This article appeared in the New Straits Times, Wednesday Nov 21, 2012

1. Israel assassinated a Hamas leader, bombed Gaza and is preparing to invade that strip of free Palestine because rockets had been launched from Gaza to hit Tel Aviv.

2. Israel invariably claims that it is retaliating against Palestinian attacks. But Israel does not mention that it had attacked Gaza in the past and when its troops withdrew, it blockaded all supplies of food, medicine and construction materials to Gaza.

3. Malaysia cannot forget that its ship, the Rachel Corrie, carrying medicine and food for the beleaguered and starving people of Gaza were stopped in international waters and forced to go to Ashdod in Israel.

4. Nor can we forget the attack against the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship also carrying relief aid to Gaza in which nine aid workers were shot dead by Israeli soldiers.

5. Another Malaysia ship carrying plastic pipes for repairing the sewage system in Gaza was also forced by the Israeli Navy to turn around and go to Egypt.

6. Israel’s military action against Gaza had destroyed hospitals, schools, dwelling houses and the water-carriage system. The people could not rebuild their houses and buildings because Israel illegally blockaded the sea off Gaza. That blockade include attacks against relief ships in international waters – again in total disregard for international laws.

7. Israel did not want the Gaza people to rebuild their homes, forcing them to camp outside or seek refuge in their destroyed houses. Israel knows well how cold it can be in Gaza in winter. Israel does not allow food or medical supplies to be supplied to the suffering people of Gaza.

8. It is now almost a decade since the Israel invasion and destruction of Gaza. Every now and again Israel would fire rockets at Gaza. The strip has become a huge detention camp for the Gazans. No food, no medicine, no clean water, no shelter and no schools. Israel is really operating an Auschwitz type of concentration camps as operated by the Nazis for Jews in the last war. Israel tells the world that the Nazis were inhuman. But the Palestinians, the Gazans did not put Jews in concentration camps. Still they are being made to apparently pay for the sins of the Europeans. Humane treatment is only for Jews. If Jews treat the Arabs with the same kind of brutality, it is alright.

9. Can anyone be surprised the Gazans fire rockets at their Israeli tormentors.

10. Then one should remember that Israel is created by the Americans and Europeans as a Jewish homeland by seizing Palestinian land. Upon being given Palestinian land for a Jewish state, the Israelis massacred Palestinians at Deir Yassin and other locations forcing the Palestinians to flee their homes and country. For nearly 60 years now they have lived as refugees in sub-human condition in other countries.

11. In the meantime Israel has carried a systematic but illegal development of Jewish settlements in Palestinian land. Roads are built on Palestinian lands which are exclusively for Jews. High walls are built to divide Palestine villages. Israeli forces carried out assassinations of Palestinian leaders outside of Israel.

12. The Arab countries in the Middle East are exposed to attacks at anytime. There was, there is and there will never be any security for them. And their insecurity is because Israel believes in ensuring its security by pre-emptive attacks against it neighbours, by depriving others their security.

13. For all these and more, is it any wonder that the Palestinians and the Gazans should fire rockets at Israel. The Palestinians know the Israeli will retaliate with far more devastating attacks.

14. Keeping quiet is not a choice for the Palestinians, as the Israelis will continue their expansion, their settlements and their attacks.

15. The world will not do anything to help the Palestinians. For Israel now control the most powerful nation in the world. Any action against Israel would attract positive support by the United States of America. Obama has just won his second term as President of the U.S. Israel wants to attack Iran. So far the U.S. has not agreed. The invasion of Gaza is a test for Obama. Let us see what the Israeli satellite will do?

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  1. PAShit Nov 27,2012 4:24 PM

    to Dtan,

    you sound like sour grapes and refuse to believe in the overwhelming evidences relating to the 9/11 conspiracy.
    I feel you are a devious person with ulterior motives just trying to belittle Muslims.


  2. ROZALI BIN AYED Nov 26,2012 4:59 PM

    Assalamualaikum WBT Ybg Tun,

    Israel Regime is very cruel, attacking Gaza with the world most sophisticated weapons supplied by their strong supporters (the American and Europe). As a result of the cruel attacked killing thousands of Palestinians people inclusive of children, women and older people who were truly innocent. They took over the Palestinian Lands and damages their houses and plantations and set up the areas for their own settlements. I had the opportunity visiting Palestine (Masjid Al-Aqsa and certain areas of Palestinian settlement, but was advised not to enter Gaza for security reason). I saw with my own eyes the realities and facts on how the Palestinians were driven out of their own lands and houses by the Israel. They lived in a very poor and uncomfortable surroundings where they are not free to move, and heavily guarded by the Israel security forces (Army and Police etc.). As a result the Palestinians are cruelly treated by the Israel in many aspects of their common needs in lives.

    The Muslims throughout the world must wake up and be together very strongly to help the Palestnians in whatever ways possible. So many efforts and times (many years ago since the late Yassir Arafat) spent by the Palestinians rulers and NGO’S to have peace with the Israel Regime but up to dates all efforts failed. I believed OIC and other recognized organizations (Muslim and non- Muslim organizations over the world) can play a very big roles to open up a peace talk with the Israel Regime. However there are opinions saying that as long as the world giant power countries in the world continuously supporting Israel in their wrong moves against Palestinians peace cannot be achieved. But as Muslims we are to really believe in our clean heart that the only Mighty God Allah SWT can settle everything that we wish to do, unless we do not stop the efforts. May Allah SWT will always be with us and save our Palestinians.

    Thank you and Wassalam Tun.

  3. mubarakchan Nov 26,2012 1:39 PM


    With your permission for Wajaperak.

    First, I refer you to the Singaporean Blog htp//wwwTR EMERITUS on ‘ Singapore the most emotionless people in the World.’

    And in particular to one comment out of many, ‘regimented society ‘?Quote ….’ Look across the causeway, lets be honest about it, they are a happier lot lah. No worries about housing, healthcare or cars. Relax only…..Always smiling and no stress. In Malacca I was at a roadside stall having a good makan with my family and enjoying live entertainment by a talented group of singers crooning away Malay, Chinese and Indian oldies of yesteryears. What a treat, they were very good. And look at their overall development, not bad, they are making headway, better than us in many aspects……..’unquote.

    This is to the credit of the BN as led by the rock solid UMNO, not the Opposition.

    Second, Lee Kuan Yew may con some people some of the time but he cannot con all the people all the time. His failure and success in his one man 50 year rule is now based on bread and butter issues of a fantasy tropical island. No gleaming skyscrapers and other derring-dos will do the trick. No more. No less.

    Malaysia as compared with the one-man over 50 year rule of Singapore is a runaway success in humanity and multiculturalism. Syabas, to the BN as led by the rock-solid UMNO.

    Third, the comment as quoted is from an ordinary person which underlines the success of the BN as led by the UMNO since 1946 and since 2003, actually nothing much happened to the benefit of the Rakyat at the bottom of the proletariat pyramid.

    The BN as led by the rock solid UMNO will do more and more than the little scandals which are common in all countries of the world including the USA, UK, Singapore etc.etc. If we have no scandals, we are not human. Do not allow foreign carpetbaggers to belittle us.

    Stand tall, proud and strong. Malaysia and the BN as led by the UMNO which is one of the unique political institutions in the whole wide world. Do not feel ashame because there is nothing to be ashame about. Ask all these fly-by nite types with their foreign passports and huge bank accounts to fly kites.

    Fourth, I have been exhorting all Malaysians especially the Malays, the Bumiputras, the Malaysian Chinese and Indians and others that the conventional wisdom from Malaysian history and the history of the Opposition leaders is to vote for the BN as led by the UMNO.

    For the younger Malay, there is no shame to support the UMNO even though it has scandals which will be corrected in a normal fashion. The Opposition is partially foreign inspired etc and only interested in power to control all of us like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore through his one-man more than 50 year rule. During this time, our beloved Malaysia had 6 democratically elected Prime Ministers.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Forewarned and be forearmed or we lose all that is with us at the present time. Think of yourself, your families, your friends, your present and the future. Think of GAZA and ISRAEL.

  4. wajaperak Nov 26,2012 12:53 PM

    Semoga Tun sudi mengizinkan ruangan..
    Alfred Wilner
    [It is an irony of destiny]
    Life is all about belief..
    You belief that according to wikipedia..
    We ( muslimin ) tells you that Israel or Bani Israel aptly are not known to be grateful..Contrary to most that what have been written about them, one glaring fact is omittedly missing..


    They refuse to acknowledge this very fact like most Singaporean does not belief that Singapore was owned by Sultan Johor and not ‘founded’ by Stamford Raffles..
    You can take the example from my exchange of views with Mr Mubarak Chan..I can only have deep respect for him but in the exchange cross of the swords and the pendulum swinging circular arc motion we can get hurt..But the rigid and strict training must be employs and maintain results the very seriousness of life essence..
    Deep down you know muslimin meant well as in accord to Al Quran..If not?..
    Then they are no longer practicing muslim!..
    I always played the role of agent provocateur..
    Certain Israeli’s that I knew also did..
    What was intended as a role turn horrendously wrong when the actor have taken life of the beast he potrays..
    Be careful of what you writes..
    You always sit back..shut down the computer when you were done and sleeps soundly..
    We..on the other hand always feel the pain..


    Terima kasih..

  5. mubarakchan Nov 26,2012 2:47 AM


    For Wajaperak

    If I am 21 years old, I am boasting. But I am not. I suggested you stand at the tip of Johor Baru and look across the Straits of Johor at the Singapore Immigration and Customs Complex and find what you see.

    I have done everything outside of Malaysian politics in Malaysia and Singapore except property development.

    It is from my observations of the good and the great on both sides of the Causeway and my experiences since October 1951 that I tried to warn time and time again ( on this Blog ) the Malays and Bumiputras of the danger awaiting them if they vote Opposition for a change of Government which will not benefit them in anyway and not stand together to vote for the UMNO which is the bedrock of our beloved Malaysia like the Royal Sultans, the Constitution, the UMNO, and the NEP whether people like it or not.

    There are lots of jealous people out there waiting for our beloved Malaysia’s downfall into chaos etc ( because they are already in the snake-pit and imploded ) ! even though some of us have a feel good feeling.

    This is why our distinguished Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is attacked with no reason all the time in the foulest language because he understands what the present conundrum is all about.

    It is about foreign types controlling the Malays and Bumiputras. No more. No less.

    If the Malays and the Bumiputras vote for a change of Government, we non-Bumiputras will also be in trouble. Vide. My comment on foreign policy.

    I am sorry that you do not understand my comments and took my comments as a personal issue.

    Maybe you do not like the fact that I had better grades than Lee Kuan Yew at the entrance to my college in the University of Cambridge.

    Since you force me, I tell you.

    Lee Kuan Yew went into Cambridge by the back door of the bottom-most non-collegiate Fitzwilliam House without taking an entrance examination. I did with 100 marks in all the subjects in half the allotted time to gain entry into the best college. I was even made to wait one full year.

    And if you were a very senior military type, you would have come across my relative, Tan Sri Dr C. C. Too ( Chee Chiew ) the highest ranking Malaysian Chinese Adviser to the Malaysian Government on counter-insurgency ! It was Tun Musa Hitam who sponsored him whom he remembered fondly.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians especially the Malays, the Bumiputras and the non-Malays. Like me, even though you are not a member of the rock-solid UMNO, it is the peace, harmony and prosperity as delivered by the UMNO since 1946 that is important. Very important to all of us !

  6. Botak Nov 26,2012 2:35 AM




  7. mubarakchan Nov 25,2012 1:31 PM


    I beg your pardon to point out that in the heat of battle as a prelude to the final run-up to the next General Elections, how many of us should ask the question about the conduct of the foreign policy of our beloved country by the Oppostion ?

    As reported in the media, the Prime Minister will be from PAS and presumably the Foreign Minister from the PKR. The DAP will be in charge of Singapore Affairs.

    The BN has been forthright and steadfast in safeguarding our sovereignty, national interest and self-esteem especially during your famous 22 year Administration in which I felt secure in my private cocoon. Not any more after 2003. I felt my grandmother was sold down river for peanuts.

    And I am forced to defend my icons, the Royal Sultans, yourself and others and my way of life as I have always known it. This was disrupted with all the Singaporean cadres and minders crawling all over us eg. our Government treasure chests, NSTP, etc.etc.

    I thought Malaysia had become a colony of Singapore. Then, Singapore imploded in October 2008. Yes ! Singapore imploded ! Vide. My comments on this Blog.

    Man proposes. God disposes.

    Why is our foreign policy so very important as time goes by ?

    As I mentioned previously, our beloved country Malaysia has become the Mother of all geo-strategic choke points in the world. With the increasing sea-trade between East and West, all sea-traffic must pass through the littoral jurisdiction of Malaysia, being the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea which also abuts Sabah and Sarawak.

    The self-proclaimed choke point of the Singapore Straits is peanuts in strategic terms because the sea-lanes could be choked-ff hundreds of miles from here .

    Of course, Malaysia under the BN Government will never do such a thing.
    Our beloved country has always been friendly to all nations – a foreign policy which should be lauded by all.

    The Oppostion with its diverse foreign support in their desperation for power had consorted or inspired by unfriendly foreigners or firmly connected with jealous types whilst another had the ultimate red carpet treatment given by a super-power.

    Our beloved Malaysia has become so important because of its strategic geographic position that it is time for the Oppostion to state its stand.

    The BN as led by the UMNO, Malaysia is a friend to all countries which has been proven so since 1957. What now the Oppostion ? Will there be a Minister for Singapore Affairs ?

    It is no surprise that in the latest Gaza-Israel debacle that the Opposition was either silent or took many days to express their piece. Why the reluctance to support the under-dog and down-trodden Palestinians and Arabs. It is only a matter of time the Islamic Civilization will take the rightful in the sun. History will confirm this even the force of arms demonstrates otherwise now in our lifetimes.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians especially my Bumiputra compatriots support fully the UMNO whose wisdom and compassion has given us peace harmony and prosperity with all Nations. Do not be misled by fly-by-nite types or amateurs. Together we will achieve whatever we desire. No more. No less.

  8. HBT456 Nov 25,2012 11:13 AM


    61. Will PM Yingluck be able to restore money market in Bangkok to keep Thailand economy (bukan Siam economy) ala TRX in Bangkok to connect the world cities and northern cities in East Asia financially to keep Thailand going?

    62. If Lady Chancellor of Germany can allow the demolition of the Berlin Wall of WW2 that had divided west and east Germany for decades, her party has shown the world leaders that German is able to lead EU via IMF.

    63. If the Iron Lady, PM Margarat Thatcher, has the political gut that British men won’t dare to do by returning HK SAR to China subject to willingness of Hongkongers for 50 years to bailout her aging economy, then, nothing is impossible.

    64. Will our non-elected PM be able to restore trust of the people that he can do that?

    65. By looking at that Sabahan Bung Mokthar UMNO lawmaker, Malaysians including English educated Malays dah hilang selera.

    66. My eldest boy has registered up as voter because of Bersih.

    67. He said he will vote PR.

    68. I won’t stop him.

    69. I told him that I will vote BN because of mama’s promise to YAB.

    70. If Dr MM can modernized Malaysia, I believe he can restore trust of the people via democracy and liberty when he put he decided to put the country first, not orang Kedahans or UMNO yes men of berangan2 untuk menjadi pembela ego pembesar2 Melayu saja by yelling Hidup Melayu.

    71. He has promised the Chinese community that he would pick the best UMNO Baru candidate that can transform Malaysia.

    72. If Anwar Ibrahim is elected as the PM, is it the will of Allah or UMNO’s corruptions?

    73. UMNO Baru failed not because of corruption.

    74. UMNO Baru failed when their current leaders dare not tell their members that their ideology is wrong by forcing Malaysians to accept Malaysia as Islamic Country based on Hudud to bailout Crystal Mosque of Terengganu.

    That’s all, YAB.

  9. Hajar Nov 24,2012 1:58 PM

    Salam YAB & diKasihi Tun,

    1. Ada baiknya jika pemimpin PAS dan penyokong-penyokong PAS melakukan solat HAJAT untuk memohon kepada Allah SWT supaya Israel ”KO” kerana dari apa yang berlaku secara terangan-terangan Israel memang ZALIM.

    2. Jika ahli-ahli PAS mahu lihat kezaliman sebenar, mungkin mereka boleh mengambil alih tempat rakyat Palestin atau pun boleh menawarkan diri untuk menjadi sukarelawan bagi membantu rakyat Palestin. Ini baru dikatakan pejuang Islam.

    3. Apa yang PAS lakukan sekarang tidak melambangkan perjuangan Islam sebenar. Perjuangan PAS sekarang cuma sekadar perjuangan politik yang berpaksikan dendam kesumat yang tidak pernah padam terhadap UMNO dan BN.

    4. Saya kasihan melihat semua ahli PAS termasuk Nik Aziz yang semakin bercelaru pemikirannya. Mereka seolah-olah tidak mampu untuk berfikir secara waras.

    Terima kasih Tun.

    *** Semoga Allah SWT melindungi Tun sekeluarga. ***

  10. truthseeker Nov 24,2012 1:41 AM

    Salam Tun and fellow bloggers,

    1. Tun, everyone sensible can see how you had worked hard to continuously expose the jews’ cruelty and to practically helped the palestinians – the world can see how our Malaysians had tried to supply aids and were blocked by the jews…Tun cakap serupa bikin, even though you do not have executive powers anymore.

    2. Shame on you (those who belittled Tun or did not bother to do anything concrete or those who opposed Tun’s efforts) who talks a lot but do nothing. Look at Tun, he writes, he speaks, he takes action…

    3. At least what the people of Malaysia can do is to;
    – copycat Tun’s ideas and actions
    – pray
    – influence the people (especially the young ones)around
    you to come out with ideas on how to solve the problem
    (at least make them ambil berat)
    – influence the people by explaining how pakatan rakyat
    (especially DAP) can bring in Singapore, Israel to our land
    not to prosper us but to cause havoc just like what the
    jews are doing in Gaza.

    – take control of the media – you see, America looks like a
    great country, but do you know how the media control
    their minds? If you read their newspapers, almost all news
    are about their own country…the TV will show stuffs that
    are already screened; that no Gazans were killed but they
    will show footage on the so-called attacks by the
    palestinians on the Israelis. I dared say most americans are
    ignorant (except for the university students) and easily
    influenced by the media. Funny, but thats the whole truths
    – americans are a bunch of ignorants!

    4. Ah, we have problems here in this country because the
    political parties are not together – in influencing the media,
    so we can clearly see how pakatan rakyat manages to
    the minds of their followers not towards the good things
    but things parallel to the jews’ actions. Just look at the
    republican and democrats…they are together in protecting
    the jews and killing the muslims.

    5. Whatever it is, all of us should try in our own ways and
    capacities to do something, instead of just talking. When I
    was in america, I did not stop telling my american friends
    about what I saw in US and at home, about the jews
    potrayed in the media and what they had actually done –
    killing the innocents. Maybe we should let the western
    tourists to take a look at the truths – show them pictures,
    films, videos, anything to convince them…because they are
    so naive and ignorant. Their education system managed to
    turn them into ignorant lots.

  11. prisoner Nov 24,2012 12:21 AM


    kerajaan buat salah, tun asyik memihak kerajaan.

    Sentimen perkauman tidak harus wujud dari memberi keistimewaan bumiputra.

    Is adalah pemikiran yang cukup kolot.


  12. The Hidden Secret Nov 23,2012 8:41 PM



    Other than Israel… USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia are some of the countries where immigrants occupied the land which they migrated. The immigrants occupy these countries from the locals/natives.

    The British and other Europeans occupied USA from the Red Indians and the Eskimos (Alaska – Sold to USA by the Soviet). The British occupied Canada from the Inuit, Métis and First Nations. The British occupied Australia from the Indigenous Australians. The British also occupied New Zealand from the Maoris. The Chinese (from mainland China) occupied Singapore from the Malays. The Chinese (from mainland China), the Indians (from India) and the Malays (from Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi etc.) occupied the Peninsular Malaysia from the Orang Asli (now Orang Asal). Taib Mahmud and family occupied Sarawak from the Ibans.

    Are there any conflict between the locals and the immigrants (or the occupiers) in the above countries? Yes there were (but not in all countries) but the magnitude of the conflicts were not as big as the Israelis-Palestinians conflict which has lasted for almost 100 years.

    How do the above countries restore and maintain stability and peace between the locals/natives and the immigrants (or the occupiers)?

    Why can’t Israel/Gaza/West Bank become like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia?


  13. The Hidden Secret Nov 23,2012 2:39 PM


    Election is coming soon… not in Malaysia but in Israel.

    As reported by The Jerusalem Post… 5 of last 7 elections took place after IDF ops.

    There is a possibility that the attack on Gaza is politically motivated… whether by Likud or Hamas.


  14. mubarakchan Nov 23,2012 1:39 PM


    There is an attempt to vilify you by the Opposition through a report of a gathering this Saturday 24 November as reported in one of their major Blogs in which I am banned !

    The attempt is to place you on the same pedestal as the awesome and fearsome Lee Kuan Yew, a man known to have no compassion. Vide. Channelnewsasia 21 November 2012.’ Singapore Most Emotionless Society in the World.’

    It is like comparing chalk and cheese.

    Your many projects in helping the poor and disadvantaged in the world through the years have shown that compassion is a natural and instinctive virtue inborn in you. Your attempt to lift the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip was done without any thought of a reward but the willingness to alleviate the suffering of the innocents, the men, the women and the children caught up in injustice. And this was not the first time. During Saddam Hussein rule in Iraq, I remember Tun Siti Hasmah paid a visit to the ill and the infirmed and the suffering children there resulting from a UN Sanction whilst some people capitalized on their sufferings without any qualms.

    What saved our beloved Malaysia all these years since 1946 and beyond through the centuries is the compassion in the hearts of our men and women even though sometimes they lose control of themselves. Yet they still had compassion to the great credit of themselves and the beloved Nation.

    In this, we must never forget the good deeds of the Royal Sultans, the UMNO and the Malay patriots of the early years of political awakening.

    Some snippets of how Lee Kuan Yew failed at the end of the day without the following 3 Golden Attributes which a Prime Minister needs :-

    1. Commonsense.

    He forgot about Hitler and what he did to his friends and adopted a 2 child family 1970s-1980s. This sent the Singaporean tribe into extinction which is now only temporarily alleviated by the import of rich Chinamen and Indiamen. But this is nothing like the real thing. Times have changed. How can a State survive without its natural denizens ?

    2. The Ability to Think out of a Box.

    Lee Kuan Yew only aped what others had done or advised him. With a legally trained mind, a double starred First law degree from the University of Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals, London, he has always said the devil is in the details. As a purported world class statesman, he could not see the broader picture ( which you could, Tun ) that was what would be the picture at the end of the day ?

    This picture is sad and tragic which is only buoyed up by money, money, money. This is why all Singaporeans now have a hollow feeling ! Singapore is now a hollowed out structure stuffed with money, money, money. It is an interesting study for all in the years to come.

    We have seen on the one hand how Communism had imploded and on the other, Singapore the paragon of ultra-capitalism ! Vide. My comments in this Blog.

    3. Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore has no compassion. Vide. Channelnewsasia. ‘ Singapore most emotionless country in the world.’
    21 November 2012. At last Singapore has achieved something which is world class and not need to resort to ‘ bluffology ‘ to tell the gullible Malaysians ( DAP, PKR, PAS and all Malaysian Chinese ) that their meritocracy, their government, fire-brigade, navy etc etc is world class.

    Malaysia at this point and time has run away as a resounding success as compared with dull, boring and compassionless Singapore after 50 years of one-man rule by Lee Kuan Yew, 1959 to 2012 with its population plagued by unanswered questions and anxieties. Money. Money. Money.

    To recapitulate, it was our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman who sent an emissary down to Lee Kuan Yew to sort out his political mess in 1962 and put him on the road to a more than 50 year one-man rule. And his family became almighty and very rich. And yet, Lee Kuan Yew has forgotten this kind deed by the Tunku. Vide. Tan Sri Dr Too Chee Chiew’s book.

    How can Lee Kuan Yew compared with your deeds and actions Tun ? We all see how Singapore is crumbling with feet of clay :-

    1. Singapore used money/investment as an instrument of foreign policy to kill, maim and injure the innocent men, women and children in friendly countries and sent their leaders into orbit like the Flying Dutchman. Vide. ASEAN Regional news.

    2. Singapore’s 2-child family policy, 1970s-1980s put paid to the procreation of more Singaporeans who are now heading for extinction. Clause 16 of the United Nations Universal Charter of Human Rights was probably breached.

    3. Singapore lost officially US$108 Billions ( RM250 Billions ) of her citizens Trust money in a jiffy in October 2008. A loss definitely involving the meritocratic pyramid with the cleverest fellow at the top. He was alleged to be also in the panel of internation advisors of an institution which resourceless Singapore bailed out. Conflict of interest ? This inspired the book ‘ The Malaysian Maverick ‘ written by a hired hack to do down Tun Mahathir Mohamad’s impeccable record of 22 year Administration which purported loss of RM100 Billions could be put down to development expenditure over 4 Prime Ministers from 1957 !

    4. Humanity and multiculturalism were never practised in Singapore.
    Vide. Channelnewsasia. ‘ The Curry Smell Tribunal ‘ 2011. ‘ The Toilet Fights ‘. 2012.

    5. A Perfunctory Judiciary System. Vide. Admiral Canaris was thrown naked into a cell by Hitler to demean him and later hung him naked with piano wires. Channelnewsasia. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. 2012. Woffles Wu. Shaw. etc.etc. Malaysia Chronicle. The unfortunate and unfortunate Tan Koon Swan.

    6. The daily importation of 5,000 pigs. The contracts for flower nurseries.
    The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank. etc.etc.

    7. Lee Kuan Yew’s one-man over-50 years rule 1959 to 2012 and beyond is an interesting study of ultra-capitalism. Over the same period, Malaysia had 4 democratically Prime Ministers. Who inspired the bersih-bersih etc.etc ?

    8. Miscellaneous.

    For the admirers and sychophants of Lee Kuan Yew, do not gnaw your teeth or wring your hands in vain. The above mentioned facts are the truth and not twisted or spun in anyway. A fact is a fact.

    If you have backed the wrong horse and found out it is only a donkey, it is still not too late to join the BN as led by the rock-solid UMNO. Do not be shy. No one will know. Our votes are secret and bersih-bersih !

    Vote BN. All Malaysians because Malaysia as led by the BN under the leadership of the UMNO is a runaway success as compared with floundering Singapore at the present time.

    Remember the Singaporeans had made patronising statements about us for decades always boasting and telling us what to do through their media and their cadres crawled all over us from 2003 ! This nonsense made a lot of our Malaysians felt deficient and inferior. And to top it off, Singapore imploded !!! Please do not laugh or cry. We are human beings. We are Malaysians !!!

    Vide. The Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Anderson and the Grimm Brothers. The Tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. How true !

    See the facts. See the fiction. Do not be brainwashed by people lesser than us Malaysians. And remember the UMNO is rock solid. No more. No less.

  15. sitinur Nov 23,2012 8:48 AM

    mari kiter sama2 jgn…
    membutakan hati…
    membutakan jiwa…
    membutakan perasaan…
    membutakan akal…..

    fikir2kan lah…selamat beramal n berkerja…..

  16. amin tan Nov 23,2012 7:48 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Khaled Mashaal, spokesman for Hamas after ceasefire was declared, declared that Israel has failed and Hamas victorious. Don’t make me sick. The final count was 150 Palestinian dead and 5 Israelis dead. Reminiscent of Sadam Hussein challenging America. Some people just never learn.

    amin tan

  17. Botak Nov 23,2012 1:12 AM



  18. Nov 22,2012 6:18 PM

    Khaled Meshaal, the leader of Hamas, and Yesterday’s Truce or Cease Fire.

    Dear Tun,

    after my posting here yesterday I was watching CNN and Christiane Amanpour’s interview with Khaled Meshaal where I was brutally reminded that our only true freedom is indeed the freedom and the right to change our minds at any time.

    I have changed my mind!

    Your intervention in this endevour there would be an exercise in vain, for people like Khaled Meshaal will never change their minds. Regardless of how many people will die on the way people like Khaled Meshall will fight their cause until they themselves do eventually fall victim to said cause.

    In the interview yesterday I learned that some 15 years ago Khaled Meshall was to be poison assassinated in Jordan by Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service, and that he survived this because the King of Jordan had threatened Israel to call off the Peace Agreement if Mossad were not to provide the anti-dose to the poison needed to keep Khaled Meshaal alive.

    The thread worked, the anti-does was provided and Khaled Meshaal survived thanks to the intervention of the King of Jordan. In his fanatic attitude today though he credits God alone for saving him then – an attitude that could be accepted if it wasn’t brought forward in this kind of fanatically aggressive and arrogant manner.

    In this interview he constantly talks about HIS LAND and that he will see peace in a Palestine within the boarders before 1967 and with Jerusalem as its capital city. Everyone who watched this interview knows that this will never happen.

    When one goes to one finds an ancient “Map of the twelve tribes of Israel” and the following explanation is given there, namely:

    Judea or Judæa (play /dʒuː.ˈdiː.ə/;[1] from Hebrew: יהודה‎, Standard Yəhuda Tiberian Yəhûḏāh “Tribe of Judah”, Greek: Ιουδαία, Ioudaía; Latin: Iudaea) is the name of the mountainous southern part of the Land of Israel (Hebrew: ארץ ישראל‎ Eretz Yisrael). The region is named after the Israelite tribe of Judah, which dominated the area through the Iron Age and established the Kingdom of Judah, which lasted until 586 BCE. The name of the region continued to be incorporated through the Persian and Hellenistic period as Yehud Medinata, Hasmonean Kingdom of Judah and consequently Herodian Judea and Roman Judea. Following the Jewish-Roman Wars, the region was renamed into Syria Palaestina, and the term Judah as a geographical term was officially revived in the 20th century as part of the Israeli district name for most of the West Bank, the Judea and Samaria.

    This depicts in a reasonably clear manner WHOS LAND this is and surely the powers who set up Modern Palestine as it were way back in 1917 and later Israel in 1949 will not have done this without the consent of the population then residing in the region.

    A similar restructuring of lands was done in territories today called Irak – there too the tribes had to agree and they did.

    One wonders how long last nights Cease Fire or Truce will last then. When having Khaled Meshaal’s attitude during his CNN interview present one will be inclined not to give it much chance and rightfully so. With bringing forward this kind of arrogance he is but serving his very own Ego, he is not serving his people and with this kind of attitude there will never be any peace in the region.

    Having said that, it is reasonable to assume and state that the “region” will never listen to any outside advise and thus my appeal to you, dear Tun, to make your word heard there was indeed an exercise in vain – worth a try at any rate but yet an exercise in vain for they would not listen!

    Last nights Cease Fire or Truce was again mediated by the West if “to mediate” is the right term to use, for President Mursi of Egypt was forced by the U.S. to force Hamas to agree to a Truce which Khaled Meshaal clearely dislikes and has more than one second about and he conveys that in public.

    So how long can this Truce last?

    Anyone who gives it a even few months is an optimist.

    Sad thing to have to say but I believe a realistic assessment.

    Maybe to only way to achieve peace there is to let the local parties sort out their own problems and discrepancies exclusively between themselves. Leave them alone, let them continue fighting if they so choose and then do talk to the eventual final victor emerging. It will safe many a nation many an effort in time, heart- and bloodshed and last but not least also enormous amounts of money which no one really has at their disposal anymore at the rate the world economy is currently going for everyone has already spent the money their next generation might once make.

    The world is broke – safe some wise nations rich in natural resources!

    Praised be Hamid Abbas here though, the leader or Fatah, who is quietly standing beside the scene, not raising his voice, letting Khaled Meshaal take the Credit and Glory for the Truce “achieved” yesterday – he knows how long it will last, or let us say he is not giving it much of a chance either. He prefers his own approach to peace and his approach is actually not too bad for it worked lately.

    It is an irony of destiny that a radical force like Hamas should now be emerging triumphant when for so many years they have terrorized the region. To give credit where credit is due though it has to be said that Hams is actually an elected political force in Gaza.

    Remains to be seen who will win the next election there then. Seems like it’s all done to win the next elections, in Gaza and in Israel alike.

    Winston Churchill was right when he said that Democracy is the worst system to govern with but that he didn’t know of a better one. The trouble with us human beings is that it peoples everywhere.

    Albert Einstein once said that Man has invented the atomic bomb when no Mouse on earth would think of developing a mouse trap. I guess he was right there too. Trouble is that no one really gave his equation any thought.

    May Peace be with this region One Day!

    Alfred Willner

  19. Bothman Nov 22,2012 5:54 PM

    Askm Tun,


  20. Bothman Nov 22,2012 5:48 PM

    Askm Tun, Semuga kita semua terus diberi berbagai2 nekmat Allah SWT termasuk kesihatan, keamanan dan kemakmuran. Olih itu kita semua perlu/wajib bersyukur kepada Allah yang Maha Pengasih/Pemurah( semua utk makhlukNya) lagi Maha Penyayang ( hanya utk mereka2 yang beriman ).

    Sekali lagi Tun telah memberi penjelasan dgn tuntas tentang sikap Israel, satu bangsa yg Allah telah pun melaknatkannya dan dalam neraka akan mereka dimasukkan utk selama2nya. Ini telah diterangkan sejelas2nya dalam al-Quran bagi sesiapa yang bukan saja hanya membaca tetapi mengkajinya, memahami, menghayati dan mengamalkannya.

    Saya ingin membuat pandangan dari sudut Islam dalam hal ini.
    Ini adalah satu musibah besar kepada umat Islam dan kita perlu memahami bahawa setiap musibah itu ada hikmahnya. Allah SWT pencipta dan pengurus alam semesta. Olih itu kita mesti yakin bahawa semuanya ini tidak akan berlaku tanpa kehendak Allah SWT dan Allah melakukan apa yang dikehendakiNya. Ini hakikat kemuncak keimanan kita sebagai hamba kepada Allah SWT yang Maha Agung.

    Apa pula kaitannya KEIMANAN dalam cerita tentang Israel? Banyak sekali dan diantaranya;
    1) Kebanyakan bencana manusia dimuka bumi ini, berlaku ke atas orang/negara2 Islam yang utamanya kebuluran yg sungguh menyedihkan.
    2) Musuh2 Islam terus menghina dan menindas orang/negara2 Islam dalam segala segi kehidupan.
    3) Allah telah kurniakan/amanahkan banyak kekayaan di bumi negara2 Islam tapi tidak dapat dimenafa’atkan sebagaimana yang Allah tuntut dan akhirnya negara2 Islam berada dalam kedudukan yang sungguh lemah hingga tidak dapat mempertahankan diri/bangsa, malah maruah Islam itu sendiri. Telah diibaratkan umat Islam itu sungguh ramai tetapi hanya bagai banyaknya buih2 dilautan, tanpa kekuatan dan hanyut tanpa tujuan.

    Apakah hikmahnya? nyata sekali tahap keimanan orang2 Islam itu sendiri adalah rendah atau ketiadaan lansung. Nyata sekali umat Islam tidak mematuhi/melanggar banyak perentah Allah sebagai salah satunya terdapat dalam surah al-Imran ayat 103.. Allah SWT perentahkan supaya umat Islam memegang kepada tali Allah dan jangan sekali2 berpecah-belah. Tak usah tenguk jauh, di Malaysia sendiri keadaan sungguh ketara sekali sehinggakan baru2 ini terdapat ada pihak2 tertentu yang sanggup mendoakan kehancuran kepada umat Islam sendiri semata2 atas kepentingan kuasa politik. Ini bertentangan sekali dengan sifat atau cara2 yg dipertunjukkan olih junjungan kita nabi SAW. Pada hal wajar mereka2 ini sepatutnya mendoakan supaya Gaza ketika ini dibom olih Israel, diberi pertolongan olih Allah SWT. Di manakah iman mereka? Mana lojiknya. Mereka dikurniakan otak olih Allah SWT tapi meraka tidak bersyukur dgn menafa’atkan kejalan Allah SWT.

    Olih itu.. usaha paling terbaik ialah supaya kita mengajak umat Islam bersama2 KEMBALI kepada Islam, hanya agama yang Allah SWT redhaai. Mendekatilah dan mencintailah Allah & Rasul. Tingkatkanlah keimanan & ketaqwaan kita semua semata2 kepada Allah SWT. Patuhilah segala perentah Allah SWT dan utusanNya, Nabi Muhamad SAW. Doa orang2 beriman yang teraniaya adalah senjata yang paling kuat dan berkesan utk melawan musuh Allah SWT…dapatkan ikhtibar dari perang badar….


    Kempenlah supaya menjadikan Israel sebuah negara PARIAH di muka bumi ini.

  21. mgpunya Nov 22,2012 3:17 PM

    YABhg Tun,

    Everyday is 9/11 in Palestine!!!

  22. Prabagaran Gopalakrishnan Nov 22,2012 2:51 PM

    Dear Tun

    Salam 1 Malaysia!

    Hope you are well and in good health.

    I read your article above and noted that you omitted to mention that Gaza and Egypt share a common boarder and goods can easily be sent to Gaza thru the Rafah boarder crossing in Egypt. Is Egypt also imposing a blockade against Gaza? If so why only Israel gets your singular attention.

    I am also sure that you are aware that Mitt Romney was the preferred choice by Israelis by 3 to 1 for the job of US President but he was soundly thrashed by President Obama. This goes against your frenzied assessment that Israel control USA unequivocally. May we have Tun’s take(spin) on this matter.

    Thank You for reading this post.

    Best regards

  23. mubarakchan Nov 22,2012 2:41 PM


    As normal human beings, we normal Malaysians naturally feel deep emotions for the underdog the Palestinians in their 100 year War against injustice which was meted out to them by a British bungle in 1946. Otherwise, the Palestinians would have been standing tall and proud as an independent and sovereign State.

    But fortunately, history is on their side no matter how long this is going to take to resolve or reverse the injustice.

    Take the case of Singapore today after over 50 year rule by one man, Lee Kuan Yew. Their very own Channelnewsasia proudly headlined ‘ S’pore most emotionless society in the world ‘. This world’s best achievement was the result of a Gallup Poll Survey, the famous and independent United States agency. The Gallup Poll should be lauded.

    Singapore has finally achieved her truly world class status. No more. No less. To put it succinctly, the Singaporeans had their brains thoroughly washed and hollowed out – souless. Money. Money. Money.

    As usual, Malaysia is right in the middle which is we have normal emotions. Malaysia is a normal country fully inhabited by all types of vigorous and normal people who do not look over their shoulders when someone said ‘ Lee Kuan Yew ‘!

    Arising from this latest Gallup Poll on Singapore’s emotions, this clearly shows that all the ‘abang-adek’ nonsense had no meaning, all the so called negotiations with the Singaporeans had no meaning, all the tete-a-tete maybe washed down the longkang, all the golf games were a waste of time, etc.

    In other words, the Malalysians were talking to a rock for all they care.

    Hence, we the Malaysians lost at every turn and every count. There has never been ever give and take.

    Because you fully understood them that was why you safeguarded our sovereignty, national interest and self-esteem up to 2003 ! Malaysia lost its bearings again thereafter. So easy eh !

    Man proposes God disposes ! This is why Lee Kuan Yew failed when he wanted to reach for the heavens !

    Fortunately, because we Malaysians are normal and human, we are saved from the titanic mistakes of Lee Kuan Yew, the smartest fellow at the top of a imaginary meritocratic pyramid. Singapore imploded.
    Vide My previous comments on this fantasy tropical island.

    What is the use of having the finest buildings in the whole wide world if there are no normal, happy and satisfied human beings to keep these viable and sustainable with a soul ? Money, money, money !

    It used to be only Malaysia was under the radar screens of the international busybodies since the 1990s. They flattered us with the 5 Tigers monicker.

    Now, through the expose’ of Singapore’s titanic loss of US$108 Billions (official), Singapore has now been added to the radar screens of these international types. Now, there is no way Singapore can escape the microscopic scrutiny of international opinion.


    The British nervously granted Independence to Malaya and she has proved to be a resounding and runaway success when compared with Singapore led by the war-time double First degree from the University of Cambridge, Lee Kuan Yew. ( Maybe a Third class in the Bar Finals, London )

    Our Opposition wants to ape the one man rule of over 50 years by Lee Kuan Yew. They are most impressed by the fine buildings and the fine meritocratic pyramid as set up by Lee Kuan Yew. And maybe the fine perfunctory Judiciary system by Lee Kuan Yew too. Vide. Admiral Canaris was stripped naked in a cell by Hitler and hanged naked with piano strings. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate and unfortunate Tan Koon Suan. Woffles Wu. Shaw. etc.etc

    How can the DAP now be inspired by all the warts which are now showing in Lee Kuan Yew’s one-man 50 year rule of Singapore ? Can we normal Malaysians accept failed derring-dos from a failed State ? Join the BN, DAP without any doubt – a week is a long time in politics. And a life-time ?

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Do not be conned by all this nonsense about Singapore as dished out by the Opposition. If you do not believe me then find out for yourself from the references as provided by me. Do not be conned and regret thereafter. In politics, there is no turning back which the UMNO has shown since 1946 – solid as a rock !

  24. wajaperak Nov 22,2012 11:10 AM

    Salam Tun..
    Di sini ialah pentafsiran ilmu yang berbeza dengan kefahaman Mubarak Chan dan Middleages..
    Apakah dia ilmu itu?
    Mendapatkan sesuatu atas barang ia mengetahui dapat mencapai barang yang lain.Achieving something prerequisite of other acquisition.
    Al Biruni – ilmu itu merupakan kesatuan juzuk-juzuk yang sambung-menyambung,yang satu membawa kepada yang lain.Sesiapa yang mendalami sesuatu bidang ilmu ( vertically and horizontally as in depth and in breadth ) boleh sampai kepada ilmu yang lain dengan perantaraan ilmu yang di dalaminya.Asas semua jenis ilmu ialah kaedah atau cara menerusi penyaksian ( witness ),pengamatan
    ( observance ),pembacaan ( read,write and rote ) dan ujikaji
    ( trial and error ) untuk menetapkan kesan ( solidify and cementing ) serta menjauhi kesalahan atau kekeliruan ( avoiding the common pitfall of principal error and mistake ).Ada yang menyangka tahunya ia akan seseuatu fakta dan pengetahuan itu adalah ilmu..tidaklah sebegitu kerana ini adalah sebahagian dari sangkaan jua..Pengetahuan mestilah di sahkan dari ahli yang terkemuka di dalam bidang tersebut juga adalah mengikut darjat kefahaman ilmu itu tersendiri dan penilainya..( The degree of the knowledege and the skill of the examiner and evaluator ).

    “Tidaklah sangkaan-sangkaan itu membawa kepada kebenaran”..An Najm.
    Pengetahuan boleh di cari di dalam kitab.Para ulama sejak beratus tahun yang lalu mengamalkan pelbagai kerja seperti mengembala ternakan,menjahit,membuat gelas,bertukang kayu dan menyulam.Ini adalah supaya mereka tidak perlu bantuan para pembesar dan golongan bangsawan seterusnya mereka tidak perlu menundukkan ilmu mereka kepada sebarang kekuaaan melainkan kepada Allah.
    Pengetahuan pula hanya akan menjadi ilmu setelah ‘di sahkan ulama mursyid dari institusi yang diiktiraf.Contoh keselamatan bagi takrif
    adalah setelah merujuk kepada 40 orang hafiz dan bersetuju dengan keputusan Jumhur dari mereka!..
    Informed decision in uniformity..
    Bagaimana dengan hak ilmu?
    Di riwayatkan kisah Ad Dumairi dari Sulaiman Fayyad bahawa Syeikh As Subki menyatakan kepada Musa bapa Ad Dumairi..”Setiap malam sesudah menutup kedai hantarlah Muhammad ( Ad Dumairi ) kepada saya supaya dia boleh belajar dan dapatlah saya menyemak bacaanya.Dia untuk mu pada waktu siang dan untuk saya pada awal waktu malam..
    Dari Saidina Ali r.a
    Belajar ilmu itu tidak tercapai melainkan dengan enam perkara.
    1) Zakaun – kepintaran
    2)Waharsun – haloba pada ilmu.
    3)Watisbarun – kesabaran dalam menuntut ilmu
    4)Walbughatun – Ada alat penyampaiannya
    5)Wa Risyadu Shazin – di pertujukkan oleh guru yang mursyid
    ( Tauliah pada ilmunya )
    6)Wa Tulu Zamani – Seimbang waktu menurut kehendak
    Begitulah Tun malangnya kita di zaman ini..
    Belum berlunjur hendak berlari..
    Belum penuh ilmu fardu Ain ingin memperkatakan Israel di dalam kain orang arab….:)

    Terima kasih Tun.

  25. dtan Nov 22,2012 10:25 AM


    I’ll let Tarek Fatah the founder of the Canadian Muslim Congress speak on behalf of Palestinians. This is an article posted Nov 20, 2012 in the Sun Canada Newspaper.

    ~Palestine is dead — prepare for 3-state solution

    Among the dead bodies and destroyed buildings of Gaza also lies the unclaimed corpse of the Oslo Accord.

    While the lifeless Palestinians and Israelis have been given their proper rites of burial and shall be mourned for years to come, no one has as yet had the courage to acknowledge that buried deep beneath the rubble is the peace process.

    Born amidst great pomp and hope 20 years ago and celebrated for the promise it had offered to so many of us, it is sad that today the rotting carcass of peace in the Middle East lies unclaimed, abandoned and unmentioned.

    Those of us, who imagined a future Palestinian state existing alongside the state of Israel, should now abandon that hope. Instead of the coveted ‘two-state solution,’we now have the prospect of a three-state solution: Israel with Gaza to its west and an ‘up-for-grabs’ West Bank on its eastern boundary.

    While the wily Yasser Arafat seems to have schooled himself in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, running circles around the late Yitzhak Rabin, his successor Abu Mazen on the other hand, demonstrated neither strategy nor wisdom. Even if it were true that Israel was acting in bad faith in using Oslo to encroach slowly on Palestinian land by building new settlements, Abu Mazen’s tactic of boycotting the peace talks with the Israelis worked in Israel’s favour.

    Had this protest elicited an outrage against Israel inside the U.S. and triggered sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians, the tactic would have borne fruit. But that was an impossible task to accomplish.

    Americans are suckers in sympathizing with a ‘victim,’ but such consideration is difficult to bloom when the victim says “death to America”at every given occasion.

    If America is the country the Palestinians hate most next to Israel, then expecting ordinary Americans to play neutral, let alone be sympathetic to their cause, is to live in fantasy, not reality. A World Bank report says virtually all the “growth” in the West Bank was the result of foreign aid, including American.

    To be hostile to the hand that feeds you is a tactic Sun Tzu would not have recommended to an army in conflict. In March, U.S. lawmakers released $88 million in development aid for the Palestinians, but instead of a ‘thank you’ note, Abu Mazen was positioned as an American stooge by Hamas.

    Gaza is Palestinian territory, where the president of Palestine cannot set foot. Sure the sheiks of Qatar with billions in tow are welcome as are guerrilla tourists in the west in the flotilla adventures, but not the elected president of the territory.

    Imagine a Tito not welcome in Serbia or a Ho Chi Minh denied entry in Hanoi or Nehru told he was not welcome in Mumbai after the British left.

    Palestine as imagined in Oslo is dead. And it died not as result of Israel’s continued occupation or its ‘harsh’ encirclement of Gaza. Palestine died because Palestinians killed it.

    If Oslo died in November 2012, Palestine died on November 12, 2007. That is the day when Hamas gunmen fired on a rally inside a Gaza stadium to commemorate the late Yasser Arafat. Many people died that day.

    And that is the day Hamas executed Palestine. The rest is mere detail.

    Shalom in Yeshua’s name

  26. sitinur Nov 22,2012 9:47 AM

    kerana org2 islam asyik cbuk nak tunjuk saper lebih warak…
    kerana org2 islam tidak pentingkan agamanya…

    yg terutama…org2 islam tak sayang saudara seagama…
    10q tun kerana menyanyangi kami yg muslim n yg bukan muslim…..

    jom2 sama2 menderma…..

  27. MiddleAges Nov 22,2012 8:02 AM

    Salam Tun,

    1. When there are two warring parties, one who profess to be a muslim should endevour to make the parties come to a peace agreement. A muslim must always seek peace.

    But “muslims” in Malaysia takes sides, the Palestinian side ? But i guess that is politics.

    2. To be able to get two parties to agree on peace, one must be strong and powerful enough to bring both warring factions to the table. Muslims in Malaysia i doubt have this capacity at all. What good would a demo do when human lives, babies, women, children are being killed ??? It is just good for publicity. Again, political mileage.

    3. So we have to ask ourselves. Is this political game worth the time and energy, while human lives are suffering ? I think not. Sending help by way of ship loads of material and food is real and beneficial. Demos for some war a few thousand miles away in front of some foreign embassy is stupid.

    Thank You Tun

  28. Nov 22,2012 12:05 AM

    Dear Tun Dr. Mahathir,

    It looks like I was mistaken to expect you could jump over your own shadow on this subject, looks like it was wishful thinking. This article is disillusioning. Advocating that Israel is maintaining an Auschwitz like Concentration Camp in Gaza is a truly a disqualifying statement I would never have thought would come from you. Or are you using this as mere rhetoric?

    Consoling in that the only freedom any man or woman really has is the freedom to change their mind on any given subject at any time I can only trust you will change your mind about this one too and hopefully still in good time, for the world could use and would welcome encouraging words of advise particularly from you.

    Last night Western Mediators have failed again and President Mursi of Egypt finds himself in a spot between the parties.

    More than anyone else he and all his Muslim brothers in the region could use a helping hand from a person of your caliber, not just the Political Brotherhood the now President of Egypt was once part of. When helping all Muslim brothers there to come to terms and reason with themselves will automatically solve Israels concerns because Israels need for security is authentic with the needs of all its surrounding neighbors.

    Peace be thus with all people of Good Will!

    Alfred Willner

  29. Tuntuah Nov 21,2012 10:09 PM

    Where is the human right organisation?
    Where is malaysiakini?
    Where is suaram?
    Where is Pok nik?
    Where is mat sabun?
    Where is all those organisation that championing myanmar, afgan,iraq?

    What a bull s hit… They are damn hypocrites. Puih….

  30. mubarakchan Nov 21,2012 7:03 PM


    History has always repeated itself in one form or another. What is now happening in Gaza and Israel is just the skirmishes of a much bigger picture to come and this might not even come in our life-times – a time punctuated by skirmish-truce, truce-skirmish etc.

    It is the beginning of the clash of civilizations as foretold by some Harvard pundits. Of the 4 civilizations, the Islamic, the Indian, the Chinese and the Western, only two are in confrontation at marginal places. The ultimate picture of how the world will look like say in 100 years is still uncertain. With the purported containment of China, is this a ploy plotted by some think-tank egg head to drag China into the fray ?

    The Western Civilization has been resurgent since the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492. First, the Indian sub-continent and points East were brought under the sword. Second, China was subdued. But no one has been able to hold a group of good people down – not even the almighty Romans. Hence, India became independent in 1947 and China moved into the modern World through its traditional authoritarian government in 1949.

    How many of us realise that the history of Israel and Malaysia is not dissimilar ? How many ?

    At the end of the 2nd World War in 1945, it was decided by Whitehall under the Clement Atlee Labour Government that the hodge-podge of Malay States, Malacca and Penang were to form the Malayan Union. It was inequitable being the traditional inhabitants of the land were treated pari passu with those who came to settle on it. The traditional inhabitants did not own their own lands and were disadvantaged as compare with the others, the British owned 70% of the good assets of the land and the rest own 30% !

    Thanks to the wisdom of the Royal Sultans, the UMNO and the Malay patriots, the Malayan Union was aborted and fast trek through the Communist Insurgency 1948 – 1990, the Penang Riots 1967, Riots of 13 May 1969, etc we now have our beloved Malaysia.

    Do we want to throw away all our precious history for the 6 distinguished gentlemen of the Opposition of which 2 parties have strong foreign links ?

    On Israel, Palestine was inhabited by the Palestinians with a minority of Jews of about 20% of the land and population. But the British bungled their Mandate which dated from the end of the Ottoman Empire at the end of 1919. This was the result of high faluting arrogance of which behaviour we have seen in some living personalities today, and the neglect of the rights of the ‘natives’. At the end, the unfortunate innocents paid the ultimate price arising from the neglect of proper and responsible government even up to this day !

    I always thought about these two parallels in our world history and how fortunate we had our Royal Sultans, the UMNO and the Malay patriots to counter balance unfettered colonialism. In beloved Malaysia, a British bungle could have been much worse. However, through the wisdom of the Alliance or the BN Governments under the UMNO leaders’ leadership, our beloved country moved from strength to strength and is a friend to all and sundry. How can the Opposition ruled better than the BN Government under the leadership of the UMNO under normal circumstances ? If they copy Lee Kuan Yew’s over 50 year one man rule of Singapore, there are bigger scandals, warts etc. ( than the purported loss of RM100 Millions as development expenditure through 4 Prime Ministers of Malaysia ) as factually presented by me in my previous comments.

    If we look back in history, the Islamic World of 1.3 Billions will take her place in the sun. It is only a matter of time of decades and decades and not of nanoseconds. The British in their heart of hearts realise their titanic mistake. What to do ? After all they are prisoners of history just like all of us. No more. No less.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians we are now mature enough not to change Governments at the drop of a hat as exhorted by the Opposition who are actually the copy-cats of the BN ( some used to be there and had some goodies too ) and of Lee Kuan Yew’s over 50 year one man rule of Singapore. One single bungle with the 2 child family policy 1970s to 1980s sent the whole Singaporean tribe down the longkang !

  31. wajaperak Nov 21,2012 4:26 PM

    Semoga Tun sudi mengizinkan ruangan..

    Mr Mubarak Chan..

    [[Since some of your Bloggers have a habit of running down another Blogger personally, with your permission, I release some information for their personal edification and to those who wonder why I strongly support the BN as led by the UMNO as follows:-]]
    First and foremost I must says that I am grateful that people of your high status are willing to tell us a thing or two about life in Malaysian politic in particular.Please take note that it is not your status that I query,it is the nature of your ‘determined’ stand that I do…
    Why your kindness did not mention what Abdullah did..and the latest about ‘Muslimin’ allowed to apostate..become kafirian?..

    [[I was awarded the Pingat Semangat Rimba ( National Scouts Association, Malaysia ). Also, I was appointed the only Asian ever so appointed, to be an Advisor to the world famous Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.]]

    And this is in regard about succesfull ‘dakwah’ to the American?..:)
    Please take note Mr Mubarak Chan that I tremble in the presence of your status and your writing…Trully..
    But the requirement as I was trained militarily some times ago, insist the word of Tie Zhong..wajatimur..
    From one wajatimur to wajaperak..
    “Kekalkan semangat juang mu”..
    The steel is blind..
    It cut many ways..
    As long it is held by the just..
    And many UMNO warlord is not!…
    ISRAEL is brutal because they is self profess kafirian..


    Too true Shishio Makoto is more superior in every department..
    But the steel in Kenshin is what made the difference..
    Salahuddin will be back..
    But are we suit to be the follower..


    Terima kasih Tun..

  32. abdulazizomar Nov 21,2012 2:33 PM

    Salaam Tun,

    We all read with sadness when we see innocent people being killed.

    I would like to remember that old Arab woman who was looking to the sky and asking ‘where are the Arab’s armies?’ when her house and all the neighborhood was bombed by Israel. Is that woman more Arab than the rest of the Arab nations? What about the thousands of combat aeroplanes that are in the Arab’s arsenals? Why are they not using them while their people are being bombed? I just could not understand the logic. ‘Oppression is worse than murder'(Quran) ‘Why would you not fight when weak women and children are crying for help?’ (Quran). ‘If you suffer, they too suffer'(Quran).

    Thank you Tun.

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