I would like to wish all Malaysians, especially readers of Chedet a Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai

1. I drove to KLIA and I could not help noticing how well the trees have grown. Tan Sri Bashir promised that Sepang would have a forest in the airport and be an airport in the forest.

2. I remember during weekends I would drive to see construction work on the airport. The contractors had cut down all the trees and bushes leaving some 4000 acres of bare land. It looked ugly and I just could not imagine the trees growing back.

3. But Bashir promised he would turn the bare land into a forest and he would have trees growing inside the airport itself. He would also plant oil palms so as to give the airport extra income.

4. But when I drove to the airport to welcome back Dato Sri Najib from Gaza recently I saw tall trees and clumps of bushes and undergrowth all along the road to the terminal building. And in the airport buildings there are a lot of tall trees grown in the spaces between the different buildings of the terminal.

5. Bashir has kept his promise. Unfortunately he died before the forests he had promised became a reality.

6. I write this in my blog because I feel a need to express my appreciation of Tan Sri Bashir Ismail even though posthumously. He was one of the best servants of the country. He should be remembered for the many things he did for Malaysia, including of course the F1 circuit and the races he brought to Malaysia.

7. The younger generation should study his career and perhaps emulate him. Someone should write his biography. He is to me a great man and a great friend. We need more people like him.

44 thoughts on “BASHIR’S LEGACY

  1. shahrulnizam Feb 16,2013 6:25 PM

    it is good that some of corporate leaders can kept their promises, but very less in numbers. others only think about profit making, and a short term benefits, and many are corrupted by power and money and..
    hope the wealth of the nation will not being poll into certain group of people…

  2. azrulshahreen Feb 15,2013 11:57 AM

    Salam Tun & fellow bloggers,

    Sometime I wonder why people like Polo have this kind of attitude/hatred towards government who give the best for the Malaysians. I concurred with PAShit.

  3. PAShit Feb 14,2013 9:02 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Salam Haslinda,

    I have commented earlier on scumbags like polo which appear now and then like rabid dogs who are downright stupid, narrow minded, full of hatred and deceitful.

    People like this you should come down hard on them as they are actually easy pickings.


  4. Haslinda Feb 13,2013 11:10 PM

    Dear Tun,

    Allow me to drop some comment to the youngster ( I assumed) named Polo.

    Hi Polo,

    I guess you are probably just another ‘hater’s of our government. Thus, I can see that you are still raw-minded. No offend. For someone who is matured enough about the country politic, they wouldn’t be so naive. This is a world of “fish-eat-fish”. No doubt that Bersih demonstration successfully gathered a huge numbers of people to protest. But if you compare the ratio with our country, their amount are just very small. People are just cannot be satisfied. By giving an inch, they go for a mile.

    Dear Pashit,
    I did read your comment earlier and you doesn’t sounds like that. You seems quite knowledgeable. Did Polo did something that mad you up?. Just curious. Nothing personal.

    Thanks Tun.


  5. PAShit Feb 13,2013 6:20 PM

    Salam Tun,

    yo polo you retard,

    lu faham bahasa melayu kah? ini dali blog penyokong PAS hehe. Wallauwe lu talak dapat elaun ka? aiyo manyak hansap lu punya boss lei! dia kebas itu duit ka? haiya!…

    Ana musykil juga, kenapa ada beza ELAUN peserta pas Terengganu dan Kelantan dalam himpunan hujung MINGGU ini. Pas Kelantan tawarkan RM300 satu kereta. Pas Terengganu, bagi ELAUN makan sahaja. Mana boleh begini. Tak adil. Ana cadangkan, setiap kereta orang Pas diberi ELAUN RM1000. Senang kira. Inilah masanya kita nak keluar belanja. Tak kiralah dari mana. Kita minta pkr dan dap bantu kita dari segi kewangan. Ana rasa boleh. Ana dengar, Pkr bayar RM700, walaupun hanya datang dari Ijok Atau Sijangkang. Dekat macam tu pun bayar tinggi. Rakan Ana dalam pkr juga ada maklumkan, sejumlah RM135,000 sudah diserahkan kepada Pas Kelantan untuk bawa turun ahli. Soalan ana, kenapa pkr beri pas Kelantan sahaja? Mana peruntukan untuk pas negeri lain? Ana harap sangat tak ada ‘pilih kasih’ dalam pemberian ELAUN ini. Mesti samarata. Bukan ikut konsesi balak dan peluang perniagaan yang lain. Kita dah nak sampai PRU, kalau masih ada lagi layanan istimewa kepada negeri tertentu, tapi tidak kepada negeri lain, ana rasa makin ramailah yang rasa kecewa. Jangan sebab ELAUN, kita lahirkan lebih Ramai Cikgu Non dalam parti. Jenuh nak berlawan dengan BN. Ana harap juga, 112 ini tidak jadi acara pas sahaja. Muka pkr dan dap kurang. Tak adil gitu.


  6. Polo Feb 13,2013 5:56 PM

    Hi Pashit, boleh juga. I pun nak tau ada duit bagi kah.

  7. PAShit Feb 13,2013 5:20 PM

    Salam Tun,

    yo polo you retard! Syok sendiri ke? hehe yeke Pakatoon tak de bagi duit sertai Bersih? Lu bohong lah shithead kahkah! nak bukti ke?


  8. Polo Feb 13,2013 3:13 PM

    Tuan Tuah,
    Ok. Tapi yang I x faham ilah, knp begitu ramai orang yang sokong PR demo? Kan takda hadiah, cabutan bertuah, dan xde konsert. Setiap kali PR anjurkan demo, kan ramai orang yang hadir. kalau 1 ribu atau 10ribu oklah, mungkin geng PR sendiri. Xpi yg hadir itu beratusan ribu ni. Sampai dr negeri lain pun pergi kat KL demo. Najib anjur free PSY konsert kat Pg, hanya 30k yang hadir. I pgi kolej pun orang kata nak hadir himpunan bersih.
    Semogo Tun & keluarga sihat sihat belaka.
    Maaf Zahir Batin.

  9. Makhluk Halus Feb 13,2013 2:56 AM

    Dearest Tun and Bloggers,

    You brought quite a very interesting topic. It is about good deed and service rendered. It was like we are running short of people like you, Allahyarham Tan Sri Bashir and others who contributed well to this beloved country.

    I experimented a lot of things in life. To tell you the truth, it is not as easy as saying it. A lot of people said doing business represents 9 out of 10 of wealth. What they failed to tell me is that the risk, hardship and sacrifices is also 9 out of 10. Successfully running a country? No idea at all. It is amazing that the PM and CM post is a political appointment which requires the incumbent to excell in politics and also public administration all at the same time. How do you guys juggle between country’s administration and politics, I really don’t want to know. What I want to know is that my country is stable, peaceful and prosper.

    To me, I could not contribute much. I am just a very little person who struggling to earn a honest living. But if all of us can peform our little role at our best effort, we can drive this country ahead into excellence. I was amazed to see the efficiency in Japan and South Korea. We can easily notice their motivation to give the best in what they do. Their taxi drivers easily refuse taking fares just because they have taken a wrong route. I think this is one way we all can contribute. It is to give the best of our service. We can talk big, but if we are useless and self seeking only, I’m not sure whether we can excel in this life and ultimately life in the hereafter.

    I am one Muslim who could not stay up all night praying and spending the whole day fasting. But I believe that Rasullullah had taught us, ‘the best among you is the one who are useful to others’. This inspired me on the whole meaning of my life.

    Just my 2 cents on my vacation. Gong Xi Fa Cai

  10. sibotak Feb 12,2013 11:02 PM

    A good leader must know what best for the nation
    If others want to quickly develop
    And if every nations of the world think that development is good , so be it
    If we think otherwise, its most important to have our very own foundations
    Lets us be far back
    As long as we have our basic need
    Food,clothing & shelter

    No Nation of the any Develop Nations has reached their success
    Thers is no end to success
    Yet its Proven now, sooner or later
    To reach succes we will become

    Slaves to the money world that we created ourselves
    We become Slaves to Time
    Slaves to Money
    Slaves to ourself

    Its, in the Quran
    Human Intelligence Does Not Last
    Yet Has its Fall Back
    The cause of our Ozones
    Is the cause of modernizations
    We Human has Destroy Many

    If We Cannot Mend It
    It,s most Important We Don,t Break It

    The Ice of the North Pole is Breaking
    And it,s all due to Human Greediness & We taught We are Smart

    Theis is my words for Malaysia Govermnet Leader
    Whom thought they are smart of modernizing Malaysai

    Apa Guna Pembangunan
    Jikan pembangunan MeMiskinkan Anak Bumi
    Yg Ternyata tidak mampu bertanding, BerTuankan Perlabur
    Tanah Tergadai , Makan Gaji hanya Kayakan Perlabur yg majority orang Asing

    Kan lebih Mulia
    Berkaki ayam, hidup beratap Rumbia
    Rezki Tetap Ada
    Tanah, Kebun masih Milik Bumi

    Dayus Jika kita Anak Bumi Gagal menjaga Tanah Kita
    Kemana Kelak nasib anak cucu kita
    Tidakkan Kita lihat Kenyataan yg berlaku di Singapura

  11. tuan tanah Feb 12,2013 10:46 PM

    Salam Tun.

    To polo,
    kami bukan takut kat si ambiga tu, tapi benci yang tak terkata, meyampah, meluat serta geli pada kelakuan nya yang hanya menyalahkan kerajaan Malaysia saja. Seolah olah dia saja yang betul di negara Malaysia ini.
    Kami memang geli sunggoh padanya lebih2 lagi apabila dia menyokong dan menggalakan pergerakan LGBT yang sunggoh jijik itu.
    Anwar dan ambiga pandai meniru cara barat mengadakan tunjok perasaan jalanan kononya atas kebebasan hak bersuara.
    Tapi apa yang mungkin berlaku selepas tunjok perasaan jalanan itu mereka tak kisah sedikit pun,
    walaupun ianya merugikan negara serta merosakan harta benda awam.
    Kemudian salahkan Polis, walaupun tunkok perasaan jalanan itu di haramkan, itu saja yang mereka pandai.
    Mungkin sebab ambiga dari Bar coucil maka kelakuanya pun macam perempuan Bar(Kaberet)

    Terima Kasih Tun yang di kasihi.

  12. sudin Feb 12,2013 8:29 PM

    Salam Tun.

    To Whitelight,

    Thanks for your sincere concurrence to my posting.
    I dearly wish for those foreigners with specific interest from Anwar to leave us alone and let us decide on our future.

  13. Tuntuah Feb 12,2013 7:55 PM


    u are so prejudice with the project ic.
    tell you this. you are part of that project.
    tun abdulrahman only gave to a million pendatang. you are not entitle for that ic but umno still gave u all the ic.

    dont tell me i am wrong.
    that is the truth n you still mau bising.
    still tak caya? go n find any contract that u are entitle for that ic.

    so shut your mouth up!

  14. thaiso Feb 12,2013 6:25 PM

    Seminggu sebelum meninggal arwah ayah saya nampak tersenyum lebar bila terdengar suara saya datang ke rumah.Tapi kemudian beliau termenung apabila saya marahkan adik kerana satu perkara.

    Saya rapat dengan arwah masa saya kecik dan bujang.Masa kecik kami pergi ke kenduri sedara dengan naik motor berdua selama 2,3 jam perjalanan.2 tahun lepas adalah perjalanan terakhir kami berdua dengan naik motor 2,3 jam atas alasan menghadiri kenduri sedara.

    Sampai di sana telah menunggu sedara yang ingin berjabat salam dengan saya…yang mana saya tak berapa nak pedulikan berapa kerana keadaan saya yang tak berapa nak teratur ketika itu.

    Itu kali terakhir saya melihat beliau kerana beliau meninggal tak berapa lama kemudian.

    Seminggu sebelum arwah ayah saya meninggal, ada anak jiran depan rumah yang meninggal dunia.Dikhabarkan arwah ayah termenung di tempat kawasan yang arwah kini telah dikebumikan.

    Sebelum arwah pergi ke upacara pengkebumian anak jiran tersebut, saya telah meminta arwah ajak saya sekali ke kuburan, kalau boleh telefon kalau orang dah nak pergi.

    Tapi arwah hanya diam.

    Masa umur saya 10 tahun saya hanya balik dari sekolah menggalas beg dengan berjalan kaki sejauh 7km pada waktu maghrib, melalui highway yang jarang kereta lalu masa dulu dan berkawasan hutan kiri dan kanan.

    Mak saya pesan, jangan naik kenderaan orang walau orang ajak.Maka saya tak naik walau ada van berhenti ajak saya naik.

    Maka pada suatu ketika dulu saya menyalahkan arwah ayah saya kerana keadaan saya yang berjalan kaki balik dari sekolah selama setahun dua. Kekadang saya termenung di tepi highway kerana tak sanggup balik ke rumah lagi dengan berjalan kaki melalui highway yang berhutan.

    Suatu petang sehari dua lepas saya tersedar ketika tidur petang. Saya kini tidak menyalahkan arwah ayah saya lagi tetapi saya berterima kasih pada Allah s.w.t kerana keadaan saya itu.Allah Maha Berkuasa dan Menguasai.

    Saya kini telah dewasa. Kawasan hutan highway tersebut pun telah dibangunkan.

    Saya kini telah besar.Saya tidak menyalahkan ayah saya lagi.

    Arwah meninggal pada 5 Ramadhan yang lepas pada waktu subuh sebelum bersahur ketika tidur.

    Semoga arwah ditempatkan bersama-sama Rasulullah s.a.w di alamnya.

    *Ini bukan personal.Cuma menjelaskan bahawa riwayat biografi cerita kehidupan dalam buku agama masa dulu ada kebenarannya.

  15. kebasi Feb 12,2013 5:56 PM

    partai pas islamist/wahabi extremist/salafi extremist same as palestine hamas islamist/wahabi extremist same as boko haram same as taleban islamist same as egypt islamist/wahabi extremist tunisia islamist /wahabi extremist . they believe that THE GOD is sitting on the throne have many hands. this is different from aqeedah of madzhab hanafi maliki syafii and hamnballi

  16. Farihan Han Feb 12,2013 4:48 PM

    ” Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country..!! “

  17. mubarakchan Feb 12,2013 2:48 PM


    For MrHBT630 who said he will check out of this Blog time and time again.

    Your great Lee Kuan Yew’s perfunctory Judiciary system is well-known throughout the world. Vide Admiral Canaris was stripped naked by Hitler to demean him and hung naked with piano wires. The unfortunate and fortunate Mr Chee. The unfortunate and unfortunate Tan Koon Swan. Dr Woffles Wu. Shaw. The drug mules of Australia and Germany. etc. etc.

    Look at yourself in the mirror MrHBT630. See the warts, the moles, wrinkles, etc. When you look at the mirror, think of ME always night and day. I want you to remember ME night and day always. That it is absurd for you to love Tun and Lee Kuan Yew. You either love one or the other. It cannot be both which shows you got something in your homeland Singapore, eg. relatives, bank account, scholarships etc. You dare not antagonise your hero Lee Kuan Yew.

    And now remember ME MrHBT630 for the 3 Golden Attributes to qualify for the Prime Minister.

    1. Commonsense. No running around the streets of Kuala Lumpur

    2. The Ability to Think out of the Box. No copy-cats.

    3. Compassion. Nice guy with no hatred.

    Vote BN. All Malaysians especialy the Malaysian Chinese to a man or woman. This is our homeland. Do not be like that guy MrHBT630 with the Hitler moustache who double-speak. Be a man or woman.

  18. Whitelight Feb 12,2013 12:20 PM

    Sudin February 12, 2013 at 10:12 AM

    Agree with your comments about Malaysian F1 racing in Sepang.

  19. Polo Feb 12,2013 11:14 AM

    U takut sampai nak lucut warganegara amiga?? By saying need 2/3? U betoi betoi takut nak duduk belakang tiang besi ke? Ada nasi kari kan bagus?

  20. sudin Feb 12,2013 10:12 AM


    The F1 track which staged the inaugural Malaysian F1 championship in 1999 and the years that followed, was among the favourite weapon (albeit unsuccessful) used by Anwar maniac to belittle Dr. M’s policies.
    Three years on, countries all over the world were queuing to host F1 racing. Only 16 countries were then given the privilege to showpiece the ultimate in motoring!

    Anwar also failed miserably when he tried to manipulate the small 1st year financial loss to Malaysian F1 race declared by Malaysian Airports Bhd, as due to Dr. M’s incapability and a white elephant.
    Anwar couldn’t be bothered when every racing team and race drivers genuinely admitted the Malaysian F1 race was the best organised in their entire F1 experience!!
    Anwar couldn’t be bothered by the presence of 50,000+ foreigners flooding KLIA solely to watch and enjoy the F1 race!
    Anwar couldn’t be bothered that Malaysia managed to draw a NET income in excess of RM800m due to the race alone! And this net income continued to increase at every Malaysian F1 race henceforth!
    Anwar never understood the other gains brought about to Malaysia arising from F1 race, when tourists continue to make Malaysia as their favourite destination.
    Anwar never knew millions of Malaysians were, directly and indirectly, getting the benefits of the F1 race.

    Anwar the moron, telling his “I can fool all of them all of the time” supporters to spread whatever slanderous garbage that they can create about Malaysian F1 championship to any Ali, Ah Chong and Rajoo!!!

  21. rosas Feb 12,2013 3:48 AM

    Dear Tun
    We are heading closer towards 2020. Wawasan 2020 coupled with Gagasan 1Malaysia both seem to be an innovative initiative to ensure the aspiration of becoming a developed country will be achieved. However, I am very much concerned with the growing numbers of malay youth getting themselves polarised into a couple of political camps. They branded their teams negatively as Samseng “A”, Samseng “B” & so forth. Glancing through the websites, we can clearly read their mind – They show no sign of respect to the people that should be respected such as the politician, the scholarly ustaz/ulama/mufti & the Sultan. It is possible that majority of them are quite well educated. They use very dirty word to express their emotional grievance towards other people. It is also probable that although well educated but their mode of thinking are mostly low order rather than high order. They seems to enjoy talking about people rather ideas. We may have come up with strategic planning country development, however, we may need to give more focussed with pembangunan “Modal Insan”. Thus the need to come up with a comprehensive document “Pelan Strategic Pembangunan Ummah”. Under the present political modus operandii, where we witnessed the evaporation of trust amongst the Malays are on the uptrend, the idea to come up with the document might not be easily implemented due to prolong systemic ideological polarizations among the Malays. The most possible solution will be to review or reformulate the political approach so as to achieved the desired result ie. strong bonding amongst the Malays (IUmmah). TQ

  22. sudin Feb 12,2013 12:29 AM

    Salam Tun.

    Back in 1993, when we’re the first to move in to clear and level the secondary forest and plantations for the main airport runway, there were so many huge & flowering durian trees (including the famed ‘musang king’). Harvesting time came, and we had some tough times distributing the fruits to ‘visiting’ displaced former natives and the Mat Saleh consultants who had ‘tasted magic delicacy’, all knew too well the trees won’t be standing tall once their last fruit dropped to the ground!

    The worst haze Malaysia had ever witnessed, and record deaths due to Japanese elephantiasis from mosquito-born disease sucking the blood of nearby Kuala Sawah pigs failed to dampen our spirit and delaying the work progress!

    It was so annoying hearing kit siang to continuously uttering “satu pembaziran”. And it was most shameful for the same kit siang to give a credible “wonderful project” upon the completion of KLIA.

    Yes, the greenery that is KLIA as seen today is such a beautiful sight when compared to its landscape with “no taller than 3-foot high trees” 18 years ago.

  23. HBT456 Feb 12,2013 12:07 AM

    I will still vote BN.

    Because only they can decide what to do next.

    Rangka sudah ada, it’ the matter whether you want to breakthrough this myth or not?


    Because I am Malaysian, not Penangite, nor what state first

  24. HBT456 Feb 11,2013 11:39 PM

    When the property and car values go up, suka, tarak suka, ayahchor need to change to win vote regardless whether they can mampu to one such properties or not.

    The difference between Sir Mubarak Chan and Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the later respect democracy via common case law.

    But, Sir Mubarak Chan is more interested to channel the fund to Muslim via vote buying.

  25. ayahchor Feb 11,2013 6:55 PM

    YAbhg Tun, Saya mengenali Tan Sri Basir Ismail dalam tahun enam puluhan. Masa itu Tan Sri ia lah Pengarah Pertanian Pulau Pinang, seorang agronomist. Saya dan beberapa trainee Pegawai pertanian diberi latihan dalam bidang rice breeding, di Pusat Penyelidikan Padi di Bukit Merah, Permatang Pauh, di bawah Paka-pakar Padi Jepun. Tan Sri sentiasa sahaja berada pusat penyelidikan seawal pukul 6 pagi dengan kereta Consul dan beliau berseluar pendek stocking panjang.

    Satu peristiwa yang tak boleh saya lupakan: Lawatan ke Ladang melihat progeny padi baru. Ramailah Pegawai-pegawai kita dan biasalah dengan pakaian kemas. Tiba-tiba Tan Sri minta diambil serumpun padi yang ganjil sedikit di tengah ladang. Masing-masing terkiai-kiai hendak menyelinsing seluar dan membuka kasut. Tiba-tiba Tan Sri sudah pun turun ke plot ladang diikuti oleh Kawakami, Sato dan Kawase, saintis Jepun yang sentiasa sahaja berseluar pendek dan berselipar.

    Tan Sri agak berjaya dalam usaha memajukan penanaman padi dua kali setahun dengan klon Padi Malinja dan Mahsuri selain Pe Be Fun sekitar Utara Semenanjung

    Tun, hari ini kita tidak ada lagi ramai saintis Melayu. Pada satu ketika dahulu College of Agriculture Serdang dan Federal Experimental Station Serdang, merupakan breeding ground saintis Melayu dalam banyak bidang biology. Saintist Melayu seperti Tan Sri Basir, Rashidan Baba, Ani Arof dll merupakan Serdang Sons. Terdapat juga banyak hasil penyelidikan seperti berbagai-bagai klon buah-buah, klon kelapa sawit, DxP=Tenera dan Getah. Terdapat juga arboretum pokok-pokok warisan, seperti arboretum Jelutong, Brazilian Nuts dan koleksi kepelbagain buah-buahan. Malangnya semuanya sudah ditebang dan sudah tiada lagi.

    Kita sudah lama berkempen tentang Sains dan Teknology. Malah baru baru ini kita mula berkempen menggalakkan pelajar-pelajar mengambil jurusan sains.Saya kira ramai anak Melayu tidak akan mengambil bidang ini. Lebih baik ambil art atau sastera. Yang paling diminati ialah menjadi pegawai Tadbir dan diplomatik. Saintists seperti Botanists, Ecologists, Zoologists, Agronomist, horticulturists dll tidak diiktiraf. Ahli saintis dikongkong oleh Pegawai Pentadbir dan Diplomatik.

    Saya amat setuju dengan tulisan dqmc, dalam cerita singapura dilanggar todak. Memang sudah menjadi budaya Melayu yang sudah tiada mendapat pujian mencurah-curah. Yang amat ketara saperti P. Ramlee, ikon seni dan budaya Melayu

    Tan Sri Basir contoh terbaik Scientist yang boleh menjayakan project seperti yang Tun tulis. Jasa Tan Sri tetap dikenang

  26. Dragniz Feb 11,2013 10:14 AM

    Thank you very much sibotak for accepted my apologies. Yes I agree with your current post. “Maaf Zahir Batin (Apologize within heart and action)” from me here to all criticizer in this blog.

    May our life will be blessed by Allah S.W.T..Amin…

  27. sibotak Feb 11,2013 12:37 AM

    Apology accepted.
    I,m also was confuse where i did wrong

    Hope the best for Malaysia
    We need much & much capable leader to what we want it to be matters most
    BE it we are undeveloped but MUST have our Rights , Dignity , our Land
    Must Not Consent Outside Influence to Destroy us




  28. mgpunya Feb 10,2013 10:48 PM

    YABhg Tun,

    One….amongst the many unsung heroes of our nation…..

  29. tuan tanah Feb 10,2013 10:13 PM

    Salam Tun.

    Luckily those Bersih demonstration were never held around the KLIA.
    If it were, then those beautiful works and trees would have been uprooted by Bersih participants. Thank God for that.

  30. tuan tanah Feb 10,2013 10:07 PM

    Salam Tun.

    In your last point Tun you said Malaysia needs more people like him(TSB).
    Truly Malaysia needs more people like you Tun.
    To all those who belittle you they are just simply jealous of you Tun.
    And to those who are very rude to you Tun, they cannot see that even those rude statement they made about you Tun are still published in this blog.
    That is enough to to tell them that Tun has a BIG HEART.
    But being rude they are blinded by this graceful act of yours Tun,
    Long Live Tun Dr Mahathir.

  31. Dragniz Feb 10,2013 8:31 PM

    I’m apologize to sibotak as I didn’t see the latter of the name Ismail, I thought Tun was talking about Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad.

    Anyway everybody make mistake and I mean every words that I write in my previous post.

    Wish you all the best Tun. Wassalam.

  32. wajaperak Feb 10,2013 7:46 PM

    Tun terima kasih kerana ruangan..


    Have it occured to you French is the Israel in Mali??
    ( Israel is the equivalent of terrorist.Israel=terrorist )
    Terima kasih Tun.

  33. dqmc Feb 10,2013 5:10 PM

    Dear Tun ,
    Saya raya ramai orang Melayu yang macam Tan Sri Bashir dan mereka masih hidup.mereka boleh menyumbang kepada pembangunan bangsa dan negara. Tetapi kalau mereka masih hidup kita tidak harga mereka.. Tetapi apabila mereka sudah mati dan meninggalkan kita, maka banyak lah pujian datang mencurah curah. Tetapi itu semua sudah terlewat dan tidak begitu relevant hanya sekadar contoh tauladan yang bailk untuk semua. Kalau Tan Sri Bashir masih hidup ramai yang mahu menikam dia sampai mati dan memperlekehkan sumbangan beliau. Jika Tan Sri Bashir dapat di hapus sama sekali lagi bagus. Sama seperti cerita Singapura di langgar todak. Apa jadi kepada kanak kanak yang bijak di dalam masyarakat Melayu jika ianya ujud. Dia akan di bunuh oleh mereka yang berkuasa. Sebab itu kita lihat para menteri dan ketua ketua kerajaan dan GLCs terdiri dari mereka yang lemah dan pengikut yang loyal sahaja. Cara mempertahankan didri didalam budaya Melayu ialah ‘buat bodoh’. Hasil nya juga tidak lain dari kebodohan semata mata. Ungkapan ‘buat bodoh’ didalam budaya masyarakat Melayu ialah seorang yang bijak dan pandai. Hasil dari kepercayaan kepada ungkappan ini , maka masyarakat Melayu tengelam dalam kegelapan,kemiskinan dan kehinaan tetapi masih merasa pandai dan bijak .Selagi orang Melayu tidak berani menghapus kan ketua ketua sebegini, maka selagiitulah kita tidak dapat meneylesaikan masalah yang membelenggu orang Melayu.
    Itu pandangan saya tentang budaya Melayu. Maaf jika tersinggung.

  34. mohammed Feb 10,2013 3:19 PM

    Dear Tun,
    You are the father of modern Malaysia. You have successfully united Malaysians from all spheres to support the multi racial government in turning Malaysia into a industrialized giant in Asia. Its not a small feat. Anwar betrayed you. Anwar betrayed Malaysian government. Anwar betrayed all Malaysians. Anwar lives making u-turn. When he was UMNO he spat on the faces of PAS leaders. And now he is pretending to befriend PAS as he is facing the toughest fight in his entire life. PRU 13 is a moment of trial for Anwar. The UMNO government is the best government for Malaysia and UMNO must win for the sake of Malaysians. Anwar must be defeated to realize vision 2020, that is to make Malaysia a fully developed nation by year 2020. Long Live Dr. Tun Mahathir Mohamad, a truly Malaysian Hero. A truly Asian Hero. A true nation builder. We love you Tun. Malaysians love you Tun. Malaysians support your visions and your charismatic leadership. All Asians are proud to have a leader like Tun M. You have motivated thousands of other Asians to reach greater heights in their respective lives. Dear beloved Tun, continue inspiring your countrymen and all Asians through your writing: books and also blog. I will support to promote your thoughts in the internet to motivate all patriots in the world to learn from your leadership styles and creative and innovative ideas to face challenging and ever changing times. TQ Tun M.

  35. Dragniz Feb 10,2013 2:57 PM

    Before I talk, I need to remind sibotak to take back his word to Tan Sri Bashir as he is not pass yet. It’s look idiot for a men just write a comment based on their thinking without doing a good research first or this is only a step of provocation to start a flame war between criticizers in this blog.

    Assalamualaikum Tun,

    How are you, I’m hope you’re in a best condition ever. Although I’m just being an observer for a past of a year reading your blog, but I still admiring your writing.

    In this past of a year, I think your blog always been attacked by confusing words by several criticizers and I hope you’re not absorb to their words, but as I suspected, those confusing words were not aim at you but to our Malay and Muslim younger generations (I’m also is one of a Malaysian Malay Muslim younger generation-Y citizens) and to our current government.

    Therefore i hope Malay and Muslim younger generations can think wise for their country and select a correct parties for their survival in the future. As from my experience in this real world, I can say, others will not treat you kindly if you’re not one of them and only your relative in the same religious and races that can save you from this hypocrite world since this hypocrite world is dominated by them in the first place.

    Think twice before taking a risk to gamble our future to somebody who is not in the same religious as ours. Although minor of them now already be one of our relative but we wary they were still minor in numbers. We should not take a risk to give our proud and blessed country to a minority.

    Therefore for me, BN is still a revelant parties to vote in the next general election.

    As for Tan Sri Bashir Ismail, I’m agree with you Tun, He is a very smart person to lead MAHB and KLIA to it’s achievement today. I’m proud for him as I’m proud of you until now.

    As one of the younger generations working under his directive in KLIA, I hope that there will be a good and smart Malay Muslim that will be his successor when he step down soon.

    All the glory to Islam and it’s believer and not forget to our great parties and leaders, UMNO and BN selamanya.

    – Known as Azhar85 and Kal-Ar in the past and now, Dragniz the evil slayer –

  36. HBT456 Feb 10,2013 1:46 PM

    What was not included in Tan Sri Bashir Ismail is the Sense of Danger of Human Race within the country and global impact beyond our control that might prevented him to further develop the country to the next level.

    This does not mean we cannot do it as time move.

    Take for example, when the current President of France sent jet fighters to protect to sovereign of Mali people to be avoided being targeted by al-Queda terrorist spread, men of all nationals were being murdered by al-Queda in desert whereby they were licensed to drill oil there whereby they were life insured by the companies should they died during their works regardless where they are.

    Do you support terrorism to kill in the name of religion?

    I am signing out here permanently as I have confident with PM Najib and his next Minister line-up.

    Investigate the background and capability of the consultant 1st before you approve the budget to them because the wealth of the country via democracy process do not belong to the political parties for the next 10 years.

    HAPPY CHINESE NEW SNAKE YEAR, and I wish PM Najib and BN will win handsomely and gentlemanly in this GE13th to prepare us for the next economic cycle in GE14th.

  37. mubarakchan Feb 10,2013 1:02 PM


    When you brought up the subject in honour of Tan Sri Basir Ismail, my heart gave a flutter because I was one of those who worked closely with him is some important Corporations of the Nation.

    Tan Sri Basir was one of the many examples of fine Bumiputras through their own skills and wills succeeded in mastering the different levels of the Civil Service and the Private Sector. He was born in Taiping and educated the the King Edward VII College there. From this august College, he specialised in Agriculture in the well-known college in Serdang. Then, he finally made it to Nottingham University at a time when a few of Malaysia’s elite was educated there.

    By the time, I met him at the Boardroom of an important institution, Tan Sri Basir was making the FIMA a resounding success to the delight of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Trade and Industry. From this juncture, he brought in new innovations to produce food products and diversified the organisation even though some of the ventures were not successful due to business risks. He was always had a heart for things agricultural and built up the Johor State Corporation together with others to what it is today with the main rump of the business in palm oil. He managed to breach the gap with the British owned oil palm estates and the Danish United Plantations in Sitiawan.

    Amongst his other signal achievements was the Johor Baru Specialists Private Hospital which has now expanded to be a giant organisation.

    Tan Sri Basir Ismail was a banker for awhile to turn round the Bank Bumiputra in 1984 and the Cycle & Carriage Ltd Singapore at the same time. He was a relaxed friendly person with a ready smile for everyone. And I noted he had many many friends amongst the communities. He made things worked in the corporations to which he was assigned. And was Chairman of Petronas at the relevant time. There were many other activities which I could not keep track of. I believe he was also Chairman of the CIC in the early 1990s.

    He was a man who was close to his family and took his hard work in his stride. He was one of the greats of our beloved country and never complained about anything. And even with his busy schedule he published an important book on Agriculture in the Tropics. He led a normal life.

    The crowning glories of his high achievements as mentioned by Tun are the KLIA and the Formula 1 Racing Circuit. He was a great implementer of Tun’s ideas without failure.

    Like everyone else, I do miss him ! Here was a man who was driven by will and determination to succeed. Unfortunately, Tan Sri Basir Ismail was slightly ahead of his time or else he would have done much much more for our beloved country Malaysia !

  38. intrepid traveller Feb 10,2013 12:46 PM

    YAB Tun
    Yes indeed the late Tan Sri Basir Ismail have left a long list of legacy and he should be remembered not only for the forest and the trees in Sepang, KLIA, the Formula 1 Circuit, Petronas Bank Bumi restructuring , and many many more.In fact YAB Tun’s success in concurrently developing Malaysia were among others you have such unsung heroes, a gurkha a soldier and a patriot of men like Tan Sri Basir in your team

    2)If we can correctly recalled the late Tan Sri Dato Basir(TSB) was picked up by another gem of a man in the late Tan Sri Othman Saat, when he wanted someone to lead Johor SEDC.TSB was then the director of Agriculture Johor . At JSEDC, TSB has managed to transform it into one of the best performing SEDCs in the country in agriculture, in trading, in business in developing industrial Estates and new growth centres. Pasir Gudang, Senai Tg Agas and many more were turned from a sleepy hollow to thriving industrial centres one could see until today
    3)TSB greatest legacy was also in the way he took over some Johor based mat salleh’s plantation companies, a preamble to the PNB styled dawn raid but he did without fanfare. Today the plantation companies are still there and thriving diversifying into other busines esp land based devt.
    4)It was recalled that his office at the JSEDC was indeed simple and spartan, not wanting to waste money. He sat in the middle with no walls or curtains or expensive deco. What were different were a square carpet around his desk and 4 chairs. He would share his management style every wednesday with all the oficers emphasing hard wok, integrity, discipline often telling how the Vietnamese managed to defeat the superior American arsenal due to strict discipline.
    He would be the first in the office every day and fridays too ( Johor’s weeknd was friday then)when he would visit the estates and the Pasir Gudang devt.
    After trips to KL , meetings or anywhere he would come back straight to the office. His discipline and his work ethics were par excellence and a perfect example to his officers
    His greatest gift was his very very acute sense in figures and facts and numbers.
    A great family man and with wife Puan Sri Hamidah (Kak Midah she said)very affable, very friendly and very approachable.
    It was Tun who commanded that he moved up to KL to attend to more national issues.

    5) TSB did manage to write a few books on agriculture and plantation in Malaysia and TSB ‘s book “Management Astray”written at times when he was sick and hospitalised, recalled his days at JSEDC, at Petronas, at Bank Bumi, it was finished by the children after his untimely death.

    6)TSB have left many legacies that are beyond measure.He was part and parcel of the nation building, part that we all must remember and treasure. If one were to look at figures on the national monument for instance, nobody know the soldier that lay dead under the flag, this one is among others, we know is the gentleman soldier, the late Tan Sri Basir Ismail

    Salam hurmat and Cong Xi Fa Cai to all the Chinese readers of this entry.

    May Allah bless his soul Amin

  39. Dr Jafri Feb 10,2013 12:31 PM

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai !

    There were not too many outburst of fire crackers last night. Boleh kira dengan jari. My wife commented that I fired more salvos from the ‘cucur cempedak’ binge I had this afternoon.

    Possibly not to agitate the newborn snake, the new day was ushered in mildly by Atom and Ling Ling. They both wear matching outfits from last Christmas. Wait a sec …

    According to my daughters these were the names of Adam and Eve in the Chinese Bible. They got it from Tumblr.

    Beats me.

    PANTUN 1

    Dari Putrajaya menuju KLIA
    Tinggi rumput dari lalang,
    Bila terkenang Tan Sri Bashir
    Airmataku jatuh berlinang

    Kalau ada sumur di ladang
    Bolehlah hamba tumpang mandi,
    Hak yang dah tiada pun kita kenang
    Ini kan pula yang hidup lagi

    PANTUN 2

    Senja merah di Bukit Jalil
    Pisang HongKong merimbun hijau,
    Selagi hidup berbagi hasil
    Tidaklah mati dikongkong risau

    Pecah kaca pecahlah tabong
    Tabong buluh bersulam songket,
    Biarlah mati ku bertangan kosong
    Dari hidup menimba saket

    Ahmad Nordin wayang ternama
    Dagang Pak Malau dagang komidi,
    Hendak kubuang tak cukup depa
    Hendak kutinggal tak sampai hati

  40. HBT456 Feb 10,2013 11:24 AM

    It is wrongly interpreted again to win votes to swing federal government budget to bailout their failed projects?

    Can bio-diesel project similar to project IC be repaired and maintained in many years to come which was implemented many years back via manipulating of immigration laws behind backed-door when Muslim countries are in civil wars and suicide bombings since we have general election in every 5 years?

    KLIA and LCCT should upskill their customer services via latest technology through hiring local or foreign talents under contractual agreement of 3 years in keeping, maintaining and repairing the financial report of KLIA and LCCT so that institution investors have confident to buy shares.

    KLIA and LCCT should maintain its original plan as to make KLIA (International flights) and LCCT (Domestic flights) as the only International Airport in the deep Forest that connect to world cities and inter-state cities within Malaysia.

    Can MIC support Tun Dr MM in charging Bersih’s Ambiaga treason to loose its grassroot votes?

    MIC and DAP Indian cum Singh did not realize that the Chinese lawyers are not interested to represent political parties to zero sum game other races.

    MIC and DAP Indian cum Singh did not realize that Malay can tap private sector too after graduating their law degrees from their parents via partnership.

  41. sitinur Feb 10,2013 10:50 AM

    baba tun m…insan hebat punya hati terhebat…

  42. MsEmma49 Feb 10,2013 10:41 AM

    Salam Tun,

    Sebenarnya saya hampir tersilap baca Tan Sri Basyir && Presiden Basyar Syria… ingatkan Tun tulis on President Basyar… hehehe… =)

    Sebenarnya ramai unsung heroes yang tak diketahui yang banyak menyumbang kepada kejayaan negara termasuk Tan Sri Bashir, walaupon saya tak kenal, tapi dari pembacaan mungkin dapat ketahui lebih lanjut. Melihat kepada kejayaan negara rasanya kejayaan ini tak datang bergolek tapi hasil titik peluh bersama pemimpin2 terdahulu. Ramai yang dok kata, kejayaan ini semacam tanggungjawab kerajaan, tapi tanpa talents dan planning rasanya tak kemana. Sebagai contoh ahli politic pembangkang mungkin hebat mengkritik dan mempromosikan segala bagai idea canggih seperti “demokrasi ala barat”, hak berhimpun & kebebasan bersuara, tapi pada saya orang Malaysia ini lebih gemar kepada politik “common sense” & kesederhanaan dalam berpolitik. Sebab itulah, yang hanya bising isu “Allah” ini adalah ahli politik dan pemimpin agama dan bukan pendirian rakyat Malaysia. Mereka ini memang cuba untuk mendapatkan political gain.

    Saya juga ingin menyentuh hal mengenai Presiden Basyar, saya lihat jika berlaku peperangan, yang menjadi mangsa kebanyakan adalah kanak2 dan wanita. Ramai didera , dipenjarakan, tak sanggup saya nak bayangkan apa yang berlaku. Terbaru, bila syria dalam peperangan, Israel pula mengambil kesempatan. Jadi soalnya seperti dominos affect, negara menzalimi rakyat sendiri dan akhirnya diperangi musuh luar, akhirnya Orang Islam sendiri yang rugi dan kehilangan punca. Inilah yang berlaku akibat kebodohan dan ketamakan pemimpin sendiri. Jadi pada saya, pemimpin yang baik & berkelayakan , “capable leaders” adalah satu rahmat kepada negara tak kiralah pemimpin besar seperti Tun atau hanya pemimpin level ketua kampung. Jadi yang menyokong pemimpin seperti Anwar Ibrahim tolonglah fikir baik buruknya, saya tak sokong PR sebab ada pemimpin seperti Anwar ibrahim ini.

    itu saja untuk kali…

    Thanks Tun


  43. sibotak Feb 10,2013 2:14 AM




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