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Certain members of Parliament are focusing on Petronas, apparently trying to divert attention from Government over the thoughtless increase in oil prices. If I am not mistaken this is a prelude to appointing a 4th floor candidate as head of Petronas as they did when removing Tengku Mahaleel of Proton.

There is also an attempt to blame me for “advising” the Government on removing the subsidy. I would like to clarify again that although I am called Adviser to Petronas, I do not advise at all, least of all to the Government.

Once in a while I get a briefing from Tan Sri Hassan Marican, the President of Petronas. I also get the annual report which is available to the public. My main job is that of a post box. I pass on to Tan Sri Hassan numerous requests and proposals which people send to me. I have absolutely no say in the decisions made by Petronas.

During the time I was Prime Minister, Petronas reported to me and I made certain decisions e.g. the price of gas to be sold to power stations, the need to go abroad for oil exploration and production. To keep electricity price low I did not allow gas price to be increased. Petronas sustained losses but not much as crude prices were around US30 dollars per barrel. Today it is US139 dollars per barrel. Gas prices have likewise increased so that losses sustained by Petronas is much higher. That is for the Government and Petronas to sort out.

The public may have noticed that only Petronas supplies Natural Gas for Vehicle (NGV) for motor vehicles. The amount is also limited. This is because sale of NGV incurs a bigger loss to Petronas as the Government did not reimburse. The other oil companies refuse to sell gas as they would lose money at the price fixed by the Government during my time.

I have an office at the Petronas Towers and I am paid an allowance of RM15,000 per month, less RM5,000 income tax. If the Government wants me to step down now that I am not an UMNO member it is welcome to do so.

It would be a pity if politics is brought into the management of Petronas. Unlike other national petroleum companies Petronas has become one of the international petroleum companies like Shell, Essso, Total and others.

It operates in 36 different countries worldwide and its business includes upstream and downstream activities, onshore and offshore. One-third of its revenue comes from foreign operations. It is a Fortune 500 company listed at around 250.

If the 4th Floor takes over, Petronas may suffer the same fate as most national petroleum companies. Petronas staff are very well trained and much in demand overseas. If they leave I am not so sure Petronas will continue to be the model national petroleum company that many oil producing countries desire to emulate.

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  1. comel Jul 17,2008 1:57 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Assamualaikum wbt. Have you read the SUN newspaper today titled : Help people, Lim and Koh urge PETRONAS. As PETRONAS Staff,we are so sad that people including some of the ministers still keep on bashing at our company. Why don’t they ask from the Government the money that we have given to them? Why they still wants the money direct from us ie our beloved company PETRONAS, to purchase the buses and lease it to Rapid KL? What kind of idea was that? Don’t they realised that we have paid so much to the Government, and lets the Government think of for the transportation infrastructure. Everything and everybody wants from us. Why can’t they stop? They are all too dependent on oil money and we do not want this to happen just like PERTAMINA. PERTAMINA has gone down to the drain with all the mismanagement of monies and subsidies, the non-professional people, mismanagement of the management itself etc etc. We do not want this to happen to PETRONAS. Why can’t they leave us alone?
    Dear Tun, we are worried and someone must help us. If this were to happen, someday all of us will leave PETRONAS.

  2. Faiz Al-Kelantani Jul 4,2008 3:56 PM

    Semoga Petronas tak jadi macam PERTAMINA Indon…. jahanam….

  3. Hemacd Jul 4,2008 1:44 PM

    Thanks for article Tun!

  4. dang suria Jul 3,2008 11:58 PM

    Salam buat Tun dan keluarga semoga dipelihara Allah selalu. Saya gembira dapat membaca tulisan Tun, saya amat menunggu2 komen Tun setiap kali ada isu panas timbul di negara kita. PM sekarang respon lambat dan tak jelas, kadang2 tu macam negara tak ada PM sebab surat khabar tulis macam2 isu hangat tapi org yg tak cerdik jawab.. Saya suka gaya Tun yg tegas dan jawapan Tun yang sentiasa tepat.
    Teruskan perjuangan Tun, saya akan terus menyokong.. saya sentiasa pastikan anak2 didik saya di sekolah mengingati dan menjadikan Tun sebagai contoh pejuang bangsa dan agama.

  5. dang suria Jul 3,2008 11:47 PM

    Salam buat Tun dan keluarga semoga dipelihara Allah selalu. Saya gembira dapat membaca tulisan Tun, saya amat menunggu2 komen Tun setiap kali ada isu panas timbul di negara kita. PM sekarang respon lambat dan tak jelas, kadang2 tu macam negara tak ada PM sebab surat khabar tulis macam2 isu hangat tapi org yg tak cerdik jawab.. Saya suka gaya Tun yg tegas dan jawapan Tun yang sentiasa tepat.
    Teruskan perjuangan Tun, saya akan terus menyokong.. saya sentiasa pastikan anak2 didik saya di sekolah mengingati dan menjadikan Tun sebagai contoh pejuang bangsa dan agama.

  6. wasdi Jul 3,2008 10:23 PM

    Dear peminat Roti Canai
    You failed to appreciate the fact of the case (Ian Chin); instead you prefer to focus on other non- important issue such as who the writer is.
    For your information, Tun has been writing articles and books on various disciplines prior to he became PM. Question- is the write up under your name (antimamak) is really your own essay?

  7. azman abdul aziz Jul 2,2008 2:30 PM

    Yang Amat Dihormati Tun,
    Please give your comment for the below article:
    Today Tenaga stock rose by about MYR1.00. Volume traded in excess of 35 million units.Yesterday Tenaga stock was suspended.
    Put these points together.
    1. If you know that an announcement would be made on Wednesday that TNB rates will be revised upwards you would surely buy Tenaga shares on
    2. If you own an investment bank or have sufficient credit line with an Investment Bank you would have bought as much as you could knowing that the price will surely go up.
    3. Since you have to pay within 3 days (T+3 rule), you would have planned to sell on Friday. Â So you could have bought 1Million Tenaga shares on Tuesday and sold it today for a cool MYR1Million profit without paying any money (perhaps some borrowing costs for 2-3 days).
    4. Of course none of us are privy to the announcement of the fuel hike, but the family of the PM are privy to it.
    5. Of course none of us have a large credit line with an Investment Bank but the family of the PM owns an investment bank.
    6. Why the surprise announcement on 05 June when the PM has said that it would be in August ? Well you can only make a big and quick profit if you control the timings and surprise others.
    7. For those in the know (the powers that be and their cronies) this has been one hugely profitable week buying and shorting the related shares. The poor rakyat had to queue just to fill up their tanks and perhaps save between MYR20-MYR100.
    Now read below….. Need those in know of the basic economics of crude,fuel etc to comment.
    WHAT IS NEVER MENTIONED IN Mainstream Media like NST/TheStar/ Utusan/BH are these facts….
    Malaysian PerCapita Income USD 5000 VS
    Singaporean PerCapita Income USD 25000
    Further The Star made a comparison of prices in Thailand ,Singapore and Indonesia . For Thailand it is quoted at RM3.90/liter, however are they aware that in Thailand new cars are cheaper than Malaysia by RM10,000? They pay only one life time for their driving license? No renewal fee after that? Also that goes for road tax as well? And do TheStar also aware that you can drive all the way from Hadtyai to Bangkok on a six lane highway without paying any Tolls ??!!
    Whereas here in Malaysia you have to pay yearly renewal for road tax ,driving license and TOLLS, TOLLS, TOLLS!!!
    For Singapore how can you quote RM 5.20 ? Please quote in Singapore
    Dollars because they are earning in Sing Dollars. You might as well say Europeans are paying RM10/liter. RM5.20/liter = Sing $2.20/liter, still cheaper than Malaysia in view of fact that Singapore is not a crude oil exporter. Are you saying that you fill up petrol in Singapore by paying Ringgit?
    In economy, dollar to dollar must be compared as apple to apple. Not
    comparing like durian in M’sia is much cheaper than durian in Japan!! Of course-lah, Japan is not durian producer!!! Comparing Malaysian durian with Thailand durian make more sense!!
    For Indonesia we might say is cheaper there at RM2.07/liter but compare that to their level of income!
    Now, let us compare the price with OIL PRODUCING countries:
    UAE RM1.19/litre
    Eygpt RM1.03/litre
    Bahrain RM0.87/litre
    Qatar RM0.68/litre
    Kuwait RM0.67/litre
    Saudi Arabia RM0.38/litre
    Nigeria RM0.32/litre
    Turkmenistan RM0.25/litre
    Venezuela RM0.16/litre
    MALAYSIA RM2.70/litre
    RM 2.70!!! Individual perspective:
    As of last month a Toyota Vios would ’cause a damage’ of about RM 89,000. In the international market, a Toyota Vios is about USD 19,000 USD 19,000 = RM 62,700 (using the indicative rates of USD 1 = RM 3.30) That makes Malaysian Vios owners pay an extra RM 26,300.
    This RM 26,300 should be cost of operations, profit and tax because the transportation costs have been factored in to the USD 19,000.
    RM 26,300/ RM625 petrol rebate per year translates to a Vios being used for 42.08 years.
    I do understand that the RM 625 is a rebate given by the government, but it also means that one has to use the Vios for 42.08 years just to make back the amount paid in taxes for the usage of a foreign car. Would anyone use any kind of car for that long?
    Now with these numbers in front of us, does the subsidy sound like a
    subsidy or does it sound like a penalty? This just seems to be a heavy increment in our daily cost of living as we are not only charged with high car taxes but also with a drastic increase in fuel price.
    With all the numbers listed out, I urge all Malaysians to join me in
    analyzing the situation further.
    Car taxation is government profit, fuel sales is Petronas’ (GLC) profit which also translates into government profit. The government may ridicule us Malaysians by saying look at the world market and fuel price world wide. Please, we are Malaysians, we fought of the British, had a international port in the early centuries (Malacca), home to a racially mixed nation and WE ARE NOT STUPID!!!
    We know the international rates are above the USD 130/barrel. We
    understand the fact that the fuel prices are increasing worldwide and wealso know that major scientist are still contradicting on why this phenomenon is happening. Some blame Bush and his plunders around the world and some blame climate change and there are others which say petroleum ‘wells’ are getting scarce.
    Again we go back to numbers to be more straight fwd 1 barrel = 159 liters x RM2.70/liter = RM 429 or USD 134
    On 1 hand, we are paying the full cost of 1 barrel of crude oil with RM2.70 per liter but on the other hand the crude oil only produces 46% of fuel.
    Msia sells crude oil per barrel at USD130 buys back Fuel per barrel at USD134. And not forgetting, every barrel of fuel is produced with 2 barrels of crude oil.
    1 barrel crude oil = produce 46% fuel (or half of crude oil), therefore 2 barrel crude oil = approximately 1 barrel fuel
    In other words, each time we sell 2 barrels of crude oil, equivalently we will buy back 1 barrel of fuel.
    Malaysiasell 2 barrel crude oil @ USD 130/barrel = USD 260 = RM 858
    then, Malaysia will buy back fuel @ USD 134/barrel = RM 442/barrel
    Thus, Malaysia earn net extra USD 126 = RM 416 for each 2 barrel of crude sold/exported vs imported 1 barrel of fuel !!!
    USD 260-134 = USD 126 = RM416)
    So where this extra USD 126/barrel income is channeled to by Malaysian Govt???????? ?
    Another analysis:
    1 barrel crude oil = 159 liters.
    46-47% of a barrel of crude oil = fuel that we use in our vehicles.
    46% of 159 = 73.14 liters.
    @ RM 2.70/liter x 73.14 liter = RM197.48 of fuel per barrel of crude oil.
    This is only 46% of the barrel, mind you. Using RM 3.30 = USD 1, we get that a barrel of crude oil produces USD 59.84 worth of petrol fuel (46% of 1barrel). USD 59.84 of USD 130/barrel turns out to be 46% of a barrel as well.
    Another 54% = bitumen, kerosene, and natural gases and so many more.
    And this makes a balance of USD 70.16 that has not been accounted for.
    So this is where I got curious. Where is the subsidy if we are paying 46% of the price of a barrel of crude oil when the production of petrol/barrel of crude oil is still only 46%?
    In actual fact, we still pay for this as they are charged in the forms of fuel surcharge by airlines and road taxes for the building of road (because they use the tar/bitumen) and many more excuse charging us but let us just leave all that out of our calculations.
    As far as I know, only the politicians who live in Putrajaya and come for their Parliament meetings in Kuala Lumpur (approximately 60+ km) are the ones to gain as they claim their fuel and toll charges from the money of the RAKYAT’s TAX.
    It is so disappointing to see this happen time and time again to the
    Malaysian public, where they are deceived by the propaganda held by the politicians and the controls they have over the press.
    Which stupid idiot economist equates rebates for rich or poor with the cc of the vehicles? An average office clerk may own a second hand 1300cc proton Iswara costing $7,000 (rebate = $625) while the Datuk’s children can own a fleet of 10 new cars of BMW, Audi and Volvo all less than 2000cc costing $2 millions and get a total rebate of $625 x 10 = $6,250!
    Wow what kind of economists we are keeping in Malaysia…wonder which phD certificate that they bought from…
    Misleading concept of Subsidy:
    The word ‘subsidy’ has been brandished by the BN government as if it has so generously helped the rakyat and in doing so incurred losses. This simple example will help to explain the fallacy:
    Ahmad is a fisherman. He sells a fish to you at $10 which is below the market value of $15. Let’s assume that he caught the fish from the abundance of the sea at little or no cost. Ahmad claims that since the market value of the fish is $15 and he sold you the fish for $10, he had subsidised you $5 and therefore made a loss of $5.
    Question : Did Ahmad actually make a profit of $10 or loss of $5 which he claimed is the subsidy?
    Ahmad makes a profit of $10 which is the difference of the selling price($10) minus the cost price ($0 since the fish was caught from the abundance of the sea). There is no subsidy as claimed by Ahmad.
    The BN government claims that it is a subsidy because the oil is kept and treated as somebody else’s property (you know who). By right, the oil belongs to all citizens of the country and the government is a trustee for the citizens. So as in the above simple example, the BN government cannot claim that it has subsidised the citizen!
    This article was forwarded by friend of mind.

  8. Anak Jatie Kedah Jul 1,2008 11:47 AM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun yang dikasihi..
    Hope u doin well with your family…I love you very much with your brillant iq..I never blame you for what your have done…but really weird dengan orang2 yg suka blame Ayahanda. Satu dua kesalahan tu takkanlah tk boleh di maafkan……Lama tak menjengah di sini, sebok dgntugasan semasa….hope Ayahanda will do something demi maruah negara bangsa dan agama kita.
    Anakanda doakan moga Ayahanda sihat-sihat selalu dn berpanjangan..

  9. jalurgemilang57 Jul 1,2008 3:51 AM

    many countries which have petroleum has already been in the palms and grips of powerful nations.
    petronas is nothing special.sooner or later there will still be efforts to overpower whatever barriers to bring the political power in the grips of the powerful nation.
    this effort will only prove that the financial flow of the oil wells are monitored.
    money means pathway to gain weapon and arms for war,to gain supremacy.
    currently US is the only country in the world which is recognised for the military supremacy.
    many nations bow down to the supremacy.apart from this almost every nation i observe is tied to the US currency.the currency fall,other countries also feel other words the mindset of many countries have been set to follow US and at the same time ensure that that country dont fall.the failure of US will be the failure and cause of downfall to many who are related to them.
    no one has the guts to try to change things.never.i prefer to say that this is also a kind of a comfort zone for many of them.
    “change is the law of life so will it be the wave of life”
    you are a very lucky man tun.many people still love you.the best things did was to have a blog so that there is always a junction for someone to turn to when they are will i seek this when i have no junctions to turn to.):
    well on the anwar issue i think thats a very immoral way to turn away from his committments to take over the goverment on the 16th of sept.i think he wants to run away and this is one of a very good opportunity.if he cant deliver what he has promised the mat salleh is going to be very angry with him 🙁
    i have a qustion.why is the presidents house in th states called the white the next election if barrack obama from democrats win,
    will it be called the black house ):
    i dont think so as the power of ruling has always been with the whites.
    as for the palestinians and the gaza border please do say something.i would like to know also.maybe i can request something
    from president bush and the other presidents.i am not so good at all
    this.i will usually say what i think is right from the bottom of my
    many things in this world i see is not proper.some countries are rich,some countries are poor even to the level to fill the stomach
    they eat dry mud and rats.i feel pity for them and thankful that i am born in this blessed land.we alway have the best.nothing to
    complaint when it comes to filling the stomach.we have a lot of choice):
    on the increament of the fuel.i think it wasa good move.however the rate was the problem.pak lah was having such a glory that everyone was talking about him and his move.suddenly this move darkened the situation.if the increament was done gradually none would have complaint.the margin was so great that it shot up all prices.the control of all prices done by govt was good.the increase done gradually maybe say about RM0.20 per 3 months till slowly reaching the RM0.78 would have proved many things under controlled.
    the increase was what many were waiting with wide opened mouth.just waiting to gulp the profits.
    the slow increase could have proved a total control of could have given the society to suite to the change get used to and later expect another increase.the increase of the provisions and rice also would have been under control.the increase was for each RM10.00 we are given 5 we are given 3 litres for the same amount.taking 2 out of five is a lot for many people.taking 1 litre or 0.5 litre first from each RM10.00 would have been wise.the adviser who advised to proceed on such a huge amount is not wise.especially during the ongoing fight to gain strenght against the opposition.
    now however nothing can be done to change unless the govt takes a different approach to give back to people in many ways.for example the toll issue.that i think is a good one.however a point to consider is that the selangor govt is pkr.will it benifit them.whatever they are the rivals of the umno in politics.
    the announcement of the lift on toll was a shock.especially for anwar.he will be in problem for not lifting the toll in penang bridge which the DAP have promised):
    many will say that he is trying to take care of his own party then to look at the pakatan rakyat as an overall coalition.there will be some grudge however.they cant hold for long.
    he knows that if he cant take over the govt,he cant stand that long in tis field.what he promised he can deliver.there is no money.this will affect the overall perfomance in the next general election.if pak lah can hold on to a few things ,in due time he will be off.
    as he is doing now.there was a lot of protest,shouting,aggresive attitude and not to omit out the intentions to overthrow the there is another effort to create the same situation.
    this time it is totaly different.the previous he was in prison,now he is a free man.the protest impact will surely be different.):
    “sekali air bah sekali pantai berubah”.
    more problems will come above them.their victory this time is a victory upon others suffering.they lied,conspired,accused and all those which was not true.time will prove that what they did was wrong.time will heal and return to its normal position ,only a matter of time.they cant do anything.
    for the indians they have a saying,”barking dog never bites,biting dogs never bark” ):
    i can learn many things through this blog ):

  10. hksing99 Jun 30,2008 11:57 PM

    why not tell us something how petronas spend their profit before Tun step down?? I am sure Tun can tell us some info… I am very curious why Petronas have so much profit but cannot absorb the subsidy?? Unless the money have been spend elsewhere…

  11. budut Jun 30,2008 2:08 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Semoga di panjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. Love u always!

  12. Benderbuzz Jun 30,2008 2:06 PM

    Boleh tak petronas berurusniaga dengan matawang lain selain USD?
    Why the Dollar Bubble is about to Burst
    Steve Masterson | 14.06.2006 16:28 | Analysis | Globalisation | Sheffield
    London – 24 May, 2006
    The Voice (issue 264 – 11th May) ran an article beginning, “Iran has really gone and done it now. No, they haven’t sent their first nuclear sub in to the Persian Gulf. They are about to launch something much more deadly — next week the Iran Bourse will open to trade oil, not in dollars but in euros.” This apparently insignificant event has consequences far greater for the US people, indeed all for us all, than is imaginable.
    Currently almost all oil buying and selling is in US-dollars through exchanges in London and New York. It is not accidental they are both US-owned.
    The Wall Street crash in 1929 sparked off global depression andWorld War II. During that war the US supplied provisions and munitions to all its allies, refusing currency and demanding gold payments in exchange.
    By 1945, 80% of the world’s gold was sitting in US vaults. The dollar became the one undisputed global reserve currency — it was treated world-wide as `safer than gold’. The Bretton Woods agreement was established.
    The US took full advantage over the next decades and printed dollars like there was no tomorrow. The US exported many mountains of dollars, paying for ever-increasing amounts of commodities, tax cuts for the rich, many wars abroad, mercenaries, spies and politicians the world over. You see, this did not affect inflation at home! The US got it all for free! Well, maybe for a forest or two.
    Over subsequent decades the world’s vaults bulged at the seams andmore and more vaults were built, just for US dollars. Each year, theUS spends many more dollars abroad that at home. Analysts pretty much agree that outside the US, of the savings, or reserves, of all other countries, in gold and all currencies — that a massive 66% of this total wealth is in US dollars!
    In 1971 several countries simultaeously tried to sell a small portion of their dollars to the US for gold. Krassimir Petrov, (Ph. D. in Economics at Ohio University) recently wrote, “The US Government defaulted on its payment on August 15, 1971. While popular spin told the story of `severing the link between the dollar and gold’, in reality the denial to pay back in gold was an act of bankruptcy by the US Government.” (1) The 1945 Bretton Woods agreement was unilaterally smashed.
    The dollar and US economy were on a precipice resembling Germany in 1929. The US now had to find a way for the rest of the world to believe and have faith in the paper dollar. The solution was in oil, in the petrodollar. The US viciously bullied first Saudi Arabia and then OPEC to sell oil for dollars only — it worked, the dollar was saved. Now countries had to keep dollars to buy much needed oil. And the US could buy oil all over the world, free of charge. What a Houdini for the US! Oil replaced gold as the new foundation to stop the paper dollar sinking.
    Since 1971, the US printed even more mountains of dollars to spend abroad. The trade defecit grew and grew. The US sucked-in much of the world’s products for next to nothing. More vaults were built.
    Expert, ­Cóilínn Nunan, wrote in 2003, “The dollar is the de facto world reserve currency: the US currency accounts for approximately two thirds of all official exchange reserves. More than four-fifths of all foreign exchange transactions and half of all world exports are denominated in dollars. In addition, all IMF loans are denominated in dollars.” (2)
    Dr Bulent Gukay of Keele University recently wrote, “This system of the US dollar acting as global reserve currency in oil trade keeps the demand for the dollar `artificially’ high. This enables the US to carry out printing dollars at the price of next to nothing to fund increased military spending and consumer spending on imports. There is no theoretical limit to the amount of dollars that can be printed. As long as the US has no serious challengers, and the other states have confidence in the US dollar, the system functions.” (3)
    Until recently, the US-dollar has been safe. However, since 1990 western Europe has been busy growing, swallowing up central and eastern Europe. French and German bosses were jealous of the US ablility to buy goods and people the world over for nothing. They wanted a slice of the free cake too. Further, they now had the power and established the euro in late 1999 against massive US-inspired opposition across Europe, especially from Britain – paid for in dollars of course. But the euro succeeded.
    Only months after the euro-launch, Saddam’s Iraq announced it was switching from selling oil in dollars only, to euros only — breaking the OPEC agreement. Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Libya, all began talking openly of switching too — were the floodgates about to be opened?
    Then aeroplanes flew into the twin-towers in September 2001. Was this another Houdini chance to save the US (petro)dollar and the biggest financial/economic crash in history? War preparations began in the US. But first war-fever had to be created — and truth was the first casualty. Other oil producing countries watched-on. In 2000 Iraq began selling oil in euros. In 2002, Iraq changed all their petro-dollars in their vaults into euros. A few months later, the US began their invasion of Iraq.
    The whole world was watching: very few aware that the US was engaging in the first oil currency, or petrodollar war. After the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, remember, the US secured oil areas first. Their first sales in August were, of course, in dollars, again. The only government building in Baghdad not bombed was the Oil Ministry! It does not matter how many people are murdered — for the US, the petrodollar must be saved as the only way to buy and sell oil — otherwise the US economy will crash, and much more besides.
    In early 2003, Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela talked openly of selling half of its oil in euros (the other half is bought by the US). On 12 April 2003, the US-supported business leaders and some generals in Venezuela kidnapped Chavez and attempted a coup. The masses rose against this and the Army followed suit. The coup failed. This was bad for the US.
    In November 2000 the euro/dollar was at $0.82 dollars, its lowest ever, and still diving, but when Iraq started selling oil in euros, the euro dive was halted. In April 2002 senior OPEC reps talked about trading in euros and the euro shot up. In June 2003 the US occupiers of Iraq switched trading back to dollars and the euro fell against the dollar again. In August 2003 Iran starts to sell oil in euros to some European countries and the euro rises sharply. In the winter of 2003-4 Russian and OPEC politicians talked seriously of switching oil/gas sales to the euro and the euro rose. In February 2004 OPEC met and made no decision to turn to the euro — and yes, the euro fell against the dollar. In June 2004 Iran announced it would build an oil bourse to rival London and New York, and again, the euro rose. The euro stands at $1.27 and has been climbing of late. See the European Central Bank history of the euro/dollar:
    But matters this month became far, far worse for the US dollar. On 5th May Iran registered its own Oil Bourse, the IOB. Not only are they now selling oil in euros from abroad — they have established an actual Oil Bourse, a global trading centre for all countries to buy and sell their oil!
    In Chavez’s recent visit to London he talked openly about supporting the Iranian Oil Bourse, and selling oil in euros. When asked in London about the new arms embargo imposed by the US against Venezuela, Chavez prophetically dismissed the US as “a paper tiger”.
    Currently, almost all the world’s oil is sold on either the NYMEX, New York Mercantile Exchange, or the IPE, London’s International Petroleum Exchange. Both are owned by US citizens and both sell and buy only in US dollars. The success of the Iran Oil Bourse makes sense to Europe, which buys 70% of Iran’s oil. It makes sense for Russia, which sells 66% of its oil to Europe. But worse for the US, China and India have already stated they are very interested in the new Iranian Oil Bourse.
    If there is a tactical-nuclear strike on – deja-vu – `weapons of mass destruction’ in Iran, who would bet against a certain Oil Exchange and more, being bombed too?
    And worse for Bush. It makes sense for Europe, China, India and Japan — as well as all the other countries mentioned above — to buy and sell oil in Euro’s. They will certainly have to stock-up on euros now, and they will sell dollars to do so. The euro is far more stable than the debt-ridden dollar. The IMF has recently highlighted US economic difficulties and the trade deficit strangling the US — there is no way out.
    The problem for so many countries now is, how to get rid of their vaults full of dollars, before it crashes? And the US has bullied so many countries for so many decades around the world, that many will see a chance to kick the bully back. The US cannot accept even 5% of the world’s dollars — it would crash the US economy dragging much of the world with it, especially Britain.
    To survive, as the Scottish Socialist Voice article stated, “the US, needs to generate a trade surplus to get out of this one. Problem is it can’t.” This is spot on. To do that they must force US workers into near slavery, to get paid less than Chinese or Indian workers. We all know that this will not happen.
    What will happen in the US? Chaos for sure. Maybe a workers revolution, but looking at the situation as it is now, it is more likely to be a re-run of Germany post-1929, and some form of extreme-right mass movement will emerge.
    Does Europe and China/Asia have the economic independence and strength to stop the whole world’s economies collapsing with the US? Their vaults are full to the brim with dollars.
    The US has to find a way to pay for its dollar-imperialist exploitation of the world since 1945. Somehow, eventually, it has to account for every dollar in every vault in the world.
    Bombing Iran could backfire tremendously. It would bring Iran openly into the war in Iraq, behind the Shiite majority. The US cannot cope even now with the much smaller Iraqi insurgency. Perhaps the US will feed into the Sunni v Shiite conflict and turn it into a wider Middle-East civil-war. However, this is so dangerous for global oil supplies. Further, they know that this would be temporary, as some country somewhere else, will establish a euro-oil-exchange. Perhaps in Brussels.
    There is one `solution’ — scrap the dollar and print a whole new currency for the US. This will destroy 66% of the rest of the world’s savings/reserves in one swoop. Imagine the implications? Such are the desperate things now swimming around heads in the White House, Wall Street and Pentagon.
    Another is to do as Germany did, just before invading Poland in 1938. The Nazis filmed a mock Polish Army attack on Germany, to win hearts and minds at home. But again, this is a finger in the dam. So, how is the US going to escape this time? The only global arena of total superiority left is military. Who knows what horrors lie ahead. A new world war is one tool by which the US could discipline its `allies’ into keeping the dollar in their vaults.
    The task of socialists today is to explain to as many as possible, especially our class, that the coming crisis belongs purely to capitalism and (dollar) imperialism. Not people of other cultures, not Islam, not the axis of evil or their so-called WMDs. Their system alone is to blame.
    The new Iranian Oil Bourse, the IOB, is situated in a new building on the free-trade-zone island of Kish, in the Persian Gulf. It’s computers and software are all set to go. The IOB was supposed to be up and running last March, but many pressures forced a postponement. Where the pressure came from is obvious. It was internationally registered on 5th May and supposed to open mid-May, but its opening was put off, some saying the oil-mafia was involved, along with much international pressure. Just google `pertroeuro’, and the story lies before you.
    From now on, anyone in the know will wake up every morning and, even before coffee, will check out the latest exchange rate between the euro and dollar.
    (1) The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse (Krassimir Petrov, Jan 2006)
    (2) Oil, Currency and the War on Iraq (Cóilínn Nunan, Scotland, Dec 2003)
    (3) Petrodollar Became the Essential Basis for the US Economic Hegemoney in the 1970s. (Bulent Gokay, Keele University, May 2006)
    Steve Masterson
    Dollars and Oil
    14.06.2006 21:13
    Perhaps it might be helpful if I clarified a few misconceptions re the “Iran Oil Bourse” by updating and reiterating the following Asia Times article I wrote
    Firstly, the reason for the project in the first place was nothing to do with Euro’s and everything to do with the domination and manipulation of the global market in energy by intermediaries. A problem which has got worse not better.
    Secondly, neither NYMEX nor ICE Futures (formerly known as IPE) have much to do with buying and selling physical oil or products. Their purpose is to allow buying and selling of oil price RISK by allowing producers and consumers to “hedge” the risks of falling or rising oil prices respectively. Unfortunately the derivatives tail has in recent years been wagging the oil market dog to the serious detriment of producers and consumers.
    As for progress of the IOB, there really has not been any for well over a year. Yes, a building in Kish island has been bought and legal entities created, but no other elements of market infrastructure have yet even been specified, never mind begun..
    Assuming our consortium is put in funds (which we are told is imminent) then probably simple electronic exchange infrastructure could be completed within 6 months and something like bitumen or heavy fuel oil made available to be traded on it domestically.
    I doubt whether crude oil will be traded (in ANY currency) on the IOB within 2 years: there are immense practical difficulties not least political.
    As for trading oil in euro’s most commentators tend to forget how limited the supply of Euro’s is, and I don’t think that will change much soon either bearing in mind how conservative the European Central Bank is.
    Having said all that I do tend to agree that the dollar’s collapse is both inevitable and overdue, and that it MIGHT be precipitated in the next year or so by a “melt-down” in the energy markets caused by rampant speculation by hedge funds.
    A bit like the Long Term Capital Management fiasco, the difference being that the Federal Reserve Bank cannot print oil to bail market particpants out…
    Best Regards
    Chris Cook

  13. WanJ Peraksi Jun 30,2008 12:28 PM


  14. SuperBlogger Jun 30,2008 9:28 AM

    Hi Tun..
    Thank u for writing this post to show ur support on petronas..though I do wonder such a nice job to have being adviser but don’t advise anything..just be post box.
    Xoxox – petronas’s financial results were announced in the newspapers every well as on its website…its just ignorant & attention hunger people commenting that its not made public…go and search the net and you’ll find it la.
    Mat melayu…kan dah belajar English selama 12 tahun kat sekolah..tak kan tak reti English lagi?
    4th floor boy is so evil…I can’t imagine Oxford can produce such evil graduates.
    -Super Affiliate Blogger-

  15. isahbiazhar Jun 29,2008 4:13 AM

    It is time for you to leave Petronas.You are not advising.You are just eating people’s money.It is haram.For the good of the nation you should quit.

  16. rainbow Jun 28,2008 10:00 PM

    Dear Sir,
    How true is this email which was circulating among the government servants ?… I wonder whether the Ministers and deputy ministers ‘blink their eyes when they take things that are not theirs? … or is this their HAK-MILIK?
    I guess they don’t have eyes to see those chronic ill poor children in most general hospitals in the country…, I read the holy Quran to understand more about Islam…Peace… how sad just to take and take with no regards to the poor… aren’t they scare of the consequences?
    Berikut adalah perbandingan gaji menteri dengan persoalan ‘ubah gaya hidup’ yang disarankan kepada rakyat::-
    – Hide quoted text –
    Slip Pendapatan Bulanan bagi Menteri Penuh Malaysia termasuk Ketua-Ketua Menteri:
    1. Gaji Pokok RM18,000
    2. Elaun Keraian RM10,500.00
    3. Elaun Perumahan RM10,800.00
    4. Elaun Wakil Rakyat RM10,650.00
    5. Elaun parking RM 5,700.00
    Jumlah pendapatan bulanan RM55,650.00 yang wajib diterima sama ada sakit atau tidak bekerja:-
    Lain-lain kemudahan
    1. Bercuti keluar negara sekali setahun terutama selepas persidangan Dewan Negara- semua perbelanjaan ditanggung oleh kerajaan termasuk tiket penerbangan, hotel, duit poket sebanyak RM50,000.00. Kalau tidak bercuti keluar negara seorang menteri boleh menuntut sebanyak RM50,000.00 tanpa resit.
    2. Bil letrik percuma ditanggung oleh kerajaan Malaysia
    3. Bil Air percuma ditanggung oleh kerajaan Malaysia
    4. Bil telefon percuma ditanggung oleh kerajaan Malaysia
    5. Peruntukan perkakasan dapor/perhiasan rumah dan lain-lain boleh dituntut setahun sekali sebanyak RM40,000.00
    6. Sebuah kereta Mercedes S320, di lengkapi dengan telefon bimbit,satu pemandu,minyak percuma.Kalau guna khidmat pemandu kementerian, dapatlah duit percuma.
    7. Semua pemberian derma seperti kepada perkahwinan, kematian,atau pemberian kepada badan kebajikan kebajikan boleh dituntut.
    8. Boleh mengadakan rumah terbuka setiap hari raya, segala perbelanjaan ditanggung oleh kerajaan. Kebiasaan Menteri menuntut sebanyak RM400,000.00
    9. Setiap menteri biasanya tuntutan mereka sebanyak RM45,000.00 semua elaun perbelanjaan tidak termasuk elaun-elaun dalam slip pendapatan bulanan.
    Slip Pendapatan Bulanan Bagi Timbalan Menteri ialah:-
    1. Gaji Pokok RM15,000
    2. Elaun Keraian RM9,500.00
    3. Elaun Perumahan RM9,800.00
    4. Elaun Wakil Rakyat RM10,650.00
    5. Elaun parking RM 5,700.00
    Jumlah pendapatan bulanan RM50,650.00 yang wajib terima samada sakit atau tidak hadir bertugas.
    Ari tu PAK LAH umum akan potong 10% dari ELAUN KERAIAN.
    RM 10500 – 10% = ? Cuba anda kira ….
    HAHAHAHA .. PAK LAH memang pandai wat lawak. Tu blom kira elaun yang lain-lain.

  17. GadjaMada Jun 28,2008 5:37 PM

    I read with sympathy the comments by pemerhati bangsa. As we are trained in Petronas, we know that small-minded minds will always debate about small-minded matters. Obviously, the small-mindedness has twisted the world-view of this pemerhati bangsa to be prejudiced against what is seen as the evils of the company including the staff and nothing else. Please stop being petty and sounding like a child crying when not getting things his way. If you are not sure please do not assume and kindly reserve you comments.

  18. mzzainal Jun 28,2008 2:23 PM

    The 4th floor seeks to dominate all matters alien to them.
    Petronas however seems ill-equipt to damage control on its goals and image towards the vast views of the public pertaining to its role in the ever-sensitive concerns related to the fuel-hike. It seems to be more of a puppet willing to follow the Govt to its economical demise. Its own media propaganda is rubbish similar to what the Govt is doing.
    Tun, thank you for the highlight.
    I believe Petronas should play a more positive, direct and contructive role in helping the rakyat with our present economical problems rather than think of the future which not many people would look forward to. After all, I don’t see what the Govt is doing for the average Joe on the street, unless they happen to be related to those on the 4th floor.

  19. vincent Jun 28,2008 3:04 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Petronas dah kembang besar, tapi xfikir tentang rakyat. Daripada keuntungannya adalah lebih daripada cukup untuk membina sebuah kilang di Malaysia untuk mengeluarkan sistem penuh alat NGV dan Gas NGV boleh dijual di semua petrol station, rakyat pun xsusah dapat alat NGV dengan harga rendah, apa salahnya harga petrol antarabangsa semakin tinggi, kita boleh ikut harga semasa.
    DSAAB takut negara jiran beli petrol dengan harga rendah, harga petrol naik pun sampai RM 2.70 seliter sahaja. Kalau DSAAB tahu jaga rakyat, harga pertol sekarang naik sampai RM 4.00 seliter pun kita berasa bangga Vision 2020 boleh capai lagi cepat.
    Petronas ada profit daripada 3 pihak, alat NGV, Gas NGV dan juga Pertol, sekarang apa dah jadi ?
    Orang tua kata : ” Tok tanam pokok durian, anak nak makan durian, bapa cakap nak makan nak bayar RM 2.70, nasib baik kau di Malaysia, silap-silap nak bayar Singapore Dollar. Nasib baik tuhan tahu perkara ini, pokok durian pun hidup xlama.” Jangan jadi Si pekak mencuri loceng, si buta xnampak, walaupun rakyat buta.
    Sekian diharap Tun dikurniakan Allah kesihatan.

  20. pemerhati bangsa Jun 28,2008 12:47 AM

    It is interesting to see how my comments really attract those yang ‘kena batang hidung’. Don’t even understand my comments then dont bother replying. U might end up like Tan Sri Hamdan, being slapped in Sudan.
    My first advise to all Petronas staff who commented is to go back to PERMATA(Petronas Management & Training) Bangi. There, I would suggest that you guys/girls ask back your trainers/instructors about this so called ‘Patriotic Discounts’ of ‘tak kesahlah gaji rendah, biar saya jadi lower class citizen, kerana sayangkan negara’. Also again, ask them to really explain to you more, of a ‘structured corrupt system’ where the higher management(who are from government background – directors are appointed by the government while you guys, are played dumb again by them claiming Petronas – is managed PROFESSIONALLY. Go on believing.
    Call urself seven sisters, fortune 500, wutever, Petronas can’t even control and put more attractiveness to prevent your so called(if there are much any) skilled staff leaving. Its a fair competition, one company train, another hires, another fires. Are you new to the global energy industry? Welcome to the world, where jilat ludah sendiri, is ur own word but major companies in the world call it licking lollipops in the search for talents. Can u blame others who want to pay or have other benefits that attract?
    ughh..can’t believe i really HAVE to tell u all that.
    Intellectually insulting. Go on. Petronas Maju Jaya. Wear your green-white shirt proud, and still ‘Peanut Brains’. U deserve those kind of banana pay.
    Its a capitalist world. Wake up. Or at least, stop dreaming about loyalty/patriotic brings food to your table. Do u know what it means fighting for the country and furthermost, your own family’s survival?
    The biggest question is, why didn’t most of the skilled, experienced, competent Petronas staff did not stay? Do you really think Petronas with RM70billion profit cannot pay a market price salary?
    Changing the management, is always the solution in all corporate organisation in trouble or stagnancy. Like it or not, listen to the stakeholders = government in Petronas case. Else u dont have an investor = no money lah!
    Sometimes, admitting that you are sitting on a pile of shit is better than denying. It helps in most situation.

  21. Jasamu Jun 27,2008 8:12 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun ,
    Kita dah banyak berbicara , kita dah banyak mendengar dan melihat malah dah banyak juga mengalami kepayahan walaupun dalam masa yang bukanlah begitu lama yang dipaksa oleh polisi yang sememangnya menghimpit rakyat .
    Apakah option yang ada pada kita yakni yang praktik dan yang boleh berjaya untuk mengubah keadaan secepat mungkin agar Malaysia kembali ‘pulih’ sebagai sebuah negara yang berintegriti, stabil dan makmur . Malaysia perlu mengukir kembali jalan pentadbiran yang menjurus kepada kejayaan yang boleh ditabik rakyat sendiri serta disegani dunia seperti yang telah diukir semasa pentabbiran Tun sebagai PM . Kini kita tidak lagi ada Dr M sebagai PM , yang ada hanyalah . Harap Yang Berbahagia Tun dapat huraikan pandangan .

  22. Mehomelanau Jun 27,2008 6:26 PM

    Salam Tun and all Tun’s bloggers.
    I read all the comments with deep interest – the good and not-so-good about PETRONAS. I can’t help feeling proud, glad, sad and hurt at the same time.
    Proud and glad because I am a PETRONAS employee of Sarawak origin and having contributed my little service to her success for the past 27 years and still going. Proud and glad because PETRONAS, first and foremost as a business entity, had done such an excellent job – that of giving the returns on investment (ROI)to the shareholder, Malaysian Government and therefore Malaysians, had enthrusted on us.
    I have experienced the ups and downs of life with PETRONAS. It is not all sunshine and fresh air as people outside would think of. It takes a lot of struggles and personal sacrifices from everyone of us from lowest to highest ranking staff to make PETRONAS what she is today.
    Talk about salary and remuneration, we are on par with some other GLCs in Malaysia. I am an ex-teacher and even my graduate teacher friends now in Jabatan Pendidikan earned a higher salary than me.
    Talk about bonus, we NEVER received 6 or 12 months bonus as many people say. The truth is – our bonus is always an average of TWO MONTHS. For executives, if we can perform exceeding the base KPI only then we get a little extra amount. For the non-executives, they still have to fight it out through their CA or collective agreement between union KAPENAS and PETRONAS Management. So to say that PETRONAS employees earn sky-high salaries and full year bonus is totally untrue. I believe even our Tan Sri President’s salary is lower than some of other GLCs directors, although I have no figures known.
    Talk about PETRONAS financial contributions to the nation – no need for me to elaborate further; it’s all in the reports all over Malaysia and even the world. The bottomline is – PETRONAS was incorporated in 1974 to make money for Malaysia and she does it with style, dignity and integrity.
    Last, I feel hurt because everyone outside PETRONAS never stop bashing PETRONAS. (hey people PETRONAS is an organisation with people and feelings, not just structures or refineries). So my plea to all right-thinking, educated and schooled Malaysians, question us not but drill down the Government to explain what they did with the money that PETRONAS generated and given back to them.
    Say what you may, PETRONAS have a duty ahead of us – to serve the nation and you the people of Malaysia. So once again stop the bashing. Time to talk serious about some bigger issues.
    Energy Receive, Energy Return, Aspiring People Everywhere.
    May Allah Forever Protect PETRONAS and Malaysia! Amin.

  23. rossi Jun 27,2008 3:57 PM

    Salam Tun,
    elevator rumour says that bebudak tingkat 4 nak letak ex-maybank CEO (yang sekarang kat EPU) kat Petronas.
    Mana boleh macam ni Tun!!!! Abis diorang nak Tan Sri Hassan repot kat dia or diaorang nak remove Tan Sri?

  24. Volitan Jun 27,2008 11:30 AM

    Good day to you Tun.
    Since 1974 with an initial investment of RM 10 million, PETRONAS has growth into the size of multi-national integrated O&G company which listed in Fortune 500. Compare to other government owns company like Proton, PETRONAS clearly enjoys a far better corporate image and more importantly, contribution to our nation.
    Integrity, as reflects by the then Tan Sri Azizan Zainul Abidin, has shaped the organisation and set many good examples to other organisations on how to run a potential business into greater high. And yet the success story of PETRONAS and the late Tan Sri Azizan was not proper documented, Malaysian has since
    lost the track of a great ICON. I still remember your picture at the funeral of Tan Sri Azizan, your face tells it all.
    How many more ICON do we want to buried alive? On the other hand, Tan Sri Hassan Marican has successfully implementing all the mission and vision set by the late Tan Sri Azizan, creating higher records on profit year by year, and yet you are telling us someone is trying to drop him, we are in the blink of loosing another ICON.
    PETRONAS has not only contribute in terms of dollars and cents, it has shown us on the continuity in achieving mission and realising vision (The Vision Realised) thru generations of leadership; unlike the way Proton or even BN or um…no running their rotten up stinking pirate ship.
    Look at your hand pick successor. Based on your poor selection, you had indirectly brought us to the greatest joke in the history of Malaysia. IF all the political party can sit back and take a closer look into the management of PETRONAS, I guarantee them a ticket to excel. I doubt our stinky politicians has the intelligent to understand a simple word- INTEGRITY.
    We need an ICON to save our country, not to buried one.

  25. escape Jun 27,2008 8:39 AM

    Dear Dr.M
    Semoga sihat sekeluarga..dan terus kan menulis untuk rakyat malaysia..
    dear AK..
    kalau tak puas hati kat PETRONAS, better u join them..then u’ll know about PETRONAS more.
    dear angelinajolie..
    By angelinajolie on June 26, 2008 9:23 AM
    To the HRD of PETRONAS KLCC,
    If you have any position left in your company please contact me at
    easy way to get job???ask HR to contact u?? nonsense!! but i got website for u to apply online..

  26. ak Jun 27,2008 3:10 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun…
    My high respect to you and your family….
    You are really my idol and i really admire you…
    1st of all, thanks to what have you done for the country and to what level you have bring malaysia to the map of the world…
    Pertama sekali, saya ader sedikit ketidak puashatian mengenai comentator dlam blog ini yang ada masalah dengan keturunan ni… pasal mamak lah, melayu lah… 1st of all berapa ramai sangat org yang betul2 pure melayu yang menerajui negara ni atau yang berada dalam pucuk pimpinan malaysia ni… kalau majoriti then different lah… takder yang pure pun…
    Boleh tak once for all kita mengangap kita ni malaysian… rakyat malaysia!!!! ini kepada org2 yang tak senang dengan org yang bukan pure malay lah….
    Kedua, boleh tak rakyat malaysia ni bersuara dengan sendiri dan bangun bersuara dan membuat sesuatu perubahan dengan sendirinya… takkan sampai sekarang semua nak masih berharap kat tun, common lah tun dah banyak buat untuk negara… sekarang masa untuk dia berehat… bangun lah rakyat malaysia sebelum kita jadi macam indonesia, philipine dan thailand… u resign as the prime minister at the right time and with an honour….
    Tempat DSAAB tu kalau org lain duduk pun belum tentu lagi apa yang akan jadi kat Malaysia hari ni… Problem nya rakyat Malaysia(Melayu mudah lupa) dah semakin tamak….
    sepatutnya yang penting sekali waktu ni, rakyat malaysia patut bersepadu dan do things together…. jangan jadi macam DSAI yang menunggu masa untuk menjadi hero…. i’m a member of UMNO… dan saya really sayang parti ni… dan saya sedih tengok apa yang sedang terjadi kat parti sekarang ni… maybe tun keluar parti pun ada sebab2 yang tertentu… i tak blame u… maybe u have ur own plan….
    In fact i sampai sekarang support ur son, and i was in jerlun masa PRU hari tu and i know what some irresponsible people within the party did to make your son loose, but lucky the opposition there also support your son…. only him can fight the budak tingkat 4… your son is very humble and intelectual guy, i hope you can give additional advice to him to make changes in the country… now is his turn….
    Pasal harga minyak naik ni pun, mungkin ader hidden agenda, but at the same time bukan kat malaysia jer naik, negara2 lain pun naik jugak… but again they are not an oil producing country lah…. so, kita kena lah cari alternative untuk curb benda ni…
    When u were running this country, the financial situation was at surplus, so fair for you to build the KLIA,PUTRAYA,KLCC and other mega things… its all now are beneficial to the rakyat and have taken malaysia to a greater height… But now, we are running on deficit… goverment have no money at all… manalah agaknya pegi duit tu semua….Poket orang tertentu kot… mcm mana goverment nak subsidies kalau goverment dah tak der duit…. tak lama lagi inflation rate pun akan naik lah… tapi DSAAB masih lagi boleh janji macam2 dengan sabah and sarawak… nak support lah katakan… so, kita pun kena lah prepare duit kita melalui kenaikan harga untuk bagi kat dia org ni untuk tolong dia org yang ader kepentingan ni dapat support dari sabah sarawak ni… Yang tak paham nyer, sapalah yang jadi adviser pm kita ni, nak kata intelectual or mangkuk pun tak tau lah…
    DSAAB ni pulak macam mana dia nak focus kat country, dia sendiri sekarang ni tengah kena attact kiri kanan…
    Tu yang duk buat decision merapu…. Lepas tu kena pulak settle kan apa yang dia dah janji kat org 2 tertentu masa pilihanraya hari tu… kalau tak masak dia… So, dia sendiri sekarang ni dah busy makanya
    saya rasa rakyat malaysia kena lah bangun dan bertindak… takkan semua kita nak harap kat tun…. jangan sampai nasi menjadi bubur… jangan sampai malaysia jadi macam indon, philipine and thailand… tak lama jer lagi tu….
    Apa yang akan jadi kat future generation, yang kaya2 semua dah plan to migrate to other country…
    Dalam petronas tak leh nak tolong kita subsidy, dia org boleh ada private jet yang harga dlm 400 juta warna hijau parking kat subang tu duk dipakai oleh menteri2 kita… and dia org boleh spend untuk karnival hari keluarga jer dalam berjuta-juta ringgit… belum yang lain2 lagi…. pelik2….
    Ok, tun… u take care of ur self…. saya akan tetap berjuang selagi saya mampu melalui cara 2 tertentu… take care….

  27. malan3395 Jun 26,2008 7:43 PM

    Yg Brbagia Tun…,,
    PLah = ba wau re nge –> unta
    KJ = blablabla mim tendang nun –> sarkas da
    Nazri Aziz = ni huruf M
    Muhammad Taib = skali bepusing….mcm gasing
    Zaid Ibrahim = keje sy merbahaya, siang mlm berjaga > korek rhsia Tun

  28. snowbite8281 Jun 26,2008 12:42 PM

    Dear TDM,
    1. Most important – remember the force of Rakyat is supporting you. So dont let narrow sighted people from stressing you up! Take care of your health!
    2. I forsee that HP6 and corridor-beruks are not only interested in being fossil energy controller. Dont everybody realise that suddenly you see ‘Nuclear Energy’ is being mooted and promoted in newspapers so recently? In Malaysia-who are having their thumbs and fingers in the one ‘Nuclear clean energy’ company? Gee this is kindergarten question!
    3. My worry is – Rakyat $$ is used to set up this Nuclear Plant, beruks and kera’s will siphon off the creams, then Rakyat again will suffer for poor maintenance and improper disposals of nuclear byproducts which is radioactive – kanser kulit, leukemia dan lain lain lagi.
    4. We always ask TDM to lead the way. TDM can only advise now. We are the ones that need to PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT … to prevent our lives and our future generations from the suffering. Areso ( Korean word for UNDERSTAND?! )

  29. Hookamania Jun 26,2008 11:38 AM

    Salam sejahtera YAB Tun,
    Dalam sidang Parlimen yang lepas telah dibangkitkan mengenai bagaimana perbelanjaan PETRONAS…oleh YB Khairy Jamaluddin.
    Pelik kenapa PETRONAS yang perlu diperdagangkan.. Mungkin sekiranya perlu ke mana jumlah subsidi tersebut disalurkan bagi tujuan apa dan syarikat yang mana yang dapat bagi tujuan subsidi tersebut…Rasanya itu yang lebih perlu.
    Saya mungkin terima sekiranya dasar dan percaturan untuk kenaikan harga minyak diselaraskan dengan kehidupan dalam keadaan rakyat kini bersedia.. Cuma Kerajaan dan rakyat itu sendiri tidak dan belum bersedia.
    Walaupun dimaklumkan 2 atau 3 bulan lebih awal sekalipun tetapi tampungan perbelanjaan seisi keluarga tidak mencukupi ia tetap tidak akan cukup.. Makanlah seberapa sedikit yang boleh ia tetap tidak cukup.
    Apa yang kita perlukan adalah pusingan kewangan yang teratur dalam pelbagai aspek selama 24 jam dan kini Kerajaan itu sendiri tidak mampu menyediakan perkara tersebut bagi pihak dirinya sendiri apatah lagi rakyat. Mereka tidak mampu menyediakan pelabur asing untuk melabur di sini tetapi menambahkan kontraktor asing di Malaysia..
    Apabila keadaan sebegini berlaku, Kerajaan perlu memikirkan bagaimana dan caranya seseorang ketua keluarga itu hendak melayani kemahuan keluarga, dimana tempat keluarga tersebut berlindung, dimana perlunya mencari duit sisipan bagi tujuan riadah dan bagaimana saya sendiri hendak tidur memikirkan masa depan anak-anak.
    Dengan ekonomi yang tidak terurus melalui mencairkan duit subsidi di merata tempat seolah-olah Malaysia sudah menjadi rojak… dicampurkan tanpa mengambil kira kesan sosio-politik dan ekonomi dan juga rantaian sesuatu kaum.
    Saya dulu berbangga apabila mempunyai Perdana Menteri seperti YAB Tun yang menyumbang kepada keperluan ekonomi negara bagi bersaing dengan Singapura. Amat pelik kerana Singapura telah begitu maju kerana dengan sebuah negara yang kerdil yang hanya setitik dakwat di atas peta dunia mampu mengolah menjadi sebuah negara menjadi perdagangan dan perindustrian yang hebat tetapi tidak mempunyai apa-apa sumber. Mungkin kerana dahulunya mereka telah mempunyai warisan sejarah perdagangan yang hebat yang dulunya bermula daripada pemimpin Melayu hinggalah tibanya pemimpinnya Cina mengambil alih. Arusnya tetap sama. Pengajarannya Singapura adalah daripada kaum yang lain kepada kaum yang lain berbeza dengan Malaysia. Daripada satu kaum serumpun dan sebangsa dan juga seagama tetapi menolak perubahan yang baik daripada pewarisnya.. Pelik.
    Pemimpin 5 tahun kebelakangan ini lebih mementingkan kapasiti penggunaan subsidi bukan kepada bentuk pengayaan memberi kerja dan peluang kepada rakyat Malaysia bagi menyimpan kewangan bagi tujuan peningkatan kehidupan. Konsep berdasarkan teori ini sahaja dah membuatkan saya benci apatah lagi kalau dipratikkan.

  30. escape Jun 26,2008 11:19 AM

    KJ dan kroni2 nya dlm masa yg sama menghentam PETRONAS.. apakah agenda KJ sebenarnya..nak selamat kat kerajaan dan rakyat ker, nak sedut duit kerajaan..PETRONAS can stand with their own leg…
    refer to

  31. angelinajolie Jun 26,2008 9:23 AM

    To the HRD of PETRONAS KLCC,
    If you have any position left in your company please contact me at

  32. ketam Jun 26,2008 2:54 AM

    Assalamualaikum TDM,
    i have always wanted to contact you but I was thinking that you should relax after decades of working for Malaysians. Now, here you are again…. doing something for us and our fellow next generations. We love you Tun and hope that God will guide us all on doing something good for our beloved country Malaysia.
    Tun, I believe you are right in thinking that the damn devil will suck out Petronas wealth. They have done so to Takaful Malaysia. After 20 years of success beyond imagination, the so call outsider name Hassan Kamil was selected to be the GMD of Takaful Malaysia and destroy its wealth which was RM3 B in 2006. All the good Islamic value being robbed off and mudharabah concept of giving back unclaimed policies of about 25% each policy is abolished. At the same time the new management salary is 5 times the salary paid to his predessor who has built the company from scratch. They will do this to Petronas . Now, it is up us, Malaysian to save our country before the same fate happen again.

  33. Ujang Jun 26,2008 1:21 AM

    Salam Tun;
    Dalam sidang parlimen baru-baru ini, abang kepada Shahrir Samad (nama tak ingat, dari PR) menyatakan bahawa rakyat sebenarnya yang subsidi Petronas…apa punya kenyataan ini?
    Dalam masa yang sama beliau cadangkan k,jaan bukakan tender pada syarikat luar negara untuk menjalankan operasi di medan-medan telaga!
    Apa tak cukup ke lagi kepakaran anak tempatan maka dijemput tenaga asing? Mentaliti kosong, cakap tak ikut fakta, macamana boleh jadi MP. Those who vote this man are really nonsense!
    Petronas have nothing to do with current situation…you all MPs have to ask that sleepy Bodolah Bodowi & his KoJol, why should burden all this on Petronas? We have done everything to all fellow Malaysian, yet the burden is still on us! The fact is the government is trying to divert petrol issue to Petronas. So think deeply before Petronas will be taken over by KoJol & the the gang!
    Tun please comment.

  34. Jun 26,2008 12:20 AM

    Dear TUN,
    Salam hormat, agar TUN sentiasa dirahmati ALLAH.
    In my humble opinion, now is the time to use water to replace gasoline. The big oil companies have tried to stop the power of water from being used in the automotive industry, but they can’t keep everyone’s lips sealed!
    What is your take on alternative energy TUN? Would very much appreciate your idea on this.

  35. Ujang Jun 25,2008 11:32 PM

    saudara mazshe comments:
    • Tapis Blend tidak digunakan dipasaran tempatan sebaliknya di eksport untuk pasaran luar negara pada harga yang mencecah 30% lebih tinggi dari harga minyak mentah yang digunakan didalam negara.
    untuk pengetahuan anda, Tapis Blend diproses di Loji Penapis Minyak Petronas Melaka pada kadar purata 100,000 tong sehari (juga ada diproses di Loji Penapis Kerteh T’ganu pada kadar 40,000 tong sehari).
    Terdapat 2 unit penapis minyak di Melaka. Loji 1 yang berupaya menapis minyak mentah Tapis pada jumlah 100,000 tong sehari, namun atas dasar bekalan Tapis Blend yang semakin berkurangan di samping margin keuntungan yang rendah, unit penapisan ini telah dan sedang memproses jenis-jenis minyak lain selain dari Tapis. Manakala Loji 2 untuk menapis minyak mentah yang diimpot dari Timur Tengah. Perbezaan kedua-dua loji ini adalah dari segi kualiti minyak mentah yang diproses, manakala kualiti hasil produk adalah hampir sama kecuali beberapa produk dari Loji 2 yang diekspot.
    Dalam perancangan, jangkamasa 5 tahun lagi unit penapisan ini akan mampu pula untuk memproses minyak mentah dari Timur Tengah di mana harganya yang murah (namun kandungan sulfur yang tinggi)apabila dilakukan pengubahsuaian pada unit tersebut. Walaubagaimanapun produk penghasilan masih lagi mempunyai kualiti yang sama malah lebih tinggi lagi jika untuk ekspot atas permintaan pelanggan.

  36. Ujang Jun 25,2008 11:11 PM

    really appreciate your information. Those in 4th floor have to think & reconsider before attempt to helm Petronas. They will do a big mistake if do so!
    Kepada Pemerhati Bangsa
    if you are saying that Petronas staff are unskill, it’s untrue as if refered to few oil company in Middle East (Qatar Gas, Kuwait National Oil Co, Saudi Aramco, Oman, Abu Dhabi Oil Co etc), most of them are looking for Malaysian especially from Petronas to operate their plant.
    Qatar Gas that have few trains of LNG Plant 20% are from Petronas MLNG which being offered a high payment that caused the MLNG plant experienced with plant downtime due to insufficient of trained & skill people.
    In Melaka, Petronas own 2 trains (1 train process heavy crude from middle east join venture with ConocoPhilips, one of the giant US O&G company)of refining complex which is 100% operate by Malaysian & >99% are high skilled Malay. A high technology plant which required skill people to operate even under paid compare to Shell or Esso in Port Dickson. Do they considered as unskill workers even these 2 trains generated money almost RM2 bil/yr?
    Last but not least, please not to purchase any Petronas product if you’re thinking it is produced by unskill worker!
    So think before you speak up!
    Doa saya semoga Tun & Isteri sihat.

  37. jimel Jun 25,2008 9:55 PM

    I’m with 5829 who wrote on June 24, 2008 8:06 AM. One of those politicians and/or their cronies in, then I’m out.

  38. muslimah_262 Jun 25,2008 8:49 PM

    Salaam Tun and family.
    Ada dalang2 nak buat kacau terhadap pentadbiran PETRONAS yang menguasai minyak Malaysia. Mereka letak ‘jarum’ hasut satu demi satu untuk menyemarakkan ’emosi’ rakyat biasa supaya mula ‘memberontak, yang dahulunya tiada kocakan langsung.
    Sebab apa?
    Sebab ada “agen asing’ melalui ‘proxy’ nak ‘menguasai minyak di rantau ini, sebagaimana “mereka” dahagakan minyak di Iraq, Iran, Saudi, Syria sana tu.(‘proxy’ kenalah orang Melayu, kalau tak, takkan nak letak orang Yahudi pulak kan, nanti obvious sangat, nanti orang marah kan).
    Nak serang M’sia dengan cara ketenteraan style-Iraq tak boleh, so,dalang2 tu guna style hasutan lah. Start buat kecoh sana-sini dengan street demonstration, baling bom entah apa2 kat office DAP (“false flag”).
    Those of you who read widely on current global issues (beyond malaysiaToday) know exactly what I am talking about.
    Nak buat coup d’etat…nanti obvious sangat.
    PETRONAS sekian lama diuruskan dengan begitu professional, teliti dan berkualiti oleh orang Muslim/ Melayu. We should be DARN PROUD of all the people in Petronas and stay united in supporting it.
    It shocks me to see how the foolish Malays- of which there are many- are quickly taken in by the ‘hasutan’.
    Memang ramai Melayu yang tidak bersyukur dan tidak reti menghargai sumbangan Petronas, pengasasnya,penasihatnya dan SEMUA pekerja-pekerjanya yang terdiri dari commited selfless Malaysians.
    Malangnya Melayu tau nak kutuk saja.Malu lah.
    Khairy Jamaluddin tiba2 heboh nak kutuk Petronas.He’s a dubious character. What’s his motive.Nak jadi CEO Petronas ke.

  39. ynwa1976 Jun 25,2008 7:32 PM

    To Pemerhati Bangsa,
    I think it is normal for one person to be both the president and CEO. They are not different posts, (there is only one salary to it) they are the executive, unlike a chairman’s post and the non-executive directors. It is usual to separate the president and the chairman’s role – You cant be chairman and president at the same time, that is conflict of interest. I stand to be corrected.

  40. Bakar Jun 25,2008 7:30 PM

    Salam bahagia untuk Tun serta Keluarga agar Allah sentiasa melindungi Tun sekeluarga Amin.
    Berhubung dengan kenaikan minyak baru baru ini, ianya memang meninggalkan kesan yang dalam kepada penduduk luar bandar seperti kami.
    Saya secara peribadi memuji dizaman Tun memerintah dahulu kenaikan tidaklah membeban rakyat yang berpendapatan rendah. Pada pandangan saya daripada Datuk seri Abdullah memningkan kepala membahagi subsidi yang ada sekarang kan lebih elok kenaikan harga minyak dibincang dahlu dengan MT tertinggi…..ini tidak dalam masa 4 jam dah ambil keputusan. Tak tahu depa tu mungkin mempunyai otak komputer.
    Dan sepekara lagi saya melihatkan dalam kerajaan yang dikendali olih Pak Lah sekarang rata rata depa semua tu kaki ampu dam ada segelintir dari nya ada yang dah expired ( tak bolih diguna dan dipercayai )menjadi menteri. Setahu saya Pak Lah adalah seorang yang warak…..dan orang yang warak sepatutnya tidak berbohong. Mungkin ini adalah petanda dunia nak kiamat….akhir zaman.
    Sekian diharap Tun dikurniakan Allah kesihatan. Amin.

  41. mazshe Jun 25,2008 6:27 PM

    The story about Subsidy
    A man called Razak owns a farm which can produce 10 apples every day. He has 5 workers to operate the farm.
    Each of them eats 1 apple daily and it is enough to keep them operating the farm normally.
    The remaining 4 apples, the landlord sells them at RM10 each and he earns RM40.
    He uses the RM25 to improve the farm operation and facilities.
    He gives RM2.00 to each of his workers and he keeps the remaining RM5.00 as profit.
    Day by day, the farm is well developed and all of the 5 workers are happy with the money they can save.
    When Razak passed away and there is a new landlord, PokLeh comes to continue the farm operation.
    He says to the workers: “We need to improve the farm quality and redefine our way of thinking.
    From now on all of you only need to pay RM1.00 for each apple you eat.
    It is very cheap as the price is RM10 each outside the farm.”
    The workers have no choice but to pay RM1.00 for the apple they eat daily.
    Their earning decrease from RM2.00 to RM1.00 per person.
    As usual, PokLeh sells the 4 apples and he gets RM40.
    He uses RM25 for farm improvement and pays RM10 to his 5 workers.
    He gets RM5.00 as profit. On top of that, he gets another RM5.00 from the apples that he sells to his workers.
    In total, he gets RM10 as profit every day.
    Soon, the apple price increases to RM20 each.
    The new landlord gets a higher profit as he gets RM80 for the 4 apples he sells daily.
    Then, he decides to give the farming improvement contract to one of his
    close friend, Samy..
    Samy says:”Apple cost naik, improvement cost also misti naik.”
    So, the farm improvement cost increases from RM25 to RM50.
    In actual, the improvement only cost RM30.
    The remaining RM20, PokLeh and Samy share evenly among themselves.
    Let’s calculate how much PokLeh gets daily:
    RM10 (from farm improvement cost)
    RM20 (Net profit by selling 4 apples: [Gross profit, RM80] ?
    [Improvement cost, RM50] ? [Wages RM10] = RM20)
    RM5 (from selling apples to his workers)
    In total, PokLeh gets RM35 daily compare to RM10 initially when he takes over the farm from Razak.
    His profit increases RM25 and the workers are still getting RM1.00 daily
    per person.
    The greedy PokLeh does not want to stop there.
    One day, he says to his fellow workers:” You see ah, the current
    market price for one apple is RM20 and you are only paying RM1.
    See how lucky you are! I have to SUBSIDY RM19.00 for each of the apple you buy and total I need to SUBSIDY RM95.00.
    This will greatly burden the farm and we might get bankrupt if we continue like this.
    In order to avoid bankruptcy, I need to increase the apple price that you buy from RM1.00 to RM1.50 and I will bare the remaining RM18.50 per apple as my subsidy to you all. ”
    So, greedy PokLeh adds RM2.50 to his current profit and the number
    becomes RM37.50 !!!*
    *After you have read the story, I am sure you have already understood
    the meaning of a ‘SUBSIDY’ given by the BN government.
    The RM95 subsidy was never existed in the first place and so was the
    RM52 billion fuel subsidy generously ‘given’ by the BN government..
    Cutting fuel subsidy is actually just a reason to steal money from your
    pocket. Are you gonna stand there and let them rob you???** !!!*

  42. ynwa1976 Jun 25,2008 6:16 PM

    Dear Chedet,
    I am new to this blog. Glad to know that you finally write your own – I used to read Marina Mahathir’s blog to search for news about you.
    To all others,
    We are all human beings, no point getting into a slanging match. Neil has the right to express his opinion on Putrajaya etc, but being angry about his comments is not the way to go. I hate people showing too much emotion without substance. It is not pretty, like fights in Taiwan’s parliament. I think we can all talk rationally and use the right words to express ourselves.
    Some commenters are right in saying that the ‘gajah putih’ state Putrajaya is in now is mostly because of the lack of follow-up development eg lrt etc. And Neil, Putrajaya was a necessity, everyone staying in KL in the mid 90s would understand the need to build outside KL – it was getting way too crowded and we were in danger of becoming Bangkok. Ok, maybe there were some extravagant structures, but look at Capitol Hill in the US, look at ACT in Australia – you dont want your administrative capital to look shabby, do you? When I look at the old govt office buildings in KL, I always wondered how they came to be built cos they look ugly. On hindsight, in these times, yes, maybe we should have reined it in a bit, but in a hundred years, it will be a structure worth the money spent. Just look at KLIA now – it was a lot of money at the time it was built but i think everyone would appreciate the space it offers now. You dont want to have something like London Heathrow – dark, dirty, quickly running out of space to build new runways, and being too close to residential areas that people have resorted to tying themselves up to Parliament House to protest.
    On your RM15000 gross allowance, I dont know. I think you are the only one who knows whether the allowance is right or not. Noone wants rezeki yg tak halal. We should be paid not just for what we are worth based on our past track record, but also for the work we actually do now. It didnt sound like you are doing much now, so that invites criticism. But then again it is not fair to criticise just your job cos there are other examples of people getting paid obscene amount for doing nothing eg chairman of big banks, some politicians who fail to turn up for parliamentary duties etc

  43. Puteri Bongsu Jun 25,2008 5:45 PM

    Terima Kasih YB Tun kerana memberi laluan…
    Terdapat beberapa comments yang menyalahkan Tun melantik Pak Dolah…Allahu Akbar..saya tak lah pandai..sekedar mengingatkan diri saya dan kite semua..sedar kah apa yang kalian katakan..kalian seperti anak kecil yang merengek..tak dapat apa yang dipinta / tak mendapat seperti yang dihajati..memarahi ayah / ibu…tidakkah kalian sedar bahawa apa yang berlaku adalah di atas qada dan qadar dari Allah SWT… Tun telah merancang dan usaha menjadikan kita bangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia yang tercinta…Ayahanda Tun telah buat yang terbaik buat rakyat Malaysia.
    Anggaplah apa yang berlaku pada hari ini adalah saat-saat getir buat kita (ujian Allah), selepas 22 tahun hidup selesa di bawah pemerintahan Ayahanda Tun..di masa dan saat ini sudah terserlah yang mana intan yang mana kaca..selama ini Ayahanda Tun dicerca atas segala keputusannya mentadbir negara..pernah /sudahkah kita bersyukur..fikir-fikirkan lah..
    Ambillah iktibar…salah menyalahkan bukanlah jalan penyelesaian..
    Moga Ayahanda Tun dan Bonda Hasmah sihat walafiat di dlm rahmat Allah.
    Puteri Bongsu@Asmah

  44. TanpaNama Jun 25,2008 4:53 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Just dropping by to say ‘hi’ to my beloved Tun and not so ‘hi’ to mr ‘pemerhati bangsa’ who might be so much blinded by his anger to Petronas. What Mr tul33p is very much correct. Petronas staffs are paid peanuts, but we are still here to serve our nation. Don’t take away that satisfaction from us. What is it about saying us as not as competent as other O&G companies? You need to get your fact straight. Do you think if we are not that competent, we can be at number 12 in the world as right now? If we are not a state owned company, we may have surpassed Shell, Exxonmobil years ago but we have our own obligation, to serve the nation. What do other companies have in their mind? Only to make money, that’s it. If not, Sarawak would have been the most developed state, as Shell has been there for 100 years, compared to Petronas which was only developed in 1974 with RM 10 mil investment. Like Malay proverb, ‘Belanda dapat tanah’… That’s why they even try to lure petronas staffs, after all the trainings that they’ve got, therefore, they will have highly trained person without having to invest in their development. More people may have gone out from Petronas, if not that our priority is our nation, and family, above money. Your perception that Petronas is being governed by government styled system is not true. Maybe a few staffs are not performing very well, but most of us are giving our best to make sure that Petronas is one of the most profitable company in the world. Having to compare Petronas with TNB and Telekom, is not that fair, because if we are that alike, how come Petronas is the one who bails them out from financial crisis. Come on mr pemerhati bangsa! Do you need a pair of glasses? Petronas used to have Pertamina as our mentor, but what happen to Pertamina? If Petronas is not that efficient, it may be sharing the same fate with Pertamina, eventhough Indonesia is unarguably having larger crode oil and gas stock than Malaysia. By the way, just for you to know, mr pemerhati bangsa, the gas that feeds the power plants, that is powering your computer, came through from a gas pipeline that operates at a reliability of more than 99%, whereas, the world class reliability is only 96%. So, aren’t Petronas a world class company with world class staffs, only to be deemed useless by a low class minded person like you.
    p/s: tul33p, cakap pasal kpi, mamat rabun ni paham ke? kalau kerja macam kerajaan boleh ada kpi ke? tapi betul gak, agak nya mamat ni kpi 4 kot. tensen tahun ni tak dapat bonus lah tu. takpe, ntah2 tahun ni pon takde bonus kot, pak lah suruh subsidi minyak ngan duit bonus. 😛
    2nd p/s: Tun, I’ve always been your admirer, and I’ve always tried to find time to leave a message in your blog. But I’ve been busy until now, that I’m compelled to answer people who are very zealous of Petronas, a company that you are advising. Hopefully you will remain in good health, and I’m looking forward to more postings from you.
    3rd p/s: Tan Sri Hassan Merican is President and CEO? Btui ke? As far as I know CEOs are only at OPUs, with VP for each businesses, which are headed by President. Pemerhati Bangsa, I stress again, you need a pair of glasses…

  45. myna Jun 25,2008 4:26 PM

    Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera buat Tun sefamily serta bloggers-bloggers sume,
    Tumpang lalu sket ye Ayahanda Tun! Nak bercerita jap.
    Buat bloggers sume yang mana menyokong Tun, meh kita singkap inisiatif Tun dolu2. Dolukan masa Tun isytihar nak buat jambatan pulau pinang, sume rakyat marah kat Tun membazir duit rakyat… nak tambah lagi satu (amik ko) buat Putrajaya lak kata Tun tak dak otak buat opis ngan penempatan kat tempat jin bertendang tu…pahtu nengok now dah ada development kat situkan..lawa giler…malah dapat menambahkan pendapatan negara kerana dapat menarik perhatian pelancong asing. Nak develope Mines kata Tun tak abih2 amik duit rakyat, membazir lagi. Buat monorail, erl, tambah lrt putra sume membazir…taapiiii…sikalang sapa yang sonang…tak ke kita gak. Pahtu nak buat litar F1 kata Tun gila gak..tapi depa tau tak kesannya, feedbacknya…Actually depa tak pikiaq long term la saya rasa. Tak gitu Tun. Kesian Tun, tapi saya tetap akui Tun memang hebat sehebat-hebat manusia dan dari kecik sampai ke bosar saya boleh agak apa motif atau tujuan sesuatu benda yang Tun nak buat. Of course untuk kepentingan rakyat..kebanggaan negara….Kalu omputih datang negara kita tak lah ketinggalan, tak lah malu.
    Lagi satukan yg amat menyedihkan projek lingkaran yang menghubungkan Singapura telah disetopkan oleh AAB sbbnya takde kepentingan untuk anak beranak depa dalam projek tuh sbb projek atas inisiatif Tun. Disebabkan mende2 tuh tak pasal2 Kerajaan Malaysia kena bayor cancelation fees berjuta2 ringgit dan tak pasal2 singapura kata kita penakut la itu la. Ape kehe Yob! Daripada bayor juta2 ringgit apa la salahnye topup sket subsidi minyak. Tak gitu bloggers sume.
    Sekarang dah nak libatkan petronas lak…saya betul2 tak paham. Saya rasa depa ni kan tun sengal la Tun..
    Woi Neil…ko ni omputih ke apa. Ah aku cakap melayu je lah. Yang ko kata Putrajaya gajah putih adalah semasa pemerintahan AAB sbb mamat ni nak against Tun. Apa Tun buat sume dia nak against. Dia tu apa sumbangan kepada malaysia? Takat masjid kristal yang tah ape2 tah, dah lah tuh moonsun cup yang tah ape2 gak. Tunn…, kat putrajaya kan…dah tak lawa lagi tak mcm zaman Tun dulu. Suasana Putrajaya mcm sunyi pahtu tak terjaga rumput panjang. Bukan sahaja suasannya sunyi tapi konpius mcm AAB gak. Tak leh ke kita buat sesuatu. Saya selalu gi sana sbb anak sedara one of the player for F1Boat wakil malaysia. Sayang sangat kalu tak dijaga dengan elok kan Tun. Ko ni Neil sesedap maggi mee je nak kata Putrajaya gajah putih. Hang pi maintain sindiri arrr kalu terer sangat. Oppsss sori Tun terkasaq lak (emotional).
    Anyway Tun, I really hope for d miracle which is hope that u akan memerintah semula walaupun posibilities tu amat kureng. Tapi mana tau kan Tun. Allah tu Maha Kaya (doa gila2 nih sebenarnya supaya Tun kembali memerintah)
    Akhirkata sampaikan salam saya kat keluarga Tun yang tercinta juga untuk bloggers sekeluarga. Doakan segala usaha Tun untuk kembalikan mereka2 dungu, sengal dan bengkak ini kepangkal jalan serta mengembalikan kegemilangan UMNO menaikkan martabat melayu akan termakbul. AMIN YA RABBAL A’LAMINNN……..
    Sayang sayang bucuk bucuk Tun…..

  46. Tamingsari Jun 25,2008 3:08 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I am afraid that Petronas is DOOMED!!!! if ever Tan Sri Marican (who is such a high caliber and respected person in the Petroleum industry…Internationally), is replaced with these 4th floor jokers…who only knows how to pump petrol into thier car and suck their thumbs and cry mummy when things go wrong.

  47. Dahliacinta Jun 25,2008 3:05 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya sependapat dengan teman-teman yang lain. Saya menyokong Tun sepenuhnya.Saya berdoa semoga Tun sentiasa sihat.
    Sama-sama la kita berdoa agar PETRONAS tidak jatuh ke tangan pihak2 yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

  48. sangsetia Jun 25,2008 2:27 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Untuk makluman Tun Site yang baru ni mengelirukan saya untuk membuat komen/ulasan kerana ruangan untuk menulis komen/ulasan terletak di bahagian bawah sekali berbanding sebelum ini. Mungkin dgn penjelasan ini, Tun boleh melihat cara lain untuk memudahkan komen/ulasan dibuat.
    Kenapa Jawatankuasa Integriti Parlimen tidak membicarakan semua perkara yg melibatkan kroni PakLah & Anak Beranak secara lebih terbuka dan mendalam-hanya setakat berpuas hati dengan penjelasan sahaja!
    Kenapa pemimpin UMNO tidak memberikan komen terhadap kerakusan kroni PakLah & Anak Beranak-hanya berpeluk tubuh sahaja!
    Kenapa tiada aktivis UMNO yang berani sepertimana aktivis PKR yang berani membuat lapuran BPR terhadap salahlaku pegawai khas!
    Mungkin Tun perlu fikirkan UMNO perlu mempunyai aktivis UMNO yg seberani aktivis PKR sebelum terlambat!
    Kenapa tiada aktivis UMNO yg berani berdemontrasi aman sepertimana pemimpin dan ahli parti pembangkang utk menentang kerakusan kroni PakLah & Anak Beranak!
    Kenapa perlu etika berkempen yg terlampau ketat sehinggakan nak hadir kenduri tahlil dan kahwin pun tak boleh-calon yg bertanding lepas ni hanya boleh menelan air liur sahaja sebab tak dapat makan nasi minyak?

  49. best4rakyat Jun 25,2008 2:10 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Malaysian could remember your during those days as PM for 22 years.
    Though well known by your decisive arms & administration that many dislike but whenever looking back Malaysia was spotted or known internationally!
    What currently and especially for Yong from Sabah is not “voting of no confidence” to BN as a whole but in no way a brave step to ask for attention & return of belongs. This has not been taken in by someone and to leap forward you too know what were the co-operation and respect from Sabah to you before.
    Any gain from petroleum if it were to be tapped from here should be repaid back with much better royalty in return. Never expect too much of “Robinhood” style but past attitude of insufficient or low royalty to be noted and can’t afford to waste waiting for another 50 years. This is economy but not so much of politics that many UMNO MP disagree radically against Yong. Even among MP from Sabah they have been made to selfishly not to realise the need and problem here.
    It is time for Petronas to be accountable by transparent account and reconsider to share the wealth from oil resources for people today!

  50. escape Jun 25,2008 2:01 PM

    jgn la kerajaan nak fully control PETRONAS..nnti silap2 abis semue pekerje PETRONAS benti kerje..Pekerja PETRONAS kerja sbb sayang kan malaysia dan nak beramal tolong rakyat je..bukan nak jadi kroni BN..
    (rasanya ramai pekerja PETRONAS bukan org BN =))
    PETRONAS dah semakin maju..biar lah org2 technical je yg handle bisness ni..bukan politician..yang penting PETRONAS mnyumbang kepada kerajaan..membantu rakyat2, menaik kan taraf pendidikan rakyat..(PETRONAS byk wat x kecoh..hanye org yg tahu je yg menghargai)

  51. alammaya Jun 25,2008 2:00 PM

    correct me if i am wrong:-
    1. u produce say 600k barrel a day but your local consumption is at 500k barrel…so there is only 100k barrel extra to sell…so 100k barrel at USD140=USD14,000,000… this is before you deduct other cost i.e. refining cost before you can pump ur petrol inside your car…unless someone is using a ‘kereta lembu’ or a flinstone car
    2. increase price @ 250%…. i think cost to produce and other related cost such as royalty, transportation, duties will also increase in tandem with the increase in price…..
    3. all in all…maybe there is an increase but to say the increase in net income should be 250% will not be correct… maybe someone should do some reading on costing…then you will know the meaning of gross income, gross profit and net income…as well as net profit after tax…..
    4. generally petronas contribute by more than 50% of the govt income thru income tax, duties, dividend as well as royalty…so if the govt misuse the money i.e. special project initiated by the 4th floor scumbag such as monsoon cup which in reality have no benefit to the public at large(except if you r lucky you can see michelle yeoh in bikini!!!!)… should we let them continue to come up with such other project or tell them to get out….

  52. Shaharon Salleh Jun 25,2008 1:16 PM

    As I stressed in my blog:, the world’s citizens today are entering into a borderless universe where people from far East could freely communicate with the citizens of the West without hinderance or inteference from any party. Today we are communicating through ciberspace, through the internet, a technology developed which enabled each of the inhabitants of the earth to contact and communicate freely between one to another.
    Dear Tun, you were responsibled in bringing forth and popagating the IT tecnhnology into our counrty more than a decade ago. And today, our Malaysian citizens are startled with your unintermitting spirit in building this nation though you have left the government.
    You persistently kept throwing your thoughts as you ever did years ago. Your blog really touched the heart of every one who visited it.
    I believed that the ‘chedet’ blog you created has given more impacts towards the masses. It is time now for you to run your life peacefully from the interruption or instrusion of the mass-media each time you appear in public places.
    The insight you exposed in the blog sinced the 1st of May 2008, are eagerly followed by every one. Everything now is opened for every person, even to the layman, to scrutinize every national issue and to judge between rights and wrongs.
    After initiated the IT technology, you have now stand amongst bloggers in an affair of honour, fighting for the betterment of the ‘rakyat’ and the nation. May Allah blessed you.

  53. bashaa Jun 25,2008 12:45 PM

    Dear Dr M
    You did not comment nor detail what most of us Malaysians are thinking. If previously crude oil price was more or less USD40 per barrel and now has taken off to close to USD140 per barrel. Doesn’t that mean that now PETRONAS has increased its profits by nearly 250% now? Doesn’t that also mean that even though things remain unstable, the constant is the word PETRONAS. What ever else changes, PETRONAS still derives high income through the sale of crude oil. Please can you explain this is detail?
    On your posting about the achievements and job well done by you while you were Prime Minister, you don’t need us to say anymore. I think we have rubbed your heart enough ! We are behind you. You did what you needed to do, and we need to move on.
    Your comment on the 4th Floor boys maybe uncalled for, Dr M, its time for somebody else to take over and somebody else to run the show. They are doing it at the countries expense, but we will survive, you thought us how to survive and we will. Leave it be.

  54. Nurmizan Jun 25,2008 12:23 PM

    A’kum Tun,
    Setakat yg saya tahu, Petronas berada dalam raking ke 121 dalam senarai Fortune World 500 bagi tahun 2007 dan dari segi jumlah keuntungan, Petronas berada dalam ranking yang ke 18 dari senarai yang sama… memang menjadi idaman ramai orang nak menguasai Petronas…. rakyat akan mengikuti sejauh mana strategi mereka menguasai dan meratah Petronas…

  55. sayangmelayu Jun 25,2008 12:23 PM

    harap2 sangat lah jangan sampai petronas jatuh ke tangan pak lah dan kroni2nya yang xtau nak urus ekonomi dengan baik…..hal ekonomi negara pun tak berapa lepas lagi…ada hati nak uruskan petronas plah dak….adoi la orang tamak sorang nie…

  56. penukul Jun 25,2008 11:51 AM

    Kita tak tahu apa motif pak dol&co. Bikin rakyat susah..undur 20 th kebelakang.Cara pak dol & co hanya sesuai utk. th 60an.
    Lu pikirlah sendiri…

  57. Jembalang Tanah Jun 25,2008 11:42 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Harapnya di masa akan datang, TUN dapat sertakan Versi Bahasa Melayu bagi kami2 yang kurang faham English (hehehe..)
    Seperti apa yang pernah Tun utarakan dahulu, sebenarnya masih banyak lagi langkah yang boleh di ambil oleh Kerajaan Malaysia bagi menangani krisis kenaikkan harga bahan api dunia ini selain menaikkan harga petrol & diesel dan merendahkan sara hidup kami.
    Bagi pandangan saya, AAB sememangnya BUTA EKONOMI, walaupun saya bukan ahli ekonomi atau ahli MT, tapi saya juga punya pengetahuan berdasarkan pemerhatian saya semasa pemerintahan Tun dalam menangani krisis ini. Semasa pemerintahan Tun, untuk naikkan harga petrol sebanyak 3 sen pun ambil masa untuk dilaksanakan, tetapi sekarang, 78sen dinaikkan dengan mudah dan drastik tanpa menilai taraf hidup rakyat.
    Kenapa kita nak bandingkan negara kita dgn Singapore & Thailand? Kita adalah negara pengeluar minyak dan minyak kita adalah Gred A. Kenapa kita tak boleh mendapat keistemewaan itu dr hasil khazanah negara dan anugerah Allah?
    Kenapa kita tak bandingkan negara kita dengan Brunai? (Kena convert matawang brunai dari segi nilai petrol dan nilai sara hidup/ gaji baru dapat nilainya yang sebenar).
    Pentadbiran PAK LAH (Boleh Blah) dan KJ (Kerajaan Jajahan) amatlah merisaukan kami rakyat yang berpendapatan rendah. Sistem demokrasi telah dihapuskan oleh Pak Lah dan digantikan dengan NEGARA KRONI, hanya Yes Bos @ Ya Abah sahaja yang di beri keistemewaan ini sedangkan kami rakyat pula yang terpaksa tanggung beban untuk mengkayakan mereka.
    Semoga Tun dapat berbuat sesuatu sebelum Malaysia hancur dan dijajah oleh keluarga PAK LAH. Kami Rakyat Malaysia berikrar akan taat setia kepada Raja dan Negara. Akan melakukan apa sahaja demi mempertahankan Tanah Air ini. Jasa dan kebijaksanaan Tun amatlah kami harapkan bagi mengembalikan Malaysia ke persada dunia.
    Jika tandatangan kami yang Tun perlukan, silakanlah… Jika 10,000 balaci Pak Lah menyokongnya… masih ada 10,000,000 lagi Rakyat Malaysia yang berani berjuang demi kesejahteraan negara.
    Jasa dan pengorbanan Tun amatlah kami harapkan dan hargai, semoga Tun serta keluarga dilimpahi Rahmat Allah sentiasa… Amin…

  58. agent mulder Jun 25,2008 11:04 AM
    YB Sri Gading VS YB Pokok Sena Berdebat Tentang Isu Minyak
    Hadits Nabi Muhammad SAW Tentang Orang-Orang Munafik / Muna :
    “Tanda orang-orang munafik itu ada tiga keadaan. Pertama, apabila berkata-kata ia berdusta. Kedua, apabila berjanji ia mengingkari. Ketiga, apabila diberikan amanah (kepercayaan) ia mengkhianatinya”.(Hadist Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim).

  59. Ko Yem Binjai Jun 25,2008 11:00 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I called your office Monday and were asked to write. It has been long since the last time, 2001, congratulations. For the work, yes I have done my duty.
    But, I invite you Tun, please visit me us at
    I hope you understand.
    Ko Yem Binjai.

  60. angelinajolie Jun 25,2008 10:50 AM

    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,
    Could another CIA agent is planning to take over Malaysia using the same modus operandi???????
    After 1990, Soros funds targeted the Russian educational system, providing the entire nation with textbooks. 19 In effect, Soros ensured the indoctrination of an entire generation of Russian youth with OSI propaganda. Soros foundations were accused of engineering a strategy to take control of the Russian financial system, privatization schemes, and the process of foreign investment in that country. Russians reacted angrily to Soros’ legislative meddlings. Critics of Soros and other U.S. foundations said the goal of these maneuvers was to “thwart Russia as a state, which has the potential to compete with the world’s only superpower.” 20 Russians began to suspect Soros and the CIA were interconnected. Business tycoon Boris Berezovsky said, “I nearly fainted when I heard a couple of years ago that George Soros was a CIA agent.” 21 Berezovsky’s opinion was that Soros, and the West, were “afraid of Russian capital becoming strong.”
    If the economic and political establishment in the United States fear an economic rivalry from Russia, what better way to control it than to dominate Russian media, education, research centers and science? After spending $250 million for the “transformation of education of humanities and economics at the high school and university levels,” Soros created the International Science Foundation for another $100 million. 22 The Russian Federal Counterintelligence Service (FSK) accused Soros foundations in Russia of “espionage.” They noted that Soros was not operating alone; he was part of a full court press that included financing from the Ford and Heritage Foundations; Harvard, Duke, and Columbia universities, and assistance from the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence services. 23 The FSK criticized Soros’ payouts to 50,000 Russian scientists, saying that Soros advanced his own interests by gaining control of thousands of Russian scientific discoveries and new technologies to collect state and commercial secrets. 24
    In 1995, Russians were infuriated by the insinuation of State Department operative Fred Cuny into the conflict in Chechnya. Cuny’s cover was disaster relief, but his history of involvement in international conflict zones of interest to the U.S., plus FBI and CIA search parties, made clear his government connections. At the time of his disappearance, Cuny was working under contract to a Soros foundation. 25 It is not widely known in the U.S. that the violence in Chechnya, a province in the heart of Russia, is generally perceived as the result of a political destabilization campaign on which Washington looks favorably, and may actually be directing. This assessment of the situation is clear enough to writer Tom Clancy that he felt free to include it as an assertion of fact in his best-seller, The Sum of All Fears. The Russians accused Cuny of being a CIA operative, and part of an intelligence operation to support the Chechen uprising. 26 Soros’ Open Society Institute is still active in Chechnya, as are other Soros-sponsored organizations.
    Russia was the site of at least one joint endeavor to enhance Soros’ balance sheet, arranged with diplomatic assistance from the Clinton administration. In 1999, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright blocked a $500 million loan guarantee by the U.S. Export-Import Bank to the Russian company, Tyumen Oil, on the grounds that it was contrary to U.S. national interests. Tyumen wanted to buy American-made oil equipment and services from Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Company and ABB Lummus Global of Bloomfield, New Jersey. 27 George Soros was an investor in a company that Tyumen had been trying to acquire. Both Soros and BP Amoco lobbied to prevent this transaction, and Albright obliged. 28

  61. mgpunya Jun 25,2008 10:24 AM

    Assalamualaikum Datuk Seri,
    I can’t help but feel a little amuse at Pak Lah’s move in allowing Government Servant to get involve in business to get extra income at this time of hardship. I think as a reciprocate, he too should allow businessmen to get part time job with the government because they too are feeling the current economic hardship and not just fix income earners. I feel this people are worst of, if people don’t go to their stalls to eat, it means no money and no income for them.Why you want to squeeze in more people into this segment of economy that is already tight is beyond me. Government decisions like this, I feel are too reactive and glaringly shows that it has no long term plan to get this nation out of the current political and economic turmoil.Thank you.
    Best wishes to you sir and family

  62. Iman Jun 25,2008 9:57 AM

    assalamualaikum Tun, hope you are always in excellent condition.
    I am sorry for despising you way back in 99-2000, i was still an IPT student and you know how we young people think during that turbulent period. Our group even deliberately ignore you when you came to our IPT table utk sesi ramah-mesra. How stupid I was.. i should’ve ignore the fact that i didn’t like your politic style, but instead focus on how brilliant, brave and strong you are as a leader!!! Now I miss your speeches and hardheadedness in defending the country!!!
    Keep on writing Tun, we need all the info!

  63. angelinajolie Jun 25,2008 9:56 AM

    To Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad the FATHER OF THE NATION and the rest of the bloggers just read on…………………
    “Currency traders sitting at their desks buy and sell currencies of Third World countries in large quantities. The effect of the currency fluctuations on the people who live in those countries is a matter that does not enter their minds. Nor should it; they have a job to do. Yet if we pause to think, we must ask ourselves whether currency traders.. .should regulate the lives of millions.” 14
    It was Soros who saved George W. Bush’s bacon when his management of an oil exploration company was ending in failure. Soros was the owner of Harken Energy Corporation, and it was he who bought the rapidly depreciating stocks just prior to the company’s collapse. The future president cashed out at almost one million dollars. Soros said he did it to buy “political influence.” 15 Soros is also a partner in the infamous Carlyle Group. Organized in 1987, “the world’s largest private equity firm” with over twelve billion dollars under management, is run by “a veritable who’s who of former Republican leaders,” from CIA man Frank Carlucci to CIA head George Bush, Sr. The Carlyle Group makes most of its money from weapons expenditures.

  64. angelinajolie Jun 25,2008 9:50 AM

    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,
    I have one quote here from your former enemy and I want to share it with the rest of the bloggers……….
    Soros once made a billion dollars in one day by speculating (a word he abhors) on the British pound. Accused of taking “money from every British taxpayer when he speculated against sterling,” he said, “When you speculate in the financial markets you are free of most of the moral concerns that confront an ordinary businessman.. .I did not have to concern myself with moral issues in the financial markets.” 13

  65. alamanda Jun 25,2008 9:22 AM

    forgot to mention this: if any of you observant enough, last year’s Independence Day Celebration (50 years)- the mainstage backdrop full of Malaysia’s greatest monument, KLIA, KLCC, KL Tower and all those development developed during Tun’s tenure. It overlapped by the 5 PMs that has been appointed. But I had a big laugh when I saw ONE item on the backdrop – THE EYE OF MALAYSIA (just to say that it is the contribution by DSAAB during his tenure? and is that the only one, on 1-year lease?) hehehehehe …. lu pikir la sendiri … ahaks

  66. angelinajolie Jun 25,2008 9:18 AM

    What is your problem? If you have an identity crises I guess you should look into the mirror and question yourself “what am I doing here in Putrajaya? Is Pak Lah breeding black elephant or white elephant”?

  67. ordinary Jun 25,2008 7:58 AM

    Salam sejahtera pada Tun
    There are bloggers who are bent on frustrated criticisms of Tun. We need to let them “speak up” as it provides a balance. More importantly it helps us realise that the position of the bumiputera is not as SOLID as perceived. Just tolerate them – they serve a purpose here, however unpleasant it is. They “alert” us to beware of agitated elements. So SEDAR lah …
    Next thing is to take ACTION. There are some suggestions given by Tun earlier and also in some other blogs. The problem is the legal aspect???
    Mathias Chiang has given an indication of things to come. Most concerned rakyat are at a loss of what to do. But alhamdullilah, there is a sense of awakening …
    Semoga Tun sehat dan tenang sentiasa disamping keluarga dan teman.

  68. Oumono Jun 25,2008 5:32 AM

    just when i thought our country wont go down any further than kept getting worse..
    bila la ble bangkit lawan pak lah..

  69. Penghulu Jun 25,2008 4:10 AM

    A’kum Tun..
    semuga sihat sejahtera,”Perjuangan belum selesai”. Nampaknya UMNO PAK LAH dan anak beranaknya cuba menipu rakyat lagi, dengan memaksa kerajaan BN menyokong penuh usul kenaikan petrol/bahanapi. Rakyat nampak ahli parlimen BN dah jadi “LEMBU”. Alasan fenomena Global pada saya tidak realistik digunapakai sepenuhnya untuk Malaysia. Negara kita kaya dengan hasil minyak dan gas. Petronas beroperasi di 36 negara. Harga komoditi naik, Petronas/Kerajaan Malaysia tak untung besar ke? sehingga tak dapat “tampung lebih sedikit subsidi” untuk keperluan rakyat sendiri? orang melayu majoriti bukannya kaya, cukup makan je. lainlah orang melayu bergelar menteri UMNO. Rakyat di Malaysia ni guna minyak Gred C.(Import), anggaran harga USD129.09 p/barr. Rujukan:
    Mysia guna dalam 440,000ribu tong. Mysia keluarkan minyak dalam 660,000 ribu tong. Gred A, Non Opec. Malaysia, Tapis Blend, harganya sekarang = USD140.90 p/barr.untungnya : = 660,000 X USD 140.90. =USD 92,994,000.00. Ini harga yang paling tinggi dibanding minyak ahli OPEC & NON OPEC. Rakyat guna 440,000 x 129.09 = USD56,799,600. (Untungnya = USD36,194,400.00) bersih. Ini tak kira LPG yang dihantar ke Jepun,Korea.. etc. atau tambah lagi pendapatan dari 36 negara yang Petronas dah invest.atau nilai harga yang rendah, Mysia selalu dapat “special price, contract” dengan pak arab?
    Kepada ahli ekonomi PAK LAH, yang baru nak kaji kenapa harga minyak turun, naik mendadak…(statement dlm TV tu)”Baru nak kaji ke?” Broker MAUT kat Chow Kit tu pun tau.Prof baru nak kaji????
    Kepada Samad Uban, tak buat homework ke? atau memang tak reti?atau dah jadi menteri “LEMBU”.Menteri timbang kati KOT? Cakap bukan main berdegag-degag. Kepada TOK UBAN SERAWAK, hasil minyak/LPG melimpah ruah!!! anak Melanau, suku melanau kat Kuala Matu tu tak pernah pakai walau setitik pun minyak subsidi. Pergilah tengok nelayan,petani Melanau kat Kuala Matu tu,enjin bot ada, tapi masih pakai kuderat 2 kuda. Minyak melimpah-limpah keluar kat Kuala tu(Dulang D2). untuk SIMPANAN anak cucu sendiri ke? WHAT HAPPEN TO U OLD MAN? buta mata, buta hati ke? kalau kedekut mcm PAK LAH, SEKURANG-KURANGNYA bagi le Jalan raya ke(3 km aje), Air ke, elektrik ke.. (jgn bagi generator kandang lembu atau tangki septik lagi ye)
    Terima Kasih TUN. kerana memberikan blog ini untuk rakyat.
    Saya doakan TUN sihat sejahtera.

  70. malaysianlover Jun 25,2008 3:01 AM

    Dear Tun & other bloggers/commentators,
    Saya dah PENAT blogging. The more Tun writes, the more we know, the more bengang and helpless I feel with PakLah & gang.
    Time to see some actions and results…

  71. Cempaka Seri Jun 25,2008 2:55 AM

    Dear TunM,
    Its passed 2.5million for your Blog BUT PakLah still anchored to the chair.
    Rakyat after rakyat gives opnion and views and vent tempers in this Blog yet nothing happened.
    Is anybody able to lead Malaysians to put sense into PakLah or are we rakyat supposedly to wait for UMNO end year who wins or wait for next GE?
    Please. I wish I could moot but I am nobody.
    I must be from someone pengaruh.
    Please help us.

  72. zali lampai Jun 25,2008 2:04 AM

    Kepada Pembaca Semua,
    Abaikan sahaja si Antimamak tu… tiada makna kita melayan dia…
    Matlamat kita adalah menyebarkan maklumat mengenai tipu daya AAB dan memberikan tekanan kepada AAB agar meletak jawatan…
    Antimamak tu geng AAB yang cuba memesongkan fokus kita dari matlamat asal.

  73. dali Jun 25,2008 1:24 AM

    What we can see now is that the govt is putting Petronas at stake. Being the cash cow to the govt is norm to everybody. The plan is to make as though Petronas is at fault.
    We see it differently altogether. First the unpegging of Ringgit to the USD, then the unexpected rise of crude oil which is based on the USD, then the flow goes to Petronas. Whilst SIL is championing the issue on Petronas in the parliament and fanning anger to the people to know more about Petronas’s well being. Our questions are, after all these years, it never happened. Why now?
    We are hopping that Petronas will not become another PERTAMINA once the SIL & co put their legs in.
    The story now is, knowing Tun is the advisor, Petronas did well all the while. Has anybody ever knew that Tun’s family was even rejected by Petronas’s management who’s trying to get even a small portion of their businesses during Tun’s tenure? It’s a laughing matter indeed, yes, but it happened. That’s the Tun that we knew.
    Now, all the chain reactions and commotions while being focused and the news of the day, Pos Malaysia, through ECM Libra gets the cream. SIL will gain lots of RM to go for the Youth Head and perhaps promoted to ministry level.
    The rest of the MPs will be too busy to defend all steps taken by the govt and of course they won. MPs will be happy, Paklah broadly smiling and the deed was done at the expense of the people.
    The plan was now to get rid of their biggest hindrance, Tun and perhaps replace the President, just like what happened to Tengku Mahaleel.
    That’s my two cents opinion.
    By zaiton on June 24, 2008 8:30 AM
    To Neil…….if you think RM15,000.00 is a big sum, try put your brain in open market…..i bet yours will fetch the highest bid since it has not been utilised at all!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – Seconded…!
    – what he knew was made to believe, and he believed but his intelligence was bought in total at no price at all. What a pity.
    – My brother in his 30’s draws a “basic” of RM25,000-00 a month as a manager in KL. What’s the big deal? and he grew up in Tun’s era. Thank you TUN for being our leader and hopefully another you will represent us in a very near future if not yourself.

  74. schweinsteiger Jun 25,2008 1:21 AM

    Y A bhg Tun,
    Would like to know about inventQjaya. Why it failed when it had so much hope for alternate energy. Did government lose a lot of money?

  75. PAYA Jun 25,2008 1:16 AM

    Salam Readers,
    the fact is, whether we like it or not, petronas is back bone of malaysia. it prints money to the nation and should petronas is misused by corrupted politicians, there goes malaysia, tinggal nama..
    dont really know muchabout tan sri hassan but based on his track records leading petronas for something odd years, he actually did quite remarkable job in adding value to petronas and directly to the nation. I believe most malaysians think so. petronas is now known worldwide. branding of petronas especially thru F1 does work. one time, i really thought it was a waste, spending millions sponsoring a car racing team. this branding campaign created business for petronas overseas. now, we can see this relatively young oil n gas company managed to operate in other 36 countries and compete with oil giants. Getting rid of hassan is probably the ‘silliest’ thing to do at this point of time (world oil crisis). it would definitely make malaysians realise of the ultimate intention of our dirty malaysian politicians to swallow the juice from petronas’ success.
    Worse still, Malaysians are already losing faith in the current government. im sure rakyat is wise enough to choose a coalition that they think could prosper them and re-unite the people of malaysia; dont get surprise even if malaysians have to re-elect a new government from oppositions and honestly, malaysians are capable of doing it.
    by the way, Tun, who exactly the people you mentioned in Tingkat 4 JPM?
    lastly, Pak Lah, stop ignoring and if you care about rakyat, pls step down nicely. BN components, wake up and unite.
    May Allah bless us all.

  76. tul33p Jun 25,2008 1:01 AM

    This comment is for you pemerhati bangsa.
    3) Petronas, TNB, Telekom dsb adalah pemusnah professional Melayu. Balik2 dari tajaan belajar di luar negara dan join GLC akan terjadi samada mereka rosak di dalam sistem yg tidak efisien dan korup atau mereka menjadi mangsa ‘budaya tidak professional’ seperti polisi Petronas yang menghalang pekerje bekas Petronas masuk semula setelah berhenti dari Petronas. Berapa ramai pelajar tajaan Petronas di luar negara yang cream of the cream tidak mahu pulang dan berkhidmat untuk Petronas?
    That is not PETRONAS fault. Siapa yang tak nak kerja dgn PETRONAS kalau gaji yg ditawarkan setaraf dgn rival company such as Shell and Exxon? We are paid peanuts! I may say that these graduates that choose not to come back and serve our nation put monetary gain on top of their loyalty to the nation. PETRONAS policy not to allow staff who has quit to come back serving this company because we valued loyalty more than anything. Dah ludah takkan nak jilat balik? Tak tau malu ke? Other O&G company may accept these worker back into their company because they do not value loyalty to the company & nation on top of their priority. These worker will just succumb and served anyone who put the highest bid. PETRONAS stands for PETROLIAM NASIONAL if you need any further clarification.
    It is not their fault too, if PETRONAS is capable to revise the current staff salary and make it on par with other O&G company, these things will not happen. We (the staff) are still a human being with many needs that can be fulfilled only with (abundance) money.
    4) Saya amat tak setuju dengan ‘claim’ Tun bahawa staff petronas high in demand and highly trained. Takkah Tun sedar bahawa all the cream of the cream of Oil & Gas experts in Malaysia are serving Shell, Exxonmobil, Total, BP, Schlumberger etc while the least skilled and unwanted are in Petronas? Petronas adalah syarikat GLC 95% staff melayu. This is a total bollocks YABhg. Tun.
    We are the lowest(if we are not the lowest, we will still be among the lowest) paid O&G company in the whole world even though we are proudly enlisted as one of the Seven Sisters in O&G world. What do you expect from this peanuts salary? There have been waves… and waves… followed by another waves… of highly trained PETRONAS staff being lured over to rival company due to the lucrative offers given to them. We have a very structured training system, experienced technical trainers that fully concentrates to improve the staff’s skills… especially the very much green and fresh graduates. Schlumberger, Qatar, Talisman (just naming a few) just wait until the staff is fully trained and capable before offering their prey a large sum of money to lure the staff away from PETRONAS. They don’t have to spend a single cent in Capability Development of these worker since PETRONAS has “sponsored” them all…
    If you wonder why the current PETRONAS staffs are still under trained? It is easy. Because they are still undergoing the training stage. Once they are fully trained… Zasssss…. they are gone! The ones left are the one who put the loyalty factor as a priority. Right?
    PETRONAS hires more Malays as its staff, is it sinful to help the BUMIPUTERA? Or you want to say that companies that hires more Malays than other races is inefficient? I can’t deny that, but please rewards PETRONAS an exception from that mindset that will not bring us anywhere. That is the real bollocks man!
    I think that whomever wrote this must be someone who is/was an insider. Maybe he received a warning letter for last Appraisal cycle due to his under performance to have this much grudge to the company? 😛
    Dapat KPI 4 ke bang?

  77. Abd Rahim Helmee bin Awang Jun 25,2008 12:57 AM

    Salam Tok Det,
    Saya cadang kan PM Malaysia Patut ada SATU ‘Kalkulator PM Malaysia’ nama dia. Kalkulator ini akan diserahkan kepada PM baru yang akan ganti PM lama kita. So, setiap kali kena tukaq PM baru, kita tak perlulah bimbang sangat…..
    Abd Rahim Helmee bin Awang

  78. Third Eyes Jun 24,2008 11:59 PM

    I wonder What will be Malaysia become without PETRONAS??

  79. Sarawak Pepper Jun 24,2008 11:49 PM

    Salam hormat Tun,
    If one third of Petronas money comes from overseas operations, then the rest comes from Sarawak, Sabah and Terengganu. If the 4th Flr controls Petronas, its equivalent to controlling the 3 states. Recent fuel subsidy exercise should include giving the 3 states 95% not 5% royalty. Not fair to call it royalty, it should be the other way round, Petronas is the one who should get royalty 5% from the 3 states. The oil comes from the 3 states, its theirs, belongs to them, the state owns it, why should Petronas get 95%, Petronas only come and dig…dig…dig… get money, brought it away, thats what they know best, ordinary people here don’t get much anything but high petrol prices although their land produces oil. Unlike the Arabs, we don’t enjoy the oil wealth here. Such a pity, especially rural areas in Sarawak, masih banyak kawasan…kawasan….kawasan kawasan belum ada jalanraya tanah berbatu pun sejak merdeka, padahal duit minyak banyak. Tak perlu tengok jauh, go to Nanga Entabai, Dtk YB Salang punya kawasan, jalan kayu balak teruk kesian peninggalan tokey balak aja ada. Kalau pakai bot berjam-jam up river, dah lah minyak lagi mahal guna propeller air. At least for Sabah ada Yong Teck Lee dah mula mengamuk. Tak berhasil vote of no confidence, tak apa, tapi dia ada vote of public confidence. Pairin dah jadi org baik, nasib baik tak stab Pak Lah, Tun dah kena stab dulu. Esok belum tau, kan? Yang lain?? Masih buta strategi agaknya!

  80. GOMO Jun 24,2008 11:22 PM

    Asalammualaikum buat Tun dan Isteri tercinta, semoga sihat hendakNya.
    saya ingin memohon maaf jika bahasa yang saya ingin gunakan selepas ini agak KASAR.
    Pegi MAMPOS lah kau.
    Haramjadah Kau.
    Kau ingat kau tu bagus sangat?
    ape sumbangan kau?
    ape yang kau bantu Rakyat Malaysia?
    tiap kali kau cakap, macam kau lah paling bagus kat dunia ni.
    aku dah lama bersabar dengan kata-kata kau.
    kalau ikutkan hati aku memang MAMPOS kau ni.
    kau kena sedar sapa diri kau.
    bukan nak hentam orang je.
    Tun tu PAHLAWAN TERBILANG. kalau Tun tak buat Pembangunan dan kawal ekonomi ni dulu Malaysia Takde orang yang tahu.
    Dengan pembangunan dan Ekonomi yang Tun bawak nilah yang buat Malaysia di kenali seluruh DUNIA.
    kau lepak kat mana???
    senang aku datang jumpa kau!!!
    nak tengok jugak hebat sangat ke kau ni???
    @ pun kau ni sebenarnya KERONI-KERONI PAK LAH NGOK???
    @ ANWAR TOT….
    Buat pembaca yang lain saya mohon maaf kerana sesungguhya bahasa yang saya gunakan ini agak kasar!!!
    Tapi jangan dibiarkan Orang macam Antimamak ni Bersifat kurang ajar kepada Tun.

  81. Ulu Kalumpang Jun 24,2008 11:05 PM

    Salam Tun,
    In line with what Datuk Yong Teck Lee said people in Sabah is always been left out or behind, this is a good example that I need to share with you.
    I went back to my hometown Tawau, Sabah recently. Not that I want to grouse about the RM560+ million Kota Kinabalu-Tawau Highway (so called “Sabah’s North-South Highway”) or illegal immigrant issues, but it is about people in Sabah is left behind from basic information/news.
    Since your blog has both BM and English, can we also have your writings, thoughts and opinions in Mandarin? The elderly and people like my parents are not able to read your blog because most of them only know how to converse and read in Mandarin. Over here in Peninsular, most elderly people is capable of communicating well in BM and English but this is not the case in Sabah and even Sarawak. The situation becomes worst if the access to the information is limited due to controlled media or lack of Internet access. As of now, they are depending on us, who know a bit of Internet, to tell them about your excellent blog. When I shared the info in your blog to them recently, they asked me for more and to print a Mandarin copy for them.
    Taking this opportunity, I hope Tun could generate a Mandarin version in your blog and I believe many Malaysian Chinese will be thankful and benefited from this move. If you had left out Sabahan in the past, please don’t let them behind this time!
    Thank you for considering.

  82. Kampong Boy Jun 24,2008 11:05 PM

    Neill says
    “If your job is a post box then that salary is too high.Yes Petronas is one of those few companies that is spinning money for the cronies.With the account black out the crooks can do whatever they like,helping your children,building white elephants like putra jaya etc.Petronas is in other words UMNO’s CASH COW.”
    This Neill dude again. You are definitely full of nonsense with baseless comments dude Neill. Strong possibility that most Chairman/Advisor in most companies around the world are being paid much more than that. You are definitely one of the dudes that cannot accept the fact and reality of life that you have been enjoying life during the previous government as well.
    You are definitely in state of denial and my only advise to you is to seek an advice from your panel doctor.
    Anyway you take care Neill dudes and enjoy your life more.
    Kampong Boy

  83. Asvocalasyou Jun 24,2008 11:04 PM

    Like so many out there,I wish I can send you a longivity pill so that you can live that long and blog that much of the time.Some comments are not that broad and indepth.But hope to read a few in time to come.
    Can’t someone do something counter the 4th floor boys and tonged them into a dustbin to freeze for good b4 our coffer in Petronas all gone dry?

  84. zaki_77 Jun 24,2008 11:02 PM

    Malaysia needs to follow Singapore’s lead into putting the most qualified and the most competent people into positions of national responsibilities. You will never find GIC or Temasek Holdings putting in clowns and money-grabbing crooks to manage their portfolios, so why should Putra Jaya tolerate this? IT IS HIGH TIME FOR ABDULLAH TO QUIT AS PM FOR THE SAKE OF MALAYSIA!!

  85. fandipaul Jun 24,2008 10:57 PM

    Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..jauhilah kami dari segala bencana akibat kebodohan seseorang.Sesungguhnya kebodohan itu adalah jenayah.Semua orang tau yang orang itu BODOH dan tidak ada pengetahuan lansung dalam urusan negara.Macammana nak bisness kalau BODOH.Bayangkan pada bulan Jan 2008 harga besi RM2300/ton sahaja dan sekarang harga besi RM4300 dan terus meningkat.Macammana projek nak disiapkan.Nak masuk tender pun tak boleh sebab harga sentiasa meningkat dari hari ke hari..kalau takde pengetahuan tentang pemerintahan kenapa tak turun saja daripada menyusahkan rakyat.Cuba perhatikan orang itu, perasan tak perut dia yang membusung..itu adalah akibat sumpah dan doa orang orang yang teraniaya disebabkan keBODOHan.

  86. MalaysiaDigest Jun 24,2008 10:55 PM

    Instead of asking what happens to PETRONAS’ money or profits, people should be questioning how the money paid by PETRONAS to the Government is allocated.

  87. noriyati Jun 24,2008 10:49 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Sy menyokong Tun.. sejak dulu lg. Setiap kali sy lalu jambatan Pulau Pinang, sy selalu teringat, “Ini Tun punya idea.” Sy akan teringat pd org2 yg mengatakan projek tu mbazir, “Mesti diorg tk naik feri dah la ni..”

  88. Mat Cincang Jun 24,2008 10:42 PM

    To Neil (7.53am June 24), you called Putrajaya, one of Tun’s initiative, a white elephant. How about Penang Bridge?, North-South Highway?, KLIA?, Petronas Twin Tower? Don’t you want to call them white elephants too? All these are the pride of the nation built during Tun’s days. How short sighted & narrow minded you are.
    Keep it up Tun. Penunggu Gunung Mat Cincang and family are behind you.

  89. kedah youngster Jun 24,2008 10:41 PM

    Jahat betul hati perut si Khairy nih!!!
    Si Paklah pula dah ‘dibomohkan’ oleh Khairy nih, sebab tu la asyik tidooor je. Wahai paklah, sedar la diri tu sikit, RAKYAT DAH TAK SUKA KAMU! Kamu dah mengkhianati Agama, Bangsa & Negara mu sendiri.

  90. Speculator Jun 24,2008 10:33 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Pohon laluan:
    Would all Tun’s PENCACAIs and PENGAMPUs on this site please stand up and be counted…’re doing great guys! Nothing wrong with being BLINDLY LOYAL to and heaping PRAISES on Tun for being what he is and for what he’d done for our country. Theres nothing to apologise for or feel low about it. Carry on with all these fine activities as far as Tun is concerned.
    Perhaps too much ‘observing’ could have blinded some people to the simple FACT of Tun’s greatness….or is there a mercenary bent to all his blusterings??? (One just can’t – rightly or wrongly – help having some suspicions, can one?)…whatever, lets have some pity on the so-called ‘observer’ a.k.a ‘pemerhati bangsa’!!!

  91. crazyellysee Jun 24,2008 9:53 PM

    Dear Tun:
    Hello Tun, How are you? It has been a while which I didnt write something to you. Due to my works and study, yup I have to make a good time managements:)
    Tun regarding Petronas and Gov’t.
    Just today, I have heard the rumour that Sabah’s Petrol station will stop providing/selling fuels once they have finished their fuels tonight. This is the intend of showing the dissatisfied on the dramatical increase in our own fuel selling’s prices throughout malaysia’s states. This could be a very big disaster to the lorry,transporting vechicles and others. But they have no choice, because of living…They stepped into this step. The gov’t reluct to listen and understand the public.
    The sudden increase of fuel’s prices in our country doesnt bring up and rose in economic development, in other hand…it only bring a down flow of foreign attracters and increase the rate of poverty.
    Crimes will increase due to the matter above. Because people need money for living. The prices of other daily’s products are too..rise dramatically. Even soya, has been rosed up more than 60%, follow by some others important daily food sources.
    The gov’t really have to take notes of this to avoid further arguement/avoid some other unhappy things to happen in our country. The subsidy of giving East Malaysian some $ for buying oils (*if im not mistaken RM600+) for once dont really solve the problem. To tell the truth, I could see that the gov’t dont have the ability to maintain/control/manage in the country’s economic. I think it would be better for the gov’t to subsidize the cost of fuel by decrease the price of fuel. There is no point for giving People in Malaysian (DIRECTLY give money) in one time, beside that the gov’t should use those subsidity on decrease the price of fuel, flour, rices and some other important products.
    Normal/average people like us couldnt effort for more. The sudden increase of fuel/gas isnt good for Malaysians except those Gov’t people.
    Hui Ling

  92. allen ng Jun 24,2008 9:16 PM

    I understand that you are the adviser of Petronas and you should enlighten us Malaysians how far that Petronas is earning after Profit and loss.The rakyat does not know the actual amount as it is confidential and only the Prime Minister has the answer,right?

  93. Tun Jebat Jun 24,2008 9:04 PM

    Tan Sri Hassan kena berhati-hati…Dalam Top Management Petronas sendiripun ada pengkianatnya….Terbaru berita tentang ‘Syarikat Kawan Baik Pak Lah yang disebarkan oleh Anwar dari Sumber Dalaman Petronas yang mengatakan ” Teras Kimia Sdn Bhd ” untung setahun 134 juta hasil dari tertubuhnya Syarikat untuk menjaga supaya tiada ketirisan Subsidi Diesel?
    Sumber dalaman ini dikabarkan mempunyai cita-cita besar iaitu untuk mengganggu gugat tempat Presiden Petronas yang jasanya semua orang yang waras tahu..
    Hal ini sangat bahaya bagi sektor strategik Negara…Hang Jebat keluarkan amaran tahap ‘MERAH’

  94. zulkarnain Jun 24,2008 8:57 PM

    When Pak lah take over the leadership from Tun, We the rakyat have great expectation from him, seing that he is a god fearing man. Well, how wrong we are.
    Pak Lah first mistake is his failure to prevent his son in law from entering politic actively. Sure, he can be an UMNO member, but he should not be allowed to hold any post. This is because of the UMNO leaders habit of being an ABC (assistant ball carrier). Knowing that KJ father in law is the President of UMNO, they will quickly nominate KJ to a high post in UMNO, even if he is retarded, just to ABC Badawi. KJ who is too self centered and only think of himself will jump to the chances. It never cross his egoistic mind that the decent thing to do is to reject the nomination. No, he is just too self centered to do that. Now Pak Lah is not a god fearing man anymore. He is a KJ fearing man. That’s why he can’t control KJ.
    Pak Lah also fail to prevent his son’s company from getting all the big projects in the country. It seeems that Kamaruddin had his hand in nearly all the big projects done by the government. Even Pak Lah’s brother were given a contract to supply auto parts to Mindef and KDN worth millions. Now that Pak Lah’s family had monopoly all the government contracts, the rakyat had to go overseas to get some business.
    Because Pak Lah is just a simple man with a simple brain, he did not have the far sightness like Tun. His vision is as far as his eyes can see, without his spec. Therefor, he cancelled the crooked bridge and the double tracking project. He think it is just a waste of money because he is not getting any sen from that project. His action had caused a big wastage of government money.
    From your comment, I am sure you are retarded in the brain department. Tun get 15K to be a post box because he is worth it. In your case, to give you a banana for being a post box is money down the drain because you are just not worth it.
    I pity people like you who get pleasure by being disrespectful to elders. Your mom and dad would have traded you for a monkey if they had known this is what will become of their son. Explaining things to you is pointless since your brain has no capacity for processing info. Either get your brain alligne or go jump into Klang river. At least you will be useful for once in your life and be a meal for the crocodile.

  95. man79 Jun 24,2008 8:31 PM

    teruskan usaha chedet……..saya sokong 100%

  96. Abdul Hayee Jun 24,2008 8:10 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya hairan kenapa Syarikat PETRONAS yang telah maju dan telah ditadbirkan dengan baik sehingga mempunyai kepentingan di 36 buah negara diseluruh dunia hendak diganggu gugat.
    Kebanyakan rakyat negara ini tahu bahawa peranan Tun telah banyak membawa kepada kejayaan PETRONAS semasa Tun menjadi Perdana Menteri selama 22 tahun.
    Janganlah kerana tamak dan haloba dan iri hati “ayam yang bertelur emas” ini hendak dimusnahkan. Memusnahkan mudah tetapi hendak membina amat susah.
    Jagalah khazanah negara ini baik2. Ini adalah merupakan amanah.

  97. Arozi Jun 24,2008 8:05 PM

    Salam bahagia buat Ayahanda Tun Dr. Mahathir & Bonda Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, semoga sentiasa dibawah kerahmatan Allah selalu hendaknya…
    Ari ni…menyaksikan BN menang di Parlimen terhadap usul kenaikan harga petrol… Datuk Najib urged MP BN wajib sokong…angkat tangan walau dalam hati perit tak terkata, seperit derita rakyat marhain tapi xleh wat apa demi PERUTISME! MP BN & UMNO yang dok ada la ni telah menggadaikan perinsip kemanusiaan yg diajar oleh Rasulullah, demi periuk nasi sendiri… jenis muka tak tahu malu! Makan gaji & elaun hasil dari keringat rakyat…itulah budaya mereka yg membuatkan BN & UMNO rosak!
    Budaya jahil yg lebih jahil dari Jahilliah Arab sebelum kedatangan ISLAM!

  98. pemerhati bangsa Jun 24,2008 7:33 PM

    Geeker dan fawz,
    1) Petronas staff are purely – CRAP. Middle Eastern oil companies come here to recruit all possible skilled oil & gas workers/professionals. Not only from Petronas. A small litter is from ex-Petronas staff. The rest comes from other major oil & gas companies. Not much is attracted to the middle east markets, the Arabs are paying cheap rates. Look how many Malaysians are there in the Middle East who ‘think’ they get the best expatriate rates. Look again and compare with other expats in other hot oil & gas spots in the world how much they are getting. The Arabs are playing ex-Petronas employees dumb again.
    2) Of ex-Petronas scholars, 1st Class Honours’ who return and serve their contract ended up screwed in their career. How far do you think Petronas can propagate these bright talents career comparing to with the such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Talisman, Schlumberger? Petronas don’t even train and groom them well – why? Because PETRONAS have this so called government style management. They have seniority basis promotion, they have preference over their vendors who gets which contract thru direct dealings.
    3) Agenda Tun M sewaktu Petronas di bawah kuasa beliau adalah betul – Memperkasa Negara dan mereka yang ‘Terpilih’ sahaja. Kronilah tu. Tetapi kroni-kroni Tun yang musnahkan semuanya sekarang dan menekan Syarikat Milik anak Tun , Dato’ Mokhzani di Kencana Petroleum melalui lobi-lobi tender dan kontrak.
    Mungkin sebab itu Tun menyerang Scomi milik Dato’ Kamaluddin anak DS AAB sekarang.
    I am an observer. Not taking sides. Stick to FACTS and not BLIND LOYALTY and PRAISING. Kebanyakan komen di sini serupa juga dengan Pencacai dan Pengampu semata-mata. Banyak juga yang bagus.

  99. Grungeboy Jun 24,2008 7:14 PM


  100. Kak Jayn Jun 24,2008 6:37 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun yang dihormati.
    Pak Lah akan dicemuh sepanjang hidup dan sepanjang matinya oleh rakyat Malaysia.
    Tapi apa ertinya kalau sebelum itu dia telah membuat kita menderita.
    I really hate’s him, for making us the ordinary people suffer.

  101. zainalo Jun 24,2008 6:36 PM

    Salam buat Tun dan seisi keluarga,
    Bila isu minyak naik, biasanya kita akan dengar “statement” yang sama :-
    1. kenaikan yang tidak dapat dielakkan
    2. harga kita masih rendah jika dibandingkan dengan lain-lain negara dengan mengambil contoh negara-negara yg TERPILIH!
    3. harap rakyat bersabar dan ubah gaya hidup. bagaimamana dengan rakyat yang sememangnya BERTUNGKUS LUMUS untuk mendapatkan sesuap nasi seharian? mungkin Pak Lah & CO berpura-pura tidak tahu ada sebahagian rakyat di negara ini yang sudah kebal dan sentiasa menahan lapar diatas faktor kemiskinan?! Adakah Pak Lah dan kuncu-kuncunya merasakan segala keperitan yang mereka hadapi selama ini?
    Ingatlah mereka-mereka ini sentiasa mengharapkan seorang pemimpin yang boleh menolong mereka akan tetapi sebaliknya…..dan bagaimana agaknya nasib mereka ini bila harga beras dan barang-barang keperluan lain melambung naik?!
    Masih segar di ingatan bila mana heboh satu malaya kita kehabisan bekalan minyak masak di pasaran. adalah AMAT MEMALUKAN Malaysia salah satu negara pengeksport terbesar minyak kelapa sawit didunia akan tetapi bekalan di negaranya sendiri tidak mencukupi!!!
    Masih segar di ingatan bila mana Pak Lah melaungkan kata “Bekerja lah untuk Rakyat” dengan laungan ribuan penyokong-penyokongnya. Akan tetapi sudah terbalik dimana “RAKYAT BEKERJA UNTUK PAK LAH N CO”!!!!
    Masih segar di ingatan bila mana sebelum pilihanraya Pak Lah berkata harga minyak tidak akan dinaikkan kerajaan masih mampu untuk memberikan subsidi kepada rakyat?! Nah!!! ini lah hadiah kepada rakyat bila harga minyak di naikkan ke RM2.70. Jadi benarlah slogan parti-parti pembangkang yang terpampang di kain-kain rentang BN=BARANG NAIK, BN= BOLEH NEGO dan bermacam-macam lagi.
    Masih segar di ingatan bila mana Pak Lah berkata dan melaung-laungkan supaya kita sentiasa “BERFIKIR DI LUAR KOTAK” (THINK OUT FROM THE BOX), yang nyata Pak Lah tidak ada ciri-ciri langsung seperti ini. Disini memang saya merasakan TUN ada kelebihan serta GENIUS DAN SETIASA BERPANDANGAN JAUH! Rakyat tidak pernah terfikir dengan apa semua MEGA PROJECT yang TUN lancarkan semasa TUN menerajui kepimpinan Malaysia seperti KLIA, PUTRAJAYA, JAMBATAN PUlAU PINANG, CYBERJAYA, LITAR LUMBA F1, Lebuhraya Utara Selatan DSB…..
    Hari ini heboh di dada-dada akhbar dan media masa memperkatakan kempen berjimat cermat untuk semua peringkat dari Pak Pak menteri ke semua lapisan masyarakat. segala belanjawan telah di potong, SOALAN… JIKA IANYA BENAR, DIMANAKAH SEGALA DUIT INI DI
    ini lah bila mana seorang pemimpin yang hanya pandai bercakap tetapi tidak untuk melaksanakannya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jika makmum di belakang boleh menegur imam, kenapa di Malaysia ini rakyat tidak boleh menegur Pemimpin seperti Pak lah?!!! dan dengan bangganya sekali “SAYA MASIH PERDANA MENTERI DAN SAYA MASIH DISINI”!!!!
    fikir-fikir kan………….

  102. takretibodek Jun 24,2008 6:35 PM

    Salam buat Ayahanda Tun,
    tumpang lalu kejap..
    Awat nak salahkan Ayhanda sbb lantik PM skarang??..salahke bagi anak yg tua dan berilmu agama lebih dan begitu bertimbangrasa suruh jaga kluarga?? tpi tah angin mana dtg masuk tang kepala dia..terus jadi cenggini..salahkah Ayhanda juga bila dah diberi cukup pelajaran tpi x ikut apa yg diajarkan??(maaf bukan nk menyamakan Ayhanda dgn Pencipta jauh skali)…Salahkah juga Allah yg mencipta makhluk spt iblis??…semuanya ada sbb dan musabab hanya masa yg akan menentukan…Kita manusia sudah mencuba yg terbaik..apa2 kita belum lagi kering dgn para bijakpandai dan para ekonomist yg mampu utk memperbetulkan apa yg x betul…setiap masalah ada penyelesiannya…
    Salam but semua bloggers.

  103. mazshe Jun 24,2008 6:32 PM

    Assallam’mualaikum YBhg Tun yang dikasihi,
    A very good evening to you and your family. Semoga sihat wal’afiat selalu.
    Saya ingin meminta pandang YBhg Tun mengenai perkara dibawah ini dan harap YBhg Tun dapat memberi maklum balas mengenai isu ini.
    Hassan Merican, the Acting Chairman, President and CEO of Petronas claimed that Malaysia will be net importer of crude oil by 2011. He however was forced to clarify that Malaysia will become net importer because the domestic demand of fuel is more than our supply by 2011 and not that our crude oil has dry up like what being claim by those Pariah in the Government.
    Please take note that in Petronas Yearly Report is clearly mention that in 2006 the ‘replacement ratio’ of our crude oil is 1:1.8. Which in layman terms, it means for every litre of petrol we use, Petronas has found 1.8 litres of new source. Which means when the country used 400,000 barrels of crude oil a day, Petronas found 720,000 barrels of crude oil reserve. That is 720,000 x 365 days.
    Dear readers, to help us understand how the government can actually reduce the price of petrol and diesel, I have prepared the below essay.
    Siapakah Yang Untung Dengan Kenaikan Harga Minyak Global
    Jawapannya tentu sekali negara-negara pengeluar minyak, termasuklah Malaysia.
    • Malaysia sebagai negara ‘net exporter’ minyak mentah menerima habuan besar daripada kenaikan harga minyak dunia. Data-data yang dikeluarkan oleh Kerajaan menerusi Bank negara Malaysia dan Pembendaharaan Negara serta data-data dari Petronas sendiri menunjukkan semenjak dunia di landa krisis harga minyak mentah yang melambung, Malaysia menikmati pulangan yang semakin tinggi.
    • Malaysia mengeluarkan 650 ke 700 ribu tong minyak mentah sehari (Bergantung kepada keluaran semasa).
    • Malaysia menggunakan lebih kurang 400 ribu tong minyak mentah sehari.
    • Ini bermakna Malaysia mengeksport bersih lebih 250 ribu tong sehari.
    • Bagaimanapun minyak mentah keluaran Malaysia diklasifikasikan sebagai “Tapis Blend”, yang didefinisikan oleh Exxonmobil sebagai “Tapis Blend is a high quality, extra light, low sulfur crude. It has high quality clean products and conversion feed.” Iaitu minyak mentah berkualiti tinggi dan disebut oleh Hassan Merican sebagai Sweet and Light.
    • Tapis Blend tidak digunakan dipasaran tempatan sebaliknya di eksport untuk pasaran luar negara pada harga yang mencecah 30% lebih tinggi dari harga minyak mentah yang digunakan didalam negara.
    Mekanisme Penjualan Minyak Mentah Malaysia
    Sebelum 2004, minyak mentah Malaysia di jual pada kadar USD30.00 satu tong. Hari ini harga pasaran bagi minyak mentah global berkisar di paras lebih USD130.00 satu tong. Ini beerti pendapatan negara menerusi segala bentuk cukai juga meningkat.
    Telaga minyak di Malaysia dikendalikan oleh Petronas dan beberapa syarikat pengeluar minyak antarabangsa. Syarikat pengeluar ini mendapat keuntungan amat besar pada harga pasaran hari ini.
    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, selaku Penasihat Petronas menulis di blognya, “Hampir tiada peningkatan di dalam kos pengeluaran (Oleh Petronas semenjak 3 tahun lalu) oleh itu lebihan USD100.00 satu tong boleh di anggap untung bersih.”
    Oleh yang demikian, memandangkan Malaysia memiliki lebihan sekurang-kurangnya 250 ribu tong sehari setelah ditolak penggunaan tempatan maka bagi setiap 1 tong itu pengeluar mendapat untuk bersih tidak kurang USD100.00.
    250 tong x USD100 x 365 hari = Untung Bersih
    Ini bererti pengeluar mendapat keuntungan berlipat ganda dan mereka terpaksa membayar cukai yang lebih tinggi kepada kerajaan.
    Kesannya, kerajaan memperoleh pendapatan yang lebih tinggi menerusi cukai langsung, cukai tidak langsung, dividen dan royalti dari hasil petroleum dan gas, berbanding 3 tahun yang lalu.
    Data Perbedaharaan menunjukkan kenaikan pendapatan hasil kerajaan melonjak semenjak Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menerajui negara dan lonjakan ini adalah disebabkan kenaikan hasil yang diperolehi kerajaan menerusi
    • Cukai Langsung dari Cukai Pendapatan Syarikat Petroleum yang meningkat dari RM 11.5 B pada tahun 2004 kepada RM 20.7 B dalam tahun 2006.
    • Cukai Tak Langsung dari Duti Eksport Petroleum yang meningkat dari RM 11.5 B pada tahun 2004 kepada RM 2.3 B pada tahun 2006.
    • Hasil Bukan Cukai – Dividen Petronas daripada RM9.1 B dalam tahun kewangan 2004 yang melonjak 100% kepada RM18.0 B pada tahun berakhir 2006.
    • Hasil Bukan Cukai – Royalti Petroleum dan Gas yang meningkat dari RM2.5 B pada tahun 2004 kepada RM4.2 B pada tahun 2006.
    Benarkah Subsidi Petroleum Membebankan Negara
    Kerajaan mendakwa bahawa kenaikan harga minyak mentah di pasaran dunia mengakibatkan kerajaan terpaksa menanggung beban subsidi petrol dan diesel yang tinggi.
    Sebaliknya, data-data dari sumber rasmi kerajaan membuktikan sebaliknya. Data yang dikeluarkan oleh Bank Negara Malaysia menunjukkan pada tahun 2004, Kerajaan membelanjakan sebanyak RM5.8 B untuk segala subsidi iaitu termasuk subsidi bahan bakar (Petrol, Diesel dan lain-lain), subsidi bahan makanan dan lain-lain.
    Pada tahun 2005, perbelanjaan kerajaan bagi tujuan subsidi bagaimanapun meningkat hampir 3 kali ganda kepada RM13.4 B tetapi perbelanjaan untuk subsidi bagaimanapun menurun semula pada tahun 2006 kepada hanya RM10.1 B.
    Walaupun kenaikan pendapatan hasil kerajaan dari sumber Petroleum meningkat dengan mendadak yang membuktikan hasil kerajaan turut meningkat setiap kali harga minyak mentah dunia meningkat, tetapi subsidi yang dikeluarkan oleh kerajaan tidak meningkat pada peratusan yang sama.
    Ini membuktikan bahawa kerajaan masih mengalami perolehan lebihan jika ia mengekalkan harga Petrol dan Diesel pada harga yang lama.
    Pada tahun 2004, kerajaan membelanjakan sebanyak 6.3% dari Perbelanjaan Mengurus Kerajaan Persekutuan untuk subsidi (termasuk segala bentuk subsidi) dan mencatat peningkatan kepada 13.7% pada tahun 2005 tetapi menurun semula kepada 9.4% pada tahun 2006. Subsidi yang dibelanjakan oleh kerajaan hanya mencatat peningkatan pada 0.4% dalam tahun 2007 walaupun kerajaan tidak menaikan harga bahan bakar sepanjang tahun itu.
    Oleh yang demikian sebenarnya jelas bahawa subsidi bahan bakar petrol dan diesel sebenarnya tidak membebankan negara.
    Mengapa Subsidi Petrol dan Diesel tidak membebankan Negara
    Seperti yang dijelaskan, Malaysia mengeluarkan 650 ke 700 tibu tong minyak mentah sehari. Kegunaan dalam negara pula hanyalah 400 ribu tong sehari. Negara mengalami lebihan 250 ke 300 ribu tong sehari untuk dieksport ke luar negara.
    Memandangkan kegunaan minyak mentah dalam negara tidak memerlukan minyak mentah berkualiti tinggi, maka 400 ribu tong minyak mentah yang dikhaskan untuk kegunaan dalam negara di tukar di pasaran dengan 400 ribu tong minyak minyak berkualiti rendah. Pertukaran ini juga menguntungkan negara kerana minyak mentah negara dari kelas Tapis Blend yang harga lebih tinggi dari minyak mentah yang diperlukan oleh negara. Ini bermakna negara samada mendapat lebih minyak atau mendapat pulangan kewangan bersama minyak yang ditukar itu.
    Ini bererti, sebarang kenaikan harga minyak mentah dalam pasaran global langsung tidak menjejaskan negara. Oleh yang demikian tiada sebab mengapa kerajaan perlu menaikan harga petrol dan diesel dengan memberi alasan mengurangkan subsidi terhadap bahan bakar tersebut!

  104. annesse Jun 24,2008 6:23 PM

    salam Tun.
    it is an irony that people commented on you being the advisor of almost all the bad things that happened..when you are not even on friendly term with the government. pity that after spending sweats and bloods to build the country, some people just dont care about it.Must we repeat the destruction of kota Melaka? Wishing you all the best Tun.

  105. Isliana Jun 24,2008 6:22 PM

    Salam Tun and family,
    And also to those in this ‘organization’… (except for Neil, antimamak, hostage88 and those yang seangkatanya)!
    My father was a Petronasian, my sister is still with Petronas, and my brother is joining Petronas soon.
    All I can say, please do not mix Malaysian politic with Petronas. It is a bad recipe and it should be no-no.
    My job – I travel all around the world and is working with many international organizations. I am fortunate to meet a circle of intelligent people and have exchanged many views about politics, business and many others.
    Tun, you are the hero of Malaysians and to Malaysia herself. You have done a tremendous great job during your tenure and have put Malaysia in the eye of the world.
    About Petronas, please continue taking care of it and Tan Sri Hassan Merican is the right and correct man to manage Petronas. I don’t see anyone capable of those two!
    And for those trying even to pinch Tun and his credibility, look at your IC. Remember when you are in school? Who is paying the chair, table, text books and many others? Your freedom to walk free and to choose what you want or need to be. The stability in the country, and many others…
    To Neil, maybe you are the one – if you are happened to be sent away from your circle during your childhood, too bad, so sad! Just don’t be ungrateful. Try to be a non-Malaysian. Tak tahu, jangan banyak cakap. Tak sedar diri!
    To antimamak, hostage88 dan seangkatannya, beware! If you are not happy here, take yourself and your associates out of Malaysia.
    To my politicians, jangan seperti kacang lupakan kulit. Malu saya dengar apabila orang luar (orang putih, orang kuning, orang hitam) tahu pasal busuk dalam kepimpinan kita. My father is born with an UMNO stamp. Cukup punya loyal pada UMNO. Kitaorang orang Johor, memang semangat! Ayah saya pun dah malu dengan kepimpinan kita sekarang, dan beliau amat merindui zaman kepimpinan Tun. Semoga akan datang ada orang yang macam Tun menerajui Malaysia nanti… Insya-allah (with God’s willing)!
    Melayu, Cina, India, Bumiputera, bukan Bumiputera – kita semua orang Malaysia. Jagalah negara kita, orang kita. Sedarlah…
    Berbangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia dan membesar di bawah kepimpinan Tun…

  106. reza aljunaid post Jun 24,2008 6:05 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya tidak setuju jika Pak Lah dan Khairy ambil alih sebagai penasihat petronas.
    Pak Lah hanya akan merosakkan rakyat. Dia ini tiada perjuangan untuk rakyat..! Dia ini berjuang untuk menjadikan rakyat kuli-kuli bangsat…bila rakyat jadi miskin…rakyat susahlah nak jatuhkan dia…
    Senanglah dia main-mainkan rakyat…tipu sana..tipu sini… pasal itulah dia dan tingkat 4 naikkan harga minyak…
    Saya berharap Pak Lah dan Tingkat 4 akan insaf…bahawa perbuatan mereka menaikkan harga minyak…takut bagi subsidi minyak…tak reti nak charge warga asing….boleh mendatangkan kesan buruk ke atas Malaysia…
    Zaman Pak Lah…konsep Malaysiaku Syurgaku..sudah jadi Malaysiaku Nerakaku….
    Pak Lah memimpin rakyat macam pemimpin neraka…!!
    Pak Lah! hang nak masuk neraka ka???? Kami rakyat tak mau masuk sekali dengan hang..

  107. Grinner Jun 24,2008 5:58 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Why are you still PETRONAS’ advisor if you are no more than a “Postman Pat” with an over glorified postbox at the PETRONAS Twin Towers? Why are you even drawing a monthly retainer of RM15,000 when you have no say in PETRONAS?
    If you are not playing any significant role, then you should abide by the PETRONAS mantra of Loyalty, Professionalism, Integrity and Cohesiveness, all of which would require you to resign your post with immediate effect.
    You, of all people know, the importance of PETRONAS to our country and yet your attempts at defending the good name of PETRONAS appears half-hearted at best and, at worst, muddled by your desire to bring down your arch nemesis Dollah Badawi at all cost.
    If only you’d come across as earnest, you’d truly be the nation’s saviour instead of its harbinger of doom.
    – Grinner

  108. langkah keris Jun 24,2008 5:56 PM

    Dear Forever Greatest Leader of Malaysia and the World, the idol of many Countries and the love of people in Asia and the world. If only there was ten of you in the world.
    You have already marked history in this world and in akhirat, may Allah’s Rahman and rahim blessed upon you and your families always.
    Malaysia must not be pirated by these goonies. the wealth and treasure of Malaysia is for Malaysian to enjoy and not by these zumbies. Whatever strategic measure being taken, it must be for Malaysian Rakyat to enjoy, totally avoiding problems to rakyat.
    To protect Malaysia is for whole Malaysian throughout the world and its genarations to come.
    Sloving problem without forecasting future micro economic development for its generation by just implementing short sighted bird brain greedy thinking and not protective of rakyat well fare are the syaitans planning for the human kind existance from suceed.
    These people are playing God and want the rakyat to kneel to them where else they are being paid to do the job.
    We are paying these idiots and they are acting like King and Sultance of this country where else the real King and Sultan’s advise are not being sound.
    The real King and Sultan’s are responsible to be the King and Sultan’s and answerable now and the day after. Step in and question the wrong doing. Do not let the country to be economically taken back to cave age. We loose everything that been develope thru hard earned accomplishment.
    All effort must be taken all time not to let rakyat into difficulties from any Government.
    Rakyat wants to choose people with excellent caliber to administrate the country’s wealth and not steal them from rakyat.
    Any administrators of this country, present or future must think and implement Future Research and Development for the well being of the rakyat.
    Sort the mess or the rakyat shall do the neccessary for them.
    Dear Greatest Leader of Mayalasia, Dr. Mahathir, please provide us the rakyat a list of what shall be done to neutral and back to positive well being of rakyat.
    Nobody can exscape from the watchfull eye of Allah, the more the gloomies try to run the further the destination to infinity, they will surely lost. Can hide anythng from rakyat but not to Allah.
    Islam is to be afraid to Allah, do good deeds to man kind, do not make the rakyat to be slave because we cannot and already have our master (ALLAH S.W.A.).
    Why in the world the rakyat have to pay for any gloomies mistakes in administration. With the wealth of profit from Petronas, we could have loan without interest for he benefit of rakyat and pay back without any increasement every year or whenever there is a crisis like now with the crude oils.
    Why can’t there be Government to Government buying and selling directly for petroluem? Eliminating brokers and speculators. We are being again and again, continouesly being make to be slaves to the world of capitalism. No is no more relative to sound help from. there is no competent governing government to cy to for help, the poor long ago have lost the faith and to the result loosing faith to Islam as a relegion and crashing on others.
    Simplify for the rakyat or get the those gloomies step down, either by their voluntarily or forcely. The rakyat had suffered too many already.

  109. myna Jun 24,2008 5:52 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun yg amat saya sayangi lagi saya sanjungi.
    Saya seronok sgt baca Tun nyer blog.
    Buat brader antimamak…hang tolon la jgn kuang ajar ngan Tun. Tak baik tau. Dia dah banyak berjasa dengan kita. Walaupun hang tak setuju dengan cara dia…tapi hang tak sedar ke yang hang dok naik monorail, naik jambatan pulau pinang, pi putrajaya tu bukankah atas initiatif Tun. Tak tau la kalu hang tak perasan perkara tuh.
    Bukan apa bro, fyi…bukan senang nak jadi seorang pemimpin negara. Cuma chek nak habaq kalu hang tak setuju ngan sume pemimpin hang pi buat country sendiri lah. Abih citer. Tak banyak doser. Soalan terakhir buat brother antimamak…hang ni nampak ke tak nampak, paham ke paham? Ke hang lebih kurang 2 x 5 cam PakBodoLah?
    Buat Ayahandaku Tun pulak, saya seluruh kelorga sume memang teramat kagum hormat dan tak terkata apa kat Tun. Arwah Mak ngan Abah saya selalu kata Tun ni seorang manusia yang tersangatlah brilliantnyer..pendek kata macam waliullah la (tak reti eja).
    Anyway sampaikan salam sayang saya pada Tun Sekelorga dan kami bloggers yang menyokong Tun mendoakan kesejahteraan Tun dunia dan akhirat.

  110. Zubli Zainordin Jun 24,2008 5:36 PM

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, media barat tidak berlengah langsung untuk merakamkan kemenangan manis kepada Abdullah Ahmad Badawi kerana menaikkan harga minyak petrol dan diesel di Malaysia, satu ujian getir telah dihadapi dengan jayanya selepas Pilihanraya ke 12 yang lalu.
    Kemenangan yang dicatatkan dengan 129 menyokong dan 78 menentang di Parlimen, telah menaikkan persembahan Shahrir Samad mewakili kerajaan yang mendorong usaha tidak popular ini yakni menaikkan harga minyak petrol 41 peratus dan diesel 63 peratus.
    Selainnya, ada yang semakin bongkak dan sombong dengan kemenangan ini sebagaimana yang diwakili suara Mohd Nazri Aziz.
    Soalnya, apakah kemenangan ini adalah kemenangan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Shahrir Samad, dan Mohd Nazri Aziz serta semua penyokong usul ini?
    Mungkin, dari segi strategi politik untuk menukar kuasa dan corak kepemimpinan di Petronas.
    Tetapi kemenangan ini ialah kemenangan setiap ringgit berlebihan yang dibayar oleh setiap pengguna minyak petrol dan diesel, di Malaysia, telahpun menguntungkan Institusi Spekulasi, di peringkat global. Pelaburan billion memberi pulangan trillion.
    Rakyat telah kalah.
    Dikalahkan oleh wakil rakyat yang mereka tersilap pilih dalam PRU 12 yang lalu.

  111. angelinajolie Jun 24,2008 5:02 PM

    Dr. Mahathir,
    It is getting worse and the cost of oil per barrel now is $140. Malaysia should think of one way or the other on how to tackle this issue. First of all there should be a fix rate per barrel for Malaysian and the cost must be made affordable. I am not an economist but Dr. Mahathir the father of the nation, please do not allow Pak Lah to perform the same mistakes twice. Besides Malaysia is not part of the food for oil agreement with the UNITED NATIONS.

  112. Amanpeace Jun 24,2008 5:01 PM

    i pity for petronas. they are one of the most “big players” in developing our country which is therefore they are required only to receive advice directly from PM and not involved in politics. It is really a wise decision to not allowing the company in politics matters. otherwise our country could not uphold asian economy crisis in july 1997 where the money generated from petronas is used to restore our economy. If politic matters are involved or absorbed in petronas, they may have lots of corruption and misuse of the money in the company. Its like a cake and everyone wants to grab on their hands on it. We cant deny it since petronas generates alot of profits. Not allowing the company to reveals its annual report is which i think is a good idea because every details and information about the companies information and competitors information is exposed and therefore sought out after by each company in this country.

  113. ARbAK Jun 24,2008 4:28 PM

    Assalamualikum Tun,
    Sunggoh menyedihkan apa yang berlaku pada masa ini.Jelas sekali pemimpin-pemimpin kita sudah tenggelam punca, hilang hala tuju dan rakus kebendaan. Ini semata-mata kerana kefahaman mereka tentang agama sangat cetek. Mengucap 2kalimah syahadah,sembahyang, puasa, zakat/fitrah dan haji sudah cukup. Tak perlulah nak mendalami ilmu agama lagi, dah Islam dah. cari pahala banyak2 – masuk syurgalah kita.
    Teringat saya apa kata Tun satu masa dahulu. Mencapai Kemerdekaan itu adalah satu perkara, tetapi mengisi kemerdekaan itu adalah satu perkara lagi,yang lebih penting lagi susah agar kemerdekaan itu memberi makna. Begitulah juga dengan agama. Mengatakan Allah itu Maha melihat,Maha Mendengar,Maha Mengetahui,………… Maha Berkuasa adalah mudah. Umpamanya seorang yang berzikir pulohan/ratusan waima ribuan sekali pun. Tetapi mengisi dan meletakkan Allah itu Maha Melihat, Maha Mendengar, Maha Mengetahui ……. Maha Berkuasa tak semudah itu. Justeru apa yang berlaku pada masa ini tidaklah menghairankan.
    Apa kah Allah itu buta,pekak,tidak mengetahui lagi tidak berkuasa akan apa yang berlaku pada masa ni??? fitnah-memfitnah, ungkit-mengunkit, umpat-mengumpat,cela-mencela dan sebagainya. Apakah apa yang berlaku pada masa ni beyond the control of Allah? Astrafirullah halazim….. TIDAKKK. Sesunggohnya Allah itu Maha Melihat. Maha Mendengar, Maha Mengetahui……..Maha Berkuasa. Tetapi kitalah yang buta,pekak,jahil dan lemah. Buta, tidak melihat contoh2 yang telah dicontohkan oleh Allah kepada 25 Rasul dahulu. Pekak, tidak mendengar seruan Allah dan 25 Rasul dahulu, Jahil, tidak memahami sebenarnya tuntutan Allah dan Rasulnya.
    Untuk mengisi dan meletakkan yang Allah itu Maha Melihat, Maha Mendengar, Maha Mengetahui…….. Maha Berkuasa, perlulah kita kembali kepada permulaan Agama iaitu; “Awaludin makrifatullah” Permulaan agama itu ialah dengan mengenal Allah. HANYA SETELAH SESEORANG ITU MENGENAL ALLAH baharulah dia dapat menghindari dirinya daripada sifat2 tercela.Ini adalah ASAS dan POKOK Agama.
    YABhg Tun sengaja Allah jadikan sesuatu itu berpasang-pasangan;siang/malam,lelaki/perempuan,jahat/baik,Habil/Qabil Ibrahim a.s/ Namrud, Musa a.s/Firaun, Muhamamad saw/Abu Lahab. Begitulah juga pada masa ini ada yang benar/ada yang munafik. Ada yang dijalan Allah/ ada yang dijalan syaitan. Jika sekiranya tidak ada yang batil maka tidak adalah yang benar. JUSTERU TERUSKANLAH PERJUANGAN TUN UNTUK MENEGAKKAN YANG BENAR. Sesunggohnya Allah SWT berpihak kepada yang benar walaupun yang benar itu hanya saorang. Semoga Allah SWT sentiasa memberi taufik dan hidayah kepada Tun Sekeluarga.

  114. zaman Jun 24,2008 4:17 PM

    Saya berdoa agar Tun dan keluarga dalam keadaan sihat Walafiat.Kami menyokong Tun sepenuh nya.
    Tun Kamu ada lah satu satu nya pejuang Agama .Bangsa dan Negara.

  115. warna-shanas Jun 24,2008 3:54 PM

    Salam Tun,
    This is my 17th year working in Malaysia’s oil&gas sector. I can attest to the huge impact Petronas have on the workforce. There are so many competent Malaysians now compared to when i first started. It has all to do with the vision of past leadears including & especially Tun that made the knowledge-transfer, training the locals, possible – and a huge success. So much so that even the middle-east E&P companies are coming here doing their annual milkrounds pinching Malaysians/Petronas’ staff!
    Unfortunately, I only foresee Pak Lah destroying the industry/Petronas if he ever allows one from the superiority-complex Level4 jokers be head. God forbid.

  116. lovelife Jun 24,2008 3:47 PM

    assalamualikum ayahanda Tun dan pembahas sekalian…semoga sihat walafiat mahunya….
    1. siapa tadbir malaysia hari ini?..paklah atau khairi jamaluddin (menantunya)
    2. petronas adalah contoh kejayaan sistem malaysia di mata dunia (indonesia ada pertamina n pernah merupakan ahli OPEC,tapi pertamina tidak mampu tandingi petronas yang mana minyak malaysia berapa la sangat nak compare dengan indonesia)
    3. petronas penting…utk control inflasi negara, taraf idup masyarakat, beri keuntungan negara dan bawa maruah bangsa di mata dunia….
    4. paklah n co akan rosakkan/hancurkan/paklahkan petronas macam mana dia (bukan beliau) dah ‘paklahkan’ lain2 selama ni..dan kita seumpama mampu melihat dengan tangan terikat di belakang…tengok jangan tak tengok..
    5. dah kalah,kalahla…tak paham2 bahasa ka…takkan nak kena booo kat semua acara baru nak pikiaq..tak penat ka orang dok benci…u are not competent for it..accept it..
    6. sedih…..
    p.s thanx tun bagi kami rakyat marhaen ni ngomel2…thanx tun…we love u…wassalam

  117. SkiLL Jun 24,2008 3:42 PM

    Salam Tun M,
    If Tun’s assertion is true that there are plans underway to replace Tan Sri Hassan Marican with a AAB sycophant, one can only hope that the ‘true’ UMNO members will look within themselves and ‘bangkit’ to challenge the blatant abuse of authority by their so-called betters as their predecessors did in times past.
    If these sequence of events are allowed to pass, it may be too late for them and God forbid, and may be too late for us all Malaysian citizens.

  118. JimmyHillhead Jun 24,2008 3:26 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Personally, I would like you to stay on as the adviser to Petronas. Only the learned and wise people like you possessed the wisdom and knowledge to guide and advise a large conglomerate to a greater height.
    If they think that a 4th grade school boy is able to “advise” Petronas better than what you had done, I think that will be a turning point for us the people to refer this matter to our Majlis Raja-Raja and DEMAND for MAGERAN to TAKE OVER.
    I would like to suggest that you become the CARETAKER OF THE GOVERNMENT and make the efforts to stabilize the country before handing over to the right person, certainly not DSAAB aka LahLembut or KJ. Maybe TS Muhyiddin or DS Rais Yatim. What do you think of these 2 personalities? You know them better than we do.
    I am urging you to use that path. Only you have the confidence and trust from Majlis Raja-Raja to undertake that task. Come on. We will support you.
    May ALLAH help you in your quest to undertake that task and may ALLAH help us to support you.

  119. zali lampai Jun 24,2008 3:21 PM


  120. antimamak Jun 24,2008 3:13 PM

    “I am called Adviser to Petronas, I do not advise at all, least of all to the Government. ”
    Adviser macama mana Tun, takkan lah Tun nak advise mamak goreng roti canai?
    Takkanlah kerana Jet Petronas, Tun tidak sangguop letak jawatan? buat apa membazir wang negara?? Terbang merata ratadunia, jepun , Hard Talk…dengan matalamat mengkritik Pak Lah?
    “My main job is that of a post box. I pass on to Tan Sri Hassan numerous requests and proposals which people send to me. I have absolutely no say in the decisions made by Petronas.”
    — ini cerita nampaknya mamak juga gila hipokrit atas roti canainya!
    – Tun macam ini seakan akan Tun buat import export idea saja lah, trading idea pun boleh dapat pangkat penasihat Petronas!Lagi pun otak dan Idea Tun begitu best, tiada diguna sepenuhnya. Jadi baiklah letak jawatan dan diganti oleh mamak roti canai saja lah.
    Tun, Hutan rimba semakin besar. maka binatang pun semakin banyak. mestilah Tun menghadapi law of jungle!
    — Tun rakyat nak tahu accountablity dan transparency petronas, bukan lah nak tahu cerita musang tua jaga ayam.
    — Kalau lah nak harap musang jaga ayam, baiklah sembilh ayam terus, masak kari ayam sama roti canai, alangkah baiknya?

  121. Jun 24,2008 2:53 PM

    it really show their stupidity! can’t stand it anymore! now driving Toyota Ninja King can also get Road Tax Subsidy not bad!

  122. indiana Jun 24,2008 2:52 PM

    Masa pak lah baru 100 hari pemerintahannya, rakyat bertanya, apakah pelan perancangan ekonominya? surat khabar cakap, pemimpin UMNO pun cakap, tak apa, honeymoon baru habis, berilah peluang kepada Pak Lah, sekarang baru dia dah masuk gear ‘Drive’ untuk buat kerja, tak apa, kami rakyat pun tunggulah.
    Lepas pilihanraya umum ke-11, BN menang besar, ada pemimpin UMNO cakap ‘INI 99% SEBAB KEPIMPINAN!!’, kami rakyat cakap, ok lah, kami pun setuju,maka kami tanya lagi, apa Pak Lah punya plan lepas ni? lantas surat khabar cakap, tv pun cakap, pemimpin UMNO tak payah suruhlah, mereka pun cakap, sekarang Pak Lah dah dapat mandatnya sendiri sebagai Perdana Menteri, sekarang barulah Pak Lah boleh bertindak, dulu Mahathir punya kerajaan, sekarang kerajaannya sendiri, baru Pak Lah boleh membuat perancangan untuk membangunkan Malaysia, rakyat cakap, Pak Lah, buat je, kami sokong 100%
    setahun kemudian, DATUK KAILAN, mak Pak Lah meninggal dunia, Pak Lah sedih, kami pun tumpang sedih, tapi rakyat pun ada yang lebih (lebey seperti kata Samivellu) sedih, projek tak jalan, duit pun tak circulate lah, macamana ekonomi nak rancak? maka surat khabar, tv, dan pemimpin UMNO macam penyanyi latar pulak, sama je rentak dia, diorang cakap, apa laa rakyat ni, mak Pak Lah mati laa, kalau mak kamu mati, kamu ada hati nak buat kerja tak? maka rakyat pun biar lah Pak Lah berkabung dulu.
    tahun berikutnya pulak, bini dia DATIN ENDON pulak mati, seperti biasa lah, tv, surat khabar, dan pemimpin UMNO pun menyanyilah bersama, dulu mereka bercakap, sekarang menyanyi pulak, lagu syahdu lah, maklum lah, bini dah mati, mereka menyanyi ‘itu lah, rakyat tak faham, asyik nak mendesak Pak Lah sahaja, kamu tahu tak bini Pak Lah tu dah lama sakit menderita kanser payudara? macamana Pak Lah nak tumpu pada kerja kalau insan tersayang-menyayangnya sakit? sekarang dah mati pulak, kita berkabung lagi lah’. Rakyat Malaysia ni sensitif orangnya, kalau mereka nampak Perdana Menteri sedih, mereka pun tumpang sedih jugak
    lain tahun pulak, surat khabar, tv keluar cerita ‘Pak Lah Jumpa Pengisi Jiwa Yang Kosong’, rupanya PM yang semakin pudar kasih sayang daripada rakyat ni mendapat kasih sayang yang lebih segar daripada orang gajinya, Datin Jin pulak, maka dia pun bawak lah bini barunya ke Jepun, honeymoon sekali agaknya? dapat pulak anugerah Doktor Kehormat atas ‘sumbangannya’ kepada pembangunan wanita daripada satu universiti kat sana. Rakyat pun kagum jugak lah, banyak sumbangan Datin Jin ni, tak apa, kami pun tumpang bangga jugak lah. Tapi Pak Lah, minyak naik 30 sen, tol naik, tepung naik, gula tak ada kat kedai, macamana ni? pemimpun UMNO pun menyanyi, pakar ekonomi pun tumpang sekaki, kerajaan tanggung beban subsidi yang besar tau, negara boleh bungkus!! Pak Lah oi, kami dah bungkus lama dah, Pak Lah ‘Cakap kalau tak puas hati, tunjuk lah dalam pilihanraya!’
    pilihanraya umum ke-12, BN kalah di 5 negeri, 1 wilayah persekutuan, hilang majoriti 2/3, 2 menteri besar asal ditolak sultan, ahli UMNO cakap Pak Lah, berhentilah, rakyat cakap, Pak Lah, pencen lah, pembangkang cakap, Pak Lah, sambung lagi lah. Akhirnya, Pak Lah pun cakap, ‘Saya masih Perdana Menteri, berilah saya peluang, ada banyak lagi kerja yang perlu saya lakukan’ maka rakyat pun bertanya balik, ‘kerja apa lagi Pak Lah? bukankah kami dah bagi peluang lama dah? nak kering-kontangkan poket kerajaan, baru nak cabut?’ Belah lah Lah oi

  123. Orang Dapur Jun 24,2008 2:45 PM

    Salam buat Ayahnda Tun dan Isteri.
    Teruskan menulis. Kami sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan Tun dan Keluarga. Sesungguhnya usaha murni Tun ini akan dibalas dengan sebesar besar kebaikan di dunia dan di akhirat kelak. Insya Allah. Amin.

  124. Oracle Jun 24,2008 2:41 PM

    Disaster in the making..! PL, the best for you now is STOP; STOP making further damaging decision, please. Do not fix if not broken. In Lah’s NWO; greed has been the method. Government suppose to work for its citizen; it is all about life and the people. Malaysia prospers; citizen lives happily ever after. PL, have some dignity, step down; if not for somebody of calibre but at least someone who can see and listen the paint of silent majority.
    YBg Tun, when that happened, be PM advisor while things take into places, please. Jasa & perjuangan Tun amat-amat dihargai.. Terima kasih!

  125. Noor Faiza Jun 24,2008 2:40 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I want to support your suggestion to form a ‘MAJLIS PENASIHAT PRESIDEN’ for whoever that may become the leader from now on.
    Just imagine PETRONAS having to report to PM and only PM. I quote excerpt of what Tan Sri Hasan said in his interview recently,
    “Petronas ditubuhkan di bawah Akta Pembangunan Petroleum tahun 1974. Dan di dalam akta tersebut Petronas bertanggungjawab kepada Perdana Menteri. Jadi sebagai di masa sekarang ini, kita memang bertanggungjawab kepada Perdana Menteri.”
    Pak Dol is half asleep yet he has PETRONAS, FINANCE MINISTRY, UMNO PRESIDEN, PRIME MINISTER etc etc that sleeps together with him until doomsday come. Nauzubillah..
    So, since Pak Dol is gone case (actually not gone yet but still parasiting the goverment), I strongly think that the future PM of this country MUST accept the formation of MAJLIS PENASIHAT PRESIDEN to closely monitor every steps he may take and every move me may make.
    Thank You

  126. mamarock Jun 24,2008 2:37 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Tun kena minta maaf pada kami semua rakyat Malaysia. Tun dah buat salah. Tau salah apa? Sebab Tun yang melantik AAB jadi pengganti Tun. Silap besar tu….

  127. khairulnazri Jun 24,2008 2:28 PM

    Askum TDM,
    Sebenarnya saya seperti rakyat kerdil yang lain semakin rimas dengan situasi yang melanda negara kita sekarang ini. Dengan kenaikan harga petrol dan keperluan serta kemelut politik kita yang seakan sama dengan bursa saham KL yang turun naik ditambahkan lagi dengan pentadbiran Pak Lah yang semakin goyah dek kerna asakan dari penyokong kerajaan serta dari pembangkang sendiri.
    Apa agaknya nasib kita orang melayu di masa-masa hadapan kelak sekiranya kekalutan ini tidak diselesaikan dengan segera. Malaysia, apa yang saya nampak selepas zaman TDM bergerak semakin kebelakang terutama kepada orang melayu. Tahap kerajinan serta ketekunan kita untuk maju bersama bangsa-bangsa di dunia ini semakin pudar dan kelam akibat dari angkara bangsa kita juga. Sedih dan gusar….
    Khairul Nazri

  128. sktan Jun 24,2008 2:18 PM

    Dearest YAB Tun, much has been spoken about PETronas. If they claimed everyting is open, may be a group of International Auditors should pays them a visit. To me ”let what is earn by petronas from our oil resouces be channel back to the us as ‘subsidy’, as claimed by certain group, for cheap petrol. Those in excess can go for other development. By the way, is all about petrol and petronas some form of tatics to mislead us from some other bigger sources of income eg: IRB, Local Councils Contributios n etc. etc..What has happened to these income for the government? Must those Jokers only Target our oil income? Is there any hidden agenda for others revenue? Dearest Tun maybe you can also enlighten us as to how our present Jokers has been using all these Ringgit and Sen.
    Take good care Tun, we love you.

  129. fawz Jun 24,2008 2:08 PM

    Assalamualaikum Wr Wb,
    Saya ingin berkomentar tentang komentar “pemerhati bangsa”. Saya berpendapat bahwa komemtar beliau tidak “relevant” terhadap tulisan Tun tentang Petronas.
    Saya ingin bertanya kepada sdr permerhati bangsa dua soalan seperti berikut:-
    1) Sejak DSAAB berkuasa perubahan baik apakah yang telah dibawa olehnya untuk bangsa dan negara, selain daripada kebaikan untuk kroni2 nya?
    2) Anda menuduh bahwa Tun ada agenda yang Petronas sekarang tidak dapat jalankan; tolong jelaskan apakah agenda tersebut?
    Sekian, Terima kasih, Wassalam.

  130. mat 'melayu' Jun 24,2008 2:08 PM

    Terima kasih aobintang kerana sudi menterjemahkan kedalam bahasa melayu…

  131. hai Jun 24,2008 2:01 PM

    Modern times of shifting ethical standards and politics ruled by arrogance and intolerance demand a renewal of the time-proven attributes of genuine leadership.
    All of a leadership’s deeds, rested on the attributes of truth, justice, humanity and pity. Add to these four characteristics one more – and that would be called a sense of shame. It would be a terrible thing to have a leader who has no sense of shame.
    These days, too many people believe “truth” is a relative term, which varies according to the “situational ethics” of circumstances.
    We no longer have a sense of moral outrage that we once had. We no longer accept responsibility when something goes wrong. WE SHOULD BE CAREFUL OF ANY LEADER WHO FINDS SOMEONE ELSE TO BLAME. There is no limit to what a man can do, or where he can go, if he does not mind who gets the credit. A sense of modesty was among the traits that made a leader i.e. greatest leader.
    A great leader must be a man of strength, intelligence, compassion and courage, but must always conducted himself in a modest manner to replace the arrogance and intolerance.
    The arrogance and intolerance strategy is to get the cronies (..the 4th FloorBoys) into Petronas and shift the focus for change/revamp on Petronas instead. Without shame and principle they instill some hatred into Petronas for the rakyat to provoke towards an effective measure of restructuring Petronas, however, to their whims and fancy without pity.
    In addition, the culprits have already stolen successfully through ECM LIBRA(..on the buy over issue),Avenue group,The Food for Oil issue and as well as POS Malaysia(..especially on the rebate issue!) and others such as from Federal government and all the state government financial expenditures etc.
    The culprits (leaders without shame and responsibility) steal all the money they can and blame it on Petronas..or blame it on the rakyat and if anything dissatrous to happen or something goes wrong, they are ready to prachute to “safe heaven” of their choices, remaining the rakyat to suffer (makan ubi kayu dan ubah cara hidup berjimat yang sebenar-benarnya!)
    Be afraid, be very afraid of the devil amongst us!
    May ALLAH save the rakyat from the arrogance and intolerance leadership and bless us all.

  132. cal Jun 24,2008 1:57 PM

    Saya dan family grow di zaman pemerintahan Tun, walaupun waktu itu ada perkara yang kurang kami senangi namun semua itu dapat di absorb berdasarkan kewajaran yang sepatutnya di implementasikan sebagai orang no. 1 negara demi Malaysia.
    Dah penat acess, baca itu dan ini malahan bukan setakat di office, di rumah pun cerita perkara yang sama mengenai perangai menteri-menteri kita. Saya tahu sebab tu masing-masing berlumba-lumba nak rebut jawatan menteri atau ketua tak kira lelaki atau perempuan. Masing-masing ada agenda sendiri untuk kepentingan peribadi, keluarga dan juga nak dapatkan pengaruh. Yang mengikut di belakang tu pulak air-cond lebih, tak berani buka mulut walaupun tak setuju. Kalau ada yang membangkang kena pecat dan dikenakan tindakan disiplin. Apalah nak jadi dengan pemimpin-pemimpin kita ni. Tapi Saya tak minat itu semua. Politik memang Kotor.
    Rasanya dah tak ada perkataan yang dapat mengantikan atau dapat mengambarkan perkataan PENAT. Penat sebagai rakyat jelata yang tertindas yang terpaksa tunduk mengikut kerenah kerajaan hari ini. Penat mengikut telunjuk ketua yang tak bertimbang rasa. Penat dengan keadaan ekonomi yang tak stabil. Penat dengan Isu kenaikan harga barang-barang keperluan minyak, beras, gula. Kita semua dibodahkan dengan kenaikkan harga minyak global sedangkan kita sendiri negara pengeluar minyak. Letih lah dia buat kita macam katak bawah tempurung.
    Sebenarnya dah penat, muak dan nak muntah bila di semua media cetak dan elektronik sibuk bercerita tentang tentang pemimpin no. 1 hari ini dengan keluarga nya baik isterinya, anak, menantunya yang dah jadi billionare tu, businessnya dan macam-macam itu dan ini. Tak sanggup. Macam mana nak redakan kemarahan yang tak nampak ni.Nak memberontak pun tak kemana akhirnya. Silap haribulan kena ISA.
    Kemana-mana saya pergi kebanyakkannya mengeluh panjang. Tapi apalah kesudahannya dengan mengeluh saja.kalau dah macam tu siapa sebenarnya yang layak kedepan membela nasib rakyat malaysia ni.

  133. gohhoehoe Jun 24,2008 1:56 PM

    Selamat Sejahtera TUN DR.MAHATIR
    I think there is no reason for you to be removed from your current
    post, you are an ASSET to the country that is why you are bestowed
    with TUN. I have to tell my opinion frankly ,that our structure of
    economy is very much different from the middle ease countries that
    produce oils,No doubt Petronas contribute to 35% of the total
    revenue of government , this doen not mean that we have to spend a
    big portion on subsidy. The prime mover of our country is
    Manufuacturing sectors , manufacturers should not take things for
    grant that they can always rely on subsidy, they should also find
    way to reduce cost and improve productivity or they can not compete
    in future example improve power factor, improve flow. It is good
    for them to enumerate how Japan overcame their problem during the
    oil crisis in 1970s.
    The 13 billion money saving from oil price restructuring should be
    used for reinvestment to create more job and business opportunities
    and to provide basic necessity to the needy.
    The enertprise also have to fulfill the social responsibility by
    absorbing part of the increasing cost ,improve productivity ,
    provide living allowance to lower income workers.This will enhance
    their image and bringing more benefits to the enterprises in long run
    Sincerely Yours HOHO

  134. Michael Moretti Jun 24,2008 1:45 PM

    Gretungs Tun!
    Ini semua langkah-langkah AAB nak kaut kekayaan untuk anak beranak dia la ni, mula-mula jadi PM buat sajak konon “aku bukan mencari harta bertimbun” piiiirrraaahhh…
    Tun tahu tak, i am the sole bread winner for my family, sejak harga minyak naik, saya terpaksa ubah cara hidup dari kereta ber-air cond kini dah tak pasang demi menjimat petrol, berpeluh-peluh lah dalam kereta, dulu boleh makan di kedai dengan officemates kini tak mampu lagi, bawaklah bekal nasi dan lauk lebih semalam, tak lalu pun kena telan juga, kelas karate anak-anak pun naik harga juga sebab cikgunya guna kereta datang mengajar.
    Apakah AAB dan menteri-menterinya mengubah cara hidup mereka seperti yang mereka sarankan? Apakah mereka benar-benar merasakan apa yang rakyat rasakan? Janganlah si miskin yang kais pagi makan pagi ni disuruh kais pagi makan malam pula..

  135. Ruben Jun 24,2008 1:34 PM

    Dear Tun,
    I wish you good health and best wishes. I am indeed puzzled by your reference to your Position of Adviser to Petronas as a “Post Box”. If that is the case, then why not do the honourable thing and resign ? Don’t wait for the goverment to do that. They have a country to run and cannot always be focussing on you. That is RM 15,000 per month savings which can go towards funding scholarships for poor Malaysians. Very Sorry if I sound rude or ungrateful. You have done a lot of good for the country and it will always be remembered. We will always be grateful to you.
    Take Care

  136. geeker Jun 24,2008 1:33 PM

    I have a few things to say:
    1) If it’s true that Dr.M is an advisor in name only, then why is he paid RM 15000 a month? It is a big amount for Petronas staff. Contrary to the general perception of the public, Petronas staff do not get paid high salary, at least those not in high managerial position. The salary is perhaps one of the lowest in the oil industry, even for degree holders. Diploma holders in other O&G companies actually make much more than degree holders in Petronas.
    2) Pemerhati bangsa, your statements are very hurtful. Perhaps it is true that some Petronas sponsored students chose to not come home and serve their contract, but that does not mean there are no good people in Petronas. What about those first class honors overseas graduates who do come home and work for the company? These are the same people who are working hard to make sure oil production continues to satisfy the “needs” of the oil-thirsty wasteful people with three and four cars. If Petronas staff really are a crappy bunch, then explain why Middle Eastern oil companies (read: Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Co, Qater Oil) are coming here trying to recruit these very unskilled and unwanted people you are talking about and willing to pay big bucks.

  137. magen Jun 24,2008 1:32 PM

    salam hormat Tun,saya sangat kecewa dengan kerajaan AAB yang secara mendadak menaikkan harga petrol,tanpa memikirkan rakyat yang akan menanggung kesusahan.Kenaikan ini ada effect domino.Saya harap Tun dapat masuk campur tangan.ABB sepatutnya letak jawatan sebagai PM.

  138. chan Jun 24,2008 1:16 PM

    If you don’t resign, AAB will not resign! Because he will be jobless after he resign as PM. So thats why if Tun still in Petronas, he will be still in Putrajaya. And once you resigned, he will be the petronas adviser and also the “4 floor geng” soon will occupying Twin Towers 4th Floor too………

  139. raw_observer Jun 24,2008 1:11 PM

    sape yang tak brape pandai english
    bleh try copy and paste kat
    website nie
    english >> Bahasa Melayu

  140. Alvin Kassim Jun 24,2008 1:10 PM

    Dear Tun,
    First of all, good wishes to you and family. I would like to comment here my opinion.
    I have met you several times at your house at The Mines. I am married to one of your relatives but I am a simple person and we are not rich or powerful because of the association.
    I have been married for 10 years and have 4 children. My family have been struggling for the last 10 years and we continue to do so (no thanks to Pak Lah). I grew up knowing only 1 PM – that is you. I admire your courage and way of thinking. I think you have done a lot for the country and it would be difficult to match your achievements. You are by far the best PM this country has ever had.
    My political views were limited before because I hate politics. Now with 4 children I think I must have a say in the direction of this country. I do not support any political party, I support my family party. They are the most important party to me. The condition of the country affects them, therefore it is in my interest to voice out my opinion.
    To me, all politicians are the same. Politics is the dirtiest game ever invented by man. All political parties are the same, BN or PR. They always sacrifice the greater good for their political ambitions. This is driven by greed. Righteousness does not exist nowadays. All they talk about is strengthening the party, the party this, the party that. They should be talking and doing about the people. What is best for the people and country.
    Projects are proposed, billions budgeted but the end result is almost always below par. Some people get rich from it. That is what makes me so mad. I know they want to make money but do it right. Deliver the project properly so it benefits the people. After the project is delivered properly and if some people make money out of it, fine.
    At the end of the day, how much can you take with you to the grave? Nothing. At the same time, you leave a country which is screwed up for our children. Tun, I feel that this is an attitude problem. All political parties and politicians have this same basic problem. Nobody has the guts to immediately resign should they do something wrong. Don’t talk about making a mistake while managing the country, even with a huge scandal hanging over them, they won’t resign.
    The people are sick of this attitude. To me, the government is elected by the people, for the people. It’s about the people. The people have no time nor the knowledge to run a country. That’s why we elected a small group to do that on our behalf. Therefore, this small group works for us. We are only concerned about our daily struggle and our children after we pass away. If this small group gets rich during their service to us, ok lah. But don’t take our money and not deliver the goods.
    Sometimes I’m lost for words Tun. Nobody is perfect, even you. You’ve made mistakes but at least you know how to run a country and even defend us from outside intervention. But Pak Lah and his group are so pathetic it makes me cry.
    Please Tun, if you have something up your sleeve please do something soon. And as a service to us the little people, please engineer a change of mindset for the crew that is running the ship. We cannot afford to waste any more resources (time, money, effort) while countries like Vietnam sprint away leaving us behind.
    My humblest apologies to Tun if my opinions have offended you or anybody out there. There is a characteristic of mine which is the same as Tun, that is I always call a spade a spade. Why should I call it something it isn’t?
    Please visit my blog at Visitors are warned that hard language is used as I’d rather do that than burn the streets.
    Regards to all.

  141. Wisely Dr Nasir Jun 24,2008 1:08 PM

    Salam Bahagia Tun sekeluarga
    Harap Tun dan blogger lain perincikan termasuk emel mereka kesemua `Budak Tingkat 4′. Ramai yang ingin mengenali mereka. Saya (blogger lain) ingin berperanan menghantar pesanan kepada mereka kerana bos mereka dah pekakkan teliga dan butakan mata. Sekurang-kurangnya Tun tidak keseorangan berperang saraf dengan PakLah and Geng.

  142. mama2121 Jun 24,2008 12:53 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan isteri,semuga sihat selalu.
    Kesilapan terbesar yang Tun lakukan semasa pentadbiran negara adalah melantik Pak lah sebagai penganti Tun.

  143. moe_magera Jun 24,2008 12:51 PM

    Dear Tun
    I am a Malaysian who is very disappointed with how the current government managed the nation. The last PRU, i vote for the BN in hoping that it may change because I don’t see any good in supporting the oppositions.. They talk a lot mumbo jumbo..
    But after the government drastically increases the oil price, when they already promise to the rakyat it won’t until end of this year, it change my belief in supporting the current leader. Why on earth that Mr Abdullah immediately without giving out warning stupidly announces the oil price increase. We the rakyat were shock and totally not prepare with the situation. The move on giving rebate is bullshit to me and to anyone who has a clear mind.
    The implementation of mechanism to reduce the oil price impact is decide without thinking the consequence to the rakyat because “kerja kelam kabut” Mr Clean and its gang of brothers. How about rakyat who does not own a vehicle, would they get the rebate? How can they coop up with the increasing price of goods and the standard of living? How can they live their lives normally when everything needs to be cut down because they can’t afford it anymore? How many citizens in Malaysia would fall into “miskin tegar” status?
    It is much better to have an Urang Utan to be our country leaders then to have this kind of politician who only thinks about their wallets. We the rakyat especially myself doesn’t care if you all politician want to self enrich yourself but at least please think about the rakyat first.. because without our vote and confident, you all won’t be sitting on your desk now!!

  144. lordmusan Jun 24,2008 12:48 PM

    Salam again Tun,
    i think you should write a special article on the 4th floor boys cause i think a lot of us here are still not sure whom or what these 4th floor boys are.Please tun, please write an article on the organzatio chart of the 4th floor boys, the names of people involve in this, the names of the heads and why they are there.Also please explain or give your opinion why and how did the SIL can be involved in the 4th floor.Who is he actually?Was he appointed there by the FIL?
    Please Tun.Please shedsome light o this matter so that all of us know who the devils really are.
    thank you and regards.
    lord musan

  145. Ibrahim Jun 24,2008 12:46 PM

    Petronas merupakan lubuk emas kepada kerajaan. Tetapi lubuk emas ini akan jadi tidak cekap sekiranya terdapat campur tangan ahli politik dalam pengurusannya. Sepertimana yang kita tahu kebanyakkan ahli politik hanya pandai dalam berkata-kata dan menabur janji yang kemudiannya jadi tidak pasti.
    Campurtangan ahli politik menyebabkan lambakan kakitangan yang kurang cekap dalam pentadbiran Petronas kerana mereka menjawat jawatan bukan atas sebab merit/kelulusan/kelayakan tetapi akan lebih berbau hubungan kekeluargaan, atas dasar parti politik dan sebagainya. Mereka yang mempunyai pertalian sebegini kebanyakan mengamalkan konsep ” PANDAI TAK BOLEH DI IKUT DAN BODOH TAK BOLEH DI AJAR”.
    Hanya ahli politik yang bermindakan TUN MAHATHIR sahaja ikhlas memastikan Petronas berdaya saing sekiranya terpaksa campurtangan dalam pengurusan Petronas.
    Kalau ahli politik 2008 ini, saya tidak nampak keikhlasan mereka dalam menerajui semua ini termasuk menerajui Malaysia. Ahli politik 2008 lebih girang mengungkit kisah-kisah lama pentadbiran BN seperti isu kehakiman yang telah lama dianggap selesai daripada memenuhi keperluan rakyat yang mendesak di tahun 2008 seperti kenaikan pelbagai barangan perlu dalam Malaysia.
    Pada pandangan saya UMNO masih relevan di Malaysia, cuma pemimpin UMNO tahun 2008 ini nampaknya tidak RELEVAN lagi kepada Malaysia dan Rakyat Jelata.

  146. Bongek Jun 24,2008 12:44 PM

    Salam Tun,
    Selagi tak tercapai apa yang dihajati oleh KJ, selagi itu DSAAB tak akan step down. Dari mula itulah yang KJ hajati Tun. Si KJ ni sanggup melucutkan cintanya pada anak dara DSAI setelah DSAI Tun lucutkan jawatan sebagai TPM. Bila jawatan TPM diberikan kepada DSAAB, cinta KJ pun beralih arah pada anak DSAAB pulak. Sebab dia ada agenda tersendiri.Bijak Si KJ ni Tun. Kalau tak ada angin masakan pokok bergoyang Tun.

  147. Abg mamak Jun 24,2008 12:42 PM

    Adik ku `antimamak’ marah sunguh hang kat aku.jgnlah disebabkan roti sangup hang membuang saudara sedarah hang..bulu di badan hang dah macam mamak.hang dah tak boleh lari dari kenyataan…
    Satu lagi abg nak pesan Mak&Ayah tak ajaq kita wat kurang ajaq ngan org tua2.Dia (Ayahanda Tun) tu dan bejasa pada negara agama dan bangsa..22 tahun..hang aku bagi kedai habih lingkup baru 2 minggu.
    apalah lembab hang ni..komen pandai..makan tambah…tapi sengal tu tak hilang jugak..aparahhhh…

  148. Speculator Jun 24,2008 12:41 PM

    Based on your comments, Samy Vellu would describe you as “luar dunia punya worang!”, because you simply refused to see reality and acknowledge greatness. Pity you!
    Even if Tun lobbies for you, it’ll get nowhere since paklah would bend over backward not to listen to him. So, why don’t you just paint yourself red, print the words ‘POST BOX’ on your chest, then go stand stiffly at a street corner somewhere. Who knows you might get lucky that some people might mistaken you for the real thing and push some mails containing money orders/cheques/even real money down your throat. However, very sorry that theres simply no way anybody would shell out RM15k monthly for you to just stand around doing nothing!!!

  149. usin Jun 24,2008 12:40 PM

    akum Tun..
    Saya berharap Tun dapat lakukan sesuatu sebelum Malaysia terus jahanam dek pak lah badwi tuhh..
    kami akan berada di belakan Tun Selalu..
    salam hormat tun

  150. hajiman ibrahim Jun 24,2008 12:38 PM

    Ybgh Tun,
    Saperti yang Tun katakan, jelaslah mereka berjaya mengalihkan perhatian umum dari tertekan keatas kenaikan harga minyak akibat tindakan kabinet, kepada ketidakancekapan PETRONAS mentadbirkan perniagaan, bertujuan nak merampas PETRONAS olih menantunya & co.
    Saya senantiasa menyokong Tun & mendoakan senantiasa dalam kesejahteraan. Menasihati umat dari dianiya merupakan satu ibadat yang mulia.
    Terima Kasih, Ybgh Tun

  151. kulaan Jun 24,2008 12:37 PM

    Yakin boleh!! Jangan kita semua putus harap dan berputus asa dalam membuat pembetulan.

  152. Zulka9 Jun 24,2008 12:34 PM

    Salam kepada TUN yang dihormati,
    Saya amat mengasihi TUN dan keluarga, moga Allah memberkati dan merahmati TUN dan keluarga.
    Apa yang saya perhatikan sekarang kerajaan pimpinan Paklah, semakin banyak perkara yang cuba dilakukan oleh Paklah dan kabinetnya, semakin banyaklah kelemahan2 yang ditonjolkan mereka. Semakin banyaklah kerosakan2 yang dilakukan oleh mereka. Semakin meranalah rakyat.

  153. koroknguh Jun 24,2008 12:30 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Dia orang tak puas lagi, tahun 2004 -2008 dia orang rompak duit royalti minyak terengganu….bila dah terpaksa beri balik..terpaksalah cari sumber baru…kalau tak mana larat nak bayar bil senggaraan helikopter peribadi…dgn duit gaji ahli parlimen berapa sangat…nak beli susu anak tak cukup..hehehhehe
    tambah-tambah sekarang ni…kos hidup dah meningkat…semua barang naik harga….dia kan dulu tak kerja…mana ada duit, beli ecm- libra pun…nasib baiklah ada kawan yang baik hati bagi pinjam.

  154. ABI Jun 24,2008 12:24 PM

    Tun M,
    If, as you say, you are just playing a “post box” role, why not quit forthwith and stop receiving the adviser’s allowance? A man of honour would use do that. On account of their attitude, the authorities are making you a “dead wood”- playing no constructive or active role as adviser.In my considered opinion,the real dignity of a person lies in not what he has but in what he is! may I humbly suggest that you pull out from Petronas (as Adviser.

  155. alpacino Jun 24,2008 12:18 PM

    Dear Tun,
    Firstly I would like to apologized as using this media to ask something that is not related. Its because I cant find any mean to contact and ask you on the issue I would like to know. I am actually very keen in being your franchisee for you “BREAD SHOP”. I would be very grateful if you could help me in giving the contact person so that I could contact them for further information. I was made to understand that the shop is meant for franchise and during your tenure as primership, you and a strong advocator for this concept. Ive tested the product and found out it is better then others. FYI, I paln to set it up at 1-Borneo hypermall in Kota Kinabalu as I own 2 lots which situated at a strategic F/B location ( infront of Giant Supermarket entrance.Really hope you can hel me on this and please dont publish this request on you blog.
    p/s- Im really amaze of how you could think and produce such ideas/concept and still able to deal with national interest at your age. I wish I would be able to reach age like you. All the best Sir, and may god bless you in whatever you do.
    Dr Saiful
    Klantanese resident in Sabah

  156. cariidea Jun 24,2008 12:18 PM

    Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Mengenai subsidi dan pensktukturan semula harga minyak ni bolehla saya buat kesimpulan seperti cerita berikut.
    Ada sekumpulan penyamun yang menyamun mangsanya. Setelah menyamun mangsanya penyamun itu akan memberi duit tambang bas dan mengatakan “KAMI KESIAN, BERSIMPATI DENGAN KEADAAN ,SO KAMI TOLONG RINGANKAN KEADAAN MANGSA”. Motifnya penyamun itu telah menyamun hak yang rakyat patut nikmati dan memberikan sekupang dua modai untuk tutup mulut mangsa dari mengatakan penyamun itu kejam.
    Penyamun itu bodoh,apabila menaikankan harga minyak, poket sipenyamun memang banyak, tetapi penyamun itu telah menguncupkan ekonomi negara apabila rakyat kurang berbelanja,fikirkan apabila rakyat kurang lagi melancong sebab minyak mahal,apa akan jadi kepada pengusaha industri pelancongan seperti pengusaha hotel dan challet. Apabila rakyat kurang berbelanja bermakna ekonomi semakin menguncup, inilah falsafah ekonomi yang diamalkan oleh penyamun ini.
    Kalau George Sorus adalah penyangak ekonomi saya katakan AAB adalah penyamun dan perosak ekonomi. Mengapa bila harga minyak naik kita katakan ini semua disebabkan oleh faktor luar yang tidak dapat dikawal sebab ditentukan oleh pasaran dunia, tetapi bila mana soal tol yang kita mempunyai kuasa untuk menurunkan kita tidak berbuat demikian. Lagi buruknya perjanjian konsesi tol tidak pula dihebahkan kepada rakyat. Mengapa ?
    AAB mengamalkan dasar pandang belakang, bukan dasar pandang depan. Dengan menyuruh rakyat naik pengankutan awam bererti dia memundurkan rakyat. Apakah pengankutan awam hanya bertumpu pada Kuala Lumpur sahaja ? Bagaimana pengankutan awam di Baling, Sik, Kuala Nerang dan semua pekan – pekan kecil ?
    Rakyat tidak perlukan banyak pembangunan, cukuplah dengan apa yang ada pada era Tun. Beritahulah pada rakyat perkara sebenar seperti seorang ayah memberitahu anaknya ” Anakku, tahun ini ayah tak ada duit banyak, kta terpaksa kurangkan aktiviti yang kurang berfaedah”. Si anak boleh memahami. Tetapi kalau si ayah memotong duit saku anak tetapi tidak pula memotong duit belanja rokok dan makeup kereta maka si anak pun mula le nak memberontak. Pemerintah dengan rakyat umpama si ayah dengan dengan anak. Jangan memotong wang saku anak untuk tujuan berboros. Rakyat rela tiada pembangunan ataupun pembangunan yang minumum asalkan tidak terbeban dengan masalah ekonomi yang parah. Bagi yang brgelar jutawan mereka memang tidak memahami sebab tidak pernah merasa perit dalam keadan sekarang.
    Oleh itu kepada rakyat..bukan ubah cara hidup…tapi ubahlah pemerintah. Bekerja bersama saya sebab saya memang tak tau bekerja.
    Cemerlang, gemilang,terbilang, semua temberang..

  157. ikanbilismoh Jun 24,2008 12:14 PM

    Assalamualaikum TUN,
    TUN….saya rasa perlu ada tindakan segera…banyak kaki-kaki pengampu dalam kerajaan sekarang….
    Saya sekarang dah muak nak tengok berita TV3 yang asyik membuat cerita-cerita bohong dan mengampu kerajaan. Inilah kerja orang-orang yang duduk kat tingkat 4 tu…control semua saluran media…
    TUN..saya harap TUN dapat memikirkan satu bentuk tindakan dan cadangan supaya dapat memberi tekanan yang hebat kepada kepimpinan sekarang….
    Saya rasa ramai yang akan turut serta….dan sedang menunggu apa-apa bentuk tindakan yang memberi faedah kepada rakyat…namun sampai sekarang tiada satu yang muncul…
    Kita perlu selamatkan Petronas dari diguna pakai oleh orang-orang tidak bertanggungjawab ini…mereka akan cuba menyingkirkan orang petronas yang berkelayakan ini supaya diganti dengan orang-orang tingkat 4…..selepas itu dengan mudah akan menyingkirkan TUN dari posisi sekarang….
    Adakah sekadar cukup meluahkan perasaan melalui laman blog sahaja atau kami semua perlu menunggu PRU13 untuk membuktikan yang rakyat sekarang amat muak dengan kepimpinan sekarang…
    Yang menjadi mangsa adalah kami semua dan rakyat yang lain…apakah yang TUN boleh selamatkan kami semua sebelum kami membuat keputusan yang amat berat pada PRU13 nanti..
    Diluah mati bapak..ditelan mati emak…kedua-duanya kami tidak mahu…kami mahukan keadilan….
    TUN fikir-fikirkanlah….bantulah kami untuk membuat keputusan nanti..

  158. MalaysianTiger Jun 24,2008 12:14 PM

    Hi Dr M,
    The issue about the recent rise in oil prices has really made thousands of our rakyat frustrated. “Naik LAGI?!!”, were the comments from most of them.
    The government can spend millions in worthless projects, that collapse and are pointless, but “nothing can be done” to increase the subsidy of our oil.
    Isn’t it something yang tak masuk akal?
    And the current coalition is at its position now because they have been there for the past 20++ years thanks to greats like you and all the past prime ministers.
    Lets just sit back and hope things get better soon enough, or else even the bumiputra will not have a chance to watch our nation grow..
    Malaysian Tiger

  159. DatOK ZeQ Jun 24,2008 12:10 PM

    To sign in and comments a time consuming, look at the respond, so much drop. Then you will not get pros and cons comments, didn’t help you much !
    If the Government didn’t listen, you may as well resign. What’s your job descriptions? No point you involved yourself in this situations. ” Hidung tak mancung , pipi tersorong sorong” ? Just forget about Petronas and concentrate on other valuable things to do for the rakyat.
    I am always with you, no matter what the world said bad or unpleasant things about you ! You had proved them wrong for the last 22 years.
    DatOK ZeQ
    Kelana Jaya, Selangor

  160. ARbAK Jun 24,2008 12:09 PM

    Assalamualikum Tun,terima kasih kerana menerima kemasukan saya sebagai salah seorang daripada ahli blod Tun.

  161. DesmondSim Jun 24,2008 12:09 PM

    Dear Tun,
    For RM15K a month after RM5K deduction from LHDN, you seemed to be underpaid from an organization listed in Fortune 500 companies. I remember someone told me that Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobile pay much higher for a special adviser. Comparing your contributions, experiences and qualifications, you should be commanding more. Anyway thats my thought…..
    Very clearly that if the 4th Floor folks decided to take over and being influencing party in the management of Petronas, I think we will have a bigger problem later on. I would think the potential of dispute and manipulation from the government that lead by 4th Floor Team will impact further into our economies.
    1. Conspiracy of “pleasant” data from the Bank Negara showing we are still alright even though with the present economy climate. It will further blindsight us in terms of CPI, GDP growth and inflation rate.I suspect there will be another another revision of GDP but with the comment from Governor “we’re still on-track”. In the next coming months, Bank Negara will raise interest rate at a certain degree. CPI will continue to be moderate reported but in actual fact the confidence of purchasing power of us will dip down further.
    2. Inflation rate will be always be reported at very moderate figure just to show we are doing ok. In actual fact, it has been increased dramatically with at least more than 10%.All prices will be continue to goes higher as a result the lower income group according to one study it is estimated 20 over % of our population will be poorer than now. They will be forced into a situation to demand some remedy from the government otherwise riots, protest or other subject violences. May 13th 1969 may resumed again….
    3. People will be forced to do more savings as the matter of fact bank will raise interest rate. FD and other deposited account will offer better rate. More people will divert their money into the bank resulting more cash keep and no money outflow from the bank. In Japan, most bank do not provide any interest rate if u save your money in it, resulting most japanese need to find ways to roll their money alternatively. They are one the nations that have the highest savings currently. Bank may face competitive situation in providing loan. Loan interest from base lending rate will increase as well. To those who purchased houses will be greatly affected as the principal will not be reduced as before and now serving more on the interest in monthly payment. For car buyers or other vehicles, consumers will be more careful in getting a car or a motorcycle with no.1 criteria must be able to save petrol. That affected a lot of car sellers business in terms of growth.
    4. Crime rate will be increased as we approaching near-recession in our country. People will need to find ways to safe guard their belongings and love one in their family. We’ll live in fear sooner or later. The peaceful and prosperity that our nation hoping for will soon be faded away.
    5. With Petronas taken over by the 4th Floor folks, that will marked the government will owned the entity which not supposed to be. Knowing Petronas contributed major income into government, greed and devil eyes surfaced among the goverment and politician. .
    6. Lastly, the next move would be infuencing our nation biggest saving entity EPF. Imagine if today 401K and Social Security Fund collapsed in US just like the case of Enron and Worldcom. What kind of possibility you could think of? I suspect the 4th Floor folks will make an attempt to manipulate our hard-earned contribution and god knows what kind of plan they have. If that takes place, I think is time most of us find ways to liquidate our hard-earned savings. By then, we will see another turnmoil of nation hard-earned money trust fund.
    I’m sure Tun will have all the above possibility may happened. By typing each word explaining here, painting the most negative picture and the dark side makes me feel Malaysia will no longer be our home anymore. I’m fearing that my child and family will have greater obstacle in pursuing our day to day life.
    What is your next plan Tun? Blogging is only one way expressing and exposing the truth. But without any proper strategic and action to execute the steps, we as normal citizen will be left in dillema.

  162. shah Jun 24,2008 12:08 PM

    Salam Tun,
    I wonder what happened to Tan Sri Hassan Marican ?? He use to be one of the strong otai during his tenure with Petronas until recent oil prices increased. Somehow rather, his statement lately is not showing his actual character. I have read couple of biodata about himself & one of the goods example to be proud with, he’s always travel by bus or economy class & otai by example. And from here, his subordinates will by all means to follow his humble style of living. Same goes to you, travelling using Perdana for instant. Or he just cannot do anything or if he go against some people, it will be ending up like Teck Lee ?? Or this will be the best ending for him with full of style retirement plans ?
    Anyway, its rather difficult whenever people appointed you as and advisor with small allowances but yet, have no say for the benefit of the company & country. As far as I knew, Petronas is the most difficult company to apply with. This is simply because, they have many layers of standby candidates & at anytime these position can be easily filled up with good rumenaration. This is fantastic approach & to the extend that Petronas is captured in forbes where we can proud with.
    What will be the next move of Petronas ? Perhaps, Tun can eloborate in details.

  163. raizul Jun 24,2008 12:00 PM

    Saya harap Tun terus memberi idea dan pandangan kepada kerajaan dan rakyat kerana sesungguhnya kami masih memerlukan Tun. Peletakan jawatan Tun sebagai PM adalah satu tragedi bagi negara Malaysia, Bangsa Melayu, rantau Asia Tenggara, Asia , malah dunia. Sesungguhnya perjuangan itu tidak ada had masa. Berjuanglah hingga titisan darah yang terakhir.

  164. pemerhati bangsa Jun 24,2008 11:59 AM

    YABhg Tun Dr M,
    Petronas, sekian lama menjadi tunjang negara. Tapi jangan lupa fakta-fakta di bawah:
    1) Tan Sri Hassan Marican pegang 2 jawatan (President dan CEO) Petronas. Tidakkah ada conflict of interest? Dah jadi mcm family business. Kenapa GLC lain macam MAS yang berjaya sekarang ni tak ada format mcm tu? Kenapa MAS lebih efisien?
    2) Tun adalah penasihat Petronas, tetapi langsung tak dapat keterangan yang jelas mengenai kewangan Petronas?Semasa zaman Tun dulu, duit untuk bina KLCC, Putrajaya, Jambatan Bengkok semua adalah duit minyak & gas Petronas. Petronas, naik turun mereka kerana Tun. Mustahil ini dilindungi dari pengetahuan Tun.Kalau benar Tun tak dapat maklumat terperinci, maka Petronas dah tak hargai kehadiran Tun sebagai penasihat. Kenapa Tun tidak dijemput di Persidangan Minyak & Gas Asia baru-baru ini walaupun sudah 12 tahun Petronas menganjurkannya?
    3) Petronas, TNB, Telekom dsb adalah pemusnah professional Melayu. Balik2 dari tajaan belajar di luar negara dan join GLC akan terjadi samada mereka rosak di dalam sistem yg tidak efisien dan korup atau mereka menjadi mangsa ‘budaya tidak professional’ seperti polisi Petronas yang menghalang pekerje bekas Petronas masuk semula setelah berhenti dari Petronas. Berapa ramai pelajar tajaan Petronas di luar negara yang cream of the cream tidak mahu pulang dan berkhidmat untuk Petronas?
    4) Saya amat tak setuju dengan ‘claim’ Tun bahawa staff petronas high in demand and highly trained. Takkah Tun sedar bahawa all the cream of the cream of Oil & Gas experts in Malaysia are serving Shell, Exxonmobil, Total, BP, Schlumberger etc while the least skilled and unwanted are in Petronas? Petronas adalah syarikat GLC 95% staff melayu. This is a total bollocks YABhg. Tun.
    5) Petronas, beroperasi di 35 buah negara seluruh dunia. Tapi operasi mereka ni, adalah kebanyakannya ‘politically-driven’ dan kehadiran mereka di negara-negara tersebut semata-mata kerana Tun dahulu. Lepas zaman Tun, management Petronas hancus terus dan tak ada sales magic lagi utk expand operasi mereka. Sudan for example, cerita lama. Kita semua tahu operasi GLC malaysia macam Ranhill, Paremba di sana semua kroni Tun. Ingat tragedi Tan Sri Hamdan CEO Ranhill di tampar oleh General puak pembebasan Darfur tahun 1998 dahulu? Masakan Tun tidak ingat. Biar saya ingatkan sebab apa.
    Nasihat saya mengenai Petronas, maka eloklah ditukar ganti Management, kalau boleh sampai staff bawahan pon ditukar ganti atau dilatih utk ‘upgrade’. Tak semua perubahan yang dibawa oleh kerajaan sedia ada adalah buruk. Kalau begitu suruh sajalah Dato’ Sri Idris Jala berhenti dari MAS dan lihat sebab dan akibatnya. Tun terimalah hakikat bahawa Petronas tidak lagi boleh menjalankan agenda Tun walau sebaik manapun zaman dulu.

  165. kamimelayubaru Jun 24,2008 11:57 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Well, i didnot supprise what the 4th Floor has done….But, they will suprise what will Sabahan do for next week…..especially for the 4th Floor….To the 4th Floor….wait the Sabahan’s Suprise…..
    P/S: Tun, diharap Tun dan isteri dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki….

  166. aishayunos Jun 24,2008 11:55 AM

    Good day Tun,
    saya berharap sangat agat PETRONAS kekal sebagaimana sekarang…
    Tan Sri Hassan menjalankan tugas dengan baik mengepalai PETRONAS..
    Jangan biarkan “budak tingkat 4” atau orang2 yang tak sepatutnya mengambil alih PETRONAS..
    Tun,take care and you have my 100% support..sokong cadangan kite wat perjumpaan(peminat blog Tun)…teringin nak jumpa idola saya dari zaman sekolah rendah..

  167. fawz Jun 24,2008 11:50 AM

    I wish to comment on comments made by Neil;
    1) Petronas is a world class oil company; by world standard, paying a world class advisor (post-box) like Dr. Mahathir RM 10K (after deducting tax RM5K)is peanuts. IT IS NOT A BIG AMOUNT!
    2) Taxes and royalties paid by Petronas to the Government benefit all races in Malaysia, sometime even visitors from neighbouring countries. Therefore Petronas is not UMNO’s cash cow.
    3) However, if the 4th floor people take over Petronas, then perhaps it is likely that Petronas will become AAB KJ & associates cash cow.

  168. aobintang Jun 24,2008 11:47 AM

    Tun, dengan izin.
    Sesetengah ahli Parlimen sedang menumpukan perhatian kepada Petronas, dalam apa yang dilihat sebagai cubaan untuk mengalih perhatian daripada Kerajaan ke atas kenaikan tak berasas harga minyak. JIka saya tidak silap, ini adalah mukadimah kepada perlantikan calon ‘Tingkat 4’ sebagai ketua Petronas sebagaimana yang mereka lakukan apabila menyingkirkan Tengku Mahalel daripada Proton.
    Terdapat juga cubaan untuk menyalahkan saya kerana “menasihatkan” kerajaan dalam menghapuskan subsidi. Sekali lagi saya ingin menjelaskan disini bahawa walaupun digelar sebagai Penasihat Kepada Petronas, saya langsung tidak menasihatkan, apatah lagi kepada Kerajaan.
    Sekali sekala saya mendapat taklimat daripada Tan Sri Hassan Marican, Presiden Petronas. Saya juga mendapat laporan tahunan yang juga boleh diperolehi oleh orang awam. Tugas utama saya adalah seperti peti surat. Saya menyampaikan kepada Tan Sri Hassan pelbagai permintaan dan cadangan yang dihantar rakyat kepada saya. Saya langsung tiada suara dalam keputusan yang dibuat Petronas.
    Semasa saya menjadi Perdana Menteri, Petronas di bawah saya dan saya membuat sesetengah keputusan sebagai contoh; harga gas untuk dijual kepada stesyen janakuasa, keperluan untuk keluar Negara untuk carigali dan pengeluaran minyak. Untuk menetapkan kadar elektrik pada tahap rendah, saya tidak membenarkan harga gas dinaikkan. Petronas mendapat kerugian tetapi tidak banyak kerana harga minyak mentah adalah sekitar 30 dollar US setong. Sekarang ia adalah 139 dollar US setong. Harga gas juga telah meningkat menyebabkan kerugian yang ditanggung Petronas menjadi lebih besar.
    Orang awam mungkin telah memerhatikan bahawa hanya Petronas membekalkan Gas Asli untuk Kenderaan (NGV); bagi kegunaan kenderaan bermotor. Jumlahnya juga adalah terhad. Ini adalah kerana penjualan NGV mengakibatkan kerugian besar kepada Petronas kerana Kerajaan tidak memberi gantirugi. Syarikat minyak lain enggan menjual gas kerana mereka akan kehilangan wang pada harga yang ditetapkan oleh Kerajaan semasa saya menjadi Perdana Menteri.
    Saya mempunyai pejabat di Menara Petronas dan saya dibayar imbuhan sebanyak RM15,00 sebulan, sebelum potongan cukai RM5000. Jika kerajaan mahu saya meletak jawatan sekarang kerana saya bukan lagi ahli UMNO, adalah dialukan untuk berbuat demikian.
    Adalah suatu yang menyedihkan jika politik dibawa ke dalam pentadbiran Petronas. Tidak seperti syarikat petroliam milikan Negara yang lain, Petronas telah menjadi salah sebuah syarikat petroliam antarabangsa seperti Shell, Esso, Total dan lain-lain.
    Ianya beroperasi di 36 negara lain seantara dunia dan perniagaannya merangkumi aktiviti hiliran dan huluan, daratan dan laut. Satu pertiga daripada perolehannya datang dari operasi diluar Negara. Ianya sebuah syarikat ‘Fortune 500’ pada kedudukan ke 250.
    Jika ‘Tingkat 4’ mengambil alih, Petronas akan menanggung nasib sama seperti kebanyakan syarikat petroliam milikan Negara yang lain. Kakitangan Petronas adalah sangat terlatih dan menjadi permintaan tinggi diseberang laut. Jika mereka berhenti, saya tidak berapa yakin Petronas akan terus menjadi model syarikat petroliam milikan Negara yang menjadi keinginan Negara pengeluar minyak yang lain ikuti.

  169. thebigdipper Jun 24,2008 11:45 AM

    Aslmkm Y.A.Bhg,
    If I may say so, politics in this country, mostly, is destructive, especialy Malay politics. Often the trait is – ‘the and justify the means. So we see now an attempt by some very unscrupulous people to taint our National oil company. Lets hope they fail miserably.

  170. emville Jun 24,2008 11:37 AM

    Biasa la Tun, bila dah berkuasa ni, mula la nak sapu semua. Org nak kata apa, kata la. Janji poket (kantung) penuh. Pak Lah kena ingat masa Pak Lah baru naik, pasal sajak yg Pak Lah buat dan baca dulu. Jgn kerana harta, negara hancur, generasi terpinggir, bangsa terhina. hidup ni bukannya lama. Harta tu pun bukan boleh bawa masuk kubur.
    Kesian pada Tun. Setelah apa yg dia buat pada negara dan bangsa (termasuk jadikan Pak Lah sebagai penggantinya), itu saja yg dia dapat. Ini org kata lead by example. Bila Pak Lah buat mcm ni, sapu semua, yg lepas ni yg akan menggantikan beliau pun akan buat perkara yg sama, kalau tak lebih lagi.
    Tunggu the next general election……

  171. Onlooker Jun 24,2008 11:37 AM

    YABhg Tun,
    People come people go.
    Nobody in this world is indispensable.
    Sometimes we just have to learn how to give and not take!
    Pak Lah has already received his mandate one more time in Parliament on 23.06.2008. If Pak Lah has to replace the whole management team of Petronas, he definitely has the rights to do so at his sole discretion. But I doubt Pak Lah will sack anyone in Petronas at the moment. Why does he want to make so much trouble for himself in Petronas when UMNO party election is just going to start in July 2008?
    Since Tun is still drawing a remuneration from Petronas as an Advisor, therefore Tun shall be obligated to look after the utmost interest of Petronas. I hope Tun’s position as Advisor to Petronas will allow Tun to contribute much by providing some kinds of effective checks and balances to the good corporate governance of Petronas.
    Life may be turned much easier and much rewarded if a person learns how to quit gambling after gaining the bad experience of betting on the wrong horse!

  172. azly Jun 24,2008 11:36 AM

    Why can’t the politician let Petronas work independently?
    Why can’t we just take 80% of the profit (dividend and tax) and balance let them work with it to generate more income?
    So much politics involved in Petronas? Everybody want a bit of Petronas since the oil price is above USD130 a barrel. How can Lim Guan Eng expect Petronas to pay for the 2nd Penang bridge? One bridge not enough? If you want 2nd bridge, you have to pay for it. Ask penang folks / users to pay the cost of the bridge?
    Petronas oil money is belong to the Malaysian people. We deserve it more for our future. How long can we sustain in producing oil?
    Even Indonesia has become net importer of oil.

  173. baniADAM Jun 24,2008 11:27 AM

    Salam Tun, tak banyak yg boleh dikatakan skrg kerana Pak Lah masih nak ‘bekerja kuat’ utk rakyat, kita tunggulah Najib naik nanti, harap2 Tun boleh lah tolong Najib perbetul apa2 yg patut, kalau boleh Tun jadilah penasihat kpd kerajaan ataupun menteri kanan, itupun kalau Tun sihat, bukan apa, semuanya utk rakyat & negara. Kami senantiasa dibelakang Tun utk masa depan anak cucu kita. Wasalam.

  174. Mentel Jun 24,2008 11:25 AM

    To all guys who said RM15,000 fee as Petronas Adviser is too much.
    Do you know how much Che Khalib TNB is getting every month and made many stupid and costly mistakes where to him was “not worth to bang his head on a wall” ?
    Do you guys know how much a “Document Controller” and “Project Secretary” in Oil & Gas are getting every month ? More than RM15,000 and the job of these sexy ladies merely just filing and record the movement of office documents !!!.. Just like “Penimpan Fail” in the Public Service.
    Do you guys know how much a Malaysian Oil & Gas company pay every month for a stupid draughtman from Philippines?
    Do you guys know how much the CEO of govt GLC concerning public transport is getting every month just to oversee government subsidised bus fare?. It was told more that USD100,000 or may be more every month.
    To me, the amount paid as the Petronas Adviser should be reviewed to reflect the financial performance of Petronas. Say USD250,000 per month?

  175. mistikana Jun 24,2008 11:20 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Saya setuju dengan Mariapun. Kalau ada pemimpin mesti timbul pasal kroni dan sebagainya. Even kalau DSAI jadi PM pun isu sama akan timbul. Lim kit siang pun duk tersengeh bila anak dia jadi ketua di Pulau Pinang. Saya dah letih dengar pasal kroni ni. Apa yang kita nak sekarang seorang PM dan kerajaan yang cerdik dan pandai macam SANG KANCIL dalam cerita dongengnya.
    Semua TU cuma ada masa pemerintahan Tun dulu, ada saja benda baru yang diluahkan demi kepentingan dan kesejahteraan rakyat walaupun sesetengah tu nampak ada tentangan. Tun seorang yang bijak, sentiasa pandang ke depan dan sering ingatkan rakyat supaya jangan LUPA. Sekarang ni langsung takde ingatan dari DSAAB kepada rakyat tentang kejahatan BARAT serta peringatan tentang sejarah ZAMAN PENJAJAHAN. Bayangkan, semasa membaca doa selepas solat maghrib siaran langsung ANGKASAWAN PERTAMA NEGARA nak naik ke angkasa pun dia dok terhenggut-hengut TIDUR. Satu MALAYSIA yang tengok siaran langsung nampak!
    Naik minyak memanglah naik tapi janganlah sampai 78 sen. tinggi sangat tu. Sekarang ni ramai yang bawak keta slow below 100km kat lebuhraya. Kalau bawak 60km/j lorong paling tepi takpe, ini lorong tengah. Macam nak tersondol rasanya. lorong laju dahlah orang kaya2 punye.
    Ni kalau kat JEPUN ni, PM diaorang dah rela hati letak jawatan ni….

  176. Zara Adriana Jun 24,2008 11:20 AM

    Saya merasakan RM15,000 yg Tun terima daripada Petronas adalah terlalu kecil jika dibandingkan dengan kemampuan Tun memberikan pandangan, idea, nasihat kepada sesebuah syarikat.
    Saya amat pasti jika Tun mahu menerima tawaran daripada syarikat lain, pasti Tun boleh menerima habuan yang lebih besar. Saya juga sanggup membayar jumlah yg Petronas bayar jika Tun sudi memberikan kepakaran Tun dalam syarikat saya, walaupun syarikat saya ni hanyalah ibarat nyamuk jika dibandingkan dengan Petronas.
    Sesungguhnya Tuhanmu lah yang meluaskan rezeki bagi sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya (menurut undang-undang peraturanNya), dan Ia juga yang menyempitkannya (menurut yang demikian). Sesungguhnya Ia Maha Mendalam pengetahuanNya, lagi Maha Melihat akan hamba-hambaNya. Al-Israa ayat 30

  177. wak Dojer Jun 24,2008 11:15 AM

    Salam kepada Tun dan semua.
    If Tun said, that the top management of Petronas is most likelihoods to be changed by candidates of 4th floor, Wak will say “it is not impossible”.
    If Tun refers to the scenario of what had happened to Tengku Mahaleel of Proton, Wak will put the scenario of Tan Sri Dr. Zetti Akhtiar Aziz of Khazanah to support Wak’s.
    Last but not least, if Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that he will implement the transition of power to his successor (we know who) the soonest possible, Wak says: –
    “Aaaah sudahlah.. Tengok gaya tukar post orang sana-sini, tukar polisi, tukar kaedah, tukar rang perundangan, segala-galanya hendak ditukar… Macam hendak kuatkan diri sendiri dan kekalkan jawatan lebih lama adalah. Ini ke yang dikatakan hendak memastikan peralihan kuasa akan berjalan lancar secepat mungkin? Cakap tak serupa bikin!”
    Anyone to defend Datuk Seri PM? Anyone?
    p/s: perubahan yang paling ketara Wak tengok adalah pada suratkhabar The Sun. Sebelum PRU-12, Wak rajin baca The Sun kerana bukan setakat mereka mendapat anugerah kewartawanan tapi Wak lihat mereka agak seimbang dalam memberi info samaada kepada pihak Kerajaan mahupun Pembangkang sesuai dengan motto mereka “telling it as it is” dengan “without fear and favour”. Apa sudah jadi Terence Fernandez, R.Nadeswaran and the others? Sudah hilang taringkah?
    p/s lagi: pemimpin UMNO & BN boleh buat tak faham aje, tu yang buat Wak lagi tak tahan tengok. sakit mata & sakit hati!

  178. drbimasakti Jun 24,2008 11:13 AM

    Buat ayahanda tun yang di hormati….
    syabas kerana masih lagi tidak menyerah pada jiwa yang tak mudah kalah…!
    katakanlah kebenaran itu biarpun ianya pahit…
    teruskan perjuangan mu….insyaallah…kebenaran pasti mengalahkan kebathilan..
    hari ni…harga barang naik lagi..bagi yang nak buat rumah… buatlah sekarang dulu simen 1 kapit = rm10 kini rm19.00…tu tak kira harga besi…naik 4x ganda….upah dan barang-barang lain juga akan naik bila harga minyak naik….hari ni baca paper pengampu..barang naik lagi…kesudahannya kita dan anak cucu akan tinggal bawah pokok pisang lerrr nanti…guna duit cap daun pisang…macam zaman jepun di malaya dulu…. atuk saya cerita waktu tu usahkan lauk pauk… garam pun tak ada..nak tahu..buat macammana…bakar batang betik…ambik abunya ..rendam dalam air…esoknya tapis abu… ambil mendakannya buat garam…pakaian…kain pelikat 1 helai sahaja untuk satu keluarga..tinggal dalam lubang dalam tanah(takut kena bom) kalu suami nak keluar pakai kain..isteri dan anak-anak pakai guni,kalu isteri nak keluar,suami pula pakai guni..tak percaya..tanya orang lama yang masih hidup.wahai bangsaku…fikir-fikirkanlah…baca sejarah…kita tak mahu jadi macam tu lagi…
    Tun…sayang sekali…negara ada seorang pemimpin yang hebat dan berwawasan seperti tun…tapi disisih ketepi dan di sia-siakan…
    adakah anak-anak bangsa tahu Tun adalah seorang pemimpin persatuan islam sewaktu menuntut ilmu perubatan di singapura dahulu..Tun juga adalah antara seorang doktor melayu yang membuka klinik sendiri ,iaitu Klinik Maha dengan income 100K-200K setahun ..tu tahun 70-an.kalau sekarang ini…berapa agaknya..congak lah sendiri..Tu sebab Tun kaya raya…tak jadi PM pun tak apa..tapi demi perjuangan bangsa dan agama Tun bangkit..wahai anak bangsa..pernahkah kamu membaca buku Malay Dilema karangan pejuang tulin dan penulis hebat ini dengan nama penanya chedet…kenapa buku tu diharamkam dulu….memang Tun otak bisnes dari kecil lagi..waktu sekolah rendah..jual belon dan sebagainya..diwaktu anak-anak melayu tak tahu apa itu untung dan rugi…tu sebab waktu tun jadi PM,malaysia maju dan makmur.ekonomi stabil..busines minded Tun adalah semuladi dan kelas pertama… sekarang ini yang diatas adalah yang terbuang…untuk naik dalam kerja dalam govement kena ada 3B=Bodek,Buli,bohong/bodoh…..melayu mudah lupa..

  179. anak johor Jun 24,2008 11:13 AM

    Dear Tun,
    sorry to say u are not ‘clean’ either when u handle our country..tapi i kena admit yr brilliant ideas and brain that current PM doesn’t have. kenyataan Tun tentang Petronas sangat menakutkan. apa yang kj tahu tentang handling petronas. itu khazanah negara. u re right when u say jangan politik kan petronas. walaupun semasa Tun memerintah all these kronisme berleluasa, tapi Tun tetap make sure rakyat x kan menderita walau Tun anak beranak berharta. thats the fact that we have to admit. whoever seat at those high ranking chair, hatta DSAI pun semasa jadi yr deputy, dia pun ada kepentingan dalam one of those high profile co at ptp, johor. so lets be realistic…boleh kalau nak mengkayakan diri sendiri dan anak2 tapi tolonglah dalam masa yang sama bela nasib kami rakyat malaysia yang berpendapatan sederhana ini. anak2 kami nak sekolah, nak makan, nak menyusu..kenderaann kami nak kena isi minyak..tolong lah Tun, do us

  180. Maverick Jun 24,2008 11:10 AM

    Neal sure is a stupid cow… How can he say that Putera Jaya is a waste? Have he been there? I’m sure he didn’t know what he said or talking while he’s still sleeping… or maybe he just still drunk of last night alcohol over dose and the poison still in his tiny brain (If still any left).
    I didn’t think that Tun is just a Post Box in Petronas. Well, he just said that he delivered OUR voice to Petronas. What more that u need Neal? I hope that u have a little education before coz i didn’t see that u have any knowledge in you.
    If this is all because of Tun salary in Petronas. Well, he could have more then that u know. What we didn’t know is, have he been offered by foreign companies to be their adviser and give a lot more money then he have in Petronas? If yes, why didn’t he take it if all this because of his salary? Didn’t u think about it? It’s not about the money you fool (Neal), it’s about his contribution to the country through Petronas. He might just do it for free, but it would not be right for a listed company to have free adviser and for one thing… the adviser is a former Prime Minister of Malaysia. Petronas will be very happy that Tun accept their proposal to be the adviser to them.
    Well, it not be good for me to say this to Neal because he wouldn’t understand it anyway. I’ll stop now. Let him take his time to grow up first.
    Tun, Take care of your Health and to ur wife too… We’ll stand by u all the time. For RELIGION, RACE AND COUNTRY (AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA la tu dalam bahasa omputeh!!)

  181. cmc Jun 24,2008 11:07 AM

    dear tun,
    when you were the pm , there is a name for you from the chinese
    # mr. ten percent# but now i hear from the malays Pak Lah is Mr. 120 percent! Wow! He is not only robbing the country He is trying to rob all of us . Soon we all will have to go back living on trees!

  182. pakbelalang Jun 24,2008 11:06 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I think it is best for everybody to leave Petronas alone. Petronas is being managed very well by Hassan Merican. The management of Petronas are professional people. So the 4th floor don’t try to meddle with its operations. The 4th floor has always been the SPOILER which lead to almost the downfall of BN government under Pak Lah. Now Pak Lah is like a lame duck Prime Minister. A VERY CONFUSED PRIME MINISTER. What do we expect from Pak Lah whose little brain is not up to the mark to be a Prime Minister. That is the reality and yet he is still wanting to hold the position. HE IS JUST NO GOOD, period.

  183. zonan9999khp Jun 24,2008 11:04 AM

    Malang sekali UMNO hari ini
    Melihat Patih Karma Vijaya bermaharajalela
    Melihat Kitul dan Medeliar melahap harta negara
    Namun semua masih berebut-rebut ingin menjadi Tuah
    Tanpa bantah menurut titah Sultan Abdullah
    Tidak peduli mana yang benar dan mana yang salah
    Manalah tahu, untung sabut timbul
    Yang dulu tanpa nama, kini bergelar wakil kerajaan
    Yang dulu tersingkir, kini menteri kabinet
    Tiada sama sekali terlintas menjadi Jebat
    Biarlah Raja yang zalim tetap disembah
    Namun jangan sekali disanggah
    Biarlah bahana menimpa keluarga
    Namun Laksamana tidak pernah menyembah derhaka
    Takut tubuh dibaluti C4
    Ketakutan mengatasi segala
    Biarlah siLuncai terjun dengan labu-labunya
    Biarkan…. biarkan….
    Biarlah UNMO terus dengan mimpi indahnya
    Biarkan…. biarkan….
    Suatu masa, dia kan terjaga jua
    Diwaktu sudah tak punya apa-apa

  184. pijoe Jun 24,2008 11:00 AM

    saya dah bosan dengan KERA jaan sekarang. Meluat luat. Hanya tuhan sahaja yang tahu betapa meluatnya melihat gelagat dan perangai dia orang semua.
    Alangkah bertuahnya saya dapat hidup 22 tahun pemerintahan Tun… Tetapi alangkah malangnya generasi sekarang setelah hidup dalam 5 tahun pemerintahan KERA jaan sekarang.
    Sekiranya bercakap mengenai fakta, semua akan tahu KERA jaan sekarang memang KERA jaan pentingkan poket sendiri. Tetapi KERA jaan sekarang menggunakan auta mereka mengatakan semuanya untuk rakyat.
    Saya pun yakin teramat sangat Pru 13 nanti BN hancur berkecai macam kaca jatuh dari lengit dan menghentam batu. RELAI. Dimana saya pergi (seminar, kedai mamak, aktiviti sosial dll), kebanyakkan mereka mengutuk KERA jaan sekarang. Pekerja swasta, GLC, kerajaan malah pekerja sendiri pun turut mengutuk KERA jaan sekarang. Tapi pelik bin ajaib dalam akhbar mengatakaan ramai memuji KERA jaan sekarang. LUCU LAGI MELUCUKAN. (sebab itu saya tak tengok berita perdana mahu pun membaca surat khabar perdana sekang) sebab mereka masih membuat “lawak” splastik.
    Tun tidak pernah mengenali saya tapi Tun pernah melihat saya dari dekat dan pernah mencium tangan Tun (sampai lunyai tangan Tun). Saya sangat “respect” pada Tun.
    Teruskan penjuangan Tun kerana Tun bukan keseorangan. Berjuta juta lagi rakyat Malaysia yang menyokong Tun.
    Kita akan jumpa lagi Tun di ceramah ceramah Tun pada masa terdekat.
    Saya dan keluarga akan sentiasa berdoa kesihatan dan keselamatan Tun sekeluarga.

  185. jamallyna Jun 24,2008 11:00 AM

    Salam Tun & rakan2 semua,
    Sorry there’s a typo-error,must be written as “BURDEN” everybody.Dah bengang sangat dgn ruling government sampai salah taip lak.Tun,tolonglah kami rakyat jelata yang dah x berdaya lagi, ingatkan bila dah buat signal via election tu ada perubahan,tapi sebaliknya makin buat2 tak tahu lak + makin berani memperbodohkan rakyat dengan idea2 bangang dan tak masuk akal.

  186. iskandar Jun 24,2008 10:58 AM

    Sejak Paklah memerintah everything is sour,slow,motionless,no more spirit malaysia Boleh…I really miss Dr M so much,hope he can lead us again to Vison 2020!!!

  187. pembaris Jun 24,2008 10:56 AM

    salm mulia kpd tun dan pengunjung2,
    ‘package’ petronas dan yg lain2 tu adalah kelebihannya memenangi 2/3 undi, dan penguasaan kpd pihak yg menjadi kerajaan, . mereka ini adalah ‘income earner’ utk kerajaan. jadi terpulanglah kpd kerajaan menggunakan dana ini kpd jalan yg betul [bukan menyalahgunakanya] dan berpatutan [bukan melebihi had dan kaulnya]. bagi saya, kerajaan, sepatutnya melindungi syarikat2 ini memandangkan tanpa mereka ini, kerajaan mungkin kekurangan punca pendapatan/kewangan.
    dlm bahasa inggeris pula,
    as far as i know, since i was first interviewed by them for their first batch of scholarship overseas in the 70s [i was not successful – i think najib – dpm – was one of my interviewer then; and tengku razaleigh was the big boss], till i retire from the oil and gas and energy industries 2 yrs ago, having done various works with them, petronas has come a long way, [we are as old as the british in the oil and gas industries] with very professional people at the helms. their policies of managing the resources are commendable and have done remarkably well to be at par to other oils operators. at one time in the 80s running second to the royal dutch @ shell.
    balik ke bahasa kebangsaan
    petronas selain disegani, juga dilihat sebagai pesaing kpd syarikat2 minyak yg lebih established. mungkin sifat mahu melihat syarikat ini ‘lingkop’ ada di belakang minda dengki mereka.
    petronas adalah malaysia dan sebaliknya. kejayaan petronas dirantau sini dan timur tengah ialah kerana malaysia diterima olih kerajaan arab dan cara2 tersendiri petronas dgn pengendalian yg professional dan menguntungkan. kalau dimasa tun petronas bayar tax pada kerajaan dgn rm6 billion dan baru2 ni lebih rm20 billion – itu kelihata senagai satu perningkatan yg mendadak. syarikat2 minyak yg lain dan juga kontraktors mereka memang ingin bergabung dgn petronas dlm membuat apa saja peniagaan dinegera2 islam yg lain. jgn cakap pasal amerika, mereka ini memang melihat minyak sebagai keputusan utk menakluki negara yg ada minyak. terkilannya mereka dgn malaysia memang ada kerana syarikat2 minyak mereka hanya diberi share minyak dgn had masa, tanpa hak 100% atas tanah galian tersebut dan kemarahan mereka tengok petronas keluarmasuk pintu negara2 arab membuat mereka lagi mual kerana tidak dapat berbuat demikian.
    the govt should allow petronas to be run professionally and protect its interests locally and globally. there are parties that would like the company to fail in its ventures. mengorek dan mempemporak perandakan buku2 akaun petronas akan hanya akan membunuh syarikat ini dgn skandal2 yg remeh. jatuhnya petronas, jatuhlah malaysia dan maruahnya dikacamata jiran2 dan saudara2 arab kita, dan juga masa depan kita.
    kalau tun tidak disenangi olih beberapa pihak tertentu kerana polisi2 memerintah tun dahulu, petronas juga tidak disenangi olih beberapa pihak tertentu kerana ianya melaporkan diri kpd perdana menteri @ kerajaan, macam yg lain2 seperti mas, tnb, talikom, dll, pada masa tun, dan/ataupun juga kpd perdana menteri sekarang. ianya akan begitu sampai bila2 pun, termasuk lah sesiapa yg dilantik p.m. walau dari parti pembangkang sekalipun jika mereka dapat menubuh kerajaan. jika ini berlaku, pandangan meeka yg kritikal akan berubah semua sekali.
    saya juga melihat elaun tun tu sebagai terima kasih malaysia atas sumbangan tun kpd rakyatnya dulu. lagi pun bukan sampai akhirat pun elaun ni. 1/3 jadi penyumbang dari gaji tun kpd kerajaan. jadi kalau tun tiada disitu, kerajaan menggunakan cara halus nak beritahu tun yg diaorang takmau tun menyumbang lagi.
    elaun tun hanyalah rm10 ribu rm selepas tax. kalau tun ada dipejabat 174jam sebulan macam org2 makan gaji yg lain, tun hanya dibayar rm 58 sejam. kalau dlm professional acquirement contracts, ini hanyalah bayaran kpd seorang draughtman – pelukis plan. seorang penasihat [consultant] teknikal ataupun lain2 dlm industri minyak, bagi orang tempatan, mereka di bayar paling rendah pun rm150 atau kurang utk sejam [174 jam = lebih rm25ribu sebulan] – dizaman sembilanpuluhan saya. utk mereka yg dari luar negara sebanyak rm 250 atau lebih utk sejam. kenangkanlah, sebagai penasihat dan juga bekas p.m., tun hanyalah bertaraf pelukis plan kalau nak hitung gaji dia.
    yr removal from petronas will be also yr ultimate removal from universiti petronas di sri iskandar, thus the final chapter. tun is going to be made history.
    sekupang komen dari pakya panchork kulim kedah:
    [dgn duit sekupang – bolih beli minyak petrol dekat 0.004liter dan bolih bawak kereta 1000cc kelisa saya sejauh 0.008km, ataupun 8 meter. jgn cuba dgn kereka cc besark 6 silinder – setengah pusingan roda pun takdapat!]
    [harta rakyat malaysia dipetronas – minyak.
    duit rakyat malaysia ada di tabung haji, kwsp dan asn – tolong jaga baik duit2 kami tu naaaa … yg tu sajalah yg kita ada utk masa depan…jgn dok nak mengada main2 gatai tangan kat tu pulak, nak meleleh ayark liork pi layani web lucah …]
    [saya masih bolih berbahasa melayu dan bolih membaca dan menulis jawi, tapi … nampaknya org macam kita ni akan jadi keturunan yg akan lenyap.]

  188. iskandar Jun 24,2008 10:53 AM

    Dear tun, apa kata kalau kat blog tun ni ada ruang untuk Advert atau Iklan, mungkin ada syarikat-syarikat korprat yang minat nak sponsor. Dan mungkin Tun boleh ada web & server sendiri yang bebas dari sekatan.

  189. Messra Jun 24,2008 10:52 AM

    Salam Buat TDM dan keluarga,
    Bila direnung kembali, siapakah sebenarnya yang menentukan harga minyak mentah dipasaran ? Adakah pasti ianya akan habis dalam masa terdekat ini ? Kenapa ia terlalu dispekulasikan sedemikian hingga harganya melambung setinggi USD130 se tong ? Apakah ini juga merupakan bentuk serangan baru seperti serangan pada matawang yang terjadi pada tahun 1997 ?
    Memandangkan Malaysia dan negara timur tengah adalah negara pengeluar minyak, tidak bolehkah mereka ini bersatu untuk mengawal harganya ?
    Rakyat pun bukannya terlalu bergantung pada subsidi… cuma cara ianya ditarik balik agak keterlaluan. Seolah-olah semua bebanan diserahkan pada rakyat. Kena ingat, rakyat yang bagi mandat untuk mereka yang berkenaan mentadbir negara dan sumbernya dengan betul. Kalau harga minyak terus naik … baik bagi mandat kat orang lain.

  190. cucumatkilau Jun 24,2008 10:50 AM

    1- sebagai susulan dari cadangan saya untuk mengadakan pemilihan agung UMNO secara maya di ruangan ini.. diharap visitors2 yang berkemampuan dari segi pengetahuan tentang IT bekerja sama untuk mencipta satu forum pengundian secara maya di sini.
    2- Tetap satu hari untuk undian bagi pemilihan tersebut.
    3- Semua pelawat bekerjasama untuk menyampaikan mesej kepada ahli- ahli akar umbi UMNO yang masih sayangkan Parti ini agar dapat meluangkan masa mengundi pada tarikh yang telah ditetapkan.
    4- Buat permulaan kita semua membuat pemilihan untuk jawatan-jawatan utama sahaja.
    i – Presiden
    ii – Timbalan Presiden
    iii- Tiga ( 3 ) jawatan Naib Presiden
    5- Diharap dengan adernya pengudian tersebut, kita ahli-ahli UMNO peringkat akar umbi dapat menyatakan apa yang terkandung dlm hati masing.
    Mungkin sendiri boleh memberi sokongan dan nasihat dalam perkara ini.

  191. seekjustice Jun 24,2008 10:48 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Generally, I think we’re on the same line of thinking, maybe in a different way of expressing it.
    Keep it up.
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    Have just started a new blog, would be really happy, if you could share some sense on this.
    Check it out guys:

  192. alamanda Jun 24,2008 10:44 AM

    oh gosh …. Putrajaya is a White Elephant? hohoho …. where is this Neil come from or living? Please come and see yourself.

  193. nani Jun 24,2008 10:43 AM

    Dear Tun,
    if betul la bebudak 4th floor akan take over PETRONAS, i can imagine that it will be just like a tsunami to Malaysia. i dont understand kenapa kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia tidak berbangga dengan apa yang kita ada. Kita hidup aman damai, kita masih lagi boleh makan, kita masih lagi boleh pergi shopping eventhough oil price dah naik and yet we still nak kucar kacir kan kemakmuran yang kita ada. for pak lah and your kroni, stop making whatever the stupid things yang you all buat right now.
    I’m proud of PETRONAS, i’m proud to be Malaysian and i’m proud of you TUN..

  194. chronix Jun 24,2008 10:37 AM

    They have a somes of personal interest on it.

  195. ikanbilismoh Jun 24,2008 10:33 AM

    Assalamualaikum TUN,
    Apa nak jadi dengan negara nie…semuanya kroni si DSAAB mau ambik semua…..lepas ambik duit rakyat yang berhak mendapat subsidi…kemudian nak ambik duit Petronas…..
    Marlah kita berjuang supaya negara kita nie tak bankrap disebabkan kerakusan mereka-mereka yang berkepentingan dan tamak haloba…
    Mereka yang dah kaya…mahu terus kaya…sedangkan rakyat terus menderita….wahai..mereka-mereka yang di atas..lihat lah kebawah…dimana tempat kau orang jatuh nanti…
    Kita akan lihat pada PRU13 nanti….
    moga allah memanjangkan usia TUN untuk berjuang demi bangsa, agama dan negara…

  196. azmany Jun 24,2008 10:30 AM

    God forbid…NO
    Amongst my greatest fear is the looting of Petronas by these greedy people. We have been so lucky to have our national treasure with billions of cash guarded by high calibre and trustworthy people. Arwah Tan Sri Azizan and Tan Sri Hassan Merican has done a great job and managed to ward-off unwelcome propositions from the politicians all this while and in the process earned the respect of everyone.
    Imagine… sitting on piles of cash – imagine the temptations and whatever the devil may come. In the hands of people with less integrity, faced with untold pressure (I’m sure there’s no shortage of it in the last 25 years), the money vault would have been empty as quick as the money coming in. Look at the national oil companies of other developing countries, Indonesia, Venezuala, Middle East countries…
    We don’t have to look very far. Just barely weeks after being in power, new Penang CM (Guan Eng) already asking for use of Petronas money to pay for Penang 2nd Bridge. If these young turks get their hands on Petronas, you can bet they’ll very soon make justification for use of the money for all sorts of things.
    Justification can be spinned. Building monorail…. railway double-tracking… high-speed train…paying for health insurance… subsidize this… subsidize that. On the face it – there seemed to be nothing wrong with that. It is for the good of the people in the long run. (P/S: The end does not justify the means)
    Savings. This is a virtue that seemed lost nowadays. Our country has thrived in the past due to our high rate of savings among the people (whether forced savings i.e EPF or voluntary savings). A wise man once told me “Opportunity only comes once. When it comes, you better be prepared to take it”. And without any savings, we will not be able to take advantage of the opportunities.
    So please folks. Make some noise if you see any attempts to remove Tun or Tan Sri Hassan and replace them with dubious-yes-sir characters.
    V for Survival.

  197. orgjgka Jun 24,2008 10:25 AM

    apa kata kita sume (peminat blog tun) buat satu grup & adakan perjumpaan skali skala? & tun as the chairman.
    about allowance tun tu, tak la byk mana klu nak compare dgn sharizat jalil. dgr kata allowance dia sbg penasihat pm beratus ribu. tp apa yg dinasihatkan pun tak tau…maaf klu apa yg sy dgr ni tak betul.

  198. hostage88 Jun 24,2008 10:25 AM

    Wow RM15,000.00. Give me the job.
    I am ex bank employee, but was displaced following your grandoise plan to merge local banks so that we kampong ppl can compete globally.
    Your comments than were that bank employees are smart people who can find alternative employment.
    Ya. From a few gran as Branch Manager, the quality of our lives are set back 25 years as we could only find jobs paying EM1,500.00, unless we go into selling insurance and tupper wares.
    What about you buying an insurance from me as a gesture of you sincerity?
    Well since you are retired, enjoy the remaining time of your life with your grand children and forego the RM15,000.00
    Instead, pls lobby to appoint me as the Petronas Adviser, since I am better than you being a Post Box.

  199. JaYbOnE Jun 24,2008 10:23 AM

    Pak Lah Regime seems to be talking about Tranparency since the first day he took ur seat that is suck..The famous quote….”Saya Perdana Menteri” Dan “Saya Masih Disini and the best one…”Bekerja Lah Dengan Saya” Bukan Bekerja Untuk Saya …. seems to be misunderstood by the RAKYAT…
    It should be change to: (suggested)
    “Saya Perdana Menteri Haprak! Dan Saya Masih Disini Menjahamkan Negara….Bekerjalah Dengan Dan Untuk Saya 3 Beranak…Demi Cemerlang, Gemilang Dan Temberang….!!!!!

  200. Michael Moretti Jun 24,2008 10:19 AM

    Greetings Tun,
    Of course he’ll put a candidate from 4th floor to spearhead petronas, those people are KJ’s people (actually KJ’s doing all the decisions without actually being on the 4th floor).
    As for the Prime Minister he doesn’t even understand his own speech and sometimes he will stop in the middle of it and looks like he’s thinking what is he mumbling about and try to use 2 or 3 rhetoric phrase but it all carries the same meaning, he thinks he’ll look smarter that way, that’s all he does. Step down lah Pak Lah you’re damaging the country more then you could ever imagine..

  201. Alang Mat Yasin Jun 24,2008 10:17 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    One of senior officer of Petronas informed me, there is a proposal from 4th floor group to take over the merketing of Petronas products inclusive of Petrol and Diesel.They propose, this company will be the marketing arm to Petronas. Thank You.

  202. Alang Mat Yasin Jun 24,2008 10:17 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    One of senior officer of Petronas informed me, there is a proposal from 4th floor group to take over the merketing of Petronas products inclusive of Petrol and Diesel.They propose, this company will be the marketing arm to Petronas. Thank You.

  203. zam_lg Jun 24,2008 10:12 AM

    salam tun
    tolong tun buat sesuatu…
    gradun makin bertambah,,kerje makain berkurang..
    harga petrol makin naik,,yang dulu p kerje naik kerete dah tukar naik motor,yang dulu naik motor mungkin dah ade yang jalan kaki atau berbasikal…AAB SURUH TUKAR CARE HIDUP.CARA HIDUP YANG MACAM MANE LAGI SAYE PUN DAH X TAU DAH.dulu mungkin orang yang berpendapatan RM1000 dan 2 orag anak,boleh servive.tapi sekarang mungkin orang ni boleh di kategorikan miskin tegar.yang paling menyedihkan si pak SARIL boleh pulak p melawat negara jiran n nak belajar care negara mereka mengagihkan subsidi kepada rakyat. sememang nye kite tau mereka jauh lebih teruk ekonominya dari negara kite.down grade yang terlalau menyedihkan.TOLONG TUN SELAMATKAN MALAYSIA…

  204. antimamak Jun 24,2008 10:09 AM

    Sebenarnya Petronas diibaratkan sebagai ibu ayam yang bertelor emas, tetapi di jaga oleh musang tua , lalu musang tua dihalau oleh sekumpulan musang muda, cuba fikirkanlah harap musang menjaga ayam, ibu ayam tetap mati dimakannya.
    Cuma cara makan adalah sedikit perbezaannya, kemungkinan musang tua hilang gigi tetapi musang muda makan lebih pantas.
    Adalah dinasihatkan Tun meletak jawatan sebagai Penasihat Petronas, di mana Tun janganlah menaiki Jet Petronas ke negara asing lagi, kalau lah tun menaiki Airasia, Mas pun rakyat akan faham bahawa Tun lah yang memperdukungkan slogan ` Kepimpinan melalui teladan’

  205. jamallyna Jun 24,2008 10:05 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun & rakan2 semua,
    Thanks for the article.PETRONAS is a national treasure and of course belongs to RAKYAT NOT MR BADAWI & CO.If what Daniel Leiberman said comes true,it absolutely disburden EVERYBODY except Mr Badawi immediate cronies, families & friends.
    Tun,please do something for rakyat,we’ll support you.
    Take care of your heatlh and Tun Hasmah. Wassalam…

  206. cakkuncak Jun 24,2008 10:03 AM

    YAB Tun,
    I read many comments from so called market experts who mentioned you as the reason for these necessary prices hikes and letting inflation run loose.
    Many of them use the argument that your administration have distorted the economic true picture by controlling prices with subsidies. This apparently have made the people of Malaysia very complacent it seems.
    I do not agree with this argument, because it is clearly just puutting blame to avoid answering the real issues at hand.
    Nevertheless, I would like to hear you analysis on the matter.

  207. veryupset Jun 24,2008 10:02 AM

    Good morning Tun.
    Greetings to u & your family.
    I’ve never bothered about politics till Badawi took over. When u were busy putting & promoting Malaysia on d map & giving job & business opportunity to us Malaysians i told myself that Malaysia IS my home.
    Now we got chaous, street demo, BIG time apple polishers, BIG time political scandals & bribery & GOD knows what…!
    Our current PM is useless. He’s using soft approach, as his cronies said. Does he know that he’s dealing & managing with at least 24 million Malaysians? His thinking is very slow… Zzzzzzzzzzz !
    He can’t make decissions without consulting his son-in-law! He act like as if he know everthing but actually he doesn’t!
    He promised us Malaysian a lot of stuff & changes when he became PM but where is it? He said he listen to us but busy sleeping on the job. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…! His speeaches put us all to sleep too.
    Ever since he came to power we have so….. much problems.
    I tell u…. Badawi will NEVER step down. He has too much power & enjoying it. He’s got his YES man to YES him always. He’s got to make sure his son-in-law has some power too. These people actually DON’T know how to run our country.
    I tell u Malaysia is going to d longkang soon. Now i feel like migrating !
    Look at Dubai. They used d money to create jobs for their people. And mind u, they have done so……. much for their country like property, hotels, theme parks, aiyah!!! Go look at Dubai on their website then you’ll know. Their Goverment are really for the people !
    Here in Malaysia we are just fighting & fighting only.
    That’s y i m very upset !

  208. mekchabang4 Jun 24,2008 10:01 AM

    takan tun buat kerja sebagai posmen sebagai seorang penasihat petronas,tapatut kerajaan dollah badawi membuat tun sedemikian.

  209. chewchew Jun 24,2008 10:00 AM

    salam tokdet…
    mereka berckp mgenai DEB dan ingin memansuhkannya,
    dan skg pula mreka ingin memusnahkan syarikat2 yg
    tercipta dr DEB.
    bgaimana kiranya jika para ekonomist melayu&malaysia
    boleh bekumpul utk merubah orde baru dunia?
    bolekah pemikir2 ekonomi asia come out ngn idealisma ekonomi
    yg bole digunapakai utk waktu2 tertentu?

  210. june Jun 24,2008 10:00 AM

    I more prefer Petronas run as a business entity rather influence by political decision. We all know that not many Malaysian owned companys capable in competing in the global scene. Look at what Singapore goverment do for CapitaLand, just pure business, nothing politic. Now the business environment is getting tough, if we still living in the mind of JAGUH KAMPUNG, then we will not going anywhere.

  211. thaiso Jun 24,2008 9:59 AM

    Salam Tun.
    Thank you Tan Sri Hassan Marican.
    Budak tingkat 4? Maaf saya tak kenal.Dah kena pijak kepala pun.Terjun la kamu dengan labu-labu.
    Terima kasih Tun.

  212. cakkuncak Jun 24,2008 9:58 AM

    Dear YAB Tun,
    This is indeed not good news though not surprising. The sheer greed demonstrated by these group of people coupled with their stupidity is mind boggling and a source of great anger to many.
    You must persevere dear Tun. You are one of the very scarce hope that we the rakyat can count on. I have no doubt despite many of your detractors, there are more who support you and pray that you will find a way to help the country from these disiilusion group of people out to make something merely for themselves at the expense of the rakyat.
    It seemed very unfair to hope on you when you have given so much to the country…but I believe now are desperate times.These sycophants will get away if no one dare to stand up to them.
    At the end of the day, they are not invicible(a point which they arrogantly failed to see,hear or even comprehend) and whether you failed or succeed, history will always remember you as the leader who steered Malaysia to success and the leader who stood against these sycophants.

  213. batu kerikil Jun 24,2008 9:58 AM

    Salam Tun…
    Tindakan Tun memang cukup berani dari dulu hingga kini.. setiap tindakan dari Tun memang pasti akan dinanti-natikan oleh saya.. kepimpinan seperti inilah yang telah membawa malaysia maju kehadapan dulu.. tapi sayang kepimpinan kini cukup lemah dan tidak mampu untuk berdaya saing.. saya pasti ramai rakyat menyanjungi kepimpinan Tun dan menunggu tindakan dari Tun seterusnya

  214. Pemuda Pelapis Jun 24,2008 9:55 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan selamat pagi,
    Nampaknya awal pagi Tun menulis tajuk ni. Menarik untuk tatapan umum. Saya pun pagi juga hari ini sebab tak tidur dari semalam terpaksa menggodek PC problem sejak sehari dua yang lalu. Nampaknya macam dah ok PC saya ni. Harap-harap tidak buat hal lagi. Saya rasa mungkin senasib juga dengan Tun, kena ceroboh tempohari. Habis semua fail-fail saya hilang entah ke mana pun tak tahu. Tak apa kita tunggu dan lihat seterusnya, apa lagi talibarut-talibarut mereka nak buat kat semua penyokong-penyokong kuat Tun.
    Berbalik kepada isu Petronas ni, saya dan seluruh rakyat nampaknya tak mampu nak bertahan dengan harga yang tinggi sekarang ini, apatah lagi khabarnya akan naik lagi nanti. Cakap Si Dolah takkan naik sampai hujung tahun tu semuanya karut-marut dongengan dia saja. Dia tu kan FLIP-FLOP mana boleh kita pegang cakap orang macam tu sebab manusia macam Dolah adalah manusia MUNAFIK yang tak ada wawasan perjuangan. Dalam hati sanubari dia sekarang ni penuh dengan DENDAM KESUMAT kepada sesiapa sahaja yang tidak menyokong dia. Cuba mempertahankan kuasa hanya semata-mata untuk membalas dendam.
    Saya kira sudah tibalah masa dan saatnya untuk Tun bertindak agresif melakukan sesuatu yang lebih drastik daripada biasa kerana kita khuatir manusia FLIP-FLOP itu akan menjadi ganas untuk memangsakan lebih ramai orang serta terus bersikap tidak siuman menindas rakyat. Segala senjata nuklear (tembelang Dolah, Najib dan kroni-kroninya) harus dibongkarkan berhabis-habisan supaya mereka tumbang menyembah bumi demi untuk barisan Tun bangkit semula mengambil-alih membela rakyat. Nampaknya MUSANG dah semakin panjang JANGGUT nya. Jangan tunggu lama-lama Tun, kesian semua pada rakyat teraniaya duduk di bawah Dolah – Ketua Komunis Alaf Baru.
    Kami semua tetap setia di belakang Tun hanya menunggu tindakan Tun sahaja pada bila-bila masa. Yang baik eloklah kita percepatkan. Semoga Tun dapat merenung segala saranan rakyat yang majoritinya adalah berpihak kepada Tun tanpa syak. Segerakanlah langkah untuk bertindak membantu rakyat. Amin!
    Sekian, salam kasih dari kami buat Tun seisi keluarga.

  215. Maverick Jun 24,2008 9:53 AM

    Salam buat Tun dan Keluarga serta keluarga besar blog Che Det,
    Mengenai budak2 di tingkat 4 ni, diaorang ni dah takde kerja ka asyik mengacau pentadbiran dan keamanan negara? Saya minta agar Tun dapat mendedahkan siapa yg duduk di Tingkat 4 ni dan apa kerja2 diaorang sudah lakukan. Saya suda sedia maklum serba sedikit mengenai budak2 ni… cuma adalah lebih baik sekiranya Tun yg lebih arif mengenai tindakan mereka ini dapat mendedahkan perkara yg sebenar. Terima kasih banyak Tun dan Selamat berjuang. Kita bersama-sama berjuang untuk AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA untuk mencorak masa depan yg lebih baik dengan izin Allah.

  216. mariapun Jun 24,2008 9:52 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun dan pembaca sekalian.
    Rata-rata isu minyak masih menjadi perbualan orang ramai ketika ini. Apa yang pasti sekarang ini rakyat seolah diperbodohkan oleh media terutama berita TV3 yang seolah-olah mahu menipu penonton. Rasa menyampah pulak tengok berita TV3 sekarang ni. Nampak sangat bias berita yang disiarkan di TV3.
    Semalam waktu lunch saya dan rakan-rakan masih membincangkan kesan daripada kenaikan harga minyak. Ada rakan yang terpaksa buat pilihan sama ada nak beli susu anak ataupun isi minyak kereta. Sampai begini sekali kesan daripada kenaikan harga minyak. Yelah, kalau nak diikutkan sekarang ini bagi pekerja yang bekerja dibandar seperti Kuala Lumpur, yang berpendapatan dalam lingkungan RM2,000 kebawah dah boleh dikategori dalam kategori orang miskin.
    Kami semua memang tak nak amik kisah sangat pasal kroni dan sebagainya kerana memang adatlah kalau dah berkuasa, mesti akan dulukan saudara mara. Apa yang penting ialah agar nasib rakyat terbela. Saya secara peribadi tak pedulikan berapa pendapatan yang Tun dapat, berapa nilai harta yang Tun miliki, begitu juga dengan kekayaan lah wi dan kroni, kalau mereka ni nak korup ke ape ke, lantak pi la, yang penting rakyat jangan susah dan terbela.
    Masa zaman Tun, ramai yang tuduh Tun amalkan kronisme dan macam-macam lagi, tapi sungguhpun masa berlaku kemelesetan ekonomi, rakyat tak menderita sangat. Masa tu income dalam RM1,500 dok kat KL masih boleh survive. Tapi bila zaman lah wi memerintah, memang dengar jugak tuduhan pasal korupsi dan kronisme, tapi rakyat yang terpaksa tanggung derita atas sebab lah wi nak penuhkan kantung dia dan kroni dia.
    Saya yakin ramai rakyat akan bersetuju tetapi bukanlah menghalalkan korupsi sekiranya nasib rakyat terbela. Kami bukanlah nak sibuk sangat berapa pendapatan pak menteri semua, kami cuma tak mahu berlaku jurang perbezaan yang ketara antara yang kaya dan miskin. Sekarang ni negara kita sedang ke arah tersebut dimana yang kaya bertambah kaya dan yang miskin bertambah miskin.
    Sayangnya segala perdebatan rakyat sama ada dikedai makan atau di laman web ini tidak diendahkan oleh lah wi. Suara kami tak sampai kepadanya. Saya percaya ada spy2 lah wi yang memantau komen-komen pembaca blog Tun ni. Saya tahu daripada maklumat yang diberitahu kepada saya oleh rakan saya yang berkhidmat di JPM. Memang tugasnya memantau komen-komen pembaca Tun Dr Mahathir.
    Salam Takzim buat semua.
    Penyokong setia Tun Dr Mahathir

  217. Wan Aikhsan Jun 24,2008 9:48 AM

    Yang dihormati Tun Dr. Mahathir
    Good Morning
    I hope AAB will not appoint his arrogant & crook son inlaw to lead Petronas. Of late, KJ has been very critical of Petronas, as if the establishment is poorly managed. Therefore the possibility of AAB parachuting KJ to Petronas is great.
    Destroy, destroyed and a destroyer…that what AAB is for Malaysia.
    His good deputy is in shiver now because of Raja Petra…
    Flip flop Minister talks for hours in Parliment about price of good increase. What has he done to the country. Damaged it, removed ceiling price of control goods. And we the rakyat suffer. Thought he’s a hero. Level playing field, konon…

  218. lancerlot Jun 24,2008 9:47 AM

    Dear Che Det..
    Pls get someone to translate all your posting in bahasa.. as i normally print your posting for my mum yg tak berapa paham english.. maklumlah orang kampung..

  219. Halem Hamed Jun 24,2008 9:46 AM

    Yang Berbahagia Tun, semoga sehat-sehat selalu.
    Dengan jumlah RM 15,000.00 sebulan yang di bayar kepada Tun,
    ia sangat lah memalukan memandangkan Petronas menjana
    berbillion-billion Ringit.
    Nilai wang yang diberi tidak setimpal di atas sebab-sebab berikut :-
    1. Tun merupakan bekas Pemimpin Agung Malaysia. Dan ia adalah satu
    penghinaan yang amat nyata.
    2. Nama Tun yang di pinjam oleh Petronas dan di cetak di merata-rata document
    dan di gah-gah kan di seluruh dunia, bukan lah bernilai RM 15,000.00
    “Goodwill” dan “Ambassadorship” sudah bernilai berjuta-juta Ringit.
    Mengenai tugas Tun di Petronas, bukan kah terdapat Manual & Procedure yang
    clearly spell out every staff scope of works and responsibility and not merely being just a postman.
    Don’t tell me they did not cover Tun’s area of works.
    If this is the case, they do not deserve to be in the Fortune 500, let alone world top.
    Semasa zaman Tun, Petronas melapur kepada Tun, maka zaman Pak Lah di kira
    perkara yang sama berlaku.
    Bermakna Pak Lah telah memberi dan membuat keputusan yang song-sang yang kita
    ketahui hari ini.
    Antara keputusan song-sang setakat ini ialah :-
    1. Menaikan harga minyak dengan terlalu mendadak.
    Dan membohongi dan membutai mata Rakyat dan membuat perbandingan harga minyak
    dgn negara bukan negara pengeluar. Iaitu Thailand dan Singapore.
    2. Keputusan Flip Flop di sempadan Johor dan Thailand.
    Di harap kenyataan Tun mengenai budak Tingkat 4, akan meleset.
    For whatever reason that you will be kick out from Petronas,
    be it your outspoken and critism or you not being an UMNO member, then Pak Lah
    deserve to be kick out as UMNO President.
    I say it again, Pak Lah deserve and must be kick out.
    Best Regards,
    From Halem
    Anak Seberang Perak

  220. karlor~hiuno Jun 24,2008 9:46 AM

    akum tun. harapan kami agar tun curahkan sepenuh ilmu seluruhnya N bimbingan pada dato mukhriz. hanya dia y d lihat mampu realisasikan dasar pembangunan tun. walaupun mungkin lagi 10 tahun lebih utk dia bergelar perdana menteri…asasnya d situ… insyaAllah.
    kami pergerakan pemuda umno malaysia yg tidak termakan budi or d beli oleh budak tingkat 4 n kroninya berikrar akan terus berjuang d bawah kepimpinan datuk mukhriz. beliau satu2nya calon terbaik utk jawatan KETUA PEMUDA UMNO. saya yakin bahawa bukan hanya org umno sahaja yg yakin pd nya, malah pembangkang juga termasuk golongsan muda ingin datuk mukhriz terajui pemuda umno. malah ada juga yg kata datuk mukhriz juga layak utk ke jawatan NAIB PRESIDEN.
    khairy sendiri telah d cabar kedudukan ketua pemuda umno bhgn rembau nya. BAGUS… pastikan dia KALAH d situ.saya menyeru ahli umno d rembau khususnya pemuda agar tumbangkan khairy… bukan hanya dia sahaja yg kita tak mau tgk, bayang nya juga kena musnahkan. malah bau nya juga harus d hapuskan.

  221. Hesmel Faznee Faisal Jun 24,2008 9:42 AM

    Salam Tun..
    I wish to thank you for your opinion, in reference to my idea of having a special subsidy for the rakyat in installing the NGV tank at their car.
    Hesmel Faznee Faisal

  222. rossi Jun 24,2008 9:41 AM

    Dear Tun,
    I am quite worry if the 4th floor people take over the management of PETRONAS.
    It is true that many PETRONAS experienced workers (for e.g. geologist, petroleum engineers, drilling engineers, reservoir engineer, etc, ) are leaving the company for better salary overseas (as high as RM100k per month) and demand for them are very high due to their experience, discipline and commitment.
    And thanks TUN, I don’t see that coming from all these ruckus of PETRONAS.
    take care Tun.

  223. azrein Jun 24,2008 9:40 AM

    Salam Tun Dr.M,
    I wish you well. I believe it is such a baseless accusations to blame you for their own poor management of the country i.e. high inflation etc. What’s funny is that they had almost reversed all the policy during your time and now claiming that they listen to your advised on removing the subsidy?? what a crab..
    To Neil,
    I can’t help it to say a word or two on your comment. Firstly RM15,000 minus RM5,000 in tax paid to Tun Dr.M as an adviser is not at all too much event if his job is that of a post box. Tun has done a greats to the nation and because of his inspiration Petronas now is a fortune 500 co. If payment is measured by his past contribution they certainly can’t paid him enough. Second on your accusations, I believe majority of Malaysian would find it rubbish. You are such ungreatful citizen. Are you a Malaysian citizen? If you are you should be ashame of yourself.

  224. ray77light Jun 24,2008 9:40 AM

    Dearest Tun
    Can the 4th floor boys be investigated for their connections especially since many of the decisions made benefit a certain country.
    Iskandar region – no white card, Halliburton, cancellation of bridge, petrol ban lifted and a looming expiry of water agreement. Their style of swift action to penalise dissenting voices and also the immediate probe of scandals of their critics is uncannily remisnicient of X.
    KJ in his pursuit of premiership may be the downfall of this beloved land’s bumiputeras. Kind of reminds you of Anwar.
    It is getting SCARY.
    Please guard your health TUN, we still want to hear from you. You are reaching 3 million hits soon. Alhamdullilah.

  225. Amry Jun 24,2008 9:34 AM

    First thing.. Neil. where are you from? timor leste maybe as what you said putrajaya is a white elephant project, i sure you never went to this place as you only bash and talk using your tiny little third world brain, for me putrajaya is a great place, its is a very well planned town, i myself working in cyberjaya, and this is a great place for business, to neil, please open your eyes and pay the taxi to drive you around putrajaya, dont be so lazy like bodolah.. to sleepy to see whats happening around him.
    As for Petronas, i think its the time goverment must stop subsidising the fuel, this will be like a father still give his 25 years old son some pocket money to go to work. To malaysian, dont be to soft, “Manja” in malays say, Stop thinking you are to poor to survive. For me the person in Bersamamu show are not poor but Pemalas.
    If not then people will still think a RM 750 basic is still acceptable, If malaysian have this thinking the they will not be a modern country by 2020, so better be a communist country then…
    simply,,, Just Grow up.

  226. apanama Jun 24,2008 9:34 AM

    Thank You for yet another revelation Sir! It is only natural of the Devils to go for Tan Sri Hassan Marican’s throat now since he has become Qali Baba & the Thieves’ biggest stumbling block in Petronas.
    Tun, the bandits have become so desperate now that their long-term robbery plans have been shortened due to the reduced lifespan of the Flipping Flopper.
    These guys realise that the Master of Flip-Flop won’t step into 2009 as PM or President of Umno, so they are grabbing all they could reach out to now.
    p/s Qali Baba might also be reaching out to MAS. We should not be surprised if the govt agrees to a MAS-AirAsial merger with AA becoming the major share-holder.
    I won’t be surprised at all.

  227. petunjuk Jun 24,2008 9:33 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Companies such as Petronas, Proton, Pos Malaysia, Telekom Malaysia, Tenaga Nasional have always been a national pride and considered owned by the nation. The nation salute to those individuals who have ensured that these companies remained truly “national” and work towards the betterment of these companies. The rakyat should be informed the proportion of share owned by the government in all these companies and they should be managed in the manner that would reflect the true aspirations of the rakyat. If the rakyat anticipate that the reverse will take place in these companies, than the voices of the rakyat should be heard and considered. May we enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong through the following verse from the Quran :“Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: they are the ones to attain felicity” (Surah Al-I-‘Imran, verse 104).

  228. sujini Jun 24,2008 9:30 AM

    Salam D rMahathir,
    In your first para, you mentioned that the focus on Petronas
    is a prelude to appointing a 4th floor candidate. I couldn’t agree more.
    When PM’s son-in-law commented in the paper that Petronas must disclose
    to the public about their accounting, instantly, there was a panel
    interview with Petronas President and CEO over TV on Tuesday night a
    week ago. How very powerful this son-in-law’s words were.
    If I’m not mistaken, from hearsay, when you’d just stepped down as the PM,
    there was a step to remove Tan Sri Hassan from his post. Somehow or rather
    this was not successful. Maybe we could ask Tan Sri how he did this
    (privately of course).
    Now I happened to read in a malay tabloid,over the weekend, the son-in-law
    claimed that he does not decide for or in any way interfers in his
    father-in-law’s decision making. Let’s just say he is telling the truth.
    My deduction is, the people in the 4th floor plus the son-in-law put
    forward some objective choices for him. You know, the type in the UPSR
    objective exam papers.
    This will be :-
    A. I
    B. II
    C. III
    D. All of the above
    E. None of the above
    My guess is, the father-in-law will throw dice to choose the correct answer
    (cos he’s lazy to think, you know).
    So the rest is history. That’s why we have a Flip-Flop PM as you claimed him
    to be.
    p/s Hope you’ve read my earlier posting
    and make a short trip to these govt.
    buildings in Putrajaya.

  229. suhainin suhaibol Jun 24,2008 9:30 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    saya melihat apa yang
    dilakukan kerajaan kini
    ada juga kebaikannya.
    Rebet untuk minyak
    itu merupakan satu usaha
    mereka untuk cuba mengimbangi
    inflasi dan tanpa disedari
    ianya menambahkan aliran
    tunai dalam negara.
    Saya pernah tinggal di
    singapore dan cara mereka
    menangani inflasi sangat
    baik.Saya rasa perkara
    yang sedemikian perlu di
    laksanakan di Malaysia.Kerajaan
    Singapore dapat mengekang
    inflasi dan mengikat inflasi
    tersebut pada kadar dibawah
    kawalan mereka.Penguatkuasaan
    amat penting.
    Minyak adalah pemboleh ubah
    bagi inflasi dan sangat besar
    kesannya.Semua orang memandang
    inflasi sebagai negatif tetapi
    ekonomi sebenarnya memerlukan
    inflasi untuk berkembang.Syaratnya,
    inflasi itu haruslah dalam genggaman
    atau di bawah kawalan kerajaan.Apa
    yang kita bimbangkan ialah keadaan
    rakyat miskin negara ini.
    Ekonomi bukan ekonomi namanya
    jika tiada inflasi.Bayangkan
    apa terjadi jika rizab minyak
    negara habis kelak.Kita mungkin
    akan membayar RM7.00 bagi seliter
    minyak.Waktu itu apa yang hendak
    kita katakan kepada Petronas dan
    kerajaan Malaysia yang mungkin
    ketika itu dibarisi oleh pakatan rakyat.
    Sebagai pengeluar minyak,
    minyak negera malaysia adalah
    Khazanah rakyat.Mengapa mereka
    yang berkenderaan sahaja diberikan
    keistemewaan seperti rebet minyak?
    Adakah ini adil bagi rakyat yang
    tidak mampu memiliki walaupun sebuah
    motorsikal,malah kini dibebani pula
    dengan berbagai inflasi berpunca
    daripada kenaikan tersebut?
    Hidup….orang-orang miskin,kalau
    bukan kerana orang-orang miskin
    sabah dan sarawak….UMNO kini
    sudah bergelar pembangkang…kita
    nantikan PRU 13….saya berada
    dalam masyarakat dan melihat serta
    mendengar apa yang sedang berlaku dalam
    sekian,Salam hormat

  230. lurvelygal Jun 24,2008 9:30 AM

    I already knew about you being the ‘post box’ of petronas.. its realy sad to know such thing! what i knew is the gov ‘must’ let u continue to be a so-called ‘petronas advisor’ as they want to attract more parties/investors to invest in Petronas because most of the world well-known companies only know & respect u! so, the gov is using your ‘world reputation’ to maintan petronas achievement among the top oil&gas companies..
    Previously petronas can decide whatever decision they want to made (that was during your time as the PM) but nowadays whatever petronas decision must be approved by the gov esp D&Co.. What will happen to Petronas, Sir? What will happen to Petronas & Malaysia future?
    i hope u can help Malaysia&Petronas from being explore by the voracious leaders…
    p/s: send my assalamualaikun to Tun Dr Siti & Dato’ Mukhriz.. I also miss Marina Mahathir as the MAKNA presidents!

  231. dude Jun 24,2008 9:30 AM


  232. Bidayuh Jun 24,2008 9:27 AM

    Y.Bhg Tun,
    Tun telah dituduh sebagai seorang diktator dengan dakwaan kononnya Tun cuba meletakkan Kuasa Eksekutif, Legislatif dan Kehakiman di dalam kawalan Tun. Kenyataan dibuat dek mabuk duit ‘raya’ kot? Apa benar Tun cuba berbuat demikian?
    Siapa budak-budak 4th Floor tu? They really are the devils (4 associated with Death?) or there’s just Floor 3A kot…Ampu, Ambik, Abiskan…
    What ever they say or do, that can’t change the fact that they too, GOD KNOWS, are in GREAT DEBT to you Tun and to the RAKYAT. Tak dapat saya bayangkan bila di akhirat nanti berapa ramai orang mereka nak cari untuk menghalalkan apa yang telah mereka CURI. Tak termasuk lagi benda lain…tak mengenang BUDI langsung.

  233. youngmalaysian Jun 24,2008 9:25 AM

    Saya adalah salah seorang rakyat Malaysia terus KELIRU dengan isu kenaikan harga minyak. Pihak kerajaan kata kenaikan harga tidak dapat dielakkan kerana ia bergantung kepada harga pasaran dunia.
    Di pihak lain pula Anwar Ibrahim membuat kenyatan bahawa beliau mampu menurunkan harga minyak di Malaysia.
    Apa pendapat Tun mengenai perkara ini?
    Kami benar-benar ingin mengetahui pendapat Tun mengenai hal ini. Terima kasih.

  234. Cucu Tok Det Jun 24,2008 9:24 AM

    assalamualaikum tok det..
    tok det jangan letak jawatan,ini sebab jawatan yang tok det pegang bukan atas kapasiti umno.biar diorang pecat,selagi tok det ada di petronas, orang tingkat 4 takkan dapat buat apa2.saya pasti tok det masih sayangkan malaysia, bangsa melayu dan ingin pulihkan malaysia daripada ‘devil-devil’ yang ada..jangan berhenti berusaha..saya sentiasa sokong tok det..
    *devil-devil ni termasuklah yang kutuk tok det dan tak pernah bersyukur.antara perangai devil..suka mengata,tak pernah bersyukur…

  235. moose Jun 24,2008 9:23 AM

    YABhg Tun,
    It is indeed a very sad day for Malaysia when KJ or any of the 4th floor pirates take over the helm of Petronas. However, I don’t think we can do anything anymore. It is a matter of time before it will eventually happen.
    The present government (ie 4th floor pirates) would want to controll all money making bodies. That include influencing the Income Tax and Custom, and not to mention EPF and SOCSO.
    So Malysian, prepare yourselve for the incoming dark chapter of Malaysian economy.

  236. Hajar Jun 24,2008 9:22 AM

    Dearest Yg Bebahgia Tun,
    Great explanation! I pray to God that DSAAB & Co will fail in their attempt to further destroy the country by messing up Petronas. I really hope that DSAAB realizes that he is a FAILURE and a LOSER, and he should step down. DSAAB does not even know how to respect Tun as Petronas’s Adviser.
    DSAAB & Co adalah PENGKHIANAT negara. Mereka cuma mampu untuk memusnahkan semua perkara baik yg ada di Malaysia dengan kebodohan & kesombongan mereka.
    To DSAAB: Tolonglah LETAK JAWATAN. Terimalah hakikat ini – anda telah gagal, dan tidak mungkin boleh memperbaiki kemusnahan yg anda sendiri telah lakukan terhadap Malaysia.
    May Allah bless Tun & family. Thanks Tun.

  237. azlela Jun 24,2008 9:16 AM

    A’kum and Dear Tun,
    If what you wrote is true and when that happens, we can only pray to Allah that He will guide us in doing the right things. You are our saviour and there is not even a single person out there who can match your critical thinking and passion to save the Malays and Malaysians in general.

  238. Abdul Jun 24,2008 9:14 AM

    Good morning Sir! may you and your family in good health,what else is going to get wrong again!its one thing after another,why not we set a date where we can gather(bukit jalil)and show aab its time for him to packed and leave,rather then hoping things will get better!

  239. Jun 24,2008 9:12 AM

    Dear Tun
    You are right, I have voiced out the same thing in my blog lastweek. Rumours has started last week that Pak Lah is trying to replace the CEO of Petronas which is a very Credible Person to lead Petronas.
    I pray to Allah that thing would not happen or else what you mentioned about staff leaving Petronas will really happen. You can’t mix between personal political agenda and national interest. Petronas has been performing superbly worldwide and please let it be. Do not put the dirty political minded personnel into Petronas.
    You can read my writing on these issue at
    – Cetusan Minda Rakyat –
    from inside -> out

  240. mzr Jun 24,2008 9:07 AM

    Dear Tun,
    Yesterday i met a few of my company business partner and asked them about this current issue of fuel price. As transporter, they said that they will definitely will increase their chargers to maintain their profitability margin. ” We forsee no problem in this issue,. We transport the consumer product and im sure that they will and have to pay since they will need it someday.!!”
    Then i also met a few food product manufacturer which complaining on the same issue. The conclusion: Consumer will pay the prices on whatever measure from this the current government. We already know that our current prime minister not able to decide on macro economic things (other things too), but who on earth would be his so call “think- tank” which gave him all the stupid idea which cause this “chain- reaction” problem on our belove country?

  241. zali lampai Jun 24,2008 9:07 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Saya ada membaca artikel Matthias Chang ( ) mengenai tindakan AAB dan budak Tingkat 4 jikalau mereka tidak dihentikan segera, negara sekurang-kurangnya memerlukan minimumm 10 Tahun untuk pulih. Pada saya ini adalah salah satu bencana Malaysia yang besar selepas peristiwa 13 Mei 1969.
    Lemahnya kerajaan sekaramg dalam perancangan ekonomi yang mana hanya indah khabar dari rupa. Keindahana itu hanyalah untuk memancing undi politik masyarakat Malaysia. Ini menyebabkan momentum pertumbuhan daripada Perdana Menteri dahulu tidak dapat diteruskan malah semakin berkurangan.
    Pembaziran wang rakyat dan penyelewangan duti kerajaan. Mengapa kerajaan sekarang kelihatan seperti tiada duit sampai hendak megurangkan subsidi secara melulu, memotong elaun menteri dan sebagainya? Kalau diikutkan disamping kenaikan harga minyak yang menguntungkan Malaysia, kita ada hasil lain seperti cukai persendirian dan syarikat, Tol2 dsb. Mana perginya semua duit itu hanya Allah yang mengetahui.
    Tun… Bila kita hendak serang habis-habisan kepada mereka agar AAB dan konco2 nya nyah dari pentadbiran Malaysia. jika boleh buang sahaja mereka dari negara yang tercinta ini.
    AAB amat degil dan pekak untuk mendengar kata-kata kita semua… Tindakan yang lebih berkesan amat perlu!!!

  242. redzuank Jun 24,2008 9:06 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I would like to enquire who else behind this 4th flr team?
    I just only know one.
    Are they UMNO insider or included outsider?
    Who are able to stop them?

  243. malaysianrejects Jun 24,2008 9:02 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Kekayaan minyak yg Tuhan berikan adalah pemberian Tuhan untuk semua rakyat bumi malaysia tapi dimonopoli dan di salahgunakan oleh kerajaan kita yg corrupt dan menipu rakyat dalam mengagihkan nikmat ini….tunggulah detik Tuhan tarik balik nikmatMya…

  244. Offshore Representative Jun 24,2008 9:00 AM

    In 2003, Hassan Merican stated:
    “We are different from other national oil companies to the extend that we own our national reserves. We are the sole concessionaries of the nation’s petroleum reserves. We award the PSCs; there is no petroleum ministry. The minister of petroleum is the prime minister. Thats how we are structured.”
    During your time as PM, they reported directly to you and Petronas willing to listen to your advice but the decisions were made by themselves based on good business practices. Petronas has been largely free of government interference in its day-to-day operations.
    It has been a generally solid and well-respected around the world. It has no present intention to privatize.
    If the 4th Floor takes over, Petronas could be privatize …. and major shareholder is ECM Libra ….????

  245. jadi Jun 24,2008 8:59 AM

    Assalammualaikum TUN,
    Saya sentiasa memerhatikan bagaimana syarikat syarikat besar yang berjaya diambil alih oleh pentadbiran Pak Lah. Saya juga telah mendengar dan melihat bagaimana peralihan kuasa pentadbiran di dalam TNB, Telekom Malaysia, Malaysia Airline System (MAS), Khazanah Holding, Proton, Sime Darby (Synergi Drive), Media Prima, Straits Times telah melahirkan jutawan baru yang merupakan kroni kepada orang orang tertentu.
    Kini Petronas telah menjadi sasaran baru dan utama mereka. Adalah amat mustahil untuk Petronas memberikan butiran terpeinci akaun syarikat kerana perbelanjaan Petronas meliputi tanggungjawab sosial kepada masyarakat setempat di beberapa Negara yang tertentu. Namun isu ini telah digunakan untuk menjadikan Tan Sri Hassan Merican sebagai ‘kambing hitam’ yang perlu ditukar ganti.
    Walaupun saban hari rakyat menyuarakan ketidakpuasan hati namun negara Malaysia ini seolah olah tiada ‘guardian angel’ lagi.
    Dasar Kerajaan yang main ‘hentam keromo’ sahaja telah menyusahkan sebahagian besar rakyat dan mewujudkan banyak masalah baru.
    Kesimpulannya kepimpinan sekarang telah menjuruskan negara Malaysia ini ke lembah kehancuran kerana gaya dan cara pentadbiran serta perlaksanaan menguntungkan kepada bilangan yang sedikit dan merugikan kepada bilangan yang besar. Akibat yang menanti pula bakal ditanggung oleh tujuh generasi sepertimana sumpahan Mahsuri di Pulau Langkawi.

  246. anakjatipilah Jun 24,2008 8:56 AM

    Hey NEIL! what do you know about PETRONAS uhh?..what do you mean of GAJAH PUTIH in PUTRAJAYA..All i can see are beautiful buildings, offices, lakes, gardens, beautiful houses, roads etc..etc.. buta ka u punya mata..tak bersyukur langsung. Dah bagi kemudahan nak cakap banyak dan kutuk orang pulak. Go and stay in d junglessss la.
    Anyway TUN is my inspiration!! keep it up well done! u are always d best among d best.

  247. Mr Kay Jun 24,2008 8:56 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Maafkan saya kerana pernah membenci Tun satu ketika dulu. Nampaknya saya salah dan Tun adalah antara pemimpin ulung di dunia. Ramai rakan-rakan saya dari negara luar terutamanya arab yang datang belajar di Malaysia kerana mengagumi kehebatan Tun. Mereka ada menyatakan keinginan mereka bertemu dengan Tun.
    Tun, kami rakyat Malaysia mengharapkan Tun membantu kami, rakyat Malaysia yang semakin tersepit dan ditindas oleh pemimpin yang kejam bersama keluarganya.
    Kami menyokong Tun,
    Mr Kay (bekas pelajar MMU)

  248. rakyatbiasa Jun 24,2008 8:55 AM

    sekali lagi tun menulis satu artikel yang saya pasti ramai yang tunggu2kan. iaitu komen tentang petronas. sana sini orang sibuk mengatakan tentang petronas. sayang jika sebuah syarikat yang dipandang tinggi ketika ini jika disalahuruskan akan menyebabkan kemerosotan dan kejatuhan. mungkin ada yang memandang rendah tentang keupayaan pertonas, namun dimata dunia pertonas sesuatu yang hebat. beberapa kali saya diluar malaysia, orang luat tahu dan kagum dengan petronas. tapi ada sesetengah dari kita tamak, untuk mengautkeuntungan pertonas untuk kepentingan sendiri. saya amat berharap tun dapat memberi komen dengan lebih lanjut mengenai orang di tingkat 4.

  249. lordmusan Jun 24,2008 8:53 AM

    Salam Tun,
    I don’t agree with the proposal to bring out Petronas’s finance and records into the open cause as a registered company and since they are competing in the international market,this could lead to a very disastrous consequences for Petronas and for the country in general.In the oil industry, everything about competitor’s information is being sought after by each company involve in this industry.
    As to the proposal made by the ‘The Man Also Known As The SIL’, this is purely for his own advantage.He knows that he is never welcomed in politics but now he is trying to show as if he cares about the rakyat but in actual fact he is also trying to penetrate into Petronas(..where the money is!) by asking them publicly to open up all their accounts and finances.This is also Pak Lah’s strategy to get his cronies in(..the 4th FloorBoys) into Petronas cause by shifting the focus to Petronas instead of the current weak government, he could basically instill some hatred into Petronas by the rakyat and when all the rakyat make noise about Petronas, he will surely come up with a so-called measure of restructuring Petronas to be a better entity but in actual fact he is putting in his cronies in there.He will surely find ways to get rid of TS Hassan Merican( the way, he speaks better than Pak Lah when interviewed on live TV and what he answered is actual facts compared to Pak Lah whom doesn’t even know what he is alking about all the time!)Like you said earlier Tun M, NGV is actually expensive but since Petronas is subsidizing it became the cheapest in Malaysia.
    I guess, if we want Petronas to actually reveal its finances and expenditures, why not we also ask ECM LIBRA(..on the buy over issue),Avenue group,The Food for Oil issue and as well as POS Malaysia(..especially on the rebate issue!) to reveal it’s financial accounts as well.Or we could also get the Federal government and all the state government to publish all it’s financial expenditures as well cause the way i see it, it is not Petronas whom is doing harm to the rakyat but it’s Pak Lah and his kuncu-kuncu whom is actually the main culprits.
    What’s happening here is simple,just like the US..bomb a place and blame it on the terrorists!Just like Pak Lah..steal all the money they can and blame it on Petronas..or blame it on the rakyat for sabotage,if u will!
    Be afraid, be very afraid of the devil amongst us!

  250. anak Malaysia Jun 24,2008 8:50 AM

    By Daniel LeibermanAuthor Profile Page on June 24, 2008 8:14 AM
    Seorang pengusaha stesen minyak Shell di puchong memberitahu minyak akan dinaikkan lagi pada bulan oktober ini dari RM2.70 kepada RM4.00 Jumlah peratusan kenaikan dari RM1.92 kepada RM4.00 ialah 108%.
    Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.
    Diharap Tun tidak tunggu lama-lama untuk selesaikan masaalah politik negara ini, lagi lama kita tunggu rakyat yang akan menderita. Harap Tun dapat kira nya mengadap Duli-Duli Tuanku & Majlis Raja-Raja secepat mungkin.
    Kita tahu Tun ada remedy nya, cuma Tun mahu gunakan yang mild dahulu. Kita berharap Tun dapat memaksimumkan dos nya bagi memastikan ia cepat sembuh.
    Hanya Tun & Majlis sahaja yang dapat selesaikan isu ini. Kalau boleh sistem yang ada sekarang diubahsuaikan untuk memastikan orang saperti DSAAB & KJ tidak dapat menyalahgunakan kuasa yang diberi.

  251. rainman Jun 24,2008 8:45 AM

    Morning Tun,
    “My main job is that of a post box” we, Malaysian would like to have that job with a RM15K salary at the current gawat ekonomi..
    Anyway, you have always been my idol…..Yunno, the saying… “It’s better to know the Devil than the Deep Blue Sea”
    You may be the Devil for 22 years…but know you!!
    Can you imagine what will happen if Petronas was not there…
    Anyway, wish you and your family well!!!

  252. anakjatipilah Jun 24,2008 8:41 AM

    salam…YAB TUN,
    Very gud AM to u..
    memang kita patut menguruskan dengan baik..jngan lah nak di
    habiskan apa yang ada..kita patut dagangkan, kalau tidak habis minyak habis lah pendapatan kita..asyik dok nak subsidi jer macammana bisnes nak maju..macam buka kedai sendiri lepas tu bg subsidi kat pekerja..apa yang untungnye..
    anyway u r s best…!!!

  253. lazuardi2003 Jun 24,2008 8:40 AM

    Assamulaikum Yang Berbahgia Tun,
    Ini kali pertama saya menulis ke sebarang blog. Saya hanya ingin tahu apa kah langlah-langkah yang akan Y.Bhg. Tun ambil bagi menangani keadaan ekonomi yang tidak menentu sekarang? Pada pandangan Y.Bhg. Tun, adakah harga minyak sedang di ‘manipulate’ oleh negara-negara tertentu untuk membiaya sebarang peperangan yang bakal dilakasanakan.
    Pandangan Y.Bhg. Tun mungkin dapat meluaskan skop menangani krisis ekonomi semasa. Terima kasih.

  254. Jun 24,2008 8:39 AM

    saya harap petronas terus di terajui oleh orang-orang yang bertanggujawab agar syarikat berkenaan dapat terus kekal sebagai syarikat yang disegani seluaruh dunia dan juga mampu memberi khidmat bakti kepada kemajuan negara dan juga rakyat

  255. leh Jun 24,2008 8:37 AM

    moga tun sihat hendaknya….

  256. amantubillah Jun 24,2008 8:36 AM

    Salam Buat Ayahanda Tun Sekeluarga serta All Bloggers.
    Apa nak jadi dengan pakBODOlah ni…………………..
    Samapai hari ni dok flip-flop situ lah…….. Tak sudah…sudah
    Dulu dok cerita nak hapuskan corupt, kunun…..
    Hapuskan dulu KaJ KURANG aJAR
    Benci sungguk chek tengok dia ni Ayahanda Tun…. Kalau bercakap…… macam orang 20 30 tahun dok dalam politik. Juah orang Kedah kata…. Besak kepala sebab dia menghantu PakBODOlah kot……?????
    Pi mampuih la hang
    Duit rakyat sikit – sikit hang dok sapu,
    P/S To PJ abi or PJ…..
    Tak suka kat blog Ayahanda Tun. Pi main jauhjauh.
    Go somewhere and fly kite… he…he…he

  257. anjang Jun 24,2008 8:36 AM

    I hope for a miracle and AAB in a gentleman way resigns before more damage is done by his so called ‘duties’ to lead the country.

  258. mat 'melayu' Jun 24,2008 8:35 AM

    Gunalah bahasa melayu… ish ish… kesiankanlah pada kami yg tak berapa pandai ‘speaking omputih’ ni… kami pun nk mengikuti jugak post2 Tun… semua golongan di malaysia tahu berbahasa melayu.. tapi tidak semua yang tahu berbahasa inggeris

  259. leh Jun 24,2008 8:35 AM

    harap tun & keluarga sihat sejahtera…
    sampai bila la nk stabil balik politik &ekonomi kita…
    amba rakyat jelata nih makin conpius…
    tok lah badwi cam makin gila ngan idea2 bangangnya..yg terbaru
    nk bg lesen menega lak kat kaki tangan awam…erm..alamat insan2
    yg dok menega lani x leh cari makan la…aku penah keja ngan PBT & aku tau macam mana busuk & buruknya kelaku staff2 PBT nih..klu leh bolot hmmm…tanpa blas kasihannya dirampas hatta yg dh dalam mulut org pn dia bleh amik…x dpt nk bayangkan…

  260. alporpoGX Jun 24,2008 8:32 AM

    Assalamualaikum Tun,
    No wonder Mr K is very excited to pressure Petronas to reveal its accounts in detail. if the accounts shown in the annual report or the SSM is insufficient what else does he wants to see?.. the management accounts?.. crazy la this guy.. I dont think any business entity need to show its management accounts to the public..
    Another thing Tun, I believe the US is behind the increase in oil price. Having control some substantial amount of oil reserve in Iraq and Kuwait together with their own oil reserve. now they are pressuring the other oil producing countries to produce more oil and in the end these oil producing countries will not have any more oil to produce and the US can totally control the oil in the world and eventually control the world muwahahaha…..
    But.. seriously what do yo u think Tun?..
    Maybe we can all stop using petrol for a week… or use just the very minimum amount of petrol for a week. Everyone just take a leave for one week… do not go anywhere just stay at home… of course la suffer a bit.. with everyone taking one week leave.. kilang also have to stop production for a week.. everything stand still for a week… this will reduce the demand for petrol for a week and reduce the oil price. Lets have an oil free week for the whole world.. the whole world declare one week public holiday..

  261. zaiton Jun 24,2008 8:30 AM

    Askum Dear Tun,
    What ever happens please keep on posting. Thanks for clearing the air. Who knows after Augusta, what else DSAB intends to sell!!!!!!
    To Neil…….if you think RM15,000.00 is a big sum, try put your brain in open market…..i bet yours will fetch the highest bid since it has not been utilised at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  262. Daniel Leiberman Jun 24,2008 8:29 AM

    Tun beritahu Majlis & Tuanku Sultan bahawa kami hamba rakyat sanggup melakukan apa sahaja demi kesejahteraan negara ini. Apa sahaja yang Majlis mahukan saperti Memorandum, Tandatangan, Perarakan, Demostrasi semua nya boleh kami hamba rakyat tunjukkan atau adakan sebagai bukti bahawa kami semua hamba rakyata negara ini sudah tidak mahu DSAAB sebagai PM
    Tun beritahu lah apa yang patut dibuat. Kami semua akan lakukan.

  263. dymphia Jun 24,2008 8:27 AM

    Good morning Malaysia
    It’s a total shame on how business and big players in Malaysia have to be heavily influenced by politics.

  264. Zubli Zainordin Jun 24,2008 8:24 AM

    Dear Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, after reading this post, 3 times, I sense that there is a move at the back there, a behind the scene, to remove you from being the Adviser to Petronas.
    Such a blaming can chip the honor you uphold as a Statesman of Integrity.
    I see that a national company such as Petronas with so much money in the purse, when equated to those who seem to have the power to control, related to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, to manage the sum or part of it, will not be good to Malaysians and Malaysia.
    You seem to be ready to face the possible move from those within and without.
    I pray, in your wisdom please decide on a move for us, Malaysians and Malaysia, larger than self. As always.
    Individuals can say and do what they prefer, but we and I who trust you, supposing you are out of the Petronas Picture, what kind of suffering any more than we can bear.

  265. Tombraider02 Jun 24,2008 8:23 AM

    Salam Tun,
    Pak lah harus bertindak alternative memajukan negara dan bangsa
    kita selain mengharapkan Petronas.Itu tanggungjawab dia.Ini
    negara kita yang berbilang kaum dan bukan negara keluarga dia.
    Sebagai PM,dia harus mempromosikan keunikan negara kita dan
    mempelawa pelabur asing untuk memilih kita.Jangan asyik buang
    masa dengan mengisi ahli keluarga untuk jawatan tinggi dalam
    kerajaan dan menelan subsidi yang sepatutnya diberikan kepada
    golongan pendapatan rendah.Itu dosa.

  266. joesniper Jun 24,2008 8:21 AM

    Sekarang dah jelas, harap Pak Lah melihat perkara ini dengan teliti dan mengambil tindakan sesuai supaya Malaysia kekal aman dan makmur. Kami sudah jelak dengan berbagai perkara yang tidak menyenangkan yang berlaku sejak kekalahan besar BN dalam PRU12. Kami tidak mahu kerajaan BN akan TUMBANG sebelum PRU13.
    Buat Tun, teruskan memberi nasihat dan pandangan selagi diperlukan(i.e selagi DSAAB masih PM…)
    Kami mendoakan Tun diberi kesihatan jiwa dan raga untuk teruskan ibadah ini. Amin.

  267. Fazrulls Jun 24,2008 8:16 AM

    Hi Tun,
    Good Day for you, you are absolutly rite regarding this issue. I’m totally agree with you that Petronas Management cannot be politicize by the goverment.

  268. Daniel Leiberman Jun 24,2008 8:14 AM

    Seorang pengusaha stesen minyak Shell di puchong memberitahu minyak akan dinaikkan lagi pada bulan oktober ini dari RM2.70 kepada RM4.00 Jumlah peratusan kenaikan dari RM1.92 kepada RM4.00 ialah 108%.
    Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.
    Diharap Tun tidak tunggu lama-lama untuk selesaikan masaalah politik negara ini, lagi lama kita tunggu rakyat yang akan menderita. Harap Tun dapat kira nya mengadap Duli-Duli Tuanku & Majlis Raja-Raja secepat mungkin.
    Kita tahu Tun ada remedy nya, cuma Tun mahu gunakan yang mild dahulu. Kita berharap Tun dapat memaksimumkan dos nya bagi memastikan ia cepat sembuh.
    Hanya Tun & Majlis sahaja yang dapat selesaikan isu ini. Kalau boleh sistem yang ada sekarang diubahsuaikan untuk memastikan orang saperti DSAAB & KJ tidak dapat menyalahgunakan kuasa yang diberi.

  269. sya Jun 24,2008 8:13 AM

    salam Tun,
    post yg menarik.
    please step down PLah.
    u can’t do anything.
    juz destroy our beloved contry.
    May Allah bless Tun n family… 🙂

  270. nadzri Jun 24,2008 8:10 AM

    If the same thing being done to Petronas as what happened to Proton,i don’t what to say.

  271. leading Jun 24,2008 8:10 AM

    How is the fate of Petronas after 2014 ?

  272. razak rahim Jun 24,2008 8:08 AM

    Tun, I’m so sorry because I hate you on 1999 but I started to respect you since 2001. I cried when you announced to step down on 2002. Since that, you’re my idol and my hero. I put your photo at my office and immitates your thinking style. Since that, I got promoted twice and success in my life. I respect and love you always Tun. I miss your speech. Semoga Allah S.W.T panjangkan umur Tun dan saya akan cium tangan Tun bila kita berjumpa nanti. Assalamualaikum.

  273. eddieham Jun 24,2008 8:06 AM

    If there is any talk at all (even just a whisper) of 4th floor candidate taking over Petronas, then I am leaving Petronas to join Qatar LNG.

  274. xoxox Jun 24,2008 8:05 AM

    I think it’s time for Petronas to go public on their profit. Then, we’ll see who’s the real musang in Malaysia

  275. marakarma Jun 24,2008 8:01 AM


  276. amantubillah Jun 24,2008 7:59 AM

    Salam Ayahanda Tun sekeluarga serta all bloggers
    Mekyam…….. Tolong…….. Tolong…….. Mekyam
    Tolong translate kan ke bahasa melayu chek tak berapa paham orang sangat.

  277. Neil Jun 24,2008 7:53 AM

    If your job is a post box then that salary is too high.Yes Petronas is one of those few companies that is spinning money for the cronies.With the account black out the crooks can do whatever they like,helping your children,building white elephants like putra jaya etc.Petronas is in other words UMNO’s CASH COW.

  278. tayadiH maysiA Jun 24,2008 7:52 AM

    Selamatkan Petronas daripada perampok dan lanun yang paling berbahaya!!!!

  279. zharif Jun 24,2008 7:52 AM

    Assalamuailkum and good morning Tun,
    hope you and Tun Hasmah are doing well today. Well i’m not so knowledgeable in this matter but what can i say is the 4th floor people will NOT DARE to topple you down. If they do that, then it’s obviously to the malaysian people who they are and surely they scared if the supporters of government will turn off. This will make your image as a hero in malaysian’s eye.
    So I hope that Tun will not be too worry for this. We will alwyas supprot those who said the truth and i hope Tun will prevailed every truth that hidden by the 4th floor people. I would like to have your comment on the former judge that heavily criticising you in the newspaper after getting the ex-gratia. Hope you can give a clear statetemt on that.
    With full of love,
    (pewaris kepimpinan DR.M)

  280. etp2020 Jun 24,2008 7:48 AM

    Bapa kehancuran adalah AABB
    Tungguler saatnya
    Berdoa untuk mengelakkan bala ini

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