1. Malaysia is a multi-religious country where people can adhere to their own religion even though Islam is the official religion. For most of the time the followers of the different religions have lived in peace with each other. We do not see the kind of violence between the followers of different religions as found in Northern Ireland, Lebanon and the Indian sub-continent.

2. Malaysians respect each others’ religions and the rights of the religious practises of their followers. We avoid commenting on other people’s religion even though we may have furious debate within each religion.

3. Unfortunately now we have this controversy on the use of the name of God, Allah. Many years ago this controversy was settled through the acceptance that the Christians of Sabah and Sarawak could continue to use the word Allah in their Malay language bible and teachings but these should not be used in the rest of the country.

4. Unfortunately because some politicians want to get the support of Malaysian Christians, the demand is made that the Malay language bible be used in the whole country. Predictably the Muslims protest and the controversy is resurrected.

5. Christians and Jews know very well that in all their bibles, the Old Testament and the New Testament, and in the King James and other versions the word Allah had never appeared as the name of God. It is only after Islam and the Quran that the world became acquainted with the word Allah for God.

6. In their effort to spread Christianity in the Malay speaking world the Christian missionaries used the word Allah for reasons best known to themselves. Whatever, the word Allah for God is not derived from Jewish or Christian sources.

7. Among Christians in Malaysia, except for the natives of Sabah and Sarawak, the word Allah for God had never been used. In any case, the need does not arise as most sermons are not in Malay. Even when they were in Malay, the word Allah was to my knowledge never used.

8. Religious confrontations can lead to very serious consequences. It can lead to violence and killings even. This peaceful country will not be peaceful anymore if we have religious violence.

9. It is unfortunate that Ibrahim Ali should suggest burning the newly-printed bibles. That may be the way we rid ourselves of unwanted publications. It cannot be done for the Bible any more than it can be done for the Quran.

10. But what Ibrahim said does not reflect the views of UMNO. Unfortunately, some politicians would like to make it so in order to gain political mileage.

11. While UMNO believes that the word Allah is exclusive to Islam, it had never advocated burning the Malay language bibles which uses this word. I regard the attempt to imply Ibrahim’s support for UMNO to mean what he says is what is subscribed to by UMNO as mischievous. Ibrahim is not a member of UMNO. He may support UMNO but he is not a spokesman for UMNO.

12. We have lived together in relative peace and harmony all these years. Our country has developed fast because of this. While we can have political differences, we should not resort to our religious differences to win elections. It is a double-edged sword and those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

13. Let this controversy be settled behind closed doors by responsible people. Let not the extremists take over and exploit religious issues.

14 It may be a denial of freedom of speech but freedom even in a liberal democracy have limits if we really want democracy to work.

15. I would like to appeal to all parties to stop trying to abuse this issue.

143 thoughts on “THE “ALLAH” CONTROVERSY

  1. pidicoco Feb 27,2013 9:32 AM

    Nama ayah saya Ali
    Kenapa awak nak guna nama ayah saya Ali sebagai nama ayah awak?

    Sekiranya awak tak tahu pun nama ayah awak, jangan panggil dengan nama ayah saya, tapi panggil la AYAH..

  2. fadzireen Feb 13,2013 1:52 PM

    Salam TUN,

    Untill year 2011,and according to United Bible Societies,the Holy Christian Bible has been tranlated into 2,530 ethnic languages.

    None uses Allah to address the Almighty except in Indonesia and Malaysia.

    If,this is in term of Freedom Of Speech,and why the awakening now in both countries.

    These proponents are spinning out of control.

    Sinister in design to disrupt the harmony all are enjoying now.

    Hope,all the peace loving Christians are not easily drawn by this deception.

  3. azrulshahreen Feb 8,2013 3:39 PM

    Salam Tun & fellow bloggers,

    Interesting point laid out by Tun. We should not elaborate nor use religion as basis of argument as it may proceed without control. I believe, the usage of ALLAH in Malay translated bible as sensitive issue. Is Lim trying to stir up Mei 13 again or trying to disrupt the Muslim Malays’ faith especially the younger generation? Yes, I agree I have to oppose but it has to be in better ways rather than burning the translated bible as indicated by Pak Ibrahim Ali. How do we feel when some individual wants to burn the Al-quran? Without any thoughts, we would spring up and shout. The same goes with the opposing side. They, without any hesitation, spring up and revolt. There are better ways to resolve this, even the PAS Majlis Syura have decided on this issues. Its just that PAS should re-consider their affiliation with DAP and PKR.

    The elaboration made by MubarakChan is interesting too. Thank you all.

  4. mubarakchan Feb 8,2013 2:22 PM


    Your vision, forward thinking and compassion drove you to create a large middle-income group and numerous noteworthy and useful infra-structures in the land. You have always contributed new ideas like the use of the gold dinar and so forth to the international community. You are a great statesman international-wise because you did not behave like ‘ a dog in the manger ‘ when important issues must be addressed for the benefit of all Humankind. You can now see clearly how certain important international issues are manipulated, twisted and brought into play by those who had a secret agenda at the expense of neighbours and friends. They may believe this is Realpolitik. and Realpolitik is self or national interest. There is always the undefined zone known as humanity beyond which any civilised person should ponder seriously before the next step. But honestly, I think this is double dealing of which you have never been a part of in your whole-life.
    To gain an advantage at the expense of others who happened to be friends or neighbours even at the expense of the flow of blood, it is not your or our Malaysians cup of tea. It is something unmentionable !

  5. Simple Mind Feb 7,2013 4:07 PM

    Assalam’kum Tun,

    There is only one reason that I could think of why they would want to use the word “Allah” and that is to confuse and convert them to Christians.

    Salam Yun

  6. mubarakchan Feb 5,2013 7:49 PM


    For all Malaysians who are loyal and interested in the real happenings that surround us. For those who thought I have ended the tale on the April 2008 sojourn of Lee Kuan Yew making a sweep to the victorious Opposition States, they are very wrong. This spectacular journey at the age of 86 of Lee Kuan Yew is only part of the ‘Political Ulamas, Lee Kuan Yew and the Malaysian Political Equation’ ! As a world class seasoned politico, he had always thought and practised geo-politics which was what the journey was all about. About what, you may ask ? It is about the restive population of Southern Thailand which was part of the great empire of Sri Patani of the 14th century, great than the Malaccan Empire which has disappeared. The people of the Sri Patani are still there astride the Thai-Malaysian border. It is to this interesting lot of people which stirred Lee Kuan Yew’s interest.

    Why should this great titan interested in a backward and underdeveloped bit of Thailand ? This has everything to do with the proposed Isthmus of Kra Canal which has been proposed on and off since the 18th century but strongly opposed by the conservatives in the land. The latter view is that the Canal effectively cuts off the Muslim South from the Buddhist North. This was 19th century thinking. The Canal will bring bountiful benefits to the people of Southern Thailand during which construction over more than 10 years will provide jobs on both sides of the border. The 21st century is a borderless world. All the Northern States, Kelantan, Trengganu, Kedah, Perlis, Pulau Pinang, Perak, and Pahand will boom. Of course, the main beneficiary is Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore being the perfect logistics centre of men, materials etc. for the construction of the Canal. It does not mean that when the project is began today, it will be ready tomorrow. Completion will take more than 10 years over time which Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the rest of ASEAN be given a chance to re-invent themselves. Democracy will be in full bloom amongst the States surrounding the canal and insurgencies in Southern Phillipines, Acheh and Myanmar will subside due to the availabilty of jobs and opportunities in its construction. Of course, Kota Baru will now be part of the mainstream of the international sea traffic to come.

    Apart from the conservatives of Thailand who are against the construction. the astute Lee Kuan Yew is believed to be dead against this for the simple reason that the Canal will turn Singapore Harbour into a back-water like the great Palembang of yore. Vide. Singapore Business Times. S. Rajaratnam ‘Athens and Sparta’. 1982. Only the ebb and rise of the eternal sea will tell in the future how this last monumental structure not built by Humankind will pan out. The Canal shortens the journey through the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea by 1,000 miles or 2,000 miles both ways. It becomes more of an urgency in time when the petroleum per barrel rises to US$150-200 !

    In time, the development of the Canal will bring manifold benefits to the people of Southern Thailand. The Suez Canal has a revenue of US$6 Billions per annum for Egypt. A sum of money which should not be sneezed at.

    But ultimately, it is the superpowers like America and others who will have the final say. If they want to uplift the standard of living of Thailand and the South, the Canal is one of the answers. And any restive activities therein will subside with concomitant rising peace, stability and prosperity for all in ASEAN and the World. No more AK47s which will be turned into agricultural implements for future generations to come ! To add to the pressure to construct, the increasing volume of sea-trade annually will also be a deciding factor.

    It is against this back-drop of Lee Kuan Yew’s visionary thinking that our friends seek to allay an acute problem which is part of his geo-political scenario.

    It is with this background that the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand seeks the attention of the most distinguished and influential world statesman of his generation, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has no axe to grind but only interested in peace, stability and prosperity for all everywhere !

  7. mgpunya Feb 5,2013 12:52 PM

    YABhg Tun,

    ….the most important thing is that we don’t speak with forked tongue

  8. sudin Feb 5,2013 11:16 AM

    Salam Tun.

    To ‘balance’ again,

    Another nice posting by you (February 4, 2013 at 9:40 AM). I concurred to your “self-cleansing” way, and purely individualistic and should be given a try by others.
    To find out what you are, what you have done, why you are doing such and such, …….
    However do not relate that exercise as wanting to get close to Allah.

  9. HBT456 Feb 5,2013 10:38 AM


    Even if I know someone of your race f… the divorced mother because of mother and son relationship, I won’t jump into conclusion and shoot him to death because I respect privacy and law of the country.

    Even if you as civil servants though you are Muslim, know who pays you gaji.

    Therefore, don’t abuse the law blindly because Malaysians can choose to vote you out.

    In Muslim countries, there are no share or stock markets, do you know why?

    Because the economy is controlled by jihad militants.

    The Arabs buy stocks in NY Stock Exchange, Down Jones, London Gold Exchange, Forex to hedge against future inflation caused byjihad militants, general elections or civil wars.

    Therefore, “Kalimah Allah” is being wrongly interpreted.

  10. mgpunya Feb 5,2013 10:37 AM

    YABhg Tun,

    When people have nothing else better to do they fight. I now know why during your administration you encourage Malaysians to challenge themselves and be adventurous..

  11. sudin Feb 5,2013 10:29 AM

    Salam Tun.

    To ‘balance’,
    My apology for the late reply, tied up on some lengthy issues yesterday.

    I wish to inform you the closest that any Muslim can ever be to our God is while doing the “sujud” during our prayers.
    Muslims don’t meditate on top of Mount Sinai or on top of Mount Kilimanjaro or at the earth poles in order to get close to God!!
    Thus the more prayers done by a Muslim will bring us very close to Allah more frequent.

  12. mgpunya Feb 5,2013 10:20 AM

    YABhg Tun,

    …..all this are good indicators if we take it positively. What is the message here….??? One thing that we can take from all this is that, others wouldn’t be taking shoots at you if you are strong. It also tells you who your true friends are….

  13. HBT456 Feb 5,2013 7:41 AM

    Thank you, Bar Council President.

    This is indeed a great step to transform the country to the next level to keep Federal Constitution safe, alive and happenings to protect Malaysians, Agong and States’ Sultan permanently via ballot boxes.

  14. HBT456 Feb 4,2013 5:14 PM

    Instead to play dead, why don’t you just show your smiling face to make yourself and other happy.

    These issues are hot down there.

    When I was being asked, I smiled.

    Then I ask them, why you work so hard to make sure your children can get good education with Tabung PTPTN loan?

    No matter what happened, BN did do a lot good things for the people.

    Political power struggling happens everyday, any time, everywhere.

    Tell them not to fight to win general election?

    Even DAP, PAS and PKR also have these problem to become the BOSS of 2 mulut to fight e-mulut out there.

    When comes to voting time, I am no longer a dungu by voting base on conscience.

    I vote base on economic, safety and political stability so that so semua pun dapat makan bersama is all I care.

  15. wajaperak Feb 4,2013 4:47 PM


    Now..Now..HBT..stay..sit..roll..There.Play dead.
    You want a juicy bone together with the medicine?…:)
    Terima kasih Tun..

  16. HBT456 Feb 4,2013 4:45 PM

    DAP mahu buat apa, why worry Wajarperak?

    We have MCA, Gerakan and MIC take care of DAP.

    Who is behind DAP?

    Of course is Anwar Ibrahim.

    Kalau bagi saya pilih, I will pilih PM Najib though there are some scandal caused by his wife who put his political career first.

    You mean VVIPs Malaysia do not have such family problems?

  17. HBT456 Feb 4,2013 4:21 PM

    Wajarperak will have to face PKR and PAS to keep this Kitab sampai your cucu pun mahu gaduh ke?


    But if UMNO looses votes of non-Malay to PAS and PKR, what can you do, Wajarperak?

    Repeat May 13 to shame your Sultan and Agong by blaming Malaysians for making you poorer?

  18. Praxis Feb 4,2013 3:35 PM

    What’s the quality of our leadership/governance that allows non-issues to become issues and remain issues? There was a consistency in your actions and motives which we seem to be lacking now. What standards if we can’t distinguish ourselves from the worldly Opposition? Malays have a duty to lead, which at the highest levels must come form pure motives, so that our word is sufficient.

  19. wajaperak Feb 4,2013 3:13 PM

    [So many hints were given, but masih degil lagi]..

    SMACK ON!!!!…

    You have taken your medication?..
    For whom it may conscience…


    Seperti ayat tentang kaldai..Allah menyatakan..

    “Mereka itu seperti binatang ternak..bahkan lebih buruk lagi.Mereka mempunyai……”
    Terima kasih Tun..

  20. HBT456 Feb 4,2013 2:51 PM

    Kaldai Yang Membawa Kitab pun boleh lepaskan C4?

    Itu Kaldai apa, boleh kah Wajarperak menjawabkan soalan ini kepada saya, since we can talk secara terang-terang in this blog because it will be used to win votes in the election by opposition parties.

    If I am a Muslim, I rather bertaubat in surau since this is a personal matter.

    If I am Muslim, I won’t do it in mosque because it would demoralize the people who are in charge in maintaining and repairing the mosque shared by all Muslim from the world.

    Therefore, when I do not want to talk, that does not mean that I am stupid.

    Even PDRM helped Muslim family to deliver their loved one died of heart attack to the nearest mosque due to humanitarian aid paid by rakyat Malaysia, did I say why Malay can do it, Chinese cannot do it?

    Freedom is good, it depends how you use it.

    So many hints were given, but masih degil lagi.

    Nak buat macam mana di negara Malaysia yang berdemokrasi ini?

  21. wajaperak Feb 4,2013 2:22 PM

    Saya amat kecewa dengan pentadbir sistem Tun..
    Mereka-mereka yang bejat ikut suka hati sahaja menggunakan kata-kata yang kasar dan lucah..Apa dah jadi dengan kegemilangan blog Tun ini?..:(
    Izinkanlah saya..
    Menurut apa yang saya belajar,..Islam mengajarkan ‘damage control’.
    Turutilah kejahatan dengan kebaikan.Moga-moga kebaikan akan mengatasi kebaikan.
    Demikianlah Allah berfirman..melalui lidah RasulNya yang mulia.
    Ibnu Abi~Dunya dari Abi Maisarah bahawa di riwayatkan dari Makhul dari Rasullulah s.a.w bahawa beliau bersabda “Jikalau sehelai rambut dari rambut mayat di letakkan atas penduduk langit dan bumi nescaya mereka mati dengan izin Allah Taala.
    Imam Ghazali menyatakan kerana pada setiap rambut itu kematian.Dan tiada terjadi kematian dengan sesuatu selain dia telah mati.
    Tidak di benarkan bermusamahah ( bertolak ansur ) dalam urusan agama!..
    Ada banyak lagi pesanan tetapi apa guna pesanan kepada kaldai?..
    Jika kita membawa kaldai mengembara keseluruh dunia dia tetap kaldai..


    Terima kasih Tun…

  22. HBT456 Feb 4,2013 2:02 PM

    Why cannot F…?

    President made Americans poor and terrorized, why can’t they use F…?

    mgpunya has the money to buy the whole country to control freedom?

    Kalau ada, call general election now, why wait?

  23. HBT456 Feb 4,2013 1:49 PM

    It would be better than sodomizing the Butt Man secara terang2.

    Therefore, jangan ingat Malaysia ini bodoh.

    Tiada maaf bagi mu…

  24. physical Feb 4,2013 12:29 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Amin Tan your best example why Muslims always lose.
    Your faith based on Unscientific Interpretation.

    My faith is based tried and tested past and Islamic Civilizations.
    and Science which Allah created, is the Key of Unity of Ummah in Umayyad, Abbasid and Ottoman Islamic Civilizations. Its a FACT.

    Al-Quran 40:21
    Have they not traveled through the land and observed how was the end of those who were before them? They were greater than them in strength and in impression on the land, but Allah seized them for their sins. And they had not from Allah any protector

    Amin Tan your Sins is rejecting Science which Allah have put upon you.
    Your Livelihood will end as those who rejected Allah Mazhab-less Law of Science
    such as the Taliban, the Mujahideen, etc.

    Allah’s Law of Science has no Mazhab, have on One Interpretation.
    One Allah, One Quran, One Science, One Ummah.
    1+1 is always 2. That is the only why Ummah will unite.
    Nobody can argue 1+1=3 ,
    its Unscientific, against Allah’s Law.

    Hey look God-less Koreans is building 5600 MegaWatt Nuclear Power Plant in United Arab Emirates.

    Are Muslims over there realizes the only way to Unite the Ummah is through Science?
    is after 100 years of fiqh studies they realize it is not enough to Unite the Ummah?

    Al-Quran 2:268
    Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality, while Allah promises you forgiveness from Him and bounty. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.

    Amin Tan comeback to Allah rightful path, stop listening to Satan.

    Allah created Science. Science a Part of Islam is not new. Science has been part of Islam since the beginning. It is Clear, a Fact since the beginning of time Allah’s punishment upon Muslims because they do not obey Allah’s Scientific Laws. Science is Allah’s Help and because Muslims who obey Scientific Laws excel in the World, the sure way to warranty the Afterlife. Allah s.w.t Knows Best.

    Afghanistan Taliban have Hudud Laws, but they reject Scientific Laws.
    Do you know other reason why they always lose?

  25. mgpunya Feb 4,2013 12:27 PM

    YABhg Tun,

    If I were to issue a cheque or write an agreement, regardless of the language… whose name should it be written…??? You bloody hell should get it right!!!
    But, I say, at the end of the day its whose side you’re on….it has nothing to do with right or wrong anymore.
    and if that’s not enought…..everything is about freedom now adays.
    One day you can even F@# you own mother in the name of Freedom!!!

  26. HBT456 Feb 4,2013 11:42 AM

    Unless MB TS Khalid Ibrahim can answer questions raised by MCA Youth, Datuk Seri Chuah Tee Yong wrt Talam’s debt restructuring.

    Anyway, Syabas pinjam from rakyat Malaysia, bukan Selangor state government.

    If not, wait for PM Najib to call for general election to see what will happen next , TS Khalid.

  27. mubarakchan Feb 4,2013 11:29 AM


    The following are the corollaries for my piece on Lee Kuan Yew and the Malaysian Political Equation.

    1. In April 2008, Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore were riding high with all the flatteries being doled out of the international media on the might of the sovereign funds every other day. No one seemed to notice the cracks began to appear in the international financial system in January 2007 and in June 2006, Greenspan said at his farewell Senate hearing that there were some ‘ froth ‘ in the real estate markets in California and Florida.

    By October 2008, it was back to the grinding wheel !

    The resolve to leave behind an enduring and everlasting legacy for Singapore has always been uppermost in Lee Kuan Yew’s mind. It must be a secured hinterland of Malaysia on Singapore’s terms !

    My opinion is that whatever Lee Kuan Yew does should not be at the expense of the Rakyat of Malaysia. Vide. The riots of 1969. The Thaksin Caper of 2003. etc.etc.

    2. What promise did Lee Kuan Yew make to the DAP leadership which drove them to be in the Opposition for 44 years and at times eschewed fine dining and experienced the stale curry and rice dished out by the Government ? And now DAP only partners parties which are out and out opposed to the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties.

    3. Lee Kuan Yew never did really understand the Malays. I asked one Malay friend why he is friendly to me ? His answer was, ‘ I do not feel threaten !’ Maybe this answers the question !

    Man proposes ! God disposes !

  28. HBT456 Feb 4,2013 10:55 AM

    I have attended few basic courses of unit trust run by Federal Unit Trust of Malaysia whereby we need to pay tuition fees, bukan Amanah Saham Melayu as Malaysian to learn the latest techniques in share and bond markets.

    Therefore, I know how it works basically whereby money makes money accepted regionally and globally via internet to create jobs.

    Can I forgive and forget what happened in the past?

    It will be a lesson to me and my children.

    Minyak and Air tak boleh mixed, sibotak?

    Sup Lembu ada minyak dan air pun boleh dimakan sebagai resipi, mengapakah air dan minyak tak boleh mix?

    If there is a will, there is a way.

  29. Dr Jafri Feb 4,2013 10:45 AM

    I cannot imagine there are Christians in Malaysia, who feel so deprived and emotionally disturbed that they are not allowed to use the word Allah in their Bibles (why Malay Bible alone?)

    The Jesuits in Lebanon, successfully used the word Allah in their Bible to contaminate the faith of many Muslims in that country.

    Is it not unlike the Jesuits attempt being replicated by the pseudo-Christian priest aided by racist politicians here in Malaysia?

    Are Malaysians willing to go through civil mayhem, just so that a handful politicians in DAP can get their rocks off from this unusual play of perverted fantasy ?

  30. sibotak Feb 4,2013 10:35 AM





  31. mubarakchan Feb 4,2013 10:07 AM


    Before the Year of the Dragon peters out for the Malaysian Chinese, it is good that the Malaysian political history of our beloved country be examined from its inception within the Singaporean perspective. And before our short memories are swallowed up by the snake in the Year of the Snake !

    Malaya/ Malaysia has always been the hinterland to Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew attempts to gain ascendancy to rule either directly or like now indirectly show the importance of this hinterland to Singapore. Even the Japanese Imperial Army occupied the Peninsula first. Thereafter, Singapore collapsed. The case of Malaysia and Singapore is exactly like the tail wagging the dog !

    Take the case of the CLOB which was dismantled in 2001 and was in operation since 1965. The number of vituperative letters which appeared in the staid Straits Times, founded in the 19th century was beyond belief. Obviously, it was done with official approval and with the help of folks who later came to be in command in UMNO’s New Straits Times ! What irony !

    With the disappearance of the CLOB, two things could be observed by the astute. The sharp fluctuations of the Bursa were eliminated and most important of all, the flow of money through this CLOB or conduit was eliminated. However, this flow appeared in an international Agency’s statistics as illegal outflow of Malaysia’s money overseas. The CLOB was officially closed in 2002 and the illicit money began to flow through the money-changers from 2002 to 2008 amounting to nearly RM 1 Trillion. By working backwards, a minimum of 1 Trillion ringgits flow-out to Singapore every 6 years. We do not need a Singaporean rocket scientist to work out how much money flowed out to Singapore since 1985 !

    I am not against trade or business with Singapore. I am for more of everything except interference in our domestic politics using the DAP or other Malaysian innocents by the use of very thick smoke and opaque mirrors. And the famous bogeyman of the Malaysian Opposition, Lee Kuan Yew.

    Why ? If the titan Lee Kuan Yew did not do his April 2008 triumphant tour of the Opposition States complete with a pat on the back of their glowing and confident leaders after the BN lost their 2/3rd majority, and if he not have tea in a Kuala Lumpur salon (he is not a gentleman given to frivolities at any cost) and made a head honcho of a political party which he disparaged for 43 years, to come to the Mountain dressed in his finest red Mandarin silks etc, I would be wrong to come to any conclusion about his hidden intentions and resolve all these years – 43 years of resolve. This is something for all of us to ponder over this now nearly completed mosaic which only lacks the signature of Lee Kuan Yew ! And the character of Lee Kuan Yew !

    However, let us recall with a fast trek backwards to the events leading up to the riots of 1969. There were many street demonstrations with a dead body with accompanying gangsters in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, at 2.30 pm on 13 May 1969, Tan Sri Tan Siew Sin withdrew the MCA from the Alliance in a pique leaving his partners high and dry. The riots started at 5 pm and by 10.30 pm, the MCA rejoined the Alliance ! That was the Malaysian political scenario then. To put matters in perspective, the 5th Battalion Malay Regiment was quartered across the road, directly opposite my brother’s house. They were disciplined and orderly.
    From 1969 to 1981, Singapore was busy building up her infrastructure which led her to great success. But then, with the retirement of our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman, there appeared the formidable figure of Tun Abdul Razak who used to spar with Lee Kuan Yew at the Raffles College.
    This put a stop to matters for a while.
    With the ascendancy of Tun Mahathir Mohamad in 1981 to 2003, who was more than a match for
    the titan Lee Kuan Yew, little things continued on but the CLOB remained until 2002.
    With not only the perceived but real fact that the Malaysians drop their guard on their sovereignty, national interest and self-esteem from 2003, cogent ideas began to blossom again in his mind – the ultimate rule over Malaysia, Singapore’s most important hinterland, the final putsch, through direct which means DAP in play or indirect, whoever or whichever willing to do a Don Quixote tilt at BN’s apparently decadant and weakness in control and power from 2003 onwards. Hence, we have today ! Any one in Lee Kuan Yew’s shoes even without his awesome credentials will come to the same conclusions how to secure the important hinterlands which is Malaysia for the benefit of Singapore. That was April 2008 !

    By October 2008, with so much forward thinking and focus on matters outside Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew forgot about his old policies and world events which took the World by storm. The new Pax Americana, being globalization, free trade and human rights compounded by the Net and the vacuum in industrial production and trade arising from the end of the Cold War in 1989, he was suddenly faced with events negative to Singapore from then on, and partly culminating in the May General Elections of 2011 ! Some alleged that Lee Kuan Yew was surrounded by yes-men !

    Man proposes ! God disposes !

    Coming back right into the on-going scenario before our next General Elections, who can honestly say that Lee Kuan Yew and whoever are not intimately involved in our domestic politics ? Would Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore gain more if the Pandora’s Box is opened ? Or is it to Lee Kuan Yew’s or Singapore’s advantage that the ‘ old ‘ BN Government continues to be in place. Or is Lee Kuan Yew placing 2 bets on a 2 horses race ? Only the future can fore-tell !

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. especially the Malaysian Chinese. Even though we think no one cares for us, Lee Kuan Yew does so intimately. He has already said that the gates of fortress Singapore will not be opened to the Malaysian Chinese refugees if any trouble comes. And is this confirmed by the proposal by a Chief Minister to have his own fully armed Praetorian Guards like Julius Caesar ? Think hard ! We common folks are the only ones with no fortresses but the fortress of our mind ! Vote BN !

  32. HBT456 Feb 4,2013 9:53 AM

    The only way to bayar hutang pinjaman yang dijaminkan PM secara Halal is through subsidies let go by Petronas for Tabung PTPTN to provide education to all Malaysians to work and pay taxes.

    In this world, only Muslim can do oil and gas businesses in Malaysia?

    In this world, only Muslim can control meat businesses whereby we have halal and non-halal products?

    In this world, only Muslim can do construction work?

    Therefore, just because we are not Muslim, then, UMNO, PAS and PKR can bully other supporting religions in Malaysia?

    What is Rukun Negara, PM Najib?

    Now sentinel3 blamed Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Founding Father of UMNO and Merdeka in Malaya for letting go Singapore kerana takut Muslim memberontak secara besar-besaran that can cause lost of lives.

    Just only Shandong with 90 million people in PRC, they can choose to build their nuclear energy tanpa pinjaman IMF or World bank to feed and run their economy so that people can work with to build the economy there by paying taxes.

    Because of superstitious and yes men to Chairman Mao, almost 45 millions Chinese died from famine 50 years ago.

  33. balance Feb 4,2013 9:40 AM


    Mumbo Jumbo or Mumbo Rock ha ha ha

    Are you sure you can take it? With one-track mind the task it very very difficult but anyway if you are interested to get closest or closer to your Allah and establish a direct communication channel. Do the following:

    Sit at the most comfortable position and close your eyes then recall or review your entire life. Realized all your pass actions and deeds and search you heart why you do it then try to imagine what if you do those actions or deeds with other ways and intention. If possible do it in/at Happy Valley in Pahang or Penang Hill (there are many such places where the energy in stronger to help you get closer to your creator like Mount Sinai, Petra, great pyramid and many more places in China, Nepal, Taiwan, Peru, Mexico, Burma and etccc)

    Once you realized your good / bad heart or intention you will find that all answers/action are within yourself and you do what ever you have done because of books you read, other people influence, greed, ego, pride & etc… You will also relished that you have choices and the choice you pick give you happiness or sadness or regrets or anger.

    From that action you will open your mind and heart and always look at things and take things in/from multiple angle and you will understand why people can become Muslim, Christian, Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu and etc… And slowly will also able to communicate with yourself (some called it soul or others called it subconsciousness or etc..) When you can communicate with yourself then will be see (with your eyes close) lights from above and some people can see or vision things, some hear things (without using the ear), some can draw things, some can speak and write unknown language. From then on you will communicate directly with your creator and learn without books, sermons, preaching or any human telling you about life and after-life. You will also get memory flashes of your pass life like who you are or where you come from or your destiny or your purpose in this life.

    This is non-religious as you can used your current religion or called on your god names (any) to help you to look for yourself and truth.

    It take many years of practice and if your body shake/shiver or you shed tears dont be alarm it is normal.

    I believe Dr. M is such people too and i have met many such group of people from/in Egypt, Jordan, Iran, China and Nepal.

    Happy trying Mumbo Jumbo

  34. HBT456 Feb 4,2013 9:20 AM

    Sir Mubarak Chan,

    What is the corporate color of Android?

    Apple green.

    Therefore, do not jump into conclusion that green represents PAS Islam SeMalaysia

    Is there any corporate color in National Flag of Malaysia?

    Therefore, PAS can only survive on Muslim votes.

    This is why Anwar Ibrahim, Hadi Awang and Idris Jusoh do not dare to say anything.


    With the population of 2 millions in Terengganu, can they increase zakat untuk membebankan rakyat kita that will cause them lost of votes di Terengganu untuk membayar hutang kepada Federal Government of penganut agama lain2, Malaysia?

  35. mubarakchan Feb 4,2013 6:25 AM


    It is good you highlighted the so-called ‘ A ‘ word controversy. Who started it ? I can give all Malaysian and the Malaysian Chinese a lead – it all began in 1964. Well before the founding of the DAP by Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.

    Look at the turmoil created in our own domestic politics, Malaysians fighting Malaysians ! For whose benefit when we are divided and weak, and not tall, proud and strong ! We actually have no realpolitik issues to fight about ! How can it be when we had peace, stability and prosperity for 55 years and the mass of Opposition leaders were 2nd or 3rd rankers in the BN for years and years !Do not be stupid and become the minions of foreigners, think and speak for yourselves, all you Malaysian Nationalists ! Or we are going to lose all that we worked for and the legacies left to us by our forefathers. A beloved country Malaysia that is the envy of some.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Especially the Malaysian Chinese who are the best treated in this country compared with Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World. Know your enemy and troublemaker. Know your sovereignty, national interest and self-esteem !

  36. amin tan Feb 4,2013 4:20 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to comment on Mr Physical who says as I quote below,

    “”Unity of Ummah can only happen when Muslims learn, accept & excel in Allah’s Mazhab-less Law of Science.

    Billions of Muslims have pray so much so many years, in Mecca, in Baitulmuqaddis.
    What help did it do? Palestine is more of a prison than before.
    Real Good and Goods comes from real Physical Action.””

    Dear Mr Physical,
    I am sorry I thought you are some kind of wilful anti Muslim freak, like MiddleAges and Age_of_Enlightenment. I can see you mean well, but your logic has no basis and you are factually not correct. Muslims are only supposed to stick to Rukun Islam and Rukun Iman as stipulated in the Holy Quran. But you advocate Physical Science. This is something new. You are creating a new Mazhab, a deviationist Mazhab called real Physical Action Mazhab. You imply Baitulmuqaddis as a centre of islam, which it has never been. It used to be Muslims’ KIBLAQ, the direction of muslims’ prayer which is now changed to Mecca. You imply Godless Chinese built infrastructure in Mecca. This is not true. The workers looked like turkish to me. Only Muslims are allowed into Mecca and Medina. Muslims prayers are not meant to make a person become tycoon and wealthy or physically strong so that they can conquer and subjugate others. Muslims pray because it is fardu. Muslims supplicate(doa) to go to Jannah(Heaven) and not to be thrown into Jahannam(Hell). Muslims are supposed to follow the Quran and Sunnah nabi. Wallahu alam.

    amin tan

  37. sibotak Feb 4,2013 1:14 AM









  38. physical Feb 4,2013 12:55 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Sudin, I’m Muslim.

    Does lā ʾilāha ʾillā l-Lāh, Muḥammadun rasūlu l-Lāh solve starving Muslims?
    Does lā ʾilāha ʾillā l-Lāh, Muḥammadun rasūlu l-Lāh solves Oppression on Muslims?
    Does lā ʾilāha ʾillā l-Lāh, Muḥammadun rasūlu l-Lāh solve Natural Disasters from hurting Muslims?

    It would be great if it did. For now as a Muslim helping my Muslims ummah building flood barrier, wealth producing infrastructures, protecting Muslims farm, producing halal food.

    Sudin you can pray all you want and stay a loser.
    The God-less will build Walls around and you’ll stay there oppressed.
    and you’ll end up corrupted by Shaitani rajim.

    Al-Quran 2:268
    Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality, while Allah promises you forgiveness from Him and bounty. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.

  39. sentinel3 Feb 4,2013 12:38 AM


    Mohon untuk tambah sedikit komen Pedang Allah berhubung isu kalimah Allah.

    Apa yang hendak dihairankan Pas lebih rela bersubahat dengan DAP dan PKR?

    Dendam punya pasal Nik Aziz sanggup berbuat apa sahaja terhadap UMNO (saya bukan ahli atau penyokong UMNO) termasuk berkawan dengan syaitan.

    Dalam al Quran ada menyebut bahawa syaitan itu adalah seteru atau musuh manusia yang nyata tetapi ulama terompah ini sanggup berkawan dengan syaitan kerana dendam kesumat.

    Tidak cukup dengan itu, ulama terompah ini (meminjam gelaran yang diberikan kawan baik Tok Guru, Anwar) sanggup menghina bangsanya sendiri untuk memikat hati kaum lain dan terakhir sekali menjual nama Tuhannya sendiri kepada bukan Islam.

    Semua orang berakal (cuma ahli-ahli Pas dan sesetengah bangsa Melayu memilih tidak berakal) tahu bahawa tujuan pihak tertentu di negara ini dengan tiba-tiba beria-ia mahu menggunakan nama Allah tidak lain daripada mengelirukan masyarakat Islam supaya menjejaskan akidah mereka dan akhirnya agar menjadi penganut Kristian.

    Agak melucukan mereka yang bukan penganut Kristian pun dan tiada sebarang pegangan agama pun (kalau ada hanya pada nama sahaja seperti Jenifer Tan, Timothy Leng dan sebagainya yang tidak pernah pergi gereja pun) dengan tiba-tiba mahu menggunakan nama Allah di Semenanjung Malaysia.

    Daripada apa yang terjadi sekarang, kita boleh melihat berapa baiknya bukan Islam terhadap bangsa Melayu dan Islam di negara ini.

    Saya bukan menuduh semua bukan Islam tidak baik tetapi jika ada yang baik pun boleh dikira dengan jari.

    Bangsa Melayu tidak pernah menyekat kebebasan mereka memilih atau mengamalkan agama mereka tetapi ini tidak cukup bagi mereka kalau boleh bukan sahaja bangsa Melayu mesti meninggalkan agama mereka malah turut makan babi seperti mereka.

    Perkara ini boleh dibuktikan melalui banyak tulisan di blog Tun seperti MiddleAges (sekarang dah jadi Age of Enlightenment) yang mempertikaikan semua hak Melayu dan agama Islam.

    Ada yang menulis secara sinis tragedi tsunami yang menimpa bangsa Aceh yang terkenal taat kepada ajaran agama Islam.

    Cuma orang Melayu beragama Islam di negara ini tidak sedar diri dan masih mahu menyokong parti yang jelas menentang hak keistimewaan mereka dan agama mereka pada PRU-13 nanti.

    Apa yang terjadi hari ini adalah silap bekas Perdana Menteri Tunku Abdul Rahman yang bukan sahaja menjual Singapura kepada kaum pendatang malah memberi kaum pendatang hak mengundi yang kini mempertikaikan hak orang Melayu di negara mereka sendiri.

    Salam Tun.

    Saya tidak peduli jika dituduh rasis kerana kaum lain yang memulakan isu-isu yang bersifat rasis malah anti-Melyu dan Islam.

  40. sudin Feb 4,2013 12:38 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Again, to ‘physical’,
    You can write, so definitely you can read.
    Back to my earlier question,
    “Are you a Muslim?”

  41. physical Feb 4,2013 12:21 AM

    Salam Tun

    I declare but Allah s.w.t is the Judge.

    Islam “have” 4 “mazhab” or more if you want to include Salafi and Wahabi.
    But Allah Scientific Laws have no “mazhab”, 1+1=2,
    no matter how much you pray, Allah’s Scientific Laws will not change.
    even Prophet Muhammad s.a.w prayers can not change Allah’s Scientific Laws.

    Unity of Ummah can only happen when Muslims learn, accept & excel in Allah’s Mazhab-less Law of Science.

    Billions of Muslims have pray so much so many years, in Mecca, in Baitulmuqaddis.
    What help did it do? Palestine is more of a prison than before.
    Real Good and Goods comes from real Physical Action.

    Physical Infrastructure is Physical Strength.
    Faith isn’t going to stop you from being trampled to death.

    Are you going to do nothing but pray while they build walls around you,
    Are you going to do build Infrastructures that will free humanity which Allah s.w.t has promised?

  42. sudin Feb 3,2013 11:36 PM

    Salam Tun.

    To ‘physical’,
    Are you a Muslim?

  43. physical Feb 3,2013 11:08 PM

    amin tan go out and get some sun.

    While you out there, help your neighbor building their flood barrier.
    Help out with their farms if you can.
    Who else going to produce halal food if Muslims farms and agriculture drown in floods and droughts? or maybe you like living on Chinese food?

    You can’t expect God-less Chinese to do everything for you. Allah knows best.

    Allah did not get angry when kuffar misuse his name.
    Allah get angry when Aceh’s Muslims don’t want to learn Geography, Science and Architecture. When tsunami came, they died.

    Hey look the Meccan build proper infrastructure, see no more muslims trampled to death.
    See the lesson Allah have given to you? Will you not learn?

    Allah’s knows Best.

  44. amin tan Feb 3,2013 11:06 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to comment on Age_Of_Enlightenment as I quote him below,

    “”But Dr, this Islam and Muslim issue, which has become in recent years an international and human issue, is represented by a tweet i read which says”there are 100 over million muslims willilng to kill their jewish, christians and hindus if they do not convert” represents the true muslim/Islam mental condition which is now holding the world as ransom.””

    Dear Mr Age_Of_Enlightenment,
    Long time no see? Suddenly reappears and start assaulting Muslims. You claim over 100 millions Muslims are willing to kill Jews, Christians and Hindus. What a gargantuan lie. With such provocative lie (pembohongan) , nobody even try to whack you. In a multi religious and multi racial society you better be careful with what you are saying. Your insult of islam is seditious, provocative and uncalled for. You can be arrested for causing religious anger due to your baseless and unfounded accusation of Muslims as murderers. You are a dangerous ‘batu api’ instigating and poking mercilessly against the Muslims testing the limits of their patience. You are playing with fire. Please do not have phobia, fantasy or fear of doomsday and Muslims. You do not gain anything by your evil accusation of Muslims are killers. It only shows you hate Muslims.

    amin tan

  45. teratak Feb 3,2013 10:45 PM

    Totally agree with Sudin on his recap to his earlier post, my point of view is simple and quite similar in nature, those who urging the use of Allah in their so called book of truth that are dominated by certain race should study back the history of our beloved Malaysia.

    Malaysia history clearly shows that the Malay which the majority is Islam has tolerate in almost everything for the sake of living harmony together and after 55 years of Independence and they have controlled almost everything from economy to anything else, The Malays doesn’t say anything and continue living as usual without questioning or racist bias for the sake of living harmony.

    But now, they have gone too far, trying to play around with Malay/Muslim rights, the religion, the name of Allah and this is similar to a Malay saying ” Bagi Betis Mahu Peha”..

    Thanks…The truth behind the curtain is far worse..

  46. HBT456 Feb 3,2013 9:41 PM

    Oh by the way, Sudin, do not fear or panic on what Age_of_Enlightenment wrote seperti:-

    “But Dr, this Islam and Muslim issue, which has become in recent years an international and human issue, is represented by a tweet i read which says”there are 100 over million muslims willilng to kill their jewish, christians and hindus if they do not convert” represents the true muslim/Islam mental condition which is now holding the world as ransom.” is just a piece of crap trailer.

    Have confident with Malaysian wisdom, Sudin.

  47. sudin Feb 3,2013 8:33 PM

    Salam Tun.

    I wish to copy and paste some portion to one of my earlier postings, since those ingrates pretended to forget their ‘tongkang mari’ adventures to our then beloved Malaya.

    “When I was about 5/6 years old, my late mother told me about Chinese tongkangs with more than 1000 ‘immigrants’ landing at kuala Sg Linggi about 1 month after 31/8/57. And shortly after they all became Malayan citizens.
    At age 10/11/12(?) years I started asking her several questions, especially on several other much-talked similar landings at Sg Melaka, Sg Muar,….and they all arrived after 31/8/57 and eventually became Malayan citizens.
    Malaya was fighting Chin Peng & gang then.

    There were very few educated Malays (almost none in Malay kampungs) then to report on the matter (report to whom?), and the kampung Malays usually couldn’t bother about the Chinese arrivals. And some of them were outright communists! (China was establishing & exporting communist ideology then).

    When I entered secondary boarding school in 1960s, friends from other states often teased me,
    “apalah Melaka tanjung beri kat Keling, bukit beri kat Cina, yang tinggal hanya buah & batang Melaka”. It might sound amusing, but the fact then was MALAYS ONLY OWNED ABOUT 5% LAND IN MELAKA!

    Tan Cheng Lok & son Tan Siew Sin and ALL CHINESE, Sambanthan and ALL INDIANS: they all got their wishes granted immediately when TANAH MELAYU attained independence, AUTOMATIC citizenship to all of them, even to those who arrived after 31/8/57.
    The Malays of Tanah Melayu are still waiting for their side of the bargain! ….”

    Now they are not just questioning our constitutional rights, but also openly making blatant disregard & disrespect of our religion Islam!!!

  48. HBT456 Feb 3,2013 8:21 PM


    My favorite online game is Angry Bird to fight get these green pigs that have eaten the eggs of these birds.

    With the new version, I am now learning to play Angry Bird Star Wars in outer space.

    Therefore, do not force yourself to do something that you can’t do or are not comfortable with.

    Always be sincere and truthful to yourself.

    Each capital gain is taxable regardless what religion you are as long as you are Malaysian.

    The issue of “Allah” will be used in this coming general election especially in the rural areas that may cause some chaos.

    As Special Branch officer, please make sure no one get hurt when this issue is being diceramahkan to win Muslim votes.

    Area of worship do not pay you gaji, Sudin.

    Your gaji is paid by Malaysians via each capital gains taxed, bukan UMNO, PAS atau PKR.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai, may all your wishes come true in many years.

  49. sudin Feb 3,2013 8:02 PM

    Salam Tun.

    “….Sudin the irresponsible coward…” He he he.
    How about this lone ‘coward’ making this most polite invitation to the vege seller for a meaningful introduction and change of ideas? A place of your choice anywhere in West Malaysia, anytime. Don’t tell us that’s just another of your lies!
    Just give a minimum 48-hour notice. God willing, I’ll be there.

    By the way, the ‘enlightened one’ seems to be coming back from the dead, TWICE!!
    And still at it, i.e. making uncalled-for negative, irresponsible and sweeping remarks on Islam and Malay.
    How about bringing him along (do I know him?)
    Invitation also to dtan, polo …..
    Advantage to the vege seller, the self-proclaimed “I’m the pig”, since I’ll be totally outnumbered.

  50. sudin Feb 3,2013 7:11 PM

    Salam Tun.

    To ‘balance’,
    This one time no mumbo jumbo talk from me to you.
    You’ve always asked, now I’ll ask you to tell us your experience. May probably be beneficial to all.

  51. Age_of_Enlightenment Feb 3,2013 7:06 PM

    Thank You Tun for the free ebook “5 years of blogging”. I am indeed a maniac for freebies.

    With regards to the Allah controversy, it is an extremely good issue that scares the angels out of the best of muslims as they are brought up brainwashed by the word, to an extent we can all see via the fanatical comments on your blog.

    As governor, by definition of the word itself, the temperature may be a little hot surrounding this controversy, and this article i believe is your attempt to balance things up a bit.

    But Dr, this Islam and Muslim issue, which has become in recent years an international and human issue, is represented by a tweet i read which says”there are 100 over million muslims willilng to kill their jewish, christians and hindus if they do not convert” represents the true muslim/Islam mental condition which is now holding the world as ransom.

    Compared to the Malaysian perspective, the Kalimah Allah issue is therefore small. But it has become a legitimate excuse for muslims to jump up and terrorrize others, especially since you declared Malaysia to be a muslim country, which to me personally is not a muslim country but a muslim country wannabe, because it brings huge advantages to the native Malays who are muslims after Parameswara converted.

    Not that you are wrong doctor, but you did a big favour in catalysing the Islamization of Malaysia and Malays, who have not had the opportunity to study religion, and thus ever so keen to follow your leadership, because it rhymes with their own religion.

    Obviously the Christians of Malaysia wants to be part of this “capital gains’ and i am of the opinion there should have liberal use of the Allah word. The fear of the Malays/Muslims of other religion using this word is fear of the loss of political monopoly. And hence also why many hate PKR/DS Anwar.

    The pure and original Islamic philosophy which brought verifiable science to the not so modern world then is unheard of by the vast majority of Malays, and so i see this use of the Allah word as aiding in the discovery ( or re-discovery ) of this very important aspect of Islam, which Amin Tan do not even know is Islam, and think it all western science and nonsense.

    It seems many still want you to champion UMNO. But i’m afraid racism and the new racism ( religion ) will have to be left behind for the sake of progress.

    Thank You Tun

  52. amin tan Feb 3,2013 6:37 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Please allow me to quote Mr physical as below,

    February 3, 2013 at 12:49 PM | Permalink
    when Hajj pilgrims were trampled to death, what did they do wrong? what are their sins ?
    is it because they’re no Islamic enough or lack of infrastructure Science ?

    when tens of thousand of Aceh Muslims killed by tsunami, what are their sins ?
    is it because they’re no Islamic enough or lack of infrastructure Science ?

    maybe it is not Muslims lack of infrastructure Science that Allah s.w.t punishes them, they are just not Islamic enough. Hey look, God-less Chinese doing infrastructure in Mecca. Allah is Great.””

    Dear Mr. physical,
    You sound so cynical, sarcastic, chauvinistic and anti Muslims. Are you telling the world that China is such a peaceful and prosperous country and is full of infrastructure science.? Are you saying that China has no natural disasters and no civil wars? Are you saying that the Chinese people never had to come to NanYang to look for a better living? I wonder how come Godless Chinese can go into Mecca to build infrastructure when only Muslims are allowed into Mecca. Should I believe you? Are you saying China is better than Malaysia? how come you are here?

    amin tan

  53. mubarakchan Feb 3,2013 4:13 PM


    For Mrs HBT630. It takes two to tango. I am forced to call you Mrs because I do not want people to call me the Butt Man or any other similar names.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians especially the Malaysian Chinese for sovereignty, national interest and self-esteem !

  54. PAShit Feb 3,2013 2:17 PM

    Salam Tun,

    yo Polo,
    the sword is and will always be relevant, you retard. This is the consequence when you rely on literal translation.
    Oh by the way I concur with Pedang Allah!


  55. HBT456 Feb 3,2013 2:16 PM

    You are most welcome, Sir Mubarack Chan.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai and may all your wishes be blessed for many years to come.

  56. dtan Feb 3,2013 1:10 PM


    ‘We do not see the kind of violence between the followers
    of different religions as found in Northern Ireland,
    Lebanon and the Indian sub-continent.’ ?

    Burning Ten Churches and arresting Shiites by the hundreds
    are the Marks of a Religion of Peace?

    Is the wording of ‘Allah’ really the crux of the matter or
    are you practicing what the ‘Prophet’ did to the Jews
    the Banu Qurayza, Banu Nadir, Battle of Khaybar etc…?

    If Christians are unreasonable. Is it unreasonable to
    accept other Sects; Shiites, Ahamadiyahs, Ismaili’s etc. Why
    not allow them to co-exist i.e. build their own Mosques?

    The evidence does not support the theory you espouse.

    Shalom in Yeshua’s name

  57. mubarakchan Feb 3,2013 1:10 PM


    For those compatriots who do not understand what I meant when I said the Opposition wants to destroy the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties. To do so or destroy, it can only mean that the leaders and aides of the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties are charged and arrested for whatever the reason. This will be the death knell of the Malaysia we know because all those who worked hard and built up what we have today are gone. Gone forever !

    Malaysian politics is no longer a tea party !

  58. mubarakchan Feb 3,2013 12:50 PM


    For wajaperak. Actually, Mr HBT630 or Mrs HBT456 is doing me a great service. Otherwise, I have no mirror to shoot the true facts of Lee Kuan Yew and DAP. Thanks a million Mrs HBT456 whoever you are who lives in the shadows. You are my true friend ! Together we make history !

  59. physical Feb 3,2013 12:49 PM

    when Hajj pilgrims were trampled to death, what did they do wrong? what are their sins ?
    is it because they’re no Islamic enough or lack of infrastructure Science ?

    when tens of thousand of Aceh Muslims killed by tsunami, what are their sins ?
    is it because they’re no Islamic enough or lack of infrastructure Science ?

    maybe it is not Muslims lack of infrastructure Science that Allah s.w.t punishes them, they are just not Islamic enough. Hey look, God-less Chinese doing infrastructure in Mecca. Allah is Great.

  60. mubarakchan Feb 3,2013 12:42 PM


    For Mr HBT630, the guy with the moustache and compatriots. Please, please do not be carried away by this abang-adek nonsense and that the intimidating remarks of Mr HBT630 represent the epitome of democracy. It is all nonsense. He understands nothing. If he had worked harder when he was young, he would not be bothered with this Blog ! And in his desperation, he viciously tries to link the distinguish YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak with my remarks. I still say clearly and directly to you Mr HBT630 whether you are a worthy opponent or not since you attack me personally and I am NOT afraid of you that you go jump from Bukit Timah or Mount Faber, the mountains of your homeland.

    My honest intention is to tell truth about Lee Kuan Yew and the DAP and WAKE EVERYONE UP WHETHER YOU LIKE THE TRUTH OR NOT. The facts are all from the media. Why ? Because i had been an observer of all the shenanigans since 1951 and was right in the middle of the 1969 riots plus the audacious elections of the PAP campaigns in the Dewan Rakyat, Sulaiman Court, Jalan Foch, Jalan Imbi etc etc. in which confrontational methods were the weapons of choice !

    And now I will add the finest being No. 8, to the list of the Policy failures of the titan Lee Kuan Yew and yet hardly any Malaysian noticed.

    8. After the ruling BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties LOST their 2/3rd majority in the Dewan Rakyat which was the Holy Grail of all that is best in National Malaysian politcs, Lee Kuan Yew turned up and made the rounds of congratulating the Opposition parties and was even entertained to tea which showed how hospitable and friendly we Malaysians are to the fellow with the hidden intentions for the Opposition ! The head honcho of a BN component party (which was soundly beaten) turned up to greet him in his finest red Mandarin silks – a party which Lee Kuan Yew looked down upon since 1965 – 48 years and wrote uncomplimentary remarks in his memoirs about their leaders as mucking around in messes (bordellos) ! See the effect of brainwashing by a person who has a double starred First Law degree from the University of Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals London. His wife was placed 3rd out of 300 and my wife 7th out of 700 !

    Lee Kuan Yew was officially the head of the Singapore Government Cabinet at the material time – April 2008. He is a complete foreigner under all types of definitions. No more. No less. And here we have this distinguished foreign political gentleman having a fine and hearty time jollying with the Opposition the very group which wants to destroy and get rid of the BN and the 14 component parties if given the opportunity, then and now. And the DAP wants to do the destruction for 44 years !

    Then, Singapore suffered the world’s biggest financial loss ever of her citizens Trust (CPF) money in a jiffy in October 2008 on Wall Street. The loss was US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) for a nation without natural resources !!!

    Man proposes ! God disposes !

    Vote BN. All Malaysians. Especially the Malaysian Chinese who are treated the best even better than in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World. Stand together and unite !
    Do not be distracted by the magic shows with opaque mirrors and thick smoke ! I have seen it all !

  61. zulkifli hasim Feb 3,2013 12:19 PM

    Tanggungjawab menjaga agama Allah adalah hak kita semua sebagai umat Islam…menjaga dan melindungi agama bukannya bererti kita tidak menghormati agama-agama lain atau cuba menggugat keharmonian…persoalan di sini adalah ‘hak’ kita untuk melindungi apa-apa yang kita miliki…misalnya jika kita memasang pagar pada sekeliling rumah atau tanah kita adakah bererti kita memusuhi jiran-jiran sekeliling?…misal kedua jika kita menutup makanan dengan tudung saji adakah bererti kita tidak menyayangi kucing-kucing peliharaan kita lagi?…kalau sesebuah negara meletakkan pihak imigresen di pintu masuk negara…adakah kerajaan negara berkenaan tidak suka dengan kedatangan orang luar?…persoalan di sini adalah berkaitan hak…kita memasang pagar di sekeliling rumah adalah hak kita untuk melindungi harta benda walaupun belum ada pencuri yang masuk…kita menudung makanan kerana makanan tersebut hak kita dan kita sebolehnya tidak mahu berkongsi makanan dengan kucing tersebut…sesebuah negara juga ada hak untuk mengawal keluar masuk orang asing ke dalam negaranya….semuanya berkaitan hak melindungi…dan ini bukannya bermaksud kita tidak suka atau memusuhi orang lain….contoh lain adakah akan menggugat keharmonian kaum dan agama apabila kita menasihati dan menegur seorang penganut Islam makan daging yang diharamkan oleh Islam…ini hak kita untuk menegur penganut agama kita…ini tiada kena mengena dengan penganut agama lain….Jadi, sebagai penganut Islam janganlah kita pula yang berlebih-lebih menghina nama Allah demi mendapatkan keuntungan duniawi…sehingga merosakkan agama sendiri…dengan kesannya generasi masa akan datang akan keliru akidahnya bagi mengenali tuhannya…Adakah kita dapat menjamin akidah dan keimanan generasi akan datang setebal akidah kita pada masa kini? Dengan itu, jika bukan kita yang pertahankan kalimah Allah milik kita….siapa pula yang kita harapkan untuk pertahankan? Persoalan di sini bukan penggunaan kalimah tersebut…tetapi tentang mengapakah ada segelintir umat Islam yang terlalu menyokongnya secara bermati-matian…sehinggakan keadaan pada masa kini bolehlah diibaratkan seperti “Kapal pecah…yu yang akan kenyang”

  62. HBT456 Feb 3,2013 12:15 PM

    You are most welcome Wajarperak.

    If I know you, I will give ang pow to your children to buy what they favour to eat with their parents if you are married.

    If you know me, you will sure bring biskut Raya Aidifitri for me to makan bersama2.

    Send those things to those who need them, Wajarperak.

    We can donate blood to the needy therefore jimatkan duit blood test, give sedekah tanpa kira kaum yang betul2 berniat murni, do charity works and show happy smiling faces everyday to show the world that Malaysia is one of the most happy country, thanks to many holidays though we have ngam2 cukup makan punya gaji with EPF savings.

    Do not pamper our children.

    Teach them how to fish, not how to eat.

    Keep the Federal Constitution safe, alive and happenings to avoid excessive politics so that all of us can make Malaysia a great country to live in ASEAN.

  63. HBT456 Feb 3,2013 11:43 AM

    I do not want 911 to be happened in Malaysia because change of government like what happened in USA because political power struggling just because Bersih claimed themselves Bersih as detergent whereby EC has improved a lot via internet to check our status on where we should vote in this coming election.

    Therefore, BN is ready to take over PAS, PKR and DAP in all 5 states won by them.

    DAP, PAS and PKR do not even put up Pakatan new flag in the area that they are contesting.

    Though I do not reply Selangor Barisan coordinator Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed via sms, I heard you, Datuk Seri.

    If politicians like Datuk Seri gave up hope, no one will be willing to fight for Malaysians anymore.

    I take this opportunity to thank Datuk Seri for taking the most basic initiative required in Political Science to re-unite Malaysians under Rukun Negara today.

    This to show that when we vote, we do not look at race, skin or religion because we are Malaysians who have the freedom to choose whom we think is right.

    Therefore, please do not tell me which race should I vote after 55 years of Merdeka because I was raised in Muhibah era.

    Therefore, please do not tell my children which race should they vote after 55 years of Merdeka because they are raised under Internet era.

  64. wajaperak Feb 3,2013 10:48 AM

    Tun..saya amat menghargai ruangan di dalam blog Tun.
    Terima kasih.

    Dear Mr Mubarak Chan.. on..:)
    HBT456 is not your worthy adversary.
    She don’t have the abilities of doing so..
    We can prognosis her as COD ( Compulsive Obsessive Disorder ).
    She keep washing ‘that part of her’ repeatly excessive because first she could not achieve the mental state of cleanliness and second she does not remember she already ‘wash out’.And thirdly there is unsubstantisted study that claimed people of OCD achieved orgasmic pleasures in doing so!…:)..
    Consequently we are all much relieved that she will oblige and keep her promise in signing out from Tun blog permanently.
    Thank you HBT456.
    Where should I send this bunch of banana and ‘pulut kuning’?..
    Terima kasih Tun.

  65. wajaperak Feb 3,2013 10:39 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Terima kasih kerana ruangan.
    Dear Mr bensolomon.. not mistaken ‘Nasara’ as ‘Christian’.
    They are world apart like Nabi Isa a.s and Jesus.
    We know very well who is Nabi Isa a.s..
    Who is Jesus?
    Nabi Isa a.s and Jesus is not a same person even many believe it as so.
    Nasara and Christian is the same like heaven and earth.
    Consequently Allah is our god..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  66. abuhasanadam Feb 3,2013 10:26 AM

    Saya sememangnya menulis mengenai kepimpinan Tun semenjak mula-mula jadi PM tetapi amat kecewa apabila berlaku peristiwa 1998. Lihat artikel saya “SAYA AMAT KECEWA TUN ‘ dalam

  67. sibotak Feb 3,2013 9:54 AM






  68. sibotak Feb 3,2013 9:30 AM

    WHY SO ?

  69. HBT456 Feb 3,2013 9:23 AM

    An old man with you this kind of curse telling Malaysians to respect democracy to jump from Bukit Timah is like cursing PM Najib as the PM of Malaysia, Mubarak Chan.

    Dah tak nak pakai nama pak cik, uncle, mister, master, ah suk, ah pak in local dialects to address Mubarak Chan anymore because he is not worth it.

    You broken my heart, Mubarak Chan.

  70. HBT456 Feb 3,2013 9:04 AM


    Being jail for 5 years for wrong doing is worth to show that no one is above the law it as the highest international obligations to bring awareness to Malaysians and Foreigners for a responsible politician to show US not to worship and trust any politician who used religion as grab land via issuing ICs in Sabah when they preferred to base on Foreign Diplomacy to make Muslim immigrants increased tremendously by creating direct competition and job opportunities to the local Muslim which was raised many years back.

    Only irresponsible cowards like Sudin will fitnah others as irresponsibly base on skin colour of cakap tak serupa bikin in this blog.

    May peace be with you, Sudin even though you can run away in the name of official religion. since you makan pencen for many years to come.

    Malaysia adalah negara berdemokrasi, bukan negara Islam macam Middle-East under Rukun Negara.

    Kalau ahli2 politik bukan ada agenda masing2 untuk mengkayakan orang bawahnya, Sudin think BN will loose 2/3 majority?

    Therefore, stop talking nonsense and name calling to jatuhkan air muka negara Malaysia yang berdaulat undang-undang sebagai Special Branch officer.

    Let PM Najib deals with this problem of new immigrant issue immediately with the current RULE OF THE COUNTRY just like what Mr Barrack Obama is trying his very best to ban weapon acts to save more children from being the targets of extreme and fanatic Americans who could shoot at will when they felt alienated, anti-social harmony, revengeful, robbed and depressed.

  71. mubarakchan Feb 3,2013 8:52 AM


    For Mr HBT630. Why do you want to muzzle me if you are a true supporter of the BN as led by the UMNO and the 14 component parties ? Why do you only say you support our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad only ? All these do not make any sense and show you are what you are…….a hard core worshipper of Lee Kuan Yew and the DAP ! Go jump from Bukit Timah or Mount Faber !

  72. mubarakchan Feb 3,2013 8:34 AM


    It is appropriate at the present time for me to present the reasons why the DAP and Mr HBT630 are so adamant in creating trouble and dissenssion amongst the ranks of the loyal supporters of our beloved Malaysia which is peaceful, stable and prosperous.

    There is a method in the madness !

    The first question I ask is why the DAP in all honesty did not raise this issue of the ‘A’ word 44 years ago when they were founded by Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. From then till late last year, there was no mention of this controversy. It was done with intent. The intent was to create dissenssion and unhappiness in the minds of the general populace on semantics. No more. No less. The seriousness of this intent is borne out by the fact that the DAP is an Opposition party which specialty was to say very bad or no to anything that was brought up or delivered by the BN as led by the UMNO and the 14 component parties for 44 years. I remember the DAP was against the improvement of the Highway between Sungei Buloh and Puchong. This was one of the many instances.

    The DAP opposed all those things which are verboten in Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore. Let the DAP return to Singapore to try it. Why not ? For realpolitik sake’s !

    Yes ! The intent of raising the ‘A’ word controversy to create apparent trouble must have been decided after careful consideration by the DAP leadership taking into cognizance the failure of Lee Kuan Yew’s failed policies in Singapore and most importantly, Lee Kuan Yew, their founder and inspiration to boot. So, the ‘A’ word controversy apparently fits the intentions of the DAP to a T !
    Attack is the best form of defence as is commonly said. But then, I say the DAP has made a grevious mistake which will haunt them in future.

    I have read the Scriptures too. I got an ‘A’ for it. Mr HBT630 take note. I have lived amongst Christians for many years. I have many Christian friends. I believe the ‘F’ word is a big word in the Christian vocabulary. So, what is so controversial with semantics unless those DAP could not worship properly until their leadership says so ! Especially, in our beloved country, that there was no ‘A’ controversy before the desperate grab for power by the Opposition which is happening now.

    As I said before the DAP is a pet paper tiger of Lee Kuan Yew. Why it was not called PAP is a mystery to me ! Since Mr HBT630 jeered at me for saying this, then I say it more clearly that the DAP is a poodle of Lee Kuan Yew without his starred Double First Law degree from Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals London, a one man over 55 year ruler of Singapore and will be there for the next 10 years. Unlike Mr HBT630, I wish people to be rich and live a long life. This is what it should be unlike those in the Opposition who wish their detractors to drop dead immediately. Are these Oppositionists going to carry out this threat when they come into power ?

    The cogent reasons which persuaded the DAP to go for the controversial ‘A’ word is their discovery through this Blog and the Singaporean Blogs that their founder and inspiration, Lee Kuan Yew has feet of clay because of his titanic failed policies which I specially mention again for the edification of Mr HBT630, the guy with the moustache.

    1. Money was used as an investment in the execution of its Foreign Policy on friendly countries causing the deaths and injurious to innocent men, women and children. Malaysia has no blood on her hands. Vide. Thaksin caper in ASEAN Regional News.

    2. The 2 child family Policy of the 1970s to the 1980s which reduced the replacement rate of the Singaporeans to 1:1.2. In other words, in 2 generations there will be no more indigenious Singaporean left. This was probably also in contravention of Clause 16, the United Nations Universal Charter for Human Rights. Only China which does it for cogent reasons and Hitler tinkered with the demographics. You know what happened to him and his baby factories. Singaporeans emigrate officially at the rate of 1,200 per annum. Recently, the Singapore Government announced that the Policy is to have more of the same which will effectively drive the people out faster !
    And also Mr HBT630, the guy with the moustache will now qualify to be a Singaporean Minister as the requirement of having a Cambridge degree is not so important to this world class meritocratic. world – apparently, the gift of the gab like Mr HBT630 can do ! Change with the times !

    3. The horrendous loss of US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) of the citizens Trust money in October 2008 on Wall Street in a jiffy is all hush-hush. Speculating real money with ordinary paper signed by the riff-raff of Wall Street. Vide. Channelnewsasia Lee Kuan Yew November 2008. All Singaporean Blogs. 2009 to 2013. Financial Times London Gillian Tett ‘Singapore’s Harvard Investment Model’. April 2010. How can a sovereign state copies a university’s investment model ? The book ‘Malaysian Maverick’ was hastily published to balance this gross Singaporean world class human error and revised with 27 pages very soon after. The Star. Seah Chiang Nee. Saturday Columns. It was alleged that Lee Kuan Yew was on the panels of certain Wall Street world class institutions at the material time.

    The reason why there was not a squeak to change the Singapore Government for losing US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) of its citizens CPF money in a jiffy is that it is only an administrative matter. The same reason why we do not change the BN Government as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties for its development charges which amounted to only RM100 Billions since 1957 – 46 years even though the book ‘Malaysian Maverick’ took a personal slant at the wrong person ! Singapore’s loss of US$108 Billions (RM350 Billions) was in a day !!! And we know who is responsible !

    4. Humanity and multiculturalism were never practised. The removal of places of worship went along at such a pace that someone had to tell the Boss. Vide. Channelnewsasia. The Curry Smell Tribunal. The Toilet Fights. 188 bus driver strike. etc.

    5. The perfunctory Judiciary system which is well-known throughout the World. Vide. Admiral Canaris was demeaned by Hitler by stripping him naked and then hanged him naked with piano wires. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate and unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. Woffles Wu. Shaw. The Australian and German drug mules etc. etc.

    6. The contracts of the importation of 5,000 pigs daily, flower nurseries etc. etc. The sale of Kim Eng Securities to Maybank.

    7. And most important of all, Lee Kuan Yew is the one man over 55 years ruler of Singapore. He is still there and will be there for the next 10 years. Someone said so.

    From the above facts. the DAP is like a headless chicken without the head which is Lee Kuan Yew
    with his starred Double First Law degree from Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals London. His wife gained 3rd place out of 300, my wife 7th out of 700. Mr HBT630, the guy with the moustache please take note. The guy who once asked me to see the wood and to see the trees. I replied the only forest I know is the Black Forest, Germany.

    Hence, the DAP will continue to embark on subjects which will make the folks dissatisfied and unhappy and it is up to the BN led by the UMNO with 14 component parties to counter the DAP word for word.

    As one loyal supporter of the BN pointed out with a big list of the achievemnets of the BN as led by the UMNO and the 14 component parties, the DAP has achieved nothing in its 44 years of existence and without Lee Kuan Yew, how ?

    It is timely for someone who is knowledgeable about the DAP to make a complete list of their failings since 44 years ago. Let us have the list for all to be informed !

    Vote BN. All Malaysians especially the Malaysian Chinese. The DAP with or without Lee Kuan Yew will give all Malaysians an uncertain future.

  73. balance Feb 3,2013 8:27 AM

    Amin Tan,

    I am reading and learning about multiple religion from books, learned Muslim friends, learned Christians friends, Buddhist Rimpoche and go to Hindu Temple. I try to understand and put myself into situation and event of things described by these people and i still feel there are so many things said/teach/written that are not relevant to today modern man life.

    I am a believer of God/Allah/Creator but most of his words or teaching are written by man and man have intention, opinion, feelings and etc so many of such teachings are influenced with/by culture, weather, food, environment, thoughts and time(era).

    I have more understanding in Scientology and many thing they described are more relevant to my experience about “dead-end situation/cannot be explained”, super-natural or spiritual world. I have traveled to Jordan and climb Egypt Sinai Mountain and met and talk to many Muslim and Christian man who are like me.
    If i tell you i can remember some of my pass life (who i was, what i done and places i know) would believe it?

  74. HBT456 Feb 3,2013 8:17 AM


    A leopard will never change its stripes.

    Therefore, don’t teach babi how to vote.

    When these babi lepas tangan, Sudin, sendiri kow tim lah.

  75. sudin Feb 3,2013 7:54 AM

    There’s some very similar characteristic about bloggers referring others as “childish”:
    They lie about anything, and NEVER bother to read explanations by others, only see arguments their way.

    Very recently there’s one who chose to call himself after a doggie called ‘polo’, now a vegetable seller who proudly claimed “aku memang babi”.
    Those symptom of a ‘sewel-to-be’.

  76. amin tan Feb 3,2013 3:51 AM

    Dear Tun
    Please allow me to address Mr BALANCE who says as below,

    “”You argument is not valid by answering a question with another question. When a question that do not have answer we called it “dead-end”. I am not criticizing Christianity or many say trying to be funny. I am just trying to use logic against religion as i believe religion is man made and it is design and make to separate us and to create havoc. Sorry Amin Tan!””

    Dear Mr BALANCE,
    Please do not be angry or feel offended for what I am going to comment about you. You have reached the end of your tether. I beg to differ from the pronouncement of your last sentence. Religious people would say you are a non believer, in arabic you are a kafir(ignorant), in English you are a Godless free thinker. I would say you have reached your limit. You live by your brain and logic alone which is only biological. How about incomprehensible metaphysical environment and experiences? To go one step further you must have a wish, an honest and sincere wish to understand god/Allah and the Holy Quran. Nobody can give you the final push to have the HIDAYAH(Enlightenment) except Allah yang maha Esa. If you are arrogant and recalcitrant or the coward type, then you just stop where you are, and go no further. My advice to you is, you try to read and understand and deeply ponder the meaning of the Holy Quran. Wallahu alam bisawab.

    amin tan

  77. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 10:33 PM

    So childish ar, Pak Cik Mubarak Chan?

    Did I offend you, Pak Cik Mubarak Chan?

    This show that your manner is bad here to downgrade a senior state men with same level of wisdom of Tun Dr MM who are core-supporter of BN at his blog.

  78. mubarakchan Feb 2,2013 10:24 PM


    For Mr HBT630. You said you logged out of this Blog permanently. But you jumped back with your moustache twitching to defend your life-long idol Lee Kuan Yew who ruled as a one man for over 55 years over Singapore and his pet poodle DAP ! Right, mustachioed Mr HBT630.

  79. mubarakchan Feb 2,2013 10:19 PM


    For Mr HBT630. Let us all see what sort of man you are, with or without a moustache !

    Vote BN. All Malaysians especially the Malaysian Chinese. Some do not know to this day which side of their bread is buttered ! Right Mr HBT630 ! Talk ! Talk ! Talk ! What have you done for your beloved Malaysia ? Talk ! Talk ! Talk !

  80. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 9:48 PM


    Thank you PM Najib and his mentor in making us and the younger generation to consider voting BN in GE 13th.

  81. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 9:34 PM

    And ASTRO with many channels with affordable monthly subscription fees for us the consumers to choose to watch.

  82. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 9:29 PM

    And also thanks HKTVBI TV drama too.

  83. bensolomon Feb 2,2013 9:24 PM

    To wajaperak and all Muslim readers ( including my dear Tun)
    The Quran contains good messages as well as messages of violence. The good Muslims choose to concentrate on the good messages which promotes peace and goodwill, while the terrorist and the Jihadis will concentrate on the messages which promote hatred and violence. What positive things does the Quran say about Christians ( People of the Book). Lets learn
    1. They will have no fear and will be rewarded by Allah
    (shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.)
    2. The Spiritual Christians are in the rank of the rightious
    (They believe in Allah and the Last Day; they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong; and they hasten (in emulation) in (all) good works: They are in the ranks of the righteous.
    Of the good that they do, nothing will be rejected of them; for Allah knoweth well those that do right)
    3. Among Christians, there are men devoted to learning and who have renounced the world.
    (because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant)
    4. The name of Allah is commenorated in abundant measure in the Christian Church.
    ( monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure)
    5. Do not dispute with Christians in matters regarding faith
    ( And dispute ye not with the People of the Book, except with means better (than mere disputation), unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong (and injury): but say, “We believe in the revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our Allah and your Allah is one; and it is to Him we bow (in Islam).

    These main points are taken from the following verses in the Quran
    Surah 2. The Cow
    vs 62. Those who believe (in the Qur’an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.
    Surah 3. The Family Of ‘Imran
    vs 110. Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors
    113. Not all of them are alike: Of the People of the Book are a portion that stand (For the right): They rehearse the Signs of Allah all night long, and they prostrate themselves in adoration.
    114. They believe in Allah and the Last Day; they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong; and they hasten (in emulation) in (all) good works: They are in the ranks of the righteous.
    115. Of the good that they do, nothing will be rejected of them; for Allah knoweth well those that do right.
    Surah 5. The Table
    5. This day are (all) things good and pure made lawful unto you. The food of the People of the Book is lawful unto you and yours is lawful unto them. (Lawful unto you in marriage) are (not only) chaste women who are believers, but chaste women among the People of the Book, revealed before your time,- when ye give them their due dowers, and desire chastity, not lewdness, nor secret intrigues if any one rejects faith, fruitless is his work, and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (all spiritual good)
    69. Those who believe (in the Qur’an), those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Sabians and the Christians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness,- on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve
    82. Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, “We are Christians”: because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant
    Surah 22. The Pilgrimage
    vs40. (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right,- (for no cause) except that they say, “our Lord is Allah.. Did not Allah check one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure. Allah will certainly aid those who aid his (cause);- for verily Allah is full of Strength, Exalted in Might, (able to enforce His Will).
    Surah 29. The Spider
    46. And dispute ye not with the People of the Book, except with means better (than mere disputation), unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong (and injury): but say, “We believe in the revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our Allah and your Allah is one; and it is to Him we bow (in Islam).”

    Now here is a letter written by the prohet Muhammad
    Below is the English rendering of a letter written by the Prophet Muhammad (sa) to all Christians.
    The below letter requires no explanation. We hope it provides credence and comfort that Prophet Muhammad (sa) truly celebrated his Christian friends. (The original letter is now in the Topkapi Museum in Instanbul)

    “This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them. Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that displeases them.
    No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries.
    No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses. Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate.
    No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to fight for them. If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray.
    Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants. No one of the nation (Muslims) is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day (end of the world).”
    English translation from ‘Muslim History: 570 – 1950 C.E.’ by Dr. A. Zahoor and Dr. Z. Haq, ZMD

  84. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 9:04 PM

    Hey Pakcik Mubarak Chan,

    Don’t downgrade Mr Lee Kuan Yew that will make Chinese and other non-UMNO Malaysians hate BN more by voting PAS, PKR and DAP.

    Mubarak Chan ingat beliau pandai, Gua Gua lebih bijak.

    Jangan salah faham, aku Bo Gua Gua bukan Lady Ga Ga.

    DAP politician can made my father had confident with him as foreigner in the country, you think you can make me have confident with you today, Pak Cik Mubarak Chan at this old age whom can decide who I should vote in every 5 years to bully these unfortunate people again due to DENGKI?

    Thanks to American TV drama of Sex and The City.

  85. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 8:35 PM

    Pak Cik Mubarak Chan,

    Are you a pet paper tiger of UMNO?

    Well, paying monthly director allowance to a young Malay who has connections with state government with RM20,000 monthly and other entertainment + family’s makan angin + Mekah for RM1 Billion businesses is like bayar duit kopi.

  86. mubarakchan Feb 2,2013 5:34 PM


    For PakCik

    The DAP is only a pet paper tiger of Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. The DAP has no leader with Lee Kuan Yew’s academic intellect being double starred First Law degree from Cambridge maybe a Third Class in the Bar Finals London. Besides, Lee Kuan Yew ruled as a one man for 55 years over Singapore and will be there the next 10. So, Malaysia does not need DAP without the proper credentials.

  87. PakCik Feb 2,2013 4:47 PM

    Good afternoon YAB Tun and others,

    I think this whole huha about using the sacred name ‘Allah’ is politically motivated.

    1. Someone got the idea from the people of Sarawak and Sabah…to justify the usage…but the people of Sabah and Sarawak seemed to have their own version of christianity – if not, please explain why the command does not from the Pope himself? or a global demand?

    2. anwar the garbage is fighting for liberalism and pluralism in religion…this garbage has got followers…therefore, his PKR and DAP took advantage of this situation (especially the christians).

    3. they (the opportunists in PR and outside PR) are conducting their own studies and they know there are a few malays who want to associate themselves with the whites…the christians. Why? Because these malays want glamorous life, to be associated with the whites whom they look up to as modern, advanced, knowledgeable, progressive, etc. Look at their lifestyles, their values…mostly aping the modern values like most of the whites. For example; individualism, total freedom, hedonistic lifestyles, etc. They know there is a ‘demand’ and with anwar the garbage’s help, they can hasten their efforts. And then, there are some malays who are not so strong-willed in Islam, will definitely fall for this.

    4. guan eng the look-moronic-but-LKY in the making, is serious about using the bible with ‘Allah’ to indoctrinate the malays…and he/they know they can hold the nik aziz and hadi balls….the syura is nothin to these opportunists.

    5. anwar, guan eng and the likes got nothin to lose. guan eng shoots and expects anwar, hadi and nik aziz to be the bouncers when the malays like UMNO strike them on this issue. guan eng knows he can be kurang ajar because there are kurang ajar malays behind him.

    YAB Tun, thank you for highlighting this issue and explains about Ibrahim ali’s position.

  88. Polo Feb 2,2013 4:39 PM

    Pedang Allah, u r barbarian. In this era u r still talking about sword? Childish.

  89. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 11:35 AM

    I hope all political parties choose their Wakil Rakyat and MPs to serve the people, not the other way to tell us what to do just because they have the upper hand information to fool Malaysians to rich their political party, if they respect and accept the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

    NEP policy to rich Bumiputra change or no change, it does not matter anymore as the level of maturity in democracy for Malaysians have improved so much, thanks to those people who have brought the internet to this world especially the American industrialists via NASA into our daily life to make us more resilient, mult-tasking and efficient in which human brains can never store so much data to improve ourselves to tap this IT and robotic world of the future to come whereby religion can never take over them to make our economy have future prospect and prosperity that benefit all Malaysians and FDIs.

    PPSMI must be remained.

    I sincerely hope that TS Myuhiddin as MoE Minister will use his Minister authority appointed by the PM who oversees Wawasan 2020 becomes reality in making sure that PPSMI policy is continued tanpa kira kaum atau agama.

    If he can do that, he will wins lots of votes for BN and Malaysian government to cut down cost of subsidies in translating English into Bahasa Melayu since our population is small and scattered around the country.

    GOOD LUCK BN and I wish PM Najib as the new BN Chairman will put Malaysians safety first again to make US to support UMNO Baru and BN again.

  90. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 11:06 AM

    And that is why President Mr Barrack Obama as the PRESIDENT of United States of America shifts his focus in Myanmar, Phillipines, China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia via Foreign Diplomacy Dialogue to get consent from local authorities to open markets to buy and manufacture USA strong consumer market as there is no short term measures to stabilize the political and militant power struggling via violence and suicide bombings in the name of religion to bring down the government elected by the people in Middle-East region.

    Did you see PRC’s central government with military might at par with USA and Russia sent any officials to attend the Farewell of ousted King Cambodia who passed away in Beijing after being accused of killing many Cambodians because of trusting Khmer Rogue Camp with ex-PM of France and Japanese Emperor the funeral ceremony?


    Because of political and militant power struggling with those who hold military power, China is changed and ruled by the People’s Republic of China whereby the people will decide who seats as President and PM to represent them.

    This is the lesson that all political parties must make sure it will not happen in Malaysia if they want people to elect them as presidents.

    From presidents, they will elect the PM with the consent of Agong representing all states in Malaysia.

    This was who, when, why and how Federal Constitution is set and implemented with NEP after 55 years of Merdeka.

    If you have not been to the Great Wall of China including classical and new wonders name by the international body in-charge, then, you are have no rights to condemn, accused them of corruption and look down on them just because you think that the the best of the best on earth.

  91. Pedang Allah Feb 2,2013 10:54 AM

    pertama sekali sya aucapkan salam kepada Tun dan keluarga yang dikasihi dan disayangi.

    Isu ini telah diperkatakan dan dijawab oleh pelbagai pihak……… ada yang celaka dan ada yang baik.

    saya straight to the point.

    Anwar… perosak bangsa dan mempermainkan agama untuk kesialan kepentingan peribadinya sahaja. Dan dia menjadikan malaysia ini tidak aman and merosakkan negara. Kalau aku jumpa di mana-mana aku akan penampar muka dia atau baling dengan kasut.

    Nik Aziz….. Memalukan agama islam… banyak perkara terpesong… juga pemecah belah bangsa dan agama… tidak layak dipanggil ulamak… lebh sesuai dgn nama ular dalam semak. Dayus dan mudah dipergunakan oleh DAP dan parti pakatan yang lain. Hairannya PAS lebih sanggup bersubahat dgn DAP dan parti PKR yang jelas dibayangi dan diatur agenda tersembunyi untuk menjahanamkan negara, bangsa dan agama dari kembali kepada BN dan UMNo sepeti tahun tahun 70AN. Kalau cakap dia Syaitan bertopengkan manusia nanti marah plak dia dan ahli PAS yg lain… tapi kewibawaannya jelas menunjukkan dia layak dipanggil begitu.

    Lee Guan ENG (And Family)……. satu je nak cakap… jangan kurang ajar eh disini. Politik is politik. Tapi kau dah keterlaluan mencampuri urusan agama islam dan dah sampai nak permainkan tuhan kami islam iaitu “ALLAH”… ini tidak langsung boleh diterima dan biadap tahap extreme dan keterlaluan…. Terus terang cakap…….. ini boleh menjadikan Malaysia didalam kekancahan pergaduahan etnik. Dan kalau ini terjadi….. aku akan jadi antara orang-orang pertama yang angkat pedang atas dasar pertahankan agama aku yang disangjung tinggi Islam….. dan LGE orang pertama dalam senarai aku nak sembelih… dan aku pasti ramai lagi org islam yang berfikir begitu dan bersama dengan aku. KAMI TIDAK GANGGU AGAMA KAMU.. MAKA KAMU JGN SEKALI KALI GANGGU AGAMA KAMI.

    Sekian lama Malaysia didalam keamanan dan sejahtera Serta harmoni didalam kehidupan pelbagai bangsa dan agama kenapa KAU (LGE) sengaja mencari TITIK HITAM membangkit kemarahan org org islam???!!!!!!! SARANG TEBUAN JGN DIJOLOK WAHAI LGE. KAMI RELA MATI SYAHID UNTUK PERTAHANKAN ISLAM DAN KALIMAH ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!


  92. thaiso Feb 2,2013 10:49 AM

    Itu adalah betul bensolomon.

    Kalau tak silap saya,artikel Utusan 2009 yang ditulis oleh seorang ahli akademik mengatakan Cristianity memandang tinggi pengamal tasawuf Islam.

    Bahkan mereka diundang memberi speech kepada student Kristian.

    Melalui tulisan anda,saya kira anda seorang Kristian yang baik.Jika itu kepercayaan kamu,teruskanlah dengan agama kamu.

  93. wajaperak Feb 2,2013 10:32 AM

    Terima kasih Tun kerana ruangan.
    Another question about Adam and Eve
    1. They produced 3 sons and there is no other woman in the world so how they reproduce all of us?]

    Tsk..Tsk..Please tell me how do you get this misinformation?
    It take’s wiling listener for healthy dose of information dissemination.
    But you have preceeded your questionaires by bias prejudice. can someone do the balancing act to be just in answering your question??
    Terima kasih Tun.

  94. wajaperak Feb 2,2013 10:26 AM

    Assallammualaikum Tun.
    Terima kasih kerana ruangan.

    The prohet Muhamad states many times in the Quran that Nasranees (Christians) should not be harmed and the Muslim state must protect the Christians]

    Dear..dear Mr bensolomon…
    There is no such thing written about these in Al Quran!..
    You can claimed that this verses is in ‘conceptual’ and figurative..But for me it is highly misleading..
    Please do not talk and says about Al Quran that you have no knowledge..
    How can this be far sighted?..
    Terima kasih Tun.

  95. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 10:20 AM

    Kalau cakap benar pun boleh di ISA kan, then, Malaysians will be more regressed whereby the wealth is not channel to the people systematically because MB wants to have absolute power like what Khir Toyo did?

    I have faith and confidence with Tuanku Selangor as the Islam head in capital city of Shah Alam whereby his Royal Highness Palace is located up on the hill side iand our future YDP Agong in the Capital City KL Federal Territory of Malaysia whom His Royal Highness will make sure Islam Selangor will not be used to rich some pockets of MB who has direct access to His Royal Highness and his PA.

  96. balance Feb 2,2013 10:12 AM

    Firstly humans are not insects/plants/bacteria and all animal need male and female to reproduce and some might be bisexual or even change sex but some how need two sexes to produce offspring.
    You argument is not valid by answering a question with another question. When a question that do not have answer we called it “dead-end”. I am not criticizing Christianity or many say trying to be funny. I am just trying to use logic against religion as i believe religion is man made and it is design and make to separate us and to create havoc. Sorry Amin Tan!

    Meditation should not be consider a religious action and it is very useful for relaxation due to work related stress. I said that because i have come across people saying meditation and Yoga are related to Buddhism and Hinduism. I practice meditation and I have many stories to tell too but it is for me to know and for others to find out. No need for me to hammer my experience into someone else head or thinking. Your opinion/comment about meditation is in the same as mine and it explain the human brain power.

    Another question about Adam and Eve
    1. They produced 3 sons and there is no other woman in the world so how they reproduce all of us?
    2. If they reproduce with their mother then what should be called us human as?

    Are we experimental products of alien creation?

    Again “dead-end” so we depends on ancient books and text written by ancient man to solve today intelligent human problems.

    Are people of ancient civilization cleaver then today human where now we can fly and communicate with people around the world by just using a small device.

  97. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 10:00 AM

    If Peter Chin is accused of thinking profit just because he is God Fearing Christian and the Minister who oversees this project, then, MB Islam Melayu Selangor lagi teruk, the Talam Chinese Developer being made scapegoat because they trusted Selangor MB in the name of “Kalimah Allah” and ISA?

    MB Selangor, ex-UMNO turned PKR will make me as Selangor voter to perceive Sultan Selangor sebagai Tuanku bukan penyayang rakayt Selangor atau rakyat Malaysia as the current Sultan and the future YDP Agong under Tuanku next’s throne as his MB is only interested in making profit from property markets by clearing lots of Selangor land without consent from the Ministry and National Economic Council to make us pay high property and car prices that took so much of our monthly salary.

    This will force local manufacturing industries to move out from the country to ASEAN or other states of Malaysia that provides better infrastructure system, political stability, cheaper labour and affordable utilities, contohnya, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Indonesia.

    If like that, who wants to invest in manufacturing industries to keep this industry alive, upskills and happenings.

    If like that, who wants to work in manufacturing with cheap foreign labour wages are higher than the local labour market?

    Kalau macam tu, import lagi mudah and less risky that would depreciate MYR further.

  98. amin tan Feb 2,2013 9:21 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to praise Mr. BALANCE for yet another awesome posting as below,

    “”bensolomon may i ask the following:
    1. what is the different between “God” and “Son of God”
    2. how can someone be God and at the same time he is also Son of God?
    3. So who is the father and who is the son?
    4. If father and son be the same person then who is the mother or wife?”‘

    Dear Mr. BALANCE,

    While waiting for bensolomon to do some research to answer the tough questions you post above, let us talk about Datuk Ibrahim Ali. I request you not to be hard on Datuk Ibrahim Ali. He is just the opposite of BERSEH street demonstration supporting the Opposition, which is foreign funded. Bensolomon would be delighted if foreigners reconquer and subjugate our country again and force convert all Malays to Christians. We have traitors, who are supporters of foreign powers taking over the sovereignty of Malaysia, in our midst.
    This is election season. Datuk Ibrahim Ali must be seen to promote the right wing Malay Extremist Group, PERKASA, to enhance his image and to counter BERSEH.
    MR.BALANCE, Please do not be a fence sitter. Tun Dr Mahathir is an UMNO member. If you love him and want to help him, please cast your vote in favour of BN. Your vote is worth 19 ordinary votes because of your awesome thinking power(just joking).

    amin tan

  99. bensolomon Feb 2,2013 9:07 AM

    If you want to know in depth about Christianity you can read the Bible as this is not a forum to teach religious classes. You ask Question, but read and be knowledgeble first. Seek and you will find.
    1. Who created Space and Time ????
    2. Who created Heaven ???
    3. Before Heaven was created, Where was God residing ????
    3. When Space was not existent, whats the meaning exist ( Allah wujud, tapi kalau ruang pun belum dibuat dimanakah Allah wujud). Thats why the prayer says Tiada Tuhan ( There is no God) melainkan Allah. God does not exist, but Allah exist ????
    4. When time was not created, there is no such concept as sequence, ie the concept of who is first and who is second does not exist because sequence is dependent on time.
    5. The initial GOD before Time and Space existed cannot be defined and is not known even by the Angels. The Angels only knows the God that Exist in Heaven.

    Christians beleive God is one, no where in the Bible states that there is 3 Gods. The concept of Trinity is a mystery and the only being who can reveal that mystery is the Lord Jesus.
    From our bilogical world we know that certain animals/insects/plants/bacteria dont need a male and female to reproduce. If you attended Tingkatan 1 Science class you will know that the Ameobea and all forms of single cell organism replicates itself without a need for a father and mother.
    The Muslims who understand ilmu Tasawuf knows what I am talking about. The Sufi Gurus in their writings say that God in his seen form is seen in the form of a man. In deep meditation you are able to see many spiritual beings and experience new realities. You may think that the Hindu deities are just creations of man but in deep meditation, even if you are not a Hindu, you will be able to see them and talk with them. There are many things that you dont know and you need to seek them, seeking is not the same as beleiving, seeking involves effort ,time, and a heart full of love and devoid of deceit and evil. The prohet Muhamad states many times in the Quran that Nasranees (Christians) should not be harmed and the Muslim state must protect the Christians, I think he knows that by harming Christians, there may be accidental harming of a deeply spiritual Christian who is a lover of God ( Kekasih Allah), and if this were to happen, Allahs curse will fall on the Muslim communities. Look today at the Muslims countries, all of them are in turmoil because Allah’s curse is upon the Muslim Ummah ( Or do you consider it a blessing ???). Thats all from me.
    I am not a politician, just a God fearing Christian.

  100. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 8:59 AM

    If that’s the case, vote BN, balance.

    Some UMNOputras are slow, pampered and rich due to NEP policy but that does not mean that they are stupid and kena dibuli UMNO, PAS, PKR, Perkasa, PDRM atau MoD due to DENGKI.

    If I am Chinese educated Malaysians in primary and secondary Kebangsaan schools in Negaraku, I would rather train and nurture young Malays out there to deal with government and business matters so that Malays can share the pie of the private sector as there is no way for BN and Malaysian Government to continue employing huge civil servants which have accumulated billions via pensions that took the huge chunk from our GDP with the sikap of mahu undi aku, kena bela aku even though I makan gaji buta, and this was why Republican lost to Democrat in USA.

    The trouble with Lim Guan Eng is that he thinks that being the CM, he has 2 mouths as big boss, means what I say, you must listen, listen, listen to my TOKOK.

    To DAP today, they think that money can buy politics secara diam2 because of P& C whereby they have the right not to answer experience journalists in the name of blind democracy assuming other political parties and Malaysians are stupid and still live on the tree.

    Gong Xi Fa Chai, and may all your wishes are blessed in may years to come.

  101. balance Feb 2,2013 8:22 AM


    Thank you for the peace wishes and i wish the same to you too.

    Nobody is asking you to waste time on DAP or anyone, it is your own free will.
    Who tell you i am a voter?
    Why do you think i support DAP? – Do you think you are prejudiced to think that way?

    To tell you more i am a supporter of DR. M only and not BN led by UMNO. Why support DR.M only is because he did great thing for Malaysia and not UMNO. UMNOputra only know how to take money but dont do things (buta gaji) and talk nonsense. Since there is not DR.M i dont vote anymore.

    Have a nice day sir/madam. Please relax and dont give up thing so easily. I am doing a long holiday by the sea and have plenty of time to chat in this blog.

    Positive thinking is the answer to all problems

  102. balance Feb 2,2013 8:01 AM

    amin tan

    i am no saint but when something is right it will always be right and when something is wrong or stupid then it will always be that way no matter how people turn it, twist it and stir or shake it.

    I am not 100% sure what LGE said about the Allah thing and i also would not like to accuse him as i personally did not hear it (as our local newspaper also cannot be trusted) but if it is true then:
    1. He is throwing himself into a lion den
    2. Biggest mistake of his life
    3. Using his knee to think and using anus to speak – serioussss…
    4. Must be overwork & insufficient sleep due to coming election and brain malfunction…. ha ha

    Why would someone change their God’s name for some political mileage? Still scratching my head!!

    Well best wishes to those that think they should change their God name. They can have “their rights” but i would like to advise them to ask their God permission if it is ok to change his name from God/Lord/Father/Tuhan to Allah before they continue talking and discussing about this subject and when they receive the answer (YES or NO) then everyone should agree and do accordingly. Then finally we can stop talking about it and peace and tranquility will return.

    And for those who think that they should burn Malay version Bible i would advise them to save their time and money and give it to charity instead. Ibrahim Ali show some class lah!!! Why talk childish nonsense things. Someone ready use their knee to think why are you trying to use your feet to think and any other hole instead of your mouth to speak?? Ibrahim Ali you are really a true Leader but from the bottom up.

  103. HBT456 Feb 2,2013 7:58 AM

    May Peace with you in the name of Christ, balance.

    You want to be katak dibawah temperung just because you think you are a voter.

    I am not going to waste time on DAP and you anymore.

    Siapakah makan cili pedas, dia lah yang rasa pedas.

  104. balance Feb 2,2013 7:09 AM

    HBT456, whatttt… are u talking about? Cannot comprehend your red tanglung and PM Najib’s banners sentence? Who owned red tanglung and PM Najib’s banners and why you care who hang it up and who take it down? What it have to do with you? You want to become CM of Penang?
    Why you care so much about DAP? Must be you love them so much until cannot stop mentioning its name?
    If only i can own Penang, i give you a big bungalow by the sea to stay or holiday!!! Ha! ha!

    bensolomon may i ask the following:
    1. what is the different between “God” and “Son of God”
    2. how can someone be God and at the same time he is also Son of God?
    3. So who is the father and who is the son?
    4. If father and son be the same person then who is the mother or wife?

    Happy lovely day to everyone

  105. sibotak Feb 2,2013 2:20 AM


  106. bensolomon Feb 2,2013 1:19 AM

    Dear Tun and all readers,

    Its my observation that some of the replies made available here, in my opinion, are radical fanatical islamist. We cannot diologue with Islamic fanatics who try to impose Islam and its teachings against Non-Muslims. Malay speaking Bumiputera Christians will use the word Allah wheter Muslims like it or not. If you study the history of Christianity, Christians were willing to be thrown to lions to be devoured but kept their faith. Christians will always beleive Jesus is God even when the Koran says that he is not God. Christians will always beleive that Jesus was crucified and rose again even when the koran teaches that Jesus was never crucified. The Entire New Testament contradicts Quranic Teachings and is blashemous to Islam and the Muslim Allah. The New Testament says that Jesus is the beggoten Son of God and this is the central faith of Christians but its a blashemy against the Muslim Allah. So should the Bible be banned then since it would confuse Muslims. The Clash of Civilasations has already started since 9/11 if you guys understand what i mean. During your time Tun, the Western Powers were tired of Military Conflict thus they gave independence to many of their conquered lands including Malaya. The British Gave Power ( made the Army mainly Malay) to the Malays because they were confronting the Communist in South-East Asia, and many of the Chinese in this land were supportive of the communist. Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaya in creating Malaysia with certain agreements, which did not include the provision to change the demography of the State of Sabah by granting large numbers of citizenship to foreigners, the Non-Muslim Kadazans are now a minority in their own state. What will the western powers think about Malay management of the Country that they gave independence to. Think carefully. Changing the demography of a country giving large numbers of citesenship to foreigners without agreement from the people of the land, is not considered an internal matter of the country. This matter may lead to foreign intervention in the coming future. Today France is actively engaged in military activity of its former colonies, we have seen their action in Ivory Coast, Libya and currently Mali. The British too seems to have a appetitite for military overtures. If we are conquared again by Western Powers, the Westerners will hand over power to the Non-Muslims because of the ongoing Clash of Civilizations and their distrust of Muslim Goverments. Think out of the Box, those who think that Malays should forever hold power in this land should think out of the box ie its better for Malays to change their religion just as Parameswara the First Sultan of Malacca changed his religion from Hindu to Muslim to benefit economically from the majority Muslim traders who were trading in the ports of Mallaca. Hidup Melayu, thats the Motto, what difference does it make if the Malay is a Muslim or Hindu or Buddisht or Christian, Yang Penting Melayu Hidup, bukan Agama Hidup.
    A new Malaysia will emerge in the coming 50 years, the constitution will be changed reflecting the New World Order maintained and controlled by Western Powers. ( I may be in the grave by then)
    The Malays in the Indonesian Archepelogo had a greater civilization and military strength when they were practising Buddhism and Hinduism. We all know about the Greatness of the Hindu Majapahit Empire, we know of the Chandi Borubudur. The Malays are good people and kind hearted and berbudi bahasa irregardless of what religion they practice ( I have been to Hindu Bali and Jakarta where I have met many non-muslim indonesian Malays) so I support the slogan “Takkan Melayu Hilang di dunia”.

    Salam to all, and harap maaf kalau bahasanya kasar, its just my farsighted opinion.

  107. amin tan Feb 2,2013 1:06 AM

    Dear Tun,
    The popular prediction of eventual clash and failure of the strange bed fellows has happened sooner than later in the unholy joint venture or matrimony of convenience among the diametrically opposite religious and cultural groups and ethnicities in the Opposition grouping called PAKATAN RAKYAT. On the one side is DAP headed by Lim Guan Eng whose family is Christian and the party members consist of mostly ethnic Chinese and hard core chauvinists. Whereas the newly acquired spouse is PAS whose spiritual leader is Nik Aziz, whose hidden agenda is to convert DAP Chinese into Muslims. Nik Aziz’s intention is noble and he closes both eyes to what is wrong doings and what the Muslims consider taboo perpetuated by DAP and PKR. He publicly vouched for Anwar Ibrahim’s innocence in an on going sodomy trial. He allows DAP speakers to quote translated Quran verses during joint political ceramah, as if encouraging non muslims to teach Muslims about Quran and islam. PAS’s intention may be to slowly introduce islam among the Chinese.
    But the DAP Chinese are cunning foxes. They have their sinister and diabolical intention to preach and eventually convert the plain and well intention malays into Christians. The most blatant and audacious scheme is the use of the word Allah instead of God or Lord in the Bahasa Malaysia Bible. Initially unknowing of the deeper meaning of the issue, Nik Aziz and PAS leadership sided with the Christians. When the fallout and backlash inundated the rank and file of the party, Nik Aziz made a u-turn and denounce the use of ‘Allah’ in Bahasa Malaysia Bible.
    PKR battle cry in the on going political campaign is corruption of UMNO. Even though the allegations are unproven, wholly concoctions and fabrications and purported foreign origins they may have some effects on BN.
    BN is a proven successful coalition with track record. Pakatan Rakyat consists of failed politicians aspiring to occupy powerful positions in the federal government. They are merchants of fortune, glory and power hunters. Why must we allow them to fill their pockets in the name of 5 years experiment, at the country’s and people’s expense. The Opposition consists of divergent political, religious and cultural parties which make governing extremely difficult. We must vote for a secured future with BN rather than uncertain future with PAKATAN RAKYAT.

    amin tan

  108. teratak Feb 2,2013 12:02 AM

    Allah is god for all human either to Muslim or Non Muslim, Allah is the creator, who created the universe and to what have ever existed.

    The issue using Allah is not an issue and for those who make this thing complicated please refer back to our only source of wisdom, The Holy Quran and Hadith.

    In fact, during the prophet’s time, the quraisy also believed Allah is the creator and god for all and this based on the story when the holy prophet ask the quraisy who is the creator of all and the quraisy said it is Allah, Allah is the creator of all.

    However, if non Muslim want to use Allah, they must obey what has been described in Al-quran about Allah -Surah al ikhlas :

    Dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani

    [1] Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): “(Tuhanku) ialah Allah Yang Maha Esa;

    [2] “Allah Yang menjadi tumpuan sekalian makhluk untuk memohon sebarang hajat;

    [3] “Ia tiada beranak, dan Ia pula tidak diperanakkan;

    [4] “Dan tidak ada sesiapapun yang serupa denganNya”.

    And there is a hadith behind of explaining of why this surah had been sent down to human race:

    Daripada Sa`id bin Jubair, dia berkata : Telah datang daripada kaum yahudi kepada Nabi saw. Mereka berkata : Ya Muhammad, Allahlah yang telah menciptakan makhluk, siapa pula yang menciptakanNya?. Maka marahlah Nabi saw sehingga berubahlah air mukanya, maka datangnya Jibril mententeramkan keadaan Nabi saw dengan berkata : Hendaklah anda merendahkan sayapmu (bersifat tenang), dan (kemudian) datanglah jawapan daripada Allah swt apa yang ditanyakan oleh mereka

    therefore, if non Muslim want to use Allah for something that is not as what been described in the Surah Al Ikhlas, please think again.

    I’m not an Ustaz or religious scholar but as muslim I need to give my two cent for the sake of my religion.

  109. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 5:38 PM

    You are right, sibotak.

    But what is the difference from your version of Islam and of the YDP Agong and Sultan2 negeri here?

    You mean being an Islam fighter, you can do what you want as commoners in Malaysia?

  110. sibotak Feb 1,2013 5:31 PM


    In their effort to spread Christianity in the Malay speaking world the Christian missionaries used the word Allah for reasons best known to themselves. Whatever, the word Allah for God is not derived from Jewish or Christian sources




  111. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 5:09 PM

    Instead of sticking to own beliefs, the usual Melayu stail is the negative kerana takut hilang undi takut kepada bayang2 diri selepas jadi kaya-raya because of Mahathir?

    If AG allows this, when PAS, PKR and DAP win, then, they halau Lynas Plant out from the country?

    If AG allows this, then, the next PM can decide not to seat in Putrajaya?

    Wow, memang lawless lah AG Melayu kita.

    Then, why Malay studies so hard for law degree ar?

  112. Makhluk Halus Feb 1,2013 3:50 PM


    Have I missed anything with regards to the world news lately? Is there a worldwide circulation issued by the Vatican city that now Christian all over the world should replace the word ‘God’ into Allah? Has there been a massive reproduction of Bible around the world to reflect changes of the word God into Allah? And the American now has started to say ‘In Allah We Trust’?. Why suddenly Christian in Semenanjung Malaysia suddenly wish to refer to God as Allah?

    Actually, I know very well what is going on in this country political landscape. Enough with the political nonsense already. If you want to unite with the Muslim, just say it from your heart ‘There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah’.

    The religious scholar who support this nonsense may be political also. Or maybe they did not realise the motive behind it or maybe they did not understand politics altogether.

    May peace be upon you all

  113. sibotak Feb 1,2013 3:13 PM





  114. amin tan Feb 1,2013 11:52 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to congratulate Mr. BALANCE for an excellent posting, as reproduced below,

    “”The word “Allah” belongs to Muslim and it is our duty not to misuse it as it is a special word used only by Islam and no other religion.

    The right word to use in Bahasa Malaysia Bible should be “Tuhan” not “Allah”

    If Christians want to use Allah in their BM Bible then they should use it on the English version too and should also change their prayers to Allah too instead of using “Lord” , “God”, “Father” and etc..

    Anyway, if the Christians insist then they are actually praying to “Muslim God” instead of “Christian God” and the Christians should ask themselves why would they want to change the name of their God which they worship. FUNNY!!!!!

    Christians please think carefully when you want to change words or meaning in your holy book.
    Dont do it because of “YOUR RIGHT” Do it because “IT IS RIGHT”.
    Dont do it because of “Intellectual reasons” Do it because of “Spiritual reasons”
    The word Allah has never been used in any version why the BM and Sabah version only?

    The word Allah belongs to Muslim and God belongs to Christians and Red God belongs to Taoist and Buddha belongs to Buddhist. It is a known fact and practice.

    Dont look for trouble when there is none.

    PEACE is the word””

    Dear Mr. BALANCE,

    I whole heartedly agree with your reasoning. You are a reasonable, sensible and peace loving person. I salute you for a beautiful posting.

    amin tan

  115. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 10:44 AM

    Therefore, DAP CM in Penang does not respect democracy.

    I rather put my trust on PM Najib then a coward like DAP.

  116. chrix Feb 1,2013 10:43 AM

    Dear Tun,

    I am getting sick and tired of this issue. I just hope judgement day comes and wipe out everyone and then only people will know, who is right and who is wrong.

    I respect muslims and do not want to interfere in their way of life. The same way, do respect our religion please. Dont threaten to burn the bible, jail us etc. In the end, we will still use the word Allah and will never back down. He is the God of everyone, It’s not that i’m created by someone else and muslims been created by Allah only. Thats the bottom line.

    So stop politising this issue and get on with life, there is better thing to do in Life…Just Get Over It…

  117. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 10:42 AM


    Why DAP Penang CM took off red tanglung and PM Najib’s banners?

    Is red tanglung and Penang hak DAP because you support DAP in Penang?

    You think Chinese Malaysians will be fooled again in the name of democracy process atau takut hilang undi macam aku?

  118. balance Feb 1,2013 10:27 AM

    The word “Allah” belongs to Muslim and it is our duty not to misuse it as it is a special word used only by Islam and no other religion.

    The right word to use in Bahasa Malaysia Bible should be “Tuhan” not “Allah”

    If Christians want to use Allah in their BM Bible then they should use it on the English version too and should also change their prayers to Allah too instead of using “Lord” , “God”, “Father” and etc..

    Anyway, if the Christians insist then they are actually praying to “Muslim God” instead of “Christian God” and the Christians should ask themselves why would they want to change the name of their God which they worship. FUNNY!!!!!

    Christians please think carefully when you want to change words or meaning in your holy book.
    Dont do it because of “YOUR RIGHT” Do it because “IT IS RIGHT”.
    Dont do it because of “Intellectual reasons” Do it because of “Spiritual reasons”
    The word Allah never being used in any version why the BM and Sabah version only?

    The word Allah belongs to Muslim and God belongs to Christians and Red God belongs to Taoist and Buddha belongs to Buddhist. It is a known fact and practice.

    Dont look for trouble when there is none.

    PEACE is the word

  119. sudin Feb 1,2013 9:18 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Dear ‘bensolomon’,

    I never questioned the contents of your earlier posting, except to make comments on the closing/last sentence, which usually relate to your conclusion.
    I chose to rebut that final sentence which I believe as inappropriate and inaccurate.

  120. wajaperak Feb 1,2013 9:16 AM

    Tut..Tut..and Tsk..Tsk..
    Do you realizes what are you saying?..
    Do you know that these people were muslimin once?..
    They left the muslim practice but still wants to use Allah name..
    What an irony..
    Terima kasih Tun.

  121. wajaperak Feb 1,2013 9:09 AM

    Terima kasih Tun kerana ruangan..
    Thank you abdazizomar for the tone of the comment.
    But I beg to differ in the ‘contextual nature’ of your opinion.
    If you read a comment from a scholar sometimes ago from a local newspaper,he explicitly pointed out from a bible something like “God children’s”..If you replaced the word God to Allah than walla..We all will be up in the arm!..
    I don’t believe Ibrahim Ali advocate violence.On the contrary, I believe that Ibrahim Ali seek’s his moment in the media sunlight..Where else can you have your moment in the sun or sunlight if you don’t have real substance like establish people like Tun and Mr Mubarak Chan?..:)

    Christian must refrain from using Allah.Have you done your research throughout the muslim teenager?I put to you that you did not..If you do, you will realizes that they are going slightly off course in basic Islamic education.Most shockingly intercourse is a happening!..
    The bone of contention is education.Education spawn knowledge.Rightfull knowledge of establish practice.If we differ’s in opinion ( we always do ) we must stand down and must not let pride and ego better ourselves.It is pride and ego that made enemy of Iblis and man the very first contention.
    Brought issue in the first place?Why we did not have proper discussion?
    Yeah you did too!..Did not!..Did too!..
    Bila mau habis?..
    If you poke thing’s that sensitive to us of course we will retaliate of the measures.Hence please use the magic word..


    Terima kasih Tun.

  122. sudin Feb 1,2013 8:59 AM

    Salam Tun.

    I’m suggesting for the Al-Quran be printed in Mandarin and Tamil, and to distribute them for free to all Chinese and Indian students in Malaysia.

    Have they printed the Bible in Mandarin and Tamil and distributed them for free to all Chinese and Indian as well?
    These are the people who have little faith in their religions, and are easily influenced and can readily be converted to other religions, and the Christian organisations should make this exercise as their top priority!

    Our constitution clearly specifies that all Malays are Muslims, and we still do not hear from the Christians the rationale of printing the Bible in Malay language.
    Now they are challenging the word “ALLAH” to replace their God without any logical reasons.
    They are in fact USING Christianity for political purposes, and true Christians are easily hoodwinked by the political agenda of guan eng and family in DAP!

    I hope some Islamic organisations will expedite to print the Al-Quran in Mandarin and Tamil, and also to include the religious books as well.

  123. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 8:53 AM


    I am not a politician or UMNO Baru member.

    UMNO Baru President needs votes to transform Government and Key National Economics to become the next PM.

    Middle East is in Civil Wars because they are ruled by Militants.

    Malaysia is ruled by democracy process since Merdeka.

  124. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 8:29 AM

    But results proven other except in GE 12th.

    Who broke the Constituency Law to get Malay votes?

    Was it Tun Dr MM atau ahli2 politik Melayu UMNO, PAS dan PKR?

    Salah takpa, tapi tepuk dadah dan tanya seleramu sendiri.

    If you force non-Muslim to bear zakat in the name of “Kalimah Allah” to build more mosques, siapakah yang lebih kafir kepada Negara, YDP Agong, PM dan Malaysians?

  125. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 8:21 AM

    Like father like son.

    Therefore, as the next throne to PAS leadership, does he know what is he talking about here?

    Zaid Ibrahim, as Kelantanese, bought some 350 millions shares in Singapore, may I ask, did he applly as Malaysian or Kelantanese, when he did that?

    Therefore, is he a gambler in the name of “Kalimah Allah”?

    If Chinese want to take over the PM position, we will never2 support MCA or Gerakkan in Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak.

  126. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 8:13 AM


    You ini Melayu.

    Zaman sudah berubah.

    Malaysians tidak akan berdiam diri untuk membanggakan Melayu macam you.

    Tuhan ke atau Allah you nak main2kan, itu hak kamu.

    Namamu Thaiso, adakah anda adalah seorang “big stupid fool”?

    Kalau tidak, mengapakah you pakai Tuhan punya nama?

  127. thaiso Feb 1,2013 7:32 AM

    Alahai…nama Tuhan pun boleh ditukar tukar.Benarkah tuhan mereka itu wujud?

    Sedangkan nama Tuhan mereka pun boleh ditukar tukar.

    Dalam Islam terdapat 4 Kitab yang diturunkan iaitu Injil,Zabur,Taurat dan akhir sekali Al Quran.

    Cuma Al Quran dijamin ketulenannya sehingga hari kiamat.Yang lain lain telah diubah ubah oleh manusia yang cerdik.

    Macam isu kalimah Allah ni la.Nama tuhan pun nak ditukarnya.

    HBT nak sebut Allah 1000 kali pun tak apa hari hari.Itu zikir namanya.

    Tapi kalau nak melibatkan perundangan negara, itu memang nak mengancam kedudukan agama Islam negara Malaysia namanya.

  128. amin tan Feb 1,2013 3:42 AM

    Dear Tun,

    Please allow me to address Mr. bensolomon who writes as follows,
    “”The word Allah appears in the Hindu Vedas (Scriptures) written in Sanskrit and pronounced as Allah. The Hindu Vedas predates the Jewish/Christian Bible and the Quran. If you want evidence, evidence can be provided.
    The Religious Books/Writings of the Idol Worshipping Arabs before the birth of the prophet Muhamad, is availabe in many Reseach Centeres /Library and Museuems and by studying them we will find out the the Arab Pagans used to call their Moon God Allah. The Largest Statue among the 360 statues in the Kaabah prior to its destruction was called Allah. The Point I am making is that there is undoubtful academic evidence that the Word Allah was used by various religions before Prophet Muhamad was born to denote God. So the view by UMNO that Allah is exclusive to Islam is wrong and erronous, and why UMNO maintains this wrong view only people like you knows .”‘

    Dear Mr. Bensolomon,
    What your research stipulates above may be true. But the issue is not usage of the word ‘Allah’ is in dispute. It is the usage of Allah in only the Malay translation of the Holy Bible that is in dispute, as if ISLAM is the same as CHRISTIANITY and HINDUISM LIKE SOME PEOPLE ARE FOND OF SAYING that all religion is the same. If all the Holy Bible in the world, including in England and America uses the word Allah instead of god, then there is no dispute. But why BIBLE in Malay translation only the Christians want to use Allah instead of God? Constitutionally Malay cannot be Christians. To the muslims the word Allah has special meaning. It is sacred and sacrosanct. In Malaysia, Christians are not allowed to preach to Malays who are by definition Muslims. Suffice it to say that Muslims are different from Christianity and other religions simply because Islam has 2 kalimah shahadah, pray 5 times a day, fast from dawn to dusk during Ramadhan, pay zakat and perform Haj if affordable. These are compulsory. Muslims have to believe the RUKUN IMAN as well. They may share the same God as everybody else, but with different understanding of the concept of God and different ‘amalan’. Muslims are guided by the Quran and Sunnah nabi. Wallahu alam.

    amin tan

  129. bensolomon Feb 1,2013 3:01 AM

    I like to respond to Sudin, Ustad Hadi is known to make controversial statements eg “All who vote for UMNO is kafir, ” Clearly I dont agree with him on many matters because he is also a politician. But the point I am making is the word Allah predates Islam and there is ample evidence to support this. Thats why the High Court Ruling stated that the word Allah was in use before the Prophet Muhamad was born and therefore its not exclusive to Islam. If want to know the Truth we can invite Historical Scholars form Respected Univercities to give a lecture on the Origin of the word Allah and its usage prior to the birth of prohet Muhamad.

  130. azhardguinee Feb 1,2013 12:44 AM

    Salam Tun semoga diredhai & diberkati Allah…

    Setidak2nya dengan panasnya isu ini….. tiada lagi kisah tanah kelantan, tiada lagi cerita YB Nga & YB Ngeh dalam suratkhabar & berita TV. Esok lusa tu senyap lah dia…. pastu keluar pulak cerita pasal perkara 152…. hilang isu kalimah…. tumpu pulak isu Melayu… hingaq satu malaya pulak….. sementara menanti dertik PRU.

    Yang pasti YB LGE berjaya menyelamatkan panglima2nya dari “terus kena tembak”

  131. sudin Feb 1,2013 12:30 AM

    Salam Tun.

    I wish to comment on a statement relating to Hadi as chosen by ‘bensolomon’,
    “Ustaz Hadi has knowledge of History and the Quran unlike politicians who like to politise religion…..”

    1. I’m also convinced that the “Majlis Syura members” are as knowledgeable as Hadi on History of the Quran, if not more. Else the top 3 PAS leaders Nik Aziz, Hadi and Md Sabu would not be FORCED TO WITHDRAW their earlier announcements, and relented to their subordinates.

    2. There are many more bigger and more pertinent controversial issues with regard to Hadi’s handling of Islamic matters such as “amanat Hadi”, his statement “Nabi Muhammad pengkhianat bangsa”, that certainly implied his incapability as a Muslim leader.

    3. Hadi IS a politician and has been politicising religion all along.

  132. HBT456 Feb 1,2013 12:13 AM

    I am happy too to know that oil is found in Miri in which Japanese is keen to JV with Petronas to do the drilling to develop this city whereby 5% royalty would be given to the national coffer.

    If you guys said that Mat Taib is corrupted, please put up some proposals so that he would invest his money back into Kuching and Sarawakians.

    Why use Kalimah Allah issue here to make Sarawakians angry?

    Why use Kalimah Allah issue here to make Sabahans unhappy?

    Why use Kalimah Allah issue here to loose non-Muslim votes forever?

  133. bensolomon Jan 31,2013 11:26 PM

    Dear Tun,

    I would like to point out some mistakes in your knowledge. I dont know if you really lack knowledge or you are politicing the issue, anyway i assume you lack knowledge thus i will enlighten you. Prior to that i would point out the mistakes:
    Your Article:
    “5. Christians and Jews know very well that in all their bibles,
    the word Allah had never appeared as the name of God.
    It is only after Islam and the Quran that the world became
    acquainted with the word Allah for God.
    11. While UMNO believes that the word Allah is exclusive to Islam,”

    The word Allah appears in the Hindu Vedas (Scriptures) written in Sanskrit and pronounced as Allah. The Hindu Vedas predates the Jewish/Christian Bible and the Quran. If you want evidence, evidence can be provided.
    The Religious Books/Writings of the Idol Worshipping Arabs before the birth of the prophet Muhamad, is availabe in many Reseach Centeres /Library and Museuems and by studying them we will find out the the Arab Pagans used to call their Moon God Allah. The Largest Statue among the 360 statues in the Kaabah prior to its destruction was called Allah. The Point I am making is that there is undoubtful academic evidence that the Word Allah was used by various religions before Prophet Muhamad was born to denote God. So the view by UMNO that Allah is exclusive to Islam is wrong and erronous, and why UMNO maintains this wrong view only people like you knows .
    According to Christians /Jews God has 2 names which he revealed to Moses, those names are “EEEYEA ASHE EEYEA” meaning “I AM” and “the hebrew alphabet Yod He Wah He” which cannot be pronounced ( In English its YHWH). The New Testament says the Highest Name ever given is the Name of Jesus ( Iesous in Greek and Eessha in Aramaic, and Yeshua in Hebrew) and Angels in Heaven bow down to the Name of Jesus ( Allah Maha Esa, means Allah The Great ESSA). Arab Christians existed long before Prohet Muhamamad was born. In Arabic/Syriac Bibles which existed long efore the Quran was written, the word Allah was used to mean God.
    Today the Arabic Christians use the word Allah in their Bibles so that unity can be seen
    in their God and God of Islam, they want to say that Christians and Muslims are brothers who worship the same God but differ on the intrisic attributes of internal nature and charateristic of the God who created Adam and Eve.
    In the Sikh Holy Book the Guru Grant Sahib the word pronounced ALAH is wrriten more than Hundred Times denoting a Divine Being.

    Here is what Ustad Hadi says:
    It is noted that Abdul Hadi Awang, the President of PAS earlier stated
    that Islam cannot prohibit non-Muslims from using the word Allah
    (‘Penggunaan Kalima Allah’ dated 7 Jan 2010).

    He cited a few Quranic verses
    (Surah Luqman 31: 25-26; Surah Az-Zumar 39: 38; Surah Az-Zukhruf 43: 9, 87)
    to demonstrate that even the Quran assumes that both Muslims and non-Muslims use the same reference to Allâh even though there was theological disagreement:

    “Perkataan Allah disebut oleh orang Arab atau pengguna bahasa Arab yang menganut berbagai agama, sama ada penganut Yahudi, Kristian dan penyembah berhala sejak dahulu kala.
    Al-Quran menyebut secara jelas bahawa penganut agama-agama itu menyebut dan
    menulis perkataan Allah.”.

    Ustaz Hadi has knowledge of History and the Quran unlike politicians who like to politise religion.
    Thank You and May Allah enlighten you in these matters

  134. Tired Jan 31,2013 9:54 PM

    Salam Tun,

    1. My humble apology for having wrongly pasted BM translation of Surah Ali-Falaq instaed of Surah Al-Ikhlas.

    2. Here is the correct BM translation:
    Dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani.
    Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): “(Tuhanku) ialah Allah Yang Maha Esa:
    “Allah Yang menjadi tumpuan sekalian makhluk untuk memohon sebarang hajat;
    “Ia tiada beranak, dan Ia pula tidak diperanakkan;
    “Dan tidak ada sesiapapun yang serupa denganNya”

    3. Kepada, mohon maaf kerana kesilapan saya menggunakan terjemahan yang salah untuk Surah Al-Iklas. Kesilapan tersebut tidak disengaajakan, dan tanpa tujuan buruk.

    Sekian, Tun. Wassalam.

  135. Tired Jan 31,2013 9:33 PM

    Salam Tun,

    Surah Al-Ikhlâs – The Purity

    In English Translation:
    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
    Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!
    Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    He begetteth not nor is He begotten.
    And there is none like unto Him.
    – Translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

    In Bahasa Malaysia Translation:
    Dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani.
    Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad); “Aku berlindung kepada Allah yang menciptakan sekalian makhluk,
    “Dari bencana makhluk-makhluk yang Ia ciptakan;
    “Dan dari bahaya gelap apabila ia masuk;
    “Dan dari kejahatan makhluk-makhluk yang menghembus-hembus pada simpulan-simpulan (dan ikatan-ikatan);


    1. I wonder why we are even discussing or entertaining this notion?
    2. Besides the above Surah, and various other Surahs, it is clear that we have our belief and they theirs.
    3. Even Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) could not convert his beloved uncles; so were Prophets Lut and Noh with their beloved sons and wives, which go to proof that Allah SWT determines faith.
    4. As Sdr abdulazizomar alluded to, “We have nothing to fear if we are on the right path.” and “If this is a provocation then we should all speak out against it.
    5. Let them have what they wished for; there is always a limit to everything…
    6. Let us try not to look very Islamic when we are not, actually.
    7. Have there not already born Muslims behaving worse than Syaitan today?

    prof_ridcully Rocks! Is it time for ‘prof_ridbABI’ yet?

    Thank you, Tun.

  136. HBT456 Jan 31,2013 9:32 PM

    When I watched the DVD on her, the 1st thing reminded me of my days during primary school whereby Juntai looks very similar to Perkasa and UMNO men whereby they used weapons to oppressed and terrorized the pro-democracy Malaysians in the name of “Kalimah Allah”?

    But that feeling is lost, but if Perkasa and MoD stirred this issue again, how, PM Najib, after 55 years of Merdeka whereby PAS and PKR kept quiet?

  137. JohorMali Jan 31,2013 8:28 PM

    Is the Bahasa Melayu Bible less of a Bible if Allah is not used? It is more of a mischief by certain group to score points and to be terribly assertive.

  138. abdulazizomar Jan 31,2013 7:48 PM

    Salaam Tun,

    I know Ibrahim Ali personally and it is very irresponsible for people of his status to advocate violence.

    Also personally I do not see any harm if the Christians want to use the word Allah for God in their prayers or services because Allah means God (real god) in Arabic. What the heck? Why are the Muslims so upset with this kind of things. If we feel that we are so right and truthful then we should not be afraid of the ghosts. Maybe the Christians can learn something from us if they can come closer to the Muslims in religious matters. We have nothing to fear if we are on the right path.

    The only thing that the Christians should not do is to use provocations like we see in some places in Indonesia and other places. For example we had seen the Christians in Indonesia go and build a Church in a village where the people are all Muslims and they want to portray their religion to be the same as Islam by using he word Allah for God. They want to confuse the Muslims into believing that ‘Three God in One’ is the same One God that the Muslims call Allah. We do not know what is the motive for the Christians wanting to call God Allah in Malay because Allah means Tuhan in Arabic. They might use the word Tuhan that make more sense when using the Malay language.

    If this is a provocation then we should all speak out against it.

    Thank you Tun.

  139. shahrulnizam Jan 31,2013 7:39 PM

    I hope the translation of word God to Allah would be banned thru out the whole country. What is so special in Sabah & Sarawak?

  140. mubarakchan Jan 31,2013 6:24 PM


    Your words of wisdom and advice from a person who had governed our beloved Malaysia for 22 years in peace, stability and harmony. Confrontational politics will always be practised by the troublemakers in their quest for power to rule, come what may !

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