodoh)punya orang. Perlukah Tun beri sebab kepada setiap keputusan beliau buat kepada awak? Ian Chin yang memulakannya, juga tangan-tangan ghaib (Abdullah, Khairy, Zaid, Salleh Abas) untuk menulis semula sejarah dan memalsukan kebenaran.
    Apa yang Tun jawab hari ini adalah sesuatu yang kita harus pandang tinggi dimana sebab, pertimbangan baik-buruk dan masa depan Malaysia diberi keutamaan. Segala-galanya dicatat dan di “archive” sebagai rujukan dan panduan. Bukan untuk glamour seperti Abdullah dengan “Mencari Damai Abadi” beliau walhal hanya penipuan dan penuh korup!

  15. samdol Jun 27,2008 12:03 PM

    Nampaknya semua komen yang menyokong sahaj disiarkan. Yang membangkang bagaimana?
    Macamana nak jadi blogger yang credible?

  16. samdol Jun 27,2008 12:00 PM

    Kenapa sekarang baru timbul. Masa Tun jadi PM dulu kenapa diam?
    Tun pun ada kepentingan ke?

  17. mgpunya Jun 27,2008 10:57 AM

    ssssssssshhhhhh!!!..don’t talk….keep quiet…..
    …cannot talk…cannot touch the judiciary now you know…..

  18. GOMO Jun 27,2008 5:16 AM

    Ian Chin ka ini cerita??? $$$
    Dia sama Zahid ada syer ma….$$$
    lagi pak lah ngok…$$$
    itu tingkat 4 punya budak….$$$
    ramai wooo…..$$$
    semua sekarang pak lah punya keroni-keroni sudah booking nanti diaorang mau jadi KAYU API RAKYAT!!!
    saya tidak akan halalkan setiap sen yang dibayar kepada bekas Hakim-hakim KEPARAT tu semua!!!
    baik punya…..

  19. Mentel Jun 26,2008 4:47 PM

    Saya rasa Zaid Ibrahim tidak perlu sibuk melobi untuk menubuhkan suruhanjaya perlantikan hakim, tetapi sepatutnya beliau memperkemaskan tatacara untuk memecat hakim seperti Ian Chin dan hakim-hakim yang sepertinya. Ini kerana emosi Ian Chin agak terganggu bilamana kehodohan perangai dan budibicara dia langsung tidak menggambarkan beliau seorang hakim.
    Bagaimana seorang Hakim bila berhujah tidak menjawab pernyataan Tun malah sebaliknya mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat yang kebiasaan nya hanya digunakan oleh orang yang tiada kepintaran. Apakah “kantoi” kerana telur yang pecah semasa kem motivasi jadi isu? Apakah hanya denda kerana telur pecah dianggap suatu penghinaan? Amatlah dangkal ilmu Ian Chin dalam kehidupan dan tidak layak untuk mengadili orang lain.
    Saya lihat Ian Chin berpolitik disini, jadi saudara Zaid, dimanakah apa yang saudara mahu “separation of powers”? Amat jelas, seorang hakim (Ian Chin) mencampuri urusan politik walhal ianya amat jelas bercanggah dengan kerjaya muram beliau (sebab gagal naik pangkat).

  20. Mentel Jun 26,2008 4:28 PM

    Chin J is a sick man. He is very sick I guess.

  21. malan3395 Jun 26,2008 3:38 PM

    Salam pada Tun…,,
    Sya ni rkyt dr klompok bwahan. Tk puas hati btul la hkim dpt bayaran
    ex-gratia ni. Klau VSS kilang paling kokak dpt rm500k tu yg dh kra service dan jwatan. Klau hkim dh tntu main juta pnya. Helloooo hkim
    yg ada bca ni tk mluke ambik duit rakyat. Gj dh bnyk, blum cmpur yg
    dr smber lain punya. Psl tu la bnyak hkim tk pegi haji tkut panasss

  22. Faruq al-Aziz Jun 26,2008 3:32 PM

    Salam buat tun dan selamat petang. Saya berharap tun berada dlm keadaan sihat wala’fiat hendaknyer. bagi saya walau aper pon tuduhan yg mereka buat terhadap Tun, saya akan tetap menyokong Tun. Bagi saya Tun adlah antara pemimpin paling efektif yg pernah wujud dlm sejarah org melayu. dan saya akan sentiasa menghormati Tun.

  23. Mentel Jun 26,2008 1:03 PM

    Oh man.. I guess Chin J is a sick man or unsound mind.. Hmmm perhaps if AAB has the integrity, form a tribunal to sack judges who are in the state of unsound mind.
    It looks lik Chin J is messing in politic. So what about separation of powers? huh

  24. mgpunya Jun 26,2008 10:18 AM

    Assalmualaikum YAM Tun,
    Until now, I am still waiting for Dato Zaid Ibrahim comment on the appointment of the new Menteri Besar of Terengganu. Talking about Separations of Powers..Judicial Reviews…bla.. bla.. bla…and THE EXECUTIVE INTERFERING IN THE JUDICIARY…And now,what do we have here..???? ( HELLOOOO!!!)Somebody has his own candidate as the new MB…and what say you…. Mr.Zaid!!!

  25. mgpunya Jun 26,2008 9:57 AM

    Assalmualaikum YAM Tun,
    Until now, I am still waiting for Dato Zaid Ibrahim comment on the appointment of the new Menteri Besar of Terengganu. Talking about Separations of Powers..Judicial Reviews…bla.. bla.. bla…and THE EXECUTIVE INTERFERING IN THE JUDICIARY…And now,what do we have here..???? ( HELLOOOO!!!)Somebody has his own candidate as the new MB…and what say you…. Mr.Zaid!!!

  26. Messra Jun 25,2008 9:36 PM

    Salam Buat TDM & Famili n bloggers,
    to me, those allegation made by both of the judges against TDM are baseless. Knowing that what they did in the past is wrong, they should keep their mouth shut. With huge amount of ex-gratia paid by DSAAB ( can we call it CORRUPTION !!!) to them, should be enough for them for their retirement.
    Dear TDM, I watched TV3 just now and you stand firm to go to court and fight. We strongly support you. Reveal all the truth, let them down till they can’t stand. They just wanted to “acah-acah” only, they are indeed scared of their own shadow.
    InsyaAllah, you will win. GOD with you and we Malaysian also with you.

  27. MyOhMy Jun 25,2008 5:48 PM

    The following is an article from Borneo Post regarding a ‘Boot Camp’. After reading the article, my views are:
    1. The ‘Boot Camp’ really sounds like the BTN courses that me and my friends went through.
    2. Judging from his responses to the activities conducted during the course, I would not promote such a person
    3. We are definitely in need of a judicial review – from within the judiciary itself.
    My comments are in brackets [ ]. The article in the Star is much shorter. This is a much better read.
    Judge opens Pandora’s box
    By Raymond Tan
    Ian Chin details humiliation at boot camp to soften them to take orders of previous administration
    SIBU: High Court Judge Datuk Ian Chin continued to make explosive disclosures in the Sarikei parliamentary election petition mention yesterday, exposing how judges sent to the boot camp were made to go through punishment and humiliation so that they would be softened to take orders for the benefit of the former administration.
    Chin delivered a 16-page statement after the one he made on June 9 that astounded the nation. It was alleged that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had exerted undue influence upon the judiciary to make it decide in the government’s favour.
    Chin said he was sent to a boot camp for that.
    In yesterday’s statement, Chin went on to reveal further details of what had happened in the camp.
    Chin said for the participants, the objective was “to make us take orders and that is why apart from what I have said earlier in the last sitting, a junior officer was made our leader, from whom we have to take orders, and one Sessions Court judge who disagreed with that was made to publicly apologise on a podium to his junior officer leader”.
    [I have been through this before I went to UK. It is supposed to teach us about humility and the marking of a good leader starts with being a good follower. We are all human after all and I would like another human to judge me, to know and see me as a human when being judged. this is really a trivial matter. ]
    Chin added that “another method was to chisel away the view we held of how independent we should be in our job as High Court judges, and this they did by punishing or humiliating a High Court judge by making him carry a brick all the time after he broke the egg which each of us must carry wherever we went, including marching.”
    [I went through this one too,and I guess a whole load of other leadership participants. It is supposed to teach you to be responsible and bear the consequence of our action or negligence]
    Incidentally, he said: “You surrendered your wallet, your air ticket and handphone when you checked into the camp, and you cannot go anywhere, as it is in an isolated place, and you cannot leave for anywhere, as there is no transport.
    “You are totally cut off from the outside world, with no newspapers or television.”
    [Common practice in any motivational courses. Why do you need your wallet when everything is taken care of, the food, lodging etc. I would welcome such break]
    He said only selected news were conveyed to them then for the purpose of sampling reaction, like the news that a certain party had won a by-election, which elicited some applause from some young officers.
    He said two of the judges left, one because of illness and the other because of his wife’s illness.
    “Everyone who was not otherwise sick had to remain, and we all did save for the duo, with each given a certificate after the end of the stay.”
    During the mention which started at 4pm, Chin started by saying he had prepared in advance yesterday’s statement and had emailed a copy each to the lawyers.
    “In case I meet with an accidental death, both counsels have agreed that this statement would be regarded as having been pronounced in court,” he said.
    Chin also mentioned in his statement about him being condemned for his June 9 statement with allegations made that he took the opportunity to speak up because he thought Dr Mahathir was responsible for blocking his promotion.
    He went on to say that he had never wanted such a promotion, as it was his wish and that of his wife to return to Sabah so that they could be with their children.
    He also mentioned about the alleged veiled threat by Dr Mahathir that he disclosed in his June 9 statement. He then went on to talk of the events in the boot camp.
    Chin ended by saying that he had never wanted a promotion, “not before, now or in the future, nor any appointment after his retirement”.
    “What do I get out of all this, knowing very well that I will be the target for vilification? It is this: I must be able to sleep well after I retire, knowing that I have done all I can, like all the crucified judges before me, to tell Malaysians the danger they are in, regarding the state of the judiciary.”
    -end of report –
    Honestly, if I have a subordinate and I sent him to a BTN course like the above and he came back whining the same – Promoting such a person in the near future would be the last thing on my mind.
    In the first place, I thought judges are above all these promotion and worldly materials. Guess they are human after all.

  28. Messra Jun 25,2008 3:59 PM

    Salam buat TDM & Famili n bloggers,
    It is indeed sad to see the justice scenarios nowadays. During the premiership of TDM, people are labeling TDM as a dictator and as a person that frequently intimidating the judiciary ( as said by the 2 judges that just received the ex-gratia from the DSAAB government. Both of them are very vocal lately. Well, the reason of being so vocal is only they can tell us. or may be u can guess it )
    To me, TDM is a man with integrity. He made decision with careful study and take into account all future consequences.It is proven that whatever allegation made against him, he has the answer for it almost immediately. It will be different if the allegations is made to DSAAB, for sure he will turn to KJ for an answer.
    When TDM is the PM, I don’t support him much. I do admired AI of PKR because of his outstanding. He really can talk and influenced people with his speech. When AI was sacked by TDM, I pity AI and told myself that TDM was wrong. Why TDM sacked AI ? It was in 1997-1998, economy was bad. With interest climbing very fast, and a company where I worked was in deep sh*t … VSS at that time is the only option. With housing loan, HP and family to support, it was very scary.
    But, once TDM took over the MOF, interest was down and we slowly manage to built back our business. Then I realize, TDM has a reason for it. He does it for the country, for MALAYSIA and the people. Can U imagine if Malaysia fall into the hand of IMF ? Thank you TDM … from there on, I switched to TDM. I fully support TDM. You save me and the whole Malaysian. Because of TDM fast actions, I still can stay in my house and live happily.
    Dear Malaysian, if you love Malaysia … support TDM.

  29. thebigdipper Jun 25,2008 1:11 PM

    YABhg Tun Aslmkm,
    What am I to say about today’s Prime Minister, except that he is weak, in body and spirit. He certainly doesn’t have the stamina that you have, even now. I often hear jokes being cracked about him dozing of during major conferences. Also he is not known as a person who reads. And as for vision the word is he can’t see beyond his toes. A case in point, the measures taken by the government to alleviate hardships of the people due to the increase in the price of petrol; it didn’t come in a comprehensive package but in bits and pieces. What this tells me is that the Prime Minister hasn’t got a good grasp of the situation. This weakness is known by all and sundry and many are taking advantage, most notably by racists and chauvanists like Hindraf. May Allah Keep You Safe.

  30. azam Jun 25,2008 11:35 AM

    Judges pun manusia juga, tak ada bezanya. Depa pun tau tipu orang. Tak semua yang depa cakap tu betui. Ian pun sama jugak. Tiba-tiba bukak crita lama. Hakim yang dapat ex-gratia tu sepatutnya sedekah kat orang miskin, depa cakap pasal nak keadilan. Kalau dah rasa dapat keadilan, duit tu nak buat lagi. Depa ni nampak macam syok kat duit tu lebih dari keadilan. Jumlah yang dapat pun depa tak bagitau. Kaki bodek Zaid tu pulak sanggup jadi posmen antak cek, nak publisiti la tu. Dia dulu ada kes politik wang, tapi boleh dapat kepercayaan Bodohwi. Saya rasa bagi duit ni macam ‘rasuah’ jugak, nak cari sokongan.
    Saya dan rakan-rakan di Kedah ni will always support TDM.
    Long live Tun, may Allah bless you sir.

  31. shah Jun 23,2008 9:37 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Lately hakim-hakim kita semakin menjadi-jadi. Mungkin tak dapat ex-gratia kut ? Bila dapat, terkuncilah mulut mereka & one things for sure, duit yang dibayar adalah duit rakyat.
    Lebih baik digunakan untuk orang-orang misking yang papa kedana yang masih terdapat di Malaysia.
    Jangan bimbang Tun, kami sentiasa menyokong penuh hasrat murni Tun yang nak lihat Malaysia berjaya & makmur

  32. husins Jun 23,2008 4:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun Mahathir yang kami sayang lagi dirindui….
    Suka saya mencelah dlm ribuan komen yg telah diberi kepada Pak Lah.
    Saya terasa teramat sedih dan terlalu benci pada Pak Lah selaku PM Malaysia yang bagi saya terlalu cetek pemikirannya. Bagi saya Pak Lah ini IQnya terlalu rendah dan beliau ini hanya layak menjadi posmen saja. Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia terasa terhina dan malu dengan kewibawaan seorang pemimpin negara no 1 seperti beliau. Saya hairan mengapa ahli-ahli UMNO masih mampu mendengar dan mengampu-ampu orang yg sya anggap akan merosakkan UMNO dan negara ini.
    Sejak awal kepimpinan beliau, saya sudah nampak kebodohan beliau. Amat menjijikkan saya sekiranya seseorang itu tidak mampu memimpin tetapi berlagak bagai pemimpin agong. Gembar-gembur awal semasa beliau menjadi PM , beliau punya watak yg “alim” … sudah membuatkan saya naik muntah. Setakat memimpin ( menjadi imam ) boleh mengimamkan sembahyang tapi dalam hati berkerak dengan sifat yg busuk dan punya niat mengumpul kekayaan untuk anak-anak, menantu dan saudara-maranya … benar-benar hati saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia merasa benci terhadap beliau. Jika “alim” tapi ke dua-dua bini beliau ( arwah dan yg ada skrg ) pun tak mampu beliau nasihatkan menutup aurat kepala … cucu ulama ape namanya tu.
    Maaf Tun jika bicara saya di atas kurang enak Tun dan yg lain-lain baca tetapi jika saya andaikan di mana-mana saya berada samada di ofis, di kedai kopi, di kedai kereta, di kedai runcit Cina, di kedai runcit India … rata-rata saya boleh yakin dalam setiap 100 orang rakyat Malaysia, 99.9 orang TIDAK SUKA PM YANG ADA INI … lebih-lebih lagi selepas kenaikan harga minyak ini.
    Saya juga berani bet, sekiranya pilihanraya ke 13 jika Pak Lah bertanding pasti dia akan kalah di tempatnya. Saya berani cakap sesiapa sahaja menteri yang menyokong Pak Lah dengan kata lain sentiasa mengampu Pak Lah, sudah pasti populariti menteri itu juga akan menurun mengikut populariti Pak Lah yang saya anggap terbodoh dalam sejarah dunia.
    Dari pengamatan rambang saya, jika Pak Lah masih terus menjadi presiden UMNO, sudah pasti beliau akan membawa UMNO ke ambang kehancuran. Bukan UMNO saja hancur, BN sekali akan hanyut di bawa malapetaka yg besar.
    Saya gembira kerana Tun berada dlm keadaan sihat sekarang. Saya harap Tun akan dipanjangkan usia dan diberi kesihatan yang berpanjangan selalu. Orang spt Tun lah satu-satunya pemimpin yang kami harapkan untuk memimpin negara.
    Biar apa pun saya berharap Pak Lah akan hancur sedikit masa lagi.
    Sekian, dari pemerhatian saya rakyat yg dulu mengkritik Tun kini sedar siapa Tun sebenarnya dan memuji-muji Tun sekarang. Pemimpin di sekeliling Pak Lah tu, semuanya tak boleh harap untuk membawa Malaysia kembali bersinar.
    Beberapa kerat saja pemimpin kanan yg saya anggap boleh menjadi PM iaitu Muhyidin, Mukhriz ( tapi masih kurang pengalaman )dan MP yang ada pendirian mengutuk Pak Lah. Berani kerana benar takut kerana salah.

  33. Muhammad Azli Shukri Jun 23,2008 1:42 PM

    satu lagi cubaan memburuk-burukkan Tun..susah kalau pemimpin tidak ikhlas berjuang..

  34. kong1ming2 Jun 23,2008 8:53 AM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,
    Kem Biro Tatanegara may not be a boot camp, but it could be a brainwashing camp after all though it may not be intended to. I’m a student in a local University who had gone to the camp in Kuala Kangsar last May. It was my second camp experience as my first was in Ulu Sepri. Most events were interesting except for the compulsory talk by representative of Kem Biro Tatanegara.
    There, they instigate that Malaysian youngsters forgot the deeds done by Barisan Nasional and vote against BN, when he forgot that it is the current situation that demands the change. It was a 3-hour brainwashing ordeal talking about races, and they blame the Chinese and Indians for the ingratitude, indirectly blaming us for the recent election loss. Then he pointed at the Malays and said they forgot how they were sidelined by the British who favored other races. We could remember it very well especially when he was shouting at the mic, making our ears deaf, or perhaps he thought that it could drummed into our minds with his traditional PAS-like mindset. He even tried cheating us about how the government had been fair and square in a so-called politicaly neutral manner, and to support BN. He even discredit the oppositions parties, making it a flaming speech, where most of us felt uncomfortable.
    What bothers me is that the speaker was acting as if he was on a political campaign, when we, the students there weren’t even actively involved in politics by nature of our course. There was one lecturer who ask him comments about Tun, and he straightaway label Tun as NYANYUK and discredit you with his speech. It just seems to me that such speech is inappropriate in manner to be in a camp where they say political view should be neutral in nature.
    Let’s just hope that the speaker does not contest in any election in the future, since he’s just ancient by cavemen standards, where he also truly fancies sexism (to males of course).

  35. Sepupu AntiMamak Jun 23,2008 2:02 AM

    Yang Berbahagia Tun,
    Probably we could program the potential judges to undergo PLKN , so that they would be able to diffrenciate boot camp and Boy scout Jamboree when they are retired
    T kasih

  36. Sepupu AntiMamak Jun 23,2008 1:54 AM

    Yg berbahagia Tun,
    I marvelled how you have worked for the good 22 years during your tenure as a PM, the energy that you have focused is really amazing. I could not imagined how you have managed so good even Lee Kuan Yew become so jealous ( of course he would not admit it, KIASU lah nak katakan) . Yang Berbahagia Tun Dr Siti Hasmah must be your closest think tank and companion that you could never go without her. ( What a loving and examplary couple ).
    Tun, How all of us missed you ( including the Chorus Line , but these people think they want to feed 7 generations of their family members , so them say Saya SOKONG . Kalau bangkang , mesti BPR datang cari dan buka case utk dibuat siasatan seperti yg berlaku kpd Datuk Yong SAPP).
    I am quite disqusted with the way the former judges so emotionally bad mouth you during the ex gratia payment by Zaid. The scenario is just like the old man from the old folk home getting duit raya and cursing their sons for neglecting them .
    Tun salam sejahtera dan minta kirim salam kepada Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.
    Terima kasih.

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